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KJ If fx Workshop of Pea uno :alll 'I ll ill cub' tf wifi We the class of 1951 dedmcate tms annual The Wasp "World Peace" Z MR CARLL VARNER Superxntendent History Physxcal Educatxon Unxveruty of lndxana Drake Uruversxty B S Drake Umverslty M S MRS BERTHA THORSON Enghsh Home Econouncs Nebraska State Teachers College Umversxty of Nebraska B A 4 MR EMIL PORTER Prxncxpal Industrial Arts Mathematics Science Eagle Grove Jumor College Iowa State Teachers College, B 1 , . . . . . A p , . . MR. CHARLES MIDDLESWART Seventh and Eighth Wharton School of Finance MRS. VERA HALL Drake Umverslty Fifth and Sixth Iowa State Teachers College Omaha Umversxty MRS VIRA BAYES Flrsi and Second slmP50n College Drake Umversxty Iowa State Teachers College Sampson College Red Oak Jumor College 5 1 - MRS. CHARLES MIDDLESWART Third and Fourth ' x7 I TROY LEE BROWN Presldent Vxce Presxdent Basketball Baseball Track Paper Staff Semor Play Junior Play Annual Staff Glee Club EUGENE ANDERSON Basketball Baseball Annual Staff Junxor Play Senxor Play Paper Staff Glee Club Photographer Annual Staff Vxce Presxdent Jumor Play Semor Play Glee Club Mxxed Octet Boys Quartette Baseball Basketball Track ALVIN LOWE ....................... lZ ', ...... . ......................... 4 --------- ---'--- - ' - ' ....................... .... 3 ' - ' ------------- ' ........ .,..... . ........ ....4 ' ------- ' . ...,.......,.................. 3 ----. -.---------- 7 JO ANN WORTMAN Jumor Play Semor Play Basketball Annual Staff Paper Staff Glee Club Secretary Treasurer Class Representatlve DARRELL BAYES Secretary Treasurer Annual Staff Basketball Baseball Semor Play .Tumor Play Paper Staff Glee Club PAT KIER President Annual Staff Glee Club Gxrls Quartette Class Representatxve Semor Play Junxor Play Radxo Speech Prelxmxnary Musxc Mixed Octet 1 N ' .,.......................... 2,3 ,.,,,,44,.,,,.. ' ...............,.......... Z,3,4 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, RadioSpeech ........,................,. 1,2 Basketball ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, .....,....................l,Z,3,4 ' ' ' ......,............... Z ' ,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 1 8 Class History Twelve long years ago the Strahan Consohdated School had ten lxttle boys and g1rls enrolled under the supervzsxon of Dorxs Smxth The ten that made up thxs class were Darrell Bayes Joe Hatzel Donald Jones Danny Seaton Elaxne Thacker Robert Thacker Gordon Thomas B111 Ward Patr1c1a K1er and Jo Ann Wortman Of these ten Patrlcxa K1er and Jo Ann Wortman contxnued thexr schoolmg together through the twelve years The next fall we saw the same group back as second graders st1ll under the super VISIOD oi Mass Smxth Through th1s year we lost several students At the end of the year our class roll xncluded Darrell Bayes Joe Hatzel Patr1c1a Kxer Jo Ann Wortman Gordon Thomas and Eugene Anderson We moved xnto the thxrd grade room w1th Grace Matthews for our teacher In th1s room we found our class made up of Eugene Anderson B111 Ward Darrell Bayes Jo Ann Wortman Patr1c1a K1er Jxrnmze Y1sely Wxlham Harrunan Mxldred Stevens and Bobby Co1l1er Mxss Matthews taught us agam for our fourth grade year At thxs tlme our class had only s1x members