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Z wwf Mmm ff QM?-WJ? 9 Wjjofffgflf WM NWQNWMWWWCM, M M1 Neff QW FOREWORD High school days and experiences have a reputa- tion for being long remembered, as well they should. In the belief that you, the students of Storm Lake High, will look back with pleasant thoughts on your high school memories, we have tried to portray typical scenes of school life and activities in this yearbook. We have chosen as our theme young people of America as they are today, for we sincerely be- lieve that these young people are indispensable to our world and that we, as American youth, will always remember this period in our lives. And so, with the hope that you will look with approval on our efforts, we present to you the 1946 Breeze. THE STAFF DEDICATION GVlIllIltlfl'S and Sfuclcfnfs who gave fbeir Iiws for fbvir C'0IllIIiVj' Otto Boettcher Theodore Wfalrath Maurice McCabe Frank Lessmeier Richard L. Moses Wallace Kettle The youth of America have served their country in many a crisis. In the national emergency just past several who attended our school sacrificed their lives that our American way of life might be maintained. To the memory of the above men who gave their lives, and to any others whose record of attendance at our high school is in- accurate we respectfully dedicate this first postwar Breeze. l5l And when life,s shadows deeper grow, Weill cherish all the memories dear, With festal scenes of eviry year. Besides the fact that they keep the building in tip-top shape, we like our custodians because of their friendly smiles and helping hands for everyone. MR. BICRNAT MR. BAUDFRS MR. NELSON V .,4...-- ELCULEH H. Raun, Carl A. Steffen, Dr. H. E. Farnsworth, Dr. F. C. Bridge, Morton KI. Hughes, June Rose, L. A. Danncnburg. BOARD OF EDUCATION Dr. F. C. Bridge .,,.....,.,...,,.........,,...O. O..O,.....O. ..... . P residelff Jane Rose ........,....... ..,. . Secrefczrgf Morton Hughescee.. .... ,TT6tlS7lVU1f The Board of Education is so often overlooked by the students who have no direct contact with its members. We, the Class of '46, Wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the Board for its support, and fine cooperation in working toward the betterment of our schools. U31 TOP ROW-Shirley Deppe, Carl Sellden, Stu Iiischeid, Victor Pickstacdt, Mr, Mogck. BOTTOM ROW-Miss Johns, Bill Richards, JoAnn Witt. Lyle Eilcrs, Jack Miller. STUDENT COUNCIL Officers Lyle Eilers ,vOOOOO,AO.OOOO,.. .,OOOOOAAOOOO Presidcvzf Carl Sellden O- OOOdOOA.OOOO Vive-Presidelzf V JoAnn Witt AAOOO.OO.,.,OOOOOOOO OOO... S ecrcffary-Trcrzszzrer Mr. Mogck, Miss johns OOOOO .ll, ,.,OO,,.,OOOOOO,, A cl visors To let the pupils have a chance to participate in the governing of Storm Lake High School and to promote better understanding and closer contact between the faculty and students is the purpose of Student Council. Much has been done this yearg they sponsored Pep Day and Pep Queen, held many successful dances, promoted W. P. A. Week and Overall Day. Biggest project of the council was the revision of their constitution to make it broad enough to be the constitution of the student body. The president of the council under the new constitution will be presi- dent of the whole student body and there will be more regular members. Till Principal E. T. Mogck This was Mr. Mog,ck's first year at S.L.H.S. He introduced many ideas that have made for the betterment of our school. Our thanks to him for his interest in us and his attention to our problems, both large and small, Superintendent A. R. Block Mr. Block has worked with us and helped us since our first days in high school. And his moving to the other building as superintendent has not caused him to lose interest in us. The class of '46 takes this opportunity to thank him for his cooperation, and loyal support of our activities. U01 JANE ROSE Sez'1'vfary fo flat' Su jJa'i'irztr'11dc'11f A ver leasant addition to the Y P superintendent's office with Q1 cheery smile for all. MINNIE ANDERSON Eriglixla ana' Biology She trods a path between English and Science classes. M. H. HONSBRUCK Hisfory The marines have lrindedgwelcome to our school faculty. B. L. BRIDGE St'i4'IIl'f, A friend to all-with his movies jokes and science classes. 111 EUGENIE SPRAGUE Hlifoi-5' Our capable history teacher left us the first semester THELMA WILLHITE Ari Thanks to her for all the help on the drawings for the annual. W? JANE SHANNAHAN Plzysifal El11ll'llfi0lI Our new Phys. lid. teacher who has always planned n good time for all. VIRGINIA SWANSON Music She has given us three years of good music and a pleasant smile with a lot of fun. JANE JOHNS Mizflaemaficx amf Typing Annual advisor-always Z1 friendly smile and a helping hand. ORIE JONES Manual Arts A senior sponsor-quiet but helpful member of the faculty JAKE LAFOY Coach and Physical Eiliication Superb coaching brought us our most successful years of sports MERLE KAHUDA Vocational Homcfmaking Always helping-always busy. Sponsor of junior class and G. R. JOLINE BUMANN Sc'c'1'c'fa1'y fo the Principal The handy man around the place left us-she wrote slips and answered telephones for two years. L12 MW H Z-5 ETHEL G. WHITE Comm mfcial The typing and shorthand pupils her praises sing. LURA MCLANE Matlyvmaficx Senior Sponsor-loyal supporter of all sports and our senior class ROGER ANDERSON Sllieccfo and English q One of the busiest with speech, English, i l v:vl, .-,-I V if i junior H1-Y and dramzmcs. r. L -rl W R. M. rig? W. B. GREEN , r Back from the Army-Oh, my aching f-1 cv, i G.l. back-especially from march- I II' Q-, ',"" . . ing band. "fr A . .----- B , , ,..,.r 1 l BIRDIE SLOTHOWER English ami Latin Our capable Hi-Breeze sponsor who helped to make it very successful. DOROTHY SMITH Secrvfary fo the Principal U31 She very capably filled the vacancy joline left. WM A ff, ' 1 1 i 'fi' S! Everyone in good voice to- day? Our dramutics teacher relaxes! ,lust Ll minute of your time, Mr. Bridge. Shurr and bigorrie, if it isn,t Miss Shannnhun. Mr. Mogek trying to teach those kids some govern- ment. Mr. -Iones and study hull. Aw! Have L1 heart Mr. Green. You were young once. Don't look now Miss Johns, but someoneis following you. Mr. Block and his off-springs. Juke and jake-just talking things over. Our versatile principal. llfll ,X if XQUIOVS ROBERT WHEALEN "Bob" Give me my rar and my 'woumn and I think I xbull live. Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,4: Track 1,2,3,43 Band 13 Orchestra 1 3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4j Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Boys' Quartet 3,43 Mixed Quartet 3,43 Operetta 1,3 3 Christmas Program 2,41 Home Room Play 13 One Acts 13 Student Council 23 Viee President 2: Tornado Troopers 1,23 Hi-Y 3,41 President Home Room 13 Vice President Class 11 Secretary- Treasurer Class 3: President Class 43 Senior Play3 Breeze. DAV MARLENE OLSON A more c'ffic'iw1l laxx will izeuer Ill' fonmf. Girl Reserves l,2,42 Secretary 23 Hi- Breeze 43 Girls' Athletic Association l,2,3,4Q Cabinet 1,23 Vice President 33 Breeze. Ill OLSON "Daw" Grwrf 'IIIUII buzz' fmfrl ilyizzg fairly 111111 I KIUIIVI fn-I xo :WH 111-y.u'1f. One Acts 2: Junior Play: Hi-Y 3 Class President 1 3 Football 3: Track -13 Vice President Class 43 Breeze. ,IOLLLE HANSFN "Io" Some girls are born for grew! things. Band 2,3,43 Orchestra 1,23 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Operetta 1,32 Christmas Program 2,43 One Acts 1,23 Student Council 13 Hi-Breeze 1,2,3,43 Assistant Ed- itor 33 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,43 Cabinet 2,42 Class President 33 Kamera Klub 13 String Sextet 13 Senior Playg Editor Breeze. ZOE HROBLRC Quirl? Wfr lVomleV. Band 1,2,3,43 Orchestra 23 Mixed Chorus 43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Flute Quartet 3,41 Woodwind Quin- tet 33 Home Room Play 13 Girl Re- serves 1,2,3,43 Treasurer 33 Cabinet 23 Girls' Athletic Association 23 Class Treasurer 43 Hi-Breeze 43 Op- eretta 1,33 Christmas Program 2,43 Breeze JACK SCLTNIIDT "S4f1llff:" Here sifs fbe zuiml in fbix corner. 4Transfer from Spencer 11 3 Football 1.3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 Traci? 2,3313 Hi-Y 3,43 Vice President 43 Class President 23 Senior Play3 Business Manager Breeze. PATRICIA NXfHlTlQSlDlf "Pal" Dmff lvl me zleeeiifr' you-I'nz full of Ibm' devil. Band 1,2,33 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4: Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4: Operetta 1,33 Christmas Proirram 2,43 Flute Quar- tet 3: Home Room Play 13 Tornado Troopers 23 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,43 Cabinet 2,33 Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 1.2,3,43 Cabinet 1,2,43 Vice President 43 Kamera Klub 13 Secre- tary-Treasurer 13 Class Treasurer 13 Vice President Home Room 2 3 Treas- urer Home Room 43 Swim: Band 43 Assistant Editor Breeze. CARL Sl.l,l,lJl.N Claim A qlziel fongzn' lmx ilx lrlucr in lbe worlrl, aim. Basketball 33 Band 3,43 Swim: Band 3,43 One Acts 33 Student Council 43 Viee President 43 Hi-Y 3,43 Intra- mural 2,ft3 Captain 43 Senior Play: Assistant Business Manager Breeze. E151 CIQORGIC PAPPAS W'lu'n I lbiuk I mm! xjwak. Mixed Chorus 2,3,4: Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,43011eretta 1.3: Christmas l'ro- gram 2,43 One Acts 2,33 Hi-Y 3,43 Home Room Seeretary-'l'r4-asurer 13 Senior l'lay : Junior Play 3 Hi-Breeze. MARILYN kll2NN1i'l'T "fur" Sba' 1111121 buf om'-ul ml film: Mixed Chorus 3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Sexlet 3.4: Girls' Trio 43 Mixed Quartet 43 Om-retta 1,33 Christmas Proxrram 2,11 Girl Re- serves l,2,3,43 Cabinet 23 Girls' Ath- letic Association 1,2,3,43 Cheerleader 'tl Breeze. ,IULIAN SII.Vl'lRliURG "llfIUll.u"' Thr XIIIIHOIIX lyjw-1111! 4fo11'f Ir! kim fool you. Band 2,2143 Orchestra 1.2: Mixexl Chorus 3,13 Boys' Chorus 1,3,4: Ooeretta 1,33 Christmas l'ro1:rarn 43 lli-Breeze 1,23 Hi-Y 3. DORIS NICUMAN "Nm" 1lfl1I1'H1'.1 url' my buf xllfljrfl. 