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•••3 V » WjR r V «?M mm w, ! s C£!5 : j . ' ii fA. A w 1971 YAHARA We, the 1971 yearbook editors, feel that an annual is more than a book full of pictures, It s the memories of one of the happiest years of our lives. It’s a time never to be forgotten. We hope that when you look back, you remember the good times and the friends you left behind. But remember this is also a book of the future and what is to be. Like all things of the past it will be put away — but not forgotten for “We’ve Only Just Begun.” Now is also a time when we must thank many people. A special thanks goes to Mr. Steven Fortney, Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Miedema, Jr., Miss Georgia Wagaman, Mr. Art Wendt, Mr. Ken Skidmore, Bob Daemmrich - and all of the other people at the Courier-Hub who have cheerfully assisted us in producing the Yahara.DEDICATION As members of the 1971 graduating class of Stougncon High School, we are indeed proud to dedicate our Yahara to a fine teacher - a man who sets a wonderful example of what a professional teacher should be. He always takes an honest interest in each of the students - whether or not he had us in one of his classes. He has also tried to help any of us who might have some problems out of school. Mr. Pieper is always willing to help - and he always finds the time - unlike so many in our society who don't have the time, or don't want to get ''Involved." For these reasons - and many others - we are proud to dedicate this Yahara to a teacher and a true friend - Mr. La Verne Pieper.How can we thank someone who has given so much devotion to the Stoughton Public Schools for sixteen years. . . a person who continued to give us the best education possible. He had a different stand toward the student body, he thought of us as young adults. This man not only served the school but was interested and active in many community events. A person who was loved and respected by the community. We can never forget this wonderful man, Obed I. Norem.'71 Presents.. The Class Of I attract flies and men. I am not a little girl, Pm a songbird! Pm just a little farm girl. Horses and men drive me crazy. Know what I like? Glue!!! I really do try to be Goodie. Smile and the teacher will wonder I think I need a tonette. Mother didn't even need to tell me what you've been up to. to wash behind my earsClass Of 1971 Class Motto The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for! John Jeffrey Eugster "Hush, be still; I’m about to speak.” President-4; AFS-2,3, 4; Treas.-3,4; Ski Club -2,3,4; Association-2,3; Wrestling-3. David L. Foss "It's not that Pm not hungry, it’s just that I lost my lunch ticket in the card game.” Vice-President-2,4; Chess Club-2; Snowmobile Club-4. Class Flower White Rose Class Song Once a queen always a queen. Secretary-3,4; Student Council-2; Philo-3,4; AFS-3,4; .Association-2,4; Ski Club-2,3 ;G. A.A. -2,3,4; Viking Band-2, 3,4; Pap Band-2,3,4; Dance Band-2,3,4;Prom Queen-3. We've Only Just Begun Kathleen Bullock Just like her Chevy engine, she never misses. Treasurer-3,4; AFS-4; Sec.-4; Ski Club-4; As-sociation-2-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Philo-4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band,4; Yahara-4; Class Editor -4; Musical-3,4.Gary James Aaberg He has a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade and a hand to I execute mischief. FFA-2,3; Car Club-2. Thomas Micheal Adler “Who says that I don’t know anything about Cooksville?” FFA-2,3,4; Sportsmans Club-2. James William Ahlgrim “I never let my car get too far out of control.” A’Cappella-3,4; Baseball-2,3; Sportsmans Club-2. R. Glenn Allen “I dream of being a pro football player.” A’Cappella-4; Folk-singers-4; Sportsmans Club-2; Track-3; Football-2,3,4. Dale Edwin Alme “Tliey don’t call me King of the tractor pulls for nothing.” FFA-2,3,4; Reporter-2, FFA-2,3,4 Reporter-2,3 Secretary-4; Agriculture Club-2; Intra-murals-2,3. William Roger Amundson “OK! OK! so Pll go, but I won’t dance.” AFS-4; Ski Club-2,3,4; Association-3; Student Council - 2; Archery Club-2; Prom King-3; Yahara-4-Cover-4. Andrea Frances Anderson “Don’t let my name fool you - some girls are sometimes more complex than you think.” Ski Club-4; Association -3; MFA-4-Treas.-4; G.A.A.-4; Spanish Club -4; Archery Club-2; GFW-4. Bruce W. Anderson II He’s a little backwards about coming forward. Ski Club-2,3,4; FFA-2; Viking Band-2,3.Jerry A. Anderson “There’s one advantage to being short, you don’t have as far to go to hit the ground.” FFA-2,3,4; Agriculture Club-2; Wrestling-2. Marlene Audrey Anderson “It’s better to fall a-sleep in class than to waste a perfectly good night.” Ski Club-3,4; Association-2,3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; MFA-4; Folksingers-3, 4-Mascot-4. Mark William Arneson “I learned all my ways from a little quiet person - my sister.” F F A -3,4; Sportsmans Club-2. Nancy Terese Arneson We hear the wind, we see a flash; there goes Nanc - late for class. FHA-2; G.A.A.-4. Deborah Kay Arnold A real blonde right down to the roots. FHA.-2; G.A.A.-2. Bonny Marie Backus “Sometimes I get the strangest feeling I’ve got a split personality.” Ski Club-4; Association -3; G.A.A.-4; Spanish Club-4; Camera Club-2; GFW-4. James M. Backus Many are called; but few get up. Ski Club-2,4; “S” Club -3,4; Basketball-2, 3; Golf-2,3,4. Penny Mary Backus “Ya know Bon - I’ve got that same kind of feeling.” Ski Club-4; Association -3; G.A.A.-4; Phllo-4; Spanish Club-4; Camera Club-2, GFW-4.Nancy Jean Barber No need to change from one day to the next. Camera Club-2; G.A.A. -2,3. Barbara Lynn Barnett School is just like bread - it's a four year loaf. Student Council-3,4; Parrot-3; MFA-4; GFW -4; FTA-4; Red Cross-3,4; Archery Club-2; Pep Club-4. Cynthia Ann Barrett United we stand, divided we correspond. G.A.A.-2,3,4; FTA-2. Karla Joy Baumgartner ‘There are two types of people; servants and men. I like the last kind best.” Ski Club-3,4; Association-2,3; G.A.A.02,3,4; Folksingers - 2,3,4; Vice -President-3. Mark Jeffrey Beaster ”If Pm gonna be here, Pm gonna use up the time.” Class President-2; Ski Club-2,3,4; “S” Club-2,3,4; Spanish Club-3; Musical-4; Archery-2; Football-2; Basketball-2,3; Track-2,3,4; Intra-murals-2,3,4; Sportsmans Club-2. Ardis Lynn Beckwith “Pm not embarrassed, Pm running a high fever.” G.A.A.-2,4; FTA-2; NHV-3; Philo-3,4; Spanish Club-3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band -3,4. Carol Esther Bennett College is a future thought of hers - and then. Association-2,3; G.A.A. -2,3,4; Debate-2; MFA-4; Folksingers-2,3,4. Jeffrey A. Berg ”1 couldn’t be good if I wanted to and I wouldn’t want to.” Ski Club-2; Football-2,3Karen Ann Bersing "Yea, I got the car tonight!" Association - 3,4; Nor-wegian Dancers-4; G. A. A.-2,3,4; Librarians - 2; Homecoming Queen-4, Dale Howard Bruheim One of the greatest labor saving devices is tomorrow. Baseball-2. Cheryl Chamberlain A devil in disguise? Bonnie Lynn Chase She has chased herself here all the way from California. Transfer-3; A’Cappella -3; G.A.A.-4. Mark Orren Christianson "I like a change of lipsticks now and then." "? Club-2,3,4; Football-2,3; Track-2,3,4; Chess Club-2; Intramu-rals-3.Rita Marie Daggett She acts like an angel and looks like one too, but you can never tell what an angel would do. AFS-2,3,4; Ski Club-4; Association 2,3; G.A.A. -2,3,4; MFA-4; Philo-4. Douglas Emil Dahl “Pm as serious as you can get without a prescription.” Association-3; Chess Club-2; Musical-3,4; Dramatics-2,3,4. Paul Michael Dahl He hits the ‘Heights’ in more than one way. AFS-3,4; Ski Club-2,3, 4; Association,3; Norwegian Dancers-4; “S” Club-2,3,4; Student Council-4; Viking Band -2: Football-2,3,4; Track-2,3,4; Basketball -2,3,4-Co-Captain - 3,4; Sportsmans Club-2; Chess Club-2; Musical- Emilia Caterina Covielk) In all her ways, she has become a fond AFS student at SHS. AFS Student-4; AFS-4; Red Cross-4; G.A.A.-4; Philo-4-P u b 1 i c i t y -4; Student Council -4; Homecoming Court-4. Cynthia Ann Culham “Love, love Pve found the source - now I have to decide between who and my horse.” AFS-3; Ski Club-2,3,4; Treas. - 3,4; G. A. A. -2; MFA-4; Philo-4; Student Council-2; Viking Band-2,3; Pep Band-3; Musical-2,3; Yahara-4; Features Editor-4. s. Barbara Joanne Daemmrich Her reasoning would confuse any teacher. Association-2; G.A.A.-2,3; Forensics-2,3, 4; Philo-4; Spanish Club -3-Treasurer-3; Par-rot-3,4-Editorial Editor-4. Wallace William Daffner “Pm just a kickin’ through life.” FFA-2; Association-3; A’Cappella-3,4; Camera Club-2; Musical-4. Timothy S. Davis “I only stay in a class if it sounds good.” Industrial Arts Club-2-Secretary-2.Robert H. Dietzman The FFA is his first love. FFA- 2,3,4; Industrial Arts Club-2. Kristie Kay Elvekrog A girl as friendly as this one, always has a little time for fun. Association-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4-Secretary-2; Li-brarains-2-Treas.-2. Terry L. Eifert “I’m just clowning through life.” DaleC. Ehle Never serious about anything but his school work. Association-2,3; Student Council-4; Viking Band -2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Badger State-3; National Honor Society-3,4; Dramatics-2,4. Stephen W. Eldred "I like malt - chocolate's OK, too!" FFA-2,3,4; Tennis-2,3; Basketball - 2,3; Base-ball-4. What's life without a little mischief? Ski Club-2. Timothy A. Dyreson What is he really doing and thinking about? Bonnie L. Engsberg For every why, she has a wherefore. AFS-2,3; Ski Club-4; FHA-2; A'Cappella-4. Robert H. Ehle “S" Club-3,4; Football -2,3,4; Basketball -3; Golf-2; Badger State-3; National Honor Society -3,4; Sportsmans Club -2.Jane Noreen Erickson "Everyday Is a weekend to me.” G.A.A.-2,3,4; Association-2,3; Viking Band-3,4; AFS-2,3,4. Cynthia L. Everson Her report card is like her Ability. Association-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Phllo-3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Dance Band-2,3, 4; National Honor Society-3,4. Thomas J. Femrite "Do I stay out late at night? Well, do I?” FFA-2,3,4-Tr eas. -3-Vice President-4. Wayne R. Femrite "Yea you guys, I can go out tonight, my school work can wait.” Sportsmans Club-2. Terrence P. Folbrecht . . . And you thought he’s never a devil. AFS-2,3; "S” Club-2, 3,4; A’C appal la-3,4; Folksingers-4; Dramatics-2,3,4; Football-2, 3,4; Wrestling-2,2,4,; Golf-2,3,4; Badger State-3,; National Honor Society-3; Sportsmans Club-2,3. Ronald A. Fankhauser "I came, stayed, and graduated.” FFA-3,4. Kristi M. Fuller "I have a voice, but why wear it out?” Red Cross-2,4. Association-2. Kristin Ferol Furseth "How many days did I miss last week?” G.A,A.-2,3,1; FTA-2,3.Clyde William Gallagher A man with many fine merits. FFA-2-Pres.-2; Athletic Board-2,3,4; “S” Club-2,3,4; Football-2; 3,4; Wrestling-2,3,4. Track-2; Prom Court -3; Homecoming Court -4. Sandra Kay Gassen She’s always nice to have around. FTA-2; A’Cappella-2,3; Task Froce-2; G.A.A. -2,3; Discussion Club-3; NVH-3. Beverly Ann Gilbertson “Don’t worry I’ve improved since Drivers Ed.” Re l Cross-2. Jeffrey L. Gunsolus “I did it because the Devil told me to.” Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Dance Band -2,3,4; Wrestling-2,3; Yahara-4- Organization Editor-4; Prom Court-3. Linda Louise Hale “I finally got a sister.” AFS-3,4; Association-2 G.A.A.-2,3,4; Forensics-4; Philo-3,4-His-torian-4; Student Council-3; Folksingers-4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Dance Band-4-Majorettes-2,3, 4-Head-4. Susan Kay Halverson “Pm positive there’s no peroxide inmysbam-poo.” Ski Club-2; Association -3; G.A.A.-2,3,4. Kevin D. Hanson “While speeding along with my truck one day” “S” Club-2,3; Chess Club-2; Wrestling-2,3, 4; Tennis-3; Prom Court-3. Ross Allen Harms He’s not merely a chip off the old block, but the old block itself. A'Cappella-4; Folk-singers-4; Chess Club -2; Pep Club-4; Dramatics-4.Wayne C. Harvey 4My talent is the kind you only find once in a life time,” Red Cross-4; Association-3; Debate-3,4; "S” Club-4; A’Cappella-4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Dance Band -3,4; Baseball-2,3,4. William Wynter Harvey To flunk is human; to pass divine. Archery Club-2; Snowmobile Club-4; Sports-mans-Club-2; “S’ Club 3,4; Track-2,3,4;Foot-ball-2,3,4; Wrestling-2, 3,4. Olaf Gregory Haugen Nice guy to look up to. “S” Club-3,4; A’Cap-pella-4; Basketball-2,3, 4; Tennis-2,3; Badger State-3; National Honor Society-3,4; Sportsmans Club-2. Bonnie Kay Havey cWho says Brunettes don’t have any fun?” AFS-3; Ski Club-4; Association-2; G. A. A.-4; Philo-3,4; Folksingers -3; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-3. Dennis A. Havey ”You’d worry as much as me, if you knew as little as I do.” FFA-2,3,4; Sportsmans Club-2. Karla Renee Hayter She keeps her mind on one thing. Association-2; G.A.A.-2,3; Debate-3,4; Philo -4; Orchestra-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4. Kim Therese Hergenroether Days sweetest moments are not shared alone. AFS-4; Archery Club-2; Association-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Norwegian Dancer-3,4; Student Coun-cil-3,4 - Secretary-4; Pep Club-4; Prom Court -3; Homecoming Court -4. Barbara Ellen Hiles Once in her mind, there it stays. Association - 2,3,4; G.A.A-4; Philo-3,4; National Honor Society -3,4.Cort R. Hoel Jane Ellen Hillery Here a Jane, there a Jane, everywhere is Jane. G.A.A.