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Stoughton High School - Stotonian / Semaphore Yearbook (Stoughton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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195 1 SEMAPHORE ADMINISTRATION Mil. Howard R. Randall, Principal Harvard A.B., Ed. M. Mh. Gerard Antonellis Mechanical Arts Training School for Teachers of Mechanical Arts; B.S., Boston University Mr. Frank V. Burke University of Maine A.B. and 32 hours of graduate school Miss Mary Com mane Regis College, A.B. Miss Christine A. Donovan Boston LIniversity; B.B.A., .Simmons College Mathematics Problems of Democracy Secretarial Miss Lottie A. Elzbut Boston University, B.,S., M.C.S. Miss Margaret E. Flynn Simmons College, B.S. Miss Minnie J. Goeres New England Conservatory of Music, Boston University Mr. Aaron Fink Rutgers University, B.S. ; Harvard University, Ed. M. Mr. Joseph Knowles Harvard, B.S. Miss Rita Lavallee Radcliffe, A.B.; Boston University, M. A. Miss Norma J. Lindstol Bouve-Boston School (Tufts College) — B. S. in Ed. Mr. Arthur Pernadi Boston University, B.S., M. Ed. Mrs. Mary E. Pomeroy Framingiiani State Teachers College, B.S Miss Mabel Simmons Bates College, A.B. Mr. Albert Twomey Boston College, B.S. Business English Music Guidance Science French, Spanish Physical Education Physical Education and Drivers Education Home Economics English. Latin History Mr. a. Peter Willis Art, Mechanical Arts Massachusetts School of Art. B.S. in Ed.: George Washington Uni ersily 4 SEMAPHORE Editor-in-Chief Adrienne Cox Managing Editc Mary Lyons 1951 Treasurer Gertrude Keefe Art Editor Peggy Dykeman Literary Editor Edward Danahy Yearbook Staff Business Editor Marion Harris RoBE iT Dl ]M TTEO C ' oL Nelson Lorraine Loving Jean McEachron Maureen Keefe Joan McGillivray Fred Stanton Gregg Krollman Joanne Walker Mary Power Robert Holmes Joyce Reiser Barbara A. Brown Clarke Schaaf Vincent Maraglia James Washburn Carol Barbato Martin Kaitz Barbara Halloran Frances Sheehan Barbara Smith Eleanor Martin Florence Frietas Carol Holmes Patricia Sarados Norma Corbett Mary Corbett Retha Johnston RosEMARiE Green James Garland Lorraine St. Germaine 5 SEMAPHORE 1951 Class Ode (To the tune " The Halls of Ivy " ) As we leave dear Stoughton High School, Our mem-ories linger there; And we will not for-get the days So hap-py and fair. To our class-rooms and our tea-chers Every voice will bid fare-well, And the know-ledge they have taught us In the future will tell. Some-day we will recall the footsteps of us all That echo-ed down the hall and dis- ap-peared ; But as we sad-ly start for journey far a-part, A part of ev- ' ry heart will lin-ger here. In the joyous years of high school We have strived to win our fame: And through the years you U guide us, by your everlasting name. Frank Jardin Frederick Stanton 6 19 51 SEMAPHORE 3eb cntwn We, the Class of 1951, dedicate our yearbook to you, Mr. Aaron Fink, for your undaunted, tireless, and sincerely appreciated guidance in assisting us in planning for the uncertain future which lies before us. 7 1951 SEMAPHORE SEMAPHORE 1951 John Charles Audlee " Jackie " Activities: Dminatio flub 2; Alllletic Associatiiin H, I; Driver Kdiicution 3. Favorites : Pastime- - ' orl iiiK Tune " I Can Dream, Can ' t I? " Sport Kdotliall Meeting Place -Anywliere Pet Peeve Teachers Best Characteristic — Good sense of tiuinor. Ambition To make a eareer of tlie service. Lotus JosEi ' H Baeta " Lou " Activities: Itaseball 1. i. 3; Football 1, -1. 3. 4 (Cap- tain 1); Atliletic Association 3, 4. Favorites : Pastime Spurts Expression ■ Wliat ' s up? " Tune " Let Me In " . Meeting Place ((iicllefs Best Characteristic Spurts abilit.v Ambition Cuach Carol A. Bakbato ' Bunny " Activities: Art Club 1: ;iee CIvib 1: .Marshal 2; Rose Sunii 2: Radio I ' ru -ram 2. 3; Christmas rr iKram 2. 3. 4; Class Day 1; Ticket Seller 1. 4: Chorus 2, 3. 4; Ring Cunwnittee 3; Class Day Usherette 3; (Jraduatlon I ' sherette 3; Field Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4: Athletic Assoc- iation 1. 2. 3. 4 (Representative 3); Of. ice Girl 3, 4. (Head Office Girl 4); Semaphore 2. 3. 4. (Literary ICditor 31; Graduation Committee 4; l)ri cr lOiluc ' .tiun 4; I ' areiit s NiKht Guide 4: Senior I ' lay Committee 4; Yearbook 4. Favorites : Pastime Kolleiskatinj; Expression " Who knowsV " Tune " .Mv llcru " Sport- Field Hockey Meeting Place Sam ami .lulin ' s Pet Peeve Nicknames like " Red " Best Characteristic -UeiuK an all round si udent . Ambition Laboratory Technician. Charles Frederick Batchelder " Charlie " Activities : I ' reshmau Dance Committee 1: Hasketball 1 ( .Mainii;er) : Soi)honiore Dance Committee 2 ; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4. Favorites: Pastime Slceiun;; Expression " What ' s up ' ; " Tune ' Let .Me In " Sport liascball Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Best Characteristic Good scn:c of humor Ambition To stay living Mary Loretta Blake Activities: (Entered StuUKhton lli;;h in Senior Year) Athletic Association I. Favorites : Pastime Sports Tune " V in .Made .Mc Lo e You " Sport liascliall Meeting Place Connecticut Pet Peeve Teople who talk about other licoiilc Best Characteristic- t ' lerical Ability Ambition (ollet ' e Ronald Leo Bolduc " Babe " Activities: Orchestra 1; tion 3. 4: Play 4. Favorites : Pastime — Girls Tune " Tennessee Waltz " Sport Football Best Characteristic — Being a Ambition — To grow Chorus 2. 3; Athletic Associa- Christmas I ' roj rani 4 ; Senior uod sport Joan Catherine Broderick " Swish " Activities : I ' rcshman Dance Committee 1; Hasketball 1: Field Hockey 1, 4: Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2; Athletic Association 3. 4. Favorites: Pastime — Dancinji Expression- " I couldn ' t care less " Tune Charlie. My Boy " . Sport Field Hockey Meeting Place- -Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve- Hume " ork Best Characteristic — GoimI sense of hum r Ambition Telephone Operator Darb r Anne Brown ■■BARB " Activities: (ICite- ed Siu-ii:ljton Hi ' - ' h . ' unior Year, t ■V ' earbook Staff 4: Athletic Association 4; Semaphore 4. Fri oritcs : Pastime — Seuin;; Espressio - " My cow: ' Tu- ' e " liecause " SriO ' -t SuinuuillK f feting Place Library Ptt Fecve Curny .Movies Best Characteristic . bility to write n bilio ' t Gel .M., Tried B i!RAi! El (.EMA Brown " Bibs " . ctivities : ( l:orcs 1. 2. 3. I: . oc:alio» 3. 4. Class Day I. Favorites : Prstime Reai iuK Exriressio? " Diop Dead " Tune " I . pulo;;ize " Sport li asketball Meeting Place Anywhere Pet Peeve I ' euple who hieak promises Best Characteristic Stuniy Disposition Ambi ' iior Tu be a ;;ood liu: se Mary . . C!hecca ' Chico " Activ.:ies: Art ( " lull 1; Dramatic Club 1; Basketball 1: Alhlciic Association 1. 2. 3. 4: Semaphore 2: Dri er Kt ' .ucation 3; Chorus 4. Favorites: Pastime I)ri iii;; Expression " tJeur e " Tune ' W ' uulil Yon Love .Me? " Sport Fuotl)all Pet Peeve Homework Best Characteristic Musical Ability Ambition Tu be happy 10 1951 SEMAPHORE Uasketball 1, 2; 3. 4. Evelyn Ciriello Activities : Field Hockey 1. 2, 3. 4; Atliletic Association 1, 2, Favorites: Pastime— Listening to WHDH Expression — " Oh, no! " Tune — ■Tliinking of You " Sport - Hockey Meeting Place — Anywhere Pet Peeve- People who can ' t stand criticism Best Characteri stic— Neatness Ambition — To be happy William Francis Coe ' Billy ' Activities: Haskethall 1. 2. 3; Ftiotbull 1. 2. 3. 4 (Manager 3); Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4; Athletic Association 3. 4. Favorites : Pastime— Loafing Expression - " Get Lost ! " Tune — " Oh. Babe " Sport — Baseball Meeting Place — Oiiel let ' s Pet Peeve — Going to school Best Characteristic — Easy-going disposition Ambition — To collect social security Mary Estelle Corbett Activities: Chorus 1; Athletic Association 2. 3, 4; Year- book 4. Favorites : Pastime — Trying to cook Expression— " You be (luiet " Tune — ' I Still Feci The Same About You " Meeting Place stale Spa Pet Peeve -Impiitient Individuals Best Characteristic — The ability to be (luict- ly lielpful Ambition — Telephone Operator Norma Frances Corbett Activities: Chorus 1. 2; Athletic Association 3, 4; Year- book 4. Favorites : Pastime— Knitting Expression — " Go away " Tune— " If " Sport— Basketljall Meeting Place — State Spa Pet Peeve -People who bieak promises Best Characteristic — Dependaliility Ambition — Telephone Operator Adrienne Irene Cox " Andie " Activities : Dramatic Club 2. 3; Rose Song 2; Class Day 2, 3; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Christ- mas Program 2; Class Day T ' sbcicltc 3; Gra(hiation I ' sherette 3; Atldetic Assoiialinn 2. 3, 4 : Kadio Program 2 ; Field Hockey 3. 4. (Manageri; Semapliore 2. 3. 4; lArt Editor 3. Edit(ir 4); Ticket Seller 4; l ri ei Education 4; Yearbook 4, (Editor); Seiiiui Play. Favorites : Pastime -Dancing Expression ' Cumes fiie re olulion 1 " Tune- " Blue Moon " Sport— Polo Meeting Place —Ouellefs Pet Peeve Loud I ' eople Best Characteristic -Art talent and andjition Ambition Scenic Designer mull niMiiiriii ' " " N to ffSfaittl- f igjihii ■ 11 Daniel Francis Crean " Dan " Activities: Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 2; Football 3, 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; (representa- tive 2). Favorites : Pastime Listening to music Expression — " Hey Kid! " Tune ' Stormy Weather " Sport F.iotball Meeting Place -Bowling Alley Best Characteristic — Ability to get good marks Ambition — To be a success Frederick Thomas Crogan " Fred " Activities : Baseball 2, 3; Football 3; Athletic Assoc- iation 3, 4. Favorites : Pastime Dancing Expression- ' " Coax me ! " Tune - Bring Back the Thrill " Sport Swimming Meeting Place— Bleakney ' s Pet Peeve -Five days of school a week Best Characteristic— Ability to make friends Ambition To know more Harvey Nelson Cushing " Cush ' Activities : Chorus 1, 2, 3; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Driver Pxlucation 3. F avorites : Pastime — Reading Expression— " Stop shaking the table. " Tune — " Be My Love " Sport Bowling Meeting Place — Home Pet Peeve -Going to bed late Best Characteristic — Sincerity Ambition -Shop teacher Edward Louis Danahy ' Tap " Activities : Football 3. 4; Semaphore 4 (Assistant Editor 4); Athletic Association 3. 4; Yearbook 4, (Literary Editor 4). Favorites : Pastime — Eating Expression — ' Wo o-o o-ow I " Tune- - " Yours Is My Heart Alone " Snort Football Meeting Place -Middle of the S iUiue Pet Peeve Neckties Best Characteristic — Poetic Ability Ambition Joui rial ism Robert F. DiMatteo ' Bobby " Activities : Freshman Dance Conimiltee 1; Sophomore I )ance Commit tee 2 ; Marshal 2 ; Yearbook 4 ; Athletic Asho iation 1, 2. 3, 4. Favorites : Pastime Women Expression " Ya. sure! " Tune " Green Eyes " Sport Uollci skating Meeting Place Ouellefs Pet Peeve Pi ' ojde hotliering Idni Best Characteristic Dependability Ambition To enjoy life SEMAPHORE 195 1 Arthur Leo Donovan " Artie " Activities: Football 1. {Manager 2); Basketball 1. 