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l, , f aw NX W W I Q D OJ 40 W 20 if M F 1 I 6 We my b ? Li i , 1" X Q fzikzwfffb XIV A . C 1' Q' ., ax ff' Q?" y ww Q fi J ,K K 5 A FL 3' 1 .I .K V V, 174!A!-1 44,0 -N JJWJ QQ 'M . - ' 1 V1 -f . Nqr aw A 5 Q", 4 r "-:..' f fr' , jL 1 X V ,, I vs' ,- Ex Y ' C fs ' L L v, 'S f, . 4' . V .F . , 33 .4 L , , 1 . ,Mc fun X, sg L !, ,W 3 9 L .r -1 7 Na ' M-,. 34241 1 - .HA . C' .1 ' fx . -' " d V V L 6 ?f'441C1cLLV7"'L 45 K ' ' 0' 1 X ,A M' 'fcibhixg' A F f mf ,1 .nth NJ- Xi' .'l,, ,- 'pig N4 LIL, r N fi 'Cf Lgf -:C V ,, f Q, F' A 'iw M10 ,Pl 1'1" A 1 1 fl ' 'H .1 N' Q -' J 1 w A ' f-., 1 --- 1 RJ . A l I r X.-V, L f 1 XM fx X fllfl Jftff M-ix Wm My! ffw W, SX M WM MVEJM QFD kgs YN V A ON f View F ENV Q? :W Q d,QxJ , LV? , hh 5 5 f A 1 4 1 Q i V In x I , I 'N fff' f' x"f,x-MTS Nj Ax, x L K fr I ' I X I I A I J V Gi, C ' . I, I, Ivy N... i . , V- , I KJ , I,-., z 4,5 K X 7 NJ, -my r , ,Mb X ,, . - if ' r - ,J A lg , 1 ' ' - , 101 z V' , Q ' v f . my W 4-4, 4 - Q, ' V f n ' ' 1 A-4 :jf ' if I X . , ' CL ,J dl A N K 2 V ,W f j I. - as .A i K, A R, 1 . , Y ,X Q4 ' 1 Q ' X JZ? , V- ' i 5 k 3 TQ 9 2 '- , lk W ,N Kg vu! N HQ ,.,. -,f M ...Aw .. my-..,,m - ,- , M- , ,. , , .. , , 5 . -' W Q - 'Q 'V' M...-a r 1 .1 4 I 1 1 . I V , - f ' I K v x.. 1 ,- , 1 ' , ,, x,, Y y. .. I l, K 1 ' 2 N X 7' ,. -. KA 1. 1 ,fl f -. 1 1 . I, k. , -i 1 , v 'I' 'V f f ,Q 1 , ' -,f Z 'I , '1.Y .I I4 k -a x JC" x f M2 Lyfgfbyfyigiipkgw C LA X W f AML iffy W Jr' W M fwffyf ffyf' 'iz' Q5A,,'IU?p?i6 We ALL M L0 Sfoysghfon Hugh School Xbl. YAHARA N 1 21 7? J J' . . A 45' N5 'W 05 Mk Wcf' ' ,bu V F4 ' xp' Q4 , A , ly , N NM . ' N 0 , x, ,x' " 'ff ,p .XJ ,, W' "BMV X ,CPN ' Rex A iw" fl jx ft NN 'V' ix V -E 1 xg I K A J if A K Q xx ,jk f, 5 Ralf' ffvlrrjy ,I , 1 .u L M, Vp' M V pf My M X 3 UA! Vt, M , , fx: ., 3 I 0 X Lf krf A V X-X, f L- f ' f Y ,L y Q, ,Lf Q 1 1 ' M' 6 -'X 5 , ,gy ff ' 1 Lp 3 K f Q , 4, 1. X A ' ' , , v W, ? Z? , My Oy . S 1 J Qfgyhmm' W I - In ' T -il!-,.i,,, '-QM . ,,L .' 'ff -mx ,4-'Q I . . v , gf 1 , 'J I X ILLLJ' 4 I f ff I ' N - 5 J! ,V if I I H Fl luv I La HLUJHL Vp I Lff, f MA - I O Lf QU ' 1 bv u If 7 XF' + R LNQ, Vg, 1 X z if f I THLS,'2 STQUMQIQQN 'LA 'J' 795' 5 ST CNG efBfffZ5'ZI-'W9iDQF M7-fff I 524 VIKINGS ,bfw aa-UL '-ac,-wr ,,hJ-'12 we f?'Q 419 L I giffff' wx ,W fy wfflw A of QXQVW Q F 0UR 7 . , , X WMM! rx .1 fa k V49 Axsgggxmglj -5 ,wo if gi, HlNlNAga wqNfi75Jg,Q3ulLDlNG f 5 ' 'X XS? 5,7 f 51 gg ff fu QW if J gf Q? tk I NR "5 BS ol - Q 1 WE 2 X, C Q will f, X26 5 fl ide!!! J il ,df R 17 ygfldkg lil illfi ,..3....wl -,.,.:..---f . I f-l C b J . 1 . . , I . 1 ' - V If J ,Lili 17 Amjiil ,' ,'fl!v' 1 V A -,J ,x EDUCATIQN . K M 4 Q A W xm Gy hw In ' Jx QKAECXD4? -,Ki . Oi,kW0.kf'Lfn'x ' If A ' if-' mu Li 3 x PROUD TO PRESENT THESE FACILITIES AND TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page ........ School Presentation ..... Dedication of Book ......,.. .... Faculty and Administration. . . . . . . Students . ..,........ . .. .... Organizations ........ Sports .,,.... Closing .... Approximately 1500 peo- ple toured the new school and attended its dedication service . . . many visitors expressed enthusiastic comments regard- ing the new library. . . I 2-9 IO-I I I2-I 9 20-43 ..,.44-67 ....68-83 .. 84 VIEWERS OF THE LIBRARY TO DEDICATE THEM TO BETTER EDUCATION REFRESHMENTS WERE t DEDICATION SPEAKER AND MR. MOLDENHAUER Mr. Phillip Folk, o former Stoughton superintendent, spoke ot the dedicotion cere- monies of the new school on November 13, 1955. Here we see him with Mr. Moldenhouer, our present Superintendent of Schools, who helped to plon the new building. TYPING-ROOM VIEWERS 2 SERVED AASJJNN All deportrnents were visited, including the modern Business Educotion rooms . . . cupcolces were mode by the high school cooking deport- ment ond the refreshments were served by grode school PTA, members. PROUD OF OUR SPACIOUS CORRIDORS . . . OUR CLASSROOMS . . . 5: "5 fr er b M' STEPS' TO GOQU EM-USN BEAUTIFUL STAIRWAY ' inch 'T' 1 ' ?,J MH- N -fifyv V 4 1 dy. , 5 2 6'-. ,.?,gN1!35?:Q!p,:pt' V1 .K T-,,- , HTML.-T-I-r-+1'w'f'-, ,g V V O I 1 Qf""','i I -r T T - ' , ' '.f5:1SIw, ':ZfiZ+:':7 A .,...A ybwfggsfgxri' 'gf2ggE1E5:i3 'zhz-ii: gif 4w""?i"-ifdik' ' 'LY -1' ,.:i:-911524-I".-IfL W" , ' ig' -aw , ,f .4-2111--'cv 'gif' A 'T E g .'1?iffif'f7?1.'tl.5'1.l: Iv- I ,,.,--Vg , 'l-f , 411'-:'l1'1..-rigzffi,-L V, , 'L V+ P, " si Eff f- .gi,f.,i.- . . ,, , , , ,f . A ,Nt V Q -, -,.. 1 sig? ',j5,5.j:y5..gl4 ii .k7ii:L:,,.k:: I A -gel ' 'f . Sg?jj',3fgf21Q1QQ:Q1,i1Qi'ggj,jvQ:i ij-3 f .IA , .1 ' ie. nwya 7 Zfgfitggffilifl,-iii:-iii?.-' 5,9 N 3 'A -, J, ,g . v -. . ,.,. 1,1-A ffgfik, ,j5,,,,- f . ' , " .-1 3 -' at A, -fb .f W T fn: , , 1 ,N ,NM .-'A u if 3' J g I i f-gg:-71 . VV J , ,- I ,A f Qfifili The unusual de- signs, patterns, and cheerful colors make our sfoirwoys and corridors both beautiful cmd func- Tionol, 6 A5 7LH'N.QT -i ENGLISH DEPARTMENT SPACIOUS HALLS MODERN, COLORAMIC CLASSROOMS . . . TYPING DEPARTMENT LIBRARY lupper rightl Blond furniture, recessed book shelves, adequate bulletin board space . . . shining tile, attractive color combinations, green blaclcboards. . . acoustic-tiled ceilings, public address system, long fluorescent lights . . . all fittings of our modern building, BEAUTIFULLY PANELED DOORWAYS LABORATORIES OUR WELL-EOUIPPED LABORATORIES CHEMISTRY LABORATORY BIOLOGY LABORATORY AGRICULTURE LABORATORY dCI'I P Q Q P 'www """""I"""""1' r i I I I WL - ,YT,-I...,E .,,,. ,.N-, I-' Y I 3 rg , - ...Mr i..-,,.N .., E -I ""0"g II IEE-U A 'Q II df A ' ' II II-q' ' IT ' B' I gy I I b ' . . . I I A I Q' I I II -q - II I A ' I CI I, 8 CHEERFUL KITCHENS AND EFFICIENT SHOPS Qdp PRINTING DEPARTMENT COOKING LABORATORY SEWING LABORATORY PRQUD TO DEDICATE ouk Boolc TO Tl-lose aflfisg 4,1 s ' +1 Q 'Quan I 10 WHO GAVE US THESE FACILITIES . . . BUSINESSMEN LABORERS HOUSEWIVES FARMERS PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE AND I 5 A ALL OTHERS WHO MADE THIS SCHOOL POSSIBLE. ,I ' Quad: X Qccord By Nine W'rrL Period . 1 3 I 'x X " -Q-.LM , . ,V 4 SCHOOL X ' X X N 1 'r X 'L Picnic cluminf the cud! and . 'o lchool, XX A X - M x 'on by as-nu-:lcv as In Uwe pail. ,X X XX K xx , N xx x X X "owing the duhibulion of X X ' 'if leathers and parenh Xf A' '. Y . flu! X X , 1 wlllu-.4 ro work. . VV 'f- ,, , ,' xx" X X '. '.- x, X N ! , 'I .-A ff' , X ff" x X x cf N ' X . ' X , , N X 1' -,QX XX. K x , x 1 Y I. N 1, x 4 X XX' A vxx .f 1. ' ' . 1.- x 'X w x50x '.uXx v x wx L. ff 0 Q' X X v Ngy. Z cv No sy. X . Xxxgx X' . -5X ' ff v -1-'V - ff cya' fav xx , f I f '0 W ff, -1.v"" K sffx' 6 fx-N' . X- X ufxv xvx'A 4 xv K t X 0' ,vu ' .Q Xnvlvgs X kjloo Xxnxvtff A N .-a 'x TA use' .sf vfhxs -:SAX -' 12 TO PRESENT OUR FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 13 OUR EXPERT ADMINISTRATION LEAD 30 ALERT ADMINISTRATION A MESSAGE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT Towards Better Learnlng The combmatron of a good currnculum In our schools good teachers good bulldmgs and equrpment and an anxiety on the part of our young people to learn will mevltably result In a better cltlzenry and a flner communlty We who ore teachmg or enroll d In Stoughton Hugh School are now prlvlleged to work ln the most complete and best equlpped school bulldmg this communuty has ever provuded for Its youth It IS the result of extens ve plannmg on the part of teachers archltects admlnlstrators laymen and members of the Board of Educatuon These fine fGCIIIIIES are provided becouse of the falth of our cltlz ns In Amencan Education and un young people We are und ed indebted to those who have provided these splendid facl :tres I m confident that students will show th lr appreciation of the educotlonal program made available to them by better preparing themselves to take their places as good cttuzens This we owe to those who belaeve In us 4 J fd A 4 I ji IA ,+L 44 4,454 ,I A MOLDENHAUER , riff L4 Lb' Superintendent of Schools Our hugh schools throughout America are confronted with a challenge the magnntude of whlch they have never faced before ln a world needful of sclentlsts mathematlclans engmeers doctors teachers and professronal and skilled workers m almost every field we find too many of our students lookmg for the easy road through hugh school Half of our students copabl of succeeding an advanced work never enter lnstltutlons of higher Iearnlng Our teachers face the challenge and responslblllty of making their courses lnterestmg strm ulatlng and meaningful Parents are obligated to encourage their children to work and to achieve an accordance wnth their abllrty Students face the challenge of selecting the proper W courses and makung the most of every opportumty to learn The crlterla of course selectlon should be the degree to which your Intellect and skulls may be enhanced and your experiences and Interests broadened Wall you accept your challenge on registration day and each day next year? You must dedicate yourself un this way If you are to achieve the fullest measure of personal reward and satrsfactlcn In llfe and rn order that our communrty and our country may remain strong and free BOARD or EDUCATION iiiflfifflol 30 7' as +- L H Cooper S Halverson O Asleson W Marquart M F Stelzer Dr F B Henderson W E Chratton Mrs V W Nordholm Mrs F A Torgerson 14 O 0 H - H 1 , . 5 . . . . . . . I . I . , .. V , . I . 2 V . . . .I.. . U . Q. . . . . ' as S e -s of A- -ef , f ' f- - - ' I fa: y A 14,4 . , ,.,. , .' 1, ' 7 ,, -f , ' ' . . . . . Wifi 'V ,prgfii , , , , - H ff - ' 3 . . . - . . s . K iwf I V ,Q lx , . I . U . . . I ,li . , - , ' L.. ' I -'Ve sr, as Q he , s . .ON I I 'Q ' , -Ak A U 7. . . , . , . , . , . . , . . . , . . b , - . . , . . . TEACHERS IN SEEKING PROFESSIONAL GROWTH S.E.A. OFFICERS ROWI Mrs Peterson Treasurer Mr Johnson President ROW2 Mr Bregcha Secretary Mr Matthias Vlce President FACULTY The Stoughton Educational Asso cuatnon consists of all the teachers In the system At thenr monthly meetings mem bers dlscuss matters relatung to thenr professional Interest and growth sayung Verbum Sapuentu a JOE BREJCHA Mathematncs Drlvers Trannlng Supervnsor of Visual Alds B S Stout lnstutute leader ot the Darkroom Boys has a fine sense of humor B T from State College at Whutewater M S lrorv U ol Wtsconsm molds future scuenttsts on Scuence Club onloy the mod r equlpment In the new chemustry laboratory VYVITIUSSS Record Cl h Md ,W A75 QAM fQ,l.4!VYIx7'V"lJd UA MABEL ANDERSON Busnness Educatson B E from State College at Whitewater Ph M from U of Wlsconsln teaches students to be perlectlonnsts would luke tame to travel future secretarues are famuluar with Deblt Credlt ABC GEORGE R BAUER Englush I2 Latm Forenslcs BA from St Norberts MA from U of Wisconsin advlses lively Red Cross group oblects to some TV commercials favorite LUCILLE DIEDRICK Advanc dMathemotncs Geometry Algebra Phnlornathua B S from State College at Oshlco h quuet and smnlnng eager to help others master the pluses an' MARTELL C DISRUD Vocal Music directs the A Cappella our a 1 th G e B ME and M S from Augsburg Coll gc 1 h rn urn cuatuon to the rn rnbers of .13 tal rv! xv-"" I ' , " ' ' S t." F J' ROBERT DAVIDSON . . . Chemistry, Physics, General Science . . . Q I x W . . . . , . S Q I'I - Ch ' nr e le Club . . . . , K , ff - ter I es uslc 1 'f- ' 9 the .