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 FOREWARD We hope that the 1965 Yahara will bring many pleasant memories of your educational past. It is a book of reflections, a condensed version of your school lives, youthful hopes, and aspirations for the unknown future Assisted by the faculty, administration, and classmates, who have fortified us for the competitive world ahead, we, the 1965 Senior Class are ready to go on into the world with a better understanding, and improved qualifications. Stoughton High School Stoughton WisconsinMr. Lee J. Ramos Principal Warren K. Selbo Superintendent Obed I. Norem Mr. James E. Sendek Elementary Administrator AssistantBoard Of Education Seated — Mr. David bmedal, Treasure; Mr. Truman Felland, President; Mrs. Nora Sundby, Clerk. Standing — Mr. Carl Popanz, Mr. Leo Hvam, Mr. Edwin Nelson, Mr. Fred Weber Not pictured, Mrs. Marian Thompson. . . . transforms ambition into reality!Mr. Bradley Hubing Stout State College Study! Mr. William Koenig Wisconsin State University, Whitewater B.Ed. University of Wisconsin M.S. Think! Mrs. Kay Becker Beloit College B.S. Triumph is just umph added to try! Mr. Irwin Fuller Maukato State College B.S. and M.S. Hustle! Mr. Duane Bischoff St. Cloud State, Minnesota B.S. Try! Mrs. Mildred Gardner Luther College BA. University of Wisconsin University of Wisconsin Listen! Mrs. Jeannette Brewster Wisconsin State University, Whitewater B.Ed. University of Wisconsin Learn now! Mr. William Gibbon Wisconsin State University, Platteville B.Ed. Wisconsin State University, Whitewater University of Wisconsin M.S. Iowa State University Charity! Mrs. Jeannette Carpenter Luther College BA. Listen! Mr. Roger Gohlke University of Wisconsin B.M.. Think! Mr. Steven Fortney University of Wisconsin B.S. Think! Mr. Francis Gregorich River Falls State University Initiate! Mr. Joseph Kubale B.S. Wisconsin State University, Oshkosh B.S. Wisconsin State University, Stevens Point Charge! Mr. Erven Lee Wisconsin State University, Platteville Mr. Reginald Lord University of Maine B.S. Look before you leap! Mr. Charles Martin Southwestern College, Kansas B.A.. University of Wisconsin M.S. Reconsider! Mrs. Margo Mitchell University of Utah Mrs. Margaret Pike Wisconsin State University, Whitewater B.Ed. University of Wisconsin M.S. Get on the Ball! Mrs. Phyllis Norem Simpson College, Iowa B.A. University of Wisconsin Wisconsin State University, Whitewater Study! Mr. Richard Martin Wisconsin State University, Whitewater B.S. Illinois Wesleyon University B.S. Think! Mr. Robert Pitcher University of Wisconsin B.S. and M.S. No such word exists! Mrs. Barbara Nudelman Miami of Ohio B.A. Washington University University of Wisconsin University of Madrid Don’t! Mrs. Mildred Pritchard Alma College, Michigan B.A. University of Wisconsin M.A. Not a person of one word Mr. Kenneth Peth Wisconsin State University, La Crosse Live! Miss Jeanne Reek Wisconsin State University, La Crosse B.S. University of Wisconsin M.S. Girls will be girls! Mr. La Verne Pieper Winona State College B.S. Work! Mr. Roger Roloff Mr. Larry Marshall Wisconsin State University, Platteville B.S. Continue your education! Wisconsin State University, La Crosse B.S. Cogitate!Mrs. Dorothy Urish Illinois State University B.Ed University of Wisconsin Think! Mrs. Donna Utter University of Wisconsin University of Kansas University of Southern California Study! Mrs. Rachel Salapatas Oberlin College, Ohio B.A. University of Wisconsin Graduate work Mr. James Stein Wisconsin State University, Oshkosh B.S. University of Wisconsin Mr. David Semmes University of Wisconsin B.S. and M.S. Mr. Thomas Stokes Manakto State College, Minnesota B.S. and M.S. Seniors — Assimilate Juniors — Associate Sophomores — Accumulate Freshmen — Acclimate Mr. Larry Shumate Wisconsin State University, La Crosse B.S. Mrs. Alice Stormshak Carroll College B.A. University of Wisconsin Graduate Work Mr. John Smillie Wisconsin State University Platteville Advise! Mrs. Marcia Swenson Stout State University Smile! Mr. Pryor T. Smith Park College A.B. University of Wisconsin M.S. Study! Mr. Milford Thompson Mankato State College, Minnesota B.S. and M.S. Work! Mr. Wilbur Venske Wisconsin State University, Oshkosh B.S. University of Wisconsin Graduate work Mrs. June Wall Stout State University B.S. University of Wisconsin Keep up grades!Miss Sally Webb Southeast Missouri State College B.S. University of Wisconsin M.S. Mr. Alton Weber University of Wisconsin B.S. Mr. Robert Wilde Wisconsin State University, Whitewater Mr. Walter Netterblad Stout State College Mrs. Marita Wedeward University of Wisconsin B.S. Use your ability Mr. Donald Steckbauer Wisconsin State University, Whitewater B.Ed. Colorado State College M.A. University of Wisconsin Be Serious! Mr. Louis Halverson Mrs. Marilyn Pauli Upper Iowa University B.S. State University of Iowa University of Wisconsin M.S. Program! Read! Mrs. Olive Collins Mrs. Dorothy Hanson — clerk Mrs. Marian Enge Smile! Mrs. Carol SundbySeated — Mrs. Ethel Fredenberg, Principal's Secretary. Standing — Mrs. Sylvia Johnson, Superintendent's Secretary. Cooks Front Row — Mrs. Anna Wersland, Mrs. Christie Lyon. Back Row — Mrs. Dorothy Benson, Mrs. Rose Lunde, Mrs. Kathryn Larson - lunch supervisor. Custodians Left to right — Mr. Howard Haugen, Mr. Oburr Sperle, Mr. Howard Arneson, Mr. Hjalmer Ve-land, Mr. Carl Hoff, Mr. Kenneth Lunde. Bus Drivers Front Row — Mr. Douglas Bickley, Mr. Milo Bickley, Mrs. Lola Spilde, Mr. Claire Nelson, Mr. Robert Waring, Mr. Milo Denner. Back Row — Mr George Wersland, Mr. Emil Dahl, Mr. Earl Slade, Mr. Bohlman, Mr. Warren Fessenden. Left to right: Mrs. Lylian Hanson, Accountant, Mrs. Dorothy Norum, BookkeeperFaculty! Administrators! Well Always . . . Remember how Mr. Peth files the announcements and then gets off the subject and on to the "beach house?" Remember the laughs with Mr. Roloff, as the table collapsed when he sat on it ... despite Mr. Peth's warning . . . after it already happened first hour? Remember Mr. Fortney's impromptus on Monday ... or Tuesday? Remember Mr. R. P. Pitcher and his "NOT YET" sign on the clock in the biology room? Remember Miss Reek's "defensive judo" class? (we called it dirty fighting) Remember Mrs. Utter's tremendous choir directing—with her healthy chuckle and drumstick? Remember the crowd that seems to gather at the receptionist's desk during the hours? Remember Miss Webb and Mrs. Carpenter coaching Forensics in the well known "below the library room?" Remember the names "Pryor T," "Potzerbie," "Moose," "Squid "Frau," "Sneeky," "Bucky," "Sarge," "Boots," . . . ? Remember Mrs. Fredenberg when she filled out the outside passes? Remember the muscles on our "glorious" teachers—athletes—especially those that showed up when the faculty beat the "Minute Men" at that ever famous March benefit basketball game? Remember Mr. P. T. Smith's pictures of his snowman and his new addition? Remember Mr. Selbo's walking around with his hands in his pockets jingling whatever men have in their pockets? Remember when the dream of a new high school became a reality? Shipoopy! Remember Mr. Lee Ramos and his new, spring Raccon coat? Remember Mrs. Enge's health test? Wasn't it o ruddy riot? Remember Miss Pike's, "tst, tst," as she trots down the halls? Remember the "Frau" and her green shoes? (Vedeward) Remember Mr. C. Martin's brown brief-case? Remember Mr. Gregorich . . . coaching . . . baseball? Remember those student teachers who practiced on us? Remember Mr. Marshall's red tie and short finger nails? Remember Mr. Fuller whistling in the halls? Remember the two whole ice days in March? Remember Mrs. Pritchard's first journalism class? Remember?Class Of Janet McKee Kingery "Jan" ' President Come on gang, let’s really cheer. Margaret Sue Bemdt "Peggy" Secretary Fashion where thou are, so am I. Steven Charles Martin "Willie" Vice President Can’t you fellas do anything. Barbara Lynn Weber "Web" T reasurer Like a tea kettle always bubbling over. Blair Marvin Anderson Those who know him best, praise him most. Myra Linda Anderson May your days be filled with powered slopes, blue skys, and high hopes. Terry Ann Anderson Blondes you get in bottles; redheads are just natural. The pool hall kid. Margaret Genevive Augustine “Margie" Wicked brown eyes are dangerous things; often keep us from sprouting wings. Craig Orlin Ausse "Ralph" Look what four years did to me, one more and I’d be ruined. t'V’V, Tanya Marie Baumgartner "Toddy Woddy" Fugitive from studyhall. William Gasold Beaster "Hondo" He has more fun in a year then most people have in a lifetime. June Carol Berg Only weeds grow tall. Donald Bert Benson "Don" Why take life seriously, you’ll never get out alive. Connie Lee Bergeron "C.B." I”m little. I’m wise. I’m a terror for my size.Lynette Ann Blaha "Lynn" Yvonne brline Bjustad home, or didn’t School and books may be alright, but dances are really my delight. Kathleen Ann Bothum "Kathie" Her theme song: ”1116 Duke of Earl.’ Jeffrey Bowen "Jeff" I was almost killed by a train of thoughts running through my head. Timothy Charles Bratvold 'Tim" Let’s dig- deeper into the details so that I can wholly comprehend the situation. William Richard Briggs "Buggsy" Women are just like elephants. 1 like to look at them, but I’d never like to own one. Sharon Lucille Brown An unspoken word never causes trouble. Patricia Ann Buckenmeyer "Auggie" Full of fun and mischief too, doing things she shouldn’t do. James Richard Bunting "Jimmy" Always drummin’ up something. Victoria Borenson "Vickie" Sincere and thoughtful in every way, pleasant! yet, not too much to say.Marilyn Louise Cantwell "Pinky" She plays the flute in our band. We’d say she’s as good as a mythological pan. Jonathan Sanborn Carleton "Jon" He may look shy, but .. William Edwin Christianson "Bill" I know a lot, I just can’t think of it Judith Ann Clutter "Judi" It’s nice to be natural when you are naturally nice. Linda Ruth Cooper "Coop" la, la, la, la, la, “La, la.” Elizabeth Jane Cress "Betty" A gal of many interests with a ready giggle. Deborah Lee Culham "Debby" Man has his will, Debby has her way. Barbara Jean Curtin "Barb" Quiet maiden intent on her work, we know her duties she never will shirk.” David A. Daggett The pool hall kid. Marilyn Sue Dahle A quiet girl — sometimes.Rodney Lee Danks What I’d like to know is how much longer people are going to call me a youngster. Joan Christine Denzel "Joni" I live by the lake, why don’t you drop in? Gene Raymond Draper I’d rather be a small live one than a big dead one. Barbara Rae Dux “Ducks ' I had a wonderful time; I hit a tree and got a ticket. Nancy Jean Emerson I didn’t fall, I was pushed. Joyce Ellen Erickson I’m going to raise chickens. Which do I get first, the hen or the egg? Harlan David Erdahl "Harle ' ril always remain loyal to F.FA. David Lawrence Everson Courage is a virtue, and Dave has many virtues. Mary Ellen Erickson Don’t hitchhike, take a bus. _Temper is a good thing to have. It shows strength of character. Barbara Jean Fosdahl "Barb" The mildest manner and the gentlest heart. Stonley Charles Frank "Stan" Each mind has its own method. Michael Harold Gerard "Mickey" Let the world go by, I’ll not budge an inch. Mary Ann Gauger Did you tell Mrs. Carpenter about all the work you ‘got done’ 4th hour. Donna Lorene Gerber "Red" A real sweet gal who just can’t make her eyes behave. Jaqueline Marie Favreau "Jackie" Of this one girl things said must be great, but with one exception — she came three years late. Anita Linnea Fortney Barbara Ann Forton "Barb" Some day my prince will come. I wish he’d hurry up, the bum. Sonja Gail Fredrickson Live it up! You can live it down later. Sondra Clara Gates "Sondee" An even temper, a ready smile, and eyes that sparkle all the while.Shirley Ann Green Dp you hear me keeping Richard Loyd Gilson stiU "Dick" I’ll try to be good well, better anyway. Jonathan Michael Hajny "Jon" Loren Richard Grefsheim "Boney" Tm a woman hater, but the bible says, “Love thine enemies.” Jean Elaine Handeland "Handlebars" Why should I talk when I can smile just as easily. Lots of mentality, full of rascality. Scott Walter Hansen What! No girls in heaven, then leave me here. Dennis Jan Hanson The harder I try the gooder to be, the badder I is. Brian Lee Hanson Will you please repeat the last two pages, I didn’t