-2,3,4,Represen-tative-2-Treas.-3; Li-brarians-2; Philo-3,4; Spanish Club-2,3,4; Student Council-2,3,4-Sec-retary-2 -President-4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Prom Court -3. ‘Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.” Ski Club-2,4; Association-3; Science Club-4; Parrot-3,4 - Editor-in-Chief-4; Student Council-4; National Honor Society-4. John W. Hoffman He’ll never make a pass, without a good receiver. AFS-2,3; Association-2 Norwegian Dancers-2; “S” Club-2,3,4; Snowmobile Club-4; Football -2,3,4;Captain-4; Basketball-2,3,4; Track-2, 3,4; Sportsman’s Club -2,3; Homecoming Court-4. Joan Charolette Holcomb An artist in every sense of the word. Association-2,3; G.A.A. -2,3,4; Philo-3,4; Yah ara -4-Art Drawings-4. David S. Horn UI thought for sure Pd win.” Sportsmans Club-2,3; Intramurals-3,4; Golf-2,3,4; “S” Club-3,4. Joanne Lynn Hougan “Joni, when are you going to get your drivers license?” » Association-2,3; G.A.A. -2,3,4; Philo-3,4-Sec-retary-4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Dance Band-4. Patricia Ann Hougan “Just cause I live in Utica doesn’t mean I don’t know anything.” G.A.A.-4; Philo-4. Brian Lee Hoyer “Studying isn’t the only thing to do during high school, is it Brian?” FFA-2; Track-4.DeAnne Jane Hull She only has one ‘MARK’ of love. Llbrarian-2; G.A.A.-2, 3,4; Association-2; AFS -3; Spanish Club-4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-3. Dean H. Hunt He’s the guy in Levi pants. FFA-2,3,4 - Reporter -4; Wrestling-2. L’Jean Faye Jacobson “A little work a little play ... oh, shucks, let’s just play.” Red Cross-4; G.A.A.-2, 3,4; Philo-3,4; Spanish Club-2,3,4; Student Council -2; National Honor Society-3,4; Spoon-3; Prom Court-3. Cathy Lynn Jerdee Now let me see . . . who can I nurse back to health next? Transfer-3; G. A. A.-4; MFA-4; Philo-4; Spanish Club-3,4; Musical -4. Edward Paul Johnson The car to watch is the car behind the car in front of you. Association-2; A’Cap-pella-4; Viking Band-2, 3,4;Pep Band-3,4;Dance Band-2,3,4; Task Force -2. Randy Allan Johnson “Pm never gonna get married - cause women talk too much.” Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Archery Club -3; Baseball-2,3,4. Robin Lee Johnson A Comedian with a capital C. Football-2; Track-2. Terry Lee Johnson “I was thinking someday I would . . .” G. A. A.-2,4; NHV-3; Philo-4; Science Club -3; Archery-2.Theresa Ann Johnson “It I got paid for sleeping, Pd be a millionaire.” Red Cross - 2,3,4 - Secretary - 2 - Publicity -3 -President-4; G.A.A.-2 3,4-Vice Pres.-4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Yahara-4-Senior Editor-4; Prom Court-3. Daniel Rian Judd “It's just me - JUDD For The Defence!” Sportsmans Club-2. Debbie Ann Justinger A friend is the same in any language - even Shakespeare. Transfer-3. A Gary D. Kennedy ' ‘Hie more I see of women, the more Idon’t want to own one.” Association-2,3. Mary Louise Kittleson “The only good things I ever learned, were on the farm.” AFS-4; Red Cross-2,3, 4-Treas.-3-Vice Pres. -4; G.A.A.-2.3.4; GFW -4-President-4; Parrot -3;Viking Band-2,3;Pep Band-3;Pep Club-4;Ya-hara-3,4-Co-Editor-In-Chief-4. Juanene Ann Kivett Horses, horses, and more horses, or is it boys, boys, and more boys! . ssociation-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; FTA-2; Philo-3, 4; Viking Band-2,3,4-Pep Band-3,4. Steve Alton Knickmeier “I like a girl with a good head - on my shoulder!" FFA-2,3,4; “S” Club-4; Cross Country-4; Sportsmans Club-3.Ida Sophia Knipfer Watch out JoseGrechoH Musical-2,3,4; National Honor Society-3,4; AFS -3; Cheerleader-2, 3; Forensics-3,4; GFW -4; Pep Club-4; Philo-3,4-Hlstorian-4; Spanish Club-2,3,4 - President-4; Student Council -3,4; Triple Trio-2,3,4; A'Cappella - 2,3,4-Treas.-2; Folksingers-4-Vice Pres.-4. Amy Lea Kober “I admit I came from Belleville.” Camera Club-2; FTA-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Philo -3,4. Bonnie Jean Kong “If Pve only one life -let me live . . .” Ski Club-4; Association -2;Cheerleader s-4; G.A.A.-3,4; Prom Court -3; Homecoming Court -4. Judith Ann Kortte A girl with spirit to spare. Camera Club-2; Dramatics-2,4; Musical-4; A'Cappella - 2,3,4; G.A.A.-2.3.4; GFW-4; Pep Club-4; F T A - 2; Triple Trio-4; Folk -singers-2,4. Elise Anne Kvalheim Quiet, yes; shy, no; give her a chance and watch her go. G. A. A.-2,4; N H V -3; Spanish Club-2,3,4-Vice President-4. Mark H. Kvalheim "Trust everyone, but cut the cards!” Ski Club-4; Viking Band -2. Robert Kevin Lacy “Just call me Ludwig.” “S” Club-4; Wrestling -2,4; Baseball-2,3,4; In-tramurals-3; Sportsmans Club-2. Susan Ann Landsverk • ‘Here, there, everywhere - what do I get done in a day.”Steve T. Leikness It's better to limp to heaven, than not get there at all. Intramurals-4; Archery Club-2. Steven A. Maas "Please, ‘flll-us’ with a successful life.” Joe. Maerz "I stand on the verge of a great career — will somenone please push me off.” Sportsmans Club-2; In-tramurals-3,4. JohnP. Maloney "Pm very fond of the company of a certain Miss.” Transfer-3; Musical-4; Intramurals-3,4; Folk-singers-4; A’Cappella-4. Brenda Jane Marks "The whole world is a stage, and I do my part in acting it up.” G.A.A.-2,3,4; Forensics-3,4; Student Council-3,4-Treas.-4;Triple Trio-2,3,4; Folksingers -4; A’ Cappella -2,3,4-rreas-4; Archery Club -2; Musical-2,3,4; Mad-rigals-2,3,4. Carolos James Martin III "Sometimes my thought just don’t equal what comes out.” Ski Club-2,3,4; Chess Club-2; Musical-3,4.Steven Matt Mathison “Pm always right on tests.” AFS-2,3,4; Ski Club-2, 3; Association-3; “S” Club-3,4; A’Cappella-2, 3,4; Basketball-2,3; Golf-2,3,4; Intramurals -4. Cynthia Jean Mattison Where’d you get those eyes? Camera Club-2;Ski Club 2; G.A.A.-2; A’Cappella -2,4. Dionne Yvette McGraw “You’d worry, too, if you knew what I knew.” Camera Chib-2; G.A.A. -4; Ski Club-3. Jon Pierce Melhuse “I get up at the crack of dawn, stuff up the crack and go back to bed again.” Ski Club-2,4;Chess Club -2. David H. Meyr He’s a genius at compressing a minimum of thoughts into a maximum of words. Dramatics-2,4; Folk-singers-4; Science Club -4; Association-2,3; Ski Club-2,3,4; AFS-2,3,4. Roger David Midthun “They once called me bashful.” FFa-2,3,4. Sharia May Miller “Someday my prince will come, I wish he'd hurry up - the burnt” Assoclation-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Philo-3,4; Student Council-4; Viking Band -2,3,4; Pep Band-4; Archery Club-4; Musical -4; National Honor Soc-iety-3,4. Nels Seamon Moe “I may not be perfect, but Pm close enough.” FFA-2; Sportsmans Club-2; Wrestling-2,3,4.Dennis Michael Murphy For an athletic, he can't be beat. Norwegian Dancer-2,3, 4; “S” Club-3,4; student Council-2; Football -2,3,4; Basketball-2,3,4 -Co-Captain-3,4; Track -2,3,4; Sportsmans Club -2; Prom Court-3; Homecoming Court-4. Terry M. Murphy Since I’m here - I may as well do something. Chess Club-2; Ski Club -3,4. Christine May Myhre “PU go ‘East’ anyday.” Red Cross-3,4; Asso-ciation-3;D iscussion Club-3,4-Vice Pres.-4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; FTA-3;A’ Cappella-3,4; Folksing-ers-2,3,4. Jeff R. Natvig “This world would be paradise except for one thing - School!” Jon Scott Nelson “Do you know what I want to get most out of high school? Myself!” Ski Club-2; “S” Club -2,3,4; Snowmobile Club -4; Wrestling-2,3,4-Captain-4; Baseball-2, 3,4; Prom Court-3. Kirk Edwin Nelson Kirk, how fast did you say you ran the mile? Cross Country-3,4; Track-2,3,4; Wrestling -3; Archery Club-2; FFA-2. Susan Jean Nelson Good things come in small packages. Ski Club-2,4; Assocla-tion-3; G. A. A.-2,3,4; Philo-3,4. Alvin D. Nettum “Weekends are mis- chief making for me.” % -» ■% ", Industrial Arts Club-2 f ’) -Secretary-2; Intramurals-3; “S” Club-4; Football-2,3; Wrestling -2,3,4; Baseball-2,3,4.Patricia Marie Norland A smile, a giggle, and a friendly way - that’s Pat. AFS-2,3; Ski Club-4; Association -2,3-Secretary-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4 -Secretary-3-President -4; Philo-3; Student Councll-2; Viking Band -2,3;Pep Band-3;Home-coming Court-4. Gwenn Ann Nyhagen A friend to all - a foe to none; here’s a girl we’re all fond of. Class Treasurer-2; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Spanish Club -2,3; Philo-3,4-Pres.-4; G. A. A.-2,3,4; Red Cross-3,4. David Roger Olson Live fast, die young, and have a good looking corpse. Ski Club-3,4; Wrestling -2; Intramurals-2,3,4; Sportsmans Club-2. Jacalyn Kim Outhouse “I move in and out of Stoughton every once in awhile.” Camera Club-2. Deborah Lee Parish “Boys may come and go, but Pll be right behind them.” G.A.A.-2,3,4; Li bra-rians-2; MFA-4; Spanish Club-2,3,4; Triple Trio-4; A’Cappella-2,3, 4; Folksingers-2,4. Karen Terese Paulson Lead me not into temptation, just show me where it is. AFS-4-Treas.-4; Ski Club-2,3; Red Cross-2,3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; GFW -4; Philo-3,4; Parrot-3; Folksingers-3; National Honor Society-4;Yahara -3,4 - Co-Editor-In -Chief-4. Theresa Marie Pedersen Could she be an angel?Jill Elaine Peterson Always bombing around In her car. Ski Club-2; G.A.A.-2; A' Cappella-3. Julie Anna Peterson Just like a clock; always wound up and going. AFS-3;Skl Club-2;Philo -3,4; Triple Trio-4; A' Cappella-2,3,4; Folk-singers-3,41. Myra Jane Pfaffenbach “Pm the one that started the rumor that blondes have more fun.” AFS-3,4; Ski Club-2,3, 4; Cheerleader - 2,3,4-Captain-4; Norwegian Dancer-3,4; G.A.A.-2, 3,4; Phllo-4; Student Council-3,4; Parrot-3, 4-Sports Editor-4; Homecoming Court-4. Marjie Ann Pfundheller “I hold the record for flash romances.” AFS-3,4; Ski Club-2,3, 4,t Norwegian Dancers -2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Philo-3,4; Viking Band -2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Musical-2. Arlene Marie Quam “To me a zero is nothing.” Red Cross-3,4; Association-2,3; G.A.A.-2.3, 4; A’Cappella-4; Folk-singers-2,3,4. Wayne A. Quam Where did you go? “Out.” What did you do? “Plenty.” Ski Club-2,3,4; Sportsmans Club-2; Intramu-rals-2,3. Joseph A. Radecki “When there’s nothing else to do, I go to school.” Sportsmans Club-2, Dennis James Rambo 1 could be a good president, if only they ! let me Class President - 3; Norwegian Dancer-3,4; “S” Club-4; Football-2,3,4; Tennis-2,3,4; In-tramurals-3,4; Sportsmans Club-2. Leslie Royden Reimann He should have come a little sooner with ideas from Waunakee. Transfer-4; Forensics -4; Debate-4; “S” Club -4; Football-4; Golf-4. Gail Ann Rhyner “Pm ror the one hour school day ’ G.A.A.-2,3,4. Tommy Rindahl Blue Jays fly better than Vikings. Douglas A. Rinden “ELBUORT is my middle name backwards.” Archery Club-2; Intra-murals-3,4. m Vince L. Rinden “Books aren't the only things I carried in my brief case.” F F A-2,4; Folksingers -4. Bob T. Rindt “Does everybody have a shadow?” Parrot-3; Intramurals-2,3,4; Chess Club-2.Steve M. Roberts “I want what I want when I want It.” Archery Club-2; “S” Club-2,3,4; Track-2,3, 4; Dramatics-4. Gloria Jean Roneid She may seem quiet to you but her weekends are something else. FHA-2; Assoclation-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4. Michael G. Rorge “I have a hard time making up my loving mind.” “S” Club-3; Student Council-3; Cross Country-3; Intramurals-2; Camera Club-2. Mark S. Rosenbaum How many cars have you had Mark? Sportsmans Club-2. Edward W. Rowe He knows his ‘Cat.’ Football-2; Tennls-2,3, 4; Intramurals - 4; Sportsmans Club-2; Snowmobile Club-4. Sharon Kay Rustad “I call It driving, my friends call it madness.” AFS-3; Association-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Spanish Club-3. Geraldine Marie Rynes She can speak three languages well. FTA-2,3,4 - Treasurer-3-President-4; Libra-rians-3; MFA-4; Philo -3,4; Spanish Club-3; Forensics-4; National Honor Society-3,4. Cynthia Ann Sankbeil She’s an atomic bomb! Ski Club-4; Red Cross -3,4; Association-2; G.A.A.-2; FTA-3; A’ Cappella-4; Folksingers -4-Treasurer-4; Snowmobile Club-4.Mark R. Sankbeil “It goes in one ear, out the other.” Sportsmans Club-3; Folksingers-4; A’Cap-pella-3,4. Thomas Lawrence Scheel “All I do on weekends is wear my tires out.” Sportsmans Club-2; FFA-2. Cindy Rae Scheldrup A girl who really likes the new fashions. Class Secretary-2; AFS -3,4;Ski Club-2,3,4;As-sociation-4; Cheerlead-er-2;G.A.A.-2,3,4; Philo 4; Viking Band-2,3; Pep Band-3. Erlirie Emily Schenck A computer in a nice package. Ski Club-4; G.A.A.-2,3, 4; FTA-2;Philo-3,4;Na-tional Honor Society-3, 4; Snowmobile Club-4. Katherine Anna Schmidt Her life’s an open book, well worth reading. Transfer-3; Pep Club-4; Musical-3,4; Triple Trio-4; Folksingers-3, 4-Pres.-4; This Week -4; A’Cappella-3,4. Laurie Jean Schreiber Girl of the ‘in’ generation. AFS-3; Ski Club-2,4; Association-3,4; G.A.A. -2,3; Prom Court-3. Jeffrey M. Schroeter He doesn’t break the rules, he just bends them a little. “S” Club-2,3,4; Chess Club-2; Tennis-2,3,4. !  