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"'--...Q 7:1 3 ai? if-I N Q 4 , Af 1' 4 X , ,L L 5 t ' x R V, + ss, Ms W df, awk ,' ff, 1 XJNQ X . s v K, Y '. 'Wi r gi.. 1 gf- ' 11' Q ,. X 'if' an . 1 .13 , ,ax ,Nei i-Ap - "' 11 , . in tffjflf '- 1 Y ' Q fm 1' "gf, N ME' , z N, nw. 9 .- X X 5,4 M. Q '1 ' W 5iw15.X. , ,-Q x Xwvgdi fa, A Y , . Y W Q .-an ' , 5 'A' "H . ' wwf Q fn: W M Q MA- '21, .1 I fi , . A NL 4 ' 'fir 21, 1 5 W ymip - -W , Q" ,' 'Sf' . Quia It " K 'WWE 4' ' ' W M . W: W ' 91 Q 9- . mi f x , 'ig' V ,I Ly-Ag' - 1' . 4 . , , W 'f Q K -A . vb.-1.92.4 f gm 2 'N 1 , A fwrwvwwsmmwifffchwl.-.'Y2'1,'v I .- :r w N . 1.4 ,-.i .4 Qfeienfing THF STOFOHI FOR NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE Volume VI Edited By x THE ANNUAL STAFF of STONY POINT HIGH SCHOOL STONY POINT, NORTH CAROLINA FOREWORD From the hearts, minds, and pens of those who have been inspired by the spirit of Stony Point High School comes this 1953 STOPOHI, more revealing perhaps for the things it omits than for those it includes. May you, both now and in later years, revel in its happy reminiscences and chuckle with glee when you see yourself in a picture ------ -and remember. Betty Anne DeJamette - Editor .J lv j DEDICATION IN LOVING THANKS ......... To you, our parents, we Seniors humblydedicate this l953 edition of "The Stopohi. " May it be symbolic of our love and appreciation for the countless things you have so sacrificially given to us. BETTY ANNE DQARNETTE CARQ'-YN GOOD Editor Assistant Editor STAFF SHIRLEY DRUM Business Manager MARION MCLAIN SIDNEY NORTON LORETTA MAYBERRY Girls' Sports Editor Boys' Sports Editor Photography Editor W 5 ' X FACULTY HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MR. F.B. GREER Principal, English Bookkeeping MR. Fox MRS. DeVAUGHAN MR- DAGENHART Social Studies Commercial Sclefwef M0l'l1- Physical Education English MRS. CROUCH MR. KILLIAN MISS BAR'-OW Home Economics Agriculture SeC"ef0"Y English ELEMENTARY FACULT-Y MRS. STEELE Miss CAMPBEE MRS. GOODEN Eighth Grade Seventh Grade SIXIIT Gfdde MR. FINCANNON MISS R. ALEXANDER MRS. LACKEY MISS STEVENSON Fifth 8- Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Third 3- Fourth Grade -3 Iyer? MISS J. ALEXANDER MRS. ALEXANDER MISS AUSTIN MRS. HINES Second 8. Third Grade First Grade First 8- Second Grade Music Teacher "THROUGH THE DAY AT STONY POINT" MORNING EXERCISE" "THE WHOLE SHE-BANG OF '53 "THE ACTRESSES OF '52" 'LATEST STYLES--BETA INITIATION" "WATCH THE slams ..... '- "THROUGH THE SUMMER" 15, if XX F' ESQ SEINIICDRS SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ........ ............................... S idney Norton Vice-President .Catherine Adams Reporter ........ ........ N an Miller Secretary ..... .......... P olly Clary Treasurer . . . Dorothy Matheson CLASS OF 1953 MASCOT S Cynthia Leigh lcenhour Stephen Lackey CATHERINE ADAMS F. H.A. 1,25 Representative to State Convention ly Beta Club 2,3 ficer 4, Vice-President, Glee Climb 4, Athletic Association 4 Senior Superlative, Most Dependable. BETTY SUE BECKHAM Dramatics 2, Senior Superlative, Quietest. 4, Representative to State Convention 3, French Club 35 Class Of- CLASS OF 1953 POLLY C LARY Dramatics Club 1,35 Science Club 35 Class Officers, Reporter 35 Sec retary 45 Beta Club 3,45 Reporter5 Pointer Staff 45 Reporter5 tive, Most Likely to Succeed, Neatest. BETTY JO CRISP GleeClub 1,25 Dramatics Club 25 Athletic Association 45 4-H Club 1,2. BETTY ANNE De JARNETTE F.H.A. 1,2, President 15 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Athletic Associa- tion 45 Cheerleader 2,3,4, Chief 45 Pointer Staff 2, Stopohi Staff 3,4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4, Music Club 2,35 Class Officers 1,2,3, President 1,35 Reporter 25 Marshal 35 French Club 3,45 Beta Club 3,4, President 3, Secretary 45 Co-Giftorian 45 Senior Super- lative, Most Talented. Athletic Association 45 Glee Club 25 Class Poet 45 Senior Superla- SHIRLEY DRUM Glee Club l,25 French Club 35 Beta Club 3,4, Program Chairman5 Dramatics 35 Varsity i5 Basketball 2,3, Co-captain 45 Athletic Association 45 Class Officers, Reporter I5 President 25 Treasurer 35 Chief Ma rshal 35 Pointer Staff 35 Stopohi Senior Superlative, Most Athletic. DOROT HY MAT HESON Dramatics Club 1,35 Science Club 35 Class dent 3, Treasurer 45 Marshal 35 Athletic Association 45 Testator 45 Senior Superlatives, Friendliest, Prettiest. CLASS OF 1953 Staff 3,45 Giftorian 45 COZETTE HERMAN F.H.A. l,2,3,45 GleeClub 2,3,45 Senior 4-H C.lub25 MusicClub 2, Reporter 35 Pointer Staff, Reporter 3, Associate