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1: ff .3 pug -9:-.Lg--J-.i.-.-.. .- .71-.g3,:g:., 2,-:ggi 'cg-ft -nz, .g..-'. ' E., -.ey .Q ff.-. .,. f-,n-.-- +2 17-f.L A -f- 1 fb- . , ., .. f.. - .-, 1, .H .. V. N. .ku ., FRESENTHNG STQANNQ EDXTED BY THE CLASS GF V155 GAILGAGE-EDITOR DD x VY , 3 6 LOIS LESSIG BUSINESS MANAGER CCDNTENTS TQRWARD WHOS WHO STUDENTS CI UBS ST-TURIS EVENTS ADVERTISING I E1 E - ,E See you on The fedibefff P015 OLS 'x so if ..-1, If-1 21 Qliltx 629 WWQS WIHJQ V W V YI D ITS QUALITY NCT QUANTITY THAT B. A kk AA SHPE RU MESSAGE The blbhcal Golden Rule and the modern faxr play proude the basls for our dcmocrauc com petmvc vlorld of peace md progress The 11'1SlCl1OL1S xsms 1rc strugblmg mightily to 5LlbSf1fLlIC the state for the 1nd1x1dual md to deny the prmclples we hold dear M15 our CLlL1L1I10I1 dlvnys pI'OXlLlL the bulvxark fL?5LlfX1XL them utulxs md to LOIIIIFIUL Illllxlllfj m lllS world 1 bctmr pllu to HL MRS H I MORROVU Secretary to Hr Van Bran: Hammells Busmess College Busmess Course MR P I VAN BRUNT L nn erfzty of Denver Degfeel B A M A I. 1 v K yl I ' 1 1 . If' 2 v 4' gl A 1 I ll 'I ' ' ' ' ' - Q' Y A 4- Q- 1'--. tlii X-.K Q e . f W4 J 25,5 4. s lkg.m,a pw .4 W' ZA l ,, l QA L, fy , , . V 7 FIRUWGUWAL MESSAGE We hope that the acnvntles assoclatxons and ex penences at Stow Hlgh School have been helpful to MR W J BARR Ohio Umzemly BA Akron Unzzernty M A all our students lt IS our purpose to provlde a well rounded sec ondary school educatlon wnth emphasns on good character and scholarshnp We take prlde xn the accompllshments of all prove the nlgh standards whzch wxll make all of us proud of Stow Hrgh School MRS ELAINE LONG Secretary to Mr Barr Actual Business College , - l . our students. Let us continue to uphold and im- DOROTHY DENIBROCK Western Restrxe Unixersiry BA Teacher Algebra I II Plane Geometry EVELYN KAUFMAN West Virginia University. BA, Duke University Marshall College Kent State. ME. Tearlver: English I.II ELDRED SAVIERS Muskingum College B.A. Kent State B.S. in Erl., Kent State M.A, Teacher: English lll, Psychology FACULTY VICTORIA LALLI Kent State BS in El Kent State M A Teaches Spanishl Typing I Shorthand I ll X I-LN1 'X XX ORKXIAN Xiount Lnion eu B9 n 1' lnixereity of Altron N 9 in fl Tearlm American Historx XX orltl Histor HANNALOL IOHN Xliami Lniitrsitx Akron Lnixcrsitx B S in Ed Tearlver Hcmc Economicsl ll Y 4 LUIS FRASI lI'R Asbury Collerle Tdlfw Clie L1 BERNICI' BLRNHANI MYERS Umxersm of Akron BS ln Ll Teachef General Busmess Txpmg I II Offxce Pracrlce Bookkeeplnxg WALTER KIMPTON Hxram College PhB Ohxo State Lnnersny Teaclaef Larm I II C1v1cs K WALTYR FITYC IBBONIS lxcm burn BS m In lucauon Temblr Drncr I-luidflllil XI-XRC 'XRVI X KN HORN liilx Rl QQFLL 1 XX n a 1 fm. xfh be ,graph XX wrl Hlswrx N esch Conserxauon lxcnr Star: I m fl J an X NELL CLARK Morehead State College B A Teacher Solnd Geometry Trigonometry General Math Algebra I MARION HUTCHISON Ohxo Un xersrry B A Teacher Englrsh lV General Scnence journalxsm Busmess Arlthmetnc 'fl WILLIAM BLOOR Ohro State B S rn Ed Pennsylvania State Unrversrty M A Teacher Brology Dnvet Educauon ,of LEO DOYLE Oh1o State B S rn Ed Kent State M E Teacher Blology Health Physlcal Ed IRVIN ZIGLER Umversrty of Akron B A 1n Ed Teacher General Scrence Physrcs Chem1stry AUDREY GANT WILLIAM HEASLEY Umversrty of Kent State B S nn Ed North Dakota B A rn Ed Teacher Englrshl Health Physlcal Ed Teacher Industrxal Arts XXII II1,, LIBRARY TAFF Z xg . 'Ugg I. to R: B. Towne, S. Philips, CQ. Farinacni, VI. Taylor, CQ. Spear, B. Spear, F. Geistwcirc, G. Markle. Seated: Mrs. Saviers and Mrs. DePew, Assistant Librarian. HELPI G HA D '25-'X' ff s . ' '2'..,-V 5,...,. ,- 'V 'Y ip' ' N' fx? K-f 5 k 1 '5- .. n v 'pk ,-3J l-5,6 .s ,.'f, ,ref , , -,. .v v 5 ' M " 41vv-ff" , 5 ,, - N- f ' I -M ' .aw , vang: . ,. ...Ah ' WJ, . , Bill Lawrentz Gus Littel Walt Chandler Mrs Anclresen T' l Nlrs Cross Nlrs Ros: Nlrs Chandler Nlrs loncs Nlrs Hatchet: Nlrs Pormus 4 l nt-,my 'Q 'Ip 1' I 5 s xr 9- , Q-- .! 5 52 'Y' - 1 M Af nb- 3 .- ,' , fx L " , , by 'X R ' P V fl we 1 4 I . ,. .A . 1. .. , .A ,V ,. . .L . I . LIVES OF GREAT MEN ALI. REMIND US WE CAN MAKEOUR LIVES SUBLIIVIE AND DEPAPCIING LEAVE BEHIND US FOOTSTEPS IN THE SANDS OF TIME VV S NIIDRS Q AA JZ JUDY CHAPIN I'repar'atm-3 Couric Glee Club 43 Debbies 13 Y Teens 3,43 High School Chorus 43 N.F,L. 132,33 Booster Club 1, 2343 G.A.A. 132343 Senior Play 4: Annual Staff 4. ELEANOR CHAPMAN Prepanzlorg Counts CLARA CHAPMAN Prepdralory Cnuue Booster Club 33 Annual Staff 43 Glee Club 4. LOIS COCKERHAM Co m merrral Course Booster Club 31 Annual Staff 41 Booster Club 1,233.43 Band l Glee Club 4. Shop Secretary 41 Y Teens 43 G. AIA. 132.3343 Debbies 2. EDWARD BERG I'rc'f7aralory Course Freshman basketball 13 Sr. Hi4Y 3,43 Reserve basketball mgr. 53 varsity basketball 43 letl Bacca- laureate 33 Student Council 33 Pres. 43 Booster Club 3343 Pres. of Freshman Class 13 Senior Play 43 Glee Club 13Z3334. PATTI BUCHANAN Ge frenz! Comte Booster Club 132,33 Stohion Staff 43 N.F.L. 13 Debbies 1323 Glee Club 13 G.A.A. 13233343 Y Teens 3,43 Senior Play 4. 1. ROBERT BRISBIN General Courre Freshman basketball 13 Sr. Hi-Y 33 Reserve basketball 33 C1100 Club 43 Stohion Staff 43 Annual Staff 4. WIOANN CHAMBLESS General Cowie Booster Club 13233343 Y Teens 1343 High School Chorus 43 Glee Club 43 Stohion Staff 33 Annual Staff 43 G.A.A. 1.233341 F.TAA. 1.4. 1 43 73 fl KATHRYN ERWIN General Couric G.A.A. l,2,lig Y Teens 3,4 Booster Club 4. SALLIE FOGARTY General Couue Cheerleader 1.3, captain 4, Banl lg G.A.A. 1.2.3,-ig Y Teens 3.-il Booster Club 41 Glee Club 43 Annual Staff -ig Debbies 1. if 1 . "a . . " vhs. I ,. . I ., p get e XV W DONNA FISHER Preparalory Coufse English Scholarship 1,25 History Scholarship 31 Library 53 Deb- bies 1.25 Booster Club 3, G.A.A. 2, Y Teens 3,-4. N.F.L. 2,4 GAIL GAGE Preparalog Courfe Band 123,43 G.A.A. 1, treasur- er 2, recording secretary 33 li- brary Zg N.I-LS. 45 Y Teens 55 centennial representative 4, An- nual Editor 4, Debbies 1, chap- lain 2, N.F.L. 1,2,5,-ig Attendant Spring Dance 23 Booster Club 1, 25,45 Student Council 1, treas- urer 4. CAROLYN CORK Commercial Courte G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Debbies lg Band lg Y Teens 5,4g Annual Staff 43 Booster Club 5,!1Q Library 3, GLEN DACGHERTY General Cowie Booster Club 1,23 F.T.A. 5.4, Band l,2,7z,4g Basketball 1. ROBERT CROSS Preparatory Cowie Varsity football 2.5, Captain 45 Scorpion football lg Sr. Hi Y 3, -ig Booster Club 2,3g S. Club Pres. 4. LYDIA EDMINISTER Genera! Courte High School Chorus -lg Glee Club 3,13 Booster Club lg An- nual Staff -1. 'x BOB GEMBERLING Preparatory Coune Cuyahoga Falls: Basketball 15 Varsity Track 15 Stow: Varsity football 3g Booster Club 35 Re- serve basketball 52 Baseball 3,45 Varsity basketball 45 Sr. Hi Y 3,45 S. Club Ali Jr. Hi Y 25 Led Baccalaureate 3. ANNINE GRAM C 0 nz m ercial C ourre Pickstown, So. Dak.: Pep Cub 15 Secretary-treasurer 25 Glee Club 1,25 Declam 25 Sextet 25 Band 1,25 Paper Staff Z,3. Stow: Paper Staff 45 Senior Playg An- nual Staff 45 G,A,A. 4. q Q DONALD GRAY General Courie Sr. Hi Y 45 Booster Club 3. PATSY HICKEY Prefmratorji Course May Queen Attendant J, An nual Staff 45 Senior Play 45 FT, A. 3,45 Debbies 2: Homecoming Queen 45 G.A.A. 12.3.45 Stu- dent Council 45 Booster Club 45 Y Teen treasurer 3, Chaplain 45 Library 3. THOMAS HICKIN Preparatory Course Freshman football 15 Varsit football 2,345 Booster Club 3.4 St. Hi Y 3, Pres. 45 S. Club 4. THOMAS HILLYER Preparatory Course Sarasota, Fla.: Freshman base- ball 15 Glee Club 1,25 Aviation Club 1. Stow: Stohion Staff 45 Varsity football 3.45 Sr. Hi Y 4: Annual Staff 45 S. Club 4. RICHARD HINDALL General Courre Booster Club 35 Sr. Hi Y 4. CALVIN HOLLFY Prrparatorg Course Varsity football 41 Sr. Hi Y 3.4. Student Council 1.31 Annual Staff 3: Booster Club 2.35 Sen- ior Playg Baseball 23,41 Basket' ball 31 N.H.S. 5.4: Jr. Hi Y 2. S. Club 4. JUDITH JOHNSON Commercial Course 3ooster Club 33 Girls' Reserves 1,23 Rifle Club 3. WANDA JONES General Course G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Debbies 13 Pres. 23 Y Teens V.P. 3, Pres. 43 F.T. A. 3,43 Booster Club 1,2,3,4g Annual Staff 3,43 Senior Play 43 Stohion Staff 43 N.F.I.. 1. CHRISTINE KOFFROTH General Course G.A.A. 1,2,3, Treasurer 43 Glee Club 1,Z,3, V.P. 4g Y Teens 3, Secretary 43 Annual Staff 3,43 Booster Club 1,2,3,4: Senior Play 43 Debbies 1.23 N.F.L, l,2. 