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 - Class of 1953

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. .,:5'.'. . '- ,iz..vwq'v V T a3mf?f1'wi , , .,,,,- fW,1,'m,.g-Lf. A..-. 1, ,Y ,gp YQ, -,fgrmlfr '44, WWWWI!WNWMWillWWWillMH1IwUMWWWMGWWWWHWWVHWW1NWWWMWI1WM1WVJ1LlWVN1WWAHUWW1WWWUWMlWUHMWWI1WNNMNNWWWMIiiiNIIINWWWWNWWINVWWHWWWNIIMWMWWMWWWMI O I ded, THE UM 1953 I' 6 eSt21 Published by the SENIOR CLASS Ston 13140014 sCh0 STONY BROOK LONG ISLAND DIRECTORS 1. STARS .Qin li U K elf, W GQ T . J . X Administration Seniors In the pages of this book we have given a picture of a school year at Stony Brook. After reading it we hope that you will have a better understanding of our sincere Christian life: our sound educational system, and our energetic athletic program. Each phase is depicted truthfully, and we trust that you will receive from it an impression of the love and respect which we have for our dear Alma Mater. Our campus life is portrayed as a theatrical produc- tion-the directors being our faculty, the leading men our seniors, the supporting cast our underclass- men, and the stage itself our fair campus. Here then is the thirty-Hrst edition of the Res Gestae. ADVERTISING Advertisements CONTENTS SUPPORTING CAST Wx X?-4 Underclassmen REHEARSALS Athletics SCENERY Q 'S-R vw, Activities -4--r . J '- JC, QASTUNC53 C M. ...-.... fjijnfgf 1' L1 J 'Zig , ,J mail- yNWf,1 SOON OPEX' 'xx rr 'JP N q.,,g,,,,. I 1' ,- XX Mf-gf 5 TU? J Q' 'TE LM wef' If x , nk., XUJR r-51 if", X '. ,up 1 ....Q.,..1- r- if V , - 31,3 I RES GESTAE L-' Af ' 'NG' 41'--Jug-.-n'h.Y - -1-Y Gly, A-111' I-71 .nf ' if 7 g -J :QQ 3 -vp- .- W 3 -- u,,. v U w Y ,x I' v Q.-,.. A .,. Vf ,R 1 Na lv , . U fr: il? 'hh 4 'QQ 1. , N' '-1 4' R N ,Amo 1 Y 9 Q 'D ' ,,a1fs"4ff55w YT. as HQ Q-513' Ai 642' Www v ,M uid : A v-.gif ramp... Q - ,, ,' t 1 -. ,lwjxf ,. M S- s. " 4?-'fda ' A ,' N 'PJ' I -Q i ,, d,VCl-IAPEI. ' N x Q., mv MORIAL HA GEMAN HA Wal Mill! 'ESX kg . VA. , . HNSTON HA PKINS HA ,Y Wx' ..4v- I-IQ' ,,. .,F..T-- - J wha 4 'R ,,,,.,.-4- . , ., 0 . -I '. ,g 1 v RPA " ' L-1431 as ' , -4 K ' . K. . alfigzglfx. .Aho-ff S' x f 'jj 'pw .,j::w' ' 'ff pf- .. v, .Q ,. .. s '14 . ,:4 K, , -X - .A . wx .. .313 L13 I-g,+l'+ 4 V1 -rg 1 ,. .5 ,.....t -. -. 5 ' n ,- 59.1-."ff' 11- 'Gigi - . ?:i3,iQySg frsgmj . ' 2 Wkff Ti . ' ' L- - m - - . J. A -M. 1 A- 5 J Q f 4? f'+-fa xr ali. ,K ' A-M , , , Y ,ni2m,..n , N . , ' tx .Q-,, 1 NAL., xx t V. . ,W .. ..-x .V , 4. ,.. . , 4 , 1 . I, -1 .. -v v H.. , X , ,s ,44 - - . , A .- W, . ,, .. . yfw-4 . wwc,:S4s' Q N :P Y . . ' A ' .. -5.1 'rx ,eh 4 4 ., L fc- rf. .I Ve . QQ... . 5 1 u .l I, A -- -ff - 1 ,A H ' . ,. C 'I' v-view' w -. U ., x 7 " 2 ' 'JW 'Q' .uv 44591. R, ' f , 4 -A .-,,.,j 31 ' - v 1 " Q A ' W. br - i LL. Q an 1, Q FW fb .. x. ' ,. Fa. 11 W ' I - . Q , , 3-, ,fy . .,.. .V Q ,' nf. 3 .,,. 6' A 'A A F W 97. :nap .Q , San -Y . 7: 2 V . ' V Y w -4 , . - . .W , fm' v lf K" ' 4, M KW N?mw.,,Q 4 V I I ...... , m...A - ' ,,v4i5x3.K "1 ,ayggg gf .F , , 'Bk kk, 5 ,NN 'AQ '-V, . N ,,, W .. 1 W .W vm- -W W - xl I ,, .f - 5 A. x A ""'hrn.,Q.M. , A l Q- . . . 1- Q X A-.--N ax A nn ' ' ww-I " -- k K Q ' M' .. V Q 1 ..., ""'.'? H W , . ,. .... ,..- , .4 V . ...PM . . g. .G - . .1-3 . .4 on 1 A J . ,l 'it' 5 gf ,L,i , 1 W , X,, 1 ' K .. it 'G f , A w- k,m.- . .xi 'Po H wifi!! ' 3" dy, Misllilfv 3 Y 6 f mlhh f . ' mf .,'- QM -A , A ' f K ,,.g..X,p 1 72j 3w 6 1, .HM ix Swv ADMINISTRATION pg1 1 i. 1-Q N J A 5 'I ,TAI I TE II I I1 E 5 ly-sf? I ? X J- I -. :EC Q- 3 Qu """ - .J U , A fig Q. X y 1 f Q LX II? - ' I in M D Mo X. Le XX X Mui-': - M , SeI1iOI.SZ It is not easy to give you on a single page a message worthy of your remembrance. As I have considered this task, I have been humbled by the dijiculty of offering you, simply out of my own thought, advice that will be of lasting help to you. But I do not have to do this, be- cause the Book upon which your Stony Brook education is based has something to say for this as for every oc- casion. My message to you comes, therefore, straight from the Bible. It consists of these four words from St. Mark,s Gospel: "Have faith in Codf' Your training here has taught you the essential facts about Him who spoke these words. You know that He was God manifest in the flesh. You know that as your Saviour He has reconciled you to His Father. "Have faith in Codf' Wherever you may be and what- ever you may do, you will never be in a situation in which it will be unhelpful to do just what these four words tell you. I f you are doing right, they will be for you a tower of strength, if you should be doing wrong, they will rebuke you and call you back to righteousness. In college or in later life, in sickness or in health, in joy or in sorrow, in success or in failure, in peace or in war, they are always applicable. "Have faith in Cod." Well, do you? I hope with all my heart that you do and that the practice of these four words will be your life principle. For only thus will you be building upon the Rock. Faithfully yours, 11 11 11 1 11 1 111 11" 1X1X1 1:11 1111 11X 11 11 1 1MWw N1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 THE STONY BROOK SCHOOL '1X 1 H STDNYBROOK QQNGISLAND N.Y. M X .i:f::i:4S::J::11 mu, KISS, X 'fl'-W' 1 1 1 1 XX X CL 1111 11 lliiflimi W ijF!3itn1'xifjill.'i',llluI:ll icnyvmlg IiEluFQFi1N?:ltp ' . 1F:Eb," Xw X X1X1 l 1 1, und 11' 1X 1 1 11 f1 limb QQXEMN 1 XXX1XXf 111X Xbecau , !w 3 1 qw kg my 1 1 1111 1 1 Q 'S11U29- 1-11111121 11 21. l l l 11111 - -N111 '2-vlarq 11 1 W1 -1B+.'mak'1115 Junk Amd qmu., 1015 should 'pm' of? nal pleasure cmd nwldmrt' wich Nz'z0l+ wfde qw are W f1k1111n11 md- sell Tfpse -En Q1a11!L 'lo 5 re 'I-:me F1-QQSDTE Mya Wm? html WML, MTI' juif 'atrward Wi? me mad: m ma Q 11 111 e. 11 We look, 1 1 d Uufihbn Gnd Ind 11' C1004 11 Wmlg ea 006 619 xtdn, TPM 1111 W CA lf 4X11 X XX 1,,, A 11 41 ,1 1 '1 ' 1 1 11,1.111"11' 1 1'1 111 . 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 11. XX U1 11 "'1 1 " 1 1"- 111 4S1XXX XX ' "1 X1f' 12 ,X 11 11 ' Q X 1 ' ' 11111' 11 1 ' . ' 1X X 1111111' 11 11 1V'111 'MH111 1 - '- ' ' ' X1 CVM 11Xm1 XX 1 1 1 1X uXX1 1' X1r H 1 Q1 . X X 1 . X 1M X1 XX1, X X1 X, 1 1 X' 111,. 1 1'1 X 1 11 1 1,1 - X X 1 X 1. X X X 1 1 Q'-I' XXXXX 1111111111111'1l1111' ,W 111'111 X1 1 1Xf'?111:,1A"1'1Z1f11M" 1 11 1 A' 1' '. ' ' 1' 1 111111 1X11 X.11,::"XX XXXX1-XXX XXXXX11 XX XXX XX X XX XXXX X.X X 1 X X131 11 11111 IFN 1L1 1 "" 'U "" -11 ' 1' 1 ' 1 q 111 X 1 1X111.1'W'+ 1' -111' " 11 1 1,1 1' L - 1 1 11 1 1 1 - 111 XX1'j, 1 X11 1 . .1 1'1 '11 1. 1, 1 X XX 1111 1 X 111 1 1 111111W1M 1,. .M,1'v - .1 1,1 1 .' 1 X ' " X X X111 1X1 1,'11.XXXXXXXX1X XXXX1 X X X X . XXX11XX 1 X 1111112111 11 1 1 X '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1X11M1111W1MfWWHWW11U' 11 1 '11 1 . 11 11 ' 1 X V1 111 '11 WM1gWiW w1'W111J1 1' 11 IM ' -11 11,1 M1 1 11 X .1 1 NWJ1N1 ff? W 1111 1'QyMMV1'1f w Q MJT: 'aff ,f '111 '1X'f Q 1 Q1X1p1' 11MM 1111111 ' 1-1111 11X 11 1' 11' 1 11 'X.1' 1 11X 1 1111 1 XTX X111 X 1 X 1 X X 1 ' X 5 X 1' X!XXX X 1 ' 1 X ' ' ' '1 Q ' 1 11111X1111111 11' 1111, 11 X 1X 1- X- X-1-1 1: 1111 fX'1X1 - 1'1 1' XLX 1 X 111,11 --1 1111 :X 11 X1 1 X XX A 1 1 1- 1 1 X 11- 1111rXX- - 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 - X, 1 - 1 1 1 X X 1111XX1111X11X1X 1Mw1 31fVym i111 1 111X11ff11mm1M'11u1 1 , 1 L.g 1, 4911. 1 1-11 11' "L '1. N' 11w1 XXXXX11XXX 1, , X X X X XX1:XX4X1.1,XX11XX1,1. XX XXXXX X1XXX1XX1'1 XX111XXXXX 1.111X"'XXXXXXXXXXXX111XXXXXXX1 .XX1- 1 ,XXXXXXXXXXXX ,XJ XX1 X1. 11 1X 11X X11f '11X 1X X , 1. X XX 1 X - X Xi XX , X 141 X' 11111111XXXXXX11XXXX1XX1 11211 1 11111'1 111111 1X1.X.l1,151111E 1 wX,131 1,1.1X 1111 111 fm 1111 11 1111 A 1 X 1111i 11 IL 11,112 1 1 ' 1-1 ' 1111 M1 1 1 T111 111 1111uf111' H1 1 13 1Mf 1 1 '111 1 111 11 1X 1 "1 '1 1 f www '1 ' 1111 ' 11 1,1 11 X X 'X 1 X "1 ' 1 1 " 1 11 ' 1 ' "31'1X'111X111 1 1 1 1' 111 M 1114111 'X 11 111v1'mMNw W"11,111 1M'1X '.'1'111' 1 w11L" im- 1' 11 41:1 11 A. My H1 'fx -1' X I 1 11 -1 1 'N ML 1 1111611111111 X X '111 1 .5111 X XX : X311 X1 XX1 XX 1X - X 11 X X XX 'X1 11 XX 1 X11 11' 11 X X 1 X E 4 X1111X111111111111111 1 ' ' ' F "" 1r'11X111X"11- 1111 -1'1-X1X"111 M 1 '111"X1' 11' ' X111X11111111X11111.,." X1 1" X111 "111 "" 7' ' ' 1' ' M' " ' 11X1'11111 ' 1, 1 X- 1,,Q,1111'1111'1'A'1'1 11 '1 X1L11','1X11' '1 "111" 1111 Q'11'T1'1 1 1. 111'-1 1. 1' 1' 1112 1 111 1' ' 1 , 1 1 - I -1 ' 11111111,11'11Q1 XX X XXXXX 1' nw- XXX1, XXXXX 1XX I ,111.,X1XXX,,, .,XX X X1 X11X 11 11XX1. wXXXX1 X 111X . 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X 111 11 1X1XX XXXXXXXXXX11X1111111XXX1X1XXXXXXXX11XXXX1X XX'XXXX1XX1XX1111' X11X XX1111 11X XXXX11XXXXX1X1 X XXXX v XXXXX XX X XX X XX X 1 1 XX X X 1 X X1'11X1XX11XXX m11WWWWwHWW1'f1W1'11W11111111W1111T411' A ' 111 1 1 1 1 11 11l '11'11 V 1 f "1 WW1 1w1WWMMWV1T7wV1111WWf1111W11 1,.,. 1111nf1 'f1.J1 ' -1' ' 1 1 1 1'g'1 f 1 XXX1 1111 1 X11111,X1X 11XX1XX,X1XX1Xg11111 X111' 'X111 " . 1 11 Q11111111'11'11'1111111 11111 1:11131f111'11f ""' 1'1111111,',1'111Q11:1111 11R111'1'11111 1'11"11 X 1 1 '11111111 1WW1M11w1w1WWWM11W1 1 11W1 X11 1XXX X1'111111,XX1111111l1' 1X11X 1 My 11 , - XX X 1X X111111111' 111 1X1XXX11XX1111 X11X 1XXX111111X.111,X ,xxxxx XXXXXXXXX XXXX XX X X1 XXX XXXXXQ, XX xxxxx X XX 4- 1 K 1 A 1 11X1X1111111 1XXXX1X 11111X11XX1111"'XI X'X'XfX 11 ""gX'1Q'11111.111'11" 3"11""'I'1 1 1 X ' 1111111111 111111, "' ' ' 1 ' ' 1 ' ' 4 1 11' 1 1E11111XX1' X111111' 11 X X X1 ' ' - . XX X11111111X1X V1 11 11 11 1 11111 11.11 1- 111 1 1 -11.11 1111 111 11111111 11111111 X 111111111 11 1 X 11111111 11X11X11-111, X 11111111 1X yX111,XX XXX X111111 1 X X 111111XX'111111X XXXXX 11 111111 1 1 1X1 11 1 11X 111 1 1 1 1 X 1X 1 1 X X 11 11 XX1X1 11 1 1 1 111111 11111111 11111111 11 111111111 1 1 1 11 111 11111111111 1 11111111111 111 1.111111 111111111111111111 1 1 WWWMW1MW1W1 111111 1111 11111 111111111 111111 1111 11 1 1 11111f'f 111111 1.11 11 1 11111111 s OSCAR FLOYD JOHNSON Director of Athletics and Physical Education, 1942 Instructor in Mathematics, 1937 Davidson College, A.B., 1936 Duke University, M.A., 1941 VAL E. HARTO Instructor in Latin, 1941-42 Instructor in Latin, Mathematics, 1946 U. S. Army fArtiIIeryQ, 1942-46 Bloomfield College, A.B., 1940 Montclair State Teachers, 1940-41 New York University Graduate School of Arts and Science, M.A., 1950 JOHN WARREN HERSHEY Instructor in English, 1938-43 Instructor in English, 1946 U. S. Army flnfantryj, 1943-46 Franklin and Marshall College, A.B fPhi Beta Kappaj , 1936 Duke University, M.A., 1942 'D DANIEL G. ROSENBERGER Instructor in History, Bible, 1943 Shippensburg State Teachers College, B.S., 1934 University of Pennsylvania, M .S ., 1940 Pennsylvania State College, University of Puerto Rico Duke University Biblical Seminary, N. Y. New York University Graduate School, 1947 ,,., CHARLES MILLS DAVIS Instructor in English, 1943 Indiana State University, A.B., 1932 University of Chicago, M.A., 1940 i MARVIN W. GOLDBERC Director of Studies Instructor in Chemistry, Algebra, 1945 Houghton College, A.B., 1936 Harvard University, Ed. M., 1943 X JAMES FENTON Instructor in Hist Economics, 1947 Houghton College, Aff. University of Rochester U. S. Marines, 1941-46 ,iii ory, Matheniatics, JOHN WESLEY COULD Instructor in History, General Science 1949-50 Instructor in Bible, English, 1951 Columbia University, AB., 1948, MA., 1949 University of London Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary U. ' S. Army flfngtneersj , 1942-46 CHARLES H. KERR Instructor ll1SPZlIllS1l, French, 1949 Kings College, A.B., 1949 University Laval Graduate School ' L Q-qfzrf ft '35 . . Q rf., PWM- WILLIAM F. BISCROVE RALPH RENNARD Instructor in History and Remedial Instructor of History, Geography, Reading 1951 Houghton College, A.B., 1940 University of Maryland, B.S., 1949 University of Pennsylvania, M.A., University of Washington 1941 Universit D Columbia Universit 3' U. S. Army, 1942-46 A. JAMES BARTON Instructor of Biolov C Cy, eneral Science, Bible, Nature Study, Hygene, 1952 Franklin and Marshall College, B.S., 1946 University of Pittsburgh Graduate School U. S. Navy, 1943-45 , y of elaware U. S. Army, 1944-46 MHS. CATHERINE MARCESON 1118-11'lll'101' in Music, Orgauist, 1942 American Conservatory, Fontainblerzu France ALICE LARSEN IllSl1'llC10l' to Seventh Grade, 1952 Wlzenlon College, HS., 1952 MRS. JOSEPHINE C. JONES 1IlS11'LlC101' in Art, 1940 MRS. MARION H. CHENEY Librarian, 1951 New Paltz State College H unter College JOHN R. WASON Accountant and Assistant to Business Managel 1952 Providence Bible Institute, 1946 Corlleri College of Theology, AB., 1948 Clark University, Worcester, Mass., 1951 J AMES E. HILL Business Manager and Assistant Treasurer, 1948 BERTHA V. ELLIS School Nurse, 194-6 M edico-Chirurcial H ospital, Training School, R. N. University of Pennsylvania Columbia University l L-n 'X MRS. ELIZABETH A. HOPKINS Hopkins Hall House Mother, 1929 MRS. WALTER CARRELL Housekeeper, 1946 1 , if kfk.L.., 7, f A Jffrweq BETTY SNYDER Scc1'eln1'y to Healdnlaster, 1941 MRS. KATHARINE RENNARD Record Clerk, 1949 MHS. DOROTHY LAUER Secretary to Senior Master, 1952 MRS. SYLVIA H. MEYER Secretary to Business Manager, 1952 'Yta 1 . ,L Q if dv' 2 ! YJ Q-5 "-miiiffii - wjgyggg ' i f ,, , X' iw 'A I? QV .. X 'Q .4 A E nw- ., Q M V 'F' ., .ish , K AL f ws? lg N H9 Q' M-.M l..,Q V w LJUUU W xx !QX " , ' 2 Q .Ill ..... 4? ??'s'?4L , 1 v r Xl :ff- QP WN XM 1 VL L -EN N Q 1522! SENIORS iT. ii VVOOLLETT ........................ President CARTER .................. Vice President KEEN ...............................,.......... Secretary MR. HARTO .............................. Advisor EMORI GEM NIOHN. ROGERS-HE I hi W? 55, X 1 gi. O x . I I emi .. ,gr e eye, A wi. W e.. 