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V, x , , 20 - .fmff7Tf,2xj ' tf'WI QQm1 - X Q cf wi Q 7 Q7 Q- A Q59 f OL' 1 K9 xQ?wTHE 09352 XTOQQ PK fu' W K: OO X Xmv S JS ,ff 4 4 f 3 p A -4 f A fir 'ff W A Sf' A W in 'H fV'?v3T W S if N view Qx X! O 22' X XP '2' ' f O E NX? f XXX: K 'NN In , U ,, N f Mi, fx X 'Z NS Q ' yd U 15045 v X L64 SO X XA A'g5f'5 Y '75 x., X ,W . ., J' Q 4 H , ' -1 qmammh fqo--synfbw 1 , A , ,, - ,yr-. 1- . - -vm:-.vr--H Q . "my-Q' 1 .A -4 V I Y' 5' ' .H Nxf'-.ww ' . vu-an Q ' D fm' ' ' 77 Mm 42582 ig! N545 X Q np , Q ' X "':,:v.:'0f'? f X' 'VNV J X WSUCKERQ P '9"'4XX :WFP f j Q Coy-ZX' og H- Q ' XSHW 2 A O I2 ' 'if' Fo L, Q W Jnfi- H VNYVVCQQ GQ t A75PzN VX N1 7 . a9f85V'ff 4 E 4 5 .J X 7 ml f7'1i qeqz? COME' 6,0 5 E X '4 A . ? X 'L ice? .A W?EPy129 1 4 R fa 90 Q gf QSAVIMO 666 - 41,3 I -1,6 Q V UW 6 A O, .V K W +- ' J .sw X 4' WEEK ' oo :WHY -ii oug STAR - Asjf' , PUPIL- 4 FEM Afx I. ,.f mi x IL. xg 1 xv . 1 PQ '- Aan-' AQ V ,fn X ' . ' - 4 V , V .aff , W,-5 , . , Yi, ' , if V' - f rx 2 Vw 4 V V . . -V ,. " ' ' '5 -V A . V. . . Vlfng ' .N -R' ,,+f,.:, 5, My "S -V m -"HH - 1317 .fn ,", "L ' ff--z - - . g' ' f--A Q.-'52 nf -V V '- .2'5Vf' - V- .. ,V '-mia. -'E A ' - , A .V wi: Li. wff' -m M 'i?3f-- - ' J, ' - '. .. ' i , 1 1' ,, ' 'SY ' '-. . -. YQ. H ' ' t TLA 6 . -.-T: ' f. A - H 'f I JV V ., N . ' ' f:1.:g,1E,1,.- ' Q ' X -. f lk: Y Wy -if WV 4.-I -Ng t,-. , W5 I , 3- . 11' fgifv - ' , C -H ' x . Af-V' -.f"":' Vf- F- - 5 ,, , Y . .va -' - V -L . ' -Q. ,V -M V v. . il , - -- - Q: V V gg ' V ,hw X. J Ag JV S , 5 3 X 33. Z .1 -1 13-A A I, , lt In vt .V A-, 1- ,E ,nj .if . is ' -T - ,. . I ,iq -'1 I 1 12' , -,pl VL.,V' v Q A4 Q H! ,mm v :'! V, V F' I . P " mv, V' '1'-V 4 V Wyi. 1 W 51' 'NH , 3' ig V AV : - 1 ' ,' I" A vw l E X ' fy" 'Qi ' - V - r M : Q2., V . U W -g. Vik. Q , 4. , .im ' , " A 4- . L 1 g ug V I Il!!! 3 Pi 'fi ' ' fp Vw . - - V. - A - H 3 V " Q-9, , V. I-V., V .agp-3 Ag tl: f Ln' . K 'V ., 225' ', -f-fffu., -- 'I , L N, - in V ,L ,wi .V -., - . 4 , . 3, iw. gs .3 . . If , -. 1 -H-'fb!,1iLV' ':',:'f5-I ii ' Nligff' V-'N :V xg V .- -Vwfgfff - ,V 1 Q., Q -' V - -.ia . , -V , -- 1 V 1 . ' ' f - 3' yifgqy, V ?: Ft , V4 . -ff! . 'W 51 , -1- .. , , M u .U , , , 'V K lm V, .-Q V V A VJ V4, . ' V-vfufag "ff ' 'Tv V ' F ' V '31 'A-V l,4.,. ,ul 1 ,. V", I '.. 1 V A -,, ' H A I -l Li. W rf T W dj, ' J" :N 3.812 . 't"A"i""'. - , Aw" 3 A 'F' 'fngxjlf' K J.. I I 74-"?i'1,, . at ',TSf533"1t-gf! ,J - ai? - 5235- ,s ' :J K V X 6:34 ' 'vf , U , V ' 1 ,K 1' x 'gf--V' ".' ' , L' A ' - . ' I . --'.,"-'fih " ' Q ' -' ' . -'qi -V f x 'H 115: ,Q xx, -. .dx A, Y-. , ' A 7 ,V - lT,!i.!E:1-f ' g , 5, Y, ,A gipf, ,. 7 gi., f - i M," 'Y' . . sq 0: "- 'Z -' :R "ZH, V Vw, V' 11:10 . - V '. if A. V 'V . 33" , A ,g A ., . . J, gk, 4 - 1 -, '-. if ' -V' '- ' V mff'fV-ff'.- .Q ,af ah , , .1 Mag ., . ,W ks- , i -f., A, rg- - . . VA A-, ,L z ...ei , 51,5 ,f, 'V --W , V, , if i li- 4 X - 4 . ,, . 13-.. 4 Lg, 'q- A -- , ., V , : ,V gf --A V Qi , . , 2, V VVLVVNQ ,Qty , I .4 1 f F A V X , .A . N ' -J '-V. j- V - L V . .H Us P A Epi: , T :f A ,MQ x , , - ve .- TU'-FA N . 'ffm' A ' ' i 'Q Z' N 'Q' .V R .-ff: . 'V Ji' -4-5' f'V ,I , V ' -"L: "3 "3'1.1' ' ' 'T " "M, Li. sl ' .- ,2 , y ' 'I' ' "' ...CL i A. -4 4 Q' L ,V xx ,I w . . ' ' 1 , , ' " .'i21' +9!:. " ,. ,Ef- V4- -A . , , cEf!rff.':sAV -flaw-A , .-if - rv ' 'ti Vw.-,VV ' .' .r .-,Wvf fzmfi hw - 7".'i 137 -- 4 "if---. IV - V I -- - V . V, 1 V-,F . . , .x. 4... Z -'--' VV - 1-- Q X i f--V. , 1'.V.g1l:g,"? 2,45 , .J.V.N.. L, ,955 ' 'L..?..qQ.gi5gg ?,,pf 7 Q LFTE1: 2fi?7ff?4 f. 5Mfa'-' f '-if ' - 'QV !.,3.:V 12:4 J: Q pkaq-ixhl. -, ,3,u . I :fr-iz :F Nj. A- A,-5 4 VV , Vl.f,.-2E.3fY" 12 1'-if' . ,. ' Y A ' "I-1 A 'hw V.. 1 PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS I OF 1939 I VOLUME 24 MQ! 4 .Z 5 fx. I.. 4? 0. UG 4 JW f fl!" N If X MLK. 0 GBX Q J QE' riffi EV? ,CD Si ncz The word Fore wor Q Ycxlfwarcx YYWZCLYW5 xCa5cfi5lw"n'n5r11Q,Inclfc1n lancluclqzwuz are u5- fncj The uqgaficxfhzmz for degor-dcive purpo5C5 Brough 0 uit We booliil-L1 Z Q5 t' I C' ix? Ycxhcurcx StCX'FiL'uOpC5'H'1Cd' ' A K LSOU wiuQrw'OLx TNS pzrmcmzni: record Q ofbthe LIZCLF IQBQ 'A A A X f X X 624 9 A CK l I HONOR AWARDS 4 l R. L.1Hanuon L. Barberf J. Hale M. Rein R. Kvitle The valedictorian is always the highest ranking student of his class. This year two students tied for top honors. Our two valedictorians arc Lenore Barber and Robert Lee Hanson. The student ranking second in scholastic rating, who becomes salutatorian, is James Hale ' r Mildred Rein was elected holder of the spoon from the Hve highest ranking girls in the junior class. Elected from the live highest junior boys was Ralph Kvitle, holder of the spade. 3 X NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is composed of students who excel in character, scholarship, service, and leadership. Members are elected by a faculty committee. Membership is limited to Z1 certain 'percentage of the junior and senior classes. D 2 Top Row: L. Barber, D. Powell, R. Kvitle, E. Everson, J. Hale, R. L. Hanson. Second Row: M. Ellickson, E. Johnson, D. Klefstad, D. Champney, A. Zazaehek. Bottom Row: R. Foss, A. Suees, M. Thompsdn, M Rein, J. Asperheim, R. Burull. ..3.. , 1 5 'x 'e I, i I' 1 I, , . I ru p 2. 5. 1 Cach of tlim--follnwiiig iiclrls: M41 IICI' 1 1? 'T' B 5, 'v N rl 25' .at I- " X ' I In 6 fi LION'S CLUB AWARDS AMERICAN LEGION AWARD I-vp Rviwl il. Huh' Srwwiifl If-111: IP, N-Jlluimx-ni. Il. I'1:1iiL. Ilivttfvni Ii-1112 I.. Hsirlwr, R l,. lI1111wii11. ll i'l1.1m1vi1e1, Lion's Club Awards 1 Izarh X'1'IlI' the btuiiglitwii I.11v1i's LQIIIID gives llXYElI'1iN ti- thc hig'h1'sl rziiikiiig stiirlviit iii thvliirilici, which wax i'1'1'1'ivcil hy Durii lfliziiiipiivy thix ya-:lrg X1ic:1t11m:1I, :1w:1r1h-il 111 Hzmilcl I song Sciciifv, which was givcii 111 Ilzwirl Scziiiimisuiig 1'rv11111wf1'i:1l, V001-iv1-il hy I,l'IIUl'L Barbvrg :uid Ifiiglisli, ri-1'1'iv1'rl hy ,lziiiics Iizilc. irzuikg Siicizil Sriciivc. rc1'1'iv1'cl hy Ruhurt I.1'1' lI:111 SENIOR ACES The S1-mimi' .-Xccs arc' IIIL'IlIiN'I'h uf thc Sciiim' Vlziss whn hzivv ha-on lczulcrs iii tha-ir varioiis hchls IIIIFIIUI t'hcir Illllf yvzniw ul high fchuul. Thcy :irc chrwsi-11 mi Fl IJZISIS iii lcaclcrsliip, DHflllIFll'iIj', and Scrvicc. Legion Award: This year's ,-Xme1'icz111 Legion Award was won bv Roh ir! N1h:1g1'i1. In wlcctiiig candidates for this llonor, char ziclcr, lczulcrsliip :uid sclmlzistics are c1:1iisi11e1'ed. The wiii must also bc pmiiiiiiciit in athletics. -4.. 7 1 ,am 1 n ,. 1 n ' I 1151 Dum. lx, I.. llzmx-nu. .X, In-lm-xw4n1, R. Nylmg Sm-unnl Run: R. liurllll. -I. Hzllv. NI, 'l'lmn1p5-nl. Thirnl Rum: lf. lfxm-l's-ul. K. Fuss-, R. Sylilh I'4Illl'lll Rww: Ii. Xmhlv. .X. Spa-Aw, Xl. ltlllrlumx -5- Hi ,Q l 'I .. "The fair member of our cheering squad." Golf 3' A Cappella 4, cm. Play 3, 4- G.AA. 1, Z '3, ,4, Sec. freas. 2, oreiew-sg 1, 2- Philo 4, Band 25.3, 4, Prom Com. 3: Cheer'Leader 4. Anderson, Norman "On my honor, I will do my best." Hi-Y 4,1 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Benson, Horven 1 The young man who blushes is not quite a brute." , Athletic Board 4, Boxing 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Letterman 4, H1-Y 4, In- tramurals 1, 2, 3. 4. Busch, Helen "I wish I were three persons, I'd get around s lot better. G.A.A. 1, 2, Girl Re- serves 2. ." 1' Anderson, Donald J. "Need we tell every- thing we think?" I A Cappella 2, SY 4, Class Play 3, Footbal 1, 3, 4, Letterman 4, Play Prod. Stal? 3, Hi-Y 4, Intra- murals 1, 2 3, 4, Ope- retta 2, 3, Parrot 3. Anderson, Norris "Vgho wants a wise crac ?" Aviation Club 1, 2, Sec. 2, Class play Prod. Staff 3, 4, Football 1, Hi-Y 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Prom Com. 3. Barge, Sidney "I love the birds and the flowers." A Cappella 3, 4, D.H.I.A. 1, 2, 4. Clnmpney, Doris "How that girl could talze dictation!" Girl Reserves 3, 4, Par- rot 3, 4, Yahara Stat? 4, Nat. Hon. Soc. 4. X Anderson, Donald L. i "He is known to have tended to his ,own busi- ness." Aviation Club 2, 3, In- sraznurals 2, 3, 4, Tennis Asperhelm, Jeannette "My interests aren't confined to Stoughton." Class Play Prod. Staff 4, Vice Pres. 3, Cue Club . . . , , , ace Pres. 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 4, Golf 3, 4, Parrot 4- Philo 2, 3, 4, Natl. I-ionor Soc. 4. Brageted, Ruth "There is not a mo- ment without some duty." A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Ope- retta 2, 3. Christopher, Paul "Peg 0' my heart." Athletic Board Z, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter- man l, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2. -6. Q I iiii Anderson, Margaret "Give me the wild and wooly West." Barber, Lenore "Happiness is a by- product of work." Cue Club 2, Girl Re- serves 2, 3, 4, Parrot 4, Yahara 4, Natl. Honor Soc. 4. Burull, Ruth "A true. friend is for- ever a friend." Commencement Comm. 4, Cue Club 2, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Girl Reserves 1. 2 3, 4, Cabinet 3 4, N. H. s. s, 4, Philo 2, 3, 4 V. Pres. 3, Student Council 4. ' Drotnlng Mary U The course of true love 'never did run smooth." A Cappella 3' Class Play 3, 4, cus Club 1, 2, a, Interclass Debate 2, G.AA. 1, 2, 3, Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 2: Golf 3, 4, Ope- retta 3, Parrot 1, 4, Prom Com. 3. I ' vu' at as 1 1 P A ,sf I 7 0 .J SENIORS .7- Eglleaon, Harold "For he's a jolly good fellow." Golf,2 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, 'll'reas. 3, 4: Bacc. Comm.: Class Flay amd. staff 3: Footbal 1: i-Y 3, 4, Pres. 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4: Parrot 3: Stu- dent Council 4, Pres. 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Athletic Mcgr. 2: S. 'Club 2: Prom. omm. . Evsnon, Eder, Jr. "Women are just like elephants: I like to look at them but l'd never want to own one." A Cappella 2, 3: Basket- ball 1, 2,43, 4, Letterman 3, 4: Class play prod. staff 3: Cue Club 1. 2: Commencement Comm.: Football 2, 3, 4, Letter- man 4: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. Pres. 4: Intramurals 1. 2, 3: Operetta 2, 3: Hi-Y 4: Parrot Staff 4, Editor 4: Student Council 4: Natl. Honor Soc. 4. Fon, Leo 33Qi1ly weeds grow ta . A Cappella l, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 1, 3. it Greflhelm, Virgem "Love is too precious to be lost, eh, Vir- gene?" G.A.A. 3 4: Girl Re- serves l, 2, 3, 4. Eggleson, Marian "Gentlemen prefer blondes." - A Cappella 3: Class Play pro. staff 3, 4: Cue Club Z, 3: G.A.A. 4: Girl Re- serves l, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 1, 2, 4: Golf Club 3, 4: Operetta 3: Parrot l, 2, 3: Yahara 3, 4: Prom. Comm. Feggutad, Irene "All orators are dumb when beauty pleadeth." Class Play 4: Cue Club 2. 3: Forensics 2. 3: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 3: Parrot 3: Philo 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4. Fon, Ramona "I stand on the verge of a great career-will somebody push me oE? A Cappella 1, 2, 3, 45 Class lay Promptress 4: Cue Ciixb 1, 2, 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Cab. 2: Nat. Honor Society 3. 4: Ope- retta 1. 2, 3: Parrot 3: Philo 2, 3, 4: Skrive 2: Triple Trio 1, 2. Grothaua, Alice "She's tall, she's tan, slie's terrific." A Cappella 3: Girl Re- serves l, 2, 3, 4: Operet- ta 3. wang: Ehle, Harriette "I can waste? more time in one first hour study hall than, most people can in a week." A Cappella 1, 2, 3, 4: Cue Cub 1, 2, 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2: Operetta 1, 2, 3. Fladen, Sena "Bring on my he- man." Entered as sophomore from West High, Madi- SOIL G.A.A. 2, 4: Girl Re- serves 3, 4, Sec. 4: Cue Club 3: Camera Club 2, 3,1 Sec. 3: Student Coun- ci 4. Frank, Harold "He held the spade L for a year, but not once did he use it." Commencement Comm. : Holder of Spade: Intra- murals 4. a Gunsolua, Elton "One who is friendly always has friends." F.F.A. 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4. ...g.. Elllclraon, Mildred "Let's giggle: it's great sport." Golf 3, 4: A Cappella 1. 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4: Baccalaureate Comm. 4: Class Pla 4: Class Pres. 2: Cue Climb 2, 3: G.A.A. 1 2, 3, Vice Pres. 3: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Cabinet member 3. 4: Operetta 1. 2, 3' Philo 2. 3, 4: Student Council 2, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 4: Prom. Comm.: Natl. Honor Soc. 4. Flistar, Margaret "Love ' is like the measles: we are not apt to have it severe but once." 5 gl Gander, Wllnxsr "A mightier voice was never raised." Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Cheer Leader 4. Gullielnan, Arvis "Love it better than spectacles to make everything seem great." G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4. SENIORS -9- 11 1 ,W 5 Hagen, On-In "The world is his who has patience." Hanson, Frederick W. "Better late than never, but I must have my morning rest." A Cappella 3, 45 Operetta. Hale, James "All great men are dead, and I'm not feel- ing so well myself." eviatgon Clula 2,A3:l appe a , 9 etic Board 4, Pres. 4: Cihmera 3: Class Play 3, Club 1, Zg Foren- 4g Hi-Y 45 Intra- 1 2 3 4' Ope- Club 2, 45 Cue sics 1, murals , , , retta 1, 25 Sytudent Coun- cil 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. Hanson, Marie "Did you mention studying? I've done a little 0 it myself!" G.A.A. 1, 2g Girl Re- Halvernon, Edmund "I'll alwa s remain loyal to F.FxA." D.H.I.A. 3, Pres. 3. Hanson, Mayvis "Leave it to 'Snoqkie' to pop out with abnght remark." Entered as a senior from serves 1, 2. Janesville. G.A.A. 4. Hardvvick, Grace Haried, Maynard Haugen, Mary ."To know one's self "I've always liked "Women are entitled is true progress." Girl Reserves 3, 4, Cabi- net 3. Holtan, Ron Ann "The night has thavved many a cold reception, ? rr A Cagpella 1, 2, 3, 4: Class lay Prod. 4, Sec.- Treas 25 G.A.A. 1, 2, 4, Girl Reserves 1, Z, 43 Operetta 1, 2, 35 Triple Trib 1, 2. school - the vacation part of it." Boxing 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Haugen, Elin "She that wants should not he bashful." G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. to life, liberty and the pursuit of men." G.A.A. lg Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Iverson., Lorraine "Bookkeeping held no terrors for me." Cue Club 1, 2, 3g Girl Eleserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Philo --10- 8 Halverson, Harvey "The friends of my friends are my friends. ' Harmon, Robert Lee "Caesar was short, Napoleon was, -' Well, figure it out." A Cappella 1, 25 Boxing lg Camera Club I 2, 3, Pres. 3: Class Play 3: Class Pres. 4' Cue Club 1, 2, 35 Interclass Debate 1. 