53 Snow Queen 4. BETTY LANDIS General Courre Majorette 1.23 Head Majorette 33 G.A.A. l,2, V.P. 3, Pres. 43 Debbies l, V.P. 23 Y Teens 3. V.P. 43 Booster Club 1.Z,3.43 Annual Staff 43 Stohion Staff 3. 4. if is is if fi LOIS LESSIG Preparatory Courre Spanish Scholarship 33 N,F.L. 1, Z3 Homecoming Attendant 13 N.H.S. 43 Annual Staff Business Manager 43 Booster Club 3,43 Debbies 1,23 Senior Play 43 Ma- jorette 3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Y. Teens 3,4. CLAIRE LOVELAND General Courre Glee Club 1,2,3, Pres. 4g Y Teens 3,43 Reserve Cheerleader 23 Senior Play 43 Varsity Cheer- leader 43 G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Boost- er Club 1,33 Debbies 1, Treas. 23 Snow Queen Attendant 23 Stohion Staff Zz Homecoming Attendant 4. GEORGE MacADAM Preparalo ry Course Varsity basketball 3,43 jr. Hi Y 1,23 Scorpion basketball lg Sr. Hi Y 3,43 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Booster Club 2,33 Algebra ll Scholarship 33 N,H.S. 43 Alge- bra I Scholarship 13 S. Club 43 Reserve basketball 23 Scorpion football 13 Varsity football 3,43 Plane Geometry Scholarship 2. THELMA MCCANIN Commerrml Courre Booster Club 1,2.3,43 GA. l,Z, 4, Y Teens 4, Debbies 13 Sto- hion 2.31 Annual Staff 4. ,pr-. JUS Y.. A 3-1l11.gH,,' xg' nil MARY ELLEN MOORE Commercial Courre Debbies 1,23 G.A,A. 1.2,3,43 Y. Teens 3, Treasurer 43 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Chorus 43 Sec. Treas. of Sophomore Class3 Annual Staff 43 Library 3. DAVID MULVANEY Pfepamzory Courre Varsity basketball 2,3,43 Varsity football 2,3343 Senior Play, Glee Club 2.43 Scorpion football 13 Booster Club 3,43 Scorpion bas- ketball 13 Class Pres. 33 Student Council 1,23 Baseball Mgr. 13 Jr. Hi Y chaplain 23 Sr. Hi Y V.P. 35 S. Club 4, F.T.A. 5,43 Class Secretary 1. l ""'4 Xx "5 ROLLIN MORRISON Prepzmzmry Couric? jr. Hi Y 1,23 Band 12,3343 Base- ball 33 Annual Staff 4, N.H.S. 4. TOM NITZSCHE Preparalorg Courts Scorpion football 13 Scorpion basketball lg Reserve basketball 23 Varsity baseball 23 Varsity basketball 33 Jr. Hi Y 1,23 Sr. Hi Y 43 Booster Club 1,2.5.43 Annual Staff 4, JOYCE MCCHESNEY Commercial Courxe Chorus 1,253 G.A.A. 3.43 Y Teens 3,43 jr. Playg Senior Playg Bowling Team 3: Basketball Team 2. MUIRLYN M ILLFR PfC'fJd7'dffJ7'.1 t.7f.'zr'51 llobo-llop Artcritlazit f, ki.,-K..-X Attcntlant 33 Y Teens 5.l3 N:-v U Klub s I 'hI"ll"'l N' 1.f.3.e. Varsity Clwcrlt-.ititrr . NL'lll- r Plug Mi ryniir ' i:gt'rlcir' er l, Delubics 132, Num Qutfcn Boost- :aft 4 BYRON NICDONOUGH Preparatory Courre jr. Hi Y l,2Q Sr. Hi Y 5,4g Glee Club 2,3g Varsity football 3,43 S, Club 45 Senior Playg Annual Staff 4. MARTHA MITTFN Iwffuzratffrui Couric' Stullent Council li. O.fl.5.f.. l.,nst1tt:t1on.1l Coiixcritllm N. l..1 f'i1 l NH-+i1'sl1ip ' "li in Slllt' .. .i r. t .r . . N.l5.l.. 1.1. Sec, f, Pres. 'lg Prititt' uf' Peace Metlal 3.-ll Bantl 1.2.1. Se: li Y.ll S, 1. Pres. bl Stlrfrl nf -r.,.,,f--iii f .,,i1 .. 3 O tri- 1' VH' ' i 1 .1 -. .. .... . 'llz1t'li:.1 ll btliirnxrsliip 1. l'.l.A Libratiaii 3, Treasurer fl. Zz, f fu, .aw CAROL SAMPSONI Comrrzerrtaf fourre Glee Club 73 Debbtes l GA Teens 4 BET-TX SLATLR C0II1f718rf1af C014 Debbies 7 Booster Club I 7 3 4 G 'X Stohion Ann al Staf 4 BOB SIMPKINS Ceneral Course Resetxe basketball 2 Varst football 4 Sr Hi Y vi Bo er Club DLANE SNYDER Preparatory Cowie jr HtY17 Sr H1 Y 4 Booster Club 7 3 4 Stohion Staff 7 3 4 co editor 4 Shop Supervisor 4 Manarzer Scorpion Football 1 F TA 3-1 Senior Play Annual Staff4 DELORES REID Preparatory Courre G.A.A. 1, Sec. 2,33 Debbies 1,25 Booster Club 2,3,4g Homecoming Attendant 23 Class Vice-President 3g Annual Staff 43 Y Teens 3g History Scholarship 3: G.A.A. Basketball Team 1 MIRIAM RUSSELL Preparatory Course Reserve Cheerleader 7 Senior Play 4 Snow Queen Attendant 3 C ss Sec 3 Debbxes 1 2 Y Teens 34 FTA 34 Booster Club 1234 Band 17 34 GA A 12 34 Annual Staff 3 4 Lei Seniors at Baccalaureate 3' Z BARBARA ROGERS General Courre Debbies 1g Y Teens 33 Glee Club 3,43 Stohion 4. ALLAN SALADIN Preparatory Courre Falls High Band 1 Tiger Tales 1 Stow Student Council 2 Band 3 4 Stohion 4 Sr H1 Y 4 Ast' ss N 4 -8 A ' s . . . Q . -s ' Q .' Q, L 9 Q 2 ' 1 ' g la - 1 , 9 , L ' 2 - ' - v i - - - - Q . i w i 1-in Q ' ' - i s s Q 1 1 ' , I 3. M sy f l 1 f f X S i . 57 . 1 I 1 'J T ' ' A L 'Y A 'H' 1 - , . , A. l,Z,3,-4: Booster Club 2,43 Y. Lrg A V,-'Q ost- ' f . M. -.ff r".O -4'fxe-:1f- X '.'--':i'.1'.'iL- WX 1. -.-gtg A ...Q .x... , N. PZ'- .NJQX is P tm' I .. 973 Q '?:c,"1.'. - v-uv '53.X'x' . 5 V ..I SM". . A , , - A , , . ' rye t, Q -1 .-.,, 1 - ,-1 . ' 5 1 1- ' . . - .Am -, - 2. u -,?, , -, , , A ig- f ' - 7 7 7 XX 'ta I ' - 'U' N ' Fi 1' I v. - . .. . x X xx I lov SHIRLEY SNYDER Commerczal Courre Glee Club 12 Booster Club 3 JOYCE SLRGEN Cenenzl Course West Hrgh Booster Club 1 Stow Booster Club 2 Rrtle Club 2 G A A 2 ISADORA SOMOSKO Preparatrm Courre Debbres 12 Stohron Staff 23 4 Co edrtor 4 Booster Club 1 234 Y Teens Secretary 3 Re serve Cheerleader 2 Band 12 3 4 GAA 12 BOB SWFFNFY General Courre 89ers I 1 Sr H1 Y 4 Sto ron 'Vu-r Staff 4 Senror Play frwff SUE STARR Prepa amrg Courfe Debbles 1 Secretary 2 GAA 4 Gee Cub Teens 34 FTA VP 3 Pres 4 Booster Club 34 Stohlon Staff 2 BILL STEMPLE Preparazom Courre H1 Y Y Football 234 Varsrty S Club treasurer 4 Stohron Staff 4 Booster Club 34 Glee Club 2 34 Semor Play Annual Staff FRANK TAFEL Preparatory Courts an 1234 Jr H1 Y 1 Hx Y 4 Booster Club 1234 FTA 34 DONNA THOMAS General Courre Debbles 1 2 Y Teens 34 Pub lxcrty chairman 3 Glee Club 2 34 GAA 234 Stohxon Staff 4 Attendant Chrrstmas Formal 74 Booster Club 4 DICK VAN SISE General Course Scorpion football lg Scorpion basketball lg Varsity football 2g Sr. Hi Y 3,4 EDWARD WALLACE Preparatory Course Scorpion football and basketball Ig jr. Hi Y 1, treasurer 25 Stu- dent Council Ig Sr. Hi Y 3,43 F.T.A. 5,45 Senior Playg Booster Club 43 Stohion Staff 33 Chem- istry Scholarship Test 3g Varsity football 5,4g Glee Club 45 Var- sity basketball 23,43 Varsity baseball 23.45 Class Treasurer 33 S, Club 4g Fun vs Vandalism Representative 4. BEVERLY WATSON Prepararorg Courre Booster Club 4. PAT VVERNER Preparatory Court, Debbies 1.2: Y Teens 3.4: GA. A. 1.25.41 Glee Club 1.2.5513 F.T.A. 1.4: Booster Club 1.1.3. -I: Senior Play: Annual Staff 4. DIANE WILLINGHAM Genera! Courfe Mogadore: Future I-Iomemakers of America lg Vice-President 2g Y Teens 15 Glee Club lg Librar- ian 2. Stow: Stohion Staff 4g Glee Club 4g Booster Club 4. GEORGE WILSON Prepamfo ry C oune Booster Club 25,43 Sr. Hi Y 43 Varsity football 2g E.T.A. 55 Jr. Hi Y Z5 Senior Play. S RICHARD WILSON General Courre Booster Club 1,2,3. Wx.. 'Tj V JAMES WOLFE Genera! Course Basketball 1,23 Booster Club 1, 2.5,-45 Sr. Hi Y 4. W '11 E IOR CLASS IIFFICER PRESIDENT BoNN1r MARHOFFR Preparatory Cowie Student Cnuncnl l I Sec 7 VP v Sc-mor Class Presxdent NHS 1 Hnmecomlm, Attendant 5 Debbxes 17 Booster u 'IIGAAI 5 An alStaff7lNFLl Ban 1 X P 1 X Teens v 4 jr Tosxn Meetlng of the Alr 7 VICE PRESIDENT DANIEL GLEGI-IORN Preparato rg Coune 4-. Q Play Vlce Pres of Senxor Class n 1234 jr H1Y2Sr H1Y4F Sennor SECRETARY PAT THIES l'refvafa1or3 Course D blesl7 Booster ClubI27v GAA 12794 N I. 12 ai Y Teens 3 I Class Secretary 4 FTA 5 htstorxan 4 Annual Staff 4 IN H S 3 Secretary 4 Latnn II Scholar shnp Test 7 Fnelnsh Xl Scholarshnp Test 5 Solo contests 7 lst ranm, m dnstnct lst tn st TREASURER ROBERT PARRISH I reparamm Courts Latxn l Schularshlp l Latm II Schnlarshlp 7 Chemtstry 9 c ularshnp Oster C lub P 4 Sr Class tr ff' CLASS III 'IIIIIY Clan Motto Strive for success rn the present for the future The members of the Stow High School Senior Class of 1955 were born durrng 1936 and 1937 rn Mrchrgan North Carolina West Vrrgrnra Pennsylvania Iowa Colorado Illinois and all parts of Ohro Americans every one they are descended from some fifteen natronalrtres rncludrng Lithuanian ltalran