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n ould save time in a bottle " Th first thing tFiat Td like to do Js to save every day like a treasure and then Again, I would spend them with you. " — Jim Croce CONTENTS: 2 OPENING ESSA Y 17 SENIORS 67 FACULTY 93 SPORTS 117 FINE ARTS 125 ORGANIZATIONS 151 BUSINESS PReSHMGM - 1980-81 ider the leadership of Paula Niosi, Kim Costa, Lisa Piselli, and Chris Cotter, the Class of 1984 begins its experience at Stoughton High. . . . Ronald Reagan at the age of 69 is elected 40th President of the United States. . . . Proposition 2V2, a tax- cutting measure, is passed by Massachusetts voters, and SHS students learn its meaning in the form of less teachers, less books, and less funding for extracurricular activities. . . . Brockton ' s own Marvin Hagler knocks out Alan Minter in Round 3 to become Middleweight Champion of the world. . . . The Americans held hostage in Iran for 444 days are finally released on the same day Ronald Reagan is sworn into office. . . . Boston Celtics capture their 14th World Championship. . . . SHS Jazz Choir brings home a gold medal from Washington D.C., along with Show Choir and Jazz Band, each sporting a silver medal. . . . General Hospital, a soap opera, is the most popular show on T.V. . . . Former Beatle John Lennon is shot and killed. . . . David Toma speaks to SHS students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Judi Doyle and Debbie Fitzpatrick show their spirit! FRESHMAN FOOTBALL — Front: Coach Ed Coffey, Mark Arnold, David Hayes, Jeff Dimatteo, David Cohen, Craig Sherman, Kevin Bushlow, Tony Noveilo. Second: Dennis Donoghuc, Steven Teplitz, Tim Viola, Steve Melanson, Brian Plunkett, Terrance Callender, Jay Steinberg, Andy Berler. Third: Terrencc Elder, Gerard Walsh, Paul Masalsky, Bobby Pena, David Lee, Mitch Dmohowski, Paul Kimball. Rear: Benny Malloy, Mike Anderson, Russell Stevens, Dan Aronson, Jimmy Overstreet, Bill Whit- tington, John Burba. SOPHOMOR€ - 1981-89 Class Officers: Jeff DiMatteo, Kim Costa, Lisa Piselli, and Fatima Garcia . . . The Student Council and all four classes hold a successful " Battle of the Bands " com- petition. . . . Sandra Day O ' Connor is appointed first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court. . . . Polish authorities abolish Solidarity Union and declare martial law . . . Class of ' 84 holds Taco Supper and wins first Spirit Hall Competition with " Sophomore Spirit Circus. " . . . Pipe bursts in the boiler room at SHS, closing school for a welcome two days off in January. . . . Both boys varsity and sub-varsity basketball teams win Hockomock League chaimpionships. . . . Jazz Choir takes first place in All-New England Jazz Competition at UNH. . . . Student Council sponsors Mock Town Meeting for SHS students. . . . John Belushi, star of the original Satur- day Night Live, is dead at 33 of a drug overdose. . . . almost upperclass . . . Sophomores work on Spirit Circus Grease construction crew repairs the set — (Peter Stagman, Jay Homer, Mike Ferrini, and Eric Fernandez) Smile, girls! I Sophomore year Dance — Jeff Dimatteo, Kim Costa, Fatima Garcia, and Mrs. Griffin Chris Nutting, Gary Rudman, and Craig Spurr on the Interna- tional Club trip to New York 8 Will the real Judi please stand up? Tracey Leathers, Debbie Fitzpatrick, and friend. Preppies! (Lisa Campbell, John Chisholm, Paula Jeff DiMatteo goes for the pin. Niosi) BOYS JV BASKETBALL — Front: Coach Chuck Vuytowecz, Gerard Walsh, Ed Statkiewicz, Mark Arnold, Jeff Swartz, Russell Stevens. Second: Billy Whittington, Paul Masalsky, Dennis Donoghue, Scott Carlson, Mitch Dmohowksi. Third: Jay Tisdale, Peter Fredericksen, Mike Wiseman. JUMIORS - 1982-83 Class Officers: Paula Niosi, Kim Costa, Lisa Piselli, Joanne Marden Pornography becomes an issue in Stoughton with the opening of the Times Square Bookstore in Stoughton Center. . . . Princess Grace of Monaco dies in a car crash. . . . P.S.A.T ' s . . . NFL player strike . . . Class Rings . . . " Masalsky in the Morning " premieres with a sports update on the morning announcements. . . . Pizza Supper . . . Mr. Anthony Sarno is appointed thirty-first principal of SHS. . . . Massachusetts voters elect Mike Dukakis as governor, and approve the Bottle Bill and the Death Penalty. . . . First " Powder Puff " football game against Canton girls . . . Another Spirit Hall Victory with " Knights on Broadway " . . . SHS varsity football defeats Canton for the first time in seven years. . . . SAAD (Students Against Driving Drunk) organizes a chapter at SHS. . . . Black Knight Cafe, serving meals to the faculty, opens at SHS, staffed by exceptional students. . . . Coke Machine . . . Junior Prom " We ' ve Got Tonight, " at Canoe Club and Kim Costa is crowned queen . . . SHS Show Choir and Band place first and fourth, respectively, at Newport competition. . . . Thirty-four juniors are inducted into the National Honor Society. . . . Boys varsity baseball team, after becoming Hockomock League Champs, wins Division II Southern and Eastern Championships. . . . Girls varsity tennis also has an out- standing season, winning the Hockomock League and Southern Division II Chai pionships. . . . Seniors . . . 1 OUt-|M| )han| B Say " Cheese " (Kim Clickstein at the Junior Prom) Robin Berggren, Sheri Arbit, Vicky Henriques, and Donna Barlow work on " Knights on Broadway. " BOYS VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM (STATE CHAMPS) — Front: Mike Coletti, Jim Campbell. John Murray. Ed Statkiewicz. Dave Suslowto. Jim Overstreet. Tim Bishop. Paul Masalsky. Rear: Coach Bob Ashley. Scott Carlson. Tony Novello. Dan McLeod. Mark Arnold. Mike Wiseman. Dave Murphy, Jeff Wagner, Richard Pinkofsky •I New wave 12 GIRLS TENNIS — Front: Kathy Kelleher, Lori Arbit, Stacey Scwcyk, Sue Blomstrom, Stacey Zelbow. Rear; Stacey Lyerla, Marcy Lubovsky, Maureen McGowan, Maura Tector, Patty McGowan, Tina Galley, Dianne Blomstrom. Carol Zelbow, Paula Hudson. ' The Three Trumpeteers (Jon Kravetz, Anthony DiLerenzo. and Mike Bulter) " The Moose is Loose. " The Flashy Five " (Lynda Welch, Shcri Rosenthal, Kim Clickstein, Holly Martin, Tricia Sweeney) Every day has been so short, every hour so fleeting, every minute so filled with the life I bve that time for me has fled on too swift a wing. — AGA KAHN TOCaHGR fir: CO 0) CO Oh 18 CO " 3 CO o o Senior Government PAULA NIOSI President To the Class of 1984: For three years, I have had the great personal pleasure of serving as your class president. I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with my fellow classmates in making our class a big success. Together, the Class of 1984 strived to develop strong characteristics that will be remembered in the future. I would like to thank the class officers for their dedication to the class. On behalf of the class officers and myself, I would like to thank Mrs. Griffin for her support over the past four years. In closing, I wish you all the best that life has to offer. Paula Niosi President, Class of 1984 MRS. ELLEN GRIFFIN Advisor To the Class of 1984: We have spent many hours together in work and play. Although there was some stumbling along the way, we always achieved our goals with a great deal of teamwork. 1 will cherish the friendships that we have shared for many years. May each of you have the strength to achieve the goals that you set for your lives. Most of all, 1 wish you peace and happiness in the years to come. Ellen M. Griffin Advisor, Class of 1984 KIM COSTA Vice-president LISA PISELLI Secretary FATIMA GARCIA Treasurer 20 Executive Board i SENIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE BOARD — Front: Paula Niosi, Mrs. Griffin. 2nd: Susan Gallerani, Jennifer Litwack, Gary Rudman, Lisa PiscIIi, Fatima Garcia. 3rd: Laura Sweeney, Lu-Anne Smith, Sheri Arbit, Sarah Brooks, Brooks Goldstein, Susan Miller, Stephanie Sheff, Lynda Welch, Tricia Lorenz, Wendy Halperin, Joanne Marden. Rear: Kathy Stephansky, Ken Bradley, Eddie Daly, Brian Plunkett, Stacey Berdos, Nancy Roppolo, Sue Cabral, Kim Clickstein, Jeff DiMatteo. Budman jumps on the scene to stamp out thirst at Halloween. Left: The Happy Flapper corrupts our sweet little Raggedy Ann. (Paula Niosi, Kim Costa) Right: Lisa Piselli clowning around with Cowgirl Holly. EXECUTIVE BOARD (continued) — Front: Sheri Woolfe, Fred Campbell. 2nd: Stacey Green, Tracey Leathers, Rita Silva, Linda Loring, Vicky Henriques. Rear: Bob Gropman, John Burba, Doris Farrell, Lauren Boushell, Daryl Cook, David Pires, Donna Barl ow, Eric Hoffman, Mitch Dmohowski. — — We put her in charge of our money?! UP ' ! 1 ' 1 21 JOE AMBROSIO MICHAEL J. ANDERSON 22 LISA M. AGUIAR DAWN MARIE AHERN Lisa M. Aguiar Crunchy feet . . . Peeve: nagging . . . Be-Bop deluxe, Clash, Jam, Sex Pistols and the Buzzcocks . . . fun at the damned, mission of Burma, X, Wild Kingdom and Berlin Airlift, field hockey, Yarmouth, frisbee, pressed-moon on red line, 12 17 82, " Bad time for Bonzo " ... to go to college and have a wicked good life. Dawn Marie Ahem Dawny . . . shy, goody goody . . . Peeve: backstabbers, Monday mornings, tacky people . . . Favorites: Police, ZZ Top . . . Memories: 12 18 81, 10 21 83, Sundays, Police concert, learning poker, Hull . . . thanks. Mom and Dad, I love you. Juliette E. Allen Jet . . . gullible, independent . . . Peeves: waking up, ig- norance, looking for a buyer . . . profound thoughts and conversations with Lisa and Sue, great times with Glenn 10 30 82, Tall Ships, catching a bus with Sue, " just buzz 303, " memorable times at Terry ' s ... to make this world a better place to live in. Christina Ambrosio Chris . . . friendly, cheerful, outgoing . . . Peeves: backstab- bers, snobs . . . Favorites: Journey, " Long Distance Love Affair, " " What ' s up? " ... to be a flight attendant . . . Sum- mer of ' 83, good times with Issie, Diane, Sandy, Lucy, Inez, John and Louie . . . Thanks, Mom and Dad, I love you! Joe Ambrosio Joe . . . quiet, mellow . . . Peeves: stuck-up women . . . Favorites: Tom Sawyer, Rush, ZZ Top . . . Memories: weekend in NH, New Year ' s Eve . . . take life one step at a time . . . special thanks to Mom and Dad. Jay Anderson Jay Bird, Dr. J . . . quiet, shy, happy . . . Peeves: " someone bothering me when I try to work " . . . Favorites: The Beatles, The Who, " All Night Long, " " Hard Day ' s Night, " lasagna, basketball, art, " Oh shoot, " International Club, basketball tryouts ... to be a successful artist . . . thanks to family, friends, and the class of ' 84! Michael J. Anderson Mikey A . . . lazy, apathetic, cynical, musical . . . Peeve: Steven King and other such rubbish, Downwardl . . . Favorites: Jaco, Miles, Scofield, Corea, Sartre, Naipau k, Vonnegut, Monty Python, " What ' s all this, then? " , Bradlees, " The Big Guy, " Equinox ... to be philosophically content. Roy F. Araujo Quiet, friendly . . . Peeves: spoiled people . . . Favorite: football, basketball, seafood ... to see the world and live well . . . classes with Mrs. Ledwith . . . good times with Tom and Lauri . . . glad it ' s over. ROY F. ARAUJO JULIETTE E. ALLEN JAY ANDERSON SHERI L. ARBIT WILLIAM J. AYLWARD JUERG HERBERT BAERTSCHI PAULA MARIE BARBATO MARK A. ARNOLD DANIEL S. ARONSON Sheri Arbit Sheri, Squeeky . . . small, flirtatious, curious . . . Peeves: fake friends, confusion . . . Favorites: Chinese food. Tip Top, " Starlite, " Sharon ... to become an occupational therapist . . . Memories: " The girl talks, " the cliques. The Cape, Onset with Carol, Florida with Lori, John 6 14 81, 7 4 81, 12 11, 12 14, swim team, softball team. Earth Science, Powder Puff ' 84, special friendships, Love is being cared about . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Mark Arnold Arnie, short, athletic, easy-going . . . Peeves: fighting with Deb, " on the line, " losing . . . Debbie, State Champs, " Tita Puente, " Turkey Day ' 82, 9 29 80, 5 7 81, R.I. Men ' s room. Old Mountain road, the field, Sullivan Stadium, Manomet, " 23, " All my love to Deb forever . . . Special thanks. Mom and Dad, I love you. Daniel S. Aronson Dan, Stork . . . affable, witty, mild . . . Peeves: Deadlines, smokers, garrulous and gossiping people . . . Favorites: Simon and Garfunkel, pepperoni pizza and Schweppes, tennis, physiology, " What? " . . . Future plans: Biomed Eng. . . . Celtics ' 81, beating Sharon, Shudda Brothers, Snap- shots, Esplanade . . . thank you, Thayer Pharmacy . . . Don ' t worry. Mom! Jon A. Badeau Quiet, understanding . . . Peeve: complaining people . . . Favorites: Heart, " Magazine " . . . Memories: times with Wee, cruising around, 6 21 80 ... to be successful. Juerg H. Baertschi Dumb Swiss, Swiss Miss . . . Moody, Lazy, Strange . . . Peeve: Ignorance . . . Favorites: " hold the bottom, squeeze the middle, " Katherine Hepburn, cheeseburgers. Honey Nut Cheerios, drama ... to study at the Institute of Art Histories in Bern . . . ' 83- ' 84 exchange year, drama festival ' 81, my host families, Robyn and Caron, Switzerland ' 84. Eileen Bagtaz Bean . . . moody . . . Peeves: being bored, broken promises, waiting . . . Seger 6 10 83, the mound with Em, prom with Gary, " What are you saying? " misty night on Mill St., going cross country, under my thumb . . . Special times with Emily. Paula Marie Barbato Sensitive and caring . . . Pet Peeve: two-faced people . . . " that ' s boring, " " no biggie " . . . Thursday nights at Kevin ' s, working with Butso and Rufus, summers at Lakeside, weekend trips to Pittsfield, chats with Deb and Ria, umdadas and sipidydodays, Stacey and the Gatsby . . .love to Kev, Mike, Deb, Mom and Dad. JON BADEAU EILEEN D. BAGTAZ 23 JOSEPH J. BATTLES III ■ 4 FRANCIS BELCHER ROBIN M. BERGGREN . .. TANYA MARIE BARBOZA DONNA MARIE BARLOW Tanya Marie Barboza Tee, Tiny . . . Talkative, friendly, independent . . . Peeve: self-centered people . . . Favorites: Michael Jackson, Chinese food, math, " Baby Come to Me " . . . Memory: Thanksgiving with my family and friends ... I love you, Ma and Ronnie. Donna Marie Barlow Donna . . . friendly, happy, forgetful . . . Peeves: gas sta- tions, good-byes . . . Bowie, smurfs, circus ' 83, Humarock, spring weekend ' 83, Powder Puff ' 83, Junior Prom, Caught ' 83, 35 Ash, Lisa, Cold Duck, Grandma ' s, Doorways, T- Bird, Richard 6 18 83 ... be happy . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Joseph J. Battles III Joe, Shoe . . . shy, quiet, sarcastic . . . Peeve: September 31 . . . Favorites: Stephen King, " Cheers " . . . Sorenzone, compiler deed, connections, Joe method, " If all else fails, multiply by the conjugate, " Walleyball ride ... to be a suc- cessful, non-conformist . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Carl T homas Bechet Jr. Norman . . . Crazy, fun-loving, humorous . . . Peeves: final exams, hangovers, 6 a.m. . . . Favorites: U-Z Drowning Man, football, " What the Memories: parties, sum- mer ' 82, 11 3 83 . . . thanks to Ma and Dad, best of luck to classmates. Stacey Lynn Berdos Stace the Space . . . temperamental, understanding, par- ticular . . . Peeves: two-faced people, good-byes, broken promises . . . " If I could, I would, but I can ' t, so I won ' t, " 8 13 83, " Just Between You and Me, " trackies ' 83 with Cora-Beth and Ellie May, drill team, X-country capt.! " We ' ll never make it, will we? " Michael 1 13 82, 7 4 82 . . . college and success . . . love to special, caring friends. Robin Berggren Dob . . . happy, sensitive . . . Peeves: two-faced people, 8- month mistakes, unkept promises . . . Memories: parties with Julie, Julie and Kris, talks with both Julies, summer at Franklin, 9 2 83, tip-top, Burke ' s Beach, 12 2 83, roses . . . thanks, Mom, Lisa, Kim, and Amy. Andrew L. Berler Andy . . . lazy, athletic . . . Peeves: people that are always late. Stork! losing in pong, Tep; Mondays . . . Favorites: tennis 1, " talking in your sleep, " spa, USY b-ball . . . Memories: beating Sharon in ' 83, League Champs ' 83 and ' 84, all-nighter, " Eric, you owe me a dollar " . . . thanks. Ma and Dad. TONY BARROS CARL T. BECHET JR. STACEY LYNN BERDOS 1 w ANDREW L. BERLER 24 CYNTHIA L. BINGAMON LISA A. BLANKENSHIP SUZANNE G. BLOMSTROM TIMOTHY SPENCER BISHOP MICHAEL V. BITTO Cindy Bingamon Cindy, Bingo, Idnic . . . happy, sensitive, sarcastic . . . Memories: good times with Paula, Stef, Brenda, Julie and Debbie, Joe 3-20-82, pickle babies, " easy spank, " skelly, pass the lifesaver, Deering " 81 " . . . Peeves: bigmouths, sad endings, cold mornings . . . Favorites: skiing, ultimate, weekends! ... to be successful . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Timothy Spencer Bishop Bish . . . friendly, serious, sensitive . . . Peeves: liars, phoney people, wind sprints, loud women, trig . . . Favorites: " Mary Anne, " hunting, fishing, Chinese food, piz- za, free time . . . Memories: Elaine 7-9-82, baseball with Bo, football, Florida, " Anth " . . . college, fly, have fun, love to Mom and Dad . . . thanks, God. Michael V. Bitto Ritto . . . easy-going, loves to party, likes to sleep in the morning . . . Mondays, stuck-up people, school parking lot . . . Talking Heads, ZZ Top, Steely Dan . . . Summers ' 81, ' 82, partying down the Cape, water skiing, truck, hunting, army. Lisa Ann Blankenship Lisa Lips, Louise . . . skitso, affectionate, friendly . . . library, negative people . . . Big D ' s little bar, " Every Breath You Take, " Dee and Frankie . . . Santa and Dee, Boston and Frankie . . . " can I go home now?, " " Hey Babe! " " I ' ll be watching you. " Suzanne Gearen Blomstrom Sue, skew . . . athletic, energetic, reserved . . . Peeves: Doors, two-faced people . . . Favorites: Rod Stewart, ten- nis, basketball, " The Machine " . . . Memories: Losers!, Powder Puff ' 83, " Tibby, " pallemino ... to go to college . . . thanks Mom, Dad, and family. Ronny M. Boncorddo Mugs, Dangerfield . . . loud . . . Peeves: snobs, school . . . Favorites: steaks, lobster, chicken, working . . . Memories: with Kerry, Shannon, Lisa, and John . . . thanks, Mom and Dad for putting up with me. DAVID P. BLAHUT RICHARD A. BLEAU RONALD BONCORDDO MICHAEL BONO 25 LAUREN R. BOUSHELL ADRIENE ADELINE BOWLES MEREDITH A. BOWMAN DAVID E. BOYLE KENNETH H. BRADLEY III DENISE M. BRAHM Lauren R. Boushell Boush, Bou-Bou . . . Peeves: " Dcr, " " Now what ' s wrong? " " Nothin ' " ... Favorites: " Tonight I Celebrate My Love " . . . Memories: band, Wakefield, cruisin ' through North Quincy with the gang, 8 26 83, Sue ' s grad. party . . . college . . . thanks, Sue . . . much love and thanks to Mom and Dad, family, friends. Adriene Adeline Bowles Dee Dee, Miss Dee . . . quiet, shy, abnormal . . . Peeves: " people bugging me when 1 read, " Lisa . . . Favorites; Beatles, Town Spa, pizza, unicorns . . . Grease play ' 81, camp counselor ' 82, Santa and Lisa 11 26 83, card playing in cafe, boy watching with Lisa and Christine, " I don ' t know what I ' m doing here " . . . special thanks to Gorm, Linda, special salute to Lisa ... I love you, Mom. Meredith A. Bowman Meri, Sunshine . . . organized, friendly, determined . . . Peeves: my brother, revenge, two-faced " friends " . . . Memories: frosh track, yearbook, horseback riding, Horseneck Beach with best friends and love, summer ' 81, times with my favorite friends, 7 10 82, 2 11-2 26 84, green eyes, " Just the two of us " . . . college, success, dreams . . . " All my love to the best Mom, Gram, and love in the world! " David E. Boyle Dave . . . devious, vengeful . . . Peeves: supervision, cameras, smokers . . . Favorites: Sabbath, Dio, Manowar, score!, snowstorms . . . Memories: 508, Warlock, roadie, 1766, two-tone Chevelles . . . law school, tax evasion . . . thanks to Mom, Dad, Kevin. Julie E. Bradbury Bird . . . moody, talkative . . . Peeves: nails, 7 . . . Favorites: Seger, Heart, " Tell it Like It Is, " Bright Light Girl, " Whaat? " Bye Bye Lardas . . . Memories: 3 yellow bombers, Nantasket, 7 4 81, ZZ Top concert, journey in the U-Haul, lowies in the backyard, lit- tle purple dots, 7 16 81, talks w Ann, summer ' 81 ... 14 years w Moppy ... all my love to John . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Kenneth H. Bradley III Ken, The Mouth ... a pig, a tease, hungry . . . Peeves: fuzzballs, smokers . . . 9 10 83, beachin ' , 18 on the 18th, it ' s code in, live- ins, Apple, shoveling ... to get married, to use calculus in my dai- ly life. Brian E. Brady Shady . . . insane, mathematical . . . Peeves: brownnosers, un- psychopaths . . . Favorites: Seger, Daytona ' 84, Jimmy O ' s out- burst in physics . . . " Devoid " of social graces . . . high school of- fice 4 13 82. Denise Brahm Denise . . . sarcastic, talkative, crazy . . . Peeves: snobs, mornings, being grounded . . . Favorites: Van Halen, The Who . . . Memories: summer of ' 81, Wild B., Sweet Crout, Ho Jo ' s, Brockton F., " Over Ye Yonder " ... To someday come back to earth. Pamela L. Braley Pam . . . quiet, gullible, sensitive . . . Peeves: cake, good-byes . . . " What? " . . . Memories: Junior Prom, Thanksgiving ' 83, Mur- Macs, the eye. Ash Park Drive, 8 13 83, 8 26 83, aquarium, the Cape, 10 31 79, talks w friends, early Thursdays ... I love you. Grandma . . . thanks, Mom and Dad ... all my love to Tony. JULIE BRADBURY J ' BRIAN BRADY PAMELA BRALEY 26 ANNA BRASIL SARAH A. BROOKS LINDA L. BRYSON LILA BRAZAO SCOTT G. BREEN JOHN BURBA Anna M. Brasil Sarcastic, worrisome, friendly . . . Peeves: lies, waiting . . . Favorites: Journey, Seger, " Goofy, " " Furry, " " Should ' ve brought the Schnapps, " " You ' re Joe or mine " . . . Memories: 10 17 83, Journey ' 82, Washington ' 83, good times with best friends . . . lots of love to Joe, always . . . love and thanks, Mom and Dad. Scott G. Breen Breen bag, 64 . . . Loud, sarcastic . . . Peeves: my knee, Monday mornings . . . Favorites: " Freebird, " " Candy Girl, " " Do you feel lucky? " " Good, good, yourself? " " Hey Bud " . . . Thanksgiving ' 82, good times with gang, Am. Studies, Hampton, joy ride down the ' Kembe ' ... to be happy . . . thanks John, for being there ... I love you. Mom and Dad. Sarah A. Brooks Sa ha ra . . . crazy, talkative . . . Peeves: 1:12, letting go . . . Memories: swim team, skiing, my thumb. Pearl Harbor, Police with special friends, 8 27 83, Baby, BHS, mid- Cape, Bick ' s . . . thanks to Mr. Dee, Brady ... to be rich, happy and successful . . . love to family and friends. William Bryan Bill . . . active, happy . . . Peeves: people who disturb . . . Favorites: Asia, Journey, " Come on Feel the Noise, " baseball . . . Memory: gym . . . got to work . . . thanks. Mother and Father, and the class of ' 84. Linda L. Bryson Trouble . . . moody, rowdie . . . Peeves: rail road tracks, people who stare, good-byes . . . " that ' s life " . . . good times with Ann and friends, Neil Young ' 82, Canada, thanks Mike ... to be happy . . . love to Jimmy, Mom and Dad. Paul Eric Bunson Buns, Junior . . . lazy, easy-going, apathetic at times . . . Peeves: speedwork, essays, caretakers, Jr., fuzzy worms . . . Memories: cross country champs, track, ponds, hills, pits. Sunset Lodge, Cape, rainy states. The Stadium, " I didn ' t expect the Spanish Inquisition, " " Don ' t Panic! " John Burba Burbs . . . friendly, athletic, thoughtful . . . Peeves: fake people, lies. Day, gases . . . Favorites: Bob Seger, " Turn the Page, " lobster, football. Physics . . . Memories: Dave in the cooler, Sharon, Canton ' 81, Pratts, Tracey on the balcony. Buds at Sullivan, Rovich ' s before practice, Hallo- ween togas. Patricia Burke Sensitive, moody, quick-tempered . . . Peeves: snobs, two- faced people . . . Favorites: Pizza, licorice, " Lady Lady, " Kiss-108, " The Romantics, " " Color it Purple " . . . Memories: 2 3 83, 5 23 83, good times with Kim in sum- mer of ' 80 ... all my love to Ricky . . . Thanks, Mom and Dad. WILLIAM BRYAN PAUL ERIC BUNSON PATRICIA A. BURKE 27 SUZANNE CABRAL GEORGE D. CALLAHAN JR. MICHAEL BUTLER Kevin P. Bushlow Bush . . . moody . . . Peeves: mornings, Loring ' s laugh . . . Memories: Fent ' s gems, good times with the gang, Ken- nickdick ' s house, Plain St. parties, Matts, convoys, 4- wheeling ... do you feel lucky ... to live a happy life . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Michael Butler Spirited, sensitive . . . Peeves: winter parades, acid rock . . . Favorites: Herbert von Karajan, Vienna Philharmonic, Tchaikovsky ' s 5th . . . Memories: South Shore Wind Ensemble ' 82, ' 83, Martha ' s Vineyard ' 82, Holland ' 84, UNH Jazz Festival . . . attend Tanglewood program. Suzanne Cabral Sue, Frick, Sis . . . friendly, loud, moody . . . Peeves: long distance relatives . . . Drill Team, all-nighters with the gang, " Hey, Hey, Hey, " Flo, " Poor Baby " . . . Memories: 5 6 83, 7 10 83, times with Sis, special friends never to be forgotten . . . Brazil-bound, college . . . thanks Nance, friends forever, " Te amo, Mae, Pai e Gil. " Ann Callahan Rocky . . . sarcastic, rowdie . . . Peeves: head games, bad endings . . . Favorites: life ' s tough, whatever . . . Memories: Duxbury Beach ' 83, Taunton Lake . . . hairdressing school, to be happy . . . good times with Judi and Linda . . . thanks Walshie, Cathy, and Mom. Kevin D. Callahan Cal . . . quiet, easy-going but crazy . . . Peeves: SHS, stuck- up people, waiting, Mondays, no money . . . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, The Police, hockey ' 69, 12 awesome . . . Memories: Cathy 6 9 83, summers ' 80- ' 83, Friday ' s con- cert, weekends . . . thanks. Mom, Mike, Dad, and family. Terence K. Callender " T " . . . sneaky, sly, peaceful . . . Peeves: lazy women and girls that whine . . . Favorite: football ... to make Mega-bucks. FERNANDO C. CABRAL r ANN CALLAHAN KEVIN D. CALLAHAN TERENCE K. CALLENDER 28 MICHAEL CAMBRA FRED MILES CAMPBELL JR. LISA J. CAMPBELL JENNIFER CANGEME JAMES CAREY SCOTT CARLSON Michael F. Cambra Mikey . . . lazy, easy-going . . . Peeve: no parties . . . favorites: ZZ Top, lifting, Chinese food, out with the Brothers, CCD . . . Memories: Patti with love 12 6 82 . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Fred M. Campbell Jr. Freddy . . . unpredictable . . . Peeve: The morning . . . Seger ' 83, Winter with Peter . . . Holly, Tricia, Flo, Bob . . . Memories: 33, 10 6 82, 5 4 83 with Kim, good times with Pow-wow, Wags, Marc, and the Buzzards ZZ with Judi . . . love to Mom and Dad. Lisa J. Campbell Lis, Soupie . . . stubborn, impatient, friendly . . . Peeves: rainy days, waiting, speed bumps . . . Favorites: pay day, Bud, caps, " Lisa Phone Home, " . . . Memories: " Summer of ' 81, " Timmy 3 28 80, wknds with us, camping, 12 yrs. with Diane, ski wknd . . . college and be happy . . . thanks, Ma and Dad. Jennifer Cangeme Chickie, Bem, Fro . . . May school days! . . . fun in the sun, York Street hike, nights over Sal ' s ... I love Kenny forever 5 4 83. . .see you! Scott Carlson Scott . . . friendly, easy-going, crazy, moody . . . Peeves: punks, starters, diseases, mornings, school, two-faced . . . Favorites: J. Geils, leg of lamb, baseball, " You ' re a Dense " . . . Memories: Convoys, my parties, after effect of Matt ' s, ' 83 New Year ' s Eve, Leaving with Jude . . . lead a happy life . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Robin J. Carlton Moody, unpredictable, sensitive . . . Peeves: phony people, decisions, waking up in the morning . . . Favorites: Bowie, Doors, nice jewelry . . . Bowie 9 31 83, Rapp 9 16 81, 9 8 83, all the strange but good times . . . Liz, Debbie, Lynn ... to be rich and happy . . . thanks Mom, Dad, and Massapoag. ROBIN CARLTON 29 DAVID P. CARPENTER DAWN CHAPLAIN JOSEPH CIMILDORO MARY ELIZABETH CARROLL CHRIS CARTON SHERRI B. CLIFFORD David P. Carpenter Red . . . impatient, edgy, lazy . . . Peeves: Freyes, Monday mornings, rainy days, SHS . . . Favorites: ZZ Top Sept. 1983 Tour with Shiavin and Cold Buds, Micky D ' s . . . Memories: fight with Jana at Quality Steel . . . good luck to all my buddies, remembering all the good times and laughs . . . best of luck to Bernie, and love to Mom and Phil . . . memory of David Weeks and Donna DiStephano. Mary Elizabeth Carroll Mary, Lokey . . . Peeves: baggies, thank you . . . " the seeker, " Creedence, " Paranoia strikes deep, " summer of ' 83 . . . Seger 6 9 83, southern times . . . thanks, Owen, for special times . . . " As the light fades from the screen, it ' s the famous final scene. " Chris Carton Chickie, Bern, Fro . . . May school days, fun in the sun, York Street hike, nights at Sal ' s, Chris and Dan, Love 6 18 82. . .see you! Peter J. Cave Freyes, Frozen . . . crazy, ar rogant, eccentric . . . Peeves: red lights, warm beer, short hair, cops, rules . . . Favorites: ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, prime rib, partying . . . Memories: winter with Freddie, good times with Dottie, Red, Shiavin, " the rest of my friends, " . . . pursue life in the quickest and easiest ways . . . thanks for all your grief. Dad, Mom. John Chisholm Moody, lazy, psychotic, easy-going, always hungry . . . Peeves: mornings, school, headaches. The Boys, two-faced . . . Favorites: Bud, Brothers, " The Boards, " medicine, ear- rings . . . Memories: Summer at Humarock, Halloween par- ty, Andrea, 4 8 83, 10 8 83 . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Kimberly B. Clickstein Kim, Clicker . . . loud, outgoing, moody . . . Peeves: lies, mindgames, someday, feet . . . Memories: friendship with Paul, Rovich, 12 81 with Rich, 8 8 83, the baby, summer of ' 81, spa, special friends, late phone calls, Rosie, putting our guard down, 5 4 83, Bicks, whose shirt will ya wipe it on? . . . Someday never comes, I ' ve been waiting . . . Thanks to my family and friends. Sherri B. Clifford Sherri . . . quiet, sensitive, friendly . . . Peeves: snobs, two- faced people . . . Memories: times with Giji 8 17 83, 9 11 83, Nantasket Beach ... to be a cosmetologist . . . love to Mom and Dad. Diane Marie Climo Lil Slimo . . . sensitive, daring, loves to party . . . Peeves: Ferreras, walking with oomp, snobs . . . Favorites: Bob Seger, Walshie, weekends with us, " Bubbalu " ... to live a happy life . . . Summer of ' 81 . . . special memories of sister Pat . . . thanks for everything Mom, Dad, and Lisa. PETER J. CAVE JOHN CHISHOLM i KIMBERLY CLICKSTEIN DIANE M. CLIMO 30 DAVID PAUL COBB DAVID COHEN JEFFREY DAVID COHEN CHERYL A. COHENNO GEORGE COLLINS " _ KAREN A. CONNOLLY David Paul Cobb Dave, Butch . . . quiet, always hungry . . . Peeves: flat tires in the rain, shifty eyes, abracadabra . . . Favorites: Chinese food, soccer, hockey, pool at Christine ' s . . . Memories: 1982 soccer tournament. Bob Seger ' 83 and The Drive Through Window, Lincoln St., weekend in New Hampshire . . . college, be happy . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. David M. Cohen Dave . . . bad attitude, impatient . . . Peeves: earring, two- faced people, drug heads, mud turtles, Serious People, wipe outs . . . Favorites: Chinese food, " the boards, " CCD, Brothers, Mikey ' s house . . . Memory: Mr. Lynch ' s class with Fish. Jeffrey D. Cohen Jeff . . . sensitive, talkative, unpredictable . . . Peeves: cliques, Pershing II ' s . . . Favorites: Kraftwerk, King Crim- son, Fusion, my tuba, " Don ' t eeeven " . . . Memories: Equinox, music dept., UNH ' 82, ' 83, " The Brigade, " message units, all my good friends . . . Berkley, career in music . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Cheryl A. Cohenno Duba . . . Peeves: Ferrera ' s and Guppy . . . Favorites: Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, Walshies class, DECA . . . Memories: 5-25-83, Frankie and Billy . . . life with Kenny . . . love to Mom and Dad. Cathy Cole Friendly, Cheerful . . . Favorites: Iron Maiden, Quiet Riot, Def Leppard, Soccer, English . . . Memories: soccer with Coach Steve Denneno, fun times with Chris. Norman Colson Morten . . . easy-going, moody . . . Peeves: girls who stop to talk in the hall . . . Favorites: Bob Seger, " We ' ve Got Tonight, " " Brave Strangers, " hockey . . . Memories: Mrs. Nickerson ' s English Class, hockey game 11-11-83 ... to be happy, spend life with Gretchen . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Karen Connolly Always late . . . Peeves: Holbrook, stalled cars . . . Memories: Shawn 12-6-83, stranded, The Bat Cave, late night car rides, great times with friends ... to go to college . . . love to family. Angela M. Conway Angie, Anj . . . Stubborn, gullible, smiling . . . Peeves: waiting, no money . . . Favorites: WBCN, weekends . . . Memories: ' 81, summer ' 83, skiing, camping, keg parties, red light, talks with Jamie . . . college, to be happy . . . tha nks, friends . . . love you, Mom and Dad. NORMAN COLSON ANGIE CONWAY 31 DARYL HOPE COOK NANCY E. COOK EDWARD COSTA ANNMARIE COUGHLIN AMY J. CRAWFORD Daryl Hope Cook Dar, Cookie . . . cute, gullible, talkative . . . Peeves: broken promises, Colorado, goodbyes . . . onion rings, " no problem, " " Sweet 16, " good times with good friends, 1 17 82, New Year ' s with Al and Jon, " 1st Rally, " Sum- mer ' 81, whitehorse . . . Risa, thanks for being there . . . Memories of Lassie . . . Mom and Dad, you ' re the best. Nancy Cook Nancy . . . sentimental, friendly . . . Peeves: hypocrites, complainers . . . Barry Manilow, General Hospital . . . pro- ducer in radio . . . show choir, summer ' 83, Ilene, Alisa and Levette, Craig, Juerg, Pops ' 83, Newport ' 83, Little Theatre ' 81- ' 82, 6 23 83. Kimberly Ann Costa Moppy . . . Moody, sarcastic . . . Peeves: Peg ' s, headgames, goodbyes . . . Favorites: bye, bye lardas, Seger, gummy bears . . . Memories: the 3 yellow bombers, ZZ Top ' 81, Lowies in the backyard, 4 yrs. Vice Prez., little purple dots, Nantasket times, 14 yrs. with Bird ... to be happy with whatever I choose to do . . . all my love. Mom and Dad. Annmarie Coughlin Annmarie . . . friendly, happy, confused . . . Peeves: morn- ings, green convertibles, cold floors . . . Memories: junior year, Junior Prom, New Year ' s Eve ' 82, 3 5 83, 5 7 83, " the muck, " 1 2 83, Nana, Clarence my cat, J. Geils Con- cert, talks at Borderland, Superbowl ' 83, Graduation ' 82, SMU weekend, stranded, Florida ' 84 . . . Marshall ' s . . . good times with friends ... to go to college. Susan Ruth Crandall Sue . . . wild, hyper, outgoing . . . Peeves: sophomore year, rotating ketchups, D207 . . . walking fast with Sli and Jet, " just buzz 303, " Southern times, page 11, Skoop, " imita- tions! " Tall Ships . . . special summer of ' 83 with Joey . . . " The good times are the best times, the bad times fade away " ... to break the mold. Amy J. Crawford Off the wall . . . Favorites: Maine and Rhode Island . . . skating at Riverdale ... " I still don ' t know how to spell! " KIMBERLY ANN COSTA SUSAN R. CRANDALL EDDIE CURRIE 32 LAURA ANN CUTCLIFFE KRISTIN L. DARLING MICHELE DEBAY COREY ANN DACEY EDWARD F. DALY RONALD DE SILVA Laura Anne Cutcliffe Friendly, talkative . . . Peeves: them, liars . . . Memories: Charms Pops, " coffee? " " Foolin, " good times with Louise and the gang . . . nights on Curtis Ave., Police ' 83, beach bound, 8 5 83, T.J. Maxx, " follow them " ... to go to col- lege . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Edward Fintan Daly Ed, Ded . . . analytical, positive . . . Peeves: makin ' weight, wiffles, people who don ' t try . . . Favorites: wrestling, Mr. Do, trackies, Frostees, Spa Pizza, food in general . . . Memories: " Buckwheat? " Fintan, Onset 7 83, wrestling campitis. Fish and the Gremlin, futcaps, Zone, maps don ' t . . . college-bound wrestler ... a man of value. Kristin Darling Kris, Krissy . . . alarm clocks at 5 a.m., " gads, " sarcasm ... be infinitely happy and wealthy . . . 11 11 83, Satur- day ' s with Ryan, long talks with friends . . . roadshows . . . cruising on Friday nights, summer of ' 83 . . . thanks. Dad and friends, for your support. Michelle Davis Happy, spirited . . . Peeves: waiting, curfews, night reminders . . . Favorites: Seger " Turn the Page, " cruisin ' , Bowie in the rain, field hockey with the Geep, Our Island, " ya think so? " , Eaukanuba Powee!, to get to Boston ... to go to college . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Michele DeBay Izzi . . . calm, cool, collected . . . Peeves: school, smoke blown in face . . . Favorites: Chinese food, Gap Band, " here comes trouble, " " hey dude " . . . Memories: cruisin ' in grey bomber with Janet, boredom . . . thanks for all love and support: Mom, Dad, and best friend Janet. Ronald DeSilva Ron . . . friendly, talkative, fun . . . " Old Faithful, " Elton John, Barbra Streisand, " outstanding! " weekends in N. At- tleboro, 5 5 83, 8 22 83!!!, Florida, musicals . . . Tracy: My love for you is like an ever-blossoming rose! " . . . thanks. Sue — I love you! . . . luv and thanks. Mom and Dad. MATT D ' ANDREA MICHELLE DAVIS ROBERT DESMOND JR. 33 JEFFREY S. DI MATTEO CHARLES MITCHELL DMOHOWSKI ROBIN L. DOHERTY LAURA DI CASTRO SUSAN M. DI GIAMPIETRO Laura DiCastro Friendly, moody, gullible . . . rainy Mondays, 6-27-83 in New Hampshire . . . late summer nights, good times with friends . . . 9-29-81, all my love to Tommy . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Sue DiGiampictro Sue . . . friendly, sensitive, quiet, moody . . . Carl 11-30-82, 4-16-83 . . . Peeves: jocks, snobs, immature freshmen, loose and easy girls . . . Favorites: younger men, soccer, drama . . . college, law school . . . cast parties . . . thanks for the memories, Pizza-Boy ... all my love to family and friends . . . fun times with Flo. Anthony DiLoUo Tony . . . friendly, talkative, funny . . . Peeves: waiting, Monday mornings, " Can I have a ride? " . . . Favorites: Robert Plant, " C ' mon, Man, " Led Zepplin, pizza Burger King ... To be rich . . . the fence, keg parties, Christies, C- hr, breakfast with Jimmy. Jeffrey Scott DiMatteo Jeff, Jeffro . . . radical, stubborn, independent . . . Peeves: making weight, accident reports . . . Favorites: wrestling, skimobiling, Seger, The Police, student government . . . wod-win-can, big blue truck, lottery ticket, funny-5. Spa, The Nip, Dunfey ' s, wrestling, campitis, Powder Puff cheer- ing. Am. Studies, the old gang . . . thanks to family and friends. Anthony DiRusso Pasquali . . . Peeves: Guppy, Preps . . . Favorites: Iron Maiden, Gold Dust Women, Heiney, Snow . . . make money . . . Memories: Summer of ' 80, Frankie Austin . . . thanks to Mom and Dad. Charles Mitchell Dmohowski Mitch, unconscious runner, Mike . . . tall, anti-serious, con- fused . . . Peeves: nuclear bombs, anything plastic, " on the line " speed work, homework, whirlpools, gymlocker, money . . . Favorites: fuzzy knights, cross-country champs, hoop champs, the Ridge, Hills ... " I dunno know, well, I personally think it ' s all in the mind " . . . thanks God, family, friends, coaches, teachers, my dog . . . Peter Doherty Pete . . . quiet, yet unpredictable . . . Peeves: warm brew, boring weekends, hitting red lights . . . Favorites: weekends, broadnicking it on Friday nights with Laura, " Faithfully, " commons ... to be rich and high on life . . . glad I made it through the years. Robin L. Doherty Robin . . . friendly, easy-going . . . Peeves: Mondays, broken promises . . . " the office, " " What ' s yours? " . . . eye-spy with speedy, " the beach, " . . . The Police — 8 10 83, Horseneck Beach, Friday night games, fun times with friends ... to go to college and be happy. TONY DI LOLLO I ANTHONY DI RUSSO OVIDIO DO CANTO PETER DOHERTY 34 JEFFREY P. DONNELLY PATTY DONOVAN JILL L. DRUHAN LISA M. DONOGHUE JANET E. DONOVAN PAUL K. EGERSHEIM Lisa M. Donoghue Ellie-May, Speedy . . . sensitive, emotional . . . Peeves: pre- judice, separation . . . track, " we ' ll never make it, " " I ' m hot, " David 9 26 82, beginnings 9 4 82, my special year . . . X-country capt., track ' 83 with Spacey, 3 yrs. with Cora-Beth, " eye-spy, " " the beach, " . . . special friends . . . go to college and be happy. Janet Donovan Muff . . . short, active, wild . . . Peeves: waiting, snobs, rainy weekends, broken promises . . . Favorites: Beatles, " Hey Jude, " gymnastics, Chinese food . . . " Chill-out " . . . Memories: good times with Jimmy, Julie, Kathy, Bridget, McAvoy, the Blocks . . . college and success . . . Thanks to family and Jimmy. Patricia Donovan Dunny . . . crazy, loves to party . . . Peeves: waiting, no money, school . . . Neil Young 2 15 83, Tull, Taunton, Budweiser, Walshies, " Hi! " . . . good times with Joelle, Jill and the gang, parties at Pasts ... to be rich and retire early . . . Thanks for putting up with me. Mom and Dad, love ya! Judith A. Doyle Jude, Ju-Ju Bee . . . crazy, loud, wild, short . . . Peeves: rumors, cornfields, friends that aren ' t . . . Stevie Nicks, " Tonight " . . . " Speak to me, " " What d ' ya mean? " . . . TP ' n w Kimba and PK, summer with J-85 girls, 10 4 80, ZZ Top, Bud, best times with Anne . . . thanks, Chrissie, love you, Mom and Dad . . . bye, O ' Malley. Jill Lynn Druhan Jill . . . Peeves: two-faced people, people who think they ' re God ' s gift . . . Favorites: pizza, hockey, T.V. . . . Memories: good times with good friends, summers at the Cape ' 82, ' 83, Bruins game — 11 20 83 ... thanks. Mom, Dad, Daryl, Jo, Kathy, and friends ... I love ya! Linda Ann Earley Linda . . . sensitive, independent . . . Peeves: waiting, " B, " dues . . . Favorites: lobster, ZZ Top, Heineken, spring . . . Memories: summer ' 82, Tournament with Scibbetta, Old Stony, class with " M " and Janice, D-3rd, 10 31, snow, Paul, 7 1 82 .. . thanks. Mom and Dad. JUDITH A. DOYLE LINDA ANN EARLEY 35 PETER FASANO MARIE T. FALVEY DORIS A. FARRELL ANNE MARGARET FINCH 36 Marie Falvey Scruff . . . funny, outgoing, dramatic . . . Peeves: homework, the frizzies, pushy people . . . Favorites: Quiet Riot, Journey, " Open Arms, " football, hockey . . . Memories: good times with friends, summer ' 82, Papa ' s old stogies, " Chow Sow, " " take it sleezy, " . . . medical secretary, to marry, raise a family . . . much love to Mom, Dad, and family. Doris A. Farrell Doe . . . moody, outgoing, friendly . . . Memories: Good times with friends, " Yippi, " sophomore gym class, rainy nights. Thanksgiving Eve, Sunday football ... to be happy. Peter Fasano Franky Jr. ... quiet, friendly, waiting a long time, homework . . ing up late ... to get a good job . . easy-going . . . Peeves: . Favorites: hockey, stay- . thanks. Mom and Dad. Kim Maria Ferguson Shy, quiet, good humor . . . Peeves: busy phones, plastered on smiles . . . Favorites: junk food, smurfs. Rush, Journey, " Joe " . . . Memories: tours of 1979-1983, Alabama, Canada, Florida, craziness of corp., D-hour, smashing Mom ' s car . . . college, Hawaii, be happy . . . love and thanks to family and friends. John L. Fichera Fish . . . logical, sarcastic . . . Peeves: illogical people, acci- dent reports, no money . . . Favorites: wrestling, Mr. Do, ankle picks, Quincy Y, The Gremlin . . . Memories: " You got leverage com ' n out yer ears! " , wrestling-campitis, " We ' re gonna hit it! " , " 1 got ya! " . Invasion Voyagers, sorry guys!, sectionals ' 83, good times with Fro, Ed and McDoon ... To go where no man has gone before! Anne Margaret Finch Friendly, sensitive . . . Peeves: waiting, rainy mornings . . . Favorites: won ' t hold you back now, coffee . . . Memories: best of times with Lisa, friends forever, CYO ski trips, Bri 8 6 81, Tall Ships, shared secrets with Em and Julie, 4 8 83, 5 5 83, UMass . . . pancakes with Jodi, 1st lunch ... to work with children, be happy . . . loving memories of Dad . . . thanks, Mom, I love you! Janine Finlayson Neen . . . scarcastic . . . Memories: cheering, 10th, 11th, with Deb, Don, Jude, " Whiskey River, " Seger, Eagles, Sue Sunapee, " Funny, " ... all my love to Steve, Rosecliff, Boston, Cape Cod, The Vineyard, Leather and Lace, Stevie Nicks concert . . . Luv ya, Chris . . . thanks, Mom and Dad, I love you! KIM FERGUSON JOHN L. FICHERA JANINE FINLAYSON MARY FITZGERALD DEBBIE FITZPATRICK JOSEPH J. FITZPATRICK KATHLEEN B. FOLEY LUIS C. FORTUNA mm i ROY L. FRALIN JR. Mary B. Fitzgerald Maria . . . quiet, funny . . . Peeves: quitters, essays, the cold . . . Favorites: Styx, " Babe, " pizza . . . Memories: la playa con espanol, AP English with the guys! International Club, crew races . . . travel the world or at least, to a warmer climate . . . miss ya, Angela . . . thanks. Mom and Dad, love to Juerg. Debbie Fitzpatrick Fitzy . . . happy, mouthy, sensitive . . . Peeves: fighting with Mark, Dill . . . Favorites: Marky, Cougar, 9, 23, cheerleading, Turkey game ' 82, great times with Donna and Neen, Raymond . . . RI men ' s room, the field, love to Mark 9 29 80, 5 7 81, Old Moun- tain Road, Seekonk Speedway ... to be happy, successful . . . thanks to Mom and Dad, I love you. Joseph J. Fitzpatrick Joe, Fitz . . . quiet, different, lazy . . . Pe eves: conformists, fake friends, slackers, hackers . . . Favorites: Chinese food, pizza, " Take it as it comes. " . . . Memories: the Bari-man, D-hour, Stage Band . . . computers, electronics . . . " Find out when I get there. " Kathleen B. Foley Duckey, Chicky . . . hyper, easy going, " Clickity-cliques " . . . Peeves: friends that aren ' t . . . Lowell, D. Webster, " Where ' s Kim!, " Hi Di, Shaw ' s, " How ya doin?, " 5 5 83, summer ' 83, Lit- tle Green Chevette, " Babycakes, " . . . Ireland and England, good times with special friends, " Hold on loosely " . . . Love and thanks. Mom, Dad, Tom, and De. Brenda M. Fortier Brenda . . . friendly, outgoing, sincere . . . Peeve: two-faced peo- ple ... Friday night football games, lollipops and popsicles, picklebabies, Horseneck Beach with the best of friends, Pier 4, " You Porker!, " The Police, The Fixx . . . college and success . . . thanks for everything and lots of love to Mom and Dad. Luis Fortuna Louie . . . Conscientious, hard working, humorous, friendly . . . do- ing different clerical jobs for the business department . . . " I ' m looking forward to my future, and I ' m happy about my past " . . . to work in business management. Deborah Ann Fowler Debbie, Freddie . . . Friendly, sensitive, flirtatious . . . Peeves: broken promises . . . Favorites: yellow roses, following the bus, times with Chris M., " Freebird, " talks with Joanne, soccer players . . . 12 29 83, memories with Jay . . . best friends, thanks Christine, love and thanks to family and friends. Roy Fralin Reverend, Flicker, Ice . . . lazy, happy . . . Peeves: sprints, math, homework . . . Favorites: basketball, winning, " thanks coach, " Brockton High, English with Jeff, Friendly ' s with Rita ... " I thank everyone for helping me have an exciting high school career. " . . . love always. Mom and Dad. Robert Francis Bobby, Bawb, Doc, Bobo . . . moody, pushover . . . Peeves: phony people, " Der Queer " . . . Favorites: " Wrong, " " We ' re there, " fun times with Flo, true friends with " Auntie Dale, " photographs. Bandies, Dunkin Crew of ' 81. BRENDA MARIE FORTIER DEBORAH A. FOWLER ROBERT FRANCIS 37 TERRY FRISOLI MAUREEN E. GALLANT ROBIN MARIE FRAZIER EDDIE J. FREITAS FATIMA GARCIA Robin Marie Frazier Robie . . . optimistic . . . Favorites: KISS-108, partying nights, t ' supp, let ' s blow this clambake, summertime fun . . . Memories: midnight swim 8 82, Police Concert 8 12 83, partying with the blue devils and others. Nan- tasket ' 83, 7 3 83 ... to attend college, be happy . . . love ya. Mom and Dad. Edwin J. Freitas Eddie, Frito . . . quiet, crazy . . . Peeves: two-faced people, rainy days . . . f avorites: Seger, Doobies . . . Memories: 6 3 82, soccer tourney ' 83, the van, Lisa, high school with the gang, it ' s been great . . . love always to Mom and Dad. Steven T. Friedman Freedy . . . ambitious, nice guy, daring . . . Peeves: homework, phoney people . . . Favorites: Def Leppard, ex- pensive cars . . . " It ' s Miller Time " . . . Memories: summer ' 83 . . . college bound, design and build a housing complex in Florida . . . thanks, Mom and Dad, it ' s been real. Theresa M. Frisoli Terry . . . friendly, sensitive, reliable . . . Peeves: broken promises, rainy days, liars . . . Memories: John 11 5 81, New Hampshire, George ' s Island, the tubes, Talking Heads, Berlin Airlift, The Bakery, good times with friends, home room, make up, talks with Gail . . . Plans: to be hap- py and successful . . . love and thanks. Mom and Dad. Amy R. Gabriel Aimes . . . moody, klutzy . . . Peeves: rewrites, bones . . . Favorites: my friends, thanks guys, Far-far ' s, Nantasket, homeroom, make-up, " creep, " " survivin " ... all my love, to Mom and Dad. Susan M. Gallerani Sue . . . crazy, always happy . . . Peeves: broken promises, 11 25 82 . . . Memories: Blue Hills, ' 83 parties, going to 8th, kitchen tables, Elmer and Henrietta, cheerleading and bus rides, powder puff, Kevin 6 18 83, candy girls, upside down party, homeroom buddy ... to live my dreams ... 1 love you. Mom and Dad. Fatima Garcia Cupcake . . . happy, always smiling . . . Peeves: 25 miles apart, waiting . . . Favorites: spending $, sis . . . Memories: special homeroom buddy, my 1 cousin, bunnies, mud fights, upside-down party. Homecoming, 6 yrs. with Lisa, gee bang-bang, powder puff . . . " Frankie ' s coming home! " ... all my love to Frank 1 9 81 . . . oceans ... to go to col- lege ... 1 love you, Mom and Dad. Lisa Gaultier Lees . . . crazy, gullible, friendly . . . Peeves: dieting, snobs, goodbyes . . . Favorites: Seger, " Old time rock and roll, " Italian, horseback riding, 3-wheelin ' , holy smoke . . . Memories: Willie ' 83, crazy times with Jana, Hampton Beach . . . cherishes friends . . . love ya. Mom and Dad. STEVEN FRIEDMAN AMY GABRIEL SUSAN M. GALLERANI LISA K. GAULTIER 38 SUZANNE PATRICIA GERMAIN JOANNE GIANNINI BETH GILL MARC DAVID GEROME MARK GETCHELL JOHN P. GLENNON Suzanne Germain Sue, Sue Bee . . . friendly, flirtatious . . . Peeves: the one with no " e, " D207, grills . . . Favorites: purple rainbows, balboa . . . jazz choir 1, Fri. 5 12, Kirs, " Did I say that? " " Dennis, " six yrs. in homeroom with Marc, Ronnie " I know all about you! " Paul 10 31 83, 5 5 83, " Remember Ron- nie? " 4 yrs. w Kim, 3 13 82, love to Snoopy . . . " Now who ' ll wake you. Shell? " Robby Rabbit . . . love and thanks to Mom and Dad. Marc D. Gerome Friendly, adventurous, outgoing . . . Peeves: morning hockey practices, homework, snobs, " morocco " . . . Favorites: sports, hockey, snow skiing, waterskiing, Porsche 928, " quack quack " from Paul ... go into business and become wealthy, college, travel . . . Memories: " my hockey party, " Florida, Europe, homeroom w Sue . . . Thanks, Mom and Dad. Mark H. E. Getchell Mark, Getch . . . kind, intelligent, reclusive, loner, quiet, sensitive . . . Peeves: intellectual cliques. Marc Gerome ' s writing, Morocco . . . Favorites: Queen, " Bohemian Rhap- sody " . . . college, private psychological practice. Joanne Giannini Jogi . . . Wednesdays with Jodie and Jean, late night dates, Timmy, Binky and the Cupcakes, Lanes with Kinky. Chris Gill Chris . . . always shy until I get to know you . . . Favorites: sweet girls, golf . . . Peeve: moving away my junior year (what spirit, I came back) . . . cheering Powder Puff players, decorating spirit halls . . . let ' s keep the Class of ' 84 together 4-eva . . . thanks everyone, especially Mom and Dad. Elizabeth M. Gill Beth . . . sensitive, quiet . . . Peeves: busy signals, crowded places . . . Favorites: Jackson Browne, For Everyman, piz- za, art ... to travel, to get married . . . Memories: New York with the International Club, working with Lori F-hr . . . thanks. Mom, Dad, John. John Glennon Jonzo . . . unpredictable, partier, different, easy-going . . . Peeves: school, getting up, working . . . Favorites: Zep- pelin, Doors, Radar Love, Italian food, Buds . . . Pinecrest, parties, 10 25, 12 15, ' 83, special memories of Frank and David . . . trade school, getting a job, to live ... thanks to those who supported me including Mr. Fanning, Climo ... I love you Mom, Dad and family. ROY GICHEL CHRISTOPHER D. GILL NEIL ROBERT GLENNON 39 RISA GOLDMAN ANIBUL J. GOMES GREGORY P. GOLDBERG PAUL E. GOLDBERG EMILY JEAN GOULSTON Gregory Paul Goldberg Goldie . . . unorganized, crazy, morbid . . . Peeves: mid- night shift, phonies . . . Favorites: Doobies, Rich, Jazz, the 5 gang, " Oh-ya, " " 0-shoo, " shoes, nights at the Spa, Bern and Gunner, The Backroom, onion subs . . . work in music and with children. Joanne F. Golden Jo, Trouble, Smiley . . . happy, loud, friendly, eating . . . Peeves: homework, two-faced people . . . Favorites: chocolate, hockey, french fries. Bob Seger ... to be happy . . . my sister ' s weddings, the Cape, 12-1-83 hockey . . . special thanks to Jill . . . love and thanks to Mom, Dad, and family. Risa Jan Goldman Risa . . . sensitive, romantic, intense . . . Peeves: phone bills, waiting . . . Lionel Richie, mornings, " long distance relationships, " " bounce off walls! " " Schnoodle, " Junior Prom . . . Special friends with Gus " Still " . . . times with Bobby ... all my love to Rick . . . love to Mom and Dad. Brooke Ellyn Goldstein Brookie, Brooksie . . . sensitive, impatient, sentimental . . . Peeves: waiting, good-byes . . . Favorites: tennis, Chinese food. Jaguars! . . . Memories: bomb scares with Cara-Lyn, the Waterchestnuts, summer of ' 83, right-left-straight. Cape Escape, the Gang, San Francisco, Northeast, boppin, the tank . . . college, career, success . . . love ya, Mom and Dad. John Kevin Gomes Gomesy, alias the Mad Brazo . . . quick-tempered, moody sarcastic, crazy . . . Peeves: bumm ed-out people, snobs, bad days, blue cars, Scituate people . . . Favorites: Bud, Meisters, wild women . . . Memories: " Cudas, " Tiger ' s par- ty, good times with good people, Scituate Bazo parties, Dave Weeks — 11-82 ... to make big bucks and see the world . . . thanks Mom, 1 love you. Emily J. Goulston Em . . . Peeves: waiting, deliveries, being bored, married men . . . Favorites: Seger 6 10 83, the mound with Eileen, A305, maroon cords, " Ya know what I ' m saying? " , secrets with Anne . . . 9 7 83, going cross country, class with Lin- da and Janice, special times with Eileen. i JOANNE F. GOLDEN a BROOKE E. GOLDSTEIN JOHN KEVIN GOMES 40 .4 ROBERT T. GREEN MELISSA A. GREENE ROBERT GROPMAN MARVL. GUTHRIE STACY YVETTE GREEN KERRY GREENE Stacy Y. Greene Spacy, Stace . . . flirtatious, funny, mischievous . . . Peeves: smoking, prejudice, Smurfs . . . Favorites: " Tonight I Celebrate My Love, " Sixers, Psychology . . . Memories: rainy nights, Rita, best friends, McD ' s, track . . . college, marriage . . . thanks. Mom and Dad, I love you . . . thanks, David, for being there. Kerry Greene Quiet, ambitious, moody at times, honest . . . Peeve: people who think they are better than others . . . Favorites: chicken, pizza . . . Memories: Ronny, Shannon, Robby, Lisa, Marshfield, sleepovers, sweet 16, Brant Rock, Mr. Finn ' s class . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Melissa Ann Greene Missi, Miss . . . found with David, friendly, funny, loves to party . . . Peeves: waiting, saying goodbye, Monday m orn- ings . . . Favorites: " Oh you ' re a riot! " Robert Plant, " Big Log, " Van Halen, ice cream, pizza. Bud . . . Memories: David 3 27 81, 9 18 82, 10 21 82, " T-P-ing " with Donna 11 24 82, parties, Christie ' s, The Fence . . . special thanks to Mr. Andrews, luck and love to my friends . . . Glad to get out! Bob Gropman Groper . . . flirtatious, friendly, funny, strange . . . Peeve: Magpies . . . Favorites: Baby Cakes, Rene, Dome . . . Memories: Black Feathers, Punch, canoes, ducks, camping, Joe Pez ' s parties, Spirit Halls, Horseneck, " Come back to Jamaica, " doubling . . . Future: school, life in general. Daniel S. Guss Dan, Dano, Guss . . . Peeves: Boy George, Boy-L, 1766, Monday mornings . . . Memories: Police, Bowie, Sim Gar, Good Show Gredge, " Where ' s Bubbles? " " Count it out, " " Book ' em, Dano " ... to make the Fortune 500. Mary L. Guthrie Mare . . . friendly, outgoing for friends . . . Peeve: two- faced people . . . Favorites: Journey, pizza, football, math, " I ' m sorry " . . . beach with Marie, Lauren and Judy, Black Knight Cafe ... to get a job . . . thanks, Rita and Marvin. Wendy Halperin Wen . . . Peeves: broken promises, letting go . . . sensitive, moody . . . capt., swim team. Candy Girls, To you Elton 2 16 83, Blue Hills, doll carriages, ' 83 parties. Powder Puff, Bick ' s, Jr. Prom with Jim, pickles . . . love to Mom and Dad, happiness to friends. ROBERT P. GREENE DANIEL S. GUSS WENDY HALPERIN 41 WILLIAM HAMILTON CARLOS A. HENRIQUES TOM J. HERR V JOSEPH E. HENDRY LORI ANN HENKIN ERIC MICHAEL HOFFMAN Supply, pizza, . . . , , college . . . love to Joseph Hendry Joe . . . easy-going, adventurous, Republican . . . Peeve: liberals . . . Favorites: Stones, Kinks, Bloom County, Burger King . . . Memories: " The Blues, " the beach, " Up the Camp, " Bud, " What ' s up. Ace? " " Preciate it, " ... go to college, marry, money . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Lori Ann Henkin Friendly . . . Favorites: Journey, Air Memories: Good times with my friends . Mom and Dad. Victoria M. Hcnriques Vic . . . outgoing, determined, moody . . . Peeves: waiting snobs, fainting . . . Memories: my 1 cousin. Powder Puff Halloween Gang, 2 17 83, " That ' s American Studies! " . . Favorites: " Hey Cool! " , little red vette, the old house . . . lov ing memories of Grandma ... to have my own business become rich . . . love and thanks to Grandpa, Grandma, Mom and Dad. Carlos A. Henriques Fish . . . Serious, outgoing . . . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Van Halen . . . Memories: Hanging around with the guys . . . Peeves: School, ISS . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Richard Thomas Hern Jr. Rick . . . quiet, athletic, sensitive . . . Peeves: cliques, coaches pets . . . Favorites: fishing, hockey, baseball, a few close friends . . . Memories: nights at the canal, spirit halls ' 82, " finally made varsity, " a special someone 2 11 83, the Hern mobile . . . thanks Joanne, 1 love you. Mom and Beth. Thomas J. Herr Tom, Bud . . . outspoken, daring . . . Peeves: bud chewers, ug- ly girls . . . Chinese food, " In the Mood, " commons, gym, " You ' re goofy, " " Hey Pally, " " Hey Dude " . . . college band, co-ed dorms, making money . . . New Year ' s party ' 83, 2 20 83, Moosie, Jack, " Waskily Wabbit, " Party ' . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Michael Anthony Hillcoat Mike . . . classy, all-around nice guy . . . Peeves: pinners, lies, phonies, Sharon girls . . . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, " Eminence Front, " Moosehead . . . " Meet me at the fence, " . , . Memories: keg parties, Lisa, Cristy ' s gamg, Brian T, ... to become a self-made millionaire . . . thank you. Mom and Dad. Eric M. Hoffman " E " . . . friendly, athletic, confident . . . Peeves: bad attitudes, losing . . . Favorites: veal parm, tennis, basketball, the beach . , . Memories: lucky hats, Tep, being with the guys, all- nighters, captain, beating Sharon . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. John Francis Homer Johnny H, Hoover . . . witty, sarcastic, somewhat stylish . . . Peeves: Dunkin Donuts, marching . . . Favorites: show jazz choir, bands. Batman, kinks, Furgueson, " Book him, Danno " . . , UNH, Newport, York ' s runs. Barbarian, plastic mobile, poker . . . first of second Homer generation . . . college . . thanks. Mom . . . " It ' s been real. " VICTORIA M. HENRIQUES RICHARD T. HERN JR. MICHAEL A. HILLCOAT JOHN FRANCIS HOMER 42 WINTHROP J. HOMER CARON LYNN HORN SCOTT C. HORN STEPHEN HOWE JANA lENELLO KEITH D. JENNINGS Winthrop John Homer Jay, J.J., Luther . . . flirtatious, crazy, friendly . . . Peeves: pre- judiced people, tw o-faced people . . . Favorites: Dance music (funk), shooting pool, eating mass quantities . . . Memories: dances, proms, finding (new) special friends, ladies in my life . . . college and work (successfully) . . . last of the first Homer genera- tion . . . love to Mom, Dad, and family. Caron Lynn Horn Muzzi, Fruitloops . . . Peeves: narrow minded people, fitting room . . . Favorites: " You ' ll get over it, " " Faithfully, " " Hold the bot- tom, squeeze the middle, " " Dumb Swiss, " . . . Memories: Sum- mer ' 83, Physiology, YFU — France, the trailer ... on to Switzerland with Robyn . . . thanks Mr. McLellan, love to family and friends. Scott C. Horn Lefty . . . frequently kind, suddenly cruel . . . Peeves: trends, delays, interruptions . . . Favorites: Triumph, " All the Way, " " Flesh and Blood, " Mickey D ' s, hockey. Bruins, " Family Ties, " " no problem " . . . Memories: Summer ' 83, Jens . . . moving to skid row . . . the honeymoon is over. Steve Howe Dependable, quiet, serious . . . Memories: Chess Team ' 81- ' 83, Softball, Chem. II labs, crazy hat day — Chem., Science Fair ' 81, Yes and Asia. Paula Dianne Hudson " P " . . . hopeless romantic, mellow, crazy . . . Peeves: curfews, mornings . . . Favorite: Zeppelin, " What is and What Should Never Be, " Memories: Halloween ' 81, Newport ' 82, Jr. Prom, Powder Puff, Waterville Valley, Alex 10 26 83, good parties, great friends, especially my best bud, Carole . . . love ya, Mom and Dad and thanks for putting up with me. Jana M. lenello Red . . . friendly, temperamental . . . Peeves: Breaking up . . . Favorites: Robert Plant, Home-ec, Italian, horse back riding, " give me a break " . . . Memories: Summer of ' 83, crazy times with Lisa, Willie . . . hairdressing school, become rich . . . love ya, Mom and Dad. Alisa Marie Jardin Short, friendly, emotional . . . Peeve: Saturday morning practices . . . Neil Diamond, " Hello again, " 3 13 82, Drill Team, SHIC, show choir, Chinese food with " the gang, " Friday nights, " Cats!, Cats!, Cats! " ... to be a veterinarian . . . " We ' ve Got Tonight, " Junior Prom with Billy, 6 23 83, Summer of ' 83, New Hamp- shire ... a special someone ... I love you. Mom and Dad. Keith D. Jennings Rollie, Fuzzy . . . obnoxious, foolish, brilliant, perverse . . . Peeves: sisters, math tests, computer time sign-ups . . . Favorites: Bloom County, " Flashdance, " Men at Work, miniskirts, " oh yeah, well . . ., " Stephen King . . . Plans: to own the world . . . Oklahoma, card games . . . thanks for making me possible. Mom and Dad. David M. Johnson Quiet, Friendly . . . Peeves: Having to go to work . . . Favorites: Mustangs, " Yec, " 10 28 83, Sirloin Steak . . . Memory: first time skiing . . . engineering ... in memory of Brian T., " all my friends, " thanks Mom and Dad. PAULA D. HUDSON ALISA MARIE JARDIN A DAVID M. JOHNSON 43 CARA L. KELL DONNA F. KERR LINDA C. KARAVETSOS PAUL KIMBALL Teresa Jonet Tijuca . . . short, psychotic, friends with Dave P., . . . Peeve: Fruit of the Looms . . . Favorites: sleeping, Europe, classy people . . . travel, pursue a career in business management . . . thanks. Mom and Dad . . . Chow everyone and good luck. Linda C. M. Karavetsos Karrot . . . gullible, quiet . . . Peeve: rumors . . . Favorites: I don ' t know (that ' s it) " No problem " . . . Memories: 6 25 83, " Never let you go, " dances with Mary, summer of ' 82 with Monique . . . seen with Kelly, Cindy and Tracy . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Gary Kaufman Outgoing . . . Favorites: Asia, Geils, " Hard to say I ' m sorry, " piz- za, Chinese food, football, baseball, " Dennis, " . . . Memories: Junior Skip Day ' 83, Walkout of ' 81 ... to be president of a com- puter hardware company. Cara Kell Ca . . . unpredictable . . . Peeves: complaining, waking up . . . Favorites: Pink Floyd, " The Wall " . . . Memories: lying in the sun with 151, summers with Cheryl, Florida, " Go for it! " 4 18 83 Bil- ly .. . love to family and friends. John Kennedy Kennickdik . . . lazy, sarcastic . . . Peeves: casts, rotted floor boards, waiting for Dugie . . . Memories: 4 15 83, the gem, the boys. New Year ' s ' 82, Hampton, Feb. vacation ' 83, Woodsies ' 81, snowball fights, E202, 4 17 83 " close call! " the cem, " Do you feel lucky? " . . . college bound . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Donna F. Kerr Rowdy, sometimes quiet, sarcastic . . . Peeves: rainy mornings, people born with straight teeth! . . . Favorites: Police, " Straight from the Heart, " stuffed animals, " 1 don ' t get mad, I get even! " ... to succeed in life . . . never will forget my great and special friends, best of luck to ya ' s! . . . luv ya, Mom! Tom Kilroe Friendly, gullible, honest . . . Peeves: decisions, gym, " It ' s only Tom, " Sundays . . . Memories: Jr. Year, " So hungry, " Spanish and La playa, the Cape, looks like Univ. of Illinois, good times with Teresa and Naz ... to go to college, be happy and successful . . . thanks to everyone, especially Dad. Paul Kimball Rovich, Rove . . . shy, lazy, crazy, sarcastic . . . Peeves: coaches that don ' t listen, practices, studs . . . Favorites: Summer of ' 83 with cousin Rich on Kembe ' , football, eleven at midnight, talks with the Clicker, Muz ' s polished dart, here ya go, Rovich — what?, Uh-Uhm-Uh, Doors, Hair . . . Special times with Lisa . . . Scottie ' s Dad, thanks Wally ... I know I don ' t say it enough, but I love you. Mom! Joelle Mary Kinan Mo . . . friendly, sensitive, always laughing . . . Peeves: waiting, snobs, friends that aren ' t . . . Van Halen, Pink Floyd, " Hey You, " Chinese food, skiing, 7 and 7, Bud . . . 12 31 81 9:30 p.m., ex- cellent times with Dunny, Jill and gang, forever with Joey ... to be a cosmetologist, marriage, wealth . . . good luck SHS friends . . . love to Joe, Mom and Dad. GARY M. KAUFMAN JOHN J. KENNEDY i THOMAS M. KILROE JOELLE MARY KINAN 44 MATTHEW J. KING MARA LYNN KRAVETZ ELAINE M. LANZA k KEVIN MICHAEL LEAHY JUDITH A. KRAMER JONATHAN M. KRAVETZ Matt King Rat . . . mellow, forgetful . . . Peeves: rainy Mondays, waiting . . . Favorites: The Tubes, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, cold Bud, Steven M., Florida ... to be happy and rich, Florida-bound then to college ... all my love to Mom. Judith Allison Kramer Judles . . . loud, gabby, gullible . . . Genesis, John Lennon 12 8 80, " The Stand, " 5 27 82, 8 12 83, Police 8 10 83, eternal green belt . . . " Wait, 1 have to go again! " . . . jewels, Mon- treal ' 82, Bagle and Fiona, true friends . . . Mah Jongg bound . . . love and thanks Mom, Dad, Eileen and Karen. Johnathan M. Kravetz J.K., Jon . . . quiet, strange, lazy, sensitive, sarcastic . . . Peeves: Monday, mornings, not enough time . . . Stravinsky, trumpet times, thinking, hoping, " Kablam, " enjoying life . . . thanks to teachers for sharing . . . four-season friends, love and thanks . . . thanks for all Mom and Dad and Robin, love you! Mara Lynn Kravetz RA . . . different, crazy . . . Peeve: open milk cartons . . . Favorites: Talking Heads 10 4 83, fall convention, summers at the beach, Florida 11 13 83, " We ' re having some fun now kids! " " Hubba, " " Hose me down! " The Evil One (Temptress?) . . . Memories: what memories? . . . thanks to everyone for making this moment possible. Charles A. Lamplough Buddy, Bud . . . easy-going, friendly . . . Peeves: stuck up girls, no gas, school . . . Favorites: " Stairway to Heaven, " Led Zeppelin, pizza . . . weekend in N.H., aachoo, soccer, partying with the gang . . . thanks everyone, especially Mom and Dad. Elaine M. Lanza Laine . . . outgoing, outspoken, sensitive . . . Peeves: busy signals, waiting, money, work . . . Favorites: Little Harbor, my toy, face, cheering with " the girls, " G. Bang Bang . . . Memories: Turkey day ' 82 . . . Powder Puff . . . sophomore year . . . Timmy 7 9 82, 11 28 82, 5 4 83, 5 7 83 ... to go to college and be happy . . . love to Mom and Dad. Kraig E. LaPorte Buzz, Skip . . . dry, corny, out-going, high on life . . . Peeves: Jr. Proms, people who don ' t care . . . Favorites: cigars, bow ties, smiles, hockey, good times with good friends, " beautiful girls, " Segar ' 83 ... to be happy . . . Powder Puff Cheerleader, pool at Christine ' s . . . " Always remember the good times! " . . . love you. Mom and Dad. Kevin Michael Leahy Kev, Stallion . . . witty, sensitive, friendly . . . Peeves: individuals who openly accuse moi succumbing to less than human creden- tials, cleaning up after my cat . . . Favorites: The Beatles, Mello Yellow, jai-alai, art, class of ' 84, Shaw ' s, " Cheers, " my cat ... at- tend college, hold down an art career, own 5000 cats . . . 2 7 64, 3 4 66, Thanksgiving football games . . . thanks Mom, Dad, class of ' 84 for four " wicked awesome " years. Kelly Leary Kel . . . moody, lazy . . . Peeve: the frizzles . . . Favorites: Koala bears, purple roses, Xaverian parking lot (Black Camaro) . . . Memories: cheerleading, sophomore gym class, 11 years with Bean, " Under My Thumb, " Bubbles with Steven, 9 10 83, 3 18 83, Powder Puff, Brock that Blowny . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. CHARLES A. LAMPLOUGH KRAIG E. LA PORTE KELLY ANN LEARY 45 TRACEY LEIGH LEATHERS JAIMIE LEBOW DAVID LEE ROBYN ALLISON LERNER SUSAN W. LIPKIND JENNIFER LITWACK Tracey L. Leathers Trace . . . zany, spirited, easy-going . . . Peeves: No " e, " good-byes, fakes . . . Favorites: Stevie Nicks, " Truly, " " Photograph, " cheering with Rita and Lanie, 11, " Hey Boo Boo, " Nova, 999-111 a mystery, green . . . Neen ' s party, Jr. and Sr. proms, " Love You Snuggles, " special times with Rich . . . love eind thanks to Mom and Dad. Jaimie L. Lebow Jame, Crash . . . lazy, talkative, defensive . . . Peeves: arguing, morn- ings, bad tempers, hydrants . . . Memories: camping, talks with Ang, summer ' 81, ski wknd, Dartmouth, Scger, Fur Bush, Bud, " My little squeeze, " " Come here " . . . college . . . Love to David . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. David N. Lee Wompa, Miser . . . Peeves: saying you hate something, but you do it anyway . . . Favorites: David Coate Group, Keith Green, steak and french fries, football, hockey, " Ya wanna donut? " " Jursee, " " Com- mon " ! You puppy! " Life ' 83, Turkey day ' 82 . . . Memories: John, Jeanette, Tom Fillion, Olivet, Rovich, Foxboro . . . college, marriage. Robyn Lerner Yentce . . . Peeves: mornings, hangers at T.J. Maxx, 6:00 PM, waiting . . . times with Rich, Riunite, Chicataubut, celebrations, weekends, my trailer, my red Datsun, Spencer Fair . . . " You ' re high, " " Oy, " " Hold the bottom, squeeze the middle, " " Every Breath You Take, " ... to Switzerland with Caron . . . love to family and friends. Candace J. Levy Candy . . . crazy, sarcastic . . . Peeves: mornings, friends who aren ' t, waiting, broken promises . . . Heart, Jamey, Bud, 3, Roses, " We ' ve Got Tonight, " summer ' 81, Spa, A.M. ' s with Clicker, Lisa, Ali, JoJo and Pam, talks with Karen, New Year ' s ' 82, " Really, " " Who ' s your Buddy, " 11 20 82, miss ya Helaine, " Stay with me tonight, " . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Susan W. Lipkind Sue . . . unpredictable, friendly, wild and crazy . . . Peeve: two-faced people . . . Favorites: Quiet Riot, Pat Benatar, 151 Bacardi Rum, singing, dancing, rollerskating . . . Memories: The Gang, concerts, par- tying, " Knights in White Satin, " Burger King, drag racing, Brockton, Halloween ' 83 . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Jon N. Lipsky Lip, Juan . . . easy-going, hard working, friendly . . . skiing, Tech Drawing, Spa, " Well, you see, it ' s like this, " " But anyways, " " Whatever! " Encampment ' 83, " Wishing On A Star, " " Cats in the Cradle, " USY Prez., " Music Connections, " " Sometimes you just have to say ' what the heck ' , " " summer ' 83 . . . engineering . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Jennifer E. Litwack Memories: Spa, swim team bus rides, Robin, Tim, USY friends, Dan- O, times with Pebe, 12 21 83, Hatchville. Leadership ' 82, we only like us, get a grip, beads. Carmen, Powder Puff . . . Peeves: fatrolls, 1 10 at TJ ' s, polyester, I told you so ' s . . . thanks Mom, Dad, and friends. Ruth K. Long Meathead . . . loud, crazy, lovable . . . Peeves: Bradlee Boys, no money, no ride . . . Favorites: " Come on girls, " Tom Petty, Richie ' s truck . . . Memories: California, 3 30 80, 7 21 80, Good times with Oompa ... to live a long happy life . . . thanks for everything Richie, Hannah, Dick, and Mom. CANDACE J. LEVY JON LIPSKY RUTH K. LONG 46 PATRICIA E. LORENZ DONNA M. LORING LINDA M. LORING BRIAN D. MacDONALD SUSAN MACKAY Patricia E. Lorenz Tricia, " Mom " . . . friendly, s ensitive, klutzy . . . Peeves: phony people, goodbyes . . . Favorites: gummy bears, my snowman, oye-vey, parrots . . . Memories: bunnies, up- sidedown party, Henrietta and Elmer . . . Eddie 7 15 82, 10 23 82, Jr. Proms . . . Blue Hills, reindeer. Powder Puff, the tent, ' 83 parties. Hurricane G ' s 9 3 83, candy girls ... to be happy ... I love you, Mom and Dad; a special thanks, Ann. Donna M. Loring Talkative, crazy, loud, you name it . . . Peeves: senseless fights with Fred, getting bagged, lost promises, waiting . . . Favorites: smiles. Rick James, snowstorms . . . Memories: on the roof with Jules, good times with Jean, talks with Anne, Missy; 2 cigarettes at a red light with Karen U., 7 28 82, special times with Freddie . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Linda Loring Dear Abby, Hokey . . . talkative, crazy, gullible, flirtatious . . . Peeves: two-faced people, cliques, " Where ' s your friend? " no gas, ice cream sodas . . . Favorites: McDonald ' s, props, tips. Journey, " I need a hug, " yellow roses . . . Memories: always laughing, following buses, 12 1 81, talks with Jay, cruisin ' in the Yipp . . . thanks, Mom, I love you. Julie Lowell Jules . . . moody, smiley, talkative . . . Peeves: liars backstabbers, being called " snappy " . . . Favorites: Doors Seger, Air Supply, " Straight from the heart, " steak, Pepsi " go ahead, " " What the hey " ... to succeed in life . . Memories: A-hr. commons, Mark, Danny, Donna and Car rie Ann, 7 81, 7 83. Brian D. MacDonald Peeves: mornings, A-hour . . . Favorites: Who, Rush, Tom Sawyer, pizza. Bud, " up in smoke, " weekends with Dan ... to make big bucks . . . thank you. Mom and Dad, I made it! Susan L. Mackay Sue, Goo . . . Friendly, outgoing, crazy . . . Peeves: two- faced people . . . Favorites: Seger, Police, football, hockey . . . Memories: drive-in with Terri, Robin, the Hut, causing trouble up Curtis Ave., 7 31 81, 9 5 83, 10 10 83, the crazy foursome ... to live my life to the fullest. Scott J. MacKenzie Fish . . . lazy, carefree . . . Peeves: rumors, lack of money, running out of gas in mom ' s car . . . Memories: laughing with Weeksic, nights with the boys, ski trips, hockey bus rides, " The Spa, " the " Z, " " der, " summer of ' 83, Carl ' s party . . . things to come . . . thanks. Ma and Dad. JULIE LOWELL JORGE MACHADINHO SCOTT J. MacKENZIE 47 GREG MAHONEY JOANNA MARIE MAINS KAREN L. MAIOCCO THOMAS H. MALLOY YOUAWATTIE MAUBODH (PATTIE) TINA MARCHAND Gregory W. Mahoney Greg . . . ?! . . . shy. modest, quiet . . . Peeves: getting ground- ed, up at 6, toes . . . Favorites: B-52 ' s. Talking Heads, sailing. Beach . . . Memories: Sherwood, Presidents Reagan and Nixon, Tom and Mike . . . thanks. Ma! . . . return to Chi-Chi ' s, art school, to be happy. Joanna Marie Mains Jo, Joannamul . . . " Grow up and fly straight, " " Have you ever seen the rain — House of the rising sun? " Nantucket summer, Vermont, 1 15 82, 1 14 83, 6 19 83 . , . thanks to special friends . . . love you. Mom and Dad . . . " When my ship sails from sight it does not mean my journey will end. " Karen Lee Maiocco Friendly, sarcastic . . . Peeves: friends that aren ' t, endings . . Favorites: 2 musketeer (Rosie, Sheff), summer ' 81. 12 yr. friend ship 2 Timmy. talks with Candy . . . Memories: 12 13 81 " Wishing on a star, " special summer ' 83, man-o-man, hey blon die, dukes, hatchville ... all my love and thanks to Mom, Dad Jen, and Steve and my sub-sister (Deb). TTiomas H. Malloy Benny . . . quiet and sarcastic . . . Peeves: spin drills and leglifts . . . Favorites: playing football after school, wrestling, working at Yerardis . . . someday to acquire a huge sum of money in the financial world . . . Memories: B.C.-Penn State game, Jimmy O ' s outburst in physics . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Lisa Marie Malis Li, Sli ... quiet, sensitive . . . Peeves: attitudes, busy signals, waiting, pg. 11 ... Favorites: junior year, parties at Howard ' s. 3 19 82, talks with Sue and Juliette, two red roses. Pre-calc. Nantasket with the Bliss girls, special times with Matt ... to be thanks. Mom and Dad. Youawattie Maubodh Pattie . . . quiet, sensitive . . . Peeves: breaking promises, snobs . . . Favorites: early Thursday. International club. " Islands in the Stream. " football, biology . . . Memories: summer of ' 83, with my family, meeting people and talking to them . . . college . . . thanks to my brother and family. Cindy Manning Mabel . . . bothering people, mouthy . . . Peeves: people who think highly of themselves . . . Favorites: Stray Cats , . . Memories: D.W. Field Park, 4 83, 5 83 — drive-in — 86-83, my piggy kadet, McCarthy ' s class . . . college, marriage ... I love you. Mom and Dad. Tina Marchand Favorites: Led Zeppelin. " Da ed and confused " . . . Memories: summer ' 82 . . . thanks to Lisa McCabe and Anna Weber for mak- ing my school days the best days. Joanne E. Marden Jo . . . happy, hyper, determined . . . Peeves: attitudes, ring withdrawal . . . Favorites: CYO, the table, the Fab-5. the Academy, losing 15,000 calories, B-days . . . the snowstorm 2 11 83, 2 15 83 the master disaster, Buffa 9,10 82, Halls ' 82, forever friends, roses . . " To live without promises " . . . much love. Mom. Dad and 5 Jays. Trig, notes. Southern times, " movies. " camping in the rain happy LISA MARIE MALIS CINDY E. MANNING JOANNE E. MARDEN 48 NATALIE L. MARINI TERESA A. MARQUES CHRIS MARSHALL HENRY A. MARTIN Natalie L. Marini Knat . . . friendly, gullible . . . Peeves: hospitals, moody people, fighting, being left . . . Savinis . . . Memories: " Freebird, " good times with friends, " They ' re gray!, " The Camp, " UFO ' S, " " Yo Ann! " stranded, 12-31-82, accident 7-4-83, Dave 11-5-83, Roxies ... to go to college. Teresa A. Marques Treece . . . quiet, fun-loving, gullible . . . Peeves: two-faced people, mornings . . . Favorites: Journey, " Stone in Love, " " be serious, " Town Spa ... to be a pediatric nurse . . . special times with Angela and Naz . . . Lots of love and thanks to family and friends. Chris Marshall Favorites: Michele, March 15, You and I . . . Memories: friends, parties. Bob Seger, Town Spa, ski trip, spirit halls, awards night. Prom, dances. Powder Puff Cheerleaders, Show Choir, Physics, sports, soccer, hockey . . . college . . . love to Mom, Dad, and family. Holly L. Martin Hoi, Hollyberry . . . happy, smiling, true blonde, short and sweet . . . Peeves: fake friends, confusion . . . Favorites: gummy bears, skiing, flo, purple, oye, molecules, zorb, buzz ... to fulfill all my dreams . . . Memories: Carl 3-8-81, 7-29- 82, 4-30-82, 5-4-83, Wrangler Wranch, 12-11-80, Camp Yomechas 83, CYO Ski Trips, New Year ' s Eve ' 82, Upside down party, Roses, walks on Horseneck Beach, A friend- ship with Cathy, thanks Mom and Dad,l Love You. Paul Jude Masalsky Ski . . . elusive, cogitative, resolute . . . Peeves: junior year, the beach, my arms. Liberty Mutual, weekends that aren ' t, all-night English papers . . . Favorites: Billy Joel, Rush, signs, sirens, Q-beams, street hockey. Glen Echo, XC Champs ' 83, Zone, sports journalism . . . " I ' ll do the best that I can, I ' ll be just what I am " . . . college, owner of Col- man ' s . . . thanks Mom, Dad, brothers and friends ... to save someone ' s life. Lisa McCabe Mickey . . . moody, unpredictable . . . Peeves: snobs, friends that never were . . . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, skiing, the Cape, " The Club " . . . Memories: Summer ' 80, Chris, Webba, old friends . . . Thank you. Bean . . . Mike always ... I love you. Mom and Dad. HOLLY L. MARTIN PAUL JUDE MASALSKY LISA McCABE 49 DONNA McLEOD SEAN McCABE MAUREEN J. McGOWAN DOUGLAS P. B. MEADOWS Sean McCabe Mad-Dog . . . procrastinator ... " I must be in the wrong place " . . . Peeves: Them, wabbits . . . Favorites: " The End, " Jim Morrison, " What ' s all this, then? " Opus, " Bill Lives, " " Dirty Harry " . . . Plans: survival . . . Memories: Newport, Duxbury Beach. Maureen J. McGowan Mosie, Quazzie . . . Enthusiastic, friendly, optimistic . . . Peeves: when my sister wears my clothes! nukes . . . Memories: Nantasket summer ' 83, midnight swim 8 10 82, Police Concert 8 10 83, Con ' s Party, summer with Tigger and Jellybeem ... To drive a red Fcrarri . . . Thanks for keeping me. Mom and Dad. Kimberly A. McKelligan Kim, Kimba . . . friendly, talkative, moody, sarcastic . . . Peeves: clickity cliques, false promises . . . Favorites: pizza, Brador, three musketeers. Papa ' s, Lowell, yayus, " Where ' s Kathy? " . . . Memories: 222, Yam, never again, Camaro, good times with special friends, 12 31 83, 5 5 83, 6 22 83 ... to be happy . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Diane C. McLaughlin Di . . . talkative, gullible, sarcastic . . . Peeves: mornings, cliques, liars Favorites: master pizza, Brador, " Yayus! ' " Norwood anyone? " Summer ' 83, " What ' s up? " . . . Memories: 4 a.m. never again! 6 23 83, drive ins, phone calls, 3-Musketeers, Pauline ' s cottage, good times with Kathy, big brother, special talks with Feeney . . . thanks, Mom and Dad, 1 love you. Daniel R. McLeod Dano, Dudley, Bro . . . happy, weird, caring . . . Peeves: ignorant peo- ple .. . Favorites: Jackson, Lionel Richie, Gap Band, Pepsi, rapping with Jay . . . Memories: baseball champs, Powder Puff cheering, that night with sis, " Dan let the cat out of the bag, " dancing with the gang ... I love you. Mom and Sis . . . Ron, thanks for being there. Donna McLeod Don . . . should have been blonde . . . Peeves: ex-girlfriends . . . Favorites: 9, times with Deb, Cougar, ch eering. Dukes, Turkey Day ' 82, Call-U-Met with Steph and Tri, 9 10 83, Balloony Tunes. Sum- mer Sundays at Steph ' s, " only the good die young, " my bro . . . thanks for being there Mom, Auntie Dot, and Ron, I love you. Michael C. McNamara Mike, Mac . . . friendly, moody, trustworthy . . . Peeves: deadlines, compiling, VW ' s . . . Favorites: Styx " Best of Times, " Pizza, cross country ' 83, snowmobiling, " Yo babe " . . . Memories: The Beach, Rocky Horror, " Our Island, " church parking lot, good friends . . . col- lege, engineering, happiness . . . thanks Mom, Dad, and friends. Douglas P. Meadows Doug . . . easy-going, somewhat noisy . . . Peeves: waking up, the hard crowd . . . Favorites: good music, Gretsch, cereal, far-out, " right on, " " solid " . . . Memories: jazz and marching bands, D.C. ' 81, Newport ' 82- ' 83, the swing, Ames Pond, Iron Horse, the comet ... to be successful in music . . . thanks to my family . . . have a happy . . . Donald J. Medeiros Don . . . easy-going . . . Peeve: phony people . . . Favorites: hunting, " Funny, ain ' t it? " . . . hunting with Den and Al at Stumpy, parting with Pat and Dave, Neil Young ' 83, James Taylor ' 83, good times in Little Compton with Jimmy, Peter, Sue, Dot, and Darl, the Rock. KIMBERLY A. McKELLIGAN ( DANIEL R. McLEOD MICHAEL C. McNAMARA DONALD J. MEDEIROS 50 SUSAN L. MILLER BRIAN T. MELVIN GONZALO J. RIPOLL MERCHAN KEN MORGAN Elizabeth J. Medeiros Liz, Frizzy, Fuzz . . . Calm, easy-going, sensitive . . . Peeves : ignorance, prejudice, school rules, snobs . . . Favorites: Journey, J. Geils, " I ' m sorry, " " should ' ve brought the Schnapps, " " Your Joe or mine? " . . . Memories: 3 26 82 forever with Joe, Journey ' 82 with Ardee, Truzi, Noel . . . to be successful. Brian Melvin Marvin . . . loud, obnoxious . . . Peeves: being broke, math . . . Favorites: wrestling, skiing, Packalomus . . . Binges with Rob, The Who, 12 82 Cape with Fud . . . go to school, build my own house ... I made it, Joe . . . thanks, Mom and Gonzalo J. Ripoll Merchan Gonzo . . . talkative, Spaniard . . . Peeve: being bored . . . Favorites: Adam and the Ants, Gazpacho, windsurf, motocross . . . University in Spain. Susan Lynn Miller Peeves: fights with Keith . . . Memories: the 5 c ' s, my black Monte Carlo, the Baby, Hatchville, summer of ' 81, the Spa, the Boys, Bickford ' s . . . college-bound, success . . . thanks for being there, Keith . . . love and thanks to Mom, Dad and Brad. Craig Misner Craig . . . friendly, funny . . . Peeves: finals, snobs . . . Favorites: early Thursdays, Chinese food with gand, B-hour French, " yeah-right! " International Club . . . Memories: New York ' 82, Jr. Prom, Riverside 6 83, Spanish IV — La playa 11 17, 4 great years with Miss B ... to go to college . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. William P. Mootos Bill, Billy, Billz . . . nearsighted, sarcastic, artistic . . . • Peeves: vaccuum cleaners, musical watches, deadlines . . . Favorites: Fleetwood Mac, " Rhionnon, " The Police, Cheers, lasagna . . . Musicals with Laura, Don, the cows, Unit, Miller ' s Court, " It ' ll never work, " making connections in the zone . . . " You ' ve Got a Friend " . . . thanks, Mom, Dad, and Family. Kirsten Francine Morgan Kirs . . . loud, extremely crazy, sensitive, selfish . . . Peeve: ignorant people . . . Favorites: Grand Master Flash, " Gigolos Get Lonely Too, " Chinese food, Celtics, " A man is nothing unless there is a woman beside him " . . . Memories: food times with " the clones, " Jules, Sue, " El torito, " Spanish 4, New York ... to be a successful, rich, corporate lawyer . . . thanks, Mom and Dad, love ya! CRAIG STEVEN MISNER lit WILLIAM PAUL MOOTOS KIRSTEN F. MORGAN 51 F. TIMOTHY MORRISSEY SHANNON M. MULCAHY GREGORY M. MULDOON JOANNE R. MULLEN v LORIANN MURRAY FRANCINE H. NEWMARK Tim Morrissey Tim . . . optimistic, competitive . . . Peeves: earrings, drug heads, Pin- tos, Moon Crickets . . . Favorites: times with the gang, boxing, Budweiser, executions . . . Memories: Lisa 3 28 80-11 10 83, Weeksie, Nappy, Blackie, Hcrbie and Hcizel, classes with Mr. Weiner, bets with Dennis . . . " You ' ll sec my name in lights! " Shannon Mulcahy Shan . . . friendly, moody, outgoing . . . Peeves: plastic people, morn- ings . . . Favorites: TGIF, Spa pizza, Doors, Stones . . . Memories: great times with Monica, Kerry, Lisa, and Ronny, Brant Rock, beach trips, Bill ' s Lion ... to drive my mom crazy, go to college . . . love and thcmks. Mom. Gregory Mark Muldoon The General, McDoon . . . radical, talkative, modest . . . Peeves: not knowing, going to bed early, anticipation . . . Favorites: Scottish peo- ple, little blue Gremlin, big blue truck, " Get a job, " Dungeons and Dragons, Easton girls, Class of ' 84 . . . Memories: wrestling camp, Europe, 5 5 83, American Studies, cheerleading, the funny 5, babysitting . . . " I ' m in the Army now, " to win a bet, 2 children. Joanne R. Mullen Owen . . . Cheerful, different . . . Peeves: asking for favors, people picking on my dog, baggies, thank you . . . Favorites: Bob Seger 6 9 83, beautiful child, loving Sheba, Pepsi . . . always and forever with Rickie 6 30 80 . . . thanks, Mary, for special times . . . love to Mom and family. David A. Murphy Dedicated, hard working . . . Peeves: being cold, running slowly, ten- donitis, bursitis . . . Favorites: Stevie Nicks, Aerosmith, baseball . . . Memories: ' 83 Div. II State Champs, 17, Pratts Ct . . . college, to play baseball . . . " Ain ' t no stopping us now! " Loriann Murray Lam, Animal . . . different, slightly crazy . . . Peeves: ignorant people, no Who tickets. Them, budgets, last ones on the bus . . . Favorites: The Who, Neil Young, Police, black clothes, Woodstock forever . . . Spring track, 12 27 82, the 3 pee ' s, Kim, Tibets, tough times and and long talks . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Sharon L. Nestor Rusty . . . Peeves: senior finals, cold floors, " the Worm " . . . Memories: Jr. Prom, 8 5 83, talks in the park, stranded, " Found in the Muck, " 6 years with yellow fingers, SMU, Dennisport, best of times with friends . . . love and thanks to friends and family. Francine Holly Newmark Fran . . . sensitive, funloving, moody . . . Peeves: preppies, late peo- ple .. . Favorites: The Who, purple, true friends, " Right; no, 1 mean left! " " Otay, " . . . summer in Halifax, 6 5 83, Brockton Fair, HoJo ' s, crazy times with Denise ... to be Independent . . . love to my family, friends, and Danny. Paula Michelle Niosi Paula . . . friendly, gullible, ambitious . . . Peeves: waiting, Garfield balloons, anonymous notes . . . Favorites: " Levon, " 450 ski, 3 yellow bombers, " Scottiedog, " frcnch fries . . . Scott 5 16 82, Clines with Angela, Ski Weekend 2 11 83, the Surprise Party 2 19 83, Pres. 3 years ... to go to college . . . love and thanks to Mom and Dad. DAVID A. MURPHY SHARON L. NESTOR 1 PAULA MICHELLE NIOSI MARISA NOE SANDRA O ' BRIEN PATRICIA OLSON JAMES OVERSTREET ANTHONY T. NOVELLO JR. CHRISTOPHER J. NUTTING Marisa Noe Mari, Bella . . . short, Italian, achieves goals, easy-going . . . Peeves: confusion, no turn signals, loud people . . . Favorites: Billy Joel, chocolate, dancing, languages, " why is the yard for sale, " American Dream, movies . . . Plans: live it up, travel while working and studying . . . 10 17 81, Wedding Date: July, 1979 Graduation Date . . . thank you all. Anthony T. Novello Jr. Tony, Anth . . . quiet, athletic, sensitive . . . Peeves: pine patrol, no gas, gasers . . . Favorites: my pecan nut, hockey, football, baseball, orange bomber, losing 15,000 calories . . . Memories: the snow storm 2 15 83, " Bust ' em up coach, " Summer ' 82, Goosewing, Maine, biking with Tim and Scott . . . hoping for the Academy . . . much love Mom, Dad, Ria, and Marty. Christopher J. Nutting Nut, Nutmeg . . . happy, fun-loving, off-the-wall . . . Peeves: schoolwork, " Bean, " " Spins " . . . Favorites: The Who, The Cars, Mustang . . . Memories: " Oh Yeah, " " E.T. " 1 a.m. -7 a.m.. The Who ' 82, " Way to go " ... to go to college. Sandra J. O ' Brien Sandy . . . talkative, crazy, outgoing . . . Peeves: snobs, jocks, freshmen, smelly shirts at work . . . Favorites: Van Halen, Chinese food, watching the Celtics win, " shut up, " " Cut it out, " . . . Memories: trips to Maine, four-wheelin ' with crazy Jimmy, going for a ride in John ' s car, good times with Colleen and Lisa . . . thanks to my family and good friends for putting up with me . . . love ya. Patricia Olson Tricia . . . outgoing, drama freak . . . Peeve: prejudiced people . . . Favorites: Hall and Oates, hamburgers and french fries . . . Memories: Cregnish Soft Ball ' 83, Tourna- ment of Plays ' 81 ... to live in Canada. James Overstreet Jimmy O ... 16, athletic, friendly, thoughtful . . . Favorites: sports, food, good friends . . . Peeves: injuries, losing . . . baseball, football, basketball with Bo, Cos and J.D., ' 83 base Div. II State Champs, Latin with Mr. B., Pratt ' s Ct . . . college, play sports, success . . . " ain ' t no stoppin ' us now " . . . thanks. Mom and Dad John L. Parker John-a-thin . . . dependable, friendly, easy-going . . . Peeves: compiling, " them, " Gremlins, deadlines . . . Favorites: super Chunky, rainy days, beef on a stick, " Yo Babe! " " masta, " Pinky, Cleo, good times with friends . . . the rock, Friday night, " our island " . . . thanks M and M . . . thanks and love to family and friends. CIDALIA OLIVEIRA GEORGE O ' NEIL JOHN PARKER 53 LINDA MARIE PELLIGRINO JOHN PETRIE RICHARD E. PINKOFSKY TRACY A. PARRIN JILL I. PARVEY Tracy Parrin Flash . . . Peeves: snobs who hate snobs, skinny people who say they ' re fat . . . Favorites: ZZ Top, " Sharp Dressed Man, " " gimme all your loving " . . . Memories: 10 10 83, good times with Kell, Cindy, Linda . . . " How do? " " Thumbs up. " Jill Parvey Jilligan, Piglet . . . friendly, understanding, outgoing . . . Peeves: waiting, headgames, friends that aren ' t! . . . wish for health, hap- piness and money! . . . weekends, Budweiser, Van Halen, " Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! " 7 28 82, good times with Invasion, friendship with Sherri . . . good luck S.H.S. friends! . . . thank you. Mom and Dad. Linda Marie Pellegrino Pelli . . . athletic, outgoing, giggly . . . Peeves: ham, losing, Jimmy and John . . . Memories: field hockey, basketball, softball, OA night game, horse, ' 67 Mustang, horseshows, Blomie, " airhead, " Powder Puff ' 83, " you wimp, " " Loser, " " Suzie homemaker, " last ones on the bus, food . . . college, happiness . . . love and thanks to Mom, Dad, and family. James Perkins Perky . . . trustworthy, outgoing . . . Peeves: no shakes . . . Journey " Faithfully, " " Hockey, " pinchin ' cheeks, VW ' s, Jens, " The beach, " Micky D ' s, . . . invest in stock and get rich , . . thanks. Mom and Dad . . . love ya Steph, good luck, Paula. John Petrie Rebellious, procastinator . . . Peeves: lightweights, no beer, Rodan ' s B-day, Knollsbrook Lake 12 81, Tequila Sunrises . . . Favorites: " Rodan from Japan, " " Braizoed! " " I happy, " " We could do that, " . . . Plans: to be a draftsman . . . Memories: Golden Palace, Camp Sea Haven ' 82- ' 83, good times with Tom, John, and Bob . . . thanks to the folks. Lisa M. Petrizzi Lee, Truz . . . friendly, sensitive . . . Peeves: people telling me what to do, Eldorados . . . The Lepers, " Open Arms, " oreo cookies, sketties, dancing, Hoffman ' s Crew . . . best times with Ann Margaret, parties, summer of ' 83, growing up with Gina . . . to be successful and happy . . . love ya. Mom and Dad. Richard Pinkofsky Rich, Pinky . . . nervous, friendly . . . Peeves: SAT ' s, homework . . . Favorites: pizza and Chinese food, " Bacillus Subtillis, " en- dospores, quarks, " The horror! The horror! " . . . College, pro- fessorship, research grant . . . State Science Fairs, varsity baseball . . . tennis 13 11 . . . physiology class . . . miss talking with teachers. David Pires Furniture on the outside, Eukanuba . . . Peeves: plaid, " Them " . . . Favorites: Talking Heads, " Kill it before it spreads, " Swedish waitresses, " Risky Business " . . . Baccardi and church parking lots, la playa con espano, E-hr. study with Tibs (get the catalog), island in the park . . . any suggestions? . . . thanks to my unstable force and Jo Ann. JIM PERKINS LISA M. PETRIZZI DAVID PIRES 54 JODI BETH RABINOVITZ STAGEY ALYNN RICHMOND SHERI H. ROSENTHAL BRIAN E. PLUNKETT MARK M. POWERS Lisa Ann Pisclli Lis ... friendly, sensitive, gullible . . . Peeves: friends that aren ' t, Framingham paper, The aggravating Libra . . . Memories: Sec ' y 4 yrs.. Powder Puff ' 84, Homecoming Queen, " The Upside Down Par- ty. " summer at Nantasket, " The girls, " Fatty since 7th . . . " My best friend, Michael 11-8-81 " . . . thanks. Griff, for everything ... I love you. Mom and Dad. Brian Edward Plunkett Plunk . . . spontaneous, sarcastic, athletic . . . Peeves: indecisive peo- ple, pessimists ... 7 fun track seasons, Frostees, " Not much! " Beatles, 4 years of Insanity with Lisa and David, senior year, Mr. Do . . . Onset Beach with Ed and the gang, Blue Hills with Mitch and Ski, living at KEC ... to be happy? " Oh ya! " . . . thanks to Mom and Dad. Mark Powers Marko . . . crazy, confused, outgoing . . . Peeves: two-faced people, snobs, Monday morns . . . Favorites: football, Ravs, " Let ' s hit the beach, " " What ' s up boys? " Queen, Skynyrd — " Freebird " . . . Sharon game, Halloween Dance, Orrin ' s class, TPing, Sheri ' s house with Wags and Soup . . . memories of a special friend . . . love and thanks to Mom and Pop. Jodi Beth Rabinovitz Outgoing, impatient . . . Peeves: waiting, friends who aren ' t . . . Favorites: " Freebird, " Journey, " Stairway to Heaven, " dreamer, Florida, frogs, " The Bomb, " You Bet, summer of ' 80 . . . friendships with Liz and Ellen, Lisa S., someone to spend the good and bad times, love to Dennis 8 6 80, 5 20 82 . . . Mom and Dad, I love you both so much and thanks for everything. Daniel J. Remmes Danny, Dan, Danz, Dance . . . tall, sophisticated, witty, passionate . . . Peeve: being late for movies . . . Favorites: " Star Wars, " Batman, " Cheers, " mini-skirts ... to become rich and famous . . . Memories: stupid sophomores, sarcasm, " How to Succeed, " " Grease, " " Oklahoma, " computer sign-ups, Miller ' s Court . . . Ma, Dad, thanks. Stacey Richmond Moody, gullible . . . Peeves: waiting for Karen, Holbrook, 7 4 83 . . . Memories: SMU, Cape ' 83, good times with friends, stranded, late night car rides, " Where ' s Annmarie? " ... to go to college. Nancy Brigida Roppolo Nance, Frack, Sis ... quiet, friendly, crazy . . . Peeves: " Say something, " French 4, " You ' re so cute " . . . Favorites: Rick James — " She ' s a Very Kinky Girl, " funky music, Kiss-108, all foods . . . Memories: Papa ' s pizza, Drill Team, " O.K fine, " homeroom 78-83, times with Sue, " Sometimes you just have to say college . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Sheri H. Rosenthal Rosie . . . outgoing, sentimental . . . Gardnerite . . . Peeves: morning, waiting . . . Memories: Police ' 83, Onset ' 83, " You Can ' t Change That, " 143 — 6 28 83, the machine, Bebbles forever, too many man-o-man ' s. Papa bear hugs. Dukes, 1 musketeer, sad eyes, Steph tell me again, Ka — my guardian angel, you ain ' t so bad, thanks. Clicker, Lyn, maybe some day. William Rossi Ross . . . mixed up, lazy . . . Peeves: bug projects, calculus tests . . . Favorites: " If you don ' t know, improvise, " " Let ' s get outta here, " Fuzz and Phoebe, Barbarian and the plasticmobile, " Make connec- tions, " band and butch. Blue hills with Shaft and Dano, " Oose, " . . . thanks. Ma, and all those who cared. DANIEL J. REMMES NANCY BRIGIDA ROPPOLO WILLIAM ROSSI 55 THERESA RUSSELL JUDI F. SACKS GARY S. RUDMAN CHRISTINE M. RUSH DOUGLAS H. SAHL Gary S. Rudman Turtle, Spud . . . ambitious, spirited, emotional, paranoid . . . Peeves: finals, end-of-the-term rush, compiling ... " 1 want a raise! " " Get out of my face! " " Wrong! " . . . Simon and Garfunkel, Springsteen, pepperoni pizza and everything else ... Jr. Prom, New York, Kingswood ' 82, Summer ' 83, Sorenzone, fun in French III, Music Connections, 13 years of friendship . . . Areonautical Eng. ROTC . . . thanks to all. Christine M. Rush Chris, Tiny, Chrissy . . . outgoing, talkative, friendly . . . Peeves: waiting, bigmouths, mornings . . . Favorites: 5 4 83-5 5 83, playing pool, " Ah whatchamacallit, " Booboo . . . Memories: Never get chased by molded dounuts, bike rides with Kathy, long talks with Debbie . . . college, to be happy . . . thanks always. Mom and Dad. Paul B. Russell Skids . . . Peeves: Foreign cars, radar guns . . . Favorites: The Beatles, Slade, Ames pond. General Motors, AMC, Studebaker ... to get a ' 64 Cadillac Coupe deVille convertible, to get rich . . . Memories: Washington, D.C., Newport, UNH, ' 70 Impala, ' 68 Biscayne, ' 70 LeMans. Theresa A. Russell Oompa . . . impatient, loud, stubborn . . . Peeve: SHS . . . Slimo ' s monkey ' s bites, Freyes, ZZ Top with Jill, Plymouth ' 83, partying in Val ' s trams, times with Karen and Scott . . . much love to Mom, Jim, Tom, Fred, and family . . . bye, Walshie. John P. Ryan Ryno . . . friendly, loud, talkative . . . Peeves: the cops, picking up bottles, McDonald ' s, collar bones . . . Favorites: The Who, The Beatles, anything edible . . . college, whatever happens after that . . . Memories: the cons 151, staying up til 4 a.m., cooking food, the after-effects of Matt, John, and Mike ' s parties, the cem . . . thanks Mom and Dad. Judi Faye Sacks Friendly, sensitive . . . Peeves: snobs, two-faced people . . . " Der " . . . Favorites: Air Supply, softball, green, Def Leppard, " Fooling " . . . Memories: Florida ' 82, Six Flags Great Adventure ' 83, Rick Springfield concerts 5 1 82-12 11 83, Town Spa, STOYAC, In- ternational Club, good friends . . . much love and thanks to Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Heidi. Lauren Stacy Sacks Law . . . talkative, friendly . . . Peeves: 8:00-2:09, two-faced peo- ple, " What ' s your problem? " . . . Favorites: Rick Springfield 5 1 82-12 11 83, Air Supply, Chinese food, softball ... Memories: Florida ' 82, New Jersey ' 83, good times with friends, 4 years at Holiday Inn, Marshalls, working with Marie, International Club ... to become successful administrative assistant . . . love to Mom, Dad, Heidi, and Judi. JOHN P. RYAN LAUREN S. SACKS GEORGE EDWARD SALAZAR 56 DAVID S. SAPERSTEIN PETER CRAIG SCHIFFER SHARON SEARS ANN M. SALVESEN CARLA MARY SANTORO Cindy Lee Salkovitz Cin . . . friendly, loves to party . . . Peeves: waiting, waking up . . . Favorites: Bob Seger, " Turn the Page, " nights with Edna, being with Richie, " Bobbys " . . . Memories: New Year ' s Eve ' 82, friends from Brockton, Halloween booze cruise. New York . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Ann M. Salvesen Ann . . . happy, laughing . . . Peeves: the Guard, summer ' 82 . . . Memories: Joe 3 6 81, Moosehead Lake, 5 4 83, the beach, good times with friends . . . Nat, it ' s yellow! . . . going away par- ties, The Camp, " UFO ' S, " " can of peas, " stranded, 12 31 82, " der, " D ' Angelos . . . with Joe always. Carla M. Santoro Happy, sensitive, friendly . . . Peeve: the frizzles . . . Favorites: The Cars, " Still, " Italian food, smokey . . . Memories: 7 15 83, The Police 8 10 83, " The Office, " Halloween Dance 10 28 83 . . . " what ' s yours? " . . . great times with special friends ... to be happy and successful . . . love and thanks to Ma and Dad. David Scott Saperstein Dave, Val . . . funny, flippant, suave . . . Peeves: crazed drivers, Hoover dice, " But also " . . . Favorites: Men At Work, Taco, Meaning of Life, Monty Python, " Hey cowboy " . . . cat obstetrics, breathing in a bag (Staph!), Madame X, Cowgirl, MASP, Rocky Horror, computer sign-ups ... to have happiness (and a large house with domestics) ... hi, Mom, Dad, thanks. Peter Craig Schiffer Lazy, obnoxious, never serious . . . Peeves: being late, " Them, " " warm Buds, " stupid people . . . Favorites: skipping, weekends, " Basically, " . . . Memories: wrestling, football, Roxies, Junior Prom with Kelly and a flat tire, throwing Peter out the window, good and bad times with Rich, Providence ' 82 . . . thanks to Mom, Ted, Med . . . much love to Kelly and family. Robert J. Sciarra III Scales, Siho . . . quiet, crazy . . . Peeves: Sunday drivers, pacifists, suburbanities . . . Favorites: Maiden, Accept, Redskins, " Pree good. Fat, " " Now get out there boy and fight! " Pasta, science . . . college, Marines, airline pilot . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Sharon M. Sears Shas . . . outgoing, crazy . . . Peeve: cable TV . . . Favorites: Talk- ing Heads 10 4 83, " 1 just don ' t see it happening, " " faggot, " " What to do, what to do? " . . . the beach, a rose for Poppie, Scott!! ... to be rich, rich, rich! . . . love and thanks to family and friends. Susan Mary Sereno Sue, Patty ' s little sister . . . funny, lovable . . . Peeves: snobs, be- ing " cute, " my knees . . . Favorites: Journey, " Faithfully, " drama, " no way " ... go to school, be happy . . . majorettes, SHIC, New York, friends with Billy, Craig, and Joanne, 5 4 83, 6 25 83 . . . love to family, friends, Patty and Joe. ROBERT J. SCIARRA III SUSAN MARY SERENO 57 STEVEN M. SHALIT MICHAEL E. SIEGEL RITA M. SILVA SCOTT SIMON STEPHANIE SHEFF CRAIG SHERMAN Steven M. Shalit Shal, Mai . . . sarcastic, unorganized, emotionally unstable, virile . . . Peeves: Shadow problems, all of Southeast Asia, liberals . . . Favorites: discussing the meaning of life, puzzle books, Maspers ... to become a notary public . . . Memories: titrations. Monarch Notes, the Sorenzone. Stephanie Sheff Steph . . . bud, outgoing, Irish Jew . . . Peeves: prejudiced people, endings . . . special times with my B.C. boy, Janette and Melrose, Cougar ' 82, 3rd Musketeer, Dukes, calumet with Donna and Tri, cookies with Steven, Elton and Kiki, " You are Always on My Mind, " talks with Paul . . . love to family . . . special thanks to my best friend Debbie. Craig H. Sherman Sherm . . . crazy, funky . . . Peeves: busy signals, hard rock, bucket seats . . . Favorites: Gap Band, Rick James, " You Drop- ped the Bomb on Me, " funk, hoops . . . Memories: 7 20 83, Jac- quie, Skibba, summers, Terban, The Pharmacy, Red Maverick, nites on Curtis, dancin ' , Datsun 280ZX . . . much love to Mom and Dad, couldn ' t have done it without you. Michael E. Siegel Yogi, Siegel, Beagle . . . wild, nuts, angry, crazy, madman driver . . . Peeves: girlfriends who aren ' t, VW ' s, ISS, being lied to, dirty laundry . . . Favorites: Police, Genesis, " No hurry for you, for me, " jelly doughnuts, dirt bikes. Art IV, . . . Memories: N.J. sum- mer ' 83, Holly, Breakfast at Daly ' s, " Who moved the floor " . . . college or Air Force, make money . . . thanks Mom and Dad, and everyone else. Maria G. Silva Gracie . . . rowdy, snobbish, crazy . . . Peeves: prissy people . . . Favorites: Clash, WBCN, New Wave, French, " fersure " . . . Memories: Bowie Concert, Boston, summer vacation, good times with the gang and Al . . . college, Europe . . . love to Mom and Dad. Rita Silva Ritie . . . friendly, cheerful . . . Peeve: prejudice . . . Favorites: track, cheering with the girls, best friend, Stacy, the little woman, proms with Dana . . . college, marriage . . . Memories: 6 3 81, 2 3 83, Powder Puff, morning jogs . . . thanks Mom and Dana, I love you both. Kimberly A. Sim Kim . . . friendly, talkative, moody, impatient . . . Peeves: broken promises, lies, waiting . . . Favorites: Journey, Robert Plant, " Mood For A Melody, " commons, horseback riding . . . Memories: Summer of ' 81, 9 27 81, 7 6 83, good times down the Cape and Maine with Tricia . . . college, to be successful ... all my love to Scott . . . love and thanks to Mom and family. Lauri A. Skoletsky Sensitive, gullible, friendly . . . Peeves: busy signals, phoney peo- ple, waiting . . . Favorites: Snickers and Pizza, my red Mercedes, " Lost? " " See ya! " clickety clique, best times with friends, long walks, " I ' ll be watching you, " proms, 12 5 82 . . . college, to be happy . . . memories with Tom . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. KAREN V. SHOCKLEY MARIA GRACE SILVA KIMBERLY SIM LAURI ANN SKOLETSKY 58 BRIAN CHARLES SMITH LAVETTE ROCHELLE SMITH LU-ANNE SMITH SIMONE ALYCIA SMITH Brian Charles Smith Smitty . . . bad-tempered, impatient, friendly . . . Peeves: Monday mornings, cold, rainy days, red lights, punks, snobs . . . Favorites: The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, ZZ Top, " 1 can ' t get no satisfaction, " Fri- day nights, pay day . . . Memories: Mom, 8 2 83, 4 9 82, the gang, booze cruise, the trailer, summer ' 82 ... to join the FBI ... all my love and thanks to Mom and Dad. LaVette Rochelle Smith Vette . . . charming, witty, talkative . . . Peeves: conceited, ignorant people . . . Favorites: Earth Wind and Fire, " Unconditional Love, " " Don ' t Resist " . . . college . . . MICA ' 82, drill team. Riverside Park, " The time I kissed Arthur Miller at Miller ' s Court " . . . thanks. Mom. Lu-Anne Marie Smith Lu-Lu, Fatty . . . sensitive, nutty . . . Peeves: " Yentle, " forgotten friendships . . . Favorites: gummy bears. General, Camaros, " Rain- drops, " " Look at the bird! " " Geeked, " cubby, the cottage. Rose, carousing! " Oompa, " the Cape . . . " at rainbow ' s end 1 found Frank — 8 8 82, " 1 1 83, 5 5 83 ... to become a court stenographer and fulfill my greatest dreams . . . thanks, Mom and Dad, I love you! Tricia Smith Tri . . . sarcastic, picky, spoiled, lazy, never in school . . . Peeves: frizz, blotches, empty envelopes, pressure . . . Favorites: peanut M ' s, red, 108, the moose, dark and handsome, late nights to early mornings, change one, " let me sleep, " " Wickabad, " Florida beaches, gondie, " Fire and Rain " . . . help the disabled . . . thanks. Ma. Rosemary Smith Dolly . . . Peeve: E-hr, study with Peter . . . Favorites: " Always something there to remind me, " Naked Eyes . . . coming in late, leav- ing early, McDonald ' s Christmas Party ' 82. Sandra Lee Smith Sandy, Smitty . . . spoiled, sincere, moody . . . Favorites: Bob Seger, " Turn the Page, " " Wings of love, " unicorns . . . Memories: Paul ' s boat and baseball games, Hoovey, John mittens, ski bear, Wayno, Jennifro, Chickie and Blender ... to be a pharmacist . . . thanks, Mom, 1 love you. Sean D. Smith Sean . . . competitive, mannerly . . . Peeves: " Alright, " dizzy girls, Boston accent, Foxboro 11 . . . Favorites: Styx " Renegade, " soccer, wrestling, " life goes on " . . . NOL Wrestling Champs ' 82- ' 83, Dawn 5 7 83-6 30 83, parties at Gael ' s . . . college . . . thanks to Mom and Dad. Simone Alycia Smith Mona, Mone . . . aggressive, friendly, crazy . . . Favorites: The Whispers, Rick James, The Jacksons, Smokey Robinson . . . " We are all born equal but it doesn ' t always end up that way, " . . . Memories: basketball, hanging with Aleta and Aunt Tammy . . . college, business administration . . . special thanks to Ma, Joe, Grandma, and Michelle, love always. Rich Snyder Born to be wild . . . Peeves: five dollars, back stabbers, English teachers, working . . . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, snow, Maui, Heincy . . . Memories: the corner, summer ' 80, Bob Seger, good times with Dianne, the elevator, my father, Frank Austin . . . love to Mom and Howie. RICH MARK SPILLBERG ILENE MERRIL SPRINGER BERNADETTE T. SOUSA FRANCIS T. SOUSA SUSAN MARIE STACEY Bernadette Sousa Bernie . . . moody, talkative, expensive tastes . . . Peeves: pre- judiced people, broken promises, waiting . . . Memories: 10 22 80, freshman year with John, " Always and Forever, " 9 8 82, senior football games, 11 2 83, " Chestnuts? " summer with Robert, 5 5 82, jogging with Pierre . . . Good luck to bud- dies: Carp, Rita, Bri, Turk, Mike, Stacey, Roy, Therese. Francis Sousa Frank, Fran . . . friendly, moody . . . Peeves: mornings, homework . . . Favorites: Heavy Metal, Buds ... to be happy and successful . . . Who 12 11 82, Maiden, nights at sub shack, Walsh ' s shop. Maria Teresa Sousa Frizzy . . . talkative, happy, crazy . . . Peeves: broken promises, two-faced people . . . Favorites: Journey, " Open arms, " Chinese food, soccer, 9 3 81 in Canada with soccer players ... to be suc- cessful ... to baby Ron, Christine and my friends, good luck. Richard M. Spillberg Rich . . . paranoid, over-emotional . . . Peeve: pressure . . . Favorites: Accept, Raven, Heavy Metal, guitaring, Barnaby ... to play my music . . . there ' s only one thing . . . Voyager was the best . . . Pete, you ' re in there . . . see ya later. Lisa Splaine Lis . . . quiet, friendly . . . Peeves: balloons, decisions, father ' s lec- tures . . . Memories: special friends with Lisa, dancing, skiing with Eileen, Pembroke, friends with Paul, laughs with Marty, Mountain Rd., Laura, Paula, Jill, Liser Q, New Hampshire . . . Roxie ' s, " no way Raoul, " Fanueil Hall . . . Eddie 10 15 83 . . . college-bound. Ilene Merril Springer Sensitive, friendly, optimistic . . . Peeve: bossy people . . . Favorites: Barbara Streisand, Journey, " Faithfully, " pizza and wine, playing guitar and singing, unicorns, " I need a hug! " " Rich, we ' re matchmakers! " . . . Memories: the prom, Fiddler on the Roof, summer with Dennis, Saturday night, good times at Cres- cent Ridge ... to study psychology . . . thanks to family and Craig Michael Spurr Spurzo, Sputt . . . ambitious, unorganized, shy, a procrastinator . . . Peeves: " attitudes, " unemployment, math tests, the Italian, deadlines . . . Favorites: Springsteen, onion rings, hockey, tennis, the golf course, " get a real job! " . . . Memories: times with Joe and Joanne, shoveling it, talking with Risa ... to be president . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Edwin C. Statkiewicz Stack . . . sarcastic, lazy, athletic . . . Peeves: " on the line, " losing . . . Favorites: baseball, basketball, the track, Mrs. Arnold ' s cook- ing . . . Memories: winning State Championship, all-nighters with the guys, summer ' 83 with Lisa, 12 years with Kevin and our talks 14, baseball with Bo, redeye . . . college, baseball . . . thanks for everything Mom, Dad, and Coach Ashley. MARIA TERESA SOUSA LISA A. SPLAINE CRAIG M. SPURR EDDIE STATKIEWICZ 60 LISA STEIN JAY MICHAEL STEINBERG KATHLEEN D. STEPHANSKY RUSSELL A. STEVENS THERESE STORM PAULA SULLIVAN Lisa B. Stein Lis . . . friendly, loud, talkative . . . Peeve: when the phone rings for Amy . . . Favorites: Kahlua, Journey, Adams . . . Cape Cod ' 83, Mar- shfield Beach, times with Liz, Ellen, Joe, and Dave, Jodi — sharing good times . . . Robyn, my friend forever . . . fond memories of Donna . . . Jimmy 6 18 83 . . . thanks Mom and Dad, love ya . . . Murph, couldn ' t have done it without you. Jay M. Steinberg The Bagel . . . lazy, happy-go-lucky, edgey . . . Peeves: Monday Morn- ings, rules, Freyes . . . Favorites: Neil Young, Santana, ZZ Top, Maui, Mickey D ' s, " Lake Winnipesauki ' 80 " . . . thanks a lot, Mr. Murphy . . . special thanks to Mom, Dad, and Noony . . . live a long life, be happy with my family. Kathleen D. Stephansky Kathy . . . sensitive, nutty, talkative . . . Peeves: phonies, studs who aren ' t, Sumu, confusion, Stacy ' s laugh . . . Favorites: choc, chip cookies, my camp, Garfy, " The Falcon, " Becky . . . Drill Team, track next door, Dunfey ' s, 12 11 81, special friends, 5 5 83 . . . " I ' ll win the bet. " . . . enjoy life, work with kids . . . love always to family and friends. Russell Andrew Stevens Boo, Rusty . . . bright, athletic, private . . . Peeves: " on the line, " con- servatives . . . Halloween ' 80, The Doc, 1985 and Herbie, Pyramid this! " " Chicago, " " The Big Chill, " Pat, 6 22 83, Ger, Tcp and Stack, " Whose woods these are I think I know " . . . special thanks to Suzy and Die . . . love to Mom, Dad, and Laura. Eric F. Stone Rickey, Stoned . . . quick witted, dry, blunt, easy-going . . . Peeves: no ice, no gas, meticulous teachers, hoodsies, lightweights, 9 10 82 . . . Memories: Neil Young, hockey, " Parties in the Pines, " " baizoed, " " I need my medicine, " " Hey Buff! " Sugar Loaf ' 82, " Bring out your best, " " Where ' s my stereo? " my Vette . . . thanks to all who believed in me. Theresc Storm All, Shrubs . . . quiet, friendly . . . Peeves: 6:30 a.m., friends who aren ' t . . . Favorites: chicken parmesan, " Freebird, " " Maybe Later, " 5 7 83, Hoffman ' s crew, long phone talks. Salvation Army truck . . . to get married, have kids . . . thanks Mom, Dad, and the family. Kelly Sullivan Pudgy . . . don ' t think before I talk . . . Peeves: noisy people, snobs . . . Favorites: Lynyrd Skynyrd, searching, hockey . . . Memories: good times with Cindy, Linda, Dee, Tracy, D.W. Fields Park, 9 10 83 . . . modeling, being with Jerry ... I love you. Ma and Dad. Paula Sullivan Sarcastic, friendly . . . " Go with the flow, " " ignore them, they ' ll go away " . . . Peeves: Roxies, Mondays, beetle bugs . . . the beach, good times with friends, trips to California . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Laura Sweeney Laura . . . enthusiastic, friendly . . . Peeves: cast list, trig, identities . . . Favorites: band, jazz band. College Academy . . . Memories: Amos, Domenick, E205, " Oklahoma, " cows, Superfriends, baby jaws doot-doot, homeroom buddies. Miller ' s Court, Cathy . . . " You ' ve Got a Friend " ... I love you, Mom and Dad. RICKEY STONE KELLY A. SULLIVAN HI LAURA SWEENEY 61 PATRICIA SWEENEY MARK TARBOX JOCKO B. TATE STEVEN TEPLITZ GARY J. THOMPSON DEAN T. THORNTON Patricia Sweeney Tricia, Trish . . . sensitive . . . Peeve: losing control ... ski trips, spring track, StuC, Dunfey ' s, great times with ' 83 girls, Ding Dong, Florida, 4 12 83-4 19 83 undefeated, summer ' 82, all-nighters. Summer ' 83, talks with Steven, yellow bomber, wild guys, hockey players, 11 13 82 — thanks David, Gibbs roof, Marks ' field, Christmas Eves . . . thanks Allison, Marie Woman ... to always be happy. Mark E. Tarbox Star . . . fun, sensitive, honest . . . Peeves: ' 72 Mustangs . . . Favorites: Twelve, " Halloween, " computers, Kiss-108, " 1 am what I am, " movies, " Help! " ... 8 11 83, 10 27 83, Grease, all-nighters, Boston, Sebags ... to live happily ever after . . . love and thanks to my family. Steven Teplitz Tep . . . confident, athletic . . . Peeves: " on the line, " liberals . . . Hoop Champs ' 82, ' 84, beating Oliver Ames, " 11 " . . . good friends, Russell, Ger, Eric, all-nighters, the Doc, Tito Puente, doll carriage, cookies with Steph, talks with Tricia . . . The Big Chill, 12 28 82 Kim . . . thanks Mom, Dad, Jeff. Gary J. Thompson Sleepy, Bonesy . . . easy-going, realistic . . . Peeves: noisy eaters, Ron, Sumu . . . Favorites: " Don ' t even think about it! " food . . . Memories: marching, concert and jazz band, Washington ' 81, Newport ' 82- ' 83, best friend Dianne, Nibs 6 18 82, General Mc Doo Doo . . . college, to have Megabucks . . . special love and thanks to family and friends. Jeffrey Paul Thompson J.T. . . . optimistic, unpredictable . . . Peeves: confusion, routines, Sherwood, homework . . . Favorites: Jaco, cross country, Python, " What ' s all this then? " Who, physiology . . . Memories: Jaco concert, Bunbury . . . college, travel . . . thanks for the tolerance. Mom and Dad. Dean Thornton Deano . . . great, ambitious . . . Peeves: homework, losing, disco . . . Favorites: Rush, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Who, Def Lep- pard, wrestling, football, " Long Live Rock ' n-Roll " . . . being hit with tear gas at a Rush concert . . . college, insurance . . . Stoughton High No. 1 . Bridget Anne Tibets Tib, Bridge . . . funny, talkative, over the edge . . . Peeves: " Them, " mornings, broken promises, polyester . . . Favorites: The Who, Tom Petty, " Blue Rope, " Chippy, Curtis Ave, life with Kiba, Woodstock Forever . . . Italian food, Swedish waitress, videos in the rain. Island, 9 4 82, times with David, E-hr studies (get out your catalog) ... to live to see the future . . . lots of love to my family and my Stable Force. JEFF THOMPSON BRIDGET A. TIBETS 62 KATHLEEN L. TIMILTY MENELEO M. VALEROS EDWARD C. VANLAARHOVEN MONICA I. VOSS KAREN ANN UNIACKE ROBERT G. UPTON JEFFREY WAGNER Kathleen L. Timilty Kathy . . . softspoken, shy, space shot . . . Peeves: busy phones, school, waiting . . . Favorites: Def Leppard, Journey, good times with friends ... to be successful, Germany . . . Memories: 6 5 83, summers of ' 81, ' 83, Halifax . . . love to my family, friends, and Jimmy. Karen A. Uniacke Mary . . . impatient, sensitive, lazy . . . Peeves: Tom ' s talks, homeroom, Aug. ' 83, Fryes, 3 18 83 with Oompa . . . Favorites: Stones, Italian food, snow storms, . . . wild ones with Rhon, Murt and Oompa, " 151 " with Mark and Shari, 2 butts at a red light with Donna L ... to get out and go on to something worthwhile . . . good luck Jeff, gonna miss ya . . . thanks Ma, Dad, Fred. Meneleo Valeros Meeny . . . undecided, outgoing, naive, understanding . . . Peeve: misleading people . . . Favorites: " One Step Closer, " " nothing ever goes as planned, " " only time will tell, " Chinese food, varsity soccer, Brockton High . . . Memories: Sophomore year, Faneuil Hall, Central St. . . . college, success . . . thanks to all who helped me out, especially Mom and Dad. Chris S. Valicnte Phil . . . awesome, cool, modest . . . Peeves: " them, " jocks, fair- weather friends . . . Favorites: Judas Priest, Camaros, Patty and the Stallion 2 83, my mother ' s animal and tidbits, " beachbound, " basketball, Celtics . . . American Studies field trips ' 83, OSS with Kevin . . . college. Navy . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Edward C. Vanlaarhoven Ed . . . easy-going, crazy . . . Peeves: waking up, ' 71 Oldsmobiles . . . Favorites: Led Zep, McDonald ' s, bowling. Bruins, " Big Log, " weekends, " Silly Love Songs " . . . Memories: Terri, 8 27 83 . . . a career in art . . . love to Mom and Dad. John Veliotis J.V., Valley, Beak . . . easy-going, muscular, quiet, friendly, bignosed . . . Peeves: study, Colman ' s skate sharpener, thumbs, smelling like fish, Q-beams, 800-ft. deep ponds . . . Favorites: Pink Floyd, Van Halen, running, hockey, trig., pizza, Dianne, firecrackers, Olds 98, Glen Echo, roller skating ... 2 X-C champs, track, Marathon, Cape . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Monica I. Voss Missy meatball . . . Peeves: back-stabbers, liars . . . Favorites: " All Night Long, " " All right?? " DECA . . . college, become rich . . . Memories: flying in the wind with Mike, Kim and Craig, summer of ' 80, friends forever with Shannon . . . best wishes to Neil ... I love ya. Mom! Jeffrey W. Wagner Wags . . . sarcastic, stubborn, friendly . . . Peeves: double ses- sions, depression, moving . . . Favorites: baseball, football, skiing, Pam F., weekends, friends . . . Memories: Onset 7 83, " maps don ' t, " Needham, good times with Fred, Pow wow, Ed . . . sum- mer ' 84, college, success . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. LYNDA J. WELCH MARK E. WHEELER BRENDA WAHL GERARD P. WALSH WILLIAM A. WHITTINGTON Brenda Wahl Chickie, Bern, Fro . . . May school days, fun in the sun, York Street hike, nights over Sal ' s . . . love forever with Rick, see Jou! Gerard P. Walsh Ger . . . lazy, well . . . very lazy, shy, quiet . . . Peeves: sprints, the whistle, SAT ' s, running . . . Favorites: Leppard, ham and cheese with mayo, basketball, Latin, " Get Down On It, " " Gas money? " ' 84 hoop season, " All-nighters, " poker, the track . . . " Bench Buddies " ... to own a business, maybe get a job . . . thanks to friends, love to my family. Anna Weber Webba . . . funny, skitso, crazy, friendly . . . Peeves: break- ing promises, snobs . . . Favorites: " always and forever, " football, psychology, " Islands in the stream " . . . Memories: summer of ' 82 with Tony, Epy, Lima, Hondo, Lisa, Jody, Dennis, Tina . . . meeting people that are friendly and fun to talk to ... thanks to Mr. and Mrs. McCabe for everything. Lynda Jean Welch Lyn . . . Peeves: waiting, dirty looks, 12 11 81 . . . Memories: bunnies, ski trips, Henrietta, swim ' 81 . . . ' 83 parties, 8 20 83, Hurricane G ' s . . . Dunfey ' s, actually, Onset, Jr. Miss, " party of amos, " candy girls . . . 4 2 83 . . . Clyde, " that weekend, " pickles, a duck, capt. majoret- tes ... I love ya, Dad and Mom. Mark E. Wheeler Easy-going, quiet, friendly . . . Peeves: Dedham cruises, spin drills . . . The Who, Police, classick Rock . . . Heffie ' s at the Lake, good times in Little Campton, midnight road trips, Jimmy ' s Bomb, working at Ferbie ' s . . . Birdie ' s push-ups ... to travel and live life to its fullest. Jean Whitney Whit . . . Memories: 4th of July, celebrations with Donna, talks with Marcia, Donna, Kathy, Nancy, parties at Brigham ' s, reading . . . never forget you, all the parties!, Ya know! William A. Whittington Whit . . . complex, easy-going . . . Peeve: judgmental peo- ple .. . Favorites: football, basketball, " the ax, " all-nighters . . . Memories: Turkey Day ' 82 ... to conquer the business world . . . thanks to my family. Debra C. Winn Determined, stubborn . . . Peeves: being told what to do, snobs, cliches . . . Favorites: lobster, Italian food, Foreigner, Police, skiing . . . Memories: 12 30 82, good times with Artie and friends. Las Vegas, Old Silver Beach ... to be successful . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. ANNA WEBER JEAN M. WHITNEY DEBRA C. WINN 64 JOHN WIRRELL CAROL ANNE WYNDHAM SCOTT YANOFF SHERILYN WOOLF KEVIN GERARD WYNANT JANET ZAPPALA John R. Wirrell Jr. Mr. Shop, Bones . . . very talkative, active . . . Peeves: sports people who think they are so great . . . Favorites: Rush, shop, computers, swimming, math . . . Memories: math and computer classes, South and State swimming meets . . . Mr. Brady, shop class with Mr. Finn, Mr. Same ' s office . . . special thanks to Mom and Dad. Sherilyn Woolf Sherri, Sherri Berri . . . talkative, unpredictable, energetic . . . Peeves: waiting, false values . . . Memories: freshman yr. with Cuda gang, " Truly, " 1 31 82, special times with Marc, 1 1 83, Nan- tasket in April . . . best to Vanessa, Paul, Steve, Anne, David, Tony . . . " McD ' s, " sister friend Lisa . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. Kevin G. Wynant Wyno . . . aggressive, blunt . . . Peeves: Rt. 44, lightweights . . . Favorites: 10 2 82, Rush, Neil Young, football, " Floyd, " " parties in the Pines, " " how ' s your salad? " Duxbury Beach, all-nighters, Spazky and the toy 83, " I need my medicine, " sugar loaf ... a life with Chris, to be successful and die happy . . . thanks, Mom and Dad. Carol Anne Wyndham " Vicious " . . . sensitive . . . Peeves: rotted pumpkins, waiting, good- byes, phonies . . . Favorites: purple, pouting, smurfs, " Oompa " . . . Memories: duck, powder puff, swimming, capt. majorettes, X-mas ' 82, summertime, 2, treasured memories with Bobby 4 10 82, Junior Prom ... to be happy . . . love and thanks. Mom and Dad. Lawrence W. Yarmaloff Lar, Laroo, Barbarian . . . sensitive, gullible, ambitious . . . Peeves: bug collections, cramming, pepperoni pizza . . . Favorites: Joan Rivers, Journey, Celtics ' 81 ... Summer fads, my plastic mobile, Yorks runs with Rossi and Homer, New York ' 82, Band, " oose, " Sorenzone . . . " O, come on, " " Oy " ... 13 years with Craig, Gary, Dan . . . love, Mom and Dad . . . thanks to all who cared. Scott Yanoff Yanks . . . quiet, crazy, friendly, sincere . . . Peeves: the " Empire " . . . Favorites: the Fix, salad, " Dennis, " " One Thing Leads to Another, " basketball . . . memories: SHS walkout ... to own a restaurant. Marc S. Zade Marc, Marky . . . sarcastic, moody, quiet-talkative . . . Peeves: Chcm I, fake friends . . . Memories: Freshman band. Manor Boys, breakfast with Craig and Co., Junior Prom, best friends, to fulfill all my wildest dreams . . . thanks. Mom and Dad and to everyone along the way. Janet A. Zappala Zappa . . . moody, comical, impatient, rowdy . . . Peeves: jocks, gym, disco . . . Favorites: Rolling Stones: wonderful tonight, " Freebird, " Micki D ' s, " easy come, easy go " . . . Memories: mopeding with Michele, Pratt ' s Court with Kenny . . . thanks to Michele for all the great years. Carole Zelbow " C " . . . intense but mellow . . . Peeves: mornings, deadlines . . . Favorites: Waterville Valley, socials with Randolph . . . Memories: Tau nton ' 80, Newport ' 81, Undefeated in Hockomock Tennis ' 82, South State Champs ' 83, black coffee in b§d, " beep beep " . . . love and thanks to friends and family. IS LAWRENCE W. YARMALOFF MARC S. ZADE i If m CAROLE LISA ZELBOW 65 71 72 Mrs. Julie Conroy Mrs. Marie Jardin Mrs. Dorothy MacQuown 81 Administration Mr. Jerome Cullen Manager Dr. Guy Tardanico Mr. Robert McLaughlin Mr. Geoffrey Fann; - Acting Superintendent of Schools Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Attendance Center Clinic Mrs. Winnifred Slye Secretary Mrs. Marcelyn Curry School Nurse Library Mr. Thomas McDermott Coord., Library Services From a book of GREAT QUOTATIONS: " This will never be a civilized country until we expend more money for books than we do for chewing gum. " ELBERT HUBBARD: The Philistine 82 Congratulations Dear Members of the Class of 1984: On behalf of the Stoughton School Committee, I would like to congratulate you on successfully completing your education at Stoughton High School. The past several years have been rather bleak with the economy down, high unemployment, and proposition 2-V2 and its effect on education. Many of you will go on to college and many will enter the business world and embark on your careers. The outlook today on career opportunities is very bright with an improved economy. The decade of the eighties will see rapid growth and high technology and service oriented industries. Whichever path you choose to further your educa- tion or enter the job market, it will be an exciting time for you over the next few years. You should feel proud of your accomplishments and fortunate to receive a fine education in the Stoughton Public Schools. Good luck in all your future endeavors. Sincerely, John L. Donnelly, Jr. Chairman Stoughton School Committee SCHOOL COMMITTEE — Front: Mrs. Joanne Blomstrom, Mrs. Rosana Molinari. Rear: Mr. John Daccy, Mr. John Donnelly Jr., Dr. Joseph Harrington. To the Class of 1984: There is clearly a uniqueness in the Class of 1984 in several ways: When you came to us as freshmen, we, as ad- ministrators, were faced with maintaining an academic level of excellence with a four percent restricted increase in our budget while at the same time Proposition 2V2 was in the making. During the following three years, you weathered storms of serious staff and program cutbacks that we, as administrators, were forced to meet. At the mid point of your senior year, your Superintendent of Schools, Dr. John G. Murray, has been hospitalized with a serious illness and will be away from his desk for the remainder of your senior year. Continuous serious conditions such as these have plagued your class, yet those years have had no obvious deleterious effects, for you have persevered in the good old American tradition. You have held your heads up high and have come to this final graduation day with high scholastic standards, an atmosphere of great camaraderie, an excellent sports record, and a decrease in discipline problems and drop-out rate. Many of you are entering various post-secondary institutions in a broader range of areas than ever before. You are, without question, a unique class. I commend you as young adults for your patience and understanding. I com- mend your teachers for their struggle to keep the academic standards at the same level of excellence despite severe budget restraints. I commend your parents who probably understood more than any of us what we were all going through, and 1 commend all of our ancillary staff who hung in there to maintain suc h areas as our cafeteria, our grounds and buildings, and who have continued to make Stoughton High School a pleasant place for us to spend our four years together. As a class, you deserve a great deal of thanks and the very best of luck with the hope that your educational and " other " experiences during your past four years will allow you to prosper more fully. May your years ahead be filled with good health, much happiness and great success. As Acting Superintendent of Schools, 1 am truly happy to share this memorable graduation with you. Sincerely, Guy A. Tardanico, Ed.D. Acting Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Murray Superintendent of Schools To The Class Of 1984: Congratulations on your graduation from Stoughton High School. Over the past four years, you have displayed character, cooperative spirit, and academic and athletic ability. Many of you have taken advantage of the vast opportunities Stoughton High School has offered. The administration and staff are very proud of your accomplishments. Your parents and teachers should also be congratulated. Their guidance and support during your high school career have made this special occasion possible. In closing, may I extend to each graduate best wishes for your future suc- cess and happiness. Sincerely, Anthony L. Sarno, Jr. Principal Mr. Anthony Sarno Principal 83 MEN 1. Michael Jackson 2. Tom Cruise 3. Gary Hart 4. Ronald Reagan 5. Lionel Richie WOMEN 1 . Boy George 2. Clara Pellar 3. Joan Rivers 4. Meryl Strcep 5. Christy Brinkley FOODS 1. Pizza 2. Chinese 3. Hamburgers 4. Steak 5. French Fries TUNES 1. Every Breath You Take 2. Footloose 3. Thriller 4. 99 Red Balloons 5. Jump PASTIMES 1. Partying 2. Sports 3. Cruising 4. Being with friends 5. Sleeping TV. SHOWS 1. Hill Street Blues 2. Cheers 3. Family Ties 4. MASH 5. General Hospital CLASSES 1. Commons 2. Psychology 3. Shop 4. Physics 5. Art RADIO STATIONS 1. WHTT 2. WHJY 3. WBCN 4. Kiss 108 5. WAAF CARS 1. Porshe 2. Camaro 3. Corvette 4. Mustang 5. Mercedes FLICKS 1. Risky Business 2. Scarfacc 3. Terms of Endearment 4. The Big Chill 5. An Officer and a Gentleman BANDS 1. The Police 2. ZZ Top 3. Van Halen 4. Journey 5. Led Zeppelin 84 DEDICATION The 1984 Stotonian is not only a book to remember our senior year, but is a reflection on our entire high school ex- perience. During our four years at SHS, there has been one individual who has planned with us, laughed with us, even sometimes fought with us, but always guided and cared for us. During a time in education when funds for extra- curricular activities have been low, and skepticism in education has been high, one individual has stood by us. Too often, the extra efforts of teachers who give their time as advisors goes ignored. We did not want this to be so in the case of our class advisor. With gratitude, respect, and great pleasure, the editorial staff of the yearbook has decided to dedicate the Senior Section of the 1984 Stotonian to Mrs. Ellen Griffin, our class advisor. Other Nominations . . . od — " . . . for not taking the lives of any of our seniors . . . " r Powder Puff Cheerleaders — " Typical of the Class of ' 84 in their show ol spirit and school dedication. " HS Sports Teams — . . put forth such fine efforts for our school and cleserve more recognition than they get ... " ,f 1983 Varsity Baseball Team — " ... won the State Championship and it was a tough accomplishment to achieve and they deserve it . . . " Masalskx; in the Morning — " ... for giving the school a bright and cheery attitude in the early mornings ... " Mr. Murphi; — " I couldn ' t have done it without him. " Mom and Dad (everyone ' s) for all they have done for us . . . " SHS Cross Country; Team — " They proved that spirit, hustle, and determination can overcome ' tment and ability. " Homecoming Sketti Supper Mrs. Ellen Griffin, Queen Lisa Piselli, Mr. Anthony Sarno, Michael Doucette HOMECOMING COURT AND ESCORTS — (Jamie Monahan) Kim Costa, (Frank Fedorowicz) Fatima Garcia, (Scott Pardo) Paula Niosi, (Michael Doucette) Queen Lisa Piselli, (Edward Daly) Patricia Sweeney, (Bill Mace) 1982 Queen Donna Dimatteo. The 1983 Homecoming Queen and her escort (Lisa and Mike) Last year ' s Queen Donna Dimatteo crowns an emo- tional Lisa. 86 Best Musicians Gary Thompson, Laura Sweeney 92 Most Typical Seniors Sheri Rosenthal, Jeff DiMatteo Most Flirtatious Fred Campbell, Sarah Brooks Most Original Laugh Gerard Walsh, Linda Pellegrino Most Artistic Lori Ann Murray, Billy Mootos Nicest Eyes Kathy Stephansky, John Kennedy Photographers Brooke Goldstein, Gary Rudman Most Likely to Succeed Tricia Sweeney, Ed Daly Nicest Smile Tricia Lorenz Best Buddies Emily Goulston, Eileen Bagtetz Best Buddies Greg Muldoon, John Fichera, Jeff DiMatteo Most Sophisticated Theresa Jonet, Mike Anderson Quietest Jay Anderson, Carole Zelbow Best Actress Sue DiGiampetro Moodiest Steven Teplltz, Eleiine Lamza Best Looking John Chisholm Most Spirited Tracy Leathers, Mitch Dmohowski Most Humorous David Pires, Jennifer Litwack Most Spirited POWDERPUFF CHEERLEADERS — Bottom: Chris Gill, Ed Daly, Kraig LaPorte. Middle: Jeff DiMatteo, Chris Marshall. Top: Greg Muldoon Rita Silva Donna McLeod Daryl Cook Judi Doyle Elaine Lanza Tracey Leathers Doris Farrell Debbie Fitzpatrick Debbie Fitzpatrick and Donna McLeod exhibit talent! at the cheerleading competition. Tracey Leathers and Rita Silva cheer the Black Knights on at the Thanksgiving Game. Mascots Taryn O ' Malley, Nicole Arnold, Heidi O ' Malley Let ' s Hear It For . . . Cheering Camp . . . sweat . . . and more sweat . . . new cheers . . . awards . . . new friends . . . camping out (terrific!) . . . bus rides . . . after-game parties . . . competitions . . . " raindrops (cold) keep falling on my head " . . . Patient Alice and her SocHoc Cheeries . . . FoobBab advisors: Cathy, Sally, Lisa, Kim . . . Sockey-hockey announcements . . . decorating the locker room . . . rallies . . . TPing . . . instilling spirit in our school . . . Orange- and-black pride . . . team support starts here . . . " We got the whole school on our side ... " 98 FOOTBALL • BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS — Front: Debbie Fitzpatrick. D- ris Farrell, Daryl Cook. Paul; Bishop, Pia Lalli, Judi Doyle. Rear: Capt. Donna McLeod, Paula Klim, Elaine Lanza, Michelle Andrews, Capt. Rit Silva, Kim Romaine, Tracey Leathers. Capt. Jim Overstrcet Capt. Scott Breen FOOTBALL After opening the 1983 season with four straight losses, the varsity football teann bounced back to beat Sharon 28-20 in one of the most exciting fourth quarters in SHS history. Losing 20-0 with just seven minutes to go, the Knights rallied to score four TD ' s and put away the sweet win, Mark Arnold was brilliant on offense and Paul Kimball made some key defensive plays. Unfor- tunately, they went on to lose their remain- ing games. Each was hard fought with the outcome questionable until the last minute of play. Seniors Bill Whittington and Jim Overstreet teamed up for some outstanding passing plays; Captains Scott Breen and Tony Novello played super on both offense and defense. SHS was edged 29-15 by Can- ton in the 58th game on Thanksgiving; as a result. Canton now has the edge in the rivalry, 28-27-1. The freshmen had a highly-successful season, winning nearly all their games. Safe- ty Pat Donnelly, center Kevin Murphy, tight end Brad Miller and Jeff Winn all played well. Jeff Teplitz scored several key touchdowns. Capt. Tim Bishop Capt. Tony Novello The Knights take the field for the Turkey Day Game. Stoughton wins the coin toss. VARSITY - Front- Coach Ed Coffey, Bill Whittington, Fred Campbell, Jeff Wagner, Mark Arnold, Capt. Tim Bishop, Capt. Scott Breen, Capt. Tony Novello, Capt_ Jim Overstreet, Marc Powers, Paul Kimball, John Burba, Terrence Calendar. 2nd: Coach Joe Powers, Scott Powers, Chuck Weathers, Bobby Fedorowicz, Kenny Allen Bobby OHan do Rob Callahan, Bill Coe, J. P. Malony, Paul Gelly, Danny Haslem, Jon Bloom. 3rd: Coach Bob Ashley, Mike Wiseman, Billy Mabney Jim Boushell, Mike McCabe, Mike Walters, Steven Murray, Paul McGovern, Mike Swanbeck, John Tamarro, Peter Diaz, Todd Levine, Head Coach Jack Cosgr ove. Rear: Coach Steve Moriarty, Joe Serpa, 1 ommy Wahl, Jaime Totman, David Miller, Jerry Capazolli, Dennis Keane, Jim Maloney, Vince Busby. In front: Mascots Kevin Sweeney and Kirk LaPorte. Shcri Arbit SWIMMING The 1983 swim team finished in 6th place in the Southern Conference. Overall, the team com- piled a record of 4 wins and 8 losses. At the Massachusetts South Sectional, the squad placed 17th in a field of 29, and went on to participate in the State Swimming and Diving Championships. John Wirrell received honors as a league selec- tion to the Southern Conference All-Star Team. Janet Lee and Monica McKinnon both placed in the top 15 at the Sectional Diving Champion- ships, and Sue Cody was selected as recipient of the Most Valuable Player Award by her teammates. MVP Sue Cody ready on the block. Co-Captain Sarah Brooks 1 A. 1 Monica McKinnon dives through the air with the greatest of ease. Backstroker Melissa Gorman and opponents await the gun. Co-Captain Wendy Halpcrin John Wirrell 102 SWIM TEAM — Front: Laura Stevens, Melissa Gorman, Stephanie Tsinzo, Michelle Aylward. Sarah Brooks, Shcri Arbit, Wendy Halperin, Monica McKinnon, Janet Lee, Laura Cullen, Marci Lubofsky, Cindy Dykes. Rear: Eric Drugge. John Wirrell, Scott Robichaud. Tina Galley, Sue Cody, Noreen Tierncy, Karen Licciardi, Lynn Young, Kristin Bowman, Stacey Sewyck, Coach Chris Brady. OLF TEAM — Front: Mark Musial, Dave Halpcrin, Mike Foley. Rear: Coach Charles Vuytowccz, Brian Brady, hris Gill, Russell Stevens, Gerard Walsh. A serious moment for Shady Brian Brady? Brockton City Open Champ Chris Gill teeb First year starter Boo Stevens follows through. Russell Stevens Gerard Walsh GOLF The golf team finished at even par with a record of 7-7-2. Although they were looking forward to a better season statistically, ac- tion and fun on the course rose above expec- tations. The return of Chris Gill was a great part of this success. The team was coached by Chuckle Vuytowecz, who instructed the team well and created a comfortable at- mosphere. Four seniors. Gill, Ger Walsh, Boo Stevens, and Shady Brady led the team. Gill won the Brockton City Open and was also voted a Hockomock League All- Star. Walsh was the team ' s Most Valuable Player. Stevens played well in his first season as a team member, and Brady kept everyone laughing with his crcizy antics. The departing seniors offer congratula- tions and wish good luck to Mike " I wish 1 could win a match " Foley, David " 1 can hold a lead " Halperin, and Mark " the Stan " Musial. MVP Ger Walsh sets up on the fairway. 103 George Callahan SOCCER VARSITY — Front: Chris Marshall, Sean Smith, Joe Ambrosio, Capt. Buddy Lampiough George Callahan, Capt. Eddie Freitas, Meeny Valeros, Jimmy Costa. Rear: Tim Devine, Dave Cobb, Alex Silva, John Medeiros, Tom Pennor, Anthony Sammarco, Craig Chaplain, Willy Herman, Jack Romeiro, Joe Alves, Coach Mike Stuber. Stoughton battles fiercely for the ball . as an eager team watches intently. 