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Text from Pages 1 - 86 of the 1957 volume:

Szwmfm 74a 7757 7cga 77f6mze40L'cz .,.,. if ,wil in w In grofeful recognlfron of mony yeors of servnne ons snncere lnreresf an your work of Sforden Hugh School we, The Sensor Closs Jeducofe Tins, The 1957 Tiger Your puncfucxlzfy pohence, understanding ond effncnency Q leove nofhing To be desired We nope that These wows IH o srnoll woy ex 4 press our oppreciofion for Hue kink ness ond loyolf you oyc nown Us onu Si 1 vf-.M 'WW , ef fn- idly ,ff 1 , 551' 5 ,L A. 7 ws s gif? , , , ,sz -f ,I 1i"L'5:'t Y , our school . ,A 2 5 1 3' Y if Li' ' a,' , K 5, wikis! 'Q v 2 Q si t p Q11 ya J ADMINISTRATION MmNl,Av MLIVJAJA1 124 . . 12 6 O , N-dc I 6'f,, v , " ' 3 Zomdafi ' pf 3' Xqf 'wav 31- auatic- IOHNO HUSO Charrmarr fl L A CRIST Clerk RALPH MEYER Treasurer 1 Wx I EVERETT KUEHL Director GERALD THOMPSON Dlreclor NEAL SWENSON Dlrector 3 E G BIORNSTAD Superurtcndcrrt dmwwtmlcaa W "'?"' 1 ,,-nv XLF LARSON Prmclpal MRS THOMPSON EMMA H -XLVORSON and VIOLET WITT Offrce Secremrv Cooks Bernard Parker Ham Sharrer, Ruabell Xarger, and Elmer Engelson H XRVEY IVERSON and CARLTON IVERSON 4 ABSENT Delbert Chruleuson and Jesne Sundalxl Jaurtors Bus Drrxers I I I ff , , M J nv 'ff 7 ' , Tyr, A , ,N N ........ x - I I ,, f' Xb 1 1 0 l I x ' . 1 , , . 'Q , 7 'S ,111 1 , r . r . , , L52 - . 4 ,rf ' K S FACULTY ,. . X n .X X l X X K XY ii ' e. 7 ' lx 7444519 LORRAINE HINDS Home Economics fel. D' I f DON PHILLIPS LEWIS PETERSON -IUWOV H'9l'1 En9l'5I' -IU""0f HIQII SOCIUI 5tUd'eS Buslness Educatnon and Basketball and Baseball and Speech Coach FREDERICK DAUER Industrual Arts and Druvers Educatuon BETHEL PHILLIPS Vocal and Instrumental Music me i HAROLD LEROHL PEARL PARKER Science Math Physical Education Senior High English and Librarian and Football Coach ROBERT E. WANK Junior High Math Junior High Science Junior High Sports AN l x I XE lin! W , .1 Q1 ?YA.7 SE IORS 1 fp' f If 'bv "M -'1N?2'..7 3 -"4-. SQYN 'N. i 'I- 36 RM X 'D' f S . Swarm! QA'-4 ff , . 'x,wn,f,-M 5 , ? ,V-" f -, X A,,k f W-jf' if A. IC, , 7 ,. ,..f "" 'M 'Y 1 .I 3 ff " W-" ' 112 I -WH h I 'V 1 'Mi .r- ff? sc: :gig 2? A Lfgyiiizfg.-Wg? SXNV I - -Q ,f .n 4' V "lee"--"His personality is hard to beat--so is his game of football and basketball. " Class Play 3, 4, Band 2, letterman's Club 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basket ball 2, 3,4, Class President, Tiger Staff 4, Business Manager, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. "Erdyne"--"Sometimes she's quiet but often she's a riot." Chorus 2, 3. 4, Band 2, 3. 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Instrumental Ensemble 3,4, Declam 4, Echo Staff 2, 3, 4, Editor, One Act Play 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Queen Can- didate 4, Queen Attendant 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. LELAND BONDHUS JEAN CHRISTENSON "Connie" -"Her winning smile and quiet ways will bring her luck through all the days. " Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 1, Echo Staff 2, 3, 4, Vocal Ensemble 3, 4, Queen Attendant 2, Accompanist 3, 4, Tiger Staff 4, Class Secretary, Instrumental Ensemble 3, Class Play 3, 4, Honor Roll 2. "I never let studying interfere with my education. " Chorus 2, 3, 4, Boy's Chorus 3, 4, Boy's Quartet 3, 4, Octet 2, Instrumental Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Instrumental Soloist 3, 4, Vocal Soloist 4. 4 K' XX in X CONSTANCE EINERTSON MARK FOSS CLASS MOTTO: "Our knowledge is our power, and God our strength. " "Ernie "--"He puts his troubles in the pocket with a hole in it. " Battle Lake 2g Chorus 3, 4, Boy's Quartet 3, -lg Tiger Staff -lg Baseball 4, Honor Roll 1, Boy's Chorus 3, 4. "A quiet well liked girl who can make more M noise than we think." Chorus 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Queen, Cheerleading 4, Instru- mental Ensemble 3, 45 Tiger Staff 4, Echo staff 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, -4. ERENST IVERSON LEANN IACKELS I "Satch "- 'He appears quiet, but looks are deceiving. " Chorus 2, 3, 4, Tiger Staff 4, Boy's Chorus 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4. "Denny"--"I never sleep comfortable except when I'm in class." Westbrook 2. DARREL KEUHL DENNIS LIDTKE 8 ns" U , 4' "Blond hair, sparkling eyes, happy, human she's a prize. " Chorus 2, 3. 