'L Bw-Q KENNETH M. ANDERSON c:Andy:9 ,I.V. Football 5, Wrestling 6, Tennis 5,63 Photography Club 6g Art Class 5,6. APPEARANCE: Electrified porcupine LIKES: Art DISLIKES: Getting up in A.M. PASTIME Manual labor fdrawingj AMBITION: Commercial artist FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "I don't know" Ken, another dormitory live wire, was often involved in man-production crimes, being a buddy of Russ Wardell, he could not avoid these dangerous under- takings. I-Iis interests by no means terminated here as he has a useful hobby of producing clearly sketched caricatures. His pet peeve was undoubtedly rising each morning, he' clearly proved this by his occasional late- ness to breakfast. His hearty laughter resounding through the halls has lighted the spirits of many fel- low students one time or another. ROY A. BIRKENLUND c6R0y77 Cross Country 5,65 Tennis 5,63 Tract Club 5,63 Choir 6. APPEARANCE: Toni twin LIKES: To read his Bible DISLIKES: Worldly entertainment PASTIME: Plane geometry AMBITION: A Bible institute FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "But, Sirli' Roy, having been a member of our class since the eighth grade with the exception of his sophomore year, has established himself as a zealous Christian who "practices what he preaches." As a member of the Tract Club, Deputation Team, and Christian Associa- tion, he has wholeheartedly contributed to the spiritual growth of the school. Since he is a resident of Brook- lyn, he has loyally supported the Dodgersg and in spite of their eventual defeats, he enthusiastically utters the oft repeated adage, uwait until next yearf, 27 CLARENCE A. BLACK 6iSkip75 J.V. Football 4, Cross Country 5, Biology Club 4, Airplane Club 4. APPEARANCE: Railroad engineer LIKES: To be a defective detective DISLIKES: Potentialities of the East PASTIME: Dabbling in art AMBITION: Forest ranger FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Yeh, I can 1ITlHg1l'lC.,, This fellow with a tranquil appearance, known about the campus as Skip, hails from the far-removed state of Washington. He is a true westerner in that he con- siders no section of the states comparable to the Occi- dent. He passes time by indulging in anything that has mechanical potentiality, such as model railroads, model airplanes, and automobiles. In this three year period at Stony Brook, he has been a member of several clubs, the model club was the one in which he found most enjoyment. RICHARD L. BRUSH CGDiCk95 Wrestling 6, Baseball 6, Choir 6, Clee Club 6, Chris- tian Association 6, Tract Club 6. APPEARANCE: Walnut LIKES: To be a Casonova DISLIKES: Solid geometry PASTIME: Rendering musical selections AMBITION: Mission field FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Where did you ever get the desire?" This Williamsport, Pennsylvania lad came to us this year as a senior, leaving behind numerous lovelorn maidens. Dickis flooded mail box served as a witness to his romantic history. Being musically inclined, he is a talented trumpet player and accomplished vocalist, which earned him the position of soloist in the choir. Dick goes on deputations to perform with the Trumpet Trio besides witnessing to others. His fine personality and Christian testimony have set him apart as a friendly individual. I . ' ' -P :E"'ifS9f:f?iiE?W:t M- 24 1 f:Sf:a5Yi?5I.f I 25" A-as ' ' 4-.15 .sgaffiilt T-bb 5 ., X ifltiifrl Ei' K igvwii :wi DAVID J. CAMP G6DaUe59 Cross Country 5,65 Varsity Basketball 5,63 APPEARANCE: Abraham Lincoln LIKES: Wanda DISLIKES: Cross Country PASTIME: Ping pong AMBITION: To find his sport FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "C'mon! will ya?,' Hailing from Cortland, New York, Dave likes to brag about all of the upper New York football and basket- ball teams. Right or wrong about the superiority of these teams, Dave is a "right guyw, and he has many friends to testify to that fact. Above all else, Dave has been recognized as a fighter both in athletics and stu- dies, and we realize that with this kind of a back- ground, Dave will achieve the kind of success that counts. Track 5,6. aeit ff ANDREW L. CARLSON G6Andy97 ,l.V. Football 4-g Cross Country 5,63 Wrestling 5,6g Track 5,63 Class Secretary 4,53 Tract Club 4,5,6g Audio Visual Club 5,6g Christian Association 5,6g Church Board 63 Assistant Editor, RES CESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: Casper Milquetoast LIKES: Fresh milk DISLIKES: Uncooperative workers PASTIME: Tidying Hegeman AMBITION: Business Engineering FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "You see, it's this way.'7 Andy commenced his career at Stony Brook in his freshman year, and since then he has moved steadily up the stairway of success. For the last two years he has been in the upper bracket of his class scholastically. He made his debut in athletics in his junior year by making the top five on the cross country team. This year he became the Ivy League's second best runner. During these years his Christian character has been shown throughout the school as well as on deputations. DAVID ALONZO CARTER utloeav Cross Country 3,4-g Varsity Football 5,6g Freshman Basketballg ,I.V. Basketball 43 Varsity Basketball 5,6g Track 3,4-,5,6g Rifle Club 3, Model Airplane 4-3 Choir 4-g Audio Visual Club 5,6g Editor, Blue and White 5g Christian Association 5,6g Tract Club 6g Photography Club 6g RES GESTAE 63 Class Secretary 69 Class Vice-President 4, Class President 5g Class Vice-Presi- dent 6g Vice-President, Student Organization 65 Ex- ecutive Committee 6g Advisory Committee 6. APPEARANCE: Preying Mantis LIKES: Powerhouse candy bars DISLIKES: Noise PASTIME: Extra-curricular activities AMBITION: Wheaton FAVORITE EXPRESSION: L'No kiddin!" It is difficult to put into words a description of this prodigy from Maine. For some, merely the word "Maine7' would be enough to identify "Joe", but for the rest of you, I can say only this. He has found his way into the heart of Stony Brook by hard work. He was our best athlete of 1952 and editor of our school paper. As his college he has chosen Wheaton, and we 't', 1 f wish him well in his future Alma Mater. JOHN N. CROCK "Big fohnv Varsity Football 3,4-,5, fCaptainJ 6g Freshman Basket- ballg Varsity Basketball 4-,5,6g Track 3,4-,5,6g Dra- matics Club 4-,5,6g Proctor 5, Blue and White 53 Chris- tian Association 5,63 Glee Club 5,69 Advisory Council 55 Executive Committee 6, Secretary, Student Organi- zation 6g Editor, RES GESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: Zombi LIKES: Mimi DISLIKES: Being picked on PASTIME: Exhibiting brute strength AMBITION: School discus record FAVORITE EXPRESSION: '4Do you give up?,' The possessor of a lanky and solid stature, .Iohn ma- triculated to Stony Brook fl'0llI Philadelphia as a fresh- man and immediately reported for varsity football practice where he was 1'eceived with open arms. His prowess on the gridiron was rewarded as he was the recipient of the Blocking Trophy in his junior year and was chosen our captain this year. During these past four years, John has proved himself not only an athlete, but also a persevf-ring scholar and a real leader in our class. DONALD WRIGIIT FERNS "Donn Stamp Club 4-,5,6g History Club 5,69 Music Apprecia- tion Class 5,6g Tennis 5,6g Choir 4,5,6g Christian Association 6. APPEARANCE: Powder puff LIKES: Classical music DISLIKES: Athletics PASTIME: Reporting those who are late to choir practice AMBITION: Success FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "I don,t care!', Donas sincere amity has won him many friends during the three years he has attended Stony Brook. His pleasures lie in the quieter and more sober realms of life, so he has been a loyal member of the choir and stamp club over this three-year span. His is a familiar face in the pantry each Sunday, when his generosity with surplus ice-cream is appreciated by his associates. Reliable and capable, Don will without a doubt con tinue in his unassuming way in later life with ever JAMES M. FOSTER Cljilnw Cross Country 53 Track 5,6g Dramatics Club 6g Glee Club 6g Choir 5,6g Business Manager, Blue and White 5, Business Manager, RES CESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: The Thin Man LIKES: Campaigning for money DISLIKES: Hair on his chest PASTIME: Religious differences AMBITION: Bishop FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Unhand me, you brute!" Jim, a veteran of several private schools, came to the Stony Brook campus in his junior year. Being talented in handling money, he immediately became the school paper's business manager. After doing a satisfactory job there, he was elected business manager of-the RES GESTAE. In the intellectual department, his name is usually found on the honor roll. When he is slinking around the dormitory, his dry sense of humor keeps all those who are in his presence smiling. increasing success. ggvqamipf-mzfvvts-v'z....rwfy.rg f ,fr .- A I I A s I -' , .sisiif ,,,.,X.,,r , 4, RICHARD K. W. HSU "Dick', Photography Club 65 Tennis 6. APPEARANCE: Laundry man LIKES: To make loud statements DISLIKES: Jewish pickels PASTIME: Spraining his ankles AMBITION: Technical career FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Whadda ya mean?,' JACK S. GARLING "Flash" J.V. Football 5 fCaptainJg Varsity Football 63 Track 5,6. APPEARANCE: Toadstool LIKES: Bakery products DISLIKES: Class basketball referees PASTIME: Defending Shippensburg AMBITION: Horticulture FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "You bumlv From Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, the "Shippensburg Flashl' arrived in the form of Jack Carling in his jun- ior year. Since then his friendliness and sense of humor have made him a good friend to all. Jack worked hard on the football team, and although his pounds were comparatively few, his intense eagerness in his play enabled him to hold down the middle of the defensive line. This drive carried over into his studies and track where he concentrated on the dashes. From the Orient came Dick, the possessor of a won- derful sense of humor and fine personalityg and with the possession of these two admirable traits he easily made friends. Immediately he acquired membership in the photography club, where his extreme interest in snapping pictures proved highly beneficial. His digni- fied air when carrying out his job as laundry man brought a smile to all at hand. Dick has really demon- stated his bent toward mathematics and science with his lofty marks in the same. BRUCE GREGOR INGLES "Angles" J.V. Football 53 Varsity Football 6g ,I.V. Basketball 5 fCaptainJ3 Track 53 Varsity Baseball 63 Choir 5,62 Glee Club 6g Blue and White 53 Christian Association 6g Literary Editor, RES GESTAE 63 Orchestra 6. APPEARANCE: Cod LIKES: To sleep in DISLIKES: Mr. Rosenberger's jokes PASTIME: Supplying pastimes AMBITION: Maryville FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "What do ya say?" Although several extra-curricular activities have eaten up much of his spare time, Bruce has been another top contender for scholastic honors in the senior class. Besides possessing the raw essentials of a scholar, he has athletic capabilities, having been a member of the football, basketball and track squads. As he is the son of a former Stony Brook teacher, he is rather well- acquainted with the surrounding territory. His rabid interest in chemistry and math has influenced his am- GIRVIN PAUL KEEN C6Girv7I ,I.V. Football 4-3 Varsity Football 5,6Q Wrestling 5,6Q ,I.V. Baseball 4-3 Track 53 Golf 63 Class Secretary 63 Circulation Manager, RES GESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: .I oe College LIKES: Football DISLIKES: Moose's jokes PASTIME: Dry humor AMBITION: His father's footsteps FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "It's in the book!" Cirv, chosen the boy best adapted to Stony Brook last year, is one of the more quiet fellows in the senior class, but his unruflled exterior does not hide his vari- ous talents. Although a member of many clubs, he has constantly merited high grades. Besides being varsity center in football for two years, he was a defensive standout in his senior year. He somehow manages to lose suflicient poundage in the winter to become our top wrestler in the 14-5-lb. class. bition to become an engineer. PAUL B. KING "Paul" Cross Country 4, Varsity Football 5,65 Wrestling 4, 5,6g Varsity Baseball 4-,5,6g Track 59 Audio-Visual Club 63 Photography Club 6, Airplane Club 4, Blue and White 5. APPEARANCE: Burly LIKES: Feats of strength DISLIKES: Everything in general PASTIME: Lost weekends AMBITION: Additional Wrestlin con uests FAVORITE EXPRESSION: g'LePs goqnowlv Paul's solid frame, all-around ability, and grim deter- mination have rendered him an invaluable addition to the wrestling squad for three years now. During his senior year he capably held a guard position in foot- ball which helped condition him for his pet sport, wrestling. Paul is seldom found about the campus on week-ends, for he usually has plans, which are prompt- ed by his little black book, made well in advance for weekend entertainment. HEINZ-WOLFGANG KUHN "Wolfpack,' Cross Country 6, Track 63 Tract Club 6. APPEARANCE: Cyrano De Bergerac LIKES: To study DISLIKES: ,Iokers PASTIME: Mental absorption AMBITION: Education FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "It's da zame!" Heinz, our exchange student this year from Bayreuth, Germany, is better known about the campus as 5'Wolf- pack." As he indulges in many activities, he is con- stantly endeavoring to grasp that ever-sought-for sub- stance-time. He is Precision personified when it comes to his studies, for he has arranged an ingenious meth- od of cataloging his knowledge. When teased about his "zwei Liebenf, he merrily replies, "Ah-itis da zame." Heinz has decided to follow in his fatheris footsteps, to become an ambassador for Christ. 