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1975 TORCH Volume - XXVIII Strafford Public School Strafford, Missouri Co-Editors Jan Newberry Marie Miner Table Of Contents Activities .....i..... Individuals . . . . . . Specialties .... . . . Community .... . . . New School Echoes The Old On August 20, 1924 the old Strafford Public School was dedicated at a cost of 51:10, 000. It served as a school for grades 1 through 12. ln 1956 the present elementary school was built. The buildings served the community until 1971 when a fire destroyed the old building. Our new school was dedicated on August 18, 1974 at a cost of 3600, 000. Although a difference of 33590, 000 and almost 60 years separate the two buildings, both served the students and citizens of Strafford well. , - . N. X-5 NN 'NXXN A K N'-ww. .... 1-,asv A wus.. -'J-ff-' 'fl As the dedication of the new school building itself echoes the old, so do the Voices, footsteps, and actions of the resent students echo those of the P past. Strafford F aces Reflect The Past gf' Wh -s Aw-gm, ,Lx GTS' 1 1: W .....,. . .. e Qu ' 0 an os.:- Q. o a . n n 1 Q", W 'Q Q , . . N. 4 ..,f4o Q.. .- on Q .' ' ' 'ff- '," 1. '- .. on...',', .tn l....,. w 'mu-. ."' "nn,,',fv a,..-J." on--, , ,nw .n,nu.,.. . 'I'-'a'.'.','.",' . . 1. , . e ,-, Q, Q Q . ,. 'H' ,"- . . I. . xl., ,w- , .',' n'-"'.'."- - ",f ,, -....,..vl,,s , ,'n 1 . .o v . e .-N01 ..'s.. ...Q- - Q 2 5 W f ,L ..,,xx I 4, af 3' tbl . ,gf R M Q Q2 TIT UIIW NNW IIHI T llllll SS? QQMQ 45 4 ' 'H 'Q k ,. 9 if v , W Yagi. 1 mi, . ' L 32 .Q 25- nr V 1 ,QA - ur?-awww., ,R Q i 'V f 'jggq .1 . A ,Q - . vg'?f ff. A A wr-'ifgi - ' '- 1:f""" 85.31 Lkjkg aw T "' X 6 Y B T 3 ,vp 'Saw -. V Q ,T ,,.,..,,- M V . .,. A Q 'I , U I A: J ., 5, R ' W.. ' ,-. Man .K ABOVE LEFT: Peo- ple who entered the new school were asked to sign a guest book. MIDDLE LEFT: People stopped to watch the the Drum Corp march. DIRECTLY ABOVE: Mothers, fathers, and even future students went on a tour of the building. BELOW LEFT: The new high school as seen on the day of dediction. 9 Script ight Provides Memories On Script Night students gath- ered to sign each other's yearbooks, to admire and criticize the yearbook, and to generally just get together over some memories. DIRECTLY ABOVE: Darra Miller, Ross Luna, and Kris McGee wait for auto- graphs. ABOVE RIGHT: jeff Reed and Cathy Can-as thumb through the Torch. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. Kile was one of the teachers who bought a yearbook. DIRECTLY RIGHT: Terry Long browses I ,.., Students Entertained By Assemblies Students at Strafford were enter- tained by various as- semblies. They saw a scientist, singers, gyrnnasts, and karate experts. z ia ' .V xizwa TOP: Day Wages entertained. ABOVE LEFT: Dave Wilson sang at an assembly along with ABOVE RIGHT: Pete Kelley. LEFT: The Ir. High saw a demonstration of liquid oxygen. ABOVE: Day Wages plays guitar with his big toe. SHS Begins Football Program ABOVE: Strafford's first football team in school history poses for pictures. RIGHT: The defensive team watches the offense move the ball. This year the football team won a total of two games and lost five, not a bad score considering that they beat schools that have played the game for several years. Probably the most dramatic loss was that of the Iberia game. However Strafford couldn't be expected to beat a team with so many years of experience. All team members had fun this year and enjoyed being a part of Strafford's first school football team, something that will always be remembered. The team con- sisted of thirty boys which were mostly juniors and Seniors. Coaching staff were Richard Moon, head Football Coach, and jerry Shelenhamer and Sam Fitzgerald as assistants. Casey Morton was team manager this year. PTA Sponsoris Carn TOP: PTA President and husband. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Tipton, Mr. Evans, Mrs. Bayless, and Mr. Yarbrough talk to parents. MIDDLE RIGHT: Lonnie Smith, Coach Fitzgerald and Danny Reed take a break at open house. BELOW: Cindy Rush, Karl Cates and Bobby Coble talk at open house. BOTTOM RIGHT: Parents enjoy their children's art. PTA President this year was Pat Scholbom. She helped organize the carnival, open house, and chili supper with the help of other PTA members. The money they made at the carnival helped support their other activities throughout the year. 4 4, M- 'nf Nd!" 4.1 NMXXN MQ ..,4.- ig... Spanish Club Es Mu Grande , -2 This year's Spanish Aii p Club participated in many activities, such as having a booth in ," , f QA the PTA carnival, hav- j i ing Mexican dinners at H , various restaurants, W AAAV i ' and having the Spanish A classes from Fair Grove visit their classes. Some members were in a contest. :r j V - 'Z RIGHT: Dusty Cruise and Erin Wagnon enjoy 'f" themselves while deco- Q ' i rating the Spanish Club booth for the PTA car- nival. FAR RIGHT: f Santos Ramos appears very appropriately dressed for the Spanish booth. Chess Club Makes M1raeulous Moves Strafford's Chess Club com- peted in a tournament held April 12 at Rogersville High School. The A team placed fourth in this tournament. The A team members were james Vaughn, Rick Kepley, David Totten, and Stanley Eiskant. FAR LEFT: Rick Kepley and jim Vaughn, two of Straf- ford's fantastic seniors, play a stimulating game of Chess. LEFT: Mike Plemmons studies his game to decide just ex- actly what strategy to use. - K' ' Chess club members from LEFT TO RIGHT are David Patton Stan Eiskant Dusty Cruise, Mike Plemmons, Rick Kepley, Sponsor 'vlr Mark Adams, james Rupe James Vaughn B1llPer1man and Rusty Lilly. rum Corps Enjoyed ASA Class During the 1974-75 school year Drum Corps was available as a class for the first time in quite a few years. The Drum Corps class was taught by Mr. Ferguson. Although Drum Corps Was offered as a class the girls did elect officers. The officers were Bea Io Miller, Presidentg janet Wade, V. P. g Tina Reed, Secretaryg and Debbie Ellis, Treasurer. RIGHT: Mr. Ferguson smiles as he watches the Drum Corps practice. LEFT: The Drum Corps performed at the dedication ceremony. BELOW: The 1974- 75 twirlers were Kris McGee, Tina Reed, Carol Graves as assistant majorette, Debbie Ellis, and Bea Io Miller. LEFT: Majorette Marie Miner and Assistant Majorette Carol Graves seem ready for a performance. BELOW: The 1974-75 Drum Corps stand at attention, patiently waiting for Marie's command to march. W Q-y,,,,N- -kg vwnq.. . . as -.,, .-...r-L. --u.., . M -sv W NN . it ,VL ,z ,. Y ., V fm, nf' K Q.. 'I 3 . a- I . -ffm' - ' f- 3. ,f : - i . Y 5. L .xg b Tk .- get if 3125: a . " ' 3, as r Q Y , K3 . K V N '-S. I ,L , ' A., s- in A r r Y l V x ' as Junior High Supports Basketball Teams TOP Listed from LEFT TO RIGHT are the 7th grade cheerleaders: .Xngie Taylor, Sue McDowell, Sandy jones, fvlarcia Finley, and ABOVE LEFT: The 8th grade cheerleaders, listed clockwise, are grass, julie Crane, Kathy Walker, Debbie Evans, Dena Shannon, Smith. ABOVE RIC-HT: The lr. High Pep Club tal-ies a break. Trudy Reed, Kayla Cox. Debbie Snod- and jackie ,Nm-ew ivy, X Q I 'Q " 1 Q QR 5' S w...,,.u.. ,... , TOP LEFT: The junior High Pep Club for 1974-75. TOP RIGHT: The 9th grade cheerleaders are listed from TOP TO BOTTOM: Doris Kutz, Melodi Os- burn, Annette Carr, Valerie McKenzie, Brenda Lile, and Kipp Kelmer. ABOVE: 7th grade cheerleaders Angie Taylor, Marcia Finley, and Sandy jones "keep up the spirit" for their team. pp Jr. High Basketball Succeeds FIRST ROW: K. Radonski, P. Davis, J. Scott, R. Ramos, M. Smith, G. Rader, P. Carr, K. Scott, S. Hunter. SECOND ROW: j. Crane, A. Taylor, M. Finley, S. jones, S. Trogdon, K. Warren, B. McIntosh, S. Brittain. THIRD ROW: Coach Fitzgerald, T. Whipple, K. Shannon, D. Snodgrass. ABOVE: jr. High girls basketball team strives to gain the ball after a mem- ber of the opposing team makes a steel. RIGHT: Sandy Trogdon aims for the basket while other team members guard. "W'hf"45ZZ4e:2ff B T ' ' ,zu ww QW :fa 1st ROW: D. Cook, G. Eubanks, D. Tannehill, B. Beatty, I. Yaggy, L. Smith, T. Hall, K. Hardecke, K. Mor- land. 2nd ROW: J. Bain, G. Thompson, K. Richardson, R. Lurvey, M. Phelps, R. Fisher, I. Brake. 3rd ROW: Manager, C. Morton, R. Moon, R. Hanis, J. Maples, B. Burgress, I. Radonski, A. Ellis, R. Smith, G. Rost, T. Cripp, D. Lindsey, B. Bumgarner, C. Nixon, R. Stewart. 