Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT)

 - Class of 1959

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Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Pawmysfouian l 95 9 Slanirzgfan flzylz School Staningtan, Cfanneclicuf 'ii Vw .-,L -...l-. -.-- 'YN Q .sff"'5" ,PQ liv- mr .5 A" ' ,9 . l. fl ', A Q s , H A . di .ff Dedicafivu We, The graduaTing class of 1959, dedicaTe This yearbook To our New England heriTage. The rushing seas and calm lakes, The high mounTains and rolling hills, The whiTe church spires and red school houses, and The large ciTies and small Towns, are parT of New England. New England is more Than a place, iT is a way of life ThaT shapes our characTers and makes us unique. IT is To This influence, Then, ThaT our year- book is dedicaTed. i T v T n Adminisfraf Yflfl BOARD OF EDUCATION Henry R. Palmer, Richard S. Dimock, Jacques D. Wimpfheimer, Ralph G. Sweerland, Paul Frechetfe T. Allen Crouch. Superinfendenr l 4.41- T. ALLEN CROUCH U Principal Vrce Principal K'- A . 1 . , 'Q CARROLL W. PEAVEY GEORGE R. MCKENNA , if L J-E+ ,c ,K ris ing DOROTHY W. BELISLE English Social Studies ELEANOR CRONIN English iiii .iftiiitrzfi i-' -Qt" . '. Nl Si . .,... tfhf'ff V Q : ci, Ii Qt. Q i , '- II WOODROW DOUVILLE Mathematics History ia' 2. gg.. i ,Q K JOHN GOGGIN Industrial Arts iii? 'Ihr' It ARTHUR CARLIN Advanced Biology Department Head MICHAEL E. CRONIN American Democracy MORRIS FABRICANT Physical Education 1 will ,M QF W, 'N N di, I l HAROLD E. COOPER NANCY L. COOPER Art JOSEPHINE A. CULLINANE Business ,S W Qi X mis 'E , if . 4' GEORGE H. FOLEY Social Studies English Business KATHRYN C. DENNEHEY English PATRICIA GILL Social Studies English MATTHEW F. GRZYB RICHARD F. LAMB CLAIRE C. LARKIN Band Mathematics English History HARRY LAWTON ELIZABETH A. MINER CYRUS N. MORGAN Music Home Economics Mathematics EVELYN L. MURDOCIC Chemistry MARY A. NANIA Guidance 4 I DAVID T. NOBLE Science Mathematics 'l x 'sal DONALD ROBINSON Mathematics J. RICHARD SILVA Business FLORENCE THAVENET Physical Education 'D Q . DONALD OSTIGNY MARGARET M. Science PETTINGELL Biology Home Economics FREDERICK sr. CYR ROBERT SHEA Industrial Arts Social Studies WILLIAM C. PETTY Modern Languages WILMA M. SHERMAN Social Studies .,,. BEATRICE MARIE M. ALFRED TEBBETTS SILVERSTEIN STEWART, Ph. D. Metals English Business Latin Department Head " A: -E'i,..- 'I H. , A A- I RICHARD B. CATHERINE H. ELEANOR VUON0 TILLINGHAST VARGAS Science Mathematics Business Enqlish Science DOROTHY WALKER JOHN p. WALSH CONSTANCE A. BARBARA J. J. GEORGE M,,h,,,,,,,iC, Indusmal wATRous WI-IELAN WILLIAMSON Sgience Mafhemaygcs Librarian Social Studies Industrial Arts Music English Department Head JOHN LATHROP Circulation Editor SUSAN MCGEE GERALD DRURY Co-Literary Editors LAWRENCE O'KEEFE Photography Editor MICHELLE DAIGNAULT Advertising Editor N JEANNETTE SYLVESTRE LOUIS LUZZI Editor-in-Chief Business Manager KATHERINE WESOLOWSKI THOMAS LAW Art Editor Sports Editor HELEN STEWART Typing Editor GEORGIANNA BRYER Music Editor Q N Af XX C9 0 xkk S cf WILLIAM BEAL Pawcatuck President "The gayest laddie in all the group" Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, Chess Club I, Brown and White 2, 3, 4, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club I, French Club 2, 3, Dramatics Club 3, U,N. Trip, Cafeteria Staff 3, Traffic Squad 4, Foul Shot Tournament, Class President 4, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Washington Club. JOSEPH CARL MOROSINI, JR. Old Mystic Vice-President "Sports are half my life." Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, Class President I, Class Vice-President 3, 4, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, Chess Club I, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Cafeteria Staff 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, "S" Club Presi- dent 4, Chorus 4, U.N. Trip, Washington Club, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom. MR. JOHN ooooin MR. FREDERICK ST. CYR Class Advisors MARGARET JEAN DEVINE Pawcatuck Secretary "She has the electric touch of life." Spirit of S.H.S. I, Chorus I, Homemaking Club 2, Civics Club I, Intramurals I, 4, Dra- matics Club 3, Sigma Beta Kap- pa 4, U.N. Trip, Talent Show 'I, 2, 3, 4, Washington Club, Of- fice Practice, Secretary of Class 4, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom. PATRICIA JEAN DONAHUE Pawcatuck Treasurer "She has blonde hair and eyes of blue." Civics Club I, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 3, Home- making Club I, 2, Camera Club 2, Dramatics Club 3, Talent Show 1, 2, 3, 4, spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, U.N. Trip, Office Prac- tice, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Washington Club, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom. ROBERT ALMQUIST Pawcatuck "Deeds, not words, make the man" lTransfer from Trenton, New Jer- seyl Camera Club 4. SANDRA LEE ASHBEY Mystic "I would rather be small and shine, than large and cast a sha- dow" Brown and White l, 2, 3, 4, Tal- ent Show l, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS l, 2, Homemaking Club T, Chorus l, 2, 4, Girls' Ensemble I, Biology Club 2, French Club 3, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, UN Trip, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Office Practice 4, Yearbook Staff, Wash- ington Club. NORMA M. AGUIAR Stonington "Sweet and small" Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show l, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Assembly Committee 3, UN Trip, Washington Club, Activity Group 4, Yearbook Staff, Sigma Beta Kappa, Office Practice. .v.,l"" - ., DAVID BARKER Pawcatuck "Give every man the ear, but few the voice" Track l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics Club 3, Washington Club, BERTHA MARIA ALLEN Pawcatuck "A good heart is a letter of credit" Homemaking Club 'l, Talent Show 3, Spirit of SHS 'l, 2, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, Biology Club 2, UN Trip, Chorus 4, Washington Club, Sigma Beta Kappa 4. SUZANNE K. BROOKS Stonington "She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with" Latin Club l, Spirit of SHS I, 2, 3, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, Talent Show 1, 4, Girls' En- semble l, Homeroom Treasurer 2, Biology Club 2, 3, Dramatics Club 2, UN Trip, Girls' Basket- ball 3, 4, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Yearbook Staff, Office Practice, Activity Group 4, Washington Club. GLORIA JEAN ANDERSON Wequetequock "She has music's golden tongue" Chess Club I, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 1, Talent Show l, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, Biology Club 2, Spirit of SHS 2, 3, Intramurals 2, Science Club 3, Dramatics Club 3, Junior Prom, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Office Prac- tice. NANCY ANN BARBER Stonington "A comrade blithe and full of glee, who dares to laugh out loud with me" Spirit of SHS l, 2, 3, Talent Show l, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party, Homemaking Club 'l, 2, Office Girl 2, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 4, Drama- tic Club 3, FTA 2, 3, Girls' Bas- ketball 3, 4, UN Trip, Junior Prom, Office Practice, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Yearbook Staff. GEORGIANNA M. BRYER Pawcatuck CTransfer from Hollywood, lll.J "Her ways are ways of pleasant- ness" UN Trip, Spirit of S.l'l.S. 3, 4, Poster chairman 4, Talent Show 3, 4, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Chorus 3, 4, Keynote 3, 4, Year- book-Music Editor, Brown and White 4, FNA President 4, All- State Chorus, New England Music Festival, Washington Club, Of- fice Girl 4. DONNA l. BUCK Pawcatuck "Sweetness is her virtue" Homemaking Club 'l, Freshman Party, Biology Club 2, Sigma Beta Kappa 4. MAURICE BROWN Pawcatuck ROBERT BROWN Wequetequock A good spirit wins friends He is wise who wishes to do Model airplane club l, Talent Show 3, Spirit of S.H.S., Chorus what he can" GLADYS ESTELLE BURNHAM Pawcatuck "She has her silent way" Yearbook Staff, Office Practice. SARAH CROSSLEY CARNAGHAN Pawcatuck "A busy little bee" Debating Club 1, 2, Homemak- ing Club 