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Strahan High School - Wasp Yearbook (Strahan, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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k,,X-A JN' gs Jw ,LJ 'nk fy X1 XJXX N xj! XX KJ XA MM M 'X bfi' Xl wmwx fax dj-'LM Aff 4 Y if 1-Lgx fghf X w f ZW, X I X X5 W TA N Q FE NNN ,Ly if XXX '47 lf k Y'ffx 19 JQ' Xxjab Q Q LM 'N fm VAXBY is P- Q 'X M 'f QXXR. U 5 ' 'fr M A fi J, .,X.,, xl x X Y Uh 7114, Af! N VL f U J U - 5 1 X H 'M X ' 5" ff 1 f W UW m 1 2 N, X FB X 3 big! ffjfg V Q Xiq Af 5 ' 1 J' V fl -1, -9, L, V 171 X' N J X, I Af. , :M x X1 .E M adv 'K 'x -ff qx f ' ff N ' -, I A ' J' . l f L QJ 9, va 5 A v V M KW NM W 9" ! 'J YN if I LF ff Q W 3 if J Q NR Y' M 22 5 ' wx Ng ' wk J' f 1 NNEYN , ,JK I X it , N, N I T-7 N ' 6 if l Xu f ffxf 1 Vijx' 1 5' if J 'T ,af Num' X ww WW M K + f fl ,Gif E QM' .Lux X!! L ,X - N , f fifX EX QQ W ffff' 7 f' A , -Q -as N LX : -A,W- X3 1 f S ll L I V 1 h f , 9m ' X' TQ N 49 W T? if iw l A 4 K . V, f rl A , . A. N 'v fi! 'Q X , 3 ,, xiii VW , P W is f 'F X EL M ,M Y f y f qkkfpx AAA : LI V,-fl ,, :T-5f+X X NN" Xlgl :.w-fm lm! S Mi f XX 'IW K! van 'X fix kg x xx. i x ' 1 V! W-- XW X 9 K, ....,!z -vu , N N v ff 5' fy 1lFrr'Px Lg rg:-rw Mu- Tr F-,NA vu WGN WJ., 185 fxew -1?-' 1 6 KVI., WA m X fk xr? 'x'1 LN XX ifvl- x.L MSN Ju f t I3 SN wrf 'ff SL Qgxwu 'W L WU FQ W, I W I Q f Sf I I ' ,- gf XM" U N-'L' X HLVZ A -,, x xv .4 .f-ffl W l 1.0 'f? I X,,., JXJJ if Q21 C Kw 45 5 X 4 ,Jn I ? rxlx f6' l A M 19 Q' Sf N K, xi , X I f J ' . T - -'fy t ' lui' ,, ' 1 df in -' " "F f - rw - mf QD" Y'--?l,iF Eywlrv. x R f - ' ba- H My i -Lf' f 1 ,.,AV:m . -, fL,,f. 5 45- Jf 'Hx- vf X! fr A j IX 5 , -kj U 197 lf? vm S1541 X. f'55L,ifSliff f . , K ' n wx , 1 ' H, K' M - N X JN! f is K N ,ZXKLR if Mfg Q A f 'Q-fm If F ,J , ' , X "' Q 'NP' 7 , N gy 32, 1 I x K Af Q5 f-X W M ff N XJR M AN I I, 65. iff NA V XX i' gf, , 1 nl qv' ,J T f . X!! X 'NX . . ,, s !'1,f! af 'v I! , X l 1 I x N f fs 7'l: X u fx' i x 'Q Jas' in v . K, ' xxx "' 'Q-X M fly ' yu T5 xfsizw YQ V. 'bn ' - f ,H m.. fx , ,ETX if V H f V2 yv I A If! v JL' I "' 1,5 4 g,Nf,Q2?7K 1 ' , ,, 1- V-, -- . V - 'X .' f 3 ,fly XX' N Q Q 2 "5 Lx A J E' 22-2 'xg 175 '- I K X AX ' CNFCO - f 'f , f ff ' a ,, ... r ,K sf dv, g 4- .sf himtinn With the realization that we are still very young in heart and experience, with the knowledge that with their counsel there is ve gratefully dedicate this, the 1956 Wildcat, to our Mothers and Fathers ybt peace and love, and a deeper, calmer faith for us to seek: ANNUAL STAFF FRONT ROW Carolyn Judah, Joselle Isom, Deanna Grindle BACK ROW Mr Porter, John Irvin, Daniel Shaw, Claude Perkins Absent, Charles Clark "N,,.l SCHOOL BOARD Raymond Beam, Superintendentg David Angusg Joe Hathaway, President: Paul Shawg Everette Gipeg Guy Grindle,Jr, Secretaryg Adrian Fleming 1' an ' ' . s , , xx! . . 