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f mx? again :rig H gr- A6 I 55. V? A .' Ji.. .,, wif. Ex' ullffj A xv Najaf A w,G 'S sts". ' S ' ekgg, LLQ, 4'J?v..j ami' , .wxfg '-an-13,-,L .g W ,' N y -'r 1 I . u. J ..- ,Q gm-1. V li' !?f ' N' -3: .55 Q5 w, . , K I, A, ,r- -i , , . 1x iff ,qw 1, z Wei' ' 24555 br, , ,, ffzm -- iiiwd . -Lgw A 'iihlfl 1: 'H f ff' 'il - JL! ' ,. 5.- ,11 2: . ffl-,v -' rf-eff, I.. , - ., 537. .ifl-zffe' wa Q, T355 'ka .,j.- ,K p"f iq v . .sn fm ,W"1 .' 'A . qsw fdmf ra v .au ,K . ,- 1 LM N 142 TPJ1 ' , N 5 "pl 1 Mgvh. , Q-3.13 11 N 4 ,Q-15:-', fu . , VK' ea .rf v 4 1 H F A , 1. . I' K 1 xx , , S -51 il 1 E ,. 'E 4.3 F 5 F E .l 5 51 75 5 2 F R THE STOPOHI STONY POINT HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME IV Stony Point, North Carolina M 'ms fwfr, ,x ig Q, .A . 4 w A 5 4 S+ 1,,g,,,,,.. ... lbw' " ' ' . x , " 'V -MQ ' Ms . ..,,.f . WN. x 3.2 Si S F OREWORD From the hearts and minds of those who have been inspired by the spirit of our school, comes the 1951 edition of the SToPoH1, more revealing per- haps for the things it omits than for those it includes. May you, both now and in later years, revel in its happy reminiscences and chuckle with glee when you see yourself in a picture- and remember DEDICATION To Miss EMMA SLOAN, who has started so many on their journey through school, we dedicate this, the 1951 Edition of the Stopohi. xi' LEROY JARVIS English, History RAY B. SMITH Health, Malb, Sz'ir'ncz' MRS. LYNN BARNES Com mfrcial, H istory RALPH KURFEES AgfiC1llf1lfI' I I G H S C MR. D. D. MARTIN H Priuripal, Civirs, Gozfcrnnzrnl O O L FACULTY MISS FRANCES RUTH MISS ARNETTE SIKES SHERRILL Homr' Evonomirs 3,T,cfu,fy 3- ' MRS. HUGH HINES MISS RACHEL ALEXANDER MISS BLANCHE ASHBY MR- TROUTMAN Musir Eighth Gradv Eighth Gradf- Sc'z'r'uth Gradw GRADE FACULTY an 3 MRS. LEACH GOODEN MRS. D. D. MARTIN MR. R. L. FINCANNON MRS. PAUL LACKEY Sixth Grade Fifth Gradr Fourth ana' Fifth Grade Fourth Grade -. ..-w- 5 ff! fwilffffiw if is 4 mF' A use .. ' A NVQ" MISS MABEL STEVENSON MISS JESSIE ALEXANDER MISS RUSHIE AUSTIN MISS EMMA SLOAN Third Grade Second amd Third Grade First and Second Grade First Grade wi -6 45- 2, Q xiii ev SHIRLEY IIEIXIDERSCUN ,IEANEANE WIKE MERLE CHAPN1AN Ifilfffll'-ffl-Cl7il'f ASSiSfzHlf lfffiffll' Bygjnpgy Mnng1.QC'r THE STOPQHI STAFF ai? 'Ss-, 4' 'L DONALD ELLIOTT PEARL MATHESQN MISS RACHEL ALEXANDER Plwlograplzy Ifflilnr Sporfs Ezlifnr Arlrixrr Sponsor RAY B. SMITH CLASS FLOWER: While' Iris CLASS COLORS: Green and White CLASS MOTTO: "Tomorrow we launch, Larry Steven Alexander Nancy Sue Alexander Ralph Grady Chapman Merle Fern Chapman Kenneth Clyde Cockrell William Smith DuPree Donald Eugene Elliott Herman Page Estes Elizabeth Anne Faires John Dallas Foxx Charlye Ruth Hartness Shirley Lou Henderson Dorothy Jean Johnson Hazel Nell Lackey Judy Mayberry CLASS ROLL MASCOTS where shall we anchor? Norma Jean Lackey Arletta Vergil Matheson Pearl Dillie Matheson Colene Evelyn Mayberry William Donald Mayberry Russell Willie Mayberry Alta Marie Millsaps Myrtle Elizabeth Reavis Lucy Doris Rhyne Hazel Rhyne Couick Dewey David Robertson Marie Ruby Sherrill Joyce Marie Steele Betty Marie Warren Betty Zane Wike Dale Chestnut ! SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS -I. IJ. FOX ..... . . . Pr'fxiu'mf l'lf.fXliI, NIA'l'HIfSON . . . . View-Pr'r'xiffr'rzt SIllRl.lfY HffNl3IfRSON . . . Sf'l'I'l'fl17'-17 If-ll,l,Y lJuPIiIiIi .... . . 'I'rms1n'0r DONALD IfI.I.IO'I'T . . . Rrjmrlvr LARRY ALEXANDER F. F. A. 1, SQ Glee Club 23 jr. Boys Club 33 Basketball 3, 43 Dramatics 3, 43 Pointer Staff 4. NANCY ALEXANDER F. H. A. Club l, 23 Glee Club 2, 33 President 33 Basketball team I, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 3, 43 Jr. and Sr. Banquet Waitress 23 Class Officer, Vice-President 1, Secretary 23 Vice-President 33 Pointer Staff, Business Manager Assist- ant 2, Business Manager 3, Editor 43 Dramatics 3, 43 Sr. Supcrlativcs, Best All Around, Best Sport. SENIORS l HAZEL RHYNE COUICK Home Economics Club 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 43 4-H Club I3 Dramatics Club 43 Pointer Staff, Assistant Typist 33 Chief Typist 43 Miss Stony Point runner-up 3. WILLIAM DuPREE F. F. A. I, 2, 43 Sub. Bus Driver 2, 3, 43 Junior Boys Club 33 Glee Club 4g Dramatics 3, 43 4-H Club 1, 2, 33 French Club 3s F. F. A. Livestock Team 23 Seed Judging l, 23 Treasurer Senior Classg F. F. A. Treasurer 3g Soil Conser- vation Debate lg Senior Superlatives, Most Likely to Suc- cee . I awr- MERLE CHAPMAN F. H. A. Club 2, 33 Pointer Staff 1, 2, 33 Stopohi Sflffi Girls Sports Editor 2, 33 Business Manager 43 Basketball team l, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 43 Class Officer l, Z, 3, Rc- porter l, Treasurer 2, President 33 Dramatics 3, 43 Jr. and Sr. Banquet Waitress 23 Art Club 13 French Club 3g Glee Club 2, JQ Senior Superlativcs, Most Popular. KENNETH COCKRELL F. F. A. Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Sentinel 33 Seed Judging Contest 2, 33 Livestock Judging Contest 2, 33 Dramatics 23 Pointer Staff 3, 43 Jr. Boys Club, 33 Senior Superlative, Most De- pendable. 