American Indian and most of the Northern European Countries Twenty seven of the present members came together in the then new grade school burldrng rn September 1943 to begin to take ad vantage of the opportunrtres of free public education In the frrst grade there were the usual problems of learning to cooperate and to fall into a routrne PATTI BUCHANAN and JACK HAYES copred all their papers He failed and she passed LOIS COCKERHAM got her hands smacked for snrtch rng Valentines from the Valentine box They say the best time to suppress crrmrnal rnstrncts rs when a person rs young The teacher got LOIS started right rn the nick of time In other schools unknown at that time to us two of our future seniors were going into action ELEANOR CHAPMAN squrrted all her frrends by putting her finger rn the drrnkrng fountain and JUDY JOHNSON packed her things went to her aunts and declared that she was quitting She came back for frve years of perfect attendance before moving to Stow In second grade we were beginning to settle down to work GEORGE MacADAM trred to find a better way to swing and ended up by breaking hrs leg CAROLYN CORK and SALLY FOGARTY were angels rn the Christmas program PAT WER NER and BEI IY LANDIS Joined our ranks here The third grade passed with nothing too drastic marrrng these BEVERLY WATSON got a scare when the teacher sent a note home with her report card It turned out to be rust a suggestion to get some help with her reading WANDA JONES came to our class this year JUDY CHAPIN and CHRISTINE KOFEROTH were added to the roll rn fourth grade DONNA THOMAS spent a day standing rn the hall with a wad of gum on her nose for blowing bubbles rn class This year MARY ELLEN MOORE was spell ing champ Leanrngs toward future talents were displayed by the stars of the Christmas play EDDIE BERG and MUIRLYN MILLER Wood carving sawdust puppets and a Mexican par ty were some of our rnsprrrng projects JUDY CHAPIN mrss ed the teachers signal to duck and was hrt on the head with an eraser The fine art of holding hands gained punishment for JOANNE CHAMBLESS and JERRY MASTERS WANDA JONES and BOB CROSS BOB BRISBIN DAVE MULVANEY and GLEN DAUGHERTY added themselves to our number In srxth grade we were the brg wrgs of the school and felt quite grownup The monrtors MIRIAM RUSSELL and PATSY HICKEY had great fun patrolling the halls CHRISTINE KOF FROTH takrng a last fling on the slrdrng board ripped her skirt right off EDDIE WALLACE CAROL SAMPSON and ISA DORA SOMOSKO came to Stow this year In seventh grade the brg wrgs were no longer brg We were awed by the presence of the hrgh school students but soon hrt our stride CAROL SAMPSON went camping but forgot drinking water and matches CALVIN HOLLEY gained fame as foul shoonng champ The eighth grade was action packed BONNIE MARHOFER had always been a quiet soul It seemed rather odd that she should get detention for talking to herself MUIRLYN MILL ER turned woman wrestler after several rounds with that vrva clous new comer NANCY MCDUFFEE DELORES REID rn Clan Color: Blue and White Clan Flower The white rose an Akron school was vrce president of her class and basketball cheerleader GEORGE MacADAM was ou spellrng king that year ROLLIN MORRISON placed hrgh on the scholarship test and BOB BRISBIN had perfect attendance At our dancing les sons BETTY SLATER was a star She was asked to help dem onstrate a step by REV McCAUSLAND Of course our year was ended with the eighth grade party where we dressed up danced a brt frlled up and went home satrsfred As a freshman class we established a place for ourselves rn the hrgh school Our frrst offrcral class project was a success our float vson the frrst prrze of frve dollars at the Night of Fun At the shop prcnrc DANIEL GLEGHORN rolled hrs tractor over but wasnt injured GLEN DAUGHERTY fell out of a haymow and broke his arm An interesting event rn the sophomore year was the tradrtronal examrnatron of a beef heart rn brology MR HEASLEY paddled RICHARD HINDALL making history JUDY CHAPIN and LYDIA EDMINISTER were being helpful rn home economrcs and reparred a baseball unrform by sewrng the legs together PAT THIES took a rough boat trip down the San Juan Rrver that summer and became our only real rrver rat of the old South west In our Junror year we sold vanilla by the case to raise money for our Junror Senror Prom DUANE SNYDER began learn ing the trrcks of the photography trade and PAT ERWIN went rnto busrness manufacturing and selling life srze paprer mache horses and ponres Everyone rn chemrstry class watched BILL STEMPLE ED WALLACE and CALVIN HOLLEY march across the playground one afternoon They had forgotten that there are no recesses in hrgh school CLARA CHAPMAN had that school spirit She wen to an away game and accrdentally walked into the boys locker room CLAIRE LOVELAND sang rn a trro at Columbus to a group of nine hundred people Our senror year we had a nice cold scrap drrve conducted by TOM NITZSCHE We also had a bake sale at a PTA meetrng At one of the earlier meetings TOM HICKIN found a hrdden talent by grvrng a speech about the Hr Y By now we have be come an illustrious class of illustrious people Ambitious grrls GAIL GAGE DELORES REID and PAT WERNER have be come top rate swrmmers and do a lot of volunteer teaching PAT BUCHANAN has reached her goal five feet ten rnches LOIS LESSIG got a swollen eye while trying to get an artificial sun tan In a sprrng training scrrmmage TOM HILLYER slipped the ball to a man on the opposite team who ran forty yards with rt BOB GEMBERLING returned in our Junror year to add hrs speed to our basketball and football teams ANNINE GRAM and JOYCE MCCHESNEY rorned our class after attendrng schools all over the United States These people have learned by doing rn 4H work BONNIE MARHOFER LOIS LESSIG PAT THIES WANDA JONES GAIL GAGE MARTHA MITTEN CLAIRE LOVELAND BETTY SLATER JUDY CHAPIN PAT ERWIN BYRON McDONOUGH ROLLIN MORRISON GEORGE MacADAM ALLAN SALADIN and BOB SWEENEY Interscholastrc Y Teen basketball players were SUE STARR PATSY HICKEY JOYCE McCHESNEY PAT ERWIN BETTY LANDIS and GAIL GAGE At the Homecomrng Assembly FRANK TAFEL made a charmrng queen in a borrowed gown at tended by the ravrshrng beauties-STEMPLE SWEENEY BERG and HOLLEY DICK VAN SISE wasted hrs time rn physrcs class with the ard of a squ.rrt gun and other toys BOB PAR RISH our sports expert has a 76 per cent average record on predrctrons of sports contests for the last five years GAIL GAGE drd the momentous Job of producing our annual Indrvrdually and collectively the Senror Class of 55 has made a record for itself one that we hope to marntarn rn the future . I . - . I 1 I . . . . . . . . . , . - y I . :I . . 7 Q i ! t 9 I 7 . 0 . . . ., . ., - . n D 1 Q ' . - ' , . ' , . . . . . - . l ' 1 v ' , , . . ' - , , ' . . . . ST . . . - . . ' , ' . . . . 7 - ' l I . , , ' a . .I 1 A . 1 ' - J ! pages. MRS. REED'S class had a quiet peanut-eating picnic. ' , I . . . . A . , . . . . h , r , I . , , . . . '. - . . . , , . I ' A . . . . - Q , , I , ' ' v v v - n 4 1 ' , . .1 - - n I - . I ' ' ' ' r n y . .' - , , ' . , I . . . . ' , , 3 . PRUPHECY We all know yery well what has transprred oy er these past vears but yye wonder what the future has rn store for the Class of 55 If we could look mto the future we mxght see scenes ltke these Busrly operatmg therr swltchboards are Barbara Rogers Donna Thomas and Betty Landrs who are employed at the Ohro Bell rn Cley eland Tak1ng temperatures and countmg pulses are Carol Sampson Murrlvn Mrller Bon nre Marhofer and Pat Werner The nursxng professrons representatlye from Stow Hlgh School rn Arrzom rs Beverly Watson Slaves to therr typewrrters and therr favorlte bosses are lxathryn Erwrn oyce Mc Chesney Betty Slater Drane Wrllrngham Loxs Cockerham and Shrrley Snyder As usual our twlns Eleanor and Clara Chapman haye chosen the same thrng They re both secretar1es The boys sery mg Uncle Sam are Frank Tafel Bob Brrsbm and Tom Hrcken Representing Stow rn the Nayy lS Danny Gleghorn and rn the Army George MacAdam and Bob Srmpkms Crammlng knowledge rnto the heads of the younger generatlon are Lors Lessig Wanda Jones Martha Mrtten and Thelma McCann Drggmg deeply rnto atomrc