Editor 45 Stopohi Staff, Assistant Girls Sports Editor 25 Class Officers, Treasurer 2, Secretary 35 Athletic Association 45 French Club 35 Jr. Varsity l, 25 Senior Superlative, Biggest Flirt. Officers, Vice-Presi- CLASS OF 1953 LORETTA MAYBERRY Class Officer l,2, Secretary and Treasurer 1, Secretary 25 Basket- ball 1,25 Jr. Varsity Basketball 15 Glee Club 1, Pointer Staff 2,3, Assistant Art Editor 2, Assistant Associate Editor 35 Beta Club 3,4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Science Club 3, Annual Staff 3,4, Assis- tant Photography Editor 3, Photography Editor 45 Class Prophetess 45 Dramatics Club 35 Marshal 35 Athletic Association 45 Basketball Manager 45 Senior Superlatives, Best All Around, Most Studious. MARION McLAlN F.H.A. l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Basketball 3,45 PointerStaff 2,3,4, Assistant Business Manager 2, Reporter 3,45 Athletic Asso- ciation 45 Annual Staff 3,4, Assistant Girl's Sport Editor 3, Girl's Sport Edi'tor45 Dramatics 35 Jr. Basketball 1,25 Miss Stony Point 45 Music Club 35 Senior 4-H Club 25'.Senior Superlative, Cutest. NAN MILLER Glee Club 1,25 Dramatics 25 4-H Club 1,25 Class Officer, Reporter 45 Cheerleader 35 Athletic Association 45 Senior Superlatives, Cut- ost, Wittiest. CLASS OF 1953 SIDNEY NORTON Senior 4-H1,2,35 F.F.A.1,2,3,4, Reporter 1,3, President 45 Basketball 2,3,4, Captain 45 Baseball 2,3,45 Pointer Staff 3,4, Reporter 45 Annual Staff 3,4, Assistant Boy's Sports Editor 3, Boy's Sports Editor 45 Bus Driver 45 Athletic Association 45 Cattle Judg- ing 2,3,45 Class Officer, President 45 Senior Superlatives, Most Athletic, Best All Around, Best Looking. COLLEEN SHARPE Jr. Varsity 1,25 4-H Club 1,2,35 F.H.A. Club l,2,3,45 Science Club 35 Glee Club 2,45 Dramatics Club 35 French Club 35 Beta Club 3,45 Treasurer 45 Class Historian 4. EVELYN WATTS Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Bus Driver 4, Assistant Bus Driver 35 4-H Club 1,25 Athletic Association 45 Class Officers 1,2, Reporter 1, Vice- President25 Pointer Staff 3,4, Reporter 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Music Club 25 Jr. Basketball team 15 Girl's Basketball Manager 3, Assis- tant 4. CLASS HISTORY One bright and sunny morning in the fall of 1940, thirty-two children trooped into the classroom. lt makes us dignified seniors blush to think of the tears that were shed that day. To many of us this' was our first venture alone into the daring world. Under the guidance of Mrs. J. D. Whisnett we soon felt more at ease. We gained self confidence through the years under our patient teachers, second grade, Mrs. Phyllis Matheson, third grade, Mrs. Nesbitt, fourth grade, Miss Ruth Miller, fifth grade, Mrs. Bryant Matlock, sixth grade, Mrs. Leach Gooden. We now found ourselves in the seventh grade, we were really leaming a lot. Quite a few of us made the Jr. Basketball team. Mrs. White was our teacher. The eighth grade, iust one step from high school. Miss Rachel Alexander, did a grand iob of preparing us for high school. Our class play was "Red and the Christmas Whoppers. " Upon entering high school there were eighteen of us. Some of our classmates had fallen behind ,moved , or dropped out. We were all freshmen or--no explanation needed. Mr. Robert Hill was our homeroom teacher and did his best to keep us in hand. Our class play was "Mrs. Whig's Political Party." The tenth grade held excitement for all of us, but without Mrs. Lynn Bames we would have forgotten to put all typing books in place and to cnver our typewriters. Our class play under her direction was "Ring Up The Curtain." At last we were Juniors, Mr. Leroy Jarvis was our teacher. -We had the Junior-Senior Banquet and our class rings to look forward to. -We received our class rings on March 7, 1952. Were we thrilledl We gave our Junior-Senior Banquet, which ,wasa great success, on May 5, 1952. Our Junior play, "Mary Comes Home From College", under the direction of Mrs. D. D. Martin, was performed with great talent. We were Seniors, fourteen girls and one boy. We couldn't decide whether we were sad or happy. Happy, because we would soon be leaving the classes which we dreaded so much. Sad, because we would be parting with our classmates who had grown to be our best friends in gleeor in sorrow. Our Senior Sponsor, Mrs. William DeVaughan, was a very understanding and helpful teacher. We gave our Senior play "The Nutt Family" March 13 which offered us a great deal of pleasure both in practice and in presentation. Beside all of our pleasant memories we leave behind at Stony