Stoughton High School - Stotonian / Semaphore Yearbook (Stoughton, MA)

 - Class of 1947

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Stoughton High School - Stotonian / Semaphore Yearbook (Stoughton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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1 . S v' F" ' rf ,Anzfli if V . :MQJ-. Lit? -:mi 'Q' ,-15+--1 . ff --vase, ,1 N Q V - rf J . fig ' ' 1 W J w ' f ' ., g' wx..ff -QV - X ,-fi 9,1 r , ,- W.. : V :,.,,1, : ,wr-., - "fx: -A -, 1--21+ 1: a, ,-gig, , ..-gsfuv' , Y-pq-:, .' ,:3,,L2,.,Yff-E3,r TA 4 , . , A , ,- 1, ' V '.Yf iY7Q W ' 4 " ' A ' . jx WDA , . f A- -l l 9:55. -? -V1 ' 1. -- " . ' v,g'i7' 5,31 K 1 gig I I, V fi... Egfr :Q".4g, I A uffif? L' gi -Q '...,-,Y.".:'a'jk ,, ,QS - Lf' 1' x , l , : af' , -' Y C14 .VA Q1-.,w' Q. I .gl ,.r'3mg,.1I ,--gi ' 4 ffl c 4 J -we :fs ' 4 Q .if-72'f'fc,' - ,-sJ'n'535' ' Q -1 mf' 'A--'v:. .' h M1 f w Q, -Q-.. W -' Sk If V ' ' v, I gli-L V ' '2,,., I ff' .f -.kb-, - ' ' F ?ii1.'Q . "fl -515 f, .. - 3 ' I F ,i f ' 1 L .JN , if M :,xk:j'f 1 ! fikqpw , 14.11 A -312.5-ff.--J 1517--54 f . 1 T 'X-af. C ' l,.,'?f7li11'1, 4 i . em ' 'Va-flfw , .JV -A W J, L WLT A1 ,Jgg..f,-5 I L - 1 iffy., - h - . L I 5 E 5 w 5 2 ii S ff' X , SEMAPHORE 1947 Stoughton High School 1947 Stoughton, Mass. 1947 SEMAPHORE eilrboole Sid Adviser MIss MARGARET E. FLYNN Editor-in-Chief Literary Editor EVELYN BATCHELDER BEVERLY BLYE ARTHUR BALDWIN DONALD L. CHERRY IRENE CORMAN MILTON CRANE BARBARA' FERNALD MARTHA GLOVER LESLIE GAY CLAIRE GOLDBERG MERELYN TATE SALES CLASS Business Manager GLORIA DEEG WILLIAM HAYWARD ROBERT KELLEY GERTRUDE LEONARD DOLORES MCDERMOTT GERALDINE NAVICKAS LYDIA OLDBASH JOANNE PRIEST MARY SEVIAN EUGENE SLYE SEMAPHORE 1947 Class Ode To the Tune of-"I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen" This is our parting song to you As we look back on mem'ries dear. The days of yore rest in our hearts, The joys and sorrows through the year. Your guiding hand has reached us all, And left us with courage in our strideg With this in mind dear Stoughton High By you we always shall abide. For years we'll not forget your name And sing to you with open heart. Our love for you shall never fade Recalling you gave us a start. We'll look into the future now And spread the happlness that we heed. We face the wide and open doors And enter them free men, indeed. The time we spent at Stoughton High Has been a short eternity. We hope we've left you all content And remain in your memory. We strive success in all we do With tears we say our last good-bye. Remember the class of forty-seven, For our success shall never die. -MARY SEVIAN 4 1947 SEMAPHGRE With sincere appreciation of her helpful guidance and patience, We, the Class of 1947, with fond wishes to our teacher and friend, dedicate our yearbook to Miss MARGARET FLYNN 5 STOUGHTON PUBLIC LIBRARY STOUGHTON TOWN HALL STOUGHTON SQUARE 1 Looking Nortbl STOUGHTON SQUARE 1Looking North J XXX N XX Nxxxvfslfx. X, , STOUGHTON POSTOFFICE UNIVERSALIST CHURCH SEMAPHORE SCHOOL SONG 1947 Sing Out For Stoughton High Tune: Tipperary Oh! sing out for Stoughton High School, With a Hip, Hip, Hooray! We will stand by Alma Mater With our colors waving gay. With our teamwork, and a challenge And our spirits soaring high We cheer out for Stoughton High School, With a Hoorah! Hoorah! Rah! Loyal Hearts, and faithful guiding Through the years, we're with you, As we work on,toward the future Side by side, our classmates true. All our memories of our School days, That we make with you, each day We will always give a cheer for Stoughto Hip-Hip, Hooray!!! 8 n High! -MERELYN TATE 1947 SEMAPHORE ADMINISTRATION MR. HOWARD R. RANDALL, Principal .,.....,.IIIIIIv.,,,. Mathematics Harvard-A.B., Ed.M. MR. FRANK V. BURKE, Assistant Principal ....II.Is,...s, . ....,A..II,AIIIIII, ,,,.. M arhematics University of Maine-A.B. and 32 hrs. of graduate school Miss DOROTHY ARNOLD ..........,.............,ss . .sss,,,..s,,..A,ssss.,,,,,,,,,4As,s,, ,-,, Y ., English Tufts College-B.S. MISS CORNELIA A. BUCKLEY ....sIssssI.....Y..............s. . .........,As,Assssss ,...,, C lerical Boston University-B.S. in Commercial Education MISS CHRISTINE A. DoNovAN ssvssssssssssssss.I..,... . . ..... .. ..,.... Secretarial ' Boston University-B.B.A., Simmons College MISS LOTTIE A. ELZBUT . sss.sss . s..sss.sssssss..t l,ss..s so......,.,s,sssssssssss ...... C 1 e 1-ical Boston University-B.S., M.C.S. MISS ROSE C. ENOS ....V, . .w,,, s,,vs,,,,,,. .s.wv.........V.... . ,ss, L a tin, Biology, Current History Bridgewater Teachers' College. Boston University-B.S., M.Ed. MISS MARGARET E. FLYNN sssss sssss,ssss.,ssssss,.sssssssssssssss .. .,.., English Simmons College--B.S. MISS ELIZABETH F. GUELL ssssssss., . Iss,.. . I,,..ssssss sssss,s,,.... E nglish Teachers' College, Boston: State Teachers' College. Hyannis-B.S. in Ed.. Ed.M. MR. JOSEPH J. KNOWLES . ....,. ......... ............................ ................... . L Science Harvard University-B.S. Miss RITA V. LAVALLEE .................................. ......... . . ............. ..... F rench Radcliffe, Boston University-A.B., M.A. Miss ISABEL D. MURPI-IY L ....... .......... .......... ...... ...... . . . History Regis College--A.B. MR. ARTHUR L. PENARDI .......................................... ...... ...... M a thematics, Civics Boston University--B.S.. MR. ARTHUR E. RADVILAS CResignedJ ......... .....,.. .... H i story, General Science MISS ELIZABETH E. SPERRY ..... ..... ..... ............ . . . . Home Economics Nasson-B.S. MR. LOUIS VOLPE ...... . ........ .. ...... ......... . . Colby College-A.B. 9 History A ' 5 :"' 3 iw fi kllll f Tim em f ""' ' ,N Q 5 Ln! Eg., ' Y .- -,,- V4 xv in D R K if ' A gf If "-- ..,.- . " y 'WM ! ,X . EE Z . 2 fgwg , MW ,fy . vm ' V ' 1Vk.I : a V N., S 5 , , . ww' me W 1:1 ,.,. -F , ' ' WW ilu-f 'S .9 ' - 'Mfg W'W' ' 4 .. xxx ' , S qfwfw. fi Q A vb: bei' an-vig SQ 'ef fn- ei i g 'TW' 1 Vice-President M ERELYN TAT E Prexidenl GUY CAGGIANO m Treasurer CLARENCE NELSON Secrelary EVELYN BATCHELDER I I J 1 .J SEMAPHORE VIVWNE M. ANDERSON I VI l t 808 est I ege t 46141 : 1 1 .1 , '- , .r f ue uw' Jw n i' lub f' i ra 'a 1 S r sr .- .1 1 Z f 1 l ,' f - ,. I ' J x 1 ri 4 DOLORES A. ANDRADE DELL ss Brork stteetil I J ictimmqtciai P' ' "A smile ight rqljwes 'Jef ioyful-rxpiril." 1' ' 1 Ch tai Clul7,33 Libraritxi 53 Athletic As- so? tion 218, 41 Cheerleader 4: Year- booli Stal? -45 Junior Prom Committee 5: ieixiql' Play Committee 4: Secretarial Clu lPresident 45: Sophomore Dance Committee 2. f S W 18 C t ollqge Scientific "He fr 'hos i v e nas on s 3 5 ay 3: earbook Stafi 4: So oe ance Committee 2. Of , . J e a 3, 4: a all 2, , ,Q Ath- t' s c' 'on 2. 5 3 Senior Musical EVELYN L. BA 27 Glen Street EUC HELEN BISHOP BISH 151 Sumner Street Mixed "A girl of runny disposition." Basketball 1, 2, 5: Athletic Association 1. 2. 3: Glee Club lg Magazine Cam- paign 5: Freshman Dance Committee lg Hockey 29 Sophomore Dance Commit- tee 29 Librarian 4: Junior Prom Com- mittee 3. 1947 BEVERLY 22 r SIM mercial " i ' A 'f 1' ouvzrds none. JUJ I aff, 4 ily for all." - Fres gf l Dan e ommitt opho- i a a , rnit unior Prom "I , if ommit 1 Choral Club 5: At eric Associat -'iz Yearbook Staff 4. -1 THOMAS BRODERICK ROBIE 122 Walnm Street Mixed "As merry as the day is long." Basketball 1. 4: Football 1: Freshman Dance Committee. ,Qi ' X L' Q'-ijt A L Q, J 7 ipur' ' HIRLEY BRO CK ' Simi ' I 54 Park street 1 tweak' "The mildex 1 with the br e." , Choral Club lg Art Club 1. MALCOL W LIAM BRYDON ,7 0 - A44 'Ms l I eCfX e ti ' M D als 6 S' u 'leg' . 4. , g enror u 1 ' I L , 'V ANTHONY QVILL1' BUCKLEY , , fx , Buck ,,,,v f . 29 1SchooAySt1eetX' College futiylittl lim ff ndtben is relisbm bilybp' I of X Ba thaw. 5.'X'i-' aseball ze- Athletic Ass ati n 1, 3,J. ' f M 1947 NEWELL CADDELL RED T4 Maple Street Practical "Advice is like kissing: it costs nothing and is a pleasant lbing lo do." Baseball l. 5. 4: Athletic Association 2. 5. 4: Aviation Club 2. G 'Y 7 ear JOAN CAMPB,EI1f CAM f , 5? Street lk 5 j College 505016 people Nkre dIl0Jj'S4gfllIlIl7li?1g because roses bag ll20'f7lSi I am Ibankful - tlA6tL!lJff'ri's' are roses." f Baskefbailf-1. 2 qcaptauoi 5, 4 CCap- 'tain1gt,Hockey Z,.5,.'-64 Athletic Associ' ation 2, 5 fi: Sehhir Musical 4: Sopho- more Dan e Kotrmittee 23 Librarian 2. 5: Office 'rlje' Ticket Seller 4. FRANCIS R. CAMPBELL FRAN l-480 Turnpike Street Mixed "Silence is the eternal duly of man." Athletic Association 4. BLAN E CAR c oils CS IICCI lTl X8 ' C 'I' V " ilen 1 : w s'l 1 ne 'e betr s yum' . al ! M9 SEMAPHORE HFLEN Io b Dance f I LI. iAWR CH Cross RICHARD COAN RICHY li P fy Away , Mixed ' ile ' is make ness a pl an easnre a b s." Athletic Association 2, 3, 4. S' W . 3 MQBEL l-416 1" I ,K J Q a , V CH . . ti f . lla, Q 1 , ' 150 ol treet .1 lege ysl , A n one 'ill with ou." Ar ub 1, . ' cke 3. Fresh- Ba Dan mmitgee S omore r mmittee 2: un m om- mit e 5: Dr ' 3, 49 Rose So g 1: Senior 4: Athletic As- sociation 2, 5. 4: Senior Play Usherette 5: Basketball 1. 2. 5, 45 Ticket Seller 5, 4: Christmas Program 41 Semaphore Stal? 4: Senior Class Play 4. CLIFFORD XVILLIAM CORBETT CLIFF 16 Union Street College "Hard lu knou' bu! u'ell :worth knowing." Athletic Association 2. 5. 4: Baseball l. 2. 5. -5: Basketball l, Z. 5, 4. iffup- tain 4 J: Crchestra l. 2. 4. SEMAPHORE IRENE M. CORMAN RINKY 810 Central Street Clerical "Laugbiri es ar danr lg feel." Freshman anc H.. lf ' pho- E0 e Sci 3- 'A tt ' ha-Q' 31, 2, S , ' '- ' u . .4 ' l, 231' ' a q Re s 'e , .ram tgc.C li- ,113 ne P . . - ir . . ' ass D ett ' , a 1. ation -Us rette 5: ti . ociat 1, 5. Sem- ap St ' g R .'.-H -. aff 4, enior Class Play . R K 4 l LEO EDWARD COTTER Romms 15 Clifford Avenue Mixed "Did nolbing in particular and did it well." Freshman Dance Committee lg Sopho- more Dance Committee 23 Junior Prom Committee 3: Choral Club 5, 4g Athletic Association 3. 4g Magazine Campaign . 4. ' ORE . D L lE 5 gl treet Commercial ' unc is said lo e of ang ss Day Dr atic Club 2, 35 1 P m 3: Ath- letic ssociatio , nior Recep- tion Usheret , h Dance Com- ittee lg So ore ance Committee Semaphor tatf 1. 2, 3. 4: Yearbook Staff 4, Ticket Seller 53 Junior Red Cross 2, 33 Christmas Play 29 Senior Musical 4. e s if 4 S lib 1, , Choral lub 33 .Basket- ' na T2 GLORIA MARIAM DEEG GLU 29 Freeman Street Commercial "Good nature and good tense are ber companions." Basketball lg Glee Club l. 2g Choral Club 35 Secretarial Club 4g Class Day 2: Semaphore Staff 3. 45 tBusiness Mana get 49g Athletic Association 3, 4g Year- book Staff 4. DOROTHY E. EDDOLLS DOT 715 Page Street Commercial "A rare lady maker no noitef' Athletic Association 43 Magazine Cam- paign 2, 5, 45 Stock Room Girl 43 Jun- ior Prom Committee 5: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Class Trip Committee 4g Senior Musical 4. X 1947 ALBERT FEDERICO AL 22 Pearl Street Mixed "A smile for every fellou'-and Iwo for every girl." Football l. 2. 3, 49 Baseball 1. 2. 5, 41 Art Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3: Athletic Association 2, 5, 4: Ring Com. mittee 3: Class President 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 2g Junior Prom Com- mittee 35 Senior Musical 43 Magazine Campaign Captain 3, 43 Class Day 2, 33 glass 4Trip Committee 43 Senior Class ay . BARBARA ANN FERNALD BARB 423 Page Street Commercial "How lar that little candle lbrows :ts beams." Choral Club 34 Secretarial Club 45 Ath- letic Association 4g Junior Prom Com- mittee 3g Senior Graduation Usherette 39 Senior Reception Usherette 3. DOROTHY A. FERREIRA D0'r 29 Thomas Street Commercial "And lbe best. of all wayt, to lengthen our days, rs to steal 4 few hours from the night." Freshman Dance Committee lg Sopho- more Dance Committee 23 Magazine Campaign 4g Athletic Association 4. Av'a on b Art ' thletic E G , 54 X te tr Cf, ' t arf .to o . oslociati 4. , LESLIE W. GAY LES 122 School Street Mixed "Don'l jradgerby the surface thu quzel boy." Football 1, 2g Basketball lg Baseball 3, 49 Freshman Dance Committee lg Sopho- omore Dance Committee 2g Athletic As- sociation 2, 3, 43 Semaphore Photogra- pher 4g Art Club 1, 2, 5, 4g Choral Club 45 Aviation Club l, 2. wjw Bill GER unrv 84 Pearl Street College "A man'.t bus ess is to o a mrm'x true work. Baseball 2, 4: Athletic Association 2. 