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cibeckcafion ,al I0 We dedlcate th1s the flfth edxtlon of the Stordonlan to our former schoolmate .AA 968 AQVLQI' who-se presence among us wlll never be forgotten I 9 . .J y Alf Larson, Principal, Social Science, History, Harold Malmer, Commercial, Robert Grundsted, Drivers' Training, Industrial Arts, Francis Bridges, English, Harold Le- rohl, Science, Coach, Leon Schimbeno, Jr. High Teacher, Assistant Coach, O. A. Roberts, Superintendent, Algebra, Tony Rotchadl, G. I. Agriculture, Harvey Iverson, Janitor, Dolph Bezoier, Music, History, Mrs. Olga Thompson, Office Secretary, Miss Rose Peterson, Jr. High Teacher, Phys. Ed., Mrs. Robert Grundsted, Home Econ- omics. won fy 192 2 Class Motto Class Colors Class Flower 7 eniom 0 5 We Saunter Into the Unknown Blue and Sllver Yellow Rose 3 1:1 Q v. A 0 WL 8 M C 0 , Z s QP wc, 'K m Q g E2 no Q J Qi 1 I 1 ' vm I: ' 'I 'W fs Q ,. J X -vw 3 ' flaw' In I I ' -6 W--ur LaVERNE BAUMANN "LaVerne" Football ........ 1-2-3 Basketball. . . Baseball ..... .... 2 - Mixed Chorus .... 1 . . School Paper. . . . . Z-3 School Annual . . . . Class Officer. . . . . Play Cast . . . BARBARA JENSEN " Joyce" Honor Student Glee Club . . . Mixed Chorus School Paper . Play Cast . . . Class Officer. Pep Club Officer . . . ii eniom I 9 Q Q-di M' LEROY HANSEN "LeRoy" Football ........ 1-Z-3 Basketball. . . . . 1-Z-3 Baseball .... . . Z-3 Glee Club .... . . 2-3 Mixed Chorus .... l-Z-3 School Paper. . . . l-2-3 School Annual . . . . . 3 Play Cast .... . . 3 Declamation . . . . 3 4 BEVERLY DONAHUE "Bev" Glee Club . . . Mixed Chorus School Paper. . ..l-Z ....l-2 ....l-Z Ensemble Member . . Play Cast . . . DELORES "De KUEHI.. n Valedictorian ...... Glee Club ....... l- Mixed Chorus .... 1- School Paper ..... l- School Annual .... 1 Class Officer ...... Ensemble Member . . Play Cast ....... . Pep Club Officer . . M Z Z Ni' REUBEN MADSON " Junior" Football ........ 1- Basketball. . . Baseball. . . Glee Club .... . . . Mixed Chorus .... 1- School Paper. . . . Class Officer . . . Play Cast ..,. . School Annual . . ANITA om-:soN -'Nita-' Glee Club .... Mixed Chorus . School Paper. . School Annual . Ticket Handler Play Cast . . . 5 1? 'Z' MARILYN NELSON "Marilyn' Salutatorian ....... Glee Club .... . . 1- Mixed Chorus .... 1- Accompanist . . . . . School Paper ..... School Annual . . . Class Officer .... Ensemble Member . Soloist ......... Fastest Typist .... Play Cast ..... Homecoming Attendant ..... Pep Club Officer . . RUTH MADSON "Ruth" Honor Student . . . . . Glee Club .... . . l-Z Mixed Chorus .... 1-Z School Paper. . . . l-Z School Annual . . . Class Officer ..... Z Ensemble Member .... Play Cast ........ 2 Cheerleader ....... Homecoming Queen . . Pep Club Officer . . . La DELLE OLSON 'Ladle" Declamation ...... Z Glee Club .... . . 1-2- Mixed Chorus .... 1-2- School Paper ..... 1-2- School Annual ....... Ensemble Member .... Soloist . ......... Z- Play Cast . . . . . BETTY LOU PAULSON 'Betty Lou' Glee Club ....... 1-2-3 Mixed Chorus .... 1-2 School Paper ..... 1-2-3 Play Cast ..... . . . 3-4 School Annual . . . . FAY WEHMEYER MFaye0 Glee Club ....... l-2-3 Mixed Chorus . . l-2-3 School Paper ..... 1-2-3 School Annual ..... 2-3 Ensemble Member .... 3 Ticket Handler . . . 1. . . Play Cast .... . . . 3 Class Officer. . . . . Homecoming Attendant. . . . . sf Q' Sl' K ROXANNE POTTER ll Honor Student ...... Mixed Chorus .... 1-2 School Paper. . . . 1-2 School Annual . . . . 2 Play Cast .... . . 2 Class Officer. . . . 1-2 Glee Club .... . . 1. One-Act Play . . . . 2 Cheerleader . . . . 1-2 Band ...... . . . Homecoming Attendant .... 1 . Salesmanship . . . . Pep Club Officer . . .3411 JAMES SCHMIDT "Jim" Football ........ l-2 Basketball . . . . l-2 Baseball. . . . . 1-2 Glee Club .... . . . Mixed Chorus .... 1-2 School Paper. . . . Play Cast. . . . . Declamation . . . School Annual . . EUGENE WOLFE 'Sonny' Football . . ...... l- Basketball . . . . l- Baseball ..... . . Mixed Chorus .... 1 . School Paper. . . . . School Annual ...... Class Officer ..... 