hear them.Michael Ward Hanson "Hans" I’d just as soon be President of the United States, were it not for all the competi- tion. Ingibjorg Haraldsdottir "Ibba" This is a real" ? ” Chemestry Class. Jacqueline Jeon Hasz "Fudd' William Lavern Heath Jr. "Bill" I’ll be out in five minutes fellas, I gotta do my homework. Rodney Paul Haried "Hot Rod" There couldn’t be more warmth coming out of cold Iceland, than our “Ibba.” He jumped in his car and rode madly off in all directions. Linda Sue Harried She can’t keep her sense and nonsense separate. Richard Albert Hill "Christoph" Our ‘dashing’ young man in more ways than one. Howard Adrian Hellickson "Howie" Younger brothers, underclassmen, and oppressing cl -i n • l, „ linemen better stay out of bneilo Marie Hottman his way. Clot that! One of the best things to have up your sleeve is a funny bone. Carl John Hoel "Herr" My only handicap in golf is my honesty.Victoria Jean Hoveland 'Vickie" She acts like an angel, looks like one too, but you never can tell what an angel will do. Ann Tonette Jacobson "Annie" Joel Conway Hurst "Moe" When I feel like working, I just lie down until the feeling goes away. Donald Marvin Jacobson "Big Jake" A little shy about coming forward. A short circuit with a plus charge. Linda Ann Jacobson Born with two qualities — Leadership and laugh-it-up-ness. Ruth Ellen Jacobsen Seldom heard but always doing. Julie Joan Johnson "Hilda" Then she will talk ... good land, how she will talk. Howard Jerrold Johnson "Howie" He is rather a quiet lad wonder if that’s good or bad? ? ? Krista Carter Johnston "Kasey" I’m not saying anything, I’m Linda Kay Johnson just talking. "Winky" She really can be good, but who wants to be!Terry Paul Jones "Jonsie" I don’t care, I ain’t gonna’ kill myself workin’. Diane Elaine Junabluth "Dee” School, yes I drop in occasionally. Johnny Albert Julseth "Jasper" He wants to be a heart-breaker. Fred Lloyd Juve All seniors can’t be big. Judith Ann Kalhagen "Judi” Let’s giggle, it’s a great sport. Mary Elise Keena "Marcie" She is torn between vice and versa. Kothryn Ann Kind "Kathy" She knows that Turners Lavonne Kae Kenyon Hal1150,1 on,y a gymnasium. "Kae" Need we say everything we think. Richard Kittleson Call it a healthy complexion but don’t say I blush. Judith Lynn Kalland "Jud” Chemestry, yes it was a necessary evil.Janice Mae Kittleson "Jan" Which way did they go and which way shall I? Patricia Jean Kleiboer "Pat" Her smile is her password. Sharon Margaret Kvalheim As upright as an exclama-Elaine Olga Kleven tion point. I should have been the first to take Drivers Ed. Michael Dean Larsen "Mike" Believe it or not this picture went through the washing machine. LeRoy Alan Lathrop Bashful freshman, bashful sophomore, bashful junior, but all seniors change. David Lee Listug "Dave" Steven Earl Link "Steve" A wolf is a big dame hunter. Don’t let studying interfere with your education out behind the bam. Jeffrey Lynne MacDonald "Mac" Fm generous — I gave three James Lostetter good years of my life to "Jim" Horicon. The less I learn the less I have to remember.Joan Louise Mayberry Beware, I might do something sensational. Connie Kay McCulloch Hey, I’ve got the car tonight. John Peter McCaffrey One of the greatest labor saving devices is tomorrow. Thomas Arthur Melhuse 'Tom" All great men are dead and ain’t it funny, I ain’t feeling well. Daniel Kyle Miller "Dan" Dennis Lee Midthun Who me! Ho, hum! It is absolutely necessary that I get my eight hours sleep regardless where I am. Niles Alexander Mjelde "Fidel" Busy lawyer seeks alert young woman to act as deceptionist.Elizabeth Jane Nelson "B.J." I am perfectly willing to admit that you are wrong Gayle Ann Mortinsen and I am right. Here is a girl with a heart and a smile that make the bubble of life worthwhile. Gregory Lewton Nelson "Mumbles" Never let a black cat cross your path. Cheryl Ann Nelson Wherever she finds herself in this world she’ll make a good addition. Kathleen Ann Nelson "Kathie" Christmas parties sure are fun, eh Kath? I Cool hand, warm heart; a good formula for nurses. Sheryl Ann Offerdahl Richard Dean Norin "Dick" Take me back to my boots and saddles and... Mary Ann Obrecht "Shorty" Oh, who wants to be good anyway? Larry, Larry, guite contrary, how does your Mercury go? I fell on my head and it didn’t affect me, didn’t affect me, didn’t affect me... Lawrence Paul Olson "Lar"Sharon Rae Olson "Squeek" A. little 'squeek’ here and a little ‘squeek’ there Theodore Paul Olson "Ted" D , c. . What was I put on this Kuth blame Oren world for if not to rant and "Fred" rave. She’s sometimes glad, sometimes sad, even mis-chievious, but never bad. Harold Osland One dab or two? Charlotte Overson Seven sisters, seven blondes, and seven nights a week! Kay Owen I think more than you think I think .... I think! Phillip Alan Owen "Phil" The way to save money is to forget girls, but who wants to forget girls? Nickolas Louie Paris "Nick" From little acorns grow big oaks. John James Paschewitz Every man is a volume if you know how to read him. Roy Charles Paton III "Skip" Don’t let the name fool you. Charles Johan Peterson "Whitey" I like work. I could sit and look at it for hours.Mary Lou Rinden The best girl is the one least talked about. Kathrine Hayden Roetter . "Katie" Nobody gives her a second thought, they’re to busy A with the first. mm Juanita Louise Ringgenberg Linda Rae Peterson "Pete" Thomas Atley Peterson T , "Pete" Let s see, what color shall it be today. Would you believe it? I was a 97 pound weakling ... at birth. Gerry Lynn Prosser If your not sure, laugh. Virginia Ann Quam "Gina" Chuckle, chuckle down the floor, come on girls let’s laugh some more. Dennis Obert Reinstad They used to call him “The Rev. Mr. Black!” "Nita Prim and proper so I be, teachers think the world of me. Would I whisper? Oh, dear no! I might lose my rep. you know. Juliana Marie Rosenbaum "Julie" Dennis Owen Roneid She is just the quiet kind whose nature never changes. Men of few words are often the wisest.Michael Andrew Rosenbaum "Rosey" I should have named him ‘Charlie’ he’s such a little “Dickens’. Margaret Ann School "Peggy" Linda Louise Rustad The country life has made her rugged. Males Beware! TTien she giggled and giggled and giggled some Noreen Elizabeth Scheel "Bug" She puts her problems in the bottom of her heart, sits on the lid and laughs. James Robert Scheuler "Jim" The night has thawed many a cold reception, eh, Jim. Bonnie Schmoll Like granulated suger — small, sweet and refined. James Norman Sc holes "Jim" Just Brian and me and our Hondas. Mary Louise Seamonson "Mare" Life is a series of adventures, with a different hero Linda Rae Segebrecht in each one. She may be timid, but not bashful. George Ruric Seybold "Seybs" Wine, women and song are getting me down, voice lessons cost money so song has to go.f Judith Ann Simonson "Judy" Rodney Dean Slinde "Deane r" He passes left and right; starts at the game and continues all night Your smile is sweet, your eyes are true; the world has need for girls like you. Jean Monica Spangler Dennis Owen Smith doesn’t take noise to make "Den" a personality. Now I lay me down to rest. I’ve studied hard and done my best. If I should die before I wake, think of the exams I won’t have to take. Steven Dale Stokstad "Steve" Many his friends, none his foes, he’s the boy we’re proud to know. Charles Peter Sundby "Chuck" There are three great men in this world, me ... and 1 forgot the other two. Patricia Ann Tenjum "Pat" Silence and smiles go well John Carl Sveum together. "Marcus" I try to be bashful, but the girls won’t let me. Jane Hegge Thompson Inebriated with the exuberance of her own verbosity. Anne Foster Thompson Row, row, row your canoe gently down the rapids.Dione Elizabeth Trow "Thumbalina" Gentlemen prefer blonds, where’s the peroxide? Gene Ronald Wedoe "Wodes" Driving carefully is such a waste of life insurance. Ralph Andrew Weiglien Those who try will always succeed. Deborah Wennlund "Debi" The world was made to be enjoyed and I shall make the most of it. Charles Lawrence West "Bubbles" The world is a stage and I do my part acting up. LeAnn Marie Williams "Big Lee" A happy little lass, one of the midgets of our class. V Beverly Rae Wittig "Bev" Linda Sue Wyrick President of the "bored” of "Wyrick" education. How do you like your eggs? Olga Vindas Puerto Rico’s “Phyllis Dill er” right in our midst!Graduating But Camera-shy Terry Lee Anderson Give me the wild and wooly west. Larry Bender Sorry he couldn’t have gotten here sooner — we could have used him in football, too! Eric John Bolland Five, four, three, two,... Carol Crawford Timothy John Richmond 'Tim" School is alright, but the hunting season is better. Fredrick John Roeben "Fred" They told me to change the car and keep the oil. Lovem Frances Henry Carl Topp Jr. We sign painters have to stick together. David Ward I’ll try anything once, twice if I can get away with it. Ronald Walter Wick "Ron" Remain quiet and people will think you are up to something. We’re glad to have her with us even though she arrived late in the senior year. Dennis Dean Gardner "Denny" As long as my Ford runs, Tm satisfied. Gary Walter Gerber Tm thinkin’, but nothing happens. Fred Lloyd Juve All seniors can’t be big. Barbara Moe We envy her pride when she receives her diploma. Phillip Lee Elsing "Phil" He had a friendly way every day. Charles Robert McCarthy "Chuck" A still mouth catches no flies. Louise Ann Vogel Some think the world is made for fun and frolic ... and so do LLWttJuniors President David Hughes Vice President Louise Venden Secretary Mary Jo Norgaren Treasurer Russell Hellickson Row 1 L. Berg, J. Clutter, B. Baumann, L. Aslakson, C. Algrlm; Row 2: Dargis, J. Bennett, L. Dahle, C. Borgen, R. Daggett, B. Anderson; Row 3: Beyer, G. Ascher, K. Alshouse, S. Brown, V. Bronson, T. Bradley, Row 4. Cowee, T. Carleton, H. Manson, J. Dahle, B. Arneson, R. Lenzer. R. Benson, R. Bradley, L. S. Buckner, P. Allen, B. E. Bjoln, A. Anderson, J.Row Is N. Gloyd, E. Harried, S. Fuller, C. Edison, L. Grefsheim, M. Gullixson, L. Gloyd; Row 2; L. Hanson, J. Endl, C. Gable, P. Ellengson, M. Halverson, S. Forrer, M. Ehle; Row 3: T. Ghertson, R. Halverson, W. Drogsvold, T. Hajny, D. Gassen, S. Eggleson, R. Hayter; Row 4; R. Hasz, J. Hansen, G. Hanson, L. Eifert, D. Halzel, L. Hubred, B. Harried, C. Drotning. Row Is K. Kueper, J. Keehn, S. Jenks, L. Coon, C. Johnson, M. Hunt, M. Jerdee; Row 2: S. Johnson, J. Hoffman, L. Hougan, P. Judd, D. Hawklnson, V. Knuds on, C. Ketchum; Row 3: J. Klingaman, C. Kortte, D. Kong, D. Kalland, D. Jacobson, D. Johnson, J. Holte, P. Jones; Row 4; D. Hoff, R. Hellickson, S. Hiles, G. Jorgenson, L. Johnson, G. Jenson, R. Johnson, D. Hughes.Row 1- B Peterson C. Olson, M. Ortman, A. Nassen, G. Michaelis, D. Obrecht; Row 2: N. Pitcher, M Monson M. Preston, D. Olson, C. Onsrud, J. Muetz, B. Overson, B. Ossman; Row 3: P. Melhuse, B.’ O’Connell, D. Noyce, M. Myhre, M. Mulcahy, M. Mennes, M. Norgaren; Row 4: L. Moe, J. Nelson, R. Netrefa, J. Norem, K. Nordlie, D. Merck, B. Onsgard, J. Moen. Row • N. Richmond, N. Stiklestad, S. Serstad, M. Rustad, R. Spilde, L. Rinden, L. Skaar; Row 2: K. Riddle, P. Quale, M. Rorge, S. Sphatt,a Schmoll, M. Ring, A. Schroeder, T. Pullman, E. Quam; Row 3: C. Schneidewind, J. Outhouse, R. Peterson, D. Norin, M. Sperle, W. Rhyner, H. Skaar, L. Sproul; Row 4: C. Stiff, B. Rindt, A. Siebert, S. Sproul, J. Rosenbaum, J. Schedel, D. Quam. How 1: S. Williams, B. Swenson, M. Weber, V. Vranich, M. Williams, D. Weiglein, R. Vesterdahl; Row 2: M. Zander, R. Ursino, P. Young, K. Thompson, T. Strommen, C. Veum; Row 3: J. Streich! L. Venden, M. Whaley, J. Walsh, A. Winters, R. Tiemann, J. Strong; Row 4; D. Swingen. P. Theiler J. Zemke, D. Swalheim, T. Topp, D. Weber, R. Stratton. Row 1: D. Kvalheim, R. Maurer, L. Lacy, T. McCall, B. Link; Row 2: S. Lemonds, B. Lunde L Lower P. Lynch, J. Martinson, B. Bakke; Row 3: A. Martin, D. Malinowski, J. Lemonds, V. Ladel N Learned P. McCarthy; Row 4; P. Lysne, K. Lepine, R. Krueger, D. Larson, M. Lund, A. Lally s. Lundgren!Sophmores Row 1- L Aaberg, J. Aaberg, L. Bruheim, T. Anderson, C. Collens; Row 2: J. Blakely, T. Anderson, J Brodhagen N. Chrltton, S. Anderson, L. Collins; Row 3: T. Curtin, P. Anderson, W. Bates, J. Brown, H. Bjo !T Arisen; Row 4: T. Bothim, J. Busch, L. Beyer, L. Brusegar, D. Christianson, G. Christen- son, W. Culham.Row 1: R. Grilley, P. Favreau, L. Giddley, L. Ganshert, B. Elsing, M. Dahle; Row 2: S. Folbrecht, K. Ehle, J. Dawson, G. Graves, J. Gerber, S. Friedman, J. Erickson; Row 3: L. Grefsheim, S. Daggett, S. Gable, J. Engels, T. Fosdal, P. Frierdlch, K. Deneen; Row 4: W. Drotning, W. Graville, D. Gassen, G. Eyerson, D. Eastman, D. Graville, B. Frank. Row 1: G. Haugen, S. Hildebrandt, C. Jenkins, S. Hubred, S. Johnsen, R. Heath, D. Harried; Row 2: C. Harled, K. Johnson, L. Johnson, P. Jacobson, M. Hayter, B. Gunderson, C. Hanson; Row 3: D. Johnson, J. Jans on, B. Hale, D. Hvam, K. Hanson, N. Holtan, L. Harled, T. Halverson; Row 4: D. Hanson, R. Gullickson, K. Hoel, R. Hanson, R. Hiles, J. Halverson, R Hanson.Row Is W. Pundt, I. Mikkelson, T. Rand, H. Roetter, S. Onsrud, M. Pfaffenbach, J. MUler; Row 2: S. Pitcher, J. Rasmussen, D. Petty, J. Merck, J. Miller, J. Olson, D. Miller; Row 3: • Ossmann, J. Mahocher, J. Moeser, K. Nissler, J. McCarthy, R. Reppen; Row 4: M. Netrefa, D. Plachetta, R. Meyer, K. Meixl, T. Padfield, D. Nelson, L . Radecki. Row Is L. Lund, B. Lacy, R. Klingaman, D. Kravick, N. Ketchum; Row 2: G. Martin, D. Julseth, J. King, D. Mateika, K. Lacy, D. Juve, L. Marsh; Row 3: K. Juve, W. Kittleson, H. Lein, R. Jones, T. Klongland, R. Klingaman; Row 4: L. Kinnamon, D. Kind, B. Maas, D. Leikness, T. Johnson, C, Kelley, P. McCarthy.Row 1: P. Sproul, S. Rorge, M. Skough, M. Smith, K, Seamonson; Row 2: M. Stenjem, J. Sticklestad, S. Rogers, S. Spilde, L. Scheel, P. Strandlie; Row 3; V. Short, D. Sproul, R. Scheel, L. Slinde, B. Spllde, J. Sperle, M. Smith; Row 4: D. Silbaugh, T. Santos, D. Strandlie, M. Roidt, J. Selbo, D. Schmidt, J hatto. Row 1: R. Scheldrup, B. Wennlund, R. Vetter, G. Wagaman,K. Trow, N. Stuvetraa; Row 2: S. Vlndedahl, B. Sveum, J. Zirk, S. Sybert, C. Zander, L. Swalheim; Row 3: T. Turner, R. Swangstu, J. Winters. R. Velum, B. Whitelaw, A. Thorson, D. Vale.Freshmen President Maren Nyhagen Vice President Larry Rambo Secretary Diane Venden Treasurer Ralph Lysne Row 1- T Bailey S. Chayka, L. Asperheim, L. Cormell, C. Beck, J. Biermann; Row 2: C. Bliese, I Muzatko D. Bradford, M. Bieri, S. Christianson, J. Brown, J. Bates; Row 3: L. Christianson, T. Augustine, R. Baldwin, S. Arneson, J. Bolland, K. Buskager, K. Arneson; Row 4: R. Beaster, H. Brekke, T. Bakken, R. Buckenmeyer, J. Allen, M. Coon, L. Bothum.How 1: D. Dickson, A. Gullickson, V. Gausman, V. Dargis, S. Fuller, S. Emery; Row 2: C. Elsing, M. Erdahl, C. Couch, R. Femrite, J. Fosdahl, J. Furseth, S. Fuller, W. Foss; Row 3: R. Gullickson, C. Elliot, S. Geallis, E. Fons, D. Drogsvold, R. Dvorak, G. Eastman, D. Dell; Row 4: D. Cudney, L. Gunderson, R. Erickson, S. Felio, G. Everson, R. Ehle, J. Eggleson, G. Halverson. Row 1: G. Hellickson, D. Hillery, R. Jasensky, J. Halverson, P. Jacobson, J. Hougan, L. Hunt; Row 2: B. Hansen, P. Iverson, S. Harried, J. Evans, B. Harried, M. Johnson, L. Handeland, G. Halverson; Row 3: D. Huston, P. Hubred, K. Johnson, D. Holtan, T. Hove, R. Helgestad, L . Jones, G. Judd, E. Hudkins; Row 4: F. Hanson, J. Johnston, M. Huston, L. Jerdee, T. Hanson, J. Jacobs, D. Hanson, L. Johnson.Row Is L. Kingery, C. Kittieaon, P. Martinson, J. Kinneman, G. Kershaw, K. Leikness, P. Lynch; Row 2: L. Ladd, R. Kittle son, W. Kellenhoffer, J. Lacy, S. Leikness, D. Karlslyst, D. Linde rud, K. Larsen; Row 3: L. Lab re, K. Larson, S. Lacey, R. Lysne. M. Kitson, B. Maerz, D. Kong, L. Lee, R. Mowery. Row 1: R. Kittleson, L. Nelson, U Meixl, S. Natvig, B. Olson, T. Onsrud, K. Mayberry; Row 2: D. Meyer, D. Olson, R. Melcher, T. Midthun, R. Nelson, M. Ortman, J. Muetz, G. Nordness; Row 3s R. Mulcahy, R. Olson, S. Norin, A. Ofstun, M. Martinez, D. Myrland, M. Miller, D. Outhouse; Row 4: M. Owen, S. Onsrud, M. Nyhagen, M. McCarthy, R. Onsrud. B. Malinowski, G. Paton, J. Moe.Row Is D. Shatto, K. Peterson, V. Paulson, J. Skaar, G. Santos, K. Radeckl, A. Quam; Row 2: S. Rand S. Peterson, N. Rhyner, K. Richmond, R. Robertson, J. Sersch, M. Peterson, G. Johnson; Row 3- si Severson, C. Prosser, D. Ringgenberg, M. Sannes, J. Schroeter, J. Swatell, A. Rogers, T. Reppen; Row 4: J. Rorge, R. Ramsden, C. Peiper, L. Reinstad, D. Peterson, L. Ram bo, P. Rice, J. Sornson. Row Is D. Vale, S. Hubing, R. Sunne, J. Zirk, J. Ulrich, S. Young, B. Stiklestad; Row 2: A. Stenjem, L. Sylvester, C. Starks, J. Velum, J. Thompson, R« Wethal, S. Sundby, T. Veek; Row 3: P. Wealti, C. Vlasak, J. Swerig, P. Williams, S. Swenson, L. Torke, D. Wright, D. Williams; Row 4: R. Tofte, J. Stockstad, D. Stal, T. Spangler, D. Venden, P. Sveum, p. Tenjum, B. Veland.R°w 1:D. WlUim . T. Aiiderson, J. Hajny, J. Sveum, M. Weber, C. Drotning. Row 2: J. Kalhagen, L. Marsh, M. Rorge, J. Enckson, L. tdngery, B. Hansen. Row 3: M. Seamonson, W. Drotning, G. Paton. L. Lacy, Ibba. 9 Philo Row 1: P. Lynch, M. Halverson, B. Hanson, L. Dargls, J. Ringgenberg, J. Favreau, V. Vranich. Row 2: J. Berg, R. Daggett, C. Borgen, S. Gates, S, Schmoll, P. Schaal, A. Jacobsen, B. Weber. Row 3: R. Hayter, J. Johnson, R. Beyer, S. Buckner, M. Lund, B. Forton, L. Venden, L. Rustad, M. Weber.Pres. - B. Forton AFS Student - Ibba Councils - A. Thompson, P. Schaal, J. Holte, C. Hansen, J. Jacobs. A.F.S. The Helmer Holte family: Trudy, Ibba, Judy, and Mr. and Mrs. Holte. Ingebjord Haroldsdottir from Iceland The Glenn Ketchum family: Mr. Ketchum, Noreen, Lucretia, Olga, Glenn, Cynthia, Mrs. Ketohum, Jody, and Karen. Olga Vindas from Costa RicaPeggy Schaal, David Harled, Peggy Berndt, Eric BJlon, Cynthia Ketchum, David Swlngen, Gayle Mortinson Ken Le Pine, Kay Kenyon, Bill O'Connell, Trudy Anderson, Jon Hajny, Vickie Hoveland, Jim Scueler’ Margie Rorge, Scott Hansen, Kathy Lacy, Lyle Harried. Accompaniest- Sandee Sphati Norwegian DancersPres. - B. Forton V-Pres. - W. O'Connell Sec. - M. Rorge Treas. - L. Williams Youth Council Dance Band How Is L. Collins, J. Offerdahl, K. Kenyon, C. Nelson. Row 2: S. Daggett, W. Drotning, J. Zirk, H. Os land, M. Sperle. Row 3: S. Stocks tad, C. Drotning, L. Beyer, T. Klongland, D. Kalland, D. Johnson, T. Rand, J. Bunting, G. Ascher.Row 1: S. Sphatt, C. Algrim, J. Ulrich, R. Oren, J. Favreau, J. Ringgenberg, J. Kingery. Row 2: S. Friedman, B. Weber, K. Johnson, L. Ladd, B. Sticklestad, A. Fortney, L. Nelson, B. Harried, J. Dawson. Row 3: R. Robertson, J. Thompson, K. Kelley, D. Venden, M. Whaley, K. Alshouse, R. Hayter, A. Rogers, J. Rorge, L. Johnson. Forensics Debate Row 1: S. Chayka, J. Bolland, J. Dawson, N. Critton. Row 2: E. Hudkins, E. Fons, D. Halzel, R. Halverson, D. Williams.Row 1: C. Hansen, B. Nelson, L. Wyrick, S.Serstad, V. Knudson, L. Dargis, A. Fortney, S. Rogers. Row 2: J. Berg, S. Olson, J. Dawson, J. Kingery,S. Forrer, K. Kenyon, K. Johnston, J. Ringgenberg, D. Hawkinson, B. Weber. Row 3: L. Collins, S. Sphatt, M. Weber, R. Spllde, P. Anderson, M. Halverson, L. Venden, P. Favreau, S. Onsrud. Row 4: G Ascher, M. Whaley, T. Jones, J. MacDonald, M. Hansen, D. Halzel, M. Cantwell. S. Lundgren, K. Kelley, C. Overson. Dramatics Pres. - J. Thompson V. Pres. - A. Thompson, T. Carleton Sec. - J. stretch Treas. - B. HayterRow 1: A. Thompson, W. Heath, B. Hanson, L. Ossman. Row 2: W. Graville, D. Strandlie, K. Meixl, D. Weber, S. Stokstad. Camera Club President - D. Malinowski V. Pres. - E. Quam Sec. - J. McCaffery Treas. - D. Listug Pep Band Row 1: Mr. Gohlke, L. Lacy, J. Hoffman, J. Spangler, S. Kvalheim, G.Ascher, M. Cantwell. Row 2: M. Ehle, R. Daggett, B. Beyer, L. Collins, J. Offerdahl, L. Cooper, J. Rosenbaum. Row 3: J. MaCaffrey, D. Johnson, K. Kenyon, C. Nelson, P. Anderson, T. Anderson, J. Johnson. Row 4: D. Nelson, T. Rand, J. Hanson, J. Bunting. Row 5: M.Sperle, W. Drotning, H. Osland, J. Zlrk, C. Borgen, S. Daggett, W. Bates, K. Nissler. Row 6: S. Stockstad, C. Drotning, C. Olson, L. Lathrop, L. Beyer, T. Kongland, R. Oren.Row 1: R. Scheel, S. Norin, D. Kong, T. Gjertson, E. Mikkelson, J. Clutter, M. North. Row 2: J. Furseth, J. Fosdal, V. Paulson, G. Wawtelle, R. Klingaman, R. Klingamon, T. Fascial. Row 3: T. Anderson, M. Sperle, D. Norin, R. Norin, J. Zemke, C. Hull, D. Swalheim. F.F.A. Pres. - J. Mayberry V. Pres. - B. Beyer Sec. - J. Kittelson Treas. - B. Link Degree Chairman - L. Segebrecht Reporter - L. Alaskeson Pres. - L. Lathrop Hist. - M. Cantwell F.H.A. V. - Pres. - D. Benson Sec. - D. Quam Treas. - H. Skaar Sentinel - S. Link Reporter - J. Schedal Row 1: M. Ring, L. Johnson, M. Skough, C. Harled, M. Jerdee, M. Dahle. Row 2: D. Juve, J. Rasmussen, N. Pitcher, M. Monson, C. Gable, S. Fuller, D. Weiglein, L. Hanson. Row 3: M. Smith, B. Baumann, G. Haugen, J. Sperle, K. Juve, B. Arneson, M. Augstine, J. Kenne. . 7.1. Pres. - B. Curtin V. -Pres. - M. Lund Sec. - J. Rosenbaum Treas. - M. Ehle Hist. - J. Clutter Pres. - B. Fosdahl V-Pres. - L. Dargis Sec.-Treas. - B. Stickestadt Librarians Row 1 S. Rand, T. Onsrud, S. Chayka, C. Johnson, D. Hillery, L. Nelson. Row 2: C. Elliot, V. Dargis, D. Hanson, B. Maas, L. Torke, A. Winters, U Melxl, R. Femrlte. Row 1: L. Dahle, M. Dahle, S. Folbrecht, K. Deneen, M. Williams, R. Daggett. Row 2: G. Wagamar, B. Dux, J. Denzel, A. Lally, C. Tofte, J. Blakely. K. Kind.Row 1: J. Ringgenberg, N. Stuvetraa, J. Favreau, S. Kvalheim, L. Lacy, M. Guliixson, P. McCarthy. Row 2: L. Harried, D. Wennlund, T. Anderson, C. Borgen, B. Fosdahl, K. Keuper, M. Hayter, C. Johnson. Row 3: S. Hoffman, L. Cooper, M. Rustad, C. Nelson, C. Overson, K. Bothum, V. Quam, S. Eggelson, J. Spangler, P. Tenjum. Row 1: A. Quam, L. Harried, N.Stuvetraa, R. Oren, M. Hayter, J. Hoffman. Row 2: S. Gates, S. Kvalheim, L. Cooper, H. Manson, M. Cantwell, J. Rorge. Pres. - B. Curtin V-Pres. - J. Spangler Sec. - C. Nelson Treas. S. Sphatt Red Cross M.F.A. Pres. - J. Kail and V. Pres. - N. Scheel Sec. - S. Gates Treas. - J. HaszRow 1: L. Rinden, A. Thorsen, D. Plachette, D. Kind, M. Netrefa, S. Hedbrandt. Row 2: K. Riddle, J. Martinsen, E. Harried, S. Williams, C. Zander, J. Erdahl. Row 3: T. Santos, L. Brusegar, G. Jorgenson, J. Busch. K. Nissler, D. Silbaugh. Pres. - G. Hansen V-Pres. - H. Johnson Sec. -Treas. - R. Grilley Science Nature Pres.- B. Schmoll V. Pres. - R. Wick Sec. - S. Schmoll Treas. - D. Everson Row 1: S. Gable, L. Berg, G. Christenson, D. Hanson, P. Jones, T Bothum. Row 2: D. Harried, R. Jones, J. McCarthy, H. Hanson, R. Reppen, S. Daggett, G. Martin. Row 3: R. Hellickson, J. Winters, C. Stiff, R. Halverson, W. Onsgard, R. Stratton, K. LePine. Row 4; K. Hoel, D. Eastman, J. Paschkewltz, G. Everson, R. Hanson, J. Selbo, R. Gulllckson.Row 1: K. Trow, L. Lund, S. Sybert, S. Johnson, C. Hansen. Row 2: B. Spilde, J. Topp, J. Moeser, T. Turner, S. Buckner. Spanish Pres. - P. Lynch V - Pres. - L. Burch Sec. - J. Stiklestad Treas. - B. Sveum Pres.- L. Rustad V. Pres. - T. Anderson Sec. - A. Jacobson Treas. - C. Onsrud Art Row 1: G. Mortenson, M. Smith, K. Nelson, K. Alshouse, J. Bennett, N. Urlsh, N. Ketchum. Row 2: L. Marsh D. Miller, K. Owen, J. Gerber, D. Gerber, M. Obrecht, D. Trow. Row 3: B. Cress, D. Hughes, B. Anderson J. Cowee, L. Johnson, J. Schueler, T. Melhuse.Row 1: R. Peterson, R. Gander, J. Klingamon, R. Ursino, I). Petty, S. Quam, T. Richmond. Row 2: D. Olson, M. Ortman, D. Schmidt. M. Gerard. R. Meyer, C. Peterson, L. Moe, R. Netrafa, R. Johnson. Pres. -H. Hellickson V. -Pres. - M. Rosenbaum 2xec. Officer - B. Briggs ec. - G. Seybold rreas. - D. Smith Sportsman n Rifle Presi. - L. Olson V. Presi. - J. Dahle Sec. - L. Grefsheim Treas. - T. Strom men Row 1: R. Heath, M. Vike, T. Halverson, P. Rising, R. Maurer, L. Swalheim. Row 2: J. Zemke, R. Hiles, T. Padfield, L. Radeeki, J. Rosenbaum, W. Rhyner, D. Nelson, G. Hanson, F. Marsh.Row 1: J. Clutter, K. Johnston, J. Kingery, S. Buckner, J. Rosenbaum, C. Onsrud. Row 2: A. Jacobson, R. Jacobson, L. Dargis, A. Fortney, J. Mayberry, V. Vranich, K. Thompson. Row 3: C. Algrim, V. Quam, M. Cantwell, T. Hajny, H. Manson, R. Paton, K. Roetter, K. Nelson. Row 1: H. BJlon, C. Olson, C. Onsrud, H. Roetter, C. Olson, M. Nyhagen, P. Melhuse. Row 2: J. Kalhagen, J. Kingery, M. Baumgartner, B. Hanson, K. Johnston, T. Pullman, M. Pfaffenbach, L. Kingery, B. Hansen. Row 3: S. Hansen, J. Schueler, T. Melhuse, R. Lenser, E. BJlon, C. Shatto, L. Venden, K. Roetter, K. Nelson, B. Peterson. Row 4: P. Theller, J. Carleton, T. Carleton, J. Cowee, S. Hlles, C. Hoel, R. Hill, G. Jenson.NOON - GAA Pres. -K. Kenyon V-Pres. -J. Hasz Sec. - P. Lynch Treas. -C. Borgan NIGHT - GAA Pres. - A. Jacobsen V-Pres. -B. Weber Sec. - S. Serstad Treas. -C. Borgen G.A.A. 