6- l 'li A A H -.12 5, 3 X 1 fs. ANNE FAIRES Allied Youth 2, 35 Clee Club 45 Short Hand Club 35 Biology Club 2. J. D. Fox F. F. A. Club l,, 25 Glee Club 3, 45 jr. Boys Club 35 Bus Driver 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Senior Superlatives, Best Looking. SENIORS ii .N 120, fn F14 'nn-. DONALD ELLIOTT Student Council I5 Class President 3, Reporter 45 French Club 35 Junior Boys Club 35 Marshal 35 Glee Club 45 Dramatics 3, 45 Dramatics Club 45 Annual Staff 4, Photo- graphy Editor5 Senior Superlatives, Most Studious. HERMAN ESTES F. F. A. Club 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Basketball team 3, 4. ur' CHA RLYE RUTH HARTNESS Cheerleader I5 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Pointer Staff, Asst. Printer 3, Art Editor 45 Alexander Health Queen 35 Music Club 45 Reporter5 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Art Club 15 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 3, Vice President 45 Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 35 F. H. A. Club I, 2, 35 French Club 35 jr. and Sr. Banquet Waitress 25 Senior Superlatives, Most Depend- able. SHIRLEY HENDERSON F. H. A. Club l, 2, 35 Art Club 15 Cheerleader I, 2, 35 Chief I5 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Pointer Staff 25 Business Manager Asst.5 Stopohi Staff, Asst. Editor 3, Editor 45 French Club 35 jr. and Sr. Banquet Waitress 25 Dramatics 3, 45 Class Officers, President I, Reporter 3, Secretary 45 Marshal 35 Girls Basketball team manager 45 Senior Super- lative, Prettiest. DOROTHY JOHNSON Home Economics Club l, 2, 35 Glee Club 25 Class Poet5 Scnior Supcrlatives, Most Likely to Succeed. HAZEL LACKEY Home Economics Club 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 45 4-H Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatics 3, 45 Pointer Staff 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Chief 45 Marshal 35 Senior Supcrlativcs, Most Talka- tive, Friendliest. SENIORS uv-H" .5 PEARL MATHESON F. H. A. Club 1, 2, 35 Class Officer, Treasurer 1, Report- er 2, Vice President 45 Pointer staff, Assistant Business Manager 2, 3, Society Editor 3, 45 Stopohi Staff, Girls Sports Editor 45 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Chief 2, 35 Girls Basketball Asst. Manager 45 Jr. and Sr. Banquet Waitress 25 French Club, President 35 Art Club 15 Marshal 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Senior Superlatives, Nearest, Most Influential. COLENE MAYBERRY Home Economics Club 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 25 junior-Senior Banquet Waitress 25 Pointer Staff, Production Manager 45 Library Staff 45 Dramatics Club 4. 01 'Q' NORMA JEAN LACKEY Art Club 1: F. H. A. Club l, 2, 35 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 35 County Dress W'inner 3, Reporter 45 Home Economics Club 25 Glee Club 2, 35 French Club 35 Pointer Staff 3, 45 Class Officer 3, Trcasurer5 Miss Stony Point 45 Dramatics Club 45 Dramatics 3, 4. ARLETTA MATHESON Home Economics Club I, 2, 35 4-H Club 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 25 Senior Superlatives, Cutest and Most Courteous. SENIORS K ALTA MILLSAPS F. H. A. Club 4, Home Economics Club l, Z, 3, Glee Club 23 4-H Club l, 23 Senior Superlatives, Wittiest. MYRTLE REAVIS Home Economics Club l, 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 4, 4-H Club lg Dramatics Club 4, junior-Senior Banquet Waitress 2. rf 'X DONALD MAYBERRY F. F. A. Club l, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, J, 4, Dramatic: 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Bus Driver 43 F. F. A. Dairy judging Contest 2, 3, Senior Superlatives, Cutest, Most Talltative. RUSSELL MAYBERRY F. F. A. Chapter l, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 2, Livestock judging Team 2, 33 F, F. A. President 45 Basketball team 43 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 4g Bus Driver 2, 3, 4, Senior Superlative, Friendliest. is . 5' . 5 . DORIS RHYNE Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 2, Class Officer, Secretary 35 Pointer Staff, Typist 3, 4, Library Staff, Dra- matics Club 45 French Club 3, Chief Marshal 3, Scholar- ship Medal 1, Z, Senior Superlativcs, Most Studious. DEWEY ROBERTSON F. F. A. Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Secretary 2, F. F. A. Seed judging Contest 3, 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Basketball team 2, 3, 4, Bus Driver 2, 4, Senior Superlativcs, Nearest, Most Popular. MARIE SHERRILL SENIORS Home Economics Club 25 Glee Club 2. JOYCE STEELE English Club lg F. H. A. Club lg Girls Arts and Crafts 1, Home Ec. Club 1, 23 Dramatics l, 2, 45 Guidance Club, Secretary Z: Glcc Club 25 Basketball 2, Senior 4-H Club, Secretary, 4. W BETTY WARREN Home Economics Club lg 4-H Club lg Glee Club 2, Point- er Staff, Joke Editor 3, 4, Junior and Senior Banquet Waitress 25 Jr. Basketball 1, Varsity Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Superlatives, Most Athletic. BETTY ZANE WIKE 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 45 Dnmatics 3, 4, Home Economics Club 2. JUDY MAYBERRY Mascot DALE CHESTNUT Mascot JG CW' 5. i', 'Nw 91...