3. 4: Senior Musical 4. EDWARD GILL EDDIE 195 Perry Street Practical "He ix but a myxtery lo us all." Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4: Athletic Association 2. 3, 45 Choral Club 4: Senior Musical 4. ALBERT F. GREEN AL 17 Swan Street College "The actions of men are the bert interpretations of their thoughts." War Stamp Representative 1, 2, 3: Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Junior Prom Committee 5: Choral Club 2. 3: Ring Committee 5: Senior Musical 4g Class Trip Committee 4: Magazine Cam- paign 4. X 1 I L W 3 ' PM L", ul uv, AA jf' ,BEL CE c. GREEN J' ,IJ EA olumbl-pispeiuy ,fvfinm 'i' tv -1 s"Il's xo, mfllchx 974 frisyda' u'i h 'o." i y i , fhaswlbaii Ef, 54 ss 1. 2. 5: lf',?pDfS'Club .Tr hi get A ngmgttee W: op ore Sane ttt -: un- gugr. m Co - ilttgilii, glhgxrf-iilJlClub-33 'i - t oct to . . 1 gazine Camp 4: jrarian 39 Fixnball 'Tic ner 5 1 I LL Ol., , i T CLAIRE A. GOLDBERG CLAR 26 Rose Glen Street Commercial "A sure success she will be, for :he does thing: efficiently." Freshman Dance Committee 1: Glee Club 1, 25 Choral Club 3. 45 Dramatic Club 23 Librarian 23 Office Girl 3, 43 Class Day 1, 23 Magazine Campaign 1, 2: junior Red Cross 1, 2. 3: Secretarial Club 4: Athletic Association 4. .. if SEMAPHORE ROBERT A. GOVEY BOB 290 Park Street Mixed "Let the world slide." Student Council 1: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Magazine Campaign 1, Football l QAssistant Managerj. 2, 3. 4: Athletic Association 2, 5, 4: Sopho- more Dance Committee 2: junior Prom Committee 5. ROBERT GOWARD BOB 289 Walnut Street Mixed "He held his rent, a friend to human race." Football 1. 2, 4: Basketball 2: junior Prom Committee 5: Baseball Manager 5: Freshman Dance Committee 1, XXIILLIAM KG REE 1 ARD J? ' . ,. f' l i L .. Br ' ' Bet A College ' I at he greatly t ought. 'l glared." A ltr' ciati : ass Ring ' te S ip 4: Sen- t 5 Co e 3: ' ior usical 4: S ore 4 ly: . MJ erton Stre er "Hap I: a I'm free: Why 'I they all c ' ' Hockey Z' ee Club 15 oral Clu 3. 4: Secret rial Club 4. ' LOUISE H ES 54 Pearl - Mixed "I net' f n e companion that was so o .ani ah! ar solitude." Baske l l 3 ee Club l: Choral Cl b : Dr Club 2, 4: Junior Pr Co itte 3: Librarian 3: Oliice 1 Agget ssociation 2, 3. 4. SEMAPHORE BRUCE 0. HOWES HOWSIE 872 Park Street College "I love the life I Iead." Freshman Dance Committee 1: Sopho- more Dance Committee 2: Junior Prom Committee 5: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Sem- aphore Staff 4: Magazine Campaign 3: Athletic Association 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Committee 4: Class Trip Commit- tee 4: Senior Musical 4: Senior Class Play 4. EDWARD S. J Y f .EDDIE 160 ' re College 'A i strong will Aj mplis ."' . sociation 4: Senior ' n GLADYSIF. KELLEY GLADIE 15 Belmqlit Avenue Commercial "Her friends there are many. Her laes ..,... are there any."' Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Athletic Constitu- tion Committee 4: Secretarial Club 4: Semaphore 2: Magazine Captain lg Ticket Seller 5. if Fly' 1' R T E ARDl LEY Boanv lmon Aven e l I Practical 'Wh ever el rs nd er demands, bats i ng, ,e world ' hi s." Bask l Manag : Athletic Associa- tion 2 3, 4: Year ook 4. GEORGE KETT KETTHEAD 405 Walnut Street Mixed "Gaiety is the soul's bealingf sadness 15 :ts poison." Football 1, 2, 3: Athletic Association 2, 3, 4: Freshman Dance Committee 1: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Junior Prom Committee 5: Movie Projector 2, 3, 4: Magazine Campaign 4. 1947 15d dr IXC tr t " ' nes ar 1 'for har s ls t Council l letic Ass I tion 2, 3, 4, 1PresIdent 41: Baseball , 2, 3, 41. lCaptnin 3, 43: Football 1, , 5, 4, CCaptain 43. ., Pi YJ- il 1 RICHARD F. KING DICK zsz slzexl sneer ' Mixed "If spe h is silver, then silence like f 5 yours is gold." Class Tfl9CQl1miIlEC 4. v I MICHAEL" E As. JR. ,l MI IE 7 Turnpike et N . xed "Qui and na uming 1 ues L, his g Aviation Cl , 2. K RUTH E AB 'I' LEIF BIT 256 P' St et College be uf air with golden b ' ." hma ance ommitte 3 5 - or D C 'tee 2: ni r ' m o t 5 s tr as 33 e uati - -. . As- ati , 3, 4: rt by .33 skerba 1, 2, 3, , - om Girl 4- Ticke Seller 2, 1 Semaphore 2. Chr' mas Program 43 Senior Musical 4. GERrRIIpIg,I.spIIIsxIs'3,iioIlisAItD- . B t ' .x'bERTlE' '-1 .. . 3 X X-307xRValnu3Street 'A " Com ' 'HL x " 9 erfis humvug7o fora' ' ure." I , g, - I -S Ii ore 'NICE Con6Yttee 2: Cleo cliffs, 1.: Choral Club -3: Athleticatsso- ciat' 151' 45 Librarian 2.5: Wat Stamp Xbqisen eng! Junior Prom Com- mit 3g A r ook Staff 4: Secretarial Club 4. ' 1947 I PHOEBE LIPSKY Lipsky Road . Secretarial "Today, u'hatet'er may annoy, the u'ord for me ix joy, juxl simple joy." Glee CD17 l. 25 Choral Club 3, 45 Knit- ting Club 4. ff LYHIA . SKO as LEE 01684 Central Street College "Shq's not a flower, ol 4 pearl: but j .vt a uonderf ll aroundgirl " Com ttee ophomore ce Com mittee Zwgench Play 35 istmas Play 25 eni usical 45 e re 1. 2, 3. 45 ub l, 2. 3: rarian 25 Ath- letic ssociation 2, 3. 45 Ticket Seller 35 Magazine Captain 2. 3: Class Day 3. "6" ' ,J QDr .tic 5: Fresh ad Dance EV My ANIS MAC f Stree Commercial pi .et J rgiL t always lub 25 Ch Club 5 Secretarial 45 Athletic Association 45 Class Day l, 23 Yearbook Staff 4. DONALD E. MAHONEY DON 82 Canton Street Practical "One good laugh is hefter than any dose of medzcmef' Football 45 Choral Club 45 Athletic As- sociation 2, 3, 4. RALPH H. MANN, JR. 1057 Washington Street College "Silence it deep as Eternity, speech is shallow as time." Freshman Dance Committeetlg Athletic Association 45 Senior Musical 4. SEMAPHORE PHILBROOK M PHIL 60 Athe to Mixed "H' ugbter oed and re-ec eil Ihr ul the halls." l l, 2. 5: t Cl b 1. 2 'a Fw ll 1, 5 Trail 13 Prom Us 1' F shma Committee l: Cl re er etball Manager 2: Sop ore ommittee 25 Jun- ior Pr Comm t 3: Athletic Associ- ation 3, 45 agazine Campaign 45 Semaph re 3. DELL ommercial zkle JEAN ,IOANNE GEA MCEVOY MAC l56 P rte r e College " I u"ll' o dovb hare, ppy rack witho car ." asker 1, Q Hock , 3, D a Club 2, , 45 Athl ic sso a 2 3, 4' heerle d 1 Sop o ore nce om e 25 6 ior Pro o - ttee 5 ior us ca 45 earbo S ff ' emapho 45 tstmas - g m 5 Dra Club lay ' esh- man D ce mitte 5 ' ria 4 Honora yember of ni 0 v Club 45 e tor Class Play XVALTER H. MORSE TICK 67 Pearl Street Place Practical "The outward eye, the quiet will: and the .ttriding heart from hill lo hill." Qtr Club l, 35 Athletic Association 2, 3, 17 if I SEMAPHORE GERALDINE NAVICKAS GERRY 68 Third Street Commercial "To be quiet and reserved is mart attractive. " Dramatic Club 5g Knitting Club 45 Ath- letic Association 4. CLARENCE 854 S LYDIA F. OLDBAS TY 599 1' rnpik fre College e size JM oqQe Y A D Pres n a .om ' e z Sopho- ,f pq ,' Junior Prom , Qmmitt e 3g uatio Usherette 3: '.Dr ' l 3g Art l 1, 2, 3: Bas- , 3, 43 Seni Play omm' 5 n' ed C oss . 3: A ' sso- , , c'a , 3, 45 al t eller 4: tor Musical 4' oom Girl 43 Semaphore 1. 2.13 earbook Stalf 41 Senior Class Play 4. 1 J . 0' s CHE . x CHE1' 4 pen S c Scientific A eci 'z capacily. " Orch ra l, -, 5, 43 Athletic Associ- -ntio 5. 4, Aviation Club 2. D Ai JOSE . POCIUS JACK 6 Pine Street College "The surest u-'ay lolbzt 4 1l'fJmdfl'J bear! is to take arm kneeling." Football 4g Basketball 4: Athletic Asso- ciation 4, 1947 E RIEST PINKY I er clot fe :ball knau' her. 547 large! College U ketb 1, 2, 3, 43 ckey 23 Ath- l " Assoc on 2, 3, 4: rian 2, 3. 45 m hore 2. 3. 4: Fres Dance Com lg S oilore Dan m- mittee g Junior icket C 't- ICE 39 Dr atic Clu 5, 43 Ch - leader 4 Trip C ' ee 4: Sen- ior M ' l , hristmas P 43 ,Class Day te 3: raduation herette H 3: Ye Staff 4. Q K e v et Mixed " 's no ' ' g. all the fun can ut ." Art l 5 vi Club 2: Ath- letic sociation 4. -J ' URR R WACKlT i 'b ,fi C V .gi lfl' ' ..- Lf K . , . . U flvfx A T ' L' JEAN RUBTEL Y L, ,O ff Nic f 54'f SumnerQtrdet, f fi Mixed VSA friemffpf .vmigsfafifi 4 fririrldll' ' 1II r. , ' jg X Xi Dramatic Club 2, 5. ' ' K x J BARBARA LMRR E SAVI I Q TIN A r College fi glory lb first place 9? St q rad tion Ushe te 3 Ba etball l, 2, 5 , ke 2 3. 4 anager 45: eti ss n 2, , Librarian 5. S aph , 2, 9 Sophomore Co tee 2: reshman Dance C ittee , Football Ticket Seller 2, J ior Prom Committee 51 Dramatic Club , 5, 49 Senior Musical 4: Class Day Usherette 2: Glee Club lg Year- book Staff 4: Ofhce Girl 2. , I AUDREY ETHEL S 17x Station Strce You g an I h v r part' Sen: i . 4 ' , as et ation mi tee 1 I 11 rt' I lu Cam ' - -..v. ', - .. Picture om tee u bal ick Seller I ' ' ff, , lf, ' ' ' 'Mg' "' e of .' o f at S -: e ." y i f - - k . ba , ' , 5 et' - -9 ' z Drama -, ,J :ai n llqq' Com- Sit 4 '?'i - 23.5 u b-25 . -1' 1 ..,: - gtznf C-em I- n, cikl' , af c I X, 1 4J 3 ff 3 P P RICK N AAF Pon 4 roa 3 College "N atness is the fro mg grace 1 I 0 fo 4 d." e Club 13 Day 1' Magazine ampaign Ca in 13 itmas Day Celebratio 43 Freshm nce Com- mittee 13 I.'br ian 23 S omore Dance Committee ' Office Girl 3, 43 Choral Club 3, 43 nior Musical 43 Athletic Association 2, 3, 43 Student Council lg Ring Committee 33 Semorqass Play 4. MARY SEVIAN W 0 - -- 464 Canton si 'et Yi! ' rpljmix " ' h r: I who s lfN24J5cki,, ireaaff ct Bahiggt all 2. 3, 'Art 33 i- rarian ffice irl 4 G e Club 1 emaph 4 Secretarial Club 4 vice p ide Athletic Association 2 3. , 2. . : , , ' l , 3, 4qtAopho e Dance Committee'2: J Pro Committee 33 Magazine C aign A. HOWARD R. SHAW HOWIE 630 Page Street Mixed "I talk, I laugh. and when it's necessary I study." Aviation Club 23 Semaphore 43 Maga- zine Campaign 43 Athletic Association 2. 3, 43 Senior Play Committee 4g Senior Class Play 4. at I HIPAI. 'SKI S1-111111.-I 96 rry Str t College "A li among the ladies." Freshman ance Committee 13 Football 1, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Athletic As- sociation 2,.3, 43 Senior Musical 43 Pic- ture Committee 3. ROBERT SIMONDS Bon 269 Washington Street Mixed "We grant be had much sparkling wil. and never shy of using it." Football 3, 43 Semaphore Staff 3, 43 Er- rand Boy l, 2, 3, 43 Senior Musical 4. SEMAPHORE ELMES S ONI. RED 30-'La tree Secretarial "I'll giile ay if tomorrow I die." Graduation Usherette 53 Athletic Asso- ciation 43 Secretarial Club 4g Librarian 23 Junior Red Cross 33 Magazine Cam- paign 4. EUGENE EDW D GENE 291 ashi ton S t Mixed ' k aww 0 shape his 1 if forlu ." ' 3, 43 Basketball Manager 4g S aphore Staff 4. . I . W ' ' . A I RICH JOS SLYE ' RICHY 291 Washingt Street Mixed "While we ive, let us enjoy life." Baseball 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Art X Club 13 Athletic Association 4. ASTRI SMITH- BETTY 1594 e tra T et . College ' 'n ' t epe eslher d fjoyf' W Sta p e re sent ' rsh a ommit 1 r om emaphore Ba C Ili, 2 ' . p43 t op re ce mittee 23 e Girl 33 ih Association ay 3 Seni r sical 43 Senior 2, J " Pr c 2 43 ' 5, 3, Ticket Se ler - Usherette at Class Pla 4.' BARBARA J. SMITH SMITTY 88 Plain Street College "I'll take my share of daily care... And smilingly its burden hear." Freshman Dance Committee 13 Sopho- more Dance Committee 23 Orchestra 2, 33 Choral Club 33 Athletic Association 2, 3, 43 Senior Musical 4. SEMAPHORE HELEN NORMAN SMITH BABE 1499 Central Street College "Care to our coffinx adds a nail, no doubt- And every giggle so merry draw: one om." Basketball 1, 2, 3: Hockey Manager 3, 45 Freshman Dance Committee 15 Ath- letic Association 2. 