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Stoughton High School - Stotonian / Semaphore Yearbook (Stoughton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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1944 STDUGHTDN HIGH SCHOOL Stoughton, Mass. SEMAPHORE 1944 CLASS ODE (tune of Londonderry Air) Joseph Levy Dear Stoughton High, the road before us ne ' er will end, We face the doors of Future op ' ning wide; Your guiding hand has helped us near this ever rounding bend, We leave thee now, with courage in our stride. Fond memories of you will linger in our hearts, Your ivied wails, untouched by despots ' say ; With faith and honor as our guide, we now depart, Accept the torch and bid farewell to you, this day. As we look back upon the four years spent with thee, Our happy days are not beyond recall; Oh Stoughton High, the time has been a short eternity, But it will e ' er remain in mem ' ry ' s hall. Thus, from thy ranks we march as men and women, free. Our books are closed, our studies now are o ' er; This last good-bye is tearful with finality. Remember always, us, the class of ' forty-four. 2 1944 SEMAPHORE ★ ★ DEDICATION As members of America ' s great multitude of high school graduates, we, with proud and just cause, dedicate this yearbook to those members of our class who have pledged their lives to the preservation of our democratic ways of life. 3 SEMAPHORE 1944 To the faculty we extend sincere appreciation for their patience with us during the past four years ADMINISTRATION Mr. Howard Randall, Principal Mathematics Miss Dorothy Arnold English Mr. Frank Burke Mathematics Mr. Franklin Crosby History and Mathematics Mrs. Marion Donahue English and Science Miss Christine Donovan Secretarial Training Miss Lottie Elzbut ....Business Training Miss Rose Enos La:in and Biology Miss Margaret Flynn ... English Mr. Joseph Knowles j U. Science Miss Rita Lavallee French Miss Dorothea MacDonald English Miss Isabel Murphy History Miss Ilona Rafalko Social Studies Miss Vera Ross Business Training Miss Marion Tarbox Clerical Training Mrs. Gertrude Tomfohrde Home Economics SEMAPHORE 1944 AMANDA ANDERSON 46 Ash Street Home Economics " Her lovely golden-reJ hait looks leiy glamorous in an iip-do . . . an excel- lent cook; she ' ll make a very « i wile. " Cilee Club 1. 2; Choral Club 3, 4; Stunt Night 2 ; Class Day 1 . 2 ; Red Cross Homo Nursini; 3. JOAN ATHERTON 441 Lircoln Street College " Lovely blonde hair . . . wears clothes very well . . . just as nice In know as to look at. " French Club 1 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Class D.i Rose Song 2 ; Stunt Night 2 ; Librarian 3 ; Prom Decorating Committee 3; Office Girl 2 GEORGE BADEAU 40 Adams Street Mixed His very deep voice has temlied in the name of " Honker " . . . enjoys tamp- ing, fishing, and hunting. " Football 2. RAMONA BIRD 1261 West Street College " ' Bobbie ' has a famous seme of humor . . . is the life of the party when the gang goes to Boston. " Basketball 1 ; Choral Club 4 ; Stunt Night 2 ; Librarian 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 4; Sema- phore 4 ; Class Day 2 ; Softball I ; Red Ooss 3 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2 ; Junior Prom Decorating Committee 3. JEANNE BISHOP I ' ll Sumner Street Mixed " Jeanie is always ready with a smile . . . likes orchestras and the Nary. " Stunt Night 1, 2; Freshman Darce Deco- rati ig Committee 1; Basketball 1, 2; Glee Club 2 ; Class Day 2 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Choral Club 3, 4; Junioi Prom Ticket Committee 3 ; Photograph Com- mittee 4; Graduation Committee 4. ALBINA BLAIZIS 576 Pearl Street Mixed " The best things come in small pack- ages . . . ' Beansie ' is small but a lot oj fun . . . she enlivens many classes. " Choral Club 4 ; Basketball 4 ; Class Day 2 ; Graduation Usherette 3 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Stunt Night 2 ; Softball 1 . LEONARD BLANC l ' )y Pleasant Street College jT uiet and sinceie . . leiy " " Jermjfif, ChorWT Club 3, r iJ 5»rst Aid fla i 4 Club 4 ; FreshmalT rJfLu» tt»nmitl Ticket Seller 2. 3. GERTRUDE BUSCHENFELDT Turnpike Street Scientific " The quiet type but there ' s a livinkle in her eye : . . once we get to know her she ' s luis of fun. " Glee Club 1; Basketball 1, 2; C:iass Day 2; French Club 1 ; Junior Prom Decoratior Committee 3; Softball 1. EVELYN CAPLAN 154 Lincoln Street Mixed ' ' Quite a jitterbug . . . a Bob Shaw Ian . . . iniereiled in dramatics . . . intends to be a Cadet Nurse. " Glee C:iub I. 2; Choral Club 3, 4; Basket- ball Mgr. 1. 2; Softball 1. 2; Dramatic Club 2. 3, 4; Stunt Night 1. 2; Freshman Dance Committee I ; Hockey 1 ; Class Day 1. 2, 3; Sophomore Dance Committee 2. ■ a 1944 SEMAPHDHE DEBORAH F. CLINE 319 Walnut Street " Inleresled in anpliinet . . . tin exre - U-nt horsewoman . . . hiU Vfty n ' loil taste in churning het ilothet. " Glee Club 1, Night 2. Choral Club 5: Stuiil SHIRLEY E. COHENNO 838 Central Street Clerical " ' Shirt ' is petite . . . has big. bli e eyes and lovely, goltten hair . . . one of the chief office girls . . . lots of ftin. " Glee Club 1, 2; Stunt Night 2; Softball 1; Basketball 1. 2; Usherette, lunior F ' on 1; Usherette, Graduation 3 ; Class Day Pro- gram I. 2; Freshman Darce Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Chairman 2 ; Junior Prom Committee 3 ; OlTice Girl 2, 3. 4 ; Secre- tarial Club 4. MARY J. CORBETT 62 Morton Street Secretai ial " A real Irish Beauty ii ' iih glniriiig com- plexion and sparkling. grayish-gi een eyes . . . lures Glenn Milter and dancing . . . favorite star. C.aiy Grant. " Basketball 1 ; Glee Club 1 ; Semaphore A ; Secretartal Club 4; War Stamp Represerta- tive 2 ; Dramatic Club 3, 4 ; Graduation Usherette 3 ; Class Day 2, 3 ; Freshman Dance Decorating Committee 1 ; Honorary Member of Senior Woman ' s Club 4; Photo- graph Committee 4 ; Senior Flay 4. MARIE COTTER 13 Clifford Avenue Clerical " Many think her quiet hut she leally has a unique sense of humor . . . wears collegiate clothes . . . Dennis Morgan is her ideal. " Class Day 2; Sophomore Darce Ticket Sel- ler 2. KENNETH ESTEY DAVIS 22 Walker Road Mixed " Kenny has the ability to make people laKgh . . . he diUikcf all i iotti except boxing and wrestling . . . the love of his life is eating. " Physical Education 3. HELEN DELASCO 787 West Street College ' Helen is another fashion plate . . . she has a very pleasing personality . . . pretty blonde hair ... a flair for acting. " Freshman Dance Committee I ; Sophomore Darce Committee 2; Art f;iub 2. 3; Stunt Night 2 ; Prom Usherette 2 ; Class Day 2 ; Junior Prom Committee 3; Dramatic Club 4 ; Semaphore -1 ; Library 2, 3. 4 ; Senior Play 4. JOSEPH PAUL DeVITO 84 Walnut Street College " Likes basketball . . . his motto ' never do today what you can put ofj until tomorrow ' . . . Joe and our Class President aie inseparable. " Freslinian Dance Committee I ; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Stunt Night I, 2; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Class Day 1, 2; Junior Prom Decorating (Committee Chairman 3 ; Basketball 4 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Semaphore Staff -1. ELE 2000 Certtal CASTRO Secretarial 7 make some office run h ' ith her efficiency as a sec- has beautiful clothes . . . her favorite type -if Committee 1 ; Softball 1 ; Sophomore Dance Deco- rafiVg Comnilttee 2 ; Graduation Usherette 3 ; Class Day 3; Secretarial Club (Secretary) 4; Dramatic Club 4; Semaphore 4. PATRICIA E. DONAHUE 84 Atherton Street Mixed " Pat is one of the prettiest girls of the class and also very sophisticated . . . one of the head office girls, she is a great help to Mr. Randall. " Glee Club 1 ; Stunt Night 2 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2 ; Class Day 2 ; Prom Committee 3: Office Girl 2, 3. 