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H. JAMES BARTON Stony Brook Long lsfand, N. Y. 1 ' .,!'- Q- .YQ va- wx 1. , .xi x 1 .P -' 1: 1' . ' 5 .' v,: .5 .. ' A wikE2s: J-1 -il,,'.mf:iQ,' , . W . , ., - , ' I , h ,. V - .,. 1. . , ww. ,-.4 - ,- 'i wig vs., ,ow l a11:,Hf:i':fS fifxkegbix - vf:'fjzy'z:','a +5-uf"1'4jr 1 5,441 viii N ,435-Ef fgklfegdyis, R353 iw iw 'f 1355.5 3254514 ez, . wif'-5f27MTf'1' V' -X 'fv rg .4 :Z aff i V .inf 'f 'ff-f , -fm-ff wr: 3121 ,Q 2 avg, if 'AEWSN -ff? ' ""e733.f57f ff' L':?fl f7"1?YY55 1955 -S... '!? T f x HIGHLIGHT Good student morale Kitchen remodeled Stony Brook wins two Ivy League games 1955 K' Q-Bern Thc lighter side of Stony Brook lifc Dr. Donald G. Burnhouse. Special Chapel speaker 3 'S' One of the great words of our times is security. As almost never before in history, men are seeking certainty and stability. This search is undoubtedly a reflection of the times in which we are living. In every age the future is, humanly speaking, unpre- dictableg but today the future is unpredictable in a sense the world has never before known. The plain fact is that atomic and thermo-nuclear weapons have opened up potentialities of de- struction unique in human history. It is in a world like this that the essential Christian message that Stony Brook endeavors to give every one of its students stands out as the only basis for lasting security. No matter how radically the human situation changes, Christ remains "the same, yesterday, and today, and forever." The man whose life is based upon the sure foundation of Jesus Christ need not fear anything that may happen. It is his heritage as a child of God to do his work with the realization that, as he does God's will, he has a security no worldly philosophy can ever give. Thus it is that the young man who has had a Christian education at Stony Brook and who has personally received the living Lord can say with conviction even in this uncertain and dangerous age: "If God be for me, who can be against me." 4 A GUEST EDITORIAL by FRANK E. CAEBELEIN Headmaster The headmaster of any school has to be a quide for everyone. To us at Stony Brook, Dr. Gaeb- elein is this, and yet he is much more. This figure with the long stride and the omnipresent "Smokey" is almost a land mark on our campus. He exemplifies our Lord's words, "Search the Scriptures," for his painstaking lectures on God's Word both to his Bible class and in his weekday chapel service. Although there are few of us who see him at prayer, its power is felt by all. To the class of l955, Dr. Gaebelein will always remain an example in mountain climbing. "a.u1- .1 , ,il 1 All ltuffv Dr. Gaebclcin at piano SENIORS Page 23 SPORTS Page 55 ADVERTISEMENTS Page I I7 FACULTY Page 1 3 UNDERCLASSMEN Page 45 ACTIVITIES Page 87 A School 115' Alive Every yearbook centers around a theme, one which portrays Stony Brook in connection with a tangible idea. Our school, including faculty and students, is exceedingly active, day by day par- ticipating in events which make up for us, at least, the thrilling record of our school year. The 1955 Res Gestae staff has sensed the sim- ilarity between the energetic daily life of Stony Brook and the more turbulent newspaper world. This resemblance has provided the nucleus of a new theme. Each page which separates the following large sections portrays the portion of the newspaper world corresponding to that particular sector of our school activity and personnel. The faculty are represented by the managing editors, the seniors by reporters, and the underclassmen by techni- cians. Our sports pages, activity pages, and ad pages are like those found in the daily newspaper. So here then recorded in full is the reporter's view of the school year 1954-55. MNGFTHEYER The l955 Res Gestae stall recognizes that its deep appreciation of the Stony Brook School is based on its high regard for the school's faculty. This year we dedicate the yearbook to one of the faculty, who has been most helpful in our development, and accordingly we nominate him as Stony Brook's Man of the Year. With sincere pride we present him for many reasons. Not only has he been an in- valuable asset to Stony Brook for years, but also we will remember him for his interest- ing English classes. Nor will we forget the sobering and the light-hearted moments there. However, above all else we will re- member him because he has been more than a teacher and an advisor. He has always been a real friend inside and outside the classroom. Therefore we respectfully pre- sent John Warren Hershey as Man uf the Year. UUR INSTITUTIONS GI HOPKINS HALL LE NIN JOHNSTON COMMONS DURING BREAK MEMORIAL HALL XXQKQQ INI-'IRMARY ag . , ,, ,V . t 5 JOHN ROGERS HEGEMAN MEMORIAL 10 JOHNSTON HALL GYMNASIUM DR. HUGH R. MUNRU Dr Hugh R Monro passed away on November 20 1954 Thus Stony Brook lost one of xts fnends of long standmg Dr Monro was associated with the School even prnor to nts formal begmmng m 1972 and he served as president of the Board of Dxrectors for 25 years Durmg all that time he always had the best mterests of Stony Brook at heart Dr Monro was a man of wxde achxevements In busmess he was very successful and has experience m thus field strengthened the financnal status of the School Bemg an actlve Chnstnan layman Dr Monro took part m the admmlstratlon of several Chrrstxan orgamzatlons He was affiliated with the Amerncan Tract Society smce 1927 and was president of the Society durmg the years 1937 to 1946 He was also charrman of the Board of Dnrectors of the Pocket Testament League We the student body of the Stony Brook Hngh School dedncate this page as a memorlum to one of Christ s nllustnous followers Dr Hugh R Monro . . , . . . t " 9 ' ! . . , , . . . , . 9 9 . . , . . , . . . 12 Managing Editors QQ X F FACULTYSM.S1cf M, Cu FRANK BOGGS Music Department Baylor University, B.A., 1948 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, B.S.M., 1951 Columbia University CTeachers Collegej, M.A., 1953 Favorite Expression: "Man, you know it" JAMES BARTON Science Department Franklin and Marshall College, B.S., 1946 Favorite Expression: "Well, what are you doing?" l. WILLIAM F. BISGROVE Remedial Reading Houghton College, A.B., 1940 University of Pennsylvania, M.A., 1941 Favorite Expression: "That's what I say! 19 HERBERT BRANDKAMP Spanish Department Wagner College, B.A., 1950 Favorite Expression: "Oh, go cm!" LAWRENCE FARR Language Department William Penn College, A.B., 1928 College of the Pacific, MA., 1951 Gordon College of Theology, B.D., 1941 Favorite Expression: "You boys aren't cooperating." FAC LTY p . 4,1 . . af.. ,Q PIERSON CURTIS Senior Master English Department Princeton University, A.B., 1913 Favorite Expression: "Now, generulf JAMES FENTON Mathematics Department Houghton College, A.B., 1947 Favorite Expression: "I want a continuity lwre!" FRANK E. GAEBELEIN Headmaster Bible Department New York University, A.B. Harvard University, A.M. Wheaton College, Litt. D., CHonoraryJ The Reformed Episcopal Seminary, D.D., fHonoraryJ Favorite Expression: "Do you see?" MARVIN W. GOLDBERG Director of Studies Science Department Houghton College, A.B., 1936 Harvard University, Ed.M., 1943 Favorite Expression: "You can do it.' 1955 F CULTY JOHN W. HERSHEY English Department Franklin and Marshall College, A.B., 1936 Duke University, M.A., 1941 Favorite Expression: "How do you spell ph!isics?" O. FLOYD JOHNSON Director of Athletics Mathematics Department Davidson College, A.B., l936 Duke University, M.A., l94l Favorite Expression: "0.K., you guys 'Wiliam- RICHARD THOMPSON English Department Wheaton College, B.A., 1948 University of Oklahoma, M.A., 1950 Favorite Expression: "Now when I was here at Stony Brook . . DANIEL G. ROSENBERGER Bible Department History Department Shippensburg State Teachers College, B.S., 1934 University of Pennsylvania, M.S., 1940 Favorite Expression: "By that I mean." ROBERT WARD Bible Department University of Washington, B.S., 1948 Dallas Theological Seminary, Th. M., 1953 Favorite Expression: "Wait a second, I 've got it right here." 1955 FCLTY ANDREW C. WHYTE Mathematics Department Stevens Institute of Technology, M.E., 1910 Columbia University CTeachers Collegcl, A.M., l92l Favorite Expression: "Your lab books un due tomorrow." JAMES E. HILL Accounting Department Favorite Expression: 'fWhat are you try ing to do, heal all outdoors?" A 1 - V ' 'Q' . . . V " L i ' R 'A Au. ' if l I A . , -H'- , . Y -ff . . I - Y ., 5, 1 2 ' ,.u ' , : f- . -- - ,, . cl xi 'R i 1 , t fm.. ,X I ",,Ju1 7 X 'J A K xx v JOHN R. WASON ccounting Department Gorden College of Theology, A.B., 1948 Clark University, 1951 Favorite Expression: "Y ou'll be getting your bill." 19 MRS. LOUIS B. BARNETT Record Clerk and Secretary to Director of Studies MRS. ELIZABETH A. HOPKINS Hopkins Hall Housemother MRS. WALTER CARR ELL Housekeeper MRS. MARION H. CHENEY Librarian 4' I BERTHA V. ELLIS School Nurse .1 xx I I I 1 1 I I I I MRS. JOSEPHINE C. JONES MRS. CATHERINE MARGESON Instructor in Art Instructor in Music, Organist C O0 9 4 ty h I 955 Personnel MRS. SYLVIA H. MEYER Secretary to Business Manager MRS. MARGARET S. SELLECK BETTY SNYDER General Secretary Secretary to the Headmaster Lou Burnett Henry and John Kitchen Crew-Bill, Mrs. Stern, Willy Carl and Milt 22 Tony if vm 'mi 'tx A 1 4 ,-5 if 4 'P 'K . M. . . .A k.,. . E 1 my if f QI Burcuw, Secretary-Trczlsurcrg Cooper, N., Vice-President Percy, Prcsidcntg Mr. M. W. Goldberg, Faculty Advisor X VICTOR E. BALLA Cross Country 6, Varsity Basketball 6g Track 6g Glee Club 6g King's Men 6, Quintette 6g Christian Activities Club 63 Advisory Committee 6. APPEARANCE: Liberace with a haircut LIKES: To have a good time in history DISLIKES: Homework PASTIME: Tickling the ivories AMBITION: Minister FAVORITE EXPRESSlON:' "Meanwhile, back at the ranch." Vic is a newcomer to the senior class this year, but it did not take him long to captivate the friendship of classmates. This tall dark fellow, a real leader in Chris- tian activities, has outstanding musical ability and fre- quently sings in chapel with the quartette. His piano and organ playing mark him as an exceptionally fine musician. Vic is a good athlete, too, and played on the basket- ball squad this winter and track in the spring. Vic's plans include college training in Florida forthe ministry, and our best wishes certainly will go with him. 25 JACKSON BAILEY Track 6g Golf 41 Tennis 3g Auto Mechanics Club 6: Christian Activities Club 5,6g Golf Club 4,5,6g Chess and Checkers Club 5g Biology Club 4, Shop Club 3, Stamp Club 3. APPEARANCE: Drmi'.s'y whale LIKESZ Home DISLIKES: Week-ends at school PASTIME: Sick at home AMBITION: Minister FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "But, Sir."' Jack, a good natured lad from Glen Covc, has brought a certain amount of fame to this fair Long Island village where he lives. This two hundred pounder can be found in his room, or home on an extended week-end. He does not release his energy on the athletic field or in the class-room, but manages to control himself until he gets into his car and then-watch out! His friendly personality and pleasant smile are bound to make him a success when he enters the ministry. DAVID BARBOUR .l.V. Football 53 J.V. Basketball 43 Golf 5,6Q Tennis 3,43 Christian Activities Club 63 Golf Club 3,4,5,63 Blue and White 53 RES GESTAE 63 Church Board 5,6Q Advisory Committee 6. APPEARANCE: Homesick westerner LIKES: West DISLIKES: East PASTIME: Waxing floors AMBITION: Business man FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Hey you guys!" Dave, a typical Westerner residing in Colorado, is a four year member of the class of "55". He loves the West with its wide open spaces and snow capped moun- tains3 but in spite of his western prejudices, he is well liked in the school here and has achieved a good deal of success. "Barb," as a result of his fine Christian character, has served on the church board for the last two years and is a member of the Advisory Committee. He is also able to be consistently on the honor roll. Dave is as loyal to Stony Brook as he is to the West and is definitely a valuable member of our class. HM? 26 STANLEY BARNETT Cross Country 6g Wrestling 6g Track 6g Christian Ac- tivities Club 63 Glee Club 6g Audio Visual Club 6. APPEARANCE: Gopher LIKES: Africa DISLIKES: Women with warpaint PASTIME: Studying AMBITION: Missionary FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Go away 'n let me study." Stan, "a missionary kid" from Africa is here with us for the first time, and we can't help but wish that he had come sooner. He became an instant scholastic success when he made high honors at the start. "Stan" also takes part in athletics, for he ran cross country in the fall, wrestled in winter, and was a mem- ber of the track team this spring. He has talked to us in chapel about the needs of the African people and prac- tices what he preaches, for he wants to go to Africa as a missionary. We are all proud of you, Stan. ,,,,,M' JOSEPH BLACK Tennis 5,63 Dramatics Club 5,6g Christian Activities Club 6g Quintette 6: Glee Club 65 King's Men 6, Science Club 5. APPEARANCE: Wealthy lumber tycoon LIKES: Seattle DISLIKES: Athletics PASTIME: Typing AMBITION: Minister FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Bull!" Joe, another Westerner who has come East for his education, came here last year after his brother grad- uated. He doesn't get a chance to go home often, so of course he spends much of his time telling us the facts about dear old Seattle. "Blacko" was Stony Brook's foreign exchange student last summer, representing the school on a trip to Ger- many. I-le takes part in many Christian activities throughout the school year, singing in the quintette and the Kingis Men. He also goes on deputation work throughout the Island witnessing for Christ. Joe hopes to keep on talking about Christ in the pulpit if that is where the Lord leads. 