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Stoughton High School - Stotonian / Semaphore Yearbook (Stoughton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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V SEMAPHORE 19 5 0 Stoughton High School 19 5 0 Stoughton, Mass. 1950 SEMAPHORE Yearbook Staff Advisers Miss Margaret Flynn Mr. Robert Huston Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Llndstedt Business Manager William Cummings Art Ernestine Mosman Literary Staff Josephine Gonsalves Phyllis Hellner Ruth Vachon Phyllis Ward Reta Brooks Claire Tobin Mildred Drake Charles Murphy Joseph DeAndrade Gilbert Baker Paul Goulston Wallace Whittemore Barbara Munson Business Staff Ann Calder Shirley Corbett Laila Bodine Anna Hayward John Simpson Shirley Bruce Joan Daley Ruth Forbes Earl Leonard Brenda Rowe Richard Cherry Barbara Keefe Francis Churchill James McDonald Joanna Despotopulos SEMAPHORE 1950 ADMINISTRATION Mr. Howard R. Randall. Principal Hanard A.B.. Ed. M. Mr. Gerard Anto.nellis Mechanic Arts Training School for Teachers of Mechanical Arts, B.S., Boston University Mr. Frank V. Burke University of Maine A.B. and 32 hours of graduate school Mr. Ralph C. Christon Catholic University, B.A.. Ua Salle Lni ersity, M.S. Miss Mary Commane Regis College, A.B. Miss Christine A. Donovan Boston I niversity. B.B.A.. Simmons College Mi Lottie A. Elzbl t Boston University. B.S.. M.C.S. Miss Margaret E. Flynn Simmons College, B.S. Mr Aaron Fink Rutgers University, B.S., Harvard University, Ed. L Mr. Robert S. Huston Monmouth College, A.B., Harvard I ni ersily. A.M. Miss Rita Lavallee Radcliffe, A.B.. Boston University, M.A. Mr. Arthur L. Penardi Boston University, B.S., M. Ed. Mrs. Marybeth Pomeroy Framingham State Teachers College, B.S. Miss Mabel Simmons Bates College, A.B. Miss Priscilla Smith Sargent College, B.S. Mr. Albert Twomey Boston College, B.S. Mr. a. Peter Willis Mathematics Sciences English Secretarial Business English Guidance Social Studies French, Spanish Physical Education and Driver Education Home Economics English, Latin Physical Education History Art, Mechanical Arts Massachusetts School of Art, B.S. in Education. George Washington University 4 SEMAPHORE 19 5 0 Class Ode To the Tune of W elcome Sweet Spring Now. class of fifty, it ' s time to depart. Take with ou mem ries: leave here our heart. Four years we spent here now pass in review Reminding us of you Pack up your laughter, your spirit of fun. Take also knowledge, the world s to be won. Friendships we formed here, the ties that we made, Never will they fade. Echoing laughter old times recall. Ivv we planted beneath a red brick wall. Oh! How we 11 bring to you great happiness As we bypass each failure and rise to success. So give us your blessings. Dear Stoughton High. The world to us beckons, it ' s time to say goodbye. Years may go b . and the decades may pass Remember the half-centurv class. Words by Ruth Vachon ' 50 6 1 95U SEMAPHORE Je tratiou To you, Mr. Artliur Penaidi, we, the Class of 1950, with heartfek gratitude, dedicate our yearbook as a symhol of our appreciation for the help- ful guidance and tireless patience that are so characteristic of you. 7 SEMAPHORE Treasurer George Poulos 10 SEMAPHORE 1 9 5 () JOHN ATKINSON Aki 283 Morton St. College " Saying little thinking much ' ' . Athletic Association 1, 2. 3. 4: Football 4: Freshman Dance Com- mittee 1: Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3. LAILA BODINE L 143 .Station St. Commercial " The mildest manners icith the bravest smile " . Athletic Association 3. 4: Drivers Education 4: Home Economics Club 3; Jr. Prom Committee 3. GILBERT BAKER Gii. 1400 Central . ' t. College " An athlete on the field, a sport at heart " . Student Council 1, 2; Class Presi- dent 2: Jr. Prom Committte 3: Jr. Prom Marshall 2; Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: Athletic Association 1. 2. 3 4: Yearbook Staff 4. Vj ' Bill WILLIAM BOWMAN 70 oodland Ave. Civic Training " Laughter in his eyes and rhythm in his feet " . Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4 Freshman Dance Committee 1 Sophomore Dance Committee 2 Jr. Prom Committee 3. RETA BROOKS 19 Oakwood Ave. Red Commercial " Happy am I; from care I ' m free; why aren ' t they all content like me? " Freshman Dance Committee 1; . " ophomore Dance Committee 2; Glee Club 1. 2: Rose Song 2: Class Day 1: Ticket Seller 1, 2. 3: Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Prom Committee 3: Daisy Chain 3: Office Girl 4: Field Hockey 4; Yearbook Staff 4. . ' SHIRLEY MAY BRUCE Shirl 484 Canton Street Commercial ' ' Pleasing to look at delightful to know " . Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3; Rose Song 2; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4: Magazine Campaign 2: Class Day I sherette 3: Graduation L sherette 3: Daisy Chain 3; Home Economics Club 3; Drivers Education 4. ANN CALDER 58 Prospect St. College " Good nature and good sense are her companions " . Basketball 1. 2: Field Hockey 1. 2. 3. 4 f co-captain 4): Glee Ckd) 2: Dramatic Club 3, 4 (Treasurer 4l : .Semaphore 1, 4; Yearbook 4: Jr. Prom Committee 3: Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Freshman Dance Committee 1; Jr. Prom L sher- ette 1: Jr. Prom Marshall 2; Class representative 1; Class ice-Presi- dent 2: .Student Council 1, 2; Ath- letic . ssociation 1. 2. 3. 4: Rose Song 2: Graduation I sherette 3: Class Day I shette 3: Daisy Chain 3: Magazine Campaign 2: Ticket .Seller 1. 2. 3: Photographv Com- mittee 3: Office Girl 2, 3, 4; ' (Head Office Girl 41. NANCY CARLE 86 Freeman -St. College " A gentle soul is beautiful " . Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. 4: Rose .Song 2: Basketball 1. 2: Freshman Dance Committee 1 : Jr. Prom Com- mittee 3; Daisv Chain 3: Dramatic Club 4. LAX RENCE CHERRY JR. Dave 22 Rockland .St. Civic Training " The more you know him, the better you like him. " Freshman Dance Committee 1: .Ath- letic Association 1. 2. 3. 4: Football 2. 3: Jr. Prom Committee 3: Driv- ers Education 4. RICHARD D. CHERRY Dick 22 Rockland St. Commercial " A little laughter now and then is relished by the best of men. " Basketball 1; Freshman Dance Com- mittee 1; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Dramatic Club 4: Senior Play 4: Atheletic Association 1, 2, 3. 4; Freshman Dance Committee 1; . ophomore Dance Committee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3: Drivers Edu- cation 4. 12 19 5 0 SEMAPHORE FRANK CHURCHILL Churchie 385 Lincoln St. College " F ' eflA ' in voice, but strong in will. " Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sopliomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Chorus 4. OLIVE COAN Ol 559 Plain St. Commercial " A real lady inalics no noise. " Freshman Dance Committee 1; Ath- letic Association 2. 3; Class Day 3: . ' Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Rose .Song 2; Glee (Auh 1; Home Economics 3. ROSAMOND COHENNO Roz 838 Central St. Commercial " Music is a soulful expression. " Freshman Dance Committee 1; .S)[)homore Dance Committee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3; (ilee (]liil) 1. 2: Radio Program 2: Athletic .As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Pro- gram 1, 2, 3; ( lass Day llsherette 3; (Graduation Usherette 3; Daisy Chain 3; Drivers Education 4. RUTH COHENNO 838 Central St. Ri Tim; Civic Training " To be quiet and reserved is most attractive. " Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4: Rose .Song 2; Daisy Chain 3; (iradualiou Usherette 3; Drivers Education 4. ANN MARIE COLE Spots 199 Willow St. Commercial " Little packages often hold rare gems. " Freshman Dance Committee: Soph- omore Dance Comniillee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Office Girl 4; .Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. EMERSON COOPER Coop 117 Ralph Mann Drive General " I ' ve lived and loved. " Entered from Brookline High School, May, 1949. Baseball 3, 4; Athletic Association 4; Senior Play 4. SHIRLEY CORBETT Shudie 59 Broadway Commercial " There is no wisdom like frankness. " Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Office Girl 1, 2, 3, 4; (Head Office Girl 4) Student Council 1, 3, 4; Class Vice President 3, 4; Rose Song 2; Gradu- ation Marshal, 3; Class Day Marsh- al 3; Graduation Committee 4; Ring Committee 3; Photography Com- mittee 3; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. JEAN ANN GORMAN Jeannie 810 Central St. Commercial " Hard to know, but well worth knowing. " Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Rose Song 2; Home Economics Club 1; Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Daisy Chain 3; Jr. Prom Committee GERALD W. COTTER Gehry 13 Clifford Ave. Mixed " As happy as the day is long. " Athletic Association 1, 2. 