1- Play Cast .... . . . I9 Q aggmor Cfdffff cM5f0rg On a sunny September mormng ln the year nlneteen hundred and forty flfteen young sters some shy and some forward were welcomed to SCHOOL by M1ss Sturgess The fol lowlng were the fxfteen Jeanette Albertson LaVerne Baumann Gerald Grapevine Joyce Jensen Janet Johnson Walter Johnson Marllyn Nelson Betty Lou Paulson Floyd Peltz Bobby Oberle Bernadlne Schnorm1er W1llard Thompson Eugene Wolfe and Ruth and Jun 1or Madson We had the same teacher but lost Wlllard and Walter xn the second grade Darlene O1 son Jolned us though Remember the rhythm band we were 1117 I guess xt s the only band we ve ever played 1n Fay Wehmeyer and LeRoy Egnes Jomed us 1n the thlrd grade whlch was under Mxss Rongstad s supervlslon We made a mxmature Mexican Vlllage that year At the end of the year Floyd decxded to cont1nue h1s studles ln that same grade Janet left us ln the fourth grade but we galned Beverly Donahue Llmond Aronson called Joe and LeRoy Hansen Mrs Engmeer Imean Rexgneer was our teacher That was the year Jumor got practlce scrubbmg floors as purnshment for wr1t1ng notes I won der 1f xt cured hxm Flfth grade found us at the other end of the hall w1th Mrs Harley Sykora 1n charge Roxanne and LaDelle became members of the class that year and Bobby left us Remember when hard of hearmg Mrs Clark substltuted for Mrs Sykora'P M1ss Anderson tutored us 1n the slxth grade That year Anlta came and Roxanne left In the seventh grade Joe left us and Jlm Schmldt came We were agaln xn M1ss Rong stad s care That was the year LeRoy Egnes and Betty Lou dldn t get along E1ghth grade found us wlth the same teacher and same number of puplls J'1m and Le Roy Egnes left and Delores Kuehl and Colleen Crabtree Jolned us Our Freshman year boomed 1n w1th Jlm and Roxanne I'eJO1I11l'1g us That was our rough year w1th 1l'1ltlatlO!1 and all Darlene left us mn the Sophomore year to go to Wmdom That year we got to torture the Freshmen at football games Junlor Senlor Banquet wxth the theme of In the Garden of Tomorrow and many other thlngs Now the fmale of xt all IS keeping us ln a constant dlther wlth Commencement Bacca laureate Sk1p Day Class Nlght Banquet Class Play and others 1 lair As we Journey back through Memory Lane let us remlnlsce some of our more bash ful moments throughout our school days Roxanne IS the flrst Semor to enter mto the Holy Bonds of Matrlmony As we go farther back Into the years we have old flames such as LaMoyne Kelth Norrls Robert Donny and of course her husband Jack As we see It LaVerne has followed very closely 1n Roxanne s path We don t know much about hls love l1fe except for hls wlfe and compamon Algona There were rumors that a few Lamberton g1rls have held hls interests Anita has had many boys ln her hfe A few of these are Norman Donald N Jlm D and B111 Kuehl Rlchard Roll IS currently ratlng top now Then there IS Ruth who has had scattered 1nterests Some of them are Vernell Nor rxs Stanley and Roger B Jxm seems to be having the t1me of h1s lxfe belng hlmself As It IS he doesn t seem to have any trouble wxth glrls or money But we recall once about a certaln Sophomore '7 Everyone lS wonder1ng what Beverly does for excltement From some rumors Ive heard Jeffers has held her xnterests Marilyn seems to have kept her love llfe very secret Although she has been seen wlth Bob B I guess studylng takes up too much of her t1me but we can t forget about jolnt cholr practlces And theh there IS Jumor Madson He seems to have had qumte a few g1rls m h1s hlgh school days such as LaVonne Joan Myrna Joy and others .Tumor seems to dzshke h1s real name Really I don t blame you k1d You see xt IS Reuben Thor 7 c J ' . - 6 ,Q ' - l 4 . I H ' . . . . c - 2:7 Our Junior year was busier than ever with our class play, 'A Day in June," food stand 8 Joyce has had only one boy m her l1fe up unt11 lately Somethmg has happened between her and Floyd Well just remember there are more flsh ln the pond than one We thought a Junlor boy was comlng into v1ew but I guess that faded away We don t know much about Betty Lou s love l1fe Of course there was a certaln Senlor boy from last year LeRoy Hansen s l1fe has been somewhat of a mystery to many of us At the present tlme Iknow nothmg of xt You surely must have had a g1rl frlend at some tlme or another haven t you LeRoy'7 '? 'P LaDelle has had lnterests ln Heron Lake but not any more Gerry and Sonny also have been some of her lnterests What s thls I hear about a certaln Jeffers fella? 