Point, we also leave curtains to the proiected activity room and hope they will be enjoyed by all. CLASS HISTORIAN Colleen Sharpe CLASS PROPHECY A "baker's dozen" - plus one! Where will they be and what will they be doing five- ten or fifty years from now -- an interesting spectulationl My thoughts carry me on and on into the land of vision and I see the wonderful futures of my classmates, each in the place fitted for them as by design. I see myself coming out of the governor's office where I am secretary to Govemor of North Carolina. I ran into a big husky man who is none other than Sidney Norton. He is now coach of the basketball team at State College. After chatting for awhile I had to buy groceries so I went into "MiIIer's Food Store." Can you imagine the former Polly Clary and her husband operating a food store? Polly and I renewed old acquaintances, then she invited me to a formal party at her home on 667 West Franklin Street m I"l0fl0l' of Miss Dorothy Matheson who is now modeling in New Yoda City. Arriving at the party exactly at 8:00 o'cIock, all of the guest are already present, which include the majority of my former classmates. Miss Colleen Sharpe is telling of her experiences as a X-Ray technician at the John Hopkin's Hospital, in Baltimore, Maryland . Mrs. Va ughn Rogers, the former, Miss Ma rion Mc Lain is assisting Mrs. Miller with serving the cocktails when I leam that she has graduated from Bowling Green Business College and is teaching at the R. J. ReynoId's High School in Winston- Salem, North Carolina. Misses Shirley Drum and Betty Anne DeJarnette, still old maids, are discussing plans for the opening of the "Drum and DeJamette's Department Store" in Greensboro, North Carolina. Then I begin talking to the lady beside me and I find that it is Mrs. Bob Harris, the former Miss Evelyn Watts, who is now teaching in the High Point Primary School in High Point, North Carolina. She tells me about seeing Misses Nan Miller and Betty Joe Crisp who are graduate nurses at the Thomasville Memorial Hospital. I also leam that Miss Cozette Herman is engaged to a well-known artist in Europe. She is planning the wedding for New Years' Eve at the St. MichaeI's Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Miss Catherine Adams, the well-known solosist, is to sing for the occasion . After bidding good-bye, I go to my hotel room and pick up the newspaper where I read about Miss Betty Sue Beckham arriving in Paris for a two weeks' tour. As the personalities of my classmates pass in review, I remember that we are known by what we are, since we are, since "the boy is father to the man . " C LASS PROPH ET ESS Loretta Mayberry SENIOR SUPERLATIVES anocsesr mm MOST TALENTED Colette Herman Betty Anne De.-Jameffe MOST swolous h, I MOST AT'f3ET'C Lorena Mayberry S lr ey Drum - Sl ney Norion SENIOR SUPERLATIVES N, A-9 lfwn ty, E xr 2 it is 5 .- il W 3. aw nu- A3 . 23 BEST ALL ROUND NEATEST Loretto Mayberry - Sidney Norton Polly Clary FRIENDLIEST WITTIEST QUIETEST Dorothy Matheson Nan Miller Betty Sue Beckham CLASS OF 1953 SPONSOR Mrs. W.L. DeVaughn CLASS FLOWER ..... Red Rose CLASS COLORS ..... Green and White CLASS MOTTO ..... "No man can ever rise above that at which he aims." CLASS ROLL Catherine Rebecca Adams Dorothy Edna Matheson Betty Sue Beckham Loretta Jean Mayberry Polly Anne Clary Marion Frances McLain Betty Jo Crisp Nancy Miller Betty Anne DeJamette Norman Sidney Norton Shirley Marie Drum Doris Colleen Sharpe Chalma Cozette Herman Laura Evelny Watts MASCOTS CYNTHIA ICENHOUR STEPHEN LACKEY "BELIEVE IT OR NOT! THAT'S US" 'B 511' Sue 'Hg LXXHHM 4 'Tally Cfnky Shikley 'DR'u.m P f'7Hmkw !'7c bein Evelyn 6410275 Sfnney fVa,qff'on LUKE 774 Wayaeeey Berry Hnne De Jnkneffe Uoforh Z1 l'1nTh sou Nnn MI-NCR Ca Mn-'h SAARFI-3 SENIOR SNAPSHOTS LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of Stony Point High School, of l953, realizing that we are about to depart from this school, do hereby make this our "Last Will and Testament." To the school, we the Senior Class, will our high ideals, our love of beauty, our sense of loyalty and devotion to duty, which it has given to us through twelve ioyi- ous years, to be used in future years. To our teachers who have guided and helped us, we haveour deepest appreciation. I, Evelvn Watts, will my ex-boy friends to anyone who will be good to them. I, Cozette Herman, will my ability to not do my homework to anyone who wants to to risk it. I, Marion McLain, will my ability to foul out of ball games to Shirley Alexander. I, Loretta Mayberry, will my big loud