'CHfinPS Bad mitt on Champions - L. Venden, S. Eggleson VOLLEY BALL TEAM Row 1: L. Williams, B. Hansen, P.Schaal, S. Olson. Row 2: K. Kenyon, J. Clutter, J. Thompson, B. Nelson. BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Row 1: S. Olson, J. Hasz, J. Johnson, C. Johnston. Row 2: J. Clutter, J. Mayberry, K. Owen, M. Anderson. Miss Reek - AdvisorRow 1: J. Erdahl, S. Folbrecht, S. Rogers, B. Anderson, R. Robertson, P. Schaal, C. Zander, L. Scheel, S. Olson. Row 2: K. Trow, S. Arnold, N. Stuvetraa, J. Miller, J. Miller, E. Eleven, M. Ehle, C. Borgen, K. Arneson, M. Anderson. Row3: B. Baumann,C. Algrim, T. Anderson, L. Cooper, M. Netrefa, J. Blakely, J. Johnson, S. Green, L. Lacy, S. Anderson, D. Johnson. Row 4: K. Carson, S. Norin, R. Spilde, A. Thompson. K. Meixl, T. Carleton, D. Plachetta, M. Rustad, M. Gullixson, R. Velum, G. Sawtelle. A ?Cappella Pres.- N. Urish V-Pres. - J. Thompson Sec. -S. Gates Robes - S. Frank Librarian - S. Eggleson Freshman Chorus Row 1: J. Sersch, G. Santos, L. Johnson, S. Emery, T. Bailey, S. Chayka. Row 2: P. Iverson, R. Otteson, M. Ortman, M. Erdahl, G. Johnson. Row 3: L. Bothum, P. Rice, J. Biermann, J. Egglesen, S. Swenson, D. Wright, J. Swerig.How Is K. Seamonson, J. Manocker, W. Kittleson. Row 2: L. Grefshelm, F. Juve, R. Haried. I Industrial Arts Pres. - D. Larson V. Presi. - L. Eifert Sec.- D. Christiansen Treas. - D. Schmidt Pres. - H. Hellickson V. - Pres. - C. Sunby Sec.-Treas. - J. Hajny “5” Club Row 1: R. Slinde, R. Kittlesen, T. Jones, P. Melhuse, P. lysne, R. Hellickson, W. Briggs, R. Paton. Row 2: T. Strommen, T. Olson, S. Link, L. Haried, D. Obrecht, P. Jones, B. Hanson, R. Benson, G. Nelson. Row 3; D. Smith, K. LePine, D. Benson, E. Bjion, R. Hill, L. Grefsheim, P. Elsing, T. Turner, N. Paris. Row 4: L. Lathrop, D. Halzel, W. Bates, C. Hoel, J. Nelson, W. Harried, W. O'Connell, M. Sperle, D. Roneid. 0WJ15: Everson, S. Hiles, W. Beaster, M. Hanson, J. Sveum, J. Carleton, J. Schedel, J. Norem, K. Nordlie, R. Hasz. 9Row 1- M. Ehle, R. Dagget, B. Beyer, R. Collins, J. Offerdahle. Row Z: M. Halverson, L. Cooper, J. Spangler, T. Anderson, P. Anderson, J. Strlech, J. Johnson. Row?: D B eri, sW e, h! J Hoffman K. Hoel B. Lacy, H. Os land. Row 4; S. Kvalhelm, S. Anderson, N. Critton, B. Moss, N. Urlsh, B. J. Sclfct S. Daggett. Row 5: Mr. Gohlke, J. Carlton, D. Llstug, J. McCarthy. M. Stokstad.Majorettes: T. Carlton, B. Forton, N. Crltton, G, Ascher, J. Striech. Row 1: L. Grefshelm, C. Collins, M. Cantwell, S. Rorge, G. Ascher, Row 2: P. McCarthy, L. Lacy, J. Rosenbaum, D. Gassln, B. Scheldrup, T. Anderson, V. Short, S. Freidman. Row 3: M. Sperle, W. Bates, C. Nissler, D. Johnson, N. Emerson, D. Arnold, B. Frank, C. Nelson, K. Kenyon. Row 4; J. Schedel, R. Oren, L. Lathrop, N. Ketchum, L. Beyer, D. Kalland, C. Olson, T. Carlton, C. Drotning, S. Stokstad. Row 5: T. Rand, D. Nelson, J. Bunting, H. Hansen, C. West.Cheerleaders JUNIOR VARSITY-Row 1: A. Martin, N. Critton, K. Lacy. Row 2: Captain-P. Lynch, S. Sphatt, C. Collins. FRESHMAN-Row 1: S. Christianson, S. Peterson, P. Iverson. Top- L. Kingery.Football SHS 0 Watertown 12 SHS 7 Monroe 46 SHS 9 Middleton 7 SHS 14 Ft. Atkinson 28 SHS 24 Edge rt on 9 SHS 6 Ft. Atkinson 28 SHS 14 Edge rt on 9 SHS 24 Sun Prairie 19 SHS 12 Jefferson 35 SHS 0 Monona Grove 47 Mr. Lord, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Koenig, Mr. Pleper. Row 1: B. Beaster, J. Sveum, M. Sperle, P. Elsing, H. Hellickson, K. Nordlie, B. Briggs, D. Ronled, J. Norem, M. Hanson, Mr. Lord. Row 2: D. Malenowski, R. Krugar, R. Kittleson, R. Benson, J. Nelson, D. Halzel, R. Slinde, J. Hajny, C. Sundby, E. Bjoin, J. Carleton, Mr. Thompson. Row 3: R. Hellickson, B. O'Connell, P. Lysne, K. LePine, M. Mennis, J. Clutter, P. Ellingson, J. Schedel, R. Hasz, C. Stiff, Mr. Koenig. Row 4: G. Nelson, J. Engles, R. Hiles, T. Olson, G. Everson, J. Shatto, R. Hanson, H BJoln, S. Link, L. Lathrop, B. Drotning, Row 5: P. Melhuse, ,L. Brusegar, A. Thorson, M. Vixe, R. Ursino, J Selbo, T. Klongland, R. Stratton. Row 6: J. Zemke, W. Kittleson. R. Meyer, D Schmidt, L. Harried, P. Theiler, W, Culham.Seniors Bill Be as ter Bill Briggs Jon Carleton Phil Elslng Howie Hellicksou Jon Hajny Mike Hanson OWN TO R i y A —. Dick Klttleson LeRoy Lathrop Chuck Sundby Dennis Ronied Rodney Slinde John SveumFreshmen Row 1: J. Johnson, R. Lysne, M. Owen, J. Schroeter, J. Jacobs, D. Dvorak, R. Ehle, T. Rippon, B. Malinowski, R. Buckenmeyer, M. Kitson, T. Spangler. Row 2: Mr. Martin, R. Nelson, R. Kittleson, G. Hellic-owski, R. Buckenmeyer, M. Kitson, T. Spangler. Row 2: Mr. Martin, R. Nelson, R. Kittleson, C. Hellickson, T. Hove, J. Kinnamen, D. Peterson, D. Ringenberg, D. Olson, G. Paton, T. Bakken, G. Halverson, J. Stokstad, R. Tofte, M. Sannes, P. Sveum, D. Drugsvold, Mr. Peth.Volleyball Row 1: S. Hiles, J. Moeser, S. Hansen, J. Hoel, J. Carelton, K. LePlne, D. Jacobson, M. Mennes. Row 2: L. Gunderson, S. Gable, T.Klongland, J. Shatto, K. Nissler, R. Jones, P. Sveum, J. Halverson. Cross Country Row 1: p. Jones, D. Harried, D. Obrecht, N. Paris, D. Smith, D. Benson, T. Jones. Row 2: R. Grllley, C. Olson, C. Drotnlng, K. Nissler, T. Rand, S. Sundby, T. Strommen, J. Kllngaman. Row 3: R. Gulllckson, B. Bates, D. Swlngen, L. Grefshelm, L. Eifert, E. Wedoe, B. Rindt, S. Gable, Mr. Fuller.Basketball Mr. Marshall and Mr. Peth Row 1: Row 2: Mr. Marshall, H. Hellickson, R. Hill, J. Sveum, L. Grefsheim D Swingen, Mr. Peth. . Paris, B. Beaster, J. Hajny, T. Carleton, G. Everson, D. Harried. I |25 1 f:'l 11 jk 1 I 1 m Bill Be as ter z Nick Paris SHS 52 Reedsburg 67 SHS 59 Baraboo 66 SHS 59 Edge rt on 68 SHS 53, Madison Edgewood 60 SHS 46 Jefferson 57 SHS 32 Monroe 73 SHS 45 Fort Atkinson 48 SHS 56 Sun Prairie 70 SHS 55 Monona Grove 56 SHS 61 Middleton 67 SHS 59 Edge rt on 58 SHS 66 Jefferson 71 SHS 48 Monroe 76 SHS 54 Fort Atkinson 49 SHS 62 Sun Prairie 72 SHS 70 Middleton 85 SHS 60 Whitwater 66 John b'wuiuB Team Row 1: J. Winters, L. Elfert, R. Hanson, S. Hlles, D. Hvam, G. Christianson. Row 2: C. Hansen, J. Engles, L. Berg, T. Turner. Freshmen Row 1: D. Dvorak, G. Paton, M. Kitson, D. Peterson, P. Sveum J. Halverson, D. Ringgenberg, Row 2 J. Jacobs, U Rambo, T. Spangler, R. Lysne, J. Schroeter, Mr. Roloff.Tennis T. Carleton, J. Moeser, K. Nissler, N. Paris, T. Turner, S. Daggett, T. Rand,Wrestling WRESTLING SHS 17 Janesville 28 SHS 19 Madison West 23 SHS 42 Sun Prairie 0 SHS 35 Monona Grove 9 SHS 33 Middleton 11 SHS 37 Edgerton 3 SHS 33 Madison East 14 SHS 38 Jefferson 11 SHS 22 Monroe 24 SHS 29 Fort Atkinson 14 SHS 26 Oregon 12 Total 331 Total 149 Mr. Peiper and Mr. Marchlonda Varsity Conference Standing Monroe 7-0 Stoughton 6-1 Fort Atkinson 5-2 Jefferson 3-3-1 Middleton 2-4-1 Monona Grove 2-5 Edgerton 1-6 Sun Prairie 1-6 95- Ron Klttleson 103-Truman Strom men 112-Brian Hanson 120-Ted Olson 127-Larry A berg 133-Dick Klttleson 145-LeRoy Lathrop 154-Bill Briggs 165-Ken Nordlie 180-Russ HeiUckson Hwt.-Jerry Schedeli rum an Strom men - state Champion, Larry Aabere Russ Hellickson, Jerry Schedel g Junior Varsity rtuw i: Track Mr. Fuller and Mr. Thompson Row 1- E. Bjoin, K. LePine, P. Jones, B. O'Connell, T. Carleton, C. Olson, D. Harried, H. Bioin D. Jacobson, J. Norem. Row 2: B. Bates, C. Drotning, J. Winters, M. Roidt, H. Hanson, p rising T. Topp, S. Gable, P. Tyler. Row 3: G. Hansen, K. Nordlie, J. Jacobs, L. Ram bo, R. Hanson. K. Nissler, G. Everson, R. Biles, S. Hubing. Row 4: J. Klingaman, 1D. CaBand J. Dahle, D. Benson, L. Bender, T. Jones, J. Schedel, M. Owen, R. hhle. Row 5: J. Bates, J. Hougan, S. Sundby, R. Malinowski, S. Dvorak, M. Sannes, S. Stokstad.Baseball Row 1: R. Hellickson, B. Harried, G. Christianson, J. Selbo, J. Engles, C. Hansen, M. Vike L Haried Row 2: D. Jacobson, B. Briggs, P. Lysne, P. Melhuse, M. Rosenbaum, H. Hellickson, D. Roneid, D. Johnson!Golf Mr. Lord Row 1: J. Arnold, M. Huston, T. S. Paton. Row 2: D. Peterson, L. M. Hanson, H. Johnson. Bakken, G. Paton, L. Grefsheim, R. Melcher, T Klongland, Grefsheim, B. Beaster, D. Midthun, J. Paskewitz, C. Hoel,Sports Awards H. HelUckson - Guy Sundt, J. Sveum - Most Valuable Basketball, B. Briggs -Honorary “S99 and Most Valuable Football.Homecoming Queen Vicki King HowieTouchdown 6 Red RibbonProm 1965 King Werner Queen SoniaA Mystic Place Court-P. Melhuse, M. Norgaren, C. Drotning, L. Venden, R. Hellickson, L. Lacy, B. 0»Con-nell, M. Weber, D. Hughes, J. Streich.Prom '64Class Blair Anderson leaves his art ability to Jim Cowee. Terry L. Anderson leaves his “wild west boots19 to Denny Norin. Craig Ausse leaves his tall tales to Eric Bjion. Myra Anderson leaves her Norwegian ski poll’s and sweaters to Cathy Onsrud. Terry A. Anderson leaves singing the Marines Hymn. Margaret Augustine bequeathes her look of innocence to Sil. Tim Bratvold wills his journalistic abilities to any remaining journalist. Jeff Bowen leaves his quietness to Adrian Martin. Don Benson leaves with that “Lone Ranger” chasing after. Eric Bolland blasts off for the moon or planet X. June Berg bequeaths her “A’s” to Tom Bradley. Bill Briggs pushes his complex onto Ken LePine. Yvonne Bjustad dances towards Turner Hall. Jimmy Bunting goes a hunting for to catch a...? Lynn Blaha rattles out. Patricia Buckenmeyer gives her rings to Sally Eggleson. Sharon Brown and Jean Handleland extend their social lives to their younger sisters. “Hondo” Beaster leaves his building blocks and tired pants to Gomer Hiles. Peggy Berndt leaves her hair stylist to Linda Lower. Connie Bergeron leaves the cosmetic counter for Helena Rubenstein. Vicke Borneson leaves looking toward the future. Kathy Bothum leaves her blushing checks to Richard Johnson. Larry Bender leaves hoping to straighten up. Bette Cress leaves with 40% fewer cavities. Carol Crawford leaves a little less accident prone—we hope! Linda Cooper passes her lipstick ontoJenelleKing. Jon Carleton wills his “attention, for announcements” to Carl Scheidewin. Debby Culham gallops off for a brider future. Bill Christianson leaves his many ski trips to Bunny and Trudy. Judi Clutter leaves her sweet personality to a needy person. Barbara Curtin and Gene Draper leave their furnishings to Cliff Couch. Marilyn Cantwell wonders off to story-book land. Marilynn Dahl leaves her long blue fingernails to Mr. Marshall. Joni Denzel and Juliana Rosenbaum leave seperatinglyness. Barb Dux ducks out. Rodney Danks leaves his office calls to Larry Johnson. Dave Daggett drags out in reverse. Joyce Erickson leaves singing “Farmer in the Dale!” Phillip Elsing’s phisique goes to Ron Halverson. David Everson leaves his biological brilliance to Nancy Gloyd. Nancy Emerson leaves with a hop, skip, and ...whoops she fell on the jump. Stanley Frank leaves the Scott tissue company well in business. Barb Forton leaves chasing the boys... etcetra. Barb Fosdahl leaves her sweet smile to Jan Dawson. Sonje Fredericksen leaves her corrective shoes to “Prince Charming!” Anita Fortney leaves her organizational ability to Christine Borgen. Lavem Francis Henry Carl Topp Jr. leaves spinning. Jackie Favreau leaves singing “frera jacques.” Dennis Gardner leaves his “Green Thumb” to Rose Ursino and Rose Myrland. Mary Gauger leaves her convertable to anyone who likes the song “Blow’n in the Wind.” Gary Gerber leaves his thumb to Jim Shatto. “Bono” Grefsheim wills his cadaver to the SHS science department. Dick Gilson and Phil Owen leave their four speed transmission to David Kalland. Sondra Gates opens the way for opportunity. Shirley Green wills her driving skills to Lyle Harried. Michael Gerard leaves still looking for the fugitive. Donna Gerber skips out with Tanya Baumgartner. Rodney and Linda Harried leave their family titles to any remaing Harrieds, or Harieds, if there are any. Herr Hoel leaves his footprints at SHS. Scott “Susie Bod” Hansen bequeaths his poetic motion to Bev Hanson. Barb Hanson said she was going to leave and she did. Jackie Hasz bequeathes her wrestling medals to Nancy Critton. Dennis Hanson leaves his hair to Goldylocks. Ibba leaves her ‘ buks” to next years foreign exchange student. George Hansen leaves blinking his baby blue eyes at—wonder who? Bill Heath and Joel Hurst leave for the Ponderosa. Mike Hanson leaves Proxmeier to