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YAH ABA '68 Stoughton High School Stoughton, Wisconsin We realize that when one applies his life to the teaching profession, he deserves some recognition. Such is the case with Mr. Walter Netterblad who this year rounds out 42 years variously as a Stoughton High School teacher, business manager, and a host of other chores. Many are those who have extracted much knowledge from Mr. Netterblad's classes, and all of his former pupils join in wishing that his retirement years be filled with health, happiness, and fond memories of his tenure on our teaching staff.In The Halls And In The Classroom, SHS Is The Place For . . . Uninterrupted work Uneaualed friendships AttentivenessI F acuitySeated, left to right: Board President Dale Doering; Mrs. Fran Kingery; Mrs. Marian Thompson; Richard Volenberg; Dr. David Smedal. Standing: Leo Hvam; Gordon May; Dr. F. M. Schammel; and John Sphatt. “Because Of You .. Mrs. Marie Lacy (Principal’s Secretary) Stoughton School Board Principal Warren Selbo Mrs. Sylvia Johnson (Superintendent’s Secretary) Superintendent Obed I. NoremWe Have Gained Skill and Knowledge SOCIAL STUDIES: Seated; Joseph Kubale, U.S. History; Larry Marshall, U.S.History; Ken Peth, economics and attendance director. Standing; Charles Martin, contemporary history and economics; Irwin Fuller, economics and U .History; Rodger Roloff, sociology and U.S.History. William Gibbon, general education GUIDANCE: Louis Halvorson and Donald Steckbauer LANGUAGE: Marita Wedeward, German and Latin; Sally Droster, Spanish.Through Your Guidance • • • Sally Olson, home economics SCIENCE: Fred Redford, physics and physical science; Francis Gregorich, chemistry ART James Siggelkow and Sherri Frederick Marilyn Pauli, librarian; Dorothy Hanson, assistant. We Are Better Prepared For The Future ENGLISH: Seated; Judith Rich, Jeanette Carpenter, Phyllis Norem. Standing; Duane Bischoff, Steven Fortney, Larry Shumate. Carol Sundby, nurse wr a BUSINESS EDUCATION: Doris Barry, typing and note-hand; Robert Wilde, bookkeeping and shorthand; Jeannette Brewster, typing; Margaret Pike, office practice, typing, and shorthand.Our Sincere Thanks To You All Roger Gohlke, band; Timothy Baltzer, vocal music and orchestra. MATH: Wilber Venske, algebra I H; William Koenig, algebra n and geometry; Prior T. Smith, Jr., algebra n, trigometry, analytics, and math V. Merrill Ross, agriculture; Brad Hubing, industrial arts; John Smillie, industrial arts; Walter Netterblad, printing. Class of 68 Harold S. Brekke Can't you fellows do something? - Pve got so much to do! President -4; Dramatics - 1,2,3,4 -Treasurer -4; Parrot -3,4 -Editor -4; Tennis-1,2. Rolf Daniel Lysne I know Pm not good looking, but what's my opinion against thousands of others. Vice-Presid ent -4; Treasurer - 1; Norse Dancers - 2,3,4; “S" Club-3,4; Youth Council - 3; Nature Club -2; Sportsman Club-4-Vice-P resident -4; Football-1,2,3,4; Basketball -1,2,3,4; Golf 2; Homecoming Court-4. Class Song— "Try To Remember" Class Motto- "Accomplishment will prove to be a journey, not a destination." -Dwight D. Eisenhower Class Flower-Orchid We all entered as typical freshmen—awed and perplexed by those above. Then confusion set in as we tackled schedules, combinations, and studies. Finally sophomores, sighed with relief—one down, three more to go. On the buses to the away games we sang songs and cheered with friends. Upperclassmen at last! Our class rings arrived and were worn with pride by their owners. This year brought prom, “A Walk in the Black Forest" , the White Trash and ‘‘Breakfast at Sunnyside." Suddenly, our final year was upon us. We triumphed with our number one float; we saw our wrestlers take the State crown, as the big day grew nearer, robes were fitted and announcements were sent. Talk of college filled the halls; before we knew it, graduation had arrived. June 6, 1968 will always be remembered in the hearts of this class, and our fond memories at SHS will linger in our minds many more years to come. Ann Marie Rogers My kingdom for a pair of scissors -I love to cut-up. Vice-President -2; Secretary - 4; Treasurer - 3; Youth Council - 2; FTA - 4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Ski Club - 3; Forensics - 2,4; Yah-ara - 4; Homecoming Court-4; Prom Court-3. Kay LaVonne Mayberry She's never too busy to be friendly. Treasurer - 4; Philo-3,4 - Publicity chairman - 4; FTA -2,3,4-Vice-president -4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-3, 4; Parrot - 4; Yah-ara - 4; National Honor Society - 3,4; Good Citizenship Award -2. 9Karin Elizabeth Arneson She seems to be a quiet lass .. .until you get her out of class. Librarians-2,3,4; Camera Club-2; G.A.A.-2. John Wayne Allen Better men than I have lived—but they're all dead. FFA-2. James M. Arnold Driving carefully is such a waste of insurance. Rifle Club-2; Ski Club-3; Car Club-4. Sue Ann Arneson A candle burns at both its ends, It will not last the night, But oh my friends and ah my foes, It casts a lovely light. MFA-2,3,4-Sec.-3-Vice Pres.-4; Good Citizen-ship-3. Tenni Sandra Bailey Batons and Boys, she gives them both a twirl. Youth Council-2,3; Viking Band-2,3,4-Ma-jorette-2,3,4; Freshman Chorus-1; A Cappella-2,3,4. Tom Augustine The world belongs to the workers; who wants the world anyway? FFA-2,3; Sportsman Club-4. Lucille Ann Barrette Just like a snowflake; she leaves a mark, but not a stain. FHA-2,3,4-Historian-4. Tomas L. Bakken Beans! I should join the navy, but they don't have four speeds. “S" Club-3,4; Youth Council-1; Sportsman Club-2,3,4; Football-1,4; Golf-1,2,3,4.Luanne Rae Bascombe Those who have fun are fun to be with. Transfer-2; Drama Club-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4. John F. Bates My theory is that women will be the best thing to be civilized by man. Youth Council-2; Ski Club-3; Car Club-4; Band-2,3; Track-1. Robert Beaster Why take life seriously; you'll never get out alive. Ski Club-2,3,4; Wrestling-1; Youth Council-1; Intramurals-2. Carol Susan Beck Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, when her eyes sparkle and she smiles, she knows! Philo - 3,4; Dramatics - 2,3; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Norse Dancers-2,3,4; FTA-4; National Honor Society-4; Good Citizenship Award-2. Marcia Lynn Bieri Quiet girls aren't always quite so quiet. Nature Club - 3; MFA - 2. Judith Bolland A girl with a big heart, always willing to do her part. Philo - 3,4; AFS - 3; Librarians - 2,3 -Vice-President - 3; Dramatics - 3; FTA -3,4 - President - 4; Debate - 1,3; Rifle Club -2-Secretary - 2; G.A.A. - 2.3,4; Yahara - 4; German Club-4; National Honor Society-4. Darnell Francis Bradford I love to wind my mouth up, I love to hear it go. Philo-3,4; Dramatics-2,3; FTA-4; Forensics-1. Paul E. Brissette Never a dull moment. Rifle Club - 4; Football - 3; Baseball - 3,4; Intramurals-3,4; Industrial Arts-4-President-Sonja Marie Christensen New Year’s Eve? •. .1 don’t remember a thing! Youth Council - 2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Viking Band - 2; Ski Club - 3,4; Cheerleading -1,2,3,4. Susan Alicia Chayka This girl has really got the “contacts”. Philo - 4; Librarians - 1,2,3,4; MFA - 2,3,4; Debate - 1,3,4- Viking Band - 2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; A'Cappella 2,3,4; Freshman Chorus - 1; Yahara - 4; Madrigals - 3,4; Folk Singers -3. Mary Kay Coon Wicked brown eyes are dangerous things, they often keep us from sprouting wings. Red Cross - 3,4; Librarians - 3,4 - Treasurer - 4; Spanish Club - 2,3,4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; A’Cappella. - 2,3,4; Freshman Chorus - 1. Gordon D. Christy I’ll be out in five minutes, I’ve got to do my homework. Sportsman Club - 4. Cliff Couch The prince of darkness is a gentleman. FFA - 2,3,4 - Reporter Lillian Jean Cornell In her friendship there is nothing insincere. Youth Council-3; FHA-2,4; G.A.A.-2,3. Carol Louise Dahl Men don’t bother me, Pve got mine. Transfer - 2; Camera Club - 3; Viking Band -2,3,4; Pep Band - 2,3,4; Art Club - 2; A’Cappella - 2,3,4. Victoria Dargis When she finally decides to do something, she does it! Philo - 3,4-Historian-4;AFS- 2; Librarians -1; Dramatics - 2,3,4; Spanish Club - 2,3 - Secretary - 2,3; G.A.A. - 3,4; Yahara - 4; National Honor Society - 3,4.David Dell He's not a wolf, it's just the way he says hello-o-o-o. Sportsman Club-2,3; Car Club-4. Deborah L. Dickson Her heart is like the moon, it always has a man in it. Librarians - 2,3; Camera Club - 2,3; FHA - 4; G.A.A. - 4; German Club - 3. Judy Ruth Doering A quiet person is welcome everywhere. Transfer - 2; G.A.A. - 4; Art Club - 4. Richard Carl Dvorak “Who says Chevies aren't best!" “S" Club - 3,4; Youth Council - 2; Sportsman Club - 3,4; Football - 1,2,3,4; Basketball - 1; Track - 1,2,3,4; Intramurals - 3,4; Badger Boy's State - 3; Homecoming Court - 4. Gary E. Eastman Life itself is one great holiday. Rifle Club - 2,3; Volleyball - 2; Intramurals -2,3,4; Football-2,3; Cross Country-2. Jo Ellen Eggleson Activities, studies, and social whirl all belong to this girl. Red Cross - 1,2,3,4 - President - 4; Librarians - 3,4; Dramatics - 3,4; MFA - 2,3,4 -President - 4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; A'Cappplla -2,3,4; Freshman Chorus - 1; Yahara - 4 SHSVA -4-Co-chairman-4; Folksingers-4. Randall A. Ehle He drives with his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the sidewalk. Sportsman Club - 3; Ski Club - 4; Wrestling - 1; Football - 1,2,3,4; Track - 2. Christine Kay Elliott Charm is a glow within a woman that casts a becoming light on others. Class Secretary - 3; Philo - 3,4 - Treasurer -4; AFS- 3; Librarians -1,2; Dramatics - 2,3,4 -Secretary - 3; G.A.A. - 3,4; National Honor Society-3,4; Prom Court-3; DAR-4.Christine Lee Elsing Quiet maiden intent on her work. We know her duties she will never shirk. Camera Club-3; G.A.A.-2,3; German Club-4. Annette Irene Ellis Love stole into her heart one day. Just came for a visit and decided to stay. Transfer-2; Librarians-2,3,4. Marilyn B. Erdahl To talk is one thing, to say something is another. Librarians-3; MFA-2; FHA-3,4-VUe Pres.-4; A Cappella-2,3,4; Freshman Chorus-1. Barbara Ann Engsberg Charm is that extra quality which defies description. Transfer-3; Philo-4; Youth Council-3; MFA-4. Gary Allen Evenson That serious look behind the glasses conceals his thoughts about the lasses. “S” Club-4; Science Club-3,4-Treas.-4; Sportsman Club-2; Parrot-4; Yahara-4-Sports Editor-4; Jr. Exec. Advisor-3; Football-1; Basket-baIl-2, 3,4-Mgr.-2,3,4; Ba s e ba 1 l-2-Mgr.-2; Golf-3,4; National Honor Society-3-4; German Club-4. Rodney Scott Erickson The best thing to have up your sleeve is a funnybone. Sportsman Club-3,4; Football-2,3,4; Basketball-1, 2,3,4-Captain-4; Baseball-1; Track-3,4; Homecoming Court-4. Ruth Ann Femrite Some say she’s quiet, but others know better. Red Cross-3,4-Treas.-3, Vice Pres.-4; Librar-ians-l,2,3,4-Sec,-3; FHA-2; G.A.A.-3,4; Art Club-3. Steven L. Felio Who started all this foolishness of seniors acting dignified? FFA-1,2,3,4-Treas.-3-Pres.-4; Wrestling-1,2,3,4.Jim Owen Fosdahl Which one has the Toni? FFA-2; Sportsman Club-3,4; Intramurals-2,3,4. Wayne Lee Foss Early to bed and early to rise and you lose the best part of the day. Camera Club-2,3; Parrot-3,4-Sports Editor-4. D. Christine Freeland Being good is lonesome, but Pm not lonesome. Transfer-4; Dramatics-4; Ski Club-4. Sandra Kay Fuller Who deserves well needs no other praise Youth Council-3; FHA-2,4; G.A.A.-2,3. Stella Louise Fuller One of those happy-go-lucky sort of girls. Dramatics-2,3,4; Debate-1; G.A.A.-2,3,4. James Furseth Although my education has done me no harm, I still feel much safer on the farm. FFA-l,2,3,4-Sec.-3, Vice Pres.-4; Football-2,3,4; Wrestling-1,2,3,4. Stella Patricia Geallis The thing I want to get most out of school is myself. Dramatics - 4; MFA - 2; Nature Club - 3; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Yahara - 4; Jr. Exec. Advisor -3. Lois Ann Handeland She’s just a half pint, but of what? Gail Marie Halvorson Whoop-de-do! Youth Council - 2,3; G.A.A. - 2,3,4j Yahara-4; Association-4. Rita Kay Gullickson And she can laugh, good Lord how she can laugh. Viking Band-2,3,4;Pep Band-3,4;Yahara-l,2,3, 4-Editor-in-Chief-4; Spanish Club-2,3,4-Pres-ident-2,4; Drama Cl,ub-3; Philo-3,4; Parrot-4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Quill and Skrol-4; National Honor Society-4. Jeffery B. Halverson An inexperienced baker who thinks high school is a four year loaf. Youth Council - 2; Art Club - 2,3,4; Basketball - 1; Track - 1; Volleyball - 1. Gary A. Halverson He burns the midnight oil and lots of gasoline. Youth Council - 3; Rifle Club - 1; Football - 1; Car Club - 4. Beverly Jean Hansen My hair is too dark to make a good angel. Student Council - 1,2,3,4 - Vice President -3 - President - 4; Norse Dancers - 4; Ski rl,,h - Cheerleadine - 2.3.4 -Captain-3; Homecoming Court-4; A.F.S-4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; A’Cappella-4; Musical-4; Student Volunteer Association-4. Donna Marie Hanson Beware, I may do someting yet. Red Cross - 3; Librarians - - President - 4; : Spanish Club-2,3,4; Philo-4. Thomas Dale Hanson A little bluffing now and then is done by the best of men. Sportsman Club - 2,3; Art Club - 4; Basketball - 1; Baseball - 2; Track - 2; Volleyball - 1. Rifle Club-1; Intramurals-1,2,3,4 Richard Alan Hanson I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times the conclusion is false. The hundredth time Pm right. Science Club-4-Secretary-4.Barbara Lynn Harried Pve always liked school, the vacation part of it. Youth Council - 2.3; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Forensics-2; Yahara-4; Association-4; S.V.A.