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 - Class of 1955

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1955 volume:

""""""""-"""""'l, ull!! T MORGAN COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT " R-1 i THE REFLEC TOR PUBLISHED BY srovsk HIGH SCHOOL 1955 lp, I Q 's af iii DEDICA TION The 1955 REFLECTOR is dedicated to one who: seldom gets angry at our tricks and noise on the "shuttle" bus. . .cheers us on in our ath- letic endeavors. . .keeps our school secrets . . .helps us keep alive our school spirit. . . blows the whistle on our volleyball games. And when the lights dim after our celebra- tions and activities. . . cleans up the mess we've made. . . puts things away. .,and makes ready the building for our activities of the day to follow. We, the REFLECTOR staff, proudly dedicate this volume to our building custodian, bus driver, volleyball official, and friend. DEO WARNKE T ADMINI RA non PR N?:gKAL's GE 250265 COXSXNN SGYXOOXE: UXSYBXUY 81 OPNXO XL. N'1Xy5OY1 , Ycmcxpax 510463, 90. Saving, we Qaex, ecrooox geaf we mae been img dwg ae wav, as yd QAXGBSQYG 'oo 91366 'Goa Ykeikecbor ew-'ii in me Qfoduobxoo oi ,Goa Q65 Ykeixecboc . Yr ow ou! egerxeooee 'uogekxxec , -Ae can Magi one ooooxway P- waixed eiiorw, backed 'og demecmwabkoo, can Qfodoce awxo-an wg Xioxog, 'Goan wang wg deeafe. fabvxabtooe ate doe ooh oitg 'oo 'Goa edfyoof and ebaii, 'ooh abate efmdervo xoodg 'ict 'Gate aokxiegemxeok 'A'05.o'o g ov 'ooxd oeekoxg ooe oi 'Goa Xatgeeb afibuake agar 'wi-ned we 01' 5:5-'36, Dagxd- W. Wneon OOQQ aX-60 'oo 'Goa e g oo? 'sand-6 f Q '0 ecxxoot oi o AD 'oga 'Gig MORGAN COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT R-T fulx ff' , - :. W 'b i f xt Yana I l "' Z 'N Q f 2 I ORLYN MERRIOTT - - - LEONARD SIEGEL - ROY MILES ---- Superintendent SCHOOL BOARD - - President - - -Member ------Member IEWELL STEVINSON ED KENNEDY - - HERBERT BRUNIES RAY HEPPARD - - - - - - - Treasurer 9 f -v Y -'V r 'AU Q , ZZ gas' f ., f T 39 11 'fi' N ' l , .,v 'N w gi, - - - -Vice President --- --- Member - - - Member Principal JESSE E, WALTERS DAVID M. WILSON PEOPLE WE APPRECIA TE BUS DRIVERS TOMMY HOUSER FORREST PARKER HUGH WILSON MILFORD MARRIOTT DEO WARNKE HOMER WAISNER ARNOLD HOLSTEN SECRETARY MISS PHYLLIS PARKER ,- -1 4 FACULTY JESSE E, WALTERS J B,s. in Ed., c.M,s.c. " M. Ed.. C.M.S.C. 1' Superintendent W Y Biology MILTON ARNOLD B. S. in Ed., C. M. S. C. Coach and Physical Ed. Citizenship LEO P. JONES B S in Ed C M Algebra and General Math , General Science A U Trig. and Adv. Algebra ' EUGENE W. OLIVER B. S. in Ed., C. M. S. C. American Problems World History American History Sociology and Economics NAOMI STEVINSON PF B s in Ed c M s C I ' Glee Club Band ' Fund. of Music Qy R Beginning Band N g - it X EVELYN N. WILLIAMS B. 5. in Ed., C. M, S. C, Commercial Subjects HUGH E. WILSON B. S. in Ed., C. M. S.C. General Shop General Metals Advanced Wood Mechanical Drawing DAVID M. w1LsoN J B.s. in rd., M.U.o,J' M. in Ed., M.U. Principal SF English X CLASS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Betty Garrison Vice President Wayne Fethke Secretary and Class Reporter Norma Jean Lemler Treasurer Becky Ann Merk I Boys' Representative Bobbie Lemler I Girls' Representative Delores Mahnken Sergeant-at-Arms Harold Uptegrove fa as B- Iii E A iii QQ llililrlswui i , 1 'il JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Millard Fischer Vice President Barbara Walters Secretary Myrna Geary Treasurer Frankie Croy Sergeant-at-Arms Larry Hagedorn Boys' Representative Larry Bauer Girls' Representative Barbara Hamilton Class Reporters Shirley Friedley Myron Fischer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Joe Bockelman Vice President Victor Spurlock Secretary and Reporter Wilma Kipp Treasurer Frances Wilson Sergeant-at-Arms Jay Stevinson Girls' Representative Delores Viebrock Boys' Representative Warren Nolting wg I 1 4 lg-in ppi: I gig ,I FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Judy Stevinson Vice President Mary Ellen Rapp Secretary Beverly Anderson Girls' Representative Anita Ornes Boys' Representative Jimmy Denning Sergeant-at-Arms Jerry Sutton Class Reporter Mary Frances Viebrock REFLECTOR QUEEN 1955 BETTY JEAN EHLERS PRINCESSES OF THE COURT Freshmen Sophomores Juniors MARY RAPP DELORES VIEBROCK BARBARA WALTERS ssmons MR. IESSE