Mr. Roloff. Howard Hellickson leaves his past to Russ’s future. Rick Hill leaves his dimples to Jill Martinson. “Hatchet” Hajny leaves his hatchet, charm, good looks, brains, coordination, broken bones, etc. to Mike Roight. Vickie Hoveland wills her impromtu entertainment skills to Tom Hajny. Diane Jungbluth leaves her true hair color to Lady Clairal. Ruth Jacobsen wills her typewriter to whoever is willing to take it. Julie Johnson gallops down the aisle. Linda Johnson wills her ravishing finger nails to Becky Sheldrup. Terry Jones argumentatively leaves Mr. Martin for the college profs. Howard Johnson leaves his 28 flavors to Wayne Culham and Father. Kasey Johnston leaves her Southern belle attributes to the next Southerner who walks into SHS. John Julseth just cracked another corny and now we’re leaving. Ann Jacobsen leaves her halo to Bob Beaster and Roger Baldwin. Fred Juve leaves his masculine voice to GeorgaBelle Ascher. Don Jacobson gives his basketball ability to Tom Turner. Pat Kleibor bequeathes her beautiful smile to a needy sour puss. Elaine Kleven and Kathryn Kind leave joyous. Sharon Kvalheim stashes her clarinet away for good. Judy Kalhagen donates her bushel baskets to Beverly Veland. Mary Keena leaves her donut crumbs to Donna Hasldnson. Jan Kingery leaves her “do nothing” attitude to Liz. Kae Kanyon leaves her hot Irish temper to Kris Kelley. Judy Kalland leaves her lunch basket to Mrs. Enge. Jancie Kittleson leaves her horse to Julie Ulrich.James Lostetter leaves his excess height to Tom Carleton. Steve Link leaves looking for the missing one. Mike Larsen leaves his wit to some one who wants it. LeRoy Lathrop wills his wrestling skills to Truman Strom men. David Listug leaves his executive abilities to Dean Kong. Eric Mikkelson leaves still being mistaken for his brother. Charles McCarthy leaves his quietness to Diane Gassen. John McCaffery leaves for the photographic department of a certain magazine. Dennis Midthun leaves his attendance record to Mary Jo Noregard. Jeff MacDonald leaves his acting talents to Paul Theiler. Niles Mjelde leaves the teacher bugged. Steve Martin takes his many “talents'9 into the service. Tom Melhuse desperatly tries to finish that last critique before he leaves. Gayle Mortinson leaves her shining face to Roger Buckenmeyer. Joan Mayberry leaves the fruits to Fruit City. Betti jane Nelson leaves her abilities for planning parties to Janey Gerber. Greg “Mumbles" Nelson leaves to become a door to door mouth-guard salesman. Kathie Nelson leaves her water skis and sailboat to Debbl Shatto. Harlan Neilson, Marvin North and Harlan Erdahl leave the FFA department to Mr. Weber. Cheryl Nelson and Sheila Hoffman bequeathe their band instruments to Ruth Vetter and Judy Offerdahl. Charlotte Overson leaves her place at the mirror to Beatie. Kay Owen leaves her ID to Sandy Sphatt. Sheryl Offerdahl leaves her eyes to Bill O'Connell and Pete Melhuse. Ruth “Fred" Oren leaves her shutter-bug talents to Sue Pitcher. Sharon Olson, Mary Obrecht and Diane Trow leave for the valley of the joUy green giant. Ted Olson leaves his freckles to Tim Klongland. Harold Osland leaves his grocery carrying ability to Greg Jensen. Nick Paris passes his “loaded" basketball on to Greg Everson. Gerry Prosser leaves her worn out books to whoever wants them. Linda Pederson leaves everyone wondering “Does she or doesn't she?" Chuck Peterson leaves his carrot top to “Bumba" Heath. Roy Charles Paton IQ, leaves the one and only. John Paskewitz leaves his breif case to Rocco Ursino. Virginia Quam leaves the “Pub" to Bill Onsguard. Fred Roe ben, Richard Norin, Larry Olson, and Daniel Miller leave—very regretfully. Katie Roetter leaves her literary sense to any junior taking college bound English next year. Mike “Rosy" Rosenbaum leaves “spiking" a punch. Mary Rinden bequeathes her soft spoken voice to Louise Venden. Juanita Ringgenberg leaves the Parrot to J. K. Strong. Linda Rustad leaves her hair dying abilities to Karen Thompson. Tim Richmond plays bumper tag on the way out the door. Dennis Honied wills his smile to Cynthia Ketchum. Dennis Reins tad and Tom Peterson leave compromising. Noreen Scheel leaves her curly hair to Helen Roetter. Jean Spangler leaves singing “The Stars and Stripes Forever." Judy Simonson wills her wax job to Larry Jones. Bonnie Schmoll leaves for Robin Hoods Woods. Peggy Schaal leaves her cackle to Klongland1 s hatchery. John Sveum leaves his James Bond tactics to Dave Swingen. Steve Stocks tad leaves his assets to the N. Y. Exchange. Linda Segebrecht leaves her quite manner. Chuck Sundby leaves his kinks to Mike Smith. Rod Slinde leaves his sound effects to echo in the halls. Jim Schueler leaves his romeo adventures to Per Lysne. Jim Scholes, Brian Hanson, Dick Kittleson, Buddy Osland, vanish on their varrooom. Dennis Smith leaves his special pest tatic to Greg Jenson. George Seybold leaves to join his sweetheart. Mary Seamonson and Connie McCulloach drive off in a Grand Prix. Anne and Jane Thompson leave SHS helpless. Immaculate Pat Ten j urn wills her tidiness to Jim Clutter. Laura Templin and Barb Moe leave as quietly as when they came. Nancy Urish leaves her ebony hair to Sheila Jenks. Olga Vendas leaves wondering if its true blondes have more fun. Roger Vale trades it for a scarf. Louise Vogel leaves her hair to Larry Gloyd. Debi Wennlund leaves her long hair to Mr. Peth. Barb Weber leaves as naive as ever. “Wild Cherokee Wyrick" bequeathes her nose to her ancestor. Beverly Wittig and Mary Erickson throw their bouquets to any remaining old maids. Ronny Wick leaves on a pogo stick. LeAnn Williams takes off for Watusi Land. Gene Wedoe leaves his chauffeur services to Bob Lenzer. Chuck West Passes his band uniform to Steve Dagget. David Ward wills his curls to Dennis Obrecht. Ralph Weiglein leaves his nickname to Jim Zemke.Class 5. .4...3...2...1...0.,.Blast Off !!! The thundering roar of our lunar space craft being hurled into the upper atmosphere by two gigantic booster nechanisms has, for several seconds, deafened the elderly group participating in this moon cruise. Now that the terrific pressure of take-off is being gradually lessened, and our craft is assuming its orbital position, many of the passengers are unbuckling their seatbelts and tottering into the various adjoining gr a vi ti zed-pressurized compartments—the dining room, recreation area, and lounge. The particular group on this voyage are celebrating their fiftieth high school reunion—aboard Luna Lines fabulous moon cruiser. A number of the ageing passengers are wearing faded purple Stoughton sweatshirts, moth-eaten, tattered S-jackets, tarnished and carroded class rings, and carrying crumbling purple and white pompoms. Several of the older women hobbling from group to group, catching up on the news and eagerly sharing memories of the “good old days ’ are garbed in mildewed red gym bloomers and shredding parchment colored blouses, their maiden names printed in faded letters across their somewhat humped, but nonetheless proud shoulders. As we move about the craft, it is interesting to note how the sands of time have sifted the lives of these once exhumerant seniors of the class of 65. Bill Beaster and Carl Hoel, retired chicken wire manufacturers, are engaged in erecting a large wall of their product to be used in connection with a dance to be held in the evening in memory of the prom the class endured 51 years ago. Myra Anderson and Linda Segebrecht, beteran embassadors to the land of sunny Norway, are eagerly stuffing napkins through the chickenwire. Casey Johnson and Rodney Slinde, are busily emptying the contents of three cans of red vermillion spray, which they donated from the paint store they have been operating jointly for the past thirty years, upon the completed sections of the wall. The pair are kindly allowing some of the pain to fall upon Marilyn Dahles fingernails, thereby producing a vibrant rainbow effect. Debby Culham, well preserved, and Charlotte Overson, wearing an old mutilated Goldwater button, are aparently distraught over the denial of their request to bring their herd of Arabians aboard. Anne Thompson who owns and operates a dude rancn for Brownies at Mandt Park and was instrumental in establishing a Prom advisory service under UNICEF has just submitted a study entitled “The Organizational and Social Interdependency of Spiders, Camera Bugs, and Bookworms,” to the journal Scientificati Americanae. Gerry Prosser and Pat Buckenmeyer have been discussing a recent boom in the South African Diamond mind in which they both hold several thousand shares. Following a detailed report on world and planetary events, by Jackie Favreau, over the ships loud speaker system, Jon Carleton announced that dinner is now being served in the ship’s dining room. Brian Hanson, dozing peacefully on a stool near the entrance to the cafeteria, was nearly trampled to death as Katie Roetter and George Seybold, apparantly on the verge of starvation, attempted to force their way to the head of the line. The special today is Czychloslovakian Goulosh, being prepared by the skilled hands of Bev Whittig, Bette Cress, Barb Moe, Jean Handeland, Mary Erickson, and Joan Mayberry, in honor of novelist Jon Hajny's most recently acclaimed publication; Memoirs of a Literary Hood. The tastey contents of the stew, courtes of David Daggers international chain of supermarkets, are being carefully simmered in test tubes donated by Joan Denzel. When the kitchen staff found its towel dispenser all wadded up, Shelia Hoffman's “dainty fingers” were called to the rescue. Noreen Scheel, active in the dairy queen business for some time now, is selling her specialty “Tu-senelda-Pooffen-Winkles” to eager customers. Franklin Topp is carefully placing his freshly painted sign “Get Your Goulash Here!” above the entrance to the cafeteria. At a front booth in the dining area we find Peggy Schaal stuffing herself, with Barb Forton and Joyce Erickson who are continuing the plot to tie up the last threads in their efforts to create a world association of Student Councils. Thus far only North Borneo and the Amazon River Valley remain unpenetrated by the subversive trio. In as adjoining booth, Connie Bergeron, Nancy Urish, Tanya Baumgartner, Donna Gerber, and Mary Keena are comparing what they have termed the “lousy atmosphere” of the ship's dining room to the merits of the Viking's which they patronized a half a century before. At the counter, nibbling on goulash, we find “Grub” Wennlund complaining that “Bird Dux won't stop picking on her. Gene Draper has just approched the carry-out counter and screamed “Two to go!” Whereas George “Mort” Hansen, still fighting inflation, has announced that he has foresworn french fries again. Howard Johnson has staged a sit-down strike at the counter, refusing to eat in a restaurant without and orange roof and serves less than 28 flavors of ice cream. Judy Clutter, waitress in a Chinese restaurant in Chicago for thirty years, is ordering three plates of egg-foo-yng and a pot of green tea. Mike Hanson, twice elected Dane County coroner, can be found peering out of a small porthole scanning space for flying saucers with Terry Jones.Prophecy Craig Ausse and Jeff MacDonald have been operating a beauty salon which specializes in serving customers with red hair. Michael Gerard, Dick Kittleson, Charles McCarthy, and Nick Paris are also among the patrons of their establishment. Several minutes ago Danny Miller was called to repare a leak in one of the air tanks. He found that a blow torch and a little buble gum did the trick in no time. Bill Briggs, national billiards champion, has been asked to stand by with his little red gas can, sould a fule shortage develope. Juliana Rosenbaum, emerged from a convent to join the reunion and visit with her brother Mike, both well noted “Hare-raisers” in their day. In the lab where the effects of space conditions are constantly being tested upon all forms of living matter, biologists David Everson, Ronnie Wick, Bettijane Nelson, are busily subjection Elaine Kleven, Bonnie Schmoll, Bill Heath and Don Benson to the effects of sudden pressure change as experienced in the excelleration of intercosmic travel. Lynn Blaha is performing similar tests upon diamond-backed rattlesnakes. Linda Jacobson is present, still adhereing to Mr. Jupp's