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l ,I f 0 , " if f . I MMM J - WW MWA . I 5 MHZ Q 5 W-mf' - Ex Libris 9 Ajfyw-41 , rf 'K' I K v," lka! I Af if ,V il- 'f'A'fg'1,,ff , Q V 1 'fi :TJ . 4 A 51 K ff, I . 1 Ltfxfldn ,A ,Q .1 S 'Ari ' .. 'N 7 ff. f ' V P' , .4 f K - 15? 5 , P IV .VN Ai L ffifi H X.. ,ff-4 f nj! , of 5,,f.,,,,,,,,VA461!- 7 L . lf, if ,uf XLLGQL, fr9Cdfv , . Nyguuj fu VI, WWA6 BMQMM- WV' 5 QW AMW ,W ymv ,LVUvx,vQAJ9-if A' ' +-K Z. 4. f vJfj'ff?2'13:r!,i.'iH. 'UF' .x 3'-Nts x af" 'f5r,Qf'-' z f 1 f, .1-, A.-1 ' - .lu 1 Q . 1 4 .N .".x 1 up .U . Y .4 -L 5 1 '-. 'z Iam 'a -4 1 I w n i 1 +5 5 N- H", ff. , br. X Q .fm -, 'v 1, I. I. I I 4: I. n U Ll fy A . ,A V, 'r 1 x. , n X. X N I ,' V . ' 2-3. awn- ,,. 2: 1 1 -Y .4 L in ' 1 A ,. ...AQ ',,,1. +.j'l5f-4-'.21iCi"'..,. .1 - - A . f V . ,, -1 S . J 'l.E'5,1'R,vjxf ' :'1'.,A' 4" - r H441 ' , n ' Tu' LJ if - ".Ff:4f':-3"W"1f.' Ti iw' . ,5Z,, - ,. , Zvi 5- 1' F"!,L-,ffifgiay .Vilma .i H 9j..1i.iM QW-,. I . .Q H.,-344. , .gg , V , nm- H c 'ana J' "f,5gF 11' - ' Lip-. -f ' J , .s .., -154 M.,-.1 5'15-z-1-.l,,.u,,-- ,. if . 111, . 5. ,b N, .5 ...Q , Affpg.-:.?Qgf'.. ,EAI 4' , 539:33 1. ' ' . fd., -, ' 'Q ,iv fl X 1-ffTLjQV,i 3 L""".'g-'K ' f' f 51.4.5 7 ' " -' ' 'f ' ' 1 l1.:,,--. wiv-"3"f"f " .. Q43 ' .1 . ' ,'r'+"yQ1 2 J , +i+f?f1'1'iL ' Lf' K if 1- ,fikrf-51-w ' T 'Z '4 ' -V JI 5. " -. 'yew-.",'. i.iWn,fi1I.flF""r ' 45-'41 - -I., A 191' ff" .- 37119, 1- 'Ki 755' H A ':,-41,3-y-- N '- -- 45 V ., gl-g5:.f.,. ...An-'V-J. I f F4 -'ffl' --1 'Q Qggfj 5- ',f,:g , '1 L ' M., ,. ' r:-"iff .- f 'ig'.,r"'c. 11 if.-L .4 H-LJ. gay- 'c"fv3,: Mr ,, I nf ' ' 5715- : -1 . xi' If- ' 0. ,Q ., .-.. X ki'-M .I ,L A ,, H. ' ' jg, in H -- , - -xfgg-yu' 3- , 1 gp,v,3,vIL N -yr' an , -,, ., L 5 if t T V V' f'.f -ff-fixing "'. Q' Y te: : 1 -ghzdf 7 I., gf ' mi .V U, - .M Tn. - " 2 . . , , - f '. .H 4. Lv V ,f:f1.l""cL-fy 3 m ,Q. M , Tr, .Fix Wt.. --.,5,',:..r?'1 ,-': . M 1' . . K , V . , . ' L "9 . . 5.1 '. " . . . ii 5.-rf X ,is " . ,, ,, -. --,'4.,f H' 33 1, V I- . V -,r ray... ,gif 5,1-fy E V -'15 'Qi T 'is -, ,. me .-1' 4, i , P -- - ar , " . -' 'f 2 3 . V ., , 1 ' . . i " X, 2 . 1'. , - , A V. 5 A if . , A I . I juz 5-' V. ,I , .. Q , " '- I . I Q -1. , ,N ,- . . . '- . 1 W ,fm V' K ' pf Tw.. 'f F5 V1 'iq 5. H'4Z::'.'-iv.,-..A I- ', 4, I j. . . . bf -:rf V-'Pm .z . r if ' ' ' in 'v i mf. Q- ivwil J. via? I ,.: ., 1 - Q2 IALXKM . ,gif . .. 1 , ' . 1' ,4 f' ff.1T'.' ,"915", is , F 4 A 1 .gg .- I y .., 154.-,. 1.- Q! , . 'M El: , ' - 'Ln 2: 1 . 3-Q 'qvl ' 1 'gf' a Q., Al . . P 5: ,Q I, . 2 , 33111-"..1 -.5 iii' 42 "Z V I iw " ' iff -J ' Q . - 1 1 , , ',,' .- 1 5.1 .I J My ,, 1 wb? :J W Mxgk. L in qi ' .Dwi wi-Q-if nu, ,, wil .4 F 'RP y fa' ' 51. . , A -N r , R' ' ' ,, ,A , 1 4- nf Q K-Y ,il , 1 -, mr W B . 1 . 1 , I , C i 1 . , , , I fm ,, W Af' 'fn ' . F,-' 1 . V. ., . I s ' 1 . 1 1 58 'I 'Q I ' ' ' ' ' + '?l'fr'n ' Q A' ' 'tn ' 9. 'Tiff 35? ,- r' V" ' f N 7 ' , '- w . . 4+ 1 . I Z , I , . all ' 151 P W ,E ' 9' , T" 'N T. . w f - .5 I s "Z, , , ' A If V" a. " - 4 LMI. LQ . g N 3 -N iffy 711 I - Y V f. ,1"1x.x o 4 f 'v . 4-' u .,: P A . , 1" ' . - ' - 4 ,l.. V ' Y 1, -V 5 H' 4 V ' p., rx- ,1,,:w... . W , X .J as ff fmigf , A A-vw 4 -1 ff . W nl' , z H- : iffh I ' , ' -N 1, fl .,- X .x h 5:-.-1:"5:-, ilaizliit . N "' Afysc,--M' us :,t,5::,m,: -,ms ' -. . . ,. ,.-l I .. M., - r r' 1 rn. , fu e dm, 1 N55 A "' 'H' " lfgffziig'ffi523e3i1f221Q'E1'1'"fx-A A'., P .1 ' ' ffJ , lf H' nv , 3:"'i:l35 5. . . , e I . 9 'rc X lin I - '5'-JM ' H' I 11 1 L! I f 0 'rf P I L.. In rr' is u I , , , :sr . gm.: 1 WM-1 1 W 11928 Published by i The Senior Class W . of Q' STOUGHTON HIGH SCHOO Ojgff'-f STOUGHTON, WISCONS Volllme 1 wg 33' W A wsfjj3AQJfffqf+KQffJQwD,, ZYQ WMM MZZOW wfw WMWW SW VIZ l 'E . --2 Y X I Copyrz iw A R TH UR OLSON Editor FLORENCE OLSON Business Manager J. u, EC P v - ' rr--wr-p rv, n-rfqyrgvvsgupwn-F R Contents I Opening Section II Administration III Claeses ' IV Athletics V Activities VI Humor ff ' W I W, fi I I I 1-I ' fig ' L? 'K ' in--' e en '-:ff -Z5'E""""'1R La e'n. , ...J 3 Fm mf' pq w W Wow WSW if WfmWf35yyaM?gLQF i i E 1 lZL4Ax t ' 1 W r 'I Q I f , Q! , , If 5 Preface I My ,S 7 if t If, in this Y ahara, you find a bird's- ,f , I N eye-'view of the accomplishments of this , f t 'f - High School during the year 1927-28 and I . 1 A , I . . t incidentally some appreciation of the his- W s tory and progress of our city of Stough- 74 I E h X , ton, the purpose of the book has been , I' ' I 4 P X I accomplished. 1 ' 1 ag x i v, ' g ? 5 f X1 f ' ' ,. I' 'F Q f I I f Ay I A ,f lr A . , c f , 1, c Q s Q r I , Q5 , p Q , I 5 . W V - 7 r If I X ig' Q Q e ' ijfh I . 'r- f 13" E' 1 f Y wg ' t. , 9 Q V 4'3" ...--1"-5" e .:5E"""I-5 fi ,J 35 A 4. 4 mr. , .R Dedication, ' To the people of this comnfgmity who have, through their whole-hearted sacri- ficesg persistent efforts, and arnfice, made it possible for each member of the class of 1928, to complete his high school education, 'we gratefully delficate this book. l A, f 1 5 Q-ll 'C W ll, NH, .Q r g , , 'A ' , .M Lt. 1 r -i A 1 , Y 1. M., ,, - .w - 4 , 4 ,Pla 'vrk "'A 41-'H .ix az, l J 'Une YAHARA 199.8 ,...N........ W As It Was page six 'The YAHARA 199. As ,HM It Is The YAHARA 199. Purple and White 'lll'lL'l1 l1ui'i':1l1 fm' tlic l'11i'plc :incl NN'liitc NN'c will stzlml lay NUI' culwrs fm'cvci'. NN'c will lmzlcli tlicm with :ill nur miglit, NN'c will cmiquci' :ill fm' tlicm. 'l'l1cy m-vcr shrill suffer clcfczit NNvl1Cl1 iipliclcl by our loyal CllClCZlN'Hl' Hui' cnlms shall iicvci' lic lmczit. v . . , .. l'1ii'plc :mil NN liitc tm' ilu-ni wv ll tifflit ' H I . . . . llicy ll will Im'vx'i'i'. 1 gil 1 ight WWW J fw .mf My M, 6 1 -1 ffl-Q ff'---1, 1:4:f,J -141m'mirzi5lrati0n K,L6U'd7q1 V Z - -L V v ' I , i YJ 'W W tiff-ivQf4a?4rALg,f4Lc?efA?v-f.f.C,i, 4,Lff q,z:jJL,7.,zg 6.4013 Ado., S-!,4f,.G,a.fm4,.f-xg! ' Lua ' f f A 9 ftaivyjyg f 'Hu YAHAR-A 99. Board of Education OFFICERS DIRECTORS TRACE CHRISTIANSON B. T. Or-'Tm.u: F. J. MELAAS XVALTER NIONTAGUE P I D Ill l l l l l i f , l l l , i l 'li ' l i l l l li ll l 1, , '- a ...J fs .Q in 'fi 4 fl l "xg-.. ,- fylijd 'N-"Q V r" , 'M' 'Hue YAHARA 1 '18 'l'his animal has lmeen dedicated as a trihute of appreciation to all those Who make possihlc our schools. No more deserving or fitting recipient ever was thus honored. Connnendahle as such expression is, if it he genuine, there is implied an unfinished ohligation. That pledge should he a resolve to become worthy of our opportunities. To have properly accounted for one's opportunities is to have coni- pensated for thern. .'XlllCI'lCZ1 and Ainerieans desire no other liomajge. i awww? page ten 'Une YAHARA 192, 4 Stoughton may rightfully view with pride her progress as a city. 'l'l1c memlmers of thc class of V723 truly merit congratulations for graduation. However, progress in the past is vital only as a lmasis, guide, and stimulus to action in the future. Ylfliile we as citizens or as graduates lrask in the satisfaction of our achievements to date, lct us resolve that these arc only a start. May wc so lmuild that we arc worthy of our iulleritaucc and opportunity. page clcvcu - a , 'P ,, l af 'f ,. , .f1, , , ': s "' - 5,2 , ..--4... Rx-A ....., 54 15. U ft . rf HL K:"Ei'f.i 1 , ,LW "is -- ,. b, .1-"' f, 1 13 AJ,- I .4 v I -1 i 1 .f ,. gt I K, 4 ii i I V :H , ig W-1' Q-U W "fi 4 t , ,L ' .EF-,Mx ,J C .. rf., if ' ..-V The YAHARA 1928 .'xllfUilICtlC linker Linmlzl Iizlrry LwlliVCliSiYj' of XN'is- L'l1iYi'IiSiIj' uf X'Yis- CUIISIII cousin lfrlyflixll 7l'm'11v1'.v 'l'z'uiuiuy I,m':l lirvvm- lCrncst l'u111stm-14 XYl1itcw:xtcl' Nurnml Stunt Inslitulu f.UIHllI1'l't'illl !lIlf!1Xfl'I'1Il xlrlx I'c-:url Sili ln 1 L'llix'c1'wit5 1 L'lvI1Si!l lfu-rflixlz l,1'1lll nf f 'f pngr- twm-lvv 'Ute YAHARA 199. ll21l'l'lCl ilrcgersnm l,umlmr1l Vulluglc lfugllixlz licrtrllclrr lluvcn L'nivcrsit,y of X'Yis clmsin C'ili.:ru.vlzif1 Alice Kira-ss ,N'11jn'1'7' of ,llnxiv ' A Lhivcrsity of VVis- CUIISIII Raymuml Homme Oshkosh Normal lmlnxtrial Avis Y 1 Q h' 4- ,Q , w 1 ' n ll X s X 1 K , n 'X' , I 4 Q I s s g, . , . ,N L . -I A Q lclele llulscthex' Lawrence fullegc f'I'1'Hl'11 lfllll'Cl1CC lilenert cousin Hmm' lfrmmlniv.r i pz1gu1lli1'tL'en Uxxiversitv of VVis- lclu Mac 'Iohnsun University of VVis- cnnsin llixlnry liurghilcl Larson St. Olaf College Cif'm'ral Srimm' C ll1l'H1lXfl'j7 l P w ,l l l , . , i I l l w lil lq ull ,,. H la ll lil! . l ll l ' w 1 . l l M' E , 'l r L , - Q V f I ' '4 ,' .ns 1 , 1 , . ' -1 i-.7 ' .l rl .l r-1 Z7 AW! ' .-'P TCL x' .4 -ami w P X x B Y A H A R- A. 1 9 2' 8 W K i X X I F 2 Q' Rf Iiclith Leach Ruynmml Myrick ' University of VVis- LaCrosse Normal . X CUUSU1 l'lz,vsim1lidnvation ' .,UtIflIl'IIIUfi!'.Y f I l'l1y.vir.v X X . ' Stanley Nelson XYz1lter Netterhlad Q L'nivere-:ity of W'is- Stuut Institute 130115111 lwnliml .1laf!n'H1afic.v Y 1 1 t fi N 1 t Hannah Thornpsun jannes Ynyce Pratt Institute Stout Institute llnun' lfmnmizirs l7lli1lNfl'l'lIl ,-Iris w W t Earl XYiike Helen BI. XN'i1liam5 University of XYis- L'niversity of VV"- consin consin lfiulngy Latin 1 ! lizlflflmlf J , 3 My i i i n L I id tx- V l ,-,,.. page fourteen kg. X5 ff X Q ff 4 + f 5,-1..fQu s. B.- L-A Z Ya C 1515565 s . x .., xg. .' 'The YA1-:ARA 1 9 '1 8 4 4 :eg ' 'EES ': :. :.:-2:41 1393121512 ' .'-.Wifi 1.. 551515153 :-:ee 4 f.:-1-:gg ' mxr 1 '5'5E5EEi3 F -5551 , ,,.. ,iq ,W 1 L ' 'w r 2:32551 1 Senior Class Officers W' ,Ass. 124 Prcsiclent .........,,,.A .,..,... l larold 1 luverson r r Yice President ........ .,wv.... l 'i egbert Holton P Secretary ........... ......... F lorence C 715011 Treasurer ...,... ......., S ynova Asleson U i 4 M " I 1 175, "' - T 2.1" -. , ' . QL I """" twig . sl L 'i. U - - V page fifteen I II I 'The YAHARA I II QI. II 'i I I I I I I I I I I I i I IP I' I I I II III II V I I I, I I I II I I I I I I I l , I I I . I I I II 'III IIIIIII., IRIQNIIQ IlIIxIIIaIl.x1.r1N, lis'1'III-LR Il I ".Xeexll':u'y. spot-tl. nent' '..xl'C01lllIllSllllll'1'll tells J ness, all of these lllillit my story fur me-no IM IUI' Kre:ttllcss." net-rl fur noise." I lfuml, 43 Cmnntcrcinl Cunnnercinl Contest, 3, xl Lnntc-st. 3, 43 Dehute -Ig il, A. A., 3. 43 Girl II 1 Cluh. 1343 G. A. A., 2. Reserves, 43 Home EC II -I. 41 f-Ifl Reserves, 4: Club, 43 Languzxgc II 3 Lzmguztge Lluh, .Ig Ya- kfluln, l, 3, 35 Yilllilril 1, lmrat htnff, 4. Nuff, 4, I I II I I I , . . I lIlIIuIlc'K. lll.X'l"l'll'1 L1IIusTI.xxsIIN,LoNR.IuI I ".Xlw:uys willing, cheer- "R e cl ll c :1 cl e clinntl ful, :tml friendly." how!" II GIF? flllll. 3. 43 fl. A. llnncl, l. 2. 3, 41 Bus- I,' ig'-lx-l.1 -513 llllfefglil? kethnll, 43 lntercluss. I HST! 111 . . ... -. 1 1 2 J' Hi-Y 4. I Glee Clnh Plnvs, 3, 43 I I I I Iql Home lil' Clnlw, -Ig Girl H RI.-sel'x'es. 4. I Il 4 . 1 ...4"' .. iq ."V ' ' I ui ' I I 'V' A--li. 2' ' tax-. I .XlNll'NllN1I-lN, VN'.xI.'I'I-.If "VYl1:1t ll whale uf il lllHt'l'l'llL'O3 such nfn-uf inches make." .Xthletlc llnarcl. Presi- rlent, 4: llzlsehzlll. 31 Cheerlezuler, 3. 43 Dru- nmtic Club, 43 Stumlem fnnneil, 3, 4. .-Xux'II1.II, I4L"r1I 'KX quiet, nmusellke nature fur za unlet. nmnsellke person. ' llmne ICC Ululr. -I. 1 'IL XnL'x1IsIIx, WAI. "Hull IS il guml seuul Ill more ways than une." .Xthletic Bnnrll. 43 Bus- ketlmll Squad, 3, -Ig lnterclnss. J, 45 lli-Y, R, -Ig Fnnthnll Squzul. l. l. 3, 4. Captain, -ig Glue Glee Club, .l, 43 fllee Clulx Play. 3: Stnrleuv Connell, 43 Trztek. l,.4. Xsllimmux, Svxmux ".X friend in neexl is il frlentl Incl:-ell," ,Xthlutie Burlnl, 43 Vice l'r1-sitlent. 43 ln- Ierclzts-4 llzlsketlxnll, l. J, I. -I: Class Trezmsnrn-1. -I3 Delvute Clulu, .Ig G. A. A., J, 4, Sturlcnt Council. 43 l'rIun Cmn- mittee. 3. M ,..---- . I V, page sixteen i .unc 'Phe YAHARA L' I I RI!-1'l'I.X N sn N, liuux lluklux N lv, ll.'xu1ulcTr1c nflnml work is its uwu "Uf'31'ff'- WH? WMM" rn-ward." WH' Rf I n 7 . ' -. Qirl iRc-serves, 43 llnnu- Qllllyie-E: IW klull' 4' Glee Clulx Play. 21 Language Cluln. I, 2, 3, 4: Yulmrzl Stuff. 4. l,l'XS'l'.Xll, AIARUARI-1'l' li1.1.u'KsoN, Mluu1xN "A numrlest. student uf "I,et's giggle-il's great sulmer phlz, spurt." "VVlju suulies yvell, .uul mlmls her MZ' lntercluss Busketlxull. Cauumfire, Treasurer 33 Girl Reserves, 43 llmuv 41 Dflfutf Club' 33 Dm' lic L-'uh' 4. IIIIIUC Lluln, 4. .' lrrly mul llulal :un l but xt lxllnug l'm s1y.' xselmll, 3. "Huckleberry cuuu- nu nut of that lmok, l'll show you u real time. I o page seventeen o N, Flu-:nl-:Rica l'llil.I..'XNll, AASTRID "Get 11. lllegaplmxlegwr want to hear yum' guml work. ' lutvrclznss Bzxskctlmll, 45 Girl Reserves. 4g llume lic Clulu, 43 l,:u1guuge Clulv, 3. 4. Fr:I.l.ANn. lirrlNn lfuuzs, Rumen "Rich mzxu. puur mam. he-ggzu' man, thiefg "VYell,-l guess l'll he zu Q'l1l6f." Class President, l: De- lmle Club. 33 Dramatic 'ur "e'x., 1 Ira-sul:-nt 4 Iumguxge Lnnunxttec I Student nuucll 1 X 1l1'u x St'1f 4 v. kiwi.-L51-P. ,1 .M . ...7 'l zl:-:5 ..A va .. ,.-, -. ...x.. .,.., r . - XIX . ...Q . .glglglk .5 l A v . .' , . .. :-:Zz l 4 If .1534 1 V . 1 f l 1 .4 , V .Y 1 'Sill 1 , 3.-4 I-FF , ze :lil .441 . -ilisl I I ,-23:53 ,L -522-. .313 13 -A.. -g, ae Kl l 4, ble klul, 3 1 45 hlee Llula Play. 3, '3:"' 43 H'-Y, 2. 3, -J, I .' . . . Qlulx, A 1, l 2,' Jgi Prom - , l L' ' . y, -4,3 h ': . 'a 4 , , I Q .f , , I ' ! V - -. A F . ' 1. m. , : I- 5 f' ,, 4 ,,,f'f ,172 1 A-s -Ae ,A We E . .3 , .u-.1 .Ag x A .ui '1 "-'xl E' Fl P 1 r 5 l l I 1 l - L? rl p ,J F. :fl fu is sl ,H 'e .1 ,. ' 1 , . 1 l l 517149 YAHARA ,i ,v ju , , ll' llR1lNl.lll, l'.l.l.5VYOR'l'll I' Many nn nppmirtit was K wurriczl uvcr "Denti- lfyv lip." llnslietlvztll. 2, 52 lli-Y. , 3. 4. 'l l l llAl.YliRSllN, lYlIl.llRl-Ill 'nlllu' willinglsst nl' Wurli- crs. Z1 rc-nl friend, :incl full uf pep--wlmt more mulil une wish fur?" Czunplire, l, 2. 3. Pres- iilc-nt. lg Class l'lay.3Z ,, Debate Club, 3. Secre- , tary, Debate Squadvl, i Dramatic' Club, 3, 4. l Secretary. 35 Declzini- atnry, l, 2. 43 G, A. A., l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. President. ly Z, 33 Glee Club Play. ,li 2, 35 Language Club, U, 1, 2, Q3, 4g'Pl1ilo, 2, 3, s 4, be-ere-tary, 5, 4. 4' l'rnm L lmlrnuxn. 31 :Nl Double Sextel. 3, Stul , ff :lent Council, 2,x:l,:ec- I retziry, 2, .lg zi aru . IV., 5 1 I 5lZ1H', 4. ,u , .5 -14',gEl:i U 1,5 if 15 . I , g - ,-,v xr.. .. -f-px' 'ff' '- J' 1 'N'- llmsicx, .-Xmaxics "A winning blush :ll- wnys brings lmppi- ness." Cnxnptirc. 1, 2, 3, Sec- retary-'l'rensurer. l, 2, ti. A. A.. Z3 Language Club I, 2. .lg Philo, 3, 4, l'rum Committee, .lg Yuhnm. Staff, 3. llzmsux, EARL "l cannot check my nmiclen blush." Ag Club 4, President, lnterclass Basketball, 2, J, 45 Junior Class Play, Football, 3, 4, Lan- guage Club, .lg Stutlent Council, 4. 9 l:UR5l'I'l' n, M ATTN!-:w lill.lll-1R'l'StlN , M .unixx "Blunt, strziightforwnrrl actinns will bring just as much success as su- perfluous eloquence." Ag Club. 4, Football .l, -lg Glee Club, I, 23 Glue Club Play, 2. "Simple, quiet. :mil honest." Home lic Club, 45 Lain- guzxge Club, 4. tiounurv, Erin-:L ISRETEMZVK, liimxrx "l'm happy and gay: come on let's play." G. A. A., 3, 43 Girl Reserves, 4, Basket- ball, l. wealth like si quiet mind." Stoughton High Srlioul, 19273 T. T. C5 Rounfl table. l l page eighteen 'The YAHARA 9.8 lllxxsux, MaRTua Haissux, ll.-umm "Martha had a little . . lamb, lxxllllllllllll sliuulil be --vyh,,S,. Huvce was lllilllt' ul' str-rner stulf. but never liunesty nur furceful reserve." r white as snow, ".X-nil everywhere the little lainb went. lianil, l, 2. 5, -lg Foul- nuunlm had N' guy ball, -lg lnterflass lias- ul . C1 1 1 2 3 ki-tball, -lg Orelieslra. 4: egextellfil, Ev 3: 45 4- Ilnuble Sextet, Z, Dra- matic Club, 4, Lan- guage Club, 3, 4, Com- mercial Cnntest, 4, Glec Club l'lays, 2, 5, 4. Haxsi-xx, Nuaua Haxsrzx, Roi.1.iN "SlmrI, eliunky and "Mischief calls, l must jolly." obey." G. A. .X., 3, 43 Girl .Xg Club. 4, Athletic Reserves. 4, Treasurer, Board, 4, Treasurer, lluun- lic Club, -l. Language Club, 43 Pell Presillent: S t u il e n t Club, l. Council, -l. l'lAw1.m', MlKRlli "School is my friv.-ml." lillClilNli, lackm' "Not a care in tbe tvurlcl, Even sclunnl uevei bothers me." lnterclass Basketball, l, Z, 3, 43 Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Play, l, 2, 3 43 Male Quartet. 3.4 Patrol lkaptainj, 4, l'mm Cuininittee, 3, Railio Club, 3. page nineteen v Hawiziasnx, l'lARlll.ll "lt's great lu be alive." Basketball, 3. 4, In' terclass, I. Z1 lli-b',2Q junior Class llay: Class Secretary, 12 l'rc-siflent, 45 Dramatic Club, 4, President, Student Council, 4, Vice-President, Prom Cnmmittee, Y a h a ra Stalf, 1, 4. llocmwu, "Music is the universal language of mankindf Campfire, 1, 2, 33 ,lun- inr Class Playg Clee Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l'lays, 2, 3. 4, Language Club, 45 Sex- tet, 3, 4. , li ,jp 5 nfl l l ,V iv: ,l i l l l 4. ', l ,gli ' X7 f , I ' ' -4 . f r.,-1 " s l li lf l lf if n ,, ,, lf ,, all li 1 l ,ig l ll Q ll I li l ll' li l r l M 1. l Yi ill Vi ,- in L. E1 E' .- ,f i v u 0 9. Y i i 51 5 ? 4 l 1 E i if , i P! Il' v il 1 il l ll 5, l ll l z Qi ig v.f il' il? 24 l it ,l il? i l l l 5 i 1 in r s 3 in I ll 1 w ,L qhe YAHARA lin-.s, til-mu.:-, "l'raf'tiral. willing la- lnn' furutells my fli- ture." Grzuluatvs in livln'nai'y, 1929. Glu- Cluh J. -l, -lg Gln- Club play, 3.4: l I ' lalrul, 43 lrtnn Qum- nutlz-u. lnnxsux, Lf.