Stony Brook School - Res Gestae Yearbook (Stony Brook, NY)

 - Class of 1954

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Stony Brook School - Res Gestae Yearbook (Stony Brook, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 184 of the 1954 volume:

Q - - . X - 1 t ' l : sssr,, V i W s. . Q V 1954 RES QGESTQEHSIAFF ,,, ,s ' rs i l ,, 1 t Co-Editors ....... .................... K eenan Lee Qt , William O'Rourke ' Q Business Manager ............... Joseph Caron 'i . ., isi, .- 'Y Assistant Business Manager ' A L m.,,.,,A, Frankagoss, lll s j - . . A 1 at Literary Editors ....... ....... R obert Daiiiles if -1 or Walter ,. s t r l'lOl'CICe Tbwleh 5 r ' W S fi '-2552, 1: 1 r Q in 1 or r i iii 'W Q if Sports Editors ............... Barton Cleveland 1 , I 'il l" 'i ., 2. 9- 'il l 5 ' Mi -'A-'V i f - - r Bernhvia s W1 t , ,ss. Hm m . r Ai in F I . . , . , It 1 ' ,, up I , lfrts,Edsgotr:...igMg4egfeiss :chord W mstrong VE 5 sm 45 ,I ,a-- Kernochan gi' . 2 ,,,, Z W H , , ' H ' . , ' T' 9 jg gk i ' . x in 11 ,,,,, g. -g my VVV,V :WW F . -WMW V Adviser .... r ............. fffflolmg uld 1 'ffl t' 4 F," lt , ,, 1 , M A 'ii +1-,.,,W ., t ' so A a. s s slrs i ,x R J - vm , ., ' "' "-3 . ' ,. ,, , ' ' W 1 4 W , is h , ' 'ww F4 I sv " " i V A 5 E, 3 , 3 ww, X, s fn ,, A ' 'H Q L 3 . .Eat LA f K,.1..g , , va wg " "til ' V X. w M.. Q . , .,.s S "TE 41' - , GQ' , , f , -4 ,j kr . H M img, 1 A Ak KJ QM 'E -- 1 ' . ' :zsf"' A 1 ' ' ' -'.,-f I' sss. s t r ' ,. av . X fir:-14, '- wif ,, , K IAM -3 4-if ,. I . , i w,,:- - . i., H 1--v I K . I if my 11 I ,,.. -xx! :gi ww'-if I K f ' 1 j f I - 'P' , WM , 1 . L I 1 KW. , ' - ---r , H k'..', , ' K I ' fQg?f1t'2pQ, 1, f-M Q , ,-,, Y, ,. 'ti M - - ' , W is -F - L'f.. H , , , M -' , , ' QM ' fyg . H 1 , 1 - i"'w1 f A 1 ,I 1- . ,,,,r,, s'rr r strrl , 'iiwv-1 v l ' f' 4., srs' 2, ' + A . A ' 'r ' W 1 7 - , ' n - W . it N' 'f '-ff , . . - ' , sf.. 'Y .Q if ,-, 1- V we A-"f'5K1 if A- .,' - wil.-1599, j ..,, M Wg, K H, ,,V- LQ j ,," LQ V JT, 'N k ff qifigy -' H uw ' I V.: ,J .. , V, H , W W' U W 'lii -.'. "V U Q - ., ' - ' Q " v so 1 - st,t ' -V W ' ' 1 Qt? ' , f 1 , 4 in ' . K ' ,: , 5Ig"ft?flef2fri'.:wn A 5 'L' f- is-:fnqp , . 5' , V' F i i tfm . - A " f -. -.,., , ,,,... ,, , on J ' 4 t t . s 1 Q. in at . .. n 3'-lv ,, f "'. ' 1 f. ,, .f . " i' L W r " i i wg was ' - ' wg r s"r' 1 ' i E so s r n - s r res W t l ' "- ' E, , : .M-ig.x in : . 5.4 : :f :', g- 155 5, M .. - - ' v V, V as A Q .. ,wt Q, f Q f "H: ,, - m sv . ' 1' , li. - ,ng fl gf' ws: ,Q-,. 2 -hp, . -my ' -f Q l U59 f..g5,5.,-11:.z-5. ilffw ,leg 1 1 Y K ,V L E . y i, ., . 5- K L , . T A sgzzj v , F: K K . , 13- , fx A 5 1 in 5 1 ,fn '..: .. . . V' Y- z J"w..,.j J 0 ,, - f ' ' 3 31' Q-2,'l:' 77wvq. '- V, iz' :,f" ? I ' w i l l '15, 'silifrk ' "" lg? " - ,, f ' tfrtrt ,. ' - , r ,, . ' ,,.,,1 :s:a,a.'1 , .V ,,,. , t, Q ,I 14i3g,PfL3si'?- gag gg 1 ,gr , 'Q 9' K ., 1 -, , , 'J 1 f,w? ,fw :gint 1' 1, w 3, -" 1- A .. ,f-1-V ..1'-L-f .: A ni' 'gi 'Q' l -- ,..,, r s. . M 'N t W . . it so if if at I . XVMQZX?-:,.LH:,x.,L K -K W ., ,b fi yeh, - HA V , L A , W 4 , :lib 5, . " , ,f- -," ' ' ' . I : , ' ' . .. ' ,af - : A s,,,,.,:. .. .,. I t 'M ' -' ., T X759-S'. . - 3 , 'f Sf. Q- Q aw I . ':,ff!':'-1 kvfhgsui Q" '+jflM:5.gT,f E. .4 46.45 " ,uw ' , V X-A. ,i.g,,: 12,53 , .,,'x :fag 'iff .v -rf s- J Q Q.-44 ifrsraanaaniuarn- - 'Q 1 5 -.. Q I, . ' . 1 1 li' . x' . i. , rj - ? If V A - y ,A A-in-gi' ,Q - -'g5,:,..,.-E., - 1x'f I"-s . n, . , Mfg, 9'9- 1 :fp - -' w'fX.,', ' E Q f 4 N-. 1 1 --,, , , V - hw., -, ' ,, :wi 4 . 1 1 1 f .ew-' . 3-Xb' V -:L - A . ' ' , '- 1 , 3 i... . it f 3 5 W4 'r ' ' Y' ' L, f 1 ,., ,.-'A ,F i J AJ, , r -v j"'4f . ,1:4.'-aL,-, f fm , :,'?0:93 - '- ' .. ' - ' , -1,-5 W 1, ' '14 ,, ff' K f 5 ' ,, F 5a'aU' fz 'u 131-f Ja--5 gp ' A .' ' . , .,,-.' ll-,f'g,g35Q.'f-' . , 7 I g x V - ' ' d"i.":? Q . ' '- ,Al ,rg , ' -, f',i':.1Hf. ff? : H 1 f .if-f 'g 'Q I 4 .J , .ffl 1 -?-f.,,,T2:6g,iz12, , 'W t . HA N" 'Q ' ' .- il . , . b ,. xt , 1: . .1 J, 'A X? E ' 'gif 1 ff, 'cm ' .1 ,f .nk fum: f f f 4 ' R .-L A 'z - 49' mn. 'dk 111 1 IHQQH1 ' 11 "WH ,111 111 1 1 1 W W 11 1 11 1 1 1 11111 11 11 1 11 11 1 1 11, fy 7 " f'H!jf7 ,fix-5-fif ' . rw, 1 .x,1l'2f1:rQ.'1,gfxfg '-:Ly ,nf lfffr. f ' Q39gf'Q,vhi'-fy,,4ff31f1'1f Jj k 1--alarm CNN V 'M M s X qxxy-J res gesfaej19 54 X' xx f O Q by t ,,1:::,if":f'iA lQxx.,"j Memorial Hall F l fa 'EJ 2 ,r if X K x , , M ,PS 'sg . . 1' wha, , H. L,h,,.Q,2f'..f .Mh- ,.' .fp ,ah 'Q .P '. M... fi U J , lr A 'N f ,N '- .K ,Q " .V 5.6, ww- ,.Sff.?w-gi f " P., .2155 ifWF"Lf1v...kpL3" ' ' A Z'-vga-1'ff',W1W3' - i aw . ' u - ' .am-.J " .1 V x ,J mil 1 Y, ,Q V: 'V , Q FP f f - .MN,.,?Zvf- . , .pm If W WOW" wp 4, XG ,2f3fE' Ah fir ' " ffl. f 's 2' V ff 3 I, ,NLT Q ,W t I Y ,,,,:, .A .- w--- -V .. - it ""'1"-Q: .Tqrwfw ,jr ,:Q7YfWf",':. 'M' -JT Qu" 4 ,U-lr' . ' ' J -0 . -- - 1 A V .5 '- 1 . W . W. . ,5 f 'W ,?g.f'?2,,,j'T1-- - I +4,'iV""-- 1. ..-N ,Z ,G !.. , .U I ,f ,VCV 1 ,'iy1,,k?,:, V A , , , -5.11114 , xy, " V . , in A , ,iffy W, L, +I. .f x ff,-. :L My -,Ki-4 ,,,f,, ,,,-,4 ,A' . ,:'f'7Sx'f2-:,?1,af.M - A -7 f ff,-lm' -s Ms wha me Shep sliipggpf'f1ze:sTE61!sf:5Yedhesi2fh9'1fYffrfs1UH9 fi of " 'Yeff - ' F?lCf.C05?ff54?51!0WF?fi'PS,'1'QW'hWQCVGSS-.55-9'9lU59f56U'H!3:.x .. M 1 -4, fffj '1' ,Qg'7' fl ,.,2:4,py. j'we ""' - ff5:3i,4 ,, , A, ' h ,1' eyheb place., I .we hu,vQf'f ,,'f9?f3fFf'4 use m defegi, mmd , ,and muscle b, for' T N Q1 'Qygghfipe f3QQlgQxWiHfS6file:,toVl shomydd . , Summit-ANQ' ' evhgce, A our yearsfaf Stony Bgbyle-65. ah every f,s1qge4,bf Jghe Qefij5hjfhgs"Z,Bgehiqsmopth gcfin'g4+v 'iqfifillii' 'f ' 5 ggntinueqs ffadyenture -qfon'g ...the ewghcye' get: i and'-Snlgfgjgqd izfrhed, cihd. 'wel haveeg, 'i :faith fhdtfleddiifb fhe,top- sturhbled. BUt'wh,eheyey, we"'hYdVe'fciIfe1'ed havd""' 5 4. fihdsigifjnddele df humongxperiericez fefl6Wshi'b" with iw. IhefLofgf5Jes1is"Ch,Ffst. I' .7 Q 'z,. Q P 'I f b Our 'gbifies 'dfongl the sofhetimesfdark hand .for- Biddirggl jrdil' have 'giwien qsh the d35p?dnce that Afhey' hdve been fhere befbre us. They' hive' reconnoitered' ' Ybeerj"Lsvu'steWd-by ,thin Hexfhes ' 'our Auqgeen Guide, eihd'fol,Iowjng,f"in His Steps", we cduild ,hot fqil 156",fHifp beR:ihQSV,fheQ creiigffx 15655, whutexhe-rbelzks wefffdve 2 'Q i, K A " ' fe R V " , ' ",' V, I A' .g l , 'X x, ' ":'. I 'G-is sr dedication gf 'l ws, 'L AN EXCELLENT FRIEN D - whose sincerity and helpfulness are revea e l d in his ready smile. bl f our entering so many AN EXCELLENT ADVISER - whose guidance is responsi e or y fine colleges best suited to equip us for future usefulness' and service. AN EXCELLENT COACH - whose skill an d enthusiasm for cross-country and track tl reduced strong winning teams. have consisten y p AN EXCELLENT TEACHER - whose courses in chemistry and phys exacting. AN INSPIRING CHRISTIAN GENTL ics are thorough and h' h t dard for Christian behaviour. a ug s an With sincere affection the CLASS OF 1954 dedicates this book to MARVIN W. GOLD 6 . EMAN - whose devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ sets BERG if 5 'X 41 u 1 " a Q I" 51' Q N K Q, 3.4, P it Q 'fn .345 V "Miki Mr I' g,u,.,,,.a W. . A. 'q'5'rIR'. . f -. , -'1 f . ' QW J' Q , V Ni'h5"x'n ' , i, W3 Q, , WK ,' ' Jw, " ' LI , tag, . , 'W ws 'Kit 3 35 mug' 4 Mm, 3- : ,ff- -. Wwnkuuf "WeII, why not play taps?" . S A d , F f W l F I R 5 2. 5 I S L I Q- -1 YQ I 5 J I I f in , ,., ,.a...w N -W we ,WY'wf:'f41s -ff . ,.,. K W .ww ' , V , ,. Mk., w , X.,L,,,,M,.Nk..,.:. A , ' :II 1 52: Wjfhiw K ,A , ,wifi . Kvxv, .mffui "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan . . " HEGEMAN HALL "Wonder if I could use this for a book report." JOHNSTON HALL "The following boys will report to Mr. Hershey . . . " 4- 0, f 1 +1 4 4 4 'ff " ,C 'Y 3 . ,,,,..---f ,,..-,,...-on 1 Q sly V I fa .F ,r-, M If Y . n 337, 'si ,I , 5. Li W :VV 25? ,A bf . fr ' ,K , A, 1, I f. , V., ,J 3 f1!ff'Tl"! ' 0.1151 .Vis . if M. 'sf P . . . s , I i , , i ,, qw Qt JH . 5' , f . wggQ+mg ACE M f ' f - f . va V 3 xl v V vi, -, N - U, J, ,, mf' 3 mW., A,. ,,-A. V M? 5: ,, E i IA W,,5:,15i,1fl A tm.: 41 Mm A ' ,ff ' . . 2 6,344 ' M ' R9 'Him-f f " i JW' 'f9 A ' '?'f'5f"ff' L 1,2 6, W Q a F ,f 'I 'f,,4'4! 1 W A 1 175, . "' , ' ' ' . T '4'+',i,l'. ' if ' ,nn 1 A -" 'Wm ' Y 2 ,L 1 1 xwab K v.,. r J Tl Is qi A . . Km-'., an Av . Ve A an it AA, H , , f ! 4- ' ' , 'L' " V ' I . if I I ,' vi ' I 'Q V' ' 4 . 4 ' ,wig ' 1 1 .Il Q I ' ' WI , 5 A 97 Ml' I i " Y' ,M Q- , 'fr r' V P' x ,g . ' . ,"g xr Jw qu- -1 A , . 'N X F f N :. - f - Lil f - 1 N , . A ,-,,.:s.., V W .1-X' ,f 3' t M. -M V , ' 2' -e -.. ,,L.,, , ' I-.QW vmr' ' -4' N kv'A1,, ,,-,, W J' .L - , , is ' . .w.f1s.wg ,. .H TW N... K X 2 3 ff f HA .ml AWA M if A ln th 56646 go. fA PSALM F 55W 9 Af- W, 9 x -laws ow' Tccfdv avpiffijf' ri-+1f-""'1"',,y S M 5 '?,vU" fb-W' W-WW" .DS 4, 19" For-5 HWY-Vw 1 'b wqybm WPA, fpfv' any Ng-lv0'Y'-B um pu? Nwww wb, Twvb' np, ,yrvwff f""' W' '+'ffjf M of ' 'Win-wv"'6','LJIw1fP'Pf' ,I+ vs sf 'S 'Jin ff v"'f'3iM"'w l wry wpfa.-W-fm-"' 5 W ay GSW, 5,3-59-VOM" bt., My VVTQP9, 89' wL"o9v-Q' d7Tv.s,Jvon.o'5-lfwboeoimo for Q X51 cur-':1'0"' 'Q,':,',1s,,,,..,,h f""'d'wf? ,gf vf' Nw-""""M51wd"V """4:awf"' 3 Mya. eW'V'oA MF'Yw"'5A9v'fA:oYf-60-mlfioub 5' 4' ML nwww' sw: BF' CTW 'f-'vP"""' up Ld vw qv" N kr'-40" Qs W' 119 inns Jw tv-,M,,W.Lb 'vwv bww? 05 Ti 'W' CN' B 94 0-W1 Bwqwml of 6 Ra. 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LON 'DDQ xq, if-X-Qs Qhss cc K-X51-X -. dal!-0 vdtfb mast 'I N-X5-u. Qw dim . '-X61 09 P ' ' ov cm pwwqnla M4 PN Rd' on ow, .uv Kaur, YS wx ex Rodd vxmv-S , Phi! mW-' ri: ,cloak Na 'BOM Shook- ww' qnvv ,yy 4, wmv Bcbsqs. SSN oQ+QnN-I ag-QS' aidgymg and q52,,9YxCQ , Q05-13' 1-61 vmsfov' . ml Qggpvyfyga. 0516 v'-U! dk vlsffdlitg ' ,J 'sdlols ova CXO 'RSM' qw-SV W6-W QM-QM , qw aQ.v-t qw, C0541 wwf' 030' ovdu' QS 'Fm-2 wb S -Raina gun! ww R an A f cn-1' vlwf t s Wald: q, , . K gzvsl-:1BM1bs, was . q JF ,2..qfA wi gk-wqkw vision , -C6-Wei-3 www- no emi. I xopx -xo +2111-f ,cbd , aww-'VC'-f fl 'igxvkxktx 8 diet? , L9JN'mq T91 R014- My S., X woxa ma-0 ,ma +0 189 vw? 'xg Wo, MQ, Yjmlynq Qi. MQW, Pham' Qifniirw man- ' 'Sfis Ks Q90 1 CDV- Q'5fU"'KY5f00k 'MX Awqs do. ll - OSCAR FLOYD JOHNSON Director of Athletics and Physical Education, 1942 Instructor in Mathematics, 1937 Davidson College, A.B., 1936 Duke University, M.A., 1941 11? JOHN WARREN HERSHEY Instructor in English, 1938-43 Instructor in English, 1946 U. S. Army llntantryl, 1943-46 Franklin and Marshall College, A.B., fPhi Beta Kappaj, 1936 Duke University, M.A., 1942 VAL E. HARTO Instructor in Latin, 1941-42 Instructor in Latin, Mathematics, 1946 U. S. Army lArtiIIeryj, 1942-46 Bloomfield College, A.B., 1940 Montclair State Teachers, 1940-41 New York University Graduate School of Arts and Science, M.A., 1950 .ll M -.-..... DANIEL G ROSENBERGER . MARVIN W. GOLDBERG Instructor in History, 1943 Director of Studies Shippensburg State Teachers College, Instructor in Chemistry, Algebra, B.S., 1934 1945-1952 University of Pennsylvania, M.S., 1940 Instructor in Chemistry, Physics, 1953 Pennsylvania State College, Houghton College, A.B., 1936 University of Puerto Rico Harvard University, Ed. M., 1943 Duke University, Biblical Seminary, N. Y. N. Y. U. Graduate School, 1947 JAMES FENTON Instructor in Mathematics, Economics, Problems in Democracy, 1947 Houghton College, A.B. University of Rochester U. S. Marines, 1941-46 jL,.! X -1- JOHN W. GOULD Instructor in History, General Science, 1949-50 Instructor in Bible, English, 1951 Columbia University, A.B., 1948 M.A., 1949 University of London U. S. Army fEngineersQ, 1942-46 ,..1 CHARLES H. KERR Instructor in Spanish, French, 1949 Kings College, A.B., 1949 University Laval Graduate School Adelphi College Graduate School WILLIAM F. BISGROVE Instructor in History ancl Remedial Reading, 1951 Houghton College, A.B., 1940 University of Pennsylvania, M.A., 1941 Columbia University U. S. Army, 1942-46 RALPH RENNARD Instructor of History, Geography, 1951 University of Maryland, B.S., 1949 University of Washington University of Delaware U. S. Army, 1944-46 M.Ed., University of Maryland A. JAMES BARTON ROBERT G. WARD Instructor of Biology, General Science, IHSTYUCTOI' of Bible, English, Bible, Nature Study, Hygiene, Mechanical Drawing 1952 University of Washington, B.S., 1948 Franklin and Marshall College, B.S., Pacific Lutheran College, 7948-49 1946 Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.M., University of Pittsburgh Graduate 1953 School U. S. Navy, 1944-46 U. S. Navy, 1943-45 ,.,.....- 11? 