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'F -' up 41 f ,-,ga-4. 0 g "N t, 4 N f fX ,wwf fs? uf ' v4,4g,5gw -.wax U wif' ' fm. 3 37. - ,Wi-Q " .. a- 9' I. fig' Q . . . R SE A - f1fl',2-ml - , , L 3""f'x.- ?7,E,yff ix' TWWJKQT' K k WN 1 -' V L -fm, ,wa .. Viz: 'ff?f5viwQ'?'l -'fm ,fx if-1 ,,..., Wvmf ,. I "f'2'7Ei3f-,'EzlM"'4 .Q ,VW 1' wwf Fi , . 45- 5 gl- ' iw 1 Ev pixma.. " " T 24211-my 4:xm,.. iff? zfi'-Eli A 'r f ,fx-if y i , vyy, W ,,,. " F Y, ix 'l 1 in f, M-Wfa.i':,:!m iSf1'L? The human face is a masterpiece of God. The eyes reveal the soul, the mouth, the flesh, the chin stands for purpose, the nose means will. But over and behind all is that fleeting something we call expression. - Elbert Hubberd CONTENTS Irztroo'uotz'on .............. 4 Aoao'orrzz'os. . . . . . IO Horrors... ...22 Aotz'oz'tz'os ..... . . . 32 Sloortsf. . .... S. . . . . . 74 Undorolassmon ..... ..... 9 2 Seniors ........ .... I 26 Ao'oortz'sorrzonts. . . . . . . 176 Llfe is large, and from-, and wiumzcs lhruuglm wuz' mind f The world is full of you: you ol' thi' worlcl. aces 0 involvement The hopos you had arc clcarl. And still you liwg go on, uhm-all - think not what would havo lwvn. 'Sw aces 0 a'z'5al19j90z'n1fmenZ 5 Add some new beauty to the worldg give some of your soul to all men. aces 0 c1'eatz'vz'fy ,vw L 3 lll l ,L ,5 ... ,,, 2 xx -... Q-W. Q , 6 - 'ii P .., 11,g,:e11.: NNW aces 0 CU7'Z.0SZ.Q7 Search and find, or km-vp on looking - know onv thing you had not known befor:-. "Q K. ' , HVWN J Kll- i Therels no way oulg dilemma looms above. To solve or noi? flts will, not yours, deciflcsj I ,, Z ,' f L. ,Q Wiz L ' E 1 . 43 Argos fs aces 0 jlustmzfion l -1.-,L-1 -si- aces 0 contentment d slow but stvzuly smile. L1 nvw-lil light the world is right for mm . . . r N 9 A CADEMIC - , Y -'C ' i x zzgs 3w 55,?",1 1 4, W an 71,1 .vs a Z av gy V,, . we SF , r f-1 4 if 'MQ 1, 10 Nw CZCKS 0 ,gg sw , 11 L fi V,-1,-bmw , Z? 155 ,. 5 if 1 ,54w?fxf'9,f fx ,E Iiyg 53 1 E ,,g,,.L.E.:1-,l - V P 32 K si,, 5,.?5f , W' ' v QW -V :Y fy :V-3Vi51i:f .y53! HJ. . v, ici , :V -V , - .7 .f-M fx 4 M , 1.6 2 x 84045 F J ' wi' 1 Q 31' vw X A 5 ,ima ., . 5 4 f' V i , , Q-M., WJ S, W? :Q Fw 2' H Q E f , X W P 1 w 5 f fd L 5 4 H' I ,L ff r :. , gzj , , " 5. if' fs ,, , : g. A - f: L f' -f' . fi? +. 'SK ae 1 ,f ,iffgggg . .gm z 2 . ,v. - 1, y f f' m , I f:w??f . ' A , , W we 5 ' V rv Wggkfgfgfzk 7 , ff ,, , rw W f ' " - , f 'f:el ,.f'. Q25 ' l I :N-, ff "y ff K4 M X! 5 , ff , 8' 4 In X ff Q' air pi 5 J W 1, W? , fy 'gr ' F5352 W4 ' ' QW ' , N A pm, 46 ,3 nk 5 Q 'gwfff' 9 4,5 V IDX ,L .fa Academics - They arc our frivmls, our 1-nm for worsv, WlN'Il they urc- ncilhc-rj: They 141111 us to new kmrwlmlge hold us buvkg Force US lo HCW pilill, U'Llt'h US IN XX f'I'i'K'fl0IHQ whocwr the-v ure. w'hmvvor wv - lhcy make? this plavc Z1 school. Aa'mz'nz'stmtz'0n Teams MR. BERNARD DUNNAN Superintendent MR. DONALD SHIMER Assistant Superintendent MR. RONALD DAVIDOFF 12 Bti Versatile, isn't he? Secondary C0-ordinalor MR. JAMES VAN GILDER Principal Lej?, above: Mrs. Rothackcr and Mrs. Welrh. sists -xi , E s hi ,,.. W at Mx X Aa it X t 4 if ,L-Z -f 3... fist i W X My t t vt t . 1 ii Q i tss - rev if -at 43's gi ti ' f f'.t': . Q EE B'iw:5i1ii':5"F X' .S MR. DANIEL MCCOMBS Assistant Prinvipal ut Secretaries Show Wh0's Who Stow Highis guidance. secretarial. custodial and kitchen staffs performed well under the fire of increasing ou-rcrowcliiig in 1970-71. The usual complaints were heard, the usual grievances aired - hut sonic-liow. no one cared to speculate on how well thc school would run without their constant cllorl to keep it going. l MRS. ANDREESEN MRS. TISDALE MRS. GERBER MRS. EAKER Principal's Office Principals Office Guidance Office Attendance Office John Sayers, Jim Coomes Elmer Kallstrom, Bob Carter, Bernard Kulich MAS'l'l,lllV' , M "M aw' 1 lIXt,lllf Q .S " H- .... Q-Ainifi' ' M LUNCHB3 ..t, The cafeteria line-up: Nancy Kopp, Debby Hirschbiel, Carolyn Cook, Bertha Neveado- mi, Mildred Kessler, Mary Thomas, Anne- lore Bowery, Joanne Barker, Mgr. MRS. GREENLEAF Study Hall Moniter English Courses Inz'1fz'ate Semester Plans, MRS- POSTON MRS. MCBRIDE l i MRS. SCHLICHTING MISS JESKE MRS. HACKMAN MR. HEINL MRS. HUTCHISON MRS. JENSEN An entirely new approach was put into practice this year by both the Eng- lish and Social Studies departments. With Social Studies following the Eng- lish department's lead, courses were arranged in semester-long inquiry studies of specific facets of different areas. Courses offered in English ranged from Advanced Grammar to Drama to Mass Mediag the Social Studies de- partment came up with such offerings as Comparative World Religions, and Urban Studies. MRS. DANKS MRS. KAUFMAN English Department Head octal Stuches nn., 5 fa MR. BLANK MR. COUGHLIN Social Studies Department Head A Follows Suit MR. COCHRUN MR. DAUGHERTY MR. HOFER MR. JESSIE MR. KANE MR. McELROY MR. POTTS MR. SONNHALTER MR. STAATS MR. CHAPIN Art 1 MISS BIERCE MR. BONCEK Spanish French MR. CASANOVA MRS. HARRAH Special Ed. Latin xi' iz. ,w,N.....-..--W----M-f1f""'N""' s r . f f N - s I Qaafv ill? A? MR. WILLIS MR. COOLEY Instrumental Vocal Music Music Humanzhes, Special Ea' Pormzy "Other Ea'uccztz'0n. D A I N-'I' ltudents Research the ' atural'Sczience, Math MR. HOWELL MR. ROCHE Math Math iii, Q . .K A MR. BLAKE MR. GRANDE Science Science . "JE . :W'J, S fk lf-' fggref. MR. ZIGLER MR. VUKOVICH Math Science ' if 'Q 'A iffi S as A QR: l 1. i , ' we N x, A 4 , YW :-i "sh lg .Q 5 3 S Sq if Q 3' a E eff r L R"A MR. HANNA MR. MOORE Science Dept. Head Science The Math and Science programs at Stow pro- gressed in 1970-1971 with students taking acceler- ated courses in Algebra and Advanced Math and with the addition of Applied Chemistry, Environmental Science and Physical Science II to the science curri- culum. Old hands at the game expressed amazement that the Physics and Chemistry labs survived another year of "inquisitive students," but one Math teacher was heard mumbling something about "blowing the whole place upi' next year. The lively arts at Stow comprised some of the most active departments of the school in 1970-1971. Work for the May art show started in January, with art students matting and labeling show work, which was displayed later at the Silver Springs show. The music department raised money with a choir-spon- sored magazine drive and the band's tag day and candy sale. Many band members accompanied the choir at the December 16 Christmas concert, and the two officially got together for a joint concert on March 20. Two new clubs, French and Spanish, were created in 1970 for students in the language depart- ment and a new technique was employed for the first time - a videotape machine. They Lecture, We Listen They Question, We Answer - . We Question wg, Q : '1' 5?a',,VxC.+'7 affix X35 , MRS. WILLIS MR. BRODE Librarian Vocational Counselor MRS. HOHENSHIL Guidance Counselor if MISS SIDLER MR. HACKMAN Guidance Counselor Guidance Counselor I8 Preparing jbr Future Careers Home Economies, Business RQ ..+, ,M ,,,,,, A 7""S i sf '- S eirr s ' V k . ff ,,,, ' I1 1 I , , ,,., , e,V X I Vvxy -Q 2 Q C H "'r ' MRS. SOMMERS MRS. MISKELL -ii Home Ec. Home Ec. Lana. Q MRS. HALLIER A Business Ed. , K i E K 'lux MRS. PRITCHETI' MR. ADKINS MR. KOVALCIK MR. TALBERT Business Ed. Business Ed. Business Ed. Business Ed. 'I9 Teachers Presenl Vocational Aspects MR. BUCEY MR. SLENTZ Driver Ed. Driver Ed. MR. SIMMONS MR. BILOVECKY MISS KNUPP NIR. TYREE O.W.E.' Health Girls' Phys. Ed. Boys' Phys. Ed. MR. HARRISON MR. MCGUIRE MR. BRIDGE MR. W. WALKER O.W.E. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts s . NSA . MR. JARRET MR. PALCHO MR. J. WALKER D.C.T. D.E. C.0.E. Thousands of' sludvnts haw passuf IIIFOIIQIII Slow Hilfh, and lhonsamls more- arm- wt lu w . vmnc. In a wav. lhv plan' IIVVCI' vhangvs - in many rnorc navs. il m-wr stops vhanging. TIN' single constant favlor is thv pc-oplv who slax bc-hind Q-avh lima- anulln-r 1-lass grzulnalvs. mlm arf' herv vavh Iirnv a nc-w 0Ill'2lI'I'iV1'f4. Hvrm- Iw- forc wv 1-arnv and I'Fll1iliIliIllf whvn wv arf- Hom-, z- n V wr: thank Ihvm for all llll'f'.Yl' flonm-. lbr Irving hvre whsfrmf lhvy arv rlwrivfl, and clvriimwllv Illv 1971 Sloanno to tlu-rn. HONORS faces Q' achievemenzf v 22 H412 .. .mL, ff f - - o .. . ,, ' -. - in 1 jfzw, E: ' C155 5 . ww bwnlni. N 1 I 1 1 N X Y Honors - This final limo that vonws, whom thorn' aro Spl'Uf'Ill'S and pivvvs oi' paper and words - They say y0lI!I'4' good or you'rc bright OI' V0ll.I'C lH'LlYl' Whatvvor - you know what y arv ami why. s s ,Q 5 M iss Dianne Robinson Leading Laajf Qjp the Class Q' 1971 Outstanding Athletes: Lfjp to righl: D. Greenleaf, L. Sullivan, J. Kin- nan, G. Bone. R. McDonald. Manx' ziwurmls urv inzulf' fluring val-li svh your. Goorl c'ilizc-nsliip, high gnulvs, ulnililj' ln sports - all arm' r'1'wz1r1lf'1l with sonic' syinlmol ol tho rcvipivnfs uwoinplisliinvnl. Somehow we know thc- trophies, plaques znnl 1'l'I'llllll'Lll4'S nn-un nothing in llwiiiseilws. but xx'm'un'u1'cl llivm unix - lhcrc is no wax to riwusiiiv lho ri-ul worth ol suvh accomplislnnvnls, no nn-uns lo vounl ilu- honor of a goal I'K'Ll4'l14'll ln ilnlivirluul vlliort. N LH' ool Tri-M Top Musicians: Mary Ricslvrvr and Suv Loucks. the next low pagvs i lhunlx you lor ull lhr- vllorl i huxv inailv. A S ic-vial lhanlxs lo lhosv-r4'n'4-s4'i1l4'rl on l l 1 those pages or not - who pa-rlnlps lru-ml lnn'1l4'r lhun know. Future Nurses Award: Phi Beta Kappa Award: Barb Yarbrough. Beth Hardesly. H onors Such honor l'1'lIlL1ll1S unspoka-n - us In-rlnips il should, sinvv in lln' vnfl suvh krloxilwlgv is u wry 'ni vulc thing. Wo vain, liowxwc-i'. sux lliisz To llni Iwoplm' on The Top Ten flflo rzghl D Rlllblllh-UU C Ellli C Mlwllllll N Loumk G Boughton B Hirrie l 'VI I Nt E B ll C Hl1pp.T.L01'kl1a1r1. hl0 Conbrcss nl PTA.: Bvlh Hurfivsly Stolion Award: Lfjl. Mike Vinriguerra uml Sue Louvks. Voice of Democrucv: Sue Louvks and Debbie Duncan. 27 Slow W0ms:n's Club Award: Nancy Slimler Canyard Citizenship Award: Andy Follcy and Suu Louvks. '28 Stow Teavhers Association Chrysler Youth Award: Scholarship: Pam Sell Greg Houghton and Eill-Pn Bull v M .ay ' 1 ,i W' ' Nw M ik AAVI ' Distinguished Academic Award, Reader Di- gest Award: Beth Hardr-sly. John Philip Sousa Award: Sue Louelcs 4 FTA Book Award: Chris Zohn and Beth Hardvsly. OAPSE Scholarship: Mike Caskins "He has ucliieved who has lived well. laughed often, und loved niuvliii Afzmz-i'n1o11.s Harold Sloop Senior Athlete Award: Don Greenleaf and Gary Bone. l Class Wittiest - Doug Brackett and Barb Wogan. Best Dressed - Jeff Joseph and Pam Calawuy. e .fi M- A Z 0 rs y l to may to Q' f Also . . . Best Looking - Dave Klein and Michele Conley Prettiest Eyes - Jerry Dolan and Pam Maseio Most Popular - Dave Klein and Sandy White Friendliest - Mike Vinciguerra and Sandy White Neatest Appearance - Jeff Joseph and Dianne Robinson Best Personality - Dick lVlclVlillen and Kathy Austin Most Likely to Succeed - Greg Boughton and Beth Hardesty Most Serious - Randy Lilly and Carol Ellis Most Respected - Greg Boughton and Eilleen Ball Most Gullible - Randy Render and Cathey Tilden Most Readily Reddened - Ron Kolal and Lee Fletcher and Cathay Tilden Biggest Tease - Don Greenleaf and Jeanne Wood Most Rebellious - Denny Paradise, Sam Simmerman and Renee Senionin 30 ll , 4' 'f QL' Q , 3, iff Most Intelligent - Greg Boughton and Carol Ellis. Best Couple - Sandy White and Gary Bone. 'more polls on 174. X A FTZ.672ClI 1950-1970 A CTIVITIES aces rj l19artz'czj9a1fz'0n , D , .f,f AXIKIL K A L i v NN 1 ? - mmmJ,, . m. Q za' ,,,1 'IWV ' H i ,ffl 4, Q., 37. ! lu'-aa iifil- W 4 Q5 W S gg, ui va , K : ' h agfm' ' A L 4 ' W , ' . . ' 'nm Q. ' x V Q' n Activities - Belong. Be one, alono Be evoryoncg Be a hundred people Be one of two be together, be needed, be part of a wholv Join us, be one of us Belong. Student ouncil C0-0m'z'na1fe5 Actz'vz'tz'es This your Studont Counvil trivd to ow-ra'om4' tht- "do- notliing vlulfi image. Last Juno thu officors began working to organizm- many projvvts whivh would involvo and lwnrflit all ol thc- studvnts. Among thvsv acrtivitivs ww-rv ropainting blcarliers, rvplacing the torn and ladc-d flags in class- rooms and purchasing a watvr roolvr as a gift to thc' school. SC oonsidorvd this yoaris Homvvoming its lriggvst success. Through tht- wintvr months the crlulr sponsorvd student counvil CXITll2lIlg0S with otlivr high svhools. javk- Ct sales to raiso Counvil funds. and a marvli for thc' Cys- tic' Filnrosis Foundation. Tlu- major spring projvrt was the Sadif- Hawkins Danvv. Student Count-il's olmjcc-tiw was to promote- ln-ttvr School spirit and unity among vlassvs through frivnd- ship and cduration. Officers ofthe 1971 Student Council: Miko Vinciguorra, Pres.g Bren- da Spalding, Treas.g Sharon Umbaugh, Ser.: Andy Folley, V.P. Executive Council Mcmbersg Andy Follcy. Kathy Austin, Sharon 'Shawn Grounloaf. Student Counril Members: Row 1: K. Morris. N. Eichenlaub, K. Naquin. M. Ports-r, S. Crt-1-nlt-af, J. Vinciguerra, A. Barrington. M. Pappano. Row 2: C. Shatriclc, B. Cook, A. Von Guntcn, B. Calco. .l. Deibel, C. Mallon, C. Raffatlfi, D. Bard. M. Koch, X' I :"....fLf "X .4 !, 'ds 43-A 2- ndf' 4-"' ,. :SJ-""" "I'll take a double cheese to gof' Mike ViYlCigU8ffH. Brenda Spalding, "One false move and we'll cover your lens with paint Dahl, S. Karadin, J. Hanna. D. Baumgardner. 3: B. Bolzman, T. Moyer, K. Austin, S. Lupo, White, D. Tron, J. Shoun, J. Wood. Row 4: R. A. Folley, J. Bleau, S. Ditzlcr, D. Greenleaf, Sch ' . . , ner "Gee whiz, I never knew frogs mated that way! ' - x 1 . 1 M 2.35 Sandra Whz'te Homecoming Queen N Miss Pal Shulwrl esoorlc-ml by Mr. Paul Alwfllllllly Miss Brenda Spalding usvortocl lay Mr. Don Cl'l'1'llll'llli 1969 Homecoming Quvvn Miss Valvriv C pezuto escorted by Mr. Dave- Klc-in 3. 