E. WALTERS Sponsor SENIORS CHARLES BAUER Come, choose your road and away, my lad, come, choose your road and away. " BETTY GARRISON Senior Class President, Stu- dent Council 4g "S" Club 2, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1-4, Volleyball 2: GAA 3, Shorthand Award 3: Tattler Staff 4, Softball. SENIORS LENA MAE DUFFER Volleyball 1-4, Cheer- leader 1-4, Softball 1-4, MR. DAVID M. WILSON Sponsor SENIORS BETTY EHLERS Reflector Queen 4, Band 1-4, "Deadly Ernest" stage crew, Tattler staff 1-4. Pep Squad 1-4, Glee Club 1-45 Tattler Af V' ELSIE EHLERS National Honor Society 2- 45 Cheerleader 3, 4g Pep Squad 2-45 Band 2-4: Glee Club 1-45 Mixed Chorus 1- 35 Reflector Staff 45 Tattler Staff 45 "Deadly Ernest" SENIORS JOAN ELAINE GOETZE Band 1-35 Glee Club 2'3g Mixed Chorus 35 "Dead1y Ernest" cast 35 Tattler Staff 4. C3St. HU BERT H. EHLERS "Frequently within my brain, I gently think a thought. " SENIORS CARL W. HANNERLY, IR. Band 15 Glee Club 2-35 Mixed Chorus 35 Pep Squad 1-4. "When lessons get tough why -- just use bluff. " ,Ci WAYNE FETHKE Vice President Senior Class5 Glee Club 1-45 Mixed Chorus 1-3. "Life is a joke and all things show itg I thought lt once and now I know it." SENIORS RALPH D. HEPPARD Reflector Staff 3-45 Band 15 Glee Club 2-45 Basketball 4. "To work or not to work, that is the question. " U www YW 90 W L fiwffbff E DARRELL L. HOLSTEN Band 1-4g Glee Club 1-4g Mixed Chorus 1-4g Brass Sextet 3g Quartet 1-4g Pep Squad 2-4, "S" Club 4, Basketball 1-4, Softball 1-4. SENIORS MARTIN A. KENNEDY Basketball 1-4, Student Council 1, 2, Softball 1-4, "S" Club 1-43 Pep Squad 3,4g 'Deadly Ernest" castg Glee Club 1, 2, National Honor Society 2-45 Class Pres nt 2, 3. GEORGE HOTSENPILLER, IR, Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus 1. Life must go ong I forget just why. " SENIORS LELA MAXINE KREGLINGER 'Deadly Ernest" cast 3g Tatrler Staff 4g Glee Club 1-3g Mixed Chorus 3. ALVIN J. HUGHES Band 1-3, Glee Club 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Quartet 1, 25 Basketball 1-4g Soft- ball 4, SENIORS LOUIS A, KROESCHEN Basketball 15 Softball 3, 4. "A quiet boy---he doesn't snore in class. " 0 .VYMQ 54' W UV QM gjwf' V' BOBBIE L. LEMLER Student Council 4g Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus lg Mathematics Award 35 Vice President Student Council5 Senior Class Representative. SENIORS DELORES JEAN MAI-INKEN Tattler staff 45 Student Council 4. JEAN LEMLER National Honor Society 3-45 Student Council 25 Tattler staff 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Senior Class Secretary. SENIORS MANCIL L. MARRIOTT Beginning Band 15 Glee Club 2-43 President Student 61, IACK LEE MCNEAL "The days of our youth are the days of our glory. " SENIORS CLAUDE N. MARTIN National Honor Society 2-45 Student Council 35 Reflector What is there in this vile Council. Staff 2-45 "Deadly Ernest' world that commedneth a "l am not arguing with you. cast 35 Basketball Manager wom re than constancy?" I am telling you. " , 5 I3 3-45 Band 1-45 Glee Club Uyub , rf Q53 ly fm, egkgy A, 45 Mixed Chorus 1-4. ,M Cn U , .491 I 1.11 ffl xN 105 fwyfwwa W ' BECKY ANN MERK Student Council 15 National Honor Society 2-45 Tattler staff 45 Senior Class Treas- urer, SENIORS GLEN DORA PRYOR Glee Club 1, 2,4, She doesn't say much, but that's very well, She knows a lot th t she doesn't tell." Gels? FREDERICK D. NOLTING Band 1-45 Glee Club 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 Basket- ball 45 Softball 4. SENIORS MILTON L. SCHRODER 'Deadly Emest" cast 35 Mathematic Award 25 Pep Squad 25 National Honor- Society 2-45 Glee Club 1- 45 Mixed Chorus 1-3. I' W ' GLENDA ORNES Honor Society 2-45 Band 2- 45 Glee Club 1-45 Pep Squad 2-45 Mixed Chorusg Tattler staff 3-45 Class Play 45 Class Reporter 35 Festival Queen Attendant 45 Volley- DBLMI CFN Q 3 bin' SEINIOIFSQ ROXANNA M. SIDEBOTTOM Softball 3-45 Volleyball 1- 45 Tattler Staff 45 GAA 3-45 Festival Queen Attendant5 "S" Club 3-4. A DC6dly Cr-wi ST' lf Yogi: Squad J- W BLAINE N. SILVEY what he wants most to get out of school is himself. " SENIORS MARLIN STEINMEYER Tattler Staff lg Class Re- porter lg Basketball 4g Mixed Chorus 1-3: Glee Club 1-3, Pep Squad 2, 3. lil l K, PHILIP STUART SMALL Band 1-4, Quartet 1-4g Mixed Chorus 1-4g Brass Sextet 1, 2, 4g Softball 1-4g Basketball 1-4g National Honor Society 2-4: Social Studies Award 33 ,Class Play 3 D gal C 0-N193 sf ENIORS DONALD TAYLOR "Life is not so short but there is always time enough for courtesy." 