27 WILLIAM BARNETT Varsity Football 6, J.V. Football 55 Wrestling 4,5,6g Golf 5,63 .l.V. Baseball 3,4g Letterman's Club 5,63 Auto Mechanics Club 6, Glee Club 6: Golf Club 5,6g Pho- tography Club 3,4g Rifle Club 3,43 Audio-Visual Club 4, Class Secretary 2. APPEARANCE: Supermouse LIKES: Golf DISLIKES: Reference to his size PASTIME: Losing weight AMBITION: Teacher FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "A w, nuts." Bill, a veteran member of this institution of learning, will be sorely missed when he graduates this year. For the last six years he has been extremely popular with his classmates and all that know him. We are proud to count ourselves as Billy's friends. Wee Willy has been a terror on the mats since his sophomore year, and he has also won a football letter this year. In his first year out for golf, Bantam Bill won the school golf tournament. A good student, Bill has earned his place in college where he hopes to prepare to become a teacher. Those lucky kids! ,Ni WILLARD L. BUNDY Varsity Football 5,6g Varsity Basketball 5,65 Track 5,6: Outing Club 5,63 Science Club 5,6g Glee Club 6, Auto Mechanics Club 6, Letterman's Club 6g Executive Com- mittee 6. APPEARANCE: Rodent LIKES: Mail from females DISLIKES: Tidy room PASTIME: Tidying room AMBITION: Hotel manager FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Aw g'wan" Bill, hailing from Schenectady, has become one of the school's best athletes. He played in every quarter last year on the football team as an end. Unfortunately he injured his leg before his first game this year and was able to play only toward the end of the season. Having earned a basketball leter in his junior year, he was one of the main cogs in this year's hoop squad. "Bevo" is always full of fun and is in on most of the practical jokes. He is notorious for staying in bed until the last possible moment and his infamous room that looks as if a cyclone had hit it. Lots of luck, Bill. RICHARD BURCAW Varsity Football 5,6g Varsity Basketball 6, J .V. Bas- ketball 5g Track 6: Golf 5: Outing Club 5,6g Auto Mechanics Club 6: Glee Club 6g RES GESTAE 6: Class Secretary 5,6: Church Board 6. APPEARANCE: Wine connoisseur LIKES: Speed boats DISLIKES: Food stealers PASTIME: Distributing goodies AMBITION: Doctor FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "What do you think, roommate?" Dick, a native of New Jersey, has been here two years, has earned two football letters, and been elected class secretary for two years. His room looks like King Farouk's pantry, for it is always stocked with tasty morsels of all sorts, and Dick and his roommate are always ready and willing to fill our continuously empty stomachs. "Buren did not conhne his athletic talents to football alone, but he also plays football and golf in the spring. Dick works hard in his studies for he hopes to become a doctor. Take care of yourself "Burc,', we are really going to miss you. HOWARD CHAI Cross Country 5,6, J.V. Basketball 5, Track 5, Chris- tian Activities Club 5,6, Ouintette 6, King's Men 6, Glee Club 6, Audio Visual Club 5. APPEARANCE: Bell Imp LIKESI Singing DISLIKES: Nothing PASTIME: Working lzard AMBITION: Engineer FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Le1's gin!" "Howie" is one of Korea's gifts to Stony Brook, and as far as we are concerned any country couldn't produce any better guy than "Chhh." He came to us last year and soon made many friends. What Howie can't say when he's speaking, he says when he's singing, for he has an excellent voice. His fine Christian testimony attracts boys young and old alike. Hard work has made him a success both athletically and scholastically, and this year he earned a cross country letter. In his two years "Howie" has been more than a friend, he's proved himself to be a true Stony Brooker. Certainly, Korea can well be proud of her native son. HERBERT CHEW Cross Country 5, Wrestling 5,6, Baseball 5, Track 6, Glee Club 6, Photography Club 6, Science Club 5. APPEARANCE: Scholarly LIKES: Judo DISLIKES: English class PASTIME: Reading AMBITION: Engineer FAVORITE EXPRESSION: fsilencej Herbie, a popular Chinese from Malaya, has quickly adapted himself to our way of living and has been able to mix well with his fellow schoolmates. Having spent two years in the United States, he has mastered the language well and spends much of his time in extra reading and studying. We will find it hard to forget his hand wrestling con- tests with Mr. Fenton, and many of us have suffered minor injuries in brief skirmishes with him. Expecting to linish his education in college, Herb plans to major in engineering, for he wants to go back to his own coun- try and work there. .ri 46 'Y' DAVID B. DAWSON J .V. Football 4 g RES GESTAE 6 g Cheerleaders 6g Rifle Club 4,5g Blue and White 5. APPEARANCE: Gondolier LIKES: Nanette DISLIKES: Unco-operative cheering PASTIME: Polishing the apple AMBITION: Duke FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "O.K." Dave, ever since entering Stony Brook two years ago, has been one of the class' funny men who almost daily pulls a new stunt or thinks up a new joke especially fitted for the occasion. His comical personality and fantastic stories have made him known throughout the school. Living a short distance from the school, he has invited many boys to his home. "Beau Brummell" is quite a racing and hot rod fan and has enchanted us by the hour with his dazzling tales of his vehicle's exploits. Although not a regular athletic participant, Dave was captain of the cheerleaders. We have high hopes for David as he enters college. 30 NORMAN R. COOPER Varsity Football 4,5,6g J.V. Football 35 Wrestling 3,4, 5,6g Track 3,4,6g Varsity Baseball 5g Riile Club 3,4,5, 6g RES GESTAE 6g Glee Club 63 Science Club 5g Vice- president 6. APPEARANCE: Mr. America LIKES: Blondes DISLIKES: Solid PASTIME: Weekends at home AMBITION: Wealthy hobo FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Watch my sm0ke!" "Coop,,' a four year veteran of Stony Brook has es- tablished himself as an excellent athlete and honor roll student. Hailing from East Northport, this hard work- ing young man has excelled in football and wrestling, obtaining his letter in both. As a student, Norm has consistently earned better than average marks and has won a school prize for outstanding effort. Norm's massive chest and Mr. America body make him popular with the fair sex too, even though Coop in- sists they mean nothing to him. His many attributes are sure to make him successful in years to come. DOUGLAS DAVIDSON Wrestling 6, Varsity Baseball 6g Brass Ensemble 6. APPEARANCE: Tony twin LIKES: Women DISLIKES: Work job PASTIME: Plzoning King's Park AMBITION: Naval Academy FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "That's what I say!" Doug, another new boy, hails from the nearby Long Island town of Baldwin. He started out well and soon discovered his name on the honor roll. He also found time for an active social program, an achievement in itself. His good looks and friendly personality made him many friends throughout the school. Doug has made a hit musically and can often be heard practicing his trumpet. He spends much of his spare time reading, listening to records, or talking to girls on the phone. Doug has worked very hard and is hoping to enter the U.S. Naval Academy. JOHN C. ELLIS Varsity Football 5, Six-man Football 3,45 Wrestling 3 4,5 3 J .V. Baseball 3,4g Track 5,6g Science Club 5, Biol: ogy Club 4,5g Photography Club 4,5,6. APPEARANCE: Olive LIKES: Guns DISLIKES: Bad marks PASTIME: Horsing around AMBITION: Scientist FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "lt doesn't bother me at all." "Ollie" came to us as a day boy in his freshman year and has helped to make life pleasant for us all. He takes a lot of kidding about his nickname, and he is one of the best liked of the local blades. Johnny is a fine athlete and student. He played foot- ball last year but, due to an injury, couldn't play this year. In track last year John won two pole vaulting championships. A consistent honor roll student, "Ollie" expects to become an engineer and hopes to prepare for this work at Annapolis. Fare thee well, John, in what- ever you do. 31 THOMAS ENGERS Wrestling 6g Tennis 6g Auto-Mechanics Club 6, Glee Club 6. APPEARANCE: Puzzled LIKES: Dawson DISLIKES: Record stealers, PASTIME: Playing his 45 AMBITION: Pilot FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "C'mon Dave."' Tom, a lively red-head from Glen Cove, quickly be- came a popular member of the third floor despite the fact that he is a first year student. He sings well and is a member of the glee club. Interested in mechanics, he is also a member of the automobile mechanics club andis an avid hot rod fan. Tommy is a good worker and obtains good grades which he richly deserves. He wrestles in the winter and is a member of the tennis team. A man with the women, Tom does well socially, and the presence of his sister was an added attraction to our class party. He hopes to enter the air force and become an aviator. WILLIAM A. FRIEDRICH Quintette 6, King's Men 6, Glee Club 6, Brass Ensem- ble 6. APPEARANCE: Freshman LIKES: Home DISLIKES: Trumpet-playing PASTIME: Telling dramatic stories AMBITION: Missionary FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "I can do it." Bill came to Stony Brook for the first time this year from New Rochelle. Always cheerful and easy to get along with, he is a good trumpet player, and is a mem- ber of the band which was appreciated during football games, for we all enjoyed the trumpet cheer. A good tenor voice enabled him to become a member of the quintette. Frequently travelling with the deputation teams, who make good use of his musical talents, he often has a chance to say a few words for the Lord. Taking part in many activities, Bill does not find much spare time on his hands, but what he does have is spent listening to classical music. Bill hopes to be a missionary, which we all hope he achieves. 32 r-"Fl-t Rs X' , X"-0 X-4' JOHN E. GAILER, JR. Varsity Football 6, J.V. Football 5, Varsity Basketball 5,6, J.V. Basketball 3,4, Varsity Baseball 4,5,6, J.V. Baseball 3, Glee Club 6, Science Club 5,6, RES GES- TAE 6. APPEARANCE: Pipe cleaner LIKES: Baseball DISLIKES: Charley horses PASTIME: Talking AMBITION: Archllect FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "What rlicl she say?" Teddy, a day boy for the past six years, is a veteran in Stony Brook, and we are certainly glad he is a class- mate. Ted earned a letter in baseball in his sophomore year and has continued to play good ball throughout his years at Stony Brook. This fall Ted was a letterman in football, for he did a fine job in the backfield. He played basketball in the winter. Not only is he an athlete, but also Teddy is a good student who often finds himself on the honor roll. Ted plans to enter Williams and study architecture. All our best wishes to you, Ted. JOHN GREEN Varsity Football 4,5,6, Wrestling 5,6, J.V. Basketball 3,4, Varsity Baseball 4,5,6, J .V. Baseball 3, Letterman's Club 5, Science Club 5, Class Representative 5, Vice- President S.O. 6. APPEARANCE: Teddy bear LIKES: Hattie DISLIKES: Wearing shoes PASTIME: Reading books AMBITION: Naval Architect FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS: "A w, cut it ow!" Johnny, a boy with many abilities, has been popular with everyone in the four years that he has spent among us. Fun and frolic are not to be denied him, but of course studies are important to him, and he has often been on high honors. Maintaining a steady friendship with girls of the neighboring villages, Johnny has had many happy times. "Greenie" is one of the school's best athletes. He was all Ivy League Football and won the Blocking trophy last year. Green's plans include preparation in college to be a naval architect. ROBERT W. HOFFMAN Varsity Football 6, Varsity Basketball 6, Varsity Base- ball 6g Camera Club 6g Glee Club 6. APPEARANCE: Racoon LIKES: Food DISLIKES: Being broke PASTIME: Dreaming of Brazil AMBITION: Business man FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "lt's most foul!" "HoiTer" decided to stop off long enough from his visits to Brazil to spend his senior year at "the Brook," and we are mighty glad he did. While his father works in Brazil, Bob lives in Rochester. His brother came here last year, and graduated, and Bob proved that he had his brother Phil's better qualities as well as some of his own. "Hoff" is one of our more athletic seniors, partic- ipating in football, basketball and baseball, his favorite. Well liked by his fellow classmates, "Hoff" likes to have a good time, but he can settle down and work hard when an opportunity presents itself. A. DONALD MacLEOD Cross Country, manager 6g Wrestling, manager 6g Ten- nis 5,6g Christian Activities Club 5,6, French Club 5,6g Science Club 53 RES GESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: Puppy dog LIKES: Reading the encyclopedia DISLIKES: 2's PASTIME: Hitting the books AMBITION: Minister FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Oh, my goodness!" Don, an outstanding student, instantly established himself as a "brain" when he arrived on our campus last year. A veteran of schools all over the world, Don has the ability to retain all that he's been taught, and this has made him very successful in the classroom. He is a fine Christian and regards his testimony more highly than his schoolwork. He has travelled with the school gospel teams and has given some stimulating messages. Don also served as a capable cross country and wrest- ling manager. After Don leaves Stony Brook, he plans to study at McGill and later at seminary for the ministry. All our best wishes for success go with you. 'wits JAMES E. MOONEY Varsity Football 5,6, Track 3,4,5,6g Glee Club 63 Out- ing Club 4,5,6g Rifle Club 3,4,5g Cheerleaders 2,3,4,5g Science Club 3,4g Blue and White 3,45 Stamp Club 2,3g RES GESTAE 6, Secretary S.O. 6, Class Represen- tative 4,5. APPEARANCE: Polished LIKES: "Alabama" DISLIKES: An obligation PASTIME: Combing his hair AMBITION: Lawyer FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Who can tell?" Jim, a well-rounded intellect originally from the Lone Star State, moved to Long Island while he was spending five years at Stony Brook. "Tex" has been looked up to and because of his good reputation and character has made many friends wherever he goes. "Moon" does well in football and track, and lettered in football. In studies he ranks near the top of his class. Always a hard worker, he is a cum laude student who does well in all he undertakes. He definitely is one of the boys in Stony Brook most likely to succeed. 