Eugene Anderson Darrell Bayes Patr1c1a K1er Jo Ann Wortman B111 Ward and Mlldred Stevens For our fxfth grade year our teacner was Korhs Jordor We had turee new stu dents Max Irvln Fred Brown and Troy Brown We entered the sxxtn grade under Mrs Harvey Our new students tnat year were Lawerence Ada1r W1lbur Moore Jamce Waterwortn Alv1n Lowe and Glen Clark We moved xnto the seventh grade room under Mrs Golden At tms txme B111 Ward rejolned us Our fxnal year of grade school was spent under 1V11ss Wrxgrt We gaxned none and lost several dur1ng the year Tnose leavmg us were Darrell Bayes Robert Boone Troy Brown Max Irvm Alv1n Lowe Wzlbur 1V1oore Patr1c1a K1er Jo Ann Wortman W1ll1am Ward and Jamce Waterwortn Thxs year we entered high school Our xnstructors were Helen Ann Stevesson Mrs I-ludtloff and Mr Hudtloff Our class was George Inman deceased Cnarles Ballam Cecxl Balla1n Sarah I-Iudtloff Rosalxe H1nes Eugene Anderson Fred Brown Troy Brown Max Irvm Alv1n Lowe B111 Ward Patr1c1a Kxer Jo Ann Wortman Jan1ce Waterworth and I..o1s Alexander Our Sophomore fear Mr and Mrs Hudtloff and Mr McNally mstructed our classes Our class made up of James Degase Jamce Waterworth Patr1c1a Kxer Jo Ann Wortman B111 Ward Alvxn Lowe Troy Brown Eugene Anderson Fred Brown Max Irv1n Sarah Hudtloff and Rosa11e Hmes Mr Varner Mr Delamore and Mr M1llslagle rnstructed the Jumor Class The Jumor Class mcluded Alv1n Lowe Troy Brown Patrncla Kler Jo Ann Wortman Fred Brown Eugene Anderson and .hm Degase Our f1nal year was spent under Mr Varner Mrs Tvorson and Mr Porter Al tnough we started xnto mgn scnool w1tn f1fteen we end Wltn SIX wmcn are Patrxcxa Kler Jo Ann Wortman Alv1n Lowe Troy Brown Eugene Anderson and Darrell Bayes 9 Mildred Stevens, and Glen Clark. Those left were Eugene Anderson, Fred Brown, . , . . 1 l, ' Sen 107' Class W1lI Pat K1er wxlls ner httle ears to Chlor1ne Monk and her ab1l1ty to get to school just as the bell rxngs to Barbara Bolton To Dale Ba1ley she w1lls her ab1l1ty to play tne p1ano so he can play for all tne scnool programs Jo Ann and Patty leave the1r abxhty to talk 1n assembly to Judy Isorn and Barbara Bolton They also wxll all thexr ex boy fr1ends to Joan Schroeder and Elaxne Clark Jo Ann Wortman w1lls her freckles to Elaxne Clark Also sne w1lls ner ab1l1ty to r1ng the bells fxve rmnutes early to Charles K1er Alvxn Lowe w1lls n1s basketball ab1l1ty to Loyd Irv1n ms bus dr1v1ng Job to Alfred Brown and h1s ab1l1ty to f1nd the darkest roads to Baroara Bolton and Dale Ba1ley Eugene wxlls h1S ornenness to Donald Gee and to Loyd Irvxn re w1lls all the Westerns he can f1nd 1n h1s desk Troy Brown w11ls hxs ab1l1ty to play basketball to Cnarles Kayton H15 ab1l1ty to get on the honor roll to Pete Abbott and ms ove rbearlng attxtude a Senlor to the Jun1ors Darrell Bayes wxlls h1s workzng ab1l1ty to Wayne Anderson h1s desk to Connle Scott and h1s place 1n the chow l1ne to Alfred Brown 10 O I . I ' i I D A l , as 9 , . LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Tho son sponsor Conme Scott Cha les Kxer Joa Sch oed Floyd Cla k Oscar Odlum Terry Odlum Amos Wmsted Dora Wznsted Fluffy Wmsted Carmel Lucy Jessup Scott Walker Mrs Irene K1mbro Janyce Kxmbro Gay Landon The Sultan of Salaam Oscars Other Half JUNIOR CLASS PLAY OCTOBER Z7 1950 Cast of Characters