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DEDICATION We the class of 1974 would like to, at this time, show our appreciation for one teacher who has helped us through our years in Stoughton Senior High School. He is one who has guided and shown us just ho.w important we are and who we are. We feel that he has the deep concern necessary to help us on our way to a better life. Due to the respect we have for this person we would like to dedicate our yearbook to him in the hope of trying to repay him for all he has done for us. This one special teacher whom we are talking about is Mr. Thomas G. Lawrence.CLASS OF ’74 Motto: Change what you can, tolerate what you can’t Tim Erickson - President Nicki Allen - Secretary Flower: Light blue rose. WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY (AGAIN) Life-so they say Is but a game and they let it slip away Love--like the Autumn sun Should be dying but it’s only just begun Like the twilight in the road up ahead They don’t see just where we’re goin’ And all the secrets in the universe Whisper in our ears and all the years will come and go And take us up always up We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again C We may never pass this way again Dreams--so they say Are for the fools and they let them drift away Peace--like the silent dove Should be flyin’ but it’s only just begun Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage Sail our ships out on the open sea Cast away our fears and all the years will come and go And take us up--always up We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again So I wanna laugh while the laughin’ is easy I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile I may never pass this way again That’s why I want it with you Cause you make me feel like more thana friend Like I’m the journey and you’re the journey’s end I may never pass this way again That’s why I want it with you baby We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again athy Hickcox - Vice Presiden Val Johnson - TreasurerKay Louise Aaberg She’s a quiet kind, whose nature never changes. James Edward Amundson Talent is gifted in few... he's one of the few. Class Officer 1-Vice Pres., 2- Pres., AFS 2-Vice Pres., 3- Pres., Norse Dancers 1.2.3, Prom Court 2, Chorus 2.3, Ski Club 1,2,3, Intermurals 2,3, Musical 3, Badger Boys State 2 Nichole Jane Allen Reliable, lovable, but most of all, capable. Student Council 2, FFA 2,3, Class Officer 3-Sec., GAA 1.2.3, AFS 2, Girls Sports Editor-Yearbook 3, Philo 2.3, Student Assistant 3, Tennis 2, Math Team 1,2,3 Badger Girls State 2, Girls Volleyball 1,2,3, National Honor Society 2,3 Donna Kay Anderson She does what is needed, and does it well. Library Asst. 3, FT A 3 Carol Ann Armstrong Actually, girls can keep secrets as well as boys, it just takes more of us. FHA 2 Cheryl Lynn Anderson Silence is a virtue known to few. Duane Carl Anderson Late in coming, but it’s easier with someone special to show you around. Transfer 3 Michael C. Anderson Innocence can be a deceiving thing. Viking Liking 3, Basketball 1, Intermurals 2,3Steven Joseph Arthur Just keep on truckin’. Dennis James Austin Peace rules the day when reason rules the mind. Chess Club 2, Science Club 3-Pres. William Charles Austin I’m all right it’s the world around me. Jan Louise Bailey Which would you rather talk about, horses or men? Pep Club 1,2,3, German Club 2,3, GAA 1,3, Philo 2,3, AFS 2,3, Yearbook Staff 3 Paul Scott Baldwin He knows football isn’t the only place where you need a good line. German Club 3, Norse Dancers 2,3, Homecoming Court 3, Chorus 3, Football 1.2.3, Track 2,3, Ski Club 1.2.3, “S” Club 2,3, Musical 3, Play 3 Diane Marie Barber She is a “model" for others to watch. FHA 1, GAA 1,2,3, Volleyball 1, Track 1 Bruce George Barry The whole world is a stage, I only do my part in acting it up. Student Council 3, German Club 1,2, Student Asst., 2,3, Band 1,2,3, Chorus 3, German Band 2,3, Orchestra 1,2,3, SH Intern Technicians 2,3, Musical 3, Play 2,3, Pepband 1,2,3, Dance Band 1,2,3, Stage Band 1,2,3, Forensics 2,3, Rotary 3 Robert D. Bates I'm not embarrassed, red is my natural color. Viking Liking 3, Student Asst. 3Audrey Ann Beckwith Why tell people what you're thinking, let them guess. Pep Club 2, GAA 1,2,3 AFS 3, Ski Club 2, Peband 2,3, Band 1,2,3, FTA 2,3, Red Cross 3 Lois Jean Benson Someone nice with a dash of spice. Pep Club 2, German Club 2.3, GAA 1, AFS 3, Band 1.2.3, Red Cross 3, Ski Club 2 Richard R. Breyman If there’s any trouble I’ll find it. Robert Lee Benjamin Good order is the foundation for all things. Sandra Jayne Bersing It’s quality, not quantity, that counts. Pep Club 2,3, Student Council 1, GAA 1,2,3, Philo 2, Student Asst. 1, Ski Club 2 J Dave Joe Bitter Don’t let my name fool you. Football 1,2,3, Track 1,2,3, Intermurals 3, Weight Lifters 1, “S” Club 1,2,3 Dean Richard Blegen He is as unpredictable as the weather. Library Asst. 1, “S” Club 3 -wr' Matthew Thomas Bolland Lots of fun with a joke or a pun. German Club 1,2, Student Asst. 3, SH Intern Technicians 3, Musical 3, Play 2,3Stephen P. Christiansen When the brains were handed out, I went back for seconds. Student Asst. 2,3, Band 1,2,3, Math Team 1,2,3, Pep Band 1,2,3 Jeffrey A. Breitzman I always get there . . . eventually. Terri Ann Christianson Her ability is seen, but her motives are screened. Viking Liking 3, Tennis 1, Basketball 1, Intermurals 1,2,3, Cross Country 1 Evan M. Christianson A sweet talken' guy who always has a “hi”. Ski Club 1,2,3 Robert James Conant Always on the go, with enough time to say hello. Viking Likings 3, Band 1,2,3, German Band 2, Basketball 2, Track 1,2, Ski Club 3, Musical 3, Play 2,3, Pepband 2, Dance Band 3, Stage Band 3 Kevin Kelly Crisman When an opportunity has arisen, he's up on his feet and away he goes. Golf 1, Chorus 1,2,3, Musical 1,2,3, Play 2,3, Paul Roger Coon A man whose words should be heard. Basketball 1, Football 1, Cross Country 2, Prom MC 2, Pep Band 3, Art Editor-Yearbook 3 Bonnie Helen Daemmrich She sets the pace for all others to follow. Pep Club 1, FFA 2,3, GAA 1,2-Treas., 3-Pres., Editor-in-Chief-Paper 3, Philo 2,3, Prom Court 2, Band 1,2,3, Track 1,3, Play 1,2, Stage Band 1,2,3, Badger Girls State 2, Spoon 2, Parliamentary Procedure 2, Volleyball lMargaret Lee Daffner I am torn between horses and a man. FFA 1, 2-Sec., 3, Philo 2,3, Student Asst. 2,3, Band 1,2,3, Tennis 2, German Band 3 Math Team 1,2, Pepband 1,2, Forensics 1-State 2,3, Majorette 1,2,3, Variety Show 1,2,3, Parliamentary Procedure 1,2,3 National Honor Society, 3 John Dale Dallman Wait until the Blues hear about me, and my hockey puck. Football 1, Baseball 2,3 Richard C. Dickson The world was made to be enjoyed, and I shall make the most of it. Barbara S. Durrant 1 follow no ones footsteps, for I make my own. GAA 1, Philo 2,3, Student Asst. 3, Band 1,2, Pepband 1 National Honor Society, 3 Catherine Ann Dahl The good and the wise lead quiet lives. Pep Club 2, German Club 2.3, GAA 1,2,3, AFS 3, Philo 2.3, Red Cross 3 National Honor Society 3 Randall C. DeGroot Just give me a line and I’ll act the rest. Viking Likings 3, Soccer 2, Ski Club 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2, Musical 3, Play 2,3, Table Tennis 2 Karen Patrica Donnelly Set in her ways with a mind all her own. AFS 2,3, Tennis 2, Orchestra 1,2,3, Track 3, Ski Club 3, Spanish Club 2,3, Musical 1,3, Play 2 Nancy Jo Dybevik Where shall I go today? To town or to the ranch. Pep Club 1,2,3, Student Council 2, GAA 1,2,3, AFS 3, FHA 2, Band 1,2, Track 1, Ski Club 1,2,3-Pres., Pepband 1,2, FTA 3-Pres.Larry E. Eifert If you rule the world you must keep it amused. Student Council 1, Viking Likings 3-Vice Pres., AFS 1.2.3, Paper Editor 3, Student Asst. 3, Tennis 1, Basketball 1, Red Cross 3, Ski Club 1,2,3, Intermurals 1.2.3, Weight Lifters 2 Robert W. Engles I’m for the two party system, one tonight and one tomorrow night. Viking Likings 3-Pres., Sports Editor-Yearbook 3, Student Assistant 1,2,3, Basketball 1, Rec Cross 1, Football 1, Ski Club 1,2, Intermurals 1,2,3, Weight Lifters 1,2,3 Cindy L. Erickson After she came from McFarland, she fit right in. Pep Club 2,3, GAA 2,3, AFS 2.3, Band 1,2,3, Pepband 2.3, Musical 3, Play 2,3, Forensics 2,3, Georgia C. Erickson When I don’t understand, I laugh. GAA 1. MFA 1, Philo 2,3, FHA 1-Historian, Ski Club 1 Timothy Lee Erickson A king for a day but a friend for a lifetime. Student Council 1, Class Officer 3-Pres., Viking Likings 3, Prom King 2, Golf 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2,3, Red Cross 1, Ski Club 1,2, “S” Club 2,3 Daniel R. Eugster Evel Knievel eat your heart out. Pep Club 1,2,3, Viking Likings 3, Math Team 1, Ski Club 1,2,3, Intermurals 1,2,3, Weight Lifters 3, “S” Club 1,2,3, Baseball 3 James A. Favreau Always there to do his share. Student Council 2, FFA 2,3, Viking Likings 3, Tennis 1, Track 3, Cross Country 2 Kurt Alan Felio Liked by all, but by one in particular. FFA 1,2,3, Vikings Likings 3, FFA 1,2,3, Football 1, Ski Club 1, Intermurals 2,3, Weight Lifters 1Dennis C. Foss Be a friend and all else comes naturally. FFA 1,2,3, Viking Likings 3, FFA Basketball 1,2,3, Intermurals 3, Baseball 1,2,3 Daniel A. Furseth He takes things as they are and never asks for more. Viking Likings 3, Homecoming King 3, Band 1.2.3, Wrestling 1,2, Track 2.3, Weight Lifters 3, “S” Club 2,3, Cross Country 3 Chad A. Gallwitz Thank goodness for weekends or I’d have never made it. John Paul Frohne When his body quits, his mind works overtime. Baseball 3, Library Asst. 2, Chess Club 2 Lynn Gale Gardner A boyfriend a day keeps going steady away. GAA 1,2,3, Philo 2,3, Ski Club 2,3, FTA 2,3, Norwegian Dancers 1,2,3, Student Asst. 3, Homecoming Court 3 Duane John Gallagher My work is my social life. Wrestling 1,2, Auto Club 1 Mary Lynn Ganshert Where quietness prevails, ability is sure to be. Terry Alan Gilbert A true friend in every sense of the word. Student Council 2, Viking Likings 3, Golf 1,2,3, “S” Club 2,3, Badger Boys State 2, Football 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2,3, Prom Court 2Dawn H. Gunsolus Always there with a helpful hand. Pep Club 2 Lynn Marie Hanson Pep. wisecracks, full of fun. she makes friends with everyone. Pep Club 1,2, Ski Club 1, Spanish Club 3 Mary Joan Grefsheim Boys may come and go, but I will be right behind them. Pep Club 2, Student Council 3, GAA 1,2,3, Viking Likings 3, Philo 2,3, Nowegian Dancers 1,2,3, Prom Court 2, Band 1,2,3, Library Asst 3, Pepband 1,2,3, Dance Band 1,2,3, Stage Band 1,2,3, National Honor Society 2,3 Colleen Marie Hanson The fire that keeps her going just can’t but put out. Pep Club 2,3, AFS 2, Student Asst. 3, Ski Club 1, Spanish Club 2,3 Steve E. Guetzke Just give me necessities of a life. Track 1,2, Weight Lifters 1, “S” Club 2,3, Football 1,2,3 the good Susan McDermott Gyland Shes made her decision for her partner in life. Carey Hensel Js he talking again, or still? Viking Likings 3, Golf 1, Basketball 1, Intermurals 3 Jon R. Hanson His walk and his smile could never be mistaken. Pep Club 2, Class officer 1-Treas., GAA 1,2, Pepband 1,2, Variety Show 2 EWHHAlan L. Holtan He remains in the silent majority. Ski Club 1,2 Cathy Lynn Hickcox Petite and short, the quiet sort. Pep Club 1,2,3, Class Officer 3-Vice Pres. German Club 2-Treas, GAA 1,2,3, Viking Likings 3, Cheerleading 1,3 Jeffrey A. Hougan