1 MRS. CATHERINE MARGESON Instructor in Music, Orgonist, 1942 American Conservatory, Fontainebleau, France B. FRANK MOSS Instructor of Bible Asbury College, A.B., 1929 Westminster Seminary, Th.B., 1932 Princeton Seminary, Th.M., 1942 Pastor of Central Presbyterian Church, Huntington, N. Y., 1945 MRS. .IOSEPHINE C. JONES Instructor in Art, 1940 GILBERT C. MOORE Business Manager and Assistant Treasurer, 1929-1948 Accountant, 1948 Alumni Secretary, 1953 JOHN R. WASON Accountant and Assistant to Business Manager, 1952 Providence Bible Institute, 1946 Gordon College of Theology, A.B., 1948 Clark University, Worcester, Mass 1951 JAMES E. HILL Business Manager and Assistant Treasurer, 1948 -1- MRS. WALTER CARRELL Housekeeper, 1946 BERTHA V. ELLIS School Nurse, 1946 T, . I Q.- MRS. ELIZABETH A. HOPKINS Hopkins Hall House Mother, 1929 Medico-Chirurgical Hospital Training School, R.N. University of Pennsylvania Columbia University N MRS. MARION H. CHENEY Librarian, 1951 New Paltz State College Hunter College Yale University Library BETTY SNYDER Secretary To Heoldmclsier, 1941 Shelion College MRS. SYLVIA H. MEYER Secretory To Business Manager, 1952 MRS. ELIZABETH BARNETT Secretory to Senior Master X MRS. KATHARINE RENNARD Record Clerk, 1949 VVRUE MANNY AND MRS. STERN HENRY KARL 26 TONY MILT AND LOU X beginning of climb COIN? ye, RHJ ua g0 M10 fo fA2 H10 f cl, J X 2nd FORM CLASS OFFICERS Bonard, President, Woods, Secretary, Davidson, G., Vice President, Mr. Bisgrove, Faculty Adviser pw snr 'Spf' 'VL fe' Sw asftgiiqo f gg5??1,,ga'6x '5-5 J jf , ,.V 9 Sm W S ' Z'51Q".'kf,Qu ' '.,, is 3 vb. RW , L 1 ' ua 85530 'Rial N ,,5f'4,. jp T w We fi ' ef? L' Q i'!3if:.i'ff.. S - . Q H . g,'w,g:pJf,,'1i.x-41. 4, Xvl,2fg5i:j.uzlLfgfg3 x Q An" " 'Q-A .,,f-si -g i f H xx ,J Tom Roberts Ronnie Karl ,gr- -alba Jack Tenbekiian John Winn 13:15 . WW? E YS Bob Friedrich ..-QQ...-m.Mr.W.,.., 2 V , is h K 3 F rrrraf, S FX 1-fri, gif? iif - If' it 1 H '1., - - - wr, tr ,wx Russ Kurth gi K ,, fi'--' F :i,- g V iw' 'j W-W X , .muy t-" :ni - , - -, L. . 1 if 3 2 f Q55-if IW va f- it L2 f fi iq vi- C Steve Woods F? ,4f,,xm,.f f, A - :ff 'Y y-saw-N-fnbf ff V f -- - J Yvtv i Fwwwl, H H Bob Bennett ' John Bonord Ken Canons Peie Davidson if V lk! 12, Qi Engl ,Qs-maqw-msmw',,f:, fm-1 :14.1m,.1fnMg,,,mMM,.gm,! . -yq.,,f as 1. Y ,a Ray Gambler Paul Henning John Johnson . ef W, 5 V 'f Q C 113: Sf, ffvzr if 3.-5 33:2 +int ' -X QQ- 1, 4- -55.3 Gldf lltk Sal Mongiameli fiffy eight George Yochmowitz 41 i 3 f 3 3 Brett Alverzo Walt Cammerdinger FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Strong, R,, President, Mr. Curfis, Faculty Advisor, Ellis, R., Vice Presiden! +V? 4.'Lf'1z.':iA3,.. - 2 .L L an v- - . ,fswa " 52 r ,M 4 , ' if? 2 , 3 245 .fig-'lf ff X l W, 1 Q WN, "vm .,., Pele Esser Charles Fischer Charles Friclre 9 311 ff' J QQ I E, i Charles Herz John Hill Sandy .lanow Paul Kalablan f'-ff f wf-ww' fr 1 i 1 S 5 2 4 E --my . 5 L E 2 w l 3 A Mikey Bd: I 3 i 5 E l if 909' John Gaunileff Terry Kelly Clifford Knechf Bill Carroll lan Davidson Dick Ellis '64- J ' ' ' 1 iff- Surf' rf . ,q .- .lv 1 F H 5,27"?iivf- ! - gram 'Q mf' z-155325 -ag? + Q., ,, .. ,gn '- 1. " -WH' R vw r f 'I' 4 ' "QT E ' im 5 -i I : . 3 Q,,g, f" U :F'!!:.::z:.i- Ron Hagberg lenny Haynes class of filly seven Bunky lowander , , , fziwziw iaf' ':'w.2',, sf In , . .L L.LL . 53, ' ,. Nw 'fix , ,M If ...--lg: .H , , A 1.'1.fxafg"T""'i Wtiz' e2i'YS-'if' gn.. M ,455 n M a - 1 X 4 Q X H 3 2 35,1 , l, rv ' '92 ,mx W YM lla v.,g.f'N' W M 3+ f w 1-ny., -M . ,, , J k, , :iw g 5 vw, Q ,ff jiawf, ,H g,f'a 53' , 4- ,,.-'35 M 5,1 fry k ww W t' .pr + vrQ:f,:Z+gj, ug, Mr: wflm. A :my .. Corpy Munroe Bruce Strong Fred Wicks JE, W ' vs: f, 51 9' , K ,.g,.. .: ,. is I A 55gi3E1.g93,fg,C Al Meyer Marv Moore Bill Moore Fred Schroeder 'f 1.. . - if V -17 If. f , 'Qs K 55, . ra 1 ff 1' A 44 of L ' 'Y llfrlhf ,f'4".'..glf l z?5 fD'J ffl J r 40 rn, ff 1 Fw' s .51 'J'- Stu Turnbull fr ,., :g s Q5 ... 'V 4 - -if ' i ':,...5!HY A 92523 2,-.Q , ,siisii -5 Rowan Wilson -N ex 1. ,fi 1 , Bob Sonner Paul Stanislaw Q-,f of - -- ' " we - f WQ M ,M of -l Y , rpm uf, j X V 4 15- x ., fu. f fm. M , ,L if Q I iw l 'Fl 'B 1 A Y I A K H, .lelf Van liew Frank Visted John Wolle Steve Wund fig: Qflwfi' Q-uQwmp'ilfz'y.. ' I 0 , .f .Mg ,,,,. ani-?n.?,Vv?gwW.f' Xe-vgzgfwfff-.43 - ii'7"f"' ma.-"Lu-'Q:.' 1 Q 7 ' 4 ., f'.-'W' g' nf , A " - ' if - ff- 1 .-Sm, rn . td' . ,cc Q. V H ,.,., -. 4' 'ff' ',,P- gem-L .mf sl., W i ' ' Wfwv is 7 2' Mr. Goldberg, Coach, Carlson, H., Moss, Peirce, R., Meulenberg, Jacobson, Davies, Gale, Mgr. Cobb, Goodman, Scott, Co-captain, Cleveland, Co-captain, Webber, Augustin, Chai, Cuthbert, Strong, R., Fricke, Rabon, Friedrich, Davidson, l., Knecht, R., Macris, Visted, Garitano, Chew, Park, Tyler, Esser, Katabian, Herz. cross country Coach Goldberg worked this year with what he said was the best cross-country team he has ever coached at Stony Brook. Every runner from the first day of practice till the last had great spirit which helped to produce a winning team. Bart Cleveland and Gordon Scott were elected co-captains, and with plenty of spirit and fight the Stony Brook harriers went up against a surprisingly strong Poly team, suffering a defeat of 32 to 23. They suffered another defeat against the usually strong Riverhead harriers by a score of 33 to 22. But the spirit stayed at a high level and with consistent running by Cobb, Goodman, and Cleveland, backed strongly by Meulenberg and Scott, Stony Brook bounced back to defeat Trinity 21 to 40. Horace Mann was the next victim of the Blue and White harriers by a score of 23 to 32. Never before was lvy League competition in cross-country so great. Then came the big race. The Ivy League championship had been won by Stony Brook for three years in a row and Stony Brook was still the defending champion. On a cold Saturday after- noon made more dismal by rain and snow, the starting gun was fired at Van Cortlandt Park, New York. A strong Poly team came in the victor with Horace Mann and Stony Brook tied for second. The season closed with a victory over Southampton by a score of 24-33. Although all of the races were not Stony Brook victories physically, every race was a victory spiritually. Thanks must be given to a great coach, Mr. Goldberg, for a fine season. 34 Captains Cleveland and Scott and Coach Goldberg 1953 SCHEDULE Opponents Stony Brook Poly Prep 23 .......... .,......, 3 2 Riverhead 22 ........... .......... 3 3 Horace Mann 32 ...................... ......... 2 3 Trinity 40 ...................................................... 21 lvy League ..................... Tied for s econd place Southampton 33 ....................................... 24 Coach Goldberg, Carlson, H., Moss, Peirce, R., Meulenberg, Jacobson, Davies, Gale, Mgr., Cobb, Goodman, Scott, co-captain, Cleveland, co-captain, Webber. 35 .4 Webber, Goodman, Cleveland, Cobb, Scot! Put your neck in, Cobb! Weigh! forward, boysl V .. .,...gj f f if f 5, HL' H, x 3 -' f Y E , f fl ' ' 1 Q --..N I , I Bulletin Board qi Qs 5 , v-5 Qfqkl End of '53 Season Mooney J Wrieden, Gauntlett, Underwood, Fuchs, Stalb, Towle, Mgr., Armstrong, Mgr., Henn, O'Rourke, Green lee Mrerop Burcaw, Percy, Clary, Assistant Coach Fenton, Vaughn, Stevenson, Strong, W., Kernochan, St. John, Ziegenfelder Moore Rylke Dow Zumft, Bundy, Caron, Hill, Ellis, J., Coach Johnson, P., Reaves, Barbour, Skripak, Cooper, N., Hoffman. varsity football To all outward appearances it would seem that the Stony Brook football team had a poor season. But to those of us on the team the season was a great victory in spirit and fight which began back in September when a lot of fellows showed up for early practice. We opened this season with two great surprises for our opponents: a spread formation and an immense amount of spirit. With little Barry Vaughn at quarterback, we won the first game of the season by trouncing Concordia 'I9-7. Owing to our small size, we dropped the next game to Poly, and when we traveled to Horace Mann it began to look as though we had given up. Then, with a resurgence of great spirit, we came back to give Trinity a good fight which took away some of the bitterness of a loss. In this game we lost our big little man, Barry Vaughn, who was put on the sidelines for the rest of the season with a leg iniury. ln spite of a deficit in height and weight, we soon let St. Paul's know that they were in a football game, and as time wore away and the weather turned colder, we seemed to be regaining our power in spite of the Northport defeat. On November 14, having everything to gain and nothing to lose, Stony Brook faced Riverdale on home grounds. This team hadn't been beaten in 31 consecutive games. With Bill Strong in the excellent playing form he displayed consistently throughout the season, and with our ever spirited team behind him, we gave Riverdale's team a mighty rough time, holding the score to 13-7. This near upset of the Ivy League Champions added luster to our meager win-loss record. 38 Ksiw- AWQ 1, Q Q, 9 2:5 QQ , Q ,Q lin 9 , iv 4 ,B X, HQ I 3 f 's ,V ,V .4 .' fs f v-A-19 1. 9 v 'V .U-4 " s. as max, A, Tin- ggw-, ,Ie-Q.. A 4 Q xl dv ,X ,sg ,N , if -1 cooplh N. xx Han' ,.- Vaughn 25 NX X 1953 SCHEDULE Opponents Concordia 7 Poly Prep 32 Horace Munn Trmlly 22 Sf Pnuls 40 Norlhporf 20 Rlverdole 13 Green Stony Brook KEN, Oghqn sffqng w me S le venson O Rourke gundY Holgerson, Bohier, Barbour, Stunden, McNamara, Soerhide, Bammonn, Stulb, Sfukes, Goiler, Couch Rennurd, Dawson, Mgr., Burnett, Terhune, Tonnessen, lenharfz, Pierce, W., lees, Mooney, R., Adare, Enienmunn, Towlen. junior varsity J.V. Quckle Field path 42 +1 H417 I-S a mscxnof 'niiiiiifii A V ,wap One, two, one 44 Class Group ' , Mrs. Margeson . acf. Winn, Roberfs, Kurth, Kutabiun, Knechf, R., Mr. Kerr, Gaebler, Fricke, Cuthbert, Benneti, Kelly, Moore, M., Tenbekiian, Alverzo, Henning. Turnbull. choir student organization officers lingle ..,.,.... .......,. P resident Scoll .....,........ ............... S ecrefu ry 0'Rourke , ..... ........,.,.......,. C haplain Mr. Harto .......... ........ F acully Adviser S advisory com mittee I ,- 2 a E no, FucuUY Adviser' . ' un, M" Hu on Cleveland, L"'9'e' Chulrm rcyi Cu' ' Moss. Stron9f W" Pe executive committee ,Ll ai Curl Q 'nasupa -it . 'S-' son, H., Davidson I Mo . , .. oney, J., Cuscone 1' I . ow 9, lmglef Mr. Harte, Faculty Adviser, sm", Davies 46 BACK: Wolf, R., Dawson, Wolle, Wolf. MIDDLE: Barbour, Gailer, Peirce, R., Percy, McNamara. FRONT: Mr. Barton, Vaughn, Cuthbert, Gates, Kurth, Carroll, Parker. the blue and white The Blue and White, Stony Brook's iournalistic laboratory, strives for novelty in a community where news travels fast. The staff, composed chiefly of members of the junior class, has this year scaled many of the peaks which have stopped its predecessors. Well-timed news stories and thoughtful features brought regular enioy- ment to us during our climb. At times the staff scooped the local papers with sports specials. Co-editor Vaughn, Mr. Barton, Adviser, Co-editor Wolf, R Freeze! photography club As a result of last year's work the Photography Club obtained a very satisfactory dark room. This year Mr. Harto ancl his boys have experimented with various methods of shooting, developing, and print- ing pictures, all of which should be useful in future reconnaisance work for RES GESTAE and the Science Club. Standing Mullaney, Kernochun, Commerdinger, W. Moore, Sonner. Seated: 0'Rourke, Mr. Harte. During the football and basketball seasons the Audio-Visual Club provided our specta- tors with rousing music and running comments on the games. The members learned how to make effective use of the many electronic de- vices which the school has supplied. Plans are materializing for setting up a school radio station which we hope will be a reality in the near future. Half-time disc iockey the audio-visual club BACK: Gay, Cooper, A., Wolf, Standen, Friedrich. MIDDLE: Mungiameli, Janow, Boice, Von liew, Pete s Wolle, Henning. SEATED: Mr. Hurto, Parker, Bennett. Q, i Rabon, Gale, Hill, Lee, Stevenson, Henn, Zumft, Armstrong, Gaebler, Mr. Bisgrove. the glee club Once again under the direction of Mr. Bis- grove, the Glee Club contributed welcome musi- cal relaxation along the route from September to June. lts rendition of "Be Kind To Your Web- Footed Friends" before the St. Paul's game will be recalled as a highlight among happy novelties in the year's football pep rallies. Out of this club was formed a quartet which supplied Sunday evening chapel services with special music. Mr. Bisgrove, Stevenson, Rabon, Hill, lee, Gale, Zumft, Arm- strong, Henn, Guebler. "What are we gonna do Saturday? . . . beat Poly!' pep rally Cacahcacabahhhhhhkhkocahhhhhfafaka 9. Z fD :-. O 2 on '1 Q.. U5 fi if awwwvww, M-sam-ww,-W. naw. Strong receives football trophy. 52 Cleveland recelves cross country trophy Amar 11 w. S 1 if I-li .L H , - 11 X vw a 9 , U I fee ,Q- f A X. 