35 JOHN J. MCNAMARA Varsity Football 6, J.V. Football 4,5g Varsity Basketball 6, J.V. Basketball 4,5g Varsity Baseball 5,6g J.V. Base- ball 3,4g Auto Mechanics Club 65 Glee Club 6g King's Men 6, Outing Club 5,6, Class Representative 2. APPEARANCE: Platypus LIKES: To sling it DISLIKES: J.V. numerals PASTIME: Roller skates AMBITION: Lawyer FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "You cotton-picker n Jeff, a day boy veteran of the school, is well known as a boy that always has something to say and does not mind expressing his view point. Mac is a great help in getting dates for the class parties. Taking part in all activities including athletics, Mac swam the ocean of J.V. sports for three years in prep- aration for his last year on the gridiron and diamond. He has been a legendary figure in ciass basketball where he has set many records in the frigid out door courts. No one will ever forget Mac and his souped up wheel- barrow, for he's the kind of boy that makes school worth remembering. ,ui '15 BYUNG-CHAN PARK Cross Country 5, Tennis 5, J.V. Baseball 5, Outing Club 6, Christian Activities Club 6, Art Club 5. APPEARANCE: Bewilderecl LIKES: Spaghetti DISLIKES: Writing letters PASTIME: Going to movies AMBITION: Business man FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "You dopeyf' Simeon, who entered the school last year from Korea, has won the admiration of us all by his continued cheer- fulness and desire to learn all he can. Although he has an obvious language handicap, he has no trouble mixing with his fellow seniors, and he keeps the second floor from getting too quiet. "Si-monl' hopes to return to Korea and someday be able to rebuild his father's department store which was destroyed during the war. He is learning all he can about American customs and is teaching us a few be- sides. He is sure to be well liked wherever he goes, for his omnipresent smile and good humor will always make him popular and help him to be a success. ROBERT N. PEIRCE, JR. Cross Country 5,6, Wrestling 3,4,5,6, Tennis 4,6, Track 3,5 , Dramatics Club 5,6, Glee Club 6, Cheerleader 2, 3,4,5, Blue and White 3,4,5, French Club 4,5, Stamp Club 2,3, Shop Club 2,3, RES GESTAE 6, Class Rep- resentative 3. APPEARANCE: Jiminy Cricket LIKES: Wrestling DISLIKES: Unfriendly masters PASTIME: "Borrowing" food from the kitchen AMBITION: Paint the water tower ball red FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "I won't take any units!" Bob has made Stony Brook his home for the past five years and during that time he has made a contribu- tion to the school traditions. A good student, Bob has earned honor grades, having done especially well in literary activities. An avid sports enthusiast, he has run cross country in the fall, and has been one of the school's most dependable grapplers. It will be hard to forget Bob, and our best wishes go with him as he goes on to college specialization in journalism. JOHN R. PERCY Varsity Football 5, J.V. Football 4, Varsity Basketball 5,6g J.V. Basketball 3,4, Varsity Baseball 4,5,6, J.V. Baseball 3, Glee Club 63 King's Men 6g Quintette 65 Dramatics Club 53 RES GESTAE 6g Church Board 6, Class President 3,4,5,6g Advisory Committee 5. APPEARANCE: Country boy LIKES: All sports DISLIKES: Hackers in class meeting PASTIME: Reading magazines AMBITION: M.D. FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "C'mon, man!" "Perce," since his arrival on the campus four years ago, has been outstanding in every thing that he has undertaken at Stony Brook. Since his freshman year he has been one of the leading contenders for high scho- lastic honors. One of the school's top athletes, he has earned three letters in baseball, and quarterbacked the football team in his junior year. Serving the class for four years as president, he is also one of the most pop- ular seniors. John hopes to become a doctor, and he certainly has the potentiality to become a capable physician. SHERWOOD PETERS Auto Mechanics Club 6. APPEARANCE: Locomotive LIKES: Engines DISLIKES: Gasket stealers PASTIME: Fixing things AMBITION: To make his own car FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "To get more horse- power-!" Sherwood, Stony Brook's successor to Henry Ford, has studied here for two years and has gained the respect of his class-mates for his unceasing work and study in the field of mechanics. Being very mechanically minded, he is interested almost exclusively in engines and it is not an uncommon sight to see Sherwood in his ever-present engineering cap working on his beloved motors. His extensive knowledge in the field of elec- tronics has helped us several times, for when the lights go bad, Sherwood comes to our rescue and is usually able to detect a faulty fuse or poor wiring. Pete is quite a boy, but he has many friends and all of us wish him the best'of luck and hope he gives us hrst choice when he makes his new car. 37 THOMAS D. REAVES Varsity Football 6, J.V. Football 4,5, Wrestling 4,5,6, Track 5,65 .l.V. Baseball 4, Outing Club 5,6, Spanish Club 4,5, Biology Club 4, RES GESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: Mole LIKES: Sarasota DISLIKES: Broken slumber PASTIME: Sleeping AMBITION: Manager of a big trucking company FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Cut it out, will ya!" Mole, a friendly guy from the deep, deep south, is a three year member of our class. Although he appears to be one of the quieter boys, he is really a fun-loving guy with plenty of spirit. His bristly chin has made him famous, for Tom has an aversion for shaving. Tom plays football and is a track participant, but wrestling is his favorite sport and one look at his phy- sique will tell you why. He is very proud of Florida, his native state, and keeps everyone informed about the goings-on in Sarasota. Whatever Tom does or wher- ever he goes, he will always be fondly remembered by us all. 38 RICHARD T. PURCHASE Cross Country 6, Track 6, Christian Activities Club 5, 6, Chaplain S.O. 6, Advisory Committee 6, Church Board 6. APPEARANCE: Church mouse LIKES: Deputations DISLIKES: Assignments PASTIME: Keeping busy AMBITION: Minister FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Yea, but." Dick, hailing from Woodbury, New Jersey, has been a student in the school for two years. In that time he has greatly influenced many of us, and his prominent Chris- tian characteristics enabled him to serve ably as pres- ident of the Christian Activities Club. He is constantly engaged in activities for the Lord. A member of the church board, and a constant speaker in chapel, "Perch" takes part in many school and church activities and found time this year to par- ticipate in cross country and track. He wants to be a minister, and as he is so effective here at school, he can- not avoid being a success in this field. I ,V f CHRISTOPHER M. RYLKE Varsity Football 6g J.V. Football 5, Wrestling 5,6g Ten- nis 5,6g Glee Club 6g Outing Club 5g Science Club 5. APPEARANCE: Continental LIKES: Good timcfs in the city DISLIKES: Algebra PASTIME: Cil'lIIlil1g his room AIVIBITION: Bll.YflIl'.Y.Y man FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "What's thc' hee:- r1c's.s'f' " Chris, a happy-go-lucky foreigner from Nigeria, has been in Stony Brook since his junior year and because of his terrific personality and good humor he became an instant favorite throughout the school. Always friends with everyone, he has immortalized himself through his sayings, which have echoed throughout the school. "Rylk" used his large frame to advantage in football this year and hc played in every quarter. He wrestled in the heavyweight class this winter and did a fine job. He hopes to go back to Africa some day and work in his father's business. Take care of yourself "Rylk," all of us will miss you. ROBERT SKRIPAK, JR. Varsity Football 5,69 J.V. Football 43 Wrestling 3,5,6g Tennis 4,5,6g J.V. Baseball 33 Glee Club 63 Auto Me- chanics Club 6g Blue and White 5g Science Club 53 RES GESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: Cockroach LIKESZ Attention DISLIKES: Getting the mail at noon PASTIME: Raising Cain AMBITION: Hotel manager FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Ha, Ha-Yea!" Bob, for four years a popular classmate, is a day boy from Smithtown. A good laugh getter, he is one of the most fun-loving boys in the school. "Skrippy" is one of the top "brains" in the class and received cum laude honors. Nevertheless he is very modest regarding his scholastic success and athletic achievement. He has earned two letters in football and wrestling mainly due to his aggressiveness on the grid- iron and mats. He is an efficient date-getter for our class parties and always does well for himself too. May hc continue to have good success. 39 GEORGE W. SOERHEIDE Varsity Football 6, J.V. Football 5, Wrestling 5,65 Track 4,5,6g Christian Activities Club 6, Glee Club 6, King's Men 6, Outing Club 5,63 Dramatics Club 5, Blue and White 4, RES GESTAE 6g Advisory Committee 6. APPEARANCE: Burly LIKES: Going home to Philadelphia DISLIKES: Uneo-operative letter writers PASTIME: Writing letters AMBITION: Missionary FAVORlTE EXPRESSION: "You skuzzf' George, a good humored lad from Pennsylvania, has spent three years at Stony Brook, and we all have ben- efited from his presence. Because of his good infiuence, George was appointed to the Advisory Committee. Al- ways willing to lend a hand whenever needed, he is well thought of and looked up to by all. Blessed with a desire to get ahead, he studies hard and earns Honor Roll marks. ln athletics he was a mem- ber of the varisty football squad, wrestled first string and participated in track. The whole school is proud of George as he goes to college to train for the mission field. ALAN STALB Varsity Football 6, J.V. Football 5, Wrestling 5,69 Var- sity Baseball 5,6g Glee Club 63 Auto Mechanics Club 65 Outing Club 63 Science Club 5, Golf Club 5. APPEARANCE: Veteran LIKES: His m0ther's food DISLIKES: Required reading PASTIME: Limping FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Yo" Al, residing in Hempstead, Long Island, favored us with his presence when he entered the hallowed Hege- man Hall with his omnipresent suitcase of food. For the past two years he has been responsible for waxing the dining room fioor and has spent many a long Friday night with his fellow laborers. Alan does well in athletics and has played varsity football this year. When the weather turns cold Al turns to wrestling. He is an exceptional baseball player and saw much action this spring. Being interested in science "Stalber" spends much of his time reading scientific books and magazines and does especially well in chem- istry and physics. He hopes some day to major in one of those fields. 40 '-2' BARRY VAUGHN Varsity Football 5,6g J.V. Football 4, Varsity Basket- ball 5,6g J.V. Basketball 4g Varsity Baseball 4,5,6g Let- terman's Club 5,6g Outing Club 63 Blue and White 5, RES GESTAE 6, S.O. President 6,'CIass Represen- tative 5, Class Vice President 4. APPEARANCE: The little business man LIKES: Athletics DISLIKES: Too much noise PASTIME: Running the student body AMBITION: Lawyer FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Hey, room-mate!" Barry has achieved outstanding success in Stony Brook during his three years. His outstanding scholastic success is evident, for Barry is often on High Honors. He has been outstanding athletically, for he has played varsity football since his sophomore year and was a rated second team all Ivy League, and plays both var- sity basketball and baseball. Furthermore he is an out- standing Ieader and was elected president of the student organization. It is difhcult to say how we feel towards Barry, for in spite of all his success, he will ever be a buddy. CARL R. VENABLE Varsity Football 6, J .V. Basketball 4g Varsity Baseball 63 J.V. Baseball 3,45 Glee Club 6, Outing Club 6g Rifle Club 3,4. APPEARANCE: Little panda LIKES: To pester Balla DISLIKES: To be serious PASTIME: Playing with chewing gum AMBITION: Biology teacher FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Y0u're out of it." Carl disappointed us when he didn't come here last year after completing his freshman and sophomore years at Stony Brook, but pleasantly surprised us when he decided to finish his prep school education here. "Veteran Carl" is a true patriot of Oklahoma who plays football and is a dependable chucker during foot- ball season. He is a real westerner who cannot appre- ciate the unpredictable Long Island weather conditions. Carl hopes to be a biology teacher, so we wish him the best of luck when he takes over in the class room. PETER WATSON Varsity Football 65 Varsity Basketball 65 Track 6, Glee Club 6, King's Men 63 Auto Mechanics Club 6, Outing Club 6. APPEARANCE: Raggedy speciman LIKES: East Rockaway DISLIKES: East Rockaway's defects PASTIME: Making noise AMBITION: Duck hunter FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Osbey Walwaya" Pete, spending his first year at the Brook as a senior, lives in East Rockaway and attended his first three years of high school there. Peter has quickly become a pop- ular fixture of our class and is our chief source of mer- riment and succeeds in keeping us in stitches. "Raggedy" is a three sport athlete, playing football this fall and did very well as a hoopster this winter and performed very well in track. He takes his studies ser- iously and works hard in all his classes. As he goes to college, he is sure to be as popular there as he was here. We will never forget him. KENNETH WILKENS Varsity Football 6: Varsity Basketball 6g Varsity Base- ball 6g Outing Club 6g Glee Club 6. APPEARANCE: Rugged LIKES: Barbara DISLIKES: The second floor PASTIME: Sitting in the whirlpool AMBITION: Advertising FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Cut it out, Daw- son." Kenny, a first year student, is another Long Island resident from Bayside. Possessing a good personality and friendly attitude he made friends rapidly and soon the whole school knew Ken. Voted as one of the boys with the best build, this blond strong man is a credit to the class and his school wherever he goes. Ken is an athletically minded student and played first string football last fall. Basketball and baseball are the two other sports that he does well in, and he is regarded as one of the school's hard working athletes. Through his ability to apply himself he is a good student and hopes to enter the advertising business when he grad- uates. We hope that you do as well in life as you have done here, Ken. GARRETT M. ZIEGENFELDER Varsity Football 5,6g J.V. Football 3,43 Wrestling 3,4, 5g Track 4,5,6g Dramatics Club 6, Glee Club 6, Letter- man's Club 6, Outing Club 6, Golf Club 6. APPEARANCE: Joe college l LIKES: Week-ends DISLIKES: Studying PASTIME: Visiting girls AMBITION: Caddy salesman FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Hey, Vauglznff' "Zieg," Stony Brook's only six year boarder, is known throughout the school for his radiant smile and good disposition. This blond comet is a three sport partici- pant and last year won his letter in track. He also wrestlcs and plays football. Ziggy can always be counted on to put on a good show in whatever he does, especially for the girls who will always be among his first interests. His charming personality is not used exclusively for the girls, for we have all spent many happy hours with Zig. He is a hard working student and always puts forth his best effort in his studies, so he is bound to be a great success. 43 ROBERT WOLF Track 6, J .V. Baseball 3, Dramatics Club 6, Blue and White 4,5g Audio Visual Club 4g RES GESTAE, Edi- tor 6. APPEARANCE: Paul Bunyan LIKES: Pontiaes DISLIKES: Echoes of "Blo0p" PASTIME: Calling yearbook meetings AMBITION: Engineer FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Well, you see it's like this." Bob, a tower of strength literally and figuratively from nearby Saint James, has been an important mem- ber of the class throughout his four years with us. "Treb,' certainly has provided us with a lot of merriment and laughter. He does everything in a big way, which is evident by his huge proportions and is a brain in plane and solid geometry. He has plenty of imagination and often makes up his own theorems. "Bloopy" was editor of the Blue and White, and this year was the hard working, industrious editor of the Res Gestae. He definitely has our respect for the fine job he does in everything he undertakes. ll ROBERT K. M. ZUMFT Varsity Football 5,65 Wrestling 6, Track 6, Varsity Baseball 4,5g Middlers' Football 3,4g J.V. Basketball 5, J.V. Baseball 3, Midget Football 1,29 Midget Baseball l,2g Midget Basketball 1,25 Rifle Club 3,4,5g Letter- manis Club 6, Executive Committee 6,RES GESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: Peter Prep LIKES: Boats DISLIKES: English books PASTIME: Making up nicknames AMBITION: Ship builder FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "I've been out with her." '5Zumfer," the school's romeo, has been a popular member of the "Brook" for six years. This husky, blond blade has not only made a hit with all the lassies from miles around, but his fighting spirit and habitual gayness make him well liked by all his classmates. Bob is a two year letterman in football and is a mem- ber of the wrestling and track team. Every now and then "Zumpt', takes time out from touring the land in his Dodge roadster to do some studying, and he ranks high in his class. He hopes to become an engineer, and we feel sure he will be successful. J" A 'ii 'IE' rw ,- . gn. r - I P an .l. fr a rg 4. Hifi P CN fill' L 54 1 ! JQ 1 4' -i .