Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH)

 - Class of 1958

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Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Q , . -. .' .xl ' , - 1 . . , 'x . 1 4 -'1 l, A I. ' '4 ' . t v""T'. ' " G . L A ' f,.,' L 'Q , -I A I' : .- ' - WN, . - sy" ,11 '. VH. ,X , x ,A N--1,.ux,1tx NSA x gg f R A 'X xvsi , ' , Q: it ,X 'Q A xi 4- lx-CAN V . Q ,Q R-'X ' I , -1. u . -' N . y My. -' - v w .- 1- s 4 . " - . . ,M vx. A , , . n x . I. K l' "I, 1:5 Q. kgix. xx..-.. , X . .K V E Q, 1 V ' ,..x ' EX '. " ' X- A v 0 'U . ' K ,l . x , . ,. . , . if , - -., , , I I , O J. !'. C. n an .v. 4 'O u I 1 X , X N ""u J' ' n . l" 4 11.4, 'n 1 -- -".':."-1-. .. ." '. ST m .',I-.Is--. .'g.-.1-..!..-T....,.I.II.:'-'!-'5 : 1- --I, ,.-,- I-.5 , :.-:.- .. .. - .I I I ".'.Z-'-'-'-'f""T?'--'lW'-:'F-'L'Q"-'-'l':- -2'5"-?.'..'E F-1-' Z FA. -2- I 5'- -: Z-' . '- Ae - f','.'f 3-'.'-'.'1': v 'f'-.51.921fI4:'I-fI:I'I:.Z"'n-':':."j".-.'.'lf"-.'IN:.'."' -Ig,--I , -I'I.-.-.- '- I a ' . .r.. ,- ....,,..- .....,II.5.I....,.. I. I , " :'1:.-.':.v'3E:.-.3 ."5.--fl-.': f.T 3.5, - , -In.-'IIFI-'1'.I.: -QIf.g5j- ff...-I ,::'I"I.I'g. .. 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':.' -. ..:, .Q v . .2 .' -"Li ,'-"..f:"'-' "V . , 1 ..: .- "--1 ':?-'!- . - .'-.-.ff-Ig:I, - L.: 'I... --'-,..--I-f.-ggw . I.II.--.I., I.'..,.-I - J' "l,4. ,.,'Z"' -. '.Il .IIII..III., fn N .I1'4'I.' f . 1 1 . . I--.Q -.-Ig,-:.,gI-.-:. .1-. ' c -' -1- , I ..9.I.,..- . ...-,-., IH-,.A'..lI1,",lI5I, . I :z-g' f.-.. :I I '.'. . " I .T :- '.L'f."r'f-,-.-. .....II...I,. I .I I 1-.-1. .pf -. -. .. ..'. -.:. -r .: 1.-..I- -.1-, 2 ...-- ., f-".-'.1'1.5..-- . lx? W",-1 Z". 1 '."'7":-.Fi ,'.' .I . -.-'. -N: II sf I:-I'.'Ig3 -.I .,.- 'I...' -QI.-I.-.T-I,-, 3-. --,I-I-Il.. ,'IguI.,--.I-I1 .Ip . .I -.-1 ,.--: ..,.- I-1...-'1. .- v..'.-. ',.-.zff :: ., .I.II ...I . . ..-.. III... .. -.. I-.-..:..I' .I .,. ---. ,I l,'! HI.. -..-,' l.'. 1 '. . -I,.I.-I--.. '. .- . .,. .- . I .I.II .' "Q, '. ". ' ' :- -I--I ..-,'..I ' ' 55131, .- .'.I"I::: Z?" ' .'.l- .' .' -':' 1-. - .. ," :.'-,' -.. -HI- ,, III ---. .Iy 'L '.i ' .-- ..1. ' '-,I-'I:'..I f .-', H: ' . -,1" '.. '.".': ' STOW HIGH STOW, OHIO SCHOOL DEDICATION Miss Denbrock Miss Workman MY- Kilfllifon Mr. Bloor Mr. Barr WELL DONE, THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANTS ln an age when most people are concerned with personal achievement, monetary gains, and social prestige, there are those few who forego these factors to give freely and generously to our youths so that students may develop into well adjusted, responsible citizens in a great democracy. Some teachers remain at Stow a short time - others a lifetime. To these teachers who have been here twenty years or longer, we wish to pay tribute by dedicat- ing the Stoanno of i958 to them. Our thanks and congratulations are yours. THE STOANNO STAFF AJ Administration 8 Ta blv of 10.1, Faculty 9 CUNTENTS A sf? Clif as ul my N yd 3. ,..,4. Sports 66 Underclassmen 34 ff... 'hun 3 Seniors 'I6 74 , 225 Activities 50 IN MEMCRIAM ARTHUR MORRIS 1930-1957 ln service of his country, Arthur lost his life on May 28, l957. The full loss to his country, his community, his family, and his friends cannot be comprehended. Graduated from Stow High School in 1948 as president of his class - received a scholarship from Mt. Union College from which he was graduated in i952 - studied law at Western Reserve from which he was graduated in i955 - entered the Navy in l955, he was standing on the threshold of life with the potential for a life of service when the tragedy struck. 4 IN IVIEMORIAM BARBARA KING 1941 -1 957 Fun-loving, happy-go-lucky Barbara was suddenly taken from her family, her friends, and her class-mates on December 9, 1957 in a riding accident. There is now an emptiness wherever she once had been. Missing are her ready smile, her whole-hearted participation in school events, and her interest in athletic pursuits. She was a member of Future Nurses of America, Girl Scouts, Y-Teens, Debbies, and G.A.A. - a well-rounded personality. 5 CALENDAR OF EVENTS September October November December December January February March April May Football Preview Rootstown - H - Pep Rally Norton - A -A Pep Rally Kent Roosevelt - H - Dance After Bonfire Pep Rally Springfield - H - Dance After General Motors Assembly Ellet - A Tallmadge - H - Dance After Kent State - H - Pep Rally No School - N.E.O.T.A. Homecoming Dance Coventry - A Bonfire Pep Rally Wadsworth - H Ohio Bell Assembly Senior Play No School - Workshop College Nite - Green High School Basketball Preview Y-Teen Banquet. Ravenna City - Dance After , .-:1'W"TV"lT"555Tt 8t 29 - Thanksgiving Vacation Assembly - Melody Masters Springfield - A Coventry - A Kent Roosevelt - A Y-Teen Christmas Formal Glee Club Concert Christmas Chapel Ellet - H Dance After January 5 - Christmas Vacation Norton - A Ravenna Township - A Tallmadge - H Kent State - H - Dance After Kent Roosevelt - H - Dance After Wadsworth - A Q Norton - H - Dance After Ravenna City - A Tal lmadge - A ' Assembly - Thomas Brackner G.A.A. Dance Assembly - Young 8- Company Career Day 7 Easter Vacation Junior Class Play Y-Teen All County Formal Junior Senior Prom Baccalaureate Senior Banquet Commencement Last Day of School ,,,, is .- yr' - :k.a.J-, . Hx' f" - . .. 1 ' --' a'f"...f .-4 L A- "f,. ff .-'HW I ff' "gf',.-W" ' -f f 1' 15,-'ff' 1. sf a MR. P. I. VAN BRUNT MR. W. J. BARR Superintendent PrinciP0l University of Denver B.A., M.A. Ohio University A.B. University of Akron M.A ADMINISTRATION To be the head of a school, its overseer, its judge, its keeper, and its organizer is a fulltime job. ln fact, there is a lot of overtime put in - but the reward is more than gratifying - it is a satisfaction that everything is running smoothly, and that missing links are replaced, while the rusty spots are smoothed out. V8 ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE Vivien Edwards Evelyn Kaufman Helen Klingaman A.B. and B.E. B.A. and M.E. B.S. in Ed. Francis Townsell B.S. Teaches: in Ed. Shorthand I and II Spanish I and ll Speech Teaches: TGOCHGS Teaches: World Speech History English D , IX and xl: E"9"S"' X English IV , Journalism Mary Vonfeld B.A. Teaches: English X and XI Language I MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE Mary Benton DOPHW Denbmfk Charles Holley BS in Ed. BA. B.S. in Ed. Teaches: Business Arithmetic Bookkeeping Office - Practice Practical Math Mary Mull Ph.B. Teaches: Plane Geometry General Mathematics Algebra I Chemistry Teaches Biology General Science Herman Woodworth Biology HISTORY AND SCJCIAL STUDIES Willie' KINPNN Carolyn Shh Velma Workman PhB MA BS in d B.S. M.S. in Ed. Teaches: World History Geography Conservation Home Ec. Teaches: Psychology Social Problems American and World History Robert Burley Teaches: Ind. Arts I, Il Teaches: Band B.S FINE ARTS Parke Cooley Robert Matthews Bernice Myers B.S. an Ed. B.S. an Ed. I2 . in Ed., M.E. Teaches: Glee Club Teaches: Typing I and II I Art Class Marjorie Jauhionen B.S. in Ed. Joan Musser B.S. in Ed. Teaches: Home Ec. I, II Teaches Art VY HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATICJN James Tyree Baldwin Wallace College Physical Education DRIVERS' TRAINING Picture not Available William Bloor Ohio State Universityj B.S. in Educationj Pennsylvania State University M.A. Drivers Education Elaine Miller Kent State University Physical Education Gym Class NON-TEACHING PERSONNEL Mrs. Andresen Secretory fo Mr. Barr Mrs. Morrow Secretory to Mr. Von Brunt Mrs. Wells Bookkeeper of Cafeteria 4 i Gus Liftel Custodian Mrs. Burt, Mrs. Gross, Mrs. Murdick, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Clarke Bill Lawrentz Supervisor of Buses llllllllllllllllllllllll bf ,x si' - '- we ' e2'.w.xwe.fWW , 35515, " QMW1 :lx IIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII lllllllllllllllhlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfl SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1 IEICHARD BENNETT Scorpion Basketball I5 Reserve Basketball 25 Varsity Basket- ball 3, 45 Student Council 45 Senior Class President 45 Var- sity "S" 2, 3, 45 Science Schol- arship I5 Biology Scholarship 25 Chemistry Scholarship 35 Band I. JACKIE WITNER Debbies 'l, 25 Glee Club l, 35 Y-Teens 3, 45 Service Chair- man 35 National Honor Society 45 Senior Class Treasurer 45 Operetta I. .8141 5 1.4-' .ML ' CARL WALTER Varsity "S" 3, 45 President 4 Senior Class Vice-President 4 Football 45 Varsity Football 4 Senior Scholarship 4. CAROL WYLE Band I, 2, 35 Maiorette 2, 3: Scorpion Cheerleader 95 Cap- tain 95 Debbies I, 25 Pep Club l, 25 Y-Teens 3, 45 G.A.A. 3, 45 Spring Dance Attendant 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Senior Class Secretary 45 Y-Teen Basketball Team 3, 45 Cheer- leader 45 Junior Class Play 3, Prompter. NOEL ANDREWS Band l5 Debbies l, 2. ROY ARMSTRONG Track 3. GARRY BAKER Baseball 25 Booster Club 35 Pep Club 3. MIKE BENDER Scorpion Basketball I5 Reserve Basketball 35 Jr. Hi-Y I, 25 President 25 Booster Club l, 25 Biology Scholarship 25 Student Council 4. DONALD BENNETT Band l Scorpion Basketball I Reserve Basketball 2, Varsity Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Jr. Hi-Y l, 25 Varsity Basketball 45 Science Scholarship 15 Spanish ll Schol- arship 35 Varsity "S" 2, 3, 4. RONNIE BEVINGTON Glee Club 45 Pep Club 35 Jun- ior Play 35 Jr, Hi-Y l, 25 Foot- ball ll 2, 35 Track 25 Stohion Staff 45 Varsity "S" 3, 4. ART BOOZER Scorpion Football 15 Scorpion Basketball l5 Reserve Basket- boll 25 Wrestling 3, 45 Jr. Hi-Y l, 25 Varsity "S" 2, 3, 45 Stoanno Staff 45 Booster Club l, 25 Pep Club 3. DAVE BRISBIN Jr. Hi-Y l, 2, "'-X DICK BRUBAKER Jr. Ha-Y 1, 2. JOE BURIAN Band l, 2, 35 Booster Club l. RONALD BURT Algebra l Scholarship5 World History Scholarship 25 Algebra Scholarship 25 Algebra Scholar- ship 35 Jr. Hi-Y l, 25 Varsity "S" 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Basket- ball Manager 25 Scorpion Foot- ball Manager 25 Booster Club l. .IUANITA BUTLER Y-Teens 3, 45 Basketball 45 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4. I8 RALPH CAPILA Scorpion Football l5 Booster Club 15 Jr. Hi-Y 1, 2. DOYLE CARPENTER Scorpion Football I5 'Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Jr. Hi-Y l, 25 Track Team 2, 3, 45 Scorpion Basketball l5 Reserve Basket- ball 25 Varsity "S" l, 2, 3, 4. HELEN CARRACCIOL0 Debbies l, 25 Treasurer 25 G.A,A, l, 25 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 35 Stohion Staff 45 Operetta l, 25 Flag Bearer 4. VALERIE CAUDILL Band l, 25 Glee Club 35 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Debbies l, 25 Stoh- ion Staff, Business Manager 45 Annual Staff 45 Booster Club l. HARVEY CHANEY Transfer from Tallmadge 4. DENNIS CLARK Scorpion Football lg Varsity Football 2, 4, All Metro 4, Jr. Hi-Y l, 2, Scorpion Basketball lg Reserve Basketball 25 Var- sity Baseball lg Track Team 2, Wrestling Team 4, Varsity "S" l, 2, 4. JANE CLARK Junior Class Play 3, Annual Staff 4j.Debbies l, 2, Pep Club l, 2, Band 2, 3. SANDY CLARK Debbies 2, Y-Teens 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Stoanno Staff 4. DAVE CORBETT Y Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta JOHN CORLEY Glee Club lg Junior Class Play 3, Stage Crew. 3' 1 JUDY CORNELL Debbies l, 2, Band l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. l 2 3 4 Treasurer 4- F.T.A. 3, 4, Booster Club l. BERTHA CROSS Glee Club l, 2, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3 4' Debbies l 2, G,A.A. 3, Operetta l, 2. JUDY DE PEW G.A.A. l, 25 Debbies l, 25 Stohion Staff 25 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Stoanno Staff 45 Cheer- leader 4, Captain 45 Operetta l, 25 Junior Play 35 Christmas Attendant 35 English Scholar- ship l5 Booster Club l, 25 Pep Club 3, 4. JIM DODD Band l, 25 Jr. Hi-Y l, 2. KENDRA DOWNING Debbies l, 25 Y-Teens 3, 45 Girls Basketball Team 45 Junior Play 35 Booster Club l, 25 Pep Club 3, 45 Geometry Scholar- ship 25 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 45 F.T.A. 3, 45 Thes- pians 45 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4. BECKY EVERETT Debbies I, 25 Secretary 25 G.A.A, l, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, 45 Student Council 35 Social Studies Scholarship 35 World History Scholarship 2. 20 l CHRISTINA FARINACCI Glee Club l5 Library Assistant I5 Debbies l, 25 Booster Club l, 25 Stoanno Staff 45 Y-Teens 3, 4. CARMEN FULPER Glee Club l, 25 Debbies l, 25 Y-Teens 3, 4. BILL GODBEY Varsity Football 3. CONNIE GODFREY Debbies I ,25 G.A.A. l, 25 Y- Teens 3, 45 Stoanno Staff 3, 45 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 4. DEANE HAMILTON Booster Club l, 25 Jr. Hi-Y l, 25 Baseball 25 Track 3, 45 Science Scholarship I5 Biology Scholarship 25 Chemistry Schol- arship 35 Physics Scholarship 4. JIM HARTLEY Jr. Hi-Y l, 25 Track 2, 35 Football Manager 35 Varsity nsu 3, BILL HATTON Jr. Hi-Y l, 25 Track Team I, 2. DARRYL HICKEY Jr. Hi-Y l, 25 Booster Club I, 25 Pep Club 3, 45 Varsity "S" 3, 45 Football l, 35 Basketball 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Operetta 25 Shop Foreman 35 Supervisor 45 Jun- ior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Stu- dent Council 3, 4, President 45 Led the Seniors at Commence- ment 35 Stoanno Staff 2. ROSS HOLDEN Baseball I5 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Wrestling Team 3, 45 Jr. Hi-Y 1, 25 Pep Club 35 Varsity "S" l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Stohion Staff 3. BOB HUMPHREY Jr. Hi-Y l, 2. BILL HUNT Jr. Hi-Y l, 25 Booster Club I, 2. JIM HURD Jr. Hi-Y l, 25 Band l5 Football l, 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Manager 35 Var- sity "S" 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, 4. gh! ' l if JOAN IDLE Debbies l, 2, Y-Teens 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Junior Play 3. MARJORIE JACKSON Debbies l, 2, Program Chair- man l, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 4, Vice-President, Pro- gram Chairman 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, Christmas Formal At- tendant 2, Y-Teens 3, 4, Girls Basketball Manager 4, Glee Club 2, Operetta 2, Stohion Staff 3, Circulation Manager 3, Science Club 4, Senior Play 4, Ticket Chairman 4, Stoanno Staff l, 4, Sales l. DAN JONES Glee Club l, 2, 3, Operetta 2, Senior Play 4. NORMA JONES G.A.A. l, 3, 4, Debbies l, 2, Librarian l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Stoanno Staff 4. TOM JOHNSON Glee Club 2, Baseball Team 3, Jr. Hi-Y I, 2, Stohion Staff 3. MARY KINSEY Debbies l, 2, Booster Club l, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, President 4, Latin Scholarship l, English Scholar- ship 2, 3, National Honor Soc- iety 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Spring Dance Attendant 2, Christmas Dance Attendant l, Stoanno Staff l, 4, Science Club 4, Senior Scholarship 4, National Merit Scholarship 4, Junior and Senior Class Play Commit- tees 3, 4. JOYCE KLINE Debbies l, 2, Booster Club I, 2, G.A.A. 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Scorpion Cheerleader l, Stoh- ion Staff 3, Student Council l, 4, Treasurer 4, Reserve Cheer- leader 2, Cheerleader 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 4, Op- eretta l, 2, Senior Play 4, Thespians 4, Junior Class Pro- mpter for Play. DAVID KUHLKE Jr. Hi-Y l, 2, Treasurer 2, Pep Club l, 2, National Honor Soc- iety 3, 4, N.F.L. l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Vice-President Na- tional Honor Society 3, Foot- ball Manager 2, Basketball Manager 3, Track 3, 4, Junior Class Vice-President 3, Stoanno Staff l, 2, 3, F.T.A. 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 3, Junior Class Play 3, Latin Scholarship I, Geometry Scholarship 2, Chemistry Scholarship 3, Stu- dent Council l, Varsity "S" 2, 3, Senior Scholarship 4, Na- tional Merit Scholarship 4. ROGER LANGE Booster Club I, Band I, 2, 3, Jr. Hi-Y I, 2, English Scholar- ship I, 2. WILMA LAWLIS Debbies I, 2, Sergeant at Arms 2, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Biology Scholarship 2, Pep Club 3. MILDRED MACKEY Debbies I, 2, G.A.A 2, 3, 4, Y-Teensl3, 4. DREXEL MC AMIS Class President I, Class Pres- ident 2, Jr. Hi-Y I, 2. GRETCHEN MELONAS G.A.A, 2, Debbies 2, YTeens 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Junior Class Secretary 3, Pep Club 3. STEVE MILLER Band 4, Transfer from Colum- bus 4. BETTY Mmm: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 41 GENEVIEVE MOORE , g Booster Club I, Debbies I, 2, X X I I- Pep Club 3, G.A.A. 3, 4, Y- E I Teens 3, 4, Flag Bearer 4, Band ,,' QA' 3 I o LUCIE MORRISON Debbies l, 2, G.A.A. 2, 4, Booster Club l, Y-Teens 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, Vice-President 3, Historian 4, National Honor Society 4, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4, Band l, 2, 3. JIM MURFIN Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, N:F.L. l, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4, Jr. Hi-Y l, 2, Stoanno Staff 4, Glee Club Operetta l, 2, National Honor Society 4, Algebra l Scholar- ship l, Algebra ll Scholarship 3. FRANK MUSHISKY Stohion Staff 3, Thespians 3, 4, Junior and Senior Class Play Stage Crew Worker, Shop Supervisor 3. BILL MUSHISKY Shop Supervisor 3, Thespian 3, 4, Stohion Staff 3, Stage Crew Junior and Senior Class Plays. 24 ,XX K WW ,,, , 4-no-gf g wi' ij JOHN OBLAK Jr. Hi-Y l, 2, N.F.L. l, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club l, Student Council l, 2, English Scholar- ship I, Plane Geometry Schol- arship 2, Chemistry Scholar- ship 3, Class Treasurer 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Pres- ident 4, Track 3, Junior Class Play 3, Senior Class Play 4, Basketball 4, Golf Team 4. NANCY OESCH Glee Club l, 2, 3, Debbies l, 2, Y-Teens 3, 4, Operetta l, 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Algebra Scholarship l, English Scholar- ship 3, Booster Club l. DON POWELL Jr. Hi-Y l, 2, Baseball l, Foot- ball l, Track 3, 4, Student Council 2, 4, Junior Class Play Stage Crew 3, Booster Club l, 2, Stohion Staff 3, Senior Class Play 4. DENNIS RICHARDS Booster Club l, 2, Football 2, 3, Thespians'3, 4, Stoanno Staff 4. MARILYN SHAVER Debbies l, 25 G.A.A, l, 2, 3, 45 Program Chairman 35 Y- Teens 3, 45 President 45 F,T.A. 