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 We, the 1973 Yahara Staff, hope that this yearbook will remind you of the high points of your years at Stoughton High School. We hope that in the future, these times can be remembered, with the help of this book, as both the beginning and the end. . . the end of our high school days and the beginning of our promising future. We wish to thank everyone who has worked to make this book possible. I Perhaps one of the most desirable qualities in a teacher is that of close communication with the students. We are proud to have a teacher who has been able to establish a teacher - pupil relationship based on solid communication and mutual respect. He is not only concerned with the students as students but also as individuals. As our class advisor he was always willing to help. For these reasons and many others, we are proud to dedicate our Yahara to Mr. Doug MacKenzie.Class Song President Dan Stokstad Class Motto “God knows we’ve tried” With a Little Help From My Friends What would you do if I sang out of tune Would you stand up and walk out on me? l end me your ears and I’ll sing you a song and I’ll try not to sing out of key Oh. I get by with a little help from my friends Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends Mm. I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends What do I do when my love is away (Does it worry you to be alone?) How do I feel by the end of the day (Are you sad because you’re on your own?) No I get by with a little help from my friends Mm. I get high with a little help from my friends Oh. I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends. Do you need anybody?) I need somebody to love (Could it be anybody?) I want somebody to love Would you believe in a love at first sight Yes I’m certain that it happens all the time (What do you see when you turn out the light?) I can't tell you but I know it’s mine Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends Mm. I get high with a little help from my friends Mm. I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends (Do you need anybody?) I need somebody to love (Could it be anybody?) I want somebody to love Oh. I get by with a little help from my friends Mm, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends Oh, I get high with a little hlep from my friends Yes, I get by with a little help from my friends Vice President Mark D. Pfundheller Class Flower Blue Carnation Treasurer Secretary Vickie Lynn Thompson Barbara J. BronteDeborah A. Allen A smile, hello and where shall we go? James R. Alme Driving slowly is just a waste of life insurance. SAC-2.3. Quin Anderson The ‘Mighty Quin’ Ski Club-1,2; Philo-2,3; CFW-1; GAA-1,2; Snowmobile Club-1. Patricia A. Anderson Magic is something we do to ourselves. Jon Backus But it just came up and hit me in the eye! Debra L. Arneson Rumors say that she's not down on boys that come from out of town. GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1,2,3; AFS-1,2,3; Ski Club-2,3; Band-1,2,3. Michael D. Bakken As strong and dependable as the Rock of Gibralter but far more sociable. Football-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Track-1,2,3; Band-1,2; “S; ; Club-1,2,3; SAC-2,3. Thomas Barker He who is bent on doing evil can never want an occasion. SAC-2.3; lntramurals-1,2.Sharon Kay Bates Cut out to be an angel but someone ran off with the pattern. Cheerleader-1; GAA-1,2,3; Chorus-1,2; Philo-2,3; GFW-1. Michael Beaster Let us have wine and women, mirth laughter. Ski Club-2,3; Wrestling-1; Track-1. Susan K. Berg The best way to lengthen the night is to steal a few hours from the day. GAA-1,2. Nancy Marie Beck She doesn't mind getting a stiff neck once in a while. Norwegian Dancers-2,3; Student Council-3; Ski Club-1.2.3; GAA-1,2,3; AFS-3. D’Laine Jaye Bobert Is it true blondes have more fun? Band-1; Spanish Club-3. Steven L. Bersing It is always the best policy to tell the truth. unless of course, you are an exceptionally good liar. Baseball-1,3; Ski Club-1,2,3. Dennis Borman If I ever said anything coherent no one would understand me. Ski Club-1,2,3; Soccer-3; lntramurals-1,2,3. Pamela Jean Bothum. The second Stoughton peach? Red Cross-1,2,3, President-3; GAA-1,2,3; Spanish Club-1,2,3; FHA-1,2; MFA-3.Kaye Pauline Brantmeyer She put the pep in the pepper. FTA-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Red Cross-1,2,3; Spanish Club-1,2,3; FHA-2,3; Forensics-2. James R. Bricker Every being cries out to be read differently. Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-1,2,3; German Band-1,2,3; Track-1,2,3; “S” Club-1,2,3; Musical-1: Stage Crew-2,3; Weight Lifters-1,2,3; Student Council-1; Art Guild-3. John Bronson School is a ‘Haskell’ for this guy. Debra R. Brown The golden rule is that there are no golden rules. GAA-1,2,3. Jimmy D. Brown Life is pretty exciting down on the farm. Barbara J. Bronte Her heart is an sunny as her hair. Class Officer-1,2,3; Cheerleader-1,2,3; Captain-3; Pep Club-1,2,3; Prom Court-2; Homecoming Court-3; Philo-2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Yahara Staff-3. Deb Bunnell Always glad, never sad; always mischievous, but never bad? GAA-2,3; Pep Club-1,2,3; MFA-1; FHA-2,3, Secretary-3; AFS-1,2,3; Ski Club-3. Christine J. Buskager U you think she’s quiet, you don’t know her. Philo-2,3; Pep Club-2,3.David A. Carlisle People never know what I’m thinking because I never tell them. Sally Jo Carptenter Is she talking again or still? A'Cappella-1.2,3; Triple Trio-1; Forensics-1,2,3; Spanish Club-1,2,3; Musical-1,2,3; Dramatics-3; Student Council-2,3. Hick Christensen A true Christensen right down to the bone WILD! Auto Club-2,3; Mary Christensen It isn’t what you do, it’s what you get caught at. Marc E. Chritton He is every inch a gentleman. Football-1.2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; “S” Club-2,3; Snowmobile Club-1; Wrestling-1; Weight Lifters-2,3; Auto Club-2. FHA-1; GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1. Track-1,2,3; SAC-2,3. Kim Douglas Christianson He who never speak is never quoted. Kenneth A. Comstock Time tells on a man, especially a good time. Football-1.2.3; Track-1.2.3. Connie Diane Couch Full of vigor, dash and go; she’s different from the rest you know. Folksingers-l, Secretary -1 ; Musical-1,2,3; Dramatics-2,3; A‘Cap-pella-1,2,3; Triple Trio-1; AFS-2,3; Student Council-1.2. Vice President-2; GFW-1,2; Pep club-1,2; Forensics-1,3; Voice of Domocracy-1; Philo-2,3.Libby Daggett I am little. I am wise; I’m a terror for my size. Douglas Dahl Tis better to be happy than wise. GAA-3. Lyn DeGroot A good time is worth what you pay for it. . . sometimes! GAA-1,3; Yahara Slaff-3. Student Assistant-2. Beth LeAnn Crane Why did Illinois ever give her up. GAA-1,2; Band-1,2; Chorus-1; FHA-1; Pep Club-1; MFA-1,2; Transfer-3. Jill Merrill Culham Debate-1; Forensics-1,3; GAA-1,2,3, Treasurer-2; Ski Club-1,2,3, Secretary-Treasurer-2; Snowmobile Club-1, Cheerleading-2; Pep Club-2,3; AFS-2,3; Class Treasurer-1,2; Prom Queen-2; Homecoming Court-3; Tennis-3; Philo-2,3; Volleyball-2,3; Basketball-3. Mark Ft. Davis I wish Adam had died with all his ribs in his body. Band-1,2,3; Table Tennis-3; Golf-2. How glorious it is, and also how painful, to be an exception. Kenneth R. Dahl Many his friends, none his foe; he’s the boy we’re proud to know. Golf-l; Science Club-2; Ski Club-3; Library Club-3; AV Club-3; Forenscis-3. Daniel A. Davis Wherever he sits, there is the head of the table. “S" Club-1,2,3; Cross Country-2,3, Captain-3; Wrestling-1,2,3; Track-1,2,3; Spade-2; Prom Court-2; Badger Boys State-2.Jane B. Dougall She’s a quiet student we can’t deny, but beware of that look in her eye. Spanish Club-1,2,3; Secretary-2, Vice President-31 GAA-1,2,3; Red Cross-3; Volleyball-3; Basketball-3. Anne L. Douglas It’s easy to be an angel when no one ruffles your feathers. FHA-1,2,3; Vice President-3; Library Club-2,3; Spanish Club-3. Shelley Lynn Dyreson He y, where’s the nearest Marine Corps recruiter? MFA-2,3; President-3; Pep Club-1.2.3; Vice President-3; Ski Club-1.2,3; Spanish Club-1; Philo-2.3: GAA-1; Folksingers-3; AFS-3. Peter John Drotning The only activity he isn't in is GAA. (Mgr.) Wrestling-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-1,2,3; AFS-2,3; Student Council-1,2; Badger Boys State-2; Ski Club-1,2,3; “S” Club-1,2,3; Yahara (Staff-3; Math Team-2,3; Musical-2; Orchestra-3; '(Mgr.) Spring Sports. Drama-2,3. Linda L. Ellis Better late than never, but I must get my morning rest. Thomas Michael Eugster “Teachers and school exist to be grown out of.’’ Ski Club-1,2,3; Wrestling-1,2; Baseball-1,2,3, Captain-2; Football-1.2; Track-2; Co-op-3; Snowmobile Club-1; Intramurals-1,2,3; “S” Club-1,2.3. Sue Fawley “She came late, but we’re glad she came.” Transfer-3; Library Club-3: Chorus-3. Larry Femrite “Shucks. now I have to spend my allowance on babysitters.” Wrestling-1: Football- 1.2.3; Stoughton Auto Club-2.3; “S” Club-1,2,3.Cheryll Ann Finder If you have complaints about this yearbook, see Debbie. GAA-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3; Spanish Club-1,2; Student Council-3; Pep Club-2,3; AFS-2,3; Orchestra-3; Yahara Editor-3. Mary Ann E. Forrer Life is a dream but don’t wake me. Cyd Marie Fritch Life is 10 per cent of how you take it and 90 per cent of what you make it. GAA-1,2,3; Volleyball-2; Tennis-3; Pep Band-1,2; AFS-3; Philo-3, Historian-3; Spanish Club-3. Robert Walter Gates Teachers think I’m so sweet, they put me in the foremost seat. Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Baseball-1,3; Red Cross-1,2. Susan (M. Gehrke I have no desire to be liberated. I’ll just be a woman. GAA-2; FHA-2,3, Treasurer-3. David A. Fuller Is the ‘A’ for athlete? Football-1,2,3; “S” Club-1,2,3; SAC-2; In-tramurals-l. Julie Gjermo The sparkle on her finger matches the one in her eyes. GAA-1,2,3; Band-1; Ski Club-2; Snowmobile Club-1. Catherine Grace Godleski To the Honor Society she found her way, with plenty of work and some of play. GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1,2; Musical-1,2,3; Orchestra-1,2,3; Philo-2,3; National Honor Society-2,3; Math Team-1,2,3.Patricia Lynn Gullickson She was born silly and had a relapse. Band-1,2,3; Red Cross-2,3. Craig L. Gyland Talented in every sense of the word. Football-1; Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-1,2; Band-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; AFS-3. David W. Halverson If we didn’t have any ordinary men. how could we tell the great ones? Ski Club-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3. Jay Charles Halverson I never dare to be as funny as I can. Band-1,2; “S” Club-1; Ski Club-1,2,3; In-tramurals-1,2,3; Football-1,2; Soccer Team-3; Wrestling-1,2; Track-1,2,3; Pep Band-2; Dance Band-1; Snowmobile Club-1; Weight Lifters-2. SAC-2; FFA-3. Norman Handeland Here I am at the end of the road and the top of the heap. Diane Haarklau What’s wrong with a little horsing around? Catherine H. Hansen Her way is all her own. Philo-2,3; Red Cross-1,2.3. Reporter-3; FTA-1,2, Treas.-l, Pres.-2; GAA-1,2,3; Tennis-3; Volleyball-2; Science Club-2; Spanish Club-1,2,3; Basketball-3. Garry L. Hanson Women? I never think of them! (?) Football-1,2; Wreslting-1; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-2,3; German Band-3; Dramatics-3.Joni Hanson All she needs is a candelabra. Chorus-1,2,3; Library Club-2,3; FTA-2; Red Cross-2; Science Club-2; AFS-2. Nancy Harried The ABC’s of popularity; ability, beauty and character. Band-1,2,3; Majorette-1; GAA-1,2,3, Secretary-2, President-3; Student Council-1,2,3, Secretary-2, President-3; Philo-2,3; Cheerleading-2,3; Homecoming Court-3. Marilyn M. Haskell An even temper, a ready smile and eyes that sparkle all the while. GAA-2,3; Pep Club-2,3; Student Council-3; FTA-3; Philo-3. Judy Anne Haugen She aims to please and always makes a direct hit. Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-2,3; Chorus-2.3; Philo-2,3; Tennis-3; Basketball-3; GAA-1,2,3; National Honor Society-2,3; Student Council-2,3, Secretary-3; Pep Club-2,3, Secretary-Treasurer-3; AFS-2. King L. Havey The world knows nothing of it’s greatest men. Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-3; Tennis-1. Darryl Helley I "Dare” to raise a little ‘‘Hell” each weekend. Auto Club-2; FFA-1,2,3. Marilyn R. Hellickson There’s a song in my heart. ‘Which way ya going --------? Ski Club-2,3; AFS-3; GAA-1,2,3; Volleyball-2.3; Basketball-3; Snowmobile Club-3. Jim W. Hergenroether I have so much to do that I am going to bed. (Mgr.) Basketball-1; Football-1.2; AFS-2; SAC-2; Soccer-3; Intramurals-2.3; Table Tennis-3; Chess Club-3.Mark Hermunstad It's a clever man who conceals from others what he does not know. Tennis-1; Golf-2,3; Band-1,2,3; Math Team-3. F. Scott Hess There is but an inch of difference between the cushioned chamber and the padded cell. Intramurals-l; Soccer-3; Table Tennis-3; Science Club-2, Secretary-2; Chess Club-3. Jeannette M. Hougan One of our many adults, has a lot of privili ges doesn’t it? OAA-l.2,3; Science Club-2; Red Cross-2,3; MFA-3; Philo-2,3. Thomas H. Hougan He may not always say a lot, but you can tell he’s thinking. Track-2; Chess Club-3; Table Tennis-3; In-tramurals-2,3; Journalism-3. Ruth Louise Holzhuter Today we lose her; tomorrow the whole world gains her. Musical-1,2; Orchestra-1.2,3; Band-1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers-1,2,3; Pep Club-1,2,3; AFS-1,2,3, Secretary-2; GAA-1,2,3; Philo-2,3; Pep Band-2,3; Math Team-2,3; Dance Band-3; Stage Band-3; National Honor Society-3. Diane Holpin When a new craze comes along, she’s the first to pick it up. Marilyn Jean Hughes She has a whim for sports and gym. GAA-1,2,3; Volleyball-2. Richard Hunt An all around man and a man all around. (Mgr.) Baseball-1,2,3; Library Club-1; Auto Club-2.3; FFA-1,2,3.Deb Hvam Everything she does, she does well-and she does everything! Ski Club-1,2,3; AFS-2,3; Philo-2,3; Cheerleading-1; GAA-1,2,3; Volleyball-2; Prom Court-2; Association-1. Mary A. Jacobsen Mary, it’s time for the 10,000 mile check-up. Spanish Club-1; Ski Club-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; GFW-1; MFA-2; Pep Club- 1,2,3. Julie Johnson An echo is the only thing that can cheat her out of the last word. Ski Club-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; MFA-3; Snowmobile Club-2; Red Cross-2; FHA-1; Student Assistant-1,2,3; Pep Club-1; GFW-2; AFS-1,2. Karen Louise Johnson She has left no goal unachieved. Band-1; Cheerleading-1,2,3. Captain-1,3; Track Queen-1; Snowmobile Club-1; Norwegian Dancers-1,2,3; AFS-1,2,3, Treasurer-1; Pep Club-1,2; Math Team-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Parrot Editor-3; Philo-2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Homecoming Court-3; Prom Court-2; National Honor Society-2,3; Chess Club-3. Vicki Claresse Jacobson Happy-go-lucky, fair and free; nothing there is that bothers me. GAA-1,2,3; Philo-2; Pep Club-3; Norwegian Dancers-2,3; Musical-1; Folksingers-1; Play-3; Chorus-1,2,3; AFS-2,3; Basketball-3; Ski Club-1. David W. Johnson A shy guy we sometimes pass by. Kathryn Ann Johnson Nobody gives her a second thought, they’re too busy with the first. Mary Ellen Johnson A ring on her finger is worth two on the phone. Ski Club-1.2; GAA-1,2; Pep Club-1,2; Folksingers-1,3. GAA-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; AFS-2: Pep Club-2; Snowmobile Club-1.Michael R. Johnson My car is so fast it registers 60 in the parking place. SAC-2. Michele Beth Johnson Remember when it was indecent to show your ankles? Sieve Johnson Now we know who owns the heap of the week. SAC-2.3: Ski Club-1.2,3. Rae Ann Johnson Her life is duel between halos and horns. Spanish Club-1,2,3, Vice President-3; Pep Club-2,3, President-3; Student Council-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; GAA-1,2; Philo-2,3; Band-1: AFS-3. Stuart Jones Remain quiet and people will think you’re a philosopher. Track-1,2.3; Cross Country-1,2,3. Donald Juve Jr. If I hadn't been born, people would wonder why. Football-1: Band-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2; AFS-1,2,3; Dance Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3. Gregory D. Keebaugh We’ll break that bridge when we come to it. Cross Country-1,2,3; Track-1,2,3; Science Club-1,2, Secretary-Treasurer; Chess Club-3; Math Team-3. Holly Joy Kelm I’m awfully glad Saturday comes after Friday night. Philo-2,3.Lois .Jane Kind Why follow the rules? My way is more fun. Richard A. Kinnamon Knowledge is dangerous, but I’ve never been in great peril. Art Guild-3. Debra Kay Klitzke She knows how to get her man and keep him. Prom Court-2; GAA-1,2,3; Philo-2.3; FTA-1. gfw-2; Pep Club-1.2. Steven L. Knox A journalist is stimulated by a deadline; he writes when he has the time. Parrot Staff-2.3: AFS-2: Science Club-2: Forensics-1.2.3. David Ryan Kober Hey. are you the kid on the garage? Chess Club-3: Intramurals-2,3; Table Tennis-3. Kimberly Kay Knick-meier The angel that guards her when she drives, is going to retire at 65. GAA-1,2,3: Ski Club-1,2.3; AFS-1.2.3; Snowmbobile Club-1: GFVV-1,2; Red Cross-3: FTA-3; Pep Oub-3. Dan E. Lauretic Genius is the capacity for evading hard work. Denise Ann LaZotte Boys are a nuisance, but then everyone likes a little disturbance. GAA-l.2,3; Pep Club-1.2.3: AFS-1,3; Ski Club-2.3: Philo-2.3, Reporter-2; National Honor Society-2.3; Spanish Club-1.Melinda Kay Lewis I call it driving, my friends call it madness. Cheerleading-2; GAA-1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers-2.3; Pep Club-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; GFW-2; AFS-1,2,3; Prom Court-2; Spoon-2; . Homecoming Court-3; Philo-2,3; National Honor Society-2,3. Howard Lien I know alot but 1 don’t think of it. SAC-2. Ron Lien Tall and slender is a good combination. Jeanne Marie Lin-nerud r wish I were three persons: I’d get around better. FHA-1. Rick Lippilt He's not conceited .. . he’s twice as good as he says he is. Football-1,2.3: Basketball-1,2,3; Easeball-1,2,3; "S ' Club-1.2.3. Rick Lock I like a girl with a good head. . . on my shoulder. Football-1.2,3: Wrestling-1,2; Track-1,2,3; “S" Club-1.2.3; Auto Club-1. Kris Lunde She's torn between vice and versa. Snowmobile Club-1; Ski Club-2. Carol A. Maerz Remember - there is no saint without a past, no sinner with out a future.Lynn Mandley Silent effort moves the world. FTA-2: Philo-2.3: Library Club-3; A'Cappelia- 2.3. Marian Arlene Martinson The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. FHA-1,2,3; Philo-2; Library Club-2,3. Marylou Mathison Never silent, never quiet; wherever she goes there’s always a riot. GAA-1,2,3; Musical-1,2 Ski Club-1,2,3; Philo-2,3 AFS-2,3; Chorus-1,2,3 Drama-2,3; Parrot-3. Michael L. McCulloch The ping-pong, oops . . table tennis King. Table Tennis-3; Tennis-1,2,3; Band-1,3,3; Soccer -3; Chess Club-3; Intramurals-1; Science Club-3; Audio-visual-3. Bernard Allen McKichan Life if too short for chess? (Mgr.) Track-1,2,3; (Mgr.) Football-2,3; “S” Club-2; Science Club-2, Secretary-2; Student Assistant-2,3; Chess Club-3, President-3. Mary Jo May Don’t love everybody. specialize. GAA-1,2.3: Philo-2.3; Student Council-2,3; AFS 2,3; GFVV-2. Vice President-2; Drama-2.3; Musical-1,2: A'Cappella-1,2,3: Forensics-1,3. Robin Lynn McLeish Look what 3 years did to me. One more and I’d be ruined. Pep Club-2,3; Red Cross-2,3, Vice President-3; Ski Club-2,3; GAA-1,2,3; AFS-2,3; Snowmobile Club-1. Mike Mengelt I consider the day a total loss if I don't catch hell about something.Susan Kay Midthun Sue. a red light means stop not 'step-on-it'. GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1; Red Cross-2; Philo-3. Terrie L. Miller The only cloud in her life is the one she’s walking on. Philo-2,3. Theresa Ann Misgen My interest is the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there. A’Cappella-2,3; Musical-1,2.3; Philo-2,3; Ski Club-1,2.3; GAA-1,2; Volleyball-2,3; Table Tennis-3; AFS-3; Chess Club-3; Literary Magazine-1,2,3. 3 V George L. R. Murphy Some people do more than study in the library. Library Club-1,2,3; FFA-1,2,3. Brad Natvig If I were modest. I'd be perfect. Football-1,3; Track-2,3; Weight Lifters-2,3; Auto Club-2,3. Sharon Lynn Moen I'm not the goody-goody type, but than neither am I bad. GAA-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2,3; Band-1,2; AFS-3; MFA-3; GFW-2,3. Kristi L. Nelson Short sweet, a combination that can’t be beat! Huh? GAA-1,2; Ski Club-2; Snowmobile Club-1; Philo-2,3; AFS-3; Student Council-1. James Norland He’s always feeling at his best when he can be a constant pest. Football-1; Wrestling-1,3; Track-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Auto Club-2,3; Soccer-3; Art Guild-3.Marlene Lynn Normington She has the key to wedlock. Steven L. Obrecht The difference between gossip and news depends on whether you hear it or tell it. Student Council-2; Band-1,2; Ski Club-1,2,3. « Cindy Marie O’Connell There's one advantage to being short, you don’t have as far to go to hit the ground. FHA-1; FT A-2. Cynthia Ann Olp Sober but not serious, quiet but not idle. Library Club-3; Philo-3. Dave Olson A picture of a man in a nice frame. Nancy Jane Olson Lord deliver me from myself. Pep Club-1; GAA-1,2; Tennis-3; Red Cross-3; MFA-3; Philo-3; AFS-2; Folksingers-3. Randi K. Onsrud Just think....... Ski Club-1.2.3; AFS-3; GAA-1,2. Steven Allen Onsrud Relax Girls, he smiles like that at everyone. Football-1; Tennis-1,2,3; Transfer-2.Mike Orcutt Behold the manners of the man. Diana Lynn Osterberg In her love affairs forever’ is at least over the weekend. GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-2,3; Band-1,2,3; Ski Club-2; AFS-2. Gregory Pauli Any gadget that’s on the blink, he can fix it in a wink. Auto Club-2,3. Chris Peterson Give me a guy that's short, pale and ugly. Ski Club-1,2,3; Spanish Club-1,2,3, Secretary-3; Pep Club-3; AFS-3; GAA-1,2,3. Sherrie Lynn Otteson Amen, or is it Ah men? Band-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Pep Club-2,3; Pep Band-2; GAA-1,2,3; Drum Major-3. Sonja Sue Parish She gets her male through the mail. GAA-2; Ski Club-3; Spanish Club-1; Philo-2,3; Tennis-3; Volleyball-3; AFS-3; Student Council- 3. Steven G. Paschkewitz You can always tell an educated man but you can’t tell him much. Golf-1,2,3; Stage Crew-1,2,3; Intramurals-1. Robert A. Paris Tennis anyone? Chess Club-3; Table Tennis-3; “S” Club-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,3; Tennis-1,2,3; Intramurals-2,3; Audio-Visual-3.Mark Peterson It was the fastest 30{ I ever made. Cross Country-2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Tennis-1,2,3; Badger Boys State-2; Band-1,2; “S” Club-1,2,3; AFS-3. Stephen A. Peterson If sports were music, he’d be a whole brass band. Football-1,2,3; Wrestling-1,2,3; Track-1,2,3; “S” Club-1,2,3; Prom Court-2; Homecoming Court-3; Ski Club-1,2; Class President-2; Norwegian Daneers-1,2,3. Mark D. Pfundheller I deserve a break today! Ski Club-1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers-2,3; Wrestling-1,2; Track-1,2; Class Vice President-1,2,3; Soccer-3; lntramurals-1,2,3; Prom Court-2; National Honor Society-2,3. Darice M. Presby Well, at least I’ve tried .... you’ve gotta give me credit. Ski Club-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; AFS-3. Gary W. Prochnow A hot rod on the road, but a swell kid when he’s stopped. Ski Club-1,2,3. Daniel J. Pirkl Golf is a terrible game. I'm glad I don’t have to play again until tomorrow. Basketball-1; Golf-1,2,3; lntramurals-1,2,3; “S” Club-2,3; Soccer-3; AFS-1,2,3; Chess Club-3, Vice President-3; Ski Club-3. Greg Quam Shucks, it's a cinch if you’re smart and handsome. Basketball-1,2,3; Cross Country-1,2; Golf-1,2,3, Captain-2,3; Band-1,2,3; Dance Band-2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Science Club-2; “S” Club-2,3. Susan Helene Quam She works, she plays, does this and that, but most of all she likes to chat. Band-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1,2,3; Pep Band-3.Deb Ramsden I’m still trying to make both weekends meet. GAA-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; AFS-3. Lauree Ellen Ramsden She found someone to share her future with. GAA-1, Ski Club-1,2,3; Philo-3. Jan E. Rasmussen Hey babe, you wanna boogie? Pep Club-1,2,3; 1,2,3. GAA- Casey Reiser Of all the seasons, winter’s my favorite! Pep Club-1,2,3; AFS-1,2,3; Vice President-2, President-3; Philo-1,2,3, Vice President-2, President-3; Spanish Club-2,3; Badger Girls State-2; National Honor Society-2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Student Assistant-2,3; Volleyball-2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; Yahara Staff-3; Red Cross-2, Transfer-1. Kay theryl Richmond Her declaration of independence is a lease. FHA-2,3; Pep Club-2,3; AFS-2,3; Spanish Club-2,3; GAA-3; Philo-2,3. Kevin Scott Rebo Be good and you be lonesome. will Auto Club-2; Ski Club-2. Candice Ann Rigdon If silence were golden, I'd be bankrupt. Student Council-3, Band-1,2; Red Cross-3, Secretary-3; GAA-1,3; Pep Club-1,3; AFS-1,2,3; Ski Club-3. David G. Roberts It’s better to fall asleep in class, than waste a perfectly good night. Track-1,2,3.David Roe There is no great genius without a touch of madness. Band-1,2,3; AFS-2; “S” Club-2,3; Science Club-3; President-3, Intramurals-2,3; Cross Country-2,3, Captain s, Basketball-1; Golf-1,2,3; Orchestra-1,2,3; Math Team-1,2,3, Captain-2,3; Badger Boys State-2; National Honor Society-2,3. Marsha K. Roneid She has lots of vim, vigor, and Vingum. GAA-1,2,3 Robyn S. Roslak What? Me worry? GAA-1,2,3; Student CounciH,2; Ski- Club-1,2,3; Track Queen-2; AFS-2,3; Philo-2,3, Historian-3; Literary Magazine Editor-3; National Honor Society-2,3. David Santos I’m a firm believer in the conservation of energy. Nancy Schimelpfenig She tafees the current fashions and bends them to suit her style. GAA-1,2; Ski Club-1,2; Snowmobile Club-1; Musical-1,2,3; Dramatics-1,2,3. Vaughan R. Schlepp I'll do the difficult now, take a little longer. the impossible will