- , J ?'f4z hi I j-P .a 5 jf . -.X . 5. 55 ' 1 r-' r ,.f fi' , .', I P .V 1 X " . ff h, '.' ' n 1 f r' ' 1 Y we , f' f"TH'x V ms ' ' e 'x .ffl K' 'IIS-V KW if . ef, - .5 - "" ,, ' '11 . . . . Wye 'e 'v' - I . ',, '7' if-H ' 1 - , 1 k ., -5- eq- A-E n -5,7 Y -1: 'XJ' 3 4-na, 1 ,Q Q - X t vw - ,,5yQg1,.,x"," 4 H x X K SX Q ' ' ' ,F ,Q ' 4 n ' li, 11 L -. '5- ' N 1 l,z,.n .1 , - .2331 , - . -' x 'iz-H ' f, ':-'f15',',.' " M, A V- .I , . . -1 1.4 76,5 If 'Q 1' -F' 2'ff:.,4g0,.' ' 4' ," A ' 1, , ,V I l XV? 0 1 Member of Executive Committee, 1' 'Artic-navv R. Bammann J. Boice R. Entenmann T. Evans 'X' L. Goodman L. Holgersen 'ii 'Q' R. Bottjer H. Carlson R. Ewen D. Fiedler 'AR . il . X . ---..., ,-.,.,,, . , wx 1 ix E 4 Y ig! X I qi R W 'V .L L. Huber S. Janow iagv'-gal... , I R ,W -, -f f f. 1' ' Ti l l . Vx' ' - K Q K M , A .. .sf 452135 ' rw-NA ', T ' Q4 1 ,I L, ff' fr 1 . - 'aux -- I- 1. . f-ff-f :R :-azz: 4w:::'.-915555 4"l1'im"4::: . 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XJ 517 ' an f 2' 5, .-:f if K. Biathrow G. Boone W. Carroll E. Case W. Commcrdinger A. Cuthbert I. Davidson C Flsher J French C. Fricke T Gxll G. Lowander W Rnddell F Schroedex R. Sonner C Stevenson R Wnlson J Wolle S Wund D. Dillon R. Ellis P. Esser 2 J. Gould C. Herz J. Hilt P. Katabian G. MacDonald A. Meyer W. Moore C. Munroe R. Strong F. Visted J. Weber 1 D. Buell K. Cascone A. Cooper W. Crane 2' B. French R. Hart J. Johnson R. Karl ""' Iv. J. Pratt R. Pringle M. Rodriguez R. Skripak W. Weigand S. Woods C. Wright J. Yuen if r ...- I -'S 6' 'Av ' X u .ga . .4 In 1 ' -9'3" '- 'ei ' M Q52 4-fi? .sdgify vl gg R. Bennett R. Betsch J. Bonard 1 G. Davidson G. Kuper ...Q . R QF: , . ,ML ww W Jgi' A ,z'llLiQ5 ...ah B. Stelzenmullcr rl an 2' -Q' O. Davison S. Edwards R. Foster G. Leek R. Strasser .desk W 'f - 1 Q-RESNA . lj1.:.j1jiQQY.h'1'::,:lg,5q i7gjl,,.1 a.nXxxMXwEM.Q-:Rfk-. '... A+ - C. Opitz A. Pospisil H. Tredwell T. Walker SLASS B. Acomb W. Dobler S. Johnson J. Mills R. Morris S. 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P4 21 Sl 41 mrtrllls F.1,1111o and iiraatofi. Cops Sixth Navy Five llniitiiigttni---'llrrrt' garnet xxcrc plarctl in tl11' llnrrtingtuii YNILIA l1cr1' last night Cagt' lcagnc lkllll thc Nam' topping the Lfrtrxacltrs. ll-IT, fnr' its sixth straight lllllt Ccnrgs Ycil r.1CLc'cl up 21 pninti for the Hanna lt'2'IfllIS. ln other ganics, thc Rinly- lhii Xllmill ' --11111 the Nluu11clngt'rS, 36-29, Al" Sptntv S -.aunt at llopiagtic--Itisrplr lltinf. l 11. tt-rrn1'r, nas t-lcctul raptain nt the 'Ulvccl the Dixieland init? and llanrry rnarktris tor the cage Copiagrrc lnnior lligli bmltctball learn. llt-inc stnnrli ti-2 anrl nriglis lgtl. ltr nilt lt'111l liii xtlnatl llititinxl lYtt'1l lslip this l-'1i1l.11 night zlt Ill! llrtzit Nu lc Road Srlimil, in tl1t-41p411- ing gains. Cleo..- 36-28 Hai Slime---111 l11t1r111t-1l1.1te league gamut laxt night the Clltuntfw twat Salt'-, ilw 251, patttl ln llrn lcwxcrrlicrg anal the Xl1tl1111i11t npaiiclcrl f.l4AlC1i1.t'S, 59-16, as Math flrnbtintli itmcd 26 pmntg, Bay Shore Oufhusiles Pafchogue in 78-61 Win By Charles Clark Bin' Slnnc-1-A aliarp-slrootirig Bay Shore lligli qnintct that could do no 11 rung snairrptd Pritcliogiic, 78-61, in a H011-lCilgllC cngc unitt-st here jcstcrclai afturiiooii. Big Randy Conquest chalkcd np Z5 pointn tor tht losers Maltituck Cops Fourth Straight li11stpt11't---M--Cnacli B0b.M11ix's Nat- titnuk High cagcrs 11-011 their fourth straight by beating liastport, 53-46, lrcrc ycstuclai. 'lllll' 11o11l1.1211c tilt rcinlted in thc fifth 11111-1c11l111. sctlinrik lor coarli lid MC- llliiflllfx lltifklings irho operate in B-3. Nlattitnrlt caniu np with tllrcc nrcn in tltnrlrlv frgiirct -r-- Plxil Dickcrsoii LHB, Don Si1t1'1111r11l 1,171 nntl ltcl Adams tl-ll. lieut- 111-rt, l111111111, lr1IlsClllCtl the victoix from tht' llni-1, 20-ltr. l11 the rinportaiit foul-line c1n1t'cst Nlattitnclt 11.11 ical hut with 21 Corner'- Nionl that llltillll the ball game. ln the lint l1.1li. thc Xlllllllltjl inarlc good 011 '13 til IS tru: flips. Alter ltrrlding a l-t 12 edge grnng into the at-1111111 stanva, Nlattituclz, nrtli Slici- ialhnig fur ninc points, nent un to ltatl. 13 IU, .ll.ll1llllllXK'. A very prior third in iwltirh thu ngistfrctl oiily Six litfillullx pitnttl tht' lllltbtl Ll0ltlll'1lll of llic ll11cll1111:,1. ' 11 111111 111 1 intl tip p11t1n1i11,r1 !11r linstport ncrc Ken Kh'llll4llllX nith lti and Stan Czrltiirslti 111th ll. liicry plzntfr in the gztiiif-iii: for l'.11tpr11't anrl inc for Xlnttitxrrle----gut in tht -1-11'111g clwlnnin llllll at lrast llircc' t.1l'l1t'1. 11111111111 1.11 nntp-m 1401 1: 1- 1' C F P 1, .1 ., . -1 614 tzniattirti , -4 Jil 511.-ww - ,.,- 'J 918 1-111.111 ,,.,.-.2 tr 4 11..1tr1 , .,.t1 14 .1 11.11-1111 ,,-....,H t11t1 111.11111 . ,- , 1 -1 6 r11111111111,., .,1 1 4 At1.m1 ,,. ,.1 11 lrl 51111-ir -. .42 tr 5 - -- w1114011 1 . T 1 DH who trailed ll'lIOllgllUlll the ganitf. After 2 dazzling displax ul iiiiiip-slrnnting by Don Balclwiri and Chl? lIn1to11, who each tallied 14 niarkcrs, and wine truly laynps lroni nndvr thu lnitips hv Bob Tidwcll, who lcd the lllnmoin 111th 15, the A-1 entry of coach Hub Il11rt1:t1rn must bc conccdctl a tnp rnal fnr llnnting- tun's lrnircls. In an all-around :1tt11LL, stllll Pontll hit for a dozen niarkcrs Ti all ninr' Bay Shore players gut into thc scoring act. Steie Mudsso and llank Sicnian 111tI1 ll and 8, rc1ptt1'ti1'cl1', trailul CAflllillll'Kl on the l'.1t1l1ogne sidrs. 1.111111 By 61.39 Aftczr the first period, Bai Slime tn- inycrl a 21-12 edge orcr m.11l1 Carl ljlvlllll A-2 Llcfcncling charnps, and 11111'c.11ul thc rnangin to 42-26 at lialltirnc. .'ttt'1r thnrc periods, the Maroons were 1t,1tl111g oft with a 61-39 bulge. Both tennis were actiie on thc fnnl line iiitli Pritclrngric netting 19 nl 23 chances while Bay Shore 11.15 tlrupprng in H of 25 trics. Frorn the Hour. l1t111c1c'r, thc Maroons were vastly sinicritir 111tl1 a lrnsrtling attack that ctinrtanth hrrwlc up thc Rvd Raidcrs' clown Hour 11101 ts. vlllll victtirs registered 32 field goals to Z3 for Pritclioguc. B.1l1lwi11 and 'l'i1l11'cll pacctl Bay Shore nith 12 and nine pointw, rcxptttnt-ly, in thc that halt with Co11t111tnt lltlllltllg nigh! in the same stretch. Bay Slime, with ii 4-l 111u.1ll lll-lll4, rc- snnns its A-1 crown qnzwt l'11tl.11' at ll1111- trngton in what 111111 dt-ciclc tllt' ltagne iwsnc once and for all. l'.1tcI111g11t, 0 2, trrtfs for its tirit A-2 loop rind In liostnig Riicr- licatl, lhy Nhat! UQ, flllhlllllt tlll ti F P 1: F P 111,11111t111 .,..- is 4 14 111111111 .. ,-4 4 ig 5 Rl 11,1 Ca . fl 1, ll lla y l1.1 Q Vi gl 11 c 11r1 L ani L is for Q 1-1 ' iv. . 1,111 X 141 I' ma uni 1 11 011 '1 1 1 7 .Iackson's "1" "M" t'.xcc11t11'L' Rlnnirriittfftr this l'lltlill lllglll ll ,. ..-1. 11 .- ....,..,.. 1 11.1 11.1111 1 1 Norman Cooper, Varsity Captain thc tl 1 strc ow -11 ng to 11111 thc- 3.1tir111.1l Bank, 31-30, litre latt 1111rt1t 111 11 innitlr tliviyiun game of tht. llay Slime C1n1111111nity Batsltctliall Lcftgrrc. ,'X11cl1 Xl1l,.11n111 iintclrcil 13 poinlw fn' the 11111:111'-. llalplr lcggiu Qldfllflflll 12 111.11l11r1 111 tlrt lamis trippccl th! lxgittn, S4 28. Bay Slirwrc-In lslip 'l'o11'r1t1l1ip lftlglll hz11l1ctl1.1ll garnet hilt night. Iiast Islip beat Sayxillc, 45-32, as Dick Patth and llnd Vriclrrber :1t.1rrL'1l nlnlc the South Sirlc llotcl dlllllpfil the Rrncns. 5849, l5 lack l.o11gl1lin scored 22 and llanl Vatu 26. Wednesday. Duumlnor 15, H54 Q1 S Top Row: Scherer, Mgr., Lehnartz, Ziegenfelder, Mooney, R., Mgr. 4th Row: Bottjer, Watson, Barnett, W.. Tobin. Riddell, McNamara. 3rd Row: Venable, Mooney, J., Rylke, Fiedler, Wil- kens, Soerheide, Luckman. 2nd Row: Coach Medd, Reaves, Darroch, Stalb, Bammann, Gailer, Visted, Holgersen. lst Row: Coach Johnson, Skripak, Bundy, Dow. Vaughn, Green. Cooper, N., Burcaw, Zumft, Coach Fenton. Brookers Conquer H .M. and Adelphi Varsity football commenced with early practice the second week in September, and prospects looked good as the team had eight returning let- termen. The first week was spent on fundamentals with Mr. Johnson and Mr. Fenton coaching. Then drills began on a new offense, a wing-T and an unbalanced line, along with special defenses. In the first game, a clash with the public school, Northport, S.B. came out on the losing end of a 28-7 score. After the Northport game they began a week of preparation for their first Ivy League contest with Poly. Erratic playing along with untimely fumbles gave them the game 28-0. The squad anticipated a rough time with Horace Mann, Bronx's Ivy League entry, but with the help of a new backfield coach, Mr. Medd, and great defensive work by Captain John Green, we eked out a 7-6 victory over an improved Horace Mann team. The next game was a disappointing loss to St. Paul's, who intercepted two passes for a 12-0 win. The following week the Bruins met Trinity on their home field and held them scoreless until a sustained drive in the closing minutes gave them the edge 6-O. In this game S.B. lost the services of first string center Bob Zumft, who was sidelined by a broken leg. Riverdale was the team's next opponent and was regarded as their toughest foe. Riverdale showed their best as they pounded us 41-12 on a mud-covered field. The final game of the season and also the last for the seniors resulted in a hard-won triumph. Paced by Barry Vaughn, who scored two T.D.'s, Big Blue trimmed Adelphi 35-18-a happy ending to the season. 'I ,WIT Coaches Medd, Johnson, and Fenton Trumc Iam? 'H .,. ,nu .I 4 . Dl- " VDD- Go! Go! Go! PRECIPITATION I A vi- , BOYS? Ride'em Cowboy IVY LEAGUE - 1954 WHEN WHO WHERE WON Oct. Poly Prep .........,.. ........... A way .............. ........... T hey 28-0 Oct. Horace Mann ........ ........... H ome .............. ........... W e 7-6 Oct. St. Pauls ............... ........... A way ............. ........... T hey 12-0 Oct. Trinity ........... ........... H ome .............. ........... T hey 6-0 Oct. Riverdale .......... ........... A way ............. ........... T hey 41-12 Nov. Adelphi .,...... ........... H ome ............. ........... W e 35-18 Half Time-Adelphi-21-0 Dow Vlxted Vaughn SHIP lk Bundy Cooper N Zum ft Top Row: Coach Goldberg, Carlson, Chai. Knecht. R., Strong, R., Goodman, Peirce. R., Stakes, Lees, MacLeod, Mgr. Center Row: Barnett, S., Katabian. Friedrich, Herz, Commer- dinger, Augustin, Dates, Esser, Krupp. Bottom Row: Purchase, Tabatchnik, Yuen, Cuthbert, Garitano, Balla. ton Brook 4, Opponents 3 The 1954 Cross Country season started off with early practice three days before school began with only one returning letterman. However, with a spirited team and an experienced coach, the sea- son was ended with a sense of achievement and satisfaction. The Brooksters met Poly, who eventually won the championship, after only two and a half weeks of practice, and put on a powerful display of run- ning, losing by a score of 26-29. Goodman, fol- lowed by Carlson, Chai, Knecht and Strong, came in as a unit in practically every meet. The next meet, at home, the team was vic- torious, defeating a strong Horace Mann team in both the varsity and jay-vee. Although the first Stony Brooker was third, again the team unit turned the tide. Larry Goodman led the team around to victory in the triangular meet with Cen- ter Moriches and Shelter Island in a continuation of the winning streak. The team also chalked up another victory at LaSalle. The squad, amidst the growing fervor over the Ivy League meet, achieved perfect scores against Trinity in both groups. Dur- ing this week, though, two of our key varsity men were injured, thus handicapping the team unit, for in the .Ivy League Meet, the Brook came in a poor third. The team was also defeated in a spirit- ed meet with Riverhead. The team is indeed grateful for every lesson, both spiritual and physical, taught them by their patient coach, and faces the next season hopefully with live returning lettermen. Commence! Howie setting the pace. SCHEDULE - 1954 STONY MEET BROOK OPP. Poly ....................................,..... 29 26 Horace Mann .................. 25W 31 W Center Moriches, Shelter Island ............ 19 W 57 W LaSalle .................................... 24 32 Trinity .............. ............ 1 5 49 Ivy League ............,........... Third Riverhead ........ ............ 4 0 19 -7 61 Coach Goldberg and Capt. Goodman "Only a quarter mile to go." "Move up now!" Jeff-11- , ' fi ,mi "Let's make su re." "Your sense of pace makes the dlfferencef' Chai. Knccht, R., Carlson, Strong, R., Lees, Peirce, R., Stakes, Goodman. ' 0 Knccht. R. 'E -1 09 Strong, R. Peirce, R. -: 1 H Chai A qi 2 Sw A -S' "' ,F Carlson 63 Lees Goodman , 2' 1 r 11 NS... A N , A In -Q 'Nf- Stakes Top Row: Winser, MacDonald, Biathrow, Wolle, Baggett, Davidson, I., Fricke, Perry, Minuse, Standen, Couch, Towlen. Center Row: Ass't. Coach Ellis, J., Adare, Lycette, Huber, Sonner, Moore, W., Wund, Hilt, Baz, Peirce, W., Ewen, Entenmann, Coach Liggett. Bottom Row: Carroll, Mgr., Percival, Belyea, Keen, Gerken, Lowander, Marcucci, Case, Boone, Kelly, Knecht, C., Fischer, Mgr. s.B. oPP. s.B. OPP. La sane ...................., 0 29 1954 smirmown ............... 0 19 East Meadow ...... 0 27 SCHEDULE St. Paul,s .................. 