Susan Marie Showers What a little thunderstorm. A’Cappella-3; Libra-rians-3 -Vice Pres. -3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Association-2; Red Cross-3,4. Vincent John Skidmore “The devil is a sissy to me.” “S’ Club-3,4; A'Cap-pella-3; Archery Club-2 - President - 2; Snowmobile Club-4; Football -2,3,4; Wrestling-2,3,4; Track-2,3; Baseball-4; Homecoming Court-4. Gary Lee Slettum “I can waste more time in one hour than most can waste in a week.” FFA-2,3,4; Red Cross -3-Vice Pres.-3; Baseball-2,3,4; Intramurals -2,3,4. Timothy John Smith His arm is stiff, was it baseball? His neck is stiff, was it football? Football-2,3,4-Captaln-4; Basketball-2,3,4; Baseball-2,3,4; Norwegian Dancers-3,4; Student Council-2,4; AFS -3,4; Ski Club-2,3,4; “S” Club-3,4-Vice Pres.-4; Homecoming Court-4, Yahara-4, Sports Editor-4. Bonnie Kristie Smithback Talks little but says alot Red Cross-3,4; Association-2. Vicki Lynn Smithback rbis girl has a smile for everyone. Red Cross-3,4; Association-2; Norwegian Dancers-3,4; G.A.A.-2 3,4; Student Council-3.Jane Marie Sperle cWhere there's life, let's live." Red Cross-3; G.A.A.-3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4 -Pep Band-2,3,4-Dance Band-2,3. Bonnie Jo Stiklestad sne jumped in her car and rode madly off in all directions. AFS-3; Red Cross-3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; GFW-3,4; Pep Club-4; Librarians -2; Philo-3,4; Spanish Club-2,3,4. Janis Lee Strandlie “WOW - everything in this school is really beautiful.' AFS-2,3,4; Ski Club-2, 3,4; Association-3; G.A.A.-2,3; Parrot-3,4 -Features Editor-4; Viking Band-2,3,4-Pep Band-2,3,4. Linda Marie Sunne ‘Sunne' in her name and her ways. A'Cappella-3; Libra-rians-2,3,4-Vice Pres. -4; FHA-2,3,4-Histor-ian-3-Treasurer-4. Debra Kay Swalheim Can't you keep out of trouble Deb? Ski Club-4; FHA-2,3,4 -Reporter-3; Associa-t ion-3; G. A. A.-2,3,4; Librarians - 2,3; Folk-singers-3; Yahara - 4 -Faculty Editor-4. Dennis Peter Swalheim “Call it a healthy complexion, but don't say I blush." Intramurals-3; Sportsmans Club-2. Gregory Richard Swenson Is it baseball or girls -you say both, Greg? Industrial Arts-2-President-2; Intramurals-3; “S" Club-4; Baseball-2,3,4; Football-4. Linda Lou Teigen “Late to bed, and late to rise - or how does that saying go?" Parrot-3.Patricia Lynn Thompson Late hours aren't good for one, but they'll do for two. Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Folksingers-3,4; A'Cappella-4; Triple Trio-4; Student Council-4; Spanish Club -3; Red Cross-3,4; Discussion Club-3,4; President -4; G.A. A.-3,4; FTA-2,3,4-Historian-4; Librarians - 2,3,4; Treasurer-3-Pres.-4. Carolyn S. Topp She's never too busy to be friendly. Red Cross-3,4; Association-2; G.A.A.-2,3. Rene’ Mary Ursino When she has something to say its almost always important. Association-2; G.A.A.-4. Janice Marie Vetter A whiz spelled backwards, forward, and upside down. 1 Cheryl Lynn Vike Her heart is like a moon, there's a man in it. Snowmobile Club-4; Badger State-3; Viking Band-2,3; Student Coun-cil-2; Philo-3,4; FTA-2; G.A. A.-2,3,4; Red Cross-3; Cheerleader-3,4-Co-Captain-4; AFS -3,4-Vice President-3-President-4. Dennis R. Vike Every inch a good fellow -and OH so many inches. S" Club-2,3,4; Sportsmans Club-2; Baseball -2,3,4; Basketball-2,3, 4;Football-2,3,4;Home-coming King-4. Sheri Lynn Walker Better late than never. Transfer-4, Pep Club -4. Roger Truman Wersland • • • and he looks so innocent, too. Sportsmans Club-2; Baseball-3,4; Wrestling -2,3,4.Sandra Joanne Wethal “Don't worry pedestrians I haven’t got my license yet, but watch out when I do.” Folkslngers-3; A’Cap-pella-3,4;Librarlans -2, 3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,41 As-soclatlon-3; Ski Club-4; FHA-2,3,4-Vlce President-3; AFS-4. m Dennis D. White “I hate being late, but It beats hurrying.” Ski Club-3,4; Sportsmans Club-2; Intramur-als-2,3,4. Allan Oy vind Wikum Just me and my Chevy. FFA-2,3,4 - Secretary -2,3-President-4; Student Councll-3; Agricultural Club-2. Bonita L. Wild Always in a hurry but never going any place. Jeffrey W. Wood There’s a Julie In his life. Sportsmans-2; Baseball -3,4; TTack-2; Basketball-2,3,4; Cross Coun-try-4; Football-2. Jeffrey Scott Wright “Don’t ever call me a woman hater.” Sportsmans Club - 2,3; A’Cappella-2,3,4; Dra-matlcs-4; Folksingers-4. Julie Ann Ylvisaker Her fingers are like jumping beans when she hits a typewriter. Red Cross-3,4; Association-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Philo-3,4. Julie Ava Youngman A real thoughtful SHS graduate. Ski Club-4; G.A.A.-2, 3,4; FTA-2; Philo-3.Michael Deen Heinzeroth “School is alright, but the hunting season is better.” John R. Reiser He came, he saw, and he’s still looking. Transfer-4; Ski Club-4; Science Club-4-Sec. -4-President-4. Grant A. Schieldt Everyone causes a little trouble sometime. Archery Club-2. Lester G. Skoien He can feed a giraffe without using a step-ladder. FFA-2; Industrial Arts -2; «S” Club-2. Kenneth W. Whaley Where were you all the time? ' i § ________________ more year. Students who knew her will always remember the •Jt fine company she gave. -Jf JU Kathy Turville The Senior Class of 71 would like to take time now to remember a girl that would of graduated with us this year. Kathy Tijrville was taken from our midst the winter of our Sophomore year. Students who knew her will always remember the fine company she gave.Homemaker of TomorrowOur Little FriendsKaren Couch Treasury Bob Swalheim Vice President Kathy Kvalheim Secretary Bob Daemmrich President Class Of ‘72 Class Of ‘73 Barb Bronte Secretary Mark Pfundheller Vice President Jill Culham Treasury Brad Natvig PresidentClass Of 472 Mrs. Carpenter i rB1 nlfrti S’ Br y m n’ L‘ B°rmtfn» L- Blandford, D. Baum, J. Anderson. Row 2: A. Bolland, p" ' y’ t' AUderSO"’ M; Barry» M Bothum. Row 3; T. Alder, A. Bakken, R. Bradley, R. Boure, G. Anderson. Row 4: A. Brantmeyer, T. Bates, D. Allen, D. Beck, D. Anderson, M. Backus. Mr. Smillie Row 1: D. Edneter, J. Carr, S. Edison, K. Couch, A. Cable. Row 2: D. Christianson, G. Christopher, S. Dietzman, K. Bullock, G. Eggleson, V. Cornell. Row 3: B. Daemmrich, J. Buskager, P. Dougall, S. Crews, S. Dickson, J. Drogsvold, L. Dahl. Row 4: J. Draper, R. Danks, R. Clausen, T. Burchard, G. Christensen, M. Crlsman. ■■■Class Of 72 Mr. Roloff Row 1- G. Furseth, M. Elllngson, S. Gardner, B. Grefshelm, M. Elllngson, M. Favreau. Row 2: S. Fuller N. Elslng, D. Gunnelson, N. Evenson, D. Engsberg, M. Foss. Row 3: D. Everett, K. Gassen, J. Flickner, S. Freeland, R. Erickson. Row 4: M. Hagen, B. Gaudreau, M. Greenslet, W. Finder, B. Gunder-son, M. Ellis. Mrs. NoremClass Of ‘72 Mr. Kubale Row 1: B. Kennedy, K. Kvalheim, D. Johnson, N. Johnson, K. Karlslyst. Row 2: P. Johnson, K. Koehler, S. Kuhlman, B. Jacobson, A. Jenks, J. Kaneck: Row 3: J. Kinnamon, L. Jensen, M. Jedlicka, E. Johnson, M. Jackson, B. Kirby. Row 4: D. Juve, R. Kluever, K. Klongland, T. Knox, D. Johnson, J. Jones. Mr. Wilde Row 1: S. Linnerud, S. Larson, B. Mickelson, J. Matson, J. Malinowski, J. Martinson, C. Martinez. Row 2: C. Larson, J. Meyer, S. Lock, V. Linnerud, C. Lausch, M. Masterenkg. Row 3: J. McCarthy, L. Maerz, B. McMahan, R. Mabie, S. Martin, D. Marsh, S. Moe. Row 4: J. Martin, B. Meyer, E. Legried, B. Ladd, F. Laundrle, T. Michaelis, F. Link, S. Linnerud.Class Of ‘72 Mr. Gregorich Row Is P. Normington, N. Nettum, R. Olson, P. Natvlg, D. Nelson. Row 2: J. Nelson, D. Nettuni, C. O'Connell, R. Nelson, S. Olson, D. Mulder. Row 3: S. Nelson, C. Nelson, R, Nelson, M. Olson, K. Moen. Row 4: L. Nelson, K. Nelson, D. Olson, P. Norgaren, R. Qfferdahl, S. Nelson. itk Mr. Pieper Row 1 R Roidt, L. Rowe, L. Rucks, L. Raasch, N. Rynes. Row 2: P. Quam, J. Schultz, R. Osland, B Rlndt L. Rutland, C. Roberts. Row 3: S. Reed, D. Parish, L. Pundt, S. Peterson, C. Rigdon. Row 4: J.' Ross, M. Schimelpfenig, L. Raasch, D. Ramsden, D. Schmidt, M. Rosenbaum.Class Of ‘72 Mr. Slggelkow Row 1: R. Stenjem, L. Squire, S. Sharp, S. Smith, J. Thorson. Row 2: J. Slater, P. Showers, G. Sigurs-lid, J. Skidmore, B. Sproul, B. Swalhelm. Row 3: M. Sunby, G. Smlthback, E. Stacy, G. Sllbaugh, D. Slebert. Row 4: D. Seamonson, M. Slnkaufer, S. Tolley, J. Spangler, P. Sveum, J. Sorenson. Mr. Berken Row 1- V Vedvle S. Woodhouse, B. Wagner, C. Wllcum, T. Tyson. N. Wolf. Row 2: C. VanGUder, J Irish' D Utermark, S. White, J. Wickltne, C. Wood. Row 3: S. Wedoe, G. Vlasak, R. Wyrlck, R. Williams,' L. Woods. Row 4; P. Wall, M. Zweep, W. Trow, J. Whltford, D. WUberg, B. Wood.Class Of ‘73 Mrs. Barry Row Is D. Bobert, S. Berg, C. Anderson, N0 Anderson, P. Asperheim. Row 2: K, Brantmeyer, T. Barker, S. Bersing, A. Adams, S. Anderson, N. Beck, M. Beaster, D. Arneson. Row 3: J. Alme, P. Bothum, Q. Anderson, J. Bricker, K. Aldahl, M. Bakken, R. Asperheim, J. Backus, D. Borman. I Mrs. Brewster Row 1: L. Daggett, K. Buskager, B, Bronte, M. Christianson, D. Broughton, D. Bunnell. Row 2: D. Brown, S. Carpenter, R. Christiansen, J. Brown, J. Culham, C. Couch. Row 3: J. Bronson, R. Christianson, M. Clausen, K. Dahl, M. Chritton, J. Chalfant, D. Dahl, D. Carlisle, K. Comstock.Class Of ‘73 Mr. Koenig Row 1: A. Douglass, M. Forrer, P. Drotning, J. Gurske, P. Gullickson, D. Davis. Row 2: L. Degrott, C. Fritch, M. Davis, R. Gates, J. Gallwitz, C. Finder. Row 3: C. Erickson, J. Gjermo, D. Fuller, R. Fuller, B. Elliott, L. Femrite, T. Eugster. Row 4: C. Godleski, S. Dyreson, M. Greenslet, J. Dcugall, R. Engen, J. Deneen, R. Ebert, S. Gehrke. Mr. Marshall Row 1: R. Holzhuter, M. Hughes, P. Hoff, J. Hougan, N. Harried, K. Hanson, D. Haarklau. Row 2: G. Hanson, J. Hergenroether, N. Harland, J. Haugen, M. Hellickson, M. Hoff, D. Helley, S. Hess. Row 3: D. Halverson, K. Havey, T. Hougan, D. Hubred, C. Gyland, A. Helley, M. Hermanstad, J. Hanson, J. Halverson.Class Of ‘73 Mrs. Mathiot Row Is S. Johnson, K. Johnson, R. Johnson, M. King, R. Hunt, V. Jacobson, M. Jacobsen. Row 2- S Johnson, D. Klitzke, J. Johnson, M. Johnson, E. Johnson, D. Hvam, M. Johnson, L. Kind. Row 3: M. Johnson, K. Johnson, S. Jones, G. Keebaugh,, T. Jensen, D. Juve, H. Keehn, D. Johnson, A. Klingaman. A Mr. Berkseth How Is K. Lunde, M. Mathison, S. Knox, S. Lauretic, M. Lewis. Row 2: K. Knickmeier, D. Larsen, R. McLeish, B. McKighan, J. Matthews, J. Macmen, fA. Martinson. Row 3; S. Mithun, D. Larson, H. Lathrop, M. Matttscn, J. Linnerud, M. May, C. Maerz, D. Lazotte. Row 4: D. Kober, M. McColloch, R. Lippitt, J. Marsh, R. Logan, R. Lein, H. Lein, R. Lock.Class Of ‘73 Mr. K Lawrence Row 1: K. Nelson, T. Miller, R. Onsrud, D. Osterberg, N. Olson, L. Miller, M. Normington, C. O'Connell. Row 2: K. Miller, B. Natvig, D. Ostrander, M. Orcutt, S. Onsrud, D. Olson, G. Pauli, J. Norland. Row 3: S. Otteson, T. Misgen, B. Paris, D. Nyguard, B. Myrland, S. Paschkewitz, S. Moen, S. Obrecht, S. Parish. Mr. Machenzie Row 1: C. Peterson, M. Roneid, G. Procknow, J. Rassmussen, V Rakow. Row 2: M. Pfundheller, M. Peterson, S. Quam, S. Reimann, D. Roe, C. Rigdon. Row 3: R. Roslak, D. Ramsden, H. Redders, S. Rebo, S. Peterson, K. Richmond, D. Presby. Row 4: V. Schlepp, N. Schimelpfenig, D. Pirkl, D. Santos, G. Quam, C. Rinden, G. Price, C. Reiser.Class Of ‘73 Mr. Shumate Row 1: D. Swenson, J. Showers, B. Skenandore, D. Swenson, B. Stenjem. Row 2: S. Schimnick, D. Stockstad, G. Simonson, D. Stronach, P. Schmudlack, J. Slater. Row 3: S. Stensaas, K. Skavlen, D. Sperstad, P. Swalheim, D. Sissons, D. Swenson. Row 4: K. Stelzer, K. Smithback, T. Schackleton, B. Skinner, J. Sunby, M. Swenson, B. Swenson. Mr. Venske Row 1: C. Tripp, L. Vandrell, V. Thompson, J. Vale, S. Teigen, L. Wersland. Row 2: D. Thompson, W. Wright, M. Thompson, D. Thede, M. Thompson, A. Vike. Row 3: N. Vike, K. Tolley, W. Waite, P. Tyler, D. Watson, R. Ursino, D. Wood. Row 4: D. Umhoefer, M. Thompson, D. Vike, H. Vetter, R. Trainor, S. Toepfer, J. Taylor.AFS Emilia’s American Family Emilia Coviello, our AFS student from Italy. AFS Council Row 1 - C. Vike, Pres.; K. Kiongland, Vice-Pres.; K. Paulson, Treas.; K. Bullock, Sec.; E. CovieUo. Row 2 - K. Knickmeier, R. Daggett, S. Wethal, J. Gilbert, K. Hergenroether, J. Peterson, E. Schenck, S. Larson, B. Engsberg, R. Holzhuter, J. Hoffman. Row 3 - M Pfundheller, D. Arneson, B. Kong, J. Strandlie, G. Thompson, D. Gunnelson, C. Scheldrup, C. Rigdon, D. Thompson, S. Olson, M. Pfaffenbach, K Couch, J. Schultz. Row 4 - M. Kittleson, S. Sproul, J. Matson, K. Baumgartner, D. Lacotte, B. Amundson, J. Eugster, S. White, K. Skavlen, D. Utermark, G. Eggleson, N. Evenson, A. Jenks. Row 5 - L. Hale, C. Nelson, P. Havey, S. Halverson, P. Dahl, J. Reiser, M. Schimelfenig, M. Rosenbaum, C. Reiser, S. Mathison, J. Hoffman, T. Smith.Student Council Row 1 - p. Sveum, Vice Pres.; J. Hlllery, Pres.; B. Marks, Treas.; K. Hergenroether. Row 2 - K. Nelson, R. Johnson, J. Knipfer, P. Natvig, S. Miller, B. Barnett. Row 3 - L. Blandford, S. Lauretic, N. Harried, M. Foss, S. Edison, M. Pfaffenbach, J. Vale, P. Thompson. Row 4 - J. Malinowski, R. Rosi, S. Reid, D. Uter-mark, D. Ehle, P. Drotning, C. Couch, E. Coviello. Row 5 - J. Hoffman, K. Stelzer, C. Hoel, S. Halverson, P. Dahl, D. Johnson, T. Smith, J. Bricker, M. Rorge. Voyeurs Club Row 1 - J. Eugster, J. Reiser, J. Martin. Row 2 - B. Amundson, C. Hoel, J. Melhuse, G. Smithback. Row 3 - M. Beaster, D. Foss, D. Dihl.Tommy Meg Jeff Fiona Sandy Dean Charlie Dalrymple Jean MaClaren Harry Beaton Mr. Lundie Kate Angus MacGuffie Stuart Dalrymple Archie Beaton Andrew MaClaren Frank Jane Maggie Jeff Wright Brenda Marks John Maloney Kathy Schmidt Wayne Harvey Dick Wilberg Jo Knipfer Greg Haugen Dennis Parish Deb Parish Ross Harms Steve Mathison Terry Folbrecht Glenn Allen Jim Martin Vicki Jacobson Louise Blandford Jean MaClaren Charlie DalrympleFiona and Jean MaClarenArsenic And Old Lace Abby Brewster Hie Rev. Dr. Harper Teddy Brewster Officer Brophy Officer Klein Martha Brewster Elaine Harper Mortimer Brewster Mr. Gibbs Johnathon Brewster Dr. Einstein Officer O'Hara Lieutenant Rooney Mr. Witherspoon Mr. Hoskins Mr. Spinalzo Margaret Thompson Dan Hudkins Dale Ehle Ross Harms Jeff Wright Linda Hale Cindy Culham John Maloney Dennis Parish John Eugster Steve Breyman Dennis Parish Glenn Alien Gary Kennedy Kim Stelzer Kim StelzerOfficer Klein, Johnatbon Brewster, and Officer Brophy The Rev. Dr. Harper Johnatbon Brewster Elaine Harper and Mortimer Brewster Teddy BrewsterPhilo Big Sisters Row 1 - S. Nelson, S. Miller, J. Ylvisaker, J. Vetter, J. Gilbert. Row 2 - G. Nyhagen, B. Havey, J. Peterson, E. Schench, G. Rynes, J. Kr.ipfer. Row 3 - J. Hougan, C. Vike, M. 