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Vocal En- semble 3, 45 Soloist 2, 3, 45 Declatn 45 Class Play 3, lg One Act Play 45 Tiger Staff 45 Echo Staff 2, 3, 45 Librarian 2, 3, 4: Queen Candidate 4. "The best way to lengthen your days is to steal a few hours from the night. " Chorus 25 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Letterman's Club 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Echo Staff 45 Tiger Staff 4. CAROL MEYER KEITH MADSON "The harder Itry the gooder to be, the worser I am." Baseball 2, 3, 45 Declam 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 Echo Staff 2, 3, 45 Tiger Staff 45 Business x Manager5 One Act Play 3. 45 Chorus 2. "Here is the boy who gets around5 without his mercury he's seldom found." Chorus 2, 35 Basketball 2, 35 Football 25 Boy's Chorus 35 Tiger Staff 4. I was FRANK MARONEY DUWAINE SELL 9 "Why worry? The more we study the more ignorance we discover. " Class Play Lg Basketball 2, 3g Tiger Staff 4. "Jan"--"As a friend she ranks among the best, in knowledge she ranks above the rest. " Band 3, 4g Chorus 2, 3, lg Glee Club 2, 3, lg Echo Staff 2, 3, lg Instrumental Ensemble 2, 3, 4g Quill and Scroll 3, A-lg Declam 4g Class Play 3, 4, Pep Band 3,4g Tiger Staff 3, 4g Editorg One Act Play lg Honor Roll 2, 3, -L. ARLO SELL IANICE SHANER v, A A 1 PAUL STEEN "Pete"--"l'm a woman hater, but the Bible says, 'Love thine enemies. " Basketball 2, 3, lg Football 2, 3, 4, betterman's Club 3, fig Vice President, Honor Roll 2. "Donna" -"Her mind is like a pin cushion, stuck full of things to do." Chorus 2, 3, 'lg Majorette 2, 3, -lg Echo Staff 2, 3, -lg Tiger Staff sg Glee Club 2, 3, -lg G. A. A. lg Class Play 3, 4g Cheerleader 4g One Act Play lg Vocal Ensemble 3g Quill and Scroll 3, 'ig Honor Roll 2, 3, L. Compliments of THE STORDEN TIMES LA DONNA WOLFE JU IDRS rf' . fff '- .X f lm '. v V 1 N .1 a 7 4 a 5 I H, 3 5fff:'- f . ' L ' X F?+j'fL A l X 4 , .,.A . x .. X - I.:--1753, 'V ' X 'J f'7ffQ:h' ' .1 V Q: fff'jTg5i' AL15 , . . ' 5,5 F23 - jfg ' , :QL 'r 4745: ' ' , IL- '-:---- h 0- ,W- 1, 75- 5:55-gfgxr -7.-.f ,ez ff-W .TT 9 """""'- , ,. WW. xl 'IP '90 M 6' endow Manhood not scholarship is fhe first aim of education .... ,, X X f 4 ' A 1? its f i" fl' Qui 4! f 1 .l?3 Maynard Solomonson Shirley Speckmier John Springer Bow Ronald Barron Katherine Bernfson Gerald Grams Larry Maroney Sfephen Hedman Ralph Herbsf Donna Jackels Rosemary Kuehl Lewis Larson Francis O Brien Dennis Parker Larry Schauer 7:2 ,4 gaze JUNIOR CLASS PLAY 'W mf' SGPHUMORES if . Q8 1. X Sa "N "Ha Ill' 64 We only learn what we teach ourselves. . . . 3 Y"""P' Z .If Compliments of PETERSON JEWELRY Ilq ICD fi' IIIMIII XY Ill I lllsK IICFYAIHQ U QI!! Eugene Banse Kenneth Barron Ronald Chrnstenson Bert Crust Stanley Egenes Ronald Graham LaVonne Grams Arnold Guild Kenneth Huso Marilyn Imhoff Carol Johnson Darrel Johnson Stanley Johnson Phyllis Kuehl Sylvia Kuehl Sandra Lmdstrom Charles Madson Patty O Brnen Kenth Polk ' E -- -4 :rl . J J J -' V' f pl ll ii"r3li'1, ,.-1' ' J 4 J f G , Q fbi-1' is-Y " G f fl is II.. X , l : f Wt - we s. X x V . x'Q,Eq,' M J' - xt 1 Y' Q "J E Gloria Kuehl K , 'Vx ' 1 ,gi y X Y . . J - I 5' ,f -- 5 Z- A , ,,, ' 1 'a + ' y fy , . I ,ILLA N 1 1 1' -' '- 5 ' . E 2-I l l l I 4 fx-J k hal Twlla Sell v only really learn what we teach ourselves. yt FIV John Grapevrne Karen Gustad Richard Hoffman Dale Iverson Judnth Pulcher Laurence Roll Gordon Schmndt Roger Schmidt Judnth Stelnhoff Rebecca Sundahl Lyle Swenson Gordon Thompson Jock Tubadeau Ronald Tabadeau Joyce Springer Kathleen Valen Complnments of ALMA S LADIES READY TO WEAR 'I4 4 4, -3 W' . of ,V pf, 'Ni , E .."':,,.! - "3 , 4 , y lg V W. ' lx 4 ,fx ,5" . x ,-s ' - W .r " '- an 1 3 ' xv - ,' M .V-Ny A Kgs "M" L 1? 'ft'-ff7'f R Q.-:D - A ,f L , K ' rf:-f ' ,. ,X K. .1 ' A . 1 u o in , . . 