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 - Class of 1927

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nlgzhw 4 ,., 1 .-ff J, 1 3 1' T. E p vi ,'--A - f -,Q ,,....:.. ,. w 1.2! ' if l - , Q- -Q . AZ' ,-rv, Q , I. -xx I 5, ,.,mQ, 55.14 I' p 1 r ,lx Q +I- Tw'-f-"f Y :HQ -f Lgjfffif KQQSQ .671--Hiifr. il, Q x 4: 1:33.-' :ETA Q3 Lvl . L. .,,1r,i -AQ , '- .JQMF , .HF gt-32. -fl-if' 'f "SS gzi-. --4 ff-Qi q:'f:-T" -Q4 Y ' ,. 1 4 , ' :- . - 5 , 1-,- .. Q k ,f 5-E ,fig bfi ..,.,- E 7' . ,A ,- Y. , . . gn-,wa ., , ., .L ilgf L fa -nr "- gpg ar hi I -L , is N 1 KL -Q ,jk 34' ' iv!-. ,f ' 5.21 A5 " ,1 .iff ir' AW' IAA !,V..'v F, J' 4 .fl ,: Q' RL 1- , f Q "',f'ui-'rl I 1 S 5 J. -. , Sl' , , -- .,, 4 Q- .- :A .. - + if 4.-, ,es ,J-,HV 1. ,U -' 4,13 Tw, -:Pg , ' n . 1 be 551, si-QM-.,':Q . , - , f- - V. fJ'1g'-132'-,A -Af-'i ,..,"5"' 'Q ' Q -- 1 , ,. J' " 1, -4 , -'J "4 f , i. ,T Q.. ,, -,.. AI - H-I ' '. I Rh' ' 1 1 - ' . TQQ-!.QLQQQ-4q?.-IQ5,1-ILQ1. .. 71 . A - ". ,I . ., ,QlQi, lt! sql , ' ' P'-5N- -J. u ,,, ' J,,Q-.,, . M! .. ,Q .,,Q, ..,LF. n , H ., . , -, N,-. 14, , ,A .Q -,FQ-.Jin ," l-91 ' I l. 3, ,. , A 1 1 ,, fl, -nz-,E H . . ' U15-31215 ' -'ff '- ,. -L H 1' 3-K4 H 1,-,- Q ,lyk X ,fb -as ,Vu , , -4 'jf 'L ,1- ,:,,, fi J, up 1.Q K Lf! .- 141- ,. .Q J -M . g' Y A L, -.- , -. k,,...,, 4. Hr If "P Nl, ' , .. Q, , , . ' f,.,!,'!-P.'j lx 5,- -is Rf. ,., -if-g'Tf ff' .3 . ', 4"-F '-7 'iw L . T i'L.fbL.'W?I.,.,Q,i - H'4':1'?', . .Q ,,,9-Q-L,-4. F Av. i-.gfiggzm i2'??im J "ATL E: Q -vp gf ' 'nf-f 5 ., .:,w1f'l .iw ' 1- ' -. -, ,Q Q-- -,.-.Q .,,, ,, V I f . 1- -' 1 I5 411-5-' ' R' E, ff. ,43Hi1.i3' - ' . -Q----if ,E:,':i' iff gl 5- 4 1 3 ,- -ewpf-1-fi"T +- V-A :th Iii, ',.,,1wEF, Q "gl , ,gi - ,. . 2' " - an fi-Q '25L5g-,, --L H' eg - ft?-,,,Q,,5 5 ,-U'Qifg,m'. 1+ ' ' I, .Tzu - -5.-,4t1Q.ff5PQ!tn,14w- -'H 'fg.?f'15P EQ,-" --gif , - , ,-.9-',-1 - '92, ,Q-'J , '.f, 'll 'T' S-JS' 'f15.' 4 Q-, 5 .k-: g R' Q - 1,-,.f'f1"f1.x L4 . J. . .A-. -i 4' -il. f -I 'fit --SP '-.9 , i- In if H. 1 4, . I .,- HT W 1: ... fu - -r 'V-V.. , JI V, Q , A . , . ,,A.Q 53,4-"1 Q., :T-L V 1 f 1, 1.1 ' I g:5L:g"fQQQ- g I -.1 '1 If ,vf 1 'fag 11,-Af A A ., 3- H. - ,3,Qm4,,iffQ33wEj. - . ,, - . 5' , fig - 11 ',, Us-R -, 1 . if 'W-3 Q Lf-.:"' 'IP-'3""' F Li -1. ag Q1-QT-Ni 'MNH 1.151 4' 'f 'iii'- -"', , ,-wif -I f': 512- --iff 5 , J, - "W " F-51 M- f2'n.Q'1f'q'Qg' " wk- 1 -3 1---w-,rw ,yy . iJ1.,k-vw, '- I 1 u 4 I I Jr N -WM -?-"eqf7P - - 'fi 'fi ,14 4 5-gg -1 - if 1 f-QQ A A fi? ' f ' -Q-iiufm X -31 77 "t-' 2 ,jd V-mn.H.H..........v.......-.... H.. uf..H..HH...-1....-.........-......-,....- . . . -H... .. -...,.... . 2 fir rf '41 9 .' X i f if ii if 4 ,f K i ummm, The 1927 Yaharfa Published by fGhe Senior Class Stoughton High School Stouqfjh ton :: Wisconsin '00 5 I , UIIIIIID S 'v X 15271 X ,-3 Zo M3 N 1 iw 4 - - -1--L.. -4 - - - .- .. - 3 -, i N R' "'xru,m . 3 K , f --W' IIIKTKYNFW O X f E Q Fig fit 2 n 'yum 1-S 2 ,:s41+::,ta-tem Aiinwesfzsrkserefeg 'i sOcU r? g,5g 1 "I 'IAM' r"5"' 0 V' 'iP:..4.S.iih6M?a2' medication S THE flzvrnr of our hook c'1u'rii's mil flu' Vilfing moiif, so zur wish In IIl'IiifYlfl' this fwvlfflz 'UOIIIIIIU of flu' 17111111171 fn that proud 010' Viking spirit nf 111111 ilflvss mur- agv, l'lIfl'l'1H'iSl', visimz, and j1t'1'SiSfl'Ill'l', zuliivli, 1'mim1i'i1'd in flu' pvoplz' of our Vflllllllllllifllf. lms marli' possible t'Z'l'1'.lf !l!'llfl'2'l'lIIl'lIi of our viiy and school. 1 Lai im Q D IQEQ 134, 4, Ll E1 R. ii , jf 35.1, -'30 - f mwuvwwsa is ,M-M f' t ' 'maggxxmn 'WI' 4: Mx ' ug - oo M Q1 A Mfg GD Foreword F TIIIC 111.27 Yalmra can invlurtz' within its f'oz'1'rs Il truc' Cross sc'c'tim1 of lift, in Stoughton High School in thr gcar lilo!!!-27, its familiru' ffzvvs, its triumplzs, c'1'f'n its rh'ff'nt.v, in 4'1'f'1'y fivld of rzvtizvity, so that it :nay rzzwzlrwz flIfl'I'l'Sf in thc' outsiftvr, plvasarzt 'IlIl'lIlUI'tl'S in ilu' ll1IlllllIIl.S', and fl'l'S,l inspiration in tlu' stzutwzt, it will lmzv' realism? its lzigllmt mm. L 1- 1 -- E1 W 4 Off? i x 4-4, Q,f--XX ,fi Lf E3 f 1? "' X X K 7 4 I fl' X ff? A 7 7 72 vw JZ? nf' ' L .ff -- - - Lf' fg ifi 5 1 , , NX, C 0 n t e n t IN'1'ROlJUC'l'ION A1JMINIS'l'RA'l'ION CIASSES SPORTS AC'1'lVl'l'l ICS HUMOR S D m S E af' X ,XXX Q Q- . N-X 4lq., bl 'N a u. K ,.' w X. is Y L XL qc Q kx 4 if T ...- V9.1 Q Q? L27 Eddor-Enlflsf' Emrmsm Putman Jilmagzv-Kham Rom Engrown Bvamw nr Ezwnvum Minneapolis 'Mina Frisian Tan Alma Pam 'BVlI!lYm6y'Wfl 1 Photngrnpler V ' Mlnmma Srvnw - Stoughton, Wu. A , . . y . N 1 , N N Dnioiniuioioioiuloi V Q ' if , ,. .D 4. b - . , J ' 9 1 A QMIIWIWQ I X 'HW Hg' Mew y 'ri mn ' f EG Cz?" 'Su 55-Vg? if 1, qua' 'dlln ' vu A In ll . K 4 - AZ. :sf 3 'I " Y .,.,:. 'fw -. J? E3 .br J., -Y . 0 , 1 ,..'-V nav ,, ,. . L . rf -'E . ,- 3. 1. - . , - f11','.- ,jeu - F- Q ,iff .+5!??25Iff 12? . 1.4" ' " Iggy- M. 1 11,2 1' . vf-,.... .. V '-.'.'3f .I if V,'1'3'f' 11, 1 ' 'ffidl ' -41-1 .1 " far -S' 3: r .. , -443 -1 ,. -, gif., , ' M. H 1 -.. ...L A -.D .X V. M... 3,5 pf ' P24 -bf '- 5 V- Q95 fr.-mf.-.-., F- " ' :ZW-'i.f2"' 73-aflff, 21' 1 vb., -,i35?.., 5 wg., . ff., .Q 1 4,'.93q:ifyj. V-115. ,fbi mf.. ,ff-' ,gg N' 1.1. .J-:TF 1 , 1:2-.1 4 . -'gi' "P, .1 L 1. V, 11.1, -M, ' 'f '- -g,.:f,.f,11fJ,g.',.-151 ' '::'1g,f,'-- 1.2 1' ' xg. -'w.:.fJ--gf Jw -I "?4ff.g--.gag by ,asm fs 1 .- .. qyfffe .FPJF-f' 1 -' r:f.., '- 'Ju '-lic' Q. . .,., 155.--. I ,V , -'V " 1 ' if , . 54 L N., . ' 'gn .Z T jfggf . .'5,:. J ' f fy ,Q-gqy.-V' . . , ,55g1vQQ.g'.5.,,f fgfg-ff-. ,fsgw f ' 5. .1-,af 5 -211' 5 xf?df175f.,?'1 .'.",'1 '- 'ff-' 4 : , '- ., ,431 A 'f'.1..5-' .qi-:.m',,,y,,,'E1 'ia ic Af 1-Ffkiff "9 5? 4. .V - .Z NJ! ff--'Q .' 7. ' 5 .fykg , ,. V ' L. 'Wig Q -X... 5. xr ' f Y inf- Q ' ,I-11+ Q :iff "5. Lili. :JET ,f v-Q ' " i ' ' '- nl. , . Q., Eff " , . '75 . ' - 19..- 51- ' . x. ,,,r,i.3 .V . L. - 1 I - X :FEW f . -as QU. J W- ii. .-. -'flu 'fnwhw f. .g' 1 U Sl- :'. 'fi-r S31 'TI , ' ' ' .ik . . .!,. - . Q . +7-.Y ,,-, mf., V- 3. ..v p .::. ...Ur .4 V v.. .f w i'5 "W - 41111.21 Z. -cs' L11-,fjfigg ,. Y 11, QA. mgiqw if 20.121 . if , ,'.-WI," R ,,.5.. -1- 1 . v .4 --a ,gf 1 K 'Q .,, AQ O UO YAUO-O 127i O .WSISX - Toll Huw-Uftvlie, fll'Q'fIl'l'SUll, Mulmxs BU'l"l'UM liuw-l'urri4-r, Ilzmsun, fJStl'I'lll'lll, Clmristvllsexl BOARD OF EDUCATION 0 If 11' 1 C H us CLARK f,S'l'EIlIIELD. . . .... Prrsizlmzt I.. C. CVRRIER ..... ...... I 'lvrk M. L. Guxcmzusox. . . . . .Trvasurer DIRECTORS VFRACE CIIRlS'I'ENSlCX A'l"l'lJliNPIX' IIARULD li. IIANSUN J. I". BIICLAAS B. 'I'.YEJF'1'1-11.1111 .11-11-w1-v1- 11:1-1 I1--11-1--2-fi 11-'ini-fini'-'14-1 11 ..,1.,1.,3,1,1 ICI Irv x fm, p.f1Q1..i- ...Q 5 no if in 14, llcflcctions of many :nctivitics arc cast in thc pzigcs of :i scllool zmnuul. Oli- viously most of tlu-sc activitics :irc :Apart from tlic rcquircd curriculum. Likc fac- torics dcriving tlncir profits from by-products, so scliools may lic t'llI'll'llL'll by carc- fully dircctcd pupil activitics. Tlic benefits to thc pupil and tlic scllool accrue from doing rutln-r than lczirning. 'llllcy :irc lnorc social tllun 1ll'!l4lt'llllK'. lt is in sucll cx- pcricnccs that onc's lilnitzitions :ind possibilitics :irc frcqucntly discovcrcd and dc- vclopcd. As education ln-comes morc universal tllcrc will lu- g.f!'L'Iltt'l' nccd for tlicsc Sclf-finding uctivitics. To succccd in tllcl futurc onc must lmvc :in individuality: onc must lind llllllSt'lf und his work. "Thi.v is my fcorkg my l1Ics.viny, not my rlrmmg Of all who lizw, I am flu' om' by :churn This zvurlr can limi be dom' in Ihr righi Twig." Q54 :n 1 11-ii-1--Q 11,11101.ini1-'11'14yioioi-11-11'-1-414-141413-1111.1 af. 142 1E'I:'i"ffef ,C D Our gem-ration is caught up in an unprcccdcntcd whirlpool of change in our social order. WH- arc travclling an uncharted sea. Arc wc going to whine. cringe, indulge in superstitious iIll2lgt'l'll'S and content ourselves with idly wishing we were hack on shore. Or. arc wc going to press bravely forward and use as a compass scientific evidence and an abiding faith in the ultimate reasonableness and goodness in the plan of the world. as did thc nohlc Vikings to whose nicinory wc have dedicated this volume? 6W"7wfi PM LINDA BARRY l'n,iz'r'rsit.y of lViscon.s'in Teachers' Training J. CLYDE CHAPEL Bfloit fv0lll'gP Biology, Physics ERNEST C CoMs'rocic Stoui Inslituff' Induktrial Arts Lomi GREENE lVhile'7c'alf'r Normn! Commercial ill li liul will 144 Q CD HARRIE'P fiREGERSON Lombard College English GERTRIYDE HAVEN Univvrsiiy of Wisconsirz Citizenship RAYMOND Homin-: Oshkosh Normal Industrial Arts l1 PFW" iw f-I-rw-1 W' ' f -v---y7-'T-1-v.n.---y--- 1-3,-,. -,-1-mf,-I - P f ., bffgj IDELE HULsE'rHEn Lawrence College French ELLEN KINSMAN Lawrence College History FLORENCE KLENER'l' University of Wisconsin Home Economics C 3 WT m rQ,f'749,.,i'Q,Q 'WK LIENRIETTA Knoms Ripon College Mathematics, General Science Bokm-ULD I,Ansi4:N St. Olaf College General Science, Chemistry STANLEY NELSON University of Wisconsin Mathematics XNALTER NPl'l"l'h2lRl!l.All Stout Institute Printing Qo-1n1o1o:o:o1o:uzu1n:-nz-11111011n1..:-ix-nz-1:-,101-iq 1 5 Q01-'xox'-1u11 1 0.0 VE? BEATRIFE I'En1lAM l'ni1'r'rsity of IV1.vrrnnsm Supvrvisor of Music INEZ RICHARDS Vvzizwrsity of IVi.vf'0nsin Iinglir-sh Rvssm. RIPPE La f'ro.s'se Normal Pllysicvnl Education PEARL SILJAN l'niwr.s'ify of lfisconsin English 111- ini- 3-viva 16 pv:1u111u1-v1-v1u1- ininivxni- 3 3114 ini HANNAH IIVIIOMPSON Praff Inxlifufr Home Evononlivs JAM:-Us Vovcr-3 Slouf Insfilufe Industrial Arts HELEN M. XVILLIA ms l'11iz'vr.vil'y nj' TVisconsin Latin l 3,1 as f f A K .5 fri, o 'f9' -,Y-ivw f x 2- L- Y - , -- , auf' ' Q -gt. -':75N 1' ?.W j ...- TLP--.- g -,,,,.1 Yi ie "' 7 1 yf fy - M U, ., , P- 9. -1 , e' K. ' - .-W .ig ALQS f, .mi ' - 1'fv lf: 1. . nf . I L, 'A 2. n?'Tff'V ,.: 2 , ,-.-f.iT..A-, .,4At'. Ti 55145 7?'f-E ' 1. 'ra I sg, 1' .,3""' :JRL,.j- .V '11 l E :Sw , J 5 ' an . I Y 1, ,W ' 9 M V i -:J -2123! , ...V ' Y: . . il 5 ..'1 :A ,A if' E 4 X 4 ,. 4, -Q 1 1 9 R 13 .1 - 5 . -1 , fi? ' :f ' M ,si 'qi' E 5 ,gfq NME mlm! Wi Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ....... .... O scam JENSEN Vice President .... ......... K AREN OLSON Svcrf-tary ...... . . .JEANNETTE ANDERSON fl'rea.s-urer ..... M11:l.vxN LVRAAS 131:11 in: 11 34 1 v1 11111 1:3-vi-1:11101 1-1-vc 17 Q1 2 :ui- VE? ANDERSON, Bonn. Band 2, 34 Orchestra 2, 34 Glee Club 34 Glee Club Play 3. "Strange to the 'world he .swore a banhf-ul look. The fields his study- nature 'wax hir book." ANDERSON, .IEANNETTI-1 Campfire 1, 2, 3, 4-. fPl'9Sld9l1lC,i Classical Club 2, 3, 43 Class Sec- retary 2, 4-4 Junior Class Playg Dramatic Club 4-4 Philomathia 2, 3, 4-. "A sparkling little elf ix xhe, Always happy and care- free." As1.AksoN, Mr:1.v1N Classical Club 3: Foot- ball 4-3 Yahara Stall' 4-4 Baseball 4-4 Interclass Basketball 3, 4-. "-Studioun of ease and foml of humble things." ASLESON, Oar-m'r Glee Club 24 Band 3, 4-3 Hi-Y 3, 4-, fPresi- dent 3, 4-Q4 Class Vice President 3. "f7onz'er.nation ix the Ia- boratory and workshop of the student." , Q- Q--1.--4--.Q---0- 18 Burrz, MILDRED Basketball 3. "Q'uieter than the quiet- est." BITTER, Davin Class Basketball 3, 43 Track Manager 1, 2, 33 Baseball 4. "Room! Make way! Hunger eommandsj I must obey." BJo1N, HENRY Basketball 3, 4-3 Pep Club 24 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Dramatic Club 4g Baseball 4-4 Cheer Leader l, 2, 34 Band 13 Glee Club Play 2, 3. "In peppy 'Hank' Yuu'lI desery Sparkling mischief in each eye." BRICKSON, FRANCIS Stoughton High School 1926: T. T. C. Round Table. "Here's to one who'II not pretend But Lv and stays a stead- fast frien-d.' p--1-:nz viuxninxux- 1 1-v1-v1o1-v1o1o1-v1o3- 101 -1-Q' FEI CARTER, CARMEN Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 44 Classi- cal Club 2, 3, 4: Basket Ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Double Sextette 3, Glee Club Play 3, 4-. "Her penmanvship is a 'work of art." CHRISTIANSEN, HARRY Radio Club 3, 4-g Hi-Y Club 3, 4-g Vice Presi- dent -I-3 Junior Class Play QBusiness Man- agerjg Prom Commit- tee 3, School Reporter 4-. "Gen-ins is eternal pa- Hence." CHRIST:-:NsoN, TRACE Band 1, 2, 3, 4-: Glee Club 4-g Interclass Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4-4 Dra- matic Club 4-g Junior Class Play, Yahara Stal? 4-q Glee Club Play -l-g Debate Club 4, Orchestra 2, 3. "Still born to improve u.v in awry part Hix pencil our fares. his manners our heart." CRUSE, GRACE Edgerton High School 19263 T. T. C. Round Table. "True blue-witty too." ini- 1-rioioioioioi ffl IJAIILE, lTIl.LARD Hi-Y Club 34 Inter- class Basketball 3, 4-. "Theo on! Than on! Where rluty Ieadx .lly rourzfo be onward still." IJOANE, CLARICE Glee Club lg G. A. A. 2, 3, -tg Junior Class Play 34 Philomathia 3, 4-g Dramatic Club 4-4 French Club -I-4 Secre- tary and Treasurer Yahara Staff. "Never idlw ll moment. but .thrifty and thoughtful of others." EHLE, HAZ!-:L Glee Club 1, 24 Inter- class Basketball 1, 2. "Gay as the gilded sum- mer sky." Hume, BIILDRED Stoughton High School 1926g T. T. C. Round Table. "She'Il zlnnro her way through life Forgrftful of all care anrl strife." 19 Q-'14 1411 tw 1111-: VE ESPELIE, ERNEST Track 14 Basketball 24 Classical Club 2, 34 Hi- Y 2, 3, 4-4 Secretary 3, 44 Oratory 3, 4-4 Edi- tor-in-Chief of Yahara4 Debate Club 4-4 Dru- matic Club 4-4 Student Council 4-. "Few thingx are impos- nible to diligence null skill." CEILBERTSON, Vl0I,E'l' "'When- words are .wr-nrr-w they are seldom spoken in vain." GILSON, Lao Hi-Y 3, 44 Interclass Basketball 3, 4. "JI 0 d e s t y becomes a yo-ung man." GRETEBECK, EDNA Glee Club 14 Campfire 4-. "Con-tent thyself to ln' obscurely good." o:m1u1n:n1o1o1nq 2 0 Z :"'l4lg5S.5 Gum!-zsmcx, MAB:-:L Glee Club 14 lnterclass Basketball 3, 4-. "Honest labor is its own reward." GRYTTENHOLM, NIARGARET . . Philomathia 72, 3, 4-4 French 84 Glee Club 3, -4-4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4-4 President 3, 4-4 Ath- letic Board 44 Student Council 44 Vice Presi- dent Campfire 2, 3. 4-4 President 4-4 Dramatic Club 4-4 Glee Club Play 34 Junior Class Play4 Declamatory 3, 4. "With mirth and lnuqh- ter let oI1l wrinkle.