5.27571 flxvfg 1 ION SPURLOCK Basketball 1-4, Softball 1- 4: Pep Squad 1-3: Glee Club 1, 2, Even though vanquished, he could argue still. " SENIORS JOAN STUCKER National Honor Society 2-4, Tattler Staff 4g Cheerleader 2-43 Fall Festival Queen 35 Softball 1-4, Volleyball 1- 4g "Deadly Ernest" 33 Band 1-4g Glee Club 2-4. I WW A M 1711 HAROLD L. UPTEGROVE DONALD ZIMMERCHIED Basketball 2-43 Softball 2- Basketball 2-4g Softball 3, 4 4g Senior Class Sergeant-ab Glee Club 1, 25 Mixed Chorus Arms: Pep Squad 3, 4. lg Pep Squad 1. SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 CHARLES R, BAUER LENA MAE DUFFER BETTY EHLERS ELs1E EHLERS 1-IUBERT H. E1-ILERs WAYNE FETHKE BETTY GARRISON JOAN ELAINE GOETZE CARL w. HAMMERLY, JR. RALPH D. HEPPARD DARRELL L. HOLSTEN GEORGE HOTSENPILLER, IR. ALVIN J. HUGHES MARTIN A. KENNEDY LELA MAXINE KREGLINGER LOUIS A. KROESCHEN BOBBIE L. LEMLER NORMA JEAN LEMLER .TACK LEE MCNEAL DELORES JEAN MAHNKEN MANCIL L. MARRIOTT CLAUDE N. MARTIN BECKY ANN MERK FREDRICK D, NOLTING GLENDA ORNES GLEN DORA PRYOR MILTON L. SCHRODER ROXANNA MARIE SIDEBOTTOM BLAINE N. SILVEY PHILIP STUART SMALL JON SPURLOCK MARLIN STEINMEYER JOAN ST UCKER DONALD TAYLOR HAROLD L. UPTEGROVE DONALD ZIMMERSCHIED .IUNIORS u-J l 3 n AT-Q' 1-WMI f ww' ll, 1 1, -I 11,1 1 as 1 fn-A 1 Q AS Q 5 MF f .fx ,, , W' ts. 'Q .. Y Kr ' 1 S '1 I Z 5 ,SI Sponsors MISS EVELYN WILLIAMS MR, LEO P. IONES Z df.5'N"J'Q LARRY BAUER CHARLES BROWN EDWARD BROWN JUNIOR CLASS A LEE CARVER DEWAIN CRIDER FRANK CROY MILLARD FISCHER MYRON FISCHER SHIRLEY FRIEDLEY I N sw R S B , L, I A i A f 08' I A S.., ff 5 VNNA f 1 ' ' 1 . A A f V411 1' X 'SJ MYRNA JOYCE GEARY LARRY DEAN HAGEDORN BARBARA ANN HAMILTON HARRY DWIGHT MERTGEN LEON RICHARDSON E GERTRUDE ALICE sauu. A' ,xiii 44 i awk i Y: . W rf? JM JUNIOR CLASS Agua X f 0' f. NO -. 5,-RH LAAJQQ l Mft!" JOHN NATHAN TURLEY FRANKLIN VANSELL CAROL JEAN WADICK hd ,ff . - ' W g W , ' g ...Q RBA F wA1.TsRs V39 ' ,' A 1 1-1 AJ WARNKE 1 ,ig wn"rE 1 . W M fuk., as 5? Q 5 fa. ,. I ,gif ' ' ,Si wi I ' IP: W2 :W H if V -.,,,,i4,,fQXg, . y m f ,A .,5,V, ' 'Tv v ,VI . 1 ix . , . , ., ..gswmgg--u-'1,V-ar-sv: f -f rf: 1 nf 62.-.'-, sgz,.:nss,gfxzMfDK-f,: 1 ' 'sf J:-'.::-f: 2121- - U ' - lg g,1ie,Lg.-' .x . 5, xzaiigm. 3, I' ,.,Mq.,a -P' Ta 'Fl A M4 X v"""- , H5 'Nara X SOPHOMURES nl . .4 ll V L X1 ? 'lf .Q Bxx Q- a N SOPHOM ORE CLASS - Class Sponsors Mr, Eugene Oliver 'i Mrs, Naomi Stevinson ,YY it L A ij SQ! 3542 it 5 IKE .ffifiigi -3 fti 1 3 55 114 L if TT-A A Christine Abbott I Waneta Abbott Larry L. Avey Loretta J . Avey I oe Bockelman tw 5 Carol Sue Burke Mildred L. Bush if H6 4 7 Vtt David Lyle Crockett Ralph L. Crockett Clarence L Ehlers Patty Elkins E . ,'tr 'H htt J :., .. .- .FY ff J' Delores Ann Fischer t ' a ML will wk W SOPHCMO Leroy Fischer Marietta Elaine Fischer Mildred Gerlt Kenneth Gerlt John Hamrick Wayne Jones Leal Virginia Kelso Wilma Kipp Fern Dell Kerksick Betty Lou Koester Elinore Lawson Dennis Long Ellis C. Luvin Gilbert Marriott, Jr, Loyce Ann Meyer CLASS , A . X- not , M xv xl 'if - if' JP ' X49 im if I U m .rj gym ., ?Q""-fiwbif gf fa -'sr ivy... f?'m4f4.5w.1'fi1 ' .5 Sw ff A U a W, ik' . X' , C x ,'--1 S0 L ' 'Q 1' :JM 1 sz: P . 6 " its v ' f if tp wi and 5 ,Q f i ff 4 I SOPHOM ORE CLASS I Warren Nolting Carol Pryor Virginia Pryor Ida Mae Richardson Ralph Richardson Laverne June Schroder A. I. Shewmaker Victor Spurlock Jay' Allen Stevinson Atwill Stucker Rose Taylor Viebrock Donna Mae Wadick Frances M. Wilson Ernest Zimmerschied CJ 6,42 1 in ij fix: LJQ 6 F RESHME N FRESHMAN CLASS Sponsors Mr. Milton A old X . ilson fzl zgnefson X Harold Beckman 5 Janice Blair Violet R. Braden P Jessie D. Coit 3. Darren G. Crider James Denning A Robert Eldenburg Margaret A. Gerlt L Donna V. Holsten Willard Holsten N4 .VM ' Judith Hotsenpiller I fy! Joanne Koester Ju U' N pf' L-X U Martha Martin Jimmy Medearis Sue Mertgen 1' ,3- Evelyn F. Miller 1 Donnie L. Newman LL A Mary Ellen Rapp Catherine Rohr Betty Jean Schnirch Larry Sidebottom Judith Stevinson Jerry Sutton Wanda Swartz James Taylor Mary Viebrock Oliver Witte FRESHMAN CLASS , B99 fl xw 1 .lg 3 nita Ornes fy , fx 1 I 4 xi'- . L 5 W Q06 H , . ' Y av' ! - , , W L , 195 4 ' IWEFUUNDATIUN UF SUCCESS. 