3. 4: Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Senior Musical 43 Class Secretary 25 Usherette Junior Prom 15 Class Day 25 Football Ticket Seller 2, Q5 gergaphore 45 Librarian 35 Yearbook ta . WALTER LEO STORKUS Doc 166 Water Street College "The firxl years of man must make provision for the laxl.' Athletic Association 45 Senior Musical 4. ADELINE MARGARET STRUZZIER T 104 Leach Stre 11250 0 " od na nr ' th tion f l a i .' e al , , 4 in . 4,1 e Cl : Dra C , 2, 5, Capt ' J- Fr an ce Co ITEC 1' pho I - ' e 2' i Pr o 59 ga am i c ss cia , 5 ecretar 1 0 Mu 1 45 Li lan 52 T' ket Sel , 5: emapho 45 Yearbo Staf 4. BLANCHE I, SWANSON BANNY 574 Plain Street Commercial "The endearing elegance of female friendship. " Secretarial Club 4: Athletic Association 4. 11 X I , k . Jil 1947 NORMA TERRELL 25 Belmont Avenue Mixed "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Choral Club 5: Athletic Association 45 lgiba-aigan 45 Office Girl 4: Yearbook ta . WILLIAM H. TOTMAN GOOG N th E ton ollege " I yr f e yor ll ellou' who courting aryd e as... Nou' be: p o 't Senior Music , etic Association 2. 5. 45 Aviatio C uh 15 Freshman Dance Committee 1: Sophomore Dance Coma mittee 2. JEANNE F. TUCKER 1517 Turnpike Street Commercial "She has a manner both quiet and pleasing." Choral Club 4: Graduation Usherette 31 Secretarial Club 4: Athletic Association 4. 1 HE E L. VILK. v 65 lnut Court X Practical 'judge a man by hir quexlions rather than by his ansu'erx." Choral Club 4.' MARVELLE VINAL MARVIE 155 Pearl Street Commercial "I like fun and I like jokes: 'bout as well as moxl 0' the folks." Glee Club 1. 2 1President 235 Athletic Association 1, 2, 5, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Choral Club 5. 1947 SEMAPHORE DAVID R. WINSHIP 348 Lincoln Street Cnmsvlm Mixed "My tongue within my lip: I reinf For who talk much talk in vain." Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA M. HAM 4 Barb Scientific arm eg I ight, merit pays 120 gl i ree ggi' B tba ' ' Dra 'C , ' hletic sso- iation , , - ' r 'Q rl: enior Play . - g ' . 1 1 erette 3: ano shag . , . all Ticket high zd ndsf' J k 1, , a 1 , 4 , 4 lv. 1, 4 1 G re ' H J Z e l ,3: C .- :Sophomore ommittee, 2 . SHIRLEY WRY earl Street S1-um. College Lov y to look a delightful lo know " ee am ic Club 2 4 ,iff y , , g tball 1, 2 4' l b ' D . resh om tteel Sopho Usherette Class Day 3 M azm mpaign Captain 4 Senior usica 4 Usherette Graduation 3 H 1 4 , 3, v more a c mmitt 23 ilsherene As 1311011 1, 2, , Class Day, Senior ass 4. Se .P Y , . . .S - icke Seller-Fo 1 1, 2, 3: Athletig 1- voluntarze flow 140' When mailer we fought WLM AR ' 627 Washington Street 'fly' ge " . ,sf C ' 4 ramatnc Club 4. - N . RICHARD JOSEPH KELLIHER DICK 147 Porter Street College "Asking nothing, revealing naught: but minling his words from a fund of thought." Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3243 Athletic Association 2, 3, 43 Senior Musical 4. S' sie X Y ff orr4""'e A 9 v1'rY JOHN KUNQR , vm- -1' 3 78 Clapp Street .,Q'jiixed "Why should I spare words? They cost nothing." Athletic Association 45 Assistant Bas- ketball Coach 45 Senior Mus' l 4. EVAN ARMAND zgson 1961 hi gto ff. re ollege n t I "1' Jfrty on a , ,r 1, 1 , ' ' 4 gl- Tom ig fl' ,ff f s for me, sim - have f day." Athletic Association ' Musical 4. In Memory of WILLIAM F. MAI-IONEY June 29, 1929--May 26, 1945 21 SEMAPHORE 1947 Boy CHARLIE NELSON WILLIAM HAYWARD ROBERT GOVEY GUY CAGGIANO DONALD KIMTIS MALCOLM BRYDON ANTHONY BUCKLEY WALTER STORKUS DONALD KIMTIS FRANCIS SHIPALAUSKI MURRAY ROSEN BRUCE HOWES WILLIAM HAYWARD FRANCIS SHIPALAUSKI CHARLIE NELSON ROBERT GOVEY GUY CAGGIANO RALPH MANN RALPH MANN BRUCE HOWES ARTHUR BALDWIN RICHARD KELLIHER ALBERT FEDERICO DONALD CHERRY THOMAS BRODERICK DONALD KIMTIS WILLIAM HAYWARD ROBERT GOWARD HOWARD SHAW FRANCIS CAMPBELL EDWARD JARDIN ROBERT GOWARD CHARLIE NELSON WhO's Who MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST DRESSED MOST SOCIABLE MOST ATHLETIC BEST NATURED BEST PALS MOST ATTRACTIVE KINDEST MOST OPTIMISTIC WITTIEST MOST DETERMINED BEST SPORT MOST RELIABLE NEATEST BEST DANCER MOST SERIOUS MOST REEINED ACTOR-ACTRESS CUTEST MOST MUSICAL MOST SOPHISTICATED CLASS ARTIST BEST SMILE MOST RESPECTED MOST AMBITIOUS MOST TALKATIVE MOST EXCITABLE QUIETEST BRAINCHILD NOISIEST MOST CHEERFUL 22 Girl MERELYN T ATE LYDIA OLDBASH JOANNE PRIEST JOANNE MCEVOY ADELINE STRUZZIERO BEATRICE GREEN BARBARA WITHAM SHIRLEY WRY SHIRLEY WRY AUDREY SAWYER ASTRID SMITH MABEL COLCORD VIVIENNE ANDERSON JOAN CAMPBELL EVELYN BATCHELDER DOLORES MCDERMOTT IRENE CORMAN MARY SEVIAN DOLORES MCDERMOTT FLORENCE DARLING GERALDINE NAVICKAS ELIZABETH LEIE PEARL SCHAAE LYDIA OLDBASH DOLORES ANDRADE VIVIENNE ANDERSON MERELYN TATE LYDIA LYSKO ELMES SIMONIAN DOROTHY EDDOLLS LYDIA OLDBASH LYDIA LYSKO BARBARA FERNALD 1947 Boy BRUCE HOWEs ALBERT GREEN NEWELL CADDELL DONALD KIMTIS GEORGE KETT EDWARD GAIBL JOSEPH POCIUS SEMAPHORE Girl GLAMOUR BOY GLAMOUR GIRL MOST TACTFUL MOST SINCERE CLASS MYSTERY MAN CUTEST DIMPLES MOST CAREFREE MOST SELF-CONFIDENT EVELYN BATCHELDER PEARL SCHAAF EVELYN BATCHELDER AUDREY SAWYER GLORIA DEEG MARY HOGAN FRANCIS CAMPBELL MOST SHY EVELYN MACROGIANIS VITY KUNDROT BIGGEST SWING FAN IRENE CORMAN MURRAY ROSEN GLOOM-CHASER JOANNE MCEVOY ALBERT FEDERICO BEST CONVERSATIONALIST MERELYN TATE ANTHONY BUCKLEY CLASS BABY HELEN CATALANO SSERIEEGICNIEIIZZN 'ALL ROUND STUDENT EvELI1?1liElIii:gIEf.iDE1E FOOTBALL FAVORITE SCHOOL ACTIVITY BASKETBALL OUELL'ET'S FAVORITE RENDEZVOUS OUELLET'S VAUGHN MONROE FAVORITE ORCHESTRA VAUGHN MONROE BOB HOPE FAVORITE RADIO PROGRAM SUPPER CLUB GIRLS ENJOYED MOST IN S. H. S. LUNCH BUGS BUNNY FAVORITE MOVIE ACTOR VAN JOHNSON MARGARET O'BRIEN FAVORITE MOVIE ACTRESS INGRID BERGMAN SLEEPING AND EATING FAVORITE PASTIME DATING HOMEWORK LEAST WORRY HOMEWORK 25 , W7 ki AUf6fWQf?m Nw xxgffwfkaffi mfg-.f Cfw fu M--wma, Wfixf X Yi ff Wgkawfffffj, W nw V W QF wa,-l'1-L,V GLSA M3 Q3wuVjy M! Owilwaiw Z effgyy ,fffww W Mwzffw 51,4463 N 07ma j J ,M M' QM? H bmyw QW K mfg, pr, q""G-gfzfr-41-Lfj,,7'-f 45 X5 Haw W 1 www Lpf W' ff WJJWjfi MJ vel.-M4,AL,M,fj"Mv WM x awww? QW, ,ggww Auf Hg ff' 2251! QWSQ W, 'fix ,MZ , km' WA' is Qmimgwwwgyfvay JWZVM . 5 E 7 IE ,L . .V ,- 6 Q- 1" X M 4 Q . ex Ja L few H .mf ,T 101. ., Q 9 U Q! V fy " Y Q - - I h I3 L N :rx L'-' U C1 g " ' x A wif ' LQ ' LM IVR F' ' H W! JL G61 J K ox . A Mfdfgff. 5Lf,,,ffL-'iziurp J I .N 1 I S 1 N , , I fkfafw A M, MV, xffoxf M . 5 fl rn ' ' K " . W X . A f ' T,'i.4'4: A ' 1 gwl, ,4."1L""' " Ly, lj, ' f h ,ff ' H Tf QW , 'W , A 'V X V2 9-' ,T-r'H " ' ,f , - , 4 6 ,I f' "-x-. Q X X LM A Y' ' f W .1 M '52, .. . ,w my iM L1 CJ N ! Q !l,k.L FL dk, qv f. ., I I M ,, awp py- AMATQ ' V., -jo' K1 Gin n rj, Pty, V, it Q 1 , 1 VH , . in ul My 3 fl' L5 L A JM, ,WA 'J ZZf'w"Vi74.fC Ylx I ,fn LM-N, , 541 +' lk' Wag' X Aa Cffi-D fl' rcff .7fKJ,::3 ' ff-fb '-A M Px i X, X ii d Q7 C22 V aww". V F :tk I J' 'A T' T Q 5 Tx! 1 J ' Q.-"JSP,-'f.,w'fn 1-Ki . ' M' jp F fir 94 1 f , V M M Q AM MAL www . I' ' , I' ' ff " -Ld! 'FP J "' - w ,, .KL ,W 'N J f' n Nxxn, -N Jw I U ?47m,.f , An i',1.Qn47i4M 5 . 'I , Q V fl "5 1, V A I 6 ' . . . 9 1947 SEMAPHORE Name VIVIENNE MARIE ANDERSON DOLORES A. ANDRADE ARTHUR GEORGE BALDWIN, JR. EVELYN LOUISE BATCHELDER BEVERLY A. BLYE HELEN EDNA BISHOP THOMAS BRODERICK SHIRLEY BROVICK MALCOLM WILLIAM BRYDON ANTHONY WILLIAM BUCKLEY NEWELL CADDELL GUY S. CAGGIANO HELEN MARIE CATALANO FRANCES RICHARD CAMPBELL JOAN CAMPBELL BLANCHE MARGUERITE CARDOSA DONALD LAWRENCE CHERRY RICHARD COAN MABEL ANGELETTA COLORD CLIFFORD WILLIAM CORBETT IRENE CORMAN ' LEO EDWARD COTTER FLORENCE B. DARLING GLORIA MARIAM DEEG DOROTHY E. EDDOLLS ALBERT FEDEBICO BARBARA ANN FERNALD DOROTHY A. FERREIRA EDWARD GILBERT GAIBL LESLIE W. GAY BURTON GERSON ' EDWARD GILL CLAIRE A. GOLDBERG ROBERT ALLEN GOVEY ALBERT FRANCIS GREEN BEATRICE C. GREEN ROBERT GOWARD BERNARD JOHN HACZYNSKI Statistics Hobby Reading, Stenciling, Block Printing Sewing Science 8: Building Dating Eating Collecting Photographs , Eating Playing the Mandolin Playing the Piano Camping Music Painting Dancing Swimming Portrait sketches Singing Radio Riding Drawing Diving Dancing Sleep Reading Traveling Swimming Sports Music Dancing Horses Photography Stamp Collector Baseball Music 8: Reading Horseback riding just plain having fun Swimming Eat Swimming 25 Ambition To become a nurse To lead a happy life Engineer ' To get married Enjoy Life Modeling ' To Live a Full Life To get wellg be a doctor's secretary To go to College Civil Engineering To be a Veterinarian To b an artist To be happy To raise chickens Portrait Sketches To be a Secretary Radio research engineer technician Get the most out of life To be healthy and happy always TO be a Diesel Engineer To be contented 8: free To enioy life To write a book Successful business woman To travel Work for a living To be happy and contented To live a happy life Electrical engineering Always to be gay Medical Professor To be successful To live a full, happy life To retire from work soon Engineer To have a long and happy life Join Marines Sports N SEMAPHORE N ame WILLIAM GEORGE HAYWARD MARY HOGAN LOUISE MARIE HOLMES BRUCE O. HOWES EDWARD S. JARDIN RICHARD JOSEPH KELLII-IER GLADYS F. KELLEY ROBERT KELLEY GEORGE KETT RICHARD KING DONALD KIMTIS VITY JOHN KUNDROT MICHAEL KUNIGENAS, JR. RUTH ELIZABETH LIEE GERTRUDE LOUISE LEONARD PHOEBE LIPSKY LYDIA LILLIAN LYSKO DOLORES MCDERMOTT JEAN ELLEN MCDONALD JOANNE GEAREN MCEVOY EVELYN MACROGIANIS DONALD F. MAI-IONEY RALPH HERMAN MANN, JR. PHILBROOK MASON WALTER H. MORSE GERALDINE NAVICKAS CLARENCE LEONARD NELSON LYDIA FRANCES OLDBASH CHESTER OSBORNE JOSEPH P. POCIUS JOANNE PRIEST MURRRAY ROSEN JEAN RUBEL BARBARA LORRAINE SAVINI AUDREY ETHEL SAWYER PEARL ANN SCHAAF MARY SEVIAN HOWARD R. SHAW EVAN ARMAND SHEA FRANCIS SHIPALAUSKI ROBERT SIMONDS Hobby Collecting News Items on World Affairs Bowling Corresponding Collecting souvenirs from restaurants Seeing movies Music Drawing Raising chickens Working Breathing Music Dancing Music Movies Music Dancing Music Dancing Movies Hunting and Fishing Genealogy Sleep Model airplanes Sewing Being happy Drawing Skating Sports Talking and laughing Collecting photographs Dancing Talking on the telephone Drawing Dancing Sewing Swimming Automotive Engineering Being happy Hunting 26 Ambition To be a lawyer To be a secretary To travel Telephone Company U. S. Navy To play trumpet well To be a secretary Get all I can out of life To join Marines To travel College education Have fun To open .my own auto business Laboratory Technician Live a long happy life To be successful To become wealthy and successful To always be happy To exist College To be a good secretary Businessman To be successful and happy Join the Navy U. S. Navy Own a delux beauty shop To be happier Commercial Artist Chemical Engineer Basketball Coach To be completely happy Pursue a position in aviation To live a happy life To live in Rochester, N. H. Surgical Nurse Modeling To be a success To be a lawyer Surgeon To play professional baseball To be successful 1947 1947 Name ELMES SIMONIAN EUGENE SLYE RICHARD SLYE AsTR1n SMITH BARBARA SMITH HELEN SMITH WALTER STORKUS ADELINE STRUZZIERO BLANCHE I. SWANSON MERELYN EULALIA TATE NORMA TERRELL WILLIAM W. TOTMAN JEANNE F: TUCKER HERBERT L. VILK, JR. MARVELLE VINAL DAVID R. WINSHIP BARBARA MAY WITHAM SHIRLEY WRY Hob by Skating Fixing things Sports Painting Music Sports Radio Sports Piano Playing Singing Knitting Mechanics Needlework Building model airplanes Dancing Horseback Riding Dancing Being Happy 27 SEMAPHORE Ambition To be happy To be successful To be a success in Navy or Marines To be successful Air hostess Nurse Draftsman To live and be happy To be successful in whatever I choose to