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I i 5 I l?e-,, "f"':-w-.r I "f A it f 4'Q7fi7?s if iam, HW? 3 Q I Q U Q...- l 'll will 195 7 WILD To the btudents of Strahan High This is your 1957 annual It represents not only the school, but each and every one of you It shows you participating in sports, music, plays, and attending the school parties, winning honors for the you are a part For you Seniors, it is the record of your last year in high school, which will be treasured in later life To you, the underclassmen, it is the passing of a school year filled with happy memories and events Our aim has been to show you the action through out the year, to plcture the many incidents that help to make high school years the best years of our lives We hope you like it The 1957 Wildcat Staff y C0mP1im9nt3 of cross Hoad Garage SPik'P'S Produce General Repairs 8 Welding Gasoline O11 Tires Malvern Ion Malvern Phone h95l Iowa M U f' 2 e 1 school and yourselves, and all the activities and functions of which . ! 1 I B0 HD of EDUCATIO .,-an Raymond Beam, Superintendent, Kenneth Davis, David Angus, Joe Hathaway, President, Guy Grindle Jr , Secretary, Paul Shaw, Everett Gipe ..,. Ill' N19 E Q I Qsrnnnvww -. 'JA 91 Ill "Na, Qager ' s P A ulholland Laundry and Cleaners roceries Veats Lockers Glenwood phone 320 Teva falverr- Phone 2511 Iowa , I ,-V f, 1 I I' I O O YYY 7 1 cz- I" ' af,- -.L , 1 - , , . ,, ,.:, , - Q tra' , - . . Q up ll - I e f- I . . 1 ' :za " W e ,Q W.. '1 Fl , . I W . , il I V .. ' ' fl -Q X! ' ,. 1 w , .V I -f R K . A 1 A 1 , e ' I . ' K' .L 'TE - ' Y. . , , -1 1 A ' -AA Q . gjANNUAL STAFF X .elif LQ HOW WE LOOK NOW Top row L r-ry Irvin S onsor' damond Beam Tnonas Nelson Bottom row John bchr-o der Mary naw banura reever 5 F HOW WE LOOKED THEN MRS BERTHA THORSON English Home Economics Typing Peru State Teachers College Nebraska University RAYMOND BEAM SUPERINTENDENT Mathematics Girl's Coach Maryville CMO J State Teachers Missouri University Bemidji State Teachers College JOHN ZFMUNSKI Social Science Industrial Arts Boy's Coach Nebraska University Drake University Buena Vista Colleve Omaha University College MISS VICTORIA AYLESWORTH Music English Cornell College Buena Vista College Augustana College Drake University . a a e 1 0"Q'wmwv-ew Q ifwl'v' rmwxmif JOHN SCHROEDER Class President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Basketball 2 3 A Junior Class Play 2 3 Senior Class Play Annual Staff CLASS COLOR Blue and Silver CLASS HOTTO 'What we are to be, we are now becoming Class Flower Baby Orchid SANDRA GREEVER Class President 2 Secretary Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Glee Club l 2, Sextette Trio Softball l,2,b Basketball l,2,h Annual Staff RANDOLPH STATE BANK f' " Randolph, Iowa A ....... 3 ... ...2 .............l N ............. LL A ....... . I -- -3.18 Qg?f.i ......... .M ll ..... ,I+ .............3 .....3 , 3,14 ............3,lL ....3,lL Hffffff .... L+ A LARRY IRVIN Vice President Secretary Basketball 1 2, , Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Annual Staff MARY SHAW Vice President Treasurer Secretary Cheerleader Glee Club l,2,3 M Softball l,2,3,h Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Annual Staff TOM NELSON Secretary Treasurer Balkotbtll Junior Class Play 3 h Senior Class Play Boys Student Manager M