13 0 I.V.'s Show Steady Improvement The 1954 J.Vfs welcomed their new coach, Mr. Liggett, with enthusiasm and spirit. They faced tough, spirited competition from the be- ginning of the season and fought several uphill battles before they completed their schedule. In the opening game, against LaSalle, they found an opponent who scored easily and in every period. During the first quarter Bob Baugh, the quarterback, suffered a broken leg which even- tually kept him out for the rest of the season. In the end LaSalle triumphed 29-O. The team next met East Meadow, a superior team in every respect. However the Meadowers were faced by an improved S. B. team whose for- ward drive was only halted in the first quarter by an inopportune fumble. Blocking, a weak point throughout the season, improved when the J.V.'s faced Smithtown. It was not. enough, however, for Smithtown, like La Salle, scored in the first period and went on to win 19-0. In the intervening weeks, Mr. Liggett drastically changed the plays, so that a stronger, better equipped team faced St. Paul's. Not only did the team show strength in blocking and pass defense, but it also was strong enough offensively to score early in the game and to go on to whip the Saints 13-0. After a slow start, the J.V.'s finished strongly and left the field on the day of the final game with the satisfaction that they had shown steady im- provement throughout the season. Top Row: Coach Percy, Pratt. Betsch. Hart. Johnson. S.. Pospisil, Buell, Skripak. Rich, Leek, Kuper. Center Row: Strong, D., French. B., Woods, Johnson, J., Crane. Weigand, Bonard, Karl, Pringle. Bottom Row: Wright, Siegel, Schocnbaum, Davidson, G., Bennett. RECORD OF CONTESTS S.B. OPP. S.B. OPP. La Salle ............... 7 6 Port Jefferson Patchogue ............... 0 7 Smithtown ....,......, 6 0 S.B. ...... 7 Opp. 20 Massapequa ......,.. 0 32 A Promising Start Under Mr. Barton and John Percy, the fresh- men comprised mainly of newcomers started their season by beating La Salle Military Academy, 7-6. The second game, a home affair with nearby Smithtown, resulted in another nerve-racking vic- tory 'with a Dick Skripak to Steve Johnson pass in the last thirty seconds providing a 7-0 margin. From there, however, their three remaining foes managed to bowl them over. A tough Port Jefferson team won 20-6 despite an exciting 80- yard run-back after the kick-olf by Skripak. Patchogue reversed the Smithtown game by win- ning in the last seventeen seconds, 7-0. In the season's finale a superior Massapequa squad de- feated the frosh by five touchdowns. CHEER - rt ...M "Let's go Stony Brook!" Dawson, Boice, Peirce, W., Fricke. Mooney, R., Bennett. Sky's the limit. i CLASS GRO P Standing Mr. Fenton. Coach. Bammann, Dow, Hoff- Mgr. Kneeling: Percy. Burcaw. Balla. Visted Gailer min W ttson, Bundy, Fiedler, Wolle. Mgr., McNamara, Vaughn. Hoopsters in trong Fl.Hl.Sh Wearing Hashy new navy blue warm up jackets, our basketball team was well represented this year by many holdovers from last year's squad and a popular new- comer, Denny Fiedler. Led by the l954 all Ivy league star, John Percy, the boys got off to a Hying start by winning three out of their first four encounters. This bright outlook, however, was dimmed when we lost our first lvy League game to St. Pauls in an exciting overtime contest. Disheartened by this defeat and the loss of other close games, we failed to reach full potentiality until the Friends game when we ran rampage over the Ouakers in a one sided 70-29 setback. Encouraged by this lopsided victory, we went on to twice vanquish Adelphi and Friends Academy for the second time. Enough credit cannot be given to Mr. Fenton who never lost faith in his team, for when the going was rough, his constant en- couragement led them on to give them the victories they deserved. 67 I W 10, qw af U Bundy 1100 ' f -. wl- zf 3, Aziz?" 4 5.3.1 ' 1 fd -:rg Fsflilfrf 1.. E A ' ' T?Uf1.'iF'517i Q .24 -Sq . ,W ,,,,., an Q W .Ki ff'i'f, .1 , ,.0-2.35244 fo-i'uptuin Percy Mr. Fenton. Ctonch. f'u'Cnptnin Bundy 4"?',, W 1 V, it W , AY FIB' Smithtown . ..... ......... Hackensack Church LaSalle .................................. Alumni . .......... St. Paul's ......... Riverdale ............. Horace Mann ......... Poly Prep .............. Friends .............. Adelphi ....... St. Paul's ......... Riverdale ......... Trinity .................... Horace Mann .......... Poly Prep .............. Adelphi ....... OPP 60 42 44 45 54 74 54 84 29 60 64 60 72 65 93 54 AQY RPA. SB 53 54 54 57 47 37 47 47 70 62 51 34 5 55 33 61 6l 'Ze 'P' Py 41fDn A nYyB1f I-rank Vlxtcd All Rb- X Bill INSTRUMENTAL in Stony Brook's 70-29 hoop win ovcr Friends Academy Saturday was Iohn Percy of New York City, who tallied 13 points. The Brooks also won on the mat, nip- ping 1IacklCy's gruntcrs by El 21-17 margin. ago, Mat lVin,s To Stony Brook A'!'.4 ' 'A Sink il, Frank! Stony Brook - Saturday proved to be a great sports day for the Stony Brook School with the cagers wrapping up a one-sided 70-Z9 win over Friends Academy on the basketball court after the Brook grapplcrs had topped Ilacklcv, 20-17, on thc mat. The junior "Spring" in action Rcbounding with Friends iv mfs- 'mot eil We Qscnpllb wgtzauutf X Standing: MacLeod, Mgr., Morris, Mr. Liggett, Coach French, B., Chew, Lowander, Lees, Skripak, Rob, Win: scr, Peirce, R., Soerheide, Cooper, N., Percival, Towlen Barnett, W.. Tabatchnik, Engers, Entenmann, Mr: Coombs. Coach, Esser. Third Row: Holgersen, Good- man. Tobin, Green, Wilkens, Rylke, Adare, Luckman Ahktar, Wund, Huber, Janow. Second Row: Alverzo Mills, Johnson, S., Hart. Karl, Wilson, Lehnartz, Knecht C., Dillon, Peirce, W., Kelly. First Row: Garitano Strong, D.. Woods, Marcucci, Rodriguez, Davidson, G. Siegel, Wright, Schoenbaum, French, J., Munroe. ton Brook lwns Seven Meets The 1954-55 wrestling season began with sixty boys turning out to compete for positions on the Varsity and J.V. teams. With returning lettermen "Bunky" Lowan- der at 115, Bill Barnett at 130, Dick Towlen at 130 also, Bob Skripak at 136, Bob Peirce at 141, and Norm Cooper at 157, we had a nucleus around which to build a new team. With Howie Tabatchnik, Leigh Winser, Jack Lees, George Soerheide, John Green, and Stu Luckman to fill the gaps, our team took shape. The season produced many tense and exciting moments, but every match was fought in preparation for the Ivy League tournament at Poly Prep. This year the hosts were victorious with our team taking second place 1 l points behind. We were paced by three individual champions: Jack Lees took the 123 pound title, Dick Towlen chased his man all over the mat before clinching the crown at 130, and Norm Cooper pinned his man in 44 seconds in the 157 pound class. The most spirited meet on the part of both spectators and competitors was with. Trinity during which the Old Gym rocked with shouting. Our biggest score was rolled up against Westbury, our lowest at the hand of N.Y.M.A. Outstanding indi- vidual matches were: Cooper's only loss of the season to Oceanside, Peirce's tour- nament match with the "Outstanding wrestler," Skripak's use of the split scissors against Trinity, and Lees' win over Poly with a slam. 'W 'Q 1' 115 '5 W AN x-54, .w AFV M-153.5 ff " 'iWfN3T" """ff"A' A N. .wx .M .,,,. ..X,w.,,..g..,, K,-Q - I K I A -wh., My , N :1Q.,.q,,. W ', ' "' ' 1 - , f1f,.fb,w..,,f ,fa .5 Vx, -. .W 1, ,A V' ' . ' 'Q A-5.9, mg, ,,... R, x ,,,,. A 'yin X- wr fi! ' , ig-1 a s f ,'AA- : 7:35 5 1' X51 A f 1 4 'V 'ST 1 I kkxii zf . T- A x'- ESB 5 12 F -Sf xv! X 1 up W ,Gr V '45 'S 'Q"S1'- 'Q ff , ' ,,,5, ' if ,AJ ' - U .. . , -fl X 1 2 8 H How about it, Ref? Ivy File to Pobf Prep As Stony Brook Trails The Poly Prep School grapplers scored 73 points to take the Metropolitan lvy League wrestling championship tour- nament by a I0-point margin over the defending cham- pions from Stony Brook at the home mats in Brooklyn Saturday night. Poly Prep captured three individual titles on the way to victory, Bob Hempel taking fin the I36-pound crown, Bill Shapiro the 148-pound dia- dem and Bruce Ducker the 168-pound class champion- ship. Four individual titles went to Trinity, who scored with Jay Vogelson at I96, Jim Bonbright at l4l, Carlos Heriquez at 178 and Bob Hatcher in the unlimited di- vision. STEWART SMITH brought one title to Garden City for St. Paul's School when he scored by a 4-2 de- cision over Bob Schoeneman of Poly Prep in the ll5- pound class. Stony Brook of Sullolk won three times in the finals, Jack Lees bringing home the bacon in the 123 ound Leggo my finger! 'P class, Dick Towlen scoring at 130 and Norman Cooper winning at l57 pounds. lNeu'spaper caption from The Long Island Daily Prexxl Come on. Luckman! . ... 1... 1 . r A-1 ,,-,HM . 4 M' ' - f .4 K Spf?-mr ai. ff : ,WW iziigmw "J-V? ,.. . '. La-Q :',-,fig 341 f :fx SM . '.w.m.r..m QQ, .f rqyf - . re ew-ff H:,,,,g,wwQ.,.,,f1iifQ, :sf wifi Www Q if lilwf vfzsfk, riifg-.22-'A , - : -f, -"N vi - Q51 E "'?la5"'Tz1'a.d "ff -W e fl' S.. 1i:.'hz' e: fl "" "m f E M - -"lf ' Q vffflif- rw S 'fff-NZ :lf gun Lri52f".f5f1'- gr, K L? lsegwlifiiii-ew. -,gn 'L 3 5, 1? 4.-Iv' 3, .f,j,,53x.-5 Lghn gpg .eg -. ,f . - Q " r W fw f - ' ' .1 'Q-5-' K fi Couch. Katabiun. Bottjer. Schroeder. Herz. Riddell, Fricke, Scherer. Mr. Ward, Couch. Weber. Mgr., Davidson. I.. Strong, R.. Darroch. Minuse, Moore, Gerken. Boone, Carlson. r, if Jackknife 75 Couch's one-handcr Q f W e W , A il N Q . 5? :L W Q - : 1 i X ,. 12 5 Y fr- "f 'ff--"UvNN"-':f:vf-Qi?1fw1w1H'ff1fvf?..' Iii-.Fl,wf?TifS"i2?"Tlx,L ml-55 ' 1 :fi .bffiv L Qfi,.'w f1,f1"12 :."'5" ' - "'..," " if 7 511 Niall'-,.1,1 ' ' ""' -1 - ."'.- "':." we 3. of ----b fx-K me M Standing: Mr. Johnson, Coach, Wiegand, Rooney, Kuper. Leek, Pratt, Pringle. Yuen, Strasser, Mgr. Kneeling: Walker, Cascone, Crane, Bennett, Skripak, Rich. il ll PENGUINS Sonncr, Edwards. Lyccttc. Ewen, Wolf, Rich, Davidson. O. Kneeling: Park. Capt. HUSKIES Bailey. Capt.. Augustin. Coopcr. A. Buell, Stevenson. Mooney. R.. Bay. CLASS BA KETBALL COM MISSION ERS and REFEREES Mooney, J., Mr. Hershey, Venable, M r. Barton, Zicgcnfelder MOBY DICKS Pospisil, Evans, Chai, Capt., MacDon ald. Hilt, Ficlc CLASS BA KETBALL SEALS Finger. Biuthrow. Purchase. Capt.. Fommerdinger. Kneeling: Trcdwell. Cuthhcrt. Acomb WOLVES Krupp. Stunden, Wolf, Robt.. Capt.. Dates. Betsch. Kneeling: Friedrich. Gould POLAR BEARS Gill. Foster, Perry, Stelzcnmullcr Ellis. R.. Meyer. Kneeling: Barbour Capt.. Keen VAR ITY BASEBALL Q. . - Lf", ,. A" ' I' 11 Standing Venable Skripak, Rich., Davidson, D., McNamara, Riddell, Mr Johnson Coach Perry Mgr Strong, R., Bammann, Wilkens, Winser, Keen. Kneeling: Green Galler Capt Percy Vaughn Visted. 1955 Schedule Horace Mann Poly Prep St. Pauls Northport Trinity Riverdale Adelphi Horace Mann Northport Poly Prep St. Pauls Trinity Smithtown Riverdale Adelphi Friends Alumni LaSalle LaSalle ASEB LL John Green and Carl Venable. Pitchers .4-' Frank Visted. catching: Jelf McNamara. hailing John Percy. Second Base af' W2f,.cf PQ. ' mil'-P eiim Wk It N V 1. ' Bruce Strong, First Base 1,- 195 Ken Wilkens, Barry Vaughn. and Ted Gailer. Capl.g Outfielders EB LL Top row: Rodriguez, Marcucci, Karl, Ellis, R., Gould, Belyea, Lycette, Alverzo, Mr. Liggett, Coach, Davidson, l., Cooper, A., Leek, Boone, Moore, Stetzenmuller. Middle row: Minuse, Johnson, S., Wilson, Weber, Rooney, Crane, Pratt, Wiegand, Gill. Front row: Yuen. Schoen- baum, Siegel, Dobler, Strong, D., Wright, Cascone, Bennett, Baz, Davison. Standing: Stakes, Rylke, Ewen, Sonner, Skripak, Robt., Hart, French, B., Kuper. Scherer Engers, Carlson, Mr. Curtis. Coach. Kneeling: Peirce, W., Meyer, Foster, Chai, Park, Knecht C., Strasser, Case, Garitano. VAR ITY TRACK 91 1,33 'bscmff gi Rami. U nm. N41 SIRI ' Q' 31 Fourth row: Mr. Hershey, Coach, Wolf. Robt., Mgr., Peirce. R., Mooney, .l., Katabian, Bia- throw, Cooper, N., Baggett. Watson, Luekman, Wolf, Rich., Purchase, Burcaw, Darroch Reaves. Third row: Percival, Lees, Ziegenfelder, Fricke, Bella, Dow, Zumft, Hoffman, Bundy Fiedler, Goodman, Lehnartz, Ellis, J., MacDonald, Mr. Goldberg, Coach. Second row: Adare Commerdinger, Krupp, Holgersen, Friedrich, Kelly, Augustin, Barnett, S., Wund, Carroll Dates, Walker, Hilt, Huber. Buell. Betseh. Front row: Janow, Herz, French, J., Esser, Edwards Mooney, R., Pringle, Woods. Acomh, Bonard, Cuthbert, Schroeder. 1955 Schedule Penn Relay Trinity Pawling Invitation Ivy League Horace Mann LaSalle Poly Prep 83 A . 5 . 1 L 'W -W-if " .W Q , -w i? '- ' .' ' ' "' 'FT A x.h: V Q g 'f 14- 1 37 . ' Y ft rj- f,, ,,v N 1 Mg W 5 " . ..L , V . P1 , fs .if Jn : Q . ' "' .1 wg vs, -4 . 1 - wi ,M -- I- xx ggi. t- 53 5 UV, ' ka .X ., X Q ' 1 'H SX If-,fa 5 : ,.:, 5 L f 1423: . Q. Q, Q.: Y , . 'l:.1': '1 4 . 'Ze .N , .1 q.,. X 4 1, Y , - r 1, ' ,, nw' ,... - 1 V ,Q Q. z 3 b . . 1 x , 'P A , I if ,ws A , If . .. 'A jf x.1,.1,.",'Q , ' ,. MW 1 if Ak f ai g 9 5 S 1 , Y .. 5, ., fa: " 'f Q x 'qw xi E rf i' H Elm, .. A., . Y ' Q51- I .p Q-.fl 1 Nl" ' .J A . ,wi IWW rs-Q' I W 5 1 K . 5 GCJLF L. to R.: Bailey. Stalb, Barbour, Baugh, Lowander, Tobin, Munroe, Mills, Wolle, Mr. Fenton Coach, Barnett. W. Absent: Dawson. CLASS EBALL qiraat. V- Standing: Optiz. Peters, Mr. Brandkump. Fiele. Finger. Ahktar. Kneeling: Morris, Dillon. 86 g -Q I A f E, g,,,,,, rrazxpssemnfg n -1, P r - .. H -Mm .- ,g 4,31- ,, A . ' EGGS eb. X f q QIOUQ A xr secs Amo we cor X Q , ' m..1OOvOu ,, 5 Q 9 5 E f A , Q A ,,,, -M , -. , , ,, . -A AL T wus ' R+ . - I fans me X - N- A SIX MNUTE X 'f - ff . f far -- fb - ,- ,. 5 3 , N C -X X ' ..,- ' Nw?" 'g ' ,ff ,mfg Tin? E 5f,q,r,,, V -READY N FACE MX NK X 7 1 . an , V4 1 , f' ' 1 1 'i-336 A ,FW 1 - . X X - 1, ' Q . Q W - , , RFK, 5 9,1 Your Bridge Hand qw , ,,,, ,Hy 1 it 3-mm ' A 3 - I , , 1 ......... ., ,, , -..-f - , , N3 ,Sn U ll , Q- W . , N. .,.. , ' X XXXXNN . NNXN- L By Charles H. Goran I .N Q, As South you Puld: Mg., Q ws N.,,,,.,,, QM, . 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PDPVOPPOP 719,Z06'PflP5'5Y97fW5N3'Y FZDNT, MYUEA2 FELLOW "" X A nu CONTEETIS P567 ,ll RJPPOV I fROGf DNJUOUNLUOS IQTNUNK EACH F!?O6,00'T FOUR LL comm pf:-jA 4- -OF?l,957 Pore ofwovcorm. NGHIYAN muumac W uwmsn' rm I . 3, rfwessoevoe-sgneqy If. - ,f 0? , rruooruxe 5oALseQ1zena.NmN A ,gg QI ' 5 , aeAu2eaA9o5 nrfxmmaffnasv Asn ,.,. ex, W4 r f ilr g new feovfr , Myawywwaauwf nf. 7 Z U .wry ,, ,an ru. f MM"PlAl'AL!!nr5. I. ,I 55511 3 W - K I rl z ! J f X , 1 I 7 in , fab 5, Q - 9 - V Er 0 ' LP? , MIN 3 ' Q i. " X ww ., 'fu A . ', " ' up f ' ff 11- , ff 1? 5 JW " f in QV ' N - 'Ax 1' ' . ,,A, 1: IDI -J - ,- 0 "W V , w X ' , 3' UV "" N , on I'Ll. OKAY. 2' WORK i' UT SN , ll IIVIJI UVIJI .W I u I -"' Barr Vau hn, President of Student Or amzatlon I 1 lfll -1 -'K 2- ' ., .Y - 4 . H ' 'jx' , with elclllnnt IGIIIIIIQI ll ' F Ll - 5 K ' -- 57 4 other benefin new uvuiloblo N L, H, ' I K, ' -1' dun to gnc! expansion. Vg' -'.,, 1 ' N' KV, ine Sunday dollvcryl '4 YT, ' J Gull Clrulnlu Don. Plane 1-IIN kk 5-If .tJb?L,4:.1r Q: I lxmldu 428 gp Ea E THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Standing: Goodman, Mr. Ward, Faculty Advisor. Seated: Barbour. Purchase, Vaughn, Balla, Soerheide. tudent Organization This year's senior class was responsible for the complete revision of the existing con- stitution. The students responsible for this were Jim Mooney and Barry Vaughn, the latter being elected president last year. It has been under Barryis leadership that the student government has reached new pro- portions of influence throughout the school. Stony Brook is a firm believer in the power of free expression, and our monthly meeting has been the occasion of airing and settling many grievances. Certainly this organization has been one of the most important instru- ments in shaping the united school spirit that we have here at Stony Brook. get ...N-N OFFICERS: Standing: Vaughn, Presidentg Green, Vice- President: Mooney, J., Secretary: Purchase, Chaplain Seated: Mr. Ward, Faculty Advisor. f 5 i : le 6 , it t ' v Q , i it gli-1 wg W 'FM 7 V Y tudent Government P Y N "fl EJ fu if 4 ni 4 . J 4 EXEFUTIVE C'OMMlTTEE: Standing: Woods, CQQIFIHOH. Mooney. J.. Bundy, Mr. Ward, Faculty Advisor. Zumft. Hcrl. l,ccs. Scaled: Green. Dr. Gzxchclcin, Vaughn. 