3, 4; Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3. WILLIAM CUMMINGS Bill 310 Sumner St. College " When my studies get too deep, then I lay me down to sleep. " rt Club 1, 2; Magazine Campaign 1 : Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; .S)phomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Business Manager of Yearbook Staff 4; Drivers Education 4; Semaphore 1, 1: Athletic Association 1. 2, 3, 4; (iliorus 2; Senior Play 4. 13 SEMAPHORE 19 5 0 JOAN DALEY 24 Talbot St. College " Advice is like kissing; it costs nothing and is a pleasure to do. " Basketball 2, 3; Field Hockey 1. 2. 3, 4; Student Council 2; Athletic Association 1. 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 4: Class Secretary 2. JOSEPH DeANDRADE Joe 339 Washington St. Civic Training " Joe is somewhat of a ivit, icell not forget him, not a bit. " Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 4. JOANNA DESPOTOPULOS Jo 107 Wyman St. Secretarial " A smile, a laugh; we know she is present. " Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2 : Jr. Prom Committee 3: Semaphore 2, 3. 4: Yearbook Staff 4; Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 2. 3: Basketball 2, 3; Rose Song 2; Daisy Chain 3: Graduation Usher- ette 3; Dramatic Club 3. 4: Radio Program 3; Christmas Program 1. 3; Drivers Education 4; Senior Musical 1 : Office Girl 2. 4. MILDRED DRAKE Mill 4.50 Highland St. College " ' The greatest force on earth ; goodness. " Basketball 1: Art Club 1: Home Economics Club 1 ; Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3: Athletic Association 1, 2. 3. 4: Semaphore 4; Yearbook .Staff 4: Drivers Education 4; Candy Cam- paign 3: Census Taker 3. ELEANOR EAGLES 431 Page St. Ellie Commercial " A gay spirit, yet a strong icill to accomplish. ' ' Athletic Association 1, 2. 3. 4: Basketball 2. 3: Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3. RLTH FORBES .Slim 210 School St. Stenographic " A girl of sunny disposition. " Atheltic Association 1, 2, 3. 4; Hockey 1; Freshman Dance Com- mittee 1; .Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3; Glee Club 1: Ticket Seller 1, 4: Semaphore Staff 1, 2, 3; Home Economics Club 1. 3: Rose Song 2; Lil)rarian 2: Daisy Chain 3; Class Day I sherette 3; Graduation Ush- erette 3: Stock Room 4; Drivers Education 4. BE ERLY ERASER 1098 Turnpike St. Bev Commercial " She has a nature both quiet and pleasing. " Athletic Association 3. 4; Basketball 3: Drivers Education 4: Daisy Chain 3. RALPH GALLO [Ji ' Bfi MNY 1061 Sumner St. Civic Training " Laughing and loving through life he goes. " Football 1: Basketball 1; Baseball 1: Atheltic Association 2, 3. 4; Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Semaphore 4: Dramatic Club 4. CHRLSTOS GEORGES Chris 217 Walnut St. College " The fruit of goodness and friendliness are everlasting. " Fix tball 1. 2. 3, 4; Athlqfic Assoc- iation 1. 2. 3. 4. MICHAEL GEORGES Mike 217 Walnut St. Civic Training " Why lake life seriously; you never get out alive. " Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4; Foot- ball 1. 2. 3. 4: Jr. Prom Com- mittee 3. 14 19 5 0 SEMAPHORE JOSEPHINE GONSALVES Jo 67 Union St. Secretarial " Good nature and a sunny smile makes desirable company anywhere. " Atliletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Semaphore 1, 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Radio Program 2; Magazine Campaign 1 ; Rose Song 2 ; Glee Club 3; Drivers Education 4; Office Girl 2; Christmas Program 1; Candy Campaign 3; Census Taker 3. ANN GOLLD Goildie 1.59 Lincoln St. College " Neatness is the crowning grace of womanhood. " Art Club 1. 2; Jr. Prom Commillce 3; Rose Song 2; Daisy Chain 3. PAUL M. GOULSTON (ioosKi .500 Pearl St. College " Tall trees catch much wind. " Freshman Dance Commitlce 1 ; Sophomore Dance (Committee 2; Jr. Prom (Committee 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3, 4. ANNA HAYWARD Ri st ' 20 Brock Street Secretarial " With razor sharp wit, she cuts the gloom. " Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. 4 (rep- resentative 4) ; Basketball 1, 2 (captain 1, 2); (Cheerleader 3, 4: Glee did) 1. 2; Rose .Smg 2: Radio Program 2, 3; Librarian 2; Office Girl 3, 4; Freshman Dance Com- mittee 1 ; .Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2; Jr. Prom (Committee 3; Ring Committee 3; (Jhorus 3, 4; Graduation Usherette 3; Daisy Chain 3; Class Day I ' sherptte 3; (graduation Committee 4; Drivers Education 4. -PHYLLLS HELLNER ' ' Lak Missy ewood Drive (College " Handles laughter and fun with just the right spirit. " Athletic Associati(m 1, 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3; Field Hockey ,3. 4; (captain 4); Freshman Dance (Committee 1; .Sophomore Dance (Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Class Day Usherette 3; (»ra(iii- ation Usherette 3; Photography (Committee 4; Glee Club 1. 2: Year- book Staff 4; Semaphore 4; (Chorus 1; (Christmas Program 4; Drivers Education 4; Magazine Campaign CHESTER HOLMES 36 Ninth St. Lefty Commercial " What care I, let the world slide by. " Baseball 1, 2, 3; Athletic Assoc- iation 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Drivers Education 4. CHARLES IVALDI ' Chas 95 Morton St. ' ' College " Those who bring Sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. " Athletic Association 1. 2, 3, 4; Freshman Dance Committee 1; . ophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Semaphore 3. 4; Magazine (Jampaign 1; Year- book Staff 4; Senior Play 4. BARBARA KEEFE Bibs 140 Sumner St. College ' " Her quiet ivay is only one of her many virtues. " Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (rep- resentative 3) ; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 (co-captain 4): Basketball 1, 2; Cheerleader 4; Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Dramatic Club 3, 4 (President 4); Yearbook . taff 4; Graduation Committee 4: Class Secretary 3, 4; .Student Council 3, 4; Jr. Prom I sherette 1; Rose Song 2; Daisy (Chain 3: (Graduation Usherette 3; Class Day Usherette 3; Ticket .Seller 2, 3; Ring Committee 3; Photo- graphy Committee 3; Librarian 2; Office Girl 3. MARY KROLLMAN Squeakie 115 Perry Street Commercial " Laugh and the World laughs with you. " Glee Club 2; . ' ophomore Dance Committee 2: Chorus 2, 3; Class Day Usherette 3; Graduation Usher- ette 3; Semaphore 4. EARL LEONARD Off 307 Walnut .St. Civic Training " His lines are cut in manly mold, for hardy sports and contests bold. " Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (co-captain 4); Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (captain 4); Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (treasurer 3); Photography Com- mittee 3; Graduation Committee 4; F ' reshman Dance Committee 1; Jr. Pnim (Committee 3. SEMAPHORE 1 9 5 U CHARLES LIFTMAN Biddy 105 Perry St. College " talk and talk, why stop? " Athletic Association 1. 2. 3, 4: Base- ball Mgr. 3 (assistant 1, 2); Or- chestra 1, 2, 3; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Senior Play 4; Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2. DANIEL LIPSKY Dan Lipsky Road Mixed " You don ' t have to be noisy to have it known that you ' re around. " Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (co-captain 4) ; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Atheltic Assoc- iation 1, 2, 3, 4 (representative 4) ; Graduation Committee 4. ELIZABETH LL ' NDSTEDT Betty 189 Pleasant St. College ' ' She has a smile jor everyone and a scowl for no one. " Athletic Association 1. 2, 3. 4; Field Hockey 1, 2. 3; Basketball 1, 2: Dramatic Club 3, 4; Semaphore 1. 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4 (Editor-in- chief ) ; Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Ticket Seller 1, 2, 3, 4 (captain 3, 4) ; Rose Song 2; Graduation Usherette 3; Class Day Usherette 3; Daisy Chain 3; Christmas Program 1, 3; Magazine Campaign 1 : Office Girl 2. 3. 4. (Head Office Girl 4); Drivers Education 4; Senior Play 4. JOANNE LYONS Jo 126 Stoughton St. Commercial rare compound of frolic and fun. " Jr. Prom Committee 3; Graduation Usherette 3; Daisy Chain 3; Ath- letic Association 3, 4; Drivers Edu- cation 4. EDWIN iSIacGREGOR Ed 449 Pleasant St. Civic Training " Silence is more eloquent than words. " Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. 4: Freshman Dance Committee 1 : Sopliomore Dance Committee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3. BARRY MALCc(yM 88 Plain St. Commercial man ' s own manners do shape his fortune. " Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 Freshman Dance Committee 1 Sopht)more Dance Committee 2 Jr. Prom Committee 3: Jr. Prom Usher 1; Drivers Education 4. 