-r come Rather than my heart mul with mortifying groans." GYLAND. STELLA Stoughton High School 19264 T. T. C. Round Table. "It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends." HAVEY, EMMA Campfire 1, 2, 3, 4-.1 Treasurer 24 Glee Club 1, 3, 4-4 Classical Club 1, 2, 3, 4-4 Philomathia 2, 3, 4-4 Class Vice President 24 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4-4 Vice President 4-4 Dramatic Club 4-4 Glee Club Play 3, 44 Junior Class Play. "The rising hluxheu which her cheeku o'er xprearl Are openinq blushes in a lily bed." boioimuiunioioinnioioioi vi1ri1vioioi1ri4vioioio1a-1-0 Q ifai C D l27l Q H1-:NN11-:, FRANK Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4-, Band 2. 3. 4-, Vice President 4-, Junior Class Play, Football 3, Dramatic 4, Glee Club Play 3. "'E'ver let the fancy roam Pleaerure 11e'ver is at home." HIPPI-:Nivu-zvan, CHARM-:s Yahara Staff 3, 4, Football 4, lnterclass basketball 3, 4, Radio Club 3, 4, Classical Club 3, Class Vice President 1, Baseball 4-, Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4-. "Reading maketh a full -man., Writing, an ezrart mlm." Hoon-1, EARLE Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4-, Basket ball 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4-, Hi-Y Club 41, lnterclass Basketball 1, 2, Pep Club 2, Foot- ball 3, Glee Club Play 1, 3, 4-. "ln the spring a young man's fancy Lightly turns to thoughts of love." Hoovx-za, RUTH Campfire 1, 2, 3, 4, Philomathia 2, 3, 4-, Secretary 3, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4-, Classical Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President' 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4-, Sextet 4, Pep Club 2, Dramatic Club 3, 4-, Treasurer 4, Student A Council 3, 4, President , 4-, Debate Club 4-, Ath- ' letic Board 4, Presi- dent 4-, Junior Class Play, Junior Prom ' Committee. "Nothing great was ever achieved without en- ' thu.-riasmf' 1 1-110:01 1 - 111101011fx-110102,xoxox-,xi-xoxoxo:--Q JI-:NsoN, Doao'ruY E. Entered as senior of East Side High School, Madison, VVisconsin , Glee Club 1, 2, 4-.I "When xhe had passed it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music." JENSEN, Oscan Glee Club 2, 3, 2, Bas- ketball 2, 4-, Track 2, 3, 4-, Football 3, 4, Athletic Board 2, Jun- ior Class Play 3, Class President 2, 3, 4-, Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 4-. "The lring'x jeater had nothing on him." JOHNSON, CASSVIE H. Glee Club 1, Junior Class Play 3. "A contented spirit is the sweet-ness of ez-istem'e." JOHNSON, CLARICE Stoughton High School 1925, T. T. C. Round Table. "A Iwags faithful- ulways ready." 21 ongoing 14,101.9 t 1o31:11io1o: 2 AX P JonNsoN, FLORENCE Edgerton High School 1926, 'l'. 'l'. C. Round Table. "A dainty size. Bewitehiny eyes." KEEGAN, Rvssm, Classical Club 1, 2, 3, 4-4 Radio Club 3, 4, Glee Club 44 Yahara lg Male Trio -ig Business Manager of the Junior Class Play: Manager and Treasurer of Ath- letic Association 4-. "Work 'while you work and play 'while you play." KENYON, BYRON Glee Club 3, 44 Track 3g Class Basketball 1, 2. 3, 44 Junior Class Play. 'Learn all you ran: Leave the rest." KILDAL, MAnoAm':'r Ulee Club 3, 4-Q French Club 3, 43 Junior Class Play: Glee Club Plays 3, 4-g Campfire ig Treasurer 4. 'Her 'very frown.-f are fairer far. 1'han smiles of other maidens are? 1"4N"'-5 2 phi 1 ri 3 ri. 1 limi'-30101011 11 31,1112 KINNEY, B1-:A'rmcr: M ingredient of genius." KRAIG1-zu, Mmnnmn C Girls' Glee Club 1 Classical Club 1, 2, 3 4-g Vice President 3 Philomathia 2, 3, 4-. "Where rlirl you get your eyes of blue? Out of the sky as I came th rough. Knosm-U, YVIOLA Did not graduate. KVALHEIM, ALMA M. Interclass Basketball lg Philomathia 2, 3, 4: Secretary 4-3 Classical Club 2, 3, 4-g Junior Class Play. "Fairest and best adorned is .vhe Whose clothing is humil- ity." "Patience is ru lzecexmry 14252-5 in C l rl LEMON, HAZEL E. Glee Club l, 2g French Club 2. "Her name is lemon, lm! she's really a peach." LESLIE, IRENE T. Glee Club lg G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. "Some think the world is made for fun. and fro- lic-and xo do I." LIENE, ELINOR Graduate of Madison East High, T. T. C. Round Table. "As we jo-urney through life, Let'u play by the way." LUNDEBERQ, SHIRLEY H. Glee Club 1. "Speaking silence is bet- ter than senseless speech." LUnAAs, MELVIN Glee Club 3, 4: Glee Club Plays 3. 4-g Hi-Y Club 33 Hi-Y Quartet 4-g French Club 3 Class Treasurer 4. "Life is not so short but that there is always time for courtesy." BIICKELSON, HELEN M. French Club 3, 4, Campfire 4. "Always ready with a smile." RIONSON, LIILDRED A. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4-4 Girls' Sextette 3, 4-4 Philomathia 3,44 G. A. A.3,4-3 Dramatic Club 4-4 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Junior Class Play, Glee Club Play 3. 4-4 "Music her soft annua- sive 'voice applies." BIULLER, HELEN Sun Prairie-High School 1926, T. T. C. Round Table. "Always gayest of the gay!! zu:-1-111-1o14-:u1u1n1.-1n1-'11ixozoioxnznxnr--c 1010101 .1n1n11o'o 4 C 5 NELSON, lhlAR'l'IN French Club 3: Foot- ball 3: Interclass Bas- ketball 3, 4: Baseball 4: Track 4. "lien-reliorl of speeeh is more than eloquem-e." NICHOLXS, JEROME Oratory 1. F r en e h Club 3, 4-, Junior Class Play: Dramatic Club -L. "All things eome arounrl to him who will but wait." Nvcmsmm, JOSEl'llINl'I Stoughton High School 1926: 'l'. 'l'. C. Round Table. "Who has her for a friend is lucky." NYIlAGEN, LUCILLE M. Lilee Club 2, 3, -L: See- retary and Treasurer -l-: Philomathia 2, 3, 4-: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4-: Stu- dent Council 4: Camp- fire 1, 2, 3, 4-: Vice President 3: French Club 4: President 4: Glee Club Play 3, -lf. "She's true to her 'word and her work and her friendxf' -. - 24 f,LSON, ALVIN Class President 1: In- terclass Basketball 1: Student Council l, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3: 4: French Club 3, 4: I-li-Y Club 2, 8. 4: Treasurer 4: Basket- hall 2. 3 4-: Captain -I-: Dramatic Club 4-: Class Play 3. ' "1 will .vlriw with things impox:4iIzIe- Yea, get the beller of lhem." OLSON, EVEREST Glee Club 1, 3, 4: Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-: Track Manager 1, 2, 3: Glee Club Play 1, 23. "Health and eheerfulnexx mutually lzeyet earh other." OI.soN, KAIIFIN S. Philomathia 2, Il, 4: G. A. A. 2. 3, 4-: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 2, Vice President 4: Glee Club Plays 3. 4: Sextette 2, 3, 4: Student Council -L: Class Secretary 3: Yahara Stall' -1-: Class Vice President 4: Campfire 4-: Pram Committee 3. "Thane lovely lurks so aptly Iwined ll' every a hair u .-foul doth hind." ONSRUD, NIILDRED Campfire 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Glee Club Play 3. "Her modexf looks lhe foliage might adorn. Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn." pm ce v rm ORWIN, Ili-:NRIETTA Stoughton High School 1926g T. T. C. Round Table. 'The best thinys on earth are done up in small packages. UTTESON, Amen M. Philomathia 3, 4-5 French Club 3, -I-. "Only s i I e n 1' e .vuileth best." OTTESON, GRACE O. French Club 3, 4-. "A cracker jar-lr typist ix she .-Ind ax neal as 1-an be." OWEN, Vlom-:'r M. Entered as a sopho- more from Janesville: Debate Club 4-. "Cookery is beeonze an art, a 'noble xr'ie'nre." 0 303: 1- is 2--3014 1 PxNNow, INEZ Delavan High School 19263 T. T. C. Round Table. "For 'work or for play On her 'we depend. She'x a jolly good rom- 'rade A mighty good friend." PRIEN, OSCAR Glee Club 3: French Club 4-4 Intex-class Basketball 2, 3, 4-3 Baseball 4-. "I'Ilgi1'e you leave to fall me anything if you don-'I eull me "spade" ROBERTSON, NORMA Stoughton High School 1926, T. T. C. Round Table. "Happy-go-lucky, Fair and free Nothing is there That bothers me." Roi-1, KAREN Classical Club 1, 2, 8, Camp Fire 1, 2, 3, 4-4 Pep Club 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4-g Prom Committee 3, Class Play 3, De- clamatory 1, 2: Pyth- ian Cup 1, 2, District Declamatory 1, 2, Dra- matic Club 3, 4: Presi- dent -l-g Yahara Stall' 4-g Student Council 4-4 Glee Club Play 3, 4-. "When thou dost acl, men think it not play, but all they see ls real." oi-ii1103-iiogoxfii-'xoxox-'Levine pogoioiogugng- 'q iaxiniariexinima VTQT SAMPSON, Rom-:u'1' Boys' Glec Club 2, 3, 44 President 44 Debate Club 4-4 Radio Club 34 Dramatic Club 3, 44 Vice President 44 In- terclass Basketball 1, 2, 34 Band 34 Junior Class Play4 Debate Team 44 Football 44 Glee Club Play 3, 44 Oratory 1, 2, 3g Stu- dent Council 4. "Almost fo all things ruuld lu' furn his ha1ul." Sco'r'r, Ronnm' Interclass Basketball 1. 24 Radio Club 34 Hi-Y 44 Basketball 3, 44 Football 44 Track 'On their own, merits .lloalext men are silent." SEVERSON, CLAIRE Band 2, 8, 44 G-lee Club 1, 2, 3, 44 Interclass Basketball 3, 44 Pep Club 24 Glee Club Play l, 3, 4-. 'A little non.-renee nozc' and then lx relixherl by the 'wizwsl men." SHOVVERS, ARTHUR Football 2, 3, 44 Cap- tain 44 Track 2, 3, 44 Basketball 2, 3, 44 bthletie Board 3, 44 Student Council 44 Ra- dio Club 44 Presidc-nt4 Hi-Y 44 Hi-Y Quar- tette 44 Holder of the Spade 34 Baseball 4. Tomorrow Iel's meet and either do or die." SPILDE, HAZ!-:L Camp Fire 1, 2, 3, 44 Pep Club 24 Junior Class Playg Ydhara Staffg Dramatic Club 4. "It is better to be out of the world than out of the fashion. STM, EDNA BERNICE Glee Club. "In the moment of our talking envious time has passed away." S'roKs'rAo, HENRY Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 44 Glee Club Play 1, 44 Hi-Y Club 3, 44 Radio Club 3, 44 Football 1, 2, 3, 44 Basketball Squad 44 Track 1, 2, 3, 44 Baseball 4. "The manly part is to do with might and main what I can do." STUESSY, EDNA Verona High School 19263 T. '1'. C. Round Table. "It is well to be of with the old love before you are an with the new." SUNDT, HEc'roR Football 3, 44 Track 2, 4-4 Basketball 3, 44 Baseball 4. "Action is eloquence." 6 Dwrirrisrirviarivnihis-Zsniuioiuniarioioioiuini 1:01 'iw 0 IS- Dm f l l l I l TnoMsoN, .ARLENE ' Stoughton High School 1926: T. T. C. Round Table. "lVhatez'er is worth alo- ing at all is worth flu- ing well." TITIKNER, SANI-'onn Football 2, 43 Basket- ball 4-3 Track 2g Buse- ball 4-. "Do all you eau but IIon't can all you do." 'IlUSI,ER, DoLonr:s G. Glee Club 13 Philoma- thia 3, 43 Treasurer 43 G. A. A. 3, 43 French Club 43 Dramatic Club 4-3 Debate Club 4. "She is pretty to walk with And 'witty to talk with And pleasant to think on." USIII-zn, .lov G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 In- terclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 2. Declainatory 33 Camp Fire 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Drama- tic Club 43 Glee Club Play 3, 43 Athletic Board 33 Secretary. "What else can joy be but difusing joy?" T571 U'r'rEn, PAUL Entered as Sophomore from Madison Central3 Glee Club 3, 43 Track 3, 4-3 Glee Club Plays 3, 43 Interclass Basket- ball 2, 8, 43 Debate Club President 4-3 'Hi- Y 43 Dramatic Club 4-3 Student Council 4. "Happy am I. from rare I am free ll'hy aren't they all ron- tented like me?" VEA, KATIIIIINI-: B. Student Council 1, 4-3 Sextette 2, 3, 43 Class Secretary-Treasurer 13 Campfire 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Classieal Club 1, 2, 33 Debate Club 43 Dra- matic Club 43 French Club 43 Junior Class Play3 Glee Club 1, 2, 8, 43 Philomathia 2, 3, 43 President 4-3 Holder of the Spoon 33 Honor Society 3, 43 Yahara Staff. - "The rule of my life is to make business my pleasure and pleasure my business." VENDEN, SI-:LMA T. Glee Club 13 Philoma- thia, 2, 3, 43 Vice Presi- dent 33 Debate Club 4. 'Eraetness in little things is a wonderful szmree of r-heerf-ulnessf' Was'rIzv, MARIE Sun Prairie High School 1926, T. T. C. Round Table. ".-I helping hand she'll always lend Anfl gains mneh friend- ship in- the end."' WILLIAMSON, ELIZA DeForest High School 19263 T. T. C. Round Table. "Auburn hair and a heart as golden." 27 50101-xg-'init-1 : Z bx .. be CLASS WILL Last will and testament of the Senior Class of 1927 of Stoughton High School. We, the Senior Class of the S. H. S., being of sound mind and body, do hereby solemnly bequeath to the Junior Class our dignity as Seniors, our love for the faculty, our loyalty to our school. Second. To the unsophisticated and obstreperous Sophs we bequeath our spiz- zerinktum if they dare accept it. Third. To the verdant, mediocre Frosh we bequeath our worldliness and desire to fill the carnial cavity with erudite decorum. Lastly. We command various students of this school to observe, pursue, and comprehend the following bequests: l. Jeanette Anderson wills her flagpole physique to Shorty Amundson. 2. To Anna Nordlie we bequeath Hazel Spilde's make-up material including 1 box face powder and two powder puffs. 3. To Speed Quam we bequeath Claire Se-verson's best pal, Lady Nicotine. 4-. To Walter Holm we bequeath Sanford Turner's vast knowledge of the manly art of fussing as taught by Robert Sampson. 5. Hank Bjoin wills his love for the institution we are now leaving to Hegbert Holtan. 6. To Horse Nygaard we bequeath Frank Hennie's athletic prowess and his wonderful skill with the billiard. 7. To Harold Hoverson we bequeath Ernest Espelie's excessive fat and double chin. 8. To Arne Stensby, Bob Scott leaves his pugilistic nature. 9. To Eyvind Felland we bequeath Hillard Dahle's love for the opposite sex and his extraordinary means of courtship. 10. To Lydia Kaupanger we bequeath Joy Usher's lessons on Silence is Golden. ll To the Randecker Twins Grace Otteson bequeaths her skill on the type- writer. 12. To Bill Amundson we bequeath Trace Christenson's lengthy courtship. 13. To Mildred Halverson we bequeath Ruth Hoover's Hirtatious goo-goo eyes. 141. To Mildred Hocking we bequeath Evy Olson's ability to lose weight. 15. To the composer of next year's Class Will, Karen Roe leaves her hardships in finding something amiable and complimentary to say in the foregoing endowments. In all sincerity we bequeath our deepest sympathy to the faculty for their un- tiring efforts to make geniuses of the class that came into the high school heralded as the greenest of Freshmen. We do hereby bequeath our love for the under classmen that they may enjoy the marks we did. We do also hereby bequeath the following advice to the faculty: l. Don't ask for permits,-maybe the person concerned skipped school. 