1, Science Club 2, 3, Homeroom Treasurer T, Latin Club 2, Biology Club 2, 3, Hon- or Roll 2, 3, Junior Prom, French Club 3, 4, UN Trip, Driv- er Training 3, Yearbook Literary Staff, Washington Club. TRUDY M. BUCHANAN Pawcatuck "My idea of an agreeable person" Spirit of S.H,S. i, 2, 3, Honor Roll l, Chorus 2, 3, Intramurals 2, '3, Dramatics Club 3, Talent Show 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Staff 2, 4, UN Trip, Yearbook Staff, FTA 'l, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Office Practice. CHARLES ANTHONY BURGESS, JR. Pawcatuck "Great men are not always lo- quacious" Baseball 1, 2, 4, Freshman Party, Basketball 4, Washington Club. L ANN MARIE CASTAGNA Pawcatuck "Adventure is her deIight" Freshman Party, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, Office Girl I, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, U,N. Trip, Washington Club, Junior Prom, Office Prac- tice, Yearbook Staff, Sigma Beta Kappa 4. JOAN EVELYN CLEMENS Pawcatuck "Honest, witty, and wise with laughing lips and smiling green eyes" Spirit of S,H.S., Talent Show I, 3, FTA I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Bio- logy Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, French Club 2, 3, 4, UN Trip, Washington Club,' Junior Prom, Office Practice, Sigma Beta Kap- pa 4, Honor Roll 4, Yearbook Staff. EDWIN CARTIER Stonington "Never let it be said that I ran from combat." GEORGE E. CASSELL Mystic "Laugh and the class laughs with you" Chorus I, 2, 3, Chess Club I, 2, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, Fresh- man Party, Biology Club 2, Basketball 2, French Club 3, Dramatics Club 3, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, School Play 3. DIANNA MARIE CHRISTINA Pawcatuck "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Dramatics Club I, 2, 3, Fresh- man Party, Biology Club 2, Sec- retary 2, Class Treasurer 2, Home- room Treasurer 2, U.N. Trip, Jun- ior Prom, Student Council 3, 4, Traffic Squad 3, 4, Office Girl 3, Office Practice, Sigma Beta Kap- pa, President 4, Washington Club. MAUREEN E. COMOLLI Pawcatuck "Sunny blonde hair, sunny dis- position" Assembly Committee 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble lg Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 3, FTA I, 2, 33 Brown and White I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party, Homemaking Club, Vice President I' Class Sec- retary 2, Chorus 2, 33 Girls' Basket- ball 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Hop: Poster Representative 2, UN Trip, Washing- ton Club, Honor Society 3, 4: Cheer- leader Captain 3, 45 "S" Club 3, 4, Oueen's Court 33 Junior Prom, Sen- ior Prorng Yearbook Staff, Biology Club 2, 3, Westinghouse Science Tal- ent Search 4, Science Fair 4. DENIS CRONIN Stonington GERALD CROSS Stonington Witty and wise Here today gone tomorrow Football 2 PETER DANESI Mystic "Big things come in small pack- ages." DONALD DeFOSSES Mystic "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business." Camera Club I, 45 Chess Club 2, 35 Driver Training 35 U.N. Trip5 Washington Club. WILLIAM CULLINANE Westerly "Tall, Dark, and Handsome." Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 35 Biology Club 2, 35 Civics Club I5 U.N. Trip 35 Washing Club5 Talent Show I, 25 Freshman Party5 Sophomore Hop5 Junior Prom5 Senior Prom. MICHELLE DAIGNAULT Pawcatuck "To know her is to love her." Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 35 Latin Club I, 2, 35 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 45 Home Room Treasurer I5 Talent Show 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 3, Presi- dent5 Girls' Basketball 25 Chorus 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 U. N. Trip5 Yearbook Advertising Edi- tor5 Washington Club 45 Fresh- man Party5 Sophomore Hop5 Junior Prom5 Senior Prom5 F.T.A. 3, 45 F.N.A. 45 Biology Club 2, 3, 4. GERALD FRANCIS DRURY Pawcatuck "A great man in any field." Football I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, Cap- tain 45 Talent Show I5 "S" Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3, 45 Assembly Co-chairman 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 French Club 35 U.N. Trip5 Washington CIub5 Yearbook Staff, Co-Literary edi- tor 45 Cafeteria Staff 3, 45 Traffic Squad 3, 4. ROBERT DUERR Old Mystic "Restless as a windshield wip- u er. Basketball I5 Baseball 25 Spirit of S.H.S. I5 Chess Club 25 Freshman Party5 Sophomore Hop. JEAN ELIZABETH DANFORTH Old Mystic "Short and sweet, but not to be regarded lightly." Band I, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club I, 25 Homemaking Club I5 Chorus I, 2, 3, 45 Talent Show 2, 45 F.T.A. 2, 35 Girls' Ensemble I5 Spirit of S.H.S. 25 All-State Band 35 U.N. Trip 35 French Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Washington Club 4. FRANCES LEE DOLCE Pawcatuck "She seems quiet to those who do not know her." Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, 45 Chorus I, 2, 45 Freshman Party5 Talent Show I, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Homemaking Club I5 Biology Club 2, 35 Driver Train- ing 35 Dramatics Club 35 Washing- ton CIub5 Office Prac1ice5 Activity Committee 45 Sigma Beta Kappa 45 Yearbook Staff5 Senior Prom. SANDRA ERWIN Pawcatuck "A sweet little maiden" WILLIAM E. FALLON Wequetequock "He will not be condemned for what he says" Camera Club I, 4, Biology 3, 4, Basketball I, Track 2, Football 3, Chess Club I, 2, Spirit of S.H.S. 2, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom. LESTER DUNCKLEE Mystic "Always be prepared" Camera Club I, 2, 4, Track I, 2, Chess Club 3, U.N. Trip, Wash- ington Club. .IUDITH F. ENOS Stonington "As carefree as a summer's day" F.T.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club I, 2, Biology Club 2, 3, Tal- ent Show I, 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Chorus 3, "S" Club 3, 4, U.N. Trip, Bas- ketball 3, Washington Club, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop. LINDA JEAN FOBERG Pawcatuck "A happy smile and a gay heart" Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Homemaking Club, Biology Club 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, 4, Tresaurer 4, French Club 2, Dramatics Club 3, Brown and White 2, 3, 4, FNA 4, Chorus 3, 4, U.N. Trip 3, Washington Club 4, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Driver Training, Yearbook Staff. LINDA FOLEY Pawcatuck "For blue her eyes, serene and lovely" Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show I, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, Drama- tics Club 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, Assem- bly Committee I, U.N. Trip, Bas- ketball manager 3, 4, Yearbook Typing Staff, Office Practice, Washington Club, Freshman Par- ty, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom-Queens Court, Senior Prom, Sigma Betta Kappa 4. ERNEST A. EVANS Pawcatuck Transfer from N.F.A. "Why will men worry themselves so" Track 3, Chorus 3, 4. JANET LESLIE FERGUSON Mystic "A perfect lady at all times, quiet, refined, and courteous." Home Economics Club Treasurer I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, F.T.A. I, 2, 3, President 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Brown and White I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Assistant Editor 3, Biology Club 2, 3, Spirit of S.H.S. 2, Keynotes 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Junior Prom, Yearbook Staff, Senior Prom, Washington Club. DAVID W. GIRVEN Pawcatuck "From a little spark may burst a mighty flame." Freshman Party, Spirit of S.H.S. I, Football I, 2, Biology Club 2, Junior Prom, U.N. Trip, Senior Prom. MARY LESLIE GRILLO Pawcatuck "Sweetness and success go hand in hand" Latin Club I, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 3, F.T.A. Sec- retary 3, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party, Biology Club 2,-3, 4, Soph- omore Hop, Honor Society 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, U.N. Trip, Driver Training 3, Junior Prom, Yearbook Advertising Staff, Wash- ington Club, "S" Club, Westing- house Science Talent Search 4, Science Fair 4. ANNE FRANCES GALLAGH ER Pawcatuck "Never a dull moment" F.T.A. I, 2, 3, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Co-chairman I, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, Latin Club I, 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Brown and White I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble I, Girls' Bas- ketball Team 2, 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, Freshman Party, Sopho- more Hop, Junior Prom, Biology Club 2, U.N. Trip, Keynotes Sec- retary 4, Washington Club, French Club 4. ELIZABETH HELENA GILMORE Pawcatuck "She is always in on the fun" Intramurals I, Camera Club I, Talent Show I, Chess Club I, 2, Dramatics Club I, Biology Club 2, 3, Freshman Party I, Sopho- more Hop 2, Senior Prom 4, Debating Club I, Chorus I, Spirit of S.H.S. 2, F.T.A. 2, U.N. Trip 3, Homemaking Club 2, Office Practice, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Washington Club. PEGGY A. HEWITT Mystic "A light heart lives long." Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble I, Science Fair, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, U.N. Trip, -Junior Prom, F.N.A. 4, Washington Club, Sen- ior Prom. DAVID JOHNS Pawcatuck "His pencil drew whatever his soul designed" Chess Club I, 2, Latin Club I, 2, Track I, 2, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Cafeteria Staff 3, Washington Club. CATHERINE GLEY Mystic "Dependability is a virtue" Transfer from North Hampton, Massachusetts Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Yearbook Staff, Office Practice 4. LEONARD HARRINGTON Pawcatuck "Let me but do my work from day to day" JEAN DENISE KELLIHER Pawcatuck "An air of friendliness about her" Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of S.H,S. I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Homemaking Club I, Freshman Pary, French Club 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 2, Dramatics Club 2, Sophomore Hop, U.N. Trip, Homeroom Treas- urer 3, Junior Prom, Yearbook Staff, Washington Club, Office Practice, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Senior Prom. RUSSELL KIRBY Mason's Island "Cars, his first love" MICHAEL JOHNSON Wequetequock "My words are few, my thoughts are many" Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2. EDWARD KEARNEY Pawcatuck "A friendly sort of chap" Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 2, Spirit of S.H.S. 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, S Club 3, 4. JOAN ELIZABETH LARKIN Pawcatuck "Tall, slim and ladylike" F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, In- tramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, Freshman Party, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Spirit of S.H.S. I, Sophomore Hop, Tal- ent Show 2, 3, Cafeteria Staff 2, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, U.N. Trip, Biology Club 3, 4, Band 3, Future Nurses 4, Office Girl 4. JOHN C. LARKIN Stonington "His pranks are not missed" Football I, Talent Show I, 2, 3, Camera I, Bas- ro be 4, Chess Club I, 2, Club I, Cafeteria Staff ketball 2, 3, 4, Science Club I, Freshman Party, Biology Club 2, Sophomore Hop 2, Baseball 3, 4, UN Trip, Vice President of French Club 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Junior Prom, Washington Club, Senior Prom. MARY JOHNSON KIDDY Pawcatuck "Tall and serene, fine a girl as ever was seen" Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Fresh- man Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Bi- ology Club 2, 3, French Club 2, U.N, Trip, Washington Club, Chorus 4, Yearbook Staff, Office Practice, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, "S" Club 4. WOODROW KLEWIN, JR. Mystic "Much could be said, but what's the use" Track I, Spirit of S.H.S. I, Base- ball 2. JOANNE LAWRENCE Pawcatuck "Happy-go-lucky and nice" Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of S.H.S. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 3, 4, In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Office girl 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Tal- ent Show 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 1, Freshman Party, Junior Prom, Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Prom. JAMES JOSEPH LEVANTI JR. Pawcatuck "A well-wound watch never stops" Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show 1, 2, 3, 4, spam of s.H.s. 1, 2, 3, Freshman Party, Track 2, 4, Biol- ogy Club 2, Sophomore Hop, U. N. Trip, French Club, Gymnastics Club 3, Junior Prom, Washington Club, Senior Prom. JOHN MARCUS LATHROP Stonington "Wit is the flower of imagina- tion" Talent Show 2, 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Spirit of S.H.S. 2, 3, Latin Club 2, Chess Club 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Football 2, Baseball 2, Traffic Squad 4, Washington Club, Yearbook Circulation Editor, New England Music Festival 4. THOMAS CLARK LAW Mystic "Endurance, foresight, strength and skill" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, Freshman Par- ty, Baseball 2, 3, Band 2, 3, Biology Club 2, Latin Club 2, Sophomore Hop, Nutmeg Boys' State 3, Brown and White 3, 4, French Club 3, U.N. Trip 3, Jun- ior Prom, Allstate Chorus 4, Yearbook Sports Editor, Wash- ington Club, Senior Prom, New England Music Festival 4. PAUL LEONE Pawcatuck "l rise to a point of order" Freshman Party, Biology Club 2 Talent Show 2, Chess Club 3 Football 3, U.N. Trip, Driver Train ing 3. GERALD J. LONG Pawcatuck "A smile for all, a frown for none" Latin Club 1, Talent Show 1, 3, Biology Club 2, French Club 3, Driver Training 3, Activities Com- mittee 4. PETER S. LOPRIORE Pawcatuck JOSEPH W. LORELLO Mystic "Why should one study and Transfer from Massachusetts drive oneself mad?" U.N. Trip. "He knows what is what." Biology Club 2, Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Talent Show 3, U.N. Trip, Washington Club. GILBERT MAIN Pawcatuck "A reliable sort of person" JOSEPH L. MARTIN Pawcatuck "Happily he goes his way" Football 15 French Club 45 Wash ington Club5 Freshman Party5 Sophomore Hop5 Junior Prom5 Senior Prom. PETER LOWELL Mystic "He is the architect of his own future" LOUIS J. LUZZI Pawcatuck "By the work, one knows the worker" Football I, 25 Football Manager 3, 45 Baseball I, 25 Track I5 Track Manager 25 Basketball I5 Spirit of SHS I, 25 Chess Club I, 2, 3, 45 Talent Show I, 2, 35 Biology Club 2, 35 Honor Society 3, 45 "S" Club 3, 45 U.N. Trip5 Science Fair 45 Yearbook Busi- ness Manager5 Washington Club5 Freshman Party5 Sophomore Hop5 Junior Prom5 Senior Prom5 Gymnastics Club 3. CELENA ELIZABETH MCMAHON Pawcatuck "Good nature is one of the rich- est fruits of personality." Talent Show I, 2, 3, 45 Spirit of SHS I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, 3, 43 President 4, Vice-President 3, Chorus I, 2, 3, 45 Brown and White I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, FTA Club 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 43 Science Proiect 23 Traffic Squad 43 Future Nurses Club 3, 43 Yearbook Staff, UN Trip, Washing- ton Club: Freshman Party: Sopho- more Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Home Room Treasurer 3. PATRICK LAWRENCE NICSPARREN Pawcatuck "A man's best friend is his car" Spirit Shows I, 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 45 UN Trip5 Washington Freshman Party5 Sopho- of SHS I, 2, 35 Talent 2, 3, Club5 more Hop5 Junior Prom5 Senior Prom. LOUIS MARSEILLES Mystic "Now and ever independent" French Club 25 Biology Club 25 Model Airplane Club5 Vice-Presi- dent 25 Talent Show 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 45 Freshman Party5 Washington Club. SUSAN B. MCGEE Mason's Island "Success is the culmination of friendship and hard work" Latin Club I, 25 Brown and White I, 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Spirit of S.H.S. I5 Class Vice-President I5 Debating Club I, 25 Talent Show I, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club I, 2, 35 Treasurer 35 School Play 35 Chorus I, 2, 3, 45 FrenchCIub 35 Cheerleader 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 35 Yearbook Literary Edi- tor5 Junior Prom, Queen's Court5 U.N. Trip5 Senior Prom5 "S" Club 45 Washington Club. IRENE MORGAN Stonington lTransfer from Norwich Free Academy, "Her voice is soft and sweet, an excellent thing in woman" Office girl 3, Chorus 4, Keynotes 4, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Talent Show 4, Washington Club. STEPH EN NICHOLS Wequetequock "Takes everything in his stride" NANCY LEE MELDRUM Pawcatuck "One cannot judge a book by its cover" Spirit of SHS I, 2, 3, 4, Home- making Club I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, FTA Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Fair Exhibit 2, Biology Club 2, 3, French Club 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, UN Trip, Washing- ton Club, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop. BARBARA DIANE MEUSE Stonington "Smiles and friends go hand in hand." Spirit of SHS I, 2, 3, 4, Talent Shows I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club I, Honor Rall 1, 3, FTA Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Yearbook, Adver- tising, U.N. Trip, Washington Club, Freshman Party. JOAN ELIZABETH NOVELLO Stonington "Happily she goes her way." Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Brown and White I, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS I, 2, 3, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Latin Club 2, 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Driver Train- ing 3, U.N. Trip, Honor Roll 3, Future Nurses' Club 4, Wash- ington Club, Yearbook Staff. MICHAEL LAWRENCE O'BRlEN Pawcatuck "Contentecl, he lets the rest of the world go by." Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Football 'l, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club I, 2, 4, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, French Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, "S" Club 4. KATHRYN A. NACCARATO Pawcatuck "Variety is the spice of life" Latin Club I, 2, Girls' lntrarnurals I, 2, 3, 4, FTA I, 2, 33 Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble I, Chorus I, 2, Hornemakinq Club I, President I, Spirit of Sl-IS I, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Horneroom Treasurer 2, Girls' Basketball Team 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Science Fair 2, Dramatics Club 2, 3, UN Club, Office Girl 3, 4, Junior Prom, Oueen's Court 3, Yearbook Literary Staff, Advertising Statt, "S" Club 41 Brown and White Staff 4, Washington Club, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Senior Prom, Traf- fic Squad 4. LEO v. NOLAN, JR. Mystic "Why worry?" Basketball I, Dramatics Club I, Camera Club 2, Chess Club 2, Class President 3, Cafeteria Staff 3, Washington Club 4, Baseball 4, Yearbook. Staff 4, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom. VICTOR PANCIERA Stonington "Admire him for his versatility." Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Culb I, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, U.N. Trip, Honor Roll 3, Brown and White, Senior Prom, Yearbook Literary Staff, Washington Club. ROLLIN RATHBUN Mystic "A quiet tongue shows a wise head." Football, Biology Club 2, Drama- tics Club I, 2, 3, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, 4, U.N. Trip, Advertising Staff, Cafeteria Staff 4, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom. LAWRENCE O KEEFE Pawcatuck "A scholar, a gentleman, and a credit to the school." Honor Roll I, 2, 4, Latin Club 2, Talent Show I, Biology Club 2, 3, Driver Training 3, U,N. Trip, Honor Society 3, 4, Chess Club 3, Washington Club, Photography Editor, Yearbook Staff. RITA JEAN O NEIL Pawcatuck "My opinion is not a quiet one," Home Economics Club I, Talent Show I, 2, 4, Intramurals I, 2, Biology Club 2, U.N. Trip, Cafe- teria Staff 3, 4, Office Practice 4, Sigma Beta Kappa Club, Vice- President, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom. JANE ANN TERESA RICHARD Stonington "Checked for silence, never taxed for speech." Homemaking Club I, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Driver Training 3, U.N. Trip, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Yearbook Staff, Activity Committee 4, Washing- ton Club, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom. PATRICIA ANN RIDER Pawca-tuck "A helping hand at all times." Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, Biology Club 2, Talent Show 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, Dramatics Club I, 2, 3, U.N. Trip, Office Practice 4, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Washington Club. PHILIP RATHBUN Pawcatuck "A quick tongue and a friendly smile." Spirit of S.H.S., Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom. LINDA REYNOLDS Pawcatuck "Happiness is the best of all life's treasures." Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll I, 3, Biology Club 2, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Homeroom Treasurer 2, 4, U.N. Trip, Driver Training 3, Activities Committee 4, Yearbook Staff, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Washington Club, Office Practice, Freshman Party, Junior Prom, Ticket and Program Chairman. N- 'TN ""'7'v ELIZABETH A. ROBISHAW Pawcatuck "For beauty lives with kindness" Spirit of SHS l, 25 Biology Club 25 Talent Show 2, 35 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 35 Wash- ington CIub5 Sigma Beta Kappap Office Practice5 Honor Roll l, 3, 4. PRISCILLA R. ROUSE Pawcatuck "Art, her love" F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club I, 2, 3, 45 Spirit of SHS I, 2, 3, 45 Tal- ent Show I, 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals l, 2, 35 Brown and White T, 2, 3, 45 Art Editor 2, 3, 45 Freshman Party5 Sopho- more Hop5 Junior Prom5 Senior Prom5 Orchestra I5 U.N. Trip5 Washington Club5 Camera Club5 Yearbook Staft5 Biology Club 2. BEVERLY ROBINSON Mystic "Nothing is more useful than silence" Sigma Beta Kappa 4. GEORGE HENRY ROBINSON Stonington "A true leader and respected gentleman" Student Council l, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 45 Talent Show l, 2, 45 Camera Club I5 Basketball I, 25 Track I, 3, 45 Football 2, 45 Cafeteria Staff 25 Science Club 25 "S" Club 3, 45 U.N. Trip5 Junior Prom Co- Chairman5 Washington Club5 Yearbook Staff5 Senior Prom Co- Chairman5 Freshman Party5 Sophomore Hop. GEORGE ALBERT RYAN Pawcatuck "His presence is always known" Chess Club I5 Science Club I5 Track 25 Biology Club 25 Latin Club 35 Junior Prom5 Talent Show 45 Senior Prom. MICHAEL SADDOW Pawcatuck "Hail! The conquering hero comes" Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Captain5 Baseball 25 Student Council 3, 45 Traffic Squad 3, 45 "S" Club 2, 3, 45 Spirit of sHs 2, 35 Talent Show I, 3, 45 Co- Chairman I5 U.N. Trip5 Wash- ington CIub5 Co-Chairman Fresh- man Party5 Class Treasurer 15 Class President 25 Biology Club 25 Junior Prom. ELEANOR E. ROSE Stonington "All things she does well" Latin Club l, 2, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS I, 2, 3, 43 Talent Show lt 21 3. 41 Freshman Party Co-chair- mang Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom Co-Chairman, Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 45 FNA 3, 45 Vice P"95ldEV1l? "S" Club 3, 4, Cheerlead- er 3, 4, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary, Badminton 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Brown and White I, 2, 3, 45 Junior Sports Editor 3, Sports Editor 45 Homeroom treas- urer Ig Office Girl 4, Yearbook Liter- ary Staft3 U.N. Trip, Dramatics Club 3, Washington Club. VINCENT RUSSO Old Mystic "He has a quiet nature." Spirit of SHS5 Chess Club 35 Driv- er Training 35 U.N. Trip 35 Cam- era Club 4. MICHAEL PETER SAVIN Stonington "Student's delight-teacher's ter- ror." Talent Show l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Dra- matics Club 3, Spirit of SHS l, 2, 3, Freshman Party, Debating Club I, Assembly Committee 2, 4, Sophomore Hop, French Club 25 Biology Club 2, UN Tripp Washington Clubp Junior Promg Senior Prom, Yearbook Staff: Chess Club l, 2, 3: Basketball Scorer 3. JAMES EDWARD SCHILLER Pawcatuck "Silence is his asset" Freshman Party, Junior Prom, UN Trip, Senior Prom, Talent Show 4. PHYLLIS ANN SAFFOMILLA Mystic "Full of pleasure" Freshman Party, Junior Prom: Senior Prom, lntramuralsp Chorus l, 2, Spirit of SHS 2g UN Trip, Driver Training 35 Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Office Practice, Chess Club 2. KENNETH SANTOS Stonington "Never an idle moment" c. , ' ,lr ,, -,-.. T- f is wi. , fi -if at tii ' " f LANA JEAN SILLER Pawcatuck "A tall stalk of lovelinessn 'PFW-'illil X SANDRA EILEEN SIMON Mystic "A sweet smile and a gentle manner" Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Promp Chorus 4, Office Practice: Sig- ma Beta Kappa 45 Homeroom Treasurer 4. 