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Deft fto fun There are those whose high competence as a teacher goes largely unrecognized because of the limited opportunities within the specialization of one’s own field. We feel this should never prevent giving deserved recognition to that person. The one to whom we dedicate the 1977 Yahara is just such a person. This attention may be long overdue which is why we take special pleasure in dedicating the yearbook to Mr. Pryor T. Smith.itrin rinnerOIlaaH ©f18c are all atill ktbs at Ijeart.from Court $am BBeralanii escorted by Houiari) fioloff Cliereaa iCauretir escorted by 3eff BiUjorn Setto Aaberg escorted by BaU CfllerRow 1: T. Kiss, L. Haugh, E. Gardner, P. Gyland, A. Grieb, C. Trinko. Row 2: M. Herbeck, T. Lauretic, K. Steckbauer, S. Montague, D. Christiansen, J. Bilhorn. £ poon anil 8 paiie Row 1: P. Skaar, T. Kiss. Row 2: J. Bilhorn, K. Laffey, G. Jeff Bilhorn and Theresa Lauretic Gilbert. Row 3: J. Wolf, D. Christiansen, H. Roloff. Junior Honors •National Honor S’ocietp(Elaas Swig (Elaas Motto (ElaBB iFlouier Hello Old Friend We will cherish cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows with memories of love, friends, and good __ will to all. President: Dean Christianson Vice-President; Phil Hanson Treasurer: Kathy Steckbauer Secretary: Roxane Fossen White Rose WOMENBetty Jane Aaberg Love. and do what you like. Robert Charles Anderson Caryl Jean Arneson Jeffrey W. Alme Go until the last shots are fired and the last drop of gasoline is gone, then go on foot. Janice Lynn Anderson Amy S. Ackerman "Those who are absent are always wrong to return” She can dance her way into anyone's heart. 'With all its wonders, science has found no medicine that cures stupidity.” Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without The eyes of the world are upon you.Never lei schooling interfere with your education Ah! Yeah! If at first you don't succeed, you're doing about average. On the day of victory, no one is tired Aw. . .c’mon. Debra Elain Bjelde A smile can say a thousand words Mary Louise Bothum Of all things to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship. Most problems are really the Life is not life at all without absence of ideas delight. David Lowell Bowne Laura Lynn Boyd There is still three minutes to get this copied. Lori Ellen Bronte When somebody tells me 1 have to do something. I wait a minute, think about it. and do the opposite. Karen Marie Bultman Notions hurt none but those that have them. Tammy Byrne Don't complicate things, just keep them simple. Donna Mae Brimmer Don’t take life so seriously or you'll never get out alive. Lori Lynn Brickson Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to do that perfectly. Dawn R Brown Ellen Marie Budden It isn't what 1 do. it's what I'm caught doing. She who enjoys doing and enjoys what she has done is happy.Joni R. Christenson The happiest person is the person who thinks the most interesting thoughts. Dean A. Christianson It is impossible to rule and be innocent Gregory Comstock It is better to have loafed and lost than never to have loafed at all. Janet DiAnn Crane Know thyself - but don't tell anyone. Dianna Sue Davis To hold a pen is to be at war. Nancy Ann Dickman “I better hurry before the lunch room is full.” Tina Marie DeGroot To err is human, but isn’t it divine? Donald D. Diedrick I tell the world. It's amazing how nice people are to you when they know you’re going away.Michael J. Dietzman He is every other inch a gentleman. Mary Kay Doudlah We have two ears and only one tongue in order that we may hear more and speak less f Sharyn Louise Dullum Gary John Dvorak Paula Marie Dybevik Susan Annora Eggum Fair and softly goes far. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Gary. I turned around and there I saw myself standing, backwards. Silence is the essential condition of happiness.I ook into my Karen Elaine Elsing Tammy Susan Eisner He who laughs, lasts. A diamond is the only kind of ice that keeps a girl warm. Mary Louise Elvekrog Julie A. Engels My mind is already made Of all noises. I think music is up! Don’t confuse me with the least disagreeable, the facts. Chris E. Erdahl Dale R. Erickson Spit not against heaven, it The world knows nothing of will fall back in your face. its greatest men Timothy Charles Erickson David Paul Eugster There's no saying here He who loves not women, because he usually isn’t. wine, and song remains a fool his whole life long What has he been up to.Diane Rae Femrite Smile with an intent to do mischief William M. Fleming A man who is a master of patience is a master of all. Come fly with me. Roxane Marie Fossen Resisting temptation is easier if you think you'll get another chance later on. Perry M. Frohne No one knows what he can do until he tries. Mari Jayne Fuller Evil is live spelled backwards. Elizabeth Renee Gardner To err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer Do you want me to bark too? Gary Allan Gehrke Gregory Brian Gilbert I have nothing to offer but Imagination is too often blood, toil, tears, and sweat. accompanied by somewhat irregular logic.Susan Jean Gjertson Ann Marie Grieb Wendy W. Grendahl Suzanne E. Guetzke Few things are impossible with diligence and skill. An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding. To do two things at once is to do neither. She may be small but she sure gets around. Jody Fay Gunderson Patrice Ann Gyland Vicki Lynn Haight Burton R. Halverson Going up? Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after In the first place God made idiots, this was for practice; then he made school boards. The world is as ugly as sin • and almost as delightful.JoAnn Mariam Hanson Kathy JoAnne Hanson Lori Jean Hanson Philip Scott Hanson Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness. Silence is a virtue known to few. A wild goose never laid a tame egg. Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example. Gregory J. Harris Karen Lynn Harvey Kerry J. Hauge Mari Lynn Haugh Oh. it's nice to get up in the morning But it’s nicer to lie in bed. I am torn between horses and men. Speed, it seems to me. provides the one genuinely modern pleasure. I think, therefore I am; I thinkMki Lori Lynn Havey Mary Jane Herbeck It is difficult to keep quiet if No rule is so general that it you have nothing to do. admits no exceptions. Joni Sue Hillery Martin Hitz “Richie, haven’t you made weight yet?” Art is the science of beauty. In Switzerland we always wear blue jeans. Jeffrey Allen Holverson Ann Cecelia Hougan Nothing is worth more than Her way is all her own and this day - Graduation. she prefers it that way. n Brenda Lee Hughes Sherry Lee Ingels "Don't believe everything I Woman's great strength lies say - you'd be surprised at in being late or absent what I can make up."'I have the simplest tastes. Grub first, then ethics. I'm always satisfied with the best." Clarence Wayne Iverson Cheryl Anne Jacobson What you don't know won't help you much either. It is human nature to think wisely and to act in an absurd fashion. —v —- Diane Sue Jasensky Steven K. Jensen David N. Johnson Gloria M. Johnson An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea Put Gunner in. Bucky! i have fed like a farmer, I shall grow!" Party at Nancy’s? I’ll be right over.Joanne Marie Johnson A smile, a giggle, a friendly way. Nancy R.Johnson She does what is needed, and does it well ‘If I move a little, I can suck my thumb.” Mary Evelyn Kittleson The saying that beauty is but skin-deep is but a skin-deep saying Todd Edward Kittelson There are only three great men in this school, me,...and I forget the other two. Clarice Marie Keehn Kevin B. Kinney I do my job and then some. “I consider the day a total loss if I don't catch hell about something." Karen Jane Kinnunen A silver key can open an iron lock. Mary Lou Kittleson Seldom heard, but always doing.Therese Marie Kiss •The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do Patricia Lynn Klitzke Hell is full of good intentions. Karen Lynn Knudson I believe in getting into hot water, I think it keeps you clean i4'f- Scott Klongland We ask advise but seek collaboration. Kenneth D. Kluever. Jr. When opportunity knocks, he complains of noise. Randy R. Knickmeier W'ork all the week long, rust on Sunday. Kevin Michael Laffey Lisa Lynn Lamson Eric Landsverk Theresa Jayne Lauretic My words fly up, my thoughts remain below Actions speak louder than words but not as often. Bad excuses are worse than none. Fun is like life insurance, the older you get the more it costs. Innocence can be a deceiving thing. Never promise more than you can perform Greg J. Liskey Shelley Sue Linnerud I won’t be in school today -there’s a test! While we stop to think, we often miss our opportunity..4 F- Jeff A. Liskey If foosball were a profession, he'd be rich David F. Long He carries with ease the qualities which please. Randy A. Malcook A little bluffing now and then is done by the best of men Kimberly A. Malin I follow no ones foot steps for I make my own. “Did you see that cute guy from Sun Prairie?” Cynthia Jean McCain Elizabeth Allison McGruer There was never a saint with red hair. Be good and you will be lonesome. Keep the golden mean she takes things as they are between saying too much and never asks for more, and too little. Susan Lee Martin a Debra Lynn MateikaThe brains around this table add up to dynamite. Lisa Marie Mennes £ iSjOv Mark H. Metzler Janet L. Meyer Julie Noreen Mickelson If at first you don't succeed, try a little love. Nobody has the right to speak more clearly than he thinks The only thing worth having in an earthly existence is a sense of humor. It is not enough to have great qualities, we should also have the management of them. Deborah Jean Misgen Peter K. Monson Steven Charles Montague Tammy Lynn Much To become what we are capable of becoming is the oniy end in life. Still waters run deep. Golf? It's a terrible game. Smile - it makes people I m glad I don't have to play wonder what you’ve been up again until tomorrow. |0Charlotte A. Muetz Diane Marie Myklejord Kathy Jo Nelson Mark R. Nelson Sing away sorrow, cast away The best things are the most she doesn’t hurry, but lean live for two months on a care. difficult. always makes it eventually. good compliment. Rose Marie Netrafa Rosalie Lorene Nicholson Erik Lee Nielsen Steve M. Nygaard Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. The most certain sign of wisdom is a continual cheerfulness. A bluebird is a bird that carries the sky on his back. I never set pen on paper except when an overdose of idleness drives me to it.Existence would be intolerable if we were never to dream. “To insure peace of mind, ignore the rules and regulations.” The world gets better every evening then worse again in the day. Mark Overland We desire nothing so much as what we ought not to have. Karen A. Pernot The web of our life is of a mingled yarn good and ill together. •lohn C. Orcutt Of two evils, choose the prettier Jacalyn Sue Osterberg Do not learn more than you absolutely need to get through life BruceE. Peterson All intelligent people incline to express themselves briefly to say at once whatever is to be said.Jack Carrol] Peterson Robin Joy Peterson I,ife is a predicament. “One of my finest accomplishments is making a short story long." Those who give of themselves truly give. "I love Smokey Bear." “I can’t believe it’s a girdle.” An ounce of invention is worth a pound of pots. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.76 tubas? Michael R. Quam John J. Radecki One should never do anything that one cannot talk about after dinner. Man should go out of this world as he came in - chiefly on milk bottles. I ori Lynn Rambo Laura Ann Ramos Barbara Lynn Ramsden Stephen C. Riccardi The height of ability consists in knowing the price of things. She’s never too busy to be friendly. Her reasoning would confuse any teacher. To live is like to love - all reason is against it, and all healthy instinct for it.Howard L. Roloff Adults are obsolete children. Patty Jane Ross "She said. 'Sink or swim.' So I sank." “These eyes are getting very heavy.” Kevin E. Rossdeutscher Jeffrey Craig Rowley Tina M. Santos Robert Charles Sawle What's wrong with a little horsing around? Music is a sound investment. All that blushes is not innocent. I came through and I shall return When all else fails. I It's easy to be an angel when probably will too nobody ruffles your feathers. 1Wendy S. Schmidt Scott M. Schwenn She’ll enter heaven with the Politeness is a pleasant way Devil on her heels. to get nowhere with a girl. § Sandra Lynn Sellers Oh. it’s Richard again Short Goodness does not flash, it but sweet. glows Teri Lynn Severson Jeff W. Shaffer Ronald D. Shields Mark E. Showers Is it true blondes have more fun? He was born silly and had a relapse. No question is so hard to answer as that which the answer is obvious. School is what you make it: it makes me tired.Deborah Anne Shumate Steven John Sime Acting consists of the ability to keep an audience from coughing. If a man could have half his wishes, he would double his troubles. Pamela Jean Skaar EricK.Smedal Determination is the key to Remember - there is no saint success without a past • no winner without a future. “I have a yodel and a watch in my secret bank account as if that matterhorns.” Jean Marie Smith Start out small and work your way up Randal L. Smithback ' Women are the root of all evil Wanna go digging?” Sherri L. Smithback it is not easy to be a pretty woman without causing mischief. Joyce E. Soerfass The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundingsEveryone causes a little trouble sometime. Life's too short for chess. The frustrating thing is that the key to success doesn't always fit your ignition. Although my education has done me no harm. I still feel much safer on the farm. Sharron Ann Stenjem Ann Starostovic Tracy Renee Stauffacher Kathleen Jody Steckbauer The secret of happiness is curiosity. One should always be a little improbable. Most newspaper writers regard truth as their most valuable possession, and therefore are most economical in its use. A disagreeable person is one that disagrees with me. Who says the chess board is the only place you need strategy. A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse. "One can desire too much of a good thing?” "Have 1 ever missed a party? Well, have I?" Nelson Sundby ... Steven James Strandlie Susan Marie Strandlie Sarah Ellen Strieker Cleanliness is next to the gas station. “I'm late again? Well, at least I’m consistent.” I came. I saw. and I graduated I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow.Don’t’you dare. U-t every man be master of Wai, a minute. , have to h.s time, till seven at night adjus, my ha)o Michelle Marie Thomas Better to be little and shine, then to be big and cast a shadow John A. Trampush Very simple ideas lie within the reach only of complex minds. Cynthia Ann Trinko Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for your stomach's sake Dale Joseph Tyler Life is too short to be small.David A. Vike The hardest job of all is trying to look busy when you’re not. Kathy J . Vike What's the use of living if you can't enjoy yourself? Debra J. Van Horn No one returns with good will to the place which has done her a mischief. Steven H. van Steenderen “Let your mind be free.” Scot Alan Vesterdahl How glorious it is • and also how painful to be an exception. Hi there! David A. Volenberg Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Pamela Jean Waag Just a little nonsense now and then. Joseph C. Van Fossen Studying isn't the only thing to do during high school.Brenda LeAnn Walther Two stars keep not their motion in one sphere. Kenneth Weaver "I don't mind lying, but I hate inaccuracy." Ada Weigel Her giggle echoes through the halls. Pamela Sue Wersland Ahl Springtime in the Kockies. “I'm too wired to stand up straight." David H. Whaley James L. Wickline ‘Tm too tired to stick my tongue all the way out." Gerald Wideen Michael Jerome Wiessinger Communists are frustrated Capitalists. His time is forever, everywhere his place. Many things have to be said obscurely before they can be said clearly. He will give the Devil his dueJanet Kay Wikum Frances Joanne Willems Brett Paul Williams Richard C. Wisden Beauty that doesn’t make a woman vain makes her very beautiful. The cautious seldom err All men have a reason, but not all people can give a reason “I'have so much to do that I’m going to bed.” My God it’s a flea epidemic! John William Wolf Debra K. Wolfgram Diane Rose Woolever Michiko Yaoita Not only the greatest computer ever devised, but the only produced by unskilled labor. To talk is one thing, to say something is another. Quiet girls aren’t always quite so quiet A girl we were glad to see come and sorry to see go.Nancy Dixon wjL i yesterday n Jflonger exists ’ Today is IfPre tQ hange fois the better. 4 Past has sonWthings to say, best let her. ' Eton vvatTf rP %hf of glory and lust -which w'iiralso avfe, someday, turn to rust, We laugh at thina Wkread in old letters,, knowing oura tetters woh’t be much beftcr'r Unfolding' the n s they crackle like crust -Tojjs t oday seen the best it could be; 4 no matter w hat al lse One may invent. . ,ti is r minds vvliWdetermines th Hey UfttwiTat traditionalLvays are to be sfent knowing our. fetors won’t bennuch bettefe Unfolding thHn Its they crackle like crust: Tojjs fodayseeo the best it could be; no matter what 3 1se one rnay invent. . iis . totr minds whwdetermines the £ey C what traditionalLv'avs are to be ffeftt. i Fithe 'ones awaitin'®- who Want to see; « wfchl those times td|us realty meant. 'Aktiuiteti rttiB Hike lEacorteb bg HmuiE Enlnff Hmnerominq 1976 5am lieralanb lEacorteb bg g c0tllE0tErbal|l IGori IrnntE Eacortcb bg (SrEg (itlbErt £fancg Hickman iEacnrteb bg (tag Marrtfi fBEttg Aabsrg Sacarteb bg iaiE %iEr 2CeUq tBannigan lEacorteb bg Martin Hit?' Vi W MONROE CHEJE.Sc TWv«ES.CSlWCM Homecoming ’76 proved memorable for the Senior Class as they took first place in the week’s activities. The 50’s motif for the senior float was appropriate in the current nostalgia trend. For the senior gridders, Homecoming was also a success as they downed Monroe 31-0. The senior girls’ powder puff team also came away with a victory. Not only the seniors, but the whole school made this year’s Homecoming a pleasant experience for all.Ushers Denise Stellmacher Kathy Bakken Jenny Smith Rick Stenli Scott Swenson Emilie Svitalski Trudi Thompson Make-up Marsha Erdahl Karen Harvey Jody Lebakken Meg Turville Hittle Hartf CAST Prologue-------------------- Chief Brown Bear------------ Corporal Billy Jester------- Captain "Big Jim" Warington Little Mary Sunshine-------- Mme. Ernestine von Liebendich Nancy Twinkle Fleet Foot---- Yellow Feather General Oscar Fairfax YOUNG LADIES Cora-------Lisa Mennes Henrietta—Beth Gardner Gwendolyn-Kathy Knutson Blanche-Janis Kvalheim Denise Stellmacher Mark Metzler —Timm Hubing Jeff Rowley Debbie Shumate Terry Kiss Pam Wersland -Mike Dickman Tony Muetz Tim Erickson Maud------Cindy McCain Mabel----Mary Sorenson Martha—Patrice Gyland Gertrude-Caryl Ameson ORCHESTRA Violins Tim Baltzer Jane Ralph Kathy Couch Judy Ladwig Karen Venske Pete Sviatoslavsky Tom Fendrick Violas Kim Kubale Geoff Ladwig Cello Eric Nielson Jenny Ladwig Bill Beckstrand Bass David Berg Lori Hanson Jeff Stanton Piano Shirley Ralph John Beutel Flutes Chris Fricke Kathy Steckbauer Clarinet Lisa Nygaard Sandi Sellers Oboe Roxane Fossen Bassoon Michelle Thomas French Horn Tracy Steckbauer Debbie Snyder Trumpets Gary Bakken Ken Kiss Trombone Doug Sandridge Percussion Kevin Laffey Terry Gohlke Jane Helmke YOUNG GENTLEMEN Pete-John Trampush Hank---------Rick Ameson Slim—Ken Chritton Tom Matt Schwartz Tex---Jeff Shumate Burt----------David Bowne Buster-Bob Dickman Bart-Steve van Steendereniloijn Mtamns iftr _ ¥ THE READER'S THEATRE TROUPE Beth Gardner David Bowne Terry Kiss Tony Muetz Deb Shumate Jeff Rowley Mary Sorenson John Trampush THE CHORUS Lynda Asleson Karl Rossdeutscher Anne Dybdahl Tade Swerig Kari Entwistle Chad Troy Karla Hermanson Mike Flocca Kelly Laffey Randy Fritch Mary Miller Mark Gohlke Laura Peterson Pat Hagen Anne Wilcox Ken Kreitling Kathy Bakken Robin Odland Amy Benedict Mike Offord Julie Davis Lance Puccio Tammy Morgan Jim Severson Lesha O'Connell Emilie Switalski Patty Sandridge ✓ ■— Karen Venske Mary Sunby Sue Martin Trudi Thompson Joan Anderson Denise Toban ¥ Carla Burnard David Amyotte Sarah Dennis Scott Giltner Julie Engels Troy Hubing V Karen Harvey Geoff Ladwig Jam's Kvalheim David Nelson Jody LeBakken Glenn Rhodes Anna Lein Susan Makay Debbie Mateika Frances Triggs Mary Melaas Ada Weigel r Cindy McCain Pam Wersland Penny Mosher V Machiko Yaoita Charlotte Muetz Jeff Shumate 4 Lisa Nielsen Scott Swenson Robin Peterson 7 David Bemis Debbie Rhodes Bob Casto I ' Anita Shenkat Ken Chritton Sue Wild K Mike Dickman Lina Benson Jim Duell Sharon Bolender Tim Erickson Ed Hoffman Dana Erickson Timm Hubing Lucy Hougan Jim Ganshert Kathy Johnson Russ Mathison Z Mary Lou Kittleson Mark Metzler Kathy Knutson r Ed Santos Linda Lock Rick Stenli Rose Nicolson David vandenNoven Jane Ralph Matt Schwartz Cindy Scott Steve vanSteenderen Michelle Schuld Pete Vogel Jenny Smith Scott Wegner Julie Steinhorst THE CHARLESTOWN CONSERVATORY CORNET BAND CONSTRUCTION CREW PUBLICITY HORNS TRUMPETS David Legreid Dan Trampush Tracy Steckbauer Gary Bakken Martin Hitz Sharron Stenjem Bruce Peterson Dave Metzler David Berg Lynn Haugh Bill Beckstrand Cathy Couch Craig Vocelka BARITONE Greg Kopke Kevin Noreen Sharron Stenjem TROMBONES Dave Roloff LIGHTING TUBA Scott Stokes Lynn Haugh, Assistant Electrician Jeff Shumate Dan Hillery Cathy Couch, Operator Martin Hitz, Operator “A Sim 3far Ea” (fuccn dJulte King Mark1377 Prom (ttourt Homca Stein cacorteii bg dJuffti iRinbabl $am pteper EBcorteb bg Mark Sakkcn £ ue Aubg EBcortcb bg Sim (Sanbtr (Sail 3Finber cscortcb bg Sob Sickman Irenba (§ncken eBCortrb bg 0aue MdCeiali Harp iEllen Upe EBCorteb bg AI eamonaon24th ANNUAL i?onor lUtuartis banquet sponsored by Stoughton Jaycees TUESDA Y, MA Y 3, 1977 Je Attf Alme Janice Andenson Jeii Bit ho m David Bourne Lori Bronte Karen Bultman Dean Christiansen Diana Davis Shanyn Dullum Jutie Engels David Eugster NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seniors Diane Femnite Elizabeth Gardner Gregory Gilbert Anna Caleb Patnlce Gyland Manl Haugh Many Henbeck Karen Kinnunen Therese Kiss Kevin La ey Theresa Launetlc Shelley Linnenud Juniors Sleven Montague Cynthia Popanz Susan Quale Laura Pantos Jean Smith Kathleen Steckbauen Shannon Stenjem Michelle Thomas John