2 Don't tell students that a certain amount of work must be done, for they may not like to do it. 3. Don't assign long lessons, for there may be someone foolish enough to take you at your word. 4-. Don't stop a little fun that happens to occur in our class, for maybe that is the only thing the student has enjoyed in your class for a month. 5. Don't scold. There are a few in this high school who have so much gray matter between their ears that what is said can not go in one ear and out the other. 1 'ini 101 101 -nz-1:11 111: I 11-ri 1-1 vines--3010: wx: :neu -3-is : ' -.p-- .,.-. .. ITQJ C D T571 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ..................... Q ....... MILDRED HALK'ERSON Vice President .... .... F LORENCE OLSON Secretary ..... .... H EGBERT HOLTAN Treasurer .... .... A Lv1N NYGAARD 0:01-ngoierxoiozoianzuza 1 311201111113 111 201 ri-:xnxx-q 3 1 po1o1nQo1-nie gl 'l'ov How-Amundson, Amundson, Aslcson, Bgrg. Sncoxn Row-llondclmgcn, Borrud, liothun, Bradley. 'l'mnu Row-Iiratvold, Burdick, Cliristizmscn, Christiunson. Dorlamd, Dux:-.tud. Ellickson. FflI'R'l'Il llow-Ellingson, Farr, A. Fcllzlnd, U. l"clland, O. Fcllaml, Foss, Fries. Fu-'rn R!lVVfFlll'SK'tll, M. Gilhcrtson, S. U-illmcrtr-son, Gordon, Grcgrrson, Uronlid, I'llll1g'l'll. DOINGS OF THE CLASS OF '28 Competition is the life of everything-:nt least everyone faces keen competition when he tries to excel our capable Junior Class-the live yet friendly rival of all the classcs in S. H. S. VVhcn we arrived on the fifteenth of September. we immcditely started work under the supervision of our capable adviser, Miss Kinsman. In athletics our class was quite well represented-thc class star in football he- ing "Horse" Nygaard. He, too, played a commendable game of baskethallg then an -491-:Huw-Il-I-lfld -Houma'Q-H-pvvxiigg-wuswun.v1w1v1ozoap-1-,cs--xocnfwa-noun--an--sr. 51119 ' 'mmm'-l TWMWI I 'I 'l2'7l , fx ,. 'l'on- Row-Halverson, E. Hanson, H. Hanson, M. Hanson. Sncosn Row-N. Hanson, Ii. Hanson, Hawley, L. Hocking. Tnmn Row-M. Hocking, Hoiberg, Holmes, Holtan, Hoover, Hove-rson. Ives. l"ol'u'rn Rum'-Jensen, C. Johnson, M. Johnson, Jorgenson. Joranger, Keenan, Kaupaugzer. Bo'r'ronn Row-Kvalheim, La Fleur, Larson, Levy, Leek. Leuthie, Lowry. other men who represented us in basketball were Harold Hoverson, whom we re- member for the baskets he shot at the Edgerton game here, and IValter Holmes, that dependable guard. The Junior class was strong enough to go through the Interelass Basketball Tournament without defeat. In other words we were the winners! Our boys and girls both put up a strong fight with their fast and ready teams. Our classmen also were interested in public-speaking. In fact. from our class Came the backbone of this year's debate team. Mildred Halverson and Lydia Kau- ...-..........-...........,........-.............-.....-...........-......- 33 ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,-,,.,,.,..,- we E a e C I......fmmi'M'iQ.lf27lfQ A-AZ 4. Toi' Row-McCall, McCarthy, Mickelson, Midgard. Slicoxn Row-Nelson, Norrllic. Norscther, Nygaard. Tnmn Row-A. Olson, F. Olson, Orvold, J. Quani, P. Quinn, Randecker, Randecker. Fomrrn Row-Rasmussen, Reinstarl, Sampson, Stenshy, Sundhy, Thorp, Thorson. l3U'I'TODl Row-Vasencl, Vca, Vcsterdahl, VValdera, VVrig'ht. panger on the affirmative, and Pearl Quam and Olaf Vea on the negative were able and convincing speakers. This year has gone along successfully thus far, and we are hoping that by means of the prom we will gain for ourselves a reputation of being interesting and most successful entertainers. We feel that we have this year contributed some valuable talent to S. H. S., and we will next year strive to continue our good work in order to make the Class of '28 one of the best of wl1icl1 our school has ever boasted. sein: 11:4-in1u1fv1--zur--1-'porn-ug.-ini.-gn.-nfics-'au' cnt v- , Y ' ,"'Y"i"' "'-"lTvf""7VW'll'u "1 q 7 Q D T21 PW Q ' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Presiderit ....... .... 1X Inav HALE Vice President ..... .......... O LAF Rom Secretary ...... .... H ERMAN fiJESTSON Treasurer . . .ITOROTHY HA'rz1NGER 3 5 501010101 5"T15lM'i"mi"T M p mg i QEIQ f Toi' ltow-Christianson, Currier, Hanson, Everson. SIKTINID ltow-Gerard, llrickson, Prredeson. Cook, Hermanson. 'l'nmn ltow-Q'liristiansen, Halley, Greg-erson, Hale. Anderson. Hanson. Hove. FOIlR'l'Il ltzwv-Gjetson, llatzingcr, Haugen, Hclickson. Bliornethun, Doolittle, Butler. Fwrn Row-Haugen, Cliristianson, Hoibcrg, Christiansen. Halverson, Gilson. Bo'r'roM ltow-lioltan, Ellickson, Haugen, Bjoin, Aaletli, Hale. SOPHOMORES As all Freshmen will, we the class of '29, have finally hecome Sophomores: VVh:it ,Lrrcat things that name means: VVc can now look down upon thc green Frcsliic with pity. for wc have just passed through the crisis they will soon mcct. Our class has many members of whom we may rightly he proud. It has contri- hutcd a goodly numhcr to the school football squad and to the Glec Cluln Play. Shorty Nicholas. who played the role of Babettc, proved himself very successful as an actor. or should it he actress? Boris Schuster, the class representative of foot- hall. also accredited himself and the class nohly by gaining a position on the school dclmating tcam. Frank Currier and Boris are rivals for thc class choice in the ora- torical contcst. The candidates for deelamatory are the same as last year, Henrietta Onsrud and Mary Bjoin. 'lot-'CDH1-'11--II--I 30 pl-1--1--1--1--1 1--1--qv-'11-1-yen--au-'qu1:-V:--1-cw-1-iz--1-11-u' ,, 'l'oP llow-llalvc-rson, Yttre, Sclnxstvr, Venni, Jacobson, Slazcoxn liow-Larson, Johnson, Townsend, 'I'holo, ltoln-rts. Swan, Stogdill, Larson. Turku liow-Unsrud, Skinnvr, Midgard, Ylvisakvr, Johnson, .le-nsvn. Staff, IVlvC'artlly Malvvkc Fol'a'ru liow-Martin, l'glu1n, Jorgvnson, Johnson, Mm-laas. .lulsc-th. VVigsino0n. Stovkstad. Quani, Nelson, Onsrud. Fw'ru Row-NYaag, Romnc-s, Julseth, Nelson, Luraas, Unsrnd, Sivvrtson, Javoluson, Qnalc, lensvn . . l5ll'l"l'0Iil liow-Hoe, Nichols, Klavson. Moe, Onsrud, Kvalhc-im, Skaarna-ss, Juve, Yoog. Peterson, Rowe. Our staff of officvrs this year is very capable ind:-cd. Mary Hale Ca girl for a 1-llangcj holds the cxvcutivc position, ably assisted hy our last yr-ar's president, Olaf Roc. I'It'I'lI1I1l"l Gjvtson has the job as sm-rotary, and Dorothy llatzingvr still has her last ycar's plan- as treasurer. Thu Girl's basketball team added to the glory of the class lvy carrying off sm-cond honors in the Intern-lass Tournament. Our class party was deemed by everyone, a great snr-1-css. VVQ only had onv. lint our motto is, "Quality rather than Quantity". Our advisor, Miss Haven, is an able sucessor to Miss lim-ntson. our l'll't'SllIllt'll guidr. Slit- is always willing to ln-lp us out of any troubls that vonn-s our way. f Q"" I MZSX.. ffl FRESHMEFN CLASS OFFICERS President ........ .......,..... G mmonv ANDERSON Vice President ..... ....... A NNA HARRIED Secretary ....,. .... E LLswon'rH WALDERA Treasurer. . . . .HARRIET KVALHEIM I 10101010311 :ini 1412101 1 vi 1 1 :cp 1 inc 9:1111 3 14,1 'D',. E319 ,A A f l l Tor Rowsllivkliu. Furun. Chupin. Cllasc-, Algrim, Anclvrson. Srzcoxn llowf-Foss. Ahnv, Dihhs, Aslukson, Bzlkkvll, Caine, Anderson, llllllllll linw-V-.'Xussv. l,illlll'. Frillcllv. Fosclahl. .'hSIlf:'I'llt'lIll, Ilrolning. Ale-xsou, Bn-rg. 1"ovn1'u Row-Anderson, Brewer. Christizumson, lflllicksuu, Ellie-11, Bully, Ehle, Bundellggen HU'l"l'0W1 liow--Fosdulil, Hurry, Felluml, Duhl, Carpenter, Ehlc, Bomirhugen. '. '.-' FRESHMEN NVQ- un- the- Fresllim-ng that stepped-on vlass who, he-cause' wc arc the V0llTl2'Q'Sl in Stoughton High Svhool, invuriuhly ure hluimfd for t'VQ'l'ytllll1g that gon-s wrong in our rrspcc-tm-d institution of learning. So, we suppose. if om- of our tl'iH'llCl"S found :nn Ink llottlm- whosm' contm-nts hml lu-vn Cllllltltid on tha- floor, soma unsuspecting lfrcsh- :nun would hc hhunvd for spilling thc ink, when. as :i mutt:-r of fact. :ln cxpvrinivnt- ing Sn-nior had turnm-ml thc hotth- upsidv down to find out wh:-thcr or not thi- ink would run out. And so it goes on. NVQ! url- not complaining of our lot. hut lawn-ly l'0llllll1'lltlllg on it. WX- rl-:llizv that tho vvry first l"reshun-n who Q-vcr lin-li 1-:u'rim-al :A uiurk of inferiority. which his numerous KlL'Si't'lldCIltS have iuhcritcml. :uni no iuuttvr Ugj e C " c- W .-. i 'l'oi- Row-I.arsou, Johnson, Mckercher, Moen, Midthun, Kroener. Sizcoxn liow-Harried, Uilson, Hoff, Kittleson, Johnson, Lorner, Larson. 'l'nnm Row-Johnson, Harrierl, Kvanvick, Lund, Jensen, Holtan, Hanson, Knutson l'lUl'R'l'Il Row-Garrigan. Ladxl, Lund, llovc. llove, Lokken, Johnson, Kvalheiin. FIFTH Row-Moe, liullickson, Keegan, Hanson, Iverson, Kirby, Gronlicl, Meistuer, Borron Row-Kuupanger, Iverson. Jacobson, McCarthy, Lewis, Matson, Linderud, Gryttenholm. how brilliant these descendents may be, they will always carry the mark. Thus it is that guilty upper-classmcn blame certain wrong doings on thc Freshmen, maintain- ing that the Freshmen ought to be blamed, since they are dumb, anyway. But those particular Frcshmcn, who at the present, grace Stoughton lligh School with their presence, are the ones whom we are most interested in. WVc feel that wc are undoubtcdly the most illustrious lfrshmen who cvcr existed. Vile have chosen as our leader Gregory Anderson- as our vice-president Anna llarricd. as our manager of Hnancial affairs Harriet Kvalheiln, and as our secretary Ellsworth VVal- dcra. As for "pep" our clieerleader. Lars Kaupanger, is assured that we have it. lvith such a staff of talents, we cannot do otherwise than succeed. szq-1 12.1.-1.1.1.ri-'1-f:i-1o:-v14-ioi-ii-L1--1-'Qui--1-vine -i,1.,1..gn1o1.-i,,'q . 4 ' in Q l l Tor Row-Sucum, Struzlvcldson, Scott, 'l'urmo, Schustcr, Paulson, Ollcgzlrclcn. Sizcoxu Row-Olson, Wnlrlcm, Swingcu, Ss-nmonsou, Void, liohcrts, Quzlm. 'fuum How-Stockstud, Siui, Pctcrsou, Pctcrsou, Ncttum, Nordlic, Olson. Scvcrson. FovnTu Row-Olson, Onsgurd, Tony, Nyguard, Nclsou, Nygaurd, Scmnouson, Nclson FIFTH How-Wikum, Pct:-rson, Sorenson, Pliucr, Roc, Pzllmcr, Vczi, Swccrtson, Robertson. Bo'r'roM ltow-Smith, Thomas, Snuclsumrk, Vuscnd, Spcrlc, Quum, Nelson, Stzlven, Nichols. VVc fccl that our cnthusium over thc various phases of our school lifc fincluding our studicsj helps :i great dcul toward making Stoughton High School what it isg a school with zi good scholastic rccord und no end of "pep", VVc :irc intcrcstcd in school activities and though 11 fcw of us :irc not us fond as wc might be of our hooks, still. uccording to our slangicst mcmhcrs, wc arc "all right kids." So wc thi- inferior, will he-:ir the condescending smiles of thc upper-clussmcn, which wc rece-ive daily. knowing that some day. in the for distant year of 1930, we will gloriously dm-part from Stoughton High School, with purplc ribbons, white diplomas and thc grand and significant title of "Tin: Scniorsf' . . -.-L-il-H-U----A--M 41 ........,....-..-..-.-..-,...,,-l.....-..-.-,,-,.-,....-..-..-..-.-l.g. ' I 1 f X ,411 'QMIFE 5 fhgffi Y Z Jeff.. 26651, 1" a ...WH4 ' w,i fyg!n4x,X 'WYSYESNXQ ' - ' f .7Hmv, " we gf. hx. . u. E' rg :n VS:-.-4,16 ,. 5, :Qt .if '91, gli -., ' K, E PII 51 ,V .,l,., .V- .,k fl.-.. ,A, ,.1. -. 4, ., .- .,.-"..v 'fir : T' ,:s1g,..1,. 2.9 Q 'Q , Semis: 'f-I L.'T.,' 1 -fbi:-. ' '-'.:.-'Ng' . J a 1:-1 , -1 .L . .gi-x . 1 f ' my , L. . 'T7' 9:-:Wi A 4 'I , . , w '-f V. : ,5 .-gl :EE 1 S' ,, gf gf. f3i'f" 3 ,N 1 ? YY? . .,,., .,.V +, ,,, -. -,w , .,.,., Qi .Qgz , Gfi X .,.,, 'f 'F . Qs l , -V .4 -I-L, ' .J-,ga 1 5 I I A - v up la" , ' Q. 'J .if . -iii ' JV' 5 nf S - U1 -Q 1? FW 1. .P -V 3 , .iq " 'MY , 'i J.--99 . . 1 fr s' b T'4"i1fQ . .- , .e l 'l'ul' Row! Nyiraard, Showers, Sncuxn liow-liippc, Olson, Cliristianson, Mr. Falk. llo'r'i'oM ltowfglirytteuliolni, Hoover, Miss. Larson. ATHLETIC BOARD The Athletic Board is composed of the principal. coach, G. A. A. advisor, the captain of the seasonal sports. and four others--namely, president. secretary and treasurer. elected by the student body. The person receiving the greatest number of votes automatically becomes athletic manager. It is the purpose of the board. as a representative of the school, to take care of the athletic concerns which are spon- sored in Stoughton, and to futher all branches of this work. It is also the duty of this board to investigate the accomplishments of its athletes and to award S's to those who meet the required standard which has been sct in former years. The president of the board presides as chairman at each pep meeting, and ar- ranges the programs for the assembly period on the days of such meetings. The secretary gives periodical reports of the tinancial conditions of the athletic field, and advises the students as to the plans of finance. Because of thc careful management on the part of the board, the Athletic Association has been very successful financilly this year. During the year, the board took charge of the Girl's and Boy's Interclass Basketball Tournaments, and made plans for an lntcrclass Track Meet at which both boys and girls participated. The championship for the Girls' Interclass Basketball was awarded to the Junior Girls' team, and Boys' lnterclass Championship to the Junior boys. Each received a silver trophy of a basketball player in action. OFFICERS Prcsizlmit ....... .............. ..... l t U'r1i Hoovun Vice Presidenl. . . . . .All'l'llllll Siiowicus Secretary ..... .... . . .ALYIN NYGAARD Treasurer .... .......... R Ussm. IQEI-IGAN .