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,. Strahcm Consolidated School X 4 , ,, f X 42 X fix L 4 We the class of 1952 are proud to dedlcate thxs annual to Frank Crouse who has completed ZZ years of service as mechamc and bus drlver We hope thls ded1cat1on w1l1 convey ln part our appreczatwn for h1s devoted servlce to the school and cornmunxty Therefore we the Sen1ors together w1th the school and commumty wrsh hun prosperxty and happmess nn the years to come 0 1 , : . . . . . . . . . . ' n 1 1 0 Annual Stall ponnxe Scott Layout Manager Joan Schroeder Feature Manager Charles Kxer Edxtor ln Chlef Bob Wxlbon Photographer Floyd Clark Boys Sports Edxtor, Barbara Bolton Gxrlb Sports Edxtor School Board .Toe Hathaway president Harold Isom Carl Varner super1ntendent Kermlt I-hllyer Chfford Stxlle Everett Gxpe - I , - 1 , - 'X snzpmfs omcn !,ff"'l7'-' 1-lf"" -Q , H - -1 11... I ,I -7 'r ....... 1 - I if ' f.+ 1 -.-- i 4 , R i -- 5 ni , 5 5 2 ' y X ' N - 1 V 'Tl .V 1 1 "-Iii, :- i - v I X: w 1 I W.-1 1 R - 1 - -n 1 - ,,,:',, 211 i .1 ?Z W- mff, Ml, 'gg ,ll 1 -1,',,jg, -L,,fg.-,,...---. .. ..f.,.,,i-,I u - ' " ,,flj'LL- r vL,.:-..,- ,-,-4-,av li .fg ,V T5 J" fg.,..-- ji, ' pg.-S-fi-i"...,-""'. -1""" un' ' MR. CARL L. VARNER Superintendent History, Physical Education University of Indiana Drake University, B. S. Drake University, M. S. University of Colorado, Graduate Study. MRS. BER THA Tl-IORSON Anrerican Literature Typing Nebraska State Teachers College B. A. University of Nebraska MR. EMIL PORTER Principal Industrial Arts, Mathematics Science Eagle Grove Junior College Iowa State Teachers College, B. A. University of Wyoming Graduate Study, .ni MRS RETHA HARMAN Seventh and Elghth Sxmpson College MISS CI-IARLENE NELSON Flfth and Slxth Iowa State Teachers College WARREN H DARRAH Muslc Teacher Tabor College Peru State Teacher College MRS VIRA BAYES MRS ENA NELSON Thxrd and Fourth Fu-st and Second Simpson College Fort Hays Teachers College Iowa State Teachers College Iowa State Teachers C g Red Oak .Tunlor College Umvers xty of Omaha .,..f!Q f Y "L'Y'vx 1fXf fe.. 'awww I' LOY Prelaldent Baakvtbxll Bafieball Junxor Play Senlor Play Annual Staff Boys Quartette Treasurer CHARLES PF8SldCDt Vxce Presldent Basketball Baseball Annual Staff Junior Claws Play Senlor Class Play Boys Quartette Radlo Speech Track D CLARK KIER A,v K r ' ........... ,.. .... ............................. 4 , 1 .......................... 1-Z-3 - . .....................,...... I-2-3 ' ' ' ............................... 3 ' ........................... l-4 ' ......................... 3 CONNIE Basketball Presldent V1ce Prealdent Student Councxl Glec Club Annual Slxff Senior Plxy Junior I' SCOTT KM MFG!! ,W JOAN SCHROEDER Secretary Annual Staff Glrls Trlo Glee Club GITIS Octet Junior Play Senior Play Basketba' Cheerleader School Artlst Senzor Class H1story We wxll begln our class hlstory ln our .Tumor Hlgn years In the seventh grade our teacher was Mzss Wr1ght There were ezght of us They were Tony Olhava Joanne Waterworth Charles Kler Floyd Clark Rlchard and Helen Morrls Gary Budd and Conn1e Scott We lost R1chard and Helen and gamed Conrne ln the sprmg In the elghth grade our teacher was Mr Mlddleswart We lost Gary Budd and Tony Olhava and we gamed Joan Schroeder