2, 3, Football 1, 29 Forensics 1, 2, Golf 1, 2, 3g Hi-Y 4, Intramurals 1, 2, Natl. Honor Soc. 3, 4: Operetta 1, 2g Par- rot 4, Editor-in-chief 4: Skrive 2, Editor-in-chief 29 Student Council 2, 3, 45 Yahara Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: Bus. Mgr. 4: Prom Comm 3. Hoffman, Emu "Little men tal! my fancy." Girl Reserves 3. Iverson, Louis "All the world's a stage." . A Cappella 2, 3 tg Class Play , 4, Class Vice Pres. 23 Interclaas De- bate 2, 3, 4' Forensics 1. 2, 3, 4, Iii-Y 4, ope- retta. 2, 3. ' 1 5 I SENIORS ...11.. 0. Jacobian, lprrnlne Jensen, June Jensen, Lloyd "When given some- "When in doubt of "Mary, Mary, quite thing to serw, you could what to say, say noth- contrary, how does your be sure lt would- be ing." garden grow." done well." Girl Reserves 3, Band 1, D.H.I.A. 3, 4. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. 2, 3, 4. D H Jorgensen, Louis "When he talks, he talks fast." Boxing l, 33 Camera Club 3: Intramurals 2. Johnson, Dorothy l. "Zealous yet modest: innocent though free: serene amidst alarms, inflexible in faith: in- vincible in arms." Cue Club 2. 35 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves l 2, 3, 4, Golf 3, 4: Commencement Orchestra 3: Orchestra 4: Band 3, 4,2 Prom Comm. Jamm, sawn "I expect that women will be the last thing civilized by men." Football 1. Johnson, Arlene M. "Small profits are sweet." A Johnaon, Dorothy J. "Reason is the mis- tress and queen of all things." G.A.A. l, 2, 33 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 4. Johnson, Frances "I hear those bells." Cue Club 3, Girl Re- gerves 1, 2, 3, 45 Parrot Johnson, Constance "Edgerton, here I come." Class Play 4, Class Play Prod. Staff 3, Cue Club 2, 35 Interclass Debate 2, 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Golf 3, 4, Parrot 4, Prom. Comm. 3. Johnson, Dorraine "What do I care where he goes or what he does?" Class Play Prod. Staff 4, Cue Club 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2. 3, 4, Golf 3, 4g Prom Comm. Johnson, Juliet "I don't have to look for Romeo." A Cappella 1, 2, 3 4, librarian: Camera Club 4, Cue Club 13 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 4: Ope- retta 1. 2, 3, Parrot 4, Prom Comm. :-'l2- . yi, . A Jerdee, Clare "When a babe she fell out of a window, and came down plump." G.A.A. Z, 3, 45 Girl Re- serves 1. 2, S, 43 Parrot 3. Johnson, Curtis "A bachelor is a man who neyer makes' the same mistake once." Baseball 1, 2' Camera Club 2, 3, .Class Play Prod. Stat? 43 D.H.I.A. 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 2, 3, 43 Golf 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Parrot 35 S Club 2. Johnson. Elayne "The grass must be greener in Edgerton." Bacc. Comm., Class Vice Pres. 1, Cue Club 2: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 4: Girl Reserves Council 4, Sec-Treas. 4: 1, 2, 3, 4, Cab. 2' Philo 2 3, 4, Pres. 4, Student Class Play Prod. Staff 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. Johnson, Kermit "I am only an aver- age man, but by George, I work harder at it than the average man." Camera Club 1, 2, 3: Class Play 4g Cue Club 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Letterman 2, 3, 43 Golf 2, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Parrot 1, 3, S Club 25 Prom. Comm. SENIORS -13- Y 'l' r ""' ' ,ff JM .i,iF.lF",.,. 5 i -u ,L 3 1? 9 Johnson, Robert Jornnger, Elaine Juve, LeRoy Knllugen, Alvln "You come late, yet "Strange to the world ."If you have seen "There may be time ' you come. she wore a bashful him box you'll try to for work, but I've nev- . look." get on the right side er found it." Boxing 33 Intramurals of him-H Football 1, 3. Girl Reserves 45 Orches- D.H.I.A. 3. tra 4. Boxing 4, Intramurqls 2, 4. 8 5 "l , Q Kalllnd, Carroll Klttleson, Richard Kleven, Anne Klltzman, Audrey "Courtesy is Q busi- "Ring down the cur- "It isn't life that "Pei-severancs wins HC!! MSCI-B 80111 and tain, the farce is over." mattersg it's the cour- success." ' never a loss." age you bring to it." A Cappella 1, 2,.3, 4: Forensics 2, G.A.A. 3: Intramurals 1, 2, 4. Band 2, 3, 45 Boxing 49 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Par- Girl Reserves 3, 4. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: rot 3. Operetta 2, 3. 9 Knviclr, Eldon Kviegurd, Harriet Leslie, Myron Lain, Anna 1 "As long as my Ford "Talk not to me for "You can't rise with "Our thoughts and our runs, I'm satisfied." I'll not speak a word." the larks if you've conduct are our own." been out on one the Intramurals 2. Entered from Westby 3. night before." A Baseball 1: Football 1, 2, Hi-Y 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Parrot 3. O um, mmm img, Mary Lund, Rosella Mmm, M.. nm. g "I dog't say much, I "She's a little back- flndustry is the only "What 'ggi gapmn wonder if I'm shy." ward about coming for- coin accepted at the t0m0n'0Y' H0 .Y MVS' ' ward." gate of success." buf whde. I 'We' give. A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Girl me fuflf UWC me OWQQH Reserves 25 Operetta 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. and EWG me Clothes. 35 Philo 2, 3, 4. Philo 4. A Cappella 3, 4g Class Play 3, 4: Cue Club 2. 3: G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 G1rl'Re- serves 2, 3, 4: Golf 3, 45 A glperetta 3, Prom Comm. . an U 5 '?"E -14- N 11" 132 ,- A w , f . :Kei SENIORS ..15.. Mlffilllbll, Merle "Will You please re- peat the ost two pages? I didn't hear them. A Cappella 2, 3, 4: In- tramurals 1, 2, 4: Ope- retta 2, 3. Nelson, Carsten "Modesty becomes a young man." D.H.I.A. 1, 3. Nlellolls, Ruth "Give 'me the red heads." Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. 0Hor1lohl, Roger "A good friend is forever a friend." D.H.I.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: ln- tramurals 4. 4 Mortensen, Robert "Workl Will it nev- er cease?" Intramurals l, 3, 4. Nelson, Rodger "Just call me Swede." Boxing 2, 3, 4: D.H.I.A. 2, 3: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Nygurd, Mabel "Let gentleness my strong enforcement be." G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. Onsrud, Donald "Slow .in speech. but prompt in action." D.H.I.A. 3, 4: F.F.A. 3, 4,lPres. 4: Student Coun- ci 4. up- Montague, Zoe "She never yet vias foolish that was fair." Cue Club 2, 3: G.A.A. 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Parrot 1. Nelson, Thomas J. "He has a way with it " Forensics 4: Intramurals xg. Myhre, Florence "Sensible people find nothing useless. ' Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Nssvlg, Arnold "You can't be serious all the time." Hi-Y 4: Intramurals 1, Z, 3, 4. 2. 3, 4. Nyhagen, Robert "Anti-Scraape leader." A Cappella 3: Athletic Board 3: Baseball 1: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, let- terman 1, 2, 3, 4: Par- rot 3, 4: Band 1: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, letterman 2, 3, 4, Golf 1, 2, 3,1 4. letterman 1 2 3 4' Hi-Y 3 4, sec. 4: Student Council 3, 4: S. Club 1. 2. Oren, Palmer "There is nothing so powerful as truth-and nothing so strange." D.H.I.A. 3. 16- Offsrdohl, Robert "Give me the farm." Boxing 4: D.H.I.A. 3. Ostorheld, Wayne "Those jokes-boy, those jokes l " A Cappella 1, 3: Box- ing 1, 2, 3: Class Play 4: Football 1, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4: Operetta 1, 3: Parrot 3: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Prom Comm. SENIORS ..17... 15: K JJ ffm x ff if 'Q ws. f X ff .73 3... M , . R ' J? fix 'TQ A 1 ff? JJ'- 5 fn, 13 425 yi' if 7, 4 Z? fe 1493 I , , 1 5: fi ,Q gp M I- P- 3 23, if 1? 54. YW 13? 4 G A Outlmule, Mary Parish, Ruth ."Sl1e has an eye on him that is tall." K Entered from Oregon 4. 1. Piclnrtl, Dorothy 4'I will study and prepare myself and then some day my chance will come." G.A.A. 3, 4. Ruler-son, Virginia "Love is the life of men--and me too!" Parrot 3. Severna, Catherine "Studious of ease, and fond of humble things." G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 4. "The mildest man- ners, and the gentlest heart." Cue Club 2, 3, Girl Re' serves 1, 2, 3, 4. Quam, Norman "God's gift to women. D.H.I.A. 3, 4, Prom Comm. Rustad, Thelma "Never idle a mo- ment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others." Forensics 2, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. Showers, Anna Mae 1 "While you are try- ing, you are progres- sing." G.A.A. 2, 3, Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 4. Pederson, Ralph "The foolish man 'darns' his luck-but Sie wise man 'mends' is-" Bacc. Comm. 4, Camera Club 3, Class Play 3, 4, Cue Club 1, 2, 3, Inter- class Debate 2, Football 1, Forensics 4, Golf 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4, Parrot 3, Skrive 2, Bus. Mgr. 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4. Quam, Sander "I prefer brunettes." A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 2, D.H.I.A. 1, Hi-Y 4, Operetta 2, Parrot 3: Band 3, 4. Sandnnark, Robert "No .need for an in- troduction, everyone knows me." A Cagpella 1, 2, 3, 4, Cue ub 3, Band 1, Operetta 1, 2, 3, Prom Comm. Smith, Robert "My home is in hea- ven.. .Fm Just here on a visit." A Cappella 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, letterman 2 3, 4, Boxing 1- Class Play 3, 4, Class I'res. 3, Comm. Comm. 4, Cue Club 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3. 4, let- terman 2, 3, 4, Golf 1, 2, 3. 4, letterman 2 3 4, I-I1-Y 3 4, Sec. 4, Intra- murals 1, Operetta 1. 2, 3 4, Parrot 4, Student Council 4, s Club 2. . ,18- Peteraon, Arldean "Turn up the lights- I don't want to go home in the dark." A Cappella 3, Camera Club 2, Class Play. 3, 4: Cue Club 1, 2, 3, Inter- class Debate 1, 2. 3, De- bate Squad 2, Forensics l. 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2. 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4, Golf 3 4, Holder of Spoon 3, Operetta 3, Parrot 1, 3, 4: Philo 2, 3, 4, Skrive 2' Student Council 4, Yiahara staff 2. 3. 4: Editor-in-Chief 4, Prom Comm. Quill, Grant "Veni, Vidi, Vici." "I came, I saw, I con- quered." A Cappella 2, 4. Vice Pi-Ls. 4, Bacc. Comm., Intramurals l, 2, 4: Base- ball 2, Operetta 2, Band 2, 4. , Seamonson, David "I know, teacher, I know." Aviation Club 1, 2, Box- ing 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Prom Comm. Smithbaek, Aline "It's nice to be a.nice girl, who has a boy friend who has a nice car." Entered from Burlington Class Vice Pres. 4, Com- mencement Comm. SENIORS -19... Solhelm, Russell "Even the woodpeck- 1 cr owes his success to the fact that he has his head." D.H.I.A. 3, 4: F.F.A. 3. Stenjom, George "He was straight- you could trust him." D.H.I.A. 3: F.F.A. 3, 4. Thompson, Marian "Man has his will, but Marian has her way." A Cappella 1: Athletic Board 4, Sec.-Treas. 4: Band 3, 4: Class Sec.- Treas. 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Golf 3: Parrot 4: Philo 2. 3, 4: Class Play Prod. Stai 3: N.H.S. 45 Natl. Honor Soc. 4. Spees, Ann "A nice combination of beauty and brains." A Cappella 1, 2 3, 4, Treas. 3: Class l'lay 3, 4: Commencement Comm. 4: Forensics 4: Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 3: Operetta 1. 2, 3: Philo 2, 3, 4: Skrive 2: Ya- hara 2, 3 4: Prom Comm.: Natl. Honor Soc. 4. Sundt, Victor "A man who has con- trol over himself is the master of others." Athletic Board 1: Box- ing 2, 3: Class I-rPlay Prod. Staff 3: D. .I.A. 3, 4: F.F.A. 3, 4, Sec. 3, 4: Football 1 2, 3, let- terman 2, 3: I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4: S Club 2: Prom Comm. Thorpe, Alice "While we stop .to think, we often miss our opportunities." A Capgella 1, 2, 3, 4: Class lay 3, 4: Cue Club I, 2, 3: Forensics 3: G.A.A. 4: Girl Re- serves 1, Z, 3, 4: Ope- retta 1, 2, 3. Worth, Verle "Each day is the scholar of yesterday." Entered from Oregon 3. Orchestra 3, 4. V Sperle, Fred "It's better to have bluffed and lost than to never have bluffed at all." D.H.I.A. 4: F.F.A. 4: Intramurals 4. Sveum, Lynn "I love my 'Dolly'." A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Box- ing 2, 43 Class Play Prod. Staff 3: Cue Club 3: Football 3: Intramur- als 1, 2, 3, 4: Operctta 2, 3: Parrot 3: Band 3, Thorson, Milo "To women I pay no heed. Today's pum is tomorrow's prune." Boxing 1, 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 1, 3, 4, letterman 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Zajlcuk, Am-alla. -"The beacon of the wise." Bacc. Comm.: Class Sec. 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Philo 3. 4, Vice Pres. 4: Nat'1 Honor Soc. 4. . Stein, Margaret III: t CP I iustn llgolk waist us. G.A.A. 3, 4. Thompson, James "To do nothing is not always to waste onc's time." D.H.I.A. 1, 2, 3. Vande, Hazel "As long as there is s dance, and I can get to it, I'm satisfied. G.A.A. 1, 2, 4. SENIORS ...21-. .9n M ' DONALD KNIGHT-February 2, 1920-August 26, 1938. Loy ODLAND-September 25, 1921-March 15, 1939. The Silence seems oppressiveg something lacks, The youth and life have from our group been sapped, We are yet blind.. We cannot see the path Leads up across the meadows. We are wrapped In deatlfs thick mist and unavailing grief. Yet there comes a shining moment when Once more we'll laugh and talk in unison In your smiling presence all the joy Of bright youth will return. FLORENCE KAUPANGER-NOVCmbCT 28, 1922-March 15, 1939 JOHAN WEDOE-january 19, 1924-March 11, 1939. -22- Superintendent Principal i , .i lrVillian1 C. Hansen Harold B. Mennes STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the governing body of the Stoughton High School. Com- posed of the presidents of the various organizations and Mr. Mennes as faculty advisor, they decide many of the major issues that come up from day to day. Besides handling the discipline problem of the students they plan social functions and assembly programs. Top Row: Mr. Mennes, A. Peterson, M. Ellickson, D. Onsrud, R. Nyhagen. Second Row: M. Rein, M. Thomson, R. Smith, H. Eggleson, J. Hale, E. Johnson. Front Row: D Klefstad. R. Burrull, R. L. Hansen, S. Flarlen, M. Hanson -23- 1 ! ,.F H4 , . FIRST ROW: Mabel Anderson Hazel Bentson Bo d Burnside Whitewater Normal Eau Claire State Teachers College University of Chicago Commercial Lawrence College American History School Bank Citizenship Hi-Y Adviser Freshman Class Adviser Forensics Philo Adviser Orchestra Ruby Greiling Mary Lorraine Hickey La Crosse State Teachers College University of Wisconsin Girls' Gym-School Nurse English GA.A. Adviser Senior Class Adviser Parrot Adviser SECOND ROW: Raymond Homme Edwin Jensen Thelma Johnson Oshkosh State Teachers College St. Olaf College University of Wisconsin Woodwork General Science, Physics A Ca pella Senior Class Play Chemistry, Assistant Football School, Music Coach, Director of Intramurals Torsteln Kvamme Frederick Moen Luther College Oshkosh State Teachers College Band, World History Mathematics 1 Debate, Forensics, Speech THIRD ROW: Ragrnond Myrlck Walter Netterhlad Ruth Radatz shkosh State Teachers College Stout Institute La Crosse State Teachers College La Cro se Normal Printing, Golf English II Bois' Gym Business Manager of Forensics At letic Director School Activities Sophomore Adviser Football, Basketball Coach Eleanor Reimer Dorothy Salzmann Whitewater Normal Stout Institute . Advanced Stenography Sewing, General Science Typing Girl Reserve Adviser FOURTH ROW: Prilcllll Sands George Schefelker Hannah Thompson University of Wisconsin Stout Institute Pratt Institute English Mechanical Drawing Home Economics Junior Class Adviser Home Management unior Class Play FIFTH ROW : Earl Vandrell University .of Wisconsin Pennsylvania State College Farm Economics Plant Husbandry lJ.H.I.A.fF.F.A. Herschel Thornburg Iowa State Teac ers College University of Iowa Social Problems General Science Intramurals Gregory True Oshkosh State Teachers College Auto Mechanics Junior High Athletics Viola Wade Beulah Waller Beloit College University of Wisconsin English I Biology Librarian Girl eserve Adviser Forensics Florence Wilkins Helen May Willianu I Platteville State Teachers College Uniyersity of Wisconsin Lawrence College Latin I 81 II Algebra English I Junior High Play World History Yahara Adviser ...24.. A 4w4z,, 0 un :ff 'N f ?3'f'W Q ls,-Y M Y 'QQ m a "-4n?'iwm 3' r 8 x 'i S 7 fl f 5 Ex ' ff it N.: -5 F ,Q QZI 'NW X -25- gt sf v ,Af 5 vf1f'?11a in -1- . 