'Tundheller, A. Beckwith, C. Everson, J. Hillery, L. Jacobson. Row 4 - J. Kivett, B. Stiklestad, B. Hlles, L. Hale, A. Kober, K. Paulson. Philo Little Sisters Row 1 - D. Johnson, J. Hoffman, P. Natvig, B. Grefsheim, K. Hayter, E. Coviello, M. Pfaffenbach, N. Nettum, R, Daggett, A. Bronson. Row 2 - K Kvalheim, D. Nettum, S Olson, M, Foss, K Hanson, S. Edison, C. Culham, J. Lacy, K. Couch. Row 3 - J. Schultz, C. Scheldrup, K. Jerdee, C. Hougan, B. Daemmrich, J. Urish, C. Larson, K. Bullock, J. Matson. Row 4 - N. Evenson, P. Dougall, T. Alder, M. Schimelfenig, P. Havey, T. Johnson, S. Halverson, S. White, D. Gunnelson.F orensics J. Culham, C. Nelson, W. Harvey, L. Reimann. Row 1 - B. Marks, M. Thompson, D. Gunnelson, B. Daemmrich, M. May. Row 2 - J. Culham, S. Edison, J. Knipfer, G. Rynes, S. Knox. Row 3 - C. Couch, L. Hale, L. Reimann, C. Nelson. DebateMFA Row 1 - D. Nettum, Pres.; C. VanGilder, Vice-Pres.; S. Lock, Sec.; A. Anderson, Treas. Row 2 - B. Barrett, R. Daggett, M. EUingson, C. Culham, G. Rynes, D. Parish, M. EUlingson, S. Harms. Row 3 - M. Anderson, C. Bennett, C. Jerdee, C. Rigdon, J. Meyer, S. Nelson, C. O'Connell. Row 4 - J. Matson, G. Eggleson, K. Moen, W. Harvey, V. Linnerud, C. Nelson, K. Baumgartner. FTA Rw 1 - B. Barnett, L, Wersland, P. Thompson, L. R.cks, K. Brantmeyer. R:w 2 - G. Rynes, Pres.; L. Dahl, Vice-Pres.; D, Tbede, Sec.; D. Lauretic.FHA Row 1 - S. Dietzman, Hist.; L. Sunne, Treas.; K. Hanson, Vice-Pres.; C. Rigdon, Pres.; D. Johnson, Sec.; M. Bothum, Reporter; M. Ellingson, Degree Chairman. Row 2 - C. O’Connell, A. Douglas, D. Nelson, J. Martinson, A. Cable, M. ELingson, V. Vedvig, M. Martinson, S. Harms. Row 3-D. Johnson, D. Swalheim, C. O’Connell, L. Adams, C. Hougan, D, Gunnelson, J. Meyer, S. Nelson, B. Mikkelson, D. Nettum, K. Couch. Row 4 - S. Reimann, C. VanGilder,. S. Lock, H. Lathrop, P. Bothum, V. Linnerud, K. Moen, J. Linnerud, V. Wickline. FFA Row 1 - N. Brekken, Treas.; J. Draper, Sentinal; A. Wikum, Pres.; D. Hunt, Reporter; D. Alme, Sec.; T. Femrite, Vice-Pres.; Mr. Meyer. Row 2 - J. Anderson, G. Slettum, S. Hunt, S. Maas, B. Jacobson, R. Hunt, J. Hougan. Row 3 - S. Knickmeier, Q. Anderson, J. McCarthy, B. Dietzman, V. Rinden, R. Fankhauser, M. Arneson. Row. 4 - F, Link, T. Adler, R. Mldthun, D. Allen, W. Finder, T. Scheel, R. Ebert.Snow II obile Club Row 1: B.A., G.T., J.M., M.J., D.R., K.W., K.K., J.N., D.W., L.P., P.R., S.C., M.B., S.R. Row 2: J.M., M.F., L.R., D.G., L.K., M.R., D.S., Z.S., L.D., C.M.,D.S., M.H., J.C., V.J. Row 3: T.S., S.N., S.S., B.H., P.D., S.H., P.N., J.B., P.H., S.T., W.W., M.P., P.D.Row4: J.E., D.M., J.V., R.O., R.R., K.J., B.K., B.S., D.M., E.S., B.B., A.A., M.A., J.J., J.N. Row 5: W.Q., D.B., S.K., L.N., V.S., C.S., S.N., J.H., D.M., T.D., T.F., K.N., R.R. Row 6: B.H., R.M., R.N., J.H., J.M., D.V., D.S., D.O., L.H., K.B., C.H., G.S., K.C., L.B., D.O., D.W. Row 7: J.R., P.S., R.K., R.N., D.C., P.N., B.K., B.G., J.G., B.V., E.R., G.F., M.B., J.H., M.C. Math Team Row 1 - D. Thompson, B. Daemmrich, C. Nelson, V. Schlepp, D. Roe, C. Godleski. Row 2 - T Folbrecht, S. Mathison, M. Schimelfenig, J. Chalfant, H. Vetter, T. Dyreson, P, Umhoefer.Ski Club Row 1: C.M., K.K., J.N., S.R., J.E., B.V., M.K., S.K., P.S., D.O., J.M., W.Q. Row 2: L.B., C.H., B.A., D.W., D.H., D.D., L.H., J.H., S.O., B.K., M.P., P.N., R.D., T.M. Row 3: D.W., M.R., P.S., S.C., P.R., D.B., D.M., J.C., C.L., T.S., D.N., R.W., M.B., P.N. Row 4: P.S., L.R., G.T., L.R., M.F., S.S., S.N., D.O., K.B., M.J., J.M., T.D., D.H., J.S., B.A. Row 5: J.S., L.S., M.P., C.S., M.A., K.B., K.B., P.D., S.H., S.M., G.S., B.H., S.J., C.G., G.Q., R. J. Row 6: T.M., G.S., J.G., J.S., J.L., J.M., G.E., S.S., D.U., S.M., S.O., M.H., M.M., J.T., J.M. Row 7: B.B., E.S., C.S., J.M., J.J., B.E., S.W., D.S., S.P., K.K., M.J., S.D., K.S., C.R., J.C., B.B., P.B., J.Y. Row 8: L.K., M.M., N.S., T.T., V.L., V.V., C.V., P.D., M.P., G.P., C.P., G.T., N.B., N.H., R.R., R.O., K.J., G.R. Row 9; L.R., D.E., M.S., P.H., B.H., D.M., M.C., M.B., J.H., J.H., R.N., D.S., V.J., D.W., J.R. Row 10: S.M., S.H., K.B., B.R., M.F., A.J., J.R., E.L., M.H., K.H., D.S., S.P., W.W., T.A., S.T., P.H., S.L., D.N. Row 11: D.M., B.S., J.W., D.W., R.O., B.S., L.S., M.M., M.R., D.R., M.J., S.G., K.K., B.K., Row 12: S.O., J.V., D.L., D.M., A.A., K.C., G.S., T.E. Librarians Row 1 - P. Thompson, Pres.; L. Sunne, Vice-Pres.; S. Wethal, Sec. - Treas.; J. Martinson. Row 2 - A. Cable, R. Hunt, S. Reimann, L. Rucks. Row 3 - S. Dietzman, J. McCarthy, R. Danks, L. Dahl, C. Nelson.G.A.A.ADVISOR Mrs. Pieper G.A.A. OFFICERS Gail Thompson, Patti Norland, Theresa Johnson. Sue Gardner and Karen Couch. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS First League Captain Debbie Parish Second League Captain Sue Showers BASKETBALL CHAMPS First League Captain Karen Paulson Myra Pfaffenbach absent Second League Captain Barb Hiles BADMITTION CHAMPS Senior and Junior Champs Cheri Vike and L,Jean Jacobson Sophmore Champs Deb Hvam and Debbie RamsdenViking Band A Row 1 - J. Hillery, T. Johnson, G. Eggleson, R. Holzhuter, K. Lausch, J. Carr, L. Rucks, J. Malinowski, S. Olson, D. Utermark, L. Blandford, J. Schultz, K. Hayter, L. Hale. Row 2 - D. Hull, J. Anderson, B. Havey, J. Kivett, K. Klongland, M. Bothum, T. Alder, G. Thompson, S. Halverson, K. Bullock, A. Beckwith, C. Wood, P. Thompson, L. Rowe, R. Osland, S. Peterson, P. Wall, C. Hougan, E. Johnson. Row 3 - F. Laundrie, J. Sperle, J. Gilbert, D. Gunnelson, J. Hougan, W. Harvey, B. Ladd, T. Michaelis, S. Miller, A. Brantmeyer, M. Schimelfenig, D. Thompson, C. Everson, D. Ehle, M. Hagen, R. Mabie, J. Gunsolus. Row 4-J. Hoffman, J. Strandlie, M. Pfundheller, S. White, P. Sveum, D. Beck, M. Barry, S. Haried, D. Mulder. Viking Band B Row 1 - D. Roe, D. Juve, L. Vandrell, K. Skavlen, D. Arneson, D. Bobert, S. Shimniok, S. Quam, P. Gullickson, K. Miller, S. Finder, P. Schmudlach, N. Harried, K. Johnson. Row 2 - M. Bakken, A. Vike, H. Lathrop, R. Lein, J. Norland, S. Otteson, K. Lunde, M. Davis, M. Thompson, R. Gates, R. Johnson, D. Osterberg, J. Hougan, K. Stelzer, G. Quam, D. Halverson, S. Moen, D. Wood, J. Halverson, D. Stronach. Row 3-T. Jenson, G. Hansen, M. McCulloch, R, Fuller, M. Peterson, K. Shelhamer, P. Drotning, K. Havey, M. Hermunstad, D. Johnson, D. Lauretic, B. Natvig, C. Ridgon, P. Tyler, B. Skinner, D. Watson. Row 4 -C. Fritch, J. Bricker, S. Obrecht.Mr. Gohlke Majorettes Drum Major j. Haugen, D. Utermark, L. Hale, D. Gunnelson, N. Harried. Kim StelzerDance Band Row 1 - D. Utermark, K. Hayter, L. Hale, J. Hillery, T. Johnson, G. Eggleson, J. Anderson, J. Klvett, K. Klongland. Row 2 - C. Everson, E. Johnson, C. Hougan, L. Rowe, R. Osland, S. Peterson, P. Wall, Row 3 - K. Bullock, M. Pfundheller, S. Miller, S. Haried, M. Barry, G. Nyhagen, J. Hoffman, S. White. Row 4 - D. Thompson, M. Schimelpfenig, J. Sperle, J. Gilbert, F. Laundrie, J. Hougan, D. Gunnelson, W. Harvey, B. Ladd. Row 5 - L. Wood, A. Beckwith, P. Thompson, D. Ehle, J. Gunsolus, M. Hagen, A. Brantmeyer. Pep Band Row 1 - L. Hale, P. Wall, C. Hougan, E. Johnson, C. Everson, Row 2- J. Bricker, A. Brantmeyer, J. Gunsolus, W. Harvey, P. Drotning, J. Gilbert, J. Hougan, F, Laundrie.A’Cappella Row 1 - K. Schmidt, D Parish, K. Couch, S. Lauretic, J. Peterson, T. Folbrecht, D, Parish, M. Sankbeil, J. Wright, S. Breymann, M. Mathison, S. Carpenter, C. Sankbeil, B. Stenjum. Row 2 - M. Hoel, S. Edison, V. Jacobson, C. Myhre, M. King, P. Thompson, J Knipfer, J. Ahlgrim, R. Harms, E. Johnson, J. Draper, B. Marks, P. Shackleton, J. Kortte, C. Couch, B. Engsberg. Row 3 - S. Wethal, M. Duerst, K. Hesse, N. Everson, L. Woods, W. Harvey, J. Maloney, D. Schmidt, J. Martin, R. Wilberg, S. Crews, C. Roberts, S. Locke, J. Vetter, Row 4 - M. May, H. Quam, S. Mathison, W. Daffner, G. Allen, G. Haugen, K. Klongland, L. Reimann, L. Adams, S. Reimann. F olksingers Row 1 - D. Parish, D. Utermark, G. Eggleson, K. Schmidt, T. Knipfer, J. Wright, C. Sankbeil, S. Breymann. Row 2 - M. Anderson, K. Baumgartner, J. Maloney, J. Jacobson, D. Parish, S. Lauretic, K. Couch, L. Bland-ford, M. Mathison, J. Draper. Row 3 - G. Allen, N. Everson, B. Marks, R. Wilberg, J. Peterson, J. Kortte, L, Woods, L. Hale, R. Harms, C. Myhre, K. Klongland, A. Quam, S. Edison, T. Folbrecht, C. Couch, V. Rinden.Mr. Baltzer Orchestra Row 1 - V. Schepp, K. Hayter, J. Thompson, C. Godleski. Row 2 - P. Olhafer, C. Nelson, D. Furseth, E. Johnson, R. Holzhuter. Row 3 - P. Venske, B. Gardener, H. Vetter, D. Larson, M. Smet, B. Wendt, K. Lins, Row 4 - S. Wisersky, K« Horner, S. Spangler, C. Bekken, C. Klepinger, J. Schultz, L. Hale, P. Thompson, G. Eggelson, K. Bullock. Row 5-J. Gunsoius, F. Laundrie, W. Harvey, D. Thompson, M. Schimelpfenlg, J. Miller, K. Donnelly, P. Johnson.Norwegian Dancers V. Smithback, G. Eggleson, M. Pfundheller, G. Sigurslld, J. Malinowski, K. Hergenrother, M. Pfalfenbach, K. Johnson, K. Bersing, T. Smith, S. Peterson, J. Martin, D. Rambo, D. Murphy, W. Finder, D. Vlke, D. Beck, P. Dahl.This Week Row 1 - K. Schmidt, S. Edison, C. Culham, V. Thompson. Row 2 - T. Folbrecht, P. Quam, G. Smithback D. Juve, B. Swalheim. Row 3-D. Wilberg, K. Klongland, G. Allen, P. Sveum, B. Daemmrich. Science Club Row 1 - C. Hoel, Pres.; D. Meyer, Vice-Pres.; J. Reiser, Sec - Treas. Row 2 - C. Culham, C. Bennett, M. Anderson. Row 3-D. Foss, K. Baumgartner, G. Smithback, B. Daemmrich, W. Amundson. Row 4 -M. Beaster, J. Melhuse, J. Martin, D. Dahl, J. Eugster.Spanish Club Row 1 - C. O’Connell, M. Jacobsen, L. Wersland, N. Nettum, K. Kvalhelm, D. Johnson, R. Johnson, A. Cable, C. Peterson. Row 2 - J. Knipfer,D. Nettum, D. Parish, M. nderson, A. Anderson, J. Hillery, K. Brantmeyer, L. Blandford, S. Carpenter. Row 3 - B. Backus, J. Lacy, J. Matson, C. Hougan, D. Lozotte, P. Backus, C. Finder J. Wickline, C. Jerdee, L. Jacobson, D. Hull. Row 4 - D. Gunnelson, B. Stiklestad, C. Wood, P. Swalheim, J. Dougall, P. Bothum, P. Dougall, S. Dyreson, A. Beckwith, E. Kvalheim. Red Cross • Row 1 - T. Johnson, Pres.; M. Kittleson, Vlce-Pres.; M. Bothum, Sec.; R. Gates, Treas. Row 2 - C. O’ Connell, S. Showers, B. Barnett, E. Coviello, C. Sankbell, L. Wersland, J. Obrecht. Row 3 - J. Ylvisaker, K. Miller, P. Thompson, L. Jacobson, K. Brantmeyer, C. Myhre, G. Nyhagen. Row 4 - B. Stiklestad, P. Bothum, L. Dahl, W. Harvey, A. Brantmeyer, A. Quam, K. Paulson, S. AndersoiuMary Kittleson Co-Editor In Chief Debbie Swalhiem Faculty Tim Smith Sports Y ahara 71 Editors Mr. Fortney Advisor Bill Amundson Cover Cindy Culham Features Karen Paulson Co-Editor In Chief Theresa Johnson Seniors Kathy Bullock Classes Jeff Gunsolus OrganizationsRatatosk Editors J. Strandlie, B. Daemmrich, C. Hoel, M. Pfaffenbach. Ratatosk Staff Row 1 - G. Hanson, T. Smith, G. Eggleson, B. Swalheim, B. Mikkleson, C. Wood. Row 2 - J. Buskager, R. Kluever, G. Smithback. K. Martinaz, S. Gardner, D. Engsberg, C. Wikum. Row 3-N. Brekken, W. Finder, D. Hudkins, P. Norgaren, S. Peterson, P. Havey, S. White, S. Nelson.Pep Club Row 1 - P. Johnson, B. Kennedy, D. Nelson, B. Barnett, J. Kortte, C. Couch, A. Anderson, J. Wickline, Row 2 - D. Parish, N. Nettum, K. Schmidt, M. Ellingson, N, Olson, J, Knipfer, J. Vale, G, Nyhagen, D. Oster-berg, M. Ellingson, V. Thompson, L, Vandrell, Row 3-D, Thompson, K. Couch, J. Lacy, D, Arneson, P. Schmudlach, C. Rlgdon, S. Quam, R. McLeish, G. Sigurslid, L, Rowe, L. Blandford, S. Edison. Row 4 - K. Baumgartner, B. Stiklestad, R. Harms, S. Reimann, K. Skavlen, M. Kittleson, G. Eggleson, B, Amundson, J. Matson, C. Godleski, S. Midthun. Row 5 - B, Marks, K. Johnson, K. Smithback, S. Halverson, T, Folbrecht, J. Hoffman, P. Dahl, J. Reiser, S. Mathison, T. Smith, C. Reiser, K, Moen, D. Lazotte. GFW Row 1 - M. Kittleson, Pres.; S. Edison, Vice-Pres.; P. Johnson, Treas.; N. Nettum, Sec. Row 2 - B. Barnett, D. Nelson, S. Teigen, K, Schmidt, J. Vale, B. Kennedy, S. Larson, M. F ivreau. Row 3 - J. Hoffman, J. Knipfer, B. Kong, J. Lacy, G. Sigurslid, M. Pfaffenbach, L. Blandford, L. Rowe, R. Holzhuter. Row 4 - K Couch, C. Vike, D. Parish, P. Hoff, M. Anderson, S. Olson, G. Eggleson, J. Matson, P. Backus, G. Thompson. Row 4 -j. Kortte, C. Couch, B. Rindt, B. Stiklestad, K. Paulson, J. Wickline B. Backus, K. Baumgartner, a. Anderson.Varsity Cheerleaders Bonnie Kong, Gail Sigurslid, Myra Pfaffenbach, Jane Matson, Cheryl Vike, Jane Lacy, Karen Couch, Louise Blandford, Sue Smith J.V. Cheerleaders Pam Natvig Debbie Hvam Barb Bronte Sharon Lauretic Karen JohnsonAthletic Board D. Vike, G. Hanson; Absent: C. Gallagher. “S” Club Row 1 - T. Smith, Vice Pres.; D. Vike, Pres.; D. Wilberg, Treas.; B. Swalheim. Row 2 - J. Hoffman, B. Daemmrich, T. Folbrecht, J. Nelson, G. Haugen, D. Beck, P. Norgaren, R. Kluever, D Mulder, B. Harvey. Row 3 - C. Heinemann, R. Nelson, S. Nelson, D. Schumann, V. Skidmore, T. Hanson, L. Reimann, G. Fur-seth, S. Jones, A. Brantmeyer. Row 4 - L. Nelson, L. Femrite, K. Nelson, G. Allen, E. Legreid, M. Krisman, D. Stronach, J. Martin, G. Silbaughn, R. Fuller, W. Trow. Row 5 - K. Bullock, P. Dahl, B. Skinner, J. Spangler, K. Nelson, M. Christianson, S. Roberts, G. Swenson, W. Harvey. Row 6 - D. Vike, S. Knickmeier, M. Rorge, J. Wood, R. Lacy, D. Horn, S. Mathison, D. Murphy, D. Rambo, T. Dyreson.The 1970 Purple Gang The Stoughton Viking Football Team; Row 1 : G. Allen, C. Gallagher, V. Skidmore, T. Smith, T. Dyreson, B. Harvey, P. Dahl, G. Swenson; Row 2 : D. Vike, D. Rambo, T. Fol-brecht, J. Hoffman, D. Murphy, K. Heineman, D. Allen, R. Lock; Row 3: R. Clausen, F. Link, J. Spangler, T . Hanson, D. Schuman, D. Everett, B. Skinner; Row 4: D. Gibbon, P. Sveum, J. Martin, B. Daemmrich, D. Vike, J. Skidmore, K. Nelson, L. Femrite; Row 5 : D. Hanson, D. Beck, G. Hanson, W. Finder, R. Wyrick, D. Wilberg, P. Norgaren, K. Bullock. PURPLE GANG LEADERSI!!! STOUGHTON 0 WATERTOWN 22 STOUGHTON 0 JEFFERSON 10 STOUGHTON 14 MONROE 14 STOUGHTON 16 SUN PRAIRIE 40 STOUGHTON 0 FORT ATKINSON 35 STOUGHTON 12 EDGERTON 21 STOUGHTON 0 MIDDLETON 41 STOUGHTON 6 MONONA GROVE 48Junior Varsity Looks To Another Season Row 1 - G. Hanson, R. Lock, D, Fuller, L. Femrite. D. Vike, K. Comstock, S. Onsrud, J, Halverson, Row 2 - R, Lippitt, J. Norland, D. Her gen roe the r, L. Peterson, P, Tyler, D. Juve, C. Gyland, D, Stockstad. Row 3 - B, Skinner, T. Jensen, R. Clausen, M. Bakken, D. Nygaard, B. Koenig, B. Myrland. Row 4 - T. Shackelton, S. Topfer, M. Chritton, M. Mattison. Our Team Machine JV FOOTBALL Stoughton 8 Jefferson o 20 Monroe 14 16 Sun Prairie 16 6 Fort Atkinson 14 28 Edgerton 0 16 Middleton 19 Monona GroveMighty Senior Gridiron Dennis Vike John Hoffman Co-Captain Vince Skidmore Paul Dahl Terry Folbrecht Tim Smith Co-CaptainKnows Where The Action Is! Bill Harvey Tim Dyreson Glenn Allen Dennis Rambo Greg Swenson Dennis Murphy Absent when pictures were taken were Clyde Gallagher and Royce Berberich.Action Comes In Many Forms ACTION comes in foreign forms. ACTION COMING UP!!!! (OR ACTION IN THE AIR?) ACTION with the ball. HAVE A BITE OF THE DUST! AND AWAY WE GO. . . ACTION EVERYWHERE!!!!!Harriers Run To Victory Row 1 - D. Stronach, G. Quam, S. Linnerud, S. Knickmeier, M. Silbaugh. Row 2 - Coach T. Lawrence, M. Krisman, T, Jenson, J. Wood, K. Nelson, S. Jones,1971 Basketball Machine Row 1 P. Sveum, D, Wilberg, R» Mabie, T. Smith, J. Hoffman. S. Mathison, R. Kluever Row 2 Assistant Coach T. Lawrence, D. Murphy, J. Wood, Coach L. Marshall. P. Dahl, W. Trow, G. Haugen, D Vike, P. Norgaren, SCORES FOR THE 1970-1971 SEASON STOUGHTON 35 BARABOO 51 STOUGHTON 55 JANESVILLE CRAIG 68 STOUGHTON 53 MIDDLETON 55 STOUGHTON 49 DODGEVILLE 65 STOUGHTON 87 EDGERTON 69 STOUGHTON 67 JEFFERSON 50 STOUGHTON 66 MONROE 79 STOUGHTON 56 FORT ATKINSON 83 STOUGHTON 62 SUN PRAIRIE 81 STOUGHTON 48 MONONA GROVE 69 STOUGHTON 65 EDGEWOOD 78 STOUGHTON 66 MIDDLETON 64 STOUGHTON 64 EDGERTON 48 STOUGHTON 58 JEFFERSON 59 STOUGHTON 55 MONROE 56 STOUGHTON 50 FORT ATKINSON 69 STOUGHTON 56 SUN PRAIRIE 89 STOUGHTON 47 MONONA GROVE 51 STOUGHTON 50 DISTRICTS 90ock It To ‘Em In “72” JUNIOR VARSITY 1970-1971 STOUGHTON 37 BARABOO 59 STOUGHTON 56 JANESVILLE 57 STOUGHTON 36 MIDDLETON 48 STOUGHTON 38 DODGEVILLE 65 STOUGHTON 35 EDGERTON 40 STOUGHTON 61 JEFFERSON 47 STOUGHTON 62 MONROE 64 STOUGHTON 54 FORT ATKINSON 57 STOUGHTON 56 SUN PRAIRIE 60 STOUGHTON 44 MONONA GROVE 55 STOUGHTON 41 EDGEWOOD 66 STOUGHTON 59 MIDDLETON 54 STOUGHTON 47 EDGERTON 33 STOUGHTON 46 JEFFERSON 42 STOUGHTON 51 MONROE 81 STOUGHTON 42 FORT ATKINSON 40 STOUGHTON 47 SUN PRAIRIE 64 STOUGHTON 44 MONONA GROVE 53 There'll be no dance tonight boys, unless, 1970-71 Dennis Murphy Co-Captain Senior Jeff Wood John Hoffman Paul Dahl Co-CaptainTim Smith Greg Hougan Steve Mathison Dennis Vlke MiiRound Bailers Roll Again He's spotted his man. Make this freethrow count. You can't win them all. Look out below! I think I can, I think I CAN!!! 1 • A"1 Maybe I can fake them out. Gofoueit! Jfou v oM iddln efUlThe 1971 Musclemen Regional 1970-1971 Stoughton 104 Milton Union 36 Lake Mills 82 Monroe 23 Fort Atkinson 64 Conference Standings Edgerton 52 Cambridge 32 Oconomowoc 19 Madison LaFollette 30 Jefferson 35 Edgerton 28 Stoughton 7-0 Fort Atkinson 24 Jefferson 25 Monroe 6-1 Stoughton Inv. 2nd Deerfield 23 Middleton 4-3 Monona Grove 32 McF arland 21 Fort Atkinson 4-3 Lake Mills 31 Monona Grove 18 Sun Prairie 3-3-1 Menomonie Falls N. 41 Madison East 12 Monona Grove 2-4-1 Iowa Grant 24 Edgerton 1-6 Middleton 34 Jefferson 0-7 Richland Center 27 Madison Invitational Sun Prairie 26 Madison Inv. 1st Stoughton 100 Badger Conference Town. 1st Watertown 63 WIAA Regional 1st Madison LaFollette 52 ' WIAA Sectional 4th Milwaukee West 51 WIAA State Tourn. 3 pts, Madison Memorial 41 Madison East 22 Madison West 19 Senior Grapplers Jon Nelson-Co-Captain Clyde Gallagher- Co-Captain Kevin Hanson Terry FolbrechtCome Through For SHS Al Nettum Bill Harvey Nels Moe Vince Skidmore Rob LacyLooking Forward To 72 Row 1 M. Pfundheller, N. Elsing, K. Stelzer, J. Skidmore, R, Nelson, L. Femrite, S. Peterson. Row 2 Coach Marchionda, B. Hasz, B. Skinner, S. Moe, S. Linderud, R. Lock, T. Eugster. JV VARSITY SCORES Stoughton 20 39 31 22 36 33 37 31 36 23 26 30 31 MUton 21 Monroe 13 Edgerton 19 Oconomowoc 24 Jefferson 13 Fort Atkinson 10 Fond du Lac 10 Portage 18 Monona Grove 14 Middleton 28 Richland Center 18 Sun Prairie 16 Bellville 10We Like Our TeamSpring Sports - Row 1 R. Comstock, E. Peterson, J. Mat-son, M. Lunde, and J. Norland. Row 2 D. Nelson, M. Swenson, S. Jones, J. Morgan, and M. Pfundheller. Row 1 S. Paschkewite, B. Natvig, S. Sharp, M. Jackson, D. Roe, D. Pirkl, G. Quam. Row 2 P. Umhoefer, G. Anderson, K. Dahl, J. Martin, B. Skinner, M. Crisman.Year Netters “Love All” Row 1: S Onsrud, B. Paris, J. Buskager, M. Peterson, R. Fuller, K. Stelzer, K. Havey, Manager D. Ebneter. Row 2: Coach Mr. Roloff, W. Trow, H. Vetter, R. Kluever, P. Sveum, M. Hermunstad, R. Uen, E. Rowe, K. Shelhamer. Absent: M. McCollock and D. Watson. Tennis Schedule - 1971 April 8 Madison Memorial April 16 Madison LaFollette April 17 Stoughton Invitational April 21 Madison East April 23 Jefferson April 24 Janesville Quad. April 27 Monroe April 30 Sun Prairie May 4 Edgewood May 7 Fort Atkinson May 11 Edgerton May 14 Middleton May 18 Monona Grove May 22 Conference Tournament May 25 Sub-sectional May 28 Sectional June 4-5 StateGolfers Swing Again £ wmmwmm. m. mm Steve Mathison, Eric Legreid, Terry Folbrecht, Dave Horn and Jim Backus. Tim Smith missing from the picture. Golf Schedule -1911 April 14 Lake Mills April 16 Cambridge April 20 Madison Memorial April 23 Jefferson April 26 Monroe April 30 Sun Prairie May 4 LaFollette May 6 Fort Atkinson May 8 Whitev ater lnvit May 10 Edgerton May 14 Middleton May 17 Monona Grove May 21 Conference May 24-25 Regional May 25-30 Sectional June 4-5 SlateHit And Pitch Through Year Row Is G. Swenson, A.Nettum, J. Nelson, D. Stronach, C. Heinemann, D. Vike; Row 2: R. Wersland, M. Halverson, D. Vike, R. Lippitt. R, Lacy, J. Martin, K. Bullock. Missing from photo are J. Jones, and R, Clauson. Baseball Schedule - 1971 April 6 April 14 April 20 April 23 April 27 April 30 May 3 May 7 May 11 May 14 May 18 May 22-29 May 31 June 3-5 June 10-11 Cambridge Whitewater McFarland Jefferson Monroe Sun Prairie McFarland Fort Atkinson Edgerton Middleton Monona Grove Sub-regional Regional Sectional StateTrack Welcomes Spring Row Is B. Daemmrich, J. Spangler, D. Parish, D. Johnson, D. Everett; Row 2: D. Roberts, R. Mabie, D. Bitter, K. Koelher, T. Jensen, G. Keebaugh, K. Comstock; Row 3: J. Ross, G. Whitford,-B. Hoyer, M. Jedlicka, K. Nelson, DJDavis, R. Lock; Row 4: S. Peterson, J. Halverson, G. Silbaugh, J. Bricker, K Christianson, M. Christianson. Track Schedule - 1971 May 28 Regional June 1 Sectional June 4 and 5 State Beloit Catholic Edgerton Sun Prairie Monroe, Oregon Fort Invitational Brodhead Stoughton Invitational McFarland, Middleton Delavan-Darien Invitational Jefferson Conference Meet Fresh-Soph Meet April 13 April 16 April 22 April 27 May 1 May 4 May 7 May 11 May 14 May 18 May 21 May 25Homecoming ’70 Monday September 21 started out this year's Homecoming Week with ‘color day' where the students wore our school colors; Northwestern Purple and White. On Court Initiation Day, Wednesday, the court was dressed In ridiculous costumes. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night all the classes could be found at work on the floats. In the cow barns at the fairgrounds. This year the Junior High also constructed a float to compete with High School floats. Thursday night the parade began at 7:00 p.m. with the floats, Viking Band, Norse Band, and the Court. Members of the court consisted of Bonnie Kong escorted by John Hoffman, Myra Pffaffenbach escorted by Tim Smith, Kim Hergenroether escorted by Dennis Murphy, Patti Norland escorted by Clyde Gallagher, our AFS student Emilia Covelllo escorted by Vince Skidmore, and our 1970 Homecoming Queen Karen Ber sing escorted by King Dennis Vike. Following the parade was the pap rally with guest speaker John Skaar. Tills year an old tradition was brought back, a snake dance following the pep rally. Despite rainy weather Friday nite, the Viking team played one of Its best games of the year, tying 14-14 against Monroe. TTie spirit stayed during the whole game with the crowd cheering on the players. The Saturday night theme for Homecoming 1970 was “Closer to Home." “Hie Fox" was featured at the dance that began at 9 p.m. The Grand March was at 10 p.m. when Queen KarenKim Dennis Bonnie John Homecoming 3ueen Karen King Dennis Patti Clyde Emelia Vince CourtHomecoming Bonnie Kong Kim Hergenroether Our AFS Student Girls Emilia CoveilloCloser To Home Queen KarenWe ll Always Remember_ OUR 1971 PROM For some girls - the first formal dress. And for some of the young men, the first really big date! That was what we thought . • . until the prom was cancelled. But finally, arrangements were made for a semblance of a prom ... in the high school commons . . . void of the usual facets associated with high school proms. Anyway, we'll always rememberA Time For UsSpoon Spade Spade- Dick Wilberg Spoon- Pam Natvig Gary Hanson, luck wiiDerg, Sue Edison, Dale Johnson, Deb Gunnelson, Jeff Martin, Bob Daemmrich.