'S' ' :". -13' , he ' . W 1 - b X 5 4 A 6' ' , an . ' 5' 1 if I . , ' 'T 2 '22 K, N 1 H Q f' VE - I I - - F RESHMEN D PJ 9' ou" 9 1 LKVUAG IZ, 1 Qc ef 44 , ec Q 4: 4: sl fx Qi, 3' sf"'f fl ,Z .W- fzeeimea The future belongs to those who prepare for ut I .QV W eefmsg we lllwo iq- TIS' Robert Block Veme Carey Calvin Davles JoAnn Dickey Gilbert Foss 'Y T17 it Paul Gulld Marlean Herbst Loss Horkey La Donna Kuehl Dallas Larson Duanne Larson Danny Maroney Robert Meyer Paul Olson Sharon Parker Larry Pederson Stuart Potter Myra Rader Luncla Schauer Trent Schmotzer Joyce Solomonson John Sorenson Patty Tnghe Jlmmy Vulla Ralph Wehmeyer Carolyn Wolfe 'Ste E l 1 Complnments of STORDEN GRAIN CO EL X ,W NAV!!! n - 1' ,A 4 5 Q' , ' A' . . . I ,jfY N ,N . -, K' , ,req - N., ' Y E, L-1 'Y 4 K I , 1 l , is 7 X5 .. : SQ- Q ST ' 0- K, V x . of X .E-' 1 Z5 . ,A - I ,I P 'L .A 5 .5 'ii ' N- 'gr 5 in ., ,, .n 4? , ff f s' l , 'V -4 , ,L A -X-V - M ' ee ,, I -1, ' - , Q , A' -1. I 4 ,af J v, "' -so 5 V,- 3.-. I Q ,,-, 1 - 4 I J 1, -Q tttr ' Qx 0 W AJ ss- 55 ... ., A .M . v W V.. ff HYX. ff? K ' YL? V xx Tl 1 , . , J - . e " " 'L A 1' .A ' i A O4 N 9 ,,. A 9 I I ,D . . ' , , 4 V I ll' "' P' I ll fl .Q i -f ' 5' 'f t N' I 4.1.33 4 ,1.' gl. J Y .! A ghecnaam ?6n 71,05 UNDERCLASSMEN I -. -QI., 'L 3 Af cog gym Ideas are funny little things, -.- r .j i 1' Q ' .... 1 "2 my ur .as an - . 4 ,X X V F ' K , X 'Y ,wg ,ei 1 Q-any , .,,n, v 8 Q-r 224-, A ., .l I tx.. ,vw ""l , ' ' ' i A , , z they won't work unl Roger Busswitz Jay Christenson Mary Louise Dather Franklin Egenes Gordon Eichner Orlando Grams Nydeen Herbst Roger Herbst Donna Hoffman David Jasperson , W, ,M - QP' s ,tw . , M ,, , 4 ,M gg 4 .f i iw 5 43 syif-Ntlill 'Kx'iLlf,-X T AX' 1 .ki . -1 1 , CN-, . .3,f4,.?! Q. -x I7 li Dale Joan ess you do Larry Jessen Darrell Kleve Koenders Janice Kuehl Steven Lendtvidt Betsey Madson Matzke Patsy Natterstad Gary O'Brien Jackie Parker f Jimmy Parker Delbert Phillips LaVonne Pulcher Charles Schauer Jean Schmidt Marlene Sell JoAnn Solomonson Ronnie Springer Janice Stienhoff Robert Steinhoff Jack Taylor Janet Thompson Mary Lou Tibodeau Beverly Vosberg 4 Aa-X made Q. ,..1. What you are to be, you are now becoming. . . . Hin Q Ns. -x j A 5-'E rw' 'fl qv , Q J 1 . V MIIV we f" 'fmt Qs" 'f'L:wvf O if 'S' 4- -v , A wr, I8 it Evon Anderson Kay Biomstad Gary Busswitz LaVonne Carey Leland Dather Mary Beth Eckhardt Audrey Eickner Dennis Erickson Cheryll Iverson Bonnie Imhoff Dennie Johnson Jean Johnson Ramona Kuehl MYR 1' 'll . V -iff -A M 'figs' t I 2 fi-..-3' Sharron Lehnhoff Jessie Leopold Colleen Maroney Helen Matzke Barbara Natterstad Robert Nerhus Carolyn Oanes Gary Olson Janet Parker Billy Peterson Frances Roy Ruth Schuknecht Kathyrn Solomonson Carolyn Swenson Thomas Tighe Karen Villa Barbara Vosberg Larry Williams GRADES 'X ' -a " x 5:4 1' ard? Ei f L KI' ,N ME- i 'dv N FIRST ROW: L. Bondhus, D. Weyhmeyer, L. Donahue, R. Peterson, D. Egenes, D. Shaner, D. Deutschman, G. Natterstad, M. Lohre. SECOND ROW: E. Graham, R. Pederson, J. Radar, V. Bemtson, L. Larson, M. Barrons, D. Leopold, M. Natterstad, K. Sykora. THIRD ROW: H. Olson, C. Davies, G. Einerrson, M. Meyers, D. Johnson, R. Jackels, R. Meyers, TEACHER: Mrs. Holck. ABSENT: J. Sorenson. FIRST ROW: B, Peterson. A. Johnson, S. Holck, C. Egenes, K. Johnson, S. Einerrson, E. Darher. J. Jasperson. K. Parker, N. Herbst. SECOND ROW: W. Herbst, B. Schmidt. S. Anderson, S. Holland, D. Brouhard, G. Boaz C. Taylor. J. Rupp, D, Peterson, P. Sacken, THIRD ROW: P. Nerhus, K. Larson, D. Heclman, S. Sundahl, D. Schmidt, G. Solomonson, C. Jackels, G. Polk, M. Kuehl, TEACHER: Mrs. Brennan. Compliments of PETE'S CAFE 614 I-rm I' l 1101 .WE 2 Q S31 5- , G xg-Qlsfis' :L 'F FIRST ROW: P. Eickner, M. Johnson, C. Solomonson, N. Taylor, S. Doten, D. Shaner, R. Gustad, D. Sundahl, L. Lehnoff, R, Tibodeau. SECOND ROW: J. Olson, E. Bakke, N. Johnson, A. Johnson, K. Schauer, B. Gentry, G. Hoffman, D. Roy, L. Grams, S. Berntson. THIRD ROW: R. Hendrickson, N. Meyer, J. Oanes, D. Johnson, H. Grote, R. Einertson, J. Sorenson, L. Matzke, J. Christensen. TEACHER: Mrs. Armstrong. FIRST ROW: W. Rupp, I. Sundahl, S, Beldt, L. Johnson, R. Larson, R. Pietz, L. Egenes, D. Marquardt. SECOND ROW: A. Nerhus, M. Berntson, R. Roy, B. Bondhus, L. Graham, B. Natterstad, T. Anderson, J. Christensen, T. Doten. THIRD ROW: R. Imhoff, S. Nelson, L. Thompson, L. Speckmeier, J. lessen, K, Maroney, A. Solomonson, D. Thompson. TEACHER: Miss Natterstad. 