26- - I mx-mx x . 4' 'as .S 1 Q 'llinmunu-.- -Q--q r w x 1 f 1 x A f . , iv, L1 I . V1 .Xa fi L, 1, 2. N-, , J l. V V 1? 21 ' U 2 3 f J 2 ,N - fy -27- f I JUNIORS . . I' "sf . 'x' 1. 21, .. lull Rim 1 llinlw, l, llnay, ,l Il nan, XX. lnl 1h,l llulv.1,l l ulinm Sm-cnnml Row: . 'ei'kQ, ll, llviimii. li. .Xmlci'sin1. ll. livggestznl, A, llinnlcllzxgcn, lb. K'ln'iali:nisun, li, ljcig. is ny Firnt Rnw: vl. l'1Yf'Ilr4IlI, R. Vin-k, 'l'. liyhnnl. li, Hiiiishln-., ll. .xllKlK'l'SUll, R. .Xinlci'sLui, lf. linlalil. CLARABELL, A SENIOR GIRL, KEEPS A DIARY Sept. 12: NVcll, thc hunch znnl l lllllIlllHL'll tu gn-t hu-rv rntllui' vzlrly this nmrning to lnuk uvcr thu Missa-s Sulzinanin, NYznh-, llifkcy, Sznnls, :unl VV:illc1'. This was il gnml sinn- incr for cnpinlg that L-xplznn5 thu ncw znlllitiuiis to thc teaching stall. 1 junior liivklc cxnnu in lllllli :in hwnr lutc ln-ltcr lzitc than iwvciy yun know Qlluch. l s XVQLS that tritc.j. 4 Sept. 13: liven tlningh wnfrc nuw iligliilicnl svniurs znnl have sllplmscclly furguttvn all chilllish iniclurclzissllicifs tricks, wc mlicl enjoy trnwlging lmrcfrmt uronml thc cznnpus last night, Yun sw, Mac, Mnrizln, IVl:n'y, llwiwvtliy, Viniliiv, Arlmlvziii, ginrl l gin stuck in thc hull purkAhnt th:1t's zliimlicr stury. Sept. 14: l 1limln'l hzivc El tlillL' lust night. Hutch Qwv gn slvuclyj was too busy tossing Frush ntl' thi- Main Strcct lmrirlgc. l inmticucl it mink ll gonil crnwil of husky athletes tu Illiillllgkf thc fc: WT san f 'HX Tiskn-1 ll 'lliskctn in ZlS5CIlllblY. Murc than unc linen' was sinihn I reminis- . F . . . - . ccntly an il flininllit nt ll glurnnis snnnnui' ul slingging :it thc lzlkv. li,l, Rnw: Xl, ,lnhn Klcfstin. sun. R. Kxillv. lf. -lm--rlwril, lf. llulnllu-, ,l. ll:-ggi-slml, l. llm-lgg-N1-ii, li, llllllhiill, ll l Sq-rmnl Ruw: R. llzilu-i's1lii, R. S. llnnrami. ,l. Kvulhciin, U. llznnlelmnl, li. lxaillznnl, U, lxlningslzul, l -lnlnmni, l.. llulx'4-rainl. I 'I'hiril Rnw: F, Dlnsensky, N. .Inlsn-th, I.. lluwlfiimnu, M. llnlu-i'-xml, ll. llnrriwn, lf. Almwlzuln-11, l,. Kjurin-Q ll. Ilaingznn, M. Kittlusnn. I llullnni Row: K'. llnll, R, rlznwllmwii, li. llvlgwhnl, ll. l.m'y, l,. N. lx'i'i'sni1, M. Km-nun, ll. llailvrrmn .-X. llunsu n, l'. ll-iltnn. -28- JUN IORS Top Row: Roneid, G. Phetteplace C. Martin V Radeeke N Sandven N L Ol w R 0 tl , , . , . . f , . . sin. . u muse. Second Row: D. Nettnm, N. S. Olson, A. Linn, H. Phillips, A. Lunde, M. Osterheld, L. Lunde. IH. Powell, Third Row: T. Peterson, M. N Park A. Odl l , N ' , ant, J Quam, ll. Nielson, O. Ofsthun, L. Lee, J. Nelson, Bottom Row: C. Metzler, V. Pratt, J. Quale, M. Rein, E. Listug, ll. Roang, G. Nygzaard, M. Reinstad E. Merritt, l. Petty. V Sept. 15: That too, too clever Smith lad pulled another bright one today. When Miss Hickey asked for an example of a concrete word, he replied with "pavement." l'm sure it won't he long now hefore Hollywood calls me. We all had movies taken of ourselves as we left hy the front door today. Hutch and l marched out !ll'lll-lll-I1l'lT'l"' was l thrilled! Sept. 16: Dr. Frank G. Sayers gave a speech in assembly for our first stamp hook attraction. His suhject was, "Are You a Thoroughbred?" His description of his son rather intrigued me f-he's :t football and basketball star at Colgate. Butch wouldnlt stand 11 chalice with 'him around. Sept. 19: Those lucky gals with reversible coats-with all the rain, l feel kind nf slighted wearing my old rain coat day in and day out. Marian Eggleson remarked that Hartvig is only bashful in a crowd. I'd heard she was too taken up with Jimmie from Minnesota to notice anyone else. Sept. 20: Mr. Thornburg: has an original excuse for the red spot on his suit coat. He maintains that the chemical used by his cleaners turned t'he spilled ink red. CVVe're taking it with a grain of salt.D Sept. 21: The Rev. Mr. Stolen gave a talk on "Youth and Temperance" to the as- semblv. l i LM Top Row: A. Stockstad, J. XVilliams, E. Skaar, L. Slinde, M. Thomson, A. Teigen, D. Visaas. Second Row: A. Smithback, R. Stein, G. l.Voolt', R. Swingzen l Strandlie H Slettum A VVeum I Veium. Third Row: M. Sturdevant, E. Sproul, M. VVeum, B. South,,G.- Severtsori, DI. LSunr1e, Thompson llll. Sime Fourth Row. M. Sperstad, M. Taylor, S. Svenm, R. Spees, G. Severson, L. Nllalling, E. Wikuni, YM. VVan hagen, B. Skolas. .29.. ' SOPHOMORES lip Run: tl. .Xlult-is-nl, lf. li'h'm-. li. llnklicll lf, .'Xriirs.n1. Al. liirlilt, th frusse. 'l'lnrrl R-iw: Nl. llimgsx'-tltl, R. lliumlricli, ll. llrntx'-wlrl, R. .MnlL'i'smi, xl l7:tg.gp1'ctt, II. Ilusvh. R. Anssc. St-vi-ml Rnw: N. lh-1-kt-r. ti. llrvklccn, ll. linvrt-, ll. lllnrkney, lf. .Xmlci'snii, B. linwuii, M. Bl'llllt'llH. ,I lltmtlclizngt-ii, M. llnwcii. linumil R-nr: R. lh-inictt, .X. .Xmlm-rsmi, I'. t'ln'ishipl1ei', P. Anlwrg, A. Eliason, C. Bnrher. R. Clans. l, livlmcvik. SilIltlL'I' has luzirnn-nl his lcsson. Ht- twink at hunch of us tn Madison and, "NcvCr againf says hc-, "will I wait fur at hunch nf n'ni1ic1i." Afton' ull, Szniclcr. it tlllitw timt- to rvm-xx nur nizlny ucrnlzliiitnllccs znncnig thc "CtbllL'glZll1S.n Sept. 22: Mr. ,lt-nscn tnlml "ll:ittic" lfhlc that hc zirrungc-rl tn have hcr in the ztttcr- , nnnn so that ht-1' jziw would nut In-cnnic tcm tirccl nut hy constant use in his class. was lmi'illi:1nt nn pnnting :tnrl Imirinzin Ulscn :incl "lxihs" Busch were star juniors. Aftci clflwn riickclnflcmisiii fart tht' Only grind point of the tlancc was thc hig crowd. Sept. 26: Thr- CRA.,-X. gavt' 21 swcizil party tn gct thc frosh 2lCl1ll1liIllt'tl with thc uppcr- vlzxssnicn. Rnlfc llztnsnn :intl usiilllilu -lust-nsky nnlst hzivct at flrng :unnngst the "gals," At hast thcy nlznizigt-il tn hzivv :l snmck nl thc l't'l.I'L'SlllllC'l1fS. Sept. 27: XVL' hznl fini' hrst tiirl Rvscrvc inccting with Millic Ellicksnn presiding. Sept .28: Don Rupp, at fnrnn-r student at SHS. cntortuinetl ns with a group of songs :u'cm11p:n1iwl hy julian Mathisnn. 'Pup Rnw: R. Ginnie-rsnn, G. Frei, XV. Hanson. R. Hanson. Sccmicl Row: R. llufflnam, ll. Grnven. G. lfrrlnlil, B. Grefshcinm J. Hofstad. Fit-51 Raw: A. Foss:-n, D. Hrwltnn, M. Ilnnscn, L. Haneland, M. Hanson. Sept. 23: l'.x'vn thungh llzxrztlmn hcnt ns 13-tl, nur huys lilztyctl wvll, "l'frh" Nyliztgcn T 1 . 1 -. tht- gzuna- thc lli-Y hwy, gztvc El rlznicc. lt was inipossihlc ln lit-zu' tht- cnnstznitly l3l't'1llilllf SOPHOMORES Top Row: R. ff johnson. R. jnlseth, S. Martin, XY. Nlefonnell, fl. Kleven, -I. Kzirlslyst. Third Row: S. lilsensky, ll, Moen, G. Kline, li. Linrleriul, A. Hove, M. blolznsnn, l.. Lund. Second Row: Y. ,l:icohsnn, A. Offerflalll. li. Lewis. Y. Lzithrop, l. lloline, N. Nelson, ll. Hvvvelznnl. Hott:-in Row: ll. Nesvig, D. Holtan, K. Hull, T. johnson, li. Jensen, G. Onthouse, li. Nelson, l. Offerflahl. Sept. 29: Dr. Smith gave a decidedly humorous portrayal of David Crockett in as- sembly. XVe thought we were lucky to have si couple of new nmgzizines at hziurl. .Fort took us 8-0, but we had a good turnout. VVe all did our darndest to get into their dance and finally did-for the last piece. VVayne O. had to stick to the walls or walk hackwnrcls due to an eniharrassing rip in his pants. Oct. 3: Our poll to elect two folders for Senior clziss pictures was a failure today clue to Sn1ith's Cand a few others'J great amount of enthusiasm. "Little Sonny" cast upwards of four hundred votes. Oct. 4: This was an exciting day-everyone was on edge wondering which politician would he this year's leaders. Final results were: Senior filass: President-Robert Lee Hanson: Vice-President-Aline Smitlihznekg Secretary and Treasurer-Aurelia Zajaczekg Athletic Board-Harven Benson. Junior class: President-Meredith Thoinsong Vice-President-John VVilli:11nsg Sec- retary and Treasurer-Lorraine Veuinig Athletic Board-Norman L. Olson. Sophomore Class: President-Douglas Stokstriflg Vice-PresiclentfBeverly Grefsheimg Secretary and Treasurer-Jean Hofstadg Athletic Board-Gerald Frei. Fl'CS'l1Ill2iIl Class: President-Arthur Rae Sanclsniarkg Vice-President-Arlene Groveng Secretary and Treasurer-Gail Guelsong Athletic Board-Doreen Rein. SOPHOMORES-Group IV Top Row: 1. Stokke, P. Vinmens, 1. Sehielke, J. llfedoe, J. Rippchen. M. Trow, R. Schwartz, D. Skoien, Second Row: D. Ustad, D. VVright, D, Phetteplace, R. Schwartz, R. Olson. M. Offerdahl, E. Thompson. Third Row: C. Osland, P. Peterson, A. Olson, D. NViswell. A, Utemark, D. Stokstad. A. Sundt, J. Vingum. Bottom Row: M. Strommen. J. Pratt, D. Seamonson. B, Taylor, A. Root, G. Onsrud, G. Sperstad. -31- FRESHMEN l'tiu Ruw: I'. I'illlc'kr1rg, NI, .Xinlr-mini, I.. Ifiustlnzin, Y. fin-Pit, -I, Ilnritll, Y, I3ylvcx'it'lc, IQ. Ifvvitsuil. . . .. , , .. . . , . . N-wi fi : 1 -' vi , . cltlvy. Ix. Ihvittnn, Il. I'.x'viwiiii, C.. Ix. .'Xi1fIi'i's-nt, 41. lf. .Xinli'i'Qini. II I nfl R xx I tilhzit n Ix III If:-Ilninl, If. Iiriclutili. 'I'hiv'4I Ilfiw' I' II'li'i'v I Ilrnhciin Xl Xinlviwinx If flrii-ig I Ilrxnnl II. lligl-vw .X.1Qi4nt'il. II. II4-vkvnx. . .. . Q, . ,... . , . , ,. , . . I'. 1ii'c'fSI1ir'ln, M, ,Xlnlm-iw-iii. Ilnttmn R1-wi il. 1':ii'1wi1tei', R. Ifliivisnii. .X. Iixt-iwiii. .X. .Xiiiiimls-vin, Rnilnry l'iinci'wn. Nl. Ili-nwn, H, Ifillt"I' si-n, A. .Xriiixtr-uni. ll. Ii:-nnctt, I.. l'vini'itv. Oct. S: llfits I.:n'y hurl si uzistt- papa-1' hxixkct riilc' thrnngh thc hulls with lwrfwiimtiiwii prtwiilvrl hy Liininiv zlnil Mitt: Oct. 6: Stznnlvy Izisviisky is prupln-syiiig Qcsnvciztlly wht-n in tht- wiiiinziiiy of llzir- T hairn Ilmu-tit that ht' will hc next XCZIYIS Irwin King, Oct. 7: NVQ wont over tn VV:ttcrtnwn juhilztntly Illll vznni' hztclc with spirits ilztinpciicil hy tht-ii' ll-U win. lImi'cx't-1' wt' wt-i'n't an fIlSIlt'2lI'lk'IIt'4I than wt- i'wnliln't clit-ui' thi- nni' tclmnl tin ova-rv 1-iwiivr, :tnrl lH2ll'IIL'lIl2lI'Iy hir M r. Iinrnsnlc, ilnhhc-tl "thy king." Oct: 10: lfwry little jittC1'htig inztnzigtwl tn Q01 to ltlmlismi hy wine liunla iii' cw-vls tw 'ht-sn' Hvitii-v fiwvrliiiziii, that nhl "king uf swing." I tlnwtiglit hc wats 11 fhzirh- hvttvr than thi' Ritz 'I'riiiii1wtwi's, :ilthnngh thvy wcrc inn- wif tht' hvst stznnp lmnk pt'wgi':ti11s nl' tht- yvnr. Oct. ll: llzittiv lfhlv is talking it-i thc rolling pin! No, slhc h:tsn't snilrlvnly gtinc' thi- nicativ, il's that this forin of rcmhicing was siiggt-sta-rl hy Miss Sztlmnziini. Uni' inwtlicrs zm- Quint: tn tinil Ihcir fturc nf rolling-pinx saxrlly ihininiQht-il if it rt':tll5 wnrlqs, Oct. 12: Tho tiirl Ruscrvcs VVCYL' rliviflcrl in half tonight 7-the Seniors :incl juniors in tint- grnnp. tht- frnyh :intl snplw in thc nthcr. Tun Row:: I.. hlorflan, R. llzinwn, M. llc-lmke, A. llungeii, C. llotf, I.. ,ItlI1llSH!l. Third Row: F, Ilclpvstiul, R. llzmsnn, R. Gnllickswn, WI. Joitel, M. li. Klefstad, O. Hanson. Sccniitl Row: IC. jrmlmscm, G. Kjcrncs, A. Hi-ggc, F. IIznnlcIziml,.M. llziwkinson, L. Iverson. First Huw: R. IIEHISZFHI, IS. Ilfilvmsmi, J. Jullnsrnx, D. Cjvrtson, J. 'IC1'gCIlSUll, H. llztwkinsun, R. Jacobson -32- I 4 FRESHMEN llvy Huw: S. Klvivn, I., I,2n'5', Il, I.11niIi'lwl'i1, ll. I'il'nCin'l'. II. Ulsiin, A. III-l'C'l'1IIll1I, II, Mylire, If. Ultvimi K. Nnlnnil. Sw-'intl Riiw: 5. Nvlwni, lf. Iiiliilvvn, .X. Elric, II. Hlxivn, IT. Hama, Y. Nylwrg, 44. Nzitvig, AI. Onsrutl. I, Uillzinil. IIIIIWI Rnwt I. I.i-v. K. Hive, U. Iwi-. U. Uhrcflit. U. Uillzinil, R. I':lrk, R. Klctnlvr, II. Nattcstzul. R. Kru- vick. l'. Ulsun. Ili-ttf-in Ri-w: XI. Ulwn. A. Nt-lwn. lx, KI. l.:ti'wii, Il. Ulxthnn. I'. Ni-ttnin. NI. Nnriling. if Nui'iliin.:. I' tlslnnrl, I.. Ulxml. Oct. 13: Mzirjrwy Kittlvsiin, znifitlicr hig wwrry for ns gale-, who rect-iitly arrived triwin Rlzitliwii, is lI1Illlll1llQ'fl with Snnth, thc httlc chzip whu inzikcs so nnich nfiisc. Nntvi . 2ll'L' flying fast :intl lAIll'ItlllSlj'. i Oct. 14: XYC :ill hznl il chzincc to spurt tinr nt-w full iintlits :it thc Mtiiiriw gnnic hcrc tiinight. .X tliiiic-inwt-l thrillcr, wc wnn in trnc lwiin--ctiiiiiiig spirit I5-14. The Ili-Y i'vilc-viinwl tlniiieclvcs with ai In-ppy flzincu. XVZLS that thc Lznnhcth XY1xlk thi- nnilcr- clzusiin-n wort' zlttcinpting tn- was it the intira' ctmiiiitiii lmy-ectiiit walk? Thv Ili-Y htww hclrl thcir infiirinzil initiatitin at thi' pc-p num-ting ttiilziy. Iiiltn' "SlCw" Ifvcrsini was fetching in ll night shirt ilirccting' singing. Chiivk "Rtniic-fi" Ilcckvr, niorc iii' li-ss iizitiimlly. wus lictlvvlicrl with pziintvrl lips. playing thi' tlrinns. lmnio wail il slip- lvfwscflly cuiihtlciitisil niiti' Irwin Blntlrly. ThiQ was rczilly Il clay! Dnnnlfl Scfitt Xlfiri'is1ni playctl tht' piznni as Il Stznnp hook nttrzsctiiiii. Oct. 17: .X can-liizitl uf H4 gut intn inziny :incl vzirivil tight stints :is si rcsnlt of mn' r liinriiip, ziriwnntl thc "XYilliiws" well siiiiplictl with flashlights last night. Inn Row: Sliuweix, AI Sou-i'fi.ii1, l. Wright, A. bv:-nin. If. XYimltl', I.. Tlimliimm. Secuiitl ROW: II, XYi-ight. M. 'l'l1in'sni1, II. XYillinins. lil. Rein. XI. Reinstall. 