4. PHILIP J. DOOLEY 62 Clapp Street Mixed " Phil is going to he a politician and some day we ' ll probably proudly say ' we knew him when ' . . . he tikes owning cars and is a good mechanic . " Stunt Night 2. SEMAPHORE 1344 ROBERT J. DRAY M Britton Avenue College " Boh is popiihir tfilh both feilows ttnd g rh . . . nil till atouml if son . . . a very capable treasurer . . . fe can ' I help but like him. " Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4; Semaphore 2, 4 (Business M anager 4) ; Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2 ; Junior Prom Committee 3 ; Class Rep- resentative 1 ; Stunt Night 2 ; Physical Education 3. CATHERINE P. DUGGAN 369 Pearl Street College " ' Cattie ' is short and cute and has a very jolly chuckle . ■ . there ' s a definite twinkle in those big broicn syes . . . collects records and is a jitterbug. " Glee Club 1, 2 (President 2) ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4); Semaphore 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee 3 ; Class Day 2 ; Graduation Usherette 3 ; Choral Club 4 ; Stunt Night 2; Softball 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Hockey 3, 4 ; Senior Play 4. VIRGINIA T. FEDORCHUK 78 Crescent Avenue College " ' Fudgy ' with her infectious laugh and funny stories can make anyone laugh — she usually does . . . her fine cheerleading often helped the football team. " Glee Club 1 ; Sopliomore Dance Committee 2 ; Stunt Night 2 ; First Aid Course 2 ; Class Day 2, 3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Gradu- ation Usherette 3 ; Stock Room 4 ; Basketball 4 ; Cheerleader 4 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Sema- phore 4 ; Home Nursing Course 3 ; War Stamp Seller 3 ; Class Vice-President 4 ; Senior Play Committee 4; Senior Play 4. CLIFFORD S. FOWLER 299 Prospect Street Mixed " Clif spends most of his leisure time in the lab . ■ . interested in photogra- phy . . . very agieeable, he is liked by all. " Glee Club I ; Junior Prom Committee 3 ; Aviation Club 3; Freshman Dance Commit- tee 1 ; Physical Education 3. LOIS FRALICK 12 Chestnut Stree; Secretarial Freshman Dance Committee 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Choral Club 3, 4; Secretarial Club 4. LENA A. FUSTOLO 157 Pleasant Street Clerical " Lena with her long, curly locks is always ready to laugh . . . very digni- fied, quiet, reserved and unassuming . . . enjoys playing the piano. " Glee Club 1, 2; Class Day 1, 2; Softball 1 ; Choral Club 3, 4 ; Junior Prom Commit- tee 3. Stamp yiepri Graduation Ush Red Cross 2. RUTH ELIZABETH GRANT 306 Morton Street Scientific " Ruth is a busy tittle bee belonging to this club and thai organization being Editor-in-Chief of the Semaphore . . . interested in higher mathematics. " Glee Club 1, 2; Basketball 1. 2; Softball 1; Class Day 2. 3; French Club 1; Class Secretary 3; Semaphore 3. 4 (Editor 4); Graduation Usherette 3 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Graduation Committee 4 ; Junior Prom Com- mittee 3 ; Senior Play 4. Clerical maiden with smile . . . to Cl s Day Program I, 2, 3; horal Club 4. PHYLLIS A. HADLEY 168 Turnpike Street Clerical " ' Phyl ' always finds the silver lining in the dark cloud . . . a very bright sense of humor. " Basketball 1, 2; Glee Club 1. 2; Softball I; Class Day 1, 2; Sophomore Dance Decorating Committee 2 ; Choral Club 3. 8 1944 SEMAPHORE ELIZABETH I. HARPER 500 Pearl Street Mixed " A Buston Red Sox jan . . . enjoys spoils . . . lakes her duties at Neu ' - herry ' s very seriously . . . would like 10 be a Kindergarlen leacher. " Basketball 1; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Stunt Night Usherette 1 ; Softball 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2 ; Class Day 2 ; Choral Club 3 ; Football Ticket Seller 3. DOROTHY ELEANOR HOGAN 50 Atherton Street Clerical " Dot is ihe class red head . . . likes R.K.O. Stage Shows . . . likes hike riding . . . full of fun and a pleasure to know. " Softball 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Class Day 1, 2; Librarian 2, 3; Sopho- more Dance Committee 2 ; Junior Prom Usherette 3; Dramatic Club 4. FLORENCE E. HOLMES 75 Parkview Ave. Clerical " Florence wears a friendship ring on that third finger, left hand . . . is definitely pro-Navy . . . interested in designing clothes. " Basketball 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Softball 1; Class Day 1, 2; Art Club 2, 3; Stunt Night 2 ; Choral Club 3 ; Junior Prom Com- mittee 3. L. AUDREY HOLMES 236 Plain Street Scientific " Audrey is faithful to the Marine Corps . . . another small blonde . . . she ha:, a very pleasant manner. " Glee Club 1 ; Class Day 1 ; Junior Prom Com- mittee 3 ; Senior Reception Usherette 3 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Librarian 4 ; Stunt Night 2. RALPH F. HUNT 15 Summer Averue Practical " He has deep blue eyes . . . is ijuiie a horseman . . . th ' nks howling is fun . . . would like lo be an aerial photographer. " Freshman Dance 1 ; Stunt Night 2 ; Air Raid Warden 3 ; First Aid 4 ; Aviation Club 4. JEANB 54 Water Streei PE JANUSKIS Secretarial that left roller- ' ncing skating) entfj .s ast . collects r£ ords. " Iball I, 2, 4 ;,) W Hockey 1, 2, (co-captain 4 ) ; of ' ball 1; Freshman ance f ' ommittee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2 ; Secretarial Club 4 ; Athletic Asso- ciation 4; Yearbook St ff 4; Cheerleader 4. VIRGINIA JOHNSON 1383 Central Street Mixed ' Ginny ' is blonde, sweet, and pretty and very much a lady . . . full of ambition, she plans to be a career u ' oman. " Glee Club 1 ; Art Club 2, 3 ; Semaphore 3, 4; Office Girl 3, 4; Secretarial Club 4; Honorary Member of Senior Woman ' s Club 4 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Receptionist at Parent ' s Night 4; Class Day 1, 2; Junior Prom Committee 3; Graduation Usherette 3. PHILLIP MAX KATZ 38 Rose Glen Street College " A ax is very easy going — ■ ' come day, go day ' . , . makes a very nice friend . . . ivants to join the Navy and be a pharmacist ' s mate. " Glee Club 1; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Stunt Night 1 . 2 ; Class Day 1 ; Freshman Dance Com- mittee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2 ; First Aid Class 3; Senior Play 1, 2; Ticket Seller 1, 2. ROBERT S. KELLY 183 Porter Street Mixed " Bob ' s dry humor brightens many classes . . . interested in making money in business, we ' re sure that someday he ' ll make a fortune. " Choral C;iub 1, 2, 3; Sturt Night 2. DOROTHY B. KIMTIS 127 School Street Secretarial " Dot is very good natured ... al- ways willing and helpful . . . knows Ihe secret of enjoying life by taking it as It comes . . . loves lo dance and does it with ease. " Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Softball 1; Librarian 3, 4 ; Junior Prom Committee 3 ; Secretarial Club 4 ; Red Cross Home Nursing 3 ; Class Day 2 ; Honorary Member Senior Woman ' s Club 4 ; Graduation Committee 4 ; Sopho- more Dance Committee 2 ; Senior Play 4. SEMAPHORE 1944 MARGARET M. KING 43 Oakland Street Commercial " ' Midge ' has beaiilijiit blue eyes and lovely complexion . . . rery shy and quiet hut well liked because she can always laugh. " X Mixed ANTHONY J 32 Rose GlenyStreet V " Tapy n very cute. e pe} iitly when ■es itn ( fol tat . . has jt j. it.on . -J spend% most of xt:v Stunt Night l, 2 Club 1. 2, 3, 4. NORMA E. LEATHERS 14 $f«»dway Commercial • (, ■ Co, " Nortm is jiail, blonde and quiet . . . likes to dance, wi lk. bowl, and eat . . . ni_xe fo know and always a per- lect lady.- Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; First Aid Class 2 : Softball 1 ; Class Day 2 ; Secre- tarial Club 4. 69 Seventh 3irMir l ' J Secretarial ys thff same — sweet and ihef essencce of serenity •t a lady should he. " CliJj 1; BaslAftiall 1; Softball 1; Stunt ■light JtJsherette 2; JFreshman Darce Com- mittdto 1 (Chairman) ; Class Day 1, 2; Se relarial f lub 4. ALVIN LIFTMAN lU ' i Ferry Street " ' Slep ' pl.iyed center on the football team . . . very jond of dancing and having a good time . . . wants to join the " Seahees " after graduation. " Football 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; junior Prom 3; Basketball 1, 2; Dramatic Club 4 ; Freshman Dance 1 ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Ser ior Play 4. RICHARD LINDELOF Til Park Street College College " Dick plays the trumpet . . . good dancer . . . a great basketball player ( Captain) . . , interested in chem- istry. " Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4) ; Football 2, 3; Freshman Dance Committee 1; Sophomore Dance Committee 2 ; Junior Prom (Orchestra Committee 3; Class Day 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4; Athletic Association 4 ; Stunt Night 1 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Choral ( lub 4. ROBERTA LONG 2 5 Avalon Street Commercial " ' Bobbie ' has lovely brown eyes . . . really does enjoy dancing ... re- served, dignified and very ladylike. " First Aid Course 2 ; (Treasurer) . Secretarial Club 4. Cfass i c:iubSr 4 -cit uation Usherette HELEN G. LOWJ Kinsley Street Q " " " " " Helen acun aSt r WILLIAM JAMES McDONALD — 400 Park Street JU J - ' tJU4 f ' V ' i n ' ieinji uxy fass presidemi all through ' Y ftfgh School is ei-HffncqJl to rv (J lar ly . . . Bill fKbt taea toward, the A At iy . ir ' s. " Fi es ' lir«an Dance Comm ' ttee Presi- dent 2, ), 4; 8ppl)«(Sioie Dance Commit- tee 2; CTaSs- ' OSy 2. J; Junior F rom General ConjMitfee 3 ; Graauation jCommittee 4 ; Junior Rin Committee 3 lAM ' T aid Warden 2 ; Glee ( lub 2. 