437 Page St. ' Biff Civic Training " Why ivorry? It won ' t get you anywhere. " Athletic Association 3, 4; Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Prom Committee 3. CATHERINE McCORMACK Kay 76 Woodbine Road Commercial " While we live, let us enjoy life. " Entered from St. Patrick ' s, Rox- bury. September 1949. JAMES McDonald 400 Park St. College " Alicays willing to do his share happy go lucky without a care. " Freshman Dance Committee 1 Sophomore Dance Committee 2 Jr. Prom Committee 3; Class Presi dent 3. 4: Student Council 3, 4 Ring Committee 3; Photography Committee 3; Jr. Prom I sher 1 I enior Reception Marshal 3: Year book Staff 4; Semaphore 4; Dram atic Club 4: Radio Program 3 Senior Play 4. ERNESTINE C. MOSMAN Bi tch 486 Pearl St. College " Gaiety heals the soul. " Glee Club 1. 2: Art Club 1. 2; Dramatic Club 3: Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3: Semaphore 1, 2. 3. 4: Daisy Chain 3: Basketball 1, 3; Yearbook 4: Athletic Association 1. 2. 3. 4; Senior Play 4. 19 5 0 SEMAPHORE BARBARA L. MUNSON Barb 37 Columl)us Ave. College " None but herself can be her parallel. " Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Ro. ' -e ong 2; .Semaphore 1, 2; Basketball I, 2; Class Day Usherette 3; Graduation Usherette 3; Ring Committee 3; Radio Play 3, 4; Daisy Chain 3; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Athletic Assoc- iation 1, 2, 3, 4; Drivers Education 4; Ticket Seller 1, 2, 3, 4; Librarian 2; Senior Play 4. CHARLES MURPHYf) t ' rtAULir. 21 Pleasant St. ColJ qge " Only those who try can succeed. " Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; .Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3; Ring Com- mittee 3; Class Treasurer 2; Or- chestra 1; Graduation Committee 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. EDMl ND NEVILLE Buzzy 27 Thomas St. Civic Training " love the life I lead. " Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 Freshman Dance Committee 1 Sophomore Dance Committee 2 Jr. Prom Committee 3; Football 3 4; Baseball 4. PAULA PAGE Satch 153 Maple l l. Commercial " Good nature is the foundation of all good things. " Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Drivers Education 4. e ' nn] Civic Trainin V, J Bob ROBERT PENN 120 Wyman St. " .( ' work; it fascinates me. I ran sil and look at it for hours. " Basketball 4: Athl etic Association 4; Drivers Education 4. 17 MARY PORTUGAL 121 School St. PoitCH Secretarial ' ' She has a manner both sweet and pleasant. " Basketball 1. 2 (captain 1); Fresh- man Dance Committee 1 ; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Rose Song 2; Ath- letic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Christ- mas Program 3. (;E0RGE POULOS -f A " ' Ni k: 81 Freeman St. - " College " Tell me something serious and I ' ll make it sound funny. " Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Semaphore 2. 3, 4; Class Treasurer 3, 4; Or- chestra 1, 2; Ring Committee 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Student Council 3, 4; (iraduation Committee 4; Ath- letic Association 1, 2, 3. 4: .Senior Play 4. RAYMOND POWELL Ray 236 Plain St. Civic Training " Be my friend, and III be yours. " Football 1, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; -Student Council 1; Freshman Dance (committee 1; Jr. Prom Committee 3. MARION RAMSDELL Winter St. Secretarial " Her smile radiates her charming ways. " Entered from Waltham High School. thletic Association 3. 4; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Field Hockey 3; Glee Club 3; Cheerleader 4. JOSEPH RAYMONE! Jot: 280 Park St. Civic Training " The man that blushes is not quite a brute. " Entered from St. John ' s, Canton September, 1949 Baskfiball 4; Athletic Association SEMAPHORE 19 5 0 VIRGINIA REDDEN Ginny 749 Park St. Commercial " Be silent and safe; silence never betrays you. " Glee Club 1. 2: Freshman Dance Committee 1; Rose Song 2: Recep- tion lisherette 2: Daisy Chain 3: Athletic Association 1, 4. ARMANDO ROpj R GtlES Chimp 34 Blackstone StV V " - " the shoe fits; wear it. " Freshman Dance Committee 1 : Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3: Yearbook Staff 4; Semaphore 4; Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4. BRENDA ANN ROWE 143 Porter St. " Youth is the time for pleasure. " Field Hockey 1. 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1, 3. (Manager 3): Rose Song 2: Freshman Dance Committee 1 : Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3; Dramatic Club 3. 4; Home Economics Club 3; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4: Graduation Usherette 3; Class Day 3: Photography Committee 3. JOHN SANTOS 40 Sumner St. Johnny Civic Training Youth comes but once in a lifetime. " Athletic Association 3, 4. WALTER SCHROTH Biddy 46 Broadway . College ■ " Silence is deep as Eternity, speech is as shallow as time. ' ' Entered from Milton High School. January, 1949. Basketball 3: Jr. Prom Committee 3; Athletic Association 4. |-AG0LDIE SHEEHAN Gold 95 Charles Ave. Commercial " Wherever there is laughter there she ' ll be. " Basketball 1. 2. 3; Field Hockey 1, 2. 3. (captain 3); Athletic Assoc- iation 1. 2. 3. 4: Freshman Dance Committee 1 : Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3: Daisy Chain 3; Graduation I ' sherette 3; Drivers Education 4. HILDA SILVA Butch 196 Canton St. Commercial " So content with life am . " Athletic Association 1. 2, 3. 4: Field Hockey 2, (manager I: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Com- mittee 3. MARIE THERESA SILVA Ree 89 Charles Ave. College " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Athletic Association 1. 3, 4: .Sema- phore 4; Yearbook .Staff 4: Daisy Chain 3; Rose Song 2; Class Day L sherette 3: Graduation Usherette 3 ; Senior Plav 4. JO N SIMPSON. JR. 2350 Bay Road Mixed " Out of my way — have work to do. " Football 1. 2. 3; Baseball 1. 2: Art Club 1: Jr. Prom Committee 3: Choral Club 2: Athletic Associa- tion 1. 2. 3. 4. JOSEPH P. SOULE Ja 1820 Turnpike St. Civic Training " Don ' t judge by the surface this quiet boy. " Freshman Dance Commitlee 1: .Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3: Athletic Association 4. 18 19 5 0 SEMAPHORE LOUIS SOUSA Beans 319 Washington St. General " A great unrecognized capacity. " Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE THOMPSON Slugger 1049 Sumner St. " Doing good is one pleasure that will not ivear out. " Dramatic Club 4; Semaphore 4; Baseball 3, 4; Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; .Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Athletic Association 4; Art Club CLAIRE TOBIN 102 Pleasant St. " Quiet and well ronducted alivays ready for fun. " DlK KY College but High. Entered from Hyde Park September, 1949. Athletic Association 4; Yearboc Staff 4; Drivers Education 4. RUTH VACHON Ruthie 60 Prospect St. College " Favoring none but friendly to all. " Freshman Dance Committee 1 : Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Glee Club 2; Ratlio Program 2; Librarian 2; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sec- retary 4); Rose Song 2; Basketball 1, 2; Daisy Chain 3; Graduation llsherette 3; Cheerleader 3, 4; Year- book Staff 4; Christmas Program 1; Graduation Committee 4; Drivers Education 4; Senior Plav 4. Cy t Training RICHARD DEAN 10 Clapp St. " 11 hat. Study? { . . . and me so young. " Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4. FRANCIS DOOLEY t-AL 62 Clapp Street Civic TraJnrng " Full of fun and fancy free, that ' s the only life for me. " Football 3, 4; Basketball (Mgr.) 3, 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 4). RICHARD F. HENRY Dick 6 Royal Road College " Silence is often the key to success. " Drivers Education 4; Athletic As- sociation 4. GEORGE HOLLIDAY , red 14 Elm St. Civic Training " He ' s but a mystery to us all! " Athletic Association 3, 4. - CHESTER KOSINSKI (chet 840 Washington St. Practical " love life, so I enjoy it. " Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophninorc Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4; Marshal 3; Semaphore 4. BEVERLY VOSE 615 Morton St. Bev College " There is a deal of deviltry beneath her mild exterior. " Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Ath- letic Association 1, 2, 4; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Com- mittee 3; Librarian 3. PHYLLIS KAY WARD Phyl 726 Park St. Civic Training ' ' A quiet exterior conceals much. " Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Radio Play 3; Dramatic Club 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Graduation Usher- ette 3; Class Day 3; Ring Com- mittee 3; Graduation Committee 4; Rose Song 2; Basketball 1, 2; Year- book Staff 4; Drivers Education 4. FRANCES WENSKEVICH Shrimp 55 Atherton St. Commercial " How far that little candle throws its beams. " Field Hockey 1, 2; Basketball 1, 3 Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 Freshman Dance Committee 1 Sophomore Dance Committee 2 Jr. Prom Committee 3; Ticket Seller 1, 2; Stock Room Girl 3, 4; Drivers Education 4. WALLACE WHITTEMORE Wally 622 Bay Roaxl Civic Training " With his wit he shall not know sadness. " Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Football 3. 4; Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Committee 3; Yearbook Staff 4. 1 DAVID MARTIN Davie 133 Perry St. Practical " A lion among ladies. " Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 Freshman Dance Committee 1 Sophomore Dance Committee 2 Jr. Prom Committee 3. DONALD WEILER Don 86 Parkviev Ave. Civic Training " A friend to all an enemy to none. " Football 4 (Manager); Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Jr. Prom Com- mittee 3. 19 V SEMAPHORE 1950 Who ' s Who Charles Mlrphy most Likely to Succeed Rlth Vachon Earl Leonard Most ropular Shirley Corbett Richard Cherry Most Attractive Marion Ramsdell Richard Henry Most !ienous Ann Gould Gilbert Baker Most Respected Shirley Corbett Emerson Cooper Most Sophisticated Marion Ramsdell Gerald Cotter tSest - atured Betty Lundstedt George Hollos Most Carefree Brenda Rowe Richard Henry Brainchild Joan Daley William Cummings Actor — Actress Barbara Ml n son Charles Mlrphy t inaest Marie Silva Edmund Neville Most Tactful Ann Calder Joseph DeAndrade Best GifUfiler Anna Hayward Wallace hittemore Most Mischievous Brenda Rowe Gerald Cotter Most Sociable Ruth Vachon Richard Cherry Most Poised Barbara Munson Charles Mlrphy Most Sincere Ann Calder Richard Henry Most Mysterious Catherine McCormack Wallace Whittemore Cutest Joan Daley Charles Mlrphy Most Reliable Shirley Corbett Raymond Powell Best Sports Goldie Sheehan David Martin Best Dancers Phyllis Hellner Wallace Whittemore Most Talkative Joanna Despotopulos George Poulos Best Dressed Barbara Munson Joseph DeAndrade Best Pals Joan Daley Wallace ' hittemore Phyllis Hellner Earl Leonard Most Athletic Goldie Sheehan Wallace " hittemore Wittiest Anna Hayward Gilbert Baker Best Ail-Round Student Shirley Corbett William Bowman Class Baby Anne Cole Charles Mlrphy Most Determined Shirley Corbett Armando Roderigles Class Artist Ernestine Mosman Charles Ivaldi Most Musical Rosamond Cohenno Sleeping Favorite Pastime Dancing Ouellet ' s Favorite Rendezvous Ouellet ' s Girls Enjoyed Most at S. H. S. Lunch Football Favorite School Activity Basketball Guy Lombardo Favorite Orchestra Eddie Ivaldi John Wayne Favorite Actor Larry Parks Jeanne Cr.aine Favorite Actress June Ally son Homework Least Worry Homework 20 195 0 SEMAPHORE Statistics N Anlb tlUDtSl John Atkinson Sports Gilbert Baker Sports Laila Bodine Knitting William Bowman Swimming Reta Brooks Swimming Shirley Bruce Drawing Ann Calder Sewing Nancy Carle Cooking David Cherry Airplane models Richard Cherry Swimming Frank Churchill Loafing Olive Coan Reading Rosamond Cohenno Music Ruth Cohenno Collecting stamps Anne Cole Dancing Emerson Cooper Sports Shirley Corbett Eating Jean Corman Cooking Gerald Cotter Bowling William Cummings Art Joan Daley Creative writing Richard Dean Amusing myself Joseph DeAndrade Sports Joanna Despotopulos Music Francis Dooley Racing Mildred Drake Ball games Eleanor Eagles Skating Ruth Forbes Eating Beverly Fraser Roller skating Ralph Gallo Dating Christos Georges Hunting Michael Georges Fishing Josephine Gonsalves Ann Gould Paul M. Goulston Anna Hayward Phyllis M. Hellner Richard F. Henry George Holliday Chester Holmes, Jr. Taking snap shots Drawing Saxophone, clarinet Ice skating Dancing, sports Swimming Photography Photography AMBITION Baker College Successful Housewife To be a Success Housewife Housewife To be happy Nurse Naval Aviation Marine Corps Aviation To be a Millionaire Stenography Singer Hairdresser Hairdresser Journalism Private Secretary Secretary To get by College College Carpenter To be a Success Dental Hygienist To win fame To be happy Secretary To be Successful Teacher Barber Chemical Engineer Successful Business Man Lawyer Fashion Illustrator Doctor Live and Have Physical Education Teacher Forestry Success PASTIME Sports Listening to Music Writing Letters Dancing Dancing Dating Writing Letters Cooking Navy Air Reserve Automobiles Woodworking Dancing Playing the Piano Drawing Embroidery Dating Dating Cooking Sleeping Hunting Dancing Sitting on Office Bench Sports Dancing, Talking Racing Writing Letters Knitting Roller Skating Sewing Dancing Fishing Riding a Bicycle Arguing Knitting Singing Skating Listening to Music Sports Reading Working, Sports 21 SEMAPHORE 1950 Charles F. Ivaldi Barbara Jean Keefe Chester Kosinski Mary Krollman Earl Leonard Charles Liftman Daniel Lipsky Elizabeth Lundstedt Joanne Lyons Edwin S. ] L cGrecor Barry LALCOLM Albert Mann David Martin Catherine McCormack James E. McDonald Ernestine C. Mosman Barbara Lois Munson Charles Murphy Edmvnd J. Neville Paila Pace Robert Penny I L RY Portugal George Poulos Raymond Powell Marion E. Ramsdell Joseph Raymond Virginia Redden Armando Roderigi es Brenda Anne Rowe John Santos Walter Schroth GoLDiE Sheehan Hilda Ann Silva LARIE Theresa Silva John Simpson, Jr. Joseph P. Soule Louis Sousa George Thompson Claire Tobin Ruth E. Vachon Beverly Vose Phyllis Kay Ward Donald Weiler Frances Wenskevich Wallace ' hittemore Mechanics Playing the piano Women Listening to music Sports, rest Women Sports Rainbow for Girls Knitting and Dancing Cars Roller skating Woodworking Drawing Sports, cooking Making money Tennis Rainbow for girls Music Sports Roller skating Reading Photography Sports Drawing Cars Knitting Drawing Dancing Women Sports Sports Knitting Sports Cars Sports Sleeping Fishing, hunting Sports Knitting Letter writing Swimming Gun? Sports Sports Musician Teacher Go to Florida Good Secretary Play Semi-Pro Ball College College Nurse Good Secretary Air Force Successful Chef Marine Flyer Secretary To Retire Artist Radio Enter Mini lry Policeman Artist Mechanic To be Happy To Travel Mechanic Business Plumber Dressmaker Live Easily To be Successful Retired Businessman Loafing Join WAC ' s Join WAVES Nursing To be a Success Automobile Salesman Store Owner Test Pilot Nursing Finish Knitting Hotel Hostess Floral Designing Balistics A Happy Life Aviator Listening to radio Listening to WHDH ' omen Drawing Sleep Having Fun Playing Sports Dancing Dancing Reading Eating. Dating Girls Polish a Car Baseball Movies, Dancing Dancing Drawing Roller Skating Working at Something Baseball Painting and Reading Sleeping Sleeping Loafing Football. Hockey Dancing Women Making Clothes Sleeping Having Fun Baseball Salesman Dancing Dancing Dancing. Bowling orking on Cars Go to Sporting Events Dreaming orking Music Having Fun Dancing, Sewing Dancing Girls Letter riting Sports, Mechanic 22 1950 SEMAPHORE CLASS WILL We, the ambitious and determined class of 1950. having completed four unfor- gettable and joyous years of learning and companionship, do hereby will and bequeath, on this 16th day of June, some of our talents, luck, happiness, and traditions to those future seniors whom we deem worthy of them. To Mr. Randall we leave our appreciation for his helpful guidance and untiring efforts. To all the faculty, who we hope will always have favorable memories of us, we leave many thanks for their wonderful friendship and patience through our four memorable years. To the Junior Class we leave the task of furthering the ideals we have thus far advanced. To the Student Council the Senior Class Officers wish the best of luck for success next year. Ann Cole leaves her strenuous studies to Flossy Frietas. Phyllis Hellner leaves her cheering ability to anyone who can keep her lungs in- tact for a whole game. Chet Kosinski leaves his Florida vacation to anyone able to be dismissed for a week. Eleanor Eagles leaves her gay personality to Carol Barbato. William Cummings leaves his towering height and a step ladder to Fred Stanton. Josephine Gonsalves leaves her gift of gab to Joan Macaluso with the admonition, " Don ' t get caught in Study Hall! " Virginia Redden leaves her quiet ways to Betty Coan. Gilbert Baker leaves his place on the basketball bench to Jack Farley. Charles Murphy leaves his problem, " How can I afford to run a car? " , to anyone who can answer it. Olive Coan. with tears in her eyes, leaves Ann Williams. Joseph DeAndrade leaves his manly build to Lloyd Baldwin. James McDonald leaves his berth on the Student Council to any brave Junior. 