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Text from Pages 1 - 36 of the 1953 volume:

DEDICATIO '-1 ff x 'os 'Cf-1.1 W, Q We the SCHIOTS of 1953 dedmate th1s the sxxth ed1t1on ofthe Stordon lan to our parents IH appreC1at1or1 for the educahonal opportunltles homes and love whmh they have gw en us 9,-3 y T05 Q' f tv V i lyf-O or 7? X - ga - x 3 Y 9 0 , S 5 ' ' A ' Ji 5 1 f " - Q- f Junior and Senior High Facult SEATED Mrs Donald Phlllrps MUSIC Enghsh Mrs Robert Grundsted Home Economxcs O A Roberts Sup ermtendent Algebra Geometry Mrss Amy Johnson Enghsh Scrence Mrss Veda Wrllrams Commercral STANDING Leon Schrmbeno Jr High Teacher Assrstant Coach Phys Ed Donald Ph1111ps Jr Hrgh Teacher Robert Grundsted Drrver sTra1n1ng Industrral Arts Harold Lerohl Scrence Coach Alf Larson Soc1a1Sc1ence Hrstory Prmcrpal 7 '6- Myrna Donahue "Myrna" Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g School Paper 2,3,4g School An- nual 4g Class Officer 3,4g Ensemble Member 4g Play Cast3g Band 3g Home- coming Attendant 3. Joan Engelsen "Josie" Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Mixed Cho- rus 1,2,3,4g School Paper 1,2,3,4g School Annual 3,4g Class Officer 2,4g Ensemble Member 3,4g Play Cast 3,4g Perfect Attendance 3g Cheerleader 1, 3g Band 3g Homecoming Attendant 1,4. SENIORS 193 Class Motto: "Today we launch, Where shall we ancho Class Colors: Purple and Gold Class Flower: r? Yellow Chrysanthemum 3 Ni Shirley Earp "Shirley" Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g School Paper 1,2,3,4g School Annual 4g Play Cast 3,45 Class Officer 4g Homecoming Attendant 4. Gladys Erickson "Gladys" Girls' Glee Club 1,2,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,4g School Paper 1,3, 4g School Annual 44 Ensemble Member 4g Fastest Typist 2g Play Cast 3,4. 4 a is . Merlin Hansen "Soapy" Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1, 2,3,45 Baseball 2,35 Boys' Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,2,35 45 School Paper 2,45 School Annua145 Class Officer 15 Play Cast 4. LaVonne Jensen 'Vonnie" Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mix- ed Chorus 1,2,3,45 SchoolPaper l,2,3,45 Schoo1Annual1,2,3,45 Class Officer l,3,45 Ensemble Member 3,45 Soloist 2,3,45 De- clamation 2,3,45 Cheerleader 3,45 Band 3,45 Majorette 1. Patricia Hedman "Pat" Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Cho- rus 1,2,3,45 School Paper 1,2,3,45 School Annual 3,45 Class Officer 2, 45 Ensemble Member 45 Typing Ac- curacy 2g Play Cast 3,45 Honor Roll 25 Homecoming Queen 4. 4 Betsy Hanson ..Bets.. Girls'Glee Club 2,3,45 MixedChorus 1,2,3,45 School Paper l,2,45 School Annual 45 Class Officer 35 Student Play Director 3. Evelyn Lohre "Weasel" Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,2,45 School Paper 1,2,3,45 School Annual 2,3,45 Class Officer lg Play Cast 3. Leon Mischke "Lem" Basketball lg Boys' Glee Club lg Mix- ed Chorus 1,3,4g School Annual 2,45 Class Officer lg Play Cast 4g Ensem- ble Member 4. Merlyon Thynes "Fat" Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,4g Baseball 3g Boys' Glee Club lg Mix- ed Chorus 1,45 School Paper 2g School Annual 2,4g Play Cast 3,4g Projector Operator 1,2,3g Ensemble Member 4. -f"'x ,L rib J' Jean Parker "Jeanie" Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4g Mixed Chorus l,2,3g4g School Paper l,2,3,4g School Annual 3,4g Class Officer 24 Ensem- ble Member 3,4g Soloist 1,2,3,4g Ticket Handler 2g Play Cast 3g Dec- lamation 1,2,3,4g Perfect Attendance 1,3g Cheerleader l,3,4g Honor Roll 1,2,3p Band 4g Majorette l,2,8,4g Piano Accompanist 3,43 Student Li- brarian 3,4. 