20 f wl Se Y Q4 M 041, is "wx 'NS I ff' 'A FIRST ROW: R. Boaz, R. Schmotzer, S. Iverson, G. Deurschman, K. Hinds, J. Olson, J. Olson. SECOND ROW: L. Einertson, L. Johnson, B. Sykora, S. Sackett, N. Dather, D. Hanson, S. Anderson, L. Leopold. THIRD ROW: B. Roy, S. Iverson, W. Holck, A. Martinson, B. Holland, C. Lehnhoff, C. Solomonson. TEACHER: Miss Natterstad. lat w '. ffl. I1 fxd' fl FIRST ROW: R. Pulcher, L. Marquardt, B. Paulson, L. Nelsen, B. Eickner, B. Doten, M. Hedman, S. Bemtson, L. Thorstad. SECOND ROW: C. Thompson, B. Peterson, L. Pierz, B, Lohre, B. Hinds, S. Kuehl, D. Bemrson, D. Johnson, N. Nelson, R. Natterstad. TEACHER: Mrs. Benson. Compliments of ELVlNA'S PAINT SHOP 5464 and Mal L .J Workmg hard'P'P Three pals Please gurls Neat pose Sophs Kenny? 'P Denny what cg you doing? Judy please! Sl1y??? 22 ACTIVITIES N I I ff fi If I I xl , , Q - ni vt U1 s X FIRST ROW: Mrs, Phillips, B. Vosberg, M, Tibodeau, S. Lehnhoff, K. Villa, G. Busswitz, F, Egenes, R, Springer, L. Jessen, D, Erickson, T. Tighe, J. Leopold, D. Johnson, B. Imhoff, J, Parker, K. Solomonson, H. Matzke, C. Crist, SECOND ROW: C. Maroney J. Matzke, F. Roy, J. Steinhoff, M. Sell, D. Hoffman, B. Vosberg, J. Thompson, P. Natterstad, C. Schauer, R. Steinhoff, M. Eckhardt, C, Oanes, C, Swenson, B. Natterstad, E, Anderson, J, Kuehl, THIRD ROW: R. Busswitz, J. Johnson, M. Bass, L. Pulcher, J, Schmidt, B, Madson, O. Grams, N, Herbst, S, Iverson, M, Dather, R. Schuknecht, G, Olson, R, Nerhus, A, Eickner, K. Bjornstad, L. Carey. FOURTH ROW: D, Kleve, D. Koenders, G. O'Brien, R. Hanson, J. Parker, J. Taylor, J. Parker, D. Phillips, D. Jasperson, J. Christenson, R, Herbst, G. Eickner, R, Kuehl, J, Solomonson, B, Peterson, S, Lendtvedt. maine gmac! FIRST ROW: B, Peterson, A, Eickner, S, Holck, J. Oanes, W. Herbst, D. Leopold, G, Polk, D. Shaner, J, Sorenson. SECOND ROW: D. Hedman, A. Johnson, L. Pulcher, M. Bass, N. Johnson, P. Nerhus, D. Johnson, J. Rupp, B. Schmidt, R. Einertson, E. Bakke, S. Anderson, B. Gentry, R. Gustad, L. Donahue, A. Johnson. THIRD ROW: K. Johnson, M. Kuehl, D. Phillips, B. Peterson, D. Schmidt, L, Bondhus, S, Lendtvedt, H. Grote, G. Olson, B. Peterson, G, Einertson, R, Peterson, J, Leopold, K, Sykora. FOURTH ROW: L. Carey, K. Schauer, K. Larson, D. Peterson, J. Solomonson, Mrs, Phillips, 23 Wa emu At the beginning of the T956-I957 school year, seventeen new members were added to the band to make up for those who graduated the previous spring. Now the band consists of 58 pieces Fall brought the anticipation of marching at Lamb Day at Lakefield and playing concerts at the Dedication of our new school building and at the reunion of all of the classes that have graduated from Storden High School. Then one October morning at 4:00 A.M., we drowsily climbed into two packed buses and started the long, tiresome trip to Minneapolis to attend The High School Band Day. After practicing, receiving instructions and eating sack lunches, each band marched around the stadium. At the half all the bands present marched onto the field and played several pieces together. Shortly after the half it began raining and continued in short showers throughout the afternoon. Nevertheless, the Minnesota-Northwestern game was played and it ended up a 0 to 0 tie. The whole day was a real thrill for everyone, especially for the new members of the band. About 4:00 P.M., wet and weary, we climbed aboard the buses, waited for a few stragglers and headed home. 24 f ,Q 671' A Zend A . T 4 l .4 Just before Christmas vacation it was rumored around that we were going to play "Symphony in D Minor" by Franck for the contest. Mrs. Phillips gave the clarinets and the flutes their parts earliest because they were the most difficult. The new members were a little scared at first, but they rapidly made progress and were able to play it. After vacation we really went to work, we wanted the third consecutive State "A" for our band. We knew we could get it through a lot of hard individual prac- tice and sectional rehearsals. The contest was a real thrill and the spring concert was as beautiful as ever, with the girls wearing formals and the boys wearing suits. The last appearance of the band during the school year was at graduation playing the familiar strains of "Pomp and Circumstance" as the seniors marched unto the stage. This year was a wonderful year for the band. Although the band will lose seniors they will be replaced by new members, but never forgotten. 