Annual Staff M C. R. Warren Agency Huntsman Store Real Estate -Farm Loans Groceries-Fresh Meats Emerson Phone 136 IOWR Emerson Phvne 163 10" ........1 .............3 seeeee 3 .....3 .....u g ......... u Ryfiyn ... ...3 .............E "IZIIZZZ1I5Zu ... ....2 .............3 ............2 222.114 SENIOR ASS Ill TORY Senior Class History Twelve long years ago, on Sept 3 19h5, the Strahan Consolidated School had 13 little girls and boys enrolled under the supervision of Mrs Reozer Later in that year, two new students came, Tommy Nelson and Duane Glbler The next fall we saw the same group back as second graders under the supervision of Miss Norton Through the year we lost several students but also gained Darlene Norton we moved into the third grade room with Mrs Bayes for our teacher Through the year we lost five students, but saw the arrival of John Schroeder Mrs Bayes taught us again for our fourth grade year Through the year we gained several new people For our fifth grade year our teacher was Mrs Vera Hall This year we had the same students as we had in the fourth grade We entered the sixth grade under Mrs Hall again we gained no new students that year but lost one We moved into the seventh grade room under Mrs Harmon In that year we lost two people, but gained Sandra Greever Our final year of grade school was spent under Mrs Harmon That year of grade school we lost three and gained none Those left were Sandra Greever, Shirley Donelson, Larry Irvln, Tom Nelson, John Schroeder, and Darlene Norton In the Wall of 1953 we entered high school Our instructors were Mr Varner, Mr Porter, Mrs Thorson, and Mrs Winters Our class members were John Schroeder, Mary Shaw, Sandra Greever, Larry Irvin, Darlene Norton, and Claudetta Sigears Our Sophomore year Mr Beam, Mr Porter, MP Ulinl and Mrs Winter in structed our classes Our class was made up of Darlene Norton, Mary Shaw, John Schroeder, Tom Nelson, Larry lrvin, and Sandra Greever During the year we lost Claudette Sigears Class The Junior Clase included Tom Nelson, Larry Irvin, John Schroeder, Sandra Greever, and Mary Shaw During the year we lost Darlene Norton, who moved near Red Oak Our final year was spent under Mr Beam, Mr Zemunski, Mrs Thorson, and Miss Aylesworth Although we started into high school with seven, we ended with five members They are John Schroeder, Larry Irv n, Sandra Greever, Mary naw and Tom Nelson Only two of our class have gone through the twelve long years together They are Tom Nelson and Larry Irvir Ramona HI baked two kinds of biscuits today would vou like to take your pick?N Sandra HNo, thank you I'll use my hammer BRTGG'S CHEVWCLVT PANY Malvern, Dhone 2911 IOWH ' I ' D Mr. Beam, Mr. Porter, Mrs. Thorson, and Mrs. Winters instructed the Junior ' e VI SENIDR C ASS WILL I, John Schroeder, will my height to Gary Davis and my liking for library books to Gary McKinney I, Larry Irvin, will my driving ability to Kenneth Brown and my back seat in assembly to any one of the Juniors who wants it I, Tom Nelson, will my Student Manager's job to Merrill Schroeder and my driving ability to anyone who wants it! I, Sandra Greever, will my ability of not getting caught whispering to Fred Nelson and Douglas Gipe, my typing book to anybody who wants it, and my brother to a certain Freshmen girl! I, Mary Shaw, will my bell ringing