2: Raseball 1. 2: Athletic Association 1, 2. 3. 1. (rci)lesentativc 4); Fresllnian Dance Coinniittee 1 ; Snplioinore T)ance Coniinittee 2; Class Treasvirer 2, 3. 1: King Conitnittee 3: IMctm ' e Coniinittee 3; Student Council 2. 3, 4; (tvadnat ion Committee 4. Favorites : Pastime Basketball Expression " Diod Dead " Tune " Third Man Theme " Sport liasketball Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve Uefeiees Best Characteristic — Likeable Personality Ambition riililic Accountant Harold Joseph Doyle ' Harry ' ' Activities: Freshman Danee Committee 1; Baseball 3 (.Manager); Athletic Association 3, 4. Favorites : Pastime Mo ies Expression " Dro|) Dcatl " Tune " reimessee Waltz " Sport liasellall Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve ScIumiI Best Characteristic -Kasy-going dis|)osition Ambition Siiorls Rita Anne Doyle " Rete " Activities: (Entered Stimglilon Iligli in Senior Y ' ear) Atliietic Association 4; Seniapliore 4. Favorites: Pastime- Heading Expression- " My Acliing Hack! " Tune " As Time (Joes Hy " Sport liasketball Meeting Place -Cafe Pet Peeve Waiting for soineoiie Best Characteristic Always a smile Ambition To be a success Willard Richard Durkee " Durk ' Activities : Basketball 1. 3; Athletic Association 1, 2 3. 4; Driver Kihii-al ion 3. Favorites : Pastime Dating Expression " Dro[» Dead " Sport Hasketbail Meeting Place MrCami ' s Pet Peeve Waiting Best Characteristic Ilapjiy Disitosition Ambition To tie successful Peggy Ann Dykeman ' Pec ' Activities: Freshman Dance Committee I: Ait Club 1; Hose Song 2; Class Day Csherette 3; Senia- liliore 3. 4: Athletic Association 1. 2, 3. 4; ( Vice-riesident 4;) ( lass Vice-Tresitlent 4; Student Cmincil 4; Senior I ' lay 4: Y ' earbook 4 (Art Editor!, Favorites : Pastime- Drawing Expression- " Laugli. 1 thouglit I d die " Tune - " Begin the Begiiine " Sport Swimming Meeting Place Sam and .lohn ' s Pet Peeve -People who call her Margaret Best Charaeteristie — Being well-dressed Ambition To be a success d4 tzr) Theresa Rita Felos " Honey " Activities: V eshnian Danc e ( ominiltee 1 ; Sophomore l ,itKf ( ' mmiiittee 2; Rose Song 2; Class Day I ' sherette 3; Graduation Usherette 3; Chorus 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Driver ICdiicaf inn 4. Favorites : Pastime — Dancing ' Expression — " Oli. gee ! " Tune " My Foolish Heart " Sport -Football Meeting Place — Cafe Pet Peeve— rhysical Education Best Characteristic — Always being neat Ambition -Fashion Ketail Barbara Myrle Fennessv " Barb " Activities : Art Club 1 : Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Rose Song 2; Class Day Usherette 3; Ath- letic Association 1, 2. 3, 4; Office Girl 4. Favorites: Pastime — Eatin;; Apples Tune " Our Very Own " Sport Hasketbail Meeting Place— Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve- -Spa;;hetti Best Characteristic— Clerical ability Ambition -Successful Secretary Florence Mar Frieta? " Flossy " Activities: Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4; Yearbook 4. Favorites: Pastime -Dancing Expression " Keal Sharp " Tune " Wonderful One " Sport Hasketbail Meeting Place (leorge ' s Pet Peeve Iteing forced to aitem) school Best Characteristic ({uiet attitude Ambition T»t graduate ii.LiAM Francls Frost " Frosty " Activities: Freshman Dance 4 )niinittee 1 : HaskelbaU 1 ; Athletic Association 1. 2, 3. 4; Driver Edu- r.ii iim 3. Favorites : Pastime Sports Tune I Apologize " Sport Hasketbail R eeting Place Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve Sclnvol Best Characteristic Friendly manner Ambition T«i pl;iy sports James W. Garland " Jim " Activities: .luiiior Prom Csher 1 : Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4. Favorites : Pastime Spi rts Exp.esslon " ;ei lust! " Tune Tennessee Waltz " Sport Hasketbail Meeting Place McCann ' s Best Characteristir -Being well-dressed Ambition To earn a good week ' s pay. 12 1951 SEMAPHORE Edward John Gonsalves Activities: " Eddie " Athletic Association 1. 3. 4. Favorites : Pastime — Pool Expression — " Drop deadl " Tune — " Tennessee Waltz " Sport -Foot hall Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Best Characteristic — Easy-RftiiiK Ambition— To get out of school Mary Hope Grace " Cissy " Activities : Freshman I ance Conimittee 1 : Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4; Art Clllh 1; Semaphore 2. 3. 4; Junior Prom X sherette 1; Class Day Usher- ette 3; Driver Education 3. Favorites : Pastime — Dancing Expression — " Oh. honey! " Tune — " Far-a«ay Places " Sport FiKithall Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve Wailing Best Characteristic — Sincerity Ambition — To be a good cook Rosemarie Patricia Green " Rosie " Activities: Field Hockey 1; Basketball 1. 2: Softball 3; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4; Driver Piducation 3. Favorites : Pasti me — Reading Expression — " Well now! " Tune — " Y(ui Were Meant For Me " Sport— Basketball Meeting Place — Cafeteria Pet Peeve— A rainy day Best Characteristic — Always pleasant Ambition — Waves James Edward Hadley Activities: " Jimmie " Dramatic Club 1. Chorus 2. 3. 4. 3 (Vice-President 3): Favorites : Pastime — ' omen Expression — " Oh. no! " Tune— " The Thing " Sport— Football Meeting Place —Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve Teachers Best Characteristic — Acting ability Ambition — To get a good night ' s sleep Mary Acnes Hallett Activities: Class Day I ' slierctte 3; Graduation Usher- ette 3; Rose Song 2: Semaphore 2; Chorus 3. 4; Athletic Association 1, 2. 3, 4; Office Girl 4. Favorites : Pastime— Reading Expression— " Say now " Tune — " Wonderfid One " Sport Football Meeting Place Cafe Best Characteristic- -Sunny Disposition Ambition- Medical Secretary Barbara Ann Halloran " Barb " Activities: Fieshnian Dance Committee 1 ; Athletic As- sociation 1. 2. 3. 4; Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4; Driver Education 3. Favorites : Pastime Movies Expression " Say. now " Tune " Nevertheless " Sport Basketball Meeting Place State Spa Pet Peeve Rainy days Best Characteristic — Ability to make friends Ambition Telephone Operator Marion Claire Harris " Marmi " A ctivities : Sophomore Dance Committee 2 ; Semaphore 1. 2. 3. 4; Dramatic Club 4; Office Girl 4: Yearbook 4; Senior Play 4; }3asketball 1, 2: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4). Favorites: Pastime Reailing Expression — " Oh. for corn sakes " Tune— " Cry of the Wild Goose " Sport — Tennis Meeting Place — Norfolk Pharmacy Pet Peeve People who are always late Best Characteristic — Being a good sport Ambition Problems of Democracy teacher Carol Holmes Activities: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Dramatic Club 2; Semaphore 2; Athletic Association !. 2. 3. 4; Yearbook 4; Rose Song 2; Class Day Csbeiette 3; Graduation L ' sherette 3. Favorites : Pastime- Knitting Expression " What kind of talk is that? " Tune " Blue .Moon " Sport -Basketball Meeting Place— Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve Rainy days Best Characteristic — Being well-dressed Ambition Dental Hygienist Robert Lewis Holmes Activities : Athletic Associati()n 1. " Bob " 3. 4; Y ' earbook 4. Favorites : Pastime- Listening to the radio Tune— ' My Heart Cries For You ' Sport -Fuol ball Meeting Place Library Pet Peeve ScluMjl Best Characteristic — Sincerity Ambition To be a success Elizabeth Anne Hyde " Betty " Activities : Art Club 1. 2; Dramatic Cluii 2: Basketball 2: . thletic Association 3. 4; Driver Educa- tion 3. 4. Favorites : Pastime Heading Expression " (lee wliix! " Tune " Cool Water " Sport Baseball Meeting Place state Spa Pet Peeve Siiowy ilays Best Characteristic -Artistic ability Ambition Artist 13 SEMAPHORE 195 1 Alcekt John Januskis ' Pecky ' Activities: Basketball 1, 2: Fi)otball 1. 2: Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. 4. Favorites : Pastime — Loafiiiy Expression " I ain ' t (li)in ' niittiii ' Tune- -■■Oh, liabe! " Sport Hascball ■Meeting Place -Oiiellet ' s Pet Peeve Walkinji Best Characteristic — Good sense of humor Ambition Klcctronics Retha Johnston " Rita " Activities: Kreshnian Dance Committee 1; Field Hockey 1: Softball 2. 3: Basketball 1. 2; Sema- phore 1, 2; Kins! Committct ' 3: Draniatir Chlb 1; Home Kconomics Club 2. 3; Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4: Driver Education 3. Favorites : Pastime — Jimmy Tune- - " Thinkins of You " Sport - Basketball Meetina Place— My " Chevy " Pet Peeve -Typing Best Characteristic — Clerical ability Ambition — To be a success Frank Edward Jardin " Frankie " Activities: Freshman Dance Committee 1 : Sophouuire Dance Committee 2; Picture Committee 3; RinK Committee 3: Craduation Committee 4; Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain 4); Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4; Ath- letic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 4); Senior l lay 4. Favorites: Pastime -Sports Expression — •Y ' eow ' Tune ■If Sport Fo()tl)all Meeting Place — Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve doing to school Best Characteristics — Athletic ability Ambition — Coach Martin Kaitz ' Marty ' Activities: Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Ciiminittec 2; liaskclball 1. 3; Base- ball 1, 2, 3. 4; Athletic Association 1. 2, 3. 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3. 4; Semaiihore 4; Year- book 4. Favorites : Pastime— Women Expression — " Like fun! ' Tune — ' ■Dust ' Sport — Baseball Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Best Characteristic- -Friendliness Ambition Civil Engineer Gertrude Estelle Keefe " Gertie " Activities: Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sopliomore Dance Committee 2; Field Hockey I. 2. 3. 4; Dramatic Club 1. 2: Semaphore 1, 2; Basketball 1: Ticket Seller 1. 1; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4; Dri cr Kduiatiou 4; Yearbook 4 (Treasurer) ; Senior I ' lay 4. Favorites : Pastime — Writing letters Expression — " How nice! " Tune — " Blue Moon " Sport- Hockey Meeting Place Anywhere my friends are Pel Peeve — My height Best Characteristic — Ability to make friends Ambition - Journalist Maureen Florence Keefe " Meanie " Activities: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Basketball 1: Chorus 1: Ticket Seller 1; Field Hockey 1, 2. 3; Semaphore 1. 2; Class Vice-President 2. 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2: Rose Song 2; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4; Cheerleader 3; Picture Committee 3; Ring Committee 3; Junior Prom Marshal 3: Graduation Marshal 3: Senior Reception Marshal 3; Driver Education 4; Y earbook 4. Favorites : Pastime — Dates Expression — " Gee whiz! " Tune " My Heart Cries for Y ' ou " Sport Hockey Meeting Place — Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve — Homework Best Characteristic — Go(xl looks Ambition — Get married Gregory A. Krollman " Gregg " Activities : Chorus 2, 3. 