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Scfotcattan During our years at Stoughton High School we have all formed special relationships with many different faculty members. They have been a great influence in helping us to broaden our knowledge and outlook on life. We sometimes neglect to show them our gratitude but it is within us. There is one teacher who has a special meaning to the Class of ’76. He hasn’t tried to bowl us over with his own point of view, but has allowed us to formulate our own opinions. Because he has shown a true concern for us, his students and friends, it is our pleasure to dedicate our 1976 Yahara to Mr. Joe Kubale. 'v(HlasH £ 0ng ClaHB Motto (EIsbb Jlmuer Old Days I am not afraid of tomorrow, Yellow Rose For I have seen yesterday, And I love today.Bonnie Jean Ace Dean C. Allen thia 8ttr Anderson Deborah L Bn Anderson One ace beats a king Today. FFA President So what's wrong with There is one great success -Tomorrow? horsing around to be able to spend your life in your own way. ¥. Bates JoAnn 8. Anderson Lori Jean Anderson It's nice to be natural when I'm positive there’s no you’re naturally nice. peroxide in my shampoo. Ua wtia Ann Backui Better late thBn never, but die’s worth waiting for. His attendance at school is like a stoplight on and off.Mar Elizabeth JBcckStrand Jon E Baum Sfae’s the shy type, you have to whistle twice. And hece you thought 1 was studying Barbara Ann Benson Brian B. Benschep He stoops to nothing but the doorway. Julie Mae Beckwith Thomas B. Bennett The thing that co6ts the least and does the most is simply a pleasant smile. I never met a mirror 1 didn’t like. She’s a studious girl. When she succeeds, well know why. Randall Gene Blotngren 1 have the strangest feeling that I have a spSt personality. Vincent Lee Biegen Work is some men’s meat. I'M a vegetarian.•ioctte Patricia Rower Richard Roy Biotngren That's funny Randy, I have the same feeling. This is the "right" bower You can almost see the stars in his eyes Brenda Marie Boyd Shannon Elizabeth Bradley Quiet, yes; shy, no; give Her smile is UUra-Brite. her a chance and let her go. Steven Thomas Brosh Larry Bronte Someday 1 11 catch up to Henry Aaron. Robert Prestcn move over, a new music man marches. Richard J. Budden I wanna be kept down on the farm. Norriae Alice Byrd Smiles, smiles, unending smiles, in radiant lines for miles and miles.Sandra Ha - Canaan My clarinet and I make beautiful music together. Caret Jean Carpenter She's pretty to walk with and witty to talk with. Marilyn c. Christianson John H. Christiansen Women are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of men. A combination hard to beat, handsome, friendly, and a fine athlete. Thank God it's Friday Eric L. Chris toffers on Nancy Coon Beans, beans, the magical Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Steve F. Comstock Don't study your lesson lessen your study ReSie Christianson I finally flew over this cuckoo's nest.Timothy t. Crawford Brenda lies Cottrell Kevin Brian Costello Make the most of me girls good men are hard to find Richard Duane Conant School? Yes. I've been there. Heal character never shouts, but speaks quietly in many different ways. I was a boy scout until t started to be a ' 'girl scout”. Brenda Marie IJaht Michael David Crystal A crystal in the rough. She does her best with a lot erf zest. nil M. Davis Marshall A. DeRemer Why should the brain be Life of the class, death erf engaged before the mouth the teachers, rs put in gear? And that's just one of his tricksI've never seen pictures like these before. Wary Ruth Tile km an A spirited girl is our Mar’, with a determination that we find rare. Dettice E. nicks..n Her art work is as delicate as she. Sandra Kay Dietzman David Alan Dvorak Ask her the secret of He’s three great men rolled sweetness. into one; Curly, Larry, and Moe. Robert H. Dvorak He’s a litUe backwards about coming forward. The sweet potato that came back from Idaho.Roger Engsberg. Jr. Steven M. Erdahl He's a real down to earth I'd rather hug a football guy Rick Matthew Erickson Sandra Kay Erickson 1 had something good to Go1' 'ou guys- I m only say but 1 think I’ll save it foolin’! for a better time Thomas L. Erickson Sue Ellen Engster Rebecca Jane Fessenden Mark Andrew Fossen When he laughs, we laugh; An elegant walk with goals Blondes come in bottles but One of his drawing powers when he works, we wonder. firmly in mind red heads are natural. is his remarkable tfrawing powerAdolfo Fartado Delaine J. Falter My Jughead runnelh over Katherine Ann GallwiU Steven David Gallagher It’s better to learn late than never. Alan Guetrke Dorian Grllley I love work, it fascinates me. I could sit and look at it all day. Will the owner of a blue MG please turn out his lights. We are the fizzing bubbles In a 7-Up bottle. After we’ve been shaken up as we prance around in hysterics We know that soon We will be free to spring out and Dance in the open air. Ami Jo GJestseo Debra Kay Gjertson Night hours aren't good for one, but they ’re all right for two. The Golden Girl "aims” west.Mark John Gunderson Jill Louise Cullirkson The growl of his voice matches the one in his stomach. A Jill with many Jacks A Mayor Shin-grin Bonnie Bene Hagen Cindy Lott Halverson She laughs with glee and all her troubles flee. Dawn Marie Halzel Mark Joel Hansen Look out Fonz, here comes the "Boni”. He’s the reason why so many girls pretend they can't swim. Study is a pastime, so why overdo it? Evon Star Harrison Sharon Ann Hanson What she tacks in height she makes up for in spunk. If she has any faults, she never displays them. ■ . • Paul Eugene Heggestsd He rides tall in the saddle; all he needs is a horse. Marie Patrice Hergenroether Thy wit with thee, is wit Marie. Brian K Hermnndstad Talks little but says alot. Mary Hensel Bubbling springs can sometimes be deep. John V. Hermanson The thinkingest thinker that ever thunk. They adore me “COS’’ I’m so great Patricia Lynn Hess Randall Laroy Holman Vicki Lynn Hoff Hester's back to nature 'cuz that’s her nature. A quiet girl, but she has someone on her mind. There’re two sides to every problem • the wrong way and mine.Cathy Sue Holpto She’s “hatpin" for the best in life Gregory Robert Hofehuter I'm the patient type; where’s the mim? John William Holzhuter Todd H. Hnbing Open the window. I want to throw out my chest. He puts the "whii” in whizdom. David’s rather picky Suzanne Elizabeth Jacobson Donn $. Jacobsen i'within Lynn Jackson When duty calls "doody listens. Mtchaela M, Hull Our own little Shi Temple. My schooling never did no Happy and carefree, how harm, but I feel better on content can I be. the farm.Cheryl Marie Johnson Cherrie isn't very tall, but sticks of dynamite are also small. Lynn Marie Janisch if silence were golden, I'd be bankrupt! Susan Kay Jensen Caryl Jean Johnson I aim for fun and never miss. Her frowns are few and far between, her beaming smile is always seen. David B. Johnson Kathryn L. Johnson softly purring “kitty lie has no time for women or fame, a diploma is a foremost aim. Mfcfcsei J. Johnson M3ie S. Johnson ‘Ten Four Some think he’s innocent we know belter. Where the beck is Klitzke?Carroll E. Judd. Jr. For £l«m John he’s been mistaken, but it’s Casey’s image that’s been taken Cynthia Hope Jones Robert L, Kind Jean Ann Karislyst A good mind is a kingdom possessed. Call her Reliance." He's often burned the midnight oil. but were aware (was not in toil. Deborah Jetm Kltuuunon Teresa Lynn Kittleson if there's trouble I’m around, but J've been there. Gary 1 ee Kliftgaman Susan Johanna KleplBger Shall we take a ride bo the riverside. J hunt because 1 like to watch j fire in the fireplace My own self at my very' best - all the timeJanet Carrie Knox Darcy Lyon 1.arson Robert A. Klitzke Julie Rae Kober They'll hove to invent a backwards howling lane before she’ll be able to bowl Mighty sweet and mighty wise, the fun just twinkles in her eyes. A wrestling star who also shines at night. A girl of many talents, none of which are buried. Ann Rene Latmdrie Jeffrey Alan Larson Only weeds grow tall. Ronald A. Leikness, Jr Pamela Ann Lippitt Her mouth works faster than any brain could think. Better to be silent than to speak up and remove the wonder Teachers discover my faults, they never ap predate my charms.Ross Livingston 1 put my troubles in a pocket with a hole in it. Judith Ann iamg She's living proof that a shy girl is worth getting to know. Kathryn L. Lunde I’ll go cruisin' along in my Opel John Richard Lynch Kenneth E. Manthe Don't applaud, just throw women. Timothy Jay Marshall In all spots he does shine. A better player is hard to find. 1 hate women, but oh those girls. Gim Rae Martin Donald M. Martinson Like gravity, she holds the power of attraction. ‘Look out pedestriansKathleen Marie Martinson David Alan Matuseski Fm not denying women are foolish: God made os in man's image To describe him fully,, .we won’t try. We’ll just say he's one swell guy! Koxanne Marie Maurer Michael P. McCormick Bradley ASen Mayberry Linda Jean Midthun Genius is the capacity of Come on you guys, just one avoiding hard work. more time around the souare. Mavberries grow sweeter in Middleton. Keith A. Moe James Allen Moen I want to be bashful but the girls won’t let me. An experienced baker who doesn’t think high school is a 4-year loaf. MANTHE MANIASusan Jo Monson ftobert L. Muehtenbruch High school days have their delights, but they don't compare with high school nights An excellent scholar always ready for fun; never content until her work is done A talented tiptop typisl Mitchell B. Netson Karen Christine Nielsen Dee leuise Nygagen She’s blessed with a blush She's strictly out of Vogue and a gift of gab. Jutie .Ann Nettum Why be difficult when, with a little moreeffort. 1 can be impossible? Don’t we have an irresistible faculty?Mark A. O’Connell Christy lawiise Olson r Todd Allen Obertander Cary Alan Obrecht Randall Olday "Re pompous, obese, and An honest guy who's rather Cary Grant and I have one When (here’s nothing to do eat cactus.” shy. thing in common: Judy. I come to school Judy, Judy Patricia Lynn Olp Don’t love everyone specialize Catherine Marie Olson Laughing eyes, flashing Neal, sweet, and petite, smiles, charming ways, and lots of style. Richard Lee Olson Rick’s a great guy, and if you donT believe it...ask him. Ready to face their execution.Diane Marie oistad Sanford C- Ofawt It She does alot more than assist fn the library. It’s better to crawl to heaven than not get there at all Kristy lee Paddock She's happy-go-lucky, and always on the go. What she’ll do next, you’ll never know. Gregory John Paulsen I stand on the verge of a great career - someone push me off. Nancy Jo Pederson Cheryl Ann Peterson If happiness is the road to success, she’ll find traveling easy Karen Stte Pavlue Music is language. native That happy smile upon her face is welcome in most anyplaceJulie lienee Peterson Karen Elixabeth Peterson Erom one joy of life I cannot restrain: my weekend trip to the howling lane. Christopher Martin Pie per Every inch a good fellow -and OH so many inches! Cheryl Ann Plrltl This “pirkl-ator” bubbles bat never boils. Amen...or is it “Ah men1 James Eric Quam Michael Plank I’ll try to be good... well better anyway. Why take life so seriously, you’ll never come out alive Julie Ann Qoam The angel that guards her when she drives is going to retire at age 2b! Robert P. Radeeki 1 think I'm growing oat of this schoolAndrew R. Rein Roger William Ramos I'm cool at the pool. Kim Allen Raisbeck Chris A. Raimond An athlete’s