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 ir-fim46Together” Memories will drift away with the breezes of different seasons, but the feeling of togetherness will never cease to linger on in the minds and hearts of our class of 1975. The history of our class tells the tale of eternal unity as we stood by each other through the traumas of semester exams, the hour long lectures, and the excitement filled atmosphere of pep assemblies. It has been said that one is the loneliest number, although this has been sentenced to a false meaning this past year at S.H.S. due to the fact that our flock has been as one, led solely by ourselves, and bound and determined to conquer all in its path. We are now the products of education, destined on a one way street toward a never terminating goal of success. We will give this goal our best shot, and whatever the outcome we will always be able to say, “United we stand, divided we fall.”' t « l W ." I As members of the 1975 graduating class we’d I like to be able to dedicate our yearbook to many of the teachers who have contributed so much to I our education. There has been one man,| [ however, who has helped us greatly He is always there when needed, either to help I lor talk to. With many students, he has| established a teacher-pupil relationship. His mellow voice is heard over the public I || address system at some of our home athletic I I events. As one of the assistant pool directors, hel f has helped to make the new addition a vital part| ; of our school curriculum. We wish him the best of health and good for-1 tune in the years to come and we feel privileged f to honor this man in his last year as a teacher, I p and hope he regards our dedication to him as the) H crown of an illustrious career in education. The class of ’75 takes great pride in dedicating j its Yahara to our friend----“Boots" Fuller. Dedication fiPresident Rand Roslak Class ’75 Friends With You What a friend we have in time. Gives us children, makes us wine. Tell us what to take or leave behind. And the gifts of growing old Are the stories to be told of the feelings more precious than gold. Vice President John Arneson Class Motto You give but little when you give of your possessions, it’s when you give of yourself that you truly give. Friends. I will remember vou. think of you, pray for you. and when another day is through. I'll still be Friends With You. Baby's days are never long. Mother's laugh is baby’s song. Gives us all the hope to carry on. Friends. 1 will remember you. think of you. pray for you. and when another day is through. I'll still be Friends With You. Class Flower Baby Blue Carnation Secretary Rhonda Rein Friends. I will remember you. think of you, pray for you. and when another day is through. I'll still be Friends With You. Treasurer Sue SmedalBin Abbott Judy Alme Dan Anderson Don Anderson A farmer of the fields, and quiet in his own way. A Student Council president who will leave a mark on the world. I’m on my way....out, that is. Hey Mark, you going to lift weights tonight? Elizabeth Anderson A studious girl who achieves her goals. Faith Anderson We’ve got “faith” in her. Laurie Anderson She who is quiet never succeeds! t Lorinda Anderson An apple a day keeps the SMUT awav, right Lorinda?Mardel Anderson Kalph Anderson A friend to those she What time did I get calls friends. home last night? ST Bill Backus John Arneson No need for an in- Once a puddin' head, (reduction, everybody always a puddin’ head, knows me. Cindy Bakken Whenever there’s a little horse play she’ll be nearby. Dean Bakken Jeff Beckwith Darcy Bemis Little boy Dean, come blow your horn. The more I see of women, the more I want one. Although I’m quiet. I’m still around.we sat in class we stared together at the clocks and griped together about the homework about the freshmen moving to the high school against a tardy system all together we voiced our troubles few listened at least we were together John Bentley I’m very fond of the company of a certain miss. Jeanne Bemdt I heard that! What did you say? Diana Bitter She's here, but where? John Bilhom How I hate women. Too bad. girls. Doug Bjelde Dale Bolender He asks no questions, he Who is under all that makes no replies. hair? John Bowers Jeff Bradley I get up at the crack of Lights, camera, action! dawn, stuff up the crack, and go back to bed.Rock, Kenny, Rock. Kris Brickson Give all the work to Kris. Let someone efficient get it done. Howard There’s a little “streak” of mischief in every little boy, John Broughton Kathy Brown Meet you at 12:05 in the back parking lot, boys. Her future is planned. Boys got the muscles?Michele Christopher Oliver Byrne Run, don’t walk, to wherever you’re going. Kelly Couch Is it true he’s a human calculator? And he was wondrous wise Which way did you say Did I leave my they went? homework home, or didn’t 1 do it?Pam Deegan Oh, those out of town guys. Mark DeRemer George Atias step aside. Deb Dyreson DebEhle Deb Ellingson JimErdahl She came back. Another wild party at Ehle’s? Quiet as a church mouse. Who wants to know how to use the video tape? Jeff Dougali Lore Dybevik 'Do we have to go swimming again today, Mr. Schulte? He's not as quiet as he The job isn’t finished til looks. the paper work is done.Sue Flattem Jeanne Forrer Beth Favreau Laurie Finder The “Sharpest” queen Not everyone can turn we’ve ever had. eighteen with such style. Rae Fritch Judy Furseth Her heart is as big as A girl with a smile who’s her brain. always in style. Nancy Gassen John Gerber When there is nothing I left my hard hat at else to do I come to work. school. Don't you wish you were a little Tolley’er? Does my hair look alright? “Shauna, are you two-timing Rick?”His beefed up ’51 will always run. Don't let her shyness fool you. Our little drummer boy. Who said three is a crowd? Dale Gretebeck Half the fun and a lot of good work starts in FFA. Kevin Gunderson Time tells on a man, especially a good time. Cindy Halverson Little on the ground, high in the saddle. Holly Halverson With her father around she has to be if she wouldn’t be?ft: Margit Halverson Late hours aren't good for one, but they’re alright for two. Sue Hansen I cannot tell for I do not know. Barb Hanson She has a way with the underclassmen. Jeff Hanson Barney is my buddy! Hammering thumbs instead of the nail, building a garage, filling the school with homemade benches: this was our construction class Steve Hanson Wake up. Steve, school’s out. Vicky Harried The thing I want to get most out of school is myself. Jean Harris Somehow I just drifted off the corner. Lynn Havey He learned how to grin and bear it. Terri Heinzeroth A star? Could she be? She’s always out at night. Kristi Heggestad Kristi’s insured for life. Sue Helmke Quick Helmstetter Sandy Hierlmeier Steve Hermanson the appetizing aroma of sweat and unwashed gym suits the sounds of breaking fingernails the cafeteria-delicious taste of soccer balls and fists ahh... gym deciding between volleyball and swimming sights bloodier than biology ahh... ...PE how we looked forward to it with such anticipation Party, did you say? I’ll be right over! One of our best Eagle Scouts. Play it again, Sam. Step aside Arthur Ashe. I’m headed for the big time. Just a little nonsense now and then. You’ll never know what he’s up to until he's done it. Sue Miles Jeff HolpinNancy Horn Her heart is like the moon, it always has a man in it. Marge Hougan She’s never too busy to be friendly. Gary Jacobson Although my education has done me no harm, I still feel much safer on the farm. Laurie Hougan Just because I’m shy doesn’t mean I have an unlisted number. Jeff Hull Laurie Hye Sue Ingels Anything but work is my Farming is fun! motto. McDonalds is my kind of place.Julie Jenks Cheryl Jensen George Jerdee Brenda Johnson She’s not a jinx. Quiet does not mean An all around guy and a My life is a good time. dull. guy all around. Paul Johnson Vicki Jorgenson If all great men are Because she’s herself dead-explain my being we’re satisfied, here §§r, r 'S ' S: Connie Johnson Craig Johnson Just call me four-speed. Slender, talented and tail is a good combination.Darrel Kamin Rick Karlslyst The best pickings are on the square. Bruce Keehn Jeff Helm Steve Kitteison Kevin Klitzke I use my calculator to figure my I Q Just call me Kit, Till, Tex, Cliff,... Chocolate or white? Which milk would you prefer? Ill never walk alone.Bill Koenig Greg Knickmeier You can lead a guy to school, but you can't make him think. Bury my heart at Caledonia. Laurel Terri Lauretic Sandy Kuhlman Laurie Lang Parliamentary Procedure brings out the best in me. A smile and a hello to everyone she knows. Some say she’s quiet, but others know better. Love at first sight is such a time saver. Bob Lausch Girls don't bother me; I’ve got mine. Nancy Linderud There’s no energy-shortage as far as she’s concerned.@ 00 hdme£6 MIN 5ECOvl5IT 0 | OWN I® TD GD4QTR Her heart is “Locked" J enjoy swimming. Inger Lyngstad Bev Maas Velkommen tii Music? Why I enjoy all Stoughton! if it! Eunice Link Gerry Linnerud Her personality will be Let’s go see what’s shared abroad. going on downtown. Pam Lunde Tom Lynch There are two types of He’s a hustler on and off people: servants and the court, men. I like the last kind best. remember what needs to be remembered the classes the home coming game the crowded conditions the losses the gains the tries the people each of us all of us...together “Are you sure that’s the right answer?” Brenda Maerz Worry and I have never met. Keith Mandley He has grown with his responsibilities. fit Richard Martinson Every day’s a weekend to me. Linda Martin To have many friends is to be one to many. Dave Masters With Dave managing things, everything is under control. Lorliee Mathison There is nothing so bad. that it can’t get better. Robin Mathison But there’s got to be some advantage to being short!up and away. The v of ail of us on the What is life without little mischief? Jay Miller Kathy Misgen He runs a football play as easily as he runs an Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit. Dennis McCain The car to watch is the car behind the car in front of you. Jean McGruer In my opinion... Harald Mikkelson Weeds grow tali so I stay small. Chris Miller Look what three years did to me. One more and I’d be ruined.Kathy Moore My hair is too dark to make a good angel. Danny Moy Life would be great if it weren't for school. Wendy Nachtigal Smile, and people wonder what you’ve been up to. Bill Nelson An Inexperienced baker, he thought high school was a three year loaf. Kris Nelson Denise Nettum Mark Nordlie Deb Nelson Life without laughter is not worth living. A still mouth catches no flies. Quietness just doesn't run in the family. 1 think I’ll follow close so I don’t lose them.Marti Norgaren Kris Norland Bob Offerdahl Deb Olson What’s the use of living if you can't enjoy yourself? I'm perfectly willing to admit you are wrong and I am right. The gang can come over to my bouse for a party. Cindy, let’s go horse around. Richard Olson I go for the older women. John Olson I’m for the four hour school day. Kim Oncken Just like a clock, always wound up and going. Amy Orcutt I like all boys. I just like one more than the late? i can’t be it’s only 8:30 the car had a flat tire the bus had a wreck i had to wash my jeans the bathroom was occupied the dog took my shoe my bicycle wouldn’t start the electricity was off i couldn’t wake my dad i got caught in traffic me, late? Handy Padfield Rick Padfield The past few years have I’d rather wrestle than been a real swinging go out with a girl, time. Mike Palmen Sara Paton Deb Peterson Peggy Peterson Betcha a buck. Ron Peterson Karen Pfundheller A ring on the finger is worth two on the phone. If there's any hell to be raised. I’ll be there. Stoughton boys aren’t for me, I have better luck with those from out of town. A good time today is worth two gone by. A “poke” in the right place, and anything can happen.Dean Rhyner An hour for work, a day for play. Jeff Riddle He doesn’t break the rules, he just bends them a little. Tim Pirkl Felicia Potratz Skiing, or parties, 1 lam too allergic to dust. don’t know which is my favorite. Mary Quale Roger Raisbeck Give all your ear, but OK.OK, I’ll go, but I few your voice. won’t dance. Rhonda Rein My love life is all “Lausched” up. One, two, three, stuff.... Judy Ramsden Always ready for a good time. Tim Rigdon Watch out, pedestrians, here he comes. I know I’m not good looking, but who am I to judge? Rand Roslak Randy Roneid Barb Rustad Sharie Rowe Do you think the high school can run without me next year? Laugh and the world laughs with you. She has both feet planted firmly in the air. Chuck Sagen Hey guys, slap in some Hendrix. He’d rather hug a football than anything else, well, almost anything else. ■ v!Lori Schiller Cheri Schmidt Dona Seamopson Sherry Schammel A little bit of mischief crept into Sherry’s eyes. Dale Schenck Give some drivers an inch and they’ll take a fender. Irene Severson Something great she’s bound to be. She acts like an angel, looks like one too, but you never can tell what an angel will do. She seems to be quiet until you get her out of class. Sue Shackleton All that blushes is not innocent. A friendly girl with friendly ways. Cindy Shimniok School is what you make it; it makes me tired.Jay Smithback Kathie Skavlen Sherrie Skinner Sue Smedal Too friendly to have enemies. What more could 1 ask for? Hey you guys, you know I'm eighteen? There's a certain air about this man that sets him apart. Deb Spangler She could have danced all night Julie Smithback It’s the