4; Dramatic Club 3; Athletic Association 2. 3, 4; Driver Education 3, 4; Radio Program 3 ; Y ' earbook 4. Favorites : Pastime — Watching someone else work Expression — " " Do you serious? " Tune " Aba Daba Honeymoon " Sport Football Meeting Place — Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve- -None, he ' s always happy Best Characteristic — Aggressive personality Ambition — Service career Edward Robert Klndrot " Eddie " A ctivities : Dramatic Club 1; Marshal 1: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 : Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4. Favorites : Pastime — Leisure Expression — " What ' s up ' r " ' Tune - " " Blue :Moon " Sport -Baseball Meeting Place -Ouellet ' s Best Characteristic — Dry humor Ambition -To see the world Felix Leonard LaPorte Activities: Baseball 1, 2: Athletic Association 1. 2. 3, 4: Dri ' .er Kdm-ation 3. Favorites : Pastime Boulint; Tune - " Blue Moon " " Sport FiKilball Meeting Place liowlinK Alley Best Characteristic Artistic ability Ambition Traile Cora Lot is LeBri n Activities : I Entered Stimghton High in Senior Y ' ear) Y ' eaibook Committee 4: Athletic Association 4 : Senior Play 4. Favorites: Pastime- -Keaiiing Expression- " Jeekers " Tune " Aba Daba Honeymoon " Sport Hajketball Meeting Place l )rchester Pel Peeve People who don ' t act their age Best Characteristic — Being a good sport Ambition- Lady Wrestler 14 195 1 SEMAPHORE Robert Eric Leif ' Bobby ' Athletic Association 1, 2. 3, Activities: Haseball 1. 4. Favorites: Pastime (lirls Expression — " Va, sure " Tune ■Ilaibor Lights " Sport Skiins Meeting Place Ouellefs Best Characteristic - Sunny Disposition Ambition To he a millionaire Barbara Ann Leonard ' Barb ' Activities : Freshman Dance ( )nnnittee 1; Sopliomme Dance Committee ' 2; Basketball 1, 2; Class Secretary 3; Student Council 3; Ring Com- mittee 3; Picture Committee 3; Class Day Marshal 3; Graduation Usherette 3; Li- brarian 4. Favorites : Pastime -Sleepin; Expression- - " What ' s up? ' Tune- " Nevertheless " Snort Football IVTeeting Place »uellet s Pet Peeve llomework Best Characteristic -Friendliness Ambition To le.ui a hnij; and happy life Lorraine R. Loving " ' Rainy ' Activities: Freshman Dance Commit I ec 1 ; Sopliomore Dance Committee ' 2 ; Semaphme 1 , ' 2. 3 ; Class Secretary 2; Student ' ouricil 3; Grad- uation I ' sherette 2; Rose Son ; 2; Office Girl 1. 2; Class Day 2; Athletic Assm-iation 1. 2, 3, 4: Yearbook 4. Favorites: Pastime Dates Expression " What kind of talk is that ' . ' " Tune ' ■ Itlue .Moon " Sport liaskethall Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Pel Peeve People who are late Best Characteristic — Sincerity Ambition- Teaching " Sis " Mary Elizabeth Lyons Activities: Rose Song 2; Ofiice Girl 3; Graduation I ' sherette 3; Class Day I ' sherette 3; Ath- letic Assoeiation 2. 3. 4; Yearbook 4 (Man- agins; Kt ' .itor) ; Driver Edu -ation 4. Favorites: Pastime Dancing Expression — " What kind of talk is that. ' " Tune Til AIu ays Lo e Y ' ou ' ' Sport Hasketball Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve People who are late Best Characteristic—Dancing ability Ambition- Nursing Joan Marie Macalliso " ALac " Activities: Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2 ; Class Day I ' sherette 3 ; (Graduation Usherette 3 ; Semaphore 4 ; Field Hockey 3 (Co -captain) ; Athletic Association 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; (iraduation Committee 4. Favorites: Pastime- Dancing Expression " What ' .s up? " Tu?ie ' ' My Heart Cries For Y ' ou " Sport FiHilball Meeting Place -Ouellet ' s PeL Peeve Some people Best Characteristic — Sense of humor Ambition Payroll clerk Betty Ann Mackie ' Mac " Activities: Chorus 1 ; Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Rose Song 2; Athletic Association 1. 2, 3, 1 (Representative 1); Senior Play 4. favorites : Pastime Swimming Expression " Sure, right away ' Tune " Hlue Moon " Sport Hasketball Pet Peeve People who are late Best Characteristic- Friendliness Ambition To go into the grocery business Nicholas Macrogianis " Nick " Activities : Art Club 1; Dramatic Club 2; Athletic As- sociation 3, 4. Favorites : Pastime Hasehali Expression " That ' s okay " Tune " The Thing " Sport Haseball Meeting Place- -Mc " ann ' s Pet Peeve Getting into classes late Best Characteristic -Baseball enthusiast Ambition- -To own his own business Recina Ji ne Magee " Reggie ' ' Activities: Freshman Dance Committee 1; Chorus 1, 2, A; At idct ic Associat ion 1. 2, 3, 4. Favorites : Pastime Sewing Tune " H;irl)or Lights " Sport Haseball Meeting Place Norfolk Pharmacy Pet Peeve Girls that smoke Best Characteristic— Clerical ability Ambition- Secretary Daniel Stephen Mahoney ' Danny " 3. 1; Driver Edu- Activities : Athletic Association 1 . cation 4. Favorites : Pastime — Sleeping Expression — " George " Tune " Tennessee Waltz " Sport iiaseball Meeiing Place- Ouellefs Pet Peeve Work Best Characteristic Dry humor Ambition To be a s ucces s incent Sisto Maraglia " Vince " Activities: I- ' resbman Dance Committee 1 : Dramatic Club 2; Baseball 4; Football 4; Semaphore 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Y ' ear- book 4. Favorites: Pastime- -Watching television Expression " George " Tune " He My Love " Sport Wrcstlin ' ; Meeting Place Anywhere Best Characteristic Sports ability Ambition To be happy 15 SEMAPHORE 195 1 Eleanok Eunice Martin Activities: Art Club 3. 1: Atbletu- Association 1, 2, ;j, 4; YciiilMHik 1. favorites: Pastime Sewinu Tune ■ ■ Harbor Liglils " Sport HaskelbHll Meeting Place Stato Spa Best Characteristic — ISein;; a lady Ambition Sftrt ' laiy Jean Makie McEachk on " Mac " Activities : Fresliman Dance Committee 1; Sopbornore Dance Committee 2; Chorus 1; Semaphore 1. 2; Librarian 3; Class Secretary 4; Stu- dent Council 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Yearbook 4. Favorites: Pastime — Dancing Expression " What s new? " Tune " Itliie Mmm ' Sport Basketball Meeting Place Sam and John s Pet Peeve — Teople who ask, " What kind of ice cream have you? " Ambition— Xursiny C ' VROL Morse Nelson " S J Y " Ictivities: t huius 1, 2; Raskelball 1; Raiilo Program 1 : Junior Prnm I ' sherette 1 ; Graduation I ' siierette ' J; Class Uay I ' slierelle 3: Senia- pliore 3; Dramatic Club 4: Office Girl 4: Ticket Seller i: Driver Kducatlon 4; Band 1. i. 3; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3, 4; Yearbook 4. Favorites : Pastime -Uainbou Expression — " Who cares ' " Tune— " Daddy ' s Little (;irr ' Sport - -Swimming Meeting Place- Youth Fellowship Pet Peeve -I ' eople who are always late Best Characteristic — Ability to do acrobatics Ambition- -To be happy Helen Carole O ' Brien " O ' Bie " Aclivities: Sophomore Dance t ' omniittee 2; Dramatic t ' Uib 1. 2; Field Hockey 1. 2: Rose Song 2; Hasketball 2: Chorus 2. 3. 4: Athletic Association 2. 3. 4: Driver Education 3. Favorites : Pastime -Dancina Expression — " Oh. cutie ' Tune Little Small Town Girl " Sport I ' .iotball Meeting Place- Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve- " aiting for someone Best Characteristic — Happy disposition Ambition---Nursing Joan Mary McGillivray Activities: Senior Reception Usherette 1; Basketball 1: Rose Song 2; Ticket Seller 3; Stock Room 2. 3, 4; Athletic Association 1. 2, 3, 4; Semaphore 4; Yearbook 4. Favorites : Expression — " Oh, nty heavens " Tune " Hlue Moon " Sport Hasketball Meeting Place Anywhere Best Characteristic — (iui et coo[)eration Ambition Accountant Donald Francis Mone " Don ' Activities: Freshman Dance Committee 1 : Magazine Committee 1; Chorus 1, 2; Athletic Assoc- iation 1, 2, 3. 4. Favorites : Pastime Driving Expression — " George " Tune " Aba Daba Honeymoon " Sport Basketball Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve llnmewctrk Best Characteristic - Va y hair Ambition Salesman Barbara Wood Naughton " Barb " Activities: Radio I ' rogram 1: Christmas Pri»Kiam 1. 2; Chorus 2. 3. 4: Rose Song 2; Hasketball 1. 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3: Field Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4; Softball 3; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4; Y ' earbook 4. Favorites : Pastime " Rico " Tune " ' Sentimental Me " Sport Hockey Meeting Place -Cafeteria Pet Peeve — The Army Best Characteristic — Happy-go-lucky Ambition —To marry and have a happy life Frank Arthi r Phillips " Franky " Activities: l ' ' reshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Connnitlee 2; Art Club 1; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4. Favorites : Pastime Howling Expression- " Oh. yeah ' j " Tune " If " Sport lliintin " Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Best Characteristic -Neatness Ambition To be a success John Robert Poski s " Bob " Activities: SiiphoiiKM ' e Dance Coininitlee 2; Football 3. 4; Basketball 3. 4 (Co-caplain 41: Baseball 3: ( areer Forum 4: Athletic Association 3. 4. Favorites: Pastime Driving Expression -- " Don ' t «» rry " Tune " Concerto for Trumpet " Sport All of them Meeting Place -Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve Referees Best Characteristic Dependability and spoil smalisliip Ambition -To be a successful businessman 16 Mary Agne.s Power Activities: Art Club 1 ; Freshman Dance Committee 1 : .lunior Ihom I ' sherette 1: Rose Song 2: Semai hore 2; I ' icture Connnittee 3: Class Day I ' sherette 3; Graduation I ' sherette 3; . thtetie Association 3. 4; Y ' earbook 4. i ' tivorites: Pastime Dancing Tune " Hlue M(Min " Sport U.isketliall Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve Homework Best Characteristic Clerical ability Ambition To live a long and happy life 1951 SEMAPHORE Norman Everett Raindali. " Normie " Activities : Art Club 1: Alhlftic Asswiatiiin 1. 2, 3, 4. Favorites: Pasti me — Basketball Tune -■ ' Blue Mnon " Sport Basketball Meeting Place Oiiellet ' s Best Characteristic Interest in basketball Ambition— Tu be happy John Joseph Rebello " Johnny " Activities: Freshman Danee ( ' (uninittee 1 ; Soplminore Dance rointnittee 2; Basketball 1. 3; IHcture ( " oinniiltee 3: Ring roniniittec 3; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4 (Representative 4); Graduation Cominittee 4. Favorites : Pastime — Sports Expression — " Yeow! " Tune ■ ' Staidiisf Meeting Place — Oiiellet ' s Pet Peeve — Bis; Wheels Best Characteristic- Lo e uf a nmnl argiunent Ambition — To go to colle{;e and be a success Rlth Reed ' Ruthie " Activities : Senior Reception T ' sherette 1; Basketball 1, ' 2; Rose Song 2; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; Athletic Association 3. 