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Thespians 45 Vice-President 45 Booster Club l, 2, 35 Stoan- no Staff 3, 45 Girls Basketball Team 4, Captain 45 Reserve Cheerleader 25 Chemistry Schol- arship 35 Cheerleader 45 Sci- ence Club 45 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 45 Home- coming Attendant 35 Operetta l, 25 Glee Club l, 2, 45 Christ- mas Queen 45 Senior Scholar- ship 4. KATHRYN SHAMBLIN Glee Club l, 25 Y-Teens 3, 4. MARY SHILTZ Glee Club ll 3, 45 G.A.A. 25 Junior Class Play 3. NORMA SHINKROW Debbies l, 25 Booster Club I5 Glee Club l, 25 G.A.A. 35 Y- Teens 3, 45 Christmos Formal Attendant l5 Homecoming At- tendant 45 Pep Club 3. MARJORIE SMITH G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Debbies 1, 2, Q, Glee Club 45 Majorette 2, Head Majorette 35 Cheerleader 45 Booster Club I5 F.N.A. 45 Y-Teen Basketball Team 4. .-1 BARBARA SPEAR Booster Club I5 Debbies l, 25 Y-Teens 3, 45 Program Chair- man 35 Secretary 45 Thespians 45 F.T.A. 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Junior Play 3. I QA, 'M' TIM STEMPLE Scorpion Basketball l5 Reserve Basketball 25 Varsity Basket- ball 3, 45 Golf Team 35 Varsity "S" 2, 3, 4. if S? JERRY STRANATHAN Band I, 25 Booster Club I5 Stoanno I5 Stohion Staff 4. at rr 'lfffvfi JUDY STUIBER Debbies l, 25 Glee Club 15 Pep Club 35 Y-Teens 3, 45 G.A.A. 3 4' Operetta 2 CHARLES TENNEY Stohnon Staff 35 Stoanno Staff 45 Junior Play Stage Crew 3. GAIL THOMAS Jr Hi-Y l 2' Band I 2 SUZANNE THORP Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Debbies l, 25 Stohion Staff 35 Y-Teen: 3 4' Stoanno Staff 4 BILL TIERNEY Transfer 3. MARY LOU VACHA Debbies l, 25 Glee Club l, 2 3, 45 Operetta l, 2. DAVE WEISEL Transfer 4. CAROL WHITE Glee Club l, 2. JEAN ETTE WILLOUGHBY Debbies l, 25 Y-Teens 3, 45 G.A.A. l, 2, 45 Pep Club 35 Booster Club l, 2. CAROLYN WILSON Debbies l, 25 Y-Teens 3, 45 Basketball Team 45 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, President 45 F.T.A. 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Band l, 25 Stoanno Staff 45 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 45 Algebra I, ll, Scholarship Tests l, 3. DON WITNER Baseball Team 25 Stohion Staff 3. ALLAN WORCESTER Jr. Hi-Y l, 25 Student Council I, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Vice- President 35 N.F.L. 2, 45 Var- sity "S" 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Class President 35 Stoanno Staff I, 2, 3, 45 Reserve Basketball 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 Latin Scholar- ship l, 2, Honorable Mention 2. SHIRLEY PIMLOTT Debbies 'l, 25 G.A.A. l, 25 Stohion Staff 3, Business Man- ager5 Stoanna Staff 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 Social Chairman 45 Christ- mas Attendant 45 F.T.A. 35 F.NZA. 45 Pep Club l, 25 Track Recorder 3, 45 Y-Teen Basket- ball Team 4. LEADING LADY Charming, intelligent, clever - these are the attributes which make Marilyn Shaver the studentsf choice for this honor. 28 LEADING MAN Responsible, handsome, scholarly - Allan Worcester displays leadership which wins him this coveted honor. 29 CLASS HISTORY The history of the class of 1958 is quite an illustrious one from its beginning to its end in the Senior Year. The survivors of all twelve years at Stow are: Dick Brubaker, Gail Thomas, Betty Minier, Wilma Lawlis, Connie Godfrey, Allan Worester, Suzanne Thorpe, Kathy Shamblin, Jim Dodd, Mary Shultz, Dan Jones, Dennis Richards, Jane Clark, Joan Idle, Roy Arm- strong, Genny Moore, John Corley, Jim Hurd, Norma Jones, Jim Murfin, Nancy Oesch, Deane Hamilton, Ross Holden, Becky Everett, Judy Stuiber, John Oblak, Don Witner, Darryl Hickey, Joyce Kline, Carolyn Wilson, Margie Jackson, Bertha Cross, Carmen Fulper, Bill Godbey, Carole Wyle, Margie Smith, Shirley Pimlott, and Judie DePew. The first grade began with a bang. Innocent, little John Oblak was pushed into a mud puddle by big Dick Brubaker. John told Dick's mother and let her settle the score. There was more trouble with chairs. Jim Murfin got into trouble for pulling a chair from under Connie Godfrey. Becky Everett just kept falling out of hers. Ron Burt came that year. There was more trouble in second grade. Margie Jackson and Joyce Kline got slapped for giggling. Bertha Cross got her legs smacked for staying out too long at recess. A famous foursome around school was Carol Wyle, Roy Armstrong, Judie DePew, and Deane Hamelton, who played house everyday. In third grade, an indignant Ralph Capila refused to take the garbage to the cafeteria. Bashful Joey Burian was chased by the girls, caught, and held until they all kissed him. Kendra Downing and Claudia Lewis came this year. The difficult school began in fourth grade. Marilyn Shaver and Christina Farin- acci arrived at this time. Dan Jones got lost in the woods behind the school in fifth grade. Shirley Pimlott, alias, Roughie gave poor Bill Hunt a black eye. Bold Judy Cornell asked Mrs. Biggs if she had false teeth. Winter brought a con- stant snowball battle between the fifth and the sixth graders. The girls made the snow- balls. Ross Holden won the name of "human bomber" because he could slide the farthest. The sixth graders were the "wheels" of the Town Hall, but just the same, Mrs. Denn- ig left her mark on them. The boys took a bike hike one afternoon. Their reward was one month's detention. Marilyn Shaver was left tied to a tree while playing cowboys and Norma Jones was locked in a closet. This year Mike Bender, Mary Kinsey, and Tim Stemple, and Bob Humphrey entered Stow. Mike tried so hard to make a good impression that he knocked himself out. When seventh grade came they were at last able to establish themselves in the high school. This year Dave Kuklke, Dick and Don Bennett, Doyle Carpenter, and Noel Peircy came to Stow. Judy Cornell and Margaret Cooper were leaning out the windows when Mr. Sloop caught them. He couldn't find his paddle so they were saved. Jim Hurd wasn't so lucky. He put Mr. Sloop's paddle to use when he flicked Study Hall. There was a measle epidemic this year and no one could go to Connie Godfrey's Party. This year began the famous Kinsey-Mackenroth ro- mance. After dodging of a certain tennis ball and writing thousands of statements, they passed on to the eighth grade. This year they were the sophisticated 8th grade. The eighth grade basketball team won the Junior-High trophy. Valerie Caudill came and set quite a record by getting kicked out of English class twice in the first month. Innocent Lucie Morrison was never suspected by the teachers of carrying a squirt gun. Good old troop 313 made history by being the first and only troop in Stow to receive "Curved Bar." Marge Jackson was so shook-up after Al Worcester gave her her first kiss, that she fell off a log. This year was ended by the 8th grade party. At last we entered high school and with quite a bang. The freshmen were noted for the parties they threw, much to the dismay of the upper-class girls. One continuous party was 8th period study hall in 102. This year Kool Beckie Hoskin, Dave Corbett, Sandy Clark, Mildred Mackey, Helen Carraciolo and notorious Bill Hatton arrived. Jane Clark and Barb Spear, inseparable friends, were constantly arguing. continued on page 81 CLASS WILL We, the members of the SENIOR CLASS of l958 at Stow, Ohio, all supposedly being of sound mind, memory, and body, do make and declare this to be our last will and testament. To the FACULTY we give any bits of information and knowledge that they might have obtained from our recitations, exam papers, and our super intelligent test papers. To the JUNIORS we leave our highly respectable place as Seniors and hope they carry on all we have left undone. To the SOPHOMORES we bequeath our DAVE CORBETT wills his green hat with the feather to MR. KIMPTON in hopes he can keep his head warm next winter. BILL HUNT gives the map to his secret smoking lounge to BOB OBLACK. NORMA JONES leaves to poor MRS. KAUFMAN four brothers and sisters yet to come. DAVE KUHLKE wishes to give one bashed-in fender and one burned out Fordo- matic to that up and coming hot-rodder, MARC ARNOLD. LUCIE MORRISON bequeaths her meek manner to JERRY WRIGHT in hopes he will use it. MARY KINSEY donates her ability to drive the get-away car for the "Joy Boys" to KENNY COWLES, who, she thinks, can look innocent when the police are watching. JOYCE KLINE wills her excellent driving skill to BARBARA ZUPPA. MIKE BENDER gives his ability to give MR. WOODWORTH second degree burns to any careless person, namely BUDDY WEEKS. NANCY OESCH bestows her ability to keep quiet in 7th period study hall to VADA SCOTT, if she thinks she can use it. SHIRLEY PIMLOTT wishes to give her duty of being gang leader of "The Water Tower Painters" to brother, BOBBY OBLAK. DON POWELL leaves his ability to get along with people to PATTY COON. DENNY RICHARDS wills his ability to wear out a pair of shoes in 3 months to TOM SHUSTER. money making abilities and hope they don't have as much trouble spending it as we did. To the FRESHMEN we give our common sense which most of us have lost during our Junior year. To the HARD WORKING JANITORS we leave all our pencil stubs, stray notes, and chewing gum to be used as they see fit. To our FRIENDS of Stow High the Seniors give those things most dearest to them as follows: NORMA SHINKROW donates all her new monthly magazines to the LIBRARY in hopes they'll get rid of all the old ones. MARY LOU VACHA wills the name "Mammie Lou", which she received from JOEY BRADY, to anyone that wants it. JOHN CORLEY gives his motor scooter to NANCY NOLL. KENDRA DOWNING leaves her slave, Marilyn Case, to KAREN KOSKI. CHRISTINA FARINACCI wills her ability to get caught