-ff-. A ' 15 IMPROVEMENT OF REPORT CARDS AND PARENT DALE L DOERING Agruculture B S from State College at Plattev lle FFA protects keep hum busy a rooter for student enthusuasm s DOROTHEA ELLIKER School Nurse treats ull students wnth klndness and gentleness appreciates ottlce In our new school can be seen druvmg her new Plymouth AGNES M FORTNEY Englush 9 Yahara rorenslcs from S ate Colle e at LaCrosse lakes the North Woods flnds great s art In drlvlng the allrng Ford QJLL' mr"e" X UMM 77 MRS EDITH GATES Home Economucs tCooklngt B S ram U of Wnsconsun always very busy gum chewing rates hugh on her lust of pet peeves loves ta cook on the new grull supervlsor of the hot lunch rogram Ilt'1YWu1Ml""L""lDw1m WILLIAM GIBBON Cltxzenshlp 9 BE from the State Col lege at Plattevnlle MS from U of Wnsconstn teaches good cltlzenshup both In classes and un Student Councll quiet and sincere lazy students aggravate hmm MIRIAM GLOCKE Lubrorean B A from Mount Mary College teaches the skulls of her professson to members of Llbrary C ub spends much hme wuth actors In the One Act Junior and Sensor Plays MRS MARGARET GRAB Home Economics tSewungl FHA aclvusor clothnng students may hear her order R p ttl daughter Lynn and Boxer Baron Von Grab keep her spare Itme occupuecl RAYMOND HOMME Woodwork State College at Oshkosh ts has alma mater qulet and considerate dislikes havlng woodworktng tools abused WILLIAM KOENIG Algebra Assustant Coach a sports addlct tall tall toll taller motto ns Be prepared " RICHARD LEE Instrumental muslc MA from U of Wxs consun directs flashy class A First Band prepares Second Band gurls wlth lupstuck on thenr reeds really rouse his dander A J R ., I I ur 'A '59 . . llllllll -.f.5 -. ,M In B x7 , F t V ' , , , ' , " l I." . . . I I . if l TEACHER CONFERENCES AIDED BY THE MRS IRENE MCDONALD English ll Spanish Forensics Parrot M S from U of Wisconsin loves to read pink and yellow walls of the new wing almost convince her she s dreaming GAYLE MCNETT Business Education B S from State College at Whitewater M A from U of lowa known for her per sonality plus great fan of arts and crafts HOWARD MATTHIAS American History Coach B S rom State College at River Falls instills appreciation of our heritage in his students is proud of his two potential cheerleaders WALTER NETTERBLAD Printing Ushers Stout Institute is his alma ma er friendly students rate high with him loyal supporter of and har worker for his community 1' 1 JEANNE REEK . , . Physical Educationg G.A.A.- Che e 2 Norwegian Dancers . . . . . from State College at1LaCr Ld , . M,S. from U. of Wisconsin , . .can take a ioke better thah an ' e se . . . her peppy Norwegians can really dance, ,L 'YA GEORGE SCHEFELKER . , . Mechanical Drawing . . . B.S. rom Stout Institute . . . stresses neatness at all times . . . likes the friendly spirit among the faculty and is definitely one of th. friendliest. MRS LOIS PEIPER r B S from Mankato Miinesota easy to know ambitious tries new approaches in the art fie cl students from all grades keep her busy all day X PHYLLISIANSOM glish Ig, Forensics Chairman B S frdm State Col ge at Plmtbvi e S from of Wisconsin loves to use wo ds ld ye r brings her busy Forensic season ad es her rfe'w clossitoai XM ,yur BILLY SCHNURR , . . Physical Education, Head Coach . . . . . and M.S, from U. of Wisconsin . . , co-operated with the Yahara Staff by letting us use the gym during his class time-our thanks to him . . . began his family twice as fast with a set of twins, PAUL W. THOMPSON . , . Social Problems, Guidance . . . . from Milton, M S from U of Wisconsin . , . usually busy checking attendance . . . often heard to say "Holy Toledo!" . . . has a good sense of humor. 17 SECRETARIES NCUSTODIANS CCOKS AND BUS VAN SLOCHTEREN Ish 9 0 F College ot Supertor vwactous blonde solo volce teaches grade school rnuslc GENE WILSON Soclal Problems World Htstory Clttzenshtp Sportsman s Club Coach B S from State College ot Plattevnlle o mon of hts word always very helpful and frtendly RICHARD WINGERT Industrial Arts BS from Stout ln stltute eosy gomg Inkeoble fellow hates to heor people I can t BETTY WISLINSKY Blology B S from State College ot Oshkosh one of three teochtng Wlslunskys mststs upon a neat loboratory ond SCIEHYIEC thunktng Attractive bulletin board dtsploys were used as teochmg devlces by the entire faculty here Mrs Van Slochteren and Miss Wtsllnsky complete a Chrtst mas dlsploy Coltee Tame on Tuesdays ofter school was enloyed by tectchers as a brtef perlod of reloxatuon from theur busy schedules 18 f f I .,.Engl' ,l,.T.A.... my H ,ln 5 . fi Il 1 ll DRIVERS, ALL WORKED FOR STUDENT GROWTH orncs STAFF 1 ssC o t M M C Ste The efllcient oftlce staff consists of Mrs. Fredenberg, secretary to Mr, Campbell, Miss Granseth, secretary and boolclceeper, and Mrs, Stelzer, secre- tary-clerk, who works in the mornings. CUSTODIANS COOKS AND BUS DRIVERS The bus drivers provide transportatuon for rural students the busy Coolcs prepare meals for an average of 350 students per day the custodlans lceep the varuous school buuldnngs neat and clean r Goes A 19 Mi Gr nse h, rs. E, Freclenberg, rs, . lzer. I I if '1 T 0 R -"'A T l . rl ' 'T l ROWI , L rtalferscr G Fret,M,N..rC1'Jl, S. Svonwffr G. McFarland. ROW 2 2 Bei, P '-lfvcef, L -tif: P Gmz ufgcr A .t 'ion H vnescn Lu ,A I I ,! J, , L 4.41 . f Y lf"'jX7yQ4XJi ,J , D, ,M .NM ffzhafyo .T ,, J' fxsf-f df f L v5 -jf J' v", . ja l M - - fy J 7 ' ,f If ii aff SVN F ff , 60Mf,?'fyfA,-1 J ,jjfll Qlplpcjf CIW v JJ, LLMJ ' I X V N"' 1 , , L FW yff' ,bg CQ A W W, mQC1fv.f dw Ando 2. 1' Z CML!! :V T2 ff f , 4Qfi fL fa tv Toss X. , wk yff ,Q I DiQjj!i1lJiDENTs A , ij5ff'Q,ww71W QF X S. H. S. . . . . " 4U,.fzf1- SNA JQQVQ Mag QGMQMMA awwmfo 'Wx Qi- ' fligl 'mf Jw QW SENIORS . . PROUD OF THE RECORD THEY SENIOR CLASS Charlene Lu de Vice Pres dent A d ey Johnson T eosu e S san Nelson Secreto y Mary Solhel Pres dent Caps and gowns symbolnzed the clrmax of four years of work on Commencement mght May 31 exercuse had been preceded by Baccalaureate The ceremonres of graduatlon began wuth the Sensor Banquet held at the Country Club on May 25 Mr Landon Rssteen a former class advusor and teach er was the mam speaker The class song which was sung was Youll Never Walk Alone The aroma of gardenaas the class flower penetrated the anr The flttrng motto It matters not what you are thought to be but what you are was also worked unto the program The hnal year was busy for the members of the class of 56 Among the actrvutnes was the Homecomung Float Moments to Remember dedicated to the alumna A successful dance was the motor socual event Wuth the busy graduatnon season the class oftlcers and members completed thenr hugh school careers and earned the coveted tntle alumnu IT MATTERS NOT WHAT YOU ARE THOUGHT BANQUET SPEAKER Mr Landon Rlsteen was the mann speaker at the Sensor Banquet Mr Rusteen English and Spanush teacher un Stoughton from l953 untnl 1955 was the freshman advusor of the class of T956 Thus he was a most approprrate cnorce as speaker 22 TO BE BUT WHAT YOU ARE YOU LL NEVER WALK ALONE Mr Rlsteen HAVE LEFT AS LEADERS OF S. H. . . . . PATRICIA ANN AABERG Trish Take a Cue from her on how to enloy lute always game o good sport A Cappella 3 Class Play Commnttee 3 Youth Councnl rot 2 3 JOHN ROBERT ALMOND and my Ford a regular Robin Hood lust give me my bow and arrow Sports man s Club 4 Boxung l transferred from Deertleld 2 DOROTHY ANDERSON Formerly Deerflelds shes now Stoughton s plans to be a secretary A HARVEY ANDERSON Harv Once a kung always a mg thunks gurls are a good pastnme Prom Kung 3 Prom Cornmnttee 3 Youth Councul 4 Class Ofllcer 3 Yahara l Athletic Board 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Letterman SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS The advisors play a large part in the success of the class, They must be present at all allairs sponsored by the class- they must council and carefully guide the members nn their problems desnres and accom plushments theur suggestions often help to nmprove the class prolects Puctured at the rught are the advnsors of the Senuor c ass Mr Wnlson Muss Anderson Mr Thompson Mrs Grab Baseball l 2 3 4 Letterman 2 3 KEITH LAVERNE ANDERSON Work' Wall It never cease YVONNE HOPE ANDERSON Let s go skatung tomght plans to attend ausmess college Red Cross 4 Parrot 3 MARY JANE AST Just lookung around office work ls uncluded m her plans Prom Comm ttee 3 G A A 3 4 becomung an M D as hrs goal Cross l 2 3 Treasurer 3 President 4 Band 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Forensics 2 3 4 Prom Commnttee 3 Yahara 3 4 One Act Play l 2 One Act Play Comrmttee 3 4 LEROY DEAN ANDERSON Hrs arm ns stufl Was It ase ball? huntnng and flshung rate hugh wnth hum Band rarnon 4 Baseball I 2 Letterman 2 transferred from Multon Union l Lebr AS FRESHMAN LEARNING WAS DIFFICULT . SOP PAUL GEORGE BARBER He knows football tsnt the only place that a good lnne ns needed SClub 3 4 Norwegzan Dancers 3 4 Football I 2 3 4 Tenmsl 2 3 4 Letterman 3 4 Wrestllng 3 Boxing l Track 2 3 BARTON SAMUEL BARR Bart In form and feature face and lumb I grew so luke my brother Ushers Club a Letterman 3 4 BRUCE CHARLES BARR For one of us was born a twnn but not a soul knew which Ushers Club 2 3 4 Football Basketball l 2 Tenns 2 3 4 Letterman 3 MARILYN BERGE A rung on her hnger ns worth two on the phone car hop at Brncksons Record Club 4 A pello 3 G A A 3 4 F RODNEY DEAN BOWEN Llfe as 10 percent what you make at and 90 percent how you take t a whtz n Englnsh Inkes to have fun Rlfle Club 4 Basketball 2 JEAN ANN BURLINGAME My occupatuon s In fads and flnrtatuons as a governess shell Gnd success Prom C mmlttee3 Youth Council I 2 G A A I 2 3 4 F H A 2 CAROL JEAN BUSCH Her heart I5 luke a moon theres a man rn tt swnmmmg rates hugh In her Idea of pleasure Record Club 4 A Cappella 2 3 4 Glee Club I G A A STANLEY DAVID COOK Stan Whenever he feels luke exerctsung he suts down untul the feeling goes away ll the synonym for srlence LOWELL WILLIAM DAHL Srnlle when you say that among hls ltkes are cars and motorcycles Holder of Spade SIMON DEAN DALEY Da angels have red hour? TV tan a quiet farmer ramurals l 2 3 4 n Club 4 , O O 2, 3, 4, Librarian I, Basketb ll l, 2, 3, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, ls , f i I, , , : A Cap 1 ..., 5 .H, A. 2, 3, ' i ... ' i O ' g A , 5 ...,,, 5 , . . . I, 2, 3, 4. he'll ti soil. , . ' .,.F. F. A. l, 2, 3. . ,, '..,.a ' I ' .,,Int ,,,,R'lle HOMORE YEAR SHOWED SIGNS OF PRQGRESS . . KERMIT O FOSSEN He doesnt preach so he doesnt practuce When l get out of school Student uncll 4 F A I 2 3 Vuce Prestden Football I 2 3 4 Letter WILLIAM C. DOANE . . . Bull . . , In athletics hes really neat, and for a friend he cant be beat , . . likes to watch Badger Boys State 3 Football I 2 3 4 Letterrn 3 4 Basketballl 2 Wrestling 3 4 Baseball I 2 3 4 ROBERT LAVERNE DROGSVOLD o They say that he was once caught studymg oves to fool wnth cars One Act Play Committee 3 SHIRLEY LUANN ERDAHL Shir Wall loin the Wacs after graduatuon a lover of letter wr rung Gle: Club ass Play Commattee 3 G A A I 2 3 4 SHARON L FAIRMAN Her lufes an open book well worth readtng our future lournallst Red Cross 3 4 Class Play Commuttee 3 Forensncs 2 3 4 Parrot 3 STeens 2 Presndent 3 Dnscussuon 2 Llbraruan 4 Transfer East Hugh I BEVERLY ANN FARR ev A quiet gurl but quite a ur Madlson here I come Record Club 4 A Cappella 2 3 4 Class Play Commnttee 3 Student Councll 4 G A A F T A I 2 Transfer Cambrud WAYNE O FOSDAL Better late than never our tate s future conservatlonust leaves S H S to Myron Wrestlung 2 4 man 3 4 Basketball I GLENDA LEE GIBBON Ga Once un her mtnd there It stays that s why she rates so many A s the Band wall mass Gnb and her oboe Re Crossl 2 4 Band I 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Forensics I 2 National Honor Socuety tudent Councnl I 3 Parrot 2 3 G A P F T A 2 Treasurer 2 Dtscusston 2 One Act Play I 2 Badger Gnrls State 3 KATHRYN LOUISE GJESTON e L In IS a language that never ought to be hrst It kulled the Romans and now It s knllnng me A Cappella 3 4 Class Play Com ee 3 Youth Councul 3 4 STeens 2 G A A I 2 T A I One Act Play 3 4 Llbraruan 3 4 Lubrarlan u 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 DARREL .IAN GOODWIN l thunk I thunk more than you th nk l t :nk likes a good tnme Intramurals 3 Rlfle Club 2 Football I Basketball I Transfer from Brooklyn I 25 TV... 2 ,,,f an ' .,.l ' I I,Cl ' ,...,,,gFH,AI,2, 3,4. ..."B ' ' ' g'l... ', p 2,3, ,. , ,, 'geI. Co I 5.F ..,. pl- ' t4g , , 3,5 ' ,, ,Q . .A.3, hilo3,4, at" mitt , ',,- ,...,,3,4, F. , ., - ,,' ' ,,' ' Clb I h' ' if WHILE JUNIQRS, THEY INTRODUCED THE ROBERT H. GULLICKSON , . . "Bob" . , . No wrinkles from worries . . . to fish is his delight . . . a football fan . . . Prom Committee 3. DONNA J. GUNSOLUS . , . The best way to keep a secret is in circulation . . . loves to skate , . , A Cappella 3, 4, G. A. A. KAREN JANE GUSLOFF Gus Wtnning in her way and pleasant IN her smile an active member of the Band brown eyes Band I 2 3 4 Class Play Committee 3 Forensics 2 Youth Council I 2 3 4 Yahara 4 Busun ss ncger 4 Parrot I 2 3 4 G A A Ph o One Act Play Committee I 2 3 ARLISS FAYE HALVERSON I have a voice but why wear It out? likes to read future WAC Class Play mmlttee 3 STeens 2 G A A I 2 4 Llbrarta GEORGE EDDIE HANSON He came he saw and hes still looking around a newcomer to S H S quiet Football 4 Basketball 4 Transferred from Shobbona 4 LORRETTA MAE HANSON Her greatest sin? a happy grin active in Philo o sports enthusiast Class Play Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 STeens I Q Phulo 3 4 MARLAN LLOYD HANSON III be loving girls alwa s lakes cars dislikes work enioys sleeping Intramurals 2 3 RICHARD MILO HANSON Duc Tall dark an W' 3 4 Boxun ELAYNE S HAVEY She strikes a beat with the bass drum mer first chair French horn player likes roller skating Bond 2 3 4 Class Play Committee 3 Youth Councul ,ti M, ROBERT R HEITKE o Seems on the q I t su e sometimes his future plans Include welding to hunt or fish is his wish 3, 4. ' : A , t , : : ' 6 Mo , ...I,2,3,4, il3,4, 15' YZ. Co ' , - 5 ...,, 3, , ' ' n 3, 4. . I If K ,. . ' ' ' - y I K ..."'k".., , d flyx Hanson , . . now a farmer , , . hunting rates high with him A--ff: ei ,,,F. F. A. , , ' g I, H225 , -95, A ff?