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Text from Pages 1 - 90 of the 1956 volume:

xx- -wwf.-'wmv-r-uv -iff vx- wee- 1 v-yy ay-4 rx v Q Y 4 M , Q . A ,AJ -, N.f:x,,,, Ev- mvimgmfgqggbh aufrgygg-R v ,x, ,saw -. ""Y2'1'J2I'-W-mgfrvg1f-f.v-c-..,71:w"'f':'f,es.e,' 21. -x waves 1 T :qi -1 1 v-up 'Z ld Xfk .fi ,,. ! Q53 . T Q, , wg 1 --- 'Ki ,B Ei 1' 'I as . , Ai . , fi 55141, . A Jr ,,,,.1 571.4 1 Q3 Q- -r if 4, ,ai N fr' L QIWN 3 .- ,J :ara i K' "JE 'if i .5 F M -aw ...Mg -14 '- U1 , rm M ,NB-Ayr 4-MN xxw""- wee- 5 A X., -..,Q..w.-1- ,....m- -..'f.w.s,:1:, ,-1-f 2.-. 4- H Y ' i. 5--3f'T"""' gf ' fz,,3gi:gH'12'l 4- . -, . . . :gi f- -I-Leg. ... .' . L 1' faf--' . ',,,,.. qv.. gmc -'1 ,,-' , A- . t . ""' iff- -P' -, 44:I':,'2'v,.,.a'.-serv if U 1, ,Q 'V I"g.'a'--'ii-i'2? '-L31 S-5? ' , riffif faf . ' in fa-,--if.vsp-a,,:-'.rw:-.f,,-fvvzl-1',is-i-fx.4-:V.,:X5.QiaQ,':iw.K:-N Jfrmg, QLQf:1ffl -f-t-Q:1:'?WwL :fp .1 -- -nf" 'fax' ,gf23s1 ?' , -f -1' ,-41. -1 -1 '- - - . , V ' QQQQT-f -"-' :ff ,fggf-4 ,X -.,5Y.i44f.:5..-3af:g:'. ' ' wif- -iw ' f 'H fx-V-" - W' "' """"' "' ' " " "W" ' 4 .b.v :ig .iff I 1.1 1 ' 34 qt: I 111, ., .y F-1-A ii, 4 . li X? 1 1 6 il ' ., ,1 . WF . . . jr E 4-e' I J ,. M ,-. 1? fi X- V- I .f 3 ii z ,ei , ,N . gg , ,. I3 5 4 ? ,, I 1? a' 2, 5 1"',1f! , 5,1 i.,L1., L THETIGER STORDEN HIGH SCHOUI. STORDEN, MINNESOTA ,. DEDICATION s .3 I t' 5 35'-'-If u w'-.,.,'-', f. ' .N ' ,, 1 N . .. NA 1 . V' 9328514 To Harold Lerohl, ln recogmtlon of many years of long and unse1f1sh serv1ce to others the class of 1956 IS proud to ded1cate our yearbook Mr Lerohl has the respect of all the students and IS truly a syrnpa thetlc and understandmg person We are deeply grateful for the pr1v11ege of assoc1at1on wlth such an outstandmg teacher 'Z' .' n ' s fi I' rf ' . Q ' i ' - 7 . 3 ' JK 151, I 4' W Y ' fu, R -f' ni-4: 'A f ' mu . ' , Y x. 'Z ' 1 V 1, ' 0 Q- .Z - , .fIf"X, , . IIISII' XZ Q2 5,21 A fl! ' -1- . D W- ji X Qs w ta BOARD OF EDUCATION JOHN O HUSO, Chalrman af L A CRIST Clerk GERALD THOMPSON, Director ff RALPH MEYER, Treasurer hx NEAL SWENSON, Director EVERETT KUEHL, Director ADMINISTRATION i MRS THOMPSON HARVEY IVERSON Offlce Secretary Iamtor E G BJ ORNS TAD Supenntendem '-1 ,P E THORSNESS S SHANER, B PARKER, D MRS EGENES AND MRS GOERNDT CHRISTENSON,J SUNDAHL, H LARSON Cooks ABSENT: E ENGELSON Bus Drivers fp- f I , 1 f ,f ff A ' Z'- Z1 X, FACULTY FREDERICK DAUER x ALF LARSON Principal Social Science Geometry Industrial Arts Driver Education .:-.j..,ff A nr" LEWIS PETERSON Business Education Basketball and Baseball Coach I X!! 5 aa- MILTON NORMAN Junior High Math. Junior High Science Junior High Sports SQ seniors ZA ZF- I N 1 N X fix xx! fm "Marcy"--"Her modesty, sweetness, and sincerity make her a desired friend." Tiger Staff 4g Echo Staff 2,3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g In- strumental Ensemble 2,3,4g Vocal Ensemble 3,4g Soloist 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Declam 2,3, 4g Debate 3: Class Play 3, 4g Typing Speed Award 23 Honor Roll 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 4, Secretary: Homecoming Attendant 4. 'Trouble is for those who let it worry them." Speech 3: Class Play 3: Declam 2, 3, 45 Library , Club 4, Honor Roll 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2.3, 4g Echo Staff 3,4g Tiger Staff 4. MARCELLA CAREY LAURA JANE DAVIES .wi A as' 'M ., .,-PQ? 5 , ' 4 Aff' 'f 4 f" . .4 'ff ' X - -49 Q ,A , -. i X' 14 Q- S i F' 1-.. f . " AN l' 'fs 5 f M A if 2 X Q f fin iw I V. g , ig, K "Pat"--"Hair is red, spirits gay, Pat's the same day after day. " Chorus 2,3, 4g Speech 4: Cheer- leader 45 Echo Staff 3,4g Class Officer 4, Treas- urerg Queen Attendant 3, 4g Class Play 4. 'TAX NI' as '45, 'Es "Behind that smile is a good friend to all." West- brook 2, 3g Glee Club 4: Tiger Staff 4, Echo staff PATRICIA IKSENES VIOLET HORKEY Compliments of STORDEN GRAIN COMPANY. p O "She puts her worries in the bottom ot her trunk, then sits on the lid and smiles." Chorus 2,3,45 Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Accompanist 2, 3, 45 Soloist 2. 45 Instrumental Ensemble 2,3, 45 Vocal Ensemble 2, 3, 45 Majorette 2, 3, 45 Typing Ac- curacy Award 25 Honor Roll 45 Qiill and Scroll 45 Tiger Staff 2, 3, 45 Editor5 Echo Staff 2,3,45 G,A,A. 4, President5 Class Play 35 Declam 2, 45 Home- coming Attendant 2. "I have heard the chimes at midnight--and after." Class Play 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Baseball 3,45 Letterman's Club 4, Secretary-Treasurerg Basketball 2.3, 45 Football 2,3,45 Tiger staff 4. KAREN HUSO E' ' i .if ,f if Q 5 'L 5 , J? 5 N' t 7 , ' I as ,fy SHIRLEY KOENDERS 'Generally speaking she's generally speaking." Westbrook 2, 35 Glee Club 45 Chorus 45 Tiger Staff 45 Echo Staff 45 Library Club 4. "Polly"--"She wears a smile that never wears off.' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Ensem- ble 3, 45 Solo 3, 45 Echo staff 3,45' Tiger Staff 2, 45 Declam 2, 35 Accompanist 3,45 Library Club 45 Class Play 4. Compliments of JOHN'S PHILLIPS' 66 LAUREL JOHNSON Q, . 943' 3? say! ' 3 -A5 MARLENE KUEHL . .J "Doc"--'He likes to joke and have some fun, but his hobby is seeing his job well done." Football 25 Basketball 2, 35 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 De- Clam 3,45 Tiger Staff 45 Echo Staff 3,45 Honor Roll 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 45 Quill and Scroll 4. "Sandy"--"She looks like an angel, acts like one too5 but you never can tell what an angel will do." " Band 2, 3, 45 chorus 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3,45 vocal Ensemble 2.3, 45 Soloist 2.3, 45 Echo Staff 2,3,45 Tiger Staff 2, 45 Library Club 3,45 Perfect Attendance 25 Class Play 3, 45 Class Officer 25 Cheerleader 45 Homecoming Queen 4. DEAN LARSEN Vu""f2l. -. N f ,' . Y., . 4,6 ,. I ll 544 'Life is not life at all without delight." Declam 25 Class Officer 25 Soloist 25 Chorus 2,3,45 Glee Club 2. 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 Cheerleader 45 Tiger staff 2, 45 Echo Staff 2.3.45 Vocal Ensemble 2,3,45 Li- brary Club 3,4. "Kathy"--N Everybody loves the Irish, when they act like Kathy." Westbrook 2, 35 Tiger Staff 45 Echo Staff 45 Glee Club 45 Class Officer 4, Secretaryg Library Club 4. IEANNINE MEYER Compliments of FARMERS' GRAIN COMPANY SANDRA LARSON J . 1 KATHLEEN O'BRIEN I . 4 Quiet people are the ones to watch. Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2,3, 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Class Play 31 Declam 2. 4g Tiger Staff 2, 4, Echo Staff 2, 3, 43 Instrumental Ensemble 4g Quill and Scroll 4. N K "Henry" --"Charles should have known him, for he's a little Dickens." Westbrook 2, 33 Tiger Staff 45 Foot- ball 4. JANET PETERSON STANLEY ROLL fav f f 3 'She is good to look at but better to know. " Bergen, Norway 2g Chorus 4g Soloist 4g Tiger staff 4: Echo Staff 3. 'A diligent workerg people admire her perseverance." Chorus 2, 3, 4g Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Echo staff 2.3, 4g instrumental Ensemble 2.3, 43 Vocal En- semble 3, 4, Soloist 2, 35 Tiger Staff 4, Speech 35 Class Play 3,45 Library Club 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Compliments of STORDEN CREAMERY 'Tl l, ':L' 'Q ,.,,, 1 'i KENNETH SCHULTZ "Kenny"--"U he can't find anything to laugh at he'll make a circus all his own." Westbrook 2, 3, Chorus 43 Tiger Staff 4, Business Manager: Declam 45 Class Play 4. "Kitty"--"She lets her light shine without letting it shine on herself." Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Soloist 2, Accompianist 2, 3, 4: Vocal Ensemble 2, 3,43 Class Officer 3, 4, Presi- dent, Echo Staff 2, 3, 43 Tiger Staff 49 Declam 2, 3: Library Club 35 G. A. A. 45 Cheerleader 45 Class Play 4, Honor Roll 4: Quill and Scroll 4. "She that brings sunshine into the lives of others can- not keep it from herself." Soloist 2, Band 2.3, 45 Chorus 2,3,4g Echo Staff 2, 3, 4, Tiger Staff 2, 45 Business Manager, Quill and Scroll 4, Library Club 2,3, 45 Class Officer 3, G.A.A. , Vice President, Honor Roll, 3, 4. "She is quite a girl--at times." Echo staff 3, Chorus 2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Band 2, 3,43 Tiger Staff 4: Vocal Ensemble 3,4. 5? 1 KA THLEEN SORENSON CAROL TJENTLAND RUBY WEHMEYER Compliments of T. J. JOHNSON 81 S.A. CHRISTENSON Pioneer Seed Corn Dealers SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS STANDING Dean Larsen Vrce Presrdent Krtty Sorenson Presrdent SEATED Pat Egenes Treasurer KathyOBnen Secretary MOTTO The future wrth God s help IS ope unto us COLORS Royal blue and s11ver FLOWER Double whrte rose -QL. -Ju- ADVISOR Mr Larson 12 iuninrs I. . f , ,I , ,sv A I .S ',, gi 1 .fffiki ,W x u . 5 -QM. fi X ,I l ,sn if , Y "W f fg 'Uk .J - '4, ,,, v sq' 'f '17 T' X' g I l xo V 3 S l -an 9 up -f Tvs' '7 nf K. 'lb' ,Q 232. .,,. 53-G' .H 1 - ,1 f LeAnn Jackels Darrel Kuehl Dennis Lidtke Keith Madson Frank Maroney Carol Meyer Vmcent Potter Arlo Sell DuWa1ne Sell K' 4.4 6-3 Leland Bondhus Jean Christenson Constance Einertson Mark Foss Jan1Ce Shaner Paul Steen James T1ghe LaDonna Wolfe Comphments of THE STORDEN TIMES - A 'f K' 7 N., H. 5 ' A 1 ff' , , 1- 1 1 I' ,' . 