-4. Sandra Jean Harried A worker always doing her best. MFA - 2,3,4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Viking Band -2,3,4. Joyce Ann Heft Wait a minute, I have to adjust my halo. Transfer-3; G.A.A.-3,4; Ski Club-3,4. Gregory Philip Hellickson A little ‘'help' in the hall makes school fun for all. Athletic Board - 1,2,3,4 - President - 4; “S" Club - 3,4; Sportsman Club - 3,4; Rifle Club - 2; Football - 1,2,3; Cross Country - 4; Wrestling - 1,2; Baseball - 1,2,; Track - 3,4; National Honor Society-3,4; Good Citizenship Award - 1; Badger Boy's State - 3; Spade -3; Prom Court - 3. Cathy Ann Hergenroether Of this one girl things said must oe great; but with one exception—she came three years late. Transfer - 4; G.A.A. - 4; Ski Club - 4. Darcy Lee Hillery There are no dull times for an upward looking mind. Librarians - 1,2,3,4 - Historian - 3 - Vice President - 4; Dramatics - 3,4 - Treasurer -4; G.A.A.-3,4; Red Cross-3. Sharon Kae Hoff If I had wings, I wouldn't be here. Youth Council - 2; FHA - 3,4; G.A.A. - 3,4. David Holtan Lean and lank and full of pranks. FFa-3,4; Rifle Club-2; Football-2; Sportman Club-4; Intramurals-2.Terry Richard Hove He who hesitates loses his place to park the car. Youth Council-2,3; Football-1,2,3; Basketball -1; Wrestling-3; Tennis-2,3; Intramurals-2. John Robert Hougan If you ask him how he is, he’ll tell you. FFA-3; Rifle Club-2; Football-2,3,4; Track-1 Intramurals-4; Association-4. Paula M. Hubred Get behind me Satan, and PUSH! FHA-2. Steve W. Hubing You can always tell an educated man, but you can’t tell him much. Science Club-3-Vice-President-3; Ski Club-4; Basketball-1; Track-1,2,3,4; Norse Dancers-4» Intramurals-3. Roland R. Hughes Owls don’t say much either. Transfer-3; Youth Council-3; Association-4; Manager-4. W. Edward Hudkins His reasoning would confuse any teacher. Science Club-2,3,4-Vice-President-2-Secre-tary-4; Debate-1,2,3,4. Michael R. Huston Spontaneous and unrehearsed. Youth Council-2; Ski Club-3; Golf-1,2; Car Club-4. Linda F. Hunt An unspoken word never causes any trouble. Camera Club-3; MFA-2,4.Peggy Marie Iverson A smile is the same in any language. Norse Dancers-2,3,4; Youth Council-2,3-Sec-retary-3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; A Cappella-2,3; Freshman Chorus-1; Cheerleading-1,2,3,4; Homecoming Court-4. Jerry Wayne Jacobs Like an electric eel in a pool of catfish. AFS-1,2; S" Club-2,3,4-President-4; Sportsman Club-2,3,4-Secretary-Treas.-3; Football-1; Cross Country-2,3,4-Captain-4; Basketball-1,2,3,4; Track-1,2,3,4. Paul Douglas Jacobson Wisdom is knowing when you can't be wise. Science Club-4. Ronald Dean Jasensky I get a real “bang” out of life. Science-2,3,4-President-4; Golf-3,4; National Honor Society-4. Dale Roy Johnson He came, he saw, and he's still looking around. Transfer-4; Dramatics-4. Gail B. Johnson Things worth having are worth striving for. FHA-2,3,4. Kristine Annette Johnson A star? She could be; she's always out nights. Dramatics-2; Debate-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Ski Club- 2,3,4. Mary Ann Johnson True to her work, her words, her friends; these are a few of her good trends. Red Cross-3,4; FHA-2,3; G.A.A.-2; Art Club-4; SHSVA-4.Gail Maureen Judd I hear, yet say not much, but think more. Spanish Club-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3; National Honor Society-4. Linda Karen Jones The happier the time, the faster it goes. Youth Council-3; Spanish Club-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; MFA-4. Walter Kellnhofer It's a clever man who conceals from others what he does not know. FFA-3; Rifle Club-2; Football-1,2,3,4; Sportsman Club-4; "S” Club-4. Debra D. Karlslyst Her life is a duel between halo and horns. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Ski Club-3,4; Parrot-4; Yahara-4. Lizbeth Kingery Late hours aren't good for one, but they are alright for two. Student Council - 1,3,4; Norse Dancers - 3,4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Ski Club - 1,2,3,4 - President-3,4; Cheerleading - 2,3,4 - ‘A' Captain - 4; Good CitizenshiD Award - 3; Philo - 4; Homecoming Court-4; Prom Queen-3; Forensics-4; SHSUA-4-Co-chair man-4. Gary Kershaw Aw, come on, that couldn't be my test paper. FFA-2; Rifle Club-1; Sportsman Club-1. Mark E. Kitson I can't make people like me, but if I weren't me, I'd like me! Science Club - 2,3,4; Football - 1; Basketball - 1,2; Good Citizenship Award - 1.2; Prom Court-3; German Club-4; National Honor Society-4. James Lee Kinnamon I know a lot, but I can't think of it. Sportsman Club - 2,3; Football - 1; Wrestling - 1; Intramurals - 1,2,; Car Club - 4.Ronald Dean Kittleson MEN are not measured in inches. Athletic Board-4; “S” Club-2,3,4; Sportsman Club - 2,3,4 - President - 4; Football -1,2,3,4; Wrestling-1,2,3,4-Co-captain-4; Cross Country -3; Baseball-1,2,3,4; Good Citizenship Award-3; Homecoming Court-4. Barbara Diane Kong Do all roads lead to Dearfield'? Youth Council-3; MFA-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; A-Cappella-2,3,4. Arthur John Lacy Why let the devil have all the fun? Youth Council-2; Viking Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; A’Cappella-2,3; Drum Major-3,4. Louise Elizabeth Ladd Generally speaking, she’s generally speaking. Philo - 4; AFS - 4; Americans Abroad Student-3; Youth Council - 2; Dramatics - 2,3,4; Spanish Club - 2,3,4 - President - 3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Viking Band - 2,3,4; Forensics - 1,2,-3,4; Parrot - 4; Yahara - 1,4; Executive Ad-visor-3; Association-4. Jack La May Pm generous—I gave three good years of my life to East. Transfer - 4. Kristine M Lamers Horses, horses, crazy over horses. Librarians - 2,3,4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Band -1,2,3; A’Cappella-3,4; Dramatics-1. Kathy Marie Larsen She may be small, but she sure gets around. Youth Council - 3; Nature Club - 2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4. Linda Marie Lee A worker, yet always ready to have a good time. Red Cross - 3,4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; MFA - 2,3,4.Kathleen Joy Leikness The world belongs to the energetic. Philo - 3,4; Youth Council - 2,3; G.A.A. National Honor Society-4. Kim Lyle Larsen It takes no effort to do my work; I just don't do it. Youth Council - 2; Band - 2,3,4; Dance Band -2,3,4; Pep Band - 3,4; A'Cappella - 1,2,3,4; Folk Singers-3,4; Madrigal-3,4; Musical-4. 2,3,4. Dorothy Irene Linderud Temper is a good thing to have. It shows strength of character. Philo - 3,4; FTA - 3,4 - Secretary - 4; G.A.A. -2,3,4; Band - 2,3,4; Forensics -1: Cheerleadin? -3 4-Treasurer-4; Nature Club-2; Yahara-4; National Honor Society-4. Susan Diane Leikness She's the quiet kind whose nature never changes. Youth Council-2,3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; MFA-4. A X M m Robert B. Malinowski Hey! Pve got a good Norwegian joke for you. Youth Council - 2; Sportsman Club - 3,4; Forensics - 1; Football - 1,2,3,4; Tennis - 2; Track - I: Good Citizenship Award - 2; Badger Boys State-3; Ski Club-4-Sargeant-At-Arms-4. Patricia Lea Lynch I weighed myself the other day, and was surprised to see that in all the million tons of earth there were so few pounds of me. Philo - 3,4; Dramatics - 3,4; Spanish Club -2,3; FTA - 4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Yahara - 4; National Honor Society-4. Kay LaVonne Mayberry She's never too busy to be friendly. Class Treasurer - 4; Philo - 3,4 - Publicity Chairman - 4; FTA - 2,3,4 - Vice President -4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Viking Band - 2,3,4; Pep Band - 3,4; Parrot - 4; Yahara - 4; National Honor Society - 3,4; Good Citizenship Award - 2. Michael James McCarthy If a thing goes without saying, let it.Mickie Martinez Whenever I think I make a mistake—I think?! Camera Club-2,3; Science Club-3; Viking Band-2,3,4; Dance Band-3,4; Ski Club-4; Yahara-4-Sports Editor; Tennis-2; Basketball Statistician-2,3,4. Peggy M Martinson She who has ability, finds her place. FHA-3,4-Degree Chairman-4. Connie J. Mathison She is quiet, modest, and shy, but underneath fun lurks in her eye. Transfer - 4; G.A.A. - 4; Forensice - 4; A'Cappella - 4; Yahara - 4; Madrigal - 4} Philo-4; Folksingers-4; National Honor So-ciety-4. Lee Albert Meyer On my farm .... FFA - 1,2,3,4 - Vice President - 3, Secretary -4; Intramurals - 3,4. Marion Lavetta Miller Friendly toward all with manners sweet, the kind of girl you like to meet. FHA - 2,3,4 - Secretary - 4; G.A.A. - 4. Gerald Edward Moe A quiet guy but quite a guy. Industrial Arts - 2; Viking Band - 2,3,4; Dance Band-4; Pep Band-4; Golf-3,4; Sportsman Club-3. Rosella M. Mulcahy (Butch) It isn't what I do, it's what Pm caught doing. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Ski Club-2,3,4- Treasurer-4; Association-4. Gary Edward Myrland If I laid all my report cards together for the last years, we'd have a disaster area. Sportsman Club - 2,3,4; Football - 2,3; Wrest. ling-2; Intramurals-1,2,4. —Linda Suzanne Nelson Her heart is like a propeller—always in circulation. Librarians-1,2,3,4; Dramatics-2,3,4; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Forensics-2. LeAnna Joy Munn Short and sweet, quiet and neat, a welcome addition to any school. Transfer - 2; Ski Club - 2,4; G.A.A. - 3,4; Youth Council - 3. ■ Robert Allen Nelson Women are the root of all evil. Wanna go digging? Wrestling - 1,2,3,4; Football - 1. Sheila Beth Natvig All the really good ideas I had came to me while I was milking the cows. Spanish Club - 2,3,4 - Treasurer - 2; G.A.A. -3,4; Yahara - 4. Maren Emily Nyhagen Love at first sight is such a time saver. Class President - 1; Student Council - 2,3,4; Youth Council - 2,3; MFA - 4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4 -Secretary - 3 - Vice President - 4; Viking Band - 4; Pep Band - 4; Ski Club - 1,2 -Treasurer - 2; Yahara - 1,2,3,4 - Senior Editor - 4; National Honor Society - 3,4; Good Citizenship Award - 2; Badger Girls State - 3; Spoon - 3; Prom Court - 3; Philo -3,4. Stanley Russell Norm As a member of FFA, he raises "cane” and alfalfa hay. FFA - 1,2,3,4 - Reporter - 4; A'Cappella -1,2,3,4. Becky Ann Olson We all find time to do what we really want to do. Philo - 3,4 - Vice President - 4; Dramatics -3; MFA - 2,3,4 - President - 3 - Historian -2; National Honor Society-3,4; G.A.A.-4; Ya-hara-4-Organization Editor-4. Arthur J. Ofsthun Come on guys, let's eat, drink, and be merry! Rifle Club - 2; Car Club - 4 - Vice President - 4; Football - 2,3; Wrestling - 1,2.David Olson Hush, be still; Pm about to speak. FFA - 1,2,3,4; Football - 1. Roger Onsrud Are you helping with the solution or are you part of the problem? Rifle Club-2,3,4. Susan A. Onsrud Humor as dry as a mouth full of peanut butter. Art Club - 2,3,4; Parrot - 4; Yahara - 4; Three-Act Play - 3; National Honor Society -3,4; Literary Magazine-4-coeditor-4. Terry L. Onsrud She'd rather talk to a man than an angel. Librarians - 1,2,3,4 - Vice-President - 2 -President - 3 - Secretary - 4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4, Red Cross-4; Camera Club-1; FHA-4. Margit L. Ortman If I had the wings of an angel, wouldn't I look funny? MFA - 2,3,4 - Vice-President - 3; G.A.A. -2,3,4; A'Cappella - 2,3,4; Freshman Chorus -1. Rene Susan Otteson Pm not denying that women are foolish, but God made them to match men. Youth Council -3; MFA - 2,3,4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; A'Cappella - 2,3,4; Freshman Chorus - 1. David K. Outhouse He has three speeds—SLOW, SLOWER, and STOP. Sportsman Club - 3; Rifle Club - 2. Michael V. Owen If at first you don't succeed, quit. Youth Council - 2,3; Football - 1,2,3,4; Wrestling - 1,2; Track - 1,2; Sportsman Club - 4.Virgil Paulson He will do anything rash, even study! FFA - l,2,3,4j Intramurals-4. Greg Nichols Paton If good attitudes were counted as pennies, Greg would be a millionare. Golf-1,2,3,4; Basketball-1,2,3,4; Football-1,4; Cross Country-2,3; Nature Club-2; Drama Club-3.4: AFS-4; Student Council-1,2,3,4; Parrot-4; Volleyball-2; “S” Club-3,4; Yahara-4; Prom Court-3. Kent A. Peterson When opportunity knocks, he complains of noise Camera Club - 1,2,3 - Vice-President - 3. David Warren Peterson You can really “egg” him on to be a “pryer” into anything. “S” Club - 3,4; Sportsman Club - 2,3,4; Football - 1; Cross Country - 2,3,4; Basketball -1,2,3,4; Golf - 1,2,3,4. Curtis G. Piper There must be lots of work in him for none has ever come out. Youth Council-2; Rifle Club-3; Parrot-3,4-Sports Editor-4; Yahara-3,4; Association-4; Tennis-2. Shelley Jean Peterson Pll argue though the point be small; You can't let the teachers say it all! Debate - 2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Ski Club - 2,3,4 -Secretary - 4; A'Cappella - 4; Parrot - 4; Yahara-4; Cheerleading-l-Frosh-S- B” Squad; Good Citizenship Award-1; Philo-4; Folksingers -4. Kathy Radecki Heaven sent me, heaven knows why! Red Cross - 1; Youth Council - 2; G.A.A. -2,3,4; Ski Club-3,4; Parrot-3,4-Feature Editor-4. Ann Marie Quam She jumped in her car and rode madly off in all directions. Red Cross - 1; Youth Council - 2,3; G.A.A. -1,2,3,4; Ski Club - 4; Parrot - 4; Yahara - 4; Association-4.Larry Arlen Rambo If you say that all great men are dead, then PLEASE explain my being here! Norse Dancers - 2,3,4; Science Club - 3 -President - 3; Cross Country - 2,3,4; Basketball - 1,2,3,4; Track - 1,2; Golf - 3,4; National Honor Society - 3,4; Badger Boys State - 3; Prom Court-3; German Club-4; Class Vice-President-1; “S” Club-4. Raymond D. Ramsden Give some drivers an inch and they will take a fender. Sportsman Club - 2,3; Car Club - 4. Susan Carol Rand She’s quite a student, we can’t deny, but beware of that look in her eye. Philo - 3,4; Librarians -1,2,3,4 - Treasurer - 2; MFA - 2,3,4 - Treasurer - 4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4 ; Yahara - 4; Prom Court - 3. Lee Reinstad My mind is always probing to comprehend the impossible and uncomprehendable to make it possible to comprehend. Forensics - 1; Science Club - 4; National Honor Society - 3. Thomas G. Reppen His life is like the Mississippi—lined with bluffs. Football - 1; Track - 2. Nancy Jane Rhyner When hard work confronts us, Nancy is always there. Red Cross - 3,4; FHA - 2,3,4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Yahara - 4. Pamela Jean Rice Where's the action tonight? Youth Council - 2; MFA - 2; FHA - 3; G.A.A. -2,3,4; A’Cappella-2,3; Freshman Chorus - 1. Philo-4. Karen Ann Richmond Smiling is relaxing. Talking is such a waste of energy. Viking Band - 2,3,4; G.A.A. - 2.Robin Soren Robertson I may be a “Country Gentleman”, but some day Pll be “Woman's Home Companion”. FFA - 2,3; Viking Band - 2,3,4; Dance Band -3,4; Pep Band - 2,3,4; A’Cappella - 1,2,3, Forensics-1; National Honor Society-4. David E. Ringgenberg Wherever there is an argument, you'll find Dave in the middle. Dramatics - 2,3,4; A’Cappella - 4; Debate - 2; Football - 1; Basketball - Mgr. - 1; Tennis - lj National Honor Society-4. Jeanne Marie Rorge She can get you to do what she wants without you ever knowing it. Nature Club-2; Red Cross-1; Ski Club-3,4; Philo-3,4;G.A.A.