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YAHARA 1970 Stoughton High School Stoughton, Wisconsin We of the 1970 Yahara staff hope that this yearbook will bring back many pleasant memories of our high school years. It has been our goal to produce for the students at S.H.S., especially the seniors, a book which will be cherished for years to come. Let this Yahara be a constant reminder of the countless achievements attained during this year.We, as members of the Senior Class of 1970, take pride in dedicating this year's Yahara to Mr. Roger Gohlke. We are very fortunate to have 1 in our school, men and women who are willing to devote their time and talents toward improving school spirit. Mr. Gohlke, is not only concerned with the students as musicians, but equally so as individuals. Under his direction, the Viking Band has won repeated awards, k His Pep Band and Dance Band have been superb - I L we are all proud of them. We appreciate, and A IL thank, Mr. Gohlke for all of the guidance and M inspiration he has given us. US.H.S. Students Show Their ConcernOf Modern Education E C T Queen GailHOMECOMING COURT Jode Ketchum escorted by Curt Burmiester Lesa Nelson escorted by Dean BrusegarFirst Place Float-Seniors Homecoming Royalty Homecoming 1969 i Sophomore Class Float Homecoming, 69, began on Thursday, October 9, with a parade and a pep assembly. The pep assembly was highlighted by the introduction of the Homecoming Court. Reigning over the festivities were Queen Gail Vale and King Bob Chritton. Members of the court were AFS Student Rosalie Keating escorted by Rob Offerdahl; Jode Ketchum escorted by Curt Burmiester, Lesa Nelson escorted by Dean Brusegar; Pegge Norland escorted by LaVerne Nelson; and Becca Sundby escorted by Jamie Benson. Rainy weather failed to dampen the spirit of many of the fans on Friday night as the Vikings took on the Middleton Cardinals. 'Hie Vikings played a hard gams, but were unable to come up with a victory as they lost 28-0. The Rums and Coke played for the post game dance. The finale of the Homecoming was the semi-formal dance on Saturday night featuring “Otto and the 7 Sensations.” Homecoming '69 proved a great success. Junior Class FloatTheresa Johnson escorted by Clyde Gallagher Prom Jane Hillery escorted by Jeff Gunsolus Laurie Schrieber escorted by Bob CoxCourt Kim Hergenroether escorted by Dennis MurphyA Time For Us Reigning over the 1970 Prom, “A Time For Us," was Queen Jeannie Gilbert and King Bill Amundson. Members of the court were, Bob Cox (Spade) and Laurie Schrieber; Kevin Hanson and L'Jean Jacobson (Spoon); Jon Nelson and Bonnie Kong; Dennis Murphy and Kim Hergenroether; Clyde Gallagher and Theresa Johnson; and Jeff Gunsolus and Jane Hillery. The evening started with Grand March at ten-thirty with approximately sixty-eight couples. Members of the Prom Court were the last to be introduced, followed by Tammy Hubing and Jeff Martin as crownbearers. Jeannie and Bill were crowned as Queen and King by 1969 s King and Queen; Dave Linderud and Chris Comstock. Making Prom a success were all the students on different committees. General Chairman of Prom was Junior Class President Dennis Rambo. Other committee chairmen were Dale Ehle, construction; Kathy Bullock and Dale Ehle, decorations; Gween Nyhagen, publicity; Karen Paulson, entertainment; and Myra Pfaffenbach, serving. Prom wouldn't have been a success if it wasn't for our advisors: Mrs. Ronca, Mr. Hubing and Mr. Fortney. Roger Hoi ten provided entertainment for Prom and “Sound Street" provided music for Post Prom. Following Post Prom the movie, "Daddy's Gone A Hunting," was shown at the Badger Theatre. Serving committee couples were Warren Finder and Gail Thompson; Dave Shuman and Jackie Hoffman; Dick Wilberg and Mag Taureau; Bob Deammrich and Joyce Malinowski; Gary Hansen and Becky Grefsheim; and Kevin Bullock and Cathy Martinez.Class Of 1970 Mark Hale He has a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade and a hand to execute. Class Presldent-2,4; Norse Dancers-3.4; “3’ Club-2, 3,4; A’ Cappella-2,3,4; Treasurer-4; Association -2,3,4; Basketball-2,3,4; Tennis-2,3,4; Musical-2,3, 4. Paul Selbo Give him a few years and he’ll win that Oscar yet. Class Vice - Presldent-4; "3’ Club - 3,4; Sportsman Club-2; Viking Band-2,3,4; A’Capella-2,3,4; Parrot-4; Assoclatlon-3,4; Literary Magazine-4 Editor in -Chief-4; Football - 2,3,4; Wrestling - 2,3,4; Golf -2,3,4; Intramurals-4; Badger Boy’s State-3; Mu l-cals-2,3,4; Dramatics-2,3, 4. Terri L. Thompson She’s just a half-pint, but of what? Class Secretary-4; Philo -3,4, -3,4; Spanish Club - 2,3,4 Secretary-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; A’Cappella-2,3,4; Parrot-4; Yahara-4 Organization Editor-4; NHV-3; Musical -2,3,4. Priscilla Mae Pcton She’s not a musician, she’s the whole brass band. Class Treasurer-3,4; Philo -3,4 Treasurer-4; AFS-3, 4; Dramatics-2; G.A.A.-2, 3,4; Viking Band - 2,3,4; Majorette-3,4; Pep Band -2,3,4; Forensics - 3,4; A’Cappella-3,4 Secretary -4; Parrot-3,4; Yahara-3,4 Editor-In-Chief - 4; Association - 2,3 Secretary-3; GFW - 4; Musical - 3,4; Folksingers - 3; Literary Magazine-3; Madrigal-4. Class Flower: Forget - Me - Not Class Song: ' Let There Be Peace On Earth" Class Motto: "I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed." Booker T. WashingtonAnnette Gail Aaberg »e says little but thinks more. FHA-2,3 Reporter-3. David Francis Adams Not those that soar, but those that plod their rugged way are heros. Transfer-3; Dramatics-4; P a r r o t-4; Assoclatlon-4; Discussion Club-3,4 Vlce-Presldent-3. Charles M. Ahlgrim School's alright but the hunting season's better. Sportsman Club-2; Chess Club-2; Wrestllng-2. Daniel Charles Allen Pd rather hug a football than anything else I know. “£?' Club - 4; Sportsman Club-2,3; Football-2,3,4. D. Joy Allen Her report card is like the first page of a dictionary -all A's. Philo-3,4; FTA-3; FHA-2; G.A.A. - 2,3; NHV - 3; National Honor Society-3,4. Gail Jeanette Allen Good nature is always good company. Red Cross -3,4 Treasurer -3 President-4; Association-2. Jerry Alme A man of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows. Student Council-4 President-4; ”9' Club - 2,4; Archery Club-3; Football -2,3,4; Wrestling - 2,3,4 Captain-4; Track-2; Prom Court-3. DC Karen Louise Amble Music is my native language. G.A.A.-2; Association-2,4; Chess Club-3.Kathryn Lynn Amble You mean there are subjects besides boys? G.A.A. - 2; Ski Club -2; Associatlon-3. Deborah Lynn Anderson Love for one, friends to some, good will for all. FHA - 2; G.A.A.-3; A’Cap-pella-2; Archery - 3. Eldcn LeRcy Anderson, Jr. When on the farm do as the farmers do, when in the city do as you please. Science Club - 2; Viking Band-2,3,4; Dance Band-2, 3,4; Pep Band-3,4. Hope Lucelle Anderson She doesn’t try to be good, she just Is. Karen Marie Anderson Her motto is quietness. Teresa A. Anderson A still mouth catches no flies. Transfer-3; MFA-3. Lynn Arneson She enjoys her horse shows. Librarians-2,3,4; A’Cap-pella-2,3,4; Associatlon-2, 3. Mary Arneson Mary, Mary, quite con- trary; where does your wisdom grow? Philo-3,4 President - 4; FTA-3,4 Treasurer-3 Vice Presidnet-4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; National Honor Society-3,4 Vicki Lynn Asperheim Blonde; not lightheaded! Red Cross-3; G.A.A.-4; Association-2. Gloria Jean Bascombe The gleaming image of happiness. Red Cross-3; AFS-3; FTA -2; G.A.A.-2; Viking Band -3,4; Parrot-4; Yahara-4; Discussion Club-3. Jean Marie Baum Too late come; too soon out of circulation. Transfer-4; Red Cross-4. Kurt Edward Baumgartner Don't take life seriously; you'll never get out alive! Science Club-2,3; Intramu-rals-4. Arlene L. Beckwith OH, those out of town boys! Viking Band-2,3,4; Discussion Club-4. Jane Olive Bennett Not much for Chit Chat but she sure can talk! Spanish Club-2,3,4; G.A.A. -2,3,4; A'Cappella-2; Discussion Club-4. James D. Benson He passes left, he passes right, he starts at the game and continues all night. Club-3,4; Sportsman Club - 2; Association-3; Football-2,3,4; Basketball -2; Baseball - 2; Intramurals - 3; Homecoming Court-4. Audrey M. Berg Into everything, out of none - this girl will always have her fun. Philo - 3,4; FTA - 3,4 Historian-3 President-4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; A'Cappella -2; National Honor Society -3,4; Spoon-3; Prom Court -3.Anita Catherine Bolland She never has to plan or think on what she wants to say; it just comes out in a very well mannered way. Student Council-3,4 Vice-President -3; Philo - 3,4 Vice-President-4; AFS-4; Librarians-2; Spanish Club -2,3,4; FTA-4; G.A.A.-2, 3,4 Secretary-3; Yahara-4; Friendship Club - 3; National Honor Society-3,4. Jean Marie Brantmeyer You never see me taking life lying down cause Pll always wear a smile -never a frown. Transfer-2; FHA-2,3,4 Secretary - Treasurer - 4; G.A.A.