'I'hii'cl Rfiw: K. Rrigc, Il. Snnzlhy. A. Sziiirlsinzwk, Rnnm, Ii. Yikc, II. XIIIIKICYIZIIU. Iinttimi Row: A. Spilclc, Lf. Rupp, IE. Scziinfniwii, M. Rmiieri, A. Svcinn, W. Skzuir. -33- A CAPPELLA Top ow: fl. R. Anderson, R, tinllielcsun, ll, tl. Anderson, A. 'l'lnfr1ne, R. A. lloltnn, llliss jolins-nn, D. Mans, Bl. Kittlesrm. Seeuml Row: li. XYoulf, M. Osterhelzl, A. Lien, li. l.arson, ll. liver-sun, R. Foss, l.. Omllnncl. A. Spilcle. 'l'hir4l Row: ll. Fellanrl, C. Rupp, ll, XVright, R. Ansse, IJ. l.ney, lf. Amlersun, A, Lien. Bl. Benson, R. llrztpzstznl, ll. llenson. lluttfnn Row: A. Spa-es, Klefstzul, lfllielcsnn, Yeutn, Martin, Anderson, llfvfstnrl, il. Dlnhnsun. Krnener. Oct. 18: We surprised Dorothy Irene tonight. lt was her birthday, and a few of the chaps who weren't invited came ont. namely Erb, Sonny, Red, Don J., and Ribs, and Silt outside and discussed the affair. Oct. 19: Vonnie says she wishes she had 11 boy friend, and glances wistfully at Muddy and Lorne walking up the street. Oct. 20: Gene Hanson hurl a bet on that he'tl give at certain Soph. girl, "Cuddles." 21. box of ezmdy in assembly, but come assembly tnne he'd eaten it. CI can see Butch liamling me ri box of candy before 300 pairs of eyes.l The former Misses Trmurtelot and Kyle were present at this afternoon's pep-meet. We lost to the prospective conference Chznnps, VVis. High? Oct. 21: We only had school in the morning, and in the afternoon Smith betrayed the noble cause Cl refer to those senior boys who have orgzunzed against the Senior girlsb by tzixnng Il bunch of us to Madison. Oct. ZZ: We were guinea pigs today for a nmnber of teachers here for a meeting of the Progressive Education Association. Top Row: R. Sandsmark, L. Iverson, R. Smith, F. Hanson, O, Lund, A. Sanclsmark, G. Quill. Second Row: I. Bickle, R. Kittleson, VV. Hanson, L. Svenm, S. Quam, M. Martinson, Miss Johnson. Third Row: R. Claus. I. Schielke. L. Foss, G. NVuolt', M. johnson, S Berge, D. Stokstad. Bottom Row: A. Amundson, R. Paton, J. Pratt, J. Liudrud, A. Everson, J. Johnson, O. Harried. -34- BAND ORCHESTRA Top Rovv: J. Schielke, L. Sveunl, il, Biekel, R, Anderson, ll, lfggleson, XV, Osterheld, R. Diederielc, R, K laus. Second Row: Mr. Kvamme, S. Quam, ll. Keil, C'. llanks, XY. llansen, O. lforton, A. Sziudsniark, A. Gil- bertson, ll. Harri son. Third Row: A. Gunsolus, C. Metzler, I. Pratt, M. Iverson, XY. Krisgaard. N. lleeker, K. llanson, B. Lewis. Fourth Row: I. Hofstad. M. Kroenf-r, J. l-logie, H. Groven, B. Felland. S, Ripprhen. ll, Terry, R. Claus, J. Bondehagen. Bottom Row: J. Gutheart, P. May, li. Anderson, bl. Foss. N. Halverson, R. Specs, N. Keenan, U. l. john- son, B. Bowen, 1. ,lergenseu Oct. 24: Mae spent a good share of her leisure time today writing 'trottenu on the eggs at Klongslancfs. Oct. 25: Louie has the distinction of being the only male member of the Student body sporting a Philo pin. I'll have to see what I can do for Butch. Kay Kayser won the orchestra poll. A few votes were even cast for "Mr. Burnside's Swingaroosf' Oct: 26: The new Girl Reserves were initiated tonight. A Halloween atmosphere prevailed due to the costumes and taffy apples prese11t. Oct. 27: The long faces on this year's Yaliara pictures will undoubtedly he due to the report cards issued today. As usual, the Yahara memhers were envied for their short vacation-not to be outdone, many students purposely 'tforgotn to get in on the right picture. thereby having to wait for the next one. Oct. 28: The GAA. sponsored the pep meeting today and the dance after the game. The pep meeting really gave the low-down, as only Walt XVinchell can give it, lt's really surprising how many rivalries we lhave, and mostly among girls, too! For example, XfVillie's ,lean and Aline, and L4huek's Eleanor and Marian. Edgerton came out on the long end of the 13-0 score, ni I r Top Row: Mr. Burnside, R. Anderson, C. Danke, H. Phillips, I. Hofstad. Second Row: 1. Hogie, G. Guelsou, V. VVui-th, R, Ausse, J. Gotthardt, E. Anderson, ll. Johnson. Bottom Row: L. Bryant, D. Klefstad, M. Osterheld, M. Kroener, K. Hanson, A. Hegge. ..35.. tl fit by it EE. ii? .fs M os 1, 5 it SF A in ,dx dl M Nia in if ilu. , . lit lf? 33 5 it A 3 . t .T at :g i 31 e U J' i' , ia 'if - 1 Al T rg' 5,3 F L, fr-.L F35 5- F nf' 'xi fl? E A If :Eli jqv' W 525 -55 : l 2 '1 1 1 1 1 1 I Y 1 1 I, 1. ll I 3 Y I 1' I 1 iz' L, I1 fi 1 I, 1 N ja 1 5 1 3 11 11 B X i 1 I r '1 ff 1 1 3 I X1 I1 V N 4 If X L1 1 1 I P, 1 '1 'f '1 f 1 X1 l 1 1 1 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY SENIOR CLASS PLAY Junior Class Play "Growing Pains," zlirvctml liy Misx Vriscillzi Szmils :111cl lll'QSL'lIll'Cl by tlic jimior Class. kept 11 large Zll1fllCllCC ilvliglitcrl 111 its L'H1Ill'1lj' 1111 Dccciiilici' U. Ciciwrgv NlCllllj'I'C Cllirlws Mnrliiij 211111 'l'1'rry Mcliityru 1Mil1Ir1'1l Rciiih 11'1'1'1' ilu- :11lol1's1'1'111s WI111 pr1wi1lv1l lllilllj' xiivils 1111111101115 for tlicir 11:11'c111s 1l7111ti1' Klcfstricl Zlllfl LJIIEIIIC l'11w1'lll. Much of thc 111l1l1- was :lim 111 Gc11rgc's i11f11111z11i1111 with l'1'114l1'11c1' Clfwtlivi' .xllklvfftvllj :1111l 'l10l'I'j'.S 1111110 1011 svcrct liking fwr Hrimi 1kM1'1'1'1li1l1 'I'l111111s1111l. A1210 Tziyliwr, Friuilzi licrg. Sliirloy Svvuni, Liuiirgc lllicttvplzicc, flXX'k'll lilflllgllllld, ll1-1'I11'1't l'l1illi11s, Vzuigliii Pratt. Xvvllllillll Fursctli, D111'vn'l1y l,:1cy, lil'lll2ll1 Slwlzis, Flziim- l.iS11lM, Ruth Siww, llclcu Bciisfiii, Milrlrccl ll:1lv111's1111, jnliii NYilliz1111s, 111111 l-ilIJll'll'S lla-clwi' aulflvil 111 tliv play with tlicii' parts. -36- DEBATE N.F.L. 'lllql Rltw: Mr. Xlues, R. Muen, R. llzin-sun. Seemui R-nv: ll. Stuelcstzul, R, Claus. Bwttmn Rnw: I.. Yeitnn, M, Osterheld, M. Rein. SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Vlztss prudnctieni of Edna Ferber's play "Miniclc" niet all expectations :ind impressed the packed house with its polished perlurinzince. The plut centered around the situation which arose when Old Man Miniek tRuImert Sniithl arrived to live with his son, Fred QRalph Pedersonil and daughter-in-lziw, Nettie 4.-Xnn Speesl. During 'his stay he discuvered Fred! participation in a new business with -Iini Corey 4-Iznnes Hillel over which the lz1tter's wife. cAfl4lCIlll Peterson! :ind Nettie heemne very nlueh excited. A ladies meeting ut the Minick hrnne is broken up lay the uld man after which he leaves for a happier life at the old folk's home with his cronies, Mr. Dietenhofer tlunis Iversonl and Mr. Price CKer1nit Johnsonj. Irene Feggestacl. XVz1yne Osterheld, Mildred lillieksun, Mae Doris Martin, Mary Drotning, Minnie John- son, Alice Thorpe :ind Bzirhurzi .Xinhle played supporting roles very ably. Mri Htmnnne directed the pmductioii. 'Ii-Ii Ri xx: Mr. XI-ies R. Nliren, ll. Stuelvstml. Spciiml Row: M. llsterlielml. li. .Xndersun, VI. llnistaul. lhtttf-in Huw: R. llzinsen, M, Rein, R. flzius. -.37... 5, If i Q if L 5 si tg., Q7 -111 ISD v ,H Ill 31-9 ,ffl uh if T Q I 3? 1. s ' 2 rf Q! Q 4? Y 5 If . Est T7 EY rf 'lk 'Li V - if.. Eff 5 2' fi -Q ' li. 74 fi ii? 1 iv it EQ' it 'ta if t it ii J 111 111 11115 A H' 1-1' in 1111 1. . 511, 51 ,vi .11 Qi 1111 Q1 521 H1 11, 1111 11 11-1 X11 111 J N 1.1 NC 24 11 621 , , 42' . I t 1 S L1 1 1 1, A ,fr Q1 Q11 7 R3 11' I1 ,H ? ' J -1 W "il-. 15' GIRL RESERVES T111 1411111 I1, li1'1-111111, 12111111-11s1111. 11111-151111, 1f1'ic'ks1111, Ily11l:vick, K1efs1z111, Hcggu. 91-1-111111 1111111 ,111i11-1. 1-1-14141-411111. I., 11y11c1'1c1c. Ifussen, 1Irefs11ei111, Ilerkins, G1-1111-11. 'I'11i1'11 H1111-: Ii-1l'l'1lL'S. I'1l'lIlI'I,L1I'lI, I-f:1s11111111, NI. IIz111s1111, j. 1111fst:1d, E. tAlI11C'I'SU11, M. 1X1111Q-1's1111, G. :A!ll,1t'I'S0l1. 11111111111 R1111: Auwe. 111111-1-11, 11111411-, AI. 111-11s1111, 1i1'11ve11, l1I4CI.S1l1t'l'l1, I-I1111z111, G. A111I1-1's11n, Il. Burull. I A11 1111- cz1r111:111s 111- 111115 111111'111g 111c 1z1k1- 11-rri111ry gave prouf of 1110 "dirty workn g1111114'1111.11111 111:11 way. I 1111111- E111 111111111 w111'k 1011 1111111 C1Cl1lI1llg off 1110 buck porch. N1z1rJ11r1' A1111 211111 1.111110 :1111-111111c11 111 stage 21 11:11'1y at 111c 1'c.1r111c1"s 1111111cs1c:111. 11211111- XVK'.l'1l II1j41l1. 11111 11111' 111 :1 11-11' 11-111111' 5111111-111! 111-rv1-V11-11 51-1151-s 111 111111111r for is it - 111111111111 w1111 11:11'g'1-11 111 1111 1111' 11:1r15', 11 was 11r11k1-11 1111. Tllcsc "1ric1111s" 11r11ccct11-11 to 11.1111:11g1- L'V1'l'A'11ll1l1,f 1111 11z11111. Nov. l: 1 gm-ss 1'VL'I'A'1lllLi wus 11111 tired from 1115 IIll11OVVC,Cll 1.1rz111ki11g lust 11igJ11t 10 1111 2lIIA'111II1L.f I-lllllly 111' L'XC11111g 111111132 . Nov. 2: T110 111-Y 141111111 5111110 girls' c11:111c1-s 111 112111-s 111 11c11r 1.111-11 Gr:1y's 1,1rc11cstrz1 111' 1111411111 115 1IlL'1I117L'1'5 1-11 111:1ssc 111 111c stage s110w. 11 Sk'L'1l1S 1111- 1'r11N11-5111111 party gocrs 111111: Z111V2lllI1lgC 111 1111- 1111011111111 11111111rrf1w by slaying 11111 1111111 lIIl1'1lT1I11A' 11111111 for 911011 c11i111rc11. T110 v1t111 11111-s1i1111 is-11111 Bcvcrly, IQKP1 J 11-, 11lll'1S, 111111 111111 1411 111 1111- XVi1111ws nftcr 1111- 11:11'ty 111' c1i1111'1 1111-y? M1-11111111111111111: NI11s1 11111 sn-1 lllj' 111211111 L'111CIi 1111? 11-1111111'1'11w 11111r11i11g. '1"11c 1c:1c11c1's '11'1- g111111g 111 1111- c1111v1-11111111 111111 wc 1'1- 11z1v111g 1w11 1111ss1111 lIllA'S 111 Villlilfltlll. Nov. 7: 11111 'I1'II5L'11 was wn-11 1111 1115 way 111 MIIXN'2l1I1iL'L' w111-11 111- 112ll1 ll 111111111111 218 1- 1'1-s1111 111 s111111- 111':11'1i1':11 111111-r's 1111114 :lt 1111- 1111111 W1-11111-511111. 111-111' 1.1111-11 is il 111-11' 1111-111111-1' 111 1111- 5111111111111111- class, AV1-'1'c 1411111 111 wc1c111111- 111-11 'l'1111 R11w: li. I':!'K11l11I, I.. 'I'i111111pf1111, ,1. Ols1111, AI, II4l1Ill, Y. I,:11111'1111, K. Nll1llIlL1, li. N1cCa1'111y, D. Maas. . p.,11t 11-111111 R11w: -I'. xl111111s1111, IJ. N1-151111. 12. U11511111. 111. R1-i11s1z111, A. R11111, Ii. I,:11's1111, IJ. XV1'if . 'l'11ir1l R11w: A. Sw-11111, M. '1'11111x1111, V. S1111'ks1z111, R. Ulsn, Ii. AYri1.g11t, M. Nclsun, IC. 'I111111s1111, J. Yingum, 17. N1-1111111. 4111 R11w: I', ll41:1111I, IC. XY11111f, I.. U11I:11111, A. 51111111-. BI. K1-11e11cr, A. OIS1111, 17. Ruin, H, N1-svig, R. I'1-Iv.'1's1111. 14111111111 R11w: 11. S11c1'51:111, IXI. R11111-111. M. N111'11i11g, li, S1-:11111111s1111, A, Nc1s1111, IJ. LEISIIILIII, M. AViI11ams, 11. I11y1111. GIRL RESERVES Top Row: J. Iivenson. I.. Lee, ll. J. Johnson, li, Helmke, L. Barber, IJ. Champney, E. Jacobson, E. John- son, Nl. joltnson, ill. Neilson, l.. xlzienlrsfni. Second Row: F. Holtan, E. hlordalen, B, Bjerke, H. Benson, R. Burnll, R, A. Holtan, S. Fladen, I. As- 1Jl'I'llt'l!Il, M. Lung. Third Row: A Lien, A. Grothaus, lf. Berg, IJ, Harrison, B. liougan, li. llougan, H. Feggestad, L. Kjcrnes, K. Hanson, li. hloranger, K. llardwick. Fourth Row: F. Jnlinson, l.. G. Iverson, A, Bundeliagen, E. lirdahl, M. Elliekson, lf. Anderson, D. I. johnson, M. lipgleson, ll. johnson, D. Kletstad, M. Drotning. Bottom Row: T. Hyland, R. Anderson, li. Listug, Ii, Almond, C. jolinson, R. Foss, li. Helgestad, ll. Lacy, A. Klitzman, V. jerdee. Y. Grefsheini. Nov. 8: The girls and l have decided not to frequent Klonglands nightly. VVe're not any more important than the furniture to the lads. VVhat did someone say about "Absence makes the 'heart grow fonder?" Lorraine Lee claimed the distinction of being the only student to faint as a result of the skin tests for tuberculosis. Nov. 9: VVe've spent a bad day worrying about what our parents would discover while visiting school tonight. L'onnie and Dorothy, who were supposed to serve at Par- ent's Night, decided the lure of Fletcher llenderson was too great, and embarked on the train for the capital city. Nov. 10: Betty Cass, columnist for the NVisconsin State Journal, gave a short talk in assembly today. Nov. ll: The American Legion presented the Armistice program with Mr. Duffield as speaker. The A Cappella was enroute from the Central grade when taps was sounded so they faced east midway between the buildings. Nov. 14: lt was a big week-end for Mary. Dick came down and monopolized the greater share of it. Top Row: F. Myhre, A. 'l'liu1'p, A. Zajaezelc, H. S-ruth, Y, Radecke. N. Sandven. St-gtnnl Ruwi R. Specs, Al. 'l'lii-inpsoii, -I. Quinn. ll. Quale. T Rnstznl, ml. Nelson. Third Row: A. Specs, A. Sliowers, K. Serersmi, M. Reinstall, A. Lunde, IJ. Sunne, R. Nichols. I"'tli Row: M, 'I'aylor. S. Svenm, A. Udland, Z. Montague, R. Parish. tl. Sivertsen, K. McCarthy, HI. 'llliunips l ,ull. Bottnni Row: ll. R-wang, ti. Seversini, Ii. Skolas, I.. Yeium, Xl. Rein, A, Peterson, M. Martin, RI. Oster- held, M. Sperslad. G.A.A. I4-1: Rim, fi. lxrilzilil, lx. Niihiml, Xl. ll. lxlvlxtgul, fi. Kim-Ismiii, lx, l,1u's-ni, l.. llwiiipx-iii, l'.. XX-null, ll. lil lamnl. R. liiillicks-ui, H, li. .XlulL'iw:iii, 11. ll. .Xiisln-iwiiii. Ntclwlul Ruw: lf, lfu-ilwuil. ll. XYi'iglil. Nl. Kiwanis-l', li. Nlzmx, Nl, Ruiiixlinl, l. l.11u-l, hl. lliuiislrlihgrii. Xl, lla-Inf.-iii, ll. lim-iii, ll. lliixu-ii. ll. Nnwvig. vl, lliigiv. 'lliirnl Ruwi Xl. lliuu-ui, Xl. XYilli:uiia. Xl. NL-lwrii. li. ll. ,luliiw-ni, li. lln-ggvslziil. ll. lhfiilivt, N. l'm-vllliuiii, ll, lxvivuii. .X. Ngnlnlc. l.. Uillzuul. ll, Spa-iwtzul. ll-rltwili liwvwf ll. ,xllSNt', .X. xll'lillI'lllj', Nl. liuiirixl, Xl. N1-ruling, l'. Stiwluhul, lf, lfzisliiixiii, l'. R.ipi1, .X, Nm-Ishii, l". N4-ltum. ll. lllzirlxm-5. .X, lin-.L ll. lfxn-lx.i11, Nov. 15: Mr. ,Imam-ii L'vlvlii'ulwl QP? hix hirthxlxiy hy liucuiiiiiig Ihr victim ul' ll vhciiiis- try cxplwaimi. lh- spa-111 lhv ra-iiiuiiului' wif thc :lay swzmlliul in Iizimlugca :mal wczu'iiig dark g'l1lxsL's. Nov. 16: .Xlllimigli hu was liziiiclicalppcml hy hlimliicss, Mr. lX'l1iii'l1z1gcii'5 cliuurliiiliiusx :uul guml liuiiun' iiizulu him lilllllllill' with his lllllllk'llCL'. llis lll'UgI'2llll was uiiiitliui' wi thi' stzmip lmiik alltrzictiuiis. Nov. 17: XXX' saw thc iiiuvic. "hi thc Yzillvy uf thc liizuitwf' tmiilziy. Thx- su-lin-U' wus siipcrh--llic acting iiiccliwcrc. Nov. 18: ,X grmip ul' fmiruiiwic znfpirzuits :ilu-iiilul thc XYlSL'HIlYlII lfwrviisia' liistitulc iii Mmlisiiii liiilziy, Thu girls :mal I fiilicrcrl fruiii :ui cxtrciiic also uf iiifvriurity cuiiiiilcx ilur tw thc- iwi'I1-ctly uiriiwl -mt cw-mls wc gliiiiiisvcl xirmiml the cniiipiis, NVQ cwiilmlift llllilgillk' what Douglas 'haul ilmic with thu :ipplc ciclvr lwfwn- hc :ll- lviiilul thc cliurcli siippui'-limit wa' haul iilcas. NVQ' mm' thc in-11 rally for thc Miiim-siilu-XYiscmisiii gxunc im lhc luwcl' cziiiipiis. . Swim- ciitluixizutic rfuitvr clippul thc fuutliur -ill lfstlin-VR hut, Nov. Zl: Slmiglilmi mitplnycsl Mwniticcllw Z0-ZZ twilight in thi- tint hzlslfctlmll gauiiu, lfrh Nj'llIll.fL'Il sliwwwl sigm nf his lust j'L'2lI"S iiizirksiiiauisliip hy wcmiiig' lf iluiilli Hn-imc llauis-iii fliwiwcrcil swiiic ziltralclivc girls in thu Muiiticcllw cwvwfl. 