25 'kai X . A if: , ifi' 'Q' fi xgfv fi 5-if 'gi 3-'54 fl? 4. A X 1' Q 1 Q rzggg, r 'fi' ' ' ' ' 'J ' k?:Lf'!' I? 551' Y ' A MGM 9 Y ' , a vt Q ' K : f Y'I xff if K few: ' U' 'lf' ? 1 r' , v M Lvbfki 4 Y o- ' .J 6' ' 6 2' Y rw X W f G0 4? ' 'Q' A, R5 f , "' 'V' QP 9' 0 gli Q MK in I 3 s l 1 . g 5 ,Q , sg Nga Q A, n Q . QQ, lg, I?p G' xg, 'J' - N 1 , My 6 6,5 6fx'Q'x5fQ'xg.f xg 6' B 5' v v N 1 M 1 p G -, . hu 1 1 6 tbqfof vw Q, if Fix 6 Q -LA 5' Y' 1 an -no y 35 'r "G-i5""'xgf""'iL3 5195i-l 3a,-,Q W ,.,, , S '4' , Q Q 3 are fn 3, 9' . J Ml I s ix x . w 1- .6, f E5-Q 499 '4 5 sf' Q 4' 'G , ' 'H-' l K ,. Y , ' V b , Q ,H ,wa xml.: M x Q 'Q 'Q 52' 1' 2 ,Q Q, 13 im g, 9:1913 ' v v ' aeemflee FLUTE QUARTET LeAnn Jackels Jean Chrlsfensan LaDonna Kuehl Kay Blomsfad SOPHOMORE CLARINET QUARTET JoAnn Dlckey Kathy Valen Joyce Sprnnger Becky Sundahl TRUMPET TRIO 29 CLARINET QUARTET Carol Crust, Llnda Schauer, Janice Kuehl Lewis Larson, Maynard Solmonson, Carol Johnson, Janice Shaner I I I f I l .li I 'I .F 'f 3353, I I f 5 E s I BRASS SEXTET Verne Carey Dallas Larson Kenneth Huso Darrell Johnson Lowell Tgentland Bert Crust TROMBONE QUARTET Ronme Sprmger Patsy Natterstad Nydeen Herbst Bobby Hanson SAXAPHONE QUARTET Stuart Potter Delbert Phlllups Ronald Graham DRUM ENSEMBLE Kathy Bernston Judy Pulcher Sharon Parker Delbert Phllllps Q' U 5 3 xl GIRLS SEXTET Carol Meyer Pal' O Brlen Karen Gusrad Phyllls Kuehl Carol Johnson Connle Emerfson VIOLIN TRIO Mark Foss Ronnie Graham Linda Larson BOYS QUARTET Erme Iverson Kenny Huso Mark Foss Roger Schmsdf ,deed 541' M AW L FIRST ROW F Maroney D Jackels I Chrrstenson J Pulcher D Wolfe P Trghe Mr Phrllrps SECOND ROW R Barron B Hanson S Lendtvedt J Shaner B Vosberg B Sundahl N Herbs! J Kuehl M Danher D Larson M Rader 4'-.f I4 XXI 'S a S FIRST ROW J Spr1nger,K Gustad, C Meyer, K Bernston, B Sundahl SECOND ROW C Johnson,J Pulcher, K Valen, P O'Br1en, D Jackels, K Huso, S Kuehl, Mrs Parker, R Kuehl, D Iverson, B Cr1st,T Sell, S Speckm1er,G Kuehl L Grams 32 al. , - I , Ass1stantEd1tor Dennls Parker Edrtor Iamce Shaner Assrstant Edltor Steven Hedman Busrness Manager Lee Bondhus Advrsor Mr Peter on Busrness Managers kerlh Madson and Frank Maroney After long hours of hard work the annual staff fmally completed the 57 Trger It wasn t an easy chore typing, takmg pictures, and make up meant long hours after school or worklng In so called Study periods the biggest problem was meeting the deadlines, the flnal deadline was March I5 and the reward for all our hard work came wnen the students of S H S received the fmal flmshed product Complnments of MARQUARDT'S BLACKSMITH SHOP 2-1 2 PI If Z .'Z I If w I- - . 'I I. '. . ,f I- lll II ' ' . : . 9 . . - , N --..4..-.Wi ,M Y,,, -H W A L I W-A P-Y , , , a , . : , - S : . . ' Il Il ' . , . . . - . . . . . . . . ' ' ll ' II ' . . . . . . . , . . . . . . Swan. Exim. FIRST ROW I Sharrer ADVISOR Mrs Parker EDITOR J CIIIISISIISOII CO EDITOR M SOIOIIIOHSOII C E111e1t5u11 C Meyer SECOND ROW B Sundahl T Sell J Spf nger R Kuehl R B.1rro11 S Speckmre K Berntsurr F Marorrey lx M.1d5o11 D Wolfe D Iamkels K Vdlell L Jdckels 'Marr 595 xnwf, .-g S5 'Q x'4f..'-K 12' The QIFIS ossemblylng The paper Ke1H'1 m1meogroph1ng Sch: 5 ll1e Echo S1411 ra .1 1111101111 LO eaclr11111r1tl1111p11tt1r15 OUI the piper lea Il e edrtor 1 alwax Ylllllllllj, 1111111111 111111 or er and rece11111 Q er The regorter 11 e trxmg, to wrrte rrewwsy 5tor1e5 a11dt11111111g IEW cl1e111e5 ro La1cl1tl1e bflldelllb exe After the cle are 11111 1 1 r 5 11111 t arra11 e 1111 1 me Llp 11 Lllllllll 0 the pa r l'l1e11t11e 111.1 5rer1c1l5 typed 11 L Jllrd r11e pape lsl'C1L1 ro 150111 re 5 P Mr 1111 1.1111 lldlllfe .111115or c. 5 .1 1 .1r1et1L car 111 11 1 1 C eo111e111 H1 5t.11frL.1l1fed IIHI p11r1111151111 1p1p1r 11.1 ll 1.11 ea 1 111511 11111 111e1r eIfort5 were well rewarded XNIIQII the t1de11r 1,agerl5 gmdrred L.1rl1 111211 'u11hl1ca11o11 Complrmenrs of MlLLER'S GROCERY STORE 5 . , . : . , 5 . , 4 . ' , ' I ' 5 . . . ' I . Mmm.: , , L 3 f I -f .. R ' I in I V .- ,U , 'M' , , ' .1 . 