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wqTQ??i5 ZWELWIQQM ZWICWAX Q we is Q ew N 2 x A V N 42 X T .1 wav U Y This annual the third edxtxon of the Stordonxan IS dedicated to the Storden School S1nce the organlzatxon of Dxstrxct 50 ln 1880 when the school was located on the lot where the Torrls Bondhus house now stands xt has always offered many opportumtxes for a fme education Each year a maJor1ty of the graduates have gone on to college and are fmdmg places for themselves ln the world The present school was bullt ln 1021 Smce then the enrollment has been greatly enlarged by the closing of many country schools ln the surrounding area The school has been studying a reorgamzatlon plan for the past two years A consoh datlon xote IS expected to come about late thls summer In order to pros lde Home Economxcs and Industrial Arts plans are now underway toward bulldmg a S40 O00 add1t1on to the north end of the present buxldmg It IS to be ready for use thls fall Z . -F v -gs v f v1 k I .frilfry ifhgwfwwfwi LULKPAZWAWSFAJAJZWIXCWAV Q1 T CQ gb w ,W V' A f - 0 1 XXX ,X xx W V Q A I Q--ff--Q wav Q ""'ils""" 4,-h A 2 O A ROBERTS ff Superintendent f Mathe mat 1 c s GERALD-I PARSONS Principal Social Sciences Amencan History Economxc Geograph r-'ff MISS JOYCE 1' RAULIK Enghsh Musxc MR HAROLD LEROHL. MISS JUDITH HOVLAND Scxence Coach Commercial Art DANIEL GARRY Agrxculture 4 I ANT ON ROTCHADL iggwwffw GMU ZWCWLJZU5 55 KS Ki ,fyj 1 ff f gg 6 JE T, W A f xx N 17 3 db X 1 X by 7 ,J L2 wav M jo:-IN DONAHUE ohm Q57 'vu 'W Football Z Mixed Chorus One Act Play JEAN HEDMAN can Glee Club Mixed Chorus School Paper Class Ofhcer Soloist Fastest Typist Greatest Accuracy Play Cast Homecommg Attendant Homecomxng Queen Valedxctonan WAVE RLY ENGESWICK Football Wave Basketball Z Ba sehlll Mixed Chorus ARLA -IOHNSON Arla Glee Club . ..... , . , Mixed Chorus ......... School Paper ........... -4 School Annual ........ . . . . Ensemble ......... Play Cast ......... Hornecoming Attendant . . 6 .4 3-4 3-4 Mm Nw 19:7 Baseball i Sanur-0 N"""'Y 1614-1 RUSSELL LARSLN Football Basketball Baseball Mixed Chorus School Paper School Annual Class Officer Russy uipment Custodxan Ensemble Athletlc Manager Play Cast One Act Play Salutatornan Football KE IT H OLSON Ke xth Basketball Mixed Chorus School Paper School Annual Class Offxcer Equipment CUStOdl8h Athletlc Manage r Play Cast One Act Play Declamatnon LAMOYNE MADSON Football Baseball Mixed Chorus School Paper School Annual Ensemble Soloist Play Cast Declamatxon Fat FLW IN SHANER Mxxed Chorus School Paper Class Offlcer Soloist Play Cast Publxcatlon Lxbrarlan MYRTLE OLESON Elwm it" Nr' 'Q'-7 4 Glee Club Mixed Chorus School Paper School Annual Class Officer Meri Equxpment C ustod lan TlCkEl Handle r Play Ca st omecommg Attendant ROBERT STAHL Football Basketball Baseball Glee Club Mixed Chorus School Paper School Annual Class Offxcer Ensemble Soloxst Greatest Accu Play Cast One Act Play Dramatlcs 7 Bob racy 'M fb 'V san? gif? .....4....... 3-4 Lf .....,.... 1-z-3 -4 ,g g ............. z-3-4 .......... 1-z-3 ...........3-4 ,.........,3-4 . ' t......... 1-z-4 V' ' ' Eq ' ....... . I ali V .........,.... 1 N an 'Q' ,, ' .......... z , ....,........3-4 . . ............ 4 3 cy . . . . . . . .. . . .1-3-4 A 1 'X . . . .. . . . .. . . z-3-4 ' X' A . . . . . ,. . . .1-z-3 - ...... ..... 3 -4 ' ......... . .1-4 4 ' ' ' . .... . .z-3 - ......... z-3 .......,....3-4 up M .......... , . 4 - ........,,.. 3 5 L ........... 1-z-3-4 Basketball .......... 1-2-3 -4 A ........... 1-z-3-4 A , g ' ........ I-Z-3-4 S 1 - in , , ............ 3 j 1 'N ........... 3-4 1, f' A 254, .......... 1-z-3-4 y ' ................ 4 .4 ' , ..,.......,. 3-4 L? ' ............. 3 ' ' 4554? 4 ' ...... . . .1-Z-3-4 1 X 1 ------.....3-4' ' ------ ...... 1 f, . ' ..,...... ,,,,,, 4 ,f ' ' , . V ' ' ---- - V - . . . z-3-4 A ' ----'--- . . . 1-z-4 ............Z-3-4 ' ..,....... z-3-4 ...........z-3 ' .,......... z-3 ' ..... , ....... z 1 ' ' ........ 4 5 ' 4 ' .......... . z X ........,....3-4 1-1 - ...... 1-4 , N53 gzw, .. .. ,J .......... 1-z-3-4 if y 4 "I, ....., . . . .1-z-3-4 ,.L fff 3 y , 2' .......,.., , 1-3-4 1 5 ff' ...,.... , . , .. 1-z ' Lf - H ' ........ 1-Z-3-4 ' , is ........ 1-Z-3-4 4 ........ . . a-4 P ' " ' .....3-4 . be " .,.,...,..... 4 ' ' .... .......... 4 .........,..3-4 .....,.....3-4 ' .........,,. 