-2,3,4-Secretary-3-President-4;Student Council-3,4-Secretary-4;AFS-4; Par-rot-3,4-Editor-in-Chief-4; Quill and Skroll-3,4; Norwegian Dancers-4; Good Citizenship-1, National Honor Society-4. Patricia Rose Roidt An artist supreme, personality serene. Dramatics-1,4; Art Club-1,2,3,4; Prom Court-3. Mark Sannes Knowledge is dangerous, but Pve never been in danger. Youth Council - 3; Rifle Club - 2 - Vice-President - 2; Football - 1,2; Inter murals - 1,2; Volleyball - 1; Wrestling - 1; Car Club - 4. Thomas J. Rutlin School is what you make it; it makes me tired. Transfer - 2; Football - 2; Car Club - 4; Baseball-2,3; Intramurals-2,3,4. Gerald W Sawtelle, Jr. All the girls are in despair to find out how he curls his hair. FFA - 2,3,4; Ski Club - 4; A'Cappella - 1,2,3,4. Geraldine J Santos Like sunlight — always bright and cheery. Red Cross - 3,4; MFA - 2,3; Art Club - 2; A'Cappalla - 2,3,4; Freshman Chorus - 1. John David Schroeter I am the good man who is hard to find. Youth Council-3; Nature Club-2-Secretary-2; Ski Club-4; Football-1,2; Basketball-1; Tennis-1,2,3; Intramurals-3,4; Cross Country-2; As-sociation-4; Youth Council-3. Jeannine Ann Sersch School breaks up my whole day. Dramatics - 2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Camera Club -3; Viking Band - 2,3,4; Pep Band - 3,4; A'-Cappella - 2,3; Freshman Chorus - 1. Suson K Severson She's the shy type, you have to whistle twice. Student Council - 4; Philo - 3,4; G.A.A -2,3,4; Ski Club - 2,3,4; Parrot - 4: Yahara - 4-Features Editor-4; SHSVA-4; Musical-4; Association-4. Debra Ann Shatto All that blushes is not innocent! Dramatics - 2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Ski Club - 3; Art Club - 3,4; Parrot - 3; Student Literary Publication-4-Co-editor-4; Musical-4. John Skaar Perfection isn't hard to achieve. Let me tell you how I did it. Student Council - 4; Norse Dancers - 3,4; “S" Club - 3,4; Sportman Club - 2,3; Ski Club-4; Wrestling-1,2,3,4-Captain-4; Good Citizenship Award-3; Prom King-3; Baseball -1,2. Jalaine A Sornson Women are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of men. Youth Council - 1,2,3; Car Club-4- Secretary -4; G.A.A. - 2,3,4. Thomos Lae Spangler He'd rather hug a football than anything else, well almost anything else. Athletic Board - 4 - Vice President - 4; “S" Club - 2,3,4; Sportsman Club - 2,3,4; Football - 1,2,3,4 - Captain - 4; All Conference - 3,4; Basketball - 1,2,3,4; Baseball -1,2,3,4; Volleyball - 1; Badger Boys State - 3; Homecoming King - 4; Prom Court - 3; Good Citizenship Award-1; National Honor Society-4. David Eugine Stai A fine lad; wise from the top of his head and up. FFA - 1,2,3,4 - Sentinel - 3; Ski Club - 4; Football - 1,3; Cross Country - 1; Basketball -1; Intramurals - 3,4.Barbara Lynne Stiklestad Better to be little and shine than to be big and cast a shadow. Philo - 3,4 - Secretary - 4; Dramatics -2,3,4 - Treasurer - 4; Librarians - 1,2,3,4 -Secretary - 1; G.A.A. -.2,3,4; Forensics -2. Christine Elvina Starks Evansville is where my joy resides. Red Cross - 3,4; Librarians - 2,3,4; FHA -2,3,4 - Historian Treasurer - 3 - President-4; G.A.A. - 3,4. John Kirk Strong II The girl that gets me is lucky, just ask me and PU tell ya. Dramatics - 4; Camera Club - 3, Football-1,2; Wrestling - 1; Golf - 1. John Richard Stokstad An intervert who likes to socialize. Youth Council - 3; Football - 1; Car Club - 4. Ronald K. Sunne Why worry? That’s what the teachers get paid for. Nature Club - 2 -Vice President - 2; Sport-man Club - 3,4; Football - 3,4; Baseball -1,2,3,4; Wrestling - 3,4; Good Citizenship A-ward - 2. Stuart Sundby I never let my studies interfere with my education. “SP’ Club - 3,4; Ski Club - 4; Science Club -2-Secretary-2: Football - 4: Cross Country-1,2,3; Wrestling-1,2,3; Track-1,2; Intramurals-4. Susan Mae Swenson We know her by her jolly air. Red Cross - 3; Art Club - 3,4; FHA -Librarians - 3; Freshman Chorus - 1. Peter Arthur Sveum Columbus has nothing on me; I always find what Pm looking for. Student Council - 2,3,4 - Vice President -4; AFS - 3; Youth Council - 2,3; Ski Club - 4; Football - 1,8; Cross Country - 2,3; Basketball - 1,2,3,4 - Co-Captain - 4; Track - 2; Volleyball - 1. 2;JoAnn Ruth Swerig Her nature is quiet, but don't judge her by it. FTA - 2,3,4; G.A.A. - 2; Viking Band - 2,3,4; A'Cappalla - 2,3,4; Freshman Chorus - lj Musical-4. Lynda Joan Sylvester (Syl) I ask for very little in life: Just a “little bit of soul", the Temptations calling me ‘‘their girl", and a lifetime supply of bagels. Debate - 1,2; G.A.A. - 2,3,4; Ski Club - 2,3,4 -Vice President - 3; Art Club - 4; Yahara - 4. Dramatics-2. Peter Alvin Tenjum Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. Viking Band - 2,3,4; Dance Band - 4; Pep Band - 2,3,4; Ski Club - 1,2,3. Donn Jay Terrill President of the “bored" of education. Youth Council-3; Intramurals-4. Jeffrey A. Thompson The less I learn, the less I have to remember. Nature Club - 3; Car Club - 4; Sportsman Club - 2. Robert L Tofte He carries with ease the qualities which please. Science Club - 2,3,4; Football - 1,2,3,4; Wrest ling-1,2,3.4; “S" Chib-4. Linda Rae Torke Because she doesn't say much is no reason to think she has nothing to say. Red Cross - 3,4; Librarians - 1,2,3,4 - Treasurer - 3; MFA - 4; FHA - 2,3 - Reporter - 3; G.A.A. - 2,3,4. Diane Lynn Vale No better armed for life than she, with beauty, brains, and personality. Philo - 3,4; Youth Council - 2,3; G.A.A. -2,3,4; Parrot - 4 - News Editor - 4; Yahara -4; Car Club - 4 - President - 4; Homecoming Queen - 4.Robert Allan Veium Studying is catchy; if you catch me, Pll study. Industrial Arts - 1. John Thomas Veek, Jr. Where the snow falls, so does Tom. Viking Band - 2,3,4; Pep Band - 3,4; Ski Club - 2,3,4 - Vice President - 4. Diane Marie Venden A live wire—She seems to send electricity into her twirling baton. Class President-2; Class Vice-President-3; Class Secretary-1; Youth Council-3-Vice-Pres-ident-3; Dramatics-2,4; G.A.A.-2,3-Treasurer-3; Viking Band-2,3,4-Majorette-2,3,4, Head-4; A Cappella-3,4-President-4; Folk Singers-3,4; Madrigal-4; Freshman Chorus-1; Parrot-4; Prom Court-3; Philo-4. Pep Band-4. Beverly Ann Veland Why worry - the tortoise got there. Class Treasurer-2; G.A.A.-2,3,4; Youth Coun-cll-2,3; Association-4. Ronald C. Wethal You'll never know what a good fellow Pve been. F FA-1,2,3,4. Candice Jan Vlasak A faithful lass as you may know, who is not much for pomp and show. Youth Council-2; G.A.A.-2; Librarians-4. Bill Whitelaw A firm believer in conservation of energy. Transfer-2; Intramurals-3. Terry L. White I never trouble trouble until trouble troubles me. Transfer-2; Industrial Arts-2; Sportsman Club- 3,4.David L'Anglais Williams There are two kinds of voters—Republicans and a lot of ignorant, prejudice fools. Class President-3; Debate-1,2,3; Art Club-2,3; Parrot-3; Student Council-1; Tennis-1,2; Badger Boy's State-3; Prom Court-3. Association-4. Denise Jean Wright She has no heart, he has it. Librarians-4; Youth Council-2,3; G.A.A.-2,3,4; A Cappella-3,4; Freshman Chorus-1. Shirley Mae Young I can waste more time in an hour than most people can waste in a year. G.a.A.-2,3,4. Jeanette Zirk Her attendance at school is like a spotlight—on and off. F HA-2,3,4-Treasurer-4; G.A.A.-4. Terry Ann Anderson In Memorium Jacqueline K. Bemdt On November 26, 1958, Terry Ann Anderson and Jacqueline K. Berndt met a tragic death at their young age . The last few seconds of their life were spent walking on thin ice. At the time of their death, we were in third grade It is this year especially that we would like to remember them for they would have been in our graduating class. For those who had grown to know Jackie and Terry, their joy and laughter will last forever.Seniors Recognized For Achievements DAH winner Chris Ruth Femrite braves the wind as Stoughton's Homemaker of Tomorrow. Enjoying the nice weather, spoon Maren Nyhagen and spade Greg Hellickson get out their bikes for their afternoon ride. BADGER GIRLS AND BOYS: C. Elliot (alternate), M. Nyhagen, B. Malinowski, L. Rambo, G. Hellickson, D. Dvorak, and T. Spangler. Maren Nyhagen, Larry Rambo, Tom Spangler, Dave Williams, Dick Dvorak, Greg Hellickson, and Bob Malinowski were chosen to represent SHS at Badger Girl's and Boy's State for their citizenship and scholastic achievements. The Daughters of the American Revolution good Citizenship Award, which recognizes qualities of service, dependability and patriotism, was given to Chris Elliot. Ruth Femrite was chosen Stoughton's Homemaker of Tomorrow because of her high score on a written test and aptitude examination. Maren Nyhagen and Greg Hellickson were elected by the class of '68 as spoon and spade, respectively. These two are chosen from the top 5 girls and top 5 boys of the class. Classes CLASS OFFICERS CLASS OF ’69 Pres.—D. Sigurslid Sec.—S. Alme Treas.—S. Gardner V. Pres.—T. Jacobson CLASS OF ’70 Treas.—V. Finder Sec.—N. Thompson Pres.—M. Hale V. Pres.—B. OfferdahlClass of 69 Row Is C. Bellamy, E. Bluel, S. Brewster, A. Burtness, K. Barrett, B. Arnold; Row 2: B. Berg, D. Anderson, L. Buskager, S. Bronson, V. Alme, S. Alme, L. Ahlgrim; Row 3: D. Bunnell, A. Adler, L. Anderson, J. Bates, A. Anderson, D. Barber, T. Berndt. Home Room Teacher: Mrs. Jeanette Carpenter. The Juniors Really Kept Their Cool ROW 1- G. Christopher, K. Christensen, D. Croft, D. Campbell, S. Christenson, T. Dahle, J. Clutter; Row 2: M. Dvorak, M. Dallmann, J. Dux, P. Engels, C. Christy, G. Edge, B. Carr; Row 3: D. Dal-soren, J. Elvekrog, S. EUls, J. Everson, T. Deneen, C. Crews, T. Dybevick, D. CampbeU. Home Room Teacher: Mrs. Cherl Frederick.Class of 69 Row Is D. Goecks, J. Favreau, S. Gardner, L. Grefsheim, E. Grindahl, S. Fuchs; Row 2: W. Groshong, L. Forbush, D. Femrite, S. Ganshert, M. Gibbon, D. Forrer; Row 3: S. Gunsolus, P. Graves, E. Gassen, J. Forton, R, Freund, M. Gilbert. Home Room Teacher: Mr. Francis Gregorich. When At Long Last They Row 1: M. Harried, M. Hanson, M. Hoel, S. Harvey, D. Hoyer, S. Hansen; Row 2: M. Harvey, J. Hougan, L. Holcomb, R. Hubred, H. Halverson, G. Hessel, S. Hudkins, C. Hanson; Row 3; D. Huston, R. Harris, T. Hermann, K. Hanson, K. Hoel, C. Horn, D. Hanson. Home Room Teacher: Mr. Joseph Kubale.Class of 69 Row 1: D. Kltson, A. Keller, V. Kenyon, R. Johnson, K. Johnson, D. Johnson, T. Jablonski; Row 2: M. Iverson, R, Johnson, M. Kvalheim, E. Kojo, S. Kinnamon, T. Kahl, T. Jacobson; Row 3; D. Kind, W. Kecher, M. Johnson, D. Johnson, C. Krueger, R, Kong, B. Kortte. Home Room Teacher: Mrs. Phylis Norem. Admitted They Loved The New School! Row 1: M. Myhre, M. Miller, M. Larsen, T. Lawrence, S. Maerz, B. Muehlenbruch, M. Lacy; Row 2: J. Millar, M. Malas, D. Mathison, S. Linnerud, L. Meyer, D. LePine, W. Mcgraw, J. Leikness; Row 3; D. Moe, G. Matson, P. McKercher, W. Marsh, P. Moeser, C. Meyer, P. Lacy, K. Lundgren, S. Meyr. Home Room Teacher: Mr. Vern Pie per.Class of 69 Row 1: S. Parkinson, H. North, M. Nelson, B. Preston, M. Peterson, S. Peterson; Row 2; K. Otteson L. Oren, S. Peterson, J. Ofsthun, R. Outhouse, C. Parish, V. Nettum; Row 3: N. Olson, R. Offerdahl C. Olson, D. Offerdahl, L. Quam, M. Nordlie. Home Room Teacher; Mr. Rodger Roloff Then I he Class Really Started To Click Row 1; L. Ross, V.. Ramos, M. Schimelfenig, D. Sigurslid, G. Sawtelle, C. Skidmore, D. Short; Row 2: R. Ree, R. Rinden, D. Riddle, M. Scholes, K. Ramsden, N. Roneid, J. Serstad, D. Richmond; Row 3: A. Schultz, D. Selbo, M. Radecki, D. Sandmire, D. Smithback, D. Rhyner, G. Rindt, D. Rorge. Home Room Teacher; Mr. James SiggelkowClass of 69 Row 1: T. Strieker, S. Vlndedahl, R. Strandlie, J. Trow, W. Sundby, P. Sphatt; Row 2: J. Veum, K. Vale, j. Telgen, B. Thompson, M. Vlke, D. Trieloft, J. Strandlie; Row 3: H. Swalheim, G. Vetter, D. Thompson, G. Swlngen, G, Bike, C. Tofte, D. Udstuen. Home Room Teacher: Mr. John Smlllle For They Up And Won The Spirit Stick! Row Is L. Wood, ML Wright, D. Woodhouse, R. Wersland, D. Wendt; Row 2: L. Wagner, S. Wikum, L. Wlttig, D. West, B. Wright; Row 3: D. Wennlund, D. Williams, K Williams, S. Wedoe, J. WUUams. Home Room Teacher: Mr. Robert WildeClass of 70 R°w h K. Amble, K. Amble, L. Arneson, M. Arneson, G. Allen; Row 2: B. Arnold, B. Asperhelm, S' A erSOn' A’ Aaberg, K. Anderson, D, Anderson; Row 3; C. Ahlgrlm, D. Allen, J. Allen, J. Alme, H. Anderson, E. Anderson, Home Room Teacher: Mrs. Doris Barry. Sophomores Entered A Second “Frosh” Year; Row 1: F. Boardman, A. Bolland, T. Brusegar, D. Briggs, L. Brown, J. Brantmeyer, C. Cox; Row 