'r 1, 'ac . L -. is 5,311 Q ,I A aa? 3 ,,Q in ' 5' "fl if M ! I '72 we' ,F B A V ss.. Y lc'- f x 4 21,1 ff 1 4 - if ja ii daily grind SEPTEMBER The mighty pig-skinners return. "Leave your false teeth in a glass, and hit that dummy with your overweight frame!" Popcorn at Mr. Fenton's. Wrestling in Lee's room afterwards, till Coach Fenton decides to ref. Lee is rudely awakened by Mr. Johnson in solid class. Coed beach party this Sat. night. Cobb asks: "What can ya do at a beach at night?" Neat party. Oogie entertains. Some of us go beserk afterwards. KSteve, your car holds ten nicely.l We learn to boil water in chem class. "The Rock" wants to know where it goes after it's cooked. Mambo Bob and his Jungle Five enchant 3rd period studiers with exotic calypso numbers. Seniors in protest. Mr. Moss forgets to come to Bible class. Cliff plows up gym chairs by dashing headlong through the darkness. Whole football team limps toward opening game Saturday. Jake harnesses fly in English. Another slave for Hegeman's clean-upers, captain? After lights out, "Taps" is heard in Hegeman. OCTOBER Ron introduces the modern mode in ties. The seniors all model them at supper. Spirited Bruin grid-ironers roll over Concordia in opener, 19-7. Gam display in the village as Phil and Steve don Bermuda shorts. Brook's teams make ready for Poly. Beauties invade campus. Bible interrupted by roaring senior onlookers as chicks patrol Chap- man Parkway. Nervous Bruins bow to smooth Poly C.C. and football squads. Oog whips up a spur-of-the-moment monologue and Phil's laugh again wakes the villagers. Well, well, Mierop can whistle through his nose. Congratulations, Hal! The third-floor boys turn to soaks as Bernie's cider ferments. Come and get it boys! lt's spiked with mold! Everybody smiles prettily. The photographer is the bird. Varsity harriers can't seem to whip Riverhead. J.V. wins. 'Day of rest for gridmen. Tomorrow: Horace Mann, with a free weekend afterwards to re- cuperate. Horace Mann beats Bruins 20-2. Have a good time this weekend, boys? Hands on hips, masters greet the "ever unpunctual three." Look out boys! Undies is again on the rampage. Today he's heaving golf balls and yelling "FORE"! Teams turn ferocious and aim at Trinity. Football practice extends on into the night. "That's O.K., boys. There's a full moon." Harriers whip Trinity, but Bruin gridmen blow thirteen-point lead and bow to heavy Trinitar- ians. If anyone didn't fail inspection this morning, see Mr. Fenton and he'll make the necessary ar- rangements. Blue Monday is bleached some by C.C. victory over Horace Mann. Rain, rain, rain. Blue eleven soils Smithtown's white. Romantic atmosphere in dining room as power fails. Sen- ior party discussed. "Anyone for after-dinner Burgundy?" Everybody aims at the Saints. Alumni see Bruins trounced by monstrous Saint Paul grid squad. NOVEMBER "Come on, Walt, dust your radio's innards!" .1 .ll Clever boy scout ties Phil to his seat in Bible. Paper clip war declared. Mr. Curtis makes bid to buy back all clips for a nickel a box. Bargain? Mr. Kerr gets a flat. Everybody gathers 'round. "C'est domage." Footballers fall victim to Northport. C.C.'ers fight hard in Ivy League, pull in second. "Nice work, boys!" All right, you guys, brace up your bones. We meet the champs next week. Brook runners finish season with impressive vic- tory over Southampton. The Oog is invited to leave history for making a "Rosey" remark. Senior movie censored. Seniors say, "How about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"? Against overwhelming odds, the game Bruin gridders scare champ Riverdale stiff today. The fighting Blue excels defensively and holds River- dale to a 13-6 victory. Norm Cooper disables his opposition, one by one. T.V. for Hegeman's beautiful lobby? Football team's last meeting. Bill Strong elected captain. "The Rock" pops up with another neat one in P.A.D. "But sir, do we still have a U.N.?" Nobody's crying in the Chapel anymore. Milk and cookies afterwards make sitting still worth while. When one of our more intellectual boys asks why we don't have horseback riding at The Brook, Mr. Curtis says there's a reason. Undies supplies it. "No horses!" Boys wait with bated breath for vacation. Home-made racket on third floor as seniors clamor at 10:30 p.m. lt's not an avalanche, pal, 'tis but our mature upper classmen stamping on the walls with their feet. Vacation comes! Oh Joy!! lt's over! Oh woe! "What's with the lipstick on the collars, boys? Have mercy on the ole Blue Point." midpoint 4 Ig Z' Z' f ' .. -1,7 Q ff Z ,fz ,A V 0 , f ,r f -Q - fl Y! V Q 4- 4,-f-' ' ' X z Z 10. ,J+- 1- is ' IX Grve glory to the Lord your God, ,yy , before he cause darkness, and be- ! fore your feet stumble upon the dark mountains JEREMIAH 13:16 ,i Ian Adare 34 3 is ,F Henry Carlson Gurifano Bryan Gay Robert Mooney Simeon Park 4,1 A 1,5 Q. xx i. FZ' , Se 'f,,,,g ' Q15 9 - f isa, Sumner Sfanden Stephen Terhune A"Vld T0""95"' Sfuari Dow .fn- wax ki g i. X . Yf ' xii rilii f larry Goodman in w e L," X William Peirce ,S 1 ' ff - L :gsm it Q e I-'2!1'ff'M-' Qw"f, 1 ' he Richard Towlen sa Qi' Jack Augustin James Boice Richard Enlenmann Leif Holgersen Robert Bammann Thomas vi wvwwwmsxansamawaawmpa' , f , n , , W - Richard Burcaw X US, V Y '. 1: , ,, , L. ,X X Ji W , Mui? i n he n 3-E -'Q i I ' I " i ' M Ellis John Goiler 5 f . QU 'E A ' v. 4 L', S L vf, 3 Huber! Mullaney Robert Peirce i Robert Skripak George Soerheide Alan Slalb mimi? Y Jackson Bailey 55 ii R ,kh L, ik Hi Dong Chai - , i John Green 1 ,W-:.,n1fg, 1 E Q' 2 'x , Q2 . 5 , is . ...., ,miiwaq S ':k?:.,L-L. John Percy Barry Vaughn 2 x w fi J .JM A I V 5? 2' MS , , . '3 41 Q. , 5 Q, H' A f l w kk f -'P E' 5-1:4-,: ' ,yu M, ,f I fwfJff:i1f,. 'Q U n 5. n. un a - cr o C 1 5. 3 W n 1 I 0 2 Pk N5 Qu- - '- at 2' A 4 1 W, , Herbert Chew John Clary l 'GY . ,,.,, . g,' :Z . Joseph Black 'f ,J v. it S1 f Norman Robert Knecht Alistair Sherwood Peters wwwawmmm ,a1frw.:1sz sw H3 M W. - s..a..a.. wt.: ,s. .A -H. ,J-.. . Er. '-: if ,w K 4 Q, 58303 f W v- . . in ,W ,,, q , kg pk , fs ' il K , 'UM winter sporfs l wrestling Opponent Stony B Bayshore 33 ........... ........... 'I 5 Lindenhurst 22 ......... ....... 'I 8 Huntington 13 ........ ...... 3 'I Amityville 40 ............. ...... 0 Horace Mann ll ........ ...... 2 7 St. Paul's 6 ............... ...... 2 8 Hackley 'I2 ............................ .......... 2 9 South Huntington 30 ......... ........ 6 Poly 21 ................................. ......... 2 3 Trinity 22 .............. ......... 'I 8 Riverhead 29 ........,. ......... T 3 Ivy League Meet Won . Co-Cupmlns bs and Assistanl Ku' Couch9 iglglngtevenson- SYIOU rook no 670 .Q QW 54292 N' an Q is ' 'umm' Back Row: Ellis, Jr., Adare, Rylke, Soerheide, Stalb, Towle, Moss, Wrieden, Armstrong. Second Row: Belyeu, Reaves, Peirce, W., Munro, Cuthbert, Karl, Tyler, Lees, Wetherell, Vunliew. Kneeling: lowander, Barnett, Towlen, Skripak, Peirce, R., Clary, Cooper, N., Green, Strong, Stevenson. lowander, Barnett, Towlen, Skripak, Peirce, W., Clary, Cooper, Green, Strong, W., Stevenson. Wrestling proved to be the brightest spot in the arduous athletic phase of our expedi- T tion. The grapplers emerged from the trial in a three-way tie for first place in the lvy League. lt was a long, hard season dotted with many extra-League bouts along the route. To climax a thrilling season the matmen pinned first-place honors in the newly created lvy League Wrestling Tournament, winning by the slender margin of one point. Furthermore, several of our wrestlers, including two seniors, journeyed to vie for medals in the famed Lehigh Tournament. The seniors, co-captains Bill Strong and Bob Stevenson, came ol? with two second places, a fitting capstone to the earlier victories. Sho ,135 "sem, civ'Y Stevenson-Unlimited 65 Cooper, N.-148 Turn him, Bob Towlen-126 Pearce W -I 14 Burnet!-I I4 Skripak-130 Neat pin, Coop O'Rourke, Mgr. lowander-I07 Soerheide-165 Don't break his arm, Bill! Take him down, Bill! X., 4 Now listen, you guys! N Kneeling: Henn, Mgr., Mr. Fenton, Coach, Standing: Vaughn, Gailer, Caron, Dow, Lingle, lee, Bundy, Meulenberg, Fuchs, Bammann, Percy, Cleveland. Percy, Co-captain, Mr. Fenton, Coach, Lee, Co-captain. varsity basketball A green squad set out on the trail of high scores in basketball even as the football season was complet- ing its leg of the climb, but the rigours of the winter weather spelled trouble for too long a period. Not only did the squad lack experience: it was deficient in height, an essential to good work on the court in any season. The fact that the tallest man on the team was six-two, even in a crew cut, proves the point. What was lacking in height, however, proved plucky in spirit, and the string ot losing scores doesn't indicate the tremendous volume of valuable experience the squad, most of them lower formers, gained from the season. Among the brighter spots in the line-up were John Percy, who went on to snag a position on the second-string lvy League team after scoring forty points in the last two games, and Kee- nan Lee, the big rebounder, who eventually co-cap- tained the team with Percy. 68 lee-Cenler 6'2" OPPONENTS Smitlwtown ..... Concordia ..... La Salle ........ Alumni ........... Northport .......... ........... Hackensack Trinity ................... ....... Riverdale .......... ........... St. Paul's ...,. Poly ................................................ Bundy-Forward 6'1V2" Cleveland-Guar basketball S.B. 30 33 d 51811 schedule OPPONENTS Horace Mann Massapequa . La Salle .......... Northport ..,.... Riverdale ....... St. Paul's ....... Trinity ............. Horace Mann Poly ...,............ Percy-Guard 5'1I S.B. 69 .................. 39 51 .................. 33 45 .................. 55 67 .................. 31 61 .................. 30 32 .................. 19 49 .................. 30 76 .................. 53 56 ....,............. 52 Bammann-Guard 5'10" lingle-Forward 6'1 69 smla Fuchs-6' 'tw my 'A xuv 9 RT Dow-6' , Q f x e ,,...Af 1, ' M' Caron-5'10" Gailer-5'l0" 1 A g li If 1 ,J Hen n-5'8" 1-: is "'Y' i N? s f' 5 Meulen berg-6' I Pre-game brlefing. Who's got the Iup? Push up that score, Big Blue! Go high, boys! Hey, not 'haf tight! OPPONENT Northporf 38 ........ Hackensack 52 ....... St. PauI's 39 ............ La Salle 47 .......... Northport 53 ......... St. Pauls 37 ...... 5? T Back Row: Mr. Rennard, Coach, Burrow, McNamara, Scherer, Rabon, Zumff, Gaunilerl, Holgersen, Mgr. Sitting: Stakes, Carlson, H., Bohier, Hanna, Garitano, Chai. STONY BROOK 34 33 42 27 40 St. Anthonys 56 ............. ........ 4 0 Eastern Mil. Ac. 50 i. v. basketball 72 "Go, man, go!" ,M-1 "little higher, Gaun!!" Bowler iumping hhhhhhkkahhfqhhfqhhhhhhhhkafq freshmen team BACK: Coach Johnson, Fricke, Sfrong R., Schroeder, Visfed, Manager Fischer. FRONT: Turnbull, Herz, Hagberg, Wilson wicks, Hili, Baggelt, Davidson, l. MIDDLE: Manager Carroll, Moore, W., Hanes. Moore, M., Katabian, Alverzo, Meyer, Knecht, C., Wolle, Baz, intramural sports Barb iin9e" Q.. , ' rs- Cobb' CuFlku9"5lm' Wurno Enwnmunfh dh-,gen Spike il, Mac! a S :WI ef' C0f""' auf' GUY' Don't bite him, Bob! l D ' s Cu l., Stanislaw, Hill, Evans, Friedrich Koyu s: avre , p Kelly, Ellis, R. , Knicks- Scott ' ' 1 C . . Psofu, Punk-.- up" K""l'f Mums. wnrr LL. - Operation Co-ordinalion. LAKERS Gale Capt Elchacker Sonner, Underwood, Standen, Mooney, J., Mooney, R. PISTONS: Carlson, D., Capt., .QW 525 Ira... Gaeb Ier, Gates, Macleod, Mierop, Moore, P., Tonneson, Goodman. hfbhhhhhkhkacahhhhhhkakkhbbhh midget team BULLETS: Kernochan, Capt., Wund, lehnartz, Mullaney, Jacobson, Park, Johnson. vu-ltilf' BACK: Mr. Ward, Coach, Henning, Mangiameli, Leek, Tenbekiian, Bonard. FRONT: Yochmowitz, Winn, Woods, Davidson, G., Bennett, Cascone. Purchase, Towle, Gale, Bailey, Knecht, R., Strong, W., Davies, Chai, Katabian, Carroll, Cobb, Holgersen, Boice, Carlson, H., Hagberg, Peirce, W., Mr. Gould, O'Rourlxe, Moss, Mr. Ward, Herz, Alverzo. christian activities club Spreading the gospel through tracts. What in recent years had been the Tract Club, this year became the Christian Activities Club because the scope of its activities was wider than that of handing out tracts. Its members have taken time out from academic mountain climbing to preach the gospel in churches and communities from Suffolk to Westches- ter. ln holding street meetings and distributing tracts to thousands, these boys have gained higher spir- itual ground. 76 sunday school teachers l Mr. Bisgrove, Mrs. Zimmerli, Mrs. Fenton, Mrs. Rennard, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Johnson. church board Standing: Barbour, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Gould, Gale, Mr. Bisgrove, Strong, W., O'Rourke, Carlson, H. Seated: Mrs. Gould, Mr. Curtis, Dr. Guebelein, Mr. Hershey, Mr. Goldberg. 