0- mf' Q ' Q , .' 'I za' 'E -' 4 , I il 1 , , : " M f . 4 f - ' 4, .I 4x it 4 . . - H "' 1 we LET ME OUT OE HERE JUNIOR CLASS PLAY 1 Ni N fm uf fd Jv...J X f Q Q71 E E 7 7 A2 Z l ,Ml 1 X4 .1 Qu 5 -'Q J-X3 XR .Q I Ty . 9 E xx, . ' 4' 'L . 1 IE . . s I. ' as I E H 5 . 1 gg , C7 ' A 'Ei K 0 wx 'Q 2 X F 8 kxfs, ' . x A W N K Ax.: Q. I, C pl ments of BAKKE'S FAIRWAY f'N nphnmnres I .- -. 1 XA lc' I awk l GVBQY4, if QE'- is. r- 4--vs Q-4-9 xii, A A1 V .F Rosemary Kuehl ,- if P5 IU- gr 6 V iv v 4 -AS 1 Y 5 T, un: Q xl Lf' IT 1 A , W R Q S R R ' v :YL X15 15 - t 5 Ronald Barron Katherlne Bernston Gerald Grams Loren I-Iedmar Stephen Hedman Ralph Herbst Donna Jackels Mary Knudson SOPHOMORES Larry Maroney FTHUCIS O Brlen Denms Parker Larry Schauer Maynard Solomonson Sh1rley Speckmler John Sprmger Richard Volkmer SPEECH 'C Q49 Q7 ins FIRST ROW F Maroney J Trghe D Larson, K Schultz SECOND ROW I Pulcher, R Sundahl P Egenes,I Chrrstenson R Schauer L Davres THIRD ROW Mrss Burnes P Kuehl J Sprrnger J Peterson, K Huso C TJentLand M Carey S Larson Mr Phrllrps LIBRARY CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT C. Tjenrland, P. Egenes, C. Ernertson, C. Meyer, L. Jackels, K. Berntson, Mrss Burns, L. Davres, J. Pulcher, J. Meyer, S. Larson, K. Valen, R. Schauer, S. Koenders, M. Kuehl K. O'Bnen. 16 4 KS ., L ,V x L Q 1 H A . u 4 1. 'N' A YV S ,Pi A V 4 . f . '- L ag , ua , k V . I 'V K-" 1614 . A X :. , . ' , . . . :. . , . . ' . . , . ' . : ' , . . . ' , . . , 0 ' , Q p a , 0 1 . . freshmen X ' um X. vm. NNNX XX NX IXU X NX .Wt X . 33 I 'Q A, 5,-W v Ab- ! : 1 I' L I Xiu Z'-0 l ff! N TM 4' ?"D f an-..f. 'I .U-.- -M' .X 1, Q S... QD Q. .vs -G gf l ... V ' l,-nr-i .,-.--. E, .N - pn.- V ' Y . 44 1 nn .Q .1 V fn 7ff!L"':6 4 Aw Q ...uf -Rf in lv' I L.. Lfig A 6- 1' 1 'fi-...,. , its . if T' I 4, Kenneth Huso 'S' .wil T31 . EN I 1 w ' . ,h ' 1 L -V, ry 1 "X if 'zgfvlliiig 9? 'I . KL -1 If xlva "UU Eugene Banse Kenneth Barron Ronald Christenson Bert Crist Stanley Egenes Ronald Graham I..aVonne Grams Arnold Guild FR ES H M EN 'eb me N. Q -'O .f ,sl "xxx 'A "N 'num ll n, 1 Qi. 21" xvu Carol Johnson Darrel Johnson Stanley Johnson Glor1a Kuehl Phyllls Kuehl Sylv1a Kuehl Sandra Lmdstrorn Charles Madson Comphments of BAKKE'S FAIRWAY fx ,Aa 1 Xl' A' ' K . . A A , I 4- , , r A l 1 I . Q!-rl' wv-5 S K: f n , X B gn , g 'bv Q -N 'f-Q r . it fv 1-1. 1 s Q -X.. , h I v i 4 Q , "4 dh - . I ' N. . ?4,T:55f X X M 'MN ll r I Na 1 , r. yl. ,VIN bl ., k -t I I V M ' , f f , hit' .L-l 4 Pail af,-A!:f'l'2lWl fra 17 ' Janet Mor!-1s Patty O Brlen Kelth Polk Jud1th Pulcher Laurence Roll Gordon Schm1dt Roger Schm1dt Twlla Sell K-'S x U Q 21 E3 fl wg gy is S QA A GQ NJ 5 Joyce Spnnger FR E S H M EN Rebecca Sundahl Lyle Swenson R1chard Swenson Gordon Thompson Jack T1bodeau Ronald T1bodeau LOvuell fjentland Kathleen Valen Comphnuents of CLARENCE VALEN xA N ix Q", , 7' ss "Vx +-1 'v' 415 NA 'S '44 "5 E ' X X... 'NL 1 1. S Z' 'lg X xx on ,Q .l w 5' 1 ix X". Haul . xi 519' HHH ' 7 'Ill VA: 18 I I "' -A "x v 4 g Q s 5 ,..,ii 5' Iv . .A A 1 V-s x HF? A , L ! - 523: -. 5 ' U47 I 4 I. -Q-Mn-Cl """: 'Ami :ut 1: 1 ... v 4 IT?f3 , L '. va-in Jn" Q lt' . Vg nu, .lb :Aa ,. L it f 13 1 . . f gp 5-1 l xg ff x ' -Q. 5-s Ovu- A -- -v S N V545 if : 1, X. 7 K , 5 ' a, 3 'au I Q I ,- 1 ' V 'J x - ,P -ev . f-1" ' -sl Q fgnsix g . F -... Y- 'ow I i uf. V' . i-.f ? xxx 6- ?sT Y x 'N-sv wr 0 - N 'T -an 1 ' QQ" as Q . 1: . iw Q 1. 16 423' 'H V p 'ln inn.- -" 1 E W4 gf. TF 'gl?19"'3'- 'V ' 'Y ' GU' X A I I I t ,gm X -jr iv. ...Jn "-ku 'Ni .1 ' I T wi X. X file. 3 . : f 4. .. Q0 Q-Q ' X R! ff. eel. 'Y' R i, . A L .fQ-'g:- , -9 M73-4: , .V:.7:'fi- '5 1t.":XaAifgLX'g243::, . 2'-31 , "3 . Q 5 vB"f?0'0uo 'NX' C. t0606'1cV,L6O - UCL 11, . . . V V V x 5Z0,:040.- Q0 'fhlkm 'T S'.,x X Niarlyne Knudson LaDonna Kuehl Dallas Larson Dianne Larson Daniel Nlaroney Robert Meyer Paul Olson Derald Parker Gerald Parker Sharon Parker Larry Pederson Stuart Potter Myra Rader Linda Schauer Trent Schmotzer Joyce Solomonson 9'-5 9 Qfx Verne Carey Calvin Davies JoAnn Dickey Gilbert Foss Marjean Herbst John Sorenson Patricia Ttghe James Villa Ralph Wehmeyer Carolyn Wolfe 4 a X! Y k f v 3' X ff - fl. . ,., . f, '- . ',.x fk 1 5 X m L Z,,. 