104 Chris Marshall lines up for a shot. f f f f 1 SOCCER The varsity soccer team had a record of five wins, six losses and one tie. This Is not an indication of the hard work and deter mination exerted, however. The team per formed with a " never say die " attitude Coach Michael Stuber helped the young team through an injury-filled season, offer ing helpful encouragement constantly. Co captains Buddy Lamplough and Eddie Freitas provided inspirational leadership. The team was able to defeat Sharon, North Attleboro and Oliver Ames. They challenged successful teams such as Franklin and Foxboro by staying within a single goal of the lead. Awards were given to Meeny Valeros, most improved; Chris Marshall, offenisve player; Willy Herr- mann, Defensive player; Buddy Lamplough, Hockomock All-Star; and Ed- die Freitas, most valuable player. Doug Johnson puts his foot into the ball The pack races for the ball. The camera ' s eye catches Tim Devlne in action. SUB- VARSITY — Front: Tony Costa, Ted Camara, Ed Correia. Rear: Coach Steven Denneno, John White, John Marcel!, " oug Johnson, Richard Smith, Tom Pennor shows his speed on his breakaway. 105 Capt. Paul Bunson Capt. Stacey Berdos BOYS AND GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY — Front: Kraig LaPorte, Mike McNamara, Paul Masalsky, John Veliotis, Paul Bunson, Brian Plunkett, Jeff Thompson, Mitch Dmohowski. 2nd: Tina Veliotis, Lisa Donoghue, Stacey Berdos, Madeline Mace. Rear: Scott Weiss, David Soares, Brian Lanner, Chris Veliotis, Eric Saperstein, Joe Masalsky, Bob Silverstein, Paul Medeiros. Kr2ug LaPorte Mike McNamara Buns, Plunk, and Twig loosen up before practice. Under the leadership of JV Veliotis and Junior Bun- son the Cross Country team achieved a record of 7-1 and a Hockomock League Co-championship with North Attleboro. Paul Medleros ' 85 finished first in every meet but one, and was selected as a Hockomock League All-Star. Erie Saperstein, also a league All- Star, placed sixth in the league meet. The team members in the next six positions also performed well. Veterans Mitch Dmohowski, Veliotis and Bunson show- ed strong dedication. First year runners Scott Weiss, Mike McNamara and Brian Plunkett rose above expec- tations with fine performances. Credit must be given to Coach John Hurley for his expert advice, and John " Beak " Veliotis, wlio was voted most valuable player by his teammates. The girl ' s cross country squad was led by Lisa Donoghue, who was voted team MVP. Althou the team ' s 1-7 record was a disappointment, the record did not reflect the hard work which was con- tributed by each member. Stacey Berdos, Tina Veliotis, Maria Novello and Madeline Mace comprised the first girls ' team ever at Stoughton High. Coach Don Bernier was Impressed by the team ' s effort, and looks forward to a promising future. The members of the boy ' s cross country team designed a new course before the start of the season at Muddy Pond. This will be known for many years to come as " the terror of the league. " Mitch Dmohowski Paul Masalsky Brian Plunkett Jeff Thompson 106 On your marks . . . Get set . Stoughton scores! A victory for Stoughton! JUNIOR VARSITY — Front: Enissa Jones, Marie McNaginas, Jill Cohen, Michelle Kelley, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Kim Tobins, Kim Holmes, Kim Nelligan, Karen Holmes. Rear: Elis« Lipman, Pam Francioso, Adalena Costa, Randi Elasowich, Susan Malone, Kris Fogarty, Julie Goldman, Robin Young, Ann Doherty, Amy Foster, Cheryl Lipsky, Colleen Reardon i Tracy Aguiar, Kathy Kosinski, Deidre O ' Sullivan, Coach Ann Malinowski. J 108 I The varsity field hockey team compiled its best record in recent years: 10-3-3. The team was led by three spirited captains, Linda Pellegrino, Michelle Davis, and team high scorer, junior Dianne Blomstrom. They went on to post-season play for the first time in Stoughton ' s history, competing in the State Tourney. In two seasons as head coach, Dan Mark has brought the team from the cellar of the Hockomock League to second place. Mark ' s team played strongly throughout the season. The season ' s highlight came against league power Oliver Ames, when sophomore Sheila Jackman tied the game in the final minutes. Coach Mark is looking forward to next season with great anticipation. 109 BOYS BASKETBALL The basketball team finished the season with a 13-9 record and a tournament berth. The team lost to Newton South, 81-69, in the quarterfinals after a dazzling victory over heavi- ly favored Hanover in the preliminary round. The talented Knights sent three players to the Hockomock League All-Star game: Roy Fralin, Captain Jim Overstreet and Steve Teplitz. Fine performances were turned in by Ed Statkiewicz (21 points against Hanover), junior Pete Frcdericksen, and Mitch Dmohowski, who im- proved greatly in four years of high school play. Assistance came from a solid bench corps con- sisting of Ger Walsh, Joe Lewis and the hustling Mark Arnold. Denis Donaghue and Russ Stevens performed well as role players. The Knights crushed first place Foxboro in a Jate season grudge match to highlight the year. Overall, Stoughton lost six league games by a total of 13 points. A 12-6 league record and a second place finish were not indications of the team ' s capability. VARSITY — Front: Jeff Swanz, Eddie Statkiewicz, Mark Arnold, Jim Overstreet, Steven Teplitz, Russell Stevens. Joe Lewis Rear: Mitch Dmohowski, Roy Fralin, Paul Masalsky, Dennis Donoghue, Peter Fredericksen, Gerard Walsh, Coach John Douglas. a ' " Stack " " Nate " Capt. " Jim O ' " Arnie " " Snowflake " " Boo " " Tep ' " Ger " ' Mitch " ' Ski " 110 The Knights take the floor. Roy takes to the air. Vuytowccz. 2nd: Mike Swanbeck, Jimmy Boushell, Jeff Teplitz, Terry Buggs, Charles Tucker. Rear: Todd Levine, Dennis Keane. Capt. Jeff DiMatteo Capt. John Fichera Capt. Ed Daly WRESTLING The Black Knight wrestling team com- pleted its second consecutive .500 season with a record of 8-8-1. Captains John Fischera, Edward Daly, and Jeff DiMatteo led a hard-working squad against some lauded opponents, and the team perform- ed well against their foes. Bill Lunnin, Jeff DiMatteo, and Neil Baker tied for the most pins with eight, and Baker recorded the most team points with 71. The team placed sixth in the Catholic Memorial Tournament. DiMatteo placed first in his weight class, Neil Baker finished third and heavyweight Lunnin finished fourth. A seventh place finish at the Sec- tional Tournament in Division I South was paced by Mark Williamson, who finished fifth in his class, followed by DiMatteo in fourth. Baker in third at 128 pounds, Rick Alterio in sixth, and Lunnin in fourth place. At the State Tourney, Lunnin finished fifth and Baker sixth. THE TEAM — Front: Mark Wheeler, Ed Daly. John Fichera. Jeff DiMatteo, Sean McCabe 2nd; Keith Mason. Mike Carroll, Rick Alterio, Mark Williamson, Neil Baker. Mike Aloupis. Rear: Dean Thornton. Dave Skoletsky, Bill Lunnin, Rob Levine, Matt Riddel). Matt Riddel! awaits the whistle. 112 Neil Baker notches another win. Ed Daly works for the pin. Bill Lunnin grapples for control. Lights out for this fish. (Rob Lcvine) 113 HOCKEY Capt. Anthony Novello Capt. Tim Bishop Capt. Scott McKenzie Tim Bishop takes face-off against O.A. as Scott McKenzie and Rick Hem look on. A ' Paul McGovern makes the save. 114 Stoughton collides with King Phillip. VARSITY — Front: Steve Murray, John Tammaro, Mike Palaza, Kraig LaPorte. Paul McGovern, Jeff Winn. Br i Marshall, Eric Pushee. Rear: Coach Dan Mark, Stan Loring. Chris Mercendante, David Cobb, Marc Gcrome. Chi O ' Connor, Chris Marshall, Scott MacKenzie, Tim Bishop, Anthony Novello, Craig Spurr, John Doherty, Rick He . Head Coach Ray O ' Malley. UB-VARSITY — Front: Coach Dan Mark, Fran Williams, Rick Smith, Chris Mercendante, Scott Powers, Dave Sheehan, Bill Stac- Clem Leary fires a blast from the point. iwiC7, Brian Marshall, Paul Burns, Dave Halperin, Eric Pushee, Mike Varner, Stan Loring, Asst. Coach Al Prisco. This year ' s hockey season was somewhat disappointing. The team recorded a 2-17-1 season. Even with senior captains Tim Bishop, Anthony Novello, and Scott MacKenzie trying their luck at forward, the right com- bination could not be found. Highlights of the season were a 10-1 victory over North Attleboro, a 3-2 win over King Phillip and a 4-4 tie with Southeastern. The Black Knights were a hard-hitting team but could not put the puck in the net. Defenseman Scott MacKenzie was named to the Hockomock League all-star team. The junior varsity was much more successful with impressive victories over Duxbury and Milton. Tony Novello sets up the play. Scott MacKenzie on the attack. Tim Bishop in action. Stoughton battles in the defensive zone against O.A. Suzanne Blomstrom Linda Pcllegrino Sheri Rosenthal Mary Fitzgerald GIRLS BASKETBALL A young SHS girls basketball varsity performed creditably and managed to achieve a 9-11 record for the year. The girls scored an average of 46 points- p)er-game against 49 for their opponents. Highlight of the season for Coach Warner Bucklin ' s team was an underdog win over Canton, a tournament team. Four seniors provided leadership to the young players: Sue Blomstrom, an Hockomock all-star, co-captained the quintet with Linda Pellegrino, a steady defenseman and an emotional leader; Sheri Rosenthal had a good year. A tall, six-footer who joined the Knights with seven games to go, Janine Powel l, impressed enough to be named to join a touring AAU team at the con- clusion of the season. Dawn Young and Diane Blomstrom were two underclass players; they, together with Tara Donnelly, Nicole Murphy, Cathy Doyle, and Katie McShea, provide much promise for next year. Also returning will be stars Marie Pellegrino, the second leading scorer and best offensive player with a 43 per cent scoring average and Sheila Jackman, a key playmaker. Although the subvarsity record was only 7-13, it provided excellent train- ing, under Coach Dave Tucker to several sophomores and freshmen who had not benefitted from a junior high program. Joining the varsity next year will be Tina Doucette, Amy Cotter, and Sue McNamara. With a strong, returning group and with the re-introduction of junior high basketball, SHS girls basket- ball should improve over the next few years to its previous top status. Sheila Jackman sets up the offense Diane Blomstrom gets set to shoot. 116 Sheri Rosenthal shoots from the line. VARSITY — Front: Sheila Jackman, Mary Fitzgerald, Linda Pellegrino, Suzanne Blomstrom, Sheri Rosenthal. Kathy Doyle. Rear: Dawn Young, Katie McSheu, Tara Donnelly, Marie Pellegrino, Janine Powers. Diane Blomstrom, Nicole Murphy, Coach Warner Bucklin. Capt. Lisa Donoghue Capt. Brian Pluni ett WINTER TRACK — Front: Paul Bunson, Miite McNamara, John Vcliotis, Brian Plunkett, Jeff Thompson, Steve Greenspoon, Lisa Donoghue. 2nd: Dave Soares, Jaime Borr, Chris Veliotis, Joe Masalsky, Jon Bloom, Nancy Soares. Rear: Bob Silverstein, Brian Lanner, Eric Saperstein, ! Tina Vcliotis, Alex Dijak, Nancy Marshall, Mgr. Stacey Berdos, Coach Joe Dawe. (Not Present — Coach John Schillinger, Mgr. Kevin Plunkett.) 118 INDOOR TRACK Winter track rose from the grave in 1983-84 to field the first team since 1981. The team was abolished three years ago due to budgetary cuts. Rookie coaches Joe Dawe and John Schillinger brought a com- petitive atmosphere to an inexperienced squad, and captains Brian Plunkett and Lisa Donaghue provided veteran leadership. The team finished the season with a 2-3 dual meet record in a powerful league. Sprinter Brian Lanner was high scorer for the boys, and Nancy Soares was the top run- ner for the girls. Solid performances were turned in by Eric Saperstein, Johnny Bloom, Junior Bunson, JV Veliotis, Mike McNamara, Jamie Borr, and Alex Dijak. Brian Plunkett placed third in the 300 at the MIAA State Championship meet. Plunkett and Lisa Donaghue were voted MVP by their tezimmates. " 4 • 1 ; 119 120 Amy Cotter poises at the charity line Greg Muldoon shows his aggression during a wrestling match. Coach Craine assists a team member. Laura Loring performs a difficult maneuver. GYMNASTICS Unfortunately, a small gymnastics squad, despite its best efforts, was unable to come up with any wins and ended the season with an 0- 11 record. Highlight of the season included a high score of 101.3 against Sharon. In the league meet, the gymnasts finished fourth. The addition of a highly-qualified coach, Ray Crane, provides some hope in turning the gymn2istics program around in the next few years. Coach Crane, assisted by Nancy Kates, has been of great value in helping some of the young SHS performers to improve individual teilents. Laura Loring and Christine Rush served as leaders to the freshmen and sophomores on the team. In the league meet, freshman Michelle Kelley came in 6th in vaulting for individuals, Fran Costello was 5th on the bars and Madeline Mace ended 2nd on the balance besm. Kim Romaine rounded out her efforts with a 5th place finish in the all-around event. GYMNASTICS — Front: Michelle Kelley, Susan Cody, Diane Walsh, Carrie Oilman, Christine Rush. Rear: Asst. Coach Nancy Kates, Lee Ann Dorney, Madeline Mace, Fran Costello, Adelina Costa, Laura Loring, Stephanie Tsin- zo, Lori Moughalian, Coach Ray Craine. THE SHS MUSIC AND DRAMA DEPARTMENTS PRESENT ROGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN ' S Lou Modestino ' 85 rejoices after three months of rehearsals. Sophomore Rich Waddleton as Andrew Carnes is captured backstage durin intermission. John Homer ' 84 was his usual hilarious self in portray- ing the peddler Ali Hakim. The girls accept their laurels after a fine performance. Director Mrs. Linda Dolan poses with Dan Rcmmes ' 8 ' who played the lead role of Curly. Brian Ahronian conducts the Stacey Blacker playing the bells. IKLAHOMA! " orchestra. Synneve Carlino at the piano. Michael Kane on the electric bass. ■A ' ebbie Mythen on the flute and Allison Freeman and The trumpet trio of Tony DiLorenzo (right), Mark Greg Goldberg at the drums, cott Newman on the clarinet. Napierkowski and Jon Kravetz. Seniors Ken Bradley (left) and Steve Shalit were surprise hits in their theatrical debuts. Sophomores Maryann Mootos (left) in the lead role as Laury and Stephanie Kemp as Ado Annie, the girl who cain ' t say no, presented sparkling vocal performances. i The applause was as high " as an elephant ' s eye. " Veteran thespian Laura Sweeney did a brilliant job singing, dancing, choreographing . . . 125 JAZZ CHOIR — Front: Suzanne Germain, Tom Day, Maryann Mootos. 2nd: Cheryl Piselli, Christine Desmond, Joyce Stephansky, Candy Fisher, Christine Tardanico. Rear: John Homer, Bill Mootos, Dan Remmes, Doug Meadows, Richard Waddleton. BAND OFFICERS — Front: Tom Day, Carole Zelbow, Scott Newman. Rear: Gary Thompson, Mark Napierkowski, Greg Goldberg, Paul Coughlin. 126 JAZZ BAND — Front: Susan Kardon, Synneve Carlino, Jon Wax, Laura Sweeney, Debbie Mythcn. 2nd: Tom Day, Paul Coughlin, Scott Newman, Anthony DiLorenzo, Mark Napierkowski, John Homer. Rear: Michael Butler, Greg Goldberg, Doug Meadows, Mike Anderson, Gary Thompson, Jon Kravetz, Paul Masalsky. Mark Napicrkowski, Anthony DiLorcnzo, and Michael Butler partitlpated In the CONCERT CHOIR OFFICERS — Megan Harrington, Maryann Mootos, Cheryl annual Southeastern District Music Festival. Piselli, Stephanie Kemp, Michcle Guilfoyle. -tnj Lynda Welch Majorette Capt. Carol Wyndham Majorette Capt. Susan Serene Majorette Kathy Stephansky Drill Team Capt. MAJORETTES — Front: Carol Wyndham, Lynda Welch. Rear: Chris Tardanico, Jody Salazar, Pam Russell, Susan Sereno, Chris Tobin, Paula Russell, Nancy Marshall, Lori Arbit. Mark Time, Mark . Go Get Em Black Knights! Trif Unil 1 t ' aiji ritle squad p ?rtorms to " Come in From the R2un. " 128 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - Front: Ed Daly, Mr. Michael Nassise. 2nd: Russell Stevens, Lynda Welch, Ken Bradley, An- thony Novello, Keith Jennings. 3rd: Michael Anderson, Brooke Goldstein, Michael McNamara, Robert Upton, Steven Howe, Susan Gallerani, Robyn Lerner, Caron Horn. Rear: Tricia Sweeney, Michael Butler, Gary Rudman, Jon Kravetz, Steven Shallt, Craig Spurr. Larry Yarmaloff delivers carnations on NHS Vedcn- tine Flower Day. j- Seniors Richard Pinkofsky and Wendy Halperin help serve lunch at a senior citizen luncheon sponsored by Student Council. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY — Front: Mary Fitzgerald, Larry Yarmaloff, David Sapersteln. 2nd: Lisa Piselll, Brian Plunkett, Bill Mootos, Laura Sweeney, Richard Pinkofsky. 3rd: Gerard Walsh, Mitch Dmohowski, David Cobb, Paul Masalsky, Daniel Remmes, Susan DlGiampetro. Rear: Chris Nutting, Paul Bunson, Susan Crandall, Carole Zelbow, Joe Battles. SADD — Front: Linda Pellegrino, Risa Goldman, Susan Crandall, Nancy Cook. 2nd: Levette Smith, Henry Cor- nellisen, Carole Zelbow, Susan Kardon. Rear: Shcri Margolin, Debbie Dixon, Sean Smith, Debbie Fowler, Jennifer Cross. Sheri Rosenthal helps to clean up from the senior citizen luncheon. NHS OFFICERS — Front: David Sapersteln, vice president; Mary Fitzgerald, treasurer; Larry Yarmaloff, secretary. Rear: Edward Daly, president; Mr. Michael Nassise, Advisor. DECA OFFICERS — Front: Mr. Arthur McCarthy, advisor; Theresa Russell, treasurer; Ruth Long, reporter. Rear: Cheryl Cohenno, secretary; Monica Voss, vice president. 130 STOUGHTON H.S. THESPIAN SOCIETY — Front: John Homer, Caron Horn, Susan Sereno, Tom Day. Rear: Tricia Olsen, Sue DiGiampetro, Bill Mootos, Kathy Stephansky, Dan Remmes, Mark Tarbox. CHESS CLUB — Front: Sharon Burtman, Jerry Cohen, Mrs. Thea Kauffmann, Jay Seliber. Rear: Louis Pollucci, Matthew Brackman, Eric Kramer. Waitresses at the senior citizens ' luncheon. INTERNATIONAL CLUB — Front: Allsa Jardin, Craig Misner, Linda Backner. 2nd: Ms. Linda Glover, Levette Smith, Nancy Cook, Kirsten Morgan, Mary Fitzgerald. 3rd: Henry Corneillson, Caron Horn, Juerg Baertsclil, Robyn Lerner, Susan Sereno, Doreen MacNell, Larry Yarmaioff, Risa Goldman, Louis Modestlno. Rear: Betli Glil, Susan Kardon, Lauren Sacks, Judy Sacks, Joanne Aylward, Chris Sllva, Carole Zelbow, Matt Brackman, Jay Rosenberg. DECA — Front: Monica Voss, Cheryl Cohenno, Theresa Russell. 2nd: Anne Finch, Jodi Rabinovich, Joelle Kinan, Theresa Marques. 3rd: Kevin Callahan, Jay Steinberg, Brian Smith, Richard Schneider, John Glennon. Rear: Ruth Long, Kelly Sullivan, Cindy Manning, Susan MacKay, Jill Parvey, Mr. Arthur McCarthy. Joyce Stephansky patiently waits for her carnations on Valentines Day. Diane Climo, president of DECA COMMODORE COMPUTER CLUB — Scott Spack, Bob Francis, Fred Campbell, James Borr. 131 Honors 4 i FRAMINGHAM STATE HISTORICAL CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS — Front: Tricia Burke, Carolyn Pina Jon Bloom, Jill Carlson. 2nd: Chrissy Hughes, Kim Romainc, Richard White, Katcy McShea. 3rd: Jennifer Baxter Jeff Heberling, Neil Snetsky, James Borr. Rear: Alison Schrottman, Paula Russell, Bonnie Barksdale, Kim Betts. Larry Yarmaloff David Saperstein Recipients of Certificate of Academic Excellence from the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents. Carolyn Pina — Honorable Mention winner at the Framingham State Historical Conference. Senior Monica Voss, winner of award at regional conference of DECA, receives con- gratulations from Mr. Arthur McCarthy, Director of Distributive Education, and Prin- cipal Anthony Sarno. Mr. Sarno is active again in a job he loves doing. This time, he presents the schoc trophy for the VFW Speech Contest to Richard Pinkofsky. 1 .F.W. Speech Contest winner Richard Pinkofsky Paul Masalsky, winner of the Century III and Jewish War Veterans Awards. Tricia Sweeney, recipient of the D.A.R. Good Citizen- ship Award. JR. MEMBERS OF THE WOMENS ' CLUB — Tricia Sweeney, Paula Niosi, Sue Blomstrom, Lisa Piselli. Laura Sweeney Jr. Miss Pageant Lynda Welch Jr. Miss Pageant Mitch Dmohowski Boston Globe Art Award Peter Gay Boston Globe Art Award 133 Student STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS — Front: Susan Gallerani, Recording Secretary; Tricia Sweeney, President; Lynda Welch, Vice-President. Rear: Kathy Stephansky, Corresponding Secretary; Ms. Lori Pinkham, Advisor; Tricia Lorenz, Treasurer. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS — Front: Miss Maureen Her- rera, Advisor; Kim Betts, President; Janet Melvin, Vice- president. Rear: Jeff Swartz, Treasurer; Michelle Ridell, Secretary. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS — Front: Irene McLeod, Treasurer; Pam Panck, President; Ron DiMatteo, Vice-president. Rear: Mr. Edward Weiner, Advisor; Laura Cullen, Secretary. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS — Amy Tarpey, President; Kathy Kosinski, Treasurer; Jennifer Rcm- mes, Secretary; Mrs. Kathryn CuIIen, Advisor. Not Pre- sent: Debbie Swanbeck, Vice-president. 134 Government STUDENT COUNCIL — Front: Tricia Sweeney, Ms. Lori Pinkham. 2nd: Lynda Welch, Gary Rud- man, Tricia Lorenz, Susan Gallerani, Kathy Stephansky, Fatima Garcia. 3rd: Laura Stevens, Kathy Kelleher, Susan McNamara, Valerie Ward, Caeser Valiente, Dawn Young, Claudia Barry, Christine Baker. 4th: Mitch Dmohowski, Pat Don- nelly, Janice Lorenz, Robin Kirchdorfer, Robyn Young, Mike Carroll, Duke Donaghuc, Maurice Lcger, Jeff DiMattco, Eric Hoffman, Tracy Leathers. Rear: Paula Klim, Tom Donnelly, Vicky Henriques, Wendy Halperin. JUNIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE BOARD (CLASS OF 1985) — Front: Kim Betts, Miss Maureen Her- rera. 2nd: Janet Melvin, Jeff Swartz, Michelle Rid- dell, Kathy Cocchi, Pam DiCastro, April Kendergan. 3rd: Susan Karden, Lisa Kelman, Herbert Stickler, Valerie Ward, Caesar Valiente, Richard Bornstein, Cheryl Piselli, Tricia Phet- teplace. 4th: Tom Donnelly, Margarite Serpa, Lisa Woolf, Lisa Gold, Nicole Lyerla, Dawn Young, Paula Klim, Julie Erikson, Francis Costello, Kim Benson. Rear: Debbie Barbato, Mary Davis, Jackie Campanello, Jamie Borr. SOPHOMORE CLASS EXECUTIVE BOARD (CLASS OF 1986) — Front: Mr. Edward Weiner, Ronny DiMatteo, Laura Cullen, Pam Panek, Irene McLeod. 2nd: Maurice Leger, Laura Stevens, Kathy Kelleher, Bruce Greenberg. 3rd: Susan McNamara, Claudia Barry, Christine Baker, Patrice Batchclder. Rear: Jennifer Marotta, Nancy Loud, Lisa Falso, Cheryl Intravesato, Stacey Sewcyk, Tina Doucette, Maria Costa. FRESHMAN CLASS EXECUTIVE BOARD (CLASS OF 1987) — Front: Amy Tarpey, Mrs. Kathryn Cullen. 2nd: Karen Anderson, Debbie Swanbeck, Kathy Kosin- ski, Pat Donnelly, Louie Pollucci. 3rd: Jennifer Rem- mes, Rcnee Somers, Noreen Tierney, Robyn Young, Heidi Ostroff, Matt Riddell, Janice Lorenz. Rear: Jeff Teplitz, Bill Kane, Duke Donaghue, Richie Doyle, Mike Carroll, Rose Zadra, Cindy Dykes, Chris Fogarty. 135 Stacey Green shows that true SHS spirit. " TRACKIES!!! " Stephanie Sheff proves here that looks can definitely be deceiving. Lunch Time THE CAFETERIA STAFF — Mrs. Mullen, Mrs. Morrill, Mrs. Podgurski, Mrs. Hanscom, Mrs. Hadlcy, Mrs. Giles, Mrs. Hockmuth, Mrs. Cote, Mrs. Mello. Our snack bar ladles, Mrs. Lynch and Mrs. Simms, are always happy to serve us. FOOD FOR THOUGHT — " When a man has been highly; honored .i has eaten a little he is most benevolent. " (NEITZCHE) MORE FOOD FOR THOUGHT tastes. " (EMERSON) " (People) lose their tempers in defending t k 140 ' Tood Is a Weapon! " Long ago when the word " lunch " was coined, it referred to a time of day reserved for eating and drinking. Stoughton High students have distorted the meaning of " lunch. " After a grueling morning of classes, students utilize a meager twenty minutes to do their math homework, lounge in the luxurious cafeteria chairs and, most of all, to socialize. Groups of peers crowd nine people into tables built for four. People wander and talk freely in a treasure chest for idle conversation. Often, a student ' s lunch remains untouched. But let ' s not forget the nutritious complete meals which we may purchase for a paltry 75 cents and the junk food which deprives our pockets of idle change. Fruit pies, pretzels, chips and swiss rolls fill our guts with either energy to continue, or heartburn to make us miserable. rMAXIM LITVINOV) he powder is mixed with water and tastes exactly like wder mixed with water. " (ART BUCHWALD) ' A gourmet is just a glutton with brains. " (PHILIP HABERMAN) I ' " It is the day wc have been looking forward to for over (12) years; it is the last day of food ra- tioning. " (LLOYD GEORGE) 141 UnOERCLASSnED nn NATIONAL NOMINEES — English Dept. Chairperson Judith Hamilton, Chris Kelly, Joe Masalsky, Ellie Havlin, Joe Masalsky accepts congratulations from Mr. San- Mr. Anthony Samo, Mrs. Kathryn Warren, competition coordinator. SEMI-FINALISTS — Nancy Palaza, Georgia Zisamopoulis, Tina Sciolctti, Mrs. Warren, Michael Snyder, Peter Ellie Havlin receives her certificate of award. Fredericksen. ■ I • ■ ii PARTICIPANTS — Front: Susan Kardon, Lori McDonald, Steven Kerman, Howard Gorman. 2nd: Marge Serpa, Danny Friedman, Marc Goldman, Dave Sheehan. 3rd: Helen Silver, Richard Bornstcin, Scott Newman, Jeff Swartz. Rear: Debbie Barbato, Paula McGrath, Ken Spears, Cesar Valiente. PARTICIPANTS: Ricky Schnleder, Jaime Boor, Alan Winjck, Tina Kreltzberg. n Jennifer Eagen, Lisa Gold, Sheri Berger, Laura Feist. 3rd: Lisa Kelman, Cari Gila Katie McShay, Greg Rosenblat. Rear: Karen Gallerani, Patty Qllis, Barbara Maura Crowley, Lou Modcstino, Linda Backner. iris Kelly is commended by Mr. Sarno for a job well ne. QUARTER FINALISTS — Front: Bill Coe, Jon Bloom, Joe Waters, Tina Galley. 2nd: Julie Erickson, Krissy Hughes, Leah Fosclla, Susan Fox. 3rd: Chris O ' Connor, Jim Conners, Mark Napierkowski. Rear: Valerie Ward, Rebecca Grabsky. Science cience aif EXHIBITION DIVISION — 1st Sue Hollander, 2nd Arthur Berg, 3rd Jon Roscnblat, 4th Nancy Scares, 5th Shane Wilbar EXPERIMENTAL DIVISION — Grand Award Winners: 1st Richard Pinkofsky, 2nd Scott Robichaud, 3rd Sharon Burtman, 4th Kerry Jennings, 5th Allison Freeman EXPERIMENTAL DIVISION — Honorable Mentions: Laura Backner, Judy Carlton, Steven Grecnspoon, Megan Harrington, Corrine Herlihy, Cathy Mootos, Michael Poshkus, Renee Somers, Richard Venanzi, Nancy Ellertson. RAND AWARD WINNERS, EXPERIMENTAL DIVISION — Front: Allison Freeman, Kerry Jennings, Sharon Burtman, Scott Robichaud, Richard Inkofsky. Rear: Mr Anthony Sarno, Mr. Chester Pelrce, Director of Science, and Mr. Michael Nassise, Fair Coordinator. J i ' rincipal Anthony Sarno and first grand award winner Richard Pinkofsky. ' k Sharon Burman accepts her award from Mr. Nassise, Mr. Sarno, and Mr. Pelrce. 145 146 147 A fearsome threesome (Walter Edwardo, Howie Carter, and Scott Director). Lcsia Dijak hurls her shotput through the air. Lee Ann Domey and Candy Fisher discover what an amoeba looks like. ' Mark Spitz, move over!! " (Erik Drugge, Laura Stevens, and Susan Cody) a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, 1, ; (Stacey Lyerla, Carolyn Grimsley) Us Sophomores stick together. (Erik Ware, Mark Williamson, Cindy Yarmaloff, and Lynn Young) Sophisticated (?) Sophomores Class of 1986 Monica McKinnon performs a tracheotomy while Amy Cotter and Steven Graber look on. A commercial? (Brian Lanner, John Tammaro) 149 Will We Ever Get There? Class of 1987 Keep smiling girls — 1987 isn ' t that far away! (Kim Tobins, Michelle Greenberg| and Kim Mannis) The Spa comes through again. Mari Gleason takes a break from his gruelind studies. Remember boys, you are what you eat. (Brad Miller, Duke Donaghue, Dave " Oops, 1 broke into the office computer once again! " (Nancy Bechet, Ralph Skoletsky, Mike Carroll, and Dave Young) Ventresco) 150 151 152 Several years from now, when resting from the daily toil of adulthood, you will begin to reminisce. You will recall a time in your adolescence which has long since past, a time of togetherness and bliss. As the memories take you slowly into a peaceful slumber, your hand will unconsciously reach forward to catch the shades of youth floating by. Suddenly you will stir, only to find that your old high school yearbook has entered the palm of your hand. As you flip through the pages, the dreams begin to linger once again. We have many dedicated staff members to thank for preserving our memories in this product of our fruitful imaginations. " The Weary Staff " labored relentlessly to meet the deadline, hampered by the brief absence of our dedicated advisor, Mr. Sumner Tapper. Upon Mr. Tapper ' s return, things began to flow smoothly under his knowledgeable guidance. We owe our sincere thanks to him. The laborers are as follows: Dave Pires and Larry Yarmaloff, who were responsible for superior coordination of copy and photography; Marc Zade, Merry Bowman, Sheri Woolf and Joe Waters, who coordinated one of the most successful business staffs in Stotonian history; John Parker, Stacey Berdos, and Mike McNamara comprised a persistant advertising staff; Mike Dmohowski and Bill Mootos donated their creativity as avid artists; our sports editors, Brian Plunkett and Ed Daly, for occasional genious in that field; our photographers, Dan Aronson and Gary Rudman, for " tons " of pictures; and last, but not least, Tricia Sweeney, who produced an outstanding senior section and brightened our work days with sar- castic exchanges with Mr. Tapper. Times may change, and so do we. The past, however, can never be altered. It is stored in our hearts. Let the 1984 Stotonian become a part of your heart, and never forget the times we have shared together. You are the best, and we have done our best for you . . . let ' s be careful out there . . . Paul Masalsky Editor Paul Masalsky Editor In Chief Marc Zade Publication Coordinator Tricia Sweeney Senior Section Coordinator Meredith Bowman .|gg Financial Manager Larry Yarmaloff Managing Editor John Parker Advertising Manager Sherilyn Woolf Sales Manager Stacey Bcrdos Advertising Coordinator Craig Spurr Business Manager Bill Mootos Art Editor Brian Plunkett Sports Editor Ed Daly Sports Layout VERTISING — Front: John Parker, Craig irr, Larry Yarnnaloff. Rear: Marc Zade, Stacy ten, Joe Waters, Jon Bloom, Dan Aronson. (Not ■ent — Stacey Berdos) SALES — Front: Sherri Woolf, Marc Zade. 2nd: Craig Spurr, Stacy Green, David Fires, Vicki Henriques, Sharon Sears. Rear: Kathy Stephansky, Sheri Arbit, Kim Cllckstein, Susan Gallerani, Lynda Welch, Carole Zelbow. (Not pre- sent — Stacey Berdos) FINANCE — Joe Waters, Merri Bowman, Marc Zade. WORD PROCESSING — Front: Kim Ferguson, Francine Newmark. Rear: Carol Wyndham, Donna Kerr, Kim Sim. LAYOUT — Front: Paul Masalsky, Larry Yarmaloff, Dan Aronson. 2nd: Kevin Bushlow, Susan Gallerani, Wendy Halperin, Tricia Sweeney, Vicki Henriques. 3rd: Russell Stevens, Jeff DiMatteo, Sareth Brooks, Brian Plunkett, Mitch Dmohowski, Ed Daly, Gary Rudman, Lisa Malis. Rear: Craig Spurr, Marc Zade, Joe Waters, Sharon Sears, Mara Kravetz. SENIOR SECTION - Front: Lynda Welch, Tricia Sweeney. 2nd: Kevin Bushlow, Susan Gallerani, Vicki Henriques, Lisa Piselli, Wendy Halperin. Rear: Russell Stevens, Jeff DiMatteo, Sarah Brooks, Stacy Green, Danny Guss, David Pires, Lisa Malis. SPORTS — Front: Brian Plunkett, Ed Daly. Rear: Kevin Bushlow, Susan Gallerani Jeff DiMatteo, Russell Stevens, Mitch Dmohowski. ART — Front: Mitch Dmohowski, Bill Mootos. Rear: Brian Plunkett, Bingamon, Vicki Henriques, Chris Nutting, Loriann Murray, Dan Remmcs. 1 -it ' ■■ A FEBRUARY VACATION STAFF - Th yearbook would not have been complcti without the dedication of these individuals, who worked on the book during their vaca tion) Front: Larry Yarmaloff, Paul Masalsky, Russell Stevens. 2nd: Marc Zade, Jot Waters, Tricia Sweeney, Dan Aronson, Craig Spurr. Rear: Brian Plunkett, Ed Daly, Vicki Henriques, David Pires, Gary Rud- man, Maurice Leger, Tina Galley, Mitch Dmohowski. Dan Aronson Foto Editor Gary Rudman Chief Photographer Russell Stevens Layout Mitch Dmohowski Art Coordinator Wendy Halperin Collage Lynda Welch Senior Section 158 N1GHT STAFF — Front: Dan Aronson, Larry Yarmaloff. 2nd: Russell Stevens, Joe Waters, Jon Bloom, Mara Kravetz, Kris Dari- ng. 3rd: Maurice Leger, Laura Stevens, Ellie Havlin, Tina Galley, Rachel Kell, Dan Remmes, Laura Stevens, Lisa Malls, David ires Rear: Louis Modestino. Craig Spurr, Gary Rudman, Richard Waddleton, Paul Masalsky, Mitch Dmohowski, Brian Plunkett. Dan Aronson, Editor-in-Chief EDITORIAL BOARD — Front: Craig Spurr, Larry Yarmaloff, Dan Aronson, Gary Rudman. 2nd: Mitch Dmohowski, Joe Waters, Russell Stevens, Maurice Leger. Rear: Ellle Havlin, Tina Galley, Rachel Kell, Laura Stevens. Larry Yarmaloff Mitch Dmohowski Ellie Havlin Tina Galley Rachel Kell Laura Stevens HNALISTS IN THE SHS PENMANSHIP CONTEST — Mr. Sumner Tapper and Maurice Leger, neither noted for stellar handwriting, pose for this historic picture. t4r. Tapper is advisor of student publications. Maurice is an editor of the N1GHT. 159 Congratulations S.H.S. Seniors From: CANTON PEWTER POT Cobbs Corner — Canton Featuring a Full Salad Bar, Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinner Best Wishes to Class of 1984 From RMC PRINTING SERVICE COPY CENTER 828-7525 Stoughton Square Roy M. Cohen, Owner Wishing You Miles of Smiles in the Years Ahead ROBERT ELLIOT CHAVEZ, D.D.S. Specialist in Orthodontics Five Walnut Avenue, Stoughton, MA 02072 (617) 344-1150 L 160 SHELU JOE ' S SHELL 825 Washington Street Stoughton, MA Wrecking Service Available CALLAHAN ' S STOUGHTON VARIETY STORE Congratulations Class of 1984 79 Canton Street Stoughton, MA 344-1752 Dairy — Deli — Party Platters f Cy • ' " OIOO ' M Vj AccrM ' ttd G«m Libof»torv 18 Wyman St., Stoughton, MA. 02072 (617) 344-5000 StrideRite Canton, MA THE VILLAGE MALL Best of Luck ' 84 Congratulations Seniors From WALTER B. ELMORE Life Insurance and Tax-Shelter Specialist 1106 Main St. — 107 Brockton, MA 02401 617-584-2231 Coins Jewelry Antiques and Modern Dolls and Dollhouses Chuck Thompson Owner DOLLS ' N THINGS 936 Washington Street Stoughton, MA wmm 3 GtT SHS IDER I • • r— ! ' ■ Ill liii ' »Sifcii 161 Best Wishes Class of 1984 PARK OB-GYN ASSOCIATES James H. Tyer, M.D. 966A Park St. Stoughton, MA 02072 Ah. RANDOLPH SAVINGS BANK RANDOLPH STOUGHTON NORTH RANDOLPH HOLBROOK 963-2100 Good Luck Class of ' 84 ' 963-3630 Diamonds Specializing in Remounts and Custom Designing ROBERTS JEWELRY Randolph Shopping Center 23 Memorial Parkway Randolph, Massachusetts Watches 14K Fine Jewelry BILL ' S EXXON SERVICE 68 Pond Street Sharon, MA 02067 Phone 784-5803 162 THE HAIR- BENDERS Ear Piercing Available " We ' ve Got Style " 421 Washington St. 344-6185 Stoughton 344-9852 Open: Monday — Friday 9-9 Saturday 9-5 (Across from McDonald ' s) — Plenty of Free Parking To Our Advertisers: The Business Staff wishes to express its appreciation for your support, patronage, and participation in our publication. Without you, it couldn ' t have been possible. Best Wishes From GENDERS BEAUTY SALON Hair Styling, Haircutting, Hair Removal Sculptured Nails, Facials and Pedicures 759 Belmont Street Brockton, MA 02401 586-2144 583-9691 Best Wishes 1984 Graduates From THE VALIENTE FAMILY Estates Appraised Investment Counseling Dealer of Baseball Cards COIN SHOPPE JLS NUMISMATICS 971 Central Street or P. O. Box 284 — Sharon 344-3491 341-1192 STEVEN S. MILLER, D.D.S., P.C. 280 Bridge Street, North Weymouth, MA 02191 (617) 331-3335 163 CLEAN 486 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 02072 Congratulates Class of 1984 344-9931 Dominic Ingemi Manager ' Don ' t Be Nervous, Call Green for Good Service " Tel. 265-1600 Nights, Sundays, Holidays GREEN ' S T.V. SERVICE Color, Black and White — All Makes 1336 Blue Hill Avenue Mattapan, Mass. 02126 Office 617 344-5030 DEMBROWSKY AND MARTIGNETTI Attorneys and Counselors at Law John F. Dembrowsky Ronald F. Martignetti 15 Seaver St. Stoughton, MA For All Your Sporting Good Needs . . . COLMAN ' S Sporting Goods COLMAN ' S PORTING GOODS Where There is Always a Good Deal Cobbs Corner Canton, i AA 02021 828-7780 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1984 Compliments of THE FOOTWEAR HOUSE " The Family Shoe Store " F. Roberts Manager STOUGHTON DRUG CO. 450 Pearl St. Stoughton, MA Prescription and Surgical Supplies Liz and Paul Goulston Registered Pharmacists Best of Luck ieniors Best of Luck to the Class of 1984 106 Washington Street Canton, MA 02021 The Finest in Exercise and Training You Have Our Best Wishes 165 FLAIR CARPETS GENERAL FLOORING CO. Congratulates the Class of ' 84 764 Washington Street Stoughton, MA THE MUSIC MACHINE Brand Name Guitars Pianos • Drums • Amps and Electronic Effects Private and Group Music instruction Sheet Music instrument Rentals and Repairs Used Instruments — Bought and Sold Mon.