77 art class Armstrong, Mucris, Mrs. Jones, Boice, Carlson, H. Mrs. Jones W! If , .,....... dramatics club 4-I 1-ef' Percival Wilde's REFUND, a one-act comedy, was produced by the Dramatics Club and directed by Mr. Hershey during the early part of the year. A hilarious farce depicting the woes of Clarence Blenkinsop, an alumnus who returns to demand his tuition from his old school because his supposed education does nothing for him in the way of getting a iob, REFUND starred Walt Gale and Jim Mooney. f-3,1 f I ff? iff? ' . Y 1 A I, 1,1 as , , . , ff ' I' , ,A X L -L4 "Z" fra' . , f z . ' 'EI L e " f-ff' t , . fl! I Seated: Burcaw, Cuthbert, Baz, Mr. Hershey, Janow, Mooney, R. Standing: Kernochan, St. John, Gale, Peirce, R., Soerheide, Mooney, J., Percy, Davies, lingle, Black, Mullaney. 'io I l Arno C. Guebelein Memorial library - here Senior dorm lobby C I l n there Johnston basement und pos! omce .Mg daily grind DECEMBER Athletes sup in style as turkey fills all bellies. Vanderveer trophy goes to fighting Bill Strong. Smithtown five vanquishes blue. Slight lapse in this iournal, for today we go to the censor. Lobby decorated with co-eds for little Christmas brawl. Many, many cookies! Oh day of ceaseless tribulation! Oh despair! This Monday is made very blue by a wicked solid test. Dark Age reigns as Jake turns off lights during a history lecture. Grapplers romp over Huntington while courtmen bow to Cadets. Vacation nears. Many chops are licked, and from subiects wandering minds do stray. Exit maiority of school. Exit we bad boys. Some of the naughtier boys will stay to greet Santa Baby. U1 Os NI W -I O 'O II I2 I3 I5 I6 'I7 I8 I9 20 23 24 25 26 8 JANUARY Seniors return dutifully. "Oog" and Cliff re- trieved their "Dear John" girls, and Steve is fit for the altar. Scholars descend from the "vacation clouds" to meet eight subiects today. Phil finds reffing unsatisfactory. Powerful Bullets cause intramural league squawk: players are shuffled. Phil becomes a ref. Carlson says, "I'm late because I had to see a horse about a man." Mr. Rosenberger replies, "See if you can get the horse to excuse you." CClass is held up twenty minutes until laughter subsides.l The College Boards are tough, but the women who suffered there with us alleviated the tension. Varsity tramples aged Alumni in "basketbrawl." Plenty of snow, some of which becomes compact guided missiles between rooms after lights. Usual announcement about snowballs is deliv- ered by Dr. Gaebelein, recently returned. Mr. Gould hears raucous sounds after lights- "All right, you guys, who's got the machine gun?" Basketeers cry woe as snow keeps Poly away. Brooks trim Horace Mann on the mats in Ivy meet. Northport Tigers down their hosts by a con- siderable score. Snow still in the air, more than on the ground. Some of the "buddies" are so enticed by basket- ball that they play long after the curfew. At about 10:20 Mr. Gould decides to stop at the gym and watch the festivities. Next week the big exams come. Tune up your gray matter, boys. Gale is removed again from U.S. History. Ivy League opener: Brooks lose to Trinity 63-8I. Brook matmen flatten St. Paul's in second league meet 28-6. Many girls join us for dinner, and evening. In- cidentally, court men win over Hackensack in a thriller. Everybody cramsp we face exams on the morrow. History exam this afternoon. A la rugged! The free-weekend-to-come drives mentally fa- tigued seniors through fiendish exams. The grand finale-solid and Bible exams of a most ferocious sort. 29-31 Wow, but it's good to be free! 5 so l 83 -iv summit And he brought them to the border of his sanc- tuary, even to this mountain, which his right hand had purchased. PSALM 78:54 fra fr? 5 A , .:,i A V 1 Q ' k ' ff A PM f K - 3- i. g,,1,Q"" VV neg vw? , fi A ' ' ' I , ,haw 1 . 2n,t.f:1. - M, W ,X,, m,,. L , ,,A i- ,jg . 3' M Q rr.., W, Y.. an I M. 'TW , , 'ififf ' L' 55 mf .w Q .. W Q .N f" ' -Q M-+ ' ' -15? lf' W 1 4 f ' " - ,NVQ .t .Q A , gpkfw Q, 5' ,umiiszf sa-L A J.. A. Q H 4 V, tk - fl X f 1 lx I wx k 4 " y N, 1 . 5:3 x k ' -, ,- i ' ' uf 3 V" ,. ,.,A Wg, T K H Ef, ,f-H11 K 1 . - g K ,, h ygvzw.-5 ,Q f -1,f m, 4, KW 4, , , , ,, av-W 41' vm Vcwfwz .1 A ,..,,- , track lst Row: Coach Goldberg, Dow, lingle, Cleveland, Scott, lee, 3rd Row: Scherer, Soerheide, Knecht, R., Rabon, Chai, Macris Cobb, Meulenberg, Moss, Goodman, Assistant Coach Hershey. Reaves, Wrieden, Fricke, Peirce, W. 4th Row: Augustin, Herz 2nd Row: Towle, Mgr., Rockwood, Ellis, J., Carlson, D., Hill, Hagberg, Mooney, R., Jonow, Wetherell, Kotabian, Cuthbert Henn, Peirce, R., Mooney, J., Cooper, N., Ziegenfelder, O'Rourke, Yochmowitz, Kelly, Hanna, Woods. SCHEDULE Penn Relays-Away Trinity Invitation-Away Ivy League-Away Poly Prep-Home Horace Mann-Home Trinity-Home Riverhead-Away Hackley-Away La Salle-Home Lingle-highiump, iavelin, broad lump. ' H L. , 'Suv Cobb-relay, mile, Moss-relay, 440 yds. 87 Goodman-relay, pole vault, 880 yds. 1 1 Q. 1 " .V Y f hiv Q 4' . Ihr 1 i 3, , . Q el ' ,-, .., -V MWA!! varsity baseball First Row: Park, Holgersen, Chew, less, Carlson, H. Second Row: Percy, Vaughn, Webber, Kernochan, Stolb, Clary, Zumft, Green. Third Row: Davies, Bottier, Bammann, Gola, Burcaw, Holfman, Gailer, Moore, P., McNamara, Coach Johnson. SCHEDUI.E Northport A. Poly Prep H Trinity H. Horace Mann A Northport H. Riverdale A Poly Prep A. St. Paul's H Horace Mann H. Trinity A Smithtown A. Haclxley A Riverdale H. la Salle H St. Paul's A. Friend's Academy A 1vm w-nzmxsuuiwiw -'xsane' -1 - . A ,Mr we f , -. 4 an ww- amuvwnrufzv-m.Lax1ni.Q-:1'f'auauwu"e1 1-.W4m:g,mmz:'wmQumsxa Gailor Vaughn Hoffman Stolb 90 Zumft Davies Percy Clary Green 1 x Lees bullpen l SCHEDU Sf. Paul's St. Paul's La Salle La Salle Friends Hauppauge Port Jefferson .ali d n e u NNW" . Engenmu V153 an eh . - 9: wllsonlau Van Dixie GUY Szouch Hallo gmm. zgely ' .9,,,f.h 1 wen ma-QQBQA. vlf-:g,.,., w gs: e ' hug,-11. ye LE Setauket East Meadow Riverhead Hauppauge East Meadow Port Jefferson Riverhead intramural baseball uwiafll' l . an V. A M..-. 'A , Finger, Henning, Coach Gould, Commerdinger, Winn, Evans, Bailey. 1... 6. -Ci 4- , , ' ' ' ,Ja--Q . fx ' Underwood, Eichaclcer, Dawson, Gaebler, Carroll, Peters. H ,,,,, 93 ii Q Q 3 E fig 2 ff? 019 .x i . HI fi f , 15 ' , me 2 4 3 A ' A Q A gl k 3 7 ygi y 9 1 ,, , J Y s ,X ' 4 I ,,,. M A 4: Oh M?" ,QA g viii .- H 3i .',Q mug .J K . A x- , ' 'f ag, A kk L 3 g 'W . ' , wiv W V . , fifgg 5? gl!M, .K .4 'Nav 41,1 ,, 1' P 5 . fF'g' "'3 f. Q ,f Wf,L, V . KX Numa, - Q . 441 In . A . I 4 N KW fn Mag i kg E Q- lux jg ,gg A b ' "'f1wkk' S Ki.' ' activities chess and checkers club Standing: lingle, Wu-nd, Mr. Bisgrove Goodman, Bailey. Seated: Karl, Moore, M. Tyler, Woods. rifle club Kneeling: Baz, Barnett, Hanna, Karl, Turnbull, Bonard, Davidson, P., Munro, Mangiameli, Bennett. Second Row: Wund, Ellis, R., Wilson, Alverzo, Katabian, Sonner, Kelly, Mr. Rennard. Third Row: Rylke, Standen, leelc, Visted, Hilt, Wicks. Fourth Row: Stanislaw, Fischer, Augustin, Gailer, Underwood, Knecht, R. Fifth Row Tonnesen, Mierop, Dawson, Schroeder, Ziegenfelder, Baggett, Cooper, A. Back Row: Cooper, N., Burcaw, Jacobson, Fuchs, Zumft, Hill, Fricke. Froni Row: Scherer, Rylke, Mooney, .l., Soerheide, Mr. Curtis, Reaves, Hugberg, Ellis, R., Alverzo, Kalabian, Garituno, Guy, Herz. Back Row: Rulaon, Bundy, Holgersen, Knechl, R., Adare, Dow, Baggell, Bum- munn, Terhune, Wolle, McNamara, Friclce, Guuntlell, Fischer, lee, O'Rourke, Moore, W., Wrieden, Commerclinger, Sirong, W., Gale. Sllver under the sian." "Mighty cold, eh, General ' Cleveland, Hill' Fuchs, Scott, Elhsf J" Gale s Mr. Goldberg, SP""S"' away, snuck, Pwkeff ' - . d Carlson, D-I Caron' Jacobson Chew, Moss' Left ro rl9l"- W""" ' I 5 ' g' , 1 . I Stevenson, Skrlpflkf Bowen' cami: olnzeuilllli, Stolb, MieroPf Davies, Wfleden Guiler Rylke.AfmS"""9' S ' Webber. ' science club Once a week the chemistry laboratory was opened to members of the Science Club for work on proiects or viewing films obtained by the faculty adviser, Mr. g. A member of the Science Clubs of Amer- Goldber ica, th is group was composed of members of th e physics and chemistry classes who desired to in crease their practical knowledge of science. Eve ry member chose a proiect for the year and could usually be seen working away at it in the lab during the pre- scribed periods. f' Reaction triggered by H-Bomb. 07 1, -I..l.3 --...fwvfmf,g4,,.2 s b.,L 1 f A ,. ..... aonnson, Percy, Cleveland, Strong, W. 2nd Row: Dow, Gailer, Green, Caro Towle, lee, Gale. 3rd Row: Barnett, Scott, Jacobson, Towlen, Moor Kernoehan, Clary, Stevenson. 1 nf e, P. 4th Row: Vaughn, athletic C0UnClI Wu Sfevensom Mr. Johnson, Peay' Swans' Cleveland' '4 daily grind FEBRUARY Pipes rattle machine-gunishly in the night. Mr. Gould declares war on the senior class. Dr. Gaebelein quells traditionally riotous senior Bible class. Bruin cagers bow to superior Riverdale five. Bet- ter luck next time, Blue. Ron and U.S. history part company this aft. Third floor goes to pasture during E.S. Mr. Hershey is astounded by a capella "moo" choir lead by Ron and Cliff. The Cagers migrate to St. Paul's, but are bounced back by a rangy Saint five. One of our hurlers calmly penetrates a third floor light globe with a hazel nut. Nil today-nobody even got booted out of his- tory. Grapplers meet upset at South Huntington to- night. The varsity returns from Poly forlorn-another loss, another day of woe. The Battering Bullets, led by Capt. Cliff and Jake, cop the first-round title in the outdoor league-undefeated! Brookers again don the long face, characteristic of defeat. Is this the introduction of a new tradi- tion-lose-lose-lose? Brook matmen smash tradition as they flatten Poly in the final match. Stevie is the hero of the day. The wild crowd hits,the ceiling as the wrest- ling crown moves nigh our trophy case. Extra big mail delivery 'cause of old St. Val. Loving spirit not possessed by Port invaders. Some of the attacked growl gruffiy from behind locked doors. Privileges during study hours are bestowed upon squawking seniors. Now we can waste our time legally. ' Our own Bruin Cagers come through with an upset over La Salle cadets. We may now introduce a word of most recent discovery: "Vericle," the product of the chem lab. Mat men lose undisputed possession of league lead as they lose to Trinity in a heart-breaker. Now it's a tie-but on to the tourney! General riot on the third floor. Two holes in the plaster are discovered. Did Mr. Fenton push Siamese twins through? "Why do I want to attend . . . ?" "Pass the mustard." 22 Merry Washington's birthday, boys! Everyone is sure George would be up in arms if he knew we clon't get the day off. 24 History class takes on Alaskan characteristics as seniors turn Eskimo: all the windows open-all the heat and iackets off. Science fair is a great success. Many peachy exhibits. 25 Clamor for snacks during study hall raises the roof as the third-fioorers roar for rations. 27 Wrestlers take lvy Crown! Strong, Clary, and Towlen are champs. 28 Horry Farouk becomes upset at antics of seniors in class meeting-gives them up to immaturity. MARCH I Let's hope you guys have your college applica- tions in. We know they'll be glad to have us, but let's tell 'em what they're gettin. 3 O'Rourke, the bellowing songster, reveals that he has been taking voice lessons. It gratifies us deeply to know that these raucous sounds come from trained cords. 4 Bennie Moss makes a habit of scaring away the visiting prospective students. When the visitor sees Ben, he screeches: "Mommy, take me outta here!"-and other choice comments. 5 The dashing younger generation is humbled by the venerable teaching squad in the annual all- star-faculty classic. It was a close one, though! 6 Harry James Cobb shatters Hegeman window panes with a trumpet concert. 8 Twin peeping tomcats attentively soak in the proceedings of chem class. No doubt the rep- resentatives from the alley stashed away more than the students. 9. As vacation and spring approach, veteran sec- ond sacker .Caron announces his resignation from the national sport. 10 Tomorrow is the day of bliss! 'Il Jake and the final history class before vacation part company: the vile villain sneezed! The woes of all are over! We are free for weeks and weeks! 30 The sad day of return is this. It seems that our returning is purely physical. The typical senior is still at home in the moonlight. ln the words of the immortal Shakespeare: "lt were a grief so brief to part with thee . . . No more words seniors , I V, v' ,sw 5 , Q., ,JQ NH? 4' 4 a x x 6 i ' ,4 . '. L W ..,. V .Q Y 4 in , ifx li' F K' I " -- x, ,N ,ty . rn, A ' 1' il ,f"' M-.