-lflvixors .... . . .Miss LAusi1N, Mn. FALK t :air 1 FEI COACH RIPPE Mr. Rippe's second year at S. H. S. was a very successful one. He coached a football team that won a champion- ship and a basketball team that won second NYGAARD Alvin Nvgaard. Full- huck. "H o r s e" was S t o u g h t o n' s tripll' threat man. He was ru good punter, an aveu rate passer, and a ter- rific line plunger. He will be back to rip through the line for Stoughton. HOLMES VValter Holmes, Half- back. "Stuhbins" was a line plunger and fierce blocker. By his b l o c k i n g he aided Stoughton in winning, besides his carrying the ball. He will be back. VEA Olaf Ven, End. Few gains were made around "l5o's"endg he discournged any at- tempts to shoot end runs around him. He will be back for anoth- er year. i"3'1"1"1"?4'. Doi-uioioi--1-1 if ini-aio W . place in the Rock River Valley League and at the Whitewater Tour- nament. Mr. Rippe will be back next year, and with the town and high school behind him he will have another suc- cessful year. JENSEN Oscar Jensen, Quar- tz rback. As quarter- back, "Jens" was one of Stoughton's stars. Shifted from halfhack, he developed into a heady field general, and a wonderful returner ot' punts. He will not be hack. SUNDT Hector Sundt, Haif- hack. This was Hec- tor's first year in the hackfield, but he soon proved himself to be a good back. He was a good ball carrier and a hard tackler. Gradu- ates. WALDERA Lyle Waldera, End. "Walla" was a deadly tackler and a good re- ceiver of passes. He was small but fast and will be back next year. -111+ ioxoiiozo -,.,. ..-...,, VY - 1- SHOVVERS Arthur S h o w e rs Qt'aptainj Guard. This was "Art's" third year at his position and the opponents found him a tough player to get through. "Art" was a fighter and inspired the STUC KSTA D Henry Stockstad, End. "Hank" was a fast, hard player who was always ready for his opponents strategy. This was his first and last year at football. SCOTT Robert Scott, Tackle. Long of limb and full of fight "Bob" could al- ways break through the opposing line to snare a player or open a hole. He graduates. ffl FURSETH Mathew F u r s e t h, Guard. "Mat" was a trusty guard and played all season with- out a mishap. He will he back to steady the eenter of the line next year. Q U'iWt'MWi Wifi rest of the team to fight as hard as he did. He showed his game-- ness by playing the last part of the VVisconsin High game with crack- ed ribs. He graduates and it will be a difiieult task to find a guard equal to "Art" A M U NDSON VVilliam Amundsnn ,tfaptain electj Tackle. "Bill's" hard playing and fighting spirit won for him the eaptainev of next year's team. He was fast on gettin! down on punts and next year he should be a great player. SAMPSON Robert S amp s o n, Center. Although this was "Bob's" first year at football, he was a eool play e r and a steady p a s s e r. He graduates. KEENAN VValter Keenan, Tackle. Red headed "Doc" was a depend- able tackle and he will be haek next year to fight for his position. 45 -.-....... ....-..- rx - M, 'fs' JI- - V.. ,v Q IQ it 1'-N J LZ il F-fl Toi' ROW-KV?lllll'llIl, 'l'urnc'r, 'l'horsen, Aslakson, Str-nshy, I,a Flf-ur, Hanson. .lm-nsf-n, Ilan- llvvkvr. Si-:coxn How-Ilippm-:nm-ya-r, Slogrlill. Unsrurl. Svlxustvr. Currier, Giicston, Va-a. ilillllill ltow-Nm-tic-rhlarl. XYalclc-ra. Sampson. Nygaarrl, Svott. l'lllI'M'ill, Vva, ltippv. llorroni ltow-Koa-nan, Jvnsvn, Ilolnws, Sliowers-Captain, Amundson, Sunclt, Stockstad. FOOTBALL Stoughton Iliglfs foothall tvaxn sharm-d the- 1-hanlpionship with tlirm- othcr Rock Hin-r Valli-y l.vagm- tr-runs. although Stoughton had thc host claim. as thc- othrr tl'1llllS had tif- ,LUIIIIUS against tht-in. Out of six gznm-s playccl Stoughton won fivv anal lost one-. piling up a total scorn- of 78 to the opponvnts' l9. Coach Rippc clvvcloprwl a fast tm-:nn that could play 1-qually wr-ll on a inndcly or dry fir-ld. VVith only six letter Illt'll graduating. Stoughton has an c-xvcllcnt c'l1am'c of winning tln- 1-hainpionship again ne-xt yr-ar. Jl'!'fl'I'-S'llIl- -U Slough ton-J Thr- first game was a victory for us, thanks to tlu- trusty tor of "Horsc'." 1':1Vl1Il-V'l'iHI'---f Sfnlrghfon-41 Hvansvillc of'fr-ri-al littlt- opposition A-von to our suconrl t1'2llll. I'lll'l'I'l'Nlf'lj Iliglzg-i Sfoughlon-Q' Jn-nsvn. Shown-rs. Nygaard starred in thc thrilling gann' at Madison. 1'jllff!'l'fUII+!l Sllflllflllfflil -U Fatt' rlc'r'rm'm-cl that wr- lost' from our forniirlahlc foo. Lakf' .llillxill Sfliilflllfllll-Alf "Ya-ni, Viali. Viviu-mlm-spitv a llllllllly fit-ld. For! ,lfh'illSfIlIfU Slouglzfon-I-2 Rippr-'s fighters 1-ndrrl with a hang'-up victory. - - - - .16 - - - - .. -,- N- -,.- -- .- - -, .. Wi BASKETBALL MEN Alvin OlsonfCaptainj, Forward. "Bobby" was small, but fast, a fast dribbler and a good shot. He played good basketball all season and was a steady, consistent performer. This was his third and last year on the squad, and his place will be hard to fill. Ellsworth Gronlid, Forward. "Eppie"was a fast floor man and had a dead eye for the basket. He will be back. Robert Scott, Center. Long and lanky "Bob" was a good center. After the tip-off he would drop back and play guard, where his great reach made him an effec- tive stationery. At Whitewater Tournament his great playing won for him the posi- tion of All-Tournament Guard. Graduates. Walter Holmes, Guard. "Stubbin" was a cool, calm player, and a good guard. He will be back for next year's team. Alvin Nygaard, Guard. "Horse" played center after the tip-off and was a consistent scorer. He will be back. 1-1 -p-gm:1.4n'qp,:,gp,:1 up -vu-v up .1 1: mp 1 ri urn:-iq 47 -nga-popup up-i-p at V H f 'V 3 . . .. P ' t i 'l'ov Row-Randeeker, Mgr., Hogie, Hoverson, Showers, Coach Rippe. lg1l'l"I'UM Row-Holm, Nygaarrl, Olson, Uapt., Seott, Gronlirl. BASKETBALL The Purple :incl YVhite eagers ended the season in posse-sion of seeonzl plaee in the ltoek liiver Valley League. At the VVhitcwater 'l'ournanlent they seeureci see- oml plaee, losing the ehainpionship to Madison Central. Although the team laekeci the polished offense of last year. they always had an extra spurt for the last few minutes that won a number of their games. The prospeets for next yea1"s team are good ami Stoughton will he represented hy another fast tealn. Alumni ........ , . I8 Stoughton . . . . . I2 YVism-onsin Iligh . . . . I0 Stoughton I2 Milton Union . . . . I7 Stoughton I5 l"ort Atkinson . . . . 122 Stoughton 26 l'ivansville .... l-l- Stoughton 29 lixlgerton . . 1-L Stoughton 26 liast Troy . . 125 Stoughton 16 Lake Mills . . 17 Stoughton Ill- lrivansville .... I8 Stoughton I!! Fort Atkinson . . . ll Stoughton I7 Edgerton ......... 223 Stoughton 26 Wisconsin lligh ....... . 25 Stoughton 15 Opponents Total . . . . . .209 Stoughton's Total. . . . .2-L7 i 'i"i"i4viIIl4'C 'I ! " ' f,"j""'S"f'5'!'l"5pqw zfzgxg 5 rm Q 9 rg-AQ WHITEWATER TOURNAMENT Eva-nsvillz'-17' Sloughtfm-23 Evansville was Stoughton's first opponent at Whitewater, and managed to tie the score just before the whistle blew. In the overtime period Stoughton got "hot" and sunk three baskets in rapid succession to win the game. ' Milton Union-7 Stoughton-16' Stoughton upset the Rock River Valley Champs and won their second game and the right to meet Madison Central for the championship. Captain Olson played well and led his teammates in the scoring, although Nygaard was close behind. Madison Central-39 Stoughton-12 Stoughton lost to the powerful Madison Central five and gained second place in the Tournament. Tired out and without the aid of Gronlid, who was sick and unable to play in the tournament, the Purple and White quintet offered little oppo- sition to Central's driving attackg however Stoughton did exceptionally well in get- ting second place, a thing which no Stoughton team has ever done before. BASEBALL This year Stoughton High adopted Baseball as a spring sport in addition to track. For many years the students of the school have clamored for a baseball team and this year a team was started. Games were scheduled with Edgerton, Monroe, Lake Mills, and East Troy. Considering that this is Stoughton's first attempt, the team went through a suc- cessful season. In the first game S. H. S. had the satisfaction of beating Edgerton by the one-sided score of 17 to 3. In all the games the team played good ball and showed the results of Coach Rippe's training. "Horse" Nygaard pitched steadily throughout the year, and held the opposition to scattered hits. With this good start, next year's team ought to be a great one, and we look for- ward to the time when Stoughton can boast of as good a baseball team as the football and basketball teams now are. TRACK Stoughton's track team this year had a fairly successful season. With the veterans, Showers, Scott, Stockstad, Nygaard, and Sundt back as a nucleus, Coaches Rippe and Chapel developed a good squad. Although at the date of this writing it is impossible to tell whether or not the team will go through the season successfully, we do know that the track team is a good one and will give their opponents a hard run. '-Q11-111111 if 1: 1-rx '11 1 ax .101 io: -11 1' 11:11 :oc -01 1 3. Q ,Q 1 be C 27 ,AZSR-. LEGION AWARD This year Arthur Showers was awarded the American Legion Medal of Honor which is given each year to the Senior having the highest total of athletic and scho- lastic points, providing this total exceeds 1000. "Art" won 8 letters and maintained the high average of 87.6 throughout his high school career. He won letters in football, baseball, basketball, and track dur- ing his Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years, and was captain of the championship football team this last year. Altogether he received 14170 points-532 in athletics and 938 in scholarship-and has proved to be one of Stoughton Higlfs most popular student-athletes. This medal was first awarded three years ago and has served to make the ath- letes strive harder and attain a higher scholastic record. The previous winners have all maintained excellent records and we hope that next year's will be as worthy of the honor as the past winners have been. ?'?"?"1"i"i C Doi:irivi4v11ri1v11r14r1vi viniwi Ii' in 3 wiv-iuiuintl ' A Q xii " :maj iw gsm MIZ .0 ffl fx jiE fv+911ff'r 1 1 , My f n'i gil'1lfLW4f5 J 4 S,3,x ,n , v ,i DA 2 ' ' gig :L A Ill N 4:s'v9a f ID I I T' C Tor Row- Vea, Espelie, Miss Williams, Christianson, Roe. S1-:comm Row-Olsen, Doane,Spilde, Hippenmeyer. 1iU'l'TUM Row-Klaesson, Anderson, Olson, Aslakson, Hagen. Editor-in-Chirff .... YAHARA EDITORIAL STAFF ......................ERNEs'rESPELIE Assistant Editor ............................ KATIiERINE VEA DEPARTMENTAL STAFF Art Editor ........ Snapshot Editor. . . Humor Editor ....... Organization Editor .... Sport Editor ...... Sophomore Editor. . Freshman Editor. . Business Manager. Sten ograph er ....... Stenographer .... Advisor ....... CHRISTENSON ....CLARICE DOANE ........HAzEL SPILDE ..........KARENOLSON CHARLES HIPPENMEYEI1 . . . ..... . .AGNES HAGEN Junior Editor ...... . . . . .Pl-uLL1P KLAESSON CONSTANCE OLSON BUSINESS STAFF KAREN RoE . . . .JEANETTE ANDERSON . . . . . . . .MELVIN ASLAKSON ...Miss HELEN WILLIAMS an -1-'dm 1 11 115 51 pn-so-wg 19 --nf--Hertz w ia ,, i fl 'l'ov ltow-Aslakson, Flspvliv, .lm-usa-n, Showers, Brickson. Sl'1K'UNll ltow-llovking, Olson, 'l'urlno, Grytte-nliolni. Yva. Monson. illlllllll Row--Miss Siljan, llalv, llalvvrson, ltasniussc-n, NylHlgl'll. Mr. lfalk. l'ro'r'roni ltow--Anrlorson, Skinnc-r. .'XllllllHlSUlI. l'th-r. lloovcr, ltoc-. STUDENT COUNCIL Our Html:-nt founc-il is niacin- up of a group of sturln-nts who ri-prm-svnt tht- stu- clvnt hotly. 'I'lu- int-inlwrs arc voiuposccl of tha- prcsiclvnts of varh of thi- four classvs. the prvsiclm-nts of cu-ry organization in tht- high school. thc- clwc-r lcaclcr. and thr- vaptain of thc sm-ason's sport. Mom-tings arm- lu-lzl vw-ry othcr we-ck with Mr. Falk. anrl tht- Vouncil vnslm-avors to 4-arry out thx- gm-ni-ral poliu-ivs of tha- Stoughton Iligh Sc-hool and to dist-uss 4-l'l'ic-in-ntly Such prohlm-ins as may hc confronting the- stuclvnt hotly. A 1-oiuuiittm-if from tha- organization niadc out a program for tha- assviuhly pcriofls for thi- cntirc yvar. ami wcrm' fortunatv in si-vuring sonic splcnciicl spvakcrs who havi- spokvn on husine-ss 1-ntcrprisz-s and important prolmln-nis. Svve-ral groups :incl organi- zations haw' put on sonic- t'Il'l0f'3llllt' short plays for morning programs on spur-ial rwcasions. ln spitv of many ciitlivliltivs. thx- Stuilm-nt f'ounm-il assuuu-fl thc rcsponsilrility. to- gcthvr with thx- Junior Class. of sclc-cting a stamlarrl rlcsign for pins and rings for thx- 1-ntirv school. Aft:-r a Yoh- thc- :ln-sign clvcirlml upon hy tlu- prn-sr-nt Svnior Class was aclopti-cl pm-rulanm-ntly hy the High School. It has lm-n arrangm-ml that thc stuclvnts may purchase tht-ir pins and rings directly from thv loval jcwclvrs. Thr- Counc-il has hope-s nr-xt yoar of limiting thc- numlu-r of organizations. allow- ing only a fn-w worth-whilc vluhs to cxist. VW- tl-1-l that this group has takvn a strongvr footholrl this ycar towarcl a higgvr aml lu-ttor organization. Ul"I"ICI'lItS 1'rr.vi1lr'uI .......................,. ...... l tI"l'll Iioovicu Svvrrlary and Trr'n.vurr'r. . . . .Minlmlcu IIAr.w:usoN .l1l1'i.x'nr ..........,.. ,. ......... Mn. l"ALK 3. f'-1 pfgfrjtgiij lu n 'l'ov Row-Yvzi, lispm-lic, Showcrs. Sizcoxn ltowf-Dozim-, Olson. Kzilipailign-l'. lloovcr. l3o'i"rosi ltow-Gryttvnholnl, llillYOI'SUll, Nylmgen, Vi-zz. HONOR SOCIETY 'llhv Honor Socicty with its national stunmlzirils--ol' SK'll0l!lTSlllll. ll'Illll'l'SlllP, c'li:ir:ic'tvr. :intl sm-rvivv. is :i nntionzil socicty. lt has m-hosvn :i coininon t'llllllt'lll in the' tlirce lnindrcd :ind fifty sm-hools or Ill0I'C throughout thc United States. Students ranking in tht- uppvr twi-nty-livv perm-nt of thc nppc-r classcs in S4'll0lZll'Slllp urn' uligihlc. liliftvt-ii llt'l'i'l'llt of thc Senior l'l:iss may ln- i-li-c'tc4l to incinlwrship. hut only Hu- pt-im-nit of thc Juniors may 1-nts-r. Thu Prine-ipzil. togutlwr with four other l'fIl'l1lty lm'lnln-rs. lnailu-s tha' s1'lu'tion. 