Cars, brains, wrestling and Utica somehow fit together. Wrestling 1,2,3, “S” Club 2,3, Baseball 1,2,3 Kristi Ann Horner Is this another party, Kristi, or is it still the same one? Pep Club 2,3, GAA 3, AFS 2,3, Orchestra 1,2, Spanish Club 2,3-Treas. Musical 1,3 Play 2,3 Kathy Lynn Hoel “Alme” goes to all him. GAA 1, Band 1,2, Pepband 2 Student Asst. 1,2,3, Golf 1,2,3, Chorus 1,2,3, Basketball 1, “S” Club 2,3, Musical 1,2,3, Play 1,2,3, Cross Country 2.3-Captain, Forensics 2,3 Steve Holman His stage is cross country. Susan Elaine Holtan It's always nice to have a pressing engagement. Pep- GAA 1 band 2 Band 1,2,3, Thomas L. Holton The fewer things I say the fewer things I have to take back. Steve 0. Hougan I do my job and then- some. Student Asst. 3, Interm urals 3 Diane Lea Huebner Don’t take life so seriously or you’ll never get out alive. Library Asst. 3, SH Intern Technicians 3. FTA 3 Wrestling 1,2, Ski Club 1 Brian Scott Jackson An athelete who is at home on skiis. Lann W. Johnson am as care-free as the day I has born. Laura Jean Johnson Those who know her praise her most. FHA 1, Chorus 1,2, Red Cross 1, Musical 1 Teressa Ann Iverson For her togetherness really counts. Pep Club 2, MFA 3, AFS 2,3, Philo 2,3, Student Assistant 1,2,3, Band 1,2,3, Pep Band 2, Family Leader of Tomorrow 3 Lynn Jacobson A liberated woman shall conquer all. Student Council 3, AFS 2, Features Editor-Yearbook 3, Philo 2-Vice Pres., 3-Pres. Band 1,2,3, Literary Magazine 3, Spanish Club 2, Musical 2, Play 1,2, Pepband 1,2,3, Stage Band 1,2, FTA 3, Badger Girls State Karen Ann Johnson Always in a hurry but never going anyplace. Pep Club 1,3, Student Council 2,3, GAA 1,3, Philo 2, Ski Club 1, Spanish Club 2. GFW 1Lori Ann Johnson She came a stranger and left a friend. Transfer 2, Chorus 3 Thomas Craig Johnson Well boys, your house or mine? Viking Likings 3, Norwegian Dancers 2, Football 1,2,3, Basketball 1, Ski Club 1,2, Intermurals 2,3, “S” Club 2.3 Gretchen Kaye Klepinger Give me song and a certain man and I'll be satisfied. AFS 2, Student Asst. 3, Chorus 1,2,3, Orchestra 1,2, Musical 1,3, Play 2,3, FTA 3 Valerie Kim Johnson When God handed out beauty and brains, she went back for seconds. Pep Club 2,3, Student Council 1, Class Officer 2. 3-Treas. German Club 2, GAA 1,2,3, Viking Likings 3, Senior EditorYearbook 3, Cheerleading 1,2,3-Capt. Philo 2,3, Student Asst. 2,3, Prom Court 2, Homecoming Court 3, GFW 1 Thomas V. Kahl I’m always in there pitching, hay that is. Wrestling 1,2,3 Dale A. Julseth David Philip Kennedy I'm on my way. . .out that is! His qualities are grand which puts him high in command. Homecoming Court 3, Football 1,2,3, Track 1,2,3! Weight Lifters 1,3, “S” Club 2.3 Sandra Lynn Kober Her world is an artistic show. Philo 1, GAA 2, AFS 1, German Club 1 %Melody Ann Kopke A genuine blonde. Pep Club 1,2,3-Treas. AFS 1,2,3, Student Asst. 1,2,3, FHA 1, Philo 2,3, GAA 1,2,3 Kristie Ann Larson Alot can be said in a few words. German Club 2, GAA 1, AFS 3, Philo 2 Sally Ann Larson A friend in need is a friend indeed. Pep Club 1,2, Student Council 1,2,3-Treas. GAA 1.2.3, Viking Likings 3, Cheerleading 1,2,3, Philo 2.3, Norwegian Dancers 3, Band 1,2,3 National Honor Society, 3 Gloria Jean Lane I just gotta get to town AFS 1 Steven George Kvalheim Like blood, music flows in my family. Norwegian Dancers 1, Chorus 1,2,3, SH Intern Technicians 3, Musical 1,3, Chess Club 3 T'-'Se Jill Ann Layton Small in size; but not on friends. Sheila Marie Landsverk If she has anything to do, she’ll do it well and see it through. Pep Club 2, GAA 3, AFS 2, Philo 2,3,Math Team 1,2, Ski Club 3, Spanish Club 2,3 National Honor Society, 3 Jeanne Mane Larson She can make the most of any situation. Pep Club 1,2,3, Class Of-ficer-Sec.-l,2, GAA 1,2,3, Viking Likings 3-Sec., Faculty Editor-Yearbook 3, Philo 2,3, Student Asst. 1, Ski Club 1. GFW 1 National Honor Society, 3 Janice Lynn LePine No better armed for life than she, with beauty, brains and personality. Pep Club 1,2,3, Student Council 2,3, GAA 1,2,3, Viking Likings 3, Cheerleading 1,2,3, Philo 2,3, Student Asst. 2, Homecoming Court 3, Ski Club 1,2,3, GFW 1, Track Queen 2 National Honor Society, 3 Jeffrey D. Livingston He’s everything that you presume. Chorus 2,3, Library Asst. 3, Musical 3 Susan Marie Linderud As Norwegian as the town, a nice person to have around. German Club 2, GAA 1,2,3, AFS 2, Philo 2,3 Band 1,2,3, Tennis 2,3, German Band Manager 3, Math Team 1, Track 3, Ski Club 1, Pep-band 1,2,3, Dance Band 2,3, Stage Band 2,3, National Honor Society 2,3 Allan Francis Long It’s determination that determines the man. FFA 1,2,3, Student Asst 1.2, Football 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2,3, “S” Club 2.3, Badger Boys State Mark R. Lunde In his car or on the track he’s hard to slow down. FFA 1,2,3, Viking Likings 1.2.3, Prom Court 2, Math Team 2,3, Football 1, FFA Basketball 1,2,3, Track 1.2.3, Weight Lifters 1,3, “S” Club 2,3, Spade 2 Nancy Joyce Marsh Days sweetest momenta are not shared alone. Pep Club 1,2,3, GAA 1,2,3, Cheerleading 1,2, Band 1,2,3, Majorette 2,3, GFW 1, Variety Show 1,2,3, Kathleen Melinda Manthe She only talks when she has to and alot of times she has to. FTA 2,3, FHA 2, Student Asst. 1, Library Asst. 3 John Richard Matson He can really keep things moving. Football 1,3, Track 1,2,3, Basketball 1, Band 1,2.3, Viking Likings JS. Intermurals 3, Weight Lifing 3, Norwegian Dancers 3. “S” Club 2,3, Variety Show 1Margaret Jane May Give me a horse and a wrestler of course. Pep Club 1,2,3, GAA 1,2,3, AFS 1, Philo 2,3, Track 1,2, Play 2, GFW 1, Debate 1 National Honor Society, 3 Haakon Agnar Mikkelson Sometimes I sit and think and other times I just sit. David L. McKichan Just give me a “hot truck" with a girl inside it. Student Asst 2, Football Mgr. 1, Track Mgr. 1, “S” Club 1, Chess Club 2 Laurie Jeanne Mayberry With eyes of blue she's silent and true. MFA 3, AFS 2,3, Paper Editor 3, Philo 2,3-Sec., Band 1,2,3, Ski Club 2,3, Spanish Club 2-Treas., Pepband 1,2,3, Stage Band 1 Linda Kay Melaas A smile can say thousand words. Pep Club 2,3, GAA 3, AFS 3, Ski Club 1,3, Spanish Club 3 Michael Dennis Moore I think 1 know more than you think I think. . .1 think. Patricia Ann Moore Don’t complicate things, just keep them simple. GAA 1, FHA 2,3-Pres. Jeffrey Scott Morgan He’s on his way to a great future. German Club 2, Band 1,2,3, German Band 2,3, Track 1,2,3, Pepband 1,2,3, Dance Band 2,3, Stage Band 2,3Janice Carol Nicholson It’s an awful lonesome job being good. Michael D. Olp It’s nice to have a certain mystery about you. National Honor Society, 3 Philo 2,3, Orchestra 2,3, Math Team 2,3, Chess Club 2,3, Science Club 3 National Honor Society, 3 Paul J. Olson A distiguished athlete and a right good fellow. German Club 2, Viking Likings 3, Paper Editor-Sports 3, Homecoming Court 3, Football 1,2,3, Intermurals 1,2,3, Weight Lifters 1,2,3, “S” Club 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2,3 Rebecca Linn Oncken My activities are my life. FFA 2,3, GAA 1,2,3, Philo 2.3, Band 1,2,3, Tennis 2, Math Team 1,2, Basketball 2.3, Pepband 1,2, National Honor Society 2,3, Volleyball 2,3 Cindy Lou Nachtigal A nicer girl could no where be found. Pep Club 2,3, GAA 1 Deborah Rene Nettum Highs, lows, everything goes. Ski Club 3, FT A 3 James A. Nettum His school work is better than his jokes. German Club 2, Viking Likings 3, Student Asst. 2,3, Wrestling 1,2,3, Math Team 1,2,3, Literary Magazine 1,2, Baseball 1,2,3, Play 1,2,3 Dean Marshall Nelson Organization is the key to every operation. Editor-in-Chief Yearbook 3, Band 1,2,3, Orchestra 1,2,3, Math Team 1,2,3, Pepband 2,3, Stage Band 1,2, Chess Club 2, Table Tennis 2, Science Club 2, National Honor Society 2,3, Rotary 3.Darrell Espen Ree He greets the world with a quiet smile. Chess Club 2 Marshall Robert Owen I’d made a hit in the legal field. Carol Ann Parizo I’ve finally made my choice. Chorus 2,3, Play 3, Student Asst. 2,3 Mark H. Pederson He came a stranger and left a friend. Kenneth Michael Peth His reasoning could confuse anyone. Student Council 1,2,3, Tennis 1,2,3, Intermurals 1,2,3, “S” Club 1,2,3, Chess Club 2, Table Tennis-Vice Pres. 2, Soccer 2 Vickie Lynn Popanz She can move right on through a day with a smile. Band 1,2, Basketball 3, Track 3, Pepband 1 John Charles Pundt He looks innocent, but is he really? Viking Likings 3, Tennis 1,2,3, Ski Club 2,3, Intermurals 2,3, Weight Lifters 2, Cross Country 2, Table Tennis 2, Soccer 2 Karen Elizabeth Peterson She can smooth out any rough edges. Pep Club 2, Student Council 3, AFS 2, Student Asst. 2,3,, Prom Court 2, Band 1,2,3, Ski Club 2, Pepband 1,2,3, Stage Band 2,3Steven Richard Sankbeil A friend to all, a foe to none; that's Scooby. Wrestling 1,2,3, Chorus 1 Football 1,2,3, “S” Club 1,2, Musical 1 Edward M. Ross I work hard for what I get. Brian Michael Santos All good men aren’t six feet tall; but it helps. Linda Lou Richmond Her way is all her own and she prefers it that way. Pep Club 1,2, Student Asst. 2, Chorus 1,2,3, Tennis 2,3, Ski Club 1,2,3, Musical 1, Debate Team 3 William Nathanial Rogers Always on the go, a fun guy to know. Jane Laird Richards Smile and people will wonder what you’ve been up to. Pep Club 1,2,3, German Club 2,3, GAA 1,2,3, AFS 1,2,3, Prom Court 2, FHA 2, Ski Club 1,2,3, GFW 1, Stage Crew 1 Band 2,3, Pep Band 1, Play 2, Musical 3, Ski Club 2, Student Asst. 2, Spanish Club 2,3 Mark William Rostowfske I came, I saw, and I graduated. Intermurals 1 Doreen Lynn Runge Those who do not speak are never quoted. I Barbara Lynn Sawle I Your smiles are I friendly, your ways are I true, the world has I needs for girls like you. B German Club 2,3. GAA 1,2, 1 MFA 2vice-Pres., 3-Pres., | AFS 2, Student Asst. 2, Band 1,2, Ski Club 1,2,3. Musical 3, Play 2,3 Donne Brian Seamonson When questions get a little tough, I just try a little bluff. Marlene Marie Singkofer Bright and friendly with a cheerful smile this girl will travel all the while. Dennis A. Schumann He never rnet a girl he didn t like and never had a car he did. Viking Likings 3. AFS Red Cross i. Ski Club l Intermurals 1,2.3 Darcy Ann Seamonson Life would be perfect except for one thing. . . imperfection. Pep Club 1,2,3, Student Council 1,2, German Club 1,2,3. GAA 1.2,3, Philo 2, Ski Club 2,3, Spanish Club 3, GFW 1 Michael Edward Showers All the qualities of a true friend. Band 1,2,3, Wrestling 2, Football 1,2,3, Intermurals 3, Baseball 2,3 Denise Helen Schmit If silence were golden, she’d be King Midas. GAA 3, Chorus 3, Musical 3 John Henry Smet What he can't do, can’t be done. Chorus 2,3, Tennis 2, Student Council 1,2,3-Pres., Weight Lifters 1,3, Spanish Club 1,2, Musical 3, Play 1,2,3, Cross Country 1,2, Forensics 1,2,3, Badger Boys State, Table Tennis 2, Debate, Prom Court 2. National Honor Society, 3Lynn Marie Swingen She hopped in her car and rode off wildly in all directions. GAA 3, Philo 2,3, Student Asst. 3, Chorus 1,2,3, Math Team 1, Musical 1,2,3. National Honor Society, 3 Norman Erec Toso Doing as your always told - makes you dull and not as bold! Student Council 3, Tennis 2,3, Wrestling 1,3, Spanish Club 2,3 Dorothy Margaret Smith England picked the best to send to Stoughton. Jeffery C. Strandlie Easy on the compliments, but hard on his opponents. Viking Likings 3, “S” Club 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2,3, Football 3, Norwegian Dancers 