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 YAHARA 69 As editors we sincerely hope thot Yohoro '69 will always recall pleasant memories of SHS. It has been our objective to furnish a collection of memories for the graduates and to make a more memorable year for those remaining. When the halls echo the last melancholy voices of the June graduates, the underclassmen return in September to once again sustain the traditional school spirit. Theirs is an intricate tosk, for it is their duty to provide the school with the harmony that is the Stoughton High heritage; a tradition which is a part of every student and teacher, and one that implants into every heart the spirit of pride and sportsmanship which go hand in hand with learning.Dedication Through the years we have been guided with sincere dedication by a man who has not only given us his friendship, knowledge, and guidance, but who has given something more ... a part of himself. A man who encourages every student, regardless of his or her talents; who sincerely takes a personal interest in seeing that each individual has the opportunity to achieve his goals. It is with this in mind that we, the class of 1969, dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Jim Siggelkow.Class Of 69 Class Song-"Somewhere" Class Motto- "You see things; and you say "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say "Why not?" -George Bernard Shaw Class Flower-Yellow Rose MICHAEL EDWARD GILBERT, PRESIDENT A man is a volume if you know how to read him. Class President-4; Science Club-2; Debate-2,3; Dance Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Badger Boys State-3; Musical-3,4. SHARON LOUISE ALME, SECRETARY Always cheerful, always gay, always nice in every way. Class Secretary - 3,4; Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Prom Court-3; Association-3,4-Secretary -3; Pep Band-3,4; Philo-3, 4; AFS-4. SUSAN JANE HUDKINS, TREASURER Nobody could understand my windshield wiper problems. Class Treasurer-4; Debate-2; FTA - 2,3,4 - Historian - 3 -Secretary-4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Philo-3; Yahara-4. THOMAS LOUIS JACOBSON, VICE-PRESIDENT Which way to Broadway? Class Vice President - 3,4; Dramatics-2; Intramurals-2; Football-2,3; Basketball-2,3, 4-Mgr-2,3,4; Prom Court-3; A'Cappella-3,4; Association- 3,4-President-4; Forensics-3,4; Madrigal-3,4; Musical-3,4; Tennis-1,2,3,4; “S” Club -3,4; Parrot-4; Editor Literary Magazine-4; Task Force-4.ANN LOUISE ADLER It’s nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. Dramatics-2; German Club-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; National Honor Soceity-3,4; Philo-3,4; Archery Club-4; Yahara-4. LYNN CHERYL AHLGRIM She likes little “Cubs” better than big bears. Forensics-2; Red Cross-2; Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4 Yahara-3,4; Parrot-3,4-Features Editor 4; Philo-3,4-Treasurer-4; Student Council-4. VICKIE LEE ALME I rise with the sun ifitdoesn't rise too early. Freshman Chorus-1; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Spanish Club-2,3,4; Treasurer-3-Vice President-4; Philo-3,4; SHSNVA-4-Sec-retary-Treasurer-4; Yahara-4. DEBRA JANE ANDERSON Love makes the world go round --Pm getting dizzy. Freshman Chorus-1; Drama-tics-2; A'Cappella-2,3,4; Mu-sical-3; Association-3,4. LINDA C. ANDERSON Her deeds speak for her. G.A.A.-2; FHA-2,3,4; Historian-4; Task Force-4. MICHAEL ANDERSON Silence and good sense make a man. Transfer-4; Sportsman Club-4. BRUCE M. ARNOLD The often burns the midnight oil, but never we fear, has it been in toil. Track-1; Association-3,4.BEVERLY JEAN BERG Her crowning glory is the envy of the fairer sex. Freshman Chorus -1-Secretary-1; Spanish Club-2,3,4— Treasurer - 2 - Secretary-3 — President-4; Parrot-3; G.A.A 3,4; Philo-3,4; Yahara-3,4 -Features Editor-4; Homecoming Queen-4. EILEEN LOIS BLUEL Just wait till you see what I bring home from college. Youth Councll-2; Dance Band -2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3, 4; Musical-3; Philo-3,4; Ya-hara-4. TIMOTHY JAMES BERNDT The best way to lengthen the day is to steal a few hours from the night. Basketball-1; Track-1,2; Foot-ball-1,2,3,4; Intramurals-1,2, 3,4; “S” Club-2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4. SUSAN ELIZABETH BREWSTER Failure is against her principles. Freshman Chorus-1; AFS-2; Folk Singers-2; FTA 2,3; Ma-drigal-2,3; A’CappelIa-2,3,4 -Treasurer-3; Majorette-2,3, 4-Head-4; Norse Dancers-2, 3,4-Floor Leader-4; Viking Band - 2,3,4; Prom Court - 3; Dramatics - 3,4; G.A.A.-3,4; Musical-3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Philo-3,4; Association-4. ROGER JAMES BALDWIN All the girls are in despair, to find out how he curls his hair. Football-1; Golf-1; Ski Club-2,3,4-Sergeant at Arms-2; In-tramurals-3,4. DONN E. BARBER Whenever I think, I make a mistake. Camera Club-2; Sportsman Club-3,4. KATHLEEN MARIE BARRETT If I had wings of an angel, wouldn’t I look silly? Freshman Chorus-1; A’Capp-ella-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; FTA -3-4; Task Force-4. A ' CHERYL LYNN BELLAMY I never let my studies interfere with my fun. Freshman Chorus-1; Librar-ians-2; A’Cappella-2,3; G.A.A -2,3,4.ANN ELIZABETH BURTNESS People always expect more of girls with natural curly hair. Dramatics -2; Forensics - 2; Viking Band-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2, 4; Yahara-3; FTA-3,4; Pep Band-3,4. STEPHEN SCOTT BRONSON Pm still trying to make both weekends meet. Freshman Chorus -1; Rifle Club-2; Car Club-3; Sportsman Club-3,4. ROBERT RICHARD BUNNELL I don't want to set the world on fire, only the school. Track-1; Football-1,2; Wrestling-1,2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4. LINDA SUE BUSKAGER Little said is soonammended. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3; FTA-3,4. BERT CARR m Bouncing thru life in a joke on four wheels. Sportsman Club - 2; Viking Band-2,3; Association - 3,4; Task Force-4. SUSAN KATHRYN CHRISTENSON If every smile were a penny, she'd be a millionaire. Freshman Chorus-1; A'Capp-ella-2; Dramatics-2; Madrigal-2; German Club-2,3-Vice President-3; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Prom Court-3; Quill and Scroll-3; Parrot-3,4-Editorial Editor-4; Philo-3,4-Publicity Director - 4; Archery Club-4; Yahara-4. Kay CHRISTENSON Always there to keep thing poppin', in having fun there' just no stoppin'. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3 4; Association-3,4; AFS-4. GARY CHRISTOPHER No sinner and no saint, perhaps. Football-1; FFA-1,2,3; Camera Club-4. JfcCONNIE KAY CHRISTY Quite quiet, quite nice. MFA-2,3. JO ANN CLUTTER Anchors Away! Freshman Chorus-1; G.A.A.-2; Ubrarians-2. CAROL LOUISE CREWS People are always coming to me for advice. Freshman Chorus-1; Debate-2; MFA-2,3; A'Cappella-2,3, 4; Red Cross - 2,3,4 - Secretary - 3 - Vice - President-4; Task Force-4. DONALD F. CROFT Beware! I might do something sensational. Sportsman Club-2. THOMAS A. DAHLE We wonder what he's thinking about—he never seems to say. Industrial Arts-3,4. MICHELLE JEAN DALLMANN Rumors say that she's not down on boys who come from out of town. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3, 4; German Club-3-Secretary-Treasurer-3; Philo-3,4; Archery Club-4; Yahara-4. % DAVID EUGENE DALSOREN TIMOTHY MICHAEL I knew it all the time! DENEEN Intramurals-2,3,4; Sportsman If a thing goes without say-Club-2,3,4; Wrestling-2,3,4; ing, let it. Baseball-3,4. Basketball-1; Track-1; Foot- ball-1,2,3,4; Intramurals-1,2, 3,4; Sportsman Club-2,4; “S” Club-2,3,4; Car Club-3.THOMAS MICHEALDYBEVIK He drives with his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the sidewalk. Basketball-1; Tennis-1,2; In-tramurals-1,2,3,4; Football-1, 3; Ski Club-2,4; Prom Court-3; Sportsman Club-3. JANICE K. DUX She keeps the telephone lines hot. Class Vice President-2; Dra-matics-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; FTA-3; National Honor Society-3; Philo-3,4; Archery Club-4-Treasurer-4; Yahara-4. MARCIA JEAN DVORAK An artist in her work. Class Treasurer -1; Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; A’Cappella-3; Folk Slngers-3; SHSNVA-3; Association-3, 4; AFS-4; Ski Club-4; Student Council-4; Task Force-4; Yahara-4; Friendship Club-4. VIRGINIA R. EDGE There is something Kind in her nature. Transfer-3; Archery Club-4; G.A.A.-4. JAMES A. EHLE At last! Car Club-3,4. STEVEN L. ELLIS Where’s the nearest exit? Transfer-2; Car Club-3,4-President-4. JAMES ARNOLD ELVEKROG On their own merits modest men are silent. Football-1,2,3,4; Wrestling-1, 2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4; Prom Court-3; Track-3; ,f99 Club-4. JOHN MICHAEL ELVEKROG He’s sometimes glad, sometimes sad; but you’ll never find him one bit load. Football-1,2,3,4; Wrestling-1, 2,3,4; FFA-2,3,4-Treasurer-3; Track-3; “S” Club-3,4; Sportsman Club-4.PATRICIA A. ENGLES Full of pep and always on the go. Freshman Chorus-1; Ski Club-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; FTA-3; AFS- 3,4- President; Forensics-3, 4; Association-4; Yahara-4; Friendship Club - 4; Task Force-4. JEFFERY McBRIDE EVERSON How I hate women—too bad girls! Basketball-1,2,3,4; Track-1,2, 3,4; Football-1,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4; Parrot-3; Prom Court-3; Homecoming Court -4; “S” Club-4. JANETTE COLETTE FAVREAU She’s peppered with lots of pep. Freshman Chorus-1; Good Citizenship Award - 2; Red Cross-2; MFA-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,4; Prom Court-3; Forens-ics-3,4; A’Cappella-4; Cheerleading-4; Homecoming Court -4. DEBORAH KAY FEMRITE Why follow the rules? My way is more fun. MFA-2; Red Cross-2; G.A.A. -2,3,4; A’Cappella-3; Association-3; Folk Singers-3; Musical-3; SHSNVA-3; Camera Club-4. JOHN O. F ORTON He’s not conceited—he’s twice as good as he says he is! Football - 1; Wrestling -1,2; Tennis-1,2,3,4; Ski Club-2; Intramurals - 2,3,4; Sportsman Club-3; “S’ Club-3,4; Association-4. RICHARD A. FREUND I didn’t slip, I was pushed. Football-1; FFA-1,2,3,4; Archery Club-4.mark gibbon Silence is golden. He’s a very wealthy man. Intramurals-2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4. SANDY GARDNER Her life is a duel between halo and horns. G.A.A.-2,3,4; Class Treasurer -3; FTA-3; Musical-3; Prom Court-3; Archery Club-4; Norse Dancers-4; Yahara-4. ED J. GASSEN He’s always feeling at his best, when he can be a constant pest. A’Cappella - 3 ; Car Club-3; Printing Club-4. MARGARET JEAN GILLETTE A newly found friend we wish had come earlier. Transfer-4; Association-4. MICHAEL ALLAN GLOYD If I hadn’t been born, people would wonder why. Basketball-1,2,3,4; Football-1,2,3,4; Baseball-1,2,4; “S” Club-2,3,4; Sportsman Club-3; Association-4; Homecoming Court-4. PERRY G. GRAVES Never do today what you can put off til tomorrow. Youth Council-2; Car Club-3; Ski Club-4. LIANNE R. GREFSHEIM A real sweet gal who just can’t make her eyes behave. Freshman Chorus-1; A’Cap-pella-2,3,4; Folk Sngers-2,3, 4; FTA - 2,3,4-Treasurer-3-President-4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Student Council-2,3,4-Secretary - 4; Viking Band - 2,3,4; Madrigal-3; Musical-3; Parrot-3; Yahara-3,4-Organizations Editor-4; Pep Band-4. DEAN E. GOECKS Pm thinking, but nothin' happens. Football-1; FFA-2,3; A’Cap-pella-3; Association-3; Wrestling-3,4; Archery Club-4-Vice President-4.DEAN ARTHUR HANSON His reasoning would confuse any teacher. Track -1 - Mgr - ; Football-1, 2,3,4-Mgr-l,2,3,4; Wrestling-1,2,3,4; Science Club-2,3; Club-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3, 4; Dance Band-4, KIM HANSON A good-looking lad over 6’ tall—when the lovebug bites he’ll have far to fall. Basketball-1,2,3,4; Golf-2,3, 4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4. ELLEN GRENDAHL Her mood doesn’t change with the weather; it’s unclouded all the time. FHA-4. WENDY JANE GROSHONG Your smile is sweet; your eyes are true; the world has need of girls like you. Debate-1; Student Council-1, 2,3,4-President-4; Good Citizenship Award-2; Ski Club-2,3; Forensics-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4 - Secretary-3; Musical-3; SHSNVA-3; A’Cappella-3,4; AFS- 3,4-President - 3; FTA-4; Friendship Club-4. STEVEN A. GUNSOLUS Bashful frosh, bashful bashful junior, but oh, his senior year! Football - 1,2,3,4 - Captain - 4; Track-1,2,3; Wrestling-1,2,3, 4; Sportsman Club-2,3; Badger Boys State-3; Spade-3; Prom Court-3-King-3; “S” Club-3,4; National Honor So-ciety-3,4; Association-4; Athletic Board - 4 - President - 4; Home Coming Court-4. HENRY HAROLD HALVERSON A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. Football -1; Baseball -1,2,3,4; Intramurals -1,2,3,4; Wrestling-1,3,4; Youth Council-2; Sportsman Club-2,3,4; "S” Club-3,4. STEPHEN MICHAEL HANSE] An all around guy and a gu; all around. Science Club-2,3,4. CHERYL ANN HANSON Only trees grow tall, wants to be a tree? Ski Club-2,3,4. Who GREG J. HESSEL This guy was born with natural talent. Dramatics-2; Association-3; A Cappella-3,4; FolkSingers-3,4; Musical - 3,4; Camera Club-4-President-4; Yahara-4-Art Editor-4. KIM D. HOEL Share and share alike. Golf-1,2,3,4-Captain-2; Football-1,2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3; ft99 Club-2,3,4; Basket-ball-3,4; Association-4; Athletic Board-4-Vice Pres-4. SHARONNE V. HARVEY Blushing is the color of virtue. Dramatics-2; G.A.A.-2; Youth Council - 2; A'Cappella-2,3,4; Debate-2,3,4; Viking Band-2, 3,4; Musical-3; Association-3,4; Madrigal-4; Yahara-4. MAYNARD HARRIED Urumh, urumh, scree-ee-ee-eech . ! Track-1; Wrestling-1; Football-1,2; Intramurals-1,2,3,4; Baseball-2; Youth Council-2; Printing Club-4. MARY A. HARVEY Blondes can get in bottles; redheads are just natural. Freshman Chorus-1; A'Cap-pella-2,3; Librarians-2,3,4; Task Force-4. DUNE L. HELLUM A ring on the finger is worth two on a phone. FHA-2,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4. LAURIE KAY HANSON I am little; I am wise; Pm a terror for my size! Association-3,4; Dramatics-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Task Force -4; AFS-4. MARK DUANE HANSON Not too bold, not too shy just a happy medium guy| Debate-2; Youth Council-2 A Cappella - 2,3,4; Madrigal I 2,3,4; Musical - 3; Associa tion-3,4; Folk Singers-3,4. FORD CHARLES HORN The dreams of girls who want a quiet man. AFS-1; Basketball -1,2,3,4; "S” Club-2,3,4-Vice Pres.