job to Gary Davis, my Cozy seat next to theizindow to Sherry Blunt, and my English Literature book to anyone who wan s ASS PROPHECY There must be something magical in the atmosphere around Strahan during the Month of May every year, for something draws the 1957 Seniors back to the school house where they assembled every morning for classes Of course now there aren't any teachers to tell them to do this or that, but Mary Ellen told me she wished someone would tell her what to do I'm speaking of Mary Ellen Shaw, the girl whose main career was cen tered on finding the right man Well, she still hasn't got the job done, because she now has so many she can't make up her mind as to which one! Mary Ellen is a fashion expert in New York City, and in her spare time she designs hair fashions Tom Nelson isn't married yet It's been going around that he has popped the question to the Gipe girl that graduated a year after he did Tom now goes by the name of 'Elvis Nelson since he lives in Hollywood Yes, Tom makes movies now His greatest are the motion pictures of Shake speare's best plays Tom always did love English Literature! Then there's John Schroeder, or maybe I should address him as Dr Schroeder Dr John Schroeder, the brain of the '57 Class, is a great math ematician and scientist He invented RKIOX the guided missile that w s to be powerful enough to go as far as Antartlca Well it was pcwerfu all right for it passed that continent and came all the way back to the testing grounds in Nevada' Sandra Greever, better known to all as Sandy, is now married and is helping raise other children besides her own four boys You see Sandy still has her love for children and teaching, so she has combined them both into a day nursery for children aged from one to four She tells me she finds it quite hard to keep track of all those kids I think she had better ask her The woman hater of the group was Larry Irvin That was in '57l Now he is continually surrounded by girls, and he loves every minute of it But you can't blame the girls any because when they see him in his uniform they fall head over heels in love with him By the way, Larry is a Lt General in the Army I'm sure you can count on the '57 Seniors gathering ver, sfon at Strahan if you would like to see them You see, it is May again, and there is just something about this air! :?.5 x G5 Ti' W e H .. . , 9- friend Dr. John to help with the counting of heads at mealtime. x 'Q UI" v'l" s. , ' ,' s - . 'X 4. ,. 4- Ai' f1i3 cu Sharon Blunt Alvin Gee Karen Gipe Gary Davis Patty Swett Darlene Judah Janice Clark MALVERN TRUST AND SAVINGS YANK D an Malvern, Iowa QF, , v gg" Q D , 0 A 0' K n M '? Q' fr Q I Fl Q A: N 47 ,w YT A Nfkwl ,, .Qffw n gi A , Qa,nV. ng? ' 1' I wh, '57 ' xx f " LW' E' ff' V 4 X W W Sandra Stille 7' Gordon Greever if Dolores Hauer Glenwood, .4llllh. 4lllL JF an , Larry Swett Datti Fichter T" Mary Ann Bryant Frederick Nelson "Wi 'N Douglas Gipe Ramona urindle UIATT MOTOR COVDAVY FDRD x Kenneth Brown Sharlene McCain 'lu y NIA Daniel Irvin Iowa ' ff 0 ? y ,4- H ?Jl V' 3 'Y V g yi x ?i5o - gan ,V M ang' 'VA ,'FQf ? M n 433A Y 'AS' 1 V V n a X A , ' . e , ' si rf' , ' ' f ' hd' 4. 