5 .Aff I mgfg' JEANNE KATHERINE SCHACKNER Pawcatuck "A sparkle in her eye, a smile on her face" Student Council l, 2, 3, 47 Talent Show l, 2, 3, 4, FTA I, 2, 3, Brown and White I, 2, 3, 47 Assistant Edi- tor 4, Spirit of SHS I, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, 43 Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 43 Office Girl l, 2, 3, Freshman Party: Sophomore Hop: Junior Prom Co-Chairman, Senior Prom: UN Trip: Washington Club: Homemalring Club ly Receptionist 2: Girls' Basketball Manager 21 Latin Club 33 Oueen's Court 33 FNA Sec- retary, Kevnotes 4, Yearbook Staff, Assembly Committee Co-chairman 4. JULIA A. SERRANO Stonington "Not a care in the world" Spirit of SHS l, 25 Homemaking Club lg Freshman Partyy Sopho- more Hopf Junior Prom: Talent Show 2, 35 Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Yearbook Staff, Activity Com- mittee-chairman. LINDA R. SORENSEN Pawcatuck "Sophisticated Lady" Spirit of S.H.S. I, Talent Show 'l, 2, Freshman Party, FTA I, French Club 2, Sophomore Hop, Biology Club 2, Homemaking Club 2, Junior Prom, UN Trip, Sigma Beta Kappa, Office Practice, Washington Club. SALLY STEDMAN Stonington "A worthy member of Sigma Beta Kappa" Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Talent Show I, 2, Biology Club 2, Science Fair 2, Class Secretary 3, Spirit of S.H.S. 3, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Yearbook Advertising Staff, Office Practice. DAVID SISK Stonington "For mischief is the spice of life" Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball manager I, 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Chess Club l, 2, 3, Talent Show 4, Camera Club 'l, 2, U.N. Trip, Washington Club, Cafeteria Staff 2, Freshman Par- ty, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Traffic Squad 4, Driver Training 3. HEIDI SJOSTRONI Stonington "To know her well is to like her better" Talent Show I, 2, Freshman Par- ty, Sophomore Hop, Biology Club 2, Spirit of S.H.S. 3, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Office Practice 4, Activity Staff 4. MARY LYNNE STEWART Pawcatuck "A merry life is a full life" Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Freshman Party, Sopho- more Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Science Club I, Home- making Club 2, Biology Club 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Office Girl 2, 3, UN Trip, Office Practice, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Keynotes, treasurer 4, Yearbook Circulation Staff, Washington Club. J U N E MARY SUTH ERLAN D Pawcatuck "Sugar and spice and every- thing nice" Talent Show I, 3, 4, Co-Chairman 2, Freshman Party, Sophomore I-lop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Latin Club I, 2, Spirit of S,l-l.S. I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 43 Office Girl I, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Brown and White 2, 3, 4, Junior Business Manager 3, Senior Business Manag- er 4g F.T,A. 31 Junior Prom Queen, UN Trip, Traffic Squad 3, 4, Hon- or Roll 2, 3, Yearbook Advertising Staff, Washington Club. RICHARD SORENSEN Pawcatuck "Laugh while you may, every- thing has its time" Camera Club I, Basketball mana- ger I, Spirit of S.H.S. I, Debat- ing Club 2, U.N. Trip, Washing- ton Club, Chorus 4. HELEN A. STEWART Pawcatuck "lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Spirit of S.H.S. I, 2, 3, Intramurals 'l, 2, 3, Talent Show I, 2, 3, French Club 2, Biology Club 2, Chorus 2, Class Treasurer 3, U.N. Trip 3, Washington Club, Office Prac- tice, Yearbook Typing Editor 4, Sigma Beta Kappa 4. JUDITH ELLEN TAYLOR Pawcatuck "A radiant smile comes ever from her" Homemaking Club I, Spirit of SHS I, 2, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, In- tramurals I, 2, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Biology Club 2, Brown and White 2, 3, 4, Cir- culation Editor 4, Honor 2, 3, U.N. Trip, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Office Practice, Washington Club. KATHRYN L. UMPHLETT Pawcatuck "Ever loyal, ever true, to the tasks she has to do" Brown and White I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble I, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Fresh- man Party, Sophomore Hop, Jun- ior Prom, Senior Prom, Biology Club 2, U.N. Trip, Future Nurses 4, Washington Club. JEANNETTE MARIE SYLVESTRE Wequetequock "Ambition brings only success" Spirit of SHS, I, 2, 3, 4, Brown and White I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble I, Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party, Sopho- more Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, Bi- ology Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, F.T.A, 3, 4, U.N. Trip, Honor Society 3, 4, Driver Training 3, F.N.A. 4, Science Fair 4, Westing- house Science Talent Search 4, Editor-in-Chiet of Yearbook, Wash- ington Club. VIRGIN IA LEE WATERMAN Lord's Point "There is no wisdom like frank- ness" Chorus I, 2, Freshman Party, Latin Club I, 2, Talent Show I, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, Spirit of SHS I, 2, 3, Science Club I, Sophomore Hop, Biology Club 2, Spelling Bee Finalist 2, Spring Concert 2, UN Trip, Dramatics Club 3, French Club 3, 4, Junior Prom, Yearbook Staff, Washington Club, Future Nurses of America 4, Senior Prom. HELENE MARY SYLVIA Stonington "Her presence is known where- ver she goes" Homemaking Club I, U.N. Trip, Office Practice, Sigma Betta Kappa 4, Yearbook Staff, Sen- ior Prom, Washington Club. KATHERINE V. WESOLOWSKI Old Mystic "Style is the dream of thought" Latin Club I, 2, 3, 4, Debating Club I, Brown and White I, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS I, Chorus I, 2, 4, Girls Ensemble I, Biol- ogy Club 2, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Talent Show 2, 3, 4, Science Fair 2, U.N. Trip, Washington Club, Yearbook Staff, Senior Prom. JUDITH MARION TETLOW Mystic "Silence can bring no harm" Homemaking Club I, Spirit of SHS I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, UN Trip, Sigma Beta Kappa 4. WILLIAM WALSH Pawcatuck "A sound mind and a sound body" Football I, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Basketball I, Track I, 2, Talent Shows I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, All State 3, Chess Club I, 2, 3, Science Fair I, 2, Spirit of SHS I, 2, 3, Biology Club 2, "S" Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, School Play 3, 4, Cafeteria Staff 3, UN Trip, Washington Club, Sophomore Hop Co-Chairman. NORMA WILL Wequetequock "Leisure strikes me as a wonder- ful pleasure" Talent Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, Office Practice. CHARLES S. WOOD Stonington "He was straight and strong ancl his eyes were blue" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, chess Club 1, 2, 3, Hs" Club 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS 1, 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, Cafeteria Staff 2, 3, Jun- ior Prom, Senior Prom, Washing- ton Club. Answers to Baby Pictures 1. C. Wood 14. P. 2. M. Comolli 15. J. 3. J. Lathrop 16. J. 4. E. Gilmore 17. P. 5. L. Marseilles 18. S. 6. M. Daignault 19. J. 7. V. Waterman 20. H. B. D. Girven 21. H. 9. J. Sutherland 22. S. 10. N. Barber 23. J. 11. J. Ferguson 24. L. 12. J. Novello 25. D. 13. L. Luzzi 26. F. EVERETT WESTCOTT CHARLES WHEELER Pawcatuck Mygtig "His smile may have a hidden "A quiet kind of gentleman" meaning" Camera Club 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Chess Club 1, 2, Talent Show 1, 4, Debating Club 1, Fresh- man Party, French Club 2, Biology Club 2, UN Trip, Spirit of SHS 3, Senior Prom, Cafeteria Staff 3. RAYMOND WlLLlAlVlS Old Mystic "Then he put his trumpet to his lips" Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, Band 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 4, Science Club 4. DOROTHY AMY ZEMBRUSKI Pawcatuck DANIEL BIRKBECK Pawcatuck "Why should one speak when one Rouse 27. G. Long Enos 28. N Aguiar Schackner 29. V. Panciera Saffomilla 30. D. Zembruski Stedman 31. J. Larkin Svlvestre 32. T. Law Siostrom 33. P. Hewitt Stewart 34. J. Larkin Simon 35. K. Wesolowski Tetlow 36. G. Ryan Foley 37. M Sacldow Barker 38. G. Bryer Dolce 39. D. Sisk can listen" "Gay and small, well loved by all" Spirit of SHS 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, French Club 2, Bi- ology Club 2, Talent Show 2, 3, 4, UN Trip, Homeroom Treasurer 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, "S" Club 4, Sigma Beta Kappa 4, Typing Staff of Yearbook, Washington Club, Office Practice. 