2,3. John Mark Sphatt III An athletic man who achieves his goals. Pep Club 2 3, GAA 1,2,3, MFA 2,3-Treas., Student Asst. 2, Band 1,2, Ski Club 1,2,3, Musical 2,3, Play 2,3, Wrestling Mascot 2,3. Homecoming Court 3, Band 1.2.3, Golf 1,2,3, Football 1.2.3, Ski Club 3, Weight Lifters 1.2,3, “S”Club 1,2,3, Dance Band 3, Stage Band 3, Badger Boys State 2, Variety Show 1,2,3, National Honor Society, 3 Patricia Elaine Strong Gay and witty; full of chat, these are the qualities of our Pat. Sherrie Sundseth She tried Florida, she came back. but Deborah Gwen Swenson A good smile can get you anywhere.Jon G. Trieloff Start out small and work your way up! Band 1,2,3, Chorus 1,2, German Band 1,2,3, Orchestra 1,2,3, Weight Lifters 1,2, Pepband 1,2,3, Dance Band 1,2,3, Stage Band 1,2,3 Stacey Leona Tyler One thing I can say is I never give up. Pep Club 2,3, Viking Likings 3, GAA 1,2,3, AFS 3, Cheerleading 1,3, Band 1.2.3, Tennis 2,3, Basketball 2.3, Track 2,3, Ski Club 3, Pepband 1,2,3, Majorette 1, Christmas Dance Court 3 Sharon Lynn Utermark I have more fun in the social life; I run. Pep Club 2,3, GAA 1,2,3, Viking Likings 3, AFS 2,3, Cheerleading 2,3, Philo 2,3, Band 1,2,3, Math Team 1,3, Pepband 1,2,3, Stage Band 1, Majorette 1, National Honor Society 2,3, Girls Volleyball 1 Marla Ann Umhoefer I'll argue though the point be small, you can’t let the teacher say it all. German Club 2,3, AFS 2,3, Track 3, SkiClub 1,2,3, Musical 3 Theresa Sue Vike A man awaits her graduation. Pep Club 2,3, GAA 2,3, Student Asst. 3, Band 1,2, Track 2,3, Pepband 2, Volleyball 2, Catp 3. Susan Marie Utermark I have more fun when I can jump and run. Pep Club 2,3, GAA 1,2-Sec., 3, AFS 2,3, Philo 2,3, Band 1.2.3, Math Team 1,2,3, Basketball 2,3, Track 1,2,3, Pep Band 1,2,3, Stage Band 1, Majorette 1,2, Volleyball 1.3, National Honor Society 3 Lois Jean Vetter She overtakes everything she undertakes. German Club 2,3, AFS 2,3, Philo 2,3, Student Asst. 2, Band 1,2,3, National Honor Society 3 Cheryl Ann Vike She looks like an angel acts like one to, but you never know what an angel might do. GAA 1, Chorus 3, Musical 3Susan Wisersky Hair for miles, all giggles and smiles; that's our queen. Pep Club 2,3, Student Council 3, GAA 1,2,3, □asses Editor-Yearbook 3, Student Asst. 2,3, Norwegian Dancers 2,3, Prom Court 2, Homecoming Queen 3, Orchestra 1,2, Musical 1, Viking Likings 3. Susan A. Wethal That for which she aims, she shall acquire. Pep Club 1,2,3, Student Council 1,2,3, German Club 2, GAA 1,2-Sec., V Pres. 3, MFA 3, Viking Likings 3, AFS 1,3-Treas., Co Editor -in-Chief Yearbook 3, Cheerleading 2,3, Student Asst 2,3, Prom Queen 2, Homecoming Court 3, Ski □ub 1,2,3, Musical 2,3, Play 2,3. Beth Louise Wendt A very picturesque person. AFS 1,2,3, Organization Editor-Yearbook 3, Philo 1,2, Student Asst. 2, Tennis 1.2.3, Orchestra 1,2,3, Ski Club 1,2, Musical 1,3, Play 1.2.3. Daniel D. Wethal Early to bed, early to rise, and you don’t have as much fun as the other guys. FFA 1,2,3, Intermurals 3, Baseball 1,3, Viking Likings 3 Roger Arnold Wilberg It’s always good to get away for a while. Band 1,2,3, German Club 2.3, Intermurals 2, Weight Lifters 1, Track 2, Pepband 1.2.3, Dance Band 1,2,3, Stage 1,2,3. Cheryl Raye Wood Everything you do is not an act. Pep Club 1, GAA 1,2, MFA 3, Chorus 1,2,3, Red Cross 1,2, Musical 1,3, Play 1,2,3. Lois Louise Williford She gets what she wants, when she wants it. Red Cross 1, GAA 1,2,3 Ann Wipperfurth Thompson Everyone deserves someone; and she found him.Gregory Allen Woods A guy well worth knowing. Football 2, Wrestling 1,2, "S” Club 2 William J. Zeimet School? Yes 1 drop in occasionaly. Sue Anne Woods Like a star she’s out every night. Robert Paul Coker For his size he gets into the most of everything. Missing from Graduation Ceremonies, due to an accident in the fall of our senior year, is Jon Onsrud. Although he will be graduating at a later time, he will always be remembered as a member of our class, the Class of 1974.Eric Johnson’s death in the fall of our senior year destroyed a part of us all. His creativity, talent, and wit were things we anticipated and loved. A warm personality and kind friend; these will always be the qualities that bring him to mind It is at this time that we remember these two classmates who would have graduated with us also. Nancy Kleuver, who was taken from us in third grade, and Paul Woodhouse, who died during the autumn of eighth grade. The class of 1974 will include them alwaysClass of Junior Class Officers Assuming the role of Junior Class Officers are from left to right; Rand Roslak, Pres.; Sara Stokstad, Vice Pres.; Sue Helmke, Treas.; and Rhonda Rein, Secretary. Mrs. Carpenter Row 1: L. Anderson, F. Anderson, L. Anderson, J. Alme, N. Anderson, M. Anderson; Row 2: D. Adams, R. Anderson, D. Anderson, J. Arneson, B. Backus, C. Bakken, E. Anderson. Mrs. Norem Row 1: S. Brietzman, S. Bradley, J. Bilhorn, K. Brickson, R. Brietzman, J. Bemdt, S. Breisath, D. Bitter; Row 2: D. Bakken, J. Bowers, D. Bjelke, D. Bolender, J. Beckwith, H. Brantmeyer, J. Bradley, L. Bronte.Mr. Smillie Row 1: S. Burmeister, M. Brown, C. Dallmann, G. Cahee, J. Crane, K. Brown, C. Croft, C. Conrad; Row 2: K. Couch, T. Bush, M. Christopher, J. Christiansen, N. Contreraz, K. Buss, 0. Byrne, J. Broughton. Mr. Roloff L. Finder, T. Flood, J. Erdahl, D. Ehle, L. Dybevik, B. Favreau, S. Flattem; Row 2: J. Dougall, L. Elliott, M. DeRemer, R. Douglas, P. Deegan, D. Dyreson. Mr. Kubale J. Furseth, N. Gassen, J. Forrer, J. Grefsheim, R. Fritch, C. Halverson K. Gander; Row 2: D. Gretebeck, S. Fuller, R. Granrud, D. Gjertson, K. Gunderson, G. Grady, J. Gerber. Mr. Gregorich Row 1: L Hougan, M. Hougan, S. Ingels, B. Johnson, J. Jenks, C. Jensen; Row 2: G. Jerdee, J. Holpin, G. Jacobson, T. Janisch, N. Horn. Mr. Wilde Row 1: S. Hanson, S. Helmke, J. Harris, S. Hierlmeier, T. Heinzeroth, S. Hiles, B. Hanson; Row 2: J. Hanson, S. Hanson, H. Halverson, C. Helmstetter, S. Hermanson, L. Havey, K. Heggestad.Mr. Siggelkow Row 1: S. Kuhlman, E. Link, P. Lunde, L. Lathrop, L. Lang; Row 2: G. Linnerud, B. Lausch, J. Lauretic, T. Lynch, P. Larsen, N. Linderud. Mr. Pieper Row 1: D. Juve, C. Johnson, G. Knickmeier, V. Jorgenson, R. Karlslyst, D. Kamin, G. Knipfer; Row 2: S. Kittleson, P. Johnson, B. Koenig, K. Kath, J. Kelm, B. Keehn, K. Klitzke, C. Johnson. Mrs. Schier Row 1: J. Miles, B. Maerz, L. Mathison, L. Martin, M. May, H. Mikkelson, R. Mathison; Row 2: R. Martinson, K. Mandley, D. Masters, J. Mcgruer, B. Maas, M. Maerz. Mrs. Pauli Row 1: K. Moore, W. Nachtigal, D. Nelson, K. Nelson, D. Nettum; Row 2: B. Nelson, R. Mudler, K. Misgen, N. Monsen, D. Moy, J. Monson. Mr. Meyer Row 1: R. Padfield, K. Oncken, M. Nordlie, R. Padfield, S. Owen, R. Olson, A. Orcutt; Row 2: M. Ophus, R. Offerdahl, J. Olson, C. Olson, K. Norland, D. Olson, M. Norgaren, M. Palmen.Mr. Hubing Row 1: R. Rein, K. Phun-dheller, R. Raisbeck, P. Peterson, M. Quale, D. Peterson; Row 2: D. Rhyner, T. Pirkl, F. Potratz, R. Peterson, S. Paton, J. Ramsden, J. Riddle. Mr. Zenner Row 1: D. Schenck, R. Roslak, S. Shackleton, B. Rustad, I. Severson, S. Rowe, C. Schmidt, T. Schwartz; Row 2; P. Sannes, J. Roidt, T. Rigdon, C. Sagen, D. Seamonsen, J. Severson, S. Schammel. Mr. Gohlke Row 1: S. Smedal, S. Skinner, . Stai, L. Schiller, D. Spangler, [•. Staffacher, C. Shimniok. Row :: J. Smithback, D. Squire, B. ihelley, M. Sissons, D. Sharp, K. itelzer, K. Skavlen, D. Sperstad. Mr. Baltzer D. Timm, D. Van Fossen, L. Thompson, L. Thompson, T. Thompson, S. Stokstad, T. Venden, L. Toapfer; Row 2: T. ■Van Steenderen, M. Sunoo, J. Strickland, R. Thruman, B. Kwoboda, R. Ursino, J. Swenson, W. Strieker, D. Swenson. Mr. Harried Row 1: A. Weigel, D. Wahl, P. Venske, B. Zeimet, B. Whitford, J. Wideen, T. Wolf; Row 2; C, Wolf, M. Wake, 0. Will, J. Watson, D. Zweep, R. Vester-dahl.Class of ’76 Sophmore Class Officers The student administration for the class of '76 is from left to right; Roxanne Roslak, Pres.; Marie Hergenroether, Treas.; Kevin Costello, Vice Pres.; and Julie Quam, Secretary. Mrs. Barry Row 1: L. Anderson, M. Beckstrand, J. Anderson, D. Allen, D. Bayer, C. Backus, B. Benson, D. Anderson; Row 2: C. Anderson, J. Beckwith, D. Bates, V. Blegen, B. Benschop, T. Bennett, J. Barber, J. Baum. Mrs. Brewster Row 1: S. Brush, C. Carpenter, R. Conant, S. Bradley, L. Bowers, S. Canaan, B. Boyd; Row 2: E. Christafferson, J. Christianson, R Brown. R. Christensen, S. Comstock, J. Contreraz, L. Bronte, N. Coon.Mr. Koenig T. Crawford, S. Dietzman, D. Dickson, B. Dvorak, B. Cottrell, J. Ehle, D. Dahl, M. Dickman, R. Engsberg; Row 2: K. Costello, S. Erdahl, R. Erickson, B. Dahl, M. DeRemer, D. Dvorak, C. Cox, J. DeRosia, J. Davis. Mr. Marshall D. Gjertson, S. Erickson, K. Gallwitz, S. Fuller, T. Erickson, S. Eugster, B. Fessenden; Row 2: R. Friedle, M. Fossen, K. Fuller, D. Fuller, S. Gallacher, A. Gjestson, S. Fuller, D. Grilley. Miss Dvorachek A. Guetzke, J. Gullickson, C. Hack, D. Haizel, B. Magen, S. Hanson. P. Halverson; Row 2: M. Hansen, M. Gunderson, T. Hayden, R. Hansen, R. Gullickson, P. Heggestad, M. Hansen, C. Halverson. Mr. Berken Row 1: C. Judd, K. Johnson, M. Johnson, C. Johnson, C. Johnson, C. Jones, S. Hull; Row 2: Holzhuter, M. Johnson, D. Johnson, J. Karlslyst, T. Hubing, S Jensen, C. Jackson. Mr. Mitchell Row 1: D. Hoff, R. Holman, V. Hoff, P. Hess, M. Hensel, M. Hergenroether, C. Holpin, Row 2: B. Hermundstad, G. Holzhuter, J. Hermanson, J. Holcomb, J. Holcomb.Mr. Mackenzie A. Laundrie, J. Knox, J. Knipfer, T. Kittleson, J. Klepinger, B. Klitzke, J. Larson; Row2: R. Kind, G. Klingaman, J. Lamers, J. Kober, I, Kinnamon, D. Larsen. Mr. Shumate Row 1: J. Lynch, G. Martin, D. Matuseske, R. Maurer, R. Leikness, K. Martinson, J. Lloyd, K. Lunde; Row 2: K. Manthe, S. Lock, T. Marshall, R. Livingston, P. Lippitt, D. Lock, J. Long, D. Martinson. Mr. Venske K. Moe, D. McDermott, M. McCormick, L. Midthun, J. Nettum, C. Mitchell, S. Monson. Row 2: B. Muehleribruch, B. Mayberry, M. Nelson, J. Moen, J. Moen, K. Nielsen, C. Moy, T. Mitchell. Mr. Gibbon Row 1: M. O’Connell, G. Obrecht, R. Olson, C. Peterson, K. Peterson, J. Peterson, C. Olson, P. Olp; Row 2: C. Pieper, T. Oberlander, C. Olson, R. Olday, N. Pederson, S. Olson, D. Nyhagen, D. Olstad. Mr. Marek Row 1: K. Raisbeck, A. Rein, R. Roslak, C. Raimond, J. Quam, J. Quam, L. Richards; Row 2: R. Radecki, P. Price, R. Ramos, B. Rostowfske, R. Rice, C. Pirkl, M. Ross, M. Plank.Mrs. Wedeward L. Silbaugh, J. Siebert, R. Smith, J. Scheldrup, R. Smith, K. Smillie, M. Smet; Row 2: S. Sharp, D. Schammel, D. Seamonson, D. Slater, M. Rustad, T. Seamonson, C. Sissons, D. Schroeder. Mrs. Droster Row 1: L. Starostaovic, B. Squire, S. Toso, D. Swenson, J. Stockwell, R. Struzynski, L. Swalheim, S. Swoboda; Row 2: D. Thompson, D. Stronach, S. Spangler. J. Straub, P. Tenjum, A. Sviatoslavsky, D. Topp, S. Swenson, J. Swenson. Mr. Halverson Row 1: M. Wethal, A. Veum, D. Wittig, B. Vike, C. Wood, J. Vedvig, S. Woodstock, V. Wethal; Row 2: C, Vike, D. Zweep, H. Turville, A. White, D. Wisersky, D. Weaver, G. Wall, J. Zwemke.HOMECOMING E R E T H E R E E V E R Y W H E R E -■-i QUEEN SUE KING DANDOROTHY SMITH Escorted by JACK SPHATT JANICE LEPINE Escorted by PAL E BALDWIN VAL JOHNSON Escorted by DALE JLLSETH SUE WETHAL Escorted by PAI L OLSON LYNN GARDNER Escorted by TERRY GILBERIFinian’s RainbowBand Varieties 1974“Stairway To Heaven” Prom Queen Linda