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., " ,lm f rm P 1 iflwwmy ' ww 0 .QMQWW 2214 Q Q, 'fl E ffm!! wfww 421 ww f14?'5Qf ?f,L'f,fifQffffM , M Wm fo YM ,M'Zf5Z Qi Oy, gym if ,RJ ' yo I W by gf fx M SMAM 3 Y 4 an VM? www? , , ff wwe? W if maxi? R1 ix fy X M, M i JMZQVQM WW xp ,Q M M M WL M159 jgfim www VQVg,'WlSj3fM'jj J xy N wEW5i?QK f ,iyffwwy W kfiiw NW gg vgawyyi .ga-WV . Z if Q55 ,aw-445 WMLZMM M-':iffZi7Z,'i .MV 22652 7242, f?i?.,5f? l M , i X2 A 1 'I 1 I 1 N 1 I-5 1 4 ,, , ,LL ' i1-l Y Q-ir, , I , 1 1 1 - f 1 V 1 1 ' , ., -,... l - lL, -...ff sz- WE SERVE DEDICATIO We, the Stoanno Staff, wish to dedicate this volume ot our yearbook to an altruistic organization of our community - the Stow Lions Club. Consistently throughout the years of its existence, this club has been a friend of our schools. By its unheralded efforts in the area of providing eye-care for the less fortunate, by encouraging high qualities of self-improvement ot students on all grade levels through its annual Stolion Awards, by contributing financial assistance to our glee club for robes, and by sponsoring Christmas parties for the children of Stow, this organization merits the thanks of all Stow students. 2 TABLE of CONTENTS CALE DAR OF EVENTS September 12 September 18 September 19 September 25 September 26 October 3 October 9 October 10 October 11 October 17 October 24 October 29 October 31 November 7 November 12 November 19 November 21 November 22 November 26 November 28 December 5 December 6 December 9 December 12 December 13 December 17 December 19 December 19 December 20 January 2 January 9 January 10 January 13 January 16 January 23 January 26 January 27 January 30 February 6 February 13 February 14 February 15 February 20, 21 February 25 March 25 April 18 May 1 May 8 May 15 May 24 June 2 Football Game - Rootstown Honor Society Picnic Game - Norton Assembly - Charles King Game - Kent Roosevelt Game - Springfield Bonfire Pep Rally Homecoming Game - Ellet Homecoming Dance Game - Tallmadge Game - Kent State Assembly - Jose Silva Game - Coventry Game - Wadsworth College Night at Hudson Varsity S Skating Party Senior Play Basketball Preview Thanksgiving Chapel Game - Ravenna City Game - Springfield N. F. L. Tournament Game - Kent State Game - Fliet Christmas Formal Vocal Music Concert Christmas Chapel Game Game Game Game Game Tallmadge - Mog adore Wadsworth Kent Roosevelt Ravenna Twp. Basketball - Coventry Game - Springfield Game - Norton Y-Teen - Varsity S Swimming Party Game Game Game Game Game Band Cuy. Falls Ellet Tallmadge Kent Roosevelt Ravenna City Con cert State Finals, Wrestling Senior Day Career Day Varsity S Car Wash Junior and Senior High Band Concert Glee Club Concert Prom Bacc. Comm. Z- J! x 55 Q55 ADMINISTRATIO MR. w. J. BARR, Principal A school man of exemplary qualities, our principal has contributed greatly to the creation of an atmosphere conducive to educating well the youth ot this community. He has been dynamic yet sympathetic in solving the many problems associated with the happy integration of relationships of administration, faculty, and student body. We, the Stoanno Staff, salute you, Mr. Barr. MR P. l. VAN BRUNT Superintendent University of Denver B.A., M.A. MR. W. J. BARR Principal Ohio University A.B., University of Akron M A MR. P. l. VAN BRUNT, Superintendent Upon the administrative head of our school district falls the responsibility for planning for an adequate school plant, for the proper maintenance of that plant, for the securing of personnel, for giving to the Community of Stow the type of education which it wants for its youth. This position requires a man of stature - that stature to be measured by the end product ofthe total endeavor. E GLISH AND LA GU GE KATHRYN HARRAH B.A. Teaches LaHnLH FRANCES TOWNSELL H5.m Ei Teaches Shonhand LIL Spanish LII EVELYN KAUFMAN B.S 8.M.E Teaches English IX, EngHsh XH HELEN KUNGAMAN B.S m Ei Teaches EngHsh X, EngHsh XI ENGLISH X 7 MARY VONFELD B.A. Teaches EngHsh X, Enghsh XI TH AN SCIENCE MARY MULL Ph. B. Teaches Plane Senior Math, Algebra I Geometry, DOROTHY DENBROCK B.A. Teaches Algebra I, Algebra II, Solid Geometry, Trig. HERMON WOODWORTH B.A. Teaches Chemistry, General Science, Modern Science CHARLES HOLLEY B.S. in Ed. Teaches Biology, General Science CHEMISTRY CLASS 8 IRVIN ZIGLER B.A. in Ed Teaches Physics, General Science, General Math HISTCRY AND SCCIAL STUDIE SON DRA DAVIS B.S. in Ed. Teaches World History, Speech, Psych. VIVIEN EDWARDS A. B. B. E. Teaches English IX, World History WORLD HISTORY 9 VELMA WORKMAN B.S. M.S. Teaches Amer. Hisfory Am er. Gov. FIE RT 10 INDUSTRIAL ARTS PARKE CHARLES BERNICE COOLEY FENSCH MYERS B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed. Teaches Teaches Teaches Fr. Chorus Art Typing I, II Theory and Personai Music App. Typing GIee Club Bus. Training Bookkeeping JOHN MARJORIE CAROLYN DRESSER JAUHIAINEN STITT B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed. Teaches Teaches Teaches Com. Law Home Ed. Il Home Ed. I Bus. Arifh. Home Geography Personal Management Civics Typing SAM REX WILLIS ESTOK MITCHELL WALKER B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed. Teaches Teaches Teaches Gen. Math. Band Woodworking Mech. Adv. Shop Drawing HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DRIVERS' TRAINING, AND GUIDANCE EDITH CASTOR Teaches Physical Education B.S. ln Ed. JAMES TYREE B.A. in Ed. M.E. Teaches Physical Education ROBERT PARSONS B.S. in Ed M E Guidance Director DRIVERS' EDUCATION WILLIAM BLOOR B.S. in Ed M.A. In Ed Teaches Drivers' Education -TEACHI C5 PERSCDNN EL Mrs . Andres on SECRETARY TO MR. BARR CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Murdick, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Laweranfz V' :., S '9 4 l jjfg: ' , w s?--fari' V , CUSTODIANS FIREMAN Adam Wiegandi, Howard Witner, Clarence Gus Liffel Wilcox, Charles Lutz. 'I2 . ells ,gf if lssss M Bill Laweranfz SUPERVISOR OF BUS DRIVERS . . .s'Ef'1':. : A " ' W H "5 JL-H - .Z M ' ' ' .. " .V . " - , f I . f , L15-2 " --2 1:vif::l,v.. . . 'IQEfQQ! ':"EY'5E?f"?5:-.:" ' N' V :fin fk':,:9ElfQi5'l - ff ..., S 1 V 3 ff: P - i ' K . A A 4 5 ,'-' 5 .. - .A-' - f' 'N 1 'J 1- 1 ',,,"' l,v '--A" w x -1 Q 1,5 ,. N . -' -Hx 'I ' -1 I nl " I 1 I. 'fl ix . j., . I I ' N -. I . ' I I, .. ., ,.,. , ' Q . I -: , 'Z 7 , I " , . . . . . I .. . ,, 1 1 . In 4 I I . . 1 .. ,'l, l u' b A .1 I ' ' f '.'T- ,' . ' ' n . -- . X -. , I . Q 4 I'--. ,I .' ' 17 H 0559955 KL VEICT JI L. .J l C ASS HISTORY The history of the Class of 1958 has been a most interesting one, and we look back upon our years at Stow with pride and thaakfulness for all our associations including the many fine teachers who brought us through these happy years and prepared us for our next venture in life. In First Grade romantic TOMMY HUDSON sat on Mrs. Werts' lap daily, and he was so irresistible that one day she kissed him. So overwhelmed at this out- burst of affection, TOM wept. Always being one to follow a teacher's example, JIM AYERS kissed SAND- IE BRAUCHER. But, poor JIM, instead of receiving praise, received a spanking for his deed. Then there was brave'SHEILA CAHILL who got mad at one of those "big" sixth graders and promptly "let him have it" over the head with her pretty umbrella. She cried the rest of the day over the little heap of steel and cloth which was completely useless. In Second Grade MARC ARNOLD hadn't had enough science to know that two obiects can't occupy the same space at the same time so he forgot to move his head when he saw a baseball coming towards it. This was BEVERLY RANSOM'S favorite year. In fact, she was in such a hurry to get to school one morning that she forgot to wear certain essential apparel and found it necessary to wear her snow pants all day. Warm, Beverly? Third Grade ETHEL LOVINGOOD became quite style conscious this year. She could often be seen trading shoes with LINDA FARINACCI because she didn't like the ones her mother made her wear. This year SALLY SCHUMAN, LOLLIE DIERSING, LINDA FARINACCI, GORDON BARTLETT, JEAN SHULTZ, and WALT HOFF came to Stow. Fourth Grade - This is the year BILL VONGUN- TEN began preparing for his great sport's career by playing "iacks". SANDIE BRAUCHER carried a pin in her wallet to stick DENNY PETERSON when he tried to kiss her. CAROL HAGAT had a little visit with the principal because she was throwing stones atudefenselessu BOB OBLAK and DAVE REINHART. RAY DIETZ, MARCIA BREWSTER, LINDA ZEISIG, BOB SCHLEMMER, SALLY MILLER, and DAVE REINHART came this year. Fifth Grade - NORITA CSONKA and FLORENCE ALLEN attempted to demolish LAURA ROBERTS but due to the protection of certain teachers, they never did succeed. They were probably jealous of her doll named PAUL WUCHTER, Jr! SALLY SHUMAN had trouble standing on her own two feet, she was frequently sitting in the mud puddles on the play- ground. DALE GLASS came this year and earned the title of 'iclass bully". Others to come were HAR- RIET BROWER, PAUL WUCHTER, and JO ANN FLOWER. Sixth Grade - Everyone ducked when they saw "Dynamite" TRENT BUNKER strolling down the hall. Due to an impatient temper, he was often throw- ing his lunch box at things. Some of the two-somes of this time were JUDY WARREN and BOB OBLAK, SANDY WEYRICK and DALE GLASS, HARRIET HENRY and JIM AYERS: ANN MACKEY and DAVE WILLIAMS. STEVE BERMAN, KAREN KOSKI, MAR- CHETA MCCRADY, TED ROOT, and DIC SEMLER came this year. The Seventh Grade was a great turning point in our lives. We all met the great Larry Saltis. ELIZA- BETH WILLIAMS, who moved to Stow this year, got her first taste of discipline when she said, "peep" in Mr. Shonk's class. fThis is not her fondest mem- oryi. FLORENCE ALLEN had a disagreement with Mr. Caston, and there is still some doubt in her mind concerning who discovered America. When a certain teacher asked JOSIE VINCZELLER if she were il- literate, she replied, "Yes". MIKE VAN BRUNT, EDITH