0mec0mz'ng 1970 Mum Day begins at Noon with lliv arrival ol' the gold mums. Follow thc yellow lirick roucll l x Miss Barbara Donatell escorted by Mr. Bob Marlin "Somewhere Over Miss Donna Dugan escorted by Mr. Cary Carter 3, 'Q M ,Q 5 s. as . Donating Their Time to S. . . - Librariarix Photographers 2 3 9 QP '- milf A nimble-footed faun makes his way through the forest. The Photography Club has helped many amateur photographers find good subjects for pictures, take clear pictures, and learn to develop their own film. The club has helped the yearbook and newspaper greatly. The Librarian Aids should receive many rewards for the help they have contributed to the school library. Without their help the library would be un- derstaffed. Officers of photography club: Greg Boughton, and Randy Lilly. This year's library aides were: Row 1: Joyce Hinkle, Debbie Howell, Penny Carl, Mrs. Willis, Becky Baker, Regina Hylton. Row 2: Debbie Rilwy, Martha Blowers, Lee Ann Fletcher. fr Z ,aw fag f hif- yer V, 3. 1 .ge . fi i i if W ' , x ggi' V . Soccer Stills 'Scaresj as cz Club. Varsity: Ist row: Jeff Hanna, Steve Romeslmurg, .lnlm Collatto, Rick Haury, Tvrry Dillingvr, Cliris Lanipson. 2nd row: lVlr. lVlvFarlan4l fvoaclil, Tom Delaney, Dave Nordlie-, Ernie Modugno, Bula L1-wis and Scott Pittman. Junior Varsity: Row 1: Dan Knipp, Jeff Barr, Chuck Korb, Dan Worcfestvr, Rick Yanilo, Dvnnis Stacks, Bill Cron, Scott Lovegrin. Ro1u2.' Dick Sparrow, Marty Sweidel. Row 3: Mr. lVlc'Farlan4l fcoaclil, John Flow:-r, Rick Slcplimisori, 'l'mlrl Price, Jvff Barlow, Larry Hagal, Jim llluycl, ,lim Harwood, Keith Davis, Harry Hutch. .TA Slbonors Trzlb 150 M iamz' FTA meetings took on an informal mootl as they planned activi- ties for the 1971 year. M wr: lt' vii X3 Xi ' -W4 Students planning a rzti'v1-1' in education as vvvll as those wishing to 1-Xplore the learning process founrl an outlet for their interest in Future Team-ln-rs ol' Ameriva. The mvluh arlvised by Mrs. Carol Danlis antl Mr. Tltoinas Bilovi-m'kv, spon- sored such varied activities as alter game tlanvc-s, ti Cliristinas vuroling party to St. Thomas Hospital and a trip to Miami Univvrsitv along with vain- paigning to pass the Novemhvr school levy and awarding the 1-lulfs svliolar- ship. The 1971 offifzers were Both Harclesty, prvsitlvntg Ciumlv Rnttiitli. s4-4'r4-- taryg Peggy DcNiro, treasurerg Kathy Austin, historian. ,,pW'K New Clubs Inzhatecz' Spanzkh and French 'x , Spanish Club officers P95-.531 if 'i . W psi H 9, ' ' Qi .2 V '7 4 if 3 -' se - . e -if +R-N. 'tl ull? llfifi lil Merlin i n ", X 'fl ' if 1 Spanish and French club sponsored Christ- mas activities for their members. French Club officers Two new vlulrs wt-rv t'rvatt'tl this year at Stow, making organized at'- tivity available to students ol' ull three langtiagcs. The Spanish and French trlulrs, sponsorvrl lay lVlr. James Bonvck and Miss Lillian Bierce, ot'f'e1't'tl pravtitul 4-xpt'rivrlt'e in speaking tht- langtiagt-s oli the two Countries as well as a Clianve to disvowr and imx-stigate their cus- toms. Working in vonjunction with the Amt'rit'an Fit-ld Service, they wvlconivrl foreign vxvhange stu- dents and individually sponsored banquets at Christmas and vlulm field trips. The 1971 officers of the Frf-nrh Clulr we-rv Bruce Rowland, prf-sidcntg Suv Tatko, vict- presidentg Peggy Cvoodell, svvrt-tary. Olli- cers for the Spanish Club were Cindy Hupp, president: Cindy Raftitth, vim- presi- dent: Margie Kovh, secretary: Be-th Hurd- esty, treasurer. In the Public Eye Bill Kline plays wiilisoim-ol'1hc lun-sl lBlVl equipment. ik Af... ,gm "Lights, camera, i1l'll0Il.N people on a mlay-to-slay husis. Words Vannol vxprc-ss lhe' vuluulilv sm-rviw Ihvss' girls volilriliilluf their employers - so wc won'l try. Mr. Palcho was the guiding light of D.E. 44 Aki 57 . H . Stowis Diw'rsil'i4-ml Eiliivation progmni is mlvsigm-cl lor Slim sa-niors plan ning ai vurvm' in will-5, lIlPl'l'llLll1lllSlIlg or IllSlI'llllllIOII. bliimlvnls s-iirollvrl in thc program spvnrl hull' il iliiy at school unml thc- olhvr hull' :il L1 juli in uni- ol those arvus. Slllvs work, WLlI'Pll0llS1T work, rlispluy Linfl lIlLUlL1gt'III4'IIl im' ai I1 xv of' thc arf-as in whivh UE. stuclvnls am- involwrl. Thi- 4-rnpliusis in lhm- pro gram is on pulrlimr wronluvl 1li'vc-lopnivnt ol' lhv Liliility to ill-ul will wilh ollur ew f I 4. -'ls Here they are "Come a little closer baby, smile for nu D.E. Fun and frolic is a way of life for ilu- D.lil kids. When in Home . . . A 'fff' intgni ' flifhcuit f gmri li-sm? gmeml fe Uwe: ' gnmal xml Pd Hr flistif! V365 Mmm Latin Club officers: Stove Smith, vice-presimlcnlg Mrs. Hurrah, amlviserg Stan Plak, president: Cheryl Smith, treasurerg Leslie Mueller, secretary. "You know you can get pretty high on organic grape juice . s 3. v U 0 s 5 4 Q if 'I N ,iff "Laughest thou at my dress, sir?" X, ' iD 'of ,f V- ff-t ltr pv Far the mmaticalbf Inclinea' 3 I The Drama Cluli is opvn to all slurlvnls inlvrvstr-rl in um' ol' Ilio varied as- pects of the clrzlniulic' urls - acting, rlirwliiig. prorliiriiiguslugi' or Coslunnr design, makvup or writing. This yvur, Ihr- 1-lulfs 21l'llXllil'SlIll'llllll'il21S5iSlilIll'V in the ,lunior anrl Scnior class plays, trips lu urmi llimili-i's lo sw' lilrncd pro- ductions and a trip to soc tlic- Wa-zilln-mum' Playlmiisi-'s prmliu'lioii 0l"'Tli1- Lion in Wimcrf, Club advisor was Mr. Lawrs-nw Hvinl, unil lliv 1970-71 ol'- ficers were jack Rvivlieiilizicli, pri-sicli-iii: Mvrmlilli Morgaii. vicc--pixvsifluiilg and Vickie Ford, szwrelziry-ti'x-usiirm-r. i 47 Chess, KW Clubs Pursue I nu'z'vz'u'uuZ Interests UP, UP, and AWAY! Key Club officers: C-ordie Myers, Joe Blcau, Clark Stein, .lohn McCreight, i Key Clulu. whivh is affiliatvml with the Kiwanis Chili, has thv main funcftion ol! serving the Com- munity. Among lhf' many activities they clicl were an llllllxl'-gllltll' tlzincv. four hottle drives, :tml at tlriw for Cystit' Fihrosis. Tha- Chess Clulr pruvimlml stu- fli't1lS with an opportunity to vn- hancc ,lhcir ahilitit-s in playing chess. Tho club held altvr st-hool matchcs with other svliools to tvst their acquirvcl skills. Mr. Blank fadvisorl. Chess Club: Mr. Ziglar fadvisori, Sue Cirrilo, Keen Kramer, Jim Harwood, Bruce Taylor, Larry Williams. urses Look to the Future Future Nurses Officers: Mary Henterly secretary Margie Mclnerney president Jan Rhodes vice president Future Nurses of America is a nationwide organization of high school students interested in a ca- reer in hospital work. Stowis chap- ter, although not as active in school activities as it had hoped to be orig- inally, provided guidance for its members in finding information about different types of nursing, hospitals and educational facilities open to them. Dear Sir . . . .. V p . ' il 'e - ' f ' :M -'1 ' e K, 6 I Sw' - ' ' F' 5... ' x WEN? The COE officers were: Cindy Dias, pres.g Debbie Williams, vice-pres.g Judy Dolbow, secjand EE ff IH. 1. r Q A gg 1 I f F Q , t We S t Ev.. 2 1 .ff QHLQQ If gay- .gf L sit, " ' i fi' EW ' .eff , xl -L3 13iT37,sgj'?l QR" 15 . ii 13925335553 xt 9' .8 14 QV. .. 0' ng H, Q-4, Q14 9 .Q ,,9,g,t . - J - 'f ,Q A ' 1-- if .. . Q 1 a " H -L, f J QV 4 . The classroom was turned into an ofiir Mary Lutz, treas. Peter Pan Printing Ltd. became a reality Pmctzeal Ojfee Experience Proves Benwezal COE - Cooperative Office Education was quite active this year. A No- vember bake sale was followed by a Christmas breakfast and a ehildren's movie in January. COE also sponsored a stationery sale, a breakfast shower for Cindy Dias fformerly Castelhanol, and an appreciation banquet in May at Embers ll. Future Secretaries of Ameriea is Stow High's elub for those interested in planning a Career in secretarial or offiee work. Among their 1970-71 aeti' i- ties were a bake sale, a Candy sale and a visit to the Children's Home Christmas. FSA officers were: Peggy Crookston, pres. t O F F S A Leslie Miarka, treas.g and Sandy Baumgard o o J o a o Q ner, vice-pres. ff ma f M -,,'.VY Q' . W. we A , "fa t J' goal' Wir. Wane gaffz The American Field Service is an internationally based organization whose primary goal is to promote under- standing among the young people of different nations by bringing them together. The United States is one of about sixty countries involved in the effort, St0w's one of many clubs at high schools across thc nation. 1970-1971 was a very busy year for the members of A.F.S., who had two exchange students to welcome: Rene Faltz, who came to the United States from Luxembourg for his senior year at Stow, and Ann Loar, who returned at mid-ycar from her year in Australia. The clubls activities included a summer dance in the school parking lot that served as an introduction of Stow Students to Rene - and vice versa, sponsorship of a booth in the Jaycee Bazaar, and participation in lVlarch's "Hike for Hungerf' Officers were Carol Ellis, president, Laurie Stone, vice-president, Cathy McMillen, secretary, and Laura Vogel, treasurer. .,- A rf b ' .iff :iz,fw H '75, 4 K 2' FIELD 1? r iff? rl AMERICAN 'if SER VICE Hey lady, what happened to my loaf of French bread? A.F. . - Adopted Frz'ena'5 in Stow A.F.S. officers were: Laura McMillen, secretary. Vogel, treasurer: Miss Bierce, adviserg and Carol Ellis, president. Not pictured 7 Laurie: Stone, vice-prcsidentg Cathy I Y- Teens March JW czna'z'caj9j9ea' 1971 officers were: S. White, pres.g J. Bliss, vice-pres.g N. Brockett, sec.: .l. Shoun, treas.g Mrs. Miskell, adviser. "I sure don't feel like an angel." The Y-Teens, the sister club of Hi-Y, had the mon- strous job of coordinating the 1970 Christmas Formal. Working with the theme of "White Christmasf' the members made arrangements for music, tickets and re- freshments and also designed decorations for the dance. Among their other activities were a march to collect money for Muscular Dystrophy and a semester long do- nut sale. Sue Lupo and Andy Folley were the repre- sentatives at the Tri-County formal. X K! X raw A. 5 f el Iizsfitwift' M' fffi re f I second the motion! l 1 1 1 .K M ,. v HQ! ? 4:- Qr 1 H Me Wai 1 Q giiwh' 5 -. 4 ,gf 4. ' .--Q W I KQ t f , White Christmas Clistening snowflakes and mystical Christmas trees adorned the gym as Y-Teens and Hi-Y presented the 1970-71 Christmas Formal, "White Christmasf' The crowning of Vicki Myers and Jerry Dolan as the Christ- mas Formal queen and king climaxed the evening. The court included Denise Tron, Sue Ditzler, Andy Folley and .lack Deleo, seniors. Juniors were Vicki Englehart and Debbie Tron escorted by Scott Carnes and Keith Doleresco. Dana Schoonover and Nancy Eichenlaub sophomores were escorted by Dennis Lyberger and Mike Schoonover. fnot picturedl The crownbearers were Chris Laegel and David Natural. ,i . 1, -A rg. 1 .-If , .133 HQ 1 .- es, 4, . 3, iii? is tif ri iiiilf Q 73555 ' 1 ' i"' ' it We is P 5 - ' A to t Q. 'f C 1 'Q f 1 - -, 3:51 nt E J , if ffifggflifif' 1' A s 11 ij 5:37 ,l f W 1 ff -wi TS? Q - t 91 if f 2 , , Y P L-fx. 1 2 i 5 lf' A lg 5 YZ, . , so M yi, ,AQ Q A PM pu sw mam h""v-..,,,,-W.. Y Reorganizes Hi-Y, affiliated with YMCA, is a service and reere- ational group for young men designed to eneourage good citizenship and promote leadership. Advised hy Mr. William Hackman, Stow Highis chapter spon- sored several activities with the Y-Teens and played a football game against them. Representatives were sent to the Tri-County Formal and to a Youth and Government Seminar in Washington. Officers for 1971 were Jerry Dolan, presidentg Larry Sullivan, vice-presidentg Jeff Maury, seerelaryg Jeff Joseph, treasurer. 37-'kflgygiik ,Q he ew 3' 'QT-r?w54i21'?,4' V Teambackers officers: Peggy DeNiro, vice-president, ,Ioan Deibel, treasurer: Arlene Dahl, sec- retary. "Take your hands off me, you cur, you." The Teambackers were one ofthe most active clubs at Stow in 1971. Be- sides generally working to boost school spirit, they sold megaphones, pillows, footballs and Spirit tags, made signs for all the teams' games, meets and matches, and put together the float voted best in the Homecoming Parade. Officers for 1970-1971 were Pat Shubert, presidentg Peggy DeNiro, vice- presidentg Arlene Dahl, secretary, Joan Dcibel, treasurer. Basketball: Ist row: ,lan Wehrlin, Sue Tatko, Dana Schoonover, Mary Kay Walker. 2nd row: ,Ian Haury, Bridgette Wodd, Debbie Mc:Lendon, Karen Naquin, Candy Aurand. 3rd row: Sue Schlegal, Becky Hurst, Doretta DelVloss, Sheree Keller. Varsity Volleyball: lst row: Sue Tatko, Joyce Branham, Sue Srhlegal, Debbie lVlc:Lcndon. 2nd row: Jan Haury, Connie O'Neil, Marge Rittman, Pat Smith. G.A.A .IV Volleyball Row 1 Leslle Mueller, Marte Biasella Nancy May Row 2 Doris Helntz Chrls Ulrich Doretta DeMoss Row 3 Brldgette Wood Linda Rothacker Mar- Women 5 Lib Scores! The Girls, Athletic Association is organized to pro- vide activities and sports for interested girls, and Stowis G.A.A. had plenty of activities aimed at that in 1970-71. Basketball and Volleyball flroth varsity and J-Vl teams played against girls' teams from area sehoolsg in addi- tion, the club raised money by selling Valentines Day cardsg held several gymsg and organized a camping trip, a trip to the Ice Follies and a swimming party. iff: H 1-we gl 4, '1 6 f 't 2 ff am 1' i C A A officers were Gail Maass Diane "Get your hand out of my mouth' Murphy Connie Elmer Nancy May Kathy STOANN - Faces 0 Greg Boughton and Jon deMeza, photogra- phers, look really fed up with the whole business. One more crack like that and l'll resign and make you editor. 