-. 1S F 4 ' , fl if A' A Jr' I .4 3 V fi,- x 'V 'E :W ,1A,. w , 1-1 .qi , A ,J ' Lit Jil' 4. gqgyb aww.: 4 , f A ?huyIclusg if If , . CIJEIGUI ..... A. 1, A Ai Strong f..,..:..fM ....l.......... 2 Q ...... ,uisyfreiiagjai f T Q W TgdyIe'??,.3..f .... f . ..a,.mZi,Zi ........ f,..SQ1-eip? Jil? MF.: , ..,., mfs, r I 4.511 .., My L I - my W 8 gn ,. 22 if?" W 5,4 -"' A ,U .Y ??dL3wk,?.7"Q'fA 1, ' :Q-,fa , X 5 Sai RICHARD D. ARMSTRONG Varsity Football 55 Football Manager 65 Wrestling 5,65 Golf 5,65 Chess Club 5,65 Art Class 5,65 Golf Club 55 RES GESTAE 65 Glee Club 65 Science Club 6. "Army" came to us in his iunior year from the State of New Jersey. His outstanding physical characteristic is that his feet are like those of a duck. You will have to go a good distance to find a more likeable fellow than Army. Besides maintaining an honor roll average, he is one of the better golfers in the school. His room is the site of many bull sessions on his favor- ite subiect, girls. DONALD F. CARLSON J.V. Football, Mgr. 35 Middlers 45 Cross Country 5,65 Track 3,4,5,65 Blue and White 3,55 Audio-Visual Club 35 RES GESTAE 6. "Donkey Don" came to Stony Brook as a freshman. His pop- ularity has increased every year because of his congenial spirit. Don may be found in the midst of any bull session, and he is usually talking about his experiences at home in Brook- lyn, Pennsylvania. As a member of the cross-country squad, he always kept the team in a iovial spirit. He has been working hard recently, earning pretty good grades. 103 JOSEPH A. CARON Varsity Football 5,67 J.V. Football 4j Midget Football l,2,37 Varsity Basketball 5,67 Midget Basketball l,27 Varsity Baseball 4,5,67 Freshman Baseball 3j Midget Baseball l,2j Blue and White 57 Art Club 2,37 Rifle Club 47 Christian Activities Club 6j Lettermen's Club 67 RES GESTAE 6j Executive Committee 2,37 Advisory Committee 6. If you're looking for a likeable, clean-cut fellow, Joe is your man. He is one of the oldest day-boy members of our class and the only one who can boast of having started in the sev- enth grade here at S.B. He has been one of the better athletes of the class, contributing a great deal to this year's football squad. It was here that Joe found Christ as his Savior, and he hopes to go into the Lord's work after graduation from college or Bible School. A. BARTON CLEVELAND Cross Country 5,6f Varsity Basketball 5,67 Track 5,67 Advisory Committee 67 Athletic Council 67 RES GESTAE 6j Lettermen's Club 6j Science Club 6. "Bart" is a typical Stony Brooker. He is fun-loving and al- ways wears a smile on his face. Since he hails from the thriv- ing old whaling port ot Sag Harbor, he is wtihin food-receiving distance of home. His room is on everybody's visiting list. Be- sides excelling politically as our class president, he is a val- uable runner on our C.C. and track teams. He is also one of the starting tive on the basketball team. Possibly his greatest contribution to Hegeman Hall's enioyment has been the re- cording and playing of songs. 104 HOWARD E. COBB Cross Country 5,6, Wrestling 5, Track 5,6, Christian Activities Club 5,6, Rifle Club 5, Deputations 5,6, Science Club 6. Cobb, a native of his beloved New Jersey, came to the Brook in his iunior year. "Cobbie" has gained many friends and established himself as a regular Christian fellow. He keeps everyone in a hilarious mood by producing "neat" statements at opportune moments. His ability in cross-country and track has been an asset to both teams. His musical ability with the trumpet adds to many chapel services and livens Hegeman Hall. ROBERT G. DAVIES Cross Country 6, J.V. Basketball 4, Freshman Basketball 3, Tennis 3, Varsity Baseball 6, J.V. Baseball 4, Choir 3,4, Rifle Club 3, Dramatics Club 4,6, Christian Activities Club 4,6, Dep- utations 6, Science Club 6, RES GESTAE 6, Orchestra 4, Exec- utive Committee 6, Glee Club 4. Exclamations of ioy arose when the word was spread that Bob would return for his senior year. His freshman and soph- omore years were spent with us but his iunior year slipped away in another school. Bob possesses all-around good humor and is somewhat a iack-of-all-trades. He is a dependable singer, a second Benny Goodman on the clarinet, and a good athlete with a particular talent baseball-wise. Bob did much to help the cross-country team in its successful season. 105 STEVEN C. FUC HS Varsity Football 65 Varsity Basketball 65 Track 65 Spanish Club 65 Rifle Club 65 Science Club 6. Coming to us in his senior year from Jamaica, Steve became popular at once with everyone. At the beginning of the year when he was a day boy, his neat Plymouth could usually be seen filled with girls. When he became a boarder in hallowed Hegeman Hall, we all missed his transporting abilities. Steve is a real fighter in basketball and football. His ability to mix well promises a successful career. WALTER W. GALE J.V. Football 35 Freshman Basketball5 J. V. Basketball 45 .l.V. Baseball 3,45 Midcllers 45 Cross Country, Mgr. 5,65 Varsity Baseball 5,65 Choir 3,45 Rifle Club 35 Stamp Club 35 Shop Club 35 Audio-Visual Club 45 Christian Activities Club 4,5,65 Photog- raphy Club 4,55 Glee Club 5,65 Dramatics Club 5,65 Science Club 65 Deputations 5,65 Outing Club 65 Church Board 5,65 RES GESTAE 6. Walt, a fugitive from Queens Village, is one of the founding fathers of our class, having started in his freshman year and plugged steadily through. Adept both in studies and in co- curricular activities, he has piled up a long string of services to Stony Brook, all of which have contributed to his wide- spread popularity. His performance as Blenkinsop in Refund will long be remembered. 106 BERNARD H. HENN Varsity Football 6j Varsity Basketball, Mgr. 67 Track 67 Golf Club 6j RES GESTAE 67 Glee Club 67 Science Club 6. Ben came to us from the well-known town of Huntington in his senior year. He has won many friends through his jovial spirit. Instead of dueling, Ben fights his grudges out in ping- pong games. He contributed much to the wonderful spirit of the football team this year, and he has maintained a fine Christian testimony as well. HARLIN B. HILL, Ill Varsity Football 67 .l.V. Football 4,51 Midget Football 37 Wrest- ling 37 Varsity Baseball 67 J.V. Baseball 4,57 Midget Baseball 37 Rifle Club 3,4,67 Stamp Club 3,4,67 Audio-Visual Club 47 Photography Club 4,57 Blue and White 57 Spanish Club 67 Golf Club 6i RES GESTAE 6. Any time a nasty remark is made about Brookline or Boston while "Rocky" is around, he pipes up and lets the fellows know that Brookline is the best place in Mass., and Mass. is the best and most scenic state in the Union. Rock is one of our better students, even though he does talk most of evening study away when his roommate will listen. 107 PHILIP T. HOFFMAN Varsity Football 6, Varsity Baseball 6. At the beginning of the school year Phil established himself as owner of the loudest laugh in the school. Reverberating through the halls of Hegeman, his resonating voice could be heard miles away. But this was not his only achievement, for Phil's driving work as a backfield man helped the team greatly during football season. WALTER D. .IACOBSON Cross Country 6, Varsity Football, Mgr. 5, J.V. Basketball 3,4, Wrestling 5, J.V. Baseball 3, Golf 4,5,6, Rifle Club 3,4,6, Audio-Visual Club 3, Golf Club 4,5,6, Science Club 6, RES GESTAE 6. "Jake" is one of the old timers here at school. Coming to us in his freshman year, he made friends very rapidly. Jake may be found every morning ordering his crew to keep the senior's homestead, Hegeman Hall, clean. In the spring of the year Jake's fancy turns to golf. He is one of Mr. Fenton's best golfers. In Hegeman Hall's bull sessions he may be found telling everyone about his home in Flushing, L.l. You can count on one of Jake's quips in every one of Mr. Rosenberger's his- tory classes. 108 .-F CLIFFORD L. KERNOC HAN Varsity Football 5,6, .l.V. Football 4, .l.V. Basketball 5, Varsity Baseball 4,5,6p Photography Club 4,4,6, Dramatics Club 6, RES GESTAE 6. "Cliff", a very much liked fellow on the campus, comes to us from Port Washington, He may usually be found sacking or having a brawl with a fellow senior. Along with hilarious times on the campus, he enioys scholastic success. He has also played as a burly end on the football team, and his fine pitch- ing ability contributes to the baseball team's victories. fy , . .0 v ' KEENAN LEE Varsity Football 5,65 Varsity Basketball 5,65 Track 5,67 Science Club 6, Lettermen's Club 65 Outing Club 6, Rifle Club 5, Exec- utive Committee 5, Glee Club 6, RES GESTAE 6. "Buzz" hails from the nearby village of Huntington. Besides being a leader in the school, he is outstanding in athletics and ranks high scholastically. Fast and strong, he has been one of our best backfield men on the football field. In basketball he is a great asset to the team, and as a track man, Buzz is about the best all-around performer on the squad. Although he is the quieter type, he loves a great time and enioys brawl- ing once in a while. 109 us all P. SVANTE MACRIS Cross Country 6, Track 6, Art Class 6. As our foreign exchange student from Greece this year, Svavnte has adapted himself well to American school life. Upon entering Svante's room, one finds him avidly reading a book prescribed by P.C. Whenever in a bull session, Svante tells of his swimming experiences in Greece, and he bemoans the fact that Stony Brook has no swimming facilities. We wish Svante the very best as he furthers his education in Sweden. 110 Varsity Football 6 Varsity Basketball 6 JV Basketball 5 Track 5 6 Chess Club 6 Dramatics Club 6 Advisory Commit tee 6, Executive Committee 6 Student Organization Presrdent 6 6, Rss GESTAE 6 "Oogle gained a slew of friends as soon as he stepped onto the campus in the middle of last year He spends the fall getting into shape for basketball Definitely one of the fun niest fellows on the campus he keeps us all in stitches By his fine Christian testimony Oogne exercises a good influence on 'Q 1' 1 n s i , ,,,,., , RICHARD MEULENBERG Cross Country 6, Varsity Basketball 6, .l.V. Basketball 5, Track 5,6, Science Club 6. "Mule" came from the state of Georgia to join us in his iunior year. When he isn't sleeping, you may find Dick read- ing. It is customary to see the Mule getting up at the five-min- ute bell and madly rushing to breakfast. Besides proving his ability in both cross-country and track, Mule has done well in the field of science, which may prove to be his life's work. HAROLD P. MIEROP Varsity Football 6, Wrestling 5, Varsity Baseball 6, J.V. Base- ball 5, Audio-Visual Club 5, Rifle Club 6, Deputations 5,6, Science Club 6. "Hal", a Christian with a good testimony, came to us last year from Collingswood, New Jersey. He may be found in his room relaxing on his bed, listening to records and writing let- ters. He is a ham radio operator who loves to tinker with his transmitter. On Sunday mornings Hal finds it pretty tough to get out of the sack, and by the time he comes down to get his food, he usually has a gripe about the amount his classmates have left for him. 111 BENJAMIN F. MOSS, III Cross Country 5,65 J.V. Basketball 45 Wrestling 5,65 Track 4,5,65 Christian Activities Club 4,5,65 Christian Association 55 Rifle Club 65 Glee Club 65 Science Club 65 Deputations 65 Advisory Committee 6. Ben is one of three Huntington representatives in this year's senior class. Whenever a party is coming up, many of the fellows ask Ben if he can get dates for them5 as a rule Ben comes through. In the cross-country race at Horace Mann, he had the bad fortune of breaking a small bone in the back of his leg. As head of the Christian Activities Club, Ben is very much alive in Christian service. We are sure Ben will go places with his strong testimony. WILLIAM R. O'ROURKE Varsity Football 65 J.V. Football 55 Middlers 45 Wrestling 5,65 Basketball 35 Track 4,5,65 J.V. Baseball 35 Photography Club 3,4,5,65 Audio-Visual Club 3,45 Blue and White 55 Christian Activities Club 4,5,65 Christian Association 55 Outing Club 65 Science Club 3,65 Church Board 5,65 Deputations 4,5,65 RES GESTAE 65 Executive Committee 3. "Bill" came to us from the "show me" state of Missouri, but he later moved to Chicago, where he makes his home now. As a freshman, Bill distinguished himself by becoming head of his class. In spite of a broken hand early in his senior year, he bolstered the football team by his playing and spirit. Stony Brook is the place where Bill accepted Christ as his Savior, and he is one of the leading seniors in Christian activities. He was elected chaplain of the student organization in his senior year. II2 PETER A. PSOTA Midget