Orchestra-1,2,3; Math Team-1,2,3; Chess Club-3; Table Tennis-3; Student School Board-2; Musical-1,2,3. Debbie Schmit Do not put off till tomorrow what can be enjoyed today. Transfer-3. Peggy Schmudlach Charm is the extra quality that defies description. GAA-1,2,3; Pep Club-1,2,3; Philo-2,3; Secretary-3; Band-1,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3.Diego Sehmukler Latins are tenderly enthusiastic. In Brazil they throw flowers at you but in Argentina they throw themselves. AFSStudent-3; Soccer-3; Chess Club-3; Ski Club-3; Table Tennis-3. Tim Schackleton A good looking lad over six feet tall, when the love bug bites he’ll have far to fall. Football-1,2,3, Captain-3; Basketball-1,2,3; Baseball-1,2,3. Kenneth Wayne Shelhamer A good reputation is worth more than money. Band-1,2,3; Tennis-1,2,3; Chess Club-3; Math Team-3. Gary R. Simonson Is the “R” for resting or restless? Auto Club-2,3 Donna Jean Sissons When the Tide comes in. you know Donna’s out. Red Cross-3. JoAnn Kay Showers She takes 100 per cent interest in her work. Red Cross-2; Philo-2 3; GFW-2; GAA-1,2; AFS-2 Kristi Skavlen The course of true love never did run smooth. Band-1,2: Pep Club-1,2; GFW-1; A F S - 1 ; Folksingers-3. Bill Skinner He is a man from sole to crown. Band-1,2; Ski Club-1,2,3; Football-1.2,3: Wrestling-1,2,3; Golf 1; “S” Club-1,2,3; Prom Court-2; Homecoming Court-3. Jane Marie Slater What was 1 put on this earth for if not to rant and rave? Kaia Louise Smithback If you won’t have me as a dream, you’ll have me as a nightmare. Spanish Club-2,3; Badger Girls State-2; Pep Club-1,2,3; President-1,2; GAA-1,2,3; Secretary-2; Vice President-3; Philo-2,3; Ski Club-1,2,3; AFS-2.3; Secretary-3; Student Council-2,3; Vice President-3; Yahara Staff-3; Volleyball-2,3; Tennis-3. Kim C. Stelzer Not all men are fools - some are bachelors. Band-1,2; Dramatics-1; Stage Crew -1,2.3; Wrestling-1,2,3; Tennis-1,2,3; Soccer-3; Ski Club-1.2,3; Student Council-2; Norwegian Dancers-3. David Alden Sperstad He's a short cook made to order. AFS-3; Library Club-3; Parrot-3. Bonnie Jean Stenjem Danger - boys may be hazardous to my health. A’Cappella-1,2,3; Library Club-2; Dramatics-1,2; GAA-2 Scott E. Stensaas The more I see of women, the more I don’t want to own one. Parrot Staff-2,3; Sports Editor-3; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-1,2; Student Council-2,3; Intramurals-2,3; Baseball-1. Dan Stokstad When the finest men are needed, he will be one of the few chosen. Football-1; Soccer-3; Prom Court-2; Ski Club-1,2,3; Class President-3. David Stronach, Jr. Some people just don’t realize a good thing when they see one. Baseball-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Cross Country-1.2,3; “S” Club-1,2,3; Band-1,2; Dance Band-1.2.Peggy Ann Swalheim Her mood doesn't change with the weather, it’s unclouded all the time. GAA-1,2,3; Philo-2,3; Spanish Club-1,3; Red Cross-3; Volleyball-2. David G. Swenson Education is hanging around until you’ve caught on. Ski Club-1,2,3. Denise Gean Swenson A diamond is the only kind of ice that keeps a girl warm. Snowmobile Club-1; Ski Club-1,2; Association-1. Debbie Ann Swenson I hold the record for flash romances. GAA-1,2,3; AFS-3; Ski Club-1,2,3. Mark Swenson Here's a guy who’s real fast ... on the track. Cross Country-3; Track-1,2,3; Basketball-3; Intramurals-2. Robert Swenson A man of the world, a man of his word. Auto Club-2,3. Jeff W. Taylor 1 don’t care what's written about me, so long as it isn’t true. Sherry Lynn Teigen If it’s an explosion you want I’ll light the fuse. GFW-1; Philo-2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Ski Club-1,2. Ski Club-1,2,3; Soccer-3; Table Tennis-3.Dale Ann Thede. Speech is great, but silence is better FTA-1,2,3; Philo-3; MFA-2. Debra Kay Thompson If you have any complaints about this yearbook, see Cheryll. GAA-1,2,3; Band-1,2,3; Math Team-1,2; Norwegian Dancers-3; Tennis-3; Volleyball-2; Philo-2,3; Treasurer-3; AFS-1,3; Pep Club-1,2,3; Yahara Editor-3; National Honor Society-2,3. Greg Allen Thompson He's the reason why so many girls pretend they can't swim. Ski Club-1,2,3; Student Council-3. Margaret E. Thompson Don’t try to convince me, I have my own ideas. Band-1,2,3; Spanish Clubs', Tennis-3; Volleyball-3; Basketball-3; GAA-1,2,3; Dramatics-1; Philo-2,3; Chess Club-3; Pep Band-1.2; Forensics-1,2,3; Student Assistant-3. Mark G. Thompson Art is the science of beauty. Yahara Art-3. Vickie Lynn Thompson Though her blush is well known, her seeds of friendship are well sown. AFS-1,2; Pep Club-1,2, Treasurer-2; This Week-1; Philo-2,3; Spanish Club-2,3, Treasurer-2; Orchestra-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3; Class Treasurer-3; Musical-1,2,3; Dramatics-3; A’Cappella-3; Student Assistant-3; Prophecy-3; Folksingers-3; Homecoming Queen-3. Steven G. Toepfer Whenever I think, I make a mistake. Kirk Tolley Is he one of thise oil Millionaires we’ve heard so much about?Janet L. Tracy Save a boyfriend for a rainy day and another in case it doesn’t rain. Transfer-2; Ski Club-2,3; GAA-2,3; Basketball-3. Paul James Tyler I may not be perfect but I'm close enough. Football-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Track-1,2,3; “S” Club-2,3; Band-1,2; Ski Club-3. Paul J. Umhoefer I’m the good man who’s so hard to find. AFS-2,3; “S” Club-3; Orchestra-1.2; Golf-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2; Math Team-1,2,3; Science Club-2; Badger Boys State-2; Soccer Team-3; Table Tennis-3; Chess Club-3; Intramura!s-2; National Honor Society-2,3. Lynn Ann Vandrell The only way to have a friend is to be one. Band-1,2,3; Pep Band-2,3; GAA-1,2; AFS-1,2; Pep Club-1,2,3; Philo-2,3; National Honor Society-2,3; Forensics-1; Math Team-1,2,3; Stage Band-2.3. Harold Eugene Vetter I have a mind of my own and it takes more than a teacher to change it. Tennis-1.2,3; Orchestra-1,2,3; Badger Boys State-2; National Honor Society-2,3. Andrea V’ike Mirth and motion prolong life. Band-1. Dale H. Vike Many men do not find their heart until they lose their head. Football-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2,3; Baseball-1,2,3; Norwegian Dancers-1; Snowmobile Club-1; “S” Club-1,2,3. Norman Vike Oh. it's nice to get up in the morning but it’s nicer to stay in bed.Wesley Waite He drives with his hands on the wheels and his eyes on the sidewalk. Dan Watson The good die young, so I don't have to worry. Sharon Weidner We hear a squeak and there goes Mouse. GAA-2,3. Kathy E. Whaley Equestrian is her middle name. Philo-2; Spanish Club-2,3; Forensics-2. Dave Wood Do you know what I want to get most out of school? Myself! Band-1,2; Snowmobile Club-1; Ski Club-1,2,3. Linda Marie Wersland Capable of responsibility. worthy of praise. AFS-3; Philo-2,3; FTA-1,2.3, President-3; Folksingers-3; Spanish Club-1,2,3, President-3; Red Cross-1 ,2,3, Secretary. Charlotte Anderson Wright She finally found the “Wright” man. GAA-1,2; Student Council-2. Wanda Marie Wright Remember .. . the last among you shall be first. GAA-1,2.Jeff S. Marsh Wait until the Bucks find out about me. Basketball-1.2,3; Track-2,3; Cross Country-2,3. William Myrland I’d rather hug a football I know. than anything Footbal -l ,3; Track-2,3; Weight Lifters-S Auto Club-2,3. Jeffrey R. Sundby The dream of girls who want a quiet man. Stage Crew-1,2,3; Football-1.°OfS nyg £ % MThree One- Cinderella Tom Stepmother Lola Cinderella Fa y Godmother Another Sally Carpenter Bill Rogers Shelley Waite Vicki Jacobsen Cindy Erickson Qieryl Wood DIRECTED BY: Connie Couch The Puppet Master Male Puppet Bruce ] Female Puppet Debbie Pet Narrator Mary Lou Mat Dance Consultant: Debbie Spangler Music: Vivaldi: Concerto in FMajor DIRECTED BY: Jim I Act Plays jjitnrrrr---------------------------- . 7 .jJa ».. » mm»»m»mwh»» « ««»»»» ««» »»«»» » i w rrrffrfrrmrrrrrrrrr ----------------------------------------------------------------------- on  Our Town Steve Holman Paul Johnson Randy DeGroot Kelly Couch Connie Couch Mary Jo May Rob Conant Deb Peterson Jim Nettum Nancy Horn Garry Hanson Bruce Barry John Smet Cheryl Wood Matt Bolland Randy DeGroot Dan Davis Matt Bolland Stage Manager Dr. Gibbs Joe Crowell Howie Newsome Mrs. Gibbs Mrs. Webb George Gibbs Rebecca Gibbs Wally Webb Emily Webb Professor Willard Mr. Webb Simon Stimson Mrs. Soames Constable Warren Si Crowell Sam Craig Joe Stoddard People of the Town Diana Osterburg Dan Davis Cindy Erickson Garry Hanson Margie May Lisa Thompson Sandy Kuhlman Vicki Thompson Gretchen Klepinger Bonnie Daemmrich Larry Shumate1972 Homecoming Royalty Mike Bakken Bill Skinner Diego Schmukler Sieve Peterson Uirrv Femrite Melinda Lewis Barb Bronte Jill Fulham Nanev Harried Karen Johnson Homecoming At A Glance!i Bui not least! i Seniors Greaser DayBand Varieties ’73Imagine Queen Sue King Tim1973 Prom Court Bonnie Daemmrich escorted by Mark Lunde Val Johnson escorted by Eric Peterson Karen Peterson escorted by John Smet Mary Grefshiem escorted by Terry Gilbert1973 Honors Banquet STOUGHTON HOSPITAL AUXILIARY....................................Jeannette Hougan JESSE MOORE Catherine Godleski Catherine Reiser Lynn Vandrell Melinda Lewis Robyn Roslak NELSON MUFFLER Oaniel Davis Debra Thompson UNIROYAL ............................................................. David Roe ROTARY Karen Johnson Denise Lazotte Mary Lou Mathison Sonja Parish FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN .................................... Judith Haugen JAYCEES Harold Vetter Peggy Swalheim LIONS Kenneth Shelhamer Vaughn Schlepp Mary Jo May PHILOMATHIA Barbara Bronte Vicki Thompson JAYCETTES ....................................................... Nancy Harried IDA OSTERHELD..................................................Sally Carpenter CHRIST LUTHERAN................................................Shelley Dyreson MICHAEL HANSON ................................................ Ruth Holzhuter ANDREW AND CORDIA CALHOUN.....................................Steve Paschkewitz VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS ...................................... Diana Osterberg FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION..........................................Dale Thede NEW CENTURY..........................................................Scott Hess ENTRE NOUS.............................................................Cindy 01 p MEDICAL FIELDS OF AMERICA ......................................... Nancy Olson OBED NOREM MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP..................................Gwenn Nyhagen MATH TEAM SPOON GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARDS James Bricker Barbara Bronte Sally Carpenter Connie Couch Garry Hanson Vicki Jacobson Bernard McKichan Steven Peterson Peggy Swalheim Mark Thompson ARION AWARD-Instrumental Catherine Godleski BADGER GIRLS STATE Bonnie Daemmrich Lynn Jacobson BADGER BOYS STATE Jim Amundson Terry Gilbert Eric Peterson John Smet Jack Sphatt NATIONAL OBSERVER Harold Vetter ROTARY AWARDS Peter Drotning Nancy Harried Karen Johnson Catherine Reiser Kaia Smithback Debra Thompson AMERICAN LEGION Daniel Davis Catherine Godleski David Roe Vaughn Schlepp Lynn Vandrell Paul Untioefer Nicki Allen LIONS DEPARTMENT AWARDS Art............... Business Education English .......... Foreign Language. Home Economics. . Industrial Arts . Mathematics . . . Science .......... Social Studies. . Speech-Drama. . . Peggy Daffner Jeff Haugen Dean Nelson James Nettum Rebecca Oncken Sue Utermark Bonnie Daemmrich SPADE Mark Lunde NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seniors Mark Thompson Peggy Swalheim Margaret Thompson Judith Haugen Charlotte Anderson Wright Gregory Pauli David Roe Gregory Keebaugh Catherine Godleski Connie Couch Patricia Anderson Christine Buskager Daniel Davis Shelley Dyreson Susan Fawley Catherine Godleski Nancy Harried Judith Haugen Mark Hermundstad Ruth Holzhuter Jeannette Hougan Nicki Allen Stephen Christiansen Bonnie Daemmrich Mary Grefsheim Karen Johnson Denise Lazotte Melinda Lewis Lynn Mandley Marian Martinson Mary Lou Mathison Mary Jo May Theresa Misgen Sonja Parish Steven Paschkewitz Mark Pfundheller Juniors Jeff Hougan Susan Llnderud Dean Nelson James Nettum Catherine Reiser David Roe Robyn Roslak Vaughn Schlepp Kenneth Shelhamer JoAnn Showers Sherrie Teigen Debra Thompson Margaret Thompson Vicki Thompson Lynn Vandrell Harold Vetter Rebecca Oncken Sharon Utermark Lois VetterRow 1: G. Keebaugh, P. Drotning, M. Thompson, B. McKichan, S. Hess. P. Umhoefer Row 2: P. Swalheim, D. Thede, C. Olp, G. Pauli, B. Bronte, S. Carpenter, D. Osterberg. Row 3: N. Olson, C. Couch, K. Smithback, J. Bricker, V. Jacobson, G. Hanson, S. Peterson ’73 Honors Row 1: K. Johnson, D. Thompson, M. Mathison, L. Mandley, S. Dyreson, C. Buskager, S. Teigen, P. Anderson, R. Holzhuter. Row 2: J. Haugen, S. Paschkewitz, C. Godleski, V. Schlepp, K. Shelhamer, M. Her-mundstad, D. Davis, M. May, N. Harried. Row 3: C. Reiser, T. Misgen, S. Parish, V. Thompson, M. Thompson, J. Showers, M. Martinson, S. Fawley, J. Hougan. Row 4: M. Lewis, D. Lazotte, R. Roslak, H. Vetter, D. Roe, L. Vandrell.Spoon and Spade Badger Girls State - Bonnie Daem-mrich, Lynn Jacobson. Badger Boys State - Jack Sphatt, Terry Gilbert, Jim Amundson, John Smet, Eric Peterson. National Honors SocietyParrot Editors Steve Knox-Editorial Editor Mary Lou Mathison-Features Karen Johnson-Editor-in-Chief Scott Stensaas-Sports Editor Edi tors-in-chief Deb Thompson Cheryll Finder Yahara Editors Lyn DeGroot - Faculty and Classes Editor, Kaia Smithback - Organizations Editor, Barb Bronte - Features Editor, Casey Reiser - Senior Editor, Pete Drotning - Sports Editor, Mark Thompson -Cover and Division PagesAFS How l: D. Schmukler, P. Umhoefer, C. Reiser, Pres., J. Amundson, V. Pres., T. Misgen, S. Stockstad, Treas., K. Smithback, Sec., D. Thompson, R. Holzhuter, L. Vandrell Row 2: J. West, P. Drotning, D. Pirkl, K. Stelzer, J. Culham, S. Bersing, M. Pfundheller, D. Ramsden, D. Presby, D. Hvam, M. Hellickson, K. Nelson, B. Bronte Row 3: C. Finder, K. Johnson, J. Halverson, S. Moen, D. Lazotte, N. Beck, S. Parish, R. Johnson, S. Dyreson, K. Heggestad, L. Wersland, D. Ameson, P. Strong Row 4: G. Klepinger, K. Horner, S. Landsverk, M. Mathison, J. Tracy, M. Lewis, D. Stai, B. Rustad, M. Quale, C. Fritch, D. Juve, S. Linderud, N. Allen, S. Utermark, L. Bronte Row 5: L. Dybevik, L. Mayberry, M. Umhoefer, V. Jacobson, M. May, R. Roslak, L. Jacobson, K. Peterson, R. McLeish, C. Peterson J. Erdahl, T. Iverson, B. Wendt, B. Favreau, K. Knickmeier Row 6: M. Norgaren, L. Anderson, B. Zeimet, D. Nelson, S. Paton, R. Rein, B. Maerz, J. Gref-sheim, K. Oncken, L. Thompson, T. Thompson, B. Johnson, C. Johnson, S. Rowe, L. Martin, J. McGruer, K. Richmond Row 7: D. Nettum, P. Larson, J. Ramsden, J. Smithback, L. Mathison, K. Pfundheller, N. Horn, L. Toepfer, D. Swenson, S. Utermark, G. Lane, S. Breisath, D. Jenson., Fk Anderson, K. Buss, D. Dyreson, S. Smedal, D. Bunnell DIEGO AND HIS AMERICAN FAMILY Mr. Umhoefer, Carol, Mrs. Umhoefer, Paul, Marla, DiegoAFS Soccer Team Row 1: M. Pfundheller, J. Halverson, J. Norland, S. Bersing, D. Stokstad, B. Natvig Row 2: D. Borman, R. Degroot, J. Pundt, G. Peth, J. Hergenroether, P. Umhoefer Row 3: S. Hess, M. McCulloch, D. Schmukler, K. Stelzer, D. Pirkl, K. Felio Table Tennis Team Row 1: V, Schlepp, Sec.-Treas., M. McCulloch, Pres., G. Peth Row 2: D. Masters, T. Misgen, S. Hess, B. Paris, J. Hergenroether, R. DeGroot, D. Thompson Row 3: K. Smithback, D. Schmukler, P. Umhoefer, D. Nelson, J. Smet, D. Pirkl, D. Kober, J. PundtMFA Row 1: S. Dyreson, Pres., B. Sawle, V-Pres., P. Strong, Treas., K. Brickson, Sec. Row 2: N. Olson, S. Ingels, J. Johnson, J. Hougan, R. McLeish Row 3: S. Hanson, P. Bothum, S. Moen Red Cross Row 1: P. Bothum, Pres., R. McLeish, V-Pres., P. Swalheim, Hist., J. Hougan, Treas., C. Hansen, Pub. Dir. Row 2: L. Wersland, K. Knickmeier, M. Hougan, N. Olson Row 3: K. Brantmeyer, D. Sissons, P. Gullickson, J. Dougall, L. Anderson, C. WoodSpanish Club Row 1: L. Wersland, Pres., J. Dougall, V-Pres., L. Mayberry, Treas., C. Fritch, I. Severson, D. Peterson Row 2: V. Thompson, R. Johnson, S. Landsverk, D. Jerdee, K. Brantmeyer, C. Hanson A. Douglas, J. Erdahl Row 3: K. Horner, S. Carpenter, J. Hougen, M. Hansen, K. Richmond Row 4: L. Anderson, C. Reiser, K. Misgen, L. Jacobson, S. Hermanson, A. Weigel Row 5: E. Toso, W. Rodgers, S. Kittleson, J. Smet, K. Smithback, P. Bothum, P. Swalheim German Club Row 1: S.K., D.H., K.L., M.U., V.J., C.H., K.J., L.V., B.X., S.W., D.S. Row 2: S.K., S.H., P.L., C.D., L.B., R.R., B.M., S.H., S.L., J.R. Row 3: J.M., J.H., E.L., C.G., H.M., P.O., B.M., T.V., S.K., D.T., V.S., D.R., K.J., P.J., M.H., R.R., D.K., R.P., J.N., J.A.Philo Big Sisters Row 1: C. Reiser. Pres.. P. Schmudlach, Sec., R. Roslak, Publ., K. Johnson, T. Misgen, D. Thompson, Treas., K. Smithback Row 2: R. Holzhuter, L. Vandrell, B. Bronte, K. Nelson, S. Parish, J. Culham, M. Lewis, M. Mathison, M. May Row 3: S. Teigen, H. Kelm, D. Klitzke, D. Hvam, S. Dyreson, K. Richmond, R. Johnson, D. Lazotte, C. Buskager Row 4: P. Swalheim, J. Hougan, L. Wersland, C. Hansen, J. Haugen, J. Showers, N. Harried, C. Godleski, P. Anderson, V. Thompson Philo Little Sisters Row 1: L. Jacobson, S. Utermark, J. Lepine, D. Jerdee, M. May, J. Larson C. Fritch Row 2: B. Wendt, S. Landsverk, M. Mayberry, M. Grefsheim, J. Bailey, D. Seamonson, C. Olp, J. Nicholson Row 3: N. Olson, N. Allen, R. Oncken, B. Daemmrich, P. Daffner, M. Kopke, B. Durrant, C. Dahl, G. Grates, T. Iverson, S. Linderud Row 4: S. Utermark, S. Midthun, V. Johnson, L. Swingen, S. Kober, K. Larsen G. Erickson, L. Ramdsen“i” Band Row 1: L. Vandrell, D. Osterberg, T. Iverson, D. Arneson, N. Harried, P. Strong, P. Daffner, S. McDermott, K. Peterson, S. Larson. Row 2: B. Daemmrich, N. Marsh, M. Thompson, S. Otteson, G. Hanson, S. Linnerud, S. Quam, D. Thompson, J. Trieloff, L. Schiller, R. Holzhuter. Row 3: L. Vetter, B. Oncken, B. Durrant, K. Hoel, N. Dybevik, P. Schmudlach, M. Showers, S. lloltan, L. Mayberry, L. Benson. Row 4: S. Utermark, S. Utermark, C. Finder, J. Haugan, A. Beckwith, P. Drotning, J. Sphatt, L. Jacobson, D. Furseth, R. Gates, M. Grefsheim. Row 5: V. Popanz, B. Sawle, B. Barry, J. West, K. Shelhamer, S. Tyler, S. Stensaas, B. Rogers, R Wilberg, D. Roe, S. Christiansen. Row 6: R. Conant, K. Havey, D. Juve, C. Gyland, J. Morgan, R. Lein, G. Quam, T. Gilbert, J Bricker J. Matson, M. Davis. Row 7: B. Benjamen, P. Coon, D. Nelson, M. Hermunstad.“B” Band mT 1: Thompson, J. Crane, S. Waite, K. Pfundheller, L. Lathrop, K. Brickson, L Lange K Nelson, T. Thompson, S. Flattem. 6 ’ Row 2: J. Smithback, S. Rowe, J. Alme, D. Nelson, D. Van Fossen, D. Severson, S. Ingles, L Hougan B. Johnson, C. Shimmok. B. Maerz. Row 3: R. Rein M. Brown, S. Brietzman, K. Oncken, D. Sperstad, D. Dyreson, K. Stelzer, K. Skavlen N. Linnerud, J. Grefshiem. Row 4: B. Rustad B JVlaas, D. Juve, S. Hanson, J. Ramsden, C. Sagen, B. Swoboda, C. Johnson, L Finder, S. Paton, J: Christianson. Row 5: 1C Klitzke, D. Gjertson, D. Squire, S. Steckbauer, D. Bakken, T. Bush, C. Helmsetter J Strickland, B. Lausch.Dance Band Row 1: R. Holzhuter, J. Bricker, R. Wilberg, S. Linnerud, M. Grefshiem, K. Brickson, L. Finder. Row 2: B. Swoboda, D. Juve, P. Drotning, J. Morgan, S. Steckbauer, D. Bakken, B. Barry, J. Trieloff German Band B. Swaboda, R. Wilberg, J. Trieloff, B. Barry, J. Bricker, G. Hanson. J. Morgan, R. ConantPep Band ... In ActionDrum Major Sherrie Otteson Majorettes S. Utermark. K. Brickson, N. Marsh, P. Daffner, R. Rein.Chorus Kow 1: C. Parizo, P. Bonono, V. Jacobson, J. Trieloff, S. Carpenter, K. Koehler, M. Mathison, G. Klepinger, K. Brantmeyer, L. Swingen. Row 2: T. Misgen, J. Haugan, S. Long, D. Schmitt, J. Livingston, K. Heggestad, L. Johnson, L. Richmond, C. Couch. Row 3: V. Jorgensen, J. Hanson, C. Woods, K. Crisman, S. Holman, J. Smet, K. Manley, J. Amundson. J. Millar, L. Johnson. Orchestra Row 1: C. Godleski, V. Thompson, K. Homer, P. Venske, V. Schlepp, H. Vetter. Row 2: P. Schumdlach, C. Finder, J. Nicholson, G. Klepinger, B.Wendt, E. Johnson, R. Holzhuter. Row 3: L. Vandrell, D. Roe, R. Drotning, K. Havey, D. Thompson, D. Nelson, D. Osterbert, J. Haugan. K. Donnelly, P. Johnson. Row 4: L. Schiller, L. Vetter, B. Barry, J. Trieloff, M. Thompson. Row 5: J. West, S. Stensaas, J. Bricker.BADMINTON CHAMPS Deb Ramsden and Darice Presby K Smithback - V. President, R. Fritch - Representative, N. Harried. President, S. Utermark -Sec. 2nd League, B. Maerz - Representative, S. Wethal - Sec. 1st League Absent: B. Daemmrich - Treasurer VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS aid League Captain Deb Ramsden BASKETBALL CHAMPS 1st League Captain Nancy Marsh 2nd League Captain Jan TraceyScience Club Row 1: G. Keebaugh, Sec., K. Couch, Treas., D. Roe, Pres., S. Kuhlman, Rep Row 2: D. Austin, P. Umhoefer, D. Nelson, M. McCulloch, P. Venske Chess Club Row I B. McKichan, Pres., D. Pirkl, V. Pres., K. Johnson, J. Nicholson, S. Kuhlman K Heggestad Row 2. B. Paris, S. Hess, J. Hergenroether, E. Peterson, G. Peth, D. Austin Row 3: D. Kober, J. Helm, V. Schlepp, P. Umhoefer, D. Schmukler, K. Shelhamer Row 4: G. Keebaugh, K. Couch, M. Hermundstad, D. Nelson, M. McCullochLibrary Assistants Row 1: S. Fawley, C. Olp, M. Martinson, A. Douglas Row 2: G. Murphy, K. Dahl, J. Frohne, J. Erdahl Audio Visual Operators Row 1: J. Erdahl, B. Paris, M. Davis, J. West, B. Barry, J. Bricker Row 2: M. Peterson, D. Pirkl, J. Kelm, K. Dahl, K. Couch, M. McCulloch, M. SwensonPep Club Row 1: C. Dahl, M. Jacobsen, R. Johnson, Pres., J. Haugen, Sec-Tres., S. Dyreson, V-Pres., D. LaZotte, S. Moen. J. Culham, S. Otteson, M. Kopke. Row 2: M. Haskell, D. Stai, C. Nachtigal, K. Koehler, C. Reiser, C. Peterson, R. McLeish, T. Vike, K. Peterson, J. Larson, D. Thompson. Row 3: J. LePine, V. Johnson, S. Waite, D. Peterson, M. Quale, L. Finder, S. Paton, D. Nelson, K. Smithback, S. Wisersky, M. May, C. Hickcox, C. Finder. Row 4: S. Bersing, S. Larson, D. Swenson, D. Gunsolus, N. Marsh, M. Grefsheim, S. Utermark, S. Utermark, K. Johnson, D. Hvam, M. Christiansen, S. Quam. Row 5: J. Tracy, M. Lewis, M. Mathison, T. Iverson, B. Daemmrich, V. Jacobson, B. Bronte, K. Knickmeier, K. Richmond, D. Osterberg, C. Buskager, R. Holzhuter, L. Vandrell, S. Hansen. Row 6: B. Zeimet, L. Anderson, J. Ramsden, D. Nettum, M.Norgaren, L. Bronte, S. Smedal, S. Tyler, S. McDermott, J. Bailey, J. Rassmussen, N. Dybevik, M. Halverson, J. Richards, J. Furseth Row 7: D. Dyreson, R. Mathison, K. Buss, B. Favreau, D. Larson, P. Strong, K. Norland, S. Wethal, D. Arneson, D. Seamonson, L. Hanson, L. Melaas, C. Hanson, S. Stokstad, L. Mathison, L. Dybevik, A. Beckwith Forensics B. Barry, S. Carpenter, M. Thompson, J. Smet, M. Thompson, S. Holman Absent: C. Erickson, P. DaffnerFFA Row 1: P. Daffner, Sec., L. Martin Sentinel, N.Monsen Treas., A. Long, Pres., Q Anderson, Rep., J.Arneson, V.P. Row 2: N. Handeland, R. Hunt, D. Sperstad, N. Allen, B. Daemmrich, B. Oncken, J. Lauretic, R. Martinson Row 3: J. Ameson, D. Carlisle, E. Link, M. Nordlie, R. Granrud, D. Squire, R. Elsing, B. Zeimet Row 4: R. Padfield, M. Helley, L. Hye, P. Peterson, S. Kuhlman, G. Jacobson, B. Heiser, A. Anderson, S. Onsrud, D. Gretebeck, G. MurphyFTA Row 1: S. Shackleton, K. Richmond, Point Oir., D. Bunnell, Sec., M. Martinson, Pres., A. Douglas, V. Pres., S. Gehrke, Treas. Row 2: C. Dahl, M. Rrown, T. Heinzroth, D. Jenson, S. Breisath Row 3: A. Beckwith, K. Manthe, F. Potratz, F. Anderson, J. Richards, N. DybevikStudent Council Row 1: N. Harried, Pres., K. Smithback, V. Pres., J. Haugen, Sec., S. Larson, Treas., N. Allen, M. Haskell, S. Carpenter Row 2: J. LePine, C. Finder, R. Johnson, S. Stokstad, J. Alme, S. Paton, D. Seamonson, S. Wethal Row 3: M. Halverson, N. Dybevik, S. Parish, N. Beck, G. Thompson, B. Maerz, M. Norgaren, S. HRow 4: D. Schmukler, S. Stensaas. P. Johnson, 0. Burns, J. Smet,G. Peth Math Team Row 1: P. Daffner, C. Godleski, J. Nicholson, R. Holzhuter, K. Pfundheller K. Johnson Row 2. S. Ingels, L. Martin, R. Oncken, B. Maerz, S. Waite, L. Vandrell, G. Balmer Row 3. S. Christiansen, K. Shelhamer, P. Drotning.P. Umhoefer, D. Roe, S. Utermark, J. Swenson Row 4. V. Schlepp, B. Benjamin, M. Hermundstad, K. Couch, D. Nelson, N. AllenBASKETBALLSki Club Row 1: D.S., D.H., K.J., J.H., D.P., K.S., M L , J.A., M.M., J.T., M.C., J.S., J.S., M.P. Row 2:L.R.£.W., M.U., P.D., S.O., T.N., G.P., T.M., S.P., P.U., M B., A.B., K.P., L.M., D.B., S B. Row 3: R.R., S.S., S.R., S.H., L.S., T.J., B.S., J.S., K.P., L.R., D.R., D.P., M.H., R.O., R.R., P.D. Row 4: D.S.D.D., N.L., J.R., A.H., L.M., S.S., K.N., L.D., K.O., L.T., S.O., D.L., S.M., J.C., B.M., K C K S Row 5: M.H., B.Z., L.A., K.B., R.M., B.F., S.W., L.B., S.S., N.H., K.D., R.S., S.I., R.M., C.P., M.J., S.D. ROW 6: D.B., J.B., R.D., P.S., S.W., D.S., K.K., B.S., D.A., J.R., K.M., T.T., S.H., J.F., P.L., B.J.,. E.A., E.L., S.K. “S” Club Row 1: T.L., C.H., B.P., M.P., P.B., B.N., S.D.