do Radio vocalist Costume designer Move west to a ranch To live a free and happy life House construction and painting To be happy To be a florist To be a good nurse Nursing SEMAPHORE 1947 CLASS WILL We the ambitious and determined class of "-47" having completed four un- forgettable and joyous years of learning and companionship do hereby will and bequeath, on this 20th day of June some of our talents, luck, happiness and tradi- tions to those future seniors whom we deem worthy of them. To Mr. Randall we leave our countless thanks for his helpful guidance and untiring efforts. To all the faculty, who no doubt will find that we were not the noisiest and most mischievous class ever to graduate, we leave our immeasurable appreciation for their patience and sincere friendship through these four memorable years. To the Junior Class we leave the task of furthering the ideals we have thus far advanced. Our Class Officers leave with the hope that the Student Council will continue to fulfill its duties as well as in the past year. i Guy Caggiano leaves his liekable personality to Winslow Weston. Donny Kimtis leaves an athletic record to be equaled. Charlie Nelson leaves with a smile on his face and his pockets bulging with class funds. Cliff Corbett leaves a striving basketball team and luck to next year's squad. Chet Osborne leaves his laugh to Gigi Howland. Bill Totman leaves his speed record for Eddie Perdigao to surpass. Murray Rosen leaves the cracked windows in Room 23 to anyone who can finish the job. The Beetles leave their organization to any other radicals. Memie Tate, Irene Corman, Dolores Andrade, Jean McDonald, Joanne Mc- Evoy and Joanne Priest leave their tired lungs to the future cheerleaders of good old S.H.S. Astrid Smith and Babe Smith leave their companionship to Shirley Corbett and Barbara Keefe. Lydia Lysko leaves her good times to Virginia Raymond. Vivienne Anderson leaves her scholastic record unequalled. Dick Kelliher leaves the band minus a star trumpet player. Bob Govey leaves his good looks to Gigi Howland. Bob Goward fMr. Bloomb leaves his talent for keeping people happy to any- one who thinks he can do it. Leo Cotter leaves his flame thrower to the lab for experimental purposes. Eddie Gill leaves his pitching record for Richard McLea to equal. Burton Gerson leaves his secret formula for arsenic to Jimmy Pappas. Eddie Jardin leaves his Ipana smile to Buck Daley. Don Cherry leaves his jokes to his brother. Adeline Struzziero leaves the hockey squad of next year her best wishes. Evie Batchelder leaves the unwanted Semaphore souvenirs in her cluttered desk to anyone who can get rid of them. 28 1947 SEMAPHORE The office and stock room girls leave their worries and cares to next year's victims. Barbara Smith leaves the band minus one violin player. Mabel Colcord leaves her good-natured disposition to Ruth Forbes. Al Green leaves the task of broadcasting the football games to Kenny Johnson. Evan Shea leaves the school with many scars. The North Stoughton boys leave the School bus with many happy memories. Howie Shaw leaves his magazine campaign for his brother to carry on. George Kett leaves for the Panther Rubber. Bruce Howes bequeaths his four years of jokes, bright ties and socks as a chal- lange for anyone to equal. "Bob" Kelley leaves the stop watch to the next basketball time keeper. "Doc," "Buck" and "Shippa" leave their torturous trek though the windy des- olate frozen wasteland, fthe J. W. Wood Athletic stadiumj, to Fish Poskus, Fish Leard and Fish Liftman. Ralph Mann leaves his red stockings to Milton Crane in hopes they will match his suspenders. Memie Tate leaves the Semaphore with best wishes to the future editor. Malcolm Brydon leaves his carefree manner and his hawk eyes to Liftman. "Bill" Hayward leaves Article VI, Section III, Sub Topic I of the Athletic Constitution to anyone who will carry on. Shirley Wry leaves her nickname to any underclassman worthy of it. Barbara Witham leaves her smile to encourage the underclassmen when things seem dull. "Phil" Mason leaves the secret of tying his tie to Walter Kosinski. "Art" Baldwin leaves his baseball record to encourage future teams. The Class of '47 leaves Miss Goeres all the happiness deserved by one with such patience. The entire class of '47 leaves the school echoing with its songs, jokes and laughter, and although we may leave in body we leave the memory of our hopes, ideals, dreams and wishes to all future classes. In witness thereof, we, the undersigned, have hereunto affixed our seal to this, our last will and testament, at Stoughton, Massachusetts, on this 20th day of june, one thousand nineteen hundred and forty-seven. CLASS or 1947 Witnesses: U N ME 29 SEMAPHORE l94'7 Class History Sealed in the secret library of Father Time, amidst musty books and under lock and key is the precious volume, "The History of Civilization." The contents of this book contain the struggle of humanity to keep the world on its feet and the famous battles to keep peace with one another. If we could steal the key, while sly old Father Time was sleeping, we would unlock this precious volume, and add a chapter of our own in the back of the crumbling pages of the book, a chapter dedicated to the History of the Class of '47 and its struggles in S.H.S., the decisive battle of gallant fighters who strived four years to their goal, "Graduation," and how they emerged with victorious colors. To understand this chapter we must take a glimpse at the past when we first entered Stoughton High in 1943. Biting our lips that September in '43, we marched forth into the enemy's lines with our weapons outstretched-pencils, pens and rulers. Taking the defensive in our freshman year, we stood our ground under the leadership of Elizabeth Curry, Donald Kimtis, Pearl Schaaf and Robert Govey, our Student Council representatives. Our Freshman dance, a great success, was the first battle in our favor. With the enemy weakening we found ourselves with more power behind us, so, seeing our chance to gain more territory, we quickly seized the rank of sophomores. 'We attacked our studies valiantly, and courageously faced our upper classmen, who withdrew their active fighting. Under parliamentary procedure we installed our new officers to Congress CStudent Councilb, president, Albert Federico, vice- president, Betty Bishop, treasurer, Philbrook Mason, secretary, Helen Smith. Un- der their help and the guidance of our adviser we charged on to our Sophomore Hop which sent the enemies back to their own lines. Veterans of two years we now accepted the award of Juniors. Being fully considered as upper classmen now, we took our rank at the head of the line and marched on to a victorious year. With much intelligent thinking we elected our leaders for the year--president, Guy Caggianog vice-president, Merelyn Tateg sec- retary, Evelyn Batchelder, treasurer, Clarence Nelson. Under their leadership, and the guidance of our Commander-in-chief, Miss Rose Enos, we plunged into the colorful battle of picking out class rings and class photographer. After much prep- aration and planning we established our first beachhead, our Junior Prom, a happy victorious event. Rating one more rank in the annals of S.H.S., we moved once more upward into our waiting place as seniors. Behind us lay bond campaigns, magazine cam- paigns, sports, activities-everything we fullfledged seniors could have indulged 30 1947 SEMAPHORE in. Once more wishing to gain new territory we reelected our leaders-president, Guy Caggiano, vice-president, Merelyn Tate, secretary, Evelyn Batchelder, treas- urer, Clarence Nelson. We looked over possible blueprints for a class trip. With the support of Mr. Randall we plunged deeply into the biggest battle of our four years. Our trip was to be to Washington, and to raise proper funds, our Sergeants and Corporals along with the cooperation of all seniors, took over the job of rais- ing funds through dances, raffles, musicals and donations. While struggling through this periodic event, our time flew so swiftly we found ourselves midst the events of our grand and glorious Commencement Week. All battles that followed were victories to us--our Senior Reception, Banquet, Class Day exercises and, at long last, Graduation. Marching down the aisle to our rightful honors-diplomas-for our gallant struggle in S.H.S., we the seniors of Stoughton High, held our heads high, proud of our deeds and valors, facing the future bravely. We wish therefore to thank our comrades in Stoughton High, the faculty and Mr. Randall, who by careful guiding and expert teaching have led us through a victorious battle. 31 SFMAPHORE l947 Class Prophecy VIVIENNE ANDERSON MALCOLM BRYDON You hear that call for surgery And wonder who it can be. Vivienne is now a doctor At the hospital in Chelsea. DOLORES ANDRADE Dolores living in New Orleans Still has the prettiest smile seen. Why only last month She was chosen Mardi Gras queen! ARTHUR BALDWIN He was the first to split the atom, The atom bomb was made by him. This chemist is known to many of us ls just plain Art Baldwin. EVELYN BATCHELDER Evie our first bride Rises with the sun. For our happy housewife The chores are never done. HELEN BISHOP Helen's faithful love Has brought her dividends. She's now Brucie's housemaid. Her housework never ends. BEVERLY BLYE If ever you should plan To go flying through the air, A cute stewardess named Bev Will give you best of care. THOMAS BRODERICK Tommy entered all soap contestsg One day he finally won. Now he leads the Life of Riley, Enioying himself and having fun. SHIRLEY BROVICK Though Shirley's very quiet, Her red hair sure has sheen, Her locks are seen on billboards Advert.ising'Drene. Swish Brydon was a great mechanic Could take anything apart, Now he's selling used cars, At a local motor mart. ANTHONY BUCKLEY Buck has risen in the world To see him, come one and all. He's the chief of ushers In good old Carnegie Hall. NEWELL CADDELL Our own Red Caddall, Is a veterinarian now. He treats dogs and horses But they die anyhow. GUY CAGGIANO Who leads the Nation As the years go drifting by? Doing the iob as President Is Mrs. Caggiands boy, Guy. FRANCIS CAMPBELL J OA Here we see Francis Our man of mystery Spending his hours Writing books of history. N CAMPBELL She soon completed college And won her desired position. A Physical Ed teacher is Joan And her team is a sensation. BLAN CHE CARDOSA HEL 32 "I want to be an inventor" Was what our Blanchie said, But the greatest invention of all mankind Was sealed in Blanche's head. EN CATALANO Short, cute and full of pep Helen is said to be You will find her teaching iitterbugging To sailors out at sea. 1947 DONALD CHERRY Donald was an artistg In that field he could advance. But Donald loved a burlesque queen, And ioined her show, to dance. RICHARD COAN If ever you should need Drugs of any kindg Just stop in Richie's storeg He'll make up your mind. MABEL COLCORD Mabel, Mabel, sweet and able How we do miss her antics. SEMAPHORE ALBERT FEDERICO Al became a crooner Whom all bobby sox desire. There he goes now with a match To set some girl's heart alire. BARBARA FERNALD Barbara is a secretary Ar Woods, the place of fameg So if you need a job just give Barb your name. DOROTHY FERREIRA Her dancing feet Brought her fame. Now she's a comedienne on stage and screen The lights of Broadway And she's driving everyone frantic. CLIFFORD CORBETT Over the house tops Either low or high It's only our pal Cliff Learning how to fly. IRENE CORMAN Irene knows all the styles Of Paris and all the nationsg So she travels here and there Showing the latest fads and creations. LEO COTTER Housewives are flocking to the store But it's not for things to buy. For they all want to admire Leo The guy