4 f Semaphore 4 ; Dramatic Club 2. 4; Senii r Fljiy Committee 4; Grad- uation Marshal 3; Sturt Night 1; Physical Education 3. MARIAN MacLEAN 200 School Street ( ommercial " Marian likes to sing and we like to hear her . . . enjoys all sports tut is partial to swimming and ice skat- ing. " Freshman Dance Ciommittee I ; Stunt Night 1,2; Glee Club 1 ; Softball 1 ; Class Day 2 ; ( horal Club 3 ; Junior Prom Committee 3 : Secretarial Club 4 ; Senior Play 4. 10 1944 SEMAPHORE CHRISTINA E. MANN 1069 Washington Street Secretarial " ' Chris ' is easy-going, never lets any- thing bother her . . . admits she is never on time . . . Sto;:ghlon ' s Sonja Henie. " Softball 1 ; Glee Club 2, 3 ; Class Day 2 ; Graduation Usherette 3 ; Secretarial Club 4. JOSEPH MARA 46 Park Street Practical ' ' Joe is rather i iiiet — htit don ' t judge a book by its cover . . . well-read , he can talk on any subject. " Junior Prom Committee 3 ; Air Raid Warden 3 ; Stunt Night 2. RALPH A. MAYNARD 132 Lincoln Street Practical " ' Snookie ' is liked by one and all . . . is a hepcat, but definitely . . . Head Usher at the local cinema, " Football 3, 4; Baseball 2, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Stunt Night 2; Choral Club 3, 4; Grad- uation Committee 4 ; Junior Prom Decorating Committee 3 ; Physical Education 3. NICHOLAS M. MITCHELL 846 Washirgton Street Practical " Nick is an ardent Bob Hope jan . . . a really good sport . . . certainly took a ribbing that time he made the honor roll. " Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Glee Club 3; Football 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4 (Cap- tain 4) ; Basketball 1, 2, 3: Stunt Night 2; First Aid Class 4 ; Aviation Club 3 ; Choral Club 4 (President), ROBERT MATTHEW O DAY 52 Britton Avenue College " Bob is an up and coming young man, the type to suci eed . . . he did a good job as football captain . . . has taken part in all school activities. " Football I, 2, 3, (Captain 4) ; Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3. 4; Freshman Dance Decorating Committee 1 ; Sophomore Dance Decorating Committee 2 ; Semaphore 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 (President 4 ) ; Junior Prom Publicity Committee 3 ; Photograph Committee 4 ; Graduation Com- mittee 4 ; Physical Education 3 ; Stunt Night 2 ; Year Book 4 ; Magazine Campaign 4 ; Aviation Club 3 ; Athletic Association 4. •WPIPPWIIIiBPilllMB ■■■■ 1 m ANNE C. PEDUTO 375 Lincoln Street Clerical " Anne is a tmall perl brunette . . . is going to he an interior decorator . . . likes all sports, stars in hockey. " Hockey 1, 2, 3. 4 ; Glee Club 1, 2; Choral Club 3, 4 ; Graduation usherette 3 ; C;iass Day 2 ; Softball 1 ; Junior Prom C ommittee 3. VIRGINIA R 1 8 ( anfoC Street Yy UGGERIO Secretarial Inks t iere is W hing like ' s cowboy resfonaj. With serrice- oiVJ WMld. " DOROTHY SARADO 830 Washin:;ton Street Clerical " Dot l kei ihe ! ' .ivy . . . enjoys sew- ing . . . wants to obtain a secretarial position . . . super saleswoman u ' hen it comes to shoes. " Basketball 1; Softball 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Class Day 1, 2; Graduation Usherette ' 3 ; Junior Prom Committee 3 ; Choral Club 3, 4. C ;llege HOPE SAWYER 911 Pleasant Street " Hope plans to be a nurse . . . her heart belongs to Army Medical Corps . . . though quiet she has a very bright smile. " Glee Club 1 ; Choral Club 3. 4 ; Rose Song 2 ; Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Gradua- tion Usherette 3 ; Air Raid Warden 2 ; Football Ticket Seller 4 ; Junior Prom Com- mittee 3 ; War Stamp Representative 2. 3. 4. ANAHID SEVIAN 464 Canton Street Secretarial " A piretly dark brunelle with a lovely smila, . . . ' Aujft4 IV| 1 a competent sQiSrar nd3 ' lass .Qretary. and we know shiini make a perfect business cjJ Ay. " r iore 4 ; LibraTiaVp.t 3. 4 ; Honorary ember of Senio ffi)iri an ' s Club 4; Junior Prom Corfu) ittje i? ; Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4; Softball iS-Kecretarial Club 4 (President 4) ; Glee Club 2 ; Choral Club 4 ; Red Cross Home Nursing 3 ; Field Hockey 4 ; Gradu- ation Committee 4 ; Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2 ; Class Secretary 4 ; Class Day 2. 11 SEMAPHORE 1944 RUBY TROWBRIDGE 25 Plain Street College " A lovely dark beauty with a sparkling smile and snapping brown eyes . . . likes skating and swimming . . . plays the violin. " Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Choral Club 4 ; Junior Prom Ticket Committee 3 ; Stunt Night 2; Class Day 2. MtRTON R. SHIELDS, JR. 384 Pe.ul Street Mixci ' ' Merton is a farmer at heart . . . likes horses . . . doesn ' t tike roller skating at Norwood . . . an excellent student, he gives interesting oral talks. " Freshman Dance Committee 1 ; Stunt Night 2 ; Junior Prom Clommittee 3 ; Parents ' Night Guide 3 ; Air Raid Warden 3 ; Asst. Basket ball Manager 1. JOSEPH SILVA 54 Canton Street " ]oe stands high tn his classes . . . very popular with his even dispmition . . . excells in chemistry . . . plans to he a chemical engineer. " Junior Prom Committee 3; C!horal Club 4. RICHARD SMITH 1499 Central Street " Dick is the outdoor type, hunting and fishing play an important part in his l.fe . . . rifles are his main interest . . . will join the Army Air Corps. " Junior Prom Ticket Committee 3 ; Rifle Club 4; Aviation Club 4; Yearbook StafT 4. STEWART G. SNOW 115 Lincoln Street JUHA ' WALENT fi nts Strett _ Clerical _ J fia ' has lig curt titf and smiling eyes . . . like f Sonny Tufts, walking and (as do all of us) dancing. " MARY WISOTSKY 355 School Street College Munya ' is the most active member of the class . . . she has a beautiful smile ... a very infectious laugh. " Freshman Dance Decorating Committee 1 ; Softball 1 : Art Clu b 1 ; Usherette at Senior Prom 1 ; Sophomore Dance Decorating Com- mittee 2; Stunt Night 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Junior Prom Committee 3 ; Graduation Mar- 3; Reception Marshal 3; Class Day Marshal 3 ; Class Vice-President 2, 3 : Office Girl 2. 3; Dramatic Club 4; Cheerleader 4; Magazine Campaign 4 ; Atheletic Association 4; Choral Club 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Semaphore 1, 2, 3. 4; Hockey 1. 2, 3. 4 (co-captain 4); Ring Committee 3. BARBARA LOUISE ZAISER 89 Plain Street College " Barb has beautiful hands . . . she ' s nice to talk to and is always so sym- pathetic . . . she is a good friend to all. " Glee Club 1. 2; Class Day 1. 2; War Stamp Representative 3 ; Reception Usherette 3 ; Graduation Usherette 3 ; Librarian 4 ; Sem- aphore A : Dramatic Club 4. 12 1944 5EMAPHUHE MADELINE ZUMAS 17 Chestnut Street Secretarial " Likes U ' t ting poetry aud pro e. she probably will some day win ihe Pu- litzer Prize . . . wants to go to col- lege . . . lores judge sundaes. " Glee- Club 1, 2; Choral Club 3, 4; Sema- phore 1, 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Stunt Night 2 ; Yearbook Staff 4 ; Senior Class Play Prompter. JOSEPH E. LEVY 38 Kinsley Street Mixed " Joe is a live wire with a finger in every pie . . . just call him Winchell ; he knows all . . . main interests are dancing and acting. " French Club I; Stunt Night 1, 2; Freshman Dance Committee 1; Semaphore 1, 2. 3, 4 ; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Dance Committee 2 ; Class Da y 2 ; Basketball 2 ; Choral Club 2, 3, 4; Art Club 3. 