and Donnle Swam Our class then lncluded Charles Kler Floyd Clark Joanne Waterworth and Conn1e Scott In 1948 we entered hlgh school Our mstructors were Mr and Mrs Hudtloff and Mr McNally Our class cons1sted of Donme Swam Gary Budd Charles K1er Floyd Clark Joan Schroeder Connle Scott and Joanne Waterworth We lost Joanne at the end of the year In our Sophomore year Mr Varner Mr Delamore and Mr M1llslagle were our teachers Donnle Swam Gary Budd Floyd Clark Charles Kler Joan Schroeder and Connle Scott const1tuted our class In our Jumor year Mr Varner Mr Porter and Mrs Thorson were our mstructors After losmg Gary and Donnle durmg the summer our class cons xsted of Floyd Clark Charles Kler Joan Schroeder and Connxe Scott Th1s our last year was spent under the 1.nstruct1on of Mr Varner Mr Porter and Mrs Thorson The class that started mto h1gh school with seven goes out th1s year wlth only four Floyd Clark Joan Schroeder Charles Kler and Connle Scott Charles Kler was the only one who completed hls grade school ard hxgh school educatlon at Strahan Semor Class W1II We the Semors wlll our seats to the Junxors also we w1ll our ab1l1ty to get the lowest grades to the Jumors Charles Kler wllls hzs basketball abxllty and helght to Merr1t Wortman and h1s front place ln the chow lme to Mutt Floyd Clark W1llS h1s wavy ha1r to Bob F1sher and hrs knowledge of motor to Barbara and Judy Joan Schroeder w1l1s her drawmg ab111ty to Pete and Mutt She w1lls her bashfulness to Mary Jo Beheve me she needs It rxght Wayne Connle Scott wllls Bob to Mary Alxce for next year Conn1e would also hke to w1ll her basketball pos1t1on to Mary Jo - I . . . . . . . . . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , . . , . 1 1 1 - I . . . - 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 . , . - 1 1 1 1 1 . . , . , . 9 ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v , . . ' 1 1 1 . A . . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . - . . . K . . . , n . - . . . u la.. ? i1 X :- Xf -"Z 'X fi Q3 In Iunzor Class B Bolton T lsom L Clpe D Ga B lV1lbOl"l S Potter B Schroeder TWIXTEEN .Tumor Class Play October 5 Rodney Wells Jr Pete Thompson Specks Howard Mr Wells Mrs Wells Elwabeth Wells Dor1s Mansf1eld uwendolyn Todd Cast of Characters 1951 Larry Glpe Bob Wllson Donme Gee Dale Balley Shu-ley Potter Betty Schroeder .Tudy Isom Mary .To Hathaway T1me the present Place Portvllle . ,-- - . . 1' , - JP, . " . . . . . -- Y , ..... . ....... .... . . . Francie We11S...... . . . . . . . . ......Barbara Bolton . ....... .. . I . , . '21 Law f Sophomore Class BACK ROW Mr Porter M Wortrr-an W Anderson D Bailey L Irvin B Patten FRONT ROW P Abbott .T Clark J' Isom M Hathaway C Kayton IKE 'lark 'YA Brown ws' 'Q 'wr 'Q Freshman Class BACK ROW Mr Porter C Woodfxll J' Irvm B Fxsher G Degxse T Glpe FRONT ROW M Foster J' Kell T Flemmv D Baucom C Cozad 7th 5 8th BACK ROW Mrs Harman K Degase .T lsom D Grlndle R Swalnk T Stevens .T lrvm C Judah FRONT ROW L lrvm D Norton J Schroeder S Donelson T Nelson C Lemonds B Patton YC Clark lk 5th ci 6th FRONT ROW C' Dfvls D Cnpe L Swett D lrvm K Brown W Leonard SECOND ROW D Judah E Dngase S Stxlle- .T Clirk R Grmdle S McCann S Norton LAST ROW M155 Nelson P I-'lchter C Kell V Flemlng E Swamk P Swett S Blunt V Swilnk K Glpf c ww BACK