-4; NHV-2. Douglas James Briggs Now and then a collison occurs when another driver and I go for the same ped-destrian. Sportsman Club-2,3; Football-2,3,4; Wrestling-2,3, 4; Baseball-2,3,4. Betty Lou Brown With those who are silent -you only wonder what they think. FHA-3,4 Secretary-4; NHV -3,4. Lorraine Karen Brown Years may come - years may go, She’s Always a friend - never a foe. Philo-3,4; Librarians-2, 3,4 Secretary-3; FHa-4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Ski Club-3; NHV-3,4 Secretary-Treasurer - 4; Discussion Club-4. Mary Eflen Brown Though many a guy will give her the eye, she'll think of him and just pass them by. AFS-4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Association-2,3,4. Marsha Bruheim You'll never find me getting in anyone's way. FHA-2. Dean Thomas Brusegar If Pve only one life, let me live it with a blonde. “S' Club-3,4 President-4; Sportsman Club-2,3; Football-2,3,4; Intramurals -2,3,4; Homecoming Court -4.Thomas R. Brusegar Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow there may be a law against it. Sportsman Club - 2, 3; Wrestling-2,3,4. Curt A. Burmeister Life’s no better if we worry, Life’s no better if we hurry. Athletic Board-2,4 Vice-President-4; "S’ Club-2, 2,4; Sportsman Club-2,3; Football-2,3,4; Basketball Football-2,3,4 Captain-4; Basketball-2,3; Track-2; Homecoming Court-4. Steve Christensen Work fascinates me, I could sit and look at it for hours. Sportsman Club-2,3; Association-2. Raymond Christianson Bum and Pll bum with you; study and you’ll study alone FFA-2,3,4; Sportsman Club -3; Intramurals-2,3,4. Robert Chritton He favors not the five day week, but the five day weekend. Athletic Board-3,4; "S’ Club - 2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3; Football-2,3,4 Captain-4; Wrestling-2,3, 4 Captain-4; Track-2; Badger Boys State-3; Homecoming Court-4; Prom Court-3. Christine L. Comstock GiVe some drivers an inch and they’ll take a fender. Transfer-2; AFS-3,4; FTA 3,4 : G.A.A.-3,4; Parrot -3,4 Sports Editor-4; Ya-hara-3,4; Friendship Club -3; G.F.W.-4; Prom Queen -3. Teresa Coon Just being happy is a good time. Transfer-3.Casey Lee Couch There are three great men In this world . . . me . . . and I forgot the other two. Sportsman Club-3; A’Cap-pella-2,3,4 President-4; Discussion Club-2,3; Association-3,4 President-4; Musical-2,3,4; Task Force -3. Colleen Marie Cox Her happiness is a result of being too busy to be miserable. Philo-3,4; AFS-3; Libra-rians-2,3,4; FHA-2,3 President - 3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; National Honor Society-3, 4. Greg Crews Pm not really so tall, everyone else is just short. Patricia Ann Deegan Gay and witty, full of chat, these are the qualities of our Pat. Student Council - 4; AF S-4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Ski Club-3,4; Association-2. Johnny J. Drcgsvold Work is the greatest thing in the world so we should always save some for tomorrow. Sportsman Club-3. Judy Kay Durrant It’s the little things that count - look at me. MFA-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Dance Band -4; Pep Band-4; Association-3; Musical-2.Ronald L. Ellis Pll be out in five minutes fellas, I gotta do my homework. Chess Club-2 Vice-President-2. Jane Paulette Elvekrog It's better to wear out than rust out. Librarians-2,3; G.A.A.-2, 3,4; Association-3; Dis -cussion Club-3,4; Histo-rian-3,4. Earlene Erickson Her frowns are few and far between, her beaming smile is always seen. MFA- 2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Parrot-4; Yahara-4; Chess Club-3. Larry A. Erickson Time is told on a man, especially a good time. Sportsman Club-2,3; Ski Club-4; Football-2; Intra-murals-2,3,4. Kathleen Diane Everett All roads lead to Evansville Transfer-3; Philo-4; MFA-3,4; G.A.A.-3,4; Discussion Club-4. Mi MarkW. Everson I beg to differ that point. Norse Dancers-2,3,4; FFA -3,4; Chess Club-3. Rhoda Fankhauser Her words and actions are her own. Transfer-2; Philo-4; FTA -3,4. Victoria Irene Finder Pm from a small town but I have big ideas. Class Treasurer-2; AFS-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band -2; Pep Band-2; Parrot-3, 4 News Editor-4; Yahara -3,4; Association - 2,4; Friendship Club-3; GFW -4; Good Citizenship Award -3. Harold M. Frank Love at first sight is such a time saver. Parrot-3; Association-2,3; Intramurals-2,3,4. Cheryl Lynn Fuller Living in a big way. FHa-2,3; G.A.A.-3.4. Carol Lynn Gander She never has to jump over the net to shake hands. MFA - 2,3 Historian-3; F.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band -2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; NHV-2,4. Tom C. Gassen I know alot but I don’t think of it. Sportsman Club-3; A’Cap-pella-2,3; Discussion Club -2,3; Association-4; Football-3; Wrestling-3; Intramurals-2,3,4. Wendy Marie Gjertson I never dare to be as funny as I can. AFS - 3,4; G.A.A. - 2,3; Parrot-4; Yahara-4 Classes Editor-4; Association -2,3,4. Richard Dale Goecks Thinking is a waste of thought. FFA - 2,3,4 Sentinel -3; Sportsman Club-2; Archery Club-3; Wrestling-2. Kristie Lynn Gunderson Too friendly to have enemies. MFA - 2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Chess Club-3. Dan James Gunnelson Bashful but give him a chance. Student Council-3; Viking Band-2,3,4; Dance Band-2, 3,4; Pep Band-3,4.Barbara Diane Hanson Ready for anything you ask, be It fun or work. Phllo-3; FTA-2; Assocla-tion-3. Philip Dale Hanson After graduation I shall work - that is, if I get enough energy. Sportsman Club-2,3. Dovid Alan Haried I work harder than any other lazy man I know. Basketball-2; Tennis-2,3. Bruce Harms An all around good fellow. “ y» Club-2; Librarians-3, 4 Vice-President-4; Chess Club-3; Wrestllng-2. Margit Helena Haug The harder Itry,thegooder to be, the badder I is. AFS-3,4; Spanish Club-4; G,A.A.-2,3,4; Ski Club-4; Parrot-4; Yahara-4 Senior Editor-4; Association-2,3; Prom Court-3. Delores Evelyn Heath Hey you guys, did you know Pm 21? G.A.A.-2,4; Association-2, 3. Delaine Hellickson Many great men were bashful youths. “S' Club-2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3; Cross Country -2; Wrestling-2,3,4; Track -2. Timothy Philip Hillery Wake me -when we graduate. Association-2,3; Intramu-rals-2,3,4.Kathleen A. Hodge These boots are made for walkin' AFS-3,4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Majorette-2,3,4; 3d Club-2,3; A’Cappella - 2,3,4; Yahara-4; Association-4; NHV-2; Friendship Club-3; Musical-2,3; Madrigal -3,4; Folk Slngers-2,3,4. Thomas F. Holm If my Cornet runs Pm satisfied. Student Counci 1-4; “3’ Club - 2,3,4; Llbrarlans-4; Sportsman Club-2,3; Manager-2,3,4. Jean Ann Hougan It's more fun going the wrong way, isn’t it Jean? Spanish Club-4; FTA-4; FHa-2,3; Secretary - 3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; A’Cappella -2,3,4; Musical-2,3,4. Mary Beth Hudkins My eyes suit my personality, sometimes green, sometimes blue. Student Council - 3,4; Treasurer-4; Philo-3,4; Librarians - 2; Spanish Club-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; A’Cappella - 2,3,4; Musical-3; Madrigals-3. Carolyn J. Hughes Pm positive I saw a vampire. FHA-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; A’ Cappella-2. Michael S. Hull The day begins at 3:40. Sportsman Club - 2; Ski Club-4. Rodney D. Jacobs What Is work when fun lies in view? Sportsman Club - 2,3; Wrestling-2; Tennis-2. Kathie Lee Jacobsen Pm not saying anything, Pm just talking. AFS-3; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Association - 2,3,4; A’ Cappella-2,3,4.David Thomas Jacobson He looks safe and sounds safe, but so does gunpowder Sportsman Club-2,3. Victor G Jacobson What is life without a little mischief? FFA-2,3,4. Wendy Jenson You never know what she’s up to till she does it. Transfer-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Association-2. Charles G. Johnson All great men aren’t 6 feet tall. Transfer-3; Science Club -3 President-3. Gail Marie Johnson Her life has many a hope and aim. Philo-3,4; AFS-3,4; Libra-rians-2,3,4 President-4; MFA - 2,3 Treasurer-3; Forensics-2,3; A’Cappella -3,4. Keith A. Johnson Silence and smiles go well together. Sportsman Club-2,3; Baseball - 3,4; Intramurals-2, 3,4.Larry E. Johnson He seems to be quiet until you see him out of class. Sportsman Club-2; Viking Band-2,3,4; Dance Band-4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Ski Club-3 Peggy Ann Johnson The grass is greener in Evansville. G.A.A.-2,3,4; Association -2,3; Discussion Club-4 Vice-President-4; Musical -2. Linley E. Jungbluth Relax girls, he smiles like that at everyone. Student Council-4; Norse Dancers-3,4; AFS-4; u99 Club-4; Sportsman Club-2; Association-4; Chess Club -3 President-3; Football -2,3,4; Track-2,3,4; Intra-murals-3,4; Prom Court-3 Christine Ann Juve But I know, teacher, I know. FHA - 2,3 Vice-President -3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; A'Cap-pella-2. John Edwcrd Korlslyst Oh Lord, give me an appreciative audience. Association - 2,3; Chess Club-3. Alan Richard Kaupanger You hear that boy laughing, you think he's all fun, but the devil laughs too, at the work he has done. Sportsman Club-2; A'Cap-pella-2,3,4; Association-3, 4; Folk SLngers-2,3,4 President 3,4. Rosalie Gail Keating Real character never shouts but speaks quietly in many different ways. AFS Student-4 AFS Secretary-4; Student Council-4; Philo-4; G.A.A.-4; Parrot -4; Association-4; Homecoming Court-4. Sevie Kenyon Pm perfectly willing to admit that you are wrong and I am right. FFA - 2,3,4 President-4; Football-2,3,4; Track-2.La Vonne Ann Kersten I have a voice but why wear it out? FHa-2,3,4 Treasurer-3 President-4. Johannah R. Ketchum Public energy No. 1!!!! Student Council-2; AFS-2, 3,4; Vice-President -Pre-sident-4; Norse Dancers-2,3,4; Secretary-3; Floor Leader-4; G. A. A.-2,3,4; Association-2,3,4; Cheerleading-2,3,4; Homecoming Court-4. Robert F. Keuper Wljo says musicians are the only people who tune-up? Sportsman Club-2,3,4; Football-2,3,4; Wrestling-2,3,4; Track-2- Jerry F. Knudson Some people have personality, others have intelligence, only a few have both. Sportsman Club-2; Ski Club -3,4; Cross Country-2; Track-2. Catherine R. Kravick Fun is the spice of life; Pve always liked plenty of seasoning. Student Council-3; AFS-3, 4; Spanish Club-4; G.A.A. -2,3,4; A,Cappella-2; Ya-hara Art Editor-4; Association-2,3,4; Friendship Club-3. Marty Lamers I cast my vote for the six day weekend. ‘ 99 Club-4; Sportsman Club-3; Association-4; Car Club-2; Football-2,3,4; Task Force-3. James Leslie Larson None but himself can be his parallel. Red Cross-4; Librarians-2,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Drum Major-3,4; Pep Band -2,3,4; Association-2; NHV -3,4; Discussion Club-3,4 President-3,4; Musical-2, 3; Cheerleading-2; Red Cross Secretary-4. Kristi K. Larson Live while you’re living, you are gonna be dead a long time. Student Council-3; G.A.A. -2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Ski Club-3,4; Association-2.