9' '11 ln Rim: Xl. 'l'liuiiipsr,ii. l. l"m-ggwlziil, lf, juliiisuii. Xl. Rv,-in, lf. .Xlnlm-isiiii, R. lliiltzm. A. lfiixs, lf. Y:i.ul:' ' l.. Xl. lxurfuii, ll. l'ick:u'ls ill. Nwrstzul. Xl. SIIIIU, X. 4:11-Ifliriiii. K. l--islvv. Sur-mil Huw: R. lhirull, ll. I.:u'y, Il. Dlulinsmi, IS. lljcrkc, A. lic-mleliugcii, li. Xlcl':u'tl1y. A. Zzijzwm-li, .X 'l'liwrpm'. 'l'. Riistzul, Xl, Kiltlcsmi. Nl, Nygxmul l.. Yu-iuili. .X. Klvvmi. 'l'lmil Row: lf. llelplvstiul, ll, ll:n'rimui1, R. llnvli, lf. X'lL'lilll1I, .X. Ya-iiiin. Nl. Ya-iuiii, ll, 'l':iylzu'. lf, llnugiiii l., Wxilling. Il. Suimc, Rl. 'I'li-uiipsiui, Nl. Rm-instxul. liwlluinl Huw: Z. Xlriiitalgiiu, Nl, Nlnrtin, R. .Xiinlci'smi. I. Vvlty, lf. All-i'ritl. V. Suvz-iwmi. Nl. Niulxiuii, lf l.iqiip:, rl. .Xqvui'lin'illi. l. I.:-r. S. l"l:ulcii, K'. vluliiiwiiii, .L l'L'l1-iwuii, Il. l, Uliilinmm. ...40, -x -4 PHILO HI-Y 'l'-ip Huw: .X. Shifts, IC. .Xmlt-rsim, lf. l.. julinscm, J, Asp:-1'liciiii, R. liurull, F. llulttvn, M. Lung. St-uiml R-iw: ,I, Iltigic, .X. Zzzizit-xc-lc. .X. l't-tcrstm, Nl. lfllicksini, M. 'Flu-iiiipsiixi, li. Amhlc, B. Grefsheim. 'I'h1i'nl Huw: ll, Nt-svig. K. l.ilmlc. l.. li, lx'm'snn1, R. Fuss, l,. l,L-in, ll. Klt-fsmd, M, Rein, lifvttmii Huw: l. l't-mga-stzul, ll. lh-iismi, ll. Rmnig, M. Ostcrhcltl, tl. ht-x'ursi,ui, l'.. Llstug, U. Lacy, 12. lel- gvsliul, lf. .Xmlt-rsum. Nov. 22: 'l'wiw lucky girls hull tlzittfs ziftur the gamut- lust night: Marion Thompson with ht-r ht-ru Smith, :mil lictty Wlriglit with .'X1'iiolml Svcum. ' Nov. 23: 'llhc Mzulistiii QltJllCL'l'l Orclicstrzi ciitcrtziiiiccl in assuiubly. , l Vvlllltfllll Pratt, in at lmrry tw mziil it lcttcr. rushccl tu thc tltjtll' of thc ultl ptast-utlicc ' V :tml tricil it st-vvrznl timcs ln-ltiru hc miticctl his mistnkc. ii it Nov. 28: Thu iicw sldlilt-iliilt' cuiilusctl at number of thc sttlclclits. Bud zmtl Chuck ar- H uf rivt-il lit-limi tht- stroke ul t-ight. tbmiit-tliiiig mmsuzil for thcm umlcr thc loriucr schcclulcj R Nov. 29: Stmiglitini wuii il mit--malt-tl tilt frtmm Mt. llurulx tumght. NVc're zmxinus 1 fur swim' rt-:il cuiiiputilimi lu su' xyhznt thc htmys Cllll rcztlly mln. Nov. 30: 'l'hv Sturlt-int cmilicil rtfsuiiit-tl thmr llllllL'SAllS muriittirs in zlsscmhly. 'l'hcy will lizlvt' wniiplt-tv clizirgt- ul ztsscmlmlit-s tht- rcmziimlcr ul tht- your. Dec. l: Um' grunt big husky limtlizill zithlutcs wcrc givcn thcir luttcrs hy Mr. .lt-nscn tomlzly. N'N':igc1's we-rv flying :is tu limi' lung thcy'll ku-p them. tllpitl son-ms tu hc llivwriiig thu llIlfl0l't'l2lSS girls. This timc hc cliil wwmlcrs for Mur- l.ffll't'l llzmsmi in gt-tting tirzmt Qmll vt-ry, very iiitcrcstul. P Dec. 2: The lli-Y spuiiswrt-ml at iiickclmlcmi tlzmcc Cwhich Mr. Kvummu misinter- pn-tul :ls :L luiicliutni flziliccl ztltcr nur victriry uvcr llc-luvzm. tlniiiiv scurctl 21 hit with a nit-iiiht-r mi thc tt-um whu ruiiiztiiticxllly Crtmssctl his hczirt whcii hc saw 'hcr as hc lclt thc givin. A , . . . . . . Thu canst mil thc luiimr tlztss Play wltlit-sst-ml their play at tcutml High ttblllgllf. l 1 7 i XA X . l 4' 4' L 1 'u Al 5 1. '- i .if mt lil ,af ,ffl bfi. x X 1-Q X . i 'lk el i 5. , . 1 5 vlillll Row: ,l. llnle. Nl. 'l'lumismi, lf. Alnst-risky, llf. livcrsini, R. lxvitlc. R. Nyliagcn, C. lllZH'1l1'l, fi 5' Tliirrl Huw: l.. lu-1's-ni, ll. lluiisfni, IJ, .Xmlt-rs-ni. XY. l"ui'st-tli, N. I.. Ols-ni, M. S. Olsmi, J. XYilli:xms, R. Q X Ulliwlzilll. ' l Sm-mill Rnivi Y, Smith, lb. l'im'cll, ll. Sli-ttum. .X. Nesvig, ll. l'hillips, S. Qurim, M. 'l'lmrs-ui, R. Swiiigcn. . Ki lluttum Ruw: XY. Osh-rlin-lil, ll. lfgglt-slain, R. Smith, R, l., llzmsim. O. Klmiglaiml, Y. lrzntl, N. Amlers-in -, i j. Kvsilhvim. 12-, 'i E f I l 1. vi FORENSIC CONTESTANTS F.A.A. Top Row: M. Osterheld, A. Peterson, J. Hale, R. Pederson, nl. NVilliams. Second Row: G, Guelson, M. Nielson, R. Hansen, D. Powell, G. XYoltt, A. lfliason. Bottom Row: G. Anderson, IJ. Christiansen, A. liverson, R. Ausse, T. 'IUlll!SUl1, A, Sveum, R. Vlaus. Dec. 5: Elliot James presented a demonstration on liquid air. The numerous explo- sions woke the few uninterested spectators who were peacetully dozmg so that at the encl ot the program everyone was wide awake. Dec. 65. t'arolyn's two heart t'hrobs, lfrb and VVz1yne, surprised her with at charming birthday gilt today. Of course, the two bashful. but big-hearted Rtlllleos deny any con- nection with the gift. The Seniors and Sophoniores struggled through an l.Q. test today. Dec. 7: Mrs, Thetla lfVitt, proprietor of a local beauty shop, discussed :ill forms of make up with the Philo girls tonight. The glamorous personalities that will begin popping up tomorrow will undoubtedly be flue to this. Dec. 8: ln the Junior Class play, t'hub Martini played the part of a victim of a ton- silectomy. just betore the play, he Caine down with a sore throat. Dec. 9: Mrs. Thompson and her study hull received a shock this morning when the bell began to ring with no one pushing the button. Mr. Hill soon discovered the cause- zi. broom resting on the wires. A talented group of Juniors presented "Growing Pains" tonight. Dec. 12: Barbara Bowen went "duck" hunting and what's more, she caught her game. Dec. 13: The positively putritl smell waiting its way from the vicinity of the Sopho- niores today was merely the pungent odor of the cheap perfume that Bob Claus and tiene Hanson very generously applied to all their pals. .iff Top Row: Mr. Yandrell, ll, Onsrud, M. Johnson, R. Offerdahl, R. Outhouse. Second Row: G, Stenjem. H. llzilxersoiir, lf. Halverson, F. Sperle. Bottom Row: li. Skaar, Y. Sundt, lf. Gunsolus, S. Ronied, A. Snntlt. -43- FOOTBALL SOUADS F1151 and Second Teams 11111 R-111: 311. N15111'11, 1. 14.11111xx, 11, 111111s1111, 1'. .111111-1'11, 1',. 11.11-1'x1111, lx. 11.11151111, ll. 14.111, Xl. ,1111111a1111, .X. S1111111, X111 111'11s1'11, 1 S1-1-111111 Ruwi R, 1111N1'11, R. Kxillnf, N. 1. UK1111, li. 11111111111s1111, 1'. l'111is1111111c1', 11. 111'11N1111, N. 111. 001111, 5. N1111'1111, R. 1111111151111 1111111 Huw: ll. 1l1'1'111'1', Xl. '1'11111511111, R. S1111111, R. N111111gc11, ll. 11111-1, ll, .'X11111'1's1111, l', 'l111111s1111, K. '1111111411l1. 11111111111 R11v1Z N. .X11111-1w1111, 11, 1-111t1111. FOOTBALL LETTERMEN 1"lll1 l'l11'1x11111l11-r 'W was 11111' s111'1'11 1111'1'1'l111111 Llll11 Il 111111 l11c111-1'. .-Xlt'111111g11 ll 811111111- 1l1lll'1', 51111111151 M11r1i11 S1l111NN'L'l1 il'1'1l1 1111111151 M1111 111111151111 '-10, 11111j'L'L1 ll 11111- 141111111 111 111 Vx. 1'11. .X 11111- Z15S114'I1lIlL'l11 c1111111 1l1XY2l.yS lw 11111-11 hy M1111 '1'l111rs1111 '39, 1111111-rt Nj'11ll1,3QL'lI IW, , 1' 111l1'. 1'1l14l1' 1'1VL'1'511Il '30, s1'111111' 111-11111, S1111111- 1111 111155 111111-11s1', Zlllfl 111' 1111111111111 his 11111 1111111111 il 1111111111-r 111' 1111s1111111a. This 51111' 111- was 21 14111-111 1-1111 111111 111511 11l11y1'11 111 11111 hack- - " - 1 1 115 111 '11w 111111' 1111111111-11 111' 11111111 Kv11l1' 1-10, 111111111 Fr1-1 '-11, was 111111. 1111 111l11r 111111! 11 ll xx Z V 1 A 111111 411' 11111 11-111111111 1411111111 III 1111- 1'111111-r1111'1'. R11111-r1 "R111s" 1311s1'l1 '40, 11r11v1-11 111 111- ll c 1111s51'1' 111111 1111 1-111s1v1- 111111111-1'. 1111 11111111-1 171-1'k1'r 310, 1111s ll 11111w11rk 111 his 1111'k11- 1111s11i1111. R11111-1'1 81111111 '.10,1g'r111111f -s '11 11 l1111' r1-1'11r1l 11s ll 111111 "111111, 11ig11-lcicking 112111-'1J1lL'1i. 1711-111 141-111-r111 this y1'11r, 1111 1111 1 1, N1 ' 111111111, 111 1 lflllllll S, 111NllIl '-10, will 111' Llll 11111 111 Ill'X1 y1-11r's 1111'v1'11. 1111l11'r1 S. 11111181111 '-10, 11111 W1-11 -' 1 'S 11,-1 ,H111111 11s 111111 1111 1111- 1'1-g11l11r s1111111l. Q11i1'1, 11111'1l 11111yi11g N11r1111111 1., 11151111 '40, saw 1'1111511l1-r1111l1- 111'111111 111111 will lm 1l2lL'1i 111-x1 j'L'2ll'. K1'l'll111 111111 1'11rt1s j111111s1111 110. 1w111-111111, 1111111111-11 11k'ZlYj' 111111 1111 li111- XK'41F1i 111111 it was ll lucky 11111111111-111 111111 1'1111111 1113- 1111 11l1'lll. .X 1111-1'1111. 11111121111 1 qX11111'rs1111 '30, 11111 111111'11 111 111111 1111: XVHX 111r 11111 1111ck111'11l. 1111 '111 1l"lll1N N1111111111111 lllL1N1 41-c 1111111 1111- 1-11111111111'111 is 11l1iL'1l c111'1- 111' 111111 111111 1111- 1111lj'l'I'S v - ' ' VN 1111111111-11 1111. '11111' 111,111 111111111141-rs w1'1'1- Us1'11r 1'1U1'11Vl1 111111 N111'1'1s .X111l1-r11111. 1411 111111111 'I' 11 11 11' 41111-11 9111111111 1' 111111' 1' X111' 111, A. S111i1111111c14, .1. S1111c1i1'. 1. 1 . . . , . . , ll V ' ' ' ' -' 11114111 X 1'1"111 X X11111-111111. 91-1111111 1411111 S, 51111-11l11111, 11, 111111'y, 11. 111111e1111, 11, 1111s111, -1. ,1-11 .1 , , 1 , . , . 111111 14 11" Il X1 1-11 R 11111111 11 1 1111- U 111111111 11, S11111111v, A. 1'1x'1-151111, ll. 11:111s1111. 111. ,.11,, 11,.,.. . , 11111111111 1111112 11 .X11111'1N1111, N. w111s1-11413, UI, 1'111w1111, ,I 1111'1i1-1, 17, N14:1:1w, 1., 1.111'x', .X, 111111141111, 11. 1.1141111111 ..44.. FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Top Row: P. Christopher, S. Martin, H. Benson, M. johnson. Second Row: E. Everson, M. Thorson, R. Nyhagen, R. Kvitle. Thirfl Row: G. Frei, R. Busch, C. Decker, R. Smith. Fourth Row: N. S. Olson, R. Hanson, N, L. Olson, R, Gunderson. Bottom Row: Anderson and O. Ff7l'f01l, mgrs.g K. Johnson, C. johnson, D. J. Anderson -45-- BASKETBALL ATHLETIC BOARD Stuiiglm in Stmlglltml S11 vlltflllnll Sli mglwtmi Stwiiglitwui ...... Sluuglilf in Stnuglmm Sltrlllllllt an Stwllpflliull Slillltlllll in Stu wuglitl in Stmiglmtf in Tnp Row: Mr. Klyrick, ll. lliwch, Furtrm. Si-Qniirl Row: Olson, Martin, liYl'l'SOIl, Arnesnn. Ihlttmn lfrvwl R. Busch, Kvitle, Nylmgvn, Smith, A C'liristnpl1ci'. BASKETBALL ------35 lXlUlll'U0 ........ 14 Stouglitcm ...... 25 Monrm- ....L.. -Zl - ..... 30 VVis. lligh ...... 20 Stsvugliton ...... 41 VViS. High ...... 37 ------29 NV:1tL-rtfvwn -----33 Stouglitim------25 NVz1tQrtown -----28 ------.53 Ft. Atkinson ----ZZ Stouglitcm------4-l Ft. Atkinson ----Z7 W Erlgcrtrm ....... 29 Stoliglltwn ...... 35 lfclgcrton - -.... -32 Stoughton District Tournament .57 l2V2lllSVlllC ...... 30 Stuilglltml ...... 46 VVis. High .....H 27 Platteville Stmiglitrm .........,.. 20 Platteville ..,............. 17 State Tournament ------3.5 xVIllCYll3NX'll -----35 Stoughtmi------20 Spring Valley --26 Stmiglitmi ...... 25 Laclysmitli -- ---ZZ Non-Conference Games Z0 Monticello ------ ZZ Stoughtuii -----. 27 School for Deaf 24 ------34 Mt. Horvh -----ll Stoughton------20 NNV. Col. Props 16 Stmightun ------ Z0 XVaupun ----.-.- 17 FOOTBALL ------ ll Bziraboo --------13 Sto11gl1tm1------ 0 VVis. High ------Z0 ------ ll Ft. Atkinsun ---- 8 Sitllljllllllll------l5 Nlniiruc --- ----l-1 ------ U xVllll'TlI1VVlI -----Z1 Strmgl1tm1------ 0 liilgcrtmi -------Z0 Tup Row: Hr. Jensen, Mr. Myrick, H, Benson, Mr. BlL'l'll'lC'S- Botunn Row: Al. Hale, M. Thompson, D. Rein, C. Frei. L46- Robert Busch '40, was one of the abilest guards in the confer- ence. Dribbling was his specialty. Paul Christopher '39, could be counted on for a. brilliant fioor ganle. His place will be hard to fill. Robert Nyhagen '39, tw i c e conference scoring champion, was the mainspring of our offense play. He was truly a fine all-around player. Eder Everson,Jr. '39, was the tallest man on the team. His ex- cellent defense work kept down our op- ponent's score. BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Norman L. Olson '40, although a reserve this year, showed real ability, and will be a valuable man next season. Robert Smith '39, was speed personi- fied, and no one sur- passed him in Fight- ing spirit. Ralph Kvitle ,40, developed a great style of play this year and he should be a key man next year. Sammy Martin '41, although only a sophomore, showed great promise this season. He will be back for two more seasons. TENNIS GOLF Trip Rnw: R. Kxitle. R. Verleretmn. Sc-ernnl Row: Xlr. Hives, Il. Hailey, R, Plains. Tlfvttnni Rnw: Y. l'r:ttt, ,l, llanlfs, 0. Klrmglniitl. l'. I.:1iwn. Dec. 14: t'untinning nur winning streak we wtin frmn xxlilllllllll lust night .27-l'J, .X nttmher nl exeitetl grade sehruml kitls pzittetl the hilek nf lfrlfs heml chiring a time-ont pe- riml. lt was pussilmly the ztrlfirsttioii heing expresserl tn il tleztr :intl intiinzite frienrl. Dec. IS: President Dykstra: was the guest speaker fm' the zninnztl ftmtliall hnmptet. The hztnqttet itself wsu helcl :tt the hotel. while the pnhlic was invitecl tn hear Dykstra ni the high selirml ziweinhly the latter half of the evening. The .-X lltppellzi, which wus stztnrling in the hull, ehintetl in on the cheers ll ininnte trvn latte :tnfl sn were hehinfl nn ezieh cheer. Dec. 16: The Ili-Y spniiwrerl the pep meeting for the Monroe gnnie nur tirst ineet- ing with zu ernifert-nee tezun. lfviflently mir pep helperl :ms the hfiys rulletl np Il 35-l-l senre in wnr favrir. The tezun nieinhers, it is Arepnrtetl, trunk tip where they left ot? with their Mnnrne rn- inzmees. lllll iniglity thzlnktul l had Bnteh safely with ine ut the "Great XYaltz." Theie Munrue sirens :1ren't tu he trnstetll Dec. 19: The Snph hwys halve tnrnetl the sentii-nents of l'llI'lSllllZlS Lfurnliiig intn Il innney inukinp: prppnsititm. They hzul Il gnntl "rake-in" last night, In qnnte the younger jasensky. Tnp Ruw: R. Smith, if lleekcr, R. Nyhagen, li. liversun, l'. l'rnsse, Mr, Netterhlatl. Thirnl Row: M. Rein, M. Ibrutning, A. Petersuii, H. Phillips, -I llnwen, j. XVilli:uns ll. Egglestni, Secnntl Row: Bl. lillieksn, ll. Jnliiismi, Nl. ligglesmt, M, Nielson, li. tinelsnn, ll. I, jolnisnn. C. XYonlf, bl. Rippelien. llnttnni Row: B. Bowen. N. Klefstzul, ll. Sknlns, J. Asperlieini, IP. Rein, M. XYilli:uns, R. Swingen, J. Karlslyst, J. Kvalhiem. -48... YAHARA PARROT Top Row: ,l. Hofstnd, D. Powell, lll. Kittleson, Seeond Row: ll. Moen, M. lfgglc-son, li. Anderson, V. Pratt. llottoni Row: .L Spees, R. l.. llanson. A. l'c-terson, M. llc-nsou, Miss xvllllflllli. Dec: 20: The Christinas Spirit has struck us all. Mr. Netterblad has one of the most striking displays in town on the front of his house. A Dec. 21: The lVeSt Side Rytluu hand swung out on a few numbers for us today. tan t'hey syncopate! Dec. 22: The A eappella, t'he junior high glee elulm, and a group of' junior high pupils presented an unpressive pageant today. Chet t'arter and his rootiu' tootin' ainlmassadors furnished the music for the Hi-Y christmas dance. Merry fhristinasl Jan. 9: So sorry to have neglected you for two weeks, Dear Diary, but I have been so lmusy "holiday1ng," it eouldn't he helped. Very few people adniit to any New Year'-s resolutions this year. Could it he that we're all so very, very good or have our consciences lost their hold? Jan. 10: New Year's Eve will long he reineinhered by my little friend Gene H. as the night when he discovered "Jean Daggetf' that popular new sophomore. Jan. ll: The VVoinen's Federation is sponsoring a recreational center Cas per usual the girls get gyped out of the ping pong tables nightly and must content themselves with eheckersb. Vaughn Pratt has been slightly puffed up all day because of his ping pong victory over Owen Klongland, allegedly the best player down there, Top Row: R. L. Hanson, R. Smith, IC. Eversnn, C. Metzler, H. Benson, Third Row: D. Powell, H. Feggestad, M. Thompson, M. Drotning, A. Peterson, N. Sandven. Second Row: L. Lee, D. Suune, I. Nelson, F. Berg, 1. .xS116'I'llClIl1. Bottom ow: J. Eveuson, S. Sveuni, M. Taylor, E. Frdalll, F. 