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Sl' 'Ol' ns' 16' :5" .aw PQ! i- . i I 'B'S'Ill'l?dl'lD'lll'l?lll'll'l3-5' A 'J ., ,,,,,, ,,, .xv ffl ,f ' NK, - -' . i L,..+1.'.. lllll sunsuzzumm IIMHIIIIHI IILEII EEIII ..l. 'T' U L , ffm? uf'- T n 9 x L A lkn.. S::aaf -3.14- 5 ' fl-A. ...r n,- A than fl - , I ZWUEMHD ZHQQSZ 7254 NAPL ES PORT SAID ADEN COLOMBO SINGAPORE YOKOSUKA KOBE 15. NORFOLK 13. 14. SASEBO MIDWAY PEARL HARBOR SAN FRANCISCO LOS ANGELES SAN DIEGO BALBOA Dedication This book is respectfully dedicated to the wives, mothers, sweethearts, and friends of the officers and men of the USS Stormes. Their letters of encouragement with memories of the past, news of home, and hopes for the future made the long months pass in a flash. Now as we return, we take with us many souveniers h , p otographa, and new found friends, but above all, a deeper appreciation of the things we left behind, Captain' s Message T0 have made a six and a half months every kind f H cruise around the -world and to have parU0iP9W 5' dent pmveo eet destroyer eU1P10Y111Gnt, with credit to the service and without serious acci- ' S a well found Ship and a well-integrated crew. We had both. Beside our Personal benefit d . an pleasure from h ' b h t ake this trip wemiy also derwe much Satisfactionfor hav. aving een c osen om . , 1118 lent some additional feeling of secur1tyf0P09ce'1'vu' Peoples h W erever our travels have taken us. g T0 those with whoml shared this cruise may Isay thatlam PWM to have commanded this ship and her company and Wm al' Ways remember our trip together. Ih0Pe'eacg: f you similarly will cherish the cruweguve sure this book wi11he1P US 'O' D . to it many times 111 the Years ,f A- come. A-W5 - 7:1 "i ii so fs -e . gf A- in fs me ,Q ' -nf :g: "", ?q MESSAGE FROM THE STAFF We hope that you are pleased with your World Cruise Book of 1954. The staff has made a sincere effort to surpass former cruise bool-as in quality. All of the editing, art work, and cover design was originated by the Saff and required many hours of burning the candle. We would like to express our gratitude to all of the people who have made contributions, small or large, and especially to the Commanding Officer for extending the finest cooperation throughout our endeavors. Sincerely, Photography contributions: BUCkll'lghaUl, D. E. La Fgrgg, R. A. Christopher, G. G. Lgrd, DHI, Conway. J- Masters, w.R.,Jr Cordnvr. R-S. McGill, A.E. Dvslian. A- Moskowitz, A.s. ENN. NU- Patlerno, C.P. Harrington, D.W. peg-ry, D.L. HGIGI. R.L. Rembolt, R. D. Hoffman, C.A. Steedman, J.T. Hunt. N-P- Warner, B.F. Zanella, J. H. r I l i i I f. CDR .-XlfYHU'f'1' IJ, i'lNf1I.l-I llnving been born in tin- New i"I1,,fil7li e' A of Newport, liliiuiv l:4l.ln'l, the like-' fr In 1' 11 early nge slibjevtwi in the "llXll'ilfl 'f--- :iz ' i niwzii viiy. Hi' .itte'n'iv-I llho-I-' I-41 will it IH' College :ind in lflll enlisted 1:1 lllvi v ' the lll-serve Midshxprnm vi- vvlvlng his commission .is i'.ll5l,QTl. ll-5 i his toni' of duty .it the l-'Sth Nm il Sher:-z". llvadqugwtvrs :ind has since s--ri.---l iii-wir! 'He PC 451, USS GIl.i'f'l"l'i'I, Ulf, V55 l1U5f,'l'E-' .XV 'X I':Kl'CllfiVl' Uffitvr of the V55 NETW IPXNUX-'Fifi AKA, andthe USS WARIIICK .KKK-421. llzs W duiywrls lvtnporzirily iriterrupted Y-when Fir sf?- Ved as Inspector-Instrnctor, Nivgil R-'ser'--' Training Center in Dunkirk, New York. ll-" reported aboard the USS STORMEI5 in F-Ujv 1953 in the capacity of Executive Officer. la Dvceniber of 1953 was appointed Cort::1'..2::'ier USN. His untiring efforts have aide-1 greatly in increasing the general opez-ming ezfxciencv of the STORM!