-4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4; Parrot -3,4-Sports Editor-4; Quill Scroll-3,4; Student Council-4; Yahara-4. DENISE ANN HOYER She has what it takes to be a success. FTA-2; A’Cappella-3; Spanish Club-3; G.A.A.-3,4; AFS-4; Camera Club-4-Treasurer-4; Parrot-4; Yahara - 4-Editor-In-Chief-4. Marjorie k. hoel Pm not saying anything. Pm just talking. Class President-1; Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3, 4; A’Cappella-3; Musical-3; Dance Band-3,4; Task Force-4; Friendship Club-4. LOUISE HOLCOMB Stoughton’s own Shirley Temple. Freshman Chorus-1; Dramatics-2; Association-3; Parrot -4; Philo-4; Red Cross-4; Yahara - 4 - Class Editor; Task Force-4. JANET MARIE HOUGAN I was cut out to be an angel, but Kay ran off with the pattern. Freshman Chorus-1; Drama-tics-3; Folk Sngers-2; A’Ca-ppella-2,3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; FTA -3; Chess Club-4. DENNIS JAMES HUSTON Wherever there’s laughter, there’s Dennis. Pep Band-2; Viking Band-2,3; Ski Club-2,3,4. LINDA MARIE HUBRED A smile so innocent and a personality to match. Transfer-3; Association-3; Camera Club-4. MICHAEL I IVERSON Many his friends, none his foe; he’s the boy we’re proud to know. Football-1; Wrestling-1,2,3,4; Youth Council-2; Sportsman Club-3,4.I BRUCE L. JOHNSON v He's not dead, just sleeping. FFA-1,2,3,4-Vice President-4; Intramurals - 2; Archery Club-4. DIANE I. JOHNSON Laughing eyes and flashing smile, charming ways and lots of style. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3, 4; Association-3,4; Philo-3, 4; Student Council-4. KAREN JOHNSON This girl will make a hit no matter where she travels in this world. Dramatics-2; Spanish Club -3,4; G.A.A.-3,4; Philo-4; AFS -4; Task Force-4. MARTHA JANE JOHNSON A charter member of the “in” generation. Dramatics-2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Association-3,4-Vice Pres-4; Task Force-4. RALPH EDWARD JOHNSON He thinks too much; such men are dangerous. Student Council-1; Wrestling-1; Golf-1,2,3,4; Pep Band-2; Viking Band - 2; Sportsman Club-2,3,4. ROBERT RAY JOHNSON I don't care, I ain't gonna' kill myself workin'. FFA-1,2,4; Wrestling-1,2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3; A'Cap-pella-3; Archery Club-4. TERRY W. KAHL A modest man with many friends. Football -1,2,3,4; Baseball-1, 2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4; Intramurals-3,4; “99 Club-3,4. WAYNE LeROY KEEHN Don't study your lesson, lessen your study. Science Club-2,4; Industrial Arts-3-Vice President-3.DAVID KIND Don’t let my last name fool you. FFA-2,3,4; Archery Club-4. MITCHELL L. KNOX He came a stranger and left a friend. Transfer - 4; Football - 4; Sportsman Club-4. ANN LYNN KELLER Nobody gives her a second thought, they’re too busy with the first. Debate-1; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Ski Club-2,3,4-Pres; Philo-3,4. VICKI LYNN KENYON She keeps insisting it’s luck, but we know better. Class Treasurer-2; Good Citizenship Award-1; Dramatics -2; Forensics-2; A’Cappella-2,3,4 - Vice President - 4 ; G.A.A. - 2,3,4- Treasurer - 3 -President - 4 ; Musical - 3,4; Prom Court-3; Spoon-3; Association - 3,4; Madrigal-3,4; National Honor Society-3,4; Philo-3,4; Homecoming Court -4; Yahara-4. ROLLIN LYLE KONG What is life without a little mischief? Football-1,3,4; FFA-2; A’Ca-ppella-3; Sportsman Club-3, 4; Wrestling-3,4. WILLIAM E. KORTTE School breaks up my whole day. Youth Council-2; Viking Band -2,3; Car Club-3; Pep Band-3; Intramurals-3,4; Ski Club-4. - DANA G. KITSON When I feel like working just lie down until the fe ing goes away. Basketball -1; Baseball -Football-1,2,3,4; Intramur -1,2,3,4; Sportsman Clut Parrot-3; Association-: “S” Club-3,4; Track-3,4; hara-4-cover-4. ERNEST WAYNE KOJO Pm not choking that’s the way I laugh. FTA-3,4.JEANETTE MARIE LEIKNESS She appears quiet, but sometimes we wonder. FHA-3,4. DUNE MARIE LePINE Flippant and gay—just chatters away. Cheerleading-1; Ski Club-2; G. A. A. - 2,3,4; Musical - 3; Norse Dancers-3; Prom Court - 3 - Queen; Association - 3,4; SHSNVA-3,4; Student Council-3,4; Friendship Club-4. mm SUSAN RAE LACEY You never know what she is up to, until she has done it. Dramatics-2; Association-3; G.A.A.-3; Discussion Club-4. MICHELE LEE LARSON A brimful of mischief, wit, and glee, as any human form can be. German Club-2,3-President-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band -2,3,4; National Society-3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Philo-3,4-Vice President-4; AFS-4; Archery Club-4; Yahara-4. mm PATRICU ANN LACY She doesn't know the meaning of impossible. Cheerleading-1,2,3,4; Drama-tics-2; Student Council-2,3 -Treasurer - 3 ; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; FTA - 3; Parrot - 3,4 - News Editor - 4; Philo-3,4; SHSNVA-3,4; Association - 4; Yahara - 4; Friendship Club-4. THOMAS R. LAWRENCE I still say sports coats are in. Transfer - 3; Parrot - 4; Science Club-4. MARTIN A. KVALHEIM In my locker my books do lie. They are at rest and so am L Sportsman Club-2; Car Club-3; Printing-4. MICHAEL ANDREW LACY He is rather a quiet lad... wonder if that's good or bad? Football-1; Wrestling-1,2,3,4; Cross Country-2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4; «S" Club-2,3,4; Parrot-4.STEVE M. LINNERUD Matches—no, but you can use my monogram med cigarette lighter. Ski Club-2,3,4. Kathleen jean LUNDGREN The things they teach you in school! Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3, 4; Ski Club-3,4. SHARON K. MCALLISTER Good things come in small packages. Transfer - 4; Association -4; G.A.A.-4. PETER JONATHAN McKERCHER I like getting into hot water. It keeps me clean! Basketball -1; Football-1,3,4; Intramurals -1,2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2; Forensics-3; Prom Court-3; Association-3, 4; Baseball-3,4; Homecoming Court-4. BARBARA A. MAERZ Could that be Twiggy? FHA -1,2; Nature Club-3 -Treasurer-3. MARY MALAS Our football entry for the Olympics. Freshman Chorus-1; Student Council -1 - Secretary-1; Dra-matics-2; Librarians-2; Musical - 2; Red Cross - 2 - President - 2; Camera Club - 3 ; Spanish Club-3; FHA-4; G.A.A -4; Task Force-4. WAYNE C. MARSH It's a great affliction to be a handsome man. Football - 1; Wrestling -1,2,4; Sportsman Club - 2,3; Norse Dancers-2,3,4; Intramurals-3; National Honor Society-3, 4; Archery Club-4. SUSAN M. MAERZ Don't tell me you don't know how to make a touchdown. Nature Club-2-Secretary-2.CURTIS D. MEYER It's a bird, it's a plane—no wait—Curt Meyer? Science Club-2; Pep Band-2,3,4; Viking Band - 2,3,4; Sportsman Club-3,4. DEBORAH MATHISON A natural grace and a pretty face. Transfer-3; A'Cappella-3; Association-3,4; Folk Singers -3,4; Forensics-3,4; G.A.A.-3,4; Madrigal-3,4; Musical-3,4; Philo-3,4; Dramatics-4; Norse Dancers-4; Friendship Club-4. LESTER ROBERT MEYER Young men have to sow their wild oats, and Pve got plenty of fields left. Wrestling-1; Intramurals-1,2; FFA-1,2,3,4; Archery Club-4. JEANNIE RENE MILLAR I know the early bird catches the worm, but what am I supposed to do with a worm? Freshman Chorus-1; Debate-2; G.A.A.-2; Youth Council-2; A'Cappella-2,3. DONALD RAYMOND MOE Is It true blonds have more fun? Football-1; Wrestling-1,2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4; “SP’ Club-4. PHILLIP MARK MOESER Gee Phil, that was a great backward turn-around jump hook shot. Let's try it with a ball next time. Class President-2; Good Citizenship Award-1; Basketball-1,2,3,4; Tennis-1,2,3,4-Captain - 3; Cross Country - 2; Sportsman Club-2,3; “SP Club -2.3,4-Secretary-Trea— urer4; Badger Boys State -3; Football-3; Parrot-3; National Honor Society-3,4; Association-4. MARSHA LYNN MILLER I can overcome any obstacle-ah-except maybe a volleyball net. Dramatics-2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,3; Association - 3; Forensics - 3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Philo-3,4; Archery Club-4; Yahara-4.BRAD NELSON The habit of getting to the bottom of things usually lands a man on top. Youth Council - 2; National Honor Society-3,4; Sportsman Club-3,4; Football-4; Parrot-4; Track-4. BONNIE JEAN MUEHLENBRUCH I refuse to walk in the tracks of others; Pll make my own. Art Club-2; Forensics-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; SHSNVA-3; Student Council-3; Quill Scroll -3; Association-3,4-Pres-4; Parrot - 3,4-Editor-In-Chief -4; Philo-3,4. MARJORIE L. MYHRE All you're supposed to spike is a volleyball. Freshman Chorus-1; Dramatics-2; A'Cappella-2,3,4; Folk Singers - 2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Madrigal - 2,3,4; Librarians-3; FTA-4; Yahara-4. mary beth nelson My mother keeps saying my knight in armor will come soon. But who wants Mr. Clean anyway? Class Secretary-2; G.A.A.-2, 3,4; Ski Club-2,4; Association -3; Philo-3,4. VERONICA SUE NETTUM I like clarinet players—especially the larger size. Freshman Chorus-1; G.A.A. -2,3; Pep Baitd-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Spanish Club-3; Camera Club-4-Secretary-4; Yahara-4. DAVID OFFERDAHL Packers aren't the only thing in Green Bay, right, Bart? Basketball-2,3,4; Baseball-2, 3,4; “S' Club-2,3,4; Sportsman Club-3,4. MICHAEL NORDLIE Pm another Valentino, but not as silent. Football-2; Youth Council-2; Wrestling - 2,3,4; Sportsman Club-3,4. ROGER STEPHEN OFFERDAHL Night is the best part of day. Football-1,2; Sportsman Club-2; Association-3; Ski Club-4; Track-4.NANCY SUE OLSON Quiet is for a hospital zone, not a girl. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3, 4; Association-3; SHSNVA-3; Philo-3,4-Secretary-4; Student Council-3,4; Homecoming Court-4; Ski Club-4; AFS -4. JULIE ANN OFSTHUN Chuckle, chuckle on the floor, come on girls let's laugh some more. Dramatics -2; G.A.A.- 2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Forensics -3; Musical-3; Dance Band-3,4; Pep Band-4; Philo-4. CURTIS ALAN OLSON I don't agree with the hypothesis of logical inductive reasoning. Transfer-3; Association-3,4; Parrot-4. NANCY BETH OR WIG Nancy, the story of a girl and the boy and horse she loves. Transfer-3; Spanish Club-3-Vice Pres-3; Philo-3,4; Ski Club-4. KAY JEANENE OTTESON I'm not crying, I'm laughing. Freshman Chorus-1; A'Cap-pella - 2,3-Secretary-3; Folk Singers - 2,3; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Viking Band - 2,3,4; FTA-3; Pep Band-3,4; Association-4; Task Force-4. RANA KRISTEEN OUTHOUSE I do my best and leave the rest. FHA-4; Task Force-4. CHERYL ANN PARISH A smile is accepted anywhere. Dramatics-2; Youth Council -2; G.A.A.-2,3; Musical-3; A'Cappella-3,4; Association-3,4; Folk Singers-3,4; SHSNVA -3,4-President-4; Madrigal-4. SONJA PAULI She came two years too late. Transfer-4; A'Cappella-4; Association-4; SHSNVA-4.SUSAN JANE PETERSON Shyness is a virtue, but who vants to be virtuous. Jebate-2; MFA-2; G.A.A.-2, ,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; A’Ca- ella-3; Folk Singers-3; Mus-cal-3; Dance Band-3,4; Pep 3and-3,4; Philo-3,4; Yahara -4. MARGO LOUISE PETERSON Is that a direct quote? Freshman Chorus-1; MFA-2, 3,; A’Cappella-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Red Cross-2,3,4-Trea-surer-3-President-4. STEVE L. PETERSON Steve’s outstanding in his field, corn that is. FFA-2,3,4; Car Club-4. BRENDA KAY PRESTON I didn’t hear about that party. Class Secretary-1; Debate-1; Ski Club-2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Forensics-3; Association-3,4. TEFF A. PUNDT Vork is some men’s meat, ’m a vegetarian. ootball-1; Art Club-2; Asso-iation-3; Chess Club-4. LARRY W. QUAM It’s not that I don’t study, I have a poor memory. Art Club-2; A’Cappella-3; Association-3; Printing Club-4. MIKE RADECKI Pm not a clock watcher. Anyone got a watch? Football-1; Track-1,2; Art Club - 2; Sportsman Club - 2; Association-3,4; Intramurals -3,4. VIRGINIA IRENE RAMOS My Presidental platform is made of boards. Transfer-3; Freshman Chorus-1; A’Cappella-3; Folk Singers-3; FTA-3; Madrigal-3; G.A.A.-3,4; Philo-3,4- Pres-4; National Honor Society-3,4; AFS-4; Archery Club-4; Yahara-4.ISABEL CAROLI REZENDE And we all smile with her. AFS Student from Rio de Ja-nerio, Brazil-4; AFS-4; A'Ca-ppella-4; Association-4; Folk Slngers-4; G.A.A.-4; Librar-ians-4; Philo-4; Friendship Club-4. KEN RAMSDEN Knowledge is dangerous, but Pve never been in great peril. Wrestling-1; Association-3,4; Task Force-4. RANDY EDWARD REE Height is not the measure of a man's ability. Freshman Chorus -1; Intra-murals-1,2,4; Camera Club-2; FFA-2,3,4; Car Club-3; Wrestling-3; Printing Club-4-Vice Pres-4. DONALD GENE RHYNER There may be a time for work, but I haven't found it. Car Club-3,4. DIANE CATHERINE RICHMOND It doesn't take noise to make personality. G.A.A.-2,3,4; Librarians-3,4; Red Cross-3 4. DENNIS L. RIDDLE You know, it's a terrible thing to be bothered by girls. Football-1; Intramurals-1,2,3; Wrestling -1,2,3,4; Cross Country-2,3; Sportsman Club-2,3; “S" Club-2,3,4; Track-2,3,4; Archery Club-4. RICHARD OLIN RINDEN If school is liberty, give me death! Wrestling-2; Sportsman Club -2,3,4. GARY RINDT If wise remarks were grains of sand, we would be a desert. Freshman Chorus-1; Wrest-llng-1; Intramurals-2,3,4; Association-3,4; Task Force-4..YNETTE MARIE ROSS Crowds bother me, cares ►other me, so I avoid both. 1.A.A.-2; Youth Council - 2; vSSociation-3; Camera Club-; Yahara-4. LINDA LU RUETTEN An unspoken word never causes trouble. Transfer-4. NADINE SUE RONE ID Sometimes silent; but never quiet. Wherever she goes there1 s always a riot. G.A.A.