23 SEIMAPHORE 1950 Dave Cherry leave? his friendliness to anv Junior who can smile twentv-four hours a day. Goldie Sheehan leaves with her diamond sparkling and stars in her eyes. Charles Liftman leaves the fu n he had in S. H. S. to Martin Kaitz. Hilda Silva leaves for Taunton as if she were jet-propelled. Rosamond Cohenno leaves her music to Odette Roderiques with the hope that some dav they ' ll meet at the " Met. ' Chris Georges leaves his scientific experiments to anyone who can perform them without blowing up the school. Laila Bodine leaves her pretty eyes to Jean Lapworth. Joanne Lvons leaves with the thought of running all the way to Brighton. Wallace Whittemore leaves his arguments in Problems Class to any Junior who can stay in class long enough to finish them. Barbara Keefe leaves her height and sunny smile to Joanne alker. Ann Calder leaves her quiet ways to Pat Kelt. Mike Georges leaves his weight to any football player who can use it to beat Canton on Thanksgiving Day. Barbara Munson leaves her bangs to Nancy Russell. Shirlev Corbett leaves her problems of being Vice-President to the next Vice- President. Armando Roderigues leaves his brf)wn eves to au Junior who can wink at two girls at once. Joan Dalev leaves her curls to Bunny Barbato with the happy thought that she doesn ' t have to worry about the rain. Brenda Rowe leaves her stvlish taste to any underclassman worthy of it. Ralph Gallo leaves all the girls he knows to anyone who can remember one from the other. Marie Silva leaves her long walks to an) one who can follow her trail. Marion Ramsdell leaves her laugh to Joan Broderick in hopes that she finds a lot to laugh about. illiam Bowman leaves his thumb to anvone who has to go to Brockton every day. Anna Havward leaves her height to Natalie Silva. Dave Martin leaves his anxiety to graduate to any wise Junior. Ruth Forbes and Frannv Wenskevich leave their stockroom to Joan McGillvray. Betty Lundstedt leaves her vearbook worries to the next suffering editor. Mildred Drake leaves her arguments about the Red Sox to anyone who can find as manv wonderful things about them as she did. Emerson Cooper leaves with a long line behind him. Phvllis Ward leaves her charming personality to anyone deserving of it. Paula Page leaves for Rolland the next time the bus comes around. Charles Ivaldi leaves his dancing feet to some worthy Junior. 24 195 0 SEMAPHORE Reta Brooks leaves her red hair to Franny Sheehan. Eddie MacGregor leaves his parking place in the shade to anyone who can get to school early enough to catch it. Mary Krollman leaves her pleasant ways to anyone who can find so many nice things about so many people. Jean Gorman leaves her pleasant smile to any Junior who is friendly to so many people. Beverly Vose leaves to go to the dogs. Paul Goulston leaves his musical talents to Andy Denneno. Mary Portugal leaves with Louis and bright hopes for the future. Fran Dooley leaves his " way with women " to Gregg Krollman. Ruth Vachon leaves her footsteps to be followed by any brave Junior who won ' t be too shocked at where they may lead her. Ray Powell leaves his wide-awake ideas to Ralph Staples. Dick Henry leaves. In witness whereof, we the class of 1950. have set our seal hereto this 16th day of June, 1950. Witnesses : u N Me 25 SEMAPHORE 19 5 0 CLASS HISTORY Four long years have passed since the class of 1550 began to enact the events that comprise its historical record at Stoughtun High School. A glance at the records show that success has been the constant companion of this favored class. We are here presenting to you this Class History, which has been prepared for your pleasure as a remembrance of the past four wonderful years. ' Twas on a bright September day This class of fifty came to stay Within the walls of Stoughton High As little Freshmen, meek and shy. We soon forgot our nian fears. Making plans for future years. Four representatives we did install From our homeroom in study hall. At dancing lessons the girls did prove They were solidh " in the groove . But the bovs — alas! something was amiss. Arthur Murray ' s was never like this! Laughter l and sessions i filled each day. Then came our first school dance in Ma) . Miss Murphy really did her best And the " Freshman Frdic was a big success. That Sophomore year was quite a wow. Our football stars were veterans now. Marks were — well, better than expected. Our first class officers were elected. 26 1950 SEMAPHORE The teachers shook their heads and sighed As every possible stunt we tried. At Christmas there was quite the show — We hung the doors with mistletoe. Miss Lavallee was a dear Directing the Sophomore Hop that year. A radio show, magazine campaigns Proved that we were making — gains? As Juniors we faced our first real test. For us, there was nothing but the best. With Mr. Penardi as a guide We flashed our West Point rings with pride. From typewriter row often came this mumble, " Now how did this get in such a jumble? " And Chemistry classes — ah, there was a threat — It ' s a wonder this school is standing yet! The new class officers showed no faults I lanning our prom, " The Winter Waltz. " And with talk of a trip to Washington We looked for a following year of fun. As Seniors, at last, we returned in the fall. The boys, how they d grown — the girls? — still tall. We drew a deep breath, and solemnly vowed We ' d make this last year one of which to be proud. With Mr. Randall helping quite a bit The yearbook we tackled: our play was a hit. Our licenses we earned in Driver Ed. My, how this Senior year had fled. Finally, now we ' ve reached our peak. Ahead lies only commencement week. Our books are passed in. exams are through. Our robes lie waiting in white and blue. So now at last we liid goodbye To many friends at Stoughton High. But like the setting of red We seek a brighter road ahead On which to walk and rise to fame That you might not forget our name. Class of 1950 27 SEMAPHORE 1950 CLASS PROPHECY The members of the Class of 1950 all have their ambitions, and in this prophecy we have tried to predict where these ambitions will have led them ten vears from now. The Class of 1950. Stoughton High School, is combining a house-warming party with a tenth reunion celebration at the newly-built home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sousa. ( Mrs. Sousa is the former Mary Portugal, i The lovely floral arrangements in the house are done bv Florist. Phyllis Ward. The construction company that built this beautiful house was that of our former class- mates. Phillip Soule and Albert Mann. The plumbing was capably installed bv Joseph Raymond. The huge fireplace in the living room was constructed bv George Hollidav. The painting was done by Lawton Holmes. The interior decorating, we are told, was in charge of Marion Ramsdell. The furniture is from the noted Walter Schroth Co., and the original wallpaper was designed bv our old friend Shirley Bruce, who has be- come Mrs. Robert Kelley since last we met. The meal of the evening is being served by Caterers Barry Malcolm and John Atkinson, featuring a new Swedish delicac bv the world famous cook. Laila Bodine. Music during the evening is pla ed bv ihe famous orchestra of Charles Liftman and his solid trumpet. As we mingle among the guests, we find many of the Class of 1950 who are now- very famous. We talk a minute with Josephine Gonsalves. a prominent lawyer, who is resting after her battle with District Attorne Edmund Neville, in the case of " General Motors Executive Ravmond Powell versus t sed Car Dealer Daniel Lipskv. " The judge in this case was our former Class President. James McDonald. Charles Ivaldi. leading Ford Dealer of the District, has just returned from a conference in Chicago. Also present is Model Brenda Rowe. whose clothes are designed by those famous Hollywood designers. Ann Gould and Paula Page. Wandering among the crowd is that well-known newspaperman. William Bo man. and following him. with sketch pad in hand, is Cartoonist Armando Roderigues. We are introduced to the minister from a local church and are surprised to learn it is our own Charles Murpliy. Arriving just before dinner is illiam Cummings. publisher of a noted magazine, and his personal secretar Ann Calder. Thev have just flown in from New ork on the C. and C. Airline run bv our old classmates. David Cherry and Frank Churchill. One of the members of the class unable to attend the party is ice skater Anna Hayward. whose ice show is now in Los Angeles. Anna and her manager. Mildred Drake, are staying at the George Hotel owned by George Poulos and managed by Beverly Vose. Many of our friends are unable to attend as they are overseas serving their countrv. Goldie Sheehan. a