labor he has done, an athlete’s honor he has won. Bait the hook well, this "fish” will bite. It matters not how long we live, but how? Now this is my racket Randy G. Rice Roxanne Carole Roslak This world would be Her method is simple; her paradise except for one weapon a dimple thing - school! Mark Alan Ross Brad Rostowfske Relax girls, he smiles like that at everyone. I was almost killed by a train of thoughts running through my head.Denis Hen Sehroeder She has vim pep enough for three, in every sport she's bound to be. Marlene Beth Hosted David Michael Schammel im Manwrit StheMrup If laughing is good for one's If it weren't for Mickey, Pox on the run. health, she’ll live forever. we’d be in a “shambles” Teresa Lynn Scamcmson Do angels have red hair Scott Roy Sharp He knows a football field isn't the only place for a line. Jerri L. Slebert Laurie Marglt Silbattgh Cindy Sissons The only cloud in her life is Generally speaking, she’s the one she’s walking on. generally speaking. Someday my prince will come. I wish he’d hurry up, the bum.Michael Alien Sissons Mary Jo Aim Smet lie does nothing in par- The direction she moves is ticular - and does It very determined by where she well. has stood. Karol Ann Smillle Keaee Rose Smith Lightheaded? No, just blonde. She’s Jibe a clock - always wound up and going Rhonda Rae Smith Full of giggles, full of spice...most of all she's very nice. Scott E. Spangler He likes the company of Rowdy'’ people. Right Lynn’’ Jatie Renae Stockwell ttarhara Jean Squire Pretty as a picture, nice frame too.Douglas A. Stronach Life gives happiness to some people, other people give fife its happiness. Andrew I. Sviatoslavsky Though his name's a menace, he’s a star in tennis. Unbelievable, Todd's not asleep? Diana Lynne Swenson Steven M. Swenson Jeffrey A, Swenson “Oates” are her favorite kind of fruit. To women I pay no heed ; today 's plum is tomorrow’s prune. Studying Is catching; catch me and i’ll study. Gregory .Man Sundfcy Driving carefully is such a waste of insurance. I .am it Jean Swaiheim 1 want what I want when I want it. Susan Marie Swoboda Better to be little and shine than to be big and cast a shadow.larry Scott Tarpiaian Larry, Larry, $uite contrary, where does your Chevrolet go? Randy W. Telgen Lead me not into temptation, Just show me the way. Peggy S. Tenjum Dean R. Thompson Now and forever after, her eyes are dancing with laughter. He’s a “ham” of an operator. Ruth Marie Tehan Sarah Elisabeth Toso Henry Q. Turvilte. Jr. I’U argue though the point be small-, you can't let the teachers say it all. Jeffrey J. Vedvig Women are Uke elephants: nice to look at but 1 wouldn't want to own one. Vm as restless as a willow in a windstorm. Her appearance is only a foreshadowing of what’s inside.Gwendolyn Ellen Wall Use what language you will: you can never say anything but what you are. Ann Marie Veum Clair C. Vlke Mildest manner, gentlest Red neck, white socks, and “Cart- Pahst Blue Ribbon Beer Denni W. Weaver From the halls of Stoughton High School, to the Shores of Tripoli. Vicki Lynn Wethal Mark J Whadbiel Mfke Windbiel Rebel with a cause. All the world is in despair to find out how be curls his hair. .Ail ■xA'js myjfifi - . • £ r ' . viu y- ■foil i Mark O. Wethal What harm in drinking can Curly and cute , what a there he since punch and beaut’ life so well agree’ Susan L. Woodstock Pushing is the color of virtue. Craig A. Wood He's always feeling at his best whenever he can be a pest. Debra Ann Wittlg the time I've spent wooing, watching, and pursuing. David Carr Wlsersky He drives with his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the sidewalk. Wesley H. Elting A finer guy cannot be found. When you need help, he’s always around. Julie Awn Barber A problem lor the U .$. • the atomic giggle. Patrick K. Price Todd Peters The world belongs to the energetic, but who wants the world? President of the "Bored" of Education Now that the winter's come and gone I’ll say good-bye Now that the summer’s cornin’ on I’ll say good-bye. I’m not the first man or the last Who had a thirst to leave the past, So while the spring rain is falling, I’ll say good-bye For every star that falls to earth a new one glows. For every dream that fades away a new one grows. When things are not what they would seem You must keep following your dream, So while my heart is still believing I’ll say good-bye. Rod McKuenMentor umaries Dean Allen: FFA-1,2,3, President-3; FFA Basketball-1,2; Footbal’l-1,2,3; Wrestling-1,2,3; Parliamentary Procedure-1,2,3; Student Assistant-3. Cindy Anderson: National Honor Society-1,2,3; FFA Volleyball-1,2,3; Philo-2,3; GAA-3; Basketball-1; Track-1, Student ssistant-2,3. ebbie Anderson: Musicals-1,2,3; Student Council-3; Ski Club-1; FA-2,3; Philo-2,3, Treasurer-2; FTA-2,3; Spanish Club-1, reasurer-1; Mixed Chorus-1,2,3; Madrigals-2,3; GAA-1,2; wing Choir-3. oAnn Anderson: Pep Club-1; Ecology Club-1,2; AFS-2,3; GAA- 1,2,3. Lori Anderson: Variety Show-2,3; German Club-1,2,3; AFS-3; Band-2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Tennis-2,3; Stage Band-2,3. Claudia Backus: Yahara Staff-3; Tri Editor-In-Chief-3; Prom Court-2; Plays-1; Student Council-1,2,3, Secretary-2; Ski Club-1,3; Spanish Club-2, Vice President-2; AFS-2,3, Candidate-3; GAA-1,2,3; Track-1; Norwegian Dancers-3. ulie Barber ion Bates on Baum: Band-1,2,3; Ski Club-2; German Band-3; Pep Band- .,2,3. Mary Beth Beckstrand: Variety Show-1; Philo-2,3; “S” Club-2,3; German Club-1,2; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2; GAA-1,2,3; Tennis-1,2,3. Julie Beckwith: National Honor Society-2; FHA-1,2,3; Philo-2,3; Spanish Club-1; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Volleyball-1. Tom Bennett: Plays-2,3; Musical-2,3; Variety Show-2; Badger Boys State-2; Ski Club-1,2,3; Debate-3; German Club-1,2,3; Math Team-1,2,3; Mixed Chorus-1 Rotary-3; Swing Choir-3. Brian Benschop: “S” Club-2,3; Basketball-1,2,3, Captain-3; Football-1,2,3. Barb Benson: Pep Band-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3; GAA-1,2; Volleyball-1,2,3; Spanish Club-1,2; Philo-2,3. Vincent Blegen Randy Blomgren: Ecology Club; FFA Basketball; FFA. Rick Blomgren: FFA-1; FFA Basketball-1. Jowette Bowers: Plays-2; Mixed Chorus-2. Brenda Boyd: Pep Club-3; Orchestra-1,2; GAA-2,3; Track-2,3. Shannon Bradley: Musical-1; FTA-2,3; AFS-2; GAA-1; Student Assistant-2. Larry Bronte: Musical-2; Ski Cub-1,3; Ecology Club-2; Science Club-2; Intermurals-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3; German Band-1; Pep Band-1,2,3; Orchestra-1,2,3; Football-1; Baseball-2,3; Auto Club-2; Stage Band-1,2; Weight Lifters-1; Chess Club-2. Steve Brush: Plays-1,2,3; Musicals-1,2,3; Prom MC-2; Debate-1,2,3; Mixed Chorus-1,2,3; Madrigals-2,3; Swing Choir-3; Variety Show-1,2,3; Rotary-3; Student Assistant-1,2,3. Richard Budden Norrine Byrd: Plays-3; Musical-3; FTA-2,3; Mixed Chorus-3; Transfer-2. Sandy Canaan: Ecology Club-1,2; FHA-1,2,3, Treasurer-3; AFS-3; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3. Carol Carpenter: Plays-1; FTA-2,3, Secretary-3; AFS-2; Spanish Club-2,3; GAA-1; Student Assistant-2,3. John Christianson Marilyn Christianson: German Club-1. Rollie Christianson Eric Christofferson: Musical-3; Student Council-2; Ecology Club-2,3; Intermurals-3; Spanish Club-3; Football-1; Basketball-2; Swing Choir-3. Steve Comstock Rick Conant: Plays-1,2; Musical-1,2,3; Variety Show-1,2,3; Yahara Staff-3; Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-2,3; Orchestra-3; Track-1,2,3; Stage Band-1,2,3; Class Officer-2, Treasurer-2. Nancy Coon: Variety Show-.3; AFS-2; Band-1,3,3; Pep Band-1,2; Orchestra-3; GAA-1,2,3, President-3; Stage Band-2,3. Kevin Costello: Musical-2,3; Homecoming Court-3; Prom Court-2; Badger Boys State-2; Ecology Club-1,2; “S” Club-1,2,3; Intermurals-3; .Norwegian Dancers-2,3; Football-1,2,3, Captain-3; Basketball-1,2; Track-1,2,3, Captain-2,3; Rotary-3; Class Officer-1, Vice-President-1; Weight Lifters-1,2,3. Brenda Cottrell: Ski Club-3; Ecology Club-1; AFS-2,3; Orchestra-1; GAA-1,2,3; Tennis-2,3. Tim Crawford Mike Crystal Brenda Dahl: FTA-2,3; Spanish Club-2; GAA-2; AFS-2. Jill Davis: Musical-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3; Majorette-1,2,3; Mixed Chorus-2; Pep Band-2; GAA-1; Volleyball-1,2; Basketball-1,2; Variety Show-2; Student Assistant-2. Marshall DeRemer: Football-2; Intermurals-2,3; Spanish Club-2; Basketball-1; Track-2,3; Weight Lifters-3; “S” Club-3. Mary Dickman: Plays-1; Homecoming Court-3; Prom Court-2; National Honor Society-2; Student Council-1,2,3; Spanish Club-1,2; Mixed Chorus-2; GAA-2; Yahara Staff-3. Denice Dickson: GAA-2; FHA-3. Sandy Dietzman: GAA-1,2,3; FHA-1,2,3, Secretary-1, Vice-President-2, President-3; FTA-1; Student Assistant-3. Bob Dvorak: Intermurals-1,3; Football-1; Basketball-2. David Dvorak: Auto Club-3; Ski Club-1; “S” Club-2,3; Track-1,2,3; Weight Lifters-3. Joni Ehle Wesley Elsing: Wrestling-2,3. Roger Engsberg: FFA-1,2,3, Sentinel-2, Vice-President-3; FFA Basketball-1,2; Wrestling-1; Parliamentary Procedure-1; Voice of Democracy-3. Gary Enters Steve Erdahl: Football-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2; “S” Club-3; Intermurals-3. Rick Erickson: Football-1,2,3; Track-3; Student Assistant-3; Intermurals-1,2,3; “S” Club-3; Latin Club-2, President-2; Weight Lifters-1,2,3; Ski Club-3; Bench Press Club-2,3. Sandy Erickson: German Club-1,2; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2; GAA-1,2,3. Tom Erickson: Ski Club-1; Auto Club-3. Sue Eugster: Homecoming Court-3; Yahara Staff-3; Student Council-2,3; AFS-1,2,3; GAA-1,2; Class Officer-3, President-3. Becky Fessenden Mark Fossen: Plays-1,2,3; Musical-1,2,3; Yahara Staff-3, Tri-Editor-In-Chief-3; Student Council-1,2; Intermurals-2,3; German Club-2,3; Mixed Chorus-2; Madrigals-2,3; Tennis-1; Class Officer-3, Vice President-3; Student Assistant-1; Rotary-3. Delaine Fuller Adolfo Furtado: Homecoming Court-3; Student Council-3; Science Club-3, Secretary-3; German Club-3, President-3; Math Team-3; AFS-3. Steve Gallagher: Auto Club-3. Kathy Gallwitz Debbie Gjertson: GAA-2,3. Ami Gjestson: Play 1; Variety Show-2,3; Musical-3; Yahara Staff-3; Student Council-3; Ski Club-1; Philo-3; “S” Club-2,3; Spanish Club-1; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Orchestra-3; GAA-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Tennis-2,3. Dorian Grilley: Musical-1,2,3; Play-2,3; Yahara Staff-3; Ecology Club-1,2,3, Co-President-3; Spanish Club-2; Tennis 1,2,3; Student Assistant-2,3; Photography Club-2. Alan Guetzke Jill Gullickson: Prom Court-2, Queen-2; National Honor Society-2; Yahara Staff-3; Philo-2,3; Spanish Club-1,2; AFS-3; GAA-1,2,3; Band-1,2; Student Assistant-3. Mark Gunderson: Wrestling-1,2,3, Captain-1,2,3; Football-1,2,3, Captain-3; “S” Club-1,2,3, Reporter-2; President-3; Homecoming Court-3; Baseball-2,3; Sagen’s Fan Club-1,2,3. Bonnie Hagen: AFS-1,2,3. Cindy Halverson: Philo-2,3; AFS-1,3; GAA-2. Dawn Halzel: GAA-1,2,3.Mark Hansen: Student Council-1; Ecology Club-1; German Club-2,3; Norwegian Dancers-1,2,3; Football-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Golf-1,2,3; Rotary-3; Weight Lifters-1,2,3. Sharon Hanson Evon Harrison: GAA-1,2. Paul Heggestad: German Club-1,2; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,3; Dance Band-3; Musi cal-3. Mary Hensel: GAA-1; Cheerleading-1,2,3; Pep Club-1; AFS-1; Track-1. Marie Hergenroether: Plays-1; Vahara Staff-3, Tri-Editor-In-Chief-3; Ski Club-1; Pep Club-1,2, Secretary-2; Ecology Club-1,2; Philo-2,3; “S” Club-1,2; Spanish