4; Phys- ical Education Program 3 ; Junior Prom Committee 3 ; Prom Usher 3 ; Senior Play Committee 4 ; Yearbook Staff 4 ; Senior Play 4. FRANK SELLARS 405 Walrut Street Practical " Definitely a Navy man . . . except jor that has jew likes or dislikes . . . altogether a very agreeable guy. " Stunt Night 2 ; Physical Education 3 ; Cho- ral Club 3 ; Cheerleader 4 ; Photograph Com- mittee 4. POLLY BARKER 6 ' i3 Park Street Commercial " Very neat . . . always serene . . . she just oozes poise and charm. " Freshman Dance Committee I ; Sophomore Dance Committee 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Stu- dent Council I, 2 Prom Committee 3 Secretarial Club 4 Class Day 1, 2; Junior Basketball 1 ; Softball 1 ; Dramatic Club 2. Mixed Dance Committee 3; Choral Club 1 e a straight ilt fh intends ' motion Ma- I a n trhiiy jor cou h mittee 1 ; So ' plymore Junior Prom Committee 3 ; Aviation Club 4. lu Meiiioriant RUTH COTTER 1924-1941 13 SEMAPHORE 1944 CLASS WILL As a bright flame begins to flicker and an old flame begins to die, we, the members of the class of ' 44 leave joyfully, yet full of remorse, that which we neglected to make full use of, in our last will and testament. To the faculty we leave a record (good and bad) unsurpassed. To Mr. Randall we leave our sincere and heartfelt thanks. To the Juniors we leave a hope of brighter years to come. To the Sophomores we bequeath our ability to get things done the hard way. To ihe Freshmen, the little rascals, we leave a word of wisdom. Leave no stone unturned, leave nothing undone, and your life will be full of fun. To Miss Goeres we leave the echoes of two years of ringing voices. The football team leaves a record we hope will never be left again. ClifiE Fowler leaves to Mr. Knowles, Blondie Nelson as his right hand man. The prowess of class management is left by Bill McDonald to next year ' s for- tunate magistrate. To some unfortunate junior, Ruth Grant leaves the headaches of her job as Editor- in-chief of the Semaphore. Fanny Quill inherits the meat carving abilities of Joe Mara. Frankie Sellars leaves the dirt on the corridor floors. In a magnified manner Bill Howard will carry on Joe LeNy ' s tradition of humor. Anahid Sevian and Dot Kimtis leave the dirt, dust, books and information prob- lems of the library with their utmost sympathy to two unsuspecting sophomores. To someone with the nerve Bob Dray leaves the remnants of his orange necktie to be worn on St. Patrick ' s Day, only. Nick Mitchell leaves. Bob O ' Day bequeaths the worries of football to captain-elect Jack LaFrance. Franny Gushing leaves all he ever learned and then some in good old S. H. S The misunderstanding of Trig, is left by Joe De ' Vito to any unfortunate Junior who comes along. Laurie McLean inherits the inevitable talent for arguing from Munya Wisotsky. Kenny Davis leaves us puzzled. Pat Donahue, Shirley Cohenno and " Virginia Johnson leave their worries of the office filed amid the dust and papers. To some poor Freshman wc wish Max Katz would leave his gaudy neckties. Gert Buschenfeldt leaves her shortness and cute smile to Marie Slye. George Badeau wills and bequeaths his excess in height to Eddie King, who sure needs it. To Walent, William Datte leaves the skin of his teeth to be used to get by on in the pinches. 14 1944 SEMAPHORE James Kelley inherits the love and acclaimed knowledge of automobiles from our little flower — Stewie Snow. Fudgy Fedorchuk and Ginny Ruggerio leave their duties in the stock room. Warren Lapworth inherits the worldly ways of Snookie Maynard. Leonard Blanc leaves his absolute conscientiousness to a capable successor, Frankie Marron. Barbara Zaiser bequeaths her vim and vitality to Gussy Kennedy. To Dottie Leonard and Gloria Williams are left the uproariosly good times to- gether of Helen Delasco and Ramona Bird. Dick Lindelof leaves his musical accomplishments to Jack Sawyer, Robert Ivaldi and come what may. Joan Atherton leaves her glowing blonde hair to Pearl Schaaf. Catty Duggan, with her dual personality, leaves her chumminess and laughing eyes to Midge Pittsavage and Pat Burke. Joe Silva and Dick Smith leave their sincerity and best wishes to many everlasting friendships. Choking from fumes, shocked by explosions and jammed with knowledge, the seniors leave the sagging walls and leaking gas jets of old room thirty-five — our Laboratory. Ruby Trowbridge leaves her come hither eyes to Elsie Kingsley. Alvin Liftman bequeaths his cupie curls and his charming manners to Eddie Struzzerio. Eleanor DiCastro leaves her secretarial accomplishments unrivaled. And as we go disparagingly on our way, we leave our unerasable mark on the already marred records of S. H. S. In witness whereof we, the after signed, have here unto set our hand to this, our last will and testament, at Stoughton, Massachusetts this twenty-third day of June, A. D. 1944. Class of 1944 Witnesses U N Me 1 15 SEMAPHORE 1944 Nai)ie Amanda E. Anderson Joan Atherton George Badeau Polly Barker William A. Batte Ramona Bird Jeanne Bishop Albina a. Blaizis Leonard Blanc Gertrude Buschenfeldt Evelyn E. Caplan Deborah F. Cline Shirley E. Cohenno Mary J. Corbett Marie Cotter Francis A. Gushing Kenneth Estey Davis Melen Delasco Joseph Paul DeVito Eleanor M. DiCastro Philip J. Dooley Patricia E. Donahue Robert J. Dray Catherine P. Duggan Virginia T. Fedorchuk Clifford S. Fowler Lois Fralick STATISTICS Hobby Ambition Swimming Cadet Nurse Knitting To do hair-dressing A ■ 1 Airplanes lo be successful Living 1 o iiy d plane Sports Aerial gunner A.A.F. Writing Letters lo receive an answer Everything To be happy Bowling, dancing Cadet Nurse Rifle Practice Rifle instructor Reading, writing letters Grow taller Jitterbugging To join the Navy Horseback riding Find my place in this great big world Everything To enjoy life Dancing Private Secretary Collecting Photographs Secretary Electricity Graduate Reading To graduate Spending money To save some Making money Live long enough to spend it Crocheting, reading Private secretary Automobiles To operate successful trucking and contracting business Reading To be a success Airplanes, women Live a full life Jitterbugging To get some place on time Ah! Ah I! Meteorology To be successful Writing letters To live and be happy 16 1944 SEMAPHORE Name Lena Fustolo Mary E. Goward Ruth Grant Marguerite L. Green Phyllis A. Hadley Elizabeth I. Harper Dorothy Hogan L. Audrey Holmes Florence E. Holmes Ralph F. Hunt Jeanette Januskis Virginia Johnson Phillip Max Katz Robert Kelly Dorothy B. Kimtis Margaret M. King Anthony J. LaCivita Norma E. Leathers Joseph E. Levy Eleanor Lewis Alvin Liftman Richard Lindelof Roberta Long Helen G. Lowry Marian MacLean Christina E. Mann Joseph Mara Ralph A. Maynard Hobby Ambition Reading Secretary Bowling, skating and dancing Cadet Nurse Living To be a success Reading, skating To be a success Skating, bowling To succeed in whatever I undertake Knitting School teacher Bowling To be a bookkeeper Sewing To become an R. N. Dancing Goal of success reached always Horseback riding Naval aerial photographer Record collecting To see the world Needlework To succeed Bowling A minus quantity Saving money To be happy Sports, dancing To travel Skating Housewife Swimming, bowling To become a Navy mechanic Reading To succeed Dancing, roller skating To be successful Crocheting To succeed Bowling To be a success Sleeping To get more sleep Horseback riding Secretary Records, roller skating To be a good wife Singing To sing with an orchestra Dancing, skating To have success and happiness Stamps To achieve success Sports Coaching 17 SEMAPHORE 1344 Name Hobby Ambition William McDonald Nicholas M. Mitchell Robert O ' Day Anne C. Peduto Virginia Ruggerio Dorothy Sarado Hope Sawyer Frank Sellars Anahid Sevian Merton R. Shields, Jr. Joseph Silva Richard Smith Stewart G. Snow Barbara Swallow Ruby Trowbridge Rosemary Vachon Julia Walent Mary Wisotsky Barbara L. Zaiser Madeline Zumas Making money To retire and spend it Collecting sports pictures To become a Navy man Athletics, rifle shooting Electronic engineer Music Interior decorator Writing letters to service friends To pilot a plane Sewing clothing Typist and office work Letter writing To become a nurse Getting out of trouble To join the Navy Sports, music To be a private secretary Baseball To own a successful dairy farm Chemical engineer To fly Photography Swimming Automobiles To own a chain of garages and service stations Dancing, roller skating Sports Dancing, writing letters Reading Being happy Knitting, reading Writing poetry Secretary To be successful To be a successful actress Enjoy life Always to be happy and gay To be a success in life To be worth-while 18 1944 SEMAPHORE CLASS PROPHECY World War II has ended — what a celebration ! But that ' s not the only reason for our congregation. We ' re having a grand reunion of the Class of ' 44 Just to get together and talk and talk some more. Since our graduation a number of years have passed, How many, we won ' t mention — but here we are at last. But before we go any further, here ' s a brief resume Of what has happened to all of us since Graduation Day. Amanda Anderson Money, money, money, That ' s Amanda ' s fate. For she ' s in the ticket office ■Working at the " State " . Albina Blaizis Ask " Beansy " and she ' ll tell you A man ' s work is from sun to sun. But since she is a housewife. Her work is never done. Joan Atherton Joan has more than proved her say That blondes have ways with men. For this new " siren " of the screen Vamps