-xssliz "Delightful task! Tn rx-ar the te n rl 0 r thought, "Tu tt-:wh the young iilea how to sliuutf' Grzuluatcwl from S. ll. S. in l927. T. 'lf Ki., Round Tahlc, Vice- l'rn-siclunt, Ii-.xsi-.N. l',lPXYlN Mllring on a lu-v-man! Don't CI'IllllIl my stylu. ' ,Iuniur Class l'lay: lfnntlrall buquail. .lg Hi- Y, 2. 3, 43 Orchestra, I. jonxsns, hlII.lJRlill "I am ready! Bring on anything." Girl Reserves, 4: llume EC. Club. -lg Language Cluls. 4. "Vl'hat ilu I want with studies when muscle-s and sports send up their call?'l Ettteretl as a Snplw- more frnm East Siclv lliizh Schnnl, Marlisnn. Athletic Board. 4: llasehall, .lg llaskct- hall, 2, .l, 4, Captain. 4: lli-Y, 43 Stull:-nt Council, 45 'l'r:1cl-Q. 31 Ulass janitor. -lg limit- lnall. 3. -l. Hoon-zlz, l':lll'l'll "Many a smile shi- smulc, many a wink shv wnnkf' Athletic lloaril, -lg L'anipl'ii'c', l, Z, 3, Src- retary, 3: ,luninr Class Play: Delvate Clulm, 3: llramatic Club, 5. 4: 1' X X l 2 l -l 1..,A-.1...2 Glu' Cluh, 1, 2, 3, 45 Glen' Clulu l'lay, Z. 3. 45 Language Clnlw, l,2. .L -l. l'resinlc-nl, 4: Pep Cluh. 1. 25 l'hilu, 3. 3. 4, Vice-I'resirlent. 4: Student Council. 3. 45 lntvsrclass llaskcl- hall, 1, 2, 3, 4. l'lOl,fNl, W'.xi.1'i-:R lluixrnx, llr:uni:k'r "A pulilc, sqllarv shunting llilfll-l'llIIfl'l :il ways has fl'li'llllS.' Baml. 2. 3. -lg lntvr Class l'lask0thall. 4 Class Sacrrtary. I, ' lg Llass Vice-l'res14lc11r 41 Dramatic Ululi, 4 Glev Club. 43 Glen Clulr l'lu 4 lli Y 4 Ui -.v v '. 1 ' cliestra. 4, llll.ANII, li..-ilu "'l'he only wav In haw a fric-nfl is tnvlnc- una-.' Delfurcsl High Srlnm 1927, 'l'. 'l'. U.: Ruun. Tahle. Q-.gum t up-.., , A.-1 ,-.A.- , -,Y rs- ' page twenty The YA1-IARA 1 joRANuick, Gi-:omal-1 "Anything ilone is :lone thoroughly." IXAl'I'ANlil'lR, l.x'o1A "Dou't auger me :ind 'l'll do some worth while things for you." lnterclziss Basketlmll, 1, 2. .lg junior Class l'l:iy: Class Treaisttrer, lg Ddlllllt' Club, 35 De- linte Squad, 3, 41 De- elcxmntory, 33 Dramatic Clulx, 3, 4: G. A. A.. 2, J, 4,Sec.-Trezis., .lg Vice-President, 4: Girl Reserves, 45 Glee Club. 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Cluli Plays, 2, 3, 4: llonor Society, 3. 4: Language Club. l, 2, 33 Sextet, 43 Yziltzira Staff, 4. joiuaizxsox, Rtzoorvu "Flashes :ire the signals of genius." lutm-rclziss llxisketlmll. Cluh I 45 Kzulio Km-:N.xx, "'XN'hat price glory? I'rl like to buy some." llzincl, l, 2, 3, 43 De- imute Ulull, .ig Football. J, .ig tilee Cluli null Play. 43 lli-Y. 43 Or- chestra. l, 2. 8 of good work VVAI.'l'l'2R KRtlNlih'l.XN, MM: "Gentlemen p r e t' e r hloualesf' Deerfield lligh School, l927g T. 'l'. C.: Rouiul Tahle. I .1-11-1 IQ, M .x N sm. "Nothing goes wrong' if you never :lo :muy- thingf Glee Cluh, 43 Glee Cluli l'l1 4 . y, . l page twenty-one iaic, H Eu-:N "Light of heart and fzincy-free," Deerfield lligh School. 10273 'lf T. U.: Rounll Table: Memlicr of lix- ecutive Committee. l.l'N Ill-Illlilttl, ll lRI.liY "Silence is golden." Stoughton High School, l9.27g 'l'. 'l'. C.: Rountl Tnlile. ...iN e. HQ ,-4... -.4 ' F... A4 r' -'E I I l I F I I . 'Phe Y A H A R. A ' Il L I Q l I l.I'I:'I'III, XflRGlNlA IIILXRII, YI-ZRNUN If "SlIe's sII11Illofst:1tlIrf', l.c! thu wurhl sliflv U uixnml oh. how lIllDIlCSf. lg-thtlw wurlml gn: ' Shes almost :IfQiIIrl fu "AX ng fm- can ami H :Q show hs-r lxrwt, Hg for wmv!" 3 ll:IIIIl. 2. K, -lg lIItI'I' ', claw l3:Ielu'tlI:Ill, 3. I l l I f I l I 1 I 'I I I ' . MIIiIcIaI.sIIN, CI..-IIRIZ xlIll'l'lIl'N, ll.XNN.Xll 5 .lQlllE'lllC'SS :Intl pefsis- "'l'lIr Illllllvlf' that llI5 ' teII1:e :Ire the IIri1IcIplz-s chin CllIll1llllS has llt'illl uf any rx'sIv1IIIsIlIlc ly in its rmIII1l." mn' In- Forest nigh SI-II....I I! 19273 'l'. T. C.: RIIIIIII I nhle. QI 4 I ll J 3 '- I l l l I L. 5 lr' NI4:I.sIIN, flI.AIlYS Ntllilll.Il4I, IXNNA :I f'SCl1IIrIl is :Ill right! "lIIclI1stry,pc-rseveraxlce 'V III Its place." :Inrl zlhility, the powt? ' ful cnmhixmtion o I I I- cl: B1.'li'Ilill, ff .. 1. .f' I.. :mf the I 3, 45 Girl fic-serves, 45 Horne Ee. Cluh, 43 I I.:mgII:Igf- Lluh. 4. Language Club, 3, 4. l l . I NIRsIf.TI.k, QORRINE INIIRSTAII, l'.l.EANOR "llInIur is thx' rn-w:IrIl nf Vlflllthu I , il L'uIIIII1ercizIl L'Imtr'st. 45 I I Girl Reserves, 43 Home ll lfv. Cluh, -ig l.:IIIgurIge Klulv. .lg llllllfl. 2, 3. 4. l I I. I l - 'I Va. , . HXvlHllt'X'i'l' is worth mlning :II :Ill is worth Ilning well." Gl'ZlflllIlft'Ll D c- e r 6 e ld High Schmml, 19275 T. 'lh Lf: Ruunfl 'l':IlIln'. I I l v.H:L'Q . 'T . j iii" ., , sim.. 'I 1? "rr - "" -f ,f-' ' ' , ,. 8 page fBVl'llly-lXYll qhe YAHARA Nvmmiui, ALVIN Orsox. .'hR'l'llL'R "XXoiucn always fall for the sturrly athlete. Athletic lloaril, 2. 3: Baseball, .35 Basket' li ll 1 7 l 4 C1 i ll . - -. . V 2 3 " tain, 25 Class l lay Manager, .15 Class Yicc - Presiilenl. .25 Treasurer, .lg Footluall, I, 2, 3, 45 lli-Y, 3. 45 I'roni Connniltee 5 Ra- nliu Club, 35 Track. l. 2, 3. lrsox, l'l.oiu-:sri-1 "A merry heart goes all the slay. Your sad tires in a niilc-a'-." lnterclass Basketball. l, J. 3, 45 Caniplirc. 1. 2. 35 Class Treasurer. 2: Vice-l'resislr.-nt. 35 Secretary, 45 Commer- cial Contest. 45 Drama- tic Club, 45 G. A. A.. J, 3, 45 Honor Society, J, 45 Language Club, l. J. 35 l'hiln. Z. S. -I5 l'roni Connnittcv:5 Stn' dent Council, l. 2. 45 Business Manager of Yaharaq Holder of Spoon. 3. "His minnl -his 'king- llum. anwl his will is law." lnterclass Basketball. 2. 3, 45 junior Class l'lay5 Commercial Cou- Iest, 45 Hi-Y, 2, 3. 45 Secretary, 45 Hulderof Spade, 35 Honor So- ciety, 45 Language Club, 2. 35 Prom Com- mitteeg Student Coun- cil, 4: Editor-in-Chief uf Yahara. Quin, jrzuomz "Speedy-Oh, my! But he gels there." Graduates February, 1929. Ag. Club, 4, Sec- retary5 Football, 4, page twci 8 Qu.-x M, Pmm. "This Pearl is bright and shining too." lnterclass Basketball, I, 2. 45 Debate Club, 35 Debate Squad. 5, 45 G. A. A.. Z. 3, 45 Girl Reserves, 45 Presiclent, Language Club. 3 5 Philo, 45 Student Coun- cil, 45 Class VYill. K Raxmtciuik, llamu' "l'm the other half. My brother has noth- ing on me." Band, l. 2, 35 Sport Manager, 3, 4, Class l'l:ly Stage Manager5 Track, 3. it y 'thrs-c RA xmic lame, HAROLD "l'm one-half of a practical, mischievous mam." Band, l, 2. 35 Class l'lay Stage Manager,.l5 Track, 1, Z. 3. R,-xsmvssris, ELIIRYCID "She's gnotl of heart and good of nature, She-'ll nroliahly ruin some old bachelor." lnterclass Basketball. 45 Campfire, l, 2, 35 Secretary, 15 President. 35 ,luninr Class l'lay5 Debate Club, 35 Dra- matic Club, 45 G. A. A., 2, 3, 45 Language Club, 35 Philo, 45 Stu- dent Council, 3. Sidi ...A ,-! , , ll it 5 04 ,F i' l 'i 's l 4 1 J l l l l l li 4? ,. ,Sl lil is fri ,l .li ,E rl l it is li l iii ll il s l 1' Y li W 5 i fl yi, wlj 1. ll Il li in il yl l . i if ffl J' N - U nf: l lf il s fix I Y , 3 i g . . 2 Rr:1xs'r,uv, Nmuilx Sulvsox, l4:l.lZ.'Xllli'I'll TE "Sclmul with alll its nl wish l Weff lllfvi' i W.-,rk and may ,S my pc-rswms sn cnulnl hc friend." viffywhffv. .. in Q x lnlerclass haekctlrall, wiirlllt-lT:rw4Ls.4, llunu 1' 3' 1' 4: k.mnvHre' " ' ' 1. 1. .lg junior Class l,l!lj'Q D1-hate Clulu, .ig Debate Suuzul. 43 llra- 3 matic' Cluh. 3. 43 ll. j .X. A.. 2, 3, 43 Lan- l il l l l ,. I r r 1 l I ll 4 X . ll I STICNSRV, Alexia "Rah! Rah! Rah! Cul- lege!" l lnlc-rclass llaakc-llvall 7 l juni r Cli l'liv' U I SS I ' Dclulntc Club, 33 Ura: I 2.-: li ' ll ll ll' l l i .L li it i l i A 1 l 3 i 1 I 1 . ll Yi-zlx, OI..-xi' "A heart tu cohen-ix':'. the unrln-rsmncliiig to direct. auml the haml tn X'.xsl-1x1v,ii1'1nu'x "lfvvi'yrn1v lilws a 1'X4'Ulll'-N guml-l1L'ar1t'rl worker." 113111113 1, 23 33 Baslivl- v I M I 4 hall, 43 ,Iuuiur Class lntqerulass llanlxitlwall. muy: Class Iwesidcmv lf ij 41 k?'lll'fH'li' 23 Commercial Contest. 'Q " "" ' " 'l' ' 2. 43 Dchate Squad. 3. ln-sulcul, 43 l.amguagr 4, Dr,Hn,HiC Club .4 4, . , . . , .. , Clulm. J, 33 l'h1h1. 43 Stiuln-nt Council, -8. l-1:'l'Il,ll'llll'2 Gigi, i-'lisa Play. 2, .43 lli-Y, 1.2. 3. 4: llunur Society, 3,41 Language Cluh. I. 2. .33 Oramry, I, 2, J. 43 District Oratnry, 3, .12 l'rmu Cuinmkitteeg i Stu- clc-nt Council, 23 Ya- hara Stalf, 4. hvliNIll-IN, Sl-1l.M.X u,l.l'1lClllllg is a mulvlv .- ll U umm XVURINIZI-IR, ANNA K1 r :1 sl u ri 1 4- ml from 3, 3 ,Q V Stixiigliluil Iliglm Sclmul lfirslsluxll 1 f illjills N27' 94-ci'vt:il'v :incl llrmg Mluichx- 'hu ' 'l'i'c-'imrfir uf i Ruuml Umm' fmm lhlunnkmi 'I-Hin, lligh SChmxl, 1921: l'rc-simlcut of Rimuiul 'll1lllll'Q Stiule-nt koun- cil. XYkuzu'r, lbuxun "Can l liavv a ilrvss suit? l'm nhl Q-nuupzli In Iiavv a gnml time." llaml, 1. 2, 3, 43 Bas- lwtlnall Squarl. 2, 3, 43 junior Class l'lay3 Du- 1 H C Q lr-atv Clulm, 33 Drama- !+.l" tic Cluh, 43 lfrmtlmll, -2 . 3 43 Glee Cluh, 43 Radio ' q ali 1 Club. 33 l'rum Cum- ' ' l ' niiltcv. i Jl -J .. E' qc- 37... ...I--X - ,-.. , . page twenty -four matic Club. 43 limit- hall Squad, 33 Buys' guage Cluh, l, J, .13 Pram L'lIIlH'lll'll't'. SL'xivm', Gi..xm's "Raphael hail uuthing un mc." Glvc-ACluli, 3, 43 Vice- li. A. A.. Z. J, 43 l'resul:'nt. 43 Clee Cluh Home lfcmiuniics Clulx, Play. 3. 43 Hi-Y, 2,,1, 4. 4. Treasurer, 3 -1 Ur clleslra, l, 3, 4, l',-es. irvlvnt. 43 Stullc-111 Crum- cil. 4. Timusux, A-Xgllfg YI-ISTIERIIAIII., Clxkor. "Eloquence, where are lfflllll 'Yf Slllfllfk' llllf than-I ng-ml thee: short nf words." guml-naturerlness, l'in tim full of thee," uterclass Haskrtlwall. l l'uutl1ll 1 4, lli ' Pr .-. ' Y. Z, 3, 4. lnterclass Baskethall. 13 Lnnguagz' Clulm, 3, 4. w, i . x--.yv47.,.- -5,--vvvlv.--rv' r W . . . P 'The .YA1-1A1v.A. 1928 Prophecy of the Class of 1928 "Tempus fugit"-time flies. It is 1938. The class of 1928 has passed on, each to his own calling, has forgotten its school days and is facing the serious side of life. As I sit in my chair smoking my pipe and sipping my-pop with Art Olson, we talk of the good old days and how all the old pals are coming along. What's Keenan doing since last we saw him? . Oh! he's commander-in-chief of the U. S. Army--K. P. Corps. Hoverson's joined the Salvation Army. I hear. His marvelous voice and serious nature are quite an asset to the organization Pearl Quam, I guess, got kicked out of five colleges, she simply couldn't make her grades. The twins just completed an aviation feat that made Lindberg's picture turn over in the history book. By the last election, Ann Nordlie has been elected first woman Governor of Wisconsin. Another honor. As I walked by the N ygaard residence the other day, a couple of dishes came a flyin' out of the window. He must be catching now instead of pitching. Earl Hanson is quite the engineer. He brings that gas train into Stoughton every day on the dot. Synova runs the Soda Grill down the street. She mixes a mean malted. Edwin Jensen has just succeeded Mr. Falk as S. H. S. Principal. He's a great lover of studies and children. Sampson and Ellickson shake a wicked foot and are the Headliners in Mil- waukee Gayety Vaudeville bill tonight. Fries and wife have moved to Washington. He's chairman of the Republican convention. ' That good-looking Hoover girl met the Prince of Wales at a horse race. They're married now. Quite a sensation. If you want to hear a good talk, you want to be at the coliseum and hear Matt Furseth plead for VVorld-wide Woman Suffrage. Cy Holmes made the touchdown yesterday for Milliken College that beat Notre Dame. Oh, yesg he couldn't wait, he's married, too. Florence Olson broke into the limelight when she swam the Atlantic Ocean a week ago. Rollie is Barnum 81 Bailey's right-hand man. I saw Bill Amundson the other day. Even though he is a millionaire he was diggin' ditches for a hobby and chewing a cud of Beechnut. Heggie Holton drives a taxi cab. I've never ridden with him, but I've been held up on the street many times. Shorty Amundson is a stern man now. He's coxwain on the varsity crew. Arne Stensby is leading man in Coon Sander's Orchestra. He leads all the rest by about four measures. Norma Hansen and Hocking are authors of a calorie chart for reducing girls. Astrid Felland is making a house to house campaign to sell cigarette lighters- you know-that good kind that lights with one match. Midgard is a fish vender in New York. As his side line he snaps unique pictures of foreign life in the slums for U. P. service. Halverson is playing to full houses on the stage. She last appeared in the grow- ing metropolis of Utica. By the way though, Art, what are you doing? Oh! I-I-I'm headgof the Smith College for Girls. And so have all the Seniors of 1928 passed on, giving to posterity their mirac- ulous and well worth while accomplishments. page twenty-live J 'Q' ". .+ fcwal 2' Wm WN """s""' W- 5-S if " ' wif i '-' -' - I , :::...G:1:145i:z'Efx- .-.v.-.''.z-::I:'q.-4.3 N. -'-'ez-211-1ezaa-2:-ac-abr. iff:-iiftfiiE-assi-:+i:4s:a4-2 -I . 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V 1:-1-:-2-1-214:-:avr-1-I .etzfc-..:-.v:-:H ,-3:5:.15:,ztzggzizlazgggmzc-.ce ..,., .,,,.,. ., .-.-. - .ty 'IEEYEIYE?-E222E-.iE2f2E2EESE???5i23li 'le' :-'-'--t-:ez4-:-:-:-:-:':+:-x+:-5:-ze.511 e 'IEE1E111322212221225121252333555 "izizizkizi:1:1S5:1:3E:3Si..-' 'I-IiiiifiiiiIiiZ:I:Ii5S:1i33" ' .p 1-:-:-:-1-:-:-:-:viz-.Az-axg..s :5:7:kt5:I:5:i:3:f:-SS:5'5:5' g , . i 1 ' aaaesza-1-:-1-Q 5 g , I , 4 Q-' -X . l l :" - .4 , L ,- .- , 1 , ? f. " Q, - Q ' 5:7451.2172313215:TZ3:lsS.'5:1:3:44n .V.-.Ei1l:f:f.5:3.4:f:3:317:1.f:-:5:3:f:331?35rE- The YA1-IAILA 1918 'Phe YAHARA 192 I I S 5.-:: -. 'K x A s , Q n t I "'l . t v t a 9 A 'EZ G' 1 X' iv.. .V '5- x Q x I' i 1 T 4 tw .x.. " Rii-191-.'. . "--' .. Zsiitiiiieirf:-ZA.igre:--. . ,.,.,... ,,.. . S'-:-. -:ff-' '- . 'lm-.YAHAR.A Will of the Class of 1928 lVe. the Senior Class of 1928 of Stoughton High School, being of as sound mind and of as disposing memory as can be expected after having spent four years inthe aforesaid institution, do make the following our last will and testament. First: It is our will and we hereby direct that our vast debt of gratitude to Mr. Berg, M r. Falk, our advisor, Miss Klenert, and the rest of our faculty be paid as fully as possible by the present juniors through perfect preparation of lessons, staid demeanor in class, and thorough devotion to said persons and faculty. Second: Upon condition that aforesaid requirement is carried out, we give and bequeath to the Class of 1929 our dignity as Seniors and our privileges as leaders of our exalted institution of learning. Third: We hereby direct our worthy successors to solemnly give heed to and accomplish the following personal bequests: 1. Our chief, Harold Hoverson, leaves his coy blushes to Herman Gjestson. 2. Rollin Hansen leaves his manly voice and bearing to Gilmor jorgenson. 3. Ethel Gordon leaves her regard for the insignificant sex to Verna Luraas. 4. Cy Holm leaves his athletic prowess to no oneg he cannot be equaled. 5. Eldred Rasmussen leaves her darling dimples to Phil Klaesson. 6. son. The Randecker Twins leave their skill in orthography to Harold Halver- 7. Bill Amundson leaves his love for the Sophomore Class to Dorothy Hat- zinger. 8. Florence Olson leaves her preference for bashful boys to Florence Rowe. 9. Anna Nordlie leaves her quiet behavior to Henrikka Skaarness and Martha Kvalheim. 10. Norma Hansen and Mildred Hocking leave their effective diet formulas to Olga Wigsmoen and Mildred Hansen. ll. Esther Bondehagen leaves her honors in Shorthand to l.eobelle Hagen. l2. Roger Fries leaves his love of "wrangling" to Clarence Nicholas. 13. Donald VV right leaves his rosy complexion to Malcolm Stogdill. 14. VV alter Keenan leaves his love of learning to johan Onsrud. 15. Alvin Nygaard leaves his faithfulness to the "Tie that Binds" to Paul Skinner. l6. Edith Hoover leaves her ability to snap her gum to Mary Hale. 17. Rudolph 'lorgenson leaves his extreme modesty to Frank Currier. 18. Art Olson leaves his great success as Editor-in Chief of the "Yahara" to anyone who can fill his place. 19. Mildred Halverson leaves her dramatic ability as the fair heroine to Mary Bjoin. 20. The Seniors leave to the Class of '29 the most efficient and best looking staff of instructors that has ever entered S. H. S. Fourth: We hereby nominate and appoint our esteemed friend and motherly advisor, Mrs. Anderson, executor of this our last will and testament. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand and seal this 27th day of April, 1928. Senior Class of 1928 tSealj The foregoing instrument was on the day and date thereof signed and sealed, published and declared by the Senior Class of 1928 to be its last will and testament in the presence of us who at the president's request, and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, have signed our names hereto as attesting witnesses. ,., is-:'::-. ,.. .. . g.:'gIfQf5f. l i .32-an W. ,Q H qi-.g .. az' QQ.-. . l li 2 " i i ' - - .l, ri' 2- - Q I i If -:J 5 - - ' ..-.1"""N- Penrod Sz Sam. page twenty-eight M Tmwwlhrnv?-VIII ' . ""' 'The Y A A H A 11. A 1 9 9. 8 junior Class Officers Presiclent ..........,.., ..,.,,... N Iary II:1Ie Vice-I'resicIcnt -A-'f ,,,ss I "rank Cl1l'I'IE'I' I Secretary 'w,,, ,,.,s,,.,. ...... ...,., I I 1 xrrict Ilalc s ,I'l'CZlSlIl'Ll ....... Ilurutlly IIz1tzingcr i I .,4, 2 IIJI l II:g 3Iv1,5 .A'4, l 4 ., ll V It 1 1 'f?.T H , V?-A pagg twenty-:une 1. 