'ln-...N Sapdamafw y M1 26660, .,, , w,.m Wham al WWW 264029 pM44? M Y 'iF A E 2 eww Hmmm gmw guinea..- is 3 Ni xx 1 .1 IRAQ H 'KWiQM'2?V new F3335 ing? il es UWB? nu nifg 12 1 0 E 55 AWM 5- ...I 'l z 1 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FACULTY - ' 1 .. it,g,, . , . f 'MI 1' f, Q - n . ' lx::y NRA: '21 "' Y- , -A L rf' stir Q- MARGARET HOWARD Locust School HILMA HULL Self Chapel School PADDY KIDWELL Pleasant Grove School LEONORA LEWIS Florence Lower Grades MOLLIE MIESNER Hinken School NELLIE MAE RASTORFER Stover Third and Fourth CHRISTINE SHORT Stover Fifth and Sixth ERNA TAGTMEYER Stover First and Second AGNES WRAY Martin School 1 EARL BORN Florence Upper Grades GLADYS CARDER Riverview School CHARLES DEIARNETTE Proctor School MILDRED DENNING Brushy School ANNA ELDENBURG Stover Seventh and Eighth MARIE GERHART Haw Creek School STOVER FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Mazie Mae Meeks Milford Monteer Jessie Mae Rumans Kenneth Short Vernon Simmons Genevieve Smith Joyce Smith Sandra Smithson Leoritta Whittle Alonzo Turley Patsy Vansell Eddie Don Viebrock Billy Wahlers John Wahlers Daniel Walters Betty Warnke Harold Wilson Lloyd Wilson Carolyn Young Jane Zwanzig Mrs. Elda Kuecker Miss Ema Tagtmeyer Lois Avey Ronnie Boatright Nancy Boeschen Billy Brunjes Linda Burnett Lonnie Burnett Ella Mae Calton Leora Calton Ben Coit Gloria Cooper Marsha Cooper Jimmy Delong Kerry Don Fry Billy Joe I-lowser Steven Kays Gene Busker C. L. Lutjen Lonnie Marriott A 'x if ,I if f 3 S its l ' -I! 2 STOVER THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Danny Barber Jimmie Bauer Carol Davis Janet Diller Mary Drury Bonita Edzards Jackie James Linda Marriott Gail Miller Rose Miller Geraldine Monteer Hazel Perry f . ' , ,i , ,A+ 1 is sz' -Q f- 6 ,ww 1 . 1 ,.,. iff gf "ss s, ,f ' f 1 . -l?:xt:55i',if" ,'z,g..:m,1 ,,r.V . - H i ..,, , r Dafleng Rumans "ir ' ,, 9 Q 'QP , iw. 26' .511 . .tu . ' Q ':,V t V H Eddie Simon 3 53' at V - S Donald Smith Terry Smithson Timothy Turley Buddy Warnke Larry Wayne Viebrock Yfgy fjp f' ksgirilf. if 'K , FOURTH ,f .si gs . R Q 1 A '4 , s i r my ..k ,. 5, ,..VVk , ,, - - sr aww an I s ,iii ai s 5 S 'AP' 6 H 'lb is 4 1 A . ,lay ..i2,:-at x '14 'Il 'rf bm 67 M 4 in 'sa K3 Y' ,- R Gifs mf, 1 , fr ',rr a s ii Rip J""' W ,f a iff' ' , ww H .. , ,- My .-EL it P -w is s Q e x aww? nm ..y . nf. 4 ni Q 34" M .343 QL f " X , iff ' . My . ' ' j Mfggr 5. fi'ix1,H .HT A fl A . I Q 1 - is as Q RVXJ, Fu , .gg-,2 ' -: rf -5 -1 , -,I M -S T T FF " af as H ' It x 'gig . f- in ,vw C - H V: 5,5 . lk -1 .5, k ,si-Q, R f 58 sr , R Q ' 11 gf" 4, :Q . Q. x -nf 10' - S In A Il.. Mrs. Nellie Mae Rastorfer Phillip Avey Neva Brunjez Roberta Capps Jimmie Cooper Susan Dale Barry De Long Judy Haynes Galen Marriott Larry Medearis Larry Raines Dean Rumans Billy Turpin Leroy Wall Jay Walters Carolyn Warnke Frances E. Wilson Peggy E. Wilson STOVER FIFTH AND SIXTH Q we as ., N , in Q 5 K' ...:Q, , 'ZN' . ' N 2 6 -" ' tt. I K , ,ic s t ,ff 'XI - I w A? 3 ' ' 5 A - f.VE.sgtsgf"" - 5 Ronda Cole Raymond Davis Bill Denning John Diller Eddie Fry Patsy Hughes Clifford Marriott Jack Miller Joyce Munsterman Ruth Ann Rapp Louise Rumans Eugene Short Joan Smith Joan Turpin Marcelle Viebrock Marlene Warnke ,f 14 B R Q Q. in xi V Q iii 9 fl HIPS! YQ " GRADES Mrs. Arthur Short Louis Abbott Bennie Barber Charles Brunjes Kerry Cole Tom Deming Mardella Edzards Darlene Marriott Mary Esther Martin Jack Medearis Leo Monteer David Raines Leroy Richie Ronnie Schupp Iimmy Ray Wilson Nancy Spurlock SIXTH rf r , 1- lviann ' 'C ,W , J is 'IV 'I ii ' all vs. ikliwi f i ? if s STOVER SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Mrs. Anna Jo Eldenburg Jimmy Braden Phillip Coit Patty Combs Gilbert Fethke Arlene James Carol Liddle Loren Marriott Ronald Marriott Mike Miller Willia Mae Monteer Mary F. Munsterman Leroy Rapp Shirley Rumans Jimmy Sidebottom Anna Mae Simon Irene Swartz Betty Jean wilson EIGHTH GRADE M . W ' if . ini, T 3 ..iAll1 Q :e : rar K ,. ,L .La 'Hh- . E M., s f sm J , 1- as ., rn '. '. ,wr 3. - if 'af .Q 'S Sflonovo Lavem Avey Larry Boatright Larry Boeschen Sara Jane Brown Leroy Colvin Alta Mae Drury Larry Edzards Willa Jean Heppard Glenn Jones Charles Marriott Joyce Marriott R. C. Miles Mary Ann Miller Rosslyn Miller Gary Oxenreider