2 X, ?"'p XX X XX X X X , I X Sth , P i Y I m 4 Milf Y.A'! FIRST ROW: K. Villa, J. Parker, K. Solomonson, S. Lehnhoff, C. Maroney, H. Matzke, C. Crist. SECOND ROW: E. Anderson, B. Nattersrad, C. Swenson, K. Bjornstad, L. Carey, M. Eckhardr, F. Roy, C. Oanes. THIRD ROW: M. Lohre, T. Tighe, J. Johnson, ner, C. Iverson, D. Erickson, L. Dather. FOURTH ROW: M. Meyer, I. Leopold, son, G. Olson, T. Discher, L. Williams, B. Pererson. TEACHER: Mrs. Holck. A. Eich- D. John- 6th PN Qs in a 7 K 0537? I A3 ' ,I , I K Eg. 4' FIRST ROW: D. Shaner, M. Nartersrad, R. Peterson, G. Nauersrad, D. Wehmeyer, L. Donahue, D. Egenes. SECOND ROW: L. Bondhus, K. Sykora, V. Berntson, R. Jackels, E. Graham, R. Pederson, D. Leopold. THIRD ROW: G. Einertson, C. Davies. I. Soren- son, H. Olson, J. Rader, L. Larson, M. Barron, R. Meyer. TEACHER: Mrs. Brennan. ABSENT: H. Herbst, D. Johnson. Compliments of ALMA'S LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR WINDOM ,MR FIRST ROW: N. Herbst, S. Einerrson, E. Datlrer, K. Parker, C. Egencs, K. Johnson, SECOND ROW: J, Rupp, M. Kuclrl, W. Ilcrbst, G. Boaz, B. Peterson, D. Brouhard, I. Jaspcrson. THIRD ROW: G. Solomon son, S. Holck, S. Holland, C, Taylor, D. Hcdmarr, B. Schmidt, S. Suudalrl. FOURTH ROW: S. Ander- son, D. Schmidt, G. Polk, R. Hansen, C. Iackels, K. Larson, D. Peterson. TEACHER: Mrs. Armstrong. ABSENT: .X. Johnson. 3rd G. FIFST ROV-z Ii. Tihodfau, D. S' .rm-r, ll. Suwdfgl, N. Jolzrrsmr, Nl, IUHIISOII, P. Eiclrrter, N. Taylor. SECOND ROW: I.. hlarikc, I.. Grsaris, S. Dozen, C. Sol-rrrmrrsmr, B. Gefvry, I. Sorenson, S. Berzzrsorr. THIFD WWI: D. livy. D. .lUf,l1SUil. I. UaItsS, J. Olson, K. Schrucr, J. Clzrrsrctscrz, N. Meyer. FOURTH ROW: L. I.I"r'.wt'f, A. IWZTYSWY, lf. lvicrrsog H. Grow, R, llwidricksolz, D, Drsclrcr, E. Baklfc. TEACIIFR: Cords Kart.-rsrad. Compliments of SICrSTAD'S VARIETY STORE WINDOM FIRST ROW: I. Sundahl, K. Maroney, S. Ndson, D. Knudson, D. Thornpson, D. Marquardt, L. Egenes. SECOND ROW: R, Pierz, T. Doren, R. Larson, R. Roy, I. Christensen, W, Rupp, T. Anderson, L. Thompson. THIRD ROW: M. Bernrson, B. Bondhus, S. Beldr, L. Johnson, G. Moore, A. Solomonson, B. Nattersiad, L. Graham. TEACHER: Elsie Narterstad. 2nd 'ix iQ X I Q A x i lst Gr , P X3 FIRST ROW: L. Einertson, M. Hendrickson, R. Boaz. 1. Olson, J. Olson. SECOND ROW: L. Moore, S. Iverson, L. Johnson, L. Leopold, S, Anderson, B. Sylrora, R. Schmorzer. THIRD ROW: W. Holck, C. Lehnhoff, B. Holland, C. Solomonson, N. Dather, S. Iverson, B. Roy, A. Martinson. TEACHER: Mrs. Benson. Compliments of QUEV LI' S WINDOM WELCOME TO ORIENTAL GARDENS Junior-Senior Banquet May 14, 1955 WAITRESSES ' ,L ' Connie Einertson, Carol Meyer, LeAnn Jackels, Jean Chris- tenson, LaDonna Wolff, Janice Shaner. 4' A 37 lg, fi, .F -... V:-- wi., . ' ' A I ,. . 5 , , 3 ',,,i -' "mia, . . J og' ' -, ,Wwe .4-up a , Q pix IQ 'ff E: .yt fl? , . -G ' l X - 5k.r 1? 3 wks X 1,m at tr T fi A 4 Q iv g , . ! Q Q ge cl J ' Q I - H ? Y V 24 Junior - Semin- Blnvsf 1.1 FV if 2 Se I4 '1 f fi- , . " ' GI ' N , , , XS-rs'-5 8 - - - lllItlUItIE5 fx!!-M f""' xff xx W X X N 4 K X K rf, - rim 0 - J O cs 3 FIRST ROW: M. Rader, L, Kuehl. I. Solomonson, L. Schauer, J. Solomonson, S, Parker, C, Wolff, J. Matzke. SECOND ROW: J. Dickey, B. Madson, M. Sell, I. Kuehl, H. Remmers, P. Natterstad. I. Thomp- son, M. Tibodeau. THIRD ROW: R. Busswitz, L. Peterson, M. Herbst, B. Vosberg, L. Pulcher, N, Herbst, D. Larson, J. Schmidt, P. Tighe, M. Dather, M. Knudson, R. Hanson, D. Koenders. FOURTH ROW: D. Maroney, O, Grams, R. Springer, G. Eichner, R. Herbst, R. Wehmeyer, S, Potter, R, Meyer, J. Chris- tenson, D. Jasperson, C, Davies, J, Taylor, J, Parker. FIFTH ROW: Mrs, Phillips, C. Schauer, G. O'Brien J, Villa, J. Parker, T. Schmotzer, G. Parker, G. Foss, D. Larson, V. Carey, D. Parker, D. Phillips, P. Olson, F, Egenes, S. Lendtvedt, -Xi -f --. QQOVPE4, NIH! FIRST ROW: A, Johnson, B. Peterson, K. Villa, D. Peterson, S. Parker, J, Pulcher, J. Solomonson, K, Larson, D. Leopold, W, Herbst, S. Holck, G, Polk. SECOND ROW: D. Hedman, E. Anderson, S. Potter L. Pulcher, A. Eichner, B, Vosberg, M. Rader, J. Schmidt, J, Sorenson, L. Donahue, L, Peterson, G. Olson, J. Villa, D, Shaner, D. Johnson. THIRD ROW: C, Swenson, C. Oanes, P, Tighe, C. Iverson, S Lendtvedt, D. Phillips, L. Williams, D. Johnson, L, Bondhus, J, Leopold, G. Eichner, K. Sykora, R. Peterson, B. Hanson, Mrs. Phillips. Compliments of THORSNESS OIL CO. ls ff 4' J FIRST ROW: L, Larson, J. Shaner, M. Solomonson, I, Christenson, L, Jackels, SECOND ROW: C, Johnson, R, Wehmeyer, P, Kuehl, C. Tjentland, S, Potter, I. Thompson, B, Madsen, THIRD ROWg J, Dickey, J, Springer, R. Sundahl, K, Valen. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Phillips, K. Berntson, C. Einert son, D. Phillips, I. Peterson, B, Peterson, D. Johnson. f SENIOR 1955-1956 proved a busy year for us. At the beginning of last summer, fourteen new members were added to the band to make up for those lost the previous spring. The summer was highlighted by our trip to Rochester to take part in the Lion's Club Convention parade. In spite of colds and sore feet, the day ended a success. Fall brought Flax Day at Windom and Lamb Day at Lakefield, in which we participated. Then one chilly September morning at 4:00 A. M. , we drowsily climbed into two packed buses and started the long trip to Minne- apolis. We arrived at Memorial Stadium along with several thousand other bandsmen. After practicing, receiving instructions, and eating sack lunches, each band marched around the stadium. We felt very small among so many football fans. During the half of the Minnesota-Washington game, the 101 bands played several pieces together. That was the real thrill of the whole day. After several experiences with the Sea Scouts, we wearily found our buses and headed home. The last of our fall events was our annual Fall Band Concert. Everyone said it was definitely a success. 26 FIRST Row: K, Bjornstad, L. Kuehl, K. Huso, L Tiemland. G- FOSS. M- Carey- SECOND ROW K. Sorenson, S. Larson, K. HUSO. J- Johnson, J- Kuehl' C' Crist' R' Schmidt' T' Schmotzer' B' Crist, L. Schauer. THIRD ROW: R. Schauer, P. Olson, V. CHFCY, L- Carey' J' Sorenson' R' Gra- ham, M. Kuehl, R, Hanson, R. Springer, N, Herbsr, I, Tighe, P. Natterstad, D. Larson, G, Thompson. fNot pictured-M. KHUdS0Ul BAN D f JK .P- c N X Just before Christmas vacation Mrs. Phillips announced that she thought we were ready to try a symphony. Of course, it sounded so important that it scared most of us a little. ln spite ofthe help several of the first cornets tried to give the flutes, we finally could play it. I hope it was recognizable! Following vacation we worked for all we were worth. We wanted another State "A" Band and knew we'd have to really work for it. The contest was as exciting as ever and our formal spring concert as colorful as could be. To end the year, the beautiful strains of "Pomp and Circumstance" could be heard as the seniors, looking serious and dignified, marched to the new stage to receive their diplomas. This was really a never before, never again wonder- ful year for the band. Z7 17 If' I V fig! X ,y Xvz .Q 0 If ,J va n x v. H .xg fx fri SI "' " FIRST ROW: P. Kuehl, J. Steinhoff, P. O'Brien, R. Sundahl, L. Grams, G. Kuehl, S. Lindstrom, J Z Morris, S. Kuehl. SECOND ROW: L. Davies, R. Wehnieyer, K. Berutson, S. Larson, I. Meyer, J. W' Shanner, C. Meyer, L. Jackels, C. Einerrson. THIRD ROW: R. Christenson, B. Crist, S. Egenes, K Q4 Polk, J. Springer, K. Barron, A. Guild, R. llerbst, K. Schultz. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Phillips, R. fl Barron, D. Johnson, C. Madson, K. Huso, L. Swenson, D. Iarsen, L. Schauer, D. Sell, G. Banse. 40' X 0' J fl I ia., wg! .F This year showed a great increase in our mixed chorus. With the ad- dition ofthe freshman class the chorus numbered seventy-three. Some people discouraged Mrs. Phillips from the beginning by asking, "What will you ever do with all those kids '? " But as time and practices went by--slowly, at times--we discovered hidden talent. Our first appearance, at Vespers, was soon over, despite the heat on the stage. We then set our sights on the music contest, which came faster than we expected. With the contest, held at Lakefield, came the usual general confusion-unpressed robes, lost robes, the wrong kind of shoes, lost shoes, lost music. You name itg we lost it at contest time! But despite nervousness on all parts we entered the auditorium and did our best. After the contest, activity slowed down a little. Then came the spring concert, with a bright array of girls in formals and boys in their best suits. l'm sure we'll all agree it was disgusting at times, as well as madden- ing, but l think we'll also agree that it was worth every minute of it as we recall the good times we had and the thrill we got from singing together. Compliments of W. H. HANSON ,Q FIRST ROW: M. Imhoff, D. Jackels, J. Christenson, T. Sell, C. Johnson, J. Pulcher, K. Valen, J. Springer, P. Egenes. SECOND ROW: M. Carey, S. Koenders, R. Schauer, L. Wolfe, C. Tjentland, I. Peterson, M. Kuehl, K. Sandvik, K. Sorenson. THIRD ROW: R. Tibodeau, G. Schmidt, L. Roll, S. johnson, D. Parker, S. Hedman, L. Tjentland, R. Swenson, J. Tibodeau. FOURTH ROW: D. Kuehl, M. Solomonson, R. Graham, J. Tighe, M. Foss, R. Schmidt, L. Larson, G. Thompson, K. Huso. QNOT PICTURED- M. Knudsonj. CHORUS dw NX X 'x Xl, iq , ,432 5 1 I A fx K. Huso, M. Solomonson, K. Sorenson Mrs. D. E. Phillips Accompanists DUBCIOI' Compliments of HERMAN LARSON r .3 si 2 . i33 5 1' v' E!69'1as!6G4f 'Qui "3"9?Q 5 3 5 i Q Q E W NS' .X I V s N I 1 O ' 3 'Q 8 :Q 1 'T I1 P x n H I I Kigvlll Ill GIRLS GLEE CLUB , Jw Li h Yilf n Q 41' Ykvf .sr W ,,. rf? ,K ' A I X ff 7 1 iT'4"5w '4 Qs-Rf: . 