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 One Small Part • • « of a Year msllmG championships State Wrestling Champions We’ll always remember “Fare you well. . . This day has ended It is closing upon us even as the water- lily upon its own tomorrow What was given us here, we shall keep.” “The Prophet” Kahil Gibran Yahara-1972 Stoughton Senior High School Stoughton, Wisconsinm y-i t i Dedication lilt- ■■ H One of the many pleasures of publishing an annual is the honor of dedicating it to a teacher who has helped us in our educational and social maturity. As the school year 1972 comes to close we salute one of the many teachers who have contributed so much to our lives. Mrs. Carpenter, is just that person. SENIORSPresident Vice President Class Officers Robert E. Daemmrich An athlete's labor he has done. An athlete’s honor he has won. S Club 2.3.4, Math Team 2,3,4, Class President 2.3.4, Science Club 3,4, Badger Boys State 3, Football 2,3,4, Wrestling 2,3,4, State Champ 4, Track 2,3,4, Musical 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Yahara Editor 4, This Week 3 Parrot 4 Debra Jean Gunnelson A natural grace, a pretty face. Viking Band 2.3. Pep Band 2,3, Dance Band 2,3. Snowmobile Club 3, Ski Club 3,4, Spanish Club 2,3,4, FHA 3, GAA 2,3.4, Forensics 3, Philo 3,4, -Pres. 4. AFS 4, Majorette 2,3, Class Sec. 4, National Honor Society 3,4 Jeffrey Lewis Martin It pays to be good-not much, but it pays. Class Vice Pres. 4. S Club 2,3,4, Vice Pres 4 Baseball 2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2,4, Ski Club 3,4, AFS 4, Chorus 4, Badger Boys State 3, Norse Dancers 3,4, Musical 4 Karen Ellen Couch Beauty, brains, and social whirl, all belong to this lucky girl. Class Treasurer 2,3,4, Association 2, Musical 2.3, Drama 2, FHA 2,3, GAA 2,3,4 Sec. 3, A'Cappella 2,3, AFS 3,4, Philo 3,4, Folk Singers 3, Cheerleading 3,4, GFW 3,4, Pep Club 3, National Honor Society 3,4, Student Council Board 3, Homecoming Court 4, Norwegian Dancers 4, Ski Club 3, Snowmobile Club 3Douglas Charles Allen Studying is catchy, if you catch me I’ll study Football 3,4, EE A 2,3,4 Treas., S Club 4, Intramurals 4 Duane Allan Anderson Knowledge is dangerous, but I’ve never been in danger. Gary Evan Anderson Why do today what you can somehow put off till tomorrow? Football 2, Golf 3,4 Judith Ann Anderson She has what every girl trys for all their life. Cheerleader 2, Viking Band 2,3, Pep Band 3, Association 2, Folk Singers, 2,3,4, Philo 4 Linda E. Anderson If there’s trouble, I’m not around, but I’ve been there. FTA 2, Snowmobile Club 3, Science Club 4 Phillip Anderson If school is liberty, let me have death. SAC 4 Mike R. Backus As a rolling stone gathers no moss, so a roving heart gathers no affection. Basketball 2, Baseball 2, Snowmobile Club 3, Ski Club 4, Intramurals 4 Allan B. Bakken Life is 10 per cent what you make it, and 90 per cent how you take it. Football 2, Baseball 2Mitchel L. Barry I’d like to be bashful, but the girls won’t let me. Viking Band 2,3,4, Pep Band, 3,4, Musical 2,3,4, Dramatics 2,3,4 Thomas K. Bates On my desk my books do lie; they’re at rest and so am I. Cross Country 2, Track 2, S Club 2,3,4 Debra A. Baum I'll argue though the point be small, you can’t let the teachers say it all. Transfer 2, Ski Club 3,4, Literary Magazine 4 David Beck He’s a true "Mr. Cool”. Viking Band 2,3, S Club 2,3,4, Student Council 2, Norse Dancers 2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Golf 2,3 Joann Bickley When in doubt of what to say, say nothing. GAA 2,3,4 Louise Blandford Everything comes "easy” for this girl. Cheerleader 2,3,4, Viking Band 2,3, GAA 2,3,4, Spanish Club 2,3, AFS 4, Ski Club 3,4, Snowmobile Club 3, Folk Singers 3, Pep Club 3, Student Council 3, GFW 3 Andrew S. Bolland I’m alright, its the world around me that’s nuts. Laura K. Borman Physically here, mentally there. Yearbook Editor 4, Ski Club 4, Association 3Mayre Bothum Stoughton wouldn't be the same, without the Wisconsin “peach” FT A 2. GAA 3,4, Red Cross 3.4, Sec. 3. Pres. 4. FHA 3, Reporter 3, Viking Band 2.3.4. Pep Band 4 Randy Bov re I can waste more time in a half hour than most people can waste in a whole day. Ralph D. Bradley The only way to have a friend is to be one. Baseball 2. Intramurals 2,3, Ski Gub 4 Richard Bradley Quiet in appearance with motives unknown. Intramurals 2, Snowmobile Club 3, Ski Gub 3,4 Andrew J. Brantmeyer I’m not just a muscician. I’m a whole brass band. S Club 3,4, Red Cross 3,4, FFA 4. Football Mgr. 3. Pep Band 2,3,4, Viking Band 2,3,4, Dance Band 2,3,4, German Band 3,4 Barb Broughton Experience is always teaching me things I’de rather not learn. AFS 2,3 FT A 2, MFA 3. Ski Club 2,3,4, Snowmobile Club 3, Association 2,3, GFW 3, Science Club 3,4, Pres. 4 Kevin Bullock Some think he’s innocent. we know better. S Hub 3.4, Ski Club 2,3,4, Pres. 4. Football 2,3,4, Wrestling 2, Baseball 2,3,4 Timothy Burchard His music comes first, anything after that is unimportant.Jerry J. Buskager Driving carefully is such a waste of insurance. S Club 3,4, Basketball 2, Tennis 2,3,4 Amy Jn Cable She's living proof that a shy girl is well worth getting to know. Amy Jo Cable KHA 3,4, Spanish Club 3.4, Librarians 3,4. A'Cappella 4, AFS 4 Janice Kay Carr She greets the world with a quiet smile. GAA 2,3, FT A 2, AFS 2,3, Ski Club 3, Viking Band 2,3 Gary L. Christensen The less I learn, the less I have to remember. Intramurals 2,3,4, Ski Club 3,4, Auto Club 3,4 Gregory P. Christopher As a member of FFA he raises ‘cane’ and alfalfa hay. FFA 2,3,4, SAC 4 Vickie Lee Cornell Loves makes the world go around, just look how I’m spinning. GAA 2,3,4 Susan E. Crews She shifts her brain into neatral, while her tongue idles on. Snowmobile Club 3, Ski Club 3, A’Cappella 3,4, FTA 2 Michael F. Crisman A man is a volume if you know how to read him. S Club 2,3,4, Cross Country 3,4Kobin L. Danks He looks safe and sound, but so does gunpowder. Football 2, Library Club 3 Peggy Lynn Deegan The best things often come in little packages. GAA 2, FHA 2,3, AFS 4, Pep Club 4. Parrot 4 Steven Lyle Dickson He doesn’t hurry, but he always makes it eventually. Football 2, Folksingers 3 Susan Marie Dietzman A girl with a big heart, always ready to do her part. FHA 2,3,4, Historian 3, Pres. 4 Library Club 3,4, Sec-Treas, 4 Pat Dougall Here’s to one who’ll not pretend; but is, and stays, a faithful friend. GAA 3,4, Spanish Club 3,4, Philo 3,4, FHA 4 Jerry A. Draper A man usually feels better after a few winks-especially is she winks back. FFA 2,3.4,-Sentinal 3 -Pres. 4 Folksingers 3, A’Cappella 3,4, SAC 4 Susan Elise Edison There are enough serious things in life without considering yourself one of them. Musical 2,3.4, This Week 3.4. Philo 3,4, Forensics 3, AFS 4, Association 2, Badger Girls State 3, National Honor Society 3,4, GAA 2, GFW 3,4, Vice pres. 3-Pres 4, Student Council 2,3, Folksingers 3, A'Cappella 2,3,4, Triple Trio 3, Parrot 4, Yahara 4, FSL 3 Penny Sue Eifert I’ll try anything once, twice if I can get away with it. Ski Club 2,3, Parrot 3, GAA 2,3,4, Association 2, Viking Band 2,3, Philo 3,4, GFW 3Madelyn Ellingson Mirror, mirror, tell us true, what's the difference between us two. FHA 2,3,4, Degree Chairman 3, Secretary 4, MFA 3,4, Treasurer 4, GAA 2,3,4, GFW 4, Pep Club 3 Marilyn Ellingson Mirror, mirror, look at me, or is it Madelyn that you see? GAA 2,3.4, FHA 2,3,4, MFA 3,4,-Secretary 4, GFW 4 Neil Elsing The deed I intend to do is great, but as yet I know not what. FFA 4, FTA 4. AFS 4, WresUing 2,3,4 Sinita J.C. Evenson The diamond on her finger matches the sparkle in her eyes. A’Cappella 2,3,4, Philo 3,4, Folksingers 3, AFS 3, Musical 3, National Honor Society 3,4 David Everett Blessed is he who never says anything, for he shall never be quoted. S Club 4, SAC 4, Football 2,3,4 Track 3,4, Margaret Favreau It isn't what I do, its what I'm caught doing. Student Council 2, Ski Club 2,3, Philo 4, MFA 4, GFW 3 Warren Finder Warren had a little lamb, little lamb........ FFA 2,3,4-Vice Pres. 4, Norse Dancers 3,4, Student Council 4, AFS 4, Football 2,3 Marsha Foss She’s why gentlemen prefer blondes. GAA 2,3,4, Philo 3,4, Ski Club 3, Snowmobile Club 3, Student Council 3, Homecoming Court 4, National Honor Society 3,4Sue Gardner She gives her thoughts no tongue. Association 2, GAA 2,3,4, Philo 4 Kevin Gassen Graduate if you can. there's nothing like trying. Becky Grefsheim A whiz in typing, shorthand, and manual affections. FHA 2, GAA 2,3,4, Philo 3,4, Treas. 3, Red Cross 4, Vice Pres. GFW 4, Treas. - Sec., Ski Club 4, Pep Club 4, AFS 4, Yearbook Editor 4, National Honor Society 4 Ben Gunderson Look what 3 years have done-another would have ruined me. Football 2,4, FFA 4, Snowmobile Club 3 Michael S. Hagen It’s better to limp to heaven, that not to get there at all. Band 2,3,4, Dance Band 4, Pep Band 3,4 Mark Halverson I never let studying interfere with my education. Ski Club 3.4, Football 2, Baseball 3.4Susan A. Halverson Lead me not into temptation: just show me where it is. Viking Band 2.3.4, Student Council 2.3,4. Student School Board 4. National Honor Society 3.4. Philo 3,4, GAA 2,3.4. Ski Club 2,3, AFS 3. GFW 2. Yahara Kditor 4 Gary Hansen Life is like a zipper, it has its ups and downs. Football 2.3. Basketball 2. Tennis 2, Ski Club 3, S Club 2.3.4. Athletic Board 3, Intramerals 3, AFS 4 Donald Hanson am a man of few words, therefore, I don’t have to take so many back. S Club 4, Track 2,3.4, Football 3, Intramurals 3.4 Gary A. Hanson He always listens to one who knows and gathers knowledge as he goes. SAC 4 Kay Lynn Hanson She takes things as they are and never asks for more. FHA 2,3,4, Ski Club 4. Philo 3.4, GFW 4, GAA 2.3.4 Thomas W. Hanson What he’s been taught he’s forgotten. What he knows, he guessed. S Club 3,4, Football 2,3,4, Wrestling 2,3,4 Steven C. Haried Not everyone can turn 18 with such style. Track 2,3, Band 2,3, Pep Band 2,3, Basketball 2, S Club 3,4, Football 2 Sandra M. Harms She who laughs last has found a different meaning. FHA 2,3, MFA 2,3Patricia A. Harris Don’t believe everything I say-you’d be surprised at what I can make up. William J. Hasz I can’t believe I drank the whollle thing. Football 2,3, Wrestling 2,3, Math Team 2,3,4 Curt A. Heinemann Worry and I have never met. Football 2,3, Wrestling 