-, G.P., B.M., G.W., P.D., D.P., K.S. Row 2: J.S., R.L., G.K., D.R., M S., P.O., P.D., O.B., T.J. Row 3: D.F., D.B., L.F., D.G., D.V., D.S., T.E., J.S., R.L., P.J., T V., T.S., G.Q., D.B., P.T., J.S., M B., M S., S.H., K.C., J.B., P.U., B.S., B.M. Row 4: E.P., J.H., S.P.Norski StompersViking Football Row 1: Head Coach Tom Hotter, Paul Johnson, Bill Myrland, Mike Bakken, Marc Chritton, Tim Shackleton; Row 2: Gayland Snorek, assistant coach, Dale Vike, Larry Femrite, Dave Fuller, Rick Lock, Terry Gilbert, Steve Peterson, Paul Tyler, Eric Peterson; Row 3: Ron Swanson, assistant coach, Jack Sphatt, Tom Johnson, Paul Baldwin, Chuck Sagen, Oliver Byrne, R. Padfield, Paul Olson. Row 1: Bill Skinner, Steve Kittleson, Jay Smithback, Allen Long, Moonbae Sunoo, Bernie McKichan. manager; Row 2: Dale Julseth, Ron Peterson, Steve Sankbeil, Greg Woods, R. Padfield, Bill Koenig, Vern Pieper, sophmore coach; Row 3: Ron Vesterdahl, Mike Palman, Dave Bitter. Chuck Helmstetter, Steve Guetzke, Roger Raisbeck, Norm Monson and Ken Comstock.i Tim Shackleton Rick Lock Absent when pictures were taken: Steve Peterson Senior Powerhouse Dale Vike Bill Myrland STATISTICS Stoughton 0 Verona 14 Stoughton 6 Watertown 32 Stoughton 7 Fort 36 Stoughton 0 Monona 40 Stoughton 0 Jefferson 30 Stoughton 6 Edgerton 35 Stoughton 0 Middleton 44 Stoughton 0 Sun Prairie 42 Stoughton 0 Monroe 46 Larry Femrite Bill Skinner Rick Lippett, Ken Comstock, and Bernie McKichan Mike BakkenCross Country Varsity team members are from left in Row 1: Steve Holman, Mark Swenson, Jim Swenson, three co-captains Dan Davis, Dave Roe, and Dave Stronach, Greg Keebaugh and Mark Peterson. Junior Varsity team members are from left in Row 2: John Lynch, Todd Hubing, Doug Stronach. lim Marshall, Jeff March, Stuart Jones, Jim Favreau and John Pundt. Missing were Tom Lynch and John Gerber. Coaches Jim Keeney, Left, and Tom Lawrence, right.Viking Basketball How 1: Dave Stronach, Mark Swenson, Greg Quam, Mark Peterson, Tim Erickson, Terry Gilbert and Paul Tyler; Row 2; Jeff Strandlie, Dale Vike, Rick Lippitt, Mike Bakken, Jeff Marsh. Tim Shackleton and Manager, Dave Masters. Junior Varsity Row 1: Manager Lynn Havey, Jeff Hanson, Steve Kittleson, Jay Smithback, A1 Long, and Cliris Wolf. Row' 2: Tom Lynch, John Gerber, Gary Balmer, Jim Swenson, Darrel Kamin, Dave Adams and Moonbae Sunoo. Row 3: Ron Vesterdahl, Rich Mueller, Jeff Holpin, Rob Conant, Chuck Helmstetter and Coach Tom Lawrence.Senior Cagers Mike Bakken Jeff Marsh Tim Shackleton Mark Peterson Dale Vike Paul Tyler Greg Quam STATISTICS Stoughton 60 Waunakee 50 Stoughton 71 Edgerton 70 Stoughton 56 Monroe 64 Stoughton 53 Verona 66 Stoughton 65 Fort 83 Stoughton 51 Madison East 53 Stoughton 57 Sun Prairie 76 Stoughton 41 Monona 73 Stoughton 60 Middleton 53 Stoughton 53 Jefferson 75 Stoughton 54 Monroe 51 Stoughton 46 Fort 61 Stoughton 51 Edgewood 52 Stoughton 58 Sun Prairie 79 Stoughton 42 Monona 68 Stoughton 56 Middleton 46 Stoughton 39 Edgerton 61 Stoughton 66 Jefferson 74 Stoughton 57 Sub-Regional 71 Jeff. Dave Stronach Mark SwensonY ikingWrestling Row 1: Keith Moe, Andy Rein, co-captains Steve Peterson - Dan Davis, John Lynch, Bill Backus Row 2: Coach John Zenner, Mgr. Pete Drotning, Eric Peterson, Brian Jackson. Mark Gunderson. Kim Stelzer, Chuck Sagen, Clair Vike, Steve Sankbeil, Tom Van Steenderen, Coach Vem Pieper Not pictures: Bill Skinner Junior Varsity Wtt 1 Row 1: R. Padfield, R. Raisbeck, M. Palmen, J. Lynch Row 2: Coach John Zenner, R. Padfield, R. Roslak, G. Woods, S. Sankbeil, P. JohnsonDan Davis Senior Grapplers Bill Skinner STATISTICS c , Steve Peterson “m Stelzer Stoughton 20 Stoughton 8 Stoughton 43 Stoughton 29 Stoughton 21 Stoughton Invatational Stoughton 18 Stoughton 23 Stoughton 43 Stoughton 20 Stoughton 16 Milton 27 Oconomowoc 47 Fort 11 Sun Prairie 13 Monona 27 Stoughton 77 Points 5th Place Middleton 30 Jefferson 26 TRIPLE DUAL LaCrosse Central 16 Lake Mills 21 Iowa-Grant 43 Stoughton 17 Stoughton 21 Stoughton 8 Wisconsin Dell Invatational Badger Conference Tournament Regionals Sectionals State Finals Monroe 29 Richland Center 27 Edgerton 16 Stoughton 41 Points 4th Place Stoughton 26 Points 7th Place, 1 Champ. Stoughton, 4th Place 4 Qualifiers Stoughton, 1 Qualifier Stoughton, Andy Rein 6th Place 105 lbs.Baseball Row 1: Jim Nettum, Mike Showers, Paul Olson, Brad Natvig, Dave Stronach. Row 2: Coach Ed Gregorich, Mgr. Adam Weigel, Rick Lippitt, John Lynch, Ron Vesterdahl, Jeff Strandlie, Dale Vike, Jeff Hougan. SCHEDULE April 6 At Verona April 9 Waterloo April 10 Oregon April 14 ■Cambridge April 19 At Fort Atkinson April 24 At Monona Grove April 27 Jefferson April 30 At Oregon May 4 Edgerton May 8 At Middleton May 12 At Edgewood May 15 Monroe May 19 Sub Regionals June 1 Sectionals June 6-8 State TournamentGirl Power Tennis Row 1: J. McGruer, J. Hougan, S. Schammel, B. Wendt, N. Allen Row 2: N. Olson, K. Pfundheller, N. Linnerud, D. Thompson, M. Thompson, C. Fritch, J. Culham, M. Hippman, coach Row 3: S. Tyler, C. Hanson, K. Smithback, K. Misgen Volleyball Row 1: K. Smithback, J. Dougall, N. Allen, K. Oncken Row 2: N. Linnerud, K. Pfundheller, J. Culham, T. Vike, V. Jacobson Row 3: S. Slinde, coach, M. Thompson, R. Rein, S. Brietzman, M. Hellickson, K. Norland, B. Oncken, M. Rikkers, coachBasketball Row 1: K. Oncken, S. Utermark, K. Norland, S. Tyler, B. Maas, D. Gjertson, S. Otteson, K. Misgen Row 2: M. Rikkers, coach, M. Thompson, S. Schammel, L. Thompson, B. Oncken, J. Dougall, R. Rein, N. Linnerud, L. Lange, S. Schackleton, V. Jacobson, C. Bakken, S. Brietzman, J. Tracey Track Row 1: D. Schroeder, S. Toso, J. Holcomb, M. Hergenroether, J. Holcomb, K. Norland, S. Tyler Row 2: C. Jackson, C. Anderson, T. Vike, P. Lippitt, K. Oncken, L. Finder, S. UtermarkGolf Row 1: Tim Marshall, Scott Sharp, Jack Sphatt, Gary Balmer, Steve Holman, David Roe, Tim Erickson. Row 2: Mark Hanson, Mark Hermundstad, Kim Stelzer, Steve Paschkewitz, Dan Pirkl, Greg Quam, Terry Gilbert. SCHEDULE April 9 At Cambridge April 17 Milton at Coachmans April 19 Memorial Middleton at Middleton April 23 At Fort Atkinson April 27 At Monona Grove April 28 Stoughton Invitational April 30 Jefferson May 4 Edgerton May 7 At Middleton May 11 At Sun Prairie May 12 Whitewater Invitational May 14 Monroe May 18 Conference Week of May 22 Regionals Week of May 26 Sectionals Week of June 1-6 StateTennis Row 1: John Pundt, Steve Hermanson, Bill Colclasure, Tom Van Steenderen, Moonbae Sunoo. Row 2: Mgr. Ken Shelhamer, Steve Onsrud, Mark Peterson, Bob Paris, Gus Peth, Mike McCulloch, Rand Roslak. SCHEDULE April 1,7 April 10 April 12 April 14 Jefferson, LaFollette, Janesville Parker, Madison Memorial, Hartford, Oconomowoc, Watertown, Stoughton April 17 April 19 April 24 April 27 May 1 May 4 May 8 May 11 May 15 May 19 May 22 May 25 June 1-2 At Janesville Parker - Quad At Madison Memorial Madison LaFollette Stoughton Invitational At Madison East At Fort Atkinson At Monona Grove Jefferson Edgewood Edgerton At Middleton At Sun Prairie Monroe Conference Sub Sectional Sectional State Track Row 1: M. Ross, D. Davis, A. Rein, C. Woods, J. Christianson, D. Bitter, R. Wilberg, K. Costello, D. Barber, D. Dvorak. Row 2: B. Kind, K. Raisbeck, Mgr. B. McKichan, 0. Byrne, G. Knickmeier, D. Furseth, P. Baldwin, D. Lock, M. Lunde, S. Comstock, S. Lock. Row 3: M. Bakken, J. Matson, R. Lock, C. Vike, J. Morgan, T. Shackleton, D. Julseth, S. Jones, J. Bricker, M. Swenson, B. Myrland, J. Smithback, J. Marsh, G. Keebaugh. SCHEDULE April 10 April 13 April 21 April 24 April 26 April 28 May 1 May 4 May 8 May 11 May 14 May 18 May 22 May 26 June 1-2 Edgewood at Memorial M.G. and Sun Prairie Monroe Relays Fort and Jefferson at Fort McFarland Fort Invitational Edgerton Invitational Stoughton Invitational At Edgerton Delivan-Darian Invitational Middleton-Monroe Conference at M.G. Regionals Sectionals StateCOACHES 4 Put It All TogetherFaces in the CrowdClass of V. Johnson, Treas: J. Larson, Sec.; E. Peterson, V.P.; J. Amundson, Ihes. IV Barry. N. Allen, B. Bates. B. Benjamin. M. Andersen, J. Amundson, P. Baldwin. thur. Mr. HotterRow 1: R. Breyman. R. DeGroot, J. Dallmann, E. Christianson, N. Dybevik, S. Christiansen, M. Bolland. B. Colclasure; Row 2: B. Coker, T. Christianson, P. Daffner, B. Durrant. R. Dickson, K. Donnelly, C. Dahl, B. Daemmrich, D. Donovan; Row 3; J. Drogsvold, K. Crisman, K. Cable; L. Campbell, P. Coon, D. Blegen, R, Comstock, J. Brietzman. C. Clawson, R. Conant. Row 1: .1. Fuller. R. Elsing, B Engels. L. Eifert, G Erickson; Row 2: C. Erickson. D. Eugster. J. Frohne. D. Furseth. J. Favreau. D. Gallagher, E. Elsing; Row 3; G. Fritch, T. Erickson. D. Foss, D. Evans. K. Felio. Row 1 M. Grefsheim, G. Grates. K. Hoel, S. Holtan. L. Gardner; Row 2: C. Hickcox, D. Gunsolus. L. Hanson. A. Holtan. C. Hanson. M. Ganshert; Row 3: S. Guetzke. J. Halverson, S. Holman.T. Holtan, J. Hanson. T. Gilbert, C. Hensel.How 1: K. Horner, J. Hougan, D. Kennedy, D. Jenson, M. Ingles, L. Johnson; Row 2: T. Kahl, D. Jerdee, V. Johnson. B. Jackson, S. Hougan, K. Johnson, T. Iverson; Row 3: L. Jacobson. L. Johnson, E. Johnson, C. Hull, L. Hougan, D. Julseth, L. Johnson, T. Johnson. Row 1: N. Marsh. M. Kopke, S. Kvalheim. K. Koehler, S. Linderud, G. Klepinger, K. Manthe, L. Mayberry ; Row 2: S. Knudtson, M. May, S. Landsverk, S. Larson, J. Lepine. J. l«irson, J. Layton, G. Lane; Row 3: K. Larsen, J. Kober, G. Kurlinkus, D, Kojo, J. Matson, A. Long, D, Luttrull, M. Lunde. Row 1: J. Nicholson, J. Nettum, C. Nachtigal, R. Oncken, E. Peterson,G. Peth, J. Pundt, R. Plank; Row 2: C. Parizo, V. Olson, S. McDermott, P. Olson, K. Peterson, H. Mikkelson, M. Olp, D. Nettum; Row 3: P. Moore, L. Melaas, V. Popanz, M. Moore, J. Morgan, D. McKichan, J. Onsrud, D, Nelson.Row 1: D. Ree. M. Showers, M Rostowfske, L. Richmond, B. Sawle, D. Seamonson; Row 2: D. Seamonson, M. Singkofer, S. Rindahl, J. Rinden, J. Ricahrds, D. Runge, T. Rice; Row 3: S. Sankbeil, W. Rogers, H. Siebert, B. Santos, E. Ross, D. Schmit, B. Shelley, Row' 1: E. Toso, D. Sornson, S. Sundseth, S. Utermark, S. Utermark, J. Sphatt; Row 2: K. Swenson, L. Swingen, J. Trieloff, L. Soward. M. Umhoefer, P. Strong, D. Swenson, Row 3: I). Slater. S, Tyler, J. Strandlie, J. Smet, M. Sproul, M. Sunoo. Row 1: H. Vingum, T. Vike, C. Wood, B, Wendt, R. Wilberg; Row 2: C. Vike, S. Wethal, S. Wisersky, a. Wipperfurth, L. Vetter, L. Williford; Row 3: G. Woods, D. Wethal, D. VanEnkevort. J. West, W. Zelmet.Class of S. Smedal, Treas.; K. Pfundheller, V.P.; L. Bronte, Sec.; R. Roslak, Pres. Row 1: K. Anderson, L. Anderson, L. Anderson, C. Bakken, F. Anderson, J. Arneson, J. Bradley. I). Adams; Row 2: A. Anderson. J. Berndt, D. Bitter, M. Bregenzer, P. Bonano, J. Alme. N. Anderson. J. Beckwith, D. Anderson, G. Blamer; Row 3: B. Backus, D. Bjelke, A. Anderson. D. Bolender, D. Bakken, D. Anderson, D. Barber, H. Brantmeyer.Row 1: O. Byrne, M. Brown. P. Deegan, M. DeRemer, D. Dyreson. K. Buss, J. Broughton, J. Christiansen; Row 2: C. Conard, C. Croft, C. Dallmann, L. Dybevik, S. Burmeister. K. Brickson, S. Breisath. J. Crane; Row 3; S. Brietzman, L. Bronte, R. Douglas, K. Couch, T. Bush. D. Dentar, J. Dougall. Row 1: J, Grefsheim, M. Greenman.T. Fair, R. Grates, J. Furseth, N. Gassen. L. Finder, C. Eastman; Row 2: S. Flattem, J. Erdhal, C. Halverson, J. Gerber, T. Flood, J. Forrer, D. F,hle, B. Favreau, M. Halverson, R. Fritch; Row 3: F. Garske, K. Gunderson, D. Gjertson, B. Gillogly, D. Gretebeck, A. Edgerly, R. Granrud, H. Halverson. Row 1: B. Hanson, S. Hansen, N Horn, S. Helmke, B. Heiser, L. Havey, J. Holpin; Row 2: L. Hye, V. Haried, M. Holtan, T. Heinzeroth, M. Hougan, L. Hougan, S. Hiles, S. Ingels; Row 3: S. Hermanson, C. Helmstetter, K. Heggestad, J. Hull, J. Hanson, L. Homme, S. Hanson.Row 1: R. Karlslyst, D. Juve, G. Jacobson, C. Johnson, P. Larsen, V. Jorgenson, C. Johnson; Row 2: C. Jensen, G. Knipfer, L. Lathrop, B. Johnson, S, Kuhlman, G. Knick-meier. D. Kamin. L. Lang: Row 3: T. Labansky, K. Klitzke, D. Johnson, P. Johnson, R. Johnson. S. Kittelson, G. Jerdee. B. Koenig, J. Kelm, Row 1: B. Maerz, N. Linderud, L. Mathison, L. Martin, M. Maerz, J. McGruer, S. Long, J. I auretic; Row 2: H. Mikkelson, R. Mathison, E. Link, P. Lunde, E. Leikness, T. Lynch, M. Lobre. M. May, J. Lawrence; R§w 3: C. McDaniels, B. Maas, B. Lausch, G. Linnerud, K. Mandley, R. Martinson, D. Masters. Row 1: D. Moy, K. Norland, K. Oncken, E. Myklejord, M. Muetz, B. Offerdahl, N. Monsen, B, Nelson; Row 2: S. Owen, R. Olson, K. Moore, J. Miles, M. Nordlie, D. Nelson, f(. Nelson, I). Nettum; Row 3: M. Norgaren, J. Olson, C. Miller, K. Misgen, M. Ophus, R. Mueller, J. Miller, J. Monson.Mr. Pieper Row 1: R. Rein, B. Rustad, S. Paton, R. Padfield, R. Peterson, R. Padfield, D Rostad, J. Riddle: Row 2: D. Peterson, K. Pfundheller, H. Rzepkowski, R. Padfield, R. Roslak. M. Palmen. R. Raisbeck.S. Rowe, P. Peterson, M. Quale; Row 3: J. Ramsden, R. Roneid. P. Reed, T. Pirkl, J. Roidt, R. Rogers, D. Rhyner, T. Peterson. Row 1: J. Swenson. D. Spangler, K. Skavlen, D. Swenson. S. Smedal, S. Skinner, K. Stelzer, B. Swoboda; Row 2: T. Stauffacher, M. Strang, S. Stokstad, D. Schenck, I. Severson. D. Stai, W. Strieker, P. SDerstad, C. Shimniok. J. Smithback; Row 3: S. Schammel. D. Seamonson, S. Shackleton. J. Severson, J. Smithback, D. Squire, P. Sannes, S. Steckbauer, J. Strickland.I Mr. Siggelkow Mr. Berken Row 1: P. VanFossen. J. Wideen, S. Williams, R. Ursino, B. Whitford, P. Venske, B. Zeimet. A. Weigel; Row 2: L. Toepfer, T. Venden, T. Wolf, S. Waite. C. VanGilder, L. Thompson. 