3-4 Class Wzll of 1950 We the Seniors of Storden I-hgh School ln the county of Cottonwood and xn the State Mmnesota possessmg a sound mmd and body declare thzs to be our last wxll and test xmony As we leave this magmfieent work of art commonly known as Storden I-hgh School xt comes to our mmd that we have certaxn assets whlch wlll benefit the underclassmen Fxrst We the Seniors bequeath all of our experiences of varlous nature during school to the juniors Second We the Semors bexng the smartest class 1n school bequeath to the juniors our mental abxhty so they may become as brxlhant as we are I Waverly Arden Engeswlck do bequeath my horse sense to Norrls so that he may have more sense than a horse I Arla janet johnson w11l my flgure to Fern Wehmeyer ln the hopes that she may have more boy frxends than I have had 1 Russell Harry Larsen do bequeath to Denms Olson my he1ght so that he wxll play a sterlxng game at center for the basketball team lt badly I Keith Orlando Olson do bequeath to Neal Swenson and Robert Gebhard my languld con versatxons with a long lxst of gurls I Myrtle Elleen Oleson do bequeath upon Arlene Larsen my ab1l1ty to go steady wlth two different boys at the same tmme I john Edward Donahue will my abllxty to stand up under a Robert Burns cxgar for half an hour to B111 Kuehl I La Moyne Darrel Madson do bequeath to jack Potter and Vernell jackels my quxck passmg expert ball handlmg and good eye for the basket I jean Burnette Hedman w11l my shapley fzgure to JoAnn Lohre m hopes she may snare a man sometxme I Robert Franklm Stahl j do bequeath to Dorayne Peterson my chm so that she w1ll have eight of them l Myrtle Exleen Oleson do bequeath upon Luczlle Swenson my legs so that she can add them to her well rounded figure I john Edward Donahue wlll to Algona Henkel my one hundred and mnety two pounds she may welgh an even flve hundred at the begmnmg of football season I Kemth Orlando Olson do bequeath to Neal Swenson my drlbblxng ab111ty so he wlll make more of those layups 8 , . . . , . of 5 I, Elwin DeVere Shaner will my long, wavy hair to Bob Beck and Neal Swenson as they need ' li , ' r., ' ' r 9 ' l ' S0 We the boys of the Semor Class w1ll to the jumors our basketball abxlnty so they may wm the class tournaments next year 1 Russell Harry Larsen do bequeath to Norrxs Engebretson my good grades ln the hopes he w11l raxse hxs average Wxtnessed this 24th day of May nineteen hundred and flfty by the WILD GOOSE MULE TRAIN SHOE SHINE BOY Class H :story On a bright September day whrch matched the nntelllgence of thxs class m 1938 s1x pupxls came to Mxss Gxlmore and sand We are the new flrst graders They were Elwm La Moyne Norris Russy ElRoy Ida Marie and Harry After the seats had been asslgned they sat and stared lCl1y at the lntelllgent teacher Havxng been ln school a few weeks they became aware that Mass Gllmore was the law and order of the room Thls was most vlvxdly engralned ln the minds of the boys especially Russ and Norrxs who frequently made trxps to the teacher s desk to have thelr hands slapped wlth a ruler In the second grade we added Milan Wxlson joyce Kramer and Russell Schnormexer Norrme decxded to stay wxth the flrst grade another year as he figured we weren t good enough for hmm Remember our orange crate library? Russy was S1Ck one day and stayed up for recess Mrss Gllmore told h1m he could exercise h1s pamtmg talent and work on the lxbrary equipment When recess was over we couldn t declde whxch Russy was better talented for pamtmg hzmself or the lxbrary tables and chazrs Mlss Gxlmore cleaned hxm off with gasolme and xt was some tlme before he pamted agam Harry Benjamm also left us during the year At the start of the thxrd grade Milan Wnlson left us and went to Westbrook Thxs left seven ln our lxttle class Thzs IS the year we had Mxss Rongstad as our teacher The most memorable event of the year was the tlme E1Roy turned around and slapped joyce Kramer rn face He said she was pokxng penclls ln h1s back? 'P 'U At the begmnmg of the fourth grade Ida Marxe johnson left but Keith Olson came our class remaxned the same in sxze Thxs was the year our tonette band stepped mto the lurxellght w1th Russy as xts dxrector More fun Oh and remember those fights between Keith and Norrxe'7 Wow At the end of this year joyce Kramer moved to Wxndom In the flfth grade we got three new glrls and two new boys namely Fern Wehmeyer Grace Hanson Mary Lou Bean Leo Thorsness and Merton Scharr Our l1tt1e group was now increased to ten three gxrls and seven boys Our teacher thxs year was Mrss Noble About the only xmportant happenxng was the scrap 1ron contest Our v mmng entxtled us to a valentxne party sponsored by the sxxth grade In the sixth grade we left Fern Wehmeyer behmd us but later lh january john Donahue jomed us Durmg the year Russell Schnorme1er left us and went to Lamberton 9 C ' I . . . 1 1 O . 1 . . . . D. l . c 1 s 4 in ' I9 - 1 o I - I 1 . 1 1 1 I 1 - . ' . . . . . . . ' . . l . . . . . ' . I . . , . , . . . . I ' . l . . . . . , 9 . . , . , . . - 1 r . ' . . i . , l . . th Q 6 . . . . . . . I . I . Y so . . . . . ,,, . . ... 1 . . ,, . . ' 1 . 