40. L. Nolan . J. Morosini 41. K Naccarato M. Kiddy 42. M. Grillo J. Taylor 43. L. O'Keefe S. McGee 44. S. Ashbey L. Stewart 45. D Meuse K. Umphlett 46. S. Brooks J. Levanti 47. J. Danforth S. Carnaghan 48. E. Rose . W. Cullinane 49. A Castagna . M. Devine 50. L. Foberg L. Reynolds 51. R. Williams . M. Savin 52. G. Buchanan KJ I ff l 1 f l f 1 rl 1,4 5 b ,E ii QQ tim, CLASS oDE ax "X i . ll lAuld Lang Synel F ' , wx -5 'L 'wsorhs Farewell, Old Stonington, Farewell, The time has come to part, But as we journey on Through life Memories will till our hearts. A X 'N 4 . . 'BSA You have been our pride and loy, ,xfx -, X fx qqwxq And we loved you more each year, 4111 A Stonington, our Alma Mater, ' to 'Slfx X The name we hold so dear. X "", , A2 'N it is Q! QQ' FQ? So now we leave and say adieu, Af vb-30 0 Ancl to new friends we will tell v,06"'O Ot the happy days we spent with you Farewell, Stonington, Farewell. JUDY ENOS 'S ...f MN game ,ej wl - ' qlfh' f N ff egg! T i i . so -:ff C f, I if A x,,x:S-Sfx, If x . - ix W 611155 History Perhaps never again in our lives will four years be filled with as much happiness and ioy as were the four years we spent at Stonington High School. Remember the basketball championship at New Haven and the train trip back-the New York trip and those gay room parties-But that's getting ahead of ourselves. FRESHMAN YEAR As the class of '59 entered the "old high school" for the first time, things seemed forbiddingly strange. But after the first class meeting and the election of our officers: President-Joseph Morosini, Vice President-Susan McGee, Secretary-Eleanor Rose, and Treasurer-Michael Saddow, things began to brighten. Jeanne Schackner and George Robinson were our student council representatives. Remember? l CM, The Freshman Party was a huge success, and who could ever forget Michael Savin as "Alfalfa" in the Freshman Talent Show. The setting was a local "hotspot" and things were surely "poppin'." This was also the year the athletes of the class got their taste of high school sports. As the year came to a close and the mysteries of stacked lockers and confusing schedule cards were solved, we looked forward to our Sophomore year and the distinction of being known as "wise fools." SOPHOMORE YEAR As we again mounted the steps to the yellow buses that would carry us up Mayflower Avenue for our last year at the "old school," now known as Pawcatuck Junior High, we began to realize that the old excuses for tardiness, "skipping," and late homework might not be accepted so readily. Our agile minds set to work on the problem of relieving us of our "heavy burden" for another year. Class elections were held and the following students were elected: President-Richard Aversa, Vice President-Michael Saddow, Secretary-Maureen Comilli, and Treasurer-Dianne Christina. George Robinson, Gerald Drury, Jeanne Schackner, and June Sutherland were chosen to represent us in the Student Council. Michael Savin was again the high spot of our talent show and the annual Sophomore Hop was held on March 16. Charles Wood, Gerald Drury, Michael Saddow, William Walsh, and Edward Kear- ney distinguished themselves in sports, and after four weeks of grueling training seven girls, name- ly, Mary Grillo, Mary Kiddy, Susan McGee, Kathryn Naccarato, Eleanor Rose, Dorothy Zembruski, and captain Maureen Comolli were repaid for their aching muscles with the honor of becoming cheerleaders and representing the spirit of S.H.S. JUNIOR YEAR Our iunior year at S.H.S. contained many of the pitfalls of our Freshman one. A new school, new lockers, new teachers, but once again we were guilty of the same old excuses. We elected our leaders for the coming year. Class President-Leo Nolan, Vice President-Joseph Morosini, Secretary-Sally Steadman, and Treasurer, Helen Stewart. Student Council representatives were George Robinson, Gerald Drury, Michael Saddow, Jeanne Schackner, June Sutherland, and Dianne Christina. The Thanksgiving Day football game was a hard one to lose, but before long Christmas was in the air, and Michael Savin as Rudolf was prancing across the stage of the Junior Talent Show. During our Junior year several members of our class were elected to the National Honor So- ciety: Maureen Comolli, Michele Daignault, Gerald Drury, Anne Gallagher, Mary Grillo, Joanne Lawrence, Louis Luzzi, Susan McGee, Lawrence O'Keefe, and Jeannette Sylvestre. Our lettermen were: William Walsh, Joseph Morosini, Gerald Drury, Charles Wood, Edward Kearney, Michael Saddow, George Robinson, and Louis Luzzi. One of the most memorable events of our Junior year was the annual New York trip-three days in the big city, and we loved itl Remember the Empire State Building and Palisades! As spring sped by, George Robinson and Jeanne Schackner began to organize our Junior Prom . . . "Moonlight and Roses."-who would be Queen? Happy smiles appeared as June Suther- land mounted the steps to her throne, followed by her court consisting of Maureen Comolli, Janet Ferguson, Linda Foley, Susan McGee, Kathryn Naccarato, and Jeanne Schackner. What a fitting climax to our Junior Year! SENIOR YEAR The fall of '58 arrived, and we now realized we were really Seniors-Problems of Democracy and Senior English now had meaning for us. We elected our officers with the sobering thought that it was for the last time, President-William Beal, Vice President-Joseph Morosini, Secretary- Margaret Devine, and Treasurer-Patricia Donahue. Our student council members of the Junior year were re-elected and George Robinson was chosen council president, Secretary-Treasurer was June Sutherland. Gerald Drury and Jeanne Schackner headed the assembly committee. The Senior Harvest of Talent was excellent and George's General Store will live in our memories for years to come. Then came the Senior Prom. Eleanor Rose and George Robinson were the co- chairmen and they did a wonderful iob. This year our classmates were sports captains, football-Billy Walsh, basketball-Charles Wood, baseball-Gerald Drury, and track-Michael Saddow, Finally Spring arrived, and we completed preparations for the Washington Trip. We will al- ways remember the wonderful experience of this iourney. As our yearbooks were distributed, we realized that our high school career was iust one brief episode in our lives. Susan McGee Sarah Crossley Carnaghen 611155 LW!! We, the class of June, 1959, after being coaxed by some and res- trained by others, have decided to leave. That we may be remembered long after our departure from Stonington High School, we bequeath the following: I, Philip Rathbun, do will my favorite "spot" to anyone who de- sires it. We, Rollin Rathbun and Kenneth Santos, simply leave. I Julia Serrano, do leave my iob at the ASP to no one since I intend to keep it for a while. I, Jane Richards, do leave my fondness for Mr. Cooper's art class to Judy Gley. We, Elizabeth Robishaw and Patricia Rider, do will our lasting friend- ship to numerous friendly underclassman. We, Beverly Robinson and Norma Will, do leave our ability to be seen and not heard to Shirley Marcey and Jean Albro. I, George Robinson, do bequeath not only my leadership, but also I, Linda Reynolds, do leave my shorthand notes to anyone who can read them. I, Lynne Stewart, do leave my constant gum chewing to Betty Jean Jeffrey. I, Helen Stewart, do bequeath my cute features to Linda Cruickshank. I, June Sutherland, do leave my queenly poise and understanding nature to the