34 JOHN C. LEE 'gfohnn Varsity Football 5.6, ,l.V. Basketball 5, Varsity Bas- ketball 6: J.V. Baseball 53 Varsity Baseball 6, Year- book Staff 6. APPEARANCE: Raggedy Ann LIKESZ Coordination DISLIKES: Wariilirlg the bench PASTIME: Originating slang AlVlBlTlON: New London FAORITE EXPRESSION: uBreak the holdlw John is another of the class' top-notch comedians and there is never a dull moment when he is tagging along. His favorite hobby is throwing sarcasm at the other states and their inhabitants, but he usually receives the same back about his native state, New Jersey. On the gridiron, basketball court, or baseball diamond, John gives all competitors a hard time. Although burdened with six solid subjects, he is a steady honor-roll con- testant. , fn VUE!" Q -M ALEXANDER MeLEOD MILLIGAN IV 6CMaC95 Cross Country 3,4-,5,6g Freshman Basketball 3, Varsity Basketball 455,63 Varsity Baseball 4-,5,6g Track 3,4-,5,6g Dramatics Club 5,63 Blue and White 5, RES GESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: Chipmunk LIKES: To be a playboy DISLIKES: Hopkinjs Hall brats PASTIME: Expressing sarcasm AMBITION: Chief Justime of the Supreme Court FAVORITE EXPRESSION: c'What a simple jerk '77 Mac, who comes from the coal mines of Pittsburgh, is well known on the campus. His ability to instigate plots against fellow students, and then to talk his way out of the ensuing penalties, goes to show that he will probably be a success as a lawyer, the profession which he has chosen. Besides holding down first base since his sophomore year, he also shines in basketball and track. GEORGE MOY, JR. "Georgian Middlers 53 Wrestling 5,6Q Track 5,63 Tract Club 5,6Q Christian Association 5,63 Choir 5,63 Blue and White 53 Art Class 53 Shop Club 4,53 Photography Club 5,6Q Audio-Visual Club 63 Chaplain of Student Organiza- tion 6. APPEARANCE: Lady bug LIKES: Tract club DISLIKES: Imitation Chinese food PASTIME :, Pondering over Solid AMBITION: M.I.T. FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Now wait a minute!" From the heart of New York City came another fellow we are proud to have as a member of our class. Taking part in many Christian activities, George has been a real inspiration as a Christian witness. Besides working GEORGE LEWIS MURRAY "Casper', Dramatics Club 63 Tract Club 63 Clee Club 63 Choir 6. APPEARANCE: Chaos LIKES: Study Hall privileges DISLIKES: Room inspection AMBITION : To pass Chemistry PASTIME: Clever comebacks FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Stay cool, fellali' From Beantown came this amicable fellow, the posses- sor of a ready wit, who is frequently referred to as HCasper." Although he claims that he studies, he finds sleeping and writing letters to his "Hame" back home much more appealing. He is an enthusiastic partici- pant in many extra-curricular activities, which include the Drarnatics and Tract Clubs. Because of his sharp sense of humor, gales of laughter often resound from his room much to the disturbance of neighboring scholars. f hard at track in the spring and being an excellent stu- dent, he has been the chaplain of the Student Organi- zation this past year. He is planning on an engineering career and we know that God's will is taking place in his life. ROBERT .I. NOTAR CfBob9! J.V. Football Manager 5, Golf Club 5,6g History Club 5g Tract Club 6, Christian Association 5,6. APPEARANCE: Barber LIKES: Opera DISLIKES: Hot spooks PASTIME: Haircuts and shaves AMBITION: College FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "What are you, crazy or what?" One of the first things you notice about Bob is his quiet manner and fine Christian testimony. As a mem- ber of the deputation team and Christian Association, Bob's standards are known throughout the school. Bob is an ardent golfer who gives stiff competition to all opponents. He participates in various extra-curricular activities and willingly lends his vocal talents to this yearls much inspired choir. '- "4" af' ie - '- .,,,. it ,I .. ' ' , ..,, .im Q it CHARLES S. OSBORNE "Chick,' Midget Football 1,2g ,I.V. Football 35 Varsity Football 4-,5,6g Midget Basketball 1,23 Wrestling 3, ,I.V. Basket- ball 53 Midget Baseball 1,2g Track 3,4,5,6g Stamp Club 1,2g Rifle Club I,2g Art Class 4, Audio Visual Club 4,5,6g Photography Club 6. APPEARANCE: Socialist LIKES: To work on his radio DISLIKES: Homework AMBITION : Radio engineer PASTIME: Exaggeration FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "I can't see it!" Chick, the red-headed flash from near-by Smitbtown, is a very popular man around campus, especially when a senior party has been planned. His enchanting ways with the women help to get many dates for some of the less fortunate seniors. He is one of our outstanding sprinters this year, and therefore will be a definite asset to the track team. His enjoyment for tinkering with the radio and television sets has furnished him with much finesse along this line. JAMES DAVID OSUNA "Slim', Cross Country 3,4-,5,6g Freshman Basketball: I.V. Bas- ketball 5,6g Varsity Basketball 5: Tennis 3, Track 4, 5,6g Rifle Club 3,4-,6g Model Airplane Club 3,4g Presi- dent Student Or anization 6' RES GESTAE 6' Execu- 1 g 7 a tive Committee 5,63 Advisory Committee 6. APPEARANCE: Bambi LIKES: Lorraine DISLIKES: Any mental strain PASTIME: Writing to Fredonia AIVIBITION: Two minute 880 FAVORITE EXPRESSION: L'You simple gookli' From the city of politicians fno offense to you, ,liml came the Ivy League,s top cross country runner. For the past two years he has won the Ivy League Cham- pionship in Van Cortlandt Park to lead his team to vic- tory. His talents are not limited to running, however, as he is found a regular honor-roll member and may be found during study halls in his cubicle delving into the great American pastime, reading comic books. "Slim" is also the president of the Student Organiza- tion and an outstanding member of the track squad. J. ALAN PATTERSON HAZ!! Varsity Football 6, Varsity Basketball 6, Varsity Base- ball 6g Tract Club 6: Audio Visual Club 6g Christian Association 6g Advisory Committee 6. APPEARANCE: Arab LIKES: Street corner jazz concerts DISLIKES: Sprinhornis wrestling tactics PASTIME: Blowing bubbles AIVIBITION: Second "Satchmo', FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "This is for the birds!" Al commenced his first year at Stony Brook by engag- ing in a number of the schoolis activities. Since he participated in Christian work in his home town of Collingswood, New Jersey, he immediately became a valuable member of the Deputation Team and Tract Club. In the athletic realm, he was an asset to each squad on which he played because of his lofty frame and fighting spirit. He is also musically inclined, and he generously donated his talents to this year's out- standing trumpet trio. HAROLD B. PATTISON "Benn .I.V. Football 4-g Varsity Basketball 4-,5,6g Varsity Base- ball 5g J.V. Baseball 5g Track 5,65 Cross Country 5,6g Blue and White 55 RES GESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: Jerry Lewis LIKES: Billiards DISLIKES: Progressive jazz PASTIME: Harvesting letters AMBITION : Dash records FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "He,s out of it completely I " Pat is another student who resides in New Jersey. Since he and Woodel became roommates in their soph- omore year, they have caused many a calamity in the dorm and many laughs in the classroom. Pat's spark- ling ability as a basketball player has enabled him to be a varsity member for three years. Since he did so well in the pentathlon and has improved so much in cross country, he will this year be one of the class' PETER C. PAY u,PCt6,, Varsity Football 6g Varsity Basketball 6g Varsity Base- ball 6g Clee Club 6. APPEARANCE: Motorcycle cop LIKES: Oversized clothes DISLIKES: Blind dates PASTIME: Blushing AMBITION: To get to college FAVORITE EXPRESSION: HC' on you m coordo I U Pete, who came to Stony Brook from the distant me- tropolis of Cleveland, immediately made a circle of friends, but the unusual thing was that this circle en- veloped the entire student body from the smallest first former to his senior classmates. His drive and ability in football carried over into basketball and baseball, where he also starred. Although he managed steadily to maintain honor roll average, he could invariably be found in the midst of a group of pranksters seeking new fields of conquest. top athletes. 1 XJ KENNETH C. POINSETT GCKen99 Midget Football 3g ,I.V. Football 4,53 Varsity Football 6g Midget Basketball 3g J.V. Basketball 5g Wrestling 63 Choir 3, Tract Club 4, Audio Visual Club 6. APPEARANCE: Carnival barker LIKES: The fair sex DISLIKES: Studying PASTIIVIE: Algebra II AIVIBITION: Stony Brook diploma FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "This kid's gotta go!" Ken is an old hand around the school, this being his fifth year. He is popular not only throughout the school itself, but also with many of the bonnie lasses outside the school's gates. As he really shines with the women, you can rest assured that whenever the phone rings in the dorm, it,s for Ken. He avidly participates in football, wrestling, and baseballg the latter being his favorite sport. His spare time is usually consumed by attentively listening to Dixieland jazz. J. ALAN PROVAN CCP,-097 Varsity Football 6g Wrestling 65 Track 65 Tennis 6g Christian Association 6g Photography Club 6g Execu- tive Council 6. APPEARANCE: The Great Stone Face LIKES: Senior parties DISLIKES: U. S. history PASTIIVIE: Wooing womenkind AMBITION: Better puns FAVORITE EXPRESSION: HWhoop whoop!" Last year Al came here for his senior year, and he took such a liking to the place that he decided to return and take a post-graduate course. Besides being a vital mem- ber of the Christian Association, he has made a name for himself on the athletic field. Playing tailback in football, he is a member of the Stony Brook Touch- down Club, and in the bleak days of winter he is our heavyweight grappler. His athletic prowess continues into spring when he eagerly throws his weight around in track. AXEL PATRICK SHILLERS GlAx99 Midget Football 1,2g Midget Basketball 1,2g Midget Baseball 1,2g ,l.V. Baseball 5, Varsity Baseball 6, Stamp Club 1,2g Art Class 4-,5,6g Biology Club 6, Blue and White 53 RES GESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: Madame Pompadour LIKES: To boast DISLIKES: Getting booted out of French II PASTIME: Solitaire baseball AMBITION: Liberty FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "You know it!" Some people are known by the company they keep, but I think it,s safe to say that this boy's known by the noise he makes. This usually includes an argument on fishing, on which "Big Ax" is somewhat an expert. His love for this pastime and his genuine interest for sitting for hours with a pole in his hand while pulling up old shoes, tires, and leaky buckets is something to behold and admire. Our sincere hope is that if there's a whale in the Potomac, he will hook him. lg ,ful -, ' : 2 - 1 g, Qefkfll JOHN W SLONAKER "Wichita" .l.V. Football 3, Varsity Football 4-,6g Freshman Bas- ketball 3g Manager, J.V. Basketball 4-3 Manager, Varsity Basketball 63 J.V. Baseball 4-5 Track 3,4-,6g Audio- Visual Club 4-,6g Biology Club 6. APPEARANCE: Old Salt LIKES: Wichita DISLIKES: Pie beds PASTIME: Assistant-assistant chef AMBITION: Alumnus FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Hey, Payli' From the rolling hills of the Pennsylvania Dutchland comes our muscular friend, John Slonaker. Muscular applies not only to his ability for playing on our foot- ball team where he was a defensive standout, but also to tossing the shotput during the track season. Since he enjoys passing his spare time in the kitchen as a deputy chef, his room is usually stocked with kitchen goodies, much to the delight of the students residing in Hegeman Hall. HERBERT STIENFELDT "Moose,' ,I.V. Football 4, Varsity Football 6, Wrestling 5,65 J.V. Baseball 4, Varsit Baseball 5,6g Art Class 4-,5,6g Y Glee Club 6. APPEARANCE: North American moose LIKES: To be diiferent DISLIKES: Missing his girl's picture PASTIME: Pressing weights AMBITION: Chemistry prize FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Where is that picture ?,, Herb, more commonly known as "Moose,7' comes from one of our rival towns, Huntington. During our athletic engagements with Huntington, he is at a loss as to which team to root for. When it comes to aptitude, though, there is no confusion, as he constantly ranks high in the class. Moose can be found in most hull sessions, and his quips and timely words of wisdom add flavor to the conversations. Herb is also valuable to the class as a source of home-made goodies. RONALD M. SPRINGHORN "Butch" Varsity Football 6, Wrestling 6g Track 63 Photog- raphy Club 6. APPEARANCE: Howdy Doody LIKES: Weekend passes DISLIKES: Open windows PASTIME: Wine, women, and song AMBITION: Rolls-Royce FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "I try to be goodln Butch, the probable heir to the school laundry, resided a short distance from the school, so on weekends he usually invited several seniors to his home. Because of his convertible and connections, he was a great asset when it came time to arrange senior parties. On campus he was a varsity wrestler and a budding scholar in the classroom. All in all, Butch was generally liked and sought for, especially on Thursdays. W' .