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Stoughton High School - Stotonian / Semaphore Yearbook (Stoughton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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Stoughton High School Stoughton, MossQchusetts . . . Adventure is something you seek for pleasure, or even for profit, like a gold rush or invading a country; for the illusion of being more alive than ordinarily, the thing you will to occur; but experience is what really happens to you in the long run; the truth that finally overtakes you. " Katherine Anne Porter • 2 OPENING ESSAY • 1 7 SENIORS • 65 FACULTY • 88 FALL • 1 12 WINTER • 156 BUSINESS CONTENTS The Freshman Doys Baseball Teom (Franr) M ork Levine, Jim Compbell, Borney Miller, John O ' Conner, Coach Bob Trorro. (2nd) David Fogorry, Ed DoherTy, Jim McKelligon, Mike Dousquef, John Murroy. (F eor) Jeff Peterson, Kevin Johonsen. - 1 Sue Sorrenti, Korhy McDonnell, Stephanie Ostis, Melissa Kelley, Sue Volenti, Noncy Orlando, ond Borboro Alyword ore oil smiles waiting for Santo. FRESHMEN — 1979-80 FRESHMAN YEAR i Freshmen at lost We finally mode ir to high school Most ore frightened ond ner- vous ..everyone looking forward to new experiences Closs Officers Potty Quottrucci, Penny Sawyer, Chrissy Kelleher, Debbie Swortz, and advisor Mr. Leonard Cidodo...The class of ' 83 begins its first yeor with great success... Mony changes in administration. ..Mr Dole LoVelle is promoted from Foreign Longuoge Deportment to principal. Mr James Doushell becomes acting assistant principol ofter the retirement of Mr Arthur Penordi Mr. Jerome Cullen reploces Mr. Geofifry Fanning as At- tendonce Office Manager Foreign Affoirs... Americans ore taken hostage in Iron . The beginning of o 14-month crisis... First Mock Town Meeting is held. ..The Chess Teom is undefeated with members Steve Kordon ond Paul Meskonis... " Pippin, " o greot success, hos freshmen Jimmy Day, Gus Componorio, Allison Goodman, Cheryl Klim, Chrissy Kelleher, Donna DiMatreo, Cor- fine Constinrino, ond Bobby Polmer omong its cost... Anne Croft ploys the leod in " Droculo " in the Tournament of Ploys. Many freshmen get awards in the The 22nd An- nual Science Fair, Robert Olsen gets 2nd Grond Prize Award and Mike Kreitzberg gets 4fh Grand Prize... Honorable Mentions go to Eloine Norden, Judy Thomos, and Terry Thompson... Sports... Junior Varsity Field Hockey is brought bock for the first time in eight years. ..Vorsi- ty Soccer, John Amoral is high scorer. ..Freshman Football is undefeated ond wins the Hockomock League Championship. The Cross Country Team pieces second in Division One with the help from Dove Jordan... Mike Lennon finishes 2nd in " The Gong Show " with on entertaining piano piece... More freshmen participate in the Superdonce for Musculor Dystrophy than ony other class. ..Q new experience oheod. The gong s oil here. (Front) Chris Kelleher, Koren O ' Neill, Angelo Morotto. (2nd) Robyn Greenberg, Donno DiMotteo, Potty Quottrucci, Goil Kiddy, Mary Deth Tyer. (Reor) Dione King, Cheryl Klinn. It s Porry Time! (Front) Poulo Werkowski, Allison Dorry, Debbie Cotter. (2nd) Peggy Eorle, Ann Croft, Kim Crifo, Sheilo Keen, Noncy Sommorco, Noncy Orlando. (Reor) Joonne Dovis, Donno Berry 1 The freshmon girls Softboll Teom (Front) Kothy McLaughlin, Karen Doherty, Dineen Roinge, Donno DiMotteo, Dione Mills. (Rear) Kristin Cody, Roiney Cowgill, Sue Sorrenti, Sue McNomoro. The Stotonian wishes to thank the following people for subnnitting color photos: Allison Barry, Donna Berry, JoAnn Davis, Donna DiMatteo, Carolyn Donoghue, Dianne Doyle, Priscilla Geigis, Chris Kelieher, Al Mac- Donald, Maria O ' Connell, Tony Silva, Mike Snnall, Lisa Snyder, Julie Tareco, Mary Beth Tyer, Paula Werkowski Jl Tliere ' s more to see and do in Massadmsetts iiiiiiiiiiir Mill ' The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular reason for being happy except that they are. " Tomo talks about the dawns of drugs. SOPHOMORES — 1980-81 " Big kids " . Class Officers: Donno DiMorteo, president; Sean Conwoy, vice- president; Maria O ' Connell, secretory; Kim Crifo, rreosurer . After 14 montl-is of con- finement in Iron, Americon hostages ore finolly freed on tfie Inauguration Doy of President Ronold Reogon .. Jhe Celtics take their 14th NBA World Chompionship ti- tle.. .The SHS Jozz Choir, with help from sophomores Aaron Rosenbenberg, Melissa Kelley, James Moofos, and Jomes Doy, bring home the gold from Washington, D C. while the Show Choir and Jozz Bond get o silver Brockton ' s own Morvelous Marvin Hogler knocks out Alon Minter in Round 3 to become the Middleweight Champion of the World... Annual dromo productions include Droculo and musical How ro Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. .Mr. Anthony Sorno becomes rhe new ossistont principol ... ' 80 Olde Tyme Frank ond Bean Supper o big suc- cess. ..Tomo tells about the horrors of drug obuse to crowded ossemblies Dove Jordan helps the cross-country team to shore o tri-Chompionship . Prop 2 1 2 voted in by large majority cuts deeply into school budgets, taking out large omounrs of money every where... Afternoon croze is the soop opera " Generol Hospital " ...Beotle John Lennon dies trogicolly... Varsity soccer takes Ord ploce with help from sophomores Doug Hodley, Paul Guiney, David Georin, Lorry Pointen, Steve Alfono, Jim Burley, John Amoral, ond Joe SerpQ...Two more years to go!!! J3 Debbie Swortz yells on to support the JV field hockey team. The most thoroughly wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed. " — Chamfort Upperclossmen of lost. ..Led by Donno DiMorteo, Riso Morcus, Kim Crifo, and Jone Harrington... Our doss rings arrive early in September, .rhe feored PSAT ' s ore soon upon us followed by the more-dreoded SAT ' S. ..We hold our doss " Sub Sup- per " ...As Ronald Reogon enters his second year as president, Argentina invodes the Falkland lslonds...Kris Cody, Mike Lennon, and Eloine Norden ore winners of the Intromurol Writing Contest... The musical " Grease " is released with our class stars Cheryl Klim, Chrissy Kelleher, Maria O ' Connell, Allison Goodman, Jimmy Mootos, and Priscillo Geigis... " Rocky III " and " Roiders of the Lost Ark " ore released. ..David Jordan, Lorry Smith, and John Golonis oil combine to bring another championship for SHS basketball... John Hinckley goes on trial for the assassination attempt of President Reagan. ..Jazz Choir and Jozz Bond win big in Rhode Islond . SHS hosts its first " Dottle of the Bonds " . ..The Student Council sponsors a search for " compatible classmates " ... Comedian John Belushi is dead at 33. ..Our Junior Prom, " The Best of Times, " is held at the Conoe Club May 13th ond Missy Goodkin is crowned queen. ..Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, is assassinated... Cormelo Voliente is selected President of the Notional Honor Society... Sandra Day O ' Connor is op- pointed first woman on the Supreme Court... next step seniors. After the prom, Jane Harrington still feels like dancing while Eddie Sheehon and Tom McConn look on. Beach bound. Junior Class Executive Board Dovid Jordon strives for first place. " It is better to be a nobody who accomplishes something than a somebody who accomplishes nothing. " — Anonymous 16 Stephen Alfono Presidenr Kimberly Crifo Treasurer Deor Clossmores: Moving hod the pleosure ro hove known you these four yeors here ot Sfoughfon High School, I con safely soy I will, quite simply, remember one ond oil. But stepping from this formolity, I would like to soy thonk you for allowing me to help our doss, in its senior year to reach our gool of a successful ond pleosonl lost year in school, here in Stoughton High As I think of all the times that hove been so speciol ro me, I ask you to do the some. Life ' s future is relatively unsure, some may continue schooling, some go on to the world ot work, and some others will still rake the options thot life con offer them, but whotever the colling each will hove ot least one thing in common — port of their post. Memories of old friendships, fods, fun times, and fantasies remain OS a certainty: and these things then remind us of how o brick building and four short years could change our entire lives We are the Closs of 1980. and thot foct mokes us very unique. In my opinion, there will be no orher class with OS much class; so I wish you oil the best of luck and health as you go on in life Stephen D Alfono Ptesident 1982-60 Stephanie Ciullo Vice President To Mr. Leonord Cidodo, The Closs of 1980 would like ro express speciol gratitude to you, for the post four yeors, your guidonce has influenced our growth os individuols ond os o closs. We oppreciote the time you hove spent with us, your dedica- tion ond involvement in our oc- tivities . . . Cid, You hove earned our thanks. On behalf of ' 83 THE OFFICERS Jane Harrington Secretary Mr Leonard Cidodo Advisor To the class of 1983: I connot begin to tell how deeply happy I am to hove been your od- visor for the post four years. The memories we hove shared and the great times we have hod will be cherished for many yeors to come. The friendships we have mode will continue to grow and the memories will always be there. Best wishes olwoys, Leonard Cidodo 18 XECUTIVE BOARD: (Front) Jone Harrington, Stephanie Ciullo, Stephen Alfono, Kim Crifo (2nd) Donna Berry, Poulo Werkowski, Nancy Sammarco, Carolyn White. Kim amplough, Mr. Leonard Cidodo. (3rd) Mary Beth Tyer, Maria O ' Conneli. Koryn Pierersen. Karen Teed. Diane King. Christine Kelleher, Debbie Swortz. Debbie Carter. Jonice ondish, Diane Mills, Jim Day. (Rear) Marie Dmohowski. Jim Mootos, Lourindo DoSilvo, Karen Norton. Jackie Buore. Robyn Greenberg, Anne Croft, Donna DiMatteo, Debbie fenstrom, Mary Coe, Dianne Doyle, Sheilo Keen. Corolyn Donoghue, Emily Morris. Stephanie Osris. Jessico Kerwin. ILASS OFFICERS: (Front) Stephen Alfono, Stephanie Ciullo. (Rear) Jone Harrington, r. Leonord Qdodo, Kimberly Crifo. Mork Levine, Noncy Sommorco end Lisa Sondler enjoy the Sketti Supper. IS THIS OUR ADVISOR? " Jane, Whof s on your mind? " Stephen, wrapping candy cones for " Kothy, we know it ' s tempting, but Candy Cone Doy. don ' t eor it. " 19 Trocey Aguior Stephen Dominic Alfono Mil e Abroms Mario Abreu MICHAEL ALAN ADRAM5 Mike, Abe . . , quiet, good-notured, moody . . . Peeves: worm beer, waking up eoriy in rhe morning . . , Fovorires: Led Zep, AC DC, Ceirics gomes, ping pong, video gomes, Comoros . . . Memories: Tom Perry and AC DC concerts . . , Plons: college, live successfully . . . good luck oil, thonks Mom and Dod. CLARISSE M. AGUIAR " Quiet, folkotive when I wont to be " . . . Peeves: broken promises, Mondoy mornings. The Closh . . Memories: Til never forget the time MelissQ was ottocked by o fly " . Plans: to become a hoirdresser, be happy. TRACEY AGUIAR Spoce , , , loud, rowdy, imporient, friendly, buzzed . . . Peeves: rain, Mondoys, worm brew, two-foced people, fogs . , , Favorites: The Doors, Led Zepplin, porrying, pistachios. Dud talks, Jock Daniels . to hove on excellent time . . . partying with Donna, Michelle, Denise, Vinnie, The Vincent mobile . . . see ya. MARJA LII5A ALANKO Muru . . . stubborn . . . like oh . . . skiing, horsebock riding, purple . . 2 6 81 Finland . . . " We eight ladies " ... " AGO " ... treasures family in Finlond and friends in America. STEPHEN DOMINIC ALFANO Steve, " The pres " . . . funny, sarcastic, happy-go-lucky, charming, " hum- ble, " . . . Peeves . , , going to church, plastic people, Asia, " Tainted Love, " good hot pizzo, soccer, unschedules, " what? " get a personali- ty life, " A good friend con do as much for you os 10 enemies con do ogoinst, " . . Syracuse, commercial artist, lots of land Tournoment ' 80, ' 81, ' 82, election June 81, Ames Pond ' 81, snowball fights. LOW JEAN ALLEN Pec ' s . . . sensitive, crazy, dozed . . . Peeves: studs, busy signols . . . weekends, beochbound, ' Super-freok, " Itolion food, 8 12 82, 3 30 80, Seekonk Speedway, Celebrotions, Daniel Webster (college porties), comping 5 29 81, 10 31 82, Dods 40rh . . . memories of David . . . college bound . . . live a good life . . love you. Mom and Dad STEFANIE ALPERT Stef . . . happy, sensitive, friendly . . . Peeves: SAT ' S, homework, Mon- days, dead cots, flutes in the morning, Chris . . . Favorites: skiing, ultimote, " I ' m coming up, " " Awesome, totally awesome, " McDonalds, rhe beach . . Plans: college, to be very successful ond rich . . . Memories: ttock. Drill team, deer possing, pass the life- sover. Dr. Jon, Green Gismos . . . oiwoys found with Cindy ond Poulo . thanks to my patents. Clorisse M. Aguior Morjo-LiiSQ Alonko Lori Allen Srefonie Aipert Poulo Alves 20 John Amoral Woyne Aronson Mario I. Ambrosio Connie Androde Dorboro E. Aylword MARIA I. AMDROSIO Isie . . . ombifious, sensitive, quier . . . Peeves: broken promises . . . Favorites: Journey, " Go Home, " best times with Mario, Joe, Grace, Adeline, Ivone, Chris ond gong ... to trovel, be successful, thonks to oil. CONNIE M. ANDP.ADE Beaker . hysterical, mischievous . . Peeves: bockstabber, first 3 periods . . . Fovorites: Bob Seger, " Famous Final Scene, " " not conceited, convinced, " " my left one " . . . Memories: summer of ' 82, great times with Kothy, Ossie 5-26-82 . . . go to college, be hoppy with Ossie ... I love you. Mom and Dad, bless you. ROBERT MARK ANDREWS Bob, Punk . . . impatient, daring . . . Peeves: jocks, stuck-up girls, Mon- days . . . Rush, Sub-divisions, Forever, Men at work. Intense . . . Future Plons: architectural engineer . . . thanks to Mom and Dad, Mr. Boroc, good-bye Stoughton High. JOE ARMAS Joe . . . Peeves: girls that soy no . . . Favorites: Deep Purple, AC DC, pic- tures of home, meat, woter sports. Math, " Where ' s the party? " . . . Plons: drafting . . . Memories: summer of ' 82, po rties in Manny ' s " mobile " . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. WAYNE ARONSON Dewey . . . athletic, " Easy " . . . Pet Peeve: 11 5 82, two-faced people . . . hockey, rowing . . . college. Dad ' s business, continue in hockey . . . summers ot the Cape, Canada Feb. ' 82, Columbio Point with Kevin and Jockie, Riverdole Gong . . . forever and love to Lorrie . . . thonks. Mom and Dod. MARGARIDA AVILA Moggie . . . shy, quier, friendly . . . Peeves: two-faced people, broken promises . . . Favorites: " The Go-Go ' s, " Vocation, Spo pizza . . . ro be hoppy and successful . . . best times wirh Lucy, 3 9 82, summer of ' 81 and ' 82 . . . thanks. Mom ond Dod. BARBARA E. AYLWARD Borb . . happy, crazy, tolkotive . . . Peeves: liars, two-faced people . . clowns, birthdays, " You ' re fired!, " Borny, 2 12 79, rhonks to my special friend Jone, 7 9 80, soccer, " Turn the Page, " best times with Dee and Gig ' 82, Mom ond Dod ... to go bock ro school, be hoppy. THOMAS LOUIS BAETA T.B. . . . spur of the moment . . . Peeves: coaches, cliques . . . Favorites: The born, Jeon-Luc-Ponty, " Jimmy ' s, " Xmos Eve ' 81, Nontosket, Blues, plan to attack, the Canoe Club 5 13 82 ... to be well off. Morgorido M. Avilo Thonnos Louis Doero 21 John J. Beoron Jr. Joner M. Dechet Allison M. Borry ALLISON M. BARRY Al . . moody, gullible . . . Peeves: endless roods, friction , , , rhe yellow bomber, 10-10-81, ding dong girls . . . rhe hike, loughs wirh Jo and Peg . . . Duck! . . . Doiry Dor wirh Re-Re and Durg, Sorurdoy nighrs or rhe Spo . . . running wirh Sue, " You got ro me " , , . 10-11-81, greor rimes wirh rhe girls, " geeks, " New Year ' s or Kim ' s . . . Memories; Dunfeys, 9-24-82 ro be successful and hoppy . . . lots of love ro fomily and friends JOHN JOSEPH BEATON John . . . norry, debonair, spoiled . . Peeves: 6 o m. or Dunkins, Ar- thur, " boots without gos . , . Fovorires: movies, gossip, Dr Pepper, poker gomes . . . Memories: Sebogo ' 82, New York ' 82 , , " yeoh, uh, uh. yeoh, " " wicked funny Mike " . ro ger Smoll ro clean my locker . suc- ceed in college . . . thonks to oil those who cored, BETHANY A. BEAUREGARD Beth . . . friendly, tolkorive , . . Peeves: working Fri. ond Sot nighrs. rwo- foced people . , . Favorites: Pink Floyd " Dork Side of rhe Moon, " oil rhar kind of stuff . . . Events: Winter Donee 12-13-81, working wirh Mrs Curry . . . Memories: Summer of ' 82 Colifornio, rhanks Mr. and Mrs Sullivan, Dickfords with Dove, nighrs our wirh the girls, fun times in H.R. with Jonet . . . extra special rhanks to Dod, love yo. JANET M BECHET Talkative, moody, obnoxious Peeves: rwo-foced people, 8:00-2:09, show-offs. Gill . . . Von Holen, Aerosmith, pizza, ' Hey, what s up! " " How ' s it going? " 7-29-82, 11-9-82. Weeksy, fun rimes wirh Denise, Cothy, ond Beth in Isr lunch, good rimes wirh cousin Kothie and remembered times with Kevin love ro Mom and Dod. DONNA D. BERRY Doc . . . sorcosric, funny . . . Peeves; deadlines, sneoks, boys wirh long hoir . . . Fovorites; ski-trips, 6-pQCks, " Life ' s rough, " Gorfield 1, Euro- peon, pino colodas and pizza, " number 24, " and slush Plons ro be a veterinorion . . . Memories; Washington DC. New Year ' s or Kim s. 5-14- 82, junior class trip, 7-14-82, Chorlie Brown .1 love you. Mom ond Dod 5touGHrroM H H 5cKoo Berhony A. Beouregord Donno D. Berry 22 Brian Bertencourr Arfhur Bishop Jomes E. Boudreou V , f i Michael D. Bousquer Holly Betz Daniel M. Dions DWAN M. BETTENCOURT Easy-going, quiet . . . Peeves; Mario, Monday mornings, E-hour . . . Favorites: Zeppelin, Bud, summer of ' 81, The Who 12 11 82, 5 14 82 . . . Student Council, Notional Honor Society . . . Plons: college, trovel to Florida ... oil my love. Mom ond Dad. HOLLY M. BETZ Gullible . . . Peeves: rainy days, woking up in the morning . . . Memories: with Mike 7-9-80, " Two Tickets to Porodise, " Chevelle 8-25- 81, Terri ' s shower 6-12-81, " Summer of ' 81, " Salisbury Beach, " Tango, " weekend of 7-29-82 ... to get morried and hove o hoppy fomily. DAN BINNS Binzer . . Peeves: attendance office, obnoxious people . . . Favorites: Asia, Only Time Will Tell, Spo pizzo, drinking, commons, ' 82 Ozzy con- cert . . . Plans: to win the lottery and retire ot 18. ARTHUR BISHOP Tiger . . . outdoors man . . . Peeves: rumors . . Favorites: Bud, good friends . . . times with the gang . . . Plans: gome warden . . . great remembrance and love to Dove Weeks . . . thank you very much, Mom and Dod. KERI A. BOGHOSIAN Wingnuf . . . happy, emotional . . . Zeppelin, " Stoirwoy to Heaven " . . . go to college, live happy . . . parties with Dove Lewis 8 26 82, Lincoln Pork with Damon Deluco ond Julie Wennerstrond, 12 8 61, memories with Mike Mocoleese, first night 8 12 62, Terri ' s boby shower, friends from the Haven . . . love you. Mom and Dad . . . " Bless you, Dovid! " MICHAEL P BOUSQUET Mike . . . 7 . . . lozy . . . Peeves: 11 5 62, girls fighting, 9 4 82, spoiled brots, the boys . . . Favorites: hockey, " Easy, " Dud, eoting, " Lady, " por- rying . . . Memories: 5 5 81, 17 years with Cheryl, junior prom, 12 17 81 . . . Future Plans: college, architect . . . lots of love to Mom ond Dad. DAWNA DOYCE Boycee . . . bossy, opinionoted, sensitive . . . Favorites: Beotles, " Just like Starting Over, ' baseball, math, " whot the fudge! " . . . Memories: working in the clinic and social studies office, summer of ' 82 . . . Plans: working with kids and computers. Keri Doghosion Downo Boyce 23 Norolee Cobrol Frederick D. Boyle Deborah A. Bradbury FREDERICK D. DOYLE Fred . . . quier, oufgoing . . . Peeves: egotists . . . Favorites: Def Leppord. Les Paul, lob 5 . . . Memories: Jill, Equinox, 11 29 81, 11 19 82 . . . Future: college, fun. DEBORAH ANN BRADBURY Debby . . . sarcastic, critical . . . Peeves: Endless Roods, Kiddies, 7 ' s, Lady, No Buyer . . , Fovorites: Bud Pounders and Geeks, partying with " The Girls, " " Mow! " Zing! . . . Memories: Conado, S7.69, Winter dance ■81, " The Ding Dong Girls, " 11 17 79, " 12 17 81 one, four, three " ... oil my love to Mom and Dad. MANNY BRAZAO African . . . friendly, quiet, easy . . . Peeves: getting up early, hangovers, homework . . . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, The Who, Doors " Break on through to the Other Side, " Mooseheod . . . Activities: 12 15 81, 10 1 82 Block Sabbath, party on weekends. 5 14 81. 12 11 82 . . . Plans: traveling across country, taking it easy . . it ' s been reol. JACQUELYN K. DUOTE Jackie . . . undecided, always laughing, sensitive . . . Peeves: endless roads, " IT, " 5 13-14 82, Yomechos . . The Pinto, Yellow Bomber, " Geeks, " out with the girls. Baby Ruth, Christmas Dance ' 81. Feb Voc , " Runaways, " summer nights of ' 82 at Lucy ' s . . Neil Young, Hello there Cheryl! " . . . plans to live my dreams . . . much love to my family JAMES F. BURLEY Burl . . . friendly, out- going, ambitious . . . Peeves: 500-word essoys, be- ing ignored . . . Favorites: basketball, radio, school donees, " what ' s up, " team bus rides, high fives, " girls " . . . Memories: freshmon Blue Hills field trip, Oliver Ames basketball gomes . . Plons: college, be successful . thanks. Mom and Dad NORALEE CABRAL Norb . . crazy, outgoing, very tolkofive . . . Peeves: secrets, cliques Boston, free ot lost . . . Memories: 9 25 82, Maine, Dee, Gig, Borb, South Eastern Regionol, thanks Sue . . . olwoys and forever with Kenny BARBARA ANN CAHILL Barbie . . . shy, friendly . . Peeves: Bobs . . . Favorites: Journey, Chinese food, baseball . Memories: Norolee ' s weekends, trying to get to work. PAULA CAIN Moody, sorcosfic, friendly . Memories of 3 years with a special friend, Deering, the number, a select group, swiss rolls, " Awesome, " Spo-the regulor, " 108, " junior prom, summer of ' 81, Bill 9 30 81, best times shored with Bingo, egghead, and Pookie Plans: college, work with kids. DONNA MARIE CALLAHAN Dud . . Peeves: rainy weekends, nothing to do, snobs . . pistochios, Buds, good times with Peggy and Mark, best of times with Tracy, Denise, Vinnie, ond Michelle . to go to college, enjoy life . . . " I ' ve finally mode it! " ... I love you. Mo ond Dad, thonks. Manny Brozao Jomes F. Burley Barboro Ann Cohill Pouio Cain Donno Morie Callahan 24 Kimberly Ann CQllohon LoLo D. Conro Agosrinho Componorio Jr. Jomes W. Compbell II KIMDERLY CALLAHAN Kimmy . , . short, friendly, fun, worrier, bookworm, cute . . . Peeves: 500-word themes, SAT ' s, trouble mokers, wise guys . . . Fovorltes: Pino Colodo, Swim Team. " You Brot! " " Homework, Homework Give Me A Dreok " , , Plons: College (business), trovel to Quebec, New York ' The Gong, " Three Musketeers, Collohon ' s Crayons . many thonks to Mom ond Tuck AGOSTINHO A CAMPANARIO JR. Gus . . , hoppy-go-lucky, semi-quiet , . . Peeve: Boy Bonk . . . Fovorites: CEC. weekends In Boston. 3 a.m. on the Cope with Bob ond Dove Risa, 10-2-79, " Still " . . .E-hr. trig, waiting for my big break . . . love to Mom and Dod. JAMES W CAMPBELL II " Soup " . . enthusiastic, high on life . . Peeves: cold showers ofter o gome! . . . Fovorites: The Rolling Stones . " Starr Me Up, " Wlzo ' s physics doss . . . football ond boseboll . . " Be An Athlete! " . Plans to get a job. pleose my mother . tennis with Jimmy B . . . winter donee with Korry . . . thanks and lots of love to Mom and Dad LORRAINE CHRISTINE CAMUSO Rainy . shy but outgoing Peeves: Little Orphan Annie. Richard Sim- mons , . . Memories: sisterhood with Ellen and Linda, Citgo Station stoilout 8 10 S2 all for 59 cents, TDK Special, Nicole, Jennifer, 3 21 62, my " Mercedes, " Corinne s such a cutie ... " I did it! " JOHN P. CANGEME Howkmon. Hoovy, Congobong . . sarcastic, quiet, friendly . . . Peeves: customer. Infinity, recovery . . . Aush. " So cought up in you. " shooting, flying. I plan to be o pilot, 10 X 82 with Sondy, Eng, drowing ond biology with Bob ESCOLASTICA B CANTO LoLo . . quiet, friendly, shy . . Peeve: winter " Hord to Soy I ' m sorry, " pizzo, soccer, history . . reiro ' s room . . . Plans: to go bock to Cope Verde, LEANNE J. CARROLL Friendly, moody, rodical . . Peeves: waiting, worm beer, friends thot oren ' t . . . Doors, Heart. CCR, Kinks 9 27 S1. Bubbo, Schnapps, baby lowies, cosh a check, Terri ' s shower, 4WD, Saquish ' Laurie, " snowy weekends, 4 3 62, Courtney 11 17 62 . . . Plans: to be successful love ond thanks to Dod. DEBORAH S. CARTER Corto. Stinky. Bionic Eors , , , raikofive. sensitive, outgoing . Peeve: mornings . . . Memories: rainbows, pillows. 11 6 82. " Goldens. " 8 8 82. " MIdwoy, " New York ' 82-DD, Boston, drill teom, camp, Morsholls, good times with good friends . to go to college and become successful love to Mom and Dod. MARGUERITE CARTER Morg . . hoppy. friendly Peeves: snobs, two-faced people, waiting . . . Stones. Seger. Alwoys ond Forever, Love Hurts, Bruins hockey . Plans: get married to Mork , . . Memories: 6 18 80 with Mark, summer of 80, AC DC 12 8 81, Mr, G ' s, the hole, good times with the girls. C-hr commons with Tommy, 3rd lunch-corner table . . . thanks, Mom. . Favorites: Chicogo. time spent in Ms. Cor- John P. Congeme Leonne J. Carroll Deborah Sue Correr Moguerire Carter Christopher Chomberlin Bruce Chisholm Philip Cosh Lisa Corolono PHIL CASH P. J., Fudgey, Coshish, Moe . . quiet, undersronding, never on rime, po- rienr , , , Peeves: stinky, Mondays, moggors, wolking . , Fovorires: Zep- pelin, Neil Young, Hurricon Moyo. pole voulring, " Having Wings, " " Lookour, ■ . . . Memories: freshman foorball, track last year, Gussey, running out of gas in the boat, cutting the net out of the propeller in the oceon . . . Plans: college, become rich , , , Remember Dove! LISA M. CATALANO Poco . . . crazy, olways smiling, forgetful , Peeves: goodbyes, no por- ties. lote. Spa . Favorites: weekends, parties. " Open Arms, " hockey. New York, beoches. Mercy to go to college, be hoppy cheerleoding. oll-nighters. pounder . . . loving memories of bro Dove . . , Memories: John, Dove thanks everyone JEFFF Y CEP UTI Jeff . . . Peeves: disco, punk, cops, mornings Favorites: Led Zeppelin. Doors, Who, Mickey ' s , . Memories: skiing. K-porties. furbush. Goddard bonfires . . off to Maine , , " See you later, Stoughton ' P ODEF T CHASE Boxer Dob . . Favorites: Doors, Zeppelin, AC DC, to go to work ond party . . . Plans: moke money, parry . memories of " Weeksie " with love thanks. Mom ond Dod BRUCE D. CHISOLM Bruce . . . impotient . Peeves: cops, Jocks, no brakes . . Fovorires: Block Sobborh, Zeppelin, Budweiser . . . dazed ond confused, hand of doom, oll-nighters. CHERYL PATRICIA CHISHOLM SherrI . . . gullible, happy-go-lucky, sensitive . Peeves: waking up, boredom . Fovorites: Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues, Black Sobboth, Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd concert 11 16 82, good parties ot Indion Rock. Artie, jomming, art . . . to go to college, and travel oround the world good luck, everyone. STEPHANIE J. ClULLA Steph. crazy, sorcostic Peeve: life in general . . . Favorites Dud Pounders, skiing. Cops, Bozode. " Zing, " orr . . . Memories: Onset. " Don t stop believin ' , " 6 29 81. 3 in a pub, 3 a.m. swim. 2 tele ' s. B-Ball 1-4 with Dowkins. Canada . Plans: to live in the mountains love and thonks to family and friends Robert J. Chose Cheryl P. Chisholm Stephanie J. Ciullo 26 Bob C. Clork Jr. Mary Ann Coe Phillip T. Conlon Michoel Cobb Kristin Lee Cody KRISTIN LEE CODY Commander, Kupie . . . swimming, journalism . . . " The Gong, " Kimbo ' s croyons. Three Musketeers . . . " Gopher-it, " Superwoman, 3 o.m. rolks, Go-Go ' s ' 82, best times with my best friend . . thanks to Mr. D ond Mr. T . . . love ond luck to family and friends. MARY A. COE Slush, DS., nightmare . sarcastic, moody, mischievous . . . Peeves; holidays and Sundays ot NESH, boys with long hair, sneoks . . . Favorites: Springsteenism, Clyde 1, Code Red, Chopper, Brew Ho-Ho ' s, blue scoop, red notebooks, teocups for Jonsky . . to be o nurse . . . Memories: junior class trip, 7 14 82, Roman holiday. New Years at Kim ' s, Woshington, the proms, drive-ins, C-hour commons, Nantucket . . . thanks. Mo and Dad. MICHAEL COLETTI Coletts . . . quiet, lazy . . . Peeves: work, people who talk to you when you don ' t feel like talking . . . Favorites: Doors, " Rood House Blues, " junk food, basketball, being on the boseboll teom ... to be successful. TERRI M. CONNELL T.C., Tez . . . sensitive, undecided, gullible . . . Peeves: mornings, Dorito bogs, bock stobbers . . . Fovorites: Bruce Springsteen, ice cream, Kohluo, " I don ' t know, " " OH! " " shucks! " . . . Plans: to go to college . . . Memories: summer ' 60, speciol times in New Hampshire with friends, fhonks to Rich, special thonks to friends ond family. KEVIN CONNOR Peeve: having no money . . . Favorites: Doors, Zeppelin, furbush ond legion . . . Plons: work full time . . . with memories of " Weeksie " with oil my love. SEAN M. CONWAY Convoy . . happy-go-lucky, thirsty . . . Peeve: not having any money, drinking oge . . . Favorites: Tull, Von Holen, AC DC, Zeppelin, " Yo Hum! " rude ones . . . parries at legion and furbush, " Keg Killers, " . . . more good times . . Memories: to " Weeksie " with all my love. Michael Coletri Thereso Connell Kevin Connor Sean Conwoy 27 Lorroine K. Cowgill Anne M. Croft John Corbeft Corinne Toni Cosronrino JOHN CORBEn Chip , sorcQsric, lazy , . Peeve; fof people in bathing suirs , , . Zoppo, wrestling, Cars, Aerosmith . . . Memories: ' 60, ' 81, ' 82, Terry 11 5 81 together forever. Holiday Inn, " Hey Linny, " Pasture, T5-90, Terrence got- ta fix my head, Steve M , Florida , . , time to work, college bound, ZMI . . . thank you. Mom and Dad CORINNE COSTANTINO Alios Freckles . . . short, funny, weird . Peeves: macho men, liars, pain . . . Memories; 2 23 82, Twister, D C " Toni, " Ploto Grande, Jazz Choir, drill teom. The Chill, Newport, Pippin, 7751, The gong, Scoro, Dear Lindo, " You ' re so cute! " p(squored), " What color do you wont ' " , , , college bound , . all my love. PETERJCOTTAM Unpredictoble, impotient, late . , " memories of Weeks ' , treasures family and friends . . the room. Mart ' s cottoge with the " Keg Killers . football, beoting Canton . . Peeves; quitters, decisions become incredibly rich, travel . , . thanks for everything. Mom. LORRAINE K. COWGILL Roiney moody, tired, impatient Peeves; not enough sleep, no time Memories; summer ' 79, crime by rhe poolside, spogherti sup- pers at Jen ' s Favorites; mischievous weekends, liquid diets, sleeping late, life at " The Country Club " , much love to Mom ond Dod. KIM CRIFO Crif loud mouth, sensitive, talkative, poranoid Peeves guys with long hair, being late . . . Fovorites; " If, " the Europeon, Show s 5 10 62, 12 21 80 and mony more good times with Al , , me and Noncy, friends for 10 yeors Sheilo in Plymouth, good times with Don- no and the gong. My New Yeor ' s Eve porties, lots of love to Mom, Dod. ond Ted ANNE M. CROFT Annie, Annobelle, Banana sensitive, easy-going Peeve endless roods motels, drama, pounders, the Pinto, the Geeper, the Yellow Bomber, Geeks being with Mark . 8 14 — 8 15 82 with Sue and Lourindo, summer of ' 82, ' 62 Groduation, plays, cruising with the girls, finding my friends, bottles under the seat this one s for you, Papo ROBERT CRONIN Bob Favorites; porty, get rowdie. Bud, Led Zeppelin, Bod Co , hockey, skiing, Mittersill N.H., June ' 82 . Plons; to be very successful and live in own privote estate . fhonks for it all. Mo and Dad SHARON C CURRIE Sho, Pumpkin, Scurry sorcastic, fun-loving, sensitive Peeves; false friends, rainy Mondoys , , . Favorites: Journey, Styx, Springsteen, " Born to Run, " " The Gang, " " sheer ecsfosy " . . . Plans; to be happy Memories; 3 12 82, the best of friends ond the best of times thanks, everyone PAMELA ANN CYRKLIS Pommy, Spam happy, friendly, caring . Peeves bock-stobbers, working weekends, Mondoy s Favorites: Commodores " Truly, " frogboby, moke o deal, Eagles " Long Run, " Bud Plans; college, marry Stephen , . Memories; Fonueil Hall, summer 81, 7 6 82, roses for eternity Stephen, Dove 11 6 82 luv and thonx. Mom ond Stephen Kimberly A. Crifo Dob Cronin Sharon C. Currie Pomelo Cyrk lis 28 Richard E. Czyros Kara Dogenois LQuro M. D ' Alessondro Lourindo Do Silva James Michoel Day WCHARD EDWARD QYRAS Chuck Bronco . nice person . . Peeve: Sponky . . Favorites: Aerosmirh, " Lighrning Strikes, " pizza . . . better privileges, going to the circle . . . Plans: Army. KARA DAGENAI5 Kara . . . talkative, cheerful, unpredicfoble Peeve: school Memories: Bickford ' s, " Oh yo, right, " insane osylum LAURA M. D ALES5ANDRO Mugzy, Dely, outgoing, moody, friendly . . . Peeves: cold nights, cliques, two-foced people . . . Favorites: Von Holen, " Open Arms, " v eekends with Denise and Ann Margoret, $1.04, morning coffee, " Live it up! " . . Plans college, psychology, trovel, be happy . . . Memories: 11 21 81 Brian, full moons, Sharon Lake, 5 13 82 junior prom, parties with Turtle . thanks. Mom and Dad, love you! WENDY M. DALY Wolf , , . crazy, outgoing, friendly, happy, unpredicotobie . . . Peeves: cliques, broken promises . . . Favorites: Butterfingers, " Stairway to Heaven, " " Even The Nights Are Better, " . . . Memories: 8 23 79, sum- mer of ' 82 with Doug, I love you Babe, Terkelsen ' s point room, D.W. Field ' s, Donna and Lisa, thanks for being there . , , Plans: college, be suc- cessful . . . thanks Mom, love you. LAURINDA DA SILVA Geep . . . iQzy, gullible, undecided . . . Peeves: waiting, endless roads . . . Neil Young, the Pinto, Pounders, Geeks, S7.69, art . . . " You ' re out of your tees!, " " Who Con It Be Now? " . . . summer nights of ' 62 ' at Lucy ' s, sunset to sunrise. Forge, Feb. vocation, ' duck!, " 3 a.m. swim ... to be happy . . . " Only Time Will Tell " . , . love to fomily and friends. JO ANN DAVIS Jo . . . impatient, talkative . . . Peeve: waiting . . . Xmos ' 81, proms, ski- ing. New Hampshire, Halloween ' 82 . . . Patrick . . . found shopping . . . good time with Carolyn, " get it, " the hike . . . Kerin . . . Marie ' s till 4, Jockie my " Side Slopper, " coincidences, laughs with Peg and Al, " Oh no Suzanne! " . . . " Hey Brian, should I chonge? " . . . much love and thanks to Mom ond Dod. JIM DAY Gym . . . friendly, outgoing, strange . . . Peeves: MocPhoil, Poochle . . . Favorites: Devo, The Cors, Gory Newman . . . Memories: Washington D.C., Fiddler, Falmouth ' 81, ' 82, The lost of the Lorsonists, turtles, the refrigerator ... to be successful and famous . . . thonx to the whole family and those who cored. IVONE DEAGUIAR Determined, friendly, outspoken . . . Peeves: liors, snobs . . . Fovorites: Bob Seger, Journey, Bod Company, " Turn The Page, " " Endless Love " . . . Plons: marry Tony, Rita and Tony . . . 12 8 79 . . . 