4th ROW: Coach Fitzgerald, C. Earp, G. Viercant, M. Goodin, J. Vaughn, S. Fisher, C. Lindsey, Coach Shillenhammer, K. Jennings, R.C. Lawler, R. Stone, M. Thompson, G. Eubanks, M. Richardson, Coach jones. Fxmtg TOP LEFT: Alan Ellis prepares to make a two pointer while also trying to fight off his opponent. TOP RIGHT: Russell Fisher makes a superstar shot after he escapes from the opposing team. LEFT: The G. High coach, manager and players watch their team play with skill and tremendous action. irls Basketball ado Season Exciting i ABOVE: TOP TO BOTTOM, A. Carr, E. Collins, C. Rush, K. Dorman, I. Cates, S. Beatty, K. Meuting, P. Shildknect, K. Griffin, M. Osburn, D. Hardecke, P. Anderson, K. Walker, A. Craven, T. Smith, B. Yarbrough, Coach jones, G. Cowan. TOP: Bench Warmers are an important part of the team on away games. ABOVE RIGHT: jr. Varsity strives for another win. RIGHT: Strafford girls play for victory. EXTREME BOTTOM LEFT: Debbie Waugh extends her- self to the fullest to make a basket. BOTTOM LEFT: With a hard struggle Barbara Berry gets her ball. MIDDLE LEFT: In an effort to defeat another team the Strafford girls play for 2 points. ABOVE FAR LEFT: Tammy Griffin, Kim Griffin, and jean Ann Eubanks banks were chosen for all star players of the Greene County League. DIRECTLY LEFT: jean Ann Eubanks was chosen state all star player for 1975. BELOW: A team. Members are, R. Peak, D. Waugh, D. Reid, A. Carr, T. Griffin, M. Ramos, K. Griffin, B. Berry, T. Reed, L. Edge, T. Mclntosh, I. Eubanks, D. Kincaid, C. Crane, G. Cowan, L. Jones, B. Yarbrough, S. Beatty. u L.. K ' . V 1 avi? Q : 25 ,nv ' f Mf- F fi V -HE Teamwork Improves Indian Season RIGI-IT: jeff Reed attempts to steal the ball from his opponent. BOTTOM: Del Thomas is eager to catch the ball on the rebound. BELOW: Buck Keltner guards his opponent from passing the ball to a team member. A Ns 2? . 1 . i . . .LLmhLA, - fm N -as 3 1 'kX. I +A 'J Q f 9' A Q H E - 'Q ' fi 5 - r V ' E 5 -'ffl-59.9-ri5x:i. '- , -- f wg. I A . 323' xzkjgggig- -- K A 1, f Q x w -Q A ffa w .. ' 1' if 2 . - s i 'P - ,F . --Q :sail ' 3 : ,. K i' ' e - -b ff Jw - , g , E' .,g: . I K .k,.., K ' ABOVE LEFT: Danny Walker jumps high to make two points for the Indians. ABOVE MIDDLE: Danny Walker passes the ball to one of his team members. ABOVE RIGHT: Scotty Boatvnight steals the ball from his oppo- nent. LEFT: Bucl-4 Keltner aims to shoot for two points. ABOVE: Vernon Robinson is ready to make two points to Win another game. SHS Cheerleaders And Pep Club EI 'i' 2 wr 'qi X' am ef 5 , l fi! "'-. u TOP LEFT: Carol Graves and julie Rodgers swing their pony tails during the homecoming routine. TOP RIGHT: "Cap'n Grisham sells to the highest bidder in the slave auction for new Pep Club mem- bers. BOTTOM RIGHT: The varsity cheerleaders are Nicky Carras, Cathy Carras, janet Wade, Mel- inda Nixon, Tina Reed, and Debbie Myers. BOT- TOM LEFT: Pep Club members watch a junior varsity game with interest. .135 ff 3 4 r M, M ........-if Q 5 'W 2 'Af' B a A I if xg Q Q' 5 2 5 , 2 Q QL PM ,af 3 3? Rock Around The Clock . . Homecoming '75 "Rock Around the Clock" m was the theme for Homecom- l ing. The cheerleaders had a '50's routine and Karla Lundh was crowned queen. There were victories in both games and a dance was held to cel- ebrate Homecoming '75. 0 l., , , alk TOP LEFT: Queen Karla Lundh smiles happily. TOP RIGHT: Student Body President Del Thomas places the crown on Karla's head. BOTTOM RIGHT: PCD. Kincaid, Santos Ra- mos, and Tony Rost sing to the queen ABOVE: Sophomore Charmaine Crane likes being first runner-up. 4 lvl av: 4? I ' ,JT S4 . ? - I f 4. v K ' 1 I ? ll. 1 fi. . 393' ,l ,. . , Q, 4,-i 4 Q-.. qv ,J ,av ' J ' ..... Ll! ABOVE LEFT5 TOP TO BOTTOM: The elementary escorts are jill Crowder, and Stanley Lasater with the yellow rosesg Mindy Love and Patrick Murphy with the crowng and Brenda Bowen and Randy Snodgrass with the red roses. TOP RIGHT: The homecoming royalty for 1975 pose for a picture. ABOVE: "At the Hop" was the song for the cheerleaders homecoming routine. LEFT: 1974 homecoming queen, Cheryl Davis congratulates the new queen. Student Council Has Active Year Of the many activities the Student Council had this year the State Convention will be most remembered. RIGHT: A group of Student Council members relax while Mr. Maltman tries to look sexy. LEFT: Wake up, Susie! BELOW: The group poses happily. 35 Beta Club Enjoys Convention A' 3 l 1 , ,Q ws. , fy, if mlm ' , .,,, sg X 5. K. A 'uf . if f . 2? as ' 'f AUYH5, f i2,,,,5f . .. - .f if f ,, . zf 'T sf 'flytif'-, fkf ,f, .r ft' ' K 5. f , .5 , f M. 45.3 i 2 e li" if i ' ' .ag 3 ii ,f 1 ja tg. ig .. 1 E .5 I 35 2 55 -iw . get .fuffgg ,. ' onn 2 ant. , as 'f K ' 7 f .V 'f ,.,,..f ,.,,,.,., Q. 1, i, n Vt C 2' . ,,f.. e E. ,,, ,Az t fe., U , , QQ' Zh 4 3 2 43' K W f 2 -V 9-6 iv V 2 :I .. i f 117 . qi 3 if . M . s It 'fin 4 . , , 1 A if ff A M k , A .M ,- .fi MM. f W ' f ,Z . if? ,b Q? . i ii if n,nn , The highlight of the 1974-75 Beta Club was definitely the State Convention. TOP: The Beta Club members remember their child- hood while posing on the kindergarten slide. RIGHT: Mr. Moon seems to have grown more hair. LEFT: The girls seem anxious to get to St. Louis. 35 ,. . ,. 4, ,,,, Band Performs At Many Functions --A ,, ABOVE: The High School band members. LOVVER RIGHT: At dedication Mr. Nloffit, the 1973-74 band instructor conducted the band. Mr. Speer, this year's band teacher had not arrived yet. This year the High School and jr. High bands have been very busy. They have participated in the Christmas program, the Spring Concert, and helped provide entertainment at the carnival. The High School band also Went to the annual music concert at SMSU. ff' X..-A - , ' ABOVE: The 1974-75 junior High Band. LEFT: The High School band practices for an upcoming concert. BELOW , LEFT: Mr. Speers and Mrs. Moore discuss plans for the Christmas concert. ,..,, AZ, " fm" 'A??f:74. Qv,'f.fE7i1:1ii6' ' ' T ' iw 4' "2"J3 E' f.- ff yy ' ' :Z ' Ii?Z5i514w?f4' A "" , W ,, fi'-"" 'f " flf7ff iii im, ' I knkry, .L,i,.,w",," "if'H'm - V 'V 3 Q ? -- ,V - """' .6-rv -Jiwlffiif 1 ' Iii? 7115 Wi 'AJ' :lff f 145' Q ii 'fill ' V' I- I M ' sw - ,f , it Zi , '- ,,,. T J W is qi 5ZLfQ5i2ili71iQ -A-Mm.-i. , ,f QEQTW .Wx 4 K Q ,nil K 'Y -is , ' ,, Choir Has Many Activities l Mg 1 4 4 1 l TOP: The High School Choir. MIDDLE LEFT: The choir practicing for the Christmas Cantata. MIDDLE RIGHT: The choir sings at the Spring Concert. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Moore plays the piano and directs at the same time. This year the High School and jr. High choir have been under a new instructor, Mrs. Vicki Moore. Among some of the things that have been accomplished this year are getting a Il at the music contest at SMSU while three peo- ple that sung solos, Becky Yarbrough, john Williams, and Lisa Stewart got a I which made them eligible to go to state. Becky Yarbrough was the only one from Strafford's choir which received a I rating at the State contest. U Y 5' UPPER LEFT: Connie Vinton plays the piano for the Spring Concert while UPPER RIGHT: Lisa Stewart sings a solo while the choir looks on. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Moore conducts the choir in one of the songs that was popular with their audience. The Spring Concert was well attended and enjoyed by all who were there. This was the third year the choir has featured a Spring Concert that was free to those who wished to come. The elementary bands played and the high school band also performed for the special event. N Drama Club Has Busy Year ! Drama Club has done many things this year. They have helped with three plays: "The Red Carnation, " "Impromptu, " and "The American Dame. " This year they were under the instruction of Mrs. Amy Hankins. ABOVE: The Drama Club members. BOTTOM RIGHT: In the first scene of "The American Dame" Doris l J Kutz, Wa ne Lmdse Connie Vinton and im Burks D Y I Ya are criticizing the women of the world. UPPER LEFT: Jan Newberry discusses women's suf- frage. UPPER RIGHT: Wayne Lindsey in a scene from the Novel Hero. LOWER LEFT: jim Burks plays a Sheik while Connie Vinton, Sandra Stark, and Doris Kutz play the part of his wives. Baseball Boys Develop Skills The 1975 high school baseball team finished their season after displaying great amounts of effort, skill, enjoyment in competing, and maybe with a little more knowledge of the sport. The varsity team made their way to the semifinals of the Class 1-A District Tournament at Bolivar. Both teams did a fine job, and did well in representing their school. TOP RIGHT: First baseman Buck Kelt- ner anxiously waits to catch a fly. QToo bad it's only practice! Q ABOVE LEFT: Vernon Robinson takes his aim. . . for the batter! ? ABOVE RIGHT: Vemon gives it his all for a picture. RIGHT: jack Graves meditates a while before delivering the pitch. ,191 N. . 5 ,," 4'- V ll s JD . Mrf, Q :J K ' 1. ii 4' dis, 5 me K 3 2' f 5552 W 52 , Y i -ig ?, 3 wv.Zlw 'Q 715' I LV MQW I LL ,, . , M V-jaw 1 W V 94 9 A -,Qmwgwv 4, .sf aww 44 Softball Girls Enjoy Competing OW Els? 15 'ww The girls softball team boasted a 7-2 season this year. Players were: TOP ROW-Missy Edel, Patty Anderson, Glenda Cotter, Karen Mueting, julie Cates, and Coach jones. SECOND ROW-Joyce Corkren, Terri Mclntosh, Kathy Brake, Terri Smith, Susie Allen, Rena Peak, Debbie Farrow, and Teresa Morland. THIRD ROW-Karen Thompson, Letha Edge, Cathy Carras, Carol Graves, jean Ann Eubanks, Susie Beatty, Annette Carr, Karen Wall-cer, Judy Wolfe, and Valerie McKenzie. BOTTOM ROW-Melodi Osborn, Donna Kincaid, Charmaine Crane, Nicki Carras, Debbie Waugh, Tina Reed, and Gail Cowan. ABOVE: Debbie Waugh attempts to catch a fly ball hidden by the sun. RIGHT: Catcher Donna Kincaid dons her catching gear and gets ready for the pitcher to warm up. si- ,FWEE . it mfr, -fr ,fe , A, 1 5 4 'Qi 4 '4f"':fg:,grg,r.