2, Baseball 2,3,4, S Club 2,3,4 Robert J. Heinzeroth Ok. so I’m here, but I’m not going study. SAC 4 Steven James Herbeck He takes life very "Lewis” S Club 2,3,4, Ski Club 2,3,4, Wrestling 2,3,4 Kathryn A. Hesse Quite, quiet, quiet nice. Mary L. Hoel Say what you mean and mean what you say, and don’t use big words. AFS 4, Chorus 3, Musical 3, Pep Club 4, FI IA 3. Jackie L. Hoffman Laughing eyes, flashing smiles, charming ways, and lots of style. Sec. of Class 2, Philo 3,4,-Historian 4, Vice Pres.3 Viking Band 2,3,4, Pep Band 3,4. AFS 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, GAA 2.3,4. Gadger Girls State 3, Ski Club 3, Pep Club 3, Snowmobile Club 3, Student School Board 4Constance S. Hougan Because she is herself, we are satisfied. Spanish Club 2,3,4, GAA 2.3,4, Philo 3,4, AFS 4, FHA, Viking Band 2,3,4, Pep Band 3,4, Dance Band 3.4 James Ole Hougan A squeak, a groan, a shudder, as Ernie’s car jumps from the gutter. Wrestling 2,3,4, FFA 2,3,4 Peggy J. Hubred Lightheaded? No. just blond. Daniel F. Hudkins All great men are dead, I haven’t been feeling to well myself. Spanish Club 2, Football 2, Parrot 3,4, Editorial Edit. 4, Ski Club 4, National Honor Society 4. Intramurals 4, Forensics 4, Parrot Editor 4, Dramatics 3,4 Steve L. Hunt It’s not that I don’t study, I just have a poor memory. SAC 4, FFA 2,3,4 Mark Alan Jackson 1 know I'm not good looking, but what’s my opinion against thousands of others. Track 2, Ski Club 2,3,4, Golf 3,4 Bruce Allen Jacobson When there’s nothing else to do, I come to school. FFA 2,3,4, Reporter 4 Michael R. Jedlicka Work fascinates me. I could sit and look at it for hours. SAC 4. Track 3,4Ann Lynette Jenks She struggles against silence, like a soda against a cork. Student Council 2, GAA 2, Association 2, FHA 2, MFA 4. Pep Club 4, AFS 3,4, Parrot Staff 3, Ski Club 3 Lavon Ellen Jensen A girl we were glad to see come, and sorry to see go. AFS 2 Dale 0. Johnson All he needs is a hook; he’s got the line. Badger Boys State 3, Football 2-Mgr. 2, Basketball 2,3,4, Tennis 2, S Club 3,4, Parrot 3, Editor in Chief 4, Student Council 3,4, Spanish Club 2. Ski Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Track 3,4, Capt. 4, Cross Country 3,4 Debra Anne Johnson Always cheerful, always gay, always nice in every way. GAA 2. Spanish Club 2,3,4, FHA 2,3,4, Sec, 3 -Treas. 4, Philo 3,4, AFS 4 Eric Conrad Johnson A good guy with a likeable personality. Nancy Jane Johnson What's life without a little mischief? Science Club 4 Phyllis Caryl Johnson Oh, those out of town guys. GAA 2,3, GFW 3,4, FHA 2,3, Pep Club 3 Duane Selmer Juve I had something good to say. but I think I’ll save it for a better time. This Week 3, SAC 4Kathryn Ann Karlslyst She's the type that will follow you into a revolving door and come out first. Ski Club 2,3,4, Snowmobile Club 3, GAA 2,3,4 Barbara Jean Kennedy I’m little. I’m wise, Vm a terror for my size. GAA 3.4, GFW, 3,4, Pep Hub 3, Philo 4 Joanne Margaret King She came to us a stranger, and remained a friend. Transfer 4 James Robert Kirby Rory Gallegher, future super star of the rock world. William S. Kirby An hour for work-a day for play. Wrestling 2,3, Intramurals 3 Kent James Klongland Acting is easy for me, its thinking that’s hard. This Week 3, Basketball 2, Track 2, AFS 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3 Pres. 4, Norse Dancers 2,3,4, Viking Band 2,3,4, Viking Band 2,3,4, Pep Band 3.4, German Band 3,4, Folksingers 3, Musical 3.4, Chorus 3,4 Rex Jay Kluever Where is it tonight boys-your house or mine? Basketball 2,3,4, Tennis 2,3,4, Cross Country 4, S Club 2,3,4, Parrot 3, Snowmobile Club 3 Kenneth G. Koehler School is what you make it; it makes me tired. Football 2, Track 3,4, S •Club 4Steven Keith Kuhlman And then he would talk, ye gods how he would talk. Association 2,3, Track 2,3, Baseball Mgr. 2 Kathryn Laurie Kvalheim She has the kind of mind you can sharpen your own on. GAA 2,3,4, Philo 3,4, Ski Club 3, Spanish Club 2,3,4, Treas. 3. Pres. 4, National Honor Society 3,4 Jane Elizabeth Lacy Ye gods, i’m in love, but with whom? Cheerleading 2,3,4, Philo 3,4, Spanish Club 2,3, GAA 2,3,4, Snowmobile Club 3, Ski Club 3, GFW 3, Pep Gub 3,Track Queen 3 Burton Neil Ladd I’ve got the time. I’ve got the place, now I need the girl. Basketball 2, Pep Band 3,4, Viking Band 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4 Sue Larson She’s the shy type, you have to whistle twice. Ski Club 2,3.4, GAA 2,3,4 Frederick Roy Laundrie SHS’S contribution to the musical world. Transfer 3, Viking Band 3,4, Pep Band 3,4, Dance Band 3,4, German Band 3,4, Musical 3, Orchestra 3 Kathy Lausch “Quiet and Sweet” Kathy Lausch Viking Band 2,3, GAA 2,3,4, Ski Gub 3, FT A 3 Eric James Legreid I agree with no man’s opinion. I have some of my own. Ski Club 2,3,4, Student Council 4. S Club 3,4. Football 2, Basketball 2, Golf 2,3,4Vicky J. Linnerud I never met a man I didn't like. Ski Club 2,3,4, FHA 2,3, AFS 4, GAA 4, MFA 3 Sharon Jeanette Lock Doing easily what others find difficult. GAA 2,3, FHA 3,4, GFW 3, A'Cappella 3, Musical 3 MFA 3,4, Sec. 3, ■ ifiiS Leon G. Maerz Whoever divided the weeks into school days, sure did a lousy job. Association 2 Frederick Link Give some drivers an inch, and they’ll take a fender. Football 4, FFA 3 Sheryl A. Linnerud It’s quality, not quantity that counts. Ski Club 2,3,4, GAA 2,3,4, GFW 2, AFS, Council 4, Snowmobile Club 3 Patricia Ann Lemonds Let’s see, what color should it be today? GAA 2,3,4 Rickie L. Mabie There is nothing-absolutely nothing-half as fun as messing around. Basketball 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Band 2,3, Snowmobile Club 3, SClub 4 Stephen Duane Linde rud Girls do not interest me-I want women. Wrestling 2,3, Baseball 2,3,4, Cross Country 3, S Club 3,4, Ski Club 3, Snowmobile Club 3Joyce Helen Malinowski Smiles, smiles, unending smiles, in radiant lines for miles and miles. GAA 2 Viking Band 2,3, Ski Club 2,3,4, Snowmobile Club 3, Philo 4, Student Council 2,3, Homecoming Court 4 Don Paul Marsh All the world is in despair to find out how he curls his hair. Wrestling 2,3, Track 2 Stacy K. Martin The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it. SAC 4 Jeanne L. Martinson She says little but thinks more. FHA 3,4, Library Club 3,4 Marilyn Lee Masterenko Seldom heard, but always doing. Ski Club 2,3, Transfer 2, Forensics 2, AFS 3, Philo 4 Jane Ann Matson There are two kinds of sight: sight and insight, then you might add excite. Cheerleading 2.3, Ski Club 3,4, Philo 3,4, Spanish Club 2,3, AFS 3.4, Pep Club 3.4 Julie Ann McCarthy Just give me the farm-1’11 supply my own farmer. FFA 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Library Club 3,4Robert Henry Meyer Give me 80 acres and a plow and watch me plow my way to success. SAC 4, TYack 2,3 Timothy Lee Michaelis He always knows what to do until happen. FFA 2,3,4, Viking Band 2,3 it Borghild M. Mikkelson I’m not saying anything-I’m just talking. FHA 2,3, GAA 2, Association 2, Parrot 3 Steve Richard Moe I think more than you think, I think think. Wrestling 2,3,4 I Karin L. Moen Silence and smiles go well together. FHA 2,3,4, Reporter 4, GAA 3,4, MFA 3,4, President 4, Pep Club 3, GFW 4 Harvey Monson Eat, drink, and be merry, or tomorrow there is school. Football 4, Intramurals 4Dale Mulder If wise cracks were a grain of sand. he’de own the Sahara. Wrestling 2,3,4, Baseball 2.3,4, S Club 2,3,4, Viking Band 2,3 Pamela L. Natvig Could you explain that one more time? GAA 2,3,4, Pres. 4, Viking Band 2,3,4, Philo 4, Student Council 2,3,4 Treas. 4, Spoon 3, Snowmobile Club 3, GFW 2, Cheerleading 3, National Honor Society 3,4, Ski Club 2, Homecoming Court 4 Nancy Kaye Neilsen If she doesn't talk much, its because she's said it all to him. Transfer 3, FHA 3,4, FFA 3,4, MFA 4 Carol Ann Nelson If you wish to see the best in others, show the best of yourself. GAA 2,3,4, Debate 2,3,4, Forensics 3, Library Cub 2,3.4, AFS 3,4, Play 2, MFA 2,3,4, Orchestra 2,3.4 Donna Jean Nelson Character is what you are in the dark. Ski Club 3,4, GAA 2,3,4, Band 2, Pep Club 3, GFW 3,4, MFWr 4 Jayne C. Nelson I try to be good, for Pete’s sake. Ski Club 2,3,4, Pep Club 4, GAA 2,4, Homecoming Court 4, Snowmobile Club 3 Kim A. Nelson Can I use your brain for awhile? Mines awfully tired. Oiorus 2,4, Footbail 2,3,4, S Club 3,4, Track 4 Larry C. Nelson Early to bed, early to rise, and you miss the best part of the day. Snowmobile Club 3, S Club 3.4, Football 2,3,4, Wrestling 2,3,4, State Champ 4James Ronald Nelson Its hard to believe a man is telling the truth, when you know you would lie if you were in his place. Wrestling 2,3,4, Snowmobile Club 3, FFA 4, S Club 2,3,4 Rick Nelson Home is where the heart is, but the cabin is where its at. Wrestling 2,3,4, Snowmobile Club 3 Scott A. Nelson Who said all handsome men are con-ceited-I’m not. S Club 2,3, Ski Club 2,3, Tennis 2, Snowmobile Club 3 Susan Ann Nelson What would I tell my grandchildren if all I did was study. GAA 3,4, FHA 3, MFA 3 Dianne Elizabeth Nettum I’m only here to give the rest of the students incentive. GAA 2,3,4, Association 2, Spanish Club 3,4, MFA 3.4. Pres, 3, Vice Pres. 4 Philo 3,4, Treas. 4. GFW 3, FHA 2,3,4 Nancy D. Nettum What she can’t do, can’t be done. GAA 3, GFW 3,4, Vice Pres. 4, Philo Spanish Club 3,4, Pep Club 3,4 3,4, Peter J. Norgaren If he hadn’t made his choice so soon, he could have had a fantastic little black book. Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2.3.4, Ski Club 2,3,4, S Club 2.3.4, Snowmobile Club 3, Homecoming Court 4 Phillip A. Normington His humor is as dry as a mouth full of peanut butter.Charlotte A. O’Connell What was I put on this world for, but to talk, and talk, and talk....... FHA 2,3,4 vice pres. 4, GAA2.3.4, MFA 2,3,4, Association 2, GFW 3, Ski Club 3 Robin L. Offerdahl The man who blushes is not always a brute. Football 2, Ski Club 3, Intra murals 4, Track 4 Douglas L. Olson Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits. Wrestling 2,3,4, Ski Club 3,4, FFA 4 Michael J. Olson Generally speaking, he’s generally speaking. Golf 4 Science Club 2,3,4, Intramurals 4, National Honor Society 4 Ritchie A. Olson “Wolf” bait. Susan M. Olson Always in fashion, always in style, a girl rarely seen without a smile. J GAA 2,3,4, Philo 3,4, Viking Band 2,3,4, Ski Club 2, Snowmobile Club 3, GFW 2, Association 2, Student Council 4, Norse Dancers 4 Roxanne Osland And you thought I was sitting through all those cold football games for nothing. GAA 2,4, Association 2, Viking Band 2,3, GFW 4, Pep Band 3 Dennis L. Parish A friendlier guy would be hard to find. A’Cappella 2,3,4, Folksingers 3, SAC 4, Musicals 2,3,4 Play 3, Library Club 3Sally B. Peterson We all find time to do what we really want to : do. Association 2, GAA 2,3,4, Ski Club 3.4, Band 2,3, Pep Band 3, Parrott 3 E ► Lori Lynn Pundt She's out to prove the old saying that blondes have more fun. Ski Club 2,3.4, GAA 2,3, Association 2 Peter L. Quam Had he been present at the creation, he could have given some hints as to the bettering of the universe. Library Club 2, This Week 3, Math Team 3,4, AFS4. Science Club 4, SClub 4, Play 4 Lisa A. Raasch When opportunity knocks, she complains of the noise. GAA 2,4, Ski Club 3,4 Daniel L. Hamsden His life is always “Mary” SAC 4, Snowmobile Club 3 Leo Rausch Did I loose my homework, or didn't I do it? Intramurals 4 Delores Kay Ree Little people do big things. GAA 2,3,4 Susan Gwen Reid School? Oh, I drop in occasionally. Student Council 3, GAA 2,3,4, Ski Club 3.4, Snowmobile Club 3Catherine Janel Rigdon “The only thing that can cheat her out of the last word is an echo. MFA 3,4, GFW 3, FHA 2,3,4. Fres. 4, GAA 2,3, Association Barbara Ruth Rindt Some think the world is made for fun-so do I! GAA 3,4, GFW 3, Ski Club 2.3 Constance Jean Roberts Diamonds are this girls best friend. Rosemary A. Roidt Her smile is sweet, her eyes are true, the world has need of girls like you. Art Ass.2, Ski Club 3 Patricia Lynn Roneid Some day my prince will come, I wish he'de hurry up the bum! Ski Club 3 FHA 2 Mary Theresa Rosenbaum Her heart is held within a “Fort” of love. AFS 4. Association 2, Chorus 4, GAA 2, Play 4 Jeff Ross He can find a short circuit for anything. Football 2,3,4, Track 3,4, S Club 3,4 Linda Kay Rowe Dates are her favorite fruit. AFS 4, Viking Band 2,3, Pep Band 3, Pep CLub 3,4, GFW 3,4, Ski Club 3,4, Snowmobile Club 3Linda Gail Rucks Temper is a good thing, it shows strength of character. Viking Band 2,3, FT A 3, Library Club 3 Linda Lee Rutlin She never breaks the law. just bends it a little. GAA 2,3,4, Ski Club 3,4, AFS 4, Pep Club 4, Yearbook Editor 4 Mary B. Schimelfenig New Year’s Eve? I don’t remember a thing. Viking Band 2,3, Pep Band 3, Student Council 2, Ski Club 2,3,4, AFS 3, Math Team 2,3,4, Parrot Staff 3, Features Editor 4, Philo 3,4, Sec. 4, GAA 2,3,4, Musical, 3, National Honor Society 4 David Schmidt I was almost killed by a train of thought running through my head. SAC 4 Jane Ellen Schultz Life gives happiness to some people, other people give life its happiness. GAA 2, Debate 2, Association 2, Viking Band 2,3, AFS 3,4, Philo 3,4, Parrot Staff 3, Yearbook Editor 4 Dave Schuman came, 1 stayed, I graduated-what more do you want? Football 2,3,4, S Club 3,4, Snowmobile Club 3, Intramurals 2,3,4 Daniel Seamonson He has 3 speeds-slow, slower and stop. Ski Club 3,4, Snowmobile Club 3 Steven R. Sharp When your’re active, you meet the most people. Transfer 3, Basketball Mgr. 3, Golf 3,4, Ski Club 3,4Patricia Ann Showers High school days have there delights, but they can’t compare with high school nights. GAA 2,3,4, Red Cross 4, GFW 4, Ski Club 3, AFS 2 Gail Ann Sigurslid She’de be a wonderful guy; if she weren’t such a terrific girl. GAA 2,3,4, Chorus 2,3, Cheerleading 2,3,4, Captain 2.4. Snowmobile Club 2, Ski Club 2. Norse Dancers 3,4, AFS 4. Pep Club 3,4, GFW 3.4, Musical 3 Gary S. Silbaugh He who does not love wine, women, and song, remains a fool his whole, life long. S Club 2,3,4 Sec. 4, Ski Club 2,3,4, Intramurals 3,4, Track 2,3,4, Cross Country 2,3,4, Co-Capt. 4 Mark Sheldon Singkofer I’m for the two party system, one tonight and one tomorrow night. Jeffrey Chad Skidmore Life of the class, death of the teachers. Football 2,3, Wrestling 2,3,4 Judy Slater I know a lot, I just can’t think of it at the moment. Susan K. Smith I’d do anything almost just for fun. GAA 2,3,4, Cheerleading 2,3, Snowmobile Club 3, Ski Club 3,4 mi Gary E. Smithback Perfection isn’t hard to achieve, let me tell you how I did it. Ski Club 2,3,4, Literary Magazine 3,4, Dramatics 4, Football 2, Track 2, Cross Country 4, Science Club 3,4, A’Cappella 4, This Week 3, Yearbook Editor 4Joseph Spangler The good and wise lead quiet lives S Club 2,3,4 Pres. 4, Intramurals 2,3,4, Football 2,3,4 Capt. 4 All Conference 4, Track 2,3,4, Homecoming King 4 Fred Richard Soward For every why he has a wherefore. Transfer 3, Viking Band 3,4, Dance Band 4, German Band 4, Pep Club 4 Sandra B. Sproul She jumps in her Opel and rides madly off in all directions. GAA 2. AFS 4. Ski Club 4, Play 4, Student Council 4 Lynn Louise Squire That for which she aims shall she acquire. Ski Club 2,4, FTA 2, GAA 4. Association 2 Krnie Stacey President of the “bored" of education. Ernst Steiner Had he not come, how much we could have missed. Foreign Exchange Student 4, AFS 4, Basketball 4, Tennis 4, Play 4, Math Team 4Phillip A. Sveum My idea of an agreable person is one who agrees with me. Viking Band 2,3, Ski Club 2,3,4, Student Council 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3-Pres. 4, Norse Dancers 4, Football 2,3, Basketball 2,3,4. Tennis 2,3, S Club 3,4, Baseball 4, This Week 3 Robert C. Swalheim Don't go away folks-I've got a million more. Class Vice Pres. Parrot 3,4 Sports Ed. 4, Football mgr. 2,3, Wrestling Mgr. 2,3, S Club 2,3,4 Sec. 3, Student School Board 3 Math Team 2 Snowmobile Club 2 Spanish Club 2, Ski Club 4, Science Club 2 Val John Thomas Now I lay me down to rest. I’ve studied hard and done my best. If I should die before 1 wake, think of the exams I won’t have to take. Transfer 4, Viking Band 4, Pep Band 4, Dance Band 4. German Band 4, Chorus 4, Musical 4 Gail I. Thompson Her heart is like a propeller, always in circulation. Viking Band 2, GAA 2,3,4, Treas. 3, Ski Club 3,4, Snowmobile Club 3, Pep Club 3,4, AFS 3,4, GFW 3 Judy A. Thorson I don’t believe in love at first sight, so I fake a second look. GAA 2,3,4 Ruth Ann Thorson The world loves a determined girl. GAA 2 3,4 Scott R. Tolley Sometimes wise, sometimes otherwise.Wayne E. Trow A tall man is bound to rise high S Club 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Football 2,3 Debra Ann Utermark If you can’t have what you wish for, wish for something else. Spanish Club 2, Ski Club 3,4, Philo 4, Viking Band 2,3,4. Pep Band 3,4, Majorette 3,4, Head 4, GAA 2,3, Student Council 2,3,4 Cynthia J. VanGilder If she's not sure-she laughs. GAA 2,3,4, FHA 2,3, MFA 3, Vice Pres. 3, Ski'. Club 3 Vicki L. Vedvig The same girl-yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Transfer 2, FHA 3, Ski Club 4, AFS 4 Gregory A. Vlasak Vou can fool some of the teachers some of the time....... SAC 4 Phillip C. Wall He should have the I "recipe” for a good life. Viking Band 2,3,4, Pep Band 3,4, Dance Band 3,4Dale A. Wedoe What does night have to do with sleep? Football 2, Wrestling 2 John T. Weidner Its a great affliction to be a handsome man. Transfer 3, Track 3, Ski Club 3,4, AFS 4, Golf 4 Sharon Marie White I ask nothing for myself, only a son-in-law for my mother. Viking Band 2,3,4. Pep Band 3,4,.GAA 2,3,4, AFS 3, Philo 3,4, Parrot 3, Year Book Editor 4, National Honor Society 4 Gene A. Whitford A true cool, calm and collected guy. Basketball 2, Track 3,4, Basketball 4 Judy Ann Wickline Guys are bothersome, but I don't mind being bothered. Spanish Club 3, GAA 3,4, GFW 3,4. FHA 3, Pep Club 3 Richard Rodney Wilberg There’s more on my mind than what goes down on my paper. Cross Country. Football 3,4, Basketball 2,3, Track 2,4, Golf 3, S Club 2,3,4, Badger Boys State 3, Musical 3,4, Chorus 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4. Math Team 2,3,4, Parrot 4, This week 3, Intramurals 4, Ski Club 4, Spade 3 Roger J. Williams To talk is one thing, to say something is another. Football 2, Ski Club 2,3,4 Nicolette Elaine Wolf Wicked brown eyes are dangerous things, they often keep us from sprouting wings. Ski Club 2, Philo 4Bruce Wood I’m here, you can start class now. Carolyn Jane Wood The good die young......Carolyn never felt better in her life. Spanish Club 2,3,4. GAA 2,3,4, Pep Club 4, Viking Band 2,3,4, Pep Band 2,3,4, Ski Club 4, Play 4 Sheila M. Woodhouse With her laughing smile and flashy clothes, this girls a hit wherever she goes. GAA 2 Debbie A. Woods Beware! I may do something sensational. Ski Club 3,4, GAA 2'4 Carol Ann Wikum Just because I’m shy doesn’t mean I have an unlisted number. Association 2. GAA 2,3.4, AFS 3,4, Parrot 3, Ski Club 4. Pep Club 4, MFA 4, Literary Mag. 3 Lawrence J. Woods He’s not dead, just sleeping. Folksingers 3, A’Cappeila 2,3, Musical 3 Rocky H. Wyrick His life is like the Missippi-lined with bluffs. Football 3. FFA 4, SAC 4SENIOR MEMORIES???? Elementary Life Joys through Sixthscholars mm BEN WAITE Susan Edison Robert Daemmrich Debra Gunnelson HOSPITAL AUXILIARY . . . .Dianne Nettum JESSE MOORE Jackie Hoffman Sharon White Kathr i Kvalheim Richard Wilberg NELSON MUFFLER Duane Juve Jeff Ross UNIROYAL William Hasz ROTARY Margaret Favreau Constance Hougan LIONS David Beck Karen Couch Gary Hanson Pamela Natvig Joyce Malinowski Michael Olson Val Thomas Debra Utermark Jane Schultz JAYCETTES .............................. Gail Thompson ANDREW CALHOUN ............ Stacy Martin JAMES WILLIAMS...............Jeff Martin MEDICAL FIELDS OF AMERICA . .Karin Moen ENTRE NOUS........................Sandra Sproul CHRIST LUTHERAN ............ Dale Johnson PHIL0.............. .. Becky Grefsheim Mary Schimelfenig NEW CENTURY...............Gary Smithback FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS . . . Peter Quam MICHAEL HANSON ............ Nancy Nettum JAYCEES Jane Lacy Lynn Squires Gary Silbaugh Daniel Hudkins OBED I. NOREM..............Kay Midthun IDA OSTERHELD...............Karin Moen NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seniors LIONS DEPARTMENT AWARDS Judith Anderson David Beck Ralph Bradley Karen Couch Robert Daemmrich Susan Edison Nancy Evenson Margaret Favreau Marsha Foss Becky Grefsheim Debra Gunnelson Susan Halverson William Hasz Jackie Hoffman Constance Hougan Dale Johnson Duane Juve Kathryn Kvalheim Joyce Malinowski Stacy Martin Marilyn Masterenko Jane Matson Pamela Natvig Dianne Nettum Michael Olson Susan Olson Jeff Ross Mary Schimelfenig Jane Schultz Gary Smithback Val Thomas Scott Tolley Debra Utermark Sharon White Richafd Wilberg Nicolette Wolf Debbie Woods Agriculture Art Business Education English Foreign Language Home Economics Industrial Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies Speech-Drama Warren Finder Laura Borman Nicolette Wolf Kathryn Kvalheim Mary Schimelfenig Kay Hanson Duane Juve Richard Wilberg Robert Daemmrich Dianne Nettum Susan Edison GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARDS Juniors BADGER GIRLS STATE Mitchel Barry David Beck Neal Elsing Jeffrey Martin Julie McCarthy Carol Nelson Catherine Rigdon Janie Blood Catherine Godleski Judy Haugen Karen Johnson Denise Lazotte Melinda Lewis Mark Pfundheller Catherine Reiser David Roe Robyn Roslak Debra Thompson Lynn Vandrell Harold Vetter Catherine Reiser Kaia Smithback BADGER BOYS STATE Daniel Davis Peter Drotning Mark Peterson David Roe Paul Umhoefer SPOON Melinda Lewis Joe Spangler Carolyn Wood SPADE ROTARY AWARDS Daniel Davis Robert Daemmrich ARION AWARDS Susan Edison Instrumental David Everett Fredrick Laundrie NATIONAL OBSERVER Debra Gunnelson AMERICAN LEGION Vocal Susan Edison Kent Klongland Robert Daemmrich Susan EdisonSenior National Honor Society - New members are in the top 15 per cent of their class, with at least a 3.0 average. They are from left in row 1: Sue Edison, Robert Daemmrich, Joyce Malinowski, Richard Wilberg, Scott Tolley, Jeff Ross and Mary Schimelfenig; row 2: Jane Schultz, Judy Anderson, Jane Matson, Marsha Foss, Doug Bradley, Debbie Woods and Meg Favreau; row 3: Dale Johnson, Duane Juve, Stacy Martin, Kathy Kvalheim, Debbie Gunnelson, Connie Hougan and Sharon White; row 4: Mike Olson, Gary Smithback, David Beck, Sue Halverson, Jackie Hoffman, Debbie Utermark, Pamela Natvig; row 5: Val Thomas, Bill Hasz, Karen Couch, Becky Grefsheim, Marilyn Masterenko, Nici Wolf and Sue Olson; row 5: Nancy Evenson, Dianne Nettum. Junior National Honor Society - Only the top 5 per cent of the junior class is eligible, and they must have at least a 3.5 of a possible 4.0 grade average. Initiated into this year’s society were in row 1, from left: Denise LaZotte, Robyn Roslak, Catherine Reiser and Melinda Lewis; row two: David Hoe, Janie Blood, Karen Johnson and Mark Pfundheller; row three: Deb Thompson, Lynn Vandrell, Judy Hougen, Cathy Godleski and Harold Vetter. Senior Awards - Seniors, in addition to those in honor society, to win awards at the honors program were, from left in row 1: Carol Nelson, Sandy Sproul, Nancy Nettum, Julie McCarthy, Warren Finder, Peter Quam and Kent Klongland; row 2: Neal Elsing, Carolyn Woods, Cathy Rigdon, Gail Thompson, Laura Borman, Jeff Martin and Gary Hanson, row 3: Joe Spangler, Gary Silbaugh, Kay Hanson, Lynn Squire, Karin Moen, Daniel Hudkins, David Everett, and in center, row 4: is Fred Laundrie.Junior Honors Spoon and Spade - The traditional spoon and spade award presented at Stoughton High School since 1918 was presented to Daniel Davis and Melinda Lewis. Given to students who “dig into their schoolwork”, junior class-mates select the pair from juniors in the top 5 per cent of their class, academically. Badger State - Juniors picked to attend Badger Girls State at the UW-Madison and Badger Boys State at Ripon College are from left to right: David Roe, Kaia Smithback, Mark Peterson, Catherine Reiser, Peter Drotning, Paul Umhoefer and Daniel Davis.ORGANIZATIONSBecky Grefsheim Organizations Editor S.F. Advisor Bob Daemmrich Sports EditorAFS Council K. Klongland - Pres., C. Reiser - V. Pres., R. Holzhuter - Sec., E. Steiner - AFS Student, K. Johnson -Treas. Row 2 D.A., G.S., K.C., M L., J.C., L.V., M.J., L.R., J.S., M.H., B.G., J.S., Row 3 K.K., B.B., D O., P.B., K.S., J.H., K.R., C.R., S.P., T.K., L.S., C.C., Row 4 L.B., J.H., V.J., R.R., M.M., J.A.M M.M., M.M., ?, J.H., P.D., S.K., N.O., Rown 5 J.W., J.J., C.F., N.E., J.M., D.P., V.T., D.J., W.F., P.S., C.W., D.B., V.L., V.V. Row 6 A C., S.L., L.R., J.M., G.T., D.R., S.H., S.E., M R., C.N., P.D., A.J., D.J., C.H., J.H. AFS Student Ernst SteinerMr. Peachum Mr. Lockit Macheath Filch Mat of the Ment and the Beggar The Player Mrs. Peachum Polly Peachum Lucy Lockit Diana Trapes Jenny Diver Drawer Jailer Forming Macheath's Gang Ladies of the Town Steve Breyman Val Thomas Kent Mongland Dennis Parish Gary Smithback Vaughen Schlepp Mary Jo May Sue Edison Mary Lou Mathison Cheryl Wood Gail Heinemann Kevin Crisman Steve Holman Jerry Draper Jeff Martin Dick Wilberg Steve Kvalheim Laura Johnson Kathy Koehler Connie Couch Lynn Swingen Theresa Misgen Mary Rosenbaum Sally Carpenter Amy CableFather Vinnie Clarence John Whitney Harlan Cora Mary Skinner Rev. Dr. Lloyd Dr. Humphrey Dr. Somers Margaret Annie Delia Nora Maggie Warren Finder Connie Couch John Smet Pete Quam Jim Nettum Troy Hubing Sue Edison Gail Heinneman Dennis Parish Steve Holman Ernst Steiner Sandy Sproul Mary Jo May Mary Lou Mathison Carol Nelson Carolyn WoodFather Sr. - Jr.Majorettes Left to Right: S. Utermark. S. Tyler, D. Utermark (head) S. Utermark, P. Daffner Mr. Gohlke Kim Stelzer 'Dance Band A’Cappela S. Edision, S. Laiiretic, L. Swingen, J. Trieloff, S. Breyman, S. Kvalheim, D. Parish, J. Hougan, S. Carpenter, M. King, A. Cable, Row 2 N. Evenson, L. Soward, V. Jacobson, V. Thomas, G. Smithback, K. Crisman, S. Holman, G. Klepinger, C. Wood, D. Doehler, L. Mandley, M. Mathison, Row 3 M. May, L. Richmond, G. Heinemann, K. Klongland, J. Draper, D. Wilberg, J. Martin, K. Nelson, M. Rosenbaum, C. Couch, S. Crews, J. Hanson DANCE BAND Row 1 R. Wilberg, C. Hougan, M. Grefsheim, Row 2 V. Thomas, A. Brantmeyer, J. Bricker, F. Laundrie, P. Drotning, R. Fuller, F. Soward, J. Trieloff A’CappellaPep Band Row 1 D. Utermark, S. Utermark, K. Peterson, L. Jacobson, P. Daffner, R. Holzhuter, K. Klongland., L. Vandrell, D. Juve, Row 2 M. Grefsheim, P. Wall, S. Linnerud, C. Hougan, M. Bothum, L. Mayberry, N. Dybevik, Row 3 R. Gates, V. Thomas, C. Wood, J. Hougan, D. Thompson, S. Tyler, S. Utermark, Row 4 F. Laundrie, R. Fuller, G. Hanson, F. Soward, J. Morgan, B. Benjamin, S. Christianson, Row 5 S. Stensaas, S. White, J. Bricker, M. Barry, J. Hoffman, B. Durrant, J. West, Row 6 C. Gyland, B. Barry, J. TYieloff, B. Ladd, B. Oncken, S. Otteson, Row 7 A. Brantmeyer, B. Rodgers, D. Lauretic German BandOrchestra Orchestra Row 1V. Thompson, P. Umhoefer, S. Wisersky, K. Horner, V. Schlepp, H. Vetter, G. Klepinger Row 2 C. Godleski, C. Nelson, E. Johnson, B. Wendt Mr. BaltzerPhilo Big Sisters D. Nettum - Treas., J. Hoffman - Hist., D. Gunnelson, - Pres., M. Schimelfenig - Sec. Row 2 N. Net-turn. P. Natvig, K. Kvalheim, S. Olson, K. Couch, S. Edison, Row 3 D. Johnson, B. Grefsheim, N. Evenson, J. Lacy, J. Schultz, M. Foss Row 4 C. Hougan, K. Hanson, P. Eifert, S. Halverson, S. White, P. Dougall, J. Matson Philo Little Sisters C. Reiser - V. Pres., D. Lazotte - Pub. Ed. Row 2 S. Teigen, P. Hoff, T. Miller, K. Richmond, J. Culham, K. Nelson, B. Bronte, R. Johnson, D. Klitzke, C. Couch, L. Mandley Row 3 L. Vandrell, R. Holzhuter, V. Thompson, K. Smithback, M Thompson, D. Thompson, D. Utermark, S. Gardner, N. Wolf, L. Wersland, Row 4 S. Lauretic, M. Lewis, K. Johnson, V. Jacobson, R. Roslak, M. May, M. Mathison, D. Hvam, M. Martinson, M. Masterenko, J. Hougan Row 5 C. Hansen, J. Showers, S. Dyreson, C. Buskager, N. Harried, S. Parish, K. Miller, J. Hougan, P. Swalheim, P. Schmudlach, C. GodleskiGAA OFFICERS G.A.A. Advisor - Beverly Pieper Peg Swalheim, Captain K. Couch G. Sigurslid Sharon Lauretic, Captainp. Sveum - Pres., C. Couch - V. Pres., P. Nativig - Treas., N. Harried - Sec. Row 2 D. Seamonson, V. Johnson, S. Wethal, C. Anderson, Zelda, S. Carpenter, J. Larson, R. Johnson, Row 3 L. Eifert, M. May, P. Drotning, J. Hougen, D. Utermark, C. Rigdon, R. Roslak, S. Olson, Row 4 S. Halverson, L. Dahl, J. Smet, W. Finder, K. Smithback, E. Legried, D. Johnson Row 1: C. Erickson, G. Heinemann, J. Smet, S. Carpenter, Row 2 K. Brantmeyer, D. Gunnelson, M. Bothum, M. Thompson, P. DaffnerRow 1 L. VandreJl, H. Vetter, D. Rowe, R. Umhoeffer, K. Johnson, D. Thompson, D. Wilberg, Row 2 E. Steiner, R. Holzhuter, P. Quam, C. Godleski, V. SchJepp, Mr. Smith Row 3 S. Utermark, P. Daff-ner, B. Oncken, D. Nelson, N. AJlen, S. Utermark, S. Linnerud Science Club Math Team B. Broughton, - Pres., K. DahJ - V. Pres., S. Hess - Sec., G. Keebaugh - Treas., P. Quam, - Publicity Row 2 D. Hessel, C. Hansen, N. Johnson, B. McKichan, J. Hougan, S. Knox Row 3 R. Rico, D. Austin, D. VanEnglehart, G. Quam, D. SornsonSki Club K. Bullock - Pres., M. Jackson - V. Pres., J. Culham - Sec-Treas. Row 2 C.G., P.R., L.P., B.B., D.W., K.K., D.P., D.R., B.G., L.R., Z.S., L.M., M.H., R.O., L.B., J.M., P.S., S.W., J.R., G.E., Row 3 B.J., T.J., D.L., M.J., L.R., S.L., L.R., C.P., M.M., C.R., K.S., V.J., R.R., S.P., D.U., D.G., L.R., B.S. Row 4 B.S., K.S., S O., J.J., L.S., C.W., S.P., L.R., G.T., J.M., K.K., D.A., D O., E.S., N.H., K.J., S.O., S.M., G.H., Row 5 S.S., D.S., R.J., S.J., D.H., M.C., J.T., V.V., J.W., M.H., K.H., D.N., C.W., S.L., D.L., G.S., J.M., Row 6 E.L., K.L., R.W., D.S., P.H., S.T., P.D., G.P., J.N., S.H., M L., M.J., S.D., R.M., G.Q., D.J., D.H., Row 7 J.S., A.H., D.S., K.F., V.L., S.W., S.P., G.T., G.S., P.S., M.P., D.H., D.S., E.C., P.B., J.A., B.S., ? N.D. Weight Lifters Row 1 D. Bitter, G. Silbaugh, J. Sphatt, J. Morgan, G. Whitford, B. Murland, D. Julseth, J. Smet, Mr. Hotter, Row 2 J. Halverson, J. Bricker, R. Wilberg, P. Olson, D. Hanson, D. EverettRed Cross A. Cable - Pres., J. Martinson - V. Pres., S. Dietzman - Sec.