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 - Class of 1956

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Stony Brook School - Res Gestae Yearbook (Stony Brook, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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-'41-an--f-.-' - ' -.41 . .. M + I-M Fif ' 'W 'rr "' ting fggmsskf-HQ:-1 A-w ,515-fgneg 1-my QV--1 lifw ,, A f . ith. ,Ni , A:,jz5,:V..A 6- ymi F . 21, U ,- ,.: ,E JV J A X 4 it -R Y " A' - - ' '- A 4 Y ' ' .V -.-1 ' '-1.-' L1 - ', , I fr L P ' 71,-V, ' 17 .' -F Tffn- - -,-: , 1,,-,gy -' " 'fig ' Q R, -1 V 'iinzkijw' gf' if . f- 15 f ,,gj"f'1',1.'- +-2 " ' iz 539 gi-+ff ?' gf f -- ZF., 11 --'- -,W gf..,5-Wi, ", K 4!,..,fH'3:, m , 1 ,ggi 'L :-'. ' .M .' . .,. ' .- y ,V ,A K M, '- ,, ' 1 . I 7 1- 1 35 1 my K .L ' 4 . . , . " ' N' ws ' 1, N. - r r 'Y - , , I KR . t . I I H I V 'A ' ' . 9 fi . 4 fu f 3' 1 . I a . ' aw 'fx .. X . .3 X , N ' , il Cl .M u" 'fi' ! I I t l . .jx ' Q- ' 4 . , s' " w Q, qi ' .F , l if 5 I I A . 4 'W , . b Y , A A -, . W Q I 1 , ' 3 I . 4 U .. 'Q ' W3 3' f I 4 ' . I IL.. L L w . W I Y , -1' . . , 3 1 . X if 4' L' -v , E? 4 .n k V -1:4 73, . fy: A - - ' 13' A, 7 4 ,ij--.QV l . mv., T' sz- " j,, j .. Lf. 53 ' ',,,Q,.11 '.' ' .f?.Yf'. ' ,JA-'Q-W '1Q'13f.":' ' ,- H' - :z . , - -:-. w. fffp.. Y- - 35.31. 3,54 5 - J,-5 .' ' , 5 , ',.:-gy fy. U 'gg . I, A-.-s2'5gi:,,5'zA.g -1- , J ,- wx 5 - la 31 E 1,1 . v ff!".', Q . is .3-. y ,gf H .Ysv . 1 ,CQ 1 is ,, ' ...12 ,Sr 1 1 1. .4 1 :ff . 8.1 ws Q 'w 5' -' 1. .til - ' . .,, -2 Y lr? ff-fc e i i xc, 4 . -- W., ., 'X . wal s IM.. 'fl It is a dilticult task we face in writing a foreword, for it is literally impossible to thank everyone to whom we are in debt. Were it possible, we should then be at a loss to express our gratitude. We would, however, say "thank you" to the faculty for the personal interest they have taken in us, for the hours of instruction they have given, and outstanding examples of'real Christian living they have been. To Mr. Ward go our special thanks for his guidance throughout the year both as class ad- visor and yearbook advisor. Our grati- tude cannot possibly be expressed in these few words. The editors would also like to thank the staff, who gave graciously of their time in producing this book and without whom it would have been impossible. We are sure the finished product will be ample reward for their labors. W We wish in addition to extend our sincere thanks to the Public Relations Department of the United States Steel Corporation for the industrial pictures on the divider pages. They have pro- vided an excellent theme. May all of you, students, faculty, and friends read in the pages of this annual some of the affection we feel for you. You will live long in all our memories. l fsfwire e. to , ' .1 ' V -,. it I 4. '- -. , A 44 , N I X Q 0 , A rl' ,nv Am A, .,,. QQ' sl' x , V I Q-if W aw. Aimvl ' v - f . 4. Ax' 'J A J, J A 1 LQ' I' I ' .A gf, 1 5 In 0 ,,, X . W W .f 1 5' 5 T Q , ,.., , 1 r N ,. Q K .QA Q1 f' Q I 3 ' in Q . 'F' vw -41 'TZ' - Q we-mtd!'?" ' 1 ,U i' 'f'5f'5', ,-3 'i V , . . ,. ., . . viz.. 1.1:--4 . , ,. ,. ,.4 f Q, .A . ., , L- ,. . .., if -. i - . :Az -...f - N ,x .K W' .-Q05 A s new 3 ff". 1 4 -5 3.eafa,.Y , . gg.-I .nfgfe-:1 if 1 -,, '52, ""'3-Q ' 'W ,ww , L ! Q.. ,--'z , - , va .wr-.Q V -.1 1 I. :M 1.1 .-v ' "fl,-wg, 1. 3 1,- "' I W1 ,M , M., . ,. , ' , 3 :ML : ,W A Q 4-'rfb . ' 'E 1 , 'sg-ply if . 1.1-k:"J'Mi1x 13:2 ..- 11 r .i,:,'f,'e.'frl,I:':a-'2gss'.f' 'J " -- ,fig Il H H ,. .... ...M . . wo, "W "iQg1'r.ivw:. T-WP' A . psp..-,. .5gf:f.:w-g:..'r.'5-22',3- -,a-y,-,mgggfmawf -J. .-V ,W . ....-.- -gg'Z"f: M 1:11-'2'e:-25:4-21 4-... -s.f, , ' ,vm-v nv' uw. "',X , gf v-H,- f -..f',, , 4- f , J2, ...,..w?f-nfw-, V , mx .::... A'Fwuf",,,n-f, wif' Mu-bv ...- .ws .. ..., .. A , 'U' ' 1 , '1Q55Z"f3-:, .,,.,,,.- A .. ,E 1 ' ,nm,,3,,4 M1 J ,s ,J f ?'if?r,.f1,. fy-fr '33-'ffL",'i' Ez'f?'fj.jj-' Pff .i":':SJ'!" U ' .- U ,'ii?Qg:f.., TLA gi, 5 ,i,k,',.'L'IJ"57'- WL ,115 rr xi-f.,f,'a f y- .1 4 4, 4 ,, , J q,., M., K ' 4 . 2 i' 'Q Jg,:Q,gx:':zu w. -:Y 1 1 -' .:1::..4,:r:r. My A if - I .. ,, gf I . M , .lun f-fri? ff 1 n..,,....- - ' . ' if ' ' . , Hs 1 f " V. ,, r , . , ' J.-wg, N-MQ , 4, 4W5+wwfwL,,?A.4 -zgm .,, 5 MQW 4 . .i,,,,,AL , W . T' 52- mfg'-4' ' -F r f Q-7 it A 4 E . f S50 jf ., ' ,Hu wg 1 , MZ Q. , A , " ...J ' .l,Qf'Ql-J'IQ,.,,,,, f-Q,--.,.,'fj- 4 Q W 4 3:2 fpwq- ff Q. 41, .,f, . ,,7.,w. W , X 5 1'fgWn,,,-aw, gyywg-2:1-v4f.fZi3s,A'-f,'x.4,, ,Mt 5, ,A -' ,ak 1- 7-Q-'msww --w9'-.,'Uf:Nf'K,,- f.g.x-W if . - gggww igegf, H, Q, .-1-W. f ,F ,, ., ,V rpg ,Rs 4 1 . ,1,,..?',,.,, vw 1' 'xkgff M Q 'fn me 1 ,1 ,., ., V, W, fy, ,A AML Agua-K 'V ,,. . - JJ? AW3' " . I 5 V- ,LS N 4 'A -.,.., 1163?- "-,K ur ,, mf, ,W F1-ah fy iff: yi' .I M-Q5 g ,. iz' Uv .M 1 . www nn - --5' pa- ' - fxn- wh f f ,. ,. - -. , , A . . . - -,..g 1 . 1-Y - , , N f - ,. , 11 f vmcf. , - ., -,.' ..-,I -wg 5. V uf f' f., ,4, Qfmyq:f.ef My f N -.Jim ' 'A ' . " V H. W 'gf' "' M " F' W I q5fA" ':YfQ1 4 :X if 1 55 ' Q' 'W 'H M N ' e I fe 2' ff, , . ' '4 ,.1-s fg 7 f '5E:fw,.f1.,1gM kyjfffhyf -H We I N sf ,f ,X , , J ' , ..-wfwvfu' ,WM 21 gm Q.. M: wg , K -' J My J, W, L . ..wa,mx.f:M...w ,f A J, -. If Q , 1-,gwagwf,wx:X qQ.,,,f . Published by the SENIOR CLASS ebication MARION HILLS CHENEY In every school there are those who year after year unselfishly give their time and energy to help those they meer. The senior class has found Mrs. Cheney to be such a person. Time and we have gone to the library for material and been helped in a her friendly personality and rn endearing her to all take great pleasure in Res Gestae to Mrs. Steel M111 parallel Stony 1 th I Workmen Blast Furnace Fmlshed Product ADVERTISER 5222 CAMPUS Within the mill the utmost is done to produce the finest possible product. Here are collected the finest skills, the choicest methods, and the most skilled workmen. It is in this capacity we wish to liken our campus. pta. .314 " A ,. A. W 3' A M - AV I L m-ifsifigwu "yawn - 'M We 1 M .3 in w . , Q A K Y 'mt , ,ti ' W-ef'?'-xvszkl-'fginluus W i flirt' - f- K 4 - 3' ',:-ob? '. ,L . is -' 'W r if ,fs WZTMZ ,no is ff 'K gt 3 J' A mm W, as '.5,1gw'1f W if , ily, fa Q: -, J i -tl f ,,,,-- Jfrigl. ',:,'Kkg..-3 in M , ,w Q eg 15 15 in f 'aififax fy vm? 4 H ,Q QQ 'QQSY' A " ' ,iA,gf,k ...xx . 5- ,V H Nw ,215 1 .. .. my M' E3gmgg:,fg .1 5 1 HJ' -,rf ., . Nag ,, , ,,, W . STEEL gg, ,9 W, A gi fy N -A. ., ' Q .. 7' M- T 'F rf ' " A SHADYSIDE JOHNSTON HALL 'L W , -f ...QL .fr ..L..,.. , MEMORIAL HALL GYMNASIUM 1' Lijw. L u' 1,f'Q.'I if xv - 3 an 'IO IN F IRMARY I 'X 3 X X x x ,. ,, .J, A , '-'Z'-."-3.2 Qs N52 '55- 1-,.,,"Nu. 'xp "'- JT " MZ lx M t X MNTMM' 'W'-.M . 4: V' mn. '31 A -9' ' Vx 6' MEMORIAL CHAPEL FACULTY No industry could prosper without skilled workmen, for on their shoulders rests the suc- cess of any endeavor. They plang they buildg they direct. In a school the faculty hold this office, guiding students from youth to manhood. We realize this and shall be forever grateful. in I NNN. 1 4 Q , My . I F' f Q - Q :Ei ,fm 3 iii: E if , ,K , .V YK V H' E x ..'-"' Q 'W Sr 9 ws 5 if 4 5 L Q 3 A ,, -A it i. IE? U 42 14 f if 5 8 r K g Ak ,E ir Y? Haan, X . 5 ,,..,,M K f g 1, if hug-si x B.- if 3 wif' X. f .. ' U5 ' 'wi' if I ' ' 'K 35 , . nr .5 3 i "ii RKMEN ,Q Q wk If , , fn G-W az . YMM ' cmMMM1'l'-"- 'B cr-Q-L'-ax PM WS q fwuv- wf-41 Tlfirz .ww Sw-iarsr VW M, qwawhnq en,-AA S41-N1 Bfwh- vcr' rxlWLw-15 'wi-em-ST Bw Tw id,a.n-lf J-o ,,f-W-Ch. 'B C,w-PJ-u+T U-irS,wy-ws aw rlZ'i1" aww is sch,-u-L H-C covgud-aunt.: ow'-3 qmwq W-NA-U4' Sclu-vi OW- o-CQJM1 W-'U-IM cvwwv-J-1 xfp-wv' curl in-9'-'3""l Aw NHT DMT on y-sSvvrqAMcJL rf, rvuqfa-A-9 CNUJV Ps -mmrvushw-T mv' m.o.1'7'u-A ok-S ox WL,-UH Hain TILL Q-m,sT 5+v-M1 B-,-rv-44-. vvlvflf' ltr- c,uM-rw0- ,Mhdvkaxir ,M Clavfl-S+1'oAA1' -L44-Leo-'Huw o-Ccasrtbnlf-Q Jo TCU- l5W'Q-'-- WU SWAJMJ- Qfju, ou v'a-Lu iw ml- wi-0-gQ,M"v-I-VS, TILL! is Mo Qciqvf 30- TUAGA1 Tlu- fldvg rQ.n-6'ucp.+1Qyg THU' MLS 0-uM qfv-w -10-:A bww' is lM'qu,h1 vnlwl lu- 0AMuv'1r-aM J1.5uLco.4'l'a-w-. 9+ is 901-vw. Taxrgm, T53-T mwah has pun cmMywl'l1'3-E +0 0,8 YN ,QLONJL ws, B QMMBA YM +o 0-4 wwmq JZ qu-ur IA-wi'-'l"a.q1.. GW- SWW1 F5-N-v'Vflq-u-Us +0 you ,Q 1'l7u. Cla-Ss 4-555-6 412 ' +V UVV' 040-h.d'k gpv-'B do TW ' 'B If-v-Siw-S-r ww wi-0 cmxthWv+'- ofa aa-fn-Q-ts-vrnkni ow- frbqiflv-15 aulb VH!-o yvbQQ ' 6'-qJ1.h1 Q QW? wwf- ww mu, uw SRNVW- TU"-L' L-U-FD ow-5 TW-Gv C.nNwiv1 v,A,UZ"wL au? fuwl-Jiw'qn,ue.o.. QZ0iflf6-J-9-L1 -fawvs. aw 2.7 8 of fA8 xy86L6!Ifl'l0Lf5fQIf' f's!V fi SIMM cf gaegedin Q. LL JAMES BARTON Science Department Franklin and Marshall College, BS., 1946 'N otlaing il more gratifying to the mind of man than power or dominion."-Addison Gtfflflfg RICHARD AKEROYD Language Department Oxford University, B.A., 1941 Oxford University, M.A., 1955 "Candor if the Jeal of a noble mimi." -Sternac WILLIAM BISGROVE Remedial Reading Houghton College, A.B., 1940 University of Pennsylvania, M,A., 1941 "A bacltelorlr life is a Jplentiiei breakfartf' -Anonymous 0196 HERBERT BRANDKAMP Spanifh Department Wagner College, B.A., 1950 'An inexhanrtihle good nature if one of the mort precionr giftr of heaifenf' -Washington Irving DAVID EVANS Maria Department Nebraska Wesleyan University, B.A., 1950 Colgate Rochester Divinity School, B.D., 1953 "Next to Theology l give to matic the higher! place and honor."-Luther ----.Q PIERSON CURTIS Senior Matter Englifh Department Princeton University, A.B., 1913 "Self-Jacrijice is the higheft rate of grace." -Anonymous MCMA JAMES FEN TON Mathematics Department Houghton College, A.B., 1947 University of Rochester, M.A., 1955 "I heliene in work, hard work, and long hour! of work."-C. E. Hughes JOHN HERSHEY En gliyh Department Franklin and Marshall College, A.B., 1956 Duke University, M.A., 1941 "Scholarr are men of peace." -Sir Thomas Browne MARVIN GOLDBERG Director of Studier Science Department Houghton College, A.B., 1956 Harvard University, Ed.M., 1943 "A reputation for good judgment, fair dealing, truth, and rectititde, if itrelf a fortune."-H. W. Beecher FLOYD JOHNSON Director of Atbletief Matbematicr Department Davidson College, A.B., 1936 Duke University, M.A., 1941 "If a mari'J witr be wandering, let him Jtady matllematicff'-Johnson DONALD MARSHALL Social Stutlier Brown University, A.B., 1943 University of Pennsylvania, M.S., 1948 'An boneft man? the nobleft work of God." 0796 FRANCIS LIGGETT Social Stztafief Springfield College, B.S., 1950 Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.M., 1951 "Hi.f heart war df great ar the world." -Emerson ROBERT MERZ Language Department Houghton College, B.A., 1952 'lf I did not laugh. I ,rhould dief' -Abraham Lincoln MCMA DANIEL ROSENBERGER Bible Department I-Iixtory Department Shippensburg State Teachers College, B.S., 1934 University of Pennsylvania, M.S., 1940 "Good humor if the health of the foul." -Stanislaus ROBERT WARD Bihle Department University of Washington, B.S., 1948 Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.M., 1953 "Hunzllity it the genuine proof of C hrixtian virtue."-Rocheforcauld 0796 wailk JAMES HILL Auiftant Treafurer and Bnfineff Manager "Pay df you go."-Randolph JOHN WASON Accounting Department Gorden College of Theology, A.B., 1948 "Economy if in itxelf a Jource of great revenue."-Seneca ANDREW WHYTE Mathematic! Department Science Department Stevens Institute of Technology, M.E., 1910 Columbia University CTeachers Collegeh, A.M., 1921 "He who laborJ diligently need never defpairf'-Menander .---......... --.Q-........ BETTY SNYDER Secretary to the Heazlmmler .gzcrefcwieri L-14Q5'Pff if - " M SYLVIA MEYER Secretary I0 :foe B11.rirze,r,r Nlmzfzger 1 MRS. BARNETT Record Clerk and Searelary to the Director of Sludief MRS. LARSEN General Secretary 8l"50l'llfle MARION CHENEY Librarian RUTH MERZ Auiftimt Miific Director BERTHA ELLIS School N urfe CATHERINE MARGESON Orgimift Ql"60lfLlfl8 JOSEPHINE JONES Imtructor in Art Ulla. ELIZABETH HOPKINS Hopkim Hall Houfemotlaer A , gf, f A ' ,. K'7!' f , ,, K MRS. CARRELL KATE STRONG Homekeeper 514477117 Club 24 TONY,HENRY R a 1 MRS. CURTIS, MRS. STERN el"60l'llfle MILT, JOHN 5 ART,BOB UNDER- IILASSMEN From the north, south, east, and west come raw materials for the fur- naces. Many hours of exaustive labor will pass before this ore is trans- formed into blazing ingots, but the time will be well spent. May the underclassmen enjoy this develop- ment as much as we. x ' 7 I K, --J A '," ' 4, 'L"' 5, 1 Lim ix J ,pr ' ff ,Q 8' 5' if 4 v igkgg. f V W fir .ii sw 3 ,Q Q- S . , 1 'R P f , ' V W fa , L ws 6193, 'nl ' ails! K ' fl 1 10115 JF BRETT ALVERZO Sprague, Rep.g Strong, V. Pres.g Moore, Pres.g 1 6, I K ,, CHARLES F LARRY FOSTER CHARLES HERZ JOHN HILT Class of ,5 BOONE DAVID DILLON JOHN FRENCH SANDY JANOW 29 RONALD LYCETTE WILLIAM MOORE FRED SCHROEDER GORDON MacDONALD V . 6 E g ? 5 as if 1' I A V gn' in -ki CORPY MUNROE ROBERT BRUCE STRONG A u f "" iz? ll f C' CAREY MARCUCCI f-'EM CHRIS JOHN BONARD BE TED BURROWS KENNETH CASCONE WILLIAM CHING HUBER COOK GEORGE DAVIDSON STEPHEN EDWARDS ROBERT FOSTER BARKER FRENCH SOPHOMORES 7.-Ji . -.Ag KUPER CRAIG WRIGHT Skillen, V. Pres.g Walker, Pres.g Mr. Barton, Adv.g Edwards, Sec.g Woods, Rep. Class of '58 FRESI-IME WALTER DOBLER CHARLES DOYLE TOM KELLEN PHILIP DEALE Adv.g Kissam, Rep.g Siegel, Sec.g Thomas, V. Pres.g Johnson, Pres. LESTER SOGORKA BERNARD STALMAN N DONALD STRONG Class of A 35 LINCOLN WALTY DAVID ZIMMERLI 'uk 1 Q a 2 My W i z ff EIGHTH GRADE Remeke V Class of '60 ATHLETICS Iron, the basic ingredient of steel, is processed in the blast furnace, for it is there that the raw materials first undergo development on their way to becoming usable steel. Athletics at Stony Brook are much like this. We know that they have been vital to our education and development, and we are thankful for them. H, ik., K . A I i Quill' gi, Q X. ff 4' 45' ?" . .. ,. ,-R, 'f 'fame , x ,bw si M ' ' f .H ,V V., . , I , V t , f+ ww x vi 1 9 'S N.,-fP'--n .maui-of BLAST FURNACE flmfdaf VARSITY SQUAD: Fourth row: Mr. Marshall, Augustin, Woods, Case, Baugh, Adare, Bucher, Williams, R., Pospisil. Third row: Cook, Mooney, McClanahan, Williams, H., Kelly, Belyea, Moore, Baggett, Haworth, Mr. Liggett. Second row: Rosenthal, Bonard, Fiedler, Van Asdale, Couch, Huber, Cuthbert, Gerken, Hilt, Nielsen, Holgersen, Mr. johnson. First row: Skripak, Dow, Johnson, S., Visted, Lehnartz, Boice, Darroch, Fricke, Peirce, Malachuk, Luck- man, Hart. FIRST STRING: Backs: Lehnartz, Visted, Dow, Boice, Linemen: Skripak, Luckman, john- son, S., Malachuk, Peirce, Hart, Darroch iCaptainJ. SECOND STRING: Backs: Couch, Gergen Holgersen Baugh Lineman Fiedler Kelly ,Haworth, Rosenthal, Hilt, Nielsen, Fricke .Sllealud SB OPP COACHES Mr Liggett Mr Marshall Mr Johnson Northport ........ .......... 0 21 Poly ............................ .......... 6 46 Horace Mann ......... ...,...... 7 34 St. Paul's ................ .......... 6 7 Trinity .............. .......... 2 0 18 Riverdale ............. .......... 2 6 40 East Meadow ......... .......... 7 26 Adelphi ................... .......... 2 8 20 Things looked pretty hopeless for the gridders the second week of October this year. Although the sea- son had begun with high hopes, spirits were at a low ebb because for four weeks the Stony Brook eleven had bowed in defeat, and the future looked impossible. But those on this year's squad saw a revival. Tired of the lack of spirit, the team met to ask God's help, not for victories but for the courage to give their all. And the remaining games showed results. On Octo- ber 22 Stony Brook upset Trinity and on November 12 finished the season with a triumph over Adelphi that kept the fans on their toes until the final gun. As we review the season we realize that the lessons we have learned are far greater than the games we have lost. . VISTED DARROCH HART PEIRCE "Who bravely dares must sometimes risk a fall." -Smolletl if - 1 1 ,if zif 'a BOICE 1 1'2" . ,. , ' 'kv , K LEHNARTZ DOW , , M - AQ, rw 5' 4. 5 5 . ,Zi 132 ,Jaxx Q. , . Y , 1- , K ts. .1, l . A .1 ,., X Xu.. i MALACHUK JOHNSON LUCKMAN SKRIPAK FRESHMEN: Standing: Ellis Ray, Mr. Barton, Mr. Fenton. Top row: VanWicklen, Spear, Twitchell, Kellen, Acomb, Barnett, J., Davidenko, Barnett, R., Coane, J. Middle row: Geiss, Fletcher, Deale, McDonald, Margonoff, Karl, Schoenbaum, Zimmerli, Thomas, J., Dobler, Thomas, R., Kissam, Leek, Green, Pratt, Siegel. F066 s AL!! W an ju, K Olfllfl fl' ENTIRE SQUAD: Standing: Wolf, Lees, McDonald Skillen, Goodman, Dates, Strong, B., Krupp, Knechc Sprague, Stakes, Gross, Carlson, Mr. Goldberg. Kneel- ing: Esser, Buker, Alverzo, Dillon, Edwards, Marcucci Schroeder, Buell, Davidson, I., Walker, T., Weber: Fincke, Boone, Herz, Gould, Katabian, Coane, C. Sit- ting: Strong, D., French, J., Bennett, Setchell, Sogorka Searby, Sabol, Pringle, Treiber, Davidson, G., Cascone Cooper, Lowander. Electing Larry Goodman as captain, the Brookers, under Mr. Goldberg's patient and experienced coaching, christened their new course by defeating last year's Ivy League champ, Poly Prep. During the next three weeks victories were rolled up against Horace Mann, a strong and spirited team, Bayport, Class B county champs, and Hackley, a new league team. Next the Harriers came up against Riverhead, the Class A county champs. Larry Goodman and Dick Sprague tied for first place and set a new course record, the Brookers winning easily against the team that later won the Long Island Sectional meet. On November fifth, the day of the Ivy League meet, seven Stony Brookers competed on a cold, soggy course. Dick Sprague, Larry Goodman, and Carl Krupp won medals by run- ning second, third, and fifth respectively. Hank Carlson, Gordon MacDonald, Dave Skillen, and jack Lees added the finishing touches to this victory and climaxed an un- defeated season. VARSITY: Krupp, Sprague, Goodman iCaptainD, MacDonald, Skillen, Carlson, Lees. JUNIOR VARSITY: Strong, B., Edwards, Coane, C., Katabian Gross, Pringle, Bennett. CAPTAIN: Goodman. COACH: Mr. Goldberg. SPRAGUE CARLSON MacDONALD GOODMAN KRUPP SKILLEN LEES ,Slim Ju SB Poly Prep ........................... 18 Horace Mann .................. 24 Bayporr ................................. 25 A OPP 45 37 33 SB OPP Hackley ......... ........... 1 5 5 0 Riverhead ........... ........... 2 1 3 6 Ivy League ............ .......... F irst " . . . the will to win and the courage to work." C ortelyou KULJLQMGLM . . . Under Mr. Fenton's experienced coaching, the 1955-56 basketball squad completed the season by winning five out of thirteen Ivy League games as both experienced and unexperienced players com- bined to produce a very capable team. Returning for another season with the big blue were Fiedler and Visted. Denny, with his outside shooting, finished the year as high scorer, averaging eighteen points per game, while Frank monopolized the backboards. All will undoubtedly remember the exceptional role played by Malachuk for, day by day, game after game, his dependability made him an invaluable asset to the squad. But it takes more than stars to make a team. Rounding out the club were Darroch, Skripak, Strong, Bennett, and Walker who were in there fighting all the time. At times the going was rough, but there were also moments of real success. Congratulations gang, we'll remember the season for a long time. You've certainly done an excellent job. ENTIRE SQUAD: Standing: Fricke, Walker T Strong B Fiedler Davidson I, Darroch, Visted, Malachuk, Mr. Fenton. Kneeling: Edwards Baugh Skripak Cascone Skillen Bennett Moore, Boone, Wolle. FIRST STRING: Strong B., Malachuk, Darroch, Skripak, Visted, Bennett, Fiedler. .Sileflud SB Hackensack 51 La Salle 58 Smithtown 0 Alumni 60 Hackley 36 Riverdale 65 St. Paul's 62 Trinity 69 Adelphi 65 OPP 45 76 2 52 48 53 46 79 89 Horace Mann Poly Prep Hackley Adelphi St. Paul's Trinity Riverdale Horace Mann Poly Prep SB 65 49 48 60 63 55 60 61 42 OPP 5 8 70 59 65 52 68 78 59 75 SECOND STRING: Cascone, Fricke, Davidson I., Walker T., Skillen. Strong Skripak Fricke gl"Q6Al'l'l8l'l Standing: Pratt, Thomas R., Green, Rooney, Mr. Johnson, Kissam, Leek, Reineke, Coane C Kneeling: Schoenbaum, Mclntire, Barnett J., Doyle, Strong. 51 medfgng . . . Saturday, February 25th, climaxed for Stony Brook the 1955-56 Wrestling season as our grapplers ran up a second place position in the Ivy League wrestling tournament held this year at Stony Brook. It was indeed a climax, for it ended a season containing ten victories to three defeats. Competition began, after a week of practice, with a duel meet against Islip in which we achieved our first victory, 40-10. The next two meets, however, served to keep the squad on its toes, for both River- head and South Huntington proved too much for the big blue as we succumbed 18-20 and 6-32. But, as the spirit and the skill increased so did the victories, and the Brookers won their next four meets. Then after losing to Poly the season continued with live more conquests including both New York Military Academy and Horace Mann. This year Stony Brook was host for the Ivy League wrestling tournament, and it was an excited crowd that gathered, the last Saturday in February, to see this exciting event. Although the Brookers failed to take first place, the matches were so fierce and the outcome so close that all were justifiably proud of the squad. Special praise goes to Bonard, Towlen, and Percival, our Ivy League champions, and to every- one who made this season the success it has been. COACHES: Mr. Liggett, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Coombs .SZAWIML Islip Riverhead South Huntington Trinity Horace Mann Islip Poly Prep N. Y. Military Academy Hackley Srnithtown St. Paul's Port Jefferson Ivy League SB OPP 40 10 18 20 6 32 34 11 38 11 28 23 11 39 26 20 39 7 31 13 44 3 19 16 Second VARSITY: Standing: Towlen, Boice, Beleyea, Luckman, Percival, Johnson S. Kneeling: Davidson G., Bonard, Marcucci, Gross, Lees. JUNIOR VARSITY: Standing: Fincke, Peirce, Holgersen, Lycette, Hart, Dow, Weber. Kneeling: Siegel, Wright, French J., Woods, Mills, Cuthbert. ENTIRE SQUAD: Standing: Mr. Coombs, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Liggett. Sixth Row: Walker H., Barnett R., Trieber, Williams H., Cook, Dobler, Munroe, Fletcher, Alverzo, Stevenson, Vanderbilt, Stalmann. Fifth Row: Haubold, Johnson J., Buker, Biathrow, Foster L., Burrows, Mc- Clanahan, Buell, Nielson, Adare, Williams R. Fourth Row: Thomas J., Davidenko, Spear, Karl, Prigerson, Gould, Perry, Bucher, Wilson, Klane, Haworth, Good- man. Third Row: Siegel, Wright, French J., Woods Mills, Cuthbert, Fincke, Peirce, Lycette, Hart, Weber Dow. Second Row: Davidson G., Bonard, Marcucci Gross, Lees, Towlen, Boice, Holgersen, Belyea, Percival ! Johnson, Luckman. First Row: Zimmerli, Herz, Twit- chell, Dillon, Gill, Wund, Carroll, Case, Margonoif. ! ! GROSS LEES TOWLEN BOICE MARCUCCI BON ARD DAVISON Pf ! You ve done yourself proud." -Mark Twain Or- ,Z K -mi.. BELYEA PERCIVAL JOHNSON LUCKMAN "Well could I leave our sport and sleep awhile." ' -Amlroniczzs BBQ? we D3 . 'X SEHK, X arid Wafionag Standing: Jelley, PaPP, Schroeder Smith. Kneeling: Jenkins, Pringle. Q ,num ercu r'ie5 Standing: Krupp, Baggett, Augustin. Kneeling: Meyer, Couch icaptj, Volpe. 51 EEZ 5i,gHB!lL 1390 - 4:9 QA WSYHBUL D 39062: gehico Standing: Knecht, Gerken Ccapub, Brooke. Kneeling: Weigand, Katabian. Z?a4L-efdaf QU MQ' SUHUUL 9 Q CRAPTUQ BI 51 Qi SCHUHL B106 S 1 QALQ jroffera hartz. pafona Standing: Evans, Scherer, Sonner, Mooney. Kneeling: Sabol, VanAsdale 1capt.J, Pospisil. C,l2,Legd Standing: Garitano, Betsch, Winser, Janow. Kneeling: Hilt, Wolf 1capt.J, Tredwell. Standing: Stakes, Ewen, Dates, Opitz. Kneeling: Suh, Keen Ccapt.J, Len- 45,-.Q5 ,p 59' Afn 3 4-'Y-fl Q. f 'A ' A gl 5,9 l' Q Q3 .V".,,:, ggggq gag t cb 3 'grf n 3 fr? 1' I -in ll 'R ' ' EMA I9 6 'W 6' S f f Q by Fw mn ,P sag, 1V,s' fn? A QE 542 Age 55' my 5 -UI lv 1 A1 i "Work and acquire, and thou hast chained SCHEDULE La Salle .......................................... April 18 Penn. Relays ......... ............. A pril 28 Horace Minn ............ .......... M ay 3 Ivy League ................ ....,..... M ay 12 Hackley ........... .......... M ay 18 Poly Prep ........... ....,..... M ay 23 HOME AWAY HOME HOME AWAY HOME the wheel of Chance."-Emerson Fifth row: Kelly, Fricke, Williams H., Edwards, Dillon, Bennett, Bonard, Marcucci, Betsch, Treiber. Fourth row: Hilt, Acomb, Setchell, Buell, Herz, Cooper, Thomas R., Johnson S., Flet- cher. Third row: French J., Lycette, Wilson, Nielsen, Moore, Wund, Kara- bian, Baggett, Sonner. Second row: Lees, Bucher, Adare, Lenhartz, Fiedler, Luckman, Knecht, Krupp, Stakes, Mooney, Darroch, Finger CMgr.J. First row: Wolf, Mr. Hershey, Margonolf, Gross, Percival, Goodman, Sprague, MacDonald, Dow, Boice, Holgersen, Coane C., Schroeder, Mr. Goldberg. I ADARE . . . Javelin KRUPP ............. 880 LUCKMAN .,...,,..,. Discus DOW ......... Hurdles Standing: Garitano, Haubold, Foster L., Woods, Dates, Leek Mr. Curtis, Augustin, Meyer Esser, Carroll, Brook. Kneeling Davidson, Burrows, Johnson J. Strong D., McClanahan, Steven- son, Ellis QRay.D. MR. GOLDBERG .......4.......... GOODMAN LEES ....................,....4,,.. Pole Vault KNECHT 4----.----.....--- ,-,---. .--.--.- M i le enniri ... QSM 524,326- SCHGBL K 61 amifg medaf Third row: Mr. johnson, Weber, Skripak, Volpe, Gould, Wright, Papp, Alverzo, Prigerson, Kissam, Belyea, Wei- gand, Chang, Fischer QMgr.J. Second row: Malachuk Rosenthal, Visted, Strong B., Gerken, Keen, Ellis R. Williams R., Jelley fMgr.J. First row: Baugh, Pratt, Cas cone, Cook. l"85Al'l'l8l'l 62 Third row: Stalmann, Kitchen, Roon ey, Green, Zimmerli, Reineke, Walty, McDonald. Second row: Van Wicklen Schoenbaum, Mclntire, Siegel, Geiss, Sororka, Deale, Walker H., Mr. Lig- gett. First row: Lewis, Dobler, Sear- by, Barnett J., Spear, Davidenko Thomas J. VISTED KEEN BAUGH Back row: Buker, VanAsdale, Wolle, Biathrow, Fincke, Munroe, Mr. Fen- ton. Front row: Sabol, Janow, Opirz, Coane T., Tredwell. COOK, PRATT MALACHUK, GERKEN ROSENTHAL STRONG B. 65 W, J:f',,. 1 -- 42-V " 'Vw V . . ' mf ...M , ,, .iw -' iii?" 'R ACTIVITIES The iron as it comes from the blast furnace is far from practical since it lacks the strength and durability of finished steel. It goes, there- fore, to the open hearth. Here the impurities are re- moved and the various alloys added. Similarly, without our activities, we should be far from a well rounded prod- uct. We trust that, at least in part, we have undergone this process. -l' ':.,,, D S ' , , I UPEN HEARTH .Sbwlmf 0UQl"I'll'l'lQl'lt xecufiue Commiffee w S Standing: Kissam, Weber, Sprague, Woods. Seated: Holgcrsen, Goodman Lees, Mr. Ward, Percival, Ruf. .xgoluiziory ommiffee Standing: Mooney, Boice, Winser, MacDonald, Carlson. Seated: Mr. Ward, Lees. Ofhcem of flue .gjfuclenf Organizafion Standing: Percival, Sec., Carlson, Chaplain. Seated: Goodman, Vice Pres., Lees, Pres., Mr. Ward, Advisor. N""'T"l 'S LITERARY EDITORS: Finger, Goodman. and Carlson. SENIOR EDITORS: Holgcrscn and Peirce ADVISOR: Mr. Ward, EDITORS: Boice and Wolf. 'iv o "-suv 1 ' SPORTS EDITORS: Lees and Percival. BUSINESS MANAGERS: Mooney, Luckman and Adare eafae in 59 Standing: Couch, Goodman, Ewen, Holgcrsen, Dow, Percival, Peirce, Adare, VanAsdale, Dates, Luckman, Winser, Finger. Seated: Wolf, Mr. Wurnl, Boice, Mooney, Carlson, Lees Standing: Gerken, Fincke, Mr. Bisgrove, Au- gustin, Van Wicklen, Biathrow, Barnett, J., Q65 an ec 8,115 Green, Relncke, Dobler, Davidson, G. Sitting: Percival, Ewen. . A Back row: Carroll, Huber, Perry, Adare, Fiedler, Luckman, Mr l Brandkamp. Front row: Opitz, Ewen, Barnett, J., Ellis, Winscr Ll' Hatlicld, Mooney, Janow, Percival. .x4fALfic ounci 14.5 Goodman, Visted, Darroch, Fiedler, Towlen, Mr. johnson. Back Row: Walker T., Jelley, Gerken, Weigand, Coane J. Middle 0 uf Row: Buker, Williams R., Bennett, Sogorka, Fincke, Betsch. Front Row: Burrows, Margonotf, Kissam, Tredwell. Standing: Mrs. jones, French J., Carroll, Opitz, Boice, Luckman Ili 61,65 Burrows, Pratt. Seated: Towlen, Volpe, Janow, Meyers, Leek. Mfze unc! wife Standing: Cook, Dillon, Wund, Sonner, Biathrow, Walker T., Kuper, Herz, Kissam. Front Row: Thomas R., Wolle, Mr. Merz, Esser, Opitz. urfic f0lflg lf'00 , Fourth row: Wztlkcr, Darroch, Luckman, Perry, Krupp. Third row: Vanderbilt ' 6 VanAsdu1c, Goodman, Boicc, MacDonald. Second row: Huber, Sprague, Stakes Kasabian, Bennett. First row: Mr. Evans, Jenkens, Percival, Dow, Couch, Keen. 9 pe.. A Karl, Papp, Fiedler, Fricke, Stakes, Wilson, Rosenthal, Edwards, Betsch, VanAsdale, ee ll, Keen, Janow, Mr. Evans. Mr. Merz, Mrs. Merz, Mr. Evans. The King's Men entered this, their second year, expecting great things of the Lord, and from September to June sang both on and off campus, proclaiming God and his Son, jesus Christ. The Lord did bless the King's Men under the direction of, Mr. Evans, for in December the group had the honor of appearing as guest artists with the South Shore Symphony Orchestra in Babylon. During the Christmas season they made several appearances across the island and in the spring gave many more concerts for various churches. Looking back on their singing, we are thankful indeed for the testimony they have upheld and for the part they have played in "Music at Stony Brookf, 3 -my M Standing: Lewis, Durham. M, Seated: Hegner, Kitchen, Spear. Back row: Weber, VanAsdale, Luckman, Adare, Scherer, Buell, Fiedler, Baggett, Skripak Evans. Middle row: johnson. J., Rosenthal, Huber, Katabian, Darroch, Sonner, Kleine, Bucher Volpe, Zimmerli. Front row: Thomas, J., Couch, Prigerson, Keen, Mr. Liggett, Pratt, Bonard Cuthbert, Gould. Ania W Standing Kleen johnson j Knecht Thomas R French B Case Gould Mr Curtis French 0 pa A Q46 jf TfedwQ11."smin1g: Jam-Sw, VanAsdale, Au: g P g gusrin, Brooke. ecAanic5 CM oin 3 Standing: Lewis, Gerkcn, Koehler, Kitchen, Hegner, Davidenko. Sitting Mr. Marshall, Reineke, Durham, Barnett, J., Twitchell, Thomas, J. Cdridfian .fgcfiuified CM The Lord has richly blessed and increased the ministry of the C.A.C., and today it is a vital function in the spiritual life of Stony Brook. Providing opportunities for spiritual exercise and growth, the club has helped many fellows apply Christian principles in practical situations through tract distribu- tion, deputations, missionary support, and the spring conference. We are indeed thankful for its ministry. Back row: Ching, Edwards, Betsch, Carroll, Alverzo. Knecht, Burrows, Wilson, MacDonald, Peirce, French Stalmann, Esser, jenkins, Couch, Bennett. Middle row: J., Dillon, Lees. Front row: Brooke, Mooney, Holgersen, Marcucci, Percival, Fincke, Buker, Herz, Dates, Walker Mr. Ward, Carlson, Opitz, Gill. T., Schroeder, Ewen, Wolle, Buell, Papp, Winser, :aw ' eibaifg grin This scroll presents events of wild passionate onrush side by side with cruel, grinding monotony - and second and third readings bring out things not seen at jirst. Many men, now faded and gone, lived this book before it could be written. They do and say in these pages what they did and said in life. Some of them spoke with action, some with words, some with both action and words. What they say by act or deed is often beyond fathoming, because it happened in a time of great storm. Carl Sandburg i SEPTEMBER Earl' football starts. Holgersen decides to change hifibom. ' Adare swipes Leek's Teddy bear. Peirce furthers the plot by hanging it from the roof. Water fight rocks the third floorg Visited is merely warming up his passing arm. Darroch wants to know the difference between SBS and the salt mines. Adare replies, "The salt mines are co-ed." Carlson decides that Hogie has poor decorating taste. Another change. Luckman arrives, and the hopes for an unde- feated season reach a new high. Smithtown scrimmage - hopes rise even higher. Knecht reveals his lifelong ambition. "Va1edic- torian or bust." New students arrive today. Mrs. Carrell changes the ivy in the dining room. First day of classes. Dr. Gaebelein expels four non-seniors, including Mr. Hershey, from Bible 6. Towlen becomes mechanized. Huber is the first to be sheared. Marciano fight tonight. Mr. Goldberg patrols the halls. Tuck shop does triple business from losing iight bettors. Smithtown gets another lesson on how to play football. Northport - SBS gets a lesson on how to play football. Wilson becomes hrst third floor shower victim. Next! Still not satisfied, Hogie and Hank change their room again. Mr. Rosenberger begins a Good Will Club. Scherer is first ambassador to the Study Hall. Quotes of the week: Mr. johnson - "He who hesitates is lost." Varsity football - "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." "Zo1mds, I was never so bellaumped with words." -Shakespeare It is the fate of all bold adventures to be deemed insane." -Cbeever OCTOBER SBS vs Poly. All future football references dropped from the Daily Grind. Peirce and Holgersen decide to grow pillows. First crop is sown in Peirce's room. Krupp gains immortality by leaving the dining room with twenty-one muffins under his shirt. Carl's mercenary intentions become apparent. "Muffins - 3 cents apiece!" History action - More good will spread by Mr. Rosenberger. Seniors go to Knox. Thanks to two enterprising cupids, Knecht makes a conquest of Fluffy. Non-conformist bee makes unprovoked attack on Dr. Gaebelein in senior Bible. Part of "The External Universe," sir? Couch and Janow are forced to remove goatees. Knecht takes his physical. Rosenthal asks, "Are you for real, Bob?" Winser and Ewen first to conquer watertower. Stony Brook undergoes a culinary revolution - corn fritters today. Pizza today - English muffins with stewed to- matoes and American cheese. The revolution is gaining momentum. The revolution reaches its peak - omelet with jelly. The revolution fizzles out - hash. Mr. White goes "catty": lab aprons are charcoal grey suede. Pretty wastful chem. lab today: Goodman burned his marshmallow. Study Hall receives another emissary from hist- ory's Good Will Club. Village femmes attempt a night raid on Hege- man. Dates and Dr. Gaebelein effect a total rout. Mr. Barton declares November first as St. Tom Evans Day. .ff 'K ' 3 1 1420: I u1ll owe thee an answer for that, and now on with my tale -Much Ado About Notbmg NOVEMBER You guessed it - Room 21 is changed again. Lees and Holgerson, jr. Davy Crockets, brave the wilds of the athletic field for one cold night. Open house in Dates's room. Menu consists of one bun for the twelve of us. Perry inaugurates school tradition - History be- comes coed. Senior class party a great success. Hard cider brings prohibition to SBS. Two more water tower ascensions - Perry and Huber prefer to remain anonymous. Adare discovers Knecht's secret - Bob's brother is an only child. Towlen receives a note from the Bureau of In- ternal Revenue. just a reminder. Crime does not pay. Darkness reigns on the third floor. Six fuses in ten minutes. "You may pick up your books carefully, so as not to let them drop, and trot across to the Study Hall." Garitano and Augustin have dis- pleased Mr. Rosenberger. First snow today. Three inches outside, four inches inside. Naughty, naughty, naughty! Nine seniors take on the rest of the school in a wintery tumult. Curfew sees nine victors re- turning to Hegeman. Thanksgiving vacation begins. Dr. Gaebelein in- Hg mm, ,mf 1,,,,g1, qt lm own ujbegze forms us that prohibition is not yet repealed. Preston DECEMBER l Towlen's rapid shave makes a big hit. Garitano 10 declares war. 3 Holgerson refuses to assist Carlson in his new 12 decorating scheme. 4 Carlson refuses to assist Holgerson in hir new 15 decorating scheme. 6 Dr. Gaebelein announces that he will not be 16 here next period. "Mooney, why this unseemly 17 i0Y?" 18 8 In Mr. Rosenbergefs absence, Mooney leads the 19 class in a spirited discussion of log cabins and 20 pot bellied stoves. 