1'l'ransfer from Denison 213 Girls' Athletic Association l,2,3,L1. DONALD HINTZ "Don" Hr um! 111 mir bLll'HlUlIIZl'. Band 3,113 Boys' Chorus l,4Q Swim: Band 3.43 Mixed Chorus 43 Home Room l'lay 23 Junior Class Play: Uperetta 3: Kamera Klub 13 Christ- mas Program 4: Assistant Direetfu' of Band 43 Breeze. ROSILMARY CROXVLI-QY "Ru.1ir" Szwrf lllllAit' from b1'1'fi11g4'l'- lipx Jolb flow. Band 2,33 Orchestra 1,23 Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Operetta 1,33 Hi-Breeze l,2,3,43 Girl Reserves 2,3.4: Girls' Athletic Asso- eiation 13 Home Room Seeretary 23 Christmas Program 2,43 Kamera Klub 13 String: Sextet 13 Breeze. I17l MARY ANN RlfliSlf "Mu1"' liyrx nm .xjwruk fm:-rxlm'i11lly prrffjf o11r'x. I'l'I'2-lI1SI'0I' from Larchwood 21 3 Band 2.33 Swing Band 4: Orchestra 23 Mixed Chorus 43 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4I One Arts 23 Operetta 3: Christmas Proprram 43 Girl Reserves 2.3,43 Girls' Athletic Association 2,3313 Cheerleader 43 Breeze. ,lAMl1s CROUCII IVIMI uflruflirlll burr girlx? MAR IAN NA AUST A luzxy mimi uml u lmjrjvy brarf. Gi1'l Reserves 2,3,4 3 Junior Class l'lay: Breeze, GORDON BAUSTIAN "Candy" Than luis! ll big bear! and big frrt, Track 2 3 Intramural 2.31 Home Room l'lay 1,23 Student Council 23 Hi-Y 3,43 Treasurer 43 Breeze. VIRGINIA KOLB "Ginny" SfJr'x ax zzzrrry in Ibm' Jay is lang. Band 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,43 Clarinet Quar- tet 3,43 Operetta 33 Christmas Pro- uram 43 Junior Play3 Home Room Play 1 2 Senior Play: Hi-Breeze 2,3,4: Girl Reserves 1,2,3,43 Vice President 33 Cabinet 2,33 Secretary- Treasurer Home Room 13 Kamera Klub 13 Breeze. BRUCIQ PA'l'lilf "Pai" Ili' ix one of our ufblrlic' 11111111 nf luuxi b1"x out rl My nigbl. Football l,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 2,3,43 Band 13 Boys' Chorus 43 Hi-Y 3,43 Secretary-Treasurer Class 2. MAVIS NUSS Sbc frivii ami xbc siircurdcil. GAIL FOSTER "Fi'0.vfy" I xbcii bigb xrbooi biilzilx wilb high xrbooi riayx. VIRGINIA HACKLER "Gii111y,' Gooif fbingx some in small pacfcagfs. Hi-Breeze 43 Girl Reserves 2,3,43 Art Club 33 Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 13 Breeze. LESLIE OATMAN "LUSH, I zuoriiirr which girl wiiigo bmi uziib fbix fic. fTransfer from Alta 13 3 Football I,2,3,1lQ Basketball l,2,3,4Q Track l,2,3,43 One Acts 13 Hi-Y 3,4. DONNA GEORGE "Doi1i1ic,' Easy going llllil iaikiilive. EVKRETT LEVAN Svriolix in bix IL'0I'k im! iizlwif iijion bllI!ilZg fun. I18l VERLIN Lee If I could only xieep as xozmrlly ut nigh! as I wuz when iff iimc io gat 1111. DOROTHYANN SMITH "Duff" High School Jays have lhcir Jr- iigbfx, but lbvy Cllllyl comlnarf with high school nights. Mixed Chorus, 2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4:Gi1'ls' Sextett 2,3,4: Girls' Trio 3,43 Operetta 1,33 Christmas Program 2,41 Home Room Play 1,23 One Acts 1,21 Junior Play3 Girl Re- serves 13 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4. ARCHIBALD GIEISINGER "An'hic,' Ncwr :lo today what you run pu! off mziil tomorrow. Manager Basketball 3 3 Track 2 3 Home Room Play 23 Home Room President 23 Hi-Y 3,4. JOANNE RICE "low" Whiz xbc n'ocs11't know she ran bluff you i7ll0 lbiuking sbn' fiom. Girls' Chorus 1 3 Home Room Play l 3 Tornado Troopers 1 3 Cheerleader 3,41 Girl Reserves l,2,3,43 Treasurer 2 3 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3,43 Home Room Treasurer 2 3 Vice Presi- dent Class 33 Breeze. JACK WOOD "Wo0ciie" WL' lbougbi Romeo was Jcml. fTransfer from Atlantic 21 3 Basket- ball 3,43 Football 33 Band 1,2,3,4: Orchestra 23 Mixed Chorus 1,2,43 Boys' Chorus 1,2,43 Boys' Quartet 41 Mixed Quartet 43 Junior Play 43 One Acts 33 Operetta 33 Christmas Program 43 Hi-Y 3,43 President Class 23 Intramural 4: Senior Play. BONITA BONEBRAKE "Nita" A willing and abil' worker. Home Room Play 13 Girl Reserves 2,3,4: Cabinet 4: Art Club 33 Vice President 33 Breeze. EUGENE CATTERMOLE "Cat" Dolfl vroxx lbs' bridgv lill you form' I0 il, ix ll prorrrlf olal, and of f'.X'L'L'lll'l1l wif. Track 2: Band 1,2,3,4: Mixed Chorus 2,3,4: Boys' Chorus 1,2.3,4: One Acts 1,3: Home Room Play 1.2: Oper- etta 1,3: Kamera Klub 1: President 1: Trumpet Trio 4: Intramural 233,43 Breeze. LEATRICE SPAHN "Lr'f"' Silfvzfv ix golalvn, wby lu' a mixer? fTransfer from Odebolt ll: Junior Play: Christmas Program 43 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4: Girls' Athletic As- sociation l,2,4: Senior Play: Breeze. WALTER STOCK "Wall" Wixt' HIC!! argur' rauxrxg fools alr'z'i.'lv Ihcm. Football 3,4: Track 233,43 Band 1,2,3,4: Orchestra 2: Mixed Chorus 3,4: Boys' Chorus 3,4: Brass Sextet 2,3,43 Home Room Play 1: Junior Play: Opcretta 1,3: Christmas Pro- Jlram 2,4: Hi-Y 3,45 Senior Play: Brass Quartet 4: Breeze. IACQUELYN BATTI-IRN "laCkit"' "Lifz' juxl rollx along." Band 1,2,3: Girls' Chorus 1: Student Council 1: Girl Reserves 1,3: Girls' Athletic Association 1: Home Room Play 1: Home Room Secretary 2. WAYNE STRAIGHT Always Wally for u good limc. Football 3.4: Track 2,3,4: Band 1,2,3,4: Mixed Chorus 2,3,4: Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,4: Boys' Quartet 3: Operetta 1,33 Christmas Program 2,41 Home Room Play 1,21 One Acts 1,21 Junior Play: Student Council 1 3 Hi Breeze 1,2,3: Hi-Y 3,4: Secretary 4: Kamera Klub 13 Vice President 13 Intramural 3: Brass Sextet 4: Trumpet Trio 43 Swim: Band 4: Breeze. JEAN ANNE JARNAGIN Sincrrily marks hw llrmlx-u fufurc' mlilor. 4Transfer from Sheldon 21: Band 2,3,4: Orchestra 23 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Girls' Chorus 3,4: Saxophone Quartet 2,3,43 Woodwind Quintet 3: Swing Band 2,3,4: Operetta 3: Christmas Program 4: Home Room Play 2: One Acts 2: Girl Reserves 2,3,4: Hi Breeze 2,3,4: Editor 4: President Band 43 Breeze. GLORIA PORATH "Glo" Silence ix more muxiurl Iburz any song. HAROLD DYVAD "Glu" He ix Ihr kind of I1 molorisl who lblnkx a I0l'0l!I0lll'l' wbix- tlvx at croxxingx fo kvclz up its couragc. Football 3,4: Track 2,3,4: Home Room Play 23 Student Council 33 Hi-Y 3: Kamera Klub 1. JANE HOLMES Away ufilb bookx-lvl'x burr fun. Girls' Chorus 1,2,3: Operetta 1: Home Room Play 23 Junior Play: Girl Reserves 1,2.3: Cabinet 1: Home Room President 13 Home Room Secretary 3. EUGENE WISSLER "W'isx" A 171111 ix lhc lowcxl form of hunzor-but, oh, xo flczfrw. Football 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Track 1,2,3,4 3 Mixed Chorus 4 : Boys' Chorus 4: Christmas Program 43 Home Room Play 2: Student Coun- cil 33 Vice President 3: Tornado Troopers 23 Hi-Y 3,43 President 4: Vice President Home Room 1 3 Presi- dent 2,4: Secretary Class 1: Senior Play: Football Captain: Breeze. EVELYN DALLMAN "Eric" Goal gum' IIS our ubilifivx-I IISK' fbv bcxt of mine. Home Room Play 1,2: Hi Breeze 4: Girl Reserves 2,3,43 Art Club 3: Secretary 3: Breeze. ROBERT WALRATH "Wally" A boy who will stop, look, amz' whixllv. NORMA WOHLERS A111'1'li11'x losx 0111' g11111. 1Trans-fer from Aurclia 41. DARRELL SNYDER "S11j'1ly' Lim' llI!'1'l'llj' lllllll 11ilbo11l i11bil71li011.v. Home Room Play 13 Junior 1'lay3 Senior Play. BEVERLY THOMAS "B1'1"' S01111'li1111'.v she silx 11111l lbinlzx, 111111 so111c'!i11z1'5 xhv jnxl xiis. DOROTHY GERBER "Dot" ROGER R ICHARDSON "Rag" Not guilfy 0f6l.1'll1glC lbi11g-- Il0f wen xlmly. I'I'ransfer from Sulphur Springs 31 1 Hi-Y 3,4: Basketball 1,21 Band 1,2,3,43 Intramural 4. MARAIORIH KAUFMAN ffMdV',Q!',l W,0Vl',j' 11111l I haw 111'1'c'r 1111'l. Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4: Om-retta 1,33 One Acts 13 Christmas Program 43 Junior Playg Girl Reserves 1: Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3. DALE KKOHNSON TZ11' llL'l'Ilflf'fl7 1'1'11f111'3' is lou 1'11j1i1lfo1' bi111. 1 1 1 Always 'j11xlw11s"or ' will b1"' i11H0lSl1'i11. Girls' Athletic Association 1,2 3 Cabi- net 1. ROGER RADIQR "Rug" I 1l0I1,f kill lime by lbinking. Football 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,33 Hi-Y 3,4. DONALD LAWSON "Don" N0 1111111 11,fb0i,vi11 Il hurry is Q lllllfl' cizfilizml. Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,33 Tornado Troopers 23 Hi-Y 3,43 President Home Room 3. NATALIIZ CHAPIN "Nut" A 11111111111 L'd7I,f g11111'1111l1'1' hm' bmrl. Band 1,22 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4 3 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Sextct 33 Mixed Quartet 3: Operetta 1,31 Christmas Program 2,43 Home Room l'lay 13 Girl Reserves 1,2,3g Girls' Athletic Association 1,23 Breeze. LYLE RAUN "R11bl1itU 1ll't'1' quirk with 111111111 111111 xlalr. Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,4Q Band 1,2,3,43 Orches- tra 1,23 Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Boys, Chorus 1,2,3,43 Operetta 1,33 Christ- mas Program 2,43 Home Room Play 1: One Acts 23 Junior Play: Senior Play: Hi-Y 3,4. f20 DONALD CLOUGH "Don" Thru' ix 11 zvomrm ul ibn' brgiu- ning of uil grvaf llaingx. Football 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3,4 : Track 1,2,3 : Home Room Play 1 . Hi-Y 3,4 : Home Room Secretary- Treasurer l 1 Home Room Vivo Presi- elvnt 3. MARILOU GAES "Lou" Rhyllmz-l1o1111J on n frail of nun' jiffl'?'lIIl.Q slvjwx. Girl Reserves 1,2,3 1 Girls' Atlilvtic Association l,2,3. ! ARNOLD MATHEXVS "Aruy,' lVIOHkl'-Y lzuxinrxx ix Ihr xllirr of Iifr. Football 1.3.41 Intramural 1,2,4: One Acts 1,21 Track 2: Boys' Chorus 1,2,4: Opt-rvtta 11 Kamera Klub 1: Hi-Y 3.4, l,Yl.F MYRTA lfll.liRS "MVN" A11 Oflfllfflll forumul by ILWIIIUII ix inflmihlv. 1'l'ransfer from Lakewood, Ohio, 2h : liansl 4: Mixed Chorus 3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,3,4: Operetta 3: Christmas Program 41 One Acts 2: Junior Play: Student Council 4: President 41 Hi Breeze 2,3.4: Girl Reserves 23,43 Cabinet 2,3,4: President 32 Home Room Treasurer 3: Swing lianil 41 Treasurer Band 41 Breeze-. BRUCE SHAIZFFICR Yun go you r :my and I'll go mimx Home Room Play I : Hi-Y 3,-1. THHRIQSA MCCABF "Mu1"' Ilujvjiwy um I uml fr'4'i'frrn1l l'Lll'l'. l'lll'2lllSi'0!' from St. M:u'y's 3b. LADON SORICNSON "Don" To :lo or 1101 fo :ln-Ibn! ix fbi' quffxliou. Q'I'ransfvr from Nemaha 3l 3 Hi-Y -41 Senior Play: Breeze. BARBARA ALLEN "Barb" 'I'l1i'rv is .vrmzrfhirfg ulwnf tl sulfur Ilya!i.vfim',fim',fil1c. Band 1 : Girls' Chorus 1 : Girl Re- serves 1.2.33 Girls' Athletic Associ- ation l,2,3,41 Sevretary 3: Cabinet 1,2,3,4g Home Room President l 3 Home Room Play 1,2 1 Opcretta 1 : Junior Play 1 Choc-rleanli-1' 3.4 : Iirvvze. IOHN NFILSON "johnny" I bxll 4' offru r4'gVvlIz'il my spi-1-rl: --buf lll'l'l'?' my Xfll'lIt'l'. 4'l'ransfvr from Dunlap 33. IUNIZ COMSTOCK Smilc uf tbl' uorlil uml Ibm' zmrlil .mzilm lmrle ut -yon. 4Transfer from Sulphur Springs 41. i21l RICHARD CUPPY "Dirk" Liff' jnxl rally along. Football 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2 Home Room Play 1: Hi-Y 3,45 vi.-J President Home Room l: Boys Chorus 4: Intramural 3,4. 