King TomKris Nordland escorted by Dean Reiner Judy A hue escorted by Rand Roslak Beth Favreau escorted by Ron Vesterdahl Rhonda Rien escorted by Boh I At use ItNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - Seniors Row 1 - Susan Linderud, Mary Grefsheim, Jack Sphatt, Mark Lunde, Margaret Daffner, Sheila Landsverk, and Michael Olp; row 2 - Catherine Dahl, Janice LePine, Margaret May, Sally Larson, Jeanne Larson, Rebecca Oncken; and Janice Nicholson; row 3 - Sue Utermark, Sharon Utermark, Bonnie Daemmrich, Nicole Allen, Stephen Christiansen, Jeffrey Hougan, and James Nettum; row 4 -Lynn Jacobson, John Smet, Lynn Swingen, Valerie Johnson, Lois Vetter, Barbara Durrant, and Eric Toso; row 5 - Dean Nelson. Senior Honors Row l - Alan Hoi tan, Lynn Gardner, Patricia Strong. Terry Gilbert, Susan Wethal, Susan Wisersky, and Steven Hougan; row 2 - Dennis Austin, James Amundson, Michael Anderson, Melody Kopke, Gretchen Klepinger, Mary Ganshert, and Sandra Kober; row 3 - Allan Long, Rob Conant, Jeff Morgan, Bruce Barry, Teresa Iverson, Karen Peterson, and Beth Wendt; row 4 - Steve Holman and Susan Edison.Badger State Row one - Jean McGruer and Sara Stokstad; row two - Thomas Lynch, Jeffrey Kelm, Lynn Havey, John Gerber, Rand Roslak, and Charles Helmstetter National Honor Society Spoon and Spade JUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row one: Jon Christiansen, Shelley Waite, Sue Breitzman, and Kathy Misgen; row two: Jean McGruer, Judy Alme, Brenda Maerz, and Diane VanFossen; row three: Julie Smith-back, Karen Pfundheller, Debra Ehle, and Pam Venske. SPOON AND SPADE Rand Roslak Judy Alme2IST mUAL $onor £lUkirt)8 banquet sponsored by Stoughton Jaycees THURSDAY, m 9, 1979 HIGH SCHOOL COMMONS 7: ©0 P.M. AMERICAN LEGION GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARDS John Smet ROTARY AWARDS Bonnie Daemmrich Margaret Daffner Lynn Gardner Stephen Holman John Smet James Amundson Bruce Barry Terry Gilbert Gretchen Klepinger Allan Long Karen Peterson Patricia Strong Beth Wendt Susan Wethal Susan Wisersky SPOON Judy Alme SPADE Rand Roslak LIONS DEPARTMENT AWARDS Agriculture Art Business Education English Foreign Language Home Economics Ind. Arts, Graphics Arts Ind. Arts, Metals Welding Ind. Arts. Woodworking Mathematics Science Social Studies Speech-Dram a Margaret Daffner Eric Toso Mary Ganshert Lynn Jacobson Lois Vetter Melody Kopke Michael Anderson Steven Hougan Alan Holtan Stephen Christiansen Dennis Austin Bonnie Daemmrich Stephen Holman SCHOLARSHIPS STOUGHTON HOSPITAL AUXILIARY Stephen Christiansen JESSE MOORE Bonnie Daemmrich, Margaret Daffner, Jeffrey Hougan, Rebecca Oncken NELSON MUFFLER Dean Nelson, Susan Linderud UNIROYAL James Nettum ROTARY Terrv Gilbert, John Smet, Sharon Utermark, Susan Utermark FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN Mary Grefsheim JAYCEES Robert Conant, Gretchen Klepinger, Beth Wendt, Janice Nicholson LIONS Sheila Landsverk, Jack Sphatt, Janice LePine FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Lynn Gardner PHILOMATHIA Lynn Jacobson, Margaret May JAYCETTES IDA OSTERHELD CHRIST LUTHERAN MICHAEL HANSON ANDREW AND CORDIA CALHOUN VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS ENTRE NOUS MEDICAL FIELDS OF AMERICA NEW CENTURY Valerie Johnson Nicole Allen Jeffrey Morgan Karen Peterson Mark Lunde Catherine Dahl Lynn Gardner Teresa Iverson Sandra Kober CARROLL ERICKSON JAMES WILLIAMS OBED I NOREM MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Stephen Holman Steven Hougan Susan Edison ARION AWARD-Vocal Gretchen Klepinger ARION AWARD-Instrumental Stephen Christiansen BADGER BOYS STATE John Gerber Lynn Havey Jeffrey Kelm Thomas Lynch Rand Roslak Chuck Helmstetter BADGER GIRLS STATE Jean McGruer Sara Stokstad NATIONAL OBSERVER NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY John Smet Nicole Allen Stephen Christiansen Bonnie Daemmrich Margaret Daffner Catherine Dahl Barbara Durrant Mary Grefsheim Jeffrey Hougan Lynn Jacobson Valerie Johnson Seniors Sheila Landsverk Jeanne Larson Sally Larson Janice LePine Susan Linderud Mark Lunde Margaret May Dean Nelson James Nettum Janice Nicholson Michael Olp Rebecca Oncken John Smet Jack Sphatt Lynn Swingen Eric Toso Sharon Utermark Susan Utermark Lois Vetter Judy Alme Nancy Anderson Sue Breitzman Jon Christiansen Debra Ehle Juniors Brenda Maerz Jean McGruer Kathleen Misgen Karen Pfundheller Julie Smithback Dianne VanFossen Pam Venske Shelley WaiteProm 1973Honors Banquet 1973Y ahara Editors Dean Nelson Co Editor in Chief Paul Coon Art Editor Sue Wisersky Homeroom Editor Beth Wendt Organization Editor Sue Wethal Co Editor in Chief Jeanne I rson Bob Engels Faculty Editor Sports Editor Val Johnson Nicki Allen Senior Editor Girls Sports Editor Lynn Jacobson Features Editor Parrot Editors Laurie Mayberry, Bonnie Daemmrich, Paul OlsonLiterary Magazine Lynn Jacobson, Editor; Paul Coon, Cover Art. Student Council Officers: S. Larson-Treas.. J. Smet-Pres., J. Alme-Sec., L. Thompson-Vice Pres. Row 1: K. Brickson, J. Holcomb, M. Smet, C. Backus, D. Nyhagen, G. Martin, J. LePine, D. Jerdee. Row 2: M. Halverson, S. Skinner, L. Finder. L. Mathison, J. McGruer, B. Maerz, M. Dickman, C. Olson, S. Wethal. Row 3: S. Hansen, P. Deegan, B. Barry, L. Jacobson, K. Peterson, M. Hansen, E. Toso, J. Holzhuter, M. Grefsheim, S. Wisersky.Viking BandsPep Band Stage Band Dance BandMajorettes Drum Major German BandOrchestra Row 1: K.C., J.R., J.L., B.G., S.S., J.N., P.V. Row 2: R.B., J.K., D.S., B.M., K.K., B.C., M S., B.W Row 3: S.M., K.V., C.C., L.N., R.S., T.F., K.S., P.S., A.W., J.L. Row 4: D.B., S.S., K.C., L.H., B.B., K.D., P.J. Not pictured. G.l. Chorus Row 1: P.P., J.B., G.M., L.S., C.P Row 2: B.F., R.S., J.Q., S.S., J.Z., L.R., C.V., G W., L.M., L.H., D.A., D.S., J.S. Row 3: S.S., N.P., L.J., C.E., K.H.. J.K., D.S., S.L., C.W., V.J., B.M., N H G.K. Row 4: S.K., J.L., S.S., K.M., B.B., S.H., J.M., J.S., J.A., K.C., S.H., R.P., S B.AFS Officers: J. Amundson-Pres., S. Stokstad-Sec., L. Mathison-Vice Pres., S. Wethal-Treas. Row 2: K.d., m.u., j.g., s.s., j.m., m.h., s.t., j.h., b.m., d.d., d.l., l.m., k.h. Row 3: B.W., L.T., L.A., S.P., J.A., S.H., S.K., K.L., J.S., M R., C.J., P.S., B.S. Row 4: L.M., F.C., M.Q., N.H., L.D., S.S., L.T., J.J., C.D., A.B., L.B., R.R., ,.S„ G.M., P.D. Dorothy SmithRow 1: M.H., P.L., R.C., J.S., S.T., T.P., M.H., D.N., E.L., S.L. Row 2: J.F., D.S., A.G., T.T., K.D., M.U., D.D., B.M., P.H., J.H., C.B., S.E., C.O., L.S. Row 3: D.A., C.J., J.S., J.S., L.M., S.S., N.H., L.M., S.S., J.A., L.B., S.W., K.P., D.S. Row 4: J.S., D.E., B.B., J.R., S.S., L.D., K.S., K.P., S.H., K.S., S.F., N.G., L.G., J.L., S.B. Row 5: R.M.,'M.N„ B.Z., K.B., D.R., M.M., K.M., S.H., T.V., P.D., L.A., C.J., S.R., J.R., J.A. Row 6: L.M., V.J., C.J., J.P., C.P., H.T., T.O., D.M., J.B., J.R., D.S., B.F., L.R., P S. Ski Club Pep Club Row 1: D. Swenson, S. Utermark, J. Harris, L. Mathison, N. Hom, N. Gassen, J. McGruer, S. Skinner, C. Erickson, T. Vike, J. Holcomb, K. Peterson, P. Lippitt, S. Tyler, V. Johnson, J. Smith-back. Row 2: K. Skavlen, B. Favreau, M. Quale, L. Schiller, T. Venden, S. Hansen, J. Furseth, C. Olson, J. Zwemke, J. Quam, D. Nyhagen, C. Backus, P. Hess, J. Larson, C. Hickcox, S. Wethal. Row 3: M. Hougan, M. Norgaren, R. Mathison, J. Crane, J. Crane, J. Grefsheim, L. Thompson, M. Smet, M. Hergenroether, C. Jackson, J. LePine, N. Marsh, S. Bersing, M. May, P. Strong. J. Ramsden. T Kittleson. Row 4: B. Zeimet, L. Anderson, K. Buss, S. Utermark, T. Thompson, D. Peterson, R. Fritch, J. Alme, L. Dybevik, L. Thompson, S. Stokstad, S. Helmke, C. Hanson, L. Melaas, J. Bailey, D. Seamonson, K. Horner. Not present: S. Wisersky.Philo Big Sisters Row 1: L. Jacobson-Pres., B. Wendt, L. Mayberry-Sec., M. Grefsheim, L. Gardner, S. Larson Row 2: T. Iverson, S. Linderud, C. Dahl, J. Nicholson, S. Landsverk, B. Daemmrich, V. Johnson, J. Larson, P. Daffner Row 3: L. Swingen, S. Utermark, N. Allen, S. Utermark, G. Erickson, M. May, J. LePine, J. Bailey, m. Kopke Philo Little Sisters Row 1: S. Brietzman, P. Venske, M. Quale-Vice pres., M. Hougan-Treas., N. Anderson, S. Hansen Row 2: D. Van Fossen, K. Misgen, S. Burmeister, R. Fritch, B. Maerz, T. Thompson, D. Dyreson, D. Ehle Row 3: S. Helmke, J. McGruer, L. Mathison, J. Alme, K. Phundheller, K. Stelzer, K. Brickson, J. SmithbackRow l: Bob Sawle, Pres., L. Bronte, Sec., P. Strong, Treas .K. Brickson, V. Pres., S. Ingles, K. Brickson Row 2: T. Venden, C. Shimniok, S. Brietzman, T. Iverson, L. Mayberry, F. Patraz, C. Wood, S. Wethal FTA Row 1: G. Klepinger, D. Huebner, A. Beckwith-Sec., K. Heggestad, P. Strong-Treas .M. Halverson-Vice Pres. Row 2: A. Thompson, D. Anderson, D. Slater, S. Dietzman, L. Jacobson.FFA 1st Row: John Arneson, Pres., Linda Martin, Vice Pres., Laurie Hye, Sec., Greg Knickmeier, Reporter, Richard Martinson, Setenial, Norm Monsen, Treasurer. 2nd Row: D. Thompson, D. Martinson, D. Allen, B. Rustad, N. Allen, B. Daemmrich, P. Peterson, P. Daffner, G. Jacobson, A. Anderson, B. Oncken, S. Kulhmun, K. Oncken, M. Rustad, C. Anderson, C. Bakken, D. Olson, S. Williams, M. Nordlie. 4th Row ???????? D. Jacobson, R. Blomgren, R. Blomgren, M. Moore, E. Link, B. Heiser, J. Hull, D. Gretebeck, R. Engsberg, J. Faureau. 5th Row: S. Lock, D. Foss, D. Rhyner, K. Felio, T. Kahl, M. Hanson, G. Knipfer, M. Wethel, R. Strunski, M. Helley, A. Long. FHA 1st Row: P. Moore, S. Shackleton, J. Beckwith, F. Anderson, K. Brickson, S. Dietzman. 2nd Row: J. Miles, D. Bitter, K. Moore, S. Breizeth, F. Potratz. 3rd Row: B. Maas, D. Van Fossen, D. Ehle, S. Caanon.Row 1: C. Olson, P. Baldwin, T. VanSteenderen, R. Roslak, B. Maerz, S. Ingels, C. Pieper, D. Wisersky. Row 2: S. Brietzman, P. Venske, S. Jensen, C. Jones, D. Ehle, S. Hiles, E. Link, C. Mitchell, E. Anderson, D. Dyreson. Row 3: S. Erickson, L. Silbaugh, L. Thompson, L. Finder, S. Helmke, C. Sissons, L. Anderson, C. Dahl, L. Benson, K. Martinson. Row 4: T. Bennett, P. Heggestad, G. Ovrecht, R. Olson, S. Sharp, D. Seamonson, J. Bailey, J. Richards, P. Olp, R. Rein. Row 5: K. Manthe, M. Umhoefer, M. Beckstrand, W. Strieker, J. Holpin, D. Kamin, C. Helmstetter. Not present: S. Bradley. Spanish Club Row 1: M. Dickman, C. Backus, D. Anderson, K. Horner. Row 2: C. Hanson, C. Johnson, K. Smillie, K. Johnson, K. Donnelly, L. Midthun, J. Scheldrup, D. Larsen. Row 3: J. Beckwith, L. Melaas, S. Landsverk, L. Hanson, P. Strong, M. Smet, P. Hess, A. Gjeston, D. Nyhagen. Row 4: A. Laundrie, D. Seamonson, D. Peterson, I. Severson, V. Jorgenson, M. Hergenroether, C. Jensen, Not present: L. Jacobson. German ClubScience Club Row 1: S. Kuhlman-Pres., J. Kelm-vice Pres., J. Nicholson-Treas., P. Venske-Sec. Row 2: K. Couch, R. Karlslyst, C. Shimniok, C. Mitchell. Row 3: T. Hubing, C. Judd, E. Anderson. Math Team Row 1: S. Christiansen, J. Erdahl, P. Johnson, Mr. Smith, G. Cahee, D. McDermott, S. Fuller, T. Hubing. Row 2: J. Hougan, B. Benjemin, J. Nettum, D. Nelson, K. Couch, C. Johnson, J. Her-manson, R. Holman, S. Utermark. Row 3: N. Allen, S. Utermark, R. Fritch, K. Phundheller, S. Helmke, J. Nicholson, R. Roslak, B. Radecki, T. Bennett.Chess Club Row l: J. Kelm-Pres., K. Couch-Vice Pres.. S. Kvalheim. Row 2: S. Kuhlman, D. Masters Nicholson. J. Library Assistants Row 1: S. Ingels, D. Huebner, D. Anderson, L. Richards, L. Thompson. Row 2: J. Erdahl, K. Brown, M. Grefsheim, S. Schammel, J. Grefsheim, J. Crane, S. Breisath.