-',' CHARLES W. TAGART, JR. "Chuck, Varsity Football 5,65 Varsity Basketball 55 Wrestling 65 Track 5,65 Rifle Club 5. APPEARANCE: Scrooge LIKES: To sleep DISLIKES: Work job PASTIIVIE: Witty remarks AMBITION: Bell bottom trousers FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Well, what are 95, gonna do . Chuck, whols doing post-graduate work this year, is an ardent fan of the 25c pocket novel. Having completed a day's routine, his favorite position is lying sprawled across his bed greedily absorbing the adventures of some two-gunned hombre. During the football season, his clever quarterbacking strengthened the teamg throughout the winter his ability as a grappler added valuable points to our scoreg and in track he ran the 4-40, which helped to round out a good year. RICHARD A. WALKER iiDiCk55 ,I.V. Football 4,55 Wrestling Manager 5,65 ,I.V. Base- ball 4,55 Track Manager 65 Tract Club 5,65 Christian Association 65 Blue and White 55 Photography Club 5. APPEARANCE: Ostrich LIKES: To win an argument DISLIKES: His nickname PASTIME: Distributing late slips AMBITION: Evangelist FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Now that would be my opinionf' Dick, formerly of Flushing, N. Y., and presently rep- resenting Wheaton, Illinois, has been an asset to the Christian facilities around Stony Brook since he ar- rived. By being an active member of the Tract Club, deputation teams, and other Christian activities, he has assisted in strengthening the school spiritually. When a theological discussion took place, he was sure to be present, expressing his sound viewpoints. Dickis sincerity was combined with his casualness to make him a true friend. f SAMUEL WANG 6GSam79 Cross Country 5,6Q Midget Football 23 Midget Basket- ball 2g Wrestling 53 Midget Baseball 23 Track 5,6Q Choir 2,5,63 Stamp Club 23 Church Board 5,63 Chris- tian Association 5,63 Advisory Committee 5,6Q Glee Club 5,6Q Tract Club 63 Photography Club 5,6Q Vice- President of Class 5. APPEARANCE: Cunga Din LIKES: Garlic DISLIKES: Book reports PASTIME: Arguing with Moy AMBITION: Cum Laude FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "How can you be so absurd '73, Sammy is the kind of fellow who impresses you with his sincerity and ever-present purpose in life. The son of a Chinese missionary, Sam came back to Stony Brook in his junior year after being away for two years. Possessing a wonderful sense of humor and a contagious laugh, Samls experiences in China during the Communist invasion have not embittered himg but rather, have filled him with an earnest desire to return to China some day as an engineer. RUSSELL HENDERSON WARDELL "Russ', Midget Football 33 Cross Country 43 ,l.V. Football 53 Freshman Basketballg Wrestling 5,63 Track 3,4363 ,l.V. Baseball 53 Art Class 53 Clee Club 5,6. APPEARANCE: Indifferent LIKES: To play ping pong DISLIKES: Notar's classical music PASTIME: Melodious modulations AMBITION: Teacher FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Get out!" From that glorious burg of Flushing, located in the heart of Long Island, came one who has been recog- nized as an easy-going guy. Besides the third Wardell brother successfully to become an alumnus of Stony Brook, Russ has ably continued the family tradition by being a swell fellow. We'll all remember his sarcastic wit, which livened up a number of discussions. After earning his wrestling letter in his junior year, Russ became one of the mainstays in that sport as a senior L. MICHAEL WINSHIP CGDiz!I Cross Country Manager 5, J.V. Baseball 4,5g Varsity Baseball 6g Tract Club 4-,5,6g Dramatics Club 5,63 Blue and White 5, Christian Association 5,63 Church Board 5,65 Sports Editor, RES GESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: Little Lord Fauntleroy LIKES: Spare time DISLIKES: Girls who don't write on time PASTIME: Foreign phraseology AMBITION: Ministry FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Tell me more." Mike, a Christian leader on the campus, and a great help in getting the Tract Club going again, hails from New Rochelle, New York. He is an all-around student, known not only for his personal testimony but also for being a regular on the honor roll. His afternoons have been occupied with cross country, baseball, and class basketball. Last summer Mike had the privilege of traveling through Europe as an exchange student. LEONARD F. WOODEL SC J.V. Football 4, Varsity Football 5,6g ,l.V. Basketball 4-g Varsity Basketball 5,65 J.. Baseball 4, Track 4-g arsity Baseball 5,65 Rifle Club 4,5,6. APPEARANCE: Sitting Bull LIKES: To clown around DISLIKES: Acting sober PASTIME: Hilarious imitations AMBITION: Honor roll FAVORITE EXPRESSION: "Well, aren't you the one!" Our leading class clown was also a football ace who scored a high percentage of our touchdowns during the past season. Being a versatile athlete, Len also held starting positions on the basketball and baseball teams. In the dormitory he was known for his clowning and increasing interest and proficiency for getting impli- cated in some sort of trouble. When it came to study- ing, Len attempted to mix humor with book learnin', the result being average grades. EDWIN LEE WOOLLETT Hcuyv ,l.V. Football 3,45 Varsity Football 5,6g Freshman Bas- ketball 3g J.V. Basketball 4,59 Track 3,4f,5,6g Stamp Club 33 Tract Club 43 Proctor 5g Dramatics Club 5,65 Christian Association 5,65 Choir 44g Glee Club 65 Vice- President of Class 33 Class President 41,6g Executive Council 5g Advisory Council 6, Assistant Editor, Blue and White 5, Photography Editor, RES GESTAE 6. APPEARANCE: Penetrating LIKES: Straight l's DISLIKES: lnterruptions PASTIME: Persuing "Quick" AMBITION: 4'1" in English FAVORITE EXPRESSION: '4Cierra la boca!" Ed hailing from that sunny land of California, is one of the smarter fellows in our class. Having obtained the uprimusi' spot in the school last year, he is striving to repeat that honor as a senior. Although Ed is a "brain',, he has a good personality and is not a book- worm. He has played varsity football for the past three years and added his skill to the track aggregation as he participated in the shot-put and relay. 46 .. -4 " 5'-.W 5, he 4. t I QQ D 5. 5- .. ' XJL I 4 : 2 .XY -. - ' ' 3,-. mm. -557 ' . 1, fx..- . -- lf: . H: '94, 1 'E f L- rf " . ' . ky ' k8BS :'L1.- -ri? ' ' ff? .C. , v -1-. '2.. - H 'Q N. JS- , -5.25 ,- h . ,-I Q i::'.' 4 Hi!-'. '. ,r '!". ,Q -mf . A Ir 5 . L: . . 3 1 . . ,vqnk - A ef ,. 5. - av, cd' . 4... . A' .. tv. . Q . 'E fe, A .syn i .: -Er NV! qs s, . - ' , I: " . , . u . . . b xx S '.,5. K ' v,- ., Q c t. 31.82 7' r 4 L' tl.: It K. ' , . X .i Q X. , . cg , 5 ' J ' -.t Ay 4 fs -Q" 4? ".c' . 'ails U N. , Y ' '.x U , -X I V 3 . . 'J' ,. . 'Ss tu. 4 g :Q ' 4 I 4 ,i M '., 'a'-L D k1V.'- k 5 '5' zvgf 'vm SAN , fl T' 'ii nv A FUGITI ES gf-' ' 'Q ' 1' , . gPfS' ' . i s 3 :I 1 Xa QQ' If-Ly L "'.' V015 9' L ,X v 3 . ., F , fc X fi f ,Mx x- gpm' 'Q' x . 1 X 2 Q.: I Hg 'I H 2 W Qx 6 , - ' 0 0 0 ' -'aff IA .Af 0 f-fb f TX 1 q x S v ggi!! A 'gf X W. 4 W 7 T ' X My 2 l j M E X Y fI ' AFX ! " ' 45' xx I N " Q 1 'WM X' -1 f ik -- Ji-L fk 4 X A -' UNDERGRADS ,i..l..i-l CARON ............................,....... Prcsldent KERNOCHAN ...... Vice President TOVVLE .................................... Secretary MR COULD Adviqor ARMSTRONG CARON f' gal' .,f, Q 'ff f S-:gzsf 5 YZ' y P 1 .'-.-Jzfzlrfvlzc:W-liz: . 7 :,,s,1w,f,,f443-wi .fm M. .,,, JACOBSON KFRNOCHAN K. LEE M055 Q .Af f ff,-w. U lm N-1.rfp ,.3'7W'.xAxwX?0' 3 A, 3 Q Q , 75 k by ' 'A ' , , 7' ,J M ' fix 8 'Y' I m s, :v.:f'f,, rf, Y ,- if-A , 5, 1. ,.f' A G ' f ,L 55, A , 5 F ' wg? - ' If in lx K . , F Q ,,,, ,,,, ,,,. .4 ., A, . L w,,,2.,. M, 2 . 3' 51'1?yggg1.- .. - xg, . ,, 'Q ' ,. :JA ,iff , - Q QM ' . f, I ,. V 2 , l , , W. STRONG TOWLE WILLARD E 33 fi 2 CARLSON We If .v -ff, V ,.,, :,WWM.,,..QWfwfM-4 Q, X ,Q fz M L H 2 K 5 fx ,, A 3' il , I fd 'Y 9 , .1 ' ' Q' .12 z -we j f' 5 I .,... - 2-Asf',:..:k up nh 19- efiw ,, 'fiiilll' ' 5.152 I 'ii g blrim- ,fr " COBB WRIEDEN PSOTA 5 Y A F 2 5, GALE HILL , Q.. ' ' 'f 'vii' , ' -V 'usvgzxezsfw I VK, k.,, 5 . . .RN 5'i5!'?s : ' V ?' 53 ' . -g ff: 'Mfr' .L f Q , L L w '13 K : K i -A - Q--- - A 'iflaglfl 1 . fi. -,, X Y :.:::'2E2r2u2f,E-in-if,-2"-" f Jifaf-fzrf '11-1. , vw- L !:ggQv,1:l12I:iS:x:i?'.g:i'5 fi:-' xii-,np 1.3. Ji gf,f.qffEf,yi- fr , fu ' I A --::..,xzffgu-,.-9g,-3.H-5,-,11.- 'I 1 L :if x " 9523 '55239'5'?43:T?:f7:li4:?P. FV ' ffflf 15225 51531-:'.:f"52Z'1El'I -':I.'fif 191' . M if . tea, wi,14rrf5:rEr'f1,:fff+ at my 52 : 32- 'ffffiz 'ifiiiiilif-1,741 51 fl" I ' . gf - 1977 STEVENSON OUT 1 fr wha' S I 2 ,., '2 x if GREEN QA ff if-ff PARKER VAUGHN 199- JONES . R Q 7 i 11. , 5 ag? ,xv ' me V' L: . ' ' L YS 11" .LAW lil., .NME x ' x 5 ' s ?i2,,ma1i?EQFU: 2?-it , , ' R. PIERCE .,,, x . - -- x , ,QV M , I fv ., : R' VENABLE w f,-,, ,Q-,..,m.Aw-.,Wh-mlm-1mWm.L , - f vy-rgx, ,W- A "1':15'94'Q'if'?'f""L J w 4 2 Q' an 7 'M-' f if. BAILY 4 X, 'X 5 r X -Ll, f N. COOPER L Q 1 V If S ff? fig rs: . x H 'sy 1 R '37 ' Q ' X KNECHT McNAMARA V ., , A , , . Q, K 5 ? V M if! ' in 'fs PERCY REAVES iw R. WOLF ZIEGENFELDER :gg 255 35 Afmii W55f"7l11-riff-X A 9 V 1 x , ,y,. m,M,2 Us 1 i E ibm Z i 3 Q w 5 G 1 z 5 1 DU PREE, K fv J. MOONEY Mar 5m ,X + E, ag 3 4 I .33 ", - "':':,. . egg 22225 Q A... ,, . . ,... . M, :.,.v....,x , gm...-v4-gm, 531-Maxm mv. .-.-A -x. , .r SKRIPAK CLARK YW! J. ELLIS 3 H sr R' uf ,t ' MOORE L L- is f f-L gf' 'X x ' 1215'Zf?g4, ?g'w"vx x:Z3..'.'. hxqxigif iff A ZUMF T 5 ,pr--QQ Vw' ,wr Fi 1 CLARY GAILER C. MORROW 1 f f E 4 LLEL TYLER ADARE MR. FENTON ........................ Adviso DOW ........................................ -PICSldCHl CARLSON H .......... Vice President MOONEY R. ........................ Secretary BOTTJ ER V , Q EVANS 'Y E X ww Ti , if LANGE FINGER lm, MARTIN :SZ "5 1 fi, if 54 if W 53.':122m ': ",wf:,1. :gf TOWLEN 1 FY,-f if GARITANO GAY 'iii R. MOONEY MESSITER w if iw. WADE WIGGINS 1 Q Q BAMMANN 1 K Sim' at f 'E X K S S 5 H. CARLSON W5-fg , . ,, . . L mi GOODMAN R. MORROW WINKELMAN 'W , 1.a3'+"? . .f .,g,,: - . - f 2 ' 'Y X ' , ,,, If Q v 59 O us 'S 'r 1-.e Z wr. ,j 'kd' fffr : A . ' W, -71231262 1 F" W", T3 . -f 'ww ' '11- .L-, , ,f-- , Q 11' - , M gg, ,N :Hwy 4. It Q if ,. ,. BARTON BOICE 0 1 ,A ?k"'- im W1 1 Q ja DOW EICHACKER ENTENMANN Q 'F' I' HANNA JANOW KIERNAN , if as M M ' , Mya r A Q f lq mz. 5 ' , , , ,2:f,4'. J -f.ZBN'!'lL z '41 175521: ' 'i-1?"'fag431mf'a'3?fgf',.. 5' "if,f2Qp.1fz, 1 x Z :if-:1n?f'f9I0'r5f3.' f L I 'ffm '-:f PSF- . fi 52-zf .V Q W. PIERCE SCHERER STANDEN 1717 Wi! x " 1 uw! xg f,' , Q. ESSER FISCHER , J: inn V a Wffmwxvs,:wA5 f 5 fe Lx ff I .K k,,V.l - ,. 'R2Q'.Aj.,,j:ii' ZS! X' 4 x + jg X 'Q , , f, ,1f,,.,gw, -. Q ',sf-.aww FRICKE 72331 1 ' 'V , .,. . .., .SWS +-Mp, - 2- ::::g3:s.3:g,,. ,. JOHNSON KATABIAN ,ggi kyyl A 'rr f 2, LOWANDER ,ativ- VAN LIEW ALVERZO 1,5 A. COOPER Y L 'ZOO ? Z 4 .7 'E , . rf E :f ' D FRIEDRICH f .h,, ' rj af 0:51 W' ' 5 1 Q39 yif, 5 - 'Nz-,. ' MANJ IAMELI ig f im ' ?' ' KT 7i I , ' ff 4 gi: F SQ -,'L" , N A' WICKS 3 5 as 1 2 Q 3 2 ii ex GATES iv ji? if K f 5 , 7 g l ,h .. 31.5262 -1 'F I. DAVIDSON R. ELLIS HAGBERG HERZ MUNROE 5' ,Q 'gf M106 I' n L pi- A 2 . 3.ff : ,:. V- fpgm ,. bg, m- .y,f15,J, wig-'1 ,S WILSON YOCHMOWITZ R. STRONG TENEBEKJIAN school W pf' my' satin ,V..a ffV MW LLM if if T ' Y ' , 2 1 x m lm W W ' A 1 K 5... I X v 6 T I xx' -. ff? 'N , Q, N X E ATHLETICS lst Row: Kernovhan. Caron. Springhorn., Comer N., Arnislrong, Green. Carling. 2nd Row: Woodel, Keen, Provan, Tagarl, Captain Crock, Carter, Woollell. 3rd Row: Coarh Hershey, Jacobson manager, 0'Rourke, Strong YV., Lee J., Lee K.. Patterson. Steinleldl, Stevenson, Slonaker, Moore manager, Coach Johnson. 41h Row: Dow, Ingles, Poinselt, Pay, Brush, Becker, Osborne. Varsit i Football SCHEDULE Upponcnls Stony Brook Concordia Prep 12 .......... .......... 1 4 Poly Prep 144 .................. 0 Horace Mann 22 ......... ....... l 5 Adelphi 25 ................. ....... 1 4 St. Paul's 25 .......... ....... 1 3 Northport 7 ......... ....... 2 6 Riverdale 33 .......... ....... 1 3 Trinity 13 ......... 6 Crock 60 , M .wx may , an V, M, A ,Q M. Q Q ., jf A mg 9, , Rf, K , , if fx .Q .N Q ,Y , i -gk si, 5gr'!!k Q AH ywmw5 .al 3 , 1 X .X 5 G' B? 1 'Q' 'a in W., , 44? 1 V ' ,. iw I ..4, , J , , "' fish, M L A ,A g www' I in qv-Q i aw A. - ug, , .X A , qw iw, 3,2 vw V 1 L ,mai ,, , 'V , Q - K 5 . v f 4- 4 ,, A 5 . ., sf R M. h ff ,im .ff " A. 3 his 7' .Ai+F'K? fin 40" K -mg. K sf . ,ly ,,, 'Q ,1 'f lilhw , V HA, W 2 ,. 1 mph ,C if -'-,fi 'S-Abu :ff nf of k '-,1Vify, 1 ' 4- faq ,I ,Q f fd ,xl is ,img ' L, 'Am . ,Q wg ' 'f . 6:2 ,t aid? 5313325 5' QX'3f .,", .5 ,4 1. I ig , fi" mi 5, f "V 1 ,S I ab , i , , 1' . -W K -wr 'Mm Q I Q 'SJ 1 ix ' ' w , ' , KEEN WOODEL SLONAKER TAGART DRIVE E51 ,fb , v PAY PROVAN STEVENSON I E LEE CARLING PUINSETT RESISTANCE 5745 QW' '? E 525-Zlivii PATTERSON 3 HSB1 DRNE W4 N il,l,E'l"l' CAli'l'Eli LINE: Patterson. Crock. Stevenson, Keen. King. Carter, Woollett. BACKFIELD: Pay, Provan. Tagurt, Osborne. Varsity Football Outlook for the '52 football season was good. Showing up at early prac- tice were a good part of last year's lineup and a good lot of promising play- ers. Our first game with a new rival, Concordia Prep, was an inspiration as we came from behind to win. Our second game of the year with Poly Prep probably could be considered our best battle of the year even though it was the only one in which We did not score. Our homecoming game with Horace Mann was certainly a big disappointment. ln our next game the team played a hard game against one little Adelphi man who kicked our bucket for four tallies. Our own little Bary Vaughn made his debut as one of the team stars among such names as Len Woodel, Alan Provan, Capt. John Crock, and Peter Pay. After our loss to St. Paulis, we conquered our Northport rivals on our home field. In a final attempt to break Riverdaleis undefeated record, we put all we had into a well played and muddy duel, but failed. Our tussle with Trinity was an invitation contest for the cellar position of the Ivy League. Trinity gave in and let us have it. 64 ' Y, A M ' rl. r 'M 65 1., Q ,...-1 ,Mlm A First string- SCHEDULE Opponents Stony Brook ' - Port Jefferson 6 .....,... .............. 0 funlor Varsity N0a,p0rt6 ...............,. .... 6 Smithtown 0 .......... ........ 2 7 North Ort 24 4... ........ .... 0 Smithsywn 19 ........... ..... 0 La Salle 8 ............. ..... 0 St. Paufs O ......... ......... 4 42 Page 67 Standing: Coax-h Rennard. Percy. Dow. McNamara, Clark, Skripak, Murray. Lange. Kneeling: Dawson, Re-aves, Du Pres. Vaughn. Zicgenfelder. Jones. Kneeling: Conch Fenton, Strong R.. Ellis ll., Van Licw. Munroe, Hagberg, Wicks, Lowander. Standing: Johnson, Culllbcrl, Wilson, Davidson, Esser, Mungiamelli, Kalubiun, Alverzo. Cas- cone, Bonard, Herz. SCHEDULE Opponents Stony Brook St. Pau1's 13 ....... ............ 6 ' Greenville 20 ........ ..... 1 3 Friends 39 .............. ..... 1 9 St. Paul's 20 ........... .. 6 Creenvale 26 ....... ..... 1 3 Friends 14 .......... ..... 1 3 Munroe Van Liewv Um H" D"""" 'K ' , - w 5 wp V 9,2 -if' t? 4' lb 5 ,5,1 5645 7 sag SQ-E3 asf" fa M 'Sir QQ ' 57 -, , i"f5 bg' fi l if 1 r J, W 1 - S Q sf af " 51 np? BQ 5? fi , W v Q- 7 ,...,,Qg wp N , Q 'Q ' 'sflx ev J Q . K' -V 1 W I 4 ' H - ga X v km! B fp 2 Mk if , 4,,e,l - may ,1.' 2 4 i3 fm W 4 f if ifL " V VV . x ,' 1 , 1 ,VVV A LW IE.. l H ' E yi ' , W' A K w 1 , .f W ' V ,.., T .W I NWN ka N U A if K -i r Q1 GEPAAYQH 52. gg? "75g g9'fQ .Sli QQ an N' N , X. ,J . f ,' H ,gl Sgfvfq 45 A, Q b H5 M W, QE yy Q 3 - R SSW! - WMM SE Mk fm 61144, 5-Tw Proper St ""vrw-1 an 1 " , , 'ii A. ance?" E c ,gy Jumpln Jacks ' Standing: Manager Cale, Clevvlaml, Wang. Carlson A., Pattison, Osuna, Camp, Milligan, Sroti, Coach Goldberg. Kneeling: Carlson D., Moss. Birkcnlund. Cobb. vrlillllfll. Kulm. W'inklenlan. Cross Countr v , 1 g 'wi Lk A . s'2Q PTQWWK Cn I' QV, .. N. m M 'xg ' 1. A Q ' . . f in ' " E1 1 ' . '5?3a,i4i5Q?l . - .W ig.-, Cblh Thll 9 6- X T w 'KN 6, 2'l2 I yi M i -Z Yzgk ,.., x 44f:.Nh'MLE , , no If , f 1 News .m. SCHEDULE Opponents Stony Brook Poly Prep 24 ......... ............ R.1VC1'll6Llfl 20 ................ South Hampton 24 ....... Westlfury 35 ................ Horace 1Vlann 37 ................................. La Salle Mil. Academy 4140 ......... Ivy League ................................. ..... flwinny 37 .......... 