-2,3; FTA-2,3,4-Vice-President-4. DAVID JOEL RORGE Devil was, devil is, but David will always be. Football-1; Baseball -1,2,3,4; Basketball-1,2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3; “S” Club-3,4; Badger Boys State-4; Association-4; Parrot-4; Yahara-4-Sports Editor. EDWARD ROWIN I thought I saw him studying, but it was just a dream. Transfer-3; Car Club-4. KATHY SANKBEIL Those who speak little say a great deal. Transfer-3; Camera Club-4. MARK S. SCHIMELFENIG Genius is the capacity for evading hard work. Youth Council-2; Dance Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4. DALE L. SAND MIRE I like word, it fascinates me. I could sit and watch it for hours. Intramurals-1,2,3,4; Football,3; Sportsman Club-2,3; Car Club-3.■ I Marilyn mae scholes Pep, wisecracks, full of fun, she makes friends with everyone. Cheerleading - 2,3,4 - Captain ‘A'-4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; FTA-3,4. ANN ELIZABETH SCHULTZ I agree with no man's opinion. I have some of my own. Dramatics -2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3, 4; Viking Band-2,3,4; FTA-3; Philo-3,4; National Honor Society-3,4; AFS-4; Association-4; Task Force-4. JULIE ANN SERSTAD Boys are a nuisance, but I like the disturbances. Cheerleading -1,4 - Captain-4; Dramatics-2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4-Vice - President-4; Viking Band-2,3,4; MFA-3-Historian -3; Pep Band-3,4; Philo-3,4; AFS-4; Association-4; Forensics - 4; Student Council - 4; Friendship Club-4. DEBRA RAE SHORT High school days have delights, but they can't compare with high school nights. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3, 4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Association-3,4; AFS-4. DANIEL LEE SIGURSLID Women are like socks. They have to be changed regurlarly. Transfer-2; Class President-3; Good Citizenship Award-2; Madrigal-2; Sportsman Club-2,3; A'Cappella-2,3,4-Vice-President - 3 - President -4; Basketball-2,3,4; "S" Club-2,3,4; Track-2,3,4; Musical-3; Prom Court-3; Football- 3,4-Captain-4; Association-4; Homecoming Court-4-King-4. CYNTHIA RAE SKIDMORE An even temper, a ready smile, and eyes that sparkle all the while. Good Citizenship Award -1; Dramatics-2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Viking Band - 2,3,4; Badger Girls State-3; German Club-3; Pep Band-3,4; Philo-3,4-Historian-4; National Honor Society-3,4; Archery Club-4-Secretary-4; Cheerleading-4; Yahara-4-Senior Editor-4. DONALD HARLAND SMITHBACK A specialist in the art of fun. Freshman Chorus-1; Camera Club-2; Intramurals - 2,3,4; Car Club-3; Printing-4-Trea-surer-4. DAVID KENT SELBO He knows that football isn't the only place where a good line is needed. Good Citizenship Award-1,2; Sportsman Club-1,2,3; Athletic Board-1,2,3,4; Baseball-1,2,3,4; Basketball -1,2,3,4; Football -1,2,3,4 - Captain - 4; “S" Club-1,2,3,4-President-4; Musical-3; Prom Court-3; Norse Dancers-3,4; Association-4; Badger Boys State-3; Parrot-4; Homecoming Court -4.PENNY LYNN SPHATT Life is Swingen'. Dramatics-2; Forensics-2,3, 4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band -2,3,4; Musical - 3; Association - 3,4 - Treasurer - 4: Pep Band - 3,4; Philo-3,4; Norse Dancers-4; Student Council -4; AFS-4; Friendship Club-4. JUNE ELAINE STRANDLIE Blessed are they who say little, for they shall never be quoted. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3; Ski Club-3,4. ROGER EDWIN STRANDLIE I know a lot. I just can't think of it. Football-1; Freshman Chorus -1; Youth Council-2; Indust-ial Arts-3-Secretary-Treas-urer-3; Car Club-4-Secretary -4. TIM STRICKER Compared to me, the devil is a sissy. German Club-2,3; Baseball-3; Science Club-4. WENDY SUE SUNDBY I think before I leap. That's my problem. Ski Club - 2; Association - 3 -Vice President-3; Musical -3; Prom Court-3; Cheerleading-3,4; Homecoming Court-4; MFA-4; Yahara-4. HOWARD J. SWALHEIM Look out pedestrians! Sportsman Club-2; Association-3,4. GREGORY C. SWINGEN All great men are dead. Come to think of it, I haven't been feeling too well. Basketball-1,2,3; Cross Country-1,2,3; Art Club-2; Sportsman club-2; Track-2,3; Association-3,4; Intramurals-4. H JULIE MARIE TEIGEN The mildest manner and the gentlest heart. Freshman Chorus-1; A'Cap-pella-3; Librarians-3.JUDITH DARLENE TOPP An hour for work, a day for Play. BARBARA JEAN THOMPSON DAVID ARTHUR THOMPSON Many friends are better than Let the world go by. Pm not riches. moving an inch. Freshman Chorus-1; G.A.A.- Basketball-1; Sportsman Club 2,3; Librarians-3; Red Cross- -2; Wrestling-2; Pep Band-4. 2,3; Viking Band-2,3; Dance Band-3; Intramurals-3,4; Car Club-4-Vice President-4. DEBRA KAY TRIELOFF Her laughter can often be heard. F reshman Chorus -1; Folk Singers-2; A’Cappella-2,3,4; FTA-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3, 4; Musical-3; G.A.A.-3,4. JAMES MORRIS TROW They say only the good die young. I guess Pll be around for quite awhile. Wrestling-1,2; Intramurals-2; Ski Club-3,4. KATHRYN EILEEN VALE I didn’t say a word. Well, maybe I said one word. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3, 4; FTA-3; AFS-4; Ski Club-4. GARY VETTER Maybe he’s not “always” right but he’s never wrong. German Club -2,3; Cross Country- 2,3,4 - Captain- 4; Track-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3, 4; Pep Band-3,4; "S” Club-3,4; Badger Boys State-3; Sportsman Club-4. DAVID A. UDSTUEN Bring out your camera; Pm the picture of ambition. Nature Club-2; FFA-3,4.IARSHA ANN VIKE i grade school, my favorite lass was recess, reshman Chorus-1; FHA-2, ,4. JEAN ELIZABETH VEUM Sure I get excited...once in a while. Why waste your energy? FTA-2,3,4; Philo-3,4. GREGORY JON VIKE I was a 40 lb. weakling when I was born. Transfer - 2; Baseball - 2,3,4; Football - 2,3,4 ; Sportsman Club-2,3,4; Intramurals-4. STEVE JOHN VINDEDAHL The harder I try the gooder to be, the badder I is. Art Club-2; Association-3,4. OLA MASON WAGNER yt course Pm a good driver. I always look both ways be-ore running a red light, r reshman Chorus-1; G.A.A.-2,3; A’Cappella- 2,3,4; Red Cross-2,3,4; Librarians-3,4; Yahara-4; Task Force-4. BARBARA JO WATSON Relax...what’s the rush? FHA-2; German Club-3; FTA -4; G.A.A.-4, STEVE M. WEDOE Don’t fence me in. Cross Country-1,2; Youth Council-2; Association-3; Car Club-4. MARSHA J. WEHRLEY One who is friendly always has friends. Transfer - 4; G.A.A. - 4; Ski Club-4; Task Force-4.RICHARD DALE WERSLAND Living is the easiest thing in the world for me. Wrestling - 2,3,4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4. DAVID LLOYD WENDT So I said to myself, “Self...” A'Cappella-1,2,3; Student Council-1,2; Folk Singers-2; Debate - 2,3-Captain - 3; Science Club-2,3,4-Treasurer-2 -Vice President-3-President -4; Musical-4. DAVID WARREN WENNLUND Why worry? It will happen anyway. Art Club-2; Association-3,4; Task Force-4. DONNA JEAN WEST The only way to have a friend is to be one. Freshman Chorus-1; Drama-tics-2; G.A.A.-2; A'Cappella -2,3,4; Association-3,4. NANCY J. WHALEY Studying is a pastime. Why overdo it? FHA-2; G.A.A.-2. DENNIS L. WILLIAMS He's the type who hits the nail squarely on the thumb. Nature Club-2; Association-3; Car Club-4. JAMES E. WILLIAMS A rolling stone gathers no moss. FFA-2,3,4; Car Club-3,4. SHIRLEY JO WIKUM A friendly gal with a friendly way. F.T.A.-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band -3,4; Yahara-3,4-Faculty Editor-4; AFS-4; Parrot-4; Student Council-4.LEAANNE WOOD She kindles the fire of friendship. German Club-2; Youth Coun-cil-2; G.A.A.-2,3; SHSNVA-3; Association-3,4; A’Cappella-4; AFS-4; Folk Singers-4. KENNETH R. WILLIAMS Pm loaded with ambition. Somebody pull the trigger. Sportsman Club-2,3; Archery Club-4. ■ LINDA L. WITTIG When the older generation were kids they thought nothing of going to bed at nine. I don’t think much of the idea either. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3, 4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Association-3,4; Forensics-3,4; AFS -4. DUANE HOMER WOODHOUSE Fame comes only after death, and Pm in no hurry for it. Football-1; Wrestling-1,2; Industrial Arts-2; Car Club-3; Printing Club-4. MARY JO WRIGHT Pm for the two party system. One tonight and one tomorrow night. Transfer-2; Dramatics-2; G. A.A.-2,3,4; SHSNVA-3; Libra rians-3,4; Spainsh Club-4; Yahara-4. KAYE A. YOUNGMAN She is liked by all who know her. Transfer-4; G.A.A.-4. A IN MEMORIUM f David W. Forrer a Now that graduatiom "time is here, we feel Ahumbly proud to include fin our yearbook, a note | in memory of David W. f Forrer who’s untimely (death a few short months ago, November, 1967, re-| moved David from his " classmates. | Though he is gone, we ! all cherish the many | pleasant m e'm o r i e s we ! have of our former class-|mate, David Forrer. REBECCA LYNN WRIGHT A smile lights her face. Freshman Chorus-1; MFA-2; A’Cappella-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3, 4; Madrigal - 2, 3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; FTA-3,4.Seniors Recognized For Achievements Vicki Kenyon and Steve Gun-solus received last year’s spoon and spade honors. Vicki Kenyon is our recipient of the annual DAR award. BADGER GIRLS AND BOYS: Row 1: S. Gunsolus, D. Rorge (alternate); Row 2: D. Selbo, C. Skidmore, P. Moeser, M. Gilbert, V. Kenyon (alternate), G. Vetter.Officers Share Responsibilities Class Of 70 V. Pres. - B. Offerdahl Pres. - B. Stokstad Sec. - P. Ralph Treas. - P. Paton Seniors would, of course, like to think that they are the only important people in the school. But, we all know that this is not true. Working just as hard or perhaps harder on projects and programs are the Junior and Sophomore officers. Much of the behind the scenes work is done by the underclass officers. One of the best arguments for the underclassmen is displayed every year as they perform their own touch of magic in turning the Commons into Prom! We would like to thank these people for their help in making this year a memorable one. Class Of 71 Pres. - M. Beaster V. Pres. - D. Foss Sec. - C. Scheldrup Treas. - G. NyhagenClass of 70 Mrs. Barry Row 1—G. Allen, T. Anderson, L. Araeson, K. Amble, K. Amble, M. Arne son; Row 2— B. Arnold, D. Anderson, 1C Anderson, V. Asperheim, A. Aaberg, D. Adams; Row 3—J. Allen, H. Anderson, J. Alme, E. Anderson, C. Ahlgrlm, D. Allen. Mrs. Brewster Row 1—C. Comstock, F. Board man, G. Bascombe, A. Boll and, M. Bruheim, J. Brantmeyer; Row 2—A. Beckwith, J. Bennett, B. Brown, A. Berg, M. Brown, C. Cox; Row 3— L. Brown, T. Brusager, R. Christianson, C. Burmeister, J. Benson, K. Baumgartner; Row 4— SL Christianson, D. Brusager, G. Crews, B. Chrltton, C. Couch.Class of 70 Mr. Koenig Row 1—R. Ehle, D. Gunnelson, K. Gunderson, R. Frankhauser, M. Elsing; Row 2— C. Gander, J. Elvekrog, C. Dali man, P. Deegan, W. Gjertson, J. Durrant; Row 3—M. Everson, J. Dargis, R. Goecks, E. Erickson, V. Finder; Row 4—J. Drogsvold, R. Ellis, H. Frank, T. Gassen, L. Erickson. Mr. Marshall Row 1—D. Hellickson, B. Harms, K. Hodge, D. Haried, T. Hillery, M. Hud kins; Row 2—C. Hughes, J. Hougan, B. Hanson, D. Heath, M. Haug; Row 3—M. Hale, M. Hull, T. Holm, P. Hanson.Class of 70 Mrs. Brihn Row 1—P. Johnson, G. Johnson, C. Juve, J. Ketchum, B. Knox, V. Jacobson; Row 2— C. Johnson, W. Johnson, W. Jenson, C. Kravick, K. Jacobsen, L. Kersten,;Row 3—J. Knudson, L. Johnson, B. Keuper, L. Jungbluth, D. Jenks, J. Karlslyst; Row 4—S. Kenyon, A. Kaupanger, K. Johnson, G. Klley, R. Jacobs, D. Jacobson. Mr. Redford Row 1—K. Moe, M. Link, P. Lien, J-Larson, P. Maloney; Row 2—D. Labe lie, C. Martinez, P. Mathison, R. Lunde, K Larson, M. Lausch, D. Linderud, P. Leikness,; Row 3— S. Melaas, H. Myrland, K. Midthun, M. Lamers, R. Lamm, C. Marks, S. Mabie, D. Loftus; Row 4—R. Mitchell, W. Miller, S. Lundgren, R. Lee, B. Martinsen, C. Mikkelson, D. Larsen, G. Layton.Class of 70 Mrs. Rich Row 1—D. Nelson, C. Onsrud, D. Nelson, O. Leslie, V. Normington, Row 2—L. Nelson, K. Nettum, J. Orcutt, D. Presby, J. Nelson; Row 3—P. Norland, P. Paton, J. Peterson, R. Olson, Row 4—D. Prochnow, V. Nelson, J. Offerdahl, R. Offerdahl, C. Pundt. Mr. Mackenzie Row 1—L. Radermacher, K. Ross, C. Rigdon, S. Schenck, P. Reinstad; Row 2— N. Rustad, J. Simmons, P. Ralph, T. Siebert; Row 3—R. Raasch, L. Ramsden, P. Selbo, K. Schimel-fenig, M. Silbaugh.Class of 70 Mr. Shumate Row 1 - M. Swobada, K. Swalheim, J. Stokstad, N. Thompson, B. Tyler, K. § ilde; Row 2 -D. Stiklestad, K. Sproul, C. Theiler, C. Strieker, B. Sundby, T. Thompson; Row 3 - L. Stanke, T. Strothman, B. Stokstad, B. Swenson, M. Tofte, R. Tborson. Mr. Venske Row 1 - C. Vlasak, D. Ylvisaker, J. Wickline, B. Williams, D. Webster; Row 2 - R. Woods, G. Vale, S. Wolf, J. Woodhouse, J. Wagaman; Row 3 - J. Whitford, L. Wood, M. Van Gilder, J. White, T. Winters.Class of 71 Mr. Enochs Row 1 - D. Arnold, M. Anderson, D. Anderson, G. Aaberg, N. Barber, A. Anderson; Row 2 -G. Anderson, B. Barnett, M. Arneson, T. Adler, N. Arneson, B. Amundson; Row 3 - K. Baumgartner, C. Allen, V. Anderson, J. Backus, J. Ahlgrim; Row 4 - C. Barrett, G. Allen, D. Alme, B. Anderson, M. Beaster. Mr. Fortney Row 1 - C. Bennett, J. Dawson, D. Bruheim, C. Culham, D. Bohn, C. Chamberlain; Row 2 -R. Daggett, A. Bronson, K. Bersing, P. Bowen, R. Christy, J. Berg; Row 3 - K. Bollock, B. Daemmrich, A. Beckwith, K. Carlson, M. Christianson, T. Davis; Row 4 - R, Dietzman, N. Brekken, P. Dahl, D. Dahl, W. Daffner, T. Dyreson, B. Cox.Class of 71 Miss Reek Row 1 - S. Halverson, B. Gilbertson, K. Elvekrog, C. Everson, R. Harms, J. Eugster HI, Row 2 - J. Gilbert, B. Ehle, K. Furseth, B. Engsbert, K. Fuller, T. Engen; Row 3 - K. Hanson, J. Erickson, T. Folbrecht, J. Gunsolus, S, Eldred, R. Fankhauser, D. Ehle; Row 4 - L. Hale, T. Eifert, M. Forrer, C. Gallagher, D. Foss, W. Femrite. Mrs. Ludvigson Row 1 - J. Hougan, J. Holcomb, T. Hickcox, A. Homme, J. Hoffnian, Row 2 - B. Havey, C. Hoel, K. Hayter, K. Hergenroether, D. Hull, J. Hillery; Row 