-r . ' Mary A. Lausch A girl with both feet planted firmly on a cloud. Spanish Club-4; FTA-2; G.A.A.-4; A’Cappella-2,3, 4 Vice-President-4; Chess Club-3; Muslcal-3,4. Greg R Layton But officer, it's not really my fault, it’s the tiger they put under the hood. Richard Lee He looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. A’Cappella-3; NHV-3; Car Club-2; Football-3; Intra-murals-2; Baseball-2. Thinking is a waste of thought. Industrial Arts-2; Sportsman Club-3; Viking Band-2,4; Dance Band-4; Manager-4. Richard Paul Larum Phillip Leikness I am only an average man, but I work harder at It than the average man. JoAnn Lien School’s a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t like to study there. Associatlon-2,3. David W. Linderud Everyone thinks this boy Is shy; but deep down inside he’s a real good guy. Athletic Board-4 President -4; S» Club-2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2; Chess Club-3; Cross Country-2; Wrestling -2,3,4; Prom King-3.Margaret A Link Ariot, even when quiet. Philo-3,4; FTA-2,3,4 Secretary-4; G.A.A.-3,4; A’ Cappella-2; Folk Singers -2. David M. Lofrus All out to my house for a party! FFa-2,3,4; Car Club-3, Royal E. Lunde Responsible for the maintenance of the equilibrium of the universe. Steven J Lundgren If at first you don’t succeed—forget it. Car Club-2. Stanley Alan Mabie Always drumming up a good time. Club-2,4; FFA-2,3,4; Vice-President-4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Dance Band-2, 3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Musical-2,3,4; Football-2,3, 4; Track-2,3,4. Conrad C. Marks Liberace was my understudy. Dance Band-2,3,4; A’Cap-pella-3,4; Musical-2,3,4; Badger Boys State-3. Cheri L. Martinez 3ie really can be good - I but who wants to be? AFS-3,4; G.A.A.-2,3; AS- i sociation-2,3,4; Friend- ' ship Club-3; Musical-2,3, -4. Pegcv J Mathiscn Like a tea kettle, always bubbling over. Transfer-2; Philo-4; AFS -3,4; Spanish Club-4 Vice-President-4; G.A.A.-2,3,4 President-4; A’Cappella-2,3,4; Secretary-3; Association-2,3,4.Will Miller They told me to change the car and keep the oil. Car Club-2,3. Kay Ellen Midthun Variety is the spice of life. Philo-3,4; FTA-4; G.A.A. -2,3,4; A’Cappella-2; Association-2,3 ; National Honor Society-3,4; Prom Court-3. Carl E. Mikkelson “Gloria” in Excelsis. FFa-2,3,4. Kathy Ann Moe I really am a good driver, aren't I? Student Council-4; Philo-4; Norse Dancers-2,3,4; AFS-3; MFA-3 Secretary-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Majorette-2,3, 4; Head-4; Pep Band-3,4; Parrot-4; Yahara-4 Features Editor-4; Association -2; Musical-3,4. H w Robert A. Mortenson You can't rise with the larks if you've been out on one the night before. ttSf9 Club-2,3,4; Sportsmans Club-2; Parrot-4; Cross Country-2,3; Basketball-2,3; Tennis-2,3,4; Intramurals-3; Chess Club -3. Toni L. Moreheod My diary would be empty if all I did was study. G.A.A.-2,3; Ski Club-o. Debra Jean Nelson She has no heart, he has it. G.A.A.-4; Association-2; Chess Club-3. Deborah L. Nelson t Life is sweet;- enjoy it -I DO, I DO! Student Councll-2,3 Treasurer-3; AFS-3; G.A.A.-2,3; 3d Club-2,3,4 Secretary-3,4; Friendship Club-3; Cheerleading-2,3,4.Jean L. Nelson If you think she's quiet you don't know her. FHa-2,3. LaVerne C. Nelson, Jr. Twinkle, twinkle football star What a bashful boy you are. Club-3,4; FFA-3; Sportsman's Club-2,3; Association-4; Football-2,3, 4; Baseball-2,3,4; Intra-murals-2,3,4; Homecoming Court-4. Leso Jane Nelson All hurricanes started out small. AFS-3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band-2; Ski Club-2, 3,4; Cheer leading-3,4; Homecoming Court-4. Karine Marie Nettum It's a quiet worker who succeeds. FFA-3, G.A.A.-2,3,4; Association-2,3,4; Task Force-3. Margaret L. Norland Oh, most glorious night, thou wasn't not made for slumber. Student Council-2,3; Philo -3,4; Norse Dancers-3,4; AFS-3,4; Spanish Club-4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band -2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Ski Club-2,3,4; Association-4; Friendship Club-3; Musical -4; Homecoming Court -4. Virgil D. Normington When he gets into a taxicab, they leave the “vacant" sign up. FFA-3. Jerry Obie Offerdabl There must be a lot of words in him because none have ever come out. Viking Band-2,3,4; Dance Band-3; Pep Band-2,3,4; Ski Club-2; Chess Club-3; Football-4; Golf-3. Robert Leonard Offerdahl His favorite occupations -blushing and bluffing. Class Vice-President-2,3; Norse Dancers-2,3,4; “99 Club-2,3,4; Spanish Club -4; Sportsman Club-2; Ya-hara-4 Sport's Editor-4; Football-2,3,4; Basketball -2; Baseball-2,3,4; Intra-murals-4; Badger Boy's State-3; Homecoming Court-4; Prom Court-3.Richard J. Olson Tills guy is a volume if you know how to read him. Sportsman Club-2; Chess Club-3; Cross Country-2; Baseball-2; National Honor Society-3,4; Spade-3; Prom Court-3. Leslie Omit If all High School boys who slept in class were laid end to end they would be much more comfortable. FF A-2,3,4. Connie Onsrud My home is in heaven, Pm just here on a visit. Norse Dancers-4; AFS-3,4 Secretary-3; Spanish Club -3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4 Treasurer-3 Vice-President-4; Viking Band-2,3; Association 2,4. Jacqueline Kay Orcutt “One foot in heaven, the other . . .'• A'Cappella-2,3; Association-2; Chess Club-3 Secretary-Treasurer-3; Mu-sical-3. Estelle Mary Pauli Wit, not loud, but deep. Student Council-4; Philo-4; A F S- 3; Librarians - 2,3,4 Historian-2 President-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Forensics-3; Parrot-3; Yahara-4; Faculty Editor-4; Association -4; Badger Girl's State Alternate-3. James H. Peterson To women I pay no heed; todays plum is tomorrows prune. “S' Club -3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3; Ski Club-4; Wrestling-3; Baseball-2,3, 4; Intramurals-2,3,4. Donna Presby Rumors say that she's not down on boys who come from out of town. Transfer-3; G.A.A.-3,4; Ski Club-3,4; Cheerleading -4. Dennis A. Prochnow I don't say much; I wonder if Pm shy. Ya wanna find out? Norse Dancers-4; Sportsman Club-2; Ski Club-3,4 Sargent of Arms - 3,4; Intramurals-3,4.Claudia Diane Pundt Life is short. Pm here to enjoy it. Robert James Raasch If gentlemen prefer blondes, Pm no gentleman. Sportsman Club-2; Asso-ciation-3. Linda L. Radermacher Need we say all we think? Association - 2; Archery Club-3. Larry Alvin Ramsden Heck, there are too many lights on Main Street. Club-3,4; FFA-2,3,4; Treasurer - 3; Sportsman Club-3; Cross Country-3; Baseball - 2,3,4; Intramu-rals-2,3,4. Peggy Jeanne Reinstad A problem for the U.N. the Atomic Giggle. FTA-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Association-3. Constance Jean Rigdon Laugh and the world laughs with you weep and you get a red nose. AFS-2,4; FTA-3,4; G.A.A. -2,4; Viking Band - 2,3; Parrot-4; Yahara-4; Association-2,4; GFW-4; Mu-slcal-2; Literary Magazine -4. Kathleen Ann Ross “She's just doing her thing.' Student Council-4; Philo-3; Red Cross-3; AFS-3; Librarians - 2,3; MFA - 2; Debate - 2,4; F.A.A. - 2,3; Forensics-3,4; Parrott-3, 4; Edltor-in-Chief-4; Ya-hara-3; NHV-3,4 Vice-President-3 President-4; Friendship Club-3; Discussion Club-3,4 Secretary -3, Treasurer-4; Musical Kurt Mathew Schimelfenig Let the world go by as it may; Pll take it just that way. FFA-3,4; Viking Band-2; Ski Club-2,3,4; A'Cappel-la-2; Wrestling-3.Diane Kay Schumann Life’s most joyous moments are not spent alone. FHA-2; Discussion Club-3. Trudy Marie Siebert She may not always say a lot but you can tell she’s thinking. FHA-3; G.A.A.-2 Mark David Silbaugh Women and barbers get in my hair. “3’ Club -2,3,4; Sports-man Club-2,3; Cross Country-2,3,4 Captain-4; Track -2,3,4; Intramurals-2,3. Linda Lou Skaar The only thing that can cheat her out of the last word is an echo. Student Council-3; FTA-2; A’Cappella-2, Discussion Club-3,4 Secretary-4; Folkslngers-2. Kathryn E. Spilde Her laugh and her way are all her own. Llbrarians-2,3,4; MF A-2, 3; FHA-4; Viking Band-2,3,4. Kay Elaine Sprcul Did you mention studying? Pve done a little of it myself. G.A.A.-4; Association-2,3. Linda Stanke Living is the easiest thing in the world for me. Transfer-?; Red Cross-3; FHA-2. Dale Roger Stikelstad Caesar was short; Napo-lean was short; well, figure it out. "3 Club-3,4; Industrial Arts-2; Sportsman Club-35 Manager-2,3,4; Wrestling-2,3,4.Douglas Bruce Stokstad Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. If you like it today, do it again tomorrow. Class President-3; Association-2,3; Intramurals-2,3,4. Catherine Elizabeth Strieker My grades are uppermost in my mind. (They're also uppermost in my class.) Debate-2; G.A.A.-2; Association-2,3; NHV-2,3,4 Vice-President-4; Friendship Club-3. Rebecca Ann Sundby Pd have life figured out if it wasn't just one step ahead of me. Philo-4; Norse Dancers-3,4; Spanish Club-2,3,4 Treasurer-3 President-4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Cheerleading-2,3,4; Captain-4; Homecoming Court-4; AFS -3,4. Kay Marie Swalheim For three years I've worked and planned, received honors and awards. What did it get me AN ULCER!! Philo-3,4; AFS-3,4; G.A.A. -3,4; Viking Band-2,3; Assoc iat ion-2,3,4; Prom Court-3. William Allen Swenson. “Someday when I own my own A W . . ." 3 i Club-4; Association-2; Chess Club-3; Intramurals -2,3,4. Marv Katherine Swoboda Pm not working on the solution, Pm part of the problem. Librarians-3; Spanish Club -2,3,4 Secretary-4. Cathy E. Theiler I never trouble trouble till trouble troubles me! AFS-4; Spanish Club-3,4; FTA-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Parrot-3,4 Features Editor-4; Yahara-3,4; Association-4; Task Force-3, G.F.W.