+y- 9-Gwmff, ik L fffw ff :"55?gwff"PPt-Q'??1f"i Q ima-.+3+4fb4+sc Lxf3V,"'- ,I ' fi -an at :Z ,- . qs, V ,V lxivts W Y-i - ' fmfi S .QE wwf M -1. 'M mm 'W' W 4 ,,,f M ,'kk 4 Y-0 ,fi m x.. TOP LEFT: Lloyd Jones was the softball coach for the 1974 sea- son. MIDDLE LEFT: Carol Graves gets in some crucial pitching practice before a big game. ABOVE LEFT: jean Ann Eubanl-is laughs, but swings at the ridic- ulous pitch she received. LEFT: Debbie Waugh puts some tongue- biting concentration into her bat- ting practice. 'I' '- ..gf1Wf'??wege.gzkk, H ww? f fp- L ' , , 3 . V'-iz, A ""' fff,iggj,,,',,f Q, f 1 -ff- , ' I3 - vi , . - . - 7 'X if A, ,w ,, : 1 45 Boys Break School Relay Record Some of the meets the track team at- tended were at Lebanon, Willow Springs, and SMSU. The two-mile relay team composed of David Edel, Bruce Love, Vernon Robinson, and John Yaggy broke a school record. ABOVE: jim Cook practices with the shot behind the gym. TOP RIGHT: Eddie Farrow, R. D. Kincaid, and David Edel practice starting for their individual events. BOTTOM RIGHT: Alan Dorman works on perfecting his hurdling form. IAIA ,- "- : "E: M TOP: The 1975 track team pause from running, jumping, and throwing for a picture. ABOVE: Stan Eiskant tries for Z1 record throw with the discus. LEFT: The junior high boys track team plan Cl meet with Coach Fitzgerald. MIDDLE: Eric Stanley hurls his body over the high jump bar in practice. 47 fi? The 1975 girls track team had a successful i year with seven school records being broken by i team members. W 1 '22 J 'Wu A , ' 'R 48 TOP LEFT: Coach Paula Nelson checks the 5 times of the last track meet. TOP RIGHT: , Debbie Waugh makes her try at the high jump count. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cathy Car- ras runs a little harder for a chance at 2nd place. Girls Push Harder For The Finish 'sv siffm 5L1Qm-J sfgyw S 'alizwsw PSS? W ,ff 3 ,fe-is. Wfzmwcmz A T i .- I ' ,A tg 8 Qty.. , ,if-is y. WQ, . as ff W rii we ,W if WW kFff,1,4rm H el m , , . ,A 9 My , . 1 'f A M Quiz? 'www 44, s3m,?M, rflfhfW,,rQ4yw, mm V, , I , M ,Q mW4,, f 'N' f V nf W . T. T - L. fviwiix. M Y - sf V1 1, F1 wit. ww W M 1, J M , , W 1 ,, ,,, M W 1 if My K Q 1 L QQ is f ' W Q. Q f W 4, 0 ,ff it M 4 Q.. T N Q it M ni if V 'V' ,L . .R r if M , , t Qi S if E if Tl '3. 'S 1 T W ,, N Q M5 gf ,,"'EAQ5L4"1,'5 f wwxc ff f wwwfZT7i M g, H A fm xv, M f - ' ' , M mwzw , W ,fi 'mf ' f ff , it if T if ft - , 4 an ww 'fat wg' W 1 it W1 1 M ., LEFT: Nicki Carras pushes toward the finish line in the 80 yard hurdles race at the district meet. BOTTOM: The 1975 track team sit for a picture before going to a track meet. siii T FHA Is Responsibleilior Functions FHA was responsible for many services per- formed at Strafford. The members gave Easter parties, attended the banquet, and many modeled for the Style Show. , ,M ,,,,.. , ABOVE: Debbie Myers narrates. TOP RIGHT: Lisa Stew- art, Sherry Hill, Kathy Amold, and Carleen Coleman sing. MIDDLE RIGHT: Kris McGee models along with RIGHT: Marcella Courtois and DIRECTLY ABOVE: Amber Lundh escorted by Dale Gillespie. M Q Ev UI xx U I uf f""'N7 W we I E1--ww W we nunwxaw 5 Zi? W , , ,P g mmm ' L ggi , if ilk!! T .4 nllllnuqy f if :eE , -in 511 i . -' Q L 'Vf,wf1f,,. "'-' ' ' LW"SiFWfFi -4f Art And Shop Shows Are A Success The annual art show and shop ex- A hibit were held in the new art room and cafeteria. The new location added much to the exhibit. 'fi DIRECTLY ABOVE: Beth Gil- lespie walks through the shop exhibit. ABOVE RIGHT: Terri Warren and her mother were caught by sur- prise. RIGHT: Danny Yarbrough displayed scuba equipment at the shop exhibit. LEFT: Dan Taylor and Brian Thomp- son look at one of the many crafts dis- played at the shop show. BELOW LEFT Mr. Pennington, shop teacher, also attended the shop exhibit. FTA Observes The Otherside r'i N x g i , K if AX Q '36 f Hug I mr' I .qi W a F f if ,, 1 I .5 T ,. , Y' ' 7 Q ' 5 ff? . Q 'ri . Af Y fv, . 2 5 Q is T my - T A T FX ABOVE: Cindy Rush glances up from grading papers to 1 ' Q5 check on her class. RIGHT: FTA Day proves to be a . ,2, , X' big responsibility for Suzanne Scott: who is playing with A I I the kindergarten class. U T' 4 ,, 1.4: E s .X Juniors Entertaln Seniors Enjo Banquet The theme for the junior- Senior Banquet this year was oriental gardens. The menu featured foods from China as the main course. The traditional prophecies and message by the princi- pal were enjoyed by all. LEFT: Skits performed by members of the Junior class add to the ex- citement of the evening. LOWER LEFT: jr. Class President Kenny Arnold gives the welcome to the Class of 1975. BELOW: Entertain- ment is provided by a girl's trio who sing while Myra McIntosh tries to master her pair of chopsticks. . T .,, .., -w e ,, ., . B mi Seniors Swing At Schooner Creek 3-Y . if W-4' TOP: The Seniors went to Silver Dollar City on the last day of the trip. ABOVE: Wayne, Robert and Randi, and Mark and john all decide to sit down and rest after a hard night. RIGHT: Mrs. Col- lins and Mr. Grisham were sponsors for the Seniors. 2 3' ' Y 1 ' H H i ' "" 1:7 'W N: f-2? , P ' f if rnn is " 1 I if in , 5, NVQ ' N- 9 W of Q5 A R ,,,, is V - wc " K . 1 nv ig: f or rea 5 Q in i ffl 5' r,, -1 , wwf 5 is ri E ff' Q' On the Senior Trip there were many activities to choose from. Popularity centered around swimming, poker play- ing till 4:30 a. m. , and getting at least 30 minutes sleep each night after running all day. LEFT: Rick Kepley makes eyes at someone while at Silver Dollar City. BOTTOM LEFT: Melinda and janet make like a true Strafford Indian should while BELOW: john Yaggy has finally found his long-lost twin brother. f fxzg,f2zgfq,X,,, fwwgwwmmw Y A , vu if W Q mfg a2wff2w , ,ha A , . . www 5155? 1-if ,,, 'af , .H , I W: ifv 5 , " ' f ,- . f 'Q '.,, , Q .Q ,,,-- Q' ' - , , . ik x M W gigs? fm? wf'W , ,, fl 9 A., ,JA , ,. . ,z Q 4' AW . V 4 ,aw '4- Xkz Q IQM LEFT: Valedictorian Cathy Carras makes her final speech as a senior. RIGHT: Del Thomas listens as Salutatorian Melinda Nixon speaks. BELOW LEFT: Principal Max Evans and School Board President Leroy Yarbrough present Ted Peak his diploma. BELOW RIGHT: Cheryl Trussell smiles but the tears keep coming as she realizes she will never be a student at Strafford High again. I P, W! v r. And Miss S amed The 1974 -75 Mr. and Miss SHS were Del Thomas and Kim Griffin. These students along with others were voted on by the entire student body at SHS. ABOVE: Del Thomas and Kim Griffin, Mr. and Miss SHS for 1974-75. RIGHT: Kim waits for the rebound. FAR 5'-vu .nm I 4 if K 2' ? RIGHT: Del tries for two points . i,,. iftt - , 4.1 ,.-- ifffz, J, ff, at W -,,.' . ti ! 5 s 2 i gf mf ,ff I 1:21 eff" Ega si ff ' 23 ,f uf, K. 2 F 5 5 Q U 1 H U 353511 ir .mf X My 42 fy, diff s fe Q1 QE! 5 f .1 A 7' A , gg, W 2 'Q 'ir q 1 , . fn aff? f 1 L, ? 9 M 5253 . "5 Honors Da Makes Memories ,zzszjssf gy if Zami: 2 'Q , , ,V 1 5' Y' :E..: f .f f ' Al. Z ABOVE LEFT: Melinda Nixon accepts her cheer- leading pin from Mrs. Collins. TOP: Mrs. Hankins presents the speech awards. ABOVE MIDDLE: Coach Breshears and Coach Moon award the sports awards. DIRECTLY ABOVE: Susie Allen receives her athletic award from Coach jones. LEFT: Mrs. Woolery and Mrs. Young hand out awards to library workers Stephanie Stark, Debbie Emerick, and Kevin Shine. 1 1 1 Go : ,ami qi 1' 1 'f 'y 'L' 3 n' 326 ta? ' 3' H, - ,zz f 41 , . ,,,,,. T "' J V my 1 H l 4 'fs 'guage 'Mm' ,I i LA fy, , I QF' ' .. 5 T i l if ,J NIMH IN llllll W MNH MJ Q L S3 E Wa - indergarteners Learn New Skills Mary jo Baker Kim Barton Larry Beasley Kendra Beatty Leigh Ann Beatty Brenda Bowen Davy Burris Steven Cobb Sherri Lynn Coffman jill Crowder Scott Davis Richard Deckard Lorene Donnenmaier Dwayne Gardenhire Wesley Garton Chad Griffin Bobby Hampton janese Head Chris I-lelvey Melissa Hill jimmy johnson Kevin jones i 5' C ' l L - i 'e,- , .UL D as I5 Qi iw! f . I A71 I I - I' I -..J n in 5, in 5 -. s rf? is RIGHT: When the weather is bad, kin- dergarten kids take a recess in the class- room. ABOVE: Mrs. Fielder looks over the work done by her kindergarten students. 