T1me the present Place Long Island IZ Floyd Clark Joan Schroeder Larry G1pe Connle Scott Mary Jo Hathaway Chlor1ne Monk Charles Kxer Jacquhne Isom Barbara Bolton Elalne Clark Merr1tt Wortman Iva' --1.L4- , 'HAZ C K l . l : . r , g ' , r ' , n r er, r. . , r h ' r H'3353ffffff'afff3f:fff3ifffff'i,fffffifffzfufflff' W N I7-7' B! ily BACK ROW Mr Porter sponsor Donald Gee Freda Brown Larry Gxpe FRONT ROW Betty Schroeder Chlorxne Monk Judy Isom Barbara Bolton A l BACK ROW Mr Porter, sponsor, Merntt Wortman, Wayne Anderson, Dale Baxley, Loyd Irvln Berme Patton FRONT ROW Pete Abbot, Joyce Clark, Jacqulme Isom, Mary Joe Hataway, Charles Kayton 13 by Q , ,,. ,JF f wr? fr sf , W - X M.. f .. -X - A .. ,ef l 'Q t M . we " E 7, ' V as ZA Ky 5363! 'frm i l Q 2 . . 2 . . ' - 1 . ' . . - ,... Refi' W BACK ROW C W Mxddleswart teacher Goldxe Honea Deanna Grmdle Sh1rleyBa1ley Lettle Fxtzwater Darla Baucom Joselle Isom MIDDLE ROW Carolyn Judah Karen Degase CarolynCoud Janet Flenung Mary Foster Connxe Lemonds FRONT ROW Charles Clark TommyG1pe Robert Swank Goy Degase Bob Hanluns Bobby Fxsher i 'xi BACK ROW Mrs Hall teacher D Norton T Nelson J Schroeder P Swett E Swamk D Hankxns S Donelson S Blunt MIDDLE ROW G Davxs J Clark R Patton K Hall C Belknap E Degase D Judah FRONT ROW V Swaxnk V I-'lemlng R Fxtzwater K Gxpe L Honea L Irvzn 14 BACK ROW MIDDLE ROW FRONT ROW Stxlle P Fxchter R Grmdle D Gxpe K Brown L Swett .I Donelson McCann teacher Mrs Bayes lsmn A Flernxng G Lexnomis ll Fichter M Schroeder C Horst Baucom L Baucom Harold S Swett S Spetnmn, S Harold R Clxck L Coddxngton J Belknap Norton BACK ROW MIDDLE ROW FRONT ROW Swaxnk J Hankxns G Scott L Blunt K Norton G Mooney K Hall Horst C Mooney G R Maher P Hall M Lemons A K Degase Harold C Swank I Swamk M Fender L Wortman N Summers Spetman J Schroeder B Woodfxl S Nxms M Fender L S Bolton Fxtzwater D Royston A Wxlhams M Wnlhams J Belknap C A Clark Teacher Mrs Mxddleswart 15 : S. ' , . ' , . ' , . ' , . , . , . , S. ' , , . . : J. . - ' . - . - ' . . . . . G. , . . : J. , . , . . , . ' , . ' , . S. . : W. Brown, J. Spetman, W. Brown, G. Wake, T. Clark, B. Shook, G. Swaink, L. A , . ' , . , . , . , . , . , : K. , . , . . , . , . , . . , A. , . , . ' , . , . , . ' . : E. , . , . ' , . ' , . , . . , L. ' , . , . ' ' . - ' ' , . , , . . 4 Date LEFT TO RIGHT Janelle 1 o Mary Joe H ta y D nna G dl Chlo M nk P t JmnSch d Joan Wo t Coa h C L Va t d yl o B B lton Joy Cl k BettyS h oed Gzrls Basketball Schedule 1950 1951 They Alurnm Stennett Coburg Hender son Jamboree Emerson Malvern Stennett Henderson Date 12 15 e They Coburg S1lve r C lty Wale s L1nc oln Randolph Ha st1ng s Malvern Glenwood S1lve r C1ty Randolph SEC TIONAL TOURNAMENT Tabor Strahan : s m, a wa , ea rin e, rine 0 , a rica Kier, toe er, r man, c , . rner, Jacquline Isom, Connie Scot , Fre a Brown, Jud s m, arbara 0 , ce ar . c r er. ' D We W 10-Z9 48 ' 33 - 44 47 11-7 24 Wales-Lincoln 49 12-19 42 Hastings 32 11-10 18 38 1-2 75 ' ' 37 11-14 37 Z4 1-5 Z8 - ' 66 11-21 23 62 1-9 36 33 11-29 '57 ' 41 1-12 48 ' 49 12-1 44 48 1-16 37 39 12-5 49 32 2-6 40 56 12-8 38 55 2-9 52 ' ' 22 12-12 39 63 2-13 50 45 45 41 17 BACK ROW Coa h C L V P tt e d ll B y b tt Fl yd Cl k L l d M ONT ROW y C T B L yd I Boys Basketball Schedule 1950 51 Date e They Date e Wales Lincoln 12 