'l'ln- chit-t' inotivv of this sovivty is to proinotu init-rt-st in si-hool work. Hora-toforu honors in :itlilvtivs liuw hcvn vxprussi-cl in various ways. lt is only right that vll:il':ictm-r :ind scliolxirship shonlil also ht' rvvog- Ilizccl. ixltllllllgll this 1-lnh is not of il social nutnrc. it is zi joy :ind honor to ln-long. lt is thc niost cxclnsivv orgiinizntion in our high school :ind is :1 reward to any ezirni-st :intl :nnhitions stnmli-nt. 01" l"lC'F. RS Pri'.vif11'nt ...... . .KA'l'llIfZRINl-I Vim Vim' Pl'1'.Viffr'l1f. .. . . RI"l'il Iloovign -. -. -.qi- -u -. qi.. 1 Q - 53 - -.,-U qi: 1 -.14 ' T Afxx 1"ZSs'1s 'l'ov Row-Hanson, Nygaard, Hocking. Srzcoxn liow-Christianson, Schuster, Showers, Jorgenson. l'u1nn Row-ltomnes, Christianson, Hippenmeyer. lt. Jorge-nson, Keegan. l3o'r'roM Row-Roc, Caine, Klaesson, Vea, Mr. Chapel. RADIO CLUB The Radio Club consists of twenty-two boys who are intensely interested in radio. Under the direction of Mr. Chapel, our director, wc organized our club on November 20 and started our year's program. Meetings were held twice a month. At these meetings. Mr. Chapel gave a series of highly instructive lectures on the principles of radio from the simplest form to the most complex receiver. The boys themselves prepared oral topics on some phase of radio which they presented before the club. The boys also made sets of their own with radio parts that arc a part of the club's equipment. Many of these sets performed remarkably well. YVe also have a large six-tube receiver and an excellent speaker that was used for concert work at the meetings. The members of this club have become familiar with an invention that has come to be one of universal importance, and with a new industry, that of radio engineering. which is ready to take its place with the foremost industries of the world. NVno knows but that from our midst may come a second Marconi who will astonish thc world with electrical inventions? I OFFICERS President ...... . . .ARTIII'R Snowzsns Vice Pre.s'ide11t. . . . . . .Bouts SCmvs'ri-tn Secretary-Treasurer. . . .PHILIP KLAESSON Advisor ........... .... it In. CHAPEL ofvti-Lnioil-xoxo: -ning--inif-1014-ingnil-ingifi--11,1011-11.31-iognxi1 - ...n E fj-gl 7 Izvl Q AAZQX ,. l I Tor Row-Stensby, Nygaard, Friedl, Scott, Espelic, Currier. Srzuoxu Row-Groulicl, Jensen, Aslcsou, Showers, Fries, Olson, Mr. Nelson. Tuuiu Row-Luraas, Tliorsou, Hogie, Aiuuudsou, Yea, Christiansen. Borrow Row-Roe. Pahucr, Klaessou, Olson, Gilsou. Utter., Stockstad. THE HI-Y CLUB The Iii-Y is a "Live VVire" in this year's extra-curricular activities, due to the great help ot Mr. Huff and Mr. Sowers, the Y. M. C. A. representatives. The cluh is connected with the Y. M. C. A., and has as its goal to maintain and extend throughout the school and couuuunity high standards of Christian character and living. lVith the aid of Mr. Berg, our principal. Mr. Falk, Mr. Nelson, and those mem- tioncd above, the eluh feels that it has done much to arouse a good spirit. YVc wish to express our gratitude especially to Mr. Nelson. It was he who hrought us to- gether and made the cluh what it is. Although it is his first year in our school, he will remain in our iuciuory as a true friend because of his good nature and good will. Through the cooperation of the meuibers we staged the best and nicest initiation cvcr produced in S. H. S. April second we went to Madison to attend the District Older Boys, Conference. VVith Albert Friedcl as director the cluh has produced a quartet which cannot be praised too highly. The boys therefore feel that they have lived up to their slogan, Clean Living. Clean Speech, Clean Sports. and Clean Scholarship throughout the school year. OFFICERS 1,I'!'.Vil1PlIf ...... ............... ...... C 7 BERT ASI.lfISllN Vice President. . . . . .HARRY CHRISTIANSON Secretary ..... ...... 1' LRNEST Eseifzum Treasurer. . . ............ .... A LVIN OLSON ADVISORS Mu. 'BERG MR. Ni-:LsoN Mn. ISALK .1,11-Pinto:--1-fiaioi1 1 1-:oi-I1-ioioioioaooi-1:1-Q ...i,.1..1.,3. 1 3,44 F " C V E i - Tor Row-llennie, Nicholas. Srrcoxn Row-Scvcrson, Bjoin, Yea, Olson, llogie, lflspelie. 'l'nmn Row---Spilcle, Doane, 'l'usler, Yea, Monson, Gryttenholm, Miss Grcgerson. Borrom ltow-Christianson, Utter, Roe, Hoover, Kaupauger, llavey, Anderson, lloover. DRAMATIC CLUB The Robert Mantel! Dramatic Club has as its aim the development of dramatic ability. Only students from the Junior and Senior C'lasses can qualify for meme bership if they have shown their initiative in School events. and their interest in this kind of work. VVhcn school opened this year, there were three of the old members present. In order that the club might not drop out of existence, these three se- lected those whom they considered talented in the line of speaking and acting, with the result that at the present time the Club has a membership of twenty-five. The influence which a club of this kind can wield upon its members is inval- uable. It is a wonderful thing to be able to act effectively and with poise. In this organization. acting naturally and with ease is an important factor. This year the club presented an amusing sketch to the assembly. It was really an admirable performance. considering the short time of preparation. The pre- sentation was in collaboration with "Good lin "fl VVf'k." : l evil of Bad English in a ridiculous fashion. g'llSl u ind wrought to light the The club hopes to continue in a wider field of work with each passing year and to show steady signs of progress toward its goal. 0l"I"ICERS I're.vialenI ....... ................. K .unix Ron View Prruvirlenf .......... . . . liouicwr Ssxlvsox Secretary and Treaszzrer. . . . . . RUTH Hoovrzk .lrlz'i.rnr ................. ...Miss Ciizrzrsxnsox -,,-..-..-i.-.,-..- 56 .-.......-,.-.,- - u .Io 5 s 'fi x 2 IZ! ,wkx Tov Row-You, Stcnsby, Espclic, Lu Fleur. Sncoxn ltuw-wI"rics, Kccnun. NVright, Schustcr, Hogic. Cnrricr, Sampson. 'lllllllll How-Berg, l'shcr, Ycnmlcn, Anmlcrson, llulvcrson, llulc, Aslcsun. l"m'k'ru ltow-lnirzuis, Ellickson, Quinn, Ylvisnkcr, Johnson, Hoovcr, Szunpsou, Mr. Nelson. Fn"rn ltow-llennic, CllY'lStl2llIS0ll. Von, Kuupzuigrcr, l.ur:-son, Hznvcy, 'l'uslcr, ltusmusscn, lloovcr. lhrvroxi ltmv--Kvulhcini, l'ttcr. Onsriul, Midgard. Mulcckc, liowc, Bjoin. Uxvcn, llutzingcr. THE YAHARA DEBATING CLUB Spcak thc spccclz, I pray you, as I pronounccd it to you, tripping- ly on the tongue: but if you mouth it as many of our playcrs do, I had ax Iicf thc tofvrz-cricr .vpolrc my Iincs. -Hamlct. Tha- purposc of our lively, cnthusiastic club is to givc pructicc in dclmtc. discus! sion, composition, clocution, dcclzumition, and parliamentary practice. .ln thc full of 19:26, with thc lcudcrship of our advisor Mr. Ncl:-son. wc organize-al oursclvcs into ll cluh with thc cnrolhncnt of 411 mcnibers. Mcctings :irc hclll on lVcclncs1l:iy cvcning of cvcry othcr wcck. Thcsc mcctings :irc mlcvotcd to husincss and u progruui consisting of topic spcechcs, debate speechcs, humorous talks :ind so forth. Mr. Nelson criticizes thc topics given :it the previous meeting. Hvcry mcmhcr of thc clulx is ohligcd to appear on the program at lcast oncc ai sciuestcr. Yvc :irc following il vcry strict constitution and thc "Rohcrt's Rulcs of cll'lll'l'.H 0l"FICERS Prcsidcn! ....... ............ ........ l ' AUL UTTER Vicc Prcsiclcrzt. . . ...... FRANK CURRIER Sccrctary ..... . . .NIILDRED IiAI.Vl1IRS0N Treasurer. .. .... FLORENCE Rowi-: .tdvisor .... ...... B In. NELSON o ali,1101.-ioxnioi.,ing-ig.-it1-11.ii--g..i.,1-i1.f1..gn1nq 5 7 , ,1,,i,,i4,il,i,,i Q iiii W Tor Row-Nyhagen, Krostu, Nelson, Halverson, Norsetter, Vender, Monson, Yea. Srreosn Row-Swan, llavey, Olson, Kraiger, Hoover, Hale. Anderson. lunum ltovi- Kralheim, Doane, Tusler, Townsend, Gryttenhohn, lloover, llale, Miss Kins- man Bo'r'ronx Row-lljoin, Anderson, Olson, Hagen, Rowe, Aalseth, Hove, Oth-son. PHILOMATHIA Philomathia is an organization eomposed of girl students who are interested in learning, and wl1o have achieved high scholastic' standing. As sophomores all girls are eligible for membership providing that they have a high seholastie rank. Every girl is voted upon before she is initiated, and her adaptability and eharaeter are also taken into eonsideration as well as her grades. The purpose of our elub is to eome in closer eontaet with good forms of litera- ture, and to learn to appreciate beauty and art. It is eustomary for Philomathia to have a banquet every year given by the un- der-elass members. On March 19, 1927 the members enjoyed a very fine banquet held at Hotel Kegonsa, The entire dining room was given over to the elub and was beautifully decorated with green and white in St. Patriek's eolors. Each member invited a boyg after the dinner was over, a soeial time was enjoyed, and lovely music was furnished. Not only was our banquet enjoyed, but a sleighride party was held earlier in the season, and all members 8CC'0lllp2ll'li0d by their guests experieneed the time of their lives. OFFICERS Presirlerzf .... . . . . .KATIIICRINE VHA Vive Pr1'.s'ic1'1'ni. . . .l"r.onx-:Nei-: OLsEN Secretary. . . .. ...ALMA KVALIIEIM Treasurer. . . . .l,0LOIlES 'llI'SI.FIR Advisor. . .g..-......-..-..-1,-l,- 58 ,. if-11linioiwinioiwrir ..M1ss KINSAIAN i,1lDll,nQH,1lQ4IQI Q oioioi- 1 az: ,AZ gk y i was 1 i ,i , 7 W 'l'ov Row-Monson, Usher, Leslie, Halverson, Grytteuholm, Yziscucl. Srzcoxn liow-Borrud, Rusinusscu, 'l'usler, Doane, Nyhagcu. Olson. Miss Larsen. Borroni Rovv-lluvey, Carter, Hoover Suudby, Kaupanger, Quam, Miss Berg. G. A. A. The purpose of the club is to promote a spirit of sportsmanship among the girls of our High School, and to develop 11 keener interest in athletics. Any girl in High School is eligible for membership to the organization, and has only to work for points to become a member. One hundred points must be earned. These may be earned in numerous ways. such as hiking. swimming. skating. and playing golf or tennis. G. A. A. letters may be earned by attaining seven hundred points. This year we have run the Girls' Athletic Association strictly on an athletic basis. The Association has had the gymnasium a certain number of hours each week. Before cold weather set in, these hours were spent out on the campus, playing kitten- ball. All the girls are working energetically, for they now have something sub- stantial to work for-a letter S to be earned, as stated before, by attaining 700 points. The club, carried on as it is. does a great dcal to encourage athletics. and will. as a result make our high school girls strong, healthy, and active. OFFICERS Prvsirlvrzf ...... . . .RIARGARET fiRYTTENHOLlVI five Presiderzl ......... ............ lf iMMA IIAVEY Secretary and Treasurer. . . . . .LYDIA KAIVPANCQER Aflvisur ............... .... IN Iiss I.AusEN nzqrxr -1-li-ii-ri--11gui-V1-rx-vii-if:oilfini'-14-1.11-ug-ning --f.1uii.iuioii,g , , C A- l - 'l'mn- ltuvv-Curtvr, Halverson, Bnndehagc-n, Frivs, Klaesson. Sizuoxn ltovv-Currivr, Ve-a, Kee-gan, Anclcrson. Sampson, Vasc-ml. Tnnm ltow-Larson, Kraiger, Olson, Krostu H ' ' ll. , 00361, agen, lluowr, Miss Williams. 1lU'I"l'U5I liovv-liov, Anderson, Hove, Dnrlnnd, Kaupanger, Havvy, lilioin. MOTTO "I"or.van ef have olim 111f1r1i1ii.v.w in'Ual1if." Ur J I vrliapa' .vomr 110-If you will fake' pleasurf in rrfnzrnzlnwing rfzwn them' things. Colors :Roman Gold and Royal Hlllf' CLASSICAL CLUB The Classical Club is an organization of Latin students whose Standings are 'AU or "ll", New nic-nibc-rs are arlniitted to the Club at tht- beginning of each sa-liool yt-ar. :ind the- nuinbcr of stumlvnts l . ' l thirty or tliirty-five. w no IH1! me given membership has been liinitvd to Tln- purposc of thc Classival Club is to acquaint its menibcrs with the customs and language of the Romans. Meetings are held once everv two weeks and a pm- fram vommitts-c irc mares cntvrtuinuients for each IIlt'CtlH . A 00lllIIllttt't' is also P- a 1 iointvd to scrvu rc-tra-slnncnts durin the social hour. l l This IIll'llllNtl'S of the Classical Club have worked diligvntly. and wc only hopv that thi- fnturv nu-nibvrs will strive to rc-tain the accomplislnncnts of this year. OFFICERS Prwsirlmzt ...... ............ . . .RUTH Hoovnn View I'rf'.vidf'nt ......... . . .FRANK Cviuimu Svcrefary and Trr'a.s'urf'r. . . . .EDITH Hoovnn .ldzvsor ............... . .Miss XVILLIAMS ini--C pi-1-ii-iinifii,il-1--1-1-.1-vi-v3H1ni-vi-l1- :ui-A1-,112 tu O t W Q iw' 3 Atfrfplzi 'Ll' K ,MEX 'l'ov liow-Nylmgen, Olson, Lurmls, Nivliols, Ilrmson. llogiv. Srzvoxn ltUXVJSll!I1IDSUll, Hanson, Norsrttvr, Vasc-ml. Vvu, Miss lllllSl'tllt'I'. Tuum Itow-Berg, Domic, Tuslcr, llugvn, Quinn, Prim-n. li0'I"I'UM ltow-Uttvson. Mivklcson. Uttcson. Dorlaml, Kromtu, Kildalil, Vrstcrdallil. LA CERCLE FRANCAISE l.:1 C1-rt-lc l"1':1r1c:iisc is an organization coinposc-cl of l'lY't'TN'll stuclunts witli an uvcrzigc of or "B" in lfrcncli coursvs. Tin' "A" students of tlie- sc-voml scim-stcr l"rm-m-li clnssvs aiutomzitically lwcoim- mcmlwrs of tlu- soc-in-ty tllc following year. 'flu' "ll" students of tllc sm-cond ya-:lr coursv :irc vote-cl into tlu' sovim-ty liy nu-mln-rs of the clulm. All lllClllllt'TS of Lu Cert-lc l"r:1nc-aisv urn- initiated lmcforc lacing :ld- lllltlfll to :lctuzil lllt'IlltN'I'Slllll. Tha- purposv of La Ccrclx- l"r:1m':iisc is to llC'flll1llY'lt its im-inln-rs with tlu- Cue-xtoms :md lnnguagv of tlw l'll't'!1Cll pc-oplc. The moctings :irc lic-ld at rvglllnr in- tervals. :md mlllvzltionul progrmus :irc planned lny :1 program committee witll tlw vivc-prvsillm-rlt of tliv organization :ns clmirmun. Tlic rm-Qulzations for nu-mlwrsliip sm-rw :is :nn im-cntivv to tllv Frcncll students to work for lliglwr marks. OFFICERS Prnvirlvrzl ...... . . .l,r'c'iL1,1c NYIIAGEN Vim- IDTI'-Vfl1f'IIf ......... ...lmemm Nxc'uoI.As Sf-vrvfary and Tr':'11.vurf'r. . .... ClLAnlc'1c DOANE .-1rIz'i.wr. .............. . . .Miss HI'I,SETllPlR azoiiifxwi -cv 14-14-:1-1--1w:-iif-1--1-ii-in pl-1--gigwx-1 1 1:1 H- ,C n 27, Toi- liow-'I'hompson, Nygaurd. Licn, Hyland. Srzcoxn liovv-Jolmson, Ehlc, Crusc, Brickson, Miss Barry. llllllllll liow-vllolwrtson, Mullvr, Johnson. llU'l"l'UM Row-l'innow, VVcsthy, Stncssy, Urwin, ROUND TABLE 'I'hc Round Tuhlc was cstuhlishcd in the TC1lC'llQ'PS' Training Iji'lHlI'tII1Cl1t in 1915. 'I'hc clircct purposc of this association is to furthcr profcssional cducation of its mcmhcrs from il social standpoint and hroadcn their scopc of lifc. This socicty is composcd of post gr:ull1:1tcs from various parts of thc stutc. Many social cvcnts have occurccl during thc ye-ar, such as thc I'I0lIll'-Cllllllfltl' :md Hducationzil Exhihit on .lunixary 18. Thc purposc of thc Hxhihit is to prcscnt ncw ich-:is to pcrsons intcrcstcrl in this particular typc of work. All studcnts who huvc grruiuntcrl from thc coursc :irc wclcomc hack for thc cntirc clay. Tho IIOIIIK'-C0llllYlg' wus hcld at Hotel Kegonsu. whcrc an intcrcsting program was prcscntccl :md :1 dinncr was scrvcd. Other social functions includc :1 C'hristm:is party :md :1 Ilullowclcn party. It has hccn our plcusurc to participutc in scvcral rural school nctivitics during thc ya-:ir thus fur. It is our sinccrc ricsirc that thc good work of thc Round Tuhlc hc continucd inmlcfinitcly. OFFICERS Firs! Scnzcsizfr Sccmzrl Sr'1nc.vf1'r 1"NANl'I'IS BmcusoN Prrfsidfnt CLARICE .lmmsox -l0SEl'lIINI1I Nvomum Sf'C'I'l'f!l7'.If and Trcaszzrffr ELIZA VV1I,1,1AMsoN .'1dz'isor ........... ....................... ...... IN I Iss ISAIIRY :- -- V--L-A---Y--L-W -., -i-.,- -i -.,- i-.