31N 49 Ef it Sherry Keeling Christi Kellner Debbie Kendall Stanley Lasater David Lawson Michelle Leatherman Mindy Love Vicki Montgomery Darren Morton Darryl Morton Patrick Murphy Timmy Murphy Tracy Nell john Peak Colon Pierce Sheri Beth Price Angie Ramriez Mickey Rear Glen Rhoten Ralph Ryan Debbie Smith Randy Snodgrass Kenny Stuck Richard Thieman Amey Totten julie Tower Kathy Vicat Shaun Williamson it ABOVE Kindergarten students are always ready for story time LEFT These studenu pay close atten tion their teacher gives instructions. First Graders Take Giant Step Cynthia Ash April Baldwin Allen Barton Teresa Beatty Frances Bell Ryan Bell Scott Belle Stacey Brock David Case Ronnie Coble Mike Coffelt john Collins Gary Davis Donna Deckard Bruce Fare Nathan Gaines Timmy Goodin Erica I-Ieyne Andy Hunt Millisa james Tommy january Landon Kendrick l.aVay Lawler Brian Lile Cindy Lindsey Richard Love Kevin McDowell Kevin Middleton Robin Mishler Cindy Morgan 'ww' RIGHT: Mrs. North helps two of her first graders with their art work. ABOVE: Mrs. Hodler, a first grade teacher, left at mid-term. gl ,r.,, In X Q. if S f Qi X N I I' pn E X AVA, R X - 3 , vw Er ll? t-4 49.5 R P 4. sg X x 5 .Q , , mg . r 'X rpu-user -- ni' Al- FW"'f 1 1' 425' fe 3, w " Robin Morgan Robert Morton Cindy Rogers Paula Ryan Craig Schmutzler Lisa Scott Brett Soden Sheri Sousley Ronald Stanley Donna Stroud Dale Stuck Cindy Taylor jamie Taylor Bobby Tower Gregory Trapp Shelena Trogdon Paula Turner Aaron VanBuren Kenny Vematii Michael Warren Michelle Whitcher Bob Williams Tyler Wingo Z ABOVE Mrs Wynona McGee teaches her first graders their daily reading lesson LEFT: Recess is not the only time for fun These youngsters enjoy classroom activity ABOVE LEFT Mrs Davis gives individual 1nstruct1on to one of her reading students. Second Grade Goes Forward One More Ste Vickie Akin Steven Anderson jonna Andrews Danielle Athens Patty Barton Billy Bartrarn Bobby Beasley john Bradley Kevin Buckner Leon Bryant joe Case Shelly Cook Samantha Choate Larry Davis Lisa Deckard Alan Donaldson Phyllis Emery Keith Eubanks Ricky Felton Greg Flummerfelt Ronnie Gillespie Keith Gilmartin jeff Goff Carrie Griffin Kenneth Grunlien Melissa Helvey Tony Hutton Dwayne jackson Mike Kellner Annette Kun Sharon Lasater Robert Lawson Steven Lawson Lanae Lazzelle Mike Lynch Elizabeth Leatherman Andy Lemmon Randy Lemmon Greg Leonard Rod Lindsey Matthew Love Sherry Mallernee ABOVE: Students in Mrs Pemberton s class study quietly, giv ing Mrs. Pemberton a chance to relax RIGHT Mrs Jimmie Pemberton smiles affectionately at her students Teaching second grade can prove to be tedious at times but is always Worth the teachers efforts- -especially later when teachers see the students graduate. BELOW: Mrs. Margaret O'Del1 watches closely as a student takes a test. LEFT: Mrs. Pam Breedlove gazes across the room as students study quietly. Sa,- i ef 45 L' , E- K- 7 ' , ii' WY' my as -sfi 1. :iz , , S for-F sf' LA? nv xs, xv, Nancy Stuck jane Ellen Taylor Renee Thompson Enc Wilson if T I john Vicat Q xt' v Chris Maples Debbie McIntosh Quentin Middleton Danny Morton Greg Murphy Sara Murphy Michelle Nichols Teddy Nichols Donald Park Randy Peak Terry Prall Robin Price Tim Price Dianna Pryor Tonya Raines Shari Ramriez Richard Ramos Mark Rear Michael Rear Sue Riley john Rhodes Keith Rhoten Tony Robertson Kenneth Saxton Tim Schlobohm Bengie Smith Beverly Smith Jeannie Smith ffgeikwemprn puff cm wi-sb dm d-d comin: yo Abd wnh vest favhq 'YWP rw WM ww . YOHYO M' R zebra cue 69 'im 5? BW AST KH Sf! -1 .N.,1 Nm ,:f,1ffgdH,1. 131. ,,,,. wi -ffffggwm XJ 51 ? . . JY M, 7 ix 1' -W 5 ,, . ,,,., ,,,. ., 2, m u 4 ,L 1. Q? ,a 'BF I, :W lg 4 it Ju gk, , E . 5 ,V ,kg , fa, m, mm., . A i , N X ,,. ., M ' 3 ' "' 'of K f 75 J ww? ,'.'.'.', ":f.:'f::': fs f - 1 . 4 f we ', 5 A i. 5' N 1 1 .., 1-va-f 5 -1 I :xi + f V X ilu f A I f U A W ,v mr Q. Fo janet Allen Debbie Anderson Dennis Andrews Mike Austin Randy Bebout Danny Belle Susie Bowen Neil Brock Bobby Brown Mike Bruton Tim Coffelt Paula Collins Craig Comstock Tina Courtois David Cox joe Crews Mark Daigle john Davis Ricky Deckard Dennis Donaldson Robin Duckworth Susan Farrow Christina Ferguson jeff Finley Dee jay Flummefelt Sherry Gaines Rita Glenn Ronnie Greene ABOVE: Mrs. Beasley takes time out of her class to work with groups of students. RIGHT: Mrs Rose 1S shown giving individual help Mark Hall Rhonda Hawkins Michele Helvey Shelly Hill LuCindy Hopper Kelli johnson Randall johnson Tim johnson Teresa Keeling Randy Kendall Regina Kutz David Lasiter Tony Lemmon Gordon Leonard Cindy Long Stephen Meyer joe Mueller joanne Mueting Matthew Murphey Mike Murrell DeEdra Myers Martin Myers Michael Myers Danny O'Neal Chris Paul Wanda Peak Billy Perkins Dona Prall Elaine Rayl Sonia Rogers Donna Ryan Marty Salsmen Brett Schlobohm Glenn Stanely David Stow Penny Stroud Lisa Stuck Lisa Thiemann Kim Todd Mary Tower Terry Treat Lee Turner jeffery Wells Karen Worley Leslie Yoakum LEFT Mrs Spurlock helps students to better prononmciate words ABOVE The fourth grade students shown are thoroughly enticed by the achievements gained rn Mrs Spurlock's reading class. Fourth Fifth Graders Learn ore Kelley Austin jeff Bean Missy Carlson Lois Case Paul Choate Teresa Courtois Lolitta Crowe Sally Crumm Laura Donnenmaier David Davis Kathie Dean Donna Dunn Irene Emerick Lisa Emerson The fifth grade year is one of the most difficult years that students will go through. Mrs. Ryan's, Mrs. Price's, and Mr. Hol1is's classes are exper- iencing it this year and looking forward to their sixth grade year. RIGHT: Mrs. Ryan takes time from her class to pose for a picture with two students. Roy Glee Rhonda Goodin Belinda Hampton Bart Hardecke Sheila Hill Dean Hudspeth Lori Hopper Melinda Jennings Laurie johnson Andy Landis Steve Laster Roger Lawler Terry Lile Lisa Lilly Lora Lilly Ronnie Long Terry Looney Kevin Lowrey Kathy Marchese Wenda Melton Susanne Meyer Susan Middleton Greg Mitchell Marsha Montgomery Mark N ash Dawn Northcutt Stanley Park Steve Park 1 K Q- I r Q A nl' sl, by ,qi ,K 14 if if , Q , , , .W 4 . P ,.- .. 9 n. gg, y K if Q I .. , wwf E' if 4 x ' M ii l s if at I ,. al vim? V 'Z ,W 3 ta at -,,, gal bN'f.e,, 95.4, 'N x If J f 1 4 1 15 ' if 'Y JG: . ' T . - i Ik P' if . 1 x I A E 2 1 rg W5 A :S A W M M ' V Y "i.. I-WX xg: at ,,.' K K r Hi I A , - - if 4 f X ' wi ,F ,,. 5 4 N 6 , Q. ,Q , , , 4-mfr'-V , 'ff ' ' N. in L 'H 'vo- 1. X ,b , ,, v , Q . :wi ' -i 414 ,iq is Els in 3 ,Q Q 6' i . 0 f W is 6 , . 6391 ' ' -A 1 511 A My 5 Alan Pearce Danny Phipps Twila Poynor Lori Proctor Ramano Ramos Pam Ray Robert Rear Mandy Reed Debbie Roberts jerry Robinson Howie Scott Pam Scott Phillip Shannon Tracy Shook Craig Smith Shelly Smith jeff Stogsdill Matthew Stringh am Dan Swysgood Barney Totten Mary Walk Wesley Van Buren David Welsh Danny Wolfe David Worley Cheryl Yarbrough Kenny Yarberry LEFT: Mrs. Price explains a test to her students who listen at tentively. ABOVE: Mr. Hollis takes a break from his busy day working with his fourth grade students. New Rooms Add ar1ety For Sixth Grade Kathy Allen Danny Bailey Glenn Beckham Vicki Belle Dan Bowen Kevin Burnham Shelly Campbell Gerald Collins Debbie Compton David Cowan Vicki Crippen Gary Daigle Donna Danielson jeff Davis jeff M. Davis Ronda Davis Tommy Deckard Rory Dudley jeff Dunn , K , - .oy X., s 'ff N, in ' 1 I ,l F Wig pf Q L X R s as f '?'ls 1' i SZ 6 X Annette Donaldson ' Mike Evans Stephanie Finley Darren Gaines james Gibson Eddie Harris Sharon Hay Mark Horton Pat Huett jimmy Jacobson joe jones Rhonda Kendal Donna Kutz 4 to sf, ig ,s g i W . 4 , '.. K f ji x:-L 't vie: ag :Q Q 1 'Al E fz, S S S' .+ 4 , j, 'i s . X . .-f :- ,, r 'eo . ' 3 The Sixth grade was holding class in the old Home-Ec. room for the first time. Mrs. Virgina Anderson, ABOVE, held classes in one of the two adjoining classrooms. The students, RIGHT, seem to adapt and even enjoy the new surroundings. The other half of the Home Ec. room was shared by Mrs. Lou Houston, BELOW. The sixth graders, LEFT, moved closer, not only in distance, but also in years. Having class in the old Home Ec. building added va- riety to the sixth grade. 1 it . 1-'12 1- QV Q' . . , 'Yi N K n Q1 , ,- 'f ,- . , . . ,cn ,. , W. QR L ' X ,. 5 . grs N 4 if? rl rl. fs' -we -- K 1- 'i N S In I XM gif ' I jeff Lindsey Russell Lindsey james Meuting Terri Mishler Steve Morton Deane Murrel Darren Myers Roger Myers Sarah Peters Debbie Pryor Rhonda Raines David Ramos Linda Ramos Ronnie Ray Roy Rush Tommy Russell Donna Snodgrass Stanley Stuck Lorrie Taylor Kent Thompson Susan Tower Lisa Trogdon Terry Trogdon Dana Vaughn john Vinton Keith Waugh Montina Wells Darren Whipple Doug Whipple Carolyn Worley Karen Yarbrough 77 Activity Classes Enrich Student L1fe The activity classes that were taught were fun and educational for Strafford's elementary. They included P, E, , art, and music. ABOVE: One of the three P.E. teachers was Mr. jerry Shelen hammer. ABOVE RIGHT: A class plays a game in gym. RIGHT: The sixth grade sings in music class. , , : S :fin 1 'Q , ,Ahh MMR 1 g . 5 fi' - k , ' , A r fi Q' 1 V ' 'A 1- ggi I I ,- , . I ,Wy I , F I .. '1 N 1 ,,, . A, , f 'E Vs . fi? A ,K Special Classes Aid Student rowth The speech, special education, and remedial readmg classes were very important to the growth of Stratford s elementary students Mrs Gail Seney, BELOW, was one of the spe cial education teachers that we depended on Mrs Angela Abbatiello, RIGHT, taught the john Allen jimmy Belle Patsy Belle Judy Brown Glenn Carr joe Choate Leon Crowe Charlotte Davis joey Davis Charles Decl-card Bobby Easterly Norman Ford Ronald Hill Cindy Kendrick Denice Lawry LuAnn Proctor Cindy Ryan Darla Trogdon nw-ww LEFT: Mrs. Freda Parrott was the speech teacher. BELOW: Mrs. joy Robertson taught learning opportunities. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Sondra Hollis was the remedial reading teach- er. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Annice McClean was the other remedial reading teacher. BELOW RIGHT: Miss Mae Van- Hook also taught learning opportunities. V Q 1 Q xx, , W' . at Q! ppptp . A if Y .n R L ii A fn . J ' Q if K . ,,.. .sv ,.... K .Nu in ke 4 R M A " ,M , i, ,S it F... 3 V . . 'll Seventh fade DISLOVCFS ABOVE: A seventh grade class listens tentatively as they prepare to move anxiously to another interesting class. RIGHT: Lunch means a great deal to the hard working young people of the first year junior High after a hard morning attempting to satisfy the demands of their teachers. Mary Albrecht Delores Alderson Janice Anderson jerry Bane john Beam Bill Beatty Teresa Bebout Monmie Beckham jeff Brake Q wg Claudia Brodrick ii? 4 l Mary jo Bumgarner ' Melissa Burks Tina Carlson Penny Carr Keith Coleman Ted Collins S9 Kayla Cox Shelvie Delcour Kay Dorman S Y 'VXI' Melanie Early Charles Earp Linda Emerick Greg Eubanks Darlene Felton Marcia Finley Russell Fisher David Goodin Ted Hall Darell Hardecl-ce l aveta Hay jimmy Holt Tammy Huett Susan Hunter Brett Jeffreys David Jennings Sandy jones Roland Kindrick Vicki Learned I I ' Ta ., is ' 1 S Sk LEFT Susan Cruise observes the humor of her classmates. BELOW Members of the junior high "Smoke Signal", a paper put out espe cially by the junior high students, LEFT TO RIGHT: Penny Carr, Ted Collins, Melanie Stemmons, and Karen Radonski. uf- TEE. . if mf: .1 as-at een :sf-4 un 5 ,,,. W N. ,.., . M g 'KVV . , 1 lm -- ,.., - ' ' f My My ,. -f lj . ,,,. 1.95 .r r. . ,,:am,-fm- . we gf , .,,,t,, aawwff 4 -2 W .. ,, ,, , 1 tl a-swims' -'f no-1 1f+""' , ll mv ...Q ,MMM E' v as s in . .1 rf? Q, S... sw! ABOVE: Seventh grade class officers pose for a quick shot. Mark Phelpsg Secretary, Penny Carrg Vice President, joe Yaggyg President, and Danny Reedg Treasurer. BELOW: Ralph Stewart and Charles Earp at work. BOTTOM: Trent Melton and Denise Shook share their humor. Leisha Luna Richard Lurvey Mike Mayberry Doug McDoug Susie McDowell Linda McKinney Trent Melton Kenneth Morland Brazel Muse Lora Myers Robert Peak Mark Phelps Dale Propps Carl Rader Danny Reed Trudy Reed Cheryl Richardson Keith Richardson Debra Russell Paula Schildknect l i' 95" if . , , N D- J 5 we M Q .vw 6,1 S i,Zl "'4 3.-ws,-...V W2 . A New Form fEducation. 0 u .rw ,Q ,S i y Q 0 'Q 5' f :xiii a Q' is 'li' x' , Fi .ei jackie Scott Katty Shine Dennis Shook Lonnie Smith Mike Smith Chris Stanley Melanie Stemmons Ralph Stewart David Swysgood Gary Tabor Donald Tanneyhill Angie Taylor Greg Thompson Kelly Todd Lorie Totten Sandy Trogdon Mark Withers Ann Wood Joe Yaaav Sherry Yo akum ABOVE: Marcia Finley completes a delicious lunch. BELOW: Laveta Hay, Susan Hunter, Tammy Huett, Melanie Stemmons, and Chris Stanley prepare for a busy hour in their science class. I z MQXW' 1 Hy , Eighth Graders Foresee High School Bart Allen Ross Ashworth Randy Austin Kevin Bedwell Mary Ann Belle Susan Brittain Bert Bumgarner Brad Burgess Doug Burks Wilbur Carlson Randy Coble , Judith Compton f Keith Coleman , Richard Cook ff Y Q X ww . J .rf hi EY' H Q - "F MIDDLE: Rick, Deanna, George, Debbie, and other eighth graders work on history study projects. ABOVE: RIGHT: Class officers include Paulette Davis, sec- retary-treasurer, Ray Smith, vice-president, and Gay Rader, president. ABOVE LEFT: jeff Griffin seems sur- prised to see a photographer in the cafeteria. nfl is " 'E ig- . 'Hr . TOP LEFT: julie Crane, Debbie Snodgrass, and jackie Smith, all eighth graders, "doctor-up" their hamburg- ers. TOP RIGHT: Tami Whipple enjoys one of the cooks' famous peanut butter cookies. ABOVE: jackie Smith also enjoys bringing her lunch to school on some days. LEFT: David Landis, Dena Shannon, and Rick Moon finish a reading assignment in special magazines in English class. julie Crane Terry Crippen Susan Cruise Riley Deckard Paulette Davis Lisa Davis Deanna Danielson Allen Ellis Debbie Evans jeff Griffin Ronnie Harris Debbie Holt Tony johnson David Landis 'IL Eighth Graders Help Publish Paper john Lanell Dennis Lindsey David Maberry . jim Maples Sam Marchees Rick Moon Roy Mueller Dana Murrell George Nixon - Sammy Peak B Q.. - L Ph'll' Pt ,W J 11p eers xg.'y"' Q f Becky Mclntosh A ' Doug Montgomery 4 Y' K h Kmixxg R .ws Q ps ' 6 K Gay Rader ' 7 wi' 1 f .IM sa slr., -Q, MIDDLE: Debbie Snodgrass, Ronnie Harris, and Doug Montgomery serve as editors for the "Smoke Signals. " RIGHT: Lisa Weidmann, Ray Smith, Cathy Walker, and Dana Murrell work on a science project. ABOVE: Ted Hall, Ray Smith, and Gene Rost finish lunch. 7 y is 'Lu 7 'ii ui ABOVE LEFT: Three eighth graders, David Maberry, jim Maples, and Bart Allen enjoy a typical lunchroom meal. ABOVE: Dennis Rowden and james Collins help demonstrate one of the properties of liquid oxygen at a science assembly. LEFT: Dena Shannon and Debbie Snodgrass make plans for one of their many activities, such as basketball or cheerleading. jeff Radonski Rosie Ramos Gloria Ray Mack Richardson Gene Rost Dena Shannon jackie Smith Ray Smith Debbie Snodgrass Darlene Stone Cathy Walker Kristin Warren Lisa Weidmann Melzenia Wells Mike Welsh Howard Whitcher Tami Whipple Drew Woolery Robert Worley Diane Yarbrough Rick Yarbrough Freshmen Step Into Hrgh School Events David Allen Donna Allen Patti Anderson Larry Butler Diane Beatty Susie Beatty Cecelia Carlson Annette Carr julie Cates Aaron Cort Glenda Cotter Cathy Courtois Zephea Crippen Don Danielson Mike Emerson Greg Eubanks Debbie Farrow Tracy Finley ABOVE: Valarie McKinzie studies the action of her peers. RIGHT: Annette Carr, Sophomore Home coming Queen Candidate, and her escort Mike Thompson walk down the long aisle to be seated and await the outcome ofthe decision on who the Home coming Queen is. v .4 Steve Fisher Mike Goodin Kelly Griffin Mike Gunn Sherry Hill Ma rk Hunter Kenny jennings Kip Keltner Robert Kendrick joe Kincaid Doris Kutz DeeLinda Landis Brenda Lile Rusty Lile Chuck Lindsey RC Lowler Tina Marchese Tommy Masteller 4 to gg 3 ez1r'f M me ABOVE: Karen Walker, Denice Mill- holand, Karon Shanon, and Melodie Osburn masquerade as students ofthe '5O's. LEFT: Sophomore class offi- cers-judy Wolfe, Vice Pres. 5 joe Kincaid, Pres. 5 Annette Carr, Sec. - Treasurer. ?7 if W if Freshmen Look To Future Valerie McKinzie Denise Milholland Theresa Morland Bruce Mueller Greg Myers Melodi Osborne Mark Patterson joe Peters Mike Plemmons Eppic Ranall Doug Rawl Greg Richardson Becky Rice David Ross Mike Rowden Donnie Russell R555 Pam Schilclknecht P r Tammy Scott - ,r . rgl l Karen Shannon ,ri S Tim Sh errl N' ABOVE: Pam Schildknecht and Kelly Griffin are deep in study although they don't appear to be concentrating very much on the subject at hand. RIGHT: Sue White and Becky Rice would rather stand in the hall than eat lunch in the cafeteria. 9 1 i Y ts 'QD X""Hi:i:1il 'Y , y X.. Sandy Stark Lisa Stewart Rodney Stone Linda Stow i Mark Taylor Clayton Teel ' :K ,glial Mike Thompson john Totten joey Vaughn ' Greg Veircant i 5 , Eric Wagnon :Y Q ' ' ' Karen Walker Sue White Karen Williams Pam Williams if Judy Wolfe Betty Yarberry Sheryl Yarberry ! 4 ' I br ff 2' is .ir lv 1 X' x 'mf F A x W -E 25: ABOVE LEFT: Some people study their homework while joe Peters and Kenny Jennings are in deep thought. ABOVE: The freshmen also took part in high school Greas- er Day. LEFT: Glenda Cotter works very hard to get her assignment done on time. -me N16-z,-,,,f . 5' 1 1 - I 9 3 Q f E4 is L -if 3 E E 1- Q, , L S l si L 3 if ga wtf Sophomores Get nto The Swing Cf Susie Allen Kathy Arnold Clinton Bebout Kathy Brake Janice Broshear Denny Bruton Galen Bumgarner Ruth Ann Butler Teresa Byers Mike Cameron Larry Carr Nicki Carras Ricky Coble James Collins Joyce Corkren Linda Courtois Marcella Courtois Ricky Courtois Gail Cowan Charmaine Crane Anita Craven Teresa Crosby Ann Cruise Mark Davis David Edel Missy Edel Letlia Edge Carole Emerick Cathy Emeri ek Marilyn Essary Richard Farmer June Felton Tim Fenton Beth Gillespie Lois Gilmore Things 4 ri l , ,ici ly I n ,X ' if is J i 'A , if A J , 1 is 'iw , M w . 6 by 4 5 . Yr J l gi . E is 9 . O LEFT Smiling like a 'possum are the sophomore class officers. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT are secretary-treasurer Joyce Corkren, president Terri Warren, and vice- p esident Missy Edel. RIGHT: Missy Edel seeks something nourishing from the concession stand at a basketball games ithout The Aid Of Geritol 1 I E .V .- , s ii Q jack Graves Debbie Grier Connie Grunlien - h dn, ' .. Donna Hardecke Roy Haynes ie - Rex Henry K Duane Hunsaker Donna Kincaid Belinda McDowell 4 1 L Terri Mclntosh ' -f 'V Cindy Maybee - --- - Terri Meyer x "" ir, f . , ,, N t lu A Lonnie Milholland Bob Miner joe Montgomery ,iii g i '- NN, N1 2 'Q sig. ABOVE LEFT: Letha Edge discovers, with mounting excitement, the contents of her ltmch sack. BOTTOM LEFT: Teresa Crosby shows some doubt as to the truth of her teacher's words. Meanwhile Mark Davis en joys the attention of the camera man. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ronnie Roberts clearly defines his typical school day. Sophomores Continue To xaise Monei Randy Morland Bob Morton Casey Morton Karin Muetiug Dan Newberry Greg Pippin Dean Propps Maria Ramos Debbie Reid Roy Richardson Ronnie Roberts Robert Rose Dennis Rowden Barbara Rupe 1 1 ln X X , g ' Sandy Sexton . Ricky Siseo - Terri Smith I V. A f Eric Stanl ey T X ir Dana Stone ' . Danny Taylor Brian Thompson A 1 X fr , .sei T s iv' W.. or effkg T, y ,C o .C g y iw .. ,i'i::' Q ABOVE LEFT: Karin Mueting applies herself to learning the keyboard. RIGHT: Charmaine Crane and David Edel represent the sophomore class at the Homecoming game. BOTTOM LEFT: Some sopho- more girls watch the football game at Fair Grove. ID? 'Pg' 1 ,J lo Karen Thompson David Tower Larry Trogdon Davy Walker john Walker Rosalee Walker Terri Warren james Weidman Tony Williamson Robert Worley Betty Yarberry Danny Yarbrough ABOVE LEFT Embarrassed beyond belief and dressed as an average alligator, Kathy Arnold prepares to be sold in the Pep Club 1n1t1a tion assembly ABOVE RIGHT Sophomores Roy Richardson, M1ke Cameron, james Collins, and David Edel collect some papers for the sophomore paper drive BOTTOM LEFT: Rex Henry toots Class f '76-Waiting For The Big One The class of '76 filled their year with bake sales, cutting and selling Wood, picking up Walnuts, a dunking booth at the carnival, a volleyball marathon, and the junior- senior banquet. ABOVE RIGHT: Providing good lead- ership for the junior class are Eugene George, vice-presidentg Debbie My- ers, secretary-treasurerg and Kenny Arnold, president. BOTTOM LEFT: Steve Patterson strives for perfection in shop. Sally Allen Kenny Arnold Mark Austin Donna Beck Dennis Blades Scott Boatwright Ricky Dale Brown 213' Ricky Dean Brown jim Burns Don Choate Edith Collins jim Cook ,fi ,X Mason Cook , f 1 if ., Billy Courtois - - b-v"""' will .- r.... 1- f ,iw---+11 2f,.,.......-M -...-N. N 5 3 ' X , A v A Dusty Cruise Rex Dishman Alan Dorman Richard Easterly Stan Eisl-cant Debbie Ellis Debbie Erneri ck Keith Essary jean Ann Eubanks Eddie Farrow Audrey Fisher Tim Fisher Carol Gardenhire Eugene George Joyce Gibson Carol Graves : s -Q haf., 6- Q..- , git 1 lk' i .A 'K 1 " rw W 1-. 'l . A . . -af , X' E -'-R .Str . B hu., 5 ' s. -if .M v 5 is x- I' f 5if??3"iiYxlYli A an it 40 A rv ff 5 I I i 2 Qi aw Juniors . . Aetive And Involved Richard Rice x Vernon Robinson A' 'B f julie Rodgers X L ' ' S james Rupe ' ' ' K.. " ' Cindy Rush .ah i Q Suzanne Scott ' Q 1 ' J, LZ' ix 1 Eva shook X k -, K W Q Eg A R A X ABOVE LEFT: Debbie Myers and julie Rodgers express excitement at the beginning of another day. ABOVE RIGHT: As the night of homecoming draws near, juniors Sally Allen and julie Taylor decorate the queen's throne. BOTTOM LEFT: The junior dunking booth at the carnival provides entertainment for all. BOTTOM RIGHT: The juniors' candidate for homecoming queen, Amber Limdh and her escort, Randy Smith, pause in their walk to the stage. Randy Smith f . i Russell Smith . ' Q E , Mike Smoot Q at i 4 T f- Sara Stark I 4, as Debbie Stone A ff , jaw . Paula Tabor ffl " WVQ 4, 'fn' Q julia Taylor Qu at twig xl ,r f, V' Erin Wagnon " ' Danny Walker K ' r , F-51" " , f, 'f N ' I r A ' . 'I' 1 1 , is ,A ix C 'A Nancy Tho rnbrugh ? av 1 A 2 - X V Debbie Waugh Brenda Williams john Williams gg n Beva Sue Yarberry V, C 8 Becky Yarbrough X ' Pam Zebel 'if ' :mf 4 . . Y - I I , N 2 z' n" ,: l'2 w 'sl E' B if K In ii, xx Kihk Lhk - A WE' E .E,1..,, gg E baelb S r"f - -P ..l LLALI ,Llli abb a.,b T' is Q.. . fir? . by ABOVE LEFT: Varsity player Scotty Boatwright goes up for a shot at a home game. ABOVE RIGHT: Carol Gardenhire and Amber Lundh show their friendship for each other. BOTTOM LEFT: junior girls show Christmas spirit by decorating a locker. BOTTOM RIGHT: Rick Dean Brown works with various tools in shop. 101 Seniors Are Bound For Success f IW WO- 5, 'Q X --I -jqzfff. Q, Q I:Q:"3,,afz'?5 I'.-34.-ew RICK AUSTIN MIKE BA ILY BARBARA BERRY EUGENIA BUMGA RNER qvnwvhl MARK BURR SUSAN CAMPBELL CATHY CARRAS KARL CATES Q9"'q 5 I XY BOBBIE COBLE MIKE C OFFER RIGHT: Senior class officexs- Rick Kepley, Vice Pres.g Carlene Coleman, Sec. -Tres.g and Dave Kutz, Pres. CA RLENE COLEMAN FRANK COLLINS BILL COWAN N K 1 ROCKY CRUISE ANDY EDEL RANDI EUBANKS DEBBIE FOLEY TIM COWAN W , I 'F 2 ,gy A I:"' " LARRY FISHER KIM GRIFFIN LEFT: Tony Rost receives recognition at honors day as- sembly for intramural basketball championship. Seniors Enjoy Activities CA RLENE I-LARDEC KE DEBBIE JOHNSON Karla Hundh was the 1975 Homecoming Senior candidate and Queen. Her escort was Rick Kepley, also a senior. ,ir,, L, Q I- Q BUCK KELTNER RICK KEPLEY R. D. KINCAID DAVID KUTZ as ,ff M Q ,, We I' 0' 'ii 'wr 'U' '4 NY' A 5 3 Q 1 'Y' 'ir' 1 I " R. - 1 iiiiio 1 ZIP?-w 3 GARY LAFOLLETTE PAT LAFOLLETTE WAYNE LINDSAY KARLA LUNDI-I MARIE MINER CHUCK MINGUS if ,617 JAN NEWBERRY MELINDA NIXON RENA PEAK TED PEAK MATT PETERS JOHN PIPPIN Ie 4' S fPP 5 A , GTA A A P EPPP ff MARK POYNER SANTOS ROMOS Senior cheerleaders were Cathy Carras, a cheerleader for 4 yearsg Janet Wade, 3 yearsg and Melinda Nixon, 4 years Seniors Prepare For uture JEFF REED RANAE ROEPKE TONY ROST JOHN SAUNDERS 'W' MARCELLA SCOTT THOMAS SCOTT KEVIN SHINE LEA ANN SMITH n g,., . STEPHANIE STA RK JAMES TAYLOR AT RIGHT are four Senior boys James Vaughn, James Emerick, Robert Burl-cs, and Dan Cort. IV? 'r JANET WADE The Senior class took a trip to Schooner Creek Lodge and ver Dollar City. They spent the day there on rides and shopping. AT THE RIGHT is Rick Kepley browsing. KV RICHARD WALKER CHERYL WEATHERFORD LaTRIESA WHITE DONALD WILLIAMS MARSHALL TEEL DEL THOMA S CI-IERYL TRUSSELL JOHN YAGGY on the return trip went to Sil- 'nm Z QF, , 'V b Q5 W Q IWW Q L T NIH School Board, Administration . X R X, ABOVE LEFT: Superintendent of Schools Ken- neth Tipton starts his day with a smile. ABOVE RIGHT: 1974-75 School Board members are SEATED: Hazel Kirkemeyer, secretaryg Rob- ert Young, treasurerg Leroy Yarbrough, presi- dentg and Charley Myers. STANDING: Max Evans, principalg Kenneth Tipton, superinten- dent: johnny Collins, Rex Reed, vice-presi- dent: and Raymond Hopper. LOWER LEFT: High School Principal Max Evans checks the daily schedule before beginning a new day. F liilii L, buli- s. 'Nw in Q,.r no ii . Guides For Changes The Board of Education sets policies that direct our educational program. The Board members spent countless hours at meetings. During the past year, they satisfactorily presented to the people of the school district a bond issue for the new high school and general improve ments to the school system as a whole. Wrestling with a new school, enforcing old and new policies and establishing some of their own, overseeing the new building, both the principal and assis- tant principal met the new year with apparent ease. ui. iii. ABOVE LEFT: Elementary Principal Bar- bara Bayless takes a break from her ac- tive schedule. LOWER LEFT: Assistant Principal Randy Breshears tries to find a solution to Cheryl Trusse1l's problem. Secretarial Staffs Are Kept Busy Completing forms, correcting accounts, and helping with tardy slips highlighted the days of secretarial and bookkeeping staffs. With supply orders to complete, office workers kept busy. Emma. M' TOP RIGHT: Miss Debbie Lile, grade secretary, com- pletes a report. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. Patty Comstock checks absentees with Mr. Breshears, assistant prin- cipal. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Hazel Kerl-cemeyer, secretary to Mr. Tipton, finishes a payroll record. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Wyvonne Williams Works with student files. TOP LEFT: Mrs. Wilma Goodin balances a money ledger while Mr. Evans prepares to give the afternoon announcements. x f4 Y ve nt ,, ' 5 Nurse, Counselors Benefit Students K ff.. x fl , ,f X 'K hifi! xi. ff 3 ax Spending half a day each in the elementary and high school buildings administer- ing first aid to injured or ill students kept our school nurse active. Checking schedules, adj ust- ing class loads, and correct- ing the seemingly endless errors of the past years seemed to take more time than the counselors had. ABOVE LEFT: Nurse Dannenmaier checks Terry Txogdon's temperature. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Bryan thinks over the events that happened during the day. LOWER LEFT: Mr. Moon catches up on his homework during one of his spare moments. Cooking - Cleaning - Transportation . ABOVE: The cooks work steadily at their daily tasks. MIDDLE: MIS. Vaughn gets to work on the floors. BOTTOM: It's been a very long and tiring day for the cooks at Straf- ford High. The cooks for the 1974-75 school year were FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary jane Dunlap, Veva Collins, Norma Totten, Ruth Raines, jo Austin-head cook, Allie Davis, and Eula Mae Potter. . "N' 'R The janitors for the past year were FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Don McCoy, Lee Gibson, Sue Cort, Patsy Vaughn, Howard Smith, and john Fenton. . A Vital Part O Our System .K K f K VVV'L .A The cooks, janitors, and bus drivers all Worked under better conditions this year than in previous school years. They all toiled daily to make the going easier. The bus drivers for 1974-75 were FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Achille Revel, Mrs. Mildred Austin, Mrs. Sondra McIntosh, Mrs. Mary Mitchell, Mrs. Pat Crane, Mrs. Tressie Case, Mr. Richard Campbell, Mr. Willie Baker, Mr. johnny Stapp, and Mr. Bill Harris. f t . 