MAHLER, JERRY NICKOL, PAT WERLING, LARRY SKEENS, BYRON ROY, and JOHN BURTON arrived on the scene this year. Eighth Grade - We were really the "big wheels" now lat least we thought sol. LINDA FARINACCI remembers best the day in science class when she stood up and her skirt fell off. Science Feature: JIM AYERS pops egg out of bottle into mouth, proving mouth is bigger than egg. DENNY PETERSON got paddled because he squirted a teacher in the face with his squirt gun Icold water - hot pontsi. SANDY WEYRICK was very well protected the last half of the year from rubber bands by a cast. Wasn't that going a Iittletoo far for protection? LAURA ROBERTS was frequently tormented by the antics of a certain teacher while she was reciting in class. HARRIET HENRY was the popsicle queen. DARLENE KELLER wrote sixteen hundred statements because she was so talkative. This is the year we all went to the bot- tom of the class - JIM SNEDIKER came. Others to come were BARBARA NANASHE, JERRY WRIGHT, GARY RUSCOE, and MAE KELLER. Ninth Grade - Another great change in our lives! This time we were made the brunts of all jokes by the upper classmen, and we were looking forward to the day when we could return the favor to the next group of "Freshies." LINDA ZEISIG loved algebra class, but it wasn't the numbers she was interested in. CARMINE FALITICO, MARTIN SUFFOLK, and LEE FULTZ came. Tenth Grade - Everything was fairly quiet at Stow until MARIE BARKMAN came .and started having slumber parties. Glee Club was Iivened up one day by the setting off of a firecracker. A number of basses and tenors visited Mr. Barr's office that day. CINDY MERRELL drove Denny CIark's new "Chevy" into a ditch on the way to the Ellet game. SANDY BRAUCHER was the first girl spanked by Mr. Tyree. PAT FLAHERTY, GARY GARRETT, MARIE BARK- MAN, CINDY MERRELL, RICHARD WALTERS, and CAROL MARINICS came. Eleventh Grade - Mr. Woodworth was happy to see all of the would-be chemists. At the end of the year we left his Hbreakage fund" in very good con- dition. DAVE REINHART can't forget the day he tried to heat a gallon of water and molasses all at once. How long did it take you to clean up the mess, Dave? Some girls in gym class tried to break track records butmanaged to break their arms instead. MARC stood MARCHETA up this year. He was supposed to pick her up at 5:00 A.M. to go out to the cider mill, but he overslept and she waited. SHEILA CAHILL was the recipient ofa most unusual gift from LOLLIE DIERSING. In accordance with tradition, some mem- bers of the class inscribed our monogram on the water tower. BRUCE TRIER, SONNY CUNNINGHAM, PAULA ZINKANN, and CAROL CUMMINGS came. Twelfth Grade - The N.H.S. picnic in Septem- ber will be remembered most vividly by HARRIET HENRY, SALLY SHUMAN and FLORENCE ALLEN who found themselves in a row boat in the middle of the lake without oars. Can shoes really take the place of oars, girls? RONALD ROGERS, JO ANN HOLLOWAY, and JERRY WHITWORTH chme. Members of the class of '59 who attended all twelve years are: Marc Arnold, Trent Bunker, Bob Geistweite, Tom Hudson, Loel McKee, Denny Peter- son, Sandie Braucher, Arvella Collins, Norita Csonka, Evelyn Gilreath, Sandie Snyder, Barbara Weiland, Vivian White, Arlene Brehm, Sandy Weyrick, Ann Mackey, Ray- Bard, Mickey Batton, Ernie Bianchi, Larry Cross, Carl Housley, Carl Meador, Jim Moeller, Bob Oblak, Ken Shallahamer, Richard Wren, Florence Allen, Patty Coon, Nancy Dawes, Jinny Gaylord, Violet Glass, Harriet Henry, Barbara Kusnir, Laura Roberts, Barbara Trego, Josie Vinczeller, Ethel Lovingood, Kenny Cowles, Otis Lukins, Terry Osman, Jim Schafer, Bill Venorge, Bill Von Gunten, Charlene Anderson, Jeanne Barnes, Lawanna Brady, Paula Ellis, Carol Hagat, Darlene Keller, Beverly Ransom, and Judy Warren. Thus, the Class of 1959 becomes history and ioins the many graduating classes which have pre- ceded it. HARRIET HENRY Treasurer SENIOR CAROL MARINICS KENNETH COWL ES Secretary Vice-President OFFICERS TED ROOT President FRANCES TOWNSELL MARY MULL VIVIEN EDWARDS ADVISORS A ,QQ mf '82 FLORENCE ALLEN CHARLENE ANDERSON MARC ARNOLD Q-9.2 .tl uf . 5, GORDON BARTLETT 16 MARIE BARKMAN STEVEN BERMAN JEANN E BARNES MICHAEL BATTON ' -bil.. , Yz W S, i,, LWE E . Q-ZZ' , - '53 ' . A K rss' Q nv . ig Q, ":'- xx "1 " --'., .- - NSS fe 1 2 1 1 M 1 RAYMOND BARD SENIORS ERNEST BIANCHI .A .. .Ep f 5' ' fa? S gf 5 ,L ..,,. V , F ' YQ ,. SANDRA BRAUCHER ARL EN E BREHM HARRIET BROWER PATRICIA COON SHEILA CAHILL 4- F MARCIA BREWSTER TRENT BUNKER ARVELLA COLLINS Af 'N Q: " be K e F' I LAWANNA BRADY ffq Q O I Z U7 C Z3 -I O Z s'B I7 LARRY CROSS ffl'-T'iS 5:0 RAYMOND DIETZ 18 - 745: 5' M4 Y Y Y Y A f mm 1 1 3 Q E S ' Ay 'iw fag :g p 1 3 ff 5 H7 'fgif-22175 . ' ,, fsfwWf'1..Q'w 1- - :ffe1w4s'f,f176Q5?5Qf,,- 2 ,MN ,jk V52 E 3522 2 fi? S75 25 f LORETTA DIERSING WAYNE CUNNINGHAM SENICDRS PAULA ELLIS CARMEN FALITICO LINDA FARINACCI 55 ,A , in 'Q' , ,, ef ,Y ws 2 'Z 22 NORITA CSONKA CAROL CUMMINGS 31 if 5 Q 5 ,P E sf 5 GARY GARRETT CAROL HAGAT JOANN FLOWER PATRICK FLAHERTY ROBERT GEISTWEITE VIRGINIA GAYLORD DALE GLASS VIOLET GLASS LEE FULTZ Q 1 2 +- X L EVELYN GILREATH 'I9 JOANNE HALLOWAY WALTER HOFF CARL HOUSLEY NNE' MARIE KIRKPATRICK 20 MAE KELLER ETH EL LOVINGOOD 1:35115 , mu W I aw . DARLENE KELLER BARBARA KUSNIR 3 THOMAS HUDSON KAREN KOSKI EDITH MAHLAR JAMES MOELLER OTIS LUKENS LOEL MC KEE GLENNA ME RRITTS Q ANN MACKEY CURTIS MOORE . -x A lx ' 'Q CYNTHIA MERRELL MARCHETA MC CRADY CARL MEADOR SALLY MILLER nf M 'Nun .igfg BARBARA NANASHE JERRY NICKOL ROBERT OBLAK 5 2 'E - C3 SB' 5 i. x BEVERLY RANSOM 22 MELBA QU ESENBERRY TERRY OSMAN DENNIS PETERSON SENIORS DAVID REINHART LAURA ROBERTS BYRON ROY I959 N ROBERT SCHLEMMER JAMES SCHAFER SALLY SHUMAN KENNETH SHALLAHAMER JEAN SHULTZ SANDRA SNYDER JAMES SNEDIKER LARRY SKEENS GARY RUSCOE I Q: 5 RICHARD SEMLER 1 NN.. f:259V7:f. T ,f K 'gg' , '- ' ffz w,5: fy' QX,:..,,.1 . 1. ' . ,.- . ,,f.21fw-,W ft: 1' ,, . 1, lwkz. ' 'mtv , Q, KAMQK. n:::,gg f.: : :I HQ.: 'gg ., .f .:." gxef' MMM, 23 MARTIN SUFFOLK If-sf WILLIAM VON GUNTEN BARBARA TREGO BRUCE TRIER E E MICHAEL VAN BRUN1' JOSETTE VINCZELLER WILLIAM VENARGE 24 SENICR JUDY WARREN BARBARA WEILAND RICHARD WALTERS I L K3 S555 W 1. if ,E , M. S+ was -- 'i 'ff is fx sg RICHARD WREN 959 VIVIAN WHITE PATRICIA WERLING ELIZABETH WILLIAMS GERALD WRIGHT PAULA ZINKANN LINDA ZEISIG PAUL WUCHTER SANDRA WEYRICK M GERALD WHITWORTH 25 LIRLE DI GL DY E :if ANN MACKEY A rare sense of humor, an inherent awareness of the gentile Thing to do, a mind of great potenfial, and a verve for living - these are the qualifies which make Ann our "Leading Lady." 26 OUR LEADING MA WILLIAM VON GUNTEN Unobfrusive yef vital, infelligenf ye? not pedanfic, a "man's man" yef appreciated by the co-ed, admired by faculty and sfudenfs - These are The qualifies which make Bill our If ' ll Leading Man. 27 LAST WILL A D TESTAMENT CLASS OF I959 We, the members of the I959 Senior class of Stow High School, ofthe Village of Stow, County of Summit, and State of Ohio, do make, publish, and declare this, our last will and testament. AII facts contained herein we solemnly swear to be actual and true. No names have been changed to protect the innocent. To the beloved members of the FACULTY, we bequeath our four years of high school along with our good reputation. We trust that they will recall only our good points and forget our bad ones. To the JUNIORS we leave our cherished and long awaited position as Seniors. To the SOPHOMORES we will all our knowledge gathered over this four year period. To the FRESHMEN we leave all our wonderful memories with the hope that they will have as wonder- ful a time in high school. To our friends, we give these things nearest and dearest to us: BOB SCHLEMMER wills his ability to disrupt Miss TownseII's Spanish class to anyone who thinks he can be more disturbinq. JERRY WRIGHT leaves his slumping posture in Glee Club to any future choir member able to withstand four or five punches in the diaphragm from Mr. Cooley. EDITH MAHLAR gives her worn-out typewriter eraser to Norma Lutz in hopes that Norma will make fewer mistakes than she did. CINDY MERRELL wills her short, easy-to-take- care-of hair to Connie Diersing, who ought to get daring and make a change. TED ROOT wills his old paper route to Tim Ro- gers so he can drive Ted's ex-customers crazy. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS wills her messy locker to any sloppy Underclassman, namely Dixie Henning. GLENNA MERRITTS gives her baton to Donna Fields, who may want to get "tough" while going steady. ANN MACKEY leaves her record for throwing books in a fit of temper to a future Olympic hopeful. TERRY OSMAN leaves his knack for being with- out a pencil in Government class to the gal with the ready supply, Elaine Gidley. JIM SNEDIKER wills Ted Root to anyone who can stand him for four years. BOB OBLAK wills to Ron Bowen, six free dancing lessons from Arthur Murray. LINDA ZEISIG gives her slightly used piano lessons, free of charge, to Jeri Thorp. KAREN KOSKI leaves her hula-hoop to that Swingin' band director, Mr. Mitchell. ETHEL LOVINGOOD wills her ability to drive to Nan Gaylord who needs all help available. JERRY NICKOL leaves his football uniform to his brother, Bill, and hopes he will fill it someday. MARCHETA MC CRADY donates her long finger- nails to Jim Pardee. PAUL WUCHTER donates his brain to science. BARBARA TREGO gives her musty shower towel. from gym class to anyone having enough nerve to use it. RICHARD WREN leaves his Iast name to any other "bird" who wants it. GORDON BARTLETT gives all his Mad maga- zines to the school library. FLORENCE ALLEN wills her ability to play basketball to Marilyn Case iust in case she needs it. SANDIE BRAUCHER would like to leave her maiorette uniform to Denny Rook because he'II look so nice in white. MARCIA BREWSTER leaves all the posters she has drawn the past four years to the art class in