well-known Colonel in the W ACs is under the sunshine of Hawaii, while Ruth Vachon, Marie Silva and Claire Tobin are over in England 28 1950 SEMAPHORE furthering their nursing careers. We all are glad to see Ralph Gallo back from sailing the seas as a Navy barber. We receive a last minute telegram from Marines George Thompson and Richard Cherry expressing their regret at being absent because they are being shipped to Iceland at any moment. As we look around, we see the distinguished Dr. Paul Goulston and his two private nurses, Betty Lundstedt and Nancy Carle. Mary Sousa looks lovely. Her hair is lavishly set in an up-do, created by Hilda Silva and Anne Cole in their beauty salon. After a wonderful dinner we enter the living room to watch the television set sold to the Sousas by that convincing saleslady, Olive Coan. On the screen appears a famed Sports Interviewer. Gilbert Baker. He introduces many of our noted pals, among them Earl Leonard, coach at Yale; Michael Georges, 300 pound wrestler; Phyllis Hellner, who has won a gold cup for being the fastest swimmer in New England; Ruth Forbes, whose outstanding ability in the Roller Derby is amazing; and David Martin, the popular prize fighter. Last to appear on this pro- gram are the captains of the opposing teams to play soon in the " Punch Bowl " , Joseph DeAndrade of Holy Cross and Wallace Whittemore of Columbia. Now on T.V. we see " Sketches by Ernie " , who is none other than Ernestine Mosman. Downstairs many are dancing in the game room, but in the far corner we see two billiard players sweating it out over a hot game — yes. they are Robert Penny and Edwin MacGregor. In another part of this huge room we see Shirley Corbett, president of a large insurance firm, giving a " pep " talk to her secretaries, Reta Brooks, Jean Gorman, Katherine McCormack, and Mary Krollman. Upstairs once again, we see coming in the door, luggage and all, Barbara Keefe just returning from traveling in Europe. Over all the chattering we see some guests listening attentively to talented Barbara Munson, who has acquired fame on her own radio program. We get a glimpse of Beverly Eraser talking to psychiatrist Joan Daley: evidently Bev is telling her about her Home Economics class. We guess kids are still a problem in school. John Santos, private chauffeur for Mr. Sousa, is engaged in conversation with Richard Henry and Christos Georges, who are explaining opposite theories to him concerning the " S " bomb. Donald Weiler, who owns a chain of theaters, is reminiscing about school days with John Simpson, who has become wealthy in the trucking business. Chester Kosinski is telling Joanne Lyons and Virginia Redden, co-owners of the enormous " Nickle i!. Dime " stores, of his interesting experiences in Florida where he is a private trainer for Eleanor Eagles, who owns a large horse racing track. Joanna Despotopolus. a dental hygienist for a local Brockton dentist, is telling Frances Wenskevich, another happy secretary, about her experiences of the day. As we once again watch television, we see the talent on the " Stars Weekly Review " . Rosamond Cohenn o, an opera singer, is there. Her hair has been beautifully set by her twin sister Ruth, a well-known hair stylist. Gerald Cotter, a comedy impersonator, and Emerson Cooper, sensational swoon singer, are also on the program. A special guest is Francis Dooley, the " demon driver " of stock cars, with his private mechanic, Richard Dean. As it is growing late, the television is turned off and everyone bids the host and hostess goodbye. It was wonderful seeing all our old friends once again, and we all agree it was truly a warm house-warming. 29 SEMAPHORE 1950 To the Graduates of 1950 May I congratulate you upon the courage and perseverance you have shown in completing the four years of high school to win your diploma. I know that you will never regret it. However, after receiving your diploma, please don ' t forget the debt you owe your parents for their sacrifice and encouragement which made it possible. Graduation is often called Commencement, because it means that you are be- ginning a new school, that of Life. Hitherto you have been sheltered and counselled by parents and teachers but now, unsupported, you must stand on vour own feet. In this new school you will find invaluable the high school training you have received in courtesy, character, effort, industry, and the ability to assume responsibility. And please remember always that prejudice, racial or religious, has no place in real life decisions. Whether you will or no, your every word and act from now on will reflect upon your High School because you are now graduates of this institution. For the sake of other graduates, past and future, as well as your own. let your deeds be such that you and they may be proud of them. In closing. 1 want vou to know that your High School always stands ready to assist you in any way that it can and you should feel free to contact it whenever the need arises. Mav I wish vou all the best of success and Godspeed. Sincerely. Howard R. Randall, Principal Stoughton High School 30 SEMAPHORE 19 5 0 Fir--t Row: Joan Daley, Frank Churchill, Marie Silva. Betty Lundstedt ( Editor-in- Chief . Charles Ivaldi. Shirley Bruce, Jame? MacDonald. SecMind Row: Claire Tobin. Joanna Despotopiilo?. Mildred Drake. Barbara Munson. Ann Calder. Barbara Keefe, Josephine Gonsalves, Phylli ard. Ruth achon. Phyllis Hellner. Third Row : Joseph DeAndrade, Gilbi rt Baker. George Poules. Paul Goulston. Charles Liftman. YEARBOOK Adviser — Miss Margaret Flynn Business Adviser — Mr. Robert Hlston Editor — Betty Llndstedt Business Manager — William Cummings Through the combined effort of the advisers and the staff, the class of 1950 suc- cessfulh published the annual Semaphore. The literary staff prepared the material for the book, and the business staff raised the money which made publication possible. The members of the staff wish to express their sincere thanks to Miss Flynn and ] Ir. Huston for all the help which they so gladly gave us. To all future classes we wish the best of luck for very successful years. 32 19 5 0 SEMAPHORE First row: Marie Silva, James MacDonald, George Ponies, Carol Barbato, Ruth Varhdii (Editor-in-Chief), Adrienne Cox, Armando Roderigues, Ralph Gallo, Bette Holmes. Second Row: Betty Lundstedt, Joanna Despotopulos, Peggy Dykeman, Phyllis Hellner, Chester Kosinski, (Jeorge Tho mpson, Marion Harris, Cynthia Kovey, Frances Johnson, Theresa Jardin. Third Row: June Blum, Pauline Vincent, Mary Faulds. Editli Cohenno. Mildred Drake, Ann Calder, Carol Crosby, Janet Barker. SEMAPHORE Advisers — Miss Mabel Simmons Editor-in-Chief — Ruth Vachon Mr. Robert Huston Business Manager — George Poulos Another year of Semaphore printing has slipped past. Once again the familiar orange and black covers appeared. Each edition gave evidence of the combined efforts of the staff. We feel that progress has been made by giving the student body more reading material for a smaller price. We, the Semaphore staff, wish to extend sincere thanks to our advisers, Miss Simmons and Mr. Huston, for their tireless efforts on behalf of our paper. Deep ap- preciation goes also to the girls in the Senior type class for their fine job in printing it. To the stalf of ' 51. our very best wishes for the continued success of Semaphore. 33 SEMAPHORE 19 5 0 First Row: Barbara Munson, .Marie Silva. Charles Ivalcli. George Poulos, Betty Lundstedt, Emerson Cooper, Ruth achon. Second Row: Joanne Lyons, Charles Liftman. Joanna Despotopulos. Ann Calder, Josephine Gonsalves. Paul Goulston. James MacDonald, Richard Cherry, Shirley Corbett, George Thompson. SENIOR PLAY Advisers — Mr. Joseph Celi Miss Mary Commane On Friday evening. March 24th. the Senior Class presented its pla , Out of the Frying Pan, a hilarious three-act comedy by Francis Swann. The play centers around six aspiring actors who are all living together in one apartment, supported by the father of one of the girls. When the father arrives and a big producer drops in unexpectedly, the fun begins and how! The cast included Marie Sil a. Charles l aldi. Ruth Vachon. William C unmiings. Betty Lundstedt. George Poulos. Barbara Munson. Emerion Cooper. James MacDonald. Ernestine Mosman. Richard Cherrv and Charles Liftman. Ann Calder and Brenda Rowe served as the prompters. The cast wishes to extend to Mr. Celi and Miss Commane heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation for their hard work and understanding which did so much to make the play a success. 