-4. — Nancy Ann Thompson Pm a man-hater, but the bible says, “Love thine enemy". Class Secretary-2; Student Council-3; Philo-3,4; Secretary-4; AFS-3,4; Danish Club-3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3; Pep Band -3; Parrot-3,4; Yahara-3,4 Editor - in - Chief-4; Friendship Club-3; Musi-cal-2; National Honor Society-3,4; Badger Girls State-3.Roger Marvin Thorson Michael Dean Tofte Don’t mistake him for being quiet. Sportsman Club-2,3. If he would have been born twins, one would have died laughing at the other. Club-2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3; Association -4; Basketball-2; Tennis -2,3,4; Intramurals-3,4. Barbara Rutih Tyler Her mouth works faster than any brain could think. Transfer-2; Student Coun-sil-4; AFS-4; G.A.A.-2,3, 4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Ski Club-2; A’ Cappeall - 3,4; Yahara-4; Association - 2,3; Friendship Club-3; Folksingers -4. Gail Marie Vale It’s nice to be a nice girl, who has a nice boyfriend, who has a nice car. Student Council-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; 3ci Club-2; Association-4; Friendship Club-3; Homecoming Queen-4. Mike Van Gilder Girls are alot of trouble, but what better trouble can you think of? Viking Band-2,3,4; Ski Club -2,3,4; President-4. Carlene J. Vlasak When In doubt of what to say, say nothing. Judith Rae Wagaman Silent effort moves the world. Philo-3,4; Red Cross-4; Historian-4; Librarians-4; MFA-3; FTA-2; G.A.A.-2,3; National Honor Society-3,4. Jerry D. White The hand that lifts the glass in cheers, should not be used to shift the gears. Ski Club-2,3,4; Vice-Pre-. sldent-4.Joyce M. Whitford 3ie doesn’t worry about tomorrow, but takes life as it comes. Thomas F. Winters Pll do the difficult now, the impossible will take a little longer. Association - 2,3,4 Vice-President-4; Cross Country-2,3,4; Baseball-2,3,4; Intramurals-2; National Honor Society-3,4; Musical-2,3,4. Sherry Faye Wolf Remain quiet and people will think you are up to something. AFS-4; G.A.A. - 3,4; Ski Club-2,3,4. Linda Jean Wood Because she’s herself we are satisfied. AFS-3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; AS sociation-3,4. Gerald J. Woodhouse There is one advantage to being short - you don’t have as far to go to hit the ground. FFA-2,3,4; Wrestling-2,3. Rogene Kay Woods Ro can take something you already know and make it sound confusing. Philo-4; AFS-3,4; G.A.A. -2,3,4; A’Capella-2,3,4; Parrot-3,4 Editorial Editor-4; Yahara-3,4; Associ-at ion-2,3,4; Friendship Club-3; Cheerleading - 4; Musical - 2,3,4; Folksing-ers-2,3,4; Task Force-3; G.F.W.-4. Dennis S. Ylvisaker He who has lived quietly, has lived well. Sfcx rtsman Club-3; Base-ball-3,4; Intramurals-3,4.Yvonne Marie Arnold If I had wings I wouldn't be here. G.A.A.-2; Association-2. Jeffrey Dargis I enliven the band with quirks of music. Viking Band-2,3,4; Dance Band-2; Pep Band-2; Golf -2,3. Mark Alan Elsing Did I leave my homework at home, or didn't I do it? FFA-2,3; Sportsman Club -2; Chess Club-3; Football -2,3; Wrestling-2,3,4. Douglas F Labelle Pll think about that tomorrow. Camera Club-2. David Christian Larsen Worry and I have never met. Camera Club-2; Sportsman Club-3; Car Club-3. Harlan Myrland Kathy Olson Why let the devil have all His attendance at school the fun. is like a stop light, on again, off again. Spoon and Spade recepients from the class of 70 are Richard Olson and Audrey Berg. Seniors Recognized For Achievements Nancy Thompson is the recepient of the annual DAR award. 1969 Badger State Delegates: Joy Allen is S.H.S.’s Homemaker of Tom morrow. Nancy Thompson, Paul Selbo, Bob Chritton, Greg Crews, Rob Offerdahl, Conrad Marks.Junior Officers Dennis Ram bo-President Patti Norland-Vice-President Kathy Bullock-Treasurer Jeannie Gilbert-Secretary Kevin Bullock-Vice-President Bob Dae mm rich-President Jackie Hoffman-Secretary Karen Couch-Treasurer Sophomore OfficersClass Of 71 Mr. Enochs; Row 1--G. Aaberg, J. Ahlgrim, D. Arnold, N. Barber, B Backus, P. Backus; Row 2—B. Barnett, N. Arneson, B. Amundson, A. Anderson, M. Anderson, J. Anderson; Row 3—M. Arneson, K. Baumgartner, T. Adler, C. Allen, C. Barrett; Row 4—J. Backus,, p. Allen, D. Alme, B. Anderson. As we receive our Yaharas, we realize Mr. Fortney: Row 1—K. Bullock, K. Burrington, C. Bennett, C. Chamberlain, B. Daemmrlch, D. Bruheim; Row 2—A. Bronson, R. Daggett, K. Bersing. C. Culham, B. Chase, P. Bowen; Row 3— A. Beckwith, M. Christianson, J. Berg, B. Cox, N. Brekken, M. Beaster; Row 4— D. Clark, W. Daffner, P. Dahl, D. Dahl.Class Of 71 Miss Reek: Row 1—K. Elvekrog, R. Fankhauser, T. Davis, D. Ehle, T. Femrite, L. Hale; Row 2—K. Fur-seth, K. Fuller, B. Ehle, J. Gilbert, B. Engsberg; Row 3—J. Eugster, T. Folbrecht, S. Eldred, W. Femrite, j. Erickson, C. Everson; Row4—B. Dietzman, T.Dyreson, D. Foss, T. Eifort. Absent: T.Engen, C. Gallagher. We've seen the end of our Junior year. Mr. Lawerence: Row 1—S. Halverson, C. Hoel, J. Holcomb, B. Gilbertson, R. Harms, T. Hickcox; Row 2— A. Grady, K. Hergenroether, J. Hillery, P. Hougan, J. Hougan, K. Hayter, B. Havey; Row 3—D. Hopllte, K. Hanson, M. Helnzeroth, J. Gunsolus, B. Hlles, J. Hoffman; Row 4—W. Harvey, D. Havey, G. Haugen, D. Horn. Absent: W. Harvey.Class Of 71 Mr. Hubing: Row 1—D. Justlnger, E. Kvalheim, S.Knlckmeier, E. Johnson, D. Juve, J. Klvett; Row 2— B. Kong, D. Hull, L. Jacobson, C. Jerdee, JJOiipfer, J. Kortte; Row 3—T. Johnson, M. Kittle son, K. Karl,-sylst, A. Kober, G. Kennedy; Row 4—D. Judd, T, Johnson, R. Johnson, D. Hunt, B. Hoyer, R. Johnson. Absent: M. Johnson. Mrs. Rut cosky: Row 1—B. Marks, S. Maas, N. Moe, S. Math Ison, R. Lacy, S. Lelkness; Row 2— N. McAllister, L. Lawrence, S. Landsverk, D. Lovlck, D. McGraw, S. Miller; Row 3—J. Maerz, D. Meyer, R. Mldthun, J. Maloney, D, Murphy, C. Mattison; Row 4—D. Metzler, J. Meihuse, M. Kvalheim, T. Murphy, J. Martin.Class Of 71 Mr. Fuller: Row 1—M. Pfaffenbach, D. Parish, G. Nyhagen, J. Nelson, J. Peterson, P. Norland; Row 2— P. Raisbeck, J. Obrecht, S. Nelson, C. Myhre, J. Peterson, T. Pedersen; Row 3—A. Nettum, M. Pfund-heller, J. Natvig, J. Radeckl, W. Quam; Row 4—K. Paulson, A. Quam, K. Nelson, G. Onsrud, D. Olson. Absent: J. Outhouse. But on these pages are memories Mrs. Ronca: Row 1— C. Scheldrup, L. Schreiber, D. Rlnden, M. Sink be 11, S. Rustad, L. Ree; Row 2— K. Schmidt, G. Rhyner, E. Schenck, G. Rynes, G. Roneld, C. Sankbeil; Row 3—G. Schleldt, E. Rowe, V. Rlnden, D. Rambo, T. Schael; Row 4—S. Roberts, M. Rosenbaum, R. Rlndt, T. Rlndall. Absent: M. Rorge.Class Of 71 Mr. Smith: Row 1—L. Teigen, D. Swalheim, G. Slettum, L. Sunne, B. Stiklestad, J. Sperle; Row 2— S. Showers, B. Smithback, B. Schwenn, J. Strandlie, P. Shackleton, C. Strandlie; Row 3—V. Scidmore, T. Smith, V. Smithback, L. Skoien, D. Swelheim, F. Schroeter, G. Swenson. Absent: B. Sornson. Of our '69 and 70 in Stoughton High! Mrs. Sllnde: Row 1—P. Thompson, T. Zitlow, M. Waag, J. Ylvisaker, B. Wild, C. Vike; Row 2—B. Veek, D. White, R. Ursino, J. Vetter, S. Wethal, N. Vale; Row 3—R. Topp, R. Wersland, A. Wikum, D. Vike, J. Wood, J. Wright, J. Youngman. Absent: K. Whaley.Class Of 72 Mrs. Carpenter: Row 1—D. Anderson, L. Borman, M. Barry, D. Bradly, P. Anderson, R. Bovre; Row 2—P. Andersen, M. Bothum, L, Blandford, J. Bickley, S. Breyman, A. Bolland, D. Baum; Row 3—M. Backus, D. Bradley, T. Adler, A. Bakken, L. Anderson, G. Anderson; Row 4—S. Bendickson, A. Brant-meyer, D. Allen, T. Bates, G. Anderson. WeVe come to the end of another school year Mr. Smillie: Row 1— C. Cox, S. Dietzman, P. Doregall, D. Christianson, J. Draper, S. Dickson; Row 2— D. Ebneter, B. Broughton, S. Edison, G. Christopher, V. Cornell, P. Deegan, K. Couch; Row 3—G. Eggleson, K. Bullock, J. Buskager, M. Crisman, R. Danks; Row 4—J. Drogsvold, S. Crews, L. Dahl, T. Burchard, G. Christensen. Absent: J. Carr.Class Of 72 Mr. Roloff: Row 1—M. Ellingson, B. Grefsheim, S. Gardner, M. Foss, D. Gunnelson, D. Engsberg; Row 2—G. Furseth, M. Faureau, K. Eith, S. Fuller, M. Ellingson, K.Gassen, N.Elsing; Row 3—'T. Gander, N. Evenson, D. Grady, H. Graves, D. Everett, S. Freeland; Row 4—R. Gaudreau, M. Hagen, M. Greenslet, W. Finder, R. Graves, B. Gunderson, M. Ellis. Although we hove longed for vacation. Mrs. Norem: Row 1— C. Heinemann, K. Hanson, S. Herbeck, T. Hanson, K. Hesse, D. Hanson; Row 2— S. Harms, B. Huston, P. Hubred, P. Harris, L. Holton, J. Hoffman, J. Hougan; Row 3—C. Hougan, D. Hud-kins, S. Hunt, G. Heederlk, S. Halverson, G. Hanson; Row 4—L. Hoff, S. Haried, B. Hasz, G. Hansen, M. Halverson, P. Havey.S3 Class Of 72 Mr. Kubale: Row 1—S. Kuhlman, P. Johnson, N. Johnson, J. Kanecki, B. Jacobson, K. Koehler; Row 2— . Kirby, K. Karlslyst, B. Kennedy, D. Johnson, K. Kvalheim, J. Klnnamon, M. Jackson; Row 3—A. Jenks, . Jedlido, J.