5 - x S 1 . wtf' is-E, I , Q .ftvgf ii, .Ziff W i "if-' 5 -1 .p . ,ill I if ' fi' - F' ' 'I IS Dr' 1 if --'ff N. -cf if - fx . x ' X ' 4' . ' 55 'G' . . V X . . JL 1 , iw 3 , mf " Fpfff 9-4' , , . gu if ' Q F . Q a if '1 . f K U v 1 55,7 B U I U I f' +3-N HN '- N a' ". X4 w'VfW' " Q? il IIE r v ' -5 .Q Q I- , 1. ER fwi 1... f Q1 L GIRLS SEXTET GIRLS QUARTET Jeanmne Meyer sandra Larson Karen Huso Kathleen Sorenson Carol Meyer Ruby Wehmeyer Rachel Schauer Marcella Carey Marlene Kuehl Conme Elf161'IS0l"l MAJORETTES 5TANDING Kathleen Valen Kay Bjornstad Karen Hmo Janet Thompson LaDonna Vwolff KINEELING Carolyn Oanes Carolyn Swenson Comphrnents of W H ROEMER Q ' 1 A I , . f . . v , 1 fy i. l ' l 5 1 1 .., X ,Ti . V1 f fl , . r 5 , . . , V v Y , , . THE TIGER Karne Huso, Editor: Janice Shaner, Assistant Editor. Deadline became the password among the nnual staff members as those drastic days neared. Then there was the rush of picture- taking when Karen, Carol, and Mr. Peterson 5 thought the day would never end. But when the last page was finished, we all began look- 5' ing forward to the day when we would get our ,X ook. Now here it is, the 1956 TIGER, com- lete, compact, and our very own. SEATED: Kenny Schultz and Carol Tjentland, Business Managers. STANDING: Mr. Peterson, Advisor. .1 ,A,,Q . KIIITYJNFZ-'fl! Oulu AND sckou r i buufiy This year a new organization took shape in S. H. S. Under the advisorship of Miss Burns, the Quilland Scroll was started. To be eligible a student must be in the upper one-third of his or her class feditors are ex- ceptedl, a junior or senior, and have done good work on the school paper, annual, or both. Six seniors were lucky enough to become the first members, and we hope the organization will grow in the years to come. STANDING: Dean Larsen, Karen Huso, Kitty Sorenson, Rachel Schauer, Miss 33 Burns. SEATED:Carol Tjemland, Janet Peterson. LPA .1 ,-0-" SEATED J Peterson edrtor STANDING P Egenes busmess mana ger J Chrrstenson assxstant ed1tor Mrss Burns advrsor C Tjent land M Carey R Schauer copy eduors Th1S year THE ECHO recerved the new look But that d1dn t cut down the typrng on Saturdays or the srght of Janet houndrng some poor paper staff member that the edrtor s Job 1sn t an easy one Janet w1th Jean s help has to dec1de on what should go rn the paper each t1me who should wrrte lt and then see that rt gets done wh1ch rs probably the most d1ff1cu1t of the three F1na11y dummres are typed the copy rs arranged and the frnal artrcles are f1n1shed Then Janet and Mrss Burns go flyrng to Wrndom to catch that mall tram But when the paper IS flnally glven to the students the faces of the k1dS and staff prove that the effort hasn't been 1n yarn' D Jackels 5 Larson M Solomonson J Meyers S Koenders L Wolff F Nlaronew o 4 .. - . "1 ' V 'X .kk , X mr-- Yl Il ' I for an article. But l'm sure you'1l agree . , . . , . , . I I Y Y Y I l ll ' " ' 7 ya I1 . , R. , . , . , . , . A 4'- -,, ff -f M 1:7 jfx ffm V, VARSITY Paul End xadx B eel' U6 K I QCA- 1 Cogfofxiere XX' P, "Laurel" Back Co - Captain A11-Conference '-Mx John Center 6 U O ' 00316 . "Larry' Guard ' f rfb? CU bode "Keit End h v VARSITY FIRST ROW: L. Schauer, L. Bondhus, S. Roll, L. Johnson, G. Banse, K. Madson. SECOND ROW: P. Olson, S Hedman, D. Parker, P, Steen, R. Tibodeau, V. Potter, J. Springer. SEASON RECORD ef' Storden Storden Storden Storden Storden Storden Storden .X 1 Z7 21 40 Z5 Z4 20 , x .W X M 4, B, x Q tvs 3 f Balaton Jeffers Sanborn Wabas so Comfrey Westbrook Butterfield Coach Lerohl .'- , -. ' fm' N, TZ N 1 . -3, XM 34' s My V wg QQ xfiw ,Q av 7? fn JR H FIRST ROW Manager Paul Olson, Chuck Madson, Stanley Johnson, Stanley Egenes, Lowell Tjentland, Bert Cust SECOND ROW Kenny Barron, Larry Maroney, Ronnre Barron, Jack Tlbodeau Rlch ard Swenson, Gordon Thompson Not Prctured Kenny Huso Lyle Swenson P53114 ir-1: L'-'wr' ef' req fr, . 5mgiQa.,Q,i'f:?4 254 f L xii 'Z ,1 diy se A .1 1523? --4 K C H K 1, of 1' qw 1f'f'f'-313.-fZ'8 5fa5e?CAwiq'fx 'xl xy gp Wav ,E Y fxejjzg ' fa ,571 ,6455 Kai.: A, A UNDEFEATED Sandborn Comfrey Jeffers Jeffe rs Butterf1e1d 13 Storden Storden Storden Storden Storden " "" J? Wbivwg if Coach Norman Cornphments of THORSNESS OIL CO, o H I G r ' 47 5 , ' 71, f'7 AV . ' : ' , .547 A 'fer ' 74:41. 