hopes they can use them again. WALT HOFF leaves all his "ninth" periods to that well-behaved Sophomore, Mony Carpenter. DARLENE KELLER wills her ability to sleep three periods in the health room without getting caught to Mike Hickin who could use the rest. CARL HOUSLEY wills the wind-up key to his Volkswagon to Tim Peterman. CAROL CUMMINGS gives to Geri Zeisig ull her driving permits, parking poles, and car keys in hopes she'II be more successful than Carol. DALE GLASS bequeaths his ability to smash up a 1958 Chevy to Nan Gaylord in case she hasn't al- ready done it. NORITA CSONKA gives her ability to keep a I950 hot rod running after the motor has fallen out to her sister, Anita. LARRY CROSS bequeaths his no-shrinkage san- forized label to "Shorty" Don Murfin. BOB GEISTWEITE wiIIs his ability to play ping- pong to Mary Ann Scott. VIOLET GLASS donates her ability to flick study hall without getting caught to Barbara Housley. JOHN BURTON gives an autographed copy of his latest book "The Technique of Speed-Shifting for a Fast Getaway" to Miss Townsell. LAWANNA "Hot Lips" BRADY leaves her place in band to anyone who thinks they would like to blow their brains out. HARRIET BROWER leaves her lungs to Mr. Estok in case his wear out some football season. ERNIE BIANCHI leaves his Golden Hawk to Don Barnes and with it goes the wish that he can make it run. MICKEY BATTON gives his racing boat to Don Morehouse in hopes that he has learned to control it. JEANNE BARNES gives her naturally curly hair to any girl who wants to avoid nightly pin-ups. CAROL HAGAT leaves her navy chemise sweater to Denis Kuhlke who wants it in the worst way. MARIE BARKMAN would like to give a bottle of peroxide to Rita Kusnir because the sun did a bad 'ob. I TOM HUDSON leaves his senior Iocker to a iunior girl, Pat Russell. GINNY GAYLORD leaves her baton and her place in the maiorette Iine to any girl who can stand the feuds. SHEILA CAHILL wills her two different colored eyes to any underclassman who was unfortunate enough to have two eyes of the same color. MARC ARNOLD, CARMINE FALITICO, and PAT FLAHARTY will their ability to grow a five o'cIock shadow before noon to that lucky girl, Fudy Thomas. GARY GARRETT bequeaths his ability to smoke and not stunt his growth to Billy Dawson. ARLENE BREHM would like to Ieave her dark complexion to Kathy Horn. BARB KUSNIR gives her ability to sneak into her bedroom window at late hours to her sister, Rita, with hopes that she doesn't get caught. MARIE KIRKPATRICK gives her talent for get- ting into so much trouble in Mrs. MuII's study hall to Carl Schafer, who sure could use it. ARVELLA COLLINS wills all the mud on her shoes from band practice to her sister, Blanche, iust to keep it in the family. RAY DIETZ gives all the fun of getting up at 6:00 A.M. to check traps to anyone who wants to Iose a lot of sleep for nothing. FAULA ELLIS leaves her cheerful disposition in the morning to anyone who just can't wake up until noon. VIVIAN WHITE wills her quiet manner to Carroll Sallaz. MARTIN SUFFOLK leaves all Mr. i'lolley's grasshoppers to any timid girl planning to take bio- logy. JEAN SHULTZ gives her hot rod to Carolyn Schossler, hoping that she can lead the police on the merry chase that Jean did. LOEL MC KEE wills his carto Don Barnes along with the best of luck in driving it. BEVERLY RANSOM leaves to Mr. Tyree, her roller skating ability. CARL MEADOR leaves his mass to some future member of the Varsity football squad. SANDY WEYRICK leaves her famous snicker to the lucky senior occupying the last seat in Spanish il class. JUDY WARREN wills her secret formula blonde rinses to Kert Koski. LINDA FARINACCI leaves her big smile to any grumpy underclassman. LAURA ROBERTS wills her maidenly blush to Nan Gaylord. BILL VENARGE leaves his art of completely confusing Mrs. Vonfeld in Junior English grammar class by his questions to any up-and-coming junior who wants to be irritating. KEN SHALLAHAMMER wills his experience in Student Council to Ray Bresciani. PAT WERLING gives all her bottles of frosted nail polish to Joan Keller. JIM MOELLER willsghis study hall seat in Room 205 to some unfortunate soul. BYRON ROY leaves his iob as master stagehand to Dick Myers. LARRY SKEENS leaves his happy-go-lucky disposition to Lowell Cannon. DICK SEMLER leaves his no-lock locker to any- one who can't afford to be bothered by a combination. RAY BARD leaves his ability to stay out of trouble with the teachers to Jim Pardee. JERRY WHITWORTH wills his car to Ron Ward since he can drive it so well. BRUCE TRIER wills his physics tests to the wastebasket in Room 204. JIM SCHAFER leaves his first love, talking, to that quiet soul, Jimmy White. CURTIS MOORE gives his collection' of tardy slips back to Mrs. Andresen. OTIS LUKENS leaves his wisecracks to some other troublemaker. GARY RUSCOE wills his old motor scooter to anyone interested in pursuing ioy-riding. STEVE BERMAN wills 30 pounds to Jerry Mahler in hopes that he will grow. TRENT BUNKER wills his membership in the Communist Party and his subscription to Pravda to anybody who is stupid enough to believe in it. MIKE VAN BRUNT wills his ability to get along with the Superintendent to anyone who wants it. DAVE REINHART leaves his entire wardrobe to the Goodwill Industries. KENNY COWLES wills his llama, the llama's sidesaddle, along with his gaucho pants and ability to speak Spanish to his brother, Jim. CAROL SUE MARINICS wills her ability to avoid accidents to John Nanashe who could certainly use II. SALLY SHUMAN wills her daily carrot to any long-earred Freshman. SALLY MILLER gives her tenor voice to Barb Zuppa so she will be able to sit with the men. PAT COON leaves her calorie chart to Norma Nickol. BILL VON GUNTEN wills his harem to Lyn Jackson, Mio may use it as he sees fit. PAULA ZINKANN wills to her sister, Cecilia, the ability to fail Spanish all year and pass with a 7l. SANDIE SNYDER gives her two left feet to a band member in the Freshman class. DENNY PETERSON donates his master key to the school to Mr. Barr in case he ever wants to get into the school. BARBARA NANASHE gives all her growing pills to Bill Ni,ckol hoping he has better luck than she did. HARRIET HENRY wills her ability to make an explosion which puts holes in the lab table and still stay on speaking terms with Mr. Woodworth to some up and coming chemistry student. CHARLENE ANDERSON wills her talent for Singing love songs to other girl's boyfriends to Linda eese. LORETTA DIERSING wills her 22 inch waist- line to Martin Brandon. JOSIE VINCZELLER wills her pony tail to Mr. Cooley for the purpose of switching flies in the music room. NANCY DAWES leaves her ability to be on time to Rita McAmis, who is always late. JO ANN ' FLOWER wills her tidyness to some sloppy underclassman. MELBA ADAMS wills her red hair to Barb Holden so she'lI have hair to match her temper. EVELYN GILREATH gives her ability to study in study halls to Ray Balsevicius, who could certainly use it. JO HOLLOWAY leaves her southern accent to Roy Darling. W BARBARAWEILAND wills her long hair to Brenda iI"I'. C ASS PRC PH ECY According to the ancient manuscript discovered by the three famous archiologists, JIM SNEDIKER, TED ROOT, and HARRIET HENRY, it is believed there was an ancient civilization called SENIORS originating in the small city-state of Stow. This document, written 400 years ago in 'l970, deals with the life and occupations of this group of people. It was probably written by a member of this group at some time during his life time and presents a small biographical sketch of each person. Here is the manuscript in its entirety. Since TRENT BUNKER has joined the Army, the Sherman tank has become obsolete. ROBERT SCHLEMMER is now president of the only factory which makes gold-plated mink batons. JOHN BURTON now sells hot cars to ridge-run- ers. CARL HOUSLEY and CARMEN FALITICO are his best customers. PAUL WUCHTER is now stage manager of the Follies Bergere in Paris, France, where SANDRA BRAUCHER is starring in "Can-Can." DENNY PETERSON and ROBERT OBLAK, the world's greatest golfers, are teeing off tomorrow in the Mount ldie Open in a field of three, Denny, Bob, and Grandma Ogg. STEVE BERMAN, intending to be the owner of a chain of Sunoco Service Stations, has become a missing link. TOM HUDSON and his choir of renown are making a command performance at OTIS LUKENS' All-County Barn Dance. MIKE VAN BRUNT is now the proud possessor of a 90,000 watt transmitter and yesterday he stuck his head out of the window and got Chile. DAVE REINHART has become a monk and is now writing "The Ecclesiastical History of the Amer- ican League." MARC ARNOLD has just broken the 4-minute mile, but unfortunately it will not go on record be- cause he was being chased by the police at the time. RAY DIETZ always wanted to be in business for himself so BRUCE TRIER gave him the business. JUDY WARREN and PATTI WERLING have be- come the coaches of Coventry's football team. MICKEY BATTON joined the Navy, but every- body kept yelling, "Button down the hatches," so Mickey spent most of his time in the hatches. LINDA FARINACCI, VIRGINIA GAYLORD, and MARIE KIRKPATRICK are curb girls at the Stork Club. JERRY WRIGHT, WALTER HOFF, and JIM MOELLER have opened a garage and are selling souped-up cars to middle-aged school teachers. Three of Stow's great baseball players, BILL VON GUNTEN, JERRY NICKOL, and KEN SHALL- AHAMER, have turned professional, they are now selling peanuts for Berlow at Cleveland Stadium. SALLY SHUMAN and BARBARA KUSNIR have opened a branch of the Stow Queen, Custard Last Stand, in the middle of the Sahara Desert. ERNIE BIANCHI has won the English Channel swim, but of course he did have a slight advantage over the other contestants, he has webbed feet. BOB GEISTWEITE was also in the race, but he got three- fourths of the way over, decided he couldn't make it, and swam back. EVELYN GILREATH, VIVIAN