-Treas. Row 2 B. Stenjem, A. Douglas, B. Jacobson, M. Martinson Row 3 J. McCarthy, L. Dahl, C. Nelson, J. Hanson M. Bothum - Pres., B. Grefsheim - V. Pres., L. Wersland, - Sec., K. Brantmeyer - Treas., A. Brant-meyer - Historian, P. Showers - Publicity Row 2 J. Showers, C. Hansen, R. McLeish, J. Johnson, G. Heinamann, K. Miller, P. Gullickson Row 3L. Johnson, R. Gates, C. Wood, J. Hanson, P. Bothum, C. Reiser Library ClubFTA C. Hansen - Pres., L. Mandley - V. Pres., D. Thede - Treas., J. Hanson - Sec. Row 2 L. Wersland, N. Elsing, A. Brantmeyer, L. Dahl, K. Brantmeyer FFA J. Draper - Pres., W. Finder - V. Pres., J. McCarthy - Sec., D. Allen - Treas., B. Jacobson - Reporter, R. Hunt - Sential Row 2 N. Nielsen, J. Arneson, P. Daffner, R. Elsing, J. Dallman, R. Rico, N. Elsing, J. Hougan, Row 3 D. Helley, M. Lunde, G. Murphy, C. Rinden, Q. Anderson, J. Hoff, R. Wyrick. B. McMahon, S. Hunt, B. John Row 4 L. Campbell, R. Asperheim, T. Michaelis, D. Foss, B. Gunderson, F. Link, A. Long, P. KojoM. Ellingson -Treas., K. Moen - Pres., M. Ellingson, - Sec., D. Nettum -V. Pres. Row 2 N. Nielsen, C. O'Connell, J. Meyer, D. Thede, C. Rigdon, M. Favreau Row 3 A. Jenks, C. Wikum, S. Dyreson, C. Nelson, M. Sundby, S. Lock FHA K. Moen - Reporter., M. Ellingson, - Sec., C. OConnell - V. Pres., S. Dietzman - Ires., G. Erickson -Historian, D. Johnson, - Treas., M. Martinson - Degree Chairman Row 2 D. Bunnel, D. Nelson, A. Cable, M. Ellingson, J. Martinson, D. Nettum, K. Brantmeyer, A. Douglas, N. Nielson Row 3. K. Richmond, S. Reimann, L. Johnson, J. Meyer, P. Dougall, S. Lock, K. Hanson, C. Rigdon“S” Club C.H., K.B., D.S., M.P., R.P., D.E., J.B., R.L., Row 2 D M., K.K., P.D., D.D., D.H., B.M., P.Q , G.F., Row 3 K.C., D.R., G.S., S.H., S.P., J.M., M.C., D.W., B.D., Row 4 L.N., P.T., J.B., E.L., D.J., R.K., P.N., P.S., B.G., F.L., ? Row 5 K.N., J.S., A.B., D.V., R.L., B.S., M B., D.A., W.T., D.B. D. P., S.H., D.R., M B., G.C., D.S., B.H., D.S..J.H., D.H., G.P., D.R., R.H., R.B., Row 2 G.H., G.V., E. J., D.G.N.H., T.E., D.F., S.S., G.S., J.C., R.C., , R.E., Row 3 B.L., R.L., L.N., J.D., S.M., J.D., M.C., T B., S.J., D B.‘ M.J., D.E., J.A. Row 4 J.J., R.C., D.D., W.M., R.L., D.J., L.F., M.M., J.H., H.M., D.G., M.A., G.F., Row 5B.M., E.R., R.W.,T.H., J.D., S.B., T.B., M.O., P.A., ?, J.H., J.T., J.N. Spanish Club K. Kvalheim - Pres., R. Johnson - V. Pres., J. Dougall - Sec., V. Thompson - Treas. Row 2 C. Peterson, A. Cable, K. Brantmeyer, C. Hansen, N. Nettum, D. Nettum, L. Wersland Row 3 D. Johnson, S. Carpenter, C. Hougan, D. Gunnelson, C. Finder, K. Richmond Row 4C. Wood, P. Dougall, K. Smith-back, P. Bothum, C. Reiser Norwegian Dancers Left to Right Melinda Lewis, Karen Johnson, Vicki Jacobson, Karen Couch, Sue Olson, Lynn Gardner. Mary Grefsheim, Gail Sigurslid, Nancy Beck, Dave Beck, Phil Sveum, Kent Klongland, Warren Finder, Jeff Martin, Jim Amundson, Steve Peterson, Mark Pfundheller and BradNatvig, Kneeling in front Ruth Holzhuter and Steve KvalheimB. Grefsheim - Sec.-Treas., S. Edison, - Pres., M. May - V. Pres. Row 2 K. Nelson, M. Lewis, J. Showers, J. Larson, D. Jerdee, D. Nelson, V. Johnson, M. May Row 3 B. Kennedy, P. Johnson, M. Ellingson, K. Couch, J. Culham, N. Nettum, M. Ellingson, N. Marsh, J. LePine Row 4 K. Knickmeier, G. Sigurslid, L. Rowe, P. Showers, K. Moen, J. Wickline, K. Hanson, C. Couch, R. Osland Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1 G. Sigurslid, B. Bronte, K. Couch Row 2 J. Culham, J. Lacey, K. Johnson, N. Harried, L. Blandford Top M. LewisBASKETBALL Left to Right L. Blandford, J. Lacey, N. Harried, G. Sigurslid, K. Johnson SHS MASCOTTS Top to Bottom: R. Marchionda, w JV CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: N. Marsh, S. Larson, V. Johnson, L. Gardner, J. Le Pine W. Sigurslid, M. MarchiondaC. Godleski -Sec., K. Smithback -Pres., V. Thompson -Treas., Row 2 J. Gjermo, J. Nelson, M. Lewis, N. Harried, K. Johnson, J. Culham, B. Bronte, D. Klitzke, C. Wood, M. Johnson, L. Rutlin, B. Gref-sheim, M. Hoel, Row 3S. Linnerud, L. Rowe, G. Sigurslad, K. Richmond, C. Buskager, D. Lazotte, R. McLeish, M. Jacobsen, S. Dyreson, D. Bunnel, S. Moen, S. Otteson, Row 4 M. Haskell, G. Thompson, J. Matson, L. Vandrell, D. Thompson, R. Holzhuter, C. Reiser, C. Finder, J. Rasmussen, C. Wikum, R. Lawnicki, Row 5 J. Larson, N. Marsh, J. LePine, M. May, D. Ameson, D. Osterberg, K. Johnson, S. Quam, P. Schmudlach, P. Deegan, A. Jenks, D. Jerdee Dedication We the Class of “1972” would like to thank this organization for all the things it has done for our athletic program. Without the help of the club, our halls and the gym would have been bare. They have backed our athletic program through all our high and low points. Beside all the materialistic things they provided, they have boosted the athlete’s and student’s moral. From Football, to Basketball, to Wrestling, these girls have backed'our athletic program throughout the year. I’m sure all the students would agree that this club has done wonders for our athletes; look what happened in “1972,” Stoughton Wrestlers took “State!” We would like to give a special thanks to Pep Club’s president, Kaia Smithback and Treasurer, Vickie Thompson. We hope the 1973 school year is as good a year as our 1972 year was. Thanks again Pep Club for all the support.i Row 1: K. Comstock, G. Hanson, D. Fuller, J. Hergenroether, B. Natvig, S. Peterson, T Hanson D Everett, J. Ross, Mgr. B. McKichan. Row 2: R. Lock, B. Daemmrich, K. Bullock, L. Nelson, D. Wilberg, P. Tyler, J. Martin F Link H Munson, K. Nelson. Row 3: D. Vike, P. Norgaren, D. Schumann, B. Gunderson, D. Beck, J. Spangler, T. Shackelton B Skinner, M. Baaken, D. Allen, W. Trow, M. Chritton. Purple Gang - 71 Model Coacnes: Ron Swanson, Tom Hotter Gay Snorek, Bill KoenigStoughton 38 Stoughton 16 Stoughton 20 Stoughton 8 Verona 22 Watertown 35 Jefferson 0 Monroe 40 Stoughton 0 Stoughton 25 Stoughton 8 Stoughton 28 Stoughton 0 Monona Grove 48 Sun Prairie 47 Fort Atkinson 28 Edgerton 9 Middleton 28Senior Stars Grid DAVE EVERETT BOB DAEMMRICH LARRY “BEAR”NELSON TOM “PIE EATER” HANSON DAVE BECK JOE SPANGLER JEFF MARTIN “WHITEY” NELSON “BENNY” GUNDERSON FRED LINK KEVIN BULLOCK DOUG ALLEN PETE NORGAREN JEFF ROSS DAVE SCHUMANNm Gary Silbaugh bmr"»r- ■azszmr - v £?m «L • A BL 1 CROSS COUNTRY TAKES GUTS Row 1, Co-captains Gary Silbaugh, Mike Crisman, Row 2, D. Stronach J Brietzman, M. Peterson, D. Roe, G. Murphy, J. Smet, D. Stronach; Row 3, Coach Tom Lawrence, G. Quam, S. Jones, J. Marsh, G. Keebaugh, and S. Linderud. N_______ Stoughton 62 Baraboo 74 Stoughton 55 Middleton 67 Stoughton 59 Edgerton 58 Stoughton 59 Dodgevilie 40 Stoughton 48 Jefferson 61 Stoughton 57 Madison East 90 Stoughton 51 Monroe 79 Stoughton 57 Fort Atkinson 58 Stoughton 62 Sun Prairie 94 Stoughton 68 Monona Grove 61 Stoughton 67 Middleton 66 Stoughton 41 Edgerton 65 Stoughton 64 Edgewood 60 Stoughton 46 Jefferson 48 Stoughton 65 Monroe 72 Stoughton 48 Fort Atkinson 70 Stoughton 43 Sun Prairie 52 Stoughton 37 Monona Grove 50 Stoughton 62 Fort Atkinson 85Row 1: D. Stronach, R. Mabie, P. Tyler, P. Norgaren, R. Kluever, J. Martin Row 2: D. Vike, R. Lippitt, P. Sveum, T. Jensen, W. Trow, D. Beck. M Bakken D Johnson, E. Steiner 1971-72 ROUNDBALLERS' BASKETBALL ACTION COACH MarshallErnst Steiner Dale Johnson Wayne Trow Dave Beck Rex Kluever Phil Sveum Jeff Martin Rick Mabie Pete Norgaren SENIORS RUN THE SHOWRecord Of Champions Stoughton 31 Stoughton 29 Stoughton 57 Stoughton 29 Stoughton 26 Stoughton 29 Stoughton Invitational Tri-State Tournament STOUGHTON 25 Milton Union 19 Edgerton 21 Jefferson 6 Oconomowoc 17 Monroe 23 Fort Atkinson 15 Stoughton 94 Points 1st Place Stoughton -4th Place MIDDLETON 25 Stoughton 30 Stoughton 35 Stoughton 27 Stoughton 30 Stoughton 23 Stoughton 28 Badger Conference Monona Grove 25 LaCrosse Central 23 Lake Mills 24 Iowa Grant 21 Richland Center 19 Sun Prairie 19 Stoughton 65'2 Points Tournament Regionals Sectionals State Finals 2nd Place, 5 Champions Stoughton, 2nd Place 5 Champions Stoughton, 1st Place 4 State Qualifiers Stoughton, STATE CHAMPS 44 Vfe Points1972 STATE CHAMPS! (It's A Mat-ter Of Fact!) First row: D. Davis, D. Mulder, J. Hougan, L. Nelson, S. Herbeck, M. Jackson, R. Nelson, S. Peterson. Row 2: P. Drotning, student manager; N. Elsing, K. Stelzer, B. Daemmrich, D. Olson, J. Skidmore, B. Skinner, Coach Gordon Marchionda, Coach Vern Pieper.1 772 WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS Steve Herbeck Season Record 33-1 Conf. Champ Regional - Section Champ State - 3rd place - 119 lbs. Larry Nelson Season record 32-1 Conf. Champ Regional - Sectional Champ State Champion - 145 lbs Bob Daemmrich Season Record 27-4 Conf. Champ Regional Champ State Champion - 155 lbs. Dale Mulder Season Record 28-2 Conf. Champ Regional-Sectional Champ State Qualifier - 105 lbs. T TT INTERSCHOLASTIC 1772 WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPSSENIORS LED THE WAY Steve Moe Doug Olson Rick Nelson Tom Hanson Jim Hougan Dale Mulder Neil Elsing ; Jeff Skidmore Steve Herbeck BobDaemmrich Larry Nelsonourne iddleton Claims First PlaLINKSMEN Golfers Get Tee’d Ofl Row 1: Steve Holman, Steve Paschkewitz, Mark Her-mundstad. Terry Gilbert, Tim Erickson. Row 2: Greg Quam, Dave Roe. Mark Jackson, Jack Sphatt, Dan Pirkl, Paul Umhoefer. COACH Milf ThompsonBASEBALL - Our Batters Couldn't Be Better Row 1: Curt Heinemann, Dale Mulder, Brad Natvig, Paul Olson, Jeff Hougan, Jim Nettum. Row 2: Rich Hunt mgr., Tim Shackleton, Phil Sveum, Rick Lippit, Jeff Strandlie, Dale Vike, Jeff Martin, Dave Stonach, Francis Gregorich.TENNIS-What A Racket! Coach Roger Roloff Row 1: Gus Peth, Mark Peterson, Bob Paris. Row 2: Rex Kluever, Wayne Trow, Jerry Buskager.TRACK - Run to Victory Row 1: R. Lock, K. Bullock, D. Marsh, K. Christianson, G. Whitford, M. Jedlicka, K. Koehler, D. Wilberg. Row 2: D. Bitter, J. Ross, D. Johnson, M. Lunde, J. Matson, R. Wilberg, D. Davis, J. Bricker. Row 3: D. Julseth, J. Spangler, M. Crisman, M. Bakken, P. Tyler, G. Keebaugh, T. Hougan, B. Daemmrich. Row 4 - C. Sagen, 0. Byrnes, T. vanSteederen, R. Vesterdahl, B. Myrland, R. Douglas, J. Smith-back, J. Marsh, D. Rhynor Row 5: D. Schumann, K. Whitey, D. Everett, D. Hanson, J. West, S. Guetzke, B. McKichan. Row 6: S. peterson, J. Norland, M. Pfundheller, J. Halvorson, G. Silbaugh, E. Peterson, K. Comstock. D. McKichan.Junior Class Homerooms and Officers Junior Class Officers Assuming the role of Junior Class Officers from left to right: Jill Culham, treas.; Barb Bronte, secretary; Mark Pfundheller, vice president; and Steve Peterson, president. Mrs. Barry 1st row: S. Bersing, N. Beck, M. Beaster, J. Alme, D. Borman, T. Barker, and S. Anderson 2nd row: N. Anderson, P. Asperheim, D. Allen, S. Berg, S. Anderson, and K. Brantmeyer, D. Bobert, D. Arneson 3rd row: P. Bothum, A. Beck, A. Adams, R. Asperheim, M. Bakken, J. Backus, and Q. Anderson, J. BrickerClass Of '73 Mrs. Brewster Row 1: D. Brown, S. Carpenter, J. Coy, C. Couch, J. Brown, J. Bronson, and R. Christensen ■ Row 2: D. Bunnell, B. Bronte, J. Culham, C. Buskager, D. Broughton, L. Daggett Row 3: D. Carlisle, K. Comstock, K. Christianson, M. Chritton. K. Dahl, D. Dahl Mr. Koenig Row 1: P. Gullickson, C. Erickson, D. Fuller, D. Davis, P. Drotning, L. Femrite, T. Eugster Row 2: A. Douglas, M. Forrer, C. Fritch, M. Duerst, L. DeGroot, J. Gallwitz and J. Gjermo, C. Finder Row 3: C. Godleski, M. Davis, R. Gates, D. Gray, J. Dougall, J. Deneen, and R. Fuller, S. Gehrke. J. Dalev Mr. Marshall Row 1: M. Haskell, G. Hanson, N. Handeland, S. Hess, J. Halverson, J. Hergenroether Row 2: D. Holpin, R. Holzhuter, D. Haarklau, M. Hughes, P. Hoff, C. Hansen, and N. Harried Row 3: J. Hougan, D. Halverson, D. Helley, M. Hoff, J. Hanson, M. Hellickson, and J. Hougan Row 4: C. Gyland, K. Havey, M. Hermundstad, T. Hougan, A. HelleyClass Of '73 Mrs. Mathiot 1st Row: B. Isberner, J. Johnson, S. Johnson, Mary Johnson, L. Kind, D. Klitzke 2nd Row: Sue Johnson, Karen Johnson, R. Johnson, M. Jacobsen, V. Jacobson, M. King, and R. Hunt 3rd Row: D. Hvam, Mitch Johnson, R. Kinnamon, H. Kelm, K. Johnson, M. Johnson 4th Row: S. Jones, D. Johnson, T. Jensen, G. Keebaugh, D. Juve Mr. Mitchell 1st Row: M. Mathison, R. Mcleish, K. Knickmeier, R. Lawnicki, S. Knox, C. Maerz 2nd Row: K. Lunde, S. Knudtson, M. Martinson, M. Lewis, L. Mandley, M. Lovicott, D. Larsen 3rd Row: M. May, B. McKichan, S. Midthun, J. Lin-nerud, M. Mattison, D. Lazotte, and D. Lauretic 4th Row: R. Knight, H. Lathrop, D. Kober, R. Lien, J. Marsh, R. Lippitt, M. McCulloch, R. Lock Mr. K. Lawrence 1st row: D. Osterberg, K. Miller, S, Otteson, B. Natvig, J. Norland, S. Parish 2nd row: C. O’Connell, K. Nelson, T. Miller, M. Nor-mington, L. Millar, R. Onsrud, N. Olson 3rd row: T. Misgen, S. Moen, S. Obrecht, G. Murphy, M. Orcutt, EL Paris 4th row: D. Olson, S. Paschkewitz, G. Pauli, D. Nygaard, W. MyrlandMr. MacKenzie 1st row: R. Roslak, G. Prochnow, K. Richmond, C. Rigdon. D. Ramsden, D. Presby 2nd row: C. Peterson, V. Rakow. M. Roneid, L. Ramsden, S. Quam, J. Rasmussen and S. Reimann 3rd row: M. Pfundheller, D. Roe, C. Reiser, S. Peterson, V. Schlepp. N. Schimelfenig, M. Peterson 4th row: C. Rinden, D. Pirkl, G. Quam. D. Roberts, D. Santos, A. Reed, K. Rebo Mr. Shumate row 1: P. Schmudlach, D. Stokstad, D. Sperstad, D. Sissons, K. Skavlen, G. Simonson row 2: B. Stenjem, D. Swenson, S. Swenson, J. Showers, J. Slater, S. Shimniok row 3: D. Stronach, P. Swalheim, S. Stensaas, M. Swenson, K. Shelhamer, and K. Swenson row 4: K. Smithback, D. Squires, K. Stelzer, B. Skinner, J. Sundby, T. Shackleton Mr. Venske row 1: M. Thompson, D. Thede, W. Wright. J. Tracy, M. Thompson, D. Watson Row 2: S. Wiedner, S. Teigen, L. Vandrell, V. Thompson, J. Vale, A. Vike, D. Thompson Row 3: L. Wersland, D. Wood, R. Ursino, N. Vike, P. Umhoefer, W. Waite, K. Tolley Row 4: J. Taylor, P. Tyler, S. Toepfer, H. Vetter, D. Vike, G. Thompson Class Of '73Sophomore Class Homerooms and Officers Sophomore Class Officers From left to right: the student administration for the class of ’74 -Bill Amundson, Vice Pres.; Gail Heinemann, Pres.; Sue McDermott, Treas.; and Jeanne Larson, Secretary. Mr. Hotter 1st row: D. Bitter, J. Arneson, D. Austin, L. Benson, A. Beckwith, J. Bailey 2nd row: S. Bersing, D. Anderson, K. Aaberg, K. Aaberg, C. Armstrong 3rd row: M. Andersen, J. Amundson, N. Allen, D. Barber, B. Barry 4th row: G. Arthur, D. Anderson, B. Benjamin, P. BaldwinMiss Reek 1st row: D. Furseth, C. Gallwitz, L. Eifert, D. Gallagher, B. Engels, R. Elsing 2nd row: J. Favreau, D. Eugster, J. Frohne, D. Engsberg, E. Elsing 3rd row: J. Fuller, G. Erickson, B. Forrer, B. Farrey, T. Erickson 4th row: G. Fritch, D. Evans, D. Foss. K. Felio T. Lawrence Row 1: D. Gunsolus, L. Hanson, J. Hoffland, A. Holtan, S. Guetzke, L. Gardner Row 2: C. Hickcox, C. Hanson, M. Ganshert, D, Hessel, M. Helley Row 3: M. Grefsheim, J. Harris, G. Heinemann, S. Holcomb, K. Hoel, S. Holtan Row 4: J. Halverson, T. Gilbert, C. Hensel, J. Hanson, T. Holtan, S. Holman Class Of '74 Mr. Fortney 1st row: M. Bolland, D. Coleman, K. Donnelly, C. Dahl, B. Durrant, P. Daffner 2nd row: R. Coker, E. Christianson, R. Dickson, R. Breyman, S. Christiansen, B. Daemmrich, T. Christianson 3rd row: N. Dybevik, R. DeGroot, J. Dallmann, L. Campbell, K. Cable, K. Crisman 4th row: J. Drogsvold, J. Brietzman, R. Comstock, D. Blegen, C. Clawson, P. CoonClass Of '74 Mr. I,ee Row 1: T. Everson, V. Johnson, L. Johnson, B. Jackson, D. Kennedy, K. Horner Row 2: D. Jerdee, S. Hougan, T. Kahl. K. Johnson, J. Hougan Row 3: D. Jenson, L. Johnson, L. Jacobson, M. Ingles, E. Johnson Row 4: C. Hougan, T. Johnson, I). Julseth, C. Hull, L. Johnson Mrs. Rutcosky Row 1: N. Marsh, J. Lepine, M. Kopke, K. Koehler, S. Linderud, B. Lawrence Row 2: J. Layton, M. May, G.’ Lane, S. Landsverk, K. Manthe, S. Larson Row 3: S. Kvalheim, T. Knipfer, S. Kober, L. Mayberry, G. Klepinger, J. Larson Row 4: K. Larsen, M. Lunde, D. Kojo. A. Long, J. Matson Mr. Fuller Row 1: J. Pundt, H. Mikkelson, J. Nettum, P. Olson, E. Peterson, G. Peth Row 2: C. Parizo, V. Olson, D. Nettum, S. McDermott, K. Peterson Row 3: M. Owen, C. Nachtigal, B. Oncken, R. Plank, L. Melaas, P. Moore Row 4: J. Popanz, D. McKichan, J. Morgan, D. Nelson, J. OnsrudClass Of '74 Mrs. Ronca Row 1: B. Rogers, J. Rinden, L. Richmond, D. Schumann Row 2: M. Singkofer, D. Seamonson, S. Rindahl, M. Showers, D. Ree Row 3: J. Richards, D. Seamonson, B. Santos, E. Ross, B. Sawle Mr. Smith Row' 1: P. Strong, L. Soward, M. Umhoefer, S. Utermark Row 2: K. Swenson, J. Trieloff, L. Swingen, D. Swenson, E. Toso Row 3: D. Sornson, J. Sphatt, S. Tyler, J. Strandlie, J. Smet, M. Sproul Mrs. Slinde Row 1: S. Wisersky, T. Vike, P Yapp, R. Wilberg, D. Wethal Row 2: S. Wethal, C. Vike, S. Woods, L. Vetter, L. Williford, H. Vingum Row 3: B. Wendt. C. Wood, G. Woods, R. Williams, B. Zeimet, J. WestFEATURESHomecoming 1971 At 7p.m. Thursday, October 6,1971, the Homecoming Parade began. It was started with the floats. Seniors took first place with a theme of “Looks Like We’ll Dunk’em Don’it!” The second place title went to the Juniors with “We’ll Hold Down The Fort!” And with third place going to the Sophomores with the theme of “We’ll Ride ’em Off The Field! ” The 1971 Homecoming Royalty was headed by our King Joe Spangler and Queen Pam Natvig. Their court consisted of Joyce Malinowski escorted by Benjamin Gunderson, Jayne Nelson escorted by Peter Norgaren, Karen Couch escorted by David Beck, Marsha Foss escorted by Kevin Bullock, and Meg Favreau escorted by our A.F.S. student Ernest Steiner. With the exception of the cold weather, our Vikings managed to put up a good effort even though they were unable to pull through with a victory as they lost to Fort 8-28. The theme for the Saturday night Homecoming dance was “Theme From an Imaginery Western.” The dance began at 9 p.m. with Grand March at 10 p.m. when Queen Pam was crowned. Our 1971 Homecoming proved to be a memorable time for everyone. Sophmore Float Julie Gjermo escorted by Dale Vjke Debbie Klitzke escorted by Steve Peterson Debbie Hvam escorted by Dan Stockstad Melinda Lewis escorted by Dan Davis queen Jill Culham and king Bill Skinner.F acuityPrincipal Mr. Martin Superintendent of Schools Mr. Fricke Assistant Principal Mr. Harried A Guidance Counselor Mr. Halverson Competent Administration Equals A Superior Education Guidance Counselor Mr. Steckbauer Secretary to Principal Shirley Slinde High School Secretary Mrs. Karlslyst‘No, No, No, thats not right Mr. Fuller Did you say a snow day Mrs. Carpenter Happiness is Mr. Smillie ‘Ask me later! Mrs. Mathiot ‘Very nicely said! Mrs. Droster “Wait until you see your grade. Mr. Roloff Hmmm How’s this pose Bob? Mrs. Gregorich ‘You wrofce what? Mr. Fortney Chemistry is fun, for me. Mr. Gregorich Work and “Play” do mix. Mr. Shumate ‘Start the bubble machine Mr. Gohlke Let the party begin Mrs. YVedeward ‘Herstory” before History Mrs. Slinde ‘Now you know 14-1 isn’t 3. Mr. Venske“I wish I was Shakespeare1' Mr. Berken Not bad for an amature Mrs. Hansen Librarian “That’s my self portrait?” Mrs. Ronca Yul Brynner was good at his work. too. Mr. Smith “Ya, fine with me!” Mr. Zenner “Get ready, get set, type.” Mrs. Brewster Mrs. Pauli Librarian “Mr O’Brien what big eyes you have.” Mr. O’Brien “State” has done wonders for this man Mr. “I feel math and athletes coincide.’ Mr. Koenig ‘Well it finally happened.” Mrs. Rutcosky ■■■■I “How many typing errors?' Mrs. Barry Pucker up! Mr. Meyer “Yes that assignments do tomorrow” Mr. Wilde“And that’s the way it is” Mr. T. tawrence “Alright, who’s making all the noise?” Mr. Gibbon “Come on you guys, try!” Mr. Hotter “And the beat goes on.” Mr. Baltzer “What would I do without my white towel?” Mr. Marshall “Will this class settle down - or else!” Mr. K. Lawrence “Someday, when I work for the New York Times.” Mr. McKenzie “Smile Mrs. Norem Teacher not pictured Mrs. KinzleySJUimrorm I, GARY ANDERSON, will Don Hanson to Diana Osterberg and mv fonthnii i,_, , . .. „ DERSON. will Stoughton High School to any future married student who can talc if i i imVa ’ J.HDY AN‘ face a pair of corrective glasses, and Vicki Olsen a book on how to be a woman I pun tp penguin half of Peabody and my car. WOman 1 PHILIP ANDERSON, will Pat Hoff my I. MIKE BACKUS, will my position at the A W to Garry L. Hanson I aiipn davtom , ?riiVipfeSirity'1 MITCH BARRY’ Wi“ 00,1 JUVC and T°m JCnSen MikC’S gUmea hens™M BATeTw S sK h DEB BAUM will my great attendance record to anyone who wants it. I, DAVID BECK, will Lynn Gardner my driving defensive ability so as not to run over mail boxes that jump out in front of her I JOANN RICKI FV be«er luck in G A.A I, U)UISE BLANDFORD, wiU all my talents to Randi sluJ mTpes SSCs as g od a ior year as I had. ° I, ANDY BOLLAND, wiU Joe Gallowitz my che poster, nookah pipe, and a case of cigarettes I LAURA BORMAN will be glad if I graduate. 