1' " sl , 6, , i gnc "' fri , ' "" A MQHU ri. If If rf a tf,,,f rf - i-,, ff .gl E 054 df- I U W! Sharon Curtis sgndrl Bpilgy Gary McKinney Sharon Swett 'Wd Barbara Bunting Merrill Schroeder GOY OIL COMPANY T""'7 CCQIZCJCCJ Malvern, Phone hlll 10" 4 fi , I . A 5 e , 2 -,K Y V! f JU IOR HIGH SCHOOL a- V! Ballain N Qummers L Rolton 'IJ Hale Qcnroeder aher L 'Blunt C Clark R woodfill B Potter William L nor-umm 6 fx .ll f N S willilns T Clark B Shook M Fichter K Hall R Johnson 'PLENWOOD QTATE QANK Glenwood, Towa H6 ,1 Q- 6 4' . di ' F", . ' .4 S 7 Q- 'lsr , .1 ,fi , D-V '..-.'. V L.T ,Ka-' 9. I h .:- A"' . "fl" 'Id . .., . -.'Tf J.. 5 G.Mi 1' A 15- 5' ? Htrn W 3 'kj ,'f' X V , V 5 Q7 it of . . 4-'.VHiz FIFTH GR DE Q' P1 ff fr ... P Blunt Cozad F' Haroold S Grindle D Clites C H811 SIXTH GRADE Q dr M04 R Piburn D Wolfe L Shaw woodfill M 58118111 D Morgan fi xdf 1 R Morgan Judah W Brown W Brown C Stille P Hathaway 1:91 21 A H816 untill? EARL MAY SEED COMPANY Edward May, President Shenandoah , I OWS ?' +9 -f 'i , H 1 ' g r 'fx . . , 8 Sf fit SH 9 ga . J. . ' . . - J r r,5 .1F, f W 9, ' ' af n M 4 , 4,1 I V v - ,f hs if-A If ,f L ,,,V -an . r f' o o o Sn I U 0 it-. xg 4 "' Q5 r 'M 165 , L. , , I , . .y . 4 i 6 4 ?f,'rf,'iY51 ' W: 7: ' ax mfg ,W iiirufm . ' JL n r -'li' M35 my I i SECO D GRADE V. Angus G. Clark V. McKee R. Johnson B. Shook wiv C McKee M Ballain R Shaw Telschow J Bunting S Procter R Woodfill C Wolfe D Swett Q 'fini J 1' F0 RTB GRADE Q 3 Hoffman D Angus L Irvin R Piburn J Clark gillllllll! ig!I!!t?! r 'Wy - . . B. Y X 5 t , :ik , - , ,W W M A 'x . ' oz, , 3 J 'Y' . . M . 1 . C Y 9 .1 3 -, 'D 1. 'fini E Q.-., S, Summers C, Dalton M, Ballain R. Davis K. H811 he .,Q E ik A5 Y Q fs 'Q .14 ' .. U f .K :fo .i V fl x R if ' of K C McKee Swett KI DERG RTE WWW mb C Harbold J Spicer J Pigurn dim V McCain R Michael S Telschow S Sayers M Schlange M Ballain F Procter FIR 'I' GRADE 9 n R Grove Grove R Fichter HMERSOR QmAmE QANK HEHIER FEDEIAL Rf-SERVE SYSTEM hmerson, I OWS ' vi . x' M 90' N1 sg I v , ' ... 7 G I i ' M" ' if A' , , by P , . D. C. . , . , , if fy , . I O C I U Vff. gg Q .Q I K, 0 . S. . iffif ' 1 M , w er - , ,J 1 ! A l. w X -. 1 f W I , " ' N 'him J i f G31 'FK f 5 w. f Vx 'H 'fv FO GIRLS' TRIO BOYS QUARTET 9 14- fu I X A 'S -1 y, b -,, X It 5 'fs ', A 5, " FN I . U I If f QCCL ZRAITJ SCT-TFA?-SY Brain--Feed--Fertilizer ?F 2:51 D 5EXTET IRLS GLEE CLUB BA K Rnw S Lurtis, cn+er, R Jri dle, K Jioe, V Ervan , lle, t ON Paw, D eever, P uett, D e D , D VC S irilev, S Sw 9 , 1 P. ..., ., A YH , A LL, H U S, Sti 3. iun ing. FR JT RCW: M, SJ '. Gr ,, 5- , Mau n ', Bluft '. N J. ,, . 'et:, PLAYS wHERE'S CHARLIE Junior Class Play Johnny Reynolds, young president of Promotions, L1mited.... ALVIN GEE Charlie Smith, vice-president of Promotions, Limited... LARWV SW'TT .'J .JNL Margaret Procter, Johnny's sweetheart, .............. ....... PATTY SWETT Harriet Jones, the underpaid secretary of Promotions, Limited SHARON BLUNT J August Peabody, the great inventor . GARY DAVIS Roberta Hemple, a spinster and also inventor KAREN GIPE Ruby Wilson, she Keeps the place clean JANICE CLARK Lars Larson, the sort of man Rubv would like to marry TOM NELSON Mrs Henry Clark, eccentric and wealthy socialite O RIE FLEMING Blossom Clark, her eighteen wear old daughter DARLENE JUFAH GOIE TO THE DOGS Senior Class Play Sherwood Sapling, who is given the dogs for a gift JOHN SCHROEDER Mrs Lily Sapling, his mother, who is allergic to dogs RAMONA CR NDLE Irene