89 L-AL, 1?-avr 011.4 . -, 'W , - L to R: Bailey. Pratt. Feile, Alverzo. Engers. Huber. Keen. Skripak. Rich.. Barnett. W.. Fiedler. Minuse. Bundy. McNamara, Gould. Peters, Cooper. A., Mr. Liggett. Faculty Advisor, Standen, Sonner. The Athletic Council The Auto Mechanics Club Seated: Cooper. N., President. Mr. Johnson, Faculty Advisor. Green. Good- man. Kneeling: Percy. Vaughn. Fencing Club Top: Esser, Percival, Wolle. Gill, Balla, Stevenson. On stairs: Alverzo, Marcucci, Wright, Hart, Janow, Kelly. Dramatics Club -stil Standing: Mooney, R.. Riddell, Foster, Jzxnow. Baz. Seated: Trcdwell, Mr. Brand- kamp, Faculty Advisor, Mr. Thompson, Faculty Advisor. 91 5011, Facu Lp 8 Bfne omfv 2116 ' ' 'frvu rx., . hy Advisor, Davircglgleglf ESSCF, Peirce, WU French Blue and White For the first time in several years Stony Brookis paper came forth with a printed format. With this new incentive, many new articles appeared, showing great talent. Each copy showed fresh improvement as the editors faced the difficult task of printing a paper that would interest everyone. An energetic advisor and a cooperative staff made this year's journalistic production the best CVC I' . 92 l J' Seated: Wolf, Rich ART CLASS Back Row: Hoffman, Luckman. Buell, Adare. From Row: Boice, Tobin, Esser, Meyer, Mrs. Jones, Stakes, Bammann, Ziegenfelder. Scaled: Lees, Opitz, Keen, Yuen, Carroll, Carlson. CHESS AND CHECKER -, . ' Wright, Bailey, l .Q 1 3 , Dobler, Moms. CNBC- Hm' left to Rlght' Mr. BISSYOVC' Acomb' H0 gersen b lfwcn Gerken. Johnson. S- S'-Tmedi swagger' Schoen Hum' 93 udic af Sfong E004 QUINTETTE: Standing: Friedrich, Black. Percy. Balla, Chai. Seated: Mr. Boggs. Director. GLEE CL B On the arrival of Mr. Boggs, musical in- terest at the school rose considerably. One of the chief characteristics of the Christian re- ligion is joyousness, and certainly it is Htting that there should be a strong musical em- phasis at Stony Brook. The number that signed up for the Glee Club was the largest in the school's history. Its theme song, L'Vive le Compagnie," soon became one of the campus favorites. Through its weekly rehearsals interesting programs have been arranged, including both sacred and secular music. Surely, this year's Glee Club programs have been among the highlights of theyear. "Vive le Compagnie" Glee Club: Top Row: Krupp. Venable. Stevenson. Zie- genfelder. Peirce. R., Rylke. Buell. Soerheide. Bammann Fiedler, Percy, Stakes, Bundy. Fifth Row: Wilkens Fischer, Engcrs. Walker, Dates. Baggett, Black, Knecht R. Perr, Riddell Luckman Boice Adare Bel eai - Y - - - 1 - Y Fourth Row: Balla. McNamara. Wilson, Couch. Dawson Peirce, W., Hilt. Leek, Dow, Marcucci. Janow, Karl THE KINGS ME The King's Men, under coaching of Mr. Boggs, has contributed in no small way to our enjoyment of the Sunday chapel serv- ices. This select group of the school's top singers has also gone out to churches throughout the surrounding neighborhood. ln the middle of the year, they adopted a constitution and elected otlicers. Joe Black was chosen as the first president. Bennett. Third Row: Kelly. Alverzo, Chew. l.ehnartz Huber, Barnett, W.. Chai. Second Row: Tobin. Skripak Robt.. Gill. Edwards. Cuthbert, Carroll. Keen. Friedrich Front Row: Mr. Bisgrove, Darroch. Belsch. Herz. Bur caw, Watson. Cooper, N., Gay, Dillon. Mooney. J.. Mr Boggs, Director. Back Row: Black, Watson. Soerheide. Sixth Row: Perry Mc Namara, Goodman. Fifth Row: Boice. Dates, Huber. Fourth Row: MacDonald, Walker. Katabian. Third Row: Chai, Fried rich, Purchase. Second Row: Couch, Percival, Stakes. Front Row: Mr. Boggs, Director, Percy, Balla. Buck Row: Bailey, Barbour. Dow, Buell, Black. Soer- ser. Peirce. W.. Bammann, Dillon, Wilson. Lycette, Good heide. Balla Knecht. R. Third Row: Barnett. W.. Ewen. man. Front Row: French. J.. Cuthbert, Crane, Katabian Evans, Dates, Boice, Wolle, Sonner, Moore, Fischer, Carroll. MacLeod, Mr. Ward, Faculty Advisor, Purchase Holgersen. Second Row: Chai. Park. Herz, Kelly, Win- Pres., Mooney, R.. Lees, Carlson, Woods, Acomb. Faced with the command of Christ to go and tell all men, this year's Christian Activities Club made its iniiuence felt throughout the neighborhood and at the school itself. Visiting the nearby towns on Saturday with tracts, the club was able to witness in a very powerful way. Through its Sunday evening chapel services and the deputation program, Christian service was stressed. Finally, in the Spring there was a conference for all Long Island church groups. At the end of the year every club member could say that his Christian experience had been deepened by prac- tical work. The Christian Activities Club Rural Distribution of Tracts School Distribution of Tracts "The Way to God" l 3? Club I. lo R: Jzinow. Mr. Burton. Faculty Advisor. Trcdwcll, Cooper, A., Strusscr, Kccn, Wolf, Rich., Mcycr. Wollc. Stakes. Esser. The Photography Club Back Row: Baggett. Moore. Alvcrzo. Middle Row: Opin. Stclzcnmullcr, French. J.: Ellis. R.. Tubutchnik. Front Row: Trcdwcll, Strusscr, Chcw, Munroc, Knccht. R.. Commcrdlngcr. M Thompson. Faculty Advisor. The Audio-Visual -1 , . O x , -X an ,.. .M V V '. "iii 3 .1 X .1 s v , Qi-" fl x 1 ' F.A:'f.-qrfgyg The Outing Club SENIOR GROUP: Standing: McNamara. Park, Lchnartz, Wilkcns. Adare, Ficdlcr, Watxon. Burcaw. Mooney. J.. Venable. Bundy. Kneeling: Mr. Curtis, Faculty Advisor, Stalb, Ziegcn- fcldcr, Entcnmann, Garitano, Reavcs. 98 JUNIOR GROUP: Back Row: Gould. Moore. Frickc, Hilt. Second Row: Baz. Yucn. Herz Gill, Davidson, O. Front Row: Mr. Curtis, Faculty Advisor. N . Peek-a-boo Not so fast, Mac. 4 ! i '1 Bill Moore takes a pair f v L , .f V' -l:A..+':zw Q ' . 4 1 3 Lf, ,, A How are you fixed for blades? I .4 A 1 WK' fl 15241 JU., ll I f i N Entering . X Chapel- N 10:25 Leaving Memorial-l0:20 A 9 P . 1, A' . ,,,, 'WL Entering Dining Room-12:25 M JNSEQ-.1 M, ' V ,.. W- , - .LV ,,5,i5vwn:.s nga . I . 5, if , ' if , 'W Bf,:"3,1?f.g,W -1 'Jw . If ff w W 'JJ . " .4 5- 45w"'4" Qvms-5f4mwQ f... V . " i v i , X f 5' F, N 1 N., .. U If 1 xv. ' :Cf ' 5 ' 53 " 55ag"iSf2Q 5112-1-f . W is . '41 L r '-,-:W P- x ,gmslfi ,. 5 ' J 'sr' - 5 ' fix 'a?3fa.s4,.,gi V fi-sf ' 'QW 7,5-T-f,"y' W i I ' L i 4' 1. -f ' Y.. - ' 'iff',.. Buck to Class-l l 105 ' il' i wi I 32,3 , V, ' it r 1 Q Y' Chapel Service- IO: 30 BELLSH Leaving Chapel-l0:50 I F1 its X f TW.-. '31, 'fx 4, -'if ' "vu ' -int 5. 'i . .',.. -i --L f,.- . W Ediig mai - jak fir Q1 ' "QL ..,.1 ' . 1 . ' ' . ' 3 M ,,. rr i-. N LQ. x, Hg,4.1,' lg? Ji S E 1- - r 5' 4.- 'V " A' ,I',i,., '.J-.wivw 53112195 X' Milk Break- I0:55 Serving Milk During Milk Break-10:55 Skiing exhibit of booper, N. and Purchase. Radio exhibit of Krupp and Boice. Gunpowder Cxhibil of BHFDCII, S. and Chew. 102 Ellis, J. with firearms along with Gould, spectator IE' T 5 "v, 5. Xs- Xs 0 .Y' ..v"""', wa' un'-.9 Y Q.. Iyyv A- 4 I 5 A E .pre .,.,-,., ,. x I .. - . .. ,L I "1 ..w-V ' A- - .1 '. 1 . 11. ' X v-' 1. . Jv:.,.1V"" '- K 3 1 . , ' s A+.+'-f '..':.1:'-fffimii-ia,-"' a:n5g1,.1.2' "Arif , 1 1 . s ,J iw: ."ff"5'fi" 'L naw!-,,,,f1. --1'-1 4 5'-ga' ., pw- pax- ' ,. ' --'H , V W -. '-s,Ji?1'..rf' W . ' .s-P" " X f ' , r rg , "fjfr7f:jyA.Qf'ePf'fr ffffgjf? ,1s,,.'?-XV' F12-gf,:,,'H'I.L 1,549 D , 911 " ,. Q ' 'j L 5, ' ' M4.: , mf- .- ' . r- . M . --- - .-:I . -1',. - 1,4 5 -I i, K --s,f?z2. :1:e.f?gjv-'Qffi',.-' 'f'-1-'TWV 3'f?:t,'N17, ,gp,J.g'. .,1.y., 1 Q1 ""5!"' I. ,151 I. 2' f - 3, .:-,.,W,u- Lggvid- -- ff A' ' .14 -I g'g'I":'T4-i"'r4 , 1Q 'Q' ,".' if fly:-:Q-' ' J ' " ' ' ' . ."'., 5 X' , , ' .Lb . -' 7"." . "f 1 ,L -'.,, 9' ,- ,"',-, ,.-71,"'?', ""4'. " 1 Q- 'N .' -' -4' '. X-v , : , . 9 13. ,ffpf ,fr "' 'I F' ' -1, A kiwi if-1' it Q..-, '1-4. 35 z . 2' Antik' 2' , QF' " ' va 1,3 ffl- S fs if V--pf, ,yfmg j4,+..l' .fa,'15-mf-ia s, s',-K-rf., .1,.'-..41fW,1 11 ,M :su " ,sw sfizvl"'Q1 'x f"'-sms ' A . -'-1f"4"'3-f u ' 'lg f .4'Ef,f . - - uf!" f 'Q sf. -'.'.'.'- f'-A p '., f- . -v ' ',,w 1' :U-ci. WI ' 'f..,y., 5-4, gtflfx -i.c"i-ff, wife uh, 1, 1-' 5. - '- . i, 'rs A-5 IG' ,Ig jgg-'?-,'f1f-,"1-,f'QQX?I?':L-.,,neA4,ws ng, '.sg-15,51 3.1 0 .,,w,bg'1F:'- -Qt, I 1 1 - -.,4.4' I ' - J, u , - '. -t 'ff' jus' fn,"-" . I v ,,,1" - h- 1-4 1 A-Ph ffl-'f-fr 1 ' - 1I".Y'f . f . --i- ,r' " ,-,. ',,." '-1 5' -- ' 7. ' vw' ,L 'XP " 1 +-, Ig'-"'1 , , , . "yJ- - 1' ' '0- vif'-4 -f KM- 5,4 J -fl , . Q i,,yi'.,,v'f ,A f ,Z , ,-IA x.g - .gl-l ,I D l v .fs .- if-1-. . 4" vi '- "Vis 74- 'V .' ' -I A"' ' 'f'-' 1, '."3:T'.'r 43 . f- - ' H' A-If Hn 5 vf"11Jf' 'fs ,:pf3YY2'.if-jg:1 ' W' f- 3' -' as-cf?-f ' ,,,.'.,.. Q' 'gi' 4' it D I an. ,ur fa vid. fx:-sf ' 4-Lf, jzn1.4.-..--Clif' Alf' f " 7:2 "..'..... ' 1'L'Q 4 - . ' , ' 1' -' '4 X 5 5 ' A 'PI ' ' , , , , Qvfigwt 3 The Class of 55 Moves Forward -1, Jw x ' ' . A, ur ,U . 'N iz A , I-. fs -A-ins -'Qin V-'yr gifs, it , - ' ' ' V , 1 -4 - L.. . - 'Q -' A- ' V H I ' ' 'xi 1 -Q apr ' -. s vi ,, K fi .,, s H, 5, f - r, ...... s s f - I I . I' l .5 lvgp., v,' I J Q 1 ik , 9. V. V s -1-' -'sr -. , . ,A " 5' s Q, ..- F:-:Q .M Wolf, Robt., Editorg Percy, Associate Editor, Mr. Goldberg, Faculty Advisor. Res Cestae This yearbook, though faced with a cut in size, has striven for originality. So often, we have felt the real spirit and joy of life at Stony Brook has been submerged in the pages of activities. Some real literary talent among the staff members has also been of immense value. With our hard working editor, Bob Wolf, and a cooperative advisor, Mr. Gold- berg, we hope that you will agree with us that we have reached our objective. Standing: Barnett, S., Barbour, Cooper, N., Zumft, Gailer, Barnett, W. Seated: Mooney, J., Burcaw, Percy, Mr. Goldberg, Wolf, Robt., MacLeod, Vaughn, Peirce, R. 104 LITERARY EDITORS: Barnett. S., Mooney. J.. Macleod lv. I 9 SENIOR EDITORS: Barbour. McNamara, Peirce, K .Ia if I. -A im? SPORTS EDITORS: Skripak. Robt.. Vaughn 105 BUSINESS EDITORS: Burcuw. Burnett. W CLASS POLL Noisicst SKRIPAK. HOFFMAN ,xg Biggest Heart Throbs 1' ZUMFT, GREEN Done Most For Stony Brook PERCY, VAUGHN E X , Nt ' 7' ,.,- if" ... E! LJ Best Builds COOPER. WILKENS Throws Most Bull MCNAMARA, DAWSON " "TP" . li , U ..,' ri- ' A- 53,5 5-5 Biggcsl Iiulcrs IU M F'I'. HOFFMAN Most TYPiC1fL UAILER. BARNFI r, W- Hcsl Roommates REAVES. SOERHEI DE ,J . Q, Mosx Dru! with Fucuhy Biggest Co-ordos 107 VAUGHN. DAWSON WOLF. BAILEY CLASS POLL Best Personalities GREEN, PERCY Handsomest BU RCAW, ZIEGENFELDER Best Dressed BU RCAW, BALLA 5,65 Most Likely To Succeed 108 Quietest MOONEY. VAUGHN CHEW, CHAI 1 Best Athletes PERCY, GREEN Fl Most Popular GREEN. PERCY Most Inlcllccluul BARNE'I"I'. S.. MM'l.li0D 109 Fluss Clownx PEIRCE, WATSON '-X, Sluhhorncsl PEIRCE. GREEN iq CLASS PARTY with an Hawaiian theme, November 13, 1954 Mmmmmm, good! Directing trafTic. Signing autographs, sir? 110 Aloha! D ILY GRI SEPTEMBER Future gridiron greats stumble into the Brook for annual early practice. Where's Cooper? The kitchen's "new look" is noticed. Don't tell us that the two hurricanes are responsible for the shabby state of our cuisine. Dow shows Visted how to body block. Frank out for three weeks. Go, go, go, Rossmore! Fifteen hopeful harriers report for grueling Cross Country practice. Our two-fisted, battle-hardened Marine mas- ter quells third fioor riot as boys practice bunny hop. Peirce loses collar button in judo demonstration. New students arrive "en masse." Dr. Gaebe- lein breaks sad newsg no more rides for boarders in day boys' cars. Reason? McNa- mara has a car. The long awaited day has arrived, and school finally starts. Dawson suffering from French blues. After all, four years in a row . . . Watson unhappy with second lioor. Anyone want an extra roommate? Third floor in total darkness as Peirce's wired clock causes blackout. Sherwood Peters, jun- ior electrician, temporarily baffled. The hallowed halls of Hegeman are hushed and breathless tonight, for tomorrow the burly Bruins encounter Northport in the sea- son's first pigskin clash. Knock Northport! Northport remains unknocked. Oh day of joy and gladness, oh day of re- joicing and thanksgiving. Watson has finally moved to the third floor. Eleven minus one equals ten. Bundy's on crutches. Tough luck, Bill. Nothing happened here, 'but seven miles away hordes of the fairest females report to Knox School. We all wish the girls plenty of fun and fellowship fwith guess who?J. Blackboard quake rocks Memorial Hall as the boards snap, crackle, and in some cases, pop. Dr. Gaebelein keeps Bible VI informed of the proceedings. OCTOBER Pulverize Poly! Poly remains unpulverized. Soerheide makes his ushering debut by crawling on hands and knees to secure miss- ing offering plates during chapel service. Visiting committee for neighborhood schools is fy. .uh we -e '- .. 