'M' - frm v 1 QW1, g " fl - iiieii' 1 ' - efeif' - 1' I sf' ff ' N U15' '1 L11 ' ' ' " . . '11, '1 " ,'5 "'5 '11 d ' rx-:DL , Sw, ,' , .' ,YI -1, " .- i ,S A 1 A . 1 .. 1 . , arti 5 1 '11 ded 111 Je ll and 16115.13 d, the JS5l,lLilll editor, 5 g ' d1A'11 ' ' l 5 f 'pe . ' f' ' I r ' A are ' , l1e1111li11e5 1l'1d', ' ' ' r ': 1 '1' 1 "p 55". MV. df , rl 1' 1 "r111, good- ' d' ' ' , lllld. ' 5A'111p '1 'X ll I1' rrt111l1l 5111.11 ' 1. 'fzrr ' 1 I 'lf1. ."51'15"3, " ' ' ' " 1 '51 S1 " ' 1 l I . SPORTS lf .i'22!HH"' l7' ll lib fliv'-L ll H0711 5 f l .gf :L 7 1 fill? 'P I J f ill 4 ' iff J I ZZ 4 H un: all iq 4?'g:llll. . "':lg2' XX g-l yi O 8- T . 5 x . xx N.: A axis 15, , w A g mlb! , ' Y' jf' '55 fy ' ff f ' YV- N-My L am K! j If I 5: iw A 1 f llif K ' l Xxx n ..' has L X iff ' A I xfiafggwil V ' is vw 'FJ' . fd '..r.s., Xwvvsw Q. 3 Q9 0 Sxotaeed b e V- x0' M5 1 Kuua wo Sforden 33 xq Wubasso O of an def' TO' 6 'Cotae ex e uv 8 'sofa to some DCCUC Ac . oo 6 X M 'K ' 'Ji Ci Q9 x, . N' W 4 Q5 Q, 1' ' 't, I .A , ' , 9 ef , 'Roo Lp ., 'X I , " V f O 1 N 2 Johnny ' X 'K ...J F All Co f r - E ' X l m 3 V' og u 0 .1 9 ' a , 2 9 ,t tw I .3 g I A w G V o- ! ,. 'WA A-i MMA f M gi A M -1 L 53 Meg, 'i A -M K . K r' 'Z ' f ' x- U1 4 . If q QA' if , . ' . '6 'gg-, 00 ,- Q ' ,.- .Q X Q, ,195 ' ' X J X 0 0 , f o- a- tv xx. p z gf! ' X 0 aa Q , . gtg s 1" ' Z QED' 9 Q 0 no ZZ bnfezeace Src, Q, eex O' 6 Okgbfgasfa '70 21, ooo Kxeih All Onnle John All Au Comme" Pau COnf-'erenc 6 6 , l FIRST ROW P Olson G Thompson L Schauer J Sprrnger G Banse K Madson L Bondhus P Steen J Grapevrne R Trbodeau C Madson K Barron R Sprrnger SECOND ROW Mr Lerohl D Iverson I Tlbodeau S Egenes K Huso R Schmrdt L Swenson L Tjentland S Hedman V Carey D Parker B Crrst Mr Peterson agen ga Zia For the frrst time srnce T942 the Tigers walked off wrth the Red Rock Conference title The Orange and Black rolled up an Impressive total of 228 points and allowed therr opponents but 38 Hlghpornt of the season was Storden s vrctory over Comfrey by the score of 20 6 Comfrey was unde feated up to that tame Thus was the frrst year of playmg eleven man and seemed to be to the Tigers lrklng Contrlbutmg the most to the Tlgers Impressive season was the smart quarterbacklng of John Springer, the hard running of John Grapevine and Keuth Madson, the frne defensrve play of Lee Bondhus and Larry Schauer, and the best ends nn the conference rn Paul Steen and Chuck Madson And to the rest of the Tiger squad and nts coaches, we salute you for your envnable record Complnments of MILLER S GROCERY STORE ff' ' :F 9 " cel I , . . . , . P Homecoming was made complete by a 5l-O rout over a hapless Westbrook team. ' I Y , 1' V.-1 ' A. . , .9 A T' " -1' 1 f" , -f if ' 1 " . ' 'Yr' 5 in ' . Q equity Q V it, MZ' My as .alt ' 17,4 viola V, f fi' Q 52? Candidate: Jean Cbristenson Queen LeAnn Jackels Candidate: Carol Meyer The Homecoming celebration began with the coronation of Queen LeAnn on Thursday evening, October lesth in the High bchool Auditorium. After the coronation a short pep lest was held at the baseball dianionddnring the bonfire. Next the cheerleaders led tne students in a snake dance up to the middle of main street where they led a tew cheers. School was let out on noon of Frida ' so the floats conl' iw- fi ish d f E. d y o c ns e or t e para e Ilia! afternoon. Ont band led the parade followed bythe grades, the Westbrook band, the floats, and last of all the Queen! float. Storden's Homecoming opponent was the Westbrook Wildcats. The 'fam s 5 e vas xery exciting and the Tigers chalked up an easx victory. The Tigers were so thrilled with their 'il to O victory that they tore down the goal posts after the final whistle blew. The Coronation and all ofthe excitin r :nornents thron rhont the Homecotrzin festixities 'roreu to be lhrillin i and interestin-' lo if F E lb c the students and those in attendance. So I 1 tl. - ' ' 1 ' l remembered. e lean ana a l wfio were in attencance, the 11257 football season will always be Compliments of OLSON'S MUSIC STORE yy 1 ?czmde L I' my The Storden Band The Queen s Float The Junior Float The Erghth Grade Float The Sophomore Float The Freshman Float Compliments of JOHN S PHILLIPS' 66 747 ' . 