'HEP' 3241101141 "All right, I've had it, l'm leaving!" Competence, responsibility, and constant work were three characteristics of the sports section. ,.,-v" if dv,-J-'g . . AJ, The 1971 Stoanno staff: Row 1: Gail Shatrick, Melia Porter, Jeanine Vinciguerra, Beth Hard- esty, Sue Koesterer, Denise Tron, Debbie Duncan, Debbie Modugno, Sandy White. Row 2: Gail Miklic. Row 3: Linda Rothacker, Barb Wogan fasst. editorl, Brenda Spalding. Row 4: Jon deMeza, Doug Sayers, Pam Mascio feditorl, Mike Vinciguerra, and Greg Boughton. Con uszon - Accomllylislzment Little did I know when I accepted this job me e- e ff? As I sat down to write this and discovered that I was writing with the wrong end of my pen, I began to realize that it has been a long year. In September the yearbook staff gathered down in the yearbook room to begin production. It didn't take us long to realize we had reached our first big obstacle. Not one of us, including me, had the slightest idea of how to put a yearbook together. So we decided to stop farkeling around and learn. The highlight of the year was the two-day marathon that we had the weekend be- fore the 81-page deadline. On the Friday before, only four pages were com- pleted. By Sunday we had reached 81. What happened between those three days and nights is a blur but I'm sure the staff will never forget the chaos and confusion. I'd like to thank the staff for their many hours of work and encourage- ment. Few people realize the tremendous amount of time and planning it takes. Neither did we at times, but when the deadlines rolled around we man- aged to keep our sanity. One of the hardest things to get used to is the fact that 90? of our fantas- tic ideas were an impossibility. However, as I hope you've noticed the 71 Stoanno is really different. This year we have adopted a style, a theme, many special effects and a complete change of organization. A special thanks goes to Mrs. Kaufman who was always around when I needed advice. Of course, I must mention our photographers. the unsung heroes, Greg Boughton, Jon DeMeza and Mr. Don Freeman. Without their help and patience the yearbook could never be produced. I never realized that at the beginning of the year one of my biggest accom- plishments would be marking Xis on the yearbook progress chart. I hope next yearis staff enjoys it as much as I did. Best of Luck, Pam NH.S. - .S.L.S. The National Honor Society is a nationwide or- ganization of students whose high academic achievements have been recognized by their teach- ers and administration. Stow's chapter sponsored activities which included the compilation and sale of a student directory of Stow's more than 1,300 students, the Thanksgiving Assembly, and the March 10 banquet where new members were initiated. 1971 NHS Officers: Greg Boughton, pres.g Sue Tatko, vice-pres.g Cindy Hupp, sec.g and Sue Loucks, treas. UN? AQQIV NHS Senior Members: Row 1: B. Hardesty, J. White, S. Loueks, C. Hupp. Row 2: N. Stimler, S. Tatko, C. Rossman. Row 3: A. Loar, G. Miklic, R. Semonin, T. Lockhart, C. Ellis. Row 4: D. Nordlie, B. Spalding, A. Folley, G. Boughton, N. Raegle. S TOHI 0 - TQ7mdk6TS, Fund Raisers, Reporters Mrs. Hutchison, advisor The 1971 Stohion Staff: Above: Pat Walters, Peggy DeNiro, Chris Zohn, Vickie Myers, Beth Hardesty, Margie Rittman. Below: Gary Brannon, Terry Smith, Greg Boughton, Dan Demaree, Eileen Ball, Bob Lewis, Steve Stricker, and fnot pictured, Debby Modugno. Beth Hardesty, co-editor Lf. ,I 1 'A3:l'I f" ,'ZPvLl1"", -+- ' fa With a larger staff this year the Stohion involved themselves with not only school concerns, but also civic needs. The toy drive is a prime example of their involvement. The staff also showed concern by having a fund raising drive during the Spring to help next yearis staff. Eileen Ball, co-editor Ana' the Alternatelv freezing and swel- tering, the 1971 Marrliing Band once again proved their CINlLlI'ElI1l'f' on the loolhull field. Tliey were al- most as tough as the team. ln lim- August the Stow High Band trav- eled to Camp Muskingum lor u week of hard worls. Under the di- rection ol' Mr. Rieliard Willis and Mr. Richard Oliver, the group marched 76 lmunclsmen. 12 ulter- nates, a drum majorette, and 7 nui- jorettes. ands Played on One of the band's better formations Nf4 1" .-' .ii ', ' m ,xi w . If ,M , W A R , . ' , 'xlw N gig, .3529 , I-kj " X' rf llfytglq .447 ' K' ' 41,1 rm. ., , - , ,,,. ,, fm, The Marching Band S fu Lrg H 012015 in M usic Sixteeners: Row 1, flej to right, B. Yarbrough, C. Talbot, J. Lindstrom, N. Brockett, M. Riesterer, E. Ball, D. Duncun, J. Rhoades. Row 2: M. Hill, B. Paynter, V. Daugherty, J. Garner, B. Taylor, D. Shreffler, D. Pastor. Tri-M fModern Music Masters, is an honorary music society open to students who are interested in music. Mem- bership islbascd on scholarship and musical abilities. This year Tri-M members attended various concerts, held an ini- tiation banquet and held an end of the year meeting where graduating seniors performed. Sixtecners Ensemble is a se- lected group of mixed voices chosen from the A Capella Choir. Throughout the year they sang at various functions and performed with the choir. eifii A 'ey K H. en 'gf 'F fa, Q51 E 4 v 4 li 4- ? 5: 55. p sv ,C . tttrs Tri-M Members: Seated, flen to right, M. Riesterer, treas.g S. Molnar, sec., S. Loucks, pres., B. Lewis, v. pres. Row I: K. Fry, C. Hoke, N. Yanito, M. Hill. Row 3: J. Patton, M. List, C. Hupp, N. Brockett, L. Fletcher, M. Zollinger, L. Stone, S. Kuehner, C. Rossman, P. Calaway, J. Rhoades, C. Talbot, P. Mascio, J. Wood, K. Cole, L. Vogel, P. Hoke. Row 4: T. Lockhart, F. Hanson, D. Nordlie, M. Hill, J. Garner, D. Bastor, B. Taylor, J. Thompson, L. May, M. Vinciguerra, .l. Reichenbach, .l. Tighe, M. Bower, T. Lyon. The Pep Band: Row 1: D. Koller. S. Winters, C. Kesler, M. Ric-str-rf1r,J. Rll0L1ClS, D. Svvuvlmly, K. Siniliano, Nl. Holzman. R01l72,' L, Coll-. T. Dodd M. Hill, J. While, P. Hoke, S. Molnar. B. Le-wis, F. Hanson, E. Glazcr, C. BlElIlC'llilI'4l, C. Sisslcr, T. Smith. 'I'. Ch-ss. K. Davis, l ...And O The Majorettes: Row 1: Marivene List. Donna Dolson, Head Majorcllcg Mary Riesterer. Row 2: Karen Arlen, Bonnie McCaskey, Lynn Kulsoc, Roberta James. ...And Un... I Peggy Hokv, Drum Majorvliv. The Stage Band: Row 1: M. Parker, R. Munliff, N. Yanilo, C. Kusslvr, M. Bower. Row 2: D. Myvrs. T. Lovkhurt, I... May, D. Normllic-. R, Lfm-1-, 'I' Dodd. Rau' 3: T. Allison, T. Lyon, B. Lewis, D. Burtner, F. llunson. . . .And 0 . The Clarinet Choir: Row 1: P. Carlyon, M. Mclnerney, M. Swanson, M. List, N. May, P. Smith, F. Griffith. Row 2: K. Arlan, D. Farinasi, K. Sicli- ano, D. McMillen, C. Hoke, R. Cook, M. Parker, D. McLendon, M. Botzman, R. James. The Band Officers: Row 1: C. Harmon, T. Lockhart, R. Render, C. Hupp. Row 2: R. James, M. Bower, S. Molnar, R. Haury, N. May, M. Seiedel 70 THE WIND ENSEMBLE Q THE CONCERT BAND .T ,.,k, IFTH GRADE BAND rf M 1 rmw We 1 I ,EZ , 2 ,. ,V 2 2 '14 A Ca,19ellaCh0z'r M- The A Capella Choir: Back Row, lej Lo right: P. Fletcher, D. Howard, B. Gron, J. Riggs, B. Paynter, J. Garner, K. Kramer, B. Reetz, D. Pastor, M. Martin, D. Jensen, L. May, R. Lorrcc, T. Lyon, J. Tighe, J. Reichenbach, D. Paradise, J. Barr. Row 4: J. Shoun, J. Rhoades, K. Austin, D. Shul- man, B. Smith, K. Dowler, M. Vinrziguerra, D. Klein, P. Perrine, B. Taylor, M. Bower, J. Wood, K. Talbot, S. Ditzler, J. Lindstrom, N. Roberts, K. Cole, M. Hill. Row 3: C. Tilden, C. Raffath, K. Fry, R. Scmonin, D. Hickey, A. VonC-untcn, L. Vogel, D. Robinson, D. Ruddle, M. Koch, C. Doer- man, P. Calaway, L. Fletcher, S. Snyder, B. Yarbrough, B. Shneider, L. Stone, C. Carr, T. Desko, A. Loar, B. Fleming. Front row: E. Ball, S. Um- baugh, N. Brockett, M. Hill, L. Jarrett, B. Cook, M. Riestcrer, S. Kuehner, C. Rossman, B. Hardesty, D. Duncan, P. Mascio, K. Forest, S. Louclcs, M. Zollinger, C. Barth, Cv. Shatrick, Sherry Molnar, D. Modugno, P. Shubert. PARKE COOLEY iq. i i if A ' ' .1 . H y 1 4 .' , vm U I as Ui Q 5' ly H I M L f-in . f 'H 1+ ' J 111 E f v fm .mf-, 1 Q X , u .5 W 'X .., PCN ss, W Qs Kai V ' EL, 1 ., ' ill V X ...And Then There Was M usze R 1 . . F V i av ' . - , ks .1 E z-M , i A Capulla Choir was L1 uniquv oxperierlvv lor 80 pvoplv. un vxpv- riviivv than invluili-cl jumping around, vlapping. lllllglllllg. lislcn- ing and also singing. Nol imniy pvoplc rvzilifv tln- l'lllllII'lllli'1x il lalws to lwlong to ai group suvli Lis this. Mr. Purim' Cooley onvm- gigziin sllowvrl his vxvvllviil lvufli-i'sl1ip and 1'ncluran1'4' will! Ilw vncl rm-sull being various pi-i'lioriuum'r-s. 'I'Iu- l'll0ll'.S major 1-lliorls invlurlval lliv Clirislnuis oonvvrl. MLll'1'll voiu'n-i'l and Spring Swciiuili' vnlillwl Lvfs Sing Tin- Old Songs." ln llw vncl, Svniors louml Ili4-inse-lw-s saying "li11'c1w4-lli' lo SOIIll'llllllg tlic-fri rvzilly miss. ff SPUR TS aces 0 c0ml19etz'tz'0n f, X S 74 - 1 , , 1 1 .--, . - 'K'f' 4' ff , if - ' ' .,., ,.-1,1 . i X " - , I . m , ' . ,L 2 . k -, 3,554.3 X :VN -i 34 5 - fl - ' ' ' b ' J. ' mf ff -Hi 'fig-i ' if , Nr img , ff . .. fax 0 66 if as Q Q' Ziglrgfffnp, R ' , in . ' u I , W Q . 1 5 A M555 'sf wa:- A '-5 RIF im 'WK Z.. ,M N- W , vw. 4, V. X 1 UQ QQ' ,rl . A -.1 .. uw - ' X Lwkafii ffgi k?.f:,"ff gap-1-f L-L- 1 -1 fr. ' - m M ti ' 2g9,s f52wg mf+: RK ' P to -, ' " -'C' V' 1 4 -ini 'A JL' 153191 v-."Li'.Z' 'ek ' X 1 ' I-fmew s ' - - E 1 V- :..:,:-wx mviw-.1.w.-e--wr.: .. ...Awww Y - g3,,, K I f V, ' . Jf'I'l'.:' l "I, fx: i wry .qi-V, My -1 . A' .vw - ' :'+gg:f: 2 A ff 5-"l.iL?5-3455-1?J'x5f"fi?lLli ' 795 R, LQ gg' .oagziw -AP, - o '.,. ,f f K f- V 2 1 ' 11' ?'?f'ifi?5uQi,lf-1.g's1'X!"'f' Af ,Q to g an i Y I L 3- 33. Q- is - . - V -Q-2 I f 115 .4 ,. 4,41 , Q X ,f A - f - . sf' it 4 , Lb K , z, , .Y 55. LL., .' fu ., 4 'g,...ff',n.1,,, X.,- W. L.L,.,, W , .. A 5n'o'lf"'?-K ,dgwpy-,"'15r?'W,gv,,1 -- 1 ,2'?1ir-RW' H..:gmf'fM-4 .- 1 -.4 1 ' 14 fl-I Sports - Sunlight i'lic'k4'rs oH'lh1- fivlri Callvd to mow-lm'nl now you run A swelling roar from thoso who wzllvh, who do not know who cannot sw - Thx- path you vhoosc' mm work no cllungv all lr-ad lo vivlory. Cross Countpf 1... . . '- k1:,z,f"'hf T i 'H iw ., V ' h www TIM SHAUB JON STRAYER 3 TUW ,545 Q .E 3 f My J G1 A I VVIC o - 8,6 .,:Y 0f . If r 2.ZAOu l ' Smw o Ji 5 gow ' R M M5 B l A 2 l , W X , ,A ' j L F' A lggg i . K1-4 , n J , . ' x5 rf 1 'ff , 'Wm N5 7 ' . . f??Qix iJ M Cross Country Team: lap to right, Row 3: J. Dillinger, M. Rhodes, C. Myors, "Bones" Donaloll. Row 2: A. Folloy, T. Shaub, P. Pm-rrinc, J. Strayer, Coach Reinhart. Row l: L. Minar, B. Ragen, K. Stone, M. Myers. 76 N Wz'ns Again 44- -.X ., - ,z ', S -- wma, swam X Coach "Smiley" Rcinhart Andy Follcy 5 'mf' -18.5-A W ".. z - f'1iq,f.v if v, - -VY4 l-59, - , 4---a ww mfvyfb . if' Tough opponents and an vxtrvinvly grum-ling sou son left the 1971 Stow Bulldogs with at 15-l-l rworfl Backed by seniors ,lon Straym-r, Tim Sliauli, and Andy Folley, the Cross vountry tvum 1-xliilrilvd typical Bull- dog dedication and spirit. With juniors Paul Pc-rrim-. Larry Minar, and Rogc-r Howard, and sophomorf- Gone Donatc-ll showbrl outstanding alrilitios and po- tential for the Stow Cross Country Tvain. ,lon Stray-r and Tim Shaulm worm' Stall- c'onlvmlur's. Larry Minar and Cone Donatell U 'rin A Q 4 iiiili L I i K t Q V3 'I' ' I ' A K, . "Q, ' 3: 'Tl I 'Y ,N ' ' ' f ' '- , ' w f '-Q Nix . -g gh X - , K w 3, V ., Ut- Q.-, W V fy-gf. it F4g,,,,' Liga ,, ., nf Y isa 'wif ' fag., , , Q w ,, . X , Aw - 0 V '1 W ' ' " - 5,52-1 W, v 'P nt V -v if 5 '11 'E' 1' . ' , , .zz if ' V il' t' 'V A ,. il. arg i ' ,V . Q "' - Q .Q ' ., ., ,wi "Vi -.TLJ-lx ,V H if ,tg , N ' ' w 1 isitlfjwgg-5? LL ESM I , 1, f352',""'i1', I -fi A Q QM. ,H WQQ , R, M, A 2 - K f ' sf ' .wt H so at 1. t a ,if . ,af in L 37.51-Vx ,ilvkgiibg-ny-gm ,,:. , M Y-. - , xx -glxrnggae fx if ,K-' in 'Y-.ti A.-.""wfV'?-,fi-.iv::fQ1'f2fi?9f35.i?799':l X 01 t gm -it-A ' N-3?'f"is?Za1, Varsity Football Second Efort The Stow High Bulldogs were coached this year by head roarh Dick Blake who was assisted by Coaches John Bueey. Viiiwtit Slentz, ,lames BOItCf'li and Darrel Williams. The football team lost its first two games to Youngstown fcity Champsl and Green fsuburban ehampsl only to come bavk to bt-at Norton followed by an exciting vit'- tory over Kent. The Bulldogs were then defeated by Springfield - a very damaging loss in thc rare for the Metro. Homecoming was a heartbreaking loss to Ellet by a bad call on the referees decision. The team then came back to beat Tall- madge and Triway. lt was a moral victory for Stow over Walsh as Stow was the only team to send Walsh into the locker room at half- time, losing. Walsh pulled through though, 16-lil-. Through the mud and tht- slime Ravenna defeated Stow in the last game. Jim Armstrong, Bill Wiggins, Don Greenleaf and Fred Smith made the all-Metro lst team. Don Greenleaf and Bill Wiggins were named most valuable player and most valuable back, respectively, at the awards assembly. Chi Back row: C. Bone, D. Clapsaddle, T. Tomayko, M. Currier, T. McCleary .l Tomayko L Wolfe D Wahl K Weingart C Stem 4th row C Myers, B. Ehrgot, K. Doloresco, B. Hannibal, S. Stricker, M. Segin S Leafgreen D Tanno G Smith P Glazier 3rd row T Smith R McMa hon, R. Coccozzo, D. Potter, B. Paynter, D. Lutz, R. Emahiser, T. Dabriski D Whitfield 2nd row G Folk J Armstrong C Schultz D McM1l len, J. Dolan, J. Maury, R. Raper, R. McDonald, J. Schrier, J. McCre1ght M Burns First row S Porter T Alexander T Moyer F Smith K Porter, P. Abernathy, B. Martin, B. -Wiggins, C. Carter, D. Greenleaf C Bone Captains M Ogelsby D Klein 'Wm Nnnf Many hours of hard practice pay oft' as Carl Hanson kicks a few field goals. As shown in the pictures above, it was near- death for Walsh as Stow taught the undo- featcd team what sweating is all about. Seniors: fle-H10 rightJ D. McMillan, P. Abernathy, J. Armstrong, J. Maury. J. Schrivr, C. Bom-. J. lVlCCreight, S. Portcr. J. Dolan, R. Rapcr, R. McDonald, D. Klcin. T. Alcxanclcr, D Greenleaf. J ,.. J A .,.1 - - ' f 'txgv f ' Zigi' 1 J f J AOP 'gf V ..... J THEY Stowgi .1.. if ..... av ' ' ,yy .. N V L. ., , . ... 128 P r-tir .... tsT?l1m?flg'? 1 Walsh A A .116 .ss A Ravenna 1 If A As always, the main function of any ,l.V. team is to prepare for the next C ? year by trying to gain experience and sharpen ahilities. The ,l.V. football . W 0 team ended their season with a 2-5 reoorcl. Lots of harcl work and spirit en- dured through thc Saturday morning games. 