31 35 31 20 18 15 WON 18 'rs S E in gf' Q. 3 gf-5 Q 'Q Q 'Q My I ' aff Q V' nr-1 ' ' lui, '- fa- 'A ' -A ' f 4 1:,,,. X f ji S-?ix,mA A' E , ,fy ff ' If-Q ' ' wx wwf-ii f ,av ,. In IBKVT 23401. f -alfxf' A CIIEYLI 1 it 'LW Q- f- Q1-' in, sf K? If Manager Gale, Cleveland, Waing, Carlson A., Pattison. Osuna, Camp, Milligan. Scott, Coach Goldberg. Cross Countr When the senior class of '52 graduated, it took with it last seasonls 2nd and 3rd men from this yearis line-up. Those are important positions, and the loss was felt when we lost our first three meets because of them to Poly, Riverhead, and South Hampton respectively. Coach Goldberg worked hard with Carlson and Wang to bring them up to fill these positions. To keep our tradition of having a better than average cross country team, we had to win without fail our remaining meets. The tide changed with a victory over West- bury. Two more meets with Horace Mann and La Salle went our way with a perfect score against La Salle. Witli Carlson and Wang coming in with those 2nd and 3rd places, the team was very hopeful for taking the Ivy League meet that followed and at the same time seeking revenge on Poly Prep. The team brought home the bacon! Our last meet of the season was with Trinity. ,lim Usuna, the Ivy League champ for two straight years who has first place in all meets this year but two where he came in second, broke our on course record by 17 seconds. A great high school finish for a great star with a great team. 72 Kneeling: Conch Fenton. Slonaker, mgr Sl d g J I gl Woodel, Milligan, Camp, attison, Lee, J., Patterson, Cro 74 Nice Hook Mac! BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opponent Stony Brook Alumni 47 .................. 58 La Salle 46 .................. 44 Concordia 34 .................. 43 Riverdale 23 .................. 45 Poly Prep 61 .................. 41 Adelphi 72 .................. 35 St. Paul's 54 .................. 48 Horace Mann 55 .................. 53 Friends 58 .................. 76 Smithtown 52 .................. 55 Trinity 51 .................. 60 Adelphi 59 .................. 48 Horace Mann 63 .................. 58 Northport 59 .................. 65 La Salle 47 .................. 48 Poly Prep 85 .................. 62 Riverdale 63 .................. 48 St. Paulis 55 .................. 56 Trinity 62 .................. 63 """Quq.,.,.,. gi W0 Nice going Bert! BA KETBALL A rangy group of veteran hallplayers, clad in flashy navy blue uniforms, represented Stony Brook well throughout the 1952-53 bas- ketball season. By the time the school was dismissed for the Christmas holidays, the team boasted a 3-1 record, the sole loss coming at the hands of La Salle in overtime. We gained sweet re- venge, though, in the return game with the military academy when we were the victors by a mere point. It would he difiicult to single out the high- light of the season, for there were a numlier of thrills such as those supplied by the second La Salle game, Bert Pattisoifs 31 points in the Northport contest, and our team high of 78 points when we met Friend's The team has constantly given the fans an exciting game to watch, win or lose. Ahove all, they have upheld the Stony Brook tradi- tion and we are proud of them. ,M fffxfw ,-.Q N gl Cl l d P y Lingle, Lee, K. SCHEDULE Opponent Alumni La Salle St. Antl10ny's St. Anlllonyis Central Islip Friends Smithtown Trintity Central Islip Northport La Salle Central Preslay. Stony Brook 43 ........................ 42 St. Paul's Trinity BASKETBALL 'ni er, M1'NllUlilF1l. Bur our. Slundin : Conrll Rennard, Cleve- 78 Qt! g C I ,Venzlble,G l l cl l y M l lerg, L4-e, K., Kernovhnn, b il ' g Vaughn, Skripak, mgr. 1, ,,,,.,,. D. V... ...... .,. -.....u,... umqm. xuunuu. u., Aler- nnn. Standing: Fischer. Iiumnmn, Dow, Scherer, Gaunt- lett, Minuse, Couch Johnsnn. . . r 79 pun, n.. run LIQW, htrong, K.. Davidson, I., Louth John- son. Barnett. Towlen, Peirce. R.. Springlxorn, Clary, Poinsett, Cooper, N., Strong, W., King, Provan, Carter, Couch Coombs, Mr. Kerr, faculty sponsor. 5omething's wr 1 Su M00 51395 80 WRE TLI G SCHEDULE Opponent Stony Bro Lindenhurst 36 ..................... 7 Huntington 20 ...................,. 22 Buy Shore Horace Mann Huntington Friends llacliley Poly South Huntington St. Panlls lllVC1'llCLltl Trinity 48 ..................... 0 13 ..................... 33 6 ..................... 40 .....27 0 A . 4 s Q A 0 in 4 Q .Q-I if rw, Q Q u W . 'fks'f,S, . 55--, U-5 x-k' ff3Lf,i'x4i:f':'-i '.-, if -3 A -sf , X wif? 'V' gf f if ,.....Hv, . '- ' 6 V'hbb ' i "u MM ., -1? I "Y E YM 'T M 325553121 .rm H" ,fig ' .LL' L ff , 1. -Vk. fig, ' 'VV :.,E' A .KN :M , f .:,:yxz1j I fw'gf5Ql'm1E1. 1. .mv- X . . 1 x'Q.f,eFf Q .vw-4 , ik :1ff5f,lfs5.'f'1kf 'Q ,..: fi, Co-captain Provan, Coach Coombs, Co-captain Tagari RE TLI This year's wrestling team has done very we although handicapped by sicknesses and injuries and the inability to use our two post-graduates wrestlers against high schools. Since most of the team will be returning next year the prospects are excellent. The team spirit has been good even when it has involved considerable self-denial. This is the first year that there has been an lvy League in wrestling, and we fought hard ' ' ' our final match to Trinity. only to lose th ll under Coach Coombs, e championship in Y SXT .SLR K SCHOOL Strong W Kneeling-Barn C w ., Ing, C' eu, Towle , P . alison, A., Keen, Bi:-ner, Pf0Vnn. Standinn ,enter RW Sllrillghor Boice, Towle Peir lah, ORourke Moy 5 C0111-h Coombq W f1,dCIary, Poinsetl C i ff, -,c J -H b -- me . -. 20011, . Obb, Esser, Davidggnsfg' Llrgurt, Reavesfrfwinanglameli, Steiriiielgl , ., r. Kerr faculty spgzsgirnderson, Warden 82 Q' 1 A gig Mfg -v Q fi ,, .s 115246 , ,, ,- .... ky gym: f , if ,MQ -my mn f f' f v' I-'swan-anna Q' I K -ff L42 ,A 'Egg -x 4.14 Jr.. it i . fy wry. ' if 'x K if wi fix ' kg 5 , ". ,Q A fl rx IIA af 4. 11 f-:war Aw, K li 'ff av ""'s.,,w f IL.. ...fa 'div ,Wy 1 .,., , .- n f Q flzafx 'ra A -J 1?f.- Tx, X sei Y I K - Q ,, ' e is 1' V' ,, X 1 ? ' if -P V' . i his 'S ,, fy , zew-1 f . wie? W E, f ff Q 1? 4-'54 gk , .A J sig f ' 4 gs Q 35 E953 5 " , W , 5 J ,sim Zi fx' 13? , 5 35. VA I TY BA EBA Seated: Percy, Pay, Caron, Woodel, Kernoclian, Vaughn, Jones. Second Row Cale Caller Poinsett, Zumft, Stienfeldt, Moore, McNamara, Lee, J., Coach Johnson Last Row Wmshnp Hill, Green, King, Tagart, Becker. BASEBALL SCHEDULE Trinity Riverdale Horace Mann Poly Prep Adelphi Northport St. Paul's Horace Mann Smithtown Trinity St. Paulls Riverdale Hackley Friends Poly 'Prep La Salle , i ' ' m L K I , -' xl -,Min Y' 3 .f A T 5 aw - 5 1 352- fi FH 1 51" it r .4 6 ' au , + ,S ffiwi mf s Q , W . 2 ' fl I W . 1 H. A Y ,rms . If i .. an I ,.,, X QU fi a lincvling: CllllllM'I'l. lJlIVlllSllll. U., litlllilfll. Ytlfll BASEBALL Seated: Adare, Venuble, BXllll'l'0l-I., Burm:lt, Hznnm. Martin, Enlenmunn, Garilano, Towlen Sevond Row: Dawson, Messiler, Ellis. J., Dupree, Mierop, Kiernam, Carlson, H., Webber Third Row: Bammunn, Dubron, Barton, Clary, Wrieden. liolljcr, Couch Renard. IDGET BA EBALL niouilz. Jolnmnn. Cusroiiv, Kulubinn M111- giannvli, Gates. Wilson. Standing: l,0NHlll1l!'I'. Ellis. li., 'lll'IlllM'lijlllll, Herz, Hngberg, Wicks. Yun Licw, Ewcr, Slron ' R. lfriedii 5, , ' uk. Cuupcr, A.. Friclxc, lluvidmn. I. TR CK -. 1 may a I Sitting: Winkelman, Mooney, R., Towle, Parker, Mooney, J., Cobb, Scherer, Goodman, Knccht Kneeling: O'Rourk, Strong, R., Stevenson, Cooper, N., Muelenberg, Moss, Slonaker, Soerheide Cauntlett, Reynolds. Standing: Wallig, C0lll'll Hershey, Osborne, Osunu, Pattison, Milligan Crock, Provan, Camp, Woollett, Coach Goldberg, Springllorn. Last Row: Cleveland, Boice Wardell, Lee, K., Dow, Carlson, A., Scott, Ziegenfelder. Moy. SCHEDULE Penn. Relays Trinity Invitation Riverhead Ivy League Hackley Poly Prep Osuna if 3 'zzi 5 xx N? , V, L " 1 'f sffiel f , ., . 'V' . ,. I iff r di fl' . i.fwm3 xi. V V - -r- .4 Ml . .,,. , . , W , , m Jaw' 41. , , J f ' A U 44-fi 1 . ., my Nwtkgr' -im, Y?-'z-4 'ffm , . , "9fQ'5f4- fi" +R ' ' 'W W-. ' A' m . N 'ffhfk 12' M J we Q- "-Eff' 'K .,-4 f -1 ' xi-k".i'-H VL sim? fs.. I ,Af 9 1 K W .Q I '-it "7 7 , 1 1 ff 4 LQ-.iff Ui' '"2fj W'f2,.,Sa5','i"-ju-ff wav' k f ' ,Y , , r ,- 4 ai i"55f"f'1fk., 1? If-21.C' "9 lu 'W' k . 5 allhf P 9 If Q ,uri V Q.--AW ,uf 44" una IQ 49 i, W ff ,mf-.U ,.,,.. ,, ,.,W.w,,,, 1 fb 1 Q Q, xXT ' Ckgf Q n 1cr.mQ ' o I fy H1 312 Qi, QJWAK ff 2 Q52 Qff as A71 I xii X 5:5 P , - DW 1 Y + f Af 'WSL J Q ff f Z ml IVITIES L- f r X 3 x : .. M Wggjif' f Q Advisory Committee The Advisory Committee is a function of the student body. It is composed of five members of the upper classes appointed by the executive council. The purpose of this committee is to help other students who have made mistakes and to save them from any serious penalty. Through the year the commit- tee has worked effectively. ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Standing: Patterson, Wang, Faculty Advis- or Mr. Rennnrd, Woollelt. Scaled: Proven, Osunzl, Crock. Executive Council The Executive Council has met regularly and has sponsored various im- provements for the student body. It has considered problems alfecting us all, such as in improvements on the campus and in the dining room. These boys deserve credit for the hours they have spent serving their fellow students and their school. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Standing: Proven, Loc K. Middle: Crock, Milligan, Strong W., Mooney J., Boite. Strong B. Front: Mr. Relnnnrtl. Advisorg President Osunug Vice President Carter. 97 Front: Notnr. Winsllip. Crm-lx. Xxvilllgl. Strung: XY. S4-ulvd: Wlmllell. liill'll'l', Walker. Mr. Rosen berger, O'R0urke, Ferns. Ingles. Standing: Muy, Moss, XYillnrd. I,2lllBl'S0lI. l'rovam, Blllsl Carlson A. ClIf1i.?lIiClll Ass0c'1'al1'0l1 The Clll'iSliLlll Association is made up of upper forniers, mostly seniors, who are inter- ested in Christian Workg and who kmd Sunday evmnng cluqqel services lmy' preparing tulkg have rehgious Hhns of interest shoxvn, sponsor Vish- ing inissionuries, and lead song services. 98 "Sunday Eve-ning" lst Row: Wilson Hill, Hagberg, Boice, Knevht. Wang. 2nd Row: Baxter, 0'Rourke, Strong W., Cobb, Mr. Gould, Moy, Walker. Standing: Moss, Notar, Black, Towle, Patterson. Carter, Brush, Cale, Kuhn, Willard, Scherer, Murray, Winsllip, Birkenlnnd. Carlson A. Spreading the Gospel. Tract Club OH to a quick start with douhle last yearis membership, the tract clulm has set the pace for the school,s outreach of Christian activities. With George Moy as elected presi- dent of the organization, the club has formulated and fol- lowed through with plans for tract distribution and occasion- al deputations. lts main proj- ect of the year was the organ- ization of the United Long Island Tract Distribution which provides for an Island wide distribution of smiliar tracts at the same time. Nl Nl!-XY HUIIOOI, 'l'lC,MfIIlCRS: Nw. julunfnn. Mrs. ow-Q I xy! M-wap rr. MVN. Zil!lIlll'I'Hl'. Mr. lgiNQlI'l7Yl', Hn. Rm-rllmrd. ' W I : 5 V--. '. luuld, Mr. Curtis, '. Q1 ' ' V . '. -'F . '. jolmfon. 2nd HowA'Mr. Sf'lllN'l'Q1,Q'l'., Mr. liisglwwe-. Mr. lloldln-rg, Strung, NV, Iinl on ---Wlllxg. Winship. 1yR0llI4lx!', flurlson. A. 2 VX 3 l ii E ll 3 EQ! .ti I I I Choir lst Row: Tmslvn. Marlin, WvillkQ'lIllllll. Mrs. M:ll'gvsox1. Alvcrzo. Halglnwg. 2nd Row: Walllg, Towle. Moy. Oahorm-. Ingles. Frirlw. Mr. lx:-rr. 3rd Hou: Ferns. Murray. Wade, Nolur. Birkenlund. -itll Run: Foflvr. piIll1'l'rllll.. lirllxll. IHS P' Pram-live, Pmclice, P Y Y .s 55 if r aan anthem" rzlclice w. Res Cestae 5 2 . STAFF: Standing: Carter, Osunu, Keen, Stienfelflt, ,lee J., Milligan, Pattison, Woollett, bhlllers Wixmslxip, Moy. Seated: Mr. Hurto, Carlson A.. Crock. Foster. Ingles. Xt aw 2 Mt ' ADQESS mek QW 102 LITE , R 1453181-ARI EDIT ANT 013, EDITOR! I f1g1,,S am 'uflsgn A I ,M vm Q' ' : ' iz' P 1 M'Il"': Daily Grind: Pattison. Osunn Semin Edlloh C nur md I 'Dm I N , f 4, I X 1 , Editor: Stivnfvldt :md Anistaultz L00 J. Cil'1'lli1lli0ll ixl1llIilf.'2f'l'I K1-vu and lhlsillvss Manage Sports Editor: Xxiillhilili and Aswiwtunl: Shillt-rs Pilotogralplly Editors: Moy and Wuollett gr Seated: 0'Rourke, Strong. Wolf. Standing: Caron. Socrhide, Morrow R., Psota, Mr. Burton, Hill, Pierce W.. McN11n1urn,Piercc R., Towle, Carlson U. Blue and White The school newspaper, the Blue and White, with Bill Strong the editor, and Mr. Barton, the faculty advisor, has had to organize an entire new stall of reporters and others to take care of the necessary functions of a news- paper. The paper has shown an improvement after at slow start this year, and their goal has been to put out at least one printing every two weeks. Much credit must be given for the splendid cooperation of the staff which is a 'gmustw in the field of journalism. EDITOR: Sll'0Ylg W-3 ADVISORI MY- BHNOII BUSINESS MCR.: O'Rourkeg IIIRCLTLATION MGR.: Wolf R First row: Fischer. Hagberg, Lange, Cuthbert, Ziegenfelder, Cay, Davidson. I. Second row: Win- ship, Murray, Woollett, Gale, Foster, Moore, Crock. Standing: Mr. Gould, Mr. Davis. Wfork. work and ai play. DRAMATIC CL B "Your shading is mo dark, Andy." lfulure Rmnhra1mlls" E 'ilfxmkfu Art Class Standing: Carlson A., Armstrong. lJuProe. Mrs Jones, Osborne. Sealed: Woodel. Stir-nfeldl Shillers. From: Anderson. of in .' fs - "4 N '+ "n ,ggfb u ooo Boice. liurlson A.. Strong W.. .l1llllNX. Tylvr. Pulte-l'null, King, Mr. Hzlrln.. Balxlelz Oslmine Davidson. liurlvr. Sl1llllllx1'l', Alnle-rfoll, llulhln-rl, l"ihl1er.l'urlw1'. Moy, Willard. 0lRtlUl'lx0. Han on A udio- Wsual Club The eleCt1'icul equipment of the campus-tape 1'Cl,'0I'll0l'S, slide pm- jcmflors. and nuwiv projvclors-is run hy the Alldlllj-X'ilSllill Cluh, which has spoiisorcd the Ctllltfilllflllill hlms slmwn now und then in the gym after supper. has set up lmulspeukm-S ut our foolhull gznnvs. und has run reels of Ll religious nature for the Sunday evening vliapel services. Aniong lllfJIllSPlYPS the inemlrc-rs re- puir radios in the physicg lull, learn SOIllCllllIlQI of elGcl1'oni1's. and linker with i1IJpllilllL'6S such as field tole- plimws 01' voice oscillators. ,J lf dmv 107 HEI t'l'lI'UIll1'HZll Stony llrnnl I Q is 4 -.. "1lu llllll-Ill-Ill-Ill-lllu Clee Club The Glee Chili is directed ef- -ff lhis year under lhe ahle lead- ership of lVl1'. llisgrove. lVl1'. lilisgrove has had singing ex- f- 1 1 periencres in the l'l0llglll0l1 Ora- torio Society, The llougliton Chapel Choir, and the lVlanlius QN. YQ Civic Clos- Clulm. and has had directing experience in several cllurcli choirs. Pe1'f01'1nanC0s ranging from cflesu, Joy of lVlau's Desir- iugf' "Low, how a Rose eler Bloomingw and uLet us all give lhanks to 'llliecfi to wlllie lVlar4-li ofthe Mon of ll2ll'l0lTli,m Wlllie joy of the Hlllll61',,l Wllhe Two Cl'6lli1LllPl'S,l, and 'glllow lvl Row: Murray, l7mt1'l', llrusli, Crm-la, Winolle-il. ind Row: the Mllll IDOWILM' ure t0 be Morrow C.. lnglw. Wiardvll, Dow, Mr. llisggrove. . given. 