-rx "' 5+ Mos! Popular Dewey Robertson Mcrlc Clmprnnn fy- f 0' Bm! All Rrmml D. lfox Nancy Alexander SENIOR Moxf Tullzafirc' Hazel Lackey Donald Mayberry . , .:.w.:f: .. .. M ,N Si Yi Y N , X J Mars? F' --nn- f '.,.5m,.t.t . ' Rv :4 tw M j l 'M - ...,, , i td XM Most Dependablr Charlye Ruth Hartness fNot pictured: Kenneth Cockrcllp SUPERLATIVES -V .,.., V A - is ' ' ' 3' i n Mos! Athletic Betty Warren Grady Chapman Wiflirst Donald Elliott Alta Millsaps s V N. 'y',,J..-fr ,,,A Cufvxl Arclettn Matheson Donald Mayberry Most Influcnfial "P-nut" Matheson Russell Mayberry SEN ICR Most Courtcous Arelerm Matheson Herman Estes Bvxf Sport Larry Alexander Nancy Alexander SUPERLATIVES I:i'fl'IItHjf'if Russell Mayberry Hnzcl Lackey Mos! LM'1'l.y I0 Sllf'1'l'l'1! XVillium Du Prcc Dorothy Johnson R ,aw 2 3. Bus! Looking D. lfox Pfl'ffix'Sl' Shirley Henderson X -1 L, 5: W Mos! Slmlirnls Donald Elliott Doris Rhyme SENIOR 4 v N ealesl "P-nut" Matheson Dewey Robertson SUPERLATIVES CLASS HISTORY XVell. I guess our class history begins way back in 1939, around August 30th. That's the day, folks, that SS little boys and girls walked briskly into this fair schoolhouse of ours. Many of us were seeing each other for the first time because we wandered in from everywhere. Anyway, our first year of school stands out clearly in our minds. We remember the plays, the operetta, and the little parties we had for our parents. The new playground which had just been built with swings, see-saws, and sliding boards always made us anxious for recess time to roll around. I suppose what bothered us most was that every year our class was divided because of its large number and each year we would find that one or more of our best friends were in the other room. We had baseball teams and softball teams from the very beginning, but it was when we were in the sixth grade that we were first permitted to play basketball. Then in the seventh and eighth grades we had Junior basketball teams and even won a runners-up trophy in the Barium Springs tournament. Now for the best years of our life. This of course is made up of our high school experiences. There's no other life like it, but I don't suppose many of us would say we'd go over it again, especially right now. Our Freshman year brought us many surprises. Everything was so different in high school. We ran from one room to another and up and down those stairs until it's a wonder they're still standing. Many of the class made the basketball teams their first year in high school and others became cheerleaders. The Sophomore year was much like our Freshman year. We had sorta learned our way around and to watch out for ourselves, because now we were more or less on our own. Now comes our Junior year. None of us shall forget that year. The most exciting thing was the Junior and Senior Banquet held in the ballroom of the Vance Hotel in Statesville, with an orchestra, and just everything to make it a perfect night. Also we found that we had quite a few actors and actresses when we presented the junior play, "Please, My Nerves." Here it is 1951 and we're Seniors with an enrollment of 32. You wonder why the decrease in the class, but after all anything can happen in twelve years. Some of our classmates are housewives now, some mothers or fathers, some in the service, many have moved away, and still others have just dropped out for no reason at all, it seems. We have been fortunate in having the kindest, sweetest, and most considerate teachers there are. To mention their names and to tell of their kind deeds would fill a book, but we're grateful to them for their leadership and their gracious understanding and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. To our principals also goes the same thanks. I guess this ends the road for our school life. We'll go our own ways now, but there's one thing certain and two things sure, we'll never forget these years spent en- joying each others friendship at our dear ole Stony Point High School. Menus CHAPMAN jfwm, I F P 1 ,01 l ll.l7L'l RllyHC ljOl1fllLl Iilliott ljoyofhy Johnson Nlyrtlc Rcvie Alt.1 Millsaps Uorig Rh,-nc lmnnld M.1ylwrry Merle Chapman Normtl Lglckcy ,0,..... e., W..-445 1 S tg, ef W.. J.. l . W 4 W. FW , K X4 , ,MMM x . W, M W-' i wnlvmsnbi . 4.3-"-wwsivwaa f - 3, Q 1 l 'UW D., A , r Betty Zane XVilce Arelettn Matheson Marie Sherrill QI. D. Fox 'On , ,-mf Q. ., 2 NS' fs W' 2. , I 4 f, . . 4 K 'Y'--.M t 4 Pearl Matheson Shirley Henderson Colm-,Q Mayberry Kenneth Cockrell Nancy Alexander Joyce Steele Anne Faries 4 -,. Wg 319 1'3" A.-6' M---.L Q,- 5 L 1 . -ev 3 Casas-f M. si . px Mr an wx 1 5 lf Q . U , f S x .V is t - v "Am-1 4' N A if if w N " A:,,A , ' l ea m 2 1 4 -4 5 'f M X Y I M I 'M 1 4 - ,N-iw V x K yn f K A 'fs X XL 5 'A A Q gg. ,-:V bf I , I 5 ' -':'-v :AI "' Q Q 8 , ' I 1 :-, 3 2 gk KW R lzbu in N if n X S f 56 - 9 5 , 551 , H ff I ,, 5 ' Xi A , 1, Q 1 W I Q 'A 'G ' 1 Y Q Q W 3 F fs ' H-.. Q Q! fl ' AQ ..naow.V.ainlv - f if 2 1 .QM 5 if we. . gi Y 3 i P9 1 A K z .f af 5 'b':'Q'1'-2: -:c.,.g."i':, . Lai 72' .If1?,::1: EQ fi ws.. L rv .lf l , .4 WOO 543 X i fa? S Q "' x W Q- im awk Q Qi f YG '1 CLASS PROPHECY On a dismal Monday morning not long ago Mr. Smith decided to give his science class a treat and perform some very strange experiments. Into a huge jar went a dash of this, a pinch of that, three drops of the other and soon the jar was filled. To this mix- ture he added the melting flames of a Bunsen