Trampush Cynthia Trlnho John Wol Teresa A(me Enlc Halvenson David Metz ten Eileen Bolland Many Jo Hansen Lisa Nygaand Kenneth Chrltton Shelley Henmundstad Douglas Sandnldge Chnlstine Frlcbe Linda Johnson Phonda Schnoeder David Gohlbe Beth Koenig Sally Sharp GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARDS LIONS DEPARTMENT AWARDS Ellen Budden Agnlcultune . Janet Wikum Many Elvebnog Ant . Susan Quale Jammu Much Business Education . Cynthia Tninko Enlb Nielsen English . Elizabeth Gandnen Howard Polo Foneign Language . Jean Smith Pamela Sbaan Home Economics . Debna Wo Ingram Scot Vestendahl Jnd. Ants-Graphic Ants . . . . Dale 7ylen Pamela Wens land Construction . . . . Je Bilhom Ada Weigel Motor Mechanics . . . Steven Sime Janet Wikum Metals . Je reu Alme Mathematics . Patnlce Gyland NATIONAL OBSERVER Science . Philip Hanson Social Studies . Steven Montague Elizabeth Gandnen Speech-Drama . David Bourne ROTARY AWARDS BADGER GIRLS STATE BADGER BOYS STATE Canyl Anneson Many Jo Hansen Kenneth Chrltton Many Jane Henbecb Beth Koenig Steve Hestnes Shenny Ingels Bryan Peterson Kevin La ey AMERICAN LEGION AWARD Douglas Sandnldge Kathleen Stecbbauen Kevin Laftey Todd Spangler ARION AWARD-INSTRUMENTAL ARION AWARD-VOCAL JUNIOR HONOR STUDENT AWARD Elizabeth Gandnen Kenneth Chnitton Douglas Sandnldge Thenese Kiss BOHOL AMBHQPB STOUGHTON HOSPITAL AUXILIARY.........................................Shanyn Dull urn JESSE MOORE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS. Anna Caleb, Kevin La ey, Kathleen Steckbauen BEN WAITE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS.....................Elizabeth Gandnen, Manl Haugh NELSON MUFFLER........................................Diane Femnite, Patnlce Gyland UNIROYAL...................................................................j0hn Wol( ROTARY............. Canyl Aaneson, Many He ibecfe, Shelley Unneaud, Cynthia Talnbo FIRST FEOERAL SAVINGS LOAN........................................Steven Montague JAYCEES................Kanen BoItman, Julie Engels, Cynthia McCain, Launa Pantos LIONS.......................................Susan Gjentson, Susan Quale, Jean Smith PHILOMATH IA......................................................... Vebaa Shumate JAYCETTES .............................................. Diana Davis, Poxanne Fossen CHRIST LUTHERAN................................................. ... Cynthia Popanz IOA OSTERHELO MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP..................................ioKji Saonte MICHAEL HANSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ........................... . . »any Sothum VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS ...................... Ellen Budden ENTRE NOUS...................................Kanen Kinnunen ERIC JOHNSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ........... Jeiiery Rowley SONS OF NORWAY............................Vean Chnlstlansen CARROLL ERICKSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP . . . .j0hn Tnampush LESTER ABBS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP...............Vonna s,Ujmen OBED I. NOREM MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP .... viane VanFossen ANDREW CORDIA CALHOUN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP . 3antX Ulku R HOWARD HELLICKSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP . . .Gregory GUbent EDWARD DICKLIN SCHOLARSHIP ............................ Vale Tylen JEFF STRANDLIE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ........... Vavid Bourne MARC CHRITTON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP .... Theaesa Launetlc STOUGHTON HEALTH COUNCIL .................. Shannon Stenjem SENIOR CLASS SCHOLARSHIP .................... Vavid EugsterRow 1: Kevin Laffey, Kathy Steckbauer, Anna Grieb, and Theresa Lauretic. Row 2: Janet Wikum, Lori Bronte, Donna Brimmer, Mary Bothum, and college sophomore Diane Van Fossen. Row 3: Greg Gilbert, David Bowne, Jeff Rowley, John Trampush, Mari Haugh, and Beth Gardner. Mentor Honors Row 1: Ada Weigel, Tammy Much, Ellen Budden, Mary Elvekrog, Pam Wersland. Janet Wikum, and Erik Nielsen. Row 2: Sue Quale, Shelly Linnerud, Mary Jane Herbeck, Kathy Steckbauer, Sherry Ingels, Debbie Wolfgram, and Caryl Arneson. Row 3: Cindy Trinko, Kevin Laffey, Jean Smith, Patrice Gyland, Sue Gjertson, Beth Gardner, and David Bowne. Row 4: Steve Sime, Jeff Alme, Dale Tyler, and Phil Hanson.National Honor l octetg Row l: David Metzler, Ken Chritton, David Gohlke, Doug Sandridge, and Kric Halverson. Row 2: Chris Fricke, Sally Sharp, Beth Koenig, Linda Johnson, Eileen Bolland. Row 3: Mary Jo Hansen, Lisa Nygaard, Teresa Alme, Shelly Hermundstad. and Rhonda Schroeder. dluntor Honors Honor tuirnts iHa ger tate Bryan Peterson, Todd Spangler, Beth Koenig, Mary Jo Hansen, Steve Hestnes, Doug Sandridge, and Ken Chritton.©rgatrifiafimfiItyilo Ktg ifitera Row 1: P. Gyland, Pres.; T. Kiss, Treas.; B. Gardner, Hist. Row 2: S. Davis, D. Femrite, M.J. Herbeck, B. McGruer, S. Dullum, J. Smith, L. Haugh, D. Shumate. Row 3: K. Bultman, J. Anderson, S. Stenjem, J. Engels, A. Grieb, M . Bothum, M. Thomas, C. Arneson. Row 4: C. Trinko, R. Fossen, S. Gjertson.T. Lauretic,S. Quale, K. Steckbauer, C. McCain, L. Ramos. $lftlo Kittle people Row 1: K. Chritton, Vice Pres. ; S. Montague, Sec.; J. Wolf, D. Eugster, P. Pieper, S. Sharp. Row 2; R. Schroeder, T. Alme. C. Lange, C. Popanz, L. Mennes, G. Gilbert. Row 3: D. Goedel, S. Hermundstad, C. Fricke. J. Steinhorst, S. Auby, D. Sandridge, G. Bakken. Row 4: J. Trampush, B. Koenig. E. Bolland. L. Johnson, M.J. Hansen, E. Halverson, R. Arneson, K. Laffey. tu ent (Emmet I Row 1: Michelle Amundson, Reporter; P. Wersland, Vice Pres.; K. Laffey, Pres.; D. Erickson, Sec.; J. Peterson, Treas. Row 2: T. Maynard, C. Goedel, J. Strandlie, J. Davis, A. Dybdahl. K. I-affey, L. Asleson, P. Hagen, D. Stronach. Row 3: P. Chritton, M. Dickman, C. Dvorak, P. Goedel, J. Helmke, C. Skinner, C. DeGroot, S. Bannigan, R. Roslak. Row 4: P. Skaar, M. Hye, S. Auby, G. Finder. P. Smet, B. McLeish, M. Stockwell, M. Knutson, D. Ellingson. Row 5: M. Harris, B. Koenig, M.J. Herbeck, C. Popanz.S. Ingels, T. Kiss, J. Wideen. P. Hanson, D. Christianson, G. Gilbert. Row 1: A. Weigel, J. Mickleson, J. Knutson, E. Dykeman, M. Ingels. Row 2: O. Harried, J. Doser, C. Williams. G. Winecke. J. Williams, J. Mickleson, Scot Giltner, J. Kubale.ATI ®ed|nictans Row 1: R. Peterson, A. Oberlander, D. Kinney. Row 2: T. Stanton, S. Wegner, D. Vanden Noven, B. Irmen. iCtbrarn Assistants Row 1: C. Fawcett, R. Nicholson, P. Mosher, J. Lemanski. Row 2: D. Rhodes, C. Muetz, R. Peterson, L. Fricke, B. McLeish, T. Kiss. Row 3: T. Wicks, S. Dietzman, L. Mennes, C. Burnard, B. Gardner.UluHic Senate Row l: P. Gyland, Sec.; T. Kiss, Pres.; B. Gardner, Vice Pres.; G. Ladwig. Row 2: J. Helmke.G. Bakken, M. Gohlke.T. Hubing. Row 3: B. Christiansen, T. Thompson. Sebate Row 1: T. Kiss, S. Stenjem. B. Gardner, D. Shumate. Row 2: D. Trampush, C. Vocelka, K. Chritton, D. Bowne, J. Trampush.iWatij ®eam Row 1: S. Wolf, J. Wolf, Capt.; J. Wideen, B. Gardner, L. Haugh, M. Thomas, C. Vocelka. Row 2: B. Wersland, R. Sampson. K. Bierke. D. Gohlke, D. Sandridge, E. Halverson, T. Kiss, K. Chritton, P. Gyland. Row 3: D. Baumbach, G. Sviatoslavsky, C. Williams, A. Smillie, R. Smith, P. Mosher, T. Alme, K. Knutson, L. Halverson, M. Nelson. Row 4: K. Kubale, R. Krueger, C. Skjolaas, G. Rein, R. Christensen, S. Grogner, J. Williams, T. Lee. P. Chritton. fttalam (Elub Row 1: C. Strong, Vice Pres.; M. Conant, Pres. Row 2: C. Burnard, V. Chase, L. Johnson,S. Sharp. Row3: J. Erdahl.D. Nettum.S. Benson.0kt Club Kow 1: G.R., Pres.; S.vS.,T.B., B.T., G.D., G.Q., H.H., D.E., N.S., Vice Pres.; S B., Treas.; D.S. Row 2: R.R., M.M..T.E., B.B , E.B., D M., B.M., T.S., L.B., L.B., R.O., D.B Row 3: C.S., J.H., P.G., C.D.. M R , M.E.H., D.S., C.S., C.P., D.W., L.B., S.S., J.H., D.K. Row 4: C.D., J.H., C.S., K.V., M.H., L. V., M.H., P.P., C.B., C.B., M.C., M.F., K.P.. M.T., L.P., A.O. Row 5: M S., J.O., B.M., T A , W H M. O.. J.T.. M.M., P.H., D C., K.L.. L.M.. D.B.. R.A. Row 6: K.L., S.S., R.S., S.H.. R A L J K K P.S.. E D.. C.S., K T.. R.N., S.J.. J.H., T.H Row 7: K.V., S.M . M S., M.H.. J.B., S W R G G S ’ E H. J.B., ED. Row 8: M.S., C.W., D.E., P.G., J.K., K.L., A.D SB KS DV Row 1: D. Metzler, G. Rhodes, R. Seibt. Row 2: J. Williams, R. Christianson, C. Williams, G. Waag. ©JjeBB Clubnora Row 1: M. Conant, C. Lange. Row 2: C. Strong, C. Wilcox, E. Bolland. Row 1: A. Hath, H. Manhart, C. Arneson, L. Mennes, L. Ramos, J. Mickelson, B. Christiansen, B. Dickman. Row 2: B. Breedlove, M. Conant, L. Misgen, D. Bjerke, K. Stanton, K. Orwig, K. Veum, J. Keehn, M. DeRemer, M. Turville. Row 3: L. Benson, C. Benschop, C. Dvorak, K. Voy, T. Gohlke, K. Berta, J. Helmke, P. Sviatoslavsky, A. Smillie, E. Lee. Row 4: B. Wolf, D. Olstad, C. Jorde, L. Halverson, K. Bakken, J. Lebakken, K. Lunde, B. Bierman, C. Williams, J. Mickelson.Satin 3 Row 1: P. Chritton, Fros. Pres.; G. Waag, Soph. Pres.; L. Benson, Jr. Pres. Row2: S. Strieker, J. Trow, G. Nichols, C. Pieper. Row 3: J. Zeimet, S. Wolf, R. Krueger, J. Hjortland, N. Fuhrman, J. Knight. Row 1: K. Knutson, K. Daggett, S. Friedli. Row 2: C. Prough, K. Legreid, K. Chritton, J. Wolf.(Herman 3 Row 1: L. Deneen, A. Oberlander, J. Halverson, D. Kinney. Row 2: D. Archie, V. Troy, K. Kreitling, T. Lee. Row 3: K. Hoffman, P. Hagen,C. Skjolaas, K. Kubale, M. Auby, J.Skaar. (Herman 33 Row 1: S. Jacboson, Officer; D. Christiansen, Officer; S. Auby, Officer; M. Turville, L. Fricke, S. Lockyear. Row 2: P. Gyland, K. Pokrandt, C. Schammel, E. Dybdahl, K. Steckbauer, L. Nielsen, C. Fricke. E. Bolland. Row 3: T. Moe, D. Budden, P. Frohne, L. Rambo, J. Steinhorst, J. Rowley, G. Johnson, D. Hillery.UldgljtlifterB Row 1: R. Arneson, J. Liskey, E. Smedal, G. Liskey, S. Bennett, K. Toso. Row 2: P. Hanson, D. Christiansen, G. Terrell, J. Barry, J. Wiessinger, F. Rushlow. Row 3: W. Christensen, S. Wennlund, D. Olstad, A. Seamonson, E. Halverson, S. Benson, K. Kiss. Sntramarala(S.A.A. GDfficers Row 1: C. Pieper, Sec.; C. Benschop, Sec.; S. Auby, Trea.; P. Pieper, Sec.; Row 2: M. Elvokrog; Co-Pres.; S. Quale, Co-Pres.;K. Stec'kbauer, V. Pres.; M. J. Herbeck, Sec. HDlUgball (fUjampB Inuiling (DjampB tSabmitton OUjampB Basketball GLljampB ( .A.A. Memories Bk msmm A3® I’ll never forget the building without windows. I want to thank all of you for making my stay so enjoyable. I’ll see you in a few years. Martin Hitz Row 1: M. Hitz, M. Yaoita, B. Mcleish, D. Swenson, D. Eugster, P. Pieper. H. Heffer, B. McGruer. Row 2: M. Elvekrog, P. Waag, S. Dummum, J. Hillery, J. Smith, M. DeRemer, Vice Pres., T. Kiss, Pres , M.E. Hye, G. Dvorak, M. Rein. Row 3: S. Davis, P. Duff, J. Crane, S. Sellers, M.J. Herbeck. S. Ingels, R. Brietzman.C. Benschop, H. Manhart, C. Manson, S. Auby. Row 4: K. Bultman, J. Johnson, L. Brickson, Michelle Amundson, P. Goedel, C. Dvorak, A. Grieb, S. Peterson, J. Anderson, J. Schiller. M. Turville, E. Dybdahl. Row 5: S. Wild, R. Grefsheim, L. Vingum, M. Harris, K. Voy, S. Strandlie, S. Rogers, J. Prough, B. Aaberg, J. Christenson, A. Swenson. C. Schammel. Row 6: JoAnn Hansen, D. Christiansen, D. Misgen, P. Hanson, C. Strong, M. Conant, C. Burnard, K. Knudson, C. Trinko, L. Lamson, L. Havey, D. Erickson, C. Wilcox.Row 1: Mr. Anderson, Advisor; P. Beauchaine, Advisor; J. Peterson, Reporter; A. Weigel, Treas.; J. Wikum, Pres.; M. Elvekrog, Vice Pres.; S. Auby, Sec.; M. Dietzman, Sentinel; J. Vesterdahl, D. Revels. Row 2: M. Wethal, B. Sime, D. Hanson, M. Onsrud, J. Hanson, B. Lunde, K. Lunde, L. Quale, C. Krueger, D. Long. Row 3: J. Link, R. Soldwedel, L. Shimniok, B. Williams, R. Knickmeier, C. H. Lange. C. Lange, B. Walther, C. Arneson, J. Hougan. Row 4: B. Ramsden, L. Iverson, R. Hanneman, M. Swatek, K. Hauge, M. Gretebeck, D. Ripp, K. Norin, D. Woolever, J. Williams, Z. Anderson, C. Soldwedel. Row 5: D. Anderson, D. Nelson, M. Gallagher, D. Iverson, S. Combs, C. Skjolaas, J. Skaar, M. Auby, B. Oncken, K. Rossdeutscher, S. Otteson, Brian Jacobson, S. Forrer, K. Maerz. Row 6: J. Ofsthun, S. Anderson, D. Schmit, M. Miller, B. Keller, 0. Fankhauser, G. Rein, D. Jacobson, T. Kahl, D. Rigdon, G. Riffle, D. Ramsden, R. Brietzman, R. Trinko, D. Vedvig. farltmentarg fracture Row 1: M. Auby, J. Skaar, K. Norin. Row 2; J. Peterson, S. Auby.33K Ballettball Row 1: M. Auby, J. Skaar, M. Eivekrog, A. Weigel. Row 2: L. Quale, S. Skjolaas, J. Wikum, D. Woolever, S. Auby. 33K Basketball Row 1: K. Hauge, R. Knickmeier, G. Schieldt, C. Krueger, D. Nelson, Row 2: J. Peterson, D. Long, B. Ramsden, J. Link, M. Dietzman. Ro 3: D. Iverson, M. Gretebeck, G. Rein, J. Williams. Row 4: B. Keller, L. Iverson, R. Hanneman, T. Kahl, Don Jacobson, M. Swatek. Not shown. Coach Steve Knickmeier. Row 1: Ms. JeanneSchwass, Advisor; S. Harnack,Sec ; T. Hanson,Pres.; D. Mateika, Vice Pres.; E Boliand, Hist.