“S” Club Row 1: D. Julseth, S. Sankbeil, P. Olson, J. Hougan, J. Strandlie, J. Matson. Row 2: M. Showers, S. Holman, J. Sphatt, P. Baldwin, A. Long Row 3: C. Sagen, A. Weigel, D. Moy, O. Byrne, T. van-Steenderen, P. Johnson. Row 4: T. Lynch, C. Vike, M. Gunderson, A Rein, K. Moe, J. Lynch. Viking Liking Row 1: J. Favreau, J. Hougan, P. Olaon, C. Hlckcox, L. Gardner, J. Strandlie, C. Henael. Row 2: P. Gunderson, M. Lunde, D. Furseth, B. Bates, V. Johnson! D. Wethal. Row 3: M. Grefsheim, D. Foss, S. Larson, K. Felio, T. Johnson, J. Matson. Row 4: T. Gilbert, J. Pundt, J. Brietzman, S. Wisersky. Row 5: M. Anderson, T. Erickson, S. Wethal. Row 6: J. Larson-Sec., P. Coon-Treas. Row 7: L. Eifert-Vice Pres., B. Engels-Pres.F orensics Row 1: B. Barry, S. Holman, J. Smet. Row 2: P. Daffner, C. Brown, P. Venske, K. Heggestad. Row 3: B. Maertz, C. Martinson, C. Erickson. Debate Team Row 1: P. Venske, A. Orcutt, B. Maerz. Row 2: S. Brusch, L. Richmond, J. Smet, Mrs. SchierVolleyball 1st League Volleyball 2nd League Bowling Champs - Wed. Bowling Champs - Thur. Basketball Champs Officers D. Schroeder - Soph. Rep., R. Rein - Sec., B. Daemmrich - Pres., S. Stockstad - Treas., S. Wethal - Vice Pres., R. Fritch - Sec., S. Eugster -Soph. Rep.Intern Technicians Row 1: B. Barry, D. Heubner, J. Kelm, J. Erdahl, S. Kvalheim. Row 2: R. Granrud, D. Bakken, K. Couch, R. Karlslist, G. Grady, T. Oberlawder. Red Cross Row 1: D. Huebner, C. Wood, T. Iverson, C, Dahl, L. Benson. Row 2: L. Hougan, A. Beckwith, M. Christopher, J. Jenks, S. Shackleton, D. Ehle.Norwegian Dancers Row 1: S. Schammel, S. Wisersky, J. Holzhuter, L. Gardner, S. Paton. Row 2: T. Van Steenderen, S. Larson, S. Smedal, J. Roidt, M. Hanson, K. Pfundheller. Row 3: J. Amundson, S. Toso, P. Johnson, K. Stelzer, J. Strandlie, J. Matson, P. Baldwin. Intermurals Row 1: D. VVethal, D. Foss, B. Engels, K. Felio, T. Johnson. Row 2: J. Brietzman, M. Anderson, E. Eifort, J. Punt, M. Showers. Row' 3: P. Coon, K. Gunderson, J. Matson, P. Olson. Row 4: R. Brietzman, A. Weigal, N. Monson, G. Knickmeier. Row 5: M. Rostowfske, ??, R. Erickson, ??Cheer Leaders FOOTBALL S. Tyler, C. Hickcox, S. Larson, K. Stelzer, V. Johnson, S. Utermark, L. Dybevik, J. LePine, L. Gardner BASKETBALL Row 1: K. Norland, C, Hickcox, L. Finder Row 2: M. Halverson, S. Larson J.V. Sara Toso, Cynthia Jackson, Sara Paton, Nancy Linderud, Mary Jo Smet, Mary Hensel. WRESTLING L. Dybevik, K. Stelzer, J. LePine, V. Johnson, S. WethalRow 1: J. Strandlie, T. Gilbert, J. Smithback, D. Bitters, M. Showers, P. Baldwin, J. Sphatt, J. Matson, M. Pederson. Row 2: K. Costello, B. Benschop, C. Vike, D. Julseth, P. Johnson, T. Van Steenderen, S. Sankbeil, P. Olson, M. Sunoo, R. Vesterdahl. Row 3: M. Gunderson, J. Holzhuter, D. Dvorak, D. Wisersky, C. Helmstetter, C. Sagen, A. Long, T. Johnson, O Byrne. Row 4: B. Muellen-brook, R. Ramos, S. Erdahl, M. Hanson, S. Sharp, M. Johnson, B. Klitzke, R. Erickson, K. Manthe, N. Monsen. D. Moy and R. Padfield managers. Row 1: S. Erdahl, M B. Sunoo, C. Vike, S. Sharp, B. Klitzke, R. Erickson, C. Helmstetter, Row 2: D. Allen, O. Bryne, D. Wisersky, K. Costello, B. Rostowfske, D. Schammel, M. O’Connell. Row 3: K. Raisbeck, A. Rein, R. Mueller, B. Benschop, M. Hanson, M. Johnson, E. Christofferson. Row 4: D. Dvorak, J. Holzhuter, D. Lock, C. Sager, H. Brantmeyer, K. Manthe. Row 5: D. Walker, V. Peiper, N. Monson, M. De Remer, B. Muehlenbruch.Senior Powered Team SENIORS Row 1: J. Sphatt, S. Sankbeil, T. Johnson, D. Julseth, P. Olson, D. Bitter. Row 2: P. Baldwin, J. Matson, S. Guetzke, A. Long, M. Showers, J. Strandlie, T. Gilbert. Coaches Statistics Stoughton 13 Stoughton 25 Stoughton 13 Stoughton 0 Stoughton 6 Stoughton 6 Stoughton 7 Stoughton 0 Stoughton 0 Verona 27 Pewaukee 0 Fort Atkinson 29 Monona Grove 28 Jefferson 12 Edgerton 7 Middleton 0 Sun Prairie 42 Monroe 6 COACHES _ Don Walker, Chuck Schulte, Vem Pieper, Ron Swanson.Cross Country Varsity - Row 1: D. Stronach, J. Gerber, T. Ball, T. Lynch, J. Swenson. Row 2: Coach Lawrence, T. Marshall, D. Furseth, S. Holman, M. Ross, J. Hoplin Row l: K. Laffey, J. Lynch, T. Hubing, D. Stronach, C. Wood. Row 2: M. De Remer, D. Anderson, L. Havey, B. Backhus, M. Donnelly, A. Weigel.Senior Harriers “A” “B” 1. Beaver Dam 1st 2. Sun Prairie Inv. 4th 3. Sun Prairie, Horicon, Ja. Parker 1st 4. Ft. Atkinson, Monona Grove 3rd 5. Jefferson Inv. 4th 6. Jefferson 1st 7. Stoughton Inv. 1st 8. Middleton, Monroe 2nd 9. LaFollette - Madison East 2nd 10. Conference 4th 11. Regional 6th 54) 6-3 34) 0-2 9-3 1-0 6-0 1-1 1-1 3- 3 4- 6 39-19 54) 5- 2 34) 2-0 10-2 1-0 64) 1-1 1-1 6- 1 40-7Viking Basketball Row 1: C. Helmstetter, T. Lynch, J. Swenson, G. Cahee, T. Marshall, D. Adams, T. Gilbert. Row 2: J.Strandlie, T. Erickson, J. Smithback, T. Kittleson, B. Benschop A. Long. Row 1: M. Johnson, D. Stronach, K. Costello, G. Holzhuter, a. Sharp, L. Vood. Row 2: S. Vesterdahl, S. Erdahl, J. Holzhuter, B. Benschop, M. lansen, S. Schwenn, K. Manthe.Statistics Stoughton 76 Waunakee 65 Stoughton 28 Edgerton 43 Stoughton 73 Monroe 71 Stoughton 50 Verona 68 Stoughton 47 Fort Atkinson 71 Stoughton 42 Sun Prairie 86 Stoughton 66 Oregon 46 Stoughton 47 Monona 58 Stoughton 51 Middleton 58 Stoughton 50 Jefferson 76 Stoughton 65 Monroe 60 Stoughton 54 Fort Atkinson 86 Stoughton 61 Edgewood 69 Stoughton 55 Sun Prairie 72 iStoughton 40 Monona Grove 55 Stoughton 50 Middleton 65 Stoughton 45 Edgerton 52 Stoughton 69 Jefferson 68 Senior Tim Erickson Drives!Viking Matmen Varsity - Row 1: R. Raisbeck, K. Moe, A. Rein, J. Lynch, B. Klitzke. Row 2: R. Rais beck. J. Hougan, B. Backus, R. Roslak, G. Woods. Row 3: T. Van Steenderen. S. Sankbeil, C. Sagen, M. Gunderson, C. Vike. Row 1: J. Bilhorn, J. Vedvig, S. Fuller, R. Padfield. Row 2: M. Palman, D. Allen, M. Wethal, R. Teigen. Row 3: J. Bilhorn, D. Wisersky, P. Johnson, J. Peterson, O. Byrne.Mat Coaches statistics Stoughton 33 Milton Union 18 BADGER CONF: Stoughton 24 Oconomowoc 24 Stoughton 49 Fort Atkinson 9 1 Monona Grove Stoughton 22 Sun Prairie 17 2 Stoughton Stoughton 14 Monona Grove 22 3 Sun Prairie Stoughton 29 Middleton 14 4 Monroe Stoughton 38 Jefferson 10 5 Middleton Stoughton 21 Monroe 21 6 Jefferson Stoughton 28 LaCrosse Central 17 7 Edgerton Stoughton 17 Iowa Grant 27 8 Fort Atkinson Stoughton 41 Lake Mills 6 Stoughton 44 Edgerton 9 Stoughton 12 Richland Center 33 Wisconsin Dells Inv. 2nd Badger Conference 2nd Stoughton Invitational 3rd Regional Tournament 1st CHAMPS 98 Bob Klitzke 155 Mark Gunderson 2nd Place 112 Andy Rein 105 John Lynch 138 Kim Raisbeck 185 Claire Vike 3rd Place 126 Jeff Hougan INDIVIDUAL RECORDS W L T Bob Klitzke 17 9 1 John Lynch 14 10 0 Andy Rein 24 3 0 Keith Moe 10 12 0 Jeff Hougan 16 12 0 Roger Raisbeck 17 9 0 Kim Raisbeck 16 10 0 Rick Padfield 7 12 0 Mark Gunderson 26 2 0 Oliver Byrnes 0 2 0 Chuck Sagen 9 9 2 Claire Vike 12 9 1 Steve Sankbeil 4 14 2 Paul Johnson 0 1 0Viking Baseball Row 1: T. Kittleson, J. Swenson, J. Hougan, P. Olson, H. Nettum, R Brietzman, D. Stronach. Row 2: Coach Lawrence, M. Metzler, J. Frohne, M. Showers. Row 3: C. Vike, S. Kittleson, S. Schenn, J. Strandlie, D. Foss, R. Vesterdahl, K. Hath. Row X: C. Wood, M. Nelson, B. Klitzke, J. Halverson, E. Smedal. S. Bennett. Row 2: Coach Stokes, S. Nygaard, P. Hanson, M. O’Connell, C. Helmstetter, M. Johnson, P. Frohne. schedule Mar. 27 Apr. 2 Apr. 5 Apr. 9 Apr. 11 Apr. 16 Apr. 19 Apr. 23 Apr. 26 May 3 May 7 May 10 May 11 May 14 May 18-25 May 27-28 May 30-June 1 June 6-8 Whitewater T Oregon H Verona if Cambridge T Pardeville H Oregon T Ft. Atkinson H Monona Grove H Jefferson T Edgerton T Middleton H Sun Prairie H Edgewood H Monroe T Sub-Regionals Regionals Sectionals StateSenior Players OViking Track ’ - Row 1: J. Gerber, B. Radecki, K. Costello, J. Matson, P. Baldwin, D. Furseth, O. Bryne, T. Ball. Row 2: R. Conant. D. Bakken, D. Julseth, D. Jertson, J. Morgan, J. Maertz, J. Smithback, J. Christianson, S. Vesterdahl, Row 3: B. Sawle, M. Ross, J. Pundt, H. Roloff, D. Dvorak, M. Lunde, N. Monsen, K. Laffey, D. Bitter, D. Lock. Row 4: D. Long, G. Knickmeier, D. Anderson, L. Havey, M. De Remer, B. Benjamin, R. Swanson, C. Schulte, J. Martin. INDOORS Mar. 21 Intra-Squad Gym-4:15 Mar. 30 West Relays UW-10:00-a.m. Apr. 6 USTFF UW-10:00a.m. OUTDOORS Apr. 8 Edgewood at Mem. Apr. 19 Jeff Relays Apr. 23 M.G. Jeff H Apr. 25 McFarland T Apr. 27 Fort Inv. Apr. 30 Middleton, Edgerton at Middleton May 3 Stoughton Inv. May 7 Sun Prairie May 10 Delivan-Darian Inv. May 14 Fort, Monroe H May 17 Conference-M.G. May 21 Regionals-Stoughton May 24 Sectionals May 31 June 1 State Track And FieldY iking T ennis Row 1: A. Sviatoslavsky, J. Van Fossen, S. Ehle. Row 2: Coach Roloff, P. Sannes, G. Peth, S. Hermanson. Row 1: R. Malcock, L. Onsrud, B. Peterson, D. Browne, R. Olson, T. Hubing, D. Grilley. Row 2: J. Peterson, J. Wolf, S. Erdahl, C. Pieper, S. Steckbauer, M. Fossen, E. Toso. Apr. 6 Apr. 9 Apr. 11 Apr. 13 Apr. 17 Apr. 19 Apr . 23 Apr. 26 Apr. 30 May 3 May 7 May 10 May 14 May 18 May 20-21 May 24-25 May 31-June 1 Janesv. Park. Quad. Madison Memorial H Madison LaFollette T Stoughton Inv. Madison East (Scrimmage) H Fort Atkinson H Monona Grove H Jefferson T Edgewood H Edgerton T Middleton H Sun Prairie H Monroe T Conference at Stoughton Regionals Sectionals StateG. Cahee, T. Marshall, T. Gilbert, T. Erickson, J. Sphatt, S. Holman, Coach Hotter. J. Stensaas, D. Vike, D. Schammel, S. Sharp, M. Hanson, B. Anderson, G. Quam, N. Sundby. Apr. 9 Waunakee, Stoughton, Cambridge at Cam. Apr. 11 Oregon T Apr. 16 Oregon H Apr. 18 Milton T Apr. 22 Fort H Apr. 26 Monona Grove H Apr. 27 Stoughton-McFarland-Inv. H Apr. 29 Jefferson T May 3 Edgerton T May 4 Janesville Inv. T May 6 Middleton H May 10 Sun Prairie H May 13 Monroe T May 17 Conference May 20-21 Regionals May 23-24 Sectionals May 31-June 1 StateT E N mu !' oac argit Hippman, S. Helmke, J. Johnson, S. Smedal, A. Orcutt, M. Beckstrand. Row 2: S. Linderud, S. Schammel, B. Wendt, J. McGruer, J. Karlslyst, M. Kittleson, J. Steinbring. I « Y O L L E Y B A L L VOLLEYBALL VARSITY Row 1: L. Lang, D. Schroeder, R. Rein, B. Oncken, T. Vike, Coach Margo Rikkers. Row 2: S. Utermark, K. Norland, S. Fuller, N. Allen, S. Breitzman and Mgr. R. Fritch. VOLLEYBALL J.V. Row 1: T. Vike, J. Davis, B. Oncken, E. Link, K. Oncken. Row 2: B. Gardner, J. Beckwith, J. Quam, J. Zwemke, K. Nielson. Row 3: Coach Margo Rikkers, D. Nelson, S. Rowe, A. Laundrie, S. Waite, B. Benson.c Stoughton 15,11,13 Stoughton 13,15,15,15 Stoughton 15,9,16,11,15 Stoughton 15,6,12,15,15 Stoughton 15,15,15 Sept. 20 Evansville 2,15,15 Sept. 25 Middleton 15,7,12,4 Oct. 2 Monona Grove 7,15,14,15,9 Oct. 9 Fort Atkinson 9,15,15,11,13 Oct. 16 Edgerton 10,10,8 n c Tournament Stoughton 15,4,15 Oregon 10,15,12 Stoughton 14,3 LaFoUette 15,15 e c Conference Match - 3 out of 5 games Tournament Match - 2 out of 3 games f Non-Conference Match a Ntckl Alien Sue UtermarkB A S K E T B A L L VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: P. Skaar, S. Utermark, K. Norland, S. Fuller, S. Tyler, K. Oncken, and V. Popanz. Row 2: Coach Judy Stockton, D. Schoeder, R. Rein, N. Linderud, A. Orcutt, B. Oncken, and S. Gjertson. J.V. BASKETBALL Row 1: A. Swenson, J. Johnson, M. Kittleson, L. Mennes, P. Lippitt, M. Elvekrog. Row 2: L. Offerdahl, S. Rogers, S. Strandlie, K. Misgen, C. Anderson, J. Davis, A. Gjertson, and Coach Nancy O’Connell.BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD n Stoughton 16 Stoughton 27 Stoughton 56 Stoughton 34 Stoughton 39 Stoughton 48 Stoughton 52 LaFollette 23 Edgewood 65 Fort Atkinson 29 Sun Prairie 32 Monona Grove 43 Middleton 35 Edgerton 31 c e TRow 1: T. Eisner, L. Silbaugh, K. Bannigan, M. Smet, T. Lauretic. Row 2: P. Skaar, C. Jacobson, K. Harvey, V. Haight, N. Dickman, M. Hergonrother, S. Toso, and J. Johnson. Row 3: Coach Tricia Schier, S. Gjertson, P. Hess, C. Backus, S. Tyler, P. Lippitt, D. Schoeder, S. Utermark, S. Utermark, S. Lin-derud, J. Prough, L. Bronte, and Coach Norma House.Stacey Tyler s t r e a k e r s Sue Utermark TRACK SCHEDULE Sat., April 6 Federation at UW Tues., April 23 Stoughton, Jefferson at Monona Grove Mon., April 29 Edgerton, Middleton at Stoughton Wed., May 1 Edgerton Invitational Edgerton, Lake Mills, Jefferson, Fort Atkinson, Milton, Oregon, Monona Grove, Stoughton Fri., May 3 Stoughton Invitational (Boys) 440 Relay, 880 Run, 80 yd. Low Hurdles Tues., May 7 Sun Prairie at Stoughton Tues., May 14 Stough ton, Monroe at Fort Atkinson Fri., May 17 Conference at Monona Grove Tues., May 21 Regionals at Monona Grove Thurs., May 23 Sectionals at Monona Grove Sat., June 1 State at Monona GroveMrs. Carpenter Busi. Eng. • Mass Media - Am. Lit. Mr. Baltzer Chorus - Orchestra Mrs. Brewster Typing I - Pers. Typing Mrs. Barry Office Mach. Data Proc. N o t e h a n d Typing IMr. Mitchell Phy. Sci. - Phy Adv. Sci. Mrs. Norem Basic Comp. Res Writ. - Ind. Read. - Grammar Miss Reek Norwegian Dancers - Girls P.E 9 Mr. Marshall Drivers Education Mrs. Bedford Spanish 1 Mr. Lawrence Philosophy - Am. For. Aff. - His. West Prob. Nat. Gov. Mr. Lee Const. Tech. Cab. Making Mrs. Sc hier Basic Comm. Crea. Writ. - Sci. Fiction - Mys. Novels Mr. Schulte Boys P.E. Mr. Shumate Play Prod. Fund. Speech Public Speak Acting I - Acting IIMr. Smith Algebra I - Trig. Ana. Geom. Math V Mr. Harried Assistant Principal Mr. Siggelkou Art I, II. and III Mrs. Wedeward Latin II - German I. II Mr. Venske Algebra II - Elec. Elec. Mrs. Slinde Anthropol. - His. Women Psychology Mr. Smillie Metals I, II Basic Weld. - Ind. Weld. Mr. Wilde Recordkeep. Pers. Typ. Accounting Shorthand I Mr. Halverson Guidance Counce-lor Mr. Zenner Auto I II - Pwer Mech. - Motor Mech. - Drawing I - Woodwkg. I Auto Coop W Mr. Steckbauer Guidance Counce-lorSchool Board School Board: Row 1: Fritz vanSteenderen, Roger Gunnelson, Rollin Odland. Row 2: Robert Wendall Carr. Quinn Smet, Olaf Brekke, Joan Johnson, Marion Thompson. Not Present - Richard Amundson. Superintendent We the graduating Class of 74 would like to take this time to thank Superintendent James Fricke and the School Board members for the fine education they have given us. As members of the head of our School System, we would like to acknowledge them at this time. James FrickeCooks: From Left to Right are Roseann Lund, Bernice Hartwig, Marion Leek, Anna Wersland, Eva Simonson. Maxine Thompson, Anna Mae Wersland. Janitors: From Left to Right are Cliff Bakken, Joe Tenjum. George Wersland. Mike Bakken and Louis Polichnia. Bus Drivers: From left to right are Ray Kluever, Reuben Johnson. Warren Fessenden, Emil Dahl, George McFarland. Donald Danks, Dan Preston, Mary Pennell, Archie Lawrence, Gerhard Olson, Kay McDermott, David Handt, Lila Spilde, Shirley Lauretic, and Muriel Vetter. Missing from picture: Janet Harvey, Ellen Manthe, A1 Baum, and Roger Coon.CLASS WILL I, Kay Aaberg, will Karen Johnson and Sandy Long a night at the Dangle Lounge and anything else they want. I, Nicole Allen, will to Linda Martin, a New Pole; to the Juniors in FFA, better luck at the next years pizza party; and to John Arneson, a dance at theD. I, James Amundson, will Sara Stokstad, 4 inches where it counts. I,Duane Anderson, will Mr. Harried my parking stall in the front parking lot. I, Donna Anderson, will all my good luck to Dale Bolander, and to Mrs. Pauli and Mrs. Connell with their magazines, which isn’t too much. I, Michael Anderson, will my many good times at the coliseum to Puck. I, Carol Armstrong, will myself to Dan Vale and to Chris Raimond my drinking ability, and to Marlene Singkofer all the punch she can drink. I, Jeff Arneson, will Rory Padfield an Arctic Cat emblem for his snowmobile and Ralph Anderson a can of oil treatment to keep his car running. I, Dennis Austin, will all my lifes mishaps to the SHS and faculty. I, Jan Bailey, will Bruno a bottle of "Visine” for his 5th hour class to get the red out and to Judy Ramsden the bottle to go with the orange iuice.J, Paul Baldwin, will Miss Reek my washed up dance costume and to Sherry Schammel I will: my athletic ability, my charm, poise and modesty. I, Diane Barber, will Nancy Gassen a “carburetor”, Vicki and JoAnn a half barrel, Lois a flat tire, and Julie a half hour between classes so she won’t be late. I, Bruce Barry, will Matt Bolland a UHGO, Larry Shumate a razor, and Heubner a Harbor beach mobile. I, Robert Bates, will all my green slips to Mr. Steckbauer so he can wallpaper his office and maybe stuff a mattress or two. I, Audrey Beckwith, will Mrs. Slinde the ability to remember names and to Sue Shackleton all the frustration, complications, and satisfactions of my Senior Year. I, Lois Benson, will Sue B. and Julie J. all the good times we had at noon hour, and to Kris N. and Sherrie R. my marching ability in band and to Kathie S. all the candy we ate in Kubale’s class. I, Sandra Bersing, will Mr. Morness two packs Dentyne gum, and to Julie Quam all the class excuses that I used and got away with. I, David Bitter, will give all my running skill to Don Lock, he needs it. I, Dean Blegen, will my body to Playgirl and to anyone else. I also will my drinking arm to Nort. I, Matthew Bolland, will Gretchen Klepinger the backdoor of the auditorium after 6th hour, and Bruce Barry a UHGO, because nobody else knows what it means. 1, Richard Breyman, will my superior intellect to Dan Anderson and all my. patience to his brother Don. I, Jeff Brietzman, will Larry Eifert, Paul Coon and Bob Engels a trip to the Dangle, but not a trip back, unless? I, Stephen Christianson, will the prestigious position of first chair trumpet to Karen Phundheller and my brain to John Smet, who needs it most. I, Evan Christianson, will all the hair I have left to anyone who has the same problem, even though baldness is a sign of Senority. I, Terri Christianson, will Cheryl Vike a smack in the jaw, Mary Ganshert a good drink, Marlene Singkofer a ladder to sneak out of the house, and myself to “Spark”. I, Robert Coker, will a one way ticket to Oli Harried going to Pucky Huddle, all the gang a trip to Hooterville, the good Wednesday nights at the pond, a Big foot to those who remember them along with freedom hill. I, Rob Conant, will Dave Wisersky 3 styrofoam balls, 2 balloons, a frosty the snowman song, and an Atomic Orbital Chart for future use of SHS. I, Paul Coon, will one day take this world apart, then put it back together, my way. I, I, Kevin Crisman, will try it, but I probably won’t get away with it. I, Bonnie Daemrich, will tp Lynn Jacobson the mountains in hopes that we may someday be able to touch the Earth, and to LeRoy Linda belle, Hye Crash, Pete, Sandra, Peg, and Eunie. all the jovs and memories of being a female agie. I, Margaret Daffner, will my measurements to Linda Martin so she will finally be able to throw away her tee shirts, and to Laurie Hye a volume of “Everything you always wanted to know about Moe, but were afraid to ask.” I, Catherine Dahl, will Julie J. and Michele C. all the fun times we had in History of Women and to Lori Anderson -1 wish her good luck in her 2 years left in this dump.I, John Dallmann, will Brad Mayberry my slap shot and tricky hands handbook. And a dirty sock to John Roidt and my ability to stay up late to Kevin “merv” Klitzke. And I will Peggy Peterson to our man "Arty1.1, Randy Degroot, will not let John Smet use my bathroom ever again. I, Ricky Dickson, will my 1965 Rambler Classic with all its modern features including all four bald tires and it’s superb riding comfort in the back seat. To Dana Sperstand Jr. and wish him the best of riding luck. I, Karen Donnelly, will myself to Neil Diamond. I, Barbara Durrant, will Vicki Popanz all the “Opels” she can handle, Teresa Vike to “Abe”, and myself to D.J. I, Nancy Dybevik, will Mart N., and Sue S. a week of school that is all weekends, and to Margit H. Deb’s and my parking stall in the back parking lot (have fun!!) I, Larry Eifert, will my attitude toward school to Kevin Gunderson so Harried can bite his head off all vear and Porky and Olin a lifetime membership to Mickey Mouse Club. I, Robert Engels, will never be absent or tardy from High School for the rest of my life, O.K. “Porky?” Also Puck Gunderson a steel jock to wear on the Benches. 1, Cindy Erickson, will Shauna F. her own private office and an alien doll, B.J. a larger truck so people don’t have to play freeze-out, Kevin C. and Sara T. all my chemical abilities, and Kris N. and Barb H. a trip to Marshfield. I, Georgia Erickson, will Debra Gwen Swenson my I.D. Card and ability to stay out of accidents, Marlene S. more babysitting jobs (ha ha), Laura J. a trip to Edgerton, and most of all, myself to Robin J. I, Tim Erickson, will to Claire Vike, my high top basketball shoes so he’ll be able to walk through all the stuff he leaves in the classroom, to “hoofer" Hanson a shorty at Utica, and to Jerry Monson, my ability to walk downstairs without getting hurt. I, Daniel Eugster, will Brian Jackson the Hot Truck with 8 foot deluxe and all my blasting materials, and Roger Wilberg, the right to use the Cabin, Weelie Boat, and the Brookwood. I, James Favreau, will Laurie my guitar and ILindal. my guitar tuner (she could use a good tune-up). I, Kurt Felio, will my UN-Deer to Mac, and to Puck: “Thor“. 1, Dennis Foss, will "neck" lessons from the master to Jim Strickland, and to “Puck" Gunderson, I will nothing because 1 am only serious. I, John Frohne, will Randy Degroot my goalie stock, and a good luck charm, so he stops scoring goals against his ov i team. I, Dan Furseth, will anyone in Monroe a free ride to Edgerton. I, Duane Gallagher, will Shelley our “fairy bed" and whatever is in my wooden chest, myself, and to Ole a pack of cigarettes, and a one way ticket to the funny farm. I, Mary Ganshert, will Terri Christianson a bottle of lime vodka, and Marlene Singkofer, Woolworths Store. I, Lynn Gardner, will to Karen Peterson, a greasy pizza from Edgerton; to Sal Larson, a strong mind of her own. 1. Terry Gilbert, will a winner to the “Elite Losers" my athletic abilities to Brian Benschop, and my ability with big words to whoever wants to take the time to learn them from me. I, Mary Grefsheim, will Linda Martin a “Spring” and my ability to play without practice to Laurie Finder. 1, Steve Guetzke, will Richard Gullickson my ford LTD for his 57 is a gas hog. Also my brother Alan, I will my body for he needs it, I also will Sue Hansen my driving skills for future purposes; also, Steve Arthur a corn cob. I, Dawn Gunsoius, will all of my homework and brains to Dave Zweep, and my parking space at noon to Don Zweep and Steve Swenson. I, Colleen Hanson, will the title of Dr. to Mr. Shumate, an ambulance to Mr. Hubing, and a “Ho! Ho!