'P '7 Delores has trled to keep her love l1fe a secret but It seeped out when Kenny Boyce was her mam mterest Llttle more do we know about her Eugene Wolfe xs the most unpredxctable of the Senlors He has shlfted h1s mterests from Worthlngton Wmdom and now back to Storden At the t1me he seems to be a one woman man Fay has had lnterests ln Heron Lake Redwood Falls and 1n Storden Norrls Orvrlle and Art have occup1ed most of her t1me Now that we have gone back through some of the more secret moments xn our school days and ln some of the thmgs that shouldn t have been unvelled we want to get serlous for a moment We w1ll always remember the wonderful tlmes that we have had IH school I m sure that we wlll all mxss our many frlends and the welcom1ng look of the schoolhouse and we hope you w1ll mlss us as well 8lfLL0l" Cfddfi We the Senxors of Storden Hxgh School ln the county of Cottonwood the State of Mm nesota the country of the Unlted States and the contlnent of North Amerlca bemg undls putably of sound mlnds and bodles do make publish and declare thls to be our last w1ll and testlmony We order and dlrect that our executors the Junlor Class pay all our Just debts and fun eral expenses as soon after our decease as conventlonally can be After much dehberate conslderatlon we have declded to dlspose of our dearly beloved Flrst We dxgnlfled Semors bequeath to the Junlors our answer sheet hxdden ln the 11 brary ln the f1fth book on the second shelf 1n the fourth sect1on on the west wall Second We bequeath to the .Tumors our ab1l1t1es to work as a group ln hopes that they will be able to Improve before next year Thlrd We bequeath to the Ju.n1ors the honor of callxng themselves Senxors w1th all 1ts sorrows and joys ln hopes they may keep 1ts flne reputat1on I LaVerne Joseph Baumann w1ll my forwardness wzth gxrls to Stanley Olson so he may overcome hxs shyness I Beverly Ann Donahue w1ll my loudness to LaVonne Jensen so that she wxll not be so quxet I LeRoy Truman Hansen wlll my slngmg ab1l1ty to Curt Foss so that he can make the mxxed chorus next year I Barbara Joyce Jensen wxll my ab1l1ty to go steady for years and years to Betsy Han son Also I will my ability to play basketball to Arlo Larson ln hopes he w1ll make the team next year I Delores Mae Kuehl wlll my good grades to Jean Parker so she may rnake the honor roll next year I also will to her my excess majorette ab1l1ty I Reuben Thor Madson .Tr w1ll my ab1l1ty to spread gosslp to Shrrley Earp so she may be able to strxke up a conversatxon I Ruth Marxe Madson wxll my qulet home l1fe to Joan Engelson so hers may be more qulet I Iviarllyn JoAnn Nelson will all my brothers and slsters yo Evelyn Lohre so she doesn t have to be the only ch1ld ln her famxly I A.n1ta Elsle Oleson w11l my telephone number 7182 to Leon M1SChke so he may call me every nlght I also w1ll my long blonde ha1r to Gladys Erlckson I LaDelle Madelyn Olson w1ll my typlng ab111ty to Gladys Ermkson so she may make as many mlstakes as I dld I also wrll my helght to Curtls Foss so he may be center on the basketball team next year 8 e , ' , . . . Y ' , , . . . I 1 ' ' . , . . , . . I , . I I y . ' I I . I . . , . - u + ' V 5 l ' . . , . I . - , . , . . I . . - I I 9 1 ' . . . I . . possessions as follows: : . . . . r . 2 . . . , . . . ' . . . . I I I I . 1 I I I , , . . . . , t t ' . . . - ' I I I , ' , -Y . . . . . V ' . , . . . I l I I . . I l I I I I I I . I, Betty Lou Paulson, will to the Junior girls my cooking ability, so that they will put lemon juice in their lemon pies. I, Roxanne Florence Stahl, will my diamond to Ardelle Tjentland, so Kenwyn will not have to give her one. I also will to Joan Engelson and Jean Parker the headaches and joys of my editing career. I, James Roy Schrnidt, will my curls to Myrna Donahue so she won't have to pin her hair up every night I Fay Esther Wehmeyer will my perfect English to Patsy Hedman in hopes that she may improve hers I Eugene Clair Wolfe do will my high grades in my Senior year to Merlin Hansen in hopes that he may graduate We the Senior Boys bequeath to the Junior Boys our football ability in hopes that they may have a perfect season next year win at least one game We the Senior Girls bequeath all our chewing gum to Mrs Grundsted in hopes she may keep the Senior Class together next year Witnessed this twenty ninth day of January in the year nineteen hundred and fifty two by Slow Poke Shrimp Boats Little White Cloud Domino polo ec? 0 fQ65 Since we Roxy and Ladle have become co owners of the largest corn factory in Hol lywood and have made our first million cans of corn'7 we are now able to visit all our old classmates We decided to make Hawaii our first stop As we boarded the ship we ran into Anita Oleson who was the ship s head nurse She chose this profession upon graduating from Franklin Nurses School and also to get away from her many suitors who kept popping the question We chatted awhile with Anita and learned that Eu Gene Wolfe was the ship s doc tor He now lives at Honolulu because he figured I-Iawau was the best place to raise cane We arrived in Honolulu three days later eager to meet Mr Bezoier and his Grass Skirt Choir He was rehearsing a few of his numbers as