burner. The room was immediately filled with a beautiful blue and gold smoke which seemed to engulf the room like a tidal wave. The next moment I found myself on a plane bound for Boston with the well known airline hostess, Betty Zane Wike, doing her best to make everyone comfortable. I was being sent to Boston by my paper, THE NEW YORK TIMES, to cover various social engagements there. When the plane landed I saw, much to my surprise, Larry Alexander come out of the nose of the plane. He was laughing and talked to everyone as usual. Professor Donald Elliott met me at the field to take me out to the university where Mr. Grady Chapman was giving a short talk on his experiences as Mayor to the law class. While I was there I saw Marie Sherrill and Anne Faires who were acting as House Mothers at the college. I called a taxi to go to my hotel. I thought the voice on the telephone sounded strangely familiar and it turned out to be Herman Estes, owner of one of the largest cab services in Boston. He told me of his recent visit to Northwestern University where Mr. Russell Mayberry was teaching agriculture. When I was settled in my hotel room at Fox Haven-which incidently is owned by j. D. Fox-I started thumbing through a magazine. I noticed the advertising and con- cluded that Shirley Henderson was getting better by the issue. Another picture caught my eye. It was one of Merle Chapman, who had discovered a cure for broken-hearts. She was receiving nation-wide praise. I turned the T. V. set on just in time for the MERRY MAYBERRY SHOW with Donald Mayberry as the comedian. Before I knew it the time had come to go to the ANNUAL BOSTON BALL. As usual I arrived early, and there was Dorothy johnson and Arletta Matheson, presidents of their clubs, seeing to the decorations. Norma Lackey was there too, in charge of the program. Soon, the guests began to pour in. Among the first to arrive were General and Mrs. Dewey Robertson. After all these years Joyce still looked as young. Next came Doris Rhyne and Colene Mayberry, the ladies who established the Private School of Fine Arts for Girls. Since so many of my old classmates were there I learned that Alta Millsaps and Myrtle Reavis were telephone operators for the COURICK CONSTRUCTION CO. owned by Hazel Rhyne's husband. I heard too that Kenneth Cockrell had bought another cotton mill. It was time for the dinner to begin. The Invocation was by Rev. Billy DuPree. The guest speaker was Betty Warren who had been voted the All-American Girl Basketball Player and Coach. For further entertainment we were pleased with songs by Hazel Lackey and Charlye Hartness, popular vocalists of the day. When I was about to leave I saw Nancy Alexander. We had a long chat and she told me she was private secretary to the President of the Merchant and Farmer's Bank. It is impossible to say what else would have happened if Mr. Martin hadn't knocked on the door and said, "May I interrupt?" This let fresh air into the room and everything was back to normal, but who knows in 10 or IS years it could happen. PEARL MAT1-insou LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of 1951, being of sane minds and realizing that we areabout to depart from high school life, do hereby make and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void any will or wills heretofore made by us. To Mr. D. D. Martin we leave our thanks for the guidance he has given us. To Mr. Smith we leave our appreciation for the many ways he has helped us during our senior year. To Mr. Jarvis we leave all stray literature books, feeling sure he can find some one to use them. To Mrs. Barnes we leave all the headaches we got over shorthand and typing. To Miss Sikes we leave all beat up health books with the hope that no other seniors will ever have to use them. To Mr. Kurfees we leave all broken tools and bent nails. To the entire ,school we leave the peace and quiet that will prevail in these halls after we leave. To the Junior class of 1951 we leave our dignity and our dramatic ability. I, Larry Alexander, leave my ability to make S7 on English to all unfortunate English students. I, Nancy Alexander, leave the printing machine to Phyllis Stikeleather. I, Grady Chapman, leave my athletic ability to Jack Chapman. I, Merle Chapman, leave my ability to invent excuses to get out of class to Deannie Cashion, although she doesn't need it. I, Kenneth Cockrell, leave my dependability to Carlton Crouch. I, Hazel Couick, leave my ability to drive to Troy Robertson. I, Billie DuPree, leave my failing grades in History to Sidney Norton. I, Donald Elliott, leave my studiousness to Don Oliver. I, Herman Estes, leave my position on the basketball team to Troy Robertson. I, Anne Farris, leave my ability to be happy alone to Joyce Elliott. I, J. D. Foxx, leave my ability to act to any silly enough to take a part in a play. I, Charlye Ruth Hartness, leave my laugh and big mouth to Hilda Beaver. I, Shirley Henderson, leave my worries about the "Annual" to Hilda Beaver. I, Dorothy Johnson, leave my superlative "Most Likely to Succeed" to Jeaneane Wike. I, Hazel Lackey, leave my position as chief cheerleader to Pat Lackey. I, Norma Lackey, leave my title "Miss Stony Point" to Betty Ann Dejarnette. I, Arletta