108 bsTlllSLl1ljll'lr ills- ein-ml" The Photo mph Club The Pliotograplly Clulm was reorganized last year alter a period of several years of non- existence. It now has a new darkroom with a line Consti- tution and good organization. lVlr. Harto and Mr. Rosen- lrerger, the faculty advisors, Worked hard in the organiza- tion and developing of the clulm and making the darkroom. Kneeling: Kernom-hun. Wang. Standing: Moy. Provan. Knecln. Hill, Esser, Walker. Hsu, Springllorn, Simon, Ellis. Moore, Mr. ROFPlllJt'l'gCF, Carter. Mr. Harlo, Morrow R., 0'R0urke, Percy, Cale. ' ,M , 3 a fi gli Al: -4 The Stamp Club The Stamp Club is for stamp collectors who Want to have some free time each week to work with their stamps. The boys are encouraged to join by getting five free stamps each week. Miss Strong from Setauket is in charge of the club, and every time it meets she brings things of interest to stamp col- lectors and the boys to discuss during the meeting. Any of the boys who have any stamps to mount in their albums may do so while the meeting is in progress. Seated: Notnr. Standing: f:1Il'll1ll10., Herz, lVlcNnn1ara Mr. Rosenberg, Ferns. Alverzo, Hill, Cooper A., Towle, Miss Strong. Ferns, Friedrich, The ffstory Club Started last year because the boys felt a need to know more about their own state, this club has had many enjoyable trips to historic points of interest on Long Island. Among the day long trips taken this year have been one to the Whaling Muse- um at Sag Harbor and to His- toric Montauk Point. The clulfs small membership has actually proved an asset to them, since they Were able to use faculty cars for travel. Kneeling: Slanden. Cay, Marlin. Harm-tl. Adare, Bannnann, Wiillliifllllllll, Caritano. Jones Standing: Cooper N., Dow. Cale. Barton, Mooney J., DuPree, Cobb. Zumlt, Lee K., Woodel Caron. Mr. Curtis, Evans, Venahle, Osnna, Clary, Dawson, Morrow C. Ryfle Club "Tlmt's the kneeling position. General." 'I'I'l fix S qv? pf' 4.2 -fw- 7 1: Biolo C ub The Biology Club is under the direction of Mr. Burton. The club has been split up into two sections so as to enable the members to do what they want to more easily. The MAB sec- tion is mainly interested in the outdoor phase of Biology. Wllile the "B" section is lnuin- ly interested in the Laboratory field of Biology. The purpose of this club is to learn more in that vast and interesting field of Biology. Standing: Simon, Slonxkr-r Ellis J Mr Burton Stated John on Inedrnh I on Fntenmann Adare, Duljree, Refuses Soenhuh Bliley Moonry J 6 It's good Len! an I In-...lf www w..,.,wm, A2 Delightful pause! Wllat will I say lo lner next? IOR E 2 PARTY One of Mm-'s quips. 3 What il group Y "Good night SWf'1'llN'ZlI'l 1 Q Q of fn. P. 3 yn-aJ , if' r u X 'T w r Wg' 'gp' fqg' O U 0 I C I , 4 0 as-n u-n n-2 , 2 9 5. E fl Q . G P. 2 ! 2-lx' ' 'A - .1 -M-, K - ,- 1- -t -.xx - " ,mg . ' , fvv D M f H , 5,0 E Q N . Q. .. .L ,,.,,A qF W K, K Milk.. U 'yr "'-4... if -.-.Mi I " ,Q W ,, " 'gf --dw-'www-m, , .,, wr- : W -f .,,, 'M ' ii, '-1 ' N, - ER - mf Q N983- ,X Most Likely To Succeed Biggest Eeaters Foster, Woollelt Crock, Carter Most Typical Most Handsome Ingles, Pattison Pay, Provan Done Most for Stony Brook Most Drug Wfilh Faculty Carlson, A., Crock Winship, Slonaker 118 Best Athletes Class Clowns Carter, Crock Pattison, Woozlel, Lee, I. Biggest Co-ordos Lee, J., Walker l ig: er! Y Y A .Mf"""w, ,. ,fl ' N 4 Bn Throws Most Bull Biggest Bruins Brush. Osborne Milligan. Woollelt U9 Most Popular Biggest Heart Throbs Pattison, Woodel Poinsett, Osborne Best Dressed Quielegl Milligan, Usborne Carlson, A'., Black 1-B B 1' , is ' 'f K. - n ,J ,, I' ,M Best Builds W Provan, King Y . 3' Y I, lx px , 4 WS x , VY Sgr- Q23 3 Q3 -,K Q 3 , A ,lj 59515, if 51 mg- A gu- 2 EY- df-:wtf A ,N Q.: .- jx Q, 4"L14,- 4, 3 Q15 vw .YJ fr ' '15 Jl"gp "ijff . H ,.., H. MN- 1- nw,..N5:' mg. 'rs ,. S xv!! 1 x CCW. . Q Id. H , , N -Q - Q 1 'wtf I N I Q ifgzfix pr ,V x h " ' A J?" 'L " Efgfu h ,gx ""k ' ,ij ,- 1- 'ae x ' .iwi-1 2 . Qmslff .'f5Q,.,1+g'X,,Qf w,.afQ 3. Mig 'Is-L 23 fhdafgg- Mai- 5-m,f8f'?'v Q .5,, . flf-Jegg '- .5 1 fmII-' .Ig S Z'?Z3"..h.-.. ""z.' , ' ' ' .. ' A. ' -. . -'T-1? A M 5- m 09. ,F ,, W .. wk.-5. -MeP.1Q 5? -if sh y,-K,g.fQf - '?'ix453g,Lg2v 'xx fn? z' Q.. sf-'2 azawwgffffff f W- my riff-Q1 wif wig! 72' 9'-3 -,,. gm 4-LJf'Q..Q4, L, -rw. -Q ' 'Jak xx l 5-A 4 55,5-av .v r t- .ML my iv -, - ,Q Li- 'Q'-sAf:?1f' -L' 159, 5' 1.-xflxfy 1'1,1'+- + ' . f ' ga' -' L A--grafts! at -5 ia 'tb ,JCL Zvjmgmpxyxpllvrvq . K Q Q . A 'FT Q-W5 bin-W Q2 -1 m -if .Mai M u - A, mXV EX , -1. 9373flx4:3liff5 527 aa lg?-xiii 21'-55 33' N5 Fri:-21125 'S 113 Q 'P adv' , can W4 y A-MAT. ,. -R, , 9 'F v 'F H iq ,Agfa ,?f,n i?5g-..i,.3f,4'5L' K ,tb f f' 9 '13 f3f '42 f -agp ,.h'w,if.'1'1i3?2 , 'fi li 'KK S2 f vi N iffifgf 1 Qi '- N-:l ,bgQq 735 ,f ' , .-..' 7 ii 'Q' ifvfvi ,FAfi'TfEK1f',, ' :" '5:f '49 59f33f5fiT'ai ,: ,kv -4 ' . A pgs M grid w, ,, f l, . X-'T PTE, gtg, Mr -12 I I L 1 413 K 0 A A k ss, ,mf ' X gal' H Q'J A, 1 nl, 1, A5 613352, , ig 'fa N W' gag ' 3 4' qi fag, ,K .1 1 f-" ax Q nl' Asphyxialifm Library Display The night before T in is s iii 5 1 Sunday evening DAILY SEPTEMBER Campus wheels roll back into action. "Turtle,' crawls on campus. Wheels are nothing but small spokes . . . bent and rusted. Guess what-new boys arrive and Lee's got a brother. Seventh grade teacher is finally noticed by the "boys" Woodel figures he lacks some credits and has to go back to repeat the seventh. Woodel is still a senior much to his dis- may. Joe is getting sore from practice. And how he scratched his beak! First chapel speaker-future Senior Bible teacher- oh, what he has in store for him! Mr. Bisgrove says once out, it's for good in history. Lee, Osborne, and Pattison decide to settle down. Pep rally after dinner-one in Lee's room after Wrestlers, act-Mr. Could M.C.'s. Bear attacks US. class and was found to have a Hcoughf' Mr. Rosenberger removing Woodelg so he wouldn't catch a cold, of course. In 15 minute period, Springhorn claims he can lift 200 lbs. We don,t doubt the 1 5' CRI D 200, hut what is it HlVlatch Sticksn? Moans and groans over new late slip sys- tem. Shall we try for 3000 this year, boys? Keen decides lunch wasn't up to par, so is excused involuntarily. One week of school finished, only 30 more! New Seniors all sleepin, and enjoy new found privilege. All guys on third floor-4'Don't mess with HOPPYV' "What,s a gHot Spook'?',, inquires Mr. Gould. Murray laughs and says itls scary. Lee thinks George has got to go! One bun a piece! Oh well, d0I'1,t com- plain until you only get the raisins. Happy Birthday, Alg watch out for Uncle Sam. OCTOBER Carter is reckoned with by Mr. Davis in English. Please, Joe, one guy should pass the course. Everyone gets hack laundry. Springhorn claims he only gets back buttons without shirts. Better switch to Pioneer, Butch! Everyone primed. Let,s beat Concordia! 10:32 10:33 10:35 Concordia beaten 14-12. Everyone gun- ning for Poly Prep. Sleep . . . Sleep . . . Sleep. Day oil for varsity teams. Beat Poly to- morrow! Brookers lose two tough ones, both in C.G. and football . . . great meal though, thanks to Poly! C.C. loses to Riverhead 20-35l ,lust can't seem to beat those boys. Port Jeff gets another lesson on how to play football. Keen sends pilot on mission across S.H. Three pointer right in waste basket-nice flying, Girv, did it have dualism on it? Mr. Moss acts as enemy trying to prevent flight across room. Osuna and Carter get haircuts. Jim for his girl, Joe to become a bald eagle. Football loses to Horace Mann by 7 points. Should have beaten them, but lets gun for Adelphi. Mangiameli and cronies invade village. "Watch out, Lee, my father's big!', Slonaker relates tale of Wichita, Kansas, in economics. Gee, I wish I were a meat packer like my Uncle George! Wichita sends Slonaker a letter, thanking him for thinking of them in the Sun- flower State. By the way, John, what's your favorite flower? Mr. Goldberg shows chem class the reac- tion of Na and H20-Pretty dangerous stuff. Moose wants to know where you can buy some of da stuff. "Just knock it down off the trees with your cutlass, Her- bie ole boyf' Woodel and history again part company. G - 1 - R - L - S and Adelphi invade cam- pus to meet Brookers on gridiron. Adel- phi 26-14 over Big Blue. NOVEMBER We,ve finally located another ulVIole,, in the person of Reaves-oh no, not another chubby bunny! Football team rests up for the Northport game-also C.C. team for Ivy League. Double victory for S.B.S. Football team turns tide against Northport sparked by Vaughnis touchdown jaunt-while Gold- berg,s harriers clinch the Ivy League crown by Osuna and Carlson's keeping the fire going with a first and second. Congratulations, both teams! Pattison makes announcement concerning the bil- liard team. He gets 2 bucks for 4 hours -pretty cheap labor! Only one more C.C. race left, also the football team-both with Trinity the 22nd. Rain calls off game and race with Trinity -anyone for chess? C.C. Team down Tritity team, but the gridiron boys don't make out so well- drop a close one. Everyone excited over coming Thanks- giving vacation. Vacation over and the Hboysv return loaded with turkey! DECEMBER Basketball team has first practice-only six days to get ready for aged alumni. Wrestling team practices and Coach Coombs looks to a fairly promising year in the Ivy League. Good luck! The Old lVIen are beaten easily as the varsity looks pretty good. Spencer stays overnight-he sleeps in the eagle's nest. Gee, Spence, we hope you didn't find many feathers. Carter named first-string Ivy League 10:40 10:52 10:55 guard and first team all Long Island- nice going, ,Iooo-e-e-el Only six more days before Christmas va- cation-for the good boys, that is. Woodel figures on going home the 19th. Riverdale comes to play S.B.S. hoopsters and gets licked by 23 point sas first '5' tickle the twines for a win. Majority go home, even Woodel. Bad men leave for home, sweet home! Miscellaneous members of the student body depart for home-I guess those 20 units weren't so good after all! JANUARY Basketballers return early from the va- cation fto start practicej -"Did you guys keep in shape?,', Coach Fenton asks. VVoodel laughs heartily! J. Lee says he can't get any slower, anyway. Students return from the looong vacation and find out it's really hard to get up in the a.m. Brooks bow to Poly for first Ivy League defeat. Better luck next game, guys! Laboring under the impression that he was on the ranking ten. King decides va- cation is over and comes back for exams. Courtmen lose to Adelphi-not many C - I - R - L - S come to this game-too bad! Wrestlers really rack up a victory against Horace Mann to put themselves in first place in the Ivy League. Milligan and Camp are caught with high explosives. Mr. Goldberg is going to re- port them to the warden and cancel their parole-see you guys in S.H. S.B.S. wins two games as varsity hits 76 points against Friends. Big weekend before exams-where were you, Crock! Exams sta1't and the 'gboysv find out how much they d0n't know. Seniors finish up tests with a dilly of a Bible paper. Average time: 1 hour 30 minutes . . . Davy was waiting to play basketball! FEBRUARY Students are back and ready to start a new semester. Carter and Wardell aren,t around-maybe "Joe" took off on a trans- Atlantic flight?! Everyone notices King came back on time-how did you ever do it, Paul?! Smithtown loses to the Brookers as Blue wins 55-52. Brookers' matmen entertain Friends and win 40-6. Well, whadlya gonna' do? Senior poll out! Slonaker and Osborne chosen-Woodel, Lee, and Pattison also unanimous selections! Tagart comes back from exam weekend-guess he crammed too much. Basketball team beats Trinity in a double victory. Grapplers knock off Hackley. Poly loses an lvy League match with S.B.S. matmen. Hoopsters squeak a win out of La Salle Military Academy-48-47. Pillows taken from Lee and lVlilligan's room after lights. Mr. Gould warns '4boys" about fire drill. Bring on your F. B. l.! Wrestlers win-but Big Blue courtmen can't stop .ludson of Poly as they are beaten by 23 points. The Daily Grind is on its way out, be- cause the Res Cestae is being sent to meet the deadline so . . . Good luck to everyone in everything! 4 .ap 9 xt M sf 1 , v YQ: -Ji' if ff? ' ,351"i"3', 'l fx A , , i ig ' V52 ' ,far 3 ,:.,..,Wl39 K Calif 5, ,M , , 'A Ad! N ..fww4" sunf- x-x,.a-'N 3,-an W 4, . , 4 mn fu- M 1 .a - 'K ,N Q Q ' 4 :Us f W' P -'b"'3'JL S if .- Nw Am 'if- 4 , -1 ,, 3 s Y V .sf 1fv'm, :M ,, 4 4 eo- 1- I 3 ,gi ,F I a a 45- -nk' 4' . A J. 11+ Af ' W " A Y k ' ' .415 K'-mf u r M , I W 1: ,. A- fp, -1, I . 4, if-A ff' , M f 11 9. ' , ff'-'21-'3 f M , Lf' , x ,,f fir- wi .. ' , if ,ge M 1 g. , "if 1 Y , nm 1 I ' f Lf ' f , x ,..: ,, Y . 4.7 4, , V A ,. V ,Ni ,Ng Q. X ,L .V X H, F 'L ' In ., M M i. A 'K f 4, .W , A.,-. , x . ,K ' A Jw ""7',s.i'f, "w'2f"X .3 y 'N' JH '. -ik! " ' . wx, n .Hs -is K ,Z K, W 4. 7 M 'K 1 K . ' dug, ,L t,.. K 'Q' A ff, .N f 1 . ya 1' F i, ... 'V -. gp v " ., ,4..f , ' 1 1- .- W' , . , ,if pq. J ' '-,,,,1., ' , M ,L 41, ,, .f n . ,- ,.,. ,,,,1,' "- , . Ax' .pw ,, .fy , A W '-' . an , , .fa , , . . 1 A "".3f' Q- Na' 'L Q . 'K 'I ',,, fi . - -11 , evx- 4 x 'f x, . 1-1 2 , My A ' 1. . V 1. , N. , 9' ' -KX ' .Q .V A it Q ,, x .D ., K I v ,4 , 1 ' 'H if A '. . R " n ,. . - " ,... 71- ' " QL' ' HQ-in . .-, ' 'qf-1 4 Mgr" X .. . f . . N . 1 , ' - 1, ,1 ,w Q . , . . -Q , V' ML 'Y .f-Q". ,. , .. s,,Mf4' 1 V . -U. .. ' . Ml 4 X' I J -.N , 5, w ' f it ' f v-1 'Q . f ,x Af, . .- . , , ,Qi - '- . f 7' 0 ' N -. f ' , "H 'sf' 1, fr. f , . , ,. . , , . ,Q A X K , , .,, Q A .W '- a 1, ,,, .A . Jr,-NN - 2 1 ., f... ps . ,' ' ' -' -. .Q as A f A ,Q M F 'f ,P Fx 'f , 'npr f T 14, A - " . , K A -. . , we-t KL 'H 3.59, 1.. 