WHITE, BAR- BARA WEILAND, and MAY KELLER have joined a gypsy caravan and are now touring the Belgium Congo. CAROL HAGAT and EDITH MAHLAR have joined the "Rocketts." CINDY MERRELL, LORETTA DIERSING, SALLY MILLER, and SANDRA WEYRICK are in the chorus of that new musical comedy "Anna, Anna Get the lpana, Grandma Just Swallowed a Wax Banana." MELBA ADAMS and CAROL MARINICS are cheerleaders in the current Olympic Games. PATTY COON has become the head pianist in Wooster's Marching Band, and RICHARD WALTERS carries her piano. LINDA ZEISIG and PAULA ZINKANN are now making Zeisig Zinkann zippers for zany zoologists . . Zounds I I The four great scientists RONALD ROGERS, BILL VENARGE, JERRY WHITWORTH, and DICK SEMLER have just succeeded in breeding a nanny goat with a hoot owl, the result, a hootin'-nanny. An- other accomplishment of this famous quartet was the discovery of a wondrous hair thinner for people with FAT hair. VIOLET GLASS, MARIE BARKMAN, and LAW- ANNA BRADY are nurses in an animal hospital spe- cializing in the treatment of dogs with claustrophobia. RICHARD WREN and BYRON ROY are disc jockeys on Radio Free Europe. FLORENCE ALLEN and NORITA CSONKA are now teaching physical education at Harvard. The great stars, ANN MACKEY, CHARLENE ANDERSON, and LAURA ROBERTS, of Junior Play fame are now starring in the hit African movie, "I Remember Mau-Mau." LARRY CROSS and GARY GARRETT have joined the Harlen Globetrotters. BEVERLY RANSOM, BARBARA NANASHE, and ELIZABETH WILLIAMS are working as models in a Tall Girls' Shop. LOWELL MCKEE is doing porcupine imitations on "Zoo Parade." CARL MEADOR has become an elf working for Santa Claus and hopes to work his way up. LARRY SKEENS is pursuing a dramatic career as Flub-a-dub on the Howdy Doody Show where MARTIN SUFFOLK is President of the Peanut Gallery. Four of my classmates, PAT FLAHERTY, KENNY COWLES, DALE GLASS, and TERRY OSMAN, have formed a new recording group, The Chain Gang. Their latest hit on the Sing-Sing label is "Up the Lousy River." ETHEL LOVINGOODS'S new book "Short Blond Hair in the Summer and Long Brown Hair in the Winter" was just published. Another great success is NANCY DAWES. You know Nancy Dawes and then again she Dawsn't. JOSETTE VINCZELLER and MARCHETA MC- CRADY'S new book "Care and Training of a Pony Tail," just sold a million copies. JIM SCHAFER, LEE FULTZ, and GARY RUSCO are raising palm trees on their farm in Alaska. KAREN KOSKI, PAULA ELLIS, and SANDY SNYDER have opened a beauty shop and specialize in multi-colored eyelashes.. Their chief competitor is the beauty shop run by BARBARA TREGO, DAR- LENE KELLER, and ARLENE BREHM. Their motto is "We take over where nature left off." RAY BARD, realizing his high school ambition, has entered the journalism field and has replaced "Pogo" in the comics. ARVELLA COLLINS and JEANNE BARNES are the greatest bullfighters in all of Spain. SHELIA CAHILL, HARRIET BROWER, and MARCIA BREWSTER have invented automatic "Hula Hoops" for people who are lazy. JOANN FLOWER, JOANNE HOLLAWAY, and CAROL CUMMINGS have opened a nursery and are successfully raising corn smut and wheat rust. 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If i2Qz1ih2i-IVfi',i - 1 Carol Jack Geraldine Cecilia Barbara wooley Wright Zeisig Zinkann Zuppq Jeffy Connie Bobbs Foster Seated: Sharon Brown, Treasurer, Bob Cueni, President: Sharon Thomas, Secretary, Standing: Mrs Vonfelcl, Advisor, Clay Wagner, Vice-President. 36 SOPHQMCRES B fa h i . we ,. Chqrlgs Linda Karen Judith Kerry Joan Amburn Andresen Archer Arthur Arthur Atzenhofer ., A 1 "ff ' n ll 'A'AL.A f A A, ' ' ,. t , ., , , a - X Judith Carol Donald David Marjorie Stephen Bard Barker Barnes Beck Bellinger Berg A . - 7 J I ..I, 2' Z . . - H - ,.,,:. ,,A M , P ,,.. A :,, ... 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K .Q X .xv ,,,.bV 1 ix bf -- - K , sg ., s, if:i'f2zs "'1- -1.9: F' vga f 'L A ae J ,V .. 9 ,. , ' 9 'Ei ' 15 timed Jim Wyle Karen Young Theodore Zuppa Thomas Van Brunt yy X-N ,.,- Wu Connie Williams N if-Zigi ,mm -ki. y Jo Marie Wooley Row One: Honey Charlion, Connie Hamilton, Judy Palmer. Row Two: Ed Ward, Denny Carpenter. in X 5555355555 STOANNO STAFF EXECUTIVE STAFF Row 'I: Pat Coon, Business Manager, Dale Glass, Editor, Bob Schlemmer, Layout Chm. Row 2: Denny Peterson, Sales Manager, Carol Hagat, Advertising Manager, Steve Berman, Assistant Ad- vertising Manager, Laura Roberts, Chm. of Candy SaIes. EDITORIAL STAFF Row I: J. Snediker, .I. VinczeIIer, A. Mackey, H. Henry, S. Weyrick, T. Root. Row 2: M. Case, M McIntyre, M. Klesa, C. Marinics, G. Hagat, M. Blocki. STOANNO SALE STOANNO SALES Row 1: J. Swartout, M. Hackett, J. Horner, M. Brewster, B. Nanashe, S. Good. Row 2: F. Savory J. Sweitzer, K. Willians, C. Anderson, S. Shuman, P. Ellis, L. Farinacci, B. Tyler, S. Cahill. Row 3: G. Wilkinson, C. Diersing, J. Dyke, D. Butler, N. Dawes, A. Collins, J. Barnes, P. Werling S. Snyder. Row 4: B. Trier, G. Garrett, R. Bard. STCJHION STAFF STOHION STAFF Row 'l: G. Porosky, J. Pardee, C. Moore. Row 2: H. Henry, S. Cahill, T. Moore, J. Vinczeller, L. Seese, D. Braden, L. Loch, N. Wuchter. Row 3: A. Csonka, P, Herman, L, Reed, J, Swqrfouf S. Shuman, S. Brown, T. Mclntyre, G. Hagat, E. Coomes, J. Shultz, S. Good, Mrs. Klingaman Adviser. Row 4: S. Berman, C. Perrine, E. Gidley, S. Snyder, N. Dawes, C. Hagat, G. Garrett N. Csonka, J. Werner, K. Archer, H. Schetz, D. Swartz. I I 1 FUTURE TEACHERS of MERICA Row One: J. Cole, J. Cowles, D. Gray, G. Porosky, B. Schlemmer, H. Schetz, D. Willey, T. DeLeo, L. Body, B. Cueni. Row Two: C. Hagat, S. Braucher, C. Marinics, L. Farinacci, L. Mclntire, G. Gordon, P. Weber, L. Henderson, T. Root, M. VanBrunt. Row Three: E. Gidly, A. Collins, P. Werling, S. Weyrick, S. Brown, M. McCrady, C. Anderson, D. Burdette, L. Reed, K. Koski, Miss Workman, Adviser. Row Four: S. Snyder, C. Diersing, J. Birdsall, P. Coon, H. Henry, V. Glass, N. Csonka, J. Vinczeller, F. Allen, J. Barnes. F. T. A. Learning while serving, the Future Teachers of America Club has become one of the most active ones in Stow High School. The members gain an insight into the profession of teaching, by acting as temporary substitutes in emergencies, by assisting regular teachers in clerical work, by working in the secretary's office during rush periods, by observing experienced teachers' techniques, and by acting as guides at functions sponsored by the school. The club is in its sixth year and is guided capably by its sponsor, Miss Velma Workman. 50 NATIO AL FORENS C LE GUE NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Row One: J. Pardee, W. Horvafh, B. Tyler, L. Krbec, J. Wright. Row Two: M. Hackefi, G. Gordon, T. Moore, J. Vinczeller, L. Seese, J. Birdsoll, G. Hagaf, M. Case. Row Three: L. Reed, P. Powell, L. Hun f, N. Gaylord, P. Coon, M. Blocki, Mrs. Davis, Adviser. Row Four: S. Lomb, T. VanBrunt, K. Hoskins, B. Weeks, J. Wilson, D. Swartz, P. Long, B. Schlemmer. 4, . -.efsfmfe FUTURE URSES OF A ERICA l FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Row One: B. Holden, K. Williams, J. Sweitzer, B. Zuppa, P. wqller, S. Cahill, N. Nickol, B. Nanashe. Row Two: Mrs. Mull, Adviser, J. Stratton, J. Swartout, C. Hill, B. Kraus, J. Flower, S. Shuman, L. Roberts, M. Hatton, M. Connolly. Row Three: J. Schulman, J. Dyke, M. Davis, N. Wuchter, A. Mackey, J. Barnes, B. Collins, M. Flaherty. F. N. A. Organized during the i957-58 school year, the Future Nurses ot America Club meets the needs of a group of girls who plan to enter the nursing pro- fession after graduation. Lectures, movies, field trips, demonstrations, and conferences are used to help them to make a final decision about this field of occupation. Mrs. Mary Mull is the faculty sponsor. NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row One: Mrs. Edwards, Adviser, S. Snyder, A. Mackey, M. McCrady, S. Shuman, H. Henry, J. VinczeIIer, L. Diersing. Row Two: P. Coon, L. Seese, G. Gordon, F. Allen, N. Dawes, S. Weyrick C. Anderson, A. Collins, P. Weber. Row Three: J. Snediker, T. Roof, D. Glass, L. Body, D. Gray, L. Cannon, D. WiIIey, B. Cueni. D F 53 SENIOR Y-TEE S SENIOR Y-TEENS Row One: J. Schulman, B. Holden, E. Williams, B. Ransom, J. Moore, B. Nanashe, S. Cahill, J. Shultz, C. Hagat, G. Gordon, M. Case. Row Two: S. Shuman, C. Zinkann, R. McAmis, K. Williams, C. Hill, P. Waller, G. Zeisig, N. Dawes, P. Coon, B. Trego, H. Brower, Mrs. Stitt, Adviser. Row Three: J. Horner, B. Kusnir, F. Allen, E. Lovingood, V. Glass, B. Zuppa, N. Csonka, V. Gaylord, J. Warren, P. Werling, D. Burdette, E. Gidley, M. Hackett, J. Birdsall, S. Miller. Row One: J. Flower, M. Hatton, S. Snyder, C. Diersing, L. Seese, L. Diersing, A. Mackey, J. Vinczeller, L. Zeisig, L. Brady. Row Two: B. Kraus, B. Gavriloft, S. Weyrick, C. Anderson, E. Mahlar, J. Sweitzer, N. Ross, J. Swartout, P. Russell, M. Brewster, M. Connolly, D. Henning. Row Three: L. Reed, C. Bee, C. Brown, L. Henderson, P. Weber, S. Thomas, S. Brown, N. Nickol, T. Mclntire, H. Henry, P. Waller, M. Borkman, C. Cummings, P. Zinkann, S. Braucher. Row Four: J. Barnes, C. Wooley, A. Collins, M. Nighman, C. White, E. Heidbrider, P. Ellis, G. Leas, N. Hay- ward, J. Dyke, N. Reihl, D. Walter, M. McCrady, L. Roberts, J. Breiding, K. Koski, N. Gaylord. 