throwing red knee socks in 6th period study hall to JIM COWLES. CONNIE GODFREY leaves her reducing pills and diets to PA'lTl WERLING. JIM HARTLEY gives his vast record collection to JIM MOLLER in hopes it will make him as popular as it did Hartley. BILL HATTON wills his ability to change the age on ID cards to anyone with ideas in that direction. CAROLYN WILSON wills her noisy brace- lets, which seem to drive MRS. KAUFMAN crazy, to any one who thinks they can make just as much noise. DAVE WEISEL leaves his cool green Ford to DENNY KUHLKE so he can drive all his girl friends around in it. CAROL WHITE wills her shorthand as- signments to anyone who thinks he can get them so mixed up Miss Townsell gets a large charge out of them. ART BOOZER gives his ability to scare girls that ride on his motorcycle to TED ROOT if his scooter car will go that fast. continued on page 78 CLASS PROPHECY We all know what has happened to the class of '58 over the past few years. As we look ahead, we wonder what will bcome of our friends and class- mates in the future. Let us turn on our supersonic-time-o-meter, given to us by our good friend Captain Zero, to the year of l968 and see what has transpired over the ten years after graduation. We will start on the east coast in New York. On Broadway in the hit plays of the year, we see three of our girls as stars. They are LUCIE MOR- RISON Ileading lady of our Junior playl, VALERIE CAUDILL, and KENDRA DOWNING. Setting the stage for these stars are the best stagemen in the business: FRANK and BILL MUSHISKY, LORENZO KISAMORE, BILL GOD- BEY, and DENNIS RICHARDS. As we pass the Metropolitan Opera House, we see another familiar name in lights. It is that of Mr. DAN JONES. He is now a great operatic singer and producer. We see GARY BAKER has his own Jewelry shop here. The name of it is Tiffanyos. JIM HURD is the star player of the New York Yanks. A world famous modeling agency here in New York is run by BUD STEELE and CHARLES TEN- NEY. Now we turn to our favorite spot on the map - Stow, Ohio. As we scan Stow Corners, we see a large building which houses the ARMSTRONG Body Building Gymnasium. Next to that is a small building in which BECKY EVERETI' gives advice to students on how to get along with your teachers. There is now a quaint little photography shop owned by DOYLE CARPENTER. I guess he's try- ing to be another Bob Cummings. His top models are MARY KINSEY and JUDY DePEW. JUDY's husband, PHIL FREDERICK, has a chain of laundro- mats all over the country. DARRYL HICKEY has his own construction and ditch digging company. As a sideline, he and his wife raise "Do-Hickeys." DON and DICK BENNETT are proprietors of their own chain of Shell service stations. lt's only right that while we are in Stow that we visit our Alma Mater. Our time-o-meter shows us some new teachers. They are JANE CLARK, Home Ec., ROGER LANGE, Band Director, and the Coach this year is RUSS FOURMAN. What's that horse and wagon coming down 9I? Well it's ROSS HOLDEN keeping in touch with all his classmates. He collects their junk weekly for his junk yard. Good Heavens! Is that a flying saucer in the sky? Oh no, it's only MARILYN SHAVER doing some stunts with some Mulvany air craft. There's KATHRYN SHAMBLYN, I under- stand she just returned from the Olympics with her gold medal - Cflour that isl. As we glance through the trailer park, we see MARGE SMITH breaking the 5 M.P.H. speed limit as she chases her little McGoverns. Let's take a quick look at the new world fam- ous Smorgasbord. Well, well, CARL WALTER is no longer "Board Boy" but owner. CAROL WYLE has advanced from waitress to hostess. Now she gets to hire the girls. Why, whose hand is that on the Sheaffer Pen advertisement on T.V.? lt's JOE BURIAN'S. Well, there's CONNIE GODFREY on KYW T.V, frantically waving her spatula at her viewers. She has her own Home Economy show now. As we turn the dial on the time-o-meter to Washington D.C., we see DEANE HAMILTON in a conference with JOHN CORLEY. DEANE is the Vice-President of the U.S. and JOHN is a five star general. We see JACKIE WITNER, JUANITA BUTLER, CARMEN FULPER, and BONNIE SELDERS singing as a quartet with Billie Graham. In West Virginia JIM HARLEY is a famous disc jockey. Elvis has been replaced by BUD TICK HILL and his guitar. JIM plays a new album of Westerns by MILDRED MACKEY. Also in West Virginia, WILMA LAWIS and BERTHA CROSS have opened a Lonely Hearts Club. TOM JOHNSON is their biggest problem. In Florida we see the Saxe Racing Stables. Here the former JOYCE KLINE Inow Mrs. Saxel is feeding the horses as MARGE JACKSON waters them. NORMA JONES and her husband Mr. Nigh- man are the Saxe's best Customers. Florida is the home of the Cross Country Pogo Stick Co. owned by DON WITNER. RALPH CAPILA runs a tall man's clothing store. JUDY CORNELL designs and sells women's lingerie. HELEN CARACCIOLO and MARY LOU VACHA are neighbors. Their husbands, RON BEVINGTON and DICK VAN SISE, are co-owners in a chain of Isaly stores. TIM STEMPLE is a professional golfer here. Off the Florida Keys we see BILL HUNT and BOB HUMPHREY diving for buried treasures. continued on page 92 paw -ff, MWA, ...CX if CLASS OFFICERS Sophomore Officers Jack Wright, President Pom Weber, Secretary-Treasurer Linda Henderson, Vice-President Mr. Bloor, Advisor Y Junior Officers Mrs. Townsell, Advisor Richard Semler, Vice-President Bill Von Gunton, Treosurer Dale Glass, President Carol Merinics, Secretary Freshman Officers Karen Housman, Secretory-Treasurer Bill Westgate, Vice-President Jim Landis, President Mrs. Benton, Advisor -1 JUNIORS - RCCDM 305 Jim M Ayers, Jeanne Barnes, Arlene Brehm, Sheila Cahill, Sonny Cunningham, Loretta Dlersing S .Q M.. AQ? l sl , .C .,, , 5 t r--, Q lap. , 4 k ..., ,ya M , If , 'v . - , if , -' S .. 4 g, J e , 53 f ,gf ' S it J will a t l my f il ik Virginia Gaylord, Gary Garrett, Dale Glass, Carl Housley, Darlene Keller. S-as Q ..,, , uf -31- 1 Marcheta McCrody, Cindy Merrell, Glenna Merritts, Jerry Nickol, Byron Roy Bob Schlemmer, Joe Schmitt, Martin Suffolk, Mike VanBrunt, Bill VonGuten. Judy Warren, Elizabeth Williams, Dick Wren, Jerry Wright, Linda Zeisig, Paula Zinkann Q or -4, ' 'D l , " 35 ly E gal 2 , ugly 'Q' ' A --'H y i I A Q 5 .. ll"'. ll -ef C V Q 1 I Q I W, '21 g 1 Melba Adams, Mickey Batton, Marcia Brewster, Harriet Brower, Trent Bunker, Karen Chapin. ""'5 , P i - i ei if . i A Norma Cochran, Arvella Collins, Ken Cowles, Nancy Dawes, Ray Dietz, Linda Farinacci. ' 'awk 1 ,,.. t i ' B , it ef' ,J J ij. F53 ,, A ' C, iii x A B cm, so -...n"' '35 l .Lis ' , Pat Flaherty, Bob Geistweite, Violet Glass, Ruth Hayes, Bill Hiltz, Tom Hudson. , N lv' 4 QI' if Y' i , 'Q A 5- ' ! - N it -Ja 31,59 leaf x if 'fear ' i i '- v ' , 53 X ' 1 vb ,, ' ' 1 ff A ,W - -cz 'di' If I 1 L Ethel Lovingood, Curtis Moore, Bob Oblak, Terry Osman, Beverly Ransom, Dave Reeves. Laura Roberts, Jean Shultz, Bill Vcnarge, Barbara Weiland, Patti Werling, Paul Wuchter. ,'2 4-bf B 31 Absent- Linda Forshey, Gary Ruscoe. u. JUNIORS-ROOM 204 as if Florence Allen, Charlene Anderson, Ernest Bianchi, Lawanna Brady, .lohn Burton, Patty Coon. 1. il K -as nv- ' ll t 'Jr - 1113 51- K is f llr l id z fl '71 A Larry Cross, Carol Cummings, JoAnn Flower, Lee Fultz, Walter Hoff, Pat Housley. ,Nd . i 143 3 6 is L 93' Ubin.. Max Jones, Karen Koski, Barbara Kusnir, Mae Keller, Otis Lukens. 'TP ' Ann Mackey, Carl Meador, Sally Miller, ,lim Moeller, Denny Peterson, Ted Roof. Jim Snediker, Sandra Snyder, Bruce Trier, Richard Walters, Sandy Weyrick, Dorothy Wilson. W it S 0 is B J ..,. ' S' f . r.,4 1 -iz? JUNIORS - ROOM 207 if 5 J., tr.-I! George Abraham, Marc Arnold, Ray Bard, Marie Barkman, Gordon Barlett, Steve Berman. Y 4 I i J l' e . iii fir. J" L4 . , Sandy Braucher, Norito Csonka, Paula Ellis, Lois Erwin, Carmine Falitico, Ivan Gazdik. A-Q. .- 4 I , is av - QL., 4' ,ff 2 if Carol Hagar, Marie Kirkpatrick, Edith Mahler, Carol Marinics, Sylvia McBee, Lowell McKee. E Ti "' 7 I 1 I7 QM A fff f l Barbara Nanashe, Dave Reinhort, Jim Shafer, Dick Semler, Ken Shallahammer, Sally Shumon. Larry Skeens, Richard Sponaugh, Barbara Trego, Josette Vinczeller, Vivian White, Dave Williams. 3 " t -f are 5 .L L-, Q. 1 ff! 1. will Eff' Absent - Phil Frederick. SODHOMORES - ROOM 205 - I x EF: Em r " so -8 ! Jenny Baker, Cheryl Bee, Judy Birdsall, Adrian Bohl, Marlin Brandon, Josephine Brown. N? ik -5' if fig 'fl 'zu z Q W l"N Carol Burns, James Cole, Linda Dye, Donna Fields, Joel Fischer, James Hale. J ,Ty , lknibxs Charles Hamilton, Nancy Hayward, Evelyn Heidbrider, Mary Ann Hilliard, Barbara Holden, John Klein ,, ,C A gil V y W 5 Y gi ik .Ji an--I Paf McClellan, Norma Nickol, Tim Peterman, George Porosky, Pat Russell, Carl Schafer. Ned Stemple, Janice Swartout, Bud Weeks, Gaile Wilkinson, Gary Wilkinson. Q fl Mir No Pictures: Delores Burdette, Terry Mclntyre, John Hercsek, Robert Leonard. 9 SODHOMORES - ROOM 306 isa., M. I' Ray Balsevicius, Sandra Bender, Lowell Body, Ronald Bowen, Sharon l 1123 'Fu ,f Dixie if 'EM Y, 5 L Robert Corbett, Leonard Cornell, James Cowles, Joan Dyke, Donald Gray, Linda Henderson. Henning, Carol Hill, Thomas Hunt, Barbara Kraus, Q 9 0' 4 I f' .Q -N Quo Brown, Marilyn Case, Elizabeth Coomes. ,tr X s 'Q fa Y , ,. i 1 L 1 H f J W .5 , ' fi EPT m . :gb Dennis Kuhlke, John Moore, John Nanashe. 'fad' - .