ROW MIDDLE ROW FRONT ROW 3rd df 4th D Wooten G Swamk .T Donelson M SchroederA Flemlng Lemonds M Flchter L Svvalnk G Baucom T Clark A lllxams Mri Bayee Wortman K Norton L Bolton N Summers M Wxllxams Wooten M Wooten S Spetman .T Isom S Swett Spetman B Hodges L Baucom R Wooten L goldlngtgn Kell J' Donelson L Blunt G Scott BACK ROW: SECOND ROW: , IRST ROW: First cmd Second Grades A. Degase, R. Piburn, I. Schroeder, W. Brown, W, Brown, B. Shook, M. Lemonds, E. Leonard, S. Lang, D. Wolfe, Mrs. Nelson L. Judah, C, Clark, S. Swaink, E. Spetman, R, Laughlin, C, Stille, C. Wooten, S. Nims, C. Mooney, C. Swaink, S, Woodfill, P. Hathaway, R. Carbaugh, G. Mooney, G. Maher, J. Moore, F. Harbold, E. Swaink, B. Woodfill, L. Shaw. .Q ,ax ,gx - 1-LQ I' Date Glrls Basketball M Hathaway B Bolton .T Isom D Grmdle J Schroeder J' Isom Mr Varner C Scott I Flemmg .T Isom C Cozad B Schroeder J Kell GIRLS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1951 1952 Date e They Count Y Strahan Strahan Strahan Coburg Coburg Stennett Hastmgs Malvern Pacmflc .Tunct Randolph Eme rs on Tournament Szlver Clty Emerson Henderson 124 18 Hende rson S 11ver Clty Hastlngs Ma 1ve rn Stennett Emerson He nde rs on Sllve r C lty Randolph Sectlonal Tournament Strahan Glenwood Strahan Farragut W We 11-1 41 61 -1 47 11-9 37 40 2-1 68 ' ' 11-20 48 30 1-4 53 ' 11-27 56 ' 28 1-7 57 11-Z8 52 Jamboree 42 1-11 76 Pacific Junc: 11-30 78 30 2-5 63 12-4 74 ' ' , 11 2-8 76 12-7 44 30 2-12 55 12-11 75 36 2-15 59 1 ' ' 2-26 57 66 31 62 43 75 54 54 58 44 61 Date Boys Basketball J' Irvm M Worman B Patton B Wllson A Brown C Kxer Mr Va ner L Ir 1n W Anderson B Kell L Gxpe T Gxpe BOY S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1951 1952 e They Coburg Coburg Stennett Hastmgs Pac Lflc .Tunct Randolph Emerson Henderson County Tournament Strahan Strahan Strahan Malvern Hende rson Hastings Date 12 8 Sectlonal Tournament -Strahan Strahan Strahan Rxverton Thurman Ba rttett e They Sllver Clty Ha stlngs Malvern Pac1f1c .Tunct Emerson Henders on Sllver Clty Randolph DlStTlCt Tournament Wales Llncoln Strahan W W 11-1 55 56 -1 43 ' ' 47 11-9 49 38 1-4 49 ' 46 11-20 55 38 1-7 52 36 11-27 45 ' 49 1-11 52 ' ' , 44 11-30 42 Malvern 33 2-5 78 Stennett 48 12-4 52 ' ' . 54 2-8 60 47 12-7 40 41 Z-12 40 53 12-11 46 41 2.-15 45 'Q ' 47 12-14 40 66 2-26 60 46 41 40 62 37 61 33 47 66 41 38 57 56 53 42 Gzrls Basketball The g1rls have completed thelr basketball season w1th the very g record of 18 w1ns and 5 losses We hope to xncrease our vlctorles to 19 when we play The Bloomer Gxrls In the basketball Jamboree at Henderson we outscored Sllver Clty 16 ll durlng the quarter we played ln the County Tournament we won second place At the Sectlonal Tournament we were taken out by Farragut when they Defeated us by 4 pomts We w1ll lose two players Connle Scott and Joan Schroeder through graduatlon We went to the State Basketball Tournament at Des Mo1nes February 28 and saw 4 games We hope to be there playxng next year znstead of watchmg Boys Basketball The boys have completed the1r basketball season wlth 15 w1ns and 10 losses We played Glenwood 1n the Jamboree and ended up w1th a score o 0 O In the County Tournament the boys won thlrd place and also won the sportsmanshlp trophy for the th1rd consecutxve year In the Sect1onal whlch was held at Tabor we had to play three games to wm the tournament We won thls tournament for the second stralght year In the dtstrlct whlch was held at Trevnor We played Wales Lzncoln and were defeated Wlth thxs game we ended our basket ball season We wlll lose one boy Charles Kxer through graduatlon ood - 1 - -A - in . Ll YI 1 ' n . 