thought behind the work that makes the difference. Don Squire A little learning is a dangerous thing. Dana Sperstad I’ve always liked school - the vacation part of it. Kerry Stelzer Let’s go to Finland and play some blackjack. Diane Swenson And you think 1 went to all the games for nothing? Steve Steckbauer He’s a whole brass band. Sara Stokstad A light heart filled with friendliness, lasts long. Jim Strickland Why should the devil have all the good times? Jim Swenson ...and he looks so innocent 1 Diane Stai It doesn’t take noise to make a personality. Wally Strieker If you come out to my place, you have to wear a costume. ALet’s 'Rock ARound the Clock' one more time. Three times one is two times the fun. It’s not chairman, it’s chairwoman. A little work, a little play...Oh shucks, let’s just play. we all knew that graduation was coming that some of us would leave it was tradition a kind of sad happy that had to happen but it was something else that caused us pain the High school was ready ready to take some of us just some of us not all of us together Rick Thruman Lynn Toepfer Randy Ursino Diane VanFossen He keeps bis mind on Small in structure, big If I’ve only one life...let Keep on tootin’, one thing. in heart. me live!Cathy VanGilder Not too serious and not too gay but she has a friendly way. Tom vanSteenderen It is better to limp to heaven than not get there at all. "Aw. Come On.” Ron Vesterdahl Doug Wahl All right, but don’t tell He says little, but thinks the coach. more. Terri Venden Pam Venske Are there subjects other Love makes the world than boys? go round, catch me, I’m getting dizzy. “Rock Around the Clock...again?” Shelley Waite John Watson One girl and only seven Wake me when we nights a week. graduate.Adam Weigel Nothing is so useful as silence, but that's so quiet. Steve Williams When on the farm do as the farmers do, when in the city, do as you please. Dave Zweep Larry Westby Bonnie Wbitford Jim Wideen Is there life after math? Gym is my favorite hour The day begins at 3:40. of the day. Chris Wolf Every inch a good fellow. Let’s enjoy ourselves as One foot in heaven the long as we can. other.... Todd Wolf Betsy Zeimet It takes no effort to do my work, I just don’t do it.William M. Abbott: Interniurals-1.2; FFA Basketball-3; FFA-3. Judy Ann Alme: AFS-1; Ski Gub-1; G.A A.-1,2,3; Philo-2,3; Pep Club-1; National Honor Society-2,3; Student Council-1,2.3, Secretary-2, President-31 Prom Court-2; Spoon-2; Band-1. Daniel L. Anderson Don A. Anderson: Track-2.3; Cross Country-2; Weight Lifters-2,3; In-term urals-3; Chess Club-1,2.3. Elizabeth Ann Anderson: Ski Club-2; Math Team-3; Chess Club-2; Science Gub-2,3; German Gub-1,2. Faith Marla Anderson: AFS-1; FTA-1; FHA-1.2.3. l-aurie Anita Anderson: GAA-1.2; Volleyball-1; AFS-1,2,3; Ski Gub-1,2; Pep Club-1,2,3. Ix rinda Joy Anderson: AFS-3; Student Council-3; GAA-1,3; Spanish Gub-1; Red Cross-1; Student Assistant-3. Mardel Elaine Anderson: Chorus-3. Ralph E. Anderson: Football-1; Table Tennis-1. John Harold Arneson: Track-3; Weight Lifters-3; Golf-2; Intermurals-3; FFA Basketball-1,2.3; FFA-1,2.3. Vice President-1, President-2; "S” Gub-3; Rotary-3; Parlimentary Procedure-1,2; Student Assistant-1,2; Gass Officer-Vice President-3; Homecoming • MC,’-3; Voice of Democracy Winner-3; Plays-3. William Francis Backus: Wrestling-1.2; Ski Club-1.2; Norwegian Dan- cers-3; Cross Country-2. Cynthia Ann Bakken: Basketball-1; FFA-2,3; Student Assistant-3; Band-1; Pep Band-1. Dean Alan Bakken: Track-2,3; Student Assistant-1; S.H. Intern Technician-1,2; Band-1,2.3; Orchestra-3; German Band-3; Pep Band-3; Dance Band-1.2,3; Stage 1; Variety Show-1,3. Bernard Jeffrey Beckwith: Auto Club-1,2,3. Darcy Jean Bemis: Transfer-3. John L. Bentley : Science Club-1.2; Debate Team-3; Forensics-1; Student Assistant-1.2; Library Assistant-1,2,3; Intern Technician-1,2,3; Transfer. Jeanne Marie Berndt: GAA-2,3; Pep Gub-3. John Berton Bilhorn: Wrestling-1,2,3; Football-3; "S" Gub-3; Prom Court-2; Homecoming King-3. Diana Rae Bitter: FHA-2. Douglas Richard Bjelde Dale L. Bolender John Lee Bowers: Football-1; FTA-1,2,3. Jeff A. Bradley Howard Glenn Brantmever: Football-1 Kristi Lynn Brickson: MFA-1,2,3, Secretary-1. Vice President-2, President-3; Ski Club-3; Student Council-2,3. Secretary-3; GAA-1,2,3; FHA-2; Philo-2,3; Band-1.2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-l.2.3; Stage Band-1. Majorette-1,2,3; Variety Show-1,2.3. Robin Duane Brietzman: Wrestling-1; Baseball-2.3; Intermurals-2,3; “S” Club-2.3; Ski Club-3. Suanne Jean Brietzman: Volleyball-1,2.3; Basketball-1; MFA-2,3; AFS-3; “S” Club-3; GAA-1,2,3; Philo-2,3; Pep Club-1; German Club-2; National Honor Society-2,3; Band-1,2,3; Variety Show-2,3; Tutor-3. Lynn Rene Bronte: MFA-2, Secretary-2; AFS-1,2,3; Ski Gub-1,2; FTA-3; GAA-1.2; Pep Gub-1,2. President-2; German Club-2; Gass Officer-1, Secretary-!. John E. Broughton Kathleen Mary Brown: Ski Club-1; FTA-1; GAA-1;'FHA-1.3; Forensics-1,2,3; German Club-1; Library Assistant-1.2,3; Plays-1; Yahara Staff-3; Transfer. Kati Buss: Tennis-1; AFS-1,2,3; Ski Club-1.2; Student Assistant-2. Shirley Ellen Burmeister: Philo-2. Linda Diane Byrd: Transfer-3. Oliver N. Byrne II: Wrestling-2; Football-1,2,3; Track-1,2,3, Captain-3; Intermurals-3; “S" Gub-1.2.3; Student Council-1; Student Assistant-3. Gary E. C'ahee: Basketball-1.2,3; Cross Country-2; Golf-1.2,3; Table Tennis-1; "S" Club-2.3; Math Team-1,2,3; Chess Club-3. Jonathan D. Christiansen: National Honor Society-2,3; Band-1.2,3; Plays-2; Orchestra-3; German Band-3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Variety Show-1.2,3. Michele Ann Christopher Kelly C. Couch: Math Team-1,2.3; Chess Club-1,2; Science Gub-1,2; Rotary-3;' Intern Technician-1.2,3; Plays-1.2.3; Musical-2,3; Traveling Show-3. Jeri LuAnn Crane: AFS-2,3; GAA-2,3; Pep Club-2,3; Library Assistant-2; Band-1.2; Pep Band-2 Carol Lynn Dallmann: Track-3; AFS-1.2. Pamela Sue Deegan: Volleyball-1; Basketball-1; AFS-1.2; Ski Club-1.2,3; Student Council-2; GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1,2. Mark A. DeRemer: Track-2,3; Cross Country-2; Weight Lifters-2,3; Spanish Club-1.2. Jeff G. Dougall: Weight Lifters-3. l.ore May Dybevik: Cheerleading-1,2.3. Captain-3; AFS-1,2,3; Ski Club-1.2.3; GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1,2.3; Student Assistant-3; Parrot Staff-3; Musical-2; Ecology Club-3. Debra Jean Dyreson: AFS-1.2; Ski Gub-1.2; GAA-1,2; Philo-2; German Gub-1.2; Band-1.2.3; Pep Band-1. Debra Lova Ehle: FTA-3; GAA-2,3; Philo-2.3; FHA-2.3; Red Cross-2; German Club-2. National Honor Societv-2.3. Debra Lynn Ellingson: GAA-3; Band-2.3; Transfer-2. James A. Erdahl: AFS-1; Math Team-2.3; Science Club-2; Spanish Chihli Library Assistant-1; Intern Technician-1,2.3. Elizabeth K. Favreau: GAA-2.3; Tennis-1; MFA-3; Ski Club-1.2; FFA-3; Pep Club-1,2; Student Council-3; Homecoming Queen-3; Prom Court-2, laurel Kay Finder: Cheerleading-1,2; Track-1,3; Ski Gub-3; GAA-1,2,3; Student Council-2.3; Pep Gub-1,2. Secretary-2; German Club-2; Band 1,2,3; Dance Band-1,2,3; Variety Show-1,2,3. Susan Kay Flattem: Ski Club-3; GAA-3; FHA-3; Band-1.2; Variety Show- 2 Jeanne Therese Forrer: GAA-1; FHA-2; Student Assistant-2,3. Rae Denise Fritch: Volleyball-2.3; AFS-2.3; GAA-1,2.3, 1-Representative. 2-Secretary. 3-Co-President; Philo-2,3; Math Team-1,2,3; Pep Gub-2; National Honor Society-3. Judy Lynelte Furseth: AFS-1.2; Ski Gub-1,2; GAA-1,2; Pep Gub-1; S Yahara Staff-3: Christmas Dance Court-2. Nancy Kay Gassen: Pep Club-1. John N. Gerber: Basketball-1; Track-2.3; Cross Country-1,2,3, Captain-2.3; Baseball-1; Intermurals-1,2,3; "S’’ Club-1,2,3; Badger Boys State-2; Intern Technician-2. E Douglas E. Gjertson: Football-3; Track-2,3; “S’ Club-3; Auto Gub-3; Band-1,2; Pep Band-1,2; Plays-2; Variety Show-1. (iordon l,ewis Grady: Tennis-2.3; Chess Gub-3; Intern Technician-2.3; Band-2,3; German Band-3; Pep Band-2.3; Variety Show-3. Robin Lynn Goldade: FTA-3. NJill Marie Grefsheim: AFS-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-2.3; Band-1,2; Pep Band-1,2. Dale Edwin Gretebeck: Weight Lifters-3; Intermurals-3; FFA-1,2,3; FFA Basketball-1,2.3; Parliamentary Procedure-2. Kevin A. Gunderson: Intermurals-1,2,3; Student Assistant-3. Ann L. Halverson: GAA-1. Holly Karlene Halverson: AFS-1,2,3; Pep Gub-1.2. Margit Lynn Halverson: Cheerleading-1,2.3. Captain-3; AFS-1,2,3; "S” Gub-3; FTA-2,3. Vice President-2. President-3; GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1.2.3. Vice President-2; German Club-1; Student Assistant-2,3. Susan Marie Hansen: MFA-1,2,3. Secretary-3; AFS-2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Student Council-2; GAA-1,2,3; Philo-2,3; Science Gub-3, Vice President-Si Student Assistant-3; National Honor Society-3; Band-1.2; Pep Band-1.2. R Steven James Hanson Barbara Jean Hanson: GAA-2; Philo-3; FHA-2; Pep Gub-2; Student Assistant-2. Jeffrey Wayne Hanson: Basketball-1,2; Baseball-1; Auto Club-3. Jean Marie Harris: Tennis-2,3; AFS-2,3; “S’ Gub-3; FTA-3; GAA-2,3; Student Assistant-3; Transfer-1. Lynn William fiavey: Track-2; Cross Country-1,2; Weight Lifters-2; Intermurals-3; Badger Boys State-2. Kristi Lee Heggestad: Basketball 3; MFA-1,2,3; AFS-1,2,3; FTA-2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Chess Gub-1; Spanish Gub-3; Forensics-2,3; Student Assistant-1,2,3; Chrous-1,2,3; Musical-2 Sandra Lynn llierlmeier: Track-1; Basketball-1; AFS-1; GAA-1; Chess Gub-1; Student Assistant-1. Library Assistant-1. Terri Lynn lleinzeroth: AFS-1; GAA-1; FHA-1,2. Susan Rene llelmke: AFS-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Student Council-1; Pep Gub-2; German Club-1,2; Class Officer-2; Treasurer-2; GAA-1,2.3; Philo-2.3. Charles Alan Helmstetter: Football-1,2.3; Basketball-1,2; Baseball-1,2; Rotary-3; German Club-1.2; Badger Boys State-2; National Honor Society-3; Band-1.2,3; Pep Band-1; Dance Band-2,3; Stage Band-2; Variety Show-1,2,3. Steve James llermanson: Tennis-1,2.3; Spanish Gub-1,2; Chrous-1,2,3; Musical-2. Susan Marie Hiles: GAA-2.3; German Club-1,2. Jeffrev A. Holpin: Basketball-1; Cross Country-2, Manager-2; German Gub-2. Nancy Jean Horn: AFS-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Student Assistant-2; Chorus-2,3; Madrigal-3; Plays-1.2,3; Variety Show-1, A Musical-2. I iurie Martha llougan: AFS-3; GAA-1; Spanish Club-1; Red Cross-1; Ecology Club-3; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1; Plays-3. Margery l-ee llougan: GAA-1,2,3; Philo-2,3; Spanish Club-1; Pep Club- RI.2; Red Cross-1. Jeffrey J. Hull: Track-1; Tennis-2; FFA-2,3; FFA Basketball-2; German Gub-1.2. (.aureen Catherine live: GAA-1; FFA-1,2,3; Student Assistant-1.3; Chorus-2; Plavs-1. Susan Kay Ingels: MFA-1,2,3; GAA-2; Math Team-1; Forensics-2.3; German Club-2; Library Assistant-1,2; Band-1.2,3. Pep Band-1.2,3; Stage Band-2; Variety Show-2 Garv Lee Jacobson: FFA-1,2.3. Julie Elaine Jenks: MFA-2.3; AFS-2.3; FTA-2,3; FHA-1. Timothy John Janisch: Cheryl Marie Jensen: FTA-2,3. Treasurer-3; GAA-1,2; FHA-3; Spanish Gub-1.2. George Neal Jerdee Brenda Johnson: AFS-1.2; Ski Club-1.2: GAA-1,2.3; Pep Club-1.2; German Club-1; Band-1.2,3; Pep Band-1. Connie Elaine Johnson: AFS-1,2,3; Ski Club-2,3; GAA-2,3. Criag Allen Johnson: Band-1.2. Paul Leonard Johnson: Wrestling-1,2,3; Football-1,2,3; Track-3; Baseball-2; Weight Lifters-1.2.3; "S” Club-1,2.3; Student Council-1; Math Team-1.2.3; Rotary-3; Norwegian Dancers-2,3; German Gub-1.2; Prom-2. Homecoming-3; Madrigal-3. Band-1,2,3; Orchestra-1,2,3; Plays-1.2,3; Variety Show-2,3; Musical-1,2,3; Yahara Staff-3. Vicki Lee Jorgenson: Basketball-1; FTA-2,3, Secretary-3; GAA-1,2; FHA-3; Spanish Club-1.2; Chrous-1,2,3; Musical-2. Dan Lee Juve: Band-1,2.3; Pep Band-1.2; Dance Band-1.2; Variety Show-1.2. Kortland V. Hath: Basketball-2; Baseball-2,3; Intermurals-3; “S" Club-2.3; Transfer-2. Darrell Kamin: Basketball-1; lntermurais-3; German Club-1.2. Richard J. Karlslyst: Tennis-1.3; Science Club-2; Photography Gub-3; Student Assistant-3; Intern Technician-1.2,3. Bruce E. Keehn: FFA-2; Auto Club-2. Jeffrey Dean Kelm: Chess Club-1.2; Science Club-1.2; Badger Boys State-2; Intern Technician-1,2,3; Plays-3; Musical-3; Traveling Show-3. Steven Til Kittelson: Football-1. Basketball-1.2,3. Captain-3; Baseball-1.2.3; "S" Club-2,3; Ski Club-1; Spanish Club-1.2; Student Assistant-1,2; Christmas Dance Court-2. Kevin Walter Klitzke: Band-1.2.3; Pep Band-1,2. Gregory Allen Knickmeier: Track-1,2,3; Weight Lifters-2,3; FFA-1.2.3; Intermurals-2.3. William A. Koenig. Jr.: Football-1.3; Weight Lifters-2; Intermurals-2; “S” Club-3. Chess Club-1; Science Club-1; Photography Club-3; Yahara Staff-3. Photographer; Parrot Staff-3; Photographer; Stage Crew-2,3. Sandra K. Kuhlman: AFS-1; Ski Club-1; GAA-1; Chess Club-1,2; Science (1ub-l.2. President-2; FFA-1.2,3. Reporter-3; Parliamentary Procedure-1,3; German Club-1; Student Assistant-1.2,3; Plays-1. I .auric Jane l.ang: Volleyball-2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; AFS-3; GAA-1.2,3; Pep Club-3. Vice President-3; German Club-1.2; Student Assistant-2,3; Band-1.2.3; Pep Band-2,3; "S" Club-3. Patricia Sue Larsen: AFS-1,2.3; Ski Club-1; GAA-1,2; Pep Gub-1.2; German Club-1,2. Band-1.2; Pep Band-1. Teresa Mae Schwartzlou Lauretic: Chorus-3, Transfer-1. Robert John Kunz Launch: Student Council-2; Ski Club-1,2,3; German Club-1; Prom Court-2; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1.2,3; Variety Show-3; Auto Club-3. Nancy Kay l.inderud: Cheerleading-2.3; Volleyball-1.3; Track-3; Basketball-1,2; Tennis-1; S” Club-3; Ski Club-1; GAA-1.2.3; Pep Club-3; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1. Eunice