'ji ' .,',,'1+f,'f4'i COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM May 23, 1946 President Robert Whealen .,e,...,. , ,ee..e,e e,eee.,,. Presiding Processional rr......,,., r .,rr....,...,r.......r......... . ...... Class of 1946 Invocation Music Address ttttt ttt.,tt C C tttttttt..,t Rev. Walter H. Traub Pastor, Kountze Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church, Omaha, Nebraska Music Announcement of Class Honorsm-, .......... Supt. A. R. Block Presentation of Class ssssss.,sssss,...sssss.,t Principal E. T. Mogck Awarding of Diplomas tssvsssssstssssssssssstsssstss Mr. H. E. Raun Class Song Motto President, Board of Education Our World to Build C olors Maroon and Silver Flower Red Rose L22 West school alumni. P11ls4Arehie and Wayne. Playmates-Ted and Sally. Evolution of Wissler. Jenn Anne and Carl-ain't it sweet? Down on the farm with -Ieniee and Annette. Wzltch the birdie, Jane! Wliy sueh a frown, Virginia? Good old South School. ' mt big blue eyes, Pat! Happy Birthday, Wfayne. jenn Anne QHubba! Hubbalj XVhnt's keeping you, Wgllt? Our little Prima Donna Swede. Marianna QCuddlesj Aust. Aw! Come on Arnie, smile. The first lap-kindergarten. l23J thu ,gem S. Looking for someone, Miss Swanson? He just works there. Cjokej. Glamour on Main Street. Always room for one more, eh. W'iss? Alun! caught in tlie act, Lee. Mnnls best friend-do you blame him? Gus is up to liis old tricks again! Our liditor meditates. Take 11 gander at that evil eye! Pray, tell us, pretty maiden, what pleases you so? Um, L1 lovely group of femininity. Sueli a pretty smile. Aye! And what ii pretty lassie is slie. Now really, Barb! You cnn't slide on tlmt. Tlmt .if Vw: vs goes for you too, Nat. Looks like L11 Don and Roger in a big conference. How's the water, -Ioelle? Areliie and luis trusty Farmnll. He takes to water like 11 duck. You weren't going unywliere were you, boys? wil1LlfCl11l tlwinlcing about, Verlin? Here's a studious lookin' chap. You enn see tlie Pep nncl entliusiasm written all over their faiees. Ooh! Legs. Patriotic plus. .lust n lennin' and gi restin'. hldzrig ,IUNIORS Barbara Sellden ,., ,.,..... . ..,. , . . ..., cP1'esic1011f Dwayne Belt srsr ssrs s ssss Vice-P1fcfsiclc'11f Pam Jones .... Secrcfffzrgz-T1fc'fz.vz11fe1f Our fellow upper classmen have been doing a swell job. They sold pop, popcorn and apples at the games, all of which went to put on a super prom. They have made an outstanding showing in all outside activities and have helped to guide the underclassmen along the right track. These, our future seniors, have long awaited the final step, and through hard work it is finally to be theirs. We leave to them a successful senior year. E261 4654 ms si. I M XQKSWN' Home Room III Ted Fritcher W ,..,, ,,,7,,,7 P resident Don Glow ,,,, , ,.,,Srwrfffary-Trenxzzrm' Dwayne Belt H ,,,, .,7,, ,,,,, Viz'4'-Prrsizlrflzf Shirley Deppen , 7,,, ,,,,, S f111fr'11f C01nlc'il TOP RQVr7-Q1m-:HCC Dnrnull, Jack Anderson' Frank Boyd' Jim Hawbeeker, Bob Allen, Ronald Hanson, Don Glow, Darwin Larson, john Fertig. THIRD ROW'-Dwayne Belt, Ted liritcher, Vernon Comstock, lfrnest Bosley, Jerry Holliday, Andrew Hansen, Dick Hughes, Melvin Abbot, Verlin Lee. SECOND ROW'-Don Dandy, Phyllis Edwards, Shirley Deppe, Lois Fertig, Charlyne Nelson, Mary Alice Anderson, LaVonne Gutel, Betty Hess, Miss Kahuda. BOTTOM ROVV-Phyllis Grienke, Carol Jenson, Norma Bice, Pam Jones, JoAnn Iillis, Sally Gilstacl, Allene Burch, Wanrlpi Bell, Royal Fortune. NOT PICTURIQD- Mildred Fett. Home Room IV Ruth O'Bricn ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , Prexiderzl Charlotte Straight .,,,, Sf'l'l'l'flllj'-Tl'l't1SIlVCT Eloise Yon ,,,,, ,,,,, , . Viz'1'-Presirleflt Jack Miller , ,,,, ,,,,, , ,Sfzmleni Cfl1IlIl'fl TOP ROW'-Don Mittelstadt, Bill Milton, Mark Van Voorhis, Bob Phillips, Kenard Roberts, Fritz Samuels, Leona Weliiiieyer, THIRD ROW'-Dean Mittelstadt, Cora Zoffka, Keith Miller, Barbara Sellden, Milo Pearson, Donna Rockwell, Delores Single- ton, Gloria Porath. SECOND ROXV-Floyd Rice, Betty Shannon, Opal Shannon, Ramona Shaffer, liloise Yon, Charlotte Straight, Mary Smith, jim Munsell, I.eRoy Richardson. BOTTOM RUW Dean Stull- Patty Sllefefty LUVUUUQ Shlnn- Vlf' ginia Phillips, Ruth O'Brien, .lack Miller, Shirley Smith, Miss W'hite. NOT PICTURED-Gerald W'itter. l27l SOPHOMORES Bob Willadsen , . H.......,.... ,... .. P1'l'Si6lC'lIf Bill Witt .W.. , .... ,...A V i ce-Prcsidelff Graydon Hanson .... ...K Secrefary-Treaszfrcr All around us there are sophomores, and we have count- ed a lot on their pep and enthusiasm in keeping up the school spirit. They have entered wholeheartedly into ath- letics, music and other activities to help make this a suc- cessful year. Next year, as upper classmen, it will be partly up to them to see that all these organizations are again a success. Here's wishing you the best of luck. L28 Home Room V jean Hughes , ,7,7 , ,,,,7, ,,,, P resiflwzt Robert Eginton U ,,,7, Sc'erz'fary-Trwzszzrw' Jeannette Boyd D, ,,,., . ,, , , , . ,, , ,,, Vice-Prrsiflvnt Stu Eiseheid ,, , D, , ,,, ,7,,, ,,, S f zldenz' Cozmril TOP ROW'-Stuart Eischeid, Burton Chudacoff, Graydon Hanson, Richard Connell, Dale Flentje, Robert Iiginton, ,Ieanette Boyd, Sally Finkbine, Betty Grant. SECOND ROW-Willis Degner, George Lamb, Don Burmeister, David Belt, Eleanor Ander- son, Billie Edwards, Lois Cameron, Betty Lou Hunter, Bonnie Edwards. BOTTOM ROW'-Skip Hall, Dean Hughes, Robert Henderson, Charlotte Dahlman, jean Hughes, Charlene Duhlman, Virginia Gaudian, Mary lilla Hess, Mr. Bridge. Home Room VI Dick Watlsins Y W ,,,,,,, Prvxidwzi Mike Pappas Secrvfary-TreuxlzVer Phil Prichard ,,,, ,, ,,,, 7 W ,Vice-P1'r'sidr'l1f JoAnn Witt . ,,e,,, ,,,. , ,. ,,,,, ,,,,, Y eesfllllfllf Colmeil TOP ROW-Marilyri Main, Sharon Mamnien, Janice Nelson, Phil Prichard, Bill XVitt, Phyllis Paap, Donna W'arnoelc, Janice Munsell, Miss Johns. SECOND ROW-Bmrb Willadsen, Wayne Young, Dick Watkins, Ronald McConkey, Connie Rauri, JoAnn Witt, Delores Steig, Carrie Zoffka. BOTTOM ROW-Zeta Mae Zubradt, Naomi Jordon, Gilbert Nielsen, Mike Pappas, Lois Mae Mudge, Shirley Miller, Delores Wohlers, Marlene Rice. T291 FRESHMEN john Toay , ,, ,,....., s , P1fc'sidc'111f Bud Jones ..., ,.... , t .... Vice-P'rc'sirlcfl1i Annette Schaller ,, . or . v, Secretary Marcia Eischeid , ........ T 1fc'czsu1'c'1' Hats off to the freshmen who did a splendid job of finding their way around in spite of the "help" from the upper classmen. They have enthusiastically entered into all high school activities and have made a fine showing. But since they have just taken the first step toward graduation, their fun is only starting. We're Wishing you the best of happiness and success for a prosperous high school career. ISO 'fr' Home Room VII Betty Hill ,A,,,,,,, .. ,, , 7,,,. President Lois Gilstad ,,,,,,,,,7,, , .,,.... Secretary-Treaszwer Donna Dandym ,,7, , ,,,7,, ..,.... .,,,.,,, , Viee-President Victor Eickstaedt ,,..,,,,,, .7,....,,,,,,,, S IfUt1U7'll' Council TOP ROW-Mary Burmeister, Laura Revane, Norma Ellis, Donna Dandy, Betty Heiden, Lois Gilstad, Betty Darrow, Helen Hansen. SECOND ROW-Miss Anderson, Victor Eickstaedt, Bib Connell, Bill Bennett, Marjorie Huseman, Marcia Eischeid, Bill Bell, Gordon Cameron, Bud Jones. BOTTOM ROW-Delores Dallman, Max Book, Donald Bumann, Arlene Brummer, Glory janzen, Rozella Holliday, Arlene Crouch, Betty Hill, Charles Higgins. Home Room VIII Marlene Larson ,e,,e ,t,,e,, , ,,,,... P resident Jcnice Willcutt ,,e,,eeee ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.... S e rffetary-Treasurer Danny McCabe, ,,,,,e ,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,.,, V ice-Presizfenf Bill Richards ,,i,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,il, S f1ll1!'l1f Council TOP ROW-joliii Toay, Lloyd Shannon, Allan Peters, Eugene W'oehler, Eugene Redenbaugh, Robert Rosenbrook, Marlene Larson. SECOND ROW-I.ois Wilson, Danny McCabe, Gloria Tweddale, Jackie Scofield, Bill Richards, Darold Sievers, Bill Owings, Miss Sprague. BOTTOM ROW-lvadelle Wohlers, Florine McConkey, Lois Rockwell, ,lenice Willcutt, Arleta Olson, Annette Schaller, Dick Post, Dale Mallory, Madonna Rickman. NOT PICTURED-Carol Schuldt, jack Mau, Fred Meyers, Renee Ninemire. E311 A pretty pose. Those darn leaves. Mutt Sc Jeff. Wlirlt you d0n't find on Ll warm day. Uh! Huh! You guessed it! Another C211T1C1'G11T1Q1I1. Eh! Eh! Boys. Wz1tchful spectators. Give them that ol' Pepsodent smile. "The Gang" Wipe that smile off! just n friendly game of cards. Institution of Knowledge. Learners of the institute. What's so interesting, folks? Wll3I,S the matter, Sally? Miss Swanson and songstress, Leona. Hi, Cutie! A memorable scene at Iowa City. Hit ,em hard, Jimmy boy! i321 l Yi If Q1 C Jusvmag TOP ROW-Leatrice Spahn, Zoe Broberg, Jean Anne Jarnagin, Virginia Kolb, Joelle Hansen, Sally Finkbine, jackie Scofield, Shirley Deppe, Donna Warnock, Marianna Aust, Connie Raun, Sally Gilstad, Arlene Brummer. FOURTH ROW-Barbara Sell- den, Sharon Mammen, Norma Ellis, Cora Zoffka, Charlyne Nelson, Romona Shaffer, Eloise Yon, Betty Grant, Betty Lou Hunter, Marilyn Jennett, Mary Ann Reese, Jenice Willeutt. THIRD ROW-Pat Whiteside, Pam Jones, Ruth O,Brien, Carrie Zoffka, Rosemary Crowley, Miss Kahuda, Mary Smith, Virginia Hackler, Marlene Olson, Lois Mae Mudge, Eleanor Anderson, Carol Ienson. SECOND ROW-Joanne Rice, Marjorie Huscman, Lois Gilstad, Charlotte Straight, Lyle Eilers, Bonita Bonebrake, LaVonne Gutel, Evelyn Dallman, Arlene Burch, Mary Alice Anderson, Patty Sliefert, JoAnn Witt, Jean Hughes. BOTTOM ROW-Donna Dandy, Glory Janzen, Annette Schaller, Arleta Olson, Theresa McCabe, LaVonne Shinn, Marlene Larson, Betty Hill, Madonna Rickman, Delores Dallman. NOT PICTURED-Shirley Miller, Elorene McConkey, Phyllis Paap. GIRL RESERVES Eloise Yon t,.tttLtLttt..i.,t , tttttttLt....Ot,t,.tt....tLtt .ttt,. . i, ttt, President Charlotte Straight ..,t ttttt V ic'e-Presivlevzf Connie Raun .... ..., , ,,,,,Sl?C1'C'li6l1'j! Shirley Deppe LLDLLL O- ...,.tt .L.. .,tt t........ T 1f e aszarev Under the capable leadership of President Eloise Yon, the Girl Reserves carried out many interesting and enthusiastic activities this year. The year's program began with a get-acquainted picnic at Chau- tauqua Park followed by initiation and installation ceremonies for new members and officers. Later in the year the cabinet members attended a Girl Reserves Conference at Fort Dodge which proved to be most success- ful. Among the social functions of the group were a Christmas party with fun and good food, and several Girl Reserve sponsored dances. During the second semester, meetings were held during school time. Special speakers at these meetings discussed personality, clothes and other subjects of interest to girls. E341 GIRL RESERVE CABINET A council consisting of representative Women who are interested in Y. W. C. A. work acts in an advisory capacity to G. R. For their fine cooperation the Girl Reserves ex- tend many thanks to this year,s council: Mrs. Frank Hay, Mrs. H. J. Straight, Mrs. R. F. Van Voorhis, Mrs. E. C. Konieek, Mrs. H. W. Schaller, Mrs. M. O. Brickey. Working with the Womenis council is the Girl Reserve Cabinet, the governing body of the organization. The cabinet members as heads of permanent committees have efficiently conducted the various functions of this high school girls' group. Lyle Eilers ....... ...... P rogmnzr Joelle Hansen ....... .. ..... Social Sally Finkbine ...... Service Rosemary Crowley ..... ........ M usic LaVonne Gutel ....,.... ......,. P ublicity Bonita Bonebrake .... ..... M 6171I7C'l'Sbif7 Pam Jones ...,.......... ,..... W orship Annette Schaller ..... ...... S crapboola G. R. CABINET TOP ROW-Annette Schnller, kloelle Hansen, Sally Finkbine, LaVonnc Gutel, Rosemary Crowley. SECOND RONV-Pam jones, Lyle liilcrs, Miss Kahuda, Mary Smith, Bonita Bonebrakc. BOTTOM RONVY--Charlotte Straight, Eloise Yon, Shirley Deppe, Connie Raun. 351 W 1 .4 x JUNIOR HI-Y TOP ROW-David Belt, Phillip Prichard, Don Burmiester, Richard Connell, Stuart Eischeid, W'illis Degner, Graydon Hanson, Bill W'itt, Bob Eginton, Dale Flentje, Fred Meyers, Allan Peters, George Lamb. SECOND ROW-Skip Hall, Bill Owings, Eugene Woehler, Bob Willzldsen, John Toay, Bud Jones, Jack Mau, Gordon Cameron, Bob Connell, Bob Rosenbrook, Victor Eickstaedt, Bill Bennett. BOTTOM ROW'-Dean Hughes, Gilbert Nielsen, Mike Pappas, Robert Henderson, Darold Sievers, Wayne Young, Ronald McConkey, Dick Watkins, Bill Richards, Charles Higgins, Danny McCabe, Dick Post, Mr. Anderson. HI-Y SENIOR I-II-Y TOP ROW-Fugeiue Wissler, Mark Van Voorhis, Kenard Roberts, David Olson, Roger Rader, LaDon Sorensen, Bruce Patee, Arnold Mathews, Don Lawson. FOURTH ROW-Lyle Raun, Walter Stock, Keith Miller, Clarence Darnell, Frank Boyd, Gor- don Baustian, Milo Pearson, Bob Phillips, Bill Milton, Jack Anderson, Fritz Samuels, Roger Richardson. THIRD ROW-Les Otman, ,Robert Walrath, Dale Johnson, Archie Geisinger, Ted Friteher, Don Mittelstadt, Jim Hawbecker, Don Hintz. SEC- OND ROW'-Bruce Shaeffer, Bob Wliealen, Dick Cuppy, Don Clough, Carl Sellden, Ronald Hanson, Mr. Mogck, Gale Foster, Jack Wood, Dean Mittelstadt, Don Glow, Dwayne Belt, Leroy Richardson. BOTTOM ROW--Eugene Cattermole, George Pap- pas, Jack Schmidt, Wayne Straight, Jim Munsell, Floyd Rice, jack Miller, Don Dandy, Royal Fortune, Andrew Hansen, Ernest Bosley. D561 The purpose of the Hi-Y is "to create, maintain, and extend, through- out the school and community, high standards of Christian character." During the year the boys joined with the Girl Reserves and Student Council in sponsoring a dance. They also operated the check room at games and tournaments. This year Hi-Y officially branched out by sponsoring a Junior Hi-Y which is for freshman and sophomore boys. SENIOR HI-Y OFFICERS JUNIOR HI-Y Graydon Hanson , , ,,,,,,, l'resiJz'l1f Eugene Wissler Bud jones , Y , ,,YVil'f'-I,Vt'5iL1l'llf Jack Schmidt Dick Watkins ,,,, , , ,,,,, Sl'l'VC'ft1V'1' Wfayne Straight Chnrless Higgins ,,,,, Tl'l'HS1ll'K'l' Gordon Baustian Bob Willadsen , ,,,, Cbajnlaiu Wiilter Stock ,, Mr. Anderson , W H Sjwnxm' Lyle Raun t, 'Waller Stock, liugene BOTTOM ROW"-Charles Higgins, Bob Xyillzxdsexi, TOP ROW'-W'nyne Strgligh 1 P 3' WH? ?' E371 . xr Mr. Mogck W , Pl'cfxiJn'11l Maxfli!'K'-PVf'Silll'lIf Si'c'1'1'la ry Tl't7t1XII rm' , ,,,,,, , Cfmjrlain Pl'0gl'l1llI CZ7di7'l7ItIll ,Sjmuxor Vfissler, Lyle ISRILIH, Jack Schmidt, Mr. Mogcli. Grziydon Hanson, Bud jones, Dick Nvatkins. ONE ACT PLAYS January 24, 1946 A Young Man's Fancy Donnie, a young high school boy, planned a date with a college girl, only to discover she was known by all as the wallflower of the school. Everything finally turns out for the best, however, when he follows his mother,s advice and takes a school chum, Joo-Joo Miller, to the dance. The cast included: Donnie Hoofle, John Toayg Marjorie Hoofle, Sharon Mammeng Mr. Hoofle, Graydon Hanson, Bert Hoofle, Skip Hall, Mrs. Hoofle, Connie Raung Joo-Joo Miller, Madonna Rickman. Thank You Doctor The action takes place in a psychiatrist's office and deals with a string of pearls that has been stolen. Mrs. Lester tells Dr. Gurney that her brother is mentally ill and he is always looking for a string of pearls. Later Denny Cort, a pearl salesman, comes in looking for a girl who stole a string of pearls and claimed she was Dr. Gurney's daughter. Nurse Grey helps the doctor calm the supposed patient. But they finally have to resort to force. At just the right moment a detective who has been posing as a patient enters and arrests Mrs. Lester. The cast of characters was: Mrs. Lester, Betty Hill, Nurse Grey, Lois Mae Mudge, Dr. Gurney, Burton Chudacoffg Patient, George Lamb, Denny Cort, David Belt. The Happy Journey Thornton Wilder This play was one of the renowned Thornton Wilder productions in which no scenery is in evidence but it must be imagined. The stage man- ager tells the audience about the scene and moves straight chairs around the stage as they are needed. Ma and Pa Kirby with their two younger children take a day off to visit their daughter, Beulah, who lives in a near- by town. Ma Kirby, Sally Finkbineg Arthur, Dale Mallory, Caroline, Jean Hughes, Pa Kirby, Victor Eickstaedtg Beulah, Shirley Miller, Stage Man- ager, George Pappas. E381 Mrs. Eva Ingersoll Y,,,,7,,7,,., ,7,,7 Y,., ,,,,,,,,777,, ,,,,7 . ,,,.. E l o 1 se Yon SWEET CHARITY Presented by Junior Class November 9, 1945 Sweet Charity was a three act comedy based on the lines of a group of well-meaning club women who attempt a charity dance without suffi- cient funds to pay the orchestra. They work themselves into quite a frenzy over the problem, even tangling with the law. But in the end everything turns out for the best. The cast of characters follows: Mrs. Pat Mitchell ,,,,,, Miss Beulah Ogelvie . Mrs. Laura Brindle... Mrs. Diana Martindale s,,,,,, Sheriff Andrew Brindle . .,,, . Myron Mitchell.. ,,,,,, .. Harry Trott.. . ,,,,,...,,, Betty Martindale ,,,, Jonathon Bates ,,,,., Trumpet Wilson .. Molly ,s,,,,, ,,,,, Miss Seymour ,,,,,, Jones Shirley Deppe Charlotte Straight LaVonne Gutel --......Andrew Hansen .......Gerald Witter ..-..-.Ted Fritcher ..Opal Shannon -....-...Kenard Roberts .. ,,..,s Dwayne Belt Ruth O'Brien Barbara Sellden Mr. Beasley. ,,,,,,,,, ...,,,,,,,,..,,, J ack Miller Mrs. Beasley ,,,.,.,,,,,, s,,,, L aVonne Shinn Mr. Sedgwick ,,,,.,,, ,s,, M elvin Abbott Mr. Dexter . ,,,,,,, ,...r,,,.,,,,...,,.,,, ,,,, . . ., ,,,. .,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,.. . .. . ..Fritz Samuels ARSENIC AND OLD LACE Presented by the Senior Class April 12, 1946 A comedy-mystery in three acts, this play was a successful Broadway production for several years. It tells of the experiences and predicaments of an insane family in Brooklyn. Two old maid aunts in the family poison old men as a kindness and have twelve men buried in the cellar. Mortimer, their sane nephew, has a hard time keeping the aunts, and his brother jonathan, an insane criminal, out of jail while trying to take care of his love interest, Elaine. The whole family, including Teddy, who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt, is finally sent to a sanitarium and Mortimer is free to marry Elaine. The cast included: .. Leatrice Spahn Abby Brewster. . .,,,, .. The Rev. Dr. Harper.... Teddy Brewster ...... . Officer Brophy ..... . Officer Klein ..... , Officer O'Hara... Martha Brewster . Elaine Harper. ....... . Mortimer Brewster .. Mr. Gibbs ........... . ..... . jonathan Brewster . Dr. Einstein ............ Mr. Witherspoon ..... Lieutenant Rooney. ..... .. E391 . La Don Sorensen .......Jack Schmidt Bob Whealen Jack Woods .-.....-.--Carl Sellden ........Virginia Kolb ........Joelle Hansen . . .Darrell Snyder ...-..-Walter Stock ........Lyle Raun S.TT..George Pappas La Don Sorensen .Eugene Wissler 2 E TOP ROW-Lee Spahn, Andrew Hansen, Don Clough, Joelle Hansen, Lyle Eilers, Rosemary Crowley, Virginia Hackler SECOND ROW-John Toay, Virginia Kolb, Charlyne Nelson, Zoe Broberg, George Pappas, Bill Richards, Shirley Deppe, Miss Slothower. BOTTOM ROW-,Ieaii Jarnagin, Glory -Ianzen, Annette Sehaller, LaVonne Gutel, Bonita Bonebrake, Evelyn Dall- man, Marlene Olson, Mary Ella Hess. HI-BREEZE Slaff Editor-in-chief: Jean Anne Jarnagin Assistant Editors: LaVonne Gutel, Andrew Hansen Head Writers: John Toay, Bill Richards Columnists: Zoe Broberg, Joelle Hansen, Lockerroom Louie, Tartlin' Til. Reporters: Virginia Kolb, Rosemary Crowley, Shirley Deppe, Lyle Eilers, Annette Schaller, Charlyne Nelson, George Pappas. Typists: Bonita Bonebrake, Virginia Hackler, Evelyn Dallman, Marlene Olson. Scrapbook Editor: Glory Janzen Exchange Editor: Mary Ella Hess Sponsor: Miss Slothower News of high school activities was kept up to date to the readers of the school newspaper by an efficient staff and editor. After reporters hand in their assignments, the editor and sponsor proofread and correct the copy which then sent to the uheadv writers and finally to the typists. The Storm Lake Register and Pilot Tribune office is the final destination of Hi-Breeze which appears in that paper every Tuesday. E401 tQ".:e g""!' Sv' fi! ': .Il BACK ROW'-George Pappas, Lyle Rnun, liugene Xlfissler, Bob Wlieiileii, jmck Schmidt, Whiyne Straight. FRONT ROW'--Ioan Anne ilarnngin, Zoe Broberg, joelle Hansen, Lyle liilers. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY e - gg fe? . 53.11651 ,. . .3 :SH . ef 1 , ' s,.: l g The National Honor Society was introduced in Storm Lake this year. lt was established in 1922 and since that time has grown to include over 5,000 chapters in schools all over the nation. Our charter number is 3106. In an impressive initiation ceremony ten charter members were re- ceived into the organization. Fifteen per cent of the senior class may be selected. A list of those in the upper third of the class scholastically is submitted to the faculty which elects the candidates according to charac- ter, service, and leadership. Election to the National Honor Society is intended to be the highest honor that can be conferred upon a student by this school. 411 PEP DAY Pep Day in Storm Lake High was on October 19. The high school marching band led the parade uptown to the main intersection. There a circle was formed by the band around the cheerleaders who led the student body in some rousing yells. FETE DE FOUS Another successful Fete de Fous was held in the high school gym on November 16. Concessions, including bingo, fortune telling, basketball throw, and fishing, were provided by the various home rooms and organi- zations. The Orpheum show presented in the auditorium was opened with some lively numbers by the swing band and small vocal groups. A blackface dance by Physical Education girls, a pantomime, "And the Curtain Fellf, by members of the senior class, movies, and solos on the tippel by Mr. Mogck completed the program. PEP QUEEN Bouquets to the pep queen of '46-Barbara Allen! Marking the close of the basketball season was the crowning of the Pep Queen, Barbara Allen preceding the Emmetsburg game on February 19. Barb was chosen by the student body because of her friendliness and enthusiasm for sports. Tonchita Jones, crown bearer, and Marilyn Jennett led the attendants to the center of the floor where they formed an aisle for the queen. Bob Whealen, game captain, crowned Barbara with a band of white carnations. The attendants, who wore corsages of spring flowers, were Marilyn Jennett, Joelle Hansen, Pat Whiteside, Joanne Rice, Lee Spahn, Mary Ann Reese, Lyle Eilers, Natalie Chapin, and Evelyn Dallman. l42J JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM - 1945 Seniors of Storm Lake High School were guests of the juniors at "Holiday Inn" Saturday evening, May S, 1945, for the annual banquet and prom. Places were laid at eight tables in the high school dining room which was elaborately decorated in the chosen theme. Each table portrayed a different holiday. After a delicious meal served by the sophomores, the following pro- gram of toasts and musical selections was presented with David Olson acting as toastmaster: New Year ..,..,.,ttittttt........c,..............v,t.,....tcttttt Joelle Hansen Old Year .tct............,.t ......, Harlan Broberg St. Valentine's Day ......, .cc........ D ick Reese St. Patrick,s Day ttscscss ,csscss B ob Whealen "Easter Parade' ....... .,ttr...,.,..v,,..tttt.,, G uests May Day rtr,rrrr..rr ..,... - , ........r Marilyn Jennett Independence Day titr.... ,r,tr.,,t G erald Gilbert Thanksgiving Day t,tt,trr.rrr...r. .,,.... ,,,,,tr.rrrrrr,r M r . La Foy Christmas rrr,rrrr.....ttt...,ct,tt,ttrt,rrrrr.......r,vtt Rosemary Crowley The study hall was effectively transformed into a ballroom with the various holidays evident in the decorations in the different parts of the room. Jean Hughes and Dick Watkins ably entertained the dancers with the Irish lilt, while Jack Woods sang an Irish song. Music for dancing was provided by various recordings of name bands. SCHOOL DANCES The opening dance on September 7 was sponsored by the Girl Reserves. Feature of the evening was the swing band directed by Don Hintz. Next on the agenda was an Autumn Dance sponsored jointly by Hi-Y, Girl Reserves and Student Council. Highlights of the event were corn- stalks and pumpkins, cider and doughnuts. Following the Sheldon basketball game was a Christmas dance spon- sored by the cheerleaders. Decorations lent a holiday air to the evening. The Student Council revived the W. P. A. dance this year. It followed the Estherville game. Punch and cookies and no stag line were features. On March 22 Hi-Y and Girl Reserves sponsored a dance to close the canned-food-for-Europe drive. Admission was a can of food. Climaxing the year was a dance on March 29 in honor of the pep queen and her attendants. The Student Council again came forth with refreshments and decorations. I43l 'S ' 11 i ,. " Km.-, ,J r au. XVill it go in? Stars in "Happy journey." Luft, right, lcft,right-keep those lines straight! Right this way-try your luck. Shu can also strut. Stars in "A Young M:m's l"nncy.',Arinisticc Daly game, L1 grunt game on n great day. Look at those poor innocent touslcd hcnds. Jnnip! Hit that low nott-,M.1cstro! Mr. Anderson has the floor. And the fund was good, lun! just Ll sample of senior nhility. H41 LISIC MARCHING BAND The students welcomed Band Director Bill Green back this year from the armed forces. With the aid of his ideas and able guidance they marched away with a "first" rating at the State Marching Band Contest at Pocahontas, October 13. They displayed their snappy routines at all the home football games. A special maneuver was put on at the Spencer game when the floodlights on the field were put out and each band member carried a lighted flash- light. Other appearances included the Armistice Day and Pep Day parades. STRUTTERS BACK ROW'-Bonnie Edwards, Sharon Mammcn, Jocllc Hansen, Billie Edwards. FRONT ROVV-JoAnn Witt, Virginia Gaudian, Betty Hill, E461 CONCERT BAND Under the direction of Will B. Green, the Storm Lake High School concert band made its first appearance of the season Wfednesday, Decem- ber 28, in the high school auditorium. It played for the Vox Pop Lyceum of which Governor Robert D. Blue was the main speaker. Sunday afternoon, February 14, 1946, they gave a concert at which Mr. Karl L. King, noted conductor-composer, Was visiting conductor. The concert also included numbers by the girls' trio, boys, quartet and the brass sextet. The concert band made appearances at many high school plays, the Christmas program and also for a special concert for the "Youth for Christ Movementf' The board was organized this year and the following officers elected: ,lean Anne Jarnagin, president, Wfalter Stock, vice president, Zoe Bro- berg, secretary, Lyle Eilers, treasurer, Wayne Straight, manager, John Toay, librarian, Bill Richards, assistant librarian, Dale Flentje, custodian, Allan Peters, assistant custodian, Don Hintz, assistant director. lx iOXX' Shannon, Cora Zoffka, Xlarlene lnirson, llarrell Anderson, Don Wfillen, Mr. Green. Alanice llidciiltlt lx un liek Miller, Don Hint7, Keith Miller, ,Iohn 'l'o.iy, Allan Peters, NValter Stock, Lyle lfilers, Lluligin Silverberg, Xllrx ss lx n.ird Roberts, Billy Bell, Douglas Pliillipx, -Ienice XY'illeut. Connie Raun. SI-KZOND RONY'-liloyd Rice, Delores 1 n is Nlae Sludge, Donna Dandy, -lean Anne -l.ll'H.lglI1, Charlotte Straight, .Ioanne lillis, Gerald W'itter, Bobby Hldflli 1 tnntlt lack XVood, Shirley Miller, Laura Kevane, Robert Henderson, Bill Richards, klim llawbeclter, Bill Xvitt PRL X Dwayne Belt, Virginia Kolb, David Belt, Dale lilentje, Annette Sehaller, lfloise Yon, Carol Seliuldt, Zoe Brobtrf., Ro tiirdxon, liugene Ciattermole, Norma lillis, XV.iyne Straight. NOT PlCTURlfD-Lois liilstad. l-171 BACK ROW-Carl Sellden, jack Wood, Marilyn Jennctt. SECOND ROW-Mary Ann Reese, W'alter Stock, .lim Hawbecker, Norma Ellis, Wayne Straight. FRONT ROW-Don Hintz, Lyle liilers, Dwayne Belt, Charlotte Straight, Jerry Witter, Jenn Anne jnrnagin, Zoe Broberg, Pat W'hiteside. DANCE BAND The high school "Dance Band" made its debut at the first high school dance sponsored by the Girl Reserves. Having made a hit, they again appeared in the Orpheum at the Carnival Where they opened the program with their theme song, "Two O,Clock Jump." Soloists for this year were Marilyn Jennett, Jack Wood and Dorothy- ann Smith. Don Hintz, leader of this year,s band, starred on his Hawaiian guitar. l48l MIXED CHORUS TOP ROW'-Eugene Catternaole, Ted Fritcher, ,lulian Silverberg, ,lack Wood, Bob Ilginton, Bob NX'healcn, Eugene W'isslcr, Jim Hawbecker, Lyle Raun, XValter Stock, Don Hintl. SECOND ROW'-,lim Munsell, Jerry Witter, Sally Finkbine, Virginia Kolb, Leona Weliniever, Marjorie Kaufman, Zoe Broberg, -lean Anne Jarnagin, Pat Whiteside, Natalie Chapin, Bob Phillips, W'ayne Straight. BOTTOM ROW'-Carrie Zoffka, Phyllis Edwards, Sharon Mamnaen, Shirley Miller, Mary Ann Reese, Dorothyann Smith, Connie Raun, Marilyn ylennett, Rosemary Crowley, Lyl: liilers, Miss Swanson. NOT PICTURBD--Ioelle Hansen, Lois Mae Mudge, Cora Zofflca. BOYS' CHORUS TOP ROW'-Dale johnson, Bob liginton, Mark Van Voorhis, Arnold Mathews, Bruce Patee, Bob W'healen, lfugene Wissler, Jim Hawbeeker, Lyle Raun. SECOND ROW'-Iiugene Cattermole, Bud jones, Roger Richardson, ,lack VC'ood, Carl Sellclen, Julian Silverbcrg, Don Itlintz, Walter Stock. BOTTOM ROXVfMike Pappas, Billy Bell, Jim Munsell, jerry XY'itter, Ted Fritcher, Bob Phillips, XVayne Straight, George Pappas, Miss Swanson. GIRLS' CHORUS TOP ROXY'fNatalie Chapin, Sally Finkbine, Virginia Kolb, Leona Wehmeyer, Marjorie Kaufman, Zoe Broberg, ,lean Anne ,Tarn- agin, Norma Ellie, Marilyn jennett, Pat Wlaitesitle, Rosemary Crowley. SICCOND ROW'-Carrie Zoffka, Lois NX'ilson, Eleanor Anderson, Sharon Mammen, Dorothyann Smith, Connie Raun, Alaniee Munsell, Lyle liilers, Charlotte Straight, Betty Hill. BOT- TOM RONX'-Virginia Gaudian, Cora Zoffka, Phyllis Ildwards, Shirley Miller, Lois Mae Mudge, Mary Ann Reese, ,loAnn Xwitt, Betty Darrow, Pam -Iones, -lean Hughes, Miss Swanson. NOT PICTURliD-.Ioelle Hansen. T511 531 MUSIC APPEARANCES "Yuletide Echoesn played by the high school band opened the Christmas music program December 20 given in the high school auditorium under the direction of Miss Swanson and Mr. Green. The curtain was drawn at 8:00 revealing a beautifully decorated stage. The scenery, by Mr. Forrest Holmes, was centered on a stained glass win- dow at the back. Seated on the stage were both the high school and junior high choruses dressed in choir robes. Music for the program consisted of various Christmas favorites sung by the girls' and mixed choruses. Both vocal and instrumental small groups were also featured after which Lyle Raun read the Christmas Story. Soloists for the evening were Marilyn jennett, Jack Wood, Leona Wehmeyer, Joelle Hansen and Bob Phillips. Christmas carols sung by the combined junior high and high school choruses concluded the program. Small groups and soloists of both the vocal and instru- mental departments appeared at various functions in the community throughout the year. They performed at meetings of organizations such as P.T.A., Rotary, Kiwanis, and have entertained between acts of high school plays. MUSIC CONTEST After weeks of hard work and practice, students in the instrumental and vocal music departments were ready for the preliminary state music contest held in Storm Lake April S-6. It was time well spent as shown by the results of the efforts. Under the able direction of Miss Swanson and Mr. Green the contestants came out with twenty division I ratings. Those receiving this rating were: concert band, trumpet trio, brass sextet, french horn quartet, Jack Miller, tuba, Walter Stock, baritone, Connie Raun, trom- bone, Gerald Witter, alto saxophone, Shirley Miller, french horn, Rosemary Crowley, piano, Don Hintz, string bass, Lyle Raun, snare drum, girls' sextetg girls' trio, mixed quartet, Bob Phillips, baritone, Marilyn Jennett, mezzo- soprano, Leona Wehmeyer, soprano, Carrie Zoffka, so- prano, Gerald Witter, tenor. Second place awards were given to mixed chorus, girls' chorus, boys' quartet, Joelle Hansen, mezzo-soprano, Connie Raun, contralto, Jack Wood, tenor, Sharon Mammon, soprano, Dorothyann Smith, contralto, flute quartet, clarinet quartet, Carol Schuldt, flute, Dwayne Belt, clarinet, Wayne Straight, Cornet, Charlotte Straight, alto saxophone, Gene Cattermole, Cornet, Dale Flentje, clarinet. Those receiving division I ratings entered in the state contest at Sac City on April 26-27. E541 S9043 TOP ROW-Leatrice Spahn, Donna Rockwell, Lois Fertig, Laura Kavane, Shirley Deppe, Sally Finkbine, Marcia Eischeid, Jean- nette Boyd, Bonnie Edwards, Billie Edwards, Betty Heiden, Phyllis Paap, Marilyn Jennett. FOURTH ROW-Barbara Sellden, Pat Whiteside, Romona Shaffer, Cora Zoffka, Charlyne Nelson, Charlotte Straight, Marlene Larson, Donna Dandy, Marlene Olson, Delores Steig, Lois Rockwell, Lois Cameron, Connie Raun, Eleanor Anderson. THIRD ROW-Jo Ann Ellis, Joanne Rice, Carrie Zoffka, Marlene Rice, Janice Munsell, Patty Sliefert, Naomi Jordon, Mary Smith, Jenice Willcutt, Lois Gilsted, Arleta Olson, Lois Mudge, Arlene Brummer, jean Hughes. SECOND ROW-Barbara Allen, Mary Ann Reese, Betty Lou Hunter, Mari- lyn Main, Ruth O'Brien, Lois Wilson, Marjorie Huseman, Glory -Ianzen, Annette Schaller, Norma Ellis, Virginia Gaudian, Madonna Rickman, Betty Hill, LaVonnc Shinn, Miss Shannahan. BOTTOM ROW-Shirley Smith, Norma Bice, Phyllis Grienke, Phyllis Edwards, Betty Shannon, Charlene Dnhlman, Zeta Zubradt, Charlotte Dahlman, Betty Darrow, Mary Ella Hess. G. A. A. The fourth year for the Girls Athletic Association has proven to be a great success. It is one of the largest organ- izations in school, its purpose being to build school spirit, health and morals. The G. A. A. girls, under the capable leadership of Miss Shannahan, introduced a Play Day, one of the most out- standing events of the local organization. Three other schools were invited to take part in this day of fun. G. A. A. is affiliated with the state chapter and the point system has been carried out. The girls earn points by taking part in all types of sports both in and out of school. After earning 5 00 points they receive a letter. A thousand points entitles them to a state pin. T561 Barbara Sellden ,.... ,.. ,, ,... P reszdemf Pat Whiteside ..d..,, Vice- president Shirley Deppe .i,. .-....S6'C1'C'fd1'jl-14760814707 Mary Smith ,.,.iiii. iiiiiiii P oizzf Secrefary Miss Shannahan .,,.i ..,.,ss.. Sponsor G. A. A. CABINET The G. A. A. Cabinet consists of nine members--a girl from each homeroom and Miss Shannahan. At their meet- ings they discuss plans for functions of the organization including parties, intramural activities, and forthcoming events. These plans are later carried on to the general meetings. TOP ROW-Mary Smith, Shirley Dcppc, Barbara Sellden, Pat W'hitesidc, Connie Raun. FRONT ,ROW1B3fb1fil Allen, Jean Hughes, Annette Schaller, Betty Hill, Miss Sharmahan M aw.