'L T -pls!-2" Wy :A wwf Y" - V"'z,-1 1 ,- .A-' ' N V.-:vs ' Q H- - ,mpgs ' ,.V .e W - ,,, . V -, .V V . ., . , ,L gil g '44 '. 4, V: qfgfir V: . f I ,Jr ,n-.-V: x 'Q' V fill, 3? ,za V, Lf of ifVy.,'f'fgf::g!f4g',Qn,5'ff , , 234 w 1" .r .- 5:2 QV qw , .xwu ine ., V 3 f' ,1 e4: :ig -f -ff.- ' 4 M 3 L-412411: 219:14-ag? ff mug ,La s-V1g+2.i V fi' "ag, 'gwy ,,- - W, H H .V , 1, . ... V- V f-, , -,. -M ,f M- sl. ' V H- , -1 , V 1 .yy 14,4--' fm. A' -. V M, , , V - fy-, g., I5-- .. 'f7efSf'1 zuligzwl 4 1 NPV fm 4 fl- MV f""4- 'NV' - ,vi S Wtiizfg If "f -4" ff'-a..e5V ,. V:'2'-9 fek'1??9k"xi5l4'. fwrlwifiw' Wi-2',Z'7ffrYwihz-,'Lf:a'tfg1'T'2iff H3:1E.i's-54s1VaAff'V' if 1A A V 33, ,GI ' lx? Q 'Lf' I J , E. H. of n V , , VV. :J-uv? 7 0 'V '- 2 8 6 fr, ff ng N, ,, , AA M. f 2 5 1 9 ?"zf . 3- V 'Q' 2 8 6 'iff ' 2 ' "e-Vvz iq.. ,V,, . L L, .. .. ,-.. , , .. ,ig-I 'T' . 1 ' . 4, w,44., ,v' V. Va 4 . ' . 'A GLM vi 42 " , Q-551 if 1 , Vg, V, gs.. is--.ff .Z. 1 ,ggi LV: 'V .-gp-'B ' "L. V' - I- is 3 , ,iq -Y", if is . Y Lv' , ' f 11.4. ' ,gf V K 1 H-i'i V ,T .-L 11,3 , 4-' ' -, 25 , ROYALTY 4an JEEP 1 'As Queen Sandy ""'b Princess Putty Princess Marcy 1 N7 I fm,-I . f Ar E 'Q an SUB-DISTRICT PLAY Storden 57 Westbrook 54 Storden 57 Comfrey 54 In the first game of Sub-district play at Jeffers, the Tigers built up a commanding lead early in the game and then managed to stifle a late Westbrook rally to win by a 3 point margin. Bondhus and Thomp- son had Z0 and 18 points. In the second game, a tall and aggressive Comfrey team made a valiant effort to down the Tigers but clutch baskets by Gerry Grams and Gordy Thompson spelled the measure of defeat for Comfrey. Bond- hus made Z1 points. Storden 55 I..akefield 59 In the first game of District play at Jackson, the Tigers lost a heart- breaker to Lakefield in overtime. The Tigers held a 4 point edge with less than two minutes remaining but Lakefield capitalized on a Tiger mis- cue and tied the score. The Tigers tried a last second shot but it fell short and regulation time ended at 53-53. The Tigers scored first in the over- time but Lakefield came up with the next 6 points and the win. Thompson and Bondhus scored 18 and 17 points. Kieth Madson, late season casualty, played with his arm in a cast and had not this misfortune hampered the Tigers results probably would have been different. 4 Next Year's Outlook Next year's prospects for the Tigers are bright. Graduation will take L.aurel.Iohnson, veteran guard. Returning for the Tigers will be: Lee Bondhus, rugged rebounder and top scorerg Keith Madson, all-around defensive and offensive starg Gordy Thompson, sensa- tional set-shot artist and the top freshman 1 prospect Storden has ever had, Paul Steen, 'L W fy f YV. f -T jump-shot specialist. Other top prospects ig ff g include: ChuckMadson, GerryGrams, Larry it , if-Lfg Schauer, John Springer, Gene Banse, and Dennis Parker. With the additional encourage A ment of a new gym to play in, the Tigers should have the finest basketball team in the school's history. Coach Peterson VARSITY WTA v k r 1 log, Gua gm Go dy Gua Lf jeffxl 6 ya Paul For ard X -ul Cente fir! 4 f I 1 z f X ' ' N4 H A W M 2' . QW ..La I , U x A , 7 'x I ,- XX d ,f 31 175 ig Q 'S ' X A X , f , f V A ,'i- if 'Q 'X , LX! "Lee 1' d fa f W v , . 51 fi AS -uf .gf f if " , X X 'K ,4 , J , ,f 2 I il 1' U L' . f ,fy ' I t ' :kv X ' .. UL Forairyrl Y Ofwar 61-d !! 77 K Q . FIRST ROW: G. Thompson, K. Madson, L. Johnson, L. Bondhus, P. Steen. SECOND ROW: G. Madson, L. Schauer, G. Grams, D. Sell, J. Springer. FIRST ROW: F. O'Brien, K. Barron, I. Springer, C. Madson, E. Banse, S. Hedman, D. Parker, S. Johnson, A. Sell, L. Swenson. SECOND ROW: J. Tibodeau, S. Egenes, R. Schmidt, R. Graham, L Tjenrlancl, G. Schmidt, K. Huso, R. Springer. 4 1 Clfjil Hem, TEAM ,q,- 'AMN .VM . x . TEAM I l f P 1-'s . E-1!'eAr"k I 1:14--5 ., , QVNVVY' Y' fd r' :L 'VIVIVTX ,rt fr-Q fd r' r, 'I ' w .N - . Y ."vr'I'e v1 UH V ': fre '-'15-I1 -dz.: mr ' LETTERMEN'S CLUB FIRST ROW Lee Bondhus, Prestdent, Stanley Roll Laurel Johnson, Secretary Treasurer Ketth Madson Vtce Pres rdent SECOND ROW Mr Lerohl Gorden Thompson, Larry Schauer, Gene Banse, Paul Steen John Sprtnger, Mr Peterson A FIRST ROW L Grams L Pulcher, S Parker K Sorenson I Pulcher, K Valen L Jackels SECOND ROW J Drcky B Madson,J Thompson S Kuehl Treasurer, C TJentland Vice presxdent K Huso, Prestdent M Carey, Secretary M Knudson M Trbodeau I Kuehl THIRD ROW K Berntson R Kuehl P Natterstad G Kuehl J Spnnger R Sundahl N Herbs: M Herbst, M Rader P Trghe L Kuehl D