54 JR. Y-TEENS JR. Y-TEENS Row 1: P. Bowen, P. Blazer, K. Beidler, M. Frasier, C. Williams, L. Andreson, J. Thomas, S. Brazleton,J. MacAdams, S. Housley. Row 2: Mrs. Jauhianinen, Adviser, K. Hausman, C. MacAdams, B. Collins, C. Clark, S. Goocl, N. Sheppard, L. Hunt, S. Carson, M. Hutchinson, K. Crow. Row 3: A. McCracken, D. Braden, R. Reinhart, P. Martin, N. Reariclc, M. Jones, J. Bowers, L. Jones, J. Kline, W. Matiunas, T. Hammond. JR. Y-TEENS Row 'I: J. Werner, N. Noll, N. Lutz, G. Roy, B. LaForme, J. Schulman, N. Lutz, B. Hanson. Row 2 G. Hagat, S. Ertley, S. Muckensturm, D. Butler, C. Brandon, M. Worcester, L. Loch, L. Hibbard M. Schetz, K. Basley. Row 3: M. Kaufman, J. Cross, B. Atzenhofer, C. Bishop, K. Kinghan, S Pimlott, L. Brady, C. Barker, L. Wetmore, C. Stitt, S. Simms. Row 4:' C. Perrine, M. Hummel, A Csonlca, L. Williams, J. Bard, N. Wuchter, T. Kraus, N. Brady, P. Herman, T. Moore, S. Williamson B. Adams C. Anderson L. Andresen M. Arnold K. Arthur J. Bard R. Bard C. Barker M. Berkman G. Bartlett M. Batton D. Beck P. Belcher S. Bender S. Berg E. Bianchi J. Bobbs L. Body K. Bosley F. Botz B. Bowers G. Bowers D. Braden L. Brady M. Brandon S. Braucher S. Brazelton G. Brehm R. Bresciani M. Brewster H. Brower S. Brown C. Burns D. Buskirk D. Butler S. Cahill E. Canfield S. Carson M. Case C. Clark J. Cole PEP LUB PEP CLUB OFFICERS Row One: Ann Mackey, Secretary, Dale Glass, President, Ted lngalls, Vice-President. Row Two: Mr. Estok, Adviserp Pat Herman, Treasurer. Colebank S, Gggd Collins D. Gray C0llif'lS D. Greathouse Coom es L, Coon C, Cowles G, Cross C, Cross C. Crow B, Csonka M, Cueni K, Cummings N. Czartoski E Dalton L Dawes H Dee P DeLeo L Diamond C Diersing B Diersing J, Dietz J Dietz J, Dixon R Duffy T Dye S. Dyke M Earnest T Ellis D Ertley C Farinacci D Fickey M Flaherty L Flaherty ' M Flower D Francis J. Frontz M, Frederick L, Gaylord K, Geistweite M, Gilreath J , Glass J , Griffith Hagat Hagat Hall Hamilton Hanson Haton Housman Hayward Heidbrider Henderson Henry Herman Hibbard Hi ll Hoff Holden Holloway Horner Hoven Hudson Humbert Hummel lngalls Johnson Jones Jones Jones Kates Kaufmann Keller Keller Keller Kerns Kingaw Kirkpatrick Klein Kline Kraus Kraus Kwasezul LaForme Lauver Leas Loch Lutz MacAdam Mackey Maghes Marinics Martin Martin McAmis McClosky McCrady Mclntyre Merrell Merrill Merritts Moore Moore Moore Morrison Muckensturm Nanashe Nickol Nickol Nickol Nieminen Nighman Noll North Oblak Oesch Osman Perrine Peterson Pickering Pimlott Porosky Porter Powell Powell Radak Ransom Reeves Reinhart Reinhart Rexroad Ri ehl Roberts Rogers Root Ross Ryan Ryan Saladin Sanders Saviers Schetz Schetz Schlemmer Schossler Schulman Scott Seese Shallahamer Shultz Shuman Shuman Simms Skeens Smith Snediker Sovil Stemple siiff Stokey Swartz Sweitzer Sweitzer Suffolk Surgeon Teter Thomas Tilton Towne Trego Venarge VonGunten Wagner Waller Walter Walters Ward Warren Warren Weeks Werling Weyrick White Willey Williams Williams Williams Williams Wilson Wise Witte Wren Wright Wright Wooley Wooley Worcester Zeisig Zinkann Zinkann Zuppa TUDE T COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL Row One: R. Reinhart, L. Jones, M. Kaufmann, S. Martin, L. Hibbard, K. Beidler, P. Weber, D. Henning. Row Two: Mr. Walker, Adviser, T. Shuster, J. Nickol, J. Landis, J. Courson, J. Sweitzer, T.lngalls, D. Simms. Row Three: J. Snediker, D. Gray, K. Shallahamer, R. Morrison, B. Von Gunten, R. Fredricks. PAT FLAHERTY President Good government, whether in the community or in the school, is essential to the smooth functioning within the unit. into the hands of the student council is placed this responsibility in the areas where students can function well. Our council sponsors the Homecoming events, student assembly programs, and works to promote and improve student morale and behavior. The money is available from the sale of candy during lunch period. 57 GLEE MEMBERS SOPRANOS: Linda Kerns, Carol Stiff, Daffy Braden, Michelle Connolly, Brenda Wifte, Judy Warren, Jeri Thorpe, Charlene Anderson, Sandra Weyrick, Carol Barker, Nancy Dawes, Karen Williams, Paula Ellis, Violet Glass, Nancy Noll, Karen Hausman, Cindy Merrell, Cheryl Bee, Diana Johnsfon, Nancy Wuchfer, Anita Csonlca, Linda Reed, Pat Waller, Rita, McAmis, Nancy Ross, Elaine Gidley. TENORS: Ted Root, Jerry Diamond, Wal? Hoff, Larry Kerr, Marc Arnold, Ken Cowles, Ken Hoskins. 58 LUB MEMBERS ALTOS: Donna Walter, Barbara Kraus. Mary Lou Hackett, Barbara Zuppa, Marcheta Mc- Crady, Kerry Arthur, Laura Roberts, Josette Vinczeller, Martha Shiltz, Cecilia Zinkann, Joanne Sweitzer, Sally Miller, Loretta Diersing, Ann Mackey, Linda Zeisig, Teresa Kraus Judy Birdsall, Paula Zinkann, Norita Csonka, Connie Diersing, Pat Russell, Dawne Butler, Lynn McCloskey, Mary Ann Flaherty, Terry Moore. BASSES: Jerry Wright, Ed Gidley, Martin Suffolk, Louis Krbec, Ned Stemple, George Scott, Jim Wilson, Phillip Long, Steve Lamb, Gary Ruscoe, Terry Osman, Pat Flaherty, Tom Hudson, Byron Roy, Ray Bard, Doug Huntsman, Dale Glass. ACCOMPANIST, Patty Coon DIRECTOR, Mr. Parke Cooley 59 BAD James Burns Gale Gordon Dixie Henning Shirley Madden Sandra Messersmith Judi Werner Steve Berg Pam Blazer Mary Brust Marilyn Case Arvella Collins Blanche Collins Sandra Householder Karen Koski Ann MacCracken Mike Mclntyre Gerald Mahlar Richard Myers Mary Alice Savory Barbara Schafer Sandra Snyder Roger Suppes Marjorie Worcester Gary Wright Cheryl MacAdam Terry Frantz Tom Dyke Don Gray Don Murfin Richard Lange Gordon Bartlett Mary Sponagle DIRECTOR Mr. Mitchell Bill DeLeo Nanette Gaylord Bob Geisteweite Virginia Hagat Randy Morrison Eldred Saviers James Savory Joe Shuman Gaile Wilkinson Richard Wren Lillian Loch Annette Pursley Nancy Rearick Joan Schulman Adrian Bohl Ray Dietz Lynn Francis Bob Jackson James Smith Richard Akers Sawanna Brady Paul Jackson Jeanette Schulma Ronald Myers Tim Rogers Tom VanBrunt Sandy Braucher Jim Fritz John Miller Jerry O'Brien Bob Pfile Bill Rennie H DRUM MAJOR- M JORETTES DRUM MAJOR Bob Schlemmer MAJORETTES Nancy Ross, Linda Kerns, Sandy Braucher, Drum Maioretfep Shirley North, Ginny Gaylord. SCIENCE CLUB SCIENCE CLUB Row I: T. Mclntyre, M. Jones, G. Porosky, D. Jones, L. Krbec, M. Savory, L. Seese, T. Dyke, S. Tilton, M. Mclntyre, J. Gleghorn, B. LaForme, M. Case, J. Savory, J. Wright, M. Blocki. Row 2: J. Amberson, L. Hunt, G. Hagat, N. Nickol, J. Schulman, N. Wuchter, T. Moore, M. Flaherty, D. Braden, K. Hausman, J. Thomas, Mr. Holley, Adviser. Row 3: Mr. Zigler, Adviser, P. Russell, J. Pardee, B. Tyler, L. Scott, L. Wallace, C. Clark, P. Powell, S. Thomas, G. Zeisig, B. Lauver, S. Brown, L. Reed, J. Sweitzer, B. Zuppa, C. Hill, K. Williams, P. Waller, N. Gaylord, H. Charlton, L. Jones, N. Rayman, R. Reinhart, D. Peterson, N. Rearick, H. Schatz, C. Williams, R. Wren. Row 4: Mr. Woodworth, Adviser, D. Wilson, P. Long, M. VanBrunt, D. Glass, S. Lanb, D. Murfin T. Hudson, J. Snediker, P. Wuchter, T. Roof, K. Cowles, J. Cowles, B. Weeks. VARSITY " " VARSITY S Row I: G. McCIeIIen, T. Ingalls, B. Cueni, J. Fischer, D. Seese, D. Reinhart, M. Arnold, D Peterson,T. Zuppa, D. Reid. Row 2: R. Fredericks, B. Westgate, L. Reed, R. Myers, R. Reikowski D. Gray, K. Shallahamer, G. Porosky, L. Jackson, D. Kuhlke, R. Darling, J. Pierce, B. Oblak J. Landis, R. Richardson, J. Nickol, R. Bresciani, J. Nanashe, C. Falitico, J. Courson, D. Ryan Row 3: L. Moore, M. Brandon, K. Cowles, R. Bard, G. Garret, L. Cross, J. Cowles, D. Rook, R Semler, R. Bowen, B. Von Gunten, P. Flaherty, C. Wagner. HCMECOMING DANCE HOMECOMING QUEEN AND HER COURT Pat Herman, Sophomore Attendant, Pam Weber, Junior Attendant, Carol Marinics, Queen, Sally Miller, Senior Attendant, Penny Powell, Freshman Attendant. H RI TMAS FCRMAL CHRISTMAS QUEEN AND HER COURT Pam Blazer, Freshman Attendant, Linda Witner, Sophomore Attendant, Connie Diersing, Junior Attendant, Marcheta McCrady, Senior Attendant, Ginny Gaylord, Queen, Loretta Diersing, Senior Attendant, Cindy Brown, Junior Attendant, Judy Thomas, Sophomore Attendant, Lucy Jones,Fresi1- man Attendant. THESPIANS THESPIANS Row One: Mrs. Vonfeld, Adviser, C. Anderson, A. Mackey, H. Henry, C. Hagaf, N. Dawes, L Roberts, C. Marinics. Row Two: T. Rooi, D. Glass, T. Hudson, D. Peterson, M. Arnold, A. Collins M. McCrady, M. Brewster, S. Cahill. Row Three: J. Snediker, P. Wuchfer, B. Schlemmer, G. Bart left, S. Snyder, H. Brower. LIBRARY STAFF LIBRARY STAFF Row One: Sandy Willemsen, Sally Shuman, Paula Ellis, Carol Barker. Row Two: Shirley North Mrs. Wills, Librarian, Paula Zinkann. I 64 Q M X XXX xv +4 ' f W Q W A ' --- ' ,aa ,,,. 0 - A f 0 A 0 ' H X QW. t an ya' 55Hi'29ev,rw-51 . WU 4554 .vze.?615Q?'f15V 'I' UULQBQIG 'M QF x',,,.ff' . .... E 1 E 1 2 E 5 L?-1 5 5 .. .. : E 5 E E 2 2 ET :: E ? ez. E 5 - CCACHES COACHES Mr. Walker, Track, Mr. Sonnhalter, Basketball, Mr. Saltis, Freshman Basketball, Mr. Estok, Assistant Football, Mr. Sloop, Reserve Basketball, Mr. Tyree, Football and Wrestling Coach. FRESHMAN BASKETB LL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL ' Row One: Jerry Mohler, Manager, Bill Dawson, Ronnie Holden, Bill Nickol, Dick Wilson, Ted Ingalls, Addis Settle. Row Two: Jim Amberson, Manager, George Hymes, Ed Bosley, Dave Cueni, Don Dixon, Frank Botz, Bob Platt. Mr. Saltis, Coach. CHEERLEADER CHEERLEADERS Left to Righr: Donna Waiters, Laura Roberts, Linda Farinacci, Carol Sue Marinics, Capiainp Linda Henderson, Pam Weber. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Left fo Right: Judy Thomas, Lucy Jones, Connie Williams, Nancy Rearick. FOCDTBALL Top Row: G. Hymes, B. Machczynski, L. Moore, D. Dixon, A. Settle, J. Shuman. Row Two: J. Courson, K. Koski, D. Gray, L. Dye, D. Seese, G. McCellan, R. Richardson, J. Landis. Row Three: R. Fredrick, L. Jackson, C. Wagner, D. Rook, R. Myers, R. Reikowski, R. Bowen, T. DeLeo. Row Four: B. Von Gunten, J. Nickol, M. Arnold, C. Falitico, P. Flaherty, J. Fischer, B. Cueni, J. Pierce. Row Five: T. Ingalls, D. Rhodes, B. Dawson, F. Shuett, F. Botz, D. Ryan, D. Reid. 68 SENICRS PAT FLAHERTY - End MARC ARNOLD - Halfbuck BILL VON GUNTEN - End JERRY NICKOL - Halfback 69 CARMINE FALITICO - End ASKETBALL VARS!TY BASKETBALL Row One: Mr. Sonnhalter, Coach, Kenny Cowles, Bob Oblak, Jerry Nickol, Ray Bresciani, Jim Pierce, Jim Landis, Dave Reinllarf, Manager. Row Two: Kenny Shallahamer, Ray Bard, Larry Cross, Gary Garrett, Martin Brandon, Biii Von Gunten. RESERVE BASKETBALL Row One: Mr. Sloop, Coach, Jim Cowles, Richard Bradley, Bill Westgate, George Porosky, Jim Watkins, Karen Hausman, Scorekeeper. Row Two: Larry Kerr, Don Gray, Randy MOYHSOH, Mike Kleso, Keri Koski, Glenn Duchene, Tom Shuster, Larry Moore. SENIORS GARY GARRETT BILL VON GUNTEN LARRY CROSS lil Q N in If KEN SHALLAHAMER BOB OBLAK ARD JERRY NICKOL KEN COWLE5 RAY B 72 BASEBALL TEAM BASEBALL TEAM Row One: Ted Ingalls, Manager, G. McClellen, R. Bresciani, D. Ryan. Row Two: D. Gray, J Landis, J. Nickol, J. Pierce, R. Reikowski. Row Three: B. Westgate, L. Moore, D. Rook, K Shallahammer, M. Brandon, B. Von Gunten. GOLF TEAM GOLF TEAM Mr. Zigler, Adviser, J. Nanashe, B. Oblak, D. Peterson, Mr. Parsons, Adviser. TRACK TE M TRACK TEAM Row One: D. Reinhart, T. Metz, D. Seese, M. Arnold, L. Jackson. Row Two: F. Lytton, D. Sellars, G. Porosky, S. Berman, J. Fischer, K. Cowles, D. Hilliard, Mr. Walker. Row Three: L. Reed, R Richardson, B. Czartoski, R. Fredrick, T. Rogers, J. Klein, J. Cowles, R. Bowen. WRESTLI G TEAM WRESTLING TEAM Row One: L. Dye, B. Nighmon, J. Fischer, B. Cueni, L. Francis, D. Kuhlke, D. Seese. Row Two P. Hicken, R. Darling, J. Hercsek, R. Myers, L. Reed, S. Berman, R. Fredrick, R. Richardson Row Three: D. Hervey, J. Wright, T. DeLeo, J. Surgen, B. Rennie, F. Polinger, L. Carpenter Row Four: M. Simms, R. Myers, R. Hall, F. Schuett, J. White, A. Settle, D. Rhodes, T. Zuppa Y-TEE BASKETBALL SENIOR Y-TEEN BASKETBALL Row 'I: J. Shultz, E. Lovingood, M. Case, G. Gordon, J. Horner, N. Nickol. Row 2: Miss Castor, Adviser: M. Hatton, F. Allen, B. Kusnir, V. Glass, L. Seese, N. Csonka, C. Cummings, B. Zuppa. JUNIOR Y-TEEN BASKETBALL Row T: D. Braden, J. Thomas, R. Reinharf, J. MacAdam. Row 2: C. Brandon, N. Noll, D. Butler N. Wuchfer, T. Kraus, C. Perrine, L. Wetmore. Row 3: Miss Castor, Adviser, A. Csonka, L. Witner L. Loch, K. Hausman, M. Worcester, J. Bard, T. Moore, M. Kaufman. G. A. A. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Row One: Florence Allen, Presidentp Miss Castor, Adviser: Jackie Horner, Vice-President. Row Two: Norata Csonka, Treasurer: Patty Herman, Points Recorderp Terry Moore, Secretaryp Linda Seese, Sports Chairman. SENIOR MEMBERS Melba Adams Florence Allen, President Norita Csonka, Treasurer Barb Kusnir Ethel Lovingood Sandra Braucher Jean Barnes Arvella Collins Sally Shuman Sandy Snyder Josette Vinczeller Patti Werling Sandra Weyrick Paula Zinkann Elizabeth Williams Lawanna Brady Harriet Brower Marcheta McCrady Barb Nanashe Jean Shultz Carol Cummings Violet Glass Karen Koski Mari Barkman MEMBERS UNDERCLASSMEN Barb Zuppa Linda Seese Jeanette Shulman Barb Schafer Nancy Rearick Marilyn Case Joan Dyke Mary Ann Flaherty Elaine Giclley Shirley Good Gail Gordon Mary Lou Hackett Patty Herman Carol Hill Jackie Horner, Vice-President Evelyn Heidbrider Lorene Hibbard Teresa Kraus Mary Ann Kaufman Bonnie La Forme Jeanne Moore Cathy Martin Terry Moore Norma Nickol Nancy Noll Mary Nighman Louise Oesch Charlyne Perrine Pat Russel Nancy Riehl Janice Swartout Judi Bard Joanne Breiding Nancy Brady Linda Brady Mary Brust Dottie Braden Karen Basley Judy Birdsall Dawne Butler Carol Brandon Pam Blazer Cindy Brown Anita Csonka Carol Clark Judy Thomas Carol White Linda Wetmore Judy Werner Nancy Wuchter Marge Worcester Linda Witner Geraldine Zeisig Cecelia Zinkann Judy White i Wuuvlllhvf wi? f N N 5 x X x V 'H L--7 ALWlNE'S SMORGASBOARD Green House Vegetables cmd Flowers Best Wishes Class of 1959 Plants Darrow Road Stow, Ohio 1245 West Main Street Good Food Kent, Ohio 0 0 is America's most popular personal checking account service. Inquire about it at . . . THE Main Office Erie St. Branch KENT, OHIO 115 S. Water Drive-ln HERFF JONES CO. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers 1401-19 North Capitol Avenue Indianapolis, lndiana A. R. Seaver, Local Representative P. O. Box 173, Medina, Ohio Telephone Medina 2-9064 "I CUENl'S Lumber and Garages 74 S. Main St. Munroe Falls, Ohio For Best In . LUMBER AND GARAGES Call Us-OV 8-8218 78 Congrotulotions Closs ot "59" SURPLUS SUPPLY STORES, INC. FOR THE BEST IN SPORTING GOODS AND HARDWARE SUPPLIES Two Stores I466 South Moin St. 22I North Cherry St Akron, Ohio Conton, Ohio 79 Shop At LEVlNSON'S Complete Selection of Boys' and Girls' Class Sweaters "Levi" Dungarees, Gym Suits 2231 Front Street Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio H. C. BOND Building Supplies Munroe Falls Ohio Best Wixbex from STODDARD'S FROZEN CUSTARD Best in the Area For the Better Grades of 3557 Franklin Rd. OV 8-8615 Diamonds - Watches Jewelry See LARGE CONSTRUCTION co. L- MOSER-Jeweler Complete Building Service 2l64 Front Street Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Ejmbhjhed 1924 Wm. H. Large Stow, Ohio HOWARD 8g ARTIE HAIRDRESSERS 2020 Liberty Road Stow, Ohio OV 8-3950 Hair Styling Silhouettes Yoitr Natural Charm IMHOFF INSURANCE REAL ESTATE 3633 Darrow Road Stow, Ohio OV 8-8618 I The Sport Shop Irving Klein I 2 Stores To Serve You P 2091 Front Street Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 7I Stow-Kent Plaza PRESCRIPTIONS Stow, Ohio Catering To All Menir Clotbing Needx For OV 84668 50 Years Parking -I-REGO AUTO SERVICE NEUGEBAUER FLORISTS 3300 Kent Road General Auto Repair MGFIWOIGV AVSVIUG , Congmtulatiom Clan of 1959 Stow, Ohio OV 8-36II I Stow Qhio L I 81 HAL WARREN I MARHOFER INSURANCE AGENCY CHEVRUI-ET GENERAL INSURANCE 2--ft-Fw Specializing in Fire Insurance I OVerdale 8-4457 3440 Edgewood Dr. Stow, Ohio . Stow' Oh OV 88919 I THE GREGQRY THE STANDARD DRUG C0. Prescriptions Always Filled Carefully By 3333 Kem Road Stow, Ohio REGISTERED PHARMACISTS 24 Hour Ambulance Service 3295 Kent Rd. OV 8-46Il OVerdale 8-8262 Stow, Ohio MRS. OSMAN'S srow BEAUTY SHOPPE i. 3363 Kent Road Stow, Oh ov 8-4717 Ruth Rairigh, Owner Stow Ohio AI 82 FLAGPOLE DRIVE - IN THE - MUSIC - MART - INC. Radios - Music RES-I-AU RANT Hlf iff mufimh we IWW? if "Our'quality if higher than our flagpole" 173 E. Main St. 21 1 S. Chestnut St. Phone: OR 3-7158 Ravenna Stow Akron Kem' OV 8-8814 UN 4-7432 FALLS CAB 24 Hour Service Phone WA 8-2121 ROBERT HEVENER Compliments of SWARTOUT STUDIO 408 East Main Kent Oh OR 3-4412 1 l S 1 THE STOW HARDWARE CO. Hardware Electrical Supplies and Paint 'O 3344 Kent Rd. Phone: ov 8-3918 83 SPAGHT - COVELLA - BECKLEY, INC. Phones OV 8-8614 OR 3-8528 OR 3-9211 REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 3367 Kent Rd. Stote Rt. 43 STOW, OHIO TWIN LAKES, OHIO BECKLEY'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of THE STYLE CENTER "Apparel of Distinction" IN STOW KENT, OHIO Phone OR 3-3861 144 S. Water DENTISTRY I OLSON S FLOWERS Dr. W. B. Ocker Flower: for all Occasiom OV 8-8510 We Deliver Spoght Stow Buildi-ng Ohio Telephone OV 8-8589 MUNROE FALLS PAPER MILL Serving This Area For Many Years Congratulations Class of 1959 Munrae Falls Ohio 85 MC DONAUGH'S RAINBOW DRIVE -IN Located Midway Between KENT AND RAVENNA ON ROUTE 5 5 l Serving: DINNERS - LUNCI-IES - SANDWICI-IES - CURB SERVICE OPTOMETRIST 3676 Elm S. ..............E,..., OV 8-8717 C. ARNOLD CO. GAS and OIL FURNACES-AIR CONDITIONING WATER HEATERS - APPLIANCES WA 8-2889 Kent OR 3-3323 LICENSED - BONDED -- INSURED-- 86 X SUPERIOR MOLD AND DIE COMPANY Stow, Ohio - E Q ything Sq D on F H so Cl h' g d R'd 8: A ' EDDIE PARSONS AMOCO Stow Ohio CIRCLE G CORRAL SHOP 1662 Skate Road Tolspho Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio WAlnu9 9-1614 H55 L ICE CRUSH ug BRAUCHER'S ISALY STORE Home Owned 3322 Kent Road, Stow OV 8-8674 Congratulations Class of 1959 EDWARDS SHOE STORE "Where cl correct fit is considered ez must" 2127 Front Street Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio WA 8-6125 L. 2207 S CHARLES BOYD School of the Dance Cuyahoga Falls' leading DANCE STUDIO WA 8-1612 econd St. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio MILK AND ICE CREAM Akron, Ohio ST-4-1241 RETAIL AND WHOLESALE DELIVERIES CONGRATULATIONS TO THE I957 SENIOR CLASS 89 FALLS MUSIC CENTER . . 1 gas l 4 l I 'Ni wonm's HWS' Band lnsrrumenis Music - Repairs - Renial Plan - Privaie Teaching PIANOS AND ORGANS TUNING AND REPAIRING 'I27 Portage Trail WA 8-2157 Cuyahoga Falls LEON E'S PIZZA SHOP 'S WA 8-9077 Open A 'Q' ge: 2621 State Road Sun. thru Thurs. I Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 4 P.M. - T2 MidniQl1f ' Kg' Fri. and Sat. 4 P.M.--2 A.M. X srow JEWELERS , Watches -- Diamonds Jewelry and Repairing Congmtulatiom Clam of 1959 ov 8-4914 Ray L. Kincaid 90 THE CARTER -JONES LUMBER CO. Five Yards to Serve You 172 North Case Avenue 1883 West Market Street 1860 East Market Street Portage Lakes Drive 3445 Manchester Road 1161 West Graham Road ST 4-5441 TE 6-2211 ST 4-1295 MI 4-2266 WA 3-9961 RITCHlE'S TURKEY FARM Darrowville Ohio Route 91 Phone: Hudson OL 3-5200 FALLS RECORD SHOP 2068 Front Street Cuyahoga Falls Everything in Recordings NORTHGATE BOWLING CENTER 2871 State Road Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Open Bowling Sat. and Sun. Air Conditioned Free Parking Compliments Of STOWETTE 3254 Kent Rd. ov 8-5537 KENT NATIONAL BANK Two Convenient Locations Offering Complete Banking and Loan Service Main Office 101 E. Main West Side Branch 1035 W. Main OR 3-9525 OR 3-9864 Congratulations C la.r.f of '59 STOW QUEEN DRIVE -IN Bulldog Rendezvous FALLS FLORISTS, INC. 2919 Kent Rd. and DIETZ FLORISTS, INC. State Rd. Shopping Center P Complete Floral Service Corsages A Specialty 92 THE CHARLES HAAS CO. 2005 Main St, Cuyahoga Falls Best Wishes to the Clan of '59 THE STOWAWAY DRIVE - IN OV 8-5403 Stow Ohio I. O. Palmer FALLS WINDOW CLEANING and Son 2113 Front Street Contractor 84 Builder Cuyahoga Fans Ohio I. O. Palmer E. M. Palmer ffiqlwayx at you, Jewlce 3781 Darrow Road 1917 16th St. OV 8-3945 WA 8-1416 STOW GULF SERVICE 3240 Kent Rd. Stow, Ohio Charles Boerner, Mgr. Herb Clem, Mgr. BEN FRANKLIN 5 and 10 3287 Kent Rd. Stow Plaza Stow, Ohio . I 93 ' Vseilil-t:?f47tfa?2?E2??1 - H"iS'l' z' ,TEE ' nNiQf'zi'Vf ,Ls Zim? ir' K N W W. ' V,,.., , . mart - 4--- .V-251, ' .-We ,X 4'2- wr WNW A m,,...u.,Ww- .. ,V , rw' . t K I my I I In may K V :. 