-me ' ' 571 GIRLS' INTRAMURAL The G. A. A. sponsors intramurals but any girl may take part in the sports events whether she is a member of G. A. A. or not. Although the sports program was strenuous, its popularity increased and results of the training were evident by the grace, growth, and development of the girls. Basketball was the outstanding event of the year and tournaments were held between girls in Phys. Ed. classes and between girls in the four grades. The "Bouncing Bloomersf, whose captain was Opal Shannon, won the championship between the Phys. Ed. classes. Opal Shannon's team consisted of Marilyn Jennett, Mary Smith, Mary Ann Reese, Jo Ann Ellis, Allene Burch, and Sally Finkbine. The junior girls came out on top in the tournament between grades. Their team was made up of Barbara Sellden, captain, Charlotte Straight, Mary Smith, Jo Ann Ellis, Allene Burch, Opal Shannon, Charlyne Nelson, Phyllis Edwards, Phyllis Grienke, and Ruth O'Brien. In the spring the girls spent their time outside playing volleyball, softball and participating in a few track events which were also held this year. f58 I'lJAlI'.l Allen, Mary Ann Reese, ploanne Rice, Marilyn hlcnnett. Pam jones, Nl.1rci.1 liisclieid. Sally liinkbinu, l5arb.1r.1 CHEERLEADERS This year we had eight peppy cheerleaders who worked long and hard introducing new yells and revising old ones. These girls sold pencils, had charge of the check room, and sponsored a dance in order to help pay for their uniforms which really made a hir! The cheerleaders followed both the football and basketball teams closely this year and enthusiastically cheered the fellows on. These girls were under the supervision of Miss McLane, who spent much time with them in helping them to be a success. Our thanks to her! We also wish to thank the student body for their backing. , i591 TOP ROW-Bob Connell, Gordon Cameron, Allan Peters, Bud Jones, John Toay, Bill Bennett, Chuck Higgins. FIFTH ROW- Frank Boyd, Richard Connell, Bill Milton, Skip Hall, George Lamb, Philip Prichard, Willis Degner, Bill Witt. FOURTH ROW' -Bob Phillips, Don Glow, Dale Flentje, Darwin Larsen, Wayne Straight, jim Hawbecker, Kenard Roberts, Lloyd Shannon, Roger Rader. THIRD ROW-Mr. Bridge, Bob Eginton, Jack Schmidt, Stuart Iiischeid, Arnold Mathews, Leslie Oatman, Bob Willadsen, Milo Pearson, Mr. LaFoy. SECOND ROW-Mr. Mogck, Melvin Abbott, LaDon Sorensen, Lyle Raun, Eugene Wissler, Walter Stock, Don Mirrelsradr, Ronald Hanson, Mr. Block, BOTTOM RONW-Don Dandy, Bob Whealen, Harold Dyvad, Mark Van Voorhis, Dick Cuppy, Don Lawson, Bruce Patee, Don Clough, -lim Mansell. September 21 STORM LAKE-6 SAC CITY-0 Opening the season on Bradford Field, Storm Lake managed to pull the first game out of the fire when Oatman smashed over from the two yard line with but two minutes remaining in the game. The decisive factor in determining the outcome of this hard fought game was the Tornadoes' ability to capitalize on their breaks. September 28 STORM LAKE-30 SPIRIT LAKE-O Storm Lake showed great improvement over the opener with Sac City, and easily defeated Spirit Lake in the second game of the season at Bradford Field. Passes thrown by Patee, one to Whealen and one to Hanson, accounted for two of the scores. Eiseheid and Wissler also tallied twice. Many reserves saw action in the first conference tilt. October 5 STORM LAKE-6 SPENCER-13 In a wide open ball game the Green and White were handed their only defeat of the season at Spencer. Spencer managed to score at the beginning of each half, the rest of the game being played on more even terms. Oatman crossed to pay dirt after Storm Lake had made a sustained march starting from the Spencer kick-off after their first touch- down. E601 October 1 1 STORM LAKE-58 IDA GROVE-12 Still stinging from the Spencer defeat, the Tornadoes romped over Ida Grove at Bradford Field. Except for two breaks when the Hawks scored on razzle-dazzle plays, the game was exceedingly one-sided. Using straight power plays, Storm Lake scored nine times, three by Oatman, two by Schmidt, and one each by Dyvad, Willadsen, Eischeid, and Wissler. October 19 STORM LAKE-39 SHELDON-0 Storm Lake added another Lakes Conference victory by defeating Sheldon on the home field. The Sheldon backs found their way blocked on nearly every play by a fighting Tornado line and were unable to make any long gains. Several costly fumbles and penalties kept Storm Lake from piling up a large score. Oatman crossed into pay dirt twice, Wissler twice, while Willadsen and Eischeicl each tallied once. October 26 STORM LAKE-13 EMMETSBURG-0 Although the Tornadoes amassed 332 net yards from scrimmage to Emmetsburg's 1, numerous fumbles and penalties held Storm Lake to two touchdowns. Storm Lake's aggressive line completely outplayed their opponents, opening huge holes on offense and pulling down opposing backs before they had a chance to get into the open. Oatman first crossed the white stripe into pay dirt on an off tackle play in the second period. He also made the last touchdown with but 30 seconds remaining in the game. November 2 STORM LAKE-21 DENISON-6 In one of the most thrilling contests on Bradford Field the Green and White defeated Denison in a fourth quarter touchdown parade. Oatman scored Storm Lake's first marker after the Tornadoes had marched from their own thirteen yard line in the opening period. Early in the fourth quarter Oatman again scored for Storm Lake on an off tackle smash from the four yard line. The last tally came on a 31 yard pass from Patee to Whealen. November 11 STORM LAKE-9 CHEROKEE-0 As a fitting climax for Storm Lake's successful football season, the Tornado eleven defeated Cherokee in the annual Armistice Day game at Cherokee. Playing on a wet and soggy field, the Tornadoes were unable to capitalize on several scoring opportunities in the first half. Following a pass interception by Patee, Bob Willadsen crossed the final stripe for the Tornadoes. A pass from Patee to Clough was good for the extra point. Whealen and Wissler teamed together to pull Ryan down behind his own goal line for Storm Lake's other two points. T611 EUGENE WISSLER "Wiss,' In his fourth and last year of football at S.L.H.S. "Wiss" was a steady and reliable player. His tackling on defense, and hard blocking and running from his back posi- tion on offense earned him a place on the All-Conference Second Team as well as Honorable Mention on the All-State Team. Showing their confidence and respect for him, his teammates elected him Honorary Captain. BRUCE PATEE "Pat" He was able to do a first rate job at guard, tackle or in the backfield. Wlien in the backfield, he did the passing, and in line plays he used his size to open holes in the opponents' forward Walls. This along with his ability to anticipate the plays of the opposition will make him hard to re- place next year. ROBERT EGINTON "jeep" He was a sophomore and substituted at quarterback this year. He was a good passer and should develop into a good back in his next two years. BOB WILLADSEN HR0bi11,, The scatback of the team, he made up for his lack in size with his speed and shiftiness. Once he was in the open it was difficult for opponents to catch him. An- other sophomore, he will be a great help in the next two years. BOB WHEALEN "Bob" He was selected on the All-Conference First Team and given Honorable Mention on the All-State Team for his excellent playing at end in his third and last year for S.L.H.S. His driving shoestring tackles and his knack for catching passes made him one of the most valuable men on the field. LES OATMAN "Les', Another senior with three years experi- ence, Les had the responsibility of calling signals. He got Storm Lake out of many tight spots with the superior punting and he was also the leading ground-gainer. His ability as a blocker and as an open field runner will be greatly missed next year. Les was chosen on the Lakes Conference Second Team. MARK VAN VOORHIS "Marle,' His ability as a down fieldblocker and his ability to stop opposing backs enabled him to do a great job as regular guard. He is only a junior and should be an asset to next yearis eleven. RONALD HANSON "Hamm His aggressiveness and rough and tumble method of play will make him an even more valuable man next year. Hans demon- strated during the past season his ability to block, tackle and hang on to passes from his position as reserve end or guard. ROGER RADER "R0g,' Roger, playing his last year for S.L.H.S. was the regular center. On offense he could be counted on to start each play with an accurate pass from center. He was equally outstanding on defense, as line- backer, pulling down many opponents' passes. STUART EISCHEID "Stun Through the year he developed rapidly as a halfback and could be counted on to gain needed yardage. The determination and spirit shown by "Stu" will help to inspire the football teams of S.L.H.S. for the next two years. MELVIN ABBOTT "Mein Another of those juniors whose fight and determination greatly added to the success of the team, Melvin could always be counted on to do a bang-up job as substi- tute end. He ought to be a real asset to the team next year. ANTON SCHMIDT "jack, His crisp tackling as a defensive halfback made the Tornado defense one of the toughest. On offense he did a good job of taking care of would-be tacklers. Unfor- tunately he also will be lost by graduation. DON DAN DY "Duck" An essential member of any ball club is a manager. His willingness to work and keep equipment in top shape added much to the success of the team. LYLE RAUN "RnI1bit,' Capable of filling in either at guard or end, Lyleis ability to block and tackle made him tough opposition on the gridiron. How- ever, he is one of the lads who has played his last season of football on Bradford Field. DON CLOUGH "Dinles" Although handicapped part of the season by a knee injury, Donis fight and liking for bodily contact marked him as one of the most valuable men on the field. From his end position he could always be counted on to rush opposing backs, lead interference or bring the crowd to their feet with his pass catching ability. He, too, will be lost by graduation. MILO PEARSON "spa-f.1'f Kept ULIE of action the first part of the season by a heart condition, Milo made up for it before the last game had been played. His speed and elusiveness as a ball carrier and his determination at all times should mark him as a man to watch next year. DICK CUPPY "Cup" Able to play either guard or center, his liking for Contact was shown in both of- fensive and defensive play. A senior this year, S.L.H.S. will miss him next year. JIM MUNSELL "Iim,' The other of our pair of managers. He, too, found that there was always some little things waiting to be done but there was very little praise in return. HAROLD DYVAD "Gus" Known as the big boy of the team, he used his size and aggressiveness to clear the way for the ball carriers and to stop op- ponents from crossing his side of the line. His reward was selection on the All-Con- ference Second Team. A senior, he will be greatly missed next year. DON LAWSON "Don" Called the "Iron Man" of the Tornado line, Don played his third year for S.L.H.S. in a manner that gained the respect of both teammates and opponents. His vicious blocking and tackling as a guard or tackle won for him a position on the second All- Conference Team and will make him a hard man to replace next