64 ' 1-'42 s .W ,-,ur I U, Els-ri? Q tm Ill? Adelphi guillotine East Rockaway or bust! ll lll n Mole's back! Wolf gets carried away in evening English class and tops off shenanigans with a game of musical chairs. Maul Mann! Mann mauled. Time for a change. Horace treats us to a perfect day as cross country and football teams score initial victories. A dozen hopefuls visit Knox, and all return breathless. Mooney writes two letters, and Watson makes two phone calls-same day. Columbus Day: school marches on, and 'fChris" turns over in his grave with dismay. Jorge Bolet, Cuba's answer to Liberace, gives dazzling performanceg but even more dazzling are the thirty-eight Knoxers. Hurricane Hazel rocks the Brook causing candlelight evening study. If it was good enough for Abe, it's good enough for us. Slaughter St. Pauls! St. Pauls remains unslaughtered. Free week- end beginsg home to the folks! Into your cells, meng weekends don't last forever. Where's Bailey? Jack's back. "My father owns Compton's Encyclopedia." Senior Bible class makes school history as entire class manages to write an eighteen word verse correctly. Hearty singing of the doxology celebrates this achievement. Trample Trinity! Trinity remains untrampled. Theologian Bob Peirce answers baffling Bible riddle and wins Dr. Gaebelein's special prize -a goody bar. Rout Riverdale! Riverdale remains unrouted. NOVEMBER First history calamity of year. An innocent student seeks the study hall. Burcaw writes poison pen letter to Knox and is banned for life. Trounce Tuckahoe! Tuckahoe remains untrounced. New rule forbidding passes after parties stuns party-happy seniors. Green's twenty minute argument to no avail. L'Toot, toot." Sherwood's on the warpath. Who took his head gaskets? Zumft and Ellis wear sly expressions. f 1' A ' O I 1+ Evening study Johnson Hall wins dorm contest in question- able decision despite Hegeman's brilliant last minute entry. Abolish Adelphi! Adelphi abolished. Senior class celebrates last game conquest with successful Hawaiian party complete with everything but grass skirts. Sonner having been ejected from class seeks refuge in the study hall and elates senior Bible with unexpected visit. Dr. Gaebelein makes an appointment for a personal inter- view. Ellis blasts Cooper with firecracker and re- ceives a personal blast from Norm. Mr. Goldberg teaches Ollie not to play with fire. "Bondee, clean da room!" Privileged seniors depart early for turkey holidays. Enjoy the concert, juveniles. Boys come back with cold turkey sandwiches and fond memories. Barbour and Purchase arrive at midnight. That Long lsland gets slower and slower. Norman R. Cooper, author of the immortal poem, "Grass," scores another hit, "Rail- road Tracks." DECEMBER Stalb again is asked to depart from history class. Stalb asks to have study hall desk reserved for "emergencies" "Baby, it's cold outside." Burcaw dons long- johns, and Greenie changes T-shirts. Peirce and Mooney find their pajamas frozen to the roof. Who's the third floor Jack Frost? We play host to 65 Hackensackers, mostly girls, and they watch in awe as our hoopster heroes trounce theirs. The true Christmas spirit prevails as Green and Mooney decorate Sherwo0d's door with shaving soap and evergreens. Oh, Christmas comes but once a year, And now we leave to home from here. We hope you all enjoy your stayg T'was nice to get the extra day. XL Nature Boys This is a very solemn occasion." Merry Christmas. Shcfwood' DAILY ,at JANUARY Here we go again. Back to the books. Where are Reaves and Rylke? Mole wanders in sporting his Sarasota tan, but where's the happy Polack? Mr. Hershey and a homesick mole have a long talk, and Tom learns that crime doesn't pay. Four hours every Saturday till spring but "it was worth it." The return of the prodigal son, the happy Polack, is back. Rylk tells all about his new woman, and what stories he has to tell! Colle e boards uickl dim vacation memo- S Cl Y ries. After three hours of tests, Watson de- cides to enlist. P.C., back from the wods, takes over senior English. Mac stars in talent show. 'Elf I Give My Heart To You" becomes his stepping stone to fame and glory. P.C. corrects first English compositions. Percy fears detention. Reaves works off first four hours. Only twelve more to go. Class poll results out. McNamara just can't understand why his selection was unanimous. Cooper begins posing for pictures. Baz starts rock and roll club. As the ground whites with soft, fluffy snow- flakes, P.C. delivers annual no-snowball throwing message. Vaughn, baffled by student organization problems, finds the answer-appoint a com- mittee. Mac appoints himself lifetime custodian of the milk and goodies. School's morale sinks to an all time depth as the exam schedule is posted. Seniors take first exam, and Mr. Goldberg gives his annual pep talk. "Now some of us are going to fail . . ." After taking Bible exam, the entire senior class turns to Buddha. Peirce and Stalb are escorted from chemistry exam. When will you learn to shutup? All seniors leave for free weekend except chemistry delinquents. Mooney can't seem to realize that "our week- end" is over as he enters Hegeman with red, ruby lips. Return match in six weeks. FEBRUARY Snow, snow, and more snow. Third floor stages indoor snow follies. Mr. Thompson remains unimpressed. Balla's quote for the week, "I may not be built, but I'm skinny." One minute bell "What's the beezness'?" The Casey Coffin Hour GRIND Grapplers triumph again, and the tlcklers led by Vic Balla go on scoring rampage to lam- baste Friends, 70-29. Smokey interrupts Bible class with sudden entrance and leads Rylke, the dog catching Polack, on a mad chase through the halls. Mac nurses his car during the cold but runs out of blankets the first week. Yearbook photographer turns the school up- side down in blind quest for candids. Mr. Goldberg, Wilkens, and Cooper cop bowling honors in successful shindig at Woodies. Happy Valentine's Day! Boys all swamped witn "won't-you-be-mine's." Third lioor in news again. Stalb and Wilkens ambush its residents with H20 rods. Green fights back with water filled waste basket, and Zieg hides. Battle continues in darkened hall. Greenie finally gets caught after a lengthy career of undisturbed crime and suffers due rewards. Mr. Fenton finds out dogs aren't all they are cracked up to be. Mongrel for sale. Cheap. Happy Birthday, George. Nothing much happened. Only one senior got boot from history. Mr. Rosenberger, in a reform movement, sends out another offender. Separating the men from the boys, sir? Sherwood, S.B.'s answer to Henry Ford, wows Science Fair audience by taking apart and reassembling "Adelphi car." Dr. Gaebelein's eloquent plea against cruelty to grass falls on Wolf's deaf ears as the big one clomps over the budding blades. Grapplers lose lvy League trophy in a close one to Poly. Champion Cooper wins in 44 second pin. Moof moof! School slowly progressing along toward spring vacation. P.C.'s tests make spring scent a long way off. MARCH Simeon Park leads his Penguins to a thrilling one point victory in class basketball playoffs. Wilkens resigned from active competition, and Baz receives his unconditional release. Texas lndepedence Day! Mr. Boggs leads his King's Men in a hearty warbling of the Texas national anthem. Herz unimpressed and, of course, says so. Alistaire Donald "Dictionary Samuel Son- net" MacLeod reaches immortality in Eng- lish class by outmemorizing P.C. LIU 6 A.M. Sherwood's folly 9 Ma if Wi" S B "' ll, A . t . 4' ' ' ,,'- g ,g : p,,! t , - E: -5 'flzplg' ' V A us-. Read any books lately P.C., taking over' where Emily Post left off, brings some dining room utensils into English class and gives full demonstration on how to DAILY CRIN D "shovel, stoke, and struggle." Chai learns that chow mein and spaghetti are two differ- ent things. Court men put on sensational last minute surge to vanquish Adelphi in overtime thrill- er. Fiedler tickles the twines for 24 points. Well, we finally got the dough thanks to Zumft's last minute ad getting spree. lt's been a lot of fun planning, preparing, and perfect- ing this year's Res Gestae. We sincerely hope you enjoy it, and that these pages give you a fuller picture of life at Stony Brook. Good luck and best wishes to all of you from the class of '55. It was worth it. "Smokey" . NN RN, 'Q A -u-.4 nf- PX W1 'Ji 163 trim Robert Zumft, Winner of Advertisement Prize 5C '0"0'W1'0f0Df0' Romans I0:9-I3 . . . ThaT if Thou shalT confess wiTh Thy mouTh The Lord Jesus, and shalT believe in Thine hearT ThaT God hafh raised him Trom The dead, Thou shalT be saved. For wiTh The hearT man believeTh unTo righTeousness: and wiTh The mouTh confession is made unTo salvaTion. For The scripTure saiTh, Whosoever believeTh on him shall noT be ashamed. For Their is no diTTerence beTween The Jew and The Greek: Tor The same Lord over all is rich unTo all ThaT call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon The name oT The Lord shall be saved. BEST WISHES . . . William Arthur Adamsen STONY BROOK I94I TrusT in The Lord wiTh all Thine hearT: and lean noT unTo Thine own undersTanding. ln all Thy ways achnowledge him, and he shall direcT Thy paThs. -Proverbs 3:5,6 6 x wana-10-faffowea-vxowof 118 X-T-------7 -- - DC Compliments of the Class of '56 ADARE AKHTAR AUGUSTIN BAM MANN BOICE. Presidenf BOTTJER CARLSON COUCH DARROCH DATES DOW ENTENMANN EVANS EWEN FIEDLER FINGER GARITANO GAY GERKEN GOODMAN HOLGERSEN. HUBER JANOW KEEN KLANE KRUPP KNECHT, R. LEES LEHNARTZ MR. BOGGS, Faculfy Adviser 'I19 LUCKMAN MINUSE MOONEY, R.. Secrefary PEIRCE, W. PERCIVAL PERRY Vice Presiden+ SCH ER ER STAKES STANDEN TABATCHNIK TOBIN TOWLEN WINSER WOLF, RICH. 40N0Y0'40"0Y-0 COMPLIMENTS of the SOPHOMORE CLASS ALVERZO BAGGETT. Secrefa ry BAUGH BAZ BELYEA BIATHROW BOONE CARROLL CASE COMMERDINGER CUTHBERT DAVIDSON, l. DILLON ELLIS, R. ESSER FISCHER FRENCH, J. FRICKE GILL GOULD HERZ :0u.0N0'V HILT KATABIAN KELLY KNECHT. C. LOWANDER LYCETTE MacDONALD MEYER MOORE. Vice MUNROE RIDDELL SCHROEDER SONNER STEVENSON STRONG, R. VISTED Presidenf WEBER, Presidenf WILSON WOLLE WUND rl 40'0,'0'901 "05 t0P'0 fs. ff' DICK SKRIPAK, Pres. PETE DAVIDSON. Vice Pres. WARREN CRANE Sec Compliments of the Class of '58 ROBERT BENNETT RAYMOND BETCH JOHN BONARD DOUGLAS BUELL KEN CASCONE OLIVER DAVISON STEPHEN EDWAR DICK FEILE ROBERT FOSTER BARKER FRENCH RON HART DS JOHN JOHNSON RONNIE KARL GEORGE KUPER GEOF LEEK CALVIN OPITZ ANTON POSPISIL JAY PRATT ROY PRINGLE MIGUEL RODRIGUEZ BRUCE STELZENMULLER ROBERT STRASSER HANK TREDWELL TOBY WALKER BILL WEIGAND STEPHEN WOODS CRAIG WRIGHT JAMES YUEN MR. FRANCIS LIGGET, Adviser 0-fowavo-L0-for-0-10 sf 121 x9N0f4? f010l?0f'91010i'90'f710'0f10'0'f0'0'61'0 9 i Complimenfs of . .. l FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH i i WOODBURY. N. J. l Complimenfs Of SHIELS ESSO SERVICENTER THE EIGHTH GRADE Mr. Bisgrove, Faculfy Adviser ROUTE 25A Acomb Rooney EAST SETAUKET, N. Y. Dobler Schoenbaum Mills Siegel Morris Sfrong, D. S. Johnson, Presidenf 9 BEST WISHES . . . 9 From 6 X 10'0'f0' 'I22 -'0'K0v0A0M0'l0 ALWAYS BUY THE BEST COMPLIMENTS OF A. B. WOLLE 8. CO., Inc. Heating Engineers MR 8. MRS and GORDON A. WATSON Contractors and GORDON, JR. SCARSDALE. N. Y. The American Indian Crusade, Inc. wishes the best tor all ot the CLASS OF i955 You May Wonder. . . . ' do the American Indians still dance and w r i i ir i i ? oshpnthe oldrelgons WOODFIEI-DS ' do they still pray to gods ot wood. stone. and ot the sun? ' do they still have witch doctors and medicine men? To the shame of every Christian the answer is - YES For information write to: The American Indian Crusade, Inc. Box 880I, Oklahoma City, Olrla. REV. H. T. CLAUS. Director REV. F. E. VENABLE. Exec. Sec. -0"'0N0' Men's Wear PORT JEFFERSON. L. I. a0u.0uQ PUT YOURSELF IN HER PLACE! 2 s. s ini Careerllirl Z is the covsn GIRL featured in the JANUARY R.N. Q. . f l You'll want to wear it, too-this ' X , i smartly professional yet completely K 1 . feminine D'Armigene uniform. X X t . ' V MA . Every inch hospital-tested, from W " W up the fabric-covered oblong - buttons that won't rip, rust f or tear in the wash . . .to the M. . 5- W 'f-3711, f wonderful new D'Armico Dacron- 1 ' and-cotton fabric. D'Armico is 5. i . practically spill-and-stain-proof 3 I l can be washed and drip-dried over- wi ' . nightg needs no ironing! Equally " s notable is the patented' D'Armigene sleeve! It's flexible as your at x i p ll own arm-won't rip, pull or bind, 2 E l 'l or hike up the waist or hem. kk Misses', Junior and 'vi sizes: R Sanforizedi cotton poplin, 89.95. ll ""'D'Armico, 81695. , 38 to 503 2056 to 2656, S2 extra. il . age f 9 2 ll ii ig Q Y i ill 51, Pnorsssioueis ral' 1111111111113 ITARMIGENE ORIGINALS 'I79 Madison Ave., N.Y. 16, N.Y. Dept. R.N. .31 pa," , -t Amount of Order S ......... Check lj M.0. lj tEncl.l Ship 0.0.0. lj Send Booklet with Prices C1 D'Armigene Professionals, including O. R. gowns, lab Coon, osfmk Club special' U Addl'eSS......... ........................ complete line ol Public Health unilorms. . AH Wm' ,ha Dwmigene weve: an de. City....................Zone.....State....... ' d 'th a nurse in mind. Send tor :?r::ler:IFREE booking Quantity .... Style .... Size .... Fabric ..... Prlce ..... 'v.s. rn. 82,668,955 "709ir micron 3011 co'rroN Tue. 11.s. ru. orr. I I I I I CAREER SIRI. ls iust one ol cr series ot I Name ........... ......................... I I I I Order in your better dress elle. notional soles offices and retail shop ' 179 madison ave., n. y 16, n. y lcor 34th st.I -0n0v0v'01s0K0' 124 -'0v0v0f0w0v040-102036 X?4?0 40K0Y0-6'6I0f'0W"04?'004010N?'0f7040W'00'6f040'6'0'f616'0 40'f?'9-40l405'9 0'0K0" MILLER AUTOMOBIL E CGRP aw f R156 f 'hu ' M Les and ssnvlcs 5 Bonds Fire Auto Health Accident Walter S. Commerdinger, Jr G REAL ESTATE...APPRAlSALS 5 SMITHTOWN BLVD. NESCONSET. L. I.. N. Y. Smithtown 2-I379 Residence: Smithtown 2-2I28 Liability Burglary Plate Glass Household 5 2 3 2 E 2 i E .3 10x01 G0-'0'0N0f '0'0'10'K0Y0'K01 01101 f0'10"v0-'0Y 01701102 9, x 10"0l610M?f'0'0Y0X7G76N0"70f'?'0'2?f?0Y010'0X7f0'0f016x 126 g9N9'9I 49"?Z747'95'2'0Tf0"-0'494f0'5405905'6'0'Ql90549 -'0"'0"0l0N0x Chrisf so loved flue WORLD II'1a+I1e cliecl . .. "Go ye in+o all 'rhe WORLD and preach Ilme Gospel . . ." He calls for Our Love, OUR SERVICE, OUR SACRIFICE AFRICA NEEDS HIM TODAY THE S.I.M. NEEDS YOU AND YOUR FELLOWSHIP TO HELP MAKE HIM KNOWN Write the Secretary SUDAN INTERIOR MISSION 405 Huron S+., Toronfo, Ont I64 W. 74+h S+., New York 23 Smifhfown 2- I O87 Smifhfown 2-2075 5 VUOZZO FLOOR COVERING Complimenfs of Q LINOLEUM - CARPETS - ASPHALT TILE SMITHTOWN BAKERY RUBBER TILE - VENETIAN BLINDS PLASTIC TILE 84 WEST MAIN STREET SMITHTQWNI N, Y, 47 EAST MAIN STREET SMITHTOWN, N. Y. :Ie 10'f05G0V I27 40'K71046"0'H0-'0'-0'-4651 H?'6'0 401?'00Y0N0f0N0'0'fJ10040Y70406N0-6'WY71?6N047'0I0-1910K0 '0,'0 '05'0x0A0, Q030't03 WAGNER BROS FEED CORP. II60 MYRTLE AVENUE C0710W0547'-00C7C0540'f0"055'4?'f05'0'l99 SMiII1Iown 2- I 784 A. D'AI.ESSANDRO Opfician LAWRENCE KARP Opfomefrisf 77 W. Main SIreeI' Smirhfown, Opp. Smifhfown Lumber Co. '40"0l'0' Sfony Brook 7-O3 I 7 COMMUNITY SERVICE STATION DUANE C. COLE 81 CO. SINCLAIR GAS AND OIL Tires . . . BaH'eries . . . Accessories N. Y Fuel Oil and Kerosene SHOPPING CENTER. STONY BROOK Complimenfs of . . . J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. SMITHTOWN, N. Y. THE LUNCHEONETTE At Spage's Pharmacy Lake Avenue. SI. James BY EDWARD RICHARDS Sfony Brook 2-0206 O. C. LEMPFERT HUn+ingIon 4-I404 NEIL BURGES CO. Complefe AuI'o Repair and Service INSURANCE Collision Repair - Hydromafic Repair REAL ESTATE 484 New York Avenue APPRAISALS I-Iunfingfon, N. Y. CompIimenIs of . . . DR. 8. MRS. J. E. KUHLKE Complimenfs of . . . KEl.I.ER'S BAKESHOP I433 New York Avenue HUNTINGTON STATION 0"Q54Q55'5'49V C0'0G0 'I 29 5C?'0'G0' 401G7010165'0 '0'040"0'Z5401Q70 BEST WISHES +0 fhe CLASS OF 1955 COMPLIMENTS OF 2 IVlr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Wolf 9 S+udy +0 shew Thyself approved un+o God. a Workman Jrhaf needefh noi +o be ashamed, righfly dividing Hwe word of frufh. ll Timo'l'hy 2:l5 6 xv-:ow f05'0'f0 130 ALFRED BRAEMER Accouniani Tax Experf - Audifs - Sysfems Monfhly Bookkeeping Service OFFICE OFFICE 96 Easf I7+I1 Sf. 3I5 Wyckoff Ave. I-Iun+ing+on Srafion Brooklyn, N. Y. New York I-IE 3-8556 Hun+ing+on 4-5987 Sf. James 6274 CARL HAMMER MASONRY WORK Sf. James 2-6274 L. C. CLARKE CO. Real Estate Insurance STONY BROOK PORT JEFFERSON BANK OF NORTHERN BROOKHAVEN "Service Io The communify since I889" In+eres+ af The rafe of 2W'Ka per annum on deposifs up fo S2500 MAIN OFFICE BRANCH OFFICE 228 E. Main S+. Dayfon Ave. 84 Por+ Jefferson Pafclwogue Rd. PHONES Porf JeFFerson Sfarion 8-0900 - 090I PHONES 8-OZI9 - I48O Member Federal Reserve Sysfem HUn'ring'ron 4-9266 ACME DRIVE-IN CLEANERS Feafuring ONE HOUR SERVICE Also Same Day SI'1ir+ Laundering I888 New York Ave., Cor. E. I6 HUNTINGTON STATION Riverhead, L. I. Riverhead 8-3438 FRANK COTTER HOTEL 81 RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT SILVER - GLASS - CHINA DISI-IWASHERS - RANGES Aufhorized Dealer Hobari' 81 Toas+mas+er 0'5l'0"'0l?NQY 131 ' -0-ox 9 S 35 DCYNOY0' A-0N0"10"04-0'-0X7f0R0Y0 -f0'1'010f-00610 40K-710102'7'-010Y0V0 ?'0'f7 -G0'40N0f49L0I'7'04Q7f01G0410'f0f401W56Y0'101'0 THREE VILLAGE INN 7C0'40ff?'0' L0f61f0110V0M0I20fl0N02l0K0W4-710"0'l7f01f0X01 Spage's PHARMACY Roberf Spage. PI1.G. LAKE AVENUE ST. JAMES. NEW YORK Telephone 7-0578 VILLAGE BARBER SHOP WaIcI1 Repairing Done On Premises JOSEPH PASTORELLI. Prop. JAmaica 6-4272 Since i904 WHALEN PLUMBING CORP. Repairs - Alferafions Plumbing and Hea+ing I82-30 Hillside Avenue Jamaica 3. N. Y. Complimenfs of. . . THE THREE VILLAGE EXCHANGE STONY BROOK, N. Y. Complimen+s of . . . SELMERS PET LAND HUNTINGTON STATION Long Island, N. Y. town bake shop the roclways 93 Easl Main Sfreef Smillwfown, N. Y. Tels.: HUnfing'ron 4-O3 IO 81 4-5554 TWIN-TOWN SALES 8. SERVICE, Inc. 630 New York Avenue Hunfingfon, N. Y. Direcf Facfory Dealer JACK H. LEOPOLD 0'-0:10-Q9-'ana' Complimenis of . .. JOSEPH SCHWAB .0u0w.0r-7102101 133 xo-10,-of 9 '0"f-0'v'-012051 9 COMPLIMENTS OF . .. THE BANK OF SUFFOLK COUNTY STONY BROOK, N. Y. Member Federal Reserve Sysfem Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corp. ii., L 5 E CompIimen+s . 