1 I 1 1 1 . ' ' . ' . . I - , . ' , . ' . . . , , . . By the beglnnmg of the seventh grade Merton Scharr had also left us to go to Lamberton but Bob Stahl jomed us he came from a country school Miss Rongstad was our teacher at seems that fate had placed us ln the same room again as she had prevxously been our teacher in the third and fourth grades Nothing of importance happened thls year except the flrst Sadie Hawkins Party Remember that? Outstandmg rn our memornes because the class was more stud1ous than usual Durmg the elghth grade Mary Lou Bean Grace Hansen Bob Stahl and Leo Thorsness left our httle group Durmg the middle of the year Myrtle Oleson and Barbara Earp jomed us so there were now eight of us ready to start high school When we started school the next fall we pxcked up three more students from country schools namely jean Hedman Arla johnson and Waverly Engewwxck Thls brought the class total to eleven which is consldered a very small class even for Storden but what we lacked ln number we supplemented m mtelhgence ln our Sophomore year our class made a definite showmg of zts athletzc abxhty as we were runners up 1n the class tournaments At rmdterm Bob Stahl again joined our ever de creasxng class To start the jumor year we had lost two more members of our class Barbara Earp and ElRoy Nerness We had had twelve but now there were only ten of us left We remained thus year he left ul. and went to Westbrook to complete h1s Semor year This was the year of our 'play and the junlbr Senxor Banquet both under the dlrectxon of Mlss Estlll They were both very successful We are now a class of ten gettlng ready for our class play Tlsh dlrected by Mr Parsons As usual we have borrowed some glrls from the other classes We are also pa tiently awaiting Sklp Day and the fun it will bring Another thmg for which we are patlently wanting IS graduatxon and the many social functxons whxch wxll rnark the end of the year and the end of our years nn Storden High School The Semors of 1950 have dxstmgulshed themselves we believe ln many ways members of the class have played promment parts in athletics and other actlvxtxes of the school We hope we have played our role as leaders successfully and we extend our smcere good wishes for success to our successors the jumors Ta ttler veryone of the Storden Seniors has had their ups and downs these past years so now that the end o' our high school days have come we would llke to relate some of them We ll begin wxth jean the brains of the Senxor Class jean has never paid too much attention to men as she says you can t trust them any further than you can see them Although she has gxven up her policy to certain boys such as E1Roy Nerness Allan Math1ason and Mervm Sabohk 1 0 until the second semester of this year. when Lawerence Liepold joined us. At the end of the Russy our tall basketball center has always believed an the Good Nexghbor Policy How ever the junior Senior Banquet of 1949 and his trip to Redwood Falls with Lucille proved to be quite mterestmg Lately his interests have been centered In the Freshman Class with none other than joan Engelsen Keith Olson s lovelife is probably the most eventful of all Wtndom has been the focusing point with Sherry Gustafson one of his first interests His mterests have also shifted to Westbrook and Lamberton and now back to Storden where Lucille is the main attraction And then there is Bob Stahl We don t know too much about Bob s romances in his Freshman and Sophomore years as he spent them in Westbrook But as for his junior and Semor years his little hikes to Bunker Hill have proved to be quite interestmg Since the junior Class play his interests have also shifted to Wxndom where the attractxon is none other than Marion Tassler Little Arla is the quxetest Semor and therefore hasn t revealed her lovelife That leaves us to guessing that maybe she and Waverly have a silent romance After all they attended country school together We will always remember Arla when she appeared in red underwear 1n the Senior Class play Currie and jeffers have seemed to occupy his time john wxll always be remembered for his hearty laugh The fameless saying heard when a good joke is told to john is that the joke registered because he always responds with a laugh Myrtle Oleson is the most unpredictable of the Seniors Her interests have been scattered from Lamberton Worthington Westbrook and Storden ln her Freshman year Cliffs trucking business was the mam attraction Myrtle doesn t like window peekers but she says if they have to look whe wished they would wait until after she had flxed her hair At least that s what Myrtle relates in her story of what happened at the State Basketball Tournaments in 1949 Everyone is wondering what Waverly does during the nine months that Nancy is at her home in Little Falls Horses are better than girls anyway aren t they Wave? ? Elwm carries on his romances in wrxting with certain Hawaiian girl I guess he thinks you can convey your thoughts just as well by