- A. by -1:1'11-1-11-11-rcuwzvvx--ici'-if-ans'-1' 1 f' , ...L A, jn- THE H1011 SCHOQL BAND This is thc two and onc-half ycar mark of thc lligh School Band's cxistcncc. Durin f this tinic, thc hand has llavccl xnanv cn ra cincnts with Jaraclc and conccrt. 2- . . . Not only docs thc hand scrvc thc high school, but also thc city. for its policy is to play for all civic affairs that are fostcrcd hy and are for thc mutual hcncfit of thc conununity. such as Mcniorial Day, Fourth of July, and sunnncr conccrts in the parks. This ycar a scrics of conccrts has hccn given cach six wccks with an attempt to inakc cach succccding prograln more dillicult. PERSONNEL l'on11uctor. .. ........ ...... ...... . . .Tuoisms I.. BAILEY I". CVRIIIER V. FALK H JONES 'l'. Cnuls'rr:NsoN II. I'l0L'I'AN A. 1.'mm,L ll. Srzvmnsox ll. Sc1u's'r1-:R E. How. Y. NIYIDGAIID Vl 'Ixm:NAN C. CHMSTIANSON l,.XsllIGll'l' C. fumuo . , , ., , C. b14:w:nsoN lu. lloum C. N1cI101.As - , . J. lhICIXl'IllCIH'IR Il. l1.1Nm: li. luvmusox H H ll. RomN1cs H. CIIAPIN ANSON l". lli-:NNN-: 1'.Vi-:A O' ASLESON Ilfunn' RANm:ciu:n 0. V1-:A 5 lNYHMi"5N llAll0I.D RAND!-ICKICR M. XXEA B- HANSON l". RAsMl'ssi:N I. TURMO B. Swmvnsox Drum flIa'0r ..... ........ .... A L BERT FRIEUL J Quarfcrmasfcr. .. .. .R. BVERSON HC D1-2x1-:ini JD' x 9 T9 i Q it v. D 'i"'i"""i2ii1ii ,KQQILX A 'l'oi- R1HV7SllIllIlS0l1, 'l'urmo, Kvulllviili, l' itm-r Sl'fl'4PND lf1YW'fAIl'KK'Fl'Ill'F, Sta-nshy, Olson, Hocking. Ainumlmm. 'l'hor1w. rlylllllll Row-l'urri1'r, K4-nyon, -IPIISPII. Svliustvr. I,ur:ms. Turmo. l"4ll'R'l'Il lfllVV+h'l'il. Ilogir, Kvvgaui, Ulaon. Stovkstzul, Iirzullc-y. IKo'r'roM Row--S1'v4'rsoli. Ive-5, Skinm-r, Svliusivr, f'ill'iStillllhUll, Scott. B0 YS' GLEE CLUB r v . . 1 , Ihr' Boys film- C luh is conipost-ci of twcntx six A'-.' .' lIlt'lllill'l'S. The- first of thx' vvur thu-5' spa-nt :i gn-:nt ti1'3,i oi' tiim' in pr:u'tic'c until the-y iN'i'Illlll' wcll org:niize-cl. A muh' flllJll't1't was forim-cl from the-ir 1"l'JlIliiClII'l'il'l'. IA-rov Ilovkin f.: l R 'll K numhcr. vonsisting of Paul Skinm-r. mc ussm vc fun, which san r hcforc thc- :msn-inhiv. . f- . hu-iorv tht- NIK'l"ll'i'll1li I' I X muh ,, md whlmh n s al . . 4 . .t. "TIU'.! ' r 1 - - ' SIIHQ' 0 Sl' 'Pri 0tiN'T' 0l'K'flNi0nS. Ihc hrst puhhm- :nppc-:ir:im'c' of thv cluh was in ti fl IIIKNQTXN " "' .' ' ic show "I-Ii-Jinksf' which wnq put o in c'olhihor:ition with tha- Girls' Ch-c Cillil. Tha- show was quita- :i sin-cc-ss ' V v-lv 'rim 1 ' f' I .I . 1 in lv soma- 1- mrming, lmpcrsonations of womvn :md somm- good ' g, I' nt of this show vunt to Nici irl ind on 'NI lriil 8 ind pc rforlmrl hm for i , SIllfl'l'S. : ' .' .' ' '- . "': : soviul l':u'vnt 'lwwiu-rs' Mcwting :it thc sc-hool. A:. : . . . ,.: Q I hvir third :ippc:ir:im'm- wus in tht- Spring C'om'4-rt in May. XVilt'l'l' tht-y :1c'c'rm-rlitvcl .. Romilrr Snufsox ..NIl4II,YIN I,l'llAA!4 tliviim-In-5 quita- nohly. 0I"I"IC'HRS 1'rv.s'i1lr'nl. . . 7'l'I'lI-X'lI7'1'!'. . - -M-.,-.-i..M- 54, -. -, ..,-,- G i T271 Q l l Toi' ltow-Jensen. Carter, Gregerson, Hale, lllalverson, Anderson, lloover, llurrliek, Illlllgllll. Siaeoso Row--'l'holo, Larson, Monson, Gryttenholxn, llavey, Kanpanger, Nelson, Midllnin, Larson. Illlllllli ltow-l'sher. Jensen, Johnson, Ylvisaker, llarried, lfoss, Hanson. Drotning, Miss l't'l'lliIlll. l'l1ll'll'l'lI ltow-lloover. Nyliagen. Olson, Yea. C. Olson. lioe. linrass. lloirron ltow-Kildahl. Kvalheiln, llule, Smith, lloye. fhristianson, Anderson, Unsrinl, Heainonson. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Clulm is one of the finest organizations in high selnool. The girls in the elnlm are to he C0lllplllIll'Tltl'il on the exeellent work they have done in lmoth their winter and spring eoneerts. The inusieal eomedy, "Hi-.links." whieh was a l'0llllllIl2ltlUll of hoth Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, revealed Miss l,Cl'll2lllllS ability and pep-as did hoth eoneerts. The girl Bell-Hops in their red suits. the Florida and California elloruses as well as the seasons, all presented a pleasing perforinanee. The regular meetings of the elnlm are earried on in a husiness-like manner. hut the girls really enjoy working out their parts with their enthusiastic direetor. Marks are given in musie as well as in any other suhjeet. Each year in Glee Cluli eounts as one-fourth of a ereditg so with four years in it one may olmtain a whole eredit in inusie. To say that the Girls' Glee Club is a popular organization is not exaggerat- ing, Many talented girls had to he turned away this year heeanse of the erowds who tried out. OFFICERS Pr:-.videnf ...... . . .Mimnu-zo lhrvmcsox View I'resident .......... ,....... K Alum O1.soN Secretary and Treasurer. . . . . .l,I'e11,LE NYIIAGEN Lilnrrzrinrz ...,..... - ...... .. .KA'r1u:nINr: Vim Direelor. .. ...Miss l,l1IltllAlNl 0:4 1 vi-vi--3iwix--1-vi--1--:oil-inio:-vi-vii'11-1-vin:--1-in Q-vgnxf-1n.....p..-p .2- S s fs-4--V-Q-me in Q M MILHALUKA ji. Toi' Row-Vea, Krostu, Nyhagen, Miss Kinsman. Bo'r'roM Itow-Hoover, Roe, Anderson, Havey, Spilde. CAMPFIRES That Campfire is popular among Stoughton High School girls is evident in the faet that three new groups have heen added to the roll, making seven altogether. "The Campfire is a national organization of girls who appreciate the highest values in life and endeavor to live so that their daily lives may he the application and expression of their ideals." l The watehword of the Campfire is "VVohelo" which signifies Vvork. Health, Love. The Campfire law is: Seek Beauty. Give Service. Pursue Knowledge. Be Trust- worthy. Hold on to Health. Glorify VVork, and he Happy. There are three ranks which are attainable by any of the members. namely: Vvood Gatherer. Fire Maker. and Torch Bearer. The achievements of the girls in the following craftsg Home. Health. Camp Hand. Nature, Business and Citizenship, are rewarded by various colored heads as honors for the work accomplished. In Fehruary of this year the girls were honored hy a visit from Bliss Mc-Keller. National Campfire Secretary. who stimulated and inspired the girls to greater ae- tivity hy her talk and exhibit. 11:-11-1--1--11-I -mini-11-iivviv-iv 11101 11-:Kiwi12111014-ioivi--1--1' ' .,,,Hv-4 U K I f ' ',v-.L-. . r ,xx 1 ag? w AQ Rx, A JM W HR-,,,,-,,-,,,,,,W,,, 4 W, Q H -1 1' ,X 4 A TA-'I'AfPOCHON I'm- Row--.llllm-tll, Hanson. 'l'mvnM-ml, Gryih-nlmlm. '-hzuuxn limv-lhrwv. Half-vkv, Kilclulll. Hiss Hznvm-n. H1l'l"l'I!Nl liow---'l'I1nlo. Ale-xsun, IJuoliHlL'. Swann, Olsun. OYVY H li H lm' liKlXl"SZllllllh0ll, Ilulvvrson, Hllicksmu, llmwvr. mxn liuw--liusnumsm-rl, Vasc-ml, l,m-Hu-. Miss liivh:lrds. vrrsm Rem'--Christiannson, Olson, Durluml, llZlj,I1'Il. -.-.--.--4--nv-.-muon----Q-un--nznn -..--..- 420 , L Y 1 X " ..., X my ' H i 101 V i f A, Ng '1'Af'1'A-WA LO 'l'mw How Jolmsun, Rohm-ris. .lvnm'l1. Grm'f:nlw4-vk. Srzcuxn HIWV'-NIil'kl'IHUll, Ylvisukc-r. Nelson. Aspn-rlu-inn. Miss I,:lrs4m. IHu'l"l'4m H!Hl'4liYilHll'illl, Hovv. liolwris, .'xJll54'tIl. WIf'l'0-N0-HI lm' Huw-ll. IAIFMYII, .'xlHl4'I'SUll. llzllv. voxn liuw' Bliss llulsvflwr, 'IHtZilljI1'I', Iijuin. D. IJIFSHII, Slim fiI't'jIl'l'5 l5o'I"1'1m Iimv-Mirlgurd, Ilngvn, Ilnlv, Unsrutl. '-"H G8--f.,11,,,.,,,,,,,,,,-,,m,,,,,,,-,,.,4-N,-lk. ., . , ,..,,AEL ' K, fi R ' 'A' ' f 1 M W 1. A , vi L-: KHGONSA lm' limi'-'l'uuv. Kvunvik, Pillivksmi. unxn limi'-Bliss PCFIIIIIII, l'ilI'ihtiilllNUll, Unsgzmrml. Kvulllviiil. Slim llallu-rs D'l"l'lbM Row-Svsunmismi. Iluvz-, Smith, Yuld. SOAN-GR-'1'A-IIA 'l'uv lhmu'---Nygzlzliwl. llzlnsnn, ijftltllillff, Shui. Slzunxn limv-Siuvkstud, llilsmi, Mimltlum. Ilultun. 'l'n1nn liuw- Fusmlzilil, lluvc, i'iilit', I.:l1'sun, Nyglllilfli. Miss Klum-a. lxU'l"l'U3l Rmv-Iluiilv, llauimn, 1,1-m-, lvursmi, Fusdzmlil, Nm-Iwn. -.,.,. ,.,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,M,-mm--.M 69-q-.Q--i EE C D 0. VEA M. Bmrx ORATORICAL AND DECLAMATORY CONTEST The Oratorical and Declamatory Contest was held on April 22, in the high school auditorium. As the competition between classes in decoration has been elimi nated, the stage was prettily decorated in purple and white. At the beginning of the contest the Sophomore and Senior classes marched ing the Seniors, singing their class song, marched up and down the aisles and then took their respective places. The contest was judged not only by the ability of the speakers representing the classes but also by the attendance of each class and by the amount ot true pep dis- played. Honors were awarded to the Sophomore class, which showed the greatest volume of genuine pep and whose Declamatory speaker won first place and the Oratorical speaker second. The winning speakers were Mary Bjoin, a Sophomore, who gave "Managing Marjorie," and Olaf Vea, a Junior, who gave "Liberty or Death." Close seconds were Margaret Gryttenholm, Senior, who read "Georgie Becomes a Member" and Frank Currier, Sophomore, who orated "War of Righteousnessf' The following points were awarded: 10 pts. Declamatory Sophomore Class 10 pts.- Oratory Junior Class 5 pts. Declamatory Senior Class 5 pts. Oratory Sophomore Class 3 pts. Pep Sophomore Class 2 pts. Attendance Freshman Class The cup was presented by Dr. Matthew Gregerson. The two winners were sent to the' League contest at Edgerton. VVhitewater Edgerton, and Stoughton were represented. Olaf Vea carried off first place in Oratory and will take part in the District League contest at Whitewater. ' 11111411 inxnu pn: fx 1v1v2n1u:o1o1n1 14111 ri in Qian,-W., H 53 L 1+ a! ' A THE DEBATING SQUAD A ncw :intl vital activity has lwvn dcfiniti-ly lllJlI'kl'll mlown on tht- hooks :is :i pm'- innnvnt thing in thi- Stoughton lligli S4-lmul. NVith i':n's:u'. thc lh-hating hucn-ty 1-:in miy-f-'iYi'I1i. Yiili. Yin-i." 'l'hc lllt'IlllM'I'S workn-ml with m-:ign-i'm-ss :ind intcrvst frmn thi- first tryouts to thi- lust lntcr-School lh-hntv. Tha- vnrm-st work of thi- ti-:nn. :uhh-al to thi- nntiring ctfnrts of thc L-mu-li, was finally rcwnrdcd hy :i victory--tllv 2lllll'lllJltlYl' winning froin thi- Univt-rsit.y High of ihI!IlllS0lI-illllt' qnvstion for ah-lmti' wus thi- prnposi-al :una-nclnicntz i'livs0lvcd, that tht- initiutivv :ind l't'fl'I'i'lllllllll ha' :uhlval to Vonstitntion of VVisconsin." Pt-rlnips thc largvst :issct this 0T'gIlllllZ2ltl0Il had wnw C'n:u-li Nvlson. It was only tllfllllgll his vtforts :mil cnthnsiusni that thi- llfgillllllltltlll :im-nliiplislicil what it diil. Owing to thc bt-m-tit ilcrivi-il :ind tht- work invnlvi-il in this :in-tivity. minor lvtt:-rs will hu givcn thc mlm-lmatt-rs. ,lfl1'i.wr ............................. Mn. fNi1LsoN lNIt-inht-rs RUIIICIVI' Sixinl-sox l'EA1iI, c2l'AM flI.Al-' XVICA llonls Sl'IIl'S'l'ICR Blllilllil-Ill 1IA1.Y1f:nsnN Lvnla liAl'l'ANlilfIlI ..,..H..X..U..U..H- 72 -,..M..M.. ..,.....H..H..U 5inQ1':1ig .,g 'i D IZIQ CHARM Prmsr:N'1'1-:lr MM' 27 ln' Tlllfl SENIOR Clhxss 011' 1927 llu MM' IIAlcl'11:n. .. ...Ham-l Spildv .Ima Puma ......... ...... I Curl Ilogiv Mns. IIAICIWIIC ..., ...... K ntlwrim- Ya-:n Mn. HAlu'lf:n. . . .... Jvrmm- Nicholas Mn. KLEIN. . . .. .'I'r:1m- i'lnrish-nson Mu. I.lf:s'1'Hlc. . . . . .Iiolwrt Sampson Du. fi,x1c1f1lf:l.1m., ...... Paul Ifttq-r Yumm' ..... . . .Kurm-n Rm- l'I.:U'lHC ,...... ,.. Alvin Olson lirtv. l'Ax'roN. . . .... Hrm-st l'ZSl3l'HL' Mus. l'.-xx'rux. . . . . .Mildrvd Monson BAM! ..,....,. . . .Ilolorvs 'flxslvr Miss NIILDIH-Ill. , . . . Ruth Ilouvvr Mus. XY11.suN. .. ...Viulvt f,VVt'lI lfll-YiIIl'.Y.V .11IIIlIlffl'l'. NI!-ZLYIN I,I'lm,xs l'uaf'l1 ........... . . ,Miss IIARRllC'l' Umzmznsnx !'l1z.v.v .'lrl1'i.s'nr. . . . . .Miss l"I.our:Nm: K1,r:Nr:n'r 101:Neo'1.,1..1w11,1..1.,:,.1 1 '. WV T .afzlgx ... , F X l SEVENTEEN l,lll+ISI+TN'l'lClJ ln' .ll'Nl0R Crdxss :XPRIL 9. 1927 CAST 01" C1IAH.M"1'HRS Mus. liAx'H:n .... Mn. liAX'I'l'Ill. .. ..... , . , JANE llAX'l'l-Ill .............. XY11,1,mm SvI.vANx's BAX'l'lf1I!. . NYI1.1.1.nx liAx'rr:n's l"nu4:Nns JOHNNY xRvA'l'SON .... Jul: BI'I.LI'l"l' ..... Ch-zonal: l'1mov1-zu. . . XVAI.1.1r: BANKS. .. 'l'lu-: l'A1u'u1-tus Mn. l'Anc'11r:n .... MM' l'Auv111-zu .... . NIM' l'.-u:c'1mu's l"lu1-:Nns l.u1,A l,liA'l"l' ..... . . 1'l.'l'Ill-IL Bmuc ..,....... BIARY lilmolis ........ . URN:-isis, 'I'ln- Filllllly Scrvant IgIlSiIl!'8-V .l1llIIlIfll'I'. . . f'rJ11r'l1 .......,..... l'la.vs A-Idriwr .... o'1-.:..1..1.,:.,1.,3-lzwil-avg . . . lllizsnlwtll Seunpson ..........0lufV1-:n . . .Lydia KIlIlllIlYlg'l'T ... .llonald YVrigl1t . . . . . . .Arne Stenslmy . . .llzxrold Ilmw-rsnn . . .Kvnnctll l.:n l"ln-nr . . . . . .l'l:1rl Hanson . . .Edwin .lcnscn . .... liditll Iloovvr . . . .Mildrcd Halverson . . .Mildrvd Hocking' . . . .lildrvd llIlSIIIllSSt'Il .......Artlmr Olson AI,X'IN NYGAARIJ ....Miss PEARL S11..1AN Miss HLL1-:N IQINSMAN -'-'I 73 !N we Q 5 THE DISTRICT COMMERCIAL CONTEST The elimination contest for the state contest in shorthand, bookkeeping, type- writing, rapid calculation and penmanship was held at Stoughton Saturday, April twenty-third. Sixty-four students representing the following schools participated: VVhite- water, l"t. Atkinson, New Glarus, Evansville, Verona, Sun Prairie, Middleton, Cambridge and Stoughton. Whitewater City High won the district championship. Stoughton was represented by Grace Otteson and Carmen Carter for Junior Type- writing, Emma Havey and Martin Nelson for Junior Bookkeeping, and Irene ncrg and Esther Bondehagen for Shortlland. Grace Otteson won first place and Carmen Cartcr second place in the Junior Typing contest and Emma Havey obtained fifth place in Bookkeeping. The winners of the first three places in each event will go to Whitewater May 141th for the state contest. We wish the Stoughton contestants good luck. AWARDS WON BY THE COMMERCIAL STUDENTS BRONZE PIN SILVER PIN GREGG WRITER fl'nderu'ood Azvardsj CRemington A'ward.s'Q AVVARDS GRACE O'PTESON CLARICE DOANE CO. G. A. Certificatel CARMEN CARTER CORINE NoRsET'rER Jov USIIER Jov Usx-11-:R CARMEN CARTER INIATTIE BURDICK JEANNETTE ANDERSON GRACE OTTESON NORMA HANSEN EDNA S1-A1 Clilfzderzwoodj CORINE NoRsE'r'rER ALICE OTTESON GRACE OTTESON LUCILLE NYHAGEN CLARICE IJOANE OLAF VEA CORINE NORSETTER ESTHER BONDEHAGEN HARRY CI-IRISTIANSEN .IUNIOR PROM The annual Junior Prom of the Stoughton High School was held at the Armory on April 29. with all the dignity and brilliance befitting the occasion. One hundred and forty members of the Junior and Senior classes and faculty sat down to the banquet served at 7 o'clock by the Hotel Kegonsa. After the banquet, Karen Olson, the president of the Senior class, thanked the Juniors for the banquet and dance and extended an invitation for the Senior Party. The traditional Spoon and Spade were presented to Florence Olson and Arthur Olson, of the Junior Class, by Katherine Vea and Arthur Showers of the Senior class. Karen Roe read the Senior Class Will, and Arthur Showers read the Senior class prophecy. Mildred Halverson, chairman, called on Superintendent Berg, Principal Falk, and Stanley Nelson, of the faculty, for remarks which concluded the program. ' 11-vi' iwioiviwd poi' in in 3010301 141 3010111 1131.1--301--1:-1 Al Wifff ,AWD rf 1 ZR X f MM Wzflliwlgf i - , ' Lf,f Gflf f I "Oi'l 'J ' I Q64 f 7 7 I A 'x?i'E,? 