-- -'A i -q. X 'swf Q k J . , i h .. J J lift., Dorothy Powell, Lowell Reed, Nancy Ross, James Savory, Harold Schetz, Jeanette Schulman, Linda Seese, Richard Swartz, Donna Walter, Karen Williams, Jack Wright, Barbara Zuppo. Q as it' 7 f.:':. J ...R . 477 A L g f f JL A - f-i' :ilu ' 1- A 1 40 No Pictures: James Smith, Edward Vacha. SOIUHOMORES - ROOM 304 I hs.-. ..d, . X f '1 as Yi! f rf I Steve Balko, Gary Bissler, Ray Bresciani, Louis Crites, Paul Dannemiller, Connie Diersi .fa , se ff I 3 Larry Francis, Lynn Francis, Nanetfc Gaylord, Shirley Glazer, Beverly Hall, ,Mi b P ,ii... S A sk krgkh W., Q L X F ,-kk' A 1 I Lf- -J 'II X . Kathy Horn, Jackie Horner, Dan Hubbard, Ronald Linger, Charles ng, Pat Halliwell, Tom I Mau rer, Judith Morris. X Y My , 1 .i -ri A V R A? ' b'i"H4 . 3 ,L gf ' , 'r,.QQ-ur S+ :'i . i f f" A Mary Nighman, Kenneth Pardee, Oran Post, William Rennie, Meg Taylor, Pat Waller, Ronald W ard. James Watson, Pamela Weber, Carol White, David Willey, Geraldine Zeisig. X me if . I 1 3 Aazlv E r 1" j ff!! Ei Q1l."....s.f'3"'l'l? No Pictures: Mike Gorup, James Tucker, Bill Stacy. Homa. .J J 'Q .Q 'C' SOPHOMCRES - ROOM 102 Juanita Bissler, Roy Bowen, Brian Bowers, Geri Brehm, Lowell Cannon, James Courson Maurine Davis. 7 .A ,ap 42 if Y J af J 'f i f Jw " 'ie' W , gi Naaww , S W 5 it 1 l x Tim DeLeo, Sandra Forrune, llarae Fulpher, Roger Fredrick, Jim Fritz, Mary Lou Hackett, Linda Belton -3' - Douglas Huntsman, Robert Lawlis, Carolyn Leos, Rita McAmis, Jeanne Moore, Thomas Mize. EK " A -efiff' 3 , F , M 7 We Vera Pack, Frank Polinger, Ralph Price, Lilas Reger, Nancy Riehl, Jacci Rittman, Douglas Seese. iv Janice Stratton, Clay Wagner, Tom Watkins, Sonny Weil, Bill Wills, Cecelia Zinkonn, mi.: yt' ' 's?Q'j::iii22zg Qrbmiif , ' , f if No Pictures: Connie Faster, Michael Neill. lt lf 'M . SOPHOMORES - ROOM 202 vs-frii.Q i if 'S N SS? - .J QZL L KP to W fig? , W ' ,fig , Q Q llc 5 3 Q in a- .3 Barbara Barrett, Robert Cueni, Bernard Czartoski, Gloria Dietz, Gleen DuChene, Bonnie Gavriloff. 'Q '13 :N r-' V' Elaine Gidley, Gale Gordon, Margaret Hatton, Paul Hickin, Dennis Hilliard, John l-lorvath. I i . swf, ,, ff.,,1f,iZ . ' at ,. ,E w w, R . ,gui I 'if ,. L 0 'H ,wt Q .t w M. if E i i 1 F lx 'X' J J. 9 5: Q "' ,, ,Q -. "viii ' A -it ii.. yn, f -ci. .3 I , ,,, t 'E' Larua Kates, Barbara Kelley, Robert Lahr, Elaine Meador, Sandra Messersmith, James Miller, Richard Myers 4 fs iz- '3' L Q' lil James Pierce, Ronald Purkhiser, Linda Reed, David Reeves, Tim Rogers, Irene Schiele. Diane Shinkrow, James Surgen, Joanne Sweitzer, James White, Carol Wooley. No Pictures: Jerry Bobbs, Ray Rejkowski, Joanne Breiding, Kenneth Wilkey. ff! 'J for -A a?'i'iR ffl , . f . r's'tvm? 2 1-, ge "" l 1 iffy-1 V 'E Q 11,5 Linda Andreson D 3 Richard Galdbank Lynn Jackson M r 3 Pam Martin 'Q !-. Dennis Rook 44 ,K , FRESHMEN-ROOM S h 4 4 ,, , ef, , ' J X .f .. S 'A "" ' 'RL its -S nnon q i J I' gi v "win, F Donald Jim Mary C0r1r1ie Carol Barnes Betz Biedler Bosley Branden Vk,- givin . . V Q , 2' K L ,.' N i X J J M ft 11- may - -,. 4 Ai Charles Judy Allan Jerry Barbara Coomes Dipnall Grafton Goodwin Hanson t ' f 'X . ,- ,W X I 311, Pam Helen Mike Barbara Kerfs Johnson Jordon Klesa Kalida KOSkiC ' ,?5gi?,1gitg3g f5E-:,:E::,,Ef:: '- K i s rsrr r J is. S ,1 4 'ig , Y 1 - in I I I K ..,, I' it t '5-315 ' If Q We Gerald Judith Larry Tom James McClellan McCloskey McKenzie Metz Pardee 5, fair 1 -' K x Y Q, ' ' -A is J ef J Y ' ii, 2 . LQ, ,,:x I I in Q ti is if S S, L 1- f fi' Joan George Margaret Tom Charlette Schulman Scott Seamems Shuster Smith . f , .s X i'. . M- it :F mi. g an gg -. . QL. E 1 K 'if 'av X- h ,. 1 E , V ' 1 " James Judy Steve Betty Bill Sweitzer Thomas Tilton Walker Westgate Sharon Brazelton s tl I Connie Hall Louis Krebec 'ff Xi f K Charlene Perrine 'V ,gd " , .6 J 14" if ....v""' Linda Stanley M V , i Alf!! Linda Witner 1 3 1. ' Q - Lamoyne Carpenter -A Q Loris Hibbard sf. Jim Landis -dv Robyn Rinehart if U. .v" S L Carol Sflff FRESHME - ROOM 3 Karen Archer . V -' t w ? ia i g We m e Q , ' .i. ?"- - Richard Hall 1 Lana Langrell Robert Saladin Brenda Witte 4. L , . W .kiln J .-,lg , r ,sf J ' "'- -ii -'K if Geri Richard Downe Judy Roy Nancy John Bowers Bradley Butler Cross Darling Foreman Gleghorn 5 K - mf , L n i l S if in . L V -' , f V W f ' A f , I A Theodgre Pat Robert Martin Judy Rita Earl Hammond Herman Jackson Jones Kline Kusnir Krebs EW .ku ,T ,..K,. , YQ Philip Earnestine Donna John Nancy Lora Lee R0lDh Long Molson Merrill Miller Noll Rexroad RiCh0I'dS0n Verlin Judith Linda Sandy Walters Werner Wetmore Willimson Vada Juanita Grover Scott Smith Timms 4 V 1 , 5' ,. M S' J J. J Sf , ' W A ' pi is y y fy Marjorie Sandy Charles Andrew Harvey Justina Linda Worcester Young Amburn Chutsch Greer Gribble Kerns " l g-jg: ' . A " mi Q . Randy Clarale Caroline Mary Morrison Porter Robinette Whitfield FRESHMEN - ROOM 2 Kerry Bill Carol Dorthey Carl Arthur Adams Barker Braden Chobudy QQ.-. Carol Anita Jerry Clark Csonka Nighmon W .PT o Leonard Janet Shirley Bob Barbara 5l'1Ol'0f1 RlCl10fd JOOH Dye Erwin Good Hiltz Housely Humberf Johnson Keller V ,lsr I V .f4' Larry Kerr Teresa K ra us Stephen Suzzanne Lillian Lomb Laurontz Loch Shirley Larry Don Madden Moore Murfin Shirley Nancy North Reonck K 'ui 'Si-H a?1, L4g, ' Dave Carroll Eldred Mary Ann Marlene Joy Reid Saloz Soviors Scott Snyder Stokey Jerri Thorp Raymond Lucille Jim Tom Larry Towne Weschke Wilson Witner Wright 46 Q 4 A ,A 29 me FRESHMEN - RCONI 4 -IU' V . R! U. Joan JUdY Atzemhofer Arthur Joyce Cross Linda Jones Louis Mueller Mildred Gibson Mary Ann Kaufmann 31 Q' s X, K, i Bill Nighman Q 'Y X1 B 'ff 'G Patty Tefer -'44, .. . , cs is , 'Sf 55" - " :xg . i V David Stephen Karen Ruth Walter Pflf Beck Berg Bosley Brown Brown Conner "" j B B ,ii -qlq ,F lf, ll t ",., f x . , X Lang, 'J W V WL . Q fi-G. , K A A , Edward Gayle David Kenneth Sharon Paul Gidley Gordon Greathouse Hoskin HOUSSIGY J0CkS0l'1 - -rrl :, 'W 'L-K ffsg,i,,i. ,+ k Q K- 1 5 " 1'-ar s is V . G V Q l , il -- l 4 K M i e EFS A B 7 N r , . 1 :i,, ' Marvin Bonnie Kathleen Wyoma Terry Donald King LaForme Martin Matjunas Moore Morehouse new ' 2 1, g A if FM ' Z xf i x 'Q . " X x V I if V ., , l" 15ky?ff if . All 1' David Dawn Fred Barbara Martha Larry Porosky Radok Rodgers Shaffer Shiltz Stuart + wlo- E all 1.f--- A 1f...,., ki 4 Merla Linda Ronald Carol Nancy Watrous Williams Willingham Wright Wuchter Absent: Dave Arthur John Hudson 47 FRESHMEN - ROOM 1 Patricia Judy Marjorie Nancy Lindell Abraham Bard Bellinger BfCldY BYOWF1 . Wa gf, I I ' . , f , A i 3 of ' 'wi nj J if Phyllis Richard Mary Anne Terry Roy Dannemiller Enter Flaherty Frantz Fulper an in fa Lg, . . ,V 1-f,.. ,A e ll' Q it or Karan Ray Mike Marsha Dianna Hauseman Hedrick Hicken Hummel Johnson Pat Norma Cheryl Edward Th0m0S Kalida Lutz MacAdam Montieth M00re YW? 'Mi' , -4' hr 1 Blanch Collins Linda Goff Doug Jones 'Q Louise John Louise Della Mary Oesch Sandercox Scott Smith Sponagle Q yrgy f:.,.-- I Hgsgk 1 J ' 135 J f i' +A ., liltt 4 ., .13 ' :xv ..- 3: 2 7 is zt- 1 lille' H .,A.. 32 James Nancy Perry Vaughan Wine Wise Bruce Mieminen K Robert Steele 1 1" X 1' 1 I X I , , J f qi ie If -K x A' iv! T' Allan Worcester Marilyn Shaver NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row One, Left to Right: Marilyn Shaver, Sandy Weyrick, Kendra Downing, Patty Coon, Ann Mackey, Charlene Andersen, Karen Koski. Row Two: Mrs. Edwards, Dick Bennett, Don Bennett, Lucie Morrison, Josette Vinczeller, Gretchen Melonas, Jackie Witner, Mary Kinsey. Row Three: Allan Worcester, Dave Kuhlke, John Oblak, Jim Murfin. SENIORS 1 Ulf is X Ax V John Oblok Dick Bennett President Mary Kinsey Treasurer Dave Kuhlke Vice-President Gretchen Melonas Kendra Downing Lucie Morrison 50 Jim Murfin Absent Don Bennett 050 Jackie Witner Wilma Lawlis STUDENT COUNCIL Row One, Left to Right: Mr. Woodworth, Advisor: Mike Gorup, Bud Weeks, Dick Bennett, Roger Frederick, Jim Snediker, Pat Flaherty, Don Gray. Row Two: Bill VonGunten, Mike Bender, Butch Chabody, Don Powell, Terry Moore, Diana Johnston, Marc Arnold. Row Three: Dawn Butler, Bob Cueni, Ken Shallahamer, Darryl Hickey, Joyce Kline, Robin Reinhart. OFFICERS ACTIVITIES Darryl Hickey President Ken Shallehamer Vice-President Joyce Kline Treasurer Bob Cueni Secretory Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. March April Student Council bought the school o spot Sponsored assembly - Preview of Progress, sored Homecoming Dance. Sponsored Ohio Bell Assembly. Assembly by the Melody Masters. Assembly by Glenn Cunningham. Assembly by Thomas Broken. Assembly by Young and Co. Representatives sent to Columbus. Sl light. also spon vw Q, K 5 1 3 58 2' A . ' N, ' "' MW -Kfl . J-1 -V if " ii-fix ., 1-2-v -.qv y 4, - -1 eff V L 1' ' ,t A .H A, Lg-V fm N.. A. '- 91.-:2 9, jfzgkt sf- ts '?fL'fi?'? f ,, -. f .1-,su .' ' 4- -""' 5 ,fl 'W - Q. , 4- V, J" . U . fb Lh M S l . 'Wa "1' 1r-- -5 Aww MW ,JZ ,QQ saga 7 545 1 fl xx MA ...Jugs-Ti-Q-v-'Z '31, L N534 ' D ,L 3 s A . 5 ' 3 gg1?:2z:z' we if X S jg A . ? fs THESDIANS Hg ?i,CF2g iS 'U G QQ?