B. Link: Volleyball-2,3; AFS-3. AFS Candidate-3; Ski Club-1,2,3; GAA-2,3; FFA-1.2,3. Secretary-3; German Club-1,2,3; Student Assistant- 2. Gerry II. Linnerud: Auto Club-1,2.3. Shauna Joan Lock: Volleyball-2,3; Basketball-2,3; AFS-2; ‘S” Club-3; Ski Club-2,3; GAA-2.3; Prom Court-2; Homecoming Court-3; Band-2,3; Pep Band-2.3. Variety Show-2; Musical-2; Yahara Staff-3, Tri-Editor-in-Chief-3; Transfer-2. Sandra Ixmise Long: Chorus-1.2,3. Pamela Kay l.unde Thomas Robert Lynch: Basketball-1.2,3; Cross Country-1,2,3, Captain-2.3; Baseball-1; “S” Club-1,2; Spanish Gub-1; Rotary-3; Badger Boys State-2; Parrot Staff-3; Prom King-2. Inger Helene l.yngstad: Basketball-3; AFS-3; Student Council-3; GAA-3; Philo-3; Ecology Club-3; Homecoming Court-3; Plays-3. Beverly Lureen Maas: GAA-1,2,3; Philo-2,3. Historian-3; FHA-2,3. Historian-3; Chrous-2,3; Madrigal-3; Band-1,2,3; Orchestra-2,3: German Band-2.3; Pep Band-1,2.3; Stage Band-1.2,3; Variety Show-1,2,3; Musical-2. Brenda Lynn Maerz: AFS-1.2; Ski Club-1.2; Student Council-1,2.3; GAA- 1.2.3. Representative-1; Philo-2,3; Math Team-1; Debate Team-2; Forensics-2.3; German Club-1,2. Treasurer-2; Student Assistant-1,2,3; National Honor Society-2,3; Band-1.2.3; Pep Band-1,2; Stage Band-2. Keith I). Mandley: Chorus-1.2; Musical-2. Linda Mae Martin: AFS-1; GAA-1,2.3, Vice President-3; Math Team-1,2; FFA-1,2.3. Sentinel-1. Vice President-2.3; Parliamentary Procedure-1; Student Assistant-2.3; Prom Queen-2; Chorus-3. Richard A. Martinson: Wrestling-3; FFA-1,2.3; FFA Basketball-1,2; Student Assistant-2,3. David Dean Masters: Football-3. Manager; Basketball-1. Manager; Table Tennis-1; Intermurals-3; AFS-1.2.3; “S” Club-3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Chess Club-2; Student Assistant-3. I orilee Mathison: Volleyball-1; AFS-1,2,3. Vice President-2, President-3; Ski Club-1.2; Student Council-2,3; GAA-1.2,3; Philo-2,3; Parrot Staff-3, Editor-in-Chief; Christmas Dance Court-2; Chorus-2,3; Madrigal-3; Musical-2. Robin Lynn Mathison: AFS-1.2,3; Pep Gub-1.2; Student Assistant-3. Margie Jean May: GAA-3: Pep Gub-1. Dennis Lee McCain: Auto Club-3: Transfer-3. Jean Ann McGruer: Tennis-1.2,3; AFS-1,2; ”S” Gub-3 Student Council- 2.3. Vice President-3; GAA-1.2.3; Philo-2.3; Pep Club-2; Badger Girls State-2; National Honor Society-2,3; Yahara Staff-3. Harold Norman Mikkelson: FFA-1,2. Christopher W. Miller Jay Edward Miller: Chorus-1,2.3; Plays-2. Kathleen Mary Misgen: Basketbalj-1,2. Tennis-1; AFS-2.3; Ski Club-1.2.3; Philo-2.3; Science Club-3, President-3; Spanish Club-1; Student Assistant-3: National Honor Society-2.3. Norman Eric Monsen: Football-1.2,3: Track-2.3. Captain-3; Weight Lifters-1,2,3; Intermurals-1,2,3; FFA Basketball-1,2,3; “S" Club-3, President-3; Spanish Club-1; FFA-1.2,3, Treasurer-1,2, President-3; Parliamentary Procedure-1; Homecoming Court-3; Rotary-3. Jerry Dean Monson: Intermurals-1.3. Katherine Elizabeth .Moore: FHA-1. Daniel Roger Moy: Football Mgr.-2; Auto Gub-3. Gary Thomas Murphy Wendy Sue Nachtigal: AFS-3; Ski Club-3; GAA-3. Debra Diane Nelson: Volleyball-2.3; MFA-3, Treasurer-3; AFS-1,2,3; GAA-1.2.3; Spanish Club-1; Pep Gub-1,2.3; Red Cross-1; Student s E N I 0 R S u M M A R 1 E S Assistant-2,3; Band-2.2.3; Orchestra-2,3; Pep Band-1,2.3; Stage Band-3; Variety Show-2.3; Yahara Staff-3. Kristin Ann Nelson: AFS-1; GAA-1; Philo-3; Pep Club-1; Band-1.2.3; Pep Band-2,3. William Donald Nelson Denise Marie Nettum: AFS-1,2; GAA-1,2,3; Pep Gub-3. Mark Phillip Nordlie: FFA-1.2.3; Auto Gub-1,2; Student Assistant-1,2. Marti Idella Norgaren: AFS-1,2,3; Ski Gub-1,2,3; Student Council-1; GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1,2. Kristin Elaine Norland: Cheerleading-1,2,3; Volleyball-1.2,3; Track-1; Basketball-1.2,3; AFS-1; "S" Club-3, Secretary-3; Ski Club-1,2; GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1,2,3; Student Assistant-2.3; Prom Court-2; Band-1,2,3; Orchestra-2.3; Variety Show-1.2,3. Robert John Offerdahl: Chess Gub-1. Debra Ann Olson: FFA-2,3; Transfer-2. John Vernon Daniel Olson: Auto Club-3; Student Assistant-1,2.3. Richard Arnold Olson Kim Donna Oncken: Volleyball-1.2,3; Track-1; Basketball-1,2,3; AFS-1,2; "S” Club-3. Reporter-3; Ski Club-1,2; GAA-1,2,3; Math Team-1; Spanish Club-1; Pep Club-1.2; FFA-2,3; Parliamentary Procedure-2; Student Assistant-2,3; Chorus-3; Band-1.2; Pep Band-1; Plays-1.2.3; Yahara Staff-3. Tri-Editor-in-Chief; FFA Volleyball-2.3. melia Elizabeth Orcutt: Cheerleading-3; Track-2,3. Basketball-2,3; Tennis-2; “S" Club-3; GAA-2,3; Pep Club-3; Debate Team-2; Yahara Staff-3; Transfer-2. Randy Chester Padfield: Wrestling-1,2,3; Football-1; AFS-2; Auto Club-3. Rickey Henry Padfield: Wrestling-1,2,3; Football-1; “S" Club-2,3. Michael Allen Palmen: Wrestling-1.2.3; Football-1; “S” Club-3; Prom ‘‘MC” 2; Parrot Staff-3. Sara Elizabeth Paton: Cheerleading-1,2.3, Captain JV-1,2; AFS-1,2,3; Student Council-1; GAA-1.2,3; Philo-3; Pep Club-1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers-1,2.3; Prom Court-2; Homecoming-3: Band-1.2; Variety Show-1. Debra Ann Peterson: AFS-3; GAA-1,2,3; Spanish Club-1,2; Plays-1,2; Musical-1.2. Peggy Lee Peterson: FFA-1.2,3; FFA Volleyball-1,2,3; Chorus-2; Student Assistant-1,2,3. Ronald Arthur Peterson: Football-1; Golf-1; AFS-3; "S” Club-1; Ski Club-1.2; German Club-1; Chorus-2.3; Plays-2; Musical-2. Karen Sue Pfundheller: Tennis-1,2,3; AFS-1; "S" Gub-3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Student Council-3; GAA-1.2,3; Philo-2,3; Pep Club-1,2; Norwegian Dancers-2,3; National Honor Society-2.3; Chorus-3; Madrigal-3; Band-1.2.3; Orchestra-3: Dance Band-2,3; Musical-2; Variety Show-1,2.3. Timothy R. Pirkl: Intermurals-1,2,3; Ski Club-1.2.3. Felicia May Potratz: MFA-1,2; FHA-1,2,3; Student Assistant-2.3. Mary Jean Quale: AFS-1.2; GAA-1,2,3; Philo-2,3, Vice President-2, President-3; Pep Club-1,2,3. Roger William Raisbeck: Wrestling-1,2.3; Football-1. Judy Ann Ramsden: AFS-1,2,3; Ski Club-1.2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1.2; Student Assistant-2; Band-1.2; Pep Band-1,2; Variety Show-2; Yahara Staff-3. Rhonda Rene Rein: Volleyball-1.2,3; FTA-3; Basketball 1.2,3; AFS-1.3; GAA-1,2,3. Secretary-2. Co-President-3; “S” Club-3: Ski Gub-1,3; Class Officer-2.3. Secretary-2.3; German Club-1,2; Prom Court-2; Homecoming Court-3; Band-1.2,3; Majorette-1.2.3; Yahara Staff-3, Tri-Editor-in-Chief. Dean Roger Rhyner: lntermurals-1.2.3; FFA Basketball-2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Student Council-3; Prom Court-2. Jeffery Lee Riddle: Wrestling-1.2. Timothy John Rigdon: Student Assistant-2. John Michael Roidt: Ski Club-1.2.3; Norwegian Dancers-2.3. Randall Steven Roneid: Intermurals-? t Rand Peter Roslak. Wrestling-1,2; Tennis-1.2,3; Student Council-3; Class Officer-1,2,3, President-1,2.3; Rotary-3; German-1,2,3; Badger Boys State-2; Spade-2. Sharie May Rowe: Volleyball-2,3; AFS-1,2,3; “S" Club-3; Ski Club-1,2; GAA-1.2,3: Philo-3; Student Assistant-2,3; Band-1,2; Pep Band-1,2; Yahara Staff-3. Barbara Ann Rustad: AFS-1,2; GAA-1,2; FFA-2; Band-1,2, diaries Erik Sagen: Wrestling-1,2,3; Football-1,2,3; “S’ Club-1,2,3; Auto Club-3; Student Assistant-1,2; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Plays-2; Variety Show-1.2,3; Musical-2. Paul Grant Sannes: Football-3; Tennis-1,2,3; Weight Lifters-2,3; Intermurals-3; “S" Club-3, Treasurer-3; Auto Club-3. Dale Richard Schenck Sharon Marie Schammel: Track-3; Tennis-1,2,3; MFA-3; “S” Club-3; Ski Gub-1.2,3; GAA-1.2.3: Pep Club-3; Norwegian Dancers-1,2.3; Chrous-2.3; Madrigal-3: Musical-2.3. l-ori Lynn Schiller: Track-3; AFS-2,3; Philo-3; Math Team-3; Pep Club-2; Band-1.2; Variety Show-1,2. Chervl Ann Schmidt: AFS-3; GAA-2,3. Ilona Mae Sea monson: AFS-1,2.3. Irene Mary Severson: GAA-1.2,3; AFS-3; Spanish Club-1,2; Ecology Gub-2,3; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band l.2.3: Stage Band-2; Plays-3; Variety Show-2; Transfer-1. Sue Ann Shackleton: FTA-3; GAA-1; FHA-1,2,3; Red Cross-2. Cindy Lou Shimniok: Ski Club-1,2; GAA-1,2,3; Science Club-1,2; Band-1.2; Pep Band-1.2. Kathie Marie Skavlen: AFS-1,2; Ski Club-1,2; GAA-1.2,3; Pep Club-1; Band-1.2,3; Pep Band-2. Sherrie Ann Skinner: Ski Club-1,2; Student Council-2; GAA-1; Math Team-1. Susan Elaine Smedal: Cheerleading-1,3; Tennis-2,3; AFS-3; “S" Gub-3; Gass Officer-1.3. Treasurer-1,3; GAA-1,2,3; Philo-3; Norwegian Dancers-2.3. Homecoming Court-3; Chrous-2,3; Madrigal-3; Plays-3; Musical-2; Student Assistant-3. „ Julie Ann Smithback: Tennis-3; AFS-1,2; Ski Club-1; GAA-1,2,3; Philo- 2.3. Secretary-3; Pep Club-3; Band-1.2.3; Pep Band-2; National Honor Society-2.3. Jay Ross Smithback: Football-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Track-1,2,3; Homecoming Court 3. Debra Kay Spangler: Chorus-1.2; Musical-1.2. Dane Andrew Sperstad: FFA-1; Band-1.2. Donald Paul Squire: Wrestling-3; Ski Club-3; FFA-1,2,3; Band-1. Diane Ixmise Stai: AFS-1,2; Pep Club-1.2; FFA-2,3. FFA Basketball-3. Ste cn John Steckbauer: Track-3; Tennis-2; Photography Club-3; Student Assistant-3; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1.2,3; Dance Band-1,2,3; Stage Band-2; Variety Show-1,2,3. Kerry Faye Stelzer. Cheerleading-1,2,3; AFS-1,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; GAA-1.2,3; Pep Club-1,2; Ecology Club-3; Norwegian Dancers-2,3; Band-1; Variety Show-l. Sara Sue Stokstad: Volleyball-3; AFS-1,2,3, Treasurer 1, Secretary-2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Student Council-1; GAA-1,2,3, Treasurer-2; Philo-3; Pep Club-1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers-3; Ecology Club-3; Badger Girls State-2; Literary Magazine-3; Plays-3. Walter Paul Strieker: AFS-3; German Club-2,3; Ecology Club-3, Plays-3. James II. Strickland: Wrestling-1; Tennis-1; Intermurals-1,2,3; AFS-1; Ski Club-1.2,3; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band l.2.3; Variety Show-1,2.3. Diane Marie Swenson: AFS-1.2.3; GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1,2. James Lee Swenson: Basketball-1,2.3; Track-1,2,3, Captain-2,3; Baseball-2.3; “S” Club-1.2,3; Math Team-1; Spanish Club-1.2; Parrot Staf(-3; FCA-3. Kim Swenson Robert Joseph Swoboda: Ski Club-1; Science Club-1; Photography Club-Si Band-1,2,3; German Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-1,2,3; Stage Band-1,2,3; Variety Show-1,2,3. Elizabeth Marie Thompson: Volleyball-1,2; Basketball-1.2,3; AFS-1,2,3; Ski Club-1.2,3; GAA-1.2; German Club-2,3; Literary Magazine-3; Plays-1.2.3; Student Council-1,2,3, Vice President-2. laurel Yvonne Thompson: AFS-1,2,3; Ski Club-1; GAA-1,2,3; Library Assistant-2; Band-1,2; Pep Band-1.2. Teresa tauise Thompson: Cheerleading-3, Alternate-3; AFS-1; Ski Club-1,2. GAA-1,2,3; Philo-2.3; Pep Club-2,3; Student Assistant-1.2,3; Band-1.2.3; Orchestra-2.3; Pep Band 1,2; Stage Band-1.2,3; Variety Show-1,2,3. Richard Thruman Lynn S. Toepfer: AFS-1; GAA-1; Band-1. Randall S. I'rsino Diane Marie Van Fossen: Philo-2,3; FHA-2,3; Student Assistant-1; National Honor Society-2,3; Band-1.2,3; Orchestra-2,3; Pep Band-1,2.3; Stage Band-2; Variety Show-2. Cathaleen A. VanGilder: GAA-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3; Orchestra-3; Pep Band-1.2.3; Variety Show-1; Tutor-3. Thomas Weston vanSteenderen: Wrestling-1,2; Football-1.2,3; Tennis-1; Ski Club-1,2.3; Norwegian Dancers-1.2,3; Homecoming Court-3; Chorus-3; Madrigal s. Terri Lynne Venden: Pep Club-1.2; AFS-2,3; MFA-2,3. Pamela Susan Venske: AFS-3; Philo-2,3; Science Club-1,2; Debate Team-2.3; Forensics-2; German Club-2; National Honor Society-2; Orchestra- 1.2,3. Ronald Dale Vesterdahl: Football-1.2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Baseball-1,2.3; ‘S" Club-1,2.3; Prom Court-2; Homecoming Court-3. Shelley Rae Waite: Volley ball-2.3; AFS-1.2.3. “S" Club-3; Ski Club-1; GAA-1,2.3; Philo-2.3; Math Team-1; Pep Club-1.2; Student Assistant-2; National Honor Society-2,3; Band-1.2.3; Plays-1; Variety Show-2,3; Yahara Staff-3. John W. Watson Adam Weigel. Jr.: Cross Country-2; Baseball-1,2; Intermurals-2; “S” Club-1,2.3; Spanish Club-1.2. tarry Lee Westby: Math Team-2.3; Science Gub-2,3; Transfer-2; Intern Technician-3. Douglas Keith Wahl Bonnie Lynn Whitford James Robert Wideen: Photography Club-3. Steven Alan Williams: FFA-2.3; German Club-1. Christopher R. Wolf: Basketball-1; Intermurals-2. Todd Brian Wolf: Student Assistant-1. Betsy Marie Zeimet: Track-1; AFS-1,2,3; GAA-2,3; Pep Club-1; Student Assistant-2. Dave W. Zweep: Auto Club-3. Another good time at LaFollette!! SO it’s over the wonderful bittersweet time is over we’ve looked over everything thought back and remembered stupid minutes tragic hours sad weeks great days all of us having the same problems with different reactions and solutions classes activities students teachers sports •life and we can look back and say i hope i see them all again i hope they do all right the years all flash by and we save little mementoes a class ring a football a pompom a pressed flower a program a yearbook things to be laughed at and lost and cherished reminders of the years especially this one last year... togetherThe lives of our classmates now lie in the stars, though they live what we live here at Stoughton High. We miss their appearences as we think of the scars which were levied on them when their life passed them by. Mike Palmen Nancy Anderson • Everett Chamberlain - Gregory Chase ■ Dennis Dairy - John Hernstine • Terry Olstun -...anybody’s head! I think this is how Mommy and Daddy do it? Is this how playboy got started? Will you play with me? I've got a big date tonight so I’m gong to make sure I’m clean. A photogenic little boy. I’ve got a pair of brand