5 Stanley Olson "Stan" Football 1,25 Basketball l,2g Baseball 2,3g Boys'Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus 3,4g School Paper 35 School Annual 2,3,4g Class Officer 2g Ensemble Member 3,4g Play Cast 3,4g Projector Operator l,2,3. Ardella Tjentland "Ardelle" Girls' Glee Club 1,2g Mix- ed Chorus 1,2,3,4g School Pa- per 1,2,3,4g School Annual 4g Play 3,4g Honor Roll 25 Band 3,43 Class Officer 3. f"X Mm 1953 Senlor Class Hlstor Pam' .....g"::.. lit!! vm? Shtrley Oall G la dys Merltn On a gloomy, dull September mornrng twenty one students greeted our teacher Mtss Sturgess wrth a mtxture of half afratd and half anxtous looks They were as follows Floyd Ptetz, Arlyce Shaner Shuley Earp Betsy Hanson Leona Polk Joan Engelsen LaVonne Jensen borean Shaar Jean Parker Wrllard Thompson Jack Od dtng Carlyle Hanson Arol Larson Gerald Grapevrne Roger Smestad Merlyon Thy nes,Walter Johnson, Roland Hanson Drxte Colemeyer Corrrne Schnormtet and Gor don Flatabo Floyd, Wrllard Gerald and Walter were left overs from the year be ore In the second grade the teacher was the same but a few of the students left us they were Drxre Corrrne and Gordon Remember Snow Whrte and the Seven Dwarfs? That was our Chrtstmas operetta that year Roland decxded he ltked the second grade so he stayed there for another year Our class kept gettrng smaller every year Walter Lorean Leona and Jack all left somettme that year and Carlyle stayed behrnd Mrs Rexneer was our teacher A book worm Jorned our class thts year none other than Merlxn Hansen Cherall Musland came thts year also A storm lut our class when we were rn the fourth grade Her name was loA Rersrng Mlss Krerdaman had rule over us thrs year Cherall left us Cherall dectded we couldn t get along wrthout her so she rejorned us in the frfth grade Mrss Anderson had charge over our lxttle tube Remember those trted and true rectpe books? Wonder rf anyone ever used them? Our class rematned the same tn the stxth wtth the same teacher Thrs was the year Jean had her plg talls whacked off' Myron Jensen Stanley Olson Myrna Donahue, and Ardella T Jentland helped our class grow a btt Remember V E R and L P M ? Our frrst school carnxval was thrs year The womanless weddrng was qulte successful In the erghth grade we garned LeRoy Egenes who was there the year before Ar drs Swenson and Patrtcta Hedman also Jorned our class Myrna left us Mrss Rong stad was our supervrsor agatn thrs year Our freshman year started wttha bang for mrtiatton was thts year' Evelyn Lohre Gladys Errckson, and Leon Mrschke Jotned our clan Gordon Fuller Jorned us toward the end of the year Arxds dectded she drdn t ltke school so she left rn our sophomore year Myrna Jorned us agarn Drtvers tratntng was started th1s year and belreve tt or not there was stxll a car left' Our busy year was our Juntor year Gwen Lrke and Curtrs Foss came but Gwen left tn December Thts year we gave The Nutt Famrly as our class play In Jan uary we were grteved by the passtng away ofour classmate Arlyce Shaner Our Jr Sr Banquet wrth the theme Moonlrght and Roses was a great success Fourteen students remarn rn our Senror class Curt hked Wlndom better so he left to attend school there Arlo dectded he dldn t hke school so he qutt We are now looktng forward to musxc festrval class play skip day class nrght banquet baccalaureate prcntc and last but not least, Commencement 6 LaVonne Evelyn Leon ean 1 f 3 4 o 0 ' ' L 5 E' . . . I . . ' I 4 V : I l ' I O I " . 