-'if 3, 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4. 'L3ff'f3ff , . . . "B b" . . . ue 'Cl - V'3 . , . . 2 "'..,F.F.A.2,3,4. 5 I 26 HOBO DANCE, REIGNED OVER BY RITA SPERLE from Capltol Page School I 2 3 RUTH ELLEN an curculatlon 2 3 4 e I 2 4 Secretary 4 JOANN JOHANSEN A lovely lass who wal excel she speaks her mlnd and speaks If well Cheerleader 4 Clos Pla Fo Prom Committee 3 Natlonal Honor Soclety 3 Student Councll 2 Youth Councll I Treasurer I Yahara 4 Parrotl 2 3 4 Exchange Edltor 3 News Edutor 4 STeens I Treasurer I A A 4 Pl-nlo 3 4 One Act Play 3 Norweguan Dancers Lsbrarnan 3 AUDREY JEAN JOHNSON Aud Just like a clock always wound up and goang where theres fun there s Aud Band 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Prom Commnttee 3 Homecoming Attendant 4 Youth Council I 2 3 4 Cl ncer I 4 Parrot I Phllo 3 4 Treasurer 3 Norwegnan Dancers 3 4 'Q GARY DEAN HELGESON The boy with the crewcut our Senate page boy enloys flyung has uncle s plane Science Club 2 3 One Act Play 2 Baseball 3 Transferred THEA MAE HOLTAN Happmess IS a by product of work cheerful has a ready srmle A Cappella 3 4 n I 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Forensucs 2 3 4 Prom mlttee 3 Student Councll 2 3 4 Vice President 3 Youth uncll I 2 cz 3 4 Par I 2 3 4 Busnness Manager3 4 STeensI 2 3 Vlce Presndent G A A I 2 3 4 Vuce Presudent 4 Phllo3 4 Duscussn 3 One Act Play Cornrmttee I 2 3 wuth plenty of go often seen workmg at the Badger Theater Cheerleader I 2 A Cappella 3 4 Class Play Cornmlttee 3 Prom Commlttee 3 Homecoming Queen 4 Student Councul 3 Youth Councul 3 4 Vlce President 3 Presndent 4 Parrot 3 4 STeens3 Secretary 3 G A A I 2 3 4 JERDEE Her hearts like a propeller always a future Whutewater student A Cappella I eens I 2 3 4 P EUGENE WILLIAM JOHNSON utt Never let books nnterfere wnth your education rkes cars Tennls MARGARET ANN JOHNSON Maggte How that gurl can take dlctatlon she thlnks skatung IS fun Band I 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Youth Council I 2 3 4 Secretary 3 oss Ofticer I G A A 3 4 Secre P Presndent 4 Norwegsan Dancers 2 3 4 GEORGE J HOVE Where we gaung tonight? phllatellst friendly lntrafnuralsl 2 3 4 Class Play Commuttee 3 Prom Commuttee 3 Llbrarlan 4 DONALD SAXE HOVERSON Don That s the way the ball bounces sleep IS a waste of tnrne unless Its In cass Intramurals I 2 SClub 2 3 4 President 4 Prom Commlttee 3 Class OftIcer I Athletuc Board 2 Lnbrarnan 2 otball I 2 rman 2 3 ketball I 4 termanl 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 Trackl DARLENE RAE JACOBSON ta a real llve wlre fi Ba d , , , 1 1 ' , , , Corn- , Co ' , , 3g Yahar I, 2, 3, 4: Editor I, 2, , , rot 2: --,,,, : ' - ' 1 ' , 1 ' 'On . . . . " ' ' . , , cl l . . , , 5 - , , 5 ' , Fo , , 3, Lette , , Bas , 2, 3, , Let- .. , HD' " . ,. ' - ' , , :Gle Club ,S-T , , 3, G. A, A. I, 2, , , hiln 3, 4, F. T. A. , , 5 , . 1' ' H X X , . . . "JO" . . , '. 12" , l, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, , s y 3, rensics 2, 3, 4: I P I f . D F V X I S 1 I 2 : : f , , : Ex A f 4 : - 1 2 K --six G, . .3, , A , , - , ' U 1, 2, 3, 4, ' ' , X ' f ' , , , f OSS Off' , , , 2, 3, S-Teens I, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, I I, 2. Cl , . . . 1, 2, , , my 4, hilo 3, 4 O X 1 AND JERRY PETERSON WITH THEIR COURT . KATHRYN LENORE KLOFTEN Klofty Can you feature that? wlse cracks with ne er a grin short and sweet Red Cross 4 Bond 2 3 4 Prom Commtttee 3 uth Coun LOWELL EUGENE KITTLESON Kuttle I can seep all clay mghts are dlfferent everyone knows hrs blue Ford o raclng enthusuast Letterman 4 KATHRYN SUE KLINEFELTER Kaye Bo d I feel sally today a neat artrst trtend to all C ass Play Commtttee 3 Prom Commnttee 3 Youth Counctl 4 Parrot 4 STeens 2 Secretary 2 One Act Play Commuttee 3 4 Lt braruan 3 4 Ltbrarlan Club 3 4 Secretary 3 clI4GAAl2 4Phuo DANA EDWARD KNAAK Generally speaking hes gen erally speakmg SCIub 2 3 4 Secretary Treasurer 4 Band I Class Play 3 Prom Committee 3 Student Councnl 4 Class Ottlcer 2 One Act Play I 2 3 4 Norwegnan Dancers 2 3 4 Athletic Board 4 Vtce Presldent4 Llbrarlan 4 Football I 2 Manager 2 Basketballl 2 Manager2 Boxtng Manager T ack I JOYCE ANN LAMERS Babe Some day my prmce will come wash he d hurry up the bum she likes hlkes tn the ram A Cappella 2 3 4 Vtce Prestdent 3 Prestdent 4 Lvlee Club I Class Play Committee 3 Youth Council 4 Yahara F H A 2 One Act Play mtttee 2 RICHARD CARL LANDE Hoot Lead me not Into temptatton but show me where It IS says has hobby ts gurls enloys drnvlng his Chev Intramurals I 4 Forenstcs 3 Fo JAMES LECY Mert Never trouble trouble tsl trouble troubles you lakes hunttng as a pastime Rifle Club 4 sudent 4 Ushers Club I 2 Football I 2 Basketball restlmg 4 Tennis I 2 3 FRED ALAN LEIKNESS I ate belng late but It beats hurrytng hrs hobby IS prnntung ma tom he Marines Rlfle Club 4 Intramurals 2 ,V JM CV A SELMER DUANE LEIKNESS If school IS lnberty thenwveb me death a regular farmer N L V55 CHARLENE ANN LUNDE Its nlce to be natural when you re naturally nuce she entoys tournng the country Band I 2 3 4 Class Play Commnttee 3 Prom Committee 3 Student Councll 4 Class Omcer 4 Yahara 4 Parrot I 2 3 eens 2 3 G A 3 4 Philo 3 4 VtcePres1cIen One Act Play Commlttee 3 ALSO DISPLAYED THEIR FINE WORK SUSAN J McKERCHER Susie Tall blonde and taken cheertng IS her hobby Cheerleader A Cappella 3 4 Class Play Committee 3 Prom Queen 3 Student Councll 4 Youth Councnl 2 3 4 Parrot 3 STeens A DONELLA FAY MANSON Only stumps are short future secretary entoys plana playmg Class Play Commlttee 3 Parrot 4 A A ERICA R MJELDE Me Peppy personaluty Pepsodent smtle dancmg feet Cheerleader 2 Band I 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Forensncs I 2 3 4 Prom Comrmttee 3 uth Council l 2 3 Pa ot 2 3 4 Feature Editor eensl G A A P O Norweglan Dancers 3 4 DARLENE JOYCE MUCHOW ta Slender In build broad un gran A newcomer a future typtst Transfer Glllman 4 Red Cross 3 Class Play Commnttee 3 Prom Commuttee 3 eens 2 3 F H A 4 Librarian 3 Preslden CHARLOTTE ANN NELSON Horses horses and more horses an accorduon player a future artnst Ca pella 3 4 Prom Commlttee 3 STeens I G A A l 2 BARBARA M NELSON Barb I can ve wlthout poetry muslc or wolklng but who can llve wnthout talkmg she likes to dance who doesnt n I om Committee 3 Youth Councul 3 4 G A A l 2 3 FRANK ERVIN NELSON Satd he with a sigh Lfe IS short and so am I a baseball fan RAMONA ANN NELSON Mona She put the pep nn pepper llkes to sew enloys hanging around wnth Bushy Class Play Commnttee 3 Youth Councnl 3 G A A F H A 3 One Act Play Committee I Lnbrarlan 4 ROGER EARL NELSON o W y let the devtl have all the fun? A member of Arr Natnonal Guards Class Play Commuttee 3 Prom Cornmnttee 3 Football 4 Basket ba 3 Boxung 2 Track 3 29 I ' ' l,2,3,45 ' : ' , , 5 5 - 35 G. A. l,2,3,4. T .MU ' 5 5G, , .l,2,3,4,Philo3,45F.H.A 2, 3, 4. I A I Yo -,,,4p rr l,,,5 ' 45 K S-T 5 . . .l,2, 3, 45 hilo 45 ne-ActPlayI,2,3,45 I, I ..."D"'.,. ' ' ALICE MILDRED NELSON , . . Well dressed . . . a Skater S-T , 1 . - 4 4 ' ' 1 ' t3, P t 1 ' 2- : - - - I f 3, 4. l . ..." " . .. li ' ' - '...Bad,2,3,45 Pr ' 5 ' , 5 ..., , ,4. ' ,"i ' so I,2,3,45 . , - ' , ' ' , A ..."R g" , .. ht ll 5 ' 5 . THROUGH THEIR BEAUTIFUL SPRING PROM AA CAROL JEAN OLSON eet a future vtsnor Oe She has rhythm ln her Washington D C often seen at the Norse Chalet DIANE KRISTINE OLSON ue Her heart as as sunny as her hour a future lawyer a piano player Class Play 3 Forensics I 2 3 4 Prom Cornmuttee 3 Natnonal Honor Society 3 Student Council 2 Youth Councll I 2 S Tee.ns 3 4 Philo 3 4 Duscussnon 2 3 One ct y I Q 3 Badger Gtrls State Lxbraruan 4 SUSAN MARIE NELSON ue Essence of sweetness model ol neatness her hobby lS sports and campung wlth the gurls Mr Thompson s helper A Cappella 3 Class Play Corrmmttee 3 Prom Commtttee 3 Youth Councnl I 2 3 4 asurer 4 Class OlTIcer 4 Parrot I 2 4 S Teen MICHAEL S NOBLE Noble The thunlclest thnnker that ever thunk hns favornte saynng Machts Nuchts One Act Play 4 Norweglan Dancers 4 Lubrarnan 4 Football 4 Letterman 4 Baseball 4 Transferred Salzburg Austria 4 LOU ELLEN OLSON Stull water runs deep an ac cordnon player her hobby us dancung Red Cross 3 4 appella 2 Science Club 3 G A A 4 P MARY JANE OLSON All farmers have IO oclock lunch her hobby as donng anythnng Connie does Record Club 4 Prom Comrmttee 3 G A A I 7-4 MARY LOU OLSON Good thengs come In small packages goldnloclcs enloys reading Prom Comrnuttee 3 AA BEVERLY ANN OSBORNE Always drawlng somethlng H A 3 4 Llbraruan KENTON L ONSRUD Chub Blessed as he who never says anythtng for he shall never be quoted voca non plans Include engnneerung nd l 3 4 C Play 3 Science Club 3 Youth Councxl 4 One Act Play I One Act Play ommnttee 4 Badger Boys State 3 Wrestling from Elkhorn 3 Class Play Cammutt e 3 horses and lndvans are he-r hobb, A A 2 Tron VICTOR T PAAR He who has a butch nevu has a part has hobby women pans to oln the Atr Force C IN APPLE BLOSSOM TIME," WI GERALD F. PETERSON , . . "Jerry' '... He doesn't break the rules he gust bends them a little . . . otten seen workingi! at the JS-S . . . S-Club 2. 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Letterma g 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Boxing I, Letterman I, T I, 2, 3, Letterman 2. 3 TERRY HOWARD PLINER . . . A whiz sp for- ward and upside down. . . he plans to Iago chemical engineer . , . . . S-Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Class Play 3, Prom Corn- mittee 3, Student Council 4, Class Ofticer 2, 3, 4, One-Act Play 2, 3, 4, Athletic Board 4, President 4, Badger Boys State 3, Librarian 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball I, 2, Boxing I, Baseball 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4. KAREN JUNE RAMBO . , . A quiet girl with a friendly smile, things like that are auite worth while . . . her hobbies include swimming . . . Class Play Committee 3, S-Teens 2, G. A. A. 2 3 4, F. H. A. I, 2, 3, Librarian 4. W Committee 3, Student Council 4, Parrot I, 2, 3, 4, Editor 4 3, 4, One'Act Play Committee I. RUSSELL FERDINAND RUTLIN , . . Truman was a farmer so what have I got to lose. . . often found fishing . . . F, F, A. I 2 Baseball 2, 3. 