them time and time again. Leonard Blanc Lennie Blanc, a quiet boy. Has far surpassed us all. He is now a famed artiste Playing in Carnegie Hall. George Badeau George has really done all right, Gone right to the top, I mean. For he ' s the dashing Romeo That you see on the movie screen. Gertrude Buschenfeldt Gertie B. is popular In surgery, night and day. A nurse, to be successful. Must prefer work, to play. Polly Barker Polly ' s become a hostess, But not in a plane as you ' d guess. She ' s hostess in a night club. Very exclusive — ah, yes! Evelyn Caplan " Cappy " has her USO Doing all she can To entertain our fighting boys Returning from Japan. William Batte To those who don ' t frequent the theater We arc proud to relate That Uncle William has become Manager of the " State " . Deborah Cline Happy is Deborah, Equestrienne most able, To her, work is a pleasure For she owns a stable. Ramona Bird Ramona, too, is back in town This lady is no prig. Her studies all have aided her To become a prof, of trig. Shirley Cohenno Immense responsibilities Shirley handles every day. As a foreign emissary She has no time for play. Jeanne Bishop After all the experience gained At Newberry ' s Five and Ten, Jeannie owns a candy store. Yes, she ' s at it again. Mary Corbett Mary is the beauty who Has caused quite a sensation. As the lovely Miss America She ' s known in every nation. 19 SEMAPHORE 1944 Marie Cotter Marie ' s an interior decorator. She charges a nominal fee, So if you want redecoration She is the one to see. Francis Gushing " Cush " is a radio comedian A la that guy Bob Hope. Only he ' s not selling toothpaste. He ' s selling castile soap. Kenneth Davis In all the country ' s bookstores Many books you ' ll see. But none of them can compare With those written by K. D. Helen Delasco Helen Delasco is her name; Her work ' s not finished yet. Still she ' s gained her share of fame From her book on etiquette. Joseph Devito Joe ' s turned out to be a cowboy, The drug store variety, tho. Now you know just what to expect And remember — wc told you so. Eleanor Dicastro A very diligent worker, Eleanor ' s reached her goal. A well-paid private secretary, She works with heart and soul. Patricia Donahue Pat ' s is the voice you hear When you turn on the radio. She ' s the soft-voiced announcer On many a radio show. Philip Dooley Dooley ' s Transportation Company Has " Flip " sitting pretty; Since he has an enormous office In every American city. Robert Dray Morgenthau had quite a time With pay and pay and pay. How much simpler it s become Since the Treasury got Bob Dray. Catherine Duggan " Catty " is now a saleswoman With customers galore. She works behind the counter Of Duggan ' s Liquor Store. Virginia Fedorchuk " Fudgy " has gone to college; Her duties are plain to see, Cheerleading, to urge the team Onward to victory. Clifford Fowler He ' s photographed the news fronts Including Tokyo and Berlin; By following the newsreels We can see where Cliff has been. Lois Fralick She liked to cook, she liked to sew, She mastered every art. So it wasn ' t hard for Lois To capture another ' s heart. Lena Fustolo Lena is now working for A prominent physician. As a competent bookkeeper, She deserved a good position. Mary Goward Mary knows them all by name. Frankie, Bill and Joe. She welcomes all celebrities Ushering at the RKO. Ruth Grant Since the days of the Semaphore Ruthie has gone far, too. She is now the owner of Not one publication — but two. 20 1944 SEMAPHORE Marguerite Green " Deets " is still as quiet As when we went to school But now she ' s teaching children All about the Golden Rule. Phyllis Hadley With pins and needles strewn about And patterns on the floor, Phyllis, the dress designer, Creates the " Fashions You Adore " . Elizabeth Harper " Liz " has been successful, too. She runs the Five and Dime. With the headaches of getting help She ' s having quite a time. Dorothy Hogan Dot ' s day is very busy Washing dishes, making beds. Along with household duties She ' s raising red redheads. Florence Holmes Florence is an artist and With her brush in hand Is the foremost painter Known o ' er all the land. L. Audrey Holmes ' Twas hard to replace Louella Parsons, For columnists don ' t come in two ' s. But Audrey stepped right in, And now writes the Hollywood News. Ralph Hunt Ralph is a henpecked husband Who caters to wifey ' s wishes. He almost missed our reunion For he had to do the dishes. Jeanette Januskis Her mania for collecting records Will probably never stop, For Jeanette is now proprietress Of a well-known record shop. " Virginia Johnson " Ginny " always works hard. You can ' t call her a shirker. And her job is far from easy. She ' s an assiduous social worker. Max Katz Maxie ' s a big producer. Six shows now on Broadway. His cars and yachts leave no doubt That he ' s gone a long way. Robert Kelly Have you been to New York lately ? If not, we ' d like to relate That Bob ' s employed in that city Washing windows of the Empire State. Dorothy Kimtis " Kim " was always likeable. Talented, charming and gay. Now she ' s wowing the critics In a musical on Broadway. Margaret King Altho her name is King, She really is a Queen. On latest magazine covers Her Highness may be seen. Anthony Lacivita After going into the Navy Tony decided to stay. And as a Lieutenant-Commander He ' s certainly doing OK. Norma Leathers As a star reporter On the " Daily News " Norma expresses vividly All her feminine views. Joseph Levy An oustanding entertainer. You ' re waiting for the answer? That ' s simple, for you see, Joe ' s an adagio dancer. 21 SEMAPHORE 1944 Eleanor Lewis Eleanor now holds An enviable position She has become famous As the foremost dietitian. Ralph Maynard " Snookie " is still a bachelor He won ' t be one girl ' s " pappy " . He ' d much rather play tiie field And make them all happy. Alvin Liftman " Slep, " alas, is a beachcomber But it really is no sin, For he works in the South Station And watches the Waves come in. William McDonald If Roosevelt ever stops running, And surely someday he will. To step right into his footsteps Is Mrs. McDonald ' s son. Bill. Richard Lindelof Dickie Lindelof has done quite well. There are guys that are dumber. So he ' s due for a promotion From assistant to full-fledged plumber. Nicholas Mitchell Back from the Pacific Isles And major battle scenes We welcome our own Nick Mitchell Pride of the U. S. Marines. Roberta Long In all the latest magazines From Atlantic to Pacific, Roberta ' s in cosmetic ads And they are something terrific. Robert O ' Day Bob is a super-sleuth — The man with the eagle eye. Since the days of S. H. S. He ' s become head of the FBI. Helen Lowry Stan ' s still in the Navy, Since ' 43 he ' s been. And Helen keeps on waiting For her ship to come in. Anna Peduto Pad and pencil in her hand And with comforting ease, Anna, super saleswoman. Always aims to please. Marian MacLfan Have you heard the music coming Over the ether lanes? The voice you can ' t forget You ' ve guessed it — Marian MacLean ' s. Virginia RircGERio " Gini " has a vital job And since going off to war, She is in the ground crew of The Army Air Corps. Christina Mann In all competitive circles You ' ll find she really rates. People are all discussing Chris and her figure skates. Dorothy Sarado Dot always liked the Navy And during World War II She jt)ined the women sailors, Or rather, Waves, to you. Joseph Mara Since there ' s no more rationing For Joe that is a break, Because he owns a butcher shop. Want a delicious steak? Hope Sawyer Hope, too, joined the service During the war ' s great curse. And rates a snappy salute As a U. S. Army Nurse. 