9 v 9 I 1 9 ' D A, A . s 9 9 U . u . I ' - ' A I I - . . ' - f . . . . , . ' : , . . ,..,, : - I - v I , , his . , 7' ' ' ' , ' . sf, I W' my-,-,,. ' w x' , "iff r 'A X A ' ' . nn h ' n . U ' H . I I . D ' I "Yr' . . y ,, , 1 s as 'e ff-W . . . . . . .. ' ' ' 5,2 ' ' e ' 4 . ' . . . Q . - f ' . . . ' ' ' U '. h I . . . . . D. . ' . , , . u . , . . . . . . - . up, I U , . AA ' v -jf. V . - . . . . - 4. ,ff ' I I 9 I 9 I ' , . I Betsy Ardelle Merlyon . , xiii? 3- , E ' 1 K ' V L if' ' z Q ny. 1 E E riff . - l A 1 'W' , ! .? 1? X 2 "v'y+,,, bw frm we l Prophecy of 1963 ' I am Madam Patrrce I fortell the future As I gaze rnto my cry stal I see a mrst Ah the mrst lrfts The scene rs strange It rs 1963 ten years from now What rs thrs? Why rt s Shrrley Earp She always drd love school and so she has become Superrntendent of Schools Nowlsee a lot of chrldren Who rs thrs they are callrng mama? Why rt s Gladys Errckson lt looks as rf she agreed once to often It looks as rf Joan Engelsen has rnherrted her father s mechanrcal abrlrty and so has created a new vehrcle the Jrmmymobrle The scene changes I am now rn Madrson Square Garden why rs everyone cheerrng? Oh look there s Mr Phrllrps our old play drrec tor coachrng hrs wrfe Mrs Phrllrps who rs now a famous lady wrestler Now I m rn New York crty outsrde a doctor s offrce The srgn says Dr E G Lohre Plastrc Surgeon She always wanted a new nose her self and so she has gone rnto the busrness My crystal blurrs Now rt clears I seem to be rn Hawarr On the beach there are dancrng grrls Among them 15 LaVonne Jensen who rs now a professronal dancer The crystal 1S turnrng green why there rs Stanley Olson busrly at work wrth hrs newly rnvented money makrng machrne He decrded he was gorng to get money one way or another It looks lrke Ardelle T1entland rs strll rn the krtchen workrng busrly on her 4 H cannrng project Mr Schrmbeno rs now the manager of the world famous team Shorty s Sharpshooters Who do you thrnk he has for a cheerleader? None other than O A Roberts a loyal supporter of the team It seems Betsy rs workrng as a hrgh pressure saleswoman for Chevrolet and rn her spare trme takes trme out to do the Charleston Leon Mrschke rs hrs same lazy self l-le tests mattresses durrng the day and teaches Englrsh at a nrght school Mrss Johnson rs one of hrs most able students who rs wrrtrng a novel en trtled Get That I see Alf Larson standrng on the coast of Norway sellrng Bullheads as What rs thrs? It s a shop rn Parts Mrss Wrllrams has a dress shop for Veda Orrgrnals Myrna Donahue rs her model Why look at Merlrn Hanson He s rn Arabra surrounded by a whole har em of beautrful women Lucky boy The scene IS changrng I see Albert Ernstern and Harold Lerohl They are workrng together on a great atomrc project Atomrc Frre Crackers' I' Merlyon Thynes rs a wealthy proprretor of the Greenhrll Shrrt Shop fea turrng flashy shrrts and hand tooled boots Jean Parker rs workrng as a trapeze artrst for a crrcus She rs featured as Jean the Aerral Queen l see Mr and Mrs Grundsted