'Q KX I v 1 Q 1 .. ' x- X gif' X 'fxr f - ' L.-1' L ' 1 "ng',f"g-',!.33,r' 'L SL I 4 755 as , 4 1- ' .Q H.: .gm 1 ,.. , mm 4 , iv Aff fi'?'!? 4, ja r . 5' 1 .--,V--:'."I .- 4--. fi'-'sei 1.-x?'hn uh. p'u,:' , : ' -1-,. Q . F 1 a -A 'I . I I ,gal - 1 ' - Wm ,N f KT " 2 , ,L ,N ffl'-g . 'ilr.1 ' . xr-.1 :Lf -w.fg'iQ'3jQ , ' , V V , J Qffif flqijnff. 4- -Eric 'Q . -QI 1 PLE Q 5 J V ll'9Il iq? ' I Qc- mtwutsfi -Q E E. Sept. 8-Once more S. H. S. is off at a start for 9 months of hard study. There is much excitement. Little Frosh are seen straying in every nook and corner. "Better things come in little packages." Sept. 9--Ah! Already we are being heavily burdened with lessons-these teachers are very wise. Sept. 10-All men interested in football must come out to practice. Sept. 11--First week ends-and to most of us it seems a month-well cheer up-- only 35 weeks left. Sept. 14-Only the second week, and Oscar Jensen is sauntering in about 8:4-5. What will the next weeks bring? Sept. 15-Already we are being advised not to make use of all our force in bringing down our feet. It isn't being done. Sept. 16'-Class ofiicers were elected in assembly today. It has taken them a long time to count the votes. Sept. 17'-Mr. Rippe is once again trying to teach the girls of the S. H. S. the tactics of marching. The Frosh can't get it straight. Sept. 18-We are greeted with the good news, that we are going to have collateral in History again this year. Sept. F21--Monday once again rolls around, to find the students once again trying to accustom themselves to school. Sept. 22--Earl Hansen hurt his head in football-looks very much like a Sultan. I see that he doesn't feel like one. Sept. 23-Girls' Glee Club tryouts. Miss Perham has hopes of finding a Caruso. Any chance? Sept. 24-Mr. Falk announces that cars and bicycles should all be parked on school property. Look out or you'll be receiving something you don't want-a summons. Sept. 25-Second hour French class very much excited over a bat which seemed to linger around a bit. We 6th hour students hope he'll cause a little chaos in our class. rv 52010201 14 31302114 1-1 1 1 vi 1 1 11 14 1 -1 vi 11 C I 5 91101: inining 1165 be t b at Sept. 127'-Announcement that there will be no school Wednesday due to Harvest Festival. Why don't they do that more often? Sept 28-Mr. Falk made it quite clear that it was the Board that dealt with the closing of school. otherwise-. Preparations made for floats. Sept. 29-No school! Gala day! Harvest Festival. Sept. 30-All back again and feel the effects of the Harvest Festival. Morning Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct after the night before proves too much. 1-Assembly-campaign for Yaharas. See which class thermometer bursts first. First football game tomorrow at Jefferson. Hooray! 4-Yahara campaign is on. Howard Pliner was heard to say he wished hi- were a Tom Mix. 5-The class thermometers are rising to find the Frosh at 30? and Seniors 25 W, the others below. The Frosh are right there. 6'-Lyle UVallaj Waldera and Doc. Keenan enjoyed playing blocks 6th period geometry. 7'-Olmert Asleson is asked to attend Pegeforening if he incessantly talks to the girls. 15'-Miss Perham buys a new car and is seen riding about in great pomp. 11-Miss Perham's car is much like a donkey, it will balkg but what's the use, when the teachers are right at the job to push? 12-Making preparations for 6 weeks' tests. 14-Nothing of interest happens, only a few more six weeks' tests. 15-Another week-end and all tests are over! 18-Stoughton won the game at Madison. 19-Cards were issued today. Many gloomy and few happy faces are seen. 20-All is a bustle for the Edgerton game. 27--Seniors choose folder for their picture, one that will bring out their beauty. 22-Pep meeting during assembly, and a still larger one tonight. We are de- termined to win the game. 2-'1-Edgerton walked off with a score of 9-0. Too bad Art couldn't play. 27-Seniors choose folder for their picture, one that will bring out their beauty 28-Oscar Jensen is again sauntering in about 15 minutes after. 529--At last the end of another long week. Nov. 1-Only 3 days of school this week. Why don't they have more teachers' con- ' P ventions . Nov. 92-In assembly we had an election. Some students are rather poor politicians. Nov. 3-Last day of school this week-the teachers are off to Milwaukee. Nov. 8-Teachers are once again with us, and school progresses as of old. Nov. 10-Given double assignments in every class due to physical examinations to- Il'l0I'l'0W. Nov. 11-Armistice day and we celebrate by having physical examinations. Alvin Olson spoke until 3:30 and then the J. H. S. let out as Mr. Whittingham didn't object. H. S. also let out due to disheartened students. I huioiu xuxoxoioxe 1 'xox iz 2010102 1: 1 fx ax 1 im' 51-fg as Q we Nov Nor' N ov Nov N ov Nov. Nov Nov Nov Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Drc Dec Dec. 15-Preparing students for the worst-pictures to be taken tomorrow. 16'-Group pictures taken todayg much commotion. It seems some have never had their pictures taken before. 17-Helen Melaas entertained the attentive assembly with some beautiful se- lections on the violin. 18-We all were requested to write questions to ask the Chinese Missionary. That he will be busy is easily seen. . 9252-Pep meeting to celebrate our victory over Fort. Q3-Group meetings to discuss our marks. . 2.4-VVednesday, and no school lmtil next Monday. VVish Thanksgiving would come around more often. 29-All back again none the worse for the big Thanksgiving vacation. 30-We receive our cards again. Some suffer, others rejoice over them. Yes. it pays to work. 1-Some of these seniors must he hard to look at. Claire Severson and Hazel Spilde break the camera at Midgard's. Z?-Group meetings and cards given out. Many a pupil considered himself bawled out today for not studying. We started all over again for a new six weeks' period. 3-Friday at last with only 10 days left of school before Xmas vacation. Miss Perham once again invests in a car. This time we hope with better luck. 7-Some of the teachers had better learn the rules and regulations of study hall after school. 8'-Music today! We reviewed all the Xmas carols as of old. 9-The Program committee introduced their first speaker todav, Rev. Mr. H. Norenberg, who gave an interesting speech on the "Game of Life." 10-Friday once again, and only 5 days left of school before Xmas vacation. "Tempus Fugitf' 13-No assembly today. i 14-Seniors are told that autobiographies are due Thursday. 15--Henry Bjoin was doing his best to entertain as an accomplished musician, but his plans were baffled by Mr. Falk's appearance. Dec. 16'-Junior High entertained S. H. S. with a synopsis of "The Bird's Christmas Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. 11,11 Carol," which they are presenting tonite. 17-All set for Xmas vacation! Two weeks of freedom! 3-Everyone back at school, seemingly quite contented with Santa's gifts and trying hard to carry out their New Year's resolutions. 5-Nothing happened. School progressed as usual. 6'-Absence of a speaker enabled us to have music. 7-Big pep meeting to arouse the spirit for the big game with University High todayg our motto is "Beat University High" and we are going to. ix 11 1:14 2 11 11111111 101- 1-111 2 1031116 141101 ,103 1101 0- pm Q ev Jan Jan. Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan J an Jan J an Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 10-Monday. A speaker who gave an interesting and amusing talk on "Big Babies." 11-Announcement of Girls' Glee Club Concert on January 12, Wednesday. Members sell tickets. 12-The student body and faculty were once again entertained by Miss Helen Melaas, who played two violin selections. 13-Mr. Mickelson gave a very interesting talk on vocations. 14-Mr. Loverud gave very interesting talks on South America to all of Miss Kinsman's history classes. 17'-Mr. Falk addresses assembly-speaks of morons, idiots. 18--Had five minutes of assembly in which we could work on questions for exams. Every little bit counts. 19-Bright remarks in history class. Miss Kinsman-what went to Peru? Claire Severson fmuch disgusted, Earl Loverud. 20-21-EXAMS! 24-Today we are going to receive our marks for semester exams. 25-St. Patrick's Day? F' P Oscar Jenson is sporting a gaudy bright green tie. 26'--Group meeting once againg many X's are issued forth. 27-Mr. C. W. Lane gave a very interesting talk to the student body on dili- gence. 28-Today we had what was once called a pep meeting. What a poor pre- lude it was for our meeting with the ancient foe, Edgerton. 31-Just another Blue Monday. 1-History students greatly aroused because of their Thursday assignment, which is their presence at the debate. 2-Had music today and made Oscar Jensen happy by singing his request num- ber, " Good night Ladies." 3-The returns from the debate were not as favorable as they could bc, but the score was very close. 7--Busy week. Much applause and the announcement that there will be no school Friday. 8-"Hi-Jinks" is to be given tonite in the gym by the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs. 9-Roy Sorenson as a little girl was quite a treatg in fact the whole Glee Club show was. 10-Today we had the pleasure of hearing Supt. Berg speak on Lincoln. 11-No school today. 1.4-Valentine's day but where are the valentines? Carmen Carter found it necessary to remain home from school to rid herself from a bad cough-was it that or no valentines? 16'-Music during assembly today. Russell Keegan as announcer was a whiz. 20101 I1 'C Duinil 1111010101 fini: 2 vi 1014101 120103 vin-is-11020 an-ee f Q S we-f Feb 17'-Unusual talk today on Child VVelfare by Mr. Halbroke. Feb 18-Today we had another talk which was very interesting. Feb 21--Blue Monday but for the thought of a restful Tuesday. No school to- morrow. Feb 523-All back again after day of vacation. Rested and happy. Feb. 52.4-Mr. Falk was away on a convention. That Trace Christenson and Henry are interested in astronomy and reflection was evident today, as a mirror was tied on a string and lowered to the American History window. Feb 525-Interesting play and court scene today. Slang isn't so bad, is it Katherine? Feb. 28-Last of February and a gloomy Monday. A Campfire instructor spoke to the various campfires today. March 1-2-Preparations for tests! March 3-Midsummer Night's Dream was presented by the Junior English Class. March 4-Tonite we play University High there. March 7'-Lost at Madison 25-15. Saving their fight for the tournament. March 10-Boys leave for tournament. March 11-Beat Evansville in overtime game. Play Milton Union. March 12-Today we beat Milton Union. Have second place cinched. March 15-Stoughton got 2nd place. Boys all come to school wearing their silver medals. 'We don't blame them, they were well deserved. March 16-Tuesday. Richard Dix in "The Quarterback," given by Student Council. March 17-Had group meetings to discuss sale of tickets for the movie Monday night. March 18--St. Patrick's-not much green. About the most conspicuous was Oscar Jensen's tie. March 19-End of the week-much to the students' relief. March 21-Today Richard Dix in "The Quarterback," and "Merchant of Venice." March 22-Music-we were royally entertained by the trio-Currier, Keegan. and Skinner. March 23-Anna Harried and Bill Amundson had better quit writing notes. Some of these clever football men may intercept. March 2.4-We were again entertained by Miss Helen Melaas, who played a few selections on the violin. I March 28-Spring fever is once again getting a grasp on the students, the teachers too stubborn to admit it. March 29-Rain! Rain! and more of it. March 30-The Senior girls decided upon white dresses, white stockings, and black slippers for graduation. March 31-Waiting for April Fool tomorrow. 1-vi 101 'xox ago: vin: 1 11 1 1 vi-I1 1 fx 11 11 :oc pug ig 111131. 5 mi Q Q e April 1-Sanford Turner was found busily trying to call 4113-J. Too bad he didn't know it was April Fool's day. April 4-Nothing Happened. Laugh that off! April 5-Juniors are very excited about their class play "Seventeen," April 6-Music today! Oscar Jensen and Mr. Nelson surely are the syncopating duet when it comes to singing "Red, Red Robin." April 7'-Senior Class has a meeting to decide various things concerning graduation. April 3--Last day of school for 10 days. Oh, what a grand and glorious feeling. April 19-Students are all hack but are they all awake, that's the question. April 20-Emma Havey and Hazel Spilde had a little argument today in the hall. Hazel was heard to say, "Oh, you surely can have it both ways." Mr. Falk ap- peared on the scene and told her not to get too vicious. April 21-Nothing real exciting happened today. But that's a common occurence. April 22-Local oratory and declamatory contest tonight. April 25-Monday brings the fear of VVednesday's group meetings which means rc- port cards. April 29--After this week only 5 weeks left. Junior Prom. Evervbody is dancing to the strains of the Thompson's Best, having one gala night of glee. Illay 1-Everybody is studying in order to make good the last few weeks. May 6'-Many girls look like musicians but it's only a fake. It's the process of OIICC again regaining their crowning glory. May 9-Monday always finds not a few sleepy heads. Iilay I1-Wednesday brings music and I5 minutes of joy to the entire student body. Zlffay 13- May 15- May 17'- May 19- Friday the 13th. 