21 Coburg Henderson Emerson Malvern Stennett Henderson Coburg Hastings COUNTY TOURNAMENT SEC TIONAL TOURNAMENT Henderson Strahan Strahan Pacific Junct Glenwood Strahan Strahan Silve r Cxty Malvern Strahan 18 They Pacifxc Junct Wale s Lmnc oln Randolph Hastings Pac1f1c Junct Glenwood S11ve r C ity Randolph Emer son Ca celled DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Strahan Blanchard Strahan Wales Lincoln : c . . arner, Bernie a on, Eng ne An erson, Darre a es, Dale Bailey, Pete Ab o , o ar , arry Gipe, Dona d Gee, Stu ent anager. FR : Wa ne Anderson, harles Kier, roy rown, Alvin Lowe, o 1-vin. I n V . W W ll-7 b 36 - ' 67 - 66 ' ' . 48 ll-10 . 51 Stennett 31 1-2 61 Silver City 52 11-14 54 43 1'-5 39 - ' 69 11-21 36 37 1-9 59 19 12-1 79 ZZ l -12 59 Q ' 46 12-5 64 60 1-15 68 ' ' . 43 12-8 77 51 2-6' 60 70 IZ-12 72 38 2-9 53 ' ' 64 12-15 65 67 Z-13 68 A 45 12-19 53 ' 45 Z-16 4 P Q 38 72 64 55 72 53 69 '56 71 68 40 69 59 66 Boys Basketball The Stranan boys have had a very good season They fxmsned the season wxth a record of 18 wlns and 8 losses As for the tournaments they have done very well In tne County Tourna ment they won thlrd place and tne Sportsmansnxp trophy 1n tne State Sectxonal they won frrst place and went on to take second place 1n the Dxstrzct For the comxng year the boys w1ll have three of the fmrst fxve back and some promxsxng reserves Boys Baseball On September 4 l95u the Strahan baseball squad started baseball prac txce Date Opponent e They Place September Zu Hastlngs Strahan September Z6 Coburg Strahan The spnng season starts on Aprzl 1 1951 We are nopmg to keep our re cord unblem1shed by any defeats G1 rls Basketball The Strahan glrls fxmshed the season w1th a record of 9 wms and 12 losses The team w1l1 lose two players Jo Ann Wortman and Pat Kxer through graduatxon We lost Freda Brown through the movmg of her parents to Wales L1ncoln For the comlng year we w1ll have four of the flrst SIX back and some prom1s1ng reserves 19 s ! We played only two games and won them both. They are as follows: W A .--T-- 7 6 Z 0 ' 1 The Stroke of Twel-ve SENIOR CLASS PLAY Characters Madame Oranagx a dxsguxsed detectxve Sam Adams Troy Brown Ernestlne Brunetta a talkat1ve nexghbor Joan Wortman Lloyd Branton a bl1nd 1nval1d Alvm Lowe A ex Benn a wlse dehvery boy Eugene Anderson Jxm Macallxster a pla1nclothes detectlve Darrell Bayes THE STORY OF THE PLAY Lloyd Branton a blxnd cr1pple has just moved 1nto h1s new apartment I-hs housekeeper Madame Oranagx nas Just about completed tne movmg of personal effects when the prxvacy of the nousenold 15 dlsturbed by four new comers Jxm Macallxster a frxend of Madame Oranag1 Mrs Brunetta a. nelghbor from down the hall and Alexander and Arlene Benn Alex brxngs flowers to the bhnd man and suggests that n1s s1ster read to h1m zn ner spare tune Branton's br1ng1ng of Arlene or All1e as she 1S called xnto ms home changes everyone's l1fe completely The young g1rl IS told by the detect1ve that ner employer IS a murderer wmch she refuses to belleve unt1l Madame Oranagl 1S k1lled Tnen she lends herself wholeneartedly to tne 1nvest1gat1on and eventual capture of Mr Branton for whom formerly she had felt nothlng but respect and pxty The unmaskmg of the k1ller and attendant suspense form the bas1s for the tense last act Z1 1 , ' ' ........................ . Arlene f"Allie"l Benn, his older sister ..... .. ........ ........ P at Kier Junzors 1950 1951 On September 4 1950 four Jumors enrolled at Strahan H1gh School They were as follows Charles Kxer Presxdent Conn1e Scott V1ce Pres1dent Joan Schroeder Secretary and Floyd Clark Treasurer The Jumors presented thexr class play Oscar's Other Half October Z7 1950 The cast 1ncluded all the Jumors mclud1ng some Freshmen and Sopho mores who helped us out Durmg the basketball season we sold pop candy not dogs and coffee at each home game to earn money for the Jumor Semor Banquet Joan Schroeder Sophomores 1950 1951 When school started last September seven Sophornores began rackmg themr braxns wxth Enghsh Hlstory Mathematxcs Home Economlcs Manual Tra1n1ng and plans for the Freshman 1n1t1at1on' How cute the boys looked wlth the1r skxrts rxbbons xn then' ha1r and a doll to carry' We knew the g1rls would l1ke to come barefoot and wear therr clothes wrong s1de out too After school the whole hrgh school enjoyed a wxener roast at Waubons1e State Park Class offlcers were elected and these lncluded Judy Isom Presxdent Freda Four of our class were chosen to supplement the cast of the Jun1or Class Play Oscar's Other Half Our number decreased when Freda Brown moved to Wales Lmcoln We all w1sh she could be w1th us when we advance 1nto our Jumor year Barbara Bolton Freshmen 1950 1951 On September 4 1950 th1rteen students reglstered as Freshmen at the Strahan I-hgh School They were as follows Dale Ba1ley Merr1tt Wortman Tommy Wh1te Berme Patton Jackxe Isom Mary Jo Hathaway Wayne Anderson Alfred Brown Pet Abbott Lloyd Irv1n Joyce Clark Elame Clark and Charles Kayton Durmg the year we lost Tommy Wh1te and gamed W1ll1am Kell The followmg served as offxcers for the year Presxdent Charles Kayton Vxce Presxdent Berme Patton Secretary Jackme Isom and Treasurer Pete Abbott Freshman In1t1at1on was held on September ZZ 1950 Each Freshxe p peared m unusual garb under the order and d1rect on of the upperclassmen The day was chmaxed w1th a hxgh school p1cn1c wh1ch was held at the Waubons1e Park and enjoyed by all Our swell sponsor for the year was Mr Porter Jackze Isom Z2 ' ' , II ' ll , I I I , I . D . . . . , I . . Brown, Vice-Presidentg Larry Gipe, Secretaryg and Barbara Bolton, Treasurer. Il 'I . g : . , . ' . , . , . ' , , ' ' . 1 . Q 1 . Q I . . . 1 l H . ,, a - J Magi I' Jackxe '51 Trophxes Judy Enghsh Lxterature? 'P 'P Cunous Sh1p Shape m W ,gy 5 3 Y , Set xt up X perts Fuushmg Touches Slavery! ! Party AGAIN? 'P 9 Z5 l Amateur homemakers Home economxcs BELL' o o d Tune for study1ng CAPTAIN CORKY FREDA BERNIE FLASH Z7 BUTCH C ONNIE JOAN DALE MARY JO -'Q Gqufog mpgs -wh., Hell WALSWORTH BROTH F HS K4 I U 30 , A . . A I x,.n..,q1.,h..1 A. a.,..n.a by .N 1.