-Reporter.; S. Dietzman, Treas. Row 2: C. Strong, T. Steckbauer, B. Breedlove, R. Brantmeyer, C. Pieper, M. Yaoita, C. Greiber, Advisor. Row 1: B. McLeish, M. Bothum, Treas.; Julie Mickelson, Sec.; T. Kiss, Pres.; D. Mateika. Row 2: K. Hanson, M. Conant, D. Goedel, V. Chase, F. Willems, M. Yaoita."fc” Club Row 1: D. Femrite, Treas.; D. Tyler. Pres.; V. Haight, Sec. Row 2: S. Montague, M.J. Herbeck. D. Misgen.C.W. Jacobson,T. Lauretic, S. Bennett, G. Liskey, E. Smedal, G. Gilbert, D. Dougall. Row 3: G. Guam. M.E. Hye, J. Holverson, G. Terrell. M. Nelson, B. Peterson, R. Nelson, S. Vesterdahl, J. Bilhorn.T. Kittelson. Row4: D. Eugster, M. Rein, L. Vingum, C. DeGroot, B. McGruer, A. Swenson, S Ingels J Peterson. J. Wiessinger, B. Ramsden, M. Bakken. M. Gallagher. Row 5: D. Mateika. S. Stenjem’ E Budden, T. Ingels, R. Kluever, S. Hestnes, T. Gander, A. Seamonson, P. Hanson. W. Christensen. J. Liskey, R. Arneson. Ro2 6: C. Lange, D. Stellmacher, B. Oncken, H. Manhart, C. Benschop. P. Pieper. Reporter; S. Benson, K. Kiss. M. Dickman, S. Rogers, J. Prough. B. Aaberg. Row 7: K. Christensen, T. Malcook, P. Skaar, D. Goedel, B. Koenig, S. Sharp, M.J. Hansen, K. Hauge, K. Elsing, J. Johnson,S. Strandlie, K. Knudson. 3taren0ic0 Row 1: K. Chritton, T. Kiss, E. Switalski, K. Knutson. Row 2: S. Auby, B. Oncken, B. Breedlove, K. Johnson, B. Gardner. Row 3: J. Davis, K. Laffey, K. Laffey.Irutn fWajnr Kandy Ingels lance land Row I: R. Roedell, R. Ingels, B. Sundby, S. Wild, T. Swoboda, K. Morgan, N. Pieper. Row 2: K. Chritton, J. Engels, R. Seibt, S, Stenjem, D. Hillery, D. Sandridge. B. Gardner, G. Bakken, D. Metzler, R. Eisner. FJhn Ifll How 1: P. Gyland, D. Bowne, S. Sellers, C. Potratz, R. Fossen, K. Venske, P. Pieper, C. Fricke, S. Ingels, K. Steckbauer, D. Shumate. Row 2: M. Wiessinger, R. Smithback, S. Benson, T. Malcook, D. Metzler, R. Offord, D. Juve, L. Ramos, T. Swoboda, S. Dullum, K. Morgan, L. Brickson, J. Seamonson, P. Moy, B. Breedlove. Row 3: B. Gardner, D. Christiansen, G. Bakken, D. Gohlke, K. Kiss, S. Gjertson, S. Peth, J. Shumate, C. Gallwitz, J. Peterson, J. Stensaas, S. Stenjem, R. Brantmeyer, C. Pieper, J. Engels, M. Thomas, T. Steckbauer, B. Peterson, J. Rowley. Row 4: C. Burnard, P. Klitzke, K. Laffey, D. Roloff, S. Stokes, R. Seibt, T. Spangler, D. Sandridge, G. Gilbert. land Row 1: B. Christiansen, K. Berta, E. Switalski, T. Reese, J. Waag, M. Sorenson, K. Orwig, T Uuretic, K. Roloff, M. Miller. Row 2: J. Olson, M. Turville, D. Bjerke, J. Hanson, A. Swenson, K Veum, J. Skaar, C. Dvorak, S. Wild, B. Sundby, R. Ingels, R. Eisner, L. Halverson. Row 3: A Everson, B Bierman, K. Lunde, C. Vesterdahl, P. Erickson, D. Snyder, K. Bakken, L. Kinnunen, L Misgen, M. Auby, J. Smith, M. Miller. S. Wegner, D. Hillery. Row 4: M. Nelson, R. Grefsheim, J. Helmke, T. Gohlke, D. Seffens, J. Klimek. iFreflbman Haiti tow 1: K. Snyder, P. Sandridge, K. Bakken, M. Yaoita, C. Goedel, J. Wersland,'TVhompson, _ Ross, T. Natvig, M. Zelm, R. Smith. Row 2: R. Rebo, S. Hestnes, A. Hansen, A. Oberlander, A. Dybdahl, K. Asleson, L. Asleson, A. Benedict, D. Bickle, L. Brickson, K. Entwistle, M. Morgan, D. Kinney. Row 3: S. Ore, W Halverson, J. Halverson, T. Maynard, S. Gelhaus, M. Onsrud, S. Thompson, P. Greenslet, A. Wilcox, P. Abbs, N. Pieper, M. eleven, K. Laffey, M. Offord, S. Ball, B. Beckstrand, P. Sellers, T. Hubing, S. Spangler. Row 4: M. Miller, L. Puccio, M. Gohlke, R. Roedell, K. Teschan, J. Steinhorst(german $anii D. Bowne. J. Swoboda. G. Bakken, D. Gohlke, J. Shumate, M. Gohlke, V. Knight, S. Stokes. Pep land3Frejs oruB Row 1: K. Hermanson, A. Wilcox, L. Asleson, M. Sundby, A. Benedict, K. Snyder, T. Thompson, D. Toban, J. Davis, L. Hoard, L. O’Connell, S. Ball. Row 2: L. Peterson, K. Laffey, P. Hagen, M. Offord, R. Fritch, M. Gohlke, S. Giltner, K. Rossdeutscher, G. Rhodes, T. Hubing, G. Ladwig, T. Morgan. Row 3: A. Dybdahl, M. Miller, L. Puccio, J. Severson, K. Kreitling, R. Odland, D. Nelson, C. Troy, T. Swerig, D. Amyotte, K. Bakken, P. Sandridge. during Choir Row 1: M. Metzler, P. Wersland, L. Mennes, T. Muetz, A. Hougan, R. Seibt. Row 2: T. Erickson, D. Shumate, C. McCain, M. Schwartz, R. Stenli, J. Kvalheim. Row 3: J. Shumate, C. Arneson. J. Engels, D. Rowne. B. Gardner, T. Kiss, J. Trampush, L. Hougan, J. Rowley, J. Steinhorst, S. Swenson, K. ChrittonMixed (EhoruH ■'•v __________________________________ Row 1: L. Nielsen, C. Burnard, A. Lien, J. Anderson, K. Harvey, A. Schenkat, J. Kvalheim, R. Peterson, K. Knutson, L. Benson, M. Schuld, M.L. Kittleson, A. Weigel, C. Arneson, M. Yaoita, D. Bolender. Row 2: S. Wild, J. Engels, J. Lebakken, P. Mosher, D. Rhodes, M. Melaas, A. Hougan, S. Dennis, K. Johnson, M. Sorenson, B. Gardner, J. Steinhorst, J. Ralph, D. Erickson, R. Nicholson, C. Scott. Row 3: S. Martay, D. Mateika, D. Shumate, R. Mathison, B. Casto, D. Vanden Noven, S. Wegner, R. Stenli, R. Seibt, M. Dickman, D. Bemis, A. Thompson, J. Shumate, T. Kiss, L. Hougan, F. Triggs. Row 4: C. Muetz, K. Pernot, C. McCain, K. Chritton, E. Hoffman, J. Trampush, M. Metzler, S. van Steenderen, T. Muetz, M. Schwartz, E. Santos, J. Ganshert, T. Erickson, J. Rowley, S. Swenson, J. Smith, L. Mennes, P. Wersland.Hla rtqalB Row 1: P. Wersland, C. McCain, B. Gardner, L. Mennes, T. Kiss. Row 2: J. Shumate, T. Erickson, S. Swenson, J. Engels, K. Chritton, D. Shumate, S. van Steenderen, J. Kvalheim, J. Rowley, C. Arneson, R. Stenli. Row 1: T. Hubing, P Hagen, K. Snyder, L. Peterson, Row 2: T. Thompson, L. Asleson, D. Toban, K. Bakken, J. Davis. Row 3: G. Ladwig, D. Nelson, M. Offord, L. Puccio, R. Fritch, A. Dybdahl, K. Laffey, R. Odland.Row 1: B. Gardner, J. Kvalheim, J. Ralph, K. Venske,G Ladwig, K. Kubale. Row 2: J. Ladwig, K. Couch, S. Martin, T. Fendrick, B. Beckstrand, J. Ladwig, E. Nielson. Row 3: L. Hanson, D. Berg, J. Stanton. K. Chntton.Betty Aaberg, Diane Femrite, Mary Jane Herbeck. Pam Pieper, Gail Finder. Sherry Ingels, Brenda Oncken, Monica Rein. Mary Ellen Hye, Ann Swenson. (Eijeerleailer'a Pam Pieper. Mary Ellen Hye, Diane Femrite. Mary Jane Herbeck, Monica Rein. 31.13. Wrestling Row 1: Patty Goedel Row 2: Tracy Mulder, Sue Woods; Betty BronteBara itg Saaketball Row 1: Sherry Ingels, Ann Swenson, Gail Finder. Row 2: Terry Ingels, Brenda Oncken. 3.B. HaakctbaU Row 1: Mary Harris, Deb Snyder, Patty Woodstock. Row 2: Cathy Skinner, Maggie Bates. jFreabtnen Row 1: Kelly Rein, Connie Goedel. Row 2:’ Nancy Pieper, Kelly Laffey, Sandy Detra, Linda Asleson.•Norwegian Santera Row 1: K.Toso, J. Helmke.T. Ingels, J. Anderson, C. Hanson, M. Stockwell. Row 2: E.Dybdahl, M. Hanson, C. Schammel. Row 3: H. Roloff, D. Misgen, G. Roche, K. Laffey, K. Kiss, G. Gilbert, R. Arneson. A. Swenson, C. Jorde, C. Popanz. Row 4: C. Tyler, D. Eugster. n What are they doing? King and Queen of Folklore.iNorae § tar i taff Mr. Wallner, advisor; V. Knight, S. Ingels, A Swenson, M.J. Herbeck, K. Steckbauer, S. Davis, S. Auby, M. Flemming, D. Tyler Hor Heniicr iEfiitors Shirley Leikness Julie Mickelson liar Sternerf aljara ®ri-€ittorfi-3n-QH|icf Diane Jasensky Diane Femrite Patrice Gyland iahara taff Diane Femrite, Sue Quale, Roxane Fossen, Patrice Gyland, Diane Jasensky, Dan Trampush, Sam Bennett. Photographers - Todd Spangler and Bob Sawle.A special attribute Seldom does a class have the opportunity to honor an alumnus that has achieved international fame. In the summer of 1976, Russ Hellickson traveled to Montreal for the XXI Olympiad where he was not only a participant but a winner. Russ’ success is not limited to wrestling. He has proven himself in scholarship, journalism, and public relations. We have all benefited from his leadership. Because of this, we would like to congratulate him and wish him continued success in the future; to this end we have included in the 1977 Yahara a section in special tribute to Russ Hellickson, noted alumnus of Stoughton Senior High School.1377 tutz Urestltng (Eliamptons Row 1: Diane Femrite, Joe Eugster, Von Ortiz, Rich Nelson, Mike Dickman, Paul Ripp. Row 2: Mary Jane Herbeck. Monica Rein, Bob Dickman, Jeff Bilhorn, Eric Gunderson, Mike Gallagher, David Eugster, Jeff Holverson, Chuck Williams. Row 3: Mary Ellen Hye, Pam Pieper, Dan Gallagher, Lowell Strandlie, David Volenberg, Dean Christianson, Jack Peterson, Mark Nelson, Eric Smedal, Coach Pieper, Coach Walker, Coach Schroeder. 31.11. Hlrcfitlinq Row 1: Duane Anderson, Pete Wersland, Mike Dickman, Steve Slinde, Paul Ripp, Mike Miller. Row 2: Randy Ingels, Kevin Stelzer, Carl Manthe, Scott Anderson, Steve Mathison, Mark Bakken.  we arc of our wrestlers . . . Witlj tlfe support of our school anil community, anil tlje skillMike Gallagher. Hwt. David Eugster.. 145 i’tatc Urcatlmg Action Bob Dickman 105. State Champ Jeff Bilhorn. 132 State Champ Eric Gunderson . .155. 