research rs Robert Parrrsh Stows answer to Albert Elnstern Eddre Wallace Calyrn Holley and Rollre Morrrson are also en meers Playrng the music for Sallle Fogartys h1t dancrng act 15 Glen Daugherty the fa mous composer and musrcran Mary Ellen Moore and Donme Gray are seemg the world as they have always wanted to do Next stop Trmbuktu Attendmg college are Sue Starr Lvdra Edmmrster Patsy Hrckey Brll Stemple Dave Mulyaney Byron McDonough Mrrram Russell Eddre Berg Clarre Loyeland and Tom Nrtzsche 1m Wolfe has just frnlshed draftxng school and has gone to work for mg anyone she can get lnto her offlce Chrlstme Koffroth IS leadrng her happy normal lrfe and she had better contrnue or Pollce Detectrye Tom Hmllyer w1ll get after her Bob Cross rs workmg for Rlchard Hlndall on Rrch s darry farm There 15 Duane Snyder photographrng fashron model Pattx Buchanan for next months edrtron of Har pers Bazaar Bob Gemberlmg ought to be gettrng pretty tlred by now I-les been ehasmg hrs wealthy weak hearted wrfe up and down staxrs for years now Maybe he should haye prcked one a lrttle older and a lrttle more weak hearted Annme Gram IS worlymg ln radlo commumcatrons whrle loanne Chambless 15 do mg her best to make ey ery one beautxful as a cosmetologrst Judy johnson IS yyorklng Delores Reid and Judy Chapln haye fulfllled thelr fondest dreams that of berng marrred to the guys they loye Donna Frsher lS worklng as an X ray technrcran at Crty Hosprtal Thrs IS w har we thmk the future holds for the Cllss of 55 Lets m ke rt .1 good future and one of whreh we can all be proud y v . y 1 5 7 v ' 5 , . v - 4 V V . . . . , V Y. J 7 l y Y L , .L . . 7 . , . H . Y. S t 4 7 V I . . Y, Y Y. ' I A . , , , . 1 ' V ' .y Y ' v ' . ys . Y . V 7 . . . . y l s - ' 7 ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' , . . . , . . . T , I . y U . . . s I . y 1 Y I v 9 I I S a Il ya V 4 9 that successful career man. Bob Sweeney. Gail Page, degree in hand, is psycho-analyz- ,K N A .' y ' Y 1 . - V 1' ' - . ' Y ' ' A D It 4 H V I . I V v L v. I 4 ll GL l VH A l arg A f Y A A A . ' - V - ACTIVITIE 4:1 l CLASS WILL BILL STEMPLE wrlls hrs height to that lrttle freshman Tom jones SUE STARR wrlls hcr abrlrty to stay out of trouble to her brother Frank ISADORA SOMOSKO wrlls her abrlrty to hrt the right note at thc wrong trmc to any clarrnct playcr who thrnks hc can do rt BARBARA ROGERS bcqucaths hcr short harrdos to any underclassman who rs too lazy to put hers up-namely Mary Lrnda Shrltz MIRIAM RUSSELL wrlls her abrlrty to have srx lrnes rn the senior play to Kathy C owles BETTY SLATER wrlls hcr sparkling personality to Nancy Semler CAROL SAMPSON wrlls Kenny Mitchell her abrlrty to play the cornet TOM HILLYER wrlls Carol Holeman to Lynn Troyer and he knows he wrll take good care of her DONNA FISHER grves to her srster Margie her adeptness at getting speeding tickets CLAIRE LOVELAND leaves her unusual talent for growing a cool head of black brown blond and gray harr to jack Hrcks SALLIE FOGARTH wrlls to her brother jack the stamina to keep hrs prnk orlon sweater and hrs ID bracelet for himself KATHRYN ERWIN wrlls all the pictures rn her brllfold to anyone who thinks they can stuff them rn therrs LYDIA EDMINISTER wrlls her abrlrty to play xolleyball wrth her head to anyone who rs as good a player as she rs Fred Ertley TOM HICKIN bequeaths hrs quret nature to Norma Shrnkrow ANNINE GRAM leaves her love for studying to Tony Brustoskr and her sense of humor and singing talent to Betty Mrnrer DAN GLEGHORN wrlls hrs harr to a teacher who needs rt GAIL GAGE grves to anyone who wants rt her seat rn drivers trarnrng class BOB GEMBERLING wrlls hrs straight wavy harr to Tom ones MUIRLYN MILLER grves her talent for being 1 rerndeer rn the Christmas Chapel to Leanne Coulter MARTHA MITTEN vurlls her accumulated debate material to the mrghty team of Lynn Grubb and Wayne Brower rn hopes that they use rt to make a good name for Stow MARY ELLEN MOORE leaves her 759 game rn bowlrng to Jim Cahrll TOM NITZSCHE wrlls hrs small straight nose to jack Hicks DELORES REID leaves four wonderful years at Stow to anyone who deserves rt JOANN CHAMBLESS wrlls to Martha Putt the corner booth at the Trp Top wrth the hope that she doesn t eat too many hamburgers wrth everything but onron JUDY CHAPIN grves her start of a Mrnk coat to any cold junior BOB BRISBIN bequeaths Jack Fogarty hrs adeptness at staying away from grrls EDDIE BERG wrlls hrs great big smrle to Leon Downrng PAT WERNER wrlls her jokes and the one wrlled to her to any rumor who has courage enough to tell them DIANE WILLINGHAM leaves her typing abrlrty to Brll Brown JIM WOLFE wrlls hrs trouble rn Mr Savrers room to Chuck Cooper DONNA THOMAS grves her short harr to Drane Porter and her' empty wallet to Joan Bachtel to frll EDDIE WALLACE wrlls hrs Grrl Scout cap to all the up and coming Brownres of Stow High GLEN DAUGHERTY bequeaths hrs place as drummer rn the band to Noel Ven arage DUANE SNYDER wrlls hrs abrlrty to be a fall guy for everyones jokes to Bucky Mackenroth . . .7 . a A 1 I 4 3 1 , 'A . T 4 1 1 1 I A 'I H y 7 L l S . 5 7 1 7' ' ' ' . . . V Y. DONNY GRAY leaves his ability to get in trouble with the schools traffic cop to . 7, . . , .... 7 9 JUDY JOHNSON bequeaths her fountain pen to Patsy Barrett. BETTY LANDIS wills her natural red hair to Nancy Moffat. FRANK TAFEL leaves his ability to grab high gear rubber to Jerry Gordon. ROBERT PARRISH wills the weekly high school cage and football schedules to anyone who cannot participate in sports, which to him gave a sense of participation. BOB SWEENY wills his "Sweeney Smackern to Ozzie Brisbin, JOYCE SURGEN leaves her earrings to Marvin Wilt to decorate his beautiful ears BEVERLY Watson wills her colt to Bertha Snowberger if she thinks she can tame PATTI BUCHANAN bequeaths h r favorite parking spot to Martha Putt hoping she can keep it a secret and not get caught any more CHRISTINE KOFFROTH wills her seat in Mrs Clarks 6th period study hall to any unsuspecting Freshman who thinks he can get away with any funny business DICK VAN SISE wills has drivers license to im Iikens who will probably be needing another in the future RICHARD HINDALL wills his job as supervisor in the shop to Tommy Wright ALLAN SALADIN leaves his ice cream scoop to Ross Holden BOB CROSS wills Jim XX hitfield all his old Ford parts and the ability to keep cars on the road LOIS COCKERHAM wills to Warren Rutan her ability to go steady for two years CALVIN HOLLEY wills his pink suedes and seventeen bottles of suede cleaner to Miss Workman ELEANOR CHAPMAN leaves her driving dexterity to anyone who w ants it SHIRI EY SNYDER gives her place in office practice to anyone vv ho can do a e ter job ROLLIN MORRISON bequeaths his quiet disposition to Butch lngraham OYCE MCCHESNEY wills her ability to skate on New Years Eve to ack Hick BYRON MCDONOLIGH leaves his ability to go steady so long to lynn Troycr GEORGE MacADAM vvills his technique of speed shifting to Mr Iximpton PAT THIES wills her ability to go steady to Bucky M ackenroth and her pony tail to Kathryn Case GEORGE WILSON wills his habit of being late for Miss Workmans class Stuart Hudson and his garage to Tom Aikens DAVE MULVANEY bequeaths his basketball uniform to that tall and lanky Freshman by the name of Davey Gordon en BONNIE MARHOFER leaves tlae abalitv to get ten people n th rel Chevy t anyone who thinks they can do it LOIS IESSIG wills her beat up baton to Pat Horn so she can beat someone up CLARA CHAPMAN leaves her abllttv to stall the ear in drivers training to whom ever wants it WANDA JOINES wills all her Girl Scout camping equipment to John Marhofer for his future trips to Girl Scout camp BOB SIMPRINS vvills all his talents and his seat in sixth period eivaes class anyone who can sit in it for a whole forty five minutes DICIx VUILSON wills Fred Ertley has supervisors job in shop CAROLYXI CORK leaves all the fun shes hal in Spanish class to neaet years cs tudiantes We the Senior Class of l955 being of sound mind ind body and being an ineor porate segment of tlae student body of Stow High Selaool do hcrebv and therein declare this to be our last vv all and testament XVe leave tlae Class of Do all tlae innumerable tilents and outstanding qutlitics with which we were endowed Mero 091001709 . 