4; Driver Education 4, Favorites : Pastime — Dancing Expression — " Oh. myl ' Tune- ' It Had To Be You " Sport- Basketball Meeting Place — Norfolk I ' liarmacy Pet Peeve — Working Best Characteristic- Ladylike attituilc Ambition — Secretary Joyce Ellen Rieser " Joycie " Activities: Field Hockey 1; Sophomore Danee Com- mittee 2; Rose Song 2; Class Day T-sherette 3; Graduation I ' sherette 3; King Committee 3: Driver Education 3: Chorus I. 2. 3. 4; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4; Yearbook 4. Favorites : Pastime — Dancing Expression — " Honey I " Tune - " Harbor Lights " Sport Hockey Meeting Place — Ouellets Pet Peeve — Homework Best Characteristic — Hai)py-go-lucky disposi- tion Ambition — To get married James Wilfred Robichau Activities: Athletic Association 3, 4. Favorites : Pastime — Retha Expression — " fleorge " Sport— Football Meeting Place — McCann s Best Characteristic — Laughter Ambition — An Admiral in the Xa y ' Jimmy ' Nancy Ellen Russell " Nance " Activities : Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Home Kcon- omics Club 1; Dramatic Club 1; Junior I ' rom I ' sherette I; Basketball 1, 2; Rose Song 2; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3, 4; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Field Hockey 1. 2, 3, 4; Semaphore 1, 3. 4; Class Day I ' sherette 3; Craduatlon I ' sherette 3. Favorites : Pastime Talking Expression— " What ' s up ' r " Tune " Johnson Rag " Sport Basketball Meeting Place Oiiellet ' s Pet Peeve Some people Best Characteristic -Wisecracks Ambition To live a long and happy life June Frances Sampson " Juney " Activities: Art Cluh 1; Athletic Association 1, 2. 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4 ; Yearbook 4. Favorites : Pastime Listening to the radio Expression " Laugh and a half " Tune " Always You " Sport Hockey Meeting Place Campbell ' s Pet Peeve People who break promises Best Characteristic — A ' ivacity Ambition Nursing Patricia Helen Sarados " Pat " Activities : Freshman Dance Committee 1; Class Day Program 1; Chorus 1: Kailio Program 1: Christmas Program 1: Rose Song 2; Driver Education 3; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. 4 (Representative 4); Yearbook 4. Favorites: Pastime Dancing Expression " Thrill ami a half " Tune " " Bring Back the Thrill " Sport Basketball Meeting Place -Library Best Characteristic Ability to get high marks Ambition Kindergarten teacher Virginia Thelma Sargo " Ginny " Activities: Rose Song 2: Home Economics Club 2; Class Day I ' sherette 3: Graduation Usherette 3; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4: J)river Education 4; Home Economies Bamiuet 4. F avorites : Pastime Baking Cakes Tune " I Woniler Why " Sport Football Meeting Place Norfolk Pharmacy Pet Peeve Homework Best Characteristic — Cooperative manner Ambition Tn own a bakery Robert Emerson Sawyer ' Bob " Activities : Freshman Dance Committee 1; Athletic As- sociation 1. 2. 3; Band 1. 2. 3; Senior Play 4. Favorites : Pastime — Trombone Expression — " Turn Oreen! " ' Tune " " Tromlioiiology " ' Sport Bowling Meeting Place Anywhere Best Characteristic- -Being able to decipher Physics Ambition- To become a happily married bachelor 17 SEMAPHORE 1951 Clarke Baldwin Schaaf Activities: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Hand 1. 2, 3; Sema- phore 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Senior Play 4. Favorites : Pastime -Cluirch Tune — ' ' Tennessee Waltz " Sport Basketball Meeting Place -Cliurcli Pet Peeve People wlio don ' t cooperate Best Characteristic Sincerity Ambition- Foreijin Diplomat Frances Eleanor Sheehan " Franny " Activities: Field Hockey 2, 3. 4: Rose Sons 2; Class Day T ' sheretle 3; C.iaiUiation I ' slierette 3; Atlilelic Association 1. 2, 3, 4; Driver Edu- cation 3; Semaphore 4; Yearbook 4. Favorites : Pastime — DancinK Tune— - " You ' re Breaking Jly Heart " Sport — I ' ootball Meeting Place — Ouellet ' s Best Characteristic -Happiness Ambition — Nurse Mary Neil Small Activities: Basketball 1; Chorus 1. 2; Athletic Associ- ation 1. 2, 3, 4; Rose Song 2; Softball 2. Favorites : Pastime — Dancing Expression- - " Oh, brother " Tune If Sport Baseball Pet Peeve fictting up in the morning Best Characteristic Sued per sonality Ambition- -To be a success Barbara Anne Smith " Smittv " Activities: Dramatic Club 1; Frosbiiian Uallce Com mittcc 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Hose Song 2; Class Day Cshcrettc 3; Crailu- alioii Cslicrctte 3; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3, 1; Yearbook 4; Chorus 3, 4. Favorites : Pastime Dancing Expression " I couldn ' t care less " Tune " Blue Moon " Snort Football Meeting Place Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve (letting up in the moioitig Best Characteristic — Clerical ability Ambition — To enjoy life Phyllis Anne Smith " Phyl " Activities : Semaphore 1. 2; Ticket Seller 1; Cliorus I, 2. 3. 1; Class Day I ' slierette 3; Driver Kdu- cation 3; C.raduatlon Usherette 3; Junior I ' rom Csherette 1; Athletic Association 3, 4; Cheerleader 4. Favorites : Pastime Itollerskating Expression " Neat and shabby " Tune " Harbor Lights " Sport Biiskcthall Meeting Place Anywhere Pet Peeve Clclting up In the morning Best Characteristic- Cood looks Ambition -To own a Cadillac A : Driver Kdu- Marjorie Ann Spauldinc " Margie " Activities: Freshman Dance Coniniittee 1; Librarian 3, 4; Athletic Association 3. 4. Favorites : Pastime — Playing tlie accordian Expression — " Koney " Tune -■■Blueberry Hill " Sport S imming Pet Peeve People who talk too much Best Characteristic — Quiet cooperation Ambition- To be a success Frederick Michael Stanton " Freddie " Activities: Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 2; Class President 2. 3, 4; Student Council 1. 2. ;i, 4; Driver Education 3; Ring Com- mittee 3; Freshman Dance Committee 1 I Cliaii inan) ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; (iraduatinn Marshal 3 ; Senior Reception Marshal 3; Junior Prom Usher 1; Picture Committee 3; Sophomore Dance Marshal 3. 4: Class Day Marshal 3; Yearbook 4; Ath- letic Association 1. 2, 3, 4; Graduation ( ommittee 4 ; Senior Play. Favorites : Pastime — Working Expression— ' That lucky girl " Tune — " Bewitched " Sport— Football Meeting Place — Ouellet ' s Best Characteristic — Friendliness and leader- sliip Ambition Doctor Shirley Marie Staples " Sherry " Activities : Atlilelic Association 1. cation 3. Favorites: Pastime Dancin.i; Expression — " Bless your little heart " Tune - ' If ■ Sport FtMitball Meeting Place Anyulu-re Pet Peeve Cossip Best Characteristic Ballroom dancing Ambition Mecluinit- LoRRAiNE Christine St. Germaine " Honey " Activities: Ticket Seller 1: Ma;:azine Campaign 1: .lunicr Prom I ' slierette 1; Chorus 3, 4; Athletic AssiK-iation 1. 2, 3. 4; Driver Edu- cation 4. Favorites : Pastime Listening to the radio Expression ' Laugh and a half " Tune " Little Small Town dirl " Sport Fnutliall Meeting Place fampbell ' s Pet Peeve People who l)reak pro:nises Best Characteristic Pretty hair Ambition To always be happy Marilyn Carol Tansey ActivJies: Field Hockey 1. 2; Basketball 2; Chorus 1. 3. 4: Athletic Association 3. 4; Senior Play 1. Favorites : Pastime Sleeping Expression " Oh. ye:;h! " Ture " I Worn er Why " S port S imming Tueeting Place Home Fet Peeve Listening lo someone complain Best Characteristic i retty eyes Ambition I. B. M. Operator 18 1951 SEMAPHORE Nancy Gail Truell " Druell " Activities : Chorus 1. 2. 3; Rose Song 2; Athletic As sociation I. 2, 3. 4: Driver ilducation 4. Favorites : Pastime — Listening to the radio Tune- ' Harbor Linhts " Sport liaseball Meeting Place— Norfolk I ' harmacy Pet Peeve Homework Best Characteristic — Quiet cooperation Ambition -Hairdresser Dorothy Anne Tucker Activities : Freshman Dance Committee 1; Radio Program 1 ; Rose Song 2 ; 2; Sophomore Dance Committee " Dotty ' ' Chorus 1 ; Office Girl 2; Athletic Association 1. 2, 3. 4: Driver Education 3. Favorites : Pastime — Dates Expression — " I admire youl " Tune — " Blue Moon " Sport— Basketball Meeting Place — Library Pet Peeve- -Homework Best Characteristic — Good natured Ambition — Telephone operator Robert Gordon Tucker " Tuck " Activities: Dramatic Club 2; Semaphore 2; Athletic Association 2. 3. 4; Driver Kducation 3. Favorites : Pastime — Working Expression — " George " Tune— " The Thing " Sport— Baseball Meeting Place Norfolk Pharmacy Pet Peeve (letting up at seven o ' clock Best Characteristic — Wisecracks Ambition- Industrial work " Ann Dorothy Ann Williams Activities : P reshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Librar ian 1: Sema- phore 1: Office Girl 3, 4 (Head Office Girl) ; Athletic Association 1. 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2; Class Day Program 3; Ticket Seller 4. Favorites : Pastime — Dancing Expression — " No kidding " Tune— " Tennessee Warltz " Sport— Football Meeting Place — Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve People who call her " Red " Best Characteristic — Efficiency Ambition To he successful Joanne Clementine Walker " Jo " Activities : Freshman Dance Committee 1; Magazine Campaign 1; Ticket Seller 1: Semaphore 1, 2; Athletic Association I, 2, 3. 4; Soph- omore Dance Committee 2; Office Girl 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2; Christmas Program 2, 3; Rose Song 2; Cheerleader 3; Sophomore Dance .Marshal 2: Librarian 2; Driver Edu- cation 3; Parents ' Night Guide 4: Career Forum 4 ; Y ' earbook 4 ; Senior Play 4. Favorites : Pastime Dancing Expression " li s terrific! " Tune " Ilarieni Nocturne " Sport Football Meeting Place— Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve- Individuals who call her " Blonrlle " ' Best Characteristic— Likeable personality Ambition To lead a happy and successful life William Henry Waller " Hank " Activities: Atliletic Association 3. 4; Driver Kducation 3. Favorites : Pastime-Living Expression-- " Holy smoke " Tune " Slaughter on Tenth Avenue " Sport Swimming Meeting Place Norfolk Pharmacy Pet Peeve Cold ueatber Best Characteristic — (Juiet intelligence Ambition — To get the most out of life James Charles Washburn " Jim " Activities: Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Junior Prom Usher 1; Chorus 2. 3. 4; Athletic Associ- ation 1. 2, 3. 4: Semaphore 3; Driver Edu- cation 3: Y ' earbook 4: Graduation Com- mittee 4. Favorites : Pastime — Women Expression — " Y ' ou bet " Tune — " If " Sport -Football Meeting Place- Ouellet ' s Pet Peeve Homework Best Characteristic (Jood looks Ambition —College Christie Paul Murphy " Murph " Activities : Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Athletic Association 1. 2, 3, 4. Favorites: Pastime--Eating Expression - " Drop dead " Tune " Me and My Shadow " Meeting Place — Diner Best Characteristic —Wise cracks Ambition -Navy 3ln emonam In memoriam to Barbara Gill and Janice Gilley, our beloved classmates, whom we lost during our high-school years. They fought so well in battle it is a great disappointment that they should not be present for the victory. 