34 195 0 SEMAPHORE First Row: Janet Holmes. Jean Lapwortli, Haiiiuia Keefe, Shirley Corbett, Maureen Keefe, Barbara Leonard. Second Row: James Hickey, Louis DiCorpo, George Poulos, James MacDonald, Arthur Donovan, Frederick Stanton. STUDENT COUNCIL Adviser — Mr. Howard R. Randall President — James MacDonald The Student Council meets each Monday under the direction of Mr. Randall, the adviser. Throug;hout the year the council has endeavored to better the standards and the conditions of the school. As problems arose and presented themselves, the Student Council faced them and solved them to the best of their ability. Many problems were worked out very satisfactorily. This year has been a successful one for the Student Council because of the com- bined efforts of the members and Mr. Randall. The Senior members offer their best wishes to the councils of the years to follow. SEMAPHORE 1950 tiibt Row: Pauline incent, Theresa Jardin. George Thompson, Madeline Fritz, Bette Holmes. Second Row: Barhara Munson. James Hadley (Vice President). Barbara Keefe (President), Miss .Mary Commane (Adviser I. Phyllis Ward (Sec- retary), Ann Calder (Treasurer), Betty Lundstedt. Third Row: Eva Home, Nancy Hanks. Nancy Carle. Mary Faulds. James Mac- Donald. Gregg Krollman, Adrienne Cox, Brenda Rowe, Helen O ' Brien. DRAMATIC CLUB Adviser — Miss Mary Com m ane President — Barbara Keefe Director — Mr. Joseph Celi This year the Dramatic Club, under the capable supervision of Miss Mary Commane and Mr. Joseph Celi. enjoyed a very successful year. The meetings were conducted on Tuesday afternoons, and the club received classroom instruction on the basic principles of dramatics. At the Chi istmas program a plav entitled Ao Room at the Inn was presented and very well received by the student body. The members extend their thanks to Miss Commane and Mr. Celi for their patient understanding and friendship through the year. To the next Dramatic Club the seniors wish the very best of luck for a successful year. 36 1950 SEMAPHORE First Row: Natalie Silva, Barbara Keefe, Pliylli;- Ilellner (Captain J, Maureen Keefe, Anna Hayward. Second Row: Joan Daley, Joanne Walker, Ruth Vaelion, Marion Ranis dell. CHEERLEADERS Adviser — Miss Priscilla Smith Captain — Phyllis Hellnek As June rolls around again, not only can our basketball and football players recall a satisfying year, but also the cheerleaders. Their frequent cheers and peppy actions added color to each game. This year the uniforms were black battle jackets trimmed with orange, and orange lined black circular skirts. Leaving the squad this June are: Captain Phyllis Hellner. Anna Ha) ward. Ruth Vachon, Marion Ramsdell, Barbara Keefe. and Joan Daley. The remaining girls are: Maureen Keefe, Natalie Silva, and Joanne Walker. Our very best wishes are extended to the cheerleaders of next year. Keep up the wiiming spirit of the Orange and Black! 37 SEMAPHORE 1950 first Row: John Atkinson. Clement Gianelli. Robert Poslcus. Edmund Neville. Louis Baeta. Francis Dooley, Rojjert Klim. John Ares, Edward Danahy, Earl Leonard i Co-Captain I . Daniel Lipsky ( Co-Captain I . Second Row: Lloyd Baldwin. Robert Perdigao. Wallace Whittemore. Charles Martin, Christos Georges. Michael Georges. Warren Harris. illiam Coe. Daniel Crean. Robert Desmond. John Farley, Frederick Donahue, Ray- mond Powell. Frank Jardin. Joseph DeAndrade. Denton Calder. FOOTBALL Coach — Albert J. Twomey Assistant — Raymond Valas Co-Captains Daniel Lipsky Earl Leonard The football team of 1949 niav not have had the best of luck, but it was never out-played during the season. Injuries handicapped the boys from the first game on, but the spirit of the team was one to be proud of. Captained by Dan Lipsky and Earl Leonard the team played hard and acquired a record of four wins and fi e losses and one tie. The squad would like to thank Coaches Twomey and Valas, the facult . and the students for their ardent support through every game. The graduating players — Dan Lipsky. Earl Leonard. Chris Georges, Mike Georges, Rav Powell. allace Whittemore. Joe DeAndrade. and Gil Baker — wish Lou Baeta and his 1950 team the very best of luck. 38 195 0 SEMAPHORE First Row: J(ian Daley, Marion Harris, Isabel McGarvey, Phyllis Hellner, Brenda Rowe, Ann Cakler I Co-Captain ) , Barbara Keefe (Co-Captain), Maureen Keefe, Natalie Silva, Carol Barbato. Florence Murphy. Second Row: Muriel Nason. Madeline Fritz, Rela Brooks, Nancy Smith, June Blum, Adrienne Cox, Miss Smith ( Coacli ) , Edith (Johenno, Frances Sheehan, Jean Witham, Carolyn Fiske, Nancy Chapman, Jean Lapworlh, Laila Mansfield. , GIRLS ' HOCKEY Coach — Miss Priscilla Smith Co-Captains — Ann Calder Barbara Keefe With a record of two wins , two ties and four losses, the Girls ' Hockey Team closed its schedule. The season was one of ups and downs for the Stoughton squad, but the girls played their best under the capable supervision of Coach Priscilla Smith. A full schedule of two games with each opposing team was completed. Among the schools opposed were Oliver Ames, Braintree, Canton, and a newcomer, Middle- boro. Graduation this year will take co-captains Barbara Keefe. center, and Ami Calder, center halfback. Also graduating are Brenda Rowe, right inner; Joan Daley, left inner; and Phyllis Hellner. left halfback. To the 19.50 squad these seniors wish the very best of luck. 39 SEMAPHORE 19 5 0 First Row: George Sarados, Frank Jardin. Earl Leonard (Captain I. Robert Klim. Robert Po kus. Second Row: John Farley, Robert Desmond. Gilbert Baker. Lloyd Baldwin. W i lliam Penney, Mr. Albert Twomey (Coach). BOYS ' BASKETBALL Coach — Albert Twomey Captain — Earl Leonard This year the haskethall coach found three veterans returning and anxious to get started on the road to victory. The five men who made up the first team were Captain Earl Leonard, Richard Klim. Frank Jardin. Robert KHm. and Robert Poskus. Along with them were George Sarados, Gilbert Baker, John Farley, Robert Desmond, Lloyd Baldwin, and Bill Penney. The bovs showed good spirit, always giving much opposition to any team that faced them. Coach Twomey with his excellent coaching brought the boys through with eleven wins and five losses. The second team of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, captained In John Rebello. is looking for a promising birth as first team next year. The coach will lose his three Senior plavers. Leonard. Baker, and Bob Penney. The boys leave behind them the best wish es for a successful season in 51. 40 THE Chronicle Publishing Co Augustus H. Sullivan. Manager PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS of THE STOUGHTON CHRONICLE " YOUR WEEKLY EWSPAPER " EXTEND TO THE CLASS OF 1950 Their Sincere Appreciation for the Opportunity To Produce " THE SEMAPHORE " and Wishes Each of the Graduates a Happy and Successful Future THE STOUGHTON PRINT SHOP Albert J. Arsenault Producers of FINE PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION CALL 525 J. E. PURDY CO. PHOTOGRAPHERS for THE CLASS OF 1 950 160 TREMONT STREET BOSTON, MASS. ★ Compliments of STOUGHTON HARDWARE CO. Compliments of SCHOFIELD ' S, INC. CONCRETE FORMS CANTON, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone Canton 6-1075 Compliments of PERDIGAO ' S SUPER MARKET 732 WASHINGTON STREET Telephone 997 EDGAR ' S BROCKTON ' S HEADQUARTERS for HOME and FAMILY NEEDS Congratulations to the Graduating!, Class of 1950 NORFOLK COUNTY TRUST COMPANY Eleven Convenient Offices MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Best W ishes to the Class of 1950 SH AWMUT WOOLEN MILLS AL SAVINI General Contractor STOUGHTON SAND GRAVEL CO. 46 Morton Street Stoughton Telephone 1199 or 1200 Congratulations Congratulations and Best Wishes and Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 tn tJip fZTfin iintm ff t J LUKj V UU U-U tC- f £ Class of 1950 CUMMING ' S STOUGHTON OFFICE ELECTRIC CO. RANDOLPH SAVINGS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS BANK DOMESTIC - COMMERICIAL INDUSTRIAL 21 Wyman Street MAINTENANCE and CONSTRUCTION Tel. Stoughton 1065 Compliments of Loren Murchison Co. Compliments of 333 WASHINGTON STREET BROOKFIELD BOSTON 8, MASS. ENGINEERING " World ' s Largest Manufaciurer LABORATORIES of Class Rings " OFFICIAL JEWELERS for the CLASS OF 1950 Compliments of CoTnplifnents of BARTON ' YOUR FAMILY SHOE STORE GENERAL CONTRACTORS 770 WASHINGTON STREET • Telephone 534-M In Stoughton Best Wishes to the Class of ' 50 It ' s JAMES LEHAN, Inc. THE NEWS -SENTINEL Oldest Ford Dealer Since 1861 in New England Stoughton ' s Home-Town Newspaper STOUGHTON, MASS. RAY ' S SERVICE STATION Compliments of Pontiac Sales and Service VOSE SON Compliments of Compliments of STATE SPA HOME MADE ICE CREAM BURBA ' S AND LUNCHEONETTE LOUIS M. GEORGES 8. SONS Atlantic Service Station Mike and Christ WASHINGTON STREET 809 Washington