definition; “Nonesence is Linda Jacobson hanging over a cliff with her finger wrapped around a daisy.” Linda Cooper, presently mayor of Stoughton, adheres closely to family tradition and is carrying out plans to establish a dynasty. Jane Thompson, garbed in her historic black evening coat and having overtaken the moon cruiser, is momentarily sweeping aboard astride a battered broomstick fresh out of the three day run of Eurecka's comic opera “Merry Puffins,” now being presented by the Dunkirk Theatre guilde. The recreation area is a buzz of activity. The women's Olympic track team of 1970— Sharon Olson, Ruth Oren, LeAnn Williams, and Nancy Emerson have been taking a slow jaunt around the spacecraft's full-sized track, just for old time's sake. As the somewhat out of condition runners drop of exhaustion, one by one, they are expertly cared for by the medical services of Judy Kalland, Mary Rinden, and Sheryl Offerdahl. Donald Jacobson, manager of the famed track team, is busily carrying buckets of water to revive the various limp forms scattered randomly down the course. Several aged Evansville skaters—Linda Peterson, and Linda Johnson, are taking a few decreped spins around the roller rink. In honor of the good old days at Turner's Hall, Yvonne Bjugstad, Kathy Bothum, and Kathy Kind, are waltzing to the music of LeRoy Lathrop and his dance band. The combo consists of Jim Bunting, Steve Stokstad, and Buddy Osland, playing “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, an old time favorite originally performed by an ancient group of insectiverous English minstrels. Sondee Gates adds a few croons with a basoon to the melodious roundelay. Phil Owen, John Julseth, Gene Wedoe, and Fred Roeben have all gained fame at the Indianapolis Speedway. And to think they began their illustrious careers upon the streets of Stoughton. Diane Jungbluth and David Ward sent word that they would not be able to attend but evidently changed their minds at the last minute and came anyway. Our pilots, Tim Bratvold and Tim Richmond, reliquished the controls to the competant hands of Connie “Cluch” McCulloch and Janice Kittleson, when they were summoned by Eric Bolland to say a few words to the friendly folk on Jupiter over the interplanetary radio communicator. While most students quit playing marbles by the time they entered high school observers say that Margaret “Gus” Augustine, is still relatively active with her “cow-eyes.” Rick Hill and Chuck Sundby staged a revolution while serving as carry-out boys at the Piggly Wiggle. Unfortuantely the chain suffered financial ruin soon after the mutinous take-over. Farmers Bill Christianson, Harlan Erdahl, Ralph Weiglein, and Steve Link have been engaged in a vicious range war with Ted Olson, Richard Norin, Eric Mikkleson, Jim Lostetter, and Larry Olson over water rights to the Yahara River for irrigation purposed. The two groups run rival cranberry bog plantations. Deer hunters, Dennis Reinstad, Jim Scholes, and Linda Rustad were caught poaching on property belonging to one group of bog owners and the trio had to admit that the only things they got out of the whole affair were six wet feet and a few shriveled cranberries which had been overlooked in the harvest. Terry L. Anderson, Jeff Bowen, Joel Hurst, Dick Gilson, Harlan Nielson and Marvin North just retired from long years of service with the Kiwi Shoe polish company. They originaly joined the firm to obtain the free samples available to all employees, which the quartet deemed necessary for the care of their engineer boots. Juanita Ringgenberg was able to return for the reunion from her work in the jungles of Brazil where she had hoped to escape from her obligations to the ‘Parrot. only to find that the bird was even more prevelant in that location than in the Stoughton area. Phil Elsing and Tom Peterson, business tycoons, are given credit for revitalizing the entire economic climate of the Stoughton area when they opened a processing plant for converting the plant life in Lake Kegonsa into a vitamin-packed cereal—“Sugar Toasted Algae Bits.” His efficient secretarial staff consisting of Barb Fosdahl, Mary Gauger, Ruth Jacobson, Vicki Borneson, Pat Tenjum, Mary Seamonson, and Jean Spangler, not only take care of the book work but actually assists in gathering the new product from its aquatic croplands.Prophecy Continued - Down on the ship’s golf course, golf-pros Roy Charles Paton in and Loren “Boney” Grefsheim were about to tee off when Dennis Smith came bounding on to the green, creating a disturbance. Sensing an argument was about to ensue. Assistant US Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Martin, arrived on the scene and took a firm negative stand. Shirley Green entwined about the pins at the end of the alley in which she had been bowling when she failed to relinquish the ball at the foul line, was discovered by the Saint Bernard dog belonging to Tom Melhuse and Ann Jacobsen. The dog is usually used by the two for retrieving skiiers who have strayed from their lodge which they operate on Utica Hill just off county trunk B. John Sveum, successful real estate broker, is posing in swimming trunks and a suit coat before the cameras of John McCaffery, David Listug, and Marilyn Cantwell, professional photographers who have set up a temporary studio aboard ship. The photographers also are organizing a searching party to recruit the camera shy—Chuck Peterson and Gary Gerber, who refused to be photographed for senior pictures fifty years ago. Mike Larson, who owns a lucrative laundry business, has offered to send all the photographs through the wash at a reduced rate. June Berg, Mary Obrecht, Linda Harried, and Fred Juve, stilt manufacturers for many years, are discussing the problems faced in the business world with Dennis Mithun and Dennis Roneid who have run a company to produce elbow grease, a substance conceived of as a result of the tedious chore of cleaning the plastic roll on the overhead projector in their high school math room. Sharon Brown, Cheryl Nelson, John Paskewitz, and Judy Simonson, are being fined by the crews security ofiicer, Rodney Danks, for roudy behavior and disturbing the peace. All have served time for similar offenses in the past. “Strangler” Sharon Kvalheim, was placed in solitary confinement when she attempted to drop a wire noose over the head of Greg Nelson as he was making preparations for wiring up the cheesecloth to be used in connection with the decorations for the reunion dance to be held in the evening. Before take-off , Chuck West ramned his little red car into Rodney Haried’s little green truck. The two had been partners in a Christmas tree ornament firm before the crash but since, Rodney has sought the legal services of Attorney Niles Mjelde. Their business adventure undoubtably met with an untimely death. Julie Johnson announced that she has been working for many years at Manchester’s lengerie counter. Her counter displays are noted through out Madison for their colorfulness and originality. Sonje Fredericksen so enchanted with the severities of Wisconsin winter she has been enjoying the summer months at a drafty retreat in Northern Greenland. A group of grandmothers—Judy Kalhagen, Pat Kliebor, and Barb Hanson are still knitting—this time for the seventeen grandchildren. Several notorious late arrivals—Laura Templin, Carol Crawford, Larry Bender, Dennis Gardner, and Louise Vogel just barely made the flight, and can be seen panting together in the lounge. Linda Wyrick is delivering another of her famous essays on love to a small gathering of philosophers— Barb Curtin and Stanley Frank who just completed a discussion on the effects that Blair Anderson’s most recent poem will have upon society. Anita Fortney, advisor to the President on youth fitness, can be heard strumming her guitar and singing ‘'Where Have All The Musceles Gone?” in the background. Jackie Hasz and Howie HeUickson after two years of extensive testing, sighted “Algie Bits” as fourty-seven percent effective in retarding the growth of the young tabacco worm. Vicki Hoveland, Gayle Mortinson, Peggy Berndt, and Kae Kenyon opened a restaurant which specialized in lutefisk soon after the Norwegian Dancers returned from Florida. They were later prosecuted by the Pure Food and Drug Administration when the lutefisk turned out to be squid meat, imported from the Gulf of Mexico. Dancers, Scott Hansen and Jim Scheuler, also involved in the fraudulent enterprise, had been selling dried starfish skins as krumkake to unwary tourists on Syttendemai. The names of Kathy Nelson, Terry A. Anderson, and Diane Trow have joined those of Picasso, Renior, and Grandma Moses. The artists have opened a small gallery displaying their work aboard ship, and eager buyers are thronging to the display. Dennis Hanson’s chuckle, though a bit raspy can also be heard reverberating through the space craft. Kae Owen operates a company which produces rocking chairs for high school physical education programs. Charges are still being held against Ibba Haroldsdottir and Olga Vendas for having kidnapped the hearts of the people of Stoughton as the two left the United States in 1965. As the lunar cruise craft nears the completion of its journey, Jan Kingery, president of the class of 65, called a meeting of the reunion guests. Jan presented X-Yahara Editor Virginia Quam, head matron at a health resort and spa for retired nurses on Bass Lake, with a bronze coated copy of the 1965 annual. Barb Weber, class treasurer, clothed in the faded yellowed evening gown she had worn as prom queen, brought tears to the eyes of all those present when she rose to hail the moon cruise as the most successful reunion the class had ever had.National Honor Society Row 1: A. Winters, C. Drotning, S. Hiles, R. Hellickson, L. Vehdon, Row 2: M. Ehle, C. Borgen, M. Lund, L. Dargis, M. Weber. Row 1. A. Thompson, B. Weber, P. Schaal, J. Ringgenberg, D. Wennlund, P. Tenjum, J. Berg, B. Dux. Row 2. S. Hansen, N. Emerson, J. Favreau, K. Kenyon, L. Rustad, J. Hasz, J. Johnson, B. Curtin, J. Thompson. Row 3. C. Sundby, J. Hajny, J. Paskewitz, D. Midthun, H. Johnson, D. Ronied, H Hellickson.Spoon Spade Marcia Weber Russell Hellickson Badger Girls Boys Row 1: R. Heyter, S. Hiles, S. Sphatt. Row 2: C. Drotning, R. Hellickson, J. Norem, D. Hughes, and K. LePineHonors Banquet MAY 5, 1965 Kegonsa School llzziyitnis nf Awards NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SENIORS Jane Thompson Kae Kenyon Ann Thompson Jacqueline Hasz Charles Sundby Dennis Roneid John Paschkewitz Jonathan Hajny Barbara Curtin Barbara Weber June Berg Scott Hansen Julie Johnson Deborah Wennlund Howard Hellickson Juanita Ringgenberg Howard Johnson Dennis Reinstad Patricia Tenjum Barbara Dux Linda Rustad Jacqueline Favreau Peggy Schaal Dennis Midthun George Hansen Nancy Emerson JUNIORS Christine Borgen Letty Dargis Charles Drotning Mary Ehle Russell Hellickson Steve Hiles Margie Lund Marcia Weber Alice Winters Louise Venden GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD Jan Kingery Barbara Forton Gayle Mortenson Peggy Berndt William Briggs Marilyn Cantwell Virginia Quam Anita Fortney Barbara Hansen Philip Elsing ROTARY Jane Thompson Peggy Schaal Ann Thompson Juanita Ringgenberg Joyce Erickson SPOON: Marcia Weber SPADE: Russell Hellickson ARION AWARDS Instrumental — Kae Kenyon Vocal — Jane Thompson GIRLS STATE Rebecca Hayter BOYS STATE Charles Drotning Steven Hiles Russell Hellickson David Hughes AMERICAN LEGION AWARD SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Blue Stocking Barbara Weber Jonathan Hajny M.F.A. Deborah Wennlund "S’ Club Jonathan Hajny Youth Council Peggy Berndt Jaycettes Barbara Curtin LIONS AWARDS Juanita Ringgenberg Agriculture Leroy Lathrop Jaycees Dennis Midthun Art Linda Rustad Rotary Kae Kenyon Bus. Education Patricia Tenjum Charles Sundby Home Econ. Marilyn Cantwell Lions Jacqueline Hasz Ind. Arts Thomas Peterson Nelson Muffler John Paschkewitz Foreign Language Barbara Curtin Ben Waite Dennis Roneid Mathematics Barbara Weber Howard Johnson Science John Paschkewitz SEA. John Schedel Social Studies Ann Thompson Com. Hospital Judy Kalland English Jane Thompson Philo Jacqueline FavreauSenior Index Blair Anderson Transfer-3; Art Club-3,4 Myra Anderson Freshman Forum - 1; Sextet-1; Drama Club-2,3; Three-act Play 2; Youth Council-3,4; Ski