1, 1 F7 One unique feature of the .l.V. basketball team is that every man was his own captain. Jeff Carrlis found that this was not always enough guidance as U 4 4' he scored in the opponenfs basket. The team wouncl up with a winning sea- I 0 N... SOD. J. Vi Football asketball Row ls J. Garner. J. Quatraro, K. Powell, M. Witt, J. Cardis, L. Speas, B. Flavill, C. Sissler, T. Smith. Row 2: M. Long, D. Mareko, K. Fiveeoat, ,l. D'Amico, T. Elcher, M. Smith, B. Currier, M. Capezuto, J. Dulzer. Row 3: D. Spalding. T. Geopfcrt, D. MeClintick, M. Capps, S. Harris, ,l. Han- son, R. Phillips, G. Caskins, K. Hanson, S. Ptak, S. Wilgus. Row 4: S. Angelo, S. Roberts, M. Bonath, B. Adaska, C. Wise, M. Polichiceio, B. Stepp, C. Alder, K. Davis, D. Burtner. in " ' . V, - MXN ,sl .v 75 23 25 1 1 V A ,mmVV gp B i j V A , Z V I ' K K' "gg E' Q x K 1 ,.hA P . . .', " X 11 ' "' . D D 5 fm" -A KJ 2- !- ' N I f e "-1'i H i i t ift , A V qhkl A M .sn . D l " bY'A " fl ' ' EY- V. V,k K F, K K Mg., 1 .ig 7 W -ig l ssslsss fi l X - -s' f s ' sl ' fl' -T 5 l . , 1? so 2 l ' .L . f I s l 'G .,. kr' 1. .,- A Z L Aj, ., A I. X, f I -V L If , f-L, K E , " s - sn A 1A,A Q nlss E xp si L:,LL i AV V A l , VL q :,,,.LL.r 5 i Ai KA . 2 Q , . Y J.V. Basketball: Row I: G. Osman, D. Tubbs, K. Olson. Row 2: S. Roberts, D. Durnan, C. Kalman, S. Kleski, D. Rhodes ext Yearly Varszfy SPIDERMAN!!! Roundballers Bounce 82 "I knew those ballet lessons would como in handy some day." . . Into Trouble With only ont- returning lvttcrinan on tho lniskvtlmull tt-am this yt-ar, tha- team's main hantlioap was iricxpt-ricntzt-. Untlvr thc voavliing ol'1Vir. Willis Walker, thc team strugglvtl to an 8-10 ovorall rm-1-orrl and ll Mvtro rcvord ol' 3-9. Miko Morrow was thc toamis loading st'or1'rwllil1' Nivk Tr-lr-w got thv rv- bounds for thc- rounrllnallors. This year was Z1 Y'f'lJllillllIlgy1'Lll'TGI' thc Bulldogs will haw sewn mon rvturning as corripnrotl to only two this yvar. OPPONENT WE THEY WE THEY Roosevelt 57 66 80 52 Springfif-ld 45 43 39 62 Norton 51 59 63 62 Tallmaclgc 59 69 39 52 Ravenna 64 59 61 64 Ellet 50 61 49 52 Field 76 61 Firestone 64 53 Hoban 62 58 North 44 66 Walsh 82 63 "This one's for you, Mom." Canton CC 52 61 C5041 CNW 44 UM, at Uff' BTU!! s 13 gum Row 1: D. Klein, M. Morrow, G. Bone, N. Telew, D. Schnee. Row 2: B. Wiggins, G. Gula, B. Baer, G. Osman, D. Binklcy. Rogu 3: D. Oakes, S. Carnes, D. Tubbs, M. Csellman, Coach Walker. 83 1. .K-ffm, Team Spz'rz'Z and Ejjirt Get off my back!" Clase Wz'nnz'ng Ingredients fir Wrestlers "What are ya doin, tonight, honey Tvrvv. the tvain roiiiplvtt-il a wrv Stl4'l't'SSllll svason. Stow Grapplcrs prowfl tough voinpvtition on tht- rnats in thi-ir 1970-Tl svason. Stow linishml with a 10-2 tlual nivvt rovorml with livv wrt-stlvrs - Stou- Bliss, Larry Sullivan. lVlilw Wyszynski, Bolm Martin. and Fri-fl Sinith - going untlt-li'at4-rl to thi- lVlf-tro. Larry Sullivan, an outstanding st-nior wrvstlvr. took an inflivirlual lvagut- vrown in tht- Mt-tro tourntw as did Frml Smith. ln lln- sm-tionals. Stow plan-ml sixth with two tournanivnt vlianips - Sullixan anel Don Crccnlf-al. Cornpt-ting in thi- tlislrivt nim-l. the- tt-ani plat-ml sixth with Sullivan. lirst plaw: .lov Fronk. Don Crm-iilval'. Fri-fl Sinith. tliirtl plan-s, all quali- fying lor stato voinpvtition. ln C0lllIl1ltttS l'ortl1c'statt' rnvvt, Larry viitz-i'v1l tlw st-nii-linals antl plavml fourth. Unmlt-r tht- vxw-ptional roam-liing ol' .lann-s Put your arm down, tht: war's over! Row 1: B. Hamhel. F. Smith. D. Ark:-r, J. Jostfph. L, Sullivan, D. Crvcnleaf, M. Wyszinski, R. Eniahiser, D. Lutz. Row 2: J. Hanson, M. Lanipson D. Cravvn, M. Scgin, L. Spcas. R. Phillips. C. Bono, K. Pattcrson. Row 3: R. lVl1'Mz1nn, D. Clapsafldle, D. lVlt'Farlan1l, J. Cosivr, B. Hall. S. Louvks Ham' Work and EJQZVZ - Track '71 W , x ,,, V , wg, 4,5 Y J o 'ff H s 5, 86 "Put back that foam!" "I d0n'1 stop for nobody." "Snake!!!' "Get me! Stow Cimlvrmvn vmlvrl ll Sllt'1'4'SSlilll sm-usmi Iliis - only ll'Llf' clisuppoililiiiviil lin' llim' 1'lIl1llxl'IlH'Il was not obtaining llim- smisoifs niuin goal: winning lln- Nl:-lm. X-L The- c'inrlvrn1vn rain muvli lwltvr fm-1-mwlirig lo linim'J J J' lliun wlivn llw 1970 lmnn 4-arm-il lliv Mvlro. Many rworcls wvrv lirokvn zinml :ini-im' goals r'4'u1'li4'cl. 1 i 4, . - i , i .. 3 'kr T ?f---.m. W? ...S.- . ...LN-f WH-M 11.-M fm--0 ,mx-nm-1-vlan . ff ,-fmfwurf f tslnlnss ,. .Y - fywwf- -fvmqq-an-.-mu was . . -if Mg-Q.. -gnupg-wpquqgam .. efgex..- , , ,, , ..--11,1 , - , I "Move that bar!" Row 1: D. Klein, D. Cro:-nlvul', L. Minur, M. Km-lilcr. B, Hagen, S. Robvrts, B. Slepp, P. Paul. C. Bom-, V. Spm-as, J. Hanson. J. Slruyvr. Rnz1'2: A Folley, C. Myers, J. Svhrivr. C. Svlnizilw. D. Rllmnls, D. lVl4'Clinli1'lx, S. Lf-nlgrvn, D. Spalding, C. Sisslcr, L. Mallvo, B. Slllilll, M. Og:-Islay. Ruiz' 3 D. Tanno, G. Bonv. B. Rlimlvs. T. Bulwr. B. Mzirtin, D. Moorv, lVI. Myvrs. K. Cole-man. T. Moyer. P. Pvrrim-. Razz' 4: Cmivli D. R1'lIll'l2.lI'l, J. Dil linger, M. Dutton, T. Smith, J. Bull. C. Donntcll. K. Slunv, J. Bunin, J. Blcau, K. Fivccoal, Coach J. Boncck. 5. past war ln' smiling Iwo lmys lo llw stale- nie-1-l. Tlw iamondmen Look to New Year The baseball team did not linish as well as expected in spring at-tion, but Stowls all time best goll' team put it all together and lived up to the expeeta- tions of Coach ,luck Walker with their line perlornlanees. Although quite disappointed this season, the baseball tc-run is looking for- ward to next year's season. Experience will be u big llietorg three underelass- men, Scott Carnes, Gary Carter, and Bill Wiggans, were seleeted for the All- Metro Team. The Linkstersl strength lay within their strong nueleus ol' lour senior let- termen, Jeff Fleming, Mo Morrow, Don Sehnee and ,lerry Dolan who made the trip to state eompetition. The team finished fourth in state eompetition, and high honors went to lVlo Morrow and Jeff Fleming, 2nd and 6th in indi- vidual competition. Jeff was low medalist in the Metro, Ll match a linksters took in a sudden death play-off. - gif, Row 1: M. Long, D. Marcko, M. Segin, R. Lennington, A. Baggot, G. Carter, S. Carnes. Row 2 Coach Bob Harrison B Hambil B Wiggans J Kinnan, B. Hall, B. Kline, R. Nicholson, B. Paynter, T. Weiss. Row 3: T. Escue, D. Partridge, D Clapsaddle M Sehoonover M Burns S Kleski J. Bovington, L. Davis. 'num ak. Gay Team rives to States . K . , 1 Dig M 1:5 M me .M - 1 , 4, 4 t , -1 W . ,Q 1 ,gg x -,W ., J 1 ' , , D f . N ,,, - 'ff ' MM J ' -V . ,, M -Q2' 1 M 1. H li? . , 9 -W .f xx M ,1 Y . I-1 1 1 , '- nw may-3 .Ad ,, . X 1971 Golf Team: D. Schnce, J. Dolan, D. Mya-rs, M. Morrow, M. Bower, R. Haury, B. Bla-au, J. Fl:-ming, R. Moser, Cum-h Jack Walker "Let's go, Mom!" x.: 5 'L . J w Y WE THEY 89 "I-WE YA GOTTI-IN' QPlI2!T'?' ' This ymiifs Varsity' and ,lun Virsity m'iivvi'lm1mi4-is haw fiom imtastiv join. F1-w peoplv rvuim lIQl how muvli limv ami 4-Hiorl it llkcs lo prodiiu- Ll gum! squad and rv ul Slow am' Iwo oi' the lu Noi only rio thx-5' siipport liic lvim but the-y ki-vp lim spirit umiism-rl in thc fans as we-Il. Junior Varsity: flej? Lo rightp Karen Kovurs Cindy Jirous Barb Calm Teri McNary Cindy Piivasant - Captain Varsity: cl'l0l'lI1l31'S6', Lynette D,Amico Pat McClure Diane Robinson Beth Walker - Captain Eileen Ball Debbie Shepard UNDER CLA SSMEN feees WF development eeQQe'eeeee e , I , , ' mi , , M Underclassmcn - think on how il all hi-gins whcrv you start, likv cvvryoiu- wondering whvrv you'll go fcxvusv mc, Could you ti-ll mi- whcrr- Ihr- rvsl . . . are you sure this is whore I'n1 supposed lo be?J oh yesg wefrc sure - arc you? and when you're halfway through you ask yourself' if the world starts and ends in school . . . where are you now? - who aw you? who knows for curtain? fthink again pcrhups you 410.5 Bolt Adaska Gary Alder Dale Allison Howard Allison Mary Altivri Alan Anderson Debbie Anderson Linda Anderson Suv Annis Karen Arlen Leonard Artini Karen Auckland Candi Aurand Clark Aurand Andy Azzarella Ann Babos Pat Bailey Patty Bailey Lee Bain Diann Baker Jean Baker Keith Baker Rick Baker Jeff Ball Mark Baumgarclner Mike Barkis Jeff Barlow Candy Barneli Angie Barrington Dave Baxter Wayne Beck Alan Bender Peggy Bennett Gregg Bergfeld Sandy Berthelot Marie Biasella 94 Sophomores qv-N S vile I a. : ' 3 E 'ffm J ' L ll4i,: s s All for sophomores stand up and holler! l ,,. it g.'N .Q -r g? 'ezig f ,-,,, .2 K ,iiy --ytt g 51' xt.,,, . s ff' .fr Q 'I 5' fm r ' if 'ix ' ,VX r Ji r Q ?, I I X fl' ,s 1 , I-if ,.. -112111: X ,- 1 v an w M he r or a ii y on i ' f y y , 'I 'Q . C, , N: .Z- .. nu, Bill Biggs Susan Biggs Bob Bingham Bonnie Binns Terry Birdsong Carol Bisson Cheryl Blanchard Mark Blevins ,lim Bliss Ron Bliss Martha Blowers Kathy Boulner Alford Boggotl Maria Bonacci Rick Bonath Craig Bone Debbie Borden Karen Bose Pam Bose Sue Boslic Marlene Botzman Barbra Boughton Roger Bourgeois Bruce Bovington Bob Cassidy Faith Cox Carol Craven Terry Crosier Andy Csonka Doug Currie-r Connie Curry Bill Cutright Mary Ann Czech David Dailey Mike D'Amico Karen Davidson Keith Davis Dennis Dawes Richard Dawson Fred Delaney Steve Derr Janet Dcsko John Dillinger Nanette Dimoff Sharon Dobbins Dave Dodd Judy Dolan Sally Dolbow Gene Donatell Cathy Donze Jim Dougherty Genevieve Dugan .lohn Dulzer Terry Dunning Steve Dunlon Roy Durieux Dave Durnan Debbie Eaker Jack Edwards Nancy Eichenlaub Mitch Emahisor Tim Eskew Tom Etcher Debbie Evans Dave Farinacci Ted Faris Wayne Finnegan John Fisher Lana Fitzpatrick Karl Fivecoat Bob Flavel Jim Fletcher John Flower Pam Flower Libby Foley Linda Foringcr Julia Foster Mary Foster Michelle Freeman Terry Freeman Marvin Fry Jeff Fuelling Ruth Gable Gary Gaskins Dave Genda Tom Geopfert Terri Gerhold Pat Gesslcr Roxanne Gibson Amy Gilcrest Kim Gill Willie Gillis Bottoms Upl e best part of her day. J K ll .lohn Gossett Chuck Cougler Bruce Graham Teresa Graves Janet Creenhorn Shawn Greenleaf Tim Haas Balint Hadcr Bob Hahn Robert Hahn Tom Hale Rex Hall Larry Halpin Jeff Hanson Karl Hanson ,lane Hardesty Kathy Harlen Chris Harrington Steve Harris Gail Hasenyager Clarence Hathaway Jan Hau ry Bonnie Hawk Dennis Hawthorne Jeff Heiner John Heinl Doris Heintz Sue Helton Joyce Henkel Rick Herbert Bill Herdien Jenny Hermanson Linda Hersman Penny Hilditch Pam Hill Marge Hilyer Kim Hollabaugh Jeff Hopkins Michelle Horak Shirley Hovey Debi Howe Art Huber Steve Hughes Terry Hunka Jim Hunt John Hunt Edie Huntsman Regina Hylton Debra Ingram Roberta Janes Rick Jarvis Jonine Jenkins Cynthia Jirous Elvin Johansen Cheri Johnson Jeanne Johnston Carl Jones John Jones Robert Jones Doris Jordan Lynn Joseph Rick Joseph Craig Kalman Sheree Keller Lynda Kelso Glynis Kesler Cyndy Kidwell Cary Kimes Jeff King Tom Kingsley Mark Kleinhans Steve Kleski Mark Kneran Gail Knight Randy Knight Libby Koch Pam Koshar . WH. , ik .- Xian? i N , -.',,.,--:- :L . XM tgw XM ' ' i . PZ V 3 4, X-N lg E K i .. 55 1 f '1 Hai Q - A peaceful Pep Rally 3'1- x i 'N , Heidi Kral Rosey Kral Vicki Kuglin Don Lacgel Dave Lane Mark Lane Mark Lantc Julie Lawler Connie Lawson Ronnie Lawson Sheri Leafgren Rick Leonard Carol Leonardi ,lim Lloyd Judy Lockhart Margaret Lohrer Bob Longville Steve Loucks Scott Lovgren Sue Lower Gary Lukens Sandy Lupo Dennis Lyherger Dave Lyngholm Paul MacNcil Mike Madcr Brenda Mangum Fred Martelli Linda Masladonna Gregg Mattson Jeff Mattson Greg May Donna Mayfield Bob McArthur Bonnie McCaskey Joan McCaskey Mike McClellon Dennis McFarland Steve McIlwain Brenda McKnight Rick McMahon Linda McMillen Debbie McQuiston Melanie Menhorn Sue Mertz Nancy Mesereau ,lacki Miller ,lanet Miller Ken Miller Shirley Miller Vicki Miller Mike Millham Carol Mills Randy Mills Stacey Mills Steve Minar Kim Minto Tom Mitchell Joen Moffat Rose Mollohan Randy Momeith Karen Morris Bob Mosey Terry Muckensturm Chris Mueller Leslie Mueller Paul Murphy Brian Murray Cliff Myers Karen Naquin John Neidert Yvonne Nestor Rick Neveadomi Cathy Nist Don Oakes Connie O'Neil Debbie Oros I00 Margi Pappano Mike Parker Everett Partridge Kevin Patterson Kim Patton Pat Paul Mark Perkins Mark Perkins Diana Pesich Chris Petrich Louis Petrone Tom Peyton i t 'M Q 4, . 'jf 3 g is 'Uv is 'E' 1 :XR ,, s 5 1, F.. I ,, sift .s ff' Kgff' il J 33? 7, P? ff' Y.. Kenny Phillips Rex Phillips Russ Phillips Scott Pittman Mike Polichiccio Lynn Porter Melia Porter Michelle Post Vicki Powell Linda Powers Sue Prentice Todd Price 1.- Stan Ptak Connie Pugh Larry Purdy James Purk Bob Ragan Connie Ramey Jill Ramsey Brenda Randall Linda Raper Gary Reynolds Maryy Rhoades Pam Rhoads Debbie Rice Jeanine Richards Debbie Riley Laurie Riley Steve Rilling Bob Roberts Steve Roberts Tim Roberts Randy Robison Joe Rose Mark Ross Linda Rothackei Richard Ruggles Marianne Rush Tell 'em Barnaby says hello. i - 35:,,, We are the lollipop kids? V: t They told me Spiro Agnew was coming to assembly but I didn't be- lieve them. sm 3,465, 3,466, 3,467 . . . Choosey mothers choose Jiff. Jim Russell Esther Ryan Karen Ryan Peggy Saffel Carolyn Saviers Steve Saxe Suzanne Schegel Carl Schmader Tim Schmitt Brent Schneider Mark Schneider Martin Schneider Todd Schneider Dana Schoonover Mike Schoonover Ed Schultz Cindy Seaver Joyce Segin Debbie Sell Karen Sharp Barbara Shepherd Sue Shoe Rick Shore Karen Siciliano Cindy Silliman Solbhs lbperclasses v Sophomore-s showed Stow High that a concern for the less fortunate combined with Class spirit results in an overwhelming number of cans. The Student Involvement Corps sponsored the first can drive at Stow High with the underlying theme being Class competition. After the drive was completed, over 5,000 cans were collected, the sophomores contributing the most. . . . "--- qrzjjlig . ' lf " h it Q f -' '- - 5 W "1 :3"Zi..f':f l fm f ffirf i ' vin A I Q V:-if ,VM We UN ' A ' HC? f-'f', 1- K E '-591' A ' 1 'Y t Heh, heh! The bomb is set to go off in three minutes! 