correspondence He certainly believes in pzckmg them far away anyway Last but not least we have that boy with the athletic ability La Moyne Madson He is known for his many trips to Comfrey with Donald Larsen and his acquaxntance with Mary Ann Williams His interests this last year have centered on a certaxn cheerleader Now that we have snooped and pryed into everyone s private affairs we are sure that some people are thinking that some secrets sould not have been revealed But we want to get serious for a moment to think of all the memories that Storden High School has provided to make our high school days interesting and enjoyable for all of us I am sure we will all miss the halls of Storden High next year and we hope you will miss us as well 11 john Donahue's lovelife has also been quite secret, although we believe that the girls in Prophecy One nice january afternoon I started off from my home In Des Moines Iowa an my new Jet propelled plane I had declded I would vxsit some of my classmates from Storden I-hgh School of 1950 Up to the present I had been teachmg school but thxs year I decided that I had enough money put away so that I wouldn t have to teach When I got to the home town of Storden I decxded I would look around and see if any of the class was left there La Moyne was the first one I found La Moyne ns now a family man there were so many kids I couldn t count them I figured that there were about ten or twelve He IS now lxvmg an the old hall over Larsen s Hardware He had just taken over the job of chxef of police that week I found Russell also stxll faxthful to the old town I-Ie had trxed his luck in many occupa txons but had not succeeded in them At present he owns and operates hzs grandfathers hard ware He was busy taking mventory and was two weeks behmd so I decided I would continue on my way I slzpped and fell commg out of the store and wrenched my back and had to go to a chiropractor A beautlful nurse took me to the Doctor s mam office of Robert Stahl I was quite surprlsed to see that Bob was turnxng very gray he zs stall tryxng to catch Maman Ta sler In has spare time he has a l1ttle plot of land on the edge of town where he has a garden and three cows and a few pzgs He said lt was cheaper than buyxng the meat milk and vegetables I stopped at Sanborn corners for my dinner and whll eating I overheard some people tallung about Elame Anderson and that she was now married I decided I would go to her house as long as I was so close I found her on top of the roof laymg shlngles in a pazr of coveralls You see she and her husband were bulldlng thexr own home trymg to save a few pennles Drwmg back to the airport where I had left my Jet propelled plane I heard an awful noise I pulled over to the slde of the road and who do you suppose xt was? None other than Mr W1lson head of the Mxnnesota State Patrol Of all thlngs he claimed that I was speedmg After all I was only gomg one hundred and sixty flve rrnles an hour ln the jet propelled cars Umted States are xmportmg from England whxch they were workmg on in our h1gh school days Mr Wxlson told me that he also owned bowlmg alleys all over Mznnesota and that he had the highest bowlmg score ln the world of three hundred From here I decxded that I would go to Mlssourl the you show me state and spend a few days One afternoon whxle I was there I decided I would v1s1t thelr school When I came Into he offxce of the supermtendent s office I nearly fell from shock when I Saw J0hl'l Donahue slttmg behmd the desk Whlle I was talking to hlm who should come ln but Mxss Estlll who was the prxnczpal I asked hmm how he got along wnth her and he sand just fxne and she xs the smartest teacher he had ever had there I went north and west from he re lnto Montana where I found Kexth spending hls lexsure txme sleeping and he also had a llttle patch of land and a few plgs When questxonmg lum how he made a lxvmg he sald why haven t you heard I owned a whole chaln of gas statxons throughout the United States and had made a fortune so he had decided to retxre here where xt doesu t cost much to hve IZ f I I - - . . - Q I I 1 1 . Q . 4 n u I Q , 0 , . . . . . , . . u - - - . . . - - . - - . . - - . . . 4 . . - . . - . . - S ' , - . . . . . 1 - l 1 ' I . O - s. . . . . . . . . I . s - 1 - . . . . . . . . . , . 9 - ' . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . . - . I - I . . .. . . . - . 't . . , . . . . . . . . 