Sapling, Lily's remarkably pretty daughter SANDRA PREVVVR Piper Sapling, another daughter SHARON SWFTT Henrietta Byron, lrene's closest girl friend PATTI FIGHTER Mrs Bancroft Banning, who has moved tc town recently MARV ANN BRYANT Ben Holiday, in the real estate business TOM NFLSON Barry B Good, who has a high opinion of himself LARRY IRVIN Poppy Trickey, the most engaged girl in town MARY ELLEN S'Aw E A Duzzit, an attorney LARRY SWETT BOGQTURS Redfield ullivar urn to ,Shenandoah Schoening Car Aarket, lenwood Hiley Hatchery, Glenwood ranksen and Johnson, elenwood Altekruse shoe Store, lenwood Catbryn's Style Shoo, lenwood ny anmers, sunt lerwood Dalry ueer lerwood nderscn falverr odern Cleaners, 'alverr leming Grocery, Malvern reenwood Lbr CO Emerson warner mplement Co , Glenwood 9 Worrison Standard Service, SPSOF lwood 3 voungiegiiggo Lakin Implement to , maerson ur? Y rcs ' Houser lil Co Aalvern Dr J R eehwitn, Malvern Dallas Clites, wtrahan od . . .... . ......... .... ... HH .... , Y UOOOOOIIOIIOIIOI , ... I Q 0000! ,i A 'U' ' una , ..... C DCO 'Y xl 4. 'I Oil oil . 1 ...Q .. ............... .......... 0 Ill v llltlltlll CC . O IOC . X .... H, . . ... ................ , --LT o, 'J f' s .v A N . 'J . . 1 All . A Alntle company, ,lenwood R 1 ' . - A - Q . o . I A P , L,O,. Y u I A . A A .. A ' f, A, u 4 ,J K, , . ., A -1. J.. fi 1 - ' f. f- ., ,i . . L1 1, M . N F, A ,, J J , .y V . A x1 , 1 A . . . X' ' ' ' I me F' s 'cm Ae -. - . . Ln . V H , - ve .. ., ' , .1 . , . l . 3, F., A LJ cy - ' 'J I 'I Al ' A- A' , Y ,f ,. U X ,f 4,15 L f - :'iQZ"QMfv -if . g,,,L. ' , N "K-7x5ff9't,j 4 - W- af' Y-gi ' ,QC 1 W "ri Q CHEERLE DER Left to right Sandra Greever, Patti Fichter, Patty Swett, Karen Gipe, Sandra Stille, Mary Shaw and Sharon Curtis Dodge John Deere Farm Vquipment Mills County School k Community News Malvern Iowa Malvern Iowa Breeding and Benton The Malvern Leader 'rout r v s Mecsin, P ricnzsr, x eip., n crinule, n nrynnz, P sweet Hack row: S Blunt, S Grssvsr, S Stills, Coach R lean, S Swett, S Irilsy, B Bunting J Clerk REGULARLY SCHEDULED GAMES Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan H LLS Strahan S7 Strahan no Strahan 66 Northboro Hales Pacific Jet Emerson Silver City Coburg Hastings Henderson Stennett Emerson Silver City Hastings Henderson Randolph Coburg CO TOURNEY Silver City Henderson Emerson ESSEX Strahan 71 Strahan Strahan 5 SECTIONAL Hastings Essex Hslvern SIDNEY DIST TOURNEY Strahan 38 Glenwood HOF 17 LOST 6 0 , I 52 M7 39 52 63 . 52 21' 56 82 59 M6 . 89 37 68 53 51 36 61 M7 snranan 7k Pacific Jet. k3 57 79 76 M3 55 57 51 gi 73 7 65 Sh 7 M5 32 82 g . . 16 ' a., R R K r Your Home Town Grocer Strshan Iowa Golrhart Lumber Company Lu ber Coal Building Material Heller Transfer General Trucking k Shelllng Phone Zlhl Phone 3161 Mglvern Phone 3811 Iowa Hllvorn 311v,r city Left to right F Nelson, A Gee, M Schroeder, L Irvin, J Irvin, J Schroeder, K Broun, D Gipe, L Swett, G Creever, C McKinney, Davis Kneeling Coach, John Zemunski, Student Manager, Tom Nelson REGULARLY SCHEDULFD GAMES SIDNEY SECTIONAL Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan MILLS 38 Northboro Wales Pacific Jct Emerson Silver City Coburg Hastings Henderson Stennett Pacific Jct Emerson Silver City Hastings Henderson Randolph Coburg CO TOURNEY Silver City Henderson Emerson Rice