'I'. Thompson, E. Zander. L. Thompson; Row 3: G. Tracy, R. Vesterdahl. R. Thruman. J. Watson. T. VanSteenderen, M. Wake, D. Zweep, O. Will.Baby You Haven’t ChangedAdults a _. re Obsolete Mr. Louis Halverson Children Mr. Donald SteckbauerMr. Marshall Mr. Meyer Mr. Mitchell Mrs. NoremMr. Marek Mrs. Pauli Miss ReekNational Honor Society Flow 1: Denise Lazotte,Hobyn Roslak, Casey Reiser , Melinda Lewis. Row 2: Dave Roe, Jane Blood, Karen Johnson, Mark Pfundheller. Flow 3: Deb Thompson, Lynn Vandrell, Judy Haugen, Cathy Godleski, Harold Vetter.If a Picture Paints Thousand Words 1972 Prom|pm » » »iiil»» ? Class Will I Debi Allen willj Marilyn Hughes my driveway for whenever she needs time, and Cheryl Wood an S. I Jim Alme will. Bob Lien’s Nova back. I Pat Anderson will; myself to Phil and my “little sister” her own junior so she can play house. I Debbie Arneson will; to Sue. Pat. Barb, and Jan, Viney Farms Inc. and what goes with it. I John Backus will ; do nothing but enjoy myself from now on. I Mike Bakken will; all my success on (Basketball) and off (girls) the court to Terry Gilbert with hopes he will follow in my footsteps. I A Tom Barker will; O'Brian and Zenner a set of black rubber marks in the back parking lot. and Vicki H. more wild parties at her house. I Sharon Bates will try anything once; maybe even twice. I Michael Stanley Beaster will; die pervertedly. I Nancy Beck will; Lynn Gardner a clean kitchen and hope she can stick to it. I Sue Berg will; anything but Bill Lawrence. I Steve Bersing will; Thor Felio and Jeff Strandlie the ability to take dives and still be alive like me and Natvig. I D Laine Bobert will; love to Ju Ju and Mark, happiness to c Marilyn and Benny, and peace between the Davis House 4 r and the Greasers. ID Dillish D Den Borman will; one Linda Melaas. the mature adult, all the fantastic times we con-jfc summated at the parties sponsored by our fun-loving class of '73. I Pam Bothum will; Marge Hougan a night on the town at Utica. I Kay Brantmeyer will; all the fun times I had going to and from Yahara School to Mrs. Barry and the word Schlaff to .Mr. Fortney. I Jim Bricker will; Garry Hanson my Jeep after he beats Vasili Alexeyev in the world weight lifting championship. I John Bronson will; Marilyn Greenman and Terri Rice the right to know how and the ability to do it. I Barb Bronte will; Lore Dybevik a brown paper bag of which its contents are very valuable in a tin can. I Deb Brown will; sure in the H----be glad to get out of here. I Jim Brown will; Debbie Slater to Norman Handland as long as he can handle her. and my bad luck to Quin Anderson. I Deb Bunnell will; if my mother will let me. Also J. Norland, all my wrestling and drinking ability and a lesson « } on how to button shirts. J. Backus all the beer he told me to save for us but I drank and K. Knickmeyer a bottle of pep pills. I Chris Buskager will; bars of soap to Wethal, Strong, T and Sawle so they can carry on where Mary, Zotto and I left off. I Sally Carpenter will Brucie Barry a needle and a thread. I Kim Christianson will; leave Dave Roberts my sinuses so he can stop panting on dates. I Mary Christensen will; « } German and Shorthand to anyone who can stand them. I Rick Christensen will; Ole Harried a 6-pack of Skunked Bud. a pack of Camel straights and three one-way tickets to “ Siberia so he can take Squid and wild man with him. I Marc ’ Chritton will; Tom Johnson all my knowledge on how to « j} have a good time, and Cathy Hickox all my good times in , 3rd hour Business English. I Connie Couch will; happiness, sorrow, laughter and tears to Teresa Iverson, Gretchen Klepinger, Bonnie Daemmrich, and Gloria Grates. I Beth Crane will; not will Uirry to D. B. I Jill Culham will; with Marilyn Hellickson because she’s so cute. I Libby Daggett will; Michele a duck and Hughey another quart of Vodka for her and me. I Kenneth Dahl will; 13 nightmares to any teacher who uses individual learning packets, all the trade secrets to S. ■« K. and my time to my little package, C. O. 1 Mark Davis 9 will; my electronics knowledge to Steve Hougan, he needs it. I Dan Davis will; Steve Holman the 13 miles to Cooksville and back. I Lyn Degroot will; Patty Strong ten pounds of backwards tihs. and to Lynn Gardner a puddle at her feet. I Pete Drothning will; Lore Dybevik my skis, Mrs. Slinde, and my rubber band. I Jane Dougall will; Laurie Mayberry my ability to pass Wilber’s tests on the first try. I Anne Douglas will; my brother all the best years in high school; Barb Durrant my Shorthand and typing skill and Michele Brown good limes in FHA. I Shelley Dyreson will; Nancy Olson a “goose”, a “Lonestar”, and the “Wooden Nymph’’ in hopes she’ll be around to put them to good use. I Tom Eugster will; Roger Roloff a four year course in how not to be boring, and Ole Harried a new suit, hippie beads, wire rim glasses and long hair so he can get into it with the students. I Sue Fawley will; my trademark and aeronautical ability to Susan Gehrke and T. Lawrence. I Larry Femrite will; my great success in sports to anyone who wants it. I Cheryll Finder will; Lore Dybevik all of Westfield and a lonely road, and many more dreams. I Mary Ann Forrer a will; Jane Slater all things that are “purple”', my sister to T Pam and Mary Jo and just “60 Seconds” to Marlene Nor-mington. I Cyd Fritch will; my brother, Jon, Paul, and Larry an attic over someone else’s bedroom and Nancy and Jape-Ann 5 cans of Betty Crocker frosting. I Dave Fuller will; all of my football practices to Paul Johnson because he hasn’t worked at one yet and all the luck to the new football coach. I Robin Gates will; Lan Johnson and Howard Seibert what’s left of my car, some chip dip, and my new book called “Hints for the Careful Driver” also to anybody who gets --talked into singing “Rubber-Duckie” while half naked on 4, stage, I leave a hearty laugh, a silver bullet and boy are they dumb! I Sue Gehrke will; Sue Shackleton all my locker pictures in the hopes that she will use them and to Michele (George) Brown my lost lunch - missing 4 years. I Julie Gjermo will; Marilyn Hughes a new top for her car hoping she can handle it on the interstate. I Cathy Godleski will; to Mr. Baltzer an orchestra that is able to play the “Pastoral” and to Janice Nicholson a bow (beau) change. I Patty Gullickson will; Sue Quam a better aim in hopes that she will use it to hit the target instead of the fire alarm. I Craig Gyland will; if you ask me. 1 Diane Haarklau will t my Friday and Saturday nights to Vicki. 1 Jay Halverson will; my body to S S Meats. I David Halverson will; all a t my knowledge and my will power to this school. I Norman ? Handeland will; to the boys all my belongings. 4 I Garry Hanson will; to Gretchen Kolepinger a missfiring1 pistol. , I Cathy Hansen will; the Stoughton School System a plaque reading, “I would not by my will have troubled you .’ Look it up. I Joni Hanson will; my Soprano seat to Lynn Swingen - if she thinks she can hack the back row. I Nancy Harried will; Karen Pfundheller all the bathroom doors in school and all my embarrassing moments to Sue Hiles. I Mayilyn Haskell will; Terri Rice the song “Don’t Mess With Jim” in hopes that we both understand it, also Marilyn Greenman my black pen. I Judy Haugen will; my piano bench in Chorus and all my celestial musical talent to the next fool who gets the job. I King Havey will; leave as I came. I Darryl Helley will , Jack Halverson 30 pairs of new tires. I Marilyn Hellickson will; not with Jill Culham because she’s so cute!!!! • I 4 • $ I I Jim Hergenroether will; Tiny Tim Pirkl a test tube of “dentu-cream”. 1 Mark Hermundstad will; a pair of crutches and a cast to anyone handy enough to break a leg in gym class. I Scott Hess will; a McGovern button to Gus Peth and Nip Davis 30 lashes with a banana peel. I Ruth Holzhuter will; my sagging shoulders tt Sherrie Schammel and the best of luck to the Music Dept, in finding someone to replace (?) me. I Jan Hougan will; Marge Hougan and Lorinda Anderson 2 free rides to anywhere of their choice and Marti Norgaren as many watermelons as she can carry. I Tom Hougan will; my basketball knowledge to anybody fool enough to want it. 1 Marilyn Hughes will; Lois Kind a camper, and all the good and bad times to Julie G. and Sharon W., also all my secrets to Sneez and the talks in 2nd hour and the jokes to Deb Allen. I Richard Hunt will; my mechanics book to Mr. Z. I Deb Hvam will; be amazed if everyone lives through THE Senior Party! And all the wise-guys to Mr. Kubale; be they good. bad. or indifferent. I Mary Jacobson will; a bar of soap to Sue Wethal knowing she’ll carry on where we left off, also a bottle of Strawberry Hill to D.S. (You soak!) I Vicki Jacobson will; Tom Van a new partner to nail up against the wall. John R. someone more gullable to pick on and Cindy E. a new “Question Answer Book”. I David Johnson will; my attendance record to Mr. Harried. I Julie Johnson will; L.D. to T.B. forever, and Libby, I ois, and Marilvn a piece of sand paper. I Kathi Johnson will; the sophmore class fool-proof cheat notes. I Karen Johnson will; all my “hot lunch spaghettis” to Diego Schumkler; and all the utter joys, frustrations, and “hazards” of a soda jerk to Cathy Hickcox and Jeanne I .arson. I Mary Johnson will; remember the past and will the future to Dan. I Mich Johnson will; Kim “Broadcast” Swenson four dull darts and to T. Lawrence a 12’ by 12’ autographed picture of Joe Willis. I Rae Johnson will; l aurie Kinder many more “wild times.” I Steve Johnson will ; Evan Christianson some hair so he will not be bald in his senior year and Mike Johnson to Kim K. 1 Stuart Jones will; all the hard work I had while I was on the Cross Country team to Tom Lawrence. I Don Juve will; Teresa Iverson and Gloria Grates my Bible and A-rchilles tendon. I Greg Keebaugh will ; to anyone the secret of smoking out T. Lawrence’s room from the Chemistry lab. I Holly Kelm will; all my jokes to whoever (heaven forbid) wants them and a pair of braces for Libby. I Lois Kind will; all my good times at the Castle to Sal Larson (I think it’s on) and my good looks, sex appeal and ability to dance to Hughey. I Rick Kinnamon will; nothing, nobody is good enough to get what I have. I Allan Klingaman being of sound mind and body do not want to leave this school without thanking Mr. Halvorson for all the help he has given me, I hereby leave him my eternal gratitude. I Debbie Klitzke will; anyone to try and find “OUR SECRET PLACE” right - Steve? Also to Super Viking one necking picture and Robyn Roslak one of the best pole vaulters in the world. I Kim Knickmeier will; all my trips to Edgerton to anyone who wants to take the risks of getting into an accident. I Steve Knox will; 300 untyped Parrot stories to Mrs. Barry’s typing classes. I Dave Kober will; a tube of Ben-Gay to anyone who has suffered at least one hour of the aches and pains Mark Davis has. I Denise I aZotte will; Little “Lover” Mary to her Stoughton sweetheart Dennis Y. I Melinda Lewis will; Susan and Sharon Utermark 20 pounds. I Howard Lein will; Steve Onsrud a Junior lie detector kit and my Nova to Jim Alme. I Ron Lein will , Jon Hanson my jockey shorts so he can boil them and get off on the steam + ' I Rick Lippitt will; my snowmobile starter rope to Mr. T. Lawrence in the hopes he’ll use it to help occupy himself while teaching guppies. I Rick Lock will; Dale Julseth all the chicks in Evansville and 2 12-packs of Buckhom also all the fun football practices to Dave Bitters, and Paul Olson 2 quarts of Wild Mountain for memories. I Kris Lunde will; Larry Erickson a station wagon, Steve Bersing the ability to remain silent and Steve Knickmeyer and Sally I arson a good match making career together. I Lynn Mandley will; Cindy Olp the latest edition of Amy Vanderbilts etiquette book. I Marian Martinson will; Anne all the boyfriends she can trap and Mrs. Pauli and Mrs. Hanson each a bottle of Excedrin so they can handle 5th and 7th hours. I Jeff Marsh will; give my great leaping ability to A1 4, 1 (Huey) Long. I Marylou Mathison will; my “merry” -mobile to Lynn Gardner, my teeth to Janice LePine, and some happy co-ordination to Jim Amundson. I Mary Jo May will ; Beaver Mathison a new set of teeth and Steve Holman a standing ovation under the lights. I Mike McCulloch will; Gus Peth my entire arsenal of table tennis paddles in the hopes that it will last him a week. ” 1 Robin McLeish will; Stoughton to the Black Panthers in hopes some class and culture will develop. I Bemie McKichan will; my copies of Bobby Fisher Teaches Chess to Boris Spassky. I Susan Midthum will; all my car thrills to Donna Sissons in hopes that she doesn’t smack up. I Terry Misgen will; a pair of squirt guns and a private stall in the bathroom of their choice to my two sophomore sisters (Kathy and Julie) and also a lot of “help" to Diego. I George Murphy will; myself to Marian Martinson and to Anne Douglas a bag of nuts to store for the winter. I Terri Miller will; all my days absent to good ole Roloff. I Terri Miller will; all my days absent to goo I Linda Ellis will; Cathy Hickox my driving ability and my ambition to do things. I Sharon Moen will; my ability to play volleyball to Sheila L. and my rubber legs to LaZotte’s team, also to “peach” my great wrestling ability so that we will take state next year. I William Myrland will; a half barrel of Buckhorn to anyone who can hack it, also all memories of Rick Lippitt to Judy Ramsden, and Vicki Harried a quart of blackberry brandy. I Brad Natvig will; Thor and Andy Rein all my dives so that their high school days will not be lonely. I Bob Paris will, Steve Onsrud a “little?” MODESTY, which we all know he needs. I Sonja Parish will; what I have to they that have not; also all my volleyball skills and sprained thumbs to Rhonda Rein. I Mark Pfundheller will; a clean mouth and a purpose for everything to any student that has to deal with Mr. Olin Harried because “WE DESERVE A BREAK TODAY”. I Steve Paschkewitz will; my bodes to Mrs. (Susie) Slinde for her Anthropology class for their “dig”. I’m sure she can find some place to “bury” them. I Greg Pauli will; to Dave Roberts my ability to drive when sober, which is a rare occassion for him. I Chris Peterson will; Laurie Hye a tall, dark, and halfway handsome guy so that she will be able to resist attacking the Anthropology boys, and to Theresa, Stacey, and Kathy I will another exciting year in Physical Science. I Mark Peterson will; my reputation to Tim Erickson and Terry Gilbert, in hopes that they will recover the brownie points they lost this year. I Steve Peterson will; anyone to try and find “Our secret place” Right Deb?, and to the school a new fire alarm system! It’s cold in December! i Dan Pirkl will; Umphy ONE CASE of air freshener and •stain remover and to Becky Oncken 3 free driving lessons. I Darice Presby will; hope that Hal Vingum and Bob McAllister have as many high times next year as we had this year. AI Gary Prochnow will ; my beautiful looks to Greg I Dave Stronach will; my quickness and ability 4 Gary Pauli. I Greg Quam will; my great Spanish speaking ability to Mary Quale and Marty Norgaren and my great basketball ability to Tim Erickson and my golfing ability to sweet Susie Smedal. I Sue Quam will; Candy Rigdon Red Dog and all the 4 lemon drops she.can eat. 1 also will Susan Midthun all the .curbs she can take. I'beb Ramsden will; my drinking ability to my sister, Judy, and a can of P.B.R. to Sue Wethal knowing that she can handle it. 1 Laurie Ramsden will; my sister Sue, a fantastic senior year. I Jan Rasmussen will; all my good times on Friday and Saturday nights to the Ix nely Hearts Club, also I will Cheryl Wood some more freckles. I Casey Reiser will; to Jon Smet a blanket and a free trip to the Sahara desert. I Scott Rebo being of insane mind, do will; Greg Pauli a 50 lb. sack of grass seed, my car to Dan Garlits, and a case of Coors to Teresa.I Kay Richmond will; Kim Swenson a Dint of vodka, window to jump out of to K.G., and JoAnn Rinden a knife and my car to smash up.. I Candy Rigdon will; all my Saturday night babysitting jobs and my unused Homecoming dress to Kim Stelzer, my driving ability to Sally Rindall, to Sue Quam a fire to go with her false fire alarm. and to Nancy Olson a clock that doesn’t work so she can come in any time without getting caught. I Dave Roberts will; my ability to drink stale, watered down beer to Greg Pauli’s weak stomach. I David Roe will; my gym stuff to Mr. Pieper and my singing voice to Neil Young. I Marsha Roneid will; everything I have to Hal. I Robyn Roslak will; Geaver Swenson two weeks of Fridays to use whenever necessary. I Nancy Schimelpfenig will; my “Greaser Day” outfit to anyone going to see SHA-NA-NA and some spam and eggs to Cheryl and Deb. I Vaughan Schlepp will; all of Lawrence Welk’s albums to Mr. Baltzer; my fingers and toes to Mr. Venske as an aid in counting; and pleasant dreams to Dean Nelson. I Peggy Schmudlach will; Mr. T. Lawrence the entire Chicago Cubs organization and Richard Plank a pair of 4 4 scissors. I Diego Schmukler will; good luck for the next years AFS student, (he’ll need it here!) I Tim Shackleton will; my great hands to Mr. T. Lawrence knowing that he will make them even greater. I Jo Showers will; John Matson and Mike better luck hunting at night (since they don’t seem to do so well during the day) and my “charm” with the teachers (with all their wise cracks they’ll need it.) I Ken Shelhamer will; one slightly used tennis racket to anyone capable of dislocating « £ their shoulder while playing tennis. I Gary Simonson will; nothing to nobody. I Donna Sissons will; all the doors to Sue Midthun and skip days to Mr. Harried, also all the Who, What, Where. When. Why, and How questions to Cindy Erickson. I Kristi «| Skavlen will; all my possessions and myself to Dave and to the Lonely Hearts Club 61 cents so they’ll have an even dollar. I Bill Skinner will; all my great times at Stoughton High School Parties to Mr. Hotter’s next years football team. I Jane Slater will; my case of Boone’s Farm to Don Rustad. I Kaia Smithback will; not conform with the archaic standards and sexist stereotypes encouraged by this ignominious institution in its struggle to repress the free spirits who innocently enter. I Dave Sperstad will; my great attendance record to Joan I awrence and Keith Hubred. I Kim Stelzer will; Andy Rein my great grappling ability; one gallon of lime vodka to Dan Pirkl and Kim O. a whip to keep Dan in line. I Bonnie Stenjem will; my saying to Bob Coker hoping that he will take advantage of it; Kathy K., Cindy R., Ross E., Michelle B., Terri FI., and Dawn G. all the luck they will need at SHS. I Scott Stensaas will; to Jeff Strandlie my ability in baseball if he wants it to help make him a superstar. I Dan Stokstad will; my soccer ability and one wheesle to Diego in Athletics to T.G.L. and my beauty to Kathie Skavlen. I j Jeff Sundby will; my ability in volleyball to Dave McKichan and Scott Hess who really needs it. I Peggy Swalheim will; Linda Wersland a pack of cigarettes. I Cleaver Swenson will; “Mary Jane” to Bob { ► McAllister so he can continue where I left off in the parking lot. I Debbie Swenson will; Sue Wethal her cheerleading uniform for another year and to Pat Strong her own kitchen. I Sneezy Swenson will; my ability of chasing UFO’s and cows at four in the morning to anyone who can handle it, also a bare naked to Lori Ellen, and New Year’s Eve to Tom. I Robert Swenson will; my mechanics ability to anyone who can handle it I Jeff Taylor will; never be happier, unless I “cum” with Mary Jo May. I Sherry Teigen will; Cheryl and Jeff a rambler stationwagon and a double sleeping bag; leadfoot Lois a pair of air-shock shoes, and the “brat” a shot gun to chase Crow away. I Dale Ann Thede will; the faculty and the student body future years of enjoyment in this wonderful education which is provided. I Debbie Thompson will; Mr. Kubale a box of Kaboom and a girlfriend to Scott Sensaas. I Greg Thompson will the Cutlass parking space to Tom Johnson to hope’s to keep one more Cutlass in the lot. I Margie Thompson will; my fun times with “Curly” or ‘Teddy” Kubale to anyone who can take it and my M-80 machine gun to “Tina” Berken to shoot anything he can hit. I Mark Thompson will ; the fondest of my memories in SHS to those who make them happen, especially Kris. Diane, Steve, Dan Ann and all my teachers. I Vickie Thompson will; this to whom it may concern: Even though I’m glad to go. there is a bit of sorrow'. Memories I leave, parting I grieve, push me on to my tomorrow'. (SOB) 1 Janet Tracey will; Lorilee Mathison the ability to follow in her sister's foot steps and the best Junior and Senior years. 1 Paul Tyler will; my sister to Tom Lynch and to Marshall a pair of pampers to hold his team together. I Paul Umhoefer will; my spotted carpet, smokey bedroom. 15 empty 12-packs and all the great memories to everyone who took part. I Lynn Vandrell will; one canoe paddle and a flashlight to I-iuric Mayberry and Newton’s I aws and a Trig book to Steve Christianson. I Harold Vetter will; my G-string and my gift of intellectual conversation to Beth Wendt, in the hope that she will use them to make a lasting impression on Mr. Baltzer. I Andrea Vike will. Cindy Shimniok the Best of luck in the years to come at SHS. I Dale Vike will; my snowmobile to Tom Lawrence and Dennis Schumann so they are sure to have a machine for their racing team next winter. I Norman Vike will; Cindy Shimnoik my ‘62 Chevrolet convertible so that she will not be late for school in the future years at SHS. also to Sherry Teigen I will my driving ability in hopes that the deer population of Dane County is not endangered. I Wesley Waite will; Jim Alme my ski boat and Greg Pauli my super fast Mustang. I Sharon Weidner will; Larry Femrite a tree in hopes he’ll miss it and to Donnie Semo all the straws he can get at McDonald’s; to Sue Woods and Jeff Fuller the willpower to hold up any china cabinet that may fall upon them. I Linda Wersland will; Candy Rigdon a candle that won’t go out. Cheryl Anderson the position of captain. Peggy. Sue, Pam. and Mary the Friday night party and Mr. Roloff someone else who will listen to his jokes. I Dave Wood will; to all the boys the memories of the close call incurred on North Page Street and thanks to Rebel for letting us off. to E. Christianson my Ski-doo in hopes that he never gets “ski-rewed” again and to D. Jerdee all my A’s and B’s in 6th hour. I Char Anderson 4 Wright will; my entire life and future to Mr. ‘‘Right” . ... t Jeff. I Wanda Wright will; Jack Halverson all the trains he can catch and the truck stop, David Kennedy my driving ability and Rob Woody and Fiob all the Brownies they can eat. 4 li. .HI 1 llkli I _ . « A A a m a . a • a a m » a a . . a m _ _ m _ - - - mMm ffAn + • 4i ■ 4 Class Prophecy The year is 1978 and we find ourselves at the Stoughton Country Club in the midst of the Class of ‘73’s five year reunion. It’s been five years since graduation and our classmates are all over the country, some not being able to attend. Five years might seem like a long time, but we find our classmates really haven’t changed. . . The agenda for the evening includes a cocktail hour, dinner, entertainment, and recreation in the game room. Also a White Elephant sale, demonstrations, and many surprises. As we enter the Country Club we are in the middle of the cocktail hour. Many friendships have been renewed and if you listen closely you will overhear many deep conversations. One of our favorite classmates is having a hard time being understood tonight. Most of us being Norwegian don’t understand the foot long words ROBYN ROSLAK is using. She has a Ph. D. in Philosophy. We hear LINDA ELLIS saying something about going hunting for a “bird” dog - MIKE MENGELT. DEB SCHMIT was seen milling around humming, “Do you know the Way to San ‘Jose’?” Out of the west came a tall hard-riding, mean looking man to the reunion - Johnny Smoke (Alias DENNIS BORMAN). How many men have you killed today? Reminiscing the Demolition Derby from the week before in another corner, we see JIM ALME, TOM BARKER, WES WAITE, GARY PROCHNOW, GREG PAULI, and KEVIN REBO. Que es Oscar (Kev Rebo)? He received the grand prize, a coffee table made out of the compressed remains of his 1947-Nash. As well as being a class reunion, this is a family reunion for MARY JOHNSON, DEBBIE RAM-SDEN, and LAUREE RAMSDEN. Our class basketball stars, MIKE BAKKEN, MARK PETERSON, PAUL TYLER, and JEFF MARSH, came bouncing into the Country Club with all their basketball tricks. (Earlier this summer they toured with the Harlem Globetrotters - they always were a bunch of hams.) Amidst all the good news, we realize some of our classmates are missing. We hear from Tobacco City that KIM KNICKMEIER and KRIS LUNDE, are doing fine. PATTY GULLICKSON is working the late shift at Super Valu and couldn’t come. CANDY RIGDON, the new manager of the Super Valu, has spent $5.00 on telephone calls to the store. DAVE WOOD, cheif boxboy at Super Value, is working the late shift tonight, too. Maybe that’s why Candy keeps calling - to make sure one of them answers the phone. You can’t tell what goes on at Super Value on that late shift. We hear some arguing from across the room. It seems STEVE BERSING, owner of Steve’s IGA and JIM HERGENROETHER, owner of Eagle’s, and his box boys RICK LIPPITT, STEVE ONSRUD, BOB PARIS, and STEVE JOHNSON are arguing over who supplied the best tomatoes for the reunion. . . Rick should take the prize - his tomato was Miss Hot Pants, ‘73 - DIANE HOLPIN. Next we see NANCY HARRIED, President of the Lonely Heart’s Club, still backing her views of “One isn’t the Loneliest Number,” coming unescorted. SONJA PARISH couldn’t understand that at all. Of course she’s never had a problem with men. All of a sudden we hear a loud roar and then came BRONSON (JOHN). “Hey what about me?” Oh alright, and then came HASKELL (MARILYN). Catching our eyes, SHARON WEIDNER and WANDA WRIGHT enter the room in Mickey Mouse apparel from the store they are running. SUE BERG and ANDREA VIKE couldn’t make it. They are minding the store. Not far behind them ROBERT SWENSON came all decked out in the latest Men’s fashions. He moved up from the Women’s Lingerie to Men’s wear the past week at the Stoughton Store - Congrats, Bob! Here comes CHRIS PETERSON, some people say Chris has gone snowly insane, that’s why she’s got her boots, poles, and skies with her. Killer DOUGALL (JANE) sure is spiking them down tonight but they’re not volleyballs unless that’s the name of a new drink. At the end of the bar we see a swaggering sole who