4, FELOU SAWYER . . . Fe . . . Talks little but says a lot . . . a worker. , . A Cappella 2, Glee Club, Forensics 2, 3, Science Q yy Club 3, Prom Committee 3, Youth Council I, Class Officer 3, Phila 3, 4, One Act Play Committee. DIANE BEA SCHAEFER . . . She's quite a student we can't deny, but beware of that look in her eye . . . she likes to write letters-wonder why? . . . A Cappella 4, Forensics 3, Prom Committee 3, Student Council 3, Youth Council 2, 3, S-Teens 3, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Philo 3. 4, F. T. A. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4. ROGER F. SCHLUTER . . . A charmer of a farmer . , . plays the accordion. . . dark eyes . . . F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, President 4. CAROL A. SEGEBRECHT . . . "Sig" . . . Charming, sweet and always neat.. , blondie . . . dancing feet. , . Band I, 2, 3, 4, Youth Council 3, 4, G. A. A I, 2, 3, 4, Philo 4, F. H. A. I, 2 DAVID A. SKAVLEN . . . It bright remarks were a grain of sand, l'd be a desert . . . o filling station attendant . . . Ushers Club 2, 3, 4, Boxing I, Letterman I. 31 JANET BETSY ROBERTSON . . , ln Band 2, 3, 4, Class Play S,Teens I, G. A. A, I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Philo SELECTED ROYALTY . KING HARVEY ANDERSON VELNA SKJOLAAS Bonme Her seriousness IS only sktn deep a regular whtz Band 2 3 4 Forens cs 2 3 4 Scten e lub 3 Student Counctl 4 Parrotl 3 STeens G A A I 2 3 4 Vtce Presudent 4 Phulo 3 4 Treasu er Secretary 2 One Act Play Commtttee 3 JACK ERWIN SKOIEN Ive got my eye on Uncle Sam a card player Intramurals I 2 3 4 Class Play Com mnttee 3 Scuence Club 3 4 Ushers Club I 2 3 4 One Act Play Commnttee 4 Football 3 Basketball 2 Baseball 2 Track STANLEY KEITH SLINDE Twrnkle twnnkle athletic star what a bashful boy you arent crazy over motorcycles Class Play 3 Prom Commuttee 3 Class Oftlcer 2 Athlettc Board ball 3 Lett n B etball I Letterman 3 4 RONALD A SNYDER One of the greatest labor savlng devnces ts tomorrow A Cappella 3 Football I Basketball 2 Box ng I Track MARY MARGARET SOLHEIM Maur True to er work her word and her friends a future Marquette s u dent Cheerleaderl 2 3 4 Band I 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Forensics I 2 3 4 Prom Commtttee 3 Natuonal Honor Socuety 3 Student Counctl I 2 4 TreasurerI Presldent 4 Youth Councnl 4 Class OfIIcer 4 Holder of Spoon 3 Parrot 2 3 4 arts Edltor 4 STeensI Secretaryl G A A I 2 Treasurer 3 President 4 Phtla 3 4 Secretary 3 Discussion 2 One Act Play 3 Norwegtan Dancers 2 3 4 SANDRA JEAN SOLHEIM Sandy Musncally tncltned a record collector Record Club 4 A Cappella 3 4 Cross4 Band I 2 3 4 G A A RODNEY SPANGLER The best way to kull ttme us to work tt to death Included tn has hobbnes are cars Band I 2 3 4 Class Play Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Youth Counctl 4 RITA RAE SPERLE Squnrrelly Chatter chatter ltttle squirrel what a talkatlve llttle gurl raises fat horses Band 3 Sctence Club 3 Prom Commnttee 3 Class Play Com 2, m ee3Yahara4Parrot3GAAI234Phro4 I RICHARD EUGENE SPILDE Looks are decelvlng down on the farm F A A 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 Boxmg I BONNIE LEE SPRENGER Shes here I heard her guggle her hobby ts camptng wtth the gurls Class Play Com mtttee 3 Student Counctl 4 Youth Counctl I 2 3 4 STeens 2 3 4 F T A I One Act Play Comm: an O O I li A 1 1 1 4 - ' 1 I , g r 4,F.T.Qj, , , . r . I 32 A ,y K I v . . . A - . IJJ ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I ' 1 1 : 1 x, LM X I,3, Foot I,2, 1 erma 2, 31 ask ,2, 3, 4g I, 1 I 5 I. O , , ' I- 4 SP ' 1 - 1 1 - - - 1 131 4: Red 1 , , , 5 . , , I,2,3. -gf' itt, , ,,.,,,,,'l. !g" 4. rr- aff' ' .' 1. -F 1 I - 2, 3, G. A. A. I, , , , . , . 1 - Attee 2, 3, 41 Librari l, 2, 3, 4, AND QUEEN SUSAN MCKERCHER . Secretary and Treasurer SHIRLEY MAE STRAAVALDSON Writing letters is the n cest pastime she likes to bowl Record Club 4 Youth uncul 2 3 G A A F H A 2 Athletic Boar ' A CONSTANCE JOY STROMMEN Late hours arent good for one but they re all right for two ci future stenographer Record Club 4 Prom Committee 3 S Teens 2 President 2 ROBERT O TOFTE Bo I get up at the crack of down stuff up the crack and go back to bed again is NANCY ANN SWENSON Swens All have their devilish moments often seen working in the public library A Cappella 2 3 4 Science Club 3 Secretary 3 Student Council 4 Youth Council 2 Parrot 3 STeens 2 G A A I 2 3 4 F T A 3 4 Vice Presudent4 LibrariansClub 4 Treasurer JAMES EDWARD TAMBLINGSON I like school work it fascinates me I could sit and look at it for hours likes meeting people Yaharo 2 Parrot 2 One Act Play 2 Westling 2 3 Golf I 3 4 Librarian DIANE JEAN WERSLAND Her smile would worm o polor bear she likes to read a TV fan Red Cross 3 4 Secretary 4 Science Club 3 Prom Committee 3 Class Ollicer A 2 Librarian MARLENE RUTH YOUNG , . , Mischief shines through her eyes ,.,awaitress... .A,A. ,. G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. hobby is hunting Class Play Committee 3 Prom Committee 2 3 4 Secreta Fa ENOLA JEAN WAAG Nola Considerate kind and neat a combination that can t be beat o future nurse Band I 2 3 4 Homecoming Attendant 4 Student Council 3 Youth Council 4 Class Officer 2 STeens 3 G A RUTH IRENE YOUNG . . . Dark eyes and dark hair . very good accordion teacher . . , Prom Committee 3, G. . A NAOMI AMOLIA ZEMKI . . ,,"Zernp" . . . she has a swell disposition, o good quality for a good position , . , a future E nurse . , . Record Club 4, Class Play Committee 3, S-IGSHS 2, JUNIOR CLASS Patrucua Pat Olson In Her Memory The class ot 57 as Juniors us lookung forward IN MEMORY OF A CLASSMATE Patrucua Ann Olson was born January l3 l939 un the Stoughton Community Hospital She was the daughter of Richard E and Dorothy Olson and was baptized by the late Pastor L L Nesvug un Our Savior s Lutheran Church Patrucua attended the West Elementary School Central Grades Junior Hugh School and Senuor Hugh School all of Stoughton She was confirmed by Pastor Nesvug and was also the president ot the Luther League at Our Savior s Church Pat was lumuted un her actuvutues by a heart aulment She dud however partucupate un the Gurls Athletic Association to the best of her abuluty and was an actuve member of our school paper the Parrot Her memory us well umprunted un the portals of S H S and she wull long be remembered as the gurl wnth the everlasting smule to uts clumaxung senuor year The members ot thus class have been very successful un working together on worthwhule and necessary protects To begun the 55 56 year they put on the annual Junuor Class Play They also carried through such thungs as the Hobo Dance the Sprung Prom a talent show parties and dances whuch proceed varuous games and during the Home coming testuvutues they entered a float un the parade Thus year s officers were Ronald Grady Presudent Marulyn Nelson Vuce Presudent Sharon Ortman Secre tary and Pat Nelson Treasurer The advusors were Mr Matthias Mrs McDonald Mr Bauer and Mrs Gates Everyone has proved thus year to be a great suc cess and that next year will also show for the making of many fine memories. R W 1... . rusegor J. e J. Amundson J B . Dahlsoren M. Donks S. Felio V. Anderson D. Doane. ROW 2.., D Bierk, N. Anderson S. Brekke J. Christopherson R. Asleson R Anderson F. Augustine S. Anderson R. Bringa J. Broughton M Nelson Vuce Presudent R Grady Presudent S Ortman Secre tary P Nelson Treasurer A. Davis R. Boyd. ROW 3...D. Biddick C. Doering K. Carpen ter R. Bothum W. Atkinson E. Anderson M. Anderson V. Deneen H. Brandt A. Fortney Mr. Matthias. JUNIORS . . . PROUD OF THIS YEAR S ' ' ll fl S B , Ehl, , oy uhk, P , , f SUCCESSES WITH THEIR GALA PROM, ROW 1 K Kllen B Gerber J Hoveland C Hilde D Halverson D Gpestson S Fosdal ROW 3 Mr Bauer R Helnzeroth L Jacob C Gunsolus C Gerard C Klenn L Ingraham ROW2 S Harled san D Hoffman P Hawkunson M Fosclcl R Gxddley N Kmleson M Hanson H Horrued D Keenan S Halverson D Holton R Grady C Gunderson B Kmleson R Horner ROWI V Olson M Olson P Olson P Nelson S Mannmg M M Nelson M Nelson ROW 3 L Kleven D Kleven R Nagel Peterson P Nysother M Mlckelson C Nltzsche A Page S Orfmon 37 Moe, E. Olson, M. Olson, K. Nelson. ROW 2 , . . Mrs. Gates, M. D. Moe, P. Manson, B. Kluever, N. Moe, D. Larson, C. Overland. . 2 -W 4 vi , Q ,. ., Q A - 1 l If '5 41 xl r ' rn Q ' 'O Z 'J O' . K, ,. ,LJ I . A xl 0 A l . 1 J' ' 1 "- ' , QW f . ,. X I NS- CLASS PLAY, AND CO-OPERATIVE SPIRIT . . ROW 1 S Srnnthbock B Rudd P Tofte L Utter L Veum B J Quale J Rucks J Stockstad S Weum ROW 3 .I Turner D Richter E Sperloen J Usher J Simpson ROW2 Mrs McDonald Weurn D Stolen H Vtke G Woag E Mennes R Pleper A Wick M Sklolaas J Gullnckson L Thorson R Skau F Sunby A Mattlson L Phullaps J Woodstock N Welty Students obtannnng make up slaps and out slde permnts from student gundance dlrec tor Mr Thompson iiififf N V2 At an acrobatnc act assembly program Terry Planer partnclpates by attempting to balance on a ladder 36 , . . lwfim mf? , Milk' ? -Q32-V,,g,1QZf: ,ff V ' gzgztgqw, f : , J 5Y"i'3?'f,,4i- ' f ,y,5ii' -.h ,f V f ' fr,' ' 1 SOPHOMORES . . . NOW ADJUSTED T0 STUDENT'S som-lomone cLAss Our Subs Dnd Thus' Watch Our Var sary' was the name of the Homecomung float constructed by The Sophomore class It rated an Honorable Menfnon Thus was lust one of The acfuvmes of thus alert class Advnsors for the class were Mrss Was lunsky Mass Dnedruck Mr Brelcha and Mr Wungerf S Grady Treasurer B .lanes Secretary D Quale Vice Presldent A Swangsfu President C Cook B Blandford J Benz C Crary ROW2 Mlss Wusllnsky penter E Browne C Curless L Browne R Ellllcer S Armstrong R Drake G Anderson R Ehle A Dalorsorn M Brakken O Brelclce H Boersrna O Byugsfad 31 ROW T , . . J. Christe-nson, B. Bullard, L. Edwards, M. Bovre, Y. Ehle, K, Bryant, R. Deneen, R. Doxtafor. ROW 3 . . . F. Amacher, P. Car- ROUTINE, THEY DELVE INTO ADVANCED ROW1 N Hendrlckson S Horred G Hoos J Fosdol S Hcllver P Honson A Hock M Holverson D Houge ROW3 Miss Dledrlck son N Freund R Gulllckson F Gibbon L Hock ROW 2 H Grefshelm M Honson J Halverson D Fredenberg C Henderson Fosdol G Gryttennolrn N Erickson D Hanson N Hoel S Eruckson K Hodge M Fonrmon D Glermo S Grody ROW1 M Lenzer J Msdthun P Johnson P Lelkness M Murkve P Hvom D Klfrleson R Jocobson L Kmleson E Mldrhun ROW 3 Johnson B Jones B Morflnson N Jocobson A Lorson R Jorrnon P LoFleur H Kind S NGYVIQ M Ne son 38 J , . . . ' , . ' , . . . , . N. . l , . , - , - . . . ' 1- J Lecy, B. Monson, J. Lovick. R. Mouer. ROW 2 . , , J. Mcly, R, . . . R. Moe, R. Holton, R, Klieboer, J. Lunde, D. Edword, J. Hough, 3 is : 4 , I 5 7 4 , S J H ' Q 1 ' G f ,, 2 S .5 . , . V f' ' 0 ZF, T, i V ' Y ' ' 2 P F hwy- . 2' iq' .. av V -ff, , , . n xv . 1 ,. 