year. Oatman Wisslcr Eischcid Schmidt Van Voorhis Pearson Patee Eginton Coach LaFoy Lawson Whealen Dandy Glow Willadsen Hanson Munsell E641 FIRST TEAM TOP ROXVWRunald TIJHSUI1, ,lim Mumell, Bob Willgudselm, Don Dandy, -lack Schmidt. SECOND ROW-Mr. Honsbruek, Robert liginmn, Don Lxwwn, Mnrk Van Vonrhis, Eugene W'isslcr, Lea O.umun, Mr. Lnljoy. BOTTOM ROW'-Stu Iliseheid, Don Glnw, Bruce Pzxtec, Bob Wlwealcn, Milo Pearson. BASKETBALL-1945346 SECOND TEANI TOP ROXV-Clmrles Iligginw, Allan Peters, XY'iTliS Dcgner, TWV. Honwbruck, Bill Wfill, Bud 4IoneS, Bob Connell. BOTTOM ROXVfliob Willndsen, Ronald Hanson, Mark Vnn Voorlmis, Robert ligintun, Royal Fortune. ,ww ,,-D P T651 BASKETBALL LETTERMEN BRUCE PATEE--"Pat', used his height and aggressiveness at center to become high- point man for the season and also to gain a berth on the All-Conference Second Team and Honorable Mention on the All-State Team. However, opponents will not have to worry about his deadly shooting next year as he will graduate in May. Bruce was elected honorary co-captain for the season. BOB- WHEALEN-Bob, called the sparkplug of the Tornadoes, supplied the spirit and determination for victory in many a close game. His ability as a clever ball-handler and an accurate shooter won him a position on the All-Conference Second Team and Honorable Mention on All-State. Bob was also elected honorary co-captain. STUART EISCHEID-"Stu" seemed to be the hard luck kid of the Tornadoes. Although he was kept out of action twice during the season by illness, he returned to the lineup each time with more fight. His ability to remain calm under pressure should mark him as a valuable man in the next two years. DON GLOW-Although I.H.S.A.A. regulations made him ineligible for one semester after his transfer from St. Mary's, Don played a lot of good basketball for the Tornadoes during the second semester. His strong defensive work and "on the spotv passing should add much to the success of next year,s five. MILO PEARSON-"Speed," as his nick-name indicates, was one of the faster men on the S.L.H.S. team. He was also a clever ball-handler and he developed a one- handed shot that enabled him to dump in many baskets. He,ll be back next year. DON LAWSON-Don made good use of his height both on offense and defense. When his team had possession of the ball, his timely passing and deadly shooting from the pivot spot spelled trouble for any opposing five. While on defense it took a good man to get around him for an open shot. LESLIE OATMAN-Although "Les,' was not tall, his ability to get off the floor at the right time made him one of the better rebounders on this year,s ball club. His team spirit and will to win will be hard to replace next year. EUGENE WISSLER-"Wiss', was one of the most reliable players on the team. His height helped him to capture many rebounds and to hold down his man. The fans got some of their biggest thrills from his long "swishers." These, together with his passing ability will be missed next year. L- RONALD HANSON--"Hans" was another of those juniors on whom you could depend when the going got tough. Prom hiswguard position he was able to toss in points when they really counted. He should be a valuable man to have around next year. E661 There ,,7,,,,.,, There ,.,A,,, Here ..7.,,,w.... Here ,,,,...A,,,, Here ...,.....,, , Herem e.,, Here .,..,,,.... There , ,,,,,,.,, There ,...,,,r, Here ..,, ..r,,,, , There ,,.,..,r., Here A.,,.,.,,,,, There ,,..,,,,,, Here ,,,,,,,,r,,, February There ,e...e,.,. Cherokee ,,,, Cherokee ,,.,. ,.,....,,, Here. ,.,,..,,,.,, , Here ,,,..,,,..,.,,,, Patee e,..,,.,,,, Whealen ,,,, .,,.. Eischeid ,.,..,, Pearson ,,,,,,, Oatman ,,,,,,, Lawson ,,,,. Glow,....,,,, W1ssler,,,,,, Hanson ,,,,,... Schmidt ....,,.,.. Van Voorhis ,,,,,, Eginton, ,,,.,,,., 1945-46 Basketball Record December 4 ,,.,,,, Sac City .,,e,,,,e,,,,,,,e,,,,,,,,,,,,e,.,,.., 22 December 7 ..,..,,, Spirit Lake ,,,,... ,,,,. 1 1 December 11 ,,,,, ,,.,LeMars r,,,,,,, 31 December 14 ,...,,,, Sheldon ,,,,,,. ,,.,r, 2 0 December 28 ,,,,,,,. Spencer ,,,,,,,,., ,,e,, , 24 January 4 .,...,, , Estherville e,,,,,.., , .,,.. 3 1 January 11 ,,,,,,, ,Cherokee .,,.. ,,,, L 12 January IS ,..,.,. ,Spencer ,,,e,,,.,e,e, ,,,,, 2 7 January 18, ,,,.,. ,Emmetsburg ...,... ,,,,,, 2 2 January 25 ...,,. .. Spirit Lake ,,,,,,, W ., 13 January 29 ,,.r,,, Sheldon, ,,,,,,,,. ,,,,., 3 6 February 8 ,,,,,,, ,Estherville ,.,a,,.. 34 February 15 ...,.... Cherokee, ,,....,,,,e,,,,,, ,,,,,, 3 1 19 ,,,,-., Emmetsburg ,,.,, ..,,,..,, , . ,,., 25 February 22 ,,,,,,,, Sioux City Central ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 4 8 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT ,,,,,,eFebruary 26,,,,,,,,Marcus 14 March 1 ,,,,,,,, Aurelia,,,...,, 21 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT ,March S ,,,.,,, ,,,,, ,,,.,, P o cahontas ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 23 March 8 .....,., ,,,,.,, M anson ,,., ...,,, 2 I INDIVIDUAL SCORING RECORD Goals Free Throws A. 50 40 ,A 5 1 27 ,,, 24 8 ,L 19 12 1 5 1 3 W, 1 5 1 1 L, 1 1 5 9 1 5 2 3 0 2 0 0 0 O 0 Willadsen. ,,,.., i671 Storm Lake .,,.,,e,...v 24 Storm Lake ,,,....., 27 Storm Lake ,.,r,,,,,,,, 18 Storm Lake ,,...,,,,,, 24 Storm Lake ,........... 18 Storm Lake ,,,,,,,,,,,, 22 Storm Lake ,,,.,,,..... 21 Storm Lake ..,.,..,..,, 24 Storm Lake ,,,,,,,,,,, 30 Storm Lake ,,,..,,..... 37 Storm Lake ,,,,,,,,.,., 25 Storm Lake ,,,,,,,,.,,. 43 Storm Lake .,....,..... 41 Storm Lake ,,,,,,,,,,,, 24 Storm Lake ,,,,.,,..,,. 15 Storm Lake ,,,,,,,,,,,, 34 Storm Lake a,,e........ 3 2 Storm Lake C... ..,.. 5 5 Storm Lake ,,,,,,,, ,,,, 1 9 Fouls Total Points 5 1 140 56 129 19 S6 29 50 41 43 20 41 2 2 22 1 1 19 6 12 1 6 2 4 0 0 0 0 TOP ROW'-Lyle Raun, Richard Connell, Eugene Wissler, Bill Witt, Don Lawson, David Olson, Bruce Patee, LaDon Sorensen, Kenard Roberts, Bob Wfhealen, Bob lfginton, Phil Pritchard. THIRD ROW4Mr. Honsbruck, Don Mittelstadt, Keith Miller, Graydon Hansen, Darwin Larson, Mnrk Van Voorhis, Harold Dyvad, Don Glow, Walter Stock, Robert Walratli, Ronald Hanson, Milo Pearson, Melvin Abbott, coach LaFoy. SECOND ROW-Eugene Wohlers, Stu Eischeid, Bob Willadsen, Bud Jones, Skip Hall, David Belt, Bob Phillips, Bill Milton, Dick Hughes, Dwayne Belt, Floyd Rice, Don Dandy, jim Hawbecker. BOTTOM ROW-Allan Peters, John Toay, Royal Fortune, Jack Schmidt, Wayixe Straight, Jim Munsell, Willis Degner, George Lamb, Charles Higgins, Bob Connell, Danny McCabe. 1946 TRACK SCHEDULE Friday, April 12 ...,.. ......e,.eeeeeDteeDe,,...,e.eeeee,ee.r ...e., H o lstein Relays Thursday, April 18am .......e.,e,ee Tuesday, April 23 D,.,O Friday, April 2 6 .... Tuesday, April 30 ,.,e. Friday, May 3 eeeeeee Tuesday, May 7 ,eeea. Friday, May 10 ,e,e. Friday, May 17 aea,a Pocahontas Relays ,D,tQuintangular Meet at Sac City Sioux City Relays eW,tDual Meet at Cherokee ------Sac City Invitation Meet ee,------,.---e,,eeeDCounty Meet ,---e ,State District at Cherokee d-eeLakes Conference at Cherokee H581 1945 TRACK SEASON Holstein Relays, April 13 Storm Lake took to the field for the first track meet of the season and emerged eighth among strong competition. Although it was a cold windy day, the team showed prospects for a successful season. Pocahontas, April 20 Led by the 440 yard relay team, which was the only Storm Lake representative to win a first, the Tornadoes finished third in the Pocahontas Relays. Tomahawk HCherokee," April 21 Only three Tornadoes, Patee, Wissler, and Fred Lawson, participated in this meet, but each of them managed to place in some event and together they collected 7fQ points for the Green and White. Sac City Quintagular, April 24 Winning nine firsts and amassing 114k points, the Tornadoes walked away with first place honors in this meet. Oatman in the hurdle events and Wissler in the shot and football throw won double honors for Storm Lake while the mile and 880 yard relay teams also won firsts. Cherokee Triangular, May 1 The Storm Lake relay teams won three of Storm Lake's nine firsts in this meet between Cherokee, Alta, and Storm Lake. Team honors for the meet also fell to the Tornadoes with a total of 9192 points. Sac City Relays, May 4 Storm Lakeis all around team strength was the deciding factor in giving the Tor- nadoes the team trophy for the second consecutive year. Two relays, the two mile and the 880 yard, brought home first place honors, while Straight in the broad jump and Lawson in the discus also won firsts. County Meet, May 8 Winning first in every event except the 440 yard dash, Storm Lake's total of 168 U10 points easily took team honors. District, May 11 Fred Lawson, winning first in the discus, was the only contestant to qualify for state meet at Ames. Lakes Conference, May 18 A successful season was brought to a close at Estherville where the Tornadoes finished in the runner-up position, losing to Spencer by less than three points. Three relays-the 440, the 880, and the mile-won firsts, while Lawson, in the discus, and Wissler, in the 220 dash, also captured first place honors, E691 BOYS' INTRAMURAL Boys, not on the regular football, basketball, or track squads, have had the opportunity to engage in athletic activities as members of physical training or intramural teams. Throughout the year many were given the chance to participate in softball, touch football, volley ball, basketball, track events and wrestling. Probably the most popular intramural sport was basketball. Besides having teams which played twice a week during phys. ed. periods, the boys also organized four intramural teams to take part in a regular organized Round Robin tournament. Each team, captained by a Senior and including nine other players, played every other team five times. At the end of the season Walter Stock,s undefeated team were declared intramural champs. ATHLETIC BANQUET On May 13th all boys on football, basketball, and track teams, were honored at an Athletic Banquet served by the homemaking girls. This banquet included all boys out for athletics, whereas the Football Banquet of previous years took in only football boys. About ninety, including the cheerleaders, attended. The feature on the program was Prof. Lewis Menze, head of the De- partment of Physical Education from Iowa State College at Ames. l70l ale ndar C- A l. E N D A R September -School started. "lt seems to me Pve heard th at beforef! -Election of class and homeroom offi- cers. XVhealen ascends the mighty throne- -G. R. sponsored danceg music by the Swing Band, and mixers. -G. R. picnic for all high school girls. -Iowa tests. Need we say more? --More Iowa tests. -G.A.A. piayday-and a good time was had by all- -Cheerleaders chosen. Now we have eight! -Student Council organized. livery year new rules. -Senior magazine sales start. W'ho'lI get those candy bars? -Football kickoff night! We were vic- torious. -Parents' night school, but llwj' clon't bum' to go. -Hi-Y organized. New orderg Wissler wields the gavel. --Tornadoes do it again-defeat Spirit Lake here. -Time changes back one hour. Extra hours sleep, or so they said. October -Magazine sales close. Seniors set a new record, of course-over 51,000 -Spencer defeated us, Oh, well, there's always next year. -Pictures taken for