9 17 82 . . good times with the gong. Wendy M. Daly Jo Ann Dovis Ivonne Theresa DeAguior 29 Diane Dexfer Matthew Steven Dineen Norberto DeFreitas Marilyn Dubois MARILYN DEOLIM DUBOIS Merh . . . happy, friendly . . Peeve: cliques, broken promises . . . Fovorires: Foreigner, " Life is what you moke ir our ro be! " , Memories; good rimes with friends or Babe Ruth, sirring on the bridge, ploying frisbee, commons with good friends ond milk shokes , . . Plons: college, to succeed in business. DONNA MARIE DESMOND Dee . . . sensitive, quiet Peeve: broken promises . Fovorires: good times with friends, tolks with Wently and Sue, Joe 4 3 81, beach with Joe, Dennis and Jodi Plans: college, medicol secrerory treosured memories of Dad love you. Mom and thanks DIANE M DEXTER August 12, 1980, coffee brandy, " I mode it Mike! " astrology, mythology, psychology . . . " give us on hour for magic " . spoce fruckin ' with Cindy . . support from Mo DONNA MARIE DIMAHEO Donna . . . stubborn, friendly . . . Peeves: green bugs, tickers, fighring purple paw, Sourhy, CYO, ski rrips, my finger, Klimberrreo, my bar- tender, solar hearing, special all-nighter, the rock, PW05, rolks with Joe and Jane, Vinny 10 18 79, 7 3 82 thanks Mom, Dad, family, friends and Vinny. MAnHEW STEVEN DINEEN Mort . . . lazy, stubborn . Peeves: officiols, Conron Bulldogs, worm buds, 11 22 81 . . Favorites: theClosh concerr. Flock of Seagulls, Chinese food, boseboll with Mr. Mark, McDrills, 190 Firewater Sirring on the bench with Len and Gear, beer breakfasts to go to college hockey with Weeksy, summer of ' 82 or Nonrosket with Len, love to Mom and Dad, Eoston MARIE C. DMOHOWSKI Chicken, Re Re sensitive . Peeve: endless roods Fovs: full moons. Cope Cod, good times with the girls . Yellow Bomber, " jusr let me sleep, " Ding Dong Girls, 3 a.m. swim, rhe pir with Deb, Conodo, Boby Ruth, going wild with Trish, New Year s Eve ot Kim s, Dunfeys, Mansion, ' should I sroy or should I go? " oil my love and rhonks to family EDWARD L DOHERTY Eddie, Moper . . . aggressive, stubborn, sometimes lozy Peeves coaches, the system . . . Memories: 10 1 82, The pole, 10 30 82, sum- mer of ' 82, South School, baseball. Junior prom, McDrills 190 firewater, Nontosket in Comoro . . . college and be hoppy. Donna Marie Desmond Donna M. DiMotteo Marie Dmohowski 30 Edward L. Doherty Karen J. Doherty Wendy Anne Dolloff Carolyn F. Donoghue Dianne M. Doyle KAREN J DOHERTY Funky . . ..sensitive, imporienf, senrimenrol . . , junior prom, T pying Thorn s house, Boston, Kiss 10S, smock, smock good friends that will lost o life-time . . . Christmos in the city , , . 11 6 82, 11 12 82 . be hap- py, successful, and live in the city thonks to friends ond fomily. WENDY ANNE DOLLOFF Wendy-Lou, Wendy Doll . . moody, sensitive . . Peeve: Alex, silly arguments, boys with long hair. Mom s cor, cold Thanksgiving foofboll gomes, tattoos . . . Favorites: Springsteen 12 60, Journey 10 81, 4 years of majorettes, Friendly ' s, Paulo ond Jone, yearbook stoff . Memories: proms, winter dances, Woshington 8 82, beoch bound ofter junior prom . . . treasures time with Billy . . . thonks. Mom CAROLYN A DONOGHUE Donurs . . always smiling, outgoing, athletic, confused . . . Peeves: good-byes, broken promises, woiting . . . Boston, tp ing, skiing, field- hockey, 11 6 62, summer of ' 81, proms, snoogers, big sis, forever friends. Kiss 108, " Tointed Love, " Lobo, my special someone Norway-bound . . . to be happy and successful. JOHN P DOWGA5 J. P. . . . colm, cool, collective . . Peeves: nignogs, bagels, bockstobbers, rumors, snobs . AC DC, best times with the gong, 80-83, Buds, move with the gong, a special thonks to the Weeks family, Mr. Sarno, Mr Mur- phy to my best friend, whom I loved, " Weeksie " . couldn ' t do it without you. Mom ond Dod DIANNE M. DOYLE Di . . . lozy, quiet, out-to-lunch . . . Peeves: mornings, work, 8 80, endless roods, 10 2 82 " Freebird, " softboll, good times with friends, yellow bomber, the Pinto, Boby Ruth, quarters and dimes, " duck!, " ski trips . . . " Don ' t worry about if! " . o special friend RICHARD LEWIS DRAY Rich, Dicka quiet, friendly, eosy-going . . Peeves: two-faced peo- ple. Bulldogs . Fovorites: Seger, Journey, Moynord, Ferrori Memories: Washington ' 61, stoge bond Wed. nights, hockey bus rides, 4 13 82, 11 6 82, ploying hockey with Weeksy college ond suc- cessful life . . love ond thanks. Mom ond Dad. PEGGY J EARLE Peg, Eggy Peorle . . sensitive, moody, sentimental Peeves; saying goodbye, woiting . . Friction . coincidences . The cope, Chinese food " He does, " thonks Donno . . . Memories: 3 27 61, forever with Mark . . loughs with Jo Ann and Allison, good luck guys! ... to become on executive secretary get married . treasures fomily and friends Adam William Doyle Richord Lewis Dray Ed Eagan Peggy J. Eorle 31 Joe Folondys Robert Folso Elizobefh Ennis Robert Epstein ELIZABETH ENNIS Dersy . . . Peeves: mornings, woiring, worm beers . . . Fovorires: go for ir, Crosby, Stills, Nosh, oil foods. Dob Seger ' 80, Labor Doy weekend ' 82, Columbus Day ' 82 with Shuff, partying with Sharon, memories of Weeksie ... to go to college . . . many thanks to friends ond Mom and Dod. ROBERT EPSTEIN Eppy . . . mellow, ignoront, discreet . . Peeves: 6 o.m., Norman, how Dotty drives me to drinking . . . Fovorites: Led Zeppelin, bend down low, how ' s George? Anita . . . Activities: 22 shots, all-nighter, Halloween Dance, trip to Africa . . . Memories: pushing Mr. Kmiec into the leod mold, 9 27 81 . . . Plans: Dolemic research. JUDITH E. FAHY Gorfield . . . cynical, mercuriol, wise-ocre, fun-loving, stubborn, impatient . . . Peeves: slow walkers, T. S. Eliot, nosty, Kosinski . . . Fovorites: Journey, Springsteen, trips to Nouset, caterpillars in the pool, Chem-lobs . . . Memories: lunch with the gong, Christmos at Elaine ' s . . . Plans: world of veterinary medicine . . . thonks. Mom and Dod. ROBERT scon FALSO Robbie . . . easy-going, hyper, unpredictable . . Peeve: mono . . . Favorites: " Still, " skiing . . . Memories: ski trips, summer ' 82, good times with the guys, nasty girls, the family, Herman, T-drive, the nip, Pez ' s par- ries, ' the tool, " Duxbury beach. Fish, good times to come, Ed . , . thonks, guys! JULIEHE M. FALVEY Julie . . . crazy, talkative, totally unpredicfoble . . . Peeves: two-foced and nosy people, waking up, working . . Favorites: The Doors, The Clash, Kiss-1C)8, ' Truly, " jellybeon, Mooseheod, " nosoh, " good rimes with Kris and Stocey . . . thonks to Mr. Sorno ond Mom and Dod for all " you ' ve put up with. " PAUL FASANO Fronky . . . quiet, friendly . . . Peeves: woiting o long time for something, prejudiced people . . . footboll, plzzo, " Three times o lady " . . . college, family and good job . . . Blue Hill hike, donees . . . thank you. Mom ond Dod. STEVEN E. FELDMAN Marty . . . Peeves: locking keys In cor, Pedro ' s room . . . Fovorites: The Pretenders, The Who " summer of ' 82 " with the talking heads, water ski- ing, seeing Sontono, memories of the room, " We ' re gonno go Howoiion, " good old Euthrie . . . Plans: to be hoppy, married, and fulfilled . . . thonks to Mom and Dad for putting up with me. Judith Fohy Richard J. Fallon Juliette Folvey I Paul Fosono Steven Feldmon 32 Jane Patricio Fidler PotriciQ Fischer Dovid C. Fogorry Peter K. Fountoin JANE PATRICIA FIDLER Crash, Crozy Jonie . . . friendly, outgoing, poronoid, gullible . . . Peeves: false friends, people who ore olwoys lore . . . Von Holen, strawberry fribbles, mello-yellow and red norebooks, my Kitty and Charlie, " There ' s exceptions to the rules " . . . Memories: 1 11 82, summer of ' 82 spent with Michelle ond Nancy ... to become a nurse . . . thanks John, all of my love to Mom and Dad. PATRICIA FISCHER Patty, Potski, Poddy . . Peeves: waiting, broken promises, two-foced people . . . Favorites: Bod Company, the Cope, partying with Beckey . . . future with someone special ... to go to college . . . Heart 10 9 82, good times with good friends, Billy 4 13 79 . . . Memories of Dove . . . thanks, Mom and Dod. DAVID C. FOGARTY Fogo . . . quiet, friendly . . . Boybonk, the Who, " Won ' t Get Food Again, " baseball, hockey, skiing, physics with Whizzer, college, Aerosmith, 11 16 82, summer of ' 82 on the Cope, 7 26 82 . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. PETER FOUNTAIN Pedro . . . partler, funny, tolkotive . . . Peeves: sexual activities in the hall, gossiping girls . . . Favorites: the tubes. Led Zeppelin, " From the Outside, " " The Room, " Budweiser, Hawaiian, Mexico sessions . . . Memories: 10-31-82, Pete and me with Jeff ' s car, good times with close friends, shish on the beach, good times with Liso, good times and memories with Weeksy . . . Plans; to be extremely rich . . . " The party is over, or is it? " . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. KAREN A. FRANCI050 Francie . . . short, talkative, rowdy . . . porties, " the beach, " cheering sophomore year, " know what I mean? " nodules, Friday the thirteenth, " 15, " junior prom, " my sisters, " 10 30 82, 11 6 82, 11 12 82, f ' paper- ing, skin ' d . . . love to family and friends ... to achieve the utmost in life. DAVID A. FRANKLIN Dove, Benj . . . friendly but careful . . . Peeves: waking up Monday — Fridoy, debugging . . . reaching 0 gravity. Rival ond Riots at Lounge, freshman year in bond, closing or Wendy ' s, Beth 1 15 80, thonks to fomily ond friends . . . computers and electronics. Karen Froncioso Michael J. Frisoli 33 Suson J. Goffney David Georin 0. John Joseph Golonis Nancy E. Gallagher SUSAN J, GAFFNEY Susie, Goffo tolkofive, friendly, always loughing , Peeve: roads . . . Fovorires: summers with Ellen, Auntie Donna, the Pinro, summer of ' 82, " The Geeks, " good times with the girls . , " Joonne, Don ' t be ofroid " . . . A-hr study with Sherrie, pounds and more pounds memories of Washington . love to Mom, Dod. and family. JOHN JOSEPH GALANIS Johnny G . moody, sorcostic, crazy , , eating tocos with Dove . . Peeve: 1 13 82, practices . . . Favorites: weekends, cruisin ' in the tank, basketball . . . Memories: New Year ' s, 6 19 80, weekend at the Cope with Deb lucky to hove such o great mother . . to be an Qccountont. NANCY E GALLAGHER Doydreaming. spoiled, picky . . . Peeves: unfriendly people, the word " no " . . . Fovorites: traveling, food, Freebird, " I ' m sorry, " rollerskoting . Plans; to be with Gory . . Memories: tiip to Ireland, 11 23 79, thanks Mom, Dod, ond Gory, love yo. CATHERINE R. GALLANT Cothy . . . Peeves: unemployment, jocks , , , Favorites: The Doors, Dob Seger, " Turn the Page, " 2-26-82, Maureen, Archie, and Jimmy, love you . , to be with Tim, 9-26-82 . . . thonks. Mom STEPHANIE G GAnURNA Steph . . crazy, loud, Frogwomon . . Peeve: freshman year Favorites: Doors, Led Zeppelin, " Thank you. Hey Froggirl " good times at Kevin ' s . . . to be o secretary . . Memories: Canada ' 80, New Year ' s Eve with Danny . . . loving memories of Nona . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. DAVID W GEARIN Dave crozy, sarcastic, sensitive . . Peeve: 5 13-14 82, car roofs the conoe . . . the beer con . . spring . . ' eating tocos with John ' . . . vocations. PRISCILLA ERNESTINE GEIGIS Pris, Geigy, " Sunshine " . . enthusiastic, active, cheerful . " Hiii, " Fovorites: hugs, half moons Memories: bond, jazz bond, silver in DC, Herkimer diamonds. Student Council, meetings at Dave ' s, MASC, Reno, junior prom, summer ot CA, Fellowship, " The Gong, " 12 years with Ken . . . thanks Deb, much love and thanks to Mom and Dod ANDREW GELINAS Fish . . thirsty Peeves: disco, two-faced people, light beer Favorites: Dudweiser, Block Sobboth, Thai . . Memories: Furbushes, 5 kegs, Connecticut, Aerosmith 11 17 82, Lisa forever, thanks, Mr Sorno. LISA M. GHELFI Pizzo . . quiet, sensitive, happy Peeves: conceited people, flirts Favorites: Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd . . . Memories: Jorge 2 13 82, Freebird 4 7 79 . Plons: to be happy . thanks Wendy, Jodie, Mom and Dod. Corherine R. Gallant Stephanie Gorturno Priscilla Ernestine Geigis Andrew Gelinas Lisa M. Ghelfi 34 I Danny Gibbons i Lisa Goldstein Chorlene Girouord Michael H. Goldberg DANNY GIBBONS Impatient, stubborn . . . Peeves: Mondays, woiting, Zeke . . . Favorites: Zeppelin, Who, Doors, football, " we ' re outo here " . . . Memories: trips to southlond, everyone over Kevin ' s, New Yeor ' s Eve with Steph . . . to moke Q lot of money . . thonks. Mom and Dod. MICHAEL GOLDBERG Golda, Mikey . . . awesome, stubborn . . . Peeves: morons . . . Favorites: Mic Lires, football, baseball, bosketboll . . ' Let ' s blow this bake, " " Dank, " " Yo You " . , , Plans: to be o billionaire . . . Memories: 8 14 82, the gong and memorable talks. Mom and Dod and bros., the beach, temple, 10rh commons, terminology sessions . . . ' later SH5, see you reunion rime. " JODIE E. GOLDSTEIN Jo . . . emotional, sensitive . . Peeves: flirts, hypocrites, freshmen . . . Fovorites: Always and Forever 10 15 81, furbush barbecue, good times with good friends . . . Plans: to be with Jeff ond be hoppy . . . thanks to Mom and Dad. LISA GOLDSTEIN Sensitive, independent . . . Peeves: broken plans, hord times . . . Dob Seger, going to new places ond having new experiences, mony good times with good friends, 9 18 81, Aerosmith in Prov. 11 17 82 ... to go to college ond live somewhere worm . . . always with Andy . . . thank you. Mom ond Dod. F USSELL S. GOLDSTEIN Russ . . mellow, eosy-going, crazy . . . Peeves: punk music, poronoid people . . . Fovorites: " How yo doin! " " A in today? What? yeoh! " freshman year bond, jamming . . . Memories: Elaine 10 17 81, Rivol, Steven Kotz, Otis, Anita, Zoso, winter donee, Halloween dance, bond trip to Conn . . . Plans: world ' s craziest drummer in music history . . . thanks Mom, Dad, Paul, and Elaine, I love you oil. MAF Y GOOD Mim . . . gullible, talkative . . . Peeves: Matron, waiting, being fold what to do . . . Fovorites: Great times with Dorl, special memories with Dennis 9 27 80, ZZ Top, Chevy Coprice . . . White Mountains . . . Plans: to be rich and live in the country . . . Bless David. MELISSA J. GOODKIN Missy . . . gullible, eosily embarrassed . . . Peeves: wedgies, foiling, useless fights . . . Memories: 12 24 80 always Bill " 140, " " Wishing on a Star, " sunset at Scusset, N.H., " The Lake " . . . " Let ' s get Schnubbied, " " orejel, " proms, " 12 roses, " cheering, " yeehoh, " Ames on Ice . . . love to Mom and Lori. ALLISON GOODMAN Al, Aly, Bette . . . friendly, outgoing, olwoys laughing . . o yeor without Mortho . . . cheering, StuC, Troop 2877, l od Stewart, British occents, dan- cing, hugs, my cackle ... Pet Peeves: wosJed weekends . . . Pippin, D C. Rm. 403, B-Bound, blood sisters 10 23 82, grod. night ' 81 ... friends forever, Martha . . . forever little sister . . . love to my family. ROBYN L. GREENBERG Robs, Byn . . . friendly, sensitive, moody . . . Peeves: rumors, friends who aren ' t . . . " feast or famine " . . . Favorites: Springsteen, roodtrlps . . . Memories: freshman year, Florida ' 80- ' 82, " Klimbertteo " the Cope, Spa, the rock, Sosson Saloon, " the family, " New Yeors, " awesome four- some? " t-boys, thonx Jules . . . love and thanks to fomlly ond friends. Jodie Goldstein Russell 5. Goldstein Melissa Jennifer Goodkin Allison Goodman Robyn Lisa Greenberg 35 Louro E. Hollett Jennifer Griffin Paul Guiney, Jr. Sue Gustofson Glenn C. Hammond JENNIFER GWFFIN Jen . . . moody buf patient . . . Peeves: flashing lights on school buses . . . Fovorites: summer 79, crime by the poolside, life at Star, greot times with ftoiney ... off to Stonehill . . . awesome . . . fond memories of Dad, love to Mom ond family. PAUL GUINEY Peeves: mornings, the hockey bench . . . Memories: French notes, food poisoning. Midnight Rambler . . . Favorites: soccer, skiing, Tom Petty . . . thanks Mom, Dod ond Gene . . . will miss the stunning green point of A-4th. LAURA HALLcTT We strive, we undergo oil of our thoughts. But still, life goes on and the universe is one. We ore oil of the some beam of life. — Yes FRANCIS PATRICK HAMMEL Fran . . . Peeves: phonies, tottletoles, people who think they ore superior . . . Favorites; apple pie, hockey, skiing, the explosion next door . . to become o ski potroller ot o major mountain ond own o ski resort . speciol thonks to Mom ond Dod. GLENN C. HAMMOND Talkative, mischievous, crazy, happy, nutzo . , . Peeves: attendance office, school, math . . . Favorites: Aerosmith, " Dreom on, " " Lightning Strikes, " piz- za, mud wrestling, " We don ' t need no education " . . . Memories: Thanksgiving foofboll gomes, losing tradition . . . Plans: Army, airborne, col- lege . . . need smoking oreo, vending machines, arcade room, new heoting systems. RONALD A. HANSEN JR. Jaybird . . . sociable, portier . . . Peeves: worm Dud, bockstabbers, punk . . . Block sobborh. Von Helen, Dudweiser, yo-huh, the gong ... to be in- dependently wealthy . . . Dennisport with Anne Morie, ski trip, special times with my good friend Dove Weeks . . thanks to Mom and Dod for putting up with me. Doug Hodley Froncis Patrick Hommel Ronald A. Hansen, Jr. Debro J. Hastings Thereso Hendry Jane M. D. Horringron Mory L. Horf JANEM. D. HARRINGTON Dymphno . . . happy, trusting, talkative . . . phonies ond port-time friends . . . Fovorites: unicorns, red, tropics, x-mas, rollerskares, kiss 108 . . . Memories: Dec. dreams, 89, 99, Chuckle Monuckie, puppycokes, 7 9 80, " Mr. Ed, " turtles, rella, cherry Jell-O, " I ' m only lyin, " jr. prom, escolotors, Markie, " oopsi, " " Tell me o story, " sticky jeeps . luv-n- thonx Mom and Daddy, luv yo, Jonnis Annis. MARY HART Mary . . . friendly, quiet, hoppy . . . Journey, Foreigner . . bosketboll, Softball, " top shelf, " croyolas, " The Gong " . . to go to college and become a successful accountant. DEDRA J. HASTINGS Debbie . . . irresponsible, moody, loud, wild . . . Peeves: Friendly s, chiropractors, getting cought . . . Favorites: The yellow bomber, the ctew, trock ' 81 ond ' 82, parties with the girls, " Musro Got Lost, " love to Donny . . . Memories: 5-16-82, " Good Morning, " weekend of 5-13-82, the boiler, first driving lesson, Plymouth, sweet 16, my brother Ted, 11 Mil ' s in o cooler, " Honk, " pits with Morie, jr. prom with Don . . . " Hope I moke it! " ALBERT J. HAY A! . . . Peeves: Thurs., Fri., Sun., phonies, two-faced people, 8:00-2:10 . . . Favorites: Pink Floyd, Time, Led Zeppelin, The Roven, steok, commons, Latin, potties in the von, summer of ' 82 ... to get o good job with good pay . . . Memories of Weeksie ... oil my love and thanks to Mo. THERESA HENDRY Teri . . . quiet . . . Peeve: work . . . Favorites: Groteful Dead, Dob Seger . . . Memories: Morshfield 11 12, 11 10, " The Boot, " Bubbo, " Now what do I do? " DAVID HIRSCHORN Quiet, rebellious, humorous . . . Fovs: possims, lightfoot, benson, E-hour jams, whole-tone scales, clossicol guitor duets. Peeves: ignorance . . . Plans: buy a few new shirts and go to college . . . " When in doubt, im- pfovise " . . . special thanks to my dog George who never argued with me about onything. Albert J. Hoy Dovid N. Hirschorn 37 Cindy A. Homer Barry C. Jennings Jeff Carl Hunnewell Lenny J. Inrrovesoro CINDY A HOMEP, Animal . . . crozy, sorcosric, weird, imporienr Peeves: cliques, liars, wairing , . , Fovorires: " Open Arms, " " Turn rhe Page, " boskerboll, " Jo. it ' s srill alive. " " Hey Dude. " " we re sliding down rhe hill " , , , college , . , Memories: junior prom, rhe park. Drockron. " Knighrs in Whire Sarin. " " rhe group. " rollerskoring. concerrs. parries, " rhe bird, " spying, 5 1 81, rhe rebel love ro Mom and Dad JEFFREY CARL HUNNEWELL Jeff . Jodie 10 15 81. Led Zep. Fool in rhe Rain. Down Under. Budweiser. Rush concerr wirh Wolrer. orf class, kicked out of Fenway wirh Jeff and Craig. Alice Cooper and rhe long walk home, Florida 81 . , . DIess Dave! LEONARD J INTRA VE5ATO Lenny . . stubborn, easy, hof-rempered . . Peeves: Conron Bulldogs, 11 5 82, school . . Memories: hockey, AC DC 12 14 81, 2 11 82, good times wirh Morio, rhe North End, Bob s house with More, hockey wirh Weeksy . thanks to Mom ond Dod. BARRY C JENNINGS Beosly . Peeves: stinky . . track, geometry 61- 82 season, pole vault, highjump. J J Kelly, relays ' 82. Sunday ofreroon football sum- mer of ' 82. Pete Simmone. Gorr and " The Pinky, " The whire Gronoda " . . . skiing . . . college and be happy thanks. Mom LEONARD C JOHNSON III Lionordo . . quiet, sensitive, impatient Peeve: prejudiced people . . Favorites: Poc Jam ' 82. good jazz. " Irs all the woy five. " red wine. Italion food , Plans: moke money, get married, hove lots of kids Memories: August ' 79, S O S , wrestling team thonks to Mom ond Dod for everything. DARIN GODFREY JORDAN Puggo . happy, outgoing, loud all food, basketball, football, " Eoston girls, " 5 14 82 with Deneen. ' 69 Chevy Impola. " Fop. home- ec. Mike to groduote. good times with Adams. Mike, and Deneen to be hoppy. DAVID E JORDAN Friendly, easy-going, athletic " Face " bosketboll. trock. 4 Champs, Lisa 9 26 82, Caroline, Dione, John . . " Lisren to Me " Michael Jackson college, be hoppy thonks. Mom and Dad ROBERT P JURGILEWia Bob athletic, eosygoing Peeve: phony people Favorites: the Who, Yes, computers . Memories: ' 81 soccer reom, ' 82 soccer tourno- ment, the weekends college, be hoppy thanks. Mom and Dod 10 tri Copt , x-country. 5 hrs . . , Friends: Funky. Trans-Am. superdonce, Lenord A. Jocobs Leonard C. Johnson Anibal Jorge Robert P. Jurgilewicz 38 Theresa Jushewicz Kenneth J. Kolen Jr. Steven Kordon Undo M. Kost THERESA JU5KEWICZ Terry . . . quiet, friendly . . . Peeves: gerring up in the morning, homework . . . Favorites: Rolling Stones, Billy Squier, AC DC, Journey Activities; Carnivals, Westgote Moll witti Colleen, rollerskoing with Judy . . . love yo. Mom ond Dod. KENNETH J. KALEN JR. Krazy Ken . . . wild, loves life, cores . . . " Is there life after jozz?, " " Spuds unite, " " Wonks! " " ball-peen hammers, ' Dasie, Bach, Beach Boys, Soco drive-in and golf balls, E-hour jam, drill team bus, my acquisition!, UNH ' 62, thanks bond and Mr. C, " I love you, now get out of here, you knuckle-heads ' . . love ya. Dad and Mo. LINDA KAST For long you ' ll live, ond high you ' ll fly, smiles you ' ll give, ond teors you ' ll cry, and oil you ' ll touch, and all you ' ll see, is all your life will ever be — (Pink Floyd.) NEAL KAUFMAN Fozzy . . . pleosont . , . Peeve: complainers . . . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, basketball, ony kind of beer . . Memories: going places with the gong . . . college and become rich . . . thonks. Mom ond Dod. SHEILA L KEEN Sheelo . . . friendly, sensitive . . . Peeve: waiting, the system, " that witch, " endless roods . . . Journey, ' Open Arms, " American Studies with Jim and Joe, dancing, majorettes. Junior Miss Pogeont, Kim ' s New Year ' s Eve parties. Ding Dong Girls, 10 11 81, Alpine with Cormela, 13 yrs. with Eloine, good times with the girls . . college, sociol work . . . love to fomily and friends. CHRISTINE M. KELLEHER Chrissy . . . hyper, sensitive . . . 1 9 82, my snow hunny-Mike, 4 17 82, cuddly scomp. Cope Cod, Florida . . Cothi . . Sue ' s . . . we five-bottles pleosel, Thonx Pol!, Smurf you Koy! . . . great times, greet friends . . . " Hey Par! " . . . woiting, bluelites . . StuC, 2877, MASC, SAC . . . to suc- ceed ... I love you. Mum! ARLENE MARIE KELLEY Gullible, spoiled, easily oggrovated, friendly . . . Peeves: waiting, busy signals . . . Favorites: good times with Jimmy 11 6 61, children . . , Plons: college, get married, be happy . . . Bless Dovid! Neol Kaufman Christine Marie Kelleher Arlene Morie Kelley Kevin J. Kelley 39 Jessica F. Kerwin HUH? Lisa Morie Kelley Melissa J. Kelley Christopher F. King LISA M. KELLEY Lis . . . hoppy, gullible . . . Peeves; porr-rime friends, holes in the snow, " Hey, Hey What con I do?, " the cough, summer of ' 82, the select group, ride to P broke, " No way Roul!, " special friends with User Q., good times, 7 3 81 . . to go to college. SUSAN KENNEDY Sue, Tiffany . . . artistic, poronoid, eosily emborrossed . . . Peeves: hav- ing to be some place on time . . . Fovs: Go-Go ' s, Pot Senator, Irolion food, block, convertibles, soups, summer time . . . New York ' 82, bond, Hompron Beach, Egypt, Canton 11-25-81, " Taps, " competitions, lunch breoks on Saturdays, Espanol 1-4 . . . Plans: to become unbelievobly rich as on artist ond live in New York. JESSICA F KERWIN Rello . . . talkative, kwazy, sensitive . . Peeves: secrets, broken pro- mises, circles . . pondos, roses, Seger, " Best of Times, " Horseneck 6 29 62 Brr, Prom: 5 25-26 82, 2877, cheering (ICF) . . . Dob, Jules, Dymphno, cherry Jell-O, Tm only lyin!, ' Turtles , . to be forever hap- py . . thonks Davy in the Navy . . . love to Mom . . . thanks to everyone who cored. GAIL KIDDY I hote being tickled, 12 21 81, fun times with friends . . . Montgomery Cliff, Grohom Porker, Sex Pistols, 4 3 62, wicked excellent concerts to be hoppy . . thanks Mom. CHERYL A. KINAN Happy, sensitive, lozy . . Peeves: waiting, busy signals . . . Zepplin, Stones, " Shakin, " Louie, 3-21-60, 4-16-80, good times with good friends . . . unicorns, purple, college bound, the Cape, yidko. Old Orchard Beoch, thanks Joanne . . love you Jeff. Mom and Dad CHRISTOPHER F. JOHN KING Snowman . . . fun to be with . . Peeves: cops, girls that think they ' re so great and spend oil your money . . . Favorites: Styx, " Porodise Theater, " Rush, Block Sobboth, " Highway to Hell, " footboll ... to finish in the Air Force, get o house, and o nice fast cor DIANE M. KING Di . . sensitive, sarcastic, moody . . . Rich 2 15 62, the D-Mobile, " Be rhot way! " , great rimes with Chris ond Kot, we five-no cans!, my sur- prise, Sue ' s ... 12 years with Pot, The Elms, greot owokening, " Dudish!, " Tom Petty, Cope Cod, thanks pal . . to olwoys be hoppy! Susan Kennedy Cheryl Kinon Diane M. King WImiti... ' f . Michelle M. LoFronce Kimberly M. Lomplough Cheryl Klim Michael 5. Kreifzberg TERRI L. KING Terri . . . friendly, sensitive, moody . . . Favorites; Von Helen, ' 80, ' 61, ' 62, Heart ond ' Freebird " . . . Memories: Solisbury 4-8, 4-37, my baby showet, all my love to Kristie Ellen 9 18 82, a special thank-you to Christine, Mom ond Dod. CHERYL KLIM Cheryl . . . silly, gullible, friendly . . . Peeves: 9 4 62, endless roods, Feost or Famine . . . pounders, weekends, " geeks, " Neil Young . . . " mow " . . . A-hr. study with Sue, " runaways, " o special oil nighter, 2077, b-boll with Steph, 2 Tele ' s, New Year ' s, Dobee Ruth, 17 years with Michael . . . loving memories of Dod . . . love and thanks to my family and friends. MICHAEL 5. KREITZDERG Mike, Miguel . . . talkative, outgoing, olwoys kidding . . . Fovorites: The Who, Von Holen, Led Zep, Boston, ' 72 Cotolino, conversations with friends, Friday and Saturday nights with gang . . . Peeves: Supermarket work . . . thanks Mo, See you later, SHS . . . it ' s been real, hove to move on to better things. JILLM. KUDLIN Kub . . . sleepy, quiet . . . Peeves: people who feel superior, getting up ot 6 o.m. . . . Favorites: horseback riding, MGM ' s " boby talk, " Fridoys, summer ' 82 . . . Events: 1981 S.E., swimming sectionals, swim team 79-82 . . . Memories: 11 29 81, times with Fred, " Ann ' s Place " . . . thanks to Mom and Dod, and Brady. MICHELLE LAFRANCE Shelly . . . friendly, mischievous, moody . . . Peeves: Mondays, no Pepsi on Sunday mornings, waiting . . . " Where ' s Everybody?, " The Doors (L.A. Woman), Budweiser, Von Holen, Sombroro, woterfolls, J. Geils, popcorn, good rimes with Denise, Trocey, Donna, Karen, The Cape, Karen ' s von . . . love to family and friends. STEPHEN ALEXANDER LAFRANCE Steve . . . crozy, tolkotive . . . Peeves: Conceited ond two-foced people . . . Fovorites: pizzo, computers . . . Memories: seen with Lorrie, Terry, ond Lovette . . . Plans: college . . . thanks. Mom and Dod. KIMBERLY M. LAMPLOUGH Kimbo, Kim . . . outgoing, loud . . . Peeves: fair weather friends, gin and diet pepsi . . . Fovorites: ' 62 soccer season, " Stairway to Heaven, " Ver- mont, good times with the gong . . . Menriiories: 9 18 61, 143 Joe . . . Plans: to be hoppy . . . much love ond thanks to fomily, friends, ond " Squat. " LISA M. LANE Lee, Loo . . . crozy, loud, clumsy . . . Peeves: cheering comp, endless roods . . . Favorites: " You Rogl, " Bots-N-Snoogers, " 8 24 61 " Endless Love, summer of ' 81 cheering ... to be on X-roy technicion, thonks Fronkie for all the good times . . . love to Mo and Shown . . . miss you Dod. Chrisroph Kugler Stephen A. LoFronce Liso M. Lone 41 Carlos Leal Dono Lekberg James R. Langille Keith E. Laporre Rickie D. Lerette JAMES R. LANGILLE Jim . . . folkorive, friendly . . . Peeves: my locker. Rookies, rriple cheeseburgers, ' 76 Chevy Nova ' s . . . Fovorires: WBCN, boskerboll, D- 52 ' s . . . Plons: to be o famous chef . . . Memories: rimes wirh Morie, sum- mer of ' 62, 7 14 82 . . . special rhonks ro Mom, Dod ond Morie. KEITH E. LAPORTE Keith . . . sarcastic, moody . . . Peeve: roiny days . . . Favorites: golf, Billy Joel, J. Geils, old Woody Allen movies . . day after jr. prom, Thanks Ann, " rides with field hockey, the track with Woody, ski trips Memories: All-Stors, Hockomock Champs ' 81 . . . Plons: to be successful . . . love yo Mom ond Dod. JOHN LEAHY musical, quiet, sensitive, fun loving . . . Peeve: people who try ro oct like someone they ' re not . . . Favorites: Clancy Dro ' s. Tommy Mokem. " Southie is my hometown, " Itolion food, hockey, occounting . . . doss of ' 80, jr. prom, Thonksgiving gomes vs. Canton . . . Plans: be successful in business . . . ' It s been fun, see you at reunion time. " CARLOS LEAL dependable . . . Peeves: school lunch, work . . . Fovorites: soccer, A. P. P.. Doeuf Bourgignon . . . Memories: Springfield, flood Moss Pike, bock of bus, lost yeor of school, greor time . . . Plans: go on ro school and get rich . . . thonks Mom and Dod. DANA LEKBERG Domien, Done . . . mellow, cool, calm . Peeves: plastic and ignoronr people . . . MG midgets, Cadillacs, motor homes, Romones, ploying the drums, chording guitars, summer of ' 82, West St., the pool, jamming 81, Open Campus ' 81, the stone woll . . . go ro college and get a career. MICHAEL T. LENNON Mike, Flash . . . friendly, outgoing, reliable . . . Favorites: D-303, Physiology (It ' s not eosy!), ' Shut up, Rettmonl " , " Stairway to Heaven " , Word Pro. E-hour . . . Peeves: messy computer rooms, listening to Retr- mon . . . remembers Chess and Computer Clubs (president of both). Boush ' s coffee, arguing wirh Boush, typing 120 wpm, good times with Bus. Ed. teachers (Thanks, guys.) ... ro be a surgeon and moke money (Right Mr. B.?) RICKIE D. LEREHE Gorkmon . . . quiet, gullible. Peeves: No Gas, Jerry . . . Fovorites: Hen- drix. Purple Haze, English, " Dr. Feromachuni, " " OH! NO!, " " The H-H, " " The H-Mobile, " summer of ' 82, Cope, Mobile Stotion. John R. Leahy Michael T. Lennon More L. Levine 42 Mork A. Levine Bill Lindelof Steven Levine Scorr Levy Karen M. Loring MARK ALAN LEVINE Mark . . . flirrorious, outgoing, ralkorive . . . Peeves: busy phones, head gomes, McGrill burns, chicken-coop wire (Joe), careless nights . . Rush, Dob Seger, Pysch, bosketboll, " I ' m telling!, " " Bloh, " Mooseheod, low school (hopefully), Joe ond the roilrood frocks ( " remember buddy? " ), summer of ' 82, South School and Porkview with Joe and Ed, serious con- versotions, rolling down Jane ' s stairs. Paragon Pork, " The Spot, " special friendship I shared with Jane (thonks) ... I love you Mom ond Dod . . . thanks Todd and Keith. STEVEN L. LEVINE Steve . . . friendly, ombitious, idealistic . . . Peeves: prejudices, red lights, grills at McD ' s . . . wrestling, bond, USY Prez ' 81- ' 82, love to Debbie, 11- 26-80, jr. prom, porking ot Industriol Pork, 57 Corver, winter cornivol, Rush ond Tull concerts, Beatles, Colifornia . . . love to Mom ond Dod . . . thanks Mornie and Bubs WILLIAM LINDELOF Dill . . . The Squid Hunter . . the weekend, Springfield, the great Moss Pike flood, baffled, the wilderness, Orry ' s doss, where hove you gone Neil Young . . . thanks Mom and Dod. DEE LORENZEni quiet, shy (except with Tri!) . . . Peeves: gym, blowing lunch around town . . . Favorites: " seepgorse, " reborse, wanshu, " o bunny, " " Tri, do I throw like smell up?, " buzzards, srickboys . . . Plans: to go to school in California . . . Memories: skipping with Tri, o week in Moine, trying to fly, skipping with Clint ot the stream, our fire, going riding . . . friends olwoys, you and Denise . . . love yo Dad. KAREN M. LORING " K " . . . friendly, wild, unpredictable . . . Peeves: lesobres, not enough time . . . Favorites: 4 well spent years, " the guys, ' ski trips, MIT Frots, Snowfalls, sunrises, Jules, Spocey, " The gong, " " poof! 2nd we ' re gone! " . . . Plans: college, eternal happiness . . Memories: 6 5 81, 5 13 82, 9 12 82, " perfectly legal " 10 9 82, Dove, celebrorion with Shellie, special times with special friends . . . thanks. JOHN GREGORY LOUGHNANE Johnny L., Foce . . . friendly, unpredictoble, ambitious . . . good times with bond, jazz bond, summers ot College Acodemy . . . Favorites: The Cars, Druins, street hockey, summer nights . . . Memories: The Cope, vic- tories, oll-night English popers . . . Peeves: all-night English papers . . . 12 7 41, oose. Done . . . Future Plons: college and life . . love and thanks to all family and friends. Allen E. Lipkind Dee E. Lorenzerri John G. Loughnone 43 1 Jomes R. MocPhoil Debro A. Lynch DEBRA LYNCH Deb, Lynchie . . flirtorious, outgoing . . . Peeves: snobs, being lore . Favorites: " Hard to soy I ' m sorry, " Kohluo, whatever, schiool with my double, best of friends with Susan, fun with the girls, work . . . summer comp with Joanne . . . morry ond be hoppy . . . special thonks Mom ond Dad. DONNA M LYNCH Modome Lynchie . . altogether, outgoing, kwozy Peeves: The Rots, " fights with Ziz . . . Favorites: Journey, Blue Eyes, soccer. Yeh-yo . . . college, marriage, kids . . . cheering camp, the cheerleaders talks with Dove, the gong, special thonks to Mom ond Dod, Linda, Tom 5 26 82, still going strong. WILLIAM JAMES MACE Billy, Mouse, Moce Man . . . Peeves: making weight . . Favorites: varsi- ty wrestling, CYO ski trips. Summer of ' 82, good times with the guys, Colvin Klein, Spa, Kiss-108 . . . Events: Bike trip ' 81. ' 82. Joe L., Tim R.. Joe Pez ' s porties, Russ D. ' s convertible, 3 23 82, Duxbury Beoch Special: Sue ' s prom 5 7 82, coming-home late, memories of times spent together. JAMES R MACPHAIL Jim, Duke . . . outgoing, strange, loud . . . Peeves: Day ond Poochie . . . Favorites: Beatles, Police, the message, Der " Memories: The lines with Croig, Ingo at the Pancake House, brothers of Buckwheat, Mr. Weiner ' s cottage and refrigerator, Americon Studies . thanks. Mom ond Dod. TERESA F MADAN Terry, Te . . . tolkotive, dizzy, clutzy . . . Peeves: getting a job Favorites: Von Holen, Aerosmith, Driving with Pluto attacking, summer of ' 82 with Chuck, " The Future is uncertain and the end is always near. " TOM MALONEY Tom . . . Peeves: school . . . Favorites: " Out Er Here!!, " AC DC, 12 14 61 snowball fight, Bud 1, physoboll chompene, B-52 ' s, Donee This Mess Around, SMU gym, " I didn ' t skip, Mr. Cullen, " . . . gym basketball or spostic boll. Hill Street Blues, Brockton . . . Future: Cannabis Sotivo Reseorch, Horvord. RISA S. MARCUS Ri . . friendly, impatient, gullible . . Pet Peeve: being late Fovorites: swim team, sophomore year . . P C with Mary Beth ond Robyn, three in o pub, groduotion night 6 11 82, summer of ' 82, Town Spa, The Corvette I never hod, Sandy Point, Free Port, speciol memories of o specie! someone . . . college, be successful . thonks Mom. Dad and Mike. EDWARD E. MARINILLI Eddie . . . unpredictable . . Peeves: school rules. Monday mornings Geils and Cooper concert, ski trips, weekend parties, Dionne 10 31 81. the sleep walker. Bud budget, walk our ' 81 . Memories of David Weeks ... to live o hoppy life . thanks. Mom end Dod ANGELA MARIE MAROHA Stubborn, sensitive, gullible . . . Peeves: moking decisions, cheering comp . . . good times with friends, soph year, cheering, honor society, skiing . . . " ' Does my hair look oil right? " . . . Montana ' 82 5-4-81 Michael, he ' s someone speciol, the Cope college, love and thonks to Mom and Dod. William J. Moce Teresa F. Madan Riso S. Morcus EcJword E. Moriniiii Angela Morie Maroito 4 Colleen M. McDode Tommy McGovern JoAnne McAfee Thomas McConn KEVIN J. MASON Mose . . Peeve: waking up for school in the morning . . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, wrestling, art, " Thonk You " by Led Zeppelin, The Who 12 11 82, The Three Musketeers, wrestling caption . . . Plans; college. Low. JOANNE M. MCAFEE Jo, Buddy . . . short, crazy, wild at times, talkative, moody . . . Peeves: cliques, . . . " Joo-Ju-Do-wee wee, " Rush (12 6 82), D-hr. commons freshman year, " chow time, " junior prom with Chris, " Cindy, a fly! " " The honeymoon is over, " yearbook cover, ort, the newspoper . . art school, become rich and famous . . . thanks. Mom and Nona. THOMAS M. MCCANN Tom Weeb . . . talkative, aggravative, stud . . . Peeves: Karen F. butting in, worm brew, dizzy women, Kiss-108 . . . Favorites: Cuddles, Journey, Stones, The Closh, " Hello Lovern, " " Slap your ears off, " " For s ure " . . . Memories: Mople St. in the rebel, Karens 17th birthdoy, 11 6 82, 11 7 82, wrestling, the jeep, . . . Plons: service, own a 280z, be suc- cessful . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. BRIAN MC CARTHY Short tempered, lozy, beer belly . . . Peeves: elm trees, blue lights, buy- ing, the tribe, skunked Molsons, . . . Favorites: Heinies on ice, Al ' s Workshop, Mott ' s cottage, " Keg Killers, " side-swiped by grandpa ' s goot, the gang, memories of Weeksie, I ' ll never forget the great times we hod . . . thanks to Bill and Tony and Mo for putting up with me. COLLEEN MAIXIE MCDADE Shy, quiet, nice, happy . . . Peeves: snobs, studying, homework . . . Favorites: pizza, bowling, Word Processing . . Memories: ' 62, Our Lady of the Rosory Cornivol with friends, ' 81 ski trip ot Romano Inn, good times with Sandy and friends . . . college . . . much love, thanks to Mom and Dad. KATHY A. MCDONNELL Koth . . . lozy, friendly . . . Peeve: woking up for school, 5 13 82, 5 14 82, cruising in the boot, blue bomber, gong at the gorge, drive in s, Duke, Steph ' s friend forever, the chase, love to Mom ond Dad. THERESA MCGOVERN Tammy . . . happy, forgetful . . . Peeve: two-faced people . . . Favorites: Doors, Stones, Seger, cold Buds, parties with the gang, The Hole, Mr. G ' s . . . Memories: 7 28 79 with Tommy, good times with Morg, Marilyn, and Lisa . . . thanks. Mom and Dod KEVIN MCGRATH Mello, forgetful . . . Peeves: Zeke, getting caught . . . Favorites: Led Zep, The Who, " Lucy in the Sky with Diomonds, " . . . Memories: trips to the Southland, Double Ponds . . . college and be very rich . . . thanks, Mom ond Dod. JOANNA L. MCINNIS Jo . . . sensitive, talkative, happy . . . " Con I use your oven? " Joppo, no Doz . . . weekends in Savin Hill . . . my buddy Chuck . . . Spain, summer of ' 82 . . . foreign flowers . . . one yeor away oil the good times. JAMES MCKELLIGAN Jimmy . . . aggressive, stubborn, strong-willed . . . Peeves: coaches, liars, Popo G ' s ... Favorites: Orioles, football, hockey, cor chosing . . . Memories: Stoyoc footboll, majors in baseball, fooling around . . Plans: college, good job . . . thonks Mom and Dod. Brian C. McCarthy Kothleen A. McDonnell Joonno L. Mclnnis James McKeiligon 45 Denise McShorry Linda Morie Melonson Suson McLellon Susan McNomoro SUSAN A. MCLELLAN E.T. . . . friendly, hoppy, gullible . . . Peeve: rumors . . , Fovorires: parties with the gong or Norton ' s ond Drodbum s, " Hey Mickey, " ooch, cops and Mexico, homeroom buddy Sue Moc ond dropout McLaughlin . . . Memories: cheering, Hampton Beoch, 140 Lorry, " Endless Love, " The Ding Dong Girls, great times with Liso C, to be o secretory ... oil my love to Mom ond Dod SUSAN MCNAMARA Mac . . . friendly, sensitive . " We ' ll never moke it! " . . . good time with the gong ond guys from Conton . . . Mark . . . my special someone Peeves: The Rots, and being in the middle, friends forever, long folks with Deb ond Roy, good and bod, to morry and be happy . . . thanks . . . love to Dod. NANCY-ANN MCNAUGHT None, Nan . . . moody, friendly, sensitive . Peeves: Mondoy mornings, worm beers, snobs . . . Favorites: " Knights in White Satin, " " Crimson-n- Clover, " " Hard to soy I ' m Sorry " . . . Plans: to become o hoirdresser, travel . . . Memories: with Kevin 10 16 81, 11 25 81 — beach, the Gong, " " Thonks Kevin, " I love you Mom, Dod, ond fomily . . . " I ' m out of here! ' DENISE M. MCSHAI I Y Dee, fun, outgoing, friendly . . . Peeves: liars, bockstobbers, cliques, snobs . , . Fovorires: " Turn the Page, " " Free Bird, " computers, skiing . . Memories: All the good times with the Brickel Rood gong, party at In- dian Rock with Jockie, Cheryl, Howie . . . Plons: foreign outo servicing, marriage, children . thonks to my fomily, especiolly Mom DARLENE M. MEDEIROS Dorl . . . outgoing, happy . . Peeve: insensitive people . . . Beatles, J Geils, ' " Ain ' t nothing bur o house party, " Seger, " You ' ll occomp ' ny me, " good times with Jim, Sue, Pete, Dot ond Don, " What s your name? ' 17 yeors with Mim, Mexico ' 81- 82, horse- bock riding of the ranch, good times at the beach, . thanks. Mom ond Dod Adios. LINDA MARIE MELANSON Caring, undersronding, rowdy . Peeve: rime limits special memories with Dove, 5 22 82 olwoys, great times with unique friends, roiny-friends forever, " Dear CoCorine, " growing up with Tommy ond Terry, " ' My smurf, " " TDK special, " " " Dove ' s Cadillac. " " " my cor, " . . . love ond thonks. Mom ond Dod BRUCE EDWARD MELLO Moody, interested, eosily hurt . " Sorry " . Peeve: confused women . . . Favorites; Asio, olgebro, hockey, 7 19 82, Terry " Glad I don ' t live here! " scon MELLYN Scott . . rodicol . . . Peeves: bod music, apathy Favorites: Boston hardcore bonds. Glee Club, street skating, riding verticol, greot gigs, Robin, having fun, Dennis- port, good friends . . . " living in o suburban wostelond " JOHN MELVIN Jockie . . Peeves: blue uniform, coming home from Alice Cooper . . Fovorites: weekend nights with o rock of cold bevies, good times with the gong, Nontosket, comping, Weeksie . . . thanks. Mom ond Dod. Noncy-Ann McNought Dorlene M. Medeiros Bruce Edward Mello Scoff Mellyn John J. Melvin 46 Lorry Merolo Paul Meskonis Barney Miller More H. Miller LARRY MEROLA Lor . . . quiet, eosy-going, eager . , Peeves: lore people . Favorites: Commor s in the morning, science fiction, movies, model building, oeronoutical engineering , , , Air Force bound, to fly jets, glod to leave MARC H. MILLER Friendly, ombitious, crazy . . . Peeves: people who act like danks AC DC , , " You ' ll Accomp ' ny Me, " " Cotch a buzz and forget about it, " " Let ' s blow this clomboke, " ' The Monster " ... to be successful memories of the gong New Year ' s Eve ' 61 . . . Robin, 5-16-80 RICHARD L. MILLER Rich . . . easygoing, sarcostic, blose . Peeves: " Dick " waiting . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, Celtics, gambling, DC, physics with Soup and Whizzer, " in o nutshell " . . . Memories: Aerosmith 11 16 82, JV baseball with splinters, junior prom, DC vs. Penn St 10 30 82 Plans: college, low school . . thanks to Mom and Dod DIANE T. MILLS Diz . loud, friendly, outgoing . . . Peeves: two-foced people, working, t ' pying . . Favorites: junior prom, sisters, the cruise, skin-d, tons, beoching. New Hampshire, soccer hockey, Softball, good times with friends . . to be hoppy and successful . love to my family. FREDMINSKER Fred . . . humorous, eosy-going . . . Peeves: bockstabbers, two-foced people, cliques . Favorites: Boston, Journey, Von Holen, Biology, " wicked funny, " 4 yeors bond with Mike, 3 with Ken , . to help those who are less fortunate than others . . . Thanks Ma, Dad, and Mr C , ond olso thanks everyone from the Stoughton Association for Exceptional Citizens, I love you all DENNIS STEPHEN MONE Crazy, happy-go-lucky, o pain at times . Peeves: Nan, Sam, life . . Memories: Industriol Pork, Blue Hills, Sorrentos, The Zone, physics, and The Home . . . thanks. Mom. JOHN MONE Easy-going, socioble . . Peeves: being broke, running on E, homework, mornings . . . Favorites: weekends, summer of ' 82, Bud, 139 with Glen, Novo, The Be atles Plans: college and travel . Memories: the 27 ex- pense, D.W ' s ... oil my friends, Karen, oil my love. Mom and Dod Richord Miller Fred 5. Minsker Dennis Stephen Mone John M. Mone 47 Pofricio Ann Moore Undo A. Moroski P I mm Patrick Moody Glen Moore PATRICK MOODY P.J., Toofie . . . Peeves: Dob D., foolish consistencies, 4 16 82 . . . Fovorlres: bike riding, Thoreou, Dugs Dunny, DIoom Country, acoustic guitar, Americon Pie, Cedar Hill, GMH . . . Plans: become a monk, join Peace Corps . . . thanks. Mom. GLEN R. MOORE Glen . . . socloble, wild , . . Peeves: wussle, cans, Friday night film festival, mornings, summer dishing, O.S.S. . . . Favorites: Zeppelin, sum- mers on the cope, beach with the gang, ice cold bottles, light house, 109 with John, Gells concert, the apartments, Rf. 27 with John, football, honging with the gong . . . the military ... oil my love to Mom and Dad ond memories with Weeksie. JUDITH A MOORE JudI, Jude . . . Peeves: Deing called Potti . . . Horley s, Feelin ' Groovy . . . Sitting In Umbo, Hot peppers and Coke, Terr ' s porties . . . Dirt biking with Peter and Scott . . . Potti, Terry, and Joanne, Peter 4 1 62, " Hey Jude, " " Duck PattI Pluto ' d backing up, Silflay Haraka, " We ' ll moke It " . . . Plans: to move to Florida . . . thanks, Potti. PATRICIA ANN MOORE Potti . . . skinny, loud, rowdy . . . Peeves: being called JudI, snobs . . . Favorites: Aerosmith, Dilly Squire, M G M s, my sister, the Clash, ' Do you think it ' s eosy? " . . . Memories: Pluto ' s backing up, Westgote " bang o ue, " doing o wheelle with Judi, Holloween ' 82 . . . Plons: get married, be rich . . . love you. Mom ond Dad. JAMES P. MOOTOS Jim, Jimmy . . . ombitlous, friendly, sensitive, humorous, outgoing . Peeves: ignorance, competitions, attitudes . . . Favorites: pizza. The Cars, Fleetwood Mac, 108 totally, musicols and ploys . . . " Hi, howo yo! " . . Memories: Jozz Choir, Washington DC, silver and gold, friendships with doss of ' 82 . . . Plans: college, success, happiness . . . love ond rhonks to Mom, Dad, family, and friends. EMILY A. MORRIS Em, Emilou, Little Gnome . . . always smiling, friendly, hidden feelings . . . Peeves: rainy Mondoy mornings, " cute " . . . roinbows, kohluo, peaceful places, long bike rides, secret dreams . . . Memories: oil the good times with friends. New Year ' s ' 60, ' 81, 8 20 62 weekend ... I see my future at the rainbow ' s end, happy hours, timeless friends. JOSEPH E. MURPHY Como, Lucifer . . . Impotlent, destructive . . . Peeve: Zeke . . . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, sour pickles, very loud rock . . . Memories: trips to the Southlond, double ponds, Kevin ' s house, the cabin, New York . . . Plans: To beat the MX720K, Microbiologist. LIAM MURPHY Murph . . . Peeves: Riding on E, Chevy GM . . . 3-31-79, 11-25-80, 4-13-82 . . . " " Don ' t worry about it. " . . . Plans: wearing a uniform, owning a RemI rood runner. Judith Ann Moore Liom Murphy 48 John G. Murray . I r Cheryl Ann Nowe John J. Myers Joye Lisa Nardozzi JOHN G. MURRAY Muz . . . Fovorires: hockey, baseball, rhe armosphere, the toy, quoliry, " soys it right there, fons. " . Peeves: school committees, cups that roll . . . Memories: Nonrosket ' 81, the corral, Jules, easy, trouble, too few to mention, cruisin ' with Rich . . thanks. Mom and Dad. JOHN J. MYERS John . . . Peeves: liors, brown noses, flats . . . Favorites: Lemons, Mclibu, T-Bird chases, Chemung, walking, Chicogo . . . Memories: junior doss trip, 7 4 82, Roman holidoy, Bonnie, Murph ' s von, Cappo ond Dave, sum- mer of ' 82, frisbee, 11 16 82 . . . Plons: computer science. JAYE LISA NARDOZZI Joye . . . friendly, outgoing, always there, coring, easy going . Peeve: ignorant people . . . Favorites: Genesis, If, food, footboll, accounting, " I ' m Sorry " , " Con I ask a question? " Memories: trip to Italy, summer of ' 82, 5 2 80, 16rh Birthday, Norwich University, 5 13 82 with Red ... I love you. Mom and Dad. CHRISTINE ANNE NEE Peeves: mornings, funny, procrostinotors . , . Phillie, The Apple Tree, Coborer, Plaza Suite, folk group, squires . . , World Civ. Studies, Sut, An- dy, Jamie, Pippi, Dude, Quill . . . thespions, Keyettes, French, Mike ' s pink cor. King ' s Dominion, 7-4-81 . . . Conventions, donees, Bos ' s potties, Springfield Moll, footboll gomes. Miss Foils Church, concerts . . . groduotion! WILLIAM A. NICHOLSON Peeve: woking up . . Favorites: The Who, Rush, Moving Pictures, Freebird . . . Memories: J. Geils ' 81, 2 16 82, 5 7 82, Camp Seohoven, going out for breakfast ... to get by without ony problems . . . thonks to my parents and teachers. ELAINE MARIE NORDEN Loni . . . good-notured, hord working, ombifious . . . Peeves: stalling car on 0 rainy night, 20 questions, gym dosses , . . Favorites: Fri. ond Sot. nights, Sheilo and Cormelo at Alpine, poydoy . . . CPA bound . . . Memories: 10 17 81 good times with " The Gong, " our table, Russ, Winter Donee, Conodo, last night of summer . . . thonks to everyone. DARYL HEATHER NORRIS Doryl, Monkey Woman . . . friendly, stubborn, tolkorive , . . Peeves: knuckle-crackers, Monday mornings . . . Favorites: Foreigner, Air Supply . . . Memories: 4 years in chorus. Sophomore moth doss, ' 80 Winter Donee . . . Plons: college . . . good luck to oil, love you Mom and Dad. KAREN E. NORTON Kerry . . hoppy-go-lucky, outgoing . Peeves: Kiddie, making deci- sions, endlessroods . . Favorites: good times with the Ding-Dong girls, pounders, Musto got lost, ' Thonk you love " , geeks , . , Memories: Runaways, Christmas Donee ' 81, American studies with Shiela, Jim, and Joe, 11-17-79, 5-16-82 ' good morning, " love to Danny, thanks. Mom ond Dad CHERYL ANN NOWE Cher, Giggles . . , quire . . . Peeves: liars, talkers, bigshors . . . Fovorites: Jock and Diane, Pizzo, Pepsi Free, American Studies . . . Memories: Aug. 9, Aug 17, junior year . . . Plans: college to study ort, open my own business and someday start o family. MARIA T. O ' CONNELL Mio . . . friendly, sensitive, hyper . . . Peeves: broken promises, shat- tered dreoms . . . Memories: cheering with Paulo, ' Let ' s get Shnubbied! ' , " Riunite, Sosson Soloon, Spa, T-boys. good times with Len- ny, AC DC, 12 14 81, 2 11 82, North End . . . to be happy and successful ... I love you. Mom ond Dad. Christine Nee Eloine M. Norden Karen E. Norton Mario T. O ' Connell 49 Nancy A. Orlando Lucia L. Pacheco Robert Olsen Denise P. O ' Neil ROBERT OLSEN Molson, Fronky . . . wild, crozy . . Peeve: dry nighrs . . . Fovorires: Led Zeppelin, " In the night, " " the ocean, " Bud, " Go for ir " . . . Memories: Goddord fires, Florida woves, summer nighrs, o barrel a weekend, horse pastures . , , Plans: to experience life to the max . . . first hour in biology (moonshine), DENISE P. O NEIL Denny . , . dozed ond confused, sorcostic . . . Peeve: rain . , , ' huh ' " Journey, Ozzy, Ronstondt, Rush snickers, S104, with Tim 5 21 62, 65, lost with Louro — thanks!, " Hey Doodly, " " Deep Forbidden Lake, " future with Tim . . , love to family, friends ond my guy, KAREN E, O NEILL Sentimental, self-conscious . . . Peeves: people who intefere, my knee Conodo, out bock with Potty and other great times, 8 9 81, Anton ' s with Dione . . , " O ' Neil Mobile, " memories with David 11 21 81, 12 24 81, New Years ' 82, junior prom, Drondeis . . rhonks. Mom and Dod NANCY ANNE ORLANDO Nonce . hoppy, crazy , , , Von Holen, Ozzy, good times with special friends, " The Chose " with crazy Jonie, Summer ' 82, 7-11-82 , ' Eat Eggs, " " No Bargain, " " Nodo Good Scene, " " Boors, " Joe 11-4-82 . . . col- lege love and thanks to Mom and Dod. STEPHANIE ANN OSTIS Steph friendly, outgoing , . . Peeves: deadlines , , . The Spa, F-hour Commons, junior prom 5 13 82 thanks Kevin, cruisin " in the boat. The Chose 10 1 82, softboll, fieldhockey, Micky D ' s, Darin, good hugs, Steph, lush, " church, " " Nice butt Bobyl, " The Cors concert, Toro Dee, " Koppo " Koth, best friends forever! hopes for happiness love yo. Mom and Dod LUCIA L PACHECO Lucy tolkotive, crazy . Peeves: two-faced people . . . Fovorites: " The Go-Go ' s, " " Vocation, " ' pizzo, soccer, history . . . rich, successful . . . summer of " 82, great times with Moggie love ond thanks to Mom and Dod. LARRY PAINTEN Leroy . . . flirtatious, Budmon . Peeves: rumors . . Favorites: the gong, " Endless Love, " soccer, bosketboll, bogels. Nig Nogs, Yo Hum!, Scott s clutch, Mott ' s cottage. Keg Killers, Hampton Beach, Lonesome Lake, Deacon s Den, 143 . . , David Weeks wos ond I II always remember him, Dove I, love you! SUZANNE MARIE PALAZA Sue . . Peeves: bod Santos with broken ribs, alarm clocks . , . Fovorltes: eorly Thursdays, green icing, chiquito in the living room, drive-ins. Dear Jonsky, curies, cherry-red swimteom , Plans be happy ond rich, col- lege . thanks. Mom and Dod, I love you. Karen E. O ' Neill r Stephanie Ann Osris Lawrence Painten Suzanne Palaza Billy G. Paludo 50 Susan Parsons Scotr Pordo scon PARDO Scorr . . . Peeve: school rules . . . Favorites: Ponrlocs, Ice cold beer, Mobil . . . Memories: Weeksie . . . thanks. Dad. SUSAN MAWE PARSONS Sue . . funny, outgoing . . . Peeves: two-foced people, school . Led Zeppelin, " Stoirwoy to Heaven, " accounting with Mr. D., answering his phone . . . to get married, move to California . . . Arizona 7 12 81, 10 23 81 John olwoys ond forever, 4-wheel driving in Plymouth with the gong . . love to Mom and Dad, thanks for everything. KATHY PASTMAN Happy, sensitive . . . Favorites: gymnastics, cheerleoding, woitressing . . . Memories: 7-27-81 Artie . . " You ' re olwoys on my mind " . . . Alwoys ond Forever, good rimes with Corinne, Julie, Jill, Lisa, Donna and Doryl . . . 1974 Mustang II . . . Plons: college . . . love yo, Dod, June and Alonno JOHN S. PATRICK Scruffy . . . Peeves: People who coll me Scruffy, Scruff, ond Scruffmon . . . Favorites: Footboll on Sundoys, " Life goes on, long after the thrill of liv- ing is gone, " the Jones boys . . . Memories: brownies in Home-Ec, " Schools need bigger bothrooms " . . . Plons: to own my own house. DONNA M. PEDRO Donno Bobe . . . shy, cooperative, friendly, sensitive . . . Peeves: study- ing, homeroom, 5 yeors of broces . . . Fovorites: Beetles, Wings, " Up Where We Belong, " pizza, foot- boll. Home Ec . . . college (ART) . . . tur- ning sweet 16 . . . Memories: thanks Mom and Dod, especiolly Mr. Denison, Mr. Bucklin and Connie. ANN PELLEGRINO Ann, Annie bononie. Fop . . . friendly, outgoing . . . Peeves: allergies, sneezing, flirts, " horn " . . . pizza, unicorns, basketball, horse shows, Ken- tucky, Mordi Gros, good times with Dorin, Steph, ond Kothy, " The Chose " 10-1-82, " The Blue Bomber, " " Butter " ond " Porkoy " forever . . . college, become o nurse ... oil my love to Mom ond Dod, I couldn ' t hove done it without you! YOLANDA PENA Yo . . . ortistic, sensitive, moody . . . Peeves: nor balancing, ' rhot light! " . . . Memories: thanks Louren, " me too " ho, ho, " Tri! look, borf bogs on the run! " Hi Shelli, " Look Terri, it ' s o heshel, " down south 2 8 81, 5 13 , 9 5, speciol times with Jimmy . . . Favorites: 108, " cows ore plentiful, " solorheoting, the bank, skiing . . . Plons: the 6th, ort . . . love and thonks. Mom and Dod. Ann Pellegrino Yolondo Peno 51 Koryn Pietersen Michael A. Pires Froncine M. Peoples Chris Perry CHRIS PERRY Pierre . . . quick-rempered, rowdy . . Peeves: rainy weekends, ig- norant people, early mornings, snowcops . . . Fovorires; Irolion food, boxing . . . Plons: to be successful end hoppy ond to succeed in boxing, hope to win the gloves in Jonuory . . . greor times ond good memories of Weeksy. JEFF PETERSON Jackson Mint . . Peeves: The molcontent students fhot run this school . . . Memories: Good luck to Bright Eyes, splie, perfecto, fonzie, " you donk, " 71 Volkswagen bus, the Ark, the basketball team working os a unit, set- ting up Mike Small, picking on Dennis . . . Plons: to be rich, to be respected by my peers, and to spend time with children. KARYN PIETERSEN Karyn . . . friendly, gullible . . . best friends with Deb for eight years, 6 27 81 — special times with Gory . . . three yeors of accounting with Risa. Papa ' s . . . Peeve: " Quote " " Quote " ... " I love muscles. " good times sophomore year, " the rock. " " My Red Hot and Rolling ' Mochine " . . . lots of love to Mo and Dad. DENISEC. PINAUD Friendly, sorcostic . . . Peeves: friends who aren ' t. Kond M . . . Memories: comp. 1-9-62. seniors of ' 82. drill team, track. drIve-in, Mondoy night footboll, memoriol days at the beach, " Hello! " great times with special friends . . . Plans: college and become o doctor. MICHAEL ANTHONY PIRES Mike, Pirez, Pie . . onimolistic, loud . . , Peeves: homework, politics . . . Favorites: " Moths, " Jim Hendrix, football . . . Memories: McDrill ' s 190 firewater, rood trips, " the bubbler, " Town Spa, deothrides. house par- ries ... to graduate or become president of class of ' 84. PATRICIA M. QUAnRUCCI Potty. P.Q. . . . sofcostic. outspoken . . . the great awakening. Mocs. " 44, " the oath, Rosenstein, Thonk-me, ' I don ' t like your attitude. " field hockey .12 years with Di, " Dudish. " Tom Petty 8-6-81. the elms. Kot. Chris ... on unforgotten friendship . . . thanks Mr. Doroc. Sir to be in- dependently wealthy. STACEY LYNN RADINOVITZ Spocey . . . " Hongovets, " waking up for school . Favorites: " Beatles. Chinese food, psychology. Endless Love. " Jock and Dionne " . Ac- tivities: " Christmas Party ' 61. " junior prom. Tommy ' s gatherings. Limo night . Plans: college, be rich . . . I love you. Mom and Dad. Jeff Pererson Denise C. Pinoud Louro C. Poshkus Patricio M. Quorrrucci Srocey Robinovirz 52 ZonobiQ Roinge Mark F. Reppucci Kevin Riddell Sfeven Reordon Solly Ann Remick ZANODIA DENEEN RAINGE Dino, Precious, Neeny . . . orgumenrotive, serious . . . Peeves: Monday mornings . . . Fovorites: Zap, Grand Master Flash, Soul Sonic Force . . . Always and Forever, food Lugano, b-ball, psych . . . Memories: cheer- ing, day offer the junior prom . . . thanks Amos and Darin for moking the school yeors special . . . I love you Mom and Dad. STEVEN REARDON Sorrow come and took me away. Maturity followed and found me here. Unrest overtakes and bids me on. If only Mom ond Dad could see me now. Peace SALLY ANN F EMICK Kluz . . . Peeves: snobby people. Burger Burger, Endomedio . . . Memories: New York ' 80, ' 81, coke fight with John, homeroom with Mark 6 years, micro with Mike, 6 16 81 — 9 7 82, SAEC, bloody nose from Flipper, falling in a stream, folks with Bernie, Shaw ' s parties . . . col- lege for Special Education . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. MARK F. REPPUCCI Poochie, Morkus . . . sorcosfic, very Italian, fun-loving . . . Peeves: McPhoil, Day, confusion . . . Favorites: JazzBond and Choir, track . . . Memories: Washington, missing the mats, 12 11 81, college (and learn how to moke pizza) . . . much love and thanks. Mom and Da d. BRIAN RETTMAN Moody, quiet . . . Peeves: two-foced people . . . Fovorites: sleeping, hard work, taking pictures, eating . . . college REBECCA RIVERS Beck . . . quiet, ambitious, pugnacious . . . Peeves: perfectionists . . . Beatles, " Now I ' m stepping out of this old brown shoe " . . . parrying with Mary, Rum and Coke, " Laura, You ' re taking me the wrong way!, " etherized . . . going to Germany and joining Uncle Sam. NELSON RODRIGUES Animal . . . crazy, confused, friendly . . . Favorites: Von Halen, " Running With The Devil, " Chinese food, soccer, Mr. Edmonston ' s history doss . . . Air Force. WALTER RICHARD ROGERS Wolly, Dud, friendly, crazy, sensitive . . . Peeves: the cor, Roxies . . . Fovorites: the Rock, " Well blows me down Sweopea! " found with Cothy 7 24 81, Sean ' s cottage, Dave the Mich, man, Kev ' s popeye . . . Future plans: engineering, success and you-know-who . . . thanks, Mo and Pa . . good luck, everybody! Drion Rertmon Rebecca Rivers Nelson Rodrigues Wolter Rogers 53 Eric Rovner Michelle A. Russell Jodi Beth Rosemon Aoron l osenberg JODI ROSEMAN Lorry . . . 10 18 80 . . . gymnastics, powder puff, student council . . Frominghom State, Chinese food, new roommate, more clothes, Lily, Ashmont, 6 3-6 3 82 lives with Steph, Jockie, Denephew ond our guys, Mansfield, Mount Ida, Vet osst. AARON H. ROSENBERG Ronny . . . shy, sensitive, quiet, reflective, poronoid, eosily depressed . . . Peeve: people with no ombition . . . Fovorires: Donee this mess around, Beethoven sonatas, pizza, " Music speaks all longuoges " . Washington with the Jazz Choir, fun times with good friends, D-hr. Com- mons and lunch with Jim, friends who graduated in ' 81 . . . to go into music, become o concert pianist . . . " thonks to all who core. " CHRISTINE A. ROSSI Christine . . . friendly, outgoing . . . Peeves: not enough sleep, Columbus Day with Betsy . . . Favorites: gold, crobmeot. Von Holen ond Heart con- certs . . Salisbury 7 14 and 7 31, 48 and X37, Terri s shower, Daniel Webster . . . Memories: summer of ' 60, godchild Kristie Ellen, speciol times with friends and sister Liso . . . thanks to Mom and Dad ERIC ROVNER Rick . . . Indescrlboble . . . Peeve: girls who tease, but never please . . . Favorites: Stones, Jenny, weekends, Clorkie, beochbound, Boston . . borfy, frosty brews, kinkiness . . . Memories: zz in the cor. midnight munchies, " We gotto get ice " . . Plans: to become o lowyer, get mor- ried, and be reincornoted os o bulldog ... " I live for my dream, and a pocket full of gold. " . . . thonks Mo ond Dad. DANIEL RUDIN The mochine, Rudy . . . thanks to Mike G., Neol, Lorry, the gong, Mom. Dad. Lobotts Blue . . . Woshington DC, Rood Crew, the Music Dept. the beoch . . . Peeves: Spill it. Ice-Creom man. pin heods I wish I could soy it ' s been fun, but . . . MICHELLE A. RUSSELL Dependent, determined, moody, understanding, free . . . Peeves: get- ting up in the morning, rude people . . . Favorites: The Police. Itolion food. Hog ' n it . . . Memories: Cline s with " Jenny. " 11 6, Minnie, 17-11 13 . . . Plons: go to Porls . . . love to Mom ond Dod. SANDY RYAN Sonny . . . picky, sensitive . . Peeves: getting up in the morning, having no money, staying home . . . Favorites: going out. Boston, tocos, gold. Babbo . . . Memories: summer of ' 82. the Cope. NY. " Honey-dubee, " 3 12 82 olwoys . . . Plans: to work and moke lots of money . thanks Mom, Dod, Nona, and Popo! BRENDA L SALEH Outgoing, friendly, moody . . . Peeves: two-foced people, cliques Favorites: Bob Seger, " Famous finol scene, " Von Holen. pizzo. buds. Michelob, " I ' m only kidding " . . Memories: 7 3-4 81, 2 6 82, the fort, Jim bogged!, 4 30 82 Moose Hill . love you. Mom ond Dod. NANCY MARIE SAMMARCO Always blushing . . . Peeves: annisette ond loteness oil the fun times with Mary ot NESH . . . the girls, ' 69 Novo, Roman Holidoy, Pier 4, Gino . . . 12-31-80, 8-31-81, 5-13-82 . . . Stephen . . Me and Kim for 10 years . to be happy, heolthy, ond successful . . . lots of love to Mom. Dod. ond brothers. I I a 1 Christine Rossi Daniel E. Rudin Sondy Ryon Brendo Soleff Nancy Morle Sonnmarco 54 Lisa M. Sandler Penny J. Sowyer Denise M. Sciberto Nozore Serpo Gino M. Sonroro Thomas P. Sonfos USA MAWE SANDLER Lis, E.F. Hurron, Deido . . . fickle, friendly, unpredictoble . . . Peeve: deci- sions . . . Fovorifes: gymnosrlcs, dancing, " Oy, Vey!, " early Thursdays. C-hour Commons, new " emms " on Saturday night. Heins and Heffs . . Memories: junior prom, egg shampoo, Dunkin, " close colls, " parties with the gong, Nantucket with Paula and Mary, winter donee, surprise parties . , lots of love and thanks to Mom and Dod. GINA MARIE SANTORO Sorducci . . . artistic, gullible . . . Peeve: finding something to wear Favorites: The Who, Italian food, art . . . Memories: 2 6 82, 3 2 82, Smokey, summer of ' 82, meeting Lisa, Halloween party. Burger King . . . Plans: college and become o commercial artist . . . love ond thanks to Mq and Dod. TOM SANTOS Fishmon . . . friendly, mokes friends eosy, hoppy . . . Peeves: Miss Hamilton ' s essays, Mondoys, any music but rock . . Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, You con ' t kill Rock ' n Roll, " The future is uncertain and the end is always neor, " The Doors, Block Sobboth, The Who, foorboll, science, Chinese food . . . college, ROTC, thanks Mom and Dod, I couldn ' t hove mode it without you. PENNY J SAWYER Penny . . . eosy going, sensitive, old fashioned . Peeves: mornings, waiting, phonies, immaterial fights . . . Favorites: food, sleeping in, good times with Terry . . . Memories: York Beoch, special times with Anthony, MossQpoog . . . Plans: to be o successful nurse, see the world with An- thony . . . speciol thanks to loved ones. WAYNE E, SCHROnMAN Friendly, eosy-going . . . Peeves: 8 to 12:30, flashing blue lights . . . Favorites: AC DC, J. Geils concerts . . . summers ' 81. ' 82 in Nontosket with the gong . . . Plons: to become on oirplone mechanic . . . Memories: summer of ' 82 with Terry . thanks Mr. Murphy, Mom and Dod. DENISE M. SCIBEHA Pol . . . loud, hell raiser, portier . . . Peeves: car accidents with Pocky, the morning after o party . . . Favorites: J. Geil s in wheel chairs. Bud tolls, " Hey, Trocey, Donno, Dee, Michelle, Vinnie, Ruthie, " compfires with Gail Jones, Tuna Tournament with Linda, o visit to Fanny with Tricio, special times with Scott 9 13 82 . . . love yo Mom, Dod, Family, and Ask ' Em. JOE SERPA Joe . . . quiet, friendly . . . Peeves: waking up eorly for school Favorites: Beatles, Zeppelin, soccer ' 82, Kimbo, skipping with the gong . . . Plons: to be successful . . . my love olwoys, Kim LISA ANN SHEA Cute, funny, moody . . . Peeve: two-foced people . Down from Hull, Foreigner, " Break It Up, " junk food, " You ' re mean to me! " junior prom. Drape ' s Christmas party, ZZ Top concert, sundoes with Joey, 6-12-81, 8-7- 81 . . . to become o medicol ossistont . . . thanks. Mom. Dill Savini Wayne E. Schrorrmon Joseph Serpo i Liso Ann Sheo 55 PquIq Ann Shea Dovid SilvQ Paul SilvQ Edward W. Sheehon Srocey A. Sheridan PAULA A. SHEA Sensitive . . . Peeve: two-foced people . . . Favorites: Journey, Rush, Jerhro Tull, Bob Seger, boskefboil, skiing . . . Norionol Guard . . . 11 12 82 with Sreph, Sue, Leo, ond Doug . . Memories: Cosserly wos always there, never forget all the good rimes in Home Ec. with Dev . . , love ya, Mom ond Dad. EDWARD W. SHEEHAN Dill . . . sensible, impatient, active . . . Peeves: Kiss-106, Punk Rockers, ig- norant people . . . Fovorires: Led Zeppelin, Billy Squier, beach, junior prom, skiing . . . Memories: t-ping Tom ' s house, footboll. Maple St., Koren F. 10 30 82 . . . thonks. Mom ond Dod. STAGE Y A. SHERIDAN Spocey, Sfoc . . Peeves: mornings, waiting, roiny weekends . I ' ll follow the sun, Riunite sunrises . . . Memories: summer of ' 82, Monday ' s with Lisa, weekends with Angle 7 14 82 — 7 28 82, 11 2 82, house sit- ting with Brendo . . . Plons: to be happy ond successful. ANTHONY J. SILVA Townie, Tony, the other half, Antoine, Cheat . . . goofy, punky prep, ar- tistic . . . Peeves: locked bathrooms with 4 min. to go, loud voices in the morning . . . Favorites: Private Idaho Chinese chicken, " I know you don ' t! " . . . Memories: new Seobury, taking in the laundry and Woyzie . . . French . . . Plons: to live in a city studio opt. and own on art gallery DAVID SILVA Grizzly, the other half . . . happy, quiet, space shot Peeves: back stobbers, nothing to do, office sessions . Fovorites: Zeppe lin, Tull, ' thonk you, " ' What?, " music, football to be o carpenter . shat- tered Holloween, Popponesset porties, Jose ' s toe nail. Junior prom thonks to all my friends. JAMES MICHAEL SILVA Snoke . . . crazy, confused . . . Peeve: " Why sure, " . . . Fovorites: Pink Floyd, wolfing for the worms, Chinese food, football, science 8 16 82 Cothi, 8 20 82, Mr Ed ' s history doss, 11 20 82 party with Cheryl C . . . Plons: Armed Forces RICH SILVA Lozy, crazy . . . Favorites: Lobotts, Def Leppord Scorpions, " When the smoke Is going down, " . . . Peeves: 11 5 82, bod moods, yellow cars with blue lights, cheap beer, worm beer, cheap worm beer, ISS Plans: college . . . Memories: 7 2 82, " We did it! " . . thonks Mom ond Dod for putting up with me BONNIE A. SILVERMAN Bone . . moody, sensitive . Peeves: getting up in the morning, busy signals, waiting . . . Favorites: Von Halen, AC DC, Solisberg, parties. Terri ' s shower 8 12 82, God bless Dovid, good luck Amondo ond Kristle . . . secretoriol school ERIC SILVERMAN Quietly outgoing, everlasting portier . Peeves: work, woking up in the morning . . . Favorites: Ducks, Zeppelin, Over the Hills ond For Away, " you silly rabbit, " . . . Plans: lots of rest ond relaxation Anthony J. Silvo James M. Silvo Rich Silvo Bonnie A. Silvermon M S Eric N. Silvermon 56 li , Ai Michael Philip Smaii Eric M. Sneider Susan Sorrenfi Larry Smith Srephon H. Smith MICHAEL SMALL Mike . . . unpredictable, imporienr, easygoing . . . Peeves: Van Halen, disco, people rhor are always depressed . . , Favorites: Rondolph Dottle of the Bonds first place 11 81. science with Peterson, Dunkin Donuts, SH5 Knight and Stotonion staffs, marching bond, Stocey 7 4 82 . . . " wicked funny, " " Hey JB, " " yeah, uh, uh, yeoh, " " I ' m eosy! " , , , to get even with Peterson, stay in front of Beaton, and enjoy life to its fullest LARRY SMITH Larry, " Sir Slam " . . . humorous, outspoken, considerate . . . Peeves: fakes, conceited people ignorance . Favorites: footboll, b-boll, moth, Mr. Gormley, Franklin tie, DC loss . . engineering. STEPHAN H. SMITH Smity . . . eosy going . . . Peeve: bigots . . Memories; mortiol arts . . . Plons: electronics . . . 3 musketeers. ERIC SNEIDER Snidley . . . Peeves: being Levy ' s chauffeur, Jeremiah weed, casualties . . . Favorites: the green stuff, Dudweiser, snowy summer ' 80, the ar c, meotbolls ot Costa ' s, conservation oreo . , . Memories: " the room " Guthrie and Pot-hon, Weeksie . . . Future plans: to be young and rich . . . thonks. Mom and Dad. LISA F. SNYDER Drute, Linus . . . gullible, laughing, friendly, moody . . Peeves: loiterers, being ignored . . . Deotles, McCortney, Ronstond, pizzo, " der, " baseball, to be on onimol trainer, to sing . . . junior prom, 5 13 82, 6 13 82, 11 12 82, Israel ' 81, always to be with friends . . . get married and be rich ... I love you. Mom and Dod, ond family. SUSAN D. SORRENTI Sue . . moody, friendly, outgoing, sensitive . . ings, worm beers, snobs . . . Favorites: pizza, working ot Norfolk, Dudweiser . . . 