0- 4, 1 A. W- ,.,1l-gr., , . .. - h 22' A' .. ' v 'Y xl P r -' x ' ' fy f 1 '4 Q 5 , ,, s 0 4, , , 5, .h me E v , . . Q g -- y W- W M -- ' 'fu X , L ,Xu ,M ,K - Q Ei-1 M iffiif' UE Q2 EES YEEE EJEEZEEE 0 ' w 6+n.,,7+E K - QLIEQ LE E - E A-3 f,Jl..,J ADVERTISEMENTS V I g-,...J' I K A 9 X Q Q j.'6ELrEa -1? M J E THE GENERAL SPEAKS A half-million copies of This TracT, 50.000 in Korean, by LieuT.-Gen. William K. Harrison, an old friend of STony Brook School. have been disTribuTed. Here is an excerpT from The Generals TesTimony: "lT is wonderful To be a believer in The Lord Jesus ChrisT and l am ex- ceedingly Thankful ThaT God has graciously led me To saving faiTh in ChrisT. ln The Bible. The Word of God, The Lord has promised ThaT anyone who believes in His only begoTTen Son, The Lord Jesus ChrisT. has been forgiven his sin and iTs consequences, has been given eTernal life and has enTered forever inTo The Kingdom of God." AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY 2I WesT 46Th STreeT New York 36, N. Y. OFFICERS HUGH R. MUNRO, PresidenT EmeriTus JOHN ADAMS HENRY, PresidenT RICHARD WOTKE, Treasurer REV. FRANK E. GAEBELEIN, Vice PresidenT HENRY G. PERRY, ExecuTive SecreTary REV. W. THEODORE TAYLOR, Vice PresidenT ELMER LEWIS, SecreTary SHELTON COLLEGE PURCHASES 1187 ACRE COUNTRY ESTATE In June, Shelton College will move to their new cam us-an 1187 acre estate located in the lllamapo Mountains, one h0ur's drive from New York City. President Buswell termed this new location as "the most beautiful campus you've ever seen." A total of 91 buildings are well situated among a rolling tract of botanical gar- dens, lawns, orchards, forest lakes and meadows. The new campus will be ready for occu ancy in September. New students will be given a special Charter Member Certificate to signify that they attended the first semester at the new location. Plan now to attend sry ,,,, wx. . ,152j5f,f,. W e i co ' ,,,. L '... I.'.....- - 'ig' '-: ......,..-I t---ev? r' Q mlirwf V' m 1 , Each student who enrolls in the Sep- tember '53 semester will receive a Charter Member ,Shelton allege SHELTON COLLEGE offers you an education based upon the American Way of Life and founded upon the Bible as the infallible Word of God. Our new location will be Ringwoodboro, New Jersey, where a magnificent new campus in the Ramapo Mountains will be ready for use in September. I . Certificate v ,ee ee.. Shelton allege . T 'Eff ,. .5 , Q! 4 in . .fgfyj N 'ff flag: 'V Semlfnryuur cam- E g ,. ,.. " E:"""' , Milf' 'Til ' " X fi' i'- T Ing mzlay fur regis- 1- E . S ii T .li Digi", lruliull infnrmaliull ae Kuntll June 20, ir 1 ..,,., ig ' s :- if-ff ' - H, ..,q,,E. STHRIITIFA Dr. J. Oliver Buswell, Jr., President i V i I ' IA A ' T The mmplmly furnished mansion of 44 mom will 'Irammg Christian Wrirrtors for the Twentieth Century Reformation serve as Shelton ColIege's Administration building. 132 '7'0K7f7'74?'710H01f0N?4-?f70401'01626P0N0'6'1701f0N94?0PWY6 ,Z y 3 az ' 92? f "ff Z 7? A Illl BI UIJIJBI Z All material furnished by D. T. BAYLES STONY snoolc, N. Y. x 6'9?3 467'-954?C?'7993f6"55fQ719P19'fQ199V6V67 '0'5N6 7401 x76'X0f COMPLIMENTS OF... THE BANK OF SUFFOLK COUNTY STONY BROOK, N. Y. , Member Federal Reserve S sfem 1 r..rrA Y . , , , , - 1 6 Member Federal Deposlf Insurance Corp. F O 9 w aist: ' . , QQEEEEE S S , 1 " " E ' 1,-xr' 'X ' 2 , . . . , I : I rl.. we-q.r"'2'If1s New York s dzstznclzve mens 8 1 H' 1 ' F 1'4!vf 2 ' x U BL LY Q E storefnoled for unusual fur- ' . H ru 2 T ,. Q .i . . . 5 'fir 5, 53, nzslzzngs, hats, ana' ready-to- LS 3 M Hur! ,Wal 'K' W FN if' -W . . 2 ' pflzill w wear elothzng hand-lazlored by ' s SFT!" we-Rf -eff I-N' , I K: HICKEY-FREEMAN. There are no ' fl T f7f1"!'gmE-,F -P, "" 5,11 H51 Hifi fnermade.Andourpersonalzzed 2 e s if Q f'2,mffsefs Q 1rl!ie5f2s'i . . . L2 L Y :my "JkL"fgiD T" -4 .i'U'gf W1 jittzng servzee assures lasting ' N X56 ' - . 77 W' ' . . 5 2 X MP- is gig ' salzsfaelzon F . E ind X 10 J l I .E MADI ON AVENUE AT 46TH s'r11,EE'r I 8' I . L! NEW YORK 17,N.Y. 3 oUTF1T'r1aRs T0 GENTLEMEN 3 Established 1886 0 'if . . Q G X0'401101101s-010510195105201fJ61f0'17Q9561010'f0N0N76N01020N70I0161'0M?10"0140"0K0'ZX 'I 3 4 '7'02f0110N0'2 10249010 401'0010'-f0v'7'0'-'-02'01 17620 5 0Y'05 '079949'67l? 4?'0K02'-0W7f0'N0N0L-05 - THREE VILLAGE INN S 5 9 9 9 6 0X0K0v'0v-0'f1020'f7f0f '00 01010117 0"0"0"0'f01'-0' 2 5 9 3960 3 Compliments 2 of CAMP PACKING co. Q CORTLAN D, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. and Mrs. G. N. Boice "Trus+ in ihe Lord wiih all ihine laearh and lean noi' un+o ihine own unders+anding. In all Thy words acknowledge Him, and He shall direc+ fhy pa'rl1s."-Proverbs 3:5, 6 G K?0f0f0020Wvf002f96K0'06'0v0'200Y '0'0'010'0"0f-?' x 136 HERE IS ALL YOU DO! Bron or pan-1ry your namnurgers. Pull apart enough Thomas' English Muffins to go around. tTwo halves for eachl. Toast to a light brown. Spread im- mediately with butter. tFor special flavor, cream butter jirst with garlic salt or a little mustardl. Top half the muflins with hamburgers and onion rings. Cover with remaining muflins. Or serve with an assortment of relishes, and let each person choose his own. Are they good? Just 'watch them disappear! one mms Mons Ann IMPORTANT: Be sure to ask for Thomas' English Mujins. Baked from a recipe generations old, they have that real old-time flavor. No others ever seem . so good! 137 . ..Q, Complimenfs Of- '- Complimenfs of . .. SMITHTOWN PHARMACY SMITHTOWN BRANCH, N. Y. -'01'01' -u 5 ZZ eff' ,,Z,- oo 22 ZPrr17Ul'l'l 2:4 mizfg us 3,302 OW ,--401 ESO mmmm SQ :U N -I o o W O 11 S O I 70 -I -I O 'I1 L F" rn Ugg E 'nw 52 ZS O Sas Z F-'I Z H10 K E I11 F GD 2 2 2 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 2 2 5.9, COMPLIMENTS OF THE FAMILY OF GIRVIN P. KEEN 61 401101 201401 S yum - .. we ELIMINATE 'Mis 7 THE GREATEST FIRE HAZARD E ELSCO PROVED SAFETY ELEVATOR ROLLER GUID -. -' .- I: Q,- " . i i -fs 1 . q,,,, - if I M 40161101 5 5 5 5 2 5 3 4 5 6 7 8 Eliminale oil and grease from llie elevalor slwaflway and operale your elevalor on dry rails. Elevalor slwaflways willw inflammable oil, grease and fuzz are llwe grealesl fire hazards in your building. Save belween 2570 and 4070 in eleclric currenl. Elsco Safely Guides are an anli- friclion device. Save large labor cosls by eliminaling llie necessily of frequenl cleaning of lwalcll- ways. Elsco Safely Roller Guides lake up badly aligned rails and unbalanced condilions. Elsco Guides conlain slabilizing springs. Dry rails permil safely iaws lo lwold beller in llfie evenl of accidenl. Elsco Safely Roller Guides give a smoolll, gliding ride. Elsco Guides approved by N. Y. C. Board of Slandards 8: Appeals up lo IZOO F. P. M. adaplable lo passenger and freighl eleva- lors. Elsco Safely Roller Guides are llle only guides wills oscillalion. lraclion and knee aclion, and may be inslalled on all passen- ger and freiglil elevalors. space permilling. UJATENTED AND TRADE MARK REGISTEREDJ MODEL C - for counferweighl and low rise, low speed elevalors MODEL A - for elevalors E 5 6 3 l 5 6 5 3 9 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 2 5 6 9 5 9 5 5 .3 615117 H01 01 '-0501101201 201' 101' For furlher informalion inquire of your mainlenance company or ELEVATUR SAFETY CORP. x01f0f-0ff.0fs0f0n0-w0w-aco:10v0w0na:-9w0-f0f0f0:c01f0f'01f010f10w0:01c0fs0v0f0w01f-0f0s0120MosC 139 h710"01f7'-01'-0'10X040'l0'10PL?'.011-0K0"0H40K04f-0N0f'02 Lindenhursf IZOO BABYLON MILK and CREAM CO., Inc. Wholesale Dairy Producfs MILK, CREAM, ICE CREAM MIX CHARLES KASS, Sales Manager '-0X01f-0N0'K040N-0'1101l0N0P'040N0"-0 50 E. HOFFMAN AVENUE LINDENHURST, L. I., N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF... THE FITCH INVESTORS SERVICE I20 WALL STREET NEW YORK 5. N. Y. G0X0'0N?'0N7W1W140120V-740W17WN0'f0'0'G?101WP10'W1'0K71710r7 I m0v 611-00'-JK 005' 0R01 20"-02'-0M0Y '-740"0K-ON01' 0R01 39" 0- '?'0K-014020K-05C 4020527104 W 104'?47l7G?19102'044?f7W504G0110f'0v'0PW2f0b17h0f'0fl01400 '-0'-01'-020 C pl t t THE SENIUR CLASS FROM M 81 M Leslie M. Winship 0N0'6Y-0'016Y 2 2 Q 2 2 2 2 Q im f0f10ff0"01G0ff0'f0110G7204f0405101C04'-?l0't0ff0"016x C0l'Yllf76l'lleI'lt5 of CLASS OF '55 BAILEY BARBOUR BARNETT BINZLEY CLARK CLARY COOPER, N. DAWSON DuPREE ELLIS, J. GAILER GREEN JONES KNECHT MCNAMARA MINUSE MOONEY. J. MOORE MORROW, C MULANEY PARKER PEIRCE. R. PERCY REAVES REYNOLDS SKRIPAK SOERHEIDE TYLER VAUC-Bl-IN WOLF. ROB ZIEGENFELDER ZUMFT G0"0"'0K0"0"0N0'Q?h014700f04'05'0P'0N0f01h0N01'-0ffJ10W 'I42 QompU6memts 'JWQ ywijwfm XCADWMQV M of Q! 1, GDN ff! .. X M1 fwMfjJ Wawgfqfvfbgg gb WQUN1 Cgiowhww Q03 Qwgigvrw X Mi! ywyfy PMQIMZQQMBV QQ CP 1 Q .. 0 SeJ cxwmr+-S zfwWiKw,.QN QI 3 Ei-if 6 if SV hi SM QFJZ' !A f?f0vC061'0 40"-0K02C0N0'-040'2710X0'10N0f'0M0v-0X Comp Amen fa of LOWER SCHOOL BONARD CASCONE DAVIDSON, O. ERnEDRuOH GAEBLER JOHNSON MANGIAMELI TENBEKJIANN YOOHMOWITZ ALVERZO COOPER, A. CUTHBERT DAVIDSON. I. ELLIS, R. ESSER EISOHER ERIORE GATES HAGBERG HERZ KATABIAN LOWANDER MEYER MONROE STRONG, R. VAN NEW wncRS WILSON K0K?h0f900G0G0'0f0f?'000fL9'f0r7' 0'l00J0'0W' 144 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT XZQJKJWWJ -C9a1,v- Jiwmy 615. Cmlwvlf S EC PETARY REPRESENTATIV E COMPLIMENTS OF CN-A6 Q, L9 S fix 772 AZAJEWMM 2f,zz,,,., 1 mm wmfevfifef APMMJ Wmwztpv- ,D,.,,1.1 ' aww MM aww Wmxxvw 3- WAVQJ QAM '777w.0w- CU-JLx,aAM Dj?-4, F' 2fA.,z:,,,.M QVMLZLQMMWLLM ' frxmfm 6 .m fa, Aww fmlxlf, 5 Telephone 7-0578 VILLAGE BARBER SHOP Wafch Repairing Done on Premises SUFFOLK IMPROVEMENT CO. JOE PASTORELLI, Prop. "HOMES AND BUILDING SITES OF DISTINCTlON" Complimenis of . . . ANGELO D'ALESSANDO Ophihalmic Dispenser 5 2 LAWRENCE KARP 5 Opromeirisr 77 W. Main S'I'reeI', Smifhfown Branch S 79 CarIe'I'on Avenue, Ceniral Islip Sow a +houqh+, and you reap an ad: Sow an acf, and you reap a habit Sow a habit and you reap a characferg Sow a characrer. and you reap a desiiny. Aufhor Unknown if "Bes'I' Wishes Io Ihe Class of I953" "CHARACTER BEFORE CAREER" I . ,, FINE FOOTWEAR T.XlE FOR 56 YEARS MANHATTAN BROOKLYN I7 CorIIandI Sf., near Church SI. 348 Fulfon SI., near Boro Hall I3B9 Broadway, near 38Ih Sf. 898 Flafbush Ave., near Church Ave. 26 Easi 42nd SI., near Madison Ave. JAMAICA: I65-08 Jamaica Ave. BRONX 3I4 Easi Fordham NEWARK BOSTON PHILADELPHIA WASHINGTON 843 Broad SI. 330 Washingfon SI. I22I Chesfnui I327 F SI., N.W. x7 7!7C?'0'N?l9f0540N07k?'5N0V0440K9Il95C05l?54C0'555"?I0' 'I46 2 2 2 9 2 2 2 2 2 5 42 0656? 0 G ac S+. James 2-697I Complimenfs of . . . JOSEPH J. DOWLING AGENCY LOUIS H. AMSLER CO., INC. INSURANCE BROKER 50 CHURCH STREET AnaIys'I' - Consulfani' NEW YGRKI N. Y. ST. JAMES, L. I. COMPLIMENTS OF ROSENBERG BROTHERS Smithtown, L. I. Manufacfurers of PLASTIC NOVELTIES, KEY CHAINS and SCREW DRIVERS Complimenfs of. . . Complimenfs of . . . Seven Gables Garage HUDSON Sales and Service H. H. EDWARDS, Inc. JERICHO TURNPIKE COMMACK, L. I. 2 2 2 2 T .3 -0040" 0201 if -0401 06217 64 '0161f0'v0v 102' 76" 10? 01204-0201 G 0024?4?61f7'70v0b'06110w'0r01'0Y05'740Y0b10C0'f01'0v'0'WX6x 'I47 102101 6'f0f0"-7' ' fG76140G-7h01G0fi7'0v'0'10' Compliments of Manhattan Casualty Company GENERAL MOTORS BUILDING NEW YORK I9, N. Y. 76'G?C?H0Y0N70N?G010YJ0210'L0'0'f7'0A?6PW'6f0'0016f170'W1'00 1 10110-'-011016 6'r0fx 0102-0' 1011-7'0v0K0f 0 0"0"-0'f0"0R0'0K0M0'0K-0"WY01'J40'6K-01'-0"0vr01r0'1 01'-01'-7'0K0'1'0" 39"-01101 5: fwwforvaaeoaa-farawisaaeavwaiwiwwwrwvea GREETINGS FROM HOUGHTON COLLEGE L. Io R.: Karl Woodmansee, Carl Kruschwih, Gerard Polloclr, Gordon Beck. lNoI picfureclz Ted Durr, Warren Byerlyl Karl Woodmansee, spealring for fhe group, said, "We believe I-IoughIon's spirifual emphasis. scholasfic sfanding, and friendly spirif will always appeal fo Sfony Brook fellows." YOU, TOO, MAY SECURE 6 SCHOLASTIC SCHOLARSHIP 5 5 9 5 R A :ic Houghfon College makes available scholarship aid fo any Freshman sfudenf needing assisfance and who ranks in fhe upper fiffh of his class in high school. STIMULATING STUDIES Houghfon College, a Thoroughly accredifed school. granfs B.A.. B.S., B.Mus., and B.R.E. degrees as well as a Chrisfian WorIcer's Diploma. Courses are faughf by compefenf. Chrisfian professors. CHRISTIAN COMRADESHIP I-loughfon College. a co-educafional school, affords 'rhe opporfunify of lasfing friendships wifh Chrisfian sfudenfs from many sfafes and some foreign counfries. EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES I-loughfon College offers a well diversified afhlefic program of inframural sporfs: opporfunify fo parficipafe in all phases of radio producfion fhrough WJSL: fhe challenge of Chrisfian service: fhe enioymenf of numerous club acfivifiesg and membership in musical organizafions. HOUGHTON COLLEGE I-ioueHToN, NEW YORK 9N05s01'0l'0v 0vf044010'101f7' 'I 49 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 -Q01 4011010 10'1'7'0 4011050 47'-010 CompIimen+s of . . . Tel. Amifyville 2880 JOHN MOHLENHOFF PRUDENT CONTROLS FLORISTS General Exferminafing-Tree Care Services HUNTINGTON. L. I. AMITYVILLE. NEW YORK JOHN W. CONANT General Insurance l775 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY PLaza 7-8494 2 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF DR. 84 MRS. L. F. CLARY DR. 84 MRS. FREDERICK E. WICKS E. .... W 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 BEST WISHES 5 5 5 5 5 5 We '53 OF W CLASS 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 W W 0 fQ040"01'04401k?0's01'QQ7f0'10-0' l0'0 "Our counTry has been running a series of governmenTal and social experimenTs, many oT which migh+ Turn ouT beTTer if They were spread ouT over a longer period. Very Tew people are adverse To any reasonable eTTorT Toward bringing abouT human beTTermenT, buT experience has TaughT The world ThaT growTh in individual inTelligence musT lceep sTep wiTh benevolenT beTTermenT. "We urge Those who have had The good TorTune To have been well educaTed To lceep The soluTion oT The peace problems in mind, making Their inTluence TelT, and noT being aTraid To speak ouT and Thus To guide The world inTo saTer channels." COMPLIMENTS or A FRIEND Dresses and Gowns: WI 7-7320 CoaTs and SuiTs: WI 7-7524 CLANCY'S in the village HOUSE OF STYLES STONY BROOK, L. I. I I WEST 34+h STREET NEW YORK I, N. Y. Soda FounTain - LuncheoneTTe TUTI'III.l AND YOUNG Fuel, Oil, Kerosene, Gasoline GEO. JACKSON CO. B U S H' ' e SETAUKET. N. Y. X9f'0'+r0'?6'I02'0K0R0V0b0N0'04'-020' 152 3 2 2 2 2 2 "0'4'0'-0'-'0'-7'0 -'0"0X0f'0"0'-K0 K7"01k0 f'0'17W' 7W"10'0N04 -76' COMPLIMENTS OF H. B. FRED KUHLS 00'afw 1 g 17040N?0470"040'17W201L7470WY4W0N?04062'?17!7026I'7W201WX COMPLIMENTS From THE FAMILY or GIRVIN P. KEEN I 5 T A T E MARTIN AND WILLIAM SMITH and INC. 5 M U N I CI PA L 9 B O N D S Packinghouse Designers and Builders ANDREWS 8. WELLS, INC. S 70 PINE STREET, NEW YORK 5, N. Y. Telephone WI-IHeI1all 3-3800 627 HUDSON STREET Telefype NY I-2505 NEW YORK' N' Y' I 2 x7G0W2?'0v20f 00'7G71011?1?'0'1?'0WQ0'f0f620"0'l7C?4?W1W"0' I 54 5 2 E '01'00'0 X710 ?N70f00vr0x?f0wf7'0v0N?0f61f0v7f0N?C?0'17'0140N0"Q '0X7l0I COM LI ENTS OF THE PATTlSON'S GOO UCK 53 CO L ENTS OF MR. and MRS. A. L. JACOBSEN 105'01'-054-0120 020101 ' W-eaxangx 401 010161201 l0"'01'7f0'-0'-052010 40"-0110-f?f0K02 X0'6140P'0'26M? -'JK "0" -20' 10' f0f'0'?476'f040'f0'W127f00'0f40 40f205G7f0I Telephone P. J. 8-0046 S+. James 6460 NEWCOMB BROS. STATION PHARMACY DODGE 81 PLYMOUTH Robed, Spage Ph.G. Sales and Service Cars, Trucks. Pads. Accessorles LAKE AVENUE ST. JAMES. L. I. PORT JEFFERSON. N. Y. ANTIQUES AND USED FURNITURE THE GRASS WITHERETH, THE FLOWER E GATES FADETH BUT THE WORD OF OUR GOD SHALL STONO BROOK RAILROAD ST. STAND FOREVER S. B. 7-Ol I7 Psa 4018 BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS VALLEY BAKING CO., Inc. SHIPPENSBURG, PENNA. 