Electric Co Hiring Electrical S8108 5 Tabor Phone M155 Strahan 61 Percival Strahan So Co n Julius Stern Service Photographer Iowa Shenandoah Phone 376 Iowa Girls' Basketball Season F e Strahan High School Girls' Basketoall Team had another very good season, winnlng 17 games and losing 6 when the oasketeall season opened, six of last rear's team, which wo 23 and lost 1, were missing All South West Iowa forward, Deanna Grlndle, had graduated and the other two regular forwards, Vivian Fleming and Ann rleming, had moved to Emerson Darlene Norton and Susan No ton had transferred to Red Oak, and Jean nooten had moved to Randolnh About the middle of Octooer the following 12 girls renorted to Coach Raymond Beam Karen Gioe, Patricia Swett, and Patti Fichter, who were the regular guards last year Sharlene cCain, Mary ann Bryant, Ramona Grindle, Sandra Stille, San ra Greever, Sharon Swett, Janice Clark, Sandra Briley, Barbara Blnting Karen C pe and Patti Fichter were shifted to forward to team up with Sharlene McCain, and four girls, namona Grindle, Patricia Swett, Mary Ann Bryant, and Sandra Stills, have shared most of the guard duties Slice Karen and Dat Swett are juniors and all the other regulars are sophomores, the girls sdculd expect another good team next season marly in the season, Mary Anr Bryant missed aoout three weeks practice because of an aopcndectomv After a lot of hard work, the girls nave developed 1nto a good team The girls won second in t e Mills County Conference with 7 wins and 3 lo ses They won second in the Mills County Tourney at Sllver City Tney won first in the hssex Sectional Tourney Tdls was the Sth consecutive year that the Strahan girls have won their sectional tourney Snarlene McCain won the free throw chanpionsuip in the Essex Sectional Tourney Followlnv the basketoall season both the boys' and girls' basketoall teams were taken by the coaches, John Zemunski and Raymond Beam, to Shenardoah for a motion picture followed by a lunch Both groups were also taken to see the finals of the state tournaments at Des Moines Strahan Boys' Basketball Season The Strauan bovs have had a succ ssful basketball season The boys had a new coach this year, John aemunskl of Onaha, Webraska When the daskethall season started, all of last vear's regulars were on hand The follow ng bovs made u the squad seniors, Jo n Schroeder and Larry Irwin, juniors, Alvin Gee and Gary Dxvis, sophomores, Larry Swett, Kenneth Brown, Douglas Glne, Gordon Greever, Fred Nelson, and Joe Irwln, fr shmen, Merrill Schroeder and Gary McKinney They won ll and lost 10 They won second place in the Mills County Tournam nt at Sllver Cmtv Iwo of the flrst team will not be back next vear Thev are John Schroeder and Larry Irwin These are some of tde totals and avera es The DO s scored a total of 1,110 points and an aver e of pl poin s per game Their opoonents had a total 1,027 no nts ani an avera e of U9 pownts per vane High scorers were Larry Swett with 323, Larrr Irwin with 264, Jo n Schroeder with ZCF, and Kenneth Brovn with 201 T59 bovs have prospects for a good season next year ani we all wish than the oest of luck Nike 4il1ie s uffington Motors or ood rats Buick Pontlac 'assey Harris erguson falvern Iowa Jlenwood Uh 660 Iowa Pace service Company Hami1ton's lires ome appliances 'felis ear Boys near 'alverr Dho e MQDI owa lerwcod Igwa ,h . . U ,, . ' 1 I7 ' 7 ' ' 1 VW - 1 . . .. ,. . W . , J . . J . , n , A ., . , , , . . . - . 