1, MAYRE BOTHUM. will Pam Bothum all the good times she canduster becauseiZnk Hook ihem all. I, RANDY BOVRE, will Mr. T. Lawrence my Arctic Cat to have fun on. Decause mink I took them I. DICK BRADLEY, will my VW to anybody that can match my record. I, DOUG BRADLEY will “Cleaver” Swenson all the “Giggle Smoke” he can use before school and at noon. I, STEVE BREYMAN, will all my acting and singing ability to any of Mr Baltzer’s and Mr. Shumate’s students who think they can use it in a play or musical I BARB BROUGHTON will Sneezia (NIG) Swanson cab fare to go out to N 190, and Rich Davis to Lyn Degroot, and a carton of cigarettes to Meg Favreau. I, ANDREW BRANTMEYER, will all my B’s in band to Uncle Roger. I, KEVIN BULLOCK, being of sound mind and body, will one box of Sun Maid raisins to Nancy Harried and an autographed picture of Archie Bunker to Mr. Pieper. I, TIM BURCHARD, will my squeaks in Mountain Music to Woolaf “Clive” Swenson. I, JERRY BUSKAGER, wiU the orange machine to anyone that can handle it. I, AMY JO CABLE, will the school weights to my brother to help him make his bod more beautiful than it already is. Also the school map so that he won’t get lost after I leave. I, JANICE CARR, will my fake I.D. to anyone who looks like me. I, GARY CHRISTENSEN, wiU Barb Bronte all the fish in Charlie’s pond. I, VIC CORNELL, will a cold (Pabst) beer to all my friends. I, KAREN COUCH, will my good luck with Miss Reek and with the wrestlers to Janice LePine. Also a jar of vaseline to Lynn Gardner. I, SUE CREWS, wiU “Eleanor” to Denise Gene and Debra Gwen who reaUy need it. Also the song “Country Roads" and all the memories that go with it to Sneez. I, MIKE CRISMAN, will nothing. I, BOB DAEMMRICH, will two and a half sheets of graph paper to Pryor T. Smith, Jr. and a pair of shoulder pads to Jack Sphatt. I, LYNNETTE C. DAHL, wUl to Lynn Mandly and Dale Thede all the luck I have with the guys from out of town, and hope that they will use it as wisely as I did. I, ROBIN DANKS, will my brain and knowledge to Mack, so he can follow in my footsteps. I, PEGGE DEEGAN, will my wild Friday nights to anyone who can handle them. I, STEVE DICKSON, will the Summer of 1971 to Dale Ann Thede and Kathy Hanson some new dance steps, Sue Berg my 5th hour Social Novels Class, and Lynn Mandly the price of peanuts in January. I, SUE DIETZMAN, will Chipper a bag of hickory nuts. I, PAT DOUGALL, will Chipper some luck in finding the right mate. I, JERRY DRAPER, will all my knowledge and brains to Mr. Meyer and my tonsils to Mr. Baltzer. I, SUSAN E. EDISON, will Constance Couch, Mary Jo May, and Mary Lou Mathison one standing ovation under the lights. I. MADELYN ELLINGSON, will my walking shoes and Main St. to Debbie Arneson. I, MARILYN ELLINGSON, will our table in the lunchroom to Sue Wethal. I, NEAL ELSING, will my books to the next unfortunate person who has to use them. Good Luck! I, DOROTHY ENGSBERG, will any student of SHS the right to call Mr. Harried “Worm”. I, PENNY E1FERT, did. I. RANDY ERICKSON, will Hollywood Boulevard to Hal Vingum and my sex appeal to Spooky.1 .NANCY EVENSON, will not let my three years at Stoughton Sr. High effect me in any way, any way, anyway. I, DAVID EVE RETT, will all my skill in football to the coaches, Mr. Hotter and Mr. Swenson, and assistant coaches. I, MEG FAVREAU, will my life to Robert Michael Veek and I hope that some day-society will understand him. I. WARREN FINDER, will my dancing shoes and Miss Reek to anyone who wants them. I, MARSHA FOSS, will Mary Lou Mathison a new umbrella to replace the one that got totaled. I, SHAN FULLER, will all my Knights to Holly e m, an my speeding tickets to my brother, Jeff (Kink). I, GARY FURSETH, will Mr. Marshall to Greg Quam and hope he has lots of fun, working for “Buck”.mss ofT2 I, SUE GARDNER, will Lynn Gardner a bottle of sleeping palls or a box of kleenex. I, KEVIN GASSEN, will my pool cue to anyone who can beat Tim Burchard in three games of nine ball. I, BECKY GREFSHE1M, will Linda Wake and myself all the memories of the June 20, 1970 dance at St. Ann’s when Tongue played (remember Jeff Gary). I, BEN GUNDERSON, will my genius mind that is full of ideas, which puts me on the High Honor Roll, to Julie Gjermo. I, DEB GUNNELSON, will only if the devil makes me do it. I, MICHAEL SCOTT HAGEN, will my Sears amplifier to Howard Seibert, and my hickeys to the American Red Cross Blood Bank. I, MARK HALVERSON, will Scott Stensaas all the money I used to have for all my study halls. I, SUE HALVERSON, will pick Dave’s apples if it’s the last thing I do. I, GARY WAYNE HANSEN, will my police records to John Hanson. 1, DON HANSON, will be mean, rotten, and nasty to everybody except two people, me and her. I, GARY A. HANSON, will my great drawing ability to Dale Julseth in hopes that he might be almost as good as I am. I, KAY HANSON, will Charley Chan and Red Buttons to any junior dumb enough to understand them. I, TOM HANSON, will my good shooting to Steve Herbeck. He needs it! I, STEVE HARIED, will my Rally Nova and my chick to anyone that can handle both. I, SANDRA HARMS, will my talents to Cindy O’Connell. I, PAT HARRIS, will all my bruises from printing to John Deneen and my chair to Norman Vike. I, BILL HASZ, will Mr. Hotter a six-pack, a railroad spike and a one way ticket to a Green Bay Packers football camp. I, CURT HEINEMANN, will Dennis Schumann one big blue Pontiac and I’ll throw in the beak. I, BOB HEINZROTH, will my good luck to Johnnie Johnson because he needs it. I, STEVE HERBECK, will Melinda Lewis my ability to stay out of trouble. She needs it! I, KATHRYN HESSE, will my gym bloomers to Marcella Duerst. I, ELLIOTT HESSEL, will Ole Harried all the roaches on the back parking lot. I, MARY HOEL, will Becky Grefsheim to D.S. who lives in Evansville. I, JACKIE HOFFMAN, will my height to Kris Nelson, the extra half-inch could really come in handy. I, CONNIE HOUGAN , will a most inspiring (?) high school experience to the future students of the Hougan family (all nine of them). I, JIM HOUGAN will Dale Vike a pair of fakey, black squeal marks. I, PEGGY HUBRED, will all the bad cats in the world to Sharon Weidner (mouse). I, DAN HUDKINS, will everything I own (two whistles and a jockstrap) to Margie Thompson. I STEVE HUNT, will all my mechanical ability to Mr. O’Brien in his following year of teaching at Utica Long Branch School for teachers who get parking tickets. I, BRUCE A. JACOBSEN, will my classmates my essay writing ability to somebody who wants to get an “A” in any of T.G.L.’s classes. I, MARK JACKSON, will my three gold medals to Evan Christianson and my job to Steve Bersing. I, MIKE JEDLICKA, will my place in this school of wronged knowledge for a broken society in the hope that it can be changed. I ANN JENKS, will Nancy Schimelfenig the “golfers” and the Cottage Grove beer tent. I, LAVON JENSEN, will my seat in Horse Science to Cindy Bakken. I, DEB JOHNSON, will all the joys and frustrations of being a Senior to the Junior Class of “73”. I, DALE JOHNSON, will my track shoes to Pat Matzdorf. I, NANCY JOHNSON, will JoAnn Rinden to anyone who wants her. I, PATRICIA JO JOHNSON, will my front bumper to Vickie Rakow if she can get it off. I, PHYL JOHNSON, will Judie one sad walk up a hill to Boozers Point like we did so long ago, remembering all the things that were once done there and all the people who shared it with us. I, DUANE JUVE, will my ability to physically get to 7 o’clock class to anyone who wants it. I, KATHY KARLSLYST, will all my “high times” at school to Darece Presby and Deb Ramsden. I, BARB KENNEDY, will Dennis Larsen my dirty face. I, JOAN KING, will my philosophical ideas to Marilyn Haskell. I, JOHN KINNAMON, will all my cigarette butts to Mr. Peiper. I, BILL KIRBY, will my car to Sherry in hopes that I can go with it. I. JIM KIRBY, will to Craig Gyland my super fantastic Norjenson Amp, and to Sally Larson a battered rendition of “Wallpaper.” I, REX KLUEVER, will T.G.L. iny snowmobile in hopes that he will get plenty of use out of it. I, KENT KLONGLAND, will the red lights and the broken record player in the paddle ball court to Cyd Fritch and Debbie Thompson. I, TERRY KNOX, (upon my leaving) will my magnificent 160 cc Honda Chopper to Mike Hoff and may he have as much trouble with it as I did. I, KEN KOEHLER, will my playing of goalie in hockey to Ken Cable. I, STEVE KUHLMAN, will all my bad problems to all the unlucky kids coming up in the future classes. I, KATHY KVALHEIM, will Chris Peterson a world of smiles to go with her pillow. I, JANE LACY, will Casey Reiser 180 smiles so she will be cheerful every day next year and to “Charmin’’ any girl who is willing to compete with his snowmobile. I, BURT LADD, will Bob Engles and Bob Bates one case of Colt 45 Malt Liquor and more rides to Madison in my fast race car. I, SUE LARSON, will all the good times I had out to the farm to Bob Bates. I, FRED LAUNDRIE, will my social and financial success to Ricky Lynn Fuller, whom I patterned my life after.I, KATHY LAUSCH, will my Thursday G.A.A. nites to Mary Christenson. I, ERIC LEGREID, will Connie Couch and Theresa Iverson the best time of their lives. I, PATRICIA LEMONDS, will my tickets, all my brains, and my party ability to Jeff Fuller, and also my driving ability to Sharon (Mouse) Weidner and Wanda Wright. I, STEVE LINDERUD, will my card playing ability to Mr. Brad C. Natvig. I, FRED LINK, will the orange machine to anyone that can handle it. I, SHERYL LINNERUD, will myself to Ray Anderson and my Arctic Cat snowmobile to Janice LePine in hopes that some day she will check the emergency switch when she can’t get it to start. I, VICKY LINNERUD, will myself to Tony Beck, and hope we can keep it up. I, SHARON LOCK, will all the Girl Scouts from the Milwaukee area to my brother Rick, who seems to be able to “handle” them with care, and to Laurie Silbaugh in hopes that she’ll get better in her “matchmaking.” I, RICK MABIE, will my teeth to Quin Anderson and my Bod to Jane Slater. I, LEON MAERZ, will one case of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill to Hal Vingum. I, JOYCE MALINOWSKI, will Stoughton High School to the great country of Poland for the pleasure of revenge. I, DON MARSH, will my hair to Quin Anderson. I, JEFF MARTIN, will Ruth Holzhuter Miss Reek and Mr. Baltzer, in that order, in the hopes of a great senior year. I, STACEY MARTIN, will my research writing talents to Dan