with the cute bow tie. FLORENCE DARLING Flossie wrote a best seller just the other day. Now she's very busy Giving autographs away. GLORIA DEEG G. Deeg you'll find alworking hard. A happy marriage is her aim, Way out in Californ-i-ay With twins that look the same. DOROTHY EDDOLLS She was neat and refined And blessed with dry wit, Now she models for Saks Arid she's made quite a hit! Spell out Dot's name. EDWARD GAIBL Look at Eddie Gaibl, How his business booms. He's now the proud owner Of four exclusive pool rooms. BURTON GERSON To see Professor Gerson For any chemical knowledge, J ust attend his classes At old Boston College. EDWARD GILL Eddie brought the house down With his Broadway play. He only walked across the stage And all the girls hoorayed! CLAIRE GOLDBERG Everywhere across the nation From hills to desert waste, 'Claire's smile keeps on urging us To use Colgate's tooth paste. ROBERT GOVEY Bob Govey has become quite a WOW For he is in the movies now. With those bright blue eyes and curly locks ' He has become the idol of the bobby sox. ROBERT GOWARD In the wee hours of the morn The trucks roll in at dawn "Mr. Bloom" directs the freight Into the First National at a very low rate. 33 SEMAPHORE ALBERT GREEN For our famous movie hero Al The girls would walk many a mile. It isn't his acting that does it He wows them with his smile. BEATRICE GREEN Her dream at last came true The fondest wish of her life She took the leap the other day And now she's Charlie's wife. BERNARD HACZYNSKI Bernie went in deep In the field of Chemistry. Hanging out his doctor's sign Are the words, B. Haczynski, M.D. WILLIAM HAYWARD The halls of Congress will hear him speak On every day in every week His name you'll find quite easy to guess It's Billy Hayward whom you'll hear address. MARY HOGAN Her laughter re-echoes stillg It was so light and airy. You all know whom I meang Of course, it is Mary! LOUISE HOLMES Her manner is a quiet one And poised she'll always be If you want to acquire this, It is Louise that you must see. BRUCE HOWES Years and years and years go by. And Hnally coming to town, Is the circus, featuring Bruce Howes. the funniest clown. EDWARD JARDIN His clothes then matched the current trend With which we prophesy the end. From Stoughton High he got his pardon, And in the Navy is Eddie Jardin. GLADYS KELLEY Gladys was a timid lass, Very quiet was she. ' Now she's singing commercials On W.N.A.C. ROBERT KELLEY A bold fisherman we see With riches for bait: But don't be alarmed, it's only Bob Out looking for a lifetime mate. RICHARD KELLIHER For giving music that has charm Let's give a big hand To maestro Dick Kelliher With the best band in the land. GEORGE KETT One of Kett's dimples has Brought him fame- He's converted it to a hangar For an aeroplane. DONALD KIMTIS Hollywood has her actors, Doolittle has won his fame, But when it comes to Sports Events, We hear our Donnie's name. RICHARD KING "Open the door, Richard" Is the latest air. He's having quite an awful time Opening doors everywhere. VITY KUNDROT Vity back in Navy Blue Is really quite the sport. Instead of only one or two He has 5 girls in every port. MICHAEL KUNIGENAS Mike studied hard And rose above the rank. Now he's the president Of the First National Bank. ELIZABETH LEIF Lizzie had ambitions A lab technician to be Now she's making formulas For babies, one, two, three. GERTRUDE LEONARD We've seen many people And been many a mile, But none looked as cute as Gert Going down the aisle. 34 1947 1947 SEMAPHORE PHOEBE LIPSKY WALTER MORSE Phoebe had her mind made up Walter had a secret wish So into an office she wentg A bugler to be. She now has a brand new iob He's now in the Army And her first week's salary spent. Bugling Reveille! LYDIA LYSKO GERALDINE NAVICKAS Her high school days were filled with joy, If you want to giggle While she proved a panic to both girl and boy. A whole hour long And then she said, "I'll settle down," Go to see Gerry But with Barnum 8: Bailey she's a lady clown. At her beauty salon. IEVELYN MACROGIANIS In the future you will see, Evelyn as a private secretary, She casts her come hither gaze That's how she gets her raise. DONALD MAHONEY A wandering boy was Donnie At home he'd never stay. He now earns his living As salesman of the day. RALPH MANN With rows and rows of books Among studious people of intelligent looks The public library's hired Ralph Mann, A new superintendent, doing the best he can. PHILBROOK MASON Phil was quite the fellow, Remembered by all, and how! He earns his daily living In the U. S. Navy now. DOLORES MCDERMOTT Dolores is now famous The reason is, you see: The boss just died and heft her The "Memay Specialty." JEAN MCDONALD No, no, was her plea: Never shall I marry. And with her mind all at sea She ended up singing with Har Games, that is! J JOANNE MCEVOY Yes, Joanne is on the radio But she doesn't sing. She simply tells us "Duz does everything." ry! CLARENCE 'NELSON Stoughton square is lit up bright With Nelson's sign ablaze in light. It stands where Ouellet's used to be, For Chai-lie's taken over, it's plain to see. LYDIA OLDBASH She writes, she draws, Does everything well, But what Lydia really decides One never can tell! CHESTER OSBORNE Chet has gone into business With places all over the nation. If in need of gas, drive in- And patronize Chet's gas station. JOSEPH POCIUS The Marines, the Marines, ah, that's the I'm free and happy without a wife No cares, no worries, no fears have I For I'm Jack Pocius, do or die, JOANNE PRIEST Pinky knew a little wolf Whose face was clean and shaven, So Pinky beckoned to his call And marriage is her haven. MURRAY ROSEN We mustn't forget M. Rosen Called "Finnegan" at school. He still spends his time Playing skilled games of pool. JEAN RUBEL Always friendly and very gay She has such a winning way. Now she has a happy life, Jor Jean makes the ideal wife. 35 life SEMAPHORE BARBARA SAVINI About her future she couldn't decide, To study, or mimic, "the queeny," But in Rochester, N. H., she went to reside, I refer to Barb Savini. AUDREY SAWYER Audrey's understanding nature Led others her advice to seek. She's now known as Mrs. Anthony Broadcasting once a week. PEARL SCHAAE She walks across the stage Then bows gracefully to the staff. Modeling the latest fashions Is our glamorous Pearl Schaaf. MARY SEVIAN Mary, Mary, not very contrary, How are those French lessons going? We knew you'd succeed in teaching it well And you've made a splendid showing! HOWARD SHAW Howie's going to law school, He shows a lot of promise. If he's going to be a lawyer though, He can't be very honest. EVAN SHEA Evan Shea has gone and left us For a trip that'll bring him fame. He's gone to the Planet Venus Aboard his rocket plane. FRANCIS SHIPALAUSKI Whenever the "iieet's in" And the ships begin to dock, The girls iam the waterfront To see Shippa, they flock. ROBERT SIMONDS If ever your car needs fixing Just give him a ringg It makes no difference what it is For Bobby fixes anything. ELMES SIMONIAN Elmes was fond of skating. Her skating brought her luck. She's now the Queen of the Rink, Singing "Hold me up!" EUGENE SLYE Gene has taken Bill Stern's place As chief sports reporter. Now he can be heard everywhere From sea to sea and border to border RICHARD SLYE Richie always like to eat. His appetite was a fright. He lived to be a ripe old age But his stomach was a sight. ASTRID SMITH There is Astrid Smith Perched high on a stool. She spends her time Teaching in a nursery school. BARBARA SMITH If you look in the air You might see Barb Dressed in a stylish Air hostess's garb. HELEN SMITH Helen's a nurse. When people ail, They call for our Heleng Not Nightingale. WALTER STORKUS A timid lad was Wallyg A woman hater too. Now he's in a harem On the island of Baloo. ADELINE STRUZZIERO I look itno the future And what do you think I see, "Strut" and her little hockey team. All of her family! BLANCHE SWANSON Blanche works in an office Filing letters away. V The hardest job she has Is to find them the next day. MERELYN T ATE Memie is a singer Always right on key. You can hear her everyday On Station W N A C. 56 1947 SEMAPHORE NORMA TERRELL Norma had a gift of gab Most interesting to hear. Now she leans over the back fence. Neighbor, lend an ear. WILLIAM TOTMAN Six-foot two, eyes of blue And weren't those shoulders broad? He swore he'd be a farmer But he wound up an actor-how odd! JEANNE TUCKER Jeannie waited patiently For Donnie, three long yearg Now she's singing Rockabye In tiny kiddies' ears. HERBERT VILK Herbie went a fishing To catch a fish you seeg I-Ie caught ten thousand all at once, And opened a fishery. MARVELLE VINAL Studying to be a nurse Was Marvie's main idea, But a young man came And changed her mind, I fear. DAVID WINSHIP David met his sweetheart, A gal in calico, While traveling with his ponies In the rodeo. BARBARA WITHAM If you're ill and in need of care, Go to the Mass. General for Barb will be there. She's around now, both cheerful and gay, A But she'll be marrying most any day. SHIRLEY WRY Shirley is now a nurse you know, Spick and span from head to toe. If ever you're sick and need a little care, Head for The Mass. General, 'cause sh there. 57 e will SEMAPHORE 1947 Letter from Mr. Lyman March 3, 1947 To the EDITORS of SEMAPHORE and the MEMBERS of the CLASS of 1947: You are about to finish your schooling here in Stoughton-a definite mile- stone in your life. You have been a group that we have enjoyed and you have our best wishes for those milestones still ahead of you. We hope that your schooling and other life contracts have given you both knowledge and convictions-for the future of this world of ours has great need of both. We live in a world confused by much talk often devoid of ideas. We hear both, that the world owes us a living, and that the individual is a mere cog in some five year plan. Which is your conviction, and the conviction of many more like you will determine what the course of the future will be. This country has prospered thru work and effort, but we have care for the worth and dignity of the individual, but without work and effort on the part of the individu- al, how is it possible to maintain the worth and dignity of the individual? The future will be what you make it. May the future be a bright one, an advance over the best of the past. Your work and effort can make it so. Very truly yours, W. B. LYMAN, Supt. of Schools 38 N J DN SEMAPHORE 1947 CARELESS WISHING By DOROTHY Sronxus '49 The day was oh so scorching hot, The flowers over again Wished and wished and wished that it Would start to rain. The soft white clouds were piling up Until they got too heavy. Then the rain came sprinkling down On farm and field and levee. The blossoms bright popped into sight, And nodded gayly round And saw their faces reflected in The puddles on the ground. All was happy, all was gay, that day Among the flowers, Until the sun peeked out and put An end to all the showers. The sun beams danced around and round The puddles evaporated. 