19 195 1 SEMAPHORE Who s Who Daniel Crean Most Likely to Succeed Patricia Sarados Frederick Stanton Most Popular Carol Barbato Robert Di Matteo Most Attractive Joanne Walker Clarke Schaaf Most Sophisticated Marjorie Spaulding Henry Waller Brain Child Carol Barbato Charles Batchelder Actor-Actress Joanne Walker Frank Phillips Best Dressed Peggy Dykeman Frederick Stanton Best Dancer Shirley Staples Felix LaPorte Class Artists Adrienne Cox Frank Jardin Most Athletic Marion Harris James Garland Neatest Barbara Smith Frank Jardin Best All-Round Student Carol Barbato Charles Batchelder Class Entertainers Joan Broderick Arthur Donovan Cutest Mary Lyons Ronald Bolduc Class Baby Marjorie Spaulding Robert Sawyer Most Musical Mary Checca Christie Murphy N oisiest Joan Broderick Henry Waller Quietest Joan McGillvray Edward Danahy Most Ambitious Adrienne Cox Frank Phillips Joan Broderick Robert Leif Best Pals Nancy Russell Ronald Bolduc Shortest Joan Macaluso Robert Poskus Tallest Cora Le Brun Frank Jardin Best Sport Nancy Russell Edward Danahy Most Respected Carol Barbato Arthur Donovan Fi iendliest Barbara Leonard Boy Frank Phillips Robert DiMvtteo Arthur Donovan Frank Phillips Louis Baeta Louis Baeta Louis Baeta Robert Poskus Daniel Crean Arthur Donovan Perfect Senior Hair Eyes Nose Dimples Smile Teeth Shoulders - Waist Physique - Figure Scholarship Personality Girl Joanne Walker Mary Lyons Joyce Reiser Helen O ' Brien Barbara Fennessey Helen O ' Brien Mary Grace Mary Hallet Carol Barbato Carol Barbato Favorites Pastime Sport Actor Actress Song Teacher Color Sleeping Football Farley Granger June Allyson Tennessee Waltz Miss Flvnn Blue Subject Saying Rendezvous Activity Program Orchestra Food Physical Education " Drop Dead " Ouellet ' s Semaphore Boston Ballroom Ralph Flannagan Pizza 21 SEMAPHORE 195 1 To the Members of the Class of 1951 These are monientus times. All of us are living under a great deal of stress. Just to wonder what tomorrow will bring is a source of strain. We are facing the aggression of Communism today, undoubtedly because we have failed in the past to recognize the menace of this evil concept of governinent. We Americans have made the mistake of judging the leaders of Communism by our own standards. Our public schools have endeavored to prepare you graduates to properly appraise the menace of Communism and to know and appreciate the tenets of true American Democracy. Unless you have learned this lesson our era of freedom and our goals of peace are at an end. The main strength of America in the years ahead, will depend upon what you, its people, know, think, feel and are willing to do. ou have been taught your fundamental duties or obligations of citizenship. Our aim has been to stimulate and inspire in you a deep sense of your responsibility as citizens and a pride and faith in American Democracy. As active informed citizens of our free society of tomorrow you must be guided by moral and ethical values. Our free government will be as strong as the initiative, courage, understanding and loyalty of its individual citizens, and it will be wise to attend to the necessary means of its preservation. In farewell, 1 congratulate you and extend my best wishes to you in the years ahead. Sincerely, Joseph H. Gibbons Superintendent of Schools 22 STOUGHTON DAILY SEMAPHORE VOL. 25 JUNE 14, 1976 PRICE 5c SPORTS REVIEW The 1976 sports season at Stoughton High has had a suc- cessful ending. The field hockey team led the way, when the girls opened with a win over their archrivals, Canton, by a score of 3-0. Following this game were wins over Braintree, two games; Randolph, two games; Oliver Ames, two games; and finally ending the schedule, another win over Canton. This undefeated season was accredited by the girls and their coach. Miss Barbara Naughton. Coaches Lou Baeta and Bill Coe, led an undefeated football team through a rough schedule. Braintree, North Attleboro, Ab- ington. Whitman, Plymouth, North Easton, Dedham, Walpole, and Canton went down to defeat un- der the overpowering strength of the Stoughton team. Basketball found the Stoughton team, coached by Frank Jardin and Bob Poskus, at the top of the Hockamock League. In an exhibi- tion game played at Boston Gar- den, Stoughton defeated Boston College High, 76 to 54. In baseball, Stoughton High ' s team, under the capable coaching of Algert Januskis and Edward Kundiot, finished an undefeated season last Friday. Members of the different teams and their coaches will be feted at a banquet in the gymnasium of the new Stoughton High School sometime in the near future. THE WEATHER Stoughton, June 14 Forecast for Stoughton and vicinity, warm, little change in temperature. Unofficial Temperatures 1976 1951 Maximum 86 85 Minimum 80 79 Protect your future — Buy Bonds Class of 1951 Celebrates Twenty-fifth Reunion Gather at High School Auditorium; Many Celebrities Return for Big Day Stoughton, June 13, 1976 • — At a large banquet held last night in the auditorium of the new Senior High School of Stoughton, the graduation class of " 51 " celebrated their 25th class reunion. Beginning at 4:30 in the afternoon with an invocation rendered by the Rev. C. Schaaf, the reunion lasted far into the night. Among the many nationally Stoughton Salutes Its Servicemen Two hundred years ago, on July 4, 1776, the foundation of a great nation was laid, the democratic foundation of these United States. Throughout the years that his- tory has been etched in time; the cost of that foundation has been paid for time and time again, paid with the sacrifice and blood of the American citizen, paid at places like Valley Forge, Lake Erie, Gettysburg, the Alamo, Chateau Thierry, Normandy, Iwo Jima, and Seoul. Out of the smoke of battle, the American service- man has risen as a champion of fundamental rights and liberties. Today he is a symbol of the (Continued on next page) SARGO ' S BAKERY FINEST FOODS ' Just Like Mom ' s Cooking ' 1951 Washington St. VIRGINIA SARGO, Prop. known celebrities who turned out for the yearly event were. Dr. H. Waller, founder of the Waller Memorial Hospital of Boston; the Misses Mary Lyons, Barbara Brown, and Francis Sheehan, head nurses at Waller Memorial; Miss Carol Holmes and Miss Phyl- lis Smith, noted dental hygienists; md Miss Carol Barbato, Waller Memorial ' s head laboratory tech- nician. During the course of the even- ing, many fine speakers ascended the speaker ' s platform to address the large gathering. The first of these speakers was Miss Marion Harris, teacher of government at the Senior High School. She was followed to the speaker ' s rostrum by Miss Patricia Sarados, kinder- garten teacher; Miss Lorraine Loving, grade teacher; Miss Mar- jorie Spaulding, librarian; And (Continued on next page) BOB DiMATTEO AND DON MONE USED CAR DEALERS ALL MAKES STOUGHTON DAILY SEMAPHORE. JUNE 14, 1976 - PERSONNEL - Editor EDWARD DANAHY Associate Editor ROBERT TUCKER Sports Editor GREGORY KROLLMAN Art Editor ADRIENNE COX Advertising Editor FRED CROGAN Styles JOAN McGILLIVARY Photography REGINA MAGEE — ' 51 REUNION (Continued from first page) Mr. Vincent Maraglia, chemistry consultant of the Windall Labora- tories. A balcony spotlight singled out a number of notables on the main floor. When picked out by the spotlight, each rose in recogni- tion. Many familiar faces were seen in the mass of people that had pushed its way into the hall. Among the number of operators present from Bell Telegraph and Telephone were the Misses Joan Broderick, Nancy Russell, Dorothy Tucker, Barbara Halloran, and Barbara Leonard. Other well-known personalities noticed among the guests were Mr. James Washburn of Wash- burn Soda Pop and his secretaries, Miss M. Keefe and Miss R. Doyle; Mr. Charles Batchelder and Mr. Christie Murphy of the Batchel- der and Murphy Circus; Mr. John Rebello and Mr. Norman Randall, owners of the Double " R " Spa; Play the game of Life Safe You Might Lose It I LADY ' S APPAREL | 1 SALE! I I } I WOMEN ' S DRESSES J I 14% OFF I j JOANNE WALKER, Manager j and Mr. Robert Holmes, president of Holmes Hardware, Inc. Those who made only a brief appearance were Mr. Daniel Ma- honey and Mr. Felix LaPorte, in- ternationally known interior deco- rators; and Mr. Richard Durkee and Mr. Edward Gonsalves, who were accompanied by their secre- taries, the Misses Mary Blake, Barbara A. Brown, Cora LeBrun, ind Mary Power. The following were also in at- tendance with their secretaries: Mr. Martin Kaitz with Miss Nancy Truell of Kaitz Real Estate; Mr. Daniel Crean with Miss Marilyn Tansey of the Crean ' nsurance Company; Miss Therese Felos and Miss Lorraine St. Ger- maine accompanied Mr. Harvey Cushing, owner of the Gushing Cushion Factory. Late in the evening Miss Joan Macaluso, beautician, demon- strated a number of new hair :tyles with the aid of Miss Mary Grace and Miss Mary Hallett, po- pular Power ' s models. The success of the reunion can be accredited to such people as Miss Eleanor Martin, Miss Norma Corbett, and Miss Mary Corbett, caterers to the social set cf Park Avenue; Miss Evelyn Ciriello and Miss Florence Frietas, banquet advisors; Miss Barbara Fennes- =:ey and Miss Retha Johnston, whose colorful decorations in- spired an air of gaiety and con- tentment throughout the night. Others who offered their services were Miss Joyce Rieser and Miss Helen O ' Brien, proprietors of the Stoughton Day Nursery, where many people left their children in order to attend the reunion; and Mr. Jack Audlee, whose Western Mass. Transportation Co. supplied free transportation to all attend- ng the reunion. " SLEEPY " DANAHY DYKEMAN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES DONOVAN $5 $10 STORES SPRING SALE General Alarm Fire Sweeps Brockton A general alarm fire raging along a seven store block in down- town Brockton last night brought out fire apparatus from three neighboring towns as well as the Brockton Fire Department. Trucks from Avon, Stoughton, and Ran- dolph arrived on the scene about 11:01, as Brockton trucks were sending streams of water into the burning buildings and spraying other buildings to prevent the spread of the fire. At 2:25 this morning, after three hours and fifteen minutes of tedious work, the fire was brought under con- trol. Damage was estimated at $250,000. —SERVICEMEN (Continued from first page) courage, the perseverance, and the freedom which are America. We, of Stoughton, are, and of right ought to be, proud of our servicemen. Proud of men and women like: Lt. Commdr. James Hadley, U. S. N. Sgt. Harold Doyle, U. S. A. Lt. Nicholas Macrogianis, U. S. A. A. F. Col. William Frost, U. S. A. A. F. Ph Mate James Robichau, U. S. N. Ensign Frank Phillips, U. S. C. G. Major June Sampson, W. A. C. Sgt. Mary Small, W. A. C. Lt. Rosemarie Green, W. A. C. Sgt. Ruth Reed, W. A. C. Commdr. Shirley Stap les, U. S. Waves True sons and daughters of our country. " Betty " Mackie ' s VARIETY STORE " GOOD QUALITY FOODS ' " LOW PRICES " Walsh ' s Ice Cream 28 Different Flavors BARBARA SMITH, Prop. SEMAPHORE 195 1 CLASS HISTORY Class histories are supposed to be An accumulation of facts, For names and dates and places too Are things it never lacks. But I would like to slight the facts, If it so should please the reader. In such a way as to express Our love for our Alma Mater. In the 47th year of this 20th century On an early September morn, Our Freshman class was banded together Like a host of motherless fawns. Into these wondrous, friendly walls, Through doors we grew to love, With faltering steps and furtive looks, We climbed to the rooms above. Stern-faced teachers our seats assigned. We took them without a word. And when we received our Freshman books. We kept our thoughts unheard. But the year, before we knew it, Had faded into the past. And entering into our Sophomore year. We at once noticed the contrast. The teachers now we knew by name. The maze of halls we mastered. Elections were held, our very first, As president, F. Stanton was elected. Our dance committee was carefully picked. And our dance surpassed them all. And Sophomores with their heads held high Strutted Proudly through the halls. The Sophomore year came to an end. And we were Juniors now. We had passed half our high school education. And some of us wondered how. In our Junior year, permit me to say. In class discussions and meetings. There was never a lack of upraised hands. For Juniors were flashing their rings. 