'l1'IllllSdll, -49- 53 f -f li 29 il wil br 4329 F3 sit :S 3? -Ml all 1 5159 Q? 5 til 4:2 :itll AA 9' i ffl, Q13 52? N 7 Fr . .., 1, Fr C im. 135 rgf' ,e- it?- gg? ffl. A9 tl rb tg x ' 9 .Q '11 4.7 E7 l- J 51 f -x ff? , 'WX Jan. 12: The Rev. Jens J. Vander Graff presented an interesting as well as valuable talk on personalities to the assembly this morning. Jan. 13: Friday the thirteenth brought a bitter defeat to Stoughton at the hands of Watertown Ccan it be that we are superstitious?J The Seniors broke the spell however by sponsoring a dance after the game. The girls enjoyed ourselves even though we were cloveaed from tip to toes with the shiny powder with which we had previously covered t e oor. Jen. 16: An announcement concerning t'he charming little basketballs the Philo girls are desperately trying to sell began, "If any of you have had your eyes open-." Smith states that he's had his open all year. Jen. 17:- On the one day that Miss Hickey failed to trudge the extra block to get an Anderson's Pharmacy coupon her name was drawn for 3317.50-Such is life! Jen. 18: As Anna Mae Odland entered Mr. Burnsides room on the morning of the semester test, she dropped her mirror fit shattered to bitsj-Now she's wondering what her mark will be. The Debaters report that Mr. Moes -became immensely excited when he spotted the "Bonnie Bee Food Mart" in Beloit. I don't get the connection. Perhaps I can depend upon Mr. Moes to enlighten me. Jen. 19: Miss Sands told us of her experiences in the "Youth Hostels in Germany" today. ' We had another of our original and typical cracker and pickle lunches today and dis- posed of the surplus crumbs into desks or people's faces. CGood kidsll Mr. Thornberg and Wayne bore the brunt of foul play. Jan. 20: Can't keep us down long-we beat Fort 32-22. Connie was in Seventh heaven. Her old friend, Turner, came over. The G,A.A. sponsored the dance. Jan. 23: Mr. Moes' and Dorraine's birthday. I l1aven't discovered how the former celebrated, but we gave Dorraine a big party. After an unsuccessful attempt at bob- sledding, we retired to the Johnson's for large scale eating. Jan. 24: After much deliberation, we have decided on "Swing and Sway in Chubs Chevrolet" as our theme song. Miss Wade entertained the Girl Reserves with several declamations. - Jen. 26: Mr. Russel Roogerhycle, archery champion for five years, gave a demonstra- tion in the gym. Dots Lacy was much concerned for 'his welfare during several very daring feats with the bow and arrow. Jen. 27: Edgerton showed us the way by defeating us 29-19. Oh well, it only hap- pens once in tive years! C111 their easel. Jah. 30: Mr. Burnside after correcting the history tests has dedicated the following poem to the Junior Class. Never work Never worry Always Hunk And never hurry, Jen. 31: The Senior Boys are having their chance to pick us apart now. The cook- ingrclass will spend its first few weeks under Miss Salzmann discussing t'he attributes of a. well rounded social life. Feb. 1: Miss Salzmann came to our rescue with a few timely hints for our personal appearance at Philo. Feb. 2: After we heard last night that the "men" around school disapprove of some of our costumes we decided to scout around and take a look at their examples of perfect taste. We found Call on the same member of the speciesj nine different colors, none of them matching. Feb. 3: The Cheesemakers wore the tatters of defeat as we trounced them 25-21. The Sophomore Shuffle drew a good crowd. Mary Jane Anderson, an old Stotonite, was among us again. Feb. 6: When Archie Hove misinterpreted thc announcement to read, "All girls in- terested in basketball meet in gym at 12:20 tonight" we decided the girls merely wanted a taste of night life. Feb. 7: Ahal Al "Senator" Eliason is interested in something other than politics- and who should it be but Ruth Olson. Feb. 8: The Girl Reserves beat the calendar by staging their Valentine Party one week early. Those little candy hearts were so good they had the power of making us forget the very existence of calories-weren't they, Marjorianne? Feb. 9: Mr. Jensen was genial master of ceremonies for the Physics quiz in assembly today. ,Ann Spees, Jim Bowen, and Sena Fladen walked off wtih the valuable prizes Cin pennies . Feb. 10: The teachers skidded to Madison for the Teachers' Convention. The Wis. High game was postponed, however. Feb. 13: Dr. Fryden showed us the films he had taken in Africa at the Badger, lec- turing meanwhile. Those native musicians almost made us "truck on down" the aisles. Feb. 14: The Frosh Cevidently the only sentamentalists left among usJ,presented each teacher with a corsage today. I got a few of the nasty variety of valentines that will remain out of sight until I get even-and I willl Wisconsin High lost the postponed game, 41-37. Feb. 15: Caroline entertained a few of the elite at a birthday party with all the trimmin's. Prominent couples present were Carolyn and Wilmer, B'qb Claus and Connie. Feb. 16: A Yugoslavian musical group entertained-we got a kick out of the vi- vacious little girl at the piano. -50- " 4 :HK 3' Feb. 17: The G.A.A. held another play night for those who couldn't get to the Water- town game. By the way, the last few seconds spelled defeat for us, as we lost 28-25. At the dance afterward fmust remember to speak to member of Hi-Y about it-in other towns the mckelodeon dances cost one niekelj we were fascinated by the lame-duck step which they all used. Feb.' 20: Did I curse my alarm clock this morning! I't seemed as though I was up at sun rise-Eight o'clock schedules aren't for the likes of me! Feb.. 21: Roundy, who spoke at a local father and son banquet, predicts success for Bob Smith. He failed to specify whether with women, business, etc. Feb. 22:. Prof. Hicks of the University of' Wisconsin disclosed a few more or less personal traits of Washington this morning. I Because of the "vacation" we embarked for Madison in the "Quam Taxi." Connie is waiting Cnone too patientlyj for t'he tournament. It appears that she is quite inter- ested in a chap who plays with Wis. High. Feb. 23-: The band appeared in assembly-"Ozzie" really does things to those drums. We enJoyed "Stand Up and Fight"-in fact, we can't decide which we enjoyed the most-the red licorice, Robert Taylor, French bread. reduced rates, or the ginger ale. Feb. 24: Gene I-Ianson's Rythm Rascals held their first "swing session" today. They play their three pieces wit'h the rhythm their name suggests. They even raked in a tidy sum from the free will contribution Cl8c and a poker chip to be exactj. Myrick eouldn't accompany the team to Fort due to flu so they brought him a victory. Feb. 27: I still can't believe it, but obviously it's true. The senior girls threw a din- ner party at Mae's and the feud is over-or is it? ? ? Feb. 28: The last eliminations have been held for forensics and the contestants are now orating. declaiming, reading, and speaking in dead earnest. March 1: March came in with all the bluster of a ferocious lion--along with it came news of tlhe selection of prom committees. fButch is definitely taking his time about asking me-maybe we aren't going steady? l? D March Z: A quiz program with teachers answering Meredith Thompson's questions was tlge attraction for the assembly program today. Miss Williams won first, Mr. Moes secon . March 3: George Elias spoke on Turkey in assembly this morning. To provide pep for the game with Edgerton, tonight a short pep meeting was held in the gym. An alumnus, Richard Larson, spoke. . l ' i With Nyhagen winning the individual scoring title and breaking the individual scor- ing record, we won over Edgerton 35-32. March 6: Ralph Pederson and Richard Jasensky sponsored a dance down town after the game Friday night. CRalph refuses to disclose the proceedsj I noticed Red Kvitle and Millie Ellickson among the couples. March 7: Dale H: "Forty Miles of Romance was a part of the Rhine River." Mr. Kvamme: "You're sure it isn't a road out in the country?" March 8: We spend an afternoon every week in .the music room industriously prac- ticing swinging our golf clubs. CThe main purpose is probably to insure less hacking when we finally get out to the Country Clubj Some really fine blisters have already been developed. March 9: With the first night of t'he tournament, came victory for Stoton over Evansville. Wisconsin High nosed out Monroe. Donald Anderson discovered that a very dear acquaintance of the past summer was in the ranks of the Evansville cheer leaders. We plagued George Mucks when he played and at the dance the Wis. High boys turned the tables and cut in on us 10 strong. March 13: The school saw "Gunga Din" this afternoon. . Willie Furset'h received the usual fpaddlesj punishment at H1-Y after he had been sailing paper airplanes. A March 14: The big heroes in school are learning the culinary arts and meanwhile manage to look too, too fetching in cooking gear. March 15: Dr. Schoenbeck talked to the Philo girls on health habits that lead to success and happiness. March 16: The sophomores won four firsts in the forensic contest: t'hose winning are: Thelma Johnson, Bob Claus. Ruth Ausse, and Al Eliason. Gertrude Anderson upheld the honors for the freshmen. The upper classmen? Well ...... I March 17: All the loyal supporters of the team left at noon for Platteville. We early birds weren't around when they finally trekked back home after the thrilling win over Platteville which means our participation in the state tournament. March 20: Connie celebrated her birthday in grandlstyle with a big dinner party- cards and tiddly-winks occupied the guests for the remainder of the evening. The lads you see pushing brooms around school are merely victims of spring fever. Mu-eh 21: Edor, who attended the birthday party, evidently "et" too much because today he submitted to an appendectomy. I . l . Watertown blasted our hopes of the class B championship by scoring a 35-33 victory over our boys at the field house. March 22: Mary, Marian, Dorraine, Arldean, and I developed a friendship with the ticket taker at the tournament thatlpaid us well. We got in free."on our looks." Stough- snhfights for the class B consolation honors as a result of tihelr 29-26 win over Spring a ey. -SZ- F 1 1 Liga 'IM y 5 qfvr. 'wr ' " H- Favre' .4 ,Yf., QAM. ,ww t-K '. , 5 March 23: We had an "extra special" schedule today Cwe got out at 1:00-no lunchl so that we could see Stoughton clinch the consolation honors by defeating Ladysmith 25-22. Some of the lads who went up in Klongland's Chicken Racer decided to stay up for the evening and because of their financial condition ate a somewhat slim lunch of a banana, a sandwic'h, two cookies, and a cake of yeast. C6 of 'em.J March 24: Our bunch certainly felt like the "queens" that we've been nicknamed when we came to school with clusters of fresh jonquils in our hair. Lovely country roads are luring a good share of the "young couples" out bike riding these spring evenings. March 27: Bob Lynch won the Fightinest fighter trophy when he won from Stanley Iasensky at the annual boxing tourney tonight. Other fighters, winners mentioned first were: Moe, Bruheimg Linderud, Barry, Anderson, Danksg Moen, Johnsong Hull, Sveum, Aaberg, Seamonsong Smithback, Hoffg Eastman, Strandlieg Lynch, Jasenskyg Nelson, Stokkeg Hanson, Juveg Thorsen, Barlow, Bryant, Fellandg Christopher, Offerdahl. March 28: The Luther College Quartet sang and played for us in assembly today. One of Mr. Kvamme's former pupils stayed at Kvamme's home and appeared in the band concert held in the gym tonight. Happy Easter! n April 10: After eating my "fill" of Easter goodies, attending as many parties and hikes as possible, and seeing scads of new clothes on the local belles I'm back to the more or less common place school going. April ll: Mae has been getting the last word all day because "Porky" lost his ton- sils this past week-end. April 12: .Miss Waller gave us some pointers on boys, dates, etc., at the Girl Rc- serve bull session tonight. April'lIl: The Milton College Glee Club entertained in assembly. Their act in cos- tume depictmg a schoolroom "brought down t'he house." I April 14: The Hi-Y staged their widely-publicized Spring Dance. The punch, served from a crepe paper bedecked tree, was really sumpinll I think J. I. Williams should let us all in on the secret of successful punch. . April 17: All these sophisticated and a trifle condescending young people around school are merely alumni who are on vacation from their various schools. April 18: Thelma Johnson and El Eliason placed Hrst and third respectively in the league forensic contest at Delavan yesterday. April 19: We sang 'happy birthday to Elizabeth Anderson in assembly. A Lawrence College representative spoke to the seniors today. April 20: Mr. Myrick, without his usual poem, gave out the basketball letters today. Ralph made an unexpected and amusing appearance on the stage at the Senior Class Play Matinee today. He rushed across to obtain something, forgetting about the audi- ence out front. April 21: The Madison Business College Glee Club sang during assembly today. Art Sveum, S.H.S. '37, announced the numbers. The girls in the Senior Play spent the greater share of the afternoon in the local beauty shops "getting primped" for the big event. April 24: Dorothy lost her class ring on the Weiner roast tonight and Ward and she are going to search for it by aid of flashlights tomorrow night. April 25: The Rev. J. J. YanderGraff chose as his subject "Boy and Girl Relation- ships" when he spoke to the Hi-Y tonight. April 26: Josephine Nelson was elected president of Girl Reserves. All of us seniors are beginning to feel just a little sad at the thought of leaving all of our favorite or- ganizations. - April 27: "Gratitude" was the name of the play Betty Lynch, Doris Holtan, Jean Hanson, Janet Bondehagen, and Gladys Brekken gave in assembly today. April 28: "Dots" Lacy was introduced as 'his queen by Meredith Thomson at the annual Philo Pre Prom Dance. Unique decorations covered up the fact that the orchestra wasn't what it was "cracked up to be." - ff: ' 1 , ul' G gl Q , ev. :A , v my 8' ,sf-1? 