-IS. Born in the midwestern city of East St. Louis, Ill. , in May of 1920, the Skipper began his Naval career at the Naval Academy in 1937. In 1941 he received his commission as ci Line Ensign and beganhis tour of duty aboard the USS SALT LAKE CITY. He has since ser- ved, as Commanding Cificer aboard the USS RINEHART, Commanding dficer aboard the U55 ROBERT I. PAINE, Staff Commander of lk-strayer 5.11141-iron l4, Commanding Officer, L'. 5. rice! rlxlilllllllgl Center, Pearl llnrbor, mil: Lim- Chic!! of Naval dx-rations in Wash- zzggt ,zz 11.6. , .incl recently served as :1 student nt me .kr-::.e .i :-ees sin: College in Norfolk, Va . lr: J .-Ej- I 1:05 he assumed command of the "wr, X i- lil?-lips .ui-.i has remained in tlint cup- .ly . if ,. Ihr' -s .irld sojourn of the STU!! Ml-IS. lif i .uni leadership has served IIS in- 'Q' ' fill flillfr L'I't'W. X66 CDR WILLIAM F. BARRY R 3 '5 3 3 3 s 3 9 I 0 9 3 I Q U w 5 Q W Q W W Y 2' T 5 i 3 5 N 4 5 Q w w x w Y Y 'Q 1 Q Q 0 9 Q l o 1 6 4 1 9 1 3 I N W tsman i t The Cameo ora N O N 1 1 'Q N N N N N 'Q N 'Q N 'Q I Liberty Party S I "Ney Joe, " voices a short, wiry, mop haired E grins, nttirod in a slightly threadbare suit, and I tugging eagerly at your sleeve as you walk dovm f the Via Roma. "What youwanta buy? a cameo, S doeskin gloves or a Biretta maybe ?" Where 5 else could you be but gay Napoli! Land of 5 spicy spaghetti, steaming pizza and nose-tick- 3 1-V T . .. . 1 mg.. red Chianti. Atter twelve days at sea the 1 Crew responded enth x usiastically to liberty call . , Due to a mechanical failure the ship rernainedq 5 inNap1esfo,r eleven days instead of the intend- '7 E ed l three Some were l , . . uelq' enough to 5 see Rome and all had the opportiuiity " E to visit nearby Pompeii, Vesuvius and Sorrento. 2 -K XXXXXXX xxx xxxxxx y NJNJKISJN- 545533, NXS-lN.ry,r N-IN-lSfN.r5,4l l IIN'- Q 'Q J Napoli The Arcade 1 ,v Q if 3" A.. H' rj," ' Cl M 5 3 is A lr. 75 x x NX ' s-'rv P ,-' ,A N 5 5 N H N N N 5 I -gn I 'll .- N Q 1 5 . . 9 Q . S Q Q 1 pw sum W 5 5 Av 5 N N N Q ' 'F - ,L K1 Y ""'-if' 17 S 1- K 'T-4, L b - -6 ',, -f ig W 1 . ' 5 5 ?2 13 7' 1, 'E 4 X N N N N Q: N 'S N R x N Lx x ,Q . K 1 K , 'Q V I v x N w Q Y F N v,a Q N N N N 's N x N N S s 'A N 1 'Q w H 1 Q 'iff' N s I Q m' 7 " -X ' H Q an . w,.gm H N . P. X Y 1 4-41 N x X w 1 N N X 1 X w W w N X i N N x X x 5 s x s x x N X K X N X 5 X Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx X XX X'-xXxxxxxx.,, .J I' Q 1 ,TJ iff 9 Li. ,ar K E af K F 6 . ,A -- . . ........-. , L 2-'--'-2-"'--'-1'-'lL"4, ,. -4 ...S ' H- i E ?7 '. 1 -- 1-,....-Q -'- - -- 2 f-fTj:iZZ..'fl , 5 if J' --M 5. '-5 QS- . v .,,,--f--Q-"' , 1-L? - -,- 4 ' '--, .. ' Q 1 1 H-.J 2 Nr : Q-E " fn S -fg- -Q-p i 71- fth. p'm.lO - A M 'S ' Li ip Ol M R 4545 3 3 1 sf . T +2 QI"- Q 5. 's. . Q :-gy 32 M S Y - -N ,E AA 1l E .--3 55 i K.,- gf' l' l. fir X 5 1 xxsxx 'Wi Iv-A My V3 I .vm I IP A don The Great Canal I ' 0 -Q 1...3' The Merchant JJ "The Hand is Quicker. . . ." S 'X S 1 S- Vtqp, f""2. -af :Nags Q i B'lf!'.tJ'151ft ' 'W --s is '5--s Txwn, "Q .4 41 K O YJ. -'p1s'l'31'-- im", Q' 13 ' 1 ' -.-.zlhg-'lull-'br"-' ' -' - " . A 2 .f 1 Kg' mln 1:1 i-,:1x,':Yx7-Q sp?!'f 'A qlgllgnuq, vw!-Q..-,Q .,1 .Z gr wmv! f:pr'm,j-4 'HY " irllz--rm that P1--1'-' 111+ xlztrh at um ww-111, '4 -' 1 .' ' mth.-r -wiv Uv- :rx i iw? -' .mi ssxrxtvx' thv zzrawz ' ' lvl-'zx-hug .xll f-wxllmih-' pl'npl'x.m ' tin- um!! Um' sms .xt thv Urn! N vxwnxglmtwpvrmzt thv uwpfwt' ' All Then xt v..xs .xcrwss nh" If: 1' ' ' , A ' ' fffs fp Raitt- . xx ,W 'F s . .Q.x-os Q. M 1. 1 Q -- 'J'- fi 'r -7.-- 'air X ' en M 'XXX -WY? h ' ' . Q xy 4 ,I ...Q N H, 'x ,, As 1,0 - 4411, X. XNXX f , 1 ,T mf -2' j an - Q-L -Q -f 0 .YI i 5 ' uv-Gu -- - 45.0 --i I ff v . 