Football 25 Midget Baseball 25 Tennis 3,4,5,6g Blue and White 5: Biology Club 55 Science Club 67 Music Appreciation Club 4. "Pete" is cl day boy who has been with us ever since the eighth grade. One of the first things one notices about Pete is his quiet manner. His ability to get dates for some fellows is very helpful indeed. Although Pete is not very active in tall and winter sports, he has made friends with all through his amiable personality. Pete is also quite the boy when it comes to playing tennis. i T? J pf., , -V,-"""-' 5 lj Cross Country 56 Track 5 6 Lettermen s Club 5 6 Secretary of Student Organization 6 Science Club 6 "Gordy is one of our day boys who likes to arrive every day in his gray Plymouth Although he is quiet he enpoys nav: gating his car at supersonic speeds This year Gordy was co captain ot the cross country team His main interest is track and he truly excels in the 440 Although taking six sublects this year Gordy maintains a good scholastic average J. ROBERT STEVENSON Varsity Football 4,5,6, Wrestling 4,5,6, J.V. Baseball 4, Track 5,6, Shop Club 6, Lettermen's Club 6, Science Club 6, Glee Club 6. From quaint Old Greenwich, Connecticut, comes our own "Tiny" Stevenson. Stevie has been an outstanding line man on the football team for the past two seasons. He may be heard strumming his guitar or banio in his spare hours. "Tiny" has been with us for three years, and we can't remember when he hasn't worn a smile. WILLIAM S. STRONG Varsity Football 5,6, J.V. Football 3,4, Midget Football 2, Wrestling 3,4,5,6, Midget Basketball 2, Tennis 6, Track 4,5, J.V. Baseball 3, Midget Baseball 2, Choir 2, Christian Activities Club 3,4,5,6, Shop Club 3, Audio-Visual Club 4,5, Blue and White 4,5, Church Board 5,6, Outing Club 6, Lettermen's Club 6, Christian Association 5, Executive Committee 5, Science Club 6, Deputations 4,5,6, Stewardship Committee 3,4, Ad- visory Committee 6. "BilI" is one of the old timers here at Stony Brook. A resident of the fair state of Connecticut, he came here as an eighth grader, and has since then been popular with the fellows in his class. A good athlete and a fine competitor, he excels in both football and wrestling. This year he won the coveted Vanderveer Trophy for fine sportsmanship in football. Bill is a very fine Christian, who always may be found doing some- thing for the Lord. He is certainly a great asset to this year's senior class. HORACE Q. TOWLE Varsity Football, Mgr. 65 Wrestling 5,65 Track, Mgr. 65 Christian Activities Club 5,65 Choir 55 Stamp Club 55 Lettermen's Club 65 Blue and White 55 Science Club 65 RES GESTAE 65 Executive Committee 65 Deputations 5,6. "Horace", who comes to us from the well'represented state of New Jersey, is the calm, cool, and collected type. ln fact you might say in fun that he is pretty well-collected around the waistline. Besides being an A-1 wrestler during the winter, he is an asset to our football and track teams in a managerial role. By upholding the standards of the school in every respect, Horace has maintained a fine Christian testimony. CHARLES P. UNDERWOOD Rifle Club 65 Science Club 65 Shop Club 65 RES GESTAE 6. "Undie", a native of Babylon, joined us in our senior year. Ordinarily very quiet, he whips right back when his roommate makes some crack about him. Whenever in a bull session, Undie is always speaking about old cars. A Christian with a good influence on all, Undie has made friends rapidly. 115 DAVID L. WEBBER J.V. Baseball 55 Cross Country 65 Varsity Baseball 65 Science Club 6. "Dave" came to Stony Brook from Puerto Rico in the middle of his junior year. When not making model airplanes, he is generally studying U.S. History. You can always count on him to come up with some witty remark at the right time. Dave has proved himself to be a very able runner in cross-country. L Q iw? L s f A - ' r, DONALD C. WRIEDEN Varsity Football 65 J.V. Football 45 Wrestling 55 Varsity Base- ball 65 J.V. Baseball 55 Outing Club 6. "Don" is one of our day boys who has been with us for a long time. He is very keen on U.S. History, maintaining a powerful average all the time. After lunch he may be found in Memorial Hall bossing all of the cleaning crew around. A worker in both studies and athletics, he boosted the spirited football team Stony Brook was so proud of this year. 'I16 if Y a 'R m Ir ,4- li i, ln ' r i ' ' N-N , ' I iv: K, ,t ,jul A , A x 1,3 S Q , ,Q 5 K .A L., 'nxt J: Q, N ' v 9 515, ,' ' X gs ,xl ,QW ' 1 rw an Y 1 , fr nf , V , my an 121 X gx KA O. u , QA rg . ls" , v W VA It V Mi., i 'NN , ' ,gf 1 Lf. 0 :P A X J ' . ,ee V L . A 'H u I 5 Q, 'S ' .m ,A , .fn-2' 2. S in ' A Y' 1-'1 '1'.,..A, Y"" E Q ' A 5 L. .- iw? v A . 1 l f J: ky , lg , A . 5 i is life ff ' V e 'Q' lu? 'Q 3 i W 'L 1 ' IM Wuilli xlllhlfl , x vi ' I . ojnilillj' I 1 up 5 F! ,iw Af- -f x 1 4 55533 'Q Q 1 1 ,B ,.f 5 Q N df W K -V: 1, V, Q, ft JM ff X 11 n ln:fvrazil: .7u-n 'mu 1. F - - MM. L - W, 5' 'ff N W., vi' Ar , ,ff . I 1 Y , f A its fy ' Q -sf 17 A if r X vw , lr .KIA -5,d,,,y f ff' M S I' CLASS CLOWNS Kernochun and Lingle DONE MOST FOR STONY BROOK Cleveland and O'Rourke w-gi I J f MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Davies and Lee MOST TYPICAL Caron and Lingle NOISIEST Cobb and Hoffman 5-s. P vi 5- Of uk O A 9,7 Q BIGGEST EATER5 Stevenson, Hoffman, and O'Rourke Most I-mnosome Q e X Webber and Kemochan f' T L BEST DRESSED Moss and Fuchs MOST INTELLECTUAL lee and Gale 1 ix f +v e n n LE , QUIETEST Macris and Towle MOST DRAG BIGGEST HEART THROBS O'Rourl1e and Towle Kernochan and Hoffman THROWS MOST BUlL Carlson and Hill BEST ATHLETES Cleveland, Strong, and lee 0, BEST BUllDS Rourke and Strong MOST POPULAR lingle and Caron N , Morning Watch "Those privileges!" Paid for uf las!! This is it!" I I III "This thing worked yesferdayf' "Ivory display." Ixg .oil senior "Why can'i we do ihis more often?" "Try Tums, Bob." parties ,MW 'I 2 , 95 52, Q No! so funny, "Fook"? Mmmm, tantalizing a f"' , .3- Moon over Sefuukel Co-captains Strong und Stevenson receive Ivy league Wrestling Trophy. 251 . sem ' mdno QW wa' sho? U nae' n x ck-Il imap, ot the o l953-54 ' varsity letter FOOTBALL Mgr Lingle CROSS COUNTRY O'Rourke Cleveland, Co Capt. Gale, Mgr. Percy Caron Skripok Cobb Goodman Cooper, N. Stevenson M9Ul9nb9l'9 Dow Strong, W., Ellis, J. Green Hoffman T A ' BASKETBALL ' WRESTLING Bammann Henn, Mgr. Bundy Lee, Co-Capt. BU""'h 5k"lP'-Tk l-ingle Clary Stevenson Percy' Cmcopl' Cooper, N. Strong, W., Co-Capt Lowander Towlen O'Rourke, Mgr. BASEBALL TRACK tentative tentative Davies Lees Bundy Lee, Co-Capt. Goiler Percy Cleveland Lingle Gale smlb Cobb Meulenberg Dow Moss Green Vaughn Goodman Scott, Co-Capt. HOHNCH ZUWIH Hem' Tok. MGT- Kornochan JOHN ROFEPS HYFYMAN MEMORIAI FHAPEL f M51n"' ALUMNI AT LAST! . A 1. I backers f S. ,s 9-:-' Q'-' - But my God shall supply all your need ac- X cording to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. s -PHILIPPIANS 4:19 X 1 ' Egg? ,, f l I f A , ii yf 9 3 N 'Q 'WW fa A ':..f W . 1. , l 551 X Kjs X ' 1 '- 5 Y W X xg? LN ' ,ff 4" f ss ' f 5 14: :raises HQ!- XXX f f 4775 A X -V ' '55, ' I f 4 .flwf f4 Y? ff 7 srl f , ' N4-3 X r 4 'V 'bs CQ X , 'A Q, in k 191- ff? ' V . 4 4 i , 5 Lf 7 ' f' :I 1 f, fl!! 1'4' ' I W- If J lv , ff ,.,, .-5' Q?" , , Qlfiagg, ff ff' a mm il 1' 77, X ' X - Q -1- ,f Z' 73574 ' ff V gf 1 J F ff' - " 1' ,WW-i ' f ' -if ' ' f f QU: I ,. , . ' 5 b ' gf pf' v"p'l' ei r ff liff l Z ff I if ll, I fy f I W I " r t, lp, A. B. Bruce Acomb Brett Alverzo Richard Armstrong Jack Augustin Dick Baggett Jackson Bailey Bill Barnett Mike Baz Wayne Belyea Joseph Black James M. Boice John Bonard Dick Bottjer Bill Bundy Dick Burcaw Ken Cascone Howard Chai A. Barton Cleveland Howard E. Cobb, Jr. Arthur Cooper Pete Davidson lan Davidson David Dawson Stuart Dow HIJIISTEHS Philip Eichacker John Ellis Richard Ellis Richard Entenmann Peter Esser Tom Evans Harold Finger Charles Fischer Bob Friedrich Raynor Gaebler Ted Gailer Walt Gale Ken Garitano John Gates John Gauntlett Larry Goodman Ronald Hagberg Len Haynes Paul Henning John Hilt Phil Hoffman Leif Holgersen Wally Jacobson John Johnson Ronald Karl Paul Katabian Terry Kelly King Farouk Clifford Knecht The League Geoffrey Leek John Lees David Lehnartz Jeffrey McNamara Richard Meulenberg Albert Meyer David Minuse Marvin Moore William Moore Ben Moss Corpy Munroe Richard Purchase Ed Rabon Thomas Reaves Tom Roberts Dave Rockwood Room 17 Hegeman Fred Schroeder Robert Skripak Butch Stakes, Jr. Tony Standen Paul Stanislaw J. Robert Stevenson Bruce Strong Richard Towlen Stuart Turnbull Bev Tyler Chuck Underwood J eff Van Liew Barry Vaughn Frank Visted Dick Wetherell Rowan Wilson John Winn Richard Wolf John Wolle Steve Woods Donald Wrieden Stephen Wund George Yochmowitz Garry Ziegenfelder Robert Zumft .num In appreciation of Mrs. Josephine Jones THE ART CLASS HENRY CARLSON Blue Ribbon Winner second from left LORD 81 TAYLOR Exhibit of Creative Art MANHASSET BEST WISHES... But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned themg K And that from a child thou hast known the holy scrip- tures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. -II Timothy 3:14,15 jhe .xgrmfillrong jamifg 129 5 5 Rising educational standards demand the hest possible training you can receive. Where will you finish your education? The college of your choice should be outstanding in its reputation for ac- creditation, atmosphere, and aim. Houghton is more than just another liberal arts college. It gives a high standard of scholastic training at a minimum expense, with the emphasis placed upon personal Christian faith and life. Write for information to the Registrar Hnuqhtnn Iinlleqn HOUGHTON NEW YORK XXX Xa tk Vit vxf l ww ie Wmf f Wx 7' X'!mfQaX MEX is K ,ff TJ' 1 af KX X 3 i E 2 2 2 2 2 2 ti 02'-0'610f0f'-0' L01' 101' G x?0K?6f-0Y017r70'0'H0'0W'0'?f70'?0001?0'6'000NQf0'000f0'01?0'4x DC "0"Q3'9P 9 Lafayette 3-3630, 3631, 3632 FRANK CUTTER THE TUDOR PRESS, Inc. , , Food SBPVICC Equipment Lithographing, Printing, Binding, Art W ork, Advertising Service RIVERHEAD, N. Y. HARLAND A. WILBUR, President 251 Causeway Street Boston Rlverhead 83438 Huntington 1660 5 Compliments of . . . Q Compliments of 3 BUYS BROS., Printers MARSH? MENS 'gf BOYS 5 5 X SHOP ISLIP, N, Y, 270 Main Street 0202 5 5 2 t 2 I Huntington, L. I. In recognition of Sunday School work done by BILL O'ROURKE and BILL STRONG W. . M LAIN INC. J C ' MR. sf MRS. HENRY L. CARLSON PORT JEFFERSON STATION Best Wishes for All Success NEW YORK from MR. 8: MRS. SAMUEL B. STEVENSON 131 0'X0P'02'-0k'0110f'0'140fQ0'2?40"-02'0N0110N0K0"0t'0K7f0X040"01'-?40'1?'0X0N01'0'101L0N740N0'v'6DC 4-01'-0"01'05C 6161176 5 www 5 edwmi . Swfjefxww 3 lgfwwwsvwmv, 3 3 5 5 5 5 40'f'0f 2.016201 ll P I " 2 -4 I 0 0 C 0 I- D.. -. Ssglgmggs agarfcsf-f' Vg Q -0- 1' 3-ea., -'mx Q --nOn-- 11530: Q mmog--.3 -.o -039- J'a:R'!L "' .,-WY Ove -.m:. -eco O 36010 55.10091 3 "-'a3.1m 3 wtfggmgi E:":'2"'9"9.? 22.04040 QECOQQQ fggmlma. ro Sag-leg!-Il QOCO4 Q 3""mf3 -51043 nz. c o 352 Wife E.: O3-'Z ot"356',2m "-07 f010'f0N-0' 1187 ACRES of unmatched beauty. That's the new campus of Shelton College, situated on the country estate Skylands. Four miles of grassy walks, seven miles of bridle paths surrounded by God's handiwork. for leadership among a Bible-believing constituency in the United States and in the Foreign mission fields. X SHARE IN SHEL1'0N'5 new campus. Share by your prayers. Share by your gifts. Shelton allege 5, G a B K7.i.....-,.T:i.-..fe,,,.,:.-,.. .,.:... ., ,,... .. Q Ei 13.53 I N G w o o no ff: 5 fr, jj -fAf"NEW Jsnsevs VH 4. , VY 03151159 M NW e,,,.l A.s,,r,W,,ees,,.,A,,.,,,W,- S x9"0'0"'0'l0"0e'-01s0Y-0t1-0's0"'0tf-0"l0'ff-?'0'f0'02'-0N0'f0'f0"010N0'r010K0"s0W'-010'f0"0K0tu0v'0N0X 132 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 42 40N0NQ0'0f0f7 05 Q AUdubon 6-6420-1-2-3-4 GEORGE SCHAEFER 8K SONS, INC- COMPLIMENTS as S 'cfludson Valley Farm Product Meats . . . Poultry OF Butter . . . Eggs THE BEST SINCE 1885 Over 69 Years of Successful Service A 2305 - 12th AVENUE WEST HARLEM MARKET Z010' 40' -0N0'N0" 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2,2 COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Sunil L0f0f0"9'-011754 '0Wr0v'0'K0-'OV 100'-0'v0Y7 ' 40" 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 9 2 2 2 2 710110110 '0V'?05'?i0"740N0?1?6'175X0P'?17l?2704?61'?C01f76N05f0'5N0'Q0K0140'9'0N-0 Rckarol mie 8' Company, .gnc . INVESTMENTS . . . GENERAL MOTORS BLDG NEW YORK 19 N Y T 1 ph JU21 6 1470 34 JK v0'G0l10N0" ' 902 6101012-01' 01102 ' 0K0"0"' 202' 0"010v-01 X?'0v-0' 5 5 2 YOUR LOCAL FRANCHISED Du ont TELEVISION DEALER LIJUIS ADELMAN 8 SUN5 -02 OPEN EVERY NIGHT 5 HUNTINGTON STORE BAY SHORE STORE 2 1105 New York Avenue 71 East Main Street HUnting1on 4-0001 BAy Shore 7-3033 COMPLIMENTS OF MR. 8: MRS. JOSEPH A. WOLF BEST WISHES FROM FRIENDS AT EQUITY HOUSE 70'0v6v010v040r1?66Wf0Y 3 x7'10K0r0"-0N0r -71.01 ll f'0K0"7G?10"0 '0N0f0'WZW0f'0"0 '0'0'0"0Y-?10I6x 9 Compliments of . . . DENTON'S PHOTO STUDIO DR. Sr MRS. DONALD M. DAVIES PORTRAITS - WEDDINGS COMMERCIAL -- PHOTO SUPPLIES "The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad." Psalm 126.3 lt has been a pleasure to serve the '54 RES GESTAE C l f t . . . amp men S of Roscoe Denton, J r. RUSSELL B. HAWKINS Funeral Home-9 East Setauket, L. I., N. Y. Port Jefferson Station Telephone: Setauket 6-0686 Smithtown Branch 5 Fine Portrait Photography to Suit the Needs ' of Your Yearbook 5 ROUTEL STUDIOS 3 PHOTOGRAPHERS Long Islandls Oldest Manufacturer of 9 HIGH V OLTAC 5 5935 Myrtle Avenue 5711 Myrtle Avenue E ELECTRICAL SWITCHES BROOKLYN 27, N. Y. AND CONNECTORS HEgeman 3-7283 Memeo Engineering Official Photographer for 8: Manufacturlng Co., Inc. 1954 Res Gestae COMMACK, L. I., N. Y. 6 x G010l'0' 6vW1f?'0'6120"0K0vf0N011?2?f?l740'1?f0' 1710 1 36 H01- Px.0w0'u0x . ,dv sg!" ,. 