'Til the flowers began to look Again dilapidated. Then a welcome noise was heard Far up upon the hills The thunder rolled,and rolled and rolled Until it reached the rills. The flowers harkened to the sound And shouted, "Boy, oh boy!" When after quite a little while All was fear instead of joy. They got their rain, alas! Too much! The storm it was too great For all the flowers standing were In front of Heaven's gate. 40 1947 SEMAPHORE INSPIRATION By FLORENCE .DARLING '47 It was a dark day for the Connelly family, and yet, a joyous one, for their son Allan was to return home after five years' service with the Army Air Forces. The day was dark, because Allan was returning unable to see his mother, fath- er and younger sister. He had been hit by shrapnel which severed the optic nerve. At first his mother had been unable to reconcile herself to the thought of her son's being blind, but soon with her usual cheerfulness she decided to make the best of it. But Allan did not seem to inherit his mother's cheerfulness, instead, he was very bitter and seemed bewildered and lost without his sight. As he came from the plane, he refused all aid from any source and made his way slowly to the car. Now the question was, what would Al1an's future hold? He had been a promising young concert pianist and composer, but he had not touched or even been near his piano since he had been wounded. Day after day went by with Allan becoming more sullen. He'd sit in a chair by the window, not seeing, only brooding. One day he took a walk with his seeing-eye dog down by the river where he used to get his inspiration. It was Autumn and the odor of burning leaves was everywhere. The air was crisp in the slowly-waning sun. He sat down slowly and as the sun warmed his cold hands, he heard footsteps, light and faltering. He turned his head in the direction from whence they came, and said, "Who's there?" A voice exclaimed, "Why, Mr. Connelly, I didn't know you were home. I used to hear you when you spoke at Symphony Hall. You know you're a favorite of mine. Are you working on any new compositions now?" Allan was vainly trying to place the voice, as he answered shortly-"No! How can a man like me write music?" "My you are down in the dumps, aren't you? What you need is some cheer- ing up. I'll meet you here at the same time tomorrow." Allan still wondered who the voice belonged to as he said to himself, "just another bobby-soxer, I suppose." But he did meet her the next afternoon and for many afternoons after that until the two became fast friends. One day he heard her humming a few bars from a melody and he asked her to sing it for him. To his amazement she had a rich and lilting voice with a haunting quality to it. Each day she sang for him and soon the urge to create music returned to him. He set about composing a few bars at a time. One day after his composition had been published, he gave her a copy of the local newspaper and asked her to read the critics' reports on his music. But she answered, "I'm sorry but I can't. You see, I'm blind also." 41 SEMAPHORE 1947 DISASTER By Vrrv KUNDROT '47 There was a time when a certain ship in the Navy was out in the Pacific, and the crew aboard thought their chances of getting back to the United States, before the war was over, to be pretty slim. But on March 4, 1945, a very curious thing happened. It just so happened that I was standing on watch at the time. At 0507, I heard a loud crunching sound of steel meeting steel and meshing together. There was a terrific lurch to the port side, and then the sound of rushing feet and a few piercing cries. The luck of the U. S. S. Yarnall was at its end, or so at least the crew thought. Everyone went hurriedly topside to see what had happened. There was the bow of the U. S. S. Yarnall forty degrees out and about forty degrees up. "Collision" went up the cry. Men were coming out of the hatch on the fo'castle and others were being helped up. All personal belongings were forgotten, and money belonging to many of the men floated around below in the water that had leaked in. People do crazy things to get money but there were no crazy people on that ship to go after the money. The bow was ready to break off at any time and the beating of the ocean against the hull did it no good. The injured were taken care of and what repair work that could be done was underway. The problem was that if the bow broke off would it drag the rest of the ship with it? All hands went to their abandon ship stations, while a certain group tried to cut away the bow. It came off without trouble and the bow that caused the death of two men and injured six more sank in the midst of air bubbles. Getting back into port was accomplished with the help of a fleet tug. It was a 300 mile trip from the coast of japan to a tiny atoll in the Pacific. There a false bow was put on, then the ship headed for the States. All of the fellows but two would be once more in the United States and those two will not be forgotten by the crew of the U. S. S. Yarnall. EACING THE FUTURE By MERELYN TATE '47 As we, the seniors of Stoughton High, step through the doors of the future many new facts will face us, and new responsibilities will be placed on our shoul- ders. No longer will we be able to retain the title of struggling high school stu- dents under the protection of our parents and our schools. Now we will be ac- cepted as full fledged citizens, treated as adult individuals and graded on our own mer1tS. Our paths in life will be different. Some of us will have the advantage of higher education, while the rest of us will enter fields of work to support ourselves. Whatever path we take, however, we will find that in order to succeed we must not depend on others to do our work for us, or to help us. We must help 42 1947 SEMAPHORE ourselves. We must stand in our places in the world as honest, intelligent citizens that Stoughton High made us. We want to make them feel proud that we achieved these qualities within their walls. We must possess iniative, integrity and resourcefulness. The future will hold many surprises, success, happiness and sorrow, for all of us. What to expect cannot be foreseen. But we can say, whatever the future holds for us, we are ready to face it. , Upon graduation we will be separated. No longer will we be considered one unit. Each of us will go his own way, and perhaps some of our paths will never cross. We will each have to retain a new place in a new future and for a while it will be hard to accustom ourselves to our new work. Stoughton High has given usa solid background. It has given us a chance, as a unit, to show our qualities and bring out our own ideas. Comparing our edu- cation, and worth-while chances with that of a bewildered European boy or girl of our age, against whom the odds have been stacked from the start, we find ourselves much the luckier for every thing and we should stop and realize this, using it to our best advantage. In facing the future, we sincerely hope, we will be able to establish ourselves as individuals in the world of the future, be able to accept our responsibilities as men and women of America, and reflect well on our twelve years of learning. ROAD 'TO THE FUTURE By RUTH VACHON '50 Aiming to the highest, hoping for the best, Confident in every way of passing hardship's test, Each going his own way, skilled in various art, But all with the flame of hope, high in their hearts. The road to the Future they'll now have to tread, With joy, sorrow, and happiness waiting ahead. Still they look to the future with hope and pride, Confident of overtaking hardships in their stride. The pleasant looking route has many deceptions, Having played tricks on many, with no exceptions. There are tears of joy, and tears of sorrow Hidden beyond the bend of tomorrow. Aiming for the highest, hoping for the best They now face the future with energy and zest. Confident of their ability, and the test they will pass, We bid a fond farewell to the graduating class. 43 SEMAPHORE THE ELM TREE By MARTHA GLOVER '48 Alone on a hill 6Which seems to be its pedestal! Slender, graceful, Sharply etched against the sky, There is a stately elm. Firm it stand, and firm it has stood Through years of changing events. Though angry winds and howling storms It has not given in- It still stretches its lacy branches to God. have shaken it, To some, it symbolizes patience, while For others, its stalwartness Has meant the strengthening of faith. And in the heart of one passer-by It planted the hope That some dav he might know Thar his life had been as noble as that of that elm. MY ALTAR By LESLIE GAY '47 I have worshipped in churches and chapelsg I've prayed in the busy street, I have sought my God and have found Him where the waves of His ocean I have knelt in the silent forest, in the shade of some ancient tree, But the dearest of all my altars was raised at my mother's knee. I have listened to God in His temple, I've caught His voice in the crowd, I have heard Him speak when the breakers were booming long and loud, Where the winds play soft in the tree tops My Father has talked to meg But I never have heard Him clearer than I did at my mother's knee. The things in my life that are worthy were born in my mother's breast, And breathed into mine by the magic of the love her life expressed. A The years that have brought me to manhood have taken her from me, But memory keeps me from straying too far from my mother's knee. God, make me the man of her vision and purge me of selfishness! God, keep me true to her standards and help me to live to bless! God, hallow the holy impressions of the days that used to be, And keep me a Pilgrim forever to the shrine of my mother's knee. 44 1 9 4 7 beat, M MQ W SEMAPHORE 1947 Row 1: B. Howes, E. Slye, F. Santos, P. Mason, H. Shaw, L. Gay, C. Nelson, W. Hayward. Row 2: A. Struzziero, G. Caggiano, B. Savini, E. Batchelder, M. Tate, G. Deeg, B. Tate, M. Crane, R. Vachon. Rou'.3: M. Ivaldi, E. Lunstedt, E. Murphy, M. Glover. L. Lysko, J. McEvoy, J. Bercovitz, J. Priest, J. Garland, G. Fiske, J. Vachon, E. Kovey. Row 4: A. Sawyer, I. Corman, E. Mosman, M. Sevian, L. Oldbash, M. Colcord, E. Leif, H. SEMAPHORE Adviser-Miss MARGARET FLYNN Editor-in-Chief-MERELYN TATE Literary Editor-EVELYN BATCHELDER Business Mdndgef-GLORIA DEEG With each new publication of the Semaphore a busy humdrum atmosphere arises amidst Stoughton High. Last minute copies pour into the type room, and the latest news goes whizzing off the end of the mimeograph. Suitable drawings are added by the Art Staff, to make the magazine more attractive and interesting, and the Business Staff is kept busy, supplying the students' demands for the Sema- phores. All the school is interested in the latest school news and what goes on behind the publication of each issue. Each year the Semaphore Staff endeavors to better its publications with new ideas and originality. This year, within the three issues of the magazines, new columns originated. To arouse the interest of the students such columns as ex- change, fashion and music have been added. Through the help of the literary editor, a fine collection of literature is present in each issue. Under the super- vision of our adviser an extremely fine yearbook was put forth this year. Unhandicapped, as the previous staffs have been by the paper shortage, we have been able to expand our yearbook and make it topnotch with more pictures and literature. A fine collection of ads made this financially possible through the initiative of the Business Staff and the Sales Class, who ventured forth to get them. To the Semaphore Staff of "48," we, the members of this year's staff, wish the best of luck, and keep the presses rolling! Smith, A. Smith, F. Darling. 1947 SEMAPHORE DRAMATIC CLUB , Advirer-Miss DOROTHY ARNOLD President-JOANNE McEvoY "To be or not to be," that is our question. Yes this is our Dramatic Club. In the midst of scenery being changed and the different grease paints being applied stood our worthy adviser, Miss Arnold. This year was a most successful one. We presented the Christmas play, "Let's Call It Christmas," with the help of the cast consisting of Martha Glover, Milton Crane, Harold Howes, Joseph Foster, and Joanne Priest. This play was so well done I'm sure it will be remembered. We wound up the year by presenting two plays, one for the Parent Teacher Association and the other for Class Day. The officers of our club-Joanne Mc- Evoy, presidentg- Harold Howes, vice-president, Joanne Priest, secretary, Nick Pechonis, treasurer-would like to express their thanks to our adviser, Miss Doro- thy Arnold, who gave us so graciously her expert advice. Rau' I: B. Savini, J. Priest, N. Pechonis, J. McEvoy. H. Howes, L. Holmes, J. MacDonald. Row 2: B. Haczynski, M. Churchill, B.