1 . 1 1 Q 1 1 . 1 . I . fl -l , . 1 1 . 1 - ' . - . 1 1 - fg Girls' Vocal Group E Clark b Potter J' Schroeder J' Ibom J Stevens J Isom Nl Hathaway and WI Clark Cheerleaders G ' I ll I I Q l I P ' -I 1 rl 1 I Lemonds, J. Isom, D, Grindlc, M. Hntlxznwny, B. Hutton. WE RE YOUNG ONLY ONCE Sen1or Class Play Characters EMILY DAWS the Mom Joan Schroeder RUSSELL DAWS Sr the Pop Charles Kler RUSSELL DAWS .Tr the .Tumor Floyd Clark HARRY .TANES .Tunmor s fr1end Larry Bryant PEGGY DAWS the daughter Carolyn Cozad CISSIE DUNN Peggy s fr1end Mary Alxce Foster MTIVII BARTON who wants attentlon Elan Clark DOLORES LaMOUR the glamour glfl Conn e Scott Story of the Play Mom and Pop Daws are very much concerned about Russel .Tr .Tumor IS havmg d1ff1cu1t1es mn lmpressmg M1m1 Barton the town belle .Tun1or s fr1end Harry Janes trles to asslst J'un1or by offerlng to have h1s cousln from Hollywood Dolores LaMour act mterested 1n .Tumor to make M1m1 Jealous Th1s plan fa1ls when Harry spxlls the perfume mtended for Mzml on Pop s coat and makes Mrs Daws suspxcxous Thzs plus a few other 1nc1dents causes dlscord m the fam1ly A clxmax IS reached when Peggy Daws brmgs some frlends home w1th her These frlends are C1ss1e Dunn M1m1 Barton and Sam Benham Shortly after thelr arrlval Dolores LaMour makes her entrance wlth a dramatlc Russell darlmg however she mlstakes Russell S for Russell Ir Th1S development iurther agltates Mrs Daws The way the Daws famlly copes wxth the s1tuat1on IS both unusual and lnterestmg g my auf... . - . . -.1--u l 9 I ' I as-lg... . . . . Q-no-azz... , . ....... .......... u SAM BENHAM, the ' . U .'..........Pefe Abbott - . . . . . . . . , . .. , . 7 r. . ' , ' , I '- ' . V K lumor Class When school began August 2,7 seven Jumors enrolled Class offrcers were elected and these were as follows Bob Wllson, Presldent Sh1rley Potter Vxce Pres1dent Barbara Bolton Secretary and Judy Isom Treasurer We presented our class play Twlxteen on October 5 havmg supple mented our cast wlth two Sophomores Wlth the help of our sponsor Mrs Thorson we have sold hot dogs pop candy ple and coffee at the basketball games to F3158 funds for the Junlor Sen1or Banquet the most looked forward to event of our Junxor year Barbara Bolton Sophomore Class When school started th1s August fourteen Sophomores enrolled The followxng are Merrltt Wortman Dale Barley Jane Stevens Mary Jo Hathaway Elame Clark Charles Kayton Joyce Clark J'ack1e Isom Bernle Patton B111 Kell Wayne Anderson Pete Abbott and Alfred Brown Durmg Class offlcers were elected and these mcluded Pres1dent Bernle Patton Vlce Presldent .Tackle Isom Secretary Alfred Brown and Treasurer Pete Abbott Freshman ln1t1at1on was held on September 6 1951 Each person was dressed up 1n dlfferent costumes The day was ended w1th a school p1cn1c held at Waubons 18 State Park Two of our classmates Mary Jo Hathaway and Dale Balley helped out ln the Junmor Class play Alfred Brown