new roller skates. but I’m all ready for the next wrestling match.Honors Banquet 1974 Junior National Honor Society Row 1: J. Christiansen, S. Waite, S. Brietzman, and K. Misgen; Row 2: J. McGruer, J. Alme, B. Maerz. and D. Van Fossen; Row 3: J. Smith-back, K. Pfundheiler, D. Ehle, and P. Venske. Badger State Spoon and Spade Row 1: J. McGruer and S. Stokstad. Row 2: T. Lynch, J. Kelm, L. Havey, J. Gerber, R. Roslak, and C. Helmstetter. R. Roslak and J. AlmeProm 1974 Queen Linda King TomShauna Fuller escorted by Paul Johnson Sara Pa ton escorted by John llilhorn Rhonda Rein escorted by Bob Lausch Kristin ISor land escorted by Dean Rhyner Judy Alme escorted by Rand Roslak Beth Favreau escorted by Ron Vesterdahlp ' Band Varieties ’75Norwegian Wood Queen Beth King Joh n1975 Homecoming Royalty Sara Patou escorted by Norm Mon sen Rhonda Rein escorted by Ron Vesterdahl Sue Smedal escorted by JaySmithback Shauna Fuller escorted by Tom vanSteenderen Inger Lyngstad escorted by Pout JohnsonHomecoming Memories ‘The 74 Court' ‘Greaser Day “Our Queen Beth “One Great Touchdown”The Fantastiks THE COMPANY The Mute The Narrator The Girl The Boy The Girl’s Father The Boy’s Father The Old Actor The Man Who Dies Eric Smedal Paul Johnson Nancy Pederson Steve Brush Tom Bennett Kevin Costello Chris Pieper Randy HolmanA household in uproar CAST Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley Lisa Thompson The Luncheon Guests Wally Strieker Miss Preem Mary Elvekrog Dave Wisersky Richard Stanley David Bowne Mr. Baker John Arneson June Stanley Debbie Shumate Expressman Wally Strieker John Tom Bennett Lorraine Sheloon Sue Smedal Sarah Pat Olp Sandy Rick Conant Mrs. Dexter Nancy Pederson Beverly Carlton Chris Pieper Mrs. McCutcheon Julie Kober Wescott John Arneson Mr. Staley Jeff Kelm Radio Technicians Dave Wisersky Maggie Cutler Nancy Horn Wally Strieker Dr. Bradley Randy Holman Mesalia Junior Choir Sheridan Whiteside Paid Johnson Banjo Eric Smedal Harriet Staley Sara Stokstad Two Deputies Wally Strieker Bert Jefferson Steve Brush Dave Wisersky Professor Metz Richard Seibt Plainclothes Man John Arneson All good things must come to an end.22nd ANNUAL I)onor SUwrtis banquet sponsored by Stoughton Jaycees THURSDAY. MAY 8. 1975 HIGH SCHOOL COMMONS 7:00 P.M. 1975 Honors Banquet Judy AIme NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seniors Beverly Haas Rand Roslak Laurie Anderson Brenda Maexz Sharie Rowe Suanne Briefzman Linda Martin Lori Schittex Gary Cahee Lorilee Mathison Susan Smedal Jonathan Chu.stA.aMcn Kathleen Misgen Julie Smithback Pe fat a Ehle Jean McGruer Kexry Stelzer Rae FutcJi Kristin Nelson Sara Stokstad Su an Hansen Michael Palmer. James Steens on Lynn Havey Saxa Paten Texes a Thompson Susan Hetrtke Karen Pfundhelter Diane VanFossen Margery Hougon Nary Quote Pamela Venske Jeffrey Kelm Juniors Shelley Waite Juice Beckwith Todd hubing Patricia Olp Martf Dcckman Cynthia Jackson Richard Olson Jett Gullickson Jean Kaxislyst Roxanne Roslak John Herman on Julie Mccn Karol Smiliie GOOV CITIZENSHIP AU'ARPS LIONS DEPARTMENT AWARDS Vcr. Anderson Aynrutturc Sandra Kuhlman Kathleen Btoum Art Margery Hougan Oliver Byrne Business Education .... Sharie Rowe English Karen P undheller Jean Harris Foreign Language Rand Roslak Eunice Link Home Economics Diane VanFossen David Masters Ind. Axis-Graphic Axis . . Donald Squire Shaxon Schammel Metals Welding. . Wcllcam Koenig Robert Swoboda Ccnslructcon. . . James Erdakl Lynn Tocpfer Auto Mechanics. . John Otecn Mathematics Larry Westby AMERICAN LEGION AWARD Science Jeffrey Kelm Social Studies Judy AIme Holman Henson Spcech-Dxama Paul Jolutson ROTARY AWARDS BADGER GIRLS STATE BADGER BOYS STATE Judy AOne Cathy Olson Thomas Bennett John Ameson Roxanne Roslak Kevin Costello Paul Johnson John Hclzhuter No wan Monsen Todd Hubing Sara Stokstad NATIONAL OBSERVER David W is exsky SPOON Lorilce Mathison AR1 ON AWARD-Vocal Roxanne Rcstak Sha wn Schammel SPATE ARI ON AMARP-1 ns trumental Todd Hubing Beverly Maas STOUoKTtfV HOSPITAL AUXILIARY LXulit Hi ut}4n PHILOMTHIA SliCUttj ts ute iUvtgtflif Hougd JESSE von...................................................Kxitn PiMuituCUA Kathj Mcigcn Qiauc VwF. i»c « Jucic SmLtkback JLni' tyaXc NELSON MUFFLER....................................................JKeEm Judu A(nc UNIROVAL..................................................................CuVUJ Crt jcc Rt'TARV CwmJci Mac tC Rue Flitch Jew McCnuct HcUtf IMvcUct FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS i LOAN.................................Lrtu.c ".tfbUi-M JAVCEES ....................................................Rani Rosfdfc L.t Scluftc SuSOti SmtdtU Kevuj Sttlzei LIONS..............................................................Pweia Venskt Jcn thw ChiliUatUCH SuaiiHt Gicxtzman Future teachers association...................................JUtg f Htivcuc Jew Hmui SARAH 8. LESLIE SCHOLARSHIP.........................................Mati uUe JAVCETTES ........................ IDA OSTERHELD ..................... CHRIST LUTHERAN ................... MICHAEL HANSON .................... UlTERAWS OF FOREIGN WARS ......... ENTRE NOUS ....................... NEDICAL FIELDS OF AMERICA .... ERIC JOHNSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP . BLUE STOCKING ..................... CARROL( ERICKSON ................. "S" CLUB SCHOLARSHIP ............. JAMES WILLIAMS ................... CMP I. VORfJI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ANDREW AND CORPIA CALHOUN . . • • Et ;dl cNi Favtcdu Sum Hansen Kuiti Biuduv i . . . Lcie Oubfvik . . . Suian Hetpkc . . Jwci Svriur« . Kiiiti NeEach . . Pcbta Netscn . . . Bevcilii Hwst . . Sandra Kuhlmin . . N.-win Ucnsen . . XfWUl OilCfcCH . . Saia Stckitad Cathc line Godltiki . . Linda Mat fenNational Honor Society Row 1: J. McGruer, L. Anderson, T. Thompson, K. Stelzer, R. Fritch; Row 2: K. Misgen, S. Hansen, D. Ehle, K. Nelson, B. Maerz, J. Kelm; Row 3: L. Martin, J. Smithback, S. Brietzman, M. Quale, J, Alme, L. Mathinson; Row 4: S. Paton, S. Stokstad, S. Smedal, L. Havey, J. Swenson, G. Cahee; Row 5: S. Helmke, M. Palmen, D. VanFossen, B. Maas, P. Venske, S. Rowe; Row 6: S. Waite, K. Pfundheller, J. Christiansen, R. Roslak, L. Schiller; Missing, M. Hougan. Senior Honors Row 1: H. Halverson, J. Harris, S. Schammel, L. Dybevik, B. Favreau; Row 2: E. Link, L. Toepher, K, Brickson, L, Hougan, D. Nelson, P. Johnson; Row 3: D. Squire, B. Swoboda, L. Westby, D. Anderson, J. Arneson, D. Masters. Missing from picture: B. Koenig, 0. Byrne, N. Monsen, S. Kuhlman, M. Halverson, K. Oncken.National Honor Society Junior Honors Row 1: J. Hermanson, C. Jackson, R. Roslak, J. Moen, K. Smillie, J. Beckwith; Row 2: T. Hubing, R. Olson, M. Dickman, J. Gullickson, J. Karlslyst, P. Olp. Badger State Spoon and Spade Row 1: T. Hubing, R. Roslak, K. Costello; Row 2: J. Holzuther, Todd Hubing and Roxonne Roslak T. Bennett, C. Olson, D. Wisersky.( lalidia Backus escorted by Scott Spangler Karen Peterson escorted by Andy Rein 1975 Prom Court Gina Martin escorted by Kim Raisbeck Mary Dickman escorted by Dave WiserskyClass The Junior Class Rose To The Occasion On more than one occasion the Juniors proved that their class is unified with the ambition to accomplish. Homecoming offered the Juniors the perfect chance to show the rest of us just how talented they are, when their float motto: “Cheese whiz will make your teeth cheddar” took first place. Talent also abounded for the Juniors in Sports. In wrestling several of the guys led the Of ’76 Class Officers Sitting left to right: Roxanne Roslak, President; Marie Hergenroether, Secretary; Standing left to right: Dave Wisersky, Vice President; Rick Conant, Treasurer. Stoughton Vikings to the 1975 State Championship. Magazines were sold to raise money for the Jr. Prom. With the goal set at $5,900. After a very slow start the Junior Class hustlers exceeded their goal and made $6,200. Spring arrived and with it the Junior Prom, the theme being “Let It Grow.” The formal dance was held on April 12, at the Stoughton Country Club with Libertine Rock setting the pace for Eric Clapton’s music. Chunky Pie provided music for Post Prom at the High School. It does look as though the Juniors had a very successful year, and are looking forward to assuming the leadership next year. Mrs. Barry- Row 1: B. Ace, D. Anderson, B. Benson, M. Beckstrand, L. Anderson. C. Backus. R. Blomgren, R. Blomgren; Row 2: D. Allen, J. Beckwith, J. Barber, J. Anderson, D. Bates, V. Blegen, T. Bennett, B. Benschop.Mrs. Brewster Row 1: S. Canaan, B. Boyd, J. Bowers, S. Bradley, C. Carpenter, S. Brush, R. Conant; Row 2: N. Coon, L. Bronte, S. Comstock, E. Christofferson, R. Budden. Mr. Koenig Row 1: M. Dickman, J. Ehle, B. Dvorak, K. Costello; Row 2: B. Dahl, M. DeRemer, S. Erdahl, R. Erickson. Mr. Marshall Row 1: B. Fessenden, S. Fuller, K. Gallwitz, S. Eugster, S. Erickson, D. Gjertson, T. Erickson; Row 2: D. Grilley, A. Gjeston, S. Fuller, D. Fuller, S. Gallagher, K. Fuller, M. Fossen. Miss Dvoracek Row 1: E. Harrison, B. Hagen, D. Halzel, C. Hack, J. Gullickson; Row 2: A. Guetzke, R. Gullickson, M. Gunderson, P. Heggestad, M. Hansen. Mr. Stokes Row 1: T. Holloman, C. Holpin, P. Hess, V. Hoff, R. Holman; Row 2: D. Hoff, M. Hensel, J. Hermanson, G. Holzhuter, B. Hermunstad.Mrs. Schier Row 1: C. Johnson. C. Jones, C. Johnson. C. Jackson, S. Jensen, K. Johnson. M. Johnson; row 2: C. Judd. T. Hubing, J. Karlslyst, D. Johnson. J. Holzhuter. Mr. Mackenzie Row 1: J. Larson, J. Klepinger, J. Knox. B. Klitzke. D. Larsen. A. Laundrie; Row- 2: D. Kinnamon, J.Kober. R. Kind, G. Klingamon, J. Mr. Shumate Row 1: K. Lunde, R. Maurer, K. Martinson, G. Martin, J. Lynch, D. Martinson;Rowr 2: J. Long, W. Massey, P. Lippitt, R. Livingston, T. Marshal. K.Manthe. Mr. Venske Row 1: S. Monson, J. Net turn, L. Midthun, D. McDermott, K. Moe, K. Nielsen. M. McCormick; Row 2: J. Moen, C. Moy, J. Moen, M. Nelson. B. Mayberry, B. Muehlenbruch. Mr. Gibbon Row 1: P. Olp, K. Peterson, R. Olson, M. O’Connell. K. Pavlue, D Olstad; Row 2: G. Obrecht, E. Pflager, D. Nyhagen, C. Olson, T. Oberlander, C. Pieper.Mr. Kohn Row i: K. Raisbeck, C. Raimond, J. Quam. R. Roslak, J. Quam; Row 2: B. Radecki, M. Ross, M. Plank, C. Pirkl, A. Rein. Mrs. Wedeward Row 1: M. Rustad, J. Scheldrup. C. Sissons, R. Smith, R. Smith, K. Smillie, M.J. Smet; Row 2: S. Sharp, D. Schammel, D. Slater, T. Seamonson. J. Sibert. L. Silbaugh, D. Sehroeder Mrs. Ramos Row 1: L. Teschan, L. Swalheim, S. Toso, L. Starostovic, J. Stockwell, I). Swenson; Row 2: S. Spangler, D. Stronach, R. Teigen, S. Swenson, J. Swenson, A. Sviatoslavsky, D. Tenjum. Mr. Schulte Row 1: J. Vedvig, M. Wethal. J. Zwemke, A Veum. D. Wittig, V. Wethal. S. Woodstock; Row 2: C. Vike. D. Zweep, H. Turville, D. Weaver. D. Wisersky, C. Wood. Extra pictures Row 1: N. Pederson, D. Mathseski, R. Leikness, M. Hergenroether, S. Hull, C. Olson, S. Swoboda; Row 2: M. Hansen, D. Thompson, B. Vike, D. Dvorak, T. Brooks, C. Halverson, C. Anderson, S. Dietzman.Sophomores School Of Little Fish The class of 77 entered the H. S. this year not being the youngest, or in other words the “guppies.” They had the freshman in their footsteps behind them. The sophomores did a very fine job on their homecoming float this vear receiving a second place with the theme, “We’ll separate the Mice From the Men.” Class Of ’77 Class Officers Sitting left to right: Mary Doudlah, Secretary; Cindy Popanz, Treasurer; Standing left to right: John Wolf, President; Phil Hansoni Vice President. Although they had the most attendance at the pep assemblies they couldn’t come up with a victory on the spirit stick for quite some time. Several sophomores proved their athletic abilities by earning positions on the varsity squads and by helping to produce winning records for J.V. teams. Their enthusiasm didn’t stop there. Most of the bus riders to the out of town games were members of the sophomore class. Good-luck next year sophomores in all your activities. Mr. Hotter Row 1: K Brickson, D. Bjelde, L. Brickson, B. Aaberg, M. Bothum, C. Arneson, J. Bilhorn; Row 2: J. Berg, C. Anderson, L. Boyd. K. Bannigan, J. Alme, J. Benson, D. Bickle; Row 3: J. Anderson, D. Bowne, A. Ackerman, S. Bennett, B. Anderson, L. Abbs, T Ball, C. BarthMr. Fortney How 1: N. Dickman, T DeGroot, K. Bush, C. Dahl. E. Budden, S. Davis, D. Brimmer, K. Bultman; Row 2: S. Carpenter, J. Crane, L. Bronte, N. Dixon, K. Bunnell, J. Christenson, D. Christiansen, M. Dietz-man. Miss Keek Row 1: S. Dullum, T. Enters, P. Dybevik, K. Elsing, J. Engels, T. Eisner, S. Eggum. G. Dvorak; Row 2: D. Femrite. D. Erickson, M. Doudlah, D. Eugster, C.Eradahl, P. Duff, M. Elvekrog. Mr. Lawrence Rowl: W. Grendahl, K. Harvey, A. Grieb, K. Hanson, P. Gyland, V. Haight, B. Gardner, J. Hansen; Row 2 : S. Gjertson, L. Haugh. P. Frohne, K Hauge, P. Hanson, G. Gehrke, B. Hal verson. Mr. Lee Row 1: S. Jensen. J. Hoi verson, J. Johnson, D. Jasensky, M.J. Her-beck, A. Hougan G. Johnson, S. Jacobson; Row 2: L.Havey, S. Ingels, T. Ingels, D. Johnson, W. Iverson, J. Heine, C. Jacobson. Mr. Walker Row 1: P. Klitzke, M. Kittleson, S. Klongland, K. Kinnunen, K.Knudson, S. Eleven, J. Klepinger, C. Keehn; Row 2: L. Lamson, T. Kittleson, T. Kiss, K. Laffey, G. Krueger, K.Kinney, M. Kerr, K.Kluever.Mr. Fuller Row 1: S. Leikness, J. Meyer, A. Lien, J. Mickelson, K. Martin, B. Linnerud, D. Mateika, T. Lauretic; Row 2: S. Martin, P. Monson, K. Malin, L. Mennes, D. Misgen, R. Malcook, D. Long, S. Montague, R. Moore. Mrs. Rone a Row 1: R. Peterson, B. Peterson, R. Nicholson, V. Ortiz, S. Peterson, R. Netrefa, K. Nelson, E. Nielson, C. Muetz; Row' 