10 13 81, Hill Street DIues gong. Dux- bury beoch, the gong, memories with John . Plans: to become o nurse . . . love to John, thanks. Mom and Dad, " I ' m out of here! " JOSEPH J. SPENCER Spence, Joe . . . easygoing, friendly . . Peeves: sarcastic people, work . . . Favorites: " Still, " brown eyes, the Duster, Spa . . . Memories: sum- mer of ' 82, T-Drive, Duxbury Deoch, Pez ' s party, good times with the guys, nosty girls ... to hove o long and happy life . . . love to Mo and Dod. JEANNIE M SPOONER Spoons . . . friendly, sensitive, happy . . . Peeves: Mondoy mornings, snobs . . . Favorites: Christian Rock, borbecued pototo chips, frogwomen, " The Mod One, " prayer meetings. Cope bound!, " Daniel " . . Plons: to go to school in Texos, become on evongelist ... I love you Mom, Dod, ond fomily. Peeves: Mondoy morn- ' Hurts So Good, " wired. Lisa F. Snyder Joseph J. Spencer Jim Spicer 57 Jessica Stearns Kevin J. Stetson Marc 5. Springer Janice Elizabeth Stondish MARC SPRINGER U.S.Y., " Should I sfoy or should I go!, " A.Z.A., Rush, InrernorionQl club, " Lets Move!!! " . . Memories: Robyn s porry, Jody ' s beach house, clubhouse, Doskin Robbin ' s, 12 22 81 . . rhonks. Mom and Dod. JANICE ELIZABETH STANDISH Jonsky, D S. two . . . sorcosric, happy . . . Peeves: B-broins, complaining people . , . Favorites: Springsreenism, Foreigner, early Thursdoys, " love- ly!, " all good rimes with Tiger, 10 11 81, field hockey. The Vineyord wirh Tiger . . . junior class trip, 3 19 62, proms, C-hr. commons . Plans: paramedic . . . love to family and John. SANDRA S. STANLEY Beckey, Buck, Beckey-Mcgrekie . . . Peeves: waiting, broken promises, two-faced people . . . Fovorites: Dob Seg er, The Doors, portying with Potty, Heart 10-9-82, summer ' 81, good times with good friends , . to travel and be rich . . . memories of Dove, rhonks. Mom and Dod. JESSICA STEARNS Jessie . . . quiet, sensitive Favorites: Garfield, beors, Psychology Memories: bond, work, summer of ' 82 . college IRENE MARIE ST. PIERRE Unique, olwoys hoppy, hypo, blunt . . . Peeves: " mellow out. " steering wheels, " the gong, " Ist-hr chorus, " cofs, " conceited people Memories: most likely found at Bob s house. Twister, Roll-Lond, " Jello, " " The Route, " Co-Co, pizzo, twins . . all my love and rhonks to Dob, Pat- ty, Nona, Mom and Dod. DEBRA ANN STENSTROM Debbie, Debi . . sarcastic, easygoing . Peeve: cheering comp . . . Favorites: Savin Hill, my cuz Bill, gymnostlcs, cheering, excellent times with " The Men, " soph, yr., 8 yrs. with Koryn, " let ' s get shnubbied, " a speciol someone, Brian ... to fulfill all my dreams. DAVID A STEPHANSKY " Stiff " . sensitive, crazy . . Peeves: snobs, school Fovorites: hockey, any kind of music, pizza, my hot. Bud, friends, Mich . Plans: To be a successful electronic technician . . Memories: 2 8 82, 12 5 82, senior year. Winter dances . thanks to the most understonding porents a guy my oge could hove KEVIN J. STETSON Stefs . . . crazy, insane . . . Peeves: Algebra, two-faced people Favorites: Stone ' 81, Who ' 82, Maple St, " Wonno race? ' , . Plans: work hard . . . the projects with Wayne and Jocky, doing Tom ' s house, sum- mer of ' 82, rubber at Exxon . . junior yeor. Sandra 5. Stanley Irene Marie St. Pierre David Stephansky Karen Stewart Evon Still Debbie Lynn Sworfz Thomas J. Swenson Kathleen Sullivon Dave Suslowicz EVAN STILL Quite, CQlm . . . Peeves: Zeke, dry nights . . . Favorites: Zeppelin, The Who, porties, sibling, Jethro Tull concert . . . " Life is o gome, I love it, " . . . thanks. Mom. KATHLEEN SULLIVAN KuKi . . . hysterical, giggly . . . Peeve: first 3 hrs. (8:09-10:32) . . . Fovorites: Bob Seger, " Famous Final Scene, " Koolos . . . " Whoo!, ' " Psha!, " " Who me?, " " Paulo did it!, " . . . Memories: good times v ith Connie, summer ' 82 . . college, California . . . love you. Mom ond Dod. DAVIDJ.SUSLOWia Sus . . . moody, othletic . . . Peeve: fokes . . . special times with Karen 11 21 81, a flickering flame 12 24 61, junior prom . . . " Rusty, " boseboll with Do . . . Von Holen, Neil Young with the gang at Joy ' s, Michelob Light, " Googie Man " . . . love to Mom ond Dod. DEBBIE LYNN SWARTZ Swortzie . . . crazy, talkative . . . Peeve: fire drills . . . Memories: field hockey, freshman year, special friendships, Christmos with the Tyers, New Year ' s, Florida with Mary Beth, solar hearing, John 6 19 80, junior prom. Cope Cod . . . love and thanks to Mom and Dod. THOMAS JOSEPH SWENSON Swede, Tee . . . o calm, considerate motorheod . . . Peeves: Boggers, preppies . . . Favorites: Rush 12 5 82, Working Man, The Who 12 11 82, " Don ' t get me going " . . . Memories: plywood runs, 3 musketeers, cruis- ing in the Cudo . . . Plans: work with cars ond moke megabucks, then take off to N.H. ' s woods . . . goodbye SHS, so much love and thanks to Mom and Dod. ROBERT TARCHARA " Man ' s youth is a wonderful thing: " It is so full of anguish and of magic and he never comes to know it as it is, until it has gone from him forever. — Thomas Wolfe JULIE ANN TARECO Jules . . . friendly, silly, moody . . Peeves: phonies, waiting . . . Fovorites: Springsteen, Bette, Police conert, " Dig if!, " Greeny . . . Memories: Cope weekend, Wisconsin ' 81, Liso 7 3 81, " Schnubbied, " Memoriol Day ' 82, the roof with Donna, Stor, Dove s prom, Harris ' , The Awesome Foursome, talks with Muz, best times spent with Robs . . . love yo. Mom and Pot. LISA TAYLOR Impatient . . . Peeves: busy signals, mornings, waiting . . . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Von Holen, Heart, crobmeot . . Memories: camp- ing Of Solisbury, (y-8) + (x-3), Terri s shower, good times with friends . . going to college . . . thonks. Mom and Dad, the Cleaners . . . Bless David! Michael D. Sweeney Robert Torchoro Julie A. Toreco Lisa Taylor 59 Motfhew T. league r Paul A. Thibeoult Terry A. Thompson Alfred Tecror Karen A. Teed MAHHEW T. TEAGUE Cho, Teogo . , . friendly Peeves; Zeke, Monday morning Fovorires: Zeppelin, Who, Skynyrd, Grateful Dead, trips to Southland, Tm a seeker, I ' m o really desperote mon, " everyone at Kevin s, dou- ble ponds . . . Plans: moke big bucks . , , Memories of Dovid . . . thanks. Mom and Dad. AL TECTOR Peeves: waiting, being hungry . . Favorites: Alice Cooper. The Tubes, The Buzzcocks, " Crying to the Sky, " From Be Bop Deluxe, Clint, " A work- ing class hero is something to be " ... J. Lennon, Clash rule. KAI EN A TEED KT . . Sweetie 12-26-81, toys . . Smurfs ... We 5 ... 3 s Potty . " Tru- ly " Lorry ... ' 81 o possibility! . Sue s, Yo, Jo, Lil ' Sis, Al, Remoe, Dove, Dale, Bobby D-Mobile smurf yo Di and Chris . . . 140 Mom and Dad CHARLENE TERRY Straightforward Peeve: rock music . Fovorires: Roy Parker Jr , Commodores, Stevie Wonder, spaghetti, basketball ... ro be an Qccountont JUDITH REGINA THOMAS Judy, Jude, Cho-Cho . . . argumentative, determined . Peeves: blind dotes, the Go Go ' s, pseudocode . . . Fovorites: The Stones, The Who, Bogort movies . . " stucks, ' mentos, psychedelic nail polish, the gong, crayons cold beaches . . the lost night of the summer of ' 82, trip to Nouset, long talks with Sue . . thanks ro all who cored TERESA ANN THOMPSON Terry sensitive, stubborn, gullible . . Peeves: woiting, broken promises, saying good-bye Fovorites: CYO, Pot Benotor, Penny ' s " Punkmobile " . . . Memories: the tent. Park Plazo Hotel, " Can I help you?, " 11-13-82, ' Don ' t ponic-odjust! ' Plans: ro hove o lot of fun ond money! . . . love and special thanks ro Mom and Dad DONNA TORRES Carina . friendly, gullible Peeves: two-faced people Favorites: Bob Seger, Aerosmith, Reo Speedwogon, Kansas, soccer, hockey Memories: the summer of ' 82 with Amber, D-hour commons ' 79-80, rollerskoring ' 82, Reo Speedwogon, July ' 81, Kansas Sept ' 81, Stanley January ' 81 — Sept ' 82 . . . Plons: college, social worker rhonks Mom, Dad, and Mr. Edmonsron. PAUL D TRIPP Poblo crazy, sensitive . . Peeve: people putting America down . . . Fovorites: Heovy Metal music, winter, fried clams Activities: weekend nights at the circle Memories: Nugent for president to join the Marines . . thonks. Mom ond Dod. STUART M TUROK Quiet, serious . . , Peeve: waking up Fovorites: pizza, cross country, Ozzy Osbourne . . . Plans: college Memories: the Morshfield Fair, Rondy Rhooos lives . . . thanks, Mo and Dod Chorlene J. Terry Judith Regina Thomas Poul D. Tripp Sruarr M. Turok 60 MoryBerh Tyer Chrisropher VonHoighr Karen Vincent Richard J. Undo Dovid C. Wollace MARYBETH TYER MD . . . crazy, silly, moody . . . Peeves: DU firedrills . . Memories: Merry Chrisrmos ' s with the mouth, " lets get shnubbied, " Florida trips, freshman year . . . " MDTA, " ringing in the New Year ' s, my favorite t-boy, " Hello, Town Spo " . . . my sweet 16th surprise, 17th birthday roses . . . today my croyolo mobile, tomorrow my Ferrari! ... lot of thonks to Mom ond Dod. RICHARD J. UNDA Rich . . . quiet, mischievous . . . Peeves: Dickie, cups that roll, Sundays . . . Fovorites: the atmosphere, Kembe, cruisin with Muz, hockey, Ronnie ond the Romblers, Rovinskovich . . . Plans: Coast Guard. CARMELA SANCHEZ VALIENTE Lally, Corm, Vol . . . quiet, sensitive, sentimental . . . Peeves: deadlines, good-byes . . . Fovorites: rainy nights, roinbows, Celtics, Finnegon . . . " What? " . . . " Stucks! " . . . " Truly " . . . " Fomous Final Scene " . . . Memories: a doy ot Bird Street, summer of ' 82, ' the Gong, " Collohon ' s croyons, Alpine with Sheilo, phone tolks with Gigi, 1 17 82 . . . " the future is Q place for my dreams " . . . bono fortuno to oil my friends . . . love yo Mom, Dod, and fomily. CHRISTOPHER VANHAIGHT Otis . . . intelligent, sorcostic, clumsy . . . Peeves: people who drop things into scenarios, buzz words, 500-word essays, sorcosm, aloofness, chokes, the Krol Syndrome . . . Favorites: French, chess. Dungeons and Dragons . . . Future: success, money, power, prestige . . . Activities: Internotionol Club, Chess Club, National Honor Society . . . ' Life-It Is o tale fold by on idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. " KAREN VINCENT Vinnie . . . crazy, outgoing . . Peeves: 8:10-2:09, waiting, two-faced people . . . Fovorires: Led Zeppelin, The Stones, " Hey, whot ' s up? " par- ties . . . Memories: good times with Trocey, Donno, Denise, and Michelle . . . camping with Julie and Anne . . . lunches with Ms. Desmond . . . Plans: cross-country, college . . . " I ' m glad to be out. " ANGELA VIVEIROS Ang, Angle . . . shy, quiet, occasionally loud . . . Peeve: Angelina, Mon- Fri, Stoughton High . . . Memories: summer of ' 62, " " good friends who helped me moke it through high school! " ... " I mode it! " DAVID C. WALLACE Pet Peeves: alarm clocks, flirts . . . Favorites: " Hotel California, " Eagles, pay day . Future: ploy it by eor . . . Memories: Chevy, Pontioc, T-Bird chases, Chemung, walking, best friends . . . Coppo with Kim, winter of ' 81, Murph ' s von, summer of ' 82, " what happened? " . . . prom day bor- rel, frisbee. LYNDA M. WALSH Roo, Lynda Lou, Lyndio, James, Woldoo . . . Peeves: ignorant people, getting up in the morning . . . Favorites: John Cougar, " What ore you selling? " " get outto here " . . . Memories: summer of ' 82, the field. Perry Street, gong, rollerskoting, the swing ... all my love to David and Chose, thanks to my fomily, love yo, Josin and Justin . . . live my life to the fullest. John Woshock Lisa Webber Julie Wenzel JOHN WASHAK Independent, sometimes crazy, friendly, artistic . . . Peeves: waking up for school, irritating people, being good . . . Favorites: Led Zeppelin, thank you, Art, football, " who cores " . . Memories: my friend Jeff, parties with Kevin, Tom, Stephen, and Jeff, summer of ' 82 . . . Plans: Navy, to live in the mountains, ski every day . . . speciol thanks to Mr. Medeiros, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Sorno. LISA MARIE WEBBER Hot-tempered . . . Peeves: waiting, allergies . . . Fovorites: " Dork Side Of The Moon " . . . Memories: Mondays at Stoc ' s, lost with Stocy, six years with Chrissy, 7 23 80, 11 1 80 Plans: to be happy, successful much love to Barry. JULIE B. WENZEL Jules, Sneezy . . . sociable, hap- py, unorgonized . . . " Where did my T-Bird go?, " " It ' s gonno take a mirocle, " . . . dancing . . . junior ond senior proms, sum- mer of ' 82, Hummer, Lori, Jill . . . college . . . love and thanks to Mom and Dad. PAULA ANN WERKOWSKI Paula Walls, Werkowskovitz (my j-name) . . . talkative, outgoing, sorcostic . . . Peeves: Liso ' s " Ding-Dong, " cliques. Wen ' s cor. . . Cougar 10 11 82, " huh, whot " , " go for it!, " Early Thursdoys, C-hr. commons . . . Nontucket, good times with Liso, Wendy, Mary and the gong, partying down the cope, junior prom and class trip, holdin ' on to sixteen . college-bound . . . love ond thanks to Ma and Dad. CAROLYN N. WHITE Col . . . humorous, disorganized Peeves: chicken pox, penicilin in apple souce . . . 11 12 82, found sleeping, my show, 11 21 82, 26, " the Vogo, " model senate, StuC, speciol friends, good times with Jo . . Alaska-bound . . . study low, journalism. PquIq Werkowski Carolyn White 62 Christine Whiffen Lauren Wiseman Cathy Wood Williom Young Holly Zizzo Joe Zucco CHRISTINE A. WHIFFEN Whiffy . . fempermentol (1% temper, 99% menfol) . . Peeve conceled plons . Favorites " no woy " . Memories Dedhom, the tv lns, best six years with LIso, confused with Stocey . . . Plans: to be successful, happy . . thanks to fomlly, friends . much love to Mom ond Dod. LAUREN OFFH WISEAAAN " I d rother be doncing " . . . hot fudge sundoes . . . " Tolnted Love " Plons: business, low . . . Junior Miss, " the Gong, " the oronge bomber, best times . . . donee, donee, donee, donee . . . thonx Mom, Dod, Mike and LIso, love you oil! CATHY ANN WOOD Friendly, moody, quiet . . Peeves: two-foced people . . . Fov: Von Holen, Wendy ' s pizza . . . Memories: " 1 think I ' m In love " , 5 8 80, with Down all year round, Torlne 4 wheeling up New Hampshire ... to go to holr-dresslng school and visit Howoll . . . thonks, I love you Mom. WILLIAM RICHARD YOUNG Crosh . . . cool, colm, colleaed . . . Peeve: being broke Fovorltes: Commodores, foot- ball, boxing, " All we hove to fear Is fear Itself " . . . Future: undecided stondouts . . . three years on football team. HOLLY A. aZZO Zlz moody, short, talkotlve . . . Peeves: The Rots, rumors . . . " I gotfo tell you seomthing, " " Der, ' gum, good times with the girls, junior prom, " You ore always on my mind " . . . special memories with Dove ... to go to college . . . thonks to my fomlly. JOSEPH F. ZUCCO Zuc . . . funny . . . Peeve: bock seot drivers . . . Fovorltes: Celtics, Lorry D., junior prom . . . Memories: the frocks with Mark, South School with Eddie and Mark, 10 1 82 Comoro ond the pole, Nancy 11 4 82. " the spot " . . . thonks Mom and Dod, good luck Roseonn. In Memoriom DEDICATION: With q feeling of sorrow and regret, rhe editors and staff of the 5TOTONIAN dedicate the Senior Section of the 1983 yearbook to the nnennory of DAVID WEEKS, so tragically and accidentally struck down in the fall of our senior year as he stood on the threshold of his youth ... We mourn the loss of a friend, a classmate, and o teommote. May this page keep David ' s memory alive for as long OS this book keeps olive our memories of our school days and our schoolmates. THE LAST SHOT David hod q shut our going Throughout his fine young life Till the Lord pur one behind him On rhof roiny, rainy nighr David crouched low ro block rhe shor But this wos one he could not stop The Lord ' s shor was accurate and true And despire David ' s lost effort Found its way through. David poised ond confident Got set for rhe next shor Bur there was no rime left on rhe clock Why am I standing here all alone Wirh all my friends ot home Mom, Dad Why is everyone here On rhis cool cleor doy Wirh rears in rheir eyes And wirh such dismay The Lord called David, Dovid Wirh a voice from afor Come wirh me to heaven My NUMBER " ONE ALL STAR " Gordon L. Gillord A former hockey ployer ond David ' s Uncle To on Athlete Dying Young The time you won your town the race Even rhe shady nighr has shut We chaired you through the market-place; Connor see rhe record cut, Man and boy stood cheering by, And silence sounds no worse rhon cheers And home we brought you shoulder-high. Afrer earth hos stopped rhe ears. Today, the rood oil runners come, Now you will nor swell rhe rout Shoulder-high we bring you home, of lads thor wore their honors our. And set you ot your threshold down, Runners whom renown outran Townsman of o stiller town. And the name died before rhe man. Smart lad, to slip betimes owoy A. E. Housmon From fields where glory does not stoy And early though rhe laurel grows It wirhers quicker than the rose. 64 Mr. Herbert Aolpoel Mothemorics Dr. Francis Adorns Coord. Long. Arts Mrs. Morlys Aiken Music Mr. William Andrews Guidance " 4 Mr. Stanley Doroc Indusrriol Arts Mrs. Dorboro Dotchelder Phys. Ed. Mrs. Koren Benjomin Direaor. Foreign Longuoges Ms. Marilyn Dermon Socio! Studies t Mr. Donald Dernier Business Mr. Willlom Berry Foreign Longuoge Miss Claire Bouin Foreign Longuoge Mr. James Boustiell Direoor, Bus. Ed. Miss Mary Alice Buckley Business Mr. Ronald Chrisrionson Mr. Frank Coen Mr. Froncis Daly Music English Socio! Studies 67 " The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil " — Emerson Mrs, ElizQberh Daly English Miss Joan Dondroro Morhemotics Dr. Daniel Davis Director, Social Studies Mr. John Denison English Mrs. Undo Dolon Dromo Speech Mr. John Douglas Science Mr. John Downs Mathematics Mr. Donald Edmonston Sociol Studies Mr. Geoffrey Fanning Science Mr. William Fedora Science Mr. Leonord Finn Director, Ind. Arts Mrs. Michelle Foley Director, Phys, Ed. Mr. James Gormley Social Studies Mrs. Ellen Griffin Home Ec. Miss Judith Hamilton English Mrs. Borbora Hardy Science i Miss Maureen Herrero Science Mr. Chorles Homer Industrial Arts Mr. Michael Homer English Ms. Diane Howard Mothemotics Mrs. Kothleen Hunt Home Ec. Mr. Gory Hylonder Social Studies Mr. Philip locobocci Mothemotics Mr. Bruce Jockmon Phys. Ed. Mr. Poul Jacobs Science 72 Mr. Kevin McCormick Social Studies A Ms. Debro McHugh Business Mr Fronds McLellon English Mrs. Karen McSweeney Business Mr. Thomos Medelros Choirmon, Art Mr. Richard Mendes Arr Mr. Paul Monri Science Mr. Roberr Moore Mathemofics Mr. Thomas Moscoro Mathematics Mr. Jomes Murphy Director, Testing Mr Chorles Merofh Phys. Ed. Mr MIchoel Nosslse Science " The foundorbn of every state is the education of its youth " — Diogenes 76 Mr. Robert McLoughlin Assistant Principal 1 1 Mr. Anthony Sorno Principol Mr. Anthony Sorno wos named Sroughton High ' s thirty-first principol in November, 1982. Sorno hod served os o science teocher ot SHS since 1964. He also wos o Driver- ed instructor ond Student Council odvisor for mony yeors. The new principal previously served as on Administrotive Intern for the Stoughton public schools for two years before being named the ossistont principal of SHS in 1980. During his 18 yeors os on instructor, he designed ond fought three new courses: Modern Science, Health, ond Microbiology. He is o 1964 graduate of Bridgewoter Stote where he eorned a D.S. degree in education. He also eorned o Master ' s Degree in odministro- rion from Northeastern University in 1968. Mr. Sorno ' s strength hos always been the excellent ropport which he hos enjoyed with students. The Class of 1983 welcomes " Tony " Sorno with sincere best wishes for yeors in which he will be able to build a positive relotionship with students and staff ond that he will continue to promote mutuol respect and cooperation between all those involved in the school. Mr. Jerome Cullen Assisronr Principal ' ■SI 78 Mr. Thomos McDermott Coord., Library Services Mrs Doris Domberg Secretory Mrs Morfho MocNevin Guidonce Secretory Mrs Morcelyn Curry School Nurse Mrs Winnifred Slye Artendonce Center School Committee Centrol Administrotion Idol committee: (Front) Mrs. Rosono Molinori, Mr. John Docey, Mr John Donnelly, Jr (Rear) Dr Joseph Horr- rfjn, Dr. Peter Sperondio -L Mr. Albert Twomey Mr. Albert J. " Tuck " Twomey retired in the foil of 1982 offer more than 30 years in the school system. Mr. Twomey tought at Stoughton High for mony years, and holds the record for most wins as footboll cooch; after mov- ing to the junior high os assistant prin- cipol, he come back to 5HS as Dean of Students, and served os interim prin- cipal in 1979-80. His most recent position was assistant to the superintendent CAFETERIA STAFF; (Front) Mrs. Hockmuth, Mrs. Podgusky, Mrs Mullen, Mrs Sweeney, Mrs. Giles, Mrs. Cote (F eor) Mrs. Hodley, Mrs. Honscom, Mrs. Mello, Mrs. Morrill. 79 Greetings TO THE CLASS OF 1983: Congrotulofions upon the successful completion of your high school career. Graduation marks the fulfillment of one of mony goals you will set for yourself throughout your lifetime. The knowledge gained at Stoughton High School will be o mo- jor factor in completing future goals that you set for yourself. The Class of 1983 is the last class I taught as a classroom teacher and my first class as Principal of Stoughton High School. We hove been directly involved in many changes over the last four years. Your cooperotion during this period has been tremendous. I thank you for your support ond understanding. Your parents and teachers should also be congratulated. Their unselfish dedication ond support over the last four years ore directly responsible for this most treasured occasion. In closing, may I extend to each graduate my sincerest wish for your future success ond happiness. Sincerely, Anthony L. Sorno, Jr. Principal Stoughton High School To the Class of 1983: The Class of 1983 has distinguished itself in many ways. As seniors, you hove set a high standard of excellence in all your school activities. Your outstanding performance in ocodemic undertakings has been noted by the fact thot so mony of you ore going to attend the finest institutions of higher learning. We ore pleased thot you hove chosen to further your education in both four and two-year college programs. Many of you hove token advantage of the programs that will assist you in securing employment in technical fields by completing courses in computer science and in business related skills such as word processing. You ore better trained than any previous class to cope with the demands of our technological society. We ore equally proud of your social and athletic contribution to the school ond to the community. During the most difficult times, financially and economically, you hove assisted by giving generously of your time and effort to roise funds for the im- portant extracurricular programs such os those in athletics and in music. You hove been successful, and we thank you. May I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you the very best in the years oheod. Your family, your friends ond your school ore very proud of you. As Superintendent of Schools, I am sincerely hoppy to shore this senior year and your groduofion with you. Please feel free to come by to see me at any time. Sincerely John G. Murroy, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools To the Class of 1983: Please occept the congratulations of the School Committee as you complete your high school years in Stoughton. Those in charge of your high school education hove had prime responsibility for your intellectual and sociol formulation during these years. Together with your parents and your churches, these some educators hove shored responsibility for your more important moral formulation. We hope that — as you look bock on your high school years — you will find that we hove oil measured up to our respon- sibilities in helping you to become better persons. Go forward now with all of our good wishes. For the Committee, John F. Docey, Jr. Choirmon Mrs. Kouffmon mokes o purchase in the Campus Shop. ' Hove o Coke ond a smile ' 81 Dedication The Dedicorion page is very imporronr because it reflects the orrirudes and feelings of seniors during rheir find year of high school. This year rhe Sroronion staff distributed surveys to seniors in order to receive their nominations for the dedication. After careful consideration, the staff decided that the 1983 Stotonion should be jointly dedicated to two individuals and one group. • To Mr. Kevin McCormick because " he hos done something for everyone and he is olwoys more than willing to help in ony way he con. " • To Mr. Anthony Sorno, in his first year as principal at 5HS, for " proving that students and adults con get along with mutual respect " ond for the " confidence and understanding he has shown to the students at 5H5. " • To the 5H5 vorsity football team who brought bock o winning tradition to Stoughton by beating Canton on Thanksgiving Doy after seven long years of losses, and for the hope that we will continue winning. It is to these three that we sincerely dedicote the 1983 Stotonion. Mike Terrence Don Mike Rob Fran Dorin Jim Glenn Bill Tom Lorry Dill John Tom Peter Ed Scott Tony Rob Fred Joy Brion Dove Richard Tim Kevin David Jim Mark Joe Leroy Poul Bill Bob Poul Bill Bob Mark Ken Bob Coaches: Ashley Coffey Cosgrove The Varsity Football Team Ca II other nominations: Mr. Edmonston: " He has been a very helpful teacher. " The Computer: " It wos voted " Man of the Year " by Time magazine. ' Kofhy McLaughlin: " She was so dedicated to SHS. ' SMUT: " It put our town on the mop. " Mr. Kevin McCormick Mr. Anthony Sarno FLICKS 1. E.T. 2. Officer ond A Genrlemon 3. Toorsie 4. 48 Hours Fast Times Ar Ridgemonr High 5. First Blood TUNES 1. Up Where We Belong 2. Sexual Healing 3. Down Under 4. Photograph 5. Beat It CLASSES 1 Psychology 2. Commons 3. Child Development 4. US Since 1945 Bond 5. English Moth BANDS 1. Journey 2. Led Zeppelin 3. Beetles 4. Von Halen 5. Rush MEN 1. Bruce Springsteen 2. Clint Eastwood Eddie Murphy 3. Bob Seger 4. John Cougor 5. Richard Gere WHEELS 1. Mustong Convertible 2. Corvette 3. Firebird 4. Ferrari 5. Monte Corlo UNKY AVORITES MUNCHES 1. Pizza 2. Chinese itolion 3. Stuffed Shells 4. Chocolote Chip Cookies 5. Steok ond Salad RADIO STATIONS 1. WCOZ94V2 FM 2. WBCN 104 FM 3. WXKS 108 FM 4. WEEI (WHTT) 103 FM 5. WAAF 107 FM SHOWS 1. Hill St. Blues M A S H 2. General Hospital 3. Square Pegs 4. Dynasty Knotts Landing 5. Fame Saturday Night Live WOMEN 1. Pot Benator 2, Stevie Nicks 3. Goldie Hown 4, Bette Midler 5. Olivia Newton-John PASTIMES 1. Partying 2. Dancing Cruising 3. Having a good time 4. Talking on the phone 5. Jomming HAPPY GO LUCKY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST TYPICAL SENIOR Sean Conway Jane Harrington Priscillo Geigis Stephen Alfono Steptianie Ostis John Golonis NICEST SMILE MOST SARCASTIC CRAZIEST MOST MISCHIEVOUS Sheila Keen Joe Spencer Stephanie Ciullo David Georin Scott Levy Denise Scibetto MOST TALKATIVE QUIETEST MOST ATHLETIC FRIENDLIEST Siegfried Herrmann Donna Pedro David Jordan Potty Quorttucd Dorin Jordan Jone Harrington MOST HUMOROUS ames MocPhoil Marie Dmohowski I ibeiu CLASS COUPLE Debbie Sworrz John Golonis MOST GULLlULt Jim Mootos Diane Mills MOST FLIRTATIOUS obyn Greenberg Morl Levine Priscilla Geigis BEST MUSICIANS A MOST SPIRITED Wson Goodman Jim Campbell Jimmy Day BEST DRESSED Deneen Roinge Bill Moce Mark Reppucci CLASS AaOR AORESS Cheryl Klim 85 FOOTBALL A victory over Conton ended o seven-year drought ond mode for o hoppy finish to on otherwise disap- pointing season in which the Knights ended up in 6th place with a 3-5-1 record. Despite fine effort, the team wos winless in its first four gomes tie- ing OA 6-6. They closed with wins over King Philip ond Shoron. Highlights were near upsets over powerhouse North Attleboro and (superbowl-bound) Franklin. All-stors were Lorry Snnith, a power on of- fense; and Darin Jordan and Ed Sheehon, defensive stalwarts. Pete Cottom took over for on injured Jim Overstreet at the midpoint and quorterbocked the team to its finol three wins. VARSITY: (Front) Mike Pires, Bill Young, Robert Folso, Tom Sontos, Fron Homll, Lorry Smith, Dorln Jordon, Ed Sheehon, Jim CortY bell, John Golonls, Glen Moore, Tom Boeto, Peter Cottom, Ronold Honson. (2nd) Aist. Coach Ed Coffey, Ed Doly, Drion Plunketl Scott Breen, Tim Bishop, Kevin Bushlow, Anthony Novello, Robert Collonon, Mork Powers, Fred Campbell, Leroy Somuels, Dovk Lee. (Reor) Asst. Cooch Bob Ashley, BUI Whittington, Jim Overstreet, Mark Arnold, Mike Vorno. Joe Toylor, Paul C3elly. Ken Alter BUI Coe, Dob Orlondo, Bob Fedorowicz. Poul Kimboll, John Bloom, Bob Gropmon, Heod Coach Jock Cosgrove. The Offensive line gets ready to otrock in the Thonksgiving Day gome. The Knights awesome defensive line. Lorry Smith runs the boll ogoinsf Monsfleld. John Golonls sets up for some long yordoge. 90 The Holf-Time Show Denise Pinoud Srefonie Alperr A little practice never hurt anyone! Df ILL TEAM: (Front) Noncy Roppoilo, Melisso Finn, Michelle Clem, Jennifer Eogon. (I eor) Debbie Fowler. Leslie Dino. Pom Pone Leonn Brodley, Copt. Denise Pinoud, Copr. Forlmo Gordo, Sfetonle Alperf, Julie TIbbets, Sue Cobrol. Levette Smith. A thorn between two roses. Presenting the SHS Marching Dond, Drill Teom, and Majorettes!!! 92 Di nnners Doug Meadows, Mike Small, Shone Wilbur, ond Greg Goldberg go solo. (A e Sreorns holds the cymbols in front.) MAJORETTES: (Front) Christine Tordonico, Copt. Carol Wyndhom. (Rear) Paulo Russell, Copt. Wendy Dolloff, Sue Sereno, Lynda Welch. Majorettes swing to " Mologo. Drum Major Ken Koien Wendy Dolloff September IS SHS opens, welcoming the class of ' 86 ond inrhony Sorno os octing principal , . . Norionol lubliciry spotlights Stoughton citizens ' continu- 19 fight against the Times Square Bookstore, m " oduir " estoblishment locoted in Stoughton Center. Opposing the alleged " porno shop " 05 (Sove our Stoughton) Committee holds o irge roily just doys before the Mossochusetts Timories . . . StuC sponsors o Student Leader - oculty Reception . . . former Governor ichael Dukakis beats Gov. Edward King in ' emocrottc gubernaroriol primory while John ?Qrs is winning Republican nominee . . . Drill »om holds Q dance . . , Princess Groce of onQco (former movie star Groce Kelly) dies Q cor crosh ofter suffering o stroke while driv- 19 - . NFL players stay owoy, begining the season strike in football history. what ' s next? " 93 Cooch Sruber worches his Store Tournament reom on Dob Jurgilewicz leads the Knlghirs inro rtie offensive zone, rhe orrock. 94 John Amoral ond Tom Poinren set up ro score onother oursronding gool. Chris Kugler Mike Cobb The vorsify soccer ream was, once ogoin, one of the shining stars in the 5HS orhleric pic- ture, OS it Qdvonced to the final round of the MIAA tournomenf. The Coptoins, Joe Serpo ond Steve Alfono, were leaders of o totol team effort which resulted in on 8-3-2 seoson. John Amoral compiled a 14-goal effort. Soccer should continue os Stoughton ' s top sport for several years; many on the varsity ore return- ing, and the sub-vorsiry also did well with on 6-2-1 record. Steve Alfano in defensive action for the Knights. i Chris O Conner cheers on the JV soccer team to onother victory. 95 FOOTBALL-BASKETBALL: (Front) Copt. Allison Goodman, Moscor Nicole Arnold, Paulo Klim. (Rear) Doryl Cook, Copfoin Allison Goodman Judy Doyle, Debbie Firzpotrlck, Kim Romoine, Donno McLeod, Rito Silvo, Eloine Lonzo, Jonine Finloyson, Doris Foofboll-Baskerboll Forrell, Trocey Leofhers. Sue McLellen CKEY-50CCER: (Front) Copt. Sue McLellon, Copt Morio O Connell, Copt. Angelo Morotto (I eor) Liso Lone, Donno Lynch, Kel- jeory, April Kendrigon. Julie Erickson, Lori MocDonold, Cothy McLellen, Suson Golieroni, Janet Melvin, Jessica Kerwin, Debbie listtom. Angela Morotto Mario O Connell Dunk it for two points. FoorbQll-Doskerboll Moscor Nicole Arnold 97 " ... and here ore Lynda Welch, Suson Golleroni, Forima Garcia, and Tricio Lorenz modeling rhe laresf in bunny fashion. " " Moy I escort you to the donee floor? " Dedicated juniors Robin Derggren, Sheri Arbif, Vicki Henriques, ond Donna Barlow work on rheir oword-winning hall. Halloween Donee Spirit Roily Halloween 1982 proved ro be on exciting evenr as rhe class of ' 63 held rhe second annual Halloween Donee. The donee, rhe most successful in many yeors, hosted a variety of interesting chorocrers. Students donned costumes from bunnies ro punk-rockers ro crayons. Other major foil events included student competi- tions. At rhe onnuol Thanksgiving Doy spirit roily, sophomores Toro Donnelly, president, and Kim Berts, vice-president, lost rheir oppetities after they each devoured o blueberry pie ro win the pie-eoring con- rest and earn " Bottle of the Classes " points! The rally porriciponts were also overwrought with onxiery before rhe juniors were nomed winners of rhe Spirit Hall Conresr for rhe second consecurive year. Their hall, entitled, " Knights on Broodwoy, " featured the " stars " of ' S4. Pie-eoring Chomp, Toro Donnelly, pauses for o moment offer earing her woy victory! T 98 Photography Mario O ' Connell, Prisclllo Gelgis, Noncy Sommorco Freshmen Liso Folso ond Jennifer Mororto moke decororions for their holl enrirled, " Video Gomes. " Sweet-roorhed Sophomores Jill Carlson. Je Heberling, and Kim Betts take time out to smile for th camera. very hoppy Jim Durley cuddles up with bunnies Sue Goffney, Jockle Buore, and Qurindo Do Sllvo. Kim Cosro, junior vice-president, and Poulo Niosi, president, show off their names before they ploce them on " Droodwoy! " Our fearless leoders! Freshman class advisor, MoryAnn Cosserly, tokes porticulor interest in this event os she worches her officers. Lance Levy and Pom Ponek, devour their blueberry pies. i e Bousquet takes out his " women " (Billy Welch, Bobby Folso, Joe Spencer, Jeff DiMotteo, ond obby Gropmon) for o ni ght on the town! Timmy l yon helps escort. 99 ' Golf The golf feom finished with a 6- 9-2 record, falling short of pre- season expecrorions. A midseoson slump pur rhem our of conrenrion for rhe rirle but a strong finish pro- vides hope for next year. 5H5 had o young team, built around three outstanding veterans-. Keith LoPorte, who lost only three times, Paul Meskonis, and Ed DiStefono. One bright spot for the kids who like golf is that many of the orea schools ore returning golf to their athletic programs after cut-, ting them out because of the money crunch. td DiSrefono (Front) Michael Foley, Keirh LoPorre, Ed DiStefono (Rear) Cooch Jim Devlin, Dennis Donahue, Paul Meskonis, Gerard Walsh October October finds 1200 U.S. Morines in East Beirut as o peace-keeping force in strife-torn Lebanon Notional ponic sets in os seven Chicago area people die after roking Tylenol copsules loced with cyanide . . . rhe murders spark a roge of product-tampering incidents across rhe nation . . . Paul Mosalsky ' 84 begins o morning " Sports Update " over rhe P. A . PSAT S . . . Class of ' 84 holds a suc- cessful Pizza Supper and Candy Sole . Charles Fiske oddresses the Americon Academy of Pediatrics in a plea to find o donor for his daughter Jamie suffering from bilary oltresio, o liver malfunction (Mrs. Fiske was a Stoughton teacher) . . . 