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SENIORS Bill Amundson Ardis Beckwith Honors Banquet Doug Dahl Tim Dyreson Dale Ehle Cindy Everson Terry Folbrecht Jeanine Gilbert Jeff Gun sol us Linda Hale Ross Harms Greg Haugen Karla Hayter Barb Hiles Jane Hillery Joan Holcomb L Jean Jacobson Cathy Jerdee Terry Johnson Dennis Juve Juanene Kivett Jo Knipfer Elise Kvalheim Steve Mathison Sharia Miller Gwenn Nyhagen Karen Paulson Myra Pfaffenbach Marj Pfundheller Geraldine Rynes Cindy Scheldrup Erline Schenk Bonnie Stiklestad JUNIORS Theresa Adler Karen Couch Bob Daemmerich Sue Edison Nancy Evenson Marsha Foss Debbie Gunnel son Sue Halverson Jackie Hoffman Kathy Kvalheim Pam Natvig Dianne Nettum Dick Wilberg SPOON Pam Natvig SPADE Dick Wilberg BADGER GIRLS STATE Sue Edison Debbie Gunnelson GOOD CITIZENSHIP LIONS DEPARTMENT AWARDS Barb Daemmerich Gary Kennedy Mary Kittleson Dennie Ram bo Cindy Sankbeil Bonnie Smithback Vicki Smithback Alan Wikum Jeff Wood Julie Ylvisaker Agriculture Art Business Education English Foreign Lnaguage Home Economics Industrial Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies Speech-Drama Alan Wikum Gary Kennedy Angelea Bronson Marj Pfundheller Geraldine Rynes Bonnie Smithback Mark Rosenbaum Tim Dyreson Terry Johnson Bill Amundson Brenda Marks ARION AWARDS AMERICAN LEGION SCHOOL AWARD Instrumental Bill Amundson Linda Hale Vocal Brenda Marks NATIONAL OBSERVER award Julie Peterson Scholarship ROTARY AWARDS Jane Hillery Jo Knipfer Brenda Marks Gwenn Nyhagen Myra Pfaffenbach JESSE MOORE Bill Amundson Jo Knipfer Sharia Miller Gwenn Nyhagen Marj Pfundheller Erline Schenk ROTARY Dale Ehle Steve Mathison Jane Hillery Elise Kvalheim Bonnie Stiklestad LIONS Ardis Beckwith Jeanine Gilbert Terry Johnson Myra Pfaffenbach Cindy Scheldrup BEN WAITE Cindy Everson NELSON MUFFLER Greg Haugen Doug Dahl Barb Hiles UNIROYAL Terry Folbrecht JAYCETTES JAYCEES IDA OSTERHELD HOSPITAL AUXILARY ANDREW CALHOUN CHRIST LUTHERAN JAMES WILLIAMS BLUE STOCKING m.f.a. PHILO NEW CENTURY FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN F.H.A. MIKE HANSON OBED NOREM Janice Vetter Tim Dyreson Karen Paulson Geraldine Rynes Jeff Gunsolus Julie Peterson Linda Hale Sue Nelson Cathy Jerdee Joan Holcomb Cheryl Vike Gary Kennedy Ross Harms Mary Kittleson Dennis Rambo Lianne Grefsheim BADGER BOYS STATE Bob Daemmerich Gary Hanson Dale Johnson Jeff Martin Dick WilbergRow 1 T. Folbrecht. C. Scheldrup, S. Mathison, G. Hougan, J. Gilbert, T. Dyreson, and D. Ehle. Row 2 K. Paulson, J. Gunsolus, J. Hillery, L. Hale, R. Harms, D. Juve. Row 3 M. Pfundheller, M. Pfaffenbach, B. Stiklestad, E. Schenck, S. Miller, E. Kvalheim, and I. Knipfer. Row 2 K. Paulson, J. Gunsolus, J. Hillery , L. Hale, R. Harms, and D. Juve. Row 4 G. Rynes, T. Johnson, A. Beckwith, B. Hiles, Honored Students J. Holcomb, K. Jerdee, and G. Nyhagen. Row 5 D. Dahl, B. Amundson, C. Everson, J. Kivett, and K. Hayter. Row 1 G. Kennedy, M. Rosenbaum, A. Wikum, B. Smith-back, and S. Nelson. Row 2 D. Rambo, B. Marks, V. Smithback, C. Vike, M. Kittleson, and C. Sankbeil. Row 3 J. Wood, J. Vetter, J. Ylvisaker, A. Bronson, and J. Peterson. Row 1 K. Kvalheim, K. Couch, M. Foss, and D. Nettum. Row 2 D. Wilberg, P. Natvig, S. Edison, D. Gunnelson, and B. Daemmrich. Row 3 S. Halverson, T. Adler, N. Everson, and J. Hoff-“Back In The Good Old ” How Mr. Jarvis loved us. Remember those parties afterwards - Myra? Miss Hips “herself. ' Barefoot boys with cheeks of tan. •Matt and Kitty. Tubing down the River. • • Raisin Rangier. Back Jerome - Back! 11Students Are Our Business. . . Mr. Charles Martin Principal Mr. Kenneth Peth Asst. Principal Mrs. Shirley Slinde Principal's Secretary Our Only Business Mr. Louis Halverson Mr. Donald Stecbauer Guidance CounselorsMrs. Marilyn Pauli Mrs. Dorothy Hanson Librarians Mrs. Anna Wersland, Mrs. Eva Simonson, Mrs. Maxine Thompson, Mrs. Marion Leek, Mrs. Bernice Hartwig, Mrs. Anna Wersland, Mrs. Rose Ann Lund. ill Mr. Larry Marshall Driver’s Education. Mr. William Gibbon Special Education Mr. George Wersland, Mr. Johan Tenjum, MV. Clifford Bakken, Mr. Howard Arneson, Mr. Archie Lawrence.English Mr. Larry Shumate Mrs. Jeanette Carpenter Mrs. Phyllis Norem Mr. Kenneth Lawrence Mr. Tom Barken Mr. Steven Fortney History - Mr. Tom Hotter Mrs. Susan Slinde Mr. Tom Lawrence Mr. Roger Roloff Mr. Irwin Fuller Mr. Joseph Kubale Language Mrs. Sally Proster Mrs. Marita Wedeward Home Economics Mrs. Barbara Mathiot Mrs. Coleen GregorlchArt Mr. James Siggelkow Mrs. Joan Ronca Mrs. Linda Rutcowsky, Mrs. Jeannette Brewster, Mrs. Doris Barry, Mr. Robert Wilde. Music Mr. Timothy Baltzer Mr. Roger Gohlke Phy. Ed. - Miss Jeanne Reek Mr. La Verne Pieper Mr. John Smillie, Mr. Brad Hubing, Mr. Erwin Lee, Student Teacher Mr. Ron Sellnay, Mr. John Zenner, Mr. Douglas MacKenzie, Mr. Dan Meyer.Womens Liberation Just another satisfied cook. Would Be The salad makers from Seaven Seas. Proud Another “Fool proof" recipelll Of Just two more rough, red dishpan hands. This could be our “Last Supper." Are you sure this is boiling hot? •---------------■ - Remember too many cooks spoil the meal. Our SchoolClass Will I, GARY AABERG, will all my rotten luck to anyone who deserves it. I, TOM ADLER, will my wild nights in ‘‘Cooks ville" to anyone who is big enough to handle them. I, JIM AHLGRIM, will Mr. Wilde's Accounting Class to anyone who has the stomach to take it. I, GLENN ALLEN, will fifth hour chorus to Nancy Evenson because of her adoration to Mr. Baltzer. I, DALE ALME, will my mustang to anybody who thinks Ford has a better idea. I, BILL AMUNDSON, will two barbeques, a hamburger with pickles, an order of fries, and a dime beer to go to little Gary Hanson. I, ANDREA ANDERSON, will all the Janesville Craig Guys to Cathy, Sharon, and Dianne. I, BRUCE ANDERSON, will finally get out of this place to be with Vic Asperheim. I, JERRY ANDERSON, will a wig to Quin Anderson. I, MARLENE ANDERSON, will my truck and the pick of Ralph and Otto, to Marilyn Hellickson. I, MARK ARNESON, will my volleyball talents to anyone who can handle it. I, NANCY ARNESON, will my place in the can to Leo Rausch or Randy Erickson. I, BONNY BACKUS, will always remember the good times I had with Rocky Wyrick. I, PENNY BACKUS, will my sore feet from working at the Wisconsin football games to Kathy Lausch and Janice Carr. I, BARB BARNETT, will Scott Stensaas and Dave Stronach a driver's license immediately upon turning 16, and hope these next two years go slow for them. I, CINDY BARRETT, will my tan chevy to Nancy Schimelfenig and all the fun times I had in it. I, KARLA BAUMGARTNER, will my experience as the first girl to be escorted to Winter Carnival on a snowmobile to anyone who can stand the cold. I, MARK BEASTER, will my fantastic, unbelieveable, blotto track letter to Terry Misgen. I, ARDIS BECKWITH, will Runty Louise a better volleyball team. I, CAROL BENNETT, will Greg Christopher my super chevy, so he will make it to school everyday next year. I, KAREN BERSING, will Barb Rindt my tent and Steve Bersing the hot Chevy n. I, NORMAN BREKKEN, will my black rubber marks in the back parking lot to Mr. Martin. I, ANGELA BRONSON, will my ability in passing a car and two pairs of keys to my brother, John. I, KATHY BULLOCK, will Jeff Martin a new pink shirt so he can live up to his title of “Rasberries.” Keep up the good work with TGL, Ras! I, MARK CHRISTIANSON, will my auto-air conditioner to that sweet innocent girl, Lynn Squire. I, DAVE CLARK, will Scott Nelson a pair of boxing gloves. I, EMILIA COVIELLO, will my Italian accent to anyone who needs it. I, CINDY CULHAM, will Mike Olson and Dick Wilberg a permanent outside permit from fun loving Physics class. I, BARB DAE MM RICH, will all my composure in the episode of the dark nursery and evening prowler, to Cyd Fritch. I, WALLACE DAFFNER, will the back room at Club Barber to Dennis Parish. I, RITA DAGGETT, will senior fun times to any class in need of some ‘class'. I, DOUG DAHL, will overcome the repressive anti-intellectual spirit of this institution which attempted to destroy my creative spirit. I, PAUL DAHL, will my modest red balljets and creative drives to Dale Vike or Pedro N., so that they may get along with Bucky in their future trials and tribulations with the man. I, TIM DAVIS, will my great art ability to Duane Anderson and Andy Bo 11 and. I, BOB DIETZMAN, will my great fixing ability of sanders and such to Gary Furseth and Stacy Martin. I, TIM DYRESON, will one more year of sleep in Prxor T. Smith, Jr’s, class to Dick Wilberg. I, DALE EHLEj will will Debbie Uterrfiark, a Midie, for use at Student Council meetings. 1, BOB EHLE, will the days of slow to Meg and Barb. I, KRIS ELVEKROG, will myself to Denny. I, BONNIE ENGSBERG, will my volleyball abilities to Linda Rutlin and mv Friday nites to Terri Misgen. JANE ERICKSON and SUE HALVERSON, will “Frankie and Johnny" to Sue Reid and Sue Smith for future reference. I, JOHN EUGSTER, will my great love of sports, lettermen, and some coaches to my favorite cheerleader and Norwegian Dancer, Karen Johnson. I, CINDY EVERSON, will my glorious noon hours in Mr. Gohlke’s office to anyone who wants to buy him milk. I, RONALD FANKHAUSER, will a jar of hair grease to Quin Anderson. I, TOM FEMRITE, will my English grades to Phil Anderson. I, WAYNE FEMRITE, will my G.T.O. to anybody who can afford it. I, TERRY FOLBRECHT, will Sue Edison all the male problems she can handle. I, DAVE FOSS, have nothing to will. I, KRIS FULLER, will Fort Atkinson to Mary Rosenbaum in hopes that she finds happiness there. I, KRIS FURSETH, will my first ticket for display in the High School trophy case. I, CLYDE GALLAGHER, will my athletic injuries to my brother, Duane. I, JEANIE GILBERT will my Homemaking abilities to anyone who wants them. I, BEV GILBERTSON, will Peter Quam my red car. I, JEFF GUNSOLUS, will my trombone to Rick Mabie so that he has to play next year and my locker to my ‘sister.’ I, LINDA HALE, will my bent batons and ripped flags to the majorette who catches them. I, ROSS HARMS, will my Tuesday night drives to anyone who likes to have fun. I, WAYNE HARVEY, will my humor to the Sophomore class, they need all the help they can get. I, BILL HARVEY, will my fast ‘smash' car to any junior who can handle it. I, GREG HAUGEN, will Mike Criman all my basketball talent and my seat on the bench. I, BONNIE HAVEY, will my policy of L £nd L on weekends to Penny, Sally, and Theresa; also the name Romeo to Randy Erickson. I, DENNIS HAVEY, will my good looks and my car to Bonnie Engsberg. I, KARLA HAY TER, will my best ability in Orchestra to Vaughan S., Harold V., Darlene L., Ruth H., Carol N., Cathy G., Vicki T., and Paul U. I, KIM HERGENROETHER, will Jane Matson the ‘Hotter and Fuller' part of the day - 5th hour. I, JANE HILLERY, will many good times in Band to Ruth Holzhuter, compliments and patched gym shorts to Cathy Rigdon, long talks and organization to Mr. G., and S.C. to anyone who will take it. I,CORT HOEL, will even on weekends. I, JOHN HOFFMAN, will Pete ‘eater' Norgaren my lucky wallet and its contents in order that he may never have sleepless nights again from being unsure. I, JOAN HOLCOMB, will all my school spirit to Mr. Fortney. I, DAVE HORN, will Mike Crisman my fantastic golfing ability and many happy moments with Uncle Milfy. I, JON1 HOUGAN, will all my cooking abilities to Jane Matson and Connie Couch and all the luck in the world to their future husbands who ever they may be. I, PAT HOUGAN, will Mr. Kleuver and a lot of fun rides to Bruce Jacobsen and Jerry Draper. I, BRIAN HOYER, will my heads up attitude and alertness to Roger Williams. I, DEAN HUNT, will my 57 chevy ‘Blue Demon to anyone who thinks they can handle it. I, L’JEAN JACOBSON, will all my wild weekends, my Thursday night seat at the Badger Theater, and, of course, my friend Jimmy to Lynn Jacobson, in hopes that she will not lose her head during her three years at S.H.S. I, CATHY JERDEE, will Eric Legreid many happy pas-de-basques. I, ED JOHNSON, will driving ability, not Pontiac, and Cyd Fritch to Bob Daemmrich. I, RANDY JOHNSON, will my friends to anybody who needs to be cut. I, ROBIN JOHNSON, will my fantastic drinking abilities to Harvey Monson. lf TERRY JOHNSON, will Sally Carpenter two good knees, a senior year, and a mother named ‘Mrs. I, THERESA JOHNSON, will Mayre Bothum nothing because she has everything. I, DANN JUDD, will my shot glasses to Tom Bates. I, DEBBIE JUSTINGER, will any senior of 72 my Econ. class in hopes that they got the guts to take it. I, DENNIS JUVE, will what ever I have to anyone that wants it. I, GARY KENNEDY, will Sue E. my past experiences in Play Production. I, MARY KITTLESON, will all my Monday mornings to any girl who has a hard weekend. I, JUANENE KTVETT, will Rocky Wyrick an apple a day. I, STEVE KNICKMEIER, will Harvey Monson a Bible in hopes that he wUl lead the good life. I, JO KNIPFER, will to my associate Connie Couch, concessions, smiles, happy memories, and many pas-de-basques. I, AMY KOBER, will that Mrs. Rutcosky never forget 7th hour Office Practice and the famous K.S.. A.L., and J.K. comer; and to help remind her I will her my wig; and to La von Jenson I will my driving ability? I, BONNIE KONG, will Pam Natvig a little turtle hoping he doesn’t bite her too much. I, JUDY KORTTE, will 5000 paddleballs to Kent and Bob, and my driving abilities to Tom and Bob. I, ELISE KVALHEIM, will Runty better finger coordination. I, MARK KVALHEIM, will Steve Bersing my drivers license until he thinks he s ready to get his own. I, ROBERT LACY, will my hands to Mr. MacKenzie because they turn out only quality work. I, STEVE LEIKNESS, will my albums to Larry Femrite so he doesn’t have to sit in my bedroom to cut a smoke. I, DEBBIE LOVICK, wUl my nights at home to Ernie Stacey and my parking place to Shan Fuller if she can get away with it. I, JOEY MAERZ, will my drinking ability to Larry Femrite. I, JOHN MALONEY, will to all schoolmates whose motto was borrow, borrow, borrow . k ., and I leave nothing, nothing, nothing. I, JIM MARTIN, will my thread ‘man from glad coat. I, STEVE MATHISON, will my padded basketball seat on the bench to Dick Wilberg. I, CINDY MATTISON, will all my skipping talents to anyone who can do as well as I did. I, DIONNE MCGRAW, will my days of skipping talents to Mark Mattison and hoping he won’t get caught. I, JON MELHUSE, will a job at S S and all the neat things that ya learn out there to Mickey Beaster. I, DAVE MEYR, will all my back issues of Mr. Wizard magazine to Mr. Francis Edward Gregorich. I, ROGER MID THUN, will my driving ability to Phil Anderson. I, SHARLA MILLER, will ‘The Art of Having Fun to Ruth Holzhuter, Debbie Thompson, Margie Thompson, and Cyd Fritch. I, NELS MOE, will how to make a screw driver in Metals class to my little buddy Jim ‘Ernie Hougan. I, DENNIS MURPHY, will my brilliant ingenuity in catching girls to Jim Hergenroether. I, TERRY MURPHY, will Brad Natvig my locker with the secret compartment on the second shelf for whatever he has that he wants to hide from the school officials. I, CHRIS MYHRE, will my position on the duck to Vicki Vedvig; my off! And a lemon tree to number 67. I, KIRK NELSON, will my fantastic speed to Greg Keeball in hopes that he dazzles Mr. Lawrence. 