2: K. Pernot, J. Osterberg, S. Nygaard, M. Nelson, J. Orcutt, L. Onsrud. D. Myklejord, L. Offerdahl, J. Peterson. Mr. Smith Row 1: S. Ricciardi, J. Pundt, L. Ramos, J. Schiller, S. Quale, C. Rakow; Row 2: C. Popanz, P. Ross, S. Rogers, J. Prough, L. Rambo, B.Root. G. Quam; Row 3: M. Quam, J. Radecki. B. Sawle, G. Schielot, T. Riffle, J. Rowley. K. Rossdeutscher. Mrs. Slinde Row 1: P. Skaar, J. Smith, J. Steinbring, T. Stauffacher, D Snyder. R. Seibt. M. Showers; Row 2: S. Sime, S. Sellers, R. Smithback, T. Severson. K. Steckbauer, J. Schroeder. B. Stacey; Row 3: A. Slarostovic, S. Smithback, D. Shumate, E. Smedal, P. Stanton, G. Slarks, S. Schwenn. Mrs. Kin .ley Row 1: S. Stenjem, A. Swenson, K. Vale, V. Stolen, S. Strandlie, C. Trinko, C. Thede; Row 2: S. Strieker, S. Tarkenton, L. Strandlie, S. Van Steenderen, N. Sunby, J. Sundseth, S. Strandlie, D. Tyler.Mrs. Hippman Row 1: F. Willems, D. Yearous, B. Williams, D. Wolfgram, A. Weigel. B. Walther, D. Vike, K. Vike; Row 2: P. Waag, P. Wersland. K. Weaver, J. Wideen, S. Vesterdahl, R. Wisden, D. Volenberg, D. Whaley. Extra Pictures Row 1: D. Richardson, M. Kit-tleson, P. Deemer, T. Santos, T. Byrne, S. Guetzke, M. Thomas; Row 2: D. Brown, W. Schmidt, R. Fossen, R. Davis, J. Stensaas, D. Diedrick; Row 3: B. Ramsden, S. Ehle, B. McGruer, C. McCain, M. Donnelly, J. Schroeder. Extra Pictures Row 1: D. Honea, B. Tracy, H. Rolff, G. Gilbert, B. Teigen, M. Wiessinger, D. Dugan; Row 2: J. Wolf, J. Trampush, P. Burns, G. Harris, G. Comstock, E. Landsverk.Class The Freshman Class Of ’78 Class Officers Row 1: Carol Martin, President; Monica Rein, Treasurer; Row 2: Cindi Jorde, Secretary; Lina Benson, Vice President. Finds Their Place in SHS The freshman class joined the sophomores, juniors, and- seniors this year. It was a new experience for their class to be the youngest in the school. For several weeks, the students wandered the halls to gain some perspective of their new surroundings. Although there were minor conflicts between other classes and the freshman, they have grown in maturity and responsibility in the past eight months, proving they can handle the situation if they have a mind to do so. The freshman made numerous appearances on sports teams, and several ranked highly, being spotted for the varsity teams next year. They were put to the unparalleled test of proving they were not all menaces, nor were other classes free of such people. Much of the math and debate teams consisted of freshman. They were also involved in band, orchestra, and chorus. Next year, as sophomores they will realize what incoming freshman are thought of by the rest of the school. Mr. Dozer Row 1: K. Heitke, C. Lloyd, W. McDermott, V. Chase, S. Harnack, A. Hath, J. Favreau, R. Nordness; Row 2: S. Jacobson, R. Brant-meyer, M. Wolf, S. Wood, C. Pieper, E. Bolland, S. Sharp, C. Fricke; Row 3: B. Jacobson, T. Hanson, M. Schuld, D. Nettum, N. Havey, J. Seamonson, B. Fassbender; Row 4: C. Martin, C. Lippitt, D. Anderson, L. Nygaard, P. Pieper, R. Vedvig. G. Kopke, T. McCarthy.Mr. Erickson Row 1: C. Bannigan, T. Malcook, R. Nelson, K. Thomas, S. Swenson, P. Deegan, R. Brietzman, K. Erickson; Row 2: D. Legreid, G. Bakken, J. Steinhorst, S. Peth, T. Hubing. M. Hansen, R. Schroeder, R. Everson; Row 3: K. Tanner, R. Mathison, B. Hanson, S. Wennlund, M. Schwartz, K. Bjerke, S. Hestnes, D. Bronte; Row 4: B. Koenig, L. Moore, A. Long, K. Kiss, J. Rindahl. J. Williams. Mrs. Kennedy Rowl: M. Anderson, B. Dickman, G. Johnson, K. Hoff, D. Peterson, R. Gullickson, S. Stokes, W. Christensen, D. Olstad; Row 2: D. Martinson, M. Showers, T. Brietzman, S. Auby, M. Lien, S. Bon-Durant, S. Strieker, J. Brickson; Row 3: M. Hergenroether, R. Miller, M. Rein, G. Finder, L. Johnson, B. Oncken, S. Lock, K. Venske, D. Swenson; Row 4: D. Goedel, B. Grefsheim, D. Ripp, P. Moy, T. Steckbauer. J. Wickline, M. Bakken. P. Johnson. « m f , £SJ£i e! NS am Mr. Winecke Row 1: P. Heggestad. R. Cohorst, T. Thorpe, S. Johnson, D. Bovre, M. Lundgren, A. Olson, L. Coleman, M. Lene; Row 2: S. Haskell, B. Sproul, D. Thole, C. Potratz, E. Maranger, M. Nelson, M. Quam; Row 3: D. Iverson, S. Dietzman, M. Melaas, D. Fassbender, S. Zweep, M. Fuller, L. Lock; Row 4: B. Butler, E. Hoffman. S. Revels, F. Triggs, R. Suchomel, J. Abbs, T. Anderson. Mr. Ilall Row 1: T. Goldade, J. Hjortland, J. Gjertson, D. Olson, L. Lange, M. Stockwell, G. Skaar, J. Peterson, J. Powers; Row 2: D. Vindedahl, T. Nygaard, C. Yearous, R. Johnson, L. Larson, P. Peterson, L. Benson, H. Manhart; Row 3: J. Link, C. Haberly, T. Swoboda, R. Berge, M. DeRemer, P. Barrett, T. Alme, M. Conant; Row 4: B. Wolf, S. Hanson, D. Nelson, D. Juve, C. Wilcox, C. Janisch. D. Erickson, J. Barry, D. McLeish. Mr. Hill Row 1: T. Spangler, R. Nelson, B. Breedlove, K. Morris, P. Peterson, M. May, N. Wethal, D. Bersing, D. Dahl. B. Peterson; Row 2: M. Gallagher, S. Slinde, R. Sampson, M. Genna, M. Wethal, C. Hoff, C. Jorde, R. Maerz, M. Dahl; Row 3: R. Hjortland, D. Dougall, D. Sandridge, A. Seamonson, S. Benson, J. Gerber, D. Gohlke, E. Lee.Mr. Turner Row 1: C. Strong, R. Martin, W. Gullickson. D. Metzler, H. Holverson, R. Swenson, D. Enters, V. Knight; Row 2: E. Halverson. B. Wersland, S. Meister, M. Balmer, S. Hermundstad, C. Sherman; Row ,3: R. Offord, D. Swope, K. Morgan, G. EvEringham, S. Gjermo, M. Cottrell, Row 4: B. Ramsden, N. Hull, C. Williams, K. Wilson, D. Richardson. Mr. Swanson Row 1: P. Leikness, C. Benschop, P. Crawford, J. Jensen, S. Davis, M. Ehle, D. Woodstock, T. Best, M. Thomas; Row 2: J. Jensen, D. Anderson, C. Hanson, D. Roloff, K. Toso, M. Larson, D. Ellingson, P. Smet; Row 3: M. Palmen, G. Brietzman, K. Chritton, G. Ball, T. Muetz, F. Rushlow, S. Mathison, J. Westby. Mr. Bednarek Row 1; V. Quinn. B. Keller, N. Smithback, B. Brown, M E. Hye, B. Miller, C. Trinko, T. Hinkel; Row 2: D. Adams, G. Hougan. J. Gan-shert, B. Anderson, D. Vale, S. Dennis, K. Ace, D. Trampush; Row 3: B. Kvalheim, E. Santos, R. Rupp, M. Pottinburger, S. Ace, D. Presby, J. Rains, J. Cliffton, D. Schmit. Mrs. Duff Row 1: J. Kvalheim, S. Anderson, R. Stenli, S. Lovick, J. Bradley, R. Scheel, C. Lange, B. Swerig, N. Arneson, D. Anderson, M. Knutson, R. Briggs; Row 2: J. Erdahl, J. Trow, J. Boyd, G. Nichols, M, Wisden, K. Norin, R. Roslak, T. Gander, R. Veum, J. Ladwig; Row 3: J. Huebner, L. Hougan, R. Moore, R. Kluever, K. Buss, K. Bradley, D. Berg. B. Mcleish, R. Arneson, K. Thede, B. Welk. V. m% 3§b .■ r - ?: • -M a i tit - ■- w Sft-; ft ■I • V.' Jk?5S ...•■•w'i t Av •wbj • - J% V V - ' -»•1 ftX -TlSS im •Vf x«e . wv;- ;.. ».v 'Vt r' . A. „.. ■ i t ' ' ' 1 ,V _• • w - % % -?■ •; rv Jsg a iV . T1 - 7 • • ■ ■ £ • . $rt£ytv • M ) . r. jKSti s !■■ ' • _ ,1 I. 22 • ■ •■'»■' %• .' ". - - J ?, ft ? ' ,;• ' ' «3!n,a •h Sesv v-» c V» v _ « | |pt x • w , ▼ i »r j . i • i , V “i — - X. •« f. 1 w %. AVI. V, » . . . • } J| , • ? ' V •• C • '. - lr, V V c . ■ .,. ’ '% • r4 %1 bh 5HSP- . • • ■ . v T V - v. r § $ H V. .r ., « Our special thanks to Judy Furseth, the creative cover and art editor. Deb Nelson, Activities Editor; Paul Johnson and Amy Orcutt, Sport -Editors; Jean McGruer, Senior Editor; Sharie Rowe, Homeroom Editor.Row l: J.A.,Pres.; J.M., Vice-Pres.; K.B.,Sec.; C.B.,Treas. Row 2: C.H., B.O., C.M., G.F., D.E., P.S. Row 3: L.B., S.I., P.S., N.D., G.G., T.E. Row 4: E.C., C.O., S.E., M.D., J.Z., R.R., M.F., D.S. Row 5: R.R., D.R.Xltf., L.T., B.F., L.F., L.A., K.P., I.L Parrot Editors Literary Magazine starting ctockwi jwb riit, Mike Patmen, Lorilee Mathison, Lore DyDevm, ______ Jim Swenson. nmmm Student Council Lisa Thompson Sara StokstadSki Club Row 1: A.O., S.L., M R.. J.R., R.A., T V S., S.S., P. J„ L.B., C.L. Row 2: C.M., C.B., M.C., P.P., C.H., H.M., SB., D.E., J.J., B.M., T.E. Row 3: S,Q., J.C., D.W., P R., L.B., B.M., N.S., D.Y., G.Q., S.S., S.V.S., D.R. Row 4 R.N., S.H., W.S., B.B., T.G., S.S., D.E., G.S.. D M., B.L., R.R., J.S., S.F. Row 5: S.S., G.M., T.B., C.J., L.F., D.D., J.R., W.N., S.M., K.P., S.S., K.M., V.D. Pep Club Row 1: M.H .Sec.; L.L. Vice-Pres.; K.P.,Pres.; M.R .Treas. Row 2: C.H.. P.P., C.J., C M.. D.S.. L.H.. B.O. Row 3: M.J.S., C.J., S.G., L.L., C.T., M.E.H., J.T., B.M., C.J. Row4: T.S., K.M., J.Z., D.N., M.Q., R.R., W.S., L.M.. J.H., M.H., B.B. Row 5: L.T., J.G., J.B., T.T., D.N., K.N., N.D., D.F., C.W.Howl: C.B., W.M.D., K.B., S.A., Row 2: B.G., T.K., K.M., T O. Row 3: K.L., D.B., D.W., B.O., B.M., P.B. Debate ForensicsScience Club Row 1: S.F., G.M., Pres.; S.H., Vice-Pres. Row 2: R.O., P.V.. J.B., L.A., L.W. Row 3: D.W., C.J., L.S., T.H., T O. Chess Club Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 D.H., D M., D.A., G.C. D M., D.S., G.G., J.T. J.W., C.W.. P.F., R.S., D.L., P. B.Ecology Club Row 1: S.T.,Treas.; C.O., Vice-Pres.; D.G., Co-Pres.; L.T., Co-Pres.; R.R.Sec. Row 2: J.Q., B.R., L.H., M.C., C.B., R.R., W.D., J.H. Row 3: K.C., P.Q., S.C., I S., P.V., C.W., B.D., M.H. Row 4: N.H., I.L., L.D., S.C., K.N., B.G., C.J., M.H., J.A., B.S. MFA Row 1: K.B., Pres.; J.B., Vice-Pres.; S.H., Sec.; D.N., Treas. Row 2: K.H., S B., D.A., B.F., T.V. Row 3. K.N., J.O., J.J., C.W., T.S.FTA Row 1: V.J., Sec.; V.W., Vice-Pres.; M.H., Pres Row 2: R.G., S.S., F.A., K.H.. R.R., D.A., L.M. Row 3: D.E., C M., S B., C.C., J.H., R.R., B.Z. Row 1: S.S., Pres.; D.V.F., Treas.; S.D., Vice-Pres.; F.A.,Sec.; B.M., Hist. Row 2: S.D., J.B., D.E., K.B.. D.B., B.M., K.A. Row 3: S.P., V.J., F.P., S.C., S.F., R.B., J.E.FFA Row l: G.S., Advisor; C.H.4M.W., T.T., D.I., S.K., Reporter; L.M., Vice-Pres.; N.M., Pres.; D.G., Treas.; E.L., Sec.; H.M., C.L. Row2: J.W., W.M.,P.D., J.P., R.S., B.J., C.L., R.S., P.P., L.H., M.E., J.B., J.A..S.J. Row 3: K.H., D.W., C.B., D.O., D.B., D.A., K.T., G.K., N.W., P.P., C.P., M.D., S.M.. B.O. Row 4: M.R., J.S., L.M., D.R., B.F., C.A., D.S., J.H., M.G., P.P., L.L., M.Q., J.F., R.M. Row 5: J.R., B.W., R.K., D.M., D.S., C M., M.E.H., S.W., J.W., T.M., N.H., J.L., R.B., K.H., D.L., G.S. Row 6: K.O., M.B., S.A., B.G., A.L., J.K., J.L., S.S., C.L., D.A., W.M., A.W., D.R., W.I., G.M«. FFA Basketball Team Row 1: N.W.,G.K.,N.M., J.A.,D.A.,andD.R. Row 2; M.W., D.G., B.A., R.E., and D M.Philo Big Sisters Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: M.Q., Pres.; J.S., Sec. L.M., J.M., S.B., T.T., B.M., P.V., D.E. K.P., K.M., S.H., J.A., K.S., S.H., K.B., D.V.F Philo Little Sisters st.: D.A.. Treas.; R.R.. Vice-Pres. I., K.N., C.H., J.M., N.C., M.H K.S.,' B.B., I.L., S.S., S.S., C.P. M.B.B., C.O., C.A.. P.O., J.Z., L.T. M.J.S., J.Q., S.R., L.S., S.P.“S” Club Row 1: K.O., Reporter; N.M., Pres.; R.V., Vice-Pres., M.G., Reporter; P.S., Treas.; K.N., Sec.; D.W., Advisor Row 2: S.L., P.L., D.S., P.S..J.G., A S., K.C., J.L., B.K Row 3; R.R., T.K., D.M., C.V., R.P., O.B., S.E., J.S., G.C. Row 4: A.O., J.M., S.S., S.B., M.J.S., K.B., T.L., L.B., N.D., K.M., M.J., B.B. Row 5: C.S., L.L., C.J., M.H., L.S., M.B.B., A.G., K.R., M.P., J.B.,T.H. Row 6: D.G., P.J., S.R., S.T., N.L., J.H., T.V.S., K.P., S.S., S.K., M.H., T.M. Intermurals Row 1; N.S., N.M., O.B., C.W., J.A., D.G., G.K. Row 2: . K.M., M.D., R.O., R.B., R.E., J.S., M.J., M.D. Row 3; M.F., T.H., L.J., M.S., S.K., B.B., C.H., D.R. Row 4; B.L., G.S., G.Q., K.K., J.G., D M., J.S.German I Row 1: M.J.H., Treas.; S.S., Vice-Pres.; B.K., Sec.; P.P., Pres. Row 2: K.B., J.A., T.L., S.L., D.B., P.S., J.C., A.G., F.W., T.K. Row 3: E.M., G.J., L.J., S.H., E.B., S.S., S.D.. S.C.. K.K. Row 4 J.S., P.B., S.K., T.M., M.H. R.R., T.G., P.K., B.K., K.K., J.G., C.B. Row 5: C.B., K.N., M.C., J.E., D.L., K.T., D.D., J.V.F., J.R., S.V.S. Row 6: M.K., D.F., M S., R.R., M.H., M.F., M.J.J., J.S. German II Row 1: C.O., Pres.; L.T., Vice-Pres.; L.S., Treas. Row 2: S.E., M B., K.M., E.L., L.A., D M. Row 3; S.J.. D.W., S.S., T.B.,R.O., G O., R RLatin I Row 1: J.Q., Vice-Pres.: R.E., Pres.; M.T., Treas.