36 members ore inducted into the Notional Honor Society . . . five senior girls enrer rhe Drockron oreo Jr. Miss contest, two ore named finalists . . . ' 80 Hollo- ween Dance is most successful in mony years os srudenrs don cosrumes . . Hollow ' s Eve finds local boxing sror, Marvelous Morvin Hogler vicrorious over Fulgenico Obelmejios in a 5th round TKO. 100 A riica McKinnon shows excellent form during diving c nperirion (Front) Copt Kristin Cody, Copt. Jill Kubiin, Copt. Suzanne Polozo, Lynn Young, Sheri Arbit Avivo Abelow, Koren Licciordi. Ctirls Tobin. (IXeor) Jeon Drodbury. Jotin Wirrel, Monico McKinnon, Louro Srevens, Suson Cody, Morcy Lubofstsy, Louro Cuilen, Stephonie Scheff, Soroh Brooks, Tino Golley, Wendy Holperin, Mictieile Aylword, Cooch Ctiris Drody .hstroi ers Jean Bradbury, lone 2, and Lynn Young, lone 4, prepore to stort the 2CX yd. medley reloy os their t immotes watch anxiously. Soroh Bfooks (left) owolts the storting gun. Swim Jill Kubiin Despite Q 1-11 jicord, the swim Qson was nor en- sly without merit, ur new school ■cords were toblished. John irrell ' 84 now holds records in both the :0-yd. individual medley ond the 100-yd. eoststroke. Koren Licciordi ' 85 shottered old 100-yd. butterfly record ond Monica :Kinnon ' 86 is the new one-meter diving omp. Lynn Young ' 86 ond McKinnon ere olso named to the Southern Con- rence All-Sror Team. Kristin Cody Cooch Drody confers with breoststrokers Wendy Holperin and Stevens ond Suson Cody look on. John Wirrel. Louro 101 Kim Crifo and Joe Spencer Donna DiMotfeo and Bill Mace Priscillo Geigis and Mike Jone Harrington and Mork Angela Mororto and Mike Undo Dousquer Levine SKETTI SUPPER HOMECOMING Saturday, November 6, 1982 HOMECOMING COURT Kim Crifo Queen Donno DiMotteo Priscillo Geigis Jone Horringfon Angela Morono Crowning Donno DiMotteo is lost yeor ' s queen Morio Songiolo. 103 NOVEMBER Yeor-old Jomie Flskes successful liver tronsploni leodllnes much of the news in November Donno DlMorteo is crowned Homecoming Queen . SAT s Senior Sketfi Supper . Anthony Sorno is nomed principol of SH5 Senior girls from Canton ond Stoughton bottle in the Powderpuff Foorboll Gome Vieinom Veterons Memoriol is unveiled in Woshlngion, D C on Veterons Doy . , NFL ployers end S -weeh strike ... JV field hockey goes undefeated into lost gome and varsity soccer mokes it into tournoment for 4th straight yeor . . . Gov. Mil Dukokis, the " Dottle Dill, " ond the Deoth Pen QiTKjng major election winners . . . Notionolly. Republicons kept control of the Senote and lost no more House seats than expected but tKeogon ' s " stoy the course " messoge is challenged as Democrats goin more positions . . . " Dottle of the Classes " points ore picked up os Juniors win Spirit Hall Contest, Sophomores win Pie-£oting Contest, ond Freshmen show most spirit oi o Majorette Donee . . Soviet leoder Leonid Dreshnev dies ond Yuri Andropov, former KGD head. Is nomed his successor . . Sugar Roy Leonord retires os world welterweight chomp boxing Knights break o 7-yeor losing streak by beoting Conton 7-6 on Turkey Doy os the home They ' re off! A young group of horriers go hill ond dole QS fhey seek onofher win in o gocxj season. (Front) CoQch John Hurley, John Veliotis. John Murray, Copt. David Jordan, Stuort Turok, Poul Dunson, Paul Mosolsky (2nd) Arthur Derg, Poul Medeiros. Mitch Dmohowski, Chris Veliotis, Joe Mosolsky, Cooch Lynn Dochmon. (Reor) David Soores, Dob Silversfein, Eric Soperstein. 1 3 JOHN MURRAY CROSS COUNTRY The leadership of Copr. Dove Jordan, coupled with the surprising development of two young run- ners, Paul Medeiros and Eric Soperstein, vaulted the cross- country teom to o third place finish with a 5-3 record. The harriers roared to a 5-1 start, but fell bock In league standings with two heartbreaking losses. In a crucial meet ogoinst North Attleboro for first place, the Knights lost by a mere three points. Paul Bunson and John Veliotis rounded out the top five; Stu Turok and Mitch Dmohowski also performed well. DAVID JORDAN STUART TUROK 104 Vorsity field hockey ' s disappoint- ing 0-11-1 record is deceiving becouse the girls were never reolly defeated bodly. The team dominated most of its gomes, only to be beaten by gools scored in the late going in near- ly every contest. Despite inex- perience on the teom (8 of the 11 storters were either freshmen or sophomores) the team managed to spring on upset by beating King Philip and just lost to league-leading Mansfield 1-0. Top scorer on the team was freshman Sheilo Jockman. Co- coptoins Debbie Swortz and Potty Quatrucci were spirited ream leaders. The sub-varsity lost only one gome all yeor. M RSfFY: (Front) Cooch Don Mark, Marie Pellegrino, Linda Pellegrino, Capr. Debbie Swarrz, Capr. Parry Quorrruc- 5onna Berry, Stephanie Ostis. (2nd) Michelle Davis, Lisa Aguiar, Tina Doucette, Sheila Jackman, Kothy McDon- I (Rear) Diane Blomstrom, Patty McGowen, Maura lector, Robin Dray, Jeanne Teed 105 Look out Conron, here come rhe powder puffs of 1983. Well girls, whor ' s next? Ooys will be boys (with o few exceptions). Led by coach Paul Freeman, Sroughron High ' s Senior Class was well represented os " our girls " played Canton ' s senior girls in the semi-annual powderpuff football gome. Karen O ' Neill was in the driver ' s seat for Soughton, and played a fine gome as quarterback. Stephanie Ciulla also had a great gome, both on defense ond on offensive. Yet, even with mony Canton turnovers, including a Kris Cody interception, the Knights were unable to put points on the board as they were defeated 6-0 in o rough, brurol battle. Despite rhe loss, it was a day of ex- citement ond entertainment for all, and a great money-maker for rhe doss of 1980, which profited over $500 from the gome. (Phorogrophy Ann Petlegrino) A discussion of sfroregy for a plon of ocrion. Fiddler on the Roof, starring Jim Day (Tevye) and Cheryl Klim (Golde) was o greor success of SHS The ocring and scenery were both superb adaptations of the long running Droodway musicol. The well-organized musical numbers included " Matchmaker, Matchmoker, " " If I Were a Rich Man, " and " Sunrise, Sunset. " Mrs. Linda Dolan both choreogrophed and directed the entire show, aided by student director Jessica Kerwin, chorol advisor Moryls Aiken, Clifford Compbell, ond Robert Dolan. The cost included Jim Day, Cheryl Klim, Anne Croft, Joyce Stephonsky, Sue DiGlom- pietro, Pio Lolli, Diane Walsh, Allison Good- man, Jim Mootos, Mark Reppucci, John Homer, Gus Componorio, Herb Stickler, Ronnie DeSilvQ, Richard Waddleton, Peter Goy, Tricio Olson, llene Springer, Paul Egersheim, Louro Sweeney, Dan Rudin, Dill Mootos, Christine Kelleher, Klrstin Egersheim, Donna DiMorteo, Sue Gaffney, Ken Goldberg, Kathy Kime, Morio Martins, Morio Pinto, Cheryl Piselli, Christine Ronsom, Tino Scioletti, Barbara Timil- ty, Don Aronson, Paul Mosolsky, Mitch Dmohowski, Jim MocPhoil, John Loughnone, Paul Dochont, and Tom Day. Loura Sweeney os the fiddler Motel (Jim Mootos) and Tzeltel (Anne Croft) pledg their love. Dan Rudin mokes up John Loughnone, Mario Pinto and Mark ReppuccI look on. Sisters Chovo (Sue DlGlompletro), Model (Joyce Stephonsky), and Tzelrel sing " Mo chmoker, Motchmoker. " Fiddler cost sings " Trodltlon. " John Homer checks for his nome In the progrom. 110 )lde arranges marches for her doughrers wirh Women villogers sing " Trodirion. " nre, the Mofchmoker (Allison Goodman). Paul Mosolsky gives Billy Mooros the " Moke up Report. " Lozor Wolf (John Homer) asks to marry Tevye s doughrer while Mordechoi (Gus Componorio) tends bar. 111 Copr. Dovid Jordan Darin Jordon John Golonis Jim Durley Lorry Smifh Jeff Peterson Lorry Poinfen VARSITY: (Front) Lorry Pointen, John Golonis, Lorry Smifh, Dovid Jordon, Dorin Jordon, Jim Durley. Jeff Peterson, (Rear): Cooch John Douglas, Peter Fredericksen, Roy Frolin, Eddie Stofklewiez, Jimmy Oversfreet, Mork Arnold, Steven Teplitz, Gerard Walsh, Mitch Dmohowski. Boys Basketball Jimmy Overstreet opponents. shoots over Oliver Ames ' Finishing second in on extreme- ly close league race, the Knighfs drew Newton Soufh in the open- ing round ond lost to o team which finally won the tournament. The team suffered some close losses at the beginning, forcing rhem to ploy catch-up for the re- mainder of the year. All-stars Lorry Smith and Jim Overstreet did the majority of the clutch scoring, but most victories were the results of o total team effort, a team talented ond rich at nearly every position ond boosting deep bench strength. Copt. Dove Jordan teamed with John Golonis and Steve Teplitz for strong boll hondl- ing; Darin Jordan and Jeff Peterson controlled the rebounding. Dorin Jordon ond Jim Overstreet watch for the bo Lorry Smith displays his hook shot David Jordon aims for the hoop. CoQCh Douglos gives some rips ro rhe ream. (li-VARSITY: (Fronr) Cooch Chucl Vuyrowecz, Perer Dies, Jeff Sworrz, Dovid Slieelion, Tom Ducey, Gory ' unger. (2nd) Jim Doushell, Cliorles Conri, Dennis Keen, Mike McCobe, Kevin Hording, Joey Borbozo, Croig Uni. ' or): Todd Levine, Mike Wiseman, Joy Tisdole. Dorin Jordon helps Sroughron beor Oliver Ames or home. j5G% ff 4 ftr fj ' i Co-Copr. Parry Quoitrucci Co-Copt. Cheryl Klim Srephonie Ciullo VARSITY: (Front) Anne Pellegrino, Koren O ' Neil, Potty Quottrucci, Ctieryl Klim, Stephanie Ciullo. (Rear) Coach Worner Ducklin, Sheri Rosenthal, Down Young, Dionne DIomstrom, Lindo Pellegrino, Sue DIomstrom. Koren O ' Neil Lindo Pellegrino gers ser to pass. Girls Basketball In Q rousing finish, the girls varsity bosketboll team won its lost two gomes ond climbed from lost into sixth place. After winning three of four gomes at the holfwoy mark, the girls slumped, losing eight straight, but hod the class to regroup ond end strong. Cheryl Klim was Stoughton ' s most consistent scorer and rebounder. Stephonie Ciullo and Sue DIomstrom performed well, aided by Ann Pellegrino ond Koren O ' Neill. Sheri Rosenthal and Lindo Pellegrino added strength at guard. A crop of young talent from the sub-varsity add- ed to next year ' s returnees will aid Coach Warner Bucklin improve the record of his team; he won ' t hove to im- prove the hustle and pride which ore olreody there. SUD-VARSITY: (Front) Cooch Pot LoClvito, Toro Donnelly. Potty McGowon. Jennifer Moreno 2nd) Nicole Murph Pom Dowd, Amy Cotter. (Reor) Sheila Jockmon. Marie Pellegrino, Mouro lector. Suson McNomoro 114 VAKSITY: (Front) Dove Srephonsky, More Gerome, Len Inrrovesoto, Woyne Aronson, Croig LoPorte, John Murray, Jim McKelligon, Rich Droy, (Reor) Asst. Cooch Al Prisco, John Doherry, R« Collohon, Rick Srone, Scotr McKenzie, Tim Bishop, John Dowgos. (Reor) Mike Dousquet, Rich Undo, Tony Novello, Chris O ' Connor, Rick Hern, Assr Cooch Don Mork, Cooch Roy O Molley SUD-VAR5ITY: (Front) Steve Murray, John Tommoro, Clem Leory, Paul McGovern, Shoun Dwon, Rick Smith, Pot Mines, Mike Vornc. (Rear) Asst. Cooch Al Prisco, Croig Spurr, Scotr Powers, Tom Peno, Steve Burns, Mortin Wynd- hom. Bob Constontine, Paul Burns, Billy Stotkiewicz, John Howe, Cooch Don Mark. Rick Stone carries the puck i nto the offensive zone Rich Droy and John Murray set up for o powerploy ogoinst O A. 116 Mike Dousquet breoks through O A. defenders as Len Inrrovesoto, Rick Stone, ond McKenzie look on. John Murray Rich Droy Mike Dousquer Len Inrrovesoro I ich Undo John Dowgos Dove Weel s In Memoricm hn DoherTy fires o blast from the blue line while John Murray and Rich Droy lead the Block Knighr of- otT Mackenzie sets up for o possible rebound. fense ogoinst rivol O.A. Hockey ||[ This year, the 5HS varsity hockey teom hod o rough and very com- petitive season. They placed third in the league, right behind super- powers Canton and Fronklin (which eventually won Div. II state honors). The offense was mostly run by three seniors, John Murray, Richard Droy and Mike Dousquet, oil third year veterans. The trio totolled 83 points, each getting over 25. The defense was ruled by underclossmen Scott McKenzie, John Douthy, Tim Bishop, and Tony Novello. These four ployers will be the backbone for next year ' s team. The goal tending wos split be- tween senior Wayne Aronson and Craig LoPorte, each of whom come through, playing under the added burden of replacing veteran gooltender Dove Weeks, who, sadly, was killed in on accident just prior to the start of the season. The varsity hockey ream dedicated the 1932-63 season to the memory of David Weeks. They didn ' t win the league title for Dove, but they tried and worked hard to the best of their talent, never quit- ting, in the same manner as he would have done. John Dowgos ond Dove Srephonsky on rhe orrock. THE SENIOR BLACK KNIGHTS: (Front) Jim McKeliigon, Rich Droy, Wayne Aronson. John Murray, Len Introvesoto. (Reor) Coach Roy O Molley, John Dowgos, Rich Un- do, Dove Stephonsky. SENIOR MEMBERS OF THE BAND: (Front); Russ Goldstein, Sue Kennedy, Priscillc Geigis, Jim Day. (Rear) Steve Feldmen, Steve Kordon, Dove Hirstiorn, Ken Kolen, John Loughnone, Rich Droy, Fred Minsker, Mark Reppucci. Mike Small and Shone Wilbur. 118 Stoughron High School Concert Bond (directed by Mr. Ron Christiansen) AZZ BAND (Front); Dove Hirshorn, Stocey Blocker, Jeff Cohen, Priscillo Geigis, Jim Day, Louro Sweeney, Ken olen, Debbie Mythen, Mark Reppucci, (Rear): Paul Mosolsky, Greg Goldberg, Poul Russell, Paul Coughlin, John Vox, John Homer, John Loughnone, Mork Nopierkowski, Tony DiLorenzo, Jon Kravitz, Mike Butler, Scott ' iev mon. Ken Kolen leads the bond onto the field 119 !UD- VARSITY: (Front) Coach Kevin Henley, Keith Mason, Steven Levine, Jeff Thompson, Dob Murphy, Mork v ' heeler, Mike McNomaro. (2nd) Mork Wingrove, Nell Goldstein, Tom Molloy, Ricky Alterio, Robert Levine, Chris luffing. Matt Riddel. (Reor) Mark McGinnis, Neol Doker, Greg Muldoon, Brian Melvin. Wrestling Compering ogoinsr o rough Divi- sion i schedule, rhe wresriers ended vy irh on impressive 8-7-1 record. Season highlighrs included rriumphs over highly-ranked Newron Norrh, Corhoiic Memorial, Xoverion, and Duxbury. Top gropplers were Chris Chamberlain, 2nd in rhe CM rourney; and Ed Daly, winner (147-lb.) in rhe CM meer. Winning records were posred by Copr. Kevin Mason, Jeff DiMorreo, Neil Baker, John Corberr, Bill Mace and Kevin ftiddel. I John Fichero wrestles his Cofhoiic Memoriol opponent. A close pin fi Billy Moce John Corbett Chris Kelleher Gus Componorio Jessica Kerwin John Beofon Allison Goodmor Stoughron High Chapter, National Thesplon Society PriscillQ Gelgis A little more blush, maybe ' i , and you did what? " THESPIAN OFFICERS: Jessica Kerwin, president; Dilly Mooros. vice-president Allison Goodmon, secrerary: Klim, treasurer, John Homer, sergeonr-ot-orms. 122 Twenty-Fifth Annual Science Fair iry Thompson ' 84 takes five ro explain his scientific theories on " Grapefruit — An Priscillo Geigis presents award to Mork Schneidermon Mr John, Mr. Paul Monti, and ective Energy Source. " Mr. Chester Peirce look on. 123 Tom Donnelly speaks during the Dec. SADD assembly. SADD COMMITTEE (Eront) Mr Kevin McCormick. Liso Molis, Riso Goldmon John Deoton (2nd) PrisoTIo Geigis Chrisrin Kelleher, Jennifer Griffin, Emily Morris C3rd) Kim Collohon Debbie Corter Corolyn Donofiue. Ann Pellegrino (Rear) Kii Berts Kristin Codv 1 2W Morjo-Liiso Alonko and Enrico Sonchez converse during SHIC s posfry parry. SHIC members enjoy the pastry punch, end company. 124 ( MMODORE COMPUTER CLUD: (Front) Eric Kramer, Mike Lennon, l obert Francis, Brian Rerrman. (2nd) Chandra ( poi, Sreve Ucl erman, James Dahr, Ken Bradley. (Rear) Mr. Jomes Boushell, David Sapersrein, Kim Callahan. Mike Lennon; president Robert Francis; vice- CCC president CCC SHIC member Tony Sllvo INTERNATIONAL CLUD: (Front) Sue Sereno, Ms. Lindo Glover, Chris Von Height, Valerie Ward. (2nd) Levette Smith, Suson Kordon, Kim Collohon, Kim Betts. (3rd) Amos Fernondes, Debbie Winn, Doreen MocNeil, Lindo Bockner. (4th) Mork Tarbox, Elaine Norden, Cormelo Voliente, Don Remmes, Joe Bottles, Ken Bradley, Steve Kordon. 125 Judy Thomas, vice president NHS, and Carmelo Voliente, president NHS. DECA: (Front) Mr. Richord Novak, Holly Oerz, Lori Allen, Drendo Sollerr (2nd) Morron Oortiemeo, Cheryl Kinon, Keri Dogohsio Louro D ' Alessondro. (3rd) Liso Snyder, Woyne Schrottmon, Fron Homil, Teri Hendry. (Reor) Noncy McNought, Suson Sorrenti. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: (Front) Cormelo Voliente. Judy Thomos, John Loughnone, Angela Marotta (2nd) Mike Lennon, Koren O ' Neill, Allison Goodmon, Emily Morris, Mr. Michoel Nossise. (3rd) Donno Derry. Noncy Sommarco. Nancy Orlondo. Joe Zucco, Jone Horrington, Christine Whlffen. (Reor): Jim Durley, Jim Boudreou, Poul Meskonis, Steve Kordon, Ken Kolen, Dove Fogorty. John Loughnone, treasurer NHS. Angelo Morotto, secretary NHS. 126 NHS; (Front) Wendy Dolloff, PquIq Werkovi ski (2nd) Ann Pellegrino, Srephen Alfono, Drion Dettencourt Kir Collohon, Kristin Cody, Priscillo Geigis. (3rd) Chris Von Holghr, Mary Hort, Sharon Currie, Jennifer Griffin, Lorroih ' Cowgill, Poul Guiney, Eloine Norden GYMNASTICS Jodi Rosemon was rhe only senior on Q small (in numbers) gymnastics ream which performed in relative obscurity. After a couple of years in which it op- peored that gymnastics was growing in quantity and quality, the team " slipped bock " to o disappointing 0-9 season. The future con only be " up, " that is, if the girls really want the sport enough to demand improvements. Jodi Rosemon (Front) Jodi Rosemon, Lori Mougholion, Liso Dousquer, Diane Welsh, Fran Cosrelio. (Rear) Jonet Melvin, Madeline Moce, Laura Loring, Kim Romoine, Suson Cody. februaryU Berlin Air Lift, local rock n ' roll ! bond, begon fhe month with o con- cert sponsored by girls basketball ' ond SADD . . . throughout the notion independent truckers begin a strike to protest their high toxes; the strike ended two weeks later . . . Voten- ! tine ' s Day brought the onnuol NHS [Flower sole as the StuC distributed " Your 10 Most Compatible " lists . . . " My Funny Valentine " o seml-formol [dance scheduled to replace the cancelled Winter Dance wos also cancelled . . . the senior, junior, and I sophomore ski trips ore oil cancelled M A S H goes off the air after 11 years. I so Kelley helps tog candy cones for the Class of 83 ' s ondy Cane doy. Joe Zucco hits the slopes. ' Mr. Sorno, who ore you roking to the prom? " A work of art by John Woshok. Face off ot center ice. Sue DIomstrom shoots for two. 129 STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD: (Front) Poul Mosolsky, ' 84 rep ; Chrissy Kelleher, reglonol rep : Todd Levine, ' 66 rep, (Reor) Priscillo Geigis, Choirperson-or-lorge; Paulo Klim ' 85 rep ; Terry Thompson, 83 rep (Nor Present) Caroline White, regionol rep. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: (Front) Priscillo Geigis, president; Chrissy Kelleher. vie president; Debbie Svj ortz, treosurer. (IXeor) Mr, Donold Edmonsron, advisor; Trie ' Sweeney, recording secretory; Allison Dorry, corresponding secretory STUDENT COUNCIL: (Front) Priscillo Geigis, Chrissy Kelleher, Debbie Sworrz, Allison Dorry (2nd) Mr Donold Edmonston. Tricio Sweeney, Allison Goodmon, Jodi Rosemon, Mark Reppucci, Drion Dertencourt (3rd) Tricio Durke, Volerie Word, Poulo Klim, Poul Gelly, Kofhy Kelleher, Potrice Dotchelor, Joyce Srephonsky; Cloudio Dorry (Reor) Morio O Connell, Morie Dmohowski Tricio Lorenz, Kothy Stephonsky. Terry Thompson, Poul Mosolsky, Christine D oker, Druce Greenberg The sTudenrs of Sroughron High poy Tribute ro our dedicored foculry odvisors. School means more ro us because rhey core. Thank you . . . Moryonn Cosserly Linda Dolan Leonard Cidodo Theo Kouffman Donald Edmonsron Kevin McCormic Ellen Griffin Michael Nossise Maureen Herroro Sumner Tapper Poulo Niosl ' 84 President Kim Cosfo ' 64 Vice-President Liso Piselli ' 84 Secretory Joonne Morden ' 84 Treosurer 130 CLASS OF ' 84 EXECUTIVE BOARD: (Front) Joonne Morden, Poulo Niosi, Mrs Ellen Gnffin. Kim Cosro, Liso Pisell (2nd) Nancy Ropollo, Trocey Leothers, Fatimo Gorcio, Kothy Stephonsky (Ord) Holly Mortin, Jennifer LitwocF Lu-onne Smith, Suzonne Cobrol (4th) Louren Doushell, Vickie Hendriques. Tricio Lorenz, Sue Golleroni (Reor David Gropmon, Dennis Donoghue, Dovid Cohen SS OF ' 85 EXECUTIVE BOARD: (Front) Janet Melvin, Toro Donnelly, Kim Berts, Jeffrey Sworrz (2nd) Poulo Kllm, json Kordon, Richord Bernstein, Ms. Maureen Herrero. (3rd) Cor! Gilmon, Morgorldo Serpo, Liso Woolf, Mary l j Qens Jeffrey Sworfz nredos, Valerie Word, Tricio Burke. (4th) Cheryl PIselli, Kim Romoin, Liso Bousquet, Nicole Murphy. ' 85 secretory ' 85 treasurer Ms. Maureen Herrero Mrs. MoryAnn Cosserly Anthony Sorno watches Debbie Borboto hand Mrs. Sorno o cup of punch at the reception honoring his new ' 85 Advisor ' 86 Advisor oppointment os principal. The reception was sponsored by the Student Council ond the four dosses. :i-AS5 OF ' 86 EXECUTIVE BOARD: (Front) Pom Ponek, Lance Levy, Wllliom Deloney, Mrs. MoryAnn Cosserly. Pom Ponek 2nd) Koren Porvey, Christine Desmond, Roche! Kell, Kothy Kelleher. (3rd) Ronnie DlMotteo, Patrice Borchelor, ' 86 Secretary iso Folso, Todd Levine. (4th) Susan Nesto, Laura Stevens, Claudia Barry, Christine Baker, Allison Freeman. 131 SPECIAL ATTPACTICNS Students Against Driving Druni ' i (5ADD) held on informorionQl assembly for srudenrs in Dec. Guesr speokers included Robert Anosros, rhe orginoror of SADD, end Aldo Lonnbordi, Conton High ' s 5ADD advisor. " Foods to Go " was one of 1983 s new programs. Mrs. Ellen Grif- fin (Home-Ec) supervised students os they prepared food for sole. Specials of rhe week included cranberry relish, homemade pizza, and a variety of cookies Anttiony Sorno was named SHS ' s 01st principal in Nov. 1982. To congratulate him, rhe Student Council, in conjunction with the four class executive boards, held a reception. Students, faculty, and parents formolly welcomed Sorno to his new position. Srudenrs listen corefully to good advice: " Don r Drive Drunk. " r- , n u . Noncy Cook Speaks about SADD fronn 0 Student s , ,c,,c ■ CA r Guest speaker Robert Anostos. Kevin McCormick (SH5 advisor) explains SADD. perspective Michelle LoFronce prepores the pie crust. 140 Janet Melvin, Debbie Swartz, and Dione Climo con cronberry relish. Diane Climo prepares the ingredients. Robin Duponr, Mary Guthrie, ond Jimmy Corey watch Mrs. Griffin ' s expertise. SARNO RECEPTION COMMITTEE: Mrs. Moryonn Cosseriy, Mrs. Ellen Griffin, Debbie Dorboro, Chris Doker, Claudia Dorry, Allison Freemon, Christine Kelleher, Debbie Swortz, Allison Barry, Kim Cosfo, Poulo Niosi, Jone Horrington, Mr. Donald Edmonsron, Tom Donnelly, Priscillo Geigis, Ms. Moureen Herroro. 141 Kristin Cody Ediror-in-Chief Michoel Small Business Manager Trodirions ore the cornerstone of our society They bring people togettier and creore longlosnng memories. Yeorbooks ore sucti o rrodifion ond the people who work on them ore well owore of their value As editor-in-chief, I hove been honored to become port of this long-stonding rrodifion and I hove worked to moke if the best it could possibly be Duf I om not solely responsible for this book There were many people who helped with oil aspects of our production and there ore o few who especially deserve credit for their dedication and hord work • Allison Dorry who worked persistently to lay ouf, coordinate, and arrange our senior section • Jo Ann Dovis who served os o lioison between our stoff ond the word processing dosses who quickly ond occurofe- ly typed our materials for production Word Processing olso mode if possible for us to keep frock of oil write-ups which eosed fhof usuolly complicated process • Finally, my most voluoble asset, Michoel Small Michoel not only sold ods, books, and kept the business end of the book under control, but he olso helped with design and layout when he was most needed Mike is olso responsible, olong with the odverrising sfoff, for selling 34 poges of ods lo provide us with the funds for on oddifionol 16 poges for our book This is the lorgest Stotonion since 1973 Another man who deserves thanks for his help on the book is Mr Sumner Topper Mr Tapper wos both o friend and on advisor to me during the most hectic doys of production He gove me support ond guidonce when I most needed it ond the entire staff appreciated his encouragement and humor I am proud of these people ond the entire Stotonion stoff ond I am even more proud of rhe yeorbook we creoted together, Kristin Cody EdItor-in-Chlef Lost September I wos reluctoni ro occept the oppoinrmenr os business manager of rhe 1983 Stotonion This yeor ' s business staff wos one of the smallest in Stotonion history, ond I wondered how 15 people were going ro occomplish rhe work usuolly rockled by 25 or more Well not only did oil of rhe necessory work ger done, bur rhe mojority of it was ac- complished by a group of nine oursronding individuols Mony thonks to Debbie Carter for her superior sales work, Fred Minsker for his help i selling odverrisemenrs over rhe summer Dob Francis ond Jone Fidler for rheir tedious ond never-ending secreroriol ossistonce JoAnn Davis for single-handedly keeping trcK ' of rhe word processing moteriols Riso Morcus ond Sheilo Keen for orgonizing ond run ing rhe financial end of rhe book, and of course John Deoron for his ever-populor on unfortunorely doily, yeorbook onnouncemenrs There is one individuol whom I hove nor yet mentioned Without the help of th one person, the business sroff surely would nor hove become os srrong, oaive and sue cessful Sophomore Joe Worers has done more work on ond for the 1963 yeorboo sroff rhon mosr of rhe senior sroff members combined Speciol rhonki should go ro him We ve done whot I knew we could do thor is ro publish not only the biggest but one of the best yeorbooks in Stotonion history This olone is due to the hord work am endless dedicorion of Kristin Cody our editor ond Mr Tapper our odvisor I know they would oppreciote your commenrs regording rhis book so pleose feel free to express any you may hove Michael Small Business Manoger 142 Allison Barry Production Coordinator Jo Ann Davis Processing Coordinator Morie Dmohowski Write-up Coordinator Nancy Sommorco Photogrophy Coordinator rMMIiJIliLI Sheilo Keen Soles Control Debbie Carter Soles Mgr. Jone FIdler Poge Editor Wendy Dolloff Page Editor I III Poulo Werkowski Poge Editor Kim Crifo Senior Lioison ADVERTISING: (Front) Michoel Smoll, Fred Minsker. (2nd) Wendy Dolloff, Poulo Werkowski. Jone Fidler, Kim Cnto Noncy Sommorco. (Reor) limmv Mooto ; Steven Levine. Irene St Pierre, Tony Silvo, John Deoton, Donno DiMotteo SALES (Front) Michoei Smoll, Debbie Carter (2nd) Jone Fidler, Wendy Dolloff, Noncy Sommorco, Poulo Werkowski. Steve Levine. John Deoron (Ord) Doryl Norris. Morie Dmohowski. Corolyn Donoghue. Corolyn White, Koren Doherty, Koren Froncioso, Liso Snyder, Dione Mills Kim Lomplough (Reor) Angelo Mor- rotto, Priscillo Geigis, Ann Pellegrino, Emily Morns, Denise Pinoud, Allison Goodmon, Donno DiMotteo, (Xobyn Greenberg PRODUCTION: (Front) Allison Borry, Noncy Sommorco (2nd) Sheilo Keen, Morie Dmohowski, Cheryl Klim, Donno DiMotteo, Dill Moce Jessico Kerwin. (Rear) Michael Small, Joe Waters, Eric Snyder, Jim Mootos, Allison Goodmon Jim McPhoil News Review Tony SilvQ Senior Divider Donno Torres Page Ediror SENIOR SECTION: (Front) Sheila Keen, Allison Oorry. (Rear) Kinn Crifo, Morie Dmohowski, Tony Sllvo, Wendy Dolloff, Poulo Werkowski, Jone Fidler. Riso Marcus Bookkeeping Richard Dray Sports Editor DESIGN AND LAYOUT: (Front) Kristin Cody, Wendy Dolloff. (2nd) Kim Crifo, Jone Fidler, Poulo Werkowski, Money Sommorco, Donno Tor- res. (Rear) Allison Dorry, Richord Droy, Ann Pellegrino, Debbie Carter, Sheilo Keen. Michael Small. Cheryl Klim, Priscilla Geigis. Fred Minsker Advertising Billy Mootos David Cobb Norionol Nominees NCTE Writing Comperirion INTRAMURAL WRITING COMPETITION FINALISTS: (Front) Ronny DoSllvQ, Lisa Molls. (Reor) Richard Pinkofsky, Russell Srevens, Lorry Yormoloff . V If? Poul Mosolsky KNIGHT WRITERS; (Front) Mike Small, Kristin Cody. (2nd) John Deoton, Priscilla Geigis, Lorry Yormoloff, Richord Droy, Irene St. Pierre; (3rd) Don Aronson, Mitch Dmohowski, Poul Mosolsky, Joe Woters, Joonne McAfee, Rachel Kell, Richard Wod- dleton, Poulo Werkowski; (Rear) Eloine Norden, Joy Seliber, Eric Dromer, Ed Wolf, Maurice Leger. MAINSTREAMS READING BOARD; (Front) Elaine Norden, Kristin Cody. (2nd) Richord Woddleton, Eric Kromer, Dovid Sopersrein. (Reor) Mitch Dmohowski, Tricio Sweeney, Joe Woters Produaion Knight Editorial Board Also; Poul Mosolsky, Sports Editor Croig Spurr News Editor Michoel Smoll Columnist Mitch Dmohowski Staff Artist v. John Deoton Staff Critic 145 9EEING DOUBLE The Pulifis Lisa Sandra The Garcias Dorri Diane ' ' None So Hoppy As We Two " The Gallants Mary Porry THE FRANCIOSOS PouIq Porri Pom The Lynches Donna Debbie 4 The Jordons David Dorin FRAMINGHAM STATE HISTORICAL CONFERENCE; (Front) Crolg Spurr, Daniel Aronson. (2nd) Joseph Bottles, Jon Krovetz, Michoel Outlet. Otd) Don Remmes, Keith Jennings, Russell Stevens, Mofk Getchell (4th) Dill Mootos, Dovid Cobb, Poul Dunson, John Petri. (Reot) Mr. (jory Hylonder Chris Von Hoight; Notionol Poul Meskonis, Notionol Merit Cormmendotion rir Commendation Eloine Norden; Notionol Merit Semi-Finolisf Steven Kordon, Notional Merit Commendation FRAMINGHAM CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS (Front) Men Bowmon. Robin Dotierty. Ronnie DeSllvo Sue Germoine (2nd) Ondy Dtngomon. Sharo Nestor. Down Atiern. Corol Zelbow, Wendy Holperln, Steven Teplltz (3rd) Jeff DiMorteo. Jotin Burtxi Jennifer LIrwoch. LuAnne Smith. Suson (jdlerooi (4iti) Uso Piselli, Forlmo Gordo, Corol Wyndtionn. LIndo Welch. Tricio Sweeney (Reor) Mr Jomes Gormley. Miss Judith Homllton Kenneth Kolen; Notionol Merit Commendation James Boudreou, Notion- al Merit Commendotion Priscillo Geigis, 1st pioce vfw speech Contest. DAR Good Cin An hio Aword John Loughnone, 2nd piece VFW Speech Contest Sheilo Keen, Contest Jr. Miss Donna DlMorreo; 1s Runner-up Jr. Mis; Contest (Not Present) Lourer Wisemon, 3rd Runner-uf, Jr. Miss Contest | Cheryl Klim: Jr. Mis Contest Priscillo Geigis, Kristin Cody, Elaine Associate membets Woman ' s Club 148 Norden; Jr. Angela Morotto: 3rd place VFW Speech Contest Stephen Alfono, Speech Contest VFW Donna McLeod; Boston Globe Art Assoc. Award winner BLACK KNIGHT CAFE For years, society refused ro help much of its younger populotion, becouse in some woys they were " exceptional. " Fortunotely, recognition thot they could fulfill active roles has finally come, first in Massachusetts and then in the nation At Stoughton, we ore lucky to hove on octive, well-rounded special educotion progrom. This post year, the program was expanded. The Block Knight Cofe, operating on o bi- weekly basis, served hearty lunches to members of the faculty. The young students did such o good job in running the cafe thot Boston ' s Channel 7 thought if worthy to give them a feature over television. The vocational program, which supplements the academic curriculum, has been expended so t hat on the two weeks the students ore not receiving food preporotion training they ore being tought building mointenonce skills. In all progroms, they ore learning skills that will prepare them for possible future occupo- tions ond to assist them in functionol living skills The friendly response of both teachers and fellow students has been tremendous in enhancing their self-esteem. Mrs. Jean Mogner somples one of the more popular items on the menu 1? Scott Long hands Mr. Gormley his change as Mrs. O ' Connor looks on. Mrs. Noncy O ' Connor, Mrs. Joanne Gront, Mrs. Dorothy MoeQuown, Wendy Callohon, Deonna Thompson, Danny Poukner, Rick Molo, Scott Long, Kevin Forrell. 149 151 The Pursuit of CoSh Most of the srudenr body or 5HS pursued port-rime jobs this yeor. For most, they were necessary to enjoy o few of the com- forts that high school students hove become accustomed to. Some worked small ten-hour weeks with enough spend- ing money to get by, while others labored through tedious 30-hour weeks to save for things such os college, the future, o cor, clothing, ond, of course, their social life. Some obtained jobs for the experience; others tockled the things that they knew best. Working for the high school stu- dent hos become a regular activity. The minimum wage, which most students earned, was still $3.35 per hour despite rising demands by politicians for o lower teenoge minimum wage. ON THE JOB: Page 154: 1 Sheila Keen bogs groceries at Shaw ' s. 2 Koren Stewart works in the office ot Solo Slide. 3 Serving customers at Hoffman ' s ore Penny Sowyer and Poulo Werkowski. 4 Jim Longille serves the fries woy you you like them ot Wendy ' s. Page 155: 1 Morio O ' Connell develops pictures ot Photo Quick. 2 " Fast, friendly service with a smile " from Potty Quottrucci and Terry Thompson ot McDonald ' s. 3 Mory Hort works in the Courtesy Booth or Poperomo. 4 Robyn Greenberg ot Ser- vice Merchandise. 5 Busy ot the Com- puter Skills Center is John Loughnone. 6 Al Tector counts zippers ot Solo Slide. 7 Torsten Guttenberg mokes rolls in the bock of Ruth ' s Boke Shop. 154 155 156 Congratulations Class of 1983 ROWLANDS TV 10 Wyman Street Stoughton, MA 344-3285 Best of Luck Seniors DR. BURTON GERSON Optometrist Eye Glasses — Contacts Eye Examinations by Appointment 84 Peari Street Stoughton, MA 344-4582 Greetings to the Class of 1983 and Best of Luck From ARNOLD MUSIC 67 Tosca Drive Stoughton, MA in the industriai Park 344-0101 You have our best wishes! Congratuiations Seniors From WILLY ' S PLACE 50 Rose Street Stoughton, MA (Behind the Police Station) Specializing in Tune-Ups, Exhausts and Brakes Good Luck Seniors From We Carry Fine Jewelry — Crystal — China and Gifts for All Occasions Park Plaza Stoughton, MA 588-8323 Compliments of the People at GAY THE FLORIST 399 Pleasant Street Stoughton, MA 344-2812 Good Luck SeniorsI Congratulations From CANTON TIRE SERVICE Front-End and Brake Specialists for Passenger — Truck — Farm — Industrial 898 Turnpike Street Canton, MA 02021 Mel and Paul Kaner 828-6198 9 SPRINGFIELD RAYMOND A. BUOTE Carpet, Linoleum and Tile Work For Free Estimates Call 344-4625 JVIR ' ffiM ' Ipl SYSTEMS, INC. CORPORATION P O Box 686 • 365 Central Street • Stoughlon. Mass 02072 Best Wishes and Our Compliments to the Graduating Class of 1983 From The A. A. WILL CORPORATION Best Wishes From the STOUGHTON BIKE CENTER 742 Washington St. Stoughton, MA 344-6860 Sales and Service on All Makes Congratulations! From SOUTH SHORE ELECTRONICS 732 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-0557 Sales, Service and Installation UNIRQYAL Congratulations From Ken and Howard at: BARMAN TIRE AND AUTO REPAIR 550 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-8000 Complete Car Care on Most Major Brands THE MALCOLM PARSONS INSURANCE AGENCY Located at 6 Freeman Street Stoughton, MA 344-3200 Congratulates the Class of 1983 Congratulations Class of ' 83 STOUGHTON HARDWARE 73 Porter Street Stoughton, MA 344-2041 Best of Luck ' 83 John J. Bitetti 617-449-0510 Communications Specialist or 800-342-8928 OF NEW ENGLAND. INC 150 Gould Street Needham, MA 02194 157 Compliments to the Class of 1983 From MOOTOS SHOE SERVICE 19 Freeman Street Stoughton, MA 344-2783 Quality Landscape and Garden Supplies Screened Loam Bark Mulch 1857 Central St. Stoughton, MA Compliments of 770 WASHINGTON ST. STOUGHTON, MASS. 02072 (617) 344-5241 Quality Footwear for the Family POSTAL INSTANT PRESS The •• While -U-Wait " Printers ! 