needs our assistance. Why it’s ROBIN GATES and he informed us that he has a YMCA Comedy Swimming Team called Robin’s Rubber Ducks. His side kicks are DON JUVE and CRAIG GYLAND who are ordering a drink from the bar. We heard a blood curdling scream and ran into the kitchen to find out that DENISE SWENSON “sneezed” which made DAVID SWENSON’S “cleaver” slip and cut RANDI ONSRUD’S “skooker.” Too bad Dr. PAUL UMHOEFER isn’t here, he’s still poor and unfortunate in Marquette with MICKEY BEASTER and TOM EUGSTER. But we still have JON to “BACKUS”. He says a whiskey and sour is good for anything. SHELLEY DYRESON disagrees, she says brandy and coke. While in the kitchen we see DAVE HALVORSON, NORMAN HANDELAND, DAVE SPERSTAD, and DARRYL HELLEY. Big Dave’s the Galloping Gourmet and Norman and Darryl are peeling potatoes and taking care of the garbage. Dave and Dave seem to be getting in each others way. Leaving the kitchen we see LYNN MANDLEY has discovered who ate the 500 donuts her bakery had delivered. It was RICHARD, the donut king HUNT. Richard exclaims, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. CHAR WRIGHT and JEFF brought sauerkraut for the reunion straight from Deutchland.Going outside for some fresh air we see JONI HANSON finally arriving, she provided cab service for JO SHOWERS, SUE KNUTSON, and DAVID SANTOS (right Crash). While walking around the Country Club we see old Science Club members, GREG KEEBAUGH, BERNIE MCKICHAN, DAVID (STAR TREK) ROE, KEN SHELHAMER, and STEVE PASCHKEWITZ. They have turned super heroes fighting a never ending battle against the forces of crime and working for justices and the persuit of happiness and spent the night in a nervous fit surrounded by so many evil forces at once. Going back into the club we run into DIANA OSTERBERG, Hey Diana is that really you ??? “Cross my heart,” Diana replies. A small crowd has gathered around CHERYLL FINDER. She’s showing off her five-carrots - we don’t mean a diamond but the five carrot-topped kids following her around. Couldn’t you get anyone to tend your garden, Cheryll? The “Sunny Side” of SHARON MOEN seems to be glowing tonight. She’s showing everyone pictures of Robby Jr. etc., etc., etc. Standing by the window we smell the distinct odor of horses. We’re informed that JILL (Horse Queen) CULHAM has arrived. DEB HVAM and DAN STOKSTAD operating their own green house, have supplied decorations for the reunion. Dan keeps yelling “Watch out for the hydrangeas!” (If you want stocky plants we h’vam.) DEBBIE BROWN had news of starting her gas station. Grand Opening was today and business is great, she says, and we can imagine why! TERRIE MILLER and KATHY WHALEY have come back from out west from their horse ranch. We are glad they could come. Terrie brought with her, her own bit of the “Rocky” Mountains. Hey, Hey Holy mackerel, no doubt about it! It’s PEGGY SCHMUDLACH come to visit JAN RASSMUSSEN and ROBIN MCLEISH. Jan in a tizzy and over-hearing a "Whew - in the biz bag.” We’ve got a Norwegian Queen, but we are even luckier to have BETH CRANE, a Southern Belle, grace us with her appearance. We hear TIM SHACKLETON “Wendt” into photography. (Now he can give everyone the business.) He snuck up behind VICKI JACOBSON and said say “cheese”. Not thinking, she smiled and to everyone’s surprise she had holes in her teeth. She explained that DEBBIE THOMPSON conned her into letting her practice on her teeth. Deb said the real reason for the mishap was she wanted to see if her name was at the top of the schedule for the day. LARRY FEMRITE couldn’t come. They couldn’t find a babysitter. GEORGE MURPHY and MARIAN MARTINSON are homebodys too. They stayed home and took care of George, Jr. Here comes KRISTI NELSON and DARICE PRESBY dragging in late. They were working in the tobacco field. MARILYN HELLICKSON and BILL SKINNER were in the field, too, and because they aren’t here yet, still must be at it.?!? JIM BRICKER made it back from the reservation in his 1946 Buick. LYN DEGROOT was in Marquette visiting the unfortunates and couldn’t come. BARB BRONTE and JULIE GJERMO came with their hubbies, but Ben drove, Gary’s car was out of commission... The cocktail hour has been full of many surprises - but wait, there’s more to come! GREG THOMPSON came to the rescue when a problem arouse with the plumbing in the ladies room. NANCY BECK and STEVE PETERSON have finally got it together. Instead of SCOTT STENSAAS and DEB KLITZKE being across-the-street neighbors, they have set up housekeeping. Over in another corner, CINDY O’CONNELL, JEANNE LINDERUD, D’LAINE BOBERT, MARLENE NORMINGTON, MARY ANN FORRER, and JANE SLATER are talking about the Powder Puff Demolition Derby, of which they all entered. (D’Laine brought her trophy for everyone to see.) KAY RICHMOND didn’t come. She went to Edgerton - she’s engaged now and he’s a cute little Timm (him?) DAN LAURETIC being a farmer brought corn-on-cob for the dinner. Towards the end of the cocktail hour, KEN COMSTOCK, JIM NORLAND, JAY HALVERSON, and MARK PFUNDHELLER went out on the golf course with their cycles. KIM STELZER and DAN PIRKL were last seen chasing them in a golf cart. The ending of the cocktail hour was announced by the emcee’s, STEVE OBRECHT, VICKIE THOMPSON, RAE JOHNSON. “Please be seated for tonights program and dinner.” CONNIE COUCH is taking English grammar from a new member of the English department SALLY CARPENTER and was asked to speak tonight. We could hardly help but hear Sally’s pep talk to Connie just before - “Remember Connie, you may sit on the couch if you can sit on the sofa.” On the way to our seats, we overhear SUE QUAM telling of an incident a week before the reunion. Last week in the Stoughton court room the case of City vs. BOTHUM was up for trial. It seems PAM’S Chapperal left droppings on Main Street. District Attorney SUE MIDTHUN was cross examining Pam but PEGGY SWALHEIM, the court reporter had to stop the proceeding because of Pam’s Norwegian swearing. Judge JAN HOUGAN said it was contempt of court. Askreech of tires is heard upon investigation, we find DONNA SISSONS has just zoomed in from EdgertonMICHELE JOHNSON, HOLLY KELM, LOIS KIND, LIBBY DAGGETT and MARSHA RONEID came in late. They misunderstood the invitations and sat at Sir Jacks for a while before realizing their mistakes. MARY CHRISTENSEN insisted on resetting the tables - the right way. (Once a waitress, always a waitress.) MARK THOMPSON has become a distinguished looking artist with GARY SIMONSON as his model. MARK SWENSON, TOM HOUGAN, and Mr. Tom Lawrence were arguing over the Viking’s chance of getting into the 1984 State Basketball Tournament. (Sorry to break it up.) Before we get down to the heavy stuff - eating - there are some people who deserve recognition for their hard work in the organization of the reunion. LINDA WERSLAND head of the reunion committee, and her fine helpers, KAYE BRANTMEYER, SUSAN GEHRKE, DIANE HAARKLAU, and CATHY HANSEN, received a big round of applause for their fine job. STEVE KNOX did a fine job on publishing the Classmate Roster. NANCY SCHIMELFENIG also received a fine hand for her design on the program. Thanks Nanc! MARC CHRITTON complained after his plate was put in front of him “What - hash again? We heard MELINDA LEWIS complain about why they didn t have the reunion at the Bowling Alley. While clearing tables, it was brought to our attention that KAIA SMITHBACK provided trash recepticals with W.A.M. (Women against Men) rosemaled on them. KEN DAHL and CINDY OLP have taken over Mrs. Pauli’s place in the Library. (ANNE DOUGLAS, DALE THEDE, and SUSAN FAWLEY come into help on Tuesdays and Thursdays ) Ttjjt’s why the committee chose them to take care of the guest book for the evening. KAREN JOHNSON and BRAD NATVIG organized the dancing for the evening. (This was thought to be suitable because they are now managing the Norwegian Dancers.) At the dance, making a big come back is DEB SWENSON singing “Please go all the Way.” MARYLOU MATH ISON made a splash with “Get by with a Little Help from my Friends.” QUIN ANDERSON helped out with a renewed edition of “Quinn the Eskimo.” Ah, Marylou that’s not the microphone, that’s JAN TRACY. The band struck up a number for old time’s sake - “Leader of the Pack,” SHERRIE OTTESON jumped up and said, “Hey that’s my song!” No, Sherrie your song is Leader of the Band, not Leader of the Pack. Taking his toll at the dance is QUAMMER. “The chicks are back, the chicks are back.” right GREG? (Can’t hurt steel.) JEFF TAYLOR is heard singing “By the Light of the Silvery Moon.” BONNIE STENJEM and NORMAN VIKE are making a splash on the dance floor. Norman keeps saying “One drink and I’m good for the night.” (Except the drink came from a German Beer glass three feet tall.) With the dinner over a very relaxing concert will now be given for the more cultured by CATHY GODLESKI and VAUGHN SCHLEPP, who have played their way into the hearts of all America JUDY HAUGEN, LYNN VANDRELL, and RUTH HOLZHUTER will accompany them. We are lucky to see CASEY REISER. She had some time off after touring with the Bolshei Ballet Troupe. (How’s your Russian, Casey?) A skit was put on, portraying some of our former teachers. GARRY HANSON portrayed Mr. Mitchell, DAN DAVIS, Mr. Smith, and MARY JO MAY, Miss Dvorachek. Since PETE DROTNING did such a fine job with the plays during high school, he was asked to provide props. Emcee, Steve asked everyone to move on to the game room. CYD FRITCH, MARGIE THOMP-SON,TerRi MISGEN. MIKE MCCULLOCH. DAVE KOBER, SCOTT HESS, and HAROLD VETTER are already there, bowling and playing ping-pong. Amidst the friendly competition we hear bits of a conversation about the propulsion of the bowling ball versus gravity and the degree of the angle. KING HAVEY, MARK HERMUNDSTAD, and MARK DAVIS are already buried in their chess game. SHERRY TEIGEN, DEBI ALLEN, MARILYN HUGHES, and CAROL MAERZ are over in the corner playing old maid. This may not seem anything out of the ordinary except the deck is X-rated. Someone yelled “Ole Ole Olson all in free!” And who should come running but NANCY OLSON. We see STEVE TOEPHER playing solitaire - and he’s loosing. STUART JONES and ALLEN KLINGAMAN stand by to lend a hand. No Stuart, the red queen goes on the blank king, not the black king. “Hey, joker’s wild, you guys,” exclaimed DAVID OLSON. No Dave, unless you are talking about Steve. In one corner our former AFS Student, DIEGO SCHMUCKLER set up a booth to read tea leaves (The Argentinian way) The first one brave enough to gin in is DAVE FULLER. By the ten-year reunion he will have learned better than to have believed his fortune. DALE VIKE has his fortune read and finds out he will have a large family. Dale moans and says, “I should have known better than to marry a Catholic.” Next in line to have her fortune told is SHARON BATES who collapsed after hearing she will have triplets soon. RICK LOCK was told that someone will un“Lock” his heart. JULIE JOHNSON screamed after hearing she would soon loose her voice (her gift of gab). Watch it Julie, that might be your last sound. In another booth a small “White Elephant” sale is going on. The committee was headed by Mr. and Mrs. Whitey Nelson (KATHI JOHNSON)? Proceeds will go towards the ten-year reunion. PAT ANDERSON brought BILL MYRLAND for the White Elephant sale. No Pat - Bill’s not a white elephant; odd but not a white elephant.DAVE ROBERTS donated a hubcap. Towards the end of the evening (Morning???) MARY JACOBSON hopped up on the table and said, “When this place is dry, everyone over to our place! We have some nice strawberries on ice.” We overhear DENISE LAZOTTE to CHRIS BUSKAGER, ‘‘they’re not touching my supply! ” DAVE STRONACH and KRISTI SKAVLEN came early, but left early. Kristi was saying something about some pine trees as she walked out the door. DEB ARNESON left and found her car with a flat tire. Being the gentlemen we know they are RICK CHRISTENSEN, KIM CHRSITIANSON, HOWARD LEIN, RON LEIN, DAN WATSON. MIKE JOHNSON, and MIKE ORCUTT came to her rescue. We were lucky to see JIM BROWN tonight because he runs a 250-acre spread and leads the life of a hermit. The last big surprise of the evening is RICHARD KINNAMON, KIRK TOLLEY, DAVID JOHNSON, JEFF SUNDBY, DOUG DAHL gassing up their airplanes to skywrite: “Consolidated gas is best.” After those baked beans for dinner,, there might be a few to argue that one. As people leave, we have DEB BUNNELL to keep an eye on things, with her shoulder-holster. She’s the first woman in the FBI. (Strike a Wow for women’s lib!) To serenade us and to fill our hearts with peaceful thoughts is DAVID CARLISLE and his Drum and Bugle Corp. This evening is one to be remembered for years. Until the next one, at least. A happy hangover to all and to all a good night! P.S. The purpose of this was not to offend. If it does - go sit in the bathroom and think about it. There’s a funny side to everything!ShotsPEAR Peered OF FflEVtDS: : L ....... : • '• 3 in« HSH »; : r r

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