Matheson, leave my cuteness to Ruslmie Martin. I, Pearl Matheson, leave my gossip column to Janice Henderson. I, Colene Mayberry, leave my position as production manager on the "Pointer" to Wahtula Dagenhart. I , Donald Mayberry, leave "Goodnight Irene" to Jerry Hager. I, Russell Mayberry, leave my tallness to Kent Rodgers. I, Alta Millsaps, leave my wittiness to Phyllis Bruce. I, Myrtle Reavis, leave my acting ability to Patricia Brown. I, Doris Rhyne, leave my studiousness to Shirley Drum. I, Dewey Robertson, leave my neatness to Sidney Norton. I, Marie Sherrill, leave my homework to anyone who doesn't have any. I, Joyce Steele, leave my hardships in bookkeeping and geometry to anyone crazy enough to take them. I, Betty Warren, leave my superlative, Most Athletic, to Pat Alexander. I, Betty Wike, leave my pleasing personality to Ruth Robertson. NORMA JEAN Lackey AUTOGRAPHS S--fl , X- , Q gg. if . X M H' A K, ' , x Mx X N V.M .. - .1 V K W . -xv: .1 rw .V . A ,V - - V ' "X . JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS WAHTULA DAGENHART ..... PIIYLLIS STIKELISATHIZR . . . Vin IMOGENE CASHION . . , HILDA BEAVER . . . NIKANIZANE XVIKF . . Pl'l'XfL1l'llf Pnnxiffvzlf Sl'l'l'l'flIl'.3 Tlwzxllrw' Rr'j1m'l4'r' PAT ALEXANDER 'R? N fx X A DEANNIE CASHION BOBBIE COWART UNIU PATRICIA BROWN JACK CHAPMAN 'G' BILLIE GAY CRGUCH HS go PHYLLIS BRUCE ix r J. C. COMBS 53 L. s-A- CARLTON CROUCH fi? WAHTULA DAGENHART ' all BRADY MARTIN 1'-F." 'LX , Yr f .1 I 1 1? 13 x 'X A 2 FOY PAYNE 0' Ei JOYCE ELLIOTT x , gf f,.,.. I ing Q I, . , Q 'I 'TWJ' saw-2 - X DONALD MCLAIN 4 DAVID RHYNE 'fi 'KI af' 1 VUL? flipvfsiz ix X' ww "' W' JERRY HAGER Q3 DON OLIVER -Gi? I I 5 N 3. . A. JH H . TROY ROBERTSON 'Q- PI-IYLLIS STIKELEATHER JEANEANE WIKE ll " SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS SHIRLEY DRUM .......,.. President EVELYN WATTS . . . . . Vice Presidenl LORETTA MAYBERRY . . . . . Seerelary COZETTE HERMAN . . . . Treasurer BETTY DeJARNETTE . . . Reporter Cnl'r1FUOZOI"UOCD . 'Q 1, , ix gx Y! Betty Sue Beckham Polly Clary ,Betty jo Crisp -nz 1 Cozctte Herman Betty Ann Dejarnettc Shirley Drum R x gre' 0 V wi Dorothy Matheson Loretta Mayberry Marion McLain se- Tv , 2' be ' s Helen Mitchell Sidney Norton Collcan Sharpe X Hilda Dagenhart rr wi A . N' Wm e f' Pat Lackey 'Dv Nancy Miller .LW S E? Evelyn Watts -FSH v I FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS KENT ROGERS . REGGIE STONE . . RUSHIE MARTIN . LIBBY HUNTER . JANIS HENDERSON .........Prcsizfenf Vicf' Prvxiffenf . . Svrrrdary . . . .Treasurer . Rfporfvr Zmimwmwm 'Je s.. . .. . Y X Y 1 'Y Alden Alexander Lx! l K B' l fl Dale Beaver K -1,- Cleda Dagenhart Mavis Harris in , Af , Luke Alexander nfl R Bobby Beckham M5 Am Glenn Foxx in-i up-N qlf 'YN ., Lillian Head 205: A es Malinda Alexander Virginia Brunton Z 'U' vw Q' 'S 511, lib Caroline Good janicc Henderson - Ov Shirley Alexander iQ,'i'S V is I L i , 'G Delmar Bruce Qu. Shirley Grantt -sm or si -f .YNY X Libby Hunter k f 4- .ix fi S, is Donald Lentz Peggy Jo Miller Kent Rodgers Marlene Steele N i MX X Dorothy Martin Rushie Martin Marjorie Payne Florence Pennell if is ' X A :rx 5 A W f Pat Rllffy Lynn Sharpe F l aw- 2- N Shirley Suikelearher Reggie Stone W - 'H . it ., ,,...W Nuys- N Morgan Wike Helen Windsor at r 5 do- 1 wa R we .W Lucille Mayberry Ruth Robertson Margaret Sherrill fi Frances Walker Q F' 2- W , an ha l f A E? , i..g,,a. , 1 , :Hi Miss Frances Ruth Sikes f 5 SPORTS ' f tl O W I I vt l1,.w. CHEERLEADERS Left to right-Mavis Harris, Caroline Good, Pat Lackey, Judy Mascots, Betty Dejarnctte, Jeaneane Wilce, Hazel Lackey, Chief. SCHOOL SONG An army of students are we, We work and we play all togetherg Wc're proud of our school as can be And we want you all to know. XVQ honor our rules and we aim To keep them in fair or foul weather We know we are right when we say That our high school shall never die But live forever. Mayberry, Lydia Goodg 1 i as 4 A W., , M, . Q ,gn M 5 1 if .ly i....,....,,,,.,1,,ih,, , ,f - 1- , I A ..,. ,,'m,- Q A 'V 4 f i GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM Left fo right-Loretta Mayberry, Shirley Drum, Phyllis Stikeleather, Billie Gaye Crouch Deannie Cashion, Nancy Alexander, Merle Chapman, Pat Rufty, Janis Henderson, Betty WVHFYCH, Charlye Hartness, Hilda Beaver, Pat Alexander, Margaret Sherrill, Phyllis Bruce. C0-Capfaim Nancy Alexander Merle Chapman ff? Shirley Henderson Mi55 Blanche Ashbl' Mamzger C0055 Pearl Matheson Assisnmt Manager YH! f- b... L- ,...,,.,, ...----up... l - . X i -, 3 Nb we K vi BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM First row--Dewey Robertson, Foy Payne, Herman Estes, Russell Mayberry, Grady Chapman. Larry Alexander. Srronzl row-Mr. Leroy Jarvis, Coach, Kent Rogers, Sidney Norton, Don Oliver, J. C. Combs, Reggie Stone, Jack Chapman, Donald Lentz, Manager. We v Que jx K E, i X fx 'V -W in K 4 S P 2 '- 4 Sleepy-time gals, ,, ,. NVhy the deep thought? ......., Three Stooges Buddiesm. .. Essentials . ,,,,,7,,,,,, Friends Y .,.. A,,,..,...... Jr.