977 Central Street Stoughton, MA 341-0212 158 The World ' s Largest Printing Chain Congratulations Seniors IRVING W. GOLDBERG TAX SERVICES 105 Tosca Drive Stoughton, MA 344-1227 Financial Consultant Bookkeeping and Taxes Notary Public FLAIR CARPETS GENERAL FLOORING CO. Congratulates the Class of ' 83 764 Washington Street Stoughton, MA TERBAN HEALTH AND FITNESS CENTER FOR MEN We Offer a Unique Concept in Exercise 991 Central St. 344-8947 Compliments of THE KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS BUILDING CORPORATION 11 Evans Drive Stoughton, MA Function Hall Available for 75 to 300 People Compliments of people ' s savings Serving Stoughton, Canton and Sharon Congratulations From STOUGHTON AUTO BODY 1069 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 34 4-4830 All Types of Auto Repair Compliments From GREEN MANOR Catering in the Green Manner 31 Tosca Drive Stoughton, MA 344-1600 784-6000 CANTON FENCE Congratulates the Class of 1983 We ' re Located at 1219 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-7366 Call for All Your Fencing Needs Compliments of TWIN-KEE CLOTHING OF STOUGHTON Best Wishes Class of 1983 PIAl ALLTOWN INSURANCE AGENCY Nancy L. White CPCU Blue Hills Condominium 1030 Turnpike Street Canton, MA 02021 828-3131 GOODYEAR !) WINDSOR TIRE CO. 500 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-9909 344-8333 Congratulations Class of 1983 From WILLOWBROOK FARMS 1989 Central Street Stoughton, MA 344-8987 and Best of Luck in the Future 159 Best Wis hes Class of 1983 HUGGARD-EWING 1305 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-3120 Selected Cars Sold Bank Terms Are Also Available Route 9, Natick 237-3422 Cobbs Corner, Canton 828-9112 HOFFMAN ' S FASHION APPAREL Hingham Plaza, HIngham Lynn 749-7610 200 Union St. 593-8874 SHELU JOE ' S SHELL 825 Washington Street Stoughton, MA Wrecking Service Available RALPH T. SAVARSE dds THOMAS N. FAESSLER dds Practice in Dentistry 779 Washington Street Canton, MA 02021 828-8070 160 344-0383 RONNIE ' S STOUGHTON AUTO SALES Selected Used Cars 1254 Washington St. Stoughton, MA SHAW CLASS CO., INC. A Diversified Facility of Glass Professionals Compliments of the SOUTH SHORE CENTER FOR GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING 1030 Turnpike Street Canton, MA 02021 828-8666 Stephen Rudin — Psychologist Good Luck Seniors From FAMILY DAY CARE CENTER One Washington Street North Easton, MA 02356 238-6310 CALLANAN ' S STOUGHTON VARIETY STORE Congratulations Class of 1983 79 Canton Street Stoughton, MA 344-1752 Dairy — Deli — Party Platters JOHNNY ' S STATION 645 Washington Street Stoughton, MA Congratulations Courtesy of JEFF BLACKER PROPANE 354 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-1036 Propane Tanks filled here! Compliments of the People at THE STANDARD COMPANIES THE STANDARD MODERN COMPANY 1228 Park Street Stoughton, MA 341-0999 A Complete Printing and Graphic Arts Service r RESTAURANT TAVERN Your Hosts - Dean Corcoran Mike Fisher 610 OAK STREET, BROCKTON 588-1 179 THE HAIRBENDERS We ' ve Got Style 421 Wash. St., Stoughton, MA Open: Mon. Thru Friday 9-9 Saturday 9-5 344-6185 344-9852 Fifties Member New England D.J. Association Congratulations Class of 1983 From RON MAROTTA Building and Remodeling For Estimates Call 344-8174 161 162 Congratulations and Best of Luck to DEBBIE and the Class of 1983 From MOM, DAD, JEFF AND DAVID Best Wishes, Compliments of CHET MacMILLAN Floor Sanding and Finishing " Quality Work at a Reasonable Price " 11 Keith Terrace Stoughton Compliments of DENTCH FORD INC. James Kaurafas and James R. Kaurafas Compliments of STEPHEN M. HILLMAN ATTORNEY AT LAW Professional Corporation 93 North Main Street Randolph, MA 02368 961-4232 Seniors, choose a career in floral design! NEW ENGLAND SCHOOL OF FLORAL DESIGN 253 Mansfield Avenue Norton, MA 02766 285-7188 344-8871 Congratulations to the Class of 1983 From THE CRIFO FAMILY Congratulations Jo Ann Love PATRICK Best Wishes to the Class of 1983 From LARRY BLACKER STOUGHTON SEWERAGE 24 Hour Cesspool Service as WEII as Septic Tanks 2500 Gallon Capacity Vacuum Pressure Units Rte. 138 Stoughton 344-1036 JIMMY ' S SUPER MARKET 253 Pleasant St. Stoughton, MA Open 7 Days a Week for Your Convenience 344-8866 FLOWERS DESIGNED BY FENTON 32 Pleasant St. Stoughton, Mass. 02072 Congratulations to the Class of ' 83 From ANDY ' S FOOD MART 330 Morton Street StrideRlte Canton, MA THE VILLAGE MALL Best of Luck ' 83 Compliments of: MUR-MAC ' S Estates Appraised Investment Counseling Dealer of Baseball Cards COIN SHOPPE JLS NUMISMATICS 971 Central Street or P.O. Box 284 — Sharon 344-3491 341-1192 163 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1983 Compliments of THE FOOTWEAR HOUSE The Family Shoe Store " F. Roberts Manager RANDOLPH SAVINGS BANK RANDOLPH STOVGHTON NORTH RANDOLPH HOLBROOK 963-2100 THE STOUGHTON DINER 657 Washington St. Stoughton, MA 344-9061 Open Daily From 6 AM to 1 AM Closed on Sundays Come Visit This STOUGHTON LANDMARK Class of 1983, explore your horizons . . . May all your dreams come truel Compliments of DISCOVER YOUR DREAM BATHROOM KITCHEN WITH PERSONALIZED SERVICE •WITH EVERT COMPLETE BATHROOM - A FREE VANITT •WITH EVERT C OMPUTE KITCHEN -■ A FREE DISHWASHER WE HAVE CUSTOM WOOD OR FORMICA CABINETS AND ALL KINDS OF FLOOR COVERINGS TO SUIT YOUR TASTE CAU US NOW FOI FREE ESTIMATE • SATISFAniON GUARANTEED 341 1616 HORAN OIL 344 2233 STOUGHTON DRUG CO. 450 Pearl St. Stoughton, MA Prescription and Surgical Supplies Liz and Paul Goulston Registered Pharmacists Best of Luck Seniors Best Wishes Seniors 961-2523 164 963-3400 " Ready . . . O.K. Congratulations ALLISON GOODMAN and the Class of 1983 From the Squad Daryl Janine Judy Debbie Donna Elaine Doris Kirn Tracey Rita Paula Sally Our Best Wishes to All! ( onqfatuiationA man Dot (Companies Congratulations 1983 From STOUGHTON Monty and Don Proprietors 372 Washington Street Stoughton, MA Our Compliments and Best Wishes for the Future Congratulations Graduates From PARSHLEY REALTY Located at 30 Porter Street Stoughton, MA 344-8810 We Do It All: Sales Rentals Appraisals Management M.L.S. 165 Real Estate — Insurance 1032 Central Street 344-9631 344-3600 Ba Bank Norfolk Trust Member FDIC Office 617 344-5030 DEMBROWSKY AND MARTIGNETTI ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW John F. Dembrowsky Ronald F. Martignetti 15 Seaver St. Stoughton, MA DENNENO ' S PIZZA — SUBS 545 Pearl Street Stoughton, MA 02072 344-9803 166 Best Wishes From THUNDERBIRD LOUNGE Coins Jewelry Antique and Modern Dolls and Dollhouses 740 Washington St. Stoughton, MA 344-5299 Chuck Thompson Owner DOLLS ' N THINGS 936 Washington Street Stoughton, MA Best of Luck to the Class of 1983 106 Washington Street Canton, MA 02021 The Finest in Exercise and Training You Have Our Best Wishes Congratulations Class of 1983 Books Magazines Greeting Cards Special Orders WILMARC ' S BOOKS Village Mall 95 Washington Street Canton, MA 02021 828-3110 Congratulations to the Class of 1983 From MASS. HEATING 66 Winslow Drive Stoughton, MA 344-7857 Ralph E. Quattrucci 167 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1983 From DRUG FAIR The Independent Store With More for You Open Seven Days a Week and 365 Days a Year! 413 Washington Street Stoughton, iVIA Congratulations and Best of Luck From A Division of Warehouse Distributors, Inc. A A industrial Parle 117Tosca Drive Stoughton, MA (7th Building on the Right) Congratulations From MARTIN KAPLAN DMD Practice Limited to Children, Adolescents, and the Handicapped 1044 Central Street Stoughton, MA 341-0320 Office Hours by Appointment For All Your Sporting Good Needs . . . COLMAN ' S PORTING GOODS Where There is Always a Good Deal Cobbs Corner Canton, MA 02021 828-7780 RICHARD LEWIS, INC. 576 WASHINGTON SI - CANTON CENItR 628-1004 or 828-9110 PAUL J WHlFFEN Manager FORMAL WEAR a - - ) SALES • RENTALS Congratulations Graduates STOUGHTON TRADING POST Where There is Everything for the Shooter. 1262 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-5742 Wed., Thurs. Fri. Sat. 12:30-5:30 6:30-9:00 9:30-5:00 Federal License 04-5169 Compliments of TOTAL AUTO PARTS 340 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-4300 This Advertisement Is Courtesy of the People at DINO BUICK Located at 369 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 169 JOHN A. 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THE MUSIC MACHINE Brand Name Guitars Pianos • Drums • Amps and Electronic Effects Private and Group Music instruction Sheet Music Instrument Rentals and Repairs Used Instruments — Bought and Sold Mon.-Fri. — 10-9, Sat. 10-5 344-0540 119 Sharon St. (Rt 27) Stoughton at Cobb Corner Shopping Center Congratulations to the Class of 1983 From CM Your Complete Car Care Center for New and Used Cars Service on All Makes With Genuine GM Parts Complete Bodyshop Facilities 287 Washington St. Rte. 138 Stoughton, MA 341-0834 CTOC FILM LAB OF STOUGHTON FILM PROCESSING Same Day Service, In by 10 — Out by 4 Monday Thru Saturday Now Offering 10 x 12 and 10 X 15 Enlargements. Also Prints From 35mm Size Negatives, Slides. Reprints and Slides too. 345 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 341-1414 Good Luck and Best Wishes From Marilyn, Bruce, and Scott SAM JOHN ' S FAMILY SHOES Featuring a Full Line of Handbags 676 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 344-2590 Ballet, Tap and Toe Equipment We Sepcialize in Mediums to Extra-Wides Congratulations to S.H.S. Graduates Class of ' 83 From THE VALIENTE FAMILY 171 WES1ERNAUTO 16 W»shington St (Cobbs Corner) Canton 828-3360 BICYCLE SERVICE PARTS I. ACCESSORIES REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES raleigh western flyer rampar Fully Assembled • 1 year warranty Mon . Tnuri.. Fn 9AM «PM Tuei.. W«d.. 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Open to the Public!!! 1234 Washington Street Stoughton, iVIA 344-0334 One Stop for All of Your Tooling Needs: Abrasives Holding Light Machinery Cutting Lathes Vises And So Much More . . . 173 INC. (J) 1726 JTOUGHT OUR BUSINESS IS ADVERTISING YOUR BUSINESS ( HT CO mnroi Tel. 344-4833 733 Washington Street Stoughton, Mass. F. C. PHILLIPS The World ' s Largest Manufacturer of Athletic Spikes. Manufacturer of Screw Machine Products member of national screw machine pboductT] association JIM ' S SERVICE Jim Benjamin ill Foreign and Domestic Repair Service 24 Hour Towing Allen Diagnostic Tune-Up Center eetty 669 Washington Street Stoughton, MA 341-0818 344-9930 Good Luck Graduates From CARADONNA ' S LIQUORS Stoughton — Canton And Best of Luck In the Future Congratulations Seniors BOB ' S ' DUGGAIf$( Dott cL LIQUORS 289 Park Street Stoughton, MA 344-3666 Now Open Sundays From 8 AM-6 PM Compliments of: COLLEGE ACADEMY AND COLLEGE GATE The Summer Program for Bright Children Dr. Joseph Harrington and Mrs. Brenda Harrington — Directors Best Wishes to the " Gophers " John Loughnane Priscilla Geigis Kristin Cody Jimmy Day ANTONS CLEANERS Congratulates The Class of 1983 Congratulations Seniors From OscoDru a Shaws Plaza Stoughton 341-0936 341-0937 176 0 I » i S, liT GnLenon S Scn.9nc, f=Ro v NEW ENGLAND TO CALIFORNIA STOUOHION M SS 344 64« Congratulations and Good Luck From E. W. GRENON SON 42 Tosca Drive Tel. 344-6410 Stoughton, MA Household Moving From New England to California xpytech Business Systems Incorporated Printing for Your Industrial and Business Needs Complete Typesetting Service Two Locations to Serve You 111 Tosca Drive, Stoughton, Massachusetts 02072 The Stotonian Staff expresses its thanks to Copy tech for its help in our publication. 177 mW BOBY EXPERT bODV RIEPAWR A rsiO B44-7067 Congratulations to the Class of 1983 From THE SONS OF ITALY 560 Washington Street Stoughton, MA (Across the Street From Roxies, Behind Barman Tire) Hall Rental for Banquets, Weddings and Parties With Accommodations for Up to 140 People Call 344-9902 New Senior Members are Always Welcome As Well As New Junior Lodge Members (Ages 12-18) 344-9969 Congratulations From LOU AND MARY UGO of OUNKIN ' DONUTS 408 Washington St. Best of Lucl( in the Future A. J. 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Marra, B.S., R.Ph. 769 Washington Street Stoughton, MA Telephone 344-2311 Superbly Done, Seniors! and Congratulations From THE STOUGHTON TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Compliments of FRIENDLY PIZZA 875 Washington Street Stoughton, MA Open 7 Days a Week For Fast Service Call 344-7172 American Meafbali , m J5 183 THANKS TO OUR ' SUPER-EDITOR ' . . . KRISTIN LEE CODY Kristin, We, the yearbook staff and your good friends, have purchased this advertisement space to say " Thank- you " for all of the tremendous time and effort you have given to make this yearbook a success, and one of which we can all be proud of. You truly are: " A Super-Editor! 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PHcb: $4.00 PAGE 2 KNIGHT STAFF 1982-83 NEWS Chris Kelleher ' 83, Kristin Cody ' 83, John Homer ' 84, Larry Yarmaloff " 84, Tom Kilroe ' 84, Mara Kravetz ' 84, Priscilla Gelgis ' 83, Richard Miller ' 83, Steve Shalit ' 84, Craig Spurr ' 84, Michael Butler ' 84, John Beaton ' 83, Sue Sereno ' 84, Mil e Lennon ' 83. OPINIONS Daryl Norris ' 83, Ellie Havlln ' 85, Wendy Daly ' 83, Peggy Earle ' 83, Mil e Small ' 83, Rachel Keli ' 86, Jennifer Eagan ' 85, Georgia Zlsimopoulos ' 85, Debbie Swartz ' 83, Maurice Leger ' 86, David Suslowicz ' 83, Mike Buckley ' 86, Stephen Alfano •83. FEATURES John Beaton ' 83, Mara Kravetz ' 84, Richard Waddleton ' 86, Cindy Homer ' 83, Mike Small ' 83, Robert Sciarra ' 84, Elaine Norden ' 83, Priscilla Gelgis ' 83, Joanne McAfee ' 83, Larry Yarmaloff ' 84, Craig Spurr ' 84, Rachel Kell ' 86, Wendy Daly ' 83, Carolyn White ' 83, Dan Remmes ' 84, Maria O ' Connell ' 83, Carolyn PIna ' 85. SPORTS Paul Masalsky ' 84, Christine Galley ' 85, Chris O ' Connor ' 85, Carolyn Pina ' 85, Cathy Cole ' 84, Gerard Walsh ' 84, Richard Dray ' 83, Tom Malloy ' 84. EDITORIAL BOARD MAKEUP STAFF Kristin Cody ' 83, and Mike Small ' 83, senior edi- tors; Dan Aronson ' 84, forum; Craig Spurr ' 84, news; Larry Yarmaloff ' 84, features; Paul Masalsky ' 84, sports; Mitch DmohowskI ' 84, and Bill Mootos ' 84, art; Jo Ann Davis ' 83, word processing co- ordinator. SPECIAL THANKS TO Mr. Anthony Sarno, principal; the SHS faculty; Mr. Terry Griffin, of Blackwell Studio, for photography; Mrs. St. Jean ' s word processing classes; Photographers: Mrs. Deborah Margarite, Nancy Sammarco ' 83, Scott Newman ' 85, Maria O ' Connell ' 83; Publications Office A409; Advisor Mr. Tapper. SPECIAL SALUTE TO . . . the two seniors, four juniors, and one sophomore who were respo n- sible In getting out this edition of the Senior Finale In ONE WEEK. They are Kris Cody and Mike Small, seniors; Dan Aronson, Paul Masalsky, Craig Spurr, Larry Yarmaloff, Juniors; Ellle Havlln, sophomore. The Cover The editors and staff of both the SHS Knight and Senior Finale wish to ar- tistically remember one of 1983 ' s most interesting contests. As depicted in our cover illustration, seniors Debbie Swartz and Chrissy Kelleher were engaged in a private battle throughout most of their senior year. The contest? Well, it was based on which of the two would get their picture printed in the yearbook the most times (We don ' t know all the details.), and the winner? Well, we ' ll let Debbie and Chrissy figure that out! SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 FAREWELL TO ' 83 Eighteen. Suddenly childhood days are over, perhaps too soon. The carefree, cheerful moments of high school are fading into mere memories. As each minute of the final year ticks away, the senior only begins to descry the future in the distance. Graduation. , The time is at hand, the decision is imminent. Cast into the real world without warn- ing, the high school graduate must leave his adolescence behind to depart on the rough road toward prosperity on his own. It ' s time to decide. What is he going to do with his life? " Just give me more time to think! I ' m too young, I ' m not ready to set out on my own, " he pleads. Nevertheless, it is time to break from the watchful arms of parents into a world where the high school graduate must be entrusted into his own care. It is time to make a career choice. Consider self -pleasure, environment, fame and money. The elaborate list of informa- tion provided by counselors, colleges, parents and friends filter through the graduate ' s mind. The pressure can confuse a young man or woman, forcing him to make his career choice based on the criteria of others. Often his own objectives are lost in the confusion. This is the dilemma facing thousands of young people today. One of my friends spent his childhood days dreaming of clashing sticks and screeching skates lighting up the ice while thousands of fans applauded his game-winning goal. He loved to skate circles around his buddies on the pond at the end of the street. My friend ' s father was an ac- countant who wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, while his mother wanted him to work toward a high-paying job. My friend reluctantly attended accounting school, and easily found a job with a prospective company. Today he ' s retired, rich and unhappy. His life is nearly over, and his dream will never come true. In his song " Subdivisions, " Neil Peart speaks of these childhood dreams, most of which do not come true because the young adult has allowed today ' s world to determine his future. Peart profiles the people who have allowed money or the wishes of others to interfere with their career dreams. He says: " Growing up, it all seems so one-sided, opinions all provided, the future pre-decided-detached and sub-divided in the mass pro- duction zone. Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone. Subdivisions— in the high school halls— conform or be cast out. Any escape might help to soothe the unattractive truth— but the suburbs have no charms to soothe the restless dreams of youth. " Peart ' s " suburbs " are the places where career dreams cannot come true because a young student ' s future is " pre-decided. " He urges young people to enter his " city " where desire and hope makes a dream become a reality, whatever that dream may be. The graduates of Stoughton High in 1983 are urged to do the same. Ken Kalen will attend UMass next year, hopefully to major in music, one of his two true loves. Mark Repucci will pursue his career dream as a veterinary student, while Jodi Roseman will attend Mount Ida in her quest for success. Darin Jordan and Larry Smith will take their football talents to Northeastern next year, Dave Fogarty and Paul Guiney will bring their academic excellence to Boston College. Johnny Loughnane will attend Holy Cross, Jim Day will probably attend Emerson, Kris Cody will travel to Bucknell. Many graduates will enter the business world. Some graduates are still undecided. 1983 graduates: choose free will. Enter the " city " where your future dreams can come true. Don ' t let anyone else tell you what your objectives should be; set your own guidelines and demand of yourself. Do what you want to do, and turn your dreams into realities. For when your life is over, you won ' t want to look back in time and say : " What did I do? " Paul Masalsky ' 84 Junior Editor SHS SENIOR FINALE, an SHS Publication, published by and lor the stu- dents and faculty of Stoughton High School, Stoughton, MassachusaHs 02072. THE SENIOR FINALE Is a combined publication of THE SHS KNIGHT and the STOTONIAN, Volume 30, combined Issues 5-15, May- June, 1983. The SHS KNIGHT has been awarded a FIRST PLACE AWARD by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association In the annual national newspaper Judging competition. MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 3 Election Results 1983-84 Kim Costa, vice president ' 84 Student Council Officers: (Front) Tricia Sweeney, president; Lynda Welcit, vice president. (Rear) Katfiy StepfianskI, corresponding secretary; TrIcIa Lorenz, treasurer; Susan QalleranI, recording secretary. Fallma Garcia, treasurer ' 84 Mike OmofiowskI, advisory board rep. ' 84 Class of 1984 Representatives: (Front) Jeff DIIMatteo, Wendy Halperin, Eric Hoffman, Qary Rudman. (Rear) Sherl Rosenthal, Tracey Leathers, VIckl Henrtques. Kim Betts, president ' 85 Janet Melvin, vice president ' 85 Jeff Swartz, treasurer ' 85 Michelle Riddel, secretary ' 85 Class of 1985 Representatives: Tom Oonnoly, Ram FranclosI, Dawn Young. Pam Panek, president ' 86 Irene McLoud, treasurer ' 86 Laura Cullen, secretary ' 86 Class of 1986 Representatives: (Front) Susan McNamara, Maurice Leger, Christine Baker. (Rear) Jill Freeman, Joyce Stephansky, Laura Stevens. PAGE SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 Mitch Dmohowskl ART EXHIBIT During Stoughton High ' s Youth Art Month five students were handed blue ribbons for their outstanding work in this elective. The Stoughton Art Association selected five pieces of student art from the exhibit in the school library. These works were displayed at the local association show at the public library during the last week of April. The students who were awarded these ribbons were senior Scott Mellyn and juniors Francis Wesley, Greg Mahoney, Brian Plunkett and Peter Schieffer. The first annual exhibit showing the talents of SHS art students and featuring some of the graduates who have gone off to college and industrial art success was an outstanding success. Some of the students even sold pieces of art. Anne Croft and Sue Qaffney admire the hard wortc. John Wathak Mr. Thomas Medeiros, chairman of the art department, conceived and coordi- nated the program. jyiara Kravetz ' 84 a I A collection of SHS talent. David Hlrshom MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 5 SHS Jazz Choln (Front) Corrtne Costantino, Suzanne Germain, Stephansky (3rd) Bill Mootos, Jim Mootos, John Homer (Rear) Jim Candy Fischer, Christine Tardanico (2nd) Mary Ann Mootos, Joyce Day, Mark Reppuccl. to raise funds for musical activities. Pops Concert Stage Crew: Michelle Clem, Cart Sanglolo, Tom Day. PAGE 6 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 Senior Joseph Armas has been awarded First Place In the Thomas P. King Memorial Drafting Contest sponsored by Hall Institute of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He receives this award from Dr. John Murry, Mr. Stanley Barroc, and Mr. Anthony Samo. (Photo: F. E. Maloll.) Modal Senate: (Front) Marc Levlne. Christine Kelleher, James Day, Mr. Kevin McCormIck (2nd) Carolyn Donahue, Christine Nee, Allison Goodman, James Mootos (3rd) Mitch DmohowskI, Paul Masalsky, Paul Bunson, Michael Anderson. Junior Ed Daly has een selected to participate In the Naval Engineering Science Seminar and Workshop (NAESS) from June 12-17, 1963. Senior Judy Thomas was awarded first prize at the Massachusetts State Science Fair, and a $500 prize from the American Society For Health and Dental Planning. Richard PInkofsky ' 84 received 1st prize at the Massachusetts State Science Fair In early May. He was also the recipient of a $1000 William O. Taylor prize. Mr. Geoffrey Fanning, former Science teacher, was appointed Assistant Principal of Stoughton High School in May. " Education Is a kind ol continuing dialogue, and a dialogue assumes, In the nature of the case, " ■ ■ ■ The human mind is our fundamental different points of view ... " resource. " PAGE 8 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 f Monica McKlnnon ' 85 Richard PInkofsky presents hia aacond gnnd award winning proiact. MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 9 SPORTS UPDATE When Stoughton High enters its spring sports season, it ' s encouraging to know that many of the teams will continue on to post-season play. However, tournament action cannot provide the excitement of late-season battles for the Hockomock League title, which have involved three varsity squads this year. The Baseball, Boys ' Tennis and Girls ' Tennis teams will each qualify for tourney play in 1983. At this time, however, the championship status of two of these teams is unknown, although the regular season game schedule has been completed. The baseball team, at 14-6, could end up in a first place tie depending upon the outcome of another contest. Boys ' tennis, at 13-2, al- so must wait while two other teams deter- mine Stoughton ' s fate. In other sports action, the Boys ' Track squad improved to 3-5, paced by the leadership of Captain Dave Jordan. Soft- ball and Girls ' Track each finished with disappointing seasons despite the strong efforts of a lauded few. " My goal was just to hold the team to- gether and keep them healthy, " said Coach Russell Clough of the Girls ' Tennis team, which will probably capture its sec- ond straight league title after the comple- tion of two postponed matches. Clough looks to team togetherness as their success story in a sport in which individual efforts often overshadow a team endeavor. " The girls get along exceptionally well, and there are no egos involved. Our strong point is our depth— we have top notch players in positions where others are weak, " remarked Clough. Maura Tector and Maureen McGowan are each unde- feated at singles while Sue Blomstrom anchors the squad at first singles. Diane Blomstron and Tina Galley are undefeated at first doubles, and Carole Zelbow with Patty McGowan have suffered only one loss at second doubles. gue. The championship was there for the taking, but the Knights unfortunately fell to Franklin in the final regular season game, 5-0. " We worked hard to stay in first (place) for the majority of the season, but a championship is something you have to take and we simply didn ' t do it, " com- mented Ashley. " We had our chances, but two losses to Canton really hurt us. " Reverse the baseball team ' s 6-14 record of last year and anyone can see what a fine job Coach Bob Ashley did in bringing his team out of the cellar to the top of the lea- The solid pitching of Ed Statkiewicz and Jim Overstreet provided for several early season victories, but later the reliable Black Knight defense began to break down behind them and opposing hitters be- gan breaking the Stoughton pitching ice. Overstreet finished at 5-3 with a 1.94 ERA, and Statkiewicz completed a fine season at 8-2 with a 1.16 ERA. In the hitting department, Overstreet and Statkiewicz slugged their way into the top four with .382 and .373 averages re- spectively. Dave Murphy clouted 3 home runs while picking up 18 RBI ' s, and Tim Bishop came on strongly at the season ' s end to finish at a .343 clip. Dave Suslowicz and John Murray were the team ' s defen- sive stars. When Don Bernier was initiated as Boys ' Track coach, he did not set his sights on a league championship, but rather he wished to improve the performance of each of his team members. The squad " Everyone all the way down to the slowest kid gave one hundred percent to the team. " Captain Dave Jordan was a frequent tri- winner in the high hurdles, 880 and the high jump. Brian Plunkett posted an unde- feated record in the low hurdles, Brian Lamer is a hot freshman prospect in the MARCH This cold ' and rainy month began royally when Great Britain ' s Queen Elizabeth II arrived in San Diego, CA for a 10-day visit to the West Coast . . . other travelers included Pope Paul John 11 who visited seven countries in Central America bring- ing a message of peace to his followers; and two top EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) officials who traveled to new jobs when President Reagan replaced them with new deputies begin- ning a " cleanup " of that organiza- tion . . . Judy Thomas ' 83 placed first in SHS ' s annual Science Fair for the second year in a row while Richard Pinkofsky ' 84 placed second; both continued onto the State Fair in April . . . Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker turned pro as the new United States Football League (USFL) captured his attention with a $16 million contract . . . SHS Sophomores held the " Last Dance " of the year to say fare- well to seniors. 100 and 200, and Barry Jennings overcame injuries to excel at the pole vault. John Cangeme was an effective javelin hurler came out on the short end of several closely contested meets in a competitive Hockomock League. " I just wanted the kids to do the best they could do, " commented Bernier. and Ed Daly threw a first place discus in several meets. The Girls ' Softball squad clawed to a dis- mal 1-13 mark, in a season which was hampered by player desertion. Despite the poor outcome, the team will send Sheila Jackman, Stephanie Ostis, Linda Pellegrino, and Dawn Young to the Hocko- mock League All-Star game. The Boys ' Tennis squad was riding high after a win over Sharon propelled them into a first place tie. Soon afterward, how- ever, the Knights dropped a close decision to Foxboro and now wait for a verdict in the Foxboro-Sharon contest in hopes of capturing a tri-championship. Andy Eerier lost only one match at first singles throughout the season, while brother Scott posted an undefeated record. The addition of Boo Stevens, Bill Rossi and Joel Koltz was extremely profitable, and the first doubles team of Stork Aronson and Capt. " E " Hoffman was brilliant as usual. When Coach Lynn Bachman wasn ' t cooking burgers, he was coaching the Girls ' Track team which was hampered by lack of depth. Bachman will welcome several young prospects back to the roster next season including Kim Romaine, Paula Klim, Stacy Green and Stacey Berdos. Paul Masalsky ' 84 PAGE 10 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 The second doubles team of Patty McGowan and Carole Zelbow. Capt. Sue Blomstrom rips a back hand. Last season the girl ' s tennis squad made an astounding turnaround from an 0-16 record to a perfect 16 0 marV. This year a closely knit squad of talented athletes carried on In that winning tradi- tion by coasting past the entire Hockomock League, suffering ony one loss to King Philip. The team Is comprised entirely of underclassmen who exhibit a rare maturity and professionalism In their winning ways. Coach Russ Clough can look forward to a successful finish In 1983 as well as continued success in the future. INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Singles Blomstrom, Sue Tector, Maura McGowan, Maureen Doubles Diane Blomstrom and Tina Galley Patty McGowan and Carole Zelbow W 13 14 14 12 11 Maureen McGowan serving up an ace. CD Glris ' Tennls:(Fronl)PattyMcGowan, Paula Hudson, Carole Zelbow, Maureen McGowan, Sua Blomstrom, DIanne Blom- strom. (Rear) Stacey Zelbow, Kathy Kelleher, Stacey Lyeria, Marcy Lubosky, stacey Sewcyk, Tina Galley, Maura Tector, Coach Russ Clough. MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 11 APRIL Andy Barter belts a baclchand. Freshman Scott Berter slices a serve. The boys ' tennis team finished the season with a 14-2 record and a share of first place In the Hockomock League with Foxboro and Sharon. The team got off to a flying start with a 10-1 record, losing only to Sharon. A loss to Foxboro later In the season was the only other setback they would encounter. All-Star and team MVP Andy Berter lost only one match while picking up one default. His brother, Scott Berter, also lost only once and reached the semifinals In the State Tournament. Junior third singles player Russ Stevens was a welcome addition to the squad. He complied an Impressive 10-3 mark which Included a clutch victory against Foxboro. Junior CapL Eric Hoffman, with Dan Aronson at first doubles provided consistent play throughout the year. Joel Koltz and Bill Rossi lived up to high expectations at second doubles and Craig Spurr and Lance Levy filled In well In substitute roles when needed. The tennis team will be competing In the State Championships In June and with a group of fine young prospects next season should be another championship year. April showers may have caused flooding In many southern states, but they did not affect the spirits of many SHS students. The first event was the Music Department ' s Pops Concert, back after Its 1982 cancellation, and hundreds of people were entertained by SHS musical talent . . . male beauties paraded themselves iiefore screaming audiences in the first Mate Beauty Contest in which Mark ReppuccI was named " Our Knight in Shining Armor " . . . the largest Disneyland in the world opened in Tokyo greeted by millions of fans . . . the Bruins went all the way to ttte Stanley Cup Semi-finals before they were beaten by a determined NY Islanders squad; the Islanders viwnt on to win their fourth consecutive Stanley Cup . . . more SHS talent was displayed when students, both present and past, exhibited their artwork in the li- brary . . . Joan Benoit won the 1983 Boston Marathon ' s Woman ' s title, l eating the former woman ' s worid marathon record by over 10 sec- onds; Qreg Myer took the men ' s title . . . stu- dents practiced their understanding of govern- ment By participating in both the interschoiasttc Model Senate and the Stoughton Jaycee-spon- sored Student Government Day . . . the Celtics were beaten by Milwaukee in the NBA playoffs. The first doubles team of Dan Aronson and Capt. Eric Hoffman prepare to return serve. Boys Tennis: (Front) Andy Berier, Eric Hoffman, Joel Koltz, Dan Aronson, Russell Stevens, Scott Berter. (Rear) coach Valerie Wood, Lance Levy, Chandra Bajpal, Brian Gerson, Bill Rossi, Craig Spurr. PAGE 12 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1S83 Ed Statklewicz gels a high five from Dave Suslowicz and Jim Overstreet after crossing the plate. Coach Ashley directs traffic from the Black Knight bench. Varsity: (Front) Mike ColettI, Jim Campbell, John Murray, Ed Statklewicz, Dave Suslowicz, Jim Overstreet, Tim Bishop, Paul Masalsky. (Rear) Coach Bob Ashley, Scott Carlson, Tony Novello, Dan McLeod, Mark Arnold, Mike Wiseman, Dave Murphy, Jeff Wagner, Richard PInkofsky. Dave Suslowicz • .210avg.,13RBI ' s,13hlt8. John Murray • .235 avg., SRBI ' s, 16hltt. Jim Campbell • 28 tot. putouts, 6 assists. BALLPARK FIGURES The Black Knights were undefeated on the road during the 1983 season at 10-0. Their home record was 4-6. Senior Mike ColettI did not play much, but his support and hustle was greatly appreciated and admired by the entire team. Junior Ed Statklewicz and Jim Overstreet finished first and fourth respectively in Hockomock League pitching, while Overstreet Nnished fourth and Statklewicz fifth In league batting. Team Record: 14-8 Dave Suslowicz Jim Campbell Captain Dave Suslowicz takes a mighty cut MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 13 Mike Wiseman approaches first after roping a single. Jim Campbell brings Dave Suslowicz dances John Murray eyes an oncoming pitch, preparing a high fly into focus. on the basepaths. to swing a heavy bat. Ed Statklewicz, named leading pitcher on the Qlobe All-Scholastic, shows the form which gave him eight straight pitching victories on a ptich to... ...David Murphy, whose power hitting and solid catching duties highlighted the Black Knight attack. Sub-Varsity: (Front) Peter Frederlckson, Jay TIsdale, Steve O ' Connell, Dave Sheehan, Bob Fedorowicz, Charles Tucker, Mike Walter. (2nd) Mike McCabe, Paul Burns, Paul McGovern, Jim Boushelt, Todd Levlne, Dennis Keener. (Rear) Coach Dan Mark, Dave Steve O ' Connell, Haiperin, Pete Diaz, John Tammaro. ace Sub-Varsity hurler. PAGE 14 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 Stoughton distance men Chris Vsllotis, Junior Bunson, and John Vellotis await the starting gun. Brian Plunkett leaps the low hurdles on his way to another victory. BOYS ' . TRACK: (Front) Ed Daly, Brian Plunkett, John Cangeme, Barry Jennings, Stuart Turok, David Jordan, Steve Alfano, Darin Jordan, John Vellotis, Brian Lannen (2nd) Paul Mederlos, Bob Silverstein, Paul Bunson, Steven Qreenspoon, Chris Vellotis, Jeff Thompson, David Scares, IMark Vinocoor, Pat HInes, Scott Weiss; (Rear) Mike Lennon, Assistant Coach Mr. John Keppel, Mark Schnelderman, Eric Saperstein, Jon Bloom, Mike McNamara, Jaime Bohr, Joe Masaisky, Scott Roblchaud, Coach Mr. Donald Bemier. MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 15 Paula Kllm leaps the hurdles on her way to victory GIRLS ' TRACK First year coach Lynn Bachman led his team to one regular season victory over Franklin while several other meets were closely con- tested. Bachman will lose only a handful of seniors to graduation which could mean the beginning of a building process for team with great potential. Kim Romalne, Stacey Qreene and Lisa Donahue were frequent winners of two events. Tina Vellotis performed well In the B80, and Corey Dacy, Rita Sllva and Jessica Kerwin highlighted the relay teams. Sophomore Tare Donnelly will be Stoughton ' s main weapon In future years at the Javelin. Rita Sllva hurls the shot GIRLS ' TRACK: (front) Debbie Barbato, Madeline Mace, Jessica Kerwin, Denlse PInaud, Stephanie Alport, Clarissa Agular, Lisa Donahue, Stacy Berdlos, (second) Allison Agrims, Laura Loring, Cary Oilman, Carol Wyndam, Marion Fortler, Stacy Qreene, Rita Sllva, Tina Vellotis, (third) Jean Bender, Jill Freldman, Paul Kllm, Kim Romalne, Tara Donnelly, Monica McKlnnon, Kathy Stephansky, Corey Dacy, Susan McNamara, Tracy Salazar(rear) Coach Lynn Bachman, Lesher DIJak, Kim Betts, KinvHunlay, Christen Bowman, Angela Marader, Maria Costa. Monica McKinnon and Susan McNamara sprint toward the finish line. Stacey Qreene comes In for a landing. PAGE 16 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 Sub-varsity: (Front) Kalhy Homer, Ann Doherty, Jean Teed, Patrice Bachelder, Julie TIbbels. (2nd) Carol Pedro, Linda Clark, Maria Novello, Nicole Murphy, Cathy Cocci. (Rear) Nancy Learner, Debbie Myther, Karen O ' Brien, Coach Ann Mailnowskl. Catcher Debbie Mythen sets up for pitch. SOFTBALL The girls ' soltbaii team notched their sole win wrtth an early season upset over ttte ManslleM Hornets. Coach Beverly Pellegrino led a powerful hitting attack featuring Linda Pellegrino while Pellegrino scattered only seven hits while striking out three In the pitching depart- mont.Tlna Ooucette, Stephanie Ostis and Marie Pellegrino each registered two hits while Linda Pellegrino had 3 RBI ' s. For a short time tt e team ' s record wss even at 1-1. HOCKOMOCK LEAGUE SOFTBALL ALL- STARS: Dawn Young, Linda Pellegrino, Sheila Jackman and Stephanie Ostls. Stephanie Ostis warms up on the sidelines. VARSITY SOFTBALL SQUAD: (Front) Susan Stacey, Kathy McDonnell, Stephanie Ostls, Jodi Roseman, Ann Pellegrino; (2nd) Dawn Young, Robin Dray, Jill Freeman, Lauren Bousheil, Linda Pellegrino. (Rear) Assistant Coach Chariey Brily, Tina Doucette, Amy Colter, Sheila Jackman, Marie Pellegrino, Coach DIanne Doyle. PAGE 18 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 Junior Prom Court and escorts: Donna Loring, RIsa Qoldman, Lisa PIsalll, Ouean Kim Costa, Holly Martin, Rita Sllva, Donna Bartow. PAGE 20 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 Elaine Norden tabulates figures at Alpine Press. " Would you like color prints or slides? " asks Lauren Wiseman demonstrates a complicated Suzanne Palaza at Fotomat. move to her students at the Dance Studio. PAGE 21 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 Who ' s that pumping gas at DIs Gas?? MAY Why it ' s John Mono!!! May was, overall, a month of constant activity, both locally and nationally. Juniors had their prom and Kim Costa was crowned the Queen . . . the Madison Hotel In Boston, an historical i«ndmari(, was demolished creating a spec- taeular sight . . . NHS " Sundae Afternoon " . . . the Red Sox remained in first place throughout much of the month led by the powerful bat of third base man Wade Boggs ... the Boosters Club honored both seniors and underclassmen with avrards at their annual banquet . . . t oth the SHS Jazz afMl Show Choirs placed first in the Newport Jazz Festival; the Jazz Band placed fourth . . . town selectmen voted in an " adult entertainment zone " to be located next to the police station . . . senior class trip . . . 