Club-1,2; AFS-1; GAA-1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers-3; Track-1; Class Officer-1,2, Treasurer-1, Secretary-2; Traveling Christmas Show-2. John Hermanson: National Honor Society-2; Latin Club-1; Math Team-1,2,3. Brian Hermundstad Patty Hess: Ski Club-1; Pep Club-1; Spanish Club-1; GAA-1,3; Track-1; Plays-1. Vicki Hoff Randy Holman: Plays-2,3; Musical-1,2,3; Variety Show-1,2,3; Math Team-1,2; Band-1,2,3; German Band-2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Swing Choir-3; Fencing-3. Cathy Holpin: GAA-1,2,3. Greg Holzhuter: Intermurals-2,3; Band-1; Football-2, Manager-2; Basketball-2. John Holzhuter: Homecoming Court-3; Badger Boys State-2; Student Council-1; “S” Club-2,3; Spanish Club-1; Norwegian Dancer-1,2,3; Football-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Rotary-3; Student Assistant-3. Todd Hubing: Prom Court-2; National Honor Society-2; Badger Boys State-2; Spade-2; Yahara Staff-3; Science Club-1,3, President-3; “S” Club-2,3; Intermurals-2,3; Latin Club-1; Math Team-1,2,3; Cross Country-1,2,3; Basketball-1; Tennis-1; Rotary-3; Student Assistant-2. Shelly Hull: Ski Club-2; Spanish Club-2; AFS-2,3; Spanish Assistant-2. Cynthia Jackson: National Honor Society-2,3; Ski Club-1,2; Pep Ciub-1,2,3; Ecology Club-1,2,3, Vice-President-3; Philo-2,3; “S” Club-2,3; Math Team-1,2,3, Co-captain-3; Cheerleading-1,2,3, Captain-3; GAA-1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers-2,3; Tennis-2; Track-1,2.3; Student Assistant-2,3. Donn Jacobson: FFA-1,2,3. Sue Jacobson Lynn Janisch: Band-2; Pep Band-1; GAA-1. Sue Jensen: German Club-1,2; GAA-1. Caryl Johnson: Ski Club-1; Pep Club-2,3; “S” Club-2,3; Spanish Club-1,2; Math Team-1; AFS-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Orchestra-2,3; Basketball-2,3, Manager-2,3; Student Assistant. C'herrie Johnson: GAA-1.2,3. Dave Johnson: Basketball-3, Manager-3; Fencing-3. Kathy Johnson: Spanish Club-1; AFS-2; GAA-1,2,3; Tennis-2,3. Mike J. Johnson: Homecoming Court-3, King-3; “S” Club-2,3; Intermurals-2,3; German Club-2,3; Band-1; Football-1,2,3; Basketball-1; Baseball-1,2,3, Captain-3. Mike S. Johnson:Ski Club-1; FFA-1; Intermurals-2,3; Spanish Club-2; Baseball-2. Cindy Jones: German Club-1. Casey Judd: Musical-1,2; Ecology Club-2; Science Club-1.2,3; Intermurals-2,3; Latin Club-1; Mixed Chorus-2,3; Madrigals-3; Swing Choir-3. Jean Karlslyst: Plays-2,3; Musical-2; Variety Show-1,2,3; National Honor Society-2,3; Badger Girls State-2; Philo-2,3; Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2; GAA-1,2,3; Tennis-1,2; Stage Band-1,2,3; Student Assistant-2,3. Robert Kind Debbie Kinnamon Teresa Kittleson: Ski Club-1; Pep Club-1; AFS-1,2,3; GAA-1,2. Johanna Klepinger: Musical-3; Yahara Staff-3; Ski Club-3; Ecology Club-1,3; FTA-2,3; Latin Club-1; Mixed Chorus-3; GAA-1; Tennis-2; Student Assistant-3; Play-3. Gary Klingaman: Football-1; Auto Club-3. Bob Klitzke: Parrot Editor-In-Chief-3; “S” Club-1,2,3; Football-1; Wrestling-1,2,3; Baseball-1,2,3. Janet Knox: GAA-1,2; German Club-1. Julie Kober: Play 2,3; Musical-1,2; Parrot Staff-3, Features Editor-3; Ski Club-3; Mixed Chorus-1,2,3; Madrigals-2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Student Assistant-2,3; Swing Choir-3. Darcy Larsen: Philo-2,3; Spanish Club-1; AFS-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3. Jeff Larson: Musical-1; Basketball-1,2,3, Manager; Variety Show-1. Ann Laundrie: Volleyball-1,2; GAA-1,2; Musical-3; Variety Show-1,2,3; Spanish Club-1,2; AFS-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-1,2,3; Mixed Chorus-3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Stage Band-1,2,3; Junior Achievement-2. Ron Leikness: Auto Club-3; Basketball-1, Manager-1. Pam Lippitt: Variety Show-1; Ski Club-1,2; Pep Club-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Spanish Club-1; AFS-1,2,3, Co-President-3; Band-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2,3, Captain-3; Track-1,2, Captain-2; Student Assistant-2,3. Ross Livingston Judy Long: FHA-3, President-3; FFA-2; FFA Volleyball-2; Spanish Club-1; GAA-3; Parliamentary Procedure-2. Kathy Lunde: Ski Club-2; AFS-2. John Lynch: “S” Club-1,2,3, Reporter-3; Cross Country-1; Wrestling-1,2,3; Student Assistant-2,3. Ken Manthe: “S” Club-2,3,; Intermurals-1,2,3, Captain-3; German Club-1; Football-1,2,3; Basketball-1; Track-3; Baseball-1,2; Student Assistant-3; Weight Lifters-2,3. Tim Marshall: Variety Show-2,3; Musical-3; “S” Club-2,3; Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-2; Cross Country-1,2,3, Captain-3; Basketball-1,2,3, Captain- ; Golf-1,2,3, Captain- ; Stage Band-2; Student Assistant-1,2. Gina Martin: Musical-1,2,3; Homecoming Court-3, Queen-3; Prom Court-2; Student Council-1; Pep Club-3; FFA-2, AFS-1,3; Mixed Chorus-1,2; Madrigals-3; GAA-1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers-2,3. Don Martinson: FFA-1,2,3; FFA Basketball-1,2,3. Kathy Martinson: Plays-1,2,3; Musical-1,2; Variety Show-1; Yahara Staff-3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Pep Club-2; Forensics-1,2,3; “S” Club-3; Library Assistant-3; German Club-1,2; AFS-1,2,3, Candidate-3; GAA-1,2,3; Tennis-2,3; Student Assistant-1; Fencing-3; Traveling Christmas Show-2. Dave Matuseski Brad Mayberry: Variety Show-2; Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-1,2; German Band-2: Pep Band-1,2,3; Musical-3; Stage Band-1,2. Roxanne Maurer Mike McCormick: Ski Club-1.2. Linda Midthun: Pep Club-1; Philo-2; Spanish-1,2; GAA-1,2,3; AFS-2,3. Keith Moe: “S” Club-1; Wrestling-1,2,3. James Moen: Library Assistant-3. Julie Moen: National Honor Society-2,3; Philo-2,3; AFS-2; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2; Orchestra-3; GAA-1,2,3; Stage Band- 2.3. Sue Monson Cindy Moy: FTA-2,3; Philo-2,3; Spanish Club-2; AFS-2. Bob Muhlenbruch: Weight Lifting-1,2,3; Track-2,3; Football- 1.2.3. Mitchell Nelson Julie Nettum: Student Assistant-2,3; AFS-1; Travelling Christmas Show-2. Karen Nielsen: Pep Band-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Volleyball-1,2,3; Student Assistant-3; Ecology Club-1,2,3; Spanish Club-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3. Dee Nyhagen: Year Book Staff-3; Student Council-1; Ski Club-1,2; Band Variety-1,2,3; Pep Club-3; Band-1,2,3; Todd Oberlander: Ski Club-1,3; Debate-2; Ecology Club-3; Forensics-2; Science Club-2; Library Assistant-1,2,3; Intern Technician-1,2,3; Photography Club-2. Gary Obrecht: German Club-1,2; Baseball-2; Weight Lifters-2. Mark O’Connell: Baseball-1,2,3. Randall Olday: Football-3; Weight Lifters-3. Pat Olp: Pep Band-1; Musical-1,2,3; Plays-1,2,3; Madrigals-3; Swing Choir-3; National Honor Society-2,3; Philo-2,3; German Club-1; AFS-1; Mixed Chorus-2,3; Band-1; Pep Band-1.Cathy Olson: Homecoming Court-3; Badger Girls State-2; Yahara Staff-3; Student Council-1,2,3, President-3; Ski Club-1; Ecology Club-1,2,3, Vice-President-2; Philo-2,3; German Club- 1,2, President-2; “S” Club-3; GAA-1,2,3, Secretary-2; Volleyball-3. Christy Olson: FTA-3; AFS-2; GAA-2. Richard L. Olson: National Honor Society-2,3; Ecology Club-3; Science Club-2,3; “S” Club-3; Intermurals-2; German Club-1,2; Math Team-2,3; Wrestling-3; Tennis-1,2,3. Sanford Olson Diane Olstad: Ski Club-3; FHA-3; Library Assistants-3; GAA- 1,2,3. Greg Paulson Kristy Paddock Karen Pavlue Nancy Jo Pederson: Plays-1,2,3; Musical-1,2,3; Variety Show-1,2,3; AFS-1; Band-1,2,3; Drum Major-1; Dance Band-1,2"; Mixed Chorus-1,2,3; Madrigals-2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Swing Choir-3; GAA-1; Norwegian Dancers-2,3; Stage Band-1,2. Todd Peters Cheryl Peterson: Pep Club-3; Student Assistant-2. Julie Peterson: GAA-1; FTA-1; Pep Club-3; AFS-3. Karen Peterson: Prom Court-2; Ski Club-1,2; Pep Club-1,2,3, President-2,3; Cheerleading-2,3; GAA-1,2. Chris Pieper: Homecoming MC-3; Plays-1,2; Musical-1,2,3; Variety Show-1,2,3; Yahara Staff-3; Student Council-3; Science Club-2,3; lntermurals-3; German Club-1; Math Team-2,3; Band-1,2,3; Drum Major-2,3; German Band-3; Dance Band-1,2,3; Mixed Chorus-3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Tennis-1; Student Assistant-3; Photography Club-2. Cheryl Pirkl: Musical-3; Variety Show-2,3; Philo-2,3; AFS-2,3; Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-2,3; Pep Band-1,2; GAA-1,2; Stage Band-2.3; Student Assistant-2. Mike Plank Pat Price: Auto Co-op-3. Jim Quam Julie Quam: Musical-1; Yahara Staff-3; Pep Club-1,2,3, Secretary-3; Ecology Club-1,2; GAA-1,2,3, Vice-President-3; Volleyball-1; Class Officer-1,3, Secretary-1, Treasurer-3; Student Assistant-3. Bob Radecki: Ecology Club-1,2; German Club-2,3; Math Team-1,2,3; Track-1,2,3; “S” Club-2,3. Chris Raimond: Auto Club-1,2,3. Kim Raisbeck: Wrestling-1,2,3; Track-1,2; Auto Club-3; “S” Club-2,3; Prom Court-2; Football-1,2. Roger Ramos: Library Assistant-2,3; Football-3, Manager-3. Andy Rein: Prom Court-2; Ski Club-1; “S” Club-1,2,3; Track-1,3; Football-1; Wrestling-1,2,3, Captain-1,2,3. Randy Rice Roxanne Roslak: Musical-3; Homecoming Court-3; Prom Court-2; National Honor Society-2,3; Spoon-2; Yahara Staff-3; Literary Magazine-3; Student Council-2; Ecology Club-1,2,3, Secretary-2; Philo-2,3, Vice-President-2, President-3; German Club-1,3; Math Team-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Tennis-1,2; Class Officer-1,2, President-1,2; Latin Club-1. Mark Ross: Parrot Editor-3; Cross Country-1,2,3, Captain-3; Track-1,2,3. Brad Rostowfske: Homecoming Court-3; “S” Club-3; Football-1,2,3; Wrestling-3; Track-2,3; Weight Lifters-1,2,3. Marlene Rustad: FFA-1,2,3; AFS-1,3; Band-1; GAA-1,2,3; FFA Volleyball-1,3. David Schammel: Ski Club-1; Spanish Club-1,2; Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-1; Pep Band-1,2,3; Football-1,2,3; Golf-1,2,3; Variety Show-1; Stage Band-1; Musical-3. Jill Scheldrup: Ski Club-1; FFA-2,3; Spanish Club-1; AFS-1,2,3; Band-1; GAA-1,2,3. Denise Schroeder: “S” Club-2,3; Band-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3, Secretary-2, President-3; Volleyball-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Track-1,2,3. Teresa Seamonson: Ski Club-1,2,3; Pep Club-1,2; Latin Club-3; Spanish Club-1,2; AFS-3; GAA-1,2,3. Scott Sharp: Norwegian Dancers-2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Football-1,3; German Club-1,2; Golf-1,2,3. Jerri Siebert: GAA-1.2. Laurie Silbaugh: Ski Club-1; Philo-3; “S” Club-2; German Club 1.2, Treasurer-2; AFS-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Track-1; Class Officer-3, Secretary-3. Cindy Sissons: German Club-1; GAA-1,2. Mike Sissons Mary Jo Smet: Homecoming Court-3; Plays-2; Musical-1,3; Yahara Staff-3; Student Council-1,2,3, Vice-President-3; Ski Club-1; Pep Club-1,2; Ecology Club-2; Philo-2,3; “S” Club-2; Spanish Club-2; AFS-2,3; Orchestra-1,2,3; Cheerleading-1,2; GAA-1,2,3; Track-1; Americans Abroad-2. Karol Smillie: National Honor Society-2,3; Debate-2; Philo-2,3; Library Assistant-3; Spanish Club-1,2,3; AFS-3; GAA-1,2,3; Volleyball-3; Student Assistant-3. Renee Smith: Pep Club-3; AFS-2,3; Band-1,2; GAA-1,2,3. Rhonda Smith: Musical-1,3; FTA-2,3, Secretary-3; Mixed Chorus-1,2,3; Volleyball-1,2; Basketball-1; Student Assistant-2; GAA-1. Scott Spangler: Prom Court-2; Orchestra-1,2. Barb Squire: Musical-1; Ecology Club-2,3; German Club-1; AFS-2,3; Mixed Chorus-1,2; GAA-1,2,3. Julie Stockwell: Musical-1; AFS-3; Mixed Chorus-1,2; GAA-3; Transfer-1. DougStronach: Prom Court-2, King-2; Parrot Editor-3; Student Council-1,2,3; “S” Club-1,2,3; Band-1,2; Pep Band-1; Cross Country-1,2, Captain-2; Basketball-1,2,3; Baseball-1,2,3, Cap-tain-3; Student Assistant-2. Greg Sundbv: Ski Club- _ , Andy Sviatoslavsky: Ski Club-3; Science Club-2; “S' Club-2,3; Intermurals-3; Spanish Club-2; Tennis-1,2,3; Basketball-1. 