26 195 1 SEMAPHORE Yes, we were truly proud of our class rings, And the year that they held came fast, Soon we found ourselves in our Senior year, We had attained that goal at last. Our football team was really great. In the record books they left their name. Bad luck paced the field hockey team, But their spirit added to our fame. Success walked in our very footsteps. Though misfortune was always near. Victorious basketball and baseball seasons, Rounded out our golden year. Before the doorway of life we stand. Prepared to go forth into the unknown. Yet we falter before taking that step. To gaze back at the structure of stone. She is dead as far as life goes; Her ' s is not to breathe or see, But rather to help men forth To meet life and then eternity. Through those aged walls of red. We hear her softly speak. Not to one but to all present. To the aggressive and the meek. " For every pair of eyes, life holds a different light, Yet the goal of all is to attain a lasting fame; That which is never attempted will never be attained; Your accomplishments will last longer than your name; Do not think by others you are deceived. For man is his own deceiver; Life is too short in happiness, too long in sadness, Yet neither lasts forever. ' " We turn to face that life without; The future beckons before us. Should some of us ask. " Will I make a success? " Behind us we hear, " ou must. " 27 SEMAPHORE 195 1 CLASS WILL We, the members of the class of " 51, having completed four unforgettable years of work and enjoyment, do hereby will and bequeath on this eighth day of June, some of our talents, possessions, interests, and traditions to the future ceniors. To the Freshmen : The hope that each one will remaiii in school, become a senior and don cap and gown. To the Sophomores: The honor of becoming upperclassmen. To the Juniors: The trials and tribulations of seniors. To Stoughton High School: Our revered class picture to adorn the upper hall. Fred Stanton leaves his expert leadership to anyone who can equal it. Maureen Keefe leaves her sociability and ever present smile to Cynthia Kovey. Art Donovan leaves his knack of chasing people down corridors to George Sarados. Eleanor Martin and Norma Corbett bestow their golden silence to Frances La Civita and Janet Holmes. Joyce Reiser leaves, waiting for Franny. Christie Murphy bequeaths his subdued shirts to Billy Heelan — Wow! Regina Magee leaves her good-natured disposition to Jean Lapworth. Helen O ' Brien leaves her love of fun to a lucky junior. Bobby DiMatteo leaves and takes his jalopies with him. Barbara Smith and Lorraine Loving leave their soda jerking to anyone with an appetite. Eddie Kundrot leaves his book, " My Way With the Women " to Dickie Burke. Danny Crean bestows his scholastic ability to Wayne Fredericks. Jean McEachron leaves her interest in nursing to Thelnia Weatherwax. Ann Williams, Carol Nelson, and Carol Barbato leave their efficiency in the office to future office girls. Marion Harris leaves her athletic ability to Nancy Chapman. Cora Le Brun leaves and takes her witty answers with her. Nick Macrogianis and Greg Krollman bestow their popularity in Office Practice to next year ' s only boys. Cissy Grace leaves her cute ways to Laila Mansfitld. Bob Tucker leaves his ability to argue on any question to Fred Brown. Theresa Felos leaves her smart styles to Madeline Fritz. Phyllis Smith leaves her tired lungs to some future cheerleader. Barbara Halloran and Mary Corbett leave their close friendship to Doroth (ia ami Lorraine Cummings. Richard Durkee bestows his basketball ability to Denton Calder. Jimmy Garland leaves his neat appearance to John Farley. Mary Powers leaves her typing ability to an one who can l pe and talk at the same time. Clarke Schaaf leaves his literar ability to be equaled. Joanne Walker leaves her golden curls to Betty Coan. Billy Coe bequeaths the front seat in Problems cla s to an oiie uiio lose.- to talk. Dotty Tucker leaves her cute haircut to Belt Crean. Jimmie Washburn leaves his position in Cani|)l)eirs to Russell Murph . 30 195 1 SEMAPHORE Barbara Fennessy wills her Ipana smile to Mary Faulds. Frank Phillips leaves his good looks to Warren Harris. Rosemarie Green and Virginia Sargo leave their shy ways to Pauline Vinc Tit and Helen Georges. Frannie Sheehan wills her red locks to Janice Mone. Fred Crogan leaves with his rollerskates. Vincent Maraglia leaves to become our " Georgeous Vincent " . Bob Holmes leaves his position at the Colonial Hardware to anyone who likes work. Ruth Reed bequeaths to Thelma Bruce her quiet manner. Eddie Gonsalves leaves with a love for redheads. Jimmie Robichau wills his friendliness to any junior who can smile twenty-four hours a day. Retha Johnston leaves her Chevrolet to anyone with a license. Mary Hallett leaves her giggle to Theresa Andrade. Bobby Lief leaves, to the regret of the girls. Rita Doyle wills her pretty eyes to Beanie Crosby. Betty Mackie leaves her athletic and scholastic ability to Edith Cohenno. Jimmie Hadley leaves his way with women to Harry Aseltine. Barbara E. Brown bequeaths her love for Home Economics to Audrey Anderson. Ronnie Bolduc leaves proof that good things come in small packages. Florence Freitas, with much regret, leaves Mr. Twomey. Mary Small leaves her shy but mischievous manner. Danny Mahoney, Jack Audlee and Norman Randall leave through the nearest exit. Frank Jardin wills his sparkling humor and popularity with the fair sex to Bobby Desmond. Pat Sarados bestows her happy-go-lucky ways on any junior who can cope with them. Peggy Dykeman leaves a year of excellent work as our Vice President. Algert Januskis leaves his ability to solve problems to Louis DiCorpo. Marilyn Tansey bequeaths her job at the Bakery to a hungry junior. Barbara Leonard wills her soft laugh to Elaine Lewis. Harry Doyle leaves with the honor of being the only senior ever to run over a cow. Joan Broderick and Barbara Naughton leave their noisy ways to be equaled, if possible. Carol Holmes wills her good taste in clothes to Jean Witham. Mary Checca leaves her laughing eyes and pleasant smile to Esther Angelos. Billy Frost leaves his interest in shopwork to Franklin Werner. Johnny Rebello wills his height and sunny smile to Lloyd Baldwin. Marjorie Spaulding bequeaths her sophisticated manner to Wilma Zettler. Betty Hyde wills her honesty and sincerity to Frannie Johnson. Joan McGillivray leaves her pleasant ways to anyone who can find so many nice things about people. Bob Poskus leaves his manly physique to Dave Johnson. Harvey Gushing wills his easy-going disposition to Bobby Klim. Nancy Truell bequeaths her ability to make friends to Nancy Smith. Charlie Batchelder wills his antics to Charlie Benvie. Louis Baeta leaves his outstanding athletic ability to Richie Klim. Nancy Russell and Joan Macaluso leave their " gift of gab " to June Blum. 31 SEMAPHORE 195 1 Henry Waller. Robert Sawyer and Martin Kaitz leave with a successful future in view. Barbara A. Brown leaves proof that " Silence is Golden " . Gertrude Keefe wills her stenographic ability to a worthy junior. Eddie Danahy leaves his poems to anyone with sufficient talent to equal them. Lorraine St. Germaine and Evelyn Cirello leave their ideal friendship to Adella Kusin- skis and Virginia Gill. Donald Mone leaves his Toni refill kit for " the Wave that Gives that Natural Look " . June Sampson leaves to join the W.A.C. ' s. Mary Lyons and Shirley Staples leave their smooth dancing ability to any junior willing to work hard to equal it. Adrienne Cox wills her outstanding and admirable work as editor of our Yearbook to next year ' s editor. Felix LaPorte wills his artistic genius to next year ' s class artist. Mary Blake leaves her shy, retiring ways to Edith Green. To Miss Flynn we leave our thanks for her help on our Yearbook and also for having such patience with our English classes. To Miss Simmons we leave our gratitude for her fine work as advisor of the magazine, Semaphore. To Miss Lavallee we leave our apologies for murdering the French and Spanish languages. To Miss Commane we leave the Class of 1952, with hopes that there she will find a good P. A. D. class therein. To Mr. Burke we leave a good supply of Alka-Seltzer. presuming his next Geometry class is as solid as we were. To Mr. Knowles we leave a new Physics class. He needs one. To Mr. Willis we leave a T square and two triangles with our thanks for not throwing them at us. To Mrs. Pomeroy we leave a class, which we hope at least knows the diflference between a sewing machine and a stove. To Miss Donovan we leave a stopwatch, for we surely nmst have worn the other one out. To Mr. Penardi we leave the Driver Ed. Car in a far different condition from that in which we found it. To Mr. Twomey we leave our hopes for man more teams as successful as those he coached while we were in high school. To Miss Lindstol we leave our gratitude for a fine Field Hockey Team. To Mr. Cowgill we leave a new broom. To Mr. Antonellis we leave the hopes that he will remember our class favorably. To Mr. Randall we leave our sincere thanks for all the patience he has shown in guid- ing us through four pleasant and prosperous years. In witness whereof, we the class of 1951. have set our seal hereto this eighth day of June. 1951. Witnesses : Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer Linda Lovely Sherman L. Sturdley U N Me 32 1 ACTIVm SEMAPHORE 195 1 First Row: Florence Frietas, Eleanor Martin, Joan McGillivray. Second Row: Joyce Rieser, Patricia Sarados, Peggy Dykeman. Marion Harris, Carol Holmes, Mary Lyons (Manager), Gertrude Keefe (Treasurer), Mary Power, Barbara Smith, Frances Sheehan. Third Row: Carol Nelson. Lorraine Loving, Jean McEachron. Maureen Keefe, Joanne Walker, Carol Barbato, Barbara Halloran, Mary Corbett, Norma Corhett, Barbara Brown. Fourth Row: Robert DiMatteo. Martin Kaitz. James Washburn, Robert Holmes, Gregg Krollman, Vincent Maraglia, Clarke Schaaf, Fred Stanton. YEARBOOK Adviser: Miss Margarkt Fly.nn Editoi-iii-Cliicj : Adrienne Co. With the invaluahle services of Miss Fl iiii. the Senior Class of " 51 prochieed w ith success the annual Semaphore. The literary staff provided the maii interesting features which appear in the hook. The business staff met the inan expenses h raising the necessarv funds wliich made this publication possible. Recognizing the great efforts of our adviser, the staflf wishes to thank Miss Flynn for her guidance and keen interest. The yearbook stafT wishes the future classes of Stt)Ughton High the very best of luck and hope that they will uphold and maintain the pride and prestige of this insti- tution which is dedicated to citizenship. 