5" A 9 g. t-iw-9.1: - - S 61 - FA! Q. , , v- .-- - ,F -- -- -' -f, 'it .-:Jr " """"cA'iIA ... - ... ....A..:C,.. ""'3'35 ' " """ V ...ggQLLl?l-Q-lil-f-4" --A--- IVIS llllll .I . JLFIJ-a-IAYBIIIIIIIIIII I. CS S 1 i S ..,,...- J ,,. "' j f 'lvl 1rf"",- ',,..-- .,.- -1- - v ,,,...-? gg: 43 ul iii -i -A ig' ' ' 'M A 1 1 v I 1 49 , un' 1-Q ZXD DIVISION I' 4- I . 'A X!! L1- 'IM fQ I ' 'jf -,- I If-fi L, ',s,?.Q i .H Hswim ?H nWhere is my Bendix., I.. "Smile b every Odyln .... a placid canal, IH Colombo th ' - e first hm, it Could gust be Speriilnivwe learned was how much a Rupee ww Mr,.m my Il taxi for the dw which w . ld e-ffmnd that for 3 moderate Sum W0 0011315 4738124 . ou visit the local tourist haunts such as the ct-lim.. Blimlcizi tem 15 ' . c'r:ni'ts or maybe You even ispeculeatede exiiulslte Onyx, rosewwd and hwy moonstone. By this time ou f on t e Potential value of a star s:1pplel:f uii i th r eet were feelma the milage and a lot of 12:1 rw- 'l We e ailme tb, - . ' , H 5 quaffmg H Cool drink at the terrace garden of Mt. Imax.: what moi-0 Could one 35147 A Comfortable chair, a beautiful tropiwalimf' stretched out btffflff fra'-+ the cool breeze of the wr petual tradewtnda aw? 13" I l , VA! deserved rest after -f long voyage from Italy. I firey glow of the mm any rapidly wanes into 15' watery blue horizon. ...-in 'Cl'-"" T F15 .'-4 ,I in-f if T! 4 tg.-1 Vy ,Phe "PO11lWOgS Forever" K 1 L I'- S ea! Legs La ROSSH 43 A ' . Dimples Davis 2 BHTDS Lovelace" E I 5 ' -I ya and Mlss calu, fag-eu 11 GYPSY Cruiceu ROYAL 5 CONTESTP-NT nN0vl release this man. This mint the way you should go a- boui if' Q f l A Slu . - sv ge-5 NN A- .T '. The Scullerymann Start O' The ROYHI Doctor I!Ughhh!1 PheeWww" Adi The Royal Baby Thumbs Down" The Royal Barber U-1 Af-. 1 525 -rw, " we, , x 'T W J JK. vs, ivwgg 'vsp 1- gg Home Stretch mer DJ-fn, Fore and Aft' ,,. S l S 5 N S s S s 3 P W X s .1 2 X 7 ., 5 E , , 1 9 . i ,Xa ,ie Af' 1 ,,. . f f fqwfii ffm I ef-,- -Fo 0, 1 i w ,,. :- Q A E, 1 X .J ! I Y 1 xxxxxu "Well, at least w ' V . . A' u ,gfgje 1 . ,ff - ,Ili 1,1 ,TQ ' I. , i Ani' ,.,. ., ,e ' e were ready- H tici-ng" "Just prac ff' -f.-'aw-i WA!! ,fl 'Gu . Xu' X 51 woax K Mx MW XXV' s-Nlvf Xwfe 'Xx xx 1 4 VAX k'e,XxXK . 1 xx K N xi 3 I 1 X, Nm ' XXV - X , I 'xi' Cv. Lum. N. Raed' 3 4 .sig M The Busy Harbor Singapore Side Stree Wnte-x'l'ront Junks American Embassy NE ORE I . , I ' 1 ' ' pflrg if W' Wllllff Umvs have you glanced up at the local movie marquee and read, ' 51n54'W"rf"t d V, . . r A 3 "lj Iptlw. violence, murder' . Let us assure you that such a conception could only have LXIH in the imagination of a Hollywood scenario. Siniiaporc' M to be a clean modern city with wide busy avenues ands rrtc.1Ql'i.l2 Dot of nationalties. The island, which da H3195 by 3 one mile in length, from the extremity of the Nlalayan flcnfljjfiugx is a mere 30 square miles in area. The crew had a f1cldfi4,'mp'.a local tours, the zoo, monkey jungle, and the strange bl-lilnjfw beauty of the Tiger Balm Gardens. A T931 e5'e'Wg ' l - ill the bachelors was the dress style of the Vv'0men:cli?? "Chong Sams". The fleet landing was hyper-ddugwgg Deddlers around expiration of libeI"fY Utne anim 20,-3 sailor staggering across the pavillion pier Wfbanaw 5 coconuts draped over one shoulder and 3 Stagg :nd amd? ing sight. The 3 day anchorage also Provided a il for Ce period for those black, blue, and bald Vetter ' rly bearing the title of "PolliW0gS" - De stinationg Japan. sting in his arms like a baby was a comm valet' 'fo' . 