'Nough said. Time drags along but have no regrets, only 3 weeks left. Laugh up your sleeve now for a change. Friday. This leaves only 2 weeks. May 22-Everyone is getting ready for exams! Buckle down to work, Frosh. It always helps. M a y 23-- The seniors are said to have some talent in their class plav again this year. lilay 26'-Seniors of " '27" put on their last class play. It was a howling success. May 30-No school today-Memorial day. But oh, look forward to exams-ouch! May 31-June 1-fTuesday and Wednesdayj Finals! Junc 2-Senior Day-Picnic all day, mixer all night. June 3-Commencement. June .4-All's well that ends well and we're off for 3 months of fun and frolic. 'C 501011 if ini 3 1102 101011 ioinifrioilviivilvioivi 0: U14-:wir-10101:-1wx--1.01011-rugs'-14-up 1-AZ SX jokes Miss Siljen: "Give a definition of a chair." Art Showers: "A chair is a moveable seat used to seat one person with a hackf .0-I-Q -0-Q. DONATION COLLECTING Karen Roe: "We're out collecting donations for the Yaharaf' Prominent Business Man: "Yahara! Any relation of Sahara?" Karen Roe: "We're out collecting donations for the Yaharaf' Prominent Business Man: "Is she crippled, sick, or what's the matter with her P' -5.4-Q -en- Miss Larsen: "What is given off by oxidation?" Gregory Anderson: fmuch thoughtj "Ashes.,' .g..g.i.g..g. Miss Hulsether: "It's no pleasure teaching a class where everyone chews gurnf Boh Scott: "No, I'll het-especially when they don't all chew together." HEARD AFTER SEMESTER EXAMS Three 0'C'Iock in the Morning It's three o'clock in the morning I've studied all nite thru And daylight soon will be dawning Just one more page to review. This book, so very confounding Seems just to make one feel I could just keep right on screaming Forever, book, at you. Teacher: fafter all the class had flunked in a testj "Now what does this show lack of preparation, or--" Pupil: "Poor teacher!" 111211 in 11 10: -mini ri -1 ini 1031.1 1 vi 11 wi: 1: in 1 aiu-1:11-'11-1 jT "M""i"C J v'Q"""'f' W 1 ,gs anX111V1111Av11va-n1ucv-vor-vclwxwau-'xwx-viwx 'ann-xfrqrrx-vnu-vu nwaxwiwiw-1-rx 1"Qbk-5 FRESHMAN'S PHYSIOLOGICAL ESSAY The body of a man is made up of the head, the thoracks, and the abandon. The head contains the brans, if there is any, The thoracks contains the heart and lungs. The abandon contains the vowels of which there are five, a, e, i, o, u and sometimes w and y. -cv-o-Q'o-o- Miss Larsen: "Walter, do you ever pay attention P" Walter Keenan: "No! I pay money." -0-0-Qu-N AT HI-Y MEETING Obert A: "Is there any other business before we proceed ?', Arthur and Robert S. fsimultaneouslyj "Mr, Chairman." Obert: "Robert" Robert: "O never mind. I was just going to make a motion that we adjourn." .Q-g.5.g..g. GENERAL DISCUSSION IN HISTORY Miss Kinsman: "I like to talk about the historical facts and I'm especially fond of dates." Hank Bjoin: "I like dates too." .g..g.g.g..g. ENGLISH III Miss Siljan: fcoming into class after it had startedj "I'm sorry that I'm late but I was up in the attic looking for a Midsummer Night's Dream." -no 5-0-0- MANUAL TRAINING Trace: "Mr, Homme, what is the diameter of an average furnace?" Mr. Homme: "It all depends upon what the radius is.' ......g ...... SOPHOMORE ENGLISH--"Studying Tam O'Shanter" Miss Richards: "Malcolm, who was old Nick Malcolm: fmeditativelyj "Santa Claus." ?n -0-o-Q -our Miss Kinsman: Cto the classj "Did any of you see the 'Big Parade'?" Oscar J.: "I did. I saw all the kinds going home after their report cards this morning." Earl H.: "I wish there were 365 days of rest every year." Claire S.: "Are you crazy? Then we'd have to work a day every fourth year." 303' 1 Yi 'i"'i"3 Dui 'ini viuilvi rl 'Quill li i liuifbi i if i 3011-3 3 ,Pi O if wr 'T I I , N f7l' 1, WE W M 5 Q lx L. Q MY -A-H- - -- - - -V- - S5 - - .. .. .. .. is C D ,Q 5-. Miss Kinsman: "This semester you'll all have to read a biography of 600 pages or more." Hank B.: "Why can't we read some other kind of book? A biography's too dead." Miss Kinsman: "Did you ever read a Biography ?" Hank B.: "Sure, I've read 'The Biography of a Grizzlyf " Everest Olson: "What are you going to be when you get out of High School?" Aaron K.: "An old man." ......g.,.... FLIGHT OF FRIGHT No sooner had I stepped across the threshold into the room than I felt myself hurled into the air like a projective. Everything seemed to swim before my eyes. The Hoor receded from me with a sweeping speed that made the room about me blur and dance. The ceiling seemed to drop on me and a horrible sickening nausea over- came me as I saw it would crush me like a juggernaut. One brief instant and I was plunged into the water with a resounding splash. Who left the soap on the bath- room floor? .,....g...... 'Pardon me," said the young lady kindly, "but will you help the Working Girls' Home?" "Sure," replied the fellow in the raccoon coat, "where are they ?" -0-0-Q -owl- NATURALLY Oily to bed and oily to rise Is the fate of a man when a motor he buys. Bill Amundson: "I'd tell you a joke but you are in no condition to hear it." Virginia Hoff fanxiously: "Why can't I hear it F" Bill: "Because if your face lights up the powder will go off." -0-m Q -no- MISUNDERSTOOD Miss Gregerson: "How do you spell blind pig?" Harriet K.: "B-1-n-d p-g." . Miss Gregerson: "You left out the i's." Harriet: "If I put the eyes in it wouldn't be blind." 1 ui: 1111 rind 8 6 -mini -1 ui 3 131111 3 31101-1 in inioiuiuioif-1 KE f C T7 F71 -.-..,--.-..W,-..-.,-.,-.--.,-.,...,-.,.-..-.,..1,-H...-U-.,- 87 .,.,-,.x,,.,,,,.,,, PM-1 Q D Teacher: "Oscar, tell me how to punctuate this sentence. The beautiful girl walked hastily down the street." Oscar J.: "I would make a dash after the beautiful girl. . , ......g...... BOOKKEEPING CLASS Miss Greene: "Emma, file these papers." Emma Havey: "Wouldn't it be easier to cut them with a scissors P" .gap Q 4.4. Stranger: "Can I get a room for three P" Jerome Cat Hotelj: "Have you a reservation?" Stranger Qindignantly: "Do I look like an Indian ?" ......g...... Teacher: "Wliat was Washington's farewell address P" Student: "Heaven," .g..q. 5 .Q-4. Little marks in Latin Little marks in French Make a football player Sit upon the bench. ......g ...... ' Miss Williams: "Stanley, translate 'Rek Fugitf " Stanley: "The king flees." Miss Williams: "You should use 'has' in the perfect tense." Stanley: "The king has fleas." .yung .gag- Girl: "I'u1 a Delta, Delta, Delta." Boy: "I heard you the first time." . ......5...... He sipped the nectar from her lips As in the moonlight they sat, And he wondered if ever man before Had drunk from a mug like that. -o-0-Q-c-m SAYS CHARLESTON CHUCKIE Perhaps the reason so many fellows l1aven't a cent, is because they haven't its plural. .g..g. 5 .g..g. Teacher: "How do you spell 1nadam?" Pupil: "Forward or backward it's just the samef' 930101014 is-:nu pn101u1u1- 2 3 3 11- 111111141 v:oioimszn3n1n:--1- BITQI Q v rmq Who the Dickens wrote The Tale of Two Cities? Great Scott, I've forgotten who wrote Ivanhoe. -9-s-Q-o-m Teacher: "Who invented the arc light?" Pupil: "Noah," .g..g.g.g..g. Prof: "Use satiate in a sentence." Pupil: "I blew my girl to a feed last nite and I'1l satiatef' ......5...... Teachers are thoughtful. They have pupils in their eyes all the time. .,....5...... Small Boy Qto Parentj: "Our teacher has a one track mind. She thinks there is only one way to spell a word." -sang -no- KNOW YOUR GEOGRAPHY Does Vera Cruz on the Gulf of Mexico? How far from Hot Springs to Chile? What would Noah think of New-Ark? Why is Lake Superior? Could the Black Sea Blue Island if it were in Green Bay? Do you know why Eureka Springs? Was Chickasaw a Plymouth Rock? Does Big Horn make the Bull Run? What is Leavenworth? Why does Delaware her New Jersey? Which is the better protection a Mt. Hood or a Medicine Hat? When the coast is so irregular, why is Behring Strait? Does Long Branch grow from Englewood? -u-n-Q-0-u Him: "When U and I are one, dear, there'l1 be only 25 letters in the alphabet." Miss Kinsman: "What were some of the causes for the Declaration of Inde- pendence?" Robert Scott: "Common Sense Paines fmeaning to say Paine's 'Common Sense'Q." .qng-Q..-5' Miss Siljan fafterthoughtj. "Who wrote on 'My Brother ?' " Miss Siljan fpassing out themesj: "Has everyone got his theme now ?" -o-of!-0-u MODERN "IF" If you remember The Revolution and the Civil War, If you recollect the gold rush, If memories of VVashington, Madison, and Lincoln Come back to you-"so sweet," If you remember all these things, Then, my boy, You're a liar. 1-1 11 1020101010101 :gi 11:1 i1-11 1 xox: 14 1011-Q -.,1..1..1.,1 ,103 fx W Q ARNE LIIDGARD HALE'S MELAAS JoHNsoN BEN WAIT CITIzEN's NATIONAL BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK WIsPETCo Co. DANE COUNTY PACKING Co. DUTCHIS MARKET FRIES 8z Co. THos. OSCAR HERMAN SKAU TRACE CHRIsTENsoN OSCAR FORTON SLAM ANDERSON JACOBSON 8: AMUNDSON ONSGARD Sz MONTAGUE SToUGHToN LUMBER 8: SUPPLY CoURIER HUB HALvERsoN 8: FORD EMERY 8: JOHNSON F. M. MARSH O. O. HoEL HEDDLES LUMEER Co. E. G. NELSON fBloch BADGER 'FI-IEATRE FRANK JASENSKY MODEL CLDTIIING HowE BRos. BGRRUD 8: ANDERSON Bros.j Co. JOHNBON,S GOODIE SHOP BERT EIKEN DooLITTLE 8 SEvERsoN PIIILLIP's SAM KRAIGER TENSFELDT,S MARKET K. 8: H. Co. SToUGHToN LIGHT 8: FUEL Co. GRAY SHOP E. 8: S. CLOTHING I Co. 4435-5 ,L Donations E DR. ToAY ELMER EGGLESON STOUGHTON MARKETING Co SToUGHToN NEws Co. STOUGHTON STATE BANK AMUNDSON AUTC Co, A. SKINNER SPEES 8: DAHLE C. S. LARsoN H. M. KLONGLANDA J. E. DITER THEo. GILBERTSEN D. RASMUSSEN E. B. DUNCAN DUNCAN Lk BREWYER O. H. GRONDAI1L SCHUMACHER 8 BIELLUM SVERRE ANDERSON E. J. FALK 0LE,S TIRE SHOP MRS. H. CHRISTENSON SHELDRUPJS JO-E BIALECKE J. STOCKSTAD A. A. LINN G.IERTsoN BRos. Ross HYLAND ' E.'J. GoRDoN O. O. LENG 4 A.. S. THOMPSON DR. OMSTED DR. HORN A. M. GRIEG SToUGHToN AUTO OLSON INSURANCE HULT CHEVROLET Co. GEO. HEDEMARK SCHUSTER,S VICTOR FALK 0,0 i"1020i0i0i0C D1nicIi:I1IIi:sicIisnicnirxixxisnimviauiariamicvin ini 1014 1 9 0 DAYLIGHT HARDWW'ARE Co SERVICE . .f. -N W , , -, , r , .. 5.-1 ,I ,, 4 , ,x.-. 3 P J, xl, M U , C 3 t211 q 1 k A utographs- . MW. 'Ii N I ww m5wiBUS Wim- QQ5w'0L ' WMSKi3'A:??Qff,'Q,Qk ' X Q X NW J. ' 1 'EZ0QQf,lQ'i5QlZQ . A L 9 Q if M i ff! I x . 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A .' .w' . . .. ' ' W 2,5- 1L 'U Qt- ,. ,. . .. ,Jn . , If .V ' .235 -. vi , , .. fa gijgpflf 3 N ' W V, , l . .b - 1 rum- lg, : 'ya 1 Lfj -2 fr , QL. X r, W K 1 M- , , L W . P . i 1 'K P In I ., T.. L, 1 , , , " 1 Q ' , I 1 1 1, Vx 3 I ' 1' I ' 2 . , F X r, W , A , .,, w. b ' 1 rn w t - y V' " ' 5 . 1 LF. . W i . 3- . i -2 ff r 1 V . r , "V '-5 : ,. X N , l , , ,f i Q. , , . , . , , , Q f Ti -n- ' 3 1 ' " W' ' yf"r,- 5, ' '3, , bf j-L X: - , z - 'A wjiz- .f1fg,,.1 . 1 ,- . N ,,.m:.,.k 4,iV? f'-"" -W ,- . ,, 4' . T 1 I w , . I , ' 'f " 2' ' I5 . -- ' L , 3 'L' 1 ' Wiw ' ' ' " 3, Ig 19 . ' ' ' ' f.. ' 22 ... ',.,E'j , VIE ,L wg T: . 4 . ,N , I . fi1S"a1.:' 1. , ,1 , 51111. X ,lL',...l3 I "'3TLLk. ,JB YHA- '1. :' 2 gif?-fix' ,ix E i9 5' ,-19213 ' .'1':'fFQk - 1,-1 15- , . -:1"'11J!" 27 F 4535 - -55811 , 15' V1 ',w 0:5 ' W . ,W Qi 1 A1155 51? ' '!11-1, , IE' 111 ' ,. , 1. , 1 1 F !1 1' is 1 . Q ' V 1 sk! 1 11410, '11,-.. vx-N ,1,,- g.11 A 'L H ' ' 'BN 1. . ,- .1 ' , If 14 11' 11 ,Q 1 1 1 . U- , gg 1 if! 1 KN1 lb - ' 11 D, L, F11 ,1 Q f ni b -1 :JN 11 UH 15139. IU --Ta' - jfifl 1 1 .51 'fl :'1r ','. ,1' ,551 :AV , ..,,,l..11 .N111..F, .-1L?573M I a1iiu111.s' " ' T' Q 4- . Q ,1 f11"" 11 1 1 1 . .ri ' 1 A 41 A 1. 1 ...,, W.11p 1 . x ' 1 v liliiffiliilliiliilllbli 10106 ' i311 1 1 - ' r , 4 -11 74 , 5 H111 1 1 '.a 1 14- 1 .L 'T 1 . 1 1 1 F AL 11 If ,.. M A . H . 5.: . 0-' -.-ii' . ,vi Dt: . v V, I','w 3 5. .4 .F 4. .4 .1 N 4 r I' . .1 .4 1 ,Y n 4- . rf- 9 i . 1 1 vi . I 115 fr 4 v 1'- p . 'w- Sl r .PW X x' 4 4 , gig.. gm" ll ,. F.: ' W1 W' V +V , if , L, , ., QF, .n X 22 4 if , H311- , IN' 1' F .avr 'ii .. ,m.,.,w-,T-f +1 - .1 v.wvf-1-vga-vaffwirmww 1 . . . . t rm D be ,AMgx, I PURPLE AND VVHITE Then hurrah for the Purple and White We will stand by our colors vforever. We will back them with all our might, We will conquer all for them. Q They shall never safer defeat i When upheld by our loyal endeavor Oar colors shall never be beat. Purple and White, for them 'we'll fight They'll win forever. 'X 'J iQ: hz ii 5 fn, Hi r' ' ' - r N diff . he . ,JI . f ., ra. J 4' Te- . 4 N .W a . , Q 7,5 I C X ' -at ' . QIIQOQUW il Q01 IllQlll0ll ll UQUQUS lliUl0QOQ0?0Qll11DlDQ01l I RH I , 4 '- ' ' ' . A , -Q 1 'J U' N . 1 um 11 A 4 t 5 '4 03 - , - w ' y 4 , livin 'J , 1 . 4: I - V -'HL VL-W H L 9 Ji 1 n l rf N N I . ' 'MG -in ---J. , 3.021 R 'I if " " l 'l" ' V M- . as MVVVH 5 ra 1 1 L nl I. . 5-. I ' v WU ' .pig -Y M. I Iv I I . V V .V VrLE,fV'JI,:V'--If:.: V . V . 'fffrl V15 I f ' M "'i,xV f."'lf'V-'-..I 1 la' nf ir" ' -V f V . I .Y I- I U V I I. II rx II ar-'X..'7II I II ku X' I +L I I -II I 1V. I V I. -1. - VJ? Vw: L 1 - A . LV D, .. - I V GV " ' ' : V , V V f -3 r V V -Va. Vu -V 1' V L.. V . , V 'V ' 1 :VV 'Dk : V . . ' " ' . 1 -.V- . RY V VV ML- V-+L .f',..4 Vf 1, II V 'L ' v If g Lv -'ff-Q' ' 'V I ' ' if I-'T. IM.-I. 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Suggestions in the Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) collection:

Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Stoughton High School - Yahara Yearbook (Stoughton, WI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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