1, JOHN NELSON will my weekends at the cabin to Rickie Ronnie Nelson whoever else comes out. I, SUE NELSON, will castle and the lake parties to any true lake kid. I, ALVIN NETTUM, will my ‘Mountain Dew drinking ability to Rickie Nelson. I, PATTI NORLAND, will my rambler scrambler to my brother Jim and a bottle of green 7-up to anyone who can handle it. I, GWENN NYHAGEN, will any part in the band to Jackie and Sharon if they can move fast enough to get it. I, JULIE OBRECHT, will all the great times in Spanish class and fond memories (?) of Jeff to Cathy Rigdon. I, DAVE OLSON, will Mr. Peth one pack of Marlboro's and a bus ride to Alaska. I, DEBBIE PARISH, will my chair in choir to Karen Couch, my giggles to Mary Jo May and Linda Miller, and also my seat on the bus to Don Marsh. I, KAREN PAULSON, will one note to Warren Finder, while he s sitting on the bench, and a fun dancing tour next year - since I made sure he didn't have one this year. I, THERESA PEDERSON, will all the fun I had as a senior to all the bored juniors who don't know what they're getting themselves in for. I, JILL PETERSON, will all my senior year weekends to Julie McCarthy. I, JULIE PETERSON, will Mary Rosenbaum all my noon hours and all the happiness in the future. I, MYRA PFAFFENBACH, will next yearg dancing tour to Gail Sigurslid in hopes that my ‘’partner" turns into hers, right Ras? I, MARJIE PFUNDHELLER, will if I get the chance.I, ARLENE QUAM, will all my camping experiences to all those who want to have a great time and my Junior Forrest Rangers to Mary Rosenbaum. I, WAYNE QUAM, will Mr. Peth to anyone who skips.. I, JOE RADECKI, will nothing to know one. I, PHYLLIS RAISBECK, will my good personality to J. Johnson who needs one very badly. I, DENNIS RAMBO, will our great camping days to Dave Beck, Gary Hanson, Gary Smithback, and Phillip Sveum in hope that there will be many more. I, LUCY REE, will all my good times and bad to Harvey, Danny, Mike, Kevin, Dick, Doug, and Steve Harried. I, LES REIMANN, will all the fun I had here at Stoughton High to all the staff, seniors, juniors, and sophmores of next year. I, GAIL RHYNER, will Thursday nights (G.A.A.) to Debi Siebert, Shan Fuller, and Pat Lemonds. I,-DOUG RINDEN, will Mrs. Ronca a good student like I was. I, VINCE RINDEN, will my unicycle to my friend Steve Breyman. I, BOB RINDT, will my perfect record to the huskiest man on campus, Steve Bersing. I, STEVE ROBERTS, will the best wishes to Gerri Matthews. I, GLORIA RONEID, will all far out times to Sandy Sproul, Janet Urish, and Kris Wersland, who have their licenses to put up with me. I, MIKE RORGE, will Johnson's Foce to anybody who will take it. I, EDWARD ROWE, wiH all the good times I had my last year to the future seniors. I, SHARON RUSTAD, will a certain green station wagon, my old white ford and all the fun times in a certain little town to Nancy and Mary Schimelfenig. I, GERALDINE RYNES, will all of this year's skirts and dresses to my sister, Nancy. I, CINDY SANKBEIL, will my great ability with the boys to Sue R., Marsha F., Sue S., Mary Lou M., Vicki T., and any other unfortunate soul. And my braces to Gail S. I, MARK SANKBEIL, will my sister to who ever will take her. I, TOM SCHEEL, will my great studying ability to Phil Anderson. I, CINDY SCHELDRUP, will if my mother will let me. I, ERLINE SCHENCK, will my orange gym socks to Kevin Gassen, I, LAURIE SCHREIBER, will my body to science. I, JEFF SCHROETER, will be bery happy when I graduate. I, BARB SCHWENN. will my happy senior year to Peter Quam. I, PAM SHACKLETON, will my fantastic driving abilities to Doug Bradley, and to everyone who was in my car on the fatal day I got gas. I, SUE SHOWERS, will the song “Red Red Wine" to Becky Grefshiem and all the memories that goes with that song. I, VINCE SKIDMORE, will be president one day. I, GARY SLETTUM, will my Business English knowledge to Kris Lunde ‘the little flirt of SHS.‘ I, TIM SMITH, will my 6:00 a.m. trip home from Pino's to Jeff Martin in the hope that he'll try it sometime. I, BONNIE SMITHBACK, will charming Marsha Ross charm school. I, VICKI SMITHBACK, will all the senior parties and the great times of your senior year to Sue Reid, Sue Smith, and Marsha Foss. I, BERLIN SORNSON, will my car to the old folks home. I, JANE SPERLE, will Judy Anderson my green beast for all needed rides to school next year. I, BONNIE STIKLESTAD, will all my charm or lack of it to Char Anderson. I, JAN STRANDLIE, will all the atoms in the high school to Peter Drotning, in hopes that he'll put them to good use, after mastering chemistry. I, LINDA SUNNE, will to Sue Dietzman my Shorthand n book and a lot of luck. I, DEBBY SWALHEIM, will my ability to get my driver license to my brother Bob. I, DENNIS SWALHEIM, will my brains in Spanish to Mark Peterson. I, GREG SWENSON, will my great hitting ability to Burt Ladd. I, LINDA TEIGEN, will my luck with the Stoughton police to Sherry Teigen. I, PAT THOMPSON, will a lonely locker and lonely breaks between classes to Wayne Trow. I, RENE' URSINO, will to Laura and Dennis Borman my good driving techniques, they don't make 'em like they used to. I, CHERYL VIKE, will all my athletic abilities to my brother Dale. I, DENNIS VIKE, will Bear Nora Nelson my greatness in football and baseball if he can handle it. I. SHERI WALKER, will Rick Knowing to Chris Myhre. I, ROGER WERSLAND, will Mrs. Slinde's homeroom to any up-coming Sophmore class who is able to take it. I SANDY WETTIAL, will my numble typing fingers and my mathmatical accounting ability to Sue Dietzman. I, DENNIS WHITE, will my favorite parking spot at the outdoor to Meg Favreau. I, ALLAN WIKUM, will all future students to Madison on certain Friday nights. I, BONITA WILD, will my school books to anyone who wants them. I, JEFF WOOD, will my old basketball, track, and baseball shoes to anyone who can fill them. I, JULIE YLVISAKER, will all my sore necks I received from looking up, to any tall girl who's never experienced them. I, JULIE YOUNGMAN, will Mike Olson all the work he wants at IGA.Class Prophecy The year is 1976 - the place, the Stoughton Junior Fair. IPs now been five years since we've graduated. Every year the class, no matter how spread over the continents, always seems to find their way back to town about this time. As we enter the fair we find GARY KENNEDY directing traffic. How come we're so crowded and look over there, there's cars in the river. Come on, Gary, you better keep your eyes on what you're doing and forget the pretty farm girl. Oh, I guess it's not his fault. There's a gigantic car pile up involving BEV GILBERTSON, BARB SCHWENN, BONITA WILD. They'll never learn to slow down. As we near the livestock barns we smell the distinct odor of _. And there's MARY KITTLESON-FURSETH cleaning the barns and saying, "I knew I should have stayed off the farm." Meanwhile ALAN WIKUM TOM FEMRITE are trying to rid the cattle barns of the chaos created during the busy milking schedule. As we proceed we're surprised by the sound of trumpets and who do we see but BONNIE STIKLESTAD, Queen of the Stoughton Jr. Fair. But who's playing the trumpets-it's WAYNE HARVEY-playing both of them? We now hear the groan of a pregnant cow in the background. Suddenly we hear the nay of a horse and the words,"Clear the way for Dr. CINDY CULHAM." And who's that taking the cow's pulse - it's CATHY JERDEE. We depart from the cattle barns and head toward the sewing pavillion. Is that a mannequin in the window-no, it's MARJIE PFUND-HELLER, modeling the latest in farm apparell. Soon we hear the words "Attention Please, Attention, Please-would the seamtress owning a pair of homemade panty hose please report to the sewing pavillion at this time." and who comes along but JILL PETERSON. Well, the gang is getting hungry so we all gather at the Coke tent. But besides serving, Coke, "Tombstone Pizza is now on the menu this year. And who's sitting at the picnic table green as can be with her bottle of Alka-Seltzer but THERESA JOHNSON. Suddenly we're moved along by a sudden odor-that's alright Theresa. Again this year, there are many advertising booths under the grandstand. We come to the VINCE SKIDMORE Insurance booth and he's just talked another person into an insurance policy, while CHERYL VIKE, his able assistant, hands out pamphlets. He always was a fast talker wasn't he, Cheryl? Now we move on to the snowmobile booth. Would you believe EDDIE ROWE and DEANNE HULL have formed a partnership and are now multimillionares. As Eddie races around the fairgrounds, Deanne sings over the loudspeaker "This is the year of the Cat." Soon we find objection from JOE "Snowmobile" RADECKI. And there's WALLY DAFFNER trying to figure out which end of the carmel apple to eat first. The red part, Wally, the red part! The soft-sweet sound of organ music fills the air, but suddenly the mood is changed and JANICE VETTER attacks the keys to the tune of stripper, SHARON "Gypsy Rose" RUSTAI S theme song. And who are the boys (I mean men) who are drooling and jumping up and down but none other than MARK ARNESON, MIKE HEINZROTH, MARKSANKBEIL,and DAVE MEYER. And now we come upon a ride, the Ferris wheel, run by DAVID OLSON; he always did know how to give the girls a good ride. Look who's stuck at the top of the wheel but BARB DAEMMRICH and SHARLA MILLER. Barb's still trying to figure how to get down but Sharia says "Pve spent my whole weeks egg allowance and Pm not getting down." DAN JUDD just won a little bag of fish "Don't eat 'em Dan, don't eat 'em!" We now proceed to the Swami Tent where DIONNE MC GRAW is handing out "tiny" bits of wisdom to JON MALONEY and VICKI SMITHBACK. Was it 5f? In the distance we see a campaign wagon with the slogan "A pick up for evey kid'Mt's KIRK NELSON, he's running for commissioner of buses. And who's in his campaign band and chorus. The band consists of such talent as DOUG DAHL on the tamborine, ED JOHNSON on the sax, SUE LANSVERK on the drums, and GLORIA RONEID on the accordian, all playing "Roll Out The Barrell" while the chorus which consists of JO KNIPFER, KATHY SCHMIDT, JUDY KORTTE, and ARLENE QUAM, sing "Stardust." We see a new pavillion, JACKIE OUTHOUSE, has just opened up her own place. Outside of it stands DENNIS HAVEY yelling "Hurry up NORMAN (BREKKEN), hurry up." From within the walls we hear a voice say "I am doing . . . the best I can . . . Dennis." Some of us want to go on a ride and we see that DENNIS VIKE is one step ahead of us-he's perched on the scrambler with all his chicks. Speaking of chicks who do we see running the kissing booths, but BONNIE and PENNY BACKUS. Boy what a line up. And who's standing in line but DAVID FOSS, JIM BACKUS, MARK BEASTER, ROBIN JOHNSON, and STEVE KNICKMEIR. Who's that pushing his way up front-it's PAUL DAHL. The boys always did have a hard time telling them apart. Now we head up toward the Grand stand to see the tractor pull. We walk in to see it's really getting tense. BOB DIETZMAN, JERRY ANDERSON, DALE ALME, and NELS MOE are still in the running. I wonder who will come out on top. Just a minute, what's going on, someone just ran in front of one of the tractors-it's GERALDINE RYNES. I wonder where she's running to. Well, I guess we won't find out who'll win, we have to move on. Who's that selling concessions, why it's ALVIN NETTUM-I wonder what Alvin's selling? And here comes LINDA TEIGEN and KRIS FURSETH eating cotton candy. No girls-don't put it in your hair—A very special addition has come to the Stoughton Jr. Fair. We are magnetically drawn to the fascinating and exciting music. There are outbursts of laughter plus screaming and fighting-what are they doing in there, let's go in for a closer look. Would you believe it's a Beer Tent? We see ROSS HARMS checking CD's. I guess anyone can get a job nowdays. We decide to explore this place further by lifting a few glasses. And who is here but our friendly bartenders DENNIS JUVE and MIKE RORGE. Mike, you decided to follow in your family's footsteps. We I onder over this great decision, what are we going to have-since we're in a beer tent we decide on Beer. Our waitresses BONNIE KONG and BRENDA MARKS come to take our order. Soon our refreshments arrive and we just can't contain ourselves and we splurge on a nickel tip (to split between the 2 waitresses). As we calmly sip our "juice" a fight breaks out in the back. Naturally it's over a girl, our old classmate DEB PARISH. And who are the 2 boys fighting but GARY AABERG and STEVE ELDRED. It seems she created a conflict in her schedule. Fists are flying and suddenly the sound of a siren pierces our ears. Police officer RANDY JOHNSON pulls out his speaker and says "Let me advise you of your rights—, you have the right to remain silent. . . " His voice drifts off and suddenly through the tent roof comes the "Feared Fuzz of Stoton," Lieutenant Brian Hoyer. They procede to check for fake ID's and uncover the dishonesty of TERRY JOHNSON, ARDIS BECKWITH, NANCY BARBER, ROGER MIDTHUN and ROB LACY. As the riot