1 A . . I it. ' e . ' A . ' f ' ' I1 ' y . V. I . E , J Y t I . . P A Y . I V .. Y . I at 1 - . 'A ' 1 I . . . I . . . . Y Y L It V1 ' V' y I . ' K I v fa ' - 4 . ,' . I-1, 1 I , -1 gb? I I ' 'I 'k ' ' - 2 A in. ' .K f s ' ' ' v y .K X 1 v 1 I A V' ' - ' I . ' ' y - " I I 1 6 I . y 12 Y ' Y 1 ' 1 1 K I K 1 I ' ' ' e ' V z ' ' . ' 'I to ' yt , I ' D a I h L I K K L I TEDDY MCCANN wills to Betty VC'ilson the recollection of a very' wild lost week- d. . .UI I ,. . . Ii C .L j O r ' . -I ' ' ' , s V . . K ' ' if A I at ' ' - I ' A ' ' ky Y , Y . I . V' t I ' - -t ' 7 I ' I D Q I ' 1 ' - ' '-I ' ' ' ' ' H to 7 V- 1 1 V -A 1 V- I I I . , , . . . . I " ' ' ' ae . ' . ' '. "L ' - ' If 1' v A f 1 f -' yi A ' I 2 . s y I I v Y ' 7 - Q . . 1 A . .' . 'L I S 'I ' . V A 4 ' 1 El U' H a I 4 1 t A L' I ' K . Y I S 1' Y. .' V V THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTED ON DECEMBER 4, 1954 O9 OO Ll E of CRIMAGE Madge Collins Mr. Morrison Coach Horsley Harry Donaldson Perry W'inman Mr. Keefer Mrs. Burris - Mrs. Warner , Miss Garnm Grapplcncusky Ruby Dinway Clyde Farris , Miss Hooker Miss Harlowc First Wloman Second XVoman Ken Mar june Millie -lane , , , Pat Wferner ,, George Wfilxon Byron McDonough Eddie Wallare ,H , Bill Stemple , , Dunne Snyder Joyce McCl9e5ney ,H , Wanda jones Christine Koffrolb Calvin Holley Loir Leyrig Eddie Burg P411 Bucbanan Annine Gram .llzzirljn Miller jmlj Chapin Bob Sueeneg Daze !llllll'd7?6j Miriam Rufrell Pdfljl Hirkeg Claire Loveland MWC W, D if O 1 QQ p-SX p, Q U D me ILA Sgmlgw SO? YXO CD32 XL iloowbex VX 5 XNQN VO VN PXX, KGXNNX Ca V V V K5 Y Q2 H DA VN Q, XJQPXZQ SQ. Nb ??,vN fv we x,9 SCM A AA ps, M? 'LO fg,.x , 55 'I ""' .QT in Leroy Brisbin Bill Burns jim Cahill ,lohn Cahill Rita Caracciolo 64 -J , M' -L L' in W V5 'ir , 43 Kathryn Case Flora Cimarelli Ralph Conder Charles Cooper -Iudy Corley Leanne Coulter Kathy Cowles Leon Downing 'Qc'- ik so -. , 7,17 -isis ' as A' ls. Margaret Adams George Akers Tom Akins Nancy Andresen David Ault ,Ioan Bachtel Bill Bailey Carol Bailey Patsy Barrett Gordon Bellinger Ed Binder Bob Bosley Alden Boyce jim Brady Clara Dunbar 5usie Eplinhu ' Fred Ertley at v .al ' 0 "' Louis Ferrante ,, N 1-L , . . 5 ' ,lack Fogarty V7 ' ' ,loe Forsythe ' 5 ' Carol Fortune I., l . I! M Q y Aff-2 "' Q A S v sh Q , 1' lf I ' . l I . " r I Q' -4 v T7 .k "' if -" ht 7 rr., 2 We , fd . t . 924 1 A an 0- , L Q '5 x 'I ,V t-- , A - ,5,-. -r 19 , vf EY f' 'WS Ilene Frame Ray Fry Ronald Fusto Faye Gcistxwitc Gary Gibson Mary Gibson Bruce Cioftlurl sue Greenwood Marilyn Gustax-son RQJSL' Jackie Hartz Mike Hcinl Pat Helton ,lack Hicks Edward Hopson Phyllis Horner Stewart Hudson Harold lngraham Sally Kaufmann Darrell Keller Richard Kimball Roger Kline Kenneth Lambert Shirley Landis Linda Lewis jim Likens janet Macfxdam Carole Martin l0R ,N CD' W 'PQ-1 rv I 'A 1' i YW ,M .Q . Q J' ff, P -f ' O Q y- 'vl 9' 1 lli Nl' "w l4.tli.i7rl Nirhif, fnirol Nighmari Ralph Pardee Shirley Phillips Nancy Perkins Larry Peterson Vonda Rhodes ps pw an 49 'U' ,Q -at Q' lb , 42 lm' tt ' Suv Ku -5 .V 1' ,, 4 1 JV. f' .A Q9 QM 'Q 'Yi' Q 4 Z- ia S N, lwvfrf ., A Barbara Mcfllellan Bill McCracken Lharlotte McGee ,lack Meade Shirley Vivre ....,,r .4 ' Ly,-Ze. 'S 4 ati" I I 'fe L Qi? 4 , nr Mitzi Sryche Mary Timms Naomi Trego Lynn Troyer Anita W'etmore Denny Whalen Genevieve White jim Whitfield Edward Wlilkinson Richard Williams jean Wilson Melvin Wilt Cherie Wyle Ruth Zimmerman P Qin! A I 'silt' C? QR 'wo- Q? KI ps f A' Bill Roberts David Robinson Warren Rutan Terry Schumann -JS' I Ny, Allen Shallahamer Martin Shaver Martha Slane E is ' J - - qs fh 2 ,qw 5 Q JUNIOR SNAPS 0 ag, iffy ,Qi -lul'ln BiltZ Gilbert Bineqar Nnla Bfihl Ciiirtlfin Bwslei' Marsha Bosle jerry Bowen jerry Boyd ft. .-. , 'J' Q. 1. QW, 1, 1 ' l Catherine Caracciolo Arlene Cesnak Beverly Cockran Joyce Coffieltl Billy Cole joe Csonka Nancy Dann -sa ta 22 af -3: '- 5 janet Estep Toby Faulciler Margie Fisher Tanya Fusco ,lim Gertenslager jerry Gordon Bill Gray xi B v -A - J- - - , v Af! N jean Allen Tim Ames Dale Ayres Walter Bankes Nancy Beck Barbara Bennett Betty Bibbee - as 4. ,J David Bradley Barbara Breitling Way'ne Brower Bill Brown joe Brown Tony Brustoski Shirley Busch Q M 'X it Qi. 'ff' W ,B in ' Constance Daugherty Maxine Davis XVilla Degnon Gery Duffy Shirley Earnest Beth Alberta Erwin .V as '22 .C 1-ara 9? 1. fr Ulu, O1 "?a 'O C J I ..-L .9443 Lynn Grubb Ron Hardy Suretla Haynes Marylou Heinbaugh Barbara Heinl Don Hibbanl Frlilin I-lil-J-A-,J -' Lf, Tom Hilliard Jack Hickin Carol Holcman -Q, ,- ,," ' ' Carol Humphrey Penny jackson A George jackson ' 'L 'V ex 4- 2 2 ta sb bv Q 'N 7 - Patricia Ilorn K r be I I, F , x , Q l 9 Qx A .W l'Ji".f Tom johnson Audrey Jones Dave jones A H joan Jordon , ', Dick Kelly Jerry Lawrentz Q Anna Leipold V 6 Ji' 4, Y? 'lv' 'Wav if Gloria Markle Ellen Betty Minier Bill Minier Kenneth Mitchell falxin Moore Ianet Moore 4- -1 . -A 02. aha' . N' 4' ,C -- s.. 5, , x f-If ,C v'l 'rv . u,w Diana Long lil Loxtlantl Ray,ootl Patricia Lutz 'tr "" that s not the school s mascot that s me Rose Matltlen .5 john Marhofcr Betty Matheny 'F MtC,lellan Ruth 'vicDonour:h Neil Metcalf Laura Millar Pauline Mirr iq , r GQOQ Marilyn Moman Don Morris lay Murphy fi Dorthy Rhodes Way ne Rogers Don bthmiedel .1 Sandy Secsc Nancy Semlnr Barbara Shaffer ...ff QQ 'T nr' C arol Nitnhc jack Norman Gilbert Pernnt bortlon Prrrinc Gerry Pipes Diane Portu Martha Putt 'K 1 6 lim Schafterling -. L 4 Q I 1 M I xii A 3 f' N ' I. Q 72 ' A 1 x X lv ,swf 'va' I? ' z vrz ff 2 Q V' ,A 1 Q V ' Q ,. 'ff 2 ' L. , I I x We X ' QM! Dad, ' ' 'fir' 4.4- f, I , A 1 Hi, ii: ' Q f ' iwtgffgil ' g i yt R 1 V .W i ,, vi - ' V ty If h, .. . 5 .1 f --h V ' l Y' ,Q . Y an ef' fi' AI' Ak , 1. X ' -3 cc. A ,, Q A . , - 1 ,. 1 f . -- .- - - 1 , .. ,. . . l J , I Q lu X l . , A 9 I ' VX s 1 " 'S V-"T 'P A ' 'N A "' " f :fp 1 5 A1 Y, A I, 1- 4 -i, s ' ' -N 1 ' wir l .,. - 'i ' , , ,lu FIX J f'3J Q-'1 Q 86 janet Taylor Roland Txckhrll Barbara Towne Nancy Turner Judy Whxte Nona Wrlkrnson Judy Wxlley lf' fn" 'qv- it it 4 W' l We re on the ball and hep to the ,we For we are the sophomores of 55 'ai' Abrent Charles Clark Roger Kline Lawrence Phnlllps Judy Shusrer Edward Sxmpluns Panola Smith Cheryl Spear Buddy Steele Rxchard Stegal Gary Swartour Carol Wllll3.IDS Joe Wllllngham Betty Wxlson Tom Wilson Lola Wood Tom Wrrght Pat Young l QX I Wayne Brower, PfEJidE7ll,' Tony Brustoski, Vice-Prexident: Mr. Hensley and Mr. Bloor, Adrixong Ruth McDonough, Secretary-Treamrer. f. il' 'H 1 5. "-vv ibm . Thex ll nc-str malta thc thorus lrne but they sure had fun at the pam One ot our class propetts was se shoe laces antl shrrt tres bl They re modeling our sophomore class lackets Arent they mee? Drd they really Ago to that Halloween Party or are they lust rn thelr second chrlLlhood7 They drdnt get much sleep a thrs slumber party 5l"Ill'lll'lL faces after a rousrnre mehr at another pam J' 1 What'5 this? No, theyre not the DeMarko Srsters. theyre just Someone gave out and went to sleep. 5 gurls having fun at a party, 4- " Q l i , 'hr 5 41' vs' cr FE' 11" Rn - Tj C Q 4-n. 10' Jw Roy Armstrong Darrell Baxter Mrke Bender Don Bennett Rrchard Bennett Ronnre Bevmgton Arthur Boozer Carol Boyce Daud Brlsbrn Drck Brubaker joe Burlan Delores Burke Ronald Burt juanrta Butler Ralph Caprla Helen Caraccrolo Doyle Carpenter Valerre Caudrll Dennrs Clark jane Clarke Margaret Cooper Davrd Corbett john Corley Judy Cornell Bertha Cross Donna Daw son Judy Depew james Dodd Kendra Downmg Denny Dye Linda Ernewexn Charlotte Estep Rebecca Everett Chrlstma Fannaccx Rrchard Frchter Carolyn Frckey Sandra For Rlchard Forsythe Phrl Frederlck Carmen Fulper janrce Grlley Carl Grlbreath Brll Godbey Connle Godfrey Daxe Gordon Frances Gossett judrth Gossett Deane Hamrlton Tom Hanson 0- " " " f , a- ' ' t A , 4' : U . C7 l' u r' " " " Q ,v J n-I W V I V 1 Y ll f f . A Q, y l fi., 'B QC: -'! 'al 'ffl QA- "gl rl '. ' .. ' ' .. Nw A - ,, W. , - ,- 4 n, N A A ? 