3-D. Horn, B. Hiles, M. Heinzeroth, W. Harvey, B. Hoyer; Row 4 - D. Hunt, D. Hoplite, G. Haugen, D. Havey, B. Harvey.Class of 71 Miss Pike Row 1 - T. Johnson, L. Jacobson, E. Kvalheim, D. Juve, E. Johnson, Row 2 - S. Knickmeier, B. Kong, M. Johnson, K. Jacobson, J. Knipfer, J. Kortte; Row 3 - J. Kivett, PC Karlslyst, T. Johnson, a! Kober, M. Kittleson; Row 4 - R. Johnson, D. Judd, K. Kvalheim, R. Johnson, G. Kennedy. Mr. Hubing Row 1 - C. Mattison, B. Marks, S. Maas, N. Moe, R. Lacy, P. Miller, Row 2 - N. McAllister, S. Miller, S. Landsverk, D. Lovick, L. Lawrence, D. McGraw, C. Myhre; Row 3 - J. Luchsinger, S. Mathison, a Leijcness, R. Midthun, J. Maerz, D. Meyr; Row 4 - J. Natvig, J. Melhuse, C. Mundt, J. Martin, T. Murphy, D. Murphy.Class of 71 Mr. Fuller How 1 - P. Norland, G. Nyhagen, J. Peterson, D. Parish, J. Outhouse; Row 2 - P. Raisbeck, J. Obrecht, J. Peterson, S. Nelson, M. Pfaffenbach, J. Nelson; Row 3 - M. Pfundheller, W. Quam, J. Radecki, K. Paulson, A. Nettum; Row 4 - D. Olson, D. Rambo, K. Nelson, G. Onsrud, A. Quam. Mrs. Ronca Row 1 - E. Schenck, C. Sankbeil, Mc Sankbeil, D. Rinden, C. Scheldrup, L. Schreiber; Row 2 - S. Showers, B. Schwenn, L. Ree, G. Rynes, G. Roneid, M. Rorge; Row 3 - T. Scheel, S. Rusted, S. Schmidt, E. Rowe, V. Rinden, G. Schieldt; Row 4 - R. Rindt, J. Schroeter, M. Roberts, M. Rosenbaum, K. Schlegal, T. Rinden.Class of 71 Mr. Smith Row 1 - G. Slettum, P. Thompson, J. Strandlie, L. Teigen, J. Tucker, R. Topp; Row 2 -K. Turville, C. Strandlie, B. Smithback, D. Swalheirn, R. Ursino, J. Stiff; Row 3 - J. Simmons, L. mne, J. Sperle, V. Smithback, G. Swenson; Row 4- V. Skidmore, T. Smith, L. Skoien, B. Sornson, D. Swalheirn, B. Sticklestad. Mrs. Sllnde Row 1 - M. Wagg, B. Wild, C. Vlke,J. Joui man J. WrlgMj;Row2 - B. Wblte, J. Ylvlsaker, N. Vale, J. Vetter, S. Wethal; Row 3 - R. Wersland, R. Velum, J. Wood, D. Vlke, A. wikum, K. Whaley.AFS Students 6To and From9 Isabel is welcomed by a ‘Happy American Family," the Joseph Ralph's. From left to right: Mrs. Ralph; Isabel Rezende, Mr. Ralph; and daughters Jane and Peggy. We the students of Stoughton High only hope that we have brought Isabel as much happiness as she has brought us. Hasta la Vista! Those were Karen Johnson's final words when she left Mexico last summer. Until we meet again! Karen studied Spanish for 6 weeks under the Ibero-americanos program. Karen hopes to return to Mexico after graduation and revisit her Mexican parents John and Marta Isenberger. AFS Council Row 1: J. Ketchem - Pres. Elect; P. Engels - Pres.; L Rezende - A.F.S.; C. Onsrud - Sec; J. Erickson - Treas.; Row 2: G. Bascombe, W. Groshong, R. Woods, L. Nelson, W. Gjertson, S. Wlkum, E. Pauli, L. Wittig, D. Mathison, J. Dux, C. Martinez, B. Sundby Row 3: C. Comstock, D. Nelson, K. Jacobsen, P. Norland, M. Haug, C. Kravlck, P. Norland, C. Cox, P. Mathison, M. Dvorak, D. LePine, J. Serstad Row 4: V. Alme, L. Wood, P. Ralph, G. Johnson, C. Rigdon, K. Ross, M. Larsen, V. Ramos, V. Finder, K. Hodge, N. Olson, P. Paton Row 5: K. Swalheim, «. Thompson, D. Hoyer, W. Sundby, SL Mathison, K. Christensen, L. Wood, S. Gardner, V. Kenyon, P. Sphatt, M. Johnson, A. Schultz, G. Matson, K. Johnson, P. Lacy.Association Row 1: S. Brewster, C. Martinez, D. Kltson, D. Rorge, G. Swingen, M. Gloyd, P. McKercber, D. Slgurslid, D. Selbo, J. Forton, S. Gunsolus; Row 2: S. Rustad, Linda Hale, A. Schlutz, G. Mat-son, D. L Pine, L. Wittig, P. Sphatt, Treasurer; D. Mathison, P. Engels, J. Serstad, D. Johnson, M. Johnson, V. president; Row 3: D. Heath, K. Sproul, L. Wood, M. Dvorak, D. Short, S. Alme, J. Holcomb, R. Raasch, T. Hiller, R. Lee, V. Kenyon; Row 4: R. Ursino, B. Kong, K. Baumgartner, C. Bennett, R. Christy, K. Karlslyst, B. Smithback, B. Havey, K. Hayter, B. Hiles, S. Vin-dedahl, K. Ramsden, B. Carr; Row 5: K. Hoel, K. Swalheim, E. Pauli, K. Midthun, K. Jacobsen, W. Harvey, T. Jacobson, President; G. Rindt, J. Benson, B. aokstad, M. Radecki, H. Frank, D. Wennlund, B. Arnold. Row 1: P. Moeser, P. Lacy, L Rezende, K. Vale, K. Christianson, D. Anderson, B. Cox, P. Sblbo, T. Winters, M. Hale, C. Olson; Row 2: A. Kaupanger, M. Hanson, K. Otteson, B. Daemmrich, A. Quam, P. Norland, J. Erickson, R. Eble, P. Gillettee, S. Lacey, J. Lien, P. Lien; Row 3: M. Anderson, J. Ylvasaker, C. Strandlie, K. Fuller, S. Showers, K. Hodge, K Bullock, R. Daggett, L. Wood, K+ Nettum, J. Durrant, P. Johnson, J. Elvekrog; Row 4: J. Obrecht, C. Sankbeil, V. Smithback, C. Parish, S. Pauli, J. Stiff, B. Hanson, C. Strieker, P. Reinstad, L. Arneson, D. Hull,; Row 5: G. Kennedy, C. Couch, B. Tyler, R. Woods, P. Paton, Secretary; P. Mathison, S. Harvey, D. West, J. Ketchum, C. Dravick, M. Haug, M. Brown, W. Gjertson, S. McAllister.Cast, Crews Present Plays INHERIT THE WIND CAMELOT CAMELOT CAST Sir Dinldan Sir Lionel Merlyn Arthur Guenevere Nlmue A Page Lancelot Squire Dap Pellinore Horrid Clarius Lady Anne Lady Sybil Sir Sagramore Lady Catherine Sir Bliant Sir Castor Sir Colgrevance Sir Gullliam Mordred Morgan Le Fey A Priest Tom of Warwick Tumblers INHERIT THE WIND Melinda Howard Rachel Brown Meeker Burtram Cates Mr. Goodfellow Mrs. Krebs Rev. Jeremiah Brown Corkin Bannister Mrs. McClain Mrs. Blair Elijah E. K. Hombeck Timmy Mayor Mathew Harrison Brady Mrs. Brady Tom Davenport Henry Drummond Judge Dunlap Sillers Harry Y. Esterbrook Mark Hale Casey Couch Tom Jacobson Paul Selbo Vickie Kenyon Cheryl Parish Wayne Harvey Curtis Olson David Meyr Tom Jacobson Jeannie Sphatt Mike Gloyd Susan Brewster Debra Mathison Dan Slgurslid Jody Ketchum Steve Mathison Gary Rindt Mike Gilbert Roger Mitchell Conrad Marks Brenda Marks Mike Gloyd Bill Amundson Mike Gloyd Gary Rindt Diane LePine Kort Heel Barb Daemmrlch Eldon Anderson Mike Gilbert Bob Cox Cheryl Parish Casey Couch Ed Johnson Paul Dahl Susan Showers Barb Hlles David Adams Dana Kitson Billy Amundson Paul Selbo Curt Olson Sue Brewster Dan Slgurslid Tom Jacobson Terry Folbrecht Gary Kennedy John Eugster Dave MeyrRow 1: V. Skidmore—Pres., J. Dux—Trea., C. Skidmore—Sec., D. Goecks—V. Pres; Row 2: C. Myhre, B. Marks, V. Anderson, T. Johnson, P. Ralsbeck, M. Larson, L. Rademacher, C. Dal-lmann, A. Adler, M. Miller, B. Barnett; Row 3: D. Anderson, R. Kong, W. Marsh, K. Hergen-roether, D. Kind, V. Ramos, M. Dallmann, J. Alme, S. Gardner, A. Anderson, S. Miller; Row 4: G. Schieldt, S. Roberts, M. Rosenbaum, L. Meyer, R. Freund, K. Nelson, S. Leikness, K. Carlson, K. Williams, D. Riddle; Row 5: R. Goecks, R. Johnson, B. Johnson, D. Rinden, D. Juve, V. Rinden, R. Johnson S. Maas, G. Onsrud, B. Harvey, B. Knox. Sitting: S. Gunsolus, Pres.; K. Hoel, V. Pres.; Standing: D. Selbo, B. Chritton, C. Gallagher,Camera Club Sitting: Denise Hoyer - Treas.; V. Nettum - Sec.; L. Ross, K. Sankbeil, L. Hubred, D. Femrite, Standing: J. Kortte, A. Kober, P. Backus, B. Backus, R. Mitchell, W. Daffner. UMTUnSELWS Car Club Row 1: D. Thompson - V. Pres.; a Ellis - Pres.; R. Strandlie - Sec. Treas.; Row 2: G. Vale, W. Jenson, D. Anderson, G. Aaberg, D. Haried, D. Loftus, Row 3: a Peterson, D. Williams, N. Brekken, W. Miller, B. Sorenson, D. Havey, Row 4: J. Ehle, D. Udstuen, A. Anderson, H. Swalheim, a Lundgren.Chess Club Row 1: R. Ellis -V. Pres.; J. Orcutt - Sec.-Treas.; L. Jungbluth - Pres. Row 2: J. Vetter, M. Lausch, J. Hougan, D. Webster, D. Linderud, R. Ehle, R. Olson, R. Harms Row 3: M. Christianson, K. Hanson, D. Nelson, K. Gunderson, K. Amble, B. Harms, M. Elsing, C. Ahlgrim, H. Mryland Row 4: J. Schroeder, J. Melhuse, D. Foss, T. Murphy, E. Ericksen, D. Dahl, B. Offerdahl, B. Mortensen Row 5: J. Karlslyst, B. Swenson, J. Pundt, J. Offerdahl, P. Dahl, S. Wedoe Row 1: J. Larson, Pres.; D. Adams, V. Pres.; K. Ross, Sec-Treas; Row 2: G. Bascombe, L. Scaar, T. Gassen, S. Schenck, D. Schumann.FIRST LEAGUE BASKETBALL CHAMPS Capt.—M. Scholes SECOND LEAGUE BASKETBALL CHAMPS Capt.—G. EdgeRow 1: R. Goecks - Sentinal; B. Johnson - V-Pres.; C. Gallagher -Pres.; D. Alme - Reporter, A. Wikum; Row 2: J. Anderson, G. Slettum, S. Knickmeier, D. Bniheim, S. Maas, T. Scheel, T. Adler Row 3: V. Normington, T. Femrite, S.Mabie,B. Hoyer, N. Brekken, R. Midthun Row 4: C. Mikkelson, B. Sorenson, J. Elvekrog, N. Nelson, W. Daffner, D. Hunt, D. Havey. F. F. A. F. H. A. Row 1: C. Juve - V. Pres.; J. Hougan - Sec.; C. Cox - Pres.; J. Brantmeyer - Decree Chairman; L. Kerstan - Treas.; A. Aabert - Reporter Row 2: K. Burrington, L. Ree, W. Johnson, B. Brown, T. Siebert, S. Wethal Row 3: E. Grendahl, P. Bowen, D. Thole, J. Leikness, S. Fuchs, P. Maloney, M. Vike, N. Rustad, D. Lovick Row 4:C. Hughes, C. Allen, J. Nelson, D. Bohn, G. Ronied, D. Helium, L. Sunne, D. Swalheim, R. Outhouse.Friendship Club F. T. A. How 1: D. LePine - Chmn; M. Dvorak - CoChmn.; V. Alme, A. Burtness, K. Barrett, C. Strieker How 2: W. Groshong, R. Woods, L. Ahlgrim, C. Comstock, D. Anderson, D. Parish, P. Engels Row 3: A. Bolland, C. Kravick, P. Norland, K. Ross, N. Thompson, S. Schmid, J. Peterson Row 4-' S. Gardner, V. Kenyon, P. Sphatt, A. Adler, P. Lacy, G. Matson. Row 1: M. Arneson - Treas.; A. Berg - Historian; S. Hudkins - Sec.; N. Roneid - V. Pres.; L. Grefsheim - Pres. Row 2: W. Groshong, J. Veum, L. Ahlgrim, K. Furseth, S. Wikum, G. Rynes, C. Comstock, D. Trieloff, Row 3: M. Scholes, L. Buskegar, P. Thompson, E. Schenck, B. Wright, C. Rigdon, K. Barrett, A. Burtness, Row 4: B. Watson, E. Kojo, M. Myhre, C. Vike, T. Topp, M. Link, J. Allen, J. Kivet, Row 5: A. Beckwith, B. Youngman, V. Finder, S. Christenson, R. Fank-nauser, C. Barrett.Rnw 1 • f Pauli - Pres • B Harms - V. Pres.; L. Brown - Sec.; D. Hull - Hist. Row 2; S. Wethal, J Elvekrog P. Thompson D. Richmond, M. Harvey, K. Bersing, Row 3: I. Rezende, L. Sinne, M. SwobS’ L. Arneson, D. Swalheim, D. Parish Row 4: C. Cox, J. Hillery, M. Wnght. B. Shkle-stad, K. Ross, G, Johnson, K. Spilde.M.F.A. Row 1: J. Favreau, Pres.; P. Ralph, V. Pres.; K. Moe, Secretary; G. Johnson, Treasurer; C. Gander, Historian; Row 2: T. Anderson, K. Spilde, W. Sundby, K. Everett, J. Wagaman. Nursing Home Volunteers How 1: V. Alme - Sec-Treas.; K. Ross - V. Pres.; C. Parish - Pres.; Row 2: B. Brown, D. Parish; P. Gillette, S. Pauli, L. Brown, C. Strieker Row 3: S. Schenck, T. Gassen, J. LarsonP. Sphatt, S. Brewster, S. Gardner, J. Ketchum, M. Pfundheller, P. Norland, P. Ralph, B. Sundby, D. Mathison, D. Sigurslid, J. Hoffman, M. Hale, L. Jungbluth, D. Murphy, W. Marsh, D. Selbo, R. Qfferdahl. Accordionists: K. Moe, M. Everson. Norwegian DancersPhilo Big Sisters Row 1: Nancy Olson - Sec.; S. Christenson - Publicity; M. Larson - V. Pres.; V. Ramos - Pres.; C. Skidmore - Hist.; L. Ahlgrim - Treas. Row 2: D. Johnson. D. Mathinson. P. hatt. A. Schultz, J. Dux, M. Dallmann, J. Veum, Row3:P. Lacy, S. Brewster, V. Kenyon, S. Alme, B. Berg, V. Alme, M. Miller, Row 4: A. Adler, B. Muehlenbruch, A. Keller, M. Nelson, N. Orwig. Philo Little Sisters Row 1: P. Ralph, P. Paton, K. Swalheim, L. Brown, C. Dallmann, J. Wagaman, L Rezende, S. Peterson Row 2: N. Thompson, J. Allen, K. Ross, G. Johnson, T. Thompson, M. Hudkins, A. Berg, E. Bluel, How 3: M. Link, B. Hanson, P. Reinstad, K. Johnson, A. Bolland, M. Arneson, C. Cox, K.’ Midthum, J. Ofstum.Printing Club Row 1: G. Slettum, R. Ree, D. Smithback, M. Harried; Row 2: K. Whaley, M. Kvalheim, L. Quam, T. Elfert, E. Gassen, D. Woodhouse. Row Is M. Peterson Pres.; C. Crews, V. Pres.; T. Johnson, Sec.; G. Allen, Treasurer; Row 2: G. Bascombe, V. Asperheim, S. Ganshert, K. Ross, B. Gilbertson, L. Holcomb; Row 3: D. Johnson, B. Thompson, M. Kittleson, L. Stankc,“s” C m6 Row 1 D. Selbo, P. Moeser, C. Horn; Row 2: J. Peterson, R. Mortenson, C. Burmeister, J. Forton, D. Rorge, M. Gloyd, D. Sigurslid, D. Kitson, S. Gunsolus, T. Berndt; Row 3: J. Elvekrog, P. Selbo, M. Hale, R. Offerdahl, D. Offerdahl, K. Hoel, D. Riddle, B. Chritton, B. Keuper, J. Alme, D. Stiklestad; Row 4: T. Kahl, T. Winters, M. Rorge, J. Everson, G. Swingen, T. Deneen, C. Gallagher, D. Linderud, J. Elvekrog; Row 5: G. Vetter, M. Silbaugh, T. Holm, G. Vike, M. Tofte, D. Brusegar, S. Mabie, D. Moe, H. Halverson, M. Lacy, D. Hanson. Science Club D. Wendt, Pres., K. Baumgartner, C. Johnson, Treas.Ski Club Row Is P. Deegan, P. B. Vike, C. Hanson, M. fenbach, C. Scheldrup, J. Gilbert; Row 3: D. J. Peterson, K. Hodge, R. Ehle, D. Myhre, N, C. Pundt, M. Wierley, son, D. Prochnow, B. S. Nelson, L. Schreiber, Norland, L. Nelson, J. Nelson, B. Amundson, J. Berg, B. Anderson, K. Hoel, Kvalheim; Row 2: J. Eugster, R. Offerdahl, N. Orwig, K. Paulson, M. Pfaf-M. Pfundheller, J. Strandlie, C. Culham (Treas.), K. Schimelfenig, K. Amble, Nelson (Sec.), S. Mathison, T. Smith, L. Brown, V. Pedersen, J. Peterson, S. Schmid, J. Trow, S. Wolfe, S. Linnerud (V. Pres.), S. Halverson; Row 4; , Olson, A. Keller (Pres.), M. Nelson, K. Lundgren, S. Melaas, T. Nostrand, T. Dybevik, N. Vale; Row 5: L. Johnson, J. White, M. VanGuilder, J. Knut- Kortte, P. Graves, K. Larson, D. Presby, C. Mattison, K. Vale, D. Huston, Spanish Club ROW 1- B Berg - Pres.; V. Alme - V. Pres.; B. Sindby - Treas.; T. Thompson - Sec. Row 2: M Hudkins D Parish, J. Hillery, L. Jacobson, J. Knipfer, M. Swoboda, A. Bolland, J. Wickline Row 3: C. ’onsrud, G. Nyhagen, J. Wright, C. Theller, K. Johnson, N. Thompson, B. Sticklestad, E. Kvalheim.Sportsmen Club Row 1: C. Burmeister, B. Keuper, B. Chrltton, T. Bemdt, T. Deneen, J. Everson, D. S gurslid, D. Offerdahl, D Rorge; Row 2: T Holm, D. Judd, J. Wood, D. Vike, P. McKercher, D. Kitson, G. Swingen, M. Gloyd, D. Briggs, J. Hoffman; Row 3: D. White, R, Christiansen, B. Nelson, J. Peterson, M. Anderson, M. Heinsroth, T. Hicox, T. Forbrecht, D. Olson, D. Murphy; Row 4: D. Rambo, B. Veium, S. Chamberlin, W. Femrite, D. Croft, R. Jacobs, R Rinden, D. Sandmire, R. Johnson, D. Jacobson, S. Kenyon, T Kyreson; Row 5: G. Haugen, M. Rorge, E. Rowe, D. Bruse-gar, G. Vike, M. Lamers, T. Brusegar, H Tofte, C. Mundt, D. Jenks. Row 1: D. Hoplite, K. Meyer, M. Knox, D. Barber, V. Normington, D. Lamm, D. Dalsoren, M. Lacy, P. Hansen; Row 2: T. Kahl, D. Bunnell, M Iverson, D. Hanson, R, Wersland, D. Moe, H Halverson, K. Hansen, C. Horn; Row 3: T. Adler, D. Stiklestad, D. Ylvlsaker, K, Johnson, J. Drogsvold, M. Nordlie, G. Vetter, M. Silbaugh, B. Maerz; Row 4: J. Elvekrog, S. Knickmeier, J Ahlgrlm, J. Allan, D. Horn, J. A meson, M. Gibbon, R. Wersland, N. Moe, B. Lacy, D. Helllck-son; Row 5: T. Scheel, C. Johnson, M. Sansberl, J. Wright, J. Radecki, S. Quam, D. Allen, L. nel- son, L. Ramsden.Student Council Row 1: W. Groshong - Pres.; A. Bolland - V. Pres.; L. Grefsheim - Sec.; D. Nelson - Treas.; Row 2: L. Alhgrim, S. Wikum, B. Amundson, M. Hudkins, M. Rorge, K. Larson, J. Gilbert, C. Culham, G. Vale, Row 3: D. Gunnelson, D. LePine, J. Serstad, I. Rezende, J. Hillery, L. Jacobson, P. Norland, M. Dvorak, K. Kravick, P. Norland, Row 4: L. Skaar, C. Vike, T. Smith, N. Thompson, D. Murphy, C. Horn, D. Johnson, P, Sphatt, N. Olson, J. Alme. Js msfy youR needs j Task Force Row 1: M. I ausch, L. Holcomb, R. Outhouse, K. Ross, K. Theiler, T. Jacobson, E. Johnson Row 2: D. Adams, D. Bascombe, R. Woods, P. Engles, J. Knipfer, M. Harvey, K. Otteson, D. Webster Row 3: K. Amble, C. Rlgdon, B. Marks, S. Schenck, J. Allen, T. Folbrecht, K. Barret, M. Hoel, Row 4: M. Johnson, A. Schultz, M. Lamers, G. Kindt, C. Couch, C. Crews, E. Erickson.E d 1 t o r s ROW 1: Tom Jacobson, Chuck Horn, Dave Rorge. ROW 2: Pat Lacy, Sue Christenson, Denise Hoyer, Louise Holcomb, Lynn Ahlgrim. Parrot StaffYahara Staff Row 1: R. Woods, M. Dallmann, V. Alme, M. Dvorak, M. Wright, C. Rigdon, V. Finder: Row 2: N. Thompson, M. Larson, V. Ramos, M. Miller, E. Bluel, A. Adler. Not pictured D. Trieloff, T. Jacobson. Row 1: A. Kaupanger, T. Jacobson, D. Mathison, D. Sigerslid, L. Grefsheim. M. Myhre Row 2 R. Woods, K. Myhre, C. Parish, J. Stiff, P. Ralph Row 3: L Rezende, J. Kortte, L. Wood, D. Parish, P. Mathison, Row 4: K. Hodge, M. Lausch, S. Schenck, A. Quam, V. Anderson, K. Baumgartner, C. Bennett, P. Paton. FolksingersViking Band Row 1: G. Bascombe, J. Stiff, S. Wikum, J. Gilbert, L. Wittig, D. Rrieloff, J. Strandlie, C. Onsrud, J. Hillery; Row 2: Drum Major J. Larson, A. Beckwith, R. Wright, K. Bullock, P. Norland, J. Ofsthun, K. Otteson, C. Skidmore, J. Serstad Row 3: D. Short, P. Norland, A. Burtness, D. Gun-nelson, E. Johnson, J. Erickson, D. Anderson, J. Sperle, M. Schimelfenig; Row 4: D. Hanson, J. Kivett, E. Bluel, M. Gilbert, B. Tyler, L. Johnson, C. Pundt, W. Harvey; Row 5: S. Harvey, J. Gunsolus, Jo Dargis, P. Lacy, P. Selbo, E. Anderson, B. Anderson, P. Dahl. Major—Jim Larson Director--Mr. GohlkeRow 1: D. Hull, C. Culham, S. Alme, K. Hayter, B. Havey, S. Miller, V. Nettum, J. Durrant, P. Paton; Row 2: C. Scheldrup, C. Vike, T. Johnson, K. Larson, J. Hougan, P. Thompson, G. Nyhagen, K. Moe; Row 3: M. Hoel, C. Everson, M. Larson, N. Thompson, S. Peterson, C. Rigdon, K. Swalheim, M. Pfundheller, a Brewster,; Row 4: R. Johnson, A. Beckwith, M. Klttleson, L. Grefsheim, P. Shpatt, K. Spilde, D. Ehle, M. Miller, K. Hodge; Row 5: J. Offerdahl, M. Van Gilder, M. Kvalheim, MAJORETTES Kneeling: P. Paton, K. Moe Standing: L. Hale; a Brewster, Head; K. Hodge.Row 1- V. Nettling S. Wikum, A. Burtness, J. Hiliery, D. Short, S. Alme. N. Thompson, Row 2: Row I; C. Marks, J. Ofsthun, C. Everson, A. Anderson, E. Johnson, D. Gunnelson, M. Schimelfenig, , Row 2: E. Blue l, M. Hoel, S. Peterson, J. Spilde, M. Gilbert, J. Gunsolus, J. Dargis, Row 3: D. . Hougan Row 4: J. Offerdahl, D. Anderson, S. Mabie, P. Norland, M. Miller, Row 5: J. Larsen, D. Ehle J. Gunsolus, L. Johnson, M, Gilbert, C. Meyer, Row 6: R. Johnson, J. Ofsthun, S. Larson, B. Tyler, K. Moe. Row 1: C. Marks, J. Ofsthun, C. Everson, A. Anderson, E. Johnson, D Gunnelson, M, Schimel-fenig, Row 2: E. Bluel, M. Hoel, S. Peterson, J. Sperle, M. Gilbert, J. Gunsolus, J. Dargis, Row 3: D. Hanson, S. Mabie.A’Cappella Row 1: W. Groshong, T. Thompson, T. Engum, J. Orcutt, C. Parish. D. Trieloff, D. Parish, J. Haugan, R. Wright, J. Peterson, D. Anderson, M. Hudkins, R. Woods; Row 2: J, Knipfer, J. Kortte, D. Mathison, L. Grefsheim, T. Jacobson, D. Sigurslid, M. Hale, P. Matbison, P. Ralph, L. Wood, B. Marks, K. Jacobsen, P. Paton, B. Tyler; Row 3: S. Pauli, V. Kenyon, M. Peterson, K. Barrett, M. Lausch, V. Rinden, P. Selbo, D. West, J. Favreau, G. Johnson, S. Brewster, S. Schenck, L. Arneson, C. Crews; Row 4: S. Harvey, C. Mattison, M. Mybre, J. Wright, C. Marks, M. Hanson, C. Couch, R. Lee, A. Kaupanger, G. Vike, R. Mitchell, S. Mathison, K. Hodge, S. Schmid, Mr. Tim Baltzer, Director. Madrigal Row 1: C. Parish, R. Wright, T. Jacobson, M. Hudkins, C. Marks, Row 2: K Jacobsen, M. Hansonj M. Hale, R. Mitchell, K. Hodge, T. Baltzer - Director Row 3: S. Harvey, V. Kenyon, P. Selbo, M. Myhre, B. Marks.Faculty: Shirley Wikum Advisor: Mr. Steven Fortney Cover: Dana Kits on Seniors: Cynthia Skidmore Classes: Louise Holcomb Sports: Dave Rorge Editor-in-Chief: Denise Hoyer Organizations: Lianne Grefsheim Yahara Editors Features: Bev BergttUVUUX v x ( vn mur. Football Had Exciting Team Row 1: T. Dyreson, J. Hoffman, T. Folbrecht, D. Allen, D. Briggs, C. Burmeister, T. Berndt, P. Me-Kercher, M. Gloyd, D. agurslid, T. Jacobson; Row 2: Mgr. S. Mabie, D. Brusegar, M. Lamers, D. Murphy, J. Alme, B. Chritton, B. Keuper, J. Elvekrog, D. Selbo, D. Kitson, R. Kong, M. Knox, J. Elvekrog, Mgr. D. Stiklestad; Row 3: P. Selbo, R. Offerdahl, J. Benson, L. Jungbluth, L. Nelson, K. Hoel, Coach Thomp- son, Coach Koenig, Coach Cahee, Coach Pieper, D. Vike, G. Vike, T. Deneen, S. Gunsolus, J. Everson, C. Gallagher, Mgr. D. Hanson. 68-69 Standings 68-69 Results W L T Middleton 6 - 1 - 0 Sun Praire 5 - 2 - 0 Monona Grove 5 - 2 - 0 Edgerton 4 - 3 - 0 Fort Atkinson 3 - 3 - 1 STOUGHTON 3 - 4 - 0 Monroe 1 - 6 - 0 Jefferson 0 •- 6 - 1 Stoughton 19 Waukesha 0 31 ♦Watertown 7 13 Edgerton 12 42 Jefferson 0 14 M.G. 22 20 Middleton 28 25 Monroe 13 0 Fort 15 20 Sun Prairie 41 ♦Non-Conference Steve Gunsolas Tim Deneen Dan Sigurslid Jeff Everson Tom Jacobson Mike Gloyd Tim Berndt Pete McKercher Absent when picture was taken: Rollie Kong John Elvekrog Kim Hoel Jim ElvekrogHarriers Held Fifth Spot In Conference TTie cross country boys proved to be full of spunk and enthusiasm at a “warm-up” session for the photographer. Kneeling: Mike Rorge, Mike Lacy; Standing: Gary Vetter, Mark SUbaugh, Tom Winters, Bob Mortenson.Vikings Tied Conference Championship Row Is P. Moeser, Coach Marshall, D. Selbo; Row 2: M. Gloyd, M. Hale, C. Burmeister, D. Sigur-slid, D. Rorge; Row 3: Mgr. T. Jacobson, J. Everson, K. Hanson, D. Offerdahl, K. Hoel, C. Horn, Coach Peth 68-69 Results Stoughton 68-69 Standings 61 Baraboo 63 57 Edgewood 78 77 Madison East 58 Stoughton 12-2 71 Sun Prairie 59 Sun Prairie 12-2 40 LaFollette 39 Monroe 10-4 86 M.G. 65 Middleton 9-5 65 Middleton 47 M.G. 5-9 81 Edgerton 83 Fort 4-10 81 Jefferson 49 Jefferson 2-12 86 Monroe 71 Edgerton 2-12 69 Fort 61 74 Sun Prairie 58 69 M.G. 57 74 Middleton 44 65 Edgerton 51 78 Jefferson 64 72 Monroe 79 68 Fort 64 65 LaF ollette 47 48 M.G. 49Dave Selbo Chuck Horn Kim Hoel Phil Moeser Mike Gloyd . r Dan Stairslid. Dave Rorge tor to the championship team Captains Selbo and Moeser accept the conference trophy along with Coach Marshal.The Vikings In Actionapplers Wound Up Excellent Season Row 1: D. Goechs, D. Stiklestad, J. Nelson, D. Llnnerud, M. Iverson, D. Riddle; Row 2: B. Cbrltton B. Keuper, J. Alme, J. Elvekrog, J. Elvekrog, D. Moe; Row 3: Coach Pieper, D. Hanson, M. Nordlle S. Gunsolas, Mgr. B. Cox, K. Hanson, M. Lacy, D. Hellickson, Coach Marchionda. 68-69 Standings 68-69 Results Stoughton 7-0 Stoughton Monroe 6-1 Sun Prairie 5-2 46 Oregon 3 M. G. 4-3 44 Baraboo 3 Fort 3-4 45 Edgerton 2 Edgerton 2-5 50 Janesville Parker 0 Jefferson 1-6 32 Sun Prairie 10 Middleton 0-7 37 Jefferson 11 38 Monroe 15 38 Fort 6 21 Iowa Grant 26 34 Lake Mills 13 29 Lacrosse Central 16 38 Middleton 6 42 M.G. 8John Elvekrog Dennis Riddle Dean Goecks Steve Gunsolas Don Moe D Mike Nordlle Mike Iverson Mike Lacy Captains Moe and Elvekrog lead their team to the championship. Captains Moe and Elvekrog accept Conference trophy along with Coach Pleper. Badger Conference Meet Stoughton 97 Monroe 72 M. G. 61 Middleton 54 Sun Prairie 49 Jefferson 28 Fort 11 Edgerton 3Wrestlers Captured Fourth In State state 54 Racine Park Polaski 32 Richland Center 30 STOUGHTON 29 Hamilton 28 Cadott 27 Franklin 25 Watertown 23 Stanley 22 Racine Horlick 20 Iowa Grant 20 Jerry Alme captured the State 165 pound crown The Vikings In ActionBaseball Row 1: T. Smith, H. Halverson, D. Rorge, D. Selbo, T. Kahl, J. Peterson; Row 2: D. Dalsoren, L. Nelson, D. Vlke, G. Vlke, D. Offerdahl, R. Offerdahl, Coach Gregorlch.Tennis Row 1: T. Jacobson, J. Schroeter, M. Hale, M. Tofte; Row 2: P. Moeser, J. Forton, B. Mortenson, Coach RoloffTrack Row 1: M. Silbaugh, M. Gloyd, D. Sigurslid, M. Christianson, D. Hoplite, M. Beaster, B. Daemerich, D. Wilberg; Row 2: Mgr. S. Mabie, D. Schuman, G. Vetter, D. Murphy, L. Jungbluth, J. Hoffman, J. Sorenson, T. Bates; Row 3: Coach Fuller, K. Nelson, K. Williams, C. Mundt, B. Harvey, B. Nelson, S. Roberts, J. Everson, C. Olson, P. Dahl, J. Wood.Cheerleaders Rouse Spirited Fans A Team Cheerleaders, Bottom Row: Wendy Sindby, Pat Lacy, Debbie Nelson; Top Row: Marilyn Scholes, Becca Sundby, Jan Favreau. B Team Cheerleaders, Left to Right: Peggy Ralph, Myra Pfaffenbach, Jode Ketchum, Jo Knipfer, Cindy Scheldrup, Judy Stiff. Wrestling Cheerleaders Cindy Skidmore Lesa Nelson Julie SerstadAll Sports Banquet Recognizes SHS Athletes Row 1: D. Goecks, D. Sigurslid, D. Selbo, G. Vetter, D. Moe, G. Hellickson; Row 2: P. Moeser, A1 McGuire, K. Hanson, G. Vike. Guy Sundt Award Honorary “S” Award Most Valuable Football Most Improved Football Most Valuable Basketball Most Improved Basketball Netterblad Free Throw Award Most Valuable Wrestler Most Takedowns Most Improved Wrestler Dave Selbo Phil Moeser, Dan Sigurslid Dan Sigurslid Greg Vike Phil Moeser Kim Hanson Dave Selbo Don Moe Don Moe Dean GoecksHomecoming 1968 Valhalla Homecoming ’68 activities began Thursday, September 26, at 7:00 p.m. with the annual parade. This year the Senior class received first place with ••We'll Ban the Eagles' featuring a large can of Ban spraying at an eagle. The Sophomores were second with ••The Viking Menu" while the Juniors came in last with their float of "Birds Eye View of Defeet". A pep rally in the high school gymnasium followed the parade. The king and queen and their royal court were introduced. King Dan Sigurslid; Queen Beverly Berg; court: Nancy Olson escorted by Jeff Everson; Wendy Sundby, escorted by Steve Gunsolus; Vicki Kenyon, escorted by Dave Selbo; Janet Favreau, escorted by Mike Gloyd; and our AFS student, Isabel Rezende, escorted by Pete McKercher. September 27 brought the game. At pregame ceremonies, Queen Bev. presented King Dan with the football that began the '68 homecoming game. The Vikings battled the Jefferson Eagles and ended up with the tremendous winning score of 42-0. On Saturday evening, September 28, "The Cobblestones" from Madison played for the semi-formal homecoming dance, the theme of which was "Valhalla" decorated so as to create an atmosphere of the Viking heaven. Coronation of Queen Bev and introduction of her court took place at 10:00. Valhalla vanished too quickly, but although it didn't live on in reality, it remained in memory.Queen Beverly Berg escorted by King Dan Sigurslid Jan Favreau escorted by Mike Gloyd Nancy Olson escorted by Jeff Everson Isabel Rezende escorted by Pete McKercher Wendy Sundby escorted by Steve Gunsolus Vicki Kenyon escorted by Dave Selbo Kay Swalheim escorted by Rob Offerdahl Kay Midthun escorted by Spade Ritchie Olson Peggy Ralph escorted by Bob Chritton Margie Haug escorted by Linley Jimgbluth Spoon Audrey Berg escorted by Jerry AlmeShangri-La Queen Chris Comstock escorted by King Dave LinderudProm 1968 Vicki Kenyon escorted by Dave Selbo Sue Chrlstneson escorted by Jeff Everson Sharon Alme escorted by Jim Elvekrog Queen Diane LePine escorted by King Steve Gunsolus Sue Brewster escorted by Dan Sigurslid Sandy Gardner escorted by Tom Dybevick Wendy Sundby escorted by Tom Jacobson Not pictured is: Jan Favreau escorted by Pete McKercher I Paradise LostHonors Banquet Saluted Scholars national honor HONOR BANQUET LIONS AWARDS SOCIETY HIGH SCHOOL COMMONS MAY 9, 1969 Agriculture Seniors 7:00 PM Art Business Educ. . . . RECIPIENTS OF AWARDS English Ann Adler Foreign Lang. . . . Vickie Alme Home Ec Beverly Berg Home Ec Susan Brewster Industrial Arts. . . Susan Christenson GOOD CITIZENSHIP Mathematics Michelle Dallman Science Janice Dux Social Studies. . . . Jeffery Everson Michael Gilbert Steven Gunsolus Kim Hoel Louise Holcomb Thomas Jacobson Vicki Kenyon Dana Kitson Michele Larsen Wayne Marsh Deborah Mathison Marsha Miller Phillip Moeser Brad Nelson Mary Nelson Nancy Olson Susan Peterson Virginia Ramos Ann Schultz David Selbo Julie Serstad Cynthia Skidmore Penny Sphatt Gary Vetter David Wendt Juniors Donna Allen Mary Arneson Audrey Berg Anita Bolland Colleen Cox Kay Midthun Richard Olson Nancy Thompson Judy Wagaman Thomas Winters BOYS STATE Gregory Crews Robert Chritton Conrad Marks Robert Offerdahl Paul Selbo GIRLS STATE Nancy Thompson Lynn Ahlgrim Patricia Engels Michael Gloyd Lianne Grefsheim Wendy Groslfong Kim Hanson Ford Horn Patricia Lacy Donald Moe David Rorge SPOON: Audrey Berg SPADE: Richard Olson ROTARY AWARDS Susan Brewster Thomas Jacobson Vicki Kenyon David Selbo Daniel Sigurslid ARION AWARDS instrumental: Gary Vetter Vocal: Susan Brewster AMERICAN LEGION AWARD. . .Kim Hoel NATIONAL OBSERVER AWARD................ .............Jeffery Everson SCHOLARSHIPS Ben Waite...........Ann Adler, Michele Lar- sen, Virginia Ramos, Gary Vetter Nelson Muffler...................Brad Nelson Uniroyal...................Phillip Moeser Jessie Moore. . . .Michelle Dallamann, Mary Nelson, Janice Dux, Susan Peterson, Steven Gunsolus, David Selbo, Wayne Marsh. Rotary.................Wayne Keehn, Vicki Kenyon, Deborah Mathison, Cynthia Skidmore Lions..............Susan Christenson, Susan Brewster, Jeffery Everson, Ann Schultz, Daniel Sigurslid Jaycees...............................Thomas Jacobson Jaycettes...................Marhsa Miller Jaycettes.............................Marsha Miller James Williams..................David Rorge Stoton Con. Club...........Michael Gilbert, Julie Serstad Association............................Susan Brewster, Dana Kitson Philo......................Michele Larsen, Virginia Ramos Science........................David Wendt F.T.a. F.T.A..........................Lynn Ahlgrim, Lianne Grefsheim New Century...........................Penny Sphatt Blue Stocking........................Eileen Bluel S.E.A................................Kathryn LacyNational Honor Society And Awards Row 1: J. Veum, E. Bluel, L. Ahlgrim, W. Groshong, K. Christenson Row 2: D. Moe, D. Sigurslid, P. Lacy, P. Engles, L. Grefsheim Row 3: C. Horn, D. Rorge, L. Meyer, W. Keehn, K. Hanson, Row 1: C. Cox, K. Midthun, M. Arne son, N. Thompson Row 2: J. Wagaman, J. Allen, A. Berg, A. Bolland Row 3: C. Marks, G. Crews, R, Offerdahl, P. Selbo, B. Chrit-ton, T, Winters. Row 1: A. Adler, C, Skidmore, S. Larsen, V. Ramos Row 2: B. Nelson, P. Moeser, S. Gunsolus, V. Kenyon. Row 1: M. Dallmann, S. Peterson, D. Mathison, P, Sphatt Row 2: N. Olson, S. Christenson, L. Holcomb, S, Brewster, T. Jacobson Row 3: J. Serstad, D. Selbo, J. Everson, D. Kltson, D. Wendt, G. Vetter, Row 4: B. Berg, M. Nelson, M. Miller, V. Alme, M. Gilbert, K. Hoel.Badger State Row 1: Nancy Thompson Row 2: P. Selbo, B. Chritton, G. Crews, R. Offerdahl, C. Marks Spoon Spade SPOON: Audrey Berg SPADE: R. OlsonClass Prophecy The year is 1984; after fifteen long years the class of 1969 is together once again. We feel that since Stoughton did so much for us during our SHS days, we must meet our obligations. Naturally, it's tobacco time again, so we too must do our part for good old Stoughton—the Tobacco Capitol of the World. First, the class of 69 wishes to express our sincere thanks to STEVE WEDOE for letting us have this reunion on his farm, the Wedoe Weirdo Wanch. Are you finally convinced that you are a farmer, Steve? It's unfortunate that ARNE ANDERSON can’t be with us today. It seems that he has had ‘another’ accident. On the other end of the field are ANN ADLER and her seven foot husband. You can tell that she is happy now. Say, isn’t that VICKIE ALME? Well, Isee that after many long, hard years of work and tedious observation, Vickie finally won the World Championship Lady Wrestling Tournaments. DEB ANDERSON has given up the tobacco life and left with her cry to “Go ’east, man, east!’ SHARON ALME is a professional crosswalk traffic guard because of her good experience on Park Street during her years at SHS. LINDA ANDERSON, CONNIE CHRISTY, ELLEN GRENDAHL, AND RANA OUTHOUSE are still starring on the US Olympic team. MARY MALAS was on it but was kicked off because she cheated and drove her truck. MICHAEL “MOSES” ANDERSON is still one of the few hard workers that Stoughton has ever had. BRUCE ARNOLD has all his kids helping him. Seems like he has a few more than the rest of us, but then, he did have that earlier start. Well, imagine that! After fifteen years, PAT LACY and PHIL MOESER are still working together. And right next to them are KATHY BARRETT and DAVID UDSTUEN still fighting over something or other. LINDA BUSKaGER, now known as Miss Buskager has taken over Miss Pike’s classes because she enjoyed her in 5th hour Office Practice so-o-o much. EILEEN BLUEL and BARB WATSON have provided the refreshments from the still in their bachelorette apartment. DON BARBER has just opened his new boutique called “Barber’s Boy Beautiful Barber Shop.” His specialty is curing unmanageable hair. DICK BUNNELL, DAVID DALSOREN, AND RICHARD FREUND are honorary members of the National Driver’s Anonymous Association. They hold their meetings during noon hour on the tobacco field. CHERYL BELLAMY and KAY YOUNGMAN are taking care of the tobacco worm population by running them all over with the little green bug. ANN BUTNESS and LYNN AHLGRIM have just taken second place in the GAA badminton tournament. They would have taken first place except Ann got a “Charlie” horse. STEVE BRONSON is still “shuffling inn” and staggering out. It seems that at last TIM BERNDTgaveup his former way of life and took up the “gardening” business. SANDY GARDNER has no objections! SUE BREWSTER has finally gotten “rich” and has decided that tobacco life just isn’t her cup of tea! And there's BEV BERG, still down in the back-end of the field talking to her mother. She is still trying to convince her that those Friday nights during her senior year were spent at the show. KAY CHRISTENSON’S “bills” got too much for her so she finally decided to give in and get paid up. GARY CHRISTOPHER can’t willingly take too much of the tobacco work because it reminds him too much of his good old days at SHS. BERT CARR’S biggest decision of the day is whether he should chop the tobacco “or cut” it. JO CLUTTER has already left for the Navy and therefore could not make it. SUE CHRISTIANSON and JEFF EVERSON are in between the rows admiring Jeff’s muscles. I heard that Jeff just recently won the Putzer Prize for Shot putzering. Oh, there’s GINNY EDGE and DAVID KIND. It seems that there is still “kindness” in Ginny’s nature, but David is trying to take the “edge” out of it. And there’s CAROL CREWS, just “cruising” along and taking it easy. And if it isn’t PATSY ENGLES! We hear you screaming. Patsy!!!!! STEVE ELLIS is the head bar-tender today. He received this meritorious job because of his adequate experience at Pino’s. No matter how hard we try we just can’t seem to keep the tobacco production level up to JIM EHLE’S tobacco consumption level. What’s that roar? Why, it’s only JIM and JOHN ELVEKROG. W hich one is driving? We never did get those two straight. It seems there weren't enough tractors this year, so DAVID THOMPSON offered the services of his GTO. Even though he always made it “over hill and vale,” those tobacco ruts give him quite a hard time. Since David Thompson’s GTO dogged out, DON CROFT decided to lend his good Chevy to do the job right. TOM DAHLE is leading a “dull” life. It seems he tries to harvest tobacco all year round,kind of hard to do in the winter, isn’t it Tom? MICHELLE DALLMAN, SUE PETERSON, and CYNTHIA SKIDMORE are still trying to decide whether our senior class was a take-down or let-down. TOM DYBEVIK decided to “brown” in the sun while he works in the tobacco field. MARCIA DVORAK is still having wild parties, but now that her brother isn’t around she puts them on herself. Whatever happened to blue eyes and blond hair? TIM DENEEN is still celebrating that glorious day that he got his license. Look at the dust fly! They were going to have JANICE DUX drive the tractor but her driving record at SHS relieved her of this duty.JOHN FORTON, World's Champion Race Driver, has just pulled up next to the barn. I believe Pve seen that red mustang before! Only by a different barn. Don't worry if anyone gets hurt. JAN FAVREAU is here with her trusty doctor's kit. It seems she has had practical experience from her years in the SHS Nurse's Office. Here comes DEBE FEMRITE in white bell-bottoms. Whatever could she be thinking of? We see SHIRLEY FUCHS and JEANNETTE LEIKNESS with referee's whistles. It seems that they were so impressed by co-ed gym classes that they have become athletic directors for Boys' Town. PERRY GRAVES attended just in case of some misfortunate accident. His name prompted him to enter in the mortician business. Do vou smell something funny? It's not tobacco. . .it's ED GASSEN. STEVE GUNSOLUS couldn't attend our little get-together this time. It seems that he is laid up from a wound suffered while "mongoose" hunting. MIKE GLOYD enters with his pocket mirror and comb. He has just been notified that he received the "Pretty Boy of the Year" Award. We're still trying to figure out why DEAN GOECKS was in the F-G homeroom during his senior year. MIKE GILBERT, President of the United States, took a day off from his job just to help his old classmates. He's really the big boss now! There's SUE GANSHERT, still working at the telephone office. After all these years something does seem a little "phoney", doesn't it? FLASH: WENDY GROSHONG, 1969 Marble Queen has just returned from Transylvania, where her horrid nightmare of nasty green dragons finally came true. MARK GIBBON didn't dare take off work, for work he must to keep his Mustang. LIANNE GREFSHEIM and MITCHEL KNOX are playing chess again. Lianne doesn't know the rules but she always wins her game. After many years of research, PEGGY GILLETTE has invented the super Gillette "Pegmatic" razor blade. SUSAN HUDKINS had to leave after a few hours of hard work. It seems she got nauseated from drinking Stoughton water. I guess she finally got used to the pure "white water." LINDA HUBRED is plant manager of the local car garage. It seems that after all the business she gave the repair shop, she became the sole owner. By the way, she now drives a 1984 Cadillac. . .quite a change! SHARONNE HARVEY just drove up. It seems she has just returned from traffic court where she received a citation for 1 topping a lite." LOUISE HOLCOMB now owns the Mickeyville toy factory. Her specialty is manufacturing soft, cuddly "Teddy" bears. MARGE HOEL is here but not doing very well. I guess her experience is mainly in the "rice" field not tobacco. MAYNARD HARRIED is now in the clothesline business. He finally figured that a few lines come in handy once in a while. KIM HOEL is suckering. AGAIN. When asked how her job in tobacco was coming along, CHERYL HANSON added with a "curt" reply: "Shut up, baby, I'm trying to strip." LAURIE HANSON gave up the tobacco business to return to fishing. She just went to the little barn, known as the "barnett" to get her "bate." Will somebody please tell CHUCK HORN that the wooden tool in his hand is not a golf club, it's a hoe?! DEAN HANSON can be heard at the far end of the tobacco field, still saying: "But the sign ran into me." After fifteen years of tedious work, MARK HANSON is finally a professional artist. Right now he's doing a full-length portrait of MICO working in the field. Good luck Mark! STEVE HANSON and TOM LAWRENCE skipped our reunion. Just like the good old days, huh, boys? DIANE HELLUM entered into politics. It seems she's on the town council and a special committee for "kirby and gutter" detail. KIM HANSON decided to stay in the tobacco business. The cost of failure in the "jewel" business was heartbreaking. DENISE HOYER is still taking nerve pills from the year she was editor of the Yahara. BART OFFERDAHL and HENRY HALVERSON have both given up baseball to concentrate on tobacco growing. I guess neither of them found the right pitch or the curve they wanted. Well, KAY OTTESON and JAN HOUGAN are in the corner stripping..........tobacco, that is. Look at that tobacco go. Let's go down and see who's working there. "By Cooper" it's MARY HARVEY and her ten kids. GREG HESSEL'S hair is now down to his toes. It seems he has a great future doubling for Tiny Tim. See him, there he goes tiptoeing through the tobacco. And then there's DENNIS HUSTON. After fifteen years, he has decided that bachelor life is the best. He's still single, still drives his '62 Chevy and still works for Eagle Discount. I see BRUCE JOHNSON with another car. Is this the Fritzmobile? Here comes RALPH JOHNSON still repeating his famous chant "Remember the Moose." Maybe someday he will make it into a song. Oh dear, there goes KAREN JOHNSON racing down the rows in her truck "reppen" all the tobacco up. It seems she married a mechanic who finally fixed her truck for her. Not bad for a "pick up", eh? Hei -» comes MIKE IVERSON tearing down the road. You had better slow down. You know what happens when you hit a rut. Mike looks a little green; it must be that tobacco dust. Upon asking DIANE JOHNSON which man was her husband she hastily replied: "Oh, the Bald One." BOB JOHNSON and ROLLIE KONG just arrived on a bicycle built for two. Those Mustangs have too much power for them to handle. They get so turned on that they can't tell which end is up. TERRY KAHL has to leave early today. He's still going up to the square to hustle girls. VICKI KENYON is the official surveyor for our field. It seems that there is some question about the actual length of the field. How many "rods" did you say that was, Vicki?At last! DANA KITSON has changed from ‘cheri' wine to malt liquor. I don't think WAYNE KEEHN could find the place. He couldn't possibly have gotten lost with his "keehn" sense of direction, could he? ANN KELLER finds this tobacco work completely "bejoind" her. Professor ERNEST KOJO has finally fulfilled his high school dream. He is now head professor at the University of Wisconsin and president of the local chapter of the Future Teachers of America. BILL KORTTE, now head manager of Bill and Julie's Texaco station is providing some entertainment for tonight with his car stunt driving—oops! Sorry about that—his lessons in good driving practices. MARTIN KVALHEIM is now the sole owner of the Madison Bar Association—the 18 year old ones that is. SUE LACEY couldn't come today. She had to stay and work at the shop. She decided to follow in her mother's footsteps and opened her own 'saloon." This year's Tobacco Queen is DIANE LEPINE. It seems that idea of royalty really stuck through 15 years. I heard someone say that STEVE LINNERUD caught a "wolf". I didn't know that he hunted for sport too. Here comes SHELLY LARSEN down the road. She's still driving that 1955 Pontiac. Pll bet she hasn't' cleaned it since