25 f "Bring 'em back alive" Carlson goes on quest of more spam this morning. Vacation arrives with no general inspection tacked on. Prohibition still in effect, so no cele- bration. Good students leave for home, five seniors re- main. Five seniors remain. Five seniors remain. Five seniors remain. Five seniors remain. Five seniors go home. School closes. Have a cool yule . . . f 2 - 5 I l T 5 "We have had a jolly good lesson, "Certainly lbix is u duly-not 4 sin." "I have escaped by the skin of my teelhf' md il serves ns jolly well right." -lolm Wesley -Job -Kipling JANUARY . . . and a frantic first. Student return. Only 149 days 'til june. Ruf awakes with a bad headache - must be that one hundred and fifty proof Vitalis. Foul Long Island weather. Wish I was back in Pennsylvania. Keen goes into competition with fellow pillow growersg his crop is sown on Mr. Akeroyd's head - a bumper crop. Harvest is gathered by repentant sinners at Dr. Gaebe1ein's house. Pink bellies become the new fad. VanAsdale, Couch, and Bucher inaugurate "The Rosy Red." Peirce turns interior decoratorg wallpapers bath- room with 42 assorted Christmas wrappings. Students go on rampage as the Johnstonians rival Hegeman's interior decorating. The ma- terials? Why, toilet paper, of course! Crime does not pay. Johnstonians receive due retribution for their sin as entire dorm is assessed one cent per capita. "Do you think toilet paper grows on trees?" Sophomore class party. Mr. Barton delivers a typical tirade to "food, coke, and girl snatching" juniors. P. C. calls for firearms. Percival and, Krupp can no longer guard their food supply - Wanted: one bulldog. As tired of history as his students, Mr. Rosen- berger falls asleep too and gives the class a slumber party. Buker finds "Goodyear" stamped on the bottom of his spam. "Courage man, the hurt cannot be much."-Shakespeare Mid terms threaten Stony Brookers as teachers refuse to budge an inch. Hold your horses everyone - here comes Mr. Hershey and his white bucks. Time lapse here as copy goes to the censor. Back again, but out best remains on the cut- ting room floor. ' "It will last about as long as a snowball in bell." -Sandburg Aluayx leave them laughing when "Hallelujah, I'm a hum, Hallelujah, "Blessed is he who expects nothing :ou say good bye."-G. Conan hum again."-Anonymous for he shall never he disappointed." FEBRUARY Second semester commences - Klane celebrates first anniversary of his arrival at SBS. Mr. Rosenberger introduces "Era of Good Will" in Study Hall after too much good will is spread in History class. History class sends a thank you note to Mr. Rosenberger in appreciation of his thoughtful spirit. Mrs. Metz creates a campus depression. Nickle candy now five cents. Peirce and Holgersen plant smoke bomb in Krupp's room as twenty-three volunteer Bremen form bucket brigade. Valentines day spirit seems to have little effect upon Mrs. Stern. Spam - Hash - and Liver. Student Organization meeting today. Career of efficiency expert is in jeopardy. ' Bucher learns that we are to study Romans. "Any shootin' in it, sir?" Second floor becomes roller rink as Klane pol- ishes up for Wednesday. just dig the crazy footwork! Skating party at Patchogue: Fiedler and Janow become a thumping success. Early track begins with age old proverb, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a track man healthy, wealthy, and unpopular." Poly steals wrestling title by eight points. Three SBS champs: Bonard, Towlen, and Percival. Track training rules posted: No soda, no pie crust, no skating, no swimming . . . "What can we do, sir?" As news spreads, track men despair, for senior beach party is now in jeopardy. Consolation comes via Dr. Gaebelein's startling observation, "You can do other things at a beach party beside swim!" Sadie Hawkins Day - This is a good place to end the "Grind" and start running, so good luck. See you next year as Alumni. --Pope SENIURS Now the process is com- pleted. The blazing ingots stand like fiery sentinels. And yet all the work is not finished. It is true, the seniors are here, but they must now be formed into doctors, engi- neers, teachers, and me- chanics. We pray that the lessons we have learned here may make us supple steel in the hands of God. It is our desire to be used to the ut- most in serving Him. "'-QM.. km X NFINISHED PRODUCT 4 5329 I w xfr. f W: A an , Ayn' . 'WRYR H R, can APPEARANCE: 5-y Vltnlls ad ' LIKES: Q91 Q Fun , DISLIKES: fi An empty pantry PASTIME: Hacking around AMBITION: To have large food supply Returning from a summer va- cation in Europe, "Smilin' jack" arrived with tall tales of con- quests among the fair sex across the sea. He has shown ability as a runner on the cross country and track teams and as manager of the football team. On week- ends jack's Mercury could be seen roaring down Chapman Parkway, and we knew that we could depend on him to bring back new additions to his record collection. Jack's ambition is to follow in his father's footsteps and become a publisher. Good luck, jack. I. ERIC ADARE "A light heart lives long." -Shakespeare JACK J. AUGUSTIN-VON NOSTITZ "Music moves us, and we lenow not why." -Landon California's newly acquired son came to us in his freshman year from Flushing, N.Y. "Spike" has been an ardent par- ticipant in every major "bull- sessionf' He can always be found when the cry of "showers" is echoed through the halls of Hegeman. "Spike" played varsity football and greatly aided the track team in his feats with the javelin. Quite active in extra- curricular activities, he is a mem- ber of the Auto Mechanics, Dra- matics, and Glee clubs. Eric hopes to be a veterinarian and has our best wishes for suc- cess. APPEARANCE: Baby moose LIKES: Loud jazz DISLIKES: Being broke PASTIME: Buying new records AMBITION: Ladies' dress designer "Excellence" describes jim very Well. He was a first string halfback, an able wrestler, and a capable jumper and runner, lettering in each of these' sports. Being a King's Men singer for two years, a talented member of the Art Class for five, and co- editor of the Res Gestae has not kept Jim from consistently maintaining a Cum Laude aver- age. jim hopes to become a min- ister, and we feel that "excel- lence" will describe him in later life as well as it does now. APPEARANCE 2 The Desert Fox LIKES: The ideal roomate DISLIKES z First roomate PASTIME : Bible outlines AMBITION : To pass chemistry at JAMES BOICE "Great omces will have great talents." -Cowper JOHN BROOKE "I-le alone has lost the art to line who cannot win new friends."-Mitchell APPEARANCE: Mountain go LIKES: Good looking DISLIKES: Peirce's deafening 42 3 PASTIME: I9 Athletic injuries J, AMBITION: Invent a better mouse trap john, although a quiet mem- ber of our class, is an ardent "Rock and Roll" fan. Because'he has the quality of being a good mixer, he became quite popular with the class. john is interested in photography and has had ex- perience taking sport pictures for two of his local newspapers. In addition he has been a mem- ber of both the Christian Activ- ities Club and Glee Club and engaged in spring track. The entire class wishes him success as he seeks to become a dentist. 91 APPEARANCE: Burly bartender LIKES: Gail DISLIKES: Empty mailbox PASTIME: Lecturing Lees AMBITION: Bear trainer A missionary's son from Thai- land, Jerry promptly made many noteworthy achievements at Stony Brook. He established himself as a high honor roll student and became an indispen- sable member of the Christian Activities Club. jerry is a good matured fellow who believes in hard work and earnest effort. He took part in athletics such as cross country, wrestling, and golf, which showed his versatil- ity on the athletic field as well as in the classroom. Hoping to serve the Lord as a doctor, Jerry plans to go on to study medicine. 92 DAVID BUCHER "How many fatlaoms deep I am in love."' -As You Like It GERALD BUKER "The first test of a truly great man is his humility."-Ruskin Dave, New Brunswick's gift to Stony Brook, has built up quite a reputation here for his sense of humor which we could usual- ly count on to enliven our bull sessions. He participated in foot- ball and wrestling, his talent in the latter being evident in his battles with his roomate. Dave could often be seen longing for the weekends when he could visit his "pen-pal" back home. He plans to enter Waynes- burg College where we know he will be equally as popular. APPEARANCE: Mad Hatter LIKES: Hunting DISLIKES: A noisy roomate PASTIME: Collecting butterflies AMBITION: Elephant driver APPEARANCE: Pixie LIKES: A good breakfast DISLIKES: Efficiency experts PASTIME: Rearranging his room AMBITIONZ Efncient efficiency expert Tim is one of Stony Brooks loyal "Pittsburghers" and can al- ways be found enumerating the many glorious attributes of his hometown. His fine bass voice has made him indispensable to the King's Men, his popularity becoming apparent when he was elected their president as well as senior class president. Tim is active in athletics, hav- ing participated in basketball, football, and tennis in his two years at Stony Brook. We are sure his ambitions in the business field will bring him :ontinued success in the future. HENRY CARLSON "A Christian is the gentlest 0 f menf but then be is a man."-C. H. Spurgeon Hank in his four years at Stony Brook has distinguished himself in many phases of school life. As president of the Christian Activities Club and as a member of the church board and the Advisory Committee, he greatly contributed to the Chris- tian atmosphere of the school. His office as chaplain of the Stu- dent Organization further re- veals his Christian personality. Athletically, he won two cross country letters and played on the varsity tennis team. Hank's ambition is teaching, and our blessings go with him for success. APPEARANCE : Used toothbrush THOMAS COUCH "Whatever is popular deserves attention." -Makintosh LIKES: Les Elgart DISLIKES: A lot of racket PASTIME: Calling class meetings AMBITION: Receive more home cooking 93 Bob, a two year member of our class, has distinguished him- self both athletically and music- ally. This fall he finished his sec- ond year of varsity football as Captain of the team. Bob is a competent basketball player and also a dependable high jumper on the track team. As a member of the King's Men and as a tal- ented trombone player, he has greatly aided the musical groups throughout the school. Bob, after leaving Stony Brook, plans to enter a Bible college, our fondest wishes going with him. APPEARANCE : APPEARANCE: Zoo keeper ROBERT DARROCH "Life has no blessings like a prudent friend."-Euripides Anti-prohibitionist LIKES: Week-ends DISLIKES: Attacks on his room PASTIME: Remaking his bed AMBITION: Alligator wrestler 94 CHARLES DATES " 'Tis not every question that deserves an answer."-Anonymous LIKES z Co-operative workers DISLIKES: . I Unco-operative workers PASTIME Z Tromboning AMBITION: Tommy Dorsey II A dependable, hard working member of our class, Charlie can be counted on in his clubs and extra-curricular activities. He had an active part in the Chris- tian Activities Club and served on the Res Gestae staff. A hard fighter in athletics, he was a val- uable member of the cross coun- try and track teams in both his junior and senior years. We have high hopes for Charlie as he plans to enter med- ical school and continue in the field of medicine. I - APPEARANCE: Well-fed squirrel LIKES: Augustin's music DISLIKES: "Stu-babe" PASTIME: Driving his DeSoto AMBITION: Bs., Ms., Ph.D., Etc. Tom is one of the "grandpas" of his class, this year being his sixth at Stony Brook. This like- able day student has made it ap- parent that his life's passion in- cludes anything maritirne. In his junior year Tom was a promis- ing shot-putter on the track team and has been a member of the Christian Activities Club for the past two years. Having a great interest in ships, Tom hopes to center his life around them. He has our best wishes in achieving this goal, and we feel confident that me will. W stirfe 'Q-1?'rftiit4. 