3 -A I .. J. x ,g K , g A4 P ? gg.. sign- , e 'Jul il 2 4 N' .. 1' iff : L li T " " -I V 12' ifliii... t 1. "' 5. ' " 4 ' ,- 'lf . H - . ' . fy - 'lr E.- -il ' S Library Offers New Books And New Services Among the features of the new library are new books, audiovisual storage, and study room. Mrs. joan Young, full time librarian, is aided by Mrs. Wil- ma Woolery, clerk. RIGHT: Eugenia and Ricky check in due books. BELOW: Mrs. Cooper reads to elementary students. MIDDLE RIGHT: David Towers and friend research as Mrs. Young shelves books. BOTTOM RIGHT: Library assistants are SEATED: J. Lake, T. I-Iunsaker, L. Russell, B. Mueller, S. Brittian, Mrs. Young. STANDING: M. Mclntosh, B. Yarbrough, R. Roberts, D. Danielson, R. Coble, D. Holt, J. Wiedman, L. Wiedman, S. Stark, I. Newberry, E. Bumgar- ner, C. Hardecke, K. Shine, Mrs. Young, and Mrs. Woolery. BOT- TOM LEFT: Mrs. Young and Mrs. Woolery search for lost material. ublications Record Memories For The Future Last year the contributors of the newspaper expressed more freely their true personal feelings, while the yearbook staff compared the past with the present with the present winning unanimously. Both newspaper and yearbook staffs had a new advisor, Mrs. Judy Wilson. f p ,,., f X A 5 k " , .. 3 e e t it lv! A UPPER LEFT: Editors Debbie johnson and Terri Hun- saker work toward a deadline for the newspaper. UPPER RIGHT: Newspaper staff FROM LEFT TO RIGHT are julie Taylor, Mrs. Wilson, Bea jo Miller, Debbie john- son, Terri I-Iunsaker, Debbie Foley, julie Rodgers, Stephanie Stark, Cheryl Trussell, Brenda Williams, Becky Yarbrough, and Sally Allen. MIDDLE LEFT: Yearbook staff FROM LEFT TO RIGHT are Mrs. Wil- son, Sally Allen, jan Newberry, Marie Miner, Mike Coffer, Carol Gardenhire, Kevin Shine, Debbie Foley, Amber Ltmdh, Bill Whitmore, and julie Taylor. MID- DLE RIGHT: Photographer R. D. Kincaid looks at his work. BOTTOM LEFT: Editors of the yearbook Marie Miner and jan Newberry sort pictures. In this year's Language Arts classes the students studied English, Speech, Creative Writing, and Mythology under the direction of Mrs. Amy I-Iankins and Mrs. Carol Col- lins. The students enjoyed the classes and expanded their knowledge in Language 4 Arts. The new classes this year were Mythology and Creative Writing. The stu- dents felt these new classes added Variety to their busy schedules. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Hankins thinks carefully as she helps a student. MIDDLE RIGHT: Tony Rost looks doubtful as Teresa Byeis hides from the camera. BOTTOM RIGHT: Don Choate and Rick Sisco practice for Speech I. ABOVE: Mrs. Hankins grades the students as they perform. Language Arts Lengthens Learning 5 I 3 I t - 5 ' fe 1? UPPER LEFT: Mrs. Collins smiles for the camera. UPPER RIGHT: Mrs. Collins helps David Kutz with his Creative Writing. MID- DLE: A group of students take time from their studies to talk. LOWER LEFT: Connie, Maria, james, and Rick Work consistently on their assignment. Junior High English Put Forth Challenges junior High English put forth many new challenges to the seventh and eighth grad- ers this year. They studied many differ- ent things such as literature and grammar. Mrs. Watrous instructed these classes as she has the past few years. All enjoyed the special sessions on Greek mythology which were included in this year's litera- ture book. i X -rss at -- UPPER RIGHT: Mrs. Watxous explains an assign- ment. MIDDLE: A few junior High students work hard while others giggle and grin for the camera BOTTOM: Students study hard, but jackie Scott poses for the camera. UPPER LEFT: Danny Reed, Gregg Thompson, and Carl Rader seem to be enjoying some free time in class. 120 Muzi Spanish And Journalism -Stimulating . iin 5 Spanish and Journalism were two new classes among the many others offered at Strafford this year. The new teachers were Mrs. Lin- da Cooper for Spanish and Mrs. Judy Wilson for Journalism. The students found the classes a challenge but fun too. In the Span- ish classes the students learned the basics of the Spanish language. The Journalism class consisted of the basics of journalism and how to put together a newspaper. UPPER LEFT: Mrs. Cooper, Spanish teacher, smiles thoughtfully during a recitation period. ABOVE: Mrs. Wilson, journalism teacher, and the students read the Springfield Daily Newspaper. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Coop- er enjoys a group discussion. UPPER LEFT: Missionary jesse Pedroza brought forth an interesting discussion about life in Mexico as a special treat to Spanish students. Band, Choir, And Art Classes TOP: Sixth hour band mem- bers perfect their musical talents. MIDDLE LEFT: Band teacher Gary Spear and choir teacher Vicky Moore consult over a program. RIGHT: Vemon Robinson, Tim Fish- er, and Bruce Love sing their parts in choir. o o A Chance For Self-Expression Band, choir, and art continued to entertain the student body and the community of Strafford with its Both band and choir acquired new music to Work with and the art classes were taught new methods of developing their artistic talent. seasonal concerts and art displays. aww 40" TOP RIGHT: Erin Wagnon, Carol Gardenhire, Debbie Foley, Stephanie Stark, and janet Wade practice in second hour choir for the Christmas concert. MIDDLE LEFT: Art teacher Mrs. Grace McCullah stands before some of her art student's work. MIDDLE RIGHT: Art II students Susan Campbell, Barbara Fisher, and Rene Peak are busy constructing "pop bottle" dolls. BOTTOM LEFT: Lois Gilmore copies a leopard with the us of acrylic paints in her Art II class. 6 Business Prepares Students For The Future As business world needs increase, so do the needs for typists and Workers. Business courses give stu dents skills to meet those needs. ABOVE: Mrs. Aldridge supervises students who are possible future business leaders. TOP RIGHT: Typing students work quickly on tabulation problems. BOTTOM RIGHT: Students listen carefully to Mrs. Aldridge's instructions. Home EC Can Be For Everyone With all new appliances and new Home Ec room, the girls and boys really enjoyed cooking, sewing, and learning about keep- ing a house. Whether they plan to marry or not, they can still use these helpful skills. TOP LEFT: Mrs. Alexander gives instruction to her Home Ec III class. TOP RIGHT: Advanced Home Ec students work on their first project of the year. BOTTOM: D. Wil- liarns, M. Burr, B. Scott, R. Burks, L. Dotson, and A. Edel display aprons and hats that they have made. MID- DLE LEFT: R. Roepke and T. White sew in free time. ...- , -A-.N Shop Students Develop New Skills During the 29 years as shop instructor, Ivan McGee has seen the shop grow to a bigger department. Mr. Ron Pennington, S also a shop teacher, has completed 3 years at Strafford. FV I mmf TOP RIGHT: Mr. Pennington and Mark Davis weld metal for chair legs. MIDDLE: Shop workers prepare for Industrial Art Exhibit. BELOW RIGHT: Mr. McGee works on sanding a project. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Penning- ton, Matt Peters, and Tom Cowan discuss the lathe. TOP LEFT: Mark Patterson and joe Kincaid read their drafting assignments. Drivers' Ed Concentrates On Safety In Drivers' Ed class, stu- dents learned the laws and rules for driving. After studying the drivers' man- ual, they spent several hours in actual practice driving, parallel parking, and backing. Drivers' Ed helped prepare students for taking the Missouri State drivers' test. TOP: Del Thomas, Bucky Keltner, and Gary LaFo11ette reach for a pocketknife to splice a wire ABOVE S zanne Scott and Mr. Shellenhamer discuss the rules of driving. ABOVE LEFT: Sandy Sexton and Mr jones prepare for another hour of driving Histor Puts Forth New Challenges To Students The history classes buried culture and they studied the American Indian in groups in class. While they studied in their textbooks individually, the students expanded their knowledge in many areas this past year. leaf- TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Cologna gets her students involved in a group discussion where they are able to express their feelings. CENTER RIGHT: Donald Williams observes jim Emerick's fantastic study habits. ABOVE: Mr. Bryan ex- lains the facts to Debbie Wau h RIGHT Mrs Kile P S - 1 - smiles for the camera during a busy day of grading papers. in ...Q ' p t M, ,nga 5 TOP: A social studies class copies information from the board. LEFT: Mr. Maltman stops to help a group with their work. ABOVE: Cindy Rush and Rene Peak look busy, but Kim Griffin must be thinking of Del. ath Introduces A New Language f , -- J W 2, 3 15 Q ft , f I TOP: Mr. Adams explains Algebra I problems to Allen Dorman and Tony Williamson as Janice Broshear looks away. MIDDLE RIGHT: Allen Dorman dramatically ex- lains a etition being s onsored by Student Council as P P P he performs his duties as a council representative. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Mrs. Eitelman reviews her study guide in preparation for her next class soon to disrupt her concen tration. ABOVE: joel Peters shows fellow students how math is done as Gary Campbell watches over a very studious class. , is Sin 2x Sinx 2 Cos 2x Cosx I Math students this year learned new mathematics operations while using all of the old ones learned in years past. But, through all of the homework, tests, and many classes, everyone benefited in one way or another. TOP: Mr. Adams shows how the operation is done as confused but interested students listen. AKDVE: Mrs. Watson shows Diane Beatty how the homework is done. BOTTOM: Mrs. Watson takes time from her busy schedule to smile for the camera. Science Stimulates A Serious Study AHDVE: Mr. Ferguson explains to the class the simi- larity of two organisms four different ways. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Grisham explains to Pam Zebel what is in the box. What is it, Pam? RIGHT: Mr. Fitzgerald tells Trent Melton how to use the microscope and what to look for. Studying Science Has Many Highlights Science students learned of things which were both simple and complex. Students learned of the simplest of one-cell ani- mals and about the most complex--the human body. Students also learned of liv- ing and of nonliving organisms, and things A A which were of neither classification. While some were bored, others enjoyed it LEFT: Mr. Adams prepares to trick the Physics students with the experiment he is setting up. Careful, Mr. Adams, students aren't as dumb as they act. TOP: Karl Cates examines his rock as Santos Ramos sees just how his tastes. ABOVE: Mark Phelps and Lora Myers set up their microscope hoping to find some new scien- tific development. 133 V ,ft fn, ,QFPW Core Centers On Individual Achievement In the 1974-75 school year core curricu- lum had a special emphasis on the indi- vidual achievement of students. Units of study concentrated on different levels. Making their own learning materials such as math booklets, mobiles, and modeling clay were highlights of the year. 'fw- 134 the help of his teacher, Mrs. Elaine Leflooth. TOP LE Mueting finds pleasure in reading. BOTTOM LEFT: M Mullil-can explains a problem to Doug Whipple as Roge listens. BOTTOM RIGHT: Randy Coble continues to s Brazel Muse and Mrs. Mullikan seem confused. TOP RIGHT: Robert Worley works on his art assignmen F re 1 tl New Objectives Physical Education strengthens your body and your mind. This objective was better fulfilled through new equipment and more teachers for the always crowded classes. With new ideas and methods being used, the year was one of growth. MWA Wwe ww TOP LEFT: jr. High boys make use of their P.E. hour. TOP RIGHT: P.E. teachers Paula Nelson and Lloyd jones take a break in their busy day. BOTTOM RIGHT: Nicky Carras spots a handstand. BOTTOM LEFT: Steve Patterson strains under his weights. MIDDLE LEFT: Boys' sports in action on the stage. 135 f X E N A , . X, 9 54:12 .15 , ,. 'M 1 Qi fmimkwiwdlllllilwyy woLFE FURNITURE 8. PET INSURANCE AGENCY CAR W W7 C .B' k g. 736-2754 ' f . .f , z ld' M G 736-2080 STRAFFORD IP Wl CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1975' P S MURRELL EQUIPMENT CO d 34A 736 2116 STRAFFORD FINA STRAFFORD FARM SERVICE 0' gg i sf-ja BIIC S ff d MO HWYI25 CLUB 736 2344 dHd ff d 65757 'C""l Vqf' "For all your msurance needs" Carpet Ins llauon BOX 98 G Bld S f d M R y d B y, and Ray Wolfe S I d Mo S afford Public Schools . T. A. Pat chlobaum, Pres. I974- 75 G M ll Alan Murrell Carmen Wommack RR.-+2 B - e'! - S -ff d M . EF r , x V '12 Q ' , I 4 .,, ll Q FdSdF'l'G '. I OWHH S 'tra or , I MATHIS DISCOUNT MARKET Grocerres 8: Dry Goods Meats our Spec1al1ty 473 3141 John 8: Bonme Mathrs Nrangua Mlssourl Chrcken Steaks Spaghettr NAPOLITANO S PIZZERIA Flnest ln Italran Food Tony and Mane Napolltano 323 E Walnut Sprrngfleld Mlssourl STRAFFORD SKELLY Walter Myers Otto Brashears Hnghway 125 Strafford SHO ME DRYWALL Rt F9 Box 480 Sprmgfleld MISSOUFI Kenneth Brock See Kenneth Brock for all of your drywall needs Experreneed Est1mates furnrshed James L Hartman AGENT MFA INSURANCE COMPANIES 215 S Crrttendon Marshfield Mlssourl 468 2049 JIM MOON YAMAHA 3131 S Campbell Sprrngfleld Mrssourl WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL' 883 3632 , . Y - - "LET KEN DOITV' DAVE WILSON S SUPER MARKET Insurance and full auto club benefrts See Dave Wrlson for mformatron on how you may enroll Your Fflendly AG Store Carl and Glessre Young 1904 E Lark 883 3730 Spfmgfleld Marshfreld MISSOUFI AMERICAN MEAT PROCESSING CO Hotels Restaurants Instltutrons AGED BEEF DUANE HESTERLY Owner 3103 E Sunshme 883 8244 Sprrngfreld BRESSLER s MAP'-E LEAF 33 FLAVORS ROCK SHOP 224 Battlefreld Mall Sprrngfreld MISSOUFI 1-hghway 14125 Strafford MISSOUTI 883 8244 J C Vlnton 862 9451 N Y0Uf:Iii1i3ES5lff'end BARBER EDWARDS ARTHUR TOGGERY CLEANERS FUNERAL HQME Ambulance Servrce Tfoy Keellng OWHCI' member Joe Arthur Manager Prompt Delrvery Servnee 862 0451 166o St LOUIS St Sprlngfleld Marshfield Missouri 1 3 1 nu I 1 ' , ' 1 ts ' aw s , in ,K I, 'MX-, A , I I X FF 1 jk . . ,, X s w 5 1 ' . . . , ' , v - . ' , + W i - . . 1 4. 44 A 1 AA if I A' ' - 41 U H , ' - I - va V V 1 . . w a 1 1 2 l 1 1 1 I I WARREN SEWING SUPPLIES P O Box 38 Strafford M1ssourl65757 WHOLESALE ONLY .Ierry Warren 736 2804 TAYLOR DAIRY CATTLE FARMS Dalrv Cattle All Breeds Ellls W Taylor Charles E Taylor 736 2755 862 9066 DR PEPPER BOTTLING Sprmgfreld Mrssourl Ifyou want more for your money Shop at a store wrth fme food values WILKINSON S AG STORE Loeated on Pme Street 736 2735 Strafford Mlssourx emplne Salute to Semors 75 EMPIRE DRYWALL Complete Drywall Servlce Charles Myers 736 2548 VT L i C23 7 Route it 1, Straf-ford' Missouri - K 7 any MUSIC VILLAGE Lowery Organs Battlefield Mall Springfield Missouri P o Boxol Marshfield MO63706 337 2247 468 2349 KINDALL GLASS co HOCKLANDER S Walnut 8a South 1505 E TfdfflCW21y Springfwld Missouri Merle Norman Cosmetics 866 4332 Fine Jewelry foree onsfrucfzon 0 , General Contractors 736 2032 Route 53 Strdfford Mo Bill Stoecker Rex Reed 7 Springfield, Missouri i l l O - f 7 . j . n c . TOM PHELPS LUMBER 81 SUPPLY For all your building needs, call on Tom Phelps. AA Highway Strafford, Mo 736-2l97 Al TONI S BEAUTY SALON A 736 2828 Strafford Mo Featuring Finer hair styles for finer people Call for Appointment FRAKER FUNERAL HOME BULL S TROPHY HOUSE 216 W Walnut Kind thoughtful personal Springfield MISSOUU 869 8720 Bill Wainwright W E Bull Starnes Marshfield Missouri DUNN TAX SERVICE FMR GROVE AUTO suPPLv Notary 0 Income Tax 736 2754 Sue Dunn Hlghway 125 Jet Highway 65 and Highway 125 759 2010 Strafford Mo Fa1rGmVe Mlssourl 7 1 , 7 L Q 7 Fraker Memorial . , - - A .. N .MMHPIE IR Ml ll, Mr1WRill'?lE lf' Al WMMNQE Expert Installation Guaranteed i Serged Carpet ADMIRAL APPLIANCES PCfS0HH1 SCVVICC byi Wall-to-Wall Frank Eddie Foley Res. 736-2849 CAE LL 77 ii ttltl 6 gi ir M fe 4 A 5 fi 3 C 8: G DISTRIBUTING CO JERRY'S DRIVE-IN ' RESTAU RANT New Holland - David Brown 1768 N. Glenstone Stop in at Jerry's for good Springfield, MO. food at good prices. i fri Albert Graves Bus. 865-5252 Marshfield, Mo. ' i Res. 881-0028 lk Compliments of COMMERCE BANK SPRINGFIELD GROCER of co. Springfield Institutional Distributors Patron of Strafford High School Main PIO. BOX 224 Strafford, Missouri Springfield Missouri 65801 WILSON-BANTA INSURANCE AGENCY For all your insurance needs. Insurance a Our only business. Bama 109 S. Clay Wilson Marshfield Kerry Phone 136-3131 ' eelllle .i, -gi U. I hll Gracher Q 41 ' AUIOMDIIVI ALIGVQMNI Jefferson In Commercial ll h I P I G7 HUNTER'S UPHOLSTERY Free estimates f Pick up and delivery a GUARANTEED Large selection of fine fabrics and vinyls. Chair caning and drapes. Call 736-2270 Afternoons SL Evenings Route 3, Strafford, Mo. 65757 MARSHFIELD MAIL Zll N. Clay Marshfield Advertising and printing specialists See Marshfield Mail for all ofyour advertising and special printing needs. A warm friendly welcome awaits you at STRAFFORD BAPTIST CHURCH Frank R. Stark, Pastor ..i. 1 ,..,..., .... . , .... . . 5., 4 l -1- -Ee 1 , ' :?' 'W I K l R . KA . F 1 I - jj - A 1. .... . tt .. . .ss . Mike Cherry Manager 468-2053 Sharon Kays Cashier WEBSTER COUNTY FINANCE West side of square l09 S. 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Suggestions in the Strafford High School - Torch Yearbook (Strafford, MO) collection:

Strafford High School - Torch Yearbook (Strafford, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Strafford High School - Torch Yearbook (Strafford, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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