1- : :, . ,,,,-:,.:g. ,: :. :,- ,,, n w ' . . M-P-H--MM ' 1,,f.4,,of,ansmVmn,MwnfmV V ' r-- ' W,,L V ,A ,, . -'-- - --- ' - .aw ww V .- : V- ' f f V V tt, , se W' .. .. .,,,,,..,,-,:5,' 19:-g'51g3:,jg?3-. in 15: - 52L. ' 7:.gJ351: A: .591 : --5 E. at kk. : I::,:3,5-hir? :--5-1353: 5:15El..,E-Q,E5f:E.:EE5EgE. M ,':E..:E' :. --2,5-.,, . , - 1 A ,V . . - g . , V V ,V ,, ,, ,, ,V , J, ,.,.lV,,. A :mu,g.,. ,w,.4:..g.,b,,,,M,,,,,Q,,.:.,V , ,,,,,,Q, , ,. , , ur Iv , , , , . .nn- - -"' A A ' 412,25 -' ' -' ' ' f a W e 55? M- ,W 1' 9 ."? ' ' 2 4- 4 N ' v Y "" 2 HW- -Q?:Hg61ie.t ' r - M-J, ' 525515 il..-...m"V2'xf':f'fM"' 1' V r' ' 12:-,Q """f'- V V 1 13' fl 'P . , V - I-MWw'.g,,:Qg , HW" email V V, ., M- .,,.J'rf"' A www- . -g V. ' ' "3 -Q ig? H N , ' h H f E W an ,,,. A R, U .vh. kL,, K , , N, .. , Q MV .. . HK ::e29:zswVe2QggrggrffQ. X - , "+m,.,,,.V-f' EW . . JONES BUICK 2409 Front St. WA 3-9771 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio I' CHAMBERLAIN LABORATORIES The Research and Development Center of the U.S. Stoneware Co. Stow, Ohio 94 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK High School Graduates Do You Need A Job? If you can't go to college, let us train you while you work! Learn to be an Engineering Technician, Too N D Designer, Architectural Draftsman. PERSONALIZED INSTRUCTION Washing and Dry Cleaning I FOR A SECURE FUTURE IN Wh"e YOU Shop INDUSTRY SEE us AT ONCE. NO OBLIGATION Open 9 to 9 DOIIY - 9 to 5 Saturday Free Lifetime Job Placement Service . 2 hour Laundry Service is offered our graduates at no cost. AMERICAN TECHNICAL INSTITUTES 407 Longmere Dr. OR 3-9212 "serving imiuxtry and the man" Kent, Ohio A T I 26 N. Main St. Akron, Ohio Phone: JE 5-2633 95 Break Ground for Community Swimming Pool ln November of last year, ground breaking ceremonies were held at the site of the new Maplewood Park Swimming Pool. Shown taking part in the services are: Mrs. John Hagat, Rev. William Spangler, Mayor Charles Montieth, Mr. Grover Shuman, Mr. David Bloom, and Kenneth Botnick, son ofthe builder, and after whom Kenneth Road was named. The pool will be supplemented by a Little League ball diamond and by a picnic area for the use of Maplewood Park Residents. Best Wishes to the Class of '59 From MAPLEWOOD PARK 96 I 1 I HUSTON - PUGH SPORTING Goons coMPANY 101 South Main St. Akron, Ohio BL-3-3106 HIGHEST QUALITY BL--3-3107 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT The Finest Quality in Class and Varsity Sweaters and Jackets 1 i l S NIOR ACTIVITIE FLORENCE ALLEN: National Honor Societ 4' N,F.L. 12 3- F.T.A. 34 Pub Y I r 1 r 1 1 ' licity Chairman 35 Debbies 1,25 Y-Teens 3,45 Y5Teen Basketball 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Student Council 25 Gym Leader 3,4. CHARLENE ANDERSON: Debbies 1,25 Pep Club 25 Y-Teens 3,4, Chaplain 45 F.T.A. 3,45 N.H.S. 3,4, Secretary 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Thespians 45 Jr. Play 35 Latin I Scholarship5 Spanish l Scholarship5 Christmas Attendant 15 Senior Play 4. MARC ARNOLD: Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Jr. Hi-Y 1,2, President 25 Student Council 1,35 Jack Fogarty Track Award 2,3. RAY BARD: Band 1,25 Junior Hi-Y 1,25 Glee Club 15 Basketball 3,45 Varsity S 3,45 Baseball 3. MARIE BARKMAN: Debbies 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Jr. Play 3. JEANNE BARNES: Band 1,2,35 Debbies 1,25 Y-Teens 3,45 Student Council 25 Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Stoanno Staff 45 Latin ll Scholarship 25 Spanish l Scholarship 35 F.N.A. 4. GORDON BARTLETT: Band 1,2,3,45 World History Scholarship 25 Junior Class Play, Stage Crew and Publicity5 Glee Club Spring Concert Stage Crew 3. STEVEN BERMAN: Track 25 Wrestling 3,45 Stohion 3,45 Stoanrto 4. ERNEST BIANCHI: Baseball, Basketball. LAWANNA BRADY: Debbies 1,25 Y-Teens 3,45 Band 1,2,3,4, Secretary 45 Glee Club 1,25 Operetta 15 G.A,A. 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 25 Band Ensemble 3. SANDIE BRAUCHER: Debbies 1,25 Y-Teens 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Head Maiorette 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 F.T.A. 45 Commencement Usher 35 Usher Jr. Play 35 Band Concert Usher 2,3. MARCIA BREWSTER: Glee Club 1,25 Operetta I5 Debbies 1,2, Chaplain 25 Jr. Play Committee Chairman 35 Pep Club 25 Y-Teens 3,45 G.A.A. 25 Stoanno Staff 4. HARRIET BROWER: Debbies 1,2, Secretary 25 Y-Teens 3,4, Treasurer 45 F.N.A. 35 Stoanno Stall 25 G.A.A. 354. TRENT BUNKER: Algebra 1 Scholarship5 Plane Geometry Scholarship5 Chem- istry Scholarship 3. JOHN BURTON: Jr. Hi-Y 1,25 Class Secretary 25 Football 1. SHEILA CAHILL: Debbies 1,25 Y-Teens 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 F.N.A. 3,45 Thespians 45 Stohion Staff 3,45 Stohion Club 45 Stoanno Staff 45 Junior Play Staff 35 Senior Play Staff 4. ARVELLA COLLINS: Debbies 1,25 Y-Teens 3,45 G.A,A. 1,2,3,45 N.F.L. 1,2,35 N.H.S. 45 Jr. Play 35 Band 1,2,3,4, President 45 F,T.A. 3,45 Stoanno Staff 45 Pep Club 25 Thespions 4, Secretary5 Latin Scholarship 25 Spanish Scholarship 3. PATRICIA COON: Stow Lion Club Award 35 Debbies 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 N,F.L. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Stoanno Staff 1,2,3,4, Business Manager 45 Latin ll Scholarship5 Algebra Il SchoIarship5 N.H.S. 3,45 F.T.A. 3,4, Vice-President 35 Y-Teens 3,4, Music Chairman 3,45 Gym Leader 35 Pep Club 2,3. KENNETH COWLES: Reserve Basketball 1,2,35 1,3,45 Varsity "S" 3,45 Class Vice-President 45 High-Y 1,2. LARRY CROSS: Freshman Basketball 15 Scorpion Football 1,25 Reserve Basket- ball 25 Varsity Basketball 2,3,45 Track 25 Varsity "S" 4. NORITA CSONKA: Debbies 1, Sgt. of Arms 25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Gym Leader 3,45 Stohion 3,4, Editor 35 Y-Teens 3,45 Y-Teen Bas- ketball 3,45 Track Award 25 Stoanno Stott 45 Pep Club 1,25 F.N.A. 3,45 F.T.A. 3,4. Varsity Basketball 45 Track Band 1,25 Glee Club 3,45 Jr. CAROL CUMMINGS: Transfer Villa Maria 35 G,A.A. 3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Y-Teen Basketball 3,45 Journalism Club 4. NANCY DAWES: Debbies 1,25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Thespians 3,45 Glue Club 1,2,3,45 Journalism Club 45 Stoanno Staff 2,3,45 Pep Club 25 Bookkeeping State Scholarship 35 N.H.S. 4. LORETTA DIERSING: Debbies 1,2, Treasurer 25 Y-Teens 3,45 N.H.S. 45 Junior Play Staff 35 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 25 Biology Scholarship 2. RAYMOND DIETZ: Band 1,2,3,45 Jr. High-Y 1,25 Track 1. PAULA ELLIS: Glee Club 2,45 Debbies 1,25 Y-Teens 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 As- sistant Librarian 1,2,45 Senior Play 4. 97 CARMINE FALITICO: Football 2,3,45 Track I,25 Glee Club 2,35 Varsity S 2,3,45 Stohion Staff 35 Student Council 45 Jr. Hi-Y 25 World History Scholarship 2. LINDA FARINACCI: Debbies I,25 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Glee Club I,25 F.T.A. 3,45 Cheerleader 45 Sr. Y-Teens 3,45 Stoanno Staff 45 Pep Club 25 Jr. Play Usher 3. PATRICK FLAHERTY: Football I,45 Basketball I5 Track 25 Varsity S 45 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Student Council 3,4, President 45 Jr. Leader at Commencement 35 Class Treasurer 25 Jr. High-Y 25 F.T.A. 3,4. JO ANN FLOWER: English Scholarship I,35 Y-Teens 3,45 F.A.A. 3,45 F.N.A. 3,45 Pep Club 2. GARY GARRETT: Basketball 2,3,45 Jr. High-Y 2,35 Varsity S 3,45 Stoanno Staff 45 Journalism Club. VIRGINIA GAYLORD: Transfer Cuy. Falls 25 Glee Club I,25 Moiorette I,2,3,45 Student Council I5 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Latin Club I,25 Debbies I5 Latin Scholarship I5 Y-Teens 3,45 Jr. Play Usher 3. ROBERT GEISTWEITE: Band I,2,3,45 Jr. High-Y I,25 Wrestling 4. EVELYN GELREATH: Debbies I,25 Glee Club 2. DALE GLASS: Student Council I5 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Class President 35 Alge- bra Scholarship I5 World History Scholarship 25 Jr. High-Y I,25 Stoanno Editor 45 Stoanno Staff I,2,3,45 N.H.S. 45 Led Seniors at Baccalaurette 35 Thespians 4. VIOLET GLASS: Band I,2,35 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Debbies I,25 Y-Teens 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 F.N.A. 35 G.A.A. I,2,3,4, CAROL ANN HAGAT: Debbies I,25 Pep Club 2,35 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Thespians 3,4, Vice-President 45 Student Director Jr. Play 35 Stoanno Staff I,2,3,4, Advertising Manager 45 Stohion Stall 3,4, Business Manager 45 Booster Club 3,45 Senior Play 4. HARRIET HENRY: N.F.L. I5 Debbies I5 G.A.A. I,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 American History Scholarship 35 N.H.S. 45 Class Treasurer 45 Thespians 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Stoanno Staff 4. WALTER HOFF: Jr. Hi-Y I,25 Glee Club I5 Track 25 Band I. JOANNE HOLLOWAY: Transfer 45 Glee Club I5 Gamma Tri Hi-Y I5 F.H.A. I,2,35 Bita Club 3. CARL HOUSLEY: Glee Club I,25 Hi-Y I,2, THOMAS HUDSON: Glee Club 2,3,45 S.S.S. 3,4, Vice-President 31 Track 45 Senior Play 45 DARLENE KELLER: Glee Club I,25 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Debbies I,25 Pep Club 2. MARIE KIRKPATRICK: G.A.A. I,35 Debbies I. KAREN KOSKI: Debbies I,2, President 25 Y-Teens 3,45 G.A.A. I,3,45 N.H.S. 3,4, Vice-President 45 Band I,2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Led Senior at Baccolaurette 35 Pep Club 25 Attendant Christmas Formal 2. BARBARA KUSNIR: Debbies I,25 Band I,25 Pep Club 25 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Y- Teens 3,45 F.N.A. 3,4. ETHEL LOVINGOOD: Debbies I,25 Glee Club 25 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Y-Teen Basketball 35 Jr. Play Usher 35 Glee Club Usher 35 Pep Club 2. ANN MACKEY: Debbies I,25 Y-Teens 3,45 I.C.C. 3,4, President 45 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 N.F.L. I,25 Class Secretary I5 Spring Dance Attendant I,35 Glee Club I,2,3,45 N.H.S. 3,4, President 45 F.N.A. 3,4, President 35 Thespians 45 Gym Leader 35 Latin I Scholarship I5 Biology Scholarship 