“ to Mr. Roloff. I, Lynn Hanson, will to Steve Hanson my ability to get work done. I, Carey Hensel, will my nose to Jerry Monson, to go along with his lips, and to Chub a pack of new smokes. I, Cathy Hick-cox, will Greg Fritch a “Kentucky-Fried" chicken to lay hard boiled eggs for him every Sunday morning and my son a chance to be bad on any one weekend of his choice. I. Kathy Hoel, will not let Doug use the car anymore, and to Judy a gallon of orange juice, and myself to Dale. I, Steve Holman, will my feet to T. Lawrence, a standing ovation under the lights to Nancy Horn and a very tired ’67 Val. to Kathy, with help from Pat and “The Kid“. I, Susan Holtan, will myself to Jim and Cheryl Wood the ability to run around the auditorium and hop on the stage in hopes that she can walk down the isle and to Moonbae; Crash Swenson, a pair of new headlights and JL to GD and Tim to Nancy and Vikes driving ability to any one who can handle it. I, Alan Holtan, will my "Bug to anyone who can handle it. I, Kristi Horner, will Jon Baum my reservations to next years Christmas Dance, to Sanford Olson a new brain cause he’s crazy; to Teresa Seamonson, a free ride to Shelly Hull’s house and to Darry Seamonson, a shotgun. I, Jeff Hougan, will my great wrestling ability to “fish“, because he needs it, and a new car every week to Schumann. I, Steve Hougan, will my Student Assistants job for Mr. Smillie to Rick Karlslyst who really wants it. I, Diane Huebner, will Henry to Pat Olp and Steve Brush, also Nancy Pederson a fogged up window.I, Teressa Iverson, will all the joys of SHS to JoAnn A., my 1st clarinet seat to Bev M., and myself to monster’s owner. I, Brian Jackson, will Gug 1,000 parts for his truck and 1,000,000 grubs for ice fishing. I, Lynn Jacobson, will Laurie Mayberry a dozen orthopedic sweat shirts, and to Bonnie Daemrich, the wisdom of the mountains; may you weave it through our Progressive American Education System.-1, Laura Johnson, will myself to J. W., the Edgerton boys to Sue and Pat, the parasites at the “shop” to JoAnn in hopes she’ll keep up the good work and Deb Swensons driving ability to Cheryl Vike so that Sue Hoi tan and Cheryl Wood don’t have heart attacks. I, I.ori Johnson, will George my beanie hat for Roberts head. I, Lann Johnson, will Wally Strieker one brand new Leapord skin pillbox hat that will bounce on his head like a mattress on a bottle of wine. I, Tom Johnson; will Gabe and Tex my bat and everything else that goes with in hopes they will become better basketball players. I, Valerie Johnson, will one carrot to Mark G., a hoover to Claire V., my wrestling memories to Da-Da and M M., and good luck to Margit Halverson as the next captain. I, Dale Julseth, will all my aches and pains of Stoughton Vikings Football Team to Paul Johnson. I, Tom Kahl, will my driving ability to Roger Engsberg. I, David Kennedy, will all my cigarettes to Usher. I, Gretchen Klepinger, will Matt Bolland the back door of the auditorium, the light switch, old Merc, and to Deb Peterson another party at the river. I, Sandra Kober, will the kiss method to all males, Kris Larsen I will Bird, and a book on “How to Curb Your Sex Life” to Ann Hart and Guinness World Book of Records. I, Melody Kopke, will Bobby my cute smile, my walk and grace to Barb, my mother to Teresa, a night at the DQ to Lori, and a bottle of wine, plus “after effects” to my friends Mona, Lois, Dorothy, Beth, and Crunch. I, Steven Kvalheim, will L.A.A. all of the good times I had in my senior year, J.R.S. some of the bad ones, and S. J.H. my talent and folder from chorus. I, Sheila I.andsverk, will Kathy Skavlen the name Kristi, Miss Reek to anyone who needs to be saved from the showers, and to Bobby M. a lost argument. I, Kristie Larsen, will a beer to Bird, and all the leftovers to who ever wants them. I, Jeanne Larson, will my brother 12 more inches in order to make the basketball team, all the shrimp in the world to Beth Favreau, and a good nurse to Sandy Bersing. I, Sally Larson, will Lynn Gardner a new pair of “cow eyes”, my cousin to “Midget” Knickmeier, and to his brother, my life. 1, Janice LePine, will “Doody” Jackson a Glamour magazine (even though she doesn’t need it), Kerry Stelzer and Laurie Dybevik another year in wrestling, and M.M. and V.J. all our wrestling memories. I, Susan Linderud, will Jim Erdahl and all other Science freaks, new teachers and all my old packets. I, Jeff Livingston, will the piano in the chorus room to Nancy Pederson. I, Allen Long, will my position in football to Brad Rostowfski (If he can earn it), my position on the bench in basketball to Ronnie V., Hoofer, Goose, and finally T. Lawrence the ability to withstand an additional class of guppies. I, Mark Lunde, will smaller neck and head sizes to Jim Strickland, and Puck Gunderson my mental genius so he can get through his senior year. I, Kathy Manthe, will Ken Manthe all the fun times 1 had in my senior year, and Kathy Johnson all the fun times we had in U.S. Geography, especially with the Dog Barking (Ha! Ha!) I, Nancy Marsh, will Mr. Gohlke all the gum he wants and good luck to everybody else. I, John Matson, will Paul Baldwin a trip to Norway so he can join the Oslo Dancers. I, Margaret May, will a new set of hands and a night in a love seat to Rhonda Rein and Bob Lausch, and a winning season to next year's wrestling team, and all my wrestling memories to Val and Janice. I, Laurie Mayberry, will Shauna F. a weekend at the Lamar Hotel, Deb N. a subscription to Ms. magazine and Lynn J. a pooh bear and a “poverbial artist” (and all that entails). I, David McKlchan, will Lorilee Mathison alt the great things she talks about and Rick Struzynski some medicine to make him grow. I, Linda Melaas, will not be influenced anymore by Dee Nyhagen’s secret rendezvous. I, Haakon Mikkleson, will not will. I, Mike Moore, will not come back. I, Patricia Moore, will myself to John, my sister my ability to skip and to get away with it, Craig my bullheadedness and a Vi barrel to Sue and Sherrie and Kim. I, Jeff Morgan, will and Sue knows it. I, Cindy N'achtigal, will Wendy all the absence excuses in the world and Pat, Vicky, Judy, Diane, Barb, and Dawn all the good times to do over. I, Dean Nelson, will my prestigious position as 1st chair horn player to Kris Norland, and my position as Co-Editor of the yearbook to anyone willing to take the job. 1, Deborah Nettum, will my sister Denise my position at McKercher’s Nursing Home, Dee Nyhagen some Cliff’s notes, Betsy Zeimet a senior year like mine, and Bob McAllister the orange machine and a medical text book. I, James Nettum, will Mark Gunderson and Claire Vike; Stevie Slinde, to do with as they wish in the best interests of Stoughton Athletics. I, Janice Nicholson, will Diane Van Fossen five pep rallies so she could go to and yell her lungs out 1 without getting hoarse. I, Paul Olson, will Steve Sankbeil the back seat.of a Lincoln Continental and one punch card. I, Rebecca Oncken, will the Allens and any other Hamp Raisers, a little spot in their stripes. I, Carol Parizo, will all my drawings to Zenner. I. Karen Peterson, will a box of wheat thins to I-aurie and a free ride anvwhere to Beth and a ride home to Sue. 1, Gus Peth, will Rand Roslak my broken T-2000 and Paul Sannes a can of moldy, used, Dunlop tennis balls. I, Vickie Popanz, will Barb Durrant one bottle of sloe gin, Teresa Vike I will walk in Louis’s hay field with Tom. I, John Pundt, will to Kort Kath a Gillette Track II, a can of Foamy, and to T.B., a years supply of bananas, also an “s” for his letter jacket. I, Richard Plank, will my membership card to the High Society to Mr. Harried also my ability to get up tents to Lois Williford as she will need it. I, Darrell Ree, will my car to Ronnie Leikness in hopes it will be the best he owns, also my brains to Tom Dixon, as he's been looking for some for years now, and my laughing ability to Don Lock. I, Jane Richards, will Bruno 1 Cuban Missile and Tom Van Steenderen ail the dal Vergnugen he thinks he can handle. I, Linda Richmond, will Jeanne Bemdt a new wardrobe in hopes she has a reason for wearing everything, my perfect accounting grades to C.H., D.B., and Kim because they deserve the same I got, and C.S. fun times in Edgerton because I retired to Sun Prairie. I, William Rogers, will Bruce Barry, Cerebral Palsy, Steve Brush the right to host Bruces’ telethon, Nancy Horn free skating lessons any night of her choice, and (theba traditionba ofba theba B-ba languageba toba Laurieba Finderba) or anyone else who can hack it. I, Mark Rostowfske, will old Converse to Chuck Helmstetter for next years basketball. I, Steven Sankbeil, will Paul Johnson all my wrestling ability “he needs it”! I, Brian Santos, will my honesty and trust to Mr. Mackenzie, for whatever good it will do him. I, Barbara Sawle, will Bruno a set of braces to keep his feet on the floor, a life time supply of chewing gum (to go with Jan’s visine) and a slap on the fingers. I, Dennis Schumann, will Andy Rein a safety pin to pop his overgrown head and Robert Kind a roll of tape to shut his big mouth, also one 12 pack to Claire Vike. I, Darcy Seamonson, will my chiclet teeth to Sue Bradley, and a pack of cigarettes to Darry Seamonson, my good times in GAA to Teresa Seamonson, and a dance to Jerry Monson. I, Denise Schmidt, will my German-Irish point of view against your Norwegian’s to Teresa Vike, also a book on correct spelling. I, Mlcheal Showers, will John Matson all my hunting skills, or should I say luck. He needs it. I, Marlene Singkofer, will Terri Christianson the ability to hen peck my brother, Mary Ganshert all the Vodka she can drink, Cheryl Vike a “Cottage” on the lake, and myself to David. 1, John Smet, will leave school with the knowledge of a job undone and hope someone can do a better job than I. I, Jack Sphatt, will Coach Schulte the best of luck for his Girdares and Mark Gunderson wind sprints, also a trip to Colorado for Moonbae Sunoo. I, Jeff Strandlie, will Jim Strickland and Jerry Monson my car to sit in at noon and have their high times; also to Kris, a good senior year. I, Patty Strong, will Judy Ramsden a bottle of orange juice without pulp, and my place on the cheerleading squad; to Jan I leave a fool proof car that will get us back at the correct time. I, Deborah Swenson, will all the good times and Thursday night to Wood, Holtan a little puddle on the corner, and hopes that we will never come that close to dying again, to Johnson I will Jerry W., to Vike some new knobs for when Jeff isn’t there, and to Georgia, good luck with Robin and myself to Norm Brekken. I, Lynn Swingen, will Vicki a telescope, Kathy M. a stopper, Laurie the 20 dozen that never came plus one green and white sweater, and my parking place in the back lot to whoever can beat Miss Reek and her Norse Dancers to it. I, Erec To o, will my Ebony pencil to Mark Fossen and my rubber spatula to the green kitchen. I, Jon Trleloff, will to Roger Gohlke and Bruce Barry a hari kari kit. I, Stacey Tyler, will Mark Hanson one long leash and whip, and to Kris, Jean, and Margit one for each of us that all us 4 deserve (elite losers). I, Marla Umhoefer, will Mr. Kubale a deskful of unalphabetized exams, Mr. Lawrence a bronzed Bible to hand around his neck, and to Mrs. Norem all the beautiful dappled deep-eyed deer in the forests of our minds. c7 I, Sharon Utermark, will Jeri Crane the guts to tell her off and a new pair of hands to Diane Swenson so that she can take timed writings. I, Susan Utermark, will Teresa Thompson a doughnut a day in her senior year, and Amy Orcutt a new mouth so she can be quiet in the library. I, Lois Vetter, will Beth Wendt a lifetime supply of Milk of Magnesia. I, Cheryl Vike, will Barket's cabin to Do-Da-Smuck Kim S. Jane R., JoAnn R., Debbie S., and Marlene S., a big cornfield at our last supper, Terri C. all the trouble we get in and the tenting days, Lois W., the Arlans store and the neat hippi that pulls out his card.I, Theresa Vike, will Vicki Popanz an alcoholic anonymous class to less (Jim) Elliott our engine that will never run, my little brother a better attitude towards sports and myself to T.F. I, Beth Wendt, will Paul Johnson the ability to please them, and myself to the outside world. 