22 1944 SEMAPHORE Frank Sellars Frankie Sellars has become The Pin-up of Wacs and Waves. He ' s making many headlines And each girl raves and raves. Ruby Trowbridge Ruby ' s songs are on the lips Of folks across the nation. You can listen to her music On any radio station. Anahid Sevian An alluring smile will get you far. If you doubt it, ask Anahid. You might pose for toothpaste ads And that ' s just what Anahid did. Merton Shields Working from dawn to dusk Amidst the soil and dirt. On his hundred acre farm We find our classmate, Mert. JO.SEPH SiLVA Of course, we all remember Joe; How could we forget ? An engineer of great renown, He ' s the most successful yet. Richard Smith If you remember Dickie With guns he used to trifle. Now he has perfected one Superior to the Ml rifle. Stewart Snow Stewic ' s become a great success Since the world ' s re-mapping. His dad has promoted him to Vice-president in charge of wrapping. Rosemary Vachon Rosemary is an actress Of the legitimate stage. Acclaimed by critics in Paris, Vachon is all the rage. Julia Walent Julia saved her money For a long, long while. Now she lives in leisure On her own tropical isle. Mary Wisotsky Along the path of law " Munya " ruSde her journey. Now she has become Our new District Attorney. Barbara Zaiser This Clare Boothe Luce of ' 53 Stands up to take the floor. Why ' tis Miss Zaiser that we see, A Stoughtonite to the core. Barbara Swallow That new show at the Garden You surely must have seen. Did you recognize our Barbara ? She ' s the Roller-Queen. Madeline Zumas Madeline was to be a poet — remember? For that we thought she was born. But now she has surprised us all By writing advice to the lovelorn. Well, that completes our list, takes care of everyone. And for the present that ' s completely finished — done. Yet, we all will go further, to bigger and better success. So here ' s to the Class off ' 44 — outstanding — decidedly yes. 23 SEMAPHORE 1944 SENIOR WHO ' S WHO BOYS GIRLS Robert Dray MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Virginia Johnson William McDonald MOST POPULAR Virginia Fedorchuk Nicholas Mitchell MOST SOCIABLE Virginia Fedorchuk Frank Sellars BEST DRESSED Joan Atherton Robert O ' Day MOST ATHLETIC Jeanette Januskis r»PTTlVyf IQTir ' iVH C5 1 V_ r 1 llVllo 1 H„ 7V AD KT T ITA XT tVALHH IVlAi NAKU iSWJZi V ill l 1 1 V E AX A 0 V t AD D Ci " i ' iVlAR 1 L-ORBbTl ANT HON 1 LAl IVl 1 A kTTKTr FQT fvliN UHo 1 IVlARIh l„OTTtR T7d a XT TC I I r C U I XT " " Will lEo 1 VIRGINIA rhUORCHUK. rvOBhKI L KAY l WJj 1 UE 1 HIVIVI liN EU ELEANOR UH ASIKO InICHOLA5 IVllICHbLL TOX T TCQX J tLlEO 1 VIRGINIA rbDORCHUK IVltRTON oHIhLUS Eleanor DiCastro iS.ENNtTH L AVIS RT7QT CDOPT ' Virginia Fedorchuk Joseph Levy DEol UAiNV EK Jeanette Januskis Richard Smith MOST SERIOUS Hope Sawyer Richard Smith MOST REFINED Eleanor Lewis Joseph Levy ACTOR— ACTRESS Rosemary Vachon Ralph Maynard CUTEST Helen Lowry William Batte Ralph Maynard BEST PALS Barbara Swallow Helen Lowry Richard Lindelof MOST MUSICAL Ruby Trowbridge Anthony LaCivita BEST NATURED Marie Cotter Robert Dray MOST SOPHISTICATED Rosemary Vachon Jo seph Levy CLASS ARTIST Florence Holmes Robert Dray BEST-READ Patricia Donahue Robert Dray CLASS BUSINESS MAN - WOMAN Ruth Grant Ralph Maynard BEST SMILE Anahid Sevian Joseph Silva MOST RESPECTED Eleanor Lewis Robert Dray ALL ROUND STUDENT Mary Wisotsky 24 1944 SEMAPHORE CLASS HISTORY Having completed the course of study of the Stoughton High School, we, the class of 1944, wish to sincerely thank the school faculty for the educational training which is so essential in such troublesome times as these. 1940- 41 At last the day had come and hope and happiness filled our hearts as we legibly inscribed our names on the register recording us as students of the Stoughton High School. Under the supervision of Miss Enos, our class adviser, we held our first elec- tion of class officers and elected Polly Barker and Robert Dray to represent us in Student Council. We successfully sponsored our first social event, the Freshman Dance. As reward for our tireless efforts as Freshmen we left school for the year knowing that when we returned in September, we would be one step nearer to our glorious goal, graduation. 1941- 42 Now, being well accustomed to the ways of high school life, we began to settle down to a more business-like atmosphere and elected William McDonald, president ; Mary Wisotsky, vice-president; Robert Dray, treasurer; and Polly Barker, secretary. With the help and direction of Miss Lavallee, the Sophomore Dance turned out to be p. great success. When we left school in June, we had the satisfaction of knowing that the third rung of the ladder of success had been reached and we would return as Juniors. 1942- 43 In this our third year we anticipated one of the busiest terms in our high school career. Joseph Silva and Max Katz were welcomed as new members of the class. The annual class elections were held and William McDonald was elected president; Mary Wisotsky, vice-president; Robert Dray, treasurer; and Ruth Grant, secretary. War took its first toll on the class as Joseph Sarrey and Richard Sellars were accepted by the Navy. Because of war conditions we voted to hold an informal Prom and through the tireless efforts of Miss Ross, our class adviser, it was the greatest financial success in the history of the Stoughton High School. Class rings and pins were purchased and distributed. The Army laid claim to more of our classmates, Robert Churchill and Kenneth Kelley. As our busy and prosperous Junior year reached a glorious end, we looked forward to our Senior year. 1943- 44 We returned to our last year of high school life less one more member o? the class; Frank Caldwell had been accepted by the Navy. Our final election resulted in William McDonald, president ; Virginia Fedorchuck, vice-president ; Robert Dray, treasurer; and Anahid Sevian, secretary. The war continued to lessen our class member- ,ship and lengthen our roll of honor, as Joseph McEachron left for the Army. The acting ability of our class was brought into the limelight as the Senior Play, " Brother Goose " was successfully dramatized. Commencement Week, followed by the Reception, Banquet and Class Day kept us busy, but with the thought of graduation on our minds, we carried on, and finally marched across the stage of the State Theater and received our diplomas. Upon leaving the Stoughton High School and venturing into this war-torn world, knowing that the future destiny of America depends on us, we will do our utmost to see that America remains the home of the brave and the land of the free. 25 SEMAPHORE 1944 LETTER FROM MR. LYMAN February 16, 1944 To the Editors of " The Semaphore " Stoughton High School Stoughton, Massachusetts Dear Editors: You editors are ending your high school course in a period where racial pride and hate, world domination and security have been blared into your consciousness to such an extent, by both radio and press, that it is no small miracle if you have found time to give such matters any thought to say nothing of what you have been able to give your readers. If we lived in another day, I would not need to say that there should be no such thing as racial hate — hate between individuals is a very ugly thing — between races it is not only ugly but silly as all races, including our own, are composed of good, bad, and indifferent individuals. Racial pride »iay be something else — it might be pride in what each race is contributing to the welfare of all. It has no other justification. Domination sounds so ugly, security so desirable that we fail to note that security for any individual, nation or race is only obtained by domination of others. We all would be nearer to the proper outlook if we thought of the other fellow ' s security rather than our own. Wc have been taught thit it is better to give than receive. We give lip .service to such teachings ; we wish the other fellow to practice such teachings — thus we make, what might be a beautiful world, an ugly world. This world needs more idealism — the idealism and enthusiasm of youth is vital. What is to be your contribution .- Very taily yourj, W. B. Lyman WBL:SG 26 spare time well spent is not lost and we have many activities in which to participate. n y-Mf p 5 1 7Vf -5 1944 SEMAPHORE Fourth Row: L. McLean, E. Struzziero, R. Smith, R. O ' Day, J. DeVito, W. McDonald. Third Row: J, Levy, A. Liftman, K. Smith, B. Grant, A. Sevian, M. Pittsavaije, P. Donahue, V. Johnson, E, Sevian, J. Baker. Second Row: H. Grant, R. Vachon, M. Heelan, J. Januskis, M. Connell, R. Bird, P. Ecclestone, M. Zumas, M. Tate, E. Nagy, E. Batchelder, V. Crane, E. Kennedy, L. Lysko, B. Savini. First Row: C. Duggan, H. Delasco, B. Zaiser, V. Fedorchuk, R. Grant, R. Dray, M. Wisotsky, E. Buckley, M. Corbett, E. DiCastro, P. Burke. SEMAPHORE Adviser — Miss Margaret Flynn Editor-in-chiej — Ruth Grant Business Manager — Robert Dray The Semaphore, under the supervision of Miss Flynn and its Editor-in-chief, Ruth Grant, has concluded a very successful year despite the difficulties imposed upon the staff by the war situation. No dances were sponsored this year and funds were acquired through advertising, which was ably handled by Robert Dray. Much enjoyment was derived from the organization of the four editions, which appeared every few months during the school year. The staff this year and the Yearbook committees endeavored to make a few changes in general wording and appearance of the book. To those girls in the Secretarial Course who had the task of doing all the typing and mimeographing, the staff offers its sincere thanks. 