421 I 'y gsm Q 'r 0. ' . . Ivln' lil ll Q 'K n 'i id '54 "WZ Q fn-nr hw xy! Q hffxfk f mxqv . A, H. 11 .HX5 '-Mg ,. X .Ji L nfl GQ1.gGQ?g?SI, 8 3 .,J' ni in 4.15 !1'I'x' YO! :QU Hoztm m" QUQG l ,Q X. Q-...W -C CQ 'f"Y 'Cl .4 l s 1 Time out for a Cool one llltccnnl Na' Skilled LSU! X XS. X N X . X N.. v x.. X. X +4 xx ' J "Nur P DIYISICN 67! vs L. 32 I I A I O Qqjlltlf' 6 2 is f'b.'es3?'a't , , .3-. 5 Q -'fo ,O ,.- 0 f,..',' 3,-9 . , s'.'o'f"l'.'o'!,0'.95-'Q'fL" .'.9g,.?.a-g,.s- si. , 'T' q':5f'.'.' 't'13o'-':'ze'v' '0,1s.0o-'Ou flea O -"Z-2-was-I-265' "7'3'3'.' ' O ,.o'..f.o,-.Q 9 ' , . . . , 4 sore. 0 95:33 0,0 -Q... .O F .9 955'-.o'o' 'o 0 Q o ' 0' 1 Gy 3 J, 0 0 0 0 x ,'. 1 1 Q O 0 of, Q - . . 0 - 0 0 i J' 0 0 9'-' 9.5 4 0 .5 jr, QQ..-.',,.v RQ1' 90' .0"7""':" 'O A Q' qt' ,Btn 51 ':::::',9:Q'f ' :o,l,, 0:0 ,'::.':,'.5?p:o:f,r-A ' ' '1 ' x 51309. 'fQ':"'0-Qgf'r ":'::-:G i .' 9- 'fo '- 0' 55' - -'-5 'v 'o'.' .Q.:.j..o,o.9.g' ,-Q...-,:,q-fo . p - Q og. . ,oi o ...S 0.- 3 'i1'9r1.-1-2-:-.'. 513:-:IS-44-2 4 . 4 . , , . . . , E -:gag ,.,.g....g,,.p,s,,3.3.9,-Q. ? 0 -35'-'Q' '.'f.'o'-'Q-'-T0 3 ' Isl p s.'.-Q.. ,-.-cpl V p'Of ..11ol.o 0906. t .vvpf--o-4.-.Q s 4, 9' Q -.o . 1, .'. , 3.5,- 5 - fr 9 fo fv f' ""'-'1 O. sfo'-'s' ,. a vols-I.. o. A l .fl-543' "fi-"f'i'2'?-f5"Z'5?T'T i ,.,,-, 1.5 ' 4. v.'-,:,.'.,.', . o ag- Z A v :gif 3 . N . Q. - S' figs 0. me I . I' si. Q9 Q 'Ox ' 5 I .el 81. of lg 2-9, li. '.l I I I, ' Q I . mn! 01 -9: 'go 55: "'xo-'-J I .Q O .jp 0 .a 14- o'.,l, .4 0 Qs . A , .'5f:4'0f2:I'2-'4,9p'va'Z:-'.:f'f' i ' 'a ".'.'i 'a",' 5. ." O !,',','1'Q , .xg 'u'0'9 ?'O.':"p.:"'o. 'fl'-3.55 I If I i l .L I Y i .4 X i i ' ,. , .'LQ'L"A 4 -' stiff ' f i -' , f' X 4:3 V r fe' " iff' l i 'urvgf t 1 ' I Y ,-55:34 ,' 4 'lf , lf I l fi"4", ' . ' f 5 lf' "'v,4u' - - ,P 72 - lsszzfvf ig? 'tif f 'bf .i --'ff -Iipzrlgii ' . A faif 'M 4-'-'tl'-'b. . H -1-hr -9- -1. -'.':.'-H' ' '- ' 'Q -' ' l'u'i . ..-1-i-i--..-all .f 'fri V-151-I ' 4 vw r. '.', I ' ', 715132231g.g.!' - .Q i . xl , li I' ,v .ik 'QNX I 1 -.359:43.3.g:k.,s:3.g::g?gis:q ,'.l,0.l:','a's' 1 A' 9,0 S fo:- o ,.-oo .-0-'M Off.. ' :aff-'g'af.'f'g'tO?g'.:f': - '-siffa-af-sires' 2-f'Q:.-kj-QQ-jL5ffL:0 'o"Q':'f"a3T?0":':'Q' "n0' 5'-f9"a'o .:. ofy, ,a,.g..9'.... JP' O '- S. 170.6 'Q' .' ".'- 0 -'.' 0,-p 0 .1 O, -,9 O,-sn? o .'.'9 :rg v,:oe,:,:::t.sf,0 fb Sr:-n-0' 'f9'-'v 'o9:'ff'2"0 4 92.0.9 ?'o.l.0's'o' -"-5.':i':-fha-:-:-2-1-2 . - 1 , . .- '.1Q5:3:2?f.Y'SS3??f' -.:,:.L:gJn:g:4.Q:na':,l:.:,. '-.-1:51.-1-age-fag.-:-fs ., f -,-4-5-.' .5 +. . Qfygzq-'0':f??o?.: .,s,:.-.f.q.5fggt'. .g.1, 'Ug'-'.-4q:-.w-.-.,Q::-L-. I .ik .f-fo'-5 -5, - f-- '-'f'-:f'-S'--:- , - ll Q. 'n'. 2.4. h, fuk'-Q . 1652.54 739' 'ig ' 0335 '45i5'3. . .I+ ' 5. 'ls .- fftg ,- qu' " 4-.--+ 4- , ir 'Q 5' 1. . ' Qf.f:QQ 1. I' ,f5f,f ff, 7 fan' 3:-"ff-"' ::'x"ft'." Qf'T.'i'f-f'f+ii?iZ-iii I -fe 6' 6851! -so 'tif x- - " . 'i is 74- If it I if fun- l i i g ji'-:as N.. a,x "- 'Eit- -' x XF-W. -...fXL...-.- I '21-,fi 's. i N Af: 1'-'S - fbgigziikedpf .-'5-.5 , fi- 1.-1. 5. .R al ' " 'SY 1 Takusan good liberty Joe, ne ? Upon ones first glimpse of Japan you can't help but be impressed by the straxgo customs of the far east. For here isacountry still N, building from the ravages of war, both in governmm structure and the individual lives of its people, The PM war years occupation has shown a great western influenci- in doing away with many ancient customs while still retain- ing many. Thus the eastern and western cultures an merging into what appears to be the embryo ot Il urn specie. For instance, when entering a Japanese house, you must remove shoes and then squat with knees crow-d at a low, round table in front of you. If its cold you just pull up the nearest charcoal liibachi and about then tw start feeling really asiatic. Mamasan and llapzmi-i fHonorable mother and fatherl sit reservcdly by contriiip F lating your every action and then Babysan your itat.