34 195 1 SEMAPHORE First Row: Joanne Walker, Robert DiMatteo, Aclrienne Cox, Robert Sawyer, Gertrude Keefe. John Riibello. Second Row: Clarke Schaaf, Marilyn Tansey, Cora Le Briin, Peggy Dykeman, Frank Jardin. SENIOR PLAY Advisers: Mrs. Paul Doherty Miss Mary Commane " Not For Sale. " a three act comedy by Kurtz Gordon, ijresented on April 27. in the Stoughton Town Hall by the Class of ' 51, was well received by an enthusiastic audience. The success of the Senior Class Play can be accredited to a combination of out- standing acting on the part of the players, the artful direction of Mrs. Paul Doherty and Miss Mary Commane, plus the untiring efforts of the play ' s numerous cointnittees. The cast, Adrienne Cox, Robert Sawyer, Gertrude Keefe, John Rebello. Joanne Walker. Clarke Schaaf, Cora Le Brun. Marilyn Tansey, Frank Jardin, Marion Harris and Fred Stanton wish to extend their thanks to all those who helped to make the play the huge success that it was. 35 SEMAPHORE 195 1 First Row: Frederick Stanton, Peggy Dykeman, Jeap McEacliron. Arthur Donovan. Second Row; George Sarados, Nancy Chapmati, MadelorP-Magee, Joan Kett, Barry Third Row: Blake. Robert Kiim, Edward McGillivrav. STUDENT COUNCIL Adviser: Mil. Howard R. Randall President: Frkdkrick Stanton The Student Council, under the supervision of Mr. Randall, holds its meeting; each Monday. The Council, during; the year, has made a successful attempt to abolish the man problems which have confronted the students. This has been accomplished onK through the combined efforts of the Council members and their adviser. Mr. Raiulall. 36 193 1 SEMAPHORE T- ' First Row: Madelon Magee, Joan Kelt, Mary Grace, Joan Macoliiso, Nancy Russell, Frances Sheehan, Eva Horne, F ' rances Johnson, Joanne Walker, Mary Skiendiel. Second Row: Nancy Smith, Carol Barhato. Mary Faulds, Betty Holmes, Vincent Maraglia, Edward Danahy, Carol Crosby, Janet Barker, Florence Murphy, Helen Janock. Tiiird Row: Barbara Davidson, Adella Kucinkas, Virginia Gill, Theresa Jardin, Pauline Vincent, Joyce Reiser, June Blum, Virginia Brown, Barbara Dooley, Joan McGillivray, Odette Rodriques. Fourth Row: Frederick Brown, Peggy Dykeman, Martin Kaitz, Marion Harris, James Washburn, Edith Cohenno, Clarke Schaaf, Edward Rebello. THE SEMAPHORE Adviser: Miss Mabel Simmons Editor: Adrienne Cox As the official paper of Stoughton High School, the Semaphore has. this past year, under the capable leadership of Editor Adrienne Cox. presented the student body with a paper composed of fine literary, editorial, and news sections. Many new ideas, the result of the Staff ' s zealous work, were printed for the first time and were well received by the students. The Seniors on the staff, in parting, wish to extend to next year ' s editor and staff the good luck which has been so long associated with the paper and which we know will be prevalent as long, as it, the Semaphore, continues to be the students ' paper. 37 SEMAPHORE 195 1 First Row: Nancy Smith, Mary Faiilil . ihi-resa Jardin (President), Frances Johnson, Esther Angelos, Carol Nelson. Second Row: Marie Rue, Adela Januskus, Wilma Zetta, Catherine McCourt, Pauline Vincent, Marion Harris, Virginia Brown. Virginia Gill. Tliird Row: Arthur Kimher, Warren Harris, William Heelan, Franklin Hall. James Hickey. DRAMATIC CLUB Adviser: Miss Mary Com mane President: Theresa Jardin This year the Stoughton High School Dramatic Club enjoyed a most e.xciting year with Miss Cominane as adviser, and to her we express our gratitude and appreciation. A dramatic workshop was organized with the group meeting every Mondax afternoon. At these meetings the original Thanksgiving and Christmas assembly pro- grains were planned. Trips into Boston to attend matinee performances of popular plays and musicals added to the activities of the year. The second annual Spring Frolic sponsored b the club was a social and financial success. A one-act pla) on Class Day climaxed the club ' s activities for 19.S1. The Seniors extend their best wishes for successful and enjoyable ears to the future dramatists of Stoughton High. 38 SPORTS SEMAPHORE 195 1 L lo K: Laila Mansfield, Madeline Fritz, Phyllis Smith, Cynthia K(i ey. Janice Mone, Carol Crosby. CHEERLEADERS Adviser: Mrs. Mary E. Pomeroy Caplain: Carol Crosby A brand new Stoughton High School Cheerleadiiig squad made their initial appearance at the Braintree football game. They had many hours of practice prior to the opening game and presented their original cheers with self-confidence. A dance was held by the girls to pay for their uniforms, which consisted of black corduroy skirts and white wool sweaters with black corduroy collars. As thanks for making their uniforms, the cheerleaders presented Mrs. Pomero with a silver plate. Because of Muriel Nason ' s attack of polio, from almost the first game only six cheerleaders were able to lead the cheers. Everyone saddened by her illness hopes she will be well and back in school next year. Graduation steals only one of the girls. Phyllis Smith. Congratulations girls, and best of luck to next )ear ' s squad. 40 1951 SEMAPHORE First Row: Vincent Maraglia, Frank Jardin, Robert Poskiis, Daniel Crean, Louis Baeta (Captain I, Fredrick Donahue, William Coe, Edward Danahy, Charles Long. Second Row: Denton Calder, Robert Desmond, John Farley, Robert Klim, Robert Perdigao, William St. Germaine, Alan Sampson, Richard Burke, William Hodges. Tiiird Row: Donald McKinnon, Carl Hampe, Charles Fahey, Richard Klim, Joseph Lewis, Edward McGillivray, Phillip Sullivan, Paid Stanton, David Johnston, Francis Bercovitz. FOOTBALL Coach: Mr. Albert Twomey Captain: Lou Baeta Assistant Coach: Mr. Christopher Brady The 1950 team, led by Captain Lou Baeta, enjoying one of its best seasons, beat undefeated Canton on Thanksgiving Day. Stoughton lost only one game, the opener against Braintree, and finished the season with a new scoring record of 259 points, breaking the ' 48 season record. Seniors leaving are Captain Lou Baeta, Dan Crean. Edward Danahy. Bol) Poskus. Frank Jardin, Bill Coe, and Vince Maraglia, who wish the ' 51 team a successful season. 41 SEMAPHORE 1951 First Row: Jean Lapworth, Isabel McGarvey. Joan Broderick. Frances Sheehan. Barbara Naiighton, Marion Harris (Captain). Florence Murphy, Carol Barbato, Gertrude Keefe, Nancy Smith. Second Row: Adrienne Cox (Manager), Jean Witham, Edith Cohenno, Madelon Magee, Ann LaPorte, Lois Thorner, Patricia Hyde, Mary Skiendiei, Ann Robichaii, Carolyn Fiske, Carolyn Pratt, Betty Cowgill. Shirley Hodges, Frances Fennessy, Marilyn Smith. Betty Jordan, Helen Janock. June Blum, Miss Norma Lindstol. FIELD HOCKEY Coach : Miss Norma Lindstol Captain : Marion Harris Manager : Adrienne Cox The 1950 hockey team won one game and lost six. They lost games with Oliver Ames, Canton, and Braintree and won over Randolph. Seniors leaving this year and wishing the 1951 team a more than successful season are Barbara Naughton, center; Carol Barbato. right wing: Marion Harris, fullback; Gertrude Keefe, left wing; Joan Broderick. left halfback: Evelyn Ciriello. right inner; Frances Sheehan. left inner: and Adrienne Cox. Manager. 42 195 1 S E M A P H O R E Yu- ' l KiiVN : (,fi)ige .Saiado . Riiliaid Klim, F " rank Jartlin and Kdlit it I ' () kns (Co-Captains), Robert Klim, Lloyd Baldwin. Sfcond Row: Mr. Albert Twomey (Coach), John Farley, Denton Calder, David Johnson, Robert Desmond, William St. Germaine, Robert Coe, ( Manager) . BASKETBALL Coach: Mr. Albert Twomey Co-Captains: Bob Poskus Frank Jardin Featuring a hard-playing, quick-breaking type of ball game, the Stoughton High Basketball team swept through a successful year. Lead by Co-captains Frank Jardin and Bob Poskus, the team turned in fine performances, both at home and away. Their spirit, teainwork, and will to win gained for them the first place in the South Shore Tournament, Class A, and placed them second in the Hockaitiock League. Coach Twomey can be well proud of this team, for they were a team in every sense of the word. Co-captains Jardin and Poskus would like to extend to next year ' s captain and team, the wish of " Good luck in all your games. " 43 miERTISING- ★ Compliments of JOSEPH F. CORCORAN SHOE CO., INC. In Memory of LEAH M. HURLEY Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 SIMOND ' S GARAGE Sales -:- CHEVROLET -:- Service 287 WASHINGTON STREET STOUGHTON Telephone 574-W Compliments of PANTHER- PANCO RUBBER CO. Compliments of STOUGHTON HARDWARE CO. Compliments of ROCK MANUFACTURING CO. Stoughton, Mass. " From Standing Timber to Finished Producfs " Compliments of PERDIGAO ' S SUPER MARKET 732 WASHINGTON STREET Telephone 997 C1 EDGAR ' S Best Wishes to the BROCKTON ' S Class of 1951 HEADQUARTERS for SH AWMUT HOME WOOLEN and MILLS FAMILY NEEDS - (.oniiratu lations to the AL SAVINI GnidiKitinf; Class of General Contractor I ' J. ' yl STOUGHTON SAND NORFOLK COUNTY GRAVEL CO. TRUST COMPANY 46 Morton Street Eleven Convenient Offices btoughton MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Telephone 1199 or 1200 THE CHRONICLE PUBLISHING CO. Augustus H. Sullivan, Manager PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS of THE STOUGHTON CHRONICLE " YOUR WEEKLY NEWSPAPER " Extend to the Class of 1951 Their Sincere Appreciation for the Opportunity to Produce " The Semaphore " and Wishes Each of the Graduates a Happy and Successful Future THE STOUGHTON PRINT SHOP Albert J. Arsenault Producers of FINE PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION CALL 525 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1951 