- Jones, E. Johnson, B. Knight, L. Jensen; Row 4—J. Kirby, D. Johnson, T. Knox, K. Klong-land, R. Kluever, D. Juve. We regret the fact that the end is here. Mr. Wilde: Row 1—J. Lacy, J. Matson, S. Moe, R. Mabie, L. Maery, S. Linderud; Row 2—S. Llnnerud, S. Larson, P. Lemonds, B. Mlkkelson, J. Malinowski, C. Martinez, M. Martinson; Row 3—B. Meisel, J. Meyer, D. Marsh, S. Martin, B. Meyer, B. Lang, J. Martin; Row 4—F. Link, K. Lausch, S. Lock, V. Llnnerud, J. McCarthy, B. Ladd, T. Michaelis, E. Legreid. Absent: C. Larson.Class Of 72 Mr. Gregorich: Row 1--N. Nettum, J. Nelson, R. Nelson, R. Olson, S. Nelson, S, Olson; Row 2—P. Nor-mington; D. Mulder, R. Nelson, D. Nettum, C. O'Connell, D. Nelson, P. Natvig; Row 3—S. Nelson, E. Hessel, M. Olson, L. Nelson, B. Heinzeroth, H. Monsan; Row 4—K. Moen, C. Nelson, K. Nelson, D. Olson, P. Norgaren, R. Offerdahl. For we will never be Sophmores again Mr. Pleper: Row 1—L. Rucks, R. Osland, D. Peterson, C. Roberts, L. Rutlin, P.Roneid; Row 2—D. Ree, N. Rynes, R. Roldt, L. Rowe, J. Schultz, L. Raasch, P. Quam; Row 3—B. Rlndt, D. Parish L. Puodt. S. Peterson, C. Rigdon, S. Reid, M. Rosenbaum, J. Ross, D. Redders; Row 4—M. Schimelfenig, D. Schmidt, D. Ramsden, L. Rausch. Absent: J. Roberts.Class Of 72 Mr. aggelkow: Row 1— G. Slgurslid, P. Showers, G. Sllbaugh, B. Shepard, E. Stacey, P. Sweum; Row 2— R. Stenjem, J. Thorseon, B.Swalheim, V.Sproul, G. Thompson, L. Squire, S. Smith; Row 3—S. Sproul, D. Slebert, M. Sundby, D. Sproul, G. Smlthback, J. Skidmore; Row r—D. Seamonson, M. Singkofer, J. Sornson, S. Tolley, J. Spangler, D. Schumann. Absent: J. Siatee. Here's to the Juniors of next year! Mr. Berken: Row 1—L. Wake, C. VanGllder, R. Wyvlck, C. Wlkum, J. Wickline, J. Urish; Row 2—N. Wolf, V. Vedvlg, D. Woods, S. Woodhouse, G. Vlasok, K. Wersland, N. Vingum; Row 3—D. Wedoe, C. Wood, P. Wall, B. Wood, D. Wilberg, R. Williams; Row 4—B. Zelenka, L. Woods, M. Zweep, W. Trow, G. Whitford, S. White, D. Utermark.Rosalie Keating, AFS Rosalie Keating, AFS Student from Australia Student Two people, two minds, two different worlds—Converging, building a lasting relationship founded on truth and mutual-respect, need, understanding and love. i irpassing the hates and prejudices, doubts and uncertainties of the everyday world. That is what this year of experience means to me. It has been the most rewarding, unforgettable and mind-expanding year of my life. As far as I am concerned, this experience and the role as an A.F.S er will never die; as long as memories continue to live. My only wish, is that I could express my gratitude and sincere thanks to everyone who has helped make my stay in this adoptive country, so profitable, by giving you all this same wonderful opportunity. People are the real treasures of this earth. The only kinks in the AFS program are the tearful good-byes. We have walked in harmony; sharing life. I pray that someday, somehow, somewhere, we will share again. Till then, good luck in all you undertake in the future, and God Bless! Your Aussie Cobber, Rosalie. AFS Council Row 1 - J. Ketchum, Pres.; C. Vlke, Vice Pres.; R. Keating, AFS student from Australia Sec.; J. Eugster, Treas.; J. Knipfer, D. Hull, J. Peterson, B. Havey, C, Martinez. Row 2 - B. Broughton, R. Woods, R. Daggett, G. Vale, W, Gjertson, M, Brown, S. Wolf, M. Pifaffenbach, J. Strandlie, L. Nelson, J. Gilbert. Row 3 - B. Engsberg, P. Matbison, B. Sundby, P. Norland, A. Bolland, M. Haug, P. Deegan, P. Norland, G. Johnson, C, Scheldrup, J. Carr. „ _ , Row 4 - B. Stiklestad, N. Thompson, V. Finder, M. Pfundhellar, K. Hodge, J. Erickson, P. Paton, K. Swal- heim, C. Rigdon, S. Rustad. „ ,, Row 5 - T. Smith, B. Cox, L. Hale, B. Tyler, R. Offerdahl, P. Dahl, K. Klongland, L. Jungbluth, J. Hoffman, S. Mathison, T. Folbrecht.Association Row 1 - C. Couch, Pres.; T. Winters, Vice Pres.; P. Norland, Sec.; B. Cox, Treas.; P. Selbo, J. Benson, B. Swenson, B. Stokstad. Row 2 - S. Mathison, K. Swalheim, R. Woods, V. Finder, K. Hodge, L. Wood, L. Squire, P. Showers. Row 3 - L. Dahl, R. Roidt, J. Schultz, M. Rosenbaum, D. Swalheim, B. Hiles, C. Everson, S. Miller. Row 4 - D. Ehle, E. Hessel, D. Dahl, G. Kennedy, Ww Daffner, K. Bullock, J. Strandlie, K. Heigenroether. Row 5 - D. Brusegar, L. Nelson, S. Kuhlman, D. Adams, J. Eugster, M. VanGilder, R. Mortenson, W. Gjert-son, M. Brown. Row 1 - C. Martinez, M. Hale, P. Mathison, P. Norland, C. Martinez, R. Keating, J. Ketchum, L. Jungbluth, C, Rtgdon. Row 2 - L. Borman, K. Bersing, S. Nelson, J. Erickson, J. Gilbert, S. Halverson, C. Hoel, W, Jenson, G. Vale. Row 3 - J. Hougan, A. Quam, S. Gardner, G. Thompson, T. Adler, A. Jenks, D. Nettum, S. Peterson, M. An-derson, K. Baumgartner. Row 4 - S. Edison, R. Daggett, K. Jacobsen, R, Osland, G. Eggleson, S. Olson, S. Wethal, G. Roneid, C. Bennett, J. Holcombe. Row 5 - A. Kaupanger, K. Couch, C. Rlgdon, M, Lausch, M. Lamers, C, Wikum, L. Wake, S. Lock, P. Backus, A. Anderson, B. Backus. ’ONCE UPON A MATTRESS PROLOGUE Minstrel Prince Princess Queen Paul Selbo Jerry Alme Pegge Norland Linda Wood Wizard Princess Number Twelve Lady Rowena Lady Merrill Prince Dauntless (The Drab) Queen Aggravain Lady Lucille Lady Larken Sir S tudley Kitchen Wench King Sextimus Emily, Chambermaid Jester Sir Harry Princess Winnifred Sir Harold Lady Beatrice Sir Luce Lady Mabelle The Nightingale of Samarkand Lady Dorothy Sir Christopher Lord Howard Lady Dora Sir Daniel Lord Patrick Terry Folbrecht Cindy Culham Debra Parish Karen Couch Mark Hale Brenda Marks Kathy Schmidt Mary Lausch Steve Mathison Annette Grady John Eugster Rogene Woods Conrad Marks Casey Couch S uc Edison Jim Larson Jo Knipfer Alan Kaupanger Terri Thompson Julie Peterson Barb Tyler Jerry Alme Clyde Gallagher Jean Hougan Paul Dahl n n n n c Pfl r 1 Q h Dauntless WinnifredTHE LIACS Curly Me C1a i n Aunt Eller Murphy Laurey Williams Jeeter Fry Ado Annie Carnes A Peddler Old Man Peck Ma r t hy Alan Kaupange r Jean Hougan Mary Lausch Casey Couch Jane Bennett Paul Selbo Dave Adams Priscilla Pa ton and others of the countryside Glenn Allen Karen Couch Terry Folbrecht Ka t hy Hodge Conrad Marks Jim Martin S teve Ma t hison Dor thy Pe ter son Linda Wood Rogene Woods Dennis Parrish Athletic Board Dave Linderud-President, Curt Burmeister-Vice-President Dale Wedoe, Bob Chritton, Clyde Gallagher. How 1 - K. Ross, Treas,; P. Thompson, Pub.; J. Elvekrog, Hist.; J. Larson, Pres.; P. Johnson, Vice Pres. Row 2 - J. Bennett, A. Beckwith, L. Brown, K. Everett, B. Williams, D. Adams. Not pictured - L. Skaar.F.F.A. Row 1 - D. Alme, Reporter; J. Anderson, Sentinal; S. Mabie, Vice Pres. Row 2 - J. Hougan, L. Omit, G. Aaberg, M, Arneson, B. Jacobson. Row 3 - S. Maas, S. Hunt, J. Draper, F. Link, R. Dietzman, R. Fankhauser. Row 4 - T. Scheel, N. Brekken, D. Allen, W. Finder, R. Midthun, D. Hunt. F.H.A. Row 1 - B. Brown, Sec.; L. Sunne, Hist.; L. Kerston, Pres.; S, Wethal, Vice Pres.; D. Swalheim, Reporter. Row 2 - S. Harms, D. Nelson, M. Ellingson, D. Johnson, M. Ellingson, P. Johnson. Row 3-D. Nettum, B. Grefsheim, K. Couch, A. Jenks, K. Hanson, B. Engsberg. Row 4 - L. Wake, J. Meyer, C, Van Gilder, C. Rigdon, K. Spilde, S. Dietzman, L. Brown.G.A.A. Sec.-Pat Norland Sec.-Kris Elvekrog Rep.- Joyce Malinowski Treas.-Jane Hlllery Rep.-Jane Lacy Vlce-Pres.-Connle Onsrud Pres.-Peg Mathison FIRST LEAGUE VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Captain-Margaret Link FIRST LEAGUE BASKETBALL CHAMPS Captain-Anita Bolland SECOND LEAGUE VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Captain-Sharon Rustad SECOND LEAGUE BASKETBALL CHAMPS Captain-Mary Kittle son BADMINTON CHAMPS Margaret Link-Kay MidthunForensics Row 1 - M. Lausch, J. Knipfer, B. Daemmrich. Row 2 - G, Johnson, K. Ross, P. Paton, B. Marks. Debate J. Schultz, K. Hayter, K. Ross, C. Nelson, B. Cox, W„ Harvey,G.F.W. Row 1 - V. Finder, R. Woods, A. Berg. Row 2 - P. Paton, C. Rigdon, Pres.; J. Hougan.. Row 3 - K. Swalheim, N. Thompson, K. Hodge, K. Jacobsen, B. Stiklestad. F.T.A. Row 1 - A. Berg, Pres.; M, Arneson, Vice Pres.; M, Link, Sec.; P. Thompson, Hist, Row 2 - K. Furseth, L. Squire, M. Bothum, C. Sankbiel, J. Hougan. Row 3 - C. Rigdon, K. Midthun, A. Kober, S. Crews, A. Bolland.Math Team Row 1 - T. Folbrecht, Captain; C. Everson, J. Allen, D„ Llnderud. Row 2 - M. Everson, B. Cox, T. Dyreson, R. Olson. Librarians Row 1 - S. Wethal, Sec.; G. Johnson, Pres.; S. Showers, Vice Pres.; P. Thompson, Treas. Row 2 - P. Quam, B. Schwenn, D. Swalheim, C. Cox, E. Pauli, J. Wagaman. Row 3 - L. Sunne, J. Larson, L. Brown, T. Holm, L. Arneson, K. Spllde. Not pictured - B. Harms.M.F.A. Row 1 - G. Johnson, Pres.; K. Spilde, Treas. Row 2 - C. Gander, T. Anderson, K. Everett, J. Allen, C. Dallman, S. Harms. “S” Club Row 1 - D, Brusegar, Pres.; M. Lamers, Sec.; L. Nelson, Treas. Row 2 - T. Smith, P. Dahl, D. Murphy, D. Beck, T. Winters, M. Hale, D. Allen, D. Vike. Row 3 - S. Mathison, R. Offerdahl, L. Jungbluth, T. Bates, S. Mabie, M. Van Gilder, Dt Stiklestad, C. Gallagher. Row 4 - B. Mortenson, L. Ramsden, J. Benson, C. Burmeister, K. Nelson, D„ Horn, K. Hanson, D. Hoplite, J. Offerdahl. Row 5 - D. Hellickson, D. Linderud, B. Keuper, B. Chritton, J. Alme, M. SUbaugh, T. Holm, J. Hoffman, P. Selbo, T. Folbrecht.Norwegian Dancers B. Sundby, M. Pfaffenbach, K. Hergenroether, C. Onsrud, P. Norland, M. Pfundheller, G. Eggleson, J. Ket-chum, V. Smithback, D. Beck, K. Klongland, R. Offerdahl, D. Murphy, L. Jungbluth, M. Hale, D. Rambo, D. Prochnow, J. Hoffman, T. nith. Accordianists - K. Moe, M. Everson.N.H.V. Row 1 - K. Ross, Pres.; L. Brown, Sec.-Treas. Row 2 - B. Brown, E. Kvalheim, A. Beckwith, T. Johnson, J. Larson. Red Cross Row 1 - G. Siettum, Vice Pres.; J. Larson, Sec.; G. Allen, Pres.; M. Klttleson, Treas.; T. Johnson, Pub.; J. Wagaman, Hist. Row 2 - B. Barnett, S, Showers, B. Smithback, C. Strandlie, J. Obrecht, B. Brown. Row 3 - K. Fuller, P. Thompson, C. Sankbeil, J. Baum, G. Nyhagen, J. Ylvisaker. Row 4 - C. Vike, J. Sperle, K. Paulson, A. Quam, B. Stiklestad. Not pictured - C. Myhre.Philo Big Sisters Row 1 - M. Arneson, Pres.; A. Bolland, Vice Pres.; P. Paton, Treas.; N. Thompson, Sec.; J. Knipfer, Hist. Row 2 - T. Thompson, J. Wagaman, K. Hudkins, C. Cox, C. Dallmann, A. Berg. Row 3 - P. Norland, G. Johnson, L. Brown, K. Swalheim, M. Link, K. Midthun, J. Allen. Philo Little Sisters Row 1 - R. Keating, P. Mathison, B. Sundby, P. Norland, J. Peterson, B. Havey. Row 2 - R. Woods, J. Gilbert, S. Nelson, J. Ylvisaker, S. Miller, E. Pauli, G. Nyhagen. Row 3 - E. Schenk, C. Vike, J. Hillery, C. Everson, L. Jacobson, M. Pfundheller, J. Hougan, J. Holcomb. Row 4 - B. Stiklestad, A. Beckwith, K. Moe, A. Kober, B. HUes, K„ Everett, L. Hale, K. Paulson.Science Club C. Johnson, Pres.; M. Olson, T. Johnson. Ski Club Row 1 - D. Prochnow, SAA; M. Van Glider, Pres.; J. White, Vice Pres.; D. Nelson, Sec. Row 2 - G. Smithback, C. Martinez, L. Holtan, S. Linnerud, K. Larson, P. Deegan, P. Norland, L. Nelson, D. Brusegar, P. Dahl, S. Mathlson, B. Mortenson. Row 3 - M, Hull, P. Andersen, L. Borman , K. Karlslyst, M. Anderson, K. Baumgartner, W. Gjertson, M. Brown, G. Vale, P. Selbo, L. Nelson, D. Allen, B. Anderson. Row 4 - D. McGraw, K. Amble, K. Karlslyst, M. Schimelfenig, P. Havey, M. Pffaffenbach, K. Paulson, C. Scheldrup. S. Halverson, J. Malinowski, T. Smith, D. Murphy, K. Schimelfenig, B. Veek. Row 5 - P. Sveum, J. Peterson, K. Bullock, L. Erickson, J. Knudson, C. Johnson, M. Pfundheller, J. Strand-lie, S. Herbeck, J. Hoffman, J. Eugster, D. Ebneter, M. Kvalhelm.Spanish Club Row 1 - B. Sundby, Pres.; P. Mathison, Vice Pres.; M. Swoboda, Sec.; B. Daemmrich, Treas. Row 2 - T. Thompson, J. Bennett, P. Thompson, D. Hull, D. Johnson, G. Nyhagen, B. Hudkins. Row 3 - J. Lacy, P. Kvalheim, J. Matson, M. Lausch, D. Gunnelson, J. Hougan, J. Knipfer. Row 4 - C. Hougan, P. Norland, E. Kvalheim, D, Utermark, G. Eggleson, J. Hillery. Row 5 - L. Jacobson, A. Bolland, S. Rustad, C'. Wood, B. Stiklestad, N. Thompson, A, Beckwith. Student Council r issx sss. Q. P.