44. . . . , - vo . . . - . . . . . , . . . . . - 1 About ten miles from Keith was Waverly on his big ranch For hired help he had Mr and Mrs Ray Lxndstrom and their seven chxldren I couldn t see that the children were much help Ray s spare mxnutes had been spent wxth commercial art and he had recexved a fabulous award In Hollywood I found Mlss Beck She started in a partnershnp dress shop when she first left Storden At present she is deslgmng costumes for Betty Grable Once agann I got unto my Jet plane and started for Los Angeles where Mr Parsons xs teachlng school In hxs spare tu-ne he ns designing women s shoes Livmg next door to hxm Gerda Natterstad She has finally settled down in seclusion wnth her Pekmese, Nucky I had always been told that the I-Iawuan Islands were a beautiful place so I crossed the ocean I found Elwxn Shaner He had moved to I-Iawan an 1951 and married hls pen pal that he was writing to nn high school From here I went to the home of my ancestors Norway I found the secretary to King Haakon to be llttle Arla She had heard there was a shortage of secretarzes there and had left her job of acting on the stage 1n the Unxted States to help relieve the shortage There is one place I had always wanted to go and I declded now was the tune and place When I arrxved ln a lxttle village m Africa I found Elsxe Natterstad teachnng the plgmxes She has succeeded teachmg them that hens lay only one egg a day She moved to Afrxca because she As long as I was th1s far I decided to go around the world I landed in New York and found our Engllsh teacher Miss Kraulxk teachmg piano to Arthur Rubenstein She has three cars now so when somethmg happens to one l1ke runnxng mto guard raxls she would have another one Managlng the New York Yankees we fmd Mr Lerohl and the water boy IS Robert Lerohl Mrs Lerohl sand she doesn t see too much of Coach anymore She stays at home wxth their su: glrls and does a lot of entertaining m thelr fourteen room house Mxss Hovland IS marrled and has triplets and has advanced to cluef secretary of the New York Llfe Insurance Company She has been tutormg two typmg students and ln her spare t1me she paints pictures There was now only one left and I found hun ln Malne Mr Roberts has traveled to many places smce he left Storden and IS promoting the bulldxng of gyrnnasxum s and other addxtxons for schools because he had done so well an Storden When I arrxved m Pennsylvama I found out I had forgotten one and I don t see how I could have ever done that In the Lehigh Valley I found jean not letting an embarrassment go by she had started a new busmess manufacturing sky hooks and cement softner She seems to be runnlng close competxtlon because she has her buddlng rxght next to a cement factory 13 . ' . . . . , i . . is , . couldn't teach the children in Storden that. . ' . . . . . . . . . 1 . . ' . ' . u yRQfff2S K9 F2 Q KWAVZWEAQ LZALQEAJZQJZM K - 1 V T N xx X 1? V db x r fx , Q 9 my FIRST ROW jo Ann Lohre Fern Vl ehmeyer Stumpy jackels Nor rls Fngebretson Dennis Olson Algona Henkel Lucy Swenson eterson Robert Gebhard Bob Beck jack Potter Bill Kuehl Neal SFCOND ROW Dorayne P Swenson Arlene Larsen Mr Lerohl ur '51 'Q ,Q FIRSI' ROW Beverly Donahue umor Madsen Betty Paulson L,aDe1le Olson Anna Ola-son Fugene Wall Darlene Olson SI-'COND ROW Roxann Stahl Fay Wehxneyer jim Schmxdt Ruth Madson Leroy Hanson Delores Kuehl Miss Hovlnnd 15 wr I: FIRST ROW SI-'COND ROW Arlyce Shaner Stan Olson Evelyn Lohre Fat Thyness Pat Hedman Merlin Hanson joan Engelesen Arlo Larsen Shirley Earp La Von jensen Ardls Swenson Gerald Grapevme Ardelle Tjentland Jean Parker Betsy Hanson Leon Mxsche Gladys Erickson Miss Kraulik FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW NOT SHOWN Rusty Oleson Harriet Egenes jack Lxljenquist Carol Emertson Robert Swenson Alice Dather Roger Wehmeyer Elvera Donahue Myrna Davidson Fred Henkel Marilyn French Don Anderson Margaret Kuehl Charles Peterson Judith Larson Mr Wilson Betty Grapevine Dean Fxshel Alfred Iverson Marilyn Roberts Floyd Pextz Mary Ann Oleson Billy Echardt Roland Hanson Arliss Madson L.eRoy Egenes Marilyn jackels Leo Schmitz Marcella Schmitz Genevieve Fuller FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: NOT SHOWN: L.eRoy Lohre. Carlton Iverson. De Ann Natterstad. Wayne Bondhus, Carolyn Berntson, jerry Thompson. Laura jane Davies, Merle Sykora, Laurel johnson. Dean Larsen, Patty Egenes. Karen Huso. jim Davidson, Marcella Carey. Duane Peterson, Carolyn Carey. Darwin Cvempler. Orleen Roberts. Cornell Kuehl, janet Peterson. Wallace Hedman. Miss Natterstad, Ruby Wehmeyer. Norman Kuehl. Marlene Kuehl. Myron Swenson. june Olson. Carol Tjentland. Petra Paul, Kathleen Sorenson. La Vonne Sabolik. LaVerne jackels. Barbara Wagner. Deloris Schmitz. Rachel Schauer. Helen Peterson. jeannine Meyer. 