-Witham, M. Colcord, S. Wry, P. Applebaum, E. Gow- ard, J. Bercovitz, J, Foster. Row 3: M. Crane. M. Glover, V. Hurley, E. DeVito. C. Baskin, G. DiCastro, C. Silva. .M 47 T .sw SEMAPHORE 1947 N . Row l: J. Tucker, B. Fernald, D. McDermott, D. Andrade, M. Sevian, B. Swanson, E. Macro- gianis, G. Deeg. gouk2l:l B. Blye, E. Simonian, G. Leonard, B. Cardosa, E. Barchelder, M. Hogan, C. Goldberg, . e ey. THE SECRETARIAL CLUB Supervisor-Miss CHRISTINE DONOVAN President-DoLoREs ANDRADE Many very interesting meetings of the Secretarial Club were held during the year under the supervision of Miss Christine Donovan. By receiving the books, "Everyday Living for Girls," "The Strategy of Job Finding," "Personality" and "Occupational Guidance," the club accomplished many things which will help them to become successful stenographers. Oral reports on appropriate topics were given at the meetings for the pur- pose of developing poise and confidence. Small plays were enacted to show the correct manner of conducting telephone conversations, interviews of prospective employers and the reception of visitors. The girls all worked very diligently to prepare the many interesting meetings. The club officers elected were: President, Dolores Andrade, Vice-President, Mary Sevian, Secretary, Dolores McDermott. We wish to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Miss Donovan for her help and guidance for a successful year. 48 ,ML '. SEMAPHORE 1947 SENIOR PLAY Director-Miss DOROTHY ARNOLD This year the cast of the Senior Play, "The Mad Hatters," written by Kurtz Gordon, endeavored and succeeded in bringing forth to the publice a riotous three act farce, through patient rehearsals and the final performance at the town hall. The play is centered around a family which is out of this world, and as mad as the March hares. Under the support of their grandmother, who finally wakes up to them, they are forced by her, to prove through their talents within three months that they are worth their weight in gold, or else be cut off from any further assistance from her. The way each member of the family copes with this problem presents an effective riotous plot. The members of the cast include Joanne McEvoy, Merelyn Tate, Clarence Nel- son, Bruce Howes, Mabel Colcord, Lydia Oldbash, Pearl Schaaf, Shirley Wry, Al- bert Federico, Howard Shaw, Irene Corman, Astrid Smith, and prompter Adeline Struzzerio. Deep thanks and appreciation for the helpful assistance of the director, Miss Arnold, is extended by the cast. Row 1: P. Schaaf, J. McEvoy, I. Corman, S. Wry, M. Colcord, A. Smith. Row 2: M. Tate, C. Nelson, A. Federico, H. Shaw, B. Howes, L. Oldbash. 49' SEMAPHORE 1947 gow 1: C. Nelson, E. Batchelder, M. Tate, G. Caggiano, A. Shaw, B. Tate, M. Glover, E. mes. Row 2: D. Delasco, M. Ivaldi, E. Dray, C. Fobes, R. Powell, S. Corbett. STUDENT COUNCIL Adviser-MR. HOWARD R. RANDALL President-GUY CAGGIANO Carrying on through the year, helping to solve problems, and bringing up complaints and suggestions of the student body, the Student Council, an elective body composed of the class off1cers from each year, has helped to better school con- ditions and has completed a successful year. Some problems that the Council dis- cussed in the past school year have been those of the lunch counter, dances after basketball games, and unsanitary conditions due to student neglect brought forth by our adviser, Mr. Randall. The meetings are conducted in strict parliamentary procedure. The Presi- dent presides and the problems are presented, discussed and voted upon. Each member is presented a State Council pin designating an active member of the Council. Due to the combined efforts of the members and Mr. Randall, this year has been a successful one for the Student Council. This year's members offer their wishes that the Councils of the years to follow will be as successful. ' 50 1947 SEMAPHORE ART CLUB Adviser--Miss HARRIET LEMAIRE During this past year the Art Club was organized under its new adviser, Miss Harriet Lemaire. With her aid and advice great progress was made in many iields of art and design. The members of the club covered design and coloring and worked more with water colors than in previous years. There were over thirty members in the club with the freshmen and sopho- mores in the majority. These underclassmen have shown much talent and herald a bright future in art for Stoughton High. This club is open to all students artistically inclined who desire supervision and help in this field. The members wish to thank Miss Lemaire for her guidance during the past year and wish her pleasant years to come. Row 1: A. Gould, A. Smith, B. Libby, M. Drake, T. Federico, I. Toupence, P. Simonds, S. Brovick. RouE:l2:k J. Simpson, M. Granger, E. Mosman, P. Winfisky, R. Grace, L. Gilly, J. DiCorpo, H. ar . Row 3: F. Santos, W. Caron, W. Cummings, L. Gay, E. Redden, K. johnson, W. Malcolm. 51 SEMAPHORE 1947 I Row 1: F. Santos, W. Caron, B. Cline, W. Malcolm, F. Slye, W. Smith, H. Vilk. gowjli J. McCarthy, V. Anderson, P. Schaaf, P. Lipsky, M. Hogan, A. Silva, P. Simonds, S. IOVIC . Row 3: W. Sweetman, R. Leathers, N. Gay, W. Cotter, D. Gaultier, A. Mann. B. Cardosa, J. Tucker, C. Goldberg. Surf' 4: W. Snow, V. Roderigues, E. Gill, N. Pechonis, L. Gay, D. Mahoney, P. Jones, D. ag es. CHORAL CLUB Adviser-Miss MINNIE GOERES The Choral Club under the supervision of Miss Goeres is a musical group which meets each Wednesday at one-thirty. It is composed of junior and senior girls and of boys from all classes. There has been a large enrollment this year with many more boys than girls. The songs sung by the club are mostly popular folk songs and ballads with an occasional classical piece. Miss Goeres has also trained the members to sing in two and three part harmony. This club is organized to give those with a love of music and the desire to sing an opportunity for training and recreation. The graduating members wish to thank Miss Goeres for the many beneficial hours she has given them and to wish her and the club a successful year to come. 52 1947 SEMAPHORE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Adviser-Mlss MINNIE Golsmss The Girls' Glee Club, a freshman and sophomore girl chorus, meets every Monday in the Study Hall under the expert supervision of Miss Minnie Goeres. Books are passed each week by the librarians who volunteered to do this ser- vice. On special occasions--Christmas, Class Day, etc.-the Glee Club joined hands with the Choral Club and blended voices to bring out the true value of thc songs. This club is made up of girls who enjoy music and like to sing and hear thc immortal folk songs of various nations, among the best loved songs are those of Stephan Foster. At Christmas time carols could be heard pouring forth from the Study Hall. So to Miss Goeres whose untiring efforts and expert supervision and accom- paniment have for many years kept girls interested in music and the Glee Club, go our grateful and sincere thanks for a memorable year in the Stoughton High School Glee Club. z l I Row 1: B. Knight, J. Beals, D. Delasco. G. DiCastro, L. McCourt, M. Ivaldi, L. McNamara, A. Hayward. Row 2: V. Redden, P. Hellner, E. Brady, E. Holland, C. Baskin, R. Grace, T. Federico, J. Lothrop. gowk3: E. Mosman, E. Lewis, I. Sarado, R. Forbes, P. Jollimore, R. Cohenno, P. Ward, R. roo s. 53 SEMAPHORE 1947 Y f fb f GIRLS' 1 .fl QSENIOR, JUNIOR 3 501412111 M. Sevian, J. Priest, S. Wry, J. Campbell. A. Struzziero, M. Colcord, J. MacDonald, . e ey. Row 2: M. Glover, A. Sawyer, J. McEvoy, E. Leif, L. Oldbash, J. Bercovitz, M. Smith, G. Desmond, I. Gibson. Rau' 3: V. Hurley, R. Sidebottom, M. Churchill. L. Harris, G. Seldon, I. Gonsalves, A. Grant, R. Leathers, E. DeVito. I. Kovey. QFRESHMEN, SOPHOMORESJ Row 1: E. Mann, M. Smith, B. Kniht, P. Murphy, M. Portugal, A. Hayward, P. Ward, H. Silva, M. Ivaldi. Row 2: M. Harris, B. Rowe, B. Libby, D. Delasco. R. Vachon, N. Carl, J. Gonsalves, L. Mc- Court, C. Baskin, E. Mosman, B. Vose, J. Lothrop, L. McNamara. Row 3: E. Lunstedt, B. Munson, G. Sheehan, M. Drake, E. Brady, B, Keefe. J. Russell. V. Raymond, T. Federico, G. Fiske. 54 1947 SEMAPHORE BASKETBALL C ouch--Miss CORNELIA BUCKLEY This year a large number of girls turned out for basketball. The captains elected were: Seniors: joan Campbell and Adeline Struzziero Qco-captainsjg juniors: Grace Desmond and Virginia Hurleyg Sophomores: Gladys Fiske and Marie Ivaldig Freshmen: Anna Hayward and Mary Portugal. The season's schedule was a busy one. The teams each met at least once a week under the direction of Miss Buckley fexcept when College Board Exams in- terferedb for practice and intramural games. We wish to express our gratitude to Miss Buckley for being willing to take over so well the responsibilities of coaching us, and for making it possible for us to be able to play more often this year. If the teams in years to come find as much enjoyment in playing basketball as we did this year, we know they will have a wonderful time. We would like to wish them the very best of luck. 55 SEMAPHORE 1947 Row 1: A. Struzziero, M. Colcord, J. Russell, M. Ivaldi, H. Cushing, J. MacDonald, A. Smith, M. Glover, J. McEvoy, B. Witham, S. Wry, J. Campbell. Row 2: H. Smith 1ManagerJ, G. Sheehan, E. Lundstedt, P. Murphy, V. Raymond, R. Grace, T. Federico, Miss Isabel Murphy QCoach7, P. Wenskavich, J. Daley, C. Baskin, L. McCourt, A. Calder, R. Forbes, P. Jollimore, B. Savini QManagerJ. GIRLS' HOCKEY Coach-Miss ISABEL MURPHY Captain-ADELINE STRUZZIERO One victory, three ties, and four defeats were chalked up for the Girls' Hockey team during the season of 1946. Although it was not an undefeated season, the girls really enjoyed playing. They were also very proud of their coach, Miss Mur- phy, who coached hockey for the first time this year and who gave a great amount of time and effort in their behalf. Next season this year's seniors, all star players, will be greatly missed by the team. The seniors are Capt. Adeline Struzziero, center, Mabel Colcord, right wing, Barbara Witham, left wingg Jean McDonald, right halfbackg Shirley Wry, center halfbackg Joanne McEvoy, left halfbackg Joan Campbell, right fullback, and Astrid Smith, goalie. The managers, who really handled their big job well, were Helen Smith and Barbara Savini. To Marie Ivaldi, captain-elect, we wish the very best of luck with her team during the coming season. 56 1947 SEMAPHORE FOOTBALL Coaches-ARTHUR RADv1LAs, LoU1s VOLPE Captain-DONALD KIMTIS The 1947 team with the aid of Coach Arthur Radvilas returned Stoughton High to prewar form by winning five out of nine games. The outstanding games of the year were a 20-7 set back handed to undefeated and untied Whitman High, a 13-0 Win over Abington High, the first shut-out for Stoughton since 1943, and a 19-0 victory over an aggressive Plymouth High, which had lost only one game all year long. Outstanding players lost through graduation will be Capt. Donald Kimtis, who starred three years on the varsity eleveng Richard Kelliherg Robert Govey, Eugene Slye, Bruce Howes, joseph Pociusg Richard Slyeg Francis Shippalauskig Donald Mahoney, Robert Gowardg and Guy Caggiano. Our thanks to Assistant Coach Louis Volpe and best wishes to a better team in 1948. Row 1: J. Haron QAss't. Managerb, M. Georges, R. Powell, J. Foster, J. Simnson, C. Georges, A. Silva, E. Leonard, F. Slye, R. Slye, F. Roderiques, F. Ezepik fAssistant Manager? W. Ryan CManagerJ. Row 2: D. Mahoney, W. Angelus, F. Vincent, D. Gaultier, R. Kelliher, B. Howes, R. Govey, F. Santos, G. Baker, G. Gibson, E. Slye. Row 3: Mr. Radvilas fCoachJ, C. Silva, T. Corbett, P. Jones, R. McLea, D. Kimtis, W. Cot- ter, F. Cowgill, R. Daly, H. Howes, G. Howland, G. Caggiano, Mr. Louis Volpe iCoachJ. Row 4: A. O'Day, R. Goward, J. Pocius, F. White, F, Shappalauski. 