«« . K1: k iSSEWf-JSSE Row 5 - B. Tyler, M. Schimelfenig, D. Beck, C. Couch, T. Holm, L. Jungbluth.Editors Kathy Ross, Vicki Finder, Rogene Woods, Cathy Theiler, Connie Rigdon, Chris Comstock, Paul Selbo Parrot StaffKathy Moe Features Editor Terri Thompson Organizations Editor Wendy Gjertson Classes Editor Cathy Kravick Art Editor Margie Haug Senior Editor Priscilla Paton-Editor-in-ChiefTriple Trio Row 1: R. Woods, J. Knipfer, J. Hougan, T. Thompson Row 2: G. Johnson, P. Paton, B. Tyler, B. Marks, M. Lausch Mr. Baltzer A’Cappella OfficersA’Cappella Row 1 - S. Showers, T. Thompson, S. Wethal, J. Peterson, J, Knipfer, B. Hudklns, K. Couch, K. Schmidt, R, Woods, A. Grady, B. Chase. Row 2 - S. Edison, K. Hesse, D. Peterson M. Lausch, J. Hougan, P. Mathison, D, Parish, M. Sankbell, K. Jacobsen, J. Peterson, G. Slgurslid. Row 3 - L„ Sonne, B. Murks, V. Skidmore, K. Hodge, L. Arneson, T. Folbrecht, L. Woods, P. Paton, C Marks, G. Johnson, C. Roberts, J. Wright. Row 4- B. Tyler, W.Daffner,C, Gallagher, K. Nelson, P. Selbo, C. Couch, M. Hale, A. Kaupanger, S. Mathison. Foiksingers Row 1 - M, Lausch, K. Baumgartner, Vice Pres.; A. Kaupanger, Pres.; M_ Anderson. Row 2 - R. Woods, K. Schmidt, B. Kong, S. Wethal, P. Thompson. Row 3 - B. Havey, J. Peterson, K. Paulson, A. Quam, C. Bennett.A’Cappella Row 1 - K Couch, K. Schmidt, R. Woods, A. Grady, B. Chase. Row 2 - D. Parish, M. Smkbeil, K. Jacobsen, J. Peterson, D. Peterson, G. Slgurslid. Row 3 - L. Woods, P. Paton, C. Marks, G. Johnson, C. Roberts, J. Wright. Row 4 - C. Couch, M. Hale, A. Kaupanger, S. Mathison. Orchestra Carol Nelson, Karla Hayter, Conrad Marks, Paul SelboViking Band Row 1 - D. Gunnelson, G. Bascombe, D. Ebneter, P. Natvig, D. Mulder, D. Hull. P. Thompson, L. Bland-ford, J. Carr, S. Olson. Row 2 - P. Paton, L. Rucks, J. Schultz, J. Malinowsky, J. Hillery, P. Norland, C. Larson, K. Bullock, C. Vike. Row 3 - K. Hodge, G. Nyhagen, P. Sveum, M. Barry, C. Wood, C. Hougan, M. Pfundheller, M. Kittle son, A. Beckwith, D. Utermark. Row 4 - L. Hale, M. Bothum, G. Eggleson, T. Adler, D. Wall, R. Larum, M. Hagen, J. Dargis, J. Gun-solus. Row 5 - K. Moe, S. White, R. Johnson, W. Harvey, M. Schimelfinig, T. Michaelis, K. Klongland, B. Johnson. Jim Larson Mr. GohlkeViking Band Row 1 - G. Thompson, J. Strandlle, P. Anderson, S. Miller, J. Gilbert, D. Nelson, J. Hoffman, C. Gander, J. Durrant. Row 2 - T. Johnson, K. Lausch, C. Cox, J. Hougan, A. Beckwith, C. Scheldrup, B. Havey, R. Osland, J. Larson. Row 3 - J. Erickson, S. Peterson, K. Spilde, J. Sperle, M. Norland, C. Everson, R. Mabie, K. Larson, K. Hayter. Row 4 - S. Mabie, J. Kane, L. Johnson, D. Gunnelson, S. Harried, S. Halverson, D. Ehle, L. Rowe. Row 5 - J. Offerdahl, M. VanGilder, D. Beck, B. Ladd, P. Havey, B. Tyler, E. Anderson, A. Brant-meyer, E. Johnson. Majorettes Debbie Gunnelson Priscilla Paton Kathy Moe, Head Linda Hale Kathy HodgePep Band Row 1 - P. Norland, M. "Pfundhellar, T. Johnson, J. Hillery, D. Hull, M. Kittle son, B. Havey. Row 2 - D. Ehle, C. Scheldrup, L. Hale, A. Beckwith, K. Hayter, K. Hodge, K. Sfcilde. Row 3 - A. Brantmeyer, E. Anderson, D. Gunnelson, J. Durrant, E. Johnson, P. Paton. Row 4 - J. Cane, W. Harvey, D. Gunnelson, J. Durrant, E. Johnson, P. Paton. Row 5 - P. Norland, J. Strandlie, L. Johnson, J. Gunsolus. Row 6 - J. Larson, G. Myhagen, S. Mabie, J. Qfferdahl, A. Beckwith, K. Moe, B. Tyler, P. Thompson. Dance Band Row 1 - C. Everson, E. Anderson, J. Durrant. E. Johnson. D. Gunnelson. Row 2 - A. Brantmeyer, W. Harvey, D. Gunnelson, J. Gilbert, L. Johnson, S. Mabie. Piano - C. Marks.Lesa Nelson Debbie Nelson Jo Knipfer Cheryl Vike Rogene Woods Viking Becca Sundby Myra Pfaffenbach Donna Presby Jode Ketchum Varsity CheerleadersJ.Y. Cheerleaders G. Eggleson, J. Lacy, S. Smith, L. Blandford, J. Matson, G. Slgurslid. D. Presby, C. Vlke, M. Pfaffenbach, D. Nelson, J. Ketchum. B. Sundby, J. Knipfer, R. Woods, L. Nelson.1969 Viking Football Team Row Is L. Nelson, D. Brusegar, J. Offerdahl, B. Chritton, P. Dahl, D. Vike Row 2: L. Juagbluth, C. Gallagher, D. Murphy, J. Alme P. Selbo, R. Offerdahl Row 3: D, Johnson, G. Allen, T. Dyreson, M. Lamers, B. Keuper, C. Burmeister, J. Benson Row 4: S. Mibie, J. Hoffman, D. AUen, D_ Rambo, D. Briggs, S. Kenyon, T. Folbrecht Row 5: A. Nettum, M. Christianson, D. Schumann, V. Skidmore, T. Snith, H. Myrland, L. Neis . 1969-1970 Results Stoughton Opponent 20 Catholic Memorial 14 0 Watertown 12 12 Edgerton 38 6 Jefferson 13 0 Monona Grove 24 0 Middleton 28 0 Monroe 20 0 Fort Atkinson 14 2 Sun Prairie 46Viking Action He’s back to pass... The team’s lining up... ...and It’s another long gain for the Vikings! Lavem Nelson Honorable Mention Viking to Bob Chritton Co-Captain Honorable Mention i Dan Allen Jerry Alme ft Paul Selbo Honorable Mention Curt Burmeister Co-Captain Jamie BensonJerry Offerdahl Sevie Kenyon Seniors Rob Offerdahl Bob Keuper Harlan Myrland Manager Stan MableViking Harriers fp Row 1: D, Wilberg, G. SUbaugh, M. Rorge, M. SUbaugh Row 2: Coach Fuller, S. Jonas, Drotnlng, T. Winters, K. Nelson. Senior Captain Mark SUbaugh Senior Tom Winters1969-70 Basketball Team Row 1 - Manager T. Holm, T. Smith, M. Hale, R. Kluever, D. Murphy, J. Hoffman, S. Mathison, Row 2 - Coach Lawrence, T. Eifert, D. Beck, J. Wood, W. Trow, P. Dahl, G. Haugen, P. Norgaren, Coach Marshall. Paul Dahl-Honorable Mention Wayne Trow- Honorable Mention Senior Player-Mark Hale1969-1970 Results Stoughton Opponents 42 Baraboo 57 33 Janesville Parker 57 50 Madison East 53 45 Stm Prairie 70 44 Monona Grove 63 66 Edgewood 69 49 Middleton 74 63 Edgerton 53 42 Jefferson 55 42 Monroe 73 56 Fort Atkinson 70 63 SUn Prairie 91 44 Monona Grove 65 58 Middleton 73 70 Edgerton 59 53 Jefferson 51 52 Monroe 84 52 Fort Atkinson 63 Conference Standings Sun Prairie 14-0 Monroe 12-2 Fort Atkinson 9-5 Middleton 8-6 Monona Grove 7-7 Stoughton 3-11 Jefferson 2-12 Edgerton 1-131969-70 Basketball Action1969-70 Viking W restling Squad Row 1 - Coach Marcianda, L. Nelson, K. Hanson, S. Herbeck, D. Stiklestad, D. Mulder, D. LInderud, Coach Pieper. Row 2 - D. Hellickson, M. Elsing, V. Skidmore, D. Briggs, B. Keuper, J. Alme, C. Gallagher, B. Chrltton. 1969-1970 Results Stoughton Opponent 24 Milton 17 28 Sun Prairie 14 39 Baraboo 11 35 Edgerton 9 38 Oregon 8 47 Jefferson 3 37 Monroe 11 26 Fort Atkinson 19 41 Monona Grove 3 29 Middleton 15 29 Lake Mills 18 30 Kimberly 16 33 Iowa Grant 11 1969-70 Badger Conference ChampsDoug Briggs Jerry Alme Co-Captain Bob Keuper Mark Elsing Senior Wrestlers Bob Chritton Co-Captain Dave Llnderud Dale Stlklestadthe Cham|Tennis Row 1 Jerry Buskager, Rex Kleuver, Gary Hansen, and Dave Harled. Row 2 Mark Hale, Jeff Schroeter, Mike Tofte, Bob Mortenson, and coach Rodger Roloff. SCHEDULE April 10 Madison Memorial April 11 Janesville Quad. April 17 La Follette April 22 Madison East April 18 Stoughton Invit. April 22 Madison East April 24 Edgerton April 28 Jefferson May 1 M.G. May 5 Edgewood May 8 Middleton May 12 Monroe May 15 Fort May 22 Sun Prairie May 23 Conf. Tourn. May 26 Regional May 30 Sectional June 5,6 State H T H H H H T T II H H T H H HGolf Dave Horn, Jim Backus, Eric Legried, Dave Beck, Steve Mathison, Paul Selbo and Terry Folbrecht. SCHEDULE April 14 Deforest, Stoughton Cambridge at Nakoma April 22 Edgerton April 22 Edgerton T April 27 Jefferson T May 1 M.G. H May 5 McFarland H May 8 Middleton May 9 Whitewater Invit. H May 11 Monroe T May 14 Memorial at Yahara Hills May 15 Fort H May 18 Sun Prairie H May 19 Faculty H May 22 Conference - Yahara Hills May 26 Oregon, Evansville, Stoughton May 30 Regional June 2 Sectional H June 5,6 State at CherokeeTrack Row 1 Dave Stronach, Mark Silbaugh, Jerry Offerdahl, Jim Kane, Tom Bates, Ken Comstock, Dave Hoplite, and assistant coach Willis Goedell. Row 2 Paul Tyler, Steve Peterson, Dick Wilberg, Bob Dae mm rich, Gary Silbaugh, John Hoffman, and Dennis Murphy. Row 3 Don Juve, Bob Myer, Kim Christianson, Steve Haried, Rick Mabie, Kirk Nelson, Stuart Jones, and Jim Bricker. Row 4 Richard Lock, Mark Pfundheller, Jay Halverson, Mark Jackson, Gary Hanson, Kent Klongland, and Mark Christianson. Row 5 coach Irwin Fuller, Mike Bakken, Joe Spangler, Dave Everett, Vince Skidmore, Mark Beaster, Stan Mabie, and assistant coach Dave Enochs. SCHEDULE April 4 West Relays T April 17 Edgerton H April 21 Evansville H April 23 Sun Prairie April 28 Monroe, Stoughton at Oregon T May 1 Milton May 2 Fort Invitational H May 5 Jefferson, Lake at Stoughton Mills May 12 Stoughton, McFarland, Beaver Dam at Middleton May 15 M.G. Invit. M.G. May 18 Edge wood T May 22 Badger Conf. M.G. May 26 JV Conf. Invit. May 29 Regional June 8 Sectional June 5, 6 State FortBaseball Row 1 Jim Peterson, Dennis Ylvisaker, Jeff Martin, Jon Nelson, Tim Smith mrt Heinemann, and Kevin Bullock. ' Row 2 Keith Johnson, Rob Offerdahl, Dennis Vike, Vern Nelson, Larry Ramsden, Dale Vlke, Rob Lacy, and coach Ed Gregorlch. SCHEDULE