quells the old atmosphere returns and a line of chours girls pop out from under the bar courtesy of LUCY REE, CINDY SANKBEIL, NANCY ARNESON, and RITA DAGGETT. And behind them their manager JOHN REISER: Whois oviously skilled at picking up rare talent. One of the girls tosses her garter in to the crowd. Who catches it but VINCE RINDEN, no Vince you don’t wear it around your neck. From a far corner in the beer tent comes the anguishing scream from JON MELHUSE. Who lost another quarter in-the crap game to the master mind TERRY MURPHY. Who’s still making a bet on that last throw, to it’s JIM MARTIN MARK KVALHEIM. The time is drawing near for the top entertainment of the evening consisting of many local stars who have played the clubs across the county, known as the “Tobacco Circuit.” Our first star of the eveining is the yodelling whiz from Stoughton - MYRA PFAFFENBACH. Accompainied by TIM SMITH on the Bongo drums. TTiey make quite an interesting combination. And next that wild fire from Cooksville, LESTER SKOIEN, doing his famous imitations of farm animals. To conclude this lineup of stars, that tape dancing devil, DAVE CLARK. What a way to end the evening. As we are about to leave the tent a wiggly figure is lieing on the ground, to our dismay we find its KEVIN HANSON who has slid down the ladder of success. Our Mickey Mouse watch tells us it's almost 9 o’clock. Now we see a huge gathering around the drinking tent. Who's that we see going down for the 63rd time, it's KATHY BULLOCK. Why isn’t this stand making any money? We look around the comer only to find L’JEAN JACOBSON handing out free baseballs to all the passerbys. Why is L’Jean wearing that strange smile? We look in our pockets and pull out another dime for a ride. Tiiis time we choose the Spook House. We purchase our tickets from JOHN EUGSTER who’s still wearing that look of Frankeinstein. As our little car speeds us into the house, we are greeted by TERRY EIFERT. Our car comes to a sereaching halt as CINDY MATTISON jumps our from the shadows saying “Your money or your life.” We decided to give her the rest of our carmel com instead. As we near the end of our ride we are vicously attacked by ROGER WERSLAND, whose wearing some kind of weird uniform trembling and tongue tied we departed from the Spook House. And as we are standing there conversing quietly some one comes up and taps our sholders. ’Party at LINDA SUNNE’S, DEBBIE SWALHEIM, and ANGELA BRONSON,’telling us to be sure and be there or we might miss something. And CORT HOEL heard it! Awe-Oh, He and BOB EHLE are running to the parking lot. And who do we find cuddled in the back seat of Cort’s car but JANE HILLERY JEFF GUNSOLUS (and their carmel com. We never could tell what that smaklng was from. Keeping the thought of the party in mind we hear the cry of Women's Liberation from JOHN HOFFMAN and hes crews of CINDY SCHELDRUP PATTI NORLAND, and SUE HALVERSON. And who is picketing the booth but GWENN NYHAGEN and her 13 offspring. TTie roar of motors, a cloud of dust, and the sereaching of rubber announces the arrival of the Stoughton Sissy Riders. Ma Sissy, (BARB BARNETT) yells out the orders to Boss Sissy (DALE EHLE). Their followers procede to carry out the orders who are GREG SWENSON (Mat the Rat), ANDREA ANDERSON (Kitty), TOM ADLER (Baby Face), SUE NELSON (Nelson), DENNIS MURPHY (Romeo) and KIM HERGEN-ROTHER (Juliet). And the 2 newest members JULIE YLVISAKER (Blondie), and JEFF WOOD (Dagwood.) Look at the uniforms' they’re wearing - so thats where Roger’s been. At knife point they try to make MARLENE ANDERSON, KARLA BAUMGARTNER, and CAROL BENNET to join, but they completely refuse. And there’s PATTY THOMPSON still trying to mold her sno-cone into a basketball. As always there’s a serious side to a night full of fun - we realize that at the fair one can get their free yearly chest x-ray. We all march over and find KAREN PAULSEN handing out the white robes to her customers. At the screen is JON NELSON, and Karen says (“As you predicted Jon, your chest is in good working order.” Right behind him is CLYDE GALLAGER, Yes, Karen agrees that this is the closest she’s come to perfection yet. We’ve been on our feet all day and decided to give our souls a little food. We wander over the the movie tent where Rabbi DENNIS SWA LHE IM is presenting tonights main feature of the Broadway Hit “You and Your Bar Mitzvah.” Starring Academy Award winners CINDY BARRET AND JIM A LG RIM, and co-starring RON FANKHAUSER, WAYNE FEMRITE and introducing to the s c r e e n TOM RINDAHL. This movie is being sponsored by the Stoughton Skull Cap Corp. - LES REIMAN; President and TIM DAVIS Vice President. We now seat ourselves and are immediately waited upon by JOAN HOLCOMB, BARB HILES, and BONNIE CHASE, a trio of dedicated waitresses. Tonight’s special beverage is Kosher Root Beer. After downing 3 gallons of that delicious green root beer, the lights go off. The crowd becomes silent, and the Rabbi hollers, “that damn projector never works!” The lights come on, the crowd screams and we depart heading for more action. We soon hear an Italian accent calling; B-4, 0-6 . . not so fast EMILIA (COVIELLO), not so fast. Soon someone hollers from the rear of the tent, BINGO! It’s DAVE HORN, and he’s won his third grocery basket for the night. Now the 147 game of the night is about to resume and we find that STEVE LEIKNESS is playing with 11 cards and he hasn’t any corn left, don’t eat it Steve, don’t eat it. Suddenly through the sense night air comes a husky, “Bingo”. And it's GRANT SCHIELDT and he just won another pair of JILL PETERSON’S panty hose. TTiey really wear don’t they Grant . . . ? And the hours march on ... It’s now a quarter of ten and things are getting a little tense in the Bingo tent, and at last “BINGO” hits the air again, but this time 2 people said it — PHYLLIS RAISBECK and STEVE MAAS. Now they're arguing about who's going to try to take one of the grocery baskets away from DAVE HORN. We soon tire of this type of entertainment and our stomachs begin to growl. We now head towards the dairy bar, but first we decide to look at the farm machinery. We come upon one of the newer models of tobacco planters and who are the demonstrators — why it’s JANE ERICKSON and JEFF SCHROETER. But look who their driver is — GLENN ALLEN, why is the tractor jerking so much - oh you’ve killed it for the 48th time - take the brake off Glenn, take the brake off! Some of us are more interested in machinery to keep the crops irrigated. Say BILL HARVEY is that why you keep SUE SHOWERS working on your farm? Suddenly we hear another piercing scream - another one? Boy one thing you got to say for night air it really turns on the screamers. We look in the direction of the hay balers and we hear “My foot’s caught, my foot’s caught,” wails KRIS ELVEKROG. Suddenly we hear the pounding of hoofs and heavy panting or is it feet? Why its DALE BRUHEIM, KEN WHALEY, and DOUG RINDEN - come to the rescue. And suddenly we hear, “they saved her, they saved her,” - cries SHERI WALKER wiping the tear from her eyes. Hours seem to pass, it must be at least 10 after 10. Well, we finally decide to make our way to the Dairy Bar. Behind the counter CHRIS MYHRE, who still doesn’t know the difference between a nickel and a dime - 5 cents Chris, 5 cents. Keeping that written on her hand she waits on her customers. Leaving nothing to chance, she checks the correct change with her multiplication tables. We look behing the screens into the kitchen to find RENEURSINO and PAM SCHACKLETON frying hamburgers. Oh No, Pam just dropped one on the floor - oops there it goes on the bun — Oh there’s our friendly malted milk makers, the dairy queens themselves, JULIE OBRECHT and BONNIE SMITHBACK. O.K. Bonnie, caught you now - that’s not moo-juice goong in there. Suddenly we hear the thump of a limp body on the roof of the dairy bar - oh look, its KEVIN HANSON and he just rolled into THERESA JOHNSON’S Tombstone Pizza, ick!! But now we see that DENNIS WHITE, MARK ROSENBAUM, WAYNE QUAM and JEFF NATVIG are picking him up and taking him to the rehabilitation tent. I guess that’s the last we’ll see of him. Finally our orders are ready and the cool, refreshing taste of popsicles melts in our mouth. As we enjoy them, we listen to the melodius melodies of the past, sung by the trio of TIM DYRESON, DEBBIE LOVICK and JEFF.WRIGHT, accompanied by THERESA PEDERSON on the harpsichord, JANIS STRANDLIE, on the saxaphone, and LAURIE SCHREIBER on the chimes. They really do make beautiful music together. Suddenly on the PA system a motherly voice says, “It’s curfew time TERREJNCE.” (FOLBRECHT) We hear a moan from the background and the angry words “Oh Mother - you said I could stay out till 10:30 tonight.’’ As we all know growing boys must have their sleep. It’s getting near that twilight hour (10:15), and we see many people departing from the fairgrounds. We see JUANENE KIVETT, CINDY EVERSON, LINDA LAWRENCE and BONNIE HAVEY sprinting away. We know they have places to go and people to meet. We decide to hit the big event of the night - the baby animal tent. We see entries from all comers of Stoughton. One key entry is by LINDA HALE, and her Skipperkeys - what ever that is. Next we see DEAN HUNT and his famous hunting hounds. Nice dogs, Dean. And there’s AMY KOEBER and ELISE KVALHEIM, autographing their No. 1 bestseller, “How to Raise Gerbels Without Really Trying.-’ Their work speaks for them, a semi-truck full of Gerbels. Suddenly - a procession goes through the animal tent consisting of JEANIE GILBERT and BILLY AMUNDSON wearing their deluxe crown and robe set from Pranges. And who will be the next lucky winner of the deluxe set? Behind them are their ardent admirers and fans MARK CHRISTIANSON, STEVE MATHISON, JULIE PETERSON, JULIE YOUNGMAN, and their most faithful follower, BRUCE ANDERSON n. We turn our attention back to the animals. The HOUGAN cousins, PAT and JONI surprise us with their famous, “Guppy Dance,” along with STEVE ROBERTS and JOE MAERZ portraying Jerry and George Guppy, its called the “Guppy Gait.” Oh no - here comes another procession it’s even bigger and better, too. Why its KAREN BERSING and she’s got the super deluxe crown and wand set (it’s from Pranges, of course). And of course she has many ardent admirers too! Her court consists of DEBBIE ARNOLD, JEFF BERG, CHERYL CHAMBERLAIN, GREG HAUGEN, DEBBIE JUSTINGER, BOB RINDT, and the fan closest to her heart MASTER DENNIS RAMBO. Well, this tent has become tiring too- two processions are just to much for one night. We decide it’s best to head for home - after all its 11:00 o’clock and there's a full moon. As we walk past the cattle bams the night air is again pierced with screams - we look up, only to find the cattle barn roofs are covered with people! And what are they doing? They’re playing follow-the-leader, (they’re rejects from the rehabilitation tent); headed by GARY SLETTUM, and his followere KRIS FULLER, BERLIN SORNSON, BONNIE ENGSBERG, ERLINE SCHENCK, and KARLA HAYTER. Gary turns around and says, 'Who’s holding us up?” And Karla tells him, “It’s peeping TOM SCHEEL looking at all the naked cows.” Tom snaps back, “Pm just trying to do my own thing.” We say our farewells to this band of madcaps and depart for the parking lot. Who do we find trying to the trunk of her car open? Why it’s JANE SPERLE. Like the good classmates we are we lend a helping hand. Suddenly the trunk pops open and our jumps - Oh no! -not again — Kevin? How did he get those fourteen chorus girls in there? At least - it sobered him up -maybe we’ll be safe walking the streets tonight. Well Fair - Farewell -- See you again next summer.Norse rrr onesOnly Just Begun A kiss for luck and we’re on our way Before the rising sun -we fly, So many roads to choose We start out walking and learn to run. And yes, We’ve Just Begun. Sharing horizons that are new to us, new to us, Watching the signs along the way Talking it over just the two of us, Working together day to day - together together And when the evening comes we smile, So much of life ahead We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow We’ve Only Just Begun. Senior Class Song We’ve Only Just Begun to live, White lace and promises We’ve School Songs Hail to thee O Stoughton High May our voices ever sing Praise to thee, Stoughton High All Hail to thee. Then hurrah for the purple and white We will stand by our colors forever We'll back the with all of our might We will conquer all for them. They never shall suffer defeat When upheld by our loyal endeavor Our colors shall never be beat Purple and White For them we’ll fight We’ll win forever. Go Stoton Vikings, Fight for Victory With our colors flying we will cheer you all the way -u-rah-rah Go Stoton Vikings, fight for victory Fight for the fame of our fair name Stoton Vikings win this game. Go you Vikings, go Go you Vikings, go Shoot em high, hit em low Go you Vikings, go. Go Stoton Vikings, fight for victory With our colors flying we will cheer you all the way -u-rah-rah Go Stoton Vikings, fight for victory Fight for the fame of our fair name Stoton Vikings win this game.

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