'IJ ' W I c 'X lf' A , "' 1. I5 3 , .. F. , G I: f "'lH"A I 4: 1 I t 4 -' , r -' ,. , A r A' "WW , ' D, 'I , ii- 'K ff Mia W N v 4 ,fn , if c wx N, . " 6 . 1 lf fy" 1 . ' I 5 af '-'+.r 7, 49,2 ivifrrrf ' ' D f lf: r t L ' it ,Q 1- -.. D .. .:: lf Q f -v 2. ' . , A , , X - z A . 1. lv l 1 B7 A . J W, B ' Y . J, 4 .F W" . Y ,J 1, I ,. 1, '5 " l + 0 B . . Uv" A ' ,T :J 2 Y -T, S ' - 'r -' .,... - - A . X ,f -V' B -4 J. - - af' D, -- A he JAR .. XC , ' ' A ' ' R l 'ff 1 fiiifllfiic - lf' X xc 4 ,, , .Q " .. ,, N 5 " . gy, ' Q , K1 :Q -'Q -,1 1 'Ln . . 4- ' I Sv . 4 ' ' ... if.. fl Y 1 '. . ' ' . 4 .-f' 1 ' rtt. ' : I . .. ' Y 'z I .5 , ' -A - U. , I ' ,Q ,, 4 r . I - - 2 ' K , A 4- S. , , a Y M .5 ' V q I X C C ' Q 1 C 1 f f james Hartley Brll Hatton Ruth Hayes james Haynes Betty Helmllng Darryl Hrckey Ross Holden Becky Hoskrns Cheryl Housley Bob Humphrey Brll Hunt Dorothy Hunt jrm Hurd loan Idle Marjorxe Jackson Dan jones Norma jones Tom jones Nancy Jordon Ken Kennedy Shrrley Krlgore Mary Krnsey Joyce Klxne Dave Kuhlke Roger Lange Wrlma Lawlls Pat Lawrence Claudia Lewrs Becky Mackenrorh Mxldred Mackey Lor Madden Drexel McAm1s Nancy Lee May Ken Metz Charles Mrller Marrlyn Mrller Tom McLarnon Norma McM1l1en Nancy Moffet Curtrs Moore Genevrexe Moore Lucre Morrrson Robert McQua1d james Murfrn Frank Mushxsky Wrllram Mushrs john Oblak Phyllrs Perkrns Shrrley Pxmlott Connie Polmger Don Povsell Gladys Raymon Marlon Rhodes Dennrs Rrchards Don Robmson Dorothy Robrnson 4' We I x!h1 'Y vp-0 Wm. i U M. rr V:--... no un, 1 'U midi? Xb nrXIw pw HQ! ff? 7-f C? I A9 -mr' 7 Wil? JN. V, Q Q 4 -'gr WW 99: WI' e l Why YW? .3 on f-. YJ 0 'S T f- 1: fs ,- - - . - . 4' ,, ,N cw 51 ff' 'A .1 9' ,., 'W' '., " .. J Y - - 5 3 9 ! ...ff -6 iv -Q -fu-." I QS Q. ,rg 1 I db as 0 17 '- vcr 'Hr V , v- 1 1 5, s.. , -, C+ N R" nf LA 75 f ,, W. .. w ' 2 " Q W 5 4'- .Q 1? W.. ... .' at ., -1-.Q ' 2' "Hin-'ff' 'Q 1 5 e lf. ,, A 'W -:rw 4 M 4 N on ' M F an f G 3 Q 'Sf H-... W' 9 1 " ' 17 N' K. ,R an Q 9. f ah., fu-5 4, 5 y " 5 -K .. ' fs, : ' V' f.. Q f' ,M , 3, xv' f' Q ft 1 , C le 1 CLASS 0FFlCER L to R: Drexel McAmis, Prexideriz Carol Slane, Vice-Preyidenr Loretta Rogers Bonnie Selders Katherine Shamblin Marilyn Shaver Mary Linda Shultz Norma Shinkrow Carol Slane Marjorie Smith Bertha Snowberger Herbert Soyk Barbara Speare Tim Stemple Deanna Stinard Larry Slolfo Gary Stouffer jerry Srranathan Judy Stuiber Karen Taylor Charles Tenney Gale Thomas Suzanne Thorp Mary Lou Vacha john Van Meter Noel Venarge Bob Waller Wilbur Weiland Sue Wheeler Carol White Barbara Whitfield Jeanette Willoughby Carolyn Wilson Donald Witner Jackie Witner Allan Worcester Carol Wyle Fran Kennedy Tom Johnson Ray Atkinson Stanley Jackson Sandra Clark Murilyn Miller, Secretary -Treasurer Advisors: Min john Mu, Van Hom 51217525 TT YY CELU S VV 5 A A B A Eg A Q-4 SENl0Il Hl-Y L to R: Rnu' 1: E. Berg, B. Gemberling, T. Hickin, President, D. Van Sise, B. Sweeney, D. Snyder D. Mulvaney, D. Whalen, B. Stemple, E. Binder, G. Bellinger. Rou' 2: G. Wilson, B. Cross, B McDonough, L. Downing, B. Simpkins, J. Hicks, Vice-President: D. Gray, D. Gleghorn, R. Mor rison. Rau' 3: Mr. Doyle, Advisor, G. MacAdam, R. Parrish, F. Tafel, J. Fogarty, A. Shallaham er, C. Holley, T. Hillyer, Chaplain, R. Fusco, C. Cooper, J. Wolfe, R. Hindall, Sergeant-at-Arms JU lllll lll-Y L to R: Ron' 1: R. Armstrong, B. Mackenroth, D. Jones, D. Brisbin, B. Humphrey, L. Stolfo, D. Kuhlke, D. Carpenter, T. Stemple, M. Binder, J. Hurd, D. Powell, D. Hickey. Row 2: R. Bevingron, J. Corley, B. Kennedy, J. Biltz, Secretary, 1. Boyd, B. Wallers, J. Lawrentz, D. Morris, W. Brower, G. Swartour, President. Rau' 3: Mr. Russell, Advisor, J. Oblak, D. Brubaker, B. Gray, B. Cole, R. Burt, D, Clark, W. Rogers, D. Ficker, 1. Gordon, Vice-President. Row 4: R, Lang, L. Grubb, Chaplain, A. Worcester, J. Shaferling, A. Boozer, R. Holden, R. Lovingood, P. Fredrick, D. Hamilton, J. Murfin, B. Hunt, W. Bankes, Treasurer. .4,wgf Q ,,,.-,,c .KT Y-TEE L fo'R, Rou' 1: M. Miller, S. Fogarty, C. Cork, j. Bachtel, L. Coulter, A. Wetmore, C. Nighman, T. McCann, C. Sampson, F. Geisweite, M. Adams. Rau' 2: B. McClellan, M. Slane, B. Marhofer, S. Landis, R. Carracciolo, C. Loveland, P. Werner, B. Landis, W. jones, P. Hickey, C. Estep, 1. MacAmad, L. Lewis, j. Chambless, S. Greenwood, C. Bailey. Rau' 3: G. Gage, M. Russell, K. Case, S. Kaufman, C. Wyle, M. Gibson, F. Cimarelli. Rou' 4: B. Lancaster, C. Dunbar, L. Lessig, P. Thies, C. Koffroth, D. Thomas, J. McChesney, P. Helton, D. Fisher, M. Finney. Ron' 5: Miss Lalli, advisor, S. Epling, S. Starr, J. Chapin, R. Zimmerman, K. Cowles, N. Perkins, M. Styche, J. Hartz, P. Horner, S. Phillips, R. Hall, M. Gustavson, C. Morris, L. Cockerham, P. Buchanan. L to R: Rau' 1: P. Hickey, Chaplain, B. Landis, Vice-President: C. Koffroth, Secretary, J. Mac- Adam, Publicity Chairman. Rau' 2: M. Moore, Treasurer, S. Landis. Service Chairman, G. Gage, Centennial Representative, W. jones, President, P. Werner, lnterclub Council Representa- tive, Miss Lalli, Advisor. .- if L to R Rau 1 C FulberC Shane M Shaver N Shrml-crow N jones E McClellan K Carac C1010 C Godfrey J Wrlloughby J Stulber Ron 2 M Cooper J Wxttner J. DePevw C L to R C NIcGee Treasurer K Case Secretars Nir Barr Adusor A Shallahammer Presldent ' X ,, ilk, g xr xwm . "1 Q. Vo ' 4-,v G.A.A. UFFICER Scared: Berry Landis, I'ra.r1Jer1f,' Rita Claraccinlo, Remrdzmq Seuefufw. Sffdlfffflili Shiflcy' Landis- Vzre-l're.r1a'w1r,' Martha Slanc, .S'm're1arm5 Mrs. Gam, Adriwrq Clhrisnne Kutfmrh, 7-V6'd.fIlVE'V. TOHl0 TAFF L ro R Run 1 CQ Dunbar, B. Rogers, A. Gramm, B. Lanrhs. Prnducrmn Manager: I. Hicka. 1. Sumnskn, 6.0-Frlimrg D. Snyder, C11-Fdiwrg S, Fphng. -I. Banhrcl. D. Thomas. P. Buchanan, M. Pun, D. W'1lI1nghan1, Mrs. Hutnhlsun. Advxsurg D. Ault, T. Aklns, B. Stcmplc, B. Gcmberlxng, K, Lambert, T. Hicken, j. Meade, H. Ingraham, B. Sweeny, T. Hrllycr, A. Saladen, B, Burns. Q 'I wx '99 I f 1,4 1' 5+ +o .1 + A ,A . 4t4v'i'Y '+,-++ 4-4. of -1- v 1--4-6 +44- 1' .r-A V fl GLEE L to R: Row 1: M. Moore, E. McClellan, K. Caracciolo, J. Loveland, M. Miller, C. Esrep, M. Shaver, D. Thomas, B. Heinl, Bf Breiding. Row 2: M. Heinbaugh, T. johnson, 1. Brady, D. Hibbard, J. DePew, R. Fusco, M. Gustavson, S. Kaufman, secretary, L. Lewis. Row 3: P. Miller, J. fa. Q 1 . . CLYB Chambless, B. Selders, J. Wirner, N. Semler, B. Snow berger, G. Raymond, B. Minier, E. Berg, K. Shamblin Row 4: M. Putt, F. Geistweire, K. Cowles, N. Perkins, M Styche, B. Sremple, D. Whalen, C. Koffrorh, vice presi dent, G. MacAdam, R. Kimball, C. Cooper, J. Bachrel. minima p Shirley Landis S ' 4 Barbara McClellan f usle 4 li Z Lois Lessig 4' l EDU051 Rita Caracciolo ,...x f 'M-if I A . D 5 I H 'P I xl 'K 2 ig , , ,fw , y f, fm, , , 51-QZZQ, Q if 5 HQ 2? Z L ,, 1, ,E ' f M f .A if Q, , 2 9 M? J, ' fu 'f J' f 43 H if f 4 5 5' ,gf M. W-f Y I ff' As 'fs km' ly? c ! iw 'Lk if 35 J R 2 ' 'I' xi R f 'H ..- Q L 'rf T :fhiff 15 N 1' 'lf 4 -1 ' . 'H .1 , ggi? , uv ,x 5 1 f 7 :li xr Q' 1 k sl. .A v h r Q? gg I vw ,. , , .53 P- , -:sf 036 1 2 If ff' - ii. " 'IFH' STUDE T C0llNClL L to R: Ron l: E. Berg, Presidentg P. Hickey, G. Gage, Treasurerg B. Marhofer, C. McGee, j. Klein, S. Seese, C. Holeman, Secretaryg P. Helton, Mr. Heasley. Advisor. Ron 2: G. Binegar, A. Shallahammer, Vice-Presidenrg M. Wilt, D. jones, L. Grubb, D. McAmis, 1. Oblalc, A. Wcmrcesrer, D. Kuhlke. .gl- 'Ev-. .acl X., -fm ' lysis 6-hall 'vir Heasle Adruof E Ber Preudent A Shallahammer Vxfe Prexxdenl G Ga e TfEdJu76V,' 'Q - yr ' 5 - K- I - v ' 5 - g v C. Holeman, Secrelafy. 2 L to R: Rau' 1: L. Lessig, B. Marhofer, N. Bohl, P. jackson, D. Fisher, N. Beck, M. Bosley, J. Taylor, J. Allen, N. Wilkinson, B. McClellan. Rou' 2: G. Gage, J. Chapin, President, M. Mit- ten, P. Thies, T. Fusco, P. Helton, K. Case, Advisors: Mrs, Burnham, Mrs. Van Horne. Rou' 3: R. Nichols, L. Grubb, Secretary, W. Brower. D. Kelly, j. Muffin, D. Kuhlke, J. Oblak, Advisor, Mr. Kimpton. The pictured trophy was won by the Stow debate team at the Bene- dictine Tournament. held in janu- ary, with a record of six wins, no defeats. Standing are Vfayne Brower and Lynn Grubb, the negative team. and Mr. Kimpton, the coach. Seated are Nancy Beck and jean Allen. the affirmative team, Each year an award is given to the outstanding chap- ter of each N.F.L. district in the United States. The award is given on the basis of an accumulative num- ber of members and point degrees. The Stow chap- ter is a member of the North Eastern Ohio District and in 1954 was presented with the Honor Plaque by the National N.F.L. secretary, Bruno Jacobs, for a total of 165 members and 16,357 points since 1940. SIJEQRTS VV 5 17 B A Q A N -iq' L.