16-year Boston Mayor Kevin White decided not to run ■gain . . . 1983-84 Student Council and Class Officers were elected . . . senior prom with Queen Lisa Sandier . . . Bill Fitch resigned as Celtics coach after owner Harry Mangurian ttmatened to sell the team ... Mr. Qeoffrey Fanning, SHS science teacher, was named vlce- principai ... an important international economic summit meeting was held in Wiltamsburg, VA . . . the third " Star Wars " sequel, " Return of the Jedl " opened to paciced audiences. Beth Beauregard makes change at CVS. Of. ' ' I Donna Torres helps a young boy with his coat at Joyce Nee Nursery School. Bob ' s worlcers. Donna DIMatteo and Jim Day greet their customers with smiles. PAGE 22 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 MALE BEAUTY CONTEST Alison Goodman leads some of the Stacey Qreen asks a question Qary Thompson reveals his Jeff DIMatteo sings " Hard to be contestants In a little exercise. of finalist Steve Levlne. true Identity to the audience. Humble " (Is It really?) MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 23 St 0lht Hasft wm ntj es(tament AGOSTINHO leaves Paula a note in Spanish; Debbie, a home computer; Soup, a term paper for OW; Burle, his own mirror to part his hair with...A-HR CALC leaves Mrs. Krol six of one and half a dozen of the other and looking for trees in the forest ., .ALLISON G leaves Chrissy, talks, a Monday afternoon taxi ser- vice; Mary Beth, a Halloween costume with no stares; Patty, a little to the left; Missy, quarterless beefaroni; Julie, a night with Rod Bette; Martha, a bathing suit at Robos; Lynne, a piggy back; Emily, all the blame; Sue, one last beep at UNH... ANGELA M leaves Jodi R locked out of her house in Hull with a stray cat; Debi S a roll of dimes to call her mother; Tracey U with crossed eyes in Montana; Jennifer M, 3 more happy yrs. at SHS; Debbie and Maria, " three men in a tub ; Kadie D, a defective radar; Diane K, an unforgotten " bestest buddy " ; Michael U, all the money he needs to fix his car and lots of happy memories of our high school years together... BARRY J leaves Mr. Bernier a pair of Bill Rodgers running shorts; David, a champ ioaship; the track team, some success; a pool table to Kathy; Mr. Weiner, some candy, John, some effort; Bob, a good joke;Gceg, some studliness; Jim, a car... BILL L leaves Suzanne, my heart; Bob, a mag of Riv and a pac man glass; Jim, a person-, ality; Humper, hordes of women; Marc M, OW; Bob, many pictorials .. .BOB J leaves Hoovey (Mindless) a mind and gives back his, modesty; Bill, his half of Molowriuspad; Jim, some coordination; Paul B, some driving ability; Beasley, a good joke; Jim Day, a phone booth; MacPhail, a separate table; Carter, a punch in the face... BRIAN MC leaves to Mac Davis, my leather vest; Tiger, Chris, Ed, and Jack, a round of barroom Buds; the Gange , a frosty keg of bud; Weeks ie, the memories of all the wild times; Tim, the school to rule... CARMELA leaves her 2 brothers more good times at SHS; JR a lifetime supply of Mentos; Elaine wandering at Bird St.; Mr. Cabral, a Calll class with more energy than a wet noodle; Judy, all the cowboys in TX; Kris, 2 hrs, for lunch; Mary, an encyclopedia of unspeakable jokes; Kimmy, her right better half; Marja, a lifetime member ship to WW. O.CAROLYN D leaves Di a recording contract with the B52s; Francy, a pair of dry socks; BS, some rear padding; Carolyn, a map of Alaska; Kim, a sturdy, beach wall; Jay, a belt; Rox, my red light; Lil ' Sis, longer legs .CAROLYN W leaves Karen D, a talk and a salad; Kim, a car; Annie, a " small bumb " ; Lauren, a raft in the pool; Jo, lots of illegal drives; Di, a broken light mirror; Karen F, driving lessons; Carolyn, foreign fags; David, fat cheeks and fingers .. .CARTA leaves Burl, a pocket mirror; Soup, love, a personal chauffeur; Karen, a duck; Francie, sliding down a swamp; Lisa, a good knee; Carolyn, a lifetime supply of matzoh balls; Sharon, Ann- Marie, Donald, a bag of M Ks. ...CHERYL K leaves Donna D another finger and a rainy night swimming in puddles; Sue, Steph, Kathy, doing the Tasmanian devil; Risa M, being chased ■tt|6ugh Brockton ...Sue G, fun years; Robyn G with the best of times; Mary- beth and Debbie, memories of a great freshman year; Anne C a vacuum; Mike B an excellent friendship; Sheri Ka lonely bench — over there... CHRISTINE N leaves DD attention, a flyswatter, and a knife; Dawna, " clean " cards forever; Mark, John ' s maga- zines; Marilyn, a typist; Kevin, a mouse and a new career as a detective; Jane, a new teacher to argue with; David, my math home- work; Lisa, July 4, D.C.; Mr Kann, Mr McLellan, thank you... CHRISTOPHER V-H leaves Mr. Hylander, a sock auto- graphed by R. Hofstadler; Steve Kardon, a copy of M Lennon ' s and his " Playboy of WW " report; future gnads, a Stoughton Hi education, nothing of value; Judy T, a recording of " Shut Up, Otis! " Ed D, a caddy ' s manual... CHRIS W leaves Kim alone on lunch; Jim Bubba, do nuts and coffee, one timel; Cid and the final tap (got you last); Mr. Clark, a paper- weight made of bugs trapped in amber; all my friends, love and happiness .C K leaves late due to PQ Kf ; Pat Di, no escuses and some dudish memories; KT, a real-life smurft an outlined map; Beans, lots of luck; CK, her broken plans; Debbie, tons of Riunite; Robyn, a Gary doll; Kevin, a big hug and thanx; Phil I, a hug rasberry. no notes, happily to join my snowbunny for " C ' n C " in celebrationi PAGE 24 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 DARYL N leaves Mr Rudder 2 gold-plated bathroom passes; Linda M, an ear that ' s always read to listen; Mark S 10 free speech lessons; Aaron R, a chicken suit to play the piano in; Rich L, a roaantic weeken alone; Ms Herman, a year ' s supply of peanut-butter crackers; Kathy P, a weekend alone . with Artie; David P, all the happiness in the world; Finally, all my nicknames to whoever wants theml.o.DAVE S leaves Karen his love and a nice cold one on the weekend DAVE S leaves Karen his love and a nice cold one on the weekends; Jimmy 0, a victory; SHS baseball teai , the best of luck; Mr. Ashley a championship; Mrs. Hardy, totally confused; Mr. Downs, thanks.. .DAVEY G learves Cathy M alone on lunch; Johnny G, in a slump " ; Robbie F embarrassed; Debbie S finding herself .. .DAVID F leaves Debi S anything she wants; Jodi R, a Bruins hat; Rich M, a trip to Fla. and a car; Candace L wondering; Soup, a ID and a hit; Paul, a full tank; John, a new door; all my friends, everything they want and the best of luck... DAVID J leaves Lisa D 5 lbs. to make 100 and a can of Tab; Karen D nothing so she can ' t worry; Carolyn W, a bed and a bottle of sleepingpills ; J D, the championship we didn ' t get; Mr Bernier, a pair of Bill Rodgers running shorts; Mr. Boushell, one Accounting II practice set; Darin, my twin, many years of togetherness; Lisa D, a part of me I won ' t forget .. .DAVID S leaves his Budweiser hat to the entire school to be washed. . .DAWN A B leaves DeeDee my prom gown; Lisa, all the guys in my locker; Christine, a date with JB; Ralph, all my love; Angie, my beige feathers; Karyn, my bus pass; Brian, my privilege to sign out; teachers and staff, thanx for the good times... DEBBIE leaves John all my love; Mules, a " quality " ; junkbox; Angela Maria, a discreet shower; Robs, a bed big enough so she won ' t fall off; Jeff with 2 more yrs. an David with 7; The Florida girls leave Lisa, Risa, Teres with a candy s6ore man; Sus, with 6 yrs of homeroom... D DEBBY B leaves Jackie B with anyone she can find; Laurinda a bowl of uncooked oatmeal; Larry P, someone else to rank on; Stephanie C, a large muzzle; Amazon Woman Candy boyfriends of their own; Mr. Jackman, a plate of Chinese food; Marie D, an " energy overload " .. .DENISE P leaves Emily 2 hrs. in the bathroom with a sicky; Kim a drive to Duxbury Beach; Kathy, fun times with D.T,; Julie, many happy years; Ann looking forward to fun times at BC; Mue, a punch and a nasty word; Laura, a ten-pack of gum; Cory, fun times, lots of memories and happiness... DIANE leaves Patty and Chrissy with good excuses; Kt and CK with a hogwild, smurfin ' time; Any, the " be s test buddy award " ... D DIANNE D leaves DIE 2 fast years and the best of luck; Dawn Kath having fun w you know who; Allison at the Spa; Kathy M an " A " for effort; the Ding Dong girls singing at parties .. .DOCTOR BERRY leaves Nancy wth Salle memory and lots of food; MC in a trunk with water and Clyde 1; Kim wanting Bro Peter John; Nancy Joe with steamed windows and locked doors; Jansky a subscription to TV Guide; Al, a bottle of maple sy rup; SS alone with NS; Suzanne, a shriiqi cocktail; Crazy and Doll wit with some " skies " at parties . . . DONNA D leaves Debbie F without Mark forever; Steven T, another month with Miss G Cathy M sitting at the air- port; Ronny D, the lost one in high school; Jeff D the blue truck; Robyn G, sitting by " the rock " ; Swartzie many more solar beatings; Mark A, many more good talks; Cheryl another all-nighter .DONNA T leaves Mr. I my personality; Mr. Woody ' Shout it Out ' : Lynda my dog; Stacey with my clean mind. . ED M leaves Brian a Smith Wesson 38 special; Jackie, an Alice Cooper concert ticket; Joh, a black belt; Tim, a Mohawk; Pam, a sink; to the gang, a round of bar room buds and memories... EDDIE S leaves Karen D a Led Zeppelin collection a dozen roses; Tom M, a Nautilis membership; Diane M, a new car; Kevin S, a Chrysler; Kim L, a Jeep (I978CJ5); Lisa S, my knees; Carolyn D, driver ' s license; Carolyn W, the Merriam- Webster citation dictionary; Karen F, vision, my eyes... ELAINE leaves Judy T at N.E. with S; Carmela looking for tickets upstairs; Russ, a locker filled with green eeks Judy F, a new car; Mary working 5 jobs; Sharon at the table before school; Kim, an Alpine ski vacation; Kris in A409; Pris as a sax symbol.. EMILY M leaves Julie T no more aggravating days in computers; Denise , a bottle of Vodka to enjoy; Allison G first prize for Bette Midler look-alike; Karen 0, a promise to take care of David next year; Ben, our friend- ship for always; Lauren, the many convo ' s . . . FRANCIE leaves Karen our sophomore " vacation " from school; Lisa, a good knee to stand on; Dizzy, an un- forgettable night; BS an accident on ice; Carter MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 25 falling down my brook; Starsky (Eddie D) hiding down the lake with Hutch; IJ and Carolyn W my fingers to fight over; Billy another " conference time " ; the guys their own " boozemobile " to cruise in; Keith L to be a golf pro..o GAIL leaves Mr. lacobacci life-time supply of Get- Happy pills; TLJ having fun at DJB; Ziggy, lots of fun at SHS; Diane, memories of a friendship; Mrs. Patterson with all the gossip of the D hr class not to be repeated. . .GUS leaves Risa, a one-way ticket to NY; Laurinda, a new car; Mrs. Dolan with an idea for a show and another director; Susie with a kiss and a byte; Mr. McCormick, the rights to my movie; Billy, with a cooperative cast; Liz, tickets to a Broadway show... HOLLY 2 leaves Donna L, fights, memories of you-know-who ; Terri C, a dorito bag, Mike, flat tire, ZZtop; Sue M, apartment, the log, Plymouth in the blue monte ; Paula N, Easter egg; Debra L, Ray, getting along, good talks; Julie T, talks , drive-ins with Robyn, Home -ec .. .HOLLY DONNA leave JPD the drive- ins with a special friend... JACKIE B leaves John M and Jeff P a pack of gum; Geepa, an extra set of car keys; Debbie B with Mike; Karen N, something in my pocket, Ann C a maid; Sue G, a jar of peanut butter; Marie D at Mama ' s .. .JANE F leaves Stacey my good grades; Mary a red notebook; Wendy, a car that works; Michelle, another night in Sharon; Nancy, a summer full of chases; Paula a muzzle; Bill at his wild parties .. .JOHN B leaves Mike S yellow pencils and a year ' s supply of fun to fill the briefcase; Joe B, a moped to drive someone else on; Pris G a poster-sized picture of JL; Steve K, Paul M, Ken K, and Otis lost on the golf course; Mark T the script to " One Flew Over... " ; Dans a fat man and m laughing hysterically in every movie you see . . . JANE H leaves Barb A a cap and gown; Mark L, pedicture; Jessica K, Rella-Dymph; the A J ' s and a G at Ann ' s place Mr. Ed a 2 pencil from Tom Mc; The Class of ' 83, future reunions . o .JANSKY leaves Tiger lots of love, excellent memories; Mary, all times good and bad; Nancy, Psych II; Kim, of course, Al; Lisa commons; Suzanne, reality; Paul, a happy meal; John M, a new car .. .JESSICA leaves Kelly directions to 203 a great senior yr; Lee, a life supply of rags; Dob, a one-way ticket to Syracuse; Wench, the best wkends w whoever; Billy, 365 prs of Calvins; John, memories of " Dolly " ; Jane-Dymph, a syringe and her own roller rink; senior class, all the best in the future... JIM B leaves Debby C her pocket mirror; Paula, the song " I ' m guilty " ; Keith the name " Steve " ; Soup, , memories of Thanksgiving; Paul, my good advice; Karen F, her broken pen; Ed, a successful career in golf; all " the girls " my love . . . JIMMY M leaves Terri T Priscilla G a jar of mayo a whole day @ Arlys; Mark R a mirror and a crown; Jimmy D all the fceshmen girls; Priscilla G, a broken type- writer; Allison G, new dancing shoes lotsa luck; Mrs. D, never again on crutches .. .JOANNE Mc leaves Miss n all the thanks in the world; Jo and Te leave Ms H one cigarette and a lot of smoke; Mr. M, an invitation to Terri ' s next wild party; Nora Lee C, friendship and a drive-away window from Burger King; thanks to Jo, Te, Ju, Pat, Brenda, Jaye, G Glenn, and Ricky... JODI R leaves Jennifer L a softball Russel a car to drive to school; Missy on top with an orange; Lisa G, eternity; Don Young, a chip of the ole nose; Debi and Dave to each other . . . JOHN C leaves modesty to Bob J; 10 arrows and a water tower to Bob A; Jim, some coordination; Mr. W, some on-time labs (about 2); Beasley, Jim, Greg, ' " " gotta go hom " ; everyone, my nicknames , . .JOHNNY G leaves Debbie " all ray love " ; Canton crying over Thanks- giving; Markie, beer cans at Schaeffer; Davey G, a car to fall off of; H3, a chin.,„ JUDY F leaves Elaine N a late paper; Kim C, an argumetlt- with CV; Judy T, 3 extra inches; Mary H, explicit direc :ions to NQ; Sharon C,, a well-needed vacation; Dave F, A ' s and B ' s; Carmela V, embarrassing questions; Doc, a funny joke; Pris, an under- standing employer . o o JULES leaves Robs, Muz, and Rich with many fond memories of the Awesome Foursome; Donna D, drinking until 6; Robyn with 8 fantastic yrs; Mary Beth with her own Ferrari; Denise with absolutely nothing; Donna L on the roof with one more year; Muz, all my love... PAGE 26 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 JUDY T leaves Mr. Sarno my Daphnia; Sue G, Tom Petty on the spur of the moment ; Dave F, a PRTO tie for RY; Elaine N, an Honorary Martian pin; Carmela V, our mail truck; Kim C, free passes to the tuBtle aides ; Mary H in Northborough with 67c; Judy F a case of Moutain Dew; bharon C the location of Drug Fair ' s bombs in Osco. o » KAREN leaves SHS with 4 yrs of memories; Mr. G, a million gummy bears; Mr. Mc, a masters degree; jspecial friends, a world of happiness; the guys in first lunch drooling; KM, Mro Perry as an in-law; My smoking buddies, 10 min. and a carton of butts; DG, the " leggs " lady; SHS, 3 more of us to go ...KAREN D leaves Billy S funk music which we all know he loves! Karen F, 9 yrs of friendship; Debby C, a yearbook; Lisa S, 2 good knees Carolyn D, a Norwegian hunk; Carolyn W, a memory; Kim L, a red convertible; KAREN 0 leaves David all her love and all their great times together to remember; Emily, stilts; Diane Gail, a broken car door; Julie nothing; Mr. Z, the cleaning bill for my shirt...KATHY M leaves Steph ' a mother " ; Paul in a container; Annie P, a stick of butter;. Ann C, a walk to the Spa; Tara and Scott, singing lessons; Kim, lots of tuttlenecks; the boys, a couples cases. . .KATHY P leaves Artie all my love; Julie, my 7 a.m. wake-up calls to some- body else; ])6nna, all our personal phone calls; Mro W, my pass to allow another lucky student into Commons... KEITH leaves Eileen and Emily, good taste; the girls, love and kisses; Soup, $5 for the " bet " ; Burl, all of the best; Darin, smellyhands; Ed, one more major than Jack; Marie, Paul M...KIMBERLY C leaves Wendy, happiness, good times the best of everything; the gang, fond memories of times shared; Mrs. Campbell, a special fxiend to gab with; Mr. D, large print math book and my gratitude; a lucky senior, my fantastically decorated locker; Bill Paul, syntactical errors; SHS, class spirit, many thanks to the super teaphers; SADD, best of luck in getting the message across... KIMBERLY ANN C leaves Nancy s her car, unregistered; Al with his long hair; Eddy and Anthony with 3 more yrs; Donna B a six pack; John M, his muffler and his brakes; Al with his ugly pants; Mary C with the nunhood; Billy C 2 more yrs; Al his Karate class ...KIM L leaves Denise directions to Duxbury Beach; Franci Diane, mirrors; Whitey, Fanueil Hall directions, not to the air- port; Doherty Lauren, salads Carolyn, a foreigner; Buddy, a real car, not a matchbox; Darin S " big wet one " ; Richard a " how-to book " . . . KRAZY KRN K leaves Joyce all my love and dreams; Joyce, my locker; Big Mac, my shirt; Ron, the band; Anth, pnany caterpillars; Jeff, my energy dome; Hirsh, 3 wooblies and eeks ; Tony, a deep voice; the drummers, the drill team minus Joyce... KRIS C leaves Pris a job, an ear, and Kupie, Krisket, Kip, and Jane; Kim, a chauffe-ur; Mike, a new ward- robe:, a bigger staff, and a new " super " boss; Sharon, " onion ring runs " ; Squeeler, a another aloof letter; Carmela with an answer to " What? " ; Susan, 3 more yrs of success; Commarlder to become a captain LAUREN W leaves Brother Mike my alarm clock; Cousin Merrill, my tapshoes; all my friends, good luck, good humor and all the good times we knew; Carolyn W, my snow boots. . oLAURINDA D leaves Jackie B a patch of ice; Debby B, an extra $7.69; Sheila K, a certain drive; Susan G, more pounds and that ' s it — I; Marie D and Stephanie C a swimming pool at 3 a.m.; Allison, at Illusions; Dianne, a job; Joe G, some extra change .. .LINDA M leaves Dave all my love; Paul, the " Beach " ; Tom, all I owe him in pennies; Rainy, a special some one; Daryl with Rick always; Corinne, a solution to all her problems; Jim, his ego; Janet Tracy, 3 more yrs.; Terry-Ann, her own record collection to scratch... LISA C leaves Susan Mc a show shower rod that doesn ' t fall and long talks; Karry N, a car that doesn ' t stall and at least one parking space; the rest of the Ding Dong Girls all the bud pounders that the want; Trisha S, parties where she ' ll have a good time; Kathy F, all he exci tement she can handle at Shaw ' s..o LISA L leaves Ding Dong girls love and a special thanks for all the great times; Susie M, a ride home; Steve A, lots of love; Cheryl K, funyons forever; Annie P, all the " apple jacks " she can eat; Kim L, a cure for her big mouth and the droopies; Kimba from the DDG ' s, an uninterrupted night with ED a at Pratts . . .LISA S leaves Karen F and Karen D happy memories; Diane M, S M Magazines; Carolyn D, sound sleep; Denise 0, a band; Debbie C, the kiss at Carolyn ' s party; the guys, another brute to fight with.. MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 27 LORRAINE (RAINY) CAMUSO leaves Miss Buckley a dozen roses during F- and G-hrs; Linda with Dave; Ellen the best of luck and all the field hockey and softball games she wants; Tom, a million cowboy hats and listening to the " South " ; Paul, all the psychedelic ties he wants; Dave with his Cadillac; Gary, Ivy, and Jennifer, all my love and thanks; NOralee with Kenny; Barbara and Cathy the best of lucko . « MARC S leaves Robyn a " favor " and my car ' Dee, her whip; Dave, a shaving kit; Daryl, a weekend with Rich; Irene, an early breakfast; Kathy, Acctng II; Christine, a leather Teddy ,, ,)4ARlA 0 leaves Angela a cure for the wedges; Debi in hell Otherwise known as cheering camp); Mary Beth, a Ferrari along with a slow gin party; Robyn a road trip; Jodi to Laryy; Tracey, my ring; Tonia, good luck the next 3 years; Katie, a skunk and plenty of tomato juiee; Debbie another rally .. ..MAJIJA-LIISA leaves Mrs, O ' D sunshine and laughter; Gina our third lunch; Kim, my shadow in math class; Chris, a big bottle of champagne; Mrs. B, Mr Homer, Mr Hylander, Mr Gormley Mr. Medeiros, a Finnish hug; Lally, alifetine contract of sisterhood . , . MARK L leavines Steve L a joke book and a New Year ' s Eve; Joe Z, chicken coop wire the summer of ' 82; Canton Hi, a memorable Thanksgiving; Yolanda, roses and rubber feet; Alison G, sorry about the date and the lO-yr reunion party; Todd, 3 more yrs of memories at SHS; Deb, a hug, " a kiss and all my love; Jane, falling down stairs the best friend I ever had; Mr McC, Miss B, peace, quiet peace of mind ., .MARY BETH leaves the mouth thanks for a great friendship; Holly, mylanta and the mommy treat- ment; Risa a show each night featuring TNT; Cheryl and Deb memories of a great freshman year; Missy falling and much thanks for the advice ; Sandy tipping sailboats off Onset.. Mary H leaves Elaine N a shot of whiskey; Juty T at LaBrill Bar with 2 at 3 for $1 ; Carmela V, an unexpalnable scene; Judy F, a set of steel belted radials; Kim C, a program that works; Sharon C a break from work; Priscilla G, her own gym locker and dressing room; Mr. I a success successful argument with J.T. MIKE B leaves Dehby B with 4 excellent yrs; Donna M with " a sorry " ; Karen M, excellent memories; Cheryl K vith lots ,of love; Dave Weeks with a Why???... MIKE S leaves Mr C a supply of silly straws; Jeff P, a physics lab and cheese erasers; Kris C, a superman suit; John B, Monarch notes and an inter- view with the director of " Arthur " ; Dennis M, a modeling career for Playboy; a certain freshman girl a box of IBM computer paper for her computer readouts... MISSY leaves Alison, a quarter, 2 black labels; Mary Beth, Twinkies in Avon; Risa in the truck with Yokon Jack; Rich D, mya " special " T-shirt; David G Duke , always happy; Jodi on the boottom... MOTHER MARY leaves John, Wendy with a shotgun; Kim, Al on time with short hair; Nanci, NESH blind dates; Wendy Janey, oranges in physics; Doc, finishing an entire six; Dad, not seeing me around campus ; Suzanne , a picture party with brownies; Jansky, a repair bill for bone china; Lisa Paula Walla, Nantucket... NANCY 0 leaves Nancy S mej;pories of the " Doberman Pinscher incident " and the legion; -Lisa K a bag of Doritos, memories of Friday night strolls tothe Spa; Suzanne P, an alarm clocks that cranks; Crazy Janie, memories of " Ihe Chase, " a bouquet of flowers from your favorite florist; Donna B, a hot fudge Sundae; Mary Mc memories of CYO meetings; Brother Bob, a smile; and the best for last to Joseph, my love... NANCY S leaves Mary C st:uck in an elevator, walking behind Peter and a blind date; Mary and John rolling in the sand at Roman Holiday; Kim C the facts of life, memories of the dance she doesn ' t remember, getting btisted w .butts; Donna B, Charlie Brown, a dozen donuts and sweating at Women ' s World ...NORALEE C Idaves J6Anne, my little sister, all my friendship; Kenny, all my love; Barbara A, good times missed, I ' m sorry; Donna B, my ring when you see it . . . PAULA C leaves Kathy Mc in a container; Steph all her putty; Cindy with Joe; Debbie a kiss on the butt; Burl my body; Stefanie a torpedo a pink bike; Billy Mace whips.. PAULA W leaves Wendy a car that won ' t fall apart; Julie with Baby Jim on April 1st; long-legged Mary killing mopeds on Nantucket; Suzanne long and lost forever; Stacey PAGE 28 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 a new deck of cards; Jansky, beagles for breakfast... PAUL M leaves Steve a a serve and tickets to all Northeastern social events; JB, a pedestal; the Band, psycho and Larry Y,.., PEGGY E leaves JoAnn my phone mumber; John " Miracle " M, tomorrow and a piece of gum; JoAnn an organizer; Allison, an eraser Sue C, a gift certificate for the Salvation Army and a free romp at the dump; Donna C a watch; Sue G having gym in the Commons, „ oPRISCILLA G leaves Paul R the copyrights to " Red Hot Coals " ; Laura S gazing at o ir " star " and half-moon fever? Mr M the biggest Herkimer diamond ever; Larry a hug, a smile, and a great big " hiiii " ; Kim, a chauffeur; Kris a jar of peanut butter, a piece of Kryptonite , and a seat on the opposite end of JB in a movie theatre; Sly an empty seat; Squeeler, someone who believes him; Sharon an open invitation to CC and many Coast ie parties; John L the other half of a dollar; Mr. Ed, the StuC the key to the Coke machine; the Gang, late birthday presents and many wonderful pres.ents; Mike Small Fritz, , „ PENNY S leaves Terry T a friendship forever, a second home family, a bag of Boritos John P, a new frisbee, one last hug; Larry P, our never forgotten trip to the ' Olympics Lisa P, a flannel shirt with no buttons missing; Michael W, our special dead frogs; Therese S, one more party at Bob ' s. 0 ,RAINEY leaves a few frosties to everyone at the Country Cl.ub; John M Have F, a pilej)Of Easter candy; Jen at ! obil with Major Billy; Sharon at Register 4 with a life saver; Ken with a new Hoover attachment; Jack with a winning Ilegabucks ticket; Gary baffled in French class... - f JlCH D leaves Tracey all my love and everything green; Robin, sanity to finish high school; Jodi make-up; Mr „ C, all my math iookr; IJonna a friend to sit with in Commons; Ryan, the SHS hockey team; Missy, Emerald City; my skates to Momo.oRISA leaves Robyn a bathroom for each of her sick men; Marybeth a real Ferrari and a date with Tom Selleck; Karyn P, a health spa of her own; Debbie S, a permanent tan; Missy a truck on Chemung hill , ;Cheryl , a butter knife and many memories of 5 13 82, . .ROBYN leaves Jules, Rich with good times, many memories, and a special thanks to each; Swartzie in the tub with a bottle of rum; MB with her own Ferrari, Risa with common sense " stuffed balloons " ;Donna U with many talks; Cheryl Chrissy w many memories; Mike P w a promised road trip moth supply; the Florida girls many more vacations like the last one; my juniors buddies (SR, LW, KC, Km, HM, SS) w a great year ahead; and to all my friends much luck and happiness 0 . , PQ and CK leave OW in a quiet room singing Delta Dawn; PO leaves Diane and Chrissy with a good excuse at Friendly ' s, Steph aggravated for " 40 yrs " Mr Barac all her forged passes; Allison, to the left asking questions; Cheryl right there, bugging el blimpo . „ o SALLY ANN R leaves memories of the DD to Gary; Endomedia directions to Mike; Mr, Monti, diamons and rocks; Cid, purple sink andfloor; to all friends, memories; Mrs. Ledwith, donuts coffee; John, empty coke can; Phil and Greg, algebra homework.,. S C leaves CK and SG a one- way ticket to Tasmania and a pile of bisquits; Karry N and Debby B, a Beezley Doll; LC still trying to beat me at caps, it still nothin ' -nothin " Lee " ; Angie C working at Anton ' s rathole and good luck Patty Q " 44 " of whatever she wants; CK, " thanks Mom " ; Karry N being followid by " you know who " ; finally, CK, a long-awaited sincere apology. . . SHARON leaves the gang best wishesc and good luck; Pris a an escort and a coast ie; Kris, a new " tag-a-long " and " onion-ring " rvins with me; Rainey mag wheels and a few brewskies; the Country Club gang with a Pe i machine full of MOlson ' s; Elaine Mary at StoneKill; Gary an interpreter; Clare two more yrs; Pris, Kris, and Kim a drive-in moyie ,,, SHEILA K leaves ' Laurinda a certain drive; Allison all the geeks she wants; Marie, a j r of Noxema; Tricia Dennis , from Florida; Karry, all the guys in Produce; Debby, memories of fights with Jello; Jackie, a date that never was; JoAnn, memories of freshman year; Ding Dong girls, a lot of memories and the best of luck.,,SOUI C leaves Mom all my love; Linda P, with an early night in (How ' s that Bev?) OW with a term paper; Keith with a little more action than the cheek;. Burl, with a match MAY JUNE 1983 point; Ann P, a phone call fromt 1 ; Fred, with just one night out of the house; Dad with gas money; Foga with all my extra women; DEC a ; bigger car; to my closest friends I leave 4 great years at SHS...STEFANIE A leaves Paula a bill; Cindy with Doc and a roll of life savers; Denise bigger; Terri a prince Carey a lollypop; Stacey without any hassles; Mark a better body; Gary a pool, a cat, and a piece of gumo . STEPHANIE and KATHY leave the boys a night with the Marlbo ' rough girls and three cases of Bud tails; Kim, happiness with John forever; Tara-, a new name Duket; Micha Michael, thanks for always being there... STKPHANIE G leaves my 5 favorite teachers loving memories of me; Paula Mc, all my gpssiping techniques and 2 more fun years at SHS; Danny, 13 months of loving memories. o .STEPHANIE 0 leaves Kathy a very special friend- ship; Annie, 220 pounds of deep, dark, delicious choco- late; Paula, putty and straw berry cream whistle pops; Nancy, the story of my life as told in homeroom; Jodi, the fun times in the Prince ' s room with our kitties; Darrin a long hug; Kim, a hand full of pebbles and a comfortable roof; Poochie, a flexed muscle and a pinch in the butt;. Perky, my sore cheeks from being pinched. „. STEPHEN A leaves the table to SB; the locker to some lacky " A " or " B " ; my note- book to Mr. M; a roll of quarters to DM; dishing to Jerry Don; to Donuts a life; to Lisaba friendship forever; and lastly my love, life, and future to Robin. Steve K leaves many wheat fields to W; a BC transfer to Otis; Paul, dreams of Florida; John, a wonder twin Gary, Heather Viking; OW, a chalk-free vest; SHS, our table; Sue, high math marks; SHS SENIOR FINALE SUE G leaves Margaret E end- lessly looking for gym; Cher Cheryl K, funyons pineapple juice; Steph C, steamers; Al