-.ML s A P' Malvern Trus1'8i Savings Bank J E RANDERSON CLOTHIER Your Clothing Store Over Many Years Phone 4281 Malvern Iowa DON S MARKET Groceries and Meats Frozen Food Lockers Don and Wanda Loseke Phone 216 Hastings Iowa Graduating Suits - Furnishings and Shoes are Our Specialty R R Kler General Store Your Home Store for Most Anythmg You Want Phone 5112 Strahan Iovxa Gram Feed Seed Malvern Clark Strahan Sldney Phone 5021 Glenwood State Bank Your Grandfather s Bank Your Father s Bank Your Bank Bates-Collen Elevators There s a Ford IH Your Future Brmg Your Ford Back Home for SSTVICE Salyers Auto Co Phone 3031 Malvern Iowa Pace Service Company Ph1lco Goodr1ch R C A G E Motorola Greenwood Lumber Co Emerson 94 Imogene A Lumber Coal Bu1ld1ng Mater1a1 ' Quallty IS Remembered Long After Prlce lS Forgotten Phone 4901 Malvern, Iowa WILSON HATCHERY Qual1ty Baby Chlcks and Started Chlcks Sp6C1E1l1Z1I1g 1n Whlte Rocks New Hamp Reds Ames 1n Cross Hybrlds Complete L1ne of Feed and Poultry Supphes Phone 5421 Malvern Iowa SCHULTZ BROS IMPLEMENT CO Motor Truck Implements and Refr1gerat1on Phone 5121 Malt ern Iowa Hlghest Cash Pr1ces for Gra1n Fert1l1zer and Hybrld Seed Corn MALVERN 8. HASTINGS ELEVATORS GOOD GRAIN COMPANY Frank Zanders Manager HAMILTON S Store for Men and Boys We Sp6C13l1Z9 1n Su1ts and G1fts for Graduates Glenwood Iowa 3 International Harvester 7 7 3 I G A M B L E S Coronado Te1ev1s1on Sets T1res Batter1es Hardware Electr1cal Apphances Delbert O Dell Author1zed Dealer Phone 4041 Malvern Iowa Phone 3821 Phone 4861 DRS KLINE and KLINE Gsteopatluc Phys1c1ans Phone 2331 Melvern Iowa MANSFIELD S Modern Funeral Home Furniture Store Servlng You SIHCG 1919 Phone 4411 Malvern Iowa W L SHAW Red 81 Whlfe Food Store Fancy GPOCGFIGS and Fresh Meats Phone 3761 Malvern, Iowa Dr. D. M. Kline Dr. J. A. Kline Phone 3911 COLLINS DRUG CO E W Kmght Malvern loxva Phone 3211 TENNANT SHOP Gay G1bson Trudy Hall Dresses Betty Rose Jumor Coats Malvern Iowa MIKE S SANDWICH BAR Malvern Iowa T. E. SHONKA, M. D. M. L. SCHEFFEL, M. D. Malvern, Iowa Drugs - Paints - Fountain Service I 7 THE MALVERN LEADER M11ls County s Home Newspaper Smce 1875 News and Plctures of M1lls County Schools Sports People AdVCI'IlSlI1g of Progresswe Merchants and Busmess Houses WALLER TRANSFER General Truckmg Shellmg and Dealers 1n Corn Phone Malvern 2141 Phone S1lver C1ty 166 Malvern Iowa C O N O C O Phone 4111 GUY OIL COMPANY Gas Fuel O11 Grease Qu1ck Fr1endly SCFVICC C O N O C O Malvern Iowa Phone 4041 BREEDING 8. BENTON John Deele Implements Dodge Plymouth Malvern Iowa . , . . . . 7 9 1 -: 7 Comphments of J R BECKWITH D D Malvern Iowa MODERN CLEANERS Harry Bayes Owner D1a12861 Malvern Iowa Qulek Se1v1ce Cleanmg Pressmg Alterauon Hats Cleaned Blocked Laundry Agency Compllments of GEARHART LUMBER CO Lumber Coal Phone 3811 Malvern Iowa GREEN BAY LUMBER CO Your N e1ghbor for Over 66 Years Cert1f1ed Quahty SGFVICQ Phone 5651 Malvern Iowa l " 1 i DR... ,. .S. 7 7 7 . 1. 7 Q 3 HARRY ADAMS BARBER SHOP Malvern Iowa O K LUNCH Ruth Dlck Ir1sh L1psett H1ghway 275 and 34 Glenwood Iowa BOOSTERS PARENTI SHACK LEGION DRIVE IN FRED HALL Malvern Malvern Malvern LARUE DRUG Glenwood OWB OW8 OW3 OW3 WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSNBLE , I - I , I BLOEDEL HARDWARE CO. Melvern, Iowa , I , I BRIGG CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales SSFVICS Phone 2911 Malvern Iowa G A M B L E S Glenwood Iowa Hardware and House Furnlshmg Telev1s1on and R3d1OS We are Always Happy to See Our Fr1ends from Strahan For the Best 1n Flowers Buy Ours HOFMOCKEL FLOWER SHOP North S1de Square Phone 262 Glenwood Iowa Phone 18 THORSON PRODUCE Produce and Feeds Tappan Gas Ranges Blaugas Sales and SGFVICG Emerson 7 9 7

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