4 And then you stand like this until you see all sorts of groovy colors. X 1' R - 3: X If li 3 7 ' l 5 L Vx 4 l 1 ' x Tell Mr. Tyree l want to see him, now! Sandra Simmers Dianna Simmons Craig Sisler Candy Smead Cheryl Smith Debbie Smith Jenny Smith Libby Smith Steve Smith Susan Smith Terry Smith Paul Soha Richard Sparrow Vance Speas Rick Spicer Gary Sponseller Dennis Stacks Steve Stahl Call Steedman Rick Stephenson Bill Stepp Ruth Sterling Kim Stone Ellen Strickland George Strunk Debbie Sullivan Edward Sumego Gail Sunthimer Karen Suler .leff Swaebly Linda Swain Janet Swanner Mike Swanson Debbie Swartout Marty Sweidel Patty Taylor Gary Thomas Betsy Tidd Dave Tisdale Tim Tomayko Natalie Townsend Diane Uitto Dave Valentine Joyce VanlVleter 6 . X : ,zxgzrisi as f X Q R J i .ara M ..-rglfrf 'N Ll i gil A 'MX -X I fl 5 Q 1 lll X l 3 x Debby Vatovec Jeanine Vinciguer Audrey Vogel Allen Voirs Merilee Wagner Terri Wagner Mary Kay Walker Sandra Wartko Susan Wartko Jean Watrous Barbara White lim Wickiser Linda Wiggins Mary Wilkinson Mary Beth Wilson Keith Wingarrl Sally Winters Chuck Wise Tom Wise Eric Witt Bridget Wood Dennis Woods Jerry Woolsey Ned Worcester Jill Wright Lureen Wright Duane Wyckoff Cary Wylie Phil Yacovazzi Rick Yanito Mark Zimmerman Margi Zohn 107 Jeff Barlow Bonnie Binns Carol Bisson Jane Braddom Mary ,Io Brexa M me Sophs Bill Hissam Mary Beth Horning Billie Jones Randall Knight Elizabeth Koch Pat Mallon Donna Mayfield Michelle Post Cindy Prochnow Dennis Rhoads .lanet Robinson Susan Wartko Tom Watkins Ned Worcester Mark Zehnder I0 "My chauffeur is waiting, so if you peasants don't mind . . ." 0 Junior class officers: Torn Moyer, presi- dentg Karen Kovacs, vice-prcsidentg Sue Karadin, secretary: Joan Deibel, treasurer. "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here ". . . and somebody said Mr. Van Cilder is . . ." running for President next year!" union' iv I wonder who's kissing her now? Juniors have got to be the best be- cause sophomores are just on thc way in and seniors are on the way out. - W Cochran 5 John Alldridge Marg Alleman Linda Allen Jeff Amburn ,Iulie Anderson Richard Andrea Steve Angelo Tom Archer Martha Askew William Badgley Butch Baer Marianne Banweg Dot Bard Kenneth Barnhart Jeffrey Barr Pat Barrett Cindy Barth Dave Baumgardner Terrance Bean Barb Beckley Chick Beckley Dave Bell .lan Bell Doug Benjamin Chris Bennett Kevin Berry Steve Biggs Duane Binkley Bill Bleau Sharon Blust Bert Botzman Beth Bovington Mark Bower Sharon Boyles Joyce Branham Karen Brant Elaine Brick Reatha Brick Nancy Brockett Gary Brown Randy Brown Linda Brubaker Margoret Brutoczk Steve Burger Jan Burkhardt Dave Burtner John Buzaki Barb Calco Debbie Caler Tom Cameron Pennylee Carl Bill Carlyon Scott Carnes Cindy Carr Gary Carter Valerie Castelhano 'II2 Y . ,SK- Psi A seductive pose for the photographer. Rick Cocozzo demonstrates his contempt for cafe- teria food. 1 1 -Q'-1 sims Jaffe '5 Nfiii. '7- L' Ya A xxx , L X .3 . t 'Sv , N in t 1 t A Na s., -,. . R is , . " f Mary Cawley Steve Chamberlain David Childs Ann Chopard Barb Chrisman Mary Chronister Linda Cingle Sue Cirullo Tracy Clause Rich Cocozzo David Colbert Karen Cole Kevin Coleman Mark Collins John Colotto Gretchen Combs Terric Conrad Barb Cooke Judy Coplin Sandy Coralola Michael Corathers Mark Correia Jackie Cottrell Sharon Craft Richard Craven Diane Crock Linda Crookston Mary Crookston Arlene Dahl Bill Dain Lynette D'Amico Vern Daugherty 'I13 Teleka Davids Larry Davis Mary Daymonil loan Deilwl Sue Deist Tom Delaney Dan Demaree ,lon deMeza Dorelta DeMoss Deborah Derbfuss Tina Desko Sterling Dewey Jill Dillinger Lee Ann Dipierro Pam Dixon Tim Dodd Keith Doloresco Barb Donatell Terry Drabinski Michael Dubelz Dona Dugan Mike Dunton Rex Durieux Peggy Durlcee Ed Durst Barry Ehrgotl Don Ellesin Connie Elmer Laurie Eisaman Peggy Emahiser Rodney Emahiser Vickie Engleharl Dwight Ernsberger Chris Estes Ray Ficere Beverly Fleming H4 N l 7 1 if X m ini?- 5 3? 'N "Wanna fight about it, kid?" Paul Fletcher Gene Folk Vickie Ford David Freshwaters Vicke Fritz Kathy Fry Richard Gabel Rodney Gahring Phil Gallo Jerry Canoe .lim Garner John Garner Jon Gipson Phillip Glazer Thomas Gless Paul Graca ,Ianine Graham Gary Graver Steve Gray Sue Gretsinger Fran Griffiths Linda Grimm Mike Grogan .lerry Gron William Gron Mark Gsellman Greg Gula Valentine Haas Mary Habyan Debbie Haley Robert Hambel 'IIS Jeff Hanna Frank Hanson Fred Hanson Vicki Harden Mike Hardy ,lanel Harris Linda Harris Julie Harry Dave Hartung Jim Harwood Mary Hauenslein Deb Haughl Sharon Hawkins Roger Heinl Carol Helms Bobbi Hendershot Linda Hendricks Mary Henlerly Diane Hermann Debbie Hickey Marsha Hill Teddy Hill Darlene Himler Clyde Hoffman Carrie Hoke .lohn Holley Marybeth Hood Roger Howard Mike Hummel .lames Hyde Harry Hutch Terri Hutson 6 We Momma mia! One of Stow's many experts on spicy meatballs. 1971 was a vintage year for or ange pop. K ll' jx lag ,l 'ay 1 WX XX 'P' iff W e 2 ' l . fl R e 1i, f A L .x . . in.,-it nother 'YQWIY fir: 1 ri Y intl Russ Iona Dennis Irvine Tim ,Iahlonslci Tom Jablonski Becky Jacoby Lynn ,larretl Martha Jarrett David Jensen Natalie Jensen Don Johnson Margie Johnson Sue Jones Debby .lunius Cathy Kaczmarezy Sue Karaclin Richard Kenny Darlene Knight Daniel Knipp Margie Koch June Kopp Charles Korb James Koshar Kenneth Kramer Dave Kreh Dennis Lain Paulette Lainpson George Lance Mary Lancli Judy Laney JoAnn Latimer Jim Lawrence Steve Leafgreen Tom Leffel Ron Lenington Bob Lewis Vicki Lewis Dennis Lindstrnm Tim Linnen Bud Listar Pat Little Jn Anne Long k 'H 7 Julia Long Mike Long Rick Loree Greg Lucien Steve Luke Don Lutz Tom Lyon Colleen Mallon Dave Marko Bob Martin Mark Martin Linda Martof Teresa Matuska Larry May Nancy May Joanne McBride Dennis McClintick Becky McCormick Debbie McCrackin Kathy McCreight Carolyn McCumbers Paul McElroy Debbie McLendon Debbie McMillen Teri McNary Rhonda McPherson 'l'l8 X . ..... 4 ,S i J.. . .- 9- X f Barb Calco prepares to hurl an ancient curse at our intrepid photographer. "Of course my mother knows l'm hero - ilocs vours?" as A Cl:-n Mihal Larry Minar Ernie Modugno Mi, F. L Wil -' ' i , , ,f if ' wx E X l ' W ' r f f1:?1' , 'X -zeygsza. 'V I , ,g 6 'Yr , ' 'U' . t 7 A I ' 5 ff It M arg: ?.1 - -- V ,, l : 'M la Lucinda Moffatt ' N ..' ,, ,ii f f Sue Monlonev Wi' l l' V 97 i X im. -QM 51 , EIT' MNTSCHFZU Ann Moorv ,,,, Q, 9 . .. , ., Bruce Miclrllclon ' M - ere I organ ' Y fig x Bev Millar f Tony Morgan ' Randy Moser Dale Moughlcr Tom Mover "You woulcln'l BELIEVE thr- night I hacl last night!" Helen Mullin Diane Murphy Don Myers Mark Myers K., Emp , ,. 1 of Y' Y i g mga Haig ,,,. L ' QQJ f Q r M . ' ip NA' 'rl " Y I 1 To Q nm , . VV AK- if j H gt 1 TB: I . 8 vii Q3 , ..k""w Lk if Richard Nash Nancy Naugle Georgia Nestor Sharon Neumann Richard Nicholson Claudia Nist Debbie Nitzche Jim Nitzche Dianna Oblisk Kyle Olson Gary Osman Vickie Pack Lee Parks Drew Pastor Barry Paynter Debbie Pedigo Betsi Perrine Paul Perrine Denise Pesich Sharon Petrosky Diane Petti Cindy Phesant Lisa Pile Leslie Porter Don Potter Kevin Powell Ron Pressdee Bill Price Mark Priest Debbie Ptak Dawn Pugh Leslyn Pulcini Roseanna Pulcini Marleen Pursley Jeff Quatraro Cindy Raffath Mark Ragle Joan Rankin .loe Redford Robert Reetz Charlie Ricketson Donna Rinella Larry Ritchie Joe Roach Nona Roberts Rita Roberts Jeff Robinson Connie Rogers Steve Romesberg Diane Rossi Debbie Ruddle Ruth Ruggles Debbie Sager Bev Sandaffer Gene Schmader Cathy Schroeder 120 They may not be much of a chorus line, but at least tht-y've got cute knees. Deborah Svhulman Gordan Schultz Randy Seiber Jeff' Seibert Pamela Selzer Amy Semonin Gail Shatrick Debbie Shepherd Don Shreffler Bill Smith Diane Smith Carlin Smith Pat Smith Tulley Smith Gary Somerville Dan Spalding Lance Sptfas Dale Sponseller Beth Ste-in Sheree Stiwaltl Larry Stonu Laurrie Stone Sallie Storms Mike Stricker Steve Strittker Tammy Slropt: Katie Strunk Paula Stubc Kathy Stutzmun Pat Styles Douglas Sutter Debbie Swaebly Pebble Tackett Caren Talbot Darrell Tanno 'I21 Bruce Taylor Don Tegarden Mike Testa Diane Tharp Jim Thompson Karen Thompson Laura Thorwrlyke John Tidd John Tighu Jim Treat Debbie Tron Mark Trowbridge Chris Ulrich Carol Urban Mike Valentine Dennis Vallen Linda Van Meter Kay Van Ripe-r Coanne Virginia Ann Von Gunten Sherry Wagner Dick Wahl Tim Walker Gail Walling Bonnie Waltenbaugh Lynn Waltz Pam Waltz Connie Warren Roseanne Wartko Dawn Wayda Karen Whitley 122 Bill Wiggins Steve Wilgus Dennis Williams Bleaughhli! Ron Williams John Wilson Sue Wilson Debbie Wine Mike Winney Terri Woods Dave Wright ,lean Wyckoff Mike Yurosky Marti Zollinger .Ion DeMeza, staff photographer, demonstrate-s the versatility ol' tl Yearbook staff. un ZOU Today Slow High - Present - CMz'ss zmmy 'J 124 TS tomorrow Broadway. f Q4 if Ji 'A A The trials and tribulations oi' be-ing a star. I will NOTd0 a nude scene. ang Are you sure Liz and Richard got slurlm-ml this way? MISS JIMMY - CAST Barry Paynlcr as "Miss liminf' Marsha Hill as Louise Meredith Morgan as Harriet Lynn Jarrett as Doris Roger Howard as Professor Frazier Jeff Hanna as Droopy Rose Ann Wartko as Florenrr- Colleen Mallon as Cath:-rinv Debbie Hickey as Miss Watkins 132' af I xx .97 5, I .X ,,, X Hg DIRECTOR - Mr. Larry Hr-inl STUDENT DIRECTOR ,li-anne Lindstrom Adm N. -M. A -.. 25 6 E IOR - aces 0 leadershzlb .- w f .X Q if 'Nil 2 I f Hx 4' Seniors Q The final year slrvams lay, you stop to i'm-inoinbi-r what il moanl to voniv here first - younger and afraid, uncvrlain of what would follow . . . the world is larger now did it grow around or from within you? . . who can say? 7 I came from a childhood of curtains, tugging at them curiously, antmg to look through the windows which they hid. Then I became a mall and suddenly the curtains were gone, leaving only windows world and I. Through those windows I learned the joy of the the fear of the storm. I watched the changing of the seasons with them. Soon I began to long for the day when I would go to become a part of this vast thing we call the human world is wider and I am smaller. For from this day for- no more windows - only doors yet unopened and bridges Paul Abernathy Donald Acker Dave Adams Anita Adclman "Mr, VanCilder said that?" "Another craick like that and you're through." Timothy Alexander Dennis Altieri Joyce Arnlung Janet Anderson 'I2 Y , K 7 fThe photographer swears this wasn't posed, but wc have our doubtsj Joy AHdCI'SOH Nwxbn' William AHd1'CSS JHITIGS Armstrong Kathleen Austin Rebecca Baker S003 Baker Thomas Baker Eileen Ball Mary Ann Barton 0 'TIS : Florence Batter Sandra Baumgardner Marilyn Beane Frederick Beaty Kathy Austin and Peggy DeNiro make like Grecian beauties. Randle Bi!-dsgng Barbara Blanchard JOS6ph Bleau Judith Bliss Steven Bliss . . and someday, if you're a good little girl, we'll let you sit at a desl-il" Alex Bobbs Gary Bone Virginia Bgtzman Gregory Boughton Douglas Brackett Gary Brannon John Brutoczky Mark Budnick ,Manx nr- Stephen Burgan I' Dian Burke Marsha Burke Pamela Calaway Billy Caldwell Pamela Carlyon James Cassidy Cynthia Castelhano Nancy Chronister Pamela Clark "What do I do now? Paul Clark Dale Clause Pamela Coble Larry Cole 1- l ,fqftfvi qv'1't'9' Carol Collihgwood Ann Cook Lou Ann Cook Richard Crady The spo0n's stuck." 9:31 if- Margaret Crookston James Crosby Deborah Crosier Patrick Curry 'H 13- I ' My 1' 13 6 5 O KO . , or - , v ,..-anal! Becky D'Amic0 n - if l., 2 I .... t .H ' , X , , , , -hw,,-. John Daugintis Carl Davies William Davis Study is the root of all evil. Catherine Davis It won't hurt, will it? Sherrie Davis W ,gf N,,,MAv vu fig We V X Qjjgfwe -mm, f it-Q , 2 rw ,, Ve 'Y , ef A '7 ' j,5K T f 1 X I l m ff, Q Jack DCLGO Tracy Dcnholm Pfiggy DeNiro Caught in the act of defacing school property! fxiix 2 K 23321 wa-pg xii: fig Q bi' sy 'Q xg 5, Terrill Dillinger Susan Ditzler X M ku mm .W WH igfstf, f We 233 Nw. J? 'i,5,'H4Jba- 2 QQ K Www Www' -. -- X F i ' - ' . J' . '- i ii' rf'i,lf4ge ' - '- ff ' 'tv '- " 'ff' we , W, V- .. fe , ,M 137 of Constance Doerman Gerald Dolan .ludith Dolbow Donna Dolson Rebecca Douglas Kenneth Dowler Mary Virginia Duckworth Debra Duncan Theresa Durkee Mark Durst Carol Ellis Ronald Estes ,ww-"" L Pat McClure demonstrates yet another way to stop hall trullic. sl" 159' if Delores Falkenstein RGNC Falll Virginia Faris Jeffrey Fleming Debra Fischer Lee Ann Fletcher 'ihgb 1 "Why clidn't anyone tell mc the library got this muggtzint f 9 40 "They're queer! They're queer N .-nu. JF.. 4-Tw, r""' I w hiding out from one of the numerous fire drills Andrew Fgllgy I 1 i Kathryn Forest C: , if 3 QE TLf""x. Janice Forsyth Sally Frase Louis Frost , Y 1 . x w 'S A f i Michael Gaskins David Gillespie Evelyn Clazer Patricia Godshalk had Anna Goff Margaret Goodell Marcia Gopp DOfl3ld Greenleaf Claudia Grigshy Jacqueline Cuinn Elizabeth Hader al' 42 Janet Halcomb Richard Halcomh Lucinda Hale Steven Hale William Hall www, 'S , f Qdiw ia-'a::':r-' xg Fwy! 'vs-Lk, 4- , AVL, :V "-4' , 4-'wffw Dennis Hanni Elizabeth Hardc-sly Konnie Harmon Rent? Faltz, 1971 exchange student, models the headgear of his native land. 432. . ,,i4 1 'HSV' Richard Haury Constance Hefflcy 'I4 Q'-af Q39 Timothy Hendrix Richard Henkel Ruth A -QP""99' 'nt"""""P rm Hereford EN , ,- V131 or 44 X ' .digg 4- 1 , 51: A "Hey, you! Pass the peanut brittlef, Debra Hirschbiel Michael Hill Peggy Hoke Beverly Holzer David Howard 44 Cynthia Hupp 1' If the driver hits one more corner like that, we're all deadf, Roby Hyllml James Irwin John Jackson Kathleen Jacoby .lHm6S Jarvis 46 Mwawmsmwvt g51y,5,ttm, -A H Wm " ww ,,,f,.g1 w'f,.,,, ,, ,,, ' 'M'wmmrf-'H-vwmr4i4.5Zf+?:A'ZWm'-7'-44w....4,:fe p:w,1.