mouth to Rushie Martin. I, Shirley Drum, will my excess pounds to Pat Rhyne. I, Betty Joe Crisp, will my curly hair to Emma Jean Minton. I, Sidney Norton, will my best ear plugs to Benny Kerley so he can sleep in the classroom - the cot in the "First-aid room" is too uncomtortable. I, Catherine Adams, will my baby talk to Luke Alexander. I, Betty Anne De.lamette, will my love of the Glee Club to Janis Henderson. I, Dorothy Matheson, will my innocent expression to Virginia Branton and Helen Windsor to bolster their alibi when they find it necessary to cut classes. I, Betty Sue Beckham, will my con'tentment and good humor to Marlene Steele. I, Colleen Sharpe, will my ability to fall out of an automobile without getting hurt to whoever rides when Dale Beaver is driving. I, Nan Miller, will my giggles to Mr. Fox. I, Polly Clary, will my dumb blondness to Wilma Yoder. Dorothy Matheson JUIXICDIRS CLASS OF 1954 Luke Alexander Shirley Alexander Dole BBGVGI' Bobby Beckham Virginia Branfon Delmd Bruce Pl"Ylll5 Childers Carolyn Good Mavis Harris Lillian Head Janis Henderson Libby Hunter Gene Kirkman Donald Lenfz CLASS OF 1954 Dorothy Martin Rushie Martin Peggy Jo Miller Marjorie Payne Florence Pennell RU?l'1 Robertson Kent Rogers Margaret Sherrill Marlene Steele Reggie Stone Helen Windsor Wllmd Yodel' Q s C' Q!-E1 o . -17 , I b 'QT J 1 N -- D", Bef 7 l f u a , 4- hi Q CLASS OF 1955 Bradley Alexander Floyd Byers Thurman Byers Jean Chapman Joe Cline Wilma Cloer Alfred Combs Jean Combs Martha Crouch MYFHG Crouch Carolyn Dagenharf Alma Douglas Nancy Goble Joyce Hammer M0"9le Hevd Janie Honeycuff June Johnson Lee Ray Jolly Benny Kerley Leroy Lambert CLASS OF 1955 Marie Martin Margaret Matheson Jerree McLain Gamett Meredith Carolyn Norton Etta Oliver Fem Payne Rom Phillips Joann Sharpe Dorothy Sherrill Roger Sfqmes Jo Ann Steele Jimmy Woodard Syn I EN! Tommy Adams Jimmy Bebber Margaret Beckham John Branton Ruby Bruce Buddy Chamberlain Sandy Elliot Daisy Foxx Martha Fox Paul Hager Kenneth Head Jo Anne Lacicey Sylvia Lackey Nancy Martin Emma Jean Minton Louise Minton Glenn Morrison Rex Oliver Essie Pierce Marie Pierce Donald Robertson Johnny Sigmon J. D. Warren Morgan Wike Wayne Windsor CLASS OF 1956 SNAPSHOTS ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES THE STOPOHI STAFF Mrs. Max Crouch, Shirley Drum, Betty Ann Delamette, Loretta Mayberry, Sidney Norton, Marion McLain, Marlene Steele, Kent Rogers, Carolyn Good, Dale Beaver, Shirley Al exander, Miss Rachel Alexander. MISS R. ALEXANDER MRS. CROUCH SPONSORS ACTIVITIES POINTER STAFF Mrs. William DeVaughn, Sponsor, Runt Jolly, Libby Hunter, Mavis Harris, Cozette Herman, Evelyn Watts, Ed- itor, Reggie Stone, Janice Henderson, Sidney Norton, Marjorie Payne, Marion McLain, Jo Anne Steele, Polly Ann Clary, Buddy Chapman, Kent Rogers, Kenneth Sherrill, Virginia Brunton, Helen Windsor, Peggy Jo Miller, Joe Cline. BETA CLUB Mrs. DeVaughan, Sponsor, Dorothy Martin, Peggy Jo Miller, Polly Clary, Reporter, Mariorie Payne, Betty Anne DeJamett, Secretary, Phyllis Childers, Loretta Mayberry, President, Libby Hunter, Vige-President, Colleen Sharpe, Treasurer, Janis Henderson, Shirley Drum, Program Chainnan, Wilma Yoder, Catherine Adams. ACTIVITIES FRENCH CLUB President, Gene Kirkman, Reporter, Luke Alexander, Sponsor, Miss Peggy Campbell, Secretary, Libby Hunter, Vice- President, Betty Anne DeJamette, Program Chairman, Marjorie Payne, -reasurer, Peggy Jo Miller. GLEE CLUB Jo Anne Steele, Carolyn Norton, Lillian Head, Cozette Herman, Libby Hunter, Catherine Adams, Marjorie Payne, Wilma Cloer, Mrs. DeVaughan, Director, Sandra Elliot, Jean Chapman, Colleen Sharpe, Nancy Goble, Evelyn Watts, Alma Douglas, Betty Anne Dejamette, Marlene Steele, Mrs. Hines, Accompanist, Virginia Branton, Assistant Accom- panistp Peggy Jo Miller, Marion McLain, Joanne Sharpe, Helen Windsor, Shirley Alexander, Janis Henderson, Martha Ann Crouch. ACTIVITIES BUS DRIVERS Dale Beaver, Tom Millsaps, Rex Oliver, Sidney Norton, Evelyn Waffs CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Mrs. Mayme S. Miller, Mrs. Neami Thomas, Mrs. Myrtle Hellard MISS STONY POINT HI MARION McLAIN ATHLETICS ATHLETICS 3 fx Ni GIRLS' BASKETBALL Top Row: Marlene Steele, Carolyn Good, Janice Henderson, Shirley Alexander, Captain, Shirley Drum, Co- Captain. Second Row: Etta Oliver, Helen Windsors, Fem Payne, Marion McLain. First Row: Sandra Elliott, Dorothy Sherrill, Marie Martin, Jo Ann Sharpe, Jo Ann Steele. MANAGER LORETTA MAYBERRY ASSISTANT COACH MANAGER MR. DAGENHART EVELYN WATTS Sponsored by STEELE'S FURNITURE