2 1 nl. 1, f n - on V 'IM I K 'YE W A21 X Y " T ll hgh? eng , K xx. 1 .1 K s ska.. ' al Y gt 1 lg if 1 les lt M T. 8 , I u ' ,af , T e 1 T T 'Q W. ,W 'A Q4 F? fr I ' . , K l 2 '14 " Sgmd 3 Charles Madson Paul Steen Lee Bondhrs Kerth Madson Gordy Thompson Coach Peterson SEASON PLAY This year s Storden Trgers complled the frnest season record an comparison with any Storden team rnthe past by rlnamg up I7 wms against 2 defeats Hrghllghts of the season Included a wln over Worthmgton and the defeat of Sanborn rn the last game of the season The B Team also had quite a record losmg but 2 games and wrnmng I7 DISTRICT PLAY The Tigers lost In the frrst round of Drstrrct Tournament play to Westbrook 64-62 Although the Tigers held two wms over W stbrook IH regular season play, misfortune seemed to be on therr srde as Westbrook snatched what looked luke certam defeat mto a vrctory In the last half mmute of play PROSPECTS FOR NEXT YEAR Graduation will take three of the Tigers finest players Lee Bondhus, top rebounder and scorer who In three years amassed a total of II2O points, Keith Madson, second hugh scorer fme ball handler and defensive ace, Paul Steen, hardest worker on the team Comrng back wlll be Gordy Thompson, a veteran of 2 years already Chuck Madson who with I year of experlence behmd hum has all the earmarks of becomrng one of the Trgers best Larry Schauer, a real scrapper wno always leads the way sn determmatron John Springer Francis O Brien, Steve Hedman, Dennis Parker, and Gerry Grams wall probably compete for the other starting berths Although next year s team will be on the short side as far as height rs concerned, rt rs certam the team will have other thrngs that are more Important such as desire, sprrlt, team work and the wllllngness to work and tram all through the season 40 I . ' , 1 'S 0 In . I 6 - . . U . 2 I 0 I N v. l I . L D . . . X , . 1 , ' . , . , . . . I U 5 0 . . . C3 . . . I . . . . . . I I , . . . . , . . , . . . . . , . . . . . . , . XR, A' N W4 W4 Storden Butterfield Storden Jeffers Storden Sanborn 5f0fdef1 Heron Lake 5f0fdef'I Lumberton Storden Mi Iroy Storden Westbrook Storden Worthington Storden Heron Lake Storden Jeffers Storden Cgmfrey 5f0fCleI1 Westbrook Storden Fuldq 5fOl'Cl6I1 Butterfield Storden Okcbeno Storden Comfrey Storden Springfield Sf0l'def1 Okobena Sf0l'd9Fl Sanborn WON I7 LOST 2 r " ff n X X W I? X X X X XX if Q 5f0l'den Butterfield Sl'OI'Clef'l Jeffers Storden Sanborn Sforden Heron Lake Sforden Lumberton Storden Mi lroy Sl'0l'def1 Westbrook Storden Worthington Sfofjen Heron Lake Stor en Jeffers Sl'OI'def1 Cgmfrey Sforjen Westbrook SLOT en Fuldg Smfgen Butterfield Sfof en Okabeno Sl'OI'den Comfrey 5f0fClef1 Springfield Sl'Ol'Clef1 Uqqbenq Sl'Ol'Clen Sanborn WON i7 LOST 2 .fettezmea 'a H FIRST ROW: S. ttedrnan, J. Springer, P. Steen, K. Madson, L. Bondhns, L. Schauer, I. Grams. SECOND ROW: D. Parker, F. O'Brien C. Madsen, S. Egnes, K. B.rrron, K. Hnso. THIRD ROW: Coach Peteron, G. Thompson, G. Banse, D. Ixerson. J. Grapexine, R. Tihodean. Coach Lerohl. ,459 ' . .fgazewezfs I 4' 'Q o v vyg' 2533155925 .,,f I .:s:':':gvT','i,i' . 4 if ' - XA imofwf The lettermen's Club is composed of athletes who have earned letters in either football, basketball, or baseball. During the past year, the members ran the con- cession stand in connection with our home basketball games. The group has several get-togethers and promote a couple of projects during the year. Compliments of CLAIR'S CONOCO STATION FIRST ROW C Crlst C Iverson P OBr1en S Kuehl J Sprrnger I Pulcher B Sundahl K Valen K Berntson L Grams A Exchner SECOND ROW Mrs Holck K Vrlla B Natterstad G Kuehl S Speckmrer K Guslad T Sell R Kuehl D Jackels K Bjornstad THIRD ROW M Radar C Maroney R Kuehl L. Pulcher E Anderson S Parker N Herbst B Madson J Schmrdt L Dather M Trbodeau FOURTH ROW M Echardt I Thompson P Nauerstad C Wolfe M Sell D Hoffman C Swenson C Oanes V Carey D Kuehl J Drckey Thus year the G A A was two years old They have a membershrp of forty-eight gurls from the seventh through the twelfth grade Therr actlvltles mclude klttenball basketball and volleyball as team actlvrtles and hukmg, bowling, bncy clung, pmg pong, roller and :ce skating as mdrvudual actrvrtles This year they had several socual events One hugh spot was a