April 7 Oregon H April 9 or 10 Cambridge H April 14 Edge wood T April 17 Whitewater T April 24 Edgerton T April 28 Jefferson T May 1 M.G. H May 4 McFarland T May 8 Middleton H May 12 Monroe T May 15 Fort H May 19 Deerfield H May 22 Sun Prairie H May 23 Tournament Begins JV April 17 Evansville H April 24 Edgerton H April 28 Jefferson H May 1 M.G. T May 8 Middleton T May 12 Monroe T May 15 Fort T May 22 Sun Prairie TAudrey Berg escorted by Jerry Alme Kay Swalheim escorted by Rob Offerdahl Kay Midthun escorted by Richard Olson Chris Comstock escorted by Dave LinnerudBadger State Terry Folbrecht, Dale Ehle, Greg Hougan, Cheryl Vlke, Bob Cox, Tim Dyreson Spoon and Spade Spoon- L’Jean Jacobson Spade-Bob CoxHonors Banquet NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seniors Donna Allen Teresa Anderson Mary Arneson Audrey Berg Anita Bolland Robert Chritton Colleen Cox Cheryl Dallman Kathleen Everett Mark Everson Rhoda Fankhauser Mark Hale I Mary Hudkins I Gail Johnson 1 David Linde rud I Margaret Link I David Loftus I Royal Lunde I Kay Midthun Kathleen Moe Peggy Norland Richard Olson Priscilla Paton Kathy Ross I Bruce Stokstad I Kay Swalheim (Nancy Thompson Jjudy Wagaman jTom Winters iRogene Woods Juniors Robert Cox Tim Dyreson I Dale Ehle Cindy Everson Terry Folbrecht I Barbara Hiles I Greg Haugen ] L9 Jean Jacobson I Jo Knipfer I Sharia Miller I Geraldine Rhynes 1 Erline Schenck BAD GER BOYS STATE Robert Cox 1 Terry Folbrecht I Greg Haugen I Tim Dyreson j Dale Ehle BADGER GIRLS STATE Cheryl Vike HONOR BANQUET HIGH SCHOOL COOMMONS MAY 6, 1970 7:00 P.M. RECIPIENTS OF AWARDS GOOD CITIZENSHIP Jerry Aime Casey Couch Vicki Finder Peggy Johnson Conrad Marks Peggy Mathison Robert Offerdahl Estelle Pauli Becky Sundby Terri Thompson SPOON: L’Jean Jacobson SPADE: Robert Cox ROTARY AWARDS Anita Bolland Mark Hale Jode Ketchum Paul Selbo Nancy Thompson ARION AWARDS Instrumental: Priscilla Paton Vocal: Casey Couch AMERICAN LEGION AWARD Mark Hale LIONS AWARDS Agriculture........................Stanley Mable Art..........................Bruce Stokstad Business Education............Jane Elvekrog English.......................Judy Wagaman Foreign Language............Cathy Strieker Home Economics ••••••• Lorraine Brown Industrial Arts............Tom Brusegar Mathematics..................Richard Olson Science...............................David Linderud Social Studies.................Tom Winters SCHOLARSHIPS Jaycees.................. Robert Offerdahl Ida Osterheld ................Gail Johnson Stoughton Hospital ...........Gail Johnson Andrew Calhoun........................Royal Lunde Christ Lutheran Church . . . Rogene Woods James Williams................Keith Johnson Blue Stocking................Peggy Johnson Association . . . Jode Ketchum, Paul Selbo M.F.A.....................Teresa Anderson Philo.............Colleen Cox, Donna Allen New Century.................Connie Rigdon Fortney Scholarship....................Mark Hale First Federal S L..............Mark Hale F.H.A......................Lorraine Brown S.E.Ac........................Kay Mayberry Ben Waite . . . Donna Allen, Anita Bolland, Richard Olson Jessie Moore . . . Mary Arneson, Colleen Cox, Kay Midthun, Kay Swalheim, Nancy Thompson, Judy Wagaman Nelson Muffler.......................Thomas Winters Uniroyal...................David Linderud Rotary . . . Robert Chritton, Cheryl Dallman, Kathleen Everett, Mary Hudkins, Kathy Ross Lions . . . Teresa Anderson, Rhoda Fankhauser, Mark Everson, Peggy Norland, Priscilla Paton Jaycettes.......................Kathy Moe Jaycees....................Robert Offerdahl1st Row: C. Cox, A. Berg, A. Bolland, M Arneson, N. Thompson, R, Olson; 2nd Row: G. Johnson, R. Woods, D. Llnderud, D. Loftus, M. Everson, R. Lunde; 3rd Row: K Moe, P. Paton, M. Link, K Mldthun, K Swalheim, K. Everett; 4th Row: B. Stockstad, P. Norland, M. Hudkins, J. Wagaman, R. Fankhauser, J, Allen, T. Anderson; 5th Row: K. Ross, C. Dallman, R, Chritton, M. Hale, T. Winters. 1st Row: E. Pauli, J. Ketchum, T. Thompson, R. Sundby, P. Mathison, L. Brown; 2nd Row: J. Alme, C. Strieker, V. Finder, C. Rigdon, J. Elvekrog, P0 Johnson; 3rd Row: R. Qffer-dahl, K. Johnson, C. Marks, T. Brusegar, S. Mabie, P. Selbo, C. Couch. 1st Row: J. Knipfer, B. Hiles, S. Miller, C. Everson, E. Schenck, G. Rynes, 2nd Row: L. Jacobson, D. Ehle, T. Folbrecht, T. Dyre-son, R. Cox, G. HouganAthletic Awards Rob Offerdahl American Legion Jerry Alme Honorary “S” SENIOR AWARD FOOTBALL Most Valuable-Dean Brusegar Most Improved-Lavern Nelson Jerry Alme Bob Chritton Mark Hale Bob Keuper David Linnerud Stan Mabie Bob Mortenson Rob Offerdahl Jim Peterson Paul Selbo Mark Silbaugh Dale Stiklestad Mike Tofte BASKETBALL Most Valuable-Paul Dahl Most Improved-Jeff Wood WRESTLING Most Valuable-Bob Chritton Most Improved-Delaine Hellickson Take-downs-Delalne HellicksonSongs We'll Always Remember Go Stoton Vikings, Fight for Victory With our colors flying we will cheer you all the way u-rah-rah Go Stoton Vikings, fight for victory Fight for the fame of our fair name Stoton Vikings win this game. Go you Vikings, go Go you Vikings, go Shoot em high, hit em low Go, you Vikings, go. Go Stoton Vikings, fight for Victory With our colors flying we will cheer you all the way u-rah-rah Go Stoton Vikings, fight for victory Fight for the fame of our fair name Stoton Vikings win this game. Then hurrah for the purple and white We will stand by our colors forever We’ll back them with all of our might We will conquer all for them. They never shall suffer defeat When upheld by our loyal endeavor Our colors shall never be beat Purple and White For them we’ll fight We’ll win forever. Hail to thee O Stoughton High May our Voices ever sing Praise to thee, Stoughton High All Hail to thee.“Miss Norse”Class Will I, ANNETTE AABERG, will the happy school days to Shan Fuller. I, DAVE ADAMS, will my writing i ability to anyone in Fortney's Journalism class. I, CHARLES AHLGRIM, will Mr. Fortney's English class • to anyone who is willing to take it. I, DAN ALLEN, will my Econ class with Mr. Enochs to anybody that ’ gets stuck with him. I, JOY ALLEN, will six pairs of red shoe laces to Karen Moen. I, GAIL ALLEN, will ! to Connie Allen her last year at S.H.S. I, JERRY ALME, will my party making ability to some class that needs class. I, KAREN AMBLE, pwill a place in the sun to Rene Ursino. I, KATHY AMBLE, will all my "high-spirited" noon hours to 'Kerry Karlslyst. I, DEBBIE ANDERSON, will my outside permit for 7th hour to anyone that can get away with it. I, ELDON L. ANDERSON, JR. will Fuller and his tax problems to anyone who can stand them! I, HOPE ANDERSON, will my badmitton racket to Bev Gilbertson. I, KAREN ANDERSON, will my dislike for school and my attendance record to Kris Furseth. I, VIC ?ASPERHEIM, will my hand in marriage to Tom. I, GLORIA BASCOMBE, will Bjarne and Eric to Cindy s Everson. I, ARLENE BECKWITH, will Evansville to Carolyn and Kristi. I, JANE BENNETT, will my Sgrades in history to Greg Christopher. I, JAMIE BENSON, will a chance in Basketball to next years Seniors, if they're lucky. I, LORRAINE BROWN, will my orthodonist appointments to anyone who needs to get out of school. 51, MARY BROWN, will my 18th birthday to anyone with patience I didn't have to wait that long. I, MARSHA (BRUHEIM, will my weight to Jill Peterson. I, DEAN BRUSEGAR, will coordination to Paul Dahl. I, CURT BURMEISTER, will the hope that next year's seniors will get a chance in basketball to Tim Smith. Jl, RAY CHRISTIANSON, will my western spurs to Mr. Enochs, known as Tex. WE, AUDREY BERG, JEAN HOUGAN, and CONNIE RIGDON, will fond memories of New Year's Eve to Bob Cox, and Connie also wills one pair of shoes to Bonnie Engsberg. I, ANITA BOLLAND, will “Lolita" to Mr. Peth, concessions to Mike Rorge, and more free football dances to Jeff Gunsolus by way of the Jkitchen. I, JEAN BRANTMEYER, will my great attendance to my brother Andrew. I, BETTY BROWN, will my being on time to anyone who is usually late. I, BOB CHRITTON, will the pink “jet" to Vince Skidmore and Ronnie and Rick Nelson if they can Jhandle it. I, CHRIS COMSTOCK, will my outlook on life to Terry Folbrecht and Eric Legreid, and to {John Eugster m, may his "iron grip" improve with practice. I, CASEY COUCH, will my crazy pills to Kathy Bullock, since she knows how to handle them. I, COLLEEN COX, will all of my scientific Jand mathematical abilities to Cindy Everson, to further hinder her education. I, CHERYL DALLMAN, will a slightly used Chemistry book to anyone crazy enough to want it. I, C JEFF DARGIS, will all my knowledge from 7th hour Econ class to Mike Hagen. I, PATTI DEEGAN, will my ripped gym shorts to Kathy Bullock. I, JOHN DROGSVOLD, will my name to anyone big enough to have it. I, JUDY DURRANT, will a tape recording of the Mascovie Duck Call to Rita Dagget. I, ROGER JEHLE, will my voice to Mitchell Barry's rock and roll group. I, RON ELLIS, will my great ability to sell anything to Wally Daffner. I, MARK ELSING, will my 1 brains to Bob Daemmrlch. I, JANE ELVEKROG, will my wrestling spirit to Bonnie Stiklestad. I, EARL-1 ENE ERICKSON, will Journalsim paste-up glue to Janice Strandlie. I, MARK EVERSON, will my ac-• cordian to Kent Klongland. I, RHODA FANKHAUSER, will my worries to Beverly Gilbertson. I, VICKI 1 FINDER, will all of my Old Gold memories of MacDonalds to Karen Paulson. I, CHERYL FULLER, will my 4th hours with Mr. Wilde to Shan Fuller, I, RICHARDS GOECKS, will iall my mechanical ability and junk cars to Mark Rosenbaum. I, KRISTIE GUNDERSON, will my dirty p uniforms and thinking ability to Patty Norland. I, DAN GUNNELSON, will my snowmobile driving skill 'to Rick Mabie. I, MARK HALE, will all my silver-boy, superstar, half court greatness to Rex Kluever, ln hopes that it will be used by the Buck Marshall. I, BARB HANSON, will my fantastic personality to Dave Meyer. I, PHIL HANSON, will my hunting Sability to Rob Lacy. I, DAVID A. HARIED, will my Buffalo sweater to Lester Skoin. I, BRUCE HARMS, will a fifth to John Smillie. I, MARGIE HAUG, will all future “Parties at Polly's" to Cindy Scheldrup. 