COMPANY Stony Point, N.C. ATHLETICS BOYS' BASKETBALL ' Lee Ray Jolly, Dale Beaver, Rex Oliver, Gene Kirkman, Kent Rogers, Co-captain, Sidney Norton. Captain Benny Kerley, Reggie Stone, Jimmy Bebber, Joe Cline, Bradley Alexander, Donald Lenlz, Buddy Chamberlain COACH MR. FOX Sponsored by STEELE'S FURNITURE COMPANY Stony Point, N.C. X N ELEMENTARY GRADES ELEMENTARY GRADES EIGHTH GRADE - Mrs. Steele Betty Adams, Nickey Alexander, Joyce Alexander, Jo Ann Brezger, Nan Belk, Marie Chapman, Kenneth Dishman, Geraldine Combs, Geraldine Douglas, Randy Dyson, Martha Eagle, Robert Elliott, Doris Elmore, Frances Enloe, Ruth Enloe, Marvin Foxx, Johnny Hellald, Linda Keever, James McLelland, Patsy Meredith, Wayne Norton,Mary Oliver ,Gale Payne, Mary Sue Revis, Mary Ann Rector, Ned Rhyne, Steve Rimmer, Glenda Sharpe, Larry Sherrill, William Sherrill, Neil Starnes, Kay Walker, Melvin Warren, Lovell Wike, Barbara Waugh, Richard Yoder. Not Pictured: Sherrow DeVuughan, Ronnis Little, Robert Lewis. SEVENTH GRADE Peggy Allen, Harold Alexander, Kenneth Bell, Calene Brunton, Harry Cline, Billy Cockrell, Betty Jean Combs, McKinney Dagenhart, Jim- my Foxx, Mabel Foxx, Harry Gant, Mary Ann Hammer, lrma Head, Jeanette Huitt, Jerry Johnson, Linda Lackey, Viola Lackey, Agnes Martin, Magalene Martin, Patsy Martin, Gene Meadows, Helen Millsaps, Carolyn Sharpe, Doris Sigmon, Brenda Stlkeleather, Fred Shke- leather, Ruth Warren, Gorden Yoder, Larry York. Not Pictured: Stanley Elliot, Mary Grant, Johnny Rector, Johnny Rhyne. LITTLE MISS STONY POINT" Penny Steele MISS STONY POINT JUNIOR Brenda Chapman "BABY STONY POINT" Curtis Sims 5 SAFETY PATROL Robert Elliott, Kenneth Dishman, William Sherrill, Ned Foxx, Marvin Foxx, Stanley Elliott. JUNIOR 4-H CLUB Maxine Dagenhart, Brenda Chapman, Geraldine Dyson, Ned Foxx, Maggie Martin, Mary Lee Alexander, Harry Cline, Rena Fayne Foxx, William Beckham, Linda Rector, Janice Laye, Nadean Benfield, Linda Lackey, Tommy Cockrell, Dorothy Combs, Steve Cockrell, Cora Mae Worley, Ruth Cloer, Mrs. Campbell, Margie Rhyne, Doris Woodward, Harold Foxx, Linda Little, Geraldine Moose, Wayne Windsor, Billy Cockrell, Jerry Sharpe,Edwqrd Lackey, Mack Ray- Warren, Neely Lyerly, Benny Clary, Betty Jean Combs, Helen Millsaps, Doris Sigmon, Agnes Martin, Brenda Hedrick, RUfl1 Wflffefh Gefflld Oliver, MGl'Tl'lG PfiCllGl'Cl', Bruce Johnson, Brenda Stikeleather, Patsy Ruth Martin, Audrie Chap- man, Larry York, Jimmy Deal, Eugene Meadows, Neldine Pennell, Glenda Roberston, Mildred Rector. S Q CUSTODIAN SNAPSHOTS TOM MILLSAPS SNAPSHOTS fn ik.: X a 1 Q y ' .... D -' if , V A A LM , lx'-wwf ,, myzk , D , 4. ., K ,ZW 'V '- , ifaw 39 7' 'f ' sf s.M4,ig f my :tw k ff ......, .I Q ,A , .2 SS nw X -. I I X Y .f43,g4,l2f ' ' I .2-T--L si ' lflfir - p f 9. , .-,. fi " , iii! " - -'C' Qi : I Q -L. sh X- X -f77I ? ' , N: 1 Z . fii' -,xx - 'i1'--- K A f- .4 I 'N x ' ',fvf:7 " f ' Wl" ' Lf! J fl Compliments of I R E N E M I L L S TAYLORSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA WORTH SPINNING COMPANY STONY POINT, NORTH CAROLINA ELEMENTARY GRADES SIXTH GRADE - Mrs. Gooden Mary Lee Alexander, Ruby Lee Ball, Nadean Benfield, Jimmy Beckham, William Beckham, J.C. Bruce, Betty Sue Byers, Audrey Chapman, Brenda Chapman, Steve Chapman, Benny Clary, Betty Ruth Cloer, Dorothy Combs, Maxine Dagenhart, Jimmy Deal, Geraldine Dyson, Harold Foxx, Virgil Gregory, Ned Foxx, Neegly Lylerly, Donna Martin, William Martin, Fred Matheson, Geraldine Moose, Maxine Moose, Stancil Osbome, Graydon Pierce, Mildred Rector, Margie Rhyne, Lynford Sharpe, Doris Woodward, Cora Mae Worley, Joe Worley. Not Pictured: Tim Chapman, Brenda Hedrick, Maggie Pennell. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE Tommy Alexander, Jennie Ball, Barbara Cockrell, Steve Cockrell, Tommy Cockrell, Billy Ellis, Jerry Neil Foxx, Jerry Wayne'Foxx, Rena Fae Foxx, Suma Foxx, Linda Gantt, Homer Good, Rebecca Hammer, Bruce Johnson, Denver King, 'Greer Lackey, Linda Jor Little, Janice Laye, Wayne Lackey, Sylvia McCracken, Sidney Miller, Gerald Oliver, Phil Payne, Nell Pennell, Marthat Pichard, Linda Rector, Allen Sharpe, Jerry Sharpe, Gary Sherrill, Winifred Sherrill, Lewis Stone, Max Ray Warren, Jerry Windsor, Glenda Roberston. ELEMENTARY GRADES FIFTH GRADE Lynn Adams, Kay Allen, Robert Allen, Sidney Alexander, Cathrine Bruce, Derrwood Beckham, Linda Chapman, Martha Combs, Vaughn Dagenhart, Frances Douglas, Teddy Drum, Ronald Dyson, Freddy Fox, Martha Sue Gant, Cynthia Godfrey, Susan Grefory, Tony Guy, Sylvia Huitt, Edward Lackey, Stephan Lackey, Gwen