-Sec. Row 2: V.K.. M E., C.L., J.G., G.S. Row 3: J.P.. D.M., D.S.. R.B., E.H., M.D. Row 4: B.A., D.E., C.C.. M.W.. J.B. Latin II Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: D.J.. Pres.; C.P., Sec.; L.H.. Treas. S.Q., P.D., P.G., S.I., M.D.. B.G.. S.D. S D..L.B., R.P., J.K.. L.R . K.S., D.F., K.B. J.H., T.E., E.S., S.K., S.M.Spanish Club Row 1: V.H., Tres.; L.M., Sec.; T.A. Pres. Row 2: K.H., L.R., D.B., S.S.. K.B., C.M., C.T., J.W., E.C. Row 3: B.W., S.R., A.S., S.S., J.H.. C.W., D.E., J.J., M B. Row 4: A.L., K.N., L,M., S.H., C.M., K.S., B.D., A.L., C.C. Row 5; S.H., B.B., C.P., A.K., M.C., G.F., M.R., D.S., M.J. Math Team Row 1: B.W., R.S., V.K., E.H., D M., D.G., K.C. Row 2: B.G., L.R., T.H., C.W., P.G., C.T., E.L., D.S. Row 3: G.C., S.F., R.O., R.R., C.J., D.M., J.H., L.A., R.H. Row 4: S.S., S.H., S.A., L.S., J.E., B.R., C.P., D.B. Row 5: T.K., L.W., K.C., T.B., J.G., M.P., B.O., L.H., S.B., G.B.AFS What a great year this has been for me. An AFS experience is really something, and then again I think I still don’t know about all it has meant for me. Years from now I will still experience things connected with this year, and things I have learned will help me in the future. The AFS year is full of expectations and surprises. It is a year full of learning, not only learning - experiences for me but also for people in the community to understand that there are other cultures and ways of living than they are used to. For me and people that I got to know very well, my family, it has been a year full of emotions. We have had to learn to deal with joy and sadness, and tolerance in normal daily life. This year has gone by so fast, but I know it has been of great value to me and I would like to thank everybody that made it possible to be such a good time. Inger Lyngstad Row 1: I.L., L.T., E.L., M.J.S., S.E., Vice-Pres.; M.J.H., Treas.; L.M., Pres.; S.S., Sec. Row 2: D.N., L.A., L.S., P.V., I.S., R.S., C.J., J.M., N.C., C.P., K.H., M.H., K.Q., B.S. Row 3: B.C., D.L., L.M., J.S., P.L., L.L., C.T., S.B., C.C., K.J., S.H., M.H., C.B., S.R., R.R., J.R.. W.N. Row 4: J.Z., K.M., D.W., R.F., L.H., K.S., P.G., D.M., S.J., L.R., J.K., D.F., L.M., C.J., J.S., M.C., C B Row 5: M.K.. M.H., S.Q., K.B., T.L., J.A., A.S., S.R., K.K., M.D., S.I., P.D., S.S., C.O., B.D., C.M., L.H., P.P. Row 6: D.E., S B., C.W., J.P., B.A., D.M., J.H., C.P., T.I., M.E., L.T., J.G., L.D., R.R., W.S., J.H. Row 7: S.H., K.M., H.H., D.S., S.H., S.S., A.L., B.H., S.L., S.D., K.B., D.P., J O., J.J.1’ncle Hog' Senior Junior BandDrum Major Chris Pieper Majorettes J. Osterberg K. Brickson J. Davis R. Rein L. BricksonDance Band Row 1: C. Pirkl, L. Anderson, A. Laundrie, K. Brickson, L. Finder. Row 2: K. Laffey, R. Conant, D. Bakken, S. Steckbauer, K. Pfundheller, B. Gardner. Row 3: J. Karslyst, B. Swoboda, S. Swoboda, S. Fuller, C. Helmstetter, T. Marshall, C. Pieper. German Band Bob Swoboda Brad Mayberry Dean Bakken Scott Fuller Jon Christianson Gordon Grady Randy Holman Bev MaasSophomore Band Freshman Band Freshman Majorettes P. Pieper J Brickson B. Breedlove M. Conant K. BernardMixed Chorus Row 1: S.G., P.O., M.D., M.A., B.F., K.P..T.B., N.J., M.L.K., J.S., R.S., G.M. Row 2: D.A.,D.W.,K.O.,N.P.,J.Z.,T.K.,G.W.,C.M.,B.M.,K.M.,R.N.,J.D. Row 3: A.H., L.M., S.S., N.H., D.S., L.M..S.E., B.S., S.M., P.D., S.S., C.M., T.L. Row 4: J.K.,J.M.,M.M.,M.F.,T.V.S.,P.J.,S.H.,R.P.,S.B.,C.J.,R.S.,P.W. Madrigals Row 1: S. Brush, P. Johnson, M. Fossen. Row 2: T. Kiss, B. Maas, J. Kober, L. Mathison, J. Zwemke, D. Shumate,D. Anderson. Row 3: N. Horn, S. Schammel, T. van Steenderen, Mr. Beutel, K. Pfundheller, S. Smedal, N. Pederson.Wrestling A. Orcutt L. Dybevik N. Linderud K. Stelzer C. Jackson Basketball K. Norland S. Paton M. Hensel M. Halverson M. SmetM. J. Herbeck D. Femrite S. Ingels A. Swenson K. Bannigan P. Dybevik N. Dickman Freshman Cheerleaders G. Finder M. Rein C. Martin M.E. Hye B. Oncken P. Leikness if f umcers Row 1: P. Skaar, Rep.; S. Eugster, Treas., C. Olson, Sec., M. DeRemer, Rep.; Row 2: R. Rein, Co-Pres.; D. Schroeder, Sec.; Bev Pieper, Advisor; R. Fritch„ Co-Pres.; L. Martin, Vice 1st League Volleyball ChampsNorwegian Dancers . Miss Jeanne ReekCross Country “Keeps on Truckin’’ Cross Country Varsity Row 1: G. Gilbert, D. McLeisch, T. Hubing, T. Ball. Row 2: M. Ross, T. Lynch, D. Dongall. J. Gerber. Coach Keeney Junior Varsity J. V. Cross Country Row 1: D. Trampbush, K. Laffey, J Gerber, K Bjerke. B Peterson. D. Gohlke. Row2: K. Morgan, K Thede, J. Trampbush, T. Marshall, D. Stronach, J. Christiansen, M. Donelly.The Viking “Gridders” of ’75 • 1974-75 VIKING FOOTBALL TEAM Row 1: D. Wisersky, S. Erdahl, K. Costello, C. Sagen, D. Dvorak, S. Vesterdahl, M. Gunderson, P. Johnson, T. vanSteenderen, D. Gjertson, C. Vike, C. Helmsetter; Row 2: N. Monson, J. Bilhorn, B. Benschop, M. Hanson, P. Sannes, M. Johnson, D. Allen, 0. Byrnes, R. Erickson, J. Holzhuter, J. Smithback, B. Koenig; Row 3: B. Rustowsky, K. Hauge, M. Metzler, J. Wickline, H. Roloff, J. Orcutt, S. Schwenn, C. Erdahl, R. Olday; Row 4: R. Malcook, T. Erickson, D. Johnson, D. Schammel, K. Manthe, J Peterson, J. Wolf, D. Long, J. Iverson, G. Harris, G. Starks, P. Frohne, K. Fuller, E. Smedal. Our thanks to a man, whose concern and hard work has turned Stoughton football towards a winning tradition Coach Charles ShulteRonnie “Gabe" Vesterdahl co-captain Paul “Bruno” Johnson • co-captain Charles “Lips” Helmstetter Senior Power ’75 Doug "Beef” Gjertson Thomas “Speedy Fritz” vanSteenderen Jay “The Neck” Smithback Charles “Sage” Sagen Oliver W. “Bae” Byrne II Bill "Moose" KoenigVolleyball, “A lot of senior power!” Row 1: D. Nelson, N. Linderud. K. Norland, D. Schroeder, S. Rowe; Row 2: L. Lang, R. Rein, K. Oncken.S. Fuller, S. Breitzman, S. Waite, Coach Margot Rikkers. Junior Varsity J.V. VOLLEYBALL Row' 1: P. Pieper, B. Benson, E. Link, T. Breitzman, E. Budden, B. Oncken, T. Alme, R. Schroeder; Row 2: Coach Karla Hoffman, K. Nelson, S. Lippit, J. Davis, J. Zwemke, S. Strandlie, S. Rogers, A. Laundrie, B. Koenig.Viking Basketball Regional Champs ’75 Varsity Basketball Howl: J. Larson, Mgr., J. Smithback, M. Hansen, B. Benschop, S. Kittelson, J. Holzuther, S. Sharp, S. Erdahl, Row2: Coach Tom Lawrence, D. Stronach, S. Vesterdahl, T. Marshall, Coach Larry Marshall, T. Lynch, J. Swenson, G. Cahee, R. Vesterdahl, Coach Hall. Row 1: S. Ehle, G. Gilbert, T. Kittleson, B. Peterson, P. Johnson, S. Bennett; Row 2: P. Hanson, S. Schwenn, L. Onsrud, H. Roloff, K. Hauge, E. Nielson; Row 3: S. Montague, J. Wolf, D. Tyler, M. Metzler, D. Long.Steve Kittelson “Red hair makes you jump higher, doesn’t it Brian” Jim Swenson Game Scores Stoughton 73 - Portage 43 Stoughton 67 - Ft. Atkinson 51 Stoughton 73 - Sun Prairie 70 Stoughton 72 - Verona 53 Stoughton 64 - Monona Grove 56 Stoughton 74 - Oregon 63 Stoughton 61 - Middleton 63 (OT) Stoughton 47 - Edgerton 32 Stoughton 64 - Jefferson 60 (OT) Stoughton 81 - Monroe 63 Stoughton 55 - Ft. Atkinson 62 Stoughton 51 - Sun Prairie 71 Stoughton 50 - Edgewood 86 Stoughton 42 - Monona Grove 61 Stoughton 58 - Middleton 54 Stoughton 49 - Edgerton 55 Stoughton 63 - Jefferson 59 Stoughton 50 - Monroe 62 Stoughton 68 - Cragi 84 Stoughton 54 - Union Grove 48 Stoughton 62 - Ft. Atkinson 61 Stoughton 63 - Oconomowoc 62 Stoughton 60 - Watertown 45 The sky’s the limit for Smithback.10 Viking Wrestling -■ .9-8.7-6-5-4-3.2-± Q-dock-rOck How 1: J. Vedvig, J. Biihorn, A. Rein, K. Moe, R. PadfielH i o n, r. ah d i d Raisbeck. B. Dickman, K. Stelzer. N. Linderud Row 2 rnach d: Bllho™- I) Allen, M. Palmen, R. B Klilzke, R. Padfield, M. Gunderson, P. Johnson C Vike r siT’’’ ZKeni?er; Coach Walker, cult. C Jackson, L. Dybevik. ' V'ke' C SaSen’ K Ra.sbeck, J, Lynch, A. Or- J.V. Wrestling „ „ _ . . Row 1: C. Erdahl, D. Allen, W. Elsing, V. Ortiz, H. Halverson, R. Nelson; Row 2: M. Gallagher, J Peterson, D. Wisersky, M. Wethal, M. Nelson.And Pieper watched in anticipation! And we all cheered!!!!! Andy was crowned King at 126 |And we knew we were NUMBER 1! Kim came close to a crown with a 2nd• But what can we say.. .A picture is worth a thousand words. Stoughton 0 - Jefferson 33 Stoughton 20 - Edgerton 0 Stoughton 44 - Milton 9 Stoughton 20 - Oregon 21 Stoughton 48 - M.G. 3 Stoughton 51 - Middleton 9 Stoughton 43 - Jefferson 6 Stoughton Invitational First 149 pts. Badger Invitational Third 55 pts. Stoughton 43 - Monroe 9 Stoughton 62 - Fort 0 Triple Dual Stoughton 48 - Iowa Grant 5 Stoughton 45 - Lake Mills 0 Stoughton 46 - LaCrosse Central 4 Stoughton 28 - Sun Prairie Stoughton 53 - Edgerton 5 Stoughton 21 - Richland Center 18 Conference Tournament First 101 Vfe pts. Regionals Tournament First 70 pts. Sectionals Tournament First 50 pts. Senior Grappler’s Rickey Padfield Paul Johnson Roger Raisbeck Chuck Sagen John Bilhorn Mike Palmen Randy PadfieldGirl’s Varsity Basketball I fi Aj .1 rJk I IHHHv i • • Row 1: Coach Judy Stocklin, D. Schroeder, A. Orcutt, P. Skaar, V. Chase, S. Gjertson, A. Gjetson. Row 2: S. Strandlie, K. Norland, P. Lippitt, B. Koenig, K. Oncken, C. Johnson (Mgr.) missing from picture Rhonda Rein and Shauna Lock. Rhonda Rein Kim Oncken Senior Gagers Shauna Lock Kris Heggestad Kris Norland Amy Orcutts 'vin 8s In Rand Roslak PP-C Tom Lynch San" .R R„slak K’A Sv,atoslavsky S h y’S Hernnanson.R ou ’K 01son.T. Lynch Biting your lip helps! Paul Sanneslr 8 Tennis Team ‘74-7 Row l: C. Jackson, R. Roslak. S. Smedal, J. Harris, M. Beckstrand, J. Karlslyst, M. Kittleson; Row 2: A Gjetson, D. Goedel, J. McGruer, B. McGruer, J. Johnson, missing from picture K Phun-dheller and S. Schammel. Senior Power! Karen Pfundheller Sherri Schammel Jean Harris Golf ‘The Viking Jet Set’ S. Klongland, G. Cahee.T. Marshall, S. Sharp, M. Hansen, S. Montague, N. Sundby, G. Quam. Gary Cahee Senior Junior Varsity Row 1: S. Jacobson, J. Stensaas, R Smithback, K Laffey, E. Smedal, D. Schammel; Row 2: R. Offord, J. VanFossen, D. Sandridge, E. Halverson, K. Chritton, J. Gerber.Track Team “Sprints” into Fourth Season Laurie Finder Amy Orcutt Row I: B. Oncken, L. Offerdahl. P Lippitt. V. Haight, N. Dickman, A. Orcutt, T. Maicook, L. Finder V Chase, L. Schiller; Row 2: P. Skaar, B. Aaberg, J. Prough, D. Schroeder, P. Pieper, R, Fossen, K. Steckbauer, H. Manhart,C. Hanson, S. Toso, T. Byrne, J. Hansen; Row 3: M. Herbeck, C. Jacobson. A. Swenson, K. Vike, S. Rogers, S. Gjertson, C. Lippitt, S. Schammel, N. Linderud, B. Boyd, K. Bannigan, J. Huegner, B. Koenig, R. Schroeder, D. Misgen, C. Jackson, Coaches: Schier and House. O • lp Seniors i O Nancy Linderud Sherry Schammel Lori SchillerTrack — “Definitely Senior Powered” Row 1: O. Byrne, D. Dvorak, K. Raisbeck, G. Knickmeier, ??, J. Donnelly, M. Ross, M. Bakken, D. Dougall; Row 2: M. DeRemer, K. Costello, J. Gerber, S. Comstock, H. Roloff, K. Hauge, G. Gilbert, R. Arneson, B Sawle. Manager; Row 3: Coach Martin, N. Monsen, D. Masters, B. Radecke, J. Christianson, C. Vike, J. Smithback D. Bakken, D. Anderson, M. DeRemer, A. Seamonson.Viking Baseball Baseball Varsity Row 1: J. Swenson, D. Stronach, R. Vesterdahl, R. Breitzman, T. Kittelson, B. Klitzke, H. Halverson. Row 2: Coach Tom Lawrence, M. Metzler, S. Vesterdahl. S. Kittelson, M. Johnson, K. Kath, M. Gunderson, G. Harris, S. Schwenn.Freshman Sports Freshmen Football Row 1: J. S.. S.S., V.K., D M., R.E., J.D., P.S., S.H., D.O., M.K., C.T., D.D. Row2: W.C., J.L., B B D.E. . B.W., ??. R.S., R.M., S.W., R.K., T.G. Row 3: S.S., ??, W.H., M. P., E.L., D.R., D.R., M S ’ J.W., S.M., A.S. Row 4: J.A., T.S., M.G., R.A., M B., K. K., F.R., J.R., J.A., G.B., P.J., T.M., B.R., C Freshman Wrestling Row 1: M. Quam,S. Johnson, J. Favreau, G. Hougan, K. Hieke. Row 2: R. Mathison, D. Anderson, M. Schwartz, J. Shumate. Row 3: F. Rushlow, T. Hubing, J. Wickline.Freshman Sports Freshmen A Team Row 1: T. Gander, D. Roloff, R. Kluever, J. Rindahl. R. Arneson. Row 2: M. Bakken, R. Everson, W. Christianson, A. Seamonson, G. Ball, Row 3: S. Jacobson, C. Wood, P, Johnson, D. Ellingson, Coach Roloff. Missing is D.McLeisch. Freshmen B Team Row 1: W. Gullickson, S. Hestness, S. Stokes, M. Hergonoether, K. Kiss, B. Peterson. Row 2: J. Williams R. Gullickson, E. Lee, K. Bjerke, C. Haberly, D. Nelson. Row 3: J. Gerber, D. Metzler, M. Stockwell, K. Thede.D. Olstad, Coach Greg Quam.Class Counselors Row 1: Mr. Halverson, Mrs. Tortorice. Mr. Steckbauer. Secretaries Row 1: Vicki Vindedahl, Fay Erickson. Shirley Slinde. rLanguage Arts Row 1: Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Schier, Mrs. Norem, Mrs. Carpenter. Row 2: Mr. Fortney, Mr. Hill, Mr. Berken, Mr. Shumate. Social Studies Row 1: Mr. Kubale, Mrs. Slinde, Mr. Lawrence. Row 2: Mr. Fuller, Mr. Hotter, Mr. Roloff. Industrial Arts Row 1: Mr. MacKenzie, Mr. Hubing, Mr. Smillie. Row 2: Mr. Lee, Mr. Martin. Missing are Mr. Snorek, Mr. Walker, Mr. Zenner.Sciences Math Row 1: Mr. Smith, Mr. Venske, Mr. Koenig, Mr. Gregorich. Row 1: Mr. Chute, Mr. Stokes, Mr. Gregorich. Languages Row' 1: Mrs. Hecker, Mrs. Redford. Missing are Mrs. Wedeward, Mrs. Droster. Driver’s Education Mr. MarshallMusic Row 1: Mr. Gohlke, Mrs. Gardner, Mr. Baltzer. Missing is Mr. Beutel. Physical Education Row 1: Mr. Schulte, Mrs. Hecker, Ms. Reek, Mr. Pieper.Librarians Reading Consultants Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Edwards.Block A Row 1: Mr. Doser, Mrs. Lapidakis, Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. Mulligan. Row 2: Mr. Erickson, Mr. Winecke. Psychologist Mrs. MyrickYes . . . We Have A Will, Too! 1. Rill Abbott, will V4 of my brain to Ricky Erickson; and little Nels Wethal which will need very much. I, Judy Alme.will to M.R. twoN.Y.E.’s and MS; a constitution to Jean McGruer; a gallon of orange juice back to Kathy A.; a bunch of “smut” to Lorinda A.; and a night at Gargono’s to the rest of the gang. 1, Dan Anderson, will be back. I, Don Anderson, will Dave Metzler all my chess brilliance and sucker moves! I, Faith Anderson, will Felicia Potratz all the fun and guys she can handle in the army; and Sue I. an eraser so she won’t have to borrow mine; and C.B., W. McD., C.S., M.C., T.S., C.P., B.S., B.F., N.B., and C.C. all the fun times I had in my senior year. I,Laurie Anderson, will Sherry Schammel a new Groucho Marx saying; Johnny Orcutt the ability to yell “Shazam” and turn into Captain Marvel; and Sharie Rowe another scary hunt in the parking lot. I. Lorinda Anderson, will Deb N. a pair of anything but what she’s got; Marge H. as many lilac bushes she thinks she can handle. I, Ralph Anderson, will all my green slips and outside permits to Mr. Harried so he can sell them to a recycling company, and make a fortune. I, John Arneson. will all my grace, charm, speaking ability, and magnetic personality to any F.F.A. member who thinks he can handle it. I, Bill Backus, will one last house party to those who can handle it; and Olin H. nice things to read over the P.A. to next year’s students. I, Cindy Bakken. will Andrew (Cindy) Anderson the new crop of freshman boys and a lot of LUCK!; and to my “Clypto” twin, D.O., I will lots-a-luck with her horse! I, Jeff Beckwith, will my Firebird when it takes first place at Union Grove. I. Darcy Bern is. will much happiness to all future new-comers to S.H.S. in hopes they will be made to feel as welcome as I was. I, John Bentley, will Todd Oberlander the keys to my truck, not the truck, just the keys. I.Jeanne Berndt, will Denise Nettum a long distance phone call; and to Sue Hiles a trip to McDonalds. I, John Bilhorn. will .leave. I, Diana Bitter, will J.M., J.D., M.C., J.F., and K.M. to Joker’s Wild, and Sue Woodstock a trip to Michigan. 