-y emerges from her room. You expect her to bv iittirv-i in a brilliantly flower patterned kimona with :i wide iutii, short high ghettas and a weird coiffure piled high umm hrr head. At any moment maybe the sounds oi :i shrill Hula, a plucking instrument and myriad ol prvcusriion entan- ations, accompanied by a legendary Japanese drinro, Nevah hoppen ! Not our modern Babysan I lnsteadBabysan comes bounding thru her :sliding fiwff. undulates across the tatamis in her latest Marilyn Mun roc-creation, flashestwobeautiful warm eyes at you ifuffi beneath Audrey Hepburn bangs and :isles polil"ih'i 'ki murelyg "Whats up Joe ?" We visited Yokosuka, Koebe,and Sasebo by ship U 1 d l lo 'I'o5MH Ulf'- gnrj I ffm' of the more adventuresome type wan ores f A homa, Kamikura and some nearby R bk R iloicrln. Hath city wears an individual personality an J like you might find with New York and L05 IWUKUIV5' an ter crriitumvfl' d i flier a conifvfi thing all ofJapan has in common is the mari ship of delicate wares. China dishwarei C sillfzs, and a thousand novelties. Literally tangible QUUVW' ll alwvyv fm' ember and respect the humility, politenesfii and mums' qj rolliDS STU' amerus. WY'- , ii souveuiefl hunters paradise. Of course, the few in iers are those of our memories. We Sha ence ofthe Japanese nationg the abrupt an I an hillsg majestic Mi. Fuji stretching its wide gappws 'D d into the cloudsg and all of the many graceful cunlvmf' this faraway land. Anyone for a swim at Wakiki? I L. 1 I I 1 vw- -r,,y f -7 1 'lt' ff' 'fl D ,, .n, 'fffafio J an E .lj V, 3 , JUN J ' 9 r ,,'q -f 53 I ' , 'P' N. W Q I Q U , f fr'-s., . a , -'Wu - A831 i 1 1 ' .- .'1 . 1 il , , l iv R 8: R at a Japanese lakeside. 1 Y KOSVM A.. i Street Scene Publxcitw' Agent Traditional Flavor ouux emer and Cabaret Alley "' ,-111 .. v . .v -- Srfif 1 V f rw 1fL4JJL x.4...- .. R xv-x s ,J Eh-'l'f'Wrp.'1 X" LUM 4. ilu 1,1 i ad ' v ,w" ' -I' -N f' X ,- Pkndx - l' F '- q .....f q1 " wif 6 "You make special price-" i , 2 1 1 I l s " s K x X 2 1 I I i 2 w 3 Q 4 1 1 5 1 a 1 3 l s 1 i E I I o W L C 'fI'6NS 5 t l 21 . 5 I .4 , An, L.-.1 I . r A -f Aqua. ir, . . - u 3 ,,k.-pu, .4 . M 4 Q . , , "14 ,Qv.'fgr A v.':1y" . . H1221 uw bazpltz 1. "Y0U'H neve -0 n I' make it Z " . . . T aking 3 breathe' I-e 5 -, '-'i' 11-l Q3 xw Ch Xl. XTX Ut NX .X S., 'kwa . .' X W ikh they Suko shi B Elbys an sr' .J' ...-f"""' Kobe Hzwbour ..... -X Fabulous View Ek . V I A Sunday Strom ll-nuns' X 1 'V'-1 - A 7. 1w4.,"'- -in Q 1 ik' .W-. ' WL. .M:::-:lx-:g.-.,. "I-. .:.-.-.zvjzqlzv . . .'u'u'h,.s - 5 - -'+'-:-.-:-:-:-:-:-'-:- -.X-.-K . . ' QR-X-sux . . . x -X n s u.:-N-b.u'l.Ix3.iK:..! - .- -.-.3:- :xXx xxx- lflxfff . 1'A,,M! -q'.,4FfQ 0 YY- . 4 .t khl fx T I Ourists V-.. :lf C' Cop 'R K, synch '.-.-.:.'If.x-.flyxzfx - - ' .-.-. . .-.Xb N " 5 -N 1 .Of kb...--. N?-:Q VJ -if s oc' v L-1,4 .len .. "w,k.b-x 'Fw-A 'N-if e e"1,1'f1"-fiilffff-L' ' f C1' C1 k 'fJ'y' 'i.,Q:.1-If ' u 0 A o u s mg, allg, , . r, 1 54'LLLivf"'f19 1' V. A , 'cfigr Hg-wg 3 ' JJ -F", . 1 Qjv 'fg,f's,'?.f'J,,X, ,JI M I :w E,,7.fLQQrL5J.,Qr',a E555 I "1"1Ce+q,Q,f.:,f 'ref ev '3 gf' if W2 , e V. , ,, SJr'C1y,'0 44 F213 1' ,H .iv ..,,vVl W lui ,, gd, X' .L .1 ,.ML't'i.I if I, L-1, .-7,,5i MS- Divx' QSC .U C-l' ,'v3 f. , -- Lf f -M- ,yg cz fs-U.. 1, Gy, Qf .X L' u e M . ' K S':'5'... x L V -- U.. ,ua fx, N x. 5 1 vi e 7.5 A,, .1 fx: V Sasebo Harbor M.. in Terraced Landscape The Sukiyaki KidS Q' K' Qi JJA3, ,,.,-Q5 - f N. .-. A 1 xx t A 6 J' X ef ,A . nv D , ' if I As Q ' ,L l', l f 11,1 in s BUOY I is c l .Q 9 l 6. V ,, yn -1' vis-, , ,. ' 11 ., K 1 if i ' ' , ,,.. . 