Laye, Graig Little, Jimmy Lowrance, Rosie Lee McLelland, Linda Kay Medlin, Junior Millsaps, Steve Millsaps, Richard Moose, Joyce Norton, Alberta Oates, Brenda Queen, Lindsey Rector, Lois Jean Rector, Marilyn Rhyne, Jean Sherrill, Ray Warren. Not Pictured: Lanny Rhyne, Helen Moose. FOURTH GRADE Larry Adams, J. Fred Alexander, Judy Alexander, Ray Bell, Troy Bell, Glady Bruce, Dorothy Chapman, Maragaret Clary, Jr. DeJamette, Billy DeVaughnl, Joyce Douglas, Jeanette Enlowe, Judy Fox, Vernice Fox, Jerry Hammer, Lualta Head, Smith Lowrance, Kelly Matlock, Lyman McCrackin,ARonnie Miller, Jerry Minton, Glenn Pennell, James Pennell, Loretta Pennell, Ruth Ann Reese, Linsey Sharpe, Gerald Sprinkle, Brenda Kay Steele, Fred Walker, Jr., Donald Woodward. Not Pictured: Ray Elmore, Curtis Gant, Jimmy Fox, Raymon Minton, Jr. , Jimmy Gregory. ELEMENTARY GRADES THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE - Miss Stevenson Norma Jean Alexander, Joyce Ball, Ronald Chapman, Carolyn Combs, Judy Chapman, Steve Dagenhart, Carolyn Douglas, Dwight Estes, Johnny Gant, Kenneth Hammer, Brenda Harris, Jerry Lackey, Randy Little, Murray Lyerly, Jerry Martin, Joann Medlin, Harold Minton, Donald McLelland, Larry Moose, Joe Pennell, Jerry Pennix, Elvin Rector, Douglas Rimmer, Brenda Rhyne, Blake Rogers, Rudy Sharpe, David Stone, Sarah Steelman, Jeff Warren, Jimmy Warren, Brenda Waugh. Not Pictured: Theresa Dagenhart. SECOND AND THIRD GRADE - Miss Jessie Alexander Sarah Alexander, Beth Belk, Gay Nell Branton, Minnie Lee Earp, Betty Jean Hammer, Herman Hammer, Kay Huitt, Eugene Lackey, Sally Lou Lentz, Judy Mayberry, Jimmy McNeil, Dorothy Medlin, Diann Mooney, Carter Payne, Alva Jean Pennell, J.C. Pierce, Phyllis Pierce, Elizabeth Pritchard, Dorothy Rector, Joan Rector, Brenda Revels, William Revels, Gary Rhyne, Carol Robinette, Jo Ann Rufty, Mary Vir- ginia Sherrill, Sylvia Ann Shoemake, Carol Stikeleather, Sylvia Stikeleather, Janet Watts. Not Pictured: Dorothy Steelrnan. ELEMENTARY GRADES FIRST AND SECOND GRADE - Miss Austin Hoyt Lee Chapman, Johnny Martin, Lessie Dishman, Barbara Lackey, Phillis Macemore, Bums McCracken, Loretta Martin, Diane Robinette, Ned Earp, Kenneth Enlow, Roland Hammer, Emrhit Head, Tommy Lackey, Jimmy Martin, Tommy Stikeleather, Maynard Shaver, Jane Combs, Carolyn Clary, Ray Cloer, Brenda Fox, Shirley Elmore, Judy Deal, Shirley Mayberry, Carolyn Miller, Judy Payne, Judy Sigmon, Mae Warren, Alice Gregory, Billy Hedrick. FIRST GRADE - Mrs. Alexander Jimmie Abernathy, Gary Alexander, Joan Allen, James Ball, Jr., Judy Beaver, Carolyn Bruce, Dennis Clary, Jimmy Combs, Cecelia Dagenhart, Penny Dogenhart, Don Ellis, Nettie Ann Foxx, Pearlie Mae Fox, Jean Gantt, Jerry Hammer, Larry Hammer, Billy Ray Joines, Evelyn Lambert, Michael Lowrance, Diann Mayberry, Judy Moose, Nancy Norton, Rae Ann Pennell, Modene Rector, Kay Shumoke, Gloria Sprinkle, Richard Steelman, Larry Warren, Bobby White. Not Pictured: Jenevie Hoke, Rom Treadaway, Jr. Compliments of ROBERTSON CHEMICAL CORPORATION Statesville, North Carolina Manufacturers of ROBERTSON'S PROVEN FERTILIZERS W. E. DeJarnette, Manager M. K. Brown, Superintendent PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE Taylorsville, North Carolina C DUNCAN PLUMBING 81 HEATING Appliances - Water Systems ourt St. Dia Statesville, North Carolina 3412 srorw PoiNT Esso SERVICENTER Stony Point, North Carolina Harry Gorforth, Owner ALEXANDER ICE AND COAL Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of TAYLORSVILLE TIMES Taylorsville, North Carolina RAYLASS DEPARTMENT STORE Statesville, North Carolina STARRETTE TYPEWRITER SERVICE Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of J. M. MILLER HARDWARE CO. Harry Miller, Owner Stony Point, North Carolina LAZENBY-MONTGOMERY HARDWARE CO. PAINTS - FARM IMPLEMENTS Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of ZACHARY'S FABRIC SHOP Taylorsville, North Carolina SHERRILL-WHITE SHOE COMPANY, INC. Dealers in the Best of "" '-II RADIO SALES 81 SERVICE CO. Radios - Washers - Refrigerators and Electrical Supplies Shoes and Gents' Furnishings phone 3411 Phone 7441 IO2 W. Broad St. Taylorsville, North Carolina Statesville, North Carolina HAROLD RUFTY MERL RUFTY Compliments of DIXIE GRILL Taylorsville, North Carolina WATTS 81 WHITE MACHINERY COMPANY cAsE 3. MASSEY-HARRIS Tractors and Implements DeLaval Milkers Statesville, North Carolina FEIMSTER SERVICE STATION Scotts, North Carolina CROUCH CANDY CO. Taylorsville, North Carolina Alexander Auto Company Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of Sherrill