1, Dale Bolender. Will all my good days to Richard G.; and all my bad days to Allan G. I. John Bowers, will my good day and bad to Karen. I, Jeff Bradley, will Mr. Olin Harried a trip in a leaky submarine. I.Howard Brantmeyer. will T. Lawrence a turkey dinner with the Indians and a ride on a snowmobile. I. Kristi Brickson, will my cab service to Lori so she and Julie will be able to get to school next year; and to Greg a hole in his basketball, and lots more good times. I. Robin Brietzman. will John Orcutt beginners skiing lessons; and the ski club a snow day at Devil’s Head. I, Suanne Brietzman. will D.P. some wadded toidy paper and childhood memories; S.W. a new disposition; C.V.G. a lot of fireworks on July 4th; C.S. a free lifetime pass to all hotels in America; and R.F., T. Lawrence’s mind. I Lynn Bronte, will continued good times for everybody who has and will participate in our class adventures; and to Lee. Jean and Smed Happy Halloween. I. John Broughton, will my quick thinking and dry humor to anyone who wants it. I. Kathy Brown, will Todd Oberlander “coffee hour” in the library work room. I. Shirley Burmeister. will a weekend of golden opportunity to Flute; and the chance to see Deep Purple for us “Claras” to enjoy ourselves from now on. I, Kati Buss, will Teresa Kittleson another vear of sorrow with D.N. I, Linda Byrd, will to Muttley, my better sense of judgement, and luck at Stoughton High next year. I, Oliver Byrne, will Mr. Martin all the success of future track teams. I, Gary Cahee, will to Scott Stokes my chess playing royalties; and to Steve Montague my handicap of golf; also the calculation of the mathematical procession of the permanently perplexing Pythagorean Theorem to anyone else who can figure it out. I. Jon Christiansen, will Richard Seibt the right to play in Dance Band. Orchestra, German Band, Stage Band, Pep Band, and to have a leading role in the next high school play. I, Kelly ( ouch, will Patty Olp a pair of elevator shoes; all my talent and experience at the light board to Lynn Haugh; 4,267 cups of coffee to Larry and Al; and the booth to Steve:.. .he has to sleep sometime. I, Jeri Crane, will Todder Kittleson the ability to grow up big like his brother (Bo). I. Carol Dallmann. will (berg). I, Pam Deegan. will always remember the fun times of the Mafia; and to Terri, the summer of 74; Sir Jacks to the “Sicalan” crew; Sue Hiles a new- car (she’ll be needing it soon). Diane Stai all the “cans" at Yahara School in hopes that next time she won’t miss; and to Judy F. and B.J. the square with hopes that they’ll never get off! 1. Jeff Dougall. will Raisbeck and the gang a tank to cruise through “Egg Town.” I, Lore Dybevik. will Sara Paton 100 bottles of beer; and to Kerry a hot car. class ring, and letter jacket (just what you always wanted, right Faye?). Also, all the luck and good memories to next years wrestling team! I. Deb Dyreson. will B.J. and J.F a “watchdog” for their apartment , and milkbones for D.S.’s tingling teeth. I. Debbie Khle. will Cindy M. a trip to Charles City; Sue S. a bottle of sloe gin; and Robin G. a one way trip to East High School. I, Jim Krdahl. will Bob Radecki my caluclator for he will surely need it. I, Beth Favreau. will Kathy Martinson a “somebody” so that she won’t be a “nobody”; my patience to Gina Martin; all of our parking stalls to J.F. and L.M.; and myself to some “Sharp" guy. I, Laurie Finder, will to Jeff Swenson a girl to whistle at; Nancy Linderud a new car; and to Sharie Rowe a vacation after working so hard on the year book. I, Sue Flattem, will Craig Johnson a new bowling arm; Jill Davis a piece of tape for her mouth; Steve Kittleson all the food in H E.; and to Kathy all the black-mail schemes she can think of. I, Jeanne Forrer. will Mr. Lawrence good attendence on Fridays. I. Rae Fritch. will Linda M. one Mark E. fertilizer course to help her grow; and to D.P. and C.S. a tube each of liniment to ease their bar stool sores.I. Judy Furseth, will Diana Swenson a date with “Beef” when he grows up; Mary Hensel a jar of “Hickey Make-up”; and Kathy Lunde four flat tires. I. Nancy Gassen. will Rick Thruman a garage for my house. I. John Gerber, will the Stoughton Basketball Team my ankles; Ollie some of my super speed; and my great times running “Agony Hill” to Doug Stronach. I. Doug Gjertson. will one-half of a Ft. Atkinson bus window to Mr. Harried; to “Stubby” Knickmeier anything that he can handle, (which will be hard to find). I. Robin Goldade. will my brother, Tod. all my levis; Lori 0. a weekend at Union South, and a bottle of shampoo for her bangs; John-Boy-C. a years supply of carmex; and Patty K. a can of o.j. and kidney beans. I. Gordon Grady, will all of the drums in band to whoever wants them, their not worth much! I, Jill Grefsheim. will Ron Leikness and Jeff Larson the ability to find another girl to drown in the swimming pool. I, Dale Gretebeck. will Jeff Larson a few inches of my height; and Roger Engsberg my basketball ability. I, Kevin Gunderson, will my driving record to “Bucky” for he did a good teaching job; and to “Mac” a can of Inkie Dinkie Blue. I. Cindy Halverson, will to Cherrie J. my fine driving ability because she needs it. I. Holly Halverson, will Sue a memory bank; Goose and Earl a hat drifting on a clammy ocean, and Seamo a twin set of steam boats. I. Margit Halverson, will a more interesting ride home from the reserve games to Vicki Haight; and 48 hours of sweet, undisturbed sleep to Scott Sharp. I. Sue Hansen, will Connie the "Smith“sonian Institution; Seamo an extra bun with ketchup; Squirrel a bunk above Holtan’s; Holly a house for the weekend; and Goose a nap before New Year’s Eve. I, Steve Hanson, will to my brother “Garry” all my mechanical ability to change oil. I. Barb Hanson, will Cathy Wilcox a bra and half of me to fill it ; John Rindahl. a 50 lb. box of chocolate-covered cherries; Tom Anderson a library full of dirty books; and Laurie Anderson one pencil with a safety point and a 12-inch eraser. I, Jeff Hanson, will Rollie Christensen an album of “I’m a Dreamer”; and Barney my back seat so he has more room. I, Jean Harris, will Mary Beth Beckstrand one white turtleneck ; Dale Tyler one pound of cheese; and to Greg and Scott all the good times Lee and I have had. I, Lyn llavey. will to Jim and all the gang an all-expense paid trip to Florida; to Don a good time in the Marines; and “Amos” to Barb McLeish. I, Kristi Ileggestad. will S.M. and G.O. all the luck in the future. I. Terri lleinzeroth. will Kathy, Debbie, Dawn, Evon, and Tony, a ski trip down Main Street; Pam L. a cycle ride; and Bonnie W. a trip down Bonnie’s Lane. I. Sue lielmke. will tell my sister about “Z’s” bottomless pit so she can feed him next year; and I also give her my banana in hope she gets as much pleasure from walking it down the halls as I did. I. Chuck Helmstetter. will to Susie Swoboda platform shoes, and to Tom Bennett my luck with girls. I, Sam Hierlmeier. will a free hair style to the cool guys of Stoughton High. I. Sue Hiles. will to Denise Nettum a long distance phone call to Indiana; a map of Madison to Jeanne Berndt; and to J.G., C.H., P.T., and J.A. lots of luck next year! I. Jeff Holpin. will Adam Wiegel a pick; Kort Kath an extra large baseball cap; Darrell Kamin another try at Tenney Park; and Laurie Silbaugh a trip to the body shop. I. Nancy Horn, will my late arrivals to anyone who is smart enough to get around Harried. I, Laurie llougan, will to D. Van Fossen one large red magic marker and the opportunity to use it; and to Lorinda A. one more time to be the “Great Pumpkin.” I, Marge Hougan. will never tell who was in that tan station wagon circling Sherry Schammel’s house on March 1,1974. I, Jeff Hull, will Grace my Cadillac; Laurie Hye a 90 mile an hour trip through the camp grounds; and Richard M. a good truck; and a cherry pie to Peggy P. in Platteville. I, Laurie Hye. will to Randy Teigen a case of Peppermint; to heifer Halverson free driving lessons; and a new nickname to Pinkie Wethal. I. Susan Ingels, will Terry and Sherry, Randy for obvious unexplainable reasons; Todd 0. my excess rowdiness and our fetal pig; Kris B. more fun times at the beauty shops; Laurie L. my ability to attract out-of-town guys; and Linda B., the wisdom not to make any more stupid bets. I, Gary Jacobson, will to Donn Jacobson the ability to do SHS work in his last year of schooling, and to also stay out of trouble with the teachers. I, Timm Janisch. will leave Lynn Starostovic my big blue eyes so she can notice a certain somebody who used to be in the halls, also my Mark Twain book so that she may be able to finish it some day. I .Julie Jenks, will Michelle Balmer an apple plantation so she can make her own apple wine; to Bonnie Ace my great attendance record and hope she can keep it up; to Brenda Boyd a chauffeur-driven ride to and from the truck stop; and to Jackie Osterberg all the trips she can handle to and from Illinois. I, C heryl Jensen, will to Sue, Cindy, and Ann a final year to put up with this school. Have fun!! I, (ieorge Jerdee, will John Watson the common sense to know Fords are better than Chevies; and Mr. Lawrence one slightly used reservation. I, Brenda Johnson, will Nancy Linderud an Oregon Panter; Diane Swenson a pain killer for all her aches and pains; and Marti Norgaren a pair of snow boots and an alarm clock. I. C onnie Johnson, will one night’s pay at Arizona to Holly, Kathy, Shirley. Dona, and Sue; also a lot of memories. I. C raig Johnson, will my prize Piranha school to our future swimming team for as to improve the “hard to master” springs; so as to take State. I. Paul Johnson, will Olin Harried a 60 cent cup of beer and a one way ticket to Milwaukee; to “Moose” Caledonia; down-field blocking assignments to David Wisersky; the will to be a conference champ to “Chub”, and the Oregon parking lot to all “dedicated” Stoughton athletes. I. Vicki Jorgenson, will all my fun as a senior and all of our parties to Jon Christiansen; and to Cindy McCain Charles City. I. Dan Juve, will Darcy Larsen at least five more concert tickets; and Greg Knickmeier a book on "How to Pick up Girls.” It’s guaranteed, Greg! I, Kort Kath, will Chris Weber my letter jacket; and my good looks and charm to Mr. T. Lawrence. I. Darrell Kamin, will A.W. another summer like the last one; K.K. another try on Buckeye Road; and J.H. and empty bottle of Boone’s. I. Rick Karlslyst. will whenever I can get away with it. I. Bruce Keehn, will Lawrence the comon sense to know snowmobiles are good for you. I, Jeff Kelm will.. . and in the very near future! I. Steve Kittelson. will John H. a date with Olivia; and Kris N. one live “Rookie”. I, Kevin Klitzke, will a rear bumper for E.J.; and an alka-seltzer to the yellow kitchen. I, Greg Knickmeier. will my driving ability to Mike Quam; and my pole vaulting ability to Jon Christiansen. I. Bill Koenig, will Mike P. a new dome light; Paul S. a Big Mac; and Jay S., Paul S., Mike P., and Paul J. a trip to the springs.I. Sandy Kuhlman. will the yellow streak to Ada Weigel; the outhouse to John. Norm. Dale, and Roger; and all my problems with Ole and good times in Ag to Kathy Lunde. I. Laurie Lang, will a can of peaches to Mary Ellen; our trip to Florida to Karen; our runt talks to Marie; and another secret admirer to Bob (to take my place)! I. Pat Larsen, will B.R. no more accident; W.N. a car with a dimmer switch, brakes, and gas pedals that don’t look alike; J. F. a few dead fish to chat with; and D.S. the guy in the white. I. Terrie Lauretic will Dennis McCain my bird - duck - and a ride on the square to Cindy McCain and also the lesser amount of food to litter bug in 2nd hour foods class. I, Bob Lausch. will Rhonda all the great times we’ve had and many more of them; Randy Holman a well turned pair of elbows; and my Corvair to Chris for future use. I, Nancy Linderud. will Laurie Anderson a hanger and an extra set of car keys; Laurie Finder a life preserver; and John Orcutt a new switch blade. I, Eunice Link, will my Ayrshires to anyone who has guts to milk them; Hot Dog, Bacon. Hum, Jim, and the rest of the gang all the luck in future years; J. Wikum and Farmerette all the laughs in the Ag room. I. Gerry Linndrud, will Rollie Christiansen and Tammy Hinkel their own private parking spot; ar d Mr. Harried half a bus window from Fort Atkinson. I, Shauna I,ock. will to Scott a Franz-wa doll; to Deb N. a Friday night out till 3:00; Pam S. all my height in basketball; and to Rick Lock my life. I, Sandy Long, will leave my artistic ability to David Matureski so he can keep his hands busy when he gets bored. I. Pam Lunde, will “crash” all her trips to Bonnie’s Lane; T.H. all the cycle rides through main; to Cindy H. all the trips and empty cans to new Caledonia; and myself to Eric. I. Tom Lynch, will nothing because I need everything I have. I. Inger Lyngstad. will never forget all the “hard times” I was given because of being a real Norwegian, what Stoton has taught me about Norwegians and Americans, and all the good times we had this year. I. Bev Maas, will Brad M., Randy H.. and Scott German Band skirt in hopes that they will fill it well; Jean K. a Mozart Concerto; Susie S. A Mood Indigo; and Mr. Gohlke my old reeds in hopes he will be able to use them in the never ending battle of producing great musicians. I. Brenda Maerz, will my right hand to Ms. Reek; my “pillow” to Mr. Roloff; and all my band-aids to the “Streakers.” I. Keith Mandley, will Gordon Grady a lock