Freshman Class On August 27 1951 eleven students were ln the Freshman class at the Strahan Hlgh School They were Tommy Glpe Goy Degase Bobby Fxsher Marvln Woodf1ll Larry Bryant Jeanette Kell Darla Baucom Janet Flemmg Carolyn Cozad and Mary Alxce Foster Durlng the year we lost Jeanette Kell On September 6 the Sophomores mltxated us They had us dress up ln unusual clothmg whlch we wore all day The day was ended wlth a good tlme at Waubonsle State Park Our sponsor for the year was Mr Porter Larry Bryant the year we lost ,Dale Bailey, Bill Kell, Bernie Patton, and Joyce Clark. ...."5i--W i' X -ff-, WAV., I! HW. JANET 3 5 E 1 IJEANNA ,V 'P' "':: V ,:., . , ..--. ,Q N 'ag ' , , M w f 4Ah,, . J 4 A f E3 N 4 :,i ,f,. llvq E llq- ,,, I X Q ' ' . - . ,. fi' X y, , ,, F , ? 5 . MM? :.,, .A,,,, ,.,. .M 4 Mfqy f ff, 4, I X me, gi 1' L3 , ., . . . ' 3 Q5 lqnwwmffm M, sl ,ka M I5 i I ' 1 -Wy N, I H M Ulf ii 4 y F X wird K 'X " if ' Y ? --134' if ui W Q' 5 f 5 5 ,.N- , . N f f fi 5 1 'tb -wwmw Wir had JACKIE mm ,mi-+" We JUDY vvmax 07' 62.155 W ww MW BETTY BARB wp: xmmwx MUTT Yum SA BOB 535155 'he 'Wm in-rf' haw Nm-.uw LAR .MNH BEF NIE H Q xi E RY WAYNE LLOYD iff Eff L W U kt :'g56'5'fa.1zi? ,. A gang: N aww M .I ,V f 2 3 : .,, 14 A i , ,fx 5 J' I X R f , QW, .rf ' L I '- . '11 ,M ,fm Ag 'A X4 igm ,. ' " --Q.. fe, V, X E1-ff 4 1 f Q ,ig M W I 1 "--+' 4 qi NH' ,g QL.. 'Q 1 3 ' 4' ff M? L, - My ixhiif' Www A f X q A 1 Q 1 Xi a Y-5 Q ? A3 , QQ gf 2 sa Y AH 4' ,, I . ? V- ' - ,QF . W. ., V V ,r ,I ' M ', gi3, X 1 Mx I ' 3 Q1Sg'HQilf.x 1' 3 X I X 5 W, 4 , K if 1 Q v' XX I! . I 'x w wwf? CONNIE MAR Y JOAN PETE ,wwf N Q MERRITT TOMMY bw-M CAROLYN W' ,M 4' V A t iff, sux H M , 5. W s ,Km 9 fn , V Iq - I A I ,ll ...W A , L - if 41 L, X? Al 4 V 3 g WSF ' x . A k i iq M I A Q? 2 , I at V Q Q x I X Jo A ,fn M ,Qs A ' A K' 'Q ,Q J 3 B Q '5 5-22152: :.. R N C .IJ X "". 'M , 2 i ' :,, ,,.-"" 1 H Y ' 92 ,,: Q V , 34' Look at what they got Merry Chrlstmas K+ We 'fm W an V W? Mfg Muff Smile pretty Carolyn What? Soup agam? No It s BEANS W santa and hxs helper Tvpmg S' 5, 4-sm Trophxes That s the way Chuck Thorn among the roses Team of 36 Get that Jump- All for one and one for all and all for Sh-ahan High" 'Q f 5 I ',::' I ".,.. fi Nil ' .,,2 Q, Is that for me 9 9 'P Mr Walsion What" Bus drlvers Basketball fans The Senlors are beauhful Weldmg The .Tunlors are too The Sophomores aren t bad, But these Freshmen won't do' I N - 1 ,TWA fffwf-fx Qquzfog -.,,,.., no-in V WALSWORTH WA 'GWORTP BR vTHrR M rf U A 1V L.: -LW.,-V .f- A aww bv :., . 1 . 5 nrmxrxn 1 , F '-'gifts-A lb- me W manuals: .hum- 5--1 'XM-. Miki-Elm --.,..,,-R 1.5.55 lf-fix Malvern TrusT81. Savings Bank MALVERN IOWA THE BANK OF FRIENDLY SERVICE Tnorson Produce PRODUCE AND FEEDS TAPPAN GAS RANGES PHONE 18 EMERSON IOWA BLAUGAS SALES AND SERVICE R R Kler GENERAL STORE Your Home Store for Most Anything You Want Phone 5112 Strahan Iowa There s a Ford in Your Future Salyers Auto Co Phone 4901 Malvern Iowa Greenwood Lumber Co Lumber Coal Building Material Emerson 94 Imogene 9 Bring Your Ford Back Home for Service Pace Service Co Only the Best IH Home Apphances and T6l9VlS10H Phone 4901 Malvern Iowa Collen Elevators Gram Feed Seed Malvern Clark Strahan Ray Collen Phone 5021 Malvern Iowa Your Grandfathers Bank Your