25 Jr. Play 35 Pep Club 2. EDITH MAHLAR: Debbies I,25 Y-Teens 3,4. CAROL SUE MARINICS: Transfer 35 Cheerleader I,2,4, Captain 45 Y-Teens 2,35 Algebra Scholarship I5 English Scholarship 25 Glee Club I,2,35 Stoanno Staff 3,45 Jr. Play Prompter 35 F.T.A. 3,45 G.A.A. 35 Homecoming Attendant 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Class Secretary 3,45 Led Seniors at Commencement 3. MARCHETA MC CRADY: Glee Club I,2,3,45 F.T.A. 45 N.H.S. 45 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,4, Secretary 45 Snow Queen Attendant I5 Jr. Y-Teens I,25 Student Director Jr. Play 35 Senior Play 4. CARL MEADOR: Glee Club 35 Football 2,35 Track I,2. CINTHIA MERRELL: Transfer Shore Jr. High I5 Glee Club 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Homecoming Attendant 25 Jr. Play Usher 3. GLENNA MERRITTS: Band I,25 Maiorette I,25 Debbies I,25 G.A.A. I,2. SALLY MILLER: Debbies I,25 Y-Teens 3,45 Christmas Attendant 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Homecoming Attendant 4. BARBARA NANASHE: Debbies I,25 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Pep Club 25 F.N.A. 3,45 Stoanno Staff 4. JERRY NICKOL: Basketball I,3,45 Football 45 Baseball 3,45 Jr. Hi-Y I,25 Plane Geometry Scholarship 25 Chemistry Scholarship 35 Stohion Stott 35 Student Council 45 Varsity S 3,4. ROBERT OBLAK: Basketball I,2,3,45 Football I5 Jr. Hi-Y I,25 English Scholar- ship I5 Biology Scholarship 25 Student Council I5 Track 25 Golf I,3,45 Class President I. TERRY OSMAN: Band I,25 Glee Club 45 Jr. Hi-Y I,2. DENNIS PETERSON: Jr. Hi-Y I,25 Pep Club I,25 Varsity S 2,3,45 Varsity Basketball Manager 25 Algebra ll Scholarship 35 Jr. Play 35 Golf Team 3,45 S.S.S. 3,4. MELBA ADAMS QUESENBERRY: Scorpion Cheerleader I, Captain5 Varsity Cheerleader 35 N.F.L. I,2,3, Secretary-Treasurer 35 Y-Teen Basketball 3,45 G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Social Chairman 35 Y-Teens 3,45 Debbies I,25 Christmas At- tendant 35 F.T.A. 3,45 Student Council 25 Gym Leader 3,4. BEVERLY RANSOM: Debbies I,25 G.A.A, I,2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Pep Club 2. DAVID REINHART: Jr. Hi-Y I,25 Varsity S 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Basketball Manager 4. LAURA ROBERTS: G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Debbies I,25 Scorpion Cheerleader I5 Y-Teens 3,45 F.N.A. 3,45 Cheerleader 2,45 Thespians 3,4, Scribe 45 Jr. Class Play 35 Pep Club I,2,35 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Senior Play 4. TED ROOT: Scorpion Basketball I5 Reserve Basketball 25 Stoanno Staff I5 Student Council 25 Glee Club 45 N.H.S. 45 F.T.A. 3,45 Jr. Class Play 35 Jr. Hi-Y I,25 Senior Play 45 Class President 4. BYRON ROY: Glee Club I,2,45 Operetta I5 Stage Crew 2,3,45 Thespians 3,45 Jr. Hi-Y 2. JAMES SCHAFER: Scorpion Football I. ROBERT SCHLEMMER: N.F.L. I,2,3,4, President 45 F.T.A. 3,45 Jr. Hi-Y I,25 The5PlU"15 3,4, TVPGSUYBI' 45 Bond I,2,45 Drum Maior I,2,45 English Scholarship 25 Jr. Play 35 Stoanno Staff 4, Layout Chairman 45 Senior Play 4. RICHARD SEMLER: Jr. Hi-Y I,25 Football I,25 Track 25 Varsity S I,25 Class Vice-President 3. KENNETH SHALLAHAMER: Student Council I,2,3,4, Secretary 2, Vice-Presi- dent 3, Treasurer 45 Jr. Hi-Y I,25 Football 35 Basketball I,2,3,45 Baseball I,2,3,45 Varsity S 2,3,45 Class President 2. .IEAN SHULTZ: Maiorette 35 C-.A.A. I,2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Debbies I,25 Pep Club 2,35 Y-Teen Basketball 3,45 Track Award 25 English Scholarship 35 Glee Club 25 Band 35 Gym Leader 3,45 F.N.A. 3,45 Stoanno Staff 45 Journalism Club 4. SALLY SHUMAN: Debbies I,25 G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Recorder 25 Y-Teens 3,4, Vice- President 3, President 45 F.N.A. 3,4, Secretary 35 Jr. Play Prompter 35 Pep Club 25 Librarian I,2,3,45 Stoanno Staff 45 N.H.S. 4. LARRY SKEENS: Jr. Hi-Y I,25 Glee Club 25 Sr. Hi-Y 3. JAMES SNEDIKER: Jr. Hi-Y I,25 General Science Scholarship I5 Plane Geom- etry Scholarship 25 Algebra ll Scholarship 35 Reserve Basketball 2,35 N.F.L. 3,45 Jr. Play 35 Thespians 3,4, President 45 Student Council 2,35 N.H.S. 45 Senior Play 4. SANDRA SNYDER: Class Treasurer I5 Debbies I,25 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Jr. Class Play 35 Thespians 45 F.T.A. 3,4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 45 Y-Teens 3,45 Pep Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3,45 Band I,2,3, Treasurer 45 N.H.S. 45 Science Club 45 Stoanno Stafl I,4. MARTIN SUFFOLK: Glee Club 4. BARBARA TREGO: Debbies I,25 Y-Teens 3,45 Pep Club 2. BRUCE TRIER: Transfer Ellet 35 Football I,25 Choir I5 Spanish Club 25 Stoanno Staff 4. MICHAEL VAN BRUNT: Track I5 Glee Club I,25 F.T.A. 3,45 Jr. Hi-Y I,25 Stoanno Staff 4. WILLIAM VENARGE: Football I5 Band I,25 Jr. Hi-Y I,25 Jr. Play Stage Crew 3. - JOSETTE VINCZELLER: G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Pep Club 2,35 Debbies I,25 Y-Teens 3,4, Social Chairman 45 F.T.A. 3,4, Historian 45 N.H.S. 3,4, Treasurer 45 Stoanno Staff 2,3,45 Stohion Staff 3,4, Front Page Editor 3, Managing Editor 45 N.F.L. I,2,3,45 English Scholarship I,2,35 Glee Club I,2,3,4, WILLIAM VON GUNTEN: Jr. High-Y I,25 Varsity S 2,3,45 Student Council 3,45 Treasurer Jr. Class 35 Baseball I,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,3,45 Football'3,4. RICHARD WALTERS: Stage Crew 3. JUDITH WARREN: Debbies I,2, Vice-President 25 G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Secretary 25 Y-Teens 3,45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Pep Club 25 Shamrock Swirl Attendant 25 Library Staff I,25 Stoanno Staff 4. PATRICIA WERLING: Library Staff I5 Stohion Class Reporter I5 Pep Club 25 Debbies I,25 Y-Teens 3,45 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 F.T.A. 45 Journalism Club 45Glee Club 2,3. SANDRA WEYRICK: Debbies I,25 Y-Teens 3,45 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 N.H.S. 3,45 F.T.A. 3,4, President' 45 English Scholarship' 35 Glee' Club I,2,3,45 N.F.L. I,25 Pep Club 25 Stoanno Stall 4. VIVIAN WHITE: Glee Club I,25 Debbies I5 Y-Teens 45 Stohion Stott 3,45 Stoanna Staff 4. JERRY WHITWORTH: Transfer 45 Football I,2,35 Track I,2,35 Glee Club I,2,3, 45 Wrestling 4. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS: Glee Club I5 Debbies I,25 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Pep Club 2. RICHARD WREN: Band I,2,3,45 Jr. Hi-Y I,25 Stage 3,4. PAUL WUCHTER: General Science Scholarship I5 Baseball 25 Science Club 3,45 Thespians 3,45 Stage Chairman 3,4. LINDA ZEISIG: Debbies I,25 Y-Teens 3,45 G.A,A. 2,3,45 Pep Club 25 Glee Club I,3,45 Girls' Chorus 25 Ensemble I5 Girls' Quartet 45 Library Staff 25 Stoanno Staff 2,3,45 Stoanno Top Salesman 25 Operetta I. PAULA ZINKANN: Transfer Villa Maria 35 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Journalism Club 45 Y-Teens 45 G.A.A. 4. 98 l PM Q sf-ff, , A, gf, - - ez-zwveegv. 7 1. .- www. .- ,fgywiy ' . .. . R 5 A fx Q . 4? . .. . 'X ,Q x . K 1 Q rf- 255' 'Q .Q fi? G hi f f . Q, ..f Q 4 "" 4 Y '1 s 1 ' fu 4, A . nr ,al K . 'K L' 1 . is E. H 1 Q A W M. A. J. F. f M iA.r5,:33 5' EH-r ' . D. R. A. B. K Qfgiv .. X .fm . K Mm....f... Mm.. ,.., 5 3 S my X f- .3 L . A fi M , .. X lm as Elf L. F. K. C. QQY Maw-H' , M- 37 in 'QQ'-fm' H. H. K. S. .7 jlwwvz 5Lu""' ' 4410597 yfdfrrkdsfi U'UNW0 2353322 wh- 0' . WWW Walfj 715 JM, ww, !N ffafww fodd Jamnnkwvy-Mdxu San!!-ic., qD.11IA4-o-- ,G,aMQ,'2o.LvJvAAt 5 vfifiifww Y5a?f""""'b Sfigyff ' ' ? 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Karen Witte, Brenda Sponaugle, Mary Butler, Dawne E RLY BIRD P GE Pardee, Jim Westgate, Bill Stratton, Janice MacAdam, Cheryl Good, Shirley Scott, Mary Ann Shuster, Tom Rayman, Nancy Stitt, Sandy Birdsall, Judy Wheeler, Suzanne Burns, Jim Saviers, Eldred Kline, Judy Kaufman, Mary Ann Moore, Terry Chapman, Jim Corley, Susan Gaylord, Nan Lange, Beverly Couch, Mary Ann Blazer, Pam Buskirk. Donna De Leo, Tim Earnest, Reed Frazier, Martie Jones, Merline Leas, Carolyn Rennie, Bill Gilreath, Evelyn Coon, Pat Flower, Jo Ann Zinkann, Paula Shuman, Sally Shiltz, Jean Arnold, Marc Gilreath, John Geistweite, Bob Brady, Linda Brady, Nancy Brady, Lawanna Anderson, Charlene Kates, Laura Dalton, George Burton, John Mahler, Gerald VanBrunt, Tom Glass, Violet Hagat, Ginny Jones, Lucy Vinczeller, Josette Mahler, Edith Moffatt, Connie Dawson, Janice Williams, Connie Gleghorn, John Hibbard, Lorene Rexroad, Lora Q' xx NT X X Scott, Louise Kolaida, Patty Schetz, Marilyn J Seese, Linda Swartout, Janice Bartlett, Diane Ertley, Susan Baylor, Pamela Bosley, Ed Hoven, Richard Wise, Marianne Dixon, Don Stemple, Ned Pardee, Ken Williams, Karen Bee, Cheryl Gidley, Elaine Barkman, Marie Dietz, Gloria Woodworth, H. Heidbrider, Evelyn Case, Marilyn Myers, Richard Balko, Steve Mauer, Charles Wright, Jack Swartz, Dick Savory, Jim Bohl, Adrian DWPWJWWWMM t QW W,ffWWf,ffMf4ffA f,f f. f2?iwWf? ffslwf A f i,v,gw Wg,J was , M M W 0 W ff .JL Wg 9' NJ 1 K , . 2 My f' 7 'A pf C ' jg if QAM' , M Q K +" jwdlmug J 4 J , .'f""' M Mgilffjdmo Wu I' W, JWWAQQMLWM A !7W"QfJ3-7A44Mwf,f Sf? A 4, X44 ' 7 902 72 WA- 25,3 M. ff fm, QE? WM www ,MMM M! W W X' rffvzw M Xl W ffiif? fffff' , ,, WJ 'Qian 1 M J 7 yfuffff Wjukh VI 1 lla! W' la 7306411 fl JM? Q.M'-lain, ffwwoz VL' 151'-an j'f"'f-Lu, l',"!'v- My X449 Leu-Q 05:74, W Y ia ,W 3 Eiifijv My w SE it We QR 2235 X my , . 35 ,ff fmfjf gf kj ig wif MW , 1 W A M X X - Ny f 'N ' 2x A N fl U- X ,ff W 5? . i ' U M 'J ng fx 0 xl: OVH4-nn V sw' ' . H' X b X 1 A, 0x RQ, y rx 5 0 JO!! Ji 6 Rv., 1 xl A X X MQW 4 X Q5 Sf mv H5193 f ! f I Q X5 Xu. 1 0, My .N ' Q33 1 XR' S540 . KJ, b JM M wamfj ' , , f V M? MNT? 'XSV' 'Aff v' 3 SK I ,M pfxqf Y .gg-9' ' ' 95" QR MQ NJ J ,P ,5-' QA Rf! 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Suggestions in the Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) collection:

Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 93

1959, pg 93

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