1 ktQ -a eptional athlite. STUART DOW "Olaf it is excellent to have a giantlv strength. "-Shakespeare C5 e is sophomore year he as 2' 5 f n ten letters in varsity foot- flgfll, basketball, and track, and due to his persistence in his studies he has continued each month to obtain honor roll marks since his arrival four years ago. Stu is also an original mem- ber of the King's Men with whom he has sung for two years. He also plays the piano and sax- aphone well. Upon completing his college education, Stu plans to be a law- yer, and his scholastic ability and determination show promise of success. APPEARANCE: THOMAS EVANS "Praise the sea."-Herbert Piano tuner LIKES: Carpentry DISLIKES : Inefliciency PASTIM E : Shoveling coal AMBITION : Ship's captain 95 APPEARANCE : Wet woodchuck LIKES: Free week-ends DISLIKES: Dining room gang PASTIME: Coming to us last year from Saudi Arabia, where his father l is an inspector in the petroleum industry, Bob has made his mark here at Stony Brook. He has been a regular member of the Honor Roll, a member of the Christian Activities Club, and in addition is on the Res Gestae staff. We certainly predict success for Bob as he goes on to study engineering, and we feel that he will enjoy college as much as he has Stony Brook. Best of luck, Bob. Typing AMBITION : Found a monastery ROBERT EWEN "The meek enjoy almost zz perpetual .mblmtlof-Henry In his two years here, Denny has thrilled us with his basket- ball. Aside from this favorite he showed his talents as a pass re- ceiver in football and as an 880 yard runner during track season. Since his first year Denny has es- tablished himself as a wit and a clown and is usually the source of much humor and entertain- ment. As a member of the Dra- matics Club he has also taken part in various school plays. His ambition is to become an entrepreneur with his own firm, and we wish him success. 96 APPEARANCE : Puzzled convict LIKES : To foil teachers DISLIKES: Telephone lineups PASTIME: Sinking jump shots AMBITION: Goose Tatum II APPEARANCE: Bellhop LIKES: Golf DISLIKES: Fire drills PAST IME: Putting on the rug AMBIT ION : Hole-in-one Red-headed Hal comes to us as a clay student from Selden, Long Island, and in his four years here he has proved himself a top-notch student. On Class Night he could always be counted on to collect quite a few prizes, including Cum-Laude certificates. His English versatil- ity earned him a literary editor position on the ResGestae staff this year. Hal and his red convertible will always be a remembered sightg the campus won't be the same without them. A well liked member of our class, Denny in his one year at Stony Brook has done well in all his various activities. His chief athletic interests are wrestling and golf, and he has clone very well in both these sports. Having had charge of deputations for the Christian Activities Club, he played a valuable part in the spiritual activities of the school. As Denny goes on to medical school, we do not hesitate to pre- dict a successful future for him. APPEARANCE: Emcee LIKES: His Pontiac DISLIKES: Flat tires PASTIME: Class athletics AMBITION: Jazz singer 97 APPEARANCE: Cockroach LIKES: Being a day boy DISLIKES: Towlen's Rapid Shave PASTIME: Starting his car AMBITION: To put anchovies on pizzas Another of the outstanding senior day boys is Ken Gerken. For two years his Nash conver- tible has been a welcome sight on our campus. As auxiliary quarterback he was a tremen- dous asset to the football team, earning his letter in that sport as well as in baseball. He has also been a member of the Chess and Checker Club, the Photogra- phy Club, and the Coin Club. In whatever Ken undertakes after college we wish him the best of luck and feel sure that he will succeed. KENNETH GARITANO "Small axes fell great trees."-German KENNETH GERKEN "He is our friend?-Channing Ken, hailing from King's Park, is a popular "elder" of our class. Having spent four years here as a boarder, he joined the ranks of the day students this year. Ken is an avid sports fan and has participated in cross country, basketball, wrestling, and tennis. As sports editor of the Blue and White and a mem- ber of the glee club, he helped to boost our extra-curricular program. Ken wishes to follow his ath- letic interests into the field of coaching. APPEARANCE: Field mouse LIKES: His Nash DISLIKES: Pushing his car PASTIME: Taxi service AMBITION: Salami salesman Larry, a missionarys son, has distinguished himself as a strong runner and popular member of our class during his four years here. He captained the cross country team for two years and was the top Ivy League pole vaulter and broad jumper in his junior year. As a member of the Athletic Council and holder of important offices in the Student Organization and the senior class, he has shown himself to be a leader throughout the school. Larry's excellent marks assure him success in becoming a re- search chemist. APPEARANCE LIKES: Mail DISLIKES: Rising bell PASTIME: Defending the laundry AMBITION: Obtain a Beautyrest mattress LARRY GOODMAN "Ability doth lait the mark."--Nicholas Cusa HOWARD HATFIELD "lVhat sweet delight u quiet life affords." -Drumond APPEARANCE: Good humor man LIKES: Track DISLIKES: Interrupted chess game PASTIME: Running races AMBITION: 3 minute mile Howie arrived this year from his native Blue Point and imme- diately found himself swamped with suggestions regarding the improvement of the reputable Blue Point Laundry. His hobbies are woodworking and water ski- ing, while his technical ability is apparent in his mechanical drawing proficiency. Most week- ends find him in the enviable locality of his home. Howie's ambition is truly an honorable one. He hopes to be- come a professional scout leader and work with young fellows. Our fondest wishes go with him for success in this venture. 99 "Hogie" is a person that everyone likes to have around. Endowed with a terrific sense of humor, his witty remarks will al- ways be remembered by his classmates as a bright spot of Stony Brook life. He lettered in football and has a bright wrest- ling and track career ahead of him also. Voted vice-president of the Christian Activities Club and a member of the church board, he is very interested in Christian service. Our best wishes go with Leif as he goes on to study geology. APPEARANCE: Card shark LIKES: Getting buns for breakfast DISLIKESZ Coolie wages PASTIME: Melodious modulation AMBITION: Mix a greaseless hair tonic 100 APPEARANCE: Dehorned antelope LI KES : LEIF HOLGERSEN "Rest is the sweet source of labor." -Plutarch LESTER HUBER "Co11l111:l with ll lJiglJ-mimlecl 1007115171 is KQUUII for ibe life of any 7ll1l71."gVlIlCCHI To sleep DISLIKES: Usual room condition PASTIME: Soporiferous prostrations AMBITION: To grow horns Since his arrival two years ago, Les has been very active in the musical department. As a member of the Kings men, Brass Ensamble, Trumpet Trio, and Keynotes, he has greatly ad- ded to the musical atmosphere of Stony Brook. Les has also been a member of several teams and usually maintains an honor roll average in his studies. Les's fine attitude, good na- ture, and versatility as a student should greatly aid him in his ul- timate goal of Christian service where we wish him the best of luck. APPEARANCE: , I.- xi I lrqxb if Y' Coon dog 'l LIKES: Senior privileges .,, DISLIKES: Busy signals an PASTIME: t Telephoning AMBITION: First to be married at M , J, Ab Larry, one of Patchogue's con- tributions to Stony Brook, has been here for two years. During this time he has been a member of both the wrestling and tennis teams and has participated in various extra-curricular activi- ties. His experience with his own car made him a valuable member of the Auto Mechanics Club. Away from school his hobbies are water skiing and other water sports. After graduation Larry intends to become a doctor and is wished the best of luck. LOUIS KEEN "Good nature is stronger than tomabawksf' -Emerson LARRY KLAN E "Your tale, sir, would cure deafness." -The Tempest "Lively Louey" was vital to the lighter side of school life, his interest in Knox's females being necessary to senior conversation. Coming from Bayside last year, he joined the Glee Club, King's Men, Art Class, and Audio Vis- ual Club of which he was vice- president. He saw his share of athletics, playing halfback for the gridders and outfield for the niners. Lou's high ambition is to en- ter Annapolis and graduate an engineer. With the same deter- mination shown in his athletics we feel certain he will succeed. APPEARANCE: Meat merchant LIKES: To go home DISLIKES: Staying here PASTIME: Bragging AMBITION: Jailbird 101 Bob has been a valuable mem- ber of the cross country and track teams for the past three years, his excellent stamina mak- ing him an outstanding miler. Bob is also a member of the Christian Activities Club, and he has been on numerous tract distributions. When not in con- versation or in a defensive argu- ment over Switzerland, he can usually be seen running about the campus with his camera. As Bob leaves Stony Brook, we send him best wishes for success. APPEARANCE z Praying mantis LIKES: His food DISLIKES: Food moochers PASTIME : Guarding his pantry AMBITION: alll ,, Silence rising bell DW V 102 ROBERT KNECHT "He alone has energy w canal be deprived of it,"- te fffflfcr CARL KRUPP "A docile disposition will surmount every dij'iculty."-Manilius APPEARANCE: Crazy Otto LIKES: His own jokes DISLIKES: l criticism l PASTIME: Reinspection AMBITION: Revive the Gestapo y l Carl is best known for his ar- dent interest in audio visual technology, since he has various FCC licenses in amateur radio and has greatly aided the King's Men and class plays as lighting technician. The memory of his cross country and track feats will linger long at Stony Brook, and the Rifle and Stamp clubs will long remember his active par- ticipation. His ambition is to go into salesmanship and business man- agement where he is bound to find success. Jacks ability to handle many jobs well in a good natured Christian manner is undoubtedly a key to his success. While here he held many important extra- curricular positions being presi- dent of the Student Organiza- tion, a member of the church board and Christian Activities APPEARANCE: Little Caesar LIKES: Pillow fights DISLIKES: Getting up PASTIME: Late slip recruiting AMBITION : Win a pillow fight Club, and sports editor for the Res Gestae. Besides maintaining an Honor Roll average, Jack ex- celled in athletics, being Ivy League wrestling champion and a letterman in varsity cross country and track. Jack receives our best wishes for success in the future. JACK LEES "God hangs the greatest weights upon the smallest wiresf'-Bacon APPEARANCE: Freshly mowed hay Held LIKES: Reading Sports Illustrated DISLIKES: Early morning haircuts PASTIME: Assistant barber AMBITION: To make a million Dave has been outstanding here at Stony Brook as a first string halfback for both the var- sity and J.V. football teams. He has also shown real ability both in track and wrestling. Aside from athletics though, he had an active interest in the Outing Club, rarely missing any of P.C.'s outdoor meals, and was a member of the Glee Club. We are sure that the same driving spirit that helped him excel in athletics will insure him a successful career in paper en- gineermg. DAVID LEHNARTZ "'l'lJey cfm conquer who believe they cfm." -Dryden 103 APPEARANCE: Crew-cut bull dog LIKES: Minnesota DISLIKES: History tests PASTIME: Making noise AMBITION: All-American tackle Over six feet tall, Stu is an impressive sight on both the campus and athletic field. His talents as a tackle were a neces- sity to our football team, and his abilities as a wrestler earned him letters in his junior and senior years. As a member of the Kings Men and Res Gestae staff, he is active in extra-curricular activities. Stu, a great fun lover, can usually be found in any bull A session or where mischief is brewing. We know that his desire to do well, especially in the field of law, will bring him continued success. STEWART LUCKMAN "Give nr the man who sings at his work." -Carlyle H .. M X-544 Lane Sfar Banner df b , . -youu aj' S, B . wa E I I U APPEARANCE: .