74010 2 I I I 156 1704016240102 H010 104102 f'01'0110"0'N0'0f0N01 I S z I 5 I 9 2 I 0"0'10110 '7'0X-0"-fl'1710f10N04W'1'0N01C71-7'047f0N0f?l0'f040'f0v10210120N06510'6 BLUE POINT Z SERVING Stony Brook School AND SUFFOLK COUNTY FOR THE PAST THIRTY THREE YEARS IN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING SERVICE BLUE POINT LONG ISLAND BL Po I 40420 6'-f6M0410N0M0 JK WKON-0f0X01'-020'0f'0'f' 27 10"-0f'0N0' 10101 0x01 -0410i x9210"f0' COMPLIMENTS 2 OF JOHN E. KUHLKE 3 SILVER COUNSELOR MRS. CATHERINE WARDELI. 42-3I I56+h S+ree+ Flushing 55, N. Y. Phone: Fl.. 9-3585 PRESTIGE fhe loveliesi of silver plafe COMPLIMENTS OF MR. STRAUSS Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hubsher 3 5 Q 3 3 5 2 9 3 Q 3 3 5 Wi 010' 0K0W'01' 1010 0R01 104' 011010 71' -02'-0i H 01?056N?0Y0106'k?f000N7fQf76N70"0N?0f0Pf-7'0'90P0100P0'6x 158 E 5 5 2 E 2 5 5 E E 43 W"10'Y ' Accrediled by New England Associalion S of Colleges and Secondary Schools . .. Member Associalion of American Col- leges . . . Regislered by fhe Deparl- menl of Educalion of The Sfafe of New York. ' Majors in sixfeen deparlrnenfs leading lo degree of Bachelor of Arfs, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor ol Arfs in The- ology, and Bachelor of Theology. 0' ' Coeducafional and cosmopolilan . . . Sludenls from lhirly sfales. Canada and several ofher foreign counlries. '0N04 ' lnlerdenorninalional in service . . . Thirry differenr denominafions represenfed in sfudenl body. ' Wrile Regislrar for calalog and piclure booklel. Eastern Nazarene College i - woLLAsToN, MASS. -'-01'0Y 61' G-01' li E 5 2 5 l E gl, Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Wolf Telephone 7-0487 JOHN ARCHDEACON General Coniracior and Builder STONY BROOK Complimenis of . .. Mr. 8. Mrs. William H. Siegel 3 AND Mr. 8. Mrs. Theodore P. Siegel SOUTH BAY FISH 8. FRUIT MARKET 50 SOUTH OCEAN AVENUE PATCHOGUE, N. Y. BEST WISHES TO Tl-IE C I a s s of I 9 5 3 MR. 8. MRS. HENRY L. CARLSON Telephone 7-I7 l 2 STEVENSON'S MARKET Fancy Groceries, Meais and Vegefables S. S. PIERCE AGENCY OLD GREENWl.Cl-l, CONN. 9WW JK WH-WIJIN0' 20" GQWKOA7' I-70 026'-0" 01' 8 x0G7'0'7-0'0'10010'W'L0'010G0k7'040'00'W5Q001l?0'W10100L0'00' X f-01-0-'0"02 4-02'0f THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED TO THE MANY FRIENDS AND PARENTS WHO HAVE SO GENEROUSLY SUPPORTED THE RES ESTAE AND HAVE JOINED TO MAKE POSSIBLE THIS ISSUE 2 5 6 5 5 9 9 6 9 5 5 5 5 E 9 5 6 5 6 5 6 62 '-0'Y0wff"'-07' f-010' 6 10"-02 6102101 05'-01 0N02r0f 6 x7'0'7040'74?0W5f9R0f06N?k7f?00G?010!Q01?1000Wv0'00100K017'Q6X 161 Complimenfs To The C R 0 W N SENIOR CLASS OF '53 Poultry Farm Mr. 8. Mrs. Norman Crock Fresh killed Broilers and Roasters NEW LAID E665 SHIPPED DAILY Complimemls of . . . PORT JEFFERSON STATION NEW YORK Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward O. Dow "Excep+ The Lord build The home 'lhey labor in vain l'ha+ build I+." -Psalm l27:I ARTHUR ADAMSEN STONY BROOK 1941 06bWY01720' 'I 62 Z E Z 2 5 3 2 5 2 9 Oi WILOY -05'-0' -0N0'M0'4' 201' if N91 .ma Compliments of Van Kampen Press WHEATON, ILLINOIS Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Evans G7' 0'54'0V-0'C?'4-0" 'I 2 3 3 2 I Ji -010' 016N0f E 01101 COMMUNITY SERVICE STATION Tires, Tubes, Auio Accessories Fuel OiI STONY BROOK Telephone 3 I 7 5 TWIN-TOWN SALES 8. SERVICE, Inc. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH 630 NEW YORK AVENUE HUNTINGTON, N. Y. Por+ Jeiferson 500 5 THE FLOWER BOCKS RUTH and DOUG "Arr WHI1 Flowers" Y. PORT JEFFERSON STATION, N. Member F. T. P L. C. CLARK CO. STONY BROOK PORT JEFFERSON We solicii' and apprecia'l'e your pafronage x N0V0lG0'C7G05405l?'?90790'k?'f0' Smifhfown I4I 8 FRANK J. CORBANI REAL ESTATE -INSURANCE MAIN STREET SMITHTOWN BRANCH. N. Y. Complimenis of. .. OETTINGER'S VARIETY STORE 8 L0V0'K01G0ff01f01'0f0K0's0'WN0N0v'0I10"0N0'N0'10K00'-03l 'I64 f0f01G?G0w0N0N-0W0N0'0f'01f01'J'05010-10f0f10E0'f7G?17W16ls 2 Compliments of 9 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Ellis Congratulations from . . . D E S K S , IN C . 7I FIFTH AVENUE A FREND NEW vomc cmr 3. N. Y. Proverbs 3:5, 6 ALgonquin 4-I260 PERIOD AND MODERN OFFICE FURNITRUE CHAIRS AND DESKS FOR THE HOME ROSCOE R' MARTIN Institutional Equipment ROCHESTER, MICHIGAN 0N00"0024-0' 1 65 0502102-0R02 17171?10P6w?'0N01W1610N7f010120N0N010'202f0v01101'040N0v6X 9 FLushing 9-3585 and FL 3-4629 HUn'ringIon 4-5937 E 5 DAVID P. WARDELL 5 Licensed EIec'IricaI Confracfor 42-31 l56+hiSTREET FLUSHING, N. Y. NI E I T I N G CHINESE CUISINE Open I'o I A.M. - Safurday 'Io 3 A.M. 5 ZIZRALIOUNT jLAS: co' 22 W. JERICHO TURNPIKE Q I ...R 'Ior ep'rs a egmrjrsssn Floofgjvering a' HUNTINGTON STATION, L. I. 5 STORE FRONTS 903 NEW YORK AVENUE 5 HUNTINGTON STATION, N. Y. O B DAVIS I GRADUATING STUDENTS i EURNITURE nc' parficularly will wanl' 'ro keep up and reading Chrislian liieralure. UNDERTAKING THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES conlains iusf Ihe diversified reading ou need. Y including helps on Ihe Infernaiional Uniform Sunday School Lesson. GREETINGS Special shori' Ierm oFfer- I8 weeks for SI. from THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES CO. CARL HEYSER JR '24 325 Norfh Thir'I'een+h Sfreei' ' i PHILADELPHIA 5. PA. 166 AN ASSET TO YOUR HOME A BEAUTY SPOT IN YOUR COMMUNITY A WONDERLAWN WONDERLAWN JERSEY CITY 6 N J 0N0'0M0-wn0vawfmw-m:m0n0na:aw:w10-0nav.wua-0fw-100-ww0ww 1 5 5 2 5 Wi 0C0N0Y0'?'0'0R7f76'G0K0V0'0X040f6'6Y0f0N7'0f0N?'06N?'-?'0X7' 892- 0-sonar 10W'-0K0"0v011010R040N0K?f0N0'f0-G0110N01w05h0'10A020v6x An Accredifed ChrisI'ian College Educa+ion is now available in New Yorlc Ci+y Shelfon College granfs 'rhe B.A. in English. Philosophy, Social Sludies. Greek, Semiiics. I-Ielorew and Koine B.R.E. in Chrislian Educalion and Bible Th.B. in Theology Shellon provides high college s+andards on a sound Bible-believing basis free from denomi- nalional bias and all enfangling alliances wiI'h modernism. Sfrong Iheological and pre-Iheo- logical deparlmenls. WRITE FOR CATALOG SHELTON COLLEGE DR. J. ouvek BUSWELL. JR.. Presidenf 340 Wesi' 55I'h SI'reeI New York I9, N. Y. FOR YOUR SUMMER VACATION Plan +o come Io THE STONY BROOK CONFERENCE OLympia 8-9755 G. P. HILLSIDE SERVICE STATION FRIENDLY SERVICE Repairs - Accessories I87-4I HILLSIDE AVENUE HOLLIS, L. I. L. Parry J. Gillespie CREATIVE PLASTICS CORP. STONY BROOK NEW YORK Props. 0'0" 040f'0G?10K0f0'-0i0fk?K-0ff0Y '0H0lf0N0f'0N010'-0K02s0f '0x0w0ff0w0f0:l C0210-'0'w0Y 4-93559054094-09'05'05'05'05f0Pi0' BEST WISHES . . . NATIONAL PROPANE CORP PETERS BOULEVARD CENTRAL ISLIP, N. Y. BOTT ED GAS ND APPLIANCES FREDERIC P. WIEDERSUM G0G0020Y0'G0l70Sf0rf0f'0f0vG0fW24kf00if00fQ910t0'?0102?1?f0Y 6 0N0'0X0K040Y0N0R710'f'-0f'f7l0'6 -010743 369-f0x0v0x0:f0v.0-v0-10' s0N?G-7f 40f'02'01?1-70-61s0410"04!010f'0b'0N0x THE BANK OF NORTHERN BROOKHAVEN MAIN OFFICE 228 EAST MAIN STREET PORT JEFFERSON. N. Y. P. J. 8-0900 BRANCH OFFICE PATCI-IOGUE RD. and DAYTON AVE. PORT JEFFERSON STA., N. Y. P. J. 8-O2l9 Member F. D. I. C. Member Federal Reserve Sysfem DIEGES 8. CLUST Manufacluring Jewelers I7 John Slreel New York 8, N. Y JEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS Rings, Medals, Charms, Pins, Trophies COMPLIMENTS OF ANNA LAVINIA Complimenfs ol. . . JOHN ADAMS HENRY, Inc. Purveyors of Fresh and Frozen Fruifs and Vegefables 56-58 HARRISON STREET NEW YORK l3, N. Y. WAlker 5-7724 Phone 304 M . RE M Z Feed and Fuel Oil PORT JEFFERSON STATION NEW YORK CAPPY'S Floor Covering of Distinction PORT JEFFERSON. L. I. 0N0'10'k?N0'0"0'01G7'0'10's01'0v0K0'10f0N0'-70Il0N061G0'0f6 61'Q17'0W17'7 40Y0'1JG0"l'?'0"0vf0l1016PG0Ws740D6X 9 2 RUGERS, PRENTISS 8: SMITH, Inc. INSURANCE BROKERS 80 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 38, N. Y. ' 5 LEW SMITH, '32 Secrefary-Treasurer 3 Complimenfs and Besi Wishes +o Hwe Porf Jefferson 8-0555 SENIOR CLASS from EMMANUEL SFAELOS ' SWEZEY FUEL CO. Fuel Oils THREE VILLAGE EXCHANGE Pafchogue 270 0'C0'G9'f?f0'l0"0'901'0'-05f0'40V05'9' x 'I 71 0N0' 0N01r0M9'0N70X-7170-10Y050N016K06'0N0K96"0"0'10'6 Compliments of . . . PAUL KING, III MR. 8. MRS. PAUL KING, JR. MRS. PAUL KING, SR. MRS. ALICE YEOMANS MRS. E. A. BRIGGS MRS. F. SCHMITTER Fine Porlrail Pholography Io Suil +l1e Needs of Your Yearbook DENTON'S PHOTO STUDIOS ROUTEL STUDIOS PORTRAITS - WEDDINGS COMMERCIAL - PHOTO SUPPLIES Photographers I+ has been a pleasure 'ro serve lhe '53 RES GESTAE 5935 Myrfle Avenue 57I I Myr'I'Ie Avenue BROOKLYN 27, N. Y. ,J . ROSCOE DENTON R HEgeman 3-7283 EAST SETAUKET. L. I.. N. Y. Official Pholographer for Telephone: Sefaulcel 686 -.953 Res Gestae '05'?901"?" 40" 0"'6'10V04'0W05' 1 72 -JK 0h 010' ' 0201? Phone: SH 5-0630 WILLIAM J. SCHOLTZ Audio-Visual Counsel G0f'-0'N0'N0"0Pf0Y0"10vf0"0f'-0K01'01f-01 '-0"0'9t0'0X Audio-Visual Equipmenls . . . Sales 8: Service P.O. No. 302. SAG HARBOR. N. Y. "BUTCH" Since 1886 this world-renowned school has provided tuition-free training for more than 54,000 students 8 basic courses. Practical, thorough training in the Bible and related subjects. Interdenominational . . . evangelical. ru: ricruu loox of student life is yours ia'- for the asking. Also catalog. Write Office of Admissions. I MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE 820 N. La Salle St. Chicago 10, HI, P A T R O N S Herberl Siienfeldf Lingle Gale Mr. and Mrs. James Ferns Mangiameli Towle Mr. and Mrs. John Provan Mdrflfl MBSSHEI' Mr. and Mrs. Nafhan Smilh M0Ul6nb9"9 Van Llew Winifred Schmi++ee Mierop Meyer Waller Chapman Milligan Sfrong, B. Mrs. Francis L. Gallanf MOOHGY- J- Eleckaf Miclrey's Barber Shop MOOFWY- R- Evans Anderson Morrow Finger Armgfrgng MOSS Caron Becker Moy Minuse Birkgnlund Mullaney Cooper, A. Camp Nolar Hanna Carlson Osborne McNamara Cgrfer Parlzer Gales Clary Paffison Scoll' Cleveland PGY Bolllef Cooper Percy Zumpff Crock Poinseil Dow Davidson Provan Slanden Dawson Reaves Kiernan DuBi-gn Soerheide Boice DuPr9g Springhorn Psola Ferng SleVel'lSOn Wolf, Rob Foster Sfienfeldl' Reynolds Frickq Tagarl Bamman Gregn Towlen Barneff Hsu Vaughn Gailer l"9l95 Venable Wiggens ions' warden Wolf, Rich Kzglochan Webber Lowander KMCM Winlrleman Esser Lee Woodel Ellis. J. x01 20"-7'-0217"-7'0'6Y '0"0N0N070N0N0Y '0"0'0 173 '909'0'91?l07!0Y0' ITS qumw ourwon names for work . . . for play . . . lor everyd0y I Acrunmo coMPA -05!01 05C05G07Q?'?C0Y05C09 5"210'20'1011-0" 'I '05'054Q5905G9'i05'0'lf01G05105!0517C0455C09'799K05S05'0x Complimenls of . . . P S T A F F O R Uniforms and Equipmenl' for All School Alhlelic Aclivilies D'S Flags . . . Fishing Tackle I50 JACKSON STREET HEMPSTEAD, LONG ISLAND. N. Y THE NEW SHOE STORES Es+. I9I0 FLORSHEIM SHOES HEM PSTEAD FREEPORT MOFFETT'S DEP'T. STORE STONY BROOK. N. Y. STONY BROOK GIFT SHOP NELSON STUDIO STONY BROOK, LONG ISLAND. N. Y. Calherine H. Nelson Edilh A. Nelson Compl imenls of . . . RUSSELL B. HAWKINS Funeral Homes PORT JEFFERSON STA. SMITHTOWN BRANCH GLAMORE-MOTOR SALES Sales FORD Service English Economy Cars CONSUL - 4 Cyl ..... ZEPHYR - 6 Cyl. SMITHTOWN BRANCH. L. I.. N. Y. 40"0"07f0'50'905'0Y0"Q5!05090W0V05f01 x 175 . W... g .WWFGK A ' '1A,L . '," '::':' ":k :" ' :Mm yy , , ,. L, an ww . l ippp U vi ii 149912. .91-Qgggye ' z ' ' HC' " lil!-1'9" Hz A1 owned It . i I , an If direct sales nv .,.mf"" We f r 915-0" " 2 i n r f PI persona! service ' f Mv'i . . E 'v',v 'ZW .,,, ihvfg, Q V Vll: ,.,,,. .kli It 2 :.z .. Q, . --ei! :zi E ffufi :.- 4 Q, :::1 ,:,. K 4 ,,,, .1,,. ,zzz .S f 2.1A 5 W f ' we .::, ,gi J re out ,w.., ng Q composition plate making " Q A ,S merhdmwls it ': i'g asf' --., .- . halftone and line ne e ' ft film and plate stripping if i is Qmgfifi Q ," L' 5 rw .W i'-. , , ..p, , L offset printing folding complete bindery service packaging delivery 2 icviiii M fmiig H WY QW A' iz t. o'toole and sons, inc QA a-C we , -lmgfbffft' i i3ffi2f1"'W N stamford, connecticut N - R 1 W , -- .... :I I Q N ' V 5 ,i w e 9 I stamford 4-9226 new york me 5-4112 11 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 11 X 11 ,1111 X1 11 , X X . .1 X 1 X 1 ' 1 1 1 1 11 '11 " -11 111 1- 1 '1111 11 11' 1 1 ' 111 11111111111 1 1111" 111111 111' 11 ' " - 111111 ' " '1 "1' - ' 11" ' 11 1"' - 11'11 '11 "1 1 11 '1 11 ,. 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 11 1 11 11' 1 1 1 1 111"1 11 1 1 1 111 1111 11 1 11 111 1 X111 1 XX,11 ' 1 1 11 '111 11 111 1 111 11 1 - 1' 1111 11 X 1 '11111' 1 11111 1 11 1 1 1 1111111111 111 11 11 111 11 11 11' 11 11111 1 11 111'1 1 1 1 111 11 1 111 1 X X 1 X1 11111"111 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 X11 1 11 ' 11 1 11 1 11 XX11 11 11' 1' 11 1 ' X'11X 1' 11111.XX 11' 11 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 11X X 1'11"1'1'11X X X 1 111 1 . 11 1XX111 11 1' 1 1 11 111X1 1 111111 '11 1111 1 111 "111111 1 1111 X 11111111 11 11 1 1 1 ' 111 11 11 11 1 ' 111 1XX11111 X 11 11 111 11' 1-11 1 11, 11 11 . 111 ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' 1" " ' ' 11111 ' "1 11 9' ' ' "11'1'"""""11'.3"',1111.!'""'11"""'1l111111'1F11""11'1'J113,11111W'''WIWA11W'11W1311111W'1'1'1II1lM11Il1M1MMM11WW11111111111Wl1l11141111111111M1M1II1I1I1?W!1111W1111ll1"'L"'U111'M1 " "' "' " 1' E - 1 E I3 I, E E 5 5 5 f, E 2 5 Q s r. 5 Y Q. x-, X I r df -. 'JVC

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