-F G yi Efktsifikf mifkfxlk 2 K K 'ian +P I gf , Q 3 1 , F Soi AW MQ HMM qi, N.F.L. - - .nu .. Row Four, Left to Right: Gale Gordon, Josie Venczeller, Bud Weeks, Adrian Bohl, Allan Worcester, John Oblak, Jim Snediker, Terry Moore, Anita Csonka. Row Three: Marilyn Case, Phil Long, Linda Seese, Bob Schlemmer, Larry Kerr, Pat Coon, Nan Gaylord. Row Two: Norma Nichol, Judy Birdsall, Richard Swartz, Mary Lou Hackett, Arvella Collins, Marc Arnold, Ken Hoskins. Row One: Linda Reed, Jim Muffin, Dave Kuhlke, Melba Adams, Mr. Kimpton, Advisor: Jack Wright, Nancy Rearick. X2 J C ' fl C: W l f A JL J l l QW J V-3 J l W 54 ...AND S0 THE DEBATE WAS ENDEDU.. F.T.A. 5 Row Three, Lef! to Right: Barbara Spear, Treasurer: Sandy Weyrick, Florence Allen, Publicity Chairman: Karen Koski, Dave Kuhlke, Carolyn Wilson, Marilyn Shaver, Pat Coon, Vice-President. Row Two: Melba Adams, Charlene Anderson, Arvella Collins, Kendra Downing, Jeanne Barnes, Connie Godfrey, Joyce Kline, Judy Cornell. Row One: Sandy Snyder, Secretory: Lucie Morrison, Mary Kinsey, President, Josie Vinczeller, Carol Hagar, Noriio Csonka, Miss Workman, Advisor. -ii Q F 4 ' Vs' ff NO 0 do jgQ:gg!!!i- -gf' x if. Yitv - A i--r 55 ll I E l GLEE CLUB Back Row, Left to Right: Linda Seese, Paula Zinkann, Norita Csonka, Mary Lou Hackett, Joanne Sweitzer, Jim Muffin, Pat Flaherty, Phil Long, Dale Glass, Kenny Cowles, Violet Gloss, Karen Williams, Patti Werling, Nancy Dawes, Loretta Diersing, Charlene Anderson, Cheryl Bee. Row Two: Josette Vinczeller, Nancy Ross, Gretchen Melonas, Judy Birdsoll, Carol Marinics, Cecilia Zinkann, Carl Meador, Carmine Falitico, Stephen Lamb, Jim Cowles, Jim Watson, Elaine Gidley, Judy Warren, Elaine Meador, Sandra Weyrick, Ann Mackey, Jackie Rittman. Row Three: Marcheta McCrady, Pat Russell, Louise Crites, Mary Lou Vacha, Linda Zeisig, Margaret Hatton, Doug Seese, Eddie Gidley, Ron Bevington, Dave Corvett, Tom Hudson, Sandra Clark, Linda Reed, Cindy Merrell, Darlene Keller, Jeanette Willoughby, Patty Coon, Helen Caracciolo. Row Four: Laura Roberts, Sally Miller, Connie Diersing, Joyce Kline, Marilyn Shaver, Barbara Zuppa, Marc Arnold, Doug Huntsman, Ned Stemple, Ross Holden, Larry Kerr, Darryl Hickey, Judy DePew, Rita McAmis, Susan Lawrentz, Pam Weber, Barbara Kraus, Margie Smith, Mr. Cooley. F? S ...THERE Airv'1 Novi-mv' Luxe' A pmqg.. LIBRARY STAFF 1 Q 1 X: Standing, Left to Right: Sandra Evans, Delores Burdette, George Porosky, Terry Moore Nancy Noll. Seated: Juanita Butler, Carol Hagat, Sally Shaman, Mrs. Kekler, Librarian. STOHION ST FF Raw Three, Left to Right: Steve Berman, Ray Bard, Jerry Wright, Dick Brubaker, John Corley, Bill Godbey, Curtis Moore. Row Two: Jerry Nickol, Vivian White, Helen Carrociolo, Norma Shinkrow, Carol Hagat, Sheila Cahill, Valerie Caudill, Ron Bevington. Row One: Darryl Hickey, Karen Chapi, Norita Csonko, Josie Vincqeller, Doyle Carpenter, Mrs. Klingaman, Advisor. 57 1 DEBBIES First Row, Lett to Right: Vada Scott, Joan Schulman, Marge Worcester, Judy Thomas, Linda Witner, Nancy Wuchter, Dorothy Braden, Robyn Reinhart, Nancy Rearick. Second Row: Margaret Seomens, Rita Kusnir, Teresa Kraus, Blanche Collins, Geri Bowers, Linda Goff, Bonnie LaForme, Carol Barker, Pam Martin, Lorene Hibbard, Kathy Martin, Sharon Brazelton, Linda Andre- sen, Kerry Arthur, Linda Jones. Third Row: Nancy Brady, Sharon Housley, Diana Johnston, Terry More, Mary Ann Kaufmann, Didy Werner, Carol Brando, Anita FRESHMEN Csonka, Connie Bosley, Patty Teter, Patty Herman, Cheryl MacAdam, Carol Clark, Karen Archer. Fourth Row: Mary Biedler, Sandie Willemsen, Donna Merrell, Laren Hausman, Norma Lutz, Mary Ann Flaherty, Marsha Jummel, Charlotte Smith, Dawne Butler, Nancy Noll, Judy Depnall, Karen Bosley, Dawn Radok, Linda Kerns. Fifth Row: Linda Wetmore, Carol Wright, Carol Stitt, Martha Shiltz, Margie Bellinger, Elizabeth Scott, Laura Rexroad, Connie Hall, Louise Oesh, Mary SOPHOMORES Sponaugle, Brenda Witte. 4. tl First Row, Left to Right: Pat McCellan, Pam Weber, Linda Henderson, Dorthy Powell, Barbara Holden, Donna Walter, Reed, Dixie Henning. Second Row: Rita Mc- Amis, Linda Zeisig, Judy Birdsall, Janice Swartout, Pat Russel, Norma Nichol, Nancy Riel, Joanne Swietzer, Karen Williams, Geri Brehm, Mrs, Jauhiaimen. Third Row: Linda Dye, Diane Shinkrow, Carolyn Leas, Carole Burns, Sharon Brown, Terry Mclntyre, Barbara Zuppa, 58 Carole Hill, Connie Diersing, Nan Gaylord, Nancy Hay- ward. Fourth Row: Marilyn Case, Jeanette Schulman, Cathy Horn, Maurine Davis, Barbara Kelly, Margaret Hatten, Elaine Meador, Barbara Kraus, Jackie Horner, Mary Lou Hackett, Nancy Ross. Fifth Row: Cheryl Bee, Lilas Reger, Jean Moore, Laura Kates, Joan Dyke, Sandra Bender, Elaine Gidley, Linda Seese, Gale Garden. Bock, Left to Right: Judie DePew, Mary Lou Vacha, Juanita Butler, Christina Farinacci, Mary Linda Shultz, Suzanne Thorpe, Sandy Clarke, Nancy Oesch, Barbara Spear, Secretary, Gretchen Melonas, Margie Jackson. Middle: Helen Caracciolo, Joan Idle, Norma Shinkrow, Carole Wyle, Jeanette Willoughby, Judy Cornell, Treas- urer, Kendra Downing, Mary Kinsey, Lucie Morrison, Valerie Caudill, Mrs. Stitt, Advisor. Front: Genny Moore, Jane Clarke, Norma Jones, Marilyn Shaver, President, Margaret Cooper, Carolyn Wilson, Joyce Kline, Margie Smith. Y-TEENS Front Row, Lett to Right: Virginia Gaylord, Linda Farinacci, Ethel Lovingood, Edith Mahler, Sheila Cahill, Elizabeth Williams, Beverly Ransom, Barbara Trego, Darlene Keller. Row Two: Melba Adams, Nancy Dawes, Loretta Diersing, Charlene Anderson, Jean Shultz, Jo- Ann Flower, Marcia Brewster, Barbara Nanashe, Sally Shuman, Patty Coon, Marcheta McCrady, Ann Mackey. Row Three: Florence Allen, Sandra Weyrick, Arlene 59 Brehm, Carol Marinics, Linda Zeisig, Karen Koski, Arvella Collins, Paula Ellis, Carol Cummings, Sally Mil- ler, Harriet Henry, Laura Roberts, Judy Warren, Cindy Merrell. Row Four: Patti Werling, Sandy Braucher, Sandy Snyder, Jeanne Barnes, Josie Vinczeller, Norito Csonka, Carol Hagat, Violet Glass, Marie Barkman, Barbara King, Harriet Brower, Lawanna Brady, Barbara Kusnir. SCIENCE CLUB --Q, ways .ng Row Four, Left to Right: Jim Savory, Cutis Moore, Don Murfin, Jim Murtin, John Oblak, Buddy Weeks, Dave Kuhlke, John Klein, Dean Hamilton, Tom Hudson, Allan Worcester, Harold Schetz, Bill Adams, Dick Bennett, Don Bennett. Row Two: Jackie Horner, Nancy Wuct- har, Linda Seese, Linda Witner, Marjorie Worcester, Richard Myres, Dennis Kuhlke, Kenny Pardee, Joel Fisher, Tim Stemple, Brian Bowers, Lowell Body, Phil Q X Q. Q39 ff --27 TQ Long. Row Two: Mr. Holly, Delores Burdette, Judy Bard, Judy Thomas, Larry Kerr, Paul Wuchter, Mike Bender, Carolyn Wilson, Marilyn Case, Marilyn Shaver, Don Powell, David Willey, Mr. Woodworth, Advisor. Row One: George Poskey, Jack Wright, Marjorie Jack- son, Nancy Rearick, Mary Kinsey, Joyce Kline, Valerie Caudill, Jim Pardee. r, .fl-'-fgx. 5 Q l ,Q-ng 5 ,3. 13, 5i5'i'f A! Q-is F.N.A. Row Two, Left to Right: Valerie Caudill, Mrs. Mull, Advisory Sheila Cahill, Jo Ann Flower, Barbara Kusnir, Laura Roberts, Sally Shuman, Marilyn Shaver, Darlene Keller, Margie Smith, Joyce Kline. Row One: Barbara King, Harriet Brower, Shirley Pimlott, Violet Glass, Ann Mackey, Marie Jackson, Norita Csonka. STDANNO STAFF Row Four, Left to Right: Doyle Carpenter, Tim Stemple, Steven Lamb, Jim Murfin, Dale Glass. Row Three: Judie DePew, Jane Clark, Marilyn Case, Marilyn Shaver, Terry Moore, Josie Vinczeller, Pat Coon. Row Two: Nancy Rearick, Margie Smith, Della Smith, Janice Swartout, Joyce Kline, Ruth Brown, Valerie Caudill, Carol Marinics. Row One. Margie Jackson, Carl Walter, Connie Godfrey, Al Worcester, Norma Jones. Absentz. Margaret Seamens. BAND Standing, Left to Right: R Wren, B. Geistweite, T. Peter- man, L. Frances, A. Bohl, R Dietz, T. Rogers. Bottom Row G. Wilkinson, E. Saviers, K Downing, N. Gaylord, N Rearick, J. Savory, R. Morrison Standing, Lett to Right: D. Gray, J. Fritz, J. Miller, M Sponaugle, T. Frantz, L. Brady. Bottom Row: J. Wilson, S. Synder, K. Koski, G. Gorden, S. Madden. 62 MAJ ORETTES , K Jlwii X W " li X 3 p x iw if 1 ,, 'ek is Y " 1' 5 A ' if Jean Shultz af Ginny Goylud in 85 D SM 1 Q. . 4 W E ,QQ 4, Q iii A Head Moioretfe Sandie Broucher , Tv- -'W Nancy Legg Helen Caracciolo, Carole Burns, Pct McClellan Bllfbllfil HONG!! 63 RQ. HOMECOMINC4 DANCE Queen Marilyn Shaver Senior Attendant Shirley Pimlott Sophomore Attendant Rita McAmis Freshman Attendant Judy Thomas Junior Attendant Melba Adams Queen Carole Wyle Freshman Attendant Robyn Rinehart Sophomore Attendant Nan Gaylord J unior Attendant Carol Merincs Senior Attendant Norma Shinkrow CHRISTMAS FORMAL QM, '.1.Q.,-4' '1'4l ,.,.u . .. ." . fi-3, 'Ps by 5-5 Hgbfif '42-tis ff fl bi, , ,.. ,,1,. Rf. . . .-- -.A-,-. ,,- v. ,NN ,A.,n.u" wr' . 4, Q" wi'-'FOI uns .'.,',u ' nu" l l ill l is l' l . fl ' 1 4 ' Y 1 1 l 1 - f 1 , f , il-? COACHES Harold Sloop, Varsity Baseball Reserve Basketball Eugene Dominic, Varsity Basketball Larry Saltis, Scorpion Basketball Jim Tyree, Varsity Football, Wrestling, Track ,, CHEERLEADERS Scorpion Cheerleaders - Nancy Rearick, Lucy Jones, Robyn Reinhart, Judy Kline. - i Reserve Cheerleaders Lmda Hen derson Donna Walter Absent Pam Weber Varsity Cheerleaders - Joyce Kline, Marjorie Smith, Carol Wyle, Marilyn Shaver, Melba Adams, Captain, Judy DePew. K 67 I , , Q Back Row, Left to Right: Richard Meyers, Mark Arnold, Fronl' Row: Clay Wagner, Jim Corsin, Ronald Bowen Carl Chaboudy, Kenny Shallahammer, Bob Cunie, Bill Lowel Reed, Jim Hurd, Ross Holden, Allen Worcester Von Gunten, Doug Seese, Lynn Jackson, Bob Hiltz, Carl Denny Clark, Larry Gayner, Joel Fisher, Ned Stemple. Meador, Roger Fredrick, Carmine Falitico, Jim Landis. VARSITY gm c..... FOCT BA L L A"'Me"o Art Boozer -- Tockle Allan Worcester - Tackle Ross Holden - Fullbock SENIORS si. Doyle Carpenter -- Holfback Jim Hurd - Guard Carl Walter - Tackle Jh Obl VARSITY BASKETBALL Gary Garrett 1 vi w- TV?f"'5'-"5-5-. 