-'N COACHE L to R Mr Domlnlc Resefve Bmrkelball Mr Salas Varuty Football Mr Doyle Vanity Bake! ball, Mr Sloop Varnty Baxeball STOW HIGH SCHOOL 1954 1955 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Rootstown Ravenna Sprmgfleld Coventry Roosevelt Tues Nov Fu Dec Fr1 Dec Tues Dec. Fri. Dec FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1954 Sept Randolph Sept 24 Norton Nv 5 Nov 12 Kent Roosevelt Sprlngfleld E et Tallmadge Wellxngton Coventry Wadsworth Fr1 jan Fu Jan Tues Jan rx rr at at rn a r Fr fl C C C C C Wadsworth Norton Tallmadge Sprlngfleld Coventry Kent State Roosevelt Wadsworth St Mary Norton Tallmadge A LN K g -Q A 1 j ' J I lu 15' 'I .fa 1 .- . 30 A . 3 H '.- . 10 ' ' H .- 14 A . 11 E ' - . 17 H Oct.. 1 A ' 7 A off. 8 ' ' A -' - 14 Oct. 15 ll H -' - 18 Oct. 22 A F '.-Ian. 21 ' ' Oct. 28 ' H F '-,Ja i 28 o . H S D A .-Jan. 29 S .-F b. 5 F '.-F b. 11 S t.-F b. 12 . F i.-F b. 18 i.-F b. 25 MIK' ,, Mag . Yau I..- ,fini ' "' VAR ITY BA KETBALL L ro R: Bob Gemberling, Eddie Berg, Leon Downing, George MacAda.m, Melvin Wilt, Ralph Pardee, Charles Cooper, Dave Mulvaney, Mr, Doyle, Coach: absent: Eddie Wallace. - SE lllll ini E in Eddie Berg Bob Gemberling x A - 5 :Y A '?'f+g' George MacAdam 'lv i P s .42 P21 75 .A-g 2 J i Dave Mulvaney Eddie Wallace I , 4 A . A Q14 A W Qiq. 5 'FE hi 73 .A-4" U ' .1vqg.Z Hn .xx Lil' FWTBALL Bifgsfzifys U2 H, L to R Rau I G MacAdam T Burstoskl B McDonough T Hlllyer T Hlcken B Cross C. Holley D Mulvaney B Sxmpkms R Fusco Rru 2 J Qahxll Ass1stantMana5,er R Holden, B Stemple J bchaferllng A Shallahammer R Kimball L Dowmng, C, Cooper E Bmder R. Pardee R Hardy Manager Ron 3 Mr Dommxc Assxstant Coach Mr Saltls Head Coach I. Hlcken D Whalen J Whxtfleld G Bellmger J Marhofer J HlCkS Mr Doyle Ass1stamCoach. A 2.1 K U if, 2 f GEORGE MCADAM I W TOM HICKEN Fullback n fi-"fi Muirlyn Miller, Sally Fogarty, lCaptain2, Marilyn Gustavson, Claire Loveland QM. Y I f 1 V n f' a vw. , Q., on xx f .Q S 701 ' l Q -il 2' ' 5 B v . r x 5 1 I l 'W ,I4 0 fl mug.. ,. .. Q ,,, A RE ERVE BA KETBALL L to R: B. Stemple, Managerg Mr. Dominic, Coach: D. Ayers, 1. Biltz, W. Whalen, D. Jones, O. Binegar, B. Gray, B. Minier, J. Marhofer, L. Grubb, J. Fogarty, A. Shallahammer, W. Bankes, RE ERVE CHEERLEADER 4 '15 Jil Loveland Margie Fisher 3 Marsha Bosley ,vin-1, THOSE HILIGHTS WHICH WERE THE SEASONING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR VV QW EVE km AA Sealed: King, Eddie Berg: Queen, Patsy Hickey. Slarzdmgz L to R: Carol Slane, Ruth McDonough, Sallv Kaufmann, and Claire Loveland. Mona Lee Lotts, 1953 Homecoming Queen, crowned Patsy Hickey Homecoming Queen of 1954, on November 6. .,, N HOMECOMl G CHRI TMA Snow Queen of 1954, Christine Koffroth, is surrounded by her court. L to R: Penny jackson, Susie Epling, Donna Thomas, and Norma Shinkrow. linux Q A 5. .-4, s 559 V ' .4 s .Vx X ., , x n Y X "'-:I x fair? J. ,if QE' WPA PATSY HICKEY HOMEEEMING QUEEN 7 4? 16222 1 'A r fig' 1 CHRISTINE KOEERETH SNEW QUEEN 1 KE E N L9 gg' E N A N 604,69 :Q f' ' E r 4 N gzesyv N 1 W be 5' VEE E J ns, 'E J? I Q '.S 0 ' ,, '. ... Q .g O 1 I . ' I 1".AAA'1 . 6 r' ', "". ,9 7 v of 0' Q ' 7 STUDENTS YOU WILL DO WELL TO PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTLSERS A5 THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS B A VV Q Q ADWERTUQUNG BAUGHMAN'S FEED STORE BEST WISHES FEEDS, SEEDS, EERTILIZERS, LIME Frorn DUPONT and SPEED SATIN PAINTS Varied Supplies 3455 Yukon Rd. OV-8-4413 Stow STOW, OHIO HUSTON PUGH SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 35 South Mann St Akron Ohio BL43106 BL43IO7 Highest Quality ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT THE FINEST QUALITY IN CLASS AND VARSITY SWEATERS AND JACKETS HERFF JONES CO Manufacturing Jewelers and Statroners 1401 19 North Capitol Avenue INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA A R SEAVER Local Representatrve P O Box 173 MEDINA OHIO Telephone Mednna 29064 MILLERS COLONIAL RESTAURANT SERVICE PLUS QUALITY MERCHANDISE Managed By HIBBARD ROSE ZIKA GEORGE LANGE gl annul 2035 Front Street I W WA81217 THE MODERN HARDWARE STORE CUYAHOGA FALLS OHIO ' I I. O I ' 5517i I m III E ff ' I - MARHOFER CHEVROLET f CHEVROLET ,f 130 M e Falls A en e OVeg-dale 8 8919 EAT AT BELL S STOW UPHOLSTERING 3545 Da W Road Chncken Steak Fish Dmners OV 8 3340 Sandwnches Stow OPEN ll 00 AM I M Cash and Carry Prck up and Deliver IO! Off TH UNIVERSAL MIRACLEAN Clean as a breath of sprmg WA 8 O1 IO 2202 Front Street Cuyahoga Falls Oh o .. J.. 1 and FURNITURE coMPANY 0PP"'ge Qidciw MP" n oute 91 Oh : . .- P. . We ' ' E GREGORY FUNERAL HOME J R ANDERSON 'NC Hardware Well Drrllmg Pumps and Genuine Pipe Organ Beautiful Chapel Repalrs 3333 Kent Road Stow Oh: Phone OV 8 8262 O 3403 Kent Road Stow Ohuo OV 8 391 I Watch tor the openmg ot our new store on Graham Road In Stow during 1956 to better serve the Stow residents Four yards to serve you 172 North Case Avenue ST 4 5441 1883 West Market Street TE 6 2211 1860 East Market Street ST 4 1295 Portage Lakes Drlve MI 4 2266 Manchester Road RAINBOW DRIVE IN Located midway between Kent and Ravenna on Route 5 Serving DI NNERS LUNCHES SANDWICHES CURB SERVICE DINING ROOM THE CARTER-JONES LUMBER CO. 1529 Trlpleft Blvd Akron Ohio Since 1921 Sfadlum 4 1241 MILK AND ICE CREAM Retail and Wholesale Dellverles CONGRATULATlONSl To The June 1955 Class of STOW HIGH SCHOOL . n ' I I STOW PHARMACY Next to the Posfoffnce Gef your Prescriptions filled af home OV 8 4668 LONGMERE LAUNDROMAT V2 Hour Laundry Servuce Dry Cleanlng For Pick up Service Phone OR 3 9212 or OV 8 4520 407 Longmere Ave KENT OHIO Jfo 'ihlitii 'rwupunv 7 IXZX fSjX MLK V ICE CREAM FR62119 SH4H23 I 01 4 . D To g U w F- : . - . ew 9 i ' :ur F' E' iw." M B I-.-.. ' ' ' ' -, P' iff-- 0 IJ:- . s p gur- 9 Vi-'L I ' :-B W. I Q , A V 7 7 IT S EASY to paint exterlor masonry with NAME OF PAINT based on ESI Thls speclal pamt based on PLIOLITE S 5 makes lt easy to pamt any outsmde masonry Easy on the purse Easy on the brush Easy on the eyes Easy on the mamtenance All th1s because xt s desxgned to the Job PLIOLITE S 5 IS a synthetlc rubber res1n Made by Goodyear Just for use ln quahty masonry fimshes Fully reslsts alkall attack cause of block or bnck Ranks w1th finest house pamts ln weatherablhty And you ll find th1s pamt extremely easy to use Does not settle hard Mlxes readlly Does not skm over Brushes easxly Dnes fast Provldes beaut1ful protectxon for up to 5 years Mxmmlzes repamtmg As Your Local Dealer FDR MASON RY PAINTS I l Q ' 7 ' 1 . . . . , . . , . . . . - most premature failures on stucco, asbestos-cement shingles, concrete, , . . . . U . ,, . . . THE STOWAWAY DRIVE IN CAcross from Sfow Hrghj Sandwiches Meals Chlcken Shrimp In The basket Take Out orders WA 8 0026 I O PALMER 8g SON CONTRACTOR and BUILDER 3781 Darrow Road Stow Ohlo OV83945 WA8 I4I6 open 7 oo AM 9 oo PM wAaoo4o JIM DAVIS SHELL SERVICE 3396 E Ken? Rd Stow Oh IO GOODYEAR FIRESTONE Tires Batfenes Accessories BRA'-'MUCK DRUG STORE RITCHIE s TURKEY FARM PRESCRIPTIONS med Carefully, Darrowvnlle Ohno Have Your Doctor Phone Us Route 91 WA 8 0872 3359 Darrow Road Phone Hudson OV3 5200 J ! O O o I ' I I ' I I FALLS MUSIC CENTER F 57 Band Instruments Music Reoalrs Rental Plan Pr1vateTeachung PIANOS AND ORGANS TUNING AND REPAIRING 'I27 Portage Trall WA 8 2157 Cuyahoga Fa s Dellcnous Giant 2346 State Rd Super Thlck Hamburgers Cuyahoga Falls Milk Shakes LADD'S DRIVE IN WA 8 0925 Ladd's Famous 12" Hot Dog Terrufnc Bowl wrth Coney Island Sauce Banana Splut A i A,.. .... . ,?,.. - 4 - "'!loluJ1nut5' I ' ll - - - l , . je CARLTON S CLOTHES Featuring The Latest In Collegiate Styles 2177 Front St CUYAHOGA FALLS EDWARDS SHOE STORE FLORSHEIM ROBLEE TRAMPEZE Front Street Cuyahoga Falls OLSON