-Fri. — 10-9, Sat. 10-5 344-0540 119 Sharon St. (Rt. 27) Stoughton at Cobb Corner Shopping Center W. F. HARMON HMC USN RET. L. E. HARMON tlarmon OPTICIANS. INC J PARK PLAZA. RT 27 STOUGHTON. MA 02072 (617) 583-6162 MON - FRI 10-7 SAT 10-4 Congratulations Class of 1984 From NAILS ETC. 646 Washington St. Stoughton Shaw ' s Plaza 344-6597 Congratulations and Best of Luck From A Division of Warehouse Distributors, Inc. A A Industrial Park 117 Tosca Drive Stoughton, MA (7th Building on the Right) Compliments to the Class of 1984 From MOOTOS SHOE SERVICE 19 Freeman Street Stoughton, MA 166 Compliments of CHRISTOPHER ' S SHOES 770 Washington St. Stoughton, Mass. 02072 (617) 344-5241 Quality Footwear for the Family Good Luck Seniors From CHATEAU JEWELERS We Carry Fine Jewelry — Crystal — China and Gifts for All Occasions Park Plaza Stoughton, MA 588-8323 Congratulations Tricia Love, MA, ANDREW, ROSIE AND DANNY EMACK BOLIO ' S Ice Cream and Ice Cream Cakes Cakes for the Connoisseur 700 Worchester Road Deerskin Plaza Framingham, MA 01701 879-6006 Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of 84 From ANDY ' S FOOD MART 330 Morton St. Boston Brookline Cambridge Hadley Holyoke Auburn, N.Y. Utica, N.Y. reuieinf istorei Main Office: (617) 426-7067 We Do Ear Piercing 7 Days a Week CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF 1984 bookstore 30 FRANKLIN ST BOSTON 1 WASHINGTON MALL BOSTON • BURLINGTON MALL METHUEN MALL • CHESTNUT HILL MALL • SO. SHORE PLAZA BRAINTREE NO. SHORE SHOPPING CENTER PEABODY • SHOPPERS ' WORLD FRAMINGHAM S2 CENTRAL ST. WELLE SLEY MOVIES - GAMES - ACCESSORIES MOVIE CLUB MEMBERSHIPS 7 SA xfi COMPUTERS - COMPUTER SOFTWARE 344-7331 M-W SAT. 10-7 THURS FRI. 10-8 353 WASHINGTON ST. (RT. 138) STOUGHTON. MASS. 02072 168 TOTAL AUTO PARTS Congratulations 340 Washington St. Stoughton, iVIA 344-4300 FLOWERS BY FENTON Congratulations Sandra! AIR TECH SYSTEMS nl SYSTEMS, INC. ORPORATION P O Box 686 • 365 Central Street • Stoughlon, Mass 02072 JIMMY ' S SUPER MARKET 253 Pleasant St. Stoughton, MA Open 7 Days a Week for Your Convenience TWIN-KEE CLOTHING OF STOUGHTON Good Luck 1984 Congratulations 1984 ROWLAND ' S TV 10 Wyman Street Stoughton, MA 344-3285 Greetings: ARNOLD MUSIC 67 Tosca Drive Stoughton, MA (In Industrial Park) 344-0101 Best of Luck and Best Wishes Congratulations! From SOUTH SHORE ELECTRONICS 732 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-0557 Sales, Service and Installation 1 MALCOLM PARSONS INSURANCE Located at 6 Freeman Street Stoughton, MA 344-3200 Congratulations Class of ' 84 Compliments of GAY THE FLORIST 399 Pleasant St. Stoughton, MA 344-2812 Good Luck Seniors Congratulations From STOUGHTON AUTO BODY 1069 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-4830 All Types of Auto Repair JOHNNY ' S STATION 645 Washington Street Stoughton, MA STOUGHTON HARDWARE Congratulations to the Class of 1984 73 Porter Street Stoughton, MA 344-2041 MUR-MAC ' S Compliments to the Graduating Class of 1984 Congratulations Seniors IRVING w. GOLDBERG 105 Tosca Drive Stoughton, MA 344-1227 Financial Consultant Bookkeeping and Taxes Notary Public Compliments of Serving Stoughton, Canton and Sharon 169 Best of Luck HANDY CASH CARRY 530 Washington Street (Rt. 138) Opposite Roxies Market Stoughton Building Material Congratulations to Graduating Seniors from the HONEY DEW GANG With Love and Good Luck Congratulations to the Class of " 84 " Best Wishes COUNTRY CLUB LAWNS 1404 West St. Stoughton, MA 02072 J G CATERING INC. Brockton — Randolph Congratulations to the Class of ' 84 170 J. M. BRYAN CO. 45 Tosca Dr. Stoughton, Mass. Telephone: 821-0711 Best Wishes 1984 Grads I Congratulations to Class " 84 " From AL ' S BARBER SHOP 27 Wyman St. Stoughton, MA CANTON LANES 100 Washington Canton, MA 828-4954 Congratulations Class of 1984 STEVEN S. MILLER D.D.S.P.C. 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CALDWELL 150 Old Page St. Stoughton, Mass. 02072 L - - , 1 S " ; _ ' " ' M 1 t M ■ - I ■ - m - • V j OBERTS JEWELRY Jewelry Specialists and Repairs Michael Migdal Village Mail Tana Diecidue Canton, MA 828-0954 i fjre f Shapes Congratulations to the Class of 1984 From GREAT SHAPES 684 Washington St. Stoughton, Mass. 02072 344-4010 Compliments of NEWMAN NEWMAN P.O. Attorneys-at-Law 20 Belgrade Ave. 50 Congress Roslindale, MA Boston, MA 325-0024 227-3361 1 Compliments of the SOUTH SHORE CENTER FOR GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING 1030 Turnpike Street Canton, MA 02021 828-8666 Stephen Rudin — Psychologist FAMILY DAY CARE CENTERS Washington Street it -V2 1 North Easton, MA f y 02356 Linda Rappaport Al and Florence Director Merola Compliments of the STOUGH- TON POLICE RELIEF ASSOCI- ATION We Congratulate the Class of ' 84 OUR BUSINESS IS ADVERTISING YOUR BUSINESS ( or O M IT Tel. 344-4833 733 Washin on Street Stoughton, Mass. This Advertisement is Courtesy of the People at DINOBUICK Located at 369 Washington Street Stoughton, IMA 176 FILM LAB OF STOUGHTON FILM PROCESSING Same Day Service, In by 10 — Out by 4 Monday Thru Saturday Now Offering 10 x 12 and 10 X 15 Enlargements. Also Prints From 35mm Size Negatives, Slides. Reprints and Slides too. 345 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 341-1414 taadfioek. Good Luck Graduates From CARADONNA ' S LIQUORS Stoughton — Canton And Best of Luck in the Future WESTERN AUIO 16 Washington SI (Cobbs Corner) Canton 828-3360 BICYCLE SERVICE PARTS t ACCESSORIES REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES raleigh western flyer rampar Fully Assembled 1 year warranty . Fn 4AM IPM Wtd.. Sal AM ' CPM F. C. PHILLIPS The World ' s Largest Manufacturer of Athletic Spikes. iVIanufacturer of Screw i iachine Products member of national screw machine productUT association STOUGHTON COOPERATIVE BANK 20 Park Street Stoughton, MA THE STOUGHTON DINER 657 Washington St. Stoughton, MA 344-9061 Open Daily From 6 AM to 1 AM Closed on Sundays Come Visit This STOUGHTON LANDMARK 177 178 W. T. TOOL NORTH INC. P.O. Box 481 1234 Washington Stoughton, MA Mark Stanko Manager HUG- ARD 1305 Washington Stoughton, MA 344-3120 Best of Luck to the Senior Class From J S L AUTO RBPAiR 1317 WASHINGTON STREET STOUGHTON, MA 02072 Lenny Glover 344-0550 Good Luck Class of 1984 From BANK OF BOSTON NORFOLK 594 Washington Stoughton 341-0601 T. F. EARLY SONS, INC Stoughton, MA A Friend From Stoughton F. W WE ISIS If 155 MAPLE STREET STOUGHTON MA 02072 617-341-1100 1-800-242-3810 (MASS.) Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 HANCOCK BANK Village Mall, Canton 179 Real Estate — Insurance 1032 Central Street 344-9631 344-3600 RANDOLPH SAVINGS BANK RANDOLPH STOUGHTON SORTH RANDOLPH HOLBROOK 963-2100 180 Compliments of TOTAL AUTO PARTS 340 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-4300 Congratulations 1984 From STOUGHTON M©bil Monty and Don Proprietors 372 Washington St. Stoughton, MA Our Compliments Best Wishes for the Future CANTON FENCE Congratulates the Class of 1984 We ' re Located at 1219 Washington St. Stoughton, MA 344-7366 Call for All Your Fencing Needs DENNENO ' S PIZZA — SUBS 545 Pearl St. Stoughton, MA 344-9803 Congratulations Graduates From PARSHLEY REALTY Located at 30 Porter Street Stoughton, MA 344-2210 WE DO IT ALL: Sales Rentals Appraisals Management M.L.S. Seasonal Specialty 16 Tosca Drive C ' MACS Stoughton 9 VS V9 344-0554 181 MCDONALD ' S OF STOUGHTON Salutes the Graduating Class of 1984 McDonald ' s Nobody Can Do It Like McDonald ' s Can Congratulations and Best Wishes Congratulations to the Class of 1984 From THE SONS OF riALY 560 Washington Street Stoughton, MA (Across the Street From Roxies, Behind Barman Tire) Hall Rentals for Banquets, Weddings and Parties — With Accommodations up to 100 People Call 344-9902 New Senior Members Are Always Welcome as well as New Junior Lodge Members (Ages 12-18) Congratulations From LOU AND MARY UGO 344-9969 Of OUNKIN ' DONUTS 408 Washington St. Congratulations Class of 1984 TOWN SPA For the Best Pizza Corner of Rose and Porter 344-7821 Best of Luck in the Future m I 183 SILVER RECOVERY SYSTEMS Installations • Sales • Service o±ton :J E,cou£.x i domfian ij BUYERS OF OBSOLETE FILM X-Ray • Litho • Industrial • Silver Chip (617)668-5486 P.O. Box 89 279 Stone St Industrial Park Walpole, MA 02081 Congratulations Class of 84 I G reenManor 31 Tosca Drive Stoughton, Massachusetts 02072 Telephone 341-1600 828-3018 184 — 8. 2ir G xenon 8 SonJnc. FRo v NEW ENGLAND TO CALIFORNIA Congratulations and Good Luck From E. W. GRENON SON 42 Tosca Drive Tel. 344-6410 Stoughton, MA Household Moving From New England to California Compliments of GILL MACHINE CO Good Luck to the Class of ' 84 Gill Machine Co. South Worth Ct. Stoughton, MA 02072 185 C. A. HANSON GLASS CO. INC. Commercial Contract Custom Mirror Work Auto Glass 697-2520 Pine St. Raynham, MA Vacuums. BuiLT-tN Ot Commerciac Garage Doors STORM DOORS WOOD COAL STOVES Tua Shower Enclosures Electric Door Openers BrodCb — Bradley Door Window Company Sales. Service and instaulation KEN BRADL-EY 344-3330 no CUSMING ST. STOUGHTON. MA. 02072 186 Congratulations From MARTIN KAPLAN DMD Practice Limited to Children, Adolescents and the Handicapped 1044 Central St. Stoughton, MA 341-0320 Office Hrs. by Apptmt. Congratulations — Class of 1984 — PAUL C. BISSETT TRAVEL AGENCY 11 Pearl Street Stoughton, Massachusetts 02072 344-0017 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class off 84 From the Officers and Members of the Stoughton Auxiliary Police Association Vice President Joanne Saquet Stoughton Auxiliary Police Association Inc. Captain Richard Carbonc Stoughton Auxiliary Police 187 CONG TULATIONS CLASS (JF 1984 Now that you have completed your high school education, unlimited possibilities for interesting careers await you. With your high school diploma, you can afford to be selective in your choice of career. We would be pleased to discuss with you at any time opportunities available, both in our office and distribution center as well as retailing in the hundreds of shoe departments we operate coast to coast. Whatever your career decision, we extend to you our best wishes for your success. OKOJ E SHOE INC. SSS Turnpi ( Street Cdntortj Mass. 02021 Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 BARBATO CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. General Contractors Stoughton, MA Congratulations From Pete, Pat, Rick, Bub, Terry 189 Compliments of: BLACKWELL STUDIO " Your Class Photographer " The Stotonian staff wishes to express its sincere thanks to Terry Griffin of Blackwell Studio. He has helped and supported us throughout the year and has con- tinually rearranged his schedule to suit our publication ' s needs. For all of your time, effort, and fast service, we express our deepest thanks! 190 GOLD PATRONS Ths Zad6 Fsmily Mr. flnd Mrs. John Konnody Mr. and Mrs. Robort MacKonzis Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Smith Dick and Ruth Plunlcatt Mr. and Mrs. John F. Goldon and Family Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Backet Sharsn and Loonard Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Novello Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yarmaloft and Family Gene and Barbara MacDonald Audrey and Ed Hoffman The Muldoon Family Mr. and Mrs. J. Peter Niosi Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Masalsky Maureen Crossey Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Homer Kerry E. Manning Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Gus Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Arnold V. Burke Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Callander Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Boyle Mr. and Mrs. John A. Karavetsos Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Sacks Paul and Susanna Egersheim Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Homer Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Parker Myrna and Paul Cohen and Family Fred and Sheila Campt ell Mr. and Mrs. William S. Meadows The Berler Family Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Malloy and Family James and Janet Walsh Jack and Carol Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jennings Ellie and Dick Gallerani and Family The Reid Family Janet F. Rossi Mr. and Mrs. David A. Peterson and Family Vicki and Len Skoletsky and Family The Fitzgerald Family The Zelbow Family Warner and Beverly Bucklin Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Stevens Judith Hamilton Ruth Ann Daly McKeen C. Kessel Mr. and Mrs. Joel F. Kravetz Mr. and Mrs. Henry Aronson and Family Mr. and Mrs. Carl Olson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Battles Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Emidio Mondazzi John R. Anderson and Family 1 no Da9 8Z rflmiiy DaiDara kj Lionnoii 1 ne riammes ramiiy SILVER PATRONS Leon A. Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Curry Mr. and Mrs. David P. Sears Mr. and Mrs. Richard Martin Mr. and Mrs. Leon Rudman Mrs. Ann Lemack Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pires Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick P. Tibets Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Barlow Mr. and Mrs. Ken Whittington Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Irvin A. Pinkofsky The Piselli Family Olive and Norman Theriault Mr. and Mrs. Edward Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Doyle and Family Fran and Bob Marden Mr. ana Mrs. potor urianao Eileen, Karen and Judith Kramer BRONZE PATRONS Claire M. Bouin Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sheff 1«J1 INDEX ADMINISTRATION 82-83 ADVERTISING 160-191 ART 142 AWARDS 130-131 BASKETBALL 110-111 CHEERLEADERS 98-99 CHESS CLUB 132 CLASS HISTORY Freshman 4-5 Sophomore 6-7 Junior 10-11 CLASS PICTURE 19 COLLAGE 88-89 COMMODORE COMPUTER 132 CLUB DEDICATION 85 FACULTY 66 Guidance 67 English 68-69 Soc. Studies 70 Business 71 Math. 72-73 Science 74-75 Ind. Arts 76 Home Ec. 77 Fr. Lang. 78 Fine Arts 79 Phys. Ed. 80 Spec, Occ. Ed. 81 FALL 96-97 FIELD HOCKEY 108-109 FOOTBALL 100-101 FRESHMEN 150-151 FUNKY FAVORITES 84 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL 116-117 GOLF 102 GYMNASTICS 121 HALFTIMESHOW 128-129 HOCKEY 114-115 HOMECOMING 87 HONOR SOCIETY 131 INTERNATIONAL CLUB 133 JUNIORS 146-147 LUNCH TIME! 140-141 OPENING ESSAY 1-16 OKLAHOMA 124-125 RECEPTION 91 SADD 132 SENIOR SECTION 17 SENIORS AT WORK 154-155 SKETTI SUPPER 86 SHS KNIGHT 159 SOPHOMORES 148-149 SPIRIT HALLS 90 STUDENT COUNCIL 134-135 SUPERLATIVES 92-94 SWIMMING 103 UNDERCLASS 152-153 WINTER 121 WINTER DANCE 136-137 WINTER TRACK 118-119 WRESTLING 112-113 WRITING COMPETITION 144-145 YEARBOOK 156-158 1 PAGE 2 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 As We Go To Press... We Mourn... With deep regret we report the death, by drowning, of Christine Am- brosio Class of ' 64. We offer our deep condolences to the bereaved family and friends of this lovely young lady. We Apologize... The Stotonlan staff acknowledges with thanks the many praiseworthy comments about the ' 84 Stotonian. We do regret and apologize for any errors of omission and commission that may have cropped in by in- advertence. If we spelled your name wrong, identified a picture incorrectly or in any way erred, we are deeply sorry. Certainly no error was intentional. Girls Do It Again SHS girls ' tennis retained its Division II South sectional championship by defeating Bishop Feehan 4-1. It was no " laugher " as the girls had to come from behind in an intensely fought match. We Salute IMr. Sumner Tapper, advisor to student publications, received special honors on June 9. The Norfolk County Teachers Association presented him with an honor award for " significant service to the teaching profession. " Election Results Tom Donnelly AM Tare Donnelly FRIENDSHIP Twelve years go by so fast. None of these years has gone by any faster than the ones spent in high school. For all, they have been a time of great joy and great pain. Triumph and tragedy. But despite this paradox, one thing has remained constant — friendship! Sociologists call it the process of socialization, the process in which we become people in terms of our culture. One of the primary places this occurs is in the school. It is not simply the book learning that allows us to become " us. " It is the people we are in contact with. It is through our friends that we first learn to see ourselves. This occurs in earlier schooling. So that in the years from elementary to high school, we allow our friendships to become deeper. When underclassmen are asked about graduation, the response is generally that it ' s a time of great happiness and time to " get . out of this place. " But if a senior is asked, usually the answer is quite different. For most, while a time of anticipation, it is also a time for true sadness. Is it because they ' re leaving the class- rooms, the buildings, perhaps Stoughton? No, it ' s because they ' ll be leaving friends. This can be scary, since friends are so im- portant to us. And while some people may find it hard to believe that anything but joy could be felt at the prospect of leaving Stoughton High, that is quite often not the case. Witness the tear- ful hugs on graduation night, knowing that perhaps friends for four years may never see each other again. Perhaps the single most important thing we as a generation have learned is tolerance. We now have friends that 20 or more years ago, most of us couldn ' t or wouldn ' t have had. This opens us up in so many ways. Friends are being made on the basis of who that person is, not on what that person is. This allows for good friendships now and hope for the future. If we can become the kind of people we have learned to be in high school, we have made a better world for ourselves the rest of our lives. While actually in school, it can often look like an awful place to be. But in hindsight, one can say that as bad as it ' s been, it ' s probably a place a person wouldn ' t want to trade for anything else. School and the people in it become our extended family, one that can be as important as our real families. This can make us vulnerable in many ways, but it can also bring so much comfort and joy. For now. you can be content in the thought that choosing life beyond school will be exciting. You will be attending college, entering the workforce, or becoming parents. At a reunion ten years from now. you may forget someone ' s name but you ' ll in- stinctively know what that person is and how much he or she meant to you. That ' s because the friends we make in high school can never truly be forgotten. For while we must always look to- wards the future, the memories of the friendships will always remain with us. Ellie Havlin ' 85 Ram Panek Ronnie Di Matteo Michael Carroll Duke Donoghue ELECTION RESULTS 1984-85 STUDENT COUNCIL: Tom Donnelly, president; Paula Kllm, vice-president; Joyce Stephansky, Kathy Kelleher, secretary; Maurice Leger, treasurer. CLASS OF 1985: Tara Donnelly, president; Kim Benson, vice-president; Nicole Murphy, secretary; Jeff Swartz, treasurer; Ann Chamberlain, Peter Fredericksen, Paula Francioso, Ceasar Vallente, Valerie Ward, Dawn Young, class representatives; Paula Klim, student advisory board; Tom Don- nelly, student advisory board, at large. CLASS OF 1986: Pamela Panek, president; Ronnie DIMatteo, vice-president; Sheila Jackman, secretary; Irene McLeod. treasurer, Laura Stevens, Diane Walsh, Andy Bank. Rene Bleau, Stephanie Kemp, Susan McNamara, Tim Devine, class repre- sentatives; Laura Cullen, student advisory board. CLASS OF 1987: Michael Carroll, president; Duke Donaghue, vice-president; Jennifer Rem- mes, secretary; Richard Doyle; Christine Fogarty, Janice Lorenz, Robin Young, Michelle Kelly, Lorl Giroux, Bill Kane, Kevin Murphy, class repre- sentatives; Debbie Swanbeck, student advisory board. JUNE 1984 mm SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 3 Scott Robichaud ' 86 points to his Second Grand Award winning project. Richard Pinkofsicy ' 84, a 1st Grand Prize winner in the IMass. State Science Fair repre- sented Massachusetts in the international Science Fair in Columbus, Ohio. A proud Judy Carlton ' 86 stands by her work. Annual SHS Science Fair Exhibitor Awards: Arthur Berg, Noreen Tierney, John Rosenblatt, Nancy Scares, Shane Wilbar. Kerry Jennings ' 87 admires her awards. Honorable mentions in the Annual Science Fair were awarded to (Front) Cathy Mootos, Steven Greenspoon, Megan Harrington, Judy Carlton, Renee Somers. (Rear) Laura Backner, Richard Venanze, Corrlne Herlihy, Mike Poskus, Nancy Elierston. PAGE 4 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 Lisa Lips interviews the finalists. Rita Silva leads some of the contestants In a little exercise. Move over, Jane Fonda! Here comes Sean j n Homer displays the latest In lumberjacit fashion. Rub-a-dub-dub . . two men in a tub? JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGES Soloist Gary Thompson. The award-winning SHS Show Choir Christina Ransom, Cheryl Piseiii, Maryann Mootos, Jay Homer, and Chris Marshall perform to the song " Good Lovin ' . " Maryann Mootos, Cathy Mootos, Dan Remmes and Bill Mootos brhig back the forties. Juerg BaertschI dances to the theme song from " Flashdance. " POPS CONCERT SHS Jazz Band directed by Mr. Ron Christiansen: (Front) Sue Kardon, Debbie Mythen, Laura Sweeney, Gary Thompson, Paul Russell, Jon Wax, Scott Newman. (2nd) Tom Day, John Homer. (Rear) Mike Anderson, Jeff Cohen, Mark Napierkowski, Tony Di Lorenzo, John Kravetz. PAGE 6 SHS SENIOR FINALE Somehow, he doesn ' t seem all that impressed with the evening ' s proceedings. ' This painting ' s good. " ART EXHIBIT 1. i r . . i A viewer focuses her gaze on a variety of paintings. Mrs. Curry, school nurse, removes her shades to view the talent of SHS art students. Katey McShea and Jennifer Cross were hostesses for the many visitors attending the exhibit. ilene Springer proudly displays her work as art Instructor Mr. Mend«s ioolcs on. JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 7 Jeff Colien provides background music at the annuai art exhibit. An onlool er appreciates the work of Stoughton High art students. Foreign Exchange student Juerg Baertschi Artwortc by Stoughton High graduate Chris Chamberlain who currently attends New England School poses with Mr. Anthony Sarno, SHS principal. of Art. PAGES SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 JUNIOR PROM Class of 1985 Sheraton-Mansfield April 26, 1984 I . Peter Fredericksen, Krissy Hughes, Jeff Swartz, Karen Anderson, Bobby Murphy and Robin Young await the start of the big night. Laura Feist and her date enjoy a relaxing moment by themseives. Frannle Costeiio, Kim Benson, and Nilcki Lyerla. The Queen and her Court: (Craig Chapiain) Juiie Erickson, (Lenny Johnson) Vaierie Ward, Queen Gorett Gomes, (Brian Bettencourt), Sheri Berger (Fred Campbeil), Chrissy Doyie (Robert Powers). The lead singer JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 9 Val Ward dances with Lenny Johnson while Herb Sticlder loolts on. Students form a procession as the prom queen Is picked. Herb Stickler, Georgia Zislmopoulos, Tina Scioietti, Tracy Unda, Lisa Shifman, and escorts. Susan Kardon and her date. The quest lor prom queen continues. Chrissy Doyle, Susan Miller, Brian Melvin, Michelle Riddell and Ricky Stone ham it up for the camera. PAGE 10 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 Behind the scene, Ken Bradley ' 84, Stephanie Kemp ' 86, and Richard " You better watch out, Commie, I ' m an American with a deadly weapon! " Waddleton ' 86, lal(e time out to smile for the camera. (David Saperstein, Danny Remmes) Gary Kaufman ' 84 listens while Billy Mootos tries to explain things to a baffled, naive American girl Laura Sweeney, wife of a troubled American (Stephanie Kemp). tourist, sets up shop in the office of the man trying to talte charge (Billy Mootos). A pause for a pose at the dress rehearsal: Billy Mootos, Laura Sweeney, Stephanie Kemp, Steven Shalit, Juerg BaertschI, Danny Remmes. JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 11 Richard Waddleton portrays the head of the American Embassy. The Mrs. (Laura Sweeney) scolds the Mr. (Danny Remmes) for taking pictures of a Soviet missile base. Jay Homer fixes the lighting on the set. The Russian (David Saperslein) has a confrontation with the Embassy American Embassy " man in charge " Billy Mootos listens to the chef (Juerg Baertschi) while Ken Bradley and Bill Mootos look on. American tourist ' s story told by Danny Remmes and his family (Stephanie Kemp and Laura Sweeney) Backstage, Sean Smith helps Laura Sweeney and Michele Clem while Danny Remmes studies his lines. Keith Jennings and Amy Foster play Arabs who come to the Embassy for a visit. PAGE 12 SHS SENIOR FINALE FOREIGN LANGUAGE FAIR JUNE 1984 Sheri Hewson, Stacey Zelbow, and Maria Martins hang out at the French Mr. Dale Lavelle models the latest In toga-wear for Foreign Language cafe. head Karen Benjamin. " It ' s been a pleasure . . . You ' re the greatest! " Mrs. Ellen Griffin Thanks the officers who The have guided it Class Fatima Garcia (3 years) of Joanne Marden (1 year) 1984 ' Kim Costa (4 years) Lisa Piselli (4 years) Paula Niosi (3 years) • Jeff DiMatteo (1 year) PAGE 14 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 Sports Update COACH OF THE YEAR: Bob Ashley, SHS varsity baseball coach, was named Division 2 coach of the year by the Globe. " Ashley has been successful in all his coaching ventures, " the Globe said. " An 18-2 regular season mark this year and the Hockomock League championships are his accomplishments this spring. " Last year his Stoughton club captured the Division 2 South and the Eastern Mass. Division 2 titles. " He has a career mark of 204-56 in eight years of coaching (four years at Stoughton). Ashley had a successful high school career at Apponequet, playing basketball, baseball and football, cap- taining the latter two his senior year. " GIRLS ' TENNIS: Doubles victories by the teams of Dianne Blomstrom and Tina Galley, and Maureen and Patty McGowan offset losses by Sue Blomstrom and Carole Zelbow as the Black Knights girls ' tennis teams defeated Bishop Stang in Division II South Sectional quarterfinal action on June 5 in Stoughton. RECORD: S. Blomstrom 6-4, 3-6, 3-6; Maura Tector 6-3. 6-1; Zelbow 2-6, 7-5, 5-7; D. Blom- strom and Galley 6-0, 6-0, 6-2; M. McGowan and P. McGowan 6-0, 2-6, 6-3. SOFTBALL: On June 5, at home, the Softball team lost in opening Division I tournament action to Bishop Feehan 6-1. A six-run rally in the top of the second in- ning, five of which were unearned, cost SHS the game. The Knights scored their only run in the third inning, when Dawn Young tripled and scored on a grounder by Mary Fitzgerald. Marie Pellegrino took the loss for Stoughton despite a strong performance- four hits, two walks, and four strikeouts over seven innings. Spring Ah, spring! ' Tis the season to be jolly, for Christmas has come early for the Stoughton High sports teams. After a dismal winter, Santa has come out of hibernation, bringing tid- ings of four league championships in his bag of goodies. Athletic Director Ray O ' Malley couldn ' t be happier. He feels, however, that better performances from fall and winter teams could have augmented the feeling of success. " The success of the spring teams is a great jump for the athletic depart- ment, " O ' Malley says, " but spring sports don ' t carry a high school. We must now de- velop our fall and winter programs to achieve complete success. " The members of the varsity baseball, Softball, boys ' tennis and girls ' tennis teams can ' t relax and enjoy the laurels which have been bestowed upon them. The teams must prove their credibility for a second time in upcoming tournament action. (ED. NOTE: This column was prepared on June 1.) Whatever the results, Stough- ton ' s domination of the Hockomock League can be considered nothing less than outstanding. Baseball It is difficult to find superlatives to de- scribe the 1984 varsity baseball team. After crawling to a 4-2 record in the early season, the talented team ' s ability to win was questioned by both cohorts and ad- versaries alike. Pressured to follow in the footsteps of the 1983 Eastern Mass. Championship team, the Knights strove to meet their expectations. Their answer: fourteen straight wins and another league title. " After losing two straight games, I told the team that I wanted them to have fun at any cost, " said coach Bob Ashley. " Even if we ended at 10-10, I told them the season would still be a success if we had fun. So they just went out and had fun. " The Black Knights had fun by trampling Sports over the opposition by such scores as 20-1, 29-1, and 16-2. They disposed of arch rival King Philip by a 4-2 score, building a two- game lead over the nearest competitor. Team statistics included a .372 batting average and a .934 overall fielding per- centage. " We try to play with a lot of intensity, " said Ashley when asked to comment on the team ' s success. " Last year ' s playoff ser- ies caused the players to mature and realize how talented they are. The kids committed themselves to winning every game they played. " Stoughton ' s pitching staff is comprised of the three top hurlers in the Hockomock League. Scott Carlson, Ed Statkiewicz and Jim Overstreet, each posted ERA ' S of under two runs per game. Dave Murphy, second in league hitting, batted .478 with 37 RBI. First baseman Tim Bishop and center fielder Mike Wiseman posted averages over .400. Softball " The main thing I was trying to do was to achieve a lot of cooperation, " says Coach Mike Baxter of the Hockomock League champion girls ' softball team. " We saw a lot of improvement in all areas, especially pitching. ' ' Baxter speaks modestly. " Improve- ment " could be replaced by " complete reversal " when referring to the 13-3 Black Knights. After landing in the league cellar in the previous season, the squad wasted no time in making their presence known to a competitive field. Marie Pellegrino led an efficient pitch- ing staff with a 13-2 record and nine team members contributed handily at bat with averages over .300. Sister Linda Pellegrino hit .395, second only to Marie ' s .447 clip. Tina Doucette, Robyn Dray, Julie Free- man, Amy Cotter, Mary Fitzgerald, and Debbie Mythen had fine seasons for the Knights. Tennis After dropping two close matches due to injury, the boys ' tennis team rebounded with late season victories over arch-rivals Sharon and Foxboro to put away the league championship. It was the first such distinction for rookie coach David Tucker. The Knights battled to overcome an early lead posted by league co-champ Sharon. The dynamic singles duo of Andy and Scott Berler led the team. Scott returned from a wrist injury to go un- defeated, while Andy maintained an ex- cellent record throughout the season. " E " Hoffman played consistently well at third SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 15 CHARLES TUCKER I took my position at first base, neatly cultivating the infield dirt with my feet as I awaited the monotony of daily practice. While creating a comfortable cloud of dust, I proceeded toward second base, where a ray of sunshine enlightened the somber playing surface. I discovered a simple message inscribed in the dirt, ironical in its eloquence. The words said, " I love you, Charles ! " Charles Tucker played second base. Charles ' girlfriend had been here only a short time ago, having etched the bold, capital letters in the dirt with a stray branch. The words resembled the feelings conveyed by the old tradition of carving a sweetheart ' s initials in oak trees. How nice Charles Tucker must be to warrant such emotions, I thought to myself. What a guy he must be to have someone care for him so much. I ceased cultivating the dirt with my feet, preserving the message in all its splendid simplicity. This small token of thoughtfulness will mean so much to Charles when he practices later with the junior varsity team, I thought. As the varsity team relinquished the field, I saw Charles take his position at second base. I had anticipated correctly the smile of warmth when he discovered the message. The rest of the team smiled along with him. After absorbing the im- pact of the thought behind the words, he cleared the message and got ready to play. It was time for practice. Hard work would come now, time with those he cared for would come later. Those who did not know Charles Tucker too well, like myself, nevertheless admired his amiability and thirst for life. He could brighten the most cloudy of moments with his winning smile, and create happiness in times of remorse. We can only comfort those who were close to him, for they truly experienced his charm and kindness. For all of us, our memories of this fine young man are as timeless as that message scrawled in the infield soil : We ' ll always love you (and your memory), Charles. — Paul Masalsky ' 84 JUNE 1984 singles, and the doubles teams of Dan Aronson with Boo Stevens, and Bill Rossi with Craig Spurr provided solid play in pressure situations. It was business as usual for the girls ' tennis team. The lady Knights volleyed to an unblemished 16-0 mark, capturing their third straight Hockomock League title and a top " seed " position in the post-season tournament. For lack of a better word, the team can be considered a " family. " The team members have been playing together since their sophomore years, when Stoughton High ' s eyes were opened to girls ' tennis. " I think the experience factor