next Junior Prom Queen. I, Jeannette Sylvester, do leave my position as Yearbook editor to any Junior who is willing to work hard. We, Helene Sylvia and Bertha Allen, leave our seats in the back of the shorthand room to any underclassmen who enjoy constant chatter. l, Judith Taylor, will my position as circulation manager of the "Brown and White" to anyone who enioys getting subscriptions. I, Judith Tetlow, do leave the long line in the lunchroom to all hungry Stoningtonites. I, William Walsh, leave not only my exceptionally good looks, but my willingness to work to next year's Student Council President. I, Eleanor Rose, do leave my ability to do many things well to Carlene Vacca. I, Priscilla Rouse, do leave not only my artistic ability, but also my freckles to Jane Whipple, I, Vincent Russo, do leave my shyness to some iunior boy who needs to be quieted down. I, George Ryan, do leave, hoping that S.H.S. will never forget my name, I, Michael Saddow, do leave my outstanding athletic ability to Eugene Good, I, Michael Savin, do leave with a sigh of relief, all the teachers I have encountered in my four years at S.H.S. I, Jeanne Schackner, do leave my fun loving and loquacious manner to Susan Cassell. I, James Schiller, do leave in a cloud of dust with my black "54" Ford. I, Sally Stedman, do leave my typewriter, which spells inaccurately, to an underclassman with better luck. I, Lana Siller, do leave my attractive red hair and my good posture to Bonny Carlin. I, Sandra Simon, do leave my neat black hair to Patricia Abate. I, David Sisk, do leave my chemical abilities to all future S.H.S. chemists. Better luck to them! I, Heidi Siostrom, do will my long, blond pony-tail to Sandra Nichols. I, Linda Sorensen, do leave my likable and sophisticated manner to Dana Fogg. I, Richard Sorensen, do leave my happy-go-lucky attitude to Victor Boucher. 28 also my position as football captain to some fortunate Junior boy. We, Virginia Waterman and Phyllis Saffamilla, leave all our unfinished homework to anyone who wants it. I, Katherine Umphlett, do leave my good taste in clothing to Patty Naccarato. I, Everett Westcott, do leave my "bIcndish Iooks" and mischievous grin to Jack Lazarek. l, Charles Wheeler, leave all my troubles to anyone who hasn't any. I, Raymond Williams, do leave my musical ability to Matthew Gryzb. I, Charles Wood, do leave my striking features to Allen Whewell. I, Dorothy Zembruski, do will my petiteness to Alice Medeiros. I, Katherine Wesolowski, do will my interest in sports cars to no one. I, Elizabeth Gilmore, do leave my seemingly quiet ways to Eleanor Cini. I, David Girven, do leave my never-parting crew-cut to Dennis Dwyer. I, Catherine Gley, do will my congenial disposition to Mary Ann Cowell. I, Mary Grillo, do leave my fondness for knowledge and also my straight "a's" to Dick Williams. I, Leonard Harrington, do leave my bend toward cars to Bruce Clackerie. I, Peggy Hewitt, do leave my cheerful smile to any underclassman as happy as I. I, David Johns, do leave my love for school and my perfect at- tendance record to Billy Reid. I, Michael Johnson, do leave my position as end on the football team to George Rathbun. I, Edward Kearney, do will-my nickname, "Crow," to Bob Sciro. I, David Kellems, do leave my fishing exploits to any underclassman with as much ambition. I, Denise Kelliher, do leave my ceaseless giggle to Melanie Muratore. I, Mary Kiddy, do will my position on the cheerleaders to any lucky sophomore girl who may make it. I, Russell Kirby, do leave my unique sideburns to nobody, as they have become a part of me. I, Woodrow Klewin, do leave my humorous but rather mischievous disposition to Bernie Delicato. I, Joan Larkin, do leave my interest in Mathematics to anyone as proficient as I. I, John Larkin, do leave my ability to make a teacher's hair turn gray early to Paul Holland. I, Thomas Lew, do leave my ability to succeed in all endeavors to Hugh McGee. I, Joanne Lawrence, do bequeath my sparkling brown eyes to Lucy Antoch. I, Paul Leone, do leave my argumentative nature to Charles McNeil. I, James Levanti, do will my ability for getting into trouble to John Evans. I, Gerald Long, do leave my extreme height to Frank DiCiantis. I, Peter LoPriore, do leave my unique laugh to John Gavitt. I, Louis Luzzi, do leave my friendly disposition and high marks to Danny Joseph. I, Gilbert Main, do will my love for track to Danny Banks. l, Louis Marseilles, do leave my talent for flying airplanes to anyone with as much nerve. I, Joseph Martin, do will my ability to be liked by everyone who knows me to John Arruda. I, Susan McGee, do leave my position as editor-in-chief of the "Brown and White" to any underclassman worthy of it. I, Celena McMahon, do leave my knack for always having a friendly greeting to Susan Sisk. I, Nancy Meldrum, do will my quiet, but not so quiet, ways to Patty Meringolo. I, Diane Meuse, do leave my ability to be happy at all times to Rose Pampel. I, Irene Morgan, do bequeath my membership in the "Keynotes" to any female underclassman with as much singing talent. I, Joseph Morosini, do leave my handsome countenance and sinewy limbs to Thomas Pont. I, Katherine Naccarato, do leave my flirting ways to any girls who have as much success with tha boys as I have. I, Stephen Nichols, do will my fondness for P. D. to any Junior equally adept in giving news reports as I am. I, Lao Nolan, do leave my quiet but pleasing ways to Billy Previty. I, Joan Novello, do leave my exceedingly soft voice to Linda I-ligglns. I, Michael O'Brien, do will my ability to walk slower than anyone else In the entire school to Roger Noel. I, Jean O'NeiI, do leave my iob as cashier in the cafeteria to anyone with as much patience. I, Victor Panciera, do leave my studious ways to George Crouse. I, Robert Almquist, do will my system of spelling to no one, as I need it myself. I, Jean Danforth, do leave my sweet clarinet to Edward Cushman. I, Gerald Cross, do will my panel truck to absolutely no one because I intend to keep it myself. I, Donald DeFosses, do will my "46" Ford to anyone who can start it. I, Peter Danasi, do leave my iet black curls to Peter Flynn. We, Denis Cronin and Daniel Birkbeck, do leave our interest in farming to James Robinson and Kenneth Banks. I, Terence Cini, do leave my nonloquacious manner to Joseph Brodasky. I, William Cullinane, do leava my easy going ways to Bob Patterson. I, Maureen Comolli, do will my pleasing personality and position as captain of the cheerleaders to Sarah Mercier. I, Robert Brown, do will my space in the halls to Leonard Thurston. I, Georgiana Bryer, do will my fondness for singing and my out- standing voice to Betty Good. l, Maurice Brown, do will my ability to make creative posters to John Watts. I, Robert Duerr, do will my interest in bowling to Thomas Santos. I, Ernest Evans, do will my attractive looks and romantic ways to any underclassman who can attract as many girls as I have. We, Judith Enos and Joan Clemens, do leave our positions on the basketball team to Rhandi Johnson and any other athletically inclined girls. I, Janet Ferguson, do will my versatility to Linda Page. I, Linda Foberg, do leave my spontaneous co-operation to Patricia Shannon. I, Linda Foley, do will my position on the queen's court to any lucky Junior girl. I, Patricia Donahue, do will all my cute features and blond hair to Alice Flagg. l, Michelle Daignault, do will my love for French to Robert Belisle. I, Dianna Christina, to leave my position on the Student Council to Mary Beth Delaney. I, Edwin Cartier, do leave, much to the delight of all my teachers. I, Margaret Devine, do will my reputation as a "chatter box" to Margaret Dart. I, Anne Gallagher, do will a certain boy to no one because I want him myself. I, Gerald Drury, do leave my excellent sportsmanship to Joseph Andalora. I, Lester Duncklee, do will my iob at the Western Auto Store to no one becausue I intend to keep it myself. We, David Barker and William Fallon, do will our interest in hunting to Dennis Heipt and Paul Fecteau. I, Gloria Anderson, do leave my exceptionally high, but pleasing voice to Bernadette Smith. I, Nancy Barber, do will my ioking ways to Sandra Henry. I, William