2 o ' w A - , ,I . mini tration MR . RAYMOND BEAM Superintendent H rm . EMIL PORTER A122852 Principal Physical Education Indntrial Art' MRS BLHTHA THORSON American Literature English Home Economics If I Kaiscmj M-ANJ heanli WON'l' 0-Sk Mathematics Science HRS ELEANOR WINTER Vocal Music M SS THELMA FERREL HRS ALTA HALL Seventh and Eighth Fifth and Sixth 1 HRS VIRA BAYES Third and pourth HRS HAZEL LOOKABILL First and Second enior C Www " 95234 4 JOHN IRVIN Class Pres1dent..... A Trsasurareeeeeeeeeee 3 BaSkQtbl11eeeeeeee 1,3 Junior Class P1ay..1,3 Senior Class Play..3,h Student Manager..... 2 Assistant Director.. Annual Staff........ Vocal Music....... 2,3 CLASS COLOR Turquoise and Black CLASS MOTTO 'Today we follow, tomorrow we lead' CLASS FLOWER Red k White Roses DEANNA GRINDLE Class President Secretary 1 Annual Staff Basketball 1,2,3,h Senior Class Play 2 M Junior Class Play 3 Glee Club 1 2,3,h Cheerleader ..l.Ui IC....l.. , eeoeeeee up ea 9 Sof'tba1l.:::::..:. 3,u eueeeeeee 1 ' 1 Q' SENIOR PLAY MAMA'S ANGEL CHILD Mrs Charmer, a young widow Daphne Charmer, her daughter Ellen, an old family servant Horace Bagley, a millionaire Willoughby, Bag1ey's man servant Miss Kreech, a splnster CAROLYN JUDAH Vice President 2 Treasurer Annual Staff Basketball l,2,3 Softball Cheerleader Senior Class Play 2 M Junior Class Play Glee Club 1,2,3, Claude Perkins Essex 1,2, f Vice Pres Annual Staff Senior Class Play Carolyn Judah Patti Fichter Deanna Grindle John Schroeder John Irvin Mary Ann Bryan t FF'-F U P' 0 K e P ,, '1 v 3 e e g U e ee e Cf 0 eco o '1 e eseee O h e asses 5 ', eeeeeo Q ,X frf' eeeeee ' . .0 OOO eeee see 5 see ss H' e eygee C bb U Fw -F'-P'-F-'-Sfw 2, O l'U Ill IU I0 I5 I lllll I lllll I lllll I lllll lllllll lllllll A lllllll lllllll ' Q e Pg e P e D el Q. ee 0 es one sv ee 0 ea 51 es ,Nl ee g :::N" W .. sono ,, ees , ees VJ Cass Will We the Seniors of 1956, being in a sane and healthy mind do will and bequeath ourselves to anyone that will have us, in the interest of progress of course I, Deanna Grindle, do will and bequeath my ability to play basket ball to Sandra Stille, and my driving ability to Tommy Nelson I, John Irvin, do will and bequeath my ability to get out of work to Larry Swett and my old used pencils to anyone that wants them I, Carolyn Judah, do will and bequeath my Hastings friends to my sister, Darlene, and my cheerleading job to Janice Clark. I, Claude Perkins, do will and bequeath my Imogene girls to anyone that thinks they can get them away from me and my ability to stay out trouble to Fred Nelson and Douglas Gipe the Juniors, we will our seats, so they can look out of the windows the Sophomores, we leave our old used Physics books the Freshmen we leave our ability to get along with teachers The Blass Prophecy The date is 1976 Let's take a trip and see if we can find the class of 1956 Do you remember the girl who loved sports? I believe Deanna finer things of life She is now a Music and Art Teacher at a girl' school in Georgia Oh by the way, she's married and has 3 children I'm sure you all remember John Irvin He is the financial success of the class He earned three million dollars in five years just so he wouldn't have to work another day in his life He now lives on a ranch in