on a lrttle chrcken farm rn Wrsconsrn They lead a very happy lrfe there wrth Mrs Grundsted feedrng the chrckens and Mr Grundsted takrng care of the household dutres Maybe you d lrke to know why l became a fortune teller? Well back rn hrgh school I knew so much about hrstory I decrded l wanted to know somethrng about the future too X 3 X I ,. f 7 X , .. . . . . . ' - x . '. - . . ,Z X ' , U- I . X t ' . . ' a specialty. I wonder if he has eaten one yet? 1 I f X X . . I - ' . . ' . . . D . ' I 1 N ' X ., W X H lt r, A-s. 'W , -A x I 3 1 I ' M y'.'bA"' ' X i I F . X A K -'gL'. 4' "7 . ,4- XX ! I I --hum? "W . ff! ' f 'X SCHIOI Class Wlll We the Senrors of Storden Hrgh School of 1903 belng of sound mrnd and body do declare th1s to be our last wxll and testrmony Flrst We bequeath to the Jumors our abrllty to behave 1n class rf they solemn ly promrse to have as much fun as we have had Second We bequeath to the teachers all the notes we passed durlng classes rn hopes that they may enjoy readlng them as much as we enjoyed wrrtrng them Thrrd We bequeath last of all to the Junlors our honorable name Senlors hoplng they may become as drgnrfled as we I Myrna Gertrude Donahue M1111 my talktng abllrty for getung rnto trouble to Carol Ernertson I also w1ll my hetght to Elmer Oleson I Sh1rley Florence Earp vull my abtlrty to go steady to Harrret Egenes rn order to keep rt rn the famrly and my deep love of uearrng slacks to school to Martlyn French I Joan Ellzabeth Engelsen w1ll my Jrmmres to Judy Larson so she ll have more than one I Gladys Jeanette Errckson wrll my agreeableness to Xlrlfred Eckhardt and my ab1l1ty to do chemrstry to Charles Peterson I Patrtcra Lee Hedman w1ll my blushes to Mary Ann Oleson and my abrllty to go steady to Betty Grapevtne I Merlrn Duane Hansen w1ll my abtlrty to go Wllh many grrls to Gred Henkel and my scholastlc ab1l1ty to Roger Wehmeyer I Betsy Karen Hanson w1ll my abllrty to do the Charleston to Elvera Donahue I also W ll my freckles to Allce Dather I LaVonne Edna Jensen w1ll my ab1l1ty to go wlth a drfferent boy every mght to Marilyn Jackels I w1ll my qutetness to Robert Swenson I Evelyn Geraldlne Lohre wrll my deep volce to Jack Lrljenqurst so he w1ll re cetve an A on hrs solo next year I w1ll my slender frgure to Floyd Pletz I Leon Emll Mrschke w1ll my good grades to Margaret Kuehl and my athletlc ab1l1ty to Donald Anderson I Stanley Engvold Olson WVIH my abrlrty to be out every mght to Roland Hanson I Jean Marlene Parker w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along wxth the teachers to Dean Frshel and my majorette abrlrty to Arhss Madson I Merlyon Elgene Thynes w1ll my abrllty to make my class rrng smaller to Gerald Grapevlne I Ardella Joan Tjentland w1ll my studtousness to Myrna Davtdson and my Frrst Charr Clarrnet to Mar11yn Roberts so she may get out of the back row Wttnessed thrs Twenty frrst day of March 1n the year of Nlneteen hundred and frfty three by Ltttle Bo Peep Lrttle Boy Blue Lrttle Mlss Muffet Lrttle Red Rrdlng Hood 8 I I 1 2 . . ' ' ' I : f Y I I 'H A In 0 - 1 . V V ' I I I I A I l I l ' I D -4 I I I . A. I A I X " ll ll '. ' . ' I 'D4 A ' ' - xxx . . . ' ' . .2 ' ' N ' ,l . .... '. l x X , ' . ' .A . N ' . .. ' . X X Y . ' 9 U NX . . . ' . . I xx l - - UNDERCLASSME ,I 1111101 Class 95,9 FIRST ROW Marllyn French Mary Ann Oleson Marllyn Roberts Floyd PISIZ B1ll