to lock up his locker with so he won’t have to borrow one. I. Linda Martin, will my body to the FFA Arboretum in hopes that it will grow; also to Jim Favreau his guitar tuner (he needs the tune-up, not me)! I. Richard Martinson, will my driving ability to Mike Dietz-man; and every FFA member the guts to drink a Blue Blazer. I. David Masters, will Denise Schroeder my socks; also my Mgr. to anyone who wants it. I. Lorilee Mathison, will my passions foolish flame to Scott Schwenn for whom it will forever burn wildly. I, Robin Mathison. will Larry Gregshiem a tank of oxygen. I, Margie May, will Rand Roslak a bottle of beer and one for me. I, Ron McAllister, will my high noons to anyone that can handle them. I Dennis McCain, will Cindy J. my broken wallet (and various broken and bruised parts of the left hide); Rickey Padfield a few thousand games of tennis; Randy Padfield a Hot Rod Lincoln; and Danny and Terry Lauretic my pink underwear and all the drinks that can be drunk at the Boardwalk. I. Jean McGruer, will never tell who was in that tan station wagon circling Sherry Schammel’s house on March 1, 1974; George Kruger a pair of “bunny ears”; and Beth a driver’s license. I. Harold Mikkelson, will Kim Morse my ’57 Chevy in hopes he can get it running. I. Chris Miller, will my spot in the parking lot to Duke, along with my high noons. I. Jay Miller, will an old airplane propeller and a burned off set of tires to Mr. Harried. I, Kathy Misgen, will Seamo piano lessons from the Morman Tabernacle Choir; Squirrel a breath of fresh “Air”; Sue a Rocky Mtn. High; and Connie a new pair of shoes for porkies. I, Norm Monsen, will J.A. to S.E.; M.J. a fat football coach; good luck to Coach Schulte, Coach Martin, and Mr. Snorek; and to everyone, all the fun, experiences, and friendships I acquired at SHS. I, Jerry Monson, will Mrs. Norem a pair of pants to go dancing in; and Fort all of my fantastic stories. I. Kathy Moore, will T.H. all my trips to Mad City, and another taxi ride at four in the morning. I, Danny Mov, will Dale (Quick Carl) Schenk the quickest hand in SHS. I, Wendy Nachtigal. will Judy, Pat. Barb, and Diane one memory book to fill with all our fun times, with hopes that future fun times will fill another. I, Deb Nelson, will Lorinda A. remembrance of all our good times and to Shauna F. and Nancy L. one shaving cream can. I, Kris Nelson, will T.H. a pencil that will last his senior year; and to N.C. and J.G. my fantastic clarinet abilities. I, Kill Nelson, will Mr. Venske my eyes. I, Denise Nettum, will to Bob Kind a package of pumpkin seeds so he can grow the finest to roll down a hill; to Tom Anderson a fun sophomore year; and to all the members of the class of ’75 a good life. I, Mark Nordlie. will the school board more knowledge when purchasing hall lockers. I, Marti Norgaren, will Julie Peterson a lachet hook, yarn, and some canvas to make sure she stays out of trouble. I, Kris Norland, will my basketball and volleyball talents to Sue Strandlie; my height toPamSkaar; someone new to run nude with in the locker room to Denise; and to Steve Kittleson one fat cow named “Sally.” I. Bob Offerdahl, will J.E. a set of bunny ears and a fluffy round tail; D.S. a vodka and sprite; R.O. a box of fire crackers; and the rest of the gang a Friday night at my house. I, Debbie Olson, will to Marlene Rustad my ability to understand my cousin, John; and to my twin "Bak,” my pony that I know she wants desperately. I, John Olson, will my 4 hour school day to any sophomore who has as much ambition as I had the past three years. I. Richard Olson, will Roger Raisbeck his No. 1 dream - a “Python”; and How-ard Brantmeyer a streaking girlfriend to streak with. I. Kim Oncken will Nancy Dickman all the memories of 4th hour, a couple of spots and a year’s supply of aydes, D.S. and P S. a car, and Laurie S. someone else to share the 2 hours on Sunday morning with and Brenda a taxi service for next year. I, Amy Orcutt. will Kris Norland a night with the man of her dreams; and Gina and Kim a sponge to clean up their foot prints; and a trans-am to Roger. I, Randy Padfield. will anytime. I, Mike Palmen, will Bill Koenig one box of tinker toys; and to Paul Sannes and Jay Smithback a one way ticket to Caledonia in my “67” Ford. I, Sara Paton, will Sarah Toso and Kevin Costello a stormy Sunday night, a blue Chrysler, and $20 to pay for the tow. I, Deb Peterson, will to S.B. one pair of boogie shoes; a sturdy bed and a bottle of Geritol to S.W. and D.G.; to R.F. a 5-hole bowling ball; to C.S. every guy at the Shuffle; and to C.V. a barrel of Coors. I. Peggy Peterson, will Jeff Hull all my back issues of “Quarter Horse Journal” in hopes of him realizing the superior breed; also Sandy my riding ability; and a blue blaze to all FFA members without a mustache (which is all of them).I. Hon Peterson, will an airshow with Jay Miller during a bomb scare to Olin. I. Karen Pfundheller. will my great ability to be on time to Nancy Pederson; all my unexcused tardy slips to Mr. Wilde; $8 to John Orcutt; a sw’ingset for the next blizzard to Nancy Dickman; and to Kevin Costello a partner who isn’t a jinx next year. I, Tim Pirkl, will Greg Sundby a case of Peppermint. I, Felicia Potratz. will Faith Anderson all the fun and good looking guys she can find in the Army. I. Mary Quale, will my sister, Sue, the keys to the car so she can be the taxi driver next year. I. Roger Haisbeck, will the ’75-76 wrestling team my locker room gossip. I. Judy Kamsden. will Eric Christopherson a life supply of gum; and to Sharie Rowe “Seasons in the Sun’’ and all the memories that go with it. I. Rhonda Rein, will myself to Bob; and the best of luck to next year’s yearbook editors. They’ll need it! I, Dean Rhyner. will my troubling technique to any student who can trouble the teachers better than 1; and all the wild and high times to Don Bates during his senior year. I, Jeff Riddle, will Patty Hess all my green slips; and Kim Raisbeck a big fish tank. I. Timothy Rigdon. will my ’’55 Chevy to Jeff Earners; my ’65 Chevy to Kim Morris; to Jill Grefsheim the right front fender of my ’55 as a token of my driving skills, also, four sets of turn signals for her car; and to Alan Guetzke and Rick Gullidon, my beloved body shop men, I will give them one-year supply of body puddy. I. John Roidt, will senior “good times” and class to the classes who need the class of our class. I. Rand v Roneid. will “cueball” one bottle of turtle wax to keep his forehead nice and shiny; and Olin one of George Foreman’s power punches. I. Rand Roslak. will Bruno a 12-pak, a can opener and rubber cement for his teeth; Tom a bullet-proof moose hide; a rubber cap to John; the pond to anyone who can handle the high time; and to TGL a book on “How to Kill Indians, Communists, and Atheists.” I, Sharie Rowe, will Judy R. a pillow for the bleachers at the park; and to Laurie A. a new gas tank or a car whichever dies first; and to the rest of our class the memories of the good times we’ve had together. I, Barb Rustad. will to Pat a pound and one star; to Wendy a year’s supply of turtlenecks; to Judy a feather pillow from LaCrosse; to Diane a pair of foster grants; and myself to Peach! I, Chuck Sagen. will Moose a number on his head; Pork a can of Michelob; Piep a nose job; E.S. a case if he can handle it; and M.G. a football T shirt. I, Paul Sannes, will Pam W. the best of everything; and to Dirty Dutch and the boys, 1 million Miller shorties at Caledonia. I, Dale Schenck, will Rickey Padfield a woods in which he can drink and dream of V.J. in private. I, Sherry Schammel, will one “Moo” and an “O Death” to Sue Smedal; a noon hour of reminiscing to Laurie Anderson; a fun-filled Sunday night in her pajamas to Nancy Dickman; and to Scott Sharp a rating of 10. I, Ix ri Schiller, will Todd, Chris, Andy, Dave, and Scott someone as gullible as I am to pick on next year in advanced science; Sue R. her own Mickey Mouse Club; and the junior class luck in taking over where we left off. I, Cheri Schmidt, will Wendy all my knowledge that I have, in more ways than one! I, Dona Seamonson, will Suzie an extra brain in case of emergencies; Connie a couple more years; and Holly a feast for every occasion. I, Irene Severson, will Debbie E. fins, snorkel, and underwater goggles in hopes that she will some day be able to use them! I, Sue Shackleton. will Patty K. all the fun I had in my senior year ; and to Sandi S. my voice to yell at all the games she goes to. I, Cindy Shimniok, will Denise Nettum my bowling average; Cathy Van Gilder a night out in a snow storm with Denise and I; and the Class of ’75 a good life. I, Kathie Skavlen. will Doug Stronach a reserved seat outside the Spanish room. I. Sherrie Skinner, will my "He will never know me” to L.S. in hopes that she will never know! I, Sue Smedal. will Gina Martin the job of being a squirrel; Rick Erickson the Charger; Sara Paton some “pork chops”; and Sherry Schammel many more years of “0 Death” and any new faces she can come up with. I, Jay Smithback. will Paul Johnson a compass; Bill Koenig Jr. a poopsi; Mike Palmen a buck; and Paul Sannes a trip into the store. I, Julie Smithback. will never tell who was in that tan station wagon circling Sherry Schammel’s house on March 1, 1974; and ah wills Missy Scahlett (Jean) and Rhett (Sharie) a free rahde through the heartland and a pahty at McDonalds. I, Deb Spangler, will Mary Jo Smet and Sarah Toso my dancing experiences; and my brother, Scott, all my excuses. I. Dane Sperstad. will my conventional four speed (whip, beat, blend, and grind) Sunbeam Foreign car to the Home Ec room with my great attendence record to the school. I. Don Squire, will M.R. a snow shovel and Randy Teigen many moons with Gina Nichols. I, Diane Stai, will Pam L. the courage to get on a horse and RUN!; and to “Nu-Nu” a cure for his spring fever. I. Steve Steckbauer, will not ever go to another school that has three other members of my family in it. I. Kerry Stelzer. will a Senior Float for next years Homecoming Parade for those seniors that didn’t like our float of “75”; also, three spare bumpers and two extra fenders for the silver streak; and a new radio for Walker’s van. I. Sara Stokstad. will Laurie Silbaugh enough “boards” to build a house ; and Mary Elvekrog a roll of toilet paper to stuff herself with; and to Howie Roloff somebody easy to lift for a partner. I. Jim Strickland, will my high noons to Chris Raimond, and my Tom-Toms and sticks to Jon Baum. I. Diane Swenson, will the best to everyone in the coming years. I. Jim Swenson, will Steve Werdahl Debbie Share from Monroe so he can make some cheese; and Kathy Steckbauer a velocipede. I. Bob Swoboda. will Jean Karlslyst an Eskimo Pie from Alaska; and to the German Band a decent clarinet player. I. Lisa Thompson, will Cathy Wilcox my ideas on Women’s Rights, and the strength and gumption to change the minds of all male chauvinists, and be proud of it; and Dorian Grilley a 50 pound bag of Purina Dog Chow; and Mary Elvekrog my motherly instincts w'hich she should use on sophomores when she’s a senior. I, Laurel Thompson, will Howie Roloff the ability to remember to pay his debts on time, not two months later. I, Teresa Thompson, will Ami Gjestson a carton of milk and a broken table; and to Terri Venden a trip to N 1-90. I. Rick Thruman. will Nancy Gassen a small house with a fireplace; and a birthday party to Jerry Monson. I. Lynn Toepfer. will Dorcus a trip to the trough; and to Sue and Bonnie, Carol’s and my place in the back parking lot. I. Randy Ursino, will be glad to get out of here. I. Diane Van Fossen, will Laurie Hougan one little old “Mouse” and many happy times. I. Cathy Van Gilder, will S.B. to D.J.; D.P. to J.C.; S.W. to D.G.; R.F. all the G.S. cookies, and C.S. a little self-control.I. Tom vanSteenderen, will Rand a piece of straw, some friendly flies, some peanuts, and homemade wine. Remember Rand, you’ve got 70, some Redwoods to go; also 2 little rubber balls for the flies to play with. I, Terri Venden, will Pam a life of happiness with Hel; Jeanne a night at McDonalds, and J.B. if I don’t get him first; Teresa a “Kahl” and a “Getaway” ; Ami a bottle of orange juice; Sue a fussball machine; and Judy a reserved table at the Brat and Brau. I, Pam Venske, will. I, Ron Yesterdahl, will to my brother, Scot, and future athletes all the luck and good fortune in their athletic endeavors; and the good sense to make the best of it while it lasts. I. Doug Wahl, will Todd K. and Mr. Lawrence one snowmobile to blow up. I, Shelly Waite, will D.P. a turquoise; S.B. a baby carriage; D.N. my guiro; and D.G. my future. I, John Watson, will my cruising Camaro to anyone who can afford the gas to put in it. 1, Adam Weigel, will Darrell Kamin one raincoat for his back seat; Jeff Holpin the money saving value of returnable Boone’s Farm bottles; and Robin Brietzman 1 pint-size poem. I, Larry Westby, will Todd Hubing my math contest scores; and to Joe, I will my problems. I, Ronnie W hitford, will Terri H. my wheels and Bonnie’s Lane. I, Jim W ideen, will Mac a big batch of guppies. I, Steve W illiams, will the zoo a catalytic converter. I, Chris Wolf, will this box to the little people in the hope that their finger painting will brighten up these halls of learning. I. Todd Wolf, will Howard Brantmeyer a ’57 Chevy with a four on the floor, and a fifth under the seat. I, Betsy Zeimet. will Katy, Marti, Kathy, and Robin a truck to “bomb” around town in; also everyone under 18 an I.D. I, Dave Zweep. will my lathe to Steve and Roach. 

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