1-ori Swalheim: Pep Club-3; Ski Club-1; AFS-1. Diana Swenson: Ski Club-1,2; GAA-1,2; AFS-3. Jeff Swenson: lntermurals-1,2,3. Steven Swenson: Susie Swoboda: Musical-3; Variety Show-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Stage Band-1,2,3. Larry Tarpinian Dean Thompson: FFA-2. Randy Teigon: Ski Club-1,2,3; Intermurals-3; Wrestling-1,2. Dean Thompson: FFA-2. Ruth Toban: GAA-3; Track-3. Sarah Toso: Musical-3; Prom Court-2; Student Council-3; Pep Club-3, Vice-President-3; Debate-2; Ecology Club-2,3, Reporter-3; Philo-2,3; “S” Club-1,2; Cheerleading-1,3, Captain-3; GAA-2,3; Norwegian Dancers-1,2,3; Track-1,2; Spanish Club-2; Tutor-2,3. Henry Turville: Ski Club-1. Jeff Vedvig: Wrestling-2,3, Manager-2,3; Auto Club-3. Ann Veum: GAA-1,3. Clair Vike: “S’’ Club-1,2,3; Football-1,2,3; Wrestling-1,2,3; Baseball-1; Track-2,3; Auto Club-3; Weight Lifters-3. Gwen Wall: Play-1; Variety Show-2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Chorus-1,2; Pep Band-1,2,3; Musical-1; Band-1,2,3. Dennis Weaver: USMC-3. Mark Wethal Vicki Wethal Mark W’indbiel: Transfer-3. Mike Windbiel: Transfer-3. David Wisersky: Plays-2; Prom Court-2; Badger Boys State-2; Science Club-2; “S” Club-2,3, Vice-President-3; German Club- 1.2, Treasurer-3; Math Team-2; Football-1,2,3, Co-Captain-3; Wrestling-1,2,3; Track-2; Rotary-3; Class Officer-2, Vice-President-2; Weight Lifters-1,2,3. Deb Wittig: Plays-1,3; Musical-2,3; Yahara Staff-3; Ski Club-3; FTA-1,2,3; AFS-1,2; GAA-1,2,3. Craig Wood: Intermurals-3; Baseball-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2; Cross Country-1.Mentor fflemnriea wm Today is not' yesterday - we ourselves change. How then can our works amd thoughts, if they are to be the fittest, continue always thafsame. Change, indeed, is painful, yet ever needful; and if mejfiory have its force and worth, so also has hope. I think, sometimes you can’t tell where you’re going, until you know where you’ve been. You know darn well you’re going to be one heck of a success if, in sixth grade, you wind up playing Scrooge in a lawn chair. Or if you’ve got a 250-pound chain around your neck, that factor alone will tell you you’re going on to greater glory. When people scream, some are mad. But some are just working on a way to become famous. Heck, I’ve seen some people offered money just to shut up. This kid’s got the makings of a pro. But, sometimes, the future is pretty hazy. When you sit in front of a plate of cookies, either it means you are on a diet, or, in this case, you will be a famous instrumentalist, probably, by the looks, and arrangement of the chocolate chips, she will be a saxophonist. You can spot an intelligent person from miles, just by the way he cleans his ears. They say if you can use both hands at once, you’re going places. So, in conclusion, I state again, to go ahead, you have to look backward. But then, some people look too far back, and have to squint, but they’ll come out alright in the end (or else full of Beans). moa TO uaB!|3!|inS) HUE u«nS) ipnuojj 6nog enj3j$rom logaltg 1975 £ arab Tu0u escorted by ICeuin (HoatEllo (Elaubia iBackua escorted by Scott SpanglEr fflarn Eickman escorted by SauE ffliaerekti IRoxantiE iRoalak escorted by (Bobii Cubing (6tna fflarttn escorted by 2£im iRaiabEck SCarcn EtEraon escorted by Anbu HEinSuntnr £fatumal Bunor octetu Row 1: J. Hermanson, C. Jackson, R. Roslak, J. Moen, K. Smillie, J. Beckwith; Row 2: T. Hubing, R. Olson, M. Dickman, J. Gullickson, J. Karlslyst, P. Olp. Todd Hubing and Roxanne RoslakArtiuities iiumecmning Hagalt i oxanne Sinalak escorted by HHark Gunderson ue Eugater escorted by ®rab ftnatmufakr (Eatlm ©laon escorted by Soljn Hol?lnrtrr fMaru 9o met escorted by Abolfo Jfurtabo ffflaru Hickman escorted by IKeuin (UnatcUoWfi Homecoming 1975. The game- a hard fought disappointment. The preceding week- a worthwhile success, and a scrapbook’s heaven. The court-ravishing and deserving. The theme-Autumn. Unimaginably appropriate for the circumstances. The school spirit- a roaring fired up student body and faculty. All of those factors and more contributed to a very memorable and successful Homecoming for 1975. The final Homecoming for the Class of ’76 was indeed a fine one. It is one that will dwell in memory’s chambers long after Levi’s are a gone fad.CAST TOWNSPEOPLE OF RIVER CITY PRODUCTION CREWS Travelling Salesmen David Bowne Children Eric Christopherson Mark Metzler David Amyotte Lori Schoenbeck Tony Muetz Kathy Bakken Karen Shumate John Trampush Julie Davis Sara Trieloff Charlie Cowell Eric Smedal Kathy Dybdahl Kathy Knutson Conductor Greg Johnson Beth Edwards Janis Kvalheim Harold Hill Steve Brush Randy Fritsch Jody LeBakken Mayor Shinn Randy Holman Mark Gohlke Larry Lewis Ewart Dunlop Chris Pieper Pat Hagan Anna Lien Oliver Hix Casey Judd Troy Hubing Cindy McCain Jacey Squires Jeff Rowley Geoffrey Ladwig Sun Martin Olin Brit Tim Erickson Kelly Laffey Robin Peterson Marcellus Washburn Kevin Laffey Michelle Laffey Michelle Schuld Tommy Djilas Tom Smet Greg Martin Richard Seibt Marian Paroo Nancy Pederson Scott Millar Jeff Shumate Mrs. Paroo Terry Kiss Kathy Nelson Rhonda Smith Amaryllis Linda Asleson Lisa Nelson Denise Stellmacher Winthrop Paroo Patrick Kiss Nate Nelson John Trampush Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn Mary Elvekrog Mike Offord David Vander Noven Zaneet Shinn Anne Dybdahl Robin Odland Gracie Shinn Michelle Klahn AJma Hix Lisa Mennes Adults Mrs. Britt Pat Olp Debbie Anderson Eric Christofferson Maud Dunlop Pam Wersland Tom Bennett David Bowne Ethel Toffelmeir Debbie Shumate Norinne Bvrd Judv DeRosia Mrs Squires Constable Locke Julie Engels Mark Metzler Terry Gohlke Jill Klepinger Johanna Klepinger Dancers Debbie Anderson Eric Christopherson Kevin Costello Gina Martin Howard Roloff Mary Jo Smet Sara Toso STAGE DIRECTOR Larry Shumate MUSIC DIRECTOR John Beutel ASSISTANT TO DIRECTORS Debbie Wittig LIGHT CREW Dorian Grilley Todd Hubing Lynn Haugh Kathy Couch Pete Smet PROP CREW Julie Engels Sharon Stenjem MAKE-UP CREW Jean Karlslyst Mark Fossen Mary Elvekrog Julie Engles Lisa Mennes Pat Olp Deb Shumate Pam Wersland STAGE CREW Ruth Brantmeyer Carla Burnard Brenda Breedlove Marti Conant Geneva Johnson Angie Kath Judy Ladwig Carolyn Pieper Tracy Steckbauer Cyndee Strong Roxanne Fossen Kathy Steckbauer Mark Fossen Tom Fendrick PROGRAM. POSTER DESIGNED BY Cindy Jones“fttnuni iSiuer Ant alogg” Guitar Cast Tim Erickson Nancy Pederson Ken Chritton Steve Brush Cindy McCain Harmonica Tom Bennett Mary Jo Smet Mark Fossen Randy Moore Tony Muetz Chris Pieper Terry Kiss Banjo Jo Klepinger Deb Shumate Casey Judd Kelly Bannigan Lisa Mennes Jeff Rowley Patrice Gyland Fiddle Randy Moore Casey Judd Peter Sviatoslavsky Ken Kiss Nancy Dickman Julie Kober Mary Elvekrog Dave Bowne Pat Olp Deb Wittig Chris Pieper Design and Construction John Trampush Richard Seibt Jim Siggelkow Kathy Martinson Julie Engels Tim Erickson Randy Holman Stage Crew Geneva Johnson Carolyn Pieper KathxuCouch Tracy Steckbauer Patty Moy Lisa Nygaard Ruth Brantmeyer Lighting Lynn Haugh Todd Hubing Tickets Pat Olp Director Music Director Assisting Director Larry Shumate John Beutel Tom Siegal Play Production Lynn Haugh Bob Kind Eric Smedal Terry Kiss Mike Plank Scott Schwenn Sanford Olson Pat Olp Todd Hubing Steve Brush Greg Paulson Sue Davis Bonnie Ace Tom Bennett David Johnson Craig Wood Dave Richardson Chris Raimond Roger Ramos Debbie Gjertson(fueen Santa King (Saglloxane JFoaaen escorted by ICeuin £affeg ICatiia like escorted by Scott lleaterhahl Prom (Court Pam Weralanh escorted by Houiarb fioloff (Ehereaa iCauretic escorted by ieff SiUjorn Seth Mcdruer escorted by Dautb Sugater Settg Aaberg escorted by Dale SigleriBanii Harietg ‘7623rd ANNUAL $onor 3tikirt)s banquet sponsored by Stoughton Jaycees TUESDAY. MAY 4. 1976 HIGH SCHOOL COMMONS 7:00 P.M. X97B UntmrB banquet NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seniors CynXhla Anderson Veborah Anderson Julie Beckwith Thomas Bennett SaA-ba ia Benson Steven Shush Nancy Coon Many Vlckman Ami G jests on Jilt Gullickson Cindy Halverson Mark Hansen Marie Hergenroether John Hermans on Randall Holman John Holzhuter Todd Hubing Cynthia Jackson Jean Karlslyst Varcy Larsen Timothy Marshall Julie Moen Susan Monson Cynthia Moy Patricia Olp Catherine Olson Richard Olson Cheryl Pirkl Julie Quam Roxanne Roslak Mary Jo SmeX Karol Smillie Juniors Je 6 Bllhom Vean Christiansen Elizabeth Gardner. Anna Grleb Patrice Gy land Marl Haug Mary Herbeck Terry Kiss Theresa LaureXlc Steven Montague Kathleen Steckbauer Cynthia Trinko GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARDS LIONS DEPARTMENT AWARDS Vean Allen Claudia Bocfeui Cynthia Jones Julie Kobe'i Christopher Pieper Roger Ramos Mark Ross Vavid Sdiajmet Teresa Seamens on Vavid (Jlsersky Agriculture Art Business Education . . . English Foreign Language .... Home Economics Jnd. Arts-Graphic Arts . Construction . Mathematics Science Social Studies Speech-Vrama . . Randy Teigen , . Brian Benschop ROTARY AWARDS BADGER GIRLS STATE BADGER BOYS STATE Mark Fossen Todd f ubeng Catherine Olson Roxanne Roslak Mary Jo SmeX Terry Kiss Pamela Skaar Jtii Silhom Vean Chrlstlajisen Gregory Gilbert Kevin Laftey Hoioard Rolo i John Idol SPOON AMERICAN LEGION AWARD ARION AWARD-Vocal Theresa Lauretlc Roxanne Roslak Nancy Pederson SPADE NATIONAL OBSERVER ARION AWARD-1nstrumenta1 Je i Silhom Patricia Olp Jean Karlslyst S€IM OIL A MS NO IT’S STOUGHTON HOSPITAL AUXILIARY.......................................Jutit I uu JESS€ MOORE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS . . . .KoajoL SmitU ............Steven Cijnthia Jackson kichaAd Otion BEN WAITE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS..................Jutte Hotn, Roxanr.e RoAfafe NELSON MUFFLER .................................. Todd Hubing, Randatl Holman UNI ROYAL.......................................................JuUt Kf CkrtUh SOT ARY . . . Ba tbaAa Benton, Maty Pickman, Cindi HalvtASon, KatkA'jn Johnson First feoeral savings l LOAN..................................... . Hart Iianten JAYCEES .... Jwwn AndtKson, Many Beck tnar.d, Judith Long, Robert Radecki LIONS...........................Haney Coon, John HolzhutiA, Timothy HoAShall PHILOMATHIA.....................................................Hany JO Smtt JAYCETTE5........................................SaAoh Toto, CtaiuUa Backus OtfiST LUTHERAN................................................PUchasd Conant IDA OSTERHELO memorial scholarship...........................Vebonah AndtASon MICHAEL HANSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP.............................Loti Andewn CaAAott Judd DANE COUNT FARMERS UNION SCHOLARSHIP............................Vean Aden ENTRE nous.....................................................ChcAyt Pirtt MEOICAL FIELOS OF AMERICA ....................................... Sut Fug ten ERIC JOtNSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP.............................Jean KaAlstust CARROLL ERICKSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP...........................Pavid i eA ky Hjn CLue.................................Haste KengeMoeXheA, Kevin Costello 08ED l. NOREM MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ......................... HaAgaxet Pa neA ANOREw A CORO IA CALHOUN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP.................Cynthia AndtASon HOWARD MEILICKSON memorial SCHOLARSHIPS. . Penist SchweJer, Hank GundeA on EDWARD DICKLIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP.......................Jotln ChliStidASOn JEFF STRANOLIE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ................................. ErtckSOn JAMES WILLIAMS memorial SOOLARSHIP.............................Sandna Canaan MARC CHRITTON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP...............................Cynthia Moy STOUGHTON HEALTH COUNCIL.......................................... SENIOR CLASS SCHOLARSHIPS................Thomas Bennett .... Cynthia J one Hart Totten Sutan Uonton VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARSNational Honor 8 ocietg Row 1: S. Monson, K. Smillie,B. Benson, J. Beckwith, J. Quam, C. Olson, M. Dickman, M. Smet, J. Karlslyst, N. Coon, J. Moen. Row 2: C. Jackson, R. Roslak, C. Anderson, C. Halverson, D. Anderson, D. Larsen, P. Olp, C. Moy, A. Gjestson, M. Hergenroether, J. Gullickson, C. Pirkl. Row 3: S. Brush, R. Olson, J. Holzhuter, T. Bennett, M, Hansen, T. Marshall, T. Hubing, R. Holman, J. Hermanson. Senior Auiariia Row 1: S. Canaan, J. Beckwith, M. Smet, C. Jones, C. Backus, R. Roslak, C. Olson, P. Olp, J. Stockwell, T. Seamonson. Row 2: D. Schammel, D. Allen, C. Anderson, J. Karlslyst, M. Fossen, S. Brush, J. Kober. Row 3: T. Hubing, D. Wisersky, C. Pieper, B. Benschop, M. Ross, R. Ramos, R. Teigen. Row 1: P. Skaar, T. Kiss. Row 2: J. Bilhorn, K. Laffey G Gilbert. Row 3: J. Wolf, D. Christiansen, H. Roloff. S poon anil S paiie Jeff Bilhorn and Theresa Lauretic 3J uni or Honors National Honor ocietQ Row 1: T. Kiss, L. Haugh, E. Gardner, P. Gyland, A. Grieb, C. Trinko. Row 2: M. Herbeck, T. Lauretic, K. Steckbauer, S. Montague, D. Christiansen, J. Bilhorn.