1, DELORES EVELYN HEATH wUl D Seamonson to my mom and dad, in hopes they will adopt him.Class Will I, DALAINE HELLICKSON, will the souls of my wrestling shoes to Larry Nelson. I, TIM HILLEKY, will my badmitton ability to Dale Alme. I, KATHY HODGE, will a badmitton racket, wood air, and Herbert to Brenda Marks, in hopes that she will use them in future years. I, TOM HOLM, will Mr. Marshall to Gary Furseth. I, MARY BETH HUDKINS, will my left-over crushes and my permanent seat at the basketball games to Cindy Everson and Kim Hergenroether, respectively. I, CAROL HUGHES, will my birth-control car (with bucket seats) to Bonnie Kong. I, MIKE HULL, I will my morals to Dave Olsen. I, ROD JACOBS, will one case of Schlitz Malt Liquor to Danny Seamonson. I, KATHIE JACOBSON, will my driving ability to Vince Skidmore. I, DAVID JACOBSON, will my moldy Buick and two more years at SHS to Phil Anderson. I, VICTOR G. JACOBSON, will Utica Tech to anyone !who wants it, and Bruce Jacobson to Mr. Presny. I, GARY JAVERT, will my best school year to all the Juniors. I, DENNIS JENKS, will my army coat to Goodwill. I, WENDY A. JENSON, will all my good times with Ernie and my bod to Gudie Eggelson. I, CHARLES JOHNSON, will one broken apparatus and 1.4 lbs. of Hg. to Mark Jackson. I, GAIL JOHNSON, will my first row seat in chorus to Brenda Marks, only if she thinks she can handle it. I, KEITH JOHNSON, will Mr. Enochs back to Texas. I, LARRY JOHNSON, will Edgerton and Albion to any Junior that can handle them. I, PEGGY JOHNSON, will nothing to no one because all that I have is so great that I want to keep it all to myself. I, LINLEY E. JUNGBLUTH, hereby will Tyrone F. Hornl's voice to some dirty old man like John Hoffman. I, CHRIS JUVE, will my “58” car to Bonnie Kong. will will I, JOHN KARLSLYST, will nothing to Cleaver Swenson and Dan Stokstad. I, AL R. KAUPANGER, the Frisky Foxes (F2-F5) to the summer and the pond and Freedom Hill. I, ROSALIE KEATING, a free, one-way trip to “Digger Land” to all my cobbers (friends) in this wonderful country, so that I can return your great hospitality. I, SEVIE KENYON, will my wild Monday morning rides to school to Ricky and Ronnie Nelson. I, LA VONNE KERSTON, will some brains to Bobby Heinzeroth. I, JODE KETCHUM, will my dancer's shoes and my cheerleading uniform to Myra Pfaffenbach for future use. I, JERRY KNUDSON, being of sound mind and body, will the w(hole) business to Kevin Bullock, Wayne Quam, and Dennis White. I, CATHY KRAVICK, will all the "fun times" at the lake to Vicki Smithback and Mark Jackson. I, DOUGLAS LA BELLE, will one cigarette butt to Doug Metzler. I, MARTY LAMERS, will my “Problems” to anyone who wants them. I, DAVID LARSEN, will all the prejudice in this school to Doug Metzler. I, JIM LARSON, will “Ol Bliner” to Gwenn N., Patti N., Janis S., Jackie H., and Debby P., (the Tuesday night girls). I, KRIS LARSON, will my hardly used locker to Bob Ehle and Dennis White. I, DICK LARUM, will George McFarland's bus to Linda Rucks. I, GREG LAYTON, will my car to Janis Strandlie. I, RICHARD LEE, will my walking shoes to Bill Harvey. I, DAVID LINDERUD, will my ability to play pool to Ronnie Nelson. I, MARGARET LINK, will my parking space in the back parking to Rob Lacy. I, DAVID LOFTUS, will my “hot” Chev to Phil Anderson. I, ROYAL LUNDE, will my homeroom desk to anyone who has a better relationship with Mr. Redford. I, STEVE LUNDGREN, will my parking place I to Dennis White. I, STAN MABIE, will my great driving ability to Rex Kluever (the big "K”). I, CONRAD MARKS, will my success on stage to Sue Edison. I, CHERI MARTINEZ, will all my sneaky tricks to Cathy Martinez. I, PEG MATHISON, will the level-headedness and sensibility it takes to keep things real even to Cindy Culham. I, KAY MID THUN, will the Frau to Kathy Bullock and Mike Rorge in the hope that they will continue in their German studies.Class Will I, CARL MIKKELSON, will a junk yard to Mark Rosenbaum. I, WILL MILLER, will my 62 Mercury to Mr. Martin. I, KATHY MOE, will my batons (with ripped flags) and my fantastic tryout luck to Linda Hale. I, BOB MORTENSON, will say nothing about anything due to popular demand and recommendation of Bernie, Bimbo, etc. I, DEBBIE L. NELSON, will accept the “MOCK”. I, JEAN NELSON, will the back seat of Ron's car to Janis Carr. I, VERNE NELSON, will my Nelson power to anyone who can handle it. I, LESA NELSON, will a peck on the cheek to Cheryl Vike. I, KARINE NETTUM, will my high heel shoes to Wayne Trow. I, PEGGE NORLAND, will all my secrets to Pat Norland. I, VIRGIL NORMINGTON, will a case of beer to Mr. Smillie. I, TONI NOSTRAND, will just leave. I, JERRY OFFERDAHL, will my spectacular perfection as a class A drummer to Dave Beck. I, PRISCILLA PA TON, will never regret not being a Norwegian Dancer, due to the fantastic teaching ability of Kent Klongland. I, ESTELLE PAULL, will a cold locker room to Barb Hiles. I, JAMES PETER-SON, will my skis and smelly sweat socks to little Bill Amundson. I, DONNA PRESBY, will my 18 year old ID to any future cheerleader who feels the need. I, DENNIS PROCHNOW, will Super-Chev in a quiet retirement to Miss 'Doc' Culham. I, CLAUDIA PUNDT, will the colored ones to Laurie Holtan and Sue Larson. I, BOB RAASCH, will one green V-Dub to anyone that can hack it. I, LINDA RADERMACHER, will a 1040 Form to Mr. Fuller's future tax auditors. I, LARRY RAMSDEN, will myself to Laurie Hojtan. I, PEGGY REINSTAD, will you know who to Karen Paulson. I, KATHY ROSS, will my theory of society to Karl Marx. I, KURT SCHIMELFENIG, will my dead green chevy to Jode Ketchum. I, DIANE K. SCHUMANN, will my weekends to Berlin A. Sornson. I, PAUL SELBO, will my crutches to Johnnie Hoffman. I, TRUDY SIEBERT, will the best of good luck to my sisters. I, MARK SILBAUGH, will my track speed to Kirk Nelson. I, LINDA LOU SKAAR, will the “Valiant” to Cindy Everson. I, KATHRYN E. SPILDE, will my last hour sectionals to anyone who will take them. I, KAY SPROUL, will my Thursday night suppers to Jayne Nelson. I, LINDA STANKE, will my long ride from Monona to Stoughton to Kathy Eith and Connie Roberts. I, BRUCE STOKSTAD, will a can of “Buges”, at least, to that fellow of infinite jest, Dennis Borman. I, BECCA SUNDBY, shall will Nancy Olson's good luck with best friends to any Junior girl as soon as Pm done with it. I, KAY SWALHEIM, will my brother to Kris Elvekrog. I, BILL SWENSON, will everything I have to Rene Ursino. I, MARY SWOBODA, will Miss Hopkins and “parsley potatoes” to Kathy Bullock. I, CATHY THEILER, will the boys of MG to Karen Paulson. I, NANCY THOMPSON, will the boys from Cedar Falls to Karen Paulson. I, TERRI THOMPSON, will my honorary front desk in Mr. Venske's homeroom to Vickie Thompson. I, ROGER THORSON, will my whatever-I-got to Ruth Ann Stenjum. I, MIKE TOFTE, will my tennis attitude and the tennis courts to Jeff Schroeder. I, BARB TYLER, will my voice at wrestling matches to any Junior who can find it! I, GAIL VALE, will all my good times at SHS to Nancy McAllister. I, MIKE VAN GILDER, will my spit valve and Elmer to “Maby". I, CARLENE VLASAK, will one soggy sponge to Mr. Venske. I, JUDY WAGAMAN, will my distlefink and trinity tulips to any returning senior. I, JERRY WHITE, will TGL and my beaverscope to Greasy Veek and Wayne Quam. I, JOYCE WHITFORD, will my great drinking abilities to Kris Furseth. I, TOM WINTERS, will all the salt water needed to pass through the turbulent waters of the senior year to Cindy Culham. I, SHERRY WOLF, will all my shoes to Tom, Jerry and Monk. I, LINDA WOOD, will my brother Jeff to Julie, in hope that she has fun. I, JERRY WOODHOUSE, will my good studying habits to Barb Broughton. I, ROGENE WOODS, will one pair of earrings and all the MG boys to Karen Paulson. I, DENNIS YLVES-.KER. will my baseball experience to Gary Slettum,Thank-you Publishing a Yearbook requires the effort of many people and many long hours of work. At this time we would like to thank Mr. Steven Fortney, Ya-hara Advisor for his help and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miedema, Jr. for all their advice and work on the 1970 Yahara. We would also like to thank Mr. Wendt, Mr. Skidmore and Georgia Wa-gaman for the photography and a special Thank-you to all this year's editors who helped publish the 1970 Yahara. Last, but not least, we wish to thank the Administration, and Faculty for their cooperation. Nancy Thompson Priscilla Paton Co-Editors YAHARA 1970Principal Charles Martin Administration Superintendent Obed L. Norem Assistant Principal Kenneth Peth Dorothy Hanson (Secretary), Marie Lacy (Office's Secretary) 1969-1970 School Board Leo Hvam President Mrs. Marian Thompson Klchard Volenberg Roger Gunnelson H. Chase Page Mrs. Frances Klngery Gordon May Fredrick Van Steenderen Edwin Nelson y y yvvvvwyvvvwvjThey were there when we needed them, Sally Droster and Marita Wedeward Timothy Baltzer and Roger Gohlke James Slggelkow and Joan Ronca Jeanne Reek and Laverne Pieper Donald Steckbauer and Louis Halverson William Gibbon and Larry MarshallThey were there when we didn’t need them. Carol SUndby Francis Gregoricb and Fred Redford Marilyn Pauli Phyllis Norem, Jeannette Carpenter, Larry Shumate, Ken Lawarence, Tom Berken and Steven FortneyWe needed them when they were there, David Enochs, Susan Slinde, Joseph Kubale, Tom Lawrence, Roger Roloff and, Irwin Fuller. Erven Lee, John Smillie, Douglas Mackenzie and Richard Presney. Jeannette Brewster, Doris Barry, Robert Wilde and Linda Rutcosky. We needed them when they weren’t there.o Stoughton High School Stoughton, Wisconsin

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