has reached its peak with this team, " remarks second year coach Russell Clough. " The girls play hke true athletes in every match, never compromising on hard work. " Sue Blomstrom and Maura Tector played to undefeated seasons at first and second singles. The doubles team of Diane Blomstrom and Tina Galley was also perfect at 16-0. These achievements should not overshadow the fine work of Carole Zelbow at third singles and the doubles team of Patty and Mo McGowan. All of the players contributed to a strong team depth others could not overcome. TRACK Although the boys ' and girls ' track teams were unable to post winning records, stellar individual performances brought proper recognition to the athletes. The relay team of Eric Saperstein, Brian Plunkett, Brian Lanner and Ed Daly parti- cipated in the All-State meet at Boston College. Daly competed in the pole vault at the All-State meet, after placing fourth at the Eastern Mass. States competition. The girls ' relay team of Monica McKinnon, Sue Hurley, Corey Dacey and Kim Romaine set a new Class B record at the Regional Finals. The team also competed at the All-State meet. Although boys ' coach Don Bernier was impressed with these post-season per- formances, he was disappointed with the team ' s 3-5 dual meet record. " We shouldn ' t have lost a few important meets. We got bad breaks and when one group had an off day, everyone had an off day. Basi- cally we geared the kids toward the post- season, hoping for success in those meets. " Capt. Brian Plunkett led the team with an undefeated season in the 330-low hur- dles, and lost only once in the 400-meter run. The team ' s great strength came with the addition of Dave Barbato as distance coach. The distance men performed consistently well behind the leadership of Capt. John Veliotis, Junior Bunsen, Flash Medeiros and Chris Veliotis. Underclass prospects such as Jamie Borr and Bill Kane provided strength in the field events. The girls ' team struggled to a 4-4 dual meet record, hampered by injuries to some top runners. The Knights were paced by Corey Dacey ' s consistent hard work in the long jump, and Madeline Mace ' s steady improvement in the javelin. Lisa Donaghue, Stacey Berdos and Nancy Soares performed well in the distance events. " We had problems with self-confidence and team cohesiveness, " first year coach Chris Brady comments. " We tried to establish a good team attitude throughout the season and team spirit finally emerged in the post-season. " JV The junior varsity Softball team battled to a 12-4 record this spring. The team was paced by the strong pitching of Heidi Sacks, who contributed handily to the last three wins. Cathy Homer provided power in the batting department. Chris Fogarty and Tracey Aguiar excelled in the field and on the basepaths. Coach William Rudder was impressed with the spirit his team members displayed despite having a poor season statistically. " The inclement weather hampered us at the start, and we progressed slowly. Near the end of the season, we established a feeling of team togetherness. " — Paul Masalsky ' 84 Sports Columnist i I i PAGE 16 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 Baseball ALL SCHOLASTIC ... On June 5, the Boston Globe named Jim Overstreet as Player of the Year for Division 2 in baseball. The Globe said, " Not too many people could forget Overstreet ' s hitting and pitching performance in last year ' s EMass Division 2 tournament where he copped the MVP award for the tourney. " " Overstreet hit .351, and the three-year starter was also outstanding with a 1.63 ERA and 65 strikeouts in 54 innings. " He is also captain of the basketball and football teams and member of the basket- ball and baseball all Hockomock League teams. " Divisional ill) All-Stars named by the Globe included Dave Murphy, catcher; Tim Bishop, infielder; Mike Wiseman, out- fielder. LEAOUE CHAMPS Tim Bishop Jim Overstreet Marie Arnold Ed Stalklewicz VARSITY BASEBALL: (front) Scott Carlson, Jim Overstreet, David Murphy, Marie Arnold, Anthony Novello, Tim Bishop, Ed Statklewlcz. (Rear) Dave Sheehan, Steve O ' Connell, Dan Haslam. Mike Wise- man, Peter Fredericksen, Bob Federowicz, Craig Chaplain, coach Bob Ashley. Jim Overstreet shows winning form. Defensive ace Tony Novello Mark Arnold awaits the pitch. Pitching ace Ed Statklewlcz Is equally adept In the field. JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 17 Todd Levine provides offensive punch. Jolin Tammaro displays some defense! Tom Wahl on the mound. Mike Batte prepares to strike. Brad Miller makes the stretch from first base. SUB-VARSITY BASEBALL: (Front) Rob Gianni, Eric Pushes, Bill Maloney, Charles Tucker (In memoriam), Dave Halperin, Mike Batte, Mike Walter, John Tammaro, Chris Kemp, Mike Foley. (Rear) Brad Miller, Todd Levine, Jason Marston, Stan Loring, Mike McCabe, Jim Boushell, Tom Wahi, Paul McGovern, coach Oan Mark. Levine dances on the basepath. PAGE 18 BOYS ' TENNIS LEAGUE CHAMPS SHS SENIOR FINALE BOYS ' TENNIS : At Stoughton on June 5, the Knights rebounded from an 0-1 deficit with victories in singles by Scott Berler and Eric Hoffman and doubles by Russ Stevens and Dan Aronson, and Craig Spurr and Bill Rossi, ousting Dartmouth (4-1) from the Division II South tournament. The season for boys ' tennis came to a halt in quarterfinal action on June 6 when the Knights dropped a close match to Marshfield 3-2. The match went down to the last contest, a doubles contest in- volving the SHS duo of Bill Rossi and Craig Spurr. Victory by the doubles combo of Aronson and Stevens had tied up the competition 2-2, as the Knights had been able to salvage only one point (a win by Scott Berler) in the singles matches. Rossi-Spurr took the first set but lost the second. After spotting the Rams 3-1 in games in the final set, the SHS pair came back to tie 3-3, but the opponents broke service twice to win set, match, and end the season for the locals. JUNE 1984 Andy Beriar Eric Hoffman Dan Aronson Russ Stevens Bill Rossi Craig Spurr JUNE 1984 Moe McGowan with sister Patty (serving). Undefeated Sue Blomstrom follows ttirough. SHS SENIOR FINALE Marci Lubofsky bangs a forehand at tlie base- line. Carole Zelbow serves an ace. PAGE 19 LEAGUE Sue Blomstrom Maureen McGowan GIRLS ' TENNIS Coach Russ Clough led his team to an undefeated 16-0 season in 1984. Once again the girls dominated the Hockomock League following last year ' s one-loss championship season which saw the girls go all the way to the State semi-finals after winning the South Sectionals. All-stars Sue Blomstrom and Maura Tector remained undefeated at first and second singles. Senior Carole Zelbow provided consistent play throughout the season at the third singles position. All-star juniors Dianne Blomstrom and Tina Galley had a fine, undefeated season at first doubles and the sister team of Patty and Moe McGowan played con- sistently at second doubles. Lori Arbit and Marci Lubofsky filled in at substitute roles as needed. GIRLS ' TENNIS: (Front) Carole Zelbow, Tricla Pfietteplace, Sue Blomstrom, Tina Galley, Patty McGowan, Maura Tector, Moe McGowan, Dianne Blomstrom. (Rear) Kitty Coe, Kathy Kime, Chris Tobin, Stacey Zelbow, Kathy Kelleher, Stacey Sewycic, Marci Lubofsky, Lori Arbit, Judy Phetteplace, coach Russ Clough. PAGE 20 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 Brian Plunkett (who finished undefeated In the event (or the season) clears the final hurdle. Fred Campbell State finalist In the pole vault, Ed Daly clears 12 feet to set a personal record. BOYS ' TRACK: (Front) Paul IMedelros, Ken Spears, Mike Swanbeck, Gary Rudman, Jeff OlMatteo, Paul Bunson, Brian Plunkett, John Vellotis, Jeff Thompson, Jeff Wagner, John FIschera, Ed Daly, Dennis McGowan. (Rear) Joey Barfoosa, Jay Rosenberg, Kevin Harding, Jeff Teplitz, Steven Greeenspoon, Bob Silverstein, Tim Devlne, Chris Vellotis, Chris O ' Connor, Eric Saperstein, Joe Masalsky, Brian Lanner, David Soares, Steve Kerman, Jamie Borr, Jon Bloom, Bill Kane, Fred Campbell, Lou Modestino, Ron Montgomery, Tom Keane. Boys ' Track JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 21 Sophomore Sue McNamara In a strong finish. Another sterling toss by senior shotputter Stacey Green. Down the home stretch races junior Paula Kllm. GIRLS ' GIRLS ' TRACK: (Front) Corey Dacey, Eileen Malloy, Corl Glllman, Diane Walsh, Madeline Mace, Lorlann Murray, Stacey Berdos, Lisa Donaghue, Rita Silva, Stacy Green, Jill Cohen, Kim Tobins, Sarit Rossman, Michelle Wise, Kim Harris. (Rear) Tracy Salazar, Donnelly Morgan, Alissa Zaslow, Debbie Swanbecl(, Amy Tarpey, Julie Erlcksen, Paula Kllm, Kim Romalne, Paula Franclsoso, Laura Backner, Nancy Scares, Lesia DIjak, Amy Barbato, Tina Veliotis, Michelle Greenberg, Monica McKlnnon, Sue McNamara, Sue Hurley, Janice Lorenz, Heidi Ostroff, Jill Freedman, Janell Barelt, Adelena Costa. TRACK PAGE 22 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 Maria Pinto was fifth in a national Spanish examination sponsored by the American Association Teachers of Spanish (AATSP). Sixth place in the AATSP contest was won by Marisa Noe. Students in each of the American Studies sec- tions enjoyed some dramatic presentation of ttw Lowell (Mass.) mill girts by Marcia Perimutter. SHS science classes journeyed to HerVimer, N. Y., for a chance to " dig " for dia- Tricia Sweeney, outgoing Student Council president, gives happily at the monds. Among those present were Noreen Tiemey, Amy Foster, Marie last blood-donor drive of the year. Macrogianis. An illusion is this super-effort by Kerry Jennings. Actually, the SHS bus had dropped off the road, leading to this illusory effort by Kerry. Renee Somers pauses for much-relished relax- ation at the diamond hunt. Digging for diamonds on the annual pilgrimage to Herlcimer are Corinne Herlihy and Beth Sneider. JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 23 St ILa i Will nti VLtmmtnt ADRIENE B leaves Anna my little SlacR Book; Donna H luck with Howie; Bri McD, computer note- book; Gorm a big briefcase; Dr. D, a desk cleaner; Colleen B, algebra notebook; Donna C, years of knowledge; Alice B, romance books... ANIBAL G leaves half my money to my parents and the other half to my brother including personal belongings and collections; ALISA J leaves Billy, a love you ' ll never understand; Craig, a special friendship; JoAnne , one -more year; Ms B, someone to send you flowers; Juerg, a return visit to the US; Nancy, a trip to Canada; Ronnie, a rich young doctor; Robyn, the drive-in. . .AMY G leaves Mara years of friendship, past, present, future; Judy, a muzzle; Amy, 3 buzz saws; Sharon, a confused China- man; Ronnie D, a back rub; Elyse K, 30c... BRIAN P leaves Brian L the keys to the shed and a state record; the truck team, a winning future; Lisa, all my love and friendship, and my new address in Amherst... BRIDGET T leaves David P a pair of green plaid poly- ester pants; Julie T, Wood- stock; Chris V, my side of the locker; Johnnie P Laura C, Cleo ' s wife; Loriann, a date with Roger; Tom K, all my broken jewelry; Mikey Mac, raking lessons . . .BROOKE G leaves Cara-Lyn, an orange carnation bombscare; David S, David N, and Tom, highway tp; Cheryl, CL and DS front row seats at the Bickfords Brawl; Jill, a homerun in San Fxan- cisco; all the WC ' sj my collec- tion of restaurant momentos... CAROL W leaves Bobby all my love and happiness in the future and many more early Thursdays; Mom and Dad, lots of love and thanks; Sheri, tuna on the bus; Holly, no more changing socks; Sue, someone ' s headaches. . .CAROLE Z leaves Little, two more great years at SHS; Sue K, a great senior year, see you at The Deis in ' 85; Debbie M, Amos the good piccolo; the girls tennis team, many more successful seasons; BBG girls, AZA guys; the march- ing band, a field for a half- time show; P, many great times together over the past decade.. CARON H leaves Billy a can of whipped cream; Ilene, an airs- sick bag; Robyn, her own car with Rich; Ronnie, a young, rich doctor; Henry, a care bear cutie; Dawn, all the concerts she wants; Mary, breakfast at Bickford ' s; Juerg, another year in the United States .. .CHERYL C leaves all my food to Monica V; Diane C, my car and job; Kenny A my love; Lisa S, a nice-looking guy; Jodi R, a trip to the Carribean; Patty Do, my ciga- rettes; Ron R, my stereo; Michael S, my stuffed animals; Tony D, my speakers .. .CHRIS G leaves Joannie all my love and the good times we had at SHS; My Bud brothers, a Bat bus ride to Brockton and a pool of water so they can swim; all my good friends, the happiness that I leave behind; Bud Light, my pool cue so that he might win a game some day; Shady Brady, axjacket that is not red... CHRIS M leaves all my love and posse- sions to the one who is so special in my lif§ Michele G is to receive gifts of my affection. . . CRAIG M leaves Joanne a real perm; Billy, a blue bathrobe; Alisa, a wish she ' ll get married, some day; Miss B, four excellent years; Robyn a game of ' quarters ' ; Caron, red " feet " with slits; Mary, two tsa ' s tsa ' s and a frozen pizza; Juerg, fun summer with Robyn and Caron... DANIEL G leaves Mark G a " maggot " of Chateau LaFay- ette 1909; Buffy J, Mr. French Mrs. Beazley; Paul G, Gary K; Mr. W, I leave swampland in Florida; Paul R, an Impala. . .DARYL C leaves Gary one free dinner; Marnie, my good teacher; Chris, my cuteness; Freddy, our mutual friend Bruce; Debbie, a night just for the girls in Boston; Sheri, sleep, NOlI; the pretty one, all my love and support for always; Jon, I leave you Thriller !.. .DAVE B leaves Rich, a certain V, a spotlight in Boston, and the knowledge; George, a future; Rob, the next 5 Assassin al- bums; Barry, leather and spikes from head to toe... DAVID C leaves Chris G a never-ending saga and pair of pants to play football in; Christine R, a rasperry lime " Ricky " ; Mr. S, Buddy and Eddy as captains for a few more years; Kraig L, a " real " moustache; Joe A, an answer- ing machine; Debbie F, a spe- cial friendship and memories of good times. . .DAVID P leaves Teresa with Shakesper- ian cannibals; Bridget with fear of polyester; Mike and John, a bottle somewhere; Tom Copley plaza wherever it may be; Mara, tortured by escar- got; Lisa, in the hematology lab... DEBBIE F leaves Jay H for now; Linda L altways time to listen; David C stranded on a rainy night; Doris F a certain BC quarterback; Christine R always swinging on a tree branch; Lauren, braking for trees; Daryl, a lifetime of happin ess with John R; Craig S, matching bow ties; Frankie, a friendship that will last forever... PAGE 24 DEBBIE W leaves Artie all my love; Jeff, much happiness in the future; Marc, a motor cycle; Juniors, a very happy senior year; my family, much love and happiness; Sandy, DIANE C leaves Jaimie L 13 G ' s of CC; Peter C, a big glass of OJ; Lisa C, a trip to Hawaii; Patty D, a thanksgiving dinner; Walshie, a private plane; Mr D, " good luck " teaching at SHS; Joy S, JD... DONNA B leaves Richard W all my love; Andrea B, three successful years at SHS; Jennifer B, her own locker; Sheri B, good memories; Mr. F, my jokes; Scott C, a smile .. .DORIS F leaves Linda L all alone with Teddy Bear; Debbie F with Montana; Rita S her little family of three; Stacy G taking the biggest bite of all; Cheer- leaders, hopes and dreams of a new advisor; Brad N in a strange position; Chris M and Christine R in the dryer; Kelly L the hip one... ED D leaves the wrestlers my confidence that they ' ll kick butt in future seasons; Rosie, a clock that reads 8:29; Mr. C, a wish that next year ' s Calc II will be less hyperactive after lunch... EMILY G leaves Mrs. L a party; Mr. D, a signed card; Mr. G, a big hug. . . FATIMA G leaves all my love to the best Mom and Dad in the world; Sis and John, peace and quiet after 9 p.m. ; Frankie, no more nights alone; Lisa, a SHS SENIOR FINALE very special friendship and memories that will last forever; Bobby playing football and making SHS a number one football game again; Vicky a lot of memories and many good laughs; Donna a big hug and thanks for all those special moments; Sweeties a lonely bedroom and the whole bed to her- self... HOLLY M leaves Michael lots of love; four floo- zies, a second chance at sea world; LuAnne , keys to a red Camaro; Michael W, an ever-lasting friendship Mrs. L, memories of DP II, a dozen donuts; Cathy, a new fender and a special friendship; Scott, here ' s to our good times, memo- ries not to be forgotten; Class of ' 84, eood liirV» ILENE S leaves Robin a huge bottle of Reunite; Nancy, an alderman; Rich, a book full of Jewish jokes Caron, a closetful of cig- arettes; Maura, a pink tux Dawn, good times growing up; Lavette, a Chip-and- Dale model; Dennis, a red Corvette; Mom Tom, a house by the beach... GARY R leaves Daryl a pair of stilts; the yearbook, millions of pictures; track team, the turtle lives on; CS 1 students, hours of debugging; Lynn, a box of green M M ' s; Mr. W, a class that pays attention; juniors, a great senior year... JAY A leaves my quietness to Vicki C; my artistic talents to Jack R; my ties to Mr. M; my halfway decent oil paints to Mr. M my Red Sox hat to Mr. H; my cutoff shirt to Victor A JEFF D leaves Greg M a suit of civilian clothes; JUNE 1984 JEFF W leaves Debbie best wishes atBabson; the junior crew, best wishes for an exciting senior year; to Stoughton High, I leave... JIM P leaves Paula " togetherness " ; Gretchen, Norman ' s love; Norman, CEC bound; Kerry, pokey pleap sures; Swen Mich, math memories; Steph Cathy, cheek pinchin ' . . . JOAITOE G leave Mary all the french fries in first lunch; Maria, the memories of our gym classes; Donna, our talks B F hours; Jill, Casey ' s Shadow; Sharyn, 3 more years of agony; Martha and Mr. A, we. leave you two all the donuts you want; Greg, memories of homeroom for six years . . . JOANNE M leaves Maria, Beth and Paula without older brothers to be compared to; John Doh with no one to play with; Kraig, a trip to Cambodia in search of a higher education; Anthony, a million thank-you ' s, enough hugs to last the next four years; Tricia, Wendy, Lynda, so much thanks for all the memories and all your unending support.. JOE A leaves Debbie a Chinese dinner; Christine, a new pool stick; Eddie Buddie, a case of Bud Lights; David, a bat; Paul, a new Maverick; John, a i ride to the beach... JOE B leaves Mr. C a whatjama- callit multiplied by the almost conjugate; Mr W, JUNE 1984 more students like Larry, Calculus II, a penny, a dime, and a bottle of super glue; George, my morning and lunch seats; a needy math student, a lucky test pen- cil . . . JOHN B leaves Rovich, a 42-ft. Hateras and a lot of men in the boat; Tracey, peppermint schnapps, two big blackfeet and a dime; Robin, a fun senior year; Fatima, a new car and lots of kids; Ricky, keep your improved taste... JOHN K leaves Kimba, me and some cold nights on a roof; Scott, the right girl; Kim and Laura, a night in UW; TD, a book for his stories Howie, a trip to Colurfibia; Mike F, good times with the gem; Ethel, Fred and Joe... JOHN V leaves bro- ther Chris lost in pits with John H; JT, a car that is worth driving on the roads; Mitch, some consciousness while he is running; Ski, flares and skeets; Bob S, a head shrink; Dan, thumb; David, masculinity; a new track for the high school, not around and through a baseball field .. . JUDY K leaves Mr. C and Mrs W 50 new nursing home stories; a cruse on anyone who refers to me as Kramer vs. Kramer again; my parents, a clean room in a quiet house . . . JOHN F, a souped-up grem- lin; Ron D, the whole house Ed D, a shot at the states; Roy F, all the coolness in the world; Steve T, another pen he will never lose; KEITH J leaves Kerry three more years; to anyone, my math average if you can use 30 pts.; Pia, undying infatuation; Lynn, my bro- ken heart; Holly, " Weezy " ; McMuffin, some disrespect; SHS SENIOR FINALE all the rest, great memo- ries of me... KELLY leaves Doris twin powers; Julie to carry on the " She man " name and an excellent senior year; Lori, my deep dark secret never to be repeated; Tina, at the drive-ins with an umbrella Steven, bubbles in a bottle and some money; Joan, a fall from the shoulders and an excellent senior year; Danny, in a closet and a rape whistle; Eileen in a choke hold; PAGE 25 ROBYN L leaves Juerg B, the good times with me Caron Caron, the party w o M UP; Craig M, the night at Mary ' s house; Mary F, a secret she ' ll never know; Ilene S, the drive-ins w me. Gene, and George; Bill A, one full week of school Alisa J, the night of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. KEVIN B leaves Sue all my love; Mike, a new gem; Breenbag, singing lessons; Ryno, a broad; Kenniedik, a good one; Don A, a truck.. RICHARD P leaves Mr. Peirce one microscope; leaves Steven S one un- breakable racket; N.E. Sinai Hospital, a resist- ant strain of bacteria; Sandy S, good health... RITA S leaves Stacy G blond curly-haird babies and early morning jogs; Roy, memories of bus rides and THE CHEER; Greg M, a lifetime supply of the 3-B the cheerleaders, memories of Tracy ' s party; Tracy, the question 999-111? Mr. Mc, the answer to Rita and Who? Dana G, all my love.. KEVIN L leaves the senior class much friendship and happiness, the likes of which I never got... KEVIN T leaves JV a box of candy Mikey A, my collection of Ozzy Osbourne records; Ger some ankles; JT, a car that does more than spit smoke and stall; Junior, some sox; Plunk, all the frosh girls phone numbers; Scotty, somethii g more than assassin; Ski, some finan- cial aid; anyone who reads this, a free date... PAGE 26 KIM C leaves JK, Fred and Ethel and Dec. vacation w snowballs; Sarah, a bed to sleep in; Gregg, a quick 3 years; Sheri, more long talks about our " fav- orites " ; Stephanie, a NY boy; Karen, a 12-yr. friendship... KIRSTEN M leaves Carolyn P, China man, good times with the Gary; Anne P, JC, luv!; Yvette, that laugh; Donnie love, your own space; all my teachers, my thanks, I ' m growing up; Ma and Pa, my love and a promised tomorrow; buddies, Stough- ton High, guys, gals, big fun...KRAIG L leaves Maria our good times together and many more to come ; Bud light, our friendship and great relationship; Bud- small, our little talks in the morning; Jo Anne, a Cambodian coin collect- ion; The Bud brothers, a trip to Brockton; special friends, a life full of happiness and smiling faces . . . KRISSY D leaves Mara the key to Newton; Shaz a display case; Judy, a " J " muzzle; Amy G, a screw- ballin ' dinkledorf; Amy C, a date with George; Cesa Z " yowza " ! and Sunday nights LAUREN B leaves Tracy, Marc ' s ATC, a lifetime pass aboard the USS Riunite, bruised jaw; Uoris nq, chance to meet Doug Flutie; Shell, a Monday morning hangover; Sue, the drive-in with memories of the belt; Marc, Commo- dore keyboard that works, a all my love; Lee -Ann, eirrot; Diane, the feature bus route; Jim, the abili- ty to catch a baseball; Jennifer, a babysitter for her cabbage patch kid... SHS SENIOR FINALE LINDA P leaves fun times with the " cuties " : Timmy, lots of happiness; Lila Car la, fun at Eggberts; Maura, good times with Michael; Mr. 0, no more headaches; Marie, lots of ice cream; Kraig, no more fisbhback moods ;oFreeky, a new hand; Stan, lots of love and luck. . . LISA C leaves Jaimie her own fire hydrant; Terry, a bottle of Riunite; Cindy M a sink full of dirty di- shes; Janet, a broken cam- era; Mrs. P, all of gossip of 1984; Anne C, a new pair of shoes; Diane C, her own hair brush... LISA P leaves Mom Dad all the love in the world; Dad all the aggravating pisces in the world; Griff all the memories from the Classof ' 84; LINDA L leaves Laura, my " laughing " senior year; Greg, alone with Madame X to conquer the world; Stacy, the big " 10-4 " with lipstick on his cheeck; Pammy F, Jeff for herself; ' 85 wrestling team, a winning season; Judy, SHS; Kraig, world ' s biggest ci- gar wrapped in a bowtie... LISA P leaves Cheryl ano- ther fantastic ye rs in the J zz Choir; Richard, the diary; Fatima, my friendship since the 7th Grade; Tricia Susan, JUNE 1984 Mother Superior; David P and Brian P, memories with the hematology lab; Mr. S, year of calmness .. .LORI ANN M leaves Paula F, Buck Rogers and Sylvester Stal- lone; Pam F, 100 ft. in Jau; Patty F, a new temper Kim! B, first woman presid- ency; Dave P, Pulitzer Prize; Bridget T, one day at Woodstock; Peter S, good luck next year... LU-ANNE S leaves Sheri, final good-byes -at 1776; Holly, a back seat driver ' s license; Mr. Mc, a chocolate chip ice cream cone; Kim Mc, one big " yayus! " ; Chris G, a mush- room pizza for himself; KathyS, her knight in shining armor .. .LYNDA W leaves Wendy, Susan Tri- cia, memories of the best friends anyone could ever have; Scottie B, a new voice; Eddie D, a hug for understanding and a lot of happiness; Timmy, a great friendship and hope that " that " day will come very soon; Joanne, many talks; Sophomore buddies (LF, TP, MS, DS, MC, JM) two more great years; Sheri and Tricia; memories of Joe; Lynda and Susan leave Laura C wondering... MARA K leaves 4 pigeons in an air vent to Mr. D; a fact to Mr. T; a Chinese lunch to Mr. C and Mrs. W; creative writing and my sanity to David P; a gold monogrammed mah-jong set to study; and Elyse in the cafeteria and with no ride... MARC Z leaves Mr. Chemistry a vocabulary not containing " all right " ; Lauren, all my love and an ATC; Tracy, wheelies w a concussion; David, a shiny new 4x4; Merri, a job no one takes away. . . JUNE 1984 Mark W, a professional haircut; Denis D, another year at SHS. . .JEFF W leaves Pam my loving memo- ries and another happy year at SHS; Ed, the NCAA wrestling championship; Brian, my company at UMass; Fred, his uncomporable humor — at home; MARC Z leaves Sherri W a full day of school; Debbie a 4.0 and plenty of gossip at Babs on. . .MEREDITH B leaves Joe W the archives, a pigsty and Mr. T; Mr. T, many years to look forward to without me; Paul, all my love , luck , and memo- ries to keep forever; Dennis M, my back, my elbow, and a lucky girl; Carla S, a rumble at the beach and a treasured friendship . . . MIKE A leaves Jeff C 30 of my extra credits; mis- guided underclassmen, arrows printing new direc- tions; the bass player of next year ' s jazz band, a first-aid kit for the fender. . .MIKE S leaves Holly M my love, my care, m y flag, my hearts, my key, my glove compartment, my passenger seat... MITCH D leaves JD and Freddie a hoop championship (finally) and the best of luck gett- ing the ball inside; the cross-country team, a solo championship and road signs for muddy pond; art de- partment, a healthy supply of nude models; Mr. C, a silver cloud rolls royce; to the school administrat- ion, much thanks for sen- o ior finals . . . SHS SENIOR FINALE MONICA V leaves all my food to Che- ryl C; Patty D, my barbie dolls; Diane C, my silver; my sister Andrea, all my chocolate; Gary V, my heart; sister Susan, all my money; Mom, all my love and happiness; Michael S, my stuffed animals; sister Linda, my tan. . . NANCY C leaves Alisa June 23, 1983; Ilene, the sum- mer of ' 83; Craig, gym class of senior year; Lavette, kindergarten- 12th grade; Mr. Mc , con- tinual success for SADD; Mother, thank you for always being there, love always .. .NANCY R leaves Tom H, hi, how ya doin ' ; Judy K, one hour of me talking and her listening; Eric, three years of walk- ing to school; Mr. A, a chair that doesn ' t squeak; Sue C, one sorry, that ' s it, great parties next year and the years to come ; Mum Dad , a couple of weekends next year; Mike, two ' years of not bumping into each other ' . . . PAM B leaves Lisa B two years of good times; Sheri B, a good senior year; Jennifer B, a good senior year; Joel K, all my love; Richard W, a sad year without " D " . . . PAGE 27 RONALD De leaves Sue G, a love that no one could understand, the memory of sharing Chinese food, a friendship that will last an eternity; Sue S, three wasted years of French; Ilene S, coordination; Henry C, Mr. B; Mrs W, memories of F-hr and the wooden music box. . .RUSSELL S leaves Laura S alone; Dianne waiting for a car and 1985; Suzy some appreciation; Lisa and Liz, my French notebook; Oakie , an intellect; Chris K, my sister; Dawn, Calcu- lus II; Kathy D, calm, cool and collected... SANDY S leaves Wayne lots of love and luck with his business; Jennifro, Chickie, Blender, and Patty much happiness and the best of luck in the future; Debbie a new car, guys, and money; to my mother, all my love; Richie P, many more science awards; all seniors, best of luck for the future; new seniors, a great year... SARAH B leaves Brady with many headaches; Kristin and Ron with intimate talks; Scott M with JD and a sun- burn; Steph and Kim in NY with many boys; the Flori- da gang " I do believe so " ; Bobby G to wine and dine and wine; Gregg C in the weightroom; memories of Charles and the bronzed hickey. . .SCOTT B leaves the Florida stories in Florida, please! SCOTT B leaves Marks Field a new pole and new lawn; Mike F, a rubber car; girls from Am Studies, album of my greatest hits; John, the dream cSr he has al- ways wanted; the gang, many good times... PAGE 28 SCOTT M leaves Holly M, molecules; Sheri R, dandelions to pick; Steven T, a new coffee table; Lisa F, my bankbook; Steph, a shoul4- der to cry on; Tricia S, the nite with candy sample Hockey team, lots of luck next year; Jeff D, pack of cigarettes; Kim C, friend- ship forever . . . SEAN S leave Michelle C game of Assassin trusting it to be carried on with insane mind and lack of trust to all; Cris T, my magic talent; Chuck S, my used gum collection; Lisa, my chemistry coordination or lack thereof; Mike S, my smart remarks; July, a trip to Ohio; Mr, N, the word copacetic with hopes it will replace " alright. " SHARON N leaves sister Susan my pre-cal and trig book and hope she can do more with it than I could; all 3 ' s to anyone who can away with it; Annmarie, Karen, Stacy, and Pam, wild memories of Florida; all my friends; good luck... SHARON S leaves Krissy U a MOnday; Mara K, a trip to the beach; Judy K, a ma jong game; Amy G, a good rank; Ronnie D, " the ear " . SHS SENIOR FINALE ..SHERI A leaves Holly, a round trip to Sea World; Lu-ann, last good-byes at the 1776; Freddy, a most enjoyable and memorable Sr. Prom; Lori, a relation ship that will last!l; Buttons Rovich, anP many great summers ahead; Stoughton, my ecstatic goodbyes . . . SUE B leaves DB NM, the big W; RS my " fila " shirt and one last rank! ; KU, my collection of Rod tapes; CD one real date with TS; CT, a tennis tog and AN; AC, a pair of " nice and small " shorts... SUE C leaves Nance, a red sports car and 5 minutes without laughing; Jen, the broken " golden " rifle; Ma- rie F, a muzzle for you- know-who; Bev, a year ' s supply of straws; Lois and everyone at work, a raise! a big one!; Ma, Dad, Gil, one more year of me. Only one!; Mrs. C, all my passes to the nurse: Kathy B, 4 years of SHS, what could be better... SUE D leaves Pizza-boy, lots of everything and warm memo- ries; Boo-Boo, a terrific time and lots of alcohol; Lisa, Stacey Robin, thanks for everything and goodl uck; Kathy, fun times at DD and thanks for 1 JUNE 1984 all our talks; Joyce, par- king at DW LD running al- ways and special thanks oo for the good times; CT, a guy of her own. . . SUE G leaves Ronnie D my friendship and many more years of it; Donna T, my voice and green M Ms; Mi- chele, years at Mac ' s; Mrs W, my poems; Balboa, memo- ries of yesterdays; Marc G homeroom soap operas; Tina F Stephanie K, memories of our fun together... SUSAN G leaves Kevin special memories with all my love; Tricia, three in a bed happiness with Eddie Lynda, a bottle of aspirin and long talks; Wendy, Ms. Peirce doing aerobics; Karen, a red vette; cheer- leaders, fun bus rides; Fatima, a moment for medi- tation. . . SHERI A leaves Buttons Rovich, an everlasting Christmas; Kathy, a donkey kong game; Mr. McK, a trail of pistachio nut ice cream; the Prince, thanks for everything!... SHERI R leaves Karen, my everlasting friendship; Steph, deepest thanks for brightening up every new day; Kristin, memories and future dreams of our favo- rite brothers; Jeff, my love always and forever; Lynda and Tricia, groan- ing " I want a new job " without Joe; Kim, my ears t to always listen because I care... SKI leaves Bob S with flares and fire- crackers; John V a job on McNamara ' s farm; Joe a Comp II class; Mr. M a Stanley Cup for the Bruins; Mr. J, a KP bumper sticker; Mitch, a way to beat the system; Junior a nick- name he likes; Sandy S a midnight raft ride; Mr. S with more morning music... JUNE 1984 SPACEY B leaves Lisa D a can of diet coke after our long, hard practices; Co- rey D, memories of clown- ing around on the track; Madeline M, a bag of M M ' s Chris D, a little advice (maybe a lot); Jon B, one step behind me; Mr. B, nothing because we didn ' t get any...STACEY G leaves Rita the best of lines, ( morning jogs, a one-man army; Doris, A giant chi- cken McNugget; Linda, rai- ny nights at Shaws; Tracy, the question 999-111?; Mr. Mc I leave with the thought abotively posi- lutely, no bout a dout it; BEP, the spring of ' 83... STEPHANIE S leaves Mr. McC lots of thanks; The Florida Girls, in New York; Sarah, a Detroit prom; Karen Rose y, what can I say? Pauly, all my love; Clicka scags by the pool; Janette SUSAN M leaves all my rain- bows to Kelly S; my car to the Cindy junkyard; to Cin- dy M, all my money; Phil H, all my love; my mother, all my rings; my neice, all my stuffed animals; Kelly S, my wedding ring... SUSAN S leaves Billy Craig a week end to New York; Joanne an empty lunch table and a home at Emmanuel any time; Bonnie , an Amsco French book and the best kept secret; Scott N, some fried rice, a moped rice and a dark hallway; Pam R Michelle R, an orange majorette sweater; Joe C, a new jeep and a lifetime of love . . . SHS SENIOR FINALE TIM B leaves Anth Jo, Trish Eddie best wishes and happy times together; Paula B, three more happy years of SHS, stay out of my room; Scott C, a decent car; a decent arm; Bo, 7 new awesome baseball players to replace the 7 old awesome baseball players; Lynda, all the confidence you ' ll need to succeed; Gell, John Daw, Mickey Wiz, Cal, a better season than last year... TRACEY L leaves Robin a boy from Maine; Vicky, classes with Uncle Bou; Stacy, a lifetime supply of lipstick; Rita, a fu- ture with Dana; Susie, pickle juices; Lauren, a picnic basket; Daryl a dance to Rocky; Paula, Michells, lots of memo- ries and (HB) . . . KIM C leaves Mr. D much luck and happi- ness with his new little one; the Bird plenty of lowies for the back yard and lots of little purple dots; Paul, all our good friends in ' 84...TRICIA L leaves Susan, Lynda, Wendy, and Joanne all cherished memories; Jac- quie C w " days that are never dull; Laura C with a lasting friendship and " someone else ' s boyfriend " Janice L her own telephon number ; Tricia B and friends, an excellent senior year; E-hr Accntg buddies, another two years to laught at Mr. B ' s jokes .. .TRICIA S leaves Sheri and Lynda a new job without Joe; Kerry with the lights on; Scott, a new cot; all my teachers, the many trips to Florida I took that they never had ... PAGE 29 TRICIA S leaves Kathy S her own lockerand good luck with her