-f-nf ., Activated doughnut 30041 ju lv, ,afaulf 1KEsf "Moon," who has spent most M Q His feC0fd5 of his life in Texas, is il Proud 0 K iii"' if if T DISLIKES: defender of his former home. -,M ' Pelrcesrecords Bob has spent five years here, nf during which he has excelled in AMBIiHO1fIl'u 1 mms his studies and in various extra- curricular activities. We have found Bob to be a valuable member on church deputations, and as business manager of the Res Gestae, "Tex" has done a very commendable job. Bob's future plans include col- lege and Dallas Seminary, after which he plans to enter the min- istry. To beat Mr. Rosenberger to a comeback ROBERT MOONEY "The mf! of winning in business is in working bard."-Elbert Hubbard 104 Completing six years at Stony Brook, Bill has made many note- able achievements. He was a first string guard for the gridders and a valuable member of the varsity wrestling squad. His literary abilities earned him the positions of editor of the Blue and White in his junior year and daily grind and senior editor of the Res Gestae. Bill has a sense of humor that keeps us laughing and usually gets him in trouble, but we know that the class would not have been the same without him. APPEARANCE: Barbarian APPEARANCE: Sheared llama WILLIAM PEIRCE "One should eat to life, not Zire to eat." -Franklin LIKES: Fencing DISLIKES2 Shaving PASTIMEZ Fending off food grubbers AMBITION: To install a burglar alarm FRASER PERCIVAL "He that bath a beard is more than a youth."-Shakespeare LIKES: Other peoples food DISLIKES: Getting caught PASTIME: Collecting late slips AMBITION : The perfect crime "Perce," our professional secf retary, holds that office in the Student Organization, the Exec- utive Committee, and the King's Men. In addition he is a member of the Christian Activities Club, Glee Club, and Chess Club. Butch's greatest interest, how- ever, lies with the Rifle Club which he helped reorganize this year. "Perce" has been a great help to the wrestling squad and was a shot-putter on the track team. Butch is striving to enter the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and we wish him the best of success. 105 Sy 1 A good natured classmate from Hempstead, Long Island, Bob added life and humor to all of our classes, even going so far as to bring his girl to U.S. His- tory class this autumn. "The Jet," as he has been called since he managed the baseball team, has been a valuable member of the King's Men and was elected vice-president of the senior class. Bob plans to be an institu- tional chaplain, his interest in people promising him success in this field. Pia tt s i i Q A H 'S ,,.r,,,.. I Q tpi' 'g,,:wff15p' p y ' G APPEARANCE: John L. Sullivan LIKES: Les Femmes DISLIKES: Vacations at S.B.S. PASTIME: Vacations at S,B.S. AMBITION : Life of Riley 106 ROBERT PERRY "Good nature is one of the richest virtues!! -Bucher ALAN ROSENTHAL "The em! of labor is to gain leiszzref' -Aristotle APPEARANCE: Refugee LIKESZ Coffee DISLIKES: Confiscated hot plates PASTIME: Making Sanka AMBITION: Zoo keeper Al was a new member of our class this year, coming to us from Manhasset, Long Island. Establshing himself with a posi- tion on the varsity football team, Al carried on through the year's athletics, concluding with a po- sition on the varsity baseball team, Also active in extra-cur- ricular activities, he was a mem- ber of the Glee Club and took an active part in the Auto Me- chancis Club throughout the year. Al's plans are to enter the business field, where we certainly wish him success in his Work. Coming to us this year from upper New York State, Al's abil- ity and popularity became imme- diately apparent when he was elected to the Executive Com- mittee. Al continually main- tained an enviable Honor Roll average, and we will long re- member his excellent work in history. Among his many inter- ests and talents is his outstand- ing drumming ability, the desks and dressers bearing evidence of this favorite pastime. Many en- joyable moments have been spent listening to Al's drums. Al plans to follow his father's footsteps and study for a career in law. APPEARANCE: Abnormal telephone pole LIKES: Montana DISLIKES: The other 47 states PASTIME: Upholding the "Treasure State" AMBITION: Montana State APPEARANCE: Polar bear LIKES: A hot room DISLIKES: Bucher's clock radio PASTIME: Drumming AMBITION: Gene Krupa's band ALAN RUF fa- "Tbr0ugla every pulse, the music stole." VA 0.-A MAJ' ' l -Montgomery I kj, ,J 'i it My W' 1 Liga, Jr .-.U H QM ra .i l . 1 l W Yu - I' in KS' sf-. ' - ROLAND SCHERER "Well .midi that was laid on with a trowelf' -Shakespeare Roland's reputation as a teller of western tales is based on the fact that his heart lies in Mon- tana. He has proven himself val- uable in basketball due to his 6' 6", and his willingness and versatility have been vital to every class function. He is sound technician for plays and has per- formed many carpentry feats with sets and floats. Roland is a member of many clubs and this year is president of the Auto Mechanics Club. Roland, aspiring to become a medical doctor, has our sincerest wishes for success. 10 "Butch", quite famous for his ceaseless concern about the fairer sex, has a well founded reputa- tion. The seniors will long re- member the aid he gave in pro- viding girls for the class parties. Butch is a very talented musi- cian. He was a member of the Glee Club and King's Men as well as an accomplished pianist. Butch was also a member of the Art Class and lettered in tennis. We wish him happiness as he goes on to study for a career in law. APPEARANCE: Chico Marx LIKES: Nancy DISLIKES: Dull scissors PASTIME: Barbering AMBITION: To raise a family 108 WILBUR STAKES "Wo11zen reduce us all to a common rlenomimztorf'-G. Bernard Shaw RICHARD TOWLEN "To despise money is to dethrone a kingf' -Chamfort APPEARANCE: Good time Charlie LIKESZ Women DISLIKES: Dear john letters PASTIMEZ Arranging dates AMBITION: Mr. Lonely Heart Dick in his four years of var- sity wrestling at Stony Brook has built up a very commendable record. Ever since his sophomore year he has been an Ivy League wrestling champion and in addi- tion has played j.V. football, baseball, and tennis. Dick has also become famous as an ex- cellent barber, and we will long remember him in this capacity. After he finishes at Stony Brook, Dick is planning to enter dentistry school where his com- petitive spirit will certainly guar- antee him success. APPEARANCE: Drowsy Raccoon LIKES: Sleeping in DISLIKES: Taking the train PASTIME: Reading Peggy's letters AMBITION: Head silverware washer Coming to us from Hunting- ton, Leigh proved to be a valua- able member of several clubs, the Christian Activities Club includ- ed. This year because of his con- sistent example to the school, he was chosen as a member of the Advisory Committee. He served on the Res Gestae staff, partici- pated in varsity wrestling and tennis, and kept his marks far above average, making him a continual Honor Roll student. Leigh plans to use his numer- ous talents for the Lord as he goes into Christian service. STEPHEN VAN ASDALE "Wire men argue causesf fools decide them. "-Anacharsis LEIGH WINSER "Education is the apprenticeship of life." -Willmott I' Steve's circle of friends grew rapidly during early football practice and soon included the whole school. His friendly and vivacious personality made him welcome not only to bull sessions but also to the Kingls Men, the yearbook staff, and the various other activities in which he took part. Also maintaining an honor roll average, Steve gets our con- gratulations for the fine work he has done this year. In whatever Steve undertakes he will doubtless be a success, and we wish him the best of luck. ' ,. x , ' S , X X N A -x, 1 ' 1 K L - -Q 5 1 W 'L APPEARANCE: Clothes pin LIKESL Strikes DISLIKES: Lost hot plates PASTIME: Bowling AMBITION: Perfect bowling score 109 APPEARANCE: junior physicist LIKES: Pontiacs DISLIKES: Meeting deadlines PASTIME: Campaigning for ads AMBITIONZ President of General Motors RICHARD WOLF "Responsibility educates."-Phillips 110 Since his freshman year, Dick has continually established him- self as an asset to our class. Hav- ing been a two year member of the Blue and White, of which he was co-editor in his junior year, he was well qualified for the job of co-editor of the Res Gestae. Although the Res Gestae kept him quite busy, Dick maintain- ed good marks in his studies. In the spring he high jumped and broad jumped in track. In whatever Dick undertakes he has our best wishes for a suc- cessful future. s " 2-:K an 5 3 ,gg if e fr ,., ,K Q as-In Aff"- ,AAA ,. 5 v ff? 1,- Lg V iii 2 . Ili.. 'vb 'W4 5 bw x,Y .3 vi? k,,4l be W I 1 , I sv ,F 5, an f 'F 4 f ' T I ' 1 3, , X 'i v W ev, Q .I D . V'. 'mf ."'f 14 A J L af 'ff 1 1 n S' ,S a R ' ' ':" A pf 'Q rf-,f-f H' . J ' . .-MF 4 1 if 'L wwf: --it ' 'B .LW S1 -L... ,,,f i Aa, Q00 f. -.v Qlflflelflflgelf' A811 . . . . . . Dates and Augustin were voted the tightest seniors at Stony Brook in 1956? Well, time sure changes things. A month ago I took time out to check up on my old class- mates, and this is what l found. Dates and Augustin are now business partners with controlling interest in Standard Oil, and from what I hear they're still stashing it away. And look at this snapshot of Boice and Carlson. What do you think of their success? Les and Denny lived up to their prediction, however. They're best dressed all right, uniform and all. And Holgersen and Gerken, "The Most Typical," are . . . Well, judge for yourself. 'I12 l had a hard time finding Adare and Luckman but finally traced them to Miami. There in front of the courthouse "The Best Room-mates" were slugging it out before an excited crowd. Afterwards we had a long talk, and I learned that Couch and Van- Asdale work in Miami too. Brother, what a way to make a buck. Yes, the class is really spread out. Fifteen hundred miles away in Kings Park, L. l. are Boice and Good- man. "The Biggest Brains" are undergoing special observation. See that thin pictureg that's Carlson and Peirce. Maybe "The Biggest Eaters" CZlI1,f always buy the most food, but theyre still the biggest eaters. 6 A . Qffsrun Q ,,2,t. - A 113 And Maia ,wi af . . . . . . Dow and Goodman were "The Best Athletes" back there, now they're nothing but hopscotch players with lumbago to boot. Ah yes! Heres a rare one, "Throws Most Bull." Today, like yesterday, Scherer and Klane are men of distinction, Roland an attorney and Larry a prominent judge. But where do they practice? You know it man! Texas of course, Then there's the doughboy, the yank, the G.l., or in our case, the lowly buck private. Here they sit, "The Social Lions" themselves, Louie and Den. lt's always inter- esting to see the results of "The First to Be Married," so here they are ten years later, lonely, deserted bachelors. .run-we :CS 1 14.4 114 Every class has its clowns, and so did we. ln 1956 it was Mooney and Fiedler who kept us rolling in the aisles. But, time marches on! just look at our comedians today. Couch and Boice were elected "The Most Popular" at the same time, but they hardly show it now. Imagine, taking candy from a baby. Well, that just about sums it up, All in all, today's class is vastly diHerent from the class we knew at Stony Brook in 1956. But wait! Remember Spike Adare and Bill Peirce, "The Noisiestn and "Biggest Hackers?',We1l . . . jheyke riff! AacAin! N-J L. Q K 115 ' .Y " lk' N55 -n- Nl, rv nf. ' f X .. Ei ill EB ii ii Ei 3? be 3? 5? 5 M as 55 95 ei: 53 3? 