05 I 5 cAPPY's Q . L 3 Hom Covering of GLAMORE Moron SALES 5 Distinction abd PORT JEFFERSON, L. I. SMITHIOWN, I.. I. ?C 10'20N0N0"0K0N0"0V-0K0"05'0"40'4?40"40"f0K0'P 134 f "710l101 SMffhfOWn 2-1000 SMi+h+own 2-ZI66 - IO36 ROBERT M. SMITH SMITHTOWN LUMBER CORP. MAIN STREET fopposne Town Hallj 6 SMITHTOWN, N. Y. "SuHolk's Super Supplier" Sales 8. Service BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS . . . From THE MOTHER'S CLUB 'I35 ?'0' l944?'Q'4?f0K05 105'0"i0"0"? GLAMORE MOTOR SALES . . . FORD . . . SMITHTOWN, LONG ISLAND CI-Ielsea 3-I332 SARAH MARQUIS FREDRICH E. JAEGGI, Inc. Tmve, sewice lNsuRERs - REALTORS ,56 PM Avenue New York IO, N. Y. SMITHTOWN. N, Y. Authorized Agent for AII AIR, SHIP. and RAIL LINES HEgeman 3-393I POrt Jefferson 8-0263 K A Y ' 5 McNAMARA Buick, Inc. Depcmmenf Sfore THOMAS MCNAMARA 68 I 7-I9 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn 27. N' Y. I02 Main Street GLENDALE Port Jefferson. N. Y. Nassau Engineering Company Iron Fireman Heating Equipment OIL...COAL...GAS Carrier Air Conditioning GLEN COVE, NEW YORK GLen Cove 4-0226 0f?0"0f0'-0' 1 3 6 401010 101105 5 . T Uniforms - AF Shoes and COMPLIMENTS F Equipmenf OF O For all R School D Sporis I Flags S A Fencing F R l E N D Fishing Taclcle I6O JACKSON STREET HEMPSTEAD. L. I. N. Y. HEgeman 3-6820 Cold Sforage Complimenfg gf . . , THE ROYAL FUR SHOP Fu., Made ,O Ode, ROBERT F. s. ROBERT c. wells REPAIRING - REMODELING . . . Oldsmobile . . . 60-I9 Myrfle Avenue CNW 60+h S+fee+l PORT JEFFERSON. N. Y. Ridgewood 27, N. Y. POI-+ Jefferson 8-0555 FUEL QILS SWEZEY FUEL CO. Oll. BURNER Sales 8. Service PA'rchogue 3-0270 137 fwgafowfanafowowozw-no-104011-one Lows: Hllntington 4-IO32 WM. KARL. Prop. KARL'S DEW DROP INN STEAK . . . SAUERBRATEN . . . L. I. DUCK E Home Style Dinners and Luncheons Catering to Weddings and Banquets 2 E. JERICHO TURNPIKE fCor. New York Avenue, HUNTINGTON STATION 138 47516: HUn+ing+on 4-5937 Sfony Brook 7-I IOO MEI TING SUFFOLK Chinese cuisine IMPROVEMENT CO. STONY BROOK, N. Y. 22 WEST JERICHO TURNPIKE HUNTINGTON STATION. L. T. De"e'oP"'e"+5 af HAWKINS HILL - OLD FIELD SOUTH COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF FREDERIC P. WIEDERSUM 8. SON A VALLEY STREAM F R I E N D New Yomc 0 -0v0w0'f0'0M0f0l0N0f0w0N0f0l03i 139 g?20f00X76M0f00K0656100'101W'0'00'0'10l6W0N?0 l7040117'9'Q6x Complimenfs of . .. Hairstyles by . . . DR- R- I-- DENIS S T E P H E N PODIATRIST HUNTINGTON, N. Y. WITH THE BEST WISHES OE LEW SMITH '32 Secrefary-Treasurer Rogers, Prentiss 84 Smith, Inc. INSURANCE BROKERS 80 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 38, N. Y. I 9 HUn+IngTon 4-0950 FREDERICH KRUEGER O. B. DAVIS, INC. Real Esiaie and Insurance PORT JEFFERSON, N. Y. NEXT TO OLD DUTCH MILL JERICHO TURNPIKE HUNTINGTON STATION, N. Y. SC 00000000 140 xo-faxo--0-fa:-0x0u0f.ou0x04a:ow0 '0"?10510N0N?'0"0'6'K0N0"040N05'?'9'909"940W05'0f9l'0x S+. James 2-6520 GEORGE PIEKUT Elecfrical Con'l'rac+or House, Commercial and indus+rial Wiring ST. JAMES, N. Y. Foresi 8-897i INDIAN HEAD RESTAURANT German-American Cooking JERICHO TURNPIKE befween COMMACK and SMITHTOWN Est I866 SARONY, INC. ofnmu Phofographer RES GESTAE 362 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK NEW YORK 910101 0'f0'C0'10K0R0"'0N0N01 -0140 101 0K01v0'N0h0 '40K0'1401H01'0N0240v'01'-02f0"0K0N0'K-0K0'40f'0 3 ER DIN VM Compbmenfd of CA RTER'S W O T . H - H . M S .e.0w0w.0: -i . ,,.. f i y g, I - - "A4" , N A s RECIPE I U ll THOMAS MUFFIN-BOR6'fK5'. . . I l HERE IS All YOU DO' Broll or pan fry your hamburgers. Pull apart enough Thomas Engllsh Muffins to go around. lTwo halves for eachb Toast to a lxght brown Spread im- medxately wxth butter CFor speczal flavor cream butler first wzth garlw salt or a lztlle muslardj Top half the muf'Hns wlth hamburgers and omon nngs Cover wlth remaining mul'Hns Or serve wlth an assortment of rehshes and let each person choose hxs own Are they good? Just watch them dwappear' one mms Mons Ann IMPORTANT: Be sure to ask for Thomas English Mujins. Baked from a recipe generations old, they have that real old-time Havor. No others ever seem so good! qafkk. . . and just marvelous 401' 143 ihomas' English Qllufhns thc memory lingers on '-0f0'011010'0Y-01' xaofaoolaov-00000001000-awwvwwwaow -owo-Qanoxox 9 ' Smiwown 2-I 123 - 2-I 124 COMPLIMENTS SMITHTOWN Kaplan 8: Schneider OF PHARMACY Every+hing in Drugs MAIN ST. SMITHTOWN BRANCH MANNY SFAELOS and FAMILY God Bless The GRADUATES ingfon 4-6l40 5 MANOR CLEANERS, :Nc COMPLIMENTS Cleaners - Dyers - Tailors OF I4II NEW YORK AVENUE 3 HUNTINGTON STATlON, N. Y. 5 9 MARIO and RITA MR. 81 MRS. THOMAS W. EVANS MONT D'OR INN Confinenial Cuisine KINGS PARK ROAD SMITHTOWN, N. Y. Smillwrown 2-I997 Scaoomovwwamoooomoowwwbwwoooawmoowooemwfww l0+f01'01 6v626N01'011714W10' BES WISHES A FRIEND co 9 MR. 8: MRS. RAYMOND C. ELLIS 1 Q. , X7r0K0v401 f01G747 S SM. DAylon 8-0400 American Flagpole Equipment Co., Inc Manufaclurer of F L A G P 0 L E S Ship Booms and Masts, Radar Masfs, Booms and Masfs For Barges and Sailboats 928 EDGEWATER ROAD BRONX 59, N. Y. WILLIAM JOHNSON 146 I I- :b:m.0..0.-a-0f0-fa04a:0f04aQa-0A0.Q0u0..0.vw0A0w.m.4w0..0..0 ,0.,,,,0,0,,0x JOSEPH J. DOWLING AGENCY INSURANCE - AII Forms LAKE AVENUE ST. JAMES. N. Y. COLONIAL FURNITURE I27 MAIN STREET SMITHTOWN, N. Y. VAIIey S+ream 5-2722 CHRISTMANN'S ETHICAL PHARMACY F. W. Chrisfmann, Ph.G. 258 ROCKAWAY AVENUE VALLEY STREAM, N. Y. CompIimenfs of . . . KENNETH W. ANDERSON BEST OE EVERYTHING Io The CLASS OF 1955 Mr. C. L. Bundy " 'S i COUNTRY JI CORNER ggi? ' A - . 'L' s'1L"j 'Q 5 esfauronf E' EAST SETAUKET, Jaclr P. Michaels L DONALD K. MAGURK Insurance of All Kinds Ruhland Garage Bldg. EAST SETAUKET, N. Y. Telephone: Sefaukef 6-OI77 6 x - 147 Sfony Brook 7-0048 COMMUNITY GROCER I CHAS. WACKENHEIM, Prop. Frozen Foods . . . FruiI's 8: Vegefables FREE DELIVERY Aavwwowwmowwawowwwafmwwowomvwmoxawx BEST WISHES TO THE Complimenfs of . . . GRADUATES THEODORE R. JAFFE A FRIEND DESKS, Inc. Complete Office Furnishers 7I FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK 3. N. Y. Good Luck from . . . GRAMMAS SWEETS ICE-CREAM . . . LUNCHEON . . . CANDIES PORT JEFFERSON. N. Y. PO 8-0245 10l0"0' 148 40"-010'-f0"0"0 40N0K6'Y-0N0l0 PJ 8-I I I0 SET 6-OI 7l POr+ Jefferson 8-0046 - 8-0080 THE TINKER NATIONAL BANK EAST SETAUKET. N. Y. Member Federal Deposii Insurance Corporaiion NEWCOMB BROTHERS Dodge and Plymouth SALES and SERVICES CARS. . . TRUCKS . . . PARTS ACCESSORIES PORT JEFFERSON, N. Y. plimenfs of . . . LAMBRIDES 8: LAMBRIDES Ceriilied Public Accounfanfs 220 WEST 42nd STREET NEW YORK 36. N. Y. Complimenfs of . . . ROBERT F. and ROBERT C. WELLS - Oldsmobile - PORT JEFFERSON, N. Y. S '7f?47620X7'?6N7f76Y0Wf0'?WN76K7h0f1?fQ2?671?f7012?17'?W16f6 POr+ Jefferson 8- I 270 SUFFOLK SAND 8. STONE CO. Ready-Mix Concrete Olilice and Planf PORT JEFFERSON STATION NEW YORK I-IUn+ingIon 4- I 660 Complimenfs of MARSH'S MEN'S 8. BOYS' SHOP 270 MAIN STREET HUNTINGTON. L. I. Complimenis of . . . OETTlNGER'S VARIETY STORE Mmm 2-0220 THE LEWIS DRUG STORE For Prompf Drug Service "As near Io you as your IeIephone" Special AH'en'I'ion 'lo Mail and Phone Orders As Your Neighbor I29 GATES AVENUE BROOKLYN 38, N. Y. MCAULEY CREMORNE MISSION 434 W. 42nd Sfreei' New Yorlr, N. Y. AN INTERDENOMINATIONAL FAITH WORK In The business of reaching men for Chrisl since I882 Minislering Io aboul' ISO men daily, holding lorlh The Word of Life and Hope on an aggresive. evangelislic plane. JAMES E. BENNET, Pres. J. M. KILLIGREW, s..p+. Used Clothing Always Welcome 150 JK 6'w0v 00" C704 5 5 S ac ' -l 680102 '0'0K-7 ls HOLLIES - AZALEAS Complimenfs of . . . Wholesale - Refail HEDGEROWS FARM NURSERY THE SHOE TREE SETAUKETI N. Y' 3IO MAIN STREET Semkm 6-Om-W PORT JEFFERSON, N. Y. Complimenfs of Complimenfs of . . . B O H A C K MR' AND MRS' "Long lsland's Own Food JOHN B. WILKENS Markeisu Complimenfs of . . . STONY BROOK APOTHECARY STONY BROOK' N- Y- B. ELIZABETH WEST Sfony Brook 7-T490 REALTOR and KENNETH WEST BEST WISHES . . . LAND SURVEYOR ELIZABETH J. DONALDSON STONY BROOK 7,0675 SETAUKET. N. Y. 151 '0N0?4076'409C03'01405105C055405C059l-7995f7'0'C0"5 Students FROM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH from every conlinent. with differing cultures but One in Chrisl. TRAIN AT HOUGHTON COLLEGE High in Standard . . . Low in Cost . . . Fundamental in Belief and minister TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH by preparing youth called of God. sending them lo far flung mission 'Fields and supplying their needs through prayer and gifts. WRITE FOR INFORMATION TO THE REGISTRAR HOUGHTON COLLEGE Houghton, N. Y. 62606506105 T52 62 f02'04C0f4-0? 620 '02' 405' 04' KM' CompIimenIs of . . . WORLD IDEAS, Inc. SETAUKET. N. Y. Complimenfs of THE GAILER FAMILY "I'r's greaf fun 'ro follow +I'1eIriaIs+I1a+Iead Io II1e 'treasures of +I'1e past" YOUR NEAREST TREASURE TRAVEL IS THE E. GATES ANTIQUE SHOP AT THE STONY BROOK R.R. STATION BROWN'S ARMY 8. NAVY STORE Work CIo+hes - Camping Equipmeni' Boy's Apparel - Sporlswear MAIN STREET PORT JEFFERSON STATION POrI Jefferson 9-O3 72 BENJ. G. HUSKISSON INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE 208 E. MAIN STREET PORT JEFFERSON. N. Y. CompIImenIs of BENJ. T. WEST Sefaukef 6-0260 O S C A R ' S CUSTOM TAILOR Dry Cleaning - AI+eraI'ions P.O. BOX 2I8 E. SETAUKET. N. Y. Day: GLen Cove 4-2457 Nighf: C5Len Cove 4-3689 MEYER AUTO REPAIR 83 BIRCH HILL ROAD LOCUST VALLEY, N. Y. x Y f'0'N-010' 5674010 40"020'-s?6S0 10l0 Compliments of INTER-CONTINENTAL TRADING CORPORATION 90 WEST STREET NEW YORK 6, N. Y. U.S.A. Distributors of the Popular Precision Built Olympia Portable and Standard Typewriters BEST WISHES to the THE WOODBOX Shopping Came, SENIOR cLAss STONY BROOK L n N Y hom Mr. 8. Mrs. Howard E. Bailey -0"'0K0' 40"-0N0'40N0'l0 POr+ Jefferson 8-0870 H. A. BENNETT Wesfinghouse and GE Appliances PORT JEFFERSON, N. Y. POrI Jefferson 8-0576 SI'IoreI1am 4-3663 MARY ANN'S INTERIOR DECORATING SHOP Slip Covers - Drapes - Upholsfery PORT JEFFERSON. N. Y. and Mary Ann's Outlet Store af 25A Miller Place. N. Y. BEST WISH ES From Friends af EQUITY HOUSE ULTRA HIGH SPEED INJECTION MOULDING DuPONT POLYETHYLENE FOR EVERY INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING OPERATION REOUIRING AIR TIGHT AND LIQUID PROOF CONTAINER PLASTOMATIC CORP. MALVERN, PA. POrI Jefferson 8-0500 THE FLOWER BOCKS RUTH, DOUG, and YORK The grass wifhereih, Ihe flower fadeih buf I'I1e word of our God shall sfand forever. I sa. 40:8 PORT JEFFERSON STATION. N.Y. Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry L. Carlson Member F.T.D. -QWQN04' g, T qumw OUTDOOR cwmeg for work . . . for play . . . for everyday - ACTURING COMPANY II30 RANIER AVENUE SEATTLE, WASHINGTON x '-9' 40"'-074Q5 f0755995 C0"'0l1Q59055'5'L0Y if 'I 56 40549N?40"07'? 'l0' HUn+ingI'on 4-46 I 8 LOUIS A. CASCONE REAL ESTATE . . . INSURANCE 8I8 E. JERICHO TURNPIKE HUNTINGTON, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. 81 Mrs. Rush Ziegenfelder Best Wishes to the Class of '55 '0H0'40N0N01 Hardware . . . Housewares . . . Paints . . . Appliances STONY IIOOK STOII R vs - 1 ':.3-:Lv ' .V 1:552555555?5Er5rZr5:555E5Erfrf-' ' ..,.:3i?EE?E??iYE3"'-:Fa -'11' I'2-f:s:sSf111fA" .-1 .s:5:s:s:s:s5a?zz2gs:s:sE::g5g9g2:::. L. ,'1' :gags:5:s:s:5:5:gfg: f- 3:5 :g:555E55g5:5:5:5:g A 4. . ..- ..,,...,... 1 ' my . ,:1.Hf""E 1 ,:.E:Efigigigigiffriffiiq4.1:-:.:rg:::1:,::f5: 3 ,wa .ws wwf. ai? f ' qigsgz:sf:2:s:s:3:r:g5:3:s:5:5:5:3:r:f5::: we I gp' vii 5 :Q1:f5:5:ess:si52efs:s:e:1-5:5:15fs:f:s 5 , A f if is 5 2 35- f . f' .. 553.1 If I lfi ,2I:Ef:Zg.g.g:Z.-. ' "A "I '-7f2fZ'2fZE: D. T. BAYLES 81 SON, Inc. SHOPPING CENTER STONY BROOK 7- I 000 STony Brook 7-0290 Bayles Stony Brook Lumber Corp Lumber . . . Millwork . . . Mason Materials NO. COUNTRY ROAD STONY BROOK, N. Y. '0" -0"05'0f-7l0N0' 1 58 ,. ,,.,,,, ,.,, ,,-1, Y F- Selden 2-3597 If fl If MARTIN NELSEN If jllil A m ln .I mg GARDEN CENTER ' FERSON' Y Landscape ConI'racI'or 7, life? NAMO E JERICHO TU RNPIKE DAVID B. ALLEMAN, nwnsn TEL.E-D585 Aimee Elzon . . . Sefaulcei' 6-0770 A'H'more Robinson . . . Slony Brook 7-0244 ELZON 84 ROBINSON Realfors SETAUKET. L. I.. N. Y. Member of Ihe Long Island Real Esfale Board 1812 House 205 EAST MAIN STREET PORT JEFFERSON. N. Y. Anfiques, Gills, and Cards Complimenfs of . . . COMMACK LUMBER CO. ROUTE 25A JERICHO PLUMBERS SUPPLY CO Wholesalers and Disfribufors CENTEREACH ROUTE 25 Ronk. 9-80OI BOOSTERS Room 22 Hegeman Room 8 Johnson Hall Room 9 Johnson Hall R. S. Wilson Dave Dillon J. Bre'H Alverzo Carey Marcucci Room 26 Johnson Hall Sid Luclrman Gar and Jane Dick and Joan 159 Terry Kelly Sfephen Wund Leif Holgersen Room 3I Johnson Hall John Wolle C. R. B. Jim Boice Larry Goodman Glenn Janow, Jr. Larry Klane Oliver Davison Z A0101-0 B 0 O S T E R S Davison Auguslin Ensign J. B. Dawson, Jr. Gem Sfore Buell Lehnarfz Bonard Mr. 8: Mrs. Fiedler Morris Davidson, D. Opilz 'I'erry's Sporfing Woods Carroll Carole Goods Sfore Befsch Boice French Schweyer, Reid 8: Edwards Dow Purchase Conforfe Sfelzenmuller John Johnson Chew Midsfone Marlcel' Lees Hofrod Dick V. B.-The Fog Jack and Simeon Couch Tabafchnilc Room 29 IG.M. X: F.S.l John Milne Slalces Belyea Chrisfian Acfivifies Club Joseph Eilcov Garifano Barnelf. S. Room I4 IJ.B. 8: I-I.C.l FOresI 8-9I IO COMPLIMENTS OF CCMMACK LUMBER CORP. G. B. JERICHO TURNPIKE SETAUKET, L. I. SMITI-ITOWN. L. I. COM PLIMENTS OF The Staff of the 1955 RES GESTAE A FRIEND wishes 'I'o fhanlr all fhose who have made Ihis bool: possible and THE NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE for fhe background phofographs on Pages I3 and 45: BAUER'S PHARMACIES THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE LOCUST VALLEY and GLEN COVE 'For fhe background phoiograph on Page 23 -0v'-01'-0N-9w-0wfJ'-0'K0N0rf.0N0'-0Y0l0"f7'0f'0'L0" 160

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