we approached Much to our amazement we saw Ruth Madson performing one of her solo numbers We waited until she had finished and then went over to talk A tall blonde girl was at her side Ruth introduced her to us as Connie Lerohl Connie said her father had given up trying to raise a football team for Storden and was now raising hula hula girls We journeyed back to our ship and sailed the next morning On our return trip we stopped at the lonely Isle of Capree where we found La Verne Bauman and his wife Algona re acting the story of Cheaper by the Dozen and are now starting on their second dozen Back in Hollywood we formed a searching party for Jim Schmidt LeRoy Hansen and Reuben Thor Madson J The Three Musketeers who had decided to become hermits be cause of their tragic love affairs back in Storden When we found them they were in the midst of writing a play closely related to the Elizabethan period of literature hoping to be come famous as Shakespeare was They told us we could find Mr Bridges replacing by popular request Howard Duff as Sam Spade Much to our regret we were unable to locate him His secretary who to our surprise was Bev Donahue told us his home and work kept him far too busy Bev was married to a millionaire oil man but because of what she was taught in good old Storden High about The Woman s Right to work she decided to take ad vantage of her privilege Driving through the Great Salt Desert we came upon a lonely ranch house miles from clvilization Here we found Mr and Mrs Grundsted They informed us that they moved here because Mr Grundsted had to move as far as possible from cars after the experience he had teaching the kids in Storden Mrs Grundsted was kept busy giving instructions on how to cook and sew to her four children She said she would ask us to stay for dinner but she couldn t find her planning sheet Our time was running short so after reaching Salt Lake City we took an airplane to Storden 9 I . . ' 4. . 3. ' . y ' 4 J - ' - , .. , U, .. . ., . . n . 1 .., - My how Storden had changed. Mayor O. A. Roberts and wife met us at the airport and took us to the High School. They now have a bus to take us around the campus and you need field glasses to see from one end to the other. We bought tickets on the Currie flyer and took a fast ride to the cities We heard the Lakers were playing so we went to see them One of the players looked quite familiar and after watching for some time we saw it was our old classmate Joyce Jensen After the game we went back to see her She had her own private dressing room of course Joyce was chosen by unanimous decision as Mrs Basketball Joyce IS married now to Floyd who is her trainer and manager Joyce told us Betty was chief cook at Waldorf Astoria in New York so off we went again Our first hop was to Chicago There we visited Marilyn who is president of a firm de signing clothes for Oueen Elizabeth Delores is also located there being Marilyn s chief secretary They have continued their friendship from high school days We had a very nice visit with them and our second hop took us directly to New York e hailed a cab at the station and made our way to the Waldorf We were thrown from one side to the other and nearly upset We wondered who thls terrible driver was but not until we stopped did we see lt was Faye Wehmeyer She owns a l1ne of cabs and her ex flames drive for her At the Waldorf we ordered lunch and naturally we ordered Lemon pie This was Betty s specialty Lemon Pie with lemon Betty was pleased to see us but we didn t stay long Our money and time was running short and also the corn and we were eager to get back to our fam1l1es Ladle is raising ponies for my young Pots to ride We had a wonderful time and hope to see you all again in ten or fifteen years lftlflflflfblf Class of 1951 Mrs Gene Hildreth formerly Arlene Larsen and son are living south of Storden Jack Potter is married to Roxanne Stahl At present they are living with his folks Norris IS in the Marines stationed at Oceanside California JoAnn Lohre now Mrs Perry Shaw 15 living in St Paul Dennis Olson is attend1ng Dunwoody Institute in Minneapolis Vernell Jackels is at home farming with his father Dorayne Peterson is taking Practical Nursing at the Franklin Hospital in Minneapolis Mrs LaVerne Baumann formerly Algona Henkel is living north of Storden on his folks farm Robert Beck and Robert Gebhard are attend 1ng T C at Mankato Fern Wehmeyer is living at home and working for varlous families in Storden Neal Swenson is at home farming with his father Lucille Swenson IS going to Waldorf College William Kuehl is