2nd Place «1977 Itabger (EonferEttce StaskEtball (Eljamps Row I: Rhonda Schroeder, Gayle Marshall, Sue Gjertson, Pam Skaar, Ellen Budden, Virginia Chase. Row 2: Penny Moser, Deb Matieka, Sally Sharp, Kim Winters, Beth Koenig, Deb Goedel, Sue Strandlie, Mr. Keeney, Ms. Shattock, Ms. Stockin. Ifjr The land of the giants. Taking two from the side.Front row. co-caDtains Greg Harris, Scot Vesterdahl, and Jim Wickline; Row 2:Glenn StarksSam Bennett, Jeff Liskey, Eric Smedal, John Orcutt, Chris Erdahl, Howie Roloff and Greg Liskey; Row 3: Dave Roloff, Greg Terrell. Randy Malcook, Dave Eugster, Kerry Hauge, Jack Peterson, Steve Nygaard, Perry Frohne, Dave Long Row 4: Ken Chritton, Eric Lee, Wayne Christensen, Mark Bakken, A1 Seamonson, Steve Hestnes, Rick Arneson, Fritz Rushlow, John Rindahl, and Tim Gander; Row 5; Jeff Weissinger, Richard Everson, Dan Ripp, Stewart Slinde, Tim McCarthy, Chuck Williams, Rick Crystal, and Carl Haberly. Eric Gunderson and Brian Ramsden were not present for the photo.Row 1: Dale Volenberg, SteveOtteson, John Iverson, Nick Skaar, Tim Lee, Pat Hagen, Bill Pieper. Row 2: Mike Stanton, Lance Puccio, Tom Burdick, Paul Rushlow, Charles Thompson, Joe Haugen, Jim Severson, John Knutson. Row 3: Phil Chritton, Joe Schulte, Scott Anderson, Steve Arneson, Dave Hanson, Vance Ackerman, Mark Johnson. Row 1: Manager Randy Bultman, Tade Swerig, Dave Nelson, Mark Meister, Randy Fritch, Mike May, Joe Knight. Row 2: Scott Sundseth, Dan Vedvig, Pauli Ripp, Peter Wersland, Greg Sendek, MikeOfford, Stuart Hanson, Mike eleven. Row 3. Phil Chritton, Paul LaZotte, Barry Uphoff Scott Miller. Erik ”--- "-----—:— iFroatj (Scam Row 1: Dan Jacobson, Scott Trogner, Mike Swatek, Tim Lauretic, Mike Mason. Row 2: Gary Erickson, Jeff Fimreite, Ken Roloff, Roy Anderson, Greg Rein. Row 3: A1 Johnson, Pete Seffens, Tom Zeimet, Kevin Stelzer, Eric Comstock, Dan Haller, Todd Kahl, Rick Hanneman. SeamI I I ' 4 “You better catch this. . f.'»p ■' One, two; Cha! Cha! Cha! “There must be an easier way to put on my helmet.”dtria’ Bolkgtrall Row 1: Carol DeGroot, Kim Christianson. Jane Helmke, Gayle Marshall, Rhonda Schroeder. Row 2: Coach Carla Greiber, Theresa Alme, Lori Vingum, Sue Rogers. Beth Koenig, Sue Strandlie, Terri Breitzman.Row 1: Sue Auby. Karen Lunde, Janice Nelson, Kim Kubale. Row 2: Coach Judy Stockin, Kim Bakken. Laurel Halverson, Barb McLeish, Jody Waag. Junior UaroitQ Row 1: Bonnie Bierman, Penny Mosher, Brenda Breedlove, Cecilia Potratz, Angie Kath. Row 2: Jody LeBakken, Cindy Dvorak, Sandy Rindahl, Mary Swenson, Meg Turville.(£r 0H0 (Emtntrg Row 1: Troy Hubing, Bruce Peterson, Pete Smet, Greg Gilbert, David McLeish, Ron Sampson, Scot Swenson, Scott Jacobson, Brian Peterson. Row 2. Greg Kopke, Doug Jorde, Dave Dougall, Dave Bjerke, Clay Tyler, Dale Tyler, Ken Kiss, John Williams, Chris Smith, Phil Reese. Senior Harriers Agony Hill.liw— CSirla (Bnutis Row 1: Karen Elsing, Mary Jo Hansen, Theresa Malcook, Cherilyn Benschop, Ellen Dybdahl. Row 2: Denise Bjerke, Kathy Orwig, Anne Dybdahl, Debbie Goedel, Beth McGruer. Shelley Hermundstad, Sally Sharp, Gina Nichols. Junior Titers it jj Row 1: Laura Ramos, Kathy Steckbauer, Vicki Haight, Sharron Stenjem, Debbie Mateika, Karen Knudson. Row 2: Sherri Neath, Tammy Reese, Allison Wiley, Martha Erickson, Sharon Hjortland. Carolyn Pieper, Joanne Johnson. Jlaaketball Row 1: Dave McLeish, Greg Gilbert, Todd Kittleson, Scot Vesterdahl, Dave Johnson, and Howie Roloff. Row 2: Chip Wood, Dan Ellingson, Dave Roloff. Ray Kluever, Jeff Gerber, Mark Bakken, and Tim Gander. Row 3: Manager John Williams, Scott Schwenn, Steve Montague, Mike Seagraves, Glenn Ball, Dale Tyler, Brian Ramsden. and John Rindahl. Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughtoff Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Season Record 62 53 60 81 59 67 81 57 68 75 70 48 58 55 55 55 60 61 61 Portage 50 Monona Grove 57 Middleton 60 Verona 62 Edgerton 65 Jefferson 69 Monroe 54 Fort Atkinson 72 Oregon 74 Sun Prairie 67 Madison LaFollette 61 Monona Grove 60 Middleton 59 Edgerton 49 Jefferson 53 Monroe 52 Fort Atkinson 62 Sun Prairie 69 Oregon 64Junior Tiara itg Row 1: George Waag, Rod Roslak, Bob Coon, A1 Johnson. Row 2: Chris Prough, Ed Mennes, Mike Everson, Dennis Kittleson. Row 3: A1 Smillie, Mark Seagraves, Dan Haller, Clay Tyler. Jffrcaljtnen Row 1: A1 Larson, Cary Lazzaro, Dale Wisden, Joe Knight, Joe Vesterdahl, Bob Kuhlman. Row 2: Kevin Hoffman, Greg Sendek, Jon Hanson, Bill Pieper, John Mickelson, Joe Holverson. Row 3: Paul LaZotte, Joe Schulte, Steve Arneson. Dan Hanson. Mike Stanton. Nick Skaar.Row 1: Mgr. Steve Loney, Steve Benson, Mike Dickman, Bryan Peterson, Glenn Starks, A1 Seamonson, Greg Kopke, Rick Arneson. Row 2: Coach Bednarek, A1 Johnson, Greg Gilbert, Phil Reese, Tom Reese, Jeff Wiessinger, Dave Dougall, Jim Wickline, Mark Overland, Curt Barth, Loren Farr. Row 3: Coach Schulte, Howie Roloff, Mike Everson, Kevin Stelzer, Kevin Morgan, Dan Haller, Mike Seagraves, Kerry Hauge, Ken Kiss, Mark Seagraves, Brian Ramsden, Coach Martin. ©rack 4 r Reaching for the ultimate goal. The agony of victory.(Stria’ ©rack Stoughton girls, leading the pack. Everything that goes up must come down. Row 1: Carol Degroot, Virginia Chase, Sue Sticklestad, Roxanne Bretizman, Heidi Manhart, Nancy Dickman. Row 2: Asst. Coach Skubal, Mary Jo Hansen, Rhonda Schroeder.Deb Misgen, Vicki Haight, Pam Pieper, Kathy Vike, Lisa Lamson, Lori Vingum. Row 3: Denise Stellmacher, Jenny Ladwig, Brenda Oncken, Maggie Bates, Kim Winters, Cheryl Jacobson, Beth Koenig, Lori Havey, Sue Martin, Judy Prough, Coach Shattuck.Scott Klongland, Scott Johnson, Gary Quam, Doug Sandridge, Coach Hotter, Steve Montague, Randy Smithback, Eric Halverson, Scott Jacobson. Bob Anderson missing. »r©cntitfi Row 1: Ken Roloff, Bruce Peterson, Scott Stokes, Eric Benedict. Row 2: Greg Sviatoslavsky, Ray Kluever, Joe Van Fossen, Dave Roloff, Rick Crystal. Perfecting the backhand. ‘These shades help my gameIBaacbaU Row 1: Eric Smedal, Todd Kittleson, Scot Vesterdahl, Mark Nelson, Scott Schwenn, Phil Hanson, Mark Metzler, Greg Harris, Dave Vike, Steve Nygaard, Jeff Holverson, Coach Tom Lawrence. Junior HarattQ Row 1: Marv Showers, Dan Riska, Wayne Christianson, Dave Nettum, Vic Knight, Dave Budden. Row 2: Todd Moe, Rich Nelson, Greg Skaar, Dennis Bronte, A1 Seffens, Jeff Fimreite. Row 3: Coach Bob Greiber, Kevin Bjerke, A1 Sniillie, Stu Slinde, Jeff Gerber, Doug Olstad, Eric Lee. jFrEatjmen Row 1: Steve Slinde. Joe Knight, Mike Onsrud, Paul Ripp, Randy Bultman, Scott Moor Cary Lazzaro. Row 2: Coach Richard Lazzaro, Tim Lee, Dale Hanson, Mark Johnson, Eric Veum. Tom Burdick. Kevin Hoffman, Manager Jerry Moy. Not present were Dean Stronach, Al Larson, Lance Puccio, Nick Skaar, Ricky Bretizman, Kevin Maerz, and Randy Fritch.Row 1: Terri Severson, Patty Klitzke, Brenda Hughes, Pam Skaar, Diana Olson, fcilen Budden. Row 2:Sue Gjertson, Cindy Puent, Laura Boyd, Teresa Alme, Sue Strandlie, Sue Strandlie, Sue Rogers, Ann Hougan. dttrla Softball SCHEDULE April 21 Jefferson H 25 Oregon T 28 Monona Grove H May 5 Fort Atkinson T 9 Sun Prairie T 12 Middleton H 19 Monroe T June 21-28 Regionals 3-4 Sectionals 8-9 StateStoughton, the wrestling capital of Wisconsin. “I end by planting both feet firmly on the ground.” “Let us at ’em.” Next year. . .the state title. “No, Eric, we can’t take another ride on the firetruck.”Sfuniors Class officers: D. Enters, P. Pieper, M. Rein, B. McLeish. Row 1: Debbie Anderson, Robert Briggs, Michelle Balmer, Scott Anderson, Beth Anderson, Teresa Alme, Kathy Ace. Row 2: Diane Bovre, Cherilyn Benschop, Nancy Arneson, Denise Anderson, Lina Benson, Sue Auby, Marcia Anderson. Row 3: Gary Bakken, Ron Bestul, Steve Benson, Glenn Ball, Dave Berg, Tom Anderson, John Barry.flBWSs Row 1: Mark Fuller, Eric Halverson, Tim Gander, John Favreau, Rick Gullickson, Jeff Gjertson, Chris Gallwitz. Row 2: Martha Fleming, Mary Jo Hansen, Deb Goedel, Chris Fricke, Rich Everson, Kim Erickson, Gail Finder. Row 3: Steve Gullickson, Steve Gjermo, Bryan Grefsheim, Jeff Gerber, Carl Haberly, David Gohlke, Jim Ganshert, Mike Gallagher. Row 1: Tom Best, Craig Brummer, Ruth Brantmeyer, Terri Brietzman, Brenda Breedlove, Julie Boyd. Row 2: Sherry BonDurant, Julie Brickson, James Duell, Carla Burnard, Virginia Chase. Row 3: Brenda Brown, Eileen Bolland, Ronna Berge, Kevin Bjerke, Tim Bradley, Dennis Bronte, Kari Buss. 1 Row 1: Sarah Dennis, Kathy Couch, Sharon Dietzman, JonnErdahl, Dana Erickson, Wayne Christensen, Marti Conant. Row 2: Bob Dickman, Paula Deegan, Suzanne Davis, Debbie Enters, Darryl Dahl, Pam Crawford. Row 3: Doug Engle, Dan Ellingson, Rick Crystal, Ken Chritton, Dave Dougall, Mike Cottrell, Margaret DeRemer. siRow 1: Gary Hougan, Steve Hestnes, Mike Hergenroether, John Hjortland, John Holverson, Cheryl Hanson, Timm Hubing. Row 2: Ken Hoff, Mary Ellen Hye, Lucy Hougan, Peter Heggestad, Terri Hanson, Ken Heitke, Sue Harnack. Roe 3: Carl Hoff, Doug Hull, Scott Hanson, Nick Hull, Ed Hoffmann, Shelley Hermundstad, David Johnson. Row 2: Janis Kvalheim, Angie Kath, Jane Jensen, Julie Jensen, Geneva Johnson, Carol Lange. Row 3: Brian Kvalehim, Ray Kluever, Beth Koenig, Ken Kiss, Paul Johnson, Donald Juve, Mark Knutson. ■b ■ ■■■■■■ ■■■■ MHOEw ■ I Row 1: Mary Lundgren, Pam Leikness, Mary Larson, Laurie Larson, Sandy Lock, Carla Lloyd, Elaine Maranger. Row 2: Heidi Manhart, Cheryl Lange, Linda Lock, Marie Lane, Theresa Malcook, Shelly Lovick. Row 3: Jim Link, Roger Martin, Eric Lee, Steve Mathison, David Legreid, Dale Martinson, Russ Mathison, Chari Lippitt.Row 1: Lisa Nygaard, Pat Moy, David McLeish, Linda Moore, Barbara McLeish, Rhonda Miller, David Metzler. Row 2: Rick Nelson, Russ Offord, Rick Nordness, Mary Melaas, Sheri Meister. Row 3: Matt Mueller, Kevin Morgan, David Nelson, Allan Munz, Tim McCarthy, Tony Muetz, Kevan Norin. Row 1: Carolyn Pieper, Patty Peterson, Theresa Nygaard, Gina Nichols, Richie Nelson, Monica Rein, Bryan Peterson. Row 2: Marcia May, Cecelia Potratz, Ann Olson, Karen McCormick, Diana Olson, Val Quinn. Row 3: Mark Quam, Cindy Puent, Denise Swope, Pam Pieper, Brenda Oncken, Perry Peterson, Jeff Peterson. son, June Seamonson. Row 2: Marv Showers, Neal Smithback, Peter Smet, Danny Peterson, Todd Spangler, Sally Sharp. Row 3: Dan Ripp, Dave Roloff, John Rindahl. Dennis Schmit, Brian Ramsden, A1 Seamonson, Ron Sampson.Row 1: Greg Terrell, Tracy Steckbauer, Scott Swenson, Kathy Tanner, Julie Steinhorst, Rick Swenson. Row 2: Mark Stockwell, Scott Stokes, Deb Swenson, Rick Stenli, Frances Triggs, Rhonda Schroeder. Row 3: KonradToso, KentThede, Doug Sandridge, RickSuchomel, Dan Trampush, Tom Swoboda, Row 2: Dave Bersing, Sabrina Strieker, Gail Wagner, Cheri Sherman, Roxanne Brietzman, Mary Thomas. Row 3: Dan Woodstock, Mike Wethal, Dennis Vindedahl, Steve Wood, Bret Wersland, Bob Casio, Dennis Adams. Row 2: Cindy Boyd, Craig Vocelka, Ric Vedvig, Kim Bradley, Duane Anderson, Phil Reele, Sindee Berger. Row 3: Doug Vale, Joe Westby, John Williams, Jeff Winkler, Charles Williams, Steve Wolf, Bob Wolf, Kelly Wilson. Class officers: J. Strandlie, K. Buss, J. Waag. Row 1: Roy Anderson, Eric Benedict, Mary Auby, Denise Bjerke, David Aaberg, Linda Anderson, Bonnie Bierman. Row 2: Skip Bannigan, Dan Baumbach, Michelle Amundson, Kathy Berta, David Bemis, Julie Arnolde. Row 3: Rocky Baumer, Bryan Brickson, Richard Benjamin, Dan Bjordahl, Joel Beckwith, John Bennett, Maggie Bates, Paul Barber.Row 1: Bob Burrington, Debby Brimmer, Mike Carr, Kelly Buss, Betty Bronte, Randy Brummes, Francine Chamberlin. Row 2: Debbie Anderson, Bonita Canaan, Kim Christenson, Nancy Boyd, Sharon Bolender. Row 3: Pam Buckley, Eric Comstock, Beth Christiansen, Randy Christensen, Dave Budden, Kim Bakken, Jim Burrington. Row 1: Mike Crawford, Walter Crass, Ellen Dybdahl, Cindy Dvorak, Jerry Erdahl, Marsha Er-dahl, Brian Cornell. Row 2: Judy DeRosia, Carole DeGroot, Lynn Conner, Mike Dickman, Kerri Decker, Kathy Daggett. Row 3: Julie Erickson, Hammond East, Paul Edgington, Ed Dyreson, Bob Coon, Gary Erickson, Randy Eisner. Peg Erickson. Row 2: Terri Gohlke, Pat Greenslet, Nancy Gardner, Martha Erickson, Lynn Fricke, Ruth Ann Felland, Sherrie Graville. Row 3: Melissa Fortney, Mark Gretebeck, Jeff Gassen, Loren Farr, Mike Everson, Owen Fankhauser, Sue Erickson, Angela Everson.Row 1: Jane Helmke, Arlene Hermanson, Sharon Hanson, Shara Harr, Gregg Hauge. Row 2: Debbie