1, Dan Wethal, “Luca”, will promise to stay away from iifes evil’s, and the camero to Paul S. and Kevin G. because it will take both of them to keep her running. I, Susan Wethal, will Judy the Baron and it’s occupants, Kris the Edgerton boys, Zersky an army cot, and Vicki my place on the bench. Also Margit a yearbook to get done of her own. I, Roger Wilberg, will Dan Eugster a winch to pull his truck out of the ditch and a cop who won’t let him off. I, Lois Williford, will a dry sleeping bag to Rich Plank, my car to Mike Plank (good luck) a case of beer to JoAnn Rinden, and StebbinsviUe house to Dyan Barber. I, Ann Wipperfurth, will Kris $10.00 if !!! Maybe Sandy. I, Sue Wisersky, will Keith, David and Randy a trip to McDonalds. Sue Wethal a pillow and blanket for the floor and me to Steve Moe. I, Cheryl Wood, will Deb Swenson a can of spam and three eggs. Also, to Sue Holtan the fun will be having in the future. I, Greg Woods, will Peach 5 million shot gun shells for blasting birds and a muffler for his truck.CLASS PROPHECY The year is 1979, and the place is Main Street, Stoughton, Wisconsin. We are standing on the library corner surveying the activities that surround the annual Norse Independence Day, otherwise known as Spit-in-the-eye. As we peek through the library window we notice Steve Christianson and Donne Seamonson preparing their masters thesis on the probability of lutefisk as an energy source. They are both attending Ball State University. Helping these two And information are head librarian Diane Huebner and her assistant Donna Anderson. We mosey on up the street towards what was formerly Gilberts (Terry) Motors but has since been changed to “Have it your way transportation.” He sells rick shaws, violet light specials, 4V4 speed bikes, and adidas tennies. Sheila Landsverk, Jan Bailey, Jane Richards, Linda Melaas, and Lynn Hanson have just purchased two tandum speed trikes. They are heading downtown toward the new bar Theresa Vike has opened called the Lefsa Griddle. Tonights feature is Mary Gresheim and her Norske Streakers, oops, Stampers, Jeff Strandlie who was sitting in the front row left after he received a telegram from Paul “Olie” Olson to come and catch for the Oakland A's. Lynn Gardner just decided she wanted a oneway ticket to Oakland, California. As we leave the bar we see a big commotion in the comer, it is Cathy Dahl, Kathy Manthe, Lois Benson, and Audrey Beckwith trying to take a seat from a w-i-n-o. Oh Pardon me its not a w-i-n-o, it’s just Bruce Barry doing his imitations. We finally get outside and we see Mayor John Smetjareaking a bottle of Matson’s (John) liquor over Steve Sankbeil's head by accident, or was it on purpose, only the shadow knows for sure and the shadow is Rob Conant. It is the reopening of the new Viking Cue and waiting impatiently in their cars are Richard Breyman, Bob Coker, Gloria Lane, and Mrs. Carol Breyman, Dave Kennedy, Marshall Owen. Don’t slip on the grease from the grill. Jabbering over on the corner is Karen Johnson and Kay Aaberg while Steve Arthur trucks up with two sno-cones. Working behind the concession stands is Tom Holton and Bill Ziemet; they are still pushing milk. At Mandt Park we hear that Dan Furseth, Brian Jackson, and Jeff Livingston are battling it out in a demolition Derby which has been going on since the summer of 1974. These sounds are now being drowned out by the strains of the alumni Stoughton Viking band lead by majorettes Peggy Daffner twirling atop her horse, Sue and Sharon Utermark taking orders as they twirl down the street; they just can’t seem to leave their work behind. A pickup truck goes whizzing by and in it is Sue Wisersky, Sally Larson, and Nancy Marsh just in from the farm for the festivities. They must remember to pick up tobacco lathes on their way home. Next we see the 2nd annual Baby Contest and we hear the commotion the mothers are making over whose baby is cuter; they are: Sandy Bersing Quam, Kathy Hoel Alme, Sue Holtan Pauli, and Barb Durrant Johnson. The honorable Brian Santos is judging this baby contest. Bonnie Daemmrlch and Laurie Mayberry are taking interviews for the Stoughton Daily News, while waiting for the contest results. As we glance up the street we see Dan “Luca” Wethal's Used Car Lot. His best provider is Dennis Schumann, who brings in Cameras, El Caminos, Novas, and the most important, Vets. Here comes Jeff Hougan to pick up two more mufflers and to have his car jacked up six more inches. While walking down the street, we decided to go into Sir Jacks to have a coke. They were really crowded in there today, giving away red beer because of the festivities. In among the crowd we see Lois Williford and Dyan Barber standing by the juke box playing their favorite song, “School’s Out” Over in the booth is Georgia Erickson swinging as usual. Having a good time, George? Moving along again we notice a new building called, Bob Engles Bar and Grill. This must be a pretty popular place because we see Larry Eifert selling tickets to get in. Once we are inside we hear Gret-chen Klepinger playing the theme of “Gone With the Wind,” while Matt Bolland sings along. On a side stool we see Kurt Fello drinking the “uncola" while Tom Johnson sits and laughes as he drinks his Dr. Pepper. Over by the juke box, playing “Sweet Georgia Brown,” in celebration of their new co-ed basketball team are the bouncing Tim Erickson, Cathy Hickcox, Allen Long, Stacey “Jabber” Tyler, and Vicld Popanz. Through the door comes Sherrie Sundseth, Bill Austin, Bob Benjamin, Dean Blegen, and Janice Nicholson for their annual night out. Come on kids let’s make it something to remember, but don’t get too roudy. As we look out the window we see Chad Gallwitz, Dean Nelson, Jon Hanson, and Erec Toso go streaking by.. .on bikes that is! Hope they are able to dodge all the cars, especially Erec. It’s only a short stumble to the Bowling Alley and there sitting in the window is Deb Swenson, Laura Johnson, and Cheryl Wood, they’re waiting for their men to stroll in. Back in the bar we see Bob Bates, Jeanne Larson, Dennis Foss and the new bartender Pat Strong battling it out as to which one can play the best fussball and naturally Denny is winning. Out in the lanes we see Val Johnson being fitted for a new bowling ball since she has already worn the other one out. We jump on to Dan Eugsters motorcycle with the three side cars and stop to buy our Booster Buttons from Lynn Swingenand Darcy Seamonson, who are vending them outside the Stoughton Store. Across the street Lynn Jacobson and Dorothy Smith have taken over the Ha’penny Pub. Dorothy’s specialty is Whimpy Burgers and Lynn’s is organic pizza. Theresa Iverson and Nlckl Allen both know the importance of good nutritian since they have now graduated from Utica’s College of First Aid, and are eating at this fine restaurant. Floating us a loan for the festival expenses is Linda Richmond, and Marlene Slngkofer. Paul Baldwin, Jack Sphatt, Dennis Austin, and Jim Amundson didn’t come this year, rumor has it they are coming to next years (class) festivities. We hear about a Cooksville gathering so we jump in with Duane Anderson, Duane Galagher, Sue Woods (and her trusty van), and head on out there. When we pull up we see Sue Wethal organizing the reunion of the original farmers, who successfully grew a Norwegian tobacco plant. Let’s see, did you forget anything? Ah, here comes Beth Wendt to take pictures for this momentous occasion. To top off this gathering, in comes the Jim Favreau clan. Across the field we see that Becky Oncken, Margy May, Denise Schmidt, and Sandy Kober have just opened a new riding stable. They are getting alot of business from Nancy Dybevlk and Kristi Larson. A party, sponsored by Kristi Horner, just got started and it seems as though things are really rolling. As we drive by, we see Colleen Hanson and Barb Sawle walking in. They are all set Tor an exciting evening six-packed with fun. There is a marathon walking race and here comes Steve Holman, Jeff Morgan, Gus Peth, Mark Lunde. Dave Bitter, Dale Julseth. and the only girl runner, Sue Linderud; they are not necessarily in that order. They are walking all the way to downtown Edgerton, where the Olympics will soon be held. Roger Wllberg, John Pundt, Greg Woods, Mark Pederson, and Dave McKichan bomb by in a truck headed for the races, but not at the racetrack. They’ve decided to make their own. Sitting quietly on a park bench are Doreen Runge, Mark Rostowfskl, Jill Layton. Cheryl Anderson, Mike Olp, John Trieloff, Darrel Ree, Haakon Mlkkelson and Mike Anderson. They can’t wait until they can get into the snake dance, which will soon be starting there. Jeff Brietzman comes running up out-of-breath, to sit down, too. He just had a tough day at the 5 and 10 dollar store and is settling down to a more relaxing evening. Just off the ice comes John Dallman, Randy Degroot, and John Frohne. Putting their sticks and pucks to the side, they are desperately looking for something to make them warm.Deb Nettum, Evan Christianson, Lann Johnson, Cheryl Vike and Terri Christianson have opened a new floral shop. They are quite busy growing all sorts of new hybrid plants. And finally here comes the parade. Clearing the way is Ann Thompson. Kevin Crisman and Lori Ann Johnson. Mike Moore is directing traffic away from Main Street while trying to clear up a traffic jam. The first float was donated by Cindy Erickson, Cindy Nachtigal, and Dawn Gunsolus whose own little hands stuffed every one of those napkins themselves. Way to work girls. Paul “Picasso" Coon, is showing his art work on the next float. In the background we hear Steve Kvalheim with his many musical talents entertaining Steve Guetzke. Ed Ross. Melody Kopke. Steve Hougan. Tom Kahl and Ricky Dickson. As they sway with the music, Bill Rogers dances around them while leading his snake dance. The two most likely to succeed come next in the parade and they are Lois Vetter and Jim Nettum. Marla Umhoefer and Karen Donnelly give them a standing ovation as they go by. Carey Hensel sits on a comer eyeing the future homemakers, Pat Moore and Karen Peterson. They were elected to this position since they could sew 100 stitches a minutes. To finish off the day and the parade we see Janice LePine, queen of Andrews Ford and Mercury, pointing out the features of the new 1980 cars. THE END!!!!! . - . . ' •. • a”. :• ‘ ' ■ A . • - ■ ••31 .• - 4 % - . . V v %

Suggestions in the Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) collection:

Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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