Denzil Raines James Taylor Leonard Vansell Raymond Vansell Clayton Viebrock ees Mit , r F 9 55, .lf We ',117 ,Q .V queer, FLORENCE UPPER GRADES ' QU U ... -K,-,fafg O M r X Eugene Rogers William Scheere Doris Siegel Kenda Spalding Althea Van Dorn Mr. Earl Born Monte Bremer Rhoda Bretall Robert Bretall William Bretall Linda Carver Dale Crider Janet Hammerly Joan Hotsenpiller Eva Houchen Wayne Houchen Donald Lemler Charles Linney Jerry Linney William Mertgen Myron Munsterman Sharon Munsterman Joan Rasa Marvin Rehmer :i'.!v.'f9 ' . A . nn nun FLORENCE LOWER GRADES Mrs. Leonora Lewis Kathryn Bom Carolyn Boughman Judith Ann Brodersen Janet Carver Clara Carver William Leo Carver Mary Jane Castorph Carolyn Crider Sandra Herndon FLORENCE LOWER GRADES Julia Hibdon Margaret Houchen Eugene Mahnken Linda Mahnken Ierry Myers Lavera Nolting Charles Oehrke David Rasa Irene Rehmer Betty Lou Richardson Joy ce Richardson Gerald Rohr Timmy Van Dorn Jackie Lee Woolery Q ax X lin! as ff xg' M Q ' v 9 5:5 if if , isis 1 iso Q SSS. J' . ., or P' K L -- 1- :gww f ' fs , ig ' N 1 'f-7 all it no tts? a sr X .,h. .. ,, if p a m- ' n.a , To , , P? 'X' '7 .,-cn?-., si -r'- E - 5 :.- - -,:. i f 'S 5- th erar .,,.:n J 155 , ' ,fvgl .. f fr 'F -'UF 55? 4 Q XM' Sei, 7' :X A Q 4 5 ll A -1 s Q Mfii'-3 ' gi Zi' xy X gr, YQ xf '-P as 11 Winks K 4 E r. sg, 9 1 as 1, r Vi,-rw gl rf ,. f W ,Q M N 5 a uf' 1 '95 Mrs. Mollie Miesner Darrell D. Cornett Donald Dean Cornett Margaret Ann Friedley Curtis Edward Hinken Rosie Lea Kroeschen Francellia M. Monsees Raymond Morris, Jr. Emma Lee Morris Kenneth Neil Nolting Ronald Calvin Nolting Naomi Ruth Pryor Elona Lucile Pryor Larry Don Pryor Darrel David Pryor David Leroy Richardson Darrell Lee Shackelford Larry Don Shackelford Donald Wayne Smith Wanda Joy Stucker I 'A' 9 PROC TOR GRADE SCHOOL Della Mae Webb Erberr Webb Nadine Webb Raymond Eugene Webb William Webb Mr. Charles De Jarnette Leonard Capps Neil Eddie Capps Valory Capps Ioan D. Beal Leta Fern Davidson Dennis Duffer Lee Wray l-lolst Roy Luvin Jimmy Capps Charles Merriott Harvey McCollom Herman McCollom John Henry McCollom Tommy Capps Lela Mae Davidson Sharon Rose Fletcher Bonnie Luvin Peggy Luvin BRUSHY GRADE SCHOOL Mrs. Mildred Denning Roland Brown Bobby Campbell Eva Marie Conner Johnnie Conner Qcontinued on next pagej AN 1- i a . 5 5516 -vlz 1' .5 BRUSHY GRADE SCHOOL Darlene Jolmson Loren Johnson Lorene Johnson Ada Marie Purscell Bonnie Shewmaker Damon Shewmaker Gary Don Shewmaker Phillip Shewmaker Robert Shewmaker Rita Beth Silvey Kent Uptegrove Larry Uptegrove Gary Rex Walters Sam Bob Walters Carl Morris Wilson l A I iff' 1.3 . HAW CREEK GRADE SCHOOL , Mrs. Gerhart H 5 ix Jenny Ehlers 6 H8 1, Danny Roy Goetze N N" James W. Goetze Dreda M. Goodman Ernest Gene Hess Mary Elizabeth Hosier Charles Joseph McNeal Erna Jean McNeal Mary Lucille McNeal Thomas Edward McNeal mum uonvuukir Ardella Ruth Monroe Tommy Ray Monroe Betty Lou Newman Gene Harold Newman Robert B. Newman Joyce Evelyn Steinmeyer Kenneth August Steinmeyer Elaine Patricia Tambke Sally Ann Tambke Vernon Roe Wessel I SELF CHAPEL GRADE SCHQOL Ki if ' r rl Mrs. Gladys Carder James Braden Judy Hamilton Rita Ferne Hix Sharon Kreglinger Donald Marriott Joyce Marriott Lester Marriott Sylvester Marriott Victor Marriott Donna Jean Pendleton Fredia Simmons Larry Stroup Linda Stroup Diane Sullivan Michael Sullivan Joelle Wadick Margaret Wadick James Andrew White Philip Fredrick White Mrs. Hilma Hull Cleo Leon Berkstresser Marene Joan Bockelman Dennis Arnold Burkhart Diane Mae Friedrick Gary lay Friedrick Charles Edward Garrison Mary Ellen Garrison James Donald Hull Gayle Dean Richardson Judy Ann Richardson Loretta Faye Richardson Joseph Wayne Richardson Gary Lee Schnirch Raymond Oliver Weicken RIVERVIEW SCHOOL J V.-5 " LABLE J my LOCUST GRADE SCHOOL Mrs. Margaret Howard Jack Don Casto Chester Lee Marriott Darlene Joyce Marriott Linda Kay Marriott Douglas Ray Sanders Jessie Delano Sanders Gladys Marie Witherell Mancel Dean Witherell H ms,e . fanny- .., but ga , Q ,A ,. 1,35 u PLEASANT GROVE SCHOOL Mrs. Paddy Kidwell Carroll Lee Burnett Dorothy Maxine Bush Woodrow Douglas Bush Jessie Dillard Byler MDW' , ,S ir, Fx - 94 E is 'L if V xg' 00 Q 551,93 gk yg ,A4,. 