Furseth. I, JEANNE MARTINSON, will Anne Douglas (Chipper) a years supply of acorns. I, MARILYN LEE MASTERENKO, will if I can hack it. I, JANE MATSON, will not come back. I, JULIE MCCARTHY, will Stoughton Senior High School, in hopes that they will make better use of it than I did, to anyone who wants it. I, BILL MC MAHON, will my 1928 Ford Model A to the Ford Museum. I, BRENDA MEISEL, will Karen Ann Johnson to have my work books and my classes. I, BOB MEYER, will my Old’s to the Auto Mechanic’s Class. I, JEAN MEYER, will my seat on the bus to anyone who wants it. I, TIM MICHAELIS, will Sheila Hoff the back seat of my car. I, BORGHILD M IK KELSON, will Norman Vike, Marlene Normington and Cindy O’Connell my judo ability, and Jane Slater the snack machines in study hall. I, STEVE MOE, will the front bumper of my “Mustang” to Dale (Blackjack) Vike so his mustang can look as tough as mine. I, KAREN MOEN, will a ticket stub, an apple, and section 3 at the races to Sielly Dyreson. I, HARVEY MONSON, will Vicki Jacobson new dancing shoes to keep on her toes. I, DALE MULDER, will Dennis Schumann a dozen eggs in hopes that he will put them to good use. I, PAM NATVIG, will Karen Johnson the ability to destroy the attitude that all blondes are dumb. You can do it, Karen! I, CAROL NELSON, will my incredible self control to Vaughn Schlepp, memories to Tim Baltzer, and the rest of the orchestra I will just leave. I, DONNA NELSON, will Mrs. Rutcosky a dozen men’s handkerchiefs for her own personal use. I, LARRY NELSON, will my power on the mat to Brad Natvig, who really needs it. I, RICK NELSON, will Bill Haze fifty-five dollars and a free interrogation by Dan August on any Friday night. I, RONNIE NELSON, will Mr. Martin Jim Lange’s T V. show and his glasses. I, SCOTT N. NELSON, will not will. I, SUE NELSON, will my older black “Ford” to Marilyn Hughes. I, WHITEY NELSON, will my incredible singing voice to Brad Natvig. I, DIANNE NETTUM, will all my brilliant textbooks to Lynn Hanson, Linda Melaas, and Deb Nettum in the knowledge that they will diligently tackle them. I, NANCY NETTUM, will Big Al’s great basketball ability to Dave Stronack and Greg Quam so they can be stars for “Buck” Marshall. I, NANCY NIELSON, will myself to Mark Martin, my great personality to “Annie” Douglas, and my height to Kai Smith back. WE, PETE NORGAREN AND JAYNE NELSON, will Brad Natvig and Sandy Bersing anything they want, because we’ve got it. I, PHILLIP NORMINGTON will a snowmobile to Mr. T. Lawrence. I, CHARLOTTE O’CONNELL, will Anthropology class to Char Anderson and Lyn DeGroot. I, SUE OLSON, will Jan Tracey a bathtub to spend all her spare time in and Mary Lou Mathison tears of joy. I, ROBIN OFFERDAHL, will Greg Quam a door to sit on. I, DOUG OLSON, will my rifle to Chucky Martin in hope that he would shoot himself. “Right on Chuck”. I, MIKE OLSON, will a tablet of Alka-Seltzer to anyone eating hot lunch barbecues. I, RITCHIE OLSON, will my T-Square to Dale Joseph. I, ROXIE OSLAND, will myself to Tom Hanson. I, DENNIS PARISH, will fifth hour chorus to any fool who can handle it. I, SALLY PETERSON, will my little blue car to Lanny, because he gives it so much tender, loving, care and the back middle seat to Howard. I, PETER QUAM, will my light knowledge to Gus Peth. I, LISA RAASCH, will Jon Hanson a quart of apple wine from the Sha-na-na guy and Ron Lien my Buick in hopes he gets it to blow up in his face again. I, DAN RAMSDEN, will myself to Mary Johnson. I, LEO RAUSCH, will Craig Gyland my bartending ability and my left foot toe jam to Lan Johnson. I, DELORES REE, will V.C., L.A., J.C., S.C., D.E., K.L., J.B., R., S., and J.T., a glass of milk. I, CATHY RIGDON, will Dave Stronach to Kristi Skavlen, my fantastic measurements to Lois Williford, and all the “breath-taking” times at Skaalen to Sally Carpenter. I, BARB RINDT, will myself to Leonard Monsees and a lot of good times to come to Brad and Sandy. I, CONNIE JEAN ROBERTS, will all my books to Vickie Rakow, my gym clothes to Miss Reek, and all my art work to Mrs. Ronca. I, ROSEMARY ROIDT, will John and his buddies the run of the sophomore hall.I, PAT RONEID, will the greasers a bottle of Vitalis and the Seniors next year loads of fun in this school because we’ll be out! I, MARY ROSENBAUM, will my best friend, J.C. to all up-coming classes in the hope they will love him too. To Gail and Kelly Ileave Arthur Murray dance lessons. I, JEFF ROSS, will one hundred thousand dollars to anyone who wants it, provided they collect it in the year 2084.1, LINDA KAY ROWE, will myself to Thomas William Hamilton III and all my car thrills to Kristi Nelson in hopes that she doesn’t smack up. 1, LINDA RUCKS, will Marian Martinson a superman cape in hope that someday she will learn to fly. I, LINDA RUTLIN, will Jeff “Moony” Taylor a free taxi cab ride, because sometimes it seems like he has trouble getting home on those Friday nights. I, NANCY RYNES, will not will anything to anybody. I, MARY SCHIMELFENIG, will someday. I, DAVE SCHMIDT, will all my old car parts to Norman Vike. I, JANE SCHULTZ, will Kelly Crisman my Monday nights at Fosdal’s and a free copy of “Reach Out.” I, STEVE SCHUR, will leave nothing. I, DAN SEAMONSON, will my Ora abilities to anyone that can handle them. I, STEVE SHARP, will Chris Lunde a little more luck with the Jackson’s the next time around, and I won’t will anything to Chris Peterson, because she already has it all. I, PAT SHOWERS, will Sue Linnerud my biggest problem; my brother, Mike and to Cheryl Finder I will a better Senior year than she had in her sophomore year with P.T. I, GAIL SIGURSLID, will Mary a cousin to replace the one I took. Also I will my bus rides with Dave to Karen. I, GARY SILBAUGH, will Dick Hunt my ability to stay thin. I, MARK SINGKOFER, will my stash to anyone who wants it. I, JEFF SKIDMORE, will if I can get away with it. I, JUDY SLATER, will Marlene Normington and Nancy Anderson the Oregon Race Track along with the Oregon boys. I, SUE SMITH, will my diploma to Kris or anyone who is in need of it. I, GARY SMITHBACK, will Terry Misgen my best rubber nose, cause I think we’re all Bozo’s on this bus. I, JASON SORENSON, will Mr. Martin the sliver-proof benches on the side of the school, to help improve his personality. I, FRED SOWARD, will absolutely nothing to anybody, because I’m an old Scrooge. I, LYNN SQUIRE, will to that sweet, uninnocent guy Mark Christianson a new auto air conditioner and to Kay Hanson and Donna Nelson a Turkey Farm for rest and relaxation I, JOE SPANGLER, will my entire kingdom to Dale Vike. I, ERNIE STACY, will the Stoughton Senior High to the good will. I, ERNST STEINER, being of questionable mind, will leave Kent Klongland the sheets of scratch paper I used in my Senior year. I. RUTH ANN STENJEM, will Bonnie Stenjem and Kathy Koehler good luck in their remaining years at SHS. I, MARY SUNDBY, will Paul Umhoefer my old violin and to “Twinkletoes” Larsen I leave my old holey shoes. I, PHIL SVEUM, will a slimy, greasy, sticky, gooky, crummy, icky, smelly, slippery, reeking, drippy, and gummy piece of pizza from Bob Bonnie’s to Bob Engles. I, BOB SWALHEIM, will Dennis Schumman one dozen eggs, knowing he will put them to good use, also an Arctic Cat. I, VAL THOMAS, being of questionable mind will nothing as I need all I have. I, GAIL THOMPSON, will the good times we had at school to anyone that is really bored to death. I, JUDY THORSON, will nothing to Dave Johnson because he has everything already—and that’s me. I, SCOTT TOLLEY, will my superior knowledge of chess to Mark Davis, he needs it. I, MAGGIE TOSO, will my year at Stoughton to Eric, to Donnie all our hunting trips and to Seamo, a ski lesson. I, WAYNE TROW, will all of my basketball knowledge to “Bucky.” I, JANET URISH, will the Dart to “the kids” if they think they can handle it. I, DEB UTERMARK, will Mary Lou Mathison one hundred new and used movie reviews, a microphone for her concerts at the beach, and one dime to Garry Hanson. I, CINDY VAN GILDER, will the whole confused world to anyone who wants it, especially to Worm and Mouse. I, VICKI VEDVIG, will all the good times I had with Mark Jackson to Kris Lunde! (not really Jon) I still love ya! I, GREG VLASAK, will my great volley ball ability to Steve Sankbeil. I, LINDA WAKE, will Becky Grefsheim the ability to change people and Gary Hansen enough sense to know he needs it. I, PHIL WALL, will my invaluable study habits to any under-classman in search of a good time. I, DALE WEDOE, will high times to Laverne Pieper. I, JON WEIDNER, will my snowmobile to Mr. T. Lawrence and myself to Vickie. I, SHARON WHITE, will Scott Stensaas, “Suzy S.”, and a number one pencil to anyone in Mrs. Slinde’s history class. I, GENE WHITFORD, will do it if you don’t. I, JUDIE WICKLINE, will Phyl one death ride in blue boy and a future bar stool at the “Pub”. I, CAROL WIKUM, will a long overdue WSEB, my library card, and elevator shoes to Chris Peterson. I, DICK WILBERG, will all those fun Saturday nights at Norse Chalet and one turkeyburger to Bill Skinner. I, ROGER WILLIAMS, will if you don’t tell. I, NICKI WOLF, will my second year shorthand book to Debbie Ameson. I, BRUCE WOOD, will my card playing ability to whoever can handle it. I, CAROLYN WOOD, will all my fond heart throbs to Kaia Smithback and Vickie Thompson. I, SHEILA WOODHOUSE, will my dirty gym socks to Sheila Landsverk. I, DEB WOODS, will my ability to walk a straight line down the hall, after noon hour, to Deb. Ramsden. I, LARRY WOODS, will Rose; Bob Coker, Dave Fuller, and Mark Sproul, who think they are big enough to talk back to her. I, ROCKY WYRICK, will Terrie Miller fifteen hours of sleep without detention in Mr. K. Lawrence’s Social Novel Class. I, ZELDA, will try it, but I won’t get away with it.AFS American Family Receiving a Norwegian welcome to Stoughton this year was Ernst Steiner, who made his home with the Owen Klongland family. The Austrian youth is pictured here with his American “parents” and two of his three “brothers”, Kent, left, and Scott, right. Another brother, Tim, was not present for the photo. Inset are pictured Steiner and Kent Klongland who were seniors at Stoughton high school this year.

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