graduation. KATHY LINDGREN is just "ronning" around but then she "ellis" was. Is that GAY MATSON down there in that field waiting for someone? Don't worry Gay, he's going to show up sooner or later. WATCH OUT! Here comes MARJ MYHRE, more commonly known as the "Eastside Terror". Where did she learn how to drive? Although 15 years have passed, LESTER MEYER still works at Schultz Brothers and still drives his blue rambler. Have you been to Edgerton lately, Les? Well, well, if it isn't MISS DEBRA MATHISON, all "gussied" up. She is walking across the tobacco field, searching for an easy job. She can't work too hard because she doesn't have enough "selbo" grease. Off in the distance we can hear MARSHA MILLER giggling. She must be humoring herself with those tobacco worms again. CURT MEYER decided to fly instead of driving a car. He was always better at flying, anyway. Here comes PETE MCKERCHER, barrelling along on a tractor, going to pull NANCY OLSON'S car out of a field. It seems that they were looking for a place for the senior party—but that was 15 years ago. I don't see DON MOE anywhere. He must be busy working on his seventh son of the seventh son. So far he has ten girls. If he keeps this up, maybe he will become the mayor of "Moetown." HOLY MOLEY! There's SHARON McALLISTER, 'timidness' was never one of her big problems. JEANINE MILLAR isn't able to be with us. She overslept again. Things haven't gotten much better, eh Jeannie? BARB and SUE MAERZ aren't here yet. Their attendance record hasn't improved much, I guess. To make things easier, WAYNE MARSH married his high school sweetheart. He must have gotten sick of trying to spell that last name. Who's that singing down at the end of the tobacco field? It's none other than BRAD NELSON serenading himself. He isn't working too hard, though, because he just can't seem to sing and work at the same time. And there goes MIKE NORDLIE. . . .Still wasting his gas. MARY NELSON couldn't make it today. I guess she is still a "Skipper". I just talked to VERONICA NETTIJM. It seems she finally got over being homesick when she leaves home. CURT OLSON is having a "gay" time raising his family He also nas a new crop; it grows like tobacco and it smokes like tobacco, but we wonder! JULIE OFSTHUN just drove up. I guess she found her car, after all. NANCY ORWIG is now head of the local horse stables. It seems that she decided to exert all her romantic tendencies to horses instead of men. ROG OFFERDAHL has just returned from the Bahamas, where he was elected as Playboy of the jet set—1984. That's our Rog! BRENDA PRESTON had to cancel all previous appointments in Madison so she could attend our reunion. Glad to see you made it, Brenda! STEVE PETERSON feels right at home on the Wedoe Weirdo W'anch. After all, he owns the largest farm within a 300 mile radius. He now owns 78 trucks instead of only the few he demolished during his noon hours at SHS. MARGO PETERSON returns to our reunion as the bookkeeping teacher at SHS. Mr. Wilde really taught her those basics! SONJA PAULI rushed from her concert featuring "Miss Pauli, the greatest soloist in the world." Won't Mr. Baltzer be pleased? We all musn't work too hard. A little pleasure never hurt anyone. Today we have CHERYL PARISH, doing her act as a go-go girl. ISABEL REZENDE is back again to revisit Stoughton. It seems that no one down there believes how big our tobacco grows. So in order that the US and Brazil will be equal, she brought us a bag of coffee for our celebration of Coffee Day, USA. DONNY SMITHBACK is trying to get up a posse in search of his little friend. It seems that RANDY REE got lost among the tall tobacco plants. RICHARD RINDEN is helping in the tobacco field. It's not only for the school though. He's got his own personal reasons, don't you Rich? Is that DAVE RORGE over there? Say, Dave, why aren't you at the races tonight? Oh, we see, after you took over Kim's "jewel" business, you just haven't had the time. And over there is KEN RAMSDEN. Doesn't it get terribly hot in that black leather jacket? LINDA RUETTEN is helping in the food and refreshment area. She always was exceptional in those homemaking abilities.For 17 years now, DENNIS RIDDLE has been quite a “problem” to Marilyn. They had better do something about that. Well if it isn’t MIKE RADECKI! Nice to see you at the reunion. You know, we didn’t see too much of you at SHS. My, on the wagon just ‘hooking’ that tobacco right up, aren’t you? Guess what we see crawling around on the ground?! If it isn’t a “PACK-RaT!” ED ROWIN was just released from prison-foltowing a 10 year term for bigamy. He hasn’t changed at all. That industrious worker LYNN ROSS Is busy out there in the fields. I wonder if her mother found out what really happened to those Saturday nights that senior year. LARRY QUAM showed up. I guess he could take off some time from his job as editor-in-chief of the Playboy Joke Book. Your high school experience paid off, eh Lar??? NADINE RONEID doesn’t seem to like her home, for she has now moved to a farm. She replied: “Oh, it’s the ‘worst land’ around here.” Don’t worry Na—you’ll probably get ‘rich’ from it. There’s no sign of DON RHYNER anywhere. Guess he was afraid that if he came, the administrators would put him back in school again. Oh well, we’re glad he finally made it. TIM STRICKER returns as Sargeant in the U.S. army. He finally decided to give the orders for a change. HOWARD SWALHEIM wasn’t able to make it this year. He didn’t allow enough money in his budget for traveling expenses. Didn’t you learn anything from your case project? It seems that MARILYN SCHOLES can’t concentrate on her work. Maybe she’s still trying to figure out her high school “riddle”. JULIE SERSTAD sure can string tobacco. But then, she always could string ’em along at good old SHS, too. DAVID SELBO’S job is to break the tobacco leaves off at the center of the plant known as the heart. He’s pretty good at it, too. But then, he always was a heartbreaker. Who do we see coming down the field but MARTHA JOHNSON and GREG SWINGEN. After all these years, they’re still trying to perfect those “quick” steps. WENDY SUNDBY has just won the “Greg” award (for typing?) PENNY SPHATT still insists that her senior year wasn’t “swingen” enough for her. DALE SANDMIRE still can’t figure out how people can get along without getting a new car every 2 months. JUNE STRANDLIE was “Layton” coming to the field. ANN SCHULTZ is just aimlessly “deetering” through the tobacco piles. KATHY SANKBEIL and DIANE RICHMOND are here today. No one thought they would make it in Kathy’s old black bomb! MARK SCHIMELFENIG is doing a very good job. Seems he had a lot of experience on the old Schimel-fenig farm. Here comes MIKE LACY with hamburgers and French fries. It seems he was so overtaken with McDonald’s that he is now the new manager. ROGER STRANDLIE is going to bring the liquid refreshments. The container looks different though. Is that a new branch of McDonald’s? DAN SIGURSLID isn’t working too hard. His eyes are sore from breaking the “Girl Watching Record”. ' DEBBY SHORT couldn’t make it today. Seems as though she lost so much weight on her diet that she was blown away. JIM TROW still doesn’t get to drive the Javelin on weekends. JUDY TOPP is doing her favorite past time—namely—topping. BARB THOMPSON is the movie star of Aur class. It seems that her beautiful white teeth earned her the title of Beautiful Bright Barbara. Not too bad for a Norwegian. Police Sargeant DEB TRIELOFF just gave DUANE WOODHOUSE a parking ticket. He got so embarrassed that his neck broke out in all thos red splotches ._. . JULIE TEIGEN is sitting under the shady trees waiting for when opportunity “Knox.” GARY VETTER is so busy that he can’t take time from his track sprints to help in tobacco. GREG “BUBBA” VIKE is still mumbling about having to carry the chickens instead of working in the tobacco fields. STEVE VINDEDAHL started to help haul the tobacco but he just couldn’t “carry” the load. It seems that JEAN VEUM and SHIRLEY WIKUM have been trying to improve their badminton skills. Missy Leek is still giving them “pointers.” MARSHA VIKE is our head chef for lunch break. It seems that her experience at D M really helped. KATHY VALE can’t decided whether she should strip, harvest, or hoe. She's kind of fussy. But then, she was always kind of “Fossy” about her men, too. REBECCA WRIGHT is groping around the tobacco field. It seems she broke her glasses again. DAVID WENDT is over in his laboratory doing research. He is trying to take the smoke out of cigarets. LINDA WITTIG is still serving her 20 year prison sentence for violating the law of ID ownership and possession. Her cry: “You just gotta let me out!” DONNA WEST has just come back from the “east” to help in the harvest. Here comes DENNIS and JIM WILLIAMS. Does anybody know what relation they are? LOLA WAGNER and her old Mercury are still seen driving around the square at all hours of the night. She decided that she would drop in and see some of her old friends. Well, here comes KEN WILLIAMS! Whippee! NANCY WHALEY is absent—again (or still)? DAVID WENNLUND and JEFF PUNDT have offered to bring refreshments to our little social gathering, but it seems as though they are drinking it all to themselves 1 I don’t think its milk! I don’t see RICHARD WERSLAND. Don’t tell me he’s stuck in the ditch again. No he couldn't be. There isn't any ice this time of year, is there? The class of ’69 commissioned MARY JO WRIGHT to furnish the other refreshments. Her specialty is “Mama Jo-Jo’s Pizza.” LEA ANN WOOD is over by the truck protesting that it should be a Chevy instead of a Ford. Well, it has been a long hard day. But the class of 69 is proud that we have done our part. Our reunion of 1984 is complete but we shall return in another 15 years to recall some more unforgettable memories.Class Will I, ANN ADLER, will my brains to Bob Keuper. I, LYNN AHLGRIM, will my great math ability to Dave Llnd-erud. SHARON ALME wills all her Cliff notes to any deserving underclassmen. I, VICKIE ALME, will my enthusiasm for wrestling to Audrey Berg. I, ARNE ANDERSON, will my nickname “Bookworm” to Willi Miller. DEB ANDERSON wills a clean but lonely locker to Rene Ursino. I. LINDA ANDERSON, will recognition to all the teachers for having put up with me for four years. I, MICHAEL ANDERSON, will the name “Moses” to Mr. Kubale, the only teacher who calls me that. BRUCE ARNOLD wills his body to the agriculture department. I, DONN BARBER, will my long hair to Mr. Pieper. I, KATHY BARRETT, will my natural blonde hair to Debbie Arnold. CHERYL BELLAMY wills all red lights in Volkswagons to Steve Christensen. I, BEV BERG, will my 18th birthday, my love for GTO s and all my “hard” times to Miss Gail Vale. I, TIM BERNDT, will all my good luck with the Gardner family to Jeff Wright. EILEEN BLUEL wills her lemon juice and puckering ability to Jane Sperle. I, SUSAN BREWSTER, will my battered baton and many hours of getting nothing done with many laughs to Kathy Moe. I, STEVE BRONSON, will my ability to be on time to Mr. Peth. DICK BUNNELL wills his thinking ability to anyone who wants it. I, ANN BURTNESS, will my natural curly hair to Kathy Jacobson. I, LINDA BUSKAGER, will a Juliet to my “Romeo” brother Jerry. I, BERT CARR HI, will my blupper to Jackie Orcutt. KAY CHRISTENSON wills the malt cans on Happy Acres Monkey Farm to anyone who can find them. I, SUE CHRISTENSON, will all my driving abilities to Rogene Woods. I, GARY CHRISTOPHER, will a lonely locker to Jane Bennett. CONNIE CHRISTY wills her precious padlock to my stompen’ neat sister Rosemary. I, JO CLUTTER, will all my wild weekends at the Shuffle to Gail Allen. I, CAROL CREWS, will a firm unending handshake to Alan Kaupanger. I, DONALD CROFT, will all my junk to Mark Rosenbaum. THOMAS DAHLE wills his gym suit and shoes to Mr. Pieper. I, MICHELLE DALLMANN, will my sister to Linda Rad-amacher, heaven help her! I, DAVE DALSOREN, will my fearless hunting experiences to Wayne Quam. I, TIM DENEEN will. I, JANICE DUX, will Wilbur’s king-size denture cup to Wendy Gjertson. MARCIA DVORAK wills her 'basket-ball playing ability” and her “broken nose” (ha-ha) to Dennis Murphy. I, THOMAS DYBEVIK, will my pink Chevy to Billy Swenson so that he will no longer have to walk to school. VIRGINIA EDGE wills her ambitiousness to Joyce Whitford. I, JIM EHLE, will my “learning ability” to Wendy Jenson. I, STEVE ELLIS, will my cootie raising ability to Mike Hull (if he's around). I, JIM ELVEKROG, will my bookkeeping book to anybody who wants it. I, JOHN ELVEKROG, will my math ability to Dave Lind-erud. PAT ENGELS wills all her quiet ana shy ways to Boisterous Becca SUndby. I, JEFFREY McBRIDE EVERSON, will my 330 pound bench press, my subscription to Iron Man, and my stretch marks to Robert (Dude) Veum. I, JAN FAVREAU, will all the frustration, complications, and satisfactions of my senior year to Peg Mathison. DEBE FEMRITE wills her great coordination to Debbie Parish. I, JOHN FORTON, will my serious attitude on the tennis courts to Bob Mortenson. I, RICHARD FREUND, will my Camaro to Nlcki Nicholson. SUE GANSHERT wills her great love for school to Joyce Whitford. I, SANDY GARDNER (PUNK), will my voluptuous figure to Becca Sundby. I, ED GASSEN, will my eighteen hundred bucks to Kristie Gunderson. I, MARK GIBBON, will my text books to anyone lucky enough to get them. MICHAEL GILBERT wills his extra trombone mouthpiece and water bottle to Jeff Gunsolus. I, PEGGY GILLETTE, will my muscles to Lorraine Brown. I, MIKE GLOYD, will my good attitude in basketball and Mr. Marshall to Dennis Murphy. I, PERRY GRAVES, will my draft card to Bruce Anderson. I, LIANNE GREFSHEIM, will my quietness to Connie Rigdon. I, ELLEN GRENDAHL, leave my quiet ways to Peggy Maloney in hopes that she will use them wisely. WENDY GROSHONG wills her car, alias “Green Dragon” to Stoughton High School as a pernament memorial. I, DEAN E. GOECKS, will metals ability to Culty. I, STEVE GUNSOLUS, will two more good years at N. Store to Dave Olson. HENRY HALVERSON wills his witty sense of humor to Mr. Wilde. I, CHERYL HANSON, will a dance at the fairgrounds to Curt Burmeister. I, DEAN HANSON, will my masculinity to Bob Chrltton. 