57 SEMAPHORE 1947 Row 1: R. Kelliher, G. Howland, C. Corbett 1Capt.J. W. Cotter. F. Cowgill. Row 2: R. Kelley LManagerD, A. Buckley, A. O'Day, J. Barrett, R. Coward. BOYS' BASKETBALL Coach-MR. LOUIS VOLPE Captain-CLIFFORD CORBETT The basketball team this year was studded with five veterans, including Cap- tain Cliff Corbett, jack Pocius, George Howland, Francis Cowgill and Dick Kelli- her. Also in the lineup were Barrett, Cotter, Buckley, Baker and O'Day. The boys gave their opponents plenty to worry about but just couldn't seem to make the extra three or four points to win. Coach Radvilas did a good job of coaching and after he left, Mr. Volpe and Vity Kundrot carried on. The second team was green and inexperienced and didn't make too auspicious a record. But the freshmen showed up surprisingly well and by the time they be- come seniors, they will make a good team. The team of '48 will lose Cliff Corbett, Dick Kelliher, Anthony Buckley, and jack Pocius through graduation. They leave with the hope that next yearls team will better its opportunities. 58 1947 SEMAPHORE ORCHESTRA Adviser-Miss MINNIE Gomuas The Stoughton High School orchestra, directed by Miss Minnie Goeres, was well represented by fifteen students this year. Most of the instruments being of the band variety, the music played was of this type. The orchestra began its public activities before the Christmas holidays when it played at the Dramatic Club's Christmas play. This appearance was followed by others at the Senior Class play, Class Day and graduation night. The members of the orchestra would like to thank Miss Goeres for the un- dying patience and fortitude which she displayed all year long in their behalf. 'I he senior members leave with the wish that Miss Goeres and her proteges will have an even more successful year in 1948. KNITTING CLUB Adviser-Miss ELIZABETH SPBRRY The Knitting Club was organized in December '46 under the direction of Miss Sperry to give girls instruction in the art of knitting, or, if they already were skilled in the art, to give them a chance to use their spare time to good advantage. The club met every Monday, the seventh period. The girls took a great in- terest in their work and knitted such articles as scarves, mittens and sweaters. Miss Sperry painstakingly gave up most of her spare time to instruct them in the proper way of knitting and gave much advice to the girls as to the kind of yarn to buy, according to the type of garment being made. All the girls join, I know, in expressing their appreciation to Miss Sperry for the aid and patience shown to us in the new club. 59 1947 CLASS of e!! 071 4 path or make fm! will "WH: 2? N If 35 sa? V6 V5 CLASS of 1949 V any 0 :- :iii ii 1, lf I ' if 5 . 3 3, 5 S is 3 K? . If fa 3? 3 as A Pig: v is , .Q BK Qt SN 5 fx: ei sk lr f mmm 9 Q-A ,QW 1 .Q g 3 , mV2?:: 4. , x uf' R2 74 g .E:- ,Q,A 5 XIX ..-.x A mx, 'Tim m fa! S M1 32 F533 ' ff., . ........ x wmv. A , Q fm X K ' ,S 1. ,..,, , s I 5:1 Gm wx! wie. n FQ' 'PW I as .rv is Y-S3 1 , jx QW ff? I .MWWM1 fl wx , . X r X, 1 . .11 ,I P I . f .5 ,fail -. x N X Q W 5 Chronicle Publishing Co. PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS of The Stoughton Chronicle 38-44 Wyman St. Stoughton, Mass. ond Brockton Photo Engraving INCORPORATED ARTISTS and ENGRAVERS 153 Main Street Brockton, Mass. Extend to the CLASS of 1947 their sincere appreciation for the opportunity to produce "THE SEMAPHOREH and extend to each of the ninety-seven graduates a fond wish for a happy and successful future. Once ogoin The Semcphore reflects the lite ond spirit of Stoughton High School COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE BY SARGENT'S STUDIO 154 BOYLSTON STREET, BOSTON Photog rophy, Design Technical Assistance FRANK A. FOWLER "THE CLASS RING MAN" 828 Pork Squore Building BOSTON 16, MASS. OFFICIAL JEWELER - CLASS OF 1947 Representing Loren Murchison 81 Co. Compliments of . . PANTHER PANCO RUBBER Compliments of . . . A FRIEND Compliments of . . . JOSEPH CORCGRAN Sl-ICE CG., INC. Monufocturers of Men's ond Boys' Porotroop Jump Boots, Hunting Boots ond Men's Golf Shoes STOUGHTON, MASS. Compliments of . . . SHAWMUT WOOLEN MILLS LCC IVITA BROS. Congratulations Very best wishes and good luck SUNOCO SERVICE STATION WASHING - GREASING 0 I-IVERIS HARDWARE and SUPPLY Telephone 589 co. WGSI"III'IQI'OI'I Stoughton 'I 'I-13 Wyrnon Stoughton LOWE 8: POWERS FUNERAL SERVICE Congratulations to the Graduates THE STOUGHTON HARDWARE CO. Congratulations to the Graduates OUELLET PHARMACY, INC. R-YAN FARMS JAY, THE FLORIST 399 Pleosont St. Stoughton Telephone 289 Member of F. T. D. Association READ 84 WHITE MEN'S and WOMENS FORMAL CLOTHES RENTED FOR ALL OCCASIONS "Quality Always" I I I Summer St. Boston, Moss. Woolworth Bldg. Providence, R. I. sTouGHToN e BEAUTY SALON and C""'f'l""e'm"f BARBER SHOP 771 Washington Street Teeeeeeee eee slMoND's GARAGE P K I G V P Compliments of Compliments of FRANCIS M. TERRELL STOUGHTON DINER P 8' Q Compliments of CLOTHES EDWARD J. FARLEY, M.D 169 Moin St. Brockton, Moss. F. FEDERICO 8: SONS B' J' Rum' GENERAL CONTRACTORS 8: BUILDERS McNAMARA FARMS CARPENTERS 8: MASONS 22 Peorl St. Stoughton DAIRY PRODUCTS Telephone 1078 Compliments of NEW ENGLAND FURNITURE CO. Compliments of POTTER-HARRIS CO. Compliments of MEE-MAW SPECIALTY CO. 2 Porter St. Stoughton, Moss. T lcphone 755 Compliments o f PEE RLESS CEMENT COMPANY, INC. SYSTEMATIC SAVINGS ACCOUNTS LOW-COST HOME MORTGAGES CO-OPERATIVE BANK 9 Freemon St. Stoughton OFFICIAL OUTEITTERS FOR STOUGHTON HIGH SCHOOL MARKEY'S MEN'5 STORE 196 Main St. Brockton, Moss Compliments of CHARLI E'S CAB Telephone Stoughton 550 SlLVA'S MODEL MARKET ROCK MFG. CO. Stoughton, Moss. "From Standing Timer to Finfxhed Product " C omplimeizts of EDGAR'S The best on records COLUMBIA - VICTOR - DECCA ot EDGAR'S RECORD SHOP Compliments of STOUGHTON CAFETERIA JAMES LEHAN, INC. OLDEST FORD DEALER IN NEW ENGLAND Stoughton, Moss. Compliments of FRAN Kls RADIO SHOP PORTER STREET R.c.A. VICTOR RADIOS RESTAURANT 29 Wyman St. Stoughton TAL POWERS Telephone 1074 Most children start life with good eyes. Soon one out of five has defective vision. The ratio inc ascs o two out of live at ll g . Proper 1 ght h lps Zliiyid eyestra Route I BROCKTON EDISON CO. Canton-Stoughton Line Telephone Canton 0559 China Glass Graduation Gifts Gurney Bros. Co. 101 Main Street BROCKTON Jewelers Since 1841 Novelty Jewelry Watches CONGRATULATIONS .... to the Graduating Class of 1947 Norfolk County Trust Company Capital, S1,500,00.00 Surplus, S1,200,000.00 Member of ' Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1947 Kay Jewel ry Co. BRockToN United Machine Cornpany South Street STOUGHTON, MASS. Screw Machine, Tool Work and Die Making Brockton's Most Beautiful Jewelry Store Washington Jewelers l83 Main Street BROCKTON, MASS. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '47 Storey Co., lnc. BROCKTON Ready to Wear of Distinction A Select School ' for Secretarial and Business Administration Course The Williams School 4l Arlington Street BROCKTON, MASS. Compliments of Fraser's Brockton's Friendly Store Compliments of Compliments of CARON and SARRY EVELYN S BEAUTY SALON BARBER SHOP 14 Wfyman St. Stoughton 754 Washington St DR. FRANCIS E. KENNEY """""i"'e"'J of .DENTIST 9 Pearl St Stoughton Compliments of O'KEEFE'S GUERNSEY mm CLEANING SERVICE YTILLIAM J. R. TOTMAN Pearl St. smughw XVILLIAM H. TOTMAN Tel- 1087 Compliments of MICKEY BISHOP'S CAFE CHOICE MEAT and GROCERIES WALTER VISSOTZKY Tel. 445 Compliment! of Compliments of HELEN'S BEAUTY SHOP JOE DUGGAN 8 Freeman St. Stought GOOD LUCK mpliments of 1 9 4 7 ER L VILK HERB T . EDNA'S BEAUTY SHOP Tel. 176-M BUILDER Best Wishes JIMMY'S PIONEER STORE 255 Pleasant St. Stoughton Compliments of TYDOL SERVICE STATION FLOYD H. OSBORNE, Prop. Compliments of JOHN ZUMAS STATE SPA IVhere Young and Old Meet HOME MADE CANDY IVisbing You Success In the Years Ahead Y. M. C. A. Compliments of MacDONALD'S 520 Main SL Brockton JENNY GASOLINE s'rA'rloN Cm,,,,,,,,,,,, 0, DR. curroko H. LAKE OPTOMETRIST 0'BRlEN'5 Room 507 cook Building 252 Main St. Brockton, Mass. Tel. 3585 FRANCIS P. HEELAN INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE Office: 4 Freeman St. Tel. 423-M Compliments of JOHNSON'S, THE FLORIST Compliments ol GEORGE'S RESTAURANT Congratulations and Best Wishes to the CLASS of '47 ELvmA ADAMS MACGREGOR GIFT and THRIFT SHOP 449 Pleasant St. Stoughton Best Wishes from I. CRANE CUSTOM TAILOR 741 Washington St. Tel. 270-M For jewelry of Distinction ROMM'S JEWELERS SINCE 1900 100 Main St., at Church St. Brockton WILLIAM PAPPAS 81 SON SHOE REPAIRING 8: SHOE SHINING Good Work - Reasonable Prices 5 Pearl St. Stoughton, Mass. Compliments of GREEN LANTERN FILLING STATION ' On the Boston Road Stoughton and Canton Line MAPLEWOOD FILLING STATION VERNIE E. Poouan, Prop. GAS, OILS, TIRES, ACCESSORIES 1517 Washington St. Stoughton Compliments of DR. T. M. O'LEARY LEWIS E. FRITZ, M.D. 15 Seaver St. Stoughton Compliments of A FRIEND MAH-LY INDEPENDENT LUMBER CO. BUILDING MATERIALS of All Kinds JEWELER-OPTICIAN RALPH G. LEDIN 785 Washington St. Stoughton 466 Summer St. Stoughton, Mass. Tel. 896 Compliments of AMUSEMENT PARK Bowling, 1 P. M.-12 P. M. Sunday Bowling, I P. M.-11 P. M. Phone 732 WILFRED CARON 81 Freeman St. Stoughton, Mass. PRODUCERS' DAIRY MILK and CREAM PRODUCTS Tel. 883 PORTER COAL CO. COAL-WOOD-COKE FUEL o1L McCANN'S ICE CREAM STORE WILLIAM Bossa, Jn., Prop. 10 Freeman St. Stoughton Complimenls of MAX BAKER H. H. SNOW MEN'S WEAR Swan Block Stoughton Compliments of STOUGHTON LAUNDRY Compliment: of JOSEPH DE VITO Compliments of MURPHY'S VARIETY STORE 675 Washington St. Stoughton, Mass. ESTEY'S AMOCO STATION 595 Washington St. AUTO REPAIRING C omplimenlx of SAW U BA SAM 81 JOHN'S SHOE STORE 789-791 Washington St. Stoughton, Mass. Compliments of STOUGHTON DO-NUT CO. DELICATESSEN and FRUIT LAND 746-748 Washington St. Tel. 445 If Itlv Electrical-Call PETERSON ELECTRIC CO. 15 Porter St. Stoughton, Mass. Tel. 1060-W For emergencies, Tel. 1060-R Compliment.: of DR. PATRICK C. FERRERA Bert Wixbes from DR. JOSEPH TOBIN YOUR FRIENDLY FOOT DOCTOR 9 Pearl Sr. 1Over Webster's Ice Cream Parlor! FREDDIE'S MARKET CASPER H. MARTIN PAINTING and DECORATING NATION-WIDE 46 W H' h S. A , M 295 Park St. Stoughton J est lg t von ' Tel. Brockton 5264-W Best Wixhes from Compliments of I MARYS DRESS SHOP M D 787 Washington St. Stoughton, M , . . Tel. 1270 o'HARA's DRUG STORE C"m"'imf"'f of L. F. O'HARA, Reg. Phurmacixt 783 Washington St. Stoughton 10 Wyman St- Stoughton' M CREVOLA'S MEN'S STORE complimennof 768 Washington St. Stoughton, Mass. Complimentx ol SHOE REPAIRING Done While You Wait 17 Porter St. Stoughton 22 Wyman St. Stoughton, M For Quality and Service gamplimemx of Trade at PERDIGAO'S MARKETS , 752 Washington St. Tel. 997 S 21 Wyman St. Tel. 246 Compliments of Compliments of SWAN CLEA SERS DYER N 8' S JOHN J. ROGERS 8. SON 20 Freeman St. Stoughton Tel. 1088 fx: ' Ira , YW . J, .' 'ffc f' . . ,, . 1. 3 ' ' :El ' -. f ft., . ' 'fr f ' l'f,a1f"5 . .- - .a ' gm ARF? ,Lf ,Q-,. Y -A- ,g2.,V. - , fu-. '- ' .E W? -- -" V331 ., - Jf"'LT'f, " rf" - V' J . A - - N , H I ' Y' :1 , Ky" 'YQ' ' , :ff 'Q J' , x N M f xx, x 1 1 9 J A , w X. A . 2 n 4 r , A N , , x . 1 1 I vi' V f V A C o f , .X . ' ,, . 4- f ' , I - , -. 0 . -. :rg ' .AAV-V xK -, Nr JN' ,Q L.,x .,

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