love life; Paula N a date with Mike O ' Connell; Laura C two more fun years at SHS; Mr. M, much love and thanks; Russell S, some financial aid and finally without me after ten years; Mr. T, all niy worries; the Class of ' 84, much love, success, and happiness for- ever. . . VICKY H leaves Mom Dad all my love; Fatima many good memories and a lot of good times in the future and a lot of quarters to wash the " hawk " ; Carlos, a lot of good talks in home- room; Mr. S, a dirty caf; Donna Tracey Robin free from doing acctng; SHS, my " sunbird " tracks; Class of ' 84, good luck in the future I WENDY H leaves Lynda, Trish Sue a 4-yr trip worth remembering; Jo, a long summer talk; Steven, your own carriage and a lifelong friendship; Steph, a summer of B-ball, 2 red apples, and a taste of the good old days; Scotty, my A Studies buddy with the charming voice; Laura C, a lot of smiles and a camera to remember them by; ' 84- ' 85 swim team, forget the swimming, remember the fun, good luck with Brady; Mr. G a big thanks ... PAGE 30 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 Marie Pellegrino throws a strike. LEAGUE CHAMPS VARSITY SOFTBALL: (Front) Karen Holmes, Mary Fitzgerald, Nicole Murphy, Kathy CocchI, Karen O ' Brien, Tina Doucette, Patrice Batchelder, Susan Stacey. (Rear) Lauren Boushell, Linda Pellegrino, Marie Pellegrino, Julie Freeman, Katey McShea, Amy Cotter, coach Mike Baxter, Dawn Young, Debbie Mythen, Robin Dray. Lauren Boushell Linda Pellegrino Karen Holmes throws one in from the out- field. Capt. Linda Pellegrino belts out a hit JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE SoftbaU PAGE 31 Kris Fogarty takes a mighty swing. GIRLS JV SOFTBALL: (Front) coach Bili Rudder, Lisa Faust, Juiie Goldman, Tracoy Aguiar, Kris Fogarty, Kim Holmes. (Rear) Margaret Dolan, Julie Tibets, Patrice Batchelder, Nancy Learner, Kathy Kosinslci. . . .while Mr. Sarno shows us his version. Pa " Braley, Lorlann Murray and Laura Cutcliffe attempt the first tan of the season. JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 35 It was spring and there was romance In the air and everything seemed to Caron Horn and Juerg BaertschI say. . . PAGE 38 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 CLASS NIGHT AWARDS - May 30, 1984 Stoughton High School Achievement Medals Bausch Lomb Science Award Richard Pinkofsky D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award Patricia Sweeney Dry Pond Association Award Linda Pellegrino Fieldbrook Young Woman ' s Club Award Bridget Tibets Henry W. Wilson Memorial Award Debra Winn COMMENCEMENT AWARDS - June 4, 1984 Acme Boot Co., Inc. (Corcoran Plant) Scholarship Luis Fortuna Arthur L. Donovan Scholarship Michael Anderson Bob ' s Foodmart of Stoughton Scholarship Lynda Welch Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Scholarship Mark Tarbox Carol Stone Switzer Memorial Scholarship Susan Crandall Charles C. Tucker Memorial Scholarship Edwin Statkiewicz Cynthia A. Walsh Scholarship Paul Bunson David A. Lourie Lodge, Knights of Pythias Hyman S. Kramer Memorial Scholarship Michael Ferrini David Weeks Memorial Scholarship Timothy Bishop Donna DiStefano Memorial Scholarship Paul Masalsky Dr. Appleton C. Woodward Memorial Scholarship Paula Niosi Dr. Charles H. Cray Memorial Scholarship David Saperstein Edward L. Parent Memorial Scholarship Anthony Novello, Jr. Edwin A. Jones Prizes David Saperstein Laura Sweeney Fred and Sarah Lipsky Achievement Scholarships (2) Joseph Battles HI Laura Sweeney Fred C. Phillips Memorial Scholarship Charles Dmohowski, Jr. Frederick Conley Memorial Scholarship Given by the Charles H. Lane Amvets Post §1977 Jonathan Kravetz Gibbons School P.T. A. Scholarship Lisa Piselli Harry N. Landman Memorial Scholarships Donated by Wyman Jewelers of Stoughton, Massachusetts Wendy Halperin Caron Horn Heath Consultants Scholarship In Memory of Milton W. Heath, Senior Richard Pinkofsky James Edelstein Memorial Scholarship Tanya Barboza Joseph DeVito Memorial Scholarship Ann Salvesen Joseph J. Knowles Memorial Scholarship Lisa Piselli K. of C. Lt. Kenneth Donahue Memorial Scholarship Craig Spurr Kenneth C. Fine Memorial Scholarship Mary Fitzgerald National Merit Scholarship Program Awards: finalist Mary Fitzgerald Letters of Commendation Michael Anderson, Joseph Battles, Paul Bunson, Ed- ward Daly, Charles Dmohowski, Keith Jennings, William Mootos, Christopher Nutting, David Saper- stein, Steven Shaiit, Patricia Sweeney and Jeffrey Thompson U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Awards (2) Suzanne Blomstrom and Anthony Novello, Jr. Stoughton High School International Club Awards (3) Teresa Jonet, Craig Misner and Russell Stevens Art Gregory Mahoney Carol A yn iham Dfatnotics William iviootos Englis h David Saperstein Garon Hom hiofTXP Ecotioftiics i ita oiiva Industriai Arts Uonaid Medeiros InstTitmental Music Michael Butler ] oiityiolistn Paul Masalsky Mathematics Steven Shaiit Physical Education (Boys) Daniel McLeod Physical Education (Girls) Mary Fitzgerald Science Richard Pinkofsky Social Studies Susan Crandall Technical Drawing Michael Hillcoat Vocal Music Suzanne Germain League of Women Voters of Stoughton Scholarship Award Russell Stevens Lodge Alessandro Volta No. 1712, Sons of Italy, Italian-American Civic and Educational Association, Inc. Scholarship Susan DiCiampietro Michael Romanuck VFW Post No. 1645 Scholarships In Memory and Honor of Past and Present Members of The Michael Romanuck Post 1645. VFW. The Cooties and The Auxiliary, Stoughton. MA Suzanne Blomstrom, Adriene Bowles, David Cohen, Lisa Donoghue, Anne-Margaret Finch, Linda Karavetsos, Jonathan Lipsky, Christopher Marshall, Susan Sereno Mrs. Brenda Harrington English Scholarship Mary Fitzgerald Nora and Elmer H. Southworth History Scholarship Patricia Sweeney Portuguese National Club of Stoughton Scholarship Kimberly Costa Randolph Savings Bank Scholarship Lawrence Yarmaloff Roxie ' s Market Award Robin Doherty Shaiit Family Mathematics Scholarship Steven Shaiit Shawmut Mills Division of R.H. Wyner Associates, Inc. Scholarship Carol Wyndham Shaw ' s Market Scholarship Christopher Nutting Simeone ' s Stone Corporation Scholarship William Rossi Stoughton Art Association Scholarship In Memory of Mrs. Eldora Hmds Loriann Murray Stoughton Association for Exceptional Citizens Scholarship Daryl Cook Stoughton Boosters Club Scholarships Suzanne Blomstrom James Overstreet Stoughton Chamber of Commerce James A. Kell Memorial Scholarship Patricia Lorenz Stoughton Chapter National Honor Society Awards Kerry Greene Judi Sacks Lauren Sacks Stoughton Fair Housing and Human Rights Association Scholarship Simone Smith Stoughton High School Music Scholarships Suzanne Germain Douglas Meadows Stoughton High School Student Council Scholarships Michael Butler Michael McNamara Stoughton High School Thespian Scholarships Daniel Remmes Laura Sweeney Stoughton Historical Society John E. Flyiui Memorial Award Brian Plunkett Stoughton Jaycecs Scholarship Jeffrey DiMatteo Stoughton Lions Club Scholarships Robyn Lerner Sandra Smith Stoughton Little League Scholarship In Memory of David Catalano Richard Hern, Jr. Stoughton Little League Scholarship In Memory of Paul Pushee Gerard Wakh Stoughton Lodge No. 72 lOOF Scholarship William Mootos Stoughton Lodge No. 150, Knights of Pythias Myron E. Garber Award Gary Rudman Stoughton Minerva Lodge, Daughters of Italy Scholarship Paula Barbato Stoughton P.T.A. Scholarship Donald Medeiros Stoughton Public Works Employees Association Scholarship Susan Gallerani Stoughton Rotary Club Scholarship David Cobb Stoughton School Secretaries Clerks Assn. Scholarship Carol Wyndham Stoughton Sitter Service Scholarship Suzanne Germain Stoughton Teachers Association Scholarships Lauren Boushell Fernando Cabral Mary Fitzgerald Daniel Remmes Stoughton Woman ' s Club Scholarships Lisa Piselli Carole Zelbow Stoughton Youth Athletic Club Scholarship In Memory of Mr Robert Klim Daniel Aronson Thomas J. Herron, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Jeffrey Wagner Tracy R. Madan Memorial Scholarship Edward Daly Village Mall Merchants Association Scholarship Monica Voss William A. McNamara Memorial Scholarship Edward Daly William R. Perdigao Memorial Scholarship Kathleen Stephansky Stoughton High School Scholarship Fund Awards Richard Pinkofsky, Kenneth Bradley 111, Keith Jen- nings, Lawrence Yarmaloff, Michael Anderson, Jonathan Kravetz, Gary Rudman, Mark Tarbox, Joseph Battles III, Marisa Noe, Charles E mohowski, Jr., Stephen Howe, William Mootos JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 39 CLASS NIGHT Wednesday, May 30, 1984 Class vice-president Kim Costa, secretary Lisa PIselli, president Paula NIosI, and treasurer Fatlma , varmaioff Garcia applaud after presenting a gift of appreciation to class advisor Mrs. Ellen Griffin. maioii L ura Sweeney Seniors Bob Gropman, Craig Spurr, Dan llene Springer sings as part of tfie musical Jazz Cfioir members Sue Germaine and Billy Aronson and Larry Yarmaloff. program. Mootos sing a last duet for the graduating class. A beaming foursome of Kevin Wynant, Jotin Petrie, Carl Bechet, and Craig Sherman leaves Class Night, ready for the remaining events of graduation week. Another jubilant group (John Wlrrell, Gary Thompson, Mike Anderson, Jeff Thompson, Doug Meadows and Jeff Cohen) show their excitement at Class Night exercises on May 30 In the auditorium. PAGE 40 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 I I 09 0 CO 0) Not the Hollywood Bowl, but a panorama view of the crowd which filled the Adams St. partdng lot not only to finally see the Class of 1984 graduate, but to dedicate a " new " site for graduation. They put into words what others thought. (Twins Dan and Donna McLeod rejoin their classmates.) Principal Anthony Sarno brings over the coveted diplomas, while School Committee member Mrs. Peggy Sewcyk awaits her turn. Rev. Mr. Roy Fralin ' (Methodist Church) sits and waits, camera ready, for son Roy to make his appearance. The big moment has arrived. Sua Blomstrom Stoughton ' s stellar concert band (or at least the undergraduate portion of it) do«s the " pomp and cir- followed by Ron Boncorrdo, wait at foot of sUirs cumstance " bit under the baton of director Ron Christlanson. r«« ly ' o be called for diplomas. JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 41 Jim Overslreet Paul Bunson Juerg Baertschl Days of torrential rain causes three postponements in the 1984 graduation. Seats were set up In the Adams St. parVIng lot (the superintendent ' s side) and for a while It seemed that even they would be washed away. PAGE 42 SHS SENl Utterance of the Reaper By Joseph M asalsky I James Foster had never been to Chicago. It seemed that he had been everywhere else though, always on the run. One mistake, and they had followed him from coast to coast for ten long years. They had never caught up to him, and he ' d be damned if he ' d let them get him now. Too close last time— actually had hold of his arm ! But having gotten away then, he would get away now. He needed some rest. He ' d been going nonstop for forty -eight hours and was tired and hungry. On the other side of the crowded bus terminal he spotted a row of vending machines. He really wanted an Almond Joy. Pushing his way through the crowd of early morning com- muters, he found himself brushing past many families that reminded him of his own family, the family ' they ' had destroyed. He no longer thought about his family. James had been kept occupied with other things. James ' heart dropped when he saw that the machine was sold out of Almond Joys. With a kick he proclaimed, " Damn you, (United Vending Machine Company! " ) and settled for a Mounds. It just wasn ' t the same without the nuts. The first stroke of good luck he had had today was finding an empty seat in the waiting area. Must have just called a bus, he figured. Slumping down in the cracked plastic chair, he un- wrapped his candy. There was a game card inside, in between the candy bar and the cardboard. He scratched it off to reveal the message, " You have won $1,000! " " Must be my lucky day, " he muttered and discarded the slip in the rubbish, certain in the knowledge that to call attention to himself would mean his death. He had not even finished chewing the first bite when a deep voice shouted, " James Foster, " from behind him. He reeled around, as did many of the others waiting for buses, to see a huge man dressed all in black. He had the build of a football player but his face cound not be seen because a wide-brimmed hat cast a shadow over his features. " Die, " he said very calmly, and at that very moment James Foster was dead. II The door to Adam Donaldson ' s office swung open without mak- ing even the slightest noise. If he had looked up, he would have seen the man walk in and stand just beside his desk. You wanted to see me, Adam? Adam looked up from his paperwork in surprise. " Jesus, L.A., don ' t you even cast a shadow? You nearly scared up my lunch. " He was speaking to Louis Arthur Drake, an average-sized man with an excellent build. He had the type of face you ' d notice when you saw it, but would have a difficult time remembering later. That was the way he liked it. He wore a black suit and a blue scarf which begged for a matching hat, but he never wore a hat. " You are much to jumpy, Adam. Perhaps you should cut down on your sodium. " Adam discarded the remainder of his corned beef sandwich. " Or perhaps you would feel more secure with a more observant secretary. If I were a disgruntled hood, you ' d be dead right now. " So you ' ve told me everytime you ' ve come here. " Adam cleared his desk and slid over to the file cabinet behind him. " I think I have something that ' s right up your alley, Louis. " " It ' s been a while since you ' ve given me anything genuine, Adam. " Louis pulled a chair up to the desk. " I ' m a district attorney, Louis. It ' s not my job to weed out the crap. You investigate it and tell me whether or not it ' s genuine. If not, I ' ll let the police handle it. " He opened the file and took out a large glossy still. " That ' s a picture of James Foster of Hoboken. New Jersey. " Louis took the picture. " He ' s been missing for ten )R FINALE JUNE 1984 years, the prime suspect in the murder of his wife, mother, and four children. " A real family man. " " Well, anyway, he turns up in the Lincoln Street depot yester- day morning about 5:30. Then, out of nowhere, this big guy walks up to him and tells him to die. So he does. Then the big guy leaves. " " Talk about letting other people run your life. " " Well, what do you say, Louis, you want it or not? " " What did the autopsy say? " " That guy checked out better than I did on my last physical. He shouldn ' t be dead. " " People have been known to scare themselves to death before. Nothing occult about that. " " I don ' t have time to discuss this, Louis. I ' ve got a meeting with the mayor in seven minutes . You want it or not? " " Sure. It could prove interesting. " He grabbed the file off Adam ' s desk. Adam got up and went over to the hook where his coat was hung. " Just try to get me something more exciting next time. " Adam turned. " I ' ll see what I can. . . Now where the hell did he go? " He was seriously thinking of beefing up security around his office. Ill If one thing could be said about being an investigator of occult occurrences, you did a lot of traveling. Once in Ecuador, Louis had come in contact with a group of people who could kill with their minds. However, they did it in a much more conventional psychic manner, by tearing the heart out of the chest. If if was psychic experience this time, it was definitely of the mind-to-mind sort and involved only the physical stimuli of hearing. Louis packed his best pair of ear plugs. Louis did not trust the police files on the Foster family murders. They were too vague and indecisive. A good place to s tart in- vestigating would be in Hoboken. All he needed was one lead to get him started. Upon arriving in Hoboken, he set himself up in an average hotel, so as not to attract attention. He sat in his room watching Fantasy Island, good, mindless entertainment to clean weapons by. At about 1:00 a.m. he crawled unseen out his second floor window and dropped to the ground. It was about a mile to the cemetery where the Foster family plot was, making it very easy for Louis to walk. It was a small cemetery surrounded by a rock wall and filled with graffiti-marred gravestones, Some of the markers weren ' t even there. He hoped this was not true of the graves he was in- terested in finding. An orange glow above one of the headstones caught Louis ' eye. " Damn kids have nowhere better to smoke. " He ducked down and crept slowly toward the grave. Then with one motion he stood up, drew his gun, and shouted " Boo! " The three teenagers looked at him, shocked, but one managed to speak. " We was just leavin ' . Mister. " " Next time, don ' t go sleeping on my Aunt Ellie ' s grave. She doesn ' t take kindly to strangers. Now get your butts out of here unless you plan to stay for a long time. " After the kids were gone, Louis went to investigate the graves. There was something wrong with them. At first Louis didn ' t know what, but suddenly he realized it was the flowers. The files said there were no living relatives. Perhaps a friend had put them there. Louis lifted the flowers and saw the card in the middle of the bunch. He took it out and read it in the moonlight. REST IN PEACE LOUIS DRAKE. His eyes darted around the yard. Then he saw it, the shadow of a man. Judging from the angle, he must be huge, about seven feet tall. Lois fumbled in his pockets for his earplugs. The man began JUNE 1984 SHS SEN] to walk toward him. He got one in his left ear and fired his gun at the dark figure. He stopped walking. Louis was relieved to get his right ear plugged. He ran toward the man and knocked him into the door of a mausoleum, which crumbled with age. The man be- low him opened his mouth wide and smiled. Louis hit the man with the butt of his gun, knocking him unconscious. Standing up, Louis suddenly realized something was moving. He was surrounded by corpses, all walking toward him. IV Once before, in Peru, Louis had met up with Zombies, the walk- ing dead. He knew what he had to do. He had learned it from a demonologist friend of his. He punched at one of the zombies stomachs and it exploded with brown powder, much like the kind inside a mushroom when you kick it. This stung his eyes, but he reached deeper into the zom- bies ' s body, snapping the spine, and returning it to eternal rest. After repeating this with the others, he looked for his adversary. He was gone, as Louis knew he would be. At least Louis knew what his assailant looked like— wide face, probable Cuban or South American, with long white teeth. He did a sketch when he returned to his hotel room, and then he took a shower. The next day a visit to the local library provided the informa- tion he needed. From a newspaper dated December 12, 1973, he learned that the twenty-year old daughter of mob leader Raymond Gold was killed by a hit-and-run driver. On December 13, 1973, the Foster family was killed with a wood hatchet owned by John Foster. Louis couldn ' t believe that the police had been unable to make the connection. The mob obviously had. John Foster was the killer of Linda Gold but not of his own family. Assuming the hit-and-run was an accident, Louis now had the motive for the killings. Now he needed proof. Getting a big-time mobster to confess to half a dozen murders would be easy when you knew how to do it. V " What are you doing in here? " Raymond Gold shouted. " I ' ve been here for quite a while. I thought that I ' d wait until you were finished with what you were doing so we could talk. I ' ve already made sure your henchmen wouldn ' t disturb us. " My name is Louis Arthur Drake. I have here a typed con- fession in which you admit to the Foster family killings. Care to sign it for me so you ' ll live a little longer? " " Get out of here now, and I ' ll make sure you die in a more pleasant manner. " At this, Louis pulled his gun, jumped up and pressed the nozzle close to Raymond Gold ' s nose. " As you can see, I ' m real frightened. Sign. " Suddenly the speaker on the wall clicked. " Mr. Drake, " came the voice with the South American accent, " My name is Prafa Bala; however, I ' ve been called many things. " I suggest you listen to what I have to say. A friend of mine is across the street watching everything you do. He will relate to me if you do not do as I say. Now, release my employer and sign you own name to that confession. After doing so, you can put your gun to your own face. " Louis walked to the window and casually gave the building across the street the finger. He then pulled the curtain. " Mr. Drake you are forcing me to make a public address an- noucement which will ensure the death of everyone in this build- ing. " The voice over the speaker had grown louder. Realizing what the next word would be, Louis pulled down hara on the fire alarm in Gold ' s office, sending a loud ringing through- out the building. Before he had time to move, machine gun fire shattered the window and filled the room, striking both himself and Gold. He crawled toward the mobster. " Sign it. " Ray signed it and Louis moved for the door, but not fast enough. A shot barely missed his head. " Damn it, where ' d he pull that gun from? " ►R FINALE PAGE 43 thought Louis as he noticed Ray ' s hand shaking uncontrollably. That arm must have about eight bullets in it. It was then that Louis put another one right between his eyes. The stairs were crowded with escaping residents of the build- ing, but Louis managed to reach the main office in about thirty seconds. He put in his earplugs. The office was strewn with bodies, innocent victims of Prafa Bala. Then he saw Prafa hiding behind a desk. Pretending not to see him, Louis lunged at the desk, trapping Prafa beneath it. Louis jumped up and down on it, snapping the fiend ' s bones. Prafa ' s face looked up at Louis, shouting as loud as he could. " You telling me to die, old boy. You ' re gonna hafta speak up. " he crammed his gun in Prafa ' s mouth, choking him. Someone with this sort of power over life and death should not be allowed to hve. " Die! " shouted Louis, and the warm blood felt good against his face. Epilogue Adam, Thanks for a fun one. Enclosed find a signed confession to several unsolved murders and also my bill for services rendered. Also, please send bail money. This one will take some explain- ng. Sorry I made such a mess out here. Louis Arthur Drake L.A. Drake Private Investigator P.S. You fire that secretary yet? EVITA By Chris Kelley If you enjoy a glittering, stirring, and altogether fascinating musical, you won ' t want to miss Evita. . . now running at the Shubert Theater. Evita tells the story of the life of Eva Peron, an illegitimate child of the humblest of beginnings who, solely through her own driving ambition, clawed her way to becoming the most powerful woman Argentina had ever seen. The play opens in an Argentinian movie house, where the audience is watching a western movie on a large screen. Sud- denly, the film is interrupted by an announcement that Eva Peron had that day, " entered immortality. " Within seconds, the Buenos Aires cinema is transformed into Eva ' s majestic funeral. The grief-stricken Argentinians chant and march solemnly, paying homage to Evita. The sole non-participant is Che, who, through- out Eva ' s funeral, tries to tell the people of the real Eva Peron, an actress who used her mediocre theatrical talents to further herself politically. The author employs the character of Che Guevara as a device to keep the audience aware of reality, often shrouded by the glittering curtain of the Peron administration. Che ' s character is the only significant diversion from the facts in Evita. Though Che Guevara did really exist, it seems unlikely that he and Eva Peron ever met. His frustration with the way that the Perons ravaged the economy of a once flourishing nation was one of the main reasons he joined Castro ' s regime in Cuba. Derin Altay gives a memorable performance as Eva Peron. She is a magnificent actress, singer, and dancer. Eva Peron is not seen as she truly is, ruthless and wildly ambitious, until the Intramural Writing Competition PAGE 44 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 Why Charity is Harmful — Even Cruel INTRAMURAL WRITING By Ellie Havlin second act. The first act shows her as a poor misfit who doesn ' t know her place in society. In the second act, however, Miss Altay ' s extraordinary talents are really put to use. The opening song of the second act is a compelling speech that Evita makes to her people. Don ' t Cry for Me, Argentina. This is a manipulative effort on the part of the dramatist to give a different view of Evita. Until this time, she appears to be a ruthlessly ambitious woman who destroyed a nation. Now we see her in a different light, as a woman who wished only to improve the lives of her people, the members of Argentina ' s destitute working class. By presenting these two drastically different views of Evita, the dramatist toys with the emotions of the audience, leaving them confused as to which is the real Evita. It takes a truly skillful actress to emote these feelings of confusion, and Miss Altay is able to do this superbly. R. Michael Baker plays the role of Che masterfully and dynamically. He is a superb performer who has the energy it takes to play this kinetic role. He skillfully conveys the feelings of rage and frustration felt by the young revolutionary, whose character is nearly as important as that of Evita herself. Robb Alton performs adequately as Juan Peron, Eva ' s husband, the President of Argentina. Though it is he who holds the official title, Peron is, in reality, Eva ' s sidekick, often reluctant to press on- ward, but always forced to succeed by the ever-ambitious Eva. Though the part of Peron does hot require an excessively strong voice, Alton insists on talk-singing his way through his role. In doing so, he often loses the tempo, and must slow down or speed up to pick it up again. He employs an Argentinian accent, (the only major character to do so), but slips in and out of it through- out the play. The smaller parts and the chorus are an energetic group. David Dannehl gives an impressive performance as Agustin Magaldi, a tango singer who was the first of many men to be used by Eva Peron. Jill Geddes performs briefly but well as Peron ' s mistress, evicted from his flat by Eva. Evita was written by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, the team who also wrote Jesus Christ Superstar. The rock opera style employed in Superstar is also successfully implemented in Evita. They use the full orchestra more, and rely less on the guitar in Evita, however, producing a sound more pleasing to the ear. Webber and Rice rarely resort to mere space-filling in Evita; the material in every song is almost always relevant to the play. Some parts become tedious, but, for the most part, the play remains interesting. Evita is music from beginning to end, (with the exception of three brief spoken parts) . Evita ' s elaborate choreography and innovative set enhance its tnerit. The pieces of the set are extremely versatile and movable, so that the scene can change instantly before the audience ' s eyes. Set designers Tazeena Firth and Timothy O ' Brien cleverly use a large screen to present images of the real Eva Peron and her life. Larry Fuller ' s choreography is marvelous. His delightfully imaginative steps include stiffly marching Argentinian officers and prancing high society members. The play ' s technical ele- ments make Evita an even better play. This gripping, powerful story of this remarkable woman will leave you awestruck as you leave the theatre. On the surface, charity is seen as only a good thing. Churches and civic organizations preach it, and so we are brought up to be- lieve that it is right. Indeed, many people are helped by charity every day. People that would have otherwise gone without a necessity of life— food, shelter, clothing. As one digs deeper, though, flaws are apparent. For some people, charity is a way of justifying wrongs in their own lives. Also, charity stifles some recipients. The recipients feel badly at having to receive it and therefore have low opinions about themselves. Finally, charity gives the donor a feeling of power which is destructive to both parties. Charity is sometimes harmful and even cruel because it uplifts the benefactor and degrades the recipient. Charity can make the person giving it feel as if he has made up for some sin he has committed. He may feel that donating one hundred dollars to the SPCA will make up for kicking the dog. People can tend to forget that the reason for charity is to help people or societies that need it, not to make themselves feel better. What perpetuates this is that some organizations will say that by giving to their cause, you are in fact helping yourself. For example, by giving to the cancer fund, you can wipe out cancer l)efore you have a chance to get it. Of course, there should be happiness when you know you ' re helping somebody, but there shouldn ' t be the same satisfaction when a person is helping himself. No matter how much good it does, charity should not be used as a penance. Charity can make the recipient feel out of control. This is espe- cially cruel because the person knows that the reason he ' s re- ceiving charity is that he can ' t provide for himself. In our society, that is frowned upon. It ' s a Catch-22 situation for some people. If they do accept charity, they may be looked upon as l)eing weak. However, if they don ' t take it, they may not survive. Charity always puts the receiver into an ambivalent role. For some, it means never changing in that role and having a poor self-image for the rest of their lives. Some people would rather go hungry than be looked down on by a society in which charity can produce the exactly opposite result from that which it intends to relieve. No one can say that the term " charity case " is meant in a nice way. This term reflects how people really view those in need. Perhaps the worst aspect of charity is the power felt by those who give it. These people often have a distorted view of their own strength and morality. They need to re-establish this self- aggrandizing view by donating their money to someone less fortunate. By doing this they are showing the world how lucky they happen to be in terms of money. After all, having the wing of a hospital named after you because of a donation can be a very " humble " experience! Charity is used to satisfy some very large egos. What ' s most harmful is that the recipients of the donations are often overlooked in the process. Of course, these ideas are not applicable to every situation which is a good thing. Because when money is held in higher regard than the people it might help, it can definitely be said that charity is cruel. We Care . . . WYMAN JEWELERS INC. 344-5000 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 45 RANDOLPH SAVINGS BANK 15 Pleasant Street Stoughton, MA 02072 JUNE 1984 Irving W. Goldberg Bookkeeping Tax Service 181 Tosca Drive Stoughton, MA 02072 (617) 344-1227 Notary Public Financial Consulting Parshley Realty 30 Porter Street 344-2110 " Our 20th Year " — We Do It All — Sales - Rentals - Management - Appraisals - Mortgages - Notary - MLS Windsor Tire Co., Inc. 500 Washington St. Stoughton, MA 02072 344-9909 or 344-8333 Congratulations Seniors ' from the Class of ' 87 Best Wishes to the Class of 1984 from Edward M. Weincr BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC. • Offset Printing • Composition • Art Work 111 Tosca Drive, Stoughton, MA 02072 344-0081 370 Boylston Street, Brookllne, MA 02146 232-9700 PAGE 46 SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 Best of Luck from the Drill Team and Majorettes The Class of 1984 expresses its deep appreciation to Mrs. Ellen Griffin for her Outstar ding arid Understanding Guidance Goodbye Seniors . . . We ' ll never forget you in the Chorus Jazz Choir Band Show Choir Stagehand Musicals Music Education Dept. Good Luck, Seniors We ' re Next! Class of 1985 T.F. Earley Son, Inc. 1191 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 02072 Good Luck to the Class of 1984 from the National Honor Society Stoughton Diner 657 Washington St. Stoughton, MA 02072 344-9061 Open 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday thru Saturday Closed Sundays Congratulations and Good Luck Class of 1984 Jimmy ' s Market Pleasant Street, Stoughton Good Luck to the Class of ' 84 from The Class of 1986 JUNE 1984 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 47 Good Luck Seniors Susy Creamcheese and Joe Studdly Compliments of TWINKEE CLOTHING 720 Park Street Stoughton, MA 02072 Good Luck to the Class of ' 84 from The International Club Best Wishes to The Class of 1984 from the Business Education Dept. Student Council Thanks Tricia Sweeney Lynda Welch Kalhy Stephansky Susan Gallerani Tricia Lorenz Wendy Halperin Vicky Henrique Tracey Leathers Sheri Rosenthal Eric Hoffman Mitch Dmohowski JeH DiMatteo Gary Rudman The entire Student Council thanks MS. LORI PINKHAM for her tremendous guidance and leadership throughout the year ' Break a Leg " Thespian Troupe 2877 Salutes Laura Sweeney Bill Mootos Dan Remmes Susan DaGiampietro Jucrg Baertschi John Homer Jay Homer Keith Jennings Paul Egersheim Steve Shalit David Saperstein Ken Bradley Kathy Stephansky SHS SENIOR FINALE JUNE 1984 What ' s In A Name? We have a But No We have a But No We have a But No Arbit Priest Elder Younger Marshall Sheriff Barros Buckets Fortuna Poverty Meadows Plains Battles War Frietas Train Miller Budweiser Bishop Pawn Freeman Slave woman Morgan Fairchild Bleau Bird Gabriel Angel Nestor Eggs Bradley Filene ' s Gallant Chivalry Newmark Old sign Brooks Streams Gill Fish Overstreet Underpass Brasil South America Goldberg Iceberg Parker valet Bono Soriny Greene Grass Rush blow Berdos Feathers Guss Talking mules oani Pepper Bunson Burner Mayco Fog Butler Maid Healy Toes Sheff Gourmet Cain Crutches Herr Him Silva Platinum Callender Clocl Hillcoat Street shoes Simon Jays Carroll Christmas Horn Drum Spillberg E.T. Campbell Soup Hov e Why Springer Summer Canty Won ' t He Hudson Mississippi Spurr Jingle, jangle, jingle Cave Bat Jardin Marsh Stone Rock Chaplin Marriages King Queen Storm Rain Clifford Mountain ranges Kaufman Sneezman Tarbox Sandbox Cobb Corn on it Lamplough Lantern high Thompson Twins Cole Barbeque Leathers Chains Wahl Fence Cook Food LeBow Arrows Weber Spider Daly Weekly Lee Jeans Welch Grape drink Dacey Roses Lerner Teacher Wheeler Dealer Costa Profits Lewis Jerry Winn Loss Darling Sweetheart Long Short Woolf Coyote Davis Sammy MacDonald Burger King Yarmaloff Rice Pilaf DiCastro DiOii Mains Minors Zelbow Knee Cap Donoghue Talk show Malis Justice Early Late Marques Grades Pi res One cares . . .

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