'Phe YAHARA page thirty .Xalseth Alexson Anderson Atkinson Bjoin Butler Christianson, A Christianson. Il. Christianson, O Currier Dahl Doolittle Everson Kiilson Gjestson Gregerson Gullickson Hagen llale, ll. Hale, M. Halverson, E. Halverson, H. Hanson, li. Hanson, M. Hatzinger Haugan. L. 19 The Class of '29 It seemed a long time before we are full-fledged Juniors, but when we did reach that important stage in our high school course, we decided to make the most of it. The junior Class always has much to accomplish during the year. It must put on a Prom in honor of those who grad- uate, and in order to earn enough money for this, it must successfully stage a class play. Thus, if the class wishes to establish a record in the school, there are many responsibilities for it to shoulder. Fortunately, our class showed much en- thusiasm and willingness to help in putting on these en- terprises. The Junior class needs, if it wishes to make a success- ful year, responsible and hard-working class omeers. Realizing this fact, we se- lected the Junior cabinet, carefully choosing as our of- hcers those whom we knew would ably lead the class. NYe did not have much dif- 'Yhe YAHARA tienlty in selecting a presi- dent: the popular Mary Hale was almost nnaniinonsly elected. She had served as an officer in our lirosh and Sophomore years, proving her dependability as Il class executive. For our Yice- president we chose Frank Currier, who, we know. could hest fill that place, as he is well liked hy his classmates and one with whom we can easily co-operate. Harriet, Mary's twin sister, was se- lected as an ahle secretary. .-Xlthough she had not been an officer hefore. we knew that her service would he valnahle to the class. Last, hut Certainly not least, we needed a treasnrer to care lor our linances. llefore we voted we knew that person lo he no other but Dorothy llatzinger. She has been treasurer both years before and was so efficient in her work that we eonld think of no other person for the joh. As is customary. the ,Inn- ior Prom is a innch-looked- forward-to event. Realizing' llangan, R. llellickson llernlanson lloltan llovc Jenson. NV, Gerard jenson, B. llohnson, lf. johnson, M ,lorgenson jnlseth, ll, jnlseth, O. Klaesson Kvalheiin l.arson. ll. Larson, ll. l.nraas Malecke MeCarth y Midgard Moe Nelson. A. Nelson. lf. Nicholas Olson page thirty-one xl-'Ll ' t , H644 I? in its esisils A .gf'..-- '- l li 3, Fa -P Q xl R ', .l QS 13 'H it lil J I, ii V i 5 Qi a fi il l l ii gl 2 2 'l li if il ll lfv E! E JJ :Q i. 1 is ll li ll I t 1 gl 5 Qi '55 ff i K -M , ml, sv- '51-K .gqo if it -ex, ,., ,ef ' mafia- - - r ,, f' 12 H Nvgrnik J J .Q if-...V ' Fw' TE-i'u"'t.."'-"i'i'vLI :t"f-233 Midi E ..v,f,:1g k ANA. i laik 5' 'i.,."'ir-is . VJ, it-if - -F-V, .- ,V -' Q:-H-rf. J Tl li 1 ...-P'-1' W 'The YAHARA 1 92 Roberts Roe Romnes Rowe Severtson Skarness Skinner Staff Stockstavl Stogrli ll Swan 'liholo Townsend l'glum Wvililg XVigsmoen Young Ylvisaker Yttre page thirty-two Onsrud, lf i Unsrud, II. Onsrnml, J. Onsrnd, l.. Peterson Qnale Quam this. we set out to make it one of the best ever given here. VVe remembered how we had always longed in vain to go to the Prom, and now that we ourselves were about to give one, we wanted to make a big thing of it. lf we may judge by the prc- parations now being made for the Prom as to what success it will have. we feel safe in saying that it will go over big, as much enthusiasm is being shown, and everyone is willing to work. Our class has certainly proved its worth in Drama- tics. VVe were mighty proud of Leobelle and Frank in the Oratory and lleclamatory contest, to say nothing of the fact that a junior, l'hilip Klaesson, made the debate team. Then to top it olT, our class put on the funniest and most enjoyable class play. "The Poor Nut." VVC boast of having' an excellent advisor in Miss johnson. She was willing always to help us in any- thing' we attempted. The YAHARA 192, Sophomore Class Officers Presiclent ..........,.........A,...,..,..........,,......... Constance Olson Yicc llresiclcnt ..,,... ,.,,...,. I ilizaheth llmtning Secretziry ..,..,,,, ,,,,.v... l illsworth XValmler:1 'llrensnrer .....,.,, .Y..... l larriet Kvzlllieim BORN january 24, 1912 Zin Memoriam Alvin Knutson "Lifel we've heen awhile together DIED October 29, 1927 rlillfilllgll pleasant and through cloudy weather, 'Tis hard to part when friends are dear- Perhaps 'twill cost a sigh, a tearg Then choose thine own time." pare thirty-three 8 1. -IN .4141- 24. 'Q-., Q-l , .LAW 97ze YAHARA 1 9.8 Row l. tiuliiai on. li. lfhlv. Hriekson, Chapin. Berg. Iiiirau. Row 2. firetlviihollll. lKomlvh:igen. iiralrolfl, liukken, ii. .Xmlt-iwoll. Row 3. I., Dahl. llrotnilig, Ilia-xxx-i', I. Ifosilzihl. Nl. Ifosrlahl, .Xalak-on, .Xloim-, Ilililie, Row -J, .Xlvx4oii. lijoriiethun, lflliclwoii, Uirisliaiisoii. Ilragwtzul. Hailey. lilhaii. xl, lhlil Row 5. N. lfhlc, .Xapm-rheim, Kiarpeiiter. Uerwh. lirolxlirl. Harry. fi:n'i'igl1s. Criihlle. Folia 1 Sophomores . ,, .,, ., . mol IHHIIILN lhis ve'1r tmcls us the claw ol 1050 I'TSL'll Irom the lowhiie' wise and older Sophomores. We have mloiie much to further the social mtallu and athletic lite of Stoughton High. Through hearty cooperation as members of a great class. we haw 1 1 1 . active friendly rivalry with other classmen. Again when the time has come for boosting our "Alma Mater." i tue ion cc iii with every good fellow iii hearty spirit of hope to promote the genei 1 we t nc 4 our school. Our peppy classmates are a lmneli to he proud of and some tl mi . it front as being most outstaiicling. In the athletic tielcl "Greg" ,-Xiiclerson lloiiu johnson and "Fat" Olson put us ou the map with their tight. Ulilfic XX llc ci 1 page thirty-four 'Ute YAHARA 199.8 Run' I. Nlvknrtliy, li. ills-in. llirklln, tl. Ulsun, lhusc. NX. I,:irs0n, NIc'lxm'vlwiA, ll. -Inlinsnn. I'. Ilunv Run' J. Nl-it-n. N-rtlln-, I.. ,lnluis-ni, Xt-ltnni. I,zuI:I, Xygxutrml, .X. Xt-Isun, Nln-istnt-r. lxirluy. llnlt-un. . , I , . Rim' S. L' Olson, .X. X1-lsun. l,nn4I, Xlclwulxinil, l. l,:irsmi, Onlvgnrilcii. I,nIil4t-n, I.. llnw. I,vt', I. Nt-lsnil Run -I, I. llqtrria-nl, Xl. Ilm-t-, Unsgxiril, .X, llfirrit-4l. livzilln-im. Kitt:-lsun, Kxatnrilx. ,IL-nst-n. Niclmls. Row 5, Slim. I,in-Irnil. Kannvznigc-i'. .Xinln-rsmi, I,uwis, Ka-1-gmt, Nlnurt-. I't'tt-r Ya-:t :intl -Iininn' Scntt wcrc thc hright lights in luztsltcthzill. They will he QFCIII lml:tycrs in l03ll. tltlwrs, tim, tnrnccl unt in zttlilvtics ztnrl prnvcrl big lmssi hilitivs Im' tht- cuiiiiiig' f'k'1ll'S with liulws uf lint- tc-:uns to coiitiiltlt' in victmn'y. ' '11 " iq is girls' hztslicthztll tczun. limlnzi l.nncl, Ilztrrict livztl til Its-. nnptnt nt: s tl 1' hcini, llcrtlut Aslztlastwii, :incl Nlzirinn 'l'u:1y were nur :lhle IUl'VVZlI'flS with l,illiz1n Ifvziitvik, lilixzilmctli llrutning, Marion Iluvc, :incl Nancy Christiansen acting as gnzirmls. XXI- Izlilctl to "cup" any title. lint watch ns nt-xt year! -' zctivitics-Iluiizilfl blnhnsun. "thc silver-tmigticcl nr:1tur" :incl "Pete" In uthti 1 Xil'Zl with his Iicry clucliiciicc rccciwcl first :incl secuml place in our class for Uratory this yt-:nz Cmistznicc Ulsun and llzirrict Iivallicitti wcrc winning Ilcclzinizitnry cun- tcstzlnts. lunge tliirty-five a I I 1 4 I I I It ' I I' i I I I . P I II lp if ll te I I I f I I 'sl I I 1 I V I I I If -I ' 1 I I 1 . I 4 a it I Q I 'I If I Q. I, It V I I 'H' "'f.5 Q ig X Ill I f: M1 if. Q . .H+-A-wt 34-.QA " '-4 I In I D N , li' 'Une YA1-:ARA 1 9.8 f l Riiw l. XXL-stlirimlc, l'JllllS1Yll, V, Quzuu. Huw 1. Sm-rlr. xvllilllll, Rue. Ultesuu. SWl'lllll. Srutl. 'l'ul'uiu. Rim' 3. S1111-iisoii, Xlizilrlelli, Yun. l'lilivr. l'Jlll1l0l'. Sperle. Si-vi-rtxuli, 54-vi-I' u. , Row 4. Stal. M. l'i'lei'suil. l', Quinn. XXI-lvlr, Yale:-ml, Sziiulsulzirli, l. l'm-lm-rsuii, lliull, Rim- 5. Sturkslml. I. Si-zuiiunwmi, 'I'lwm:1s. Ynhl, Smith, Rolwrts. XXi'ingi-r. I', Si-ziiiiimwvi. 'l'-my, llilmni. l l l 1 if course the siiveess uf this great yezir, IQQN, clepeurls pzirtizilly un our utlisers. c4llllSlIlllK'C Ulsuu, our cliguilierl presimleut, has cluue iuufh tu iiimierise Hur SlICt't'SS with the help ul' the :lhle !lSSlSlIllll, Ylkl'-l,l't'SlIli'Ill lilizzihetli Ilruluiug, lllll' Sevre- , lziry, lfllswurtli XY2llllL'l'Z1. has nut heeu :ui overly lnusy execiitive, hut llzlrriet l ' Kvzillieim. our treasurer, has kept the fuucls uf our more ur less wealthy class. Su this has het-u 11 siiecessliil year, hut how cuulcl it he otherwise with the :ihuve czipzihle officers :incl :ui nclvisur like Miss llziveu whim ezuft he heziteu. Two years uf our lligh Scliuul career are now wmiiiig' tu zi close, aucl next year will liml us higger mid stronger as worthy Dluniurs. You will see wherever you go that the "Suplis" are alive. su join lieartily with us in giving :1 "rali" for the Class of 1930. Q, , . .pf :H ,:Ew1Q+',, fi Q 'iv Eghsrifi 4 ligliix. -'-"J", page thirty-six 1 i l 1 7' sl'-I ' f"F-r"g!-rg-wr-'lqg. mr- ,QV The YAHARA 199. Freshmen Class Ofiicers President ....,.,........ ...,,,.,... H arry Kirby Vice President .....,... .......,, L ouise Langemo Secretary ',.,... ......... ..., . , .Mildred Onsrud Treasurer ....... ......, IN Turiel Larson page thirty-sc 8 4 ,J-4--n vii? 'Dre YAHARA 1 R1111' 1. 111'11gsv11111, M. .X11111-rs1111. 12. Q'111'is1i:11151111. .Xussv 1 1 11 1 R11w J. 011111. 1, 11:111e1111. .Xs1:11w1111, k'1'i111111', 11il1'1f. 111-11111111 11111111 1 R1111' .1, 11111'111111. .1 1C1111', X1111111111, .Xs111'1'111-1111, 11. 11:11x'1- N R11w -1. 11. .X11111-151111, 1'1':1vf111'11. .X114'll, .M1111111 11111'14i11g. 11111111 1 11111 111 N1 X11111 Our Class of 31 1111 Se111c11111111' the s1x111, 19.27, 1110 5c111111N 1111111111111 1111 N 11 S 111111 111 2l1l' 111 Slll101'1111'1tj', 1111' -1111111115 1'1-111111611 1111111 1' 1 . w1111111 11111 11111111 111 1111' g1'n1111z11111g class, 1111 1 11111111111N 111111 11111 1 thcy 1'1111111 1111111 f1f1W'11 11111111 1110 v1'r11:1111 "1"1'11 X11 LN 1111 111 N 1 :1s:1 1'l'S1111 wc 11111 it 1111111 1111 si111-s. 1111w1'1'1-1' 11111 1111 111 111 11111 111111111111 11111K StI'1111Q,f. 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K X1-Is1111. 1,11l'1111, X1111111111 X11111 1 111 1111111 11 1 1 1111111 1111 XY1- 111111111 11'1- 11'1'1'1- 1111 111111111111 111 1111 wllllt NX lX 111111111 1 1l1111111LNN 111 11'1's11 111111 gn-11113 11111 111'1'111'1111-11-ss wc 1111111 111111' 5111111 ll w1'11 111'g:111ix1111 g1'HllI1. 1111111 1111 1111-. 1111111 IH 1111111 111 11111 1 11I'L'S1i1L'l11, 111lI'1'j' 1i11'11y, w1111 1'11111s 11x 111111 111 111111 11. 1 11121 111'111'1111 Il 1'111'1' 111111' 215515111111 111111 wzu 11s111 "11111111'y 111'111111g," N1ll1'1l'1 1.111's1111 1'1'1'11i1111 1111 111111111 111111 1111111111 1111x1111 1 111 1 SL'L'1'k'11lI'f'. 111111111111 XY1- 11'1-1'1- 1111- 1111' 1 1112: XL ll XY1' 1lIlX'l' 51111111111 111Ill wc 111111111111111 111 x1111111111111g 1 1111 1111 11111111111 11111ss. 11I'11H .X11ss1- S 1'11'1111 11111111 11111111111 1111111 11111 N111111111 L1L 11 1 1111ssi11i1i1i1's 1-111' 11111111- 11111ys. XY11111s1111111N1 1111111111111 111.11 511111 1 ll 1 111 11111' st111's. ,-X11111111g11 11115 15111111 111111 111w1 XL 11 11111 1111111 s111111 Il ll 1 .1 N 11 ing. 1111111 'Yhe YAHARA 91 R11w 1. S111-11s1111. V1-11. 511111-11, S111111s11111r1c. XY1-11111. R11s11111 s S 11 Row 2. U1'1'11111, S11'11s1':111, Slly11l'I'. N, U1s1111. lf. 01s1111, I1 5'lI s R1111' 3. 1'11111s1111. 0111-s1111, XX11111111, 011s1'1111. 1'1111'1A11, 'I'11111111 l 1111 X U1 1 R11w 4. Q1111111, Y111111g, 8111111-1111, 0. S11111111y, 'l'1111rs1111. 511111 111 R1111' 5. Il, Ulsun. .X, U1s1111. I'1-1111111r. Myr11111, R111111g. 51 111 K 11111 1 11lll'1Ilg,f 11111' 1111s11111111111 s1'11s1111 1111VV?lI'11 I11111s 11 111 IX 11rig11t1y s11i11i11g 11g111s. ,'x1f11ll11g1l 11111 1111s11111111 1 s Q11 1 s 1'ee111111 111 11111111111i11g 1110 111111111' 111 11111 c111ss. 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W P XX. . ,f 1: ww ' L -fm A LQ ffffk, LS PM ,, gy.. W, , K. 5 I 1. """'1v. A. . I Vw il X91 1 J 4 l if f 4? L1 In F K l 'r 1 i L I f w E 1 qv i. -1 , WeYAHARA 192 umm! I laggxfvq M E ...f-33' V- it I vi, -MF 1 1 , f t V 5? .1 'L in f I l I 'I f f 5 . 'JU 'g' Y gif: . J I -if --'SE"""' '55- Athletics K Eff. .f1, .,: . , gf-n u.. V . r, 1 .Q .I-ywmii .1 lv 35: .Ay 1 1 .., F -4 A 1 .1 , 4 . x v f s 1 1 . fa' . .:,, ,.,,.- ,3 i", . , ,-'.. 1 I . 1 Mn. ' ,. ,L . , J.,.V W X ,-I lg ' -'A V i . 11-I1',f1'j2 - . 3u,v?t3!4' Y ' -5 .4215 M-A ,,':,R:fh .. mam . 1 42 A...,3j , 'V . ' -1 T E-di, . . ' 4" A u 'Hue YAHAILA 1 9.8 Run l. Nlr. lfznllf. Nlr. fllyricls. Mr. XN'i'l.n-. Run J. llzlnsuu, lluluu-s. XX. .XllllHlnls0il, Miss l..l1's4m Run 5. Yusn-ml. .Xslm-sun. lllmvrr. VY. .Xmmulsm1. The Athletic Board 'l'lu- .-Xtlxln-tic lluzml is cmnlmpusn-ml ul tlu- priluipzll, il. .-X. .-X, :ulx'isrn'. w:u'l1 nl tlu- spurt in sc-zmsu11,c:11wt:1i11 ul' tlu- spurt in sczlsmm. :1 11-prcsc-lltzltivc of thc il. .-X. .-X. :uul fmu' 4llllL'Cl'S fuzmu-ly, prcsulcnt, x'ia-1--lwcsulcnt, sc-1-11-t:11'y, mul trcz1s1u'f:1'. l lu-sc UlllCCl'S 1111- clc-cu-ml lvy tlu- stlulcm luuly cxcc-pl tlu- ll'C1lSlll'Cl' wluw li cluvscn lry tlu- llrsl llu-vc ullum-rs. 'lllu- lnlrluusn- ul sxu-ll zm llfglllllllltlllll is to llZlYC clulrgv of tlu- zltlllctu-s wl1u'l1 llL'L'llI' in Stuuglmm lligh Scluuul. 'l'l1is 11-ml11i1'cs lumsting ul' inu-rsrluss zltlllm-tics ns wc-ll ns scluurl u-nm. lt also clctcrmnu-s wluu lms lulhllccl tlu- l'ClIlllI'Cllll'IllS ul lu-mg :l lc-tu-1' mzul, zlltcr wlucll tlu-5' zlwurcl tlu- lc-tu-1' S's. lt is tlu- pllrpusc- of tlu- lll't'SlClL'lll tu p1'cp:u'c- Z1 p1'ugr:1111 fm' L'1ll'll pep nu-L-ting :uul also lu lurcsulc- zu sua-lm nu-clings, lmt :ls tlu- pvc-siclm-111 is zllsu 4-lu-ur lc-zulu-1' lu- lms ln-on :xssisu-cl lu' ilu- vice--prcsuln-11t. ll'i1l1 tlu- wmulc-1'f11l Slllllllifl ul ilu- stxula-ut lltlflll' :uul L'1HllN.'l'Illlllll ul' tlu- tuvvuss lu-uplc wc lm-1-l tlmt wc- lulvc- luul llu- must stu-on-ssful yn-:lr uf tlu- lligll Scluml. llc- sulcs lmuilcling ll lu-xv lmlcmly. wc lmvc lrrulqcn SlllllQ"l1lUll'S rcuml in ilu- ll11z11u'i:1l Slillllllllg. lllu-ra-lzlss lmzlslu-tlmzlll llzls lu-L-11 czlrriccl nut with slum-izll llllCl'L'Sl :mumg tlu- girls. 'l'lu- lfllllllj' was zlwzmlwl um ilu- sn-nun' girls. 11:411-lurly'-Il11'm' ., ' l ll 1 A N l 3 l l l 1 . 5 1 l l , I 4 l l l l l ll l. -I 1. 1 l l" ll l, ,A ll- M lu i -l ll 'I ,gl 'l lll Q1 ll N l P 1 ll . l 1. l l l l l ,xi l l l l s l l Q ll fl if V ll l .fx 4 . ..: Y vk 'I pf u Silky ..,-Q Y ll ll M. . A :Q-:fq:3:a1:, 3 .a ..., .. .:Q.3.:... .- 4 acae- C -I :iii 3' 'r-rar-:ff .g. '1- .-:ef-' .5-Q. " 'i .tm t 'RGC- ... . , "Hifi I'.'I'I- .- . x 'nab , vs, lf?- A F ...E -Q qu-his ..-"J The YA1-:ARA 1 9 9. a Football CAPTAIN AMUNDSON, Tarklr. --A tighter, if ever there was one, who set a fast pace for his team. Many a bump he took to break up a play. His all around spirit did much for the fighting morale of the team. He grad- uates. ANDERSON, Halfback.-For a small man, "Gregg" hits 'em hard and heavy. His speed carried that pigskin over many a white marker. Do it again next year, boy! AUSSE, Tarklzf.-A big man with lots of speed. When he got started something had to fall. His first year points toward some good ones to fol- low. CURRIER, Quarterback.-As quar- terback for the hrst year, Frank called a mean signal With his "guts" and fight watch out for him next year WILKE-Coach Wilke in his first year at S. H. S. showed his ability as a coach. VV ith only a few veterans back and eligible he built up a team that was a big threat to all its foes. and, considering the season's tough luck, was as good as any. lle's back for a banner year. MYRICK-As Assistant Coach. Myrick managed the second team, de- veloping material for this year at the same time as he gave the first bunch stiff workouts. He's back next year. RANDECKERS.-"Not a sweat shirt lost all year" is their motto, and how they live up to it! This year is the last they'll be managing things for S. H. S. FURSET H, Guard.-When "Matt" graduates this year, S. H. S. loses the steadiest, nerviest fighter it ever had. Defensive and offensive he showed his worth page forty four - 1. , . . . 9 " Pe- - ' ', ct- J L 7 ' ' ' i - r M ,. a ix , ,. it aa, lf' AL he showed characteristics of a football fx man. .iv V hiv' g wmvwqvw 'The YAHARA 1 92, HANSEN, Guard.-"Hara" was a "scrappin" guard. He handled himself well and his opponents roughly. He's a Senior. HOLM ES, Half-Bark.-"Cy" play ing all year, when he was able to walk with a bum leg, showed everyone some of the classiest and neatest ball-car rying of any high school team. That "bull dog" fight worried many an op ponent. He leaves S. H. S. this year 'SJ 'XX LB JOHNSON, Ha1f-1saf1.,. - when R Q-,Lillolmes was out, Don filled his place As a Sophomore and first year man VEA, End.-"Bo," as a Senior, played a steady, zippy game at end With opening holes and marking tackles, he had his work cut out. Foot ball was great sport to him. 4 NYGAARD Full Bark Hors bore the brunt of this xear s 'lttack and up holes in the line and his size alone threw shivers into his opponents OI SUN Crnfzr A he'1vv pnot man is zlw ly. needed to balance a lmc VV1lke puked and developed the best there was in school in Bat He is a Sophomore but played like a Senior CAP PAIN FI LCT THORPIL End Miracle after miracle marked Curly s catching of passes He cov ered his end on defense like a tent THORSON Guard Asle was all round utility line man and plenty was he needed As a Senior he played bang up ball 1 X A 0 J N ',71 4 -i in ' L .1l ' ,e-A-2-A QI " f :555E5Z55E5E55E5ifE5E525E5E5E5E5ffEf?E5E5EfE5E5EiE 35:35S15523:3:551311:i5:33:kZ:5:f5S:kE2-. 