Colorado I think we all recall Carolyn Judah as the pretty glamour girl Her dream has come true as far as glamour is concerned She is currently starring in the hit Broadway show 'Six Year Scratch N She ls still shopping around for a husband after being in the company of all those Broadway people Everyone who reads the papers has been able to keep track of Prince Claude CPerkinsl of Morrocco You all know he has come back to the United States to look for a rich and glamorous wife Another qualification is that she must drive and own a 1976 Cadillac convertible Carolyn might fit those qualifications, Pr1nce"! Now you know about the class of '56 They didnlt do too bad, did they?9 of . To - - To 0 To 0 Grindle was her name, She knows now that sports arenlt one of the . s 0 I 0 unior mf 2 414 Q' Darlene Norton Sandra Greever TOMMY 301903 John Schroeder -J ian 1., Q Hgry Ellen Shaw Larry Irvin Ted Watson Peggy Watson Lou Mansfield Mark Andrews Fritzi Vining Bo Larson John Schroeder Sandra Greever Darlene Norton Larry Irvin Mary Ellen Shaw Tom leleon 152701, N.Q,4 . fi h wif r HAVE A HEART C fl fb 1" :QQ 'IW' ' , K ----:::::" :"::::':::::----- fffi, yi e, SX MM n ,Q ff , vifujvglfff ophomore 'Wi' SQ www Sharon Blunt Vivian Ilaming Alvin Gee Patty Swett Karon Gipe D.r1.n. Judnh Janice Clark Gary Davis U 1. if 'zsggu-a fvf hiv re hmen Q Daniel Irvin Douglas Gipe Frederick lelaon Sharlene McCain Ramona Grindle Mary Ann Bryant Patti Fichter Deloria Hauer Sandra Stille Ellen Hardy Sul lil 'Ol' t OB Gordon Greever Larry Swett Kenneth Brown Back row Middle row Front row 7th and Sth Williams, R Johnson, L Blunt, M Fichter, G McKinney, Bolton, S Briley, R Wooten Ferrel, D Wooten, A Fleming, M Schroeder, J Ieom, Bunting, S Swett Wortman, B Potter, K Norton, J Wooten, S Curtis, Wooten, A Williams, T Clark ,Belle l 2 Ml I f O Q Lo o e o 2 TI I . . . B. Q n 2 Ln a o o o M. U I . n ,fa M54 , foray, J . - A ie E All gg Back row Front row Sth and 6th Hoodfill, R Piburn, J Schroeder, D Wolfe, S Woodfill Maher, L Shaw Hale, Mrs Hall Clark, P Hathaway, C Wooten, C Sfille, L Hardv, L Tudah Mauer fi Ja? N 2 R. . . . . , G. . . Middle row: K. Hall, B. Shook, W. Brown, M. Hale, W. Brown, N, Summers, A. . . : C. , . . . , , . s . . Back row Middle row Front row: 3rd md nun Hortman, L Horton, S Fleming, S Summers, J Clark, Hardy, R Davis Angus, P Blunt, D Clites, C Hall, F Harbold, L Irvin Grindle, and Hrs Bayes Calton, J Bunting, R Piburn, P HbHah111, J Cozod, Wooten, K H111 Back row Middle row Front row Kindergarten, lst, and 2nd Swett, R Johnson, S Clark, K Porter, C McKee, Proctor, L Porter, V Angus, H L0Qkgb111 Schlange, V McKee, C Wolfe, S Proctor, R Woodfill, Shaw, A Hale, B Shook, R Grove Hardy, B Telschow, G Clark, C McMahi11, A Sickler, Hardy, S Grove tlvltle GLEE CLUB Middle row Front row Mauer, C McCain, S Norton Judah, J Isom, R Grindle, K Gipe, D Grindle, Bryant, E Hardy, S Blunt, P Swett, and Mrs Winter Briley, S Curtis, A Fleming, J Isom, J Wooten, Swett, B Bunting SEXTET S. Greever, J. Isom, D, Hauer, P. Swett., S. Blunt, D. N0I't01'1. ' - - - Back