1 L ,., ' STUDIES AND EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ROWI B Rotnermel P Severln C Rothermel L Platt A Nord lnalm S Olson S Norgaren J Olsen D Sersch ROW 2 Quole G Olson J Peterson J Skavlen D Olson J Nordness D ROWI S Warrnngton B Wells M Thompson C Tornlln R Spangler ROW2 H Trelol? R Tlnornpson J Stromnnen R Straa valdson S Williams M Strand F Slclnner ROW 3 R Tlwrner Nygaard S Peterson S Showers J Ortrnan D Nardberg ROW 3 Mr Wnngert P Nelson M Olson E Rnng P Pofinbarger T Renvnclc R Setlens R Obrecnt M Slrne C Reese D Wick G Swenson J Udstuen E Swangstu D Weston J Wutzel N Slcolen 'U FRESHMEN . . . FINDING THEIR FIRST YEAR FRESHMAN CLASS The class ot 1959 has seen nts Hrst year at S H S Dunng Homecoming testtvutles the class entered a float sn the parade and tntled It Tough Sleddlng for lvludclleton They also assumed the task of sellung corsages at the game The elected ofhcers were James Lamers Presndent Sandra Janes Vnce Presudent Betty Halvorson Secre tory and Jean Weston Treasurer Student Councnl representotuves were Jean Bowen and John Marquart Don La Fleur was the Athletuc Board representatuve Muss Fortney Mtss Reek Mr Gubbon and Mr Koenng were the advnsors All dnd a hne 'ob an worklng together S Jones VncePresndent B Halverson Secretary J Weston Treasurer Jnm Lamers Presldent A Doxtator C Brckel M Anderson D Borgen ROW 2 Mr Gibbon D Browne K Fortney J Beske J Atkinson D Ellmgson D Forrer W Fessenden G Elllngson M Augustme R Anderson J Anderson R Blordahl H Butter H Elvekrog l ROW I . , . J. Asleson, D. Biugstod, J. Bowen, A. Berkley, K. Berg, Berge, J. Anderson, M. Anderson, J. Berberich, D. Broughton. ROW TO BE A RUGGED CHANGE OUTSTANDING ROW1 N Hagen J Ingrohom R Iverson V Holton L Hovey Helgelond M Grofin D Jacobson A Gullnckson M Koenlg B Glddley S Henderson B Halverson B Halverson ROW 2 ROW 3 M Furseth D Henson C Hosz R Fosdol J Furseth K orrled Hon J Ingrohom F Gustrowskl C lermo Hoff M Gnlbertson K Gyestson P Hellum L Hook Kluever K Loftus J Loftus B Jerdee ROW 2 R Johnson P seth E chlce ee M uort Lorn r 0 5 R even M McForlond K Lunde K enz Jacobson T Lunde D Morttnson 41 O O O R. H ' , J r'ed, . , . ', , G' , L. , . ' , . ' . . , . . ROW I . . . L. Jocobson, J. Lovick, J. Kinder, S. Jones, B. Kind, P. Lorson, R. Loftus, R. Loftus. ROW 3 . . . D. Lo Fleur, L. Johnson, J , . , . , . . . . . . , . Jul , . Jes , L. Korth, H. L lc, J. orq , J. es, R Le d , . Kl , . , . , . Kr , J. Klein, L , . , . ' . MEMBERS GIVE THEM REASON TO FEEL SUPERB . ROWI K McCulloch C Olson N Nelson J Moe B Mxchelsen D Nelson S Nelson N Nelson J Nelson ROW3 Mass Fortney S Mndthun C Gunsolus M Muller J Phlllups ROW2 M Mudthun K Onsrud H Pullman M Onsrud D Lyngocs H Peters J Olson ROW l D Sfocksfod A Nelson M Thorson M Stroovoldson Sounders B Walls S Sperle S Rmden ROW 3 K Stoksfod K Schmidt B Velond J Weston H Stow P Sveum ROW 2 R Sfeflens M Scheel W Smith M Wnlcox D Snyder R Schmudloch Truelhl J Sperle G Sawyer N Sume P Swenson P Robertson M J Thrun J Tupton E Sornson D Segebrecht 10 0 W ? B. Quom, E. Onsrud, M. Olson, L. Motfison, D, Mennes, B. Nelson, K, Olson, D. Quom, T. Orfmon, R. Nifzsche. ALL HAVE FUN TOGETHER The coat checkung concesslon was shared by all organ nzatlons At the left Sue Olson and Rosalue Gulluclcson check coats at one of the basketball games Tensuon was great at all the excutnng games Here the audnence ns follownng close ly the plays of the team 5.1 A typzcal student locker The students are proud at thenr seltlockmg newly Installed lockers Treatung them wsth care rs stressed strongly W!! At the Student Chrnstmas Party sponsored by the Stu dent Councul Santa Claus presented gntts to varnous students and teachers Here we see Santa played by Mnlce Hanson gnvung a gutt to Mary Salheum 49 l l .1 . I . X tn . 'I ' , - - g 4,45 3? We M1 yu.. . nc' ww' H- ' A25 A Xe K Ek -5 3, 1' 7 nv-V14 M rv A ' XI' ' ggi.-,..4'-' - M ."'-3' "" .LS ' 2, V--1-.. Q 4: W. N. , -' .. L a . ' 4 . A v. 'Q .F - f 'iw ,. Y' " .1 J, 'T WW 'M TO BE ORGANIZATIONS OF S.H.S. . . . YAHARA . . . PRODUCERS OF THIS BOCK. . . THE YAHARA Thea Holtan Our Edntor-In-Chief 1' Miss Fonney Charlene Lunde Thea Holton and Karen Gusloff work on copy preparatuon Our Annual Advlsor Publnshnng our annual rnvolves much long hard work on the parts of the staff and the advisor Thus year s staff worked especlally to produce a modern book whlch would tell accurately the story of the school year Most mem bers of the staFf performed a great variety of dutues However thelr suspense wtll be broken only after the book arrrves They eagerly but fearfully awant the readers comments The staff was headed by Thea Holtan as Edrtor an Chuef Clark Overland Assustant Edltor Charlene Lunde Make Up Edrtor Karen Guslofl Business Manager Ron Hennzroth Head Photographer The advlsor was lvllss Fortney ROWI K Gusloff C Overland C Lunde J Marquart A Nord Johansen N Freund ROW3 H Pullman K Glestson K Ander holm ROW 2 R Sperle S Henderson S Olson K Bryant J son D Fredenberg H Boresmo R Hernzroth J Asleson A 46 ROW1 J Tupton L Larson J Johanson S Harued C Nntzsche J Horned E Onsrud R Loftus R Loftus Blerk N Welty A Page S Norgard K Cook M Thompson C Reese ROW 3 K Berg P Kleuver P Nelson D Keenan THE PARROT . . . REPORTERS OF THE NEWS. . The Parrot staff members had many practical ex- peruences In lournaltsm as they publnshed the school newspaper The paper was publnshed twuce a week THE PARROT unttl January after that tt came out once a month The Edrtor an Chlef Janet Robertson worked closely wuth Mrs McDonald the advlsor Mary Solheum edited the sports sectnon Erica Mlelde features and fashnons Jo Ann Johansen and Donna Blerlc were Co News Editors Susan Olson Exchange Edntor Co Bust ness Managers Ann Nordholm and Thea Holtan l-leadlnne Edutor Bonnne Rudd The edutors and Mrs McDonald lead the Parrot staff In a busy profitable year Puctured at the left are Parrot amcers vuewung one of thetr edltlons ROW 1 M Solhelm E Mlelde B Rudd ROW 2 S Olson T Holton A Nordholm J Johansen D Byerk ROW 2 J Harrled D Kllnefelter D Jacobson C Mrs McDonald D Mennes J Stockstad M Mlcklesan Janet Robertson Edntor In Chief Mrs McDonald Parrot Advlsor l' L Platt A Nordholm B Rudd ROW4 J Ingraharn D Hanson D Glestson J Turner L Haalc E Sperloen D Hanson J Bowen K Lunde B Bullard ROW 5 K Gusloff E Mlelde J Furseth J Robertson B Muckleson D Manson S Olson T Halton M Solheum J lngraham 4 b A CAPPELLA AND GLEE CLUB . . . SUPPLY US GLEE CLUB THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB OF STOUGHTON HlGH SCHOOL This year the A Cappella opened its season with a new director, Mr. Disrud. In early fall, forty-two students were chosen for the choir, who planned and par- ticipated in many fine events. They also have chosen their officers. Joyce Lamers, President, Susan lvlcliercher, Vice'President, and Jerry Turner, Treasurer, lead them in activity protects. The A Cappella and band put on a beautiful Christmas Program. For the first time, the choir sang every number a cappella. This had a lovely affect. In the spring of the year, various choir members participated in the solo and ensemble contest held in Whitewater. Later in the spring, the entire choir participated at Whitewater in the Spring Festival. On April 26, the Choir put on a concert for the public in the gymnasium. lt consisted of many religious and novelty numbers. The last appearances of this group were at the Baccalaureate and Commence- ment programs in May. Another group that participated with the A Cappella in their appearances was called "The Choristersf' This is an octette consisting of two sopranos, two altos, two tenors, and two basses. Due to the enioyment of all members, the choir has seen a very successful season. A CAPPELLA WITH OUR VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT. . . A group which works with the A Cappella in concerts, festivals and contests is the Glee Club. This is a girls' organization consisting of girls who may or may not be in A Cappella. This group, like A Cappella, also participates in the spring festival and concert at Whitewater. The A Cappella as it participated in the Christmas Program. PRESENTED SNAPPY MARCHING, AND SPRING BAND THIS IS OUR STOUGHTON HIGH SCHOOL'S The Stoughton High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Lee, performed many times throughout the year. During the football season the Band appeared between halves of home games showing snappy precision marching and skits of various kinds. The Home- coming skit depicted the stages in the lives of two typical alumni. They also performed at the dedication of our school and at Christmas and spring concerts. Stoughton was host to the Massecl Band Concert which was successfully directed by, Mayo Savold of the Augsburg College Band. The Solo and Ensemble Contest, held at Whitewater, had many Stoughton participants. The Band also took part in the spring band festival and in the Lion Convention parade at Fond du Lac. 50 CONCERTS, AND PLANS FOR MASSED BAND . . . CLASS "A" BAND PEP BAND The Pep Band is composed of students from the concert band. They play live- ly numbers at basketball games and tournaments. ROW l . . . M. Johnson, K. Gusloff C. Nitzsche, M. Thompson, R Jacobson, C. Tomlin, P. Hanson, J Arnundson, E. Mjelde. ROW 2 . . C. Segebrecht, L. Utter, L. Veum, A Johnson, C. Lunde, E. Waag, lvl Bovre, J. Usher, J. Ehle, P. Dalsoren A. Nordholm, E. Havey, N. Welty B. Skiolaas, C. Cook. ROW 3 . . J. Fosdahl, M. Danks, K. Spangler F. Skinner, M. Halverson, M Hanson, D. Nygaard, A. Mattison G. Swenson, R. Skau, H. Trieloft, P Nelson, K. Kloften, B. Nelson, B Elliker, L. lngraham, J. Christenson R. Johnosn, B. Blandford, C. Reese: S. Felio,-G. Gibbon. ROW 4 . . . E Olson, K. Nelson, P. Hvam, Y. Ehle, S. Ortman, K. Onsrud, R. Spangler, S. Halverson, J. Asleson, R Nitzsche, J. Broughton, A. Page, K Anderson, E. Onsrud, C. Gunsolus, F. Gibbon, E. Sperloen, P. Nysather, S. Olson, M. Murkve, J. Marquart, M. Anderson, R. Grady, H. Boersma, P. Turner, C. Overland, J. Robert- son. ROW 5 . . . T. Holtan, Mr. Lee, D. Giestson, J. Turner, J. Witzel, M. Fairman, L. Anderson, J. Gullickson, D. Weston, K. Nichols, M. Solheim, J. Johansen, M. Nelson, V. Olson, S, Haried. APPRECIATION OF MUSIC, VIKING HERITAGE RECORD CLUB ROW I . . . D. Gunsolus, N. Hagen, J. Moe, D. Hanson, J. Denzel, J. Burlingame, C. Olson, H. Stai, P. Aoberg. ROW 2 . . . J. Haried, M Berge, S. Strofivnldson, M, Strziovaldson, B. Ouam, P, Kluever, S. Warrington, J. Bowen, B. Osbourne, C. Bickle, J. Nelson. ROW 3 . . . Mr, Disrucl, M. Olson, K. Berg. B Giddley, S Erickson, K. Rambo, C. Nelson, C. Strom- rnen, N. Zernke, M. Nelson, C. Olson, B. Farr NORWEGIAN DANCERS Once again the Norwegian Dancers successfully carried the Viking culture to many groups, They parti- cipated in exchange assembly programs and appeared before many f 'C organizations. They were well re- ceived by their many audiences. In order to become a member ol the organization, each member laced stitt competition, Any upperclassrnan was eligible, but only a tevv lucky ones were chosen. The Record Club, organized this season, had as its purpose learning to appreciate classical music. Mr. Disrud was the advisor. Sandra Solheim was Presidentg Connie Bickel, Secretary, and Beverly Farr, Treasurer. A popular record club, under the direction of Mr. Campbell, was later organized. 'IP Q ROW I . , D, Knaak R. Horner, N Moc, D. Klo-wen, M Noble, E. Mfelde, M. Solheirn, J. Ehle, A. Johnson, S, Haried, N. Freund, D. Bidclick, D. Larson, R. Grady, P. Hiivxkinson, P, Barber. ROW 2 N. Hoel. . . , Miss Reek, L. Utter, M. Johnson, A Noiclholm, J Johansen, AND COMPETITIVE DRAMA WERE DEVELOPED ONE-ACT PLAYS On October 5 three one-oct ploys were presented in the old gymno- sium under the direction of Miss Gloclce. They were iudged during their presentotion with the intention thot the winning ploy would contin- ue ot the District Contest. "High Window," the winning ploy, eorned o "B" roting ot the District contest. The purpose of presenting these ploys wos to promote dromotic op- preciotion ond to select o ploy to represent Stoughton in the Wiscon- sin High School Dromo Contest. HSUBMERGEDH Starring: T. Pliner, M. Noble, M. Honson, D. Knook, G. Helgeson, R, Heinzeroth. --T ROWI D Mennes L Mottison S Horned M Nelson L Utter S Brekke R Gullickson S Henderson K Klinefelter ROW 2 Miss Gloclce N Freund K Ggestson E Mlelde K Bryont H Peters J Turner J Skoien K Anderson ROW 3 P Klueyer K Loftus G Hove G Helgeson D Knock R Heinzeroth T Pliner HIGH WINDOW Starring N Freund K Glestson H Peters E Mlelde .I Turner "PINK AND PATCHES" Sforring: R. Gullicli son, L. Utter, M. Nelson, S. Horied. TALENTED THESPIANS MASTERED STAGE CRAFT JUNIOR CLASS PLAY if J was The groups rehearsed and planned stage arrangements. --vu... .Tr ... ..-.gnlkbk They enioyed each other as they spent much practice time. Miss lrene Burgess.. Lorry Fuller ....... Nancy Leveridge. . . Miss Carolyn Moren Miss Henrietta Rivers . Elsie Hunter ....... Sylvia Moore.. Janet Young ..... Joan White ...... Mr. Norman Carter. Andy Fullbright. .. Jocko Guthrie. .. Milt Sanders .... Buck O'Hara .,..,.... Mr. Tony Peterson.. Mr. Richard Leveridge .... Mr. Keith Rogers ....... Extras: Ist Woman.. 