2: M. Bmheim, G. Bascombe, B. Brown, A. Beckwith, M. Brown, C. Comstock, J. Bennett, A. Berg; Row 3: J. Benson, R. Christianson, C. Couch, G. Crews, B. Chritton, D. Brusegar, C. Burmeister, Home Room Teacher: Mrs. Jeanette Brewster.Class of 70 Row 1: R. Ellis, R. Ehle, M. Elsing, M. Everson, V. Finder, C. Fuller; Row 2: J. Durrant, C. DaUmann, D. Gunnelson, K. Gunderson, W.Gjertson, P.Deegan, J. Elvekrog, C. Gander; Row 3: J. Dargis, E. Erickson, L. Erickson, T. Gassen, H. Frank, R. Goecks, J. Drogsvold, Home Room Teacher: Mr. William Koenig. All Agreed They Added Spice and Good Cheer. Row 1: C. Hughes, J. Hougan, K. Hodge, M. Haug, D. Heath; Row 2: B. Hanson, M. Hudkins, D. Hel-lickson, M. Hale, B. Harms; Row 3: T. Hillery, D. Haried, T. Holm, S. Hubred, M. Hull. Home Room Teacher: Mr. Larry Marshall.Class of 70 Row 1: C. Juve, S. Kelley, C. Kravick, J. Knudson, J. Johnson, B. Keuper; Row 2; W. Johnson, G. Johnson, K. Jacobson, P. Johnson, L. Kersten, J. Karlslyst, J. Ketchum; Row 3: K. Johnson, R. Jacobs, D. Jenks, L. Jungbluth, A. Kaupanger, D. Jacobson, S. Kenyon. Home Room Teacher; Miss Sally Olson. A Quiet Class . . . Row 1: P. Mathison, K. Moe, G. Layton, W. Miller, H. Myrland, D. Loftus, R. Lunde, R. Larum; Row 2: P. Leikness, D. Linderud, K. Larson, D. LaBelle, C. Marks, J. Larson, S. Mabie, J. Lien, P. Uen, C. Martinez; Row 3: M. Lausch, M. Link, K. Midthum, S. Melass, B. Mortenson, R. Lee, M. Lamers, D. Larsen, S. Lungren, R. Mitchell. Home Room Teacher: Mr. Fred Redford.Class of 70 Row 1 V Normington, R. Olson, P. Norland. D. Nelson, D. Nelson, J. Orcutt; Row 2: J. Peterson, L. Omit, J, Nelson, C. Onsrud, K. Nettum, E. Pashelk, L. Nelson; Row 3: P. Paton, T. Nostrand, C Pundt J Offerdahl R. Offerdahl, L. Nelson, D. Prochnow. Home Room Teacher; Mrs. Judy Rich They Never Seemed To Fuss: Row 1: L. Rademacher, K. Ross, S. Schneck, C. Rigdon, R. Raasch, M. SUbaugh; Row 2: A. Richmond, P. Reins tad, L. Skaar, D. Schumann, T. Slebert, N. Rustad; Row 3; L. Ramsden, N. Ringgenberg, R. Rahnke, J. Rice, P. Selbo, J. Seifenbinder. Home Room Teacher: Merrill Ross.Class of 70 Row 1: D. Turner, K Spilde, L. Stanke, K. Swalheim, N. Thompson; Row 2: D. Stiklestad, C. Strieker, B. Sundby, T. Thompson; Row 3: M. Tofte, R. Thorson, L. Strathman, B. Swenson, B. Tyler. Home Room Teacher: Mr. Larry Shumate. They Sounded Off With The Rest Of Us! Row 1: B. Williams, R. Zimmerman, D. Ylvisaker, J. White, T. Winters; Row 2: R. Woods, J. Wood-house, J. Wagaman, S. Wolf, G. Vale; Row 3: B. Ursino, M. VanGilder, K. Schimelfenlg, L. Wood, J. Whitford, C. Vlasak. Home Room Teacher: Mr. Wilbur Venske.ActivitiesA’Cappella Row 1: T. Thompson, W. Groshong, T. Siebert, D. Anderson, S. Chayka, D. Mathison, M. Harvey, K. Lamers, J. Eggleson, D. Wright, D. Femrite; Row 2: M. Ortman, R. Otteson, M. Erdahl, J. Hougan, M. Dvorak, M. Hoel, J. Miller, L. Forbush, B. Williams, M. Lausch; Row 3; G. Santos, K. Otteson, K. Barrett, V. Kenyon, C. Crews, M. Peterson, D. West, S. Harvey, D. Venden, J. Tiegen, C. Bellamy; Row 4: M. Hale, K. Larson, D. Sigurslid, S. Hubing, M. Hansen, C. Couch, B. Ruhnke, K. Schimelfenig, R. Lee, R. Kong, B. Johnson; Row 5: L. Quam, E. Gassen. Row 1: B. Hansen, B. Wright, D. Trieloff, R. Woods, P. Mathison, L. Skaar, L. Arneson, B. Hansen, D. Kong, D. Hoyer, M. Link, S. Schenk, M. Arnseon; Row 2: J. Swerig, S. Brewster, M. Myhre, K. Kravik, J. Orcutt, G. Sawtelle, V. Ramos, C. Mathison, K. Hodge, C. Hughes, D. Anderson, C. Juve; Row 3: M. Hudkins, J. Wiebline, C. Parish, J. Hougan, K. Midthun, L. Grefsheim. C. Dahl, S. Peterson, K. Jacobson, A. Berg; Row 4: T. Gassen, D. Ringgenburg, P. Selbo, G. Hessel, R. Mitchell, D. Wendt, D. Goecks, G. Sawtelle, J. Hougan, T. Jacobson, S. Norin; Row 5: A. Kaupanger.Folk Singers Row 1 D. Femrite, G. Sawtelle, M. Mhyre, V. Ramos, S. Peterson; Row 2: C. Parish, M. Drovak, K. Otteson, K. Larson; Row 3: L. Skaar, K. Hodge, L. Grefsheim, C. Couch, A. Kaupanger; Row 4: M. Link, J. Eggleson, C. Mathison, M. Hansen, D. Mathison, G. Hessel. Row Is V. Kenyon, M. Mhyre, G. Santos, S. Brewster, J. Swerig, S. Chayka, D. Mathison, B. Hansen, G. Sawtelle, C. Mathison, V. Ramos, D. Venden; Row 2; B. Ruhnke, D. Rlnggenburg, G. Sawtelle, K. Larson, D. Sigurslid, T. Jacobson, B. Wright, L. Grefsheim, M. Hale, M. Hansen, R. Lee.Viking Band J. Lacy - drum major jjrrrai - Row 1: C. Dahl, D. Short, D. Treilof, P. Sphatt, P. Lacy; Row 2: C. Gander, R. Gullickson, D. Linderud, J. Sersch, L. Nettum, C. Teller, M. Larson, R. Zimmerman; Row 3: A. Burtness, K. Schimelfenig, C. Onsrud, S. Wikum, S. Harvey, K. Swalheim, M. Miller, J. Swerig, J. Serstad, L. Nelson, K Moe, C. Rigdon; Row 4: M. Hoel, S. Peterson, P. Tenjum, D. Thompson, E. Bluel, S. Harried, C. Skidmore, L. Finder, C. Pundt, D. Hanson, R. Robertson; Standing, S. Chayka, P. Norland.Majorettes: K. Moe, T. Bailey, D. Venden, head; C. Hodge, S. Brewster. Row 1; K. Mayberry, L. Ladd, L. Grefsheim, S. Brewster; Row 2: K. Spilde, J. Wright, A. Beckwith, L. Wittig, K. Larson, C. Hodge, N. Thompson, S. Alme; Row 3: D. Venden, P. Paton, K. Otteson, G. Vetter, M. Martinez, J. Ofstun, K. Richmond, J. Durant, E. Anderson, D. Gunnelson, K. Larson, M. Schimelfenig; Row 4: J. Lacy, M. Nyhagen, R. Larum, M. Van Gilder, J. Dargis, B. Kortte, N. Ringenberg, D. Huston, J. Johnson, C. Meyer, J. Moe, M. Gilbert; Standing: T. Veek, S. Mabie, J. Larson, A. Rogers, J. Offerdahl, Mr. Gohlke.Accompanist C. Marks; Row 1: E. Anderson, J. Ofstun, M. Schimelfenig, D. Gunnelson, K. Larson; Row 2: S. Mabie , P. Tenjum, M. Hoel, E. Bluel, S. Peterson; Row 3: R. Robertson, J. Dargis, J. Moe, M. Gilbert, Mr. Gohlke. Pep Band Row 1: S. Alme, P. $ hatt, S. Brewster, V. Nettum, J. Sersch, C. Dahl, D. Short, R. Gullickson, C. Gander, A. Burtness; Row 2: K. Richmond, J. Serstad, M. Larson, P. Paton, K. Otteson, G. Vetter; Row 3: S. Mabie, S. Chayka, A. Rogers, T. Veek, J. Offerdahl, J. Larson, D. Venden, M. Miller; Row 4; S, Peterson, M. Hoel, D. Thompson, E. Bluel, C. Pundt, V. Finder, C. Skidmore; Row 5: R Robertson, J. Lacy, M. Nyhagen, J. Dargis, C. Meyer, J. Moe.Summer Student To Mexico Americon Abrood In Paraguay The Martinez del Campo family: Lilia, Claudia, Alfonso, and Rita, Louise Ladd spent the summer in Concepcion, Paraguay as an “American’s Abroad” student. She studied at a school in that city and also got a chance to do some South American sightseeing. During her stay, Louise lived with the Jose Luis Canillas. Rita Gullickson was in Toluca, Mexico for six weeks the past summer. She was with the WLCA Study-Travel group. Rita stayed with the Martinez del Campos. AFS Council The Canillas Family: Seated, Jose Luis, Ramona, Carlos Ramon. Standing, Marie Selva and Louise. Missing from picture is Luis Enrique. Row 1: J. Rorge, L. Engles. B. Hansen, G. Paton; Row 2: W. Groshong, R. Femrite, T. Onsrud, P.Association Row 1: p. McKercher, G. Swingen, P. Sveum, C. Hergenroether, s. Severson, G. Paton, L. Ladd, D. Venden, B. Harried; Row 2: R. Erickson, V. Kenyon, C. Martinez, D. Kitson, D. Ringgenberg, D. Mathison, M. Dvorak, L. Wood, K. Nettum, C. Strieker; Row 3: G. Eastman, G. Matson, D. LePine, S. Alme, L. Forbush, R. Zimmerman, F. Boardman, K. Jacobson, S. Harvey; Row 4: R. Ellis, J. Larson, R. Hughes, G. Halveson, A. Quam, B. Muehlenbruch, P. Johnson, K. Sproul, C. Onsrud, C. Kravick, B. Veland; Row 5: T. Jacobson, D. Williams, S. Wedoe, B. Arnold, J. Schroeter, M. Radecki, B. Ruhnke, T. Hermann, M. Hanson; Row 6: K. Swalheim, E. Pashelk, K. Midthun, C. Parish, L. Hubred, D. Femrite, L. Arneson, G. Hessel, B. Stokstad, T. Hanson, C. Olsen; Row 1: S. Parkinson, W. Sundby, N. Olson, M. Nelson, L. Wittig, B. Preston, P. Sphatt, D. Short, D. Johnson, D. Anderson, L. Holcomb; Row 2: R. Woods, J. Ketchum, P. Paton, K. Moe, V. Finder, B. Tyler, C. Rigdon, V. Asperheim, W. Jenson, K Amble, D. Heath, G. Allen; Row 3: B. Stiklestad, L. Nelson, V. Dargis, C. Elliott, L. Bascombe, J. Doering,) G. Santos, M. Johnson, D. West, P. Ralph, N. Thompson; Row 4: T. Hanson, B. Swenson, H. Frank, J. Karlslyst, B. Stokstad, P. Deegan. W. Gjertson, M. Brown, M. Haug, D. Hillery, M. Miller, L. Ross, L. Radenmacher, K. Christensen; Row 5: J. Simmons, D. Stai, B. Nelson, R, Sunne. J. Hougan, C. Piper, D. Goecks, J. Orcutt, B. LaMay, P. Lynch, J. Simmons, D. Nelson, S. Lacey; Row 6: N. Ringgenberg, L. Hanson, C. Pundt, K. Larson, C. Kelley, J. Pundt, S. Vindedahl, L. Quam D. Wendlund, K Ramsden, M. Hale, T. Winters, R Offerdahl, P. Mathison.ASSOCIATION OFFICERS V. Pres. - W. Sundby Tres. - B. Stiklestad Sec. - S. Alme Pres. - B. Muelhenbruch Stoughton High School Music, Art and Drama Departments PrtieaU March 29and 30, 1968 8:00 |x m. HIOH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Little Boy Little Girl Charlie Davenport Iron Tail Yellow Foot Mac (Property Man) Foster Wilson Coolie Dolly Tate Winnie Tate Tommy Keeler Frank Butler Girl With Bouquet Annie Oakley Minnie (Annie's Sister Jessie (Another Sister) Nellie (Another Sister) Little Jake (Her Brother) Harry Mary Mark Hale Deb Mathlson Paul Selbo Steve Mathlson John Hougan Kim Larson Mark Hanson Conrad Marks Diane Venden Susan Brewster Daniel Sigurslld Robert Ruhnke Wendy Groshong Beverly Hansen Mary Lou Mathlson Laura Lee Mathlson Caryl A meson David Gohlke Robin Robertson Debra Mathlson Col. Wm. F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) David Ringgenberg Mrs. Little Horse Mrs. Black Tooth Mrs. Yellow Foot Trainman Porter Riding Mistress Major Gordon Lillie (Pawnee Bill) Chief Sitting Bull Mabel Louise Nancy Timothy Gardner Andy Turner Clyde Smith John Freddie Pawnee's Messenger Major Domo 1st Waiter Mr. Schuyler Adams Mrs. Schuyler Adams Dr. Percy Ferguson Mrs. Ferguson Mr. Ernest Henderson Mrs. Ernest Henderson Sylvia Potter-Porter Mr. Clay Mr. Lockwood Girl In Pink Girl In White Connie Mathlson Cheryl Parish JoAnne Swerig Kim Larson Casey Couch Sue Chayka Steve Hubing Tom Jacobson Deb Anderson Shelley Peterson Wendy Groshong Gerry Sawtelle Robin Robertson Stanley norin Mark Hale Robin Robertson Mark Hale Kim Larson Casey Couch Gerry Sawtelle Shelly Peterson Robin Robertson Deb Anderson Stanley Norin Sue Chayka Vicki Kenyon Mark Hanson Conrad Marks Wendy Groshong Deb MathlsonAthletic Board C. Burmeister; D. Selbo; T. Spangler; G. Helllckson, president; R. Kittleson. Car Club CAR CLUB OFFICER: Pres. - D. Vale Sec. - J. Sornson Treas. - M. Huston V. Pres. - A. Ofsthun Row 1: D. Haried, W. Miller, S. Lundgren. R. Ree, T. White, M. Huston; Row 2: D. Johnson, D. Wood-house, S. Bronson, D. Larsen, D. Vale, J. Sornson, J. Thompson; Row 3: M. Lamers, D. Sandmire, D. Smithback, P. Graves, B. Kortte, A. Anderson, A. Ofsthun, D. Leikness; Row 4: R. Lee, J. Stockstad, K. Peterson, R. Ramsden, J. Arnold, T. Deneen, J. Ehle, D. Rhyner, E. Gassen.FFA Row 1: J. Williams, D. Kind, D. Barber, R. Goecks, T. Strothman, R. Wethal, R. Mitchell; Row 2: Mr. Ross - advisor, D. Olson, L. Meyer, D. Goecks, S. Mabie, R. Ree; Row 3: L. Meyer, A. Christopher, R. Fruend, J. Elvekrog, J. Furseth, R. Christenson; Row 4: B. Johnson, J. Allen, S. Norin, S. Felio, C. Couch, S. Peterson. FFA OFFICERS Pres. - S. Felio; Reporter - S. Norin; V. Pres. - J. Furseth; Sec. - L. Meyer; Treas. (absent) -J. Elvekrog. FHA FHA OFFICERS Historian - L. Barrett; V. Pres. - M. Erdahl; Sec. - M. Miller; Degree Chmn. - P. Martinson; Treas. - R. Femrite; Pres. -C. Starks; Reporter (absent) -T. Onsrud. G. Johnson, J. Leikness, D. Anderson, C. Starks, L. Barrett, M. Erdahl, S. Fuller, M. Bruheim; Row 2: J. Brantmeyer, A. Aaberg, M. Vike, L. Kershaw, L. Cornell, S. Fuller, J. Hougan, C. Cox, D. Dickson; Row 3: P. Martinson, C. Fuller, R. Femrite, C.Juve,D. Campbell, M. Miller, J. Allen, S. Hoff, T. Onsrud, N. Rhyner.Forensics Row 1: D. Mathison, M. Miller, J. Ofsthun, W. Groshong, B. Muehlenbruch, P. Engles; Row 2: P. McKercher, P. Sphatt, G. Johnson, C. Mathison, L. Wittig, T. Jablonski, L. Kingery, T. Jacobson; Row 3: H. Frank, B. Ruhnke. FTA FTA OFFICERS Pres. - J. Boll and V. Pres. - K. Mayberry Sec. - D. Linderud Treas. - L. Grefsheim Historian - S. Hudkins Row 1: D. Trieloff, M. Scholes, P. Engels, J. Dux, K. Mayberry, B. Hanson, J. Wagaman; Row 2: M. Lausch, A. Berg, G. Bascombe, J. Veum, S. Wikum, S. Hudkins, K. Vale, L. Algrim, D. Linderud; Row 3: L. Skaar, P. Reinstad, C. Theiler, K. Otteson, J. Hougan, . Rone id, L. Buskager, C. Beck, D. Bradford, L. Hanson, T. Jablonski; Row 4: A. Burtness, K. Barrett, C. Mathison, K. Leikness, P. Lynch, S. Brewster, S. Gardner, B. Wright, E. Kojo; Row 5: J. Bolland, K. Christenson, J. Swerig, G. Sawtelle, A. Rogers, P. Lacy, L. Grefsheim, V. Ramos, M. Arneson, M. Link.Seated: C. Strieker, R. Zimmerman, K. Ross, S. Meyer; Standing: S. Chayka, S. Harvey, M. Gilbert, D. Wendt, Mrs. Rich - advisor. German Club Row 1: B. Watson, C. Elsing, J. Bolland, C. Dallman, M. Dallman; Row 2: T. Strieker, C. Skidmore, M. Larson, S. Christenson; Row 3: J. Rice, G. Vetter, L. Rambo, G. Everson, M. Kitson.GAA OFFICERS GAA Treas. - V. Kenyon V. Pres. - M. Nyhagen Pres. - J. Rorge Sec. - W. Groshong SECOND LEAGUE VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Kneeling: Captain Jo Eggleson; Standing: L. Kingery, S. Geallis, M. Miller, K. Mayberry, P. Lynch, C. Mathison, L. Ladd, V. Dargis, B. Olson. FIRST LEAGUE VOLLEYBALL AND BASKETBALL CHAMPS: Kneeling: Captains Lee Munn and Ann Rogers; Row 1: S. Harried, S. Rand, L. Bas-comb, J. Bolland, L. Nelson, L. Lee; Row 2: C. Elliott, D. Hillery, R. Femrite, M. Nyhagen, B. Stiklestad. SECOND LEAGUE BASKETBALL CHAMPS Kneeling: Captain Patsy Lynch; Standing: M. Coon, S. Geallis, K. Mayberry, C. Mathison, C. Freeland, M. Miller, V. Dargis, J. Eggleson, S. Severson, D. Llnderud. Advisor - BADMINTON CHAMPS Ann Rogers and Maren Nyhagen.I n d u A s r t t r s • i a 1 P. Brisett - Pres; R. Strandlie - Sec.