- ,.,,. .. K "N 'N - -f , ,, .ygwwyngr H , , , , ,,, lr .,.,..w, . ff-- ' """-4--s....,,,,,w ,,fwW,,4m5 An unusually attentive class. David Jenkins Deborah Johnson .lohn Jones Jeffrey Joseph Constance Keller Deborah Keller Bettie Kelley Jon Kinnan 1201! PMN' Flc.Kuf iw' The "Ladies' Tuesday Night Sewing Circle," better known as The Flying Bambinos. David Klein Qu y iw we yt Sq 'E if as-Fiik 4344 . ., t , ,gg N . g'AL'fq:my4fu.d 'lv.w5'1U. ' 1 1+ 5 M y ' - ft A 55-5 if :gf -'W I gin L :gt - - QW ' NK 1 59 mr B5 wiv Matthew Koehler Susan Koesterer ROH21ld K0lai Ronald Kral SUSHII KFCSS Disgusted dismay: what's been living in the knitting bag besides yarn? 147 48 Allan Krothe We-nv Susan Kuehner Margaret Laegel A pompous senior addresses his fellow Americans . . . whether they're lis tening or not. Daniel Lange Bruce Large gn-haodib' 1 Vickie Lea ftomorrow the world?j Randy Lilly Jeanne Lindstrom Marivene Lisl Willard Livingston 'I49 50 Ann Loar Thomas Lockhart Susan Loucks Kfillhlffyfl Luke "I didn't know Cosmopolitan had foldoutsf' Susan LUPO Mary Lutz Gail Maass Philip MacNeill Briana Marion QAQN 45, Pamela Mascio Brenda Massi Louis Matteo and Carfyl May Don't worry, sonnyg it's what's inside that counts. Patricia McClure Marcia McCormick John Mcflrcight 'ti Sze. Gilbert Mattson V ,,-, J ,, rf i TX f a , . f - r . . Q 1 in 5 SL V Q Christine May Libby McCum bers ,,. fm'YWa"'a,,wE . ' 7 ff? if iirr ' - M t 'rr , 'ix' M M F' ri f5V?Ytaga - . 5 . - :r,?5"fd.L-2 .fp - , 'T 3, 1 . i, 25 bqpv ,M ww QC "' Roddy McDonald Marjorie Mclnerney Catherine lVlclVlillan Donna lVlclVlillen Richard lVlclVlillen Wilma Messcr Jill Mettler Gail Miklic Marianne Milec rw if N 1 ,'1.:l -K P, .,.1 uw YQIBSWWS 1525519 ' T' . ' .HL 14 Y. f . uf ffm 5.1-:,-1,:.'4:.,f-: f ,t H . 5 E TP ' Jazz- .. Q - 1 --'.'2if!f"2:-ft: f-if T 1 1'l'!f:f Y . ..., F Q z . ' '155:ZS:?Eff:5fE5E?51f2-155'fliiii'55, 'f'5g:22fX. cgi 5 Q. P- Sw Qwqpffil Regina Miller Richard Miller , nip A -vw' Paul Modreli Deborah Momlugno Diane Moinette Sherry Molnar f ig i 54 -'MQ' wzffil' Randy Moore Michael Morrow Geoffrey Mowery Mark Mullaly Joseph Mullin G0Fd0H Myers Karen Myers Tl10m21S Myers Vickie Myers Donna Nceley f guard '4""i ll 6' l -:,, 'Cb' Av Nancy Nl?l1g1'lJHLltfI' Shirley Neveadomi "Well, for goodness sake - Hello, sailor." 6 ,,..., . . , .Sk David Norcllie Joyce Nutter Christine Obarski MiChHCl OglCSby' 4-if-f Gretchen Pgsior Jane Patton Michael Paul Jeffrey Pziull Janey Pepper Michael Peters Pamela Pewlon Joanna Policicchio nwgv QZTTYY f fam ll . WWW Dianne Poolc Joann Porter William Prangv Steven Prochnow 451' -IW 54" Y""""7 'W 'rw Thomas Prochnow Diana Purdy Nancy Ragle Ernest Rang Randall Raper Alan Reboul ,lack Reichenbach Ray Rembold ,E an 7 Randall Render ,langue Rhoades Lisa Ridlc Mary Anne Riesterer .WW ,,,,A,,,h,,, ,,aV M WI A true knowledge of physics is a joy forever. Jamgg Riggs Margaret Rittman Dianne Robinson William Rose Carolyn Rossman NWN -4'-"' .N l""'TT'7 'R V z YY ww' ,ki 5 f N Bruce Rowland Dc-nnis Rush Paula Rushin james Ryan Linda Saffel "That damn post nasal dripln Andrew Saxe Douglas Sayers Renee Schafer ,Ianycc Schira w.....,.,,, 60 VF E qi--wi ...- Y. ,. I 9' fs :fur 'V N M' Carl Schnakg Donald Schnee The joy of being a senior. Barbara Schneider .l0lll1 SChI'iCI' Pamela Sell Renee Semonin David Shaffer Tim Shaub f'xx Rifhafd Shaw Jane Shoun Patricia Shuhert Earle Shustor Wi' it 4 2, 3 Q ff A M "Are you sure Tyree got his start this way?" Sam Simmer-man Robert Smead Bonnie Smith David Smith Pamela Shuman ijwtv 62 Janice Smith Lisa Smith George Solon "Excuse 'Cheryl Somerville Brenda Spalding Terry Smith Sharon Snyder 13, ,Alf but I'd certainly appreciate directions to the lady's lounge." Stephen Spear Virginia Spurlock 'WP' .1 gp-..t...,E, '-uw' Michael Stacks Regina Stalnakcr Nancy Stimler Calvin Stout NC Linda Stouffer Jon Strayer wil Diana Starr Clark Stein 'gl it W "Actually, I only wear this coat to impress my mother Lou Ann Strickland Lawrence Sullivan 'gpm- 64 Cathy Tzlllwl Nancy Suv Talko Clwryl Tc-gzlwlvll Nictlmlus Telew "See what happens whvn the levy failsln Susan Thomas Donald Tilwrio Calhvy Tildcn Luvincla TOWI1Sl'I1Il Dcnisr- Tron 'Q--.-...Y Danivl Ulm Sharon Limbaugh J I X I M I lX W Kgywww S W MW X W Z X X W1,13f, fififw FEYY Y 5,1 9, , W , y 'Y ---fV- ,WA W: 73 Q Q 557 ' 3i3gE2E? EZ ZZ X LV1 66 Elizabeth Walker .ar Xl ,rho 'wiv Patricia Walters Douglas Warren Barbara Yarbrough Ji' Donald White Janet White Sandra White 5 fx .-mfg Q,-' YNY' , "'sX New "0" Nl Chvryl Wickisfir Debra Williams Lawrcnvv Williams Wcmlie Wilson 'mil Q. QT '27 We'-wwxf Pamvla Winklvr Elizabeth Wise "See my agent for my autograph." Barbara Wqyggm Jeanm- Wood Keith Wood John Wwivvstvi' 167 68 'Q' Michavl Wyszynski Nancy Yanito David YHZVHC 9 X . . f , Q f Ch ristinc Zoh n in -J' Aa Q I sf ,QQ 1' 'if' ' I ' :Ki ev ig 1 4 ll 5 im -M 'W 3,1 'W f if , fi , ij! 1 rm 1 .I This 1,91 year's Senior Class ',,..,!' sd officers are Don Greenleaf, vice-prcsidentg Kathy Austin, trcasurcrg Jeanne Wood, sccrelaryg and Joe Blcau, president Jerry Adaska Larry Adaska John Albert Tom Allison Charlotte Arp Steve Ayers Ken Bain Debbie Barker Tom Barkes Dave Barnette Judy Baxter Don Blackiston Bob Bovard John Buekbee Marc Burkhardt Richard Carlyon Christie Cermak Richard Chambless Tom Christy Robert Clark Michele Conley Ann Cook Don Dannemiller Catherine DiCiammarino Ilene Dobbins Cary Evans Chris Falitieo Mike Finan Robert Fronk Tim Cleghorn Dwight Green Terry Evans Michael Groom Camera Shy John Hale Mike Harris Mare Haynes Sue Hiirner Jim lrvine Karen ,lones Ken Keller Pant Kilrnire Bill Kline Margaret Knipp Riehard Knerain Debra Knotts Riek Krausinan Debbie Kuhn Riek Kuhr Cheryl Linki- Gilbert Mattson Karen Menhorn Leslie Nliarka Maureen Millhani ,lerry Monroe Wayne Nagle Mike Naugle Mark Naylor Debbie Neugebauer ,lim Palmer Dennis Paradise Rick Pavesieh Torn Penberthy Vivian Pieree Kevin Porter Steve Porter Donna Presley Mary Lon Biehan Debbie Royyinsky Ken Boyyinsky L Clen Ryan Bon Ryan Vieki Saeliarske Billie Seibel' Sue Sen ard Terry Slialler Bob Sharp Pain Shtnnan Ken Shoe Bill Sias .lonathan Sit-iliano Biehard Sininiers Brenda Sours Virginia Spnrloek Leonard Stanley Kevin Slansberry Mike Steele Creg Tesnier Bandy 'llesnier Bob Thompson Beeky 'linrner Mike UIIllJOWt'l' ,lohn Vanhetloo Ted Vaughn ,loe Wagner Mike Wririrls Bob Walker Cary Workman lson 'I69 PAUL ABERNATHY: Football 2. 3. 4: 'l'rurlc 2. 3, 4-5 Varsity "S" 2, 3, 4-Q Christmas Furmal Es- cort 23 Homecoming Escort 4-5 Hn-Y 2. 4: Fun xs. Vandalism 4: Sophmnnre Class Vi n'1'- Prcsi- dc-nl, DON ACKER: Wrrslllng 3. 4: Vursily "S" 4: Hi-Y 4. JERRY ADASKA: Slurlvnl Couurll 2: Dl-LCA 4-Z Smhlun 3. 4: Min-ml Chorus 2. LARRY ADASKA: DECA 4. ANITA ADELMAN: Ski Club 2: 'l"vzm1lmr'k4-rs 3: Mix:-al Chorus 3. TIM ALEXANDER: Wrvslling 3: l-Umlhall 2. 3. 4. DAVE ADAMS: Ski Club 4: 'l'r:u-lc 2: .luniur Fund Raisvrs 3. DENNIS ALTIERI: Choir 3. JANET ANDERSON: DCT ll: 'l'4-:nnhnvkvrs 21 Mixed Clmrus 2. .lUY ANDERSON: Library Aillf- 2. 3: COE 41. BILL ANDRESS: Soccvr 2. 3. Capt. -L JIM ARMSTRONG: Wu-slling 4: Football 2. 3. 4: Track 3: Varsity "S" -1. CHARLOTTE ARP: Girls Tmvk 2. 31 Girls Vol- leyball 2, 3. KATHY AUSTIN: Ski Club 2. 4: Slunlvul Coun- cil 3, 4: Tr-ambackcrs 2, 3: CAA 2. 3: PTA 3. 4: Y-Tm-ns 2, 3. 4: Mixvml Chnrus 2. Choir 3, 4: Senior Class Treasurvr. KEN BAIN: Football 2. BECKY BAKER: Library Aide 4: 'l'4-:m1lmckcrs 43 Offlvc Aide 4-: Y-Te-1-ns 2, 3: .luninr Fund Rnlsurs. SCOTT BAKER: Mixc-ml Chorus 2. TOM BAKER: Trzwk 2,41 DECA 4. EILEEN BALL: SI-rl Club 2: S!uml1'nl Cnunril 2. 3, 4: Tvambavkvrs 2, 3, 4-Q GAA 2: Y-Te-ens 2. 3: NHS 3, 4: Christmas Formal :uh-mlun! 3: Fun vs. Vandalism 3, 4: Stohiou 3. 4: Girls' Stale- 33 Quill unzl Scroll 3, 41 'l'ri'M 3. fl: Chvcrleader 2. 3, 4-1 jr. Lozulvr ul Corumvnvr- mvnl and Ba 1'n'. 3 Mixed Chorus 2: Choir 3, fl: Junior Class S ufm' re-tary: Sophmuorc- Class Trvu- sun-r. DAVE BARNETTE: Bas:-bull 3. MARY BARTON: Office Aide' 2: Mixml Clurru- 2. FLORENCE BATTER: FSA 4. SANDY BAUMGARDNER: FSA Vic:--Prvsullml 4. MARILYN BEANE: Ofll l:i- Aide 3.4gl,u1in Club 2: Marching Band 2, 3, bl: Stage- Banrl 2. 3: Tri- M 3. FRED BEATY: Football 2. 3: Golf 2. 3. RANDLE BIRDSONG: K1-5 Club 4. DON BLACKISTON: Ski Club 3. JOE BLEAU: Ski Club 4: Cllvss Club 2: Slmlvnl Council Alternate 4: S4-uiur Class Play 4: Trark 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 2: Varsity "5" 2. 3. 4-: Hi,Y 43 Key Club 2, 3. Prrs. -1: Svuior Class Prusirlfenl, JUDY BLISS: Tvullxluwkvrs 2, -L, GAA 2: Y-Tvvns 2, Treasurrr 3. Vice Pr:-2-. -1. STEVE BLISS: Wrzeslling 2. 3. fl: Vursily "5" 3, 4. ALEX BOBB5: Hi-Y 4. CARY BONE: Slullvul Cuunril 2. 3: Football 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2: Yarsuy 2, 3. -1: Track 2. 3. 4: Hi-Y 2, 4: Fun vs. Vamlullslu 4: Buskvl- ball 2, 3. 4: Kvy Club 2: Suplfuulurrv Class Prvs- irlvnl. GINNY BOTZMAN: AFS 2: Mixml Chorus 2. GREG BOUCHTON: Ski Club 4: AFS 43 Lauin Club 2, Pres, 3, 4: Senior Class Play: NHS fl. Pres. 4: Slohion 2, 3, 4: Smanno 2. 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Junior Class Play: Prim-ipal's Arl- visory Cnunr-il 4: Drama Club 4: Photography Club Pres. 2, 3, 4. 170 GARY BRANNON: Wrestling 2, 3, 4: l" rnrv lball 2, 3: Varsity "S" 4: HLY 4: Slohion 3, L JOHN BRUTOCZKY: DCT 4: Hi-Y 4, STEVE BURCAN: Photography Club -L. DIAN BURKE: Omen Aids' 43 FHA Prvs. -L. MARSHA BURKE: Alu-mlunuu Offi 4'1- Ai1lv3.4. MARC BURKHARDT: Trzu'lx 2: Cross Country 2. 3, 4-3 Varsity "S" 2, 3: ASTP Tulnriul Pro- gram 3. 4. PAM CALAWAY: Slumlvnl Cnuurxl 3: Tvam- lnarkers 2, 3: FSA S :'1'. lx CAA 2: l.,uin Club 2: Y-Turns 21 Senior Class Play: NHS 3. rl: Trirflfl 3. 4: Mixvd Chorus 2: Choir 3.11. BILL CALDWELL: DCT 3, 4: So r-4':- r 2: Wren-- Iling 2: Trark 2: Bnsvball 2. PAM CARLYON: l.u1iu Club 2: lllzxrvhiug Baud 4: Squad Lead:-r 4: Clarins-l Choir 2. 3. 4: l.:1b Band 3. 4. RICK CARLYON: F :vti lball 3. JIM CASSlDY: DECA 4. CYNTHIA CASTELHANO: COE Pros. 4. NANCY CHRONISTER: YFC 2. 3. PAM COBLE: GAA 2. LARRY COLE: Marching Baud 2, 3, 4: P:-p Band 3. 4: Svhuol Publis-ily 2, 3. 4, MICHELE C0Nl.EY:Tvan1lm1k1-rs 2. 3, 41 NHS 3, 4. LOU ANN COOK: Library Aide 2: COE -1: Slu- denlC0um'il 3:Tr'amb:u'k1'rs 4: Y-Teens 4: Pm-p Band 2. 3: Mixed Chorus 2: Sloanno 4. RICK CRADY: Wrestling 23 Track 3. DEBBIE CROSIER: Mixwl Chorus 2. PAT CURRY: Chess Club 2: DCT 4: Murrlling Band 2, 3, 4. BECKY D'AMlCO: COE -L. CARL DAVIES: Milrvlling Band 2. 3. 11-. JACK DE LEO: Wrvslliug 2: Christmas Formal Escnrt 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Xlixvd Chorus 2: Chrur 3. TRACY DENHOLM: DECA 4: Hi-Y 2: Wrvs- tling 2, 3. PEGGY DE NIRO: Sluvlvnl Cuum-il 3: FTA 3, Trfras. 4: Teambavlu-rs 2, 3, Vi r't' Pr efs. 4: Ofliu' Aide 23 Y-Teens 3: Sluhion 3. 4. TERRY DILLINGER: at N. .l.: S4 iiir'.- r 3: Bnsm-. ball 2: Photography Club 3: au Shaw: Sur r'r- r -1: Hi-Y 4. SUE DITZLER: Sludvnl Cnuuvil 2, 3, 4: Tvuxu- bnrkers 2, 3. -1: CAA 2: Y-Twins 2. 3. rl: Christ- mas Formal Attendant 2. 4: l'lm11f-cunning zu- lvndanl 3: Mlxvll Chorus 2: Clmir 3. 4: Slolliuu 4. CONNIE DOERMAN: C-AA 3: FTA 2, 3: 'Vliw-rl Chorus 2: Choir 3, 4. JERRY DOLAN: Football 3, -1: C-ull' 2. fl, -L: Var- sity "S" 3. 4: Hi-Y Pre-sill:-ul 41 Christmas l"nr- mal King. DONNA DOLSON: Tr-arnlfzu-lwrs 2. 3: UNA 2. 3: NHS 4: Majuretles 3, llvaul ll-L AFS 3: Priuvi- pal's Arlxisory Council 3: Girls Vollvylmalll 2. BECKY DOUGLAS:S1mlruu Cbunvil 2: CAA 2: Teanlbarlwrs 2. 3: DECA -ll Mix:-ll Clmrus 2. KEN DOWLER: Mix:-cl Chorus 2. 3: Clmir -1. GINNY DUCKWORTH: Ski Club 3: DICCA Vi t'4- Prvs. 4: Junior Class Play: at Sain! llurfs: Slu- dcnl Cuunvil 1, 2: CAA 1. 2. DEBBIE DUNCAN: Stud:-ul Cuuuwil fl: l,uIlu Club 2: TPa1nbaclu'rs 21 Y-T01-us 2, 1: Slbamum 4: Tri-M 4: Mixed Chorus 2. 3: Cluur -1. MARK DURST: DCT 4: Chess Club 2: OWI-f 3: Basvball manager 2. CAROL ELLIS: AFS 2, 3, Pres. 4: FTA 4: NHS 3, 4: Slohion 3: Quill and Sr-rull 3, fl: Drzmm Club 3: Spanish Club 4: Scholar Srripl Emluur 4, RON ESTES: Chess Club 2: M.1rv'lliug Band 2, fl. GARY EVANS: Chess Club 2: lieu Club 2, fl: Biology Club 2. 3: al forms-r svlmul. TERRY EVANS: Clwss Club LZ: K1-y Club 2, 3: Biology Club 2, 31111 lbruwr svlmbl. DELORES FALKENSTEIN: 'l'v.unb:wk4-rs 2. ' .Y 4: FSA 4: Y-T iii' Hs 2. RENE FALTZ: Ski Club -1: S 1ii'1'i- r sl-: AFS 1: Stu, llvnt Couuvll -ll: l"r1'm'll Club -l. ClNNY FARIS: Marching Bzlurl 2. 3.1gCun r'n' rl band 2. 3, Il. LEE ANN FIETCHER: l,ibr.m Aulv 12. 3. l: AFS 2, 3, 11-: NHS 4: Tri-M -X: Mixml Chorus 12: Chair 3. 1: Spanish Club L. JEFF FLICMING: Gull' 2. 3. -lg Yarsilv 2. 3, 4. ANDY lf0l.Ll:1Y: Chvss Club 2: lli-Y L:Slud1-nz Cnuuvil Vi r'z' Prus. 4: luuin Club Yi r'4' Pr:-s. 3: NHS -1: Travk 2. lnpl. 3. -1: Cross Cuuulry 2. 3. -1-: Varsity "S" 2. 3. -l: l"rf'nn'b Club l: Chris!- ruus Formal Es:-url -lg llurm-mnuug --smrn " .l. K-ly Club 3. -1-1 Fun xs. Vzuululislu ll. JANICE FORSYTH: Nliu-rl Chorus Z. SALLY FRASE: Ski Club 3: T1-uxuln:u'kvrs 2. 3. 4: GAA 2, 3: Y-T r'4'r ls 2, 3, -l-3 Slulliuu 3. pzxgl' vclilor 4, JOE FRONK: Wrvslling 2. 3. 1: Tr:u'k 3. 4, Yur- sily "S" 3, 4: Hi-Y 4. DAVID CILLESPIH: Football 2: 'l'r1u'k 2: OWK 2. 3. 4. EVELYN CLAZER: Nlarvhing B.lu1l2. 3.1: llvp Baud 4-3 Con -'e' rl Band 2. 3, l: Junior Class Play. PAT CODSHALK: T1-aml izir' lu-rs 2. 3. 4: FSA 33 Ofllne Ahh- 4: Y-T afr- ns 2. 3. ANNA GOFF: DECA -1. PEGGY COODICIL: Ski Club ZZ: Y-T i'4- Us 2: Slu- mle-nt Council 2: Te-arlmluwkm-rs 2: Cb i-vs rl:-.ulvr Z. MARCIA COPP: T1-alnlmrln-rs 2: Dl-QCA l. DON GRFENIAIQAF: Stud:-ru Conn-'xl LI. 3. fl: Wrestling 2. 3, vapl, 4: Football 2, 3, rl: Trzu-k 2, 3. 4: Ruskf-lball 23 Varsity 3. ll: lli4Y 2. 4: Fun vs. Yumlalism -1: llruu iir' unsung vs i'ii rl -1: Svnior Class Vive Prwidv-nl. MIKE GROOM: Basulmall 2: OWE 4. ELIZABETH HADER: COE -1: Tvzuul i:x1' kvrs 3, -1. JANET IIOLCOMB: 'l'm-zurrxluafkw-rs 2. CINDY HALE: Latin Club 2: DECA l. JOHN H.-XLE: Ovvlli fl. -X. BILL HALL: Bas:-bull 3. sl, BETH HARDESTY: AFS 3,-1: NFS -l: GAA 3. 43 Tvau1l1arkvrs 2. 3, 4: FTA Vi 4'n' Pre-s. 3. Prvs. 4:Ol'l1u- Aixlr- 3. 