55 exe rv-:U 1-5-in F' pa frond . . . UUR SINCERE THANKS Port Medical 8: Ambulance Service Mr. 8: Mrs. James T. Barnett Hauppauge General Store Bob Strasser 06 HJ f Butch 8: Sue Larry 8: Carol Bob 8: Lou Donna 8: Les Pinhead 8: Sue Stu 8: Anne Butch 8: Rosanna jim 8: Betty jane 8: Rowan Linda 8: Karen Tim 8: "Her" Peggy 8: Steve Bill 8: Nobody Knechterine Al Rosenthal Larry Goodman Jack Lees "Moon Tune" Denny Fincke Carl Krupp Gerald Buker Ronald Harlin Janow Charles Dates Dave Bucher Room 2, Gould 8: Alverzo Room 2A, Marie 8: Pat Room 23,1 F. 8: F. S. Room 28, P. K. 8: C. F. Room 32, R. B. 8: W. M. Room 36, Dillon 8: Marcucci Room 4, Durham 8: Hegner Room 12, Dobler 8: Schoenbaum Room 8A Hick 8: Gunner Sweet Hollow Youth Fellowship Wonderful Pittsburgh Pd.. E. Gates Antique Shop 8 Kentuckians Harvy jenkins Jay Prigerson joe Volpe Larry Foster Calvin Opitz Tony Pospisil Beautiful Pennsylvania Tony Pospisil Neal McClanahan "Turk" Steve Edwards Hank Tredwell Pete Betsch "F ish" Gilbert Papp Bob Bennett Hubert Cook Billy Ching Bob Sonher Geof Leek Ronnie Carl Steve Wund Henry Williams Tom Gill Bob Williams Ken Biathrow Ron Lycette Al Malachuk Ken Sabol H. Ted Burrows, Jr. Jim Kitchen John W. Lewis jimmy Thomas Danny Davidencko Wonderful Pennsylvania! 34. say Carl's Welding Fotocraft Shops Play Mart Blue Jay Market John Greco Dr. Joseph W. Levy Philted Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Latham Macrina Katsaras Jones Radio 8: T.V. Hank Chermak A. W. Piquet Marjorie Bunyan Bernie Stalmann jim Cooper Bill Deale Connie Coane Lester Sogorka jimmy Coane Bobby Thomas joe McDonald John Mclntire Daniel Spear Tom Kellen Bob Smith Bill Weigand Steve Woods Richard Green Pete Trieber Dave Skillen Floyd Fletcher john Weber Ted Siegel George H. VanWicklen III Douglas E. Buell Bruce Margonolf john Setchell "Texas" Flip Kissam Bruce Acomb Wonderful Keystone State omla imenfd 0 . . . THE EIGHTH GRADE Barnett, J. Barnett, R. Davidenko Durham Ellis, Ray Geiss Hegner Kitchen Koehler Lewis McDonald, J Mclnrire Reineke Spear Thomas, J. Twitchell Alverzo Baggett Baugh Belyea Biathrow Boone Carroll Case Ching Cuthbert Davidson, I. Dillon Ellis, Dick Esser Fischer, C. Foster, L. French, J. Fricke Gill Gould Gross Haworth Herz omla imen fd Hilr jelley jenkins Katabian Kelly Lycette MacDonald, G. Marcucci Meyer Moore Munroe Nielson Papp Prigerson Schroeder Sonner Sprague Stevenson 0 O I l THE CLASS UF '57 Strong, B. Suh Vanderbilt Visted Webe I' Williams, H. Wilso I1 Wund Wolle THE SUPHUMURES PRESIDENT - Toby Walker VICE-PRESIDENT -- Dave Skillen SECRETARY - Steve Edwards REPRESENTATIVE -- Steve Woods Bob Bennett Pete Betsch john Bonard H. Ted Burrows, Jr. Ken Cascone Bill Ching W. Hubert Cook Pete Davidson Robert A. Foster Barker French Herbert H. Haubold john johnson Ron Karl Geof Leek A1Ma1achuk Neal McClanahan Calvin F. Opitz Tony Pospisil jay Pratt Roy Pringle Ken Sabol Dick Skripak Bob Smith Hank Tredwell, III Joseph M. Volpe Bill Weigand Bob M. Williams Craig Wright ongrafufafiond fo . . ,L-,. I 6EJl'Yll0AIl'I'I.2l1f6 Of. . THE ERESHMEN Chris+ so loved The WORLD 'rhal he died... "Go ye inlo all Ihe WORLD and preach Ihe Gospel . . . " He calls for Our Love. OUR SERVICE, OUR SACRIEICE AFRICA NEEDS HIM TODAY THE S.I.M. NEEDS YOU AND YOUR FELLOWSHIP TO HELP MAKE HIM KNOWN Write the Secretary SUDAN INTERIOR MISSION 405 Huron S+., Toronfo, On+. I64 W. 74+h S+., New York 23 123 THE SENIOR CLASS ls 1?0f010'047170"0WXJMN?047'9ZN?010f05f0N00f010f0M?0l0v0X lnfroducing . . . Complimen+s of . . . B. ELIZABETH WEST .. . Realtor . . . THE PURPLE PANSY GIFT SHOP AND ARDEN PLACE PORT JEFFERSON. LONG ISLAND KENNETH WEST Phone PGH Jefferson 8-lO7O . . . Land Surveyor O . . STONY BROOK 7-0675 sMi+h+own 2-3030 Compiimefns of . . - A Q Q I SECURITY NATIONAL BANK S OF HUNTINGTON SMITHTOWN LUMBER CORP. MAIN STREET IOpposi+e Town Hallj Islip Office "SufFolk's Super SuppIier" 6 x9'0'f0K0X0'W'M0N0'f0v-0I'0N0':0'4?0w'0k0M I 24 a0ww00w0 0a00w C ngrafulafionsf THE sENloRs HUNTINGTON HARDWARE CO. 292 MAIN STREET HUNTINGTON, N. Y. C mpIimen+s of... HUNTINGTON ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. 586 NEW YORK AVENUE I-IUNTINGTON, N. Y. CompIimenIs of. .. CANNON REAL ESTATE 81 INSURANCE SERVICE I6O 4+Iw AVENUE BAY SI-IORE. N. Y. Complimenfs of . .. HIMOFF MACHINE CO. LONG ISLAND CITY. NEW YORK 0"9397Q?'C74C7'05'-0"0'C0'fQ110'?409'0'5'5590V0"01 I 080142 102' 20f0+f02C0f10N04 276202 ' 000 5C9'f0K0v 10N0vG0' 0f01f0'61G0-G7'0"0 1 0K0K0N0'f-0'-0"10v'0IS newer svn Ll IW I COMPLIMENTSOF... THE BANK or suFFoLK COUNTY " ' ' STONY BROOK, N. Y. Member Federal Reserve Sysfem Member Federal D-eposi+ Insurance Corp. Telephone Dlgby 4-6050 FITCH INVESTORS SERVICE ESTABLISHED l9I3 THE FITCH PUBLISHING CO., Incorporated I20 WALL STREET NEW YORK 5, N. Y. 126 K L. . ' 'QQ ZW 05'9455'0'99'405'Q"0? THREE VILLAGE INN 06l0'00Pf0V Hardware . . .Housewares . . . Paints . . . Appliances D. T. BAYLES 81 SON, Inc. SHOPPING CENTER STONY BROOK. L. I. STony Brook 7-IO00 STony Brook 7-0290 Bayles Stony Brook Lumber Corp. Lumber . . . Millwork . . . Mason Materials NO. COUNTRY ROAD STONY BROOK. N. Y. 'I28 Q Y 3 3 3 020' 101' 00262 -0400 101' 016205 ' 010' 0"0'l01' Y 2 L COMPLIMENTS 0F A CHRISTIAN BUSINESS FRIEND WILLIAM w. RICHARDS, Inc. POWHTOOIS Formerly Hodgkins P0U'+'Y SuPIPIIe5 Dog Foods FEED-HARDWARE if 3 FARM and GARDEN SUPPLIES PefIl"e's aII'I Garden Supplies SMITI-ITOWN, L. I., N. Y. Phone SM 2-I666 - 2-I227 Lawn Mowers FOR QUALITY FISHING LINES IT'S G U D E B R O D GUDEBROD BROS. SILK CO., INC. PHILADELPHIA ' NEW YORK ' CHICAGO ' LOS ANGELES POr+ Jefferson 8-0500 JOSEPH J. DOWLING AGENCY INSURANCE - All Forms LAKE AVENUE RUTH, DOUG, and YORK ST. JAM ES, N. Y. PORT JEFFERSON STATION, N. Y. Member F.T.D. x 5"0T90519"05'0"0"'9i'0Y4"'9'9?' I 29 3 I Y I I I I - E 10' 0'K0'1G01' HQ' 4702G00'0f01401W120 0f6f1010X0 JK 5 5 CAPPY'S 2 FLOOR COVERING OF DISTINCTION 5 450 MAIN STREET PORT JEFFERSON, N. Y. 5 5 Compliments of . .. 5 3 5 INTER-CUNTINENTAL 5 TRADING coRP. 3 90 WEST STREET NEW YORK 6, N. Y. U.S.A. Distributors of the Popular E Precision Built Olympia Portable and Standard Typewriters Compliments of . .. ROBERT E. and ROBERT C. WELLS . . . OLDSMOBILE . . . PORT JEFFERSON, N. Y. 40' J0000v0Y00 130 f0"f0N0N-040'6sC 010' '0505WN02r?f040's?0N7170N0'040ff0K7s016N000s?s7W1s0040410Y6 "Market Letter" As investment advisors we realize the importance of life insurance in estate planning, the desirability of reserves in sav- ings banks, and the virtue of good, old-fashioned thrift. With none of these accepted first principles do we quarrel. But, we do feel that the wisdom of intelligent common stock investment and speculation as a basic part of planning is often over-looked. The present expanding economy, with techno- logical changes sweeping industry from coal mining to guided missiles, affords many opportunities. We feel that a young man, with his best earnings ahead, with his responsibilities small, is more iustitied in aggressive use of his capital than the "text book" theory admits. Failure can be charged to experience, opportunity will knock again. Success will harness the inexorable laws of compound interest and will reach full fruition when it is most needed. There is no quick road to success in investment or speculation. But in both, intelligence, application and patience will bring large rewards. Cady, Roberts 8. Company Members New York Stock Exchange 488 Madison Ave. New York 22 63 0177 '01 101' 0010" 1-0f'0f 000' 9, X7!0N0"04i0f'0N01G70'01h0'0v00s02A76N0'0K0G0's0N002010's0I'-761'-05s0Y0l'0'l0M0"0"0'W1s0X 131 COnqr'a+uIa'riOns IO+I1e CLASS OF '56 The BEE HIVE Store PATCI-IOGUE Complimenfs of . . . and I suFFoLK MEN'S sHoPs SIDING COMPANY smm-ITOWN BOX '47 RWERHEAD BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N. Y. PORT JEFFERSON We Recommend JOHNS MANVILLE PRODUCTS STony Brook 7-I I88 THE RENDEZVOUS LUNCH EONETTE Main S+ree+ a+ Rou+e 25A Home Cooked Meals-Andre French Ice Cream GREETING CARDS GIFT WRAPPING and PARTY FAVORS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ADA and BILL BRIDGE I R I I Si -0w10N0'0101'0f 101' '01' 0' 7' 00 05G0l 0N9'!76"?'4-Q3' 905'6"6x 132 WILLIAM KARL 84 SONS MACHINISTS 8. ENGINEERS MIDDLE vu.LAe-E, New YORK 6 5 Complimenis of . . . CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE Semo' CINS ARNOLD'S AUTO sekvlce STONY BROOK. N. Y. ARCH PRESERVER SHOE STORES Complimenis of. . . TI'IE MUSIC CENTER BAYSHORE PATCHOGUE 85 Wesf Main Sireef RWERHEAD SMITHTOWN, N. Y. Home of Fine Television - Radios Records - Pianos - Appliances Musical Supplies SMITHTOWN 2-I9OO xawovofa- 0-'0w0:c9w0:f0v0x0n0+0'w:f01-0f00:040f+0f I33 G?0f0Wf4 40f'0f01l0' Ea! llfmzfea fo THE CLASS OF 1956 M N ff -0H0Y4IC ' 01019 P-010X0M0f-0K0"01?'0N0f0R0"01 :0x0v0f'-01 04010102 0N0'N0f0K0K0' 0v01 0v0K0f0v0w-0' E E 2 Q 2 E Q QW xmw0000000000000000000001000 00010wX J-0 101621-0 4011020 10-H050 A010201 f'0"'010'-0l'0Y-0' . . . Enjoy The Bay View . . . KARL'S IVIARINER'S INN SHORE DINNERS STEAKS CHOPS BAYVIEW AVENUE 81 JAMES STREET NORTHPORT. LONG ISLAND. N. Y. NOr+l1por+ 3 lO6l -5I I I William Karl, Prop. ?C9K0M00K0G?'0"01f00lf0vW1020w10"0K020"?0'Q0N0'6'vG01f0vY 135 X f0f470'1?0P0 9 Featuring German-style Food HATHWAV5 DUTCH TREAT Your Country Store Luncheonehe Q EAST SETAUKET L I SE 6 was EAST SETAUKET Phone SE 6-0912 ' ' ' ' The Peoples National Bank of Patchogue 39-43 EAST MAIN STREET PATCHOGUE, NEW YGRK MID-ISLAND OFFICE E 9 ROUTE 25 3 SELDEN. NEW YORK 9 9 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of . .. CLlNT'S SERVICE STATION LAKE GROVE. NEW YORK A. A. PERRY Sta-fawofowa 0-alwvmwacavfvtgaxofwtvawaemwaowfa 136 BECK CONTRACTING CORP. BULLDOZERS CRANES TRUCKS 5 UNION AVENUE, RONKONKOMA S Telephone RO 86I4 5 5 SMITHTOWN PHARMACY HARRY F. MILLER s. co., Inc. Kamen 8 Schneider INSURANCE SPECIALISTS "Every+I1ing In Drugs" 237 Jericho Turnpike Floral Park. N. Y. 49 W. Main S+ree+ Smifhfown Ll I' 65 W. Main S+ree'r Smilhlown, N. Y. Phone Smmlfown 2-I '23 Bes+ Food, Besi Service ROBERT c. RUGEN SMITHTOWN DINER C"ff0PfaC+of 4I E. MAIN STREET SMITHTOWN, N. Y. Main Sfreef S'rony Brook, L. I.. N. Y. STony Brook 7-IO82 8 x 0'G05'0W9"956P' '05'7f04C0510"05Y00' X 137 !N01'-017s040"0f'-0N0K0K040'N0"-0102 X I John 5:11,12 And Ihis is Ihe record, +ha+ and fhis life is in his Son. God ha+h given +o us e+ernaI life, He +ha'r ha+h fhe Son hafh life: and he +ha1' hafh noi' 1'he Son of God hafh noi' life. Typewrifers - Adding Machines CheckwriI'ers - Commercial S+a+ionary Tel. POrI Jefferson 810576 SOLD - RENTED - REPAIRED mary -141013 NEW 8: USED .gnferior mecorafing .Slap JOHN-STANLEY OFFICE EQUIPMENT co. Slip Covers ' Draperies ' UphoIs'I'ery Yard Goods 8I W. Main SIree+ Smi+hIown, N. Y. 402 MAIN STREET Smilhfown 2-2734 PORT JEFFERSON, N. Y. MEI- BRYANT SMITHTOWN ELECTRIC, Inc. Commercial and Crea'l'ive Priniing Wholesale Disfribumrs ' Business Sfafionery ' Pho+os+a+s ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES ' Brochures ' BuIIe+ins LIGHTING FIXTURES ' CaIaIogues ' Wedding ELECTRIC HEAT ' Programs Siafionery 5 W. Main Sfreel SmiIhIown. N. Rou+e 25A and Augusl' S+., Easi' Se+auI:e+, L. I. Smmvown 2-2626 - 2627 SE'I'aul:e+ 6-I044 Complimenls of . . . OETTINGER'S VARIETY STORE PORT JEFFERSON 8-0397 I Complimenfs of. . . O. B. DAVIS, Inc. FURNITURE PORT JEFFERSON. N. Y. 8-0285 0"0w0v0ff0N0f04?170f'-QM0' 1 38 COM PLIMENTS OF Trans Suffolk Trucking, Inc. BLACK TOP DRIVEWAYS AND ROADS CRANE AND BULLDOZER SERVICE TOPSOIL . . . FILL 5 5 25A, SETAUKET, N. Y. Telephone SE 6-0485 Educafe Your Cloihes A+ CONFORTE 81 SCHWEYER NORTH SHORE REAL ESTATE COLLEGE CLEANERS 3 Hour Service PorI Jefferson Sfafion, N. Y. Porr Jefferson 8-04 I 9 SMITHTOWN SHOPPING CENTER Telephone SM 2-I947 John F. Conforfe Geo. Schweyer, J v14,.,,.fM..I Men's Wear WORSTED - Tex MCGREGOR Sporfswear ARROW Shirfs FREEMAN Shoes 320 MAIN STREET Telephone PORT JEFFERSON, L. I. PO 8-O68I x?'