'Q RECIPE 7fi0Mf4.S' ' 'WIUFFIN -301665 RS' f'. . mek. . . and est marvelous' 4 I - HERE IS All YOU DO! Broil or pan-fry your hamburgers. Pull apart enough Thomas' English MuHins to go around. tTu'o halves for eachj. Toast to a light brown. Spread im- mediately with butter. CFor special flavor, cream butter first with garlic salt or a little mustardj. Top half the muffins with hamburgers and onion rings. Cover with remaining muffins. Or serve with an assortment of relishes, and let each person choose his own. Are they good? Just watch them disappear! one mms Mons AND IMPORTANT: Be sure to ask for Thomas' English Mufins. Baked from a recipe generations old, they have that real old-time flavor. No others ever seem so good! 137 Qhomas' Cltinfslish 212165116 thc memory lingers on -052050031 101'-0' ,454 -0 H7400 4010-f040w0:-0,0k0.-0,-an0f040.-0w-f0w0n0 Phone: Stony Brook 7-0290 ,P 51 r?a,45 ff sm Founded 1843 fC Lumber-Mill Work-Mason Materials Hardware and Paints ELECTRIC AND GAS APPLIANCES STONY BROOK, N. Y. 71037 138 f'0"0N0'-0240"-0 4010110-e0w.0X 3 9 5 HEgeman Q 2 qnzizazzmz. 3 I :casoiirovided STAHL-MEYER, INC. ,M M 5 gldiagliuxdents 1125 WYCKOFF AVENUE 8 basic courses. Practical, BROOKLYN 27, N. Y. thorough training in the Bible and related subjects. Interdenominational . . . evangelical. nu ricmu noon ,gil Fuurdeniiireisfoun '-F' I Herbert Desborough il7IiI.'!i.If..fl.l2Y Sales Manage, r00DY lllll INSTIIUTI 20 N. La Salle St. Chicago-10, Ill. Brooklyn Route Division Compliments of . . . ST. ALBANS BUSINESSMEN GEORGE RAICH ALEXANDER SCHEINES RALPH SCALERS FRED .I . DEHMER SAMUEL PACKMAN .IOAN'S OF ST. ALBANS ST. ALBANS HOBBY CENTER TENAS DRESSES OF ST. ALBANS CITY PAINT SUPPLY CO., INC. KATHLEEN GEITING'S HERMAN REDLEFSEN HARRY SWEWAR MAX ZITAMERSKY STELLA PARKMAN MILTON HEYLAND MARGIE 8 MARGE IIELEN 84 JAMES ROSS BARG'S BICYCLE STORE HENRY SOHL LINDEN SHOES ELEANOR REDMOND KENNETH W. ANDERSON BEINBRINK PAPER COMPANY, INC. BRENNER Si ANDERSON CANOE PLACE INN LOUIS CONTE CORTEZ STUDIO MIKE HERMAN HUNTINGTON GARDEN MART JAMES C. KURZ LESTER MOTORS MERKEL'S MEAT COMPANY PLAZA STATIONERS MR. 81 MRS. J. A. REESE JOHN SEXTON 8 CO. THE SHOE TREE SHORE DRUG STORES, INC. THE STANDARD PENNANT CO. SUFFOLK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK S COMPLIMENTS OF . . . THE BANK OF SUFFOLK COUNTY STONY BROOK N Y Member Federal Reserve Sysfem MQW Member Federal Deposi+ Insurance Corp. St. James 6358 ST. JAMES RADIO SERVICE GOOD WISHES GABRIEL J. VARGA T0 2nd STREET AND LANE AVENUE ST. JAMES, N. Y. CLASS or '54, Authorized Dealer for Motorola TV Repairs-Service Home and Car Radios TELEVISION Work called for and delivered -05103-0' COMMACK GRILL -'JK 400170 620 40159027 M010 X7 '0'f7'040H70 f0WN6W0'00 '0x COMPLIMENTS OF FREDERIC P. WIEDERSUM AND SONS GLAMORE MOTOR SALES Architects . . . Ford . . . Consul ' . O Zephyr VALLEY STREAM NEW YORK SMITHTOWN, L. I. HU ntington 4-5937 COM PLIMEN TS MEI TING OF Clunese Cuzszne Open to 1 A.M. - Saturday to 3 A.M. Orders To Take Out HUGH R. MONRO 22 W. JERICHO TURNPIKE HUNTINGTON STATION "Member of the Diner's Clubv 10N?5' l0"05993 'I 41 "0'17'040'!?G0 l01f0 -'05 Dams . . . Docks Bridges COMPLIMENTS GUNITE OF CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION A F R I E N D 420 LEXINGTON AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. Compliments of . . . SH 5-0630 HUNTINGTON FEDERAL WILLIAM J- SCHOLTZ Savings and Loan Association Audio-ViSualC0w1Sel Audio-Visual Equipments - Sales and Service 400 New York Avenue P.O. Box No. 302 Huntington, N. Y. Sag Harbor N' Y' Quality Economy Workmanship SHERWATT EQUIPMENT K MFG. CO., INC. Screen Cloth - Hardware - Industrial Wire Cloth - M eshes - Metals SHERWATT BUILDING 47 MURRAY STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. BArclay 7-5088 000 000000 142 4011010-0w0w0' COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN ADAMS HENRY, Inc. Purveyors of Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables 56-58 HARRISON STREET NEW YORK 13, N. Y. WAlker 5-7724- 40t IRVINGTON WILLYS OVERLAND 665 CHANCELLOR AVENUE IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY MAin 2-0220 THE LEWIS DRUG STORE FOR PROMPT DRUG SERVICE "As Near to You as Your Telephone" Special Attention to Mail and Phone Orders Ask Your Neighbor 129 GATES AVENUE BROOKLYN 38, N. Y. 0'l0w.0v THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES The All Round Every Week CHRISTIAN JOURNAL International Uniform Sunday School Lessons are expounded SUBSCRIPTION - 353.00 Per Year The Sunday School Times Co. 325 NORTH 13th STREET PHILADELPHIA 5, PA. 5l74?0'f0'4010'102f0f'0'101'0'f0'f010' f0'10f101f0I170 BEST WISHES T0 THE SENIOR CLASS OF '54 MULLER, BENNETT 8: ASSOCIATES MR, AND MRS, ARTHUR CLEVELAND . . . Management Consultants . . . HUntington 4-0415 2 342 MADISON AVENUE PICCIONE PLASTERING co. ' Plastering - Stucco - Alterations NEW YORK 17, N. Y. Mason Wmk 3 Park Avenue R.F.D. 4- 5 Huntington, N. Y. QUA'-YN 0010008 aomeg for work . . . for play . . . for everyday ACTURING coMPANY SEATTLE 010'-0' 144 "'0Y9"0-4-0W0"'0 Huntington 2245 - 3366 PARAMOUNT GLASS CO. Safety Class . . . Radiator Repairs Mirrors - Floor Covering STORE FRONTS 903 New York Avenue Huntington Station, N. Y. HUntinglon 4-0950 FREDERICK KRUEGER REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Jericho Turnpike Huntington Station, N. Y. We Specialize in WEDDING, PARTY, BIRTHDAY and ICE CREAM CAKES ENTENMANN'S BAKE SHOP 188-25 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS 12, N. Y. Telephone: LA 8-8899 C OMPLIMEN T S OF S U F F O L K DOROTHY and PAUL DENZIN IMPROVEMENT CO. NOrthport 3-1004 CHARLES, of East Norihpm HH""'eS 'md Building Sites Permanent Waving Grand Prize Winner of Distinction" 1948 - 1949 1950 Master Prize 54 Larkfield Road East Northport, N. Y. g75'f9' 495'7"9"405l0l0' HUntington 4--1260 SUN UPHOLSTERY SHOP DONALD DUPREE CUMPUMENTS Upholstery . . . Slip Covers OF Drapes MR. AND MRS. E. H. GALE 534 NEW YORK AVENUE HUNTINGTON, L. I., N. Y. 3 Stony Brook 487 5 C A P P Y ' S JOHN ARCHDEACON GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER New Homes and Improvements Floor Covering of Distinction STONY BROCK, N- Y- PORT JEFFERSON, L. 1. A x 0w0'M0v 146 40Y0W0-4-0N0"0 Compliments of The Smithlnwu Ijmnmunity Fund Sponsored by THE SMITHTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BISHOP'S STATIONERY BLUE JAY MARKET DAVID BROWN, Hardware CARTER'S DINER CIRCLE B MOTORS DORCHAIS FIGARI, MRS. JOHN FRANK'S QUALITY MARKET GLAMORE MOTOR SALES C. F. HODGKINSON, INC. HOUSING GUILD FREDERICK E. JAEGGI, INC. UNITED SEA FOOD MERCEP BROTHERS MONICA DRESS SHOP MULLER'S GRILL NAUGLES PHARMACY ROBERT M. SMITH SMITHTOWN BAKERY SMITHTOWN BOOTERY SMITHTOWN FURN. 84 BED. CO SUFFOLK MEN'S SHOP YOUTHLAND. Cllildrelfs Apparel VUOZZO FLOOR COVERING SIDNEY MINTZ 0N0'10Y0'000'0ff0 'I47 5 70110I 40'0'0-G040i0 I-L B. WULLE 8 IIIIMPANY, Inc. HEATING ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS SCARSDALE, NEW YORK Compliments of . . . Q COMPUMENTS SEVEN CABLES GARAGE OF McCulloch Chain Saws Carden Master Tractors Winco Electric Generators S A Power Lawn Mowers 3 Jen-in-lm Turnpike Commack, N. Y Telephone P. J. 8-0046 - 8-0080 ANTIQUES AND USED FURNITURE NEWCOMB BROS. DODGE and PLYMOUTH E' S l d S " es an mm STONY BROOK AT RAILROAD STATION Cars . . . Trucks . . . Accessories . . . Parts Stony Brook 7-0117 PORT JEFFERSON, N. Y. Econo- canola-Aofanonavano 148 4010108 '02-0N0401'0f0'f'0K0I0 5C9"-0'Y-01'7'01'0"'0-'0"-0"0f0M0N0-f0'1'020h0N016' 40"76'f1016'10 ff0'0"451011010 10'0'01 Your First Step Towards: LAUNDRY 8 IIHY CLEANING SERVICE- anus ro BLUE POINT 4-0420 BLUE POINT, N. Y 00oa0 00m000 'I Is?N0'0' 40f0Y0-17G70 Compliments of . . . Compliments of . . . OETTINGER'S THREE VILLAGE VARIETY STORE EXCHANGE INdependence 3-4844 COMMON BRICK SALES CORPORATION 34-66 LAWRENCE STREET FLUSHING 54, N. Y Distributors of Updraft-Downdraft-Tunnel Kiln North River Common Brick Standard-Jumbo Standard-Jumbo--3 Color Sayre 81 Fisher Brick fRepressedj 5 EASTERN 2 ROOFING 81 SIDING CO. 9 COMPLIMENTS 5 BOX 147 OF BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N. Y. F R I E N D S W e Recommend Johns Manville Products A xr-on 0-'axon' 150 ac 9 -101 401102027 4 6 K -101010401010 f'-0N'0"0'0'0D'I BEST WISHES sto the CLASS OF 1954 COMPLIMENTS OF mr. CKE' mo. odeiah Caron "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy pathsf, -Proverbs 3 :5,6 0-'ana' 151 402020202010 -10'K0H0H0N0N0 DIEGES 81 CLUST Manufacturing fewelers 17 John Street New York 8, N. Y. Rings . . . Medals . . . Pins Trophies . . . Charms Compliments of . . . A FRIEND J. A. WILSON METAL PRODUCTS CO. 350 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK 17, N. Y. L. C. CLARKE CO. STONY BROOK PORT JEFFERSON We solicit anzl appreciate your patronage. :JAWSWI Compliments of NELLIE SMITH 0. B. DAVIS, INC. PORT JEFFERSON, N. Y. 1046108-0' 5' '0510 -'-01'9'7f0I 4020 X7 Telephone 7-0578 VILLAGE BARBER SHOP Watch Repairing Done on Premises GREETINGS JOSEPH PASTORELLI, Prop. LOUIS H. AMSLER COMPANY, Inc. Compliments of NEW YORK, N. Y. DR. sf MRS. F. E. WICKS Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them. -Ecclesiastes 12 :1 so-'ova-f 153 '0"0 -'01 H9 40'0Y0'40S6"0' 10'0I16W0l6N0 f0' . Stonv Brook Conference Compliments of ' Young People . . . ,Iuly 17-24 GENERAL REMODELING CO- General Bible Conference July 31 to Aug. 7 . d l h S 64 W Ran 0 P meet for details write to Chicago 1, IlliI10iS JAMES E. HILL, Business Manager B!-lBY1.l1N MILK S. CHE!-1lVI III1., Inc. "Our cows are not content. They always strive to do better." SlV1ithtown 2-1122 BEST WISHES COUNTY AUTO RADIATOR T0 THE SERVICE 954' Middle Country Road Smithtown, N. Y. 154 -0f0'040K0l0 "? H COMPLIMENTS OF QOPJOI1 J. l IL? EASTMAN, DILLON 81 CO. 15 BROAD STREET NEW YORK 5, N. Y. 155 Patchogue 1595 SOUTH BAY FISH 81 FRUIT MARKET LESTER SEERVELD Sea Food, Fruit and Vegetables 50 SOUTH OCEAN AVENUE PATCHOGUE, N. Y. TWIN TOWN Sales Sz Service, Inc. 630 New York Avenue Huntington, N. Y. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Compliments of MR. 8: MRS. F. W. WRIEDEN BEST WISHES from Alfred A. Scharbius II, M.D. SMithtown 2-1924- We Cover Entire Long Island Modernize Your Home - Call "Continental', CONTINENTAL Modernizing Co., Inc. 279 West Main Street Smithtown, N. Y. 103059 HUntington 4--1032 KARL'S DEW DROP INN WM. KARL, Prop. Steaks - Sauerbraten - Long Island Ducks Home Style Dinners and Luncheons Catering to Weddings and Banquets 2 E. .IERICHO TURNPIKE fCor. New York Avenuej HUNTINGTON STATION, N. Y. 156 '0'0l040'00 9 2 AMityville 4-2880 PRUDENT CONTROLS Pest Extermination - Tree Preservation 1200 Merrick Road East of Amityville, N. Y. Compliments of . . . TOPPS MEN'S SHOP EAST NORTHPORT, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT F. 8: ROBERT C. WELLS I I O U 0 O PORT JEFFERSON, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS Mr. and Mrs. linnrqe Fuchs 20N0'a0' K7'0K0'101400N02047'001f0N0Y0'0N0401f0"0N040"0f4650'L0I0 47 -401 -S6 10101 -105'-0127201 '01 A x MCAULEY CREMORNE MISSION, INC. 434 W. 4.