4: Y-T 4'i' us 2. 3, 4: Svn- iur Class Play: NHS -1: Girls 2. 3, -1: 510' hiun 3. Cwliml. -lp Girls' Stan- 3: Slnunno 2. 3. -1: Quill anal Scroll 3. 4: Junior Class Play: Mivuwl Chorus 3: Choir -1-: Scholar Srripl 4: Spanish Club lreas, ll-L Drama Club fl. KONNIE HARMON: COE 4: Skx Club -l: FN.-X 4: lllarfbing Buurl 2. 3, 4: Tal- Buml 3. 4: llzuul Trvasurvr 4, RICK H.-KURY: Su r't'1: r 2. fl. Cupl. 4: Wm--lliug 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Nlzxrrluug Brawl 2. fl. lg Varsity "S" 4: Hum r-t'tvrt ming i-st url 2: Km Club 2: Colfbl. CONNIE Hl'll"Fl.lQY: FSA l, TIM HENDRlX:Suul1-mti iittt wil 2: Vfrv-slllug '7 Hl-Y 2, 1. RICK l'llf'YKl'Tl.: Skl Club fl. 1: F rvmt lbull Z. fl, RUTH lll'llll'll'-ORD: 'll 1'.tttt bm lwrs 11 llxlql fll Stallion 43 Scholar Svrilu 41: Girls 'l'r:u'k fl. MIKE llll.L: Svniur Cluss Play: Trl-NI fl: Choir 4. PEGGY HOKE: Nlzxrvluug Rzuul 2. ll. 1: Pup Baurl 4: Drum llhjurv-llv 4: Tri-M Il, l-3 Lab Bnxul 3. -l. BEV llOl,ZER: CAA 35 Nlnxml Clmrus 12. -1-. DAVEHOWARD:Nl-'l.-l:Wrwst1iug 2. 315:-niur Class Play: Trarla 2: .luuior Class Play: lllxwxl Cburus 3: Choir -1: Drama Club: junior Fuuml Ruisvrs. CINDY HUPP: AFS 2: Slusla-ul Council 2. I Tri-Nl 3. 4: NHS 3. Ser. -l:Spuuisl1 Club Prv- 4: l"rinm'ipal's Amlxisury Con tt4' il 'lp Nlnrrlxiu Bam! 2. 3. 4: Banml Svc. 4. lllll IRWIN: NHS 4: Mba-rl Chorus 2. DAVE JENKINS: Chrss Club -l: Sr-nior Clns Play: Track mgr. 2: Drama Club 3. 4: Pllmugr' phy Club 3. ll-, JACK JONES: Latin Club 2: lli-Y -1: Coll' 3. 4, JEFF JOSEPH: Wre-slling 2. 3. -l: Varsity 3 4-3 Christmas Formal Escort 3: Hi-Y 2, Trvns. - Fun vs. Vandalism 4. CONNIE Kl'fl.LER: Library Aide 4: COE '1- Marrhing B.uul 2. 3. 4, DEBBIE Kl'Il.lrliR: AFS 2, 3, 4: l"l'.-X fl. 1: Ol flu- Aidv- 3. 'l-5 Latin Club 2: Marvlung llzuul 2 3.1: Pup Bzmxl 2. 3. 4: NHS 4: l"rn'urll Club 1 Prlnr'ipul's :Mlxisorx Couuvll 3. JON KINNAN: Bas:-bull 2. 3. 1. DAVE KLEIN: Shulvul Cuunml 2: F mrct lbull 2, 3 Capt. 4: Trark 2. 3. -lg Buslwllmll 2, fl. L: Yarsi lj "5" Il, 4: llumw tvtt ling Q-smrl -l: lll-Y 4: Fur vs. Vumlulism fl: Juuiur lmazlvr all Culxurrwnu' mvul uurl Ba 4'r'. Q Kvy Club 2. 35 .luuiur Fuml Rnisvr: Mixed Chorus 2: Clmlr Il, 1: ,Iunin Class Pre-s. MARGARET KNIPP: AFS 4: Ulll 1-t- Aidv rl: Svniur Class Play. Nl.-Yl'l' KOEHLER. NHS 4: 'l'rau'l-4 3. l. SUE KOESTFRKR: Tr-alnbavlu-rs ZZ. 3: Y-T a-i- us 3. -1: Sloanno 3. fl, RON KRAL: Tr:u'li -1: Slnhiou fl. RICK KRALSXIAN: Latin Club l. 2. Slflf KRESS: COE -l-1 Tv-ambzu kl-rg 2. 3: FS.-X fl: Y-T aret ns 3. Sl'E KUEHNPIR: Slumlvul Cuuuril 2, 3: GAA 3: Tvarubarlu-rs 2, 31 Y-Tm-ns 3. rl: Mix:-ml Clmrus 2: Choir 3, 4:'l'r1-Nl L1-. DEBBIE Klfllbl: Te'ulnbzu'kx'x's 2. 3: Y-T 4'v' us 2. MARCH IAECEL: Tm-uxuluwkvrs 2, ll. 4: Y-Tvens 2. 3. 4. DAN LANCE: Stohion 4. BRUCE LARGE: Foulbull Mgr. 2: Con 4'n- rl llulul 2: VIC.-K 3. RANDY l.ILI.Y: Latin Club 21 Svulur Class Play. Junior Class Play: Drama Club -1: lllmlug- rxplxy Club 3, 4. JEANNE LINDSTROM: 'l'van1luu'l44-rs 2. 3: CAA 2. 3: Y-Tvvns 2: 5 1'll iur Class Plan: Juniur Class Play 3, Slumlvul Dirvvior -1-3 Nliwml Clwrus 2: Chorus 3. 4-1 Junior Fuml R.lise'rs: Girls Trark 2. IVIARIVENE LIST: lguin Club 2: NHS 3. -1: Murvlnng Ban1l2,ll, -lg Majors-ll:-s 3.1: Cuurrrl Buml 2, 3. 4-L Tri-M -l: Mixvxl Clurru- 2. CRAIG LIVINGSTON: DECA -L. TOM LOCKHART: l,.xlxn Club 2: NHS 3. -1: Pm-p Band 23 Marfllixlg Ruud 2. 3. l: Smgn' Bxiunl LZ, 3. 4-L Baml Pr:-sinlvul fl-1 Tri-M Fr, 'l-1 luulur Clase- Pl:1y:Sf-nior Class Play: Kfj Club 2. SUE LOUCK5: AFS 2. 'l'rw.xs. 3. 4: Shui:-ul Council 3: T 1'.l lulmrlmrs 2. ll. l: CAA 2. Il, l: Y-Tvvns 3, -11 Slugv Buml 2. fl. 4-L M:u'4'lxiug Bnnll 2. 3. -1: 5r'n1orClass Play: NHS 3. 'l'rv.xs. 4: Trlbbl S v':', 3, Prefs. 4: J llll mr Cluss PIM: Nliwvd Chorus 2: Choir fl, ll: Spanish Club l: .luuior Fund Ruisrrs: Supluumvrv Class Svrrv- tary. KATHRYN LUKE: COE rl: Tv-.uub.u kvr- 2. 3: Ofllvv: Aish- 3: Y-Tv:-us fl: .luuior Cluss PIM: Junior Fund Ruisers. SUE LUPO: Slullvul Cuuurll -1: GA.-X Z: Y-'l'm'a-lu 2, 3. 4: Tmllilvackvrs 2. 3, -lg Slonuuo 1. MARY Ll,l'l'Z: COE Trvzus. f1g'l'e-.uuluwkefrs 2. 3: GAA 2: Y-T 4'1' ns 2. GAIL MAASS: Teauuluulwrs 2. 3: ll.-KA 2. 3. Vim' Prvs. 4: YAT r'r' ns 2, 3.1gGirls Truvk 2. 3: Girls Volleyball 2, 3: Mixcd Chorus 2. HILIP MAC NEILL: Ski Club 3, 4: Chvss Club 2: Senior Class Play: Principal's Advisory Council. AM MASCIO: Teambackers 2. 3: Y,Ti-I-ns 3: Stohion 4: Stoanno 3, Ed. 4: Choir 3, 4: Tri-M 4. OUIS MATTEO: Track 4. HRIS MAY: Ski Club 4: Teambarki-rs 2. 3, -1-: Office Aide 3: Y-Tm-1-ns 2, 3, 4. AT MC CLURE: Ski Club 2: Sluclrnl Council 2. 3, 4: Teambackers 2, Vin- Pres. 3, 4: Y-T 1':- ns 2: CAA 2, Pres. 3 and 4: Lalin Club 2: Con r'1' rl Band 2. 3: Marching Band 2, 3: Pep Band 2. 3: Girls Baslu-rlball 2, 3: Cvirls Vullvybull 2. 3: Track 2: Senior Class Play: I-'un -vs. Yamlalisin 4: Girls' Slate Alu-rnalv 3: Sluanuu 2: juniur Class Play: Chcerlvader 4: Mixr-d Choir 2. 3. MARCIA MC CORMICK: AFS 2: Juniur Fund Raisers. OHN MC CREIGHT: Football 2, 3, 4: Varsity "S" 2, 3, 4: Senior Class Play: Junior Class Play: Key Club 2, 3, Sec.-Tre-as. 4. IBBY MC CUMBERS: COE 4. ROD MC DONALD: Football 3. 4: NHS 4. ARGIE MC INERNEY: AFS 2. 3. 4: FNA 2. 3, 4-: Marching Band 2, 3, Squad Leader 4: Srin- ior Class Play: Junior Class Play: Prinfipalk Advisory Council 3, 4: .lunior I-'und Raisers: Clarins! Choir 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4. CATHY MC MILLAN: AFS 2, 3. Sec. 4: NI-'L 2. l3: Marching Band 2, 3. Squail Lead:-r 4: Pep Band 3: lunior Class Play: Sn-niur Claus Play: NHS 4: World Affairs Inslilulc 3: Scholar Script 4: French Club 4: Drama Club -1-1 Iunior Fund Raiscrs: Conv:-rl Banil 2, 3. 4. DICK MC MILLEN: Slu1lrnlCuunril2: Football 2, 3, 4: Track 2: Chrislnias Furmul Esrurl 3: Hi-Y 2: Flying Bambinus 3, 4. DONNA MC MILLEN: AFS 2, 3, 4: Nlarvhing Band 2, 3, Squad Leader 4: Pe-p Band 2, 3: Slo- llion 2, ad. mgr. 4: Quill and Srrull 3: Junior Class Play: Concert Band 2, 3, 4. KAREN MENHORN: Tcambackcrs 2: Y-Teens 2: VICA 3, 4. WILMA MESSER: Library Aidv 4. LESLIE MIARKA: Trambackers 2: FSA 3, Treas. 4: Office Aide 4. C-AIL MIKLIC: Teambackers 2. 3, 4: GAA 2, 3: Y-Teens 3, 4: NHS 4: Stoanno 4. MARIANNE MILEC: Teambackers 2. 3, 4: Y-Teens 3, RECGIE MILLERf Teambackers 2, 3, 4: DECA 4. RICK MILLER: Wrestling 2. DEBBIE MODUCNO: Teambackvrs 2. 3: Y-Teens 2, 4: Slohion 3, assi. ed. 4: Slonnno 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Choir 4: Principal's Ad- visory Council 4: Penny's Teen Rep. 3: 0neil's Teen Rep. 4. DIANNE MOINETTE: Ski Club 2, 3, 4: .lunior Fund Raiser. SHERRY MOLNAR: Tearnban-ln-rs 3, -1-1 I"I'A 2. 3, 4: Office Aide 4: Latin Club 2: Conv:-rt Baxul 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3. Squad L1-aulvr 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: NHS 4: Tri-M 3. Sec. 4: .lun- ior Class Play: Mixed Chorus 3. Choir 4. RANDY MOORE: DCT 4. MIKE MORROW: Basketball 2, 3, Capt. 4: Coll 2, 3, 4: Varsity "S" 2, 3, 4: Hi'Y Chaplain 4: Key Club 4: Spanish Club 2. GEOFF MOWERY: Football 2. 3. 4: Track 3, 4: Varsity "S" 4: Hi-Y Sec. 4. DONNA MULEY: FNA Sec. 4: Sloanno 4. MARK MULLALY: Wrestling 2, 3: Varsity "S" 2, 3: DECA 4. JOSEPH MULLIN: Spanish Club 4. GORDIE MYERS: Track 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 3, 4: Basketball 2: Key Club 4: Varsity "S" 4: Hill' 4: Mixed Chorus 2. KAREN MYERS Teambavkrrs 4: Marching Band 2. VICKIE MYERS: Sloanliu 4: Sluliiun Asn. Ed. 4: Teambackr-rs 2, 3: Hunu-coming aiu-iulaul 2: Christmas I-'urmal Qui-4-n. SHIRLEY NEVEADOMI: AFS 2. DAVID NORDLIE: Suvrur 3, 4: NHS 4: Murvb- ing Band 3, 4: Slagr' flunml 3. 4: Tri-M il-. JOYCE NUITER: T:-aniliui-ki-rs 2, 3, 4: YA'l'i-vm 3, -1: FSA 4. TINA OBARSKI: Ski Club 3. Pri-s. il. MIKE OCLESBY: Ifuulliall 2, 3, Cupl. 1-: Trzu-k 2, 3. 4: Varsity "S" 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: HIFY 4: Key Club 4. DENNIS PARADISE: Wrvslling 22 Svniur Clan Play: Junior Class Play: Mixr-rl Chorus, 2: Choir 3, 4: Drama Club 2: 3. 4. ALIX PASTOR: Tvanibavkvrs 2. 3: CAA 2, Sw. 3, 4: Latin Club 2. 3: NHS 3. 4: Girls 'I'ram-ly 2, 3: Girls Volleyball 3, 4: Girls Baskvlliall 3: Sloanno 3. JANE PATIION: NFL 3. 4: Student Counvil 2: Marrhing Band 2. 3. 4: Prp Band 2. 4: Slagz' Band 3. 4: Tri-M 4: Scbular Script 4: Frm-nvh Club 2: Drama Club 2: Photography Club 4. MIKE PAUL: Ski Club 2. 4: Wrestling 2. JEFF PAULL: Trarlc 2, 3, 4: Varsity "S" 4: Hi-Y 4: Key Club 4: Prinm'ipal's Advisory Cuunvil 3. VIYIAN PIERCE: Tr-ambavkers 2, 3. 4: Y-T t-4- ns 3: Offire- Aidv 4. DAVE POTTER: Trarlc 2. 3: Cross Cuuulry 2. 3. 4: Varsity "S" 2, 3, 4. STEVE PROCHNOW: DCT 4: Wn-ailing 2. TOM PROCHNOW: Truvlc 2: HIFY 2: Flying Bambinus 3. 4. DIANA PIQRDY: COE 4: 'I'uuiuIuu-In-rs 2: Oflirn' Aide 3: Siuannu 3. NANCY RAGLE: Ski Club 3, 4: Sliulvnl Couuril 2: Teambarlwrs 2, 3. 4: GAA 2. 3, -I: Ofli:-v Aide 2: Y'T4-vns 2, 3. 4: NIIS 4: Juniur Class Play: Senior Class Play: I"renvb Club 4: Prinvi- pal'5 Advisory Cuunril 3: Girls Vollz-yball 2, 3: Girls Softball 2, L1-:Junior Fund Raisf-rs. RANDY RAPER: Football 3, 4: Varfilv "S" 4: Hi-Y 4. JACK REICHENBACK: Senior Class Play: Trark 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Choir 3. 4: Tri-M 4: Drama Club 2, Vice Pres. 3. Presidvnl 4. RANDY RENDER: Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Pup Band 3: Band Vice Pres. 4: Hi-Y 4. JAN RHOADES: AFS 2. 3: NFL 2: Stud:-nl Council 2: Office Aide 2. 3, 4: FNA 2, Viro Pres. 4: Marrbing Band 2. 3. 4: Pep Banil 3. 4: Senior Class Play: Sluannn 2: Tri-M 3, 4: Mixvsl Chorus 2: Choir 3. 4: Svbolar Script 4: Tab Band 4: Latin Club 2. LISA RIDLE: Stull:-ni Council 2, 4: CAA 2. 3: Tcambackz-rs 2, 3. 4: Ofli t't- Aiilr- 3. 4: Y-'I'm-uns 2. Vice Pre-s. 3, 4: Junior Class Play: Svuiur Class Play: Drama Club 2: Prim'ipiil's Advisory Council 3. 4: Junior Fund Raisvrs. MARY RIESTRER: Ski Club 4: AFS 3: GAA 2: Latin Club 2: Man-bing Bunrl 2, 3, 4: Maijiirvllv 4: Pep Band 3, 4: Lab Band 3: Tri-lVI 3, Tr:-ua. 4: Mixed Chorus 2: Choir 3, 4. JIM RICCS: Mix1'ilCl1orus 2: Choir 3. 4: Flying Bambinos 3, 4. MARCIE RI'I'I'MAN: Ski Club 4: GAA 2. 3, 4: Teambaclwrs 2, 4: Y-T t't' ns 4: Sluliimi 3, 4: Girls Volleyball 2. 3, 4: Girls Softball 2, 4. DIANNE ROBINSON: Sluilem Counril 2, 3, 4: Teambackers 2, 3, 4: CAA 2: Y-Tm-1-ns 2: NHS 3. 4: Fun vs. Vandalism 4: Clwerlf-ader 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2: Choir 3, 4, CAROLYN ROSSMAN: Student Council 2: GAA 2, 3: Teambarkers 2: FTA 4: Y-Teens 4: NHS 4: Mixed Chorus 2: Choir 3. -1:'I'ri-M 3. -I, BRUCE ROWLAND: Football 2. 3: Yarsilx 2: Svnior Class Play: Fri-nrh Club Prri. 4. PAULA RUSHIN: Tuai11liau'lu-rs 2. JIM RYAN: DCT 4. DOUG SAYERS: AFS 4: Sluuniiu fl: lfrviu li Club 4. RENEE SCHAI-'ER: COE 1: NHS-1. JANYCE SCHIRA: Drama Club 3. BARBARA SCHNEIDER: Slixml Clmrux 2: Choir 4. CARL SCHNAKE:'I'r1u-I 2, 3. -L. DON SCHNEE: Clu-as Club 2: Iuun Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Cull'2. 3, 4: Bzislwlluill 2, 3. 4: Yurxili "S" 3, 4. JOHN SCHRIER: Ski Club 4: Suuli-ul Cuunvil 4: Football 2, 3. 4: Travk 2. 3, 4: Varsilx I: Mari-liing Band 2. 3. -I: Pi-p Band 2Z1Sl:agv Buiul 2: Hi-Y 4. RENEE SEMONIN: FKA-1: Latin Club 2. S i't'.- trvas. 3: Junior Class Play: Svniur Claw Play: NHS 3, 4: Mixrd Chorus 3: Choir 4: Svliular Script 4: Spanish Club 4: Drama Club 3. -I, TIM SHAUB: Student Cuuncil 2: Cr tiss Cuuniry 3, 4: Trark 2. 3: Basketball 2: Varsin 3. 4. RICK SHAW: Basketball 2: DECA 4. JANE SHOUN: Sluflvnl Council 4: Tc'ainluarlu'ra 2. 3. 4: CAA 2, 3: Y-Tr-ens 2. 3. Tn-as, li: Mixvd Chorus 2: Choir 3. -I: Girls Yullvyliz1ll2. 3. PAT SHUBERT: AFS 2. 3: Slurlvnl Cuunvil 2. 3. 4: Teambackers 2. Sw, 3, Pri--. 4: GAA 2, 31 Office Aide 4: Latin Club 2: YT i'i- ns 2. S t-t4. 31 Mixvd Chorus 2, 3: Cliuir 4: Clirixlmus I"uriuul Au:-ndani 2: Ifluimwuniing .uu-ml.uii 3. -L PAM SHUIVIAN: AFS 2: FN.-X 2. 3: YI-'C 2, 3: Mix:-cl Chorus 2. 3: Spaiii-Ii Club I. EARLE SHUSTER: Latin Club 2: Shri bing Buiul 2. 3, 4. JOHN SICILIANO: DCT 4. SAM SIIVIMERIVIAN: S tit-t-t- r 2: lizuiu Club 2. BONNIE SMITH: Ti-urvilvurkvrs 2: CAA 2: Iuilin Club 2: Y-T t'4' ns 2: Cirlx Tran li 2: Cirlw Yullvy ball 2. TERRY SMITH: Tz'aii1Iiai'lu'rS 2, 3. fl: Y-Tvviix 2. 3, 4: Slohiou 3, 4: Sluannu 2: Kim-il Cburus 2. BRENDA SOURS: Tvamliavkrrs -I-. BRENDA SPALDING: Slumlrnl Cuuiu il Truas. -If: Teambackers 3. 4: Y-T t't' na 3. 4: NHS 4: Fun vs. Vandalism 4: Sloannu 4: Hmnvroming Al- tendant 4. STEVE SPEAR: Photography Club 2: DCT 4. MIKE STACKS: Stoliion 4. KEVIN STANSBERRY: Latin Club 2. CLARK STEIN: Football 2. 3. 4: Ki-5 Club 4. NANCY STIMLER: Ski Club -I: AFS 3: CAA 2. 3: Tr-anibavkvrs 2, 3, 4: ETA S t't'. 3. 4: Oflivi' Aidr' 4: Y-T i't-i is 3, 4: NHS 4: Sluunnu 3: Iuiiuur Class Play: Principabs Amlxisury Cuunvil 3. LINDA STOUFFERI Tr-aiiilizivlwrw 3. 4: Niurvliv ing Band 2. 3. 4: Cluriiu-l Cluur 3. JON STRAYER: Track 2. Capt. 3. 4: Crux- Counlry 2, 3, Cupl. 4: Varsity 2, 3. I: Hmiiemfoiuing Ii:-mri 3. LARRY SULLIVAN: Sc :t'4't- r-1: Stull:-nl C ttii ui il 2, 3, 4: IIi'Y 2, 3, Vim- Pr ifs. 4: Wrvslliug 2. 3. Cupl. 4: Cross Cuuuiry 3: Varsity 2, 3. 4: Hulmrmtuining Escort 3. CATHY TALBOT: Te'al11lizi1'lwrS 2, 3. bl: UAA 2: Y-Trcns 2: Mixvd Chorus 2: Cliuir 3, 4: Tri-NI 4. SUE TATKO: CAA 3, 4: NHS 3, Yi t'i- Pri-s. 1: French Club Vim' Prvs. 4: Girls Bask:-iball 3. -I: Girls Volleyball 3. vo-Capt. 4. NICK TELEW: Latin Club 2: Track 2: Baskvl- ball 2, 3, 4: Varsity "S" 4. SUZI THOMAS: Teambackers 2, 3, 4: GAA 2: Y-Trvns 2. 3, 4: Mixed Cliurus 2: Clwir 3. 4. CATHY TILDEN: Sludlfnl Cuunril 3: 'Ii1'aililmrlvi' 4-rs 2. 3: GAA 2: Y-'I'Pvn1 2: Swbiun 4: Suiannu -1-: Mixcd Chorus 2. 3: Cbuir 4. DON TIBERIO: OWE 3, 4. CINDY TOWNSEND: Tvaiiiiluivkr-rs 4: Sluliiun 4. DENISE TRON: Ski Club 4: Sluilvul If tvii uwil-1: Tvaniliairlu-rw 2, 3. 4: Y-'I' a-1' ns 2. 3, -'lg Slulliuu 4: Sluanuu 4: Miuwl Chorus 2: Cliri-aliuuw Fur- mul All1'nrlanl4. DANIEL l'I.5'l: Clin-as Club 2, 3. il: YIVC 2. Trvus. 