Father s Bank Your Bank Glenwood State Ba nk Philco - Goodrich - R. C. A. - G. E. - Motorola HARRY ADAMS BARBER SHOP Malvern lowfx Dr D M Khne Phone 3821 Phone 2331 DRS KLINE and KLINE Dr J A Klllle Phone 4861 Malvern Iowa MIKE S SANDWICH BAR lVldlN6Il1 low'1 JOHNSON'S GROCERY Grocemes Meats Frults Vegetables Bnndseye Frozen Food Phone 3861 Osteopathic Physicians Highest Cash Prices for Grain Fertilizer and Hybrid Seed Corn MALVERN 8. HASTINGS ELEVATORS Good Grain Company F1 ink Yanders Manager GEARHART LUMBER CO Phone 3811 Malvern Iowa Quality Lumber Coal and Buildlng Materials M A N S F I E L D S Modern Funeral Home Furniture Store Phone 4411 Malvern Iowa G A M B L E S Emerson and Coronado Television Sets Tires Batteries Hardware Electrical Appliances Delbert O Dell Authorized Dealer Phone 4541 Malvern Iowa 'z J , C Q ' C . - . . . I I I Serving You Since 1919 I I , . , C BOB 8g JOHNIE PAULSON Agents of Mobllgas Mobllgrease MOb1l01l Phone 4941 or 5152 Malvern Iowa NEILL S RECREATION PARLOR Alr Cond1t1oned Beer C1garettes Soft Dr1nks Blll18I'dS Fr1endly Welcome Always BRIGG CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales and Serv1ce Phone 2911 Malxern Iowa THE MALVERN LEADER M1lls County s Home Newspaper S1nce 1875 News and PICIUFQS of M1lls County Schools Sports People Adve1t1s1ng of Progresslve Merchants and Bus1ness Houses Phone 5551 Phone 3081 Malvern, Iowa E. SHONKA, M D. M L.SCHEFFEL,M D Malvern, Iowa Comphments of CHAS D COSTELLO Insurance Real Estate Cornphments of WOODFORD R BYINGTON Phone 5651 GREEN BAY LUMBER CO Your Nelghbor for Over 65 Years Cert1f1edQual1ty Serv1ce Malvern Iowa T. . Phone 5911 Malvern, Iowa WALLER TRANSFER General Truckmg Shellmg and Dealers 1n Corn Phone Malvern 2141 Phone bllx er Clty 166 Malvern Iowa BAYES MODERN CLEANERS Harry Bayes Ovx ner D1al 2861 Malvern Iowa Cleanlng Presslng and Alteratlons SCHOENING MOTORS Phone 112 113 Glenwood Iowa Phone 266 MIHGOIH Iowa Chrysler Plymouth G M C Trucks and Wllly s Jeep Sales and Service Complete Stock of Used Cars Complnnents of KERNS BARBER SHOP Malvern Iowa Hats Cleaned and Blocked - Laundry Agency BREEDING 8. BENTON John Deere Implements Dodge - Plymouth - Dodge "Job-Rated" Trucks Phone 4041 Malvern. Iowa C A SWANSON 84 SONS MILL 8g ELEVATOR Feeds Poultry Hogs Cattle Turkeys Phone 2081 Malvern Iowa BRADLEY S BEN FRANKLIN STORE Your Dollars have more cents ln Value Glenwood Iowa Malvern Iowa We are Always Happy to see our Frlends from Strahan HOFMOCKEL FLOWER SHOP Nlorth Slde SQLIZIIE, Phone .262 Day or Nlght Glenwood Iowa I 5 7 C . 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WHITE FOOD STORE Fancy Grocer1es and Fresh Meats Phone 3761 Malx ern Iovxa KEITH CLITES GENERAL TRUCKING DON S MARKET Grocemes Meats It rozen Food Lockers Don and Wanda Losehe Phone 216 Hastlngs Iowa Phone 246 -:- Night 242 Hastings, Iowa BOOSTERS LEGION DRIVE INN SAM S CORNER GROCERY HASCALL VARIETY O K LUNCH DAIRY QUEEN LARUE DRUG MRS HOWARD S THRIFTY SHOP FRANKSEN 81 JOHNSON Malvern Malvern Emerson Glenwood Glenwood Glenwood Glenwood Glenwood Iowa Iowa owa owa owa Iowa owa Iowa WE WISH TO THANIK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE , I . . , I JAMISON STORE Glenwood, Iowa , I . ' , I

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