3:5if5fffiiiifiiilfiifiifififf5553551321552 iii. '5?752i5?EIf1if2ififiiiiiiifiiI-E1f?f1E1212iSi2iEiE5f2 s ki? IEliififiilfiiiiiiiiiii5532252:I:1:1:5:1SE3:i5:2:E'?: ''3:1:f:i':f:I:Isrf:2533:1:i:1:3:F:l:1:5:3:3:3:3:3i55:ih- 5 .91713:3:3t1:f:?t3:5:?:i:3:3:f:1:3:3'f".''.?'3:EZ:Q:hQQ:fg.3 ilififffflffififfflfififfffffff-f-.-Z3ff:E:f:fSfi3if 2' '315522E12233'ETFE37"'iffifiifiiifififiifiziizl , ' :?1533313:1:3:3:5:i:5:i:S:?:7:3t5:?IE5:75t3:2Pf'i-2 '3:E3:2:3:3:3:3:1:f:5:3:Ef:f:7:3:3:1:5:7:3S5:i:3fi3'- 3' ' 151f'ffFF1ffE'ZifI2iiifiiiiffiiififiiii? " V' a:-H-2-as -: IflfifiziI:-53f2f5kf:1:5:ki5:5:i:1:5345 'f '25:iu -fi25:tlI:5:2-?-:S:2i:b:2:t-5:2-eg: fgv :-..a:4ce-x!4na:-sQg:ic+:- .-4.- 11 err: ,- .'.' ,'.'.'.'.'.3'J.5'.'.RY..Q'.'I.1'."n " 'v' i -23523251523:iE3:5:225St3SS2Z51Zf:fi7f ' - r i-" " 3 ' :pf " ' " ,, ' ' ' '3:5:3:55:523:5:5:3:5S:3S'Q:-:Q-1'br-:gf - ' -:f-:-:4-:e+:-9:25'-ze.-za' :+:-1,1 51:-, . defense. Time after time he plugged , , , , :I3222521212535Iiifiiififiziiitfifi ' '"1'PI'I-I-f'f'f-f'f'I'f'PI'Hn 'H' A' , . . 1 531-1,E351'-:.13ig53::11:3:3:5:5:g:-ev:-gag . - 1 ,ez-:-:-:a-:Zf:21:-:-e3c- 112-EQ' 'Q3:r3555f?15E5E35555?iii? - :EQ it 513IE131E15E1?SErE2E1E1Ei2E2Z2E2E1ifE2E2?3E?i- A 552:2:5213Iii:.iliI12IIilfiiiliffiiiliiiiiilzf" '. 1:-:f:Q5:3537:22:3:Q:3:3:7SS:f:Q:3:?:f:7:3:?:5:5fQ' 1T7'32.51'fIQsfi'21225232112ziiifiiifiiiiffiiiifi 'I "" TFEQE2??E5EfEiEQEQEEE2EEiE?EE5E52i ' ' ', , ' , ,Q-iQf1f5E'f2'2'1i12QQE55j 1s, , y - C ' ':. I ':l:j1L,f::::t . zz 2 ,. . . . . ' .U 1.4-,QQQQQQEQEQEQEQ , - .. - -1 - -, -. ' ' ' t ...-2115125255555 V ' V , ,lj:5:3:3,3:::::3:::515:3:5:g:5:l1A.113:5:3g' ' "7:5'3:5:5:1:f:f" ',.1Q:Q:Q:f:f:f:f f - - - H'f'fi1f5?'131:3:7Ifffffffizfzliiififiifffiffff - L 4 ' , -'i.1:i5.-14.1-'-'-:-:5S:3:f:3:3i:k3:i:5S:552-, - f ' ' 1 ff f U - ' 1322255553555255QSffEf?5E55?E5EZifE2EEE5E5EEE: 1Z52?5:ffif?zl2E?555E5?2EsEEEQEQEEQEQSEQESEQLQ ':l.1:I.4'ifzfrfflzffif3:5:Q:f:Qi:f:f3fS:, iz, ' 1225:5:2-5:1:a:12:zi:2:we W ' 2 '1 ' 17212333'3:i.f:?:Ei:3i:7:1:3i1 1 ' ' . - ' ll , 1 page forty-five if A A 'Dre YAHARA 1928 ll ll l Ron l. K. Qualu. Ill. Xea, kl. Quinn. fVlelxerx'l1er. llirlverrou. Ron 2. Mr. fNl3riel4, Nxflglll. Llll'l'lt'l', .Xtlvlnson. ll. Hanson. Olson. Iliorson. Mr. Nlillw. Row 3, 'l'urxuo, .Xurlersou. l'i. llansou. l'. Yea. johnson. liurselll. Row -L Randeelaer. .Xusse. Nygaard, .X1nundson. Thorpe. Holmes, ll. Yea. l ll il rl i ' Football, 1927 l l This vc-ar's footlmall squad was "the hardest hittin' outfit S. ll. S. has had in years," lnut injuries to llolmes and Nvgaard eomlmined with weather that ransed 1 many of the games to he derided luv luck worked against Stoughton. XYith the full team intact and weather line, the weak Milton Union team was taken into il camp to the tune of a 40 to U score. 'l'he next Saturday a terrific battle lmetween lfort and Stoughton on a muddy lield ended in a 7 lo 0 loss as a result of a costly fnmlmle. llolmes received the injury that kept him out of praeti- l cally all the rest of the games. After leading the strong Liniversity lligh team 7 l to 6 in the third quarter, S. ll. S, suilered its first defeat from that team, l3 to 7. A rather interesting game was taken from the mediocre -letlerson eleven Irv a score of fi to U. :X sroreless deadlock was the result of a scrappy, interesting game lie- tween two teams that wouldn't give inffStoughton and Nlonroe. A windy day and a team that is off eolor usually luring ahout Z1 loss for that team. And so it was in the linal game. llowever the tezun showed a plugging attitude even in this over- whelming defeat lmv its old rival, lidgerton. Coach XYillie. here for the lirst year. l hnilt np a team that showed flashes of the "class" he put into them. r f-Q rx .-.Q 'ge - erigllg -I nrt f . -.1""fi-Ja' "V -'L' -U, 'V ., 'J' , page fnrtyfsix ll I 'i 'The YA1-IARA 199.8 Row l. Mr. Myriek. Currier, Randecker. , Row J. Scott, Yea. lloverson, Thorpe. Row S. jones, Chrislianson. Holmes, l.. XYalclt-ia, li, XYaldei'a, Basketball, 1928 This year's basketball team was a team that kept getting better and better as the year progressed. Because of its peculiar habit of coming from behind and snatching the "bacon" right out of the other teams' mouths, it was the popular favorite among all basketball fans. Three thrilling games were won by one point among which was the nerve-wracking, hair-raising Edgerton game. Although the team didn't land on top of the Rock River Valley league, it cleaned the league champions twice and showed its complete superiority to all the others at the Wlliite- water Tournament. SCHEDULE Opponents Stoughton Albany .,.........,...., ..,.....,. 6 53 XYiseonsin High ..., .... l 6 l-l Milton Union .,..... .... 2 3 l7 Monroe ,.,.,...,...., ..,. l 8 16 Fort Atkinson .,,,. .... 2 7 2.3 Edgerton .tt,..... ,... l l lf? Evansville .,.. .... 1 9 l7 Milton Union .t,e .... l 7 24 Evansville .,.,.... .... l 9 .20 Fort Atkinson ...., ..... 1 7 l8 Edgerton .t.......e ..... 2 3 2-l Monroe .,Vt,........... ..... l 8 2-l XYisconsin High ..... .. Zl l7 page forty-seven Mani, -As is 'me YAHARA 1 2,8 Basketball coAcH MYRICK It is sufficient to say that his coming from lnzliana shows his knowledge of Basketball. He developed a good first team and has the line on a good team for next year when he returns. VEA "Bo's" last year at school was filled with Sports. Here we have him playing guard on the basketball team. He does not return, but we hope his successor is as good as he is. WALDERA Lyle is one of the fastest forwards in this section. He worked hard to get eligible and then played real basketball. ' THORPE "Gar" is a very good forward and handles the ball well while dribbling. passing, and shooting. HOLMES Captain Holmes was the season's star. He is a fast drihbler, an accurate shooter, and a good passer. He can be can be complimented with Mr. Myrick on his team. HOVERSON Hover is a tall, lanky center and sure gets a mean tip-off. He has an eye for the basket. He will graduate. page forty-eight I 5 'Phe YAHARA 199.8 Whitewater Tournament JANESVILLE 20 STOUGHTON 19 'lanesville was our first step in the run for championship, but we fell. lt was a hot contest between "Cy" and Tobin, both being taken out on personals. The winner was in doubt until the yery end, as the lead was shifting continually. The last basket which blanesyille made was hard luck for ns. The boys could not get it through the net. FORT ATKINSON 14 STOUGHTON 19 Uur second game was a battle against Fort. They were easily downed, al- though they had once before won by a margin of six points. However we showed our superiority by winning two out of three games. Although this game was not as inter-eizinkg as the others it put the boys up one step for the consolation prize. EVANSVILLE 9 STOUGHTON 23 Stoughton easily tamed the livansville basketeers. Our hopes were growing for a jump at llelavan. By a slow, deliberate game, the boys just gnawed the oppo- nents' defense until the final wlnstle blew. DELAVAN 21 STOUGHTON 20 This was the deciding game for Stoughton. liveryone was pulling for this win, but they failed to pull in the right score. As a result of this game we fell to fourth place. The boys are deserving of very much credit in their splendid effort to place in this event and hope that next year the boys to fill the vacancies will do just as well or better. Baseball The above picture is not a picture of our team today but of one a number of years ago. Some difference, isn't it, compared to ours of today? Stoughton has again entered the field of baseball in addition to a possible track team. Consider- ing that this is Stonghton's second attempt at the sport and also geting in touch with a new coach, the boys have learned a few of the Fine points of the game. lfxperience with pitchers other than "l lors" was something new. The faculty tried to give some opposition but they were unsuccessful. XVe were badly beaten by the strong Iivansville team by the one-sided score of lg to O for four innings, but as they were a good team, the defeat was not a bad one. The game wth Lake Mills was a little delayed. NVith a fairly successful team we look forward to as good a one next year. page forty nine E l :Ili ij' til 1 l 4 Y . li W l ' i H Q l li ,. i Un .li H' r l ls ll il I F1 - -cms, 's rf at .-.-. -1 4-..,..- .. -AJR i ,., 'The YAHARA 199.8 Legion Award The presentation of the American Legion Medal was made at commencement. It was awarded to Alvin Nygaard as being the best scholar-athlete of the school. "Hors" has the distinction of winning 9 letters in Basketball, Football, liasc- ball and Trackg making a total of 1343 athletic points. He maintained an average of 80.7 throughout his four years in High School. Altogether he had a total of 1878 points. This award is something worth striving for as all previous winners will say, and we hope that all future winners will be as worthy of the honor as the past winners have been. ..-.--.f. --"' page fifty I ,I FH: W f ap X , 1. 5 ev-l'v'PS2u.Ef Alai ""'A4I-E-Lg""':-51 Acli-vz'fie5 fc, fal fy! Pb" ,. .v If 5 -3 .wr 1 The YAHARA 199.8 Run I. Stenslwy. W. .XnunuIsou. Ilulmes. Fries. A. Ulruu. Run I. If. Ilxiusnn, .Xslvsm-n. Yziseuml, Kirlvy, Xlr. Ifzillt. Rim 3, O, Uls-in, .Xnilersun, Qusuu, Ilmwer, Ilnversim, II. Ilule. Rim -I. U. Olsnu. X. Ilxiusen. If, Ulsnu, M. Ilule. XY. .XiuunmIson. Student Council HIFI: I CICIQS I'resimlent. . , .Y,.,,,, lflurenee tllsnn tSeniur Clztssj Yiee-I'resiclent ,,,,,... I Iztrulcl Iluversun I Ilrzunzitie Cluhj Seeretziry-Trezisurer ,,,, I Izirriet lIz1le ttiirls' tilee Cluhj The Stuilent t'uuneiI represents ezieh elztss nf nur high selunnl :incl every extra- eurrieulzu' :u'tix'ity. The presimlents nf their respective elzisses, the relu'esent:1tives ut' :ill nutsicle zietivities, the eziptzlin nt' the SCIISUIIIS spm't,z1ncl the eheer lezuler make up the L'uuneil. They get tugether :incl cliseuss, with the zulviee ul' the sehoul principal, Mr. Falk. either pruhlenis whieh stumlents have hruught up ur plans of improving our scluml. The cliseussiuns ezirrieml on :incl tleeisiuns mzule :ire :ill enzletecl with the View of lrene- Iitting the entire stumlent hucly. It is the :tim of nur Cuuneil tn etiemitnge El feeling nl unity running the students :incl tu tlevelup higher stunclzircls for the scliuul. This yezir, :ls hefure, we have continued the responsibility of securing some excellent speakers Im' nssemhly perimls. XYe have earrierl out at plan uf improving the stucly hull system. This is :I system wherehy the general clisturhzuiee is greatly cleerezlsecl. There :ire twu clistinet changes: Iizieh week Il Sturlent Cuuneil memher goes over tu the 'lunior Iligh Seluwnl stufly hull to tnlae t'IlIll'QC thereg hence the emittisiun of junior lligh pupils emning here to stucly is entirely eluninzitefl. I'1l1I'fI1Cl'll1Ibft'. nur tpuneil cleeiclecl that the "speaking privilege" is en- tirely llllIll'CL'SSIll'j'Q therefore, this privilege luis heen zihnlishecl until lurther steps he taken tn luring it hztek. Our Cuuneil this year is CllCICZlYtlI'lllg tu estzthlish Z1 ereecl for Stoughton Iligh Seluml pupils tu fullow. The eummittee is working on it nuw and we hope tu have this prnjeet wmpleteml early eiintigli to have it well in praetiee hefure this selirml term expires. page titty-miie ,.--1 'Yhe YAHARA 1928 Row I. Vea: Olson, F.g Kaupangerg Quam. Olson, A. Row 2. Bjoing Anclersong Sampson. Honor Society Recognition for prohciency in scholarship, leadership, character, and service is expressed in the National llonor Society of Secondary Schools. A common emblem and definite standards set up by a National Council is used throughout the 350 schools which have national charters. Only students of the junior and Senior classes who rank in the upper twenty-Five per cent of their class are eligible to this society. From this number fifteen per cent of the Seniors and live pcr ccnt ol the juniors who rank highest in the four delinite qualities may be elected to meni- bcrship. According to the national ruling, the election for members is made by the principal and four members of the faculty whom he may select. Interest in school work and character is thus stressed and honors may be found elsewhere than in athletics only. Although this club is not socially prominent, membership to it is a privilege worthy of recognition. Gold Pins are awarded to every member. The National llonor Society is the most exclusive Society in high school, and a honor to its members. page tifty-two 'Uze YAHARA 1 '18 Row l. .Xmlersou. lflliekson, Yea. llzinson, lloltan, Row 2. Currier. Xyflglll, Ilovexson. Stenslwy. Ifries. Bliss liregerson. Row 3, M. llnle. lloox er, liztsnnissezi, Olson, llalversun. Sampson, Kanpzinger. Rnvv 4. Alnnnclsnn. Roe. llatzinger. Onsrnul, lljoin. ll. Hale. Dramatic Club oififieicics llresitlent ..Y.YY,.,.,, .,,. . l larolcl l loverson Yiee-l'resiclent ..Y..,.., .Y,A,,,,, Mary llale Seeretary-'l'reasurer. . llenrietta Unsrncl The Rohert Klantell llramatie Chili, as the name implies. is interestetl in tlra- matie art, anal hits as its aim the clevelopment of tlramatie ahility. Students from the hlnnior antl Senior classes who are genuinely interestecl in this type of work ancl are talentecl in speaking and acting are eleeteml at the heginning of the school year. 'l'his organization shows marlvecl improvement with the passing of each year, anal as it has grown its memlmers have ventured into a witler tielrl of work. Some very sneeessfnl plays have heen prochteetl and some nnnsual acting alwility shown. Assemlmly program have heen flireetetl hy the elnh memhers every other month antl on special oeeasions. These appearances lielore the other stnmlents have aFforclecl the memliers an opportunity lor clramatie interpretation :mtl experience, which, we feel, has proveal very henelleial. The inlluenee which a elnli ol' this ltintl ean wielml npon its inemhers is inval- nalnle. lt is a remarltahle aeemnmplishment to he ahle to aet effectively anml with llUlSC. llnring its career, the elnh has matle steacly :teeonnrlishments. Therefore, we - feel sure that some of onr graclnates will make a showing for themselves anrl for 'Al their sehool in future undertakings. page hfty lhree .. w, ill l ,. ,it Q Wg ir-. "-.aj if 'FI rt. 5. N.,- - Q.. 'tri f I1 F I 'Dae YA1-:ARA 1 9. 8 ' T 1 yr ff T .4 N it i . I if Row l. .L lfellnncl, Qnzlle, Urvolrl, li. Gorrlon, lf. Gordon. Smit. Severtson. lf. Nelson. NY. vlvllsotl. liurfliclt. G. Nelson. R. Roberts. .X. Nelson, llotl. llermnnson, Nygmircl. Otlegxwtlen. , Row 2. M. Norillie, Grieg. MeL':irlhy, Rcinstiul. I, Seziinonson, l'. Larson, I', Quinn. K:lii1vnngcr, ligiilcy. - lirzigstzul, li. Halverson, Kline, l,. llove. Loklcen, Stni, Diblvs. liontlehugen. Yolvg, Norst-tln-r. ' Row J. lf. Christizinson. llolton, llunson, Dnxstzul, .X:ilseth, .Xzikt-r, lfostlnhl. Unsttutl, Ilvllickson, lf. Q Peterson, blulseth, M. Quant, Stocktaul, A. Ilove. I. Berg. .X. Nelson. I. Vet:-rson, k':irpcnter, Snyder. Row 4. Miss llulsether, Snmlsinzirk, Metzler. Stoekslml, Powell, l. llqinson. M. I,:irson. .Xsluki-n. M. Slinrle. lf. lfellninl, Yoltl. Kittelson, Krzinvik, M. johnson, Ynsn-ml. l,unml. U. Roberts. Teisluerg. T Miss Haven. t Row 5. iflinonml, C. Olson, I', Si-zunonson, Onsgnril, Brewer, -I. llurrieal. L'lirisIi:inson, lirzilvol-l. M. Iloyt- lxllickson, lony, Drotning, Nicholas, Thomas, M. Onsrnil. T Roxvh. Hartz. Mclfairlzunl, llzinson, Grentle, G, -Iohnson, M. .Xncln-rson, Urnrlilllv. ll. Xalan. Hocking. , ll. liosvlzihl, Gnrrigus. N, llzinson. M. johnson, Thomzis. ll. Kvailheini. Xit-hols, l,nz-thi. llenninq. A Row 7. .Xl'volll, l'lllllSUll. friiltlle, Criclrlle, Allen, Stensvzul, l,og:ln. ll, Slimlc. V. Nelson. llzibl, VI. Xzulnn Gronliil, Smith, Sknzirness. M. Kvnlbeiui, Hersh. l I . . , f Girls Reserves T l The Girl Reserves, ll new orgzuiizntioii in this f'CZll'iS extra-curricular activities, is :1 junior division of the Y. XY. C. A. V 1 The symbol of the Girl Reserves is Il blue triangle, :incl the slogan is "to face life squarely." The purpose is "to unite its members in a spirit of frienflliness untl service, to bring out the best in each girl. and to help her grow through national. K normal activities into those habits. insights, and icleals wlnch will make her 21 res sponsible, eager woman capable to develop and share in those group expressions which are making effective the purpose of Gocl in the world." Any girl in High School who wishes to live up to the purpose of the club may ' become at member. Un February tliircl, zr Mothers' anal Daughters' Hanquet was helcl in the pur- lors of the First l.uther:in Church. This was the hrst gathering of this kinfl to be helcl in Stoughton. An interesting program was presentefl :incl clinner was served to two hnnmlrecl and fifty mothers uncl clzuighters. XYith the aicl of our chief zulvisor Miss Leach, and her three assistants, Miss Siljan, Miss llulsether, :lncl Miss Haven, and with the interest :incl cooperation taken by the members of our town boarcl, we feel that we have zlccomplishecl zu Q 2: great cleztl towarcl the establishment of El permanent organization in the lligh ', T, gy School, an U1'gZl.lllZZltl0ll which any girl will be proud to say she is zi member of, iff y X. "The Girl Reserves." '. x., t . gigs page tiflg -four H 'Phe YAHARA 1 9.8 l 4- v I Ron l. Keenan. lfries. Slenslmy, Yea, Olson. Rnxv J. lfrizwll. .X. kflirislianson, llolines, llronliil. Jenson, Xyganril. r rx - - A it V l Row 3. K hapin, .Xninn4lson. I liorpe, K nrrier, lloeking, llxorson, Mr. Nelson. i lion' -l. Roe. l'alnier. Ki. killrislianson. llolton, Stogflill, Glaessnn, Unsrnml. The H1-Y Club Ul"l"lL'IiRS ' Vresiclent, ,...,,, ,Y.,,,, l logger lfries Yiee-llresiclent .Y,,. lfrank L'nrrier Secretary ',,,Y.,.., ,,,,.. 