?'06'w?' 40'0001l?k7'-00v00r0f010I0r'0f0G0'0R010' 'I 39 I I I E 06147 X?" '01- 05903505R9'f?40"-9'C0'905C0"0'C0" 60l'l'l,0Al'Yl6'Ilt5 Of. . . SECURITY NATIONAL BANK OF HUNTINGTON MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I 3 2 2 WWW? 61027 0X0"0'0N0K0'Y-02102 '010X0K0' -016' 0v0n0w0w.0n0v 0K7G0f0'0f0' 3 Q 3 I E im, 4055405'554? '755G03G0754G05G05Z C pli f . . . COMPLIMENTS OF A. A. BARRETT A F R I E N D C pl f FREDRICH E JAEGGI I C. INSURERS - REALTORS J C PENNY SMITHTOWN N Y SMITHTOWN N Y Compbmenf. of . . . MR. 81 MRS. B. L. RUSENTHAL xm000000000000wwwoa00o0mma0000 1 -0K7'-051 0K0"0"' 0"01v0'Y06'n0r Il?"-7e0v CUMPLIMENTS UF . . . file ing it en 0 come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms. PSALM 95: 1, 2 il .108 .rg 40'f02'-?'0'4 X7 4074?'01W0W5'90 90547 '?'9 Spage's PHARMACY Robert Spage, Ph.G. LAKE AVENUE ST. JAMES, NEW YORK B 8. B CLOTHES SHOP Jamaica's Finest' Clothing Store I64-O8 JAMAICA AVE. JAMAICA, N. Y. Decide PQI to go to Shelton! In this changing world, it is almost a necessity today to have a college education for the mis- sion field, the ministry or almost any other branch of Christian work. lt is practically a requisite in the business world. Shelton provides high college standards on a sound Bible be- lieving basis and is accredited by the State Department of Educa- tion of New Jersey. Write for catalog to Shelton Qfollege REV. JOHN W. MURRAY, President RIYGVVOOD I I NEW JERSEY Trai g Christian Warriors for the Twentieth Century Reformation CONGRATULATIONS TO The Class of 1956 DR. AND MRS. EDWARD KLANE Telephone Se+aulce+ 6-OI 77 DONALD K. MAGURK INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS REAL ESTATE Ruhland Garage Building EAST SETAUKET. N. Y. -011059 Compliments oi . . . THE PERRY FAMILY Col He might have the preeminence . I:I8 . . . +ha+ in all +l1ings ongrafufafionb fo . . . W2 ir ,Z 'Ter' aff-51 W 2 " 'W' Q J - BW, ff- ' THE SENIOR CLASS Bu? sancfify 'rhe Lord God in your hear+s: and be ready always +o give an answer +o every man +ha+ askefh you a reason of fhe hope +ha+ is in you wi+I1 meekness and fear: I Pe+er 3: I 5 FROM IVIr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Wolf 144 ongrafufafionfi THE SENIOR CLASS Bur con+inue 'rhou in 'rhe 'rhings which ihou hasl learned and has+ been assured of. knowing of whom Thou hasf learned Them: And +ha'r from a child +hou hasf known fhe holy scriplrures. which are able 'ro make fhee wise un+o salva+ion 'rhrough fai+h which is in Chrisf Jesus. All scriprure is given by inspiraiion of God. and is profifable for docfrine. for reproof. for correcfion, for insfrucfion in righreousness: Thar +he man of God may be perfect 'rhroughly furnished un+o all good works. ll Timorhy 3:I4-I7 Dr. and Mrs. G. . BOICE VAN DYCK 8. YOUSICK, Inc. I l65 E. MAIN STREET RIVERHEAD, N. Y. Rlverhead 8-4008 - 4380 11030102 Compliments ot . . . SMITHTOWN BAKERY 84 W. MAIN STREET SMITHTOWN, L. I. Phone SMithtown 2- I 087 THE NATIONAL BANK OF LAKE RONKONKOMA SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES CHECKING ACCOUNTS FOR INDIVIDUALS FIRMS AND CORPORATIONS ARE INVITED Buy United States Savings Bonds OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS 6:30 - 8:00 P.M. STONY BROOK APOTHECARY STONY BROOK. LONG ISLAND. NEW YORK ANTHONY F. NAUGLES. Ph.G. "Prescriptions Our SpeciaIty." Tel. Stony Brook 7-1490 Tel. I-IUntington 4-O3I0. 4-5554 TWIN TOWN SALES AND SERVICE, Inc. 630 NEW YORK AVENUE HUNTINGTON. N. Y. Direct Factory Dealer JACK H. LEOPOLD COMPLIMENTS TO... The Class of '56 Study to show thyselt approved unto God, a workmen that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth." THE DATES' QIZNQZIQNQI' OHQIOAHQQH tif 0 . x ll This is a faifhful saying and worllwy of all accepfaiion. For fherefore we borh labor and suffer reproach, because we +rus+ in fhe living God, who is 'rhe Savior of all men, specially of fhose +ba+ believe. These fhings command ancl +eacl1. Lef no man despise +l1y youfhg buf be +l1ou an example of fhe believers, in word, in conversafion, in cl1ari'I'y, in spirif, in fai+l1, in purify. I Timofhy 419.12 Dr. and rs. R. G. Scherer '. ' . 'f in 5. gf - .V F , t 'Y , , . . - you Can i loe SUTG of a Christ-centered outlook and a background of accredited academic standards if your degree is from Houghton College Write tor information to the Registrar HOUGHTON COLLEGE, Houghton, N. Y. 148 1 I-IUntlng'ron 4-5937 I-IEgernan 3-8300 MEI TING STAHL-MEYER, INC. Chinese Cuisine 22 WEST JERICI-IO TURNPIKE HUNTINGTON STATION. L. I. Member of the Diner's Club" ll25 WYCKOEE AVENUE BROOKLYN 27. N. Y. Herbert Desborough Sales Manager BROOKLYN ROUTE DIVISION "THE BIBLE IS THE DIVINE GUIDEBOOK THAT GIVES MEN THE GOSPEL THAT GOD LOVES THE WORLD, AND THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON FOR THE WORLD . . . " -stated Dr. Frank E. Gae- belein, First Vice-President of the American Tract So- ciety at the 86th Annual Presentation of specially- bopnd Bibles to the fourth classmen of the United States Military Academy, West Point. AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY, INC. 2l WEST 46th STREET NEW YORK 36, N. Y. 10' 010N0f-0401-0' I 5. 102' 02'-01 '-01' f7' With the Best Wishes ol. . . LEW SMITH '32 Secreta ry-Treasurer ROGERS PRENTISS AND SMITH, INC. . . .INSURANCE BROKERS. . . 80 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 38, N. Y. McAULEY CREMORNE MISSION, INC. 434 WEST 42nd STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. An lnterdenominational Faith Work ln the business ot reaching men tor Christ since l882. Ministering to about l5O men daily, holding torth the Word ot Lite and Hope on an aggressive, evangelistic plane, JAMES E. BENNET, President GEORGE SEIDEL, Treasurer Used Clothing Always Welcome GEZA ADAM Handbags, Evening Bags, Belts, Wallets, Luggage, Travel Bags, Briefcases, Umbrellas We carry all the tamous names in handbags in addition to our very own creations in the tinest domestic alligators, lizard and calt. Hours: 9-6, Inc. Saturday HAWKINS AVENUE Fridays 9-9 LAKE RONKONKOMA, N. Y. Tel. ROnlconlroma 9-862l 0N040t'-0'WI0' 150 MESSAGE TO ISRAEL, Inc. World-wide Radio Minisfry Io Chris'I"s bre+hren a'F+er +he flesh. WRITE FOR FREE COPY OF MAGAZINE. MESSAGE TO ISRAEL COULSON SHEPHERD, 'Direcior Box 682, G.P.O., New York I, N. Y. -'-0'N0K0 NORTH SHORE DRY CLEANING SERVICE 89 MAIN STREET KINGS PARK. N. Y. WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER Phone Kings Park 2-4770 I-IUn+ingIon 4-2260 -- 4-226i RYERSON MOTORS, II1C. BUICK Auihorized Sales and Service 645 NEW YORK AVENUE HUNTINGTON, N. Y. R. V. Ryerson, Presideni S. Woiczechowski, Service Manager Esi. I 858 O. B. DAVIS, INC. PORT JEFFERSON, L. I. FURNITURE FUNERAL DIRECTORS MONUMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF DR. 81 MRS. F. E. WICKS :ca-0:-0:07-of Phone Kings Park 2-4647 MAPLE VIEW DAIRY I37 OLD COMMACK ROAD KINGS PARK. N. Y. Deliveries Made In SmiI'hI'own Township 000000 ' Complimenfs of . . . TERRII.I.'S SERVICE STATION ABOFF'S WHITE PAINT STORES I89 MAIN STREET 303 Main Sfreef, I-Iunfingfon, N. Y. KINGS PARK' N' Y' HUn+ing+'On 4-8030 - 3' Day KP 24487I NigI'1T KP 2-4682 I I89 New York Ave., I-Iunfingfon Sfa., N. Y. JOHNSON OU1-BOARD MOTORS I"IUn+Ing+on 4-2602 MARINE SUPPLIES - WOLVERINE BOATS ROBERT 84 M. SMITH CHEVROLET NEW CARS and TRUCKS OK USED CARS and TRUCKS PARTS and SERVICE Phones SM 2-I036 SM 2-ZI66 Complimenfs of . . . BAYBERRY HCUSE RESTAURANT LUNCHEON . . . DINNER MAUREENI ANNE, MEG' and on 25A ANTHONY GIORGIANNI QN 6K9"07"0"Q'I-07 I 52 401010 COMPLIMENTS OF MANNY SFAELOS AND FAMILY PI1 ne Pa+chogue I595 COMPLIMENTS SOUTH BAY FISH 8: QF FRUIT MARKET Seerveld SEA FOOD, FRUIT and VEGETABLES 50 SOUTH OCEAN AVENUE MARTHA E. CHAMBERLAIN PATCI-IOGUE, N Y George Munson D-B-A NASSAU ENGINEERING CO. CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING IRON FIREMAN HEATING EQUIPMENT OIL...COAL...GAS GLEN COVE, N. Y. Tel. G. C. 4-0226 Complimenfs of. . . Complimenfs of MR. 8. MRS. FRANK FINGER W. J. McLAIN STONY BROOK. N. Y and Famdy 0'65'0V05'0"0' 1 53 CONGRATULATIONS TO... THE SENIOR CLASS And whafsoever ye do, do I+ hear+ily, as un+o Hue Lord, and no+ un+o men. Colossians 3:23 A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF Complimenfs of MR. 8. MRS. HAROLD J. FINGER and Family MR. 8. MRS. THOMAS W. EVANS CompIimen+s of . . . ABRAMS AND OTTEN PONTIAC COMMACK, L. I., NEW YORK Tel. FOres+ 8-8990 Complimenfs of . . . WEISMANN 8: MEYER Complimenfs from . . . A FRIEND CompIimen+s of . . . SELMER'S PET LAND I25 EAST JERICHO TURNPIKE HUNTINGTON STATION, N. Y. 00aa00 1 54 Sfony Brook 7-O3 I 7 COMMUNITY SERVICE STATION DUANE C. COLE 81 CO. SINCLAIR GAS and OIL Tires . . . BaHeries . . . Accessories Fuel Oil and Kerosene SHOPPING CENTER, STONY BROOK I-IUnIing+on 4-6I40 MANOR CLEANERS, Inc. Cleaners - Dyers - Tailors l4I I NEW YORK AVENUE HUNTINGTON STATION, N. Y. Complimenfs of . . . KELLER'S BAKESHOP I433 NEW YORK AVENUE HUNTINGTON STATION, N. Y. POrI Jefferson 8-I26O RASON ASPHALT, Inc. COLUMBIA STREET PORT JEFFERSON STATION. N. Y Hoi' and CoId PIan+ Mixed Asphali' All Types of Asphalf Paving TeI. POrIJe1CIerson 8-I27O SUFFULK SAND AND STONE CO READY-MIX CONCRETE OFFICE 81 PLANT Port Jefferson Station, N. Y. 155 Telephone 3-487I KOEHLER'S MARKET FIRST AVE. and FOURTH STREET BRENTWOOD. L. I. WOODFIELDS MEN'S WEAR PORT JEFFERSON. L. I. Se+auke+ 6-I28l DAVIS REAL ESTATE ROUTE 25A SETAUKET, N. Y. Compl imen+s of . . . MARSH'S MEN'S AND BOY'S SHOP 270 MAIN STREET HUNTINGTON, N. Y. Tel. SMi'rh+own 2-I 7lO SMITHTOWN BOOTERY RALPH LAVINIA, Prop. Na'I'uraIizer, Busier Brown, Nunn-Bush 86 WEST MAIN STREET SMITHTOWN. N. Y. THE LUNCHEONETTE AT SPAGE'S PHARMACY LAKE AVE., ST. JAMES By EDWARD RICHARDS L. C. CLARKE CO. ...REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE... STONY BROOK PORT JEFFERSON 0401'0Y0N0w0' JUBILEE RANCH AT GODEF-FROY, N. Y. lb miles Norrln of Porr Jervis on RI. No. 209l A Ranch Camp in the Truesf Sense More +han +hir+y splendid horses Full Wesfern horsemanship Iraining program Special overnighi' 'Irail rides lexiral EXCELLENT FOOD! - CRAFTS! SPORTS! - CHAPEL PROGRAMS! COUNSELLING! Wrife for Brochure Jubilee Ranch P.O. Box 737 Brooklyn I, New York COMPLIMENTS OF FARLEY-WALSH 8. CO. I9 WALT WHITMAN ROAD HUNTINGTON STATION LONG ISLAND. N. Y. Telephone HAmil+on I -3247 50 tAe cfaria of Ye Iherefore, beloved. seeing ye know These 'rhings before, beware lesi' ye also, being led awa wi'rh Ihe error of 'rhe wicked. fall! from your own sfedfasfness. Bur grow in grace, and in 'Ilne knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ll Peler 3:I7-I8 Mr. 8a Mrs. Henry L. Carlson 157 oaouof-0:01-ov ,. ,. Congrafufafiona fo . . . THE SENIUR CLASS MR. R MRS. EDWARD ll. RUW LT. 81 MRS. W. F. RUSS GULF CONSTRUCTION BUMPANY J ZZJJ houston T Complimenfs of . . . Complimenfs of . . . A RICHARD DELANO, Inc. SETAUKET, NEW YORK F R I E N D T COUNTRY lQe'M"' SLDPJ is CORNER Two Sh0P5 Main Sfreef. Easf Sehaukef, L. I. 4I 7 Main Sfreef. Por+Je1cferson. N. Y. Shopping Cenfer, Sfony Brofnk, NQY. JACK P. MICHAELS BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS . . . Frorh THE IVIOTHER'S CLUB 0l01l0'Y-0N0v-0' 1 60 ' - 4:11. A FM-. . ww- . , ,. . , iw ..,, 2 ,, , .. . 1 .um A Q- V Viyzpn , 'Iwi , , . ., , I 1 Y., f 4.12, Ti' 1.-ag ,gg f 3: .-.., f, -.,. ., KH. ,. .. ' -L, f-- -fy--isa 1... Y, .,1.E7.! - Q54 ,Ext .Y . W. .,,.,.,.: fllL..,.! E. 1 A 6545-25? Y. 1 Q C .4 It i E L' '-A . X L,-L Tn ii,-as A 553 if .. f I N: 3 Y. .FY E ' bl Q' x ., ,,, fag? YF' " f - en . , . '-'ff ss' -1 'g J ' Y -12 if ,. ai Q. . ' L? .4 v ' 1.21 H A zen' ,Q ' fr ' - I 5' ' 'ng gig 1, Brit? A X ?" '2 .f f " Qi, . ' -,L gig - liazg, - f 3. z ff, . 1 . gf , . af - ' f " 1 1 L nf. 4 gs -51 . :+R - , Y V, p . ' y ' l . I V . nr! f A 4 f J. ,. 2: 5. . ., Q . . I F. . 1 ,, , , .A ins . V L- ' .4 i 1 x ji wk Q"-1? nw ' "' Y- - f- -

Suggestions in the Stony Brook School - Res Gestae Yearbook (Stony Brook, NY) collection:

Stony Brook School - Res Gestae Yearbook (Stony Brook, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Stony Brook School - Res Gestae Yearbook (Stony Brook, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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