Eckhardt Dean Ftshel Roland Hanson Robert Swenson SECOND ROW Mrs Grundsted Judy Larson Arlxss Madson Gerald Grapevxne Donald Anderson Charles Peterson Margaret Kuehl Betty Grapevme Marllyn Iackels Mrs Phlllxps THIRD ROW Elvera Donahue Myrna Davtdson Alrce Dather Elmer Oleson Fred Henkel Jack Ltljenqutst Roger Wehmeyer Harrtet Egenes Carol Elnertson The Junlor Class presented Every Thlng Happens To Us on November 19th and 20th of 1952 Mr and Mrs Phtllrps were the dtrectors lt was a comtc play conststmg of three acts Wllh twelve characters The play centered around the oldest Ross son Rhett who was to marry a mxlltonalre s daughter so the fam1ly declded to remodel the house They h1red a matd who tn the end turned out to be the g1rl Rhett lS to marry Tc: een Ng Sophomore Llass FIRST ROW: Jerry Thompson, Myron Swenson, Wallace Hedman, Duane Peterson, Kornell Kuehl, Jim Davidson, SECOND ROW, Mr. Lerohl, Petra Paul, Helen Peterson, Carolyn Carey, LaVonne Sabolik, Arlene Donahue, Norman Kuehl. THIRD ROW, Marlene Gentry, DeAnn Natterstad, Wayne Bondhus, LeRoy Lohre, La- verne Jackels, Carolyn Berntson, Delores Schmitz. FIRST ROW: Laura Jane Davies, Barbara Wagner, Patty Egenes, Jeannine Meyer, Ruby Wehmeyer, Orleen Roberts, Sandra Larson, Rachel Schauer. SECOND ROW: Karen Huso, Marcella Carey, Carlo Tjentland, Kathleen Sorenson, Mar- lene Kuehl, Janet Peterson, Miss Johnson. THIRD ROW: Laurel Johnson, Parnell Donahue, Wayne Mischke, Duiane Mischke, Dean Larson. Fresh nian Class Sth Grade FIRST ROW: Mark Foss, Keith Madson, Connie Einertson, Joyce Reinitz, Janice Shaner, Paul Steen, James Tighe. SECOND ROW: Vivian Paul, Jean Christenson, Leland Bondhus, Vincent Potter, Darrel Kuehl, Mr. Phillips. THIRD ROW: LeAnne Jackels, Arlo Sell, James Natterstad, DeWaine Sell, Carol Meyer, LaDonna Wolfe. FIRST ROW: Stephen Hedman, Kathy Berntson, Rochelle Natterstad, Mary Knudson, Donna Jackels, John Springer. SECOND ROW: Leonard Donahue, Ralph Herbst, Larry Schauer, Larry Grapevine, Norman Paul, Gerald Grams, Mr. Schimbeno. THIRD ROW: LeRoy Schmitz, Ronald Barron, Roger Schmidt, Lewis Larson, Dennis Parker, Harold Vaupel, Maynard Solomonson. gh 7th Grade 8. sm 93 he 6th Grade FIRST ROW: Gordon Thompson, Carol Johnson, Bert Crist, Stanley Johnson, Judy Pulcher, Stanley Egenes, Ralph Wehmeyer. SECOND ROW: Melvin Schmitz, Jean- ette Natterstad, Ronald Tibodeau, Phyllis Kuehl, Dale Nelson, Gordon Schmidt, Kathleen Valen. THIRD ROW: John Grapevine, Charles Madson, Kenneth Huso, Ronald Christensen, Twila Sell, Lowell Tjentland. FOURTH ROW: Tebecca Sun- dahl, Kenneth Barron, Darrel Johnson, Joyce Springer, Jack Tibodeau, STANDING: Lyle Swenson, Miss Kremin. FIRST ROW: Jeanette Pohl, Patricia Tighe, LaDonna Kuehl. SECOND ROW: Derald Parker, Sharon Parker, Linda Schauer, Verne Carey, Donna Olson, Gilbert Foss. THIRD ROW: Willis Roberts, Judy Nelson,Calvin Davies, Dallas Larson, Robert Meyer. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Parker, Marlyne Knudson, Curtis Nelson, John Sorenson, Joann Dickey. FIFTH ROW: JoyceSolomonson,PaulOlson, Stuart Potter. SIXTH ROW: Donald Schmitz, Marjean Herbst, Larry Pederson, Trent Schmotzer. STANDING: Carolyn Wolfe, Miss Oberle. f f. - H -f,.,.w--wh -.rwyigm 5th Grade 'i Z -Xmas rr- -:sg 'lf' 4th Grade FIRST ROW: Marlys Reinitz, Marlene Sell, Ronald Springer, Brenda Wagner, David Jasperson, Patricia Natterstad, Bernard Paul. SECOND ROW: Delbert Phippips,Gor- don Eichner, Mary Louise Dather, Betsy Madson, Mary, Lou Tibodeau, Janet Thomp- son, Janice Kuehl. THIRD ROW: Lylc Melson, Joan Matzke, Jimmy Parker, Dor- othy Cornelison, Nydeenl-lerbst, Jean Schmidt, Jack Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Rober Herbst, Jackie Parker, Franklin Egenes, Robert Hanson, Orlando Grams, Charles Schauer. STANDING: Miss Snare. ABSENTg Jay Christenson, LaVonne Pulcher. FIRST ROW: Helen Matzke, Gary Einertson, Janet Parker, Marvin Meyers, Lillian Schmitz, Dennis Johnson. SECOND ROW: Leland Dather, Audrey Eichner, Sharron Lehnhoff, Kathryn Solomonson, Evon Anderson, Carolyn Swenson, Thomas Tighe, Bar- bara Natterstad, Jesse Leopold. THIRD ROW: Carol Crist, Carol Nelson, Gary Olson, Lavonne Carey, Cheryl Iverson, Carolyn Malde. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Oanes, Jean Johnson,Mary Beth Eckhardt. TEACHER Miss G. Natterstad. ABSENT: Billy Peterson. I X 3rd Grade 2nd Grade FIRST ROW: Larry Bondhus, Richard Meyer, Andrew Olson, Charles Davies, James Sorenson, Marilyn Barrons. SECOND ROW: Sidnew Paul, Marjorie Natterstad, Mark Malde, Doris Leopold, Keith Sykora, Shirley Nelson. THIRD ROW: Wendell Plucker, Mary Malde, Leo Donahue, Linda Larson, Ronald Jackels, Verginia Berntson, Howard Olson. FOURTH ROW: Gary Natterstad, David Egenes, Dale Wehmeyer, Harvey Herbst, Ronald Peterson, Dean Shaner. TEACHER: Miss E. Natterstad. FIRST ROW: Stanley Anderson, Minerva Derickson, Robert Hanson, Nancy Herbst, JoAnn Jasperson, Wandalee Herbst. SECOND ROW: Dana Brouhard, Charles Tayler, Gary Nelson, Sandra Holck, Cheryl Egenes, Karen Larson, Dennis Schmidt, John Natterstad. THIRD ROW: Diane Peterson, Beverly Schmidt, Sheila Sundahl, Nancy Giese, Myrna Kuehl Diane Hedman, Curtis Jackels, Gary Solomonson. FOURTH ROW: Paulette Sackett, John Boyd, Edith Dather, Clara Belle Cornelison, Jerome Rupp, Geral Boaz, Dale Reinit - Barbara Peterson, Kathleen Parker. TEACHER: Mrs. Benson. I-,I 1 st Grade lu 91 J 5 C 995 - Stordonian Staff FIRST ROW: Evelyn Lohre, Shirley Earp, Judy Larson-Ass't. Ed., Jean Parker-Ed., Patsy Hedman, LaVonne Jensen, Gladys Erickson. SECOND ROW: Miss Williams- Advisor, Betsy Hanson, Ardelle Tjentland, Floyd Pietz, Merlin Hansen, Leon Mischke, MerlyonThynes, Stanley Olson, Myrna Donahue, Joan Engleson. THIRD ROW: Alice Dather, Betty Grapevine, Roger Wehmeyer, Jack Liljenquist, Mary Ann Oleson, Marilyn Roberts, Margaret Kuehl, Arliss Madson, Elmer Oleson, Myrna Davidson, Harriet Egenes. FIRST ROW: Sandra Larson, Carol Einertson, Mary Ann Oleson, LaVonne Jensen, Evelyn Lohre, Joan Engelsen-Ed., Arliss Madson-Ass't. Ed., Marilyn French, Myrna Davidson, Judy Larson,Jean Parker. SECOND ROW: MissWil1iams-Advisor, Marcella Carey, Myrna Donahue, Ardelle Tjentland, Betsy Hanson, Merlin Hansen, Floyd Pietz, Patsy Hedman, Gladys Erickson, Marilyn Jackels, Shirley Earp. THIRD ROW: Elvera D0nahue,Alice Dather, Betty Grapevine, Roger Wehmeyer, Jack Liljenquist, Marilyn Roberts, Margaret Kuehl, Elmer Olson, Arlene Donahue, Harriet Egenes, Rachel Schauer. 