29 .SEMAPHORE 1944 Third R nc : R. Tobin, P. Mason, R. Goward, R. Kelleher, G. Caggiana, P. Catalano. Second Row: P. Harris, W. Grout, R. Blye, A. Dray, S. Weaver, I. Janock, P. Clark. J. Ezepeck, D. Kimtis, Mr. Burke. Fir si Roil.- E. Struzziero, W. Lapworth, G. Dunn, W. Batte, A. Liftman, R. ODav. N. Mitchell, M. Johnson, R. Maynard, J. Souza, J. LaFrance. FOOTBALL Coach — Mr. Frank V. Burke Captain — Robert O ' Day The Stoughton High School football team won the most important game of the season when it defeated its bitter rival, Canton, by a score 7-6. The fact that this was the only game it won does not mean the team was a poor one. The boys played a good game all season, but lack of experienced reserves was a ditificulty they could not overcome. Stoughton should again be a football power next season with eight returning let- termen. Lost to the team by graduation will be Capt. Robert O ' Day, William Batte, Alvin Liftman, Nicholas Mitchell, and Ralph Maynard. 30 1944 SEMAPHORE FIELD HOCKEY Coach — Mrs. Gertrude Tomfohrde Co-Captains — Mary Wisotsky, Jeanette Januskis The girls ' hockey team had a most successful season emerging undefeated for the first time in many years. Playing five of their six game schedule, the girls made an excep- tionally good showing as much of the team was composed of underclassmen. This leaves good material for future teams. The teams played were Canton, Braintree and Oliver Ames. The Captain-elect is Marjorie Pittsavage, who played a fine game ail this season. The members who are gra duating this year are Co-captains Jeanette Januskis and Mary Wisotsky, Catherine Duggan, Anna Peduto and Anahid Sevian. The team showed much of the influence of Mrs. Tomfohrde who has always coached winning teams. 31 SEMAPHORE 1944 Third Rotr: J. Donovan, C. Corbett, A. LaCivita, R. Maynard, L. Trotta, G. Carlson. Second Row: E. Sevian, G. Caggiana, S. Weaver, Mr. Crosby, H. Vissotsky, R. Kelleher, E. King. First Row: J. LaFrance, W. Lapworth, P. Harris, R. Lindelof, R. ODay, J. DeVito, E. Struzziero. BOYS ' BASKETBALL Coach — Mr. Franklin Crosby Ccipia: ! — Richard Lindelof The war again prevented the existence of the Hockamock League but the basket- hall team played its largest schedule, 16 games, with the smallest squad, 16 boys, in the history of the school. Transportation to and from the games was a pr oblem which Coach Crosby, Cap- tain Richard Lindelof and Student Manager Gus Carlson overcame. The boys came through the season in fine style, winning many of the games on the schedule. The five seniors on the team not returning next year are Captain Richard Lindelof, Robert O ' Day, Ralph Maynard, Anthony LaCivita and Joseph DeVito. The squad extends its very best wishes to Calvin Porter, a member of the ' 38 team, who acted as assistant coach until called into active duty in the United States Navy. 32 Fourth Row: M. Colcord, B. Harper, M. Rogers, A. Struzziero, M. Sevian, I. Gorman, M. Tate, H. Bishop, L. Holmes, S. Wry, B. Witham, J. McEvoy, G. Deeg, H. Smith, Third Row: B. Savini, H. Catalano, J. Priest, A. Morrill, A. Grant, K. Smith, M. Con- nell, T. Gonsalves, S. Hubbard, B. Lothrop, E. Leif, B. Green, A. Sawyer, J. McDonald. Second Rote: M. Slye, C. Peduto, H. Grant, M. Mara, V. Stauffer, K. Poulos, Miss Murphy, J. Rathbun, G. Porcaro, R. Skiendiel, D. Benoit, L. Perroni, I. Lavas. First Row: N. Downs, E. Buckley, V. Fedorchuk, A. Blaizis, A. Sevian, D. Kimtis, D. Hogan, M. Wisotsky, C. Duggan, J. Januskis, P. Nardozzi. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Coach — Miss Isabel Murphy Muscular coordination and cooperation having been greatly improved, a very suc- cessful year of intramural basketball was carried through. The freshman teams which were made up of Wheaton, Wellesley and Skidmore were captained by Merelyn Tate, Shirley Wry and Barbara Harper. The sophomore teams consisted of Stanford with Captain Kaye Smith and Regis with Audrey Morrill as captain. Radcliffc and La Salle, the junior teams, were led by Katherinc Poulos and Ellin Buckley. The seniors were represented by the Simmons team with Captain Dorothy Kimtis. Miss Murphy has done an excellent piece of work and we wish her every success in the future years. 35 SEMAPHORE 1944 Fourth Row: W. Lapworth, W. McDonald, J. DeVito, J. LaFrance, P. Harris, R. Lindelof, J. Levy, W. Corman, I, Janock, S. Loring, G. Carlson. Third Row: A. Liftman, E. Struzziero, R. Bird, M. Wissofsky, R. Grant, M. Schnieder- man, B. Grant, V. Johnson, P. Nardozzi, D. Hogan, J. Baker, E. Ivaldi. Second Row: E. DiCastro, M. Corbett, A. Holmes, M. Heelan, L. Nelson, E. Nagy, E. Kingsley, L. Perrone, D. Benoit, G. Silva, V. Fedorchuk, E. Caplan. First Row: A. Blaizis, M. Halloran, N. Downs, E. Buckley, S. Weaver, R. Vachon, C. Duggan, R. O ' Day, E. Kennedy, L. Dyett, B. Zaiser, H. Delasco, J. Atherton. DRAMATIC CLUB Adviser — Miss Dorothea McDonald President — Robert O ' Dav The members of the cast of the annual Christmas play, Irving Janock, Evelyn Cap- lan, William Corman, Lena Perrone, Patricia Nardozzi, Mary Heelan and Joseph DeVito, were the most disappointed members of this year ' s Dramatic Club, as their play " Pop Reads the Christmas Carol " , which they had prepared, could not be presented. However, not being daunted, they presented to the school on February 18, a pair of skits entitled " AH But The Truth " and a " Dull Evening. " To complete the year a party was given for the members in May, and in June, the sophomores and juniors joined with the Glee Club to give a skit at Class Day. 34 1944 SEMAPHORE Third Row: M. Zumas, N. Leathers, L. Fralick, C. Mann, D, Kimtis. Second Row: B. Swallow, S. Cohenno, P. Donahue, V. Johnson, M. Maclean J. Januskis, E. Lewis. First Row: V. Ruggerio, R. Long, P. Barker, A. Sevian, E. DiCastrc, R. Vachon, M. Corbett. SECRETARIAL CLUB Adviser — Miss Christine Donovan President — Anahid Sevian This year the main purpose of the club was to enlighten its members on the many qualifications of a good secretary. In accordance with this plan, visits were made to vari- ous offices in Stoughton by the group under the direction of the club ' s officers. These are: Anahid Sevian, President; Polly Barker, Vice-President; Eleanor DiCastro, Secre- tary; Roberta Long, Treasurer. As a major part of the activities this year, a system of Vocational Guidance was established, as well as a recreational program committee which directed the Christmas party and organized various games in which the members participated. The combina- tion of the two programs resulted in accomplishment and enjoyment. 35 SEMAPHORE 1944 Second Row: M. Corbett, R. Grant, J. Levy, A. Liftman, D. Kimtis, V. Fedorcliuk. First Row: M. MacLean, H. Delasco, Miss Dorothy Arnold, R. Vachon, C. Duggan. SENIOR PLAY " Brother Goose, " the senior class play, was presented at the Town Hall on March 31. It was a hilarious comedy of the haphazard ways of an orphaned family. The trials and tribulations of life ' s problems fall into the hands of Jeff (Brother Goose), the oldest of the family. The rest of the family includes; Wes, a boy of 17, whose main concern is girls — one in particular, Eve Mason by name; Carol, a girl of 15, who manages to keep busy with radio contests and the avoiding of work; last, but not least, we have Hyacinth (Hy for short) who was the main source of comedy. Lenore Hudson and Peggy Winkle, making their bids for Jeff Adams provide the romantic angle. The success of the play was attributed to the endeavors of the cast, the various business committees and the superb direction of Miss Arnold. 36 1944 SEMAPHORE Third Row: M. Rosen, A. Federico, A. Dray, J. Levy, G. Caggiano, C. Nelson. Second Roic: R. Vissotsky, W. Morse, E. Leif, M. Colcord, L. Oldbash, P. Libby, K. Hall, R. Borgeson. First Row: A. Smith, L. Lysko, K. Smith, M. Raymond, M. Heelan, B. Ware, M. Tate, B. Dykeman, ART CLUB Adviser — Miss Rose Movitz This club, which develops one ' s artistic ability and aids in finding new hidden ability, was able this year to offer to its members the opportunity of correlating their work with community activities. Through the medium of posters, the members accom- plished much of the advertising of the Dancing party for the Woman ' s Club. In the course of a year, members made candy baskets and book marks for the Red Cross. The making of the baskets required constructive work, whereas, the book marks, of which there were a great many, required creative ability. 