2nd Woman . . . . . .Lou Ann Veum ... . .Susan Haried .........Lynn Utter . . . .Sandra Halverson . . . . . .Velma Olson ..Joan Ehle ...Judy Amundson . . . .Marilyn Nelson . . . . .Karen Kilen ...Clark Overland . . . .Mike Anderson ......Ron Grady ....Duane Kleven . . . .Jerry Turner . . . .Phil Hawkinson ...Roger Horner . . . .David Giestson .......Donna Doane ..........ArdellPage Young Girls... ...Margaret Nelson, Deanna Keenan, Pat Nelson "Curtain Going Up," directed by Miss sented on November lo and 17. Glocke, was pre- This was a "play within a play." The action revolved around the experiences ot a young advisor who is directing her tirst play. Many ot the situations which she faced were both humorous and realistic. They were well appreciated by the audience. ROW l . . . K. Kilen, B. Richter, P. Nelson, D. Keenan, M. Nelson, ROW 3 . . . D. Giestson, J. Turner, D. Holton, C. Overland, E. L. Utter, S. Breklce, S. Halverson, C. Nitzsche, N. Welty. ROW 2 . . . Mennes, M. Anderson, D. Biddick, E. Anderson, D. Kleven, P, Miss Glocke, D. Doane, N. Olson, M. Moe, V. Olson, A. Page, M. Hawkinson, R. Grady, R. Horner. Nelson, J. Amundson, E. Sperloen, L. Veum, J. Ehle, S. Haried. CHARACTERIZATIONS, AND AUDIENCE CONTACT SENIOR CLASS PLAY Laurette Sfylegl M ...Kathryn Giestson ,,,f' 4 Hubert Cherry. .. ........ Terry Pliner Mercedes ...... .... J o Ann Johansen Vida ......,. ..... K aren Rambo '..-I,-, Jenifer ........., .... E rica Mielde Elizabeth Cherry .... ,... M ary Salheim Irene Oliver ..... ....... T hea Halton Harriet Gilpin. . ..... Diane Wersland Ralph Cherry .... .... D ana Knaak Andy Blayne ..... .... M ike Noble Policeman .... ,... R ichard Lande Dr. Hollister. .. ...Gary Helgeson At rehearsals all worked diligently. "3-9 "Ring Around Elizabeth," presented April l9 and 20, was this year's successful Senior Class Play. The plot centered around Elizabeth, who had an interesting, but extremely irri- tating and difficult, family. How she managed to get control of the situation created a good dramatic situation. The play was directed by Miss Gloclce. The production required many hours of work. ROW l . . . K. Klienfelter, R. Sperle, E. Havey, E. Mielde, J. R. Lande, T. Pliner, M. Noble, G. Helgeson, T. Holtan, D. Knaalc, Johansen, N, Waag, D. Jacobson, B. Sprenger, D. Wersland. ROW G. Have, S. Mcliercher, M. Solheim. 2 . . . Miss Glocke, C. Lunde, F. Saywer, S. Fairman, K. Rambo, 7 L1 QT SPEAKERS PRACTICED ART OF COMMUNICATION DEBATE The formation ot three teams showed the high peak it interest developed in discussion and debate this year. The "A," "B," and "C" Y-y teams entered competition in multi- ' school debates at Milwaukee, LUIS! 1 Janesville and Madison. Two out of Rf" If six debates were won in the District V -. meet at Madison. Miss Ransom , coached the teams. ROW l . . , R. Gullickson, J. Nelson, C. Tomlin, D. Mennes, F. Gibbon. ROW 2 . . . Miss Ransom, J. Peter- son, K. Fortney, A. Fortney, J. Hough, M. Hanson, D. Drake. ai,-A Debators, Al Fortney and Rosalie Gullickson, prepare an assignment. Approximately forty-tive students participated in the eight forensic divisions this year. Thirteen ot the contestants were chosen to participate in the inter- school contest held at Monroe on March 7. The coaches were Mrs. McDonald, Miss Fortney, Miss Gloclce, Mrs. Brueck- ner, Mrs. Van Slochteren, and Miss Ransom. Miss Ransom was head ot the FORENSICS forensic progrvm- ROW l . . . B. Martinson, L. Platt, B. Rudd, M. Thompson, C. 3 . . . M, Hanson, P. Totte, J. Phillips, R. Jacobson, D. Halverson, Tomlin, N. Freund, D. Mennes, J. Simpson. ROW 2 . . . F, Gibbon, M. Solheim, J. Johansen, M. Nelson, L. Utter, E. Mielde, A. Norclholm, R. Drake, N. Sime, J. Klein, M. Saunders, J. Anderson, S. Horied, J. Stokstad. ROW 4 . . . S. Breklce, C. Hilde, J. Kinder, S. Halverson, J. Ehle, R. Gullickson, M. Miller, B, Bullard, Miss Ransom. ROW T. Holton, A. Page, A. Fortney, D. Giestson, C. Overland. . . .... . . . . i . M... , , I SERVICE CLUBS DID SUBSTITUTE TEACHING, F T.A. f-S. LIBRARIANS Q 1 . ROW I . . . J. Phillips, Treas., R. Jerdee, Sec., D. Schaefer, Pres., N. Swenson, Vice-Pres., L. Platte Librarian. ROW 2 . . . Mrs. Van Slochtern, M. Bovre, M. Srnidt, N. Welty, H. Peters, C. Nitzsche The Future Teachers of America, ad- vised by Mrs. Von Slochteren, was organ- ized for the purpose of acquainting students with the teaching profession. A giont report card, their first at- tempt in Homecoming float porticipotion, The Librarian's Club, supervised by Miss Gloclce, is dedicated to serving our school through librarian functions. lts ofhcers were Mary Lou Moe, President, Bonnie Sprenger, Vice-President, Karen Rambo, Secretary, Nancy Swenson, Treasurer. ROW I . . . A. Halverson, B. Sprenger, R. Nelson, S. Fairrnon, S. Erickson, J. Lecy, J. Kinder, S. Henderson, N. Welty, M. Ast. ROW 2 . , , H, Pullman, M. Ellingson, D. Nelson, G. Ellingson, L. Mattison, M. Miklcelson, M, Moe, M, Saunders, D. Mennes, P. Kluever, M. Olson. ROW 3 . , . Miss Glocke, E. Waag, K. Giestson, D. Knock, D. Hoverson, E. Anderson, L. Anderson, G. Hove, JUNIOR RED CROSS CARED FOR BOOKS, HELPED THE NEEDY, OPERATED " 4' . '. V61 '-J s 1 ' A " ,. A 'P v ,1 ROW l . , . S. Jones, Treos., K. Anderson, Pres., D. Werslond Pullman P Nelson C Cook C Tomlin B Blonford R Srroovoldson Sec., W. Fessenden, Vice-Pres. ROW 2 . . , M, McForlond, K D Mennes J Weston ROW 4 M Thompson D Anderson L McCulloch, N. Nelson, D. Forrer, F. Gibbon, L. Morrison, M. Olson Olson S Solheim S Peterson B Jones B Michelsen B Jocobson . , . , . . . . . N, ' , H ' ll ' ' ' ll . , X . . H I ,, Bs 1. M Anderson B Holyerson S Sperle ROW 3 Sime Mr Bauer The Junior Red Cross Council began The yeor with The construction of o prize winning Homecoming floor Their Theme Their Goose is Cooked wos portroyed by o lorge goose on The Top of the floor They helped Madison s Red Cross choprer with vorieiy shows in two Modison hospirols This yeor s proiecf wos molcing ond filling ci chest with supplies lor people overseos. They roised money by selling voleniines in Fe-bruory. Jr. Red Cross, onolher service Club sells volenrines To earn money for The Ushers dlred 5PeClUl0V5 its big prdedl to their seals FILM PROJECTORS, AND USHERED AT GAMES . . pARKRooM Bovs ROWI R Horrled Sec Treas H Grefshnern Pres T Johnson Vnce Pres ROW 2 D Thompson S Grady J Peterson G USHERS CLUB The Ushers Club rs composed of boys who work volun Taraly at each basketball game ushernng spectators to their seaTs Much effort ns rnvolved IU organuznng and maunfalnlng such a servsce Mr Netterblad advises The organnzahon Gryftenholm J Nordness D Stocksiod ROW 3 Mr Brelcho J Lomers T Renvlck Thus club responsible for setting up equnpment for ossembly programs volunteered servlces when city organszafuons needed a prolecfuonssf Each peruod of the day someone was avorlable To operate equrprnenf an the vnsual ands room Mr Brelcha the advnsor taught the boys The care and use of auduo vnsual equnpment ROW l R Glddley Bruce Borr J Slcolen C Gunderson D Olson ROW 2 Mr Netterblod D Slcavlen Bart Barr G rlove D Sersch G3 6? as , , - . f , 1 A - nf' -- u ,.., I , i ,IT '.: GJ f'Q I 3 '. J 2 'I x , 3 5- 3 . 4' W . , x -. ,413 I ' Q 1 ,- K , , r ... 1 59 R PHILOMATHIA ROW l A Page R Jerdee D Wersland B Slqoloas Treos C Lunde Vice Pres M Johnson Pres D Keenan Sec L Olson V Olson A Johnson ROW 2 E Sperloen S Horied K Kloften Gibbon D Doane K Kilen L Veum ROW 3 S Brekke P SCIENCE CLUB Try to promote better understanding ot science the motto of Science Club is worked through the vvhole years events and protects. The group meets with its advisor Mr. Davidson on Wednesday evenings and performs many laboratory and dark room experiments. Throughout the year they attended tvvo science fairs open to district and state participants. ROW l . . , D. Giestson Vice-Presf J. Turner, Pres., M. Thompson, Sec.-Treas. ROW 2 . . . J, Sperle P. Robertson,M. Graffin, M. M arland, M. Miller, J. Klien, K. Lunde S, Peterson F. Gi bon, M. Augustine, Mr. Davidson. ROW 3 . . . R. Schrnudlach, N. Fosdal Dalsoren N Welty L Utter M Nelson M Nelson M Solheim J Johansen D Schaefer P Tofte V Rudd D Blerlc J Amundson ROW 4 C Hildy S Halverson C Segebrecht F Sawyer D E Waag J Hoveland Miss Diedrlck In order to become a member of Philomathia a girl must attain and maintain a B average in all of her sublects This year the club sold tally and vanilla to arn money tor the annual gitt to the school and Honor Banquet The purpose of the organization advised by Miss Diedrick is to educate the members and serve the school. The officers were Margaret Johnson Rresident- Charlene Lunde Vice-Presidentg Deanna Keenan Sec- retary' Bonnie Slcjolaas Treasurer. K. Fortney, C. Tomlin, B. Janes, P. Carpenter, M. Hanson O. Brekke J. Olson, D, Hanson, J. Witzel. ROW 4 . . . H, Elvekrog, D. Wick C. Overland, A, Fortney A. Mattison H. Leek, E. Mennes H Boersmo S. Armstrong, J. Lunde P. Poffinbarger J. Skoien. x...,1 X u HONORED SCHOLARS . . . TRAINED STUDENTS IN J, Ehle, M. Moe, D. Olson, L. Hanson, J. Simpson, R. Sperle, G. Manson, T. Holton, J. Robertson, C. Nitzsche, E. Mielde, K. Gusloft, t ' ' ll ll ' Il ' ' ll A ' ' t , . , . CF , , b , , , " in , w- C f , 6- x I f 5 SCIENCE AGRICULTURE AND HOMEMAKING FFA s ,I ROWT ossen V es R Spulde Treas R Tofte ec Buorda F Augusune R Rowun A Dalsoren Schluter Pres R Hanson Reporter H Brandt Sentunel ROW D Broughton K Onsrud F Gustrowsky J Maly T Ortman Jacobson C Hasz R Halverson J Olson G Olson T Lunde FHA Future Homemakers of Ameruca us an organuzatuon deducated to pre-parung gurls to become good home makers These gurls entered a Homecomung float tutled 4 and 7 Cardunals Baked on the Gruduron sold peg boards made Thanlcsguvung baskets and sponsored a successful sock hop They also were hostesses of the Dustruct FH A leadershup traunung meetung on November T7 un whuch seventeen schools partucupated Mrs Grab and her homemalcung gurls have good reason to be pleased wuth the years accomplushments ROW l S Mudthun R Stroavculdson Song Leader P Tofte r as S alverson Sec B udd r s ook P es Olson B Gerber A Nelson ROW 2 M Olson S Brusegor S Smuthback J Loftus B Halverson C Gerard N Nelson C Quam R Berge L Kleven M Skuolaas ROW 4 R Nagel K Nuchols J Anderson R Bothum P Manson R Heutke M Fosdal L Jacobson H Vuke A Davus S Anderson J Snyder Mr Doerung The Future Farmers of Ameruca us an organuzatuon deducated to teachung youth to become effucuent future farmers Mr Doerung the advusor and forty fuve mem bers partucupated un tours and fueld trups for furtherung theur educatuon The entered a float un the Homecomung parade and tutled ut Plovvung Them Under Theur year proved to be successful excutung and educatuonal Gunsolus M Thorson J Sumpson C Guermo J Berberuch Mrs Grab ROW 3 R Johnson P Dalsoren S Felo N Hoel M Danks V Anderson D Manson J Hovelond J Mudthun R Deneen J Ruclcs P Johnson M Ast s: x 0. I I 0 0 0 I O Q u 7 -" : . 1 Q4 . , . - 'Q . T ' , - W V- 5 I 4 4 ' ' .3 T , u I l 5 ' - . ' V. uf .. , , ,Y I - ,but-n . r i 'V . . . K. F , . Pr .5 , ' , .5 , , S .y L. Phillips, R. ' hl, . t' , . ' , . , D. R. , .g . , g , , ' . , . , . ' , . ' . . . , . , L, , . , . , , , . , . , . , . ' , . ', . , . , . ' . M. Scheel. ROW 3 . . . R. Kleven, D. Lyrugaas, M. Wilcox, D, Gierrno, o 0 0 ' ' ' ' ll ' ' ' ' ll - I . I V I ' ' ll ' ll ' . , . Te,p .H , .p .R ,Pe.gC.C ,V. r.gN, . , ,. ,. i,, ,. 3 , W R J 3 0 D .5 4 , '- 4 ws I ln 5 au O . f V 4' " " . v 1' ' 3' T 7 - 7.x , MOLDED FUTURE CITIZENS THROUGH PRACTICAL STUDENT couNcn. Thea Holton and Mary Salheim, co- chairmen of Stoughton's T.A.P. drive for the March of Dimes, work together on a fund raising proiect for Polio. . 