16 , , Q QS A-np, X. fw 17 FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW NOT SHOWN FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW NOT SHOWN FIRST ROW SFCOND ROW THIRD ROW NOT SHOW N Gr ade P1Cflll Q9 FIRST GRADE Roger Herbst Mary Loulse Dather Frankie Egenes Chuck Schauer Bernard Paul Helen Matzke Robert Hanson, Glorla Wolfe Patsy Natterstad Lyle Nelson Karleen Spaldmg joAnn Benson Betsy Madson jack Taylor La Vonne Pulcher Mrs Lmdstrom Gordon Echner Brenda Wagner jlm Parker jamce Kuehl jay Chrxstenson jean Schmxdt Orlando Grams Mary Lou Txbodeau Nydeen Herbst jackxe Parker Marlys Rexnltz Marlene Sell janet Thompson SECOND GRADE Larry Pederson Robert Meyer Davxd Nerhus joyce Solomonson Verne Carey Davxd Nelson james Vxlla Prxsczlla Andreasen john Sorenson judxth Nelson Sharon Parker Gerald Parker joAnn Matzke Alfred Anderson Kenneth Guddal LaDonna Kuehl WIIIIS Roberts Patty Andreasen Dallas Larson Lxnda Schauer Calvln Davxes joAnn Bigelow Derold Parker Paul Olson Curtis Nelson Marjean Herbst Trent Schmotzer Carolyn Wolfe Stuart Potter Mxss Natterstad THIRD GRADE Patty Herthel Bert Crist jeanette Natterstad judy Pulcher Ralph Vtfehmeyer Bllly Andreasen Lowell Tjentland john Grapevxne Ronald Tlbodeau Gordon Schmxdt Ronnle Christensen Kathleen Valen Stanley johnson Lyle Swenson Gordon Thompson Chuck Madson Kenneth Huso Kenneth Baron Dale Nelson Doyle Wolfe Dale Iverson Miss Beck Melvm Schmltz Twxla Sell Catherme Guddal FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES Dennxs Parker Loren Hedman Rochelle Natterstad Ralph Herbst Carol Meyer Larry Schauer Kathy Bernstson Roger Schmldt Stephen Hedman Ronald Baron Larry Grapevme Derold Kuehl Phyllls Gempler Vmcent Potter Leland Bondhus jlmmy Natterstad Duane Sell Kexth Madson LaDonna W olfe Arlo Sell jean Chrxstenson Ernest Iverson jamce Shaner P ul Stem jerry Grams Conme Exnertson Lewxs Larson LeAnn jackels Mlss Anderson Norman Paul Vxvlan Paul Lems Nelson joyce Rlenxtz Charlotte Fuller LeRoy Schmidt Donna jackels 18 Y: I I ' Y I I : 1 I 1 1 , - john Tibodeau, Stanley Egenes, Rebecca Sundahl. Phyllis Kuehl. Z irE?ff?5 ZJZWZLEZWHCCS Q iv Q K5 Ax CQ X 55 W A A U 1 Q xx gy Qs wav M fs- -me rw-awww-Q, e Football Team FRONT ROW Arlo larsen juntor Madson Leroy Hansen Gerald Grapevine jim Schmidt Norris Engebretson Fat Thyness Merlm Hansen Stan Olson and Eugene Wolf BACK ROW Coach Lerohl Bob Stahl Waverly Fngeswxck jack Potter Russy Larsen Bob Beck La Moyne Madson Neal Swenson and Vernell jackels Basketball Team FIRST ROW Arlo Larsen junxor Madson Stan Olson Gerald Grapevxne Merlin Hansen Eugene Wolf and Manager Rodger Wehmeyer SECOND ROW Norrls Engebretson Bob Stahl jack Potter Russy Larsen Bob Beck La Moyne Madson and Coach Lerohl THIRD ROW Merhn Thyness Leroy Hansen Kexth Olson Robert Gebhard Waverly Fngeswxck Neal Swenson Vernell jackels and jxm Schmldt Z0 SPORTS FOOTBALL The football team had a very successful season thls year wxnnmg seven whxle losxng one This lone loss was to Westbrook who won the conference champlonshxp wlth a seven to rero record Two players were named on the all conference team They were La Moyne Mad on at halfback and jack Potter at end Norrxs Engebretson won honorable mentlon The squad outscored themr opponents three hundred and nme to one hundred and fxftu three and had a very devastatlng scoring punch as they averaged 38 6 points a game to themr opponents 19 1 polnts a game losmg Comfrey Lamberton We stbrook Butterfield The Txgers also SIX Agaxn they were Dxstrxct Tourney Wh1Ch Butte rfleld jeffe rs Walnut Grove W estbrook Okabena jeffe r s We Sanborn Jeffers Fulda Walnut Grove SPORTS BASKETBALL E wound up a very successful basketball season wxnnmg fourteen whzle edged out by VN estbrook ID the seasons play and had to play ln the Sub they won At the D1str1ct they gamed a fourth place ratmg 6 Sub Dlstrmct Butte rfleld jeffers D1str1ct Okabena VN 1ndom ja c ks on In the class Tourney the oenxors won Semors Freshmen jumors Sophomores Seniors umors Comfrey Fulda Butterfleld Walnut Grove Okabena Heron Lake Comfrey 9 7 ul' 49 ----'- 13 36 ------ 18 55 ------ 19 20 ---'--- 6 39 ------ 49 45 ------ 16 ' 20 ------- 6 45 ------ 26 W VV ' 37 ------ 30 60 ------ 38 56 ------ 38 48 ------ 30 Heron Lake 58 ------ 39 Wkmtbrook 31 ------ 34 33 ------ 34 ' 42 ------ 28 37 ------ 33 39 ------ 52 31 ------ 22 61 ------ 42 45 ------ 31 50 ------ 34 40 ------ 43 ' 50---33 40---37 50---42 U 28---33 42---54 V . 2-1 S 2 5 it - ' 27 I ' t 34 2l The lhdlXldl13.1 record of each basketball player IS as follows Name Russell Larsen Robert Stahl jack Potter Norris Engebretson La Moy ne Madson Bob Beck Robert Gebhard jumor Madson Kenh Olson Neal Swenson Totals 27 2 FTM 20 Q 0 878 Storden scored elght hundred and sexenty elght points nn basketball for a 43 0 point axer age a game Thelr opponents with sexen hundred and twenty sexen po1nts axeraged 36 35 points a game SOMEONE YOU KNOW 'I PREPARING FOR BATTLE POSE FOR THE PRESS COME OUTTA TH' WOODS, PA INTERESTLNG GAME' Z2 HOMECOMING F.G. F. F.T. . . .. T.P. 87 34 35 44 9 76 52 37 27 18, 64 51 56 53 184 ' 35 52 40 31 11 ' 31 32 19 16 81 25 25 18 24 68 Vernie jackels 11 21 7 12 29 2 2 0 1 4 ' 0 2 4 O 4 ' O 5 0 1 0 ' ' 0 3 0 4 O 331 9 16 213 Junzor Football Team FRONT ROW Keith Madson