5 gun l' . 1:5 as ra Img E7 ' MC.K- Q 1 ,v 0 I' 1 t : if.: - Q, 1 , .f an ' "t3i,..1 'W f f " gi 1 May l: All the little "apple-polishers" tripped up to teacher's door with Hower laden May-baskets. CAI! kidding aside, I miss those days.J May 2: Every duty falls before the lure of golf these spring days. Among the hordes of would-be golfers was the "little lady" who played the first two holes with 'her putter. May 3: The Girl Reserves were hostesses to their mothers at the annual Mothers and Daughters party. The dishwashers worked until all hours and then some "cruel" boys carried away the ice cream we had thoughtfully set aside for a midnight snack. May 4: Home Talent Show-Rumors are that some of our masculine pedagogues are modeling the latest ideas in women's wear-I'm going to be there tonight-Seeing is believing. May 5: In accordance with National Music Week the band presented its last con- cert. May 8: Duane Powell made his appearance minus his front teeth. He hasn't even tried to tell us he bumped into a door. May ll: The A Cappella made its appearance over WHA today. May 12: Hawaiian palms, hula dancers, flower leis, and a huge moon made a roman- tic setting for the Junior Prom. Meredith and Dorot'hy led the grand march to the tempo of Bob Arden. May 20: Mr. Thornburg's Social Problems classes traveled to Waupun today. The Legiarkable thing was the fact that everyone that went returned. We must all be "good" 1 s. May 26: Stoughton was host to visiting bands and choirs in its first music festival this afternoon and evening. June 5: Sunday we went to the Baccalaureate services. Rev. Nesvig gave the ser- mon and our A Cappella choir sang. It was an impressive ceremony and the greater share of the seniors were "misty-eyed." June 8: Green grass and fine band music made a very beautiful and different setting for our graduation exercises on the Athletic Field. The main address was given by Rev. Axel Pearson of Moline, Ill., who gave the talk "How Much Are You Worth?" A mixed chorus sang, and Valedi-ctorians Lenore Barber and Robert Lee Hanson, and Salutator- ian James Hale gave their addresses. After the graduating class sang "Alma Mater" t'he diplomas were presented. June 9: Now that it's all over I'm reading my Yahara. Itis interesting to see what the past year held. I wouldn't give it up for anything. More power to next year's senior class. Here's to bigger and better things. Y t I , Ours my Clarabelle, SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Stoughton has finally become a city of national importance, so muc'l1 so, that Stough- ton's Chamber of Commerce has decided to hold a World's Fair to end all World Fairs. This project was started in 1968 and opened May 12th of this year, 1970. We -find mem- bers of the class of 1939 very much in evidence at the fair. What's,this? Donald J. Anderson, the physics shark, is displaying his amazing theory on perpetual motion to a group of awe inspired friends. Something seems to have gone wrong! The motion has come to a complete and final stop! Donald pushed the machine to the ground and is stamping all over it! What a temper! What a man!! Oh, Oh! Here's a lemonade stand! Just what we need. Why, Norris Anderson is the man behind the counter! Norris, by the way, when not drinking his concoction which he calls lemonade, is Lord High Wielder of the Broom, and also Stage Manager for the Little Theater Group which Mary Drotning, Mildred Ellickson and Irene Feggestad are running at the Fair. They are presenting an original play entitled "Love Always Finds the Way" or "Down the Primrose Pathf, My! My! What they don't think of! Jean- nette Asperheim is the business manager for this little concession, and she informs me that business is hopping right along. She says that Bud Eggleson is their regular cus- tomer-never misses a show. Now, I wonder why! lf 0599 L' , ' Q Q 3- w 'Q Lf' 0... 7 I gr I XL ur . E ' " " . '07 st 4' ' A 'J N' ML. ? . 6 4 1 ' o , r I A Doris'C'hampney is sewing buttons on Sidney Berge's coat. I understand that Sid- ney is giving. lectures on "More Successful Farming" and he talks so long and so loud that the buttons just keep popping off. ' Ruth Burull, now a registered nurse, takes care of the little tykes while mama and papa go and enjoy the fair. Well, that's one line of work, but oh, what a line! Paul Christopher and Edor Everson are reminiscing football with Mr. Myrick. Paul and Edor have full grown beards. They tell me they originated Myrick's new plays. .The next little gallery is the glass works, where Marian Thompson is taking tickets While Sonny Pederson and Bob Smith are blowing fpausej glass. After being actually blown out into the street, I saw one of Sander Qua1n's Taxies Incorporated, go by. What Sander used to do in high school days for pleasure he does for money now! By the bye, they tell me he's worked up quite a business, what with his hair dyed yellow, and a little yellow mustache. Rut'h Parish and Aurelia Zajaczek are running the Beauty Parlor of tomorrow and model the latest hair do's themselves. Aurelia takes care of t'he business angle of this little enterprise, while Ruth goes about selecting and creating some of the most fan- tastic styles! Incidentally, Fred Sperle decided that machine shop was a very unprofit- able business and has taken to Seurealist Art, where Ruth picks up some of the ideas for hairdressing! David Seamonson, noted aviator, is lending his talents for sky-writing advertisements. Between times, however, I understand he takes little jaunts over to Edgerton, which seems to be more of an attraction than t'he Fair-to him! Ann Spees and Ed Jensen have teamed up and have a little hall called "Science Speaks-for itself!" I understand that along with the regular exhibition they have some very entertaining side shows. One of the outstanding features of these is Robert Sandsmark, the World's Thinnest Stout Man, who is giving lectures on How to Reduce Without Losing Weight. Robert claims it makes sense. James Thompson is now the assistant bookkeeper at the Fair. James owes his pres- ent success to hard work in his course of bookkeeping at Stoughton High School. Miss Anderson is most proud of James, and says, quote, "I knew james would be a success some day. He was a brilliant lad, and it's too bad his brilliance didn't show up when he was in my class!" Alice Thorpe has taken over the Hotel Kegonsa, now having four thousand rooms, and is, herself, head waitress. Milo Thorson, head of the pro-football team, 'has initiated a new system of' calling plays-that of using Latin. Milo claims that he had so much Latin drilled into him in high school, that it now comes easier than English. Hazel Vaade, now runs the World's Fairest Dancing Pavillion. The 'outstanding feature of the Pavillion is the floor s'how, in which Victor Sundt and Hazel Hit through a magpie dance. Critics say it is the most original dance ever invented. Lynn Sveum, noted grouch of Stoton High, is giving his tigers a daily workout. Anna Mae Showers, his beautiful assistant, takes care of the whips and tickets. Verle Worth, internationally known violinist, is soloist with the Stoton World's Fair orchestra. Critics say she is "worth her weight in gold!" ' Grant Quill, saxophone player, has taken over Gene Hanson's orc'hestra and, is play- ing here after a long period at the Waldorf-Astoria Cocktail Room. Oh yes, Dorothy Pickarts is vocalist. Elton Gunsolus, is displaying his little Ford Relic. lt is the only soft-coal burning car known to be in existence. Elton lovingly calls it, "My Little Packard." Break it up! Break it up! just some of the girls touring the fair-Lorraine Samp- son, Thelma Rustad, Margaret Stein, Catherine Severson and Virginia Rierson. You know, these little campus cuties had offers to join the "Streets of Paris" concession, but after talking to Mr. Mennes, they decided that it would be best not to, because you see, they are school-teachers and couldn't stand t'he publicity. Arldean Peterson is running a lending library. Says Arldean, "Well, I'll tell you! One meets such interesting and charming people in the literary world of today. I belong to one of the most select groups w'hich meets once a week. Bye the bye-you should taste the free lunches! My dear-they're wonderful." Russell Solheim and Margaret Flister are just finishing their hot dogs. Russell, you know, has been working with t'hese little capsules where you get all the vitamins neces- sary in just one little capsule. Russell, however, makes it a practice not to eat them! Say, George Stenjem! Where are you going with that car? Don't you know there are no cars allowed here? Oh! Well-that's interesting. George says he heard about Elton Gunsolus and decided to go into business with him. Across the way is the "Home-Grown Company Inc." with Virgene Gfrefsheim and Marian Eggleson as farmerettes. They 'have very rustic calico dresses on and I see Ma- rian's taken to a corn cob pipe! How time doth change us! Around this little place of business is a brilliantly lighted theater. Let's see! Oh Yes! Now I remember! Roger Grefsheim set Arvis Gullickson up in business out in -56- ' ' 4 It is W Hollywood, and now he has a monopoly on Arvis' pictures. Arvis' newest picture is called, "Facts and Figures." For directions of how and where to see this and that, we push up to the nearest in- formation booth, where we find our long-missing friend, Mike Leslie. They've finally got him caged up, but they made a severe mistake in putting windows in instead of bars -remember that night, Lynn? Erbs has talked his way into the chair of "His Honor the Mayor." We're all sure he didn't work his way in. It must be nice to have "influence" for is it?J. A daring, dashing, demon-of-speed is our silent friend Eldon Kravick. The monstrous new hippodrome, with its boisterous roar of motorcycles, is where you'll Find him, except on Sundays. He does so love to go to church. Le Roy Juve is the "white-hope" of the pro-boxing held. Here at the lenges all "on-comers," and claims that he will "hang on" to the title tif he Further on we End the grease-ball of auto-mechanics, Bud Gander. He and manager of the tiny "electric5car" race track. He claims the old urge control over hnn since Carolyn divorced him. She stated it as "alienation Too bad, Bud, better luck, next time!! fair, he chal- ever gets it!J is sole owner has complete of affection." In the Silver Crescent Ballroom, we discover Wayne Osterheld still "holding on" in his fifth day in the jitterbug marathon. This is merely a side-line, though, because we learn that Wayne is doing all right in squeezing pennies for souvenirs. O'f course, he always was tight. All painted up, we see the darkie comedy team of Arnold Nesvig and Carsten Nelson. The dance creators are giving, for the first time in the world, their own original dance, "Black Bottom." I Of course, there's always a chorus of dancers. Oh, good! They're cominggaround this way-"Hello, stranger." "Wow!l! Why Anne Kleven! And Audrey Khtzman! My! My! And Harriet Kvisgaardllll This is too much-time out for some music. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. You are listening to Rodger Nelson. and his orchestra, bringing you slow, but sweet melodies. "Music for listening." Our first se- lection will feature the voices of Thomas J. Eddy, and Zoe MacDonald in "Snug as a Bug" from the movie of the same name. On the outside again, we amble over to a hot-dog stand, where Anna Lein greets us with that familiar smile. As, yes, and Lillian Lien, too, with Mary Long, and Kay Mc- Carthy! You're doing What? Working your way through college? Well, let's have another hot dog! More power to you, girls! In the national 4-H building, we find Elaine Joranger a busy, busy girl. She's been advanced to Assistant Director of the Home Economics Department. She's really going places. But not far behind is Merle Martenson. When he's not singing cowboy songs to the sheep tthey're the only ones that'll listenj he's right along side Elaine helping her sample the results of 'her home cooking. Well, what's this? It looks like Klongland's old place! Remember the "Hole?" Boy, we had some rip-snorting good times in that place. Let's go in and have some uialteds. Well, hello, Mae Doris! Remember "Stinky?" Gosh, what happened to your hair? It used to be dark-Owen prefers blondes? Oh, I get it,-anything to please the old man, eh? Well, we've got to be going. Take care of yourselves. Once again we go down the streets. Who's that selling balloons? Hi-Robert! Rob- ert Mortenson, remember him? And that's Korney Richard Kittleson helping him till the balloons. Oh well, he always was full of hot air. . . . . Do you hear an airplane? Oh look! Sky-writing! "Mayor Nyhagen Welcomes You !" Now that's clever. It's Robert OtIerdahl's writing! You could never forget it once you see it-Roger's his co-pilot, too, we hear. Great fellows, those Offerdahls. Carroll Kalland and Alvin Kalhagen are partners in the greatest bingo stand ever built under one cover. They've hired Rosella Lund, Ruth Nicholls, Mabel Nygaard and Florence Myhre to distribute the cards and collect the pennies. It's a nice racket fel- lows-if you like it. But who's the fellow with the lusty voice yelling the numbers? Who? Donald Onsrud? He must have outgrown the bashful stage-how about it, Don? And there's Palmer Oren! Running that nasty "Streets of Paris l" Oh, well, he always had a way with the women-C?J Orrin Hagen, leo Foss, Mary Long, and Arlene Johnson are keeping up the friend- ship started in Physics by working side by side in the Building of Scientinc Achievements. Mary Haugen and Lloyd Jensen also find this a most interesting building-or maybe it's not the building. Edmund and Harvey Halvorson, with the aid of Robert Johnson and Maynard Harried. have opened a "chick" store. They sell live "chicks," each two weeks old, branded with the emblem of the Fair. Gazing fondly at the