rowg D. Norton, S. Greever, S, Stille, M. Shaw, P. Fichter, Do O I O S cp A 0 0 0 Ml U I I 0 : S. . . . . CHEERLEADERS Mary Ellen Shaw and Carolyn Judah TRIO J- 130111. P. Swett, D. Norton, thletic iw-W1 M0415 ff, gpg, fy? :AM 35,4 S Norton, C McCain, S Stille, P Fichter, R Grindle, M Bryant, K Gipe, Mr Beam, D Grindle, V Fleming, J Isom, A Fleming, P Swett, D Norton REGULARLY SCHEDULED GAM S Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan 100 101 10 10 121 7 Coburg Wales Lincoln Northboro Henderson Glenwood Pacific Jet Silver City Coburg Hastings Henderson Stennett Coin Pacific Jct Emerson Silver City Hastings Glenwood Malvern MILL CO TOURNEY Strahan Pacific Jct Strahan Henderson Strahan Emerson EMERSON SECTIONAL Strahan Stennett Strahan Wales Lincoln Strahan Emerson OAKLAND-SIDNEY DIST. TOURNEY Strahafl W8 lnllt N 26 . 75 - 6h 7 3 97 . 77 37 77 9 57 71 lp . 5 3 Strahan no Emerson 33 9h 17 98 35 Sh 31+ Bl lglg Mg 98 91 91 ik 93 59 80 36 77 86 61 59 6 no Back row Mr Beam, L, Swett, D Shaw, J Schroeder, K Brown, D Irvin Front row G Greever, A Gee, D Gipe, G Davis, F Nelson REGULARLY SCHEDULED GAMES MILLS CO TOURNEY Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Strahan Coburg wales Lincoln Northboro Henderson Emerson Silver City Coburg Hastings Henderson Stennett Coin Pacific Jct Emerson Malvern Silver City Hastings 11 Strahan Malvern RED OAK SECTIONAL Strahan Stennett 26 6 9 20 - Eg 3 33 65 19 69 , Strahan 35 Pacific Jet. 32 3 26 M8 21+ no 7 26 57 26 69 no 60 746 65 LU4 . 91 37 78 33 59 39 65 76 This is our NOW recruit the V9.1 we ll-D CI the kitch SHO OT 1 1115 WP Hess M Hard at work 101 Q, 501135 p for th 7,0 D108 up 6 picture lbll Slrgoanta Whatcha doing Mother Goose Land New 141110 UP Deanna sg... O Q5 x0- NQV e 'wo voids' quipmene Sh And how if-,,. R0 v xa- e0b B Casts or beaut ies and the D agmar hi s is dancing Hagk 5 asm .Ls qua' J U I X f , 55 Q- . 3 Q 1 I Q05 T ' 7 ll--QI , f . ,. A V 1, f I K 0 1 1 I 3','2,.ge-W4 if 91265541 17.461 -E as 'Y dverti ing RED OAK E llN'S D R1cHER, Ffavsam MILK GRADE A MILK VITAMIN D M LK ti , v ' 5 :Q E i' Z l-I If 52 1 :I -Q IOWA MALVERN MALVERN TRUST 8: SAVINCS BANK THE BANK OF FRIENDLY SERVICE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Ahh KJ IOWA GLENWOOD Hiatt Motor C0 FUIR D PHONE IOWA T R O H I 0 U R V E R T S E N H WSU S a Kg V I J I .Nguagi I O 78 I z 1: Y A D 1 R s Hlenwo od State Bank CONGRATULATIONS TO LASS F 1956 Emerson State Bank EMERSON I Earl Ma!! Seed Co EDWARD MAY, PRESIDENT SHENANDOAH, IO A SU N ' :taco Z 3 A9 :numul C Q :nun 1 Q X . Wtmbff' v I A C O D Phone 275 Paul H Cheyney PAUL H CHEYNEY Inc KIneurance With Claim Servicej INSURANCE mxr REALLY INSURES Glenwood, Io n Dewey Drennen Randolph, RANDOLPH STATE BAE Hua? Mun!! Iowa Tabor, FIRST STATE BANK Wm Ngugl Phone 2855 Iowa MALVERN, Conoco GOY OIL COMPANY Gasoline, Fuel O11 Lubricants v::::7 CCJFISEQO Richard Goy Phone H111 IOWA I kli LIQUID NITROGEN MIXED FERTILIZER NUTRENA FEEDS PFISTERS HYBRID SEED CORN ALL KINDS OP GRAIN FEEDS HIGHEST CASH PRICES FOR GRAIN GOOD GRAIN COMPANY PHONE 