Hoff, Jeanette Hanson, Jill Haakenstad, Benay Gullickson, Rhonda Grefsheim. Row 3: Ricky Hanneman, Eric Gunderson, Dan Haller, Pete Hegge, Dan Hillery, Laurel Halverson. mmm Row 1: Allen Johnson, Carey Kopplin, Jerry Johnson, Lisa Horner, Linda Kinnunen, Sharon Jacobson. Row 2: Tina Knueppel, Sue Karlslyst, Joan Jenson, Jim Klimek, Carol Jacobson. Row 3: Keith Kinney, Deena Hoffland. Randy Ingels, Dan Jacobson, Joyce Keehn, Kathy Johnson. Row 1: Becky Lunde, Jenny Ladwig, Karen Lunde, Laurie Kuhlman, Jody Lebakken, Brad Lowory. Kathy Knutson. Row 2: Lori Lueder. Margie Kurtz. Kathy Lunde, Kevin Langer. Kris Kuhn, Jean Lemanski. Row 3: Terry Knutson, Brian Larson, Jeff Lochner, Todd Kahl, Dennis Kittleson, Kirk Livingston, Kari LegriedRow 1: Mark Miller, Mary McCarthy, Penny Mosher, Susan Matay, Gayle Marshall, Kathie Martinson, Laurie Mandley. Row 2: Mike Miller, Tracey Mulder, Linda Lynch, Margaret Logan, Gary Johnson, Tim Lauretic, Steve Loney. Row 3: Karl Manthe, Dan Moen, Doug McCallum, Mark Malin, Laurie Misgen, Ed Mennes, Mark Mason, Craig Miller. Row 1: Kim Pokrandt, David Nettum, Kathy Orwig, Janis Nelson, Mary Nelson, Pam Quick. Jane Olson, Jim Nelson. Row 2: Lisa Quale, Sherri Neath, ReneOdland, Lisa Nielsen, Ann Quam, Barb Olson. Row 3: Eric Nelson, Chris Prough. Steve Nicholson, Fred Printiss, Mark Potratz, Ron Olson, Row 1: Dave Rodgers, Don Rigdon, Ann Richards, Debbie Rhodes, Jane Ralph, Tim Stanton. Row 2: Jeff Singkofer, Cathy Schammel, Anita Schenkat, Tammy Reese, Denise Seamonson, Janet Schroeder. Row 3: Ken Roloff, Dale Seffens, Rod Roslak, Mark Seagraves, Greg Rein, Greg Roche, Mike Sankbeil, Sandy Rindahl. Row 1: Randy Smith, Mary Sorenson, Scott Smithback, Cathie Skinner, Debbie Snyder, Denise Stellmacher, Kathy Stanton. Row 2: Chris Storck, Reed Soldwedel, Shanon Skjolaas, Jami Skaar, Candy Strieker, Brian Sundby. Row 3: Marc Smith, Dave Strand, A1 Smillie, Kevin Stelzer, Jenny Smith, Jodi Strandlie. Row 1: Tammy Toban, Mike Swatek, Scott Wegner, Amy Swenson, Emilie Switalski, Adam Thompson, Scott Trogner. Row 2: Cheryl Vesterdahl, Jeff Vike, Peter Sviatoslavsky, John Veum, Roger Steinle, Nona Swenson, Tamie Venden. Row 3: Meg Turville, David Vanden Noven, A1 Trinko, A1 Thiemer, Kim Veum, Greg Sviatoslavsky, Tom Swenson. ------ nikTTiTnifc m L f a ■■■■■ u.'" Row 1: Jodie Waag, Allison Wiley, Cindy Woolever, George Waag, Kristy Vike, Kim Voy, Mike Weaver. Row 2: Tammy Wicks, Patty Woodstock, Lori Vingum.Suzie Wild, Sue Woods, Stephanie Waydick. Row 3: Tom Zeimet, Pat Wilson, Joe Zebroski, Jeff Wiessinger, Barry Irmen, Mark Vinje, Randy Heindreichs.Row 1: Kerry Culb, Mike eleven, Ed Best, Jeff Coleman, Amy Benedict, Kathy Bakken. Row 2: Kathy Asleson, Linda Deneen, Lisa Brickson, Donna Bickle, Lisa Broughton. Row 3: Bill Beckstrand. PhilChritton, Kevin Cliffton, Chuck Brown, Robby Chase. Class officers: M. Miller, S. Slinde, K. Bakken. ow 1: Cindi Barber, Dave Anderson, Mike Call, Randy Bultman, Sheila Bannigan. :ow 2: Jeff Bauer, Pamela Abbs, Corina Ark, Kay Baylor, Glen Ausse. ow 3: Mary Ace, Vance Ackerman, Scott Anderson, David Amyotte, David Alme, Debe Adams.Row 1: Anne Dybdahl, Jim Gavney, Nancy Fuhrman, Jodi Elvekrog, Susan Fairman, Randy Fritch. Row 2: Sandy Detra, Connie Goedel,Scott Giltner, Kari Entwistle, Donna Erickson. Row 3: Sue Gelhaus, Terri Erickson, Wayne Gjertson, Ron Fawcett, Mike Flocca. Row 1: Jodi Halverson, David Heggestad, Annette Hanson, Pat Hagen, Teresa Harrison, Sara Hensel, Tom Burdick. Row 2: Wendy Halverson, Karla Hermanson, Amy Boyd, Mark Gohlke, Keith Helley, Paulette Greenslet, Christy Helgestad, Dawn Hauge. Row 3: Ken Hendrickson, Tom Gyette, Jeff Haberly, Steve Arneson, Dan Hanson, Stuart Hanson, Jon Hanson, Dale Hanson. Row 1: Caroline Hull, Mari Christenson, Joe Holverson, Sherri Drogsvold, Sheri Hestnes, Robert Hughes, Kevin Hoffman. Row 2: Bill Jess, Margaret Foy, Linda Fillner, Ed Huberd, Greg Hermundstad, Sue Hoeritz. Row 3: John Everson, Joe Hougan, Doug Jorde, Mark Johnson, Steve Holtan, Tony Hove, Tim Hoff.Row 1: Julie Davis, Julie Hjortland, Ruth Krueger, Alan Larson, Troy Hubing, Laurie Enters, Nancy Holzhueter. Row 2: Geoff Ladwig, Norma Jenson, Laurie Graville, Lanette Hoare, Scott Johnson. Row 3: Tom Knutson, Cary Lazzaro, Bobby Kuhlman, Glenda Johnson, Pam Koeneman, Larry Iverson. Kim Kubale. Row 1: Marc Meister, Jerry Moy, Robin Miller, Michelle Muns, Ken Kreitling, Kelly Laffey. Row 2: Tim Lee, Mary Miller, John Knutson, Robin Odland, Bob Lueder, David Nelson, Joe Knight. Row 3: Tamara Natvig, Kevin Maerz, Jeff McFadden, John Mickelson, Clinton Lounsfoot, Mike Morgan. Row 1: Doug Larsen, Robert Zanham, Jeff Millar, Debbie Kinney, Aloy Oberlander, Tammy Morgan. Row 2: Lesha O’Connell, Trudy Manhart, Cindy Neath, Scott Miller, Frank Nichols, Kurt Kubitz. Row 3: Marie Maveus, Mike May, Mike Larson, Paul La Zotte, Janet Nelson, Terri Maynard, Barb Maveus. 1 (■■■ES9BV -m i 'Vfr • —. - - - Row 1: Glen Riffle, David Ramsden, Val Ortiz, Paul Ricciardi, Mike Onsrud, Eric Quale, David Revels. Row 2: Laura Peterson, Paul Ripp. Mike Onsrud, MikeOfford, Nancy Pieper, Mindy Onsrud, Kelly Rein. _ Row 3: Sandy Ore, Brian Olson, Dan Rosenbaum, Lance Puccio, Bill Pieper, Steve Otteson, John Ofsthun.__________________________________________________________________________ ■ ’’m ■ Row 1: Mary Shackleton, Larry Shimniok, Laurie Rinden, Linda Rhyner, Patty Sandridge, Helen Sampson, Janet Sellers. Row 2: Ed Peterson, Glenn Rhodes, Nancy Pernot. Kim Sankbeil, Karl Rossdeutscher, Kurt Olson. Row 3: Paul Sellers, Donna Schmidt. Jim Severson, Nick Skaar, Greg Sendek, Paul Rushlow, l urie Ross. __________ _________________________ Row 1: Cheryl Skjolaas. Rick Smith, Jeff Smyth, Jim Steinhorst, Scott Snyder, Mike Stacey, Kathy Snyder. Row 2: Randy Roedell, Tammy Scott, lisa Solberg, Tom Smet, Tami Stauffacher, Rene Rebo, Beth Raisbeck, Dave Seamonson, Chad Soldwedel. Row 3: Steve Slinde, Sheila Spangler, Mike Stanton, Joe Schulte, Chris Smith, Don Slovacek, Bruce Sime. Ben Sperle.Row 1: Dan Stockwell, Kate Teschan, Jill Strandlie, Sue Tanner, Gloria Swenson, Trudi Thompson, Mary Sundby. Row 2 Dean Stronach, Dwayne Strandlie, Denise Toban, Sandy Thompson, Rickie Trinko Tammy Taylor. Row 3: Julie Thompson, Walter Thole, Tade Swerig, Charlie Thompson, Russ Sugden, Chad Troy Scott Sundseth. tl Row 1: Dave Yates, Ray Hotchkiss. Jill Wersland, Joel Bradley. Rickv Brietzman, Anne Wilcox Joey Vesterdahl. Row 2: Joe Eugster, Jack Zeimet, Steve Heitke, Tim Williams, Barry Uphoff, Dale Wisden Bill Vike, Row2: Dan Vingum, Roby Van Rixel, Dan Archie, Erik Veum, Kathy Utter, Henry Waring, Daryl Koch.21a armOn behalf of the student body of S.H.S., we would like to take this time to say farewell to two outstanding faculty members. Marita Wedeward and Nolan Anderson will be leaving at the end of this school year. Their teaching skills and contributions to the school have been many and will be greatly missed. Mr. Bednarak - “My shoulder smells just like money.” Mr. Clear - “There is no aardvark down this hall.” Mrs. Bushane - “I’m sorry, no one’s going.” Mrs. Lapidakis - “What? Another pizza order?” Mrs. Benson - “I'll sure be glad when this day is over.” Mrs. Myrick - “If anyone wants me, tell them that I’m out for lunch.” _ i s- ■ | Mrs. Engles - “Oh, I’d give anything for the front desk!” Mrs. Blackwood - “There is a hypnotic spell on this card.” ' a Mr. Venske - “Konrad, please say something sensible.” g A Mr. Kohn - “I think my eyes Mr. Wilde - “That’s silly, are getting a little glassey.” Aardvarks don’t type."Mrs. Schwass - “I’ve become shock proof - peanut butter on eggs doesn’t even make me bat an eye.” Mr. Pieper - It's a good life. Mrs. Redford-“He really did try to kill me.” Mr. Steinke - “It’s painless.” Mr. Schroeder - The pilot manual reads, “After take off stay clear of cement walls.” Mi. Gregorich - “It’s really quite simple once you understand it.” Mrs. Pauli - “My heart belongs to Dewey Decimal.” Miss Milo - “I’m talking to California.” Mr. Hotter - California here I come -1 won’t forget my teddy bear.”Mrs. Barry - “Are you here business?" Mrs. Greiber - “Another year and there’ll be Haute Cuisine." Mr. Lee - Mr. Meticulous. Mr. Schulte - “300? Sure, I Mr. Keeney - Walking tall, bowled it last hour.”Lv Mr. Fortney-Fort plays simple games, like chess, to rest his mind. Mrs. Thorpe - “These books smell funny.’’ Mrs. Carpenter - “Uff, one more hour.” Mr. Pernot - “I didn’t do it.” N Mrs. Rae - “One health class a semester will keep the doctor away.” Mrs. Runke - “One more minute and I’ll fall down the hill.” Mrs. Wrighton - “This will never fit in my Corvette.” Mr. Hill - “Not this Hill.”Mr. Shumate • “I’m not used to looking up to people.” Mr. and Mrs. Shattuck - Me and my shadow. Mr. Marshall - “That movie kind of gets you right here.” Mr. Siggelkow - “There’s a very small aderondaek down there.” Mrs. Hippman - “Sure, I’ll play you in a game of tennis.” Mr. Landfried - “...and then someone tied a pig to my car.” Mrs. Norem-“I’m going to have to take some points away.” Mr. Stokes - “This dancing partner is really square.” Mrs. Dvorachek - “We’ll go to Maine as soon as I get my coat.”Miss Reek - "No, you can’t use the girls' lockerroom for math leam practice.” Mr. Smilie - “This is my Barrymore profile.” Mr. Jim Martin - "Tastes like cherry wood to me.” Mr. Dozer - “I don't like studyhail any better than anyone else.” Mrs. Baumgartner-“Anybody want any spaghetti squash?” Mr. Kubale - “Who says you can’t dedicate the year book two years in a row to the same person?” Mr. Baitzer - “You did what? with your cello.” Mr. Lawrence - “That’ll be $2 towards the Coach Lawrence vacation fund.” Mr. Wallner - “Didn’t Abe Lincoln run a newspaper?” Mr. Gohlke - This is a dictatorship.Mr. Winecke round.” ‘Pies are Mr. Smith squared.” ‘Pie are i • . - - Miss Worenson - “This Desk shows how I keep up on my current events.” Mrs. Schulte - “Overdue book lists are a pain.” Mr. MacKenzie - A between three roses. thorn Mrs. Schier • “Kaw eggs on the back burner.” Mr. Swanson - “This swimming pool business is all wet.” Mr. Pertzborn - “This is my Anthony Quayle portrait.” Mr. Krebs-“That is the biggest Adderondach I’ve ever seen.” Mrs. Hill - Tony’s a tiger.Mrs. Dykeman - “These hands are dangerous weapons.” Mr. Beutel - Another Fred Waring. Mr. Walker - Is it Evil, Ivan, or Walk? Mr. Hubing - “Do you have a pass to get down this hall?” Mr. Petzel - “My heart belongs to the Library of Congress.” Mrs. Smith - It’s either a sneeze or a yawn or a man on the moon. Mrs. Ingels - “I’m glad nobody uses dangerous weapons on me.” Mrs. Pundt - “You can march right back out too.” Mrs. Hecker - The fourth Charlies Angel?Mentor rnmnartes Betty Aaberg Homecoming Court 3; “S” Club 2,3; Latin Gub 1,2; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; cheerleading 2, 3-Capt.; Track 1,2; Student Assistant 3; Prom Court 2 Amy Ackerman Jeff Alme FFA 1; Auto Club 1,2,3 Janice Anderson Philo Big Sister 3; Philo Little Sister 2; German Club 1,2; AFS 1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers 3; Student Assistant 2; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1; Prom Queen 2 Bob Anderson Golf 1,2,3 Caryl Arneson Plays 2,3; Musical 2,3; National Honor Society 3; FFA 1,2,3; Philo Big Sisters 3; Philo Little Sisters 2; Spanish Club 2,3; Madrigals 