Club-4 “B” Team Cheerleader-2; GA A -1,2,3,4; A Cappella-1,2,3,4. Terry Anderson Freshman Forum-1; Art Club- 2,3,4—Vice President-4; Youth Council-3; Ski Club-4; A Cappella 2,3,4; GAA- 3,4; “B” Team Cheerleader-3 Terry Anderson Freshman Forum-1; FFA-1, 2,3,4. Margaret Augustine Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club -2; FTA-3; FHA-4; GAA-1,2,3,4. Craig Ausse Freshman Forum - 1; Youth Council-2,3; Football-1,2,; Wrestling-1,2; Intramurals-2,3. Tanya Baumgartner Freshman Forum-1; Freshman Chorus-1; Art Club-2. William Be as ter Transfer-2; Drama Club-2; Industrial Arts Club-3; SkiClub-4; “S” Club-2,3,4; Intramurals-3 Football-4; Basketball-2,3,4; Golf-2,3,4. Larry Bender Transfer-4 Donald Benson Freshman Forum-1; Sportsmans Club-3; FFA-1,2,3,4;—Vice-President-4; Intramurals -2,3; Wrestling-3,4; Track-3,4; Cross Country-4. June Berg Freshman Forum-1; GAA-1,2,3 4; Drama Club-2,3,4—Treasurer -3; Christmas Play-3; Two-act Play-4; Parrot-3; Prom Com-mittee-3; Philo-4; National Honor Society-4. Constance Bergeron Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club -2; Youth Council-3,4; Parrot-3; Yahara-3,4; GAA-3,4. Margaret Bemdt Youth Council-2,3,4—Vice President-3; Philo-3; Class Secretary -2,3,4; Prom Court-3; Homecoming Court-4; Norwegian Dancers-2,3,4. Yvonne Bjugstad Freshman Forum-1; FNA-2; FHA-3; GAA-2,3,4. Lynette Blaha Freshman Forum-1; Archery-2 Eric Bolland Freshman Forum-1; Parrot-1; Drama Club-2,3,4; Science Club- 2,3,4, - - Treasurer-3— Sec-retary-4. Victoria Borneson GAA-1,2,3; Youth Council-1,2; FTA-3. Kathleen Bothum Freshman Forum-1; FHA-2,3; FNA-4; GAA-4. Jeffrey Bowen Freshman Forum-1; Sportsmans Club-2; Youth Council-4. Timothy Bradtvold Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; Sportsmans Club-3; Parrot-4; William Briggs Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; Rifle Club-4; Football-1,2,3,4; Baseball-1,2,3,4; Wrestling-2,3,. 4; “S” Club-2,3,4; Homecoming Court-4. Sharon Brown Freshman Forum - 1; FHA-2,3; GAA-1,2. Patricia Buckenmeyer Freshman Forum-1; Art Club-3. James Bunting Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2,3; Ski Club-4; Band-1, 2,3,4—Secretary-3; Dance Band 3,4; Pep Band-3,4. Marilyn Cantwell Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2,4—Secretary-2; FHA-3,4-Historian-4; Band-1,2,3,4; Pep Band 3,4; Prom Committee-3; Forensics-1,4; Par rot-1,2, 3,4; Yahara-1,2,3,4. Jon Carleton Transfer-2; Football-2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; Tennis-2,3,4; Ski Club-4; Volleyball-2,3,4; 2,3,4; Tennis-2,3,4; Ski Club-4; Volleyball-2,3,4. William Christianson Freshman Forum-1; Ski Club-4; Intramurals-2,3,4; Judith Clutter Freshman Forum-1; Freshman Chorus-1; Drama Club-2; FTA 3,4—Historian-34; GAA-1,2,3,4; Forensics-2; Parrot-2,4; Yahara 4— Organizations Editor-4.Linda Cooper Freshman Forum-1; Freshman Chorus-1; Youth Council-2; FNA 3,4; Band-1,2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; A Cappella-2,3,4; Sextet-1,2,3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Yahara-3,4; Parrot 3; Red Cross-4. Elizabeth Cress Freshman Forum-1; GAA-2,3; Youth Council-2,3; Art Club-4. Deborah Culham Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2,3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4; One-act Play 2; Three-act Play-2; Yahara-4; Parrot-4. Barbara Curtin Freshman Forum-1; GAA-2; FNA-2; Drama Club-2; FTA- 3,4—President-4; Red Cross-3,4; P h i 1 o - 3,4 —Publications Chalrman-4. David Daggett Freshman Forum-1; Sportsmans Club-2; Youth Council-3 Marilyn Dahle Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; Forensics-2; FTA-3,4 Rodney Danks Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2,3. Joan Denzel Freshman Forum-1; Library Club-1,2; FNA-2,3; FTA-4, GAA 1. Eugene Draper Freshman Forum-1; Industrial Arts Club-3. Barbara Dux Freshman Forum-1; FTA-2,3,4; Drama Club-3; Phllo-3; GAA-2. Phillip Elsing Freshman Forum-1; Rifle Club 4; Track-3; Wrestling-2; Football-1,2,3,4. Nancy Emerson Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-2; Youth Council-3,4; Freshman Chorus-1, Drama Club 2,3; Band -1,2,3,4; A Cappella-2,3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Sextat-1,2; Pep Band-3,4; Yahara -2,3; Parrot 1,2,3. Harlan Erdahl FFA-1,2. Joyce Erickson F reshm an Forum - 1; Science Club-2; Spanish Club-3; Youth Council-4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Prom Committee-3; Student Council- 1,2,3,4—Vice President-4. Mary Erickson Freshman Forum-1; FHA-2; GAA-1,2,3,4. David Everson Freshman Forum-1; Nature Club 3,4—Treasurer-3,4. Jaqueline Favreau Transfer-4; FNA-4; Drama Club 4; Forensics-4; Philo-; Yahara 4. Anita Fortney Freshman Forum-1; Freshman Chorus-1; A Cappella-2; Drama Club-2,3,4; GAA-1; Parrot-1,4; Yahara-1; Band-1; Forensics- 1,2,3,4. Barbara F orton Freshman Forum-1; Youth Council-2,3,4-----President-4; Band-1,2,3,4; Student Council- 3,4--Secretary-4; Forensics-2; AFS-3,4-President-4; Majorette 3,4—Head-3; GAA-2,3,4; Philo-3,4; Pep Band-2,3,4; Class Pres-ident-1; Prom Committee Chairman-3. Barbara Fosdahl Freshman Forum-1; FTA-2; FNA-3,4; Library Club-3,4— Vice President-3—President-4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Freshman Chorus 1. Stanley Frank Freshman Forum-l;Golf-l; Drama Club-2,3,4; A Cappella- 2,3,4—Wardrobe Caretaker-4; Forensics-3,4. Sonja Fredericksen Transfer-4; Ski Club-4; Youth Council-4. Dennis Gardner Transfer-4. Sondra Gates Freshman Forum-1; Freshman Chorus-1; Drama Club-2; FNA 3,4; Historian-3-J—Secretary-4; Parrot-3; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band'-3; Forensics-2,3; Phiio-4; A Cappella-2,3,4—Secretary-4. Mary Gauger Freshman Forum-1; FHA-2,3; Youth Council-4; GAA-1,2,3,4. Michael Gerard Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2,3; Sportsmans Club-4; Intramurals-3. Donna Gerber Transfer-3; Art Club-4. Gary Gerber Transfer-3; Industrial Arts Club 3. Loren Grefsheim Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-3; Sportsmans Club-4----- Secretary-4; «S” Club-4; Baseball-1; Basketball-1,2,3,4; Golf-2,3,4; Cross Country-4. Richard Gilson Freshman Forum-1; Sportsmans Club-2; Youth Council-4. Shirley Green Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; Youth Council-2,3,4; Band-2,3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Pep Band-2; A Cappella-4.Jon Hajny Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2—Secretary-2; Spanish Club-3; German Club-3; Youth Council-4; Student Counci 1-2,4, Intra-murals-2,3; Spade-3; Parrct 2,3; "S” Club-2,3,4—Vice Pres-ident-4; Athletic Board-4—Vice President-4; High School Quiz-4; Badger Boy’s State-3; National Honor Society-3,4; Football-1,2, 3,4; Basketball-1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,4; Track-2,3; Prom Court-3; Homecoming Court-4; Snowball Court-2; Homecoming Parade Chairman-4; Norwegian Dancers 3,4. Jean Handleland Freshman Forum-1; FHA-2; GAA-1,2. Brian Hanson Freshman Forum-1; Nature Club 2; Camera Club-3,4; Cross Country-1; Wrestling-1,4. George Hansen Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2,3,4—T re asu re r - 3— President -4; Wrestling-1,2,3; Intramurals-2,3,4; Football-1. Scott Hansen Transfer-3; Youth Council -3,4; Ski Club-4; Norweigan Dancers 3,4. Barbara Hanson Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-1; Youth Council-2,3,4; Parrot-3; Drama Club-2; Philo-3,4; Post Prom Decorations Chairman-3. Dennis Hanson Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2; Youth Council-3. Michael Hanson Freshman Forum-1; Youth Coun-cil-2; Drama Club-2,3,4; Ski Club-4; Football-1,2,3,4; Golf-1,2,3,4; Basketball-1; Wrestling-3; “S” Club-3,4; Three-act Play 2; One-act Play-3; Intramurals 2,3,4. Ingibjorg Harolsdottir Foreign Exchange Student-4; GAA-4; AFS-4; Youth Council-4; Student Council-4. Rodney Haried Science Club-2,3; Industrial Arts Club-4; Freshman Forum-1. Linda Harried Freshman Forum-1; FHA-2; FNA-3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4. Jaqueline Hasz Freshman Forum-1; FNA-2,3,4-Treasurer-4; Drama Club-2; Philo-3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4—Vice President-4; National Honor Society-3,4; High School Quiz-4; Parrot-3; Yahara-4-Features Editor-4; Prom Committee-3. William Heath, Jr. Freshman Forum-1; Camera Club-2,3,4—Secretary-3. Howard Hellickson Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club-2; Rifle Club-3,4—President-3,4; Football-1,2,3,4—Cap-tain-4; Basketball-1,2,3,4; Base-ball-1,2,3,4; “S” Club-2,3,4— President-4; Athletic Board-4— President-4; Badger Boys’ State-3; National Honor Society-3; Prom King-3; Homecoming Klng-4. Richard Hill Freshman Forum-1; YouthCoun-cil-2; “S” Club-2,3,4; Camera Club-3 Spanish Club-3; Ski Club 4; Drama Club-2; Football-1; Cross Country-2,3; Track-1,2,3; Basketball-1,2,3,4. Carl Hoel Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club-2; Youth Council-2; Spanish Club-3; Ski Club-4; Camera Club 4; Golf-1,2,3,4; Basketball Man-ager-2,3; Football Manager-3; “S” Club-3.4. Sheila Hoffman Freshman Forum-1; Youth Coun-cil-2,3; FNA-4; Band-1,2,3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4. Victoria Hoveland Freshman Forum-1; Youth Council-2,3,4; Yahara-4; GAA-1,2,3, 4; Ski Club-4; “B” Team Cheer-leader-1,2; “A” Team Cheer-leader-3; Snowball Court-1; Homecoming Queen-4. Joel Hurst F reshm an Forum-1; Camera Club-3; Basketball Manager-1; Intramurals-2. Ann Jaconsen Freshman Forum-1; Youth Council-2,3; Drama Club-2; Art Club 3,4—Secretary-4; Philo-3,4; Ski Club-4; GAA-1,2,3,4—Secretary 3-President-4; Parrot-4; Yahara 3,4-----Class Editor-4; Class Treasurer-1. Donald Jacobsen Freshman Forum-1; Basketball 1; Basketball Manager -4; Baseball Manager-4; Intramurals-2,3,4. Linda Jacobson Freshman Forum-1; Philo-3; Drama Club-2,3; FNA-4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Parrot-3; Yahara-34— Senior Section Editor; Prom Committee-3. Ruth Jacobsen Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; Parrot-4—Head Typist-4. Howard Johnson Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2,3,4—Vice President-4; Basketball-1; Intramurals-2,3,4; Badger Boys' State-3; Golf-3,4; Prom Court-3. Julie Johnson Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 3,4; German Club-4; GAA-1,2,3, 4; Band-1,2,3,4; Pep Band-1,2,3, 4; Philo-3,4; National Honor Society-3,4; Yahara-4; Prom Committee-3. Linda Johnson Freshman Forum-1; Art Club 2; Youth Council-3,4; GAA-1. Krista Johnston Transfer-3; Youth Council-3,4; Drama Club-3,4; Ski Club-4; Prom Committee-3; Yahara-4; Parrot-4, Terry Jones Freshman ForUm-1; Science Club-2; Drama Club-2; Spanish Club-3; Ski Club-4; Basketball 1; Baseball-1; Track-3,4; Cross Country-3,4; Intramurals-2,3,4; “S” Club-4. John Julseth Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2,3; Youth Council-4; Track 3; lntramurals-2,3; Ski Club-4. Diane Jungbluth Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2; Drama Club-2; Spanish Club-3; Youth Council-4; GAA 1,2,3; Parrot-4; Class Vice President-2. Frederick Juve Freshman Forum-1; FFA-1,2; Industrial Arts Club-3,4.Judith Kalhagen Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; Youth Council-2,3,4; Ski Club 4; Parrot-3; Student Council-4. Judith Kalland Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-1,2; Drama Club-2; GAA 3; FNA-3,4—President-4. Mary Keena Freshman Forum-Youth Council-2,3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4. Kae Kenyon Freshman Forum-1; Band-1,2,3, 4; Youth Council-4—Executive Committee-4; GAA-1,2,3,4------ Secretary-3—President-4; For-ensics-2; Drama Club-2,3,4— Secretary-3; Yahara-2,3,4; Norwegian Dancers-3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Philo-3,4—Vice-President-4; Dance Band-3,4; Snowball Court-3; National Honor Society-3,4; Prom Court-3;wSpoon-3. Kathryn Kind Freshman Forum-1; FTa-2,3,4; GAA-1,2,3; Yahara-4. Janet Kingery Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2; Drama Club-3,4; Youth Council-3,4; Ski Club-4; Spanish Club-1,2,3; Yahara-4; GAA-1,2, 3,4; Forensics-1,2,3,4; «B” Team Cheerleader-1,2,3—Cap-tain-3; “A” Team Cheerleader 4; Spanish Speaking Contest-2; 3; State Speaking Contest-2,3; Parrot-4; Prom Court-3; Homecoming Court-4; Class President 4; Snowball Chairman-3; Prom Chairman-3. Janice Kittleson Freshman Forum-1; Freshman Chorus-1; FHA-2,3,4-----Secre- tafy-4; GAA-1,2,3,4. Richard Kittleson Freshman Forum-1; Youth