523 sk- f, XX, ,S x . J, H -J to nal li'-We-' 1 J' -L kmxd .N , Q Joella Effie Byler Howard Lee Dority Carl Frances Kelso Donald Eugene Kelso George Elmer Kelso Wanda Faye Kelso Wilda Faye Kelso Terry Gene Merriott Carl Noland Miller Herman Wesly Miller Mary Lou Miller Kay Claudine Smith Cloyd Russel Thouvenel Billy Clay Williams Jimmy Dale Williams Earl Mancel Wingard F is ' we as , ,sf MARTIN GRADE SCHOOL W' 'ff M 11. x-xg si Q 5 O H- W' Mrs. Agnes Wray Robert John Bauer Kenneth Douglas Cooper Darrel Lee Friedley Donald Lee Friedley Lela Eileen Hill Marian Louise Lemler Tillie Linney Larry Kent McKee Carolyn Marie Oehrke Larry Dean Oehrke Anita Louise Smothers Mary Evelyn Smothers Linda Kay Spears Richard Lee Spears Mary Ann Stucker David Reno Warnke Viola Jose Wehrman Violet L. Wehrman is fe is L X ' ' v ssssss we L J 'P 'K 2 L if ' V is . 1 -I tk: 61- asa!-,is it in it s 'J H " ""' :f-,3,5:fV?. 1 -we 1- 4 Q, -1 X ,gnslu ,ir fjzjyi-v,g94ii ,fl -4. Shirley Ann Young LOCUST SCHOOL BRUSHY SCHOOL i PROCT OR SCHOOL 1 STOVER PRIMARY S 'I ?efmm6 faced 4,z70fw6 M4 zpwf . gi ai-f Swim ' - A , f 'I f'M1Q':-E-f5a::,i:fk" L 6 11+ - L 'w f.. N 1:ll'L 1 .zgglim l 2 7764424 swam? WW MW T444 ,455-,-fwamnf 5,4045 z?ew6er5d!5 ZW' Aww' ZW 74wwe Wm Szfeuiwm ORGA N:zA nous 5 1 HONOR "S" CHAPTER MEMBERS: MEMBERS: Larry Bauer Glenda Ornes Joe Bockelman NATIONAL Becky Ann Merk Mildred Bush HONQR SOCIETY Laverna Schroder Frankie Croy Q 7 Milton Schroder Elsie Ehlers Q L Philip Small Betty Garrison j X lay Stevinson f x Myrna Geary ff xX Ioan Stucker Martin Kennedy 6 Carol Wadick Gilbert Marriott E I-A Donna Wadick Claude Martin Frances Wilson Loyce Meyer Ernest Zimmerschied Norma Lemler ' ,st It ,tr Viis, 4' rs X I President Q Sponsors Mr. David M. Wilson 7 X i f STUDENT COUNCIL Mmm Betty Garrison, Millard Fischer, Joe Bockelman, Judy Stevinson, Delores Mahnken, Bobbie Lamler, Barbara Hamilton, Larry Bauer, Delores Viebrock, Warren Nolting, Anita Omes, Jimmy Denning. f I M! lm 5 86 as 4'Y'x1i'iI"ili'- REFLEC TOR STAFF Editor Claude Martin STAFF MEMBERS: Ralph Heppard, Philip Small, Ioan Stucker Elsie Ehlers Larry Bauer Assistant Editorg Carol Wadick, Myrna Geary, Barbara Hamilton Jay Stevinson Joe Bockelman, Frances Wilson, Martha Martin, Anita Ornes, Judy Stevmson Q gm Q2 I 11 ':::' I .5 ' gfifi . filri w,-:F JL: .Ham N. rn . WIEW ' 1 5 1 f Wm A v AM! , L- if 1 f L ' 3, '1 3 ...wammfvf-W -... Q-num..-,.., ,.,,,, . .,.., , .,,,,, 2 I I ab f v lf y I 5- if 1 1 r N234 ' 4 Z Q ig X -" 31", gf . n on is- if TA TTLER STAFF Staff Members: Editor, Philip Small, Assistant Editor, Betty Garrison, Art Editor, Rox- anna Sidebottomg Sports, Joan Stucker and Alvin Hughesg Exchange, Becky Merkg Jokes, Lena Mae Dufferg Sponsor, Miss Williams, Reporters, Dolores Mahnken, Norma Lemler, Glenda Ornes, Betty Ehlers, Lela Kreglinger, Ioan Goetz, Elsie Ehlers. "S" CLUB Members: Martin Kennedy, Alvin Hughes, Philip Small, Larry Hagedorn, Larry Bauer, Lena Mae Duffer, Roxanna Sidebottom, Joan Stucker, Betty Garrison, Barbara Walters. BAND MUSIC DEPARTMENT is under the direction of MRS, NAOMI ST EVINSO BEGINNING BAND GIRLS' GLEE CLUB E Piataqfzapdd' 01, Pmde pfaettdee 716 Omrew lglftdifthdd Zxafalez' Udde and 2044 Zmzfente 'lance Zqzccu Zelda A THLETICS VARSITY LARRY BAUER FRANKIE CROY LARRY HAGEDORN DARRELL HOLSTEN ALVIN HUGHES MARTIN KENNEDY BASKETBALL PHILIP SMALL ION SPURLOCK HAROLD UPTEGROVE DON ZIMMERSCHIED Coach, MILTON ARNOLD Stover 61 Stover 78 Stover 57 Stover 66 Stover 62 Stover 43 Stover 60 Stover 100 VERSAILLES Stover 65 Stover 57 Stover 60 Stover 55 Stover 80 BASKETBALL SUMMARV Smithton 33 Stover 45 Osage Smithton 48 Stover 68 Alumni Camdenton 48 Stover '72 Eldon Versailles 88 Stover 58 Camdenton Lincoln 60 Stover 73 Eldon California 78 Stover 67 Tipton Tipton 64 Stover 91 Cole Camp Cole Camp 54 Stover 66 Versailles TOURNAMENT Q3rd Placej TIPTON TOURNAMENT California 63 Stover 75 St. Peters Montg. City 73 Stover 62 Tipton Jeff. City 56 Stover 90 Jamestown CALIFORNIA TOURNAMENT fconsolationj Warrenton 61 Stover 73 Eugene Warsaw 71 Stover 84 New Bloomfield 7 77 54 91 62 91 70 33 81 6 70 92 51 CLASS "B' ' BASKETBALL ED BROWN QL I WARREN NOLTING JOE BOCKELMAN S FRED NOLTING fnot shownp DEWAIN CRIDER LARRY SIDEBOTTOM RALPH CROCKETT fnot showny VICTOR SPURLOCK NHLLARD FISCHER MARLIN STEINMEYER fnot showny WILLARD HOLSTEN JAY STEVINSON MANCIL MARRIOTT Qnot shown, ERNEST ZIMMERSCHIED GILBERT MARRIOTT Coach, MILTON