3 A .J .il Q :ite N wmug ,,. .1191 , ' . . . River Calm" ,gnu-. f. ff"' f4 X VX S Q 2 i 0 J T E 4 Lutliplvii-'-M1tiihi1l1iii1im'n'1'S grcctvdus on arrival at thc docilm in IN all li--if-'i f One thing about a sailor is that isa P0112 as he seldom see's a fore the average American tourist might. The tourist carries back memories such as those desorib. ed mtravel folders memories aren't always as plea- sant as he has the rare oppol-hmm. as a traveler to see both sides the iD.h3bitaI'ltS life. H13 sound so colorful but at leasi be gets a realistic picture. However deep we searched in Hawaii, we felt more inclined to go along it-ng., the tourists, for there seeuieciia exist only one side of life. Tours: and resident alike put the eniphfisa , but the sailors' 5' mi on living life as much less nik task, rather more like :i pci-pcngai vacation. Surfing atwaikiki, picnicing :ii ann-.f erous public beaches that line the poi-nm-ivr of the island, taking pictures from thc Pali, x-ofmf i it-w uf thi- 1-li-rni'n',s that form thc relaxed make-up of island lm-. A limi? intl our Q-wh.ills z'iilli,,-.wci thc swaying' hips likc a guy sitting on thi ixitj. ,..,ri, t ini- at qi if-nnis match. After four days of rust, rolaxatiim, libfflf-'. Mi s.niai'iing thi' ship up zz hit, wif reluctantly set our course on an t'Iital'-'-21l"iU"1 Cnwri up that G-iififfn Gate, California, hcxrc WC Come." ing pig and eating poiwiih the fingers :ii gi limi., watching green lcarnersoi the hula, or qiiaiiaaag a Scorpion fexotic island drinkl at 'I'l':idvl' WVU or Don the Beachcoinbcras. 'l'hvsi- hi,-ins.: mf rf' f' .9 -4 mi. if 4 I Q. is N ff' .. Stzmdard PFOUJC 01 ....... ... V... ' 0-AJ ...Q , -me-H .-Q -. ........ l' xv! ,,,.inun1i'Ul' pl' f' ,,.,- l lg, 1 'uf ' . ,.S s' .. A 1 .f 'S 3 'eff X- ' " 4' 4 l:1il. I sr' I JA- . 1.1" ,S , 4 0 X a E H 5 ' O s ' ' Y, A ,.,.fL l- ?,.,..-... Skycgai Y Qi muh Can QX oi F2 6 909 ' C. KXXQ x - if Xzmdxs . K 4 'XX ffl' 'af l 43:1 Chap e au f? V Q 'Sky of 0 Q 'ks f Q, ' '6 ' " " , 'i MVT? ' '4 1 4.9, L95 "La 4 Q fl a nl g- f A I J gfssx d W I SW Q L F M me pau Overlooking Honolulu 5.hulte-rhiags tgnklm: pivturz- of shuttvrlrni taking .1 pivturv. L H1 ru. fn 'Ie 11.5111 I - 7 Farewell Diamond Hood Qi' '-'? '75 G' ' '-5... - -A - E X-5 4 is 'Z l- W -- lf " A 'fEysLEg ff I 5 1 1 MMM EMM -'I'--v inf! 'rr-'H' Pl E W--f 1 1 "C 9 in X !i'iuq..,,,-,hw P t, 1 antique Skyline of Telegraph llill rac lea SAN FRANCISCO We've decided that the original engineers of the city must have been direct descendants of cavemen cliff dwellers for the entire central area of San Francisco seems to cling to the steepest side of every hill in the locale. However dise courziging this factor, it did not impei? the inevitable cur- iosity of the .-Xmericnn sailor, :ind so, many of us found ourselves huffing and puffing about Nob, Russian, Telee graph, :ind Rincon Hills until our Colombus complexes were 1 4 satisfied. The citv is not only a great seaport, but also a city rich in wealth. culture, night life, and a magnificent skyline, enhanced by the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. The weather was ideal during the hours of the sun, but when old Sol slipped below the horizon, most of the crew, native l to the Eastern Ssaboard, found it just a bit chilly and foggy for their liking. Convinced that you can't please everyone , after :i four day visit, we hauled anchor and moved out slowly be- nenth the bulk of suspended ird g - ers-that acts as a Gateway to this immense natural bay, Did you know that its justa one day cruise to Long Beach? i l l , 'X Tix .1 . ,MM .A If ,f ,l I . " J ff , uf '- 4 f 'I .'