Council-2,3,4; F o o t b a 11 -1,2,3,4; Wrestling-2,3,4; Baseball-2,3,4; Snowball Court-3; “S’ Club-4. Patricia Kleiber FHA-1,2----Treasurer-2; GAA- 1,2. Elaine Kleven Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; FTA-3; Youth Council-4; A Cappella-3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4. Sharon Kvalheim Freshman Forum-1; Band-1,2,3, 4; Youth Council-2; Drama Club 2; FNA-3,4; Parrot-3; Yahara-3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Red Cross-4; Pep Band-3,4. Michael Larsen Freshman Forum-1; Nature Club 2; Sportsmen's Club-3; Science Club-4. LeRoy Lathrop Freshman Forum-1; FFA-1,2,3, 4 -Sentinel-3—President-4; Football-2,3,4; Wrestling-2,3,4; Band-2,3,4; Pep Band-3; “S” Club-3,4. Steven Link Freshman Forum-1; FFa-2,3,4-Sentinel-4; Football-2,3,4; “S” Club-4. David Listug Freshman Forum-1; Debate-2; Drama Club-2; Three-act Play 2; Youth Council-2; Camera Club 2,3,4—Treasurer-3,4; Tennis-1; Track-2; Cross Country-3; Wrestling -1,2,3,4; Band-1,2,3,4. James Lostetter Freshman Forum-1; Sportsman Club-1,2; Youth Council-3. Jeffery MacDonald Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-1; Drama Club-4; Football- Steven Martin Freshman Forum-1; Football-1; Basketball-1; Track-1,2; Cross Country-2; Wrestling-3,4; Debate -2; Intramurals-2,3,4; Youth Council-2,3,4; Ski Club-4; Golf-3; Tennis-2; Drama Club-2; Parrot-3; Volleyball-3; Prom Court-3; Class Treasurer-3; Class Vice-President-4. Join Mayberry Freshman Forum-1; Librarian Club-2; FHA-2,3,4—Vice Presi-dent-3-President-4; GAA-1,3.4. John McCaffrey Freshman Forum-1; Youth Council-3; Camera Club-3,4-Presi-dent-3—Secretary-4; Band-1,2, 3,4; Pep Band-4; Golf-1; Wrest-ling-3,4. Charles McCarthy Freshman Forum-1. Connie McCulloch Freshman Forum-1; Youth Council-2,3,4; Red Cross-1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Drama Club-2,3; Yahara 4; Band-1,2,3; Majorette-1,2,3. Thomas Melhuse Art Club-2,3; Ski Club-4. Dennis Midthun Freshman Forum-1; YouthCoun-cil-2,4; Science Club-3; Ski Club 4; Basketball-2; Intramurals-3, 4; Golf-1,2,3,4. Eric Mikkelson Freshman Forum-1; FFA-1,2,3, 4; Track-4; Science Club-3. Daniel Miller Freshman Forum-1; Industrial Arts Club-3—Vice President-3. Niles Mlelde Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-1,2; Camera Club-2; Drama Club-2; One-act Play-2; Tennis-1,2; Class President-2. Barbara Moe Transfer-4. Gayle Mortenson Freshman Forum-1; Youth Council-2; Drama Club-2; “A” Team Cheerleader-2,3,4—Captain-4; Norwegian Dancers-1,2,3,4; Art Club-3,4; Ski Club-4; GAA-1,2, 3,4. Cheryl Nelson Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; FNA-3,4; Parrot-3; Band-1, 2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; GAA-1,2,3 Elizabeth Nelson Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-1,2,3; YouthCounci 1-3,4; Drama Club-2,4; Freshman Chorus-1; Ski Club-4; GAA-3.4 Gregory Nelson Freshman Forum-1; Youth Council-2,3,4; Football Manager-1,2, 3,4; W restling Manage r-4; Tennis-1,2,3; “S” Club-3,4, Basketball Manager-1. Kathryn Nelson Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; Youth Counci 1-1,2,3,4; Art Club-3,4; Ski Club-4; Band-1,2,3; GAA-1,2,3,4; Parrot-4; Yahara 4; “B” Team Cheerleader-2. Harlan Nielsen Freshman Forum-1; Rifle Club-3. Richard Norin Freshman Forum-1; Sportsman’s Club-2; FFA-1,2,3,4; Intramurals-2. Marvin North FFA-4. Mary Obrecht Freshman Forum-1; GAA-1,2,3, 4; FHA-2,3; Art Club-4. Sheryl Offerdahl Freshman Forum-1; GAA-1,2,4; Drama Club-2; Youth Council- 2.4. Larry Olson Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2,3; Sportsman’s Club-4— President-4; Track-3. Sharon Olson Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-1; Drama Club-2,3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Band-1; A Cappella-2, 3.4. Theodore Olson Freshman Forum-1; Sportsman’s Club-2,3; Youth Council-3,4; FFA-1,2; Wrestling-1,2,3,4; Usher-4; Baseball-2. Ruth Oren Freshman Forum-1; FNA-2,3,4-Historian-4; GAA-2,3,4; Foren-sics-2,3,4; Red Cross-2,3,4; B and - 1,2,3,4; Pep Band-3,4; Yahara-4.. Charlotte Overson Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-2; Youth Council-3; Drama Club-4: Ski Club-4; FNA-4; GAA 1,2,4; Yahara-3,4; Parrot-2. Harold Osland Freshman Forum-1; Tennis-1,2; Drama Club-2,3; Science Club 2; Usher Club-1,2; Wrestling-3; Dance Band-3,4; Band-2,3,4. Kay Owen Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-1; Youth Council-2,3----- Treasurer-3; Art Club-4; GAA Owen Freshman Forum-1; Youth Council-2,3,4; Ushers Club-3,4. Nicholas Paris Freshman Forum-1; Sportsman Club-3; Youth Council-4; Cross Country-3,4; Basketball-1,2,3,4; Tennis-2,3,4; “S” Club-3,4. John Paschkewitz Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2,3,4—Program CommR-tee-4; Intramurals-3,4; Golf-3,4. Roy Pat on Freshman Forum-1; Football-1; Basketball-1,2; Golf-1,2,3,4; Youth Council-2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4; “S” Club-4; German Club-3; Spanish Club-2; Drama Club-2; Athletic Board-1; Parrot-2, 3,4; Yahara-3,4—Sports Editor 4; Volleyball-4. Charles Peterson Freshman Forum-1; Sportsman Club-1; Industrial Arts Club-3; Intramurals-3,4. Linda Peterson Freshman Forum-1; Art Club-2; Drama Club-2; Youth Council-3, 4; GAA-1. Thomas Peterson Freshman Forum-1; Archery Club-2; Camera Club-3; Youth Council-4; Drama Club-2; Football-1; Tennis-1. Geraldine Prosser FHA-3,4; Freshman Forum-1, GAA-3.4. Virginia Quam Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2.3.4— Program Chairman-2,3, 4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Forensics-2; Par rot-2,3,4—Assistant Features Editor-3; Yahara-1,2, 3.4— Editor -in-Chief-4; FNA-2, 3.4— Historian-2—Vice President-3; Prom Committee-3. DenaU Reinstad Freshman Forum-1; Track-3; Sportsman's Club-2,3,4; Intra-murals-2,3,4. Timothy Richmond Freshman Forum-1; Sportsmans Club-3,4--President-3; Intra- murals-2,3. Mary Rinden Freshman Forum-1; FHA-2; Librarians' Club-3,4; Philo—3; FNA-4. Juanita Ringgenberg Freshman Forum-1; FNA-2,3,4-Secretary-3; Spanish Club-1; Drama Club-2,4; Y ahar a-2,3; GAA-2,3,4; Philo-3,4; Parrot-2, 3.4— Assistant Editor-3—Editor in-Chief-4; Forensics-4. Fredrick Roben Freshman Forum-1. Kathryn Roetter Transfer-3; Youth Council-3,4; Drama Club-4; Ski Club-4; GAA 4; Yahara-4; Parrot-4. Dennis Roneid Freshman Forum-l;Youtn Council-2; National Honor Society-3, 4; Football-1,2,3,4; Basketball-1,2,3,4; Baseball-3,4; Homecoming Court-4. Juliana Rosenbaum Freshman Forum-1; FTA-3,4— Secretary-4; GAA-1; Band-2,3,4; Parrot-4. Michael Rosenbaum Football-1,2; Basketball-1,2; Baseball-1,2,3,4; Volleyball-3,4; Intramurals-1,2,3,4; Rifle Club- 3.4— Vice President-3,4. Linda Rust ad Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; Art Club-3,4—President-4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Philo-3,4; Yahara-4—Art Editor-4. Peggy Schaal Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; Youth Council-2,4; Spanish Club-1,3; Band-1,2,3; Pep Band 3,4; A‘Cappella-2,3,4; Freshman Chorus-1; GAA-2,3,4; Forensics 1,2; Spanish Speaking Contest-1, 2,3; Philo-3,4; Student Council- 2.3.4— Vice President-3-President-4; AFS-4; Norwegian Dancers-3,4; Class Vice President-1; Homecoming Court-4. Noreen Scheel Freshman Forum-1; FNA-2,3,4-Vice President-4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Yahara-4—Senior Editor-4. Bonita Schmoll Freshman Forum-1; Nature Club 2,3—Secretary-2—President- 3; Anti-Smog Club-3—President-3. James Scholes Freshman Forum-1; Rifle Club 1,2,3,4; Baseball-1. James Schueler Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-1; Drama Club-2; Art Club 3,4; Ski Club-4; Football-1; Basketball-1,2; Track -1,2; Norwegian Dancers-2,3,4. Mary Seamonson Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-1,2; Youth Council-3,4; Student Council-3,4; Science Club 2; Prom Committee-3; GAA-1, 2.3.4. Linda Segebrecht Freshman Forum-1; FHA-2,3,4-Degrees Chairman-3,4; Drama Club-3. George Seybold Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; Youth Councll-2; Rifle Club-4—Secretary-4; Basketball-1,2; Intramurals-3,4. Judith Simonson Freshman Forum-1; Freshman Chonis-l: FHA-2. Rodney Sllnde Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-2,3; Youth Council-:, Track 1; Snowball Court-1; Baseball-2,3,4; Football-1,2,3,4; Basket-ball- 1,2,3,4--Co-Captain-4; Athletic Board-1; , S”Club- 2.3.4. Dennis Smith Freshman Forum-1; Youth Council-2,3; Rifle Club-4—Treasurer 4; Ski Club-4; "S" Club-2,3,4; Basketball-1,2; Football-1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country-3, 4—Captain-4. Jean Spangler Freshman Forum-1; “A" Band 2,3,4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Drama Club-2; Art Club-2; FNA-3,4; Parrot-3; Yahara-3; Red Cross-3,4— Vice President-4; Freshman Chorus. Steven Stockstad Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2; Camera Club-4; Ski Club 4; Band-2,3,4; Dance Band-3,4. John Sveum Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2; Three-act Play-2; Spanish Club-2; Youth Council-4; Student Council-1,3,4; Football-1,2,3,4; Basketball-1,2,3,4—Co-Captain-4; “S" Club -3,4. Charles Sundby Freshman Forum-1; Basketball-1; Drama Club-2; Youth Council 4; Baseball-1; Track-2,3; Foot-ball-1,2,3,4; Intramurals-2,3,4; Golf-4; Wrestling-3; High School Quiz-4; Badger Boy's State-3; National Honor Society-3,4; « S" Club-3,4—Secretary- Treasurer 4; Prom Court-3; Homecoming Court-4. Laura Templin Transfer-4. Patricia Tenjum Freshman Forum-1; Youth Councll-2,3; FNA-4; Philo-3,4—His-torian-4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Band-1, 2,3; Pep Band-3. Anne Thompson Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2,3,4—Vice President-4; Forensics-1; GAA-1,2,3,4; Yahara-1; Parrot -1,2,4--Photographer-4; Debate and Discussion-2,3; Philo 3,4; Student Council-1; AFS-2,4; Freshman Chorus-1; National Honor Society-3,4; A‘Cappella-2, 3,4; Prom Decorations Co-Chairman-3; Band-1; High School Quiz-4; Three-act Play-2,3; One act Play—Assistant Director-2, 3.4. Jane Thompson Drama Club-2,3,4—Vice President-3—President-4; One-act Play-1,2,3,4; Three-act Play-2, 3—Student Director-3; Parrot-1,3; Yahara-1,4; GAA-1,2,3,4; Philo-3; A ‘CappeUa-2,3,4—Vice Presldent-4; Sextet-2,3,4; Freshman Chorus-1; Nalonal Honor Soc 1 ety-3 ,4; AFS-2; Freshman Forum-1; Forensics-2,3,4; Student Counsil-1,2; Badger Girls' State-3; Prom Decorations Co-Chairman-3. Diane Trow Freshman Forum-1; Freshman Chorus-1; Art Club-2,3,4; Drama Club-2; Three-act Play-2; Sextet 3; A‘Cappella-2,3.Nancy Urish Freshman Forum-1; Youth Coun-cil-2,3,4; Art Club-3,4; GAA-1, 2,3,4; Band-1,4; A‘Cappella-1,2, 3.4— Librarlan-3;—President-4; Parrot-3; Yahara-4. Louise Vogel Transfer-4. David Ward Freshman Forum-1; Sportsmans Club-2,3; Track-2; Volleyball-2. Barbara Weber Freshman Forum-1; Drama Club 2.3.4— Treasurer-2; Art Club-3; GAA-l,2,3,4-Treasurer-3—Vice President-4; Yahara-1,2,4; Ski Club-4; Forensics-3,4; Philo-2, 4; Three-act Play-3; “A” Team Cheerleader-3; Claas Secretary-1; Class President-3; Class Treasurer-4; Prom Queen-3; Alternate to Badger Girls' State-3; Good Citizen Award-3. FJugene Wedoe Freshman Forum-1; Industrial Arts Club-2; Youth Council-3,4; Track-3,4; Wrestling-3,4; Cross Country-4; Intramurals-2,3,4. Ralph Weiglein Rifle Club-3,4. Deborah Wennlund Freshman Forum-1; Spanish Club-1,2,3-Secretary-3; Science Club-2; FNA-4; Ski Club-4; Philo-3,4-Treasurer-4; GAA-2, 3,4; “B” Team Cheerleader-1,2,— C apt a in-2; Forensics-1; Post Prom Committee Chairman 3; Class Treasurer-2; Class Vice President-3; Prom Court-3. Charles West Freshman Forum-1; Dram a Club 2,3,4; Band-1,2,3,4; A'Cappella-3,4. Ronald Wick Freshman Forum-1; Nature Club 2,3,4—Vice President-4. LeAnn Williams Freshman Forum-1; Archery -2; Spanish Club-1,2,3; Youth Council -4—Treasurer-4; Ski Club-4; Yahara-3,4; GAA-3,4. Beverly Wittig Freshman Forum-1; Youth Council-2,3; GAA-1,3,4. Linda Wyrick Freshman Forum-1; Science Club-2; Youth Council-3,4; Drama Club-2,4; Ski Club-4; Spanish Club-1,2,3; GAA -1,2,3,4; Snowball Court-2; “B” Team Cheerleader-3. Class Song - "Graduation Day' Class Flower - White Rose Class Motto - Give us the tools and we will finish the task.Stoughton High School Stoughton, Wisconsin

Suggestions in the Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) collection:

Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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