basketball game and potluck supper at whrch they entertained the Jeffers G A A Another high spot was their trap to W A A Play Day at the Mankato State Teachers College They ended therr school year with a plcnrc for the boys Q basketball teams Also an the sprung they each received thelr awards for actrve partrclpatlon In G A A 43 I I I l . ... .. . . ll! .ll ll D I . I I C I 1 77Za7hzeZZe4 LaDonna Wolfe Kay Bjornstod Carolyn Oanes Kathy Valen Janet Thompson Carolyn Swenson endow Zieezleczafeu Kathy Valen Judy Pulcher Kathy Bemston Donna Jackels LaDonna Wolfe LeAnn Jackels 5 anim Patsy Natterstad Sharon Parker Joan Solomonson LaVonne Pulcher x 1 If ADVERTISING 0 . 15,10 1 , lx lhjisl 6 9 JV gg ' 1 COWQQAM . "Q-v0.5 s. 'S I NE ED PAINTING' 1 DELBERT CHRISTENSON 6 ' Qunurv waRK Psnsomaze PRICES' Telephone 7141 Sforden , Minnesota 'CONSTRUCTION W K CI ENGELSON s GARAGE BRNGE ANY 6, T'ME' Storden Minnesota SLIM BANSE Always Dependable Service GENERAL CONTRACTOR Sforclen Ml nnesofa llll ll If ?awz! State 'gawk W, R., STORDEN MINNESOTA y ag 5 T w -:- 1 on - 1 1 , ' . 'r 5 ., I rs' ' fs ll I + , l I A T 1 1 l - I ll 4 ' 5 "bm X 4'5 4 X 5 O O Z 2 , J ,Z 1 xx "lun I 437 Good Luck I. Pblllllfflmmm TO THE CLASS S GOOD F000 Meet your friends offer the school oct vlhes Parker s Cafe Farmers Co Operahve Cry Assn Sforden Minnesota Qualify Feed Gr ndmg Buyers of cream and whole m lk and manufacturers of Sforden S1-orden Sw et Cream Buffer TURDEN S-'FARMERS' ' ,,,,,,,,,,.,,......x.':.z.-Q D- J 74a Sweden ?cnmew Qmwz 5 mxmcurs M, 9 Andy s Barber Shop Expert Hour C is n o M s a 14115514 For the Best In Jew lry B y Odden Jewelry W'nclo M nnesota ill' 'IK-ll 6 CIAN FITTED Dr R W Boelter Opto etr st J 6 Federal Savings and Loan W' do Mnnesot W WEGIL 9P'Q-Tjj Bob s Clothlng For Q l ty Men s Cloth ng W'n M nnes t if VARIETY STO RW Slgstacl Va rlety Store W'ndo M nnesota PRINT .5 e Wlnclom Reporter Windom , Minnesota HARDWARE new Snyclers Coast to Coast W ndom, M nnesoto 26 . X llglggllll i . 7 jf rf-mf l e U M SA T!SF!ES at ' u Wi cl m, inne ot I ml 3 PTI Zi' ff 'Q Q m i Wlndom, Minnesota ln m' I G MM it v " f ' . . ' . 3 . ng new 9 ,- EYEFNTHIPS 3 -- f vw ,, , , A een, . ' 1 ua i ' i I dom, i o a ' ml l LET uS IT Fi W' Th lil ex-551.2226 KlNDS DQ 1 , . l l ,gl FWWAMM Farm Bureau Service Seeds Feeds Ferhl zer Blornsen Sales Phone 354 Windom M nnesofa W ndo M nnesofa 1+ 5 '3 senzvnce Foss Radio Sllllman s 3, TV Wxndom Ml nnesoi Sales nd S rv ce SERVICE W ndo M n esof lm 513-4.-1-' PEER ul NT Larson s Plumbln Quevell s Store 9 For Qualify Merchandise and Heahng Phone 788 Wlndom Mnnesofa Windom M nnesof REAL EST ATE Westgor Rea :ty Wolff s Store Wa ndom , M1 nnesota f Windom , M nnesofa i Dfw Yi ,'f4 . S Co -- ..- 'i O , i m, i , I I' Q Y P gl JFUARUQ . O Q , . I . G a e i 5 m, in cl M . E 'P-1 rw. ew Q, , , 11,9 1 TT! ,l: 0, , o U , i a 'NV' . I i 'MQ I :BI J I 7 JI ! If 3 x i Berts Service F UE L O Sforden Mn nnesofa 'fx Noi' I ons 5, Locker Plant Bufchmg Shoes Dry Goods Clothmg X Hurry to S Valu for your Grocerles Dr H H Grofe Veterinarian All Calls are Answered Promptly Phone 2851 Sforclen Mn nnesora ,-114' CAREYS af-4.4! Thorsness Oll Co Phone 7421 or 7232 fphnlllps Storden M: nnesofa cms raonuq Your Dependable Druggust Llchty Drugs Wade Llchty Owner Westbrook Mmnesota Westbrook Clothing Store Clothmg and shoes For men and boys Dress r ght you can t afford not to J V Carlson, M D K L Buresh, M D lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll WeS'b'00'f M""eSf"" Hoi, D C F Hardware fb, fjjg Donaldson, Dentist FZMILY Flrst National Off ce Bulldlng Telephone 680 W ndom M nnesota Don s Shoe Store .St Stord on Mn nnesota Wundom M nnesota , THORSTAD S HARDWARE D umf I . 5 . I lnrfkfe V itil' . . i . . R i , i . l . I E . 045054 and Sade Rosy wnof s the mcffer M is Markil 1 Usual slghf Is this Beckle'7' Mrs Phnllnps of work Judy, who do you see? 1 746 gnu! Sml le preffy ' QW' y 3 Iii if I I - .. . 1 M r M i A . A3 M., W 5 3 f fix "Lf t X 'K iff . .bv '- g t W - - W R ,ff F1 . . . - r . n " J K X f. X - 4 X -' X E. . 1: , K - 7 lg , x QA, , , I ff- ' , x , , in , ff I ,ffl ' 5X J ,Q .gfif'f3?,, fa ".3'f 3 f, V A K .,.g?i?i,1.L ,j fl: 242 YEARIOOKS

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