1 xx gl QL! 1 J ,O RESERVE BASKETI3 LL Jerry Nickel, Jim Pierce, Ray Brescianni, Jim Landis, Doug Seese, Don Gray, Kenny Cowles, Ronny Ward, Roger Frederick, Jim Watson, Martin Brandon, Bernard Czarfoski, Clay Wagner, Tim Deleo, Jim Cowles, Coach Herold Sloop. 6 6.41:- f ,.-1-f S.: -2- if Q-v 1-4 ui 71 VARSITY BASEBALL - .. W fir' v- gs,-ga, - A ,D A Back Row, Left fo Right: Coach Sloop, Bill Tienery, Don Bennet, Kenny Shollohomer, Martin Brandon, Ronnie Bowen, Dick Bennet, Bill Von Gunten. First Row: Dovid Willey, Jim Hurd, Darryl Hickey, Donnie Groy, Donnie Witner, f s r-X X 72 TRACK TEAM Row One: Denny Clark, Dean Hamlifon, Ron Burt, Dave Kuhlke, Roger Fredricks. Row Two: Coach Tyree, Mark Arnold, Don Powell, Pat Flarity, Doyle Carpenter, Dave Reinhart, John Kline, Carl Meador, Carmen Falitico, Manager Leonard Cornell. WRESTLING TE Row One, Left to Right: Bob Cueni, Carl Chaubody, Ned Sfemple, Lamoyne Carpenter, Bill Neighman. Row Two: Bob Myers, Roy Darling, Denny Clarke, Larry Francis, Denny Kuhlke, Manager John Moore. 73 Y-TEEN BASKETBALL Row Two: Ethel Lavingoad, Melba Adams, Norita Csonka, Carolyn Wilson, Shirley Pimlott, Florence Allen, Jean Shultz. Row One: Juanita Butler, Marjorie Jackson, Marilyn Shaver, Kendra Downing, Valerie Caudill, Carole Wyle, Marjorie Jackson. X S 'S f fl ..- VARSITY - mg 'fl 'tw' J - ,,., E 2'-7 1 1 ,,'f,1,i E2?S iZ'g'f f Z K I f "':': l 447 1 -D ,, a L , . ff'- Back Row, Left to Right: James Hartley, Ronald Burt, Ronald Ward, Roger Fredrick, Ronald Bowen, Allen Worcester, Bill Von Gunten, Carl Meador, Martin Brandon, Coa:h Tyree. Row Two: Ross Holden, Doug Seese, Don Gray, Bob Cunie, Dave Rheinheart, Mark Arnold, Denny Peterson, Ronald Bevington, Carmine Folitico, Lenard Cornall, Jim Hurd. Row One: Don Bennet, Darryl Hickey, Doyle Carpenter, Keany Shallahammer, Carl Walter, Denny Clark, Tim Stemple, Dick Bennet, Dave Kuhlke. 501, in m GAA Row Three, Lett to Rightg Jerilyn Thorp, Linda Williams, 'Judi Bard, Carol Brandon, Patty Herman, Anita Csonka, Terry Moore. Row Two, Right to Left: Blanche Collins, Linda Witner, Sharon Brazelton, Judy Thomas, Carol Stitt, Carol Barker, Pam Martin. Row One, Left to Right: Downe Butler, Nancy Wuchter, Nancy Rerick, Robyn Reinhart, Margaret Seamens, Charlotte Smith. Row Four, Lett to Right: Rita McAmis, Patty Waller, Laura Lee Kates, Linda Seese, Cecila Zinkann, Marilyn Case, Jeanne Moore. Row Three, Right to Left: Maureen Davis, Jackie Horner, Barbara Zuppa, Nan Gaylord, Gail Gordon. Row Two, Lett to Right: Geraldine Zeisig, Margaret Hatton, Janice Stratton, Carol Hill, Judy Birdsall, Norma Nickle. Row One, Right to Left: Dixie Henning, Pam Weber, Mary Lou Hackett, Pat Russell, Carol Burns, Bonnie Gavriloff. 76 GA. . Row Four, Left to Right: Sandy Snyder, Karen Koski, Harriet Brower, Josette Vinczeller, Barbara King, Paula Ellis, Patty Caan, Jeanne Barns. Row Three, Right to Left: Sandy Weyrick, Sheila Cahill, Ethel Lavingaod, Patty Werling, Lawonno Brady, Marie Kirkpatrick, Jean Schultz, Florence Allen, Ann Mackey. Row Two, Left to Right: Narita Csanka, Linda Faranacci, Marcheta McCrady, Judy Warren, Laura Roberts, Sally Shuman, Melba Adams, Arvella Collins, Elizabeth Williams. Row One, Right to Left: Carol Hagat, N. Dawes, L. Zeisig, Sandra Braucher, J. Flower, Beverly Ransom. Second Row, Lett to Right: Marjorie Smith, Jackie Witner, Carmen Fulper, Kendra Downing, Valerie Coudill, Joyce Kline. First Row, Left to Right: Carole Wyle, Lucie Morrison, Carolyn Wilson, Mrs. Miller, Marilyn Shaver, Marjorie Jackson. 77 CLASS WILL JOE BURIAN wills all the fun of lifting weights to BOB SCHLEMMER hoping he will carry on the good work. JUANITA BUTLER donates her ability to play volleyball to VIVIAN WHITE. CAROLE WYLE wills her long blond hair to NANCY ROSS. ALLAN WORCESTER wills his ability to get along with school officials to JOHN HUD- SON. VALERIE CAUDILL wills her ability to get along with MRS. KLINGAMAN TO NORITA CSONKA. RALPH CAPILA donates his "49" Ply- mouth to JOHN BURTON who needs a good car. MARILYN SHAVER wills her well-used razor to JOHN PIERCE so his legs will have that smooth appearance during basketball days. JOHN OBLAK wills his used pack of Camels to GARY GARRETT in hopes Gary can stunt his growth like John did. MARY LINDA SHILTZ wills her ability to laugh and not stop to her sister MARTHA, who is all too quiet. DON WITNER gives his ability to tear out a transmission to JOHN BURTON. RON BURT wills to LEONARD COR- NELL, that up and coming Junior Chemist, the ability to mix concentrated sulfuric acid and water. HELEN CARACCILO wills her Girl Scout cap to all the up and coming brownies of Stow High. JUDY STUIBER wills her unbleached blond hair to all the "peroxide-crazy kids." WILMA LAWLIS leaves her quiet studi- ous ways to Stow's most vivacious and Ioquaci- ous sophomore, DIXIE HENNING. BARBARA SPEAR gives her demure qualities to NED STEMPLE. JUDIE DEPEW wills her black knee-high socks to TOM HUDSON who wants a pair in the worst way. BERTHA CROSS gives her driving ability to BARBARA KUSNIR who can really use any help available. GENEVIEVE MOORE donates her major- ette uniform to CARL MEADOR who she thinks would make a cute majorette. JUDY CORNELL wills her ability to grow to CAROL HAGAT who really has a great use for it. JANE CLARKE bequeaths her ability to talk in study halls for four years without get- ting detention to MARGARET SEAMENS. JOAN IDLE gives her ability to get stuck in the waste basket in her Senior year to LINDA REED. RONNIE BEVINGTON bequeaths his famous Collection of ash trays to JIM AYERS. FRANK MUSHISKY gives his patience for going steady with the same girl for two years to DENNIS HILLIARD. BILL MUSHISKY wills his unused lock to anyone in MRS. VONFELDS home room next year, who doesn't like locking their lockers. MARJORIE JACKSON wills the ability to get caught in the Health Room, and end up having lessons from everyone's favorite teach- er to LINDA HELTON. CARL WALTERS his puddle-jumper, M - G, to Mr. Sloop. f I OAK LEY SPAGHT AND SON BECKLEY'S BARBER SHOP Stow's Oldest and Largest Real Estate Organization 3367 East Kent Rd. OV-8-8614 Also Representing the in Stow Leading Insurance Companies of America LEON E'S PIZZA SHOP IS A Open Ig T? -fd sw'4'7345 Sun. Thru Thurs. 2621 STATE ROAD 4 p.m. - 'l2 Midnight CUYAHOGA FALLS Fri. 8. Sat. 4 p.m. to 2 a. m. Y HUSTON - PUGH SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 'IOI South MGID Sf. Akron, Ohig BL-3-3106 HIGHEST QUALITY BL--3-3107 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT The Finest Quality in Class and Varsity Sweaters and Jackets - CUENI'S LUMBER 8t GARAGES 74 S. Main St. Munroe Falls, Ohio I For Best in I LUMBER AND GARAGES I Call Us - OV-8-8218 I 80 CLASS HISTORY ln lOth grade we were old hands at high school life. ln true School spirit Dave Kuhlke and Roy Armstrong tried to paint the water tower. Appreciation was shown by letting them scrub the Silver Lake Town Hall. Another project was taking the bolts from Mrs. Meyers' door. Mary Lou Vacha made a beautiful skirt in Home Ec. Too bad no one fit it. Carol Slane gave Marilyn Shaver a bloody nose in cheerleading. Gretchen Melonas and Russ Fourman came this year. Our Junior year was filled with many "exciting" little incidents. Many of these took place in Chemistry class. There were many little explosions. Mike Bender gave Mr. Woodworth severe burns by handing him a hot glass rod. Gary Baker, Bill Hatton, Dick Brubaker, Jim Hurd, and Gail Thomas put an egg onto the light and when someone pulled the string attached to it, Well . . . This was the year of the "Revolution" lt came about when there was a disagreement con- cerning - how to spend money and where --. Carl Walter came from Falls. Frank and Bill Mushisky earned their fame as expert stage crewmen. At last came their Senior year, the end of the struggle. As always there were many activities, some of which we will refrain from entering in this history. One important oc- casion was the discovery of "The Haunted House." Jim Hartley was always "Life of the Party" with his hep records. Art Boozer was noted for his quick changes from cowboy to motorcycleman. lt seems some Seniors tried to revert back to childhood by playing: Policeman, trashman, fireman, and tower painter. Among those were Oblak, Jones, Powell, Kuhlke, and Armstrong. Marilyn Shaver drove into a ditch the hard way . . . Other survivors were: Pimlott, Kinsey, and Wyle. Margaret Cooper left this year and Steve Miller, Harvey Chaney, and Arlene Brinstiter come. So ends this history with a little sigh of relief from the faculty and possibly some class members, and a hope of better things to come. SMORGASBORD Best Wishes to the Class of "58', Darrow Road Stow, Ohio fwfroon MRS. OSMAN'S . , -fx , xo, Xiuf-. 4 PIES Stow Ohio RALPH MAY EDSEL Kent, Ohio ARTY H. C. BOND Go to For The Building Supplies Most Exquisit Monroe Falls Ohio Hair Styling 1613 Lillian Road Stow, Ohio JIM DAVIS Shell Service Station 2686 Front Street Dr, W, B, Ogker Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 0V-8-85'l0 Open 7:00 A.M.