Yarn Mill Taylorsville, North Carolina Farm Supply Service Stony Point, North Carolina Statesville Truck Company All Types of Bulldozer Work MOODY WHITE Statesville, North Carolina CLAUDE WHITE Olin, North Carolina l ii BRADY'S PRINTING COMPANY Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of STONY POINT GINNING CO. Stony Point, North Carolina MAIN THEATER Taylorsville, North Carolina I I IREDELL F. C. X. Statesville, North Carolina Y YW W Y, Y Hn Yi lfrvi , ,, ,, Y, ,, .h..W..,....i...i - --Z-Z - Y A- , vouia TEACHERS i n HAD ONE PURPOSE il ,, I e I Q-I There was just one big lesson they set out to teach you-that is, believe in yourself. Self reliance, confidence, and initiative have made the Piedmont Carolinas one of the finest places you could possibly live and work in. So, congratulations . . . the stage is yours! DUKE PUWER CUMPANY 5....,,, -ff., ,ww aww Compliments of The Flower Shop Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of R. A. Murdock Groceries - Meats - Notions Stony Point, North Carolina Compliments of Chattie's Place Hiddenite, North Carolina Johnston Furniture Company Statesville, North' Carolina PeQQv'S iO5 S. Center St. Statesville, N.C. Compliments of Jess Rector Compliments of West End Shop Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of lna's Beauty Salon 120 E. Broad St. Phone 7581 Statesville, North Carolina Little's Esso Service Stony Point, North Carolina Compliments of American Service Station Taylorsville, North Carolina .- Stony Point Used Cars BUY, SELL, AND TRADE Easy Terms Phone 2702 Carlee Robinette, Owner Stony Point, North Carolina Compliments of Hiddenite Milling Company Hiddenite, North Carolina Compliments of Kerley's Garage Stony Point, North Carolina Phone 2313 Compliments of Randy's Diner Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of Playhouse Soda Grill Statesville, North Carolina Lerner's Store Taylorsville, North Carolina SCROGGS, INC. "Complete Office Outfitters GIFTS - STATIONERY 220 South Center Street Statesville, North Carolina SHERRILL LUMBER COMPANY COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE Phone 4319 Statesville, North Carolina Statesville, North Carolina QUALITY IS PRICELESS CAROLINA MOTOR CO. Ford Dealer Since 1912 Statesville, North Carolina St Best Wishes to SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 Reavis Funeral Homes "Large Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Appreciate You" atesville, N. C. Harmony, N. C. Tel. 4350 Tel. 100 Compliments of R. G. Watts Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of NORTHWESTERN BANK STONY POINT TAYLORSVILLE NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of KILLINGLY WORSTED MILLS STONY POINT, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of THOMAS 8g HOWARD COMPANY Statesville, North Carolina SERVICE CLEANERS Stony Point, North Carolina COWART'S GROCERY Fresh Meats - Fancy Groceries SCARBOROUGH CHEVROLET COMPANY fr I I Phone 2591 Stony point, N- Statesville, North Carolina ADAMS CONSTRUCTION CO. I ADAMS All Kinds of General Bulldozing Work. FUNERAL HOME Taylorsville, North Carolina Hourly Rates or We Will Contract Your Work. W. R. Adams Phone 4684 Hiddenite, North Carolina Compliments of PEOPLES LOAN 81 SAVINGS BANK Statesville, North Carolina Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of RAMSEY'S Statesville, North Carolina I I Il Lackey's Esso Service Station Hiddenite, North Carolina Mitchell's Place Stony Point, North Carolina Black 8K Taylor Motors, Inc 2l5 W. Broad St. Statesville, North Carolina Studebaker Sales-Service Matlock Lumber Company Paints and Building Material Phone 2223 Hiddenite, North Carolina Browning Service Station Stony Point, North Carolina P. O. Harrington Taylorsville, North Carolina Home Oil Co.CNo. 2 lndependent Gas - Kerosene Statesville, North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. Harvey D. Fincannon Hiddenite, North Carolina Taylorsville Electrical Service "The Appliance Center" "Congratulations" Soda Shop Taylorsville, North Carolina I.. City Florist Flowers for All Occasions Taylorsville, North Carolina Efird's Department Store Statesville, North Carolina Auto Parts 81 Electric Compay Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of Radio 8i Television Sales Stony Point, North Caroline Compliments of Warren's Garage Hiddenite, North Carolina Compliments of Hiddenite Service Statior Phone 2051 Taylorsville, N. C. Hiddenite, North Carolina Compliments of CROUCH'S GROCERY "CALL US - WE DELlVER" Stony Point, North Carolina M. C. GOFORTH MOTOR