ARNOLD l SENIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL MICKEY BUSHQ not shown I MILTON ARNOLD, Coach PATTY ELKINS K GLENDA ORNES Q3 JOAN STUCKER RUTH ANN WARNKE W ' 'kg BECKY ANN MERK TRUDY SHULL X L CAROL SUE BURKE WILMA KIPP ROXANNA SIDEBOTTOM LOYCE MEYER f BONNIE TAYLOR LENA MAE DUFFER DONNA WADICK CAROL WADICK DELORES VIEBROCK DELORES FISCHER MYRNA GEARY MARIETTA FISCHER NORINE WITTE BARBARA WALTERS L, ...f E' JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Front row: Willard Holsten, R. C. Miles, Jerry Sutton, Jimmy Medearis, Clayton Viebrock. Back row: Darrell Crider, Larry Sidebottom, Harold Beckman, Coach Arnold, Bob Eldenburg, Oliver Witte, James Denning, Jimmy Williams fnot shownj. Back row: Willa Heppard, Peggy Wadick, Donna Holsten, Janice Blair, Coach Arnold, Wanda Swartz, Anita Ornes, Martha Martin, Mary Ellen Rapp. Front row: Margaret Gerlt, Patty Combs, Ioan Koester, Betty Schnirch, Iudith Stevinson. JUNIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL ACTIVITIES Nxt Ir, N X fl 5 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The Junior Class presented a three act comedy, PAPA MAKES GOOD, on the evening of December 16th to a small but appreciative audience. Members of the cast were: John Turley, Barbara Walters, Frank Croy, Larry Hagedorn, Carol Wadick, Myrna Geary, Ruth Ann Warnke, Shirley Friedley, Larry Bauer, and Dewain Crider. Directors were Mr. Eugene Oliver and Miss Evelyn Williams. Product- ion: Trudy Shull, Ralph Richardson, Mickey Fischer, Myron Fischer, and Carl Hammerly. 'W YT! if .5 .55 I SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior class presented "Crazy But Cute," a comedy in three acts by Bertita French on the evening of April 15th. Members of the cast were: Lena Mae Duffer, Claude Martin, Roxanna Sidebottom, Milton Schroder, Joan Goetz, Philip Small, Elsie Ehlers, Martin Kennedy, Glenda Ornes, Mancil Marriott, Joan Stucker, and Betty Ehlers. Members of the production staff were: Carl Hammerly, Darrell Holsten, Ion Spur- lock, Ralph Heppard, Alvin Hughes, Delores Mahnken, Blaine Silvey, Becky Ann Merk, Norma Jean Lemler and Betty Garrison. The play was produced and directed by Mr. David M. Wilson. CHEERLEADERS "A" CHEERLEADERS: Elsie Ehlers, Joan Stucker, Lena Mae Duffer, Barbara Walters. "B" CHEERLEADERS: Delores Viebrock, Wilma Kipp, Judy Stevinson. The Pep Squad was under the sponsorship of Miss Evelyn Williams and was active at all the ga mes. PEP SQUAD BABY PARADE Wilma Kipp Mrs. Stevinson Judy Stevinson John Hamrick Myrna Geary Patty Elkins Jay Stevinson Carol Sue Burke Elsie Ehlers Milton Schrode Barbara Walters Claude Martin Martha Martin Judith Stevinson x 'Y 'ku JG i Qin -5,-4 H!-5' -I 1 l , lil, R 913 L 'iz ,i, M, ,.-. 1? G yin . v jar. k il '34 QQ I ah 5 , .. 5.45 . sy- Avg ew ,-und! t , dm ADVERTISERS Congratulations to the Senior Class GALLOWAY-MARTENS POST NUMBER 343 and THE LADIES ' AUXILIAR Y 6Q'o 'Ai Missouri si:-"lt 'LJIZQ 'Cv Af:?1AbQ. ' xl' " N7 1 AMER! CAN i W US W i LSEQ I ON L x' - , if J' 4,5 4 Q ss I I lid, -9559 D Stove r I Ei, STOVE12 FURNITURE STORE Floor Coverings Lamps Furniture Phone 1 19 CO O'D3ET2'S STORE "Our Buying Power Saves You Money" Low Prices Every Day Phone Z7 M... LX!-failed! by ZFX f ,y , I4 l T313 P 1, AND COMPANY fi Dry Goods - Notions - Clothing i5 Phone 73 I 774W I n Courtesy 3 sroar- YSMITI-ISCN! LAST MINUTEMWL -f TTZI - COLJ NTY REPUBLICAN "Enriched" Country Journalism 44th Year Phone 112 - amfbmenfs a STOVEFZ LIONS CLLJE I ss Rvacsj oun f 7 FIRST ' THOUGHT ' x.JgJC 'Z IS jf . 1 e.EAT2Y'5 OIL COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 33 Morgan County's Greatest M I Truck and Tract Department Store Tires A Bottled Gas fo Clothing for the Whole Family Cooking - Heat g Phone 19 ' I OSAGE Machine Pe rmanents fag W , Shampoos - Rinses wg Machineless ly- x N permanents Enjoy the Best , 'i Hair cuts in X 31, Hair Sets Movie Entertainment I J Cold Wave Pe rmanents we Manicures E ,4 Z 1 Hin? ' " - ' BEAUTY SHOP Congratulations to the Seniors of 1955 Z514462? in OT: 6 XRSURAJQ S Established 5 mono as Phone 190 5 I .'.72JL'1.'i5'f : 1 1 fa DFEUPIG iiinun S 9 Q i' Hfngil p KP!