1, KIM HANSON, will a three-wood to Paul Selbo who needs it. I, I, LAURIE HANSON, will the bush farm and all the toilet paper it can use to Kris, Kerry, and Toni. I, MARK HANSON, will my sketch book to Rembrandt. STEVE HANSON wills his hair to Dennis Ylvasaker. I, MAYNARD HARRIED, will my height and strength to Jeff Berg. I, MARY HARVEY, will my supernatural powers to Alan Kaupanger. I, SHARONNE HARVEY, will my band folder and the fun that goes with it to Bonnie Havey.DIANE HELLUM wills her sixth hours with Miss Reek to Gail Rhyner and Cheryl Fuller. GREG HESSEL wills Mr. Fortney to next year's English A students. I, KIM HOEL, will my good fortune to anyone who may deserve it. I, MARGE HOEL, will my trumpeting ability to Jane Sperle. I, LOUISE HOLCOMB, will the rest of McFarland to my sister JOAN. I, CHUCK HORN bequeath the dirt off my golf shoes to Steve "Clown” Mathison. I, JANET HOUGAN, will kisses to all. I, DENISE HOYER, will anything I had to anybody who could possibly use it. LINDA HUBRED wills locker 613 to Colleen Cox. I, SUE HUDKINS, will that horrible night to Rogene Woods, Beth Hudkins, and Clyde Gallagher. I, DENNIS HUSTON, will the Empty Quart Bottle to Kerry Karlslyst. MIKE IVERSON will his gripe sessions with Mr. Pieper to any poor wrestler. I, THOMAS JACOBSON (JAKES), will my supreme organized ways and ability to get the job done to any gunkie foolish enough to have it. I, BOB JOHNSON, will my perfect attendance to Mr. Peth. 1, BRUCE JOHNSON, will Fritz to the highest bidder. I, DIANE JOHNSON, will my "Hungarian” name to anyone whose last name is Johnson. I, KAREN JOHNSON, will my unused boletoes to Nancy McAllister. PENNY SPHATT, LINDA WITTING, MARTHA JOHNSON, JULIE SERSTAD, AND ANN SCHULTZ, will 2305 Carling Drive, Apartment 6 to anyone brave enough to enter. Also thrown in will be: one drunk Jer, a St. Bernard, the contents of the refrigerator, the guy upstairs, and a 2’ by 4' bathroom. I, RALPH JOHNSON, will fond memories of bookkeeping to Mr. Wilde. I, TERRY KAHL, will my Golden Glove to any rotten fielder on next year's baseball team. WAYNE KEEHN wills his slide rule to Richard Olson. I, ANN KELLER, will my spot in the sun to any girl with a smaller bikini. VICKI KENYON will blood tests at ungodly hours on Saturday mornings in the hospital lab to Mr. Baltzer. I, DAVID A. KIND, will some of my kindness to Beast Gregorich of 6th hour study hall. DANA KITSON and PETE McKERCHER will their wild weekends to all 18 year olds. MITCHELL KNOX wills his brother to anyone who wants him. I, ERNEST KOJO, will my locker to any garbage collector. I, ROLLIE KONG, will my last name to anybody who's first name is King. BILL KORTEE WILLS HIS MIGHTY Mo-Par and shyness to a sweet innocent little girl-Julie Obrecht. I, MARTY KVALHEIM, will my bad days to anyone who can handle them. I, SUSAN LACEY, will my Student Under-achiever Trophy to Kerry Karlsylst who will probably get one anyway! MIKE LACY wills his noon-hour leaning post to Roger Wersland. PAT LACY wills her Inherited "problems” in the office to her sister Jane. I, SHELLY LARSEN, will my library card to Kathy Strieker for whatever purpose she deem possible. TOM LAWRENCE wills his outstanding attendance record to Tom Holm. WE, SHIRLEY FUCHS and JEANNETTE LEIKNESS will our volleyball ability to Jon Nelson. I, DUNE LE-PINE, will my luck to the Future Norwegian Dancers. I, STEVE LINNERUD, will my good grades to Conrad Marks. KATHY LUNDGREN wills all the "wet” fish In the lake, to Carol Bennett. WE, SHARON MCALLISTER and BRENDA PRESTON, will our "blank record” to Nancy McAllister. SUE MAERZ wills her great attendance record to Joey Marez. I, MARY MALAS, will my ability for playing darts to Miss Reek and my attendance record to Joyce Whitford. I, WAYNE T. MARSH, will both my musical talents and my understanding of foreign languages to draconic Kim Hergenroether. I, DEBBY MATHISON, will my brakes, engine and muffler of my Red Roadster to Wendy Groshong in hopes that someday her Green Dragon will get well again. I, GAY MATSON, will graduate no matter what they say!! I, CURTIS MEYER, will my interest in flying to Mike Van "Glider”. LESTER MEYER wills Edgerton to anybody that wants it. I, JEANINE MILLAR, will my "exciting” weekends to anyone strong enough to take it. MARSHA MILLER wills her driving record and "wheels” to Sharia Miller, L'Jean Jacobson and Theresa Johnson, if they want them. I, DON MOE, will all my injuries to Jeff Gunsolus. I, PHIL MOESER, will our family's mailbox to Paul Selbo for driving practice. I, MARJIE MYHRE, will my private stone-quarry to anyone who's studying to be an Archaeologist. BRAD NELSON wills his body to "Iron Man.” I, MARY NELSON, will my summer "friends” and the castle to Sue Nelson, Patti Norland, ai d one Erickson. I, VERONICA NETTUM, my weight to my brother Al, so that he may win more matches. MIKE NORD-LIE wills his place in Physics class to Al Kaupanger. L BART OFFERDAHL. will a broken down right arm and my saddle to Danette Bohn. ROGER OFFERDAHL wills his Gym class behavior to anyone else who thinks he can handle "the quill”. I, JULIE OFSTHUN, will my Baritone Sax and stand to Cindy Everson hoping that she does not have as much trouble with her stand as Custer did with his.CURT OLSON wills his cracked wire rim glasses to anyone with an equally cracked eye. I, NANCY OLSON, will my bad luck with best friends to whoever wants to lose one. I, NANCY ORWIG, will my quiet ways to Connie Rigdon. KAY OTTESON wills her French Horn to Priscilla Paton if she can play two at the same time. I, RANA OUTHOUSE, will my long forgotten friend to Peggy Maloney. I, CHERYL PARISH, will my 6th hour’s in the A’Cappella room to Kathy Hodge, Deb Parish, Jo Knipfer, and Brenda Marks. I, SONJA PAULI, will my voice to Mr. Baltzer. I, MARGO PETERSON, will sell my Econ. notes to the highest bidder. STEVE PETERSON wills his Pontiac to anyone who wants it. I, SUE PETERSQN, will my "bubbly personality" (?) to Priscilla Paton and Good Luck! I, JEFF PUNDT, will my respect for gym class to La-Verne Peiper. I LARRY QUAM, will my church key to Steve Lundgren. I, MIKE RADECKI, will nothing to nobody. I, VIRGINIA RAMOS, will my inability to learn Spanish to anybody who can back it. I, KEN RAMSDEN, will my ginger coat (black leather jacket) to Mark Hale. RANDY REE wills his car payments and burnt out clutch to Bonnie Kong. I, ISABEL CAROLI REZENDE, will my south American accent to the whole junior class and sophomore class. DONALD RHYNER wills his great attendance record to anyone who can acheive it. I, DIANE RICHMOND, will my bookkeeping book to Kristie Gunderson, if she’s dumb enough to take it. I DENNIS RIDDLE, will my many hours of hard work in study hall to Connie Onsrud. I, RICHARD RIN-DEN, will all my detentions to my brother. I, GARY RINDT, will my sense of humor to Bob Ehle and Bob Rindt. NADINE RONE ID wills her ingenuousness to Peggy Reinstad. I, DAVE RORGE, will not, unless told to. I, LYNNE ROSS, will my strong nerves to anyone who needs them. I, EDWARD ROWIN, will my great attendance record to Doug Rinden. I, LINDA RUETLEN, will my memories of bookkeeping to any Junior who has the courage to take it. I, DALE SAND MIRE, will my smarts to Mrs. Carpenter. L KATHY SANKBEIL, will my 1926 Black bomb to anybody that’s looking for a slightly rusted car. I, MARK SCHIMELFENING, will everything I have to Jane Sperle. I, MARILYN SCHOLES, will my track abilities to Vince Skidmore. I, DAVE SELBO, will my durability in football to Dennis "Dimples” Vike. DEBBIE SHORT wills her ability for fast note-taking to all the next English A seniors. I, DAN SIGURSLID, will my athletic abilities too SHS. I, CYNTHIA SKIDMORE, will my great musical ability to Claudia Pundt. I, DONALD SMITH BACK will all my troubles and car to "Unky” Leikness. I, JUNE STRANDLIE, will my crummy Job at Super Value to my sister Janis. ROGER STRAND LIE wills his knowledge of carpentry to Nels Moe. I, TIM STRICKER, will my quiet ways to my sister Kathy. I, WENDY SUNDBY, will my indoor swimming pool to all the fair weather leeches. I, HOWARD SWALHEIM, will my Econ. case project to Mr. Fuller. I, GRUNT SWINGEN, will my name to any deserving person. JULIE TEIGEN wills Bonnie Engsberg to Bruce Knox. I, BARBARA THOMPSON, will my white teeth to people who brush after every meal. I, DAVE THOMPSON, will my driving ability to Jim Peterson and Larry Erickson. I, JUDI TOPP, will my bad temper to Ruth Topp. I, DEB TRIELOFF, will my ability to talk back to cops to Tom Hickox. I, JIM TROW, will my I o ve for blonde beauties to any boy great enough to deserve it. I, DAVID UDSTUEN, will my good grades to Mike Hull. KATHY VALE wills her unique ability to skip and not get caught to Toni and Donna. I I GARY VETTER will the track coaches to Mark Sllbaugh. I, JEAN VEUM, will my shorthand book to anyone who will take it. I, GREG VIKE, will my ability to get home on time to La Verne Nelson. MARSHA VIKE wills all her hurtles in third hour gym class to Cheryl Fuller on weekends. I, STEVE VINDEDAHL, will the Batm jbile to Cindy Mattison. I, LOLA WAGNER, will the title "Queen of the River” to Cynthia Ann Culham. BARB WATSON wills her job at Casa Tio Pepe to anyone able to speak Spanish to a wild Spaniard because she can't. L STEVE WE-DOE, will my head of hair to Mr. Wilde. I, MARSHA WEHRLEY, will my name "Mlco” to anyone who can fill it. I, DAVE WENDT, will the vegetable garden to the cabbages who love it. DAVE WENNLUND wills his thick beard to John Karlslyst. I, RICHARD WERSLAND, will my bookkeeping ability to any great enough to take it. I, DONNA WEST, will a watch that only gives one time to Greg Crews. I, NANCY WHALEY, will my attendance record to all people who will be absent for the next ten years. I, SHIRLEY WIKUM, will my "sleeping pills” used in German to Priscilla Paton so she may put them to "good” use. I, DENNIS WILLIAMS, will this school to all future students. Good Luck! I, JAMES WILLIAMS, will all my drinking ability to Eldon Anderson. KENNETH WILLIAMS wills Pork Chops to anyone diddly enough to take Physics. I, LEA ANNE WOOD, will my "weekend escapades” to my sister Linda. I, DUANE WOODHOUSE, will all my junk cars to Mark Rosenbaum. I, BECKI WRIGHT, will an insult a day for each day next year to Jean Hougan. I, "MAMMA” JO WRIGHT, will my name to Ida Jo Knipfer. KAY YOUNGMAN wills her faded pink feet to her sister Julie.After Many Years ... We feel that when a person devotes her entire life to the teaching profession, she deserves some recognition. Such is the case with Miss Margaret Pike. She has dedicated her life to the students at SHS. For this reason, we wish Miss Pike a fond but sad farewell............. She Will Be Missed A Sigh Of Relief A yearbook is more than type on paper. It is people. To pull this book together it took months of planning and work by a dedicated staff. None of the deadlines could have been met without the assistance of many people; so the staff wishes to extend its sincere thanks to Mr. Steven Fortney, our advisor; Mr. Arthur Wendt, for the pictures; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mi edema, Jr., our publishers; the business office; the administration, faculty, and student body. ... And Thanks Its Many Helpers Denise Hoyer, Bev Berg, Cynthia Skidmore - co-editorsIjL 5iSX- Seated, left to right: Richard Volenberg, Francis Klngery, Dr. F.M. Schammel, John Sphatt, Board President-Dale Doering. Standing: Marian Thompson, Roger Gunnelson, Leo Hvam, and Gordon May. Stoughton School Board As the bell tolled ... Mrs. Marie Lacy (Principal’s Secretary) Principal Charles Martin Superintendent Obed L. NoremOur minds clattered to attention BUSINESS EDUCATION: Seated: Doris Barry, Typing I, II; Jeannette Brewster, Personal Typing and Typing I; Standing: Margaret Pike, Shorthand n, Office Practice and Notehand; Robert Wilde, Shorthand I and Bookkeeping. HOME ECONOMICS: Barbara Link DRIVER EDUCATION: Larry Marshall.We all chimed in, to do our part ENGLISH: Seated: Judith Rich, English II; Phyllis Norem, English III: Jeannette Carpenter, English HI; Judith Ludvigson, English IV. Standing: Steven Fortney, English IV, Journalizm; Larry Shumate, English II and Speech. NURSE: Carol Sundby. SCIENCE: Francis Gregorich, Chemistry; Fred Red-ford, Physics, Physical Science and Advanced Science. MUSIC: Seated: Timothy Baltzer, Vocal Music and Orchestra; Standing: Rodger Gohlke, Viking Band, Dance Band and Pep Band.Knowledge rang into our ears SOCIAL STUDIES: Seated: Rodger Roloff, Sociology and U.S. History I; Susan Slinde, U.S. History L Standing: David Enochs, U.S. History n and Economics; Kenneth Peth, Contemporary Civilizations Economics and Attendance Director; Irwin Fuller, Economics; Joesph Kubale, U.S. History n. SPECIAL EDUCATION: William Gibbon. LANGUAGE: Marita Wedeward, German and Latin; Sally Droster, Spanish. GUIDANCE: Donald Steckbauer and Louis Halverson.Thank you for sounding our future INDUSTRIAL ARTS: Merril Ross, Agriculture; Brad Hubing, Cabinet making. Woodworking, Mechanical Drawing, Carpentry, and Electricity; John Smillie, Metals, Carpentry, and Welding; Douglas Mackenzie, Job Printing and Mechanical Drawing. LIBRAIANS: Marilyn Pauli, Librarian. Dorothy Hanson, assistant. MATH: William Koenig; Geometry and Athletic Director. Pryor T. Smith Jr.; Algebra II, Trigonometry, Analytics and Math V. Wilbur Venske, Algebra H and Consumer’s Math. PHYSICAL EDUCATION: La verne Pie per; Boy’s Physical Education, Jeanne Reek; Girl’s Physical Education.

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