37 SEMAPHORE 1944 ORCHESTRA Snpervisoy — Miss Minnie Goeres The orchestra was composed this year of seventeen members from all classes. Miss Goeres aided the members to a greater achievement in the playing of their instruments as well as greater appreciation and understanding of them. Despite the difficulties with which the players were confronted, the orchestra progressed very well this year. The group held its practice meetings on Mondays and studied various types of musical selections. Music for the Senior Play, Class Day and Graduation was well rendered by the members and was appreciated by the Graduating class. The various instruments included four violins, three clarinets, an E-flat saxophone, six trumpets, drums and a piano. CHORAL AND GLEE CLUBS Adviser — Miss Minnie Goeres The members of the two clubs participated in the singing of Christmas Carols at the Christmas assembly, and at the Class Day united with the Dramatic Club in present- ing a very entertaining musical program. During the year, the purpose of the club being in part a better appreciation of cul- tural music, the members sang folk songs, lullabies, patriotic music, and various other types. Much enjoyment was acquired from them. The members also learned the stories behind the music. Membership in the Glee Club consisted of freshman and sophomore girls, while the Choral club consisted of junior and senior girls, and boys from all classes. 38 3 b Co - O z Shawmut Woolen Mills an you and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you — your truest self, free from stage effects and little conceits. It is in this " long run " photography that PURDY success has been won. Portraiture by the camera that one cannot laugh at or cry over in later years. For present pleasure and future pride protect your pho- tographic self by having PURDY make the portraits. 160 TREMONT STREET, BOSTON Official Photographer STOUGHTON HIGH SCHOOL Class of 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1942, 1943, 1944 SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATES TO ALL STUDENTS OF S. H. S. The school ring takes on a newer and greater importance serving not only as a remembrance of school associations but as a memento of these history-making days. CLASS DF 1944 DIEGES ClUST 7 TREMONT STREET BOSTON, MASS. 232 iSummor Street J5ostori, Massachusetts TEL. HANCCCI 7343 imm Pfiioiffis LOWE POWERS Cotuplintents of Funeral Service (jhUKLrJb J) KJbMAUKAINl Smart, New Loafer Coats for SPRING AND SUMMER WEAR RYAN FARMS $14.50 to $25.00 JOHNSON SWEENEY CO. 108 Main Street Brockton Compliments of Panther Panco Rubber Co. UNITED MACHINE CO. South St. Stoughton, Mas3. Screw Machine, Tool Work and Die Making Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1944 NORFOLK COUNTY TRUST COMPANY Capital $1,000,000 Surplus $685,000 Members oj Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. DR. CLIFFORD H. LAKE OPTOMETRIST 332 Main St. Brockton, Mass. The style store for Men! LINEHAN Main Street at Pleasant Street Brockton, Mass. A FRIEND Good Health Is The First Line Of Official Out fit lets for Defense Dairy Products Contain Nearly STOUGHTON HIGH SCHOOL All The Elements MARKEY ' S MEN ' S STORE Essential To Good Health H. P. HOOD SONS LyO XVLain oticcl DrULrwCUIl, iVidbb. Milk — Cream — I ce Cream Coniplhjieuts of SIMOND ' S GARAGE BUSCHENFELDT 287 Washington Street ORTHOPEDIC Stoughton, Mass. APPLIANCES Compliments of COURTESY OF A FRIEND BURBA ' S ATLANTIC SFRVTCF STATION For Quality and Service Oil? t)J Pijf ni j U 1 1 1 U 1 1 f f I C f 1 1 J u 1 Buy at BROCKTON CRAYON PERDIGAO ' S MARKETS COLOR CO. 732 Washington St.— Tel. 997 21 Wyman St.— Tel. 246 Best Welshes JAY, the Florist KAY JhWliLKY CO. 399 Pleasant Street Stoughton, Mass. 198 Main Street Tel. 289 Brockton Member of F. T. D. Association ROCK MFG. CO. Compliments of Stoughton, Mass. C-K MAC HINE CORP. " From Standing Timber to Finished 630 Park Street Product. " Stoughton, Massachusetts Compliments of OTTFTTFT ' S PHARMACY THE GREB CO. and MACHINE PRODUCTS STOUGHTON Stoughton, Mass. HARDWARE CO. SILVA S MODEL f i ylifft c ft I -J U 1 MARKETS POTTER-HARRIS CO. WALTER ' S MARKET CHOICE MEAT GROCERIES 69 Canton Street Tel. 445 Compliments of HELEN ' S BEAUTY SHOP 8 Freeman Street Stoughton, Mass. Complinietits of A FRIEND Compliments of RAY ' S SERVICE STATION Compliments of NASHER MFG. CO 50 Cushing Street Stoughton, Mass. MAILLY JEWELER — OPTICIAN 785 Washington Street Stoughton Compliments of ARTHUR D. KATWICK D.O. 70 Park Street Tel. 869 O ' HARA ' S DRUG STORE L. F. O ' Hara, Reg. Phar m. 783 Washington Street Stoughton, Mass. Compliments of the WOMEN ' S APPAREL SHOP State Theatre Block Compliments of MICKEY ' S DELICATESSEN Wyman Sireet Stoughton New electric appliances are not yet in sight. Your old ones will have to do for some time. Take good care of them and they will keep on working for you. BROCKTON EDISON CO. Compliments of ROYAL BEAUTY SALON 118 Pleasant St. MABEL A. POWERS Compliments of STOUGHTON GARAGE Tel. Sto. 87 A FRIEND FRANCIS P. HEELAN INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Office; 14 Wyman Street Res.: 33 Record Street Phone 423-M Phone 423-J Stoughton, Mass. Compliments of LOTHROP ELECTRIC CO. Compliments of JOE ' S NORFOLK TAXI PORTER COAL CO. COAL— WOOD— COKE FUEL OIL Compliments of BILLY ' S TAXI Compliments of COLSON ' S GIFT SHOP 6 Freeman Street Compliments of EDWARD J. FARLEY, M. D. Compliments of CHARLIE ' S MARKET 55 Perry Street BILL KRANCEVICH J. DeVITO VINSON J. FARLEY CREVOLA ' S MEN S STORE 768 Washington Street Stoughton, Mass. Compliments of A FRIEND HARRY SHAPIRO, M. D. 64 Seaver Street Tel. 640 CLOUTIER ' S NATION WIDE MARKET 295 Park St. TeL 790 Compliments of JOHN J. ROGERS SON THE CHRONICLE PRESS 42-44 Wyman Street Stoughton, Mass. DR. GOLDEN WEBSTER ' S CANDY SHOP opposite Toivn Hall RUTH ' S COFFEE SHOP W o c n 1 n cttr r W a lllllt LUIl olXCCL Tel. 502 BILLY PAPPAS SON 5 Pearl Street Tel. 208 STATE SPA Under otvnenhip of Cletinliness, Courtesy and Quality is our Motto Compliments of DR. FRANCIS E. KENNEY Compliments of CARON AND SARREY BARBER SHOP Tel. 540 Compliments of F. C. PHILLIPS MACHINE SHOP Washington Street Compliments of DR. JOSEPH TOBIN Podiatrist — Chiropodist Compliments of P Q CLOTHES SHOP 169 Main Street Brockton Compliments of Stoughton Donut Co. Delicatessen James F. Yaitanes, Prop. 746-748 Washington Street Stoughton Compliments of DR. T. M. O ' LEARY PAUL MOOTAS SHOE REPAIRING DONE WHILE YOU WAIT 17 Porter Street 787 Washington Street Stoughton BURK ' S SHOE STORE Get your reception and graduation shoes at Burke s Shoe Store 770 Washington St. Stoughton, Mass Phone 534-M Best xvishes jrotn the makers of SIMPSON SPRING BEVERAGES Famous for quality, purity, and delicious flavor Since 1878 Compliments of MAX BAKER Compliments of STOUGHTON CAFETERIA Washington Street Stoughton, Mass. Compliments of KELLER ' S BAKERY McCann ' s Ice Cream Store WM. BOSSE JR., Prop. 10 Freeman Street Stoughton, Mass. FLORA ' S BEAUTY SHOP 755 Washington Street Tel. 962-M Best Welshes from JIMMIE YATES AND HIS ORCHESTRA " Mus ' ic For All Occasions " For Information Call James F. Yaitanes 115 Perry Street Tel. Sto. 571 MURPHY COAL CO., INC. 793 Washington Street Stoughton, Mass. EDNA ' S BEAUTY SHOP Tel. 219-W Compliments of STOUGHTON SPORTS CENTER Compliments oj DYKEMAN ELECTRIC CO. Compliments of JAMES M. J. HURLEY Attorney at Law J. H. VANSTON CO. Fuel 1866 1944 SWAN ' S STORE Wyman Street Stoughton SAM JOHN ' S SHOE STORE 789-791 Washington Street Stoughton, Mass. GOGGIN ' S AUTO SERVICE 687 Washington Street Tel. 8 H. H. SNOW MEN ' S WEAR Swan Block Stoughton Cotnplivieiits of MICKEY BISHOP ' S CAFE 740A-736 Washington Street CoDipliiueiits of JAMES B. COTTER Co))iplii)iet!ts of WEBSTER ' S ICE CREAM PARLOR J. EDGAR DEACON Reliable Plumbing Heating Coii pliine)its of PORTER ST. RESTAURANT TAL POWERS Coniplinieiils of PATRICK C. FERRERA, M. D. 5 Walnut Ave. Tel. 68 CoiiipHi)iei!ts of JOE DUGGAN JAMES LEHAN oldest Ford Dealer in New England Stoughton, Mass. Coiiiplii)ie)its of JOHNNY ZUMAS TEXACO SERVICE READ WHITE STOUGHTON BEAUTY fl i . MEIV ' S and Sdlofi -j Havhpv Shot) FORMAL (■ CLOTHES 111 Washington Street Tniff RE1 TED (l 1m OCCASIOIMS Tel. 383 PETER KLIMAS i-i ' QUALITY ALWAYS ' 111 SUMMER STREET, BOSTON, MASS. WOOLWORTH BLOC, rnOVIDENCE, R. 1. AUTOGRAPHS r " • ] t

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