-XX Blfl2Q.Fl2'5 CAFE Good Food at Reasonable Prices Phone 149 NXOTZQAN CO GAS COMPANY UNTY Bottles Propane Bulk Complete Line of Gas Appliances For Service Office Phone Versailles Drexel 8-462.1 Missouri DRUG STORE Fountain Service The Place to Go After School" Phone 59 H. F. HAGEDORN :, C - - A"" See Us for Television Sales and Service 5 ':"'A 'A Zenith and Hallicrafter TV Sets KRAXBERGER - SMITHSON - COOPER fAt Cooper's Storej Stover, Mo. ' Q QL? Phone 12 1 Q Stover Missouri 'CAJ :E N LUMBER COMPANY Everything You Need In Building Materials Complete Line of Paints and Varnishes Compliments to the Senior Class of 1955 '4-ATZMLT-ZS LXCMANQE GT-' 'Fl GEF NCTC fs 7 ,oi gvzmg .sh HATCHERY W Baby Chicks Custom Hatching J .,. U. S. Approved U. S. Pullorum Clean Prices Reasonable - Satisfaction Guaranteed Compliments Ziffazwia' GOLDFISH HAT CHERY Growers and Shippers Fancy Goldfish Missouri Minnows Missouri Dace fBlackheadsj Iobbers and Wholesalers Stover, Missouri STOV E12 TELEPHONE EXCHANGE AND RURAL LINES Please Call L. H. RATH by Number Proprietor Congratulations to the Senior Class Ewen CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Stover , Missouri .Q- lf' ,J BA J Zan: ' or 'H ' DAIRY PRODUCTS A .n...,. E ., , X DAIRY Home Delivery Phone 247 Cole Camp Compliments COCA - COLA BOT TLING COMPANY Sedalia , Missouri CQEN 5:-:AWS LUMBER 81 GAS Dimension Native Lumber Cut-Rate Gas and Oil Hzway 135 -1fZ Mile South of Stover, Missouri Phone 172 f-9' 5 - :- gi-Tff"' Dfw HQ. .W , Senior Class of ali". ' DRIVE -IN Owner C ompliments to the 1955 C'l2'E7lf. PUVIEE LILLIE PARKER STEV I N 5ON'S FUNERAL HOME Office Phone 77 AMBULANCE SERVICE MoQu.E aj, i A SERVICE Tires - Tubes Car Washing Fishing Tackle Minnows - Phone 171 Greasing L. C. MONSEES, Manager Residence Phone 102 S I NCLAHZ SERVICE Gasoline - Oils - Greases Hunting Minnows Fishing Candy Permits Soda RAYMOND WITTE - Lessee ,f-f'Cf'S.INS2-C s ggrcfiil 4 . ' J U IS oun K mzsr THOUGHT WMZQZ- JIM SWARTZ - Lessee Cut Rate Gasoline 1f4 Mile West of Stover, Missouri Congratulations to the Senior Class M, X TAVERN Florence, Missouri .lor-:NsoN's CORNER CAFE AND MOTEL "Where the Gang Gathers" BERT AND VIOLA JOHNSON Phone 199 M4456 INSURANCE AGENCY MRS, AMELIA WARNKE Fire and Extended Coverage Phone 105 ..-,-., 1 l,.. I Hub' FEEDS Kiwi MILLING COMPANY Wholesale and Retail Dealer Wheat - Flour - Milfeed - Grain Chicken Feed Laying Mash WNW ' E, H, BAUER " ' A Proprietor 1 4 18 " ' ' MONEY TIME UID! F-'ISCI-IEIZ. ANI7 TAGTMEYETZ Skelgas - Hardware - Paints Phone Z4 Stover, Missouri "1 MRS. LILLIE WILLIAMS, MRS. INEZ RAPP, MRS. GLEN MARTIN . Fine Quilting At Reasonable Prices We Quilt Anything That Can Be Quilted Stover, Mo. Phone 147 fy cr C EXCHANGE t i ,A Non-Profit - I I Non-Stock l Patronize Your Own Business Phone 15 b fii MFA QCDUC . Protection to Fit Your Need , A Strong Company Low Rates No Membership Fees No Assessments M. A, FISCHER, Agent . xxx!! I . +8998 C E s Phone 160 MEIZIZIOTT INSURANCE AGENCY Automobile Fire and Extended Coverage Life - Sickness - Accident ORLYN H. MERRIOTT Stover, Mo. , Phone 62.08 A7.,a'--.a vwzaoox Taylor Publishing Company-Dallas ES ' Www T' f'7'L'wiSl-mwvw wx ' A . ' I ' U h , . , mf 'U M W M kfiif WMQZQW WW X N' Qu wwf W 'J 'HM W WWW W Miff W 1 ? Aw X Mgwyg. is S S wi""W' Q ,XWW W ff W 'wgfbwerfff ,pw mf'Wf,f?'f 3!jwwVm,' wi W Amy, H Mr, J M wy f27fff5 PM M M fy! MM' MQW? W' f M, ff ffwwffiff M ' .451 , , . jay. 0' SEWWMQL W fp Mwfgw W Wi MQW Q aff fi W2ff? A ,wi If? sf WWW H' : W I V ,bl ,X , . A 5. h 4 V V I . ,Rx ,, vi Y ,I . was-.I V , L. -X , , w-,.- Q F ff? ' M ikk' ,ZWMMM fm' D NM - 8 4 .f P' W if Elmiwffx W W1 My 22??iff5W 4 y 'X kghgwf gyifmqwjff wg- My W5 Je fy M51 wrfwg QR , ,ff W J, Aff! Md, ' xy Ti S GP 5? ,vp-2i? Wi NVQ, Xyjv Www? Qiyfgv? .QV Q Q . 5,9 . l 1-7:1-1 9? SFR: , ' ' , 4. f2r.1mr"w+'l""1""H' f-'-'H-"f'W"""""" 1 . I, . 955 .W AV ,ww 4, ,ff W7f'fQ?3ff M Wijlkk, WQWSQQQWF OW 75471 gy3ig1zywW fjf, wif WW ff WWW W 0' QWWZQ W' y,w JW,M WWf' P'5'W'y W' W m A -f . , ' 1 4 . ' A 1 4. x If x4 -. A A . 1 '.., :., ,-: ,Q ,S-ww J. + v.yE.:54fJ an 5 eg1:,::i?TvT9 1 i - 'Lx X 1 FJ wqgg 1 -x. 4 . . . 'Qi , . ,v 4 .y 1 .Q ,1- I.. x , !..jL ,,.n ,' ref.- w 1 ,X 1. W ,, . ' ' va.. 1 -X,-, I we E Q., ip -. -1. 1. , .-f., 4 . , . , , ,,-, , 5 ,I -.Mg . ?11f'v-Q'M 'I gy., , -, ., 1. ,w -V 555.-I+' W , J bw' I X

Suggestions in the Stover High School - Reflector Yearbook (Stover, MO) collection:

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