Fred Henkel Lee Bonhus Don Anderson Rusty Uleson jlmmy Natterstad and Roger Wehmeyer BACK ROW Arlo Larsen Fat Thyness Merlm Hansen Gerald Grapevine Sian Olson Darwm Gxmpler Alfred Iverson and Coach Lerohl ,f Junior Basketball Team FIRST ROW' Wayne Bondhus. Keith Madson, jerry Thompson. Lee Bondhus, Kornell Kuehl, jimmy Natterstad, Carleton Iverson, and LaVern jackels. SECOND ROW: Coach Lerohl. Leon Mische. Fat Thyness, Stan Olson. Floyd Pietz. Gerald Grapevine. Merlin Hansen, and Manager Roger Wehmeyer THIRD ROW: Wallace Hedman. Don Anderson. Chuck Peterson. Arlo Larsen. Darwin Gimpler. Alfred Iverson, Billy Elckhardt, Fred Henkel. and Elmer Oleson. Z3 Z iy?eXQffWS 9 F2 fi AHGTQQVHVIES K5 db 2 N 4? QQ, Q Echo Staff FIRST ROW LaDelle Olson Ellwm Shaner joAnn Lohre Bob Stahl Lucille Swenson jean Hedman Russy Larsen Myrtle Oleson Keith Olson and Arla johnson SECOND ROW Miss Hovland Shlrley Earp Patrlcla Hedman Gladys Erickson Evelyn Ldhre Delores Kuehl jean Parker Ardls Swenson Ruth Madson Betsy Hanson Roxann Stahl and Arlyce Shaner THIRD ROW Beverly Donahue Anxta Oleson joan Fngelsen LaVonne jensen junior Madsen Arlene Larsen Leroy Hansen jlm Schmidt Fay Wehmeyer Fugene Wolf Algona Henkel Betty Paulson and Darlene Olson as .Stordoman Staff FRONT ROW Myrtle Oleson L41 Moyne Madsen Lucille Swenson Russy Larsen joAnn Lohre Bob Stahl and jean Hedrnan BACK ROW Darlene Olson Algona Henkel Fay Wehmeyer Elwm Shiner Kellh Olson ROXBYUI Stahl LaVonne jensen and Mxss Hovland Z5 Grrls Glee Club FRONT ROW Betty Paulson LaVonne jensen Fay Wehmeyer Ardls Swenson jean Parker jean Hedman Myrtle Oleson LaDe1le Olson Patricia Hedrnan and Miss Kraullk SFCOND ROW Darlene Olson Arlyce Shaner Gladys Erickson Delores Kuehl Ruth Madson Arla johnson jo n Engelesen Beverly Donahue and Shxrley Earp Boys Glee Club FRONT ROW Stan Olson Gerald Grapevine Elwm Shaner B111 Kuehl Bob Stahl Leon Mlsche Merlm Hansen Fat Thyness and Miss Krauhk BACK ROW Vernell jackels john Donahue La Moyne Madson Norrxs Engebretson Bob Beck Leroy Hansen jxm Schmidt junlor Madson and Arlo Larsen FIR ST ROW SFC OND ROV4. THIRD ROM M zxed Chorus Lucille Swenson joAnn Lohre Ardls Swenson I aVonne jensen Arlene Larsen jean Parker jean Hedman Myrtle Oleson Anita Oleson Algona Henkel La Delle Olson and Darlene Olson Mlss Kraullk Arlyce Shaner Fxelyn Lohre Gladys Frxckson Betty Paulson Fay Vlehmeyer Roxann Stahl Delores Kuehl Dorayne Peterson Betsy Hanson Ruth Madson joan Engelsen Arla johnson Beverly Donahue Vatrxcla Hedman and Shirley Earp junior Madson Vernell ackels jxm Schmxdt Norrls Fngebretson john Donahue Leroy Hansen La Moyne Madson Elwm Shaner Bob Beck B111 Kuehl Bob Stahl Gerald Grapeune Stan Olson Merlin Hansen Fat Thyness Leon Mxsche and Arlo Larsen 26 - 1 : . . . ' . , I I l . I . I J : . . ' . . . . a . . ' . f?"M2?'1'? , A ' r , A .1 - Q' . 5 1 : . ' . - ' . ' . . ' . ' I u . . . : . . . ' . . Q fi ie' 4 ' 2 ' x O7 w f . f LV ' I ' M ' rf . ' Z . , . ' 1 4 - 1 n J D I A j - v I 4 . , V I K I 1 1 v , . . : ' , j , ' ' , ' , . . I - 1 l 1 1 I I b 'I 1 r 4 1 r ' n T' Quartet Bob Beck La Moyne Madsen Bob Stahl and Norris Engebretson Cheerleaders Arlene lax-sen Roxann Stahl joAnn Lohre and Lucille Swenson 2.7 ZRWTW scwwfm W X ,if K X X Xl RW W X! N X ff Lf L' ! E as 1 Z X -A A A -X A .T J inn' ll A WIN id GANGWAY on-AER" SB M ONKE Y BIZNIZZ TURN AROUND NOSEY VICTOR S P055 C 4 ARE YOU DECENT? HOWDY GIRLS Z9 LEGS al tw wwf ,of GYPSIES LE TROUB ENGXNE LET S SMILE BIG CHIEF -'C NEXpECTE WON T IT RUN? 'way-.- L1p 3 0 STAND N N 5 I 1. v 1 . Q v u lm ,A . ' 1" , o , 1 sv. V-fy 9 xg, D g,.,f, ? wif? ' " , ., 1"'Yf'aJ M., .iwsf v gg. 2' qi 3, 'A SW, A M Q H In A 5 , , A 1 W ' h2,,'E'V4 , . V 9 1 iigglfxf Q , YE: .,.f?9'f:1Q F -' 'Q . I 19 , - . x 4 n.,, ' 2 .,,A , J, 3, Q ' A X jg' a MQA H Q V fi' -1 ' n you ir- U . UH!!! 'w 5 5 S AJCWFCWQZQAJAQAWS X19 i 11Qf5S 9 F2 Ci ZZ WZ? ZFIQSWMCE K5 Q Q 2 45 V xx 42 ki? COIVIPLIMENTS Or FIRST STATE BANK of Storden MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION JOHN G HUSO W E ECKH LXRDT DOLORES GEBH XRD CH ARLOTTE NESS LAVOINNE IK ENDLAND DAYEL OLSON Y 'W I 4 A Y . . . I f7 A TW' TI ' . I .