'X rthnr 4 llson Treasurer ',,. . ,..., -Xrne Stenslmy Nlr. Nelson was hack again this year to help make the lli-Y Chili what it is snpposenl to lie. XXI- are not at all perfect, lint through this elnh we hope to hnilml a liner character, live lmetter ancl cleaner. ancl clo onr work well and squarely so that we can he lretter lit to set a higher stanclarcl for the school, XYe wish to remember the program we gave in assembly. Although it was not of the lnnnorons kincl, we hope that it eonveyecl a thought or two to the stnrlents as a whole. K lf eonrse we have our fnn as clo the other organizations in school. X'l'e hegan with hasketlvall ancl it proveml a sneeessfnl iclea. ln Klareh the luoys went to Mt. llorelm to enjoy the Ulcler lloys' L'onferenee. lnteresting speakers. like 'l'histle- thwaite, tolcl the lmoys some of the ifs and ands of life. Uni' presiclent, Roger Fries, staged a swell party in ilanesville. Something new? XYe'll say it was, and the lli-Y fellows were invitecl. Then, too, we hail the Senior farewell party-free. Tlirongllont the year we have paclfllecl many of the fellows anml have heen entertainecl liy many loeal men. They have left many goorl icleas almont their vora- tions for which the laoys wish to thank them very mneh. Therefore we feel that we have party fulfilled our platform ancl hope it has helpetl each one of ns. page fifty-live L ." fr. PY I I intl E? , ,i ,, .1 IC., 'The YAHAILA 199.8 V I Y +. , Row 1. Mclxvrclwr. Skinnvr. l'ric-mll. Klllllllll. xyflglll. Svr:-nson. lvcs. Row 2, llockillg, lh-rg, SlC'llSllj', Fri:-N. U. Olson, jolinwon, Uusrurl. Yvzl. Row 3. llurclick, Scott. Turino. KL-cnzin. .Xniunmlson. Currier. l,L-ell, Ilolton. Miss fin-ex Row 4. I ,owry. L'hristi:inson, flrcg:-rsoii. K:in1v:ingc'r. Kvegzui. IQ. Olson, lla-mli-rwn. Qunni. I':ilu1vi Stngrlill. Nicholas. The Boys' Glee Club Ulflfl Clues President .A,...,..,,.. ,,Y,.. f Jsrzu' I Jlsou Vice-l'1'esiclc11t,, ,,.., ,,... f Xrnc Stcusby SCCI'C'tZlI'j'-'llI'CllSlll'Cl' .,,, .,,,..,, , ,Y,.,,,. l 'zuil Skinner Accompanist ,,Y,,...,,,, ,Y,,. 3 liss livelyii Sc-vcrsou The lioys' Cilce Club has grown from Il membership of Z6 to one of 35 active members. At the first of the year, their time was flcvoterl to work on misccllzim-ous numbers. On llc-ccmbcr 15, they, together with the Girls' lilcc Klub, composccl thv choir for "XYliy the lhirucs Rang." Un lXl2ll'Cll 2 they IDl'CSl'lllK'4l their first imlm-In-iiflm-nit show, which was :ui tl1lCI't'llZl, "Double L'rosswl," by Allen-l lllfllllg. A male quartet was formed from their number, consisting of Robert Pzilmcr. Leroy Hocking, Paul Skinner, and Frank Currier. This group has nppcarccl bc- forc the Iligh School assembly :incl has also sung for the l.ious zlncl umm' other societies in town. parm' liflyfsix 'Dae YA1-:ARA 1 9.8 Row l. ll. .Xndersnn. Bl. llale, .X. llarried, ilulseth. Bratvold, Nelson, Severtsou. llougau. llalverson Row J. Nl. Anderson. Nalan, llagen, ll. Kvalheim, llellicksou, Ylvisaker. 'l'holo. Slockstad. Row .l. llrotning, Midgard, Malecke, Kvanvick, A. llowe, -lenson, ll. llanson, Nicholas. Row -l. Seamonson, Lund, Sansmark, Nelson. M. llockiug, l. llanson, l.uelhi. Nl, Larson. Burdick, Miss Un-ss. Row 5. l'. Larson, N, lloxve. Olson, Mclfarland, Smith, M. Hocking. Bjoin. Rowe, Unsrud, M, Kvalheim Girls' Glee Club Ul"l"lCl2RS l'resident ..,,.,..,,,,.....,, .......,,, l larriet l lale Secretary-'l'reasnrer ,,,,............,,,.,..,,,,,,, l lenrictta K Jnsrud .-Xccompanists ......,..... I larriet llale and livelyn Severson The tiirls' lilee Club has always been an active society in lligh School. 'liry- outs were held this year to test the ability of would-be members. lfrom the great number that tried out twenty-live were chosen, making the total enrollment fifty. 'l'hrough its earnest efforts and under the able direction of Xliss tiress, the iilee Club is really a worthwhile organization. The members have met once a week for rehearsal and have learned some very line songs. A combination of the lloys' and Girls lilee Clubs hrst displayed their ability by the parts they took in the Christmas play, "XYhy the Chimes Rang." Dur- ing the coarse of the year they have been asked to participate in certain other com- munity and school entertainments, the first of which was a banquet given by the tiirl Reserves. Ardent work was done on the operetta "The Persian Princess," which was staged Nlarch 23, at the City Auditornun. The Girls' Sextette has been organized as a separate part of the Cilee Club's regular work. This organization requires more concentrated study than the regu- lar work of the club. Much appreciation and praise is due Bliss Ciress who entered the Stoughton lligh School as instructor of music last September. The girls are really willing to work for her, and she in turn works for them. page lillyestu n ,f-'Q--. i. nh' v3 r 4 A 'M Q 4 rl- ,'- I- A 1. 1 I 1111 xii F-A - I , 1 The YAHAILA 1 9.8 1 1 1 R1111' 1. Nl1'K1-1'1'l11'1'. ll, Hg1y1s1111, 11. ll:111s1111. -111111's, 11111111 111111111 R l'1'11-11 1 . . 1 l R1111' J. 111-11111-l's1111, Sl1'11sl1y, licrg, l,llIll'I', S1-1'1'1's1111 141111111 s 11 111' 1'1'1 X 1111111 , , ss 1 wg, R1111' .1. 1'f1'1-1's1111, l'1-11'1's1111. S1111111's. N1'ls1111, 1i:11'1'ig11s, ll11l1'1'1's1111, X11'l111l:1s, 111 11 11111 R1111' -1. C11rls1111, K1111111111g1'r, ll:111'l1'y, S11'11s1111s. Orchestra 111f1f11'1i11s l'1'esi1le111, 1,11 11'111'11111 l7i1'1'1'11 lf, , 11111 1'111- S11111sl11 Kliss f11'1'ss S1111lgl1111ll lligli S1'l11111l Cl1l'1lllS 1111 1-x1'e11t111111l 1111111111-1' 111 lllllsl lllls 111 11s 111c111l1111'sl1i11 111- 43-1, 111111 it is 11111 111111511111 111111 21 1'1'1'1' 11116 111'1'l111s11'11 ll1l5 111111 111 1 1'111l1'1' 11111 s11l1-1111111 s1111er1'isi1111 111111 1li1'111'1i1111 111 Bliss Circss 11111 1111 11s1 11N 1111w11' 111'11'1111izc1l 111 Sc1111'111l1e1'. 1927, '1111l 1f1'1wv 1"111i1ll1' u ,, 1 1, 1 1 . 'l'l11- 111'1'l111s11'11 111111011 111 1110 z1ss1'11111ly 111111 11ssis11'1l 111 1111- l1111's' 111111 1111ls 11111 1.11111 11 11-r1-1111s, 161311111110 L'1'11ssc-1l," a111l "'l'l11' l'1'1'si1111 l'1'i111'1-ss." 11 11 ls 1 111 l 1PZll'1 111 1116 5L'lllUl' 111111 -l1111i111' 1111155 11l111's. 11 is 1111 llllllSll1l1 thing f111' 1 111 1111- siz1- 111. S1llllgll111ll lligl1 S1'l11111l 111 have 1111111 Z1 11111111 111111 1111 171'1'lll S11 1 ll 11'1- 111'11111l 111 111- 111110 111 1111z1s1 111- 1w11 s111'l1 111l111'111i111111l 111111 w111'1l11' 1111111111 ll 1 'l'l1111'c is m111'l1 1111116 cx11resse1l 111111 the 11r1'l11-s11'z1 will s111111 l1111'e 11 111111111111 111 s11'1111111111111i1111g if s11, f11111' 1111i1s will 111- g1'1111tc1l 111w111'1ls 1'11ll1-gc 1-1111111111 111 11111 11121111111 111 1111- 111'g1111iz111i1111. 11:1111' lift 1'-1'i1.1l11 1111111 b111111's I .J 'Due 1 918 4 ,f . . t .f Row 1. llersh. jones, C. Berg, Chapin, .X. lfriedl, l', Yea. llove. Row Ll. Mr, jolmsnm, liei'luess. Kildahl. Rasluussen, lfverson, Skinner, Xiclmlns. llollan. R. lfrieill, lialk. Row 3, llnllickson, I. Berg. llakken. l'liner. Nlidgard. NYright, Severson, Keenan, Ronines, Xl'arren, M. Yea, Lf Christianson, ll. llanson. Mcliereher, .X. L'hristianson. Swenson, ll. llanson. Nyliagen. High School Band olflflclilas l'resident Y,,,....,,,, ,,... l 'aul Skinner Yice-President ,...,,..,. ,,..,. ,,,, l 7 rank Currier Secretary-Treasurer, . ,,... Conrad Lihristiansen This year the Hand has filled more engagements than in any previous year. The fellows have played for nearly every home basketball game, and one out of town game besides playing for a concert. Instead of competing in the state band tournament this year, the liand has played a number of out-of-town concerts. This year the liand has started something which has never been done before. namely, the giving of letters to each one of its members who has given a year of satisfactory work in the Band. The letters are about six inches by three and a half. The main part of the is solid purple with a little white "ll" in the middleg the is trimmed in white which sets oft' the rest of the letter. Since the beginning of the year, the Hand has increased from a membership of about twenty-eight to one of forty and there have been about live or six promoted from the second band since then. Altogether this year the Hand has purchased about a thousand dollars worth of new instruments and it has been a great year for the fellows and Klr. hlohnson, who deserves the credit for making the Hand what it 1s. page fifty -nim ,ati 5. , ,, f-vt... ..-if-1 'Fyixyjl ls 'D 5 Q .N fl in E i l F g, 1 ti. ls F Ti i Q. 1 yah- Aff'-. ll l, -it 'i l l I i s I l -Q l ,. i l i it l r i ,Q .few '-sg, .W 1 l 9711? YA1-:ARA 1 18 1 11 il if !1 X ,lm . . ,. 1 1 1 1 l 1 ll . . lf l l , ll l R1111 l. K1':1ll11'i111. ll:11'ri1'1l. li, llalc, l,a1's1111, N111'sct1:1'. .X111l1'1's1111, R1111' J. ,l11ls1-1l1. X1'ls1111. Qll!lI!l. lf. ll11s1'111l, Yas1-1111. llans-111. llal1'1-1's'111. Miss .l11l111s-111. R11w.1. lP1'11111i1114. Nl. H1111-. Xl, H1111-. lI1111v111', 0ls1111. 'l'11w11s1-111l. Ras11111ss1-11. Swan. 1 R1111'-1. .X:1ls1'1l1, A. li111'1'. Nli1lg:11'1l. Row. L. llagvn. ll:11Zi1111z1'1'. li. U11s1'111l, l1j11i11. .X. ll1g1-11. T 'l 1 . L , ,1 T Ph11omath1a i 1Jl"l"l1'lll1S ll . I l'1'1-s11l1111t. ,,,, .. .. ..lJ111'11tl11' .'XllflC'I'Sllll X3 Yi1'c-l'1'1-si1l1f11t ,,,,, YY,,.,.,,,,,, I f1li1l1 ll11111'1'1' 1, S111'1'1'1a1'y ,,,,,,,,, Klil1l1'111l llal1'1'1's1111 l 'l'1'1':1s111'111' ,Y,, Y,,, ,,,,,. . A Ivan Swan 1 1 N 1 l'l1il11111:11l1ia is a s111'i1-ty 1'111' "l111'1'1's 111 ll'ZlI'llillQ.U girls wl111 l1a1'1- a1'l1ic1'111l l1igg,l1 3 s1'l111las1i1' Hlilllfllllgi 1 1 'l'l11- 11111'1111s1-s 111 1l111 1'l11l1 a1'1' 111 1111'1'Q:1se 1l1c :111111'111'1a111111 111 lllxilllij' :1111l :111 1 1' a111l 111 1l1-1'1-l1111 a 11'111- liIl1lVVlt'Il4QC 111 llfQI'Zlllll'L'. l 1 l . . . . . . . . 1 I31-g11111111g w11l1 the b1111l11111111r11 year, all Q.'l1'lS Ill tl11- high s1'l11111l llZlX'lllg 1511111 .V s1'l111lasti1' StZlIllllllgS arc eligible 1111' 11111111l1c1'sl1i11 i11 this s111'i1't1'. lt is 11111- 111 tl11 1 1 11111st 1'st1-c111c1l llI'gZllllZZlflllllS i11 11111' lllgll s1'l11111l. a111l will 111111111116 T11 l11' s11, as l11 1 as 11 111ai111ai11s its lllgll Sl'ZlIlflflI'1lS. Q: lll1S XVIII' has l11-1111 s111'1'11ss111l l111tl1 11'11111 Il Slllllflllflllll 111 11111' w111'l1 Illlfl 111 1 '1 :11'1i1'i1i11s. lll 1l11' lall, 1l11- i1111iati1111 I11'llgI'1l111 Il1'11X'l'll a11111si11g Ill 1-11-1111111-. A1111 ' 1'1'111'g:1111zi11g, 1l111 1111-111l1111's 1l11v11tc1l tl11'111s1'l1'1-s 111 1l11- Slllllj' 111' 11'a1'1'l i11 lurcig 1 1'11111111'i1's, wi1l1 a 1lis1'11ssi1111 Ill. 111'1111l1s 1l1'1'ss, llllll 1'11st11111s. 'l'l11- 1'l11l1, :1ls11, 11111111 1', a flllI'lSlI1lZlS 11a1'ty with tl111 1l1st1'1l111t11111 111 giits l1y :1 rcal Santa lilZlllS, Zlllll l111li1l. fi 1'cf1'1-sl11111-11ts. 'l'l1c 1a1'ewcll llfllltllliff llll' 1l1c S1-11i111's was 1111e 111 tl11' 1111l'Sf!lIlfllllb V' s111'i:1l eve-11ts Ill- the 11-ar. A s11l1-111l11l 1li1111e1' was Q11-1111-1-1l 111' l111tl1 l1111's a111l gi gf :11 1l11- ll11t1'l lQcg1111sa. A sl1111't 1111 111111111 was l11'l1l, Zlllfl a tl111at1-1' 11:11't1' at xlZl1liS11 1'11ll11wc1l, 1'11111'l111li11g a 111e1'1'1' 1-V1-11i11g, 1,1 1' S3 ff- 'l'l11- 11111111111-rs llf lllllllllflilflllil. l1:11'11 alwavs l1llilf a 111111 f1111111la1i1111 1'111' 111111 .4 1' . - - - - ' - - 1 "fp .sy 1'l11l1, Illlil l1a1'1- w111'l11-1l 1l1l1gc111l5' w1tl1 the l11111e tl1at lllfllft' 1111'111l1e1's will 1'eta111 - ,,f gf 115, a111l 1111l111l1l its g11111l 11z1me. 1 1- lfbifli 1 " ill'li1h 5. giyaif F .gh N 1 '-...- '-'CL ,,,- -""' -qv '-f'.ni4 ,M-4""" Y .1-"'frrL -f . ,V-f 11:11:11 six 1 1 N1 . el .,1 'Phe YAHARA 1918 Rnw l. llellieksnn. .Xnilersun, M. llztle. Drutning, Tony, Saiinpsbn, llei'in:insnn, Yxlsencl. isgzirml. llnve, llrt-wer. lfllicltsnn, Nelsnn. llnrilick. Kvamviek. Nurillie. .Xslt-sun. Row 2. Ui sun, ll. l,:irsnn, lljnin, Swain, llc-rg. Row .l, Miss l,:irsnn. Clirisliztnsnn. Mzileelae, Nlirlgnrrl, Rowe, IJ. l,:ir llailversun. Rnw-4. llnmilelizxgen. Xl. Krzilheini. ll. Krailheini. Onsrnrl. jnhnsun, llnrrit-rl, Snnilby. Olson, llmwer K:tnp:mg:ii'. Rasmussen. Row S. ll. llnle. llzinson, L':u'pi-iite-i'. Slt:mrm'ss, llnrry, tlonliwl, liriilmlle, llugen. llntzinger. Qnzun. 'i tJl"lilL'liRS l'resimlent .,,,,, ..Y,,, YYA.,,,,Y,,.,YY,.,,,,,,..,,,,... 4 i nclrnn Ynsenil 5efret:n'y-'l'rezisnrer ,,,, ,Y,,, l lnrutliy l latzinger 'l'his vezir, nnclt-r the siipeiwisinii ni Miss Larson, the tiirls' :Xthletie .'xSSllL'i1l- tinn hats imrnrerl very ztetire. The priinury purpose nf the tl. .-X, A. is to proinute il spirit ul spnrtsinztnship :nnnng the girls nf the high selinnl :mil tn mlerelnp Zl keener l interest in athletics. Any girl in the high selwnl is eligible to beenine ll member nf the nrganizatinn after she has ezlrnecl the required number bf points for membership. lnitiatinn is helcl tlnring the early part nf the school year. Much interest :incl competition has been created :nnong the girls nf the club in trving to win at letter HS." Six lnindrecl points must be earnecl. lliking, swimming, buslcethzill, skating. :incl tennis are possible ways uf earning the points. i The inzijnrity of girls in high selinnl are interested in athletics, :incl the ti. A. A. is the one possible :incl ettertive way by which we can clevelnp these interests. The social activities nf the nrgzniization consist in hikes, parties, outdoor pie- ii nies. and vztrinns other events. X L .15 -. sqft: Q, ' H , f-Rf-Q. .4. .1-,F '--.A pztge sixty-une l li il l 4 I 5 H Tue YAHAILA 9 8 -l. Miss lllllSL'llll'I1.-rl, liarrierl, lfellancl. Ki 1. Quani, I.:-ek, fl. Nelsnn. li. Vetersnn, .X. llarrieml. Brewer, Nicholas. Nl. llansun. Yost:-i'ml:il1l, M Onsrull, bevertson. 5EIllllUllS0lI, -lensun. 'L lvnlllcilisun, M. fX1u'4ll1e, lt. Nelson. llernlansml. .X. Normllie, flillrerlsrm, lnlsclh. M. Quanl llelllcli sun. Slurkslarl, XY. jensun, R. Rnlmrls. .X. Nelsfln, l. llzinsun, fl. Olson., V X. Qnale, ll. l.:u'sun. Swan. Onsgarrl. lfllieksmi. llouver, Drutning. llfu-e, l'. Ss-zununsmi. Ulnmn , . ,. . lout-ll, M. l,:lrs0n, lhulnas, fl. Vlulinsun, Palllsml, R, llanson, 'anviek. Kiltlt-sun, Onsrurl. Ynhl, llv'ali'wl1I. 'l'1my. Yung .Xsl:ilXsun. M, 51111111-, M. hluhnsun, Miss XYilli:uns. S. lltnnin ' ' OI - g. larpuntt-r. Sanrlsmark, l,nnwl.lM, Amlersrm. A. Nt-lsv-n. O, Rfilwrts, lllwlung, .Xakn-r, Al sun, ll. l,uvlhi, 'l'n-islwrg, Nalan. k'ln'1s1iansun. tw. Durlanrl. Ifosmlalilallulil. IC. llansnn, Mickelsun. l,ug:ul, Sk:i:irm-ss. M. Kvalln-inn, Y.:-1-ml, Xl .luhnsun, X. Lum-thi, A. lluvc. 'llum1as, Hagen. ll. Kvalln-im. Language Club Ul"lflC'ICRS Vresirlent ,,,,.,,,, .,,..,,. l frlith lluuvei' Yice l,1'CSl1l6lll ,, , ,..,.., ., lilizalmeth Drutning Secretary-Treaslirer ..,,, ,..,...,, ,,,...,,,,,,,. N l ilclrecl 1 Dnsrnfl Arlviswrs .,,.., ...,. K liss llulsether, Miss XYilliams The Language Cluh is an organization which is eunipnserl of I.atin ancl lfrencli students. The lrurpuse of the Language Clulm is to acquaint its memhers with the Rmnan French customs ancl language. Meetings are held at regular intervals, once every twu weeks. liclucatiunal programs are planned hy the program Committee. with the vice-president of the organization as chairman. As the urganizatimm is new. many cliffienlties are eneonnterefl. lnut in the future it hopes to he one of the outstanding clulms of Stoughton lligh Selwul. l il 5 J! i 1 , l , . ' v 5 l l l l ll' l ii 1 4, , Y il I E, Ruw P: Rnu 5 Row i i Rnw l , 5 Rmv l X l Ruu' ll . 1 l l fl ' v ,, ll i x ll 2 l . l e if 4 ll l lf l ' l Ii and , , I . l 5 5 i l I J gf. L- ' " ,479 lkqlilll' ' -' i, if " I ' 'gifhl '.'qflQ 1+ 1. 1' Ni I 5 l l ' miig ,F-M" t,:-I-aa' 4, ' V- pfl-K -n I I r l R page sixty-two 'The YAHARJA 1 'Ll il Ron 1. ll. Xlck':irtl1y. lla-rg, Al. Atkinson. lf, llanson. Svc-um. i Row J. Mr. XYilke, 'l'm'mn, ll. Hanson. Paulson, Christianson. lfnrseth, llangan. Rnu' 5. ,lorzim.:ei', Yea. lulscth. johnson. lfhle. Ousrud. N. xll'kllll'lllj', liondeliagen, Row 4. llalxersnn. Sevcrtson, .Xndc-rson, Ilolton. R. llanson, l,ewis. Tliorson, C. Quam. l r l l 6. . , Q Agriculture Club U . . .. . l l tJl'l'lL lzlib 'Q President ,.,., .. liarl llanson l X Secretary ,.,, ,,,, 5 lerome Quant Treasurer ,.,,. . ,,.,. Peter Yea 1 :Xdvisor ,,,, . Hlfarl XYilke ,' l "gXgriculture is the hacklmone ol' a llillltlll.uf"XY1lSlllllQ,flllll. The Clulm was reorganized this year hy klr. lY1lke and certain memlmers , of the student hody interested in this lorm of activity. This clulm consists entirely X of lmovs. 