96 Eff Echo Staff 35. USIC - if 4- Q ,, , - Q1 , 0 Girls Sextette Joan Engelsen, Judy Larson, Myrna Davidson, Carolyn Carey, Mary Ann Oleson, La Vonne Jen sen. ILAX Coronet Trio Saxophone Trlo Mixed Chorus FIRST ROW: Myrna Davidson, Betty Grapevine, Gladys Erickson, Judy Larson, LaVon Jensen, Rachel Schauer, Arliss Madson, Janet Peterson, Margaret Kuehl, Mary Ann Oleson, Bill Eckhardt, Merlin Hanson, Dean Fishel, Myron Swenson, Wayne Bondhus, Lavern Jackles, Marilyn Roberts, Carolyn Carey, Petra Paul, Joan Englesen, Myrna Donhue, Alice Dather. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Philips, Mar- cella Carey, Helen Peterson, Marilyn Jackles, Arlene Donhue, Lavon Sabolik, Marlene Gentry, De Ann Natterstad, Floyd Pietz, Merlyon Thynes, Leon Misch- ke, Stanley Olson, Jim Davidson, Leroy Lohre, Jack Liljenquist, Norman Kuehl, Betsy Hanson, Ardelle Tjentland, Patsy Hedman, Evelyn Lohre, Shirley Earp. THIRD ROW: Jean Parker, Carol Tjentland, Orleen Roberts, Sandra Larson, Jeannie Meyer, Laura Jane Davis, Ruby Wehmeyer, Karen Huso, Kathleen Sor- neson, Marlene Kuehl, Patty Egenes, Barbara Wagner, Elvera Donhue, Marilyn French, Carol Einertson, Harriet Egenes, Carolyn Bernston. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Berntson, Gladys Erickson, Marlene Gentry, Deanne Natterstad Patsy Hedman, Joan Engelsen, Alice Dather. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Phillips, Myrna Judy Larsen, Lavon Jensen, Jean Parker. THIRD ROW: Arlene Donahue, Lavon Sabo lick, Margaret Kuhel, Mary Ann Oleson, Marilyn Roberts, Betsy Hanson, Mvrna Dona hue , Marilyn Jackles. gg. HIL A W ' . ' , V, E 1 A F V. s O- fi ' 1 W iz K 5,5 krri Glee f ,A 3 L T. ' , ' K v ' 1' 4" , ' 4 I ' - A Club Davidson Betty Grapevine, Arliss Madson,Helen Peterson, Carolyn Carey, Petra Paul, Band .4l FIRST ROW: Karen Huso, Marilyn Roberts,Orleen Roberts, Sandra Larson, Kath- leen Sorenson, Mark Foss, Marcella Carey, Leland Bondhus. SECOND ROW: Ardelle Tjentland, Janice Shaner, Lewis Larsen, Carolyn Carey, Carol Tjent- land, Arlene Donahue, Carol Einertson, Jimmy Tighe, Arliss Madson, Helen Peterson, Joyce Reinitz. THIRD IEW: Jean Parker, Connie Einertson, LaVonne Jensen, Janet Peterson, Darrel Johnson, Billy Eckhardt, Rachel Schauer, Judy Larson, Wayne Bondhus, Dean Fishel, Parnell Donahue, Mrs. Phillips. Marilyn French,Orleen Roberts, Mary Ann Oleson,Jean Parker, Marilyn Roberts, Kar- en Huso, Arliss Madson. 'Y Majorettes 4 ' e l l v I J Q D 9 Craft Club FIRST ROW: Jean Parker, Mr. Grundsted, Marilyn Roberts, Charles Peterson, Petra Paul, Floyd Pietz. SECOND ROW: Duane Peterson, Norman Kuehl, Lavonne Sabolik, Marlene Gentry, Mar garet Kuehl, Elmer Oleson, Mary Ann Oleson, Jim Davidson, Merlin Hansen. F -4 ell Office Girl The Cooks Janitor Mrs. Thompson Harvey Nora and Alma MU if Q 1 win 475:12 Senior Football FIRST ROW: Wallace Hedman, Dean Fischel, Gearld Grapevine, Merlyon Thynes, Merlin Han son, Charles Peterson. SECOND ROW: Gerry Thompson, Myron Swenson, Norman Kuehl La Verne Iackels, Donald Anderson, Floyd Pietz, Kornell Kuehl. THIRD ROW: Gordon Thompson Coach Lerohl, john Grapevine. Date Sept. 12 Sept. 19 Sept. 26 Oct. 3 Oct. 10 Oct. 17 Oct. 21 Oct. 31 Opponent Comfrey Lamberton Westbrook Butterfield Sanborn Jeffers Fuld a Walnut Grove 22 WeThey 7-25 12-26 12-21 6- 5- 44 19 7-28 '7 18 6-26 i 1 3 f O Senior Basketball FIRST ROW: Lu Verne Jackels, Merlin Hanson, Donald Anderson, Charles Peterson. Gerald Grapevine. SECOND ROW: Coach Lerohl, Wayne Bondhus, Merlyon Thynes, Wilfred Eck- hardy, Flody Pietz, Jerry Thompson. THIRD ROW: Norman Kuehl, Myron Swenson, Wallace