-and STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. An Interclenorninational Faith Work In the business of reaching men for Christ since 1882. Ministering to about 150 men daily, holding forth the Word of Life and Hope on an aggressive, evangelistic plane. JAMES E. BENNET, Pres. J. M. KILLIGREW, Supt. USED CLOTHING ALWAYS WELCOME Compliments of . . . Compliments of SMITHTOWN GEORGE JACKSON GO. PASTRY SHOP Telephone Smithtown 2-1980 Compliments of ERATERNAL ORDER OF C""lP'f"m'S of EAGLES AEREE M1815 MR. sl MRS. EDWARD O. DOW Northport, N. Y. STAFFORDS Equipment for All School Athletic Activities Golf, Tennis . . . Archery Supplies 150 JACKSON STREET HEMPSTEAD, L. I., N. Y. ZWQUCQT'-9755 1 5B 40'5'0"54'07'0 With the Best Wishes of LEW SMITH '32 Secretary-Treasurer Hnqers, Prentiss S. Smith, Inc. INSURANCE BROKERS 80 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 38, N. Y. CROWN POULTRY FARM Fresh Killed Broilers and Roasters New Laid Eggs Shipped Daily PORT JEFFERSON STATION NEW YORK C mpliments of . . . ANNA WEEKLEY 159 GOOD WISHES THE MOTHERS' CLUB I 40680-G-0N0"040"02'-JI! '0If0N0'6'W10-f02010f0K7f0f0W62040"0"02l7'0X047'0Y0A0"0'0 94010 4'-059 IC 7C055' 40N0510-5l"0"0' F Hnpe ' Eenrqe Peter ' Gail Suzanne ' Iinueklee Mr. and Mrs. Themes Evans 'I "0"01'0 -ZX -'0R0w0 4-0w0'0'0w0v0-'-0101-010w0o'0 -405170 "0K0Y?1?'0'0'5"'49"0' E 40f0l0'40'?0 0'0 Milgllel' E"0fAQI"5 j2eJ COIIQ 1160 MYRTLE AVENUE ' 1 I-0N0'-01'0f'0N0ff0'f96f'-?f?'049 "Sow a thought, and you reap an act, Sow an act, and you reap a habitg, Sow a habit, and you reap a character, Sow a character, and you reap a destiny." Author Unknown Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 "CHARACTER BEFORE CAREER" FINE FOOTWEAR 'I U N FOR 57 YEARS 1 Men s Shoes MANHATTAN BROOKLYN 17 Cortlandt St., near Church Sl. 8983253 PLUHEHASL' near B850 H512 1389 Broadway, near 38th St. at us ve" near urc ve' 26 East 42nd St., near Madison Ave. JAMAICA 384 Madison Ave., cor. 47th St. 165-08 Jamaica Ave. BRONX 314 East Fordham NEWARK BOSTON PHILADELPHIA WASHINGTON 843 Broad St. 330 Washington St. 1221 Chestnut 1327 F St., N.W. CHARLES P. UNDERWOOD PATCHOGUE 3-0270 SWEZEY FUEL CO. TERRY,S SPORTING GOODS fyou knowj fwe havel ...Fuel Oils... Suppliers for PORT JEFFERSON 8-0555 CUB SCOUT - BOY SCOUT - ATHLETES FISHERMEN 8: HUNTERS 217 Main Street Port Jefferson, N. Y. 162 Compliments of H UIUIIIE TUWLE Grumman Aircraft Engineering Earp. BETHPAGE ' LONG ISLAND ' NEW YORK DESIGNERS AND BUILDERS OF THE COUGAR JET FIGHTER, S2F-1 SUB-KILLER, AND THE ALBATROSS TRIPHIBIAN 5 PC9105 10"Ql'QY0i'Ql495G0'f0 51'0'5K05 163 -010162 '-0'0"-0'-0x04-0' 05'-WK0' 010'-1' XQNO'-0' Y ,rg is .ez-:I ., .,., S. Q. 1.0-Q0-aw.-0-0 " 5" ':"" 5 "':1'11'1' S . 15114511 Suffolk 1 4'A- - 3110118 HUNTINGTON NORTHPORT EAST NORTHPORT 2,2 Q : 5 ff - f'11 I ':': I I ME ER F.D.l.C. 1010-4-fa-a-0 BEST WISHES . . . AN ALUMNUS Stony Brook 7-0317 I Community Service Station DUANE C. COLE 81 CO. Sinclair Gas and Oil Tires . . . Batteries . . . Accessories FUEL OIL and KEROSENE Shopping Center, Stony Brook, N. Y. Best Wishes . . J. C. PENNEY CO. Smithtown Shopping Center 9 Smithtown, N. Y. Northport 3-2272 EDWARD BIALLA . . . A. M. ZILLIAN Realtors EDWIN N. ROWLEY, Inc. Real Estate and Insurance Northport, Long Island g -0'0"-7' J. STEPHEN WUND General Insurance Surety Bonds 116 JOHN STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. RE 2-7096 141-38 84-th ROAD JAMAICA, N. Y. OL 7-6159 'I64 X "0N0N0-4041010 f0f'0N6W61'0'N0 '0 Y BEST WISHES . . . ALgonquin 4-1260 WALTER R. COCKYI DESKS, INC. KIERNAN, JR. 71 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK 3, N. Y. SMithtown 2-2246 , , PERIOD AND MODERN OFFICE Lang Surgical Appliance Co. FURNITURE T1 EAST MAIN STREET SMITHTOWN BRANCH, L. I. CHAIRS AND DESKS FOR THE HOME Manufacturers of INSTITUTIONAL EQUIPMENT Trusses, Abdominal Supports, Elastic Stockings, Maternity Belts, Orthopedic Braces, Arch Supporters, Spinal Braces, Spinal Corsets, Artificial Limbs 5 Compliments of . . . 5 9 2, 0 5 2 3, Philippians 3 :13,14 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. 165 x?'G9"0' 49"?'?'40"?l7 G09C0 l0'f9 H 9 BONDS FIRE AUTO HEALTH ACCIDENT H, tel' . 10l'lflI'l'lel" U'l9fel", I". 'W f ,SF U - REAL ESTATE . . . APPRAISALS SMITHTOWN BLVD. 9 NESCONSET, L. 1., N. Y. S Sulithtown 2-1379 5 Residence: Smithtown 2-2128 5 5 5 LIABILITY BURGLARY PLATE GLASS HOUSEHOLD gcmacoxanof w-xoxo'-afwxowoxo 166 5 ,Q 010119 10vC7 Compliments of . . . A F HIE N ll BEST WISHES T0 CLASS OF '54 300' CD UJ 5 5 5 :ff :Q o 'Nl o w s K' s if gggi'-gg E Pi 552 U, 5 IDE 2 Q5 851 EAU-TIE zo E.: Q5 ,bg 22. ECE Pm 'ctdcr' 3,3 H7-Um 3? SZEM -fm 'fzs iw Engw 55' 'Hr-'Q E. ?.B15'UJ gm gHQ Es- 5- :P aff' 252 55' z 2 22 N N 552 -.. H551 ,D P U T4 QFUJ nw W 75 Du oz F1 Q, - Q '-' K: 5 . 9 CDE U 9 i S S E2 F' 1 5 : EE m lv 2' 2 5 S54 : U, E eg u-.UQ,U IQ 3 . E9 wing P 5 VJ ' 'I z 2 5702?-U Z F if ag! M Q4 m Smeg 'ff ' ' , S gd M ZS 3 cn Y4 2 a E2 v-4 5 DU U0 P-4 91' .05- 045"75"9'90"-7105'0V0'55f0"0N05 x 1 67 0 'THE FRIENDS dr 'ISRAEL . MISSIONARY AND 11EL1Er SOCIETY, mc. htsss S 728 WITHERSPOON BUILDING is 1' PHILADELPHIA 7, rn. R - ss'Si Q A 5 wi 5 - st WEE Ni v i F V- X X R X vlw, NNNXNL. v. . , xxxx X was-ss'4-N Li, Q-.L I X Xxxwx xxxxx X xxxxxkxxxxxxxxxxxxxx M ws wx -5 5 as Y' "HAVING LOVED HIS OWN I 5 R A E L HE LOVED THEM umo THE END" John 13:1 A 91217 UAL M1408 7YY l.'l'1Jlll'lllllg Christ, the living Saviour, to the Jews across the Amer- ican Continent, in Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Poland, and Israel. lllaintaining a Church of Jewish Believers in San Francisco. House-to-house visitationLCospel services--Visiting D.P. Camps and homes in Europe. Distribution of the Word of Cod and Christiail litetaturein many languages. Radio broadcast in Yiddish lStation HCJ B, Quito, Ecuador, South Americal with a potential global coverage. A RELIEF MMMSTFY Helping distressed Hebrew Christians, Displaced Persons, Refu- gees and especially children and orphans, in Israel, Europe and America. 5 Showing forth the love of Christ to Israel. A Witness to the Jews, and a challenge to the Christians. Will you make this Christlike ministry a channel of your love and testimony to Israel? President General Secretary Jossrn M. Sresu: Rev. Vrcron BUKsnAzeN Treasurer for Canada. Rev. Bnuce MILLAR, B.A., B.D. 1066 Avenue Road, Toronto 12, Ontario, Canada Quarterly publicationf'ISRAl'1L MY GLORY-Informative, Scripturaly- Challenging S1-nv. to all contributors and also on request Compliments of . . . JOHNNY VAN DERWERKEN BM-lll ET LITHIJ EU., Inc. JOHNSTOWN, N. Y. 300000 .auouo-f.9w0-for eafafaffaav-2.01107 1 as "The Glory of the Bible is that, in a World of Destruction and Death, it shows us how to have Eternal Life . . . " . . . said Dr. Frank E. Caebelein in a sermon commemorating the 84th Annual Presentation of Bibles by the AMERICAN TRACT SO- CIETY to the incoming class of Cadets at the U. S. Military Acad- emy, West Point, New York. Since 1825 this Society has pro- claimed the truth of that statement by publishing evangelical tracts pointing the lost to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Over one MILLION tracts are published monthly. This is made possible because friends have caught the vision and share with us in our ministry. Write fwithout obligation? for samples of unusual tracts. AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY, INC. RICHARD WOIKE, President JOHN A. MAWHINNEY, JR., Treasurer FRANK E. GAEBELEIN. First Vice-President HENRY G. PERRY, Executive Secretary W. THEODORE TAYLOR, Second Vice-President ELMER LEWIS, Secretary 21 West 46th St., New York 36, N. Y. Shoreham 4--2938 - 4-2082 BANK or NORTHERN NORTH SHORE BROOKHAVEN PLASTERINC CO. MAIN OFFICE 228 East Main Street ROCKY POINT, N' Y' Port Jefferson, N. Y. BRANCH OFFICE Port Jefferson 8-0263 Patchogue Road cor. Dayton Ave. Port Jefferson Station, N. Y. McNAMARA BUICK, Inc. Member Federal Deposit Insurance THOMAS MCNAMARA Corporation Member Federal Reserve System 102 Main Street PORT J EFF ERSON, N. Y. 0"0N00'-7N04G0"0H0N0H0M0N02'7'0N0"-0"0K0'Y 'I 69 E 5 E .2 102' 17 '0'040N0'f-05 61202 '0f '02' X91- 40N0K0"402f0K-0K0K0"'-0"-0vl0W4?102f0fL0N0P40W174-0f1-0 905'0'5405C??'0"5"0'7k9"C0'40' THREE VILLAGE INN 00000000 MADEMOISELLE 153 Larkiield Road East Northport, N. Y. Lingerie . . . Sportswear "JAKE, Port Jefferson 8-0500 Compliments of THE FLOWER BOCKS Ruth, Doug, and York G "Art with Flowersv 5 MR. 81 MRS. LINGLE PORT JEFFERSON STATION, N. Y. Member F. T. D. Compliments of . . . BOB BENNETT PAUL HENNING TOM ROBERTS JOHN BONARD JOHN JOHNSON JACK TENBEKJIAN KEN CASCONE RON KARL JOHN WINN PETE DAVIDSON RUSS KURTH STEVE WOODS BOB FRIEDRICH GEOF LEEK GEORGE YOCHMOWITZ RAY GAEBLER SAL MANGIAMELI s0o' 0-fonofa-oxov 'I7'l MW paw ' 00'f-"o0AA4:d4J74.- Bmw-12x'7'? 4f3h2g QQ Myfkww Gia M " MMM gf? awk! QQ 122 2, , . MW jim mw1.C. Wm wffflfwu ,gf WW M Wi, we - W XF Mwlifff few WM 45,4 L'FZ,.z jf Jw? Qwffwmlmnc xi ii W4 QV Zigi Wmzzf QPISMGPZHS' Mwdfwy 7' 'Q . ,rfwfy 33051 Qu, WM CCCDIZUQXEQLHZFXSIENTS or THE dm MMM bbw NMMA ',C'7Z74?mm ,7QQug..4..3,,.m an Joann, GQ.. 9L,,,..,r 1530+ 550'W'-f"V1'4fYVY" RQ O. If-M-Jail' Qwmm 'Yfz.HGo-02.2.1 Wm aiu: BQFCQZJA, Ewa T. illnwvit 'fhomqf Pflieri' fvoms 'UJLU-'UJ2 S. Sjbgbll SJ.. Jima mwwcwmv awwc fmwmv fxwm zswym guy awk!-JLSZZW-QW fzffwy,-!.ff,ffcm4W Buwafgf ca. 'aww Gino Llfoqw .7Ae Junior Kfafid JACKSON BAILEY DAVID BARBOUR WILLIAM BARNETT JOSEPH BLACK WILLARD BUNDY RICHARD BURCAW HI DONG CHAI HERBERT CHEW JOHN CLARY NORMAN COOPER DAVID DAWSON JOHN ELLIS JOHN GAILER JOHN GREEN ALISTAIR MACLEOD JEFFREY MCNAMARA 40l' JAMES MOONEY PAUL MOORE HUBERT MULLANEY ROBERT PEIRCE JOHN PERCY SHERWOOD PETERS RICHARD PURCHASE THOMAS REAVES CHRISTOPHER RYLKE ROBERT SKRIPAK GEORGE SOERHEIDE ALAN STALB BARRY VAUGHN ROBERT WOLF GARRETT ZIEGENFELDER ROBERT ZUMFT -0f10If01'-04051-0" In appreciation of the efforts of Mr. Gilbert C. Moore who, as executive secretary of alumni, is promoting a more active participation on the part of alumni towards the progress and future success of The Stony Brook School. 5 9 9 WILLIAM ARTHUR ADAMSEN 3 1941 3 3 ' 5 COMPLIMENTS OF 5 .IERICHO PLUMBERS SUPPLY CO. ROUTE 25, CENTEREACH, L. I. Branches Huntington Riverhead Mastic D 176 -v 1 1 n- . ' 4 1 1954 RES .GESME ,STAFF Co-Editors ....... ..................... K eenan Lee William O'Rourke Business Manager ............... Joseph Caron 4, Assistant Business Manager t ' Frank Moss, III N . 4, . .Q e Literary Editors ...... .... ....... R o bert Dailies in 3. e - Q Walter Gale v 1 , JM, ,fry .-V , kt " sv - 3 ai? I , I 1 rf gig, 'Q -H F ,, -f- ,Ei n to K " Q hlhl ii L t Horace Towle rf' ,gm - wffn- 1 , any Q. A if ,- . it A ,Q K Q kg t Sports Editors ............... Barton Cleveland tb 62 t A b ttee -g,M Bernhaia :lennoni 'W r fi"-Q38 ,g et Y . ' i s eeao Q tett i A , t ' o rj i,tt rr ' v "er '- Q Wistrong , L U ww . Kernochan is-ev... W ff' M. 'aw it - .. Qgonaldwl-ingle I Q , , A ,J I 4 1 ,, X ,' - H V Q LJ i A . V ffrgulty Adviser .... 4 ............ ITf2lbhlfQuld eff M t t " A EDA ,t Q t gh NL. , Auf-R ' 'AMW . l l . ' "5i7'F:,:,?q W L .M .. ""'3.f .f I uw, AN fx lj' IJ A-l,L'.7l 'Q 'Q , -' Xie f ,nl we ' i 4.0 Z -'T ,Q 1' ' H, , ,:,, f ..4y , ,K , 'thx P In I K ',,"f ,, H K A . , , 'ii Q 1 1. t t rf'-'F t W, sex , . .. ' .L wx 'Q N '- , g ...I ya 4 at , -E77 -'L-gQ,"'i'-, ,,-.,, Q ., .. J s 55 -33' " , K :Z 'N . , ' ffiivt it-'ii 1 L ui I 5 . I In gil yr, E- . , - , 1 'Q' Wifi YS , Q ,, t tf'f'EHlr:,t A an f -w A. -95. - H ,tx JVVMMY. ' .' -A-FQ" ..,:2-5, 'VL' 5 ' Q-.1 .' ' -- was , ,,,,, ,, ,, . . - fn vi, ,. 5. ,:- -M ,. 1 i lelhlo 'Raju W , 8 X sk. ia .4 f of t ef titanium we W K W V 1 ,- ' pr . A ,, - av 35111 ' MT ff, .nf P15 , f Q LV 6 it A . WH Y 5. 5 5 Q M H Hr 1 5 if xv ir J F 4 p ,W A , ,Jil H , ,. . . ' ,-, ,- -'F f I ' e . li il' iil ii , t f 53"-sn.: M 'F WQEFQ? l ..,Tt W Q V V A , ,.,, h h ,Ei 'Lit j-- t ' eeett t 't K 'gi o. t - A 'M ' , 1 aim 'T if H wl- . x - ' , K 1 X. v 'Q -gf, U. . .ik iz 6 'Q -- - sis? ER E , is I fb -491 e., 'W' '.-E. "' rw! 'im t if - , 'ski 9 gf 122,31 .-if 'fun-LQ X -sid Q 3 riifiwl f3'U J i" "jhH-QW '-M - , . awww ,. . fa.-Q aff Q 'L 1 ' ' I My '- V . , - K' 2.2 ,mv "' . - fffiff-24111,-E'-.1 i I fic -3-jsw "" Q-" - -. - - M , i ' W A v, " 'v ' " 2 M S a.E3fm-um. ' '15 t ---,ftzii- u.L-15 '--c w .' V ' ,lm Q ' f '- 'Q -- 4 p '- Wh 1 , K Qfwx. v 4-. -- V1 -1, F, -H--2-ea, -N , ,. . , if . g'L' H ' - ' m -V J " 1 K ,' Hifi A " QF 'Q'-f' - K, ' ' f1,l!,,?-.- 5 -X ' ' A ,liffg-,LK, f ' 'fi ,nf 5 ,, ,.f,-igk f. , 4 ' 55" z ' ' , , -?1f'f-,Lf . W' -' f - f 'Wigfbwfi Y A ' 15. A - -M A . H gym? H 2 gg ' ' As , , K E, H 1 1 K 13 0 'af ,,,m-M3 -1 f , 2+ a A Q -.w 1 k- , , - - K ,, - ' ., ,K - 1 - . ' ,, i "1-Q . f ' 1 V 5 "' KK . ,,, , f K 1 t ima ' 9-5. -- 1, M: K K A ' ' gui-iw,. I my I 4 K, .. -. 6,3 A ' W -- fi A L. 1 - V P., ,V in im? Q. ,Q ,, -'ff J v KM . 9 T, y,5,.h, A . U 1 A 3. M-fx. r 'Q C A av wg A .V I - K . i . f -K ' f. Q ' K, J. z, 1 ' 1 1-f A - 1 B " 111. - 1 , - 2- 2-fi 0' 1 N Q , 4 K' tif f .K W KKK-.E F M .-Hsfv'-W' U eu 4,',. M - . ran- . T? , .AQK K ,nr ' ,V V K. , K 34.-.X . Y , ,,. WEKHY .1a k 'Q ., A :Trl 1' vi 4 .. we

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