STOUGHTON OFFICE RANDOLPH SAVINGS BANK 21 Wyman Street MILKY WAY DAIRY 763 West Center St. West Bridgewater, Mass. Our Products Are " SKY HIGH IN QUALITY " Compliments of A FRIEND Be s! J? ishes to the Corifsralulalioits to the of 1951 Class of 1951 from BARNEY ' S USED CARS MICKEY BISHOP ' S CAFE 200 Turnpike Street, Canton where Good Friends Meet Route 138 Coin jiliiiii ' n is i j V.tiiii j liinttil l STOUGHTON JOHN C. MARTIN SON JENNEY STATION Proprietors of Lubrication - Washing - Repairing 500 Washington St. MARTIN ' S MODEL MARKET BILL INGRAM, Proprietor 22 PORTER STREET TELEPHONE 1670 Telephone 139 i ' ishes from CONNOR ' S WAYSIDE FURNITURE CANTON, MASS. READ 6l white Men ' s and Women ' s Formal Apparel " Quality Always " 1 1 1 Summer Street Boston, Mass. Woolworth BIdg. Providence, R. 1. Cuinljliinciils uf PETERSON ELECTRIC CO. 15 Porter Street Com j liincnts of BROCKTON CRAYON CO. Cotri liiiniits of BOND-RITE COMBINING CO., INC. 25 BROCK STREET STOUGHTON Com jilimciils of RIESER ' S POULTRY FARM 530 Canton Street, Stoughton Telephone 1012-M Compliments of THE CAST OF THE SENIOR PLAY Utzbi rr lilies to the Class of ' 51 O ' BRIEN TRANSPORTATION CO. STOUGHTON BEAUTY SALON and BARBER SHOP 771 Washington Street Telephone 383 PETER KLIMAS VIRGINIA PERRY Compliments of NORMAN ' S THE STORE OF QUALITY BARGAINS 23 WYMAN STREET Compliments of EDWARD C. LINDELOF Stoughton Co-operative Bank 9 FREEMAN STREET A Savings Plan to Suit Your Budget Savings Accounts Insured in Full Under Massachusetts Law BOMHARD BROS. GARAGE Specializing in IGNITION - FRONT ENDS - BRAKES Engine Tune-up — Texaco Products 582 Pearl Street Telephone 1100 f)owers by cell Distinctive Arrangements Weddings - Banquets - Corsages Funeral Designs Personal Attention - Prompt Delivery Shop and Greenhouses located at 190 Morton Street Largest and Nearest Shop to Stoughton Square Tel. 178 Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 STOREY CO., Inc. BROCKTON Ready To Wear of Distinction Conijjlinients of THE BROCKTON GAS LIGHT CO. Washington St., Stoughton Compliments of MURPHY COAL CO. CoTl VdtXllcLtiOTlS Very Best Wishes and Good Lucli OLIVER ' S HARDWARE and SUPPLY CO. 11-13 Wyman St. Stoughton C ' OUf pi iu eiits of LOWE POWERS Funeral Service Compliments of EDDIE IVALDI ' S ORCHESTRA Eddie Bob Jimmy Andy Charlie Tel. Stoughton 561 -W Congratulations to the Graduates OUELLET PHARMACY, INC. Com j li iiu ' ii ts f f TURNPIKE AUTO BODY SHOP Fender and Body Repairing Brazing and Welding Auto Painting JACK GLOCKNER Telephone CAnton 6-0559 T. F. EARLEY FUEL OILS Burner Installations and Service Call " Earley " Before It ' s Too Late — 24-Hour Service 3 RALPH MANN DRIVE Telephone 1579 Compliments of KENNEDY MFG. CORP. Com pliniciil.s if Com jili iiu tils of PILGRIM OIL CO., INC. STOUGHTON DINER (. ' .oni l linH ' uls oj Complinunls of ADD II r " ! IT DATE L.AKKULL LUI-KAIt r ' RIAAAAIKIC PI ACTir WER wivirviivil J CLMj 1 1 YVCD PERFUMERS COMPANY Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 Com plimenls of FRANK ' S RADIO COLONIAL HARDWARE CO. TELEVISION FREEMAN STREET WYMAN STREET Telephone 450 Telephone 1074 Compliments of Best If islus to the Class of 1()51 FIRST NATIONAL BESTREADS PRODUCTS CO. STORES STOUGHTON SUPPLY LUMBER CO. Building Materials 1202 Washington Street, Sloughton On Route 138 Telephone Stoughfon 1121 Best Wishes To the Class of 1951 KAY JEWELRY CO. Brockton Best Wishes From BROCKTON EDISON CO. Compliments oj TAL POWERS PORTER ST. LUNCH Compliments of " BOB " RUSSELL ' S ESSO SERVICENTER 309 PARK STREET Telephone 1230 Best Irishes for Success to the CLASS OF 1951 SHAWMUT MILL STORE PORTER STREET Best Wishes For Your Future Success . . . That Is My Wish FOR THE CLASS OF 1951 Atty. John C. Webster, Jr. CHINA GLASS GRADUATION GIFTS GURNEY BROS. CO. 101 Main Street, Brockton Jewelers Since 1841 NOVELTY JEWELRY WATCHES Tonics — Frappes — Sundaes MUR-MACS LUNCHEONETTE Hot Dogs — Sandwiches — Hamburgers Fried Clams SEAITEST ICE CREAM Canton Street, Route 27 In Stoughton It ' s THE NEWS -SENTINEL Since 1861 Stoughton ' s Home-Town Newspaper RAY ' S SERVICE STATION Pontiac Sales and Service GREEN OIL PRODUCTS CO. FUEL OILS — INDUSTRIAL OILS OIL BURNER INSTALLATIONS and SERVICE Boston — Canton Telephone CAnton 6-0412 Compliments of BARTON ' S YOUR FAMILY SHOE STORE 770 WASHINGTON STREET Telephone 534-M Best Wishes to the Class of ' 51 JAMES LEHAN, Inc. Oldest Ford Dealer in New England STOUGHTON, MASS. Telephone 35 Conijiliiiieiils of MALBON JEWELERS STATE THEATRE BLOCK Compliments of BURBA ' S Atlantic Service Station WASHINGTON STREET Compliments of IVALDI MOTORS CANTON, MASS. Compliments of 412 PLEASANT STREET Telephone 825 Coin pliiiu ' uts of DENENO ' S VARIETY STORE Cor. Stoughfon and Pearl Streets (Near Pinecrest Acres) Telephone 595 Compliments of NORFOLK LUMBER, Inc. C»iu jtliiiieuis of FOSTER ' S ESSO SERVICENTER ROUTE 138 — CANTON, MASS. THE RELIABLE LAUNDRY ART MITCHELL, Proprietor FOR ALL YOUR LAUNDRY NEEDS Telephone Stoughton 1289 Compliments of J. J. NEWBERRY CO. Com plinieiils of JAMES H. McGRATH, D.M.D. C.oiiipliiiiciits (if MacDONALD ' S VARIETY STORE 490 WASHINGTON STREET Telephone 285-M EDGAR S. MALCOLM Stoughton ' s Oldest Insurance Agency COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 4 Freeman Street Telephone 200 Compliments of GEORGE ' S SHELL STATION AL HINDS, Proprietor Coinplinicnls oj BLUM BROTHERS BUILDERS 339 Canton Street Tels. 1298-WK and 1399-R Compliments of ATTY HARRY A MARCUS Stoughton, Mass. Coiiiplinieuts of DYKEMAN PHARMACY CANTON Compliments of WEBSTER ' S ICE CREAM PARLOR Best Wishes from AUSTIE ' S CAFE 5-7 Porter Street GEORGE A CONNELL, Manager Compliments of STOUGHTON ENGINEERING CO. James J. Ruggiero 30 CRESCENT AVENUE Compliments of NICHOLS ANn rn F. FEDERICO SONS General Contractors Builders Carpenters Masons 22 Pearl Street Telephone 1078 Best Wishes from 1. CRANE CUSTOM TAILOR 741 Washington Street Telephone 270-M Compliments of A FRIEND PAPPAS SHOE REBUILDERS First Class Work with Modern Equipment Efficient and Prompt Service Free Pick-up and Delivery 5 Pearl Street Telephone 1264 Compliments of GEORGE ' S RESTAURANT Best {f ishes to the Class of 19SI O. H. HANSEN General Store 600 Pleasant Street Telephone 850 - 832 Com pliments of JOHANSON ' S CAKE SHOP Compliments of DR. T. M. O ' LEARY Best W ishes from LEWIS E. FRITZ, M.D. 15 Seaver Street Stoughton KARTSTEIN LAUNDERIES and CLEANSERS TELEPHONE STOUGHTON 861 Est, 1920 Com plimcuts of DR. DONALD L. McGURK Comj)liments of STOUGHTON MILL STORE Comj limeiils of Stoughton Variety Store A! Deiuco, Prop. Compliments of HENRY BRICKELL 35 Park Street FREDDIE ' S MARKET Nation-Wide Service Grocer 295 Park Street Telephone 790 Coinplimeuts of PETER ' S BARBER SHOP 743 Washington Street Compliments of DR. PATRICK C. FERRERA STOUGHTON GARAGE General Repairing ft Towing Gat - Oil - Storage 707 Washington Street Telephone 87 Compliments of HARRY SHAPIRO, M.D. CREVOLA ' S MEN ' S STORE 768 Washington Street Telephone 1294 PAUL MOOTOS SHOE REPAIRING DONE WHILE YOU WAIT Coiiiplinieuts of WALTER ' S MARKET Compliments of Campbell ' s Rexall Drug M. J. NARCOZZI, Proprietor Registered Pharmacisf LA CIVITA BROS. SUNOCO SERVICE STATION WASHING - GREASING 576 Washington Street Telephone 589 lU ' il W ishes fioiii ANGELO NARDOZZI Compliments of JOHN E. DEACON Congrtttulations to the Clfis.s of 1951 HELEN EWING HOLMES KINDERGARTEN Compliments of Stoughton Auto Express Compliments of SWAN CLEANSERS DYERS 20 Freeman Street Telephone 1088 Best Wishes to the Class of 19S1 JOHN J. ROGERS SON THE MORTON PRESS High Grade Commercial Printing Weddings a Specialty 5 Wyman Street Stoughton, Mass. C.o»if iiinents of CARON and SARREY BARBER SHOP 734 Washington Street Best Wishes from DR. FRANCIS E. KENNEY Dentist 9 Pearl Street Stoughton Compliments of COLSON ' S GIFT SHOP Complimenls of STOUGHTON SPORTS CENTER Com j linn ' iits of YOUR FRIENDLY PONTIAC DEALER Coiiijiliinriils (if STATE SPA Louis M. Georges Sons HOME MADE ICE CREAM LUNCHEONETTE Com filintenis of JAY THE FLORIST 399 PLEASANT STREET leiepnone zoy Member F.T.D. Association Complirrienis of P. J. DOOLEY TRUCKING Best Wishes f ro m JOSEPH DUGGAN Compliments of Nasher Manufacturing Co. Compliments of HERBERT L. VILK BUILDER JIMMY ' S PIONEER SUPER MARKET extends Best IT ishes to the Class of 1951 Best n ishes to the Class of 195] CEDAR LODGE Conij linic)ils of Johnny ' s TEXACO Station JOHN ZUMAS, Proprietor O ' KEEFE ' S CLEANING SERVICE Fur Storage — Repairing — Dyeing 7 Pearl Street Telephone 1087 Cortjiratiilations to the Class of 1951 MARY JO ' S WYMAN STREET TOWN TAXI W. J. Robbins, Proprietor Relax, Ride in Comfort CALL STOUGHTON 293 JIGGER ' S SERVICE STATION MERIT GAS AND OIL Dependable Auto Repairing 687 Washington Street Telephone 8 Compliments oj Stoughton Shirt Service 2 PERRY STREET Telephone 1289 Coin j li mill Is of KEEFE BROTHERS Ice Cream SWAN ' S STORE oi nee 1 oou WYMAN STREET — TEL. 49 Compliments of DR. MARSHALL J. BRICKELL Compliments of PUPELLO ' S MARKET " Italion Food Products " 10 Wyman Street Telephone 388 Cuiiijiliiiii ' iits of WARREN ' S SUNOCO SERVICE (Formerly Cook ' s) ROUTE 138 — CANTON Compliments of EDWARD J. FARLEY, M.D. Compliments of ATHERTON ' S Complete Home Furnithert 41 Centre Street Brockton Com jilimeiits of STOUGHTON LAUNDRY Established 1911 Telephone 150 — Stoughton Compliments of JOE UNDA ' S TAXI SERVICE Comj)liments of WOMEN ' S APPAREL SHOP STOUGHTON ' S LEADING SPECIALTY SHOP Compliments of F. C. PHILLIPS, Inc. Compliments of DYKEMAN ELECTRIC CO. 18 Wyman Street Telephone 88 CompUttienls of MAILLY JEWELER - OPTICIAN 12 yman Street Telephone 800 WILFRED CARON 8i Freeman Street Telephone 883 PRODUCERS ' DAIRY MILK and CREAM PRODUCTS NORFOLK PHARMACY " Your Prescription Store " E. A. YAITANES, Reg. Pharmacist 813 Washington Street Stoughton McCANN ' S ICE CREAM STORE WILLIAM BOSSE, JR., Proprietor 10 Freeman Street Stoughton PORTER COAL CO. COAL - WOOD - COKE H. H. SNOW MEN ' S WEAR Swan Block Stoughton CARLTON T. HOLBROOK Construction Equipment lo o wasningTon otreet lelepnone lUoU-IUol Compliments of JOSEPH DE VITO Cojti mcnts of COUNTRY MAID DOUGHNUT SHOP Route 138 — Canton SAM JOHN ' S SHOE STORE 789-791 Washington Street Stoughton Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 MARTIN LUMBER CO. 419 WASHINGTON STREET Telephone 1470 Compliments of STOUGHTON DELICATESSEN 746 Washington Street Telephone 571 Compliments of A. C. WOODWARD, M. D. Comf liments of W. T. HORAN SON Porter Street Telephone 245-W FUEL OIL CI V l KJ A TOD DCCDI CD A T DC IvCLvliNAHJK KtrKlotKAHJKo RCA RADIO TELEVISION LLOYD ANIMAL HOSPITAL WILLIAM ILOYD Veterinarian 1995 Washington Street Telephone 1235 lUst W ' islu ' S from BRANDISON RUGGIERO MASOi J - CONTRACTOR C2 SUMNE. STREET Telephone 1345

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