-Tres; T. Dahle, R. Larum, D. Labelle, D. Stiklestad. LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS Sec. - T. Onsrud Pres. - D. Hanson Tres. - M. Coon Hist. - E. Pashelk Absent from picture -V. Pres. - D. Hillery. Librarians Row 1: S. Chayka, S. Hudklns, E. Pashelk, L. Nelson, R. Femrlte, D. Hillery; Row 2: S. Rand. M. Harvey, D. Richmond, A. Ellis, J. Larson, T. Onsrud, C. Starks, J. Elvekrog; Row 3: C. Cox, F. Boardman, M. Wright, K. Arneson, B. Thompson, J. Telgen, C. Bellamy, D. Wright; Row 4: G. Johnson, C. Vlasak, K. Lamers, G. Crews, K. Ross, K. Spilde, L. Torke, M. Meyer; Row 5: A. Bolland, J. Eggleson, D. Hanson, L, Arneson, L. Brown, S. Swenson.Norwegian Dancers I P. Iverson, B. Hanson, P. Ralph, D. LePine, L Kingery, C. Beck, J. Ketchum, S. Brewster, J. Rorge, R. Offerdahl, L. Rambo, R. Lysne, D. Selbo, W. Marsh, M. Gloyd, S. Hubing, D. Sigurslid, J. Skaar; accompanists M. Everson and K. Moe.Row 1: S. Rand, L. Hunt, S. Leikness, B. Engsberg, R. Otteson, C. Christy, S. Harried, C. Gander, j. Durrant; Row 2: D. Wright, S. Arneson, D. Kong, G. Johnson, J. Serstad, M. Ortman, E. Erickson, L. Torke, J. Favreau, S. Chayka, B. Olson; Row 3: J. Eggleson, K. Spilde, L. Jones, M. Nyhagen, C. Crews, L. Wood, M. Peterson, L. Lee, K. Ross. MFA MFA OFFICERS Sec. - J. Favreau Historian - J. Serstad Pres. - J. Eggleson V. Pres. S. Arneson Treas. - S. Rand R d c r o s s Row 1: M. Johnson, J. Eggleson - president, R. Femrite -Vice president, D. Richmond; Row 2: C. Starks, T. Onsrud, L. Lee - Historian, G. Santos, K. Richmond, N. Rhyner, D. Hanson, L. Torke, M. Peterson - Treasurer, C. Crews -Secretary.Philo Row 1: L. Algrim, S. Alme, J. Veum, T. Jablonski, J. Serstad, S. Hudkins, B. Berg, J. Dux; Row 2: M. Dahlman, C. Skidmore, S. Peterson, D. Mathison, M. Nelson, D. Johnson, V. Alme, M. Larson-Row 3: S. Christianson, M. Miller, P. Sphatt, N. Olson, B. Muehlenbruch, N. Orwig; Row 4: V. Ramos j E. Bluel, A. Adler, P. Lacy, S. Brewster, V. Kenyon. OFFICERS Pres. - S. Rand Sec. - B. Stiklestad Pub. Dir. - K. Mayberry Treas. - C. Elliott Hist. - V. Dargis V. Pres. - B. Olson Row 1: S. Rand, S. Chayka, D. Bradford, C. Beck, K. Lelkness, L. Ladd, D. Linderud, Row 2: B. Engsberg, J. Bolland, C. Elliot, C. Mathison, P. Lynch, K. Mayberry, J. Eggleson, B. Sticklestad, L. Kingery, R. Gullickson, L. Dargis, M. Nyhagen, J. Rorge, S. Severson, D. Hanson, B. Olson.Science Club Row 1: R. Jasensky - President, D. Wendt - Vice President, R. Hanson - Secretary, L. Reinstad -Treasurer, E. Hudkins, D. Hanson; Row 2: C. Baumgartner, B. Tofte, P. Jacobson, S. Hanson, E. Anderson. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS Pres. - R. Gullickson Treas. - V. Alme Sec. - B. Berg V. Pres. - N. Orwig Spanish Club Row Is T. Thompson, V. Nettum, B. Berg, M. Malas, B. Sundby, L. Munn; Row 2: M. Hudkins, V. Alme, A. Bolland, S. Natvig, L. Ladd; Row 3: M. Swoboda, K. Johnson, D. Hoyer, N. Orwig, D. Hanson, G. Judd, R. Gullickson.Ski Club Cl) L. Kingery, (2) B. Hanson, (3) J. Rorge, (4) S. Christenson, (5) W. Groshong, (6) S. Severson, (7) P. Iverson (8) B. Mulcahy, (9) K. Lundgren, (10) J. Strandlie, (11) C. Hodge, 02) S. Meyer, 03) S. Hubing, (14) K.' Johnson, 05) B. Polack, 06) L. Sylvester, 07) J. Skaar, 03) Baldwin, 09) S. Sundby, (20) M. Martinez, (21) T. Veek, (22) J. Trow, (23) S. Linderud, (24) J. White, (25) G. Vale, (26) M. Van Gilder, (27) C. Hanson, (28) J. Offerdahl, (29) D. Huston, (30) S. Wolf, (31) P. Norland, (32) S. Melas, (33) L. Nelson, (34) T. Nostrand, (3t») A. Keller, (36) D. Nelson. SKI CLUB OFFICERS Pres. - L. Kingery Treas. - B. Mulcahy V. Pres. - T. Veek Sgt. at Arms-B. Malinowski Sec. (absent) - S. Peterson“S” Club (1) B. Tofte, (2) Kittleson, (3) T. Spangler, (4), G. Paton, (5) G. Everson, (6) L. Rambo, (7) D. Peterson, (8) J. Jacobs, (9) G. Hellickson, (10) R. Lysne, (11) J. Skaar, (12) D. Dvorak, Q3) T. Bakken, 04) G. Vetter, (15) D. Riddle, 06) D. SUbaugh, (17) M. Lacey, 03) D. Offerdahl, (19)D Selbo, (20) W. Kellen-hoefer, (21) M. Owen, (22) R. Ehle, (23) B. Malinowski, (24) R. Offerdahl, (25) R Sunne, (26) D. Hanson, (27) D. Sigur-slide, (28) P. Sveum, (29), D. Unnerud, (30) B. Chritton, (31) R. Nelson, (32) B. Keuper, (33) R Erickson, (34) Kim Hoel, (35) P. Moeser, (36) M. Gloyd, (37) T. Berndt, (38) J. F orton.Sportsman’s Club Row 1: K. Johnson, J. Knudson, D. Prochnow, D. Barber, D. Outhouse, A. Kaupanger, L. Johnson, L. Jungbluth, T. Augustine; Row 2: P. Selbo, C. Brusegar, M. Lacy, G. Eastman, D. Dvorak, T. Bakken, W. Kellenhoffer, R. Kong, J. Peterson; Row 3: T. Hanson, R. Jacobs, R. Kittleson, T. Spangler, R. Lysne, M. Owen, G. Hellickson, B. Mortenson, R. Ehle; Row 4; D. Offerdahl. R. Offerdahl, D. Sigurslid, D. Selbo, K. Hoel, P. Moeser, M. Gloyd, T. Berndt, J. Forton, J. Alme; Row 5: P. Hanson, C. Burmeister, J. Benson, J. Jacobs, D. Peterson, D. Riddle, B. Keuper, B. Chritton, D. Linderud; Row 6: J. Fosdahl, G. Kershaw, D. Holton, G. Christy, D. Croft, T. Brusegar, D. Dalsoren, T. White, W. Foss, K. Williams, C. Meyer, M. Hull; Row 7: H. Halverson, D. Briggs, C. Algrim, R. Olson, L. Erickson, J. Nelson, D. Bunnell, D. Moe, J. Elvekrog, B. Nelson, R. Johnson; Row 8: B. Johnson, R. Onsrud, M. Iverson, S. Gunsolus, J. Everson, M. Nordlie, B. Harms, D. Allen; Row 9: R Wers-land, C. Thorson, M. Tofte, D. Hellickson, W. Marsh, G. Vike, S. Kenyon, D. Rorge.Parrot Staff Row 1 left to right: B. Muehlenbruch, S. Christianson, L. Ahlgrlm, L. Grefshelm, T. Jablonski, K. Mayberry, B. Berg, A. Quam; Row 2 left to right: P.Moese R. Sunne, J. Everson, D. Kitson, C. Horn, G. Evenson, G. Paton, P Lacy, S. Severson, D. Venden. EDITORS R. Gulllckson - Yahara Editor; Wayne Foss, Curt Piper - Sports Editors; Sue Onsrud - Von Hender Vor Stemmer Co-editor; Harold Brekke - Editorial Editor; Deb Shatto - Von Hender Vor Stemmer Co-editor; Jeanne Rorge - Parrot Editor Chief; Kathy Radecki - Features Editor; Diane Vale - News Editor.Features - Sue Severson Seniors - Maren Nyhagen Cover - Lynda Sylvester Sports - Greg Paton Ass’t - Mickle Martinez Yahara EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Rita Gullickson Editors Organizations - Becky Olson Classes - Sheila Natvig Advisor - Mr. Fortney Art - Sue Onsrud Faculty - Ann RogersStudent Council Standing: B. Hansen; Row 1: P. Sveum, M. Nyhagen, S. Severson, J. Rorge, L. Kingery, G. Paton Row 2: J. Skaar, -N. Olsn, W. Groshong, B. Muehlenbruch, sheim, P. Ralph, P. Norland, J. Ketchum, D. Nelson. Student Council Row 1 B. Hansen - president J. Rorge - secretary; Row 2 P. Lacy - treasurer P. Sveum - vice president SHSVA Lacy, D. LePine; i Row 3: L. Gref- S. Severson - Co-chairman, W. Groshong, B. Muehlenbruch, L. Gref sheim, L. Wood, M. Dvorak, K. Hodge, M. Wright, C. Parish, D. Femrite; Row 2: J. Eggleson - Co-chairman, G. Judd, J. Brant-meyer, J. Allen, M. Hudkins, T. Thompson, L. Bascomb, M. Johnson, C. Gander, P. Ralph; Row 3: L. Kingery - Co-chairman, B. Hansen, B. Harried, J. Rorge, B. Veland, P. Lacy, N. Olson, D. LePine, P. Engles.Rod Erickson V 1 ’ ' .j ••• - i ». ’(a t- -. V-•• • V • ; , • Tom Spangler dives into main position for All-Conference and Second Team All-State. J 4 Ron Sunne k Randy Ehle i y Bob Malinowski Rolf Lysne Row Is T. Spangler, R Erickson, W. Kellnhoffer, J. Hougan, R. Sunne, T. Bakken, G. Paton; Row 2: Coach Cahee; Row 3; Coach Thompson, D. Kitson, T. Berpdt, T. Dybevik, S. Gunsolus, J. Everson, G. Veek, D. Sigurslid, P. Mc-Kercher; Row 4: Coach Peiper, J. Alme, B. Keuper, B. Chritton, R. Lee, M. Lamers, p. Selbo, D. Briggs.Ron Kittle son STOUGHTON VISITORS 12 Watertown 0 Sun Prairie 21 Edgerton 38 Middleton 19 Monroe 32 Jefferson 40 Monona Grove 17 Fort Atkinson r- Bob Tofte 11 1 " ” mm LJ s 70 John Hougan Row 1: T. Spangler, R» Erickson, W. Kellnhoffer, J. Hougan, R. Sunne, T. Bakken, G. Paton; Row 2: Coach Cahee; Row 3: Coach Thompson, D. Kitson, T. Berndt, T. Dybevik, S. Gunsolus, J. Everson, G. Veek, D. Sigurslid, P. Mc- James Furseth - 0i Dick Dvorak Wally Kellenhofer Coaches: Head Coach W. Cahee, W. Koenig, M. Thompson, L. Pieper. STOUGHTON VIKINGS 1967-1968 Football Results Tom BakkenSitting left to right: D. Stlklestad, D. Linderud, M. Lacy, R. Klttleson; Second row left to right-J. Elvekrog, B. Tofte, J. Skaar, D. Moe, R. Nelson; Standing left to right: B. Keuper, J. Alme B. Chrltton, Coach L. Pelper. 'The Long Road To State Conference Champs CONFERENCE TEAM SCORES STOUGHTON 92 Fort Atkinson 62 Monroe 58 Monona Grove 55 Sun Prairie 48 Jefferson 24 Middleton 22 Edgerton 15 Co-captains S k a a r and Kittle son displaying their Badger Conference Trophy. Bob Tofte is seen here caught in intense tournament action during the long road to state. Regional Champs Co-captalns with Sectional Trophy. REGIONAL SCORES STOUGHTON 118 Oregon 50 Madison LaFollette 47 Monona Grove 45 Madison Memorial 44 McFarland 36 Verona 35 Mount Horeb 20 Dderfield 7 Cambridge 5 Sectional Champs SECTIONAL TEAM SCORES STOUGHTON 83 Beloit 47 Monroe 43 Oconomowoc 40 Fort Atkinson 26 Milton 26 Jefferson 20 Janesville Craig 16 Janesville Parker 15 Lake Mills 14 Oregon 9 Juda 6 Madison LaFollette 6 Watertown 4 Above is the team and trophy after taking the regional championship. Bob Nelson has his opponent under control in this tournament action.THE STATE CHAMPS Coaches Pieper and Marcianda watch expectantly as their number one team rides to the state championship, a first for Stoughton in wrestling. John Skaar kneeling restfully, deservedly tired after beating all of his opponents. Below shows John Skaar ecstatic after winning state in his class. State champ at 138 pounds, John Skaar, and Bob Nelson, runnerup at 127 pounds are a picture of tired satisfaction after leading their team to number one. , 1S7 1 Skaar caught in action on his way to the State Championship.A DREAM COMES TRUE A jubilant team admires their state championship trophy as Governor Knowles looks on from the side. And Here Were The Standings STOUGHTON 31 Milwaukee Boys Tech 27 Portage 27 Amery 22 Mineral Point 19 Madison West 18 Ellsworth 18 Port Washington 16 Beaver Dam 15 Monroe 15 On Sunday the team was honored by the city. They got a royal ride through town on fire engines on the way up to the gym where several hundred fans waited to cheer them.Rod Erickson - co-captain Dave Peterson Row 1: D. Sigurslid, D. Selbo, M. R. Lysne: Row 3: G. Evenson, manager; D. Peterson, P. Sveum ■mt t - mm -' ; BASKET Larry RamboSTOUGHTON VISITORS BALL Row 1: J. Jacobs, G. Paton; Row 2: L. Rambo, T. angler; w 3: R. Erickson, J. Everson, Coach Marshall. __________ Row 45 55 Baraboo 64 65 Madison LaFollette 64 84 Monroe 66 46 Fort Atkinson 54 68 Sun Prairie 82 69 Monona Grove 81 65 Watertown 59 46 Middleton 66 43 Edgerton 53 51 Jefferson 48 65 Monroe 81 56 Fort Atkinson 55 75 Edgewood 81 70 Sun Prairie 69 64 Monona Grove 52 57 Middleton 85 70 Edgerton 78 53 Jefferson District Tournament 61 Monona Grove 61 Madison LaFollette 'K' Pete Sveum - co-captaln Rolf Lysne Greg Paton Tom SpanglerCross Country STOUGHTON VISITORS 72 27 Fort Atkinson 56 Jefferson 35 80 Monona Grove 28 Jefferson 32 65 Edgerton 26 Middleton 34 24 Oregon 77 McFarland 31 24 Monroe Invitational- -finished 7th out of 10 foes. Fort Atkinson Invitational - finished 6th out of 9 foes. Sun Prairie Invitational-finished 10th out of 10 foes. Badger Conference Cross-Country Meet Finished 5th. Sectional Cross-Country Meet-finished 22nd out of 23. 1 ■' - . :v .r. • IN — 3 . L-___. standing, Larry Rambo, Greg Helllckson, David Peterson, and Captain Jerry Jacobs; Coach Fuller; Standing, Greg Swingen, Bob Mortenson, Gary Vetter, Dennis Riddle, Jerry Knudson, Richard Olson, Tom Winngas, Kneeling, Duane Helllckson, Mike Rorge, Mark Silbaugh, and Mike Lacy.Baseball Row Is J. Peterson, R. Sunne, R. Kittleson, J. Furseth, B. Keuper; Row 2: Coach Thompson, D. Rorge, D. Selbo, D. Offerdahl, T. Spangler, R. Offerdahl, G. Hellickson, T. Holm.mam Track Row 1: J. Elvekrog, D. Sigurslid, M. Silbaugh, D. Riddle, G. Vetter, J. Knudson, D. Hellickson; Row 2: J. Alme, S. Mabie, B. Keuper, D. Dvorak, C. Burmeister, J. Jacobs, L. Jungbluth; Row 3: Coach Fuller, R. Erickson, B. Chritton, J. Everson, S. Gunsolus, J. Elvekrog.Kneeling left to right: G. Evenson, J. Moe, R. Johnson, L. Rambo, S. Lundgren, J. Dargis: Standing left to right: C. Horn, G. Paton, T. Bakken, D. Peterson, K. Hoel, K« Hanson, P. Selbo, Coach D. Bischoff.Cheerleaders Help Make A Successful Year B Cheerleaders, bottom row: Jody Ketchum, Debbie Nelson, Peggy Ralph; Second row, left to right: Wendy Sundby, Jim Larson, Pat Lacy; Top: Becca Anne Sundby.Finally, There Were Honors J. Jacobs, R. Lysne, D. Peterson, T. Spangler, B. Tofte, J. Skaar, Mr. Robert Carlson; University of Wisconsin Football Coach, Mr. John Coatta; R. Kittleson, C. Hansen. Mr. Robert Carleson—toast master ALL SPORTS BANQUET March 25, 1968 Guy Sundt Award.........Tom Spangler Honorary “S”............Ron Kittleson Most Improved Football . . Rolf Lysne Most Valuable Football. . Tom Spangler Ken Kingery Memorial Award.................Jerry Jacobs Most Improved Basketball............Dave Peterson Most Valuable Basketball............Jerry Jacobs Free Throw..............Jerry Jacobs Most Improved Wresting . . Bob Tofte Most Valuable Wrestling . . John Skaar Takedown Trophy............John Skaar Guy Bowden Award.... Chuck Hansen Legion Award ...... Jerry Jacobs Mr. John Coatta—speakerF eaturesDiane Vale escorted by Tom Spangler Peg Iverson escorted by Rod Erickson escorted by Ron Kittleson Liz Kingery Bev Hansen escorted by Dick DvorakThis year's Seniors took first place with their float entitled “Bye Bye Birdie." The float bid a solemn farewell to a dead Middleton Cardinal. Sophomores took second place and a five dollar prize for their float entitled “We