2561 MALVERN, IOWA BRIGG'S CHEVROLET COMPANY -1 X CHEVROLET, PHONE 2911 MALVERN, IOWA CROSS ROAD GARAGE Res Phone M891 Business Phone 3671 General Repairs and Welding Gasoline O11 Tires MALVERN, IOWA F A HULHOLLAND Groceries Heats Lockers 8 Processing Phone 2611 MALVERN, IOWA Tl 1, " .,A .E ---Y ' . s - Q e o n GEARHART LUHBER CO. Phone 3811 MALVERN, IOWA KEITH CLITES General Trucking and Shelling Phone ans Hastings, Iowa HENRY FIELD SEED R NURSERY COMPANY Has Over a Million Customers Spread Over The Entire United States Shenandoah, Iowa KIER'S GROCERY and LUNCHENETTE 'Quality Foods At Prices You Can Afford' G1'0C91'105 H0058 Locker S6I'V1C6 Your Home Town Grocer Phone 216 su-anan, Iowa Hastings, 10" Congratulations From DOH'S MARKET J E RANDERSON Trade Follows the Trail of Satisfaction ' Dress Well and Succeed Phone A281 MALVERN, MANSFIELD'S Furniture Funerals Since 1917 Phone hhll IOWA HALVERN, IOWA PACE SFRVICE COMPANY Phone M901 SALYERS AUTO COMPANY Phone 3311 MALVERN, 1owA Malvern, IOWH MALVERN FARM EQUIP WALLER TRANSFER Minneapolis Moline Machinery Les and Max Your Friendly Imp Dealer Phone 3521 MALVERN, IOWA Phone Zlhl Malvern, Iowa LORENZ GROCERY Groceries Vegetables Fresh Meats MALVERN, I on Compliments RAGER'S LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Glenwood Phone 320 Plattsmouth Dial Council Bluffs Dial 5958 Glenwood, Iowa U Tires - Home Appliances THE MALVERN LEADER Dr M L Scheffel, M ISHS of Strahan and Othbl' Office Phone 2222 Mills County Schools Res u381 Malverp Iowa MALVERN, IOWA COLLINS DRUG STORE Mike and Millie' The Rexall Store For Good Eats E H Knight Edel Knight Malvern, I9V3 MALVERN, IOWA Breeding and Benton GAM LES A Complete Line of John Deere Auto Supplies Hardware Farm Equipment Appliances Dodge Job Rated T1-ueke Bottle Gas Service D lb t O'D ll Phone MOMI 8 er e ' owner Phone h5hl Malvern, Iowa Malvern, Iowa PIERCE TV SERVICE ADAMS BARBER SHOP For Phone 5893 That Well Groomed Look IOWA Malvern, IOV5 MALVERN' . . . .D. Physician A Surgean a GLENWOOD OIL C0 Deep Rock Products Chas Timmer Phone 5 Glenwood, Iowa FLOWERS B! ILISEL 'Flowers for all Occasions nay or signs Phone 262 ansuwoon, IOWA The Place to Buy Clothes HAMILTON'S For Men and Boys Mens Shoes Glenwood, Iowa Compliments f GLENWOOD CAFE Glenwood, Iowa Basic Technician X Ray Service Phone 175 A Emerson, Iowa GREENWOOD LUM ER C0 Yards at Emerson, Imogene, and Sidney Lumber,Coal and Builders' Hardware EHBRSOI, IUUA HUNTSMAN STORE Hex Green Wayne Bass Groceries Fresh Heats Phone 163 Compliments of HASCALL GROCERY En asou IOWA Bnsnson, I VA I O Dr. M.E. Moony, D.c, ' EMERSOU GRAIN C0 Buying and Selling of Grain Complete Line of Purina Feeds Seed Cleaning and Treating Phone M2 EMERSON, IOWA RICE ELECTRICAL WIRING Contract or Job Wiring Electrical Sales and Service Free Estimates Phone M155 Tabor, Iowa LARRY COLE, D D S 605 1 2 W Sheridan Telephone 807 Shenandoah, Iowa Congratulations to the Class f JULIUS STERN Photographer Phone 376 Shenandoah, H671 Iowa Congratulations PORTER'S LAKE SKATING RINK Call About Private Parties and Money