at home farming with his father Class of 1950 John Donahue is on his father s farm southeast of Storden Jean Hedman is attending Waldorf College North of Storden we found Waverly Engeswick farming with his father Arla Johnson is also at home north of Storden Russell Larsen is attending T C at Man kato Elwin Shaner is at home helping his father at the Storden Times Office LaMoyne Madson 1S now employed at the Farmers Elevator Keith Olson and Robert Stahl are m the Air Force Keith is at Okinawa Bobby is at Panama City Florlda Myrtle Oleson now Mrs Harry Rundell and daughter l1ve in Takoma Park Maryland Class of 1949 Mrs John Thorness formerly Marlene Ackmann is living in El Monte California Neil Henkel is in the Air Force and is now stationed in Germany Mrs Laurel Thompson for merly Marilyn Nelson and son are living in Storden Gene Hildreth is married to Arlene Larsen He is farming south of Storden Richard Grapevine is in the Army over in Korea Ardith Jensen now Mrs Peder Pederson and daughter live east of Storden Janice Mad son has a secretarial position in Sioux Falls South Dakota Mrs Donald Oleson Reva Par ker and son live south of Storden Geraldine Thompson is attending St Olaf LaVae Thyness is in the Navy stationed at Port Lyoutte North Africa Louise Donahue is at home 10 . . .W ., .f. V ., A C l Myrtls Kuehl Mrs Lyle Horkey IS llvlng 1n Wlndom Mrs Arron Llnk Mur1e1Lohre IS hvxng ln Evanston I111no1s Vlrgxma Larson now Mrs John Carlson IS hvlng m Illmols Mervln Sabollk IS 1n the Alr Force statloned at St Charles Loulslana Chuck Slmpson is marrled to Arlene Larson of Mmneapolls He ms attendxng Northweste n Bzble School ln Mmneapolls and IS preparlng for the mlmstry Betty Knutson IS at home at the present tlme but wlll be worklng soon ZIILOFJ fvlfwe Q-M 9 fn V ' 1 Alan. ll r 3 fir. l uf? 7 3 9 ' x - i lfLlfLL0l" QCL55 " Row 15 Shirley Earp, Stanley Olson, Gladys Erickson, Evelyn Lohre, Curtis Wrhe Nutt Familygn Foss, LaVonne Jensen. Row Z: Ardelle Tj-entland, Merlin Hansen, Jean Parker, Leon Mischke, Myrna Donahue, Mrs. Grundsted. Row 3: Joan Engelson, Merlyon Thynes, Betsy Hanson, Arlo Larsen, Pa- tricia Hedman. Row l: Row Z: Row 3: 3,9 OWL0l"8 CKCLI55 Marcella Schmitz, Elmer Oleson, Harriet Egenes, Jack Liljenquist, Alice Dather, Carol Einertson, Roger Wehmeyer, Elvera Donahue. Dean Fishel, Margaret Kuehl, Bill Eckhardt, Marilyn Roberts, Alfred Iverson, Mary Ann Oleson, Floyd Pietz, Genevieve Anderson, Mr. Lerohl. Myrna Davidson, Fred Henkel, .Tudy Larson, Charles Peterson, Marilyn French, Donald Anderson, Arliss Madson, Roland Hanson, Marilyn .Tack- els, Robert Swenson, Betty Grapevine. Sadie Hawkins Party 12 j l"81lAl'l'LdlfL 65165 Row 1: Arden Erickson, DeAnn Natterstad, Norman Kuehl, Carolyn Berntson, Roger Wehmeyer, Delores Schmitz, Eddie Foss. ' Row Z: Mr. Bridges, Carolyn Carey, Kornell Kuehl, Wallace Hedman, Duane Peterson, Jim Davidson, Myron Swenson, Cherri Like. Row 3: Arlene Donahue, Wayne Bondhus, LaVonne Sabolik, Helen Peterson, Petra Paul, Jerry Thompson, LeRoy Lohre, Marlene Gentry. Row l: Dean Larsen, Laura Jane Davies, Rachel Schauer, Barbara Wagner, Ruby Wehmeyer, Patty Egenes. Row Z: Mr. Schimbeno, Marlene Kuehl, Carol Tjentland, Janet Peterson, Kath- leen Sorenson, Parnell Donahue. Row 3: Laurel Johnson, Jeannine Meyer, Karen Huso, Marcella Carey, Orleen Roberts, Sandra Larson. A 31 ef Row l: LeAnn Jackels, Arlo Sell, Mark Foss, Connie Einertson, LeRoy Schmitz, LaDonna Wolfe. Row Z: Larry Grapevine, James Natterstad, Leland Bondhus, Vince Potter, Duane Sell, Miss Peterson. Row 3: Vivian Paul, Paul Steen, Joyce Reinitz, Jean Christenson, Carol Meyer, Janice Shaner. Row Row Z Row 3 ROW 4 5fA 59 ml Stanley Johnson, Darrel Johnson, Dale Nelson, Stanley Egenes, Bert Crist, Ronald Christenson, John Springer. Phyllis Kuehlg Twila Sell,'Rebecca Sundahl, Kathy Valen, Rochelle Nat- terstad, Donna Jackels, Carol Johnson, Joyce Springer, Jeanette Netter- stad. Gordon Thompson, Ralph Herbst, Larry Schauer, Gerald Grams, Norman Paul, Lauren Hedman, Judy Pulcher, Kitty Guddal, Lewis Larsen, Miss Kremin. Lyle Swenson, Ronald Barron, Kenneth Huso, Kathleen Berntson, Roger Schmidt, Lowell Tjentland, Stephen Hedman, Mary Knudson, Charles Madson, Kenneth Barron, Dennis Parker. GCD Nag ,,. gina , 14 Row 1: Row Z: Row 3: M 552 5fA QTL 915 Row Row Row Row 51 kiwi Donald Schmitz, John Sorenson, Larry Pederson, Paul Olson, Curtis Nel- son, Ralph Wehmeyer. Donna Olson, Marlyne Knudson, Judy Nelson, Linda Schauer, Joann Dickey, Carolyn Wolfe, Joyce Solmonson, LaDonna Kuehl. Gilbert Foss, Trent Schmotzer, Alfred