Ally Ka Ka, one last beep at UNH; Cheryl ag Sue ileave Tricia S undefeated good luck; Brother Tog, 3 more years, good luck; Florida girls, friends forever., . SUSAN M leaves Debra L late night talks with Ray, all our fights; Terri C, with Mike, lO-dollar bottles, lawn jobs; Holly Z, leaving school with a smile; Donna L up high ir Plymouth, phone calls; Susan Mc talks with Sue, homeroom for six years; Donna, Debra, Terri, Holly and Sue leave the Rats at home alone. SUZANNE P leaves Donna a camera and a pack of film; Nancy, a lollipop and a box in her closet; Joe, Nancy and " going smokeless " ; Mary, a red notebook and some Vitamin M; Lisa, EF Hutton and " Sundays " ; Bill, a book on " How to Properly Clean Your Squid; Kim, American Studies and asking yoyr own questions . . . TERRI C leaves Stefanie who will win the talkathon contest; Sue, ten dollar bottles; Paula, Kalaka; Hol y her 6 brothers; Deb, Eay; Donna, Thomas; Marg, 4 yrs of friendship; Lisa, job hunting; Chet, my cat. ..TERRY leaves Mr. Barac many thanks; Cuz, my locker if he wants it; Mr. Medeiros a six-pack- of Pepsi; Glenn, a new celiir; Patti with Pluto in the parking lot ; Brenda in the ear with Jimmy; Joanne at her aunt ' s house; Steve in PAGE 29 TERRY T leaves Penny at the White Heron, bermuda and a Korean nightmare ; Gary with his sax; Rich M a nutshell; Mary C a hockey puck; Stacey B alone in A-hr with Louis; Jim M, packet of mayo; Dawn K all my leftovers; Mark L hairy moon.. .TIGER B leaves school with the remembrance of Dave Weeks ; Mr Cullen my dismissal notes; Mike H, a scorpion bowl; Brian Mc $3.75 for an hour of pool; Lori A a mini-skirt Holly B, a new transmission; Jackie M, a map of Boston; Mr. Murphy, a cold Bud; Tim M, keys to my truck. ..TOM S leaves all my homework to " Nazare S; my turtle to Patty Q; everthing else goes to the Anti-Libya movement. o. WALTER R leaves kev 24 Canadian friends; Tom, a Mr. Coffee machines; Dave, an Oldsmobile on 139; Wally D, a Steve Martin tape and a Mopar; Kathy, a red Dart convertible ' and a ride to the train station; Kev, a 6 over easy with grape jelly; Bob, a little kid on a big wheel .. .WENDY DOLL leaves HC, " ' l9ta Aare brewhahas; Billy, all my love; Kim, a portable toilet Donna, more good times with OW; Lisa, great timesin Florida; Jane a way to get John; Paula, more classes next year at BSC; Michael, many memories with Mr. To.. YOLANDA P leaves Jim special memories; D D solar heating; Mark, rubber feet; Steve with a tu-tu; Terri he-she ' s on the beach; Lauren happy beginnings with Mike; TRI new dates; Dee, a bunch of nickles; Michelle a new vet. , . PAGE 30 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 Town Government Day Angela Marotta, Town Manager, and Selectmen Allison Barry, Allison Goodman, Kristin Cody, and Jim Day address the next item on thier agenda at the meeting of the Board of Selectmen. Town Clerk John Beaton As the Police Chief, Karen Lortng learned all Head Librarian Kim Callahan is Instructed by about police work from Officer Gerald Galizio. Ms. Diane Brown. School Committee Chairman Rich Dray and member Prisciiia Qelgis listen to an interesting argument at the School Committee meeting. Hre Department Chief Sheila Keen Is saluted by Lt. Noveiio. Participants In Student Government Day line up t efore assuming their posts. MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 31 Senior Prom Court and •acorts: Kim Crifo, Oaneen Range, Diane Mllla, Queen Llaa Sandler, Tammy McQovern, Donna DIMatteo, Jane Harrington. PAGE 32 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 33 That old, great gang of mine. MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 35 Mr. Tapper holds a secret meeting with his Kevin RIddell awaits the pitch while many other team members must also wait. yearbook publisher from Texas. " School lunch never made us smile. " coming motor boat. PAGE 36 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 The girls show off their super smiles while David Fogarty (bacicground) checlcs things out. doubles partner Nancy Sammarco. MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 37 Senior John Murray accepts award from Principal Anthony Samo, Mr. outstanding season as goalie of the SHS hockey Plunkett and athletic director, Mr. Ray O ' Mally. team. Boosters Club David Jordan ' 83 accepts the 1983 Boosters The 1982 Qlrls ' Tennis team was awarded trophies by the Boosters Club at the annual banquet. Patty Club scholarship from Mr. Joseph Dawe. (The McQowan ' 85, Christine Galley ' 85, Maureen McQowan ' 84, Maura Tector ' 84, Carol Zelbow ' 84, and other recipient was Patty OuattruccI ' 83.) Coach Linda Pierce. NHS Sundae Hart Face Invites you for a " seductive " sundae. Juniors Bill Mootos and Laura Sweeney enjoy their sundaes. PAGE 38 SHS SENIOR FINALE COMMENCEMENT AWARDS - Aane Boot Co., Inc. (Corcoran Plant) Scholarship lames Mootos Arthur L. Donovan Scholarship Stephen Alfano Bob ' s Foodniart of Stoughton Scholarship David Fogarty Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Scholarship Steven Kardon Carol Stone Switzer Memorial Scholarship Sharon Currie David A. Lourie Lodge, Knights of Phythias Hyman S. Kramer Memorial Scholarship Wendy Dolloff David Weeks Memorial Scholarship John Murray Dr. Appleton C. Woodward Memorial Scholarship Maria O ' Connell Dr. Charles H. Cray Memorial Scholarship Judith Thomas Dr. Joseph Harrington English Award Kristin Cody Edward L. Parent Memorial Scholarship David Jordan Edwin A. Jones Prizes Steven Kardon Elaine Norden Fred and Sarah Lipsky Achievement Scholarships Judith Thomas Kimberly Callahan Fred C. Phillips Memorial Scholarship Michael Kreitzberg Harry N. Landman Memorial Scholarships Steven Reardon Donna Berry Heath Consultants Scholarship in Memory of Milton W. Heath, Sr. Brian Rettman Joseph DeVito Memorial Scholarship Lorraine Camuso K of C Lt. Keimeth Donahue Memorial Scholarship James Boudreau Keiuicth C. Fine Memorial Scholarship Christopher Van Haight League of Women Voters of Stoughton Scholarship Award Priscilla Geigis Lodge Alcssandro Volta No. 1712, Sons of Italy Italian- American Civic It Education Association, Inc. Scholarship Nancy Orlando Michael Romanuck VFW Post 1645 Scholarships In Memory and Honor of Past and Present Members of The Michael Romanuck Post 1645, VFW, The Cooties and The Auxiliary. Stoughton, Ma Lorraine Cowgill, Jane Fidler, Sheila Keen, Lisa Lane, John Mone, Emily Morris, Karen O ' Neill, Anthony Silva, Eric Sneider and Davis Suslowicz David Catalano Memorial Scholarshi p Sponsored by The Michael Romanuck VFW Post 1645, Stoughton Michael Bousquet Nora and Dmer H. Southworth History Scholarship Christine Whiffen Portuguese National Club of Stoughton Scholarship Agostinho Campanario, Jr. Randolph Savings Bank Scholarship Elaine Norden Roxie ' s Market Award William Nicholson Shawmut Mills Division of R. H. Wyner Associates, Inc. Scholarship Allison Barry Shaw ' s Market Scholarship Peggy Earle Simeone Stone Corporation Scholarship Paul Meskonis Stoughton Art Association Scholarship Scott Mellyn Stoughton Association for Exceptional Citizens Scholarship Fred Minsker Stoughton Boosters Club Scholarships Robert G. Klim Memorial Scholarship David Jordan Patricia Quattrucci Stoughton Chamber of Commerce James A. Kell Memorial Scholarship Mary Hart Stoughton Chapter National Honor Sodety Award Lisa Snyder Linda Moraski Stoughton Fair Housing and Human Rights Association Scholarship Leonard Johnson III Stoughton High School Music Scholarship James Day David Hirschom Stoughton High School Student Council Scholarships Christine Kelleher Priscilla Geigis CLASS NIGHT AWARDS — June 1, 1983 Bausch Lomb Science Award Judith Thomas D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award Priscilla Geigis Dry Pond Association Award Diane Mills Heldbrook Young Woman ' s Club Award Angela Marotta Henry W. Wilson Memorial Award Brian Rettman National Merit Scholarship Program Awards: Finalist Elaine Norden Letters of Commendation James Boudreau, Kenneth Kalen, Steven Kardon, Paul Meskonis, Judith Thomas and Christopher Van Haight Stoughton High School International Club Awards (3) Kristin Cody, Sharon Currie and Paul Guiney Stoughton High School Achievement Medals Art Gina Santoro Business Education Allison Barry Oramatics Jessica Kerwin English Elaine Norden Foreign Language Lorraine Cowgill Home Economics Kimberly Lamplough Industrial Arts Thomas Swenson Instrumental Music Mark Reppucci foumalism Kristin Cody Mathematics Steven Kardon Physical Education (Boys) Michael Cobb Physical Education (Girls) Karen Vincent Science Judith Thomas Social Studies James Burley Technical Drawing Lawrence Merola Vocal Music James Mootos MAY JUNE 1983 June 3, 1983 Stoughton Lions Club Scholarship Nancy Sammarco Mark Reppucci Stoughton Little League Scholarship In Memory of David Catalano Thomas Baeta Stoughton Little League Scholarship In Memory of Paul Pushee James Burley Stoughton Lodge No. 72 lOOF Scholarship Allison Goodman Stoughton Lodge No. 150, Knights of Pythias Myron E. Garber Award Michael Small Stoughton Minerva Lodge Daughters of Italy Scholarship Donna DiMatteo Stoughton P.T.A. Scholarship Jennifer Griffin Stoughton Public Works Employees Association Scholarship Mark Reppucci Stoughton Rotary Club Scholarship John Loughnane Stoughton School Secretaries Clerks Assn. Scholarship Allison Barry Stoughton Sitter Service Scholarship Laura Poshkus Stoughton Teachers Association Scholarships Priscilla Geigis, Paul Guinery, Jr.; John Loughnaiw and Nancy Sammarco Stoughton Woman ' s Club Scholarship Priscilla Geigis and Judith Fahy Stoughton Youth Athletic Club Scholarship In Memory of Mr. Robert Klim Cheryl Klim Tracy R. Madan Memorial Scholarship Steven Levine William R. Perdigao Memorial Scholarship Darlene Medeiros Stoughton Historical Society John E. Flynn Memorial Award Winner to be announced at a later date Stoughton Jaycecs Scholarship Kimberly Crifo Stoughton High School Thespian Scholarship Agostinho Campanario, Jr. John Beaton, Jr. Stoughton High School Scholarship Fund Award Elaine Norden, Paul Guiney, Jr.; Julie Tareco, Brian Bettencourt. Paul Fasano. Kenneth Kalen. lr.:_Steyen Kardon, Michael Lennon, Ann Pellegrino and Maria Carmela Valiente JUNE Five contecutiv days of fighting In N«w England . . . Tha Intarnational Thasplan Society Invades Lebanon . . . eight new memlMrs are Inducted into the National Honor Society causing flooding and deatruc- tlon . . . John Qalanis defeated Qerry Cooney . . . John Veliotis, Junior Bunson and Eric Saperstein decimated ttte Quality of Life . . . President of the class of IMS Lisa Sandler crowns prom queen Steve Alfano ... the girls ' tennis team reaches the quarterfinals of the NCAA t askett all tourna- ment . . . yeart ooks arrive In Israel ... Alt school subjects were a disastef . . . a 21-gun salute with water pistols to ' 83. — The Weary StoH MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 39 Si 4 The Concert Choir entertains the guests at Class Night., Senior relax and converse with friends during the reception following Class Night sponsored by the Class of 1984. Awaiting Class Night Exercises are (Front) Lauren Wiseman, Kim Lamplough, Lisa Snelder, Karen Francioso, Diane Mills; (Rear) Debbie Carter, Carolyn Donoghue, David Jordan, Karen Doherty, Eddie Sheehan, Tom McCann, B ill Mace. Darin Jordan peeks through Tom McCann and Mike PIres. Judy Thomas Angela Marotta Kris Cody Jim Boudreau PAGE 40 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 Joseph Harrtngton gather to make sura that Mika Small la getting out (and slays out?). Jim Burley received traditional congratula- While Leonard Johnson receives warmer And waiting for their congratulations are tlons from Mrs. Rosana Mollnarl of the School congratulations . . . Paula WerkowskI and Julie Weniel. Committee . . . MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 41 Thoughts while waiting for th«t final momant to start: " Wa will now have a moment of medita- tion ... P. A. announcements . . . Report to the attendance office . . . Students of the following teachers will report to the commons . . . Sessions today are In Room . . . And here Is Sports Up- date ... A mandatory meeting will be held . . . " Steve Alfano Qreetlngs Kim Crifo Class Response Mr. Anthony Samo Principal Rev. Ernest Qelgis Class Advisor Leonard CIdado offers hand in congratulations as the line moves up to the stand. Qua Campanarlo Christoph Kugler Stephanie Clulia Jane Harrington The hats sail Into the air signalling that It ' s all over and " we ' re outta here. " PAGE 42 Cassie April paced back and forth over the freshly waxed floor tile, staring at the ele- vator door. She extinguished the cigarette she had just lit a moment before into a standing ashtray. Right above the ashtray was the " up " button to the elevator, which she was tempted to press, until her husband slipped his arm into hers, leading her to a spot by the fire extinguisher, and directly below an intercom system. " Don ' t worry, April— she ' s coming down soon. " A robot-like voice shook the speaker and startled April. " Dr. Mescowitz to psychiatric. Dr. Mescowitz to psychiatric. " April laughed nervously. " You know, Frank, I ' ll bet that girl is a computer. " She looked at the speaker. " They ' re all com- puters in here. Robots. Uncaring robots. " She looked down the hall to see a small child in white in a wheelchair being guided down the corridor by a well-kept doctor. They were followed by a brisk, efficient nurse carying antiseptics. The whole thing seemed terribly unclean to April. Her eyes followed the three figures as she spoke. " A picture of who? " " Of Cassie. I was looking through her school papers and I found a picture of her— on the balance beam. She ' ll be a ter- rific gymnast. Don ' y you think so? I could never do half the things she does— all those cartwheels and handstands . . . She was going to try out for the gymnastics team at school before . . . the accident. " Frank drew closer to April. He could feel her heart pumping, and he saw a faint quiver in her lips. He thought of Cassie. She was tall for a girl of fifteen, or more likely sixteen. He wasn ' t really sure of her age. He looked at April. He finally noticed the wrinkles that she had constantly been complaining about. April sighed. " She was the prettiest girl SHS SENIOR FINALE INTRANiURAL WRITING in her class. " " She looks just like her mother, " Frank replied. April and Cassie looked nothing alike. " Oh, Frank, where is she? It ' s bee n eight minutes. Surely it doesn ' t take eight minutes to go up one flight and bring a girl down— Dr. Austin said he ' d— " She stopped abruptly as the elevator door began to open. She walked rapidly toward it as a stout, important-looking man in a doctor ' s coat came off the ele- vator and slowly walked toward the couple. April demanded, " Dr. Austin, where ' s Cassie? You said you ' d bring her down to- " Dr. Austin said patiently, " I know. I ' d forgotten that she was in therapy with Dr. Rivers. She ' ll be down shortly. Now you just relax and— " " Dr. Austin, Cassie ' s coming home with us. Today. " " Now, Mrs. Wagner, we ' ve been over this before. Cassie isn ' t in any condition to leave the hospital. " " I ' ve seen her. She ' s fine. " " You know what I mean. She ' s under great emotional stress. We ' ve kept her under observation and run some tests to- " " We are not paying six-hundred dollars a week for you to ' observe ' her and ' run tests. ' The truth is, you haven ' t done a thing for her, and are too damned scared to admit it. She ' d be much more comfort- able at home than in this morgue. " Frank took her hand. " Darling, maybe you should— " " Don ' t lecture me. We ' ve tried it your way and it hasn ' t worked. My baby is com- ing home. " Dr. Austin cleared his throat uneasily. " Mrs. Wagner, Cassie has been through severe trauma. She lost her best friend in that car accident. Now that is very diffi- cult for a sixteen-year-old to accept. Taking her home won ' t cure her. " " Keeping her here won ' t help either. " Frank turned to her. " April, you ' ve got to- " MAY JUNE 1983 COMPETITION FINALISTS: " And you! You ' re the one who let her go out that night in the first place! Do you realize that this would never have hap- pened if— " April stopped in midstream. She cupped her hands over her eyes as Frank embraced her. " Doctor, " Frank asked, " what do you think we should do? " Dr. Austin paused. " Dr. Rivers and I both feel that your daughter will be much better off in Lakeview than here in Faulkner Memorial. They have treatment centers there that— " Frank interrupted, " How long do you think it would take to— " " About six months, I ' d say. However, the cost would be— " " The money means nothing. " " Of course, the decision is yours. You could still bring Cassie home. " Frank turned confidentially to April. " Honey, you know Cassie needs help. " " But we can help her, Frank. I can help her. " " April, this isn ' t like teaching her how to do cartwheels. She has got to learn how to cope. " " I know, but . . . I love her, Frank. " " So do I. We must do it for her. " " Frank— if Cassie . . . seems to be all right, can she come back to us? " " April, dear, I . . . you know— " " I can ' t lose my baby, Frank. I just can ' t lose . . . my . . . baby ... " April ' s voice trailed off as the elevator door opened and Cassie walked out with Dr. Rivers. Cassie was a tall, plain, blonde-haired girl. Dr. Rivers had very little hair, which he pulled over to one side in a desperate attempt to hide a bald spot. April ran to Cassie. " Cassie! My baby! " " Hello, Mother. " " You look beautiful. " " Thanks. How are you? " " Just fine. Oh, how I ' ve been dying to see you. I know the— accident— has been hard on you . . . " " I don ' t want to talk about it. " " I understand. You ' ve been through so much. I ' m so sorry about Jackie. Her par- ents were— " " I said I don ' t want to talk about it. " April smiled and held Cassie. " I know, dear. I ' m sorry. " Frank stood behind April. " I hear you haven ' t been eating very much, Cassie. " " I ' m not hungry. " Frank squeezed April ' s waist. " Pretty soon you ' ll be skinnier than your mother. " Cassie said irritatedly, " I ' m just not that hungry. " April hugged Cassie. " Stop badgering the poor girl. Cassie, would you like to come shopping with me sometime soon- next Saturday, maybe? " MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 43 " r m not going anywhere in a car . " April frowned. " You mean you don ' t want to buy any new clothes? I can ' t be- lieve my ears. Very well, we ' ll go by foot. " The two doctors consulted with each other under the speaker as the voice came blaring through the corridor again. " Dr. Mescowitz to psychiatric, please. Dr. Mescowitz to psychiatric. " " I ' ve heard you ' ve done some drawings this week, " Frank said to Cassie. " Can I see them sometime? " " Sometime. " Cassie walked over to a picture of a rose and examined it. Dr. Austin approached Frank and April and spoke so that Cassie couldn ' t hear. " Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, have you reached your decision? " April looked at Cassie. She loved that girl. She could help her. But she wanted what was best for her. Could six months at Lakeview really help? She felt torn apart inside. She looked at the speaker as if it could help her in her decision, or interrupt her once more so she could delay her reply. She pulled back her hair until it began to hurt her scalp. She looked at her husband and then down on the floor. Her eyes rose and she looked once more at Cassie. This time she spoke. " Pack your things, Cassie. You ' re com- ing home. " Billy Mootos ' 84 The Hunter The hunter emerged from his Cadillac, neglecting to turn the lights off. Dawn was breaking on a frigid November morning. The icy air bit at his face with teeth of stone, but the hunter knew if he could over- come the bitter cold an abundance of deer were waiting in the forest, waiting to fall at the mercy of his powerful trigger. He crept among the green pines, begin- ning his mapped trek into the mountains from the parking area built by the axes of men. He was clothed in a wool coat and leather boots, on his head was a coonskin cap, and in his hands was a double-barrel shotgun he had just polished. The hunter left his tuna sandwich and potato chips in the car, but he took along a thermos of hot coffee his daughter had graciously brewed up. The hunter ' s son had begged him end- lessly to take part in the hunt, but the trip would be dangerous. His son stayed at home. His wife left him alone three months ago. He returned from a hunting trip late one evening and she was gone. A note was left on the kitchen table saying, " Too many late nights at the office. " The kids cried for days, but the hunter was strong. He merely loiters at the local bar a little longer now. His daughter makes his coffee. The steel shank of his boots penetrated the eight inches of snow which fell in the mountains the night before. He was care- ful to follow the markings on the trees for a man could easily become lost in the un- charted regions. After trudging through a small, black area where a campfire had carelessly burned out of control, he spied a perfect palm tree for his purpose. He waited, hiding himself among the tangled branches. The hunter waited in that same place for what seemed like hours. He nearly dozed off into a peaceful sleep, but the loud crash of a fallen branch deep in the hushed forest startled him. He remembered a small flask of brandy the guys at the office had given him for being recognized as " em- ployee of the month. " Removing it from his coat pocket, he downed the entire por- tion of the redolent beverage. The forest trees stood as if petrified, and dusk was beginning to set in. The hunter decided to return to his car. He failed to understand why not a single deer had roamed near his hiding place throughout the entire day. The coffee thermos and brandy flask were both dry, and he was hungry. The hunter began fol- lowing the bright red markings which led to the parking lot. Suddenly he heard the snap of a twig in the distance. He pivoted quickly and readied his gun. Darting behind a large tree only a short distance away was a brown object. Hoping to save the day from being a total loss, the hunter began to fol- low at a brisk pace. Scampering quietly in- to the woods he scanned the area in an ef- fort to regain the sight of the brown object. The sound of footsteps running through the snow came from a cluster of pines. He again followed. The hunter hesitated momentarily upon reaching the group of pines. If he were un- able to capture the deer that he was pursu- ing, he thought to himself, darkness would soon set in. Without a supply of food and warmth, darkness in the mountains meant certain death to the lost sportsman. He contemplated returning to the parking lot and the safety of his Cadillac with the deer- skin seat covers. He turned to end his pur- suit but then thought of the disappointed faces of his children which would confront him if he returned without a trophy. The hunter again stalked the figure. Minutes later he spied the head of the figure protruding from the trunk of a tree. The figure slipped behind a large rock, the hunter rais his weapon. The bullet pierced through the dusk with a blast that shook the entire forest. A loud cry im- mediately followed. It was a hit! A shot that would turn the guys at the club green with envy. His mission was done, now he would race against time and the blackness of the mountain night. The hunter sprinted toward the rock. From behind the boulder blood was trickling and staining the pure white snow. He danced behind the rock to retrieve his prize. He reached for the carcass to sling it over his shoulder, and then stopped. In overwhelming horror, he fell backward into the snow, his mouth open and his eyes bulging with terror. Lying in the pool of blood was not the remains of a deer, but the corpse of a man. He lay there motionless, staring at the red snow. Astonished and trembling with fear, he lapsed into an unconscious state. He was awakened by the cry of an animal in the deep forest. Shaking in confusion, the hunter went into a panic, screaming desperately for help. When no one an- swered, he turned to run for his car. The red markings were gone, however, and the forest was as black as ink. The tempera- ture would dip below five degrees in the evening, and the harsh cold was beginning to bite at his wool coat. The hunter reached for his coffee, but he had dropped the thermos in the chase. In his pocket he uncovered a small spade which he used to build campfires. He was unable to feel it with his purple fingertips. Wondering if the people back home would believe his story concerning the hunting accident, thoughts of imprisonment and punishment entered his mind. He had to conceal the evidence. He had to bury the man in the brown coat and dispose of the blood-stained snow. His small spade sloshed through the PAGE 44 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 snow and clanged at the cold ground. He repeatedly attempted to break the icy ground to no avail. Hurling the spade in disgust, he picked up the corpse of the young man and slung it over his shoulder. The hunter rushed blindly into the dark- ness, banging into trees and colliding with branches. He stumbled but clung tightly to the dead man in his arms. He finally fell, hitting the earth with a cold thud and dropping the hated corpse into the snow. When the hunter awoke, dawn was breaking on the horizon. His body shud- dered with the pain of frostbite. He stood and gazed at the sunrise, surveying the area. To his sudden surprise, the dead man was nowhere to be found. He panicked momentarily, for fear he might have wandered away from the place he had dropped the corpse. An imprint in the snow led to the edge of a cliff only a few feet away. To his relief the hunter surmised that the evil body had been accidentally thrown off the chff . Although he had never adhered to religious beUefs, he thanked God for saving him from a similar fate. The hunter then realized he was dying, although he was quite happy that the corpse had been totally disposed of. He wandered in a desperate attempt to find a tree marking which would lead him back to the warmth of his Cadillac. If he had re- linquished the pursuit of the brown figure, he thought, he would be enjoying the com- forts of home at this very moment. He thought of his coveted prize which would never hang over his fireplace. The dead man in the brown coat had gotten what he deserved. Suddenly he spied a red marking on a nearby tree. He jumped for joy as the morning sun warmed his frost-bitten fingers. Galloping happily along the rows of trees sporting red markers, he could see the dim car lights in the distance. The hunter ran to the car and nestled himself into the cold, deerskin seat. He removed his spare keys from their hiding place and placed them in the ignition. He dreamed of the hot dinner his daughter would cook for him upon his arrival. He reached for a cold cup of coffee he had saved from the day before. To his surprise, the coffee was piping hot, as hot as his wife always used to make it long ago. The hunter decided to warm his in- sides with the brew and forget about how the hot coffee mysteriously replaced the drink he he had purchased. Suddenly, as he raised the cup to his lips, a hand flashed out from behind him. The hand snatched the cup and poured the steaming hot coffee into the hunter ' s face. The hunter screamed in pain as a carving knife was slowly drawn across his throat. And a brown figure disappeared into the forest. Paul Masalsky ' 84 Quality of Life The term " quality of life " is one that draws upon one ' s ideology of a paradisiacal society. A community in which life and the environment were pure and simple. A time with no economic squeezes upon the people and a time when the family was the key to society. The ideal " quality of life " is one where young, freckled-faced children run along a dirt road in bare feet. A society with old women at the church playing Bingo every night while their husbands sit at home on the front porch smoking their pipes and telling stories from their childhood. Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain is a novel that illustrates the pure American way of life with its country setting, rustic language, and likeable characters. The setting of Tom Sawyer is perhaps the key to its projection as the model community. The " quality of life " then was harmonic and mellifluous with the birds chirping in Student Council Thanks Priscllla Qelgis Chrlssy Kelleher Allison Barry Debbie Swartz Allison Qoodman Terry Thompson Carolyn White Joe Spencer Brian Bettencourt Marie OmohowskI Maria O ' Connell JodI Roseman Mark ReppuccI The entire Student Council thanks MR. DONALD EOMONSTON For his tremendous guidance and leadership throughout the year the willow tree as it gently swayed in the soft, warm breeze while the sound of a rippling brook lullabies an infant to sleep in a carriage by the birdbath. Surrounded by white picket fences, the houses of Tom Sawyer stand robust and firm while the shutters can be heard creaking by the family sitting beside the fireplace in the humid summer evening. Tom Sawyer is the ideal picture of " the quality of life " I would prefer. Today ' s " quality of life " is greatly deteriorating and all the attributes of it are non-existent. Ernest Hemingway, in his short story. Big Two-Hearted River, pro- vides a degree of excellence the " quality of hfe " should possess— an all natural en- vironment, with animated colors and lavish surroundings, unlike today where the drab gray color of skyscrapers cast a gloomy shadow on the persons passing by. In Big Two-Hearted River, Nick Adams goes on a hike into " the kingdom of nature " where the colorful leaves of autumn reign over a forest of chlorophyll- green plants. The " quality of hfe " should be unspoiled by civilization. It should be natural and undisturbed as the forest and meadows of Big Two-Hearted River are. The " quahty of life " in Big Two-Hearted River is perfect for this idealist. The sanctity of nature is preserved while today the " hustle and bustle " of the expanding city engulfs the flawless society beyond its limits. The " quality of life " also includes the atmospheric surroundings. The ideal " quality of life " would not consist of acid rain and a decreasing ozone layer, but air as fresh as a rose that can be inhaled without the threat of cancer-causing elements being included. Pollution would be non-existent in my " perfect " society for it mars the beauty and exquisiteness of the earth ' s features. Tom Sawyer, with its horse-drawn carriages. Southern hospitaUty, and charm is a picturesque illustration of the " quality of life " I would prefer. If you notice, there is no threat of pollution and nuclear war in my ideal community. David Cobb ' 84 Sheehan Funeral Home Lowe Powers Inc. Edward W. Sheehan, Director 344-2061 115 Monk Street, Stoughton MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 45 Thanks the officers who have guided it for four ;ears ' The Class ' Stephen Alfano Sean Conway Stephanie Cuilla Marie O ' Connell of Jane Harrington Patty Quattrucci 1983 ' Kim Crifo Donna DiMatteo • Penny Sawyer Christine Kelleher Risa Marcus Debbie Swartz Good Luck to the class of ' 83 from The International Club Best Wishes to The Class of 1983 from the Business Education Dept. Student Council Thanks Its Senior Officers, Representatives, Advisory Board PAGE 46 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 Novelties i, — .1 » e Cream Paul s Distributors, Inc. cakes Wholesale Ice Cream 323 Turnpike St., Rte. 138 Canton, MA 02021 Tel. 617 828-8400 Congratulations Class of ' 83 T.F. Earley Son, Inc. 1191 Washington Street Stoughton, Mass. 02072 344-3371 Call " Earley " before it ' s too late! 344-1878 Congratulations from Carl A. Walent, DDS 703 Washington St. Stoughton, MA 02072 Office Hours by Appointment Best of Luck from Dr. Jeff Becker Johnnies Texaco Station 645 Washington St. Stoughton, MA 02072 Telephone 344-9800 Roxie ' s Market 525 Washington St. Stoughton, MA 344 262 Bancware, Inc. 1472 Turnpike Street Stoughton, MA 02072 Phone 344-4606 and 344-3274 DiNolo Angelos Inc. Plumbing • Heating Gas Fittings Residential • Commercial Industrial Reg. No. 7769 20 Perry St., Stoughton Good Luck from Nails Etc. 646 Washington St. Stoughton, MA 344-6597 Compliments of Donna Walter Unda We Care . . . WYMAN JEWELERS INC. 344-5000 MAY JUNE 1983 SHS SENIOR FINALE PAGE 47 Good Luck Seniors Susy Creamcheese and Joe Studdly ' Break a Leg " Thespian Troupe 2877 Salutes John Beaton Gus Campanario Anne Croft James Day Priscilla Geigis Allison Goodman Christine Kelleher Jessica Kerwin Cheryl Klim Jimsy Mootos Judith Thomas Good-bye 1983 (Remember when you were frosh?) The Class of 1986 The Class of 1983 expresses its deep appreciation to Mr. Leonard Cidado for his Ourstar)ding and Understanding Guidance Goodbye Seniors . . . We ' ll never forget you in the Chorus Jazz Choir Band Show Choir Stagehand Musicals Music Education De pt. Best Wishes from Blackwell Studios Your official photographers Best of Luck from tfie Drill Team and Majorettes Good Luck to the Class of 1983 from the National Honor Society Congratulations on your Graduation Jackson Mint Taylor Publishing the printer of your yearbook Salutes Kris Cody Mike Small and the rest of the staff for the excellent ' 83 Stotonian Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors from the Sophomore Class of 1985 Good Luck Seniors We ' re Next! Class of 1984 PAGE 48 SHS SENIOR FINALE MAY JUNE 1983 What ' s In A Name? We have but no Andrews Sisters Beaton Losses Bemis Up Scot tie Bettencour t Motorcycles Betz Odds Binns Cabinets Boyle Burns Cain Mayo Campbell Soup Carroll Christmas Carter Peanuts Cash Refunds Chase Pursuit Chisolm Trail Cobb Corn Conway Twitty Cottam Noone ' s There Daly Double Day Night Fasano Nothing For Cullen Fernandez Marl et Fidler Roof Fischer Price Franklin Roosevelt Gibbons School Good Bad And The Ugly Goodkin Relatives Hart Soul Hay Horses Hendry Ice Cream Jacobs Marley Jordan Marsh Kane Candy Kast Injury Keen Peachy Kiddy Cash King Queen LaFrance Paris Kugler Fran and OIlie Lane flight Hand Turn Leathers Lace Lennon Beatles we nave a Kill nn Lynch MOO Mace Mugger MacPhail Macrass Mason oncns McCann onovs Meiio Yellow 3 Millers Dua Mills Alinrl wino Mooay Morris Nine Lives 2 Murphys Law Myers LfSCaf Norris Nowe Lalci Painten Diusn Parkinson UlScaSS rairicK Kjanii Rainge nioeii Rivers rlOOOS nogers hl inhhnrhfiod Ryan n Wfjtj Savin i Lounge 2 Shea s OVrOrO oneriaan Hatful 4 oiiva s omaii Talk 2 Smith s tsroiners Spencer V3IIIS Olan(Jloii Miles Stanley Cup Still Movement Sweeney Todd Terry Cloth Thibeault Steak Thomas Nooks and Crannies Thompson Twins Tripp Fall Tyer Flat Unda Over Wiseman Gifts Young Old

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