'l'here are no delinite requirements to lxecome a memlmer, lmut only students l that are interested, co-operative, and, all in all, willing to work. are considered in this clnh. Although the name may suggest that this cluh excludes all but farmer ,, boys, this is not the case, as there are as many lmoys from the city enrolled as there . are from the country. , 1 lixcept in cases of unexpected occurences, we have meetings once every two , ' weeks. Hur meetings have lmeen dynamic affairs. Talks have lveen given hy our advisor and certain memhers of the cluh. llairying, poultry raising, tolmacco raising. and many other ditlerent topics have heen discussed. Moving pictures have helped us in our study. l,ike all other cluhs, we were called u won to five a Jlav in assemlmlv. lt was a is . . knockout. lxal ill Atkinson makes some cow: he can t even kick straiffht. Mat q v . . . . . 6 l'urseth starredfl guess it was lmecause certain temmme eyes in the crowd were inspiring him. l'eter Yea experienced his first sensation as a stool pigeon. Also, , the assemlmlv was tendered a unique hroadeasting station with local talent. 1 Q . . MI , . . . . l Next year we hope lo have a luetter time m lmoth pleasure and in things accom- ijli phshed lmy the clulm. XYe all ought to lwecome successtul tarmers after this year's h r experience. - as .3 an .H .lx ' . K i it -- .nfif X --'A...i4 'Au - - page sixtyethree i 'NW .e--S4-Y ' t I 5. f l ll l l .li il . ' T ' re E. T". - NHL.- ,-If z N .p,.,.n--. 'Me YA1-IARA 1 -:na Row l. Cllrislianson. Iiellzuul, M. Nordlie. Xorseler. li. Nelson. Row J. Jenson, liakkcn, johnson. 0. Roberts, .Xsperheini, lfhle. l'. Quam. Sunzlby. Row 3, liondeliagen. Burdick. .X. Norrllie, Yascnml. Sandsmark. Duxstad, llovc. Rciustad, liilbrrtson. Row 4. M. Quant, Sloelcstad, llellickson, -lcnson, A. Nelson, Seamonson, R. Roberts. Mrs, Thompson. Row 5, l. Peterson, Henning, Yuld, Hratvold, Kittlcson. Staven, M. johnson. V. Luethi, Row tu. lf. Peterson, Hanson, Carpenter, Kvallieinl. Dersh. Slcaarncss. ll. l.ucthi. Arvolwl. Home Economics Club oifificiilts President ....Y,..,.,. Y,,.,,,..,,, N orma llansen Yice-l'resident A,,,, ,.,,,. l ngeborg Seamonson Secretary '..., ..,, ,...,,, A - Xdeline Stokstad Treasurer ',,,,, Y,,. X Yanda .lcnson .Xclvisoi ',,,,, ,,,.A N lrs. Thompson The llome lironomics Club consists of forty girls, who are intensely interested in handicraft work. Any girl in high school is eligible for membership to thc organization. if she is interested. Although this club has not been long in existence. it has met with great success. The purpose of this club is to create an interest in its members for handicraft work. Our very capable advisor, Mrs. Thompson, does more than thisg she instills in the girls a feeling of friendship and eo-operation. XYhen meetings are held every two weeks, the girls sew or do any kind of work which they prefer. Before Christmas, the girls made Christmas presents. A committee from the organization has charge of the program for each meeting. and at the close the girls take turns at serving luncheon. Our llallowe'en party was a great success. This party was held in the music room. Where a program was rendered by the members of the club. After the pro- gram. we played games and served luncheon. The hope in the years to come is that this club will still be in existence and will have as great success as we have had this year. page sixty-four 'Phe YAHARA 1 9.8 R1111 1. l1'1-s. lJi1'111i11. R1111 J. I11111s1111. 1I111'11i11g. Mr. N1-111-r111.111. 111111 3, U1-1111, k'1il'isIi.111s1111, K1-1-111111, 111-1'.11'11. The High School Patrol 1'1'1-1'i1111s 111 1111- l:l11.1 .'Xt11iiis1111-S11111gh11111 111111111111 g1111111, N111 Nct1e1'1111111 iss111-11 Il 1'1111 1-111' 1l1lyS wishing 111 11tl11111:l 111 Il 111111-111 111 1'C1N11'1 111 his 1'1111m. :Xt 111is meeting. 1'111'11 11111 11111 11is 11111111- 1111 Z1 s1i11 111- 1111111-1' 111111 11ig111 11111111's w1'1'1' 111'11w11. '1'111's1- 11111111's w1'1'1': 1':l1XV1l1'11 IJi1'111i11, 11Cl1l'5' 11Zl11S1111, 1i11111'kg1- lvcs. 1.cR11y 11111'ki11gg, 111-1'11111'11 1 l1s1111, 1111111111 1ic1'111'11, 1Yi1111-1' 1i1'1'g1111. 111111 1 1SL'1l1' 1'111'isti1111s1111. '1i1lllS the 11311-111 wus st111'11-11. 17111'i11g thc 111111111111 sc11s1111, thc 114153 cut 1111- grass 1111 the grid- 1I'111l, h111111'11 S1lNV11llS1 111 1i11 in w11t1r1' 111111-s, s11111 1i1'1c1'1s. 111111 1101611 11s ushers. XY111-11 l111s11c1111111 s1-:1s11n came, the 111115 111Zl1'1it'C1 the seats 111111 1101611 11s ushers 111 QZlI'l1CS. 'l'h11 1l11yS h111'1- 111s11 111'11'11 11s l1S11l'1'S 111 1111- 1111ys' C2166 1111111 1111133 11130111310 L'1'11sse11," 1111- 1ii1'1s' 12111 1.11111 1l11ly, "1'1-1'si1111 1'1'i111'css." 111111 1111111cr1111s other s1'1111111 zictivitics. page sixty-tive 11 1 1 1 H. 1. 11 1 f. V 1 T 1 1 1 14 HE 11 3 1 1 1 12 1 1 E P1 11 11 P9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E1 11 11 K 5 1 1 1 . 1? 12 11 1 Q11 11 15 1 11 fi . 6 U11 .1111 51,1 E111 1.i1f"1?'7fi fx 1151113 1' Q f.-i,fTj51?E 1 - 4. ,.:--"w.,.x-:Z 12 QT E. 1. H1 ,I 6 U 1 l' ga l l vi I ' - is .1 I.. rf' YWI., ! 1 'Phe YAHAILA 199.8 . , har:---v "The Poor Nut" -I. C. NUCIICNT AND lCl.l.lU'l"l' NL'liliN'l' The hlunior class play, "The Poor Nut," presentecl April 20th, seorecl a coni- plete success. The eharaeterization of the "l'oor Nut," hy Malcolm Stogclill, was excellently clone. The story, which has a college setting, is eentererl aronncl the "Poor Nut," who has an inferiority complex anrl a strange love atlair with .lulia XYinters, il part splenclimlly portrayecl hy lflorenre Rowe. lloweyer. he really loves Marjorie lllake, a pretty young stuclent, who is trnly responsihle for the "Poor Nuts' great victory in the track meet. Nlary lijoin very ereclitahly playecl the part of this fair heroine. Frank Currier, as "Spike" Hoyt, captain of the XYiseon- sin track team and rival of john, eharaeterizecl his part worthily. All others of the supporting east are deserving of much ereclit in this presentation: :Xlf Christenson as Colonel Small. Olaf Roe as the Freshman, llillll Skinner as "l lub" Smith, Clar- ence Nicholas as "Magpie" XN'elsh, Osear Christenson as Coach jackson, Kiarhelcl Thorpe as "XVallie" l'ieree, Philip lilaesson as l'rofessor Deming, 'lohan Unsrncl as "lJo1"' Spurney, Dorothy Anderson as Regina llopper, Mary llale as Betty Fair, Dorothy llatzinger as llelen Lee. llarolcl Christianson ancl Matthew fireger- son as the two Ohio runners, and .f'X11stin lloltan, l,yle llougan. and lljarne Romnes as the three XViseonsin runners. .W . .. page sixty-six 'Phe YAHARA 199.8 Commercial Contest The District Commercial Contest was held at Stoughton on April Zlst. Nine schools, Mt. Horeb, Evansville, Verona, Cambridge, New Glarus, Edgerton, VVau- nakee, Middleton, and Stoughton were entered, participating in Senior typewriting, junior typewriting, shorthand, bookkeeping, rapid calculation, and penmanship. 5 Stoughton's representatives were Florence Olson and Martha Hanson, junior typewrit- ingg Corine Norseter, Senior typewritingg listher liondehagen and Irene Berg, shorthandg Arthur Olson and Olaf Vea, bookkeeping. Stoughton made a most admirable record in ' the contest, scoring I4 points, almost three times the score of the nearest competitor, New filarus, with 5 points. Florence Olson, Esther Bondehagen, lrene llerg, Arthur Olson, and Olaf Yea will take part in the State Contest at Whitewater, lllay 12th. Junior Prom The animal junior Prom of Stoughton High School was held at the Armory on April 27. Although it was a Dutch setting, it was more than a Dutch treat. At 7 o'clock one hundred and eighty students of the junior and Senior classes sat down with the faculty to partake of the most appetizing banquet served by the Hotel Kegonsa. After the banquet. our chief, llarold lloverson, thanked the juniors for the splendid affair and extended an invitation to the Senior party. The prom queen, Mary llale, called for speeches from Superintendent Berg-very long-Principal Falk. and Miss johnson, after which the traditional Spoon and Spade were pre- sented to llarriet Hale and Philip Klaesson by Florence Olson and Arthur Olson. The Senior Class YVill and Prophecy were read by Pearl Quam and Olaf Vea. This concluded the dinner program, but the real struggle began when Al Skoien's Orchestra began tickling the tunes. Scholarship Awards The following Seniors have been awarded medals by the Lions Club of Stough- ton for excellence in major subjects: Mildred Halverson and Lydia Kaupanger in English, Anna Nordlie in Language, Elizabeth Sampson in Mathematics, Earl Hanson in Science, Pearl Quam in Social Studies, Fredrick Ellingson in Vocational. page sixty-seven -. -ff.-sg ., .... lr..-Q l l 1 l l l ' r as wi: 1 r--T ,, X p'..,,,, ,f -- .lffi 'i will ,..... f..., uf-"- L f-X I-': r- i-ul' ' iff? One YA1-IARA 1 9. A Lucky Break 'HX Lneltv lil'C2lli,u the Senior elzlss play, was :1 howling success. liennv Keteliznn, as taken hy ' lien" Nliclgzircl, hlr., lmrought clown the house with his wise erzwks, tromhone playing. :inrl uhilitv to sell cemetery lots. Ile was the nepliew of .-Xlmner Ketehznn llleglmert lloltonj, the lXlZlI2lSfIl1Zlll1 town crzntk :intl nionev sqneezer, who VVUl1lflll'f sell lanrl for a clay factory to Alohn llrnre. 11 tnillionziire hnsiness man, who feii-'nefl that he was hroke to see it' :eo mle wonlcl he nice to him 6 even it he were without money. llrnee tllo Veal :incl lns pal zinrl eo-worker, flmrles Nlnrtin tllzirolml lloverson J, were staying nt the hotel of an olrl fri:-ntl of theirs, Mrs. Mullet t.Nl1n'ion lillieksonl, :intl her rlznigliter, Nora tl.ycli:1 Kun- ,,H,,-.- v' V - -.Y 4' ' ' 14 ,ti 7. with whom llintc hills in love. :X vonipliezition :lrose when llrnre sees :incl hears 'i'onnnv l.:1nsing, :1 painter llltbllillll XYrigl1t J, inztlting love to Norm, lint this only to throw the mother, Nlrs. llzirrett t lilizczlhetlt Sznnpson 3, of his real sweet- heart, flztnclizi 1 lflorenee fllsonj. into lrelieving they were not in love so she wonlrl not sepztrzite them. llrnce gives up Nora, hut in the encl, when Tommy :incl Clzuiclizt elope, he sees the truth, gets Nora. and wriggles zironncl lietehznn to get the lzincl he wants. 'l'he real fun ol the evening, though, was in lfhnine l.ncline, the hotel servitnt, :ls c'l1:n'z1L'tei'izecl hy Nliltlretl llztlverson, who picked poison ivy instezul ol flowers, :intl :llso fXlpl1e:e:i :incl Aleliihu Spinster, two olcl niziicls tfzirol Yesterflnhl :intl Ilzirriette lborlzinclp, who thrilled at the ronmntie, To say nothing of hlllfll :intl Ynr t liclith lloover :incl Alhert lfrieflll, the lfreneh eonple, who taught rlznieinjj lo itll, inelncling the woorl "simps," Alplieecu :intl .-Xleliilmzi. A eonihinzition of teachers were responsilile for the clztss plz1v's success. Kliss linker :mtl Miss Siljan were the clireetors, who mzicle the zlrtors step. 'l'hev were :lssisterl luv the Senior Cl1lSS2lClX'lS4Jl', Miss Klenert. page sixty-eight 1 f-'21-V--+'1-erm-'.wa: tt 'Phe YAHARA 199.8 Q s 1 I, . ' l X ' it Yahara Staff .fx , H an ICDITC JRIAT QTAFF I v - liditor-in-Chief .A..,,.,.......,............,....,A,..,,..,w. A rthnr Olson Assistant Iiditor ......... ..,..,. ..Y,.A......., C J laf Vea K " ,,,,,-, 5 I A1411 , n Business Manager ,.,.....,YY,.....w.,...,,...,..,,,.,.. Florence Olson Stenographer .Yx,,,,,.. YY,.,A....A,. ,,,,,.. 1 r ene Berg Stenographer ..,..,, ....,... 1 Esther llondehagen lJIil'ARTMENTAL STAFF Art ILilltOf ..... ........,., I lnmor Editor ......,,....,,, Organization lfditor ....,,. Snapshot liditor .r,,.,,,.. Sports liditor ....,,,. Freshmen Editor .,,i,,, Sophomore Editor ,,,,., .lunior Iiditor .,,...,t.., Advisor ..,..,.,......,..,. 1 B 1 Harold Hoverson M ildred Halverson larriette Dorland ,e,...l,ydia liaupanger ..,.,i..........Roger Fries .Katherine Halverson ....i.,......,,,.Marian Tolly Mary lljoin Miss Helen XYilliams f ,,f'-"l-v- 'sb is kr 4 i ? 'The YAHARA 199.8 First Roxy: Quam. Miss IleYonng, Mr. Nelson, Kanpanger. Second Row: Sampson. Yea. Lalflenr, Klaesson. Debate No organization is more of an individual asset to its memlmers than this aetivity. .Xlertness of the mind, self-eonlidenee and hearing. and ahility to see great problems through the impartial puhlie eye are all stressed and indulged at a delmate praetiee. The question for clelmate was: "Resolved, That the State of XX'isconsin linaet a Requiring Capital l'unishment for lfirst Degree Murder." The negative team was entirely made up of girls, and the aftirniative team was of lmoys. Although lioth sides presented and staged real arguments, the teams went down to defeat to the "Wranglers" of XYiseonsin lligh hy a narrow margin. Our deliating' squads were under the eapahle and patient coaching of Klr. Nelson, who was assisted lmy Bliss lJeYoung. lt was through their enthusiasm and untiring efforts that the memlmers were at last transformed into Mark .Xnthonys winning the hearts of people, hut not those of the judges. Uuly two memliers of this year's team will lie lmaek, hut, heeause of the entlm- siasm and pulmlie interest involved, we are eertain that this activity will have its permaneney in the Stoughton lligh School. Klemlmers of the squad were awarded pins for their ettorts and team work. page seventy 'The YAHARA 199.8 Olaf Yea Leohelle Hagen Oratorical and Declamatory Contest The holding of this event is looked forward to every year hy all the high school students with much anticipation. The Oratorical and Declamatory Contest took place on April 2-lth, in the school auditorium. A contest was held previous to this for elimination of places among the two boy and two girl contestants in each class. As a result, the Freshman class had five points, three in Uratory, with Alfred Olson, and two in Declamatory, with Muriel Larson. The Sophomores received two points from their Oratory contest- ant, winning another second place. ln the Senior class, Lydia Kaupanger received first place of the seconds in Declamatory. Therefore, these three classes had points already to their credit hefore the real contest. Each class marched in, in joyful rhythm to their individul songs. Mr. Falk gave a short introduction, and the orations were given in the following order: Olaf Vea, Senior, Frederick llenderson, Freshman, Donald johnson, Sophomore, and Frank Currier, junior. The display of pep was held with lusty voices and much noise. Each class decorated their section of the room in gay colors. Last year this custom was not carried out, hut, hy a vote of the Student Council, it was decided to carry out that former idea of decorating, as it added to competition and atmosphere, likewise. Following decisions made hy the judges for decorations, pep display, and orations, the declamers gave their selectionsg Leohelle Hagen represented the juniorsg Constance Olson, Sophomoresg Mildred Halverson, Seniors, and Kath- erine Halverson, Freshmen. The Senior class won the event, winning first place for attendance, first for decorations, and first in oratory, with N95 points in all. The winning speakers were Olaf Vea, representing the Seniors, with the selec- tion, "Pan-Americanism and Latin Americanismf' and Leohelle Hagen, a junior, who gave "Peters Project." Close seconds were Frank Currier, junior, and Katherine Halverson, Freshman. The trophy was presented hy Dr. Mathew Gregerson. The two winners represented Stoughton High in the League Contest between VVhitewater, Edgerton, and Stoughton, in our city. Both carried off first places. page seventy-one 4-'Y -.. .,,f"'4-- .gs gi... Y 1 1 4 The YA1-1A1v.'A 199.8 I f . . - , if V qi! 0 i tc ' 19- , 1 W! .W gl I N' u ' fb--ll'-1'1.f . N if M4 ,MAA Am fi ' gm ' Q4 Wf i mo 1 gy, 6f-7"C'A f if X A f ff! .A , If , I , . r ifnbff' j 'Mk Lf- ff if-1 M ggfff.,,1,f,f ,iff ,f Z,.,Z.2!' l '33 . , aww '1 , V D YZ 1 , f K4 !w Q A 2' '. ff? ' V A ff., 1-19 ,fi A .. N ' ,T xr lg Q V '1 . V I . w .. M! V f. ' P1 U C-, ,lil A, , 1 V' 'Z- Q, - W V - W or 2' fr 9 Y ,V 13 ,A 4,1 R 5 X I A Q Q 4 I 1 1 I fi., li' I V xi "'5fl""'l' I f"':l!SR'fE?"3'1 'K 'Une YAHARA .19-9' Calendar September 6-Hurrah! Vacation days are over. Once more everyone is tripping back to the little red school house for a big year. Freshmen are found straying here and there, but Mr. Falk urges upper classmen to take them by the hand until they become better acquainted. September ,7-Already we are burdened with lessons. A lost Fresliie taps on Mr. Ne1son's'door, and meekly asks, "ls this the machine shop ?" The reply was under his breath, but forgive these ever green saplings. They'll learn. September 8-Music! Seems good to get back to an old song or two, and the Pur- ple and White sounds great. We realize our music teacher has a hard place to fill, but she made a big hit today-ain't she sweet? September 9--First week's gone fast-wish they'd all go along so quickly and smoothly. September 12-Lovely weather-these teachers are masters at handing out assign- ments. Mr. Nelson has been wondering if Ralph Atkinson is any relative of Fort. Can anyone help him out? D September 13-Isn't it hot? Wish we didn't have to go to school! September 14-Heat increases. An almost unanimous vote to begin school at 8 o'clock-means getting out at 3:10. Three cheers! September 15-Co-eds are passing judgment on our new football coach, "our own dear Mr. Wilke." He isn't married, either. Isn't he cute? However, quite a few tell us there's nothing so cute about the first workouts he's giving the squad. September 16-Funny, but we're always glad when Fridays roll around. September 19-Here we are again! Third week, and we're all up and coming. Time goes fast. September 20-We Find Hegbert Holtan is writing the school news for the Hub- fine, Hegge! September 21-Marian Ellickson fell on the floor today in fifth hour study hall. We're all wondering who she "fell for." September 22-A very interesting assembly period-a Chinese speaker, who gave us a lot oflastonishing facts about his people. The girls don't chew gum over there. Quite a few scenic pictures of China are floating about the school. September 23-Lots of pep in assembly today. "There's music in the air !' September 26-VVe find Dorothy Anderson and "Stoggie" walking arm in arm to class. We guess that they're forgetting themselves. September 27-Mr. Nelson informs us it's the 27th. all day. September 28-Brurrl it's cold. "Hans" Gjestson says it's hard for him to "get Someone suggested going back to the 8:30 schedule. but that means not out." out until 4 bells. N o, we can't start that yet. September 29-Yahara Staff display a peppy little "take-off"-at least, they get the laughs from the assembly! September 30-The staff is on every student's trail-soaking 'em for two bucks. Tomorrow is our first football game at Milton. October 3-Gloomy for the Seniors. Matters go from worse to worse. What? No Yahara ! ! High school, where's your pep? October 4-"Bo" says play the game. Frank Currier is worrying about next year. It's five o'clockg we reach our 300 limit, but that's about all. page seventy-three an 44 .111 1 '4L..""i'1'- N -lx XX 'Q-xixwifib' 't -iw: t Q-AV QR 'N if Wit: .It is 7' -.Dlx Y. .34 5 WZ its iff lf' Wwiild ,tg if y V 9 4 N, NE 4 JQQTQTMQG A ap., 4 x 94 A' cab'-x 'x -If ity? l Mi an F, -12 -.,,,?N'qw .5 W. xg? "if V t ff 4- 4 -. iii l4R"Q"'-Q:-:-azzv.