- 4 I I I CONGRATULATIONS SEN IORS Formers Grom Compony ORGANIZED OWNED AND MANAGED BY FARMERS FOR THEIR BENEFIT CUSTOM SEED CLEANING AND TREATING PHONE STORDEN 2341 Moore s Goroge SALES CHEVROLET SERVICE CARS AND TRUCKS MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE 8: NEW IDEA FARM MACHINERY E E MOORE PROPRIETOR STORDEN MINNESOTA O DEALER IN GRAIN - COAL - FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER I Service Garage COMPLETE MOTOR REBUILDIN G WHEEL BALANCING BRAKE WORK GENERAL REPAIRIN G E L ENGELSON PROPRIETOR PHONE 2811 STORDEN MINNESOTA CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH CARS CASE FARM INIPLEMENTS PHONE 39 WINDOVI MINNESOTA Erickson cmd Tiboclecau LEAl1I Hardware SQ Appluances CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES GENEVA MODERN KITCHENS SKELGAS APPLIANCES PERFECTION OIL STOVES DEXTER WASHING MACHINES PAINTS HARDWARE AND SUN DRIES John s Barber Shop IT PAYS TO PRESENT A NEAT APPEARAIN CE HAVE YOUR HAIR CUT REGULARLY STORDEN MINNESOTA C I O PHONE 2651 STORDEN, MINNESOTA I Walter Larsen General Hardware Buy at the Store of Dependable Goods Minnesota Implements Sz Twine DeLaw al Separators Furniture Appliances Lion Brand Paints Monarch Ranges Phone 2391 Storden Minnesota Compliments of Tlwompsorfs Studio Kodaks Moxie Cameras Windom Nlinnesota Compliments of Storden Co op Co General Merchandise Modern Lockers Phone 2681 Storden Minnesota p . C V. - Y 1 - . , L! .A L O Developing - Painting - Enlarging - Tinting - Framing v - 1 -' 1 b X 1 l I 3 I MILLER S STORE Fancy and Staple Grocemes Your Patronage Apprec1ated Phone 2661 Storden M1nnesota PETERSON S CAFE Meals Lunches Short Orders Ice C1ea1n Soft Dr1nks Candy C1garettes Beer Pool Storden M1nn KOEP IMPLEME NT CO Farm Supphes of All Klnds Hudson Motor Cars and Trucks Phone 4 Wmdom M1nnesota ALBINSON LUMBER CO Complete Blllldlflg Seruce F H A Headquarters Phone 163 Wmdom M1nnesota I 7 I , . Oliver Farm Equipment . . 7. ! BJORNSEN SALES CO Massey Hari is Tractors Combines Implements Oldsmobile 801 Second Ax enue Phone 585 Windom Minnesota THE J V HIEBERT CO Electrical Contracting Refrigeration Serxice General Electric Domestic and Commercial Appliances Phone 345 891 Fourth Avenue Windom Minnesota The Best Year Around Nlarket for Your Cream A Cooperatixe Owned by the Producers for their Own Benefit FARMERS CO OP CREAMERY ASSOCIATION Phone 2621 Storden Minnesota STORDEN GRAIN CO O C Lande Manager Phone 7441 Storden Minnesota 7 Chrysler Airtemp Air Conditioning and Heating . y . 7 A . . . , W1HdOm Delft A F STRUNK LUMBER CO Smce 1883 Lumber Bulldlng Mater1a1 Q U E V L I S Dry Goods Lad1es Wear Men s and Boy s Wear Shoes for the Whole Fannly Wmdom M1nnesota CAREY S BODY SHOP Auto Ref1n1sh1ng Expert Body and Fender Repalr Po11sh1ng and Waxmg Safety Glass Installed Radlator Repau' Recore SGFVICG Weldlng Arlow Carey Propmetor D1a1 2701 Storden M1nn RAY S STANDARD SERVICE Gasohne Grease O11 T1res Washmg Battery Serv1ce Phone 2951 Storden Mmnesota a a a I ' 7 7 7 7 I 7 , . I ! Congratulations Seniors BOB'S CLOTHING STORE Windom, Minnesota SHARKEY 8g MANN Minneapolis Moline Implements Packard Automobiles Windom Minnesota Compliments to Class of 1900 MULLIGAN AND ANDREW Wmdom Minnesota ANONSEN WALLPAPER ANDERSON S PRODUCE Storden Nlinn Wallpaper Pains Oils Glass Varnish Vtindom Nlinn C Y ,- ' r- 7 I v .t . . - L. . - ,Al . ,. 1. ,L . WOLFF S STORE Inc Outf1tters for the Fam1ly Where SGFVICG and Quahty Meet Wlndom Mlnn JOHN S 66 SERVICE Gas O11 T1res Complete Battery Serv1ce STORDEN ELECTRIC lvlflllg of All Types General Electr1 ald Maytag Appllances Phone 7311 LES CITIES SERVICE Gas O11 Ice C e m Soft D mlxs Open Ilvenmgs PAUL S BLACKSMITH AND WELDING SHOP VVGlCllllg and General Blacksnnthlng VI e Appreclate Your Patronage Leon Paul P1op Storden Mlnn LADY LEE Ladles Ch1ldren s Apparel M1ll1nery Accessomes Phone 291 LARSON S PLUMBING 8. HEATING Lyder Robert Dax 1d RAY 5 CAFE Delco Heat Steaks Chxcken Lunches We App1 601816 Your BUSINESS and Hope to Serve You A am Vernon Pete1 son W1HdOm Mmn Phone 788 lV1"1dOI'11 lVl1nn I 1 1 I , . I II Il AI , . I ci -I 1 7 -4 4 , . a - , . I ., . , - - ra - r ' 4 . I 1 7' I V U, Q . . D J A ,L n - Q - l l 3 lg I GUNDERSON TRANSFER City Freight - General Deliveries Long Distance Hauling Windom, Minn. FARM BUREAU SERVICE CO. Feeds - Fertilizers - Freezers Insecticides - Weed Killers Compliments of ANDY S BARBER SHOP Windom Minn LEWIS 8. LEWIS Pharmacists The Rexall Store Windom Minn Compliments of WESTBROOK MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY Phone 2181 Storden Minn STORDEN HATCHERY 81 PRODUCE Feed Medicines Complete Production and Marketing Service Phone 2841 Storden Minn WESTGOR REALTY CO Business Enterprises and Faim Lands 1029 4th Ave Windom Minn C L Westgor W W Vxestgor V V Westgor Phones Office 780 Residence 702 J L. P DOLLIFF LUMBER CO Building Material Coal Phone 2131 Storden Minn I , . , . a ' , n . . IY. . . , . - Y 7 a . . ,. SAMPSON S SHOE STORE NELSON ICE CREAM CO Your Poll Parrot Headquarters Wlndom Mmn W1ndom M1nn THE WINDOM REPORTER Compliments of Ofhce Supphes Prmtmg Advert1s1ng Typewmters Stauonery DR M A JOHNSON EStab11Shed1H 1871 BAKKE S FAIRWAY MARKET STORDEN TIMES Falrway Fme Foods Job Plllltlflg Our Spec1a1ty Weekly Pubhshed D G d ry oo s Grocemes Shoes Every Thursday We De11ver Storden Mrnn D Shaner Pubhsher Comphments of Comphments of A B PETERSON E LME R SE LE E N Wmdom MIHII Phone 221 Windom, Minn.

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