Anderson, John Grapevine, Ronald Tibodeau, Gordon Schmidt, Kenneth Guddal, Derold Parker, Willis Rob- erts, Miss Oberle. Sharon Parker, Verne Carey, Robert Meyer, Marjean Herbst, Gerald Parker, Jack Tibodeau, Dallas Larson, Calvin Davies, Stuart Potter. Marlene Sell, Ronald Springer, Brenda Wagner, Janet Thompson, Mary Lou Tibodear, Mary Louise Dather, Franklin Egenes, Robert Hanson. Jack Taylor, Lyle Nelson, Jay Christenson, Jimmy Parker, Nydeen Herbst, Marlyn Reinitz, JoAnn Matzke, Betsy Madson, LaVonne Pulcher. Charles Schauer, David Jaspersen, Roger Herbst, Jean Schmidt, Bernard Paul, Orlando Grams, Gorden Eichner, Patsy Natterstad, Jackie Parker, Janice Kuehl. Teacher-Miss G. Natterstad. eg, iffy, U M -" , '54 42 gflfgz 4, QM ROW 1: Carol Crist, Evon Anderson, Janet Parker, Dale Wehmeyer, Carolyn Oanes, Carolyn Swenson, Helen Matzke. Row 2: Jesse Leopold, Gary Olson, Marvin Meyer, Audrey Eichner, Jean John- son, Gary Einertson, Cheryll Iverson, Dennis Johnson. Row 3: LaVonne Carey, Kathryn Solmonson, Barbara Natterstad, Mary Beth Eck- hardt, Carolyn Malde, Sharon Lehnhoff, Carol Nelson, Leland Dather. Teacher-Miss E. Natterstad. kt QQ Q 16 Row 12 Row Z! Row 3: David Egenes, Leo Donahue, Doris Leopold, Dean Shaner, Gary Natter- stad, Geral Boaz, Majorie Natterstad, Sidney Paul. Marilyn Barron, Howard Olson, James Sorenson, Charles Davies, Andrew Olson, Harvey Herbst, Ronald Jackels, Janice Anderson, Mrs. Benson. Mark Malde, Larry Bondhus, Shirley Nelson, Ronald Peterson, Richard Meyer, Donald Like, Virginia Berntson, Mary Malde, Keith Sykora. 1 V 3 .2- ,,, as x x xg 5 I ff? ff 1 F' f A Y .455 4.,.5.'li Q5 n + + xv joofgaf Row 1 Row Z '75 ' X '--41 .H .hgr H N Row 1 Fred Henkel Merlyon Thynes 11m Schmldt Iunlor Madson Arlo Lar sen Elmer Oleson Row Z Mgr LeRoy Lohre Merlln Hansen Donald Anderson LeRoy Hansen Alfred Iverson Charles Peterson Dean Flshel Coach Lerohl J joofgaf jam Dean Larsen Larry Grapevme James Natterstad Laurel Johnson .Terry Thompson Kelth Madson Arden Erxckson Coach Schunbeno Wayne Bondhus Parnell Donahue Myron Swenson Wallace Hedman Leland Bondhus Kornell Kuehl I f X Q 1 - ev' 5 C I 4 1 1 I 1 1 A l 1 I 1 " I - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 4 V C . f - ,, h 1: , J 'x ' W 1 s' 1 il ' I A, ,Za 1 V Q, , f - I W, 5 A A Y-if J - , f n ' 5. x ,. N nil. A X . I 1, ,- Q. 1 . K . ,s a . ,M , . L L. ,L 1 3 C 1 . I". f 1 . 1 1 1 I A I I ' : I 1 1 1 1 1 1 - in ls Q l gl 77 as-,,,.,rlr Row 1 Fred Henkel Jumor Madson Alfred Iverson LaVerne Baumann LeRoy K Row Coach Lerohl .Tack L1lJenqu1st Jlm Schmidt Dean Fxshel Floyd Pxetz 61' B111 Eckhardt Merlm Hansen Charles Peterson Merlyon Thynes El mer Oleson Mgr LeRoy Lohre X g6l15A2fAdf! jam Row 1 Jerry Thompson Kornell Kuehl LeRoy Lohre Wallace Hedman Leland Bondhus Myron Swenson Wayne Bondhus Row Z Coach Schlmbeno, Arlo Sell, Darrel Kuehl, Eddle Foss, Laurel Johnson, 19 Duane Sell, Kelth Madson, Dean Larsen, Arden Erlckson 4, V Q EA.. ., a 'I 1, 3 " L' - 1 V I , n . A v , so ' 4 . 5 ' Q V - v 8 I 9 5 3 l 5 .1 Hansen, Donald Anderson, Curtis Foss, Mgr. Gordon Thompson. Z: , . . . I . . 1 . , . , V " "" 7 ' 'f Q ' I 1' ' ,f ,, ' 2 x 8 V. FOOTBALL we lf Comfrey. . . T9-40 Sanborn . . 6- 7 Lamberton . . . 6-34 Jeffers. . 14-34 Westbrook ..... 12-34 Fulda ..... 22-44 Butterfield . . . 7-13 Walnut Grove O-44 BASKETBALL We We Heron Lake 36-18 Okabena 37-67 Okabena 39-42 Jeffers 57-44 Butterfield 41-62 Comfrey 47-40 Jeffers 53-40 Fulda 48-60 Lakefield 50-74 Westbrook 25-52 Lamberton 39-44 Comfrey 34-47 Walnut Grove 44-41 Butterfield 43-50 Westbrook 35-41 Walnut Grove 35-51 NORTH SUB-DISTRICT TOURNEY We B Westbrook 46-60 Jeffers 60-43 The individual record of each player is as follows: F.G. P.F. F.T. F.T.M. Pts. Donald Anderson 37 39 30 22 104 LaVe1-n Baumann 64 65- 56 66 184 Curt Foss 18 23 6 9 36 LeRoy Hanson 8 29 9 13 Z5 Merlin Hanson 1 4 3 -- 5 Fred Henkel 10 30 5 13 25 Alfred Iverson 41 37 9 25 93 Junior Madson 58 46 82 36 196 Charles Peterson 4 6 1 -- 9 Jim Schmidt 1 4 2 5 4 Inter-class Tournaments Seniors 34 Sophomores 33 Juniors 26 Freshmen 2 Champs Seniors 61 Juniors 18 DLI' lam 2 l . , 1 - . I ' 'aw Iggy: 297 11 2:5 1 3 QQQVAQCJQVJ Jean Parker LaVorme Jensen Joan Engelson Ruth Madson J C QQPLQCJQVJ Rachel Schauer LaVonne Sabolik Carolyn Berntson Marcella Carey Row 1: Row Z: Row 3: ZZ KA OPDL5 DeAnn Natterstad, LaDel1e Olson, Joyce Jensen, Betty Grapevine, Anita Oleson, Stanley Olson, Jim Davidson, Jack Liljenquist, Curtis Foss, Myrna Davidson, Shirley Earp, Harriet Egenes, Delores Schnmitz. Marlene Gentry, LaVonne Jensen, Arlene Donahue, Arliss