Br'r'r':1'. Hrrr! was it cold out there! -Juniors pick out class rings. Tornado crest chosen. It will be used by classes in the future. -Teachers all absent. fTeaehers, meet- ing in Sioux Cityj. Why can't this last longer? -Marching Band Contest at Pocahontas. Bigger and better contest. Almost back to pre-war standards. -"Fill 'er up!" was the ery heard from the seniors today. Dental Program was the cause. -Report cards. Better we had studied. -Paid Assembly -- Nutchuck from Alaska. He had a pretty jacket and could play the piano, too. -Homecoming. Parade led by Marching Band. Sheldon game. Fine outcome. -Marching Band pictures taken. We'll let the picture speak for itself. -Hi-Y Installation-and they're off to a clean start. -G. R. Installation, Recognition Service, and Tea for the mothers. Quite a full day but well worth the time spent. -We spoiled Ifmmetsburgis Homecom- ing. -Ralph Peer. Ocarina Player. He eer- tainly could play "Listen to the Mock- ing Bird." -Halloween. Vfhere are all the street lights? i 1 CALENDAR ..,,., November -Hi-Y, G. R., S. C. sponsored dance. Cider, doughnuts, decorations, low lights, and no mixers! Hubba, Hubba. -Seniors choose announcements with en- graving of the school on the inside. juniors prove they have talent. Class play big success. -We won the Annual Armistice Day game at Cherokee. Marching Band rained out at half. -Fete de Fous. Seniors really put out the corn. Swing Band "yIohnnie" Wfood did all right, too. -Magician-and we thought we had good eyesight. Freshman homeroom program. -junior Hi-Y organi7ed. Something new has been added. -Paid Assembly by Leon Smith plus family and dog. Pictures of a chimp, too. My, how our first cornet player and drum major have changed! Spencer basketball game postponed be- eause of flu. Almost everyone here had it. December -Something rare today. Date is 12-3-45. -Sac City basketball game there and we beat 'ent, but it was close! -Bond drive ended. School system went way over their goal. -"Trusty Five" took care of Spirit Lake there. -We lost the LeMars game here. Gosh, but they were tall fellows. -Sheldon game followed by Cheerlead- ers' Christmas dance. -My, rather cold out, isn't it? -G. R. Christmas party. Girls really pllf UH Ll gllod UNC, IOU. -G.A.A. Christmas party. Cold Christ- mas Caroling, wasn'L it? -Music groups presented Christmas pro- gram for their public. -S. C. Christmas program. Rey. C. C. Richardson and chorus groups did a good job. -Spencer game postponed again, They were sick this time. -W'as Santy Claus good to you? I -We finally played Spencer. Ural . Y' www X ,,.,f.V www ll 14 15 16 18 23 24 25 29 50 51 14 C A I. E N D A R January 2-School started again. Semester tests to look forward to. 4-Estherville game there but we had the lowest score. 9-Guest Conductor at Concert Band. Warraint Officer nl. G. Thomas Law- renee. -The B.B. boys beat Cherokee here. Do you suppose Eischeid was as surprised over that last basket as the crowd was? -New semester. Well, hcrcls our last chance for the year. -We played Spencer again. In their gym this time. -Officers elected for Concert Band. J. A. Jargagin, president. -Iimmetsburg game there. Not many S.L.H.S. kids there but they still made a winning cheering section. -Seniors ordered announcements. Now all they have to do is graduate. -G. R. and the two Hi-Y groups met in school time. That's the first time for a system like that. -One Acts. Wonder what kind of car they had in the Thornton Wilder play. It sure had the shakes! -I say, those kids did it again! Beat Spirit Lake here. -Sheldon didn't entertain us very well. We lost. -Feb. 2-S.L.H.S. played host to County Tournament. -Vital Statistics Day. They sized up the Senior class. For caps and gowns, that IS. February 1-A rm e n i a n speaker, Mr. Davidian. 3-9 Clever, wasn't he? -W.P.A. Week. Herels where the girls get to spend their money. 6-After G. R. and Hi-Y combined meet- ing, we ought to have plenty of pep. 8-Mr. Gilchrist from Australia. 9-Iistherville game big success for us. -W. P. A. dance after game. Gals were on choosing side and eliminated the stag line. -Movies on Mexico. Did you like this pie ture? -Valcntine's Day. Will you be mine? -Election of Pep Queen. Wonder who it will be? -My, but the Cherokee game was close for a while. 17-Rotary Club speaker. Can you imagine flying around the world four times in an hour? -Queen Barb now reigns! Congratula- lations! -No school! Teachers had business, we had businessg we had play. -Sioux City Central game. Nice trip. 26--Tournament at Cherokee. Marcus went downg we went up! E741 I8 22 26 29 1 I2 6 4 3 I7 19 23 24 CALENDAR March We beat Aurelia! XY'onder who threw that dead pigeon? Paid Assembly. How come there were no volunteers to try out that electric chair? It worked! District T o ur n a m e n t here. Poor "Policy," de done beat 'ern! End of basketball season. -How about driving to Alaska? Behind the tractors in the movies there was nice scenery. -We're going to have quite a team next year. just ask the senior boys. -"Crossed XVires." Homeroom 8 got us plenty mixed up for I1 while. -"I'Il come if I can," so everybody said. Can of food admission, you know. -National Honor Society Initiation. We we have ten charter members. fBarb Allen honored at Pep Queen Dance. April -April Fool's Day. Did you get caught? 3-"May I help you, please?" J. R. john- 6 son and Dr. Potter told us about re- railing. -Preliminary music contest here. W'ho's that knocking-? No one. Those are my knees! 9-Report cards. Now don't you wish you had studied? 9-Breeze went to press. Big day for 15 editors. -Seniors present "Arsenic and Old l -2 Lace." Charge!!! Another of Mr. An- derson's successful productions. 9-Vacation. "In your Easter bonnet with all the trimmings on it-" 7-State music contest at Sac City. NVe had 20 entries. May --The long awaited jr.-Sr. banquet. Thanks lots to the juniors. It really was super! vSomething new. Athletic banquet. Good food and a good speaker. -Class Day. "WT, the Senior Class of 1946 do hereby will and bequeath-" -lt's almost over. Baccalaureate. -Commencement. lt's all over now. So long kids. Wisli we were coming back. -Last day of school for underclassmen. See you next year. U51 I . G STEP ak was Q TOP ROW-Wiilter Stock, LaDon Sorensen, David Olson, Lyle Raun, Gordon Baustian, Eugene Wissler, Bob Whealen. SEC- OND ROW-Carl Sellden, Don Hintz, Virginia Kolb, Rosemary Crowley, Marlene Olson, Zoe Broberg, Marianne Aust, Eugene Cattermole. THIRD ROXV--lack Schmidt, Leatricc Spahn, Pat Wfhiteside, Marilyn Jennett, Natalie Chapin, Mary Ann Reese, .lean Anne Jarnagin, Jane Holmes, Wayne Straight. BOTTOM ROW-.Ioellc Hansen, Joanne Rice, Lyle Eilers, Beverly Thomas, Barbara Allen, Bonita Bonebrake, Evelyn Dallman, Virginia Haeklcr. NOT PTCTURED-Marjorie Kaufman. ANNUAL STAFF - 1946 The 1946 yearbook kept these seniors busy and concerned about the first post-war Breeze. But it was well Worth the effort and lots of fun! Eolifor . . . Joelle Hansen Assisfimi Edifor . . Pat Whiteside Business Mamzger . . . Jack Schmidt Assisfizmf Business Mizmzger ..... Carl Sellden Ari ...... Evelyn Dallman, Bonita Bonebrake Afhlefifs . Barbara Allen ,Bob Whealen, Eugene Wissler Music . Rosemary Crowley, Marilyn Jennett, Don Hintz Social . ..... Jean Jarnagin, Zoe Broberg Snaps . Leatrice Spahn, Wayne Straight, Eugene Cattermole Dwzmizfics . ..... Jane Holmes, Lyle Raun Ciilelidmf .... Lyle Eilers, David Olson Clubs . . Joanne Rice, Virginia Kolb, LaDon Sorensen jokes . . . Mary Ann Reese, Gordon Baustian Typisis Natalie Chapin, Virginia Hackler, Marlene Olson, Marjorie Kaufman Index ....... Marianne Aust, Walter Stock Sponsors . Miss McLane, Mr. Jones Advisors . . Miss Johns, Mr. Block E761 HUMOR Pat W.: "I'll take two quarts of gas and a pint of oil." Carl S.: "Yes, Ma'am, and would you like me to sneeze in your tires?" Arnold M.: "I'm just a poor boy trying to get ahead." Mr. Bridge: "That's fine: from your performance so far, you certainly need one." Jack Schmidt: I love its gentle warble, I love its rapid flow, I love to wind my tongue up, I love to hear it go. Mr. Anderson: "Don, use the word ferment which means 'to w0rk', in a sentencef, Don L.: "I would much rather play pool all day than ferment in school." Harold Dyvad's Epitaphs: He tried to cross the railroad track, Before a rushing train. They put the pieces in a sackg But they couldn't find the brain. Chuck H.: 'Tm a little stiff from bowling." Coach: "I don't care where you're from! Get on the track." George Lamb: "Is it true that he called you a blockhead?" Willy D.: "No, he didn't make it that strong. He just said, 'Pull down your cap, here comes a woodpecker'!" Mr. Mogck: "What made you oversleep this morning?" Mary Ann Reese: "There are eight of us in the house, but the alarm was only set for sevenf, Teacher: 'QWho can name one important thing that happened Within the last hundred years?" Bob P.: "ME!,' Freshman: "May I go out tonight?" Sophomore: "I'll be in at ten." Junior: "I'm going out tonight." Senior: "I'll bring in the milk." 771 Activities Snaps Annual Staff , Baby Pictures W ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , W Basketball Lettermen , Basketball Record , Basketball Teams ,, Board of Education Boys, Chorus U Boys' Intramural W Boys' Quartet Brass Quartet N Brass Sextet ,,t, Calendar ,t,,,, , Cheerleaders Clarinet Quartet , Commencement Program e,,, Concert Band ., ,,,,,, Y ,,,,,,, , Cornet Trio ,.,, Dance Band ,t,, Dedication Y ,,,, , Faculty Snaps Fete De Fous ,,,, W Flute Quartet H ,C Football ,, ,.,,,,,r,, W Football Lettermen ,tt,, ,, ,,,., 62- Foreword ,,,,,,.., ,, ,,,,,,,, , French Horn Quartet ,,,.,, ,...,,, Freshmen .,,,,..r G. A. A .,,,..,,.,,,,, , ,,,,,,, G. A. A. Cabinet ,,,.,. , ,.,,,, . Girls' Chorus W Girls' Intramural , ,r,,, Girl Reserves ..,,. , INDEX Girl Reserve Cabinet Girls' Sextet Y ,,,t ., ..i.,, ,,,, , Girls' Trio ,,,.,,,,,,,, .,,,. Hi-Breeze Staff .....,, ..... Hi-Y Board ,,,.,,, ..... Humor ,,..,,,, Janitors r,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , Junior Class Play ,,.... Junior Hi-Y .,,.,,, Juniors ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Marching Band ,,., Mixed Chorus ,,,,,,,, Mixed Quartet ,,,,,, 26- Music Appearances ,.,.., ..,.. Music Contest ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W. , National Honor Society ,,,,,,, t..... One Acts ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,, Pep Day ,,,.. Pep Queen .,,., Principal ,.,,, Prom , ..., , Seniors ,,,,,,,, , 16- Senior Snaps ,,,,,,, .,,.. School Dances ..,,.. Sophomores ,, ,,.,, ,,,,. 2 8- Senior Class Play. ,,,,,, ,,,,, Senior Hi-Y ,,,,,.,,,, Student Council ...,.,, -,,,, Student Snaps ,,,,,,,, Superintendent ,t,,. Teachers ,,.. , ,- Track 1946 .,.. , Track 1945 .,.,,, 11- U8 M MWEQWZQQQQW if SJW. AMfM0yvW M KQWWQWLMMW Www TI-I F' F3 R F F Z F VOLUME XXXIII Sincerest thanks to students and faculty members who made this yearbook possible. THE EDITOR Engraving by WA'rE1xLoo ENGRAVING AND SERVICE COMPANY Waterloo, Iowa PYil1Ifi71g by MESSENGEIK PRINTNG CCJMPANY Fort Dodge, Iowa Pbofograpfay by HARRISON-DILLON STUDIO Storm Lake, Iowa ISOI

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