-. '-'f31'P4'A:aaT.1aaa-:E"-. . . .fE5f7'2132If5155121f1ETiIE3E1fi?:iiE! .i'i1-'-'-'-I-'ffliIII:fi'if:Ii2:IifSS5ii::3i:fi' 2fiiiiiffifififfifiEi5i222fES215Eili3i3S,. E-22252Q2E5152251ZIEIEFIEEEESIEIZISESE 4 '55E5525E5E5E335E5E355i5EfE5:5i32E5E3E5EfEii:5Ei' EEiiifiiifzlizil2Ei?:E1:1EZ23S:15:Et3H :I:TZZi:1523:7:35:225:S5:i:5:5:EE?5S:iR- "Y :iififliiif?f?EfE2?fiiZi25f?i5'f-Eaiiiliiiift 1:TQ-ffiifIE2212221212225ffii-E1EF?5i3EEfE1iQi3i ' ' '- '-:-:-:-:+:4:4.-1':-:- -:avr-9:-:"':+: 3 511.35 -: .':-: ::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-14:-:cial' X 3 '- , - .3 1'-:-1-:-:-3-:V f-:-1-.-:-5:4-:-I5 -1 .- 3- .jiriiljljifgl-. 5 52:s1s2s:z:..:a2z11s:2:5:i:5:z:gaiii' '.'.'.'.'.',1'.'.1'.'.Tfflfh2 'Z V-1 'S:i:1:f:11':3:iz5:1:3:f:i:3S:32527Q5:5SQ' +:-::-:-:-:':-:-:g1:-zizggmyg-' .5 - ""' lf' '. I .sh K2 'zlz :""' .:+f. '. !7I5:f..,:3i., ,. fix ' 35" "'-gf 'i -' -:asa-:ac-:egg 3.5. El 'fat.:+:+:-:-:-:-:-:4-'.f-raise if .f-1:1-:ac-:iz-1-me?-212:-az:-2:4314 41:3-:-:-1:-:+:'24-tin:-5:-azk-:-2539 -.-- . . 'Z-I-I-Hi-.I'-I-Fi'-Efi-I .1 r 'f32533555':'f':if?fE321:3,"'3fff'1i2i5J::- ff f' I-1'I- -'-51I-P'f"'?I'2'5PZ'51'.'. ' 'I Ii:3f:4':'.' "" :-":1: '-:1.1:f:E3:5:i?:5Z34f' l1'3IEi':l:I-'v'i.:.:IiIlift..-.:fHIiiigIg' ?'2-Ei215:iIlE1Ei.1".'.., -1372.1 .i3:-1Q:Q:':i132Ef:,zgizgffzfiif '?.If5f?i?f-33,-1-fi' , --1Q?f1fiff?5i:4:3:i:355i 3-1-1-I-:cl3-sg:5133.3::.5:3:::g:::55j-33 1.'.'.'.'i,'."' T'1S.T.'.'J'.'r UH' ' tt- gtk-Qwz-a, V. A 'V-qt, -.52-F Je." ' :7iS:1:?5:i:i5i. 'sew I... ........ . .. ,.... .-1-.-.-1-'-a:-:-:-1-rat.:-rm-. -. ar is-r:r'1:r:1:f-it5-iszrw .4-11141:-:i 'ff rr' H 4:ii:'L-.iziiz-xv, i:3:fS:11f.7:1:5:f:E5S . ' :k3:75:3i7S75Si:5-Z- ' Filiitii 5 '3I5Z5Z3:71731I75'553fi2Z555I3gS? Y ' . -n:c+'-1:-:zest is .." ' : '.z'.'.LC'l'. -H 21264-.."'i-SHI-If-P'2-:-:.. .-3.1, -:-:4-'61 f:15:3"i:42 . 1 :-:-a:4:-' f--fzcei-.-:-z-iz-sw -'sez .-.-..t- ,rw if-T:f:'z' lcv. 2-ax f S:"' l1i:Eif K'-im:-9.-. fr: . -Q-Q -. 3:3:fP53:f:'i 2-"4-xg' 'Q' ' Eg: .: iiiiiiiiiiii-f4'QI i :cilff -:-:War-":-5' Gan" q:-" W: .A W" 5. 4 41 3- . I ai' . -5 lufigh, Iii w '-f'-'i' ill gr gxq I 5, tg. ...t , '3:1:7:3:c7'-'-SF t .. ' :" '21-11:1 T -.Nair 15553 5. .Q Zi-fii-C'Z'I4i:'-'SR' 3:4-:-em:-1-.Eze-:-.R ' f:- Q . 'l'f'ffi'i'?f'19Pi'f N""" .- ' . - w.w.n'.' f .1 1 . A E:tg4,,:55g- + " ul f .. -f", 'The YAHARA 199.8 October 5-Our new Hi-Y members are wearing overalls. Not so bad in the A. M., but in the P. M. they wore them back in front. Well, it was that or an old-fashioned spanking, and Mr. Nelson is said to swing a wicked paddle. October 6-Chemistry students put on a clever demonstration. Harry Randecker carries eggs around in his pockets. October 7-Big pep meeting for the Fort game, yay!! VVords from Mr. Wilke and Mr. Nelson. All the "boys" on the platform. Aren't they good-looking- but so shy! Mr. Falk has nothing to say, but that the sewing classes have some little purple and white caps to sell! October ll-Fire Prevention Week-Mr. Falk emphasizes knowing the easiest way to get out of bed before going to bed l October 12-A Freshman is trying to figure out where his lap goes when he stands up. October 13-We get a taste of junior talent in an English III play-mighty clever production, too. We Seniors are looking forward to their class play. October 14-A line talk from Mr. Myrick this morning. After our "Fort" defeat, we're coming back to win from University High. October 18-French play enjoyed by everyone. October 19-Music once more. Currier and "Stoggie" get some line harmony in there when they get tuned up. October 20-Mr. Nelson still claims that it's the 20th, all day-can you imagine? October 21-Another week gone by. What's there to show for it? October Zfl-No assembly. Garfield cutting up too much-has to report after schoo . October 25-Dramatic Club has another "work out" in the form of a morning production. October 26-Found a Sophomore so dumb he thought there was no school, because leveryone's beeing talking about "Homecoming," and he thought all should go ome. October 27-Mr. Kalnes gave an exceptionally line talk, and we "Norskes" are proud of john Hanson. October 28-Lots of pep in assembly this morning. Tomorrow we battle with Monroe! October 31-VV e heard Walter Keenan was running around scaring people with a jack-o-lantern. It's Hallowe'en, you know, and children must have their fun. November 1-A new month ahead of us. judging by today's weather, the morn- ings will be pretty snappy! November 2-Fine assembly-lots of pep! We're wondering why Mary Hale enjoys Li'l Liza jane so well. November 3 and 4-Teachers' Convention, and you know that means two days of vacation. Three cheers! November 7-It really does seem nice to see the teachers back, and we know they're all really glad to see us! N ovmber 8-The Physics class entertained us in the form of a little orchestra from New York. Albert Friedl was an able director of a harmonious little sym- phony playing "Mary Lou." November 10-Carmen Carter is back to school, taking up post-graduate work. She and "Horse" just can't be separated. November 11-A big day ..... We were all inspired by an interesting talk on Armis- tice Day-Alvin Olson, the capable speaker. Besides that. there was a lot of excitement because of the Edgerton battle, but win or lose, fellows, we are with you, how about it, Synova? November 14-The Student Council is making new rules-no "speaking" in study halls. What will some of us do without our daily chats? page seventy-four 5 1. .,..,y,A-f:..,.,..,c, X 'The YA1-IARA. 199.8 November 15-Philo play! Harriet Hale is quite a vegetable peddler. Where did she get the gay attire? November 16-Music seemed rather dull. There isn't quite so much pep after that Edgerton game, but wait for the basketball season! November 17-Our series of speakers, in charge of the Student Council, opened today with a splendid word from Mr. Aldrich. November 18-The football season is over! S. H. S. will miss some good men next year, but there are several prospects for vacancies. November 22-Real talent portrayed in the Dramatic Club performance this A. M. No one agreed that its name, "Punk," was very suitable. November 23-Thanksgiving vacation-well. we can be thankful for no school for four whole days. November 28-Back once more. Such cheerful faces, we know the students were eager for work. Already they are at it. November 29-Thorp and "Cy" make fine Campfire Girls, but they know how to play basketball, and it won't be long now. November 30-Paul Skinner is becoming a second Caruso. VVe were favored by the Boys' Quartet in assembly. December l+Rev. Fjelstad spoke to the student body. The thought he stressed was for us all to build a first-class house in life, not a shack. December 2-Not so much "hub-bub about starting school at S." lt's rather nice to sleep an extra wink these cold "good mornings," isn't it, Hegge? December 5-Six-week exams! Tempus fugit-report cards out soon. December 6-History play. Dressed up, one would never know the difference be- tween the early colonists and some of our History "sharks," December 7-Girls' basketball practice has begun. We are wondering about the inter-class battles. December 8-No assembly. Stoggie is late this morning. Better tell her to let you go home earlier, Malcolm. December 9-junior High present a bit from their play to be given at the high school tonight. "Rescued by Radio"-sounds good! December 12-We heard Mary Bjoin saying, "Yes! and he followed me all the way home." Who did, Mary? December 13-A little Christmas production by the Dramatic Club. At last, Ken- neth found her. December 14-It won't be long now. Already we hear, "I haven't bought any presents yet !" December 15-Lots of Christmas carols and "Yuletide" greetings in the air. December 16-Vacation at last. Mr. Falk hopes we get lots of gum in our stock- ings. Off for a two weeks of lots of fun. January 3-How quickly vacations Hy. It was hard to pull out this morning. january 4-Semester exams are not far off. Start your reviewing now. Oh! Somebody's always taking the joy out of life. january 5-Walter Keenan gets caught reading "Snappy Stories." january 6-Took quite a game from Albany in the first basketball presentation. We'll have harder games than that to play. January 10-Debate squad picked. Let's go! January 11-Harry gives up a speech concerning machinery from Voyce's class. January 12-Nothing stirring. "Greg" falls asleep in class. January 13-Ben Wait always has a good word when he speaks to the assembly. January 16-We were defeated at Milton, but the boys put up a great tight. They're saving their "stuff" for later games, we judge. January .17-"Shorty" and "Bo" represent the Math. department, showing some new tricks in figuring. page seventy-five 1 sl I-Ni .,. :-:-: :tg-:gg '. ':' . 4 if-il:-ifliffiffx 1 'f"'Z51jfj33:rIiEiS :iziii frrgf'-1..g.iI:.j5f??"' ' ' I-Km . .. :F''I'1:1:1:?:3:1":3'1i:3:5:Z '- -' 11:3 '15:f:Q:f:f5i:f'5 Ifi:iif'.f:i:3:ifEf.i:EfiSg P1255i325i.Q2l3Q3Qi25525 :i:3:-:':fEf" 2. ' -221 i '55 'lfiiillfffiffii -.-:E C3 35:"i.QQi3i553f5f15ifi' .... ., qty -z-14.-as A I. .2'5-f:1:1:1:t?'f Q:j:lg. -235'-3' ' 3: l - .i.-. .a ti. ' .-:SEV . .... ,ck "-1::g.g: 2 1 jx, i 44 v "' 'A , . I 1 ff ..-v 1 an ' , I I- : 79 ' 'A U ' N X X H Q' 32-at '73 I . 'N :-1.-'N' . ' E t::g2gI,I5E5g'r1'j'f". .gifs 9 ' -2f'jQEfE122.QQ'Qf" - iii: i if' at Q: 'ii' .a1:Efi'2:3'fi:1I AS' Q.f:Q:f.-51:3-QQ 35 3. l "iv ""2-Iii-'i'2'.' IQ. 4 .- l l- i --nfl 5:3:'.Tft5:7:55:3: :-A ' 'f .. 1. 1:-'aa-:-xo'iz-3:-1-:-1-:-5 :V 1 .gi3:f:3:Qf:5:1:-. 3 3 .?kiE2E2f' '-15125 f -.-:bf "E't7:5:. ':i:f'1.?.E7: .' 1' figiiiqii-Li:-l'fiii::::ii-A " ' li 1 35.521155155:2:ai.f32i31:. .L .il .ss?2i55i:2:.55:2s5ff,:ti1.'f i:.:... 14526-:-t-'4'-:a-',:-t-:+:- I-:YG iii- ' .3tT:-:5:, 23' '. . "32- '-'252?ffl. '?1'.f:f21' 3214?- :-:-15t-s2z+:-:f-23:3::5.g3:3'313:,:i:Q:3:3:f'Q?Q' 453525521:1'9.5:5EE?"fiii:'5.z2a2Si13Z52ifii?"-. iN:bK:5:f'P-'-:':5:i:" -.-.1:l. ""5:?:l:':i:?:?:5:-.43 i5iEE5?lfi:E'3l12E1fIf.'E53l'3fE2z552555.55E5E5E5i5f5f9-- 'ssizazssei3152221115.5:5:2?55i525:5i21.25551 - :sy i -:-:f-:-:-'ez-:':a-:ik- iiziizi S5l:5'SkI5-1'2'5'1t-' '. .f 2 :-I-'4-:im-za-11:55:TF--i fa! bill l3f6q5:3:i:lX:3:x1-'1:'L'f T 'EFI-:27i3:l5'7i'.3ii3''f-gf . i+gI3:-'-35'-IfQ31-I-23:-L: -:W .' til.-1k2Y'7i1.1.3 lil" .. :. .-.- ' -:-:Q-'4 1 1 1. '-:-:-:-:-. . 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VVrite your own ticket. january 23-Paul Skinner and Doris Larson seen holding hands-dear me! Ain't love grand? january 24-Uuchl Have you seen Roger Fries' new tie. It can be heard a mile away. VVear your colored glasses. January 25-Favored by the Girls' Sextet-bne singing, girls! january 27-Betty Sampson caught chewing gum-none of that! january 30-A snowball iight staged on the school grounds. VVell. that's good exercise. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. january 3l-Colder! Jack Frost aided the girls this A. M.-no cosmetics necessary. Febrparyvl--Mr. Nelson is quite "dolled up" todayg talk about your "rah rah" Joys. V . February 2-Out-of-town visitors in school-where from? We don't know. February 3-Got it back on Milton in a hot game-plenty of pep and the boys played hard. February 6-Bill is kept busy writing letters, and the tuff part of 'it, she can't answer them. She'll be back at school soon, Bill, cheer up! February 7-"You have a fine whistle," said Mr. Falk, "and I'm glad to see that you're so happy, but please don't use it in the halls." Since, Shorty Nicholas has been practicing at the hotel. '. February Sr-M r. Johnson is working our band, and several girls have joined with the troopers. February 9-Several of our number step the "light fantastic" at the Pythian Sister Leap Year dance. February 10-We play Fort tonight-add to the pep you had in assembly and we'll trim that "five." February 13-Mr. Falk addresses the students with a few words on Lincoln. Great game last Friday. February 14-Donald Wright ought to have enough practice on proposing, now, after the class play and the Dramatic Club production this morning. February 15-Lots of the girls received valentines yesterday, but not in school. Stoton certainly backed the fellows in the Evansville game with a victory, too, by one point-h'ray! February 16-Heard Walt Keenan is growing a mustache. February 17-Edgerton vs. Stoton there, and we won, 23-22. Talk about your real fight and spirit. What a mob was there! , February 20-Everyone's having the Hitch." Must stay out of school until you are over it, is report. February 21-Economics class present an immigration dialogue punctuated with several good laughs. February 22-Prof. Nelson takes charge of the assembly program, consisting of a talk on VVashington by Mr. Alvin Loverudg a couple of selections by the school orchestra: a short play, given by the junior High girls, and Mildred Halver- - son's reading, "Georgia Wash." School out at 2 o'clock. February 23-Garfield has called on fair Florence every night this week. Ain't love grand? February 24-We trim Monroe in a rip-snorting game-much pep! And the crowd roars with Holtan's clever stunts. February 27-Our professional carvers sand-paper desks after working hours. February 28-Glad that Anna is back from her long illness-s0's Bill! Febuary 29-Today's your chance, girls. It's Leap Year, you know, so take your pick! ,.' page seventy-six -. .... i mi 'me YAHAKA 1 9 9. a E 1 3 I Nl 33 'i Y I' - 1 J. ..,. I xl lv , Iv.: L :N M - .- , .- :rg- page seventy seven x""" - " :cgi E- ' -I-E 1-I . . . .-I I x-.vw . l lr! , " l l ' ' .. .l, 'T - .nr-D ' .. ' -u-PPS.. 'W-"'ec1f-.4:'.-. . 'The YAHARA. 1928 March l-Boys' Glee Club give sketch of "Double Crossed" in assembly. Some lusty voices-"particularly Friedl!" March 2-Friday night, ladies and gents at the Auditorium. Shorty makes quite the girl in his pretty top! March 5-Defeated by a slight margin in a last basketball tussle with University High. But, yay! We go to the tournament. March 6-"Wilke's cowboys" do some royal entertaining-cows and farmers and everything! Debte tomorrow ! Mrch 7-We're all happy because we had music today. Hasn't Miss Gress a pretty new dress? Declamatory try-outs. March 8-We get "took," anounces Chief Olson. Look pretty and don't move! March 9--Philo Banquet and the "Orph" at Madison-big time had by all! March 12-Last week our debaters did creditably-ran up against hard competi- tion, was all. Perhaps another debate will be scheduled. Watch for a vict'ry! March 14-Big assembly-boys up in front-Purple and VVhite! March 15-They're off. The tournament. March 16-Lots of Stoton kids follow the team to VVhitewater. March 19-Stoton makes a good showing-hard luck losing to Janesville by one point. March 20-We like these new song books. passed out a few weeks ago, Mr. Netter- blad improves our singing 9919. March 21-The girls give us a "taste" of their Persian Princess." Ah! such melo- dious voices. Why the laughing, Katherine? - March 22-Rev. Hegge holds the stage in 'talk on our future. March 23-Girls' Show goes over big. Music and costuming splendid. March 26-Junior class is busy on their play, "The Poor Nut." and Stoggie is it. March 28-"Sing along"-Roger Fries sends in a request for music today. How poor Martha blushed! f March 29-Doc Keenan urges better care of ourselves. More clothes on girls! March 30-Chest clinic. Dr. Harrington spoke on health and disease. We were fortunate in having the line opportunity to hear him. Now, will some of you eat breakfast before school in the morning? April 3-The Hi-Y royally entertained this evening. You ought to see Nelson roller skate. April 4-Albert Friedl gave the assembly a treat with several saxophone solos. "Al" does know his music. April 5-Long entertainment today. Mr. Ford spoke on the furniture dealing, influencing the students in fields for their vocations. The band showed marked improvement, and were applauded greatly, after rendering several peppy selections. April 6-The last vacation, and then to be back again for the last long lap. April 16-Back to hard work with school starting at 8 o'clock, but we get out at 3:10-let's go! April 17-Spring football practice has started, and track and baseball will be included soon. We're wondering if our boys can keep up their high standard in athletics. April 18-"Gar" Thorpe caught winliing at Astrid Felland. None of that, Garfield. April 19-Favored by a selection from Lydia as our winner of the seconds. Nice going, Lydia. April ZOL-No music, because Miss Gress has skipped off ! But, oh! Our Junior class play! If you haven't bought your ticket, you must hurry. Only a dozen sets left. It sounds exciting! ...