Madson, Helen Peterson, LaVonne Sabolik, Betty Lou Paulson, Floyd Pietz, Jim Schrnidt, Dean Fishel, Junior Madson, Petra Paul, Roxanne Potter, Joan Engel- son, Marilyn French, Patricia Hedman, Judy Larson, Mr. Bezoier, Carolyn Berntson, Delores Kuehl, Cherri Like, Iviarilyn Nelson, Margaret Kuehl, Genevieve Anderson, Mary Ann Oleson, Jean Parker, Leon Mis- chke, Bill Eckhardt, Alfred Iverson, Merlin Hansen, Marilyn Roberts, Ardelle Tjentland, Myrna Donahue, Ruth Madson, Carolyn Carey, Fay Wehmeyer, Elvera Donahue. Row l: Mr. Bezoier, LaDel1e Olson, LaVonne Jensen, Betty Grapevine, Anita Ole- son, Betty Lou Paulson, Marilyn Nelson, Jean Parker, Marilyn Roberts. Row Z: Joyce Jensen, Marilyn Jackels, Arliss Madson, Mary Ann Oleson, Mar- garet Kuehl, Genevieve Anderson, Betsy Hanson, Myrna Donahue, Ruth Madson, Marilyn French, Joan Engelson, Patsy Hedman, Elvera Donahue. 09 ri e rio Stanley Olson, Curtis Fos s , Jean Parker, LaVonne Jensen, LaDe1le Olson, Marilyn Nelson, Delores Kuehl, Myrna Davidson, Faye Wehmeyer, Ruth Madson, Joan Engelson, Judy Larson, Mr. Bezoier. I o h"I' Q h. is sf Qocarlfef Jame s Schmidt, Eddie Foss. Row 1 Mark Foss Marcella Carey Rachel Schauer Joan Engelson LaVonne Jensen Roxanne Potter Helen Peterson Arhss Madson Leland Bondhus RowZ Mr Bezoxer Orleen Roberts Cherr1L1ke Myrna Donahue Marllyn Rob erts Ardelle Tjentland Genevleve Anderson Karen Huso Jamce Shaner Row 3 Judy Larson Arlene Donahue Carol Tjentland Carolyn Carey B111 Eck hardt Kathleen Sorenson Curtls Foss Wayne Bondhus Eddxe Foss Sandra Lar son yu l 6'l,f0l"lZff85 Mary Ann Oleson Mar11yn Roberts Marllyn French Jean Parker Ar11ss Madson Orleen Roberts Karen Huso -, , ' 1 5 K., - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 E 5 , ' 1 ' 1 A ax n. Wa.. 1 , , QP s 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Row 1: Row Z: Row 3: 520 SSW Row 1: Faye Wehmeyer, Jean Parker, LaDelle Olson, Joan Engelson, Roxanne Potter, Marilyn Nelson, Delores Kuehl, LaVonne Jensen, Patricia Hed- man. Row Z Mr. Malmer, Stanley Olson, Jim Schmidt, Floyd Pietz, Bill Eckhardt, Row 3: LaVerne Baumann, LeRoy Hansen, Junior Madson, Eugene Wolfe, Roger Wehmeyer. Gladys Erickson, Evelyn Lohre, Betty Lou Paulson, Carolyn Carey, Betsy Hanson, Ardelle Tjentland, Marilyn Roberts, Ruth Madson, Myrna Dona- hue, Anita Oleson, Joyce Jensen, Shirley Earp. Eugene Wolfe, Junior Madson, LaVerne Baumann, Roxanne Potter, Jean Parker, LeRoy Hansen, Jim Schmidt. Mr. Malmer, Myrna Donahue, Delores Kuehl, Marilyn Nelson, Ruth Mad- son, Faye Wehmeyer, Anita Oleson, Stanley Olson. LaDe1le Olson, Beverly Donahue, Joyce Jensen, LaVonne Jensen, Joan Engelson, Patricia Hedman, Betty Lou Paulson. egioraloniczn 520 QED CLA YA' ff' f ROW 12 LaVonne Sabolik, Cherri Like, Jean Parker, Faye Wehmeyer, Genevieve Anderson, Carolyn Carey. Row Z: Myrna Davidson, Dean Fishel, Bill Eckhardt, Alfred Iverson, Jim David- son, DeAnn Natterstad, Mr. Bridges. Row 3: Leon Mischke, Arlo Larsen, LeRoy Lohre, Marlene Gentry, Roger Weh- meyer, Stanley Olson, Merlyon Thynes. Clif CLA 26 WW CMJ jar 32 Row 1: Floyd Pietz, Marilyn Roberts, Joyce Jensen, Mary Ann Oleson, Merlin Hansen. Row 2: LeRoy Hansen, Jim Schmidt, Elmer Oleson, Junior Madson, Charles Pet- erson, Mr. Grundsted. gms P-"""""' i 3 1. The gang and Joyce. 2. Bosom Buddy. 3. Olsons and Dorayne. 4. Waitin at the church. 5. In the ditch again? ? 6. Oh! For Shame! 7. Arlo. 8. When she was single. 9. Money. Anything else? 10. Marcy and Eddie. ll. Oh! How Things Change! 12. You're supposed to be studying! 13. Where did you get that wig? 14. 'All Dressed Up and No Place to Go." 15. Kinda close! 16. Picnic in the park. 17. Shirley. 18. Oh! Those Rings! 19. Glamor Girl? 20. LaDe11e in ten years. 21. Smile Fay, please! 22. Ham for dinner?? 23. Leon. 24. A11 dressed up. 25. Slide! G1rls,S11de!! 26. Jim. 27. Operation??? 28. Pose, Ardelle. 29. Donald 'Rab- bit' Anderson. -GUM 1 Q 'e A4 'X own" .4133 xylfr igh 'if 41 55' ETS JLMLY DUT THE REDS 1 Carnxval fun Z Wlndow peekmg 3 Oh those .Tumor Glrls 4 Teacher s on the floor 5 Three crazy g1r1s 6 Lose your head Ev? 7 That s Leon on the left 8 Little Roxy 9 Two Grandmas I0 Curt ll The hero 12 Champzon basket ball players 13 Fay you d1dn t tell us 14 I d1dn t know you could do It Ardelle 15 Cheerleaders 50 51 16 Grandma Wehmeyer 17 Joan on the farm 18 Confusmg 19 Junlor float Z0 The parade 21 Havmg Fun? 'P Z2 Pat and ' H' , 'ff " ' ' fe vw , ' YS X 5 A , ' Qt V K ' I ' 2 X' Q , 1 H 5 Q .V , I ,Al A a I f ' V . , V V W ' 1 ' A A .fr Q J , f , 3: , 5 I f ' f' 5 rf' f" a I f . . 