(SHUBBZB Wouldn’t you like to know? “Let me at ’im!” “Dream On...”(ftlaaa ©fficers Class of ’77 Unity is most certainly on the shores of the juniors’ sea. They’re one for all, and all for one. They’re all for having lots of fun. Fun must be rather rare these days, with people going their own ways. But juniors stay and do their thing ' and think what senior days will bring. They’re one for all, and all for one. They’re one for all. They’re one. Phil Hanson, Vice-Pres.; Howie Roloff, Sec.; Sue Davis, Treas.; Kevin Laffey, Pres. Class of '78 The countless athletes on first teams have typified a sophomore’s dreams. So many females in the halls, that upper class “men” bank the walls. Since being here for two mere years The sophomore class has shifted gears from “yesterthen” up to today. It looks as if they’re here to stay. The sophomore class will soon shift gears from present day to future years. Their feet sit waiting on the clutch. Barb McLeish, Vice-Pres.; Cheryl Hanson, Pres.; Pam Pieper, Sec.; Absent: Monica Rein, Treas. Class of ’79 Homecoming gives us evidence that freshmen sometimes have some sense. Stiff contestants and well built float put freshmen high, I shall denote. As frosh from years of past have done “seventy-nine” has grown up some. No more will frosh be senior’s fool. They’re more than ready for high school. As frosh from years of past have done “seventy-nine” has fooled no one, except of course themselves. Kelly Buss, Sec.; Jane Helmke, Pres.; Jodi Strandlie, Treas.; Absent; Kathy Anderson, Vice-Pres.dluniarH Row one Jeff Bilhorn, Janice Anderson. Betty Aaberg, Laura Boyd. Amy Ackerman Row two Caryl Arneson. Lori Brickson. Debbie Bjelde. Mary Bothum. Kathy Brickson, Noni Bellamy Row three: Julie Berg, Sam Bennett. Jeff Alme. Kelly Bannigan Row one: Karen Bultman. Janet Crane. Dawn Brown. Cynthia Brycki. Rick Davis Row two: Kris Bunnell. Tina DeGroot. Tammy Byrne, Ellen Budden. Donna Brimmer, Donna Crosby- Row three: Lori Bronte. Dean Christianson. Patrick Burns. Joni Christenson. Sue Davis Row one Peggy Duff. Susan Eggum. Tim Erickson. Gary Dvorak. Nancy Dixon Row two Paula Dybevik. Karen Elsing. Teri Enters. Julie Engels. Tammy Eisner. Mary Doudlah. Sharyn Dullum Row three Chris Erdahl, Scott Ehle. Mike Dietzman. Don Dugan. Tom Dixon. Mary ElvekrogRow one Ann Grieb. Vicki Haight. Lou Ann Hansen. Beth Gardner. Diane Femrite Row two: Sue GueUtke, Jody Gunderson, Karen Harvey, Patrice Gyland, Wendy Grendahl Row three: Mari Fuller. Roxane Fossen. Greg Harris, Burt Halverson, Sue Gjertson m Row one: Mary Jane Herbeck. Greg Johnson, Heffer Halverson. Ann Hougan. Sherry Ingels. Lynn Haugh Row two: Pam Hupp. Nancy Johnson. Brenda Hughes. Clarice Keehn, Karen Kinnunen, Diane Jasensky, Joanne Johnson. Steve Jensen. Joni Hillery Row three: Gloria Johnson. Lori Havey, David Johnson. Phil Hanson, James Iverson. Kerry Hauge, Wayne Iverson, Cheryl Jacobson, Tim Heath Row one: Jill Klepinger, Lisa Lam son, Karen Knutson, Sue Martin. Shelley Linnerud, Theresa Lauretic Row two: Mary KitUeson. Patty Klitzke. Shirley Leikness. Sheryl Kleven, Mary L Kittleson. Anna Lien. Scott Klongland Row three: Randy Knickmeier. Todd Kittelson. Kim Malin. Randy Malcook. Ken Kluever. Mike Ken. George Krueger. Terry KissRow one: Lisa Mennes. Deb Misgen. Beth McGruer. Pete Monson. Steve Nygaard, Mark Nelson Row two: Janet Meyer. Kathy Nelson. Rose Netrefa. Debbie Mateika, Julie Mickelson, Rose Nicholson. Charlotte Muetz Row three: Lori Offerdahl. Larry Onsrud. Steve Montague. Mark Metzler. Richard Moore, Erik Nielsen Row one: Jackie Osterberg. Judy Prough, Sue Rogers. Lori Rambo, Patty Ross. David Richardson Row two: Sue Quale, Robin Peterson. Laura Ramos. Sue Peterson, Bruce Peterson. Steve Ricciardi, Mark Overland Row three: Gary Quam. John Orcutt, Terry Riffle, Mike Quam, John Radecki, Terry Rigdon. David Long. Kevin Rossdeutscher Row one: Sheri Smithback, Bonnie Stacey. Deb Shumate. Jeff Rowley, Eric Smedal. Wendy Schmidt Row two: Jean Smith, Sandi Sellers. Tina Santos, Mark Showers, Richard Seibt, Judy Schiller, Steve Sime, Teri Severson Row three: Randy Smithback, Barb Ramsden, Bob Sawle, Jason Pundt, Jeffery A. Stanton, Scott Schwenn, Ron Shielde, Sally SproulRow one: Ann Starostovic, Cindy Trinlco, Vicky Stolen, Cheryl Thede, Glenn Starks, Lowell Strandlie Row two: Tracy Stauffacher, Michelle Thomas, Sharron Stenjem, Sue Stiklestad, Sue Strandlie. Joel Stensaas, Kathy Steckbauer. Tim Stromer Row three: Brian Teigen, Jeff Sundseth, Scot Vesterdahl, Steve Strandlie, Dale Tyler, John Trampush, Joe Van Fossen, Steve van-Steenderen Row one: Kathy Vike. Pam Waag, Pam Wersland, Janet Wikum. David Vike, Rich Wisden Row two: Frances Willems. Deb Wolfgram, Ada Weigel, Diane Woolever, Brenda Walther, Deb Weiss. Brett Williams Row three: Mike Wiessinger. Jim Wickline, Jerry Wideen, Jack Peterson, John Wolf. Dave Whaley, Dave Volenberg JUNIOR EXTRAS Row one: Nancy Dickman. Denise Olson, David Bowne. David Eugster. Greg Gilbert. Nelson Sundby, Bob Anderson Row two: Curt Barth, Eric Landsverk. Ken Weaver. Howie Roloff. Kevin Laffey, Gary Gehrke, Jeff ShafferRow one: Teresa Alme. Beth Anderson, Michelle Balmer. Pattie Barret, Dennis Adams. Gary Barret Row two: Marcia Anderson. Chris Bannigan, Dave Bersing, Scott Anderson. Sue Auby, Nancy Ameson, Lina Benson. Chenlyn Ben schop Row three: Debbie Anderson. Kathy Ace. Ronna Berge, Dave Berg, Steve Benson. Mark Bakken, John Barry II. Duane Anderson Row one: Brenda Breedlove. Reb Briggs, Terri Brietzman, Ruth Brantmeyer, Wayne Christensen. Bob Castro, Bonnie Christianson Row two: Roxanne Brietzman, Julie Boyd. Diane Bovre, Virginia Chase, Sherry BonDurant, Carla Bumard, Julie Brickson, Brenda Brown, Tom Best Row three: Kari Buss. Eileen Bolland, Tim Bradley. Ken Chritton. Kim Bradley, Gary Brietzman. Kevin Bjerke, Dennis Bronte Row one: Marti Conant. Sharon Dietzman.Mark Ehle.John Erdahl, Deb Fassbender, Margaret DeRemer. BarbFassbender Row two: Suzanne Davis, Bob Dickman, Darryl Dahl. Jim Duell. Debbie Enters. Kim Erickson, Paula Deegan, Pam Crawford Row three: Marilyn Dahl. Dana Erickson. Connie Crawford. Kathy Couch, Dave Dougall. Mike Cottrell. Rick Crystal, Dan Ellingson. Rich Everson opljmnoreaRow one Jeff Gjertson. John Favreau, Mark Fuller. Chris Gallwite. Debbie Goedel. Jim Ganshert, Chris Fricke Row two Rick Gullickson. Gail Finder. Colleen Fawcett. John Holverson. Tod Goldade, Wayne Gullickson. Mindy Guyer, Sue Haskell Row three Tim Gander, Carl Haberly. Mike Gallagher, Jeff Gerber, Eric Halverson, David Gohlke. Bryan Grefsheim Row one: Jean Holcomb. John Hjortland, Steve Hestnes, Timm Hubing. Harvey Hoefert, Lucy Hougan, Barb Hanson Row two: Sue Harnack. Ken Heitke. Ken Hoff, Terri Hanson. Mary Jo Hansen. Diane Hanson, Peter Heggestad. Jamie Hill Row three Cheryl Hanson. Shelly Hermundstad. Ed Hoffmann, Randy Hjortland. Scott Hanson, Gary Hougan. Carl Hoff Row one Linda Johnson. Barb Jacobson. Cindt Jorde, JoAnn Huebner, Doug Hull, Mark Knutson. Chuck Janisch Row two: Angie Kath, Julie Jensen. Bill Keller. Scott Johnson. Renee Johnson.Scott Jacobson. Jane Jensen. Geneva Johnson Row three: Ray Kluever, David Juve, Beth Koenig. Nick Hull. Greg Kopke. Paul JohnsonRow one: Elaine Maranger, Mary Larson, Laurie Larson. Linda Lock, Sandy Lock. Pam Leikness. Renee Maerz Row two: Theresa Malcook, Vic Knight. Shelly Lovick, Marie Lane. Jan Kvalheim, Heidi Manhart. Carla Lloyd, Cheryl Lange. Carol Lange Row three: Judy Ladwig, Mary Lien, Chari Lippitt, Carol Martin, Roger Martin, Jim Link, Dave Legreid, Eric Lee Row one: Dale Martinson, Ken Morris, Linda Moore, Dave McLeish, Randy Moore. Barb McLeish, Brian Kvalheim Row two: Karen McCormick, Marcia May. David Metzler, Rick Nelson, Mary Melaas. Rhonda Miller, Sheri Meister. Russell Mathison, Richie Nelson Row three: Patty Moy, Alice Long. Kevin Morgan, Steve Mathison, Tim McCarthy. Tony Muetz. David Nelson. Ken Kiss Row one: Mark Quam. Rick Nordness, Brenda Oncken, Sue Peth, Gina Nichols, Pam Pieper, Russ Offord Row two: Val Quinn, Jeff Peterson, Anne Olson, Patty Peterson, Diana Olson, Cecelia Potratz, Teresa Nygaard. Perry Peterson. Bryan Peterson Row three: Ron Nettum, Doug Olstad, Cindy Puent, Lisa Nygaard, DougPresby.Kevan Norin, Tad Niebiel, Danny PetersonRow one: Dave Roloff, Eddie Santos, Debbie Richardson. Dan Ripp, Matt Schwartz, Fritz Rushlow Row two: MicheleSchuld, Monica Rein, Rhonda Schroeder, Ron Sampson. Ryan Roslak, Ron Scheel, Ritchie Rupp Row three: Doug Sandridge, Jeff Rains, Brian Ramsden, Dennis Schmit, John Rindahl Row one: Greg Skaar. Neal Smithback.Marv Showers. Julie Steinhors Jeff Shumate, Rick Stenli Row two: Sabrina Strieker, Cheri Sherman, Cindy Strong, Scott Stokes, Sally Sharp, Mark Stockwell Row three: Pete Smet, June Seamonson, Rich Suchomel, Stuart Slinde, Alan Seamonson, Tracy Steckbauer Row one : Lona Storck, Dennis Vindedahl. Julie Trow, Deb Swenson, Kathy Tanner. Karen Venske. Glenn Vanert Row two: Mary Thomas. Kathie Thomas, Gail Wagner. Rick Swenson, Tom Thorpe, Dawn Thole, Jenny Tarpinian, Cheryl Trinko, Brigitte Swerig Row three: Scott Swenson. Konrad Toso, Greg Terrell, Kent Thede. Tom Swoboda, Ric Vedvig. Doug Vale, Ronald Veum. Dan TrampushRow one: Mike Wethal, Cathryn Wilcox, Jeff Wickline. Steve Wennlund, Joe Westby, Kelly Wilson Row two: Marian Wolf, Dan Woodstock, Jaunita Wilson, Margaret Wisden, Chip Wood, Pete Vogel, Greg Wersland Row three: John Williams, Bob Wolf, Charles Williams, Jeff Winkler, Brian Welk SOPHOMORE EXTRAS Row one: Julie Hoff, Denise Anderson, Peggy Knutson,Mary Ellen Hye.Todd Spangler, Mike Nowland Row two: Francis Triggs. Richard Erickson. Dave Armstrong, Gary Jeschke, Stan Ace. Rick Arneson, Stuart Witsel Jennifer Tarpinian IN MEMORY OF A DAUGHTER “I’ll lend you for a little time, a child of Mine,” He said ‘‘For you to love the while she lives and mourn for when she’s dead. It may be six or