- page seventy-eight 'Me YAHARA 199.8 April 22-Stoggie as the "Poor Nut" certainly played his part. And behold- in our Commercial Contest Saturday Stoughton copped some more honors. Three cheers for us!!! April 23-Muriel Larson gave her declamation today. There is much in the future for our beginners in the dramatic limelight. And tonight's the contest. April 24-The Seniors walk away big. We won the cup, due to our many students present, our gorgeous decorations, and Bo's masterly oration. Are we ever proud! April 25-Report cards again. These six weeks certainly Hy, and this last term will be hard if the warm weather keeps on. April 26-Much excitement over the "Lucky Break." Senior class play try-outs today! With the junior play such a big success, we have something to work for. April 27-The League Contest. Good luck, Leobelle and Olaf! Tonight's the Prom-a chicken feed and the strains of Al Skoein's best! April 30-A Freshman was putting his initials on one of his tennis shoes and it was told he put ditto marks on the other-poor fella! May 1-The Seniors have started practice. "Shorty" Nicholas says our play can't come up to the juniors'. VVe're keeping mum-wait and see! Take a look at our cast. May 2-Everyone's working hard to end the year with a bang. May 3-Our gym exhibition! A large crowd in attendance, and from applause we judged it went over big. May 4-This ends another week-vacation will be here soon! May 10-We just heard today that the eve of the first Harold Hoverson was tl May-basketingf' Who's the girl, Harold? May ll-If school were only over-it's getting warmer every day. May 14-Everyone's donning new spring apparel-no coats or hats! May 15-It's just study now until school's out-it won't be long, now! r May 16-A peppy music period today. VVe love to sing in this weather. May 17-VValter Keenan is day-dreaming-must be in love. A penny for your thoughts, Doc. just his luck not to be thinking. May 18-james McCarthy claims his grandfather's greater than Cy's because he killed the Dead Sea, but Cy says his grandfather put the sin in Cincinnati. May Z1-Review! Review!! Review!!! We surely need it. May 22-VV hen Arne's Sunday School teacher asked him what kind of boys -went to heaven, he said, "Dead ones." Really, Stensby? May 23-School will be out before we know it. Seniors, are we glad or not? May 24-Good old music. Smile and the world smiles with you. Roger and Martha sing with such seriousness these days. May 25-The greatest event of the year--and the dear old class of '28 made their play a screaming success. May 28 and 29-Exams ! !! If it isn't a matter of passing there's no worry. May 30--Memorial Day-no school. May 31-What fun we had at the class picnic. And the Mixer-well, who didn't have fun there-some orchestra. ' june l-Commencement. School is over and vacation days are here at last. Good- bye, forever-until we see you next year! ru' .t V A 3. L, Il Q 1 ,,-4, '5- Q1 . Ni. page SeVCIlty Ill C 'The YA1-IARA. 192, 8 ".S""', iw ' f. F ' .,Kxmg:i -Q5-Jerri ,gi J if 'wh N. L .'.tg.,,1.Q-faq, ' 1 'kj " J 4 - ,eg , . -, 7. X :- v The YAHAILA 199.8 Jokes The Chemist's Commandment - Thou Shalt Not Waste! It is fortunate for us that we don't have to be reminded to take a breath. Forgetful people and absent-minded professors would soon suffocate. In second hour History Class: Cal- liope passes by playing a popular dance hit. Harry Randecker to Gladys Nelson: "May I have the next dance, Gladys ?" Marian E.-When may an army be said to be totally destroyed? Arne-When its soldiers are all in quarters. Teacher: "What do we have ears for?" Junior: "Dad says mother has them so she can hear herself talk." There was a thin maiden called Lena, Who bought a new vacuum cleana, But she got in the way of its suction one day And since then nobody has seena. Johnnie: "Mother, I just seen-" Mother: "Johnnie, where's your grammar ?" Johnnie: "That's just it-I seen her at the barber shop, getting her hair bobbedf' Miss Siljanz "Vernon, why do you spell bank with such a large 'B' ?" Vernon: "Because someone told me that a bank was no good unless it had a large capital." MAN'S LIFE School tablets. Arpirin tablets. Stone tablets. k Mary Bjoin: "I'll bet I know where you got your tie." Paul Skinner: "I'll bet my last cent you don't. Mary: "Around your neck, you dumbbell." Miss Larson: "Harold, tell mel all you can about nitrates." Harold Randecker: "Ah-er-well, they're cheaper than day rates." "Tom, go fetch the old horse." "Why the old one, father ?" "Wear out the old ones hrst, that's my motto. "Well then, father, you fetch the horse." H Albert Freidl: "Ever had any oper- pi! atic experience, Conrad . Conrad Christianson: "I should say I have: I played the nut in 'Ben Bolt !' " page eighty-one if , -:5-L-SM. ., 3.g..g.y.5,.-.1-.w..-..-.-.'. . ,Qva-:.-:I-A-:S+:+r:"-S'-H:-1-is, A: .-I-Zi-I-Hi-Z+I'Z-EI iii- ' - ' Iwi . F " ' " -za-.'ca-2,2-xacltelt-:-im..- -f .fy 1. ..-. .................,.....,.... . V if. ':-:+:-:+:':-:+::-:- 4' " 'IMM' " ' ' ' . - . . ..':-'.'." I J f' '-I'PZ-Iii-Z'l+I'3I'Z-'-.E ... .,. Q-:1::f'-2 ' ,.....,...,.,- 11:1:rs:::rs:f1: Z.,-ap. .-::.,:::::Zz-. 1. vs-.u-.ri . .' I-I'I+PZ+f'.x- .' 'I' . ...-.-..... - i .. . .. . .-.x x "hi: X . 5- or ....,..,.... X .,. 1. . s . Q N.-sf.-.'.-r.ff.-fi.--,t- X 2-:ar-'rw -. -yi Qsea:-:+:-isis-:Marti-:-'fe'2 X: .a-isa:-:ez-1:-:c?+'ff-we H- ' - ii-I-.ff-,wI+.', Zin P? QF! - . "lv 'ix -: as::xQ:a:c+?:-eqzzah-wifi.-X sw-:+::-:f+'c-.11a:fs:+"f- ' - -+1:-saves- -at-'-QE '- ?'f-:EI-,QHQC "1" '.'i'.IP+,'i-Q.. 3:5-zaw' il -- :'Hxgg2qf-1'.'.- H.'fl..J HN- 1 ' ' H 'v 'M' -1-szw-'f-4:-he-:w ' . - 41-Z-I-EI-E-Ifi'i'ZC-I-242-IEEE.:" '. 9.-I ' " i'IGIiii'ZGI-1' ' " 'IE-Zfifif 'H' VT' '-HEC-I+!-If-I-. If-PI-FH 'fi ' 4.-as-fm-:.f. W, '- ........ .. .my .. If-Ii-261552:-I. ' I . - ,-.- v .-.A::.-.-:.-::.- . :kE-:52n:-a:-:':c4-:- ' ' .,..-.,.......5 . R .' " " 'Zi-Z-EZQCGIEQMZ .9 :-:-1-:-:-:ms-.-. I ...,..f:...... Z'Z-I-Zi-I-I-Z+Z'l4 x- .. ...,.. Y :I'I-I-I-I-PDI-5"C" W .,-.I . .H - rw 4:-:g-1-:-:-:-2:-za-1.1-1-:-:-1-5:-awI 53 ' 'iiiiiE1ErE2ErE2E221E2E1E5e2g 4 .I-iii-I-:?'? 'V :-: -u.-.v.-.-I-uma-I'-' P3 .' ""'f'i5.'?if'.uPi'if. .' .'.'.-.'.'.'.'.':.'rnu'.v Q' :cfs-:-1' 1:-:':':-:-s:-:a+:ff:-1'- ' "if'ff':'.'.'.'.'.'.'f':'i'i'i'f'i'i'f'?i':i'.' 'I 'I' 5:35.02 x ,lp 9 xi -1-1-z-1-:4-:a-.:-mfs :I1-:-:es-:cf-sms:-zo' V 4. Tiizfzftiiizifikiilzwiffii' 1:i:55:i:15S:1:15:3:2E5?1i."' iizkfzizkfziziifz .....,c:f:i , ..-. i'1S:3:i:i:-ziiitiitif' :7:2:i:f:i:Q:Q:3Q:fi2:f:Q5:fj 3:ii5:3:55:5:T5:11f:35" '. ""' ., .G:l:?:1:455:Rf:5f' Q .. si' H 4' J ffififiiffiii A '-:a-:-:-:fc-zaiiwi' 1 1:-2:-r-:-ere:-. f , 2 1- . .,... ' .,.,., J ,,,, 'zizf' Q., 1,4 ,.,-AFIQHQ .,. ,... .- -A s, s 'f-ff: ..... 2-:Q-:-:+:-:cal :.'.-.-si. 1.-A-qag, l' -qw:--:v4::.a.. -.wg x, ug. r ..,,.....'..,4.':i'-W .3 4.-I' 'fall 9 vi X A I .SQ at 6 ix , 1 ul E 5 9,1 I tt S cs X t K- 'Q k 3 J I gs. Qf1EE5:3:1:7'5:-fi., e. -. ,- 1 3522? .... E51:1EfZii1EIfI3-?- .1 ' ifS3'iffg7:1f-3-ijifi'-ff ' .,3.,9?5' ::. -. .- -. X I i Q sl 5 x . at 1 V H ri lv If L ' exe:-1 92711: -3' H I . fi-:fzff I .f1E311sE1:f' :IT T' Lf? 2. , whaff l 2 1 ir: . f Q I '1 5 . 1, Lei H- ' .- 1 . NE..-I 2 'I ' l .,-el i- ' - an-lli 'I eff! 554513: f 'Eleiirzb 'The YA1-:ARA 19'l'8 Jokes Found--A Freshie who thinks that Bob LaFollette fought in the Revolu- tionary-War. OUR OWN WANT ADS Wanted-A boy to deliver fish that can drive a Ford. VV anted-Girls at Modern 'Cloak Shop to sew buttons on the third Hoor. Wanted-Man to look after cow with voice suitable 'for choir singing. One also capable of running an auto- mobile, and wife. Currierf' "It's an old saying that money talks." Stogdil: "The only thing it says to me is, 'Good-bye.' " 1 A monologue is a conversation be- tween man and wife. The line of departure from Room II is the shortest distance between two points. Were it not For this little verse, There'd be a joke here Ten times worse' Marian Toay: "Those two broth- ers had a circus." Katherine H.: "W'hat two broth- ers?" .Y Early to bed and early to rise makes a man a farmer. Oh! What vain people we have in our. school. Not so long ago-the latest chatter in the whole school was some- thing like this: "VVhich do you like the best?" H Tom likes this one." "I think I'll take this one." "Really, do you like that one ?" CK I love that picture." "Oh! how darling." "This one is to be far the most nat- ural"-and oh! how they hate to hear that last, especially if that "natural" picture is not as good looking as they think they are. Some excitement! And all over the picture for the Ya- hara. LOST AND FOUND WANT ADS Lost-A lot of ambition somewhere around school-all ot! us. VVanted-Someone to prevent gray hairs-Seniors. Needed-An extra pocket for all my coin-Kenneth LaFleur. Lost-The detention system of last year. VVanted-A new girl who will take my "cave man" rule-VValter Keenan. Found-A Freshman who thought the Methodist hospital was just for the Methodists. page eighty-two - i--:ik l 1 ,..x...L .l The YAHARA 199. Y N 4 'Ina-CYA1-1A1v.A 1 9 9. a Jokes Edith Hoover fwas heard to say in her sleepy: "Just one more, Heggef' Ole Chapin: "I hear they're giving away birds free with every drink down to Scheldrupsf' Mansel Leek: "No! what kind P" Ole 1 "Swallows." Marian Ellickson insists that she "pert-near" had the itch. A Donald Wright fto out-of-town girl, at a dimcejz "Oh! I could dance on 'like this forever." Girl: "Oh, no, you're bound to im- prove." FRENCH CLASS Miss Hulsether: "Eyvind, use 'avant' in a sentence, please." Eyvind: "Avant what avant when avant it." Miss Johnson: Who framed the bill of 1824? Edwin J.: Ben Midgard. CITIZENSHIP-A DISCUSSION OF GOVERNMENT Miss Haven: So you see if the President should die the Vice-Presi- dent would take his place and right through the cabinet in order, the Sec- retary of state and so on. Lars K.: What if they should all die? Olaf Roe: I'll tell you a good one, Joe. A Chinese woman wanted to name her son after Lindy, so she call- ed him "One Long Hop." Johann: I know a better one than that. A fellow called his sweetie "Chiff0nier" because she was such a classy dresser." Some powder goes off with a bang -other goes on with a puff. Philip K.: You're so dumb I wouldn't call you a ham. Hegbert: Why not? Phil: 'Cause a ham can be cured. "Why do they speak of a man as 'sawing wood'?" "Because he has both 'pitch' and 'timbre'!" A My girl reminds me of a game of cards. because she loves a good deal. Miss Johnson f beginning discus- sionj: Why was it, then, that Jack- son received the presidency? Conrad C. : Because he got the most votes. Lady: "Have you given the gold fish fresh water, Jane ?" jane: "No, mum, they ain't finished the water I gave them yesterday, yet." ' page eighty-four Q ,, . , 5 ' ' , . A... ... --,-:m.4..-.uaz4fJ.-ximnlm 2t-,,s.:n.i-.... .t.a.ft.sJ'a-4mm..:..,..afa 4 .,:, .. c QM my Bl' We ' " 'N f'g.4mmIv-irrww-.r ,yt The YAHARA 199.8 Jokes An Englishman arriving home, after an extensive tour in America, was asked about the road conditions there. He testified as follows: I "Nearly all the roads in Hamerica are bally good, the Lincoln 'ighway, Washington Boulevard, Jefferson 'ighway, and all the roads built by the great Hamericans are excellent. But some bloomin' Frenchman by the name of De Tour built a lot of branch roads that are simply horrible, doncher know l" Test in Hisotory Classc One ques- tion "to give four examples of Jack- son's inconsistency." g Hegbert: I have five examples. What will you do, count on the first four? Miss : Yes. Hegbert' What will I do with the other one, then? "Does she read the papers much ?" "Well, when I asked her if she'd ever seen Peaches Browning she said no, she always threw them away be- fore they got spoiled." - Bill A. 1 to Walter Keenanj: Why did you stop singing in the choir, Doc? VValter: Because one day I didn't sing, and somebody asked if the organ had been fixed. A Miss johnson: Then, it is agreed that the Oregon Trail began at Inde- pendence, Missouri. Where have we heard of Independence before? KNO answer until a bright boy yells out in the back of the roomj. Kenneth L.-The Declaration of In- a ..v.v.-.Aa -'.'.-.- . X, ??I4'Z+Z'Zii'2-2-F . , b.-Hs.-.a-.-122.12 4' ' 'I'f'l'f'..:I'l'PIi'I'Iv.5?. -Y -.-:.-.-an-.z-.-.-:fb ,gf .:.'.uw.w::.-.a . : :X or . . . . .. .. .u .,,..,v l -. it-: -za-:':':-:-:-:aa-:c-,115522 'es' -' " ...... ,...':v... 4. .v. -1-2-1aa-:-:-:':-Ia.:-zeze-:+:l-:ig-:N -' - .'.-.'. V . 5S:3:5:?:25:5:f:55if5:2t3i"P' ' gg' 235: -29:55:23:-:-1. .-ig., .. ...... A.-.a.. :mer-a'+:aa-:fw 1' H+' .wf.'f...-.- in .l .1- "ifii'E'1I"-2 - 5 ' 2'f.'?' ' s -:eh -1 sz-: ':-H..,f.i .:'5.3""K Wi' r - .- .M . - shw- - ' A '-'IG 'JA' i '-'l'.'v':' 9 Qg.".u55-2433i fx 'fc- I 3:1 .- 'V+?P.-HI+."Z-. ' . -.'.- 52' -:::.-.-un". - - 2-5:12-14+ "" - :fag -.-.i'.' :Fil 'Zi-if-P5'ii"'Z-Pri 'l"' ....,. ...... . . .......... e.. --at-.kt-A -fgcggmg -1- 1-:-:c-ez-:a-:-x-:-gzzazdta'f- K 1-ra-1-:-15:4-:-:':aca-:-:-:-:-E-tail'-:7 -Ei, is ' ' ...-:e:4:1:3Q5'5' -:C:1:E5:5i:fz7:i:5:?ii:I?:f5:23: "Q: 2 :1:-:ac-:4-:aaa-:Q-swoae::aP -it -'-rg:-:-:-:act-2:-:ag-.-af:-ze:-sr-s. Q. I. :5:i:3:2Z3'P3'5:5:3:1'55:lf'lq .Rc -.- '-:-:+:-:-:f-"5rf'Z .-'14'l3.f. - .v '::.w ' - -f." Sliiiiiiiizilliifi. ggqgt-a' xx '4-W3-ri: :-. 'I S1? +5?i2r'cf:C:':113 " :"-iillliiillllliifltii. :A-.-.v.-:::::::.-. 'fmt ,xy c -' vs:-if Y-' 4 Donald Wright: Lend it to me! dependence. - s:-ge 4:l-.v:.5g:f:-:- . , fi' . . f . X? 515'2f""i1EyE-2-ff , fr ' V fQfffWj .f ., fl . If I V Q ,. - 1' L Ll ff V F, -rfb 614 ' " 755 Q I a I' if . . f ci.. A uf . 7 ff 1 if fi -f I!! 7 f 4 L .Je 4-1141 -ff ' fi rs- I, l . vt ,f -f Ziyi e y f . .3g5.., . , ggg:51' I ' " . V' V he A f 1 A-:fini "lsi"i'i'.'Qil'f:l fb I I f 511 . 1ffw0 1 '1'l'k,Q ' ' e . f. - 1' -' -' ' ' 1 , 1' P" CVM f Vi? LI .- ' -I . - . , " lf?5?iS2l?iS'1:fif:: :J if fx 5 1: Q - .rt , - +-'.- ' ' Lfg f L. , 'f's4iI1?"J.4,. ' -J . I' vi1f'.c,y4, Q I, 1 --ti X . fe22frg:5gr32:esg1re 1 l I I .P fx ww A p. 'eff l 1'-J ' M, Y ' T . K .... ' N l e eighty-five J J 7, YA'H Anwfx 1 9. 9. Na M KIT? ,GA , Autographs 75M.f'Y3jlJUZWjAL ,Q-44,1 gf Q AM,m?'L"2fi7ff 'L , ofcfvuufz ZX A MM M, ' - f 7 4 'qw N J rg' fjffjfff XX J. - 4 . I A . I , 1, 1:1 -aff,-7 gc ,uf 1 fokfflff' PW!! '41 I j. f Wx M213 Qxwf' , f iff . XJ . ' , V, if fm, 11 Vlqfftfl 4, j. f 272 4 47 D W iii viii 'Wf gf Qigj if - '- Q., ,cLfJ 3 ,-L.-Q rv.-L..7g, f ,--""D ,eo EQ ff A1-15' fZf,,Q 4 K-JA Qwxfgg M , .XL 0' Ki. vcd L .C 74 ,Ugg q PU A LwJ7,,,4f'!V ,ff nf 5- ,1,f67C A 4 V f' -ff' ,cd-ff LQ, Af!! 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Meygsol itizens National Bank 3 .r 7 1 , LL , .1 0"""-9 ! Donations NJ. J,,..,!.r11 The Courier Hub V' fybvivk ii S F ' Kleanall f UVM" ' Slam Anderson Stoughton Light Sz Fuel Co. Karen Hanson Arne Midgard The K. 81 H. Co. Stoughton Auto Service Co. F.ndicott's Barber Shop Thompson's Plumbing Shop Thos. Oscar 8: Son Hjalmer Johnson Theo. Gilbertson Orrin Gregerson O. C. Lang Alvin Loverude - Dr. Hom S. A. Peterson Amundson Auto Co. Grieg Machine Co. Specs 8z Dahle The Gray Shop Gjertson. Bros F. R. Hyland A. A. Linn Dr. F. C. Henderson Dr. Falk Mrs. J. Nicholas Dr. Omsted Dr. Toay State Bank News Cafe Schumacher's p Ole's Tire Shop X Klongland Elmer Osterheld 81 Usher A 1 'fifuli l L ,sock Clothing Co. Stoughton Marketing Co. J. E. Duer Elmer Eggleson Borrud38fTfAnderson Emery 8z Johnson i F. A. Montague Dr. Keenan Fries Sz Co. Block Bros. Duncan 8: Brewer . Geo. 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Suggestions in the Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) collection:

Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


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Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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