4. SHARON IWIBAUCH: Ski Club 2, 3. 4: CAA 2: Sluilvnl Cuunvil 2. 3. S o't'. 4: Y-T t-4: ue 2. 3: T4'z1niba4'kz'r4 2: 3. 4: Slminliu 41 Mixvml Cliurux 2, 3: Choir 4, MIKE UMBOWER: Wrvslling 2, 3. -1: Trau'lc 2, 4: Cross Cuumry 4: Vanity 2, 3, 4. MIKE VINCIGUERRA: Ski Club 4: 5 mw:'1' ur 2. 3, 4: AFS 2, Tr:-us. 3. 4: Stud:-nl Coulwil 2, Prvs. 4: Track 2: Hi-Y 4: Fun is, Vandalism 4: Slu- hion 4: Boys' Stair- 3: Sloanno 3: Hom n-n' oming Esrurl 4: Junior Class Play: ,luniur Li-zuler ul Comm. and Baca: Key Club 2, 3. 4: Junior Class Vicv Pri-'s.: Junior Fund Raisvr: Princi- pal's Advisory Council: Mixed Chorus 2: Choir 3. 4: Tri-M 4. LAURA VOCEL: AFS 2, 3, Trvus. 4: GAA 2. 3: NHS 3, 4: Girls Travlc 2. 3: Mixml Cliurus 2: Choir 3, 4: Tri-M 3. 4: Ijlmlugraplii Club 3. JOE WACNER: Lulin Club 3. 4. SUE WAICKMAN: COE 4: Ski Club 3: CAA 21 Y-Trcns 2: Miwrl Chorus 2: Spziuisli Club 2: Girls Buakvlliall 2. BETH WALKER: Suuli-nl Cuunvil 2, 3: CAA 2: Tr'aiiibai'lu-rs 2, 3, 4: Y"I'c'4'm 2, 3: Sluliiun 2. 3: Ilom o'm' uniiug All:-mluul 2: Illixml Cliurus 2: Cb 1-ei rlmuli-r 2. 3, Capt. 4. PAT WALTERS: Library Aidi- 2: IN'I'A 3: l.:ilin Club 2: DECA 4: Sluhiun 3, 4. DOUC WARREN: Fumlrull 2, 3. DON WHITE: Slurle-nl Cuunvil 2: Ili-Y 2. il-: Bus- lwtball 2. 3: Track 2, 3, 4: Var:-ily 2, 3. 4: Homecoming Esrurl 2. JANET WHITE: Tvanibavkcrs 3: Pup Band 2. 3. 4: Marching Band 2. 3, squail lwulur 4: NHS 3. 4: ,luniur Class Play: Fri-nrli Club 4. SANDY WHITE: Sluxlenl Council4:Tr-amb:1rl:- ers 2, 3, 4: Y-Tvvns 3. Prvs. 4: Svnior Class Play: Stoannu 4: Christmas Formal Aux-iulam 3: Home-coming Queen 4: Junior Ln-adcr at Comm. and Bare. DEBBIE WILLIAMS: COE Vim- Prvs. 4: Tvam- bavkers 2: FSA 3. LARRY WILLIAMS: Ski Club 3. 4: Chi-ss Club 3. Treas. 4: Pbolugrapliy Club 3, 4, BETH ANN WISE: T4-amliarkz-re, 2. 3: GAA 2: Y-T1-r-ns 2. 3: VICA 3, 4. BARB WOCAN: Te-aiiiliavlwrs 2, 3: Y-T i-u' us 2. 3: Sloluun 4: Susanna 2, 3. 4: Mix:-ml Chorus 2. JEANNE WOOD! Slii Club -'l-: Sluilvni Cmilivil 3. 4: CAA 2, Vi :'i- Prus. 3: Y-T a-i- ne 11-: Pup lluiul 2: Nlarmbing Banml 2, 3, 4: Mix:-il Cliurus 2: Chuir 3, 4: Trl-M 4: Girls l3uskz'llvzill 3: Svuiur Class Su ri-lury. MIKE WYSZYNSKI: Wrestling 2, 3, -1: Vzirsili "5" 3, 4. NANCY YANITO: CAA 3, 4: Girls 'I'r1u'k 2. 3: Marrbing B1ln1l2, 3. 4: Pup B:iml2:Sl:ig1'I3ziiul 2. 3. 4: Tri-M 4: Colirvrl Bzmll 2. 3. 4. BARB YARBROUCH: T1'ambai'lu'rs 2: Y-Tvvus 2: Ylixcrl Chorus 2: Choir 3. 4: Frvnrli Club 4: Drama Club 3. CHRIS ZOHN: Teambarlwrs 2. 3. 4: C-AA 2: FTA 3. limz-ki-epvr 4: Office Aide 3, 4: Lnliu Club 2: Slohion 3, Bus. Mgr. 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Mix:-d Chorus 2: Spanish Club 4. I 71 72 Senior Class Play Spoon nv K. ina. r NLIAX N xtff v., N , :Fm 1 '.s, 1 G- 1 1, -L . -f-5' MH: . , -W E K 'I xx 1. J. .,o 4 , , , -.4 W nog, X 'i NRM 4 :x'QZf,q5Qa. 5. n X Q, 5S.,L. '1,-. ' ng , "o River Anthology CAST: H tml ,lulm NlvQ.1'v1gI1l clh Hurdqxsly rI'4JIll I,,4M'kflLlI'l Suv Louvks DL1u'.lvr1kir1s R 1 Lillx Bruw- Rmiluml reg Boughion Cathy MvMiII1-n Barb Blalnvluurcl RUII00 br-runnin Lindslmm IXLIIIIY .lalvoluw Director: Mr. Lamz Hez'nt Student Director: Dave Howard Make-U1b.' Mrs. Selzttettng Lzlglzting Head: Jack Retehenbaeh 17 M ore Senior Sujverlatzoes . . . Neatesl Hair - Lelly Holvomh and Jam-1 Holcomb. Best Musician - Tom Lockhart and Sue Loucks. 174 -.., , irihz il Lryfh 'fi"f Qin 1 Most Spirit - Jack DeLeo and Chris Zohn 5 S ? 2 Moodiest - Paul Abernathy and Carol Collingwood. Prettiest Smile - Lefty Holcomb and Diane Robinson. Class Clown - Jim Riggs and Jeanne Wood Also . . . Best Legs - .lon Strayer Linil iVlii'l1vl4- Cnnlvi Most Artistic - Tom Prorliimu unil Dvlrlmic- .lulinsun Most Sarvastir - Mike Morrow nnrl BQ'lll Walker Sexiest - Terry Sliallfer and fVlis'l1cl1' Conley Noisicst - Don Greenleaf' and Bvlli Walker Must Sensitive - Mike Viriviguerra and Pm-ggi D1-Niro Class Flirt - Geoff' fVIown-ry and Ji-anim' Wood Laziest - Don Svlnwa- and Sharon Lllllllilllgll Most Ambitious - Miki' Vllll'lgLll'I'I'bl and Bi-th Hzirfleslx Most Mischievous - Jim Riggs and Beth . 1: wi Walker, Most Athletic - Don Greenleaf and Janie: Smith. HLPZ.. wasiii s l i Most Courtcous - Andy Folley and Eileen Ball. Most Masculine-!Feminine - Tim Best Dancers - Gary Bom- and Connie Alexander and Eileen Ball' Doerman. 175 Those Were the Days, My Frzenal' We Thought Tlzqiz' Never End ,N nxxvl'-YC only just lwgnnu - COINIHt'lN't'IIlt'I1l - prarlivc- - F Cups and gowns - Mrs. Hulvlmison Hg - junior lvaflc-1's - IH'Lll'lll'l' - rivvr parties - llLll'l'LllLllII'4'L1ll' - tzlssvls - bus rifles - fJI'Ll1'lll'l'+ " 7 ww WW- thc all night brawl - Illv l'Lllll1'KlI'ZIl O ol' tonlorrcm' - linuls - goml-lryvs - Boonvs Farln - so-nior llillltlllixl - lmrcuklust fowl riot - corlgrulll- lations f kisses - lllII'I'2lyS - thc f , Class of 1971. 'I77 3 +ma Olav J J 35:1 Q 5.5 , l JL N Wu Compl e ts ISTO Ken QQ ,sou ELEANOR 8. WALT "'Wf 1 ' """GE PETERSON Mm .fb ,HPV Af L iff gwggwiff g , Gegiwvxf B Sfffwia "pw Q, E 93 Q1 W Q if ' 9.9, flmgv SG! R E E+" Ag S Q3 gf E GQ ,A O TJ .RCW M?LF b2Y5 S - . X + - U 2 :ff gig Mg Q My rw ffsffgmwi W?5if5?ef?ZfQf 0 WW la: ug ann SQ .1 if 'M ff, Q hm ti Aff SZXQS EQ' S JN X 9 Q5 yy Q fab ' If - I b f5'X5W6iX ff. ' , ff " ' KN' QE X-XX N x X Q95 Q' 6 -5, A N "nh xg X ' V QA 5505 bw' X s . I q ' 4 ,af 'V 0. j f My gWf5m? b5 . T . 3?T5W3QQm3 MM 3' " V Xing it. """A Q. Q X 475 wfiffigf ,L QM? E53 X i .n g ,Q N -X qa r -I QJ-f 9x x . xr A 4 . ' N" 52' X N QQ' 4 ,ff 0 02, Q Q3 ib- ' V 1 7 ff 6 - . Q , m ' " .Xi . UQ Wjgfvflgeiif? M y S Lg9'129'76GgC?V?"4'f Q5 if iw .XQQQLELR QD X' Q, M WV LU K5 V KMWQSQFVQ TX S J ff Nab U :ni Li! x Q 279 N , ' ' 'H n lbw! f 1 I W PNN X 5 - f Q.s a, 'X K w wi M ef i w . ww Q I SWF' y Y lf-f "wp w ""'2 X X M X ' KWJWQWW I ,xv 512- WW W Z SUXWMMW ' J, f qc-F Q A . Q kj ,Q X ww 7" MWUW7 aQ7f2?'23W ' 1:" TREGO Congratulations Class ol' 571 MA RHOFER CHEVROLET AUTO SERVICE I93zTgxT1iljoAve. Q XM1 S YQOIU Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN A WAREHOUSE Your Communi+y Bank of Compleie Financial "We'lI Help!" Service FIRST NATIONAL BANK STOW OFFICE 33Il Ken+ Road A. J. DENHOLM, Assisfanf Vice-Presidenf Manager 30 Officvs TI1I'0LlgIIOlli Summit County MEMBER FEDERAL INSURANCE CORPORATION ff . . X IillIlUl'iIIlIIiIIIIlIIS SBIIIIIPS from the Best Place for Savings fi , - iii. ,- . IQ LTMQ A -- L- -. " - "0 -4 liigfebf I si' M Stow's HUME LUIIN and SAVINGS CENTER For high-interest insured savings accounts and lowecost home loans, call your nearby office, 3323 Kent Road, at 688-6622. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS OF AKPUIV AKRON v STOW ' FAIRLAWN VILLAGE kt JJ Good Luvk. Cr'arh1uli'sf LEDGEWOOD FLORISTS Rvriivrnlwr For Your Qrmiky, 3358 Darrow Rd. Party Foods of' All Kinds Stow' Ohm 688-6940 Lunvlivon Meats f Bri-iul 3 Buns A Full Line oi' B4'Yl'I'Llg1'N Cornvr ol' Roulm' 91 ami Cruhum Rozul Hi75Q gn S756 6200677 Slow, Ohio JOE KAISER. Munugi I 1 My-' 2. 1: ,. fag in ' 'W sift:-F' , NYM, QR-,'Af,,,,:f , Q?-,q.im3.,?, . Q H 305 .Q -L ,gi .. . k Q 'I' , , v ' ' , Wf 'W Si Pmooia J! . .f A,wg7?yz SUPERIOR MOLD and DIE COMPANY Slow, Ohio Complimvnls ol'Sl1p0rior Fmmingjs Our "T!zz'ngD Custom Picture Framing That Is KGIFT ,N FRAME SHOPPEE Colonnmlc Building f 13310 Kvnl Howl. Slow, Ohio 7 Phom': fJ88--14627 B4-sl ol' Luvlx Class oi' '71 UPHOUSE DENTAL INC. 185 Vvosl Collar' Slrovl Akron. Ohio ADAM FLOWERS 1837 Rose Avenue Flowers for All Occasions OV-8-4423 COIlgI'iillll8li0IlS D to tho I -, . CLASS OF '71 , ' N RW RM G LAssEN's Q US., and Worldwidv Stamps Stump Albums and Collcrtlors' Supplie- S+ow's Complefe Garden Sfore Unzvgyszgj Stamp 323i5elgh?3Gd 4299 Kc-nl Road, Slow 688-441 3 8882888 STOW ISALY DAIRY ICE-CREAM DAIRY PR01JuC'1's TRY US FOR CARRY-OUT CHICKEN 688-4269 .435 ASSCV 5, E Phone 688-604I Q 'ffffffs 5 6734447 f f TROYER REALTY 4299 Ken+ Road, S+ow, Ohio Jusi' Wesf of +he Sfow-Keni' Shopping Cen+er BUY-BUILD-SELL-TRADE Conffratulalions lo thv CLASS OF '71 low to 1 p , from lh 1 FLAG POLE Drive-In RcstuL1ranls PRESCRIPTIONS GIFTS 688-4668 CANDY CARDS if 4 4" ss' vt il -Yg . 35u..,,,,,,,.f-"' Amdezj PIES STOW BARBER R SHOP S All Colonnade Building 2 Barbers All-S+yle Haircuis 688-5016 STOW PLAZA Sfrierzelliuess Jn Seery Degree u 5' is I ,a :X ., A 4: . Convenient Drive-In Window STOW CLEANERS Congratulations ,V Class of '71 Waedrum 4 Associates fue FUNERAL HOME BRUCE C. PEDMON. DIRECTOR Firsf Federal Bldg. 3323 Ken? Road S'I'ow, Ohio 3633 Darrow Road Siow, Ohio 44224 Phone 688-663 I ww sTow's own SPORTS CENTER Specializing in CLASS JACKETS 81 TEAM EQUIPMENT FNRUN3 lYC. 1763 W. EXCHANGE WALLHAVEN BLDG. HIRKUIII 836-4936 I e 093229 CONGRATULATIONS! QUICK SERVICE WELDING AND MACHINE COMPANY "Give Us a Break and We'II Fix II" H7 E. Summi+ S+. 2770 CALL ROAD 673-3443 KENT, OHIO SCHM E 673-38I8 UNITED ELECTRONICS INSTITUTE PRESIDENT and EXTENSION We place our Cradualvs. Administrative Office Admissions Office 923-9959 928-9025 1225 Orlen Avenup 527 Portage Trail Cuyahoga Falls ROGER HOWARD INSURANCE 688-666 I SERVING STOW AND SURROUNDIN6 AREAS OVER I5 YEARS ROOM 202-STOW SQUARE-ROUTES 5 AND 9l if-1" MILK from 'Selected Forms' - Fnesl-:ER - BETTER TASTING at your door or store! ".'2.'i.5i"2.f 745-1123 for Personal Serwke Home Dekvery DEQ 1 My V' I W 24 HOUR TOWING ROAD SERVICE A if W AMI Q TUNE-ups . BRAKES wg Q-I MH ,'N,,' W ""1 If-JW' wQ.efmq, A RRR MUFFLERS' TIRES If R , TV STAMPS I ,RA.w A 1 . Nationwide RENTAL fy, L 1 SYSTEM WE HONOR BANKAMERICARD OR MASTER CHARGE D YS Colzlc-'s Humbh- N A z X I IGHTS: 673-9376 4519 51 nt Road 688-7670 . ow EDDIE PARSONS SERVICE Q X f z 5 ' S N f ', R SH M121 ffskw NW W S Z Sfow, Ohio Phone: 688-8665 Congratulations to tho CLASS OF '71 from BOB SEA VER P.O. Box 3556 Akron, Ohio 44310 HERFF JONES SALES REPRESENTATIVE STEEL Good Luck PRODUCTS CLASS OF '71 STEEL PRODUCTS CORP. 1699 COMMERCE DRIVE STOW, OHIO 44224 THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING AT HHMHUIHH ON THE MILLION 3535 MILE THE BEST PLACE TO BUY YOUR NEXT PONTIAC "SINCE 1947" YOUR LEADING PON TIA C DEALER FRANK CARTER S T'uIo LQsm1m ommuzm 2461 FRONT SST. 6929- 4481 GUYAHUGA FALLS Compliments of MELJS CHUCK WAGON 643 Lake Street Kent, Ohio THE CLIFFORD FUNERAL HOME WILLIAM H. CLIFFORD, rlirculo 1930 Front Strom-l Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio LARRY HANNUIVIS STABLES, INC Kent. Ohio HAY RIDES 7 RIDING LESSONS Ph. 673-7246 SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE - HORSES BOARDED Best Wishes to the Class of 771 NICKLES BAKER Y QAKRON BRANCH? 241-0 Soiberling Street iii Compliments of DAMON ASPHALT PAVING 1660 Scnic Way Kent, Ohio Compliments to Class of 771 jOHNSON'S UNION 76 3667 Darrow Road 688-8060 HALLEY E. JOHNSON The McGowan-Reid T 1 F is jfs- N I u neru Home it -Q 'Trubf a Funeral Home" Corner of Stow Ave., and 3rd Street Cuyahoga Falls Ph. 928-1313 In oar 48th year of continuous service to Stow and surrounding area Exclusive Pipe Organ - off street parking lot X ."' . i w J nm QN AQM -.., Tal ,az , PORTAGE TRAIL AT SECOND, CUYAHOGA FALLS OHIO ' Telephone 92304-54 PHOTOGRAPHY M. O'NEIL CO. AKRON, OHIO We, the STOANNO STAFF OF STOW HIGH SCHOOL, wish to thank Mr. Fitzgerald, who heads the photography department, and to Mr. Don Freeman, who worked with the staff on group pictures. Their patience and cooperation was dlvvays commend- able. AIR CONDITIONING CARL ARNOLD 9 for "Y i'AutOmatiC Comfort" Corp 3 STORES T0 SERVE YOU' 928-2889 3611-5 Fishcrvvk Road 673 3323 2445 State Rd 270E Cuy Falls Ave 354 S Maple CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 71 open 24 HW , open 24 Hom MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION F S . -xl HA A I 5 tix X - N1 To the Class of 71 . . . "What Sunshine is to fiowers, Smiles are to humanity." addison Your Traditional Florists with in ideas for the Campus, home or office. VILLAGE Ill DESIGNIRS I Dj-CQIATOIS INCORPORATED PHONE 688 3339 AF Z-EI 5 AF zyzeraf O THE 5 OO d 1110" Sfaw 4 T E 1 riff 4 .. HIGH PBRFDRMANCE ca-nan, Sponsors of Chapman-Fenwick Racing Team, 1023 lVlunr0e Falls Ave. fC0mcr of Bailey Roadl Cayahoga Falls, Ohio 928-1074 will l ,Alfieri is' P12111 '4"""'N Restaurant 1. 1 2 FST. X '59 'Z .- 1 X F 3274 Kent Road - Sfo MR. NINOJ CUTTING STYLING SHAPING TINTINC featuring The Most Modern Hairstyles by INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN FINGERS 688-3950 3390 Kent Rd. Stow Sq. Bldg. BEA UTY SAL ON Saw S 3707 Darrow Road Stow, Ohio Open 9-6 Monday and Tuesday 9-9 Wednesday Through Saturday -iw :I PA TR ONS Dr. William Boughton D.C. 3376 Darrow Rd. Stow, Ohio 44224 Jerry Young, D.D.S. 3435 Kent Rd. Stow, Ohio 44224 Glenn E. Collins, D.D.S. 3435 Kent Rd. Stow, Ohio 44224 Thomas Stein, lVl.D. Eugene S. lursek, lVl.D 3435 Kent Rd. Stow, Ohio 44224 Joseph Bastolla, lVl.D. 3839 Darrow Rd. Stow, Ohio 44224 H. Vaughn Smith, MD 3435 Kent Rd. P.O. Box 1627 Stow, Ohio 44224 yy-nw -.IJ X3 K - -Mvvr M-www .4- W. W I' I' I' I' I' I" Y I' .CI C CI CI Pam Maseio .... Sue Koesterer Barb Wogan .... Gail Shatrirk . . . Linda Rothaelwr . . Brenda Spalding .... Tim, Dick, Jim, John Brenda, Pam, Denise Beth Hardesty .... Tammy Strope . . Doug Sayers . . Greg Boughlon ,lon dcMeza ........ Cathcy, Sue ........ Mrs. Evelyn Kaufman The 1971 STOAN N0'st.1I'l': . . . . . .Editor . . . .Senior Class . . . . . .Junior Class .Sophomore Class . . . . . . .Activities . . . . . .Sports ........Faculty . . . . . Copy Editor Business Manager . . .Photographers . . . . .Donut Girls . . . . . .Advisor . f Q Q Vkoiyvv 2 N441 JZ L? SP w 5 A , I 1 tp 522 QM Aly 'S XX-flkb Sllffjffgff Mmm wfffggg ff L it WW wil? . 5 CSQ4Q N A ,Q Q 4 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"

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Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 53

1971, pg 53

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