! ' ' Q ma. V f . ' I W fn s Q Af l X . - w Y , I n . . W, , ,sul if l I , , .4 . I ' A 4 nf - if VX. 1 5 n , V W 1, gp ,f 1 ' I w e Q,,ff ,, ' ' . A ' J ' q 1 .gsx n f Y ' tfhxtxl Home for reured men of the storrnes hx .4 , vi. r - 'CQ " up pl - "I . ,X S 1' . 0 3 a ' L f 3 -Q . Q ' . . x ' V - v- xQ 0 ' . 1.-L.. -"fQ, ..J ' J 'Hu' rush hour ' se Chklu. nd Buy B r idge iwghf H Ym'-H 5-five!" nv 1 4,- Chinatown f ig- V, -'M 'S i E: Q.. he 2, l , , -4 1 s A., H 4 A f 'fix ...Z S-4 A 4' 2 5 44 RU' ,k f . - 'F , .4 ,,,,, fi .- P7 -in 1 Q 'X 8, il we 1 x T- V. rf 'Q 1 . LR , w. 1 yfm , av- L5 ik, I' 5 XN , Suu Pedro Fishing 'Boat The sprawlirg metropolis California living .S ,Q Www!! qgqnr n- .ylyu . ,, ,L ,ww , in , A H My . , wlffkxqlwl-'0ul'f , , of' if-ze-n .- ' vu., ...W n - w we -11-' I xr gnw k K, :mn Q rl, . nnmw 'V --uf TF , TNQ fv'1Xv--.A .-. L . . A .....l lt srvu1e.l irome, gml .1 ulelzghtfzgl zz' ' fi 'YW' TUNE? U'-'-Nl! on the ,lay ol' the evenmg ot' the t .. ' 1712! " 1' T' 'l ffl W' fffw 3Tl1I1iU11P:1l.-Xuditorium. V.1ww, gat., 1 gil .wi thrf fe r':.f'f1H1rf--- ments that would make Venus de M111 . U ' -'34-fi! f1V'l1L- If """f' kind of like Ll sample package from .all of the 51.121 . l .. 23122 .'.f- hfvi r"'l"f11lTf '-'1P1l"'3 With Ll few new additiems tl1ro'.vu im eompzlepi l e 1111- the nf-retest lwnxrafllw Wssiblv- Of Course, there were other things sznfe l. Bs' :ch ge Fifi-' VUVT Cm' U' th' sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles and .1 meighbfqf-rim.: sizerb .1.' rl 1:5 llollf"""""A- 7'77mY 80Qd beaches, bright sunny weilther. and friendly people ere some uf the olztstanfling at- lrlbutes of this fair city. Members of the crew from the west Coast emoyed leave and is ball was had by all. At the conclusion of another four day stay, 1'-'G dfpffftfd- The shortest voyage of the Cruise: San Diego in five hours. ilu 'Or ,qi . "x ,.. if f Y. 1 O-DIVISION , 4 455 igfunuclw - - wg, ,.f..-up-v"-an C!- 4-:JIgYjf'f ', , B at Beautiful La Jolla 1,14 , ' if- ' 3, V, . ' . . ' 1' , W 3: I, - ' . . W V ,I Us ? n , X. ' ' ' ' A 4 ' 1,42 -,, f , if Ag ff ,, 'V : 'QL gf "' " ' I t lm- ,tsl R all-'tiff rf ' . .xq,,::,P " 3 .st I 4 W, 1 Islip!-'g,.v? I. K I Q, if . M, . y ,, ,, .Q .-,A 'vu Coranado Hotel San Diego f this libefllf One of the most pleasing aspectso 6, was that the ship literally steamed rightl1PBf03 way to tie up in the heart of downt The city being an important West Coast naval 057' was naturally crowded with sailors branched out to scenic old Balboa Beach, La Jolla Beach, and a few, yet having their fill of foreign cities, W ly south of the border to the little Mexicantrgm Tijuana. Departing was sad, for re fourteen days, returned many pleasant ories that we shall infinitely treasure of this beautiful, gay, and fabulous pal' lnholnrl Cnlifm-nin Own San ' and some Of Park, apparently andered calling and fond in 001' t of the U ,III ww 1. l rw- Y ww' ,, I x ,A ' X l-mates' How about some Chow' Come on Cheap 3 + ' Who? Illughilkl fe 33 'r. X .ll NN' h f-Q V' Vv'QUL'I'T-I' mi P55 1' , 6 'P m The old west Always t0l11'1StS 4 , .,f Q 1 Nc' 'ffifff' .,-.2 DEW! E 1 2 1 A i ---1 .Masses-Dfw' nf Ii-3 , l'i?iQ1QEiv ,fri .W inn , 15 Qi 5 fyb ' 3. If E ff' W X . 