-Sr. Banquet Still life at Stony . ,,,.. Dignificd Senior. ...... ..... , Remember the Vance Senior Prom . W ,7,7 ,. ,,., Tired Freshmen- Shotgun Boogie . FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Firxl mu'-Phyllis Bruce, Cleda Dagenhart, Malinda Alexander, Libby Hunter, Coleen Sharpe, Iillian Head, Marjorie Payne, Mavis Harris, Rushie. Snmnl rmc-Miss Sikes, Advisorg Joyce Elliott, Betty Dejarnette, Janice Henderson, Shirley Alexander, Pay Lackey, Ruth Robertson, Peggy Miller, Helen Windsor. Tliirfl mu'-Cozette Herman. Maroin McLain, Camilla Fulbright, Caroline Good, Bobbie Cowart, Iflorence Pennell, Pat Rufty, Alta Millsaps. Fnnrllz mu'-Helen Mitchell, Virginia Brunton, Lucille Mayberry, Billie Gay Crouch, Shirley Siikeleathcr, Marlene Steele. Offirvrs-President, Betty Anne Dejarnettcg Vice-President, Carolyn Good, Secretary, Shirley Alexander, Treasurer, Libby Hunter. Moflo--Toward New Horizons. Sjmmorwl fly ZACHARY l:AFrRlC SHOP Taylorsville, North Carolina a y STOPOHI STAFF Firsf row-Pearl Matheson, Girls Sports Editor, Merle Chapman, Business Manager, Shirley Henderson, Editor, Grady Chapman, Boys Sports Editor, Donald Elliott, Photo- graphy Editor. Sf'f'01ZtI' row-Hilda Beaver, Asst. Business Manager, Jeaneane Wike, Asst. Editor, Carlton Crouch, Asst. Photography Editor, Jack Chapman, Asst. Sports Editor, Cozette Herman, Asst. Sports Editorg Miss Rachel Alexander, Annual Sponsor. POINTER STAFF First row-Phyllis Stikeleather, Business Manager, Nancy Alexander, Editor. Srmnrl row-Colene Mayberry, Hazel Lackey, Marion McLain, Billie Crouch. Third row-Pat Lackey, Betty Dejarnette, Deannie Cashion, Norma Lackey, Loretta Mayberry, Jeaneane Wike. Ifmrrfb row-Jack Chapman, Hazel Couick, Joyce Elliott, Doris Rhyne, Betty Warrerm, Hilda Beaver, Pat Alexander, Charlye Hartness. MUSIC CLUB Fifi! mu'-Rutli Robertson, Libby Hunter, JoAnne Steele, Mavis Harris. Srmml mu'-Caroline Good, Marlene Steele, Charlye Hartncss, Shirley Stikeleather, Berry Deulnnette, Colette Herman. Tliml mu'-Mrs. Dwight Martin, Advisorg Evelyn Watts, Virginia Brzmton, Peggy Miller, Mrs. Hugh Hines, Sponsor. GLEE CLUB lfiril mu'--l'.iL l..ieIaex', ll.wel lnieliey. Polly Clary, Colenn Slmrpe, Marlene Steele. Nancy Miller, lilvliy llunter, M.1rjorie Payne, Mrs. Hugh Hines, Director. Srrmnf Vllll'---cill.ll'll'L' llartness, Shirley Stikeleatlier, Lillian lrlend, Janice Hendereon. Sliirley llenderson, Caroline Goode, Colette Herman, Marion McLain. 'l'l1irif ron'--Betty lilellnrnetre, Shirley Drum, Lynn Sharpe, Virginia Branton, Billie Gaye Clroueli, Anne li.lllAL'9, l"velyn Wigitts, Bobby llecklialm, Dale Beaver. lfourlli rnu'-Carlton Crouch, jerry Hager, QI. D. Fox, Billy DuPree, Donald Elliott. Dfmnld Mayberry, Pat Rufty, Kent Rodgers. . xfj Ns. ,..ff".7 I FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Firsf row-Jack Chapman, Dale Beaver, Bobby Beckham, Alden Alexander, Luke Alexander. S1't'0711i mu'-Foy Payne, Lynn Sharpe, Orville Honcycutt, Donald Lentz, Morgan Wfikc, Lynn Norton. Third row-Don Oliver. Sidney Norton, Donald McLain, Kent Rodgers, Glenn Foxx, Reggie Stone. Fozzrfln row-Grady Chapman, Troy Robertson, Donald Mayberry, Dewey Robertson, Russell Mayberry, Brady Martin, Herman Estes, Mr. Ralph Kurfees, Advisor. SENIOR 4-H CLUB Firsl row-Marion McLain, Marjorie Payne, Etta Oliver, Nancy Kirkman, JoAnne Steele, Martha Crouch, Nancy Miller, Jean Chapman. Seronn' row-Pat Lackey, Cozette Herman, Lillian Head, Betty Dejarnette, Evelyn Wfatts, Betty Wike, Joyce Steele, Bobby Beckham. Third row-Norma Lackey, Marlene Steele, Charlye Hartness, Shirley Stikeleather, Colean Sharp, Ruth Robertson, Pat Rhyne. Fourth row-Lynn Sharp, Helen Mitchell, Reggie Stone, Carlton Crouch, Lucille Mayberry, Dale Beaver, Glenn Foxx. Fifth row-Donald Mayberry, Jerry Hager, Dewey Robertson, Russell Mayberry, Herman Estes, Grady Chapman, Troy Robertson. DAWN BREAKERS BUS DRIVERS Left to right-Don Oliver, Dewey Robertson, Russell Mayberry, J. D. Foxx, Donald Mayberry. f ws s if ',... lr ! .H I 1 Qs' ' LUNCH ROOM COOKS Mrs. Mnyme S. Miller, Mrs. Myrtle Helland, JANITOR Mrs. Cora Bell Kenton. Mr. Roy Beckham "4-1'-'7UD'l"'Cl"UO"d 'Wu-'W""'K" Misx Shiny Poinl luuior GERALDINE MOSTILER Miss Sfmzy Point NORMA LACKEY '19- We-.P Baby Sfony Poinl XVAYNE RHYNE -lwrn-3200 v Q X Liiflf' Mix.: Siony Point PAT GREGORY ELEMENTARY GRADES ti 'G Vw ini KY 5 l R-Ig l l if wr EIGHTH GRADE Iffrwf mu--Boblwy Dyson, joycc Hammer, Myrna Crouch, Lois Herman, Rom Phillips, liizitlley Alexander, -lean Comhs, Alton Coley. fxwwarzrf mfr'-Ianie Honeycutt, Carolyn Norton, Dot Sherrill, jean Chapman, Alma Douglas, Pat Rhyme, Marie Martin, Ferne Payne, Carrol Minish. Tfvirff mu'-Miss Rachel Alexander, fteacherjg Roger Starnes, Benny Kerlcy, Floyd Byers, Russell Lackey, Kenneth Sherrill, Kenneth Brown, Joe Cline. EIGHTH GRADE Ifirxf mu'-XVilma Cloer, Alfred Combs, Lee Ray jolly, Leroy Lambert, Etta Oliver, Buddy Chapman, Thurman Byers, Jerrie McLain, Dolores Gore. Swrofnz' mu'--Miss Ashby, teacherg Martha Crouch, Jo Anne Steele, Mary Helen Rhync, Nancy Goble, Garnett Meredith, Geneva Hoke, Margaret Matheson, Georgia Mae Moose. Tfvim' row-Jimmy Wfoodward, Eunice Pennell, Nancy Kirkman, Carolyn Dagenhart, james Minton, ,Io Ann Sharpe, Margie Head, Neil Adams. 