Aim Tar-get." This float was a rotary operated target with a bow and arrow aimed at the target. “We'll Worm Our Way Through Victory" was the theme for the Junior class who came up with third place. They displayed a huge apple with a worm crawling through it.Autumn Homecoming festivities for 1967 began on Thursday, September 28 with the parade and pep rally. Queen Diane Vale and her court, Bev Hansen, Ann Rogers, Peg Iverson, and Liz Kingery, were introduced at these ceremonies. On Friday, September 29, the Vikings played the Middle-ton Cardinals for the Homecoming football game, but were unable to come up with a victory and ended up with a final score of 38-0. The Renegades provided the music for the post-game dance. To make this year's parade longer a new feature was added. Each sophomore, junior, and senior homeroom submitted a float to be judged in the parade plus the regular class floats. Saturday night the “Suns" from Whitewater played for the semi-formal dance held in Commons. The theme for the Homecoming dance was “Autumn Nocturne", set in a country atmosphere with red-checked tablecloths, hay bales and cornstalks. The grand march and coronation of Queen Diane took place at 10:00 p.m. Winners of homeroom floats were the following: Mr. Bischoff’s seniors took first place with “We’ll Coop Up A Victory." For the Junior class Mr. Siggelkow’s homeroom took first with “Cage the Cards." Miss Olson’s sophomores took first for that class with “Squeezing Out A Victory." NocturiaSue Christenson escorted by Jeff Everson Sandy Gardner escorted by Tom Dybevick Sharon Alme escorted by Jim Elvekrog Vicki Kenyon escorted by Dave Selboffiax buc ULc t Queen Diane LePlne and King Spade Steve Gunsolus reigned over Prom 1968, “Paradise Lost.” Other court members were Sue Brewster and Dan Sigurslid, President; Wendy Sundby and Tom Jacobson, Vice-President; Sharon Alme, Secretary, and Jim Elve-krog; and Sandy Gardner, Treasurer, and Tom Dybevik. Jan Faureau was escourted by Pete McKercher; Vicki Kenyon, Spoon, was escourted by Dave Selbo; and Sue Christenson was escorted by Jeff Everson. Prom lasted from nine to twelve with the Grand March being held at ten-fifteen. Last year’s King and Queen, John Skaar and Liz Kingery, crowned Steve and Diane. Kristy Koenig and Mike May were the crownbearers. Music was provided by the Cavaliers. General chairman and master of ceremonies was Mike Gilbert. Dan Sigurslid was assistant chairman. Other chairman were Pete McKercher, construction; Nancy Olson, publicity; Lianne Gref-sheim, tickets; Diane LePine, serving and tables; Tom Dybevik, entertainment; and Sandy Gardner, ceremonies. Couples on the serving committee were Peggy Ralph and Mark Hale; Jode Ketchum and Paul Selbo, Connie Onsrud and Jerry Knudson, Audrey Berg and Dennis Prochnow, Kathy Moe and Robbie Offerdahl, and Kathy Kravick and Linley Jungbluth. TTie Beau Gentry provided music for Post Prom. “Inferno Fires”, which lasted from one to four. Post-Prom was sponsored by the Lions Club Youth Committee. Tom Jacobson and Greg Hessel were construction chairmen. Sharon Alme was in charge of decorations. Following Post Prom there was a movie, “Stay Away Joe” at the local Badger TTieatre. TTiere was quite a good turnout at prom with approximately eighty-five couples attending. JnfcrnoSenior MemoriesProm 1967 Queen Liz Kingery King John Skaar Row 1: Tom Spangler, Larry Rambo, Greg Paton, Mark Kltson, Greg Helllckson(Spade), David Wllllams(Pres.); Row 2: Maren Nyhagen(Spoon), Diane Venden(Vice-Pres.), Ann Rogers(Treasurer), Christine ElliottCSec’v.) Susan Rand, Patricia Roidt. J A Walk In The Black Forest “A Walk in the Black Forest ' the theme of the 1967 Junior Prom, was set in a German atmosphere. Dancing to the music of Eddie Lawrence began at 9:00 p.m. with the introduction of court and the coronation of King John and Queen Liz at 10:15. Upon entering the Black Forest, each couple crossed the wooden foot bridge. Once inside, the Prom goers viewed scattered trees, wall panels of various German scenes, a Bavarian refreshment bar, a waterfall in the center of the area, and a German castle for the King and Queen. The mood of the night changed when members of the Lions Club turned the walls to create an “Aftermath”. The White Trash Blues furnished the music for the Post Prom from 1:30 to 3:30. We all agree that the many tedious hours of preparation were well worth it. ■Honor retard banquet WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 1968 J llttipitnis of Awards Coa on t NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seniors Carol Beck Judith Bolland Darnell Bradford Vicky Dargis Christine Elliott Barbara Engsberg Gary Evenson Rita Gullickson Richard Hanson Gregory Hellickson Ronald Jasensky Gail Judd Mark Kitson Ronald Kittieson Kathleen Leikness Dorothy Linderud Patricia Lynch Constance Mathison Kay Mayberry Maren Nyhagen Becky Olson Susan Onsrud Larry Rambo Susan Rand Lee Reins tad outstanding lions awards teenagers AWARDS Agriculture............. Paul Jacobson Art .......................Rose Mulcahy Gregory Hellickson Business Education . . . Marion Miller Larry Rambo English.......... • . . . Maren Nyhagen Foreign Language............Becky Olson Home Ec....................Ruth Femrite Industrial Arts............James Furseth ROTARY AWARDS Math........................Gary Evenson Science.........Ronald Jasensky Beverly Hanson Soc« Studies ••••••• Christine Elliott Gregory Hellickson Lizabeth Kingery SCHOLARSHIPS Greg Paton Jeanne Rorge F.H.A.......................Ruth Femrite F.T.A....................Dorothy Linde rud GOOD CITIZENSHIP Library...........................Linda Torke Sue Arenson Philo....................Barbara Stiklestad Rodney Erickson Kathleen Leikness Donna Hanson Rowland Hughes Science ..................Ronald Jasensky Louise Ladd Ann Rogers M.F.A..................Jo Ellen Eggleson Susan Severson John Skaar Ida Osterheld.................Becky Olson Diane Vale Blue Stocking.................Susan Rand Diane Venden Jaycees ..................Thomas Spangler David Ringgenberg Robin Robertson Jeanne Rorge Thomas Spangler SPOON: Barbara Stiklestad Vicki Kenyon Terry White SPADE: Steven Gunsolus Juniors Ann Adler BOYS STATE Janice Dux Steven Gunsolus Phillip Moeser Vicki Kenyon Steven Gunsolus Michele Larson David Selbo Wayne Marsh Gary Vetter Phillip Moeser Michael Gilbert Ralph Nelson Virginia Ramos Ann Schultz GIRLS STATE iCynthia Skidmore Cynthia Skidmore Lions • . . . Carol Beck, Darnell Bradford, Ronald Kittieson, Jeanne Rorge Rotary........... Judith Bolland, Victoria Dargis, Barbara Engsberg, Gary Evenson, Patricia Lynch S.E.A....................Rosemary Daggett UniRoyal................Gregory Hellickson Nelson Muffler.........................Lee Reinstad Ben Waite.........Christine Elliott, Maren Nyhagen Larry Rambo Jaycettes...................PltaGullickso ARION AWARDS Instrumental: Robin Robertson Vocal: Diane VendenNational Honor Society Row 1; J. Rorge, R. Gullickson, Mr. Dybdahl, Mr. Brandt, Mr. Walters, 4. Adler, M. Larson; Row 2: B. Olson, G. Evenson, M. Kitson, R. Jasensky, L. Rambo, G. Helllckson, W. Marsh; Row 3: S. Rand, D. Linnerud, P. Moeser, R. Nelson, S. Gunsolus, R. Robertson, J. Bolland; Row 4; V. Dargis, B. Stikle-stad, B. Engesberg, C. Skidmore, V. Ramas, D. Bradford, C. Beck; Row 5: YU Hanson, L. Reinstad, M. Nyhagen, T. Spangler, C. Mathison, C. Elliott, P. Lynch, K. Mayberry; Row 6: K. Leikness, V. Kenyon, A. Schultz; J. Dux, G. Judd, T. White, R. Kittleson, D. Ringgenberg. Awards Row 1: R Femrlte, G. Paton, A. Rogers, D. Vale, S. Arneson, B. Hansen, L. Kingery; Row 2: J. Furseth, R. Hughes, P. Jacobsen, D. Hanson, L. Torke, J. Eggleson, R. Mulcahy; Row 3: J. Skaar, S. Severson, M. Miller, D. Venden, L. Ladd, R. Erickson.Badger State Row 1; S. Gunsolus, D. Rorge; Row 2: D. Selbo, C. Skidmore, P. Moeser, M. Gilbert, V. Kenyon, G. Vetter. 1968 recipients of spoon and spade are Vicky Kenyon and Steve Gunsolus.Class Prophecy From the top of the 7th hole of the Stoughton Golf Course, we, with our binoculars, can see for miles around. Here it is our 20th class Reunion. The Class of 1968 is proud of their past achievements. Although most of the students have aged somewnat more than others, they all have come back to reunite old ac-quaintences. First on hole number one, we see JERRY JACOBS still trying to patch up things on the golf course. Jerry has had this job all his life. Even today he can fix up a green in no time at all. Teeing up on hole number two, LEE MUNN -Good Sportsmanship Trophy recipiant - is seen giving old time friend MIKE OWEN lessons on how to swing. Mike is still trying to make a big hit with her. Close behind Lee and Mike, we see CONNIE MATHISON, PATSY LYNCH and KAY MAYBERRY giving lectures on why it is a good idea to go to Platteville State University. Trying to get the 3 girls to move on, JERRY MOE hits a few shagballs to scare them a little. Much to his surprise, the 3 girls start hitting them back and hit Jerry in the head and knocked him out cold. This seems to be Jerry’s lucky day, because LOUISE LADD, who just returned from her homeland of Paraguay, saw Jerry and remembered all she learned while wasting away in the nurses office. She told him to lie down while she called Doctor PATON-whose patients call him Doctor Greg. Dr. Greg arrived shortly with Ms clubs in one hand and doctor’s bag in the other. Seems he was patching up those 9 or 10 hits he received in Ms Mgh school days on hole No. 9. The scars will always be there. MARK SANNES, on tee No. 3 is still trying to figure out how he can be so lucky with cars. He can’t seem to figure out how some people can get by with 1 car a year, KRIS LAMERS, GERALDINE SANTOS, KIM LARSON and BARB STIKLESTAD have merged all their horses together and now are presently engaged in trying to get the people of the world to ride horses Instead of cars. They say the world would be a safer place, but also admit that it would be a smellier place too, but they’re working on that. On tee off No. 6, we see DO DO LINDERUD. Less than one year ago, she graduated with top-top honors at a real uppy-uppy university. Seems she has got a chance to teach as a professor anywhere in the world. But STUART SUNDBY finally quit Mnting around and popped the question. Do Do and Stuart decided to settle down and have a family and teach each other a thing or two. KAREN RICHMOND and NANCY RHYNER have, after 20 years, built a little bridge across Yahara River and now, instead of taking 10 minutes to get downtown, it takes only five. JOHN STOCKSTAD, JOHN SHROETER, DAVE RINGGENBERG, and TOM REPPEN have all come back after 20 years of doing notMng. Their idea of having fun is going to work at some 18 year old bar, and trying to sell their talents to anyone who will buy their foamy stories. DEB SHATTO has just teed off on the 8th hole. She always did start off with a big Mt. She was always up in the air in H.S. too. Food for tonight’s reunion is being catered in from SUSIE SEVERSON’S Sunny Beach Resort and Dining Club. Also, from the Sunny Bunny Club the entertainment for tonights dance will be MgMighted with Go-Go dancers, JALAINE SORENSON, CHRIS STARKS and SUSIE SWENSON, Oh no. JOHN SKAAR has taken up professional wrestling now. He took up college again after 15 years of amateur wrestling and now he’s in college and wrestling with the pro’s. Seems he won another match, as the girl he’s with is pinned. GERRY SAWTELLE and ROBIN ROBERTSON can be found with their noses to the ground on hole no. 9. Being agriculture specialists, they do a pretty good job at analysing soil. Keep up the good work, men. JOANN SWERIG is looking for coal just 50 yards past the 5th tee off. The name of the coal is Peit. Seems she has been wanting this particular kind for 20 years. Good luck Jo. PAM RICE has come to the club house for the reunion from Vietnam. Seems they have a shortage of rice over there so, she’s willing to do her share to build up the supply. TOM RUTLIN on a bunker just below us has decided to take a rest. For 20 years now, he’s been chasing RacCOONS all over the countryside. Maybe some day, Tom. JEANNE RORGE may be found in the sandtrap on hole no. 2. She’s still trying to find the right man to fall in her trap. PAT ROIDT is painting a picture of all the people on the golf course. She is now an art instructor at Whatsamatta U in Nebraska. Good luck in the future Pat. PETE SVEUM is now a coach of basketball in Laos. Those little guys make Pete look good. TTie basketball hoop is only 6 feet high. TOM SPANGLER, still, after 20 years, is looking for another college to go to. He hasn’t yet used up all Ms scholarsMp money. Although we congratulate him on Ms narrowing the sum total down to 8 million after 20 years. Driving his souped up Pontiac all over the outskirts of the golf course, we see DAVID STAI setting speed records for the course. So far, the only ones he’s broken are Ms own. And he’s the only one who has driven out here ever. Keep up the good work Dave! RON SUNNE is teeing up on the fairway. Being a great interpreter of poetry, Ron needs to get all the loft he can get. J. K. STRONG winds up our list. J. K. has been in the clothesline business for some time now. I guess he’s figured out that a few lines come in handy once in a wMle. BOB MALINOWSKI has just returned from a trip to Poland and has decided that the Norwegians aren’t so bad after all. MICKEY MARTINEZ barely made it to the reunion after serving a 15-year prison term for bigamy. Ol’ Mick hasn’t changed at all. MIKE MCCARTHY has gone into the nursing home business and now has a monopoly on all the nursing homes witMn a 45-mile radius of the growing metropolis of Stoughton.We regret to announce that ROLF LYSNE Is unable to attend because he is still stranded in