6' N 'ffl , al I' , , ,IC S bv-- 1 as fl 3 gif' A., -f 'wed J ' 46, 41 gl 1 ff K if ' , A -x .fJE4mdmW'.'7 5 Q. L17'LL V ' 1111-'km PANAMA CANAL ZONE Our trip into the Canal Zone included a four day stop off at Panama City, Here the C enjoyed a tropical liberty and during working hours made final preparations for 0:11. Norfreu, Homecoming. The navy provided a tour of the points of interest, namely the 01 d Panaolk city ruins destroyed by Henry Morgan and his fleet in 1761g an alligator ware factory this you could tolerate the stench, allowed you to observe the entire process of skinning the bea N to the finished products of handbags, shoes, belts, etc. The city also displays oneofthst most modern universities in the world. We entered the locks on the fourth day of our Pm? arnanian haven and were intrigued with the eight hours journey and an expertly executed informative travel talk. Rumor has it that James Fitzgerald himself was aboard to mgkg the narrative, but more authoratative sources tell us that it was just one of the more in troverted officers aboard. Homeward bound. Old Panama City Rums Pigeons Paradlse 'Y ouf isis st oPNES .ah- ,I 2- G'l " 1' 41' i 2' yniiilff ,gm ' Hui vt' tho Past w fr gn' ,w-ix, vt - "' IS if fl . 5 ... IH .. 1X Q u .L Q' YJA Ur"'PT'1U2l ' U VW? X -x 5 i 5 i. fp- ls is A Q 1 1 -7 il i , 1 1 ji - guf- I 1 if 1- '5'Cv--- ini.- mi, No Words Needed H E R E 5 ff' ,. , J Q , , -- s , --...xi Q4 , l - s ZW ,Z j--N-5 JJXM A 0290209 But wait a minute!! We sailors wandering about the world weren't the only ones to find excitement. Look ghgzhappenedwhile we were 3131. 11115 page then is dedicated to those Mill: gals at home who carried the fir-A, f fl l I'f'fu I .I 1313 Q JI ' 1 I 1.8612608- S 6? A 'f . lk o 8' X 'la " a xv Tame ldpfre I ' 3.5. 904 A' S' I be greatest burden of I WU :Oro I "",-Q fe If I ffxz I' 221 f? Q1 i .ix N .BN OW' f0f+v lflfyf woo O 2 OQJX4? ""'f" is-.X 6' fo Q!! 07159533 Bgfy, William F. egg, Edward 8. We S' naw' Af' gg, AUDTUY D- FI' HVWION la-ypvllcz, Walter F. cugglmln, mrfyl D. Cgglllo, Arthur M. ggyggmpher, G.G. Jr. Clark, Clinton N. Collins. -7050 J- Colmtuoal. Ralph Conway, Jeremiah " IT' IXVISION Alvanaa, Manuel J. Apklm. Daniel R. Hamel, MCCellnn B. Baton, Kenneth R. Blrdsall, William E. Colo. Floyd N. Conlortl, Joseph Cooper, Starwood M. Coyne, Michael Cruioo, William P. Cuko. David A. N Lara, Edward lhrbln. Percy W. Evans. Vernal E. Flahor, Warren E. 'R' UVISION Alla, Edward T. lineto, Lawrence M. ltlll, Robert I-'. Nah. Mickey G. cllvflll. Ruben L. Carr. Donald S, NIU. John T. mr mb0I'D J. mmufdf Norman J. Folger, John D. Gatof, Norman Jennings, James A. Kirk, Robert L. Lee, Marvin C. Cross, Donald J. Davis, Arthur F. Dubel, Edward H. Duvall, Lawrence Eubanks, Granvil C. Jr. Flelshhacker, Owen Frank, John E. Gibson, Dan. M. Fries, Harold A. Gischel, Edwin il. Ill Goff, Charles A. Golden, Dalton L. Goucher, Robert J. Green, Robert A. Hathcock, Milton T. Hayes, William F. Jr. Hawkins, Hancel E. Hoover, Ralph D. Hopkins, Edward L. Jr Hulslander, Ronald S. Ingram, Robert W. Jacques, William M. Kerlns, John C. Jr. Gordon, Robert J. Gutshall, Eddie K. Hezel, Robert L. Hoffman, Clarence A. Hunt, Neil P. Klawonn, Paul F. Linebaugh, Roger L. Lonzo, Floyd A. Masters, William R. Jr, Paul, Norman G. Perry David L, Ricketson, Francis B, Gibson, Otis Holland, Ralph L. Lindsey, Melvin Montoya, Edward E, Moore, Samuel D. Peacher, Kenneth R. Pettey, James E. Reinbolt, Richard D. Krupp, Bernard l-J. Kushion, John J. Logsdon, John W. Malosky, John P. 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Rexroth, Irving V Lineberger, Charlel L- Lovelace, Bradford C. L Morrell, Emmeu E' f costing. FMR' T Pascarella, Alimony ' E Obernonzer, Donald JE J Siakespeare, Charles ' Storrs, C9113 Jr' Streit, William M' Zanella, JOIIHH' n 4' I 3 D N ei ,L I 4 D 1 1 1 Q I ' 4 i . i C' 1 . g i f? , 1 1 , , Ha? -" y ' ' :Li v ' ffl , " 9 ef , A 'liafii " 33' 0 N1 'ag ,059 1 gi I: 'ko 30 ce , Q 1 IIIIIHII 13'!O'I4B'lID'l35'IJ0'lb9'I0l'lt5'll9'u5. sw' 43' al' 05' 0' '5' V ggiiiflfi :or U' ' 5 3' "4'I'aBlf ill.: HERE' :aaa Ill ll Lil

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