'Y lla SEVENTH GRADE lfiml mu'-lilbert Mitchell jr., Glenn Morrison, Martha Fox, Sylvia Lackey, Lucille Pr-nnell, Frances Alexander, Ruby Bruce, Margaret Beckham, Marie Pierce, Nancy Martin. Ser-ornf mu'-,Iolm Elbert Branton, Kenneth Head, Wayne Windsor, J. D. Warren, jo Ann Lackey, Emma Minton, Essie Mae Pierce, Carolyn Ingram, Daisy Fox, Dorthy Minislm, Louise Minton, Sandra Elliott. 'l'lifnf mu'-Rex Oliver, Grady Fox, Buddy Chamberlain, Paul Hager, Troy Sherrill, jimmy Bebber, Donald Robertson, Johnny Sigman, Rayford Millsaps, Harlon Warren. Fonrflz YIITL'-MF. Troutman, teacher. Nu! f1fI'fIl7'l't!'-COI1I'llC Mack Chapman, Tommy Little, Allen Lee Minton. SIXTH GRADE lfirxf four-Randy Dyson, Kay Walker, Geraldine Combs, Doris Elmore, Steve Rimmer, Larry Sherrill, Ned Rhyne, Kenneth Dishman, Paul Foxx, Robert Elliott. Seroml mu'-Mary Sue Reavis, XY'illiam Sherrill, Wayne Norton, johnny Rhyne, Lovell Wikc, Patsy Meredith, Ronnie Little, Martha Eagle, Neil Starnes, Barbara Waugh, Jo Ann Brezger. Tlzirfl rout'-Nicky Alexander, Marvin Foxx, johnny Hellarel, Marie Chapman, Rosa Lee Penell, Betty Lou Kellar, Glenda Sharpe, Mary Ann Rector, Geraldine Douglas, Nan Belk. Ifnnrflr ron'-Richard Yoder, Joyce Alexander, Jerry Johnson, Melvin Warren, James McLelland, Glenn Rector, Mary Oliver, Linda Kecver, Robert Cowart, Gale Payne. In bark-Mrs. Gooden, teacher. FIFTH GRADE Fran! row-J. C. Bruce, Carolyn Sharpe, Irma Head, Linda Lackey, Helen Millsaps, Geraldine Dyson, Betty Jean Combs, Marie Gillen, Billy Cockrell, Harold Foxx. SVIYJIIIL mu'-Colene Branton, Maxine Moose, Geraldine Moose, Maxine Dagenhart, Patsy Ruth Martin, Peggy Allen, Brenda Chapman, Ned Foxx, Gerald Oliver, Joe XVorley. Third row-Johnny Rector, Mary Grant, Betty Martin, Ruth Warren, Mary Lee Alexander, Mary Ann Hammer, Brenda Stikeleather, Geraldine Mostiler, Mable Foxx, Viola Lackey. Fmzrflr row--Gordon Yoder, Tim Chapman, Harry Cline, Graydon Pierce, Jimmy Deal, Linford Sharpe, Eugene Meadows, Mrs. D. D. Martin, teacher. Noi pirfurerf--Jeanette Huitt and R. Pennell. FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES Firxt row-Cleo Elmore, Ruth Cloer, Eddy Hutto, Steve Chapman, Jerry Windsor, jimmy Beckham, Fred Stikeleather, Tommy Cockrell, Cora Vforley, jerry XVayne Fox. Srvoml row-Magalene Martin, Harry Gant, Mildred Rector, Stanley Elliott, Harold Alexander, McKinley Dagenhart, Jimmy Fox, Jerry Sharpe. Third TOZLLASHCS Martin, Doris Jean Sigman, Harold Adams, Audrie Chapman, VC'illiam Martin, Carolyn Little, Larry York, David Pennell, R. L. Fincannon, teacher. FOURTH GRADE Ifirvf mu'-Denver Carroll King, Donald Alexander, Jerry Neil Foxx, Phillip Payne, Gary Sherrill, Doris NVoodward, Betty Sue Byers, Nadean Benfield, Rena Faye Foxx. Svrnml mu'-Dorothy Combs, Bruce johnson, Tommy Alexander, Martha Prichard, Rebecca Hammer, Margie Rhyne, Catherine Penncll, Linda Rector, Sidney Miller, NVayne Mottiler. Tlwml mu'-XVilliam Beckham, Donna Martin, Fred Matheson, Wayne Lackey, Tony Guy, Patricia Gregory, Benny Clary, Lewis Stone, Ruby Lee Ball, Linda Little. I-'mzrlln mu'-Allen Sharpe, XVinfred Sherrill, Nell Pennell, Robert Clary, Glenda Robertson, Maggie Pennell, Mrs. Paul Lackey, teacher. THIRD GRADE lfiril mu'-II. lfred Alexander, Durwood Beckham, Stephen Lackey, Greer Lackey, Larry Rhyme, Linda Faye Cant, Martha Combs, Sunaa Fox, Vaughn Uagenhart, Edward Milleapw, -Indy Little. SVIYIIIAI Vrrlz'-Max Ray Xv7.ll'I'CI'l, Linda Chapman, .lennie Ball, Maryln Rhyne, Ronald livson, Sidney Alexander, B.ll'l71U'.l l,aml1ert, Kay Allen, Joyce Norton, Catherine liruce, Helen Moose. Third row--Ianmes Pennell, Lois -lean Rector, Robert Allen, Richard Moose, Craig Little, ,lean Sherrill, Linda Adams, Martha Sue Gant, Lindsey Rector, Lynn Adams. Fflllffh mu'--Iimnay Lowrance, XVayne Pcnnell, Perry Keller, Rosie Lee MCLelland, Nancy Davis. Miss Stevenson, teacher. SECOND AND THIRD GRADES Firsf row-Inez Gillen, Jonny Gant, Vernice Foxx, Loretta Pennell, Curtis Grantt, Edward De-Iarnette, Jr., Jerry Hammer, Ronny Miller, Brenda Wfaugh, Steve Ovcrcash, Betty Overcash. Semnn' row-Steve Cockrell, Cynthia Godfrey, Jerry Minton, Sylvia Huitt, Richard 'Hines, Linda Medlie, Brenda Steele, Joe Mosser, JoAnn Medlie, Caroline Combs. Third row-Edward Lackey, Frances Douglas, Judy Alexander, Gloria Drum, Raymond Minton, Dwight Estes, Faye Pennell, Rosanna Deal, Steve Milsaps. Frnlrlfl row-Brenda Queen, Lindsey Sharpe, Miss Jessie Alexander, tencherg Ray XVarren, Homer Good, jr. Noi fwirfzlrfvl-Gerldine Sprinkle, Marvin Keller. FIRST AND SECOND GRADES First row-,Ioyce Judy Chapman, Phyllis Pierce, Kenneth Hammer, Gladys Bruce. Barbara Cockrell, Ray Elmore, Donald Woodard. Second row-Elvin Rector, Rudy Sharpe, Fred Walker, David Stone, Smith Lowrance, Kelly Matlock, Judy Fox, William Revels. Third row-Margaret Clary, Glen Pennell, Lualta Head, Jimmy Warren, Miss Austin. teacher, Steven Dagenhart, Dorothy Chapman, Ruth Reese. FIRST GRADE First row-Ronald Chapman, Melvin Keller, Larry Moose, jo Ann Rufty, Theresa Daeenhart, Betty Jackson, Kay Cloer, Brenda Faye Rhyne, Jeff Warren, Donald McLelland, J. C. Pierce, Eugene Lackey, Gary Rhyne. Second row-Randy Little. ,lf-rrv Martin, Ronald Chestnut, Ned Earp, Betty Jean Hammer, Raymond Minton, Ianct XVatts, jerry Lackey, Jerry Pinnix, Blake Rogers, Joyce Ann Ball, Edgar Harmon. Thirrl row-Douglas Rimmcr. joe Pennell, Sylvia Shoemake, Beth Belk, Sylvia Stikeleathcr, Marv