seven years, or twenty-two or three, But will you, till I call her back, take care of her for Me? She’ll bring her charms to gladden you, and should her stay be brief, You’ll have her lovely memories, as solace for your grief. I cannot promise she will stay, since all from earth return, But there are lessons taught down there, I want this child to learn. I’ve looked the wide world over, in My search for teachers true. And from the throngs that crowd life’s lanes, I have selected you. Now will you give her all your love, nor think the labor vain, Nor hate Me when I come to call, to take her back again?” I fancied that I heard you say, ‘‘Dear Lord, Thy will be done! For all the joy Thy child shall bring, the risk of grief I’ll run. I’ll shelter her with tenderness, I’ll love her while I may, And for the happiness I’ve known, forever grateful stay; But should the angels call for her, much sooner than I’ve planned, I’ll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to understand.”Row one: Row two: Row three: Beale Denise Bjerke. Kim Bakken, Pam Buckley, Linda Anderson, La Von Bierman, Eric Benedict, Debby Brimmer Adele Burg. David Aaberg, Dave Budden. Sharon Bolender, Betty Bronte, Kathy Anderson, Michelle Amundson. Nancy Boyd Mary Auby, Maggy Bates. Paul Barber. John Bennett. Dan Bjordahl, Rocky Baumer, Brian Brickson, Roy Anderson, Ron Row one: Skip Bannigan, Jeff Davis. Brian Cornell, Carole DeGroot, Mike Carr, Lori Davis Row two: Julie Arnold, Kathy Daggett. Debbie Anderson. Judy DeRosia. Kathy Berta. Steve Derra. Doug Burg Row three Bonita Canaan. Kerri Decker. Kim Christensen, Mike Dickman, Peter Clarke Row one: Bob Burrington, Eric Comstock, Jim Burrington, Ed Dyreson, Doug Budd, Bob Coon Row two: Francine Chamberlain, Mike Crawford, Kelly Buss, Cindy Dvorak, Jean Bothum, Danny Call Row three: Ellen Dybdahl. Randy Eisner. Walter Crass. Beth Christiansen, Randy Christenson, Hammond East A Row one Melissa Fortney. Patty Goedel. Nancy Gardner. Sandy Feggestad. Angela Everson. Julie Erickson. Jerry Erdahl Row two: Bob Engsberg. Marsha Erdahl. Tom Fendrick. Sherrie Graville. Ruth Ann Gavney, Steve Friedli. Martha Erickson. Lynn Row three: L n allagher. Peg Erickson. Owen Fankhauser. Gary Erickson. Sue Erickson. Jeff Gassen. Mike Everson. Mark Grete beck. Loran Fan- Row one: Arlene Hermanson. Jill Haried, Terri Gurney. Sharon Hjortland. Gregg Hauge. Jane Helmke Row two: Gerald Johnson. Benay Gullickson. Mary Harris. Rhonda Grefsheim. Jill Haakenstad, Jeannette Hanson. Pat Greenslet Row three: Dan Hillery. Laurel Halverson. Ricky Hanneman. Eric Gunderson. Peter Hegge Row one: Sharon Jacobson. Lisa Horner. Tina Knueppel. Roxanne Kinnamon. Daniel Jacobson. Joan Jensen. Kathy Knutson Row two: Jim Klimek, Gary Johnson. Jerry Johnson. Melody Johnson. Janie Knipfer, Debbie Hoff, Carol Jacobson. Linda Kinnunen. Sue Karlslyst Row three: Joyce Keehn, Terry Knutson. A1 Johnson. Todd Kahl. Deena Hoffland. Dennis Kittleson, Randy Ingels Kan Legreid, Larry Lewis, Jody LeBakken, Laurie Mandley, Linda Lynch. Tim Lauretic I Diane Lundquist, Deb Lundquist, Lori Lueder, Kris Kuhn, Julie Lampman. Margie Kurtz, Kevin Langer. Margaret Logan. one: Row two: Steve Loney Row three Brian Larson. Keith Kinney. Karen Lunde. Jenny Ladwig, Peter Larsen. Kathy Johnson. Becky Lunde. Michelle Kohler, Laurie Kuhlman Row one: Row two: Manthe Row three Moen Craig Miller Todd Moe, Denny Martinson. Sheila McFadden. Janis Nelson. Eric Nelson. Mary McCarthy Gayle Marshall, Lisa Nielsen. Tracy Mulder. Kathy Martinson. Sherri Neath. Mary Nelson. Rene Odland. James Nelson. Karl Steve Nicholson. Mike Nett. Mark Mason. Doug McCallum, Mark Malin. Laurie Misgen, Ed Mennes. Kirk Livingston. Dan Row one: Duane Schulze. Ann Quam. Cathy Schammel. Tammy Reese. Jane Ralph. Ann Richards. Ron Siebert Row two: Mike Miller. David Monson. Janet Schroeder, David Nettum. Mark Miller. Lisa Quale, Barb Olson.Tammy Moore Row three Mona Schieldt. Debbie Rhodes. Jane Olson. Kent Roloff. Mike Sankbeil, Jack Schmidt. Sandy Rindahl. Chris ProughRow one: Dale Seffens. Shanon Skjolaas, Laurie Stockwell, Pam Slater. Cathy Skinner. Jodi Strandlie. Kathy Orwig Row two: Randy Smith. Don Rigdon. Denise Stellmacher, Denise Seamonson, Debbie Snyder, Scott Smithback. Mary Sorenson. David Strand Row three: Marc Smith, Kim Pokrandt, Jenny Smith, Ron Olson, Greg Rein, Rod Roslak. Greg Roche, Kevin Stelzer Row one: Amy Swenson .Cheryl Vesterdahl, Candy Strieker. Jami SkaarKathy Stanton. Tim Stanton. Cindy Swenson Row two: Brian Sundby, Tamie Venden. Peter Sviatoslavsky. Chris Storck. Jeff Vike, John Veum. Scott Trogner, Nona Swenson. Jeff Singkofer Row three: Bob Triggs, Mike Swatek, Emilie Switalski, Meg Turville, Tom Swenson, Kristy Vike, Tammy Toban, Kim Voy. Row one Tom Zeimet, Pat Wilson, Karen Wideen, Mike Werner George Waag. Cindy Woolever, LoriVingum. David Vanden Noven Row two: Mike Weaver, Scott Wegner. Wava Wilson, Cathryn Wright, Suzie Wild, Donna Weiss. Sue Woods. Patty Woodstock. Tammy Wicks Row three: Greg Sviatoslavsky. Bill Wahlin. Mark Vinje, Jodie Waag. Alan Trinko. Jeff Wiessinger. Kim Veum. Joe Zebroski, Allison Wilev‘I’ve never heard of that word before! ’ Take it easy, it’s only a camera. “CHALK. C-h-a-l-k.”(PrgantfatumHHamit taff Row 1: B. Klitzke, D. Femrite, J. Kober, D. Stronach, M. Ross. Hnr Header Hor Sterner iCtterarn ilagastne Roxanne Roslak, Editor£ kt Club Row 1: K. Pokrandt, S. Martin, S. Strieker, R. Roslak (Vice Pres.), D. Erickson (Sec-Treas), L. Vingum, C. Dvorak, E. Dybdahl, N. Gardner. Row 2: S. Jacobson, K. Legreid, D. Olstad, R. Peterson, C. Wilcox, J. Osterberg, A. Lien, K. Martinson, J. Klepinger, D. Wittig, J. Kober. Row 3: C. Strieker, M. Conant, P. Waag, L. Brickson, S. Ingels, B. McGruer, D. Misgen, P. Gyland, R. Fossen, P. Goedel, C. Schammel, L. Lynch. Row 4: M. Harris, J. Strandlie, B. Bronte, J. Hanson, B. McLeish, T. Bennett, A. Sviatoslavsky, C. Pieper, M. Erdahl, L.L. Lueder, J. Helmke. Row 5: G. Finder, M. Hye, L. Benson, C. Jorde, M. Rein, J. Trow, G. Nichols, D. Enters, C. Benschop, E. Budden, K. Malin, M. Malin, P. Wilson. Row 6: E. Smedal, M. Fortney, K. Laffey, S. vanSteenderen, E. Halverson, J. Barry, G. Skaar, R. Gullickson, R. Arneson, J. Klimek, P. Erickson, C. Skinner. Row 7: E. Erdahl, B. Teigen, S. Strandlie, T. Erickson, J. Wickline, N. Sundby, T. Oberlander, D. Thompson, G. Dvorak, B. Larson, J. Bennett. llep Club Row 1: S. Toso (Vice Pres.), J. Quam (Sec.), G. Martin (Treas.), K. Peterson (Pres.), S. Strandlie (Rep.), A. Swenson (Rep ), M. Amundson (Rep.). Row 2: S. Auby, J. Brickson, R. Fossen, P. Gyland, D. Misgen, IVJ. Herbeck, K. Bultman, C. Hanson, K. Knudson, J. Prough, B. Aaberg, C. McCain. Row 3: P. Pieper, M. Conant, L. Benson, M. Hye, G. Nichols, M. Rein, C. Martin, C. Benschop, N. Dick-man, J. Boyd, P. Deegan, C. Jorde, D. Swenson. Row 4: K. Steckbauer, K. Vike, B. McGruer, S. Ingels, D. Enters, G. Finder, J. Trow, D. Olson, R. Brietzman, L. Vingum, D. Eugster, A. Grieb, S. Sellers.Row 1: J. Williams, B. Squire, C. Williams. Row 2: D. Metzler, J. Trampush, J. Kober, J. Stanton. JFencing Row 1: T Fendrick, R. Seibt, D. Johnson. K. Martinson. Row 2: T. Kiss, J. Trampush, D. Trampush, C. Burnard. Bebate (Ctjess Club Row 1: S. Brush, D. Shumate, B. Gardner Row 2: S. Stenjem, T. Bennett, J. Engles, T. Schier - Coach.Sfarniaica Row 1: J. Kober, R. Holman, K. Martinson. Row 2: B. Breedlove, T. Kiss, B. Gardner, S. Stenjem, M. Turville. Row 3: K. Laffey, M. Conant, B. Oncken, S. Auby, D. Shumate, D. Bowne, E. Switalski. Science Club Row 1: T. Hubing (Pres.),C. Judd (Vice Pres.), A. Furtado (Sec.), D. Jasensky. Row 2: L. Bronte, D. Wisersky, R. Olson, D. Bowne, P. Dybevik.It is very hard to describe in few lines what this year as an AFS student has meant to me. It gave me the chance to realize that I could trust and love people, no matter what nationality, race or creed they belonged to. I learned a lot by just observing, as well as talking to my friends, my teachers, and, most of all. my family. I hope this learning process has been reciprocal. The only thing I wish is that I could come back someday to see all the good friends I made during this short year. And I am glad to find out that they are quite a few. Now comes the hardest and most challenging part of the whole AFS experience: to use what I’ve learned here into my own Brazilian community. This has been so far the greatest year in my lifetime, and I wish to thank all of you, because you helped me to make it possible. Sincerely, Adolfo Furtado Am Row 1: C. Backus, K. Martinson, A. Furtado (AFS student), S. Eugster (Co-Pres.), P. Lippitt (Co-Pres.), D. Erickson, M. Conant, M.J. Smet. Row 2: A. Laundrie, J. Anderson, L. Midthun, J. Scheldrup, M. Rustad, C. Pirkl, D. Larsen, T. Seamonson, R. Smith, S. Linnerud, M. Turville. Row 3: L Havey. S. Stiklestad, L. Mennes, D. Eugster, R. Arneson, M. Knutson, C. Wilcox, B. McLeish, D. Weiss, D. Misgen, C. Trinko. Row 4: P. Waag, J. Crane, S. Davis, J. Schiller, A. Swenson, B. Aaberg, K Knudson. G. Nichols, D. Swenson, J. Boyd, S. Sellers, B. McGruer. Row 5: J.A. Hanson, J. Hillery, B. Squire. M. Hensel, D. Swenson, K. Smillie, B. Benson, T. Kiss, P. Deegan, M. Elvekrog, P. Gyland, J. Anderson, T. Toban. Row 6: B. Hagen, B. Cottrell, T. Kittleson, J. Peterson, C. Halverson, J. Stockwell, S. Canaan, L. Anderson. L. Silbaugh, R. Roslak, J. Holcomb, C. Lippitt, R. Fossen, K. Sleckbauer, M.J. Herbeck. Row 7: S. Skjolaas, K. Legreid, M. Amundson, M. Harris, C. Schammel, E. Dybdahl, L. Brickson, S. Peterson, A. Greib, L. Lamson, K. Bultman, S. Ingels, P. Duff, M. Sorenson.IJtjtlo SUg Siatera Row 1: T. Kiss (Treas ), P. Gyland (Vice. Pres.), B. Gardner (Hist ), L. Silbaugh, A. Gjestson, D. Shumate. Row 2: C. Arneson, B. McGruer, C. Trinko, S. Dullum, K. Kinnunen, L. Ramos, P. Hupp. Row 3: T. Lauretic, S. Quale, S. Gjertson, L. Bronte, S. Linnerud, J. Anderson, D. Femrite, M. Bothum, A. Grieb. Row 4: S. Stenjem, J. Engels, S. Davis, K. Bultman, D. Steckbauer, C. McCain, M. Thomas, J. Smith. Row 1: J. Quam (Pub. Ed ), R. Roslak (Pres.). Row 2: J. Gullickson, C. Olson, M. Beckstrand, C. Pirkl, D. Larsen, C. Anderson. Row 3: C. Jackson, M. Hergenroether, N. Coon, J. Moen, K. Smillie, J. Beckwith. Row 4: C. Halverson, B. Benson, M. Smet, P. Olp, S. Toso, B. Anderson, C. Moy. SiittU S iatera3F3A Row 1: C. Carpenter (Treas.), R. Smith (Sec.), T. Kiss (V. Pres.), V. Wethal (Pres ). Row 2- S Bradley, N. Byrd, D. Anderson, C. Olson, C. Moy, B. Dahl. Row 3: D. Bjelde, V. Chase, K. Knudson J. Klepinger, D. Wittig.Row 1: J. Smith (Sec.), J. Johnson (Treas.), L. Mennes (Pres ), J. Waag (Vice Pres). Row 2: D. Brimmer, C. Thede, C. Potratz, C. Arneson, M. Conant, J. Mickelson. Row 3: A. Sviatoslavsky, E. Christofferson. H. Manhart, B. McGruer, P. Wersland, C. Jorde. Row 4: K. Nielsen. T. Mulder, C. Dvorak, M. Amundson, K. Stelzer, J. Helmke, B. McLeish, L. Lynch, L. Vingum. Row 5: M. Rein, D. Mateika, K. Orwig, D. Bjerke, K. Lunde, L. Bierman, L. Kinnunen, J Keehn, B. Christianson, L. Ramos. g’patuHtj (Elub mm Row 1: M. Fossen, T. Hubing, M. Hergenroether, C. Backus. Row 2: M. Elvekrog, L. Bronte, J. Quam, M. Conant, D. Anderson, M. Dickman.German 3 Row 1: L. Rambo (Officer), K. Steckbauer (Officer), P. Gyland (Officer), S. Auby (Officer), J. Trampush (Officer), D. Stellmacher (Officer), E. Dybdahl (Officer). Row 2: S. Rindahl, H. East. P. Frohne, T. Moe, K. Manthe, J. Ladwig, M. Kittleson. Row 3: L. Lewis, S. Montague, L. Nielsen, C. Strieker, J. Haried, J. Hansen. (german 33 Row 1: J. Crane, S. Sellers, P. Skaar, T. Malcook, L. Johnson, S. Davis, P. Pieper. Row 2: M. Herbeck, S. Sharp, M. Fossen, D. Bjelde, B. Koenig, G. Johnson, E. Bolland, F. Williams. Row 3: K. Bannigan, T. Lauretic, M. Hanson, R. Roslak, M. Johnson, R. Roslak, J. Steinhorst, A. Grieb, M. Hanson. Row 4: D. Misgen.'K. Thede, K. Kiss, J. Van Fossen, J. Rowley, D. Fassbender, S. Canaan, L. Anderson, T. Bennett.3Qatin 3 Row 1: T. Seamonson (Pres.), K. Chritton (Officer), K. Vike (Officer), S. Bannigan (Officer). Row 2: T. Zeimet, K. Legreid, A. Hermanson, K. Daggett. Row 3: E. Benedict, C. Prough, B. Casto, K. Knutson, C. Keehn. Row 4: J. Wolf, P. Hanson, M. Metzler, C. Muetz, R. Grefsheim. Slatin 33 Row 1: E. Halverson, J. Barry, V. Knight, R. Sampson. Row 2: D. Metzler, D. Sandridge, J. Gjertson, C. Crawford. Row 3: G.Skaar, D. Enters, J. Quam, B. Aaberg, J. Prough, R. Berge.Matt? (Beam Row 1: P. Hanson, T. Hubing, J. Wolf, P. Gyland, B. Gardner, J. Trampush, T. Kiss, J. Hermanson, A. Furtado. Row 2: M. Thomas, S. Montague, J. Wideen, D. Bowne, T. Bennett, R. Roslak, C. Jackson, R. Olson, C. Pieper, Row 3: K. Chritton, D. Gohlke, E. Halverson, D. Metzler, B. Wersland, D. Sandridge, K. Bjerke, V. Knight, L. Halverson, K. Bakken, D. Snyder, B. Christiansen. Row 4: J. Lebakken, P. Mosher, C. Williams, M. Dickman, G. Sviatoslavsky, A. Smillie, P. Sviatoslavsky, R. Smith, S. Trogner, D. Monson, K. Knutson. Row 5: L. Misgen, K. Lunde, R. Grefsheim J. Waag, L. Lynch, L. Vingum, J. Helmke, E. Dybdahl, K. Orwig, D. Bjerke, K. Veum, J. Skaar, M. Auby. iEcologn (Blub Row 1: D. Grilley (Co-Pres.), C. Jackson (Vice Pres.), J. Klepinger (Treas.), M. Conant (Co-Pres.), S. Toso (Reporter). Row 2: K. Nielsen, E. Christofferson, R. Olson, M. Amundson, S. Rindahl, M. Fortney. Row 3: M. Turville, C. Olson, R. Roslak, J. Holcomb, B. Squire, C. Burnard, D. Weiss.(Elub Row 1: D. Wisersky (Vice Pres.), M. Gunderson (Pres.), M. Dickman, (Treas.), M. Herbeck. Row 2: A. Seamonson, B. Rostowfske, R. Erickson, J. Lynch, L. Bronte, K. Bannigan, C. Jacobson, C. Vike, B. Ramsden, J. Halverson. Row 3: J. Kittleson, M. Johnson, K. Costello, R. Olson, A. Sviatoslavsky, C. Johnson, P. Dybevik, T. Lauretic, J. Prough, B. Aaberg, D. Femrite, V. Haight. Row 4: H. Roloff, C. Jackson, D. Dougall, T. Hubing, C. Olson, M. Beckstrand, A. Gjestson, P. Lip-pitt, S. Strandlie, S. Rogers, A. Swenson, B. Benschop, J. Holzhuter. Row 5: B. Dickman, J. Wickline, B. McGruer, T. Ingels, C. Benschop, H. Manhart, P. Pieper, S. Gjertson, K. Martinson, T. Marshall, M. DeRemer, B. Klitzke, A. Rein, K. Manthe. Row 6: K. Hauge, G. Quam, S. Ingels, D. Misgen, L. Offerdahl, B. Oncken, E. Budden, D. Goedel, R. Schroeder, C. Lippitt, M. Hansen, D. Stronach, M. Bakken, D. Dvorak, K. Raisbeck. 33K Haaketball Gleam Row 1: J. Veum, D. Martinson, W. Iverson, B. Engsberg, D. Iverson. Row 2: P. Wilson, D. Jacobsen, G. Scheildt, R. Anderson, M. Gretebeck. Row 3: T. Kaly, R. Knickmeier, R. Hanneman, A. Trinko, J. Peterson, M. Wethal. Row 4: J. Zebraski, K. Norin, M. Wethal, B. Grefsheim, D. Nelson, J. Link.Row 1: J. Wikum (Sec.), M. Elvekrog (Reporter), D. Allen (Pres.), R. Engsberg (V. Pres.), D. Long (Treas.), N. Anderson (Advisor). Row 2: D. Woolever, C. Arneson, D. Jacobson, D. Iverson, M. Gallagher, J. Hanson, C. Woolever, D. Lundquist, K. Lunde, P. Wilson, J. Nelson, O. Fankhauser. Row 3: J. Klepinger, M. Rustad, C. Anderson, J. Scheldrup, K. Hoff, J. Peterson, M. Wethal, J. Lemanski, L. Larson, T. Jenson, C. Bannigan, J. Veum, B. Engsberg. Row 3: A. Weigel, C. Lange, L. Bronte, K. Bannigan, C. Jacobson, J. Long, C. Hanson, S. Skjolaas, G. Schieldt, M. Methal, D. Martinson, W. Iverson. Row 4: S. Auby, C. Lange, A. Long, L. Moore, P. Duff, C. Lippitt, B. Oncken, H. Manhart. K. Hauge, T. McCarthy, D. Ripp, T. Kaly, J. Zebraski, M. Swatek. Row 5: R. Hanneman, B. Williams, J. Link, A. Trinko, D. Budd, G. Rein, B. Welk, R. Sockulchell, R. Seibt, D. Gallagher, J. Farrey, L. Quale. Row 6: M. Gretebeck, J. Burrington, D. Rigdon, R. Anderson, R. Knickmeier, B. Grefsheim, S. Combs, D. Nelson, K. Norin, M. Auby, J. Skaar. 3FJFA IfallegbaU Row 1: P. Duff, N. Dickman, L. Bronte, K. Bannigan. Row 2: D. Woolever, A. Weigel, J. Long, C. Anderson, S. Auby, L. Quale. Row 3: J. Wikum, J. Klepinger, M. Elvekrog, C. Hanson, M. Auby, J. Skaar.3F3FA $arlimentarg Procedure Row 1: C. Arneson, M. Auby, A. Wiegel, J. Klepinger. Row 2: J. Peterson, A. Long, J. Long, S. Auby. Htbrarn AaatatantB — Sntern uJediniciana Row 1: D. Olstad, P. Mosher, R. Peterson, K. Martinson, T. Kiss, Row 2: D Fassbender, L. Fricke, K Couch, C. Fawcett, C. Burnard, B. Gardner. Row 3: L. Mennes, D. Mateika, J. Moen, R. Seibt, T. Oberlander, R. Ramos. Row 4: D. Vander Noven, S. Wegner, D. Thompson, J. Klepinger.3ntmnuralfi Row 1: B. Wolf, D. Olstad, M. Fossen, T. Hubing, J. Wickline, M. Johnson, K. Costello. B. Peterson, K. Kiss, J. Barry, C. Pieper, E. Christofferson, G. Starks, M. Crystal. Row 3: D. Bronte, M. Hergenroether, C. Haberly, R. Erickson, W. Christenson, J. Williams, M. Johnson, M. DeRemer. Row 4: C. Wood, S. Stokes, C. Judd, R. Crystal, G. Quam, D. Eugster, P. Hanson, C. Erdahl, J. Wolf. Heigtftliftmg Row 1: A. Gjestson, W. Christenson, D. Wisersky, B. Squire. Row 2: C. Olson, K. Costello, J. Quam, C. Erdahl, T. Kiss, F. Rushlow, R. Crystal. Row 3: J. Wickline, B. Rostowfske, J. Kober. tuiient Council Row 1: C. Olson (Pres ), M.J. Smet (V. Pres.), S. Ingels (Sec.), M.J. Herbeck (Co-Reporter), G. Finder (Treas.), P. Skaar (Co-Reporter). Row 2: C. DeGroot, S. Neath, C. Vesterdahl, M. Amundson, P. Goedel. J. Helmke, M. Fortney. Row 3: L. Benson, C. Martin, C. Jorde, C. Hanson, M.E. Hye, C. Benschop. P. Smet, D. Erickson. Row 4: T. Erickson, G. Gilbert, K. Laffey, J. Peterson, P. Wersland, R. Fossen. Row 5: S. Toso, M. Dickman, C. Backus, A. Gjestson, A. Furtado, C. Pieper, D. Anderson, D. Stronach, S. Eugster. Row 1: J. Beckwith (V. Pres.), T. Hanson (Sec ), S. Dietman (Co-Pres.), J. Long (Co-Pres), S. Canaan (Treas ). Row 2: B. Canaan, T. Nygaard, S. Meister, R. Peterson, D. Woolever, B. Walther, S. Harnack, E. Bolland. Row 3: D. Brimmer, D. Olstad, M. Schuld, C. Wright, A. Quam, J. Meyer, S. Dietzman, D. Brimmer, D. Mateika.fflixeb dtAjoniJS Row 1: D. Bemis, L. Lewis, C. DeGroot, J. Lebakken, S. Bolender. Row 2: B. Irmen, D. Vanden Noven, E. Dybdahl, C. Schammel, D. Stellmacher, K. Johnson, J. Anderson. Row 1: Tammy Byrne, A. Lien, N. Bryd, A. Hougan, R. Moore, S. Swenson, R. Stenton, D. Thole, T. Santos, M. Bothum. Row 2: M. Melaas, S. Eggum, N. Arneson, R. Peterson, J. Ganshert, T. Hubing, R. Seibt, M. Schwartz, J. Duell, P. Olp, D. Anderson, M. Kittleson, J. Klepinger, F. Triggs. Row 3: C. Lloyd, S. Lock, D. Shumate, J. Engels, J. Kvalheim, S. Peth, B. Casto, T. Erickson, C. Judd, J. Shumate, L. Lock, M. Schuld, P. Wersland, C. Arneson, R. Nicholson, C. Muetz. Row 4: R. Smith, C. McCain, J. Kober, N. Pederson, J. Trampush, T. Bennett, M. Metzler, C. Pieper, S. van-Steenderen, S. Bruch, L. Mennes, J. Steinhorst, C. Crawford, L. Hougan, T. Kiss. Stoaljmen (EljnrufiRuling (Etjnir Row 1: P.Wersland, R. Moore, D. Shumate, S. Brush, P. Olp, J. Rowley, D. Anderson, C. Judd. Row 2: K. Chritton, L.smennes, T. Metz, J. Kober, J. Trampush, b. Gardner, T. Erickson, T. Kiss, T. Bennett. Row 1: P. Olp, C. Arneson, N. Pederson, D. Shumate, C. Judd, C. McCain, D. Anderson, B. Gardner, J. Engles. Row 2: T. Erickson, P. Wersland, R. Moore, J. Kober, C. Pieper, T. Bennett, T. Kiss, J. Rowley, L. Mennes, S. Brush.jj opljmore Hanii Row 1: P. Moy, J. Seamonson, B. Fassbender, S. Meister, T. Nygaard, B. Breedlove, P. Pieper, S. Dietzman, K. Venske, M. Dahl; Row 2: C. Fricke, T, Alme, C. Hanson, L. Nygaard, S. Hermundstad, K. Erickson, L. Moore, C. Potratz, T. Steckbauer, M. Conant, T. Swoboda, R. Martin, K. Morgan; Row 3: D. Gohlke, D. Metzler, S. Sharp, R. Offord, K. Kiss, S. Benson, T. Malcook, G. Bakken, K. Thomas, D. Juve, R. Brantmeyer, C. Pieper; Row 4: V. Chase, C. Burnard, D. Hull, S. Peth, J. Shumate, D. Roloff, V. Knight, S. Stokes, T. Spangler, D. Sandridge. Jffrealimen Haiti) Row 1: B. Christiansen, K. Berta, S. Jacobson, L. Horner, J. Waag, K. Orwig, P. Goedel, K. Pokrandt, B. Gullickson, M. Sorenson, E. Switalski; Row 2: A. Swenson, M, Turville, D. Bjerke, K. Lunde, L. Bierman, J. Olson, A. Everson, T. Toban, P. Erickson, R. Engels, B. Sundby, S. Wild, C. Dvorak, J. Skaar; Row 3: J. Hanson, K. Veum, C. Vesterdahl, T. Reese, D. Snyder, S. Erickson, L. Kinnunen, K. Bakken, D. Lundquist, R. Eisner, T. Lauretic, D. Vanden Noven; Row 4: D. Seffens, L. Misgen, M. Auby, J. Smith.3 unior - Senior Hand Row I: N. Coon, J. Moen, D. Bowne, P. Gyland, R. Fossen, S. Ingles. D. Shumate, K. Steckbauer, K. Nielson, J. Beckwith, B. Benson, M. Beth Beckstrand; Row 2: S. Sellers, N. Pederson, R. Holman, G. Wall, S. Erickson, S. Canaan, T. Eisner, J. Wikum, L. Brickson, S. Dullum, C. Pirkl, A. Laundrie; Row 3: J. Osterberg, L. Ramos, D. Larsen, B. Peterson, J. Rowley, S. Swoboda, T. Marshall, G. Gilbert, R. Seibt, L. Anderson, J. Stensaas, S. Stenjem, D. Schroeder; Row 4: B. Mayberry, P. Heggestad, B. Gardner, S. Gjertson, D. Christiansen, D. Schammel, L. Bronte, J. Davis, R. Smith-back, K. Kinnunen, M. Wiessinger, D. Mateika; Row 5: J. Engels, M. Thomas, A. Gjestson, K. Laffey, P. Klitzke, R. Conant, J. Baum, C. Johnson, D. Nyhagen, C. Pieper, J. Peterson.Urunt fflaior Chris Pieper iMaiorettea Row 1: B. Breedlove, C. Burnard. Row 2: L. Brickson, P. Pieper, J. Davis.(german HanbRow 1: L. Anderson, C. Pirkl, A. Laundry, T. Swoboda, R. Martin; Row 2: R. Conant, K. Laffey, P. Heggestad, B. Gardner, G. Bakken, D. Mateika, S. Swoboda, D. Sandrich, J. Stensaas, C. Pieper. JffrcBjjmen fHaiorettea Tammy Reese, Kim BakkenMnrineatan Sancera Advisor . Miss Jeanne Reek Row 1: C. Jorde, A. Swenson. S. Toso, T. Ingels, C. Popanz Row 2: R. neson G. Gilbert. Eugster, K. Costello. Row 3: N. Pederson, C. Toso, K. Laffey, N. Dickman, S. Sharp, G. Martin, Hansen, C. Backus, J. Holzhuter, M. Hergenroether, H. Roloff, C. Jackson. SoHaaketbaU (Oiainpe IBaimuntnn (Ebampfi 2nd league HnUegbaU (Diarnpe 1st ICeaguE Iffnllegball (EbamjiB GDfftcerB, Row 1: D. Schroeder, N. Coon, J. Quam, Steckbauer, S. Quale. M. Elvekrog. Row 2: M. Conant, K. Row 3: P. Skaar.From left: T. Ingels, P. Pieper, M. Hensel, B. Oncken, N. Dickman, C. Martin, C. Jackson, M. Rein, A. Swenson, G. Finder, K. Bannigan, P. Liekness, S. Toso - Capt., P. Dybevik, M. J. Herbeck. Row 1: P. Pieper. Row 2: M. Rein, L. Row j; d Femrite, C. Jackson - Capt. Row 2: K. Bannigan, N. Benson. Row 3: C. Martin. Dickman. Row 3: P. Dybevik.Row 1: M. Hensel - Capt. Row 2: A. Swenson, S. Ingels. Row 3: B. Aaberg, S. Toso. Row 1: L. Vingum. Row 2: D. Snyder, S. Quale, B. Bronte, P. Goedel. Row 3 P. Woodstock.Ualiara Mark Fossen, Claudia Backus, Marie Hergenroether Jf earless Header Bear Book taff Row 1: Ami Gjestson, Dee Nyhagen, Kathy Martinson, Jill Gullickson, Mary Jo Smet, Julie Quam, Chris Pieper, Debbie Wittig, Mary Dickman, Sue Eugster. Row 2: Dorian Grilley, Todd Hubing, Cathy Olson, Eric Christofferson, Roxanne Roslak, Johanna Klepinger.Front row: S. Ingels, K. Elsing, S. Stenjem, L. Ramos, D. Misgen, T, Steckbauer. Back row: B. Cotrell, K. Johnson, M. Beckstrand, A. Gjestson, L. Anderson, J, Beckwith, D. Goedel, S. Sharp, M. Hansen. (Stria Srnnta Sunuir Uaraitfl Front row: J Engels, C. Pieper, T. Malcook, K. Steckbauer, K. Martinson, C. Benschop. m rerrn nd tadi M ”ar'is, Dybdahl, J. Johnson, B. McGruer, J. Nichols, Brickson, C. McCain, K. Knudson, D. Mateika.lHaratto Back row: B. Oncken, S. Strandlie, S. Rogers, Mrs. Grieber, C. Olson, B. Koenig, K. Tanner, T. Alme. Front row: D. Schroeder, G. Marshall, R. Schroeder, T. Brietzman, E. Budden, J. Helmke (Etrlfi’ BnUegbaU Ilumnr Baraitu Front row: K. Christianson, K. Bakken, L. Holverson, K. Smillie, P. Pieper. Second row: C. Vesterdahl, C. Anderson, C. DeGroot, B. Benson, K. Nielsen, M. Kittleson. Last row: D. Enters, J. Trow, C. Skinner, J. Waag, C. Dvorak, L. Boyd, T. Severson, S. Auby.