Larson, I Schmrdt M Knudson Mrs Holck G 0 0 A 0 .Y ,- .K7 1 vi r, x 't ' v N V Y- . r , ' . :ig SL, S , Jeanmne Meyer Par Egenes Sandy Larson Krrry Sorenson Kathy Valen LaVonne Pulcher Sharon Parker Judy Pulcher Paul Olson Bert Cnst SENIOR JUNIOR I P HIGH HIGH Y wi I I. 4 5. advertisers 5,1 ZA ,fn T X DEPOSITS INSURED Tho fedora! llooosrl Insurance Corooratron WASHINGTON c. 510000 :'3:"ff'c'f4'gf25'i'fg: 510000 FIRYT S'l'1TE RIM T man dep s ts cash so Lee o s ho to spe Ha d at ork Ka e Cha lotte and Dale nnnnonoonoono7onn7nn7ornnnnnooo fl 7K Storden students enjoying their after-school lunch at ' Are A on SPRINGERS c M, W. nm BERNIE S W SHOPPING CENTER D yGoods gl Groce es Q1 6 Meats Sz Locke Ser 'c W as? fi HV' v::f?iv BOYYHiRT FUWYTRICTIUN UUMPKNY 652:29 .gs .eq . ... 4 1' HARDWARE 11.11 !-IL' STORDEN HARDWARE HIIHIIIVLIITMA A , Harol esnrinsuasae arrhe GEBHARD IMPLEMENT STORDEN SHIPPING ASSOCIATION Buyer s of Llvestock Cattle Sheep Hogs QQ5' 6.- B111 Gerr1sh Manager Ray Sprmger Long Dlstance Hauler Phone Yard 7331 Res1dence 7333 GENERAL BLACKSMITHING WARREN R MARQUARDT Storden Mmnnesota Reasonable PTICBS Work Guaranteed WESTBROOK MUTUAL TrumanA Bondhus Secretary Treasurer N735 W ik Z Q61 E., 735 snvi , "' FEW Q1 . S- LARSON S PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 788 Wmd om Mmnnes ota is J Tx it .Zi-'f,,-'Q " 'Q--gn ,-14" K.,- JOHN TIMM Your Watk1ns Dealer Best W1shes to the Grads of 1956 gg 5 For A11 of the News When It IS News 'L Depend on the .LA- P ,N T2 COTTONWOOD COU NTY M5 ,.-ff BOB S HARDWARE Cimyeda Radio SERV CE CITIZEN Your County Seat Newspaper FOSS SALES rya TV and Radxo Sales and Serv1ce A11 Work Guaranteed Phone 73 Wmdorn GRAMS PIODIICE .--v-Q o 9174 X?-E,,X CRANES FURNITURE STORE Furmture Rugs Lmoleum W1ndom, Mmnesota Phone 140 CX PCRT HAIZ CUTS ANDY S BARBER SHOP Wmdorn Mmnesota PJ' ,,1ir4wean K 8. K COMPANY For Quahty Merchandlse Wmdom Mlnnesota Way GROCEPIES H5 SWANSON S SUPER STORES Set Your Table Better For Less Wmdorn Mmnesota For The Latest FaSh1OnS At Prlces JustR1ght shop At VERA S W1ndom Mtnnesota WOLFF S STORES INC Outfltters For The Farrnly Store of Natxonally Advertlsed Merchandlse Wmdom Mmnesota i DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST LICHTY DRUGS Wade Llchty Owner Westbrook Mmnesota KLASSES SALES AND SERVICE Melvm Klasse Westbrook M1nnesota SNYDER S Coast to Coast Stores Locally Cwned Natlonally Orgamzed Hardware Sportmg Goods Auto and Radlo Supply Wmdom Mxnnesota Phone 292 FrankM Snyder Owner 1' ll- Il' ,i ' 51 sf E . Q wg 1 V . sl ' P I if 1 Z I P Q Ms .. ' I , -glfll Our C Q L-..::iA,,,.,1:. i?,. Q-,,x0"., ' . . . f.vgf?,g"f' "wi 3'5- +r I 'P 1 If ll' g' J G-ooo Luck AND Muco-1 SUCCESS TO You GRADUATES PARK THEATER B Q 0 5 T E R S 111er s Store Olson's Muslc Store Where You See The P1Ck of Your P1CfUTES ' Wlndom Harvey Iverson Propr1etor Wehmeyer s Cafe Fat Thompson Russell Yarger A Fr1end Tat Moore Elv1na's Palnt Shop Pete Nelson Everett Peterson Full MINIEAPDLIS Moms MODERN MACHINERY STARK S GARAGE Lme of Farm Machmery Phone 4721 Westbrook FARM Seeds Feeds Fert111zer Serv1ce IS our mmddle name Phone 3 5 4 W1ndom, Mmnesota A A x ' 'M yf' Ar 4. T AM, ' C A C A L O A , N I ' 1 I S O :ii-tg' Y' 1+-Q35 ' If Q 'H I B ' M' ' . . ' n , N , R, R R PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DR C F DONALDSON Dentlst F1rst Nat1ona1 Offlce Bulldmg Telephone 680 Wmdom M1nnesota DR R W BOELTER Optorne tr 15 t Success to Storden Class of 1956 W1ndom M1n esota J V CARLSON MD Phys1c1ans 8: Surgeons Westbrook Mmnesota MARVIN H ADAMS Attorney at La Westbrook Mmnesota WESTGOR REALTY COMPANY Wmdom Mmnesota DR M R BEST Optometrlst Phone 7 38 Wmdom Mmnes ota HAROLD H GROTE Vetermaman Phone 2851 Storden Mmnesota R. K. RUNQUIST, M.D. ' 'N ODDS AND ENDS 47 ,-if Stretch, Marcy! We won!! Oh, so pretty! X I ps Q., , ,fn . hh , . H N . , . It's play t1me!!L I shy Guy! 1-di 4 Nh. I Look at me! Those busy juniors! 1 1 I t Q, xg v ,153-,3 FN . . 1 Ji ' x in r',, , '- Ji ' it iv' D A Q if ik! A1 ,. D A trunkfu1!!! lf' L . What ARE you doing 7 x A .H tl, .S . ,P effigy Sisters? Mrs. Liberace YEARBOOKS F V W 1 X f X If ' o ,-ff 6Q,,n,Lv:.. 2' " A' - 1 - 'Aw-' ,mf ,, , V .Q . f - .Y ,, A A n - - . V -..... K. nf. - . - .Y .- .. ,, .. .fr 'H' Q-ff-le-.N 'djhk ff ,av N A fm F 1,-iw xi-an M ,Q NMA .,. A all .A 1 1",,-,H in? -fTQ12-Liz, --YES.423,FLTZAQLEQQE-'a'-+26 iiTS2i'fl'ff 1 'l3?i?f'fJj k-:1Vf1 ffi qf.-1 'elmfzzsiiferfi I-if-414--'iif-,2-Q11-,xx l.,,'1i-ff, A I11rQ.:.:f--1,f.f,4g1'ff:'

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