11 4 F , I 1 Dave Larson and Carolyn Cook work Q hard with other Student Council members Mug in cleaning and painting the new "Rec" room Student government is developed through the Student Mary Solheim and Thea Holtan co chairmen worked Council an organization created to help students ex through the Council and the Homecoming and Basket perience practical democratic principles ball Tournament events kept the entire Council constant Such prolects as the noon hour recreation program ly busy which included a luke box and a milk vending machine Other protects were also cared for by the students the North Central Evaluation in which the Council as under the guidance of Mr Campbell and Mr Gibbon sisted the faculty the Teens Against Polio Drive in which J Ehle Vice Pres ROW 2 W Fessenden N Swenson B Campbell D Holtan D Knaak C Overland T Pliner K Fossen oaas B Sprnger C Lu de J Robertson T Holton B rr J Marquart R Spangler D Larsor D Glestson Mr Gibbon 62 ROW I . . . N. Freund, Sec.f M. Hanson, Treas.p M. Solheim, Pres., S. Mcliercher, J. Lamers, C. Cook, J. Bowen. ROW 3 . . . Mr. Skil,.i,,n,. ,. ,.Fa,. ,. ,. EXPERIENCES IN STUDENT GOVERNMENT . . . THE ATHLETIC BOARD The Athletic Board, with selected faculty and student members, controls the athletic problems and handles all the money from games. They also pay for team uniforms and equipment. This year has been extremely successful s i n c e there have been such wonder- ful crowds at the games throughout the basketball season. 4 NX' .1 9. . , ,1 S "4 "" 'iizr' ROW l . . . S. Straavalclson, Sec.-Treas., T. Pliner, Pres., D, Knaalc, Vice-Pres. ROW 2 . . . Mr Schnurr, N Moe, P. LaFleur, H. Anderson, D. LaFleur, Mr. Netterblad. ROW 3 . . . Miss Reek Mr. Wilson, Mr. Koenig, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Matthias. YOUTH COUNCIL Many activities were sponsored by Youth Council including "Youth Center," the f'Snow Ball," and "Twirp Season," Plans are lead and directed by officers Darlene Jacobson, Pres., Dave Holtan, Vice-Pres., Ann Nordholm, Sec., Sue Nelson, Treas., and advisor, Mr. Arneson. The Saturday night youth center includes a snack T lr Q' bar tended by council members who alternate their re- sponsibilities. Pictured are Keith Slinde, Carol Olson, Audrey Johnson, Nola Waag, and Phil Hawlcinson. THE YOUTH COUNCIL HAS A MEMBERSHIP OF OVER 90 STUDENTS. DEVELOPED WORTHY USE OF LEISURE TIME SPORTSMEN'S CLUB ROW l . . . R. Spangler, Sec., G. Swenson, Vice-Pres., J. Almond, Pres., F, Sundby, Treos. ROW 2 , . . N. Hendrickson, E. Sornson, P. Sveum, R. Boyd, J. Horied, R. Mouer, J, Skovlen, J. Lovick, D. Quole. ROW 3 . . . Mr. Wilson, E. Midthun, J. Gullickson, R. Skou, RIFLE CLUB The Rifle Club, which teoches its members the proper use cind hondling of fireorms, is ci new orgonizofion in Stoughton High School. its odvisor is Mr. Wingert. The members hove os their gool inter-school competition. T Lame ROW l . . . K. Giestson, Reporter, C. Doering, Sec,-Treos.: J Lecy, Pres., Roger Nelson, Ch. of Rules Committee. ROW Q . . . C. Truehl D. Jocobson, F, Nelson. J Christopherson, S, Daly, R Gulliqkgon Zi all M. Olson, D. Giestson, J. Strommen, S. Notvig, E, Ring, D. LaFleur. ROW 4 . . . V. Deneen, D, Weston, P, Helium, C. Curless, G. Mennes, R. Peiper, W. Atkinson, R. Rutlin, M. Fuirmon, D, Edwards, R. Weum, D. Stolen. This new orgonizotion, Sportsmen's Club, is o sub- division of the Stoughton Conservotion Club. its purpose is educating the public with the importonce of conserv- otion of noturol resources, especiolly wildlife. The club's forty members ore supervised by Mr. Wilson. W, Fosdol, J, Thrun, J, Julseth, H. Horried, B. Jerdee. ROW 3 . . B. Kittleson, F. Leikness, K. Carpenter, S. Everson, L. Korfh, R. Bowen J. Udstuen, K. Hodges, C. Henderson, R. Botiiun, Mr. Wingert. PROMCTED SKILLS AND THE ART G. A. A. OF HAVING FUN . . gc- .4 V The Girls' Athletic Association is the largest organi- zation of S.H.S. The development of skills and the art of having fun are the main purposes of G.A.A. The activities in- cluded attending and sponsoring a playday, a dance, game concessions, and a coat check. ROW l . . , H. Anderson, P. Aaberg, C. Cook, J, Amundson, K. Bryant, A. Berkley, R. Doxtator, J. Bvhk, M. Anderson, W, Fessen- den, D. Bierlc. ROW 2 . . . Miss Reek, C. Bickel, S. Erdohl, M. Ellingson, G, Ellingson, D. Doane, M. Bovre, Y. Ehle, C. Rusch, J. ROW l . . . D. Bierk, Noon Sec., J. Robertson, Noon Presg M. Solheim, Night Pres., M. Johnson Night Sec. ROW 2 . . . V. Skiolaas, Noon Vice-Pres., T. Holton, Night Vice-Pres., L. Veum, Treas Tension of a thrilling volleyball game en- tertains G.A.A. members. The season included the following sports: volley- ball, basketball, and badminton. Each girl tries to meet the attendance requirements. Perfect attendance earns six points per year. When a girl compiles twelve points she earns a letter, twenty-tour points will entitle her to a G.A.A. pin, a much-sought-for award. Bowen, B. Blandford, J. Ehle, M. Berge. ROW 3 . . . S. Brusegar, S. Felio, D. Anderson, J. Burlingame, M Ast, V. Anderson, N. Ander- son, S. Brelclce, R, Deneen, P. Dolsoren, K. Berg, L. Edwards, Doxator, B. Bullard. I 1 "wr- A. TO BECOME GOOD LEADERS AND FOLLOWERS ROW l . . , P. Hvam, S, Halverson, M. Olson, J. Fosdahl, R. Gul- lickson, N. Freund, S. Harled, B. Halvorson, C, Gunsolus, B. Glddley. ROW! 2 . . . C. Gunsolus, F, Gibbon, D, Gunsolus, E. Havey. D Hanson, D, Halverson, B Gerber, D Forrer, N. Hagen, M. Fur- seth, C. Giermo, J. Harled ROW 3 . . . A. Halverson, K. Glesfson, K. Guslofl, S Henderson, S. Halverson, T. Holfan, P. Hanson, M. Halverson, C Hllde, J Hoveland, V Holton, M. Hanson ROW l . . , B Janes, R Johnson, S. Janes, D. Mennes, P, Kleuver, R. Jerdee, M. Moe, J Johansen, M Johnson ROW 2 , L lngvahan1,M Mldthun, M McFarland, K Lunde, L Maflison, J. Lovick, x M. Mlller, K Loftus. K McCulloch, J. Moe, K, Kloften, M. Jacobson, D. Klttleson, K. Klien. R 3 . Jane lngraharn, Jean lngraharn, A Johnson, D Jacobson, S. McKercher, C. Lunde, E. Mjelde, D. Manson, B, Mlchelsen, M Lenzer, B. Monson, J. Kwnder, P. Leikness, M. Murkve. Tension is felt by all as everyone does her best ln this lavorne of all games, basket- ball. THESE WERE THE AIMS OF S.H.S. ACTIVITIES I P 5 5 W 244 ,I fs ROW l . , , C Nelson, L. Olson, P. Nelson, D Olson, S. Nelson, M. Nelson, B. Nelson A. Nordholm, J Phillips, ROW 2 . . . B. Nelson, N. Nelson, J. Nelson, D. Nelson, S. Nelson N. Nelson, C. Olzon, M Olson, E, Onsrud, S, Peterson, D. Nygoord, E. Olson, K. Nelson M. Olson ROW 3 . . . D, Nordberg, N. Olson, M. Nelson, M Nelson, N l'loel, A. Poge C Nitzsche, A Olson, S Norgoren, M Olson, L. Plott, S. Ortnwon. Dorlene Jocobson ond Sue McKer- cher, winners of the Bodminton Aword oll four yeors of high school, ore pictured os they proctice dil- igently. ROW l . , K. Schmidt, J, Sirnpson, B R-chter, D. Werslcnd, B. R Young, S. Sperle. ROVV 3 . . . K. Spangler, C. Reese, B. Spreng- Slqoloos, E. Woog, L. Utter, S. We-urn, H Sfoi, K Stokstod, M. er, M, Solheirn, J, Robertson, C Segebrechr, K Rornbo, B. Velond, Thorson. ROW 2 , . . E. Sperloen, J, Weston, F. Skinner, N. Swen- D. Schoefter, N, Zernlce, J. Rocks, C Strornrnen, M, lNoodstock, S. son, R. Sperle, L. Veurn, P, Tofte, Y, Rudd, C. Tomlin, M. Thompson, Srnithbock, J. Stolcstod. D Segebrecht, R. Stroovoldson, M Stroovoldson, S Stroovoldson, TI? W GN OF OUR OUTSTANDING ATHLETIC PROGRAM 69 THEY SPARKED FANS WITH LOYALTY CHANTS A TEAM CHEERLEADERS S Mcliercher C Gunsolus M Solhelm K Bryant J Johansen J e Snappy new unaforrns of deep purple wlth a white Vllcnng ship deslgn gave the sensor cheerleaders the new look thus year Advnsed by Mass Reek they met once a Neelc to perfect old cheers and create new ones Head cheerleader Mary Solherm and her tlne co w r e t l he b ,f hedule ot leadnng cheerlng sectron B TEAM CHEERLEADERS The B Team Cheerleaders wlth thenr purple sweaters accented by whnte mega phone letters and whnte slacks are a peppy unnt They practice hard and wall someday make tTne A Team leaders The Homecom ng Pep Rally was le cheer ng by our vgorous rooters N Hagen L Mattson M Jacobson M Olson M Anderson J Weston ll If 19 l . Ehl . . ff H . - . X... r 1 , W- - '.,. I I I I - vo k rs urtlllod well t.. ir ost sc. A 4 A ' the t A - a a . . , l. , . , . , . , . . ii 7, ll ll ' A , , ll ll T LOCOMOTIVES, AND LUSTY CHEERING . . . S-CLUB X I f -f 015 own-n ,Q f ,Q ' xx , li -7 Xi! Q,,.6!J5',s A . ,, . ' ' F ' 'wx f 4 I 1" M J! li ' g 4. Q Lal' X X " HZ ' l f ' A mfr. ' I ' A ti' 1 U T' tile 7 T . M, V five Q - VVAW , V HA .,,,.--. . . -f wi ROW l . . . T. Pliner, Vice-Pres, D Hoverson, Pres., D. Knaak, Sec.-Treas, ROW 2 Mr Schnurr, N. Moe, J. Peterson, P. Barber, R. Heinzeroth, A, Davis, L. Kleven, R. Horner. ROW 3 . . B. Doane, K. Slinde, L. Anderson. suv' As c money-making protect, ice-cream bars were sold by S-Club at every home basketball game. Pictured is Terry Pliner as he makes another sale. Tl Dana Knock and Don Hov- erson worked on tourna' ment-program proiect for S- Club The S-Club, under the direction of Mr. Schnurr is designated for all athletes who have earned a letter in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, track, or golf This fall thirteen letter-vvinners were added to the S Club in its annual initiation, making a total of twenty- six members. The main function of the S-Club is to create a better relationship between the school and its athletes. Selling ice cream bars and Homecoming pins pro- vided the S-Club with money-making methods. LEARNED FORMATICNS AND TRAINING RULESp "A" TEAM FOOTBALL ROW l . . . D Kleven, P. Barber, T. Pliner, M. Noble, K. Fossen, V. Deneen, D. Biddick, D. Moe, L. Kittleson, L. Jacobson, D. Holton, W- DOGVWQ G- Hanson, D- Hoffman, l-- Kleveftf N- MOG, J. Peterson. M. Hanson, R. Horner. ROW 3 . . . J. Quale, D. Stolen, J. Brough- ROVV 2 . . . J. Sperle, Manager: F. Sundby, A. DC1ViS, A. SWOHQSTU. ton, R Peiper, S. Anderson, D. Larson, Mr. Koenig, Coach Schnurr. Tough opponents battle for the ball during a hard-fought game. Although the 1955 football season was a bit disappointing with a O-8 won-lost rec- ord, our Vikings flnished in the Badger Con- ference with the same high-spirited drive to win with which they started. At times the Vikings moved the ball well, but penalties, fumbles and other bad breaks hurt them. Their downfall was largely due to inexperi- ence. However, the Lettermen really earned their letters by playing at least one-half of the total number of quarters played. The team was coached by Mr. Schnurr and As- sistant Coach Koenig. DEVELOPED PHYSICAL STAMINA, AND RETAINED Sept. Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Stoughton met Wisconsin High on the gridirong they put up o good bottle with c 13 19 l SC Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton HEDULE 13-32 O-21 13- 1 9 7-32 O-39 13- 1 9 13-26 QQ ill Portage Jefterson ' Edgerton A Edgewood xv" Middleton ' .1 V' - J, , fu.,-, Wis, High 1 Monroe X 1 ROW 1 . . . L, Kittleson, P, Barber, T. Pliner, ROW 2 . . . M. Noble, K. Fossen, B, Doane, G Hanson These were the Senior Football Letterrnen NCT PICTURED was Jerry Petefson 73 GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP DESPITE TRIBULATIONS ROWI R Schmudlach D Jacobson B Natvug N Skouen D D Quam Mr Matthuas ROW 3 Mr Wnlson H Grefsheum Glermo M Olson J Strommen A Dalsoren P Chrnstopher ROW P Hellem L Korth H Boersmo J Anderson H Fossen L Brown Mr Olson R Kleven K Onsrud D Borgen D Lafluer E J Marquart J Lunde J Lamers G Swenson P Pattenberger J Rmg H Elvekrog G Gryttenholm C Hasz L Jacobson T Ortman Furseth J Julseth B TEAM FOOTBALL This year the B team closed the season with a 3 3 vuctory loss record De-spate disappointment nn the first three games the squad s hugh spnrlts continued Mr Wnlson Mr Matthlas and Mr Olson coached the team carefully groundlng them IH football tunda mentols Sept. Oct. c . c . CT. c . 74 SCHEDULE Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton 7- 4 14-T3 I9-I3 13-27 Fort Atkinson Evansville Jetterson Edgerton Lake Mills Monono Grove FANS OF BADGER CHAMPS WERE THRILLED BY "B" TEAM BASKETBALL Nov Nov. Nov Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec, Jon. Jon. Jon. Jon. Jon. Jon. Jon. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. SCHEDULE Stoughton 37-26 Stoughton 29-24 Stoughton 30-43 Stoughton 32-29 Stoughton 46-38 Stoughton 28-27 Stoughton 49-48 Stoughton 26-30 Stoughton 30-3l Stoughton l7-3l Stoughton 28-29 Stoughton 45-20 Stoughton 37-46 Stoughton 42-43 Stoughton 33-18 Stoughton 41-56 Stoughton 35-42 Stoughton 29-32 Stoughton 36-26 Loke Genevo Modison West Edgewood Jefferson Monono-Grove Edgerton Evansville Middleton Fort Atkinson was High Monroe Jefterson Monono-Grove Edgerton Evonsville Middleton Fort Atkinson Wis. High H Monroe The fourteen members of the "B" Tecim, cooched by Mr. Koenig, enjoyed on exciting, eventful yeor. After o good seoson of boll, they ore well grounded in both offensive ond defensive ploys ond look forword to somedoy rnoking the Vorsity teorn. ROVV l . . , J. Morquort, J. Lunde, O. Brekke, P. LoFluer, H. Boersmo, E. Swongstu, D. Edwards. ROW 2 . . . J Olson R. Johnson, N. Skoein, R. Thurner, J. Beske, S. Armstrong, J, Atkinson, H. Leek, T. Renvick, R, Schmudloch, Mr Koen: ,,-, hat-1-. KM' Q X if- 9, . 53 ff-f,,W, J , 41 543 Sl li-524' PLAYERS SKILLS, SMOOTH PLAYS, HIGH-SCORED ROW l P Hawkinson B Klever K Slinde E Anderson D Hoversan, G. Hanson, H. Anderson, J. Peterson. ROW J Olson R Nelson P LaFleur J Lunde S Swongstu J Broughton, Mr. Wilson, Mr, Schnurr. 1955-56 brought a highly successful season to the Stoughton Varsity team. The Vikings showed much en- thusiosm, spirit, and teamwork. They were sporked by the tremendous scoring of Don Hoverson, outstanding floor plays of George Han- son ond Jerry Peterson, ond Une all-around plays and field goals of Harvey Anderson, Keith Slinde, and Phil l-lawkinson. The coaching wos done by Coach Schnurr with the assistance of Mr. Wilson. The teams of the Bedger Conference proved to be stiff competition, but the team won seventeen out of eighteen games. ln the sectional tournament, Stoughton out-scored Wisconsin High the first night, however, Monroe out for revenge, defeated them in the second night of play. 76 FAST TENSE GAMES AND FINE TEAMWORK Nov Nov Nov ec ec ec ec on on on on on on e e e I9 SCHEDULE Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stough on Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Q4 Stoug on Tournone Mor To .nornent Mor. 2 .,,, dir 70 44 64 51 77 64 65 61 80 47 93 43 64 48 70 60 64 38 70 65 65 45 77 49 69 51 69 46 58 52 78 75 43 61 94 80 66 63 68-70 Loke Genevo Modlson West Edgewood Jefferson Edgerton Evonsfutte Middleton Fort X-xtkun Wus Hugh Monroe Jefferson Edgerton Evonsvntte Edgef ood Msddteton Fort wtktnson WIS Hugh Monro WIS Hugh Monroe P-4, ffff. ft--Q, Nrd O ,.-,, , , 1'1'r"E' :c:'es otre' Celd Ed1?MC' ef goo o o e ed o o po shp HARD WORK CONTROLLED TEMPERS FAIR PLAY WRESTLING 6881 gl? "sf--1 'gi ...1. V! xkjx Nov Dec Dec Dec ec on on an an on an Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton 1 Stoughton 7 Stoughton 1O 14 20 25 Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton Stoughton SCHEDULE 22 18 26 13 15 23 3 9 1222 34 8 1722 2418 2318 27 4 34 7 'X,4x hi ROW 1 ot? a a g H El ek og C Grytte holm R Steftens a e J Q ole e L Jacobso M Ho son ROW 2 M Wlcox F Jeschke ea D B dd ck D Larson L Joh son ROW D Olson T Ortman J Peterson V Deneen M Matth as H Vuke Manage H Gretshuem Ma cger S Anderson M Skuo laas J Asleson Duane Kleven Bull Doane and Al Dov s we e the W nruers of the Conference Cl-uom pto sh p Lake Mulls Woyland Academy Maduson Central Wusconsun Hugh Muddleton Mononcu Grove School tor the Jefterson Centrol Hugh Muddleton Maduson West School tor the Blund Wusconsun Hugh Prcuurue du Sac Wayland Academy The twenty sux members ot the Wrestlung teom cooched by Mr Motthuas represented Stoughton very vvell thus year They earned a second place ratung un the Badger Conference They placed second un the Sectuonol meet B und Jefterson Monona Grove 56 Wus Hugh Badger Conference Tournament 50 Sectuonal Tournoment 39 52 Jones Sud And tutle vulle erson bottles hard for Stoughtons uh I I I Jil- g - 'l flilx rife Xt!! I J 0 g 'l g :gg Q idqiviila-Q-Eg '-4, C my 4 A - , 15 2 N 4 :M wa Q ug J. , I O f elf u sc I -up -J s e 4 4 A f ., W . I - x 'nh 4, A, V . i J , is X . , . D H rn ru, A. D vis, C. Doerin , , y r , , n , . , D. l A Ou l, . u ,D. KI yen, . n, . n . . i , , , gym A 1 us. D n, . u u , , , . n . 3 . vu . . , . , . D , f'-sl? in . , r. u , . - r, . - n , . , 4 - K :hi r - 3 fin. ft? . ' ' f l . 29 - ' . 6 . -' ' 1 ' 8 T . l I I . . . 9 22-18 ' ' ' A ' - E D . 15 46- O ' - J . uo 37- 7 ' - J . 12 42- O I' J . 17 34- 5 J .. 20 14-19 ' J . 24 9- ' ' J . 27 - ' FAST THINKING, AND PRECISE MOVEMENTS. STOUGHTON'S VARSITY OF THE BADGER CONFERENCE Thet o s o e W o the T st Tou a ent game on at ata a o der fo the as they loyo sly g eet each ot er SPRING SPORTS TRACK TENNIS Track coached by Mr Schncrr rs a competntnve An mterscholastnc sport tennus rs composed of fel sprung sport rn the Badger Conference Hugh pumping lows talented In the art of tennis playing This sprung and dlscus thrownng are nncluded rn tts va nous fields sport as coached by Mr Jarvis BASEBALL GOLF Our Baseball team wnth rs new umforms looked sharp on the held thus eason Mr Matthras coach of thus late season sport scheduled games mth several Badger Conference schools Mr Wilson our golf coach began the boys late IS sprang at the Stoughton Country Club They entered competttnon agaunst other schools and competed IH the conference tournament I' they rate on top they then contmue to the State Tournament eam was vfctori u y r isc nsln Htgh in tr rn rn . C - gr ul t ns e ln r r m ' u r h . I ' l I I I I I 4 I - I l - . , . . .? . , - , , ' S . . ' , th' ' . - - X . , . . A . , . . . , 79 WERE PRODUCTS OF ENTIRE ATHLETIC PROGRAM INTRAMURALS L i Wi' 1, '-'Paw I Y NY if'-f ROW l Wlson D Glermo D Glesfson D Kleven R Snyder R Drogsvold A Dovls ROW 3 R Grady J Turner G ody P Barber J Slcolen ROW 2 Sveurn R Moe F sdol R Gnd y ner Doane P Turner D Moe Kleven G Hove S Anderson C Gunderson D Holton N Moe Fosdol L .Jacobson D Budd ck Bruce Barr Bart Barr The boys lnframurals no e"x noon our sport provnded excmng basketball and volleyball games Wallys Rangers The winning Team ol both League rounds consusfed of nnne fellows wuth Dave Skaylen as captain M Wnlson supervnsed these achvmes FINAL STANDING TEAM Vllallys Range Flrehouse 5 2 Barbers Thunderblrds Puerl Sanaurnorrl All Stars Last Placers F F A WON LOST IO4 86 4lO 410 4lO IT3 B The dufference of two posnfs was de ferrmnecl In the lapse of two seconds The hp off as determined by a lump a TO REMEMBER 1955-'56, THE YEAR 0F NUMEROUS CHANGES, GREAT September, 1955 Sept. I-First day of school Sept. 2-Assembly-De Willa Concert Artists Sept. 27-Assembly-The Loubins Sept. 27-Yahara Pen Party Oct. 2-Norwegian Dancers performed in Chicago Oct. 5-Local One-Act Play Contest Oct. it-Assembly-The Taflin Trio Oct. i3-Homecoming pep rally Oct. 14-Homecoming game and dance Oct. 19-Student Council officer election Nov. 3s5-School recessed for W.E.A. Convention Nov. 4-End of first quarter of school-report cards Nov. 9-League Drama Contest ,-1 . - srl Vi I 3 M" V On May ll, Queen Joan Ehle and King Herb Vilce waltzed ta "Stairway to the Stars," theme of the annual Prom. Music was furnished by Ben Ehr's Orchestra. Queen Joan and King Phil reigned over the l955 Snowball in a gayly decorated gym with brightly colored streamers and glittering Christmas trees. Wally Stebbens and his orchestra furnished the enchanting music for the dancers. Queen Darlene Jacobson, center, and her attendants Nola Waag and Audrey Johnson. were chosen by the l955'56 foot- ball team to reign over the Homecoming festivities which Con- sisted of an afternoon parade, an evening game and a dance. The dance, with music by Ben Ehr's Orchestra, was entitled "Aura mn Leaves," Nov. Nov. Nov, Nov Nov Nov. Nov. Nov. Assembly-Veteran's Day Dedication of new school building Parent-Teacher conferences - i 7-Junior Class Play Assembly-Hedley Heporth Dramatic Interpretation Fl-l.A. District Meeting held here Thanksgiving vacation began Norwegian Dancers performed at Lake Geneva FUN, HARD WORK, MANY ACHIEVEMENTS, AND Red Cross float "We'll cook their goose," won the prize in the Hame- corning parade sponsored by the Student Council. Myra Anderson operated the moveable goose, Feb. 2l-Ivlassed Band Feb. 23-Local Forensic contest March March March March March April l-3-Regional Basketball Tournament 7-League Forensic Contest at Monroe 23-End of third quarter, Spring Vacation -'Wie Dec. l-Assembly-Safety program, speaker, Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. -Debate at Whitewater 25- Mr. Amble -Assembly-Emil Liers, Otter Man -All-School Christmas party, vacation began -Snow Ball -T.A.P. drive began, sold blue crutches JANUARY, 1956 Assembly-Norwegian Dancers Assembly-Madison East Orchestra Debate meet at Janesville Parent-teacher conferences Debate here with Whitewater Assembly-Lake Geneva Tumbling Team Discussion meet at Edgerton Norwegian Dancers performed at Janesville ii , ,,,, Q it J ,g ,W It X . A 1 24-District Forensic Contest at Fort Atkinson 24-Solo and ensemble contest at Whitewater l-Easter, back to school l Kenton Onsrud, Ardell Page, and Tea Hol- ' tan looked over music for Massed Band in which they took part, This year Stoughton sponsored the gathering attended by I4 schools. Barbara Nelson, Diane Wersland, and Jerry Turner watch Dave Lar- son tstandingl till the milk machine in Student Councils new "Rec" room. Aprnl 6 Talent Show Hobo Dance Aprll 9 Parent teacher conference Aprll ll Norweglan Dancers performed at Rockford Aprll I2 Assembly Fort Atkinson A Cappella Concert A rll I4 A rrl l6 State Forensac Contest Assembly James Trtus Storyteller A ru 920 Sensor Class Play A ral 21 Norwegnan Dancers attended Folk estnvau ln Madnson Aprrl G A A Banquet Aprrl A Cappella concert Aprul Assembly Rockford dancers Aprrl Athletic Banquet Aprl Vocal Festnval SCHOLASTIC ATTAINMENT IN OUR MODERN SCHOOL Natnonal Honor Socrety Student chosen for l956 ROW l K Gusloff V Sklolass S Brekke J Arnundson M Jornson F Sawyer M Solherrn ROW 2 K Kloften D Olson D Schaefer K Onsrucl R Jerdee J Johansen G Glbbon M Moe ROW Lunde T Holton T Plnner B Doane G Hanson S Fosdal J Robertson Hoveland NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY George Hanson top rated boy Mary Solhelrn and Glenda Glbbon tied for flrst place were congratulated by Mr Stelzer as he awarded them wrth therr drplomas PROUD TO CLAIM 84 May May May May Moy May May May June 25 27 30 l Annual Band concert Band Festrvol at Whntewater Honor Banquet ltentatlvel Prom Sensor Banquet Baccalaureate Exerclses Mernormal Day Groduatron Exercrses School closes STOUGHTON HIGH SCHOOL AS OUR ALMA MATER p. V . P' A - 'V p.II- . p. W . F... . '24--... '25- '26f f .NH , 'I28- ' Q- 5A . . 7 . Ill' 31- ' ' l 1- L 'MA 7 M Jw 'X . 'W 1 5 "rx . 1 rf x 1, X'-' I H i 'X I A 1 I 1 7 X y . I ' k-- .x. '-.7 r ' tl QW, , A K , ' ,A HY, - . . , .wx ,, , I , , . ,IA x Nf-A'- w 'VY ' ' , 1 , A ,,.f J , ' vf 2 ,n.'-1 -'M 7 ' ' f' ' x ' 'Jin .Z A WM I iii? 'W , ff , WWW W 66 9 J A Q Af ' Lilly X 2 UD ff! M0-if Ml Wf ' v f JW JKXHQVAQWU PAd6WUng7 MILA Qi. f ff!! Af,ffIl1 xfbffyv ! W WW afz. J QJW iifim Q-2?-if -5 X .TKM ,U .I gfyzebvw vip 'A Ul?4"?fff Maya ,AW We NW M 1 MM iff? dbxwllwilfj W1 9 fZ7W fvw f Qfw + if 1424! X72 gag! ' SN xX ul ' JH xi m . " 3 S5 Q V sQa,L,J.,D xref S X 509 ff V u-. Jw K.. X My Qfffvf 2 ' f0Q-0 ,,. , , kjLLf0i'fOf!vn , J X ' , C' ,BQ X J5 kL?Wf x I . I ' W9 t f X V W 9 XA JJ Wxxumffa t is In 'iff LAX T M V I . IU I A J , ' Ill L ' ' UL 02 " ' ,U 2 JJ 'VLQL .5 V 0 K 'W VC 'fx lf php- f ., "U 'Ffh -Q ,LTP 2 ! W' P ' J' 'fvlyzff 2 19,-. . ffa' -fwj,f M.- riff? 7'Z7q"X f

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