(Strlfi’ Basketball ilunuir lHarsttB Row 1: S. Sharp, R. Schroeder, V. Chase, C. Lippitt. Row 2: D. Schroeder, D. Goedel, P. Lippitt, B. Koenig, A. Gjestson, S. Strandlie, Coach Judy Stockin. Row 1: K. Christensen, S. Neath, C. Vesterdahl, G. Marshall. Row 2: J. Helmke, K. Bakken, J. Strandlie, L. Misgen, K. Veum. Row 1: M. Kittleson, D. Olson, T. Malcook, M. Hansen, B. Anderson. Row 2: C. Fricke, B. McLeish, B. On-cken, S. Rogers, E. Budden, B. Hughes.l arfittu Row 1: S. Gjertson, B. Koenig, J. Holcomb, V. Haight, J. Boyd Row 2: H. Manhart, D. Enters, G. Finder, L. Vingum, D. Misgen, D. Stellmacker Row 3: C. DeGroot, C. Lange, V. Chase, N. Dickman, C. Vike, B. Aaberg iluntor lHarsitu (girls' ©rack Row 1: C. Vesterdahl, B. Breedlove, A. Kath, K. Berta, J. DeRosia, K. Christensen, P. Woodstock. Row 2: L. Misgen, K. Veum, S. Neath, J. Ladwig, L. Benson, J. Trow, R. Odland. Row 3: M. Conant, J. Waag, C. Skinner, D. Snyder, D. Bjerke, K. Orwig, C. Dvorak.(Eni00 (Enuntru 75 Row 1: Captains - M. Ross, G. Gilbert, T. Marshall. Row 2: D. Dougall, K. Morgan, J. Trampush, B Pelerson.D Gohlke. Row 3: B. Peterson, M. Everson, R. Eisner, S. Benson, G. Kopke, J. Williams. Row 4. Coach Keeney, D. Tyler, T. Hubing, J. Gerber, K. Kiss, Coach Martin. Senior Harriers Todd Hubing Tim Marshall The 1975 Cross Country season was an unusual one to say the least. It was a season of constant minor disasters from the first practices, when we learned that Tim Ball would be leaving us, to the regional meet, where two Stoughton runners were sent to the hospital. It was a season which will long be remembered; not for the very satisfactory 4th place finish in the conference, but for the spirit and determination which kept the team going despite somewhat bizarre circumstances. Mark Ross1975 (Ho-CEonf. (Stamps Row 1: Captains - K. Costello, M. Gunderson, D. Wisersky. Row 2: K. Bannigan, K Hauge, M. Johnson, K. Manthe, S. Erdahl, D. Dvorak, J. Wickline, D. Allen, B. Rostowfske, S. Toso. Row 3: M.J. Herbeck, C. Erdahl, S. Sharp, B. Benschop, R. Erickson, J. Stanton, S. Ehle, J. Peterson, G. Starks, A. Swenson. Row 4: N. Dickman, R. Olday, D. Eugster, S. Vesterdahl, G. Harris, J. Strandlie, H. Roloff, J. Holzhuter, D. Schammel, P. Dybevik. Row 5: M. Hensel, B. Ramsden, A. Long, W. Christiansen, S. Nygaard, P. Frohne, R. Malcook, R. Arneson, M. Hansen, C. Jackson. Row 6: coach Turner, Coach Swanson, Coach Schulte, Coach Walker, Coach Hanson, R. Ramos, J. Sundseth. Mentor •pawer Stoughton 20 Stoughton 6 Stoughton 27 Stoughton 23 Stoughton 13 Stoughton 0 Stoughton 20 Stoughton 14 Stoughton 13 Oregon 16 Watertown 19 Middleton 26 Fort Atkinson 8 Monroe 0 Sun Prairie 13 Monona Grove 14 Jefferson 16 Edgerton 8 Row 1: D. Dvorak, D. Wisersky, D. Allen, M. Gunderson, K. Costello. Row 2: J. Holzhuter, D. Schammel, S. Sharp, S. Erdahl, M. Hansen, B. Rostowfske. Row 3: R. Olday, Coach Schulte, B. Benschop, K. Manthe.The Plays The Practices The Perplexing Situations The PointsJunior BarBita 1976 Biking basketball Row 1: T. Kittleson, D. Stronach, H. Roloff, D. Johnson, G. Gilbert. Row 2: S. Schwenn, S. Bennett, S. Vesterdahl, T. Marshall, P. Hanson, M. Metzler. Row 3: J. Larson, B. Ramsden, M. Hansen, J. Holzhuter, B. Benschop, D. Tyler, S. Sharp, K. Hauge, D. Long, J. Williams. Row 1: R. Kluever, S. Jacobson, C. Wood, S. Hestnes, D. Ellingson. Row 2: T. Gander, S. Wennlund, K. Bjerke, D. McLeish, E. Lee. Row 3: R. Arneson, A. Seamonson, J. Gerber, J. Rindahl, M. Bakken, D. Roloff.John Holzhuter Coach Marshall Senior (Cagera Brian Benschop Hey, Doug....Over here.” "■ -7 ■■ - Scott Sharp Kareem, eat your heart out!1376 tatzUratlittg (Utiampiuns Row 1: J. Bilhorn, J. Holverson, R. Nelson, B. Dickman. Row 2: P, Dybevik, B Klitzke, K. Moe, A. Rein, M, Gunderson, K. Raisbeck, D. Allen, J. Lynch, N. Dickman. Row 3: D Femrite, Coach Zen-ner. Coach Pieper, D. Wisersky, C. Vike, E. Gunderson, M. Gallagher, Coach Beyers, Coach Walker, K. Bannigan, C. Jackson. Junior UarHittr Row 1: G. Skaar, E. Gunderson, E. Smedal, B. Briggs. Row 2: J. Shumate, T. Anderson, J. Wiessinger, J. Peterson, M. Nelson, L. Strandlie, Von Ortiz. Not pictured: J. Johnson, S, Klongland, D. Volenberg.1976 STATE CHAMPS Stoughton Inv. Tourney (8 teams) Champions Cj Badger State Inv. Tourney ” (16 teams) 2nd to Waterloo, Iowa Badger Conference Tourney (8 teams) Champions W.I.A.A. Regionals (13 teams) Champions ™ W.I.A.A. Sectionals (42 teams) 2nd to Min. Pt. W.I.A.A. State (360 teams) CHAMPIONS Stoughton 48 Racine Park 6 Stoughton 36 Oregon 9 Stoughton 57 Monona Grove 3 Stoughton 58 Middleton 0 Stoughton 49 Jefferson 13 Stoughton 44 Sun Prairie 6 Stoughton 35 Monroe 17 Stoughton 56 Fort Atkifisftn 2 Stoughton 55 Belleville 3 Stoughton 36 DeForest 9 Stoughton 22 Wis. Rapids 18 Stoughton 42 Edgerton 12 Stoughton 34 Richland Center 15 Junior Varsity 13-0 champions in two tournaments 1 (HenntH Suntnr HarHfttj Row 1: P. Sviatoslavsky, E. Benedict, B. Peterson. Row 2: J. Stanton, R. Crystal, R. Malcook, B. Peterson, K. Roloff, G. Sviatoslavsky. Bruce Peterson, Rick Olson, Andy Sviatoslavsky, Randy Malcook, Sam Bennett, Joe Van Fossen, Ray Kluever, David Roloff, Larry Onsrud, Brian Peterson. Another ace for the “Mad Russian.”Row 1: D. Dvorak, H. Roloff, G. Comstock, R. Arneson, K. Hauge, G. Gilbert, M. Bakken, D. Dougall. Row 2: B. Sawle, .M. DeRemer, K. Costello, J. Holzhuter, B. Muehlenbruch, B. Ramsden, R. Erickson, J. Christianson, A. Long, T. Metz, M. Ross, R. Conant. Row 1- S Trogner, J. Williams, R. Eisner, D. Vandenhoven, A. Johnson, J. Zeimet, D. Kittleson. Row 2: C. Barth, D. Haller, C. Williams, D. Strand, R. Anderson, M. Carr, M. Everson, R. Samson, M. Hanson.Scott Klongland, Russ Offord, Tim Marshall, Mark Hansen, Steve Montague, Scott Sharp, David Schammel, Bob Anderson, Gary Quam, Scott Jacobson.Mmtbnii Eric Smedal, Mark O'Connell, Larry Bronte, Scott Vesterdahl Scott Schwenn Phil Hanson Mark Metzler, Mike Johnson, Greg Harris, Craig Wood, Mark Nelson, Todd K.ttleson, Doug Stronach, Bob Klitzke. 2: S. Wood, D. Bronte, D. Metzler, V. Knight, E. Lee, G. Skaar. Row 3: S. Slinde, D. McLeish, G. Haugan, R. Everson, P. Smet, J. Gerber, M. Showers, S. Hesnes, K. Bjerke, Coach Greiber.“Pardon me, boys.” The knee bone’s connected to the chin bone! The “dynamic duo.” Don’t cry, Mark, you can’t pin them all in the first round! Alright, but this is absolutely my last dance! “My contact lens!”“Relax, Coach. I’ll handle it!”HiUtam 31. (itbbon Goodbye to a good man who has touched the lives of many. We will miss and remember him. Good Luck in retirement. Mr. Martin - The man on top of the heap. Mr. Halverson - “So you think you're going to college, eh?” Mr. Steckbauer - “The day I don’t catch anything is a good day of fishing.”Mrs. Benson - You’ll rarely find her in a bad mood. Mrs. Schulte. Mrs. Pauli - “Who swallowed the angel fish?” Mrs. Vindedahl - “Could you send some Fritos down please?” Mrs. Blackwood - A new counselor concerned about kids. Mrs. Myrick - A Lone Star accent in the Badger State. Mrs. Erickson - “I just love wrestlers!”Mr. Hall - “Rebound!” Mrs. Hippman - Did you know there’s another one just like her? Mr. Lee - “I’ll get you that garage if you don’t mind a lot of moons.” t fiMBHHk Mrs. Carpenter - “Do you think we’ll get another snow day?” Mr. Stokes - “Please Ladies.” Mr. Baltzer - “In Transylvania a quarter note got 1 count.” Mr. Wilde - “Blow in my ear and I’ll follow you anywhere.” Mrs. Greiber - “Let’s smile awhile.” Mrs. Kennedy - “And who killed the Butler? Why the maid did it!”Mr. Kubale - “Disorganization is the root of all evil.” Mr. Gohlke - “Why should a little ice storm cancel a concert?” Mrs. Redford - “She wears two hats on that blonde head, politician and teacher.” Miss Reek - “Girls are so clever.” Mr. Siggelkow - “Alright gang time to wrap it up.”Mr. Walker - “Thumbs up!” Mr. Doser - “Did you know I broke a hundred today?” Mr. Zenner - “Zen’s art is motor maintenance.” Mr. MacKenzie - “We’re now accepting applications for the Narc squad. Mr. Koenig - “I’m not really this disorganized but it makes me look busy.” Mr. Berken - “What am I satirizing here?” Mr. Martin - “Did you say 9.5 flat!” Mr. Bednarek - “You can't have my number, it’s a secret.” Mrs. Baumgartner - Marie, Marie, how does your garden grow? — Mrs. Thorpe - Her transactions are not financial, they're educational. Mr. Schulte - “This magician is a gentleman of power.” Mr. Erickson - “I’ll charge Mr. Harms - “Stimulus response...” you one ‘cent-a-grade’ for this test.” Mr. Marshall - “Are you going out for Buckets?" Mr. Venske - “Oh, it’s probably a tube.”Mr. Landfried - “We should really do something to fix up this room.” Mr. Hubing • “O.K. Now what do I build next?” Mrs. Norem - “I yelled at someone once in 1959.” Mrs. Wrighton- Good things come in small packages. Mr, Gregorich - “All right you guys, five packets by the end of the quarter.” Mr. Hill - “You sure you’ve got the lens cap off?” Mr. Anderson - “And then she said I had to wear a tux!” Mr. Fortney - “Hey Fort, repeat that in laymen’s terms please.” Mr. Swanson - “Let’s rap about that for awhile.”the com mitment at this time?” Mr. Pieper - “Is that Gunderson eating again?” Mrs. Hecker - “You can see why she’s all for the mod-bod.” Mr. Winecke - “What’s wrong with putting chocolate chip cookies in my salad?” Mrs. Hill-“What’s my shadow doing in front of me?” Mrs. Runke - “She’s one of our ‘type’.” Mrs. Barry - A nicer person you’ll never find.Miss Wornson - “I’m not ready for this picture.” Mr. Roloff - “How do you suppose Howie got that deer?” Mr. Smith - “I have a bit of a dilemma here.” Mr. Smillie - “We won’t weld you, it’s only a camera.” Miss Schwass - “You’re putting ketchup on eggs!?” Mr. Lawrence - “Did I ever tell you about the time killer...” Miss Duff - “I wonder if they use SQR in Room 222” Mrs. Wedeward • “Who taped the Mr K°hn - “I’ve got my mantrum centerfold on the front of my desk?” hidden in here.”We have been greatly saddened by the loss of our great and respected friend. Norman E. Erickson. We will never forget his cheerful sense of humor which always brightened up our days. He was one of the special people who made our years throughout Junior and Senior High the “good old days.” We are saddened not only for ourselves but for those who will never have the opportunity to know him. A Special Group of Souls7 ,iVr n' •« %- V •;' «V .% X Ys y 4 v • • M : r £ I ■ v V . I: . • OLD DAYS Old days, good times I remember fun days filled with simple pleasure, drive in movies, comic books and blue jeans, Howdy Doody, baseball cards and birthdays take me back to a world gone away. Memories seem like yesterday Old days, good times I remember, gold days, days I’ll always treasure, funny faces, full of love and laughter, funny places, summer nights, and street cars take me back to a world gone away, memories seem like yesterday Old days on my mind and in my heart to stay. Old days darkened dreams of good times gone away. Old days, days of love and feeling fancy free. Old days, days of magic still so close to me CHICAGO

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