Rockford by that snow storm. Lets see, that’s 17 years he’s been stuck down there. RON KITTLESON, after being a big-time wrestler for 5 years, has finally settled down to take it easy. He’s taken over Jimmy Dementral’s job in Madison. “BUTCH” MULCAHY (SCHROETER) had to stay home tonight to baby-sit for John, Jr. JACK LA MAY still can’t believe that LEE MEYER is taller than him. TTiey’re standing in the mirror arguing. DIANE KONG married a King. So she is now queen of Albania. By the way, in Albania they use the bride’s last name. PEGGY MARTINSON is in the corner hunched over her books being quiet, as usual. MARK KITSON has not arrived yet. His 1949 Dodge isn’t moving quite as fast as it used to. MARION MILLER has set up her own bookkeeping office and is now shoveling in $8 million a year. She is also tutoring Mr. Wilde on the side. ANN ROGERS arrived with a cast on her arm because of a chipped finger she received while playing with her 3rd grade class at recess. She went to “Dr. Fuller” who broke her arm trying to reset her finger. CHERYL KITTLESON arrived with her real blonde hair starting to gray in places. KATHLEEN and SUSAN LEIKNESS are still trying to convince everybody that they really are sisters. And still, nobody believes them. LINDA LEE has taken “Sneaky’s” place as gym teacher and Norwegian Dancer advisor at SHS. KATHY LARSON is still looking for DEB KARLSLYST who still hasn’t returned her LD. JOHN LACY has come to the reunion without a haircut again. At least comb it, John. TOM HANSON runs a chartered bus between Stoughton and DJ s for a little extra money every Friday and Saturday nights. For years BARB HARRIED has been working on a cure for her dreaded senior year disease, mononucleosis and she has proven, contrary to former ideas, that one can only get mono through kissing. SANDY HARRIED is Mr. Edward’s (of Edward’s Park) private secretary. JOYCE HEFT still doesn’t care what anyone says about her. GREG HELLICKSON has put through new measures in high school football which makes it a necessity for all high school football players to wear more protective equipment. Wisconsin’s “Yellow Rose of Texas” is heading a campaign to “citify” all small towns of America. You may know her by another name, Alice from Dallas, or our own CATHY HERGENROETHER. DARCY HILLARY has broken Stoughton’s divorce record with an all time high of 3 p.y. SHARON HOFF is for Lee’s all the way. Lee’s levis that is. DAVID HOLTAN is in the road building business and cooperates with young drivers in that he builds nice straight roads and even marks off the quarter mile himself. JOHN HOUGAN has been checking ID’s in his newest establishment, the “PINK ZIT.” TERRY HOVE is teaching physics in Scag Creek, Montana. STEVIE HUBING sent himself to the moon 5 years ago and he’s still trying to figure out how to get back. PAULA HU BRED has originated a fast acting peroxide; it works in 30 seconds. ED HUDKINS found college courses a little more than just facts and he finally had to quit. His present place of employment is in the city crew department in “Arm Pit, Iowa” ROWLAND HUGHES still has his ’68 SS, not being able to afford a newer model. LINDA HUNT is a rest room patroller at Stoughton Senior High. She catches girls who must sneak their smoke. MIKE HUSTON is an internationally known stock car racer and has recently been a winner of the “Larson 500”. JERRY JACOBS has had to build a new house which allows for two trophy rooms. PAUL JACOBSON is still manufacturing his snow machines, under the title of “the mad scientist.” RON JASENSKY’S athlete foot has finally cleared up so he can again continue in his grape squishing business. DALE JOHNSON is still looking for that first date. GAIL JOHNSON is leading the simple but rewarding life of a “Gibson Girl.” We find KRIS JOHNSON humming a tune that is familiar to us as “Mrs. Robinson.” MARY ANN JOHNSON is an executive who dictates so fast that it’s nearly impossible for her to find a good enough secretary. LINDA JONES has made the all-American golf classics and finished at the top of the women’s division. GAIL JUDD, working on a scientific project, has been experimenting with bees. So far she has found a way to tame them and has made them produce 100% more honey per season. DEB KARLSLYST, the well-known thrifty shopper, is still finding places where she can “pick up” a lot of bargains. WALTER KELLNHOFER has become rich with the great demand for his tobacco-stripping record. GARY KERSHAW and his army of 12 redheads are still packing into the small black Volkswagons. ANNETTE ELLIS runs a girls finishing school; and her favorite class is demonstrating the proper way to giggle. Chosen as “Miss Rabbit” was our very own MARILYN ERDAHL and her assistant is the friendly bunny, SANDY FULLER. Congressman RICHARD DVORAK is pushing an act through Congress: 85 mph minimum speed limit. WAYNE FOSS works in the Powder Puff Beauty Salon. Professional judo expert, CHRIS FREELAND, is giving free lessons to boys who want to defent themselves. Seen any “peeping Tom’s” lately, Chris? GARY HALVERSON and O. JIM FOSDAL are in jail for income tax evasion. DONNA HANSON is head librarian at Utica Tech, and still rings her little bell.JIMMY FURSETH and RANDY EHLE, professional chicken barn builders, have been just 1‘laying" for a chicken population explosion. CHRIS ELLIOTT is still holding her breath competing for the Olympics after leading the Huns to another victory while attending St. Rojo's University. ROD ERICKSON built a giant mousetrap while GARY EASTMAN saying “cheese" got his picture snapped. Frustration is WAYNE GRAVILLE with his foot caught in a gopher hole while LOIS HANDELAND takes off with his powerful cycle. STEVE FELIO crawling through a basketball hoop with a flower wrapped around his finger is Mission Probable. GAIL HALVERSON is head football coach and hands out towels to all the teammates at Vassar U. She strictly enforces: no smoking and definitely no drinking. BEV HANSEN, while not being followed by her “shadow", proved you can get a man with a gun - she's now serving a 20 to life sentence at Chiquita State Prison for Women. “JEFF HALVERSON SON" is a new hock shop - Jeff started it after his memories of Good Will. Pey, PITA, pave pou polved pour ppeech problem? Po? Phat's poo pad pause “Pynnle" pis petting pou pup pith “Pevie Ponder." JO ELLEN EGGLESON is currently running a modeling agency of foreign clothes with JUDY DOERING as German model and CHRISTY EL SING as a Swiss missed. RICHARD HANSON, while working on a experiment, put too much platformate into his spaceship fuel and has not been seen since. Hypnotist STELLA GEALLIS is presently employed out at the Bunny Hop, with assistant STELLA FULLER. It looks like SUE ONSRUD has gained great fame in a foreign country - she is Honorary High Chief for the Tlajuana, Mexico Gypsies. BECKY OLSON seems to be having a hard time teeing off. Her “Mrs. Beef - U.S.A" Medal keeps reflecting on the golf ball. What's that over there; a policeman giving ART OF STUN a ticket for speeding up the green? He would have gotten away but his wheel fell off. Still in the rough is LIZ KINGERY, Professor of Zoology at Lake Erie Womens School. She's become famous for her research on the mating habits of St. Bernards. Still at the beginning of the course is Gary Myrland trying to figure out what the golf club is for. SHEILA NATVIG has just opened up a new bar - Pinos Revised. LINDA NELSON, TERRY ONSRUD, MARGIT ORTMAN, and RENE OTTESON are her go-go dancers. Their costumes are made of flowers since she gets them discounted. There's BOB NELSON, head of the maintenance department, shooing golfers off the fareway. Oh no, ROGER ONSRUD, those are golf balls, you don't eat them! And there's poor ANN QUAM, still single, still in Stoughton, and still washing dishes in the hospital lab. Poor big SHELLY PETERSON, this exercise is too much for her after gaining 200 lbs. from taking nuetra-mint. ... , In the sand trap is LARRY RAMBO, the successful McClean's T.V. commercial star. Behind him is his private staff - DAVID OLSON, VIRGIL PAULSON, KENT PETERSON, and LEE REINSTAD. My how their teeth sparklel _ Here comes CURT PIPER and RAY RAMSDEN in the new supersonic golf cart that they invented just for this special occasion. Look, there's KATHY RADECKI just pulling up. She's still as late as ever. It's her “Spark ' Plugs. Poor DAVE PETERSON, he's still so wrapped up in basketball that he's trying to use it instead of the golf ball. MAREN NYHAGEN and SUE RAND are battling it out on the 9th hole. They still can't forget their gym class days. What's this we see In the parking lot? JIM KINNAMEN, STANLEY NORIN, and DAVID OUTHOUSE smoking in a car? DIANE VALE now holds the title of “First Woman to win the Grand Prix" Hey look, there is LYNDA SILVERMAN, you know Syl! Still can't figure out why she changed her name. Oh well, I just read on the front page of the New York Times that she signed a contract with the Temptations. I guess she is opening churches with the key she got on her 18th birthday. I always knew she'd do great things with her talents. There are some more classmates in that sand trap; TOM VEEK, DIANE VENDEN, and PETE TENJUM. Word has it that they tour as a band. You remember, of course, how they always had Mr. Gohlke wrapped around their fingers. Here comes JEANETTE ZIRK. I hear she's working up at D.J's. Once a week she hypnotizes innocent volunteers. Wonder where she got that idea? JEFF THOMPSON and SHIRLEY YOUNG are teaching Junior High students games - their favorite is“Follow the Leader"(using their speedy cars, of course.) It seems that Jeff has Improved tremendously over his high school days. Well, what have we here, an argument? Must be 'cause I can see DAVE WILLIAMS. It seems like he still remembers his term in office and is trying to tell everyone about the present apathy. After 20 years of nursing and 4 sets of twins, LINDA TORKE has spent more time in the recovery room than any of her patients. Why, here comes LOUIE ANNIE BASCOMB and HANDY CANDY VLASAK. They started a toy factory. Their slogan is “Bes' Com" toys, in dis here world- If you don't buy dem, veil - I sock you". BEV VELAND is just signing up in the Pro shop. Seems she had a hard time getting away from all her previous appointments in Madison. Glad to see you could make it, Bev ol' girl!GORDON CRISTY, you should be ashamed of yourself and after farming this here earth for the past 20 years. Didn’t you ever listen to Miss Reek when she said to replace your divit! RON WETHAL has joined Gordy Crlsty in their farming enterprises. Together they have succeeded in operating a successful dirt farm. DON TERRILL has opened a pawn shop in “Olde Towne”. I hear you can get anything from stereos to diamond rings. “FORE” TOFTE just got his nose broken by a golf ball. And to think he just underwent his 55th nose job. After 20 years, there is still no one who knows BOB VEIUM. BILL WHITELAW is still trying to teach his poodle to multiply. Here comes TERRY WHITE. I see he finally did something about his V.W. - cut the top off and uses it for a golf cart. JOHNNY ALLEN - Oh! He’s the new caretaker of the grounds. They say he’s had plenty of experience behind a plow. One of the main attractions of our class reunion will be a show put on by KARIN ARNESON, veteran of the Lake Geneva Bunny Club. We don’t know if SUE ANN ARNESON will be here or not. She gets terribly embarassed if confused with the other Arneson. JIM ARNOLD is now director of the Capital Speedway, and we have just received word that he has car trouble. TOM AUGUSTINE is out on the 9th hole still trying to prove that corn will grow well in the fertile holes. After TENNI BAILEY puts on her famous act (that she initiated at Homecoming in her senior year), she will have to decide whether to sail to England, or fly with Goofy. TOM BAKKEN will not be with us tonight unfortunately; he took an overdose of “Ron’s Homemade Wine” and had a tree jump in his way - or so the story goes. LUCILLE BARRETT has increased her repertoire of names to the 10,000 mark. Unfortunately she couldn’t remember the name of our MC (Old Wierd Harold)! JOHN BATES , over there on the bar, is still trying to live up to the reputation his predacessors have established." BOB (“Beast”) BEASTER, head of the Aspen Ski School, is just bellying up to the bar in his worn and torn sweatshirt of yesteryear. CAROL BECK, president of the Stoughton W.C.T.U., is still asking Tom questions. MARCIA BIERI, much to the surprise of all of us, now is holding a club over her husband’s head at the 3rd hole. JUDY BOLLAND is hanging right in there as the flying nun; she flys about twice a week. At first we didn’t recognize DARNELL BRADFORD, she blends so well with the greens - from top to toe. Old Wierd HAROLD BREKKE, our MC, is still as energetic as he ever was. SUE CHAYKA is over discussing medicine with DR. PAUL BRISSETTE on the greens under the elms. SONJA CHRISTENSON is over there teeing off, and is now, shockingly, a 5’ 9” slender brunette. LILLIAN CORNELL and DEBBY DICKSON are giving CLIFF COUCH lessons in self-defense behind the club house. MARY COON is in the locker room after a hard round of golf, renewing her cover girl makeup. CAROL DAHL is absent - again! VICKY DARGIS, after completing four years at Radcliff, has returned to add some culture to the setting. DAVID DELL, corporal in the U.S.Army has returned to give Mr. Selbo some orders for a change. After all is said and done, we see all the old classmates and find out who’s who, and doing what. At our next reunion we’ll play touch football on the golf course. It seems to be more practical and less injuries will occur. It was just great to know all about our friends. TTiey really haven’t changed that much. Everyone is doing what we thought