St., Stoughton STOUGHTON SUPPLY LUMBER CO. Building Materials 1202 Washington Street, Stoughton On Route 138 Telephone Stoughton 1121 Desi wisnes To the Class of 1950 KAY JEWELRY CO. Brockton Best Wishes From BROCKTON EDISON CO. Compliments of TAL POWERS PORTER ST. LUNCH Compliments of " BOB " RUSSELL ' S ESSO SERVICENTER 309 PARK STREET Telephone 1230 Conplimtnls of SHAWMUT MILL STORE PORTER STREET Best Wishes For Your Future Success . . . That Is My Wish FOR THE CLASS OF 1950 Your Representative Atty. John C. Webster, Jr. CHtNA GLASS GRADUATION GIFTS GURNEY BROS. CO. 101 Main Street, Brockton Jewelers Since 1841 NOVELTY JEWELRY WATCHES Congratu la tions Compliments of Very Best Wishes and Good Luck OLIVER ' S MURPHY COAL CO. • HARDWARE and SUPPLY CO. 11-13 Wyman St. Stoughton Compliments of LOWE POWERS EDDIE IVALDI ' S Funeral Service ORCHESTRA Smooth Music for All Occasions Tel. Stoughton 561 -W Congratulations to the Compliments of Graduates STOUGHTON LAUNDRY OUELLET Established 1911 PHARMACY, INC. Tel. 150 Stoughton, Mass. JAY THE FLORIST 399 Pleasant Street Stoughton Compliments of Telephone 289 KENNEDY MFG. CORP. Member of F.T.D. Association STOUGHTON BEAUTY SALON and BARBER SHOP 771 Washington Street Telephone 383 PETER KLIMAS VIRGINIA PERRY Oliy KJi U O V7MKMV7C CHEVROLET Sales Service 287 Washington Street Stoughton Telephone 574-W Compliments of NORMAN ' S THE STORE OF QUALITY BARGAINS 23 WYMAN STREET flowers by cell Distinctive Arrangements Weddings - Banquets - Corsages Funeral Designs Personal Attention - Prompt Delivery Shop and Greenhouses located at 190 Morton Street Largest and Nearest Shop to Stoughton Square Tel. 178 Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere Compliments of EDWARD C. LINDELOF Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 STOREY CO., Inc. BROCKTON Ready To Wear of Distinction Bank 9 FREEMAN STREET A Savings Plan to Suit Your Budget Savings Accounts Insured in Full Under Massachusetts Law Compliments of THE BROCKTON GAS LIGHT CO. Washington St., Stoughton THE MORTON PRESS High Grade Commercial Printing 5 Wyman Street Stoughton, Mass Compliments of CARON and SARREY BARBER SHOP 734 Washington Street Best Wishes from DR. FRANCIS E. KENNEY Dentist 9 Pearl Street Stoughton Compliments of COLSON ' S GIFT SHOP Compliments of STOUGHTON SPORTS CENTER Compliments of STOUGHTON PACKAGE STORE INCORPORATED 25 Wyman Street Telephone 108 — Free Delivery — READ WHITE Men ' s and Women ' s Formal Apparel " Quality Always " 1 1 1 Summer Street Boston, Mass. Woolworth Bidg. Providence, R. 1. Compliments of WALTER VIZZOTSKY choice Meats and Groceries TELEPHONE 445 Compliments of P. J. DOOLEY TRUCKING Best Wishes from JOSEPH DUGGAN Compliments oj Nasher Manufacturing Co. Compliments of HERBERT L. VILK BUILDER JIMMY ' S PIONEER SUPER MARKET extends Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 Compliments of PUPPYLAND Mr. and Mrs. Irving Anderson 1837 WASHINGTON STREET Compliments of Johnny ' s TEXACO Station JOHN ZUMAS, Proprietor Compliments of RIESER ' S POULTRY FARM 530 CANTON ST., STOUGHTON Telephone 1012-M Compliments of John C. Martin son Proprietors of MARTIN ' S MODEL MARKET 22 Porter Street Telephone 139 Compliments of NICHOLS AND CO. Compliments of STOUGHTON ENGINEERING CO. James J. Ruggiero 30 CRESCENT AVENUE Best ffishes from Murphy ' s Variety Stores 763 WASHINGTON STREET 154 PEARL STREET F. FEDERICO SONS General Contractors Builders Carpenters Masons 22 Pearl Street Telephone 1078 Best Wishes from I. CRANE CUSTOM TAILOR 741 Washington Street Telephone 270-M Compliments of A FRIEND For Jewelry of Distinction ROMM ' S Jewelers Since 1900 100 Main Street at Church Brockton Compliments of GEORGE ' S RESTAURANT PAPPAS SHOE REBUILDERS First Class Work with Modern Equipment Efficient and Prompt Service Free Pick-up and Delivery 5 Pearl Street Telephone 1264 O ' KEEFE ' S CLEANING SERVICE Fur Storage - Repairing - Dyeing 7 Pearl Street Telephone 1087 Best ' Wishes to The Class of ' 50 O. H. HANSEN General Store 600 Pleasant Street Telephone 850 - 832 Compliments of JOHANSON ' S CAKE SHOP Compliments of DR. T. M. O ' LEARY Best Wishes from LEWIS E. FRITZ, M.D. 15 Seaver Street Stooghton KARTSTEIN LAUNDERIES and CLEANSERS TELEPHONE STOUGHTON 861 Compliments of MAILLY JEWELER ■ OPTICIAN 12 Wyman Street Telephone 800 NORFOLK PHARMACY " Your Prescription Store " E. A. YAITANES, Reg. Pharmacist 813 Washington Street Stoughton PORTER COAL CO. COAL ■ WOOD - COKE FUEL OIL CARLTON T. HOLBROOK Construction Equipment 1873 Washington Street Telephone 1080-1081 Compliments of NICK ' S CLAM STAND COBB ' S CORNER Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 MARTIN LUMBER CO. 419 WASHINGTON STREET Telephone 1470 Compliments of A. C. WOODWARD, M. D. LLOYD ANIMAL HOSPITAL WILLIAM LLOYD Veterinarian 1995 Washington Street Telephone 1235 WILFRED CARON 81 Freeman Street Telephone 883 PRODUCERS ' DAIRY MILK and CREAM PRODUCTS McCANN ' S ICE CREAM STORE WILLIAM BOSSE, JR., Proprietor 10 Freeman Street Stoughton H. H. SNOW MEN ' S WEAR Swan Block Stoughton Compliments of JOSEPH DE VITO SAM JOHN ' S SHOE STORE 789-791 Washington Street Stoughton Compliments of STOUGHTON DONUT DELICATESSEN YAITANES BROTHERS, Proprietors 746 Washington Street Telephone 571 Compliments of W. T. HORAN SON Porter Street Telephone 245-W FUEL OIL KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS RCA RADIO TELEVISION Compliments of Colonial Hardware Co. (Formerly Lindelof ' s) Ficcinan Slicet , Tel. 450 SWANS STORE ymon Strset Telephone 49 Recommends DeVoe ' s Floor and Deck Enamel Dries Overnight and Wears and Wears TOWN TAXI W. J. Robbms, Proprietor Relax, Ride in Comfort CALL STOUGHTON 293 JIGGER ' S SERVICE STATION MERIT GAS AND OIL Dependable Auto Repairing 687 Washington Street Telephone 8 Compliments of Stoughton Shirt Service 2 PERRY STREET Telephone 1289 Compliments of VERA ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE 9 Pearl Street Telephone 403 WM. J. CALHOUN ElECTRfCAl. CONTRACTOR 403 SHERMAN STREET CANTON Telephone 6-0933 Compliments of DR. MARSHALL J. BRICKELL Compliments of " Your Friendly Store " 10 Wyman Street Telephone 388 Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 Hinds-Manning Co. REALTORS Telephone 204 Compliments of EDWARD J. FARLEY, M.D. Compliments of ATHERTON ' S Complete Home Furnishers 41 Centre Street Brockton Compliments of BROCKTON CRAYON CO. Compliments of JOE U N D A TAXI SERVICE Compliments of WOMEN ' S APPAREL SHOP STOUGHTON ' S LEADING SPECIALTY SHOP Compliments of F. C. PHILLIPS, Inc. Compliments of DYKEMAN ELECTRIC CO. 18 Wyman Street Telephone 88 Compliments of IVALDI MOTORS CANTON, MASS. MARKET ' S MEN ' S STORE 192 Main Street Brockton OFFICIAL OUTFITTERS FOR STOUGHTON HIGH SCHOOL Compliments of MORO ' S MARKET 23 Perkins Avenue Brockton Compliments of J. J. NEWBERRY CO. Where All Good Friends Meet GENE ' S COFFEE SHOP Compliments of GEORGE ' S SHELL STATION GEORGE HINDS, Proprietor Compliments of ATTY. HARRY A. MARCUS Stoughton, Mass. Compliments of WEBSTER ' S ICE CREAM PARLOR Compliments of RISTWAY CLEANERS PLEASANT STREET Compliments of NORFOLK LUMBER, Inc. THE RELIABLE LAUNDRY ART MITCHELL, Proprietor FOR ALL YOUR LAUNDRY NEEDS Telephone Stoughton 1289 Compliments of A FRIEND EDGAR S. MALCOLM Sfoughton ' s Oldest Insurance Agency COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 4 Freeman Street Telephone 200 MacDONALD ' S JENNEY GASOLINE STATION 500 Washington Street Telephone 285-M Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 " ZIGGY " BARBATO CLEANSERS SHIRT SERVICE TEL. STOUGHTON 1222 Best Wishes from AUSTIE ' S CAFE 5-7 Porter Street GEORGE A. CONNELL, Manager FREDDIE ' S MARKET Nation-Wide Service Grocer 295 Park Street Telephone 790 Compliments of PETER ' S BARBER SHOP 743 Washington Street Compliments of DR. PATRICK C. FERRERA Compliments oj wampoeii s Kexall Drug AA. J. NARDOZZI, Proprietor Registered Pharmacist STOUGHTON GARAGE General Repairing Towing Gas - Oil - Storage 709 Washington Street Telephone 87 LA CIVITA BROS. SUNOCO SERVICE STATION WASHING - GREASING 576 Washington Street Telephone 589 Compliments of HARRY SHAPIRO, M.D. Compliments of STOUGHTON DINER CREVOLA ' S MEN ' S STORE 768 Washington Street Telephone 1294 Compliments of JOHN E. DEACON PAUL MOOTOS SHOE REPAIRING DONE WHILE YOU WAIT Compliments of STOUGHTON PAINT SUPPLY CO. Piirter Street Telephone 762 Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 S. D. C. Compliments of Stoughton Auto Express Compliments of SWAN CLEANSERS DYERS 20 Freeman Street Telephone 1088 j Best % ishes to the Class of 1950 JOHN J. ROGERS SON Autographs

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