Making Plans Phone Bhjll Shenandoah, Iowa Compliments of MARTIN AND SONS PRODUCE Red O Iowa Compliments of JESSE! CLOTHES SHOP STODDARD LOCKER SERVICE Free Pick up and Delivery Phone 182 Collect Rod 0.3, ICH. Essex, Iowa 0 5 lk, KEMPTON IMP John Deere Imp Phone 103 Randolph, IF THERE WERE NO PEOPLE LIKE THESE THERE WOULD BE N0 BOOK LIKE THIS Iowa STRAHAN D M Clites MALVERN Dr Beckwith Hasselquist Oil Co Kolterman Variet Collen Elevator Spiker Produce HASTINGS Rollie's Service GLENWOOD Mintle Co Kingburger Inn Cathryn's Style Shop S111 Drug Alterkruse Shoe Store Hiley Glenwood Hatchery D G Jamison k Co Harper Implement Co Collins Radio and Electric Dr C J Neuman, Chiro Johnnie's Cafe RED OAK Iowa Power and Light Conner's Inc Wells Squires Studio McKenzie Drug Sundell Shoe Co Cole Jewelry Houghton State Bank Red Cross Drug Store RANDOLPH Bateman Implement Co FMERSON Morrison Standard Service Dr L C Blank, D V H SHENADOAH Gray's Produce Dr G L Warin, Dentist Dr G E Wilson, Dentist Standard Typewriter k Supply IMOGENE Ambrose Doyle K Pioneer Hybridsl U COC Chas. Costello ' . . . y e e n Co. xy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS ACTO 0 E Knnsus Cnty I F U -'fiylll PubN'shevs love: Mawvarluvera Boch Bndfvs F RY H M OFFIEE XQAM fl-fb' x gn uk q XT 1 XA K N JNWJX W1 wk mfjgw Mr WJ N1 Nb Iwi T- K X wi JI K F' U j WL' Aga FN PSN X. Q T X Wim X X., QQQZQ ja lm PTQK. Ji YW M WT X WJ x f , XJ 5' -.ll - V ju rx X 1 J x ,V M . Jo 1.5---. . F X MU '64 Ag' Ang fl 5 ff f"-' L ,x, Cl f'Nx.j W l y fffx ii? A 11? X 3 Q I' lj, I A I x Q My ,X 5-'15 'Y ff Q - SJW 'J ,M eiy 'Y xv- PJ x XXI U, gli ' ' , ,X f v D , , 1 T'2 'A , 533 XXV kffx 'fffbl fi 516'-' 57141 1 1, K , ,L -2 J , '-VW fwkw + qv? fffNaMW xii ' ' ' , xx ' fx, Q' . Q N cf I X-, QI g 1: C-' 'M'k.f!V" ex lx Xu M I , AJ lib m , vf ffm 'oqf 9 W 5' if KJ f 'X XI 4 'iff Qfx X K xl , Y f -f 5,52 A ply My ! 1 1' ' , ,JU 1 I ,J U 4: X.f W 'll j f'QW 4.- J 3 5 'Wm , - 7L as H ' 'W J VN YQFQ 4 2XNXwQf YQ 'if F? J! 1 L X I f b' , L j 1 A xl Xi X ll: X, a QEENK Qhxf wwe : fi Q gurl- N-l' A If '-'A' V r if XX ,.l-N-vlan., vlvlxjif , V X , K X X , ff . ,X X ,f MX' L f rv. rf-,. fu- uwfll'--L'L "Lf-'vw "J" M' S " 5: ff "-"""'6 ' ' x xx 'Sb' Tn ! 4 ,f 9. v : TTL ---JB I Q Z.,-"..f4f'f' , - .. -xi x ,TW:::,,i,13. E:-kg T ',, .. 1 F olfzrf' - Wk V A 2 Q V iQ2E:i:L, vvifr F1111 ' f mel' 'll' Q-5 ki Ln QE, Mqr Yi 52' X 7 V V, X, -V'- N V M'-f A. fc: svbfflii- xl -fi-:-3:Tf:,,g,g.,:.Li+-ff' I' Au' f 71: ,vL:i'N' I'-Iv V-xx.. .5 I ff ' ,Qrxfxf X x J as 5 ffT C ff Av 1' Sl ' I Ziff 5 W A Figglmlmfx f W9 q W4 , N fx ' WJ Kv5Q N 5giv9irJa'gf K , Y W fx 'rim' K I Hy , ax-fi fi L ,X Q N? W Q f' ' U Yf if-f 9 w X A 1 JU X . I - ,N A 3 , v Lx t big My J , J K K-Mk XA Z 0 JM Q M Q QA fy Aw A if N I X '1 ffffwxf I ix QJQX 1 2 Tx ffT'q Tx JG, I Q14 , 1 N 1 I V -47 N fwxflf MW j df , me? 7 f A 4- Wx M fp ,J 1 MLWK A If 1255 A ff Ei' Aj Ex Y yg ,J 'W , ff M wi fi A' I R I ' -ff I 'M' ww X I ,J f I K . ,f' J Q, x A1 X f y I , -1 Sf All ff' 5 ,gf

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