FLOWERS Flowers for All Occassons WE DELIVER Telephone OV 8 8589 LEVINSON S The Complete Clothing Store For the Entire Family 2231 Front St Cuyahoga Falls OppA8LP WA 80830 FOR QUALITY AND PRICES Always FARM BOY MEATS INC 2141 Front Street Cuyahoga Falls Ohlo I1- CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of '55 STOW PLAYERS INCORPORATED AZTEC DRIVE IN ALL KLNDS or SANDWICHES CHICKEN AND STEAK BAR- BE-CUF. SANDWICHES ff' T -, w- Jr... BAR-B Q DINNERS MILK SHAKES AND SUNDAES BANANA SPLITS 810 CANTON ROAD gf, -, A ., , . X X 1 I A I I ' ' . I l ' L I 5' I If -, ' . , , . I 1 I . . . , - 1 I 1 ' ' I I A , l F 1, 'F I I -LL ,lu L 1 . I , . I N W RUSSELL GRAY Complete Dependable Insurance Servrce AUTO FIRE LIFE POLIO LIABILITY STOW OHIO OV 8 8216 3522 Wulllamson Road TEN PIN LANES INC Spotters Located 1733 State Road Phone WA 8 2850 OAKLEY SPAGHT AND SON Stow s Oldest and Largest Real Estate 3367 East Kent Rd OV 8 8614 Also Representing the Leadnng Insurance Companies of America FRANK S FURNITURE Quality Furnrture EASY TERMS 2115 Front St Cuyahoga Falls BEST WISHES from MAIR JEWELRY 2040 Front Street Cuyahoga Falls Ohlo COMPLIMENTS A FRIEND HAL WARREN INSURANCE AGENCY 3440 Edgewood Dr Stow Ohio I . - r ' ' Fully Automatic Pin Organization I of I TIP TCP STOWS FINEST RESTAURANT CURB SERVICE Hamburgers French Frnes Mnlkshakes Dmners -4 LEDGEWOOD GREENHOUSES Corsages, Cut Flowers, Funeral Baskets, Weddmg Flowers Hospital Bouquets and table arrangements We Telegraph Anywhere Delivery In Greater Akron Area 3358 Darrow Road OV 8 3997 FLOWERS 1837 Rose Avenue Flowers for All Occasions OV 8 4423 For a Lovlrer You A New Hair Do Created Just For You by RUTH of GODFREYS OV 8 8814 SMORGASBORD Stow Ohio JIMANDY S RESTAURANT Chlcken rn the Basket LUNCHES DINNERS 1970 State Road Cuyahoga Falls STOW ATLANTIC SERVICE Road Servnce Full Lubrucatron Car Wash 7 Days a week 3745 Darrow Rd B N Worzcssten NINNI S PIZZA SHOP Genuine Italian Przza To Take Out xi WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE WA 8 0955 BILL CHABOUDY 2621 State Road Cuyahoga Falls SW 4 7345 I I . I I . . . vii Q N " 1 JEANEUE SPAGHT von-I THE STOW HARDWARE COMPANY Teacher of Plano Hardware and Pamts 3519 Darrow Road Electruc Supplues Telephone OVerdale 8 3918 Stow Ohio I l as-gre Jw- '3 'A .-... hL fs... WSW SUPERIOR MOLD AND DIE COMPANY MUSIC MART 173 E MSt Kent FRIEDLAND S SHOES 21 I S Chestnut St Ravana For ,he Enme Famny INSTRUMENTS MUSC ACCESSOHES NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS ONLY RECGRDS Experienced Frttmg PHONOGRAPHS RADIQS I46 S Water St Kent Ohio Instrument Rental Plan and Repairs I ' x I n Q ' ' ,S ' 1" L. ' t ' ' . ,, - ,' 1 Q 4 ' If' . I 6' ' 41 '44, sz ' i I S S.. -if . ,Q V 4 .Q I is if f 1 ' A ' - Z -H ' " , fs -' 9 V' 9 p f 5' K ' ' ,X Q, M . L5 raw. M, I ,Y is ,fy V J A ,, I 0 , . fi V - ,- A pl, lv . av - -- I, -Nfl ff Et- "N 4 M' .gi mf 4 ' ' AA 'I ARP .", .V Y Q' 4 "U 4 - ,ki ' 5 ' ,I 5, " . fl " ,f va .V f vgk - V.. .W ,S .r.,, 'cl W ... an Si hr, K f M K M ' S - If j 'M '- yum -nm an at I -W? ,. to gg, " xt . h K if Jo' K' 7.1 3: :mx J -qhfn' - tm V-,MOL ' 1 - 1 . . , S KEN GOLF RANGE FINEST IN THE AREA on Roufe 5 Between STOW and KENT IMPROVE YOUR GOLF PETERSON S STO KEN GOLF RANGE DENTISTRY Dr W B Oc er OV885IO Compl ments D H GREEN N S I1 paj' ' SSLWO KENT OHIO CHESTNUT RIDGE DAIRY MILK and ICE CREAM For Those Who Want The Best" RE-3-2256 I' 1 C III-" TO' fg I N i . .. k U I C. B.I.g . Gllbert Andresen Mr and Mrs L C Murfm Mr and Mrs Stem Dr H Vaughn Smrth Mrs C M Woodrrng A Mxtten and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Kenneth L Downrng M D Lehman Donald B Barnes B E Collmgwood R J Mullrn A H Allen Mrs Roxre Crook Mrs John Nutt Mrs john Kelly R B Mxller Allyn Heer Mrs Ray Fouraller Marran F Sanmann Tyler Boggs Davrcl johnson G E Rorke and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs W H Kleffer D N Wrngard Lee Cockerham Sherwood Fogarty Orsa Gra Harold L Hlndall E T Lessig Y C Charles H Morrlson john R Gage H A Eclmmrster A B Holley Albert H Erwm Earl R Chaprn Haden C Hrckey jack Marhofer Raymon Rodgers W R Starr E C Gram john Berg J john F Chapman Raymond B ones D L Reld Judson Russell F K Werner John S Chambless F P Sanford Halley E Johnson PA PATRONS and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs I' and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs A F r1end and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs ames F Slater Glenn Merrltts W P McCann W R Wolfe Wllllam O Semler Warren Gleghorn ames R Bachtel Ray K Barley Wrlber F Pardee F Hurd C R Case Harold Blazer j B McDonough W M Koffroth lMarketl L V Snyder Charles I Parrrsh and Mrs W F Chlsman and Mrs E R Sremple and Mrs Wm J Hatton Derschow Famlly Carl I Swanson Mr and Mrs Rrchard Merryweather Mr and Mrs Byron A Bankes Wrrght Co State Road and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Ted Hooper Arthur Boozer Ralph L Caplla Robert Dawson john Shmkrow Lawerence Stolfo Nelson Madden Melvin L Mackey Maxer Sruxber Albert Buchanan W E Miller ACK 0WLEDGEME TS The M ONe1l Company The Chrysler Corporatron General Motors Corporation Srdney Mendelson for their services and materrals 1 helpxng produce the Stoanno ' Mr. . j . . . , . ' Mr. . ' . . ' Mr. . . . . . . ' Mr. . ' ' . Joe . ' Mr . Mr. . . ' M . . J . Mr. . . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' . ' A Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . . Mr. , . . Mr. . . Mr. . . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . ' . Mr. . . . ' ' . Mr. . . . Mr. . . . , Sr. Mr. ...' . . ' Mr. . . . ' . . . Mr. and Mrs. Rex McChesney ' . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . J. Mr. . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr, , Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . . . Mr, , ' ' Mr. . . U Mr, , Mr- , . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . , r. Mr. . . W ' : Mr. . , Mr. . . . , Mr. . . Mr. . . . ' ' ' ' Mr. . . ' . ISALY S A NE 3322 KENT ROAD COMPLIMENTS OF S S KRESGE C0 Shopping Center 2857 State Rd Cuya SW 4 3096 EDDIE PARSON S AMOCO GAS STOW OHIO GIRLS? In The State Road I ANNUAL Adzzmr Gail Gage Editor Lois Lessig Bun zen Manager Layout Com mittee SENIORS Bob Brisbin Bonnie Marhofer Tom Nitzche JUNIORS Ray Fry Katherine Case SOPHOMORE Tanya Fusco FRESHMAN Allen Worceste Art C omfmttee Pat Erwin David Kuhlkt TZ puff Sallie Fogarty Thelma McCann Mary Ifllen Moore Mutrlyn Miller Delores Reid Betty Slater F eatu ret Martha Mitten Pat Thies Tom Hillyer Miriam Russell Pat Werner Donna Fisher Sallie Fogarty Muirlyn Miller Donna Thomas Wanda jones Claire Loveland Delores Reid Carolyn Cork Photograplq Duane Snyder Don Schmiedal Cogy Readerr Judy Chapin Clara Chapman Eleanor Chapman Lydia Edminister Publzczlz Alanag r Christine Koffroth Saler Manage Byron McDonough Sales Committee Bill Stemple Frank Tafel Bob Brisbin Patsy Hickey Betty Landis Joan Chambless Tim Stemple Darryl Hickey Becky Everett Margie Fisher Dan jones Shirley Pimlott Eddie Wallace Barbara Towne We wish to thank exery person who has offered his time and sen ice to produce this sesquicentennial edition of our Stoanno. Special appreciation goes to our patrons and adver- tisers who have made this edition possible through their financial support. To each of you who has bestowed support we sin- cerely extend our gratitude. The Staff Advernung Manag r Rollin Morrison Advertzfmg Com mzitee Bill Stemple Betty Slater Thelma McCann George Wilson Shirley Phillips Mitzi Styche Bill Bailey Bill Gray Richard Nichol Joyce Coffield Margie Fisher Willa Degnon Lynn Grubb Jerry Stranathan Mary Linda Shultz Richard Dennis TAFF 1954-1955 gy R COLLEG ATE P Kunsos C ty 'e' fue' V: 3,1-B iAi'35' -Qui 7' IE i -' S1 ' ' mp ,,-21:4-xii:-. -ev '-fx" ' - - - , - - Y - , V, f .- Y 4 , .- f -H '. 4 xy ., 4 N1 ' 1 ,x f . ' E 5,

Suggestions in the Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) collection:

Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Stow Monroe Falls High School - Stoanno Yearbook (Stow, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 37

1955, pg 37

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