Virginia Sherrill, Carolyn Douglas, Brenda Harris, Norma jean Alexander, jerry Davis, Miss Sloan, teacher. JUNIOR 4-H CLUB First row-Paul Hagar, Grady Foxx. Jimmy Bebber, Buddy Chamberlain, Rex Oliver, Troy Sherrill, Raford Millsaps, Donald Robertson, Melvin Warren, Gale Payne. Seronrl mu'-Billy Cockrell, Brenda Chapman, Geraldine Moose, Maxine Moose, Patsy Ruth Martin, Peggy Allen, Marie Killen, Betty Combs, Geraldine Dyson, Allen Millsaps, Linda Lackey, lrma Head, Carlyon Sharpe. Tloirrl row-Gerald Oliver, Ned Fox, Randy Dyson, Coleen Branton, Geraldine Combs, Brenda Stikeleather, Mary Ann Hammer, Geraldine Mostiler, Eugene Meadows, jimmy Deal, Mary Sue Reavis, Doris Elmore. Fourth row-Maxine Dagenhart, Mary Grant, Betty Martin, Ruth Warren, Mary Lee Alexander, Gorden Yoder, Johnny Rector, john Albert Branton, Linford Sharpe, Grady Pierce, Fred Stikeleather, Jimmy Foxx. Fifth row-Robert Elliott, Larry Sherrill, William Sherrill, Neil Starnes, Ronnie Little, Wayne Norton, Glen Morrison, Wayne Winsor, Carlyon Little, Linda Keever, Lovell Wike, Nan Belk. Sixth row-Barbara Waugh, jo Brezger, Ned Rhyne, Glenda Sharpe, Martha Eagle, Marie Chapman, Emma Minton, jo Ann Lackey, Joyce Alexander, Geraldine Douglas, jackie Chesnut, Maggie Martin, Doris Sigmon, Agnes Martin. Seventh row-Essa May Pierce, Ann Lackey, Mary Oliver, Sandra Elliott, Louise Minton, Marvin Foxx. William Martin, Larry York. RHYTHM BAND L,1':lrl'w'-Craig Little. Firxi row-Steve OY'Cl'C3Sl1, -I. Fred Alexander, Edward Dellarnette, -Ir., Linda Faye Cmnt, Sidney Alexander, Steve Coekrell, Maryln Rhyne, Jean Sherrill, Barbara Lambert, Durwood Beckham. Svfoun' rou'-Betty Overcash, Brenda Steele, Carolyn Combs, Joanne Medlin, Martha Sue Gant, judy Alexander, judy Little, Sylvie I-Iuitt, Steve Millsaps, Linda Kay Medlin. Third rouf-Richard Moose, Lanny Rhyne, Ronald Dyson, Homer Good, Brenda Queen, Nancy Davis, Rosanna Deal, Gloria Drum, Linda Chapman, Martha Combs. Mrs. Lackey, Miss Stevenson. ALEXANDER STATESVILLE AUTO COMPANY TRUCK COMPANY All yp f B Ildozer Work QD GMC Trucks - M to 20 T ns STATESVILLE NORTH CAROLINA TAYLORSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of BELKS DEPARTMENT STORE 1 f f STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA NASH FURNITURE COMPANY X9 "See Us For Your Furniture Needs" "Your Dollar Buys More At Our Roadside Store" PHONE 7623 STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of ZACHARY FABRIC SHOP + "F + TAYLORSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments Of REAVIS FUNERAL HOME ',oQo, : A 5 STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA WORTH SPINNING COMPANY STONY POINT, NORTH CAROLINA SHERRILL and WHITE Compliments of SHOE STORE RAMSEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Statesviue North Carolina Statesville North Carolina LAZENBY - MONTGOMERY HARDWARE CO. TAYLORSVILLE TIMES Farm Implements Paints Statesville North Carolina Compliments of SMlTHEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE SMITHEY'S G. G. APPLIANCE SMITHEY'S GROCERY RADIO GAS and OIL Taylorsville North Carolina MERCHANTS and FARMERS BANK Statesville North Carolina STRATF ORD JEWELERS llills El olri Mop ,Mm fm Y may Famous for Fine Watches and Diamonds 'tnlhtll ICMP! Wffqnggg. MM' 'S:"'i" Next to Merchandise and Farmers Bank lQC'ouft.Cl ShrmzllM!Cf D. 1 9061 Statesville North Carolina la l Compliments of EFIRDS BLANKENSHIP'S DEPARTMENT STORE DRY CLEANERS 105 Cooper Street Phone 350 Statesville North Carolina Statesville North Carolina Compliments of TA IIARII MILL! G CIIMPA Y Compliments of DIXIE GRILL Taylorsville North Carolina Compliments of NORTHWESTERN BANK Taylorsville North Carolina TAYLORSVILLE BUILDING and LOAN If You Need Money, We Have It. If You Have Money We Need It, and Pay You 2MW For The Use Of It. Charles E. Echerd, Sec. - Treasurer Taylorsville North Carolina Compliments of PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE Taylorsville North Carolina R1MMER's INC. 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X!! 11' STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA STATESVILLE' N. C- AUTGGRAPHS :SIL Emi' ' ,... ,JU-' m Ffa .1 . 'Q-F. ,.,,. .gd lm ' ' V, ' 1 ': E ff- ,ET 'fi . . AW 3' -flu J , cf A' .ff , 5 :mf r Q .7 .r M- , , ,-gr, .gl ,X ' Y H , . , R . l K. . ' . 1 -Hp, . f ,- Q Ii' .fr ' :A 9 " : 107 - ' ,T .Tl V.. K X - '- IZ. .- ' ' . ,Q 1 . . 1 :Y YJ- .5 1, ., .,, . 4 ll 'SAF' JQ x M. , tw, 15' V 'Ref .Ks '. fl! ja" :g' I . ' . 35' 2 , .v . . -4. . if F, fw '41 , 31. A :LM '1' 71V'5if'!fQl w p , " -. I I ,vuvllggg Q52 Q F Y . J ""','u is I "aw, -Y D .ANA .-1, x 1- , 'Q I 1 v A Y- 52, 1 ' U V . 1 J W A . -41111 L A , A I f ...SW '. gifgyf

Suggestions in the Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) collection:

Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 51

1951, pg 51

Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 56

1951, pg 56

Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 36

1951, pg 36

Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 7

1951, pg 7

Stony Point High School - Stopohi Yearbook (Stony Point, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 62

1951, pg 62

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