--9:00 P.M. Building Tires - Batteries - Accessories I Stow Ohio RAINBOW DRIVE-IN Located Midway Between KENT AND RAVENNA ON ROUTE 5 Serving: DINNERS - LUNCHES - SANDWICHES - 5-,J FOOD 82 l nl FINEST IN THE AREA STOW and KENT IMPROVE YOUR GOLF PETERSON'S STO-KEN GOLF RANGE BUSY BEE DRUG STORE WALTER BRAUNLICH, Phamacist "For Prescriptions See Us First" 3359 Kent Road OV-8-8013 1 MELVIN Z. THOMAS, INC. " Asphalting ' Drain Service " Landscaping 3388 Kent Road OV 8-3910 Service Plus Qualify Merchandise lA XSQQ- - ,, ID r 1 E HIBBARD !! HARDWARE Ili A + I, THE- MO ERN HARDWARE STORE CUYAHOGA FALLS, OI'IIO THE CARTER-.IDNES LUMBER CD. Watch for the opening of our new store on Graham Road in Stow during 1956 to better serve the Stow residents. Five Yards to Serve You 172 North Case Avenue ST 4-5441 1883 West Market Street TE 6-2211 1860 East Market Street ST 4-1295 Portage Lakes Drive MI 4-2266 Manchester Road 1161 West Graham Road W. RUSSELL GRAY Complete Dependable Insurance Service AUTO - FIRE - LIFE - POLIO - LIABILITY STOW, OHIO OV-8-8210 3522 Williamson Road DAVIS AND DAVIS Sporting Goods and Hobby Suppl ies 123 Portage Trail Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 84 SUPERIOR MCJLD AND DIE CGMPANY Stow, Ohio STOW JEWELER'S Congratulations Class of 1958 OV-8-4914 J B k EDDIE PARSGNIS STOW UPHOLSTERING and FURNITURE COMPANY 3545 Darrow Road OV-8-3340 Stow Ohio 5f0W Oh I EDWARDS SHOE STORE Florsheim - Roblee 1837 Rose Avenue Jumping Jock Srs' Flowers for All Occasions F'0"f Sffeef CUYW090 FUI' OV-8-4423 MARHOFER CHEVROLET OV-8-8919 ggi f cnnyio LET Stow. Ohio 86 MORNINGVIEW HARDWARE 2044 East Bailey CUYAHOGA FALLS THE MUSIC MART INC. PHONOGRAPHS - RECORDS All Musical Supplies 175 E. Main Street Kent Phone OR-3-7158 THE SIDUIIQT SIIIDID mvmcs KLEIN 2091 FRONT STREET CUYAHOGA FALLS. OHIO Serving the Community for Over 50 Years Catering to All Men's Clothing Needs. Park Free in Rear of Store Best Wishes from STODDARD'S FROZEN CUSTARD CHARLES BOYD School of the Dance Cuyahoga Falls' Leading DANCE STUDIO "sss'r IN THE AREA" WA'8"6'2 2207 Second St. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Shop At Compliments ot LEVINSON'S Complete Selection of Boys' and Girls' Class Sweaters "Levi" Dungarees, Gym Suits SWARTOUT STUDIO 408 East Main KENT OHIO 2231 Front Street Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio OR-3-44I2 I J MCJNRCE FALLS PAPER MILL Serving This Area For Many Years Congratulations Class of 1958 Monroe Falls Ohio I J. R. ANDERSON, INC. Hardware, Well Drilling, Pumps and LONGMERE nmafs 3403 Kent and sew, om. Ample Launclromats - Large Dryers ov'8'39u To Serve You Leave Your Washing and Dry Cleaning Wh'l Y Sh 'e ou op OLSON FLOWERS Open 9 to 9 Daily - 9 to 5 Saturday 2 Hour Laundry Service Flowers 'FOI' All OCCBSIOFIS 407 Longmere Dr. OR-3-9212 We Deliver KENT, OHIO Telephone OV-8-8589 ISALY DAIRY STORE 3322 Kent Road STOW THE STANDARD DRUG CO. Prescriptions Always Filled Carefully By REGISTERED PHARMACISTS 3295 Kent Rd. OV-8-4611 Stow, Ohio 89 , NEUGEBAUER FLORISTS 3300 Kent Road OV 8-3629 I Congratulations Class of 1958 Stow Ohio J H SO 'S PURE IL srow CAB co. O N N 0 Automotive Service :Bmw Kem Road Minor Repairs Tune Up. OV 8-8234 Open 7:00 A.M. To 10:00 P.M. Ready Service 3667 Darrow Road OV 8-8060 DAY or NIGHT I Stow Qhio I Ben Franklin James Hardware 5 and l0 Standard Post Office Drug Allen L Cleaners Gwsons First National Co- Bank op STOW PLAZA Best Wishes to the Class of "58" L I 90 HERFF JONES CO. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers 1401-19 North Capitol Avenue INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA A R SEAVER Lo al Representat e P O Box 173 MEDINA OHIO Telephone Medina 29064 THE SHORT - STOP On Route 5 CURB SERVICE GOOD LUCK SENIORS FALLS CAB 24 Hour Service Phone: WA-8-2121 ROBERT HEVENER 91 92 CLASS PROPHECY In Illinois JUDY FREDERlCK'S sister-in-law, MARGARET COOPER, is neighbor to CAROLYN WILSON. DON POWELL services them'with his diaper service. It seems that MARGARET and CAROLYN both believe in the old saying "Cheap- er by th dozen." DAVE CORBETT is designing house to house telescopes here. NORMA SHINKROW is known for her books on etiquette. JOHN OBLAK is the editor of "Esquire" maga- zine. DAVE KUHLKE is his head cartoonist. As we enter South Carolina we see BARBARA SPEAR, she is now a world famous tobacco auc- tioneer. In Arizona, where the climate is good for your health, JOAN IDLE has her own drug store. She carries NANCY OESCH cosmetics in her store. Let us take a look and see what's going on in Mexico. Here DICK BRUBAKER, GAIL THOMAS, and BILL HATTON have a snappy little club called the Brown Sombrero. As we look through the forests of Oregon we see SYLVIA MC BEE at the foot of a ranger tower with a large basket in her hand. She is taking lunch to her husband ART BOOZER who is busy rangering. Everyone is anxiously following the career of the dancing team of ALLAN WORCESTER and SHIRLEY PIMLOTT. They are now in Nevada. We now turn our time-o-meter to gay Paree. There is JIM MURFIN. He is now a famous art- ist. He is complete with smock, tam, and MONEY. GRETCHEN MELONAS hands him his brushes. We are now in sunny Italy. A Trans World Airlines plane is just landing. JEANETTE WIL- LOUGHBY is a stewardess for them. We follow JEANETTE into a small spaghetti house. This is owned by CHRISTINA FARANACCI. Now we have seen what has become of all of our classmates, so we can turn off our time mach- ine, satisfied in knowing that all of our friends are successful in whatever they have done. RECOGNITION DAY-1957 SURPLUS AND FOR THE BEST IN SUPPLY SPORTING GOODS AND HARDWARE SUPPLIES. Two Stores I466 South Moin St. 221 No th Che y St Akron, Ohio C g z lr Cl f 58 Canto Oh o 93 V- THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK I US. GASKET AND THEDHVQWAY SHIM ' N 3717 Darrow Road 2743 Second Street OV 8-5403 Cuyahoga Falls Oh St Oh The Co. 60005 HIIIIKEYI EYIIH ' CLASS JACKETS Q 65 E. MILL St. JE-5-4158 AKRON 8 OHIO Bud Kro p F H t - 94 DRUM-1957 W ' pw . is 1525! xy INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Puhlushers Cover Munulucturers Book Binders FACTORY ' HOMI OFFICE Kansas City PRINTED uv u s A, u 5215 ' '1..l..+i::x, 1 ' Y, N ln 'Q V 'Or A 'H "1 .D x44 xiii,-h sf ,N!f,,. 1 .- X Wi ,, 1 "-Stu" x X N 5 - I s. ,' N ' x I .. 1 I iffy nurvmuvururruywi -Nxxxy W! 5 W K -is is! -.-I A if av. 17 uvxyyxxx-xxxx xx Q .r iff!! ii V 5 in QR ls Q as it X K X7 A 4 M VL: m f, W 1, "A .4 -,M , ' 4 A i an N , F 'iw 1 E' 5 3 96 A , W ,I . E ' lm , in . Q ' m R 41, 4 V l H W , 1 , , Nm -, ' A' v XF ' "Aw , XY W L WU l 3 4 . H Q fH,n4f'1.1p,yNg,,,,A--4 in -. Q A- ' . ' 'gl YM , .m V QA WX K f vu. ' N W ' 1 m s u- u A, Q A H 4 at lx uh ,L r- nnrQQC 1. 2 ff"'u' A L ., Q- luv V: 'A hh. ,vi .H L an i, .X K, .x ,K ax k V , 9 ix. nv n, HI. , Q, . l 4 , n , ..,., I lgx. U Ax-. , . ,il l 'NJN K . W M 1 i' x . 'H 1 K A ,V Q9 A ,WA F x - , ry, q 025. b i xy? YW ,' V: ,LM my ' , W 1 ,V - 1 ' A 's 5 ' 'Aw r I x x fx .Nui u . 4 .M M - ' y N , n 1' 4 V, 5, h Vx v , V,v,,., . 1 5. 1 L A f , . ,A ww H1 A v .,' ,, ,A ' .M ' -' if -v ','N. .gxri-, ',m A N 2 ' 2- A 'gk 'Q fa y, w ,- "1 I XML ' u I "' r 4 ' 4 s ' ' ' V- 'fx Y '. A . if' A-w " 'QNX 4, H. A ' , ' i ' V , , X - ' Y' 5 f . W 1 1 .WML , QA 1, Q." mx 'tif Ag AV' 3 1f ,""f :hx-.N Ne'--. Ass' 'AAA Lx' 'J ti ' 1 ' f.1 VQV-A Au'i ' n Qu. K xAXX f N ' "Kev, '.'T.t'. -' 1w1.A.fg.' , Q -1 ', ' .y ,us .-' , A,f' w , 'MHA -., X x, Y ,W Vg? - X. , w,,.L,,, -wus rw W K K I , .4 - W -1524, I 31 , V . 3 in , ,V A X, X M. 7,3 lm .u,,3,MN , . F, . V Exnkk , ' 1 1- f A :X fa. x - up - -yr, FAQ- 'K AX . 5 , K i V ,I ,,, 5 . X x t -. KSA as ' ' W . xt 'A ,vwtvva ,133 X Q.. -.E':xi1, X Rza: -,iw ,ix M 2 S ,' -- 4' i ., J, ' '. ' ' Q r ' 1 5, Ag ,L f if .N 12" .A 2 E L, W , , ' A I V N, Z, f . ' E ',.v 4 xg ., ,Q 'I 1. U x Pu 5 N ,A , K y -. ' A' ,lf-,' A ' ' ' ' km-, PM 'W -K 'Rf 1 A 'V v. ' 4' 4 Y. R 4 X A 'Ju gn -. A , ' 1, .' j V if ', " 4- A YQ, , Y, 4 ijx Q '- 'A - ', Xi kf U . T. R Q. .1 ev KK '14 5 ' A va, -k i'A A -. ' W A V' " i ' '- ' ' nf ' , A K V . 3 S A 3" - , ,e- - puff- 'QW - Mg- '. ' Y- A . . '?,v,+ ,I A . xl! ?5i'1Ax.s - rv xg ,. ,,1f.jtZR 'Q:?VR1y,Cx, -VJXQ M7 I I ,' 3 4 . , .4 A, l,xA. -,,mnj. f - Q " I 0 Q V KX Qi .Y A Hifi A x wk- -wwwiu-K, .3 f A Q fi ., f' '-.:x,A - 'um -if ,f ',.'- , 2 Q ,H X- I -2- Q., 1, ' ' X ' P' 'E' '5 ww eg ' X "'i X 2 wiwivizii' " A ' 'A X xi F iifxvkf . W ' I ' 7 It k vi Q' "pal KZ? v QW, A :N X .5 w ' A AA -XA l 'H T A. A ' , Q . ,. ' K 1 X 4 ., V 3 L , ., . , fi W X V ,gk A 4 .N . Z .N V, - in V, 'J 'xi-VU, ' ' gg Q, -Q :wifi I-Mr f- .V i , A 'tx ' 1 A w 1 4.f'f,4t t:,qNj t ' w' h K -L , 3 A Q V ' , ' . A ' 'E Y Q w .Q 4 .- 'K jg v '17 Q . 5' ' A-. N .JN A M . .V 5 s , . f. 1 , 1 Q "1 Q- M A 'A - - . lx 1 f . A0 X X-.sq N . x-Rx x. -R .-,kj X . My xx. x Q If ,f - ' ' xg- rg-3 ' "' V N, A-X1 Mxxg vgxflcx ENXRXXXA'-Y XMNXXN W. . 42 ax Q! I4 r 11 I fffififwffwfwffk-WXXSXN-N x if 39 L K2 xt-xg xQ 1. Z .X . 5 A-,C xv , UK yx x . Y i XQ i KX, QQ - lf E Z: SIT Q 5 'xx , 'E X S S Z 1 fi YQ X Y A 5 Q X IK ,. ,.. SZ Q , S Q if x S Y 'x X. x za fig 3 5 4 1 f?

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