4 I if .Q I Q at ' . Y 'v , 7 A ' ' 'O' rf. 1 I NL, -9+ l , '. 0 k I , E ll X 9 o T , ' .T . 'I . f T 7.iP??1,f'Ef3. ,Qi L11 '-911 1- .' ' f, sf--3. ' A , , .5-2,Jf-Mil ' . A l WI H1773 .Wie Q f 5' l 3 2 T 2 c K K :Q 3 -dv X P . ! 3, jr Ci" V v I . In .3 iw ff ' . - :T . . if I is K f 1 ' ' ' v ' ,va J A '.-., , . 2 1 J K I 4 3 - S V- - 2 T .f 2 ,, f 1 - rr b'l R 'xx V , , m f ' ' if 1 i . . . , . . , . . . . . , , . ' . . ' I . .U , . . I . , , . . , . . -- -. , . . 28 Ev. x -rg. Big 'gt .1 Robbmg the Bank Z Dazsy Mae s 3 Slug her gn-1 4 Chuck 5 Ruth and Charlle 6 Fay on a PICYIIC 7 More Glrls 8 Grandma 0185011 9 LaDe11e S natlve frlends 10 .Tumor f1Sh1flg9 11 Deep n 'F' IZ B111 sbehmd 13 What s up Ardelle'? 14 Morn Ladle 15 .hm and Myrna 16 N1ce tullps 17 Back stage 18 Ladle and Pooch 19 Tak1nf11tea5V Z0 Amta 21 Slumber Party Z2 Pepsodent srr11e'P'P 'aw ff x lt 9- 'Wy fia- filthy, tn .M 0-6' 1 Sonny Z Jun1or 3 Ma and Pa Kettle 4 Posmg 5 For shame Roxy 6 .Tumor gettmg wet? 7 Taken by surpr1se 8 So long ago 9 Those Jumor g1rls agam 10 P U Vonny ll Before the plcmc 12 Cute sm1le Anlta 13 Ladles and Gentlemen 14 Shxrley showlng her muscles Gen 16 Junlor 17 Jean w1th bralds 18 Llttle Floyd 19 That s no way to go to school Roxy 20 Blgoer half of the Semor Class 21 Llttle Sh1rley Z2 Vonme Z3 .Tumor agaln Z4 I was n1ce to be young wasn t 1t'? Z5 The quartet and Mr Bezo1er on vacat1on 26 The SBDIOTS when they were Freshmen Z7 Oh How sweet Z8 Roxy Wrong guy Ruth 30 Haven t we seen thzs before? 0lfL150l"5 STORDEN One Dollar Serv1ce Garage E I Engelson FW Thomas Bondhus it f lf Storden Hatchery Geo Llke Stordcn Electrlc ff Y First State Bank of Storden 'FW " Grape vlne s Cafe FY it Olson s lylarket V FK li " f Mlllc r s Grocery 'li Farmc rs Co op Creandery Stordcn Implement Company 4 Glenn Solomonson DeSoto gl Plymouth Sales W Grams Produce F ff John s Barber Shop M L Knudsen lnsurance of all kmnds Bakkcs Fau-v.av Mirket Wt W H Rocmer YM' Moores Garage Mr W The Storden Tlmes lf lowf Earls Place X Storden Hardware Hardware Appltanccs 8: Furnmture H Wt' Nelson Br Sundahl Servlce Carey s Body Shop 'VW ft Storden Feed M1ll Pot Russel s Ph1ll1ps 66 Servlce Scrvzce Plus Qualxty +V? Farmers Graln Company 109041 Storden Gram Company YYY Ahls Hardware gl Applxances Wt W Clarence Valen Standard O11 Products Herman Larson 15' W WINDOM Wlndom Reporter Newspaper 81 Job Prlntmg K W A Llenke Attorney At Law 'Yfff VVynne Hardware 4 Lew1s Sz LEWIS Drugs Olson Watch Repalr 4 Korner Cafe 'F Westgor Realty C0 'HK Worthmore Creamery Butter eggs poultry lockers if W Ronmes Market YW Moede 81 Bjornsen Grocery Where your dollars have more cents W L Johnson guaranteed coal H' Woods VK eldlng Supply 'WY Peters Orth Implement Co McC0rm1ck Deer1nO Machlnes Internatlonal Motor Trucks BH' Wolff Stores Outfxtters for the famlly 'Wk K 81 K CO Mens Chxldrens Lad1es Clothlng shoes grocerles 'W' Wmdom Bakery Y Ray s Cafe 'Hi J 81 H Radxo Applxances Radlo 81 Telev1s1on Serw1ce W1 Wxndom Co op Elevator 4 LeRoy s Shoe Repalr Vbork done whlle you re 1n town P C Enge 'WK Hasle S Var1ety Store Top Values Always 5 8: 10 'N' Nelson's Ice Cream ffm' Van Nest Motor Company 'ill' Hoffman Olson Cleaners WMI 221 ' :sffs :' , . . ' . J. ' ' , ,ks : .. ' ik L ' 7 ' ' 'A A brkzrffrkrkfkfklk , ' s' wk :my . v , Y : x 1, m' ' . ' - :gr . , A , " ,- :pk ' , , X' zkrkzkzlx 4 - x 4 D 1' 1 ,pk ' at . I - 5 f.- , ' . , sg , 4 B :gs by' : . ' ' m up , , - , ,, ' - , - ' D 5 gf, 4 4, y L ' :Mk ' V ., :' , v ' ' 1. vw - ' ' X ' , ' s , - J . ' r ' ' :gs 2 , -A - ' " 4fff:k::f::f K . : ' - ' ' 2 Pk , - V F ww' 1' far? Y . .. , u K 4 n v , f - ' A - n X n ,rv , . . ' - D ' - . n a , 7 ' - I i I I 1 ' -lf - -.- I ' r ' n - 4, ' ' M , N , . Bob s Clotlnng Store Congratulatlons Senlors 'WMI Olson Muslc Store 'H' Pebblerock Lunch Home Cooked Food YY Co op O11 Co Petroleum Products and Farm Supplles 'W Al T Anderson Equltable Llfe Socxety Sport Bowl It Foss Sales Radmo Sales and SCTVICG W X Cottonwood County Cmtwen Y Crane s Furnlture Store 'HUC' Comphments of Srhwalhach Hardware BM' Olson Pharmacy iff Sampson s The Famxly Shoe Store 'TOY Schottle and Stempfley Hardware lk Korfe S Standard Se rv1ce For Complete Car Npedq Pkff Wlndom Tlre Shop Goodyear 81 Flrestonc T1res Hotpolnt Apphances Zenlth Radlo Sz Televlslon 25' Star Hatchery Anderson Chevrolet 'Q' Flnstad 81 Ruenltz Lawyf rs FW .jdlft 0gl"6LlO 55 , . . . v - . . . ,bk - ' ' :kr . .J xg Q ' . , H . 2: Anonsen VVall Paper 81 Paint Store Wt . 1 - V - . . - . ? . 5 I . . . . . . it ak , K , 1107: ' ' - 1 , b- in

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