'JZ ' V d t , . . . . . , A . . , S u , . . ani . ' , rl . ., , - .. , o ' Q ' 1 .- v- . S. I t . . I . . . . ,J ' V ' ' X . , . ' u ' J ' .. H 1 . . s . . ' . . , .. , . , , , . . D . . , . . . . . 1 A2 ' Q 1. V 0 A A . , A , f 2 , C . U , 3 A' o tl 'q . , . . . D , v v . , o - -4 , 1. " . A D .. . S , ' V L U . V , U . t L A . , 1 . ' fv ' ' .. J ' - e - I . 1 ,- " .. . 5' V 1 ' , s - 1 - A 1 A ' T . ' v - , . . K, u ' v. C' ,I . . , . S .. . B , , , . . ' n ' . N L4 ' 1 H , . . J . , , .. ' I "' i A , A 9 . a - - -, I A 1 , Y A ,A -1' . lr' . J , '-1 - jj I 'A - , I. . A n ,A I I A WHO S 0 :2Q,::::: Torn Schrced n TSP J IPV U VALVDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN BEST ALL AROUND STUDENT MOST COOPERATIVE BOY MOST COOPERATIVE GIRL MOST SOPHISTICATED SENIOR JOLLIEST JUNIOR MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL GIRL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCDLD BOY MOST LIKLLY TO SUCCEBD MOST HANDSOME BOY MOST BASHPUL GIRL CUTBST COUPLE BIGGEST TBASE MOST ATHLETIC GIRL MOST ATHL TIC BOY MOST NBATLY DRESSBD CIRL MOST NEATLY DR SSLD BOY MOST AMBI1IOTS STUDBNT JOHN SCHROBDER LARRY SWBTT SHARON BLUNT SANDRA GREEVER KAREN GIPE KAREN GIPE SHARON BLUNT JOHN SCHROBDER LARRY IRVIN PATRICIA RICKARD PATTI FICHTEF 8 LARRY SW TT TOM NELSON KAREN GIPE LARRY SWBTT SRARON BLUNT ..-ARY DAV I S LARRY SW TT hdans arber Pop For That Nell Groomed Look falvern Iowa Flowers 3v Wansel Flowers ror All 'ccasions Jlenwood Phone 262 Lowa Collins Drug :tore The Rexall Store Malvern Phone 3911 Iowa Dr W L Scheffel Dhysician Qurgeon Valvern Phone 2222 Iowa ' H x ,f,' ' J 5? Y ' ,, M, ' A . 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Emerson Phone M2 Iowa - r G, , 'ig 6' 1 W WY ,yo Regular guards Futxre cooksv ,,,,...o'- fi This 18 Qanclng Til make lt fito ff 11. 1555: aff aff" ,..-v- qi."ll"'9- 'HP 9 r New door at last' Charles D Costello ba1yer's Auto Company Insurance Real Estate Farm Loans Ford Sales and Service Malvern Dial 5911 Iowa Malvern Phone 3311 Igwg A . .f 2 . ' Q Y' lrgpg- . I? .1 , .1 I X ' 524552 if . 1 Zan -, Eglin :ref ' ' 'Q 4- ,: e ' ' V ' I I 4, "' ii. ' wig' fi 1' ' N Q, ll f af, . - . in p , Q " f'Ne,.- l . . Q, Ag- -its sinful.: rs, J. .V 'J ,. ' L Q t olay f . 7 7 lu: UH lg' I CLCIIPZ QI' 0 OIHIHI I I I I IHA! J , f wn iv N 1 nv r f X n Tun nf K I X x HHH X up Ffmm I ulx n N rdfr if kulhnhxrk C'lxr1nfixShfnmr1nh Butt! 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Suggestions in the Strahan High School - Wasp Yearbook (Strahan, IA) collection:

Strahan High School - Wasp Yearbook (Strahan, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Strahan High School - Wasp Yearbook (Strahan, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Strahan High School - Wasp Yearbook (Strahan, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Strahan High School - Wasp Yearbook (Strahan, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Strahan High School - Wasp Yearbook (Strahan, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Strahan High School - Wasp Yearbook (Strahan, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 17

1957, pg 17

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