chicks-they must remind 'her of days back at the farm-is Con- nie Johnson, famed buyer for Bonwit Tellers and smartly attired in the latest fashions, copied from the 1930's. The distinguished looking gentleman coming out of the New City Hall is Robert Lee Hanson, well known writer of the latest novel, "Of Women and Cats," whose name is given a place in "Who's Who in America." June Jensen, Elda Haugen, Lorraine Iverson, and Mavis Hanson have a Hamburger Shoppe. They're doing a rushing business, probably due to their backer, Louis Jergenson. f -57- Q A Their best patrons are the Johnson twins. They started a Johnson Rick-Shaw Service and they're so busy they have ,to push people around themselves. They've found it neces- sary to engage two Johnson girls to do the bookkeeping-Dorraine and Frances. Due to the added attraction of the World's Fair, the road from Edgerton to Stoughton has been even more crowded than before. Maybe that accounts for that happy look on Miss Elayne Johnson's face. Dorothy Johnson is busy running the enlarged Johnson Dairy. She is ably assisted by Jimmy Hale, who has invented a cowless milking machine. Louis Iverson and Fred Hanson are having a grand time taking caps oFf the bottles and feeding all the little "kiddies" while mamma enjoys the Fair. Emma Hoffman and Grace Hardwick are working in the Information Booth. Rose Ann Holtan tells everybody where to get off at. Well, we've just about seen the whole fair now, and most of the class of 1939 too. Gee, ten years sure did make a difference, didn't it? A CLASS WILL Barbara Amble leaves a purple-white satin cheerleader's outfit and a personality smile to Dorothy Sunne. Donald J. Anderson leaves the way to Evansville open to Sonny Kvalheim who seems inclined in that direction. Norris Anderson leaves Helen Groven and his Hi-Y pin to "Tweet" Forton hoping he will take the best- care of her. Jeannette Asperheim leaves a f.ew extra boxes of candy to Jean Quam hoping "Wabba" Hanson will add to them. Lenore Barber leaves a bunch of A's to any needy Junior. , Sidney Berge leaves his way with the women to Fritz Jasensky. Ruth Bragstad leaves her typewriter to cool. Helen Busch leaves the "Big Apple" to Caroline Stockstad to polish w'hen she pleases. Paul Christopher leaves with Peggy Stein-in a hurry. Mary Drotning takes her sophistication and Arldean along with her. Harriette Ehle leaves a bag of oranges for Mr. Thornburg to eat second hour. Edor Everson wills three inches to Vaughn Pratt and keeps six feet for himself. Sena Fladen leaves for Stout Institute. Wilmer Gander leaves with a whoop and a yell. . Virgene Grefs'heim leaves her faith in men to any youngster who hasn't yet been dis- illusioned. Alice Grothaus leaves a hearty laugh or two to Beulah Skolas. ' Mary Haugan and Lloyd Jensen leave a perfect love affair to Millie and Chuck D. to be carried on according to tradition. Louie Iverson leaves "Muddie" to any man who ca,n,handle,,,her. David Seamonson leaves his comb and mirror to Chi who needs them. Erb Nyhagen llaves "Josie" to Dorothy Lacy on special request. Mildred Ellickson leaves her calm, cool, reserved manner to Elaine Erdahl. Doris Champney leaves her high marks, won thru honest labor, to Eleanor Jacobson. Arvis Gullickson wills her figure to "Mussie" Veum, who'doesn't need it. Irene Feggestad leaves-it's a dirty shame--she was a good kid. Ramona Foss leaves an operetta lead to Marjorie Neilson. Alvin Kalhagen leaves for the farm, what a man! Florence Myhre leaves Freda Berg a few inches in exchange for a few pounds. Ruth Nicholls leaves a boy's class ring to Marjorie Kittleson. Ruth says she's had com- panionship while wearing it. Mabel Nygaard wills Deerfield and its dances to Margaret Veum. Q . Ralph Pederson leaves his well worn line and tennis racquet to Benny Bailey to be revived. Dorothy Pickarts wills a blond lock to Ruthie Anderson-isn't it funny the things people do? Sander Quam leaves his chaffeuring job to any other sucker. Virginia Reierson and Norman Quam leave together too-ain't love grand? . h Robert Sandsmark leaves a few pounds and a way with the women to Herb. Phillips. Anna Mae Showers leaves her loud ways to Duane Powell-Duane is getting a lot of things-lucky boy. Aline Smithback leaves Willie F. with a broken heart.. Ann Spies leaves Mr. Jenson and Mr. Thornburg to -sister Ruth-nice of 'her, don't you thin ? LeRoy Juve leaves his No. 13 shoes to Duane Powell who's perfectly capable of fidding them. Thelma Rustad leaves her lively ways t6 Lorraine Iverson. D Richard Kittleson leaves his place behind the wheel to any six people who feel in the mood for an accident. Ann Kleven and Clara Jerdee leave their ride to Waubesa to Olga Anderson and Geneva Baver . Audrey Klitzman leaves a big hair bow to Mercedes Barber who uses them too. Myron Leslie leaves a well used broom to Mr. Hill. . Anna Lien wills her artistic ability to Arlctte Lunde, who says she is badly in need of some. , Kay McCart'hy graciously wills her ability to hold her man to Esther Anderson. Mae Martin wills a dynamic personality to Beyerly Grefsheim. -53.. , A 15 e W J Merle Martinson wills a cozy chair in Social Pfioblems class to anyone who needs some s eep. Eldon Kravick leaves his paper sack to Alvin Stockstad. Harriet Kvisgaard leaves a pamphlet on temperance to Stoughton's youth. A Harold Frank leaves the "spade" to Ralph Kvitle. ' Margaret Flister and Russell Solhiem leave together. , Arnold Nesvig gives a lot of shrewd Norwegian wit to James Bower. Harven Benson leaves a boxing medal to Bud Felland who hasn't got his anymore. Victor Sundt leaves a magnificent physique to Meredith Thompson. James Thompson leaves his unfinished bookkeeping to Miss Anderson-as if she didn't have enough to do. Milo Thgrson leaves his way with the women to Hartwig Anderson-as one good man to anot er. Hazel Vaade leaves for Fort where the grass is always green. Robert Offerdahl leaves a loud and domineering manner to Dick Stein. Edmund Halverson leaves a couple of unhatched eggs to Owen Klongland. Jimmy Hale leaves some brain storm to Clayton Metzler. Dorothy J. Johnson wills a bit of cooking talent to a needy junior. Elayne Johnson leaves a much worn German book and a saxaphone to Lorraine Lee. Kermit Johnson leaves 40 lbs. to Vaughn Pratt-He'll be quite a man next year. Dorraine Johnson leaves her friendly personality to anyone who wants to win friends and influence people. Elwood Johnson leaves without Mary Outhouse-Love is the strangest thing. Orrin Hagen leaves his quiet, winning ways to Oscar Lund. Robert Lee Hanson leaves his sense of humor to Chub Martin. Clara Jerdee leaves a few pounds to Jean Daggett. Curtis Johnson leaves his dynamic personality to Norman L. Olson. Dorothy I. Johnson leaves her laughing ways to Nellie Sandven who's good natured, too. Mary Out'house leaves that "one good night a week" to her brother Ray, just to keep it in the family. Fred Sperle wills his boisterous friendliness and ri "Chevie" to anyone that can enjoy themselves as he did. Lynn Sveum wills "Dollie" to any mechanic that can keep her in running order. "Swede" Nelson leaves with memories of many happy hours spent with the broom and Mr. Hill. Afureliahzajaczek leaves an impressive record for "Dottie" Klefstad to carry on. Leo Foss leaves his quiet corner in the Senior Class to Donald Visaas who should be able to more than fill it. Lillian Lien leaves a quiet, friendly way to Lois Walling who's friendly, too. Arldean Peterson leaves wit'h regrets because she knows they'll never be another like her. Amen! Ruth Parish wills a little quiet dignity to Myrnell Thompson. Marian Thompson leaves that "certain something" to Anna Mae Odland and hopes she will do as well. Catherine Severson leaves her place open to Elaine Listug whom we hope will be able to fill it by next year. Robert Smtih leaves a record in athletics and with the women that only "Red" Kvitle could fill. Donald L. Anderson leaves his "tinkering ability" to Gifford Bickley. Alice Thorpe leaves an active part in dramatics open to Helen Benson. Grant Quill leaves Margaret Hanson-with regrets. "Bud" Eggleson leaves "Ten Lessons in Good Grooming" to Owen Klongland to be di- gested slowly. - Elton Gunsolus leaves wit'h his car and his woman but she'll be back next year-remember Bernice! V Rosella Lund leaves a car and a man to Anna Bondehagen hoping she'll never be without either. Lorraine Iverson leaves Miss Anderson sobbing over the loss of a fine student. Elda Hougan leaves her quietness to Mxjory Ann Osterheld who can use it. Emma Hoffman leaves 5 inches of her height and 20 pounds to Josephine Nelson. Maynard Haried leaves a love for learning to Hartwick Anderson. Marie Hanson leaves a diet list to Freda Berg. Frederick Hanson leaves a book on "Heartbreakirng in Three Easy Lessons" to Edison Christopher. , Carroll Kalland leaves a sigh and sheds a tear. Oh Yeah? Robert Mortenson leaves his boisterousness to "Ribs" Busch. Robert Johnson leaves cooking class with profound regret. Carsten Nelson and Roger Offerdahl leave Mr. Vandrell minus two star pupils. Norman Quam leaves to enter the hen fruit business. ' Constance Johnson leaves a gold chain, hoping someone else will find something to hang it on. V -59- Editor-in-Chief Business Manager junior Editor - - junior Business Manager Art Stal? - - - Snap Shot Editor - Junior Snap Shot Editor Sophomore Editor - Freshman Editor Typists - Adviser - PHOTOGRAPHY Midgud Studio Stoughton, Wis. A Cappella .... Athletic Board --- Band ................ 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INDEX ----34 Junior Class Play ---- -..--36 ----46 Legion Award -------- ---- 4 ----35 Lion's Club Awards----- ---- 4 ----47 N.F.L. ------------------ ---..37 ----46 National Honor Society---- ---- 3 ----55 Orchestra -------------- ---..35 ----58 Parrot ----- ----49 ----37 Philomathia - ----42 ----25 Principal -- ---JS ----43 Salutatorian - ---- 3 -..--45 Seniors ---- -----7-21 ----44 Senior Aces ------ ---- 5 ----43 Senior Class Play----- -..----37 ------ 2 -----32-33 ------40 -----38-39 ----48 ----42 ------Z2 -----28-29 Sophomores ....... Spade ..... ' Spoon .......... Student Council -- ,Superintendent --- Tennis Squad --- Valedictorian - Yahara Staff --- .60-. -----30-31 ---- 3 ----- 3 ----23 -----23 ----48 ----- 3 ----49 '1 YQ! 1 ,. - f 7CMf1fQ wQ gg Ji ,SA .. 112 4? A .bg 1, 1 -'P 'nr N - 0 'XF "4 - ' . ,. . . I , g j 'AUTUGR' SOEPHS' U s 1 1' I -I Q .5 Q 3- Q 'Q 9 I Q ' A t A i 1 i ' as I QI I' V .I 5 :kg if 1 5 " 'Q 4 ' l 0 Q P 'W -N 1' Q ian Q ' 4-. , ' ' if xg. i n 'LF . Al F :wr Q 45: . I 75 if 4. 1 It . ' ...-,rf"i ,X - 9 ' b I U A I. ' ' . I A ' .H -ft 4' . , , ' ' U -W K 5, iii -!,f",- cf- - ",7 . '-:NVQ ..-v S' ' , .V . . M ,1 ,,,.:w - ' x " --"'-- 'L' - '.fJ'1-u 'v9",:'-1'H ' . 44, v wp ,. W A-2 :.,-2 'Lf' 54' .zz .5 ,r l . ' 1 X 1 -l u M 'K fn! 1' ' 1 -4'7" .Q V . ,-'! ',f- F Lf' L 1. ' 41 ' J V Z " iii JN' f ' I 'V Y - ' 'Q -0. I ,v -ff " '-g. 7i ' -ri-:1f :M ' 'A Q 1' .J 4 r .fa ' ' P 5' in Q f 1 ' Ag., : ' .:, -. .' 41,6 PM L: dui i, .I -T. , 'F 5-. -, 15 -F :Tr I F W I ' a. . f, 5, ' .1 Q.: ' Q . ff!! ,I , i f 1 3, ,gi Q .1 yi 'r, if X rz bqm ' - U ' I 'DIN Q,f.'A-".',n'1i' , .J ..- ,J 7 ,,-yy : :j,,,.L ' 0 , . Q , . V ' ' ' . . v V 'lv' N -5. E", .il 'I' , 11 A A s -T I : I - ., ' 1 1?-.' -QVC e M 4, ' :ffl- ,lg 'fii' ,QU In 4.1 I if ' E lt' Q 1 ' ns HL u - . , ,my - I. , . x I I V I L , , ,r ' I Ll... I' J -1 ' , . . . 0 -Gi . . Q h . , V k -5 A N J- i lk . , . ,K A ' 1 Q Q U ,E Q I S Q 3 f. i - r - gui' ' ll, 'F , . , -.- 1 .v , 1, A ,Q Y . 3 in -me fa T. 3 -'F' U -9 0 . 40 u " ' 3' , If "Q V A, .- ' il Q 5 -x ' , F. 'fy ' - 5 c Q43 7 5, ' 1 ' 3 V ' t - ,lx f' D I ,g-V I, ,ff - M--A. ' 1-' .. : " in . iii 1 , M I A on '5 W Q f ix I4 . - fin' wa ,. 3 Q 6 .I .in . U Q , 4 ' ' M.. ,, . ' 5 t v 1 . I . K t- P , :bl . I at 1 ,. gq N- .lv . 1 I ,ijt . W- . 5 V 1 - K O I 5 .1 , ALA F Jw Ig-. 1 A 4 -1, W A , ,Va V v iugwqiiw Feliz..- 1 443: 4 " - -+1 X 5, E is H . Q 3 . 5 tj -' t ' W we- 1' ' . at 1 - J' I " f' . , S 5 I ma: x f L 'gag' ' N x 1 ' IMA' ' N A. ' ' ' I- - 4' . ' funn? ' t- ., ' .L-, Ai' I if 'ffl ix' - ' ' R 4 ' F Q i . , ' . 'f' fu I "tj M 'uf' 5 ' 'A ' ' "E 0 ' 1 +1'P'i3'fA F, A . V W , -.. f 1 ..A,-I in ,. "lt Y 9 1 , 2.-:rr f 4". ff-. 4 , 'Q 'TLV Q it -.HQ Lift.: ' LH ' K 'Rf' , ."- 1 . . L .- V' I. v .F 1 A in--'I -'fam-1 Pm- 1 .- ' 2 L f , f 'i'g' ,Lf Ji ,, , . 4 ' Q., .' ' , -. VP., ., . , V I 3- L ' 5 , so 1 34 . f iw-1 .ff -9 -I . 1 A ' , P35 ' v . H- , I 1 . U 'vi it '- ." j A ra: I T u ,, . . Q . N Q? ' 1 f L , h as . 1 pp 5:-1l s f 0 ' d , . . is ,. I . - iv fr ' .. . 1 J ,.,, ia, - il J - Ml , I L A 'I -A s QW- W. A , ' ' . A " 1 ': 4. . 'gn .V 15 . sg ,.' ' - "" , Hy.. JM Y -.r,fg51v5'. . MLS, 6 " ' 1 Af- - ' qs Lau., H-:5eA'..iE1Bl M ' V ' ' AUTOGRAPHS W . 5 0 ft' 1 Q J I I .Cn - o A " A ' I 0' " ' 5 I N O l , 1 'F fa Y ' I, li 0 'Q l ll ' U- g .I ' a 1 I . 4. III, . . F5if13...Fff5ff- " .' f'if'fI,.1-Q Q.. . -1 U. " -51 -- in 'rifpl I-.IIII .II I., II: ..I-150 1 I .III -UL-ff 'H-Tfvfif rf 5-fi I? -f' .- 3. I"':f II I ,.,l I. I 'IJ "H ' - " '- -K .-"gf "HH -- ,Q '.,IIlL .-' 4-I, 1...-I.I ' . ""'-'. .-I . -I . I.I,,.....- ..II..nI II I Inq .. . .. l'. - -'II' - , I I- - - .'I.I. III...jI , ,I.I I Q 4- 'I' - --1, . .jf I ' ., ' L .- : - . ' ,. '- -.- 74 "3 ' .-' L- "".- 4.- 1 - - ff.. ' L ' -" 1. J. L. J ' 1 iii f .I I - .-. .,1-I ,I L y . ,P 5 r .ik "H- 1-xf if .I. -QI -I - Ir . I.-Qi: -C r -!.l"iI-I In- -Ma' up-gI,.-. .- l'- I""-,III .-I WH!- I4-.."'iY1-'- fair- ':1.:.L-55' . ,Fi ef -v-II I-. -- .P n - ' 'C F - :J-F '-5: 'I l I 1 . ' -.-' 'E 5- an 1. r l.,I!I'i 'I-. 5-A ki, 'I . .WI H I ,- I 'r hs ,-,:. '- I.. .L ' I. II- . ' J ' 'r . . I wr- III . ,'g'i'IIIII'!'I.'IIIII I I F-iI - ' "' I .. F'5H.II -- .I gf --,- L 15,27 4' ' I . 3.lft L f--' -' 355- . .- 4:-3:--JI 5 -I" . 1 . - If III. BEFIIIII F' -"f fd'1"j -nu -,ljf"- '-f'u'ff'7'f .. I ,. ..I He I. 1.14 Vjl , - l' -I I . I' . - -- 1- -"'r ,, -I'I' M' 4.'+f'.f5..r-1- .II 1-- - -'H' .- ."1.1- IIHLIII-Q" I . 'I if . fr.. .. -- - .-.- . ...rf- -..- .If - -. . .. r-I. I. -- 114' I?I .Ifa-' I' '. --2 ' H- . .4 I -. -1 - ' ' - I I -.-.. 5-, -.1152-5-If-,QI 1 -I ' ,gs . I f ' 'll' ff.. -'P - - -1- 5 - . J lh I I II fl- ? 1' ' H. I I I F 'L . I 1 - 'E ".f f I' " II 'I-. Il' . ' 'E .r' 1 ,.,, . P , -,I-I I . 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Suggestions in the Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) collection:

Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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