CO. HUDSON SALES a. SERVICES Phone 7051 P. O. Box 647 Dependable Used Cars 903 Shelton Ave. Statesville, N. C. HEFNER'S CAFE "WHEN IN STATESVILLE EAT AT HEFNER'S" Statesville, North Carolina GORDON FURNITURE CO. 2l4-224 N. Center Street Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of Statesville Chair Company Statesvi I le, North Carol i na Huitt Roofing BUILDING MATERIALS LUMBER - HOUSES REROOFED AND RE-SIDED Hiddenite, North Carolina Compliments of M. W. Martin Stony Point, North Carolina Compliments of Statesville Plumbing 8. Heating Statesville, North Carolina For INSURANCE See Chas. E. Echerd Representing the Best Old Line Companies Taylorsville, North Carolina - 1 qu Compliments of The Stony Point Oil Co. Phone 2451 Stony Point, North Carolina ACME HOMES METAL WORKS, INC. Salisbury Road P. O. BOX 505 Phone 3731 Statesville, North Carolina I I I Compliments of CORNER MARKET Hiddenite, North Carolina J. R. WEST, INC. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES I IO North Center Street Statesville, North Carolina STRATFORD JEWELERS Home of Fine Diamonds and Watches Expert Watch Repairing - Engraving STATESVILLE'S BUSIEST JEWELRY STORE ' Dial 6OlI West Broad St. Compliments of MR. 8: MRS. R. S. FERGUSON Liledoun, North Carolina 7 ' YW" Y'-- 1 CAROLINA MOTOR COMPANY FORD-Sales and Service-MERCURY Ford Dealer Since I9l2 Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of STANDARD MILLING CO. Stony Point, North Carolina I APPLIANCES, INC. Compliments of G E Appliances LEONARD'S JEWELERS Statesville, North Carolina W, Z-..-W H-Y. - COMPLETE SERVICE ON I APPLIANCES - RADIOS - TELEVISION 21 7Vz South Center Street ' Phone 4I5I Statesville, N. C I WHY A ,-A--,,..-,,,,.,,,,E.,,, i B Compliments of KlMBRELL'S Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of TOOT 81 TELL 'EM Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of BUILDING 81 LOAN Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of H 8. H Grocery Taylorsville, North Carolina N. W. Blaylock Life Insurance Phone 2826 Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of LOAFER'S CLUB Ernest Cockrell Jack Honeycutt John Smith "Pat" John G. Halyburton Grover Hellard, Jr. Compliments of ALEXANDER RAILROAD COMPANY Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of SMITHEY'S DEPT. STORE Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of J. J. NEWBERRY Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of LA CASA MOTEL 81 RESTAURANT Hickory Highway Statesville, North Carolina MATLOCK MOTOR COMPANY Taylorsville, North Carolina EMPIRE MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Statesvilleg North Carolina Compliments of BELK'S DEPT. STORE Statesville, North Carolina WHITE'S, INC. DEALERS IN FINE USED CARS Phone 9756 Davie Avenue Statesville, North Carolina YATES WHITE, President Residence Phone 6908 WATTS PLUMBING 84 HEATING COMPANY CONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIERS Glenn Watts, Mgr. Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of IDEAL DAIRY Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of DEAL MOTOR CO. and DEAL TRACTOR 8g IMPLEMENT CO., INC. Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of MARETT-PHARR CLOTHING, INC. QUALITY CLOTHES FOR MEN Statesville, North Carolina THE M. 8. S. STORE oizocemss - DRY oooos - sHoEs Phone 2552 Stony Point, N. C Compliments of LACKEY'S DEPT. STORE Taylorsville, North Carolina Compliments of ROGERS MILL Taylorsville, North Carolina l-IERFF-JCDNES CQMPANY AMERICAS Sl-IRINE FUR CLASS RINGS E. L. HEDRICK Represenfafive Telephone 2306 Taylorsville, NorTl'1 Carolina haul' A 1 "4 i 15 Hg . 34' Q-J' , JA 1 X' is bm -1 vp kiwi 5' , -2, .. , , ' . 2 X. .mg ' 41' ,R N WN if ff it f . in 4 .. - j Q vw Q N ,au "'V :. ' 2 'Q - k v,3..:4 i, ,N ,.k H I'-iw, '9'Wi5K" 'SUT -1 .' fx ,rf Q- vm ' 4-iwgw ff I, Q ', ,24 , .2 2 -, A V551 4frSiffsFwX9?f2 13?'f1'fh!'5l'1'A:?' 1-iw? HI, ,FMT ix, ,U 7,459 . , J fgwasqi. ,K f Y- L 2 :mm -W . 15" , Q , gp, ? :Q-name-e:,A,fy :'j,.ngxeeey.f,.2ww:3.f P pf-,raamjtw-.... ' A C' R mpgfvzu 1,1 wg. . , mi 7' va' A N5

Suggestions in the Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) collection:

Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 7

1953, pg 7

Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 6

1953, pg 6

Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 16

1953, pg 16

Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 73

1953, pg 73

Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 83

1953, pg 83

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