they would do before graduation. It just goes to show you that the Class of ’68 is going to go places.Class Will JOHN ALLEN leaves his high-heeled boots to “Munchkin" LaMay. I, KAREN ARNESON, will the front seat in every class to anyone who's name starts with an A. I, SUE ARNESON, will my blonde hair to anyone who wants to have “more fun". I, JIM ARNOLD, will my drinking abilities to Bruce Arnold. I, TOM AUGUSTINE, will my Comet to Dude. I, TENNI BAILEY, will my voice to Mr. Timothy Baltzer and his A'Cappella. I, TOM BAKKEN, will my quick eyes on the golf course to Kim Hanson. I, LUCILLE BARRETT, will my bookkeeping knowledge to Carol Dahl. I, LUANNE BASCOMBE, will my stinky gym suit and holey tennis shoes to Barb Thompson. I, JOHN BATES, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Brother Jim. I, ROBERT BEASTER, will my soul to Don Rhyner. I, CAROL BECK, will my dancing shoes to Peggy Ralph. I, MARCIA BIERI, will my job at Larson's Restaurant to anyone who likes truck drivers. I, H. S. BREKKE, will my high principles and political understanding, plus a small green nodule I have been standing on and reviewing others ... to anyone sophisticated enough to understand. I, PAUL BRISSETTE, will my Honda to Terry Hermann. I, SUSAN CHAYKA, will my xylophone to Pegge Norland. I, SONJA CHRISTENSEN will my car in the back lot to Bonnie Muehlenbruch to use to cut smokes in. I, GORDY CHRISTY, will my Bridgestone to anyone who will take it. I, MARY KAY COON, will my red hair to Mary Harvey. I, LIL CORNELL, will my shyness to my sister Vicky. I, CLIFF COUCH, will my brooding looks to Denise Hoyer. I, CAROL DAHL, will my chair in homeroom to anyone who can fill one that size. I, VICKY DARGIS, will my lonely position in Advanced Science to Cynthia Skidmore. I, DAVE DELL, will my tough boots to Terry Hermann. I, DEB DICKSON, will all my Income Tax forms to the nearest wastebasket. I, JUDY DOERING, will all my dusty books to any junior unlucky enough to get them. I, DICK DVORAK, will my high-powered Tempest to any Chevy lover who can stand loud horns. I, GARY EASTMAN, will my super-charged, fuel-injected, nitro-running, Pontiac Tempest to anyone with high life insurance. I, JO ELLEN EGGLESON, will my place as Miss Reek's assistant to Patsy Engels and Sandy Gardner. I, RANDY EHLE, will my sunglasses and jacket to Bev Berg. I, CHRIS ELLIOTT, leave still trying to convince people that there are two “t's". I, ANNETTE ELLIS, will my goofy giggle to Chery Parish and anyone else who might need one. I, CHRIS ELSING, will anything to anyone, who doesn't plan on collecting. I, BARB ENGSBERG, will my bookkeeping practice sets to Bev Berg. I, MARILYN ERDAHL, will my knowledge of McFarland to Marsha Drovak. I, RODNEY S. ERICKSON L, will not. I, GARY EVENSON, will to “Jakes," the “Buck" and a heck of a lot of patience. I, STEVE FELIO. will mv tvping ability to Bert Carr HI. I, RUTH FEMRITE, will my “bug" hunting ability to Sharon Alme and Nancy Olson. I, WAYNE FOSS, will my Chevy n “6" automatic to anyone who can handle it. I, CRIS FREELAND, will my wholesome friendship with Miss Reek to any transfer student. I, SANDY FULLER, will my gym suit to a junior who thinks she is too hole-y. I, STELLA FULLER, will all Mr. Fuller's loud shouts and wonderful classes to Diane Helium, if she's lucky enough to get him. I, JIM FURSETH, will my driving ability to Sevie Kenyon. I, STELLA GEALLIS, will Pino's and D.J.'s to Brenda Preston. I, RITA GULLICKSON, will a bottle of Mexican pills to Karen Johnson when Montezuma takes revenge. I, JEFF HALVERSON, will my excellent attendance record to Mary Malas. I, GARY HALVERSON, will my good grades to Gall Vale. I, GAIL HALVORSON, will my flat tires to Dennis Huston. I, LOIS HAND ELAND, will all my cool weekends to Betty Brown. I, BEV HANSEN, will a remote control steering wheel to Steve Vindedahl and my Cliff's notes to Mr. Fortney. I, DONNA HANSON, will my library relations to Estelle Pashelk. I, RICHARD HANSON, will my homework evading ability to all oppressed underclassmen. I, TOM HANSON, will my tallness to Dale Stiklestad. I, BARB HARRIED, will my eyedeals to Patsy Engles. I, SANDY HARRIED, will my gym shoes to Diane Helium and Linda Hubred. I, JOYCE HEFT, will my great gym strategies to Martha Johnson. I, GREG HELLICKSON, will my accident insurance to “many" future drivers. I, CATHY HERGEN-ROETHER, will my southern (Rebel) accent to Scott Parkinson (Yankee). I, DARCY HILLERY, will my almost perfect accident record to Julie Ofsthun and Marsha Miller. I, SHARON HOFF, will all my Home Ec. fun (with the help of Miss Olson as teacher) to Diane Helium. I, DAVID HOLTAN, will my '59 Chevy to anyone. I, JOHN HOUGAN, will a pouch of cherry blend and my pipe to Marge Hoel. I, TERRY HOVE, will my great strength and ability to succeed at all things to Jerry Alme. I, STEVE HUBING, will my hustling techniques to Packrat. I, PAULA HUBRED, will my bottle of peroxide to Anita Bolland. I, ED HUD KINS, will my gym socks to Nathan Ringgenberg. I, ROWLAND HUGHES, will the football equipment to Stan Mable. I LINDA HUNT, will my high school years to my brothers to have and to keep. I, MIKE HUSTON, will my jacket to Bugs Larson. I, JERRY JACOBS, will my comer in Econ. to an deserving junior.I, PAUL JACOBSON, will 5,234 bushels of enlightenment to be distributed equally to all lower classmen, for the duration, of the existence, of the school with no windows, in hopes that they keep theirs. I, RON JASENSKY, will my car, front seat and all, to Wendy Groshong and Ann Keller. I, DALE JOHNSON, will nothing to nobody. I, GAIL JOHNSON, will my shyness to next year’s senior class. I, KRIS JOHNSON, will my midnight escapades to Wendy Groshong. I, MARY JOHNSON, will my “automatic” pencil to Alan Kaupanger. I, LINDA JONES, will my bookkeeping with Mr. Wilde to anyone who’s dumb enough to take it. L GAIL JUDD, will all my blocks to Mary (Bunny) Harvey. I, DED KARLSLYST, will my thumb to “Marta” Johnson, and “number 1” to Bruce Stokstad. I, WALLY KELLENHOFER, will my great Analytics grades to Mr. Smith and his future classes. I, GARY KERSHAW, will my hair to Mr. Smith. I, LIZ KINGERY, will the spirit stick to Marilyn Scholes. I, JAMES KINNAMON, will my empty malt liquor cans to Larry Quam. I, MARK KITSON, will my good grades to Arne Anderson. I, RON KITTLES ON, will my size and strength to Bob “Baby Huey” Chritton. I, DIANE KONG, will my rusty white crossmobile to Janet Hougan. I, JOHN LACY, will my dirty gym suit to anyone who’s dumb enough to take it. I, LOUISE LADD, will my forensic ability to Bonnie Muehlenbruch. I, JACK LA MAY, will all of the hardships of the senior class to the junior class so that they will have it nicer as seniors next year. I, KRIS LAMERS, will my quiet (?) manner to Mary Ann Harvey. I, KATHY LARSON, will my messy locker to-oh, dear!- to Steve Ellis. I, KIM LARSON, will my ability with horses to Dan Sigurslid and hope that he uses it. I, LINDA LEE, will my driving ability to Janet Hougan. I, KATHY LEIKNESS, will my reffing whistle to Sandy Gardner. I, SUE LEIKNESS, will my 3rd hour Chemistry seat to brother Steve. I, DOROTHY LINDERUD, will my license to any sophomore willing to take it. I, PATRICIA L. LYNCH, will my 3rd hour zoology class to anyone dumb enough to take it. I, ROLF DANIEL LYSNE, will my athletic looking legs to Miss Reek. I, BOB MALINOWSKI, will a tattered Polish flag to Teresa Jablonskl. I, MICKEY MARTINEZ, will to my subject, Dan Sigurslid, a slave for the next year. I, PEGGY MARTINSON, will my ability to make odd friends to any unsuspecting sophomore. I, CONNIE MATHISON, will my ability to quickly Invent stories under pressure to Dennis Huston. I, KAY MAYBERRY, will my abilit to drive on sidewalks to Vicki Finder. I, LEE MEYER, will my muscles to Mr. Bischoff. I, MARION MILLER, will the courage to graduate to any underclassman. I, JERRY MOE, will my trombone to Curt Meyer. I, “BUTCH” MULCAHY, will Mr. Sig and Mr. Peth to anyone who can handle them! I, LEE MUNN, will my height to Carol Crews. I, GARY MYRLAND, will my great attendance record to Bill Swenson. I, SHEILA NATVIG, will my lips to Martha Johnson (Slack). I, LINDA NELSON, will a penny to Pete McKercher. I, BOB NELSON, will another trouble -making Nelson to Mr. Pieper, so that his wrestling room may be forever miserable. I, STAN NORIN, will a can of Ban spray to Nancy Barch. I, MAREN NY HAGEN, will my luck in badminton to Julie Serstad. I, ART OFSTHUN, will my good driving record to Charlie “Grouse” Kruegar. I, BECKY OLSON, will the facilities and responsibilities of the Math Office to anyone who thinks they’re capable of handling the situation. I, DAVID OLSON, will my pen to Stoughton School. I, ROGER ONSRUD, do the same. I, SUSAN ONSRUD, leave my bells to Mrs. Droster. I, TERRY ONSRUD, will my I.D. to Kay Otteson. I, MARGIT ORTMAN, will my 7th hour trip to the bubbler to Marsha Dvorak. I, RENE OTTESON, will my old gym suit to Janet Hougan. I, DAVE OUTHOUSE, leave my name to “John.” I, MIKE OWEN, will my ability in football to Curt Burmeister. I, GREG PA TON, will nothing because I have only one thing worth willing and Pm keeping that. I, VIRGIL PAULSON, will my Saturday night trips to Janesville to Jerry Alme and Sevie Kenyon. I, DAVE PETERSON, will my rebounding ability to “Buck” Hanson. I, KENT PETERSON, leave. I, SHELLEY PETERSON, will by skis to Wendy Groshong. I, ANN QUAM, will my real swell gym shorts to Punk, Jan, and Patsy - have fun! I, KATHY RADECKI, will my sunlamp to Putzer Engles. I, LARRY RAM BO, will dialectial materialism, Mr. Smith, and Miss Reek to Dave Selbo. I, RAY RAMSDEN, will my extreme and careful parking abilities to Steve Ellis. I, SUE RAND, will the duties in the attendance office to Audrey Berg. I, LEE REINS TAD, will my extreme and profound mathematical ability to anyone willing to accept it. I, TOM REPPEN, will my athletic abilities to Tim Deneen. I, NANCY RHYNER, will my playing ability to Miss Reek. I, PAM RICE, will all the riches intheworld to Jeannie Miller. I, KAREN RICHMOND, will my tired feet to my sister. I, DAVID RINGGENBERG, will my irristible charm associated with the name Klaus to Dan Sigurslid. I, ROBIN ROBERTSON, will my tuba to Dean Hanson. I, ANN ROGERS, will my ability to make people laugh to anybody who needs a good laugh when Pm gone! I, JEANNE RORGE, will graduate no matter what the “old fool” says.I, TOM RUTLIN, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Don Rhyner. I, MARK SANNES, will my Rambler to Jim Arnold. I, GERRY SANTOS, will my tree to Greg Hessel. I, GERRY SAWTELLE, will my student assistant job of Mr. Baltzer's to any nut that wants It. I, JOHN SCHROETER, will my love life to Scott Parkins on. I, JEANNINE SERSCH, will all my Friday nights to Cheryl Fuller. I, SUE SEVERSON, will the lake and all that algae to Cathy Kravick and Dennis Prochnow. I, DEB SHATTO, will my apathy to Bonnie Muehlenbruch. I, JOHN SKAAR, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Tim Deneeiu I, JALAINE SORNSON, will my ID card and blond hair to Helen North. I, TOM SPANGLER, will my football helmet for protection against humilation to my old pal Tom “Jakes” Jacobson. I, DAVE STAI, will my hair cuts to Don Moe. I, CHRIS STARKS, will police cars to Cheryl Bellamy. I, BARB “B.B.” STIKLESTAD, will my nickname to any “needy” junior. I, JOHN STOKSTAD, will my good study habits to Brow. I, J.K. STRONG, will my extra years of high school to anyone willing to stay that long. I, STU SUNDBY, will a bottle of wine to Don “Otis” Moe. I, RON SUNNE, will one bottle of Vitalis to Pryor T. Smith. I, PETER ARTHUR SVEUM, will to my cousin, John (Rat, Faster) Edward Karlslyst the Sveum name In hopes that he will carry It on, good or bad. I, SUSAN SWENSON, will my volleyball ability to Cheryl Bellamy. I, JOANN SWERIG, will my musical ability to Marcia MiHer and Kay Swalhelm - if they want it. I, “SYL”, will my indifference to Tom Winters. I, PETE TENJUM, wUl my book reports to Mr. Fortney. I, DON TERRILL, will my coal black hair to Lisa Nelson. I, JEFF THOMPSON, will my foolproof method of cutting a smoke without getting caught to Don Rhyner. I, BOB TOFTE, will my nickname “Hawk” to Coach Pelper to add to his other selection of names. I, LINDA TORKE, will my exciting times in Evansville to Margie Myhre. I, TOM VEEK, will my skis and great skiing techniques to Pegge Norland In Hopes ... I, BOB VEIUM, will my books to anyone who wants them. I, BEV VELAND, will Grocery a Go-Go to Larry Quam. I, DIANE VALE, will my presidency of Car Club to any girl man enough to try It! I, DIANE VENDEN, will my majorette boots and great times to “Booz” Brewster. Good Luck! I, CANDY VLASAK, will four years of perfect attendance to Trudy Siebert. I, RON WETH4L, will my four years of agricultural abilites to all Incoming sophomores taking agriculture. I, TERRY WHITE, will my colossal abilities at handling mini-cars to Jim Peterson. I, DAVE WILLIAMS, will my apartment to John Karlslyst. I, SHIRLEY YOUNG, will all my second hours to Cheryl Fuller (If she can get a car). I, JEANETTE ZIRK, will all my fun in the kitchen at the A W to Nancy Thompson. Mange Tussen Tak The editing of a yearbook has indeed been a great honor and privilege. Now that the Yahara is finished, there are several people who deserve to be recognized for their help, cooperation, advice and patience. On behalf of the entire staff, I thank the administration, the faculty, the business office, Mr. Steven Fortney, our advisor, Mr. Arthur Wendt, photographer, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miedema, Jr., publishers. Rita Gullickson Editor-In-Chief

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Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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