2,3; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Swing Choir 2,3; Parliamentary Procedure 1,2; FFA Volleyball 1,2,3; FFA State Chorus 1,2,3 Kelly Bannigan Play 2; Homecoming Court 3; Pep Club 1,2; German Club 1,2; FFA 2; “S” Club 1,2,3; AFS 1; Cheerleading 1,2; Track 1; FFA Volleyball 2 Curt Barth Track 1,2,3 Sam Bennett Basketball 1,2; Tennis 1,2; Football 3; Weightlifters 2,3; “S” Club 3; Ski Club 3-Treas.; Yahara Staff 3; Intramurals 3 Julie Berg Deb Bjelde FT A 1,2 Jeff Bilhorn National Honor Society 2; Badger Boy’s State 2; Spade 2; “S” Club 1,2,3; Band 1; Wrestling 1,2,3-Capt.; Rotary 3 Mary Bothum FTA 3-Treas.; Philo Little Sisters 2; Philo Big Sisters 3; GAA 2,3 David Bowne Play 1,2,3; Musical 2,3; Variety Show 1,2,3; Debate 3; Forensics 1,2; Science Club 2; Math Team 1,2; Band 1,2,3; German Band 2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Tennis 1; Swing Choir 3; Chess Club 1; Student Council 1 Laura Boyd Track 2; GAA 1,2,3; Volleyball 2; Ski Club 3; Softball 3 Kathy Brickson Spanish Club 1; Band 1; GAA 1,2,3; AFS 1; Norse Star Staff 3; Pep Club 1; Yahara Staff 3 Lori Brickson Pep Band 2,3; Variety Show 1; Ski Club 1,2; AFS 2,3; Band 1,2,3; Majorette 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3 Donna Brimmer FHA 1 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3 Lori Bronte Homecoming Court 3; Yahara Staff 3; Student Council 1; MFA 1,2; FFA 2; Philo Big Sisters 3; Philo Little Sisters 2; GAA 1,2,3; “S” Club 2,3 Dawn Brown AFS 3 Ellen Budden Literary Magazine 1,3; Ski Club 1,2,3; “S” Club 2,3; Band 1,2; GAA 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Softball 3 Karen Bultman Philo Big Sisters 3; Philo Little Sisters 2; Latin Club 1; AFS 1,2; GAA 1,2,3 Joni Christenson Ski Club 2,3; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3 Dean Christiansen Variety Show 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Badger Boys State 2; Student Council 3; German Club 2,3-Pres.; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Wrestling 3; Rotary 3; Class Officer 3-Pres.; Weightlifters 2,3 Greg Comstock Track 1,2 Janet Crane Pep Club 1,2; German Club 1,2; AFS 1,2,3; Band 1; GAA 1,3 Sue Davis Musical 3; Norse Star Editor 3; Pep Club 2; Philo Big Sisters 3, Philo Little Sisters 2; Latin Cub 1; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Class Officer 2-Treas. Tina DeGroot Ski Club 1; GAA 1: Student Assistant 2 Nancy Dickman play 2; Homecoming Court 3; Student Council 1; Pep Club 1,2; GAA 1; Norwegian Dancers 1,2; Track 1,2-Capt.,3; FFA 2,3; “S” Club 1,2-Treas.,3; Cheerleading 1,2 Don Diedrick Mike Dietzman FFA Basketball 1,2,3; FFA 1,2,3; FFA Sentinel Officers 3 Nancy Dixon FHA 2; GAA 2 Mary Doudlah Yahara Staff 3; AFS 1,2; Latin Club 2, Gass Officer 1-Sec.; GAA 1,2,3 Peggy Duff FFA 1,2; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Student Assistant 1,2 Sharyn Dullum Philo Big Sisters 3; Philo Little Sisters 2; Latin Club 1; AFS 3 ; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 3; GAA 1,3 Gary Dvorak Ski Club 1,2,3; Wrestling 1 Paula Dybevik Yahara Staff 3; Science Gub 2; Philo Little People 3; “S” Club 1,2; German Club 2; Latin Club 1; Cheerleading 1,2 Sue Eggum GAA 2; Mixed Chorus 1,2 Karen Elsing Tennis 2,3; “S” Club 3 Tammy Eisner Plays 1, Variety Show 1,2; Pep Gub 2; Band 1,2; Pep Band 1,2; GAA 2,3; Track 1 Mary Elvekrog Plays 1,2; Musical 2; FFA 1,2-Reporter, 3-Vice Pres.; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2-Sec.,3-Pres.; Parliamentary Procedure 1 Julie Engels Musical 2; Plays 2,3; Variety Show 2,3; National Honor Society 3; Debate 2; FHA 1; Philo Little Sisters 2; Philo Big Sisters 3; Library Assistant 1; Band 1,2,3; Dance Band 3; Stage Band 2,3; Mixed Chorus 2,3; Madrigals 2,3; Swing Choir 2,3; Pep Band 2; GAA 1; Girls Tennis 2; Student Assistant 3; Traveling Christmas Show 1 Chris Erdahl Football 1,2,3; wrestling 2; “S” Gub 2,3; Weightlifters 1,2,3; Ski Club 1,2,3; Intramurals 2,3 Dale Erickson Jim Erickson Plays 2,3; Musical 2,3; Ski Gub 1,2,3; Latin Club 1; Mixed Chorus 2,3; Madrigals 2,3; Football 1; Wrestling 1; Student Council 1,2 David Eugster Wrestling 1,3; Football 2,3; Norwegian Dancers 2,3; “S” Club 3; Rotary 3; German Gub 1; AFS 1,2,3; Ski Club 1,2-Pres., 3; Prom Court 2, Philo Little People 3; Intramurals 2,3 Diane Femrite Cheerleading 1-Capt., 2, 3-Capt.; Parrot Staff 2; Yahara Tri-Editor-in-Chief 3; Pep Club 1; “S” Club 2,3; AFS 1; GAA 1,2,3; Student Assistant 1; Philo Little People 2; Philo Big Sisters 3; Latin Club 1; National Honor Society 3 Bill Fleming Transfer Roxane Fossen Plays Stage Crew 1,2; Musical Stage Crew 2; Variety Show 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3; Yahara Staff 3; Student Council 2; Pep Club 1,2; Philo 2,3; German Club 2; AFS 1,2; Band 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Tennis 1; Class Officer 3-Sec.; Student Assistant 3; Prom Court 2 Perry Frohne Football 1,2,3; Chess Club 2,3; German Gub 2 3 Mari Fuller AFS 1 Beth Gardner Plays 2,3; Band 1,2,3; Musical 2,3; Variety Show 1,2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Literary Magazine 3; Debate 1,2,3; Ecology Gub 1; Forensics 1,2,3; Philo 2-Hist., 3-Hist.; Library Assistant 1,2,3; Latin Club 1; Math Team 1,2,3; Dance Band 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 3; Madrigals 2,3; Swing Choir 2,3; Music Senate 3-Vice Pres.; Pep Band 2,3; Orchestra 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Stage Band 1,2,3 Gary Gehrke Football 1; Wrestling 1; Auto Gub 3 Greg Gilbert Musical 2; Variety Show 1,2,3; Homecoming Court 3; Badgers Boy’s State 2; Student Council 1,2,3; Philo Little People 3; Math Team 2; Band 1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers 1,2,3; Cross Country 1,2-Capt.,3-Capt.; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3-Capt.; “S” Club 3; Prom King 2.; National Honor Society 3; Rotary 3 Sue Gjertson Philo 2,3; “S” Club 1,2,3-Vice Pres.; Band 1,2,3; FFA 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3-Capt.; Track 1-Capt.,2; Softball 3 Wendy Grendahl Ann Grieb National Honor Society 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Philo 2.3; German Club 1,2; AFS 2,3; GAA 1,2,3 Sue Guetzke Pep Club 2; Mixed Chorus 1 Jody Gunderson Junior Achievement 1; Explorers 3; VFW Patrice Gyland Play 2; Musical 3; Variety Show 1,2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Yahara Tri-Editor-in-Chief 3; Ski Club 1,2; Philo 2-Vice Pres., 3-Pres.; German Club 2-Pres. 3; Latin Club 1; Math Team 1,2,3; AFS 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3; GAA 1,2; Stage Band 3; Student Council 2; Music Senate 3-Sec. Vicki Haight Variety Show 1,2; Pep Gub 1; “S” Club 2, 3-Sec.; Spanish Club 1-Treas.; Band 1,2; Dance Band 2; GAA 1,2,3; Tennis 3; Track 1,2,3; Stage Band 1; Musical 2; AFS 1,2 Burton Halverson JoAnn Hansen German Club 1,2; Latin Club 1; Ski Club 1; Track 1; GAA 1,2; AFS 1,2,3 Kathy Hanson FTA 3; Library Assistants 3 Lori Hanson Orchestra 1,2,3 Phil Hanson Student Council 1,2,3; “S’ Gub 2,3; Intramurals 2,3; Math Team 2; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3; Rotary 3; Class Officer Vice Pres. 1,2,3; Weightlifters 2,3Greg Harris Homecoming Court 3; “S” Club 3; Intramurals 3; Football 1,2,3-Capt.; Baseball 1,2,3 Karen Harvey Mixed Chorus 1,3; GAA 2,3; Stage Crew 3 Kerry Hauge FFA 1,2,3; FFA Basketball 3; “S” Club 2,3; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2,3 Lori Havey Pep Club 1,2; German Club 2; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Track 3 Lynn Haugh National Honor Society 2,3; Yahara Staff 3; Philo 2,3; Student Assistant 1,2,3; Latin Club 1; Math Team 1,2,3; AFS 1; GAA 1,2; Stage Crew 1,2,3 Mary Jane Herbeck Children’s Theater 1,2; National Honor Society 2,3; Norse Star Editor 3-Edi tor-in-Chief; Student Council 2-Reporter 3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Philo 2,3; “S” Club 2,3; German Club 1,2; AFS 1,2; Cheerleading 1,2,3; GAA 1,2-Sec., 3-Sec.; Track 1-Man.; Student Assistant 1,2,3 Joni Hillery Spanish Club 1; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3 Martin Hitz Transfer 3; AFS 3; Homecoming Court 3 Jeff Holverson Ski Club 2,3; “S” Club 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3 Ann Hougan Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Swing Choir 3; GAA 2,3; Softball 3; AFS 2, 3-Vice Pres. Brenda Hughes GAA 1; Basketball 1,2; Softball 3 Sherry Ingels Variety Show 2,3; Norse Star Editor 3; Student Council 1,2-Sec.,3; Ski Club 2; Pep Club 1,2; “S” Club 2,3; Latin Club 1; AFS 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Cheerleading 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Tennis 2; Stage Band 2,3 Terry Ingels Pep Club 1,2; “S” Club 2,3; AFS 1,2; Band 1,2; Cheerleading 2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers 2,3; Student Assistant 3 James Iverson FFA 1,2; Football 1,2 Cheryl Jacobson FFA 2; “S” Club 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; FFA Volleyball 2 Diane Jasensky Latin Club 1-Pres.; Yahara Tri-Editor-in-Chief 3; GAA 1,2,3; Science Club 2 Steve Jensen FFA 1,2,3; FFA Basketball 2; Auto Club 2,3 David Johnson Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3 Gloria Johnson GAA 1; Pep Club 1,2 Joanne Johnson GAA 1,2,3; Tennis 1,2,3; “S” Club 3; Spanish Club 1, 2-Vice Pres. ; AFS 3 Kevin Kinney Wrestling 1 Karen Kinnunen Philo 2,3; Band 1 Todd Kittelson Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3; “S” Club 1,2,3 Mary E. Kittleson Yahara Staff 1; GAA 2; Tennis 1 Mary Lou Kittleson GAA 1,2,3; Musical 1,3; German Club 2; Basketball 1,2; Volleyball 2; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2 Terry Kiss Play 2,3; Musical 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Badger Girl’s State 2; Student Council 3; Debate 3; Forensics 1,2,3; FT A 2-Vice Pres., 3-Pres.; Philo 2-Treas.,3-Treas.; Library Assistant 2,3; German Club 1; Math Team 1,2,3; AFS 2 3-Pres.; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Madrigals 1,2,3; Swing Choir 2,3; Music Senate 3-Pres.; Fencing 2; Solo Ensemble 1,2,3; Traveling Christmas Show 1,2 Sheryl Kleven German Club 1 Patty Klitzke German Club 1; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 3; GAA 1,2,3; Tennis 1; Softball 3; Musical 2 Scott Klongland Latin Club 1; Wrestling 1,2; Golf 1,2,3-Capt.; Ski Club 1 Ken Kluever Randy Knickmeier FFA 1,2,3; FFA Basketball 1,2,3 Karen Knudson P ep Club 1; FTA 2; “S” Club 3; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Tennis 2,3 George Krueger FFA 1,2,3; Sentinel 1; FFA Basketball 1,2,3; Latin Club 2 Kevin Laffey Musical 2,3; Variety Show 1,2,3; National Honor Society 3; Badger Boy’s State 2; Student Council 1,2,3-Pres.; Ski Club 1,2,3; Forensics 1,2,3; Philo Little People 3; Band 1,2,3; Dance Band 3 ; Norwegian Dancers 2.3; Cross Country 1; Golf 1,2,3; Rotary 3; Class Officer 2-Pres.; Prom Court 2 Lisa Lamson Pep Club 1,2; German Club 2; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Track 3 Eric Landsverk Wrestling 1 Theresa Lauretic National Honor Society 2,3; Spoon 2; Pep Club 1; Philo 2,3; “S” Club 2,3; German Club 1,2; AFS 1 Shirley Leikness Literary Magazine 3; FHA 3; FTA 3; Latin Club 1; Ski Club 3; AFS 2; GAA 1,2,3 Anna Lien Musical 2; Ski Club 2; Mixed Chorus 2,3; GAA 2,3 Shelley Linnerud Pep Club 1; Philo 2,3; GAA 1,2; German Club 1; AFS 2 Greg Liskey Football 3; “S” Club 3; Weightliters 3 Jeff Liskey Football 3; “S” Club 3; Weightlifters 3 David Long FFA 1,2,3; FFA Basketball 3; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2 Randy Malcook Intruamurals 3; Football 1,2,3; Tennis 1,2; Weightlifters 2 Kim Malin Sue Martin Plays 3; Musical 2,3; Ski Club 1,2,3; Orchestra 1 9 V GAA 9 1- Track t Debbie Mateika’ FTA 3; FHA 2,3-Vice Pres.’ “S” Club 3; Library Assistant 2; Spanish Club 2; Band 1,2; Dance Band 2; Mixed Chorus 3; Pep Band 2; GAA 2,3; Basketball 3-Man.; Tennis 1,2,3; Musical 2; Plays 3 Cindy McCain Plays 2,3; Musical 2,3; Pep Club 2; Forensics 3; Philo 2,3; Spanish Club 1; AFS 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Madrigals 2,3; Swing Choir 2,3; GAA 1,2; Basketball 1; Tennis 2 Beth McGruer Prom Court 2; Ski Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Philo 2,3; “S” Club 2,3; Spanish Club 1; AFS 2,3; Band 1.2: GAA 1.2.3: Tennis 1.2.3 Lisa Mennes Plays 1,2; Musical 1,2,3; Philo Little Sisters 3; Library Assistant 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1-Sec., 2-Pres., 3; AFS 1,2; Mixed Chorus 2,3; Madrigals 2,3; Swing Choir 2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Student Assistant 2 Mark Metzler Plays 2,3; Intramurals 3; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Swing Choir 3; Football 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3 Janet Meyer FHA 2,3 Julie Mickelson Literary Magazine 3; FTA 3-Sec.; Spanish Club 2,3; GAA 1,2; Student Assistant 1,2,3 Deb Misgen Ski Club 1,2,3; “S” Club 2,3; German Club 1,2; AFS 1,2; GAA 1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers 3; Tennis 2; Track 1,2,3 Pete Monson Steve Montague National Honor Society 2,3; Philo 3-Sec.; “S” Club 1,2,3; German Club 2; Latin Club 1; Math Team 2; Basketball 1,2,3; Golf 1,2-Capt., 3-Capt.; Rotary 3 Tammy Much Tutoring 3 Charlott Muetz Plays 1,2,3; Musical 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Latin Club 2; Ecology Club 1; Library Assistant 2,3; Student Assistant 2 Diane Myklejord Kathy Nelson MFA 1 Mark Nelson Baseball 1,2,3; Fdotball 2; Wrestling 1,2,3; “S” Club 3-Reporter ; Chess Club 2 Rose Netrafa Rosalie Nicholson Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Library Assistant 3 Erik Nielsen Latin Club 1; Orchestra 1,2,3; Basketball 1 Steve Nygaard Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3; “S” Club 3 Lori Offerdahl Literary Magazine 3; “S” Club 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Basketball 1; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1 Denise Olson Urry Onsrud Football 1; Basketball 1; Tennis 1,2; Weightlifters 2,3; Intramurals 2 John Orcutt Football 1,2,3 Von Ortiz Wrestling 1,2,3 Jackie Osterberg Variety Show 1,2; Ski Gub 1,2,3; MFA 1; AFS 1,2; Band 1,2; Majorette 1; GAA 1,2; Track 3 Mark Overland Track 3 Karen Pernot Plays 3; Pep Club 1; FHA 2; Library Assistant 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 3 Bruce Peterson Ski Club 1,2,3; “S” Club 2,3; Intramurals 3; Band 1,2,3; Cross Country 2,3; Basketball 1; Tennis 1.2,3 Jack Peterson Pep Band 2,3; Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3; Tennis 1; Variety Show 1,2,3; Student Council 2,3-Treas.; ”s” Club, 2,3; Band 1,2,3; Musical 2 Robin Peterson Plays 1,1,3; Musical 1,2,3; Library Assistants 2,3; Latin Club 1,?; Mixed Chorus 2,3 Sue Peterson GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1; AFS 2,3; Norse Star Staff 3 Cindy Popanz Student Council 3; Ski Club 1,2,3; Philo Little Sisters 3; Latin Club 1; AFS 1,2,3; Band 1; GAA 1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers 2,3; Class Officer 1-Treas. Judy Prough Ski Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3; “S” Club 1,2,3; Latin Club 1,2; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3 Jarson Pundt Latin Club 1; Track 1; AFS 1; Intramurals 1 Sue Quale Yahara Staff 3; Philo 2,3; Latin Gub 1; AFS 1; GAA 1,2-Treas., 3-Co-Pres.Gary Quam Golf, 1,2,3; Ski Club 1,2,3; “S” Club 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3 Mike Quam Auto Club 2,3 John Radecki Track 1 Lori Rambo Pep Club 1,2; German Club 2,3; Latin Club 1; AFS 1,2; GAA 1,2,3 Laura Ramos Stage Band 2,3; National Honor Society 3; Philo 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Math Team 1; Band 1,2,3; GAA 1,2; Tennis 1,2,3; Musical 2; Pep Band 3; Traveling Christmas Show 1; Yahara Staff 3 Barb Ramsden Pep Club 2; GAA 1,2,3 Steve Ricciardi Wrestling 1,2 David Richardson Basketball 1-Man., 2-Man.; Auto Gub 1.2.3 Sue Rogers “S” Club 2,3; Spanish Gub 1; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2; Softball 3 Howie Roloff Homecoming Court 3; “S” Club 1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers 1,2,3; Football 2,3; Basketball 3; Track 1,2,3-Capt.; Student Assistant 3; Class Officer 2-Sec.; Prom Court 2 Patty Ross Ski Club 1,2,3; AFS 3; Band 1,2; GAA 1; Student Assistant 1,2 Kevin Rossdeutscher Track 1 Jeff Rowley Plays 2,3; Musical 2,3; Variety Show 2,3; German Club 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 3; Madrigals 2,3; Swing Choir 2,3 Tina Santos Mixed Chorus 2 Bob Sawle Yahara Staff 3; Track 1,2-Man. Greg Schieldt FFA 1,2,3; FFA Basketball 1,2,3 Judy Schiller Band 1; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 2,3 Wendy Schmidt Ski Club 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3 Ron Shields Scott Schwenn Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1; Baseball 1,2,3 Richard Seibt Plays 1,2,3; Musical 2,3; Variety Show 1,2,3; Debate 1; Chess Club 1,3; FFA 1,2,3; Intern Technician 1,2,3; AFS 1; Band 1,2,3; Dance Band 3; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Pep Bandl; Baseball 1; Stage Band 3; Fencing 2,3; Student Assistant 3; Swing Choir 2,3 Sandi Sellers Variety Show 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; German Gub 1,2; AFS 2,3; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Stage Band 2,3 Teri Severson Ski Club 3; GAA 1,2,3; Volleyball 2; Softball 3 Jeff Shaffer Mark Showers Variety Show 1; Band 1; Dance Band 1; Football 1; Stage Band 1 Deb Shumate Plays 1,3; Musical 2,3; Variety Show 1,2; Debate 2,3; Philo Big Sisters 3; Band 1,3; Mixed Chorus 1.2.3 ; Madrigals 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Swing Choir 2,3 Steve Sime Wrestling 1-Man.; Student Assistant 2; Auto Coop 3 Pam Skaar Badger Girl’s State 2; “S” Club 1,2,3; German Club 1,2; Band 1; GAA 1,2,3; Student Council 1-Reporter, 3; Volleyball 3-Man.; Basketball 1,3-Capt.; Track 1-Man.; Softball 3 Eric Smedal Play 1,2; Musical 1,2; Ski Club 1,2,3; “S” Club 3; Football 1,3; Wrestling 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3; Weightlifters 3; Latin Club 1 Jean Smith Phio 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2-Sec.,3; AFS 3; GAA 1,2 Randy Smithback Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Golf 1,2,3 Sheri Smithback Ski Club 1,2,3; GAA 1; Track 1; Spanish Club 1 Joyce Soerfass Transfer 3; Mixed Chorus 3 Bonnie Stacey Jeff Stanton Children’s Plays 2,3; Musical 2,3; Chess Gub 2; Library Assistant 2,3; Orchestra 2,3; Football 2,3; Tennis 2 Pat Stanton Glenn Starks Ann Starostovic Band 1; GAA 3 Tracey Stauffacher Kathy Steckbauer National Honor Society 2; Class Officer 3-Treas.; Track 2; Tennis 1,2,3; GAA 1,2-Sec.,3-Vice Pres.; Pep Band 2,3; Band 1,2,3; Latin Gub 1; German Club 2,3; Philo 2,3; AFS 1,2; Variety Show 2,3; Musical 2; Norse Star Editor Sharron Stenjem Plays 3; Musical 2,3; Variety Show 2,3; Debate 1,2,3; Philo 2,3; “S” Club 3; Band 1,2,3; Dance Band 3; Pep Band 2,3; GAA 1,2; Tennis 2,3; Stage Band 3; Student Assistant 2,3; Traveling Christmas Show 1; National Honor Society 3 Joel Stensaas Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Dance Band 2; Stage Band 2; Musical 2; Variety Show 2,3; Golf 1,2,3 Sue Stiklestad Pep Gub 1,2; FFA 1; Spanish Gub 1; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 2,3 Vicky Stolen I owell Strandlie Wrestling 2,3 Steve Strandlie Football 3; Ski Club 2,3; FFA 1; FFA Basketball 1 Sue Strandlie Pep Club 1,2,3; “S” Club 1,2,3; Spanish Gub 2; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Softball 3; Student Assistant 3 Sarah Strieker Ski Club 2,3; GAA 2,3; Latin Club 3 Nelson Sundby Ski Club 1,2,3-Vice Pres.; Intramurals 1,2,3; Golf 1 Jeff Sundseth Football 2-Man.; Baseball 3-Man. Ann Swenson Track 1,2; Basketball 1; Cheerleading 1,2,3-Capt.; Norwegian Dancers 2,3; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 2-Reporter; Spanish Gub 1; “S” Club 2,3; Student Assistant 3; Norse Star Staff 3 Brian Teigen Intramurals 2,3; Ski Club 1,2,3; Football 3; Auto Club 3 Cheryl Thede Michelle Thomas Philo 2,3; Math Team 2,3; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 3; Musical 3 John Trampush Plays 2,3; Musical 2,3; Literary Magazine 2; Debate 3; Chess Gub 1,2,3; Philo Little People 3; German Club 2; Math Team 2; Mixed Chorus 2,3; Swing Choir 2,3; Cross Country 2; Track 1,2 (indy Trinko National Honor Society 2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Philo 2,3; German Club 2; Math Team 1; AFS 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Student Assistant 3 Dale Tyler Homecoming Court 3; Norse Star Staff 3; “S” Club 2,3-Pres.; Cross Country 2,3-Capt.; Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1 Debra Van Horn Joe VanFossen Tennis 2,3; Golf 1; German Gub 1,2 Steve van Steenderen Plays 3; Musical 3; Ski Club 1,2,3; Madrigals 3; Wrestling 1 Scot Vesterdahl Homecoming King 3; “S” Club 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3-Capt.; Basketball 1,2,3-Capt.; Track 1; Baseball 1,2,3; Rotary 3; Prom Court 2 David Vike Baseball 1,2,3; Weightlifters 1; “S” Club 2,3 Kathy Vike Homecoming Court 3; Pep Club 1,2,3; AFS 2,3; Track 1,2,3; GAA 1,2; Latin Club 2 David Volenberg Wrestling 1,2,3; Band 1 Pam Waag GAA l,2,3;.Ski Club 1,2,3; AFS 1.2; Band 1,2 Brenda Walther FHA 2; FFA 3; Tutor 2,3 Ken W'eaver Ada Weigel FFA 1,2,3-Treas.; FFA Volleyball 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 3; Parliamentary Procedure 2; Track 1,2 Pam W'ersland Plays 2,3; Musical 2,3; Homecoming Queen 3; Prom Court 2; Student Council 1,2,3-Vice Pres.; Spanish Club 1,2; Band 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3; Madrigals 2,3; Swing Choir 2,3; GAA 1,2 David Whaley Jim Wickline Ski Club 1,2,3; “S” Club 2,3; Intramurals 2,3; Football 1,2,3-Capt.; Wrestling 1,2; Track 1,2,3; Weightlifters 1,2,3; Auto Club 1,2,3 Jerry Wideen Student Council 3; Math Team 2,3-Capt.; Science Club 3 Mike Wiessinger Pep Band 2,3; Auto Gub 3; Pep Club 1; Latin Club 2; Band 1,2,3 Janet Wikum Variety Show 2; FFA 1,2-Sec.; 3-Pres.; FFA Volleyball 1,2,3; AFS 1; Band 1,2; GAA 2,3; Parliamentary Procedure 1 Frances W illems Pep Gub 1,2; FTA 3; German Club 1,2; GAA 1,2,3; Library Assistant 1 Bret Williams FFA 1,2,3 Rich Wisden Football 1 John Wolf Badger Boy’s State 2; Student Council 1; Philo 3; Intramurals 2,3; German Gub 1; Latin Club 2,3; Math Team 1-Capt., 2,3-Capt.; Football 1; Basketball 1; Tennis 1; Rotary 3; Class Officer 3-Pres.; Junior Achievement 2,3; National Honor Society 3 Deb Wolf gram Mixed Chorus 1,2; Tennis 1; Student Assistant 3 Diane Woolever FFA 1,2,3; FFA Volleyball 1,2,3; FHA 2; Junior Achievement 2; Explorers 2,3-Vice Pres. Michiko Yaoita Plays 3; Ski Club 3; FTA 3; FHA 3; Spanish Club 3; AFS 3; Band 3; Mixed Chorus 3; GAA 3Autographs

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