Hedman, Kornell Kuehl, Le Roy Lohre. Date Opponent We They Nov. 28 Okabena 33 - 40 Dec. 2 Sanborn 41 - 51 Dec. 5 Butterfield 43 - 72 Dec. 9 Jeffers 49 - 56 Dec. 16 Lakefield 37 - 35 Dec. 19 Lamberton 45 - '73 Jan. 6 Walnut Grove 47 - 59 Jan. 9 Westbrook 47 - 60 Ian. 16 Okabena 42 - 51 Jan. 23 Comfrey 42 - 50 Jan. 27 Fulda 42 - 60 Jan. 30 Westbrook 41 - 64 Feb. 3 Comfrey 55 - 61 Feb. 6 Butterfield 61 - 79 Feb. 11 Jeffers 52 - 55 Feb. 13 Walnut Grove 41 - 55 Feb. 20 Sanborn 23 xi' 6 m 'L Junior V High Football FIRST ROW: Vincent Potter, Parnell Donahue, Keith Madson, Laurel Johnson,- Leland Bondhus, Wayne Mischke, Dean Larsen. SECOND ROW: John Springer, Leonard Donahue,Jim Natterstad,Duaine Mischke,Norman Paul,Gearld Grams, Stephen 1-ledman, and Coach Shimbeno. FIRST ROW: Duaine Mischke,Laurel Johnson,Leland Bondhus, Wayne Mischke, Vin- cent Potter, Parnell Donahue, Keith Madson. SECOND ROW: Coach Shimbeno, Nor- an Paul Larr Gra evine Dean Larsen Jim Natterstad Larry Schauer Leanard YU 1 Y P . . . . Donahue. THIRD ROW: John Springer, Jim Tighe, Dennis Parker, Gearld Grams, Stephen Hedman, Mark Foss. Junior Hiffll Basketball 5 'Y 4 ' 31 Senior Cheerleaders :Lf 4 'bd v-ll La Vonne Jensen, Jean Parker, Mary Ann Oleson, Myrna Davidson Marcella Carey, Rachel Schauer, Janet Peterson. Junior Cheerleaders Z iv Qu v 13 J ,Q ' fx X. u v """ " X-H C Sponsors Storden Clarence Valen "Standard O11 Prod uc s" Storden Implement Co S M1ller s Grocery Sl John's Barber Shop S3 M L Knudsen Agency SZ Farmers Market S4 Storden Cafe S F1rst State Bank of Storden S10 Storden Electr1c 3 Thomas Bondhus S5 Herman Larson 3 W H Roemer Z Alma Klarup Sl Bernard Parker Serv1ce Garage S10 Storden Hardware SZ The Storden T1mes S Bakkes Falrway Market S3 Ahl s Hardware S5 Farmers Co op Creamery Farmers Gram Co 3 Arlans Tydol S2 50 Burt's Bulk SZ Rusty's Cafe SZ 50 Moore s Garage S5 J C Anderson S 50 Em1l Thorsness Sl Russel's "66 Serv1ce S3 Storden Feed M111 S Carey's Body Shop S5 Storden Gram Co 3 Leonard Schmotzer S3 Grams Produce S3 Storden Sh1pp1ng Ass n Edgar Madson Sl Glenn Solomonson l Wlndom Coast to Coast Sl 50 K 8: K Co SZ Hasle's Varlety Store SZ. The Style Shop S P R Gr1ebler Lawyer 1 W1ndom Reporter S W A Llenke Lawyer Wynne Hardware Z Ronn1es Market Sl Rexall Sl Quevl1 and Co 3 Olson Jewelry Sl 50 Korner Cafe 1 LeRoy s Shoe Repa1r S Westgor Realty Co S2 Anderson Chevrolet S3 Cottonwood County C1t1zen S52 Foss Sales S3 J V H1ebertCo Sl 50 Al T Anderson S2 Olson Mus1c Store SZ Bob s Clothmg Store S3 Anonsen Wall Paper and Pamt Store Schottle and Stempfley Hardware Sampsons Shles EB Olson Pharmacy S1 'Serv1ce 1S our m1ddle name" W1ndom Bakery S Ray's Cafe S M1x Bakery Z Peterson Jewelry SZ 50 Schwalbach Hardware S Nelson Ice Cream Co S5 Drs Enge Frederksen S2 Bryon Standard Serv1ce S3 Cooperat1ve Elevator Co of Wlndom Lloyd G Andrew Sl Larned Nerhus Sl Sharky and Mann Packard S2 Johnson Motor Co S1 Lady Lee Dress Shop S1 The Latest m Fash1on Moede 8: Bjornsen Grocery SZ The Best For Less" W L Johnson Coal Z t -55 - - - - -S3 Q .- 5 ' .-S - Z- --. ' -S ll ' - - '- 2 -S - .. -5 ' .-5 -51 - . - .. ,D-S1 . . -- 5 -S - - - , -552 , -l - 1 - Farm Bureau Seryice Co. - S2 . 0 , , -S , . . . . -1 - -1 . .' , -S1 - Z . -S . -S - - lz . .-S .- -S ' . ' - . I ' -1 . .- -553 -Sl . . - -S 31 Autographs

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