Beal, do will my position as the only boy in the senior business department to John Pescatello. l, Sandra Ashby, do leave my ability to always appear innocent to Leslie Graichen. I, Sarah Carnaghan, do will my knack for always lending a helping hand to Georgia Dimock. l, Charles Burgess, do will all my hair to no one because I have become rather fond of it. I, George Cassell, do leave my love for the school library to Jimmy Clark. I, Norma Aguiar, do leave my extremely quiet but pleasant personality to Denise Keller. I, Ann Marie Castagna, do leave all my friends to any Junior who wants them. I, Gertrude Buchanan, do leave my lob In the kitchen to any under- classman who wants to clean out the milk container. I, Suzanne Brooks, do leave my iocund but always mature manner to Mary Frechette. I, Donna Buck, do leave my dimples to no one as I intend to keep them myself. I, Gladys Burnham, do leave my ability to be everywhere at once to Bernice Levanti. I, Frances Dolce, do bequeath my seemingly reserved manner to Virginia Northrup. I, John Lathrop, do leave not only my outstanding mental capacity, but also my fun-loving ways to Anthony Grillo. I, Joseph Lorello, do will my natural talent in mathematics to any Junior who takes trigonometry next year. I, John Teixeira, do leave my fascinating accent to any future transfers to S.H.S. from romantic lands. I, Peter Lowell, do will my air of sophistication to John Leone. I, Patrick McSparren, do leave my always congenial greetings to Joseph Longolucco. I, Lawrence O'Keefe, do leave my quiet ways and honor marks to William Mitchell. I, Sandra Erwin, do will my cute smile to Irene Pia. Signed, sealed, and published, and declared this as and for the last Will and Testament by the Class of l959, Stonington High School, in the presence of us and each of us, who at their request and In the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. Priscilla Rouse Raymond Williams Gerald Drury Zlass Prvphec The newest atomic submarine, USS DOLPHIN, was soon to be launched. The prospective Captain George Robinson was told to notify his crew which included Ernest Evans, Patrick McSparren, James Schiller, Rollin Rathbun, and David Girven. These men were to be the guests of honor at the launching. The crew who arrived early were given good positions. Looking around, they noticed two former class- mates, Norma Aguiar and Norma Will. The two girls informed the crew that they were there to watch their employer, Philip Rathbun, give a talk on THE IMPORTANCE OF ATOMIC DEFENSE. After the speeches, the crew was surprised to see Mary Grillo, first woman vice-president, christen the new submarine. As the crowd began to disperse, Linda Reynolds and Irene Morgan came up and spoke to their former classmates. The men learned that Linda was an X-ray technician at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, while Irene was the private secretary to the head of the Submarine Base, Louis Luzzi. Several months later, the DOLPHIN completed the first phase of her record-breaking cruise by traveling under the North Pole. The submarine and her brave crew became national celebrities. On her way back to New London, the submarine stopped at many ports to celebrate her successful voyage. The first stop was Nome, Alaska. As the crew began touring the town, they met Sarah Carnaghan, Bertha Allen, Beverly Robinson, and Kenneth Santos who operated a weather station a few miles away. The attendants were happy to have their former classmates tour the station. The crew then stopped at Nome's newest hospital where they were surprised to see nurses, Joan Novello, Michelle Daignault, Eleanor Rose, Janet Ferguson, and Joanne Lawrence. The staff of doctors included Joseph Martin and Vin- cent Russo. After returning to town, they happened to notice three very familiar-looking men. These proved to be Maurice Brown, Terence Cini, and Daniel Birkbeck, who were panning for gold in the wilds of Alaska, and had come into town for supplies. Seattle, Washington, was the next stop. As the DOLPHIN was docking, the crew spied a handsome fishing boat making her way up the Sound. This belonged to Peter LoPriore, Michael Johnson, and Robert Brown, three very competent fishermen. That evening, the crew enioyed a party given by Suzanne Brooks, Celena McMahon, Dianna Christina, Linda Foberg, and Margaret Devine. These girls all held secretarial iobs, at leading manufacturing companies. Attracted to a lumberiack's camp, they found Gerald Cross, Donald DeFosses, and Charles Burgess hard at work. One of the crew's favorite stops was Hollywood, California. Their evening in this famous section of Los Angeles was spent at a well-known night club. The owner of the club, James Levanti, met them at the door. They were given front seats and settled themselves comfortably to watch the floor show, which began with a solo by that talented singer, Georgia Bryer. As the chorus line appeared, the crew recognized Sandra Simon, Lana Siller, Sandra Ashbey, and Phyllis Saffomilla dancing skillfully. At the conclusion of their act, the girls came over to the crew's table and talked with their old friends for a while. The dance band, which consisted of Kathryn Umphlett, Jean O'NeiI, William Cullinane, and Raymond Williams, played the crew's favorite songs all evening. Stopping at Miami, Florida, the DOLPHIN was met by three of the crew's old classmates, David Barker, Robert Duerr, and Joseph Lorello, recently enlisted Marines on leave from Parris Island. The three Marines took the crew to an exclusive motel. When they arrived, Helene Sylvia, the motel owner, came out to meet them. As she showed them around her establishment, the crew noticed Gerald Long, Gilbert Main, and Leonard Harrington working to keep the motel neat and clean. The crew next visited the swimming pool, where Sally Stedman, Edwin Cartier, and Russell Kirby were the stars of a nightly swimming show. A fashion show was being held on the lawn of the motel that afternoon and the crew hurried to see it be- cause Helene announced that several Stonington girls were modeling. Sure enough, the models included Patricia Donahue, Heidi Siostrom, Linda Foley, Mary Kiddy, and Dorothy Zembruski. In the audience were Gladys Burnham, Donna Buck, Frances Dolce, Elizabeth Gilmore, and Sandra Erwin, vacationing from their iobs in Boston. The DOLPHlN'S next port was the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. After docking, the crew's first visit was to the newly constructed Senate building. It was here that the men met the distinguished senators from Connecticut, Helen Stewart and Peter Lowell, who told the crew how much they were enioying their government work. Upon the conclusion of the interview, Miss Stewart introduced them to the presidential aide, Michael O'Brien. The crew left Miss Stewart at the Senate building and, in the company of Mr. O'Brien, were given a complete tour of the White House. The highlight of their tour was meeting Gerald Drury, the forty-second President of the United States. At the time of their inter- view, President Drury had iust ended a conference with Thomas Law, Secretary of the Navy. At the con- clusion of their visit, the crew was given tickets for the opening game of fthe baseball season with the Washington Senators playing the Boston Red Sox. As President Drury threw out the traditional first ball, the crew noticed their Stonington High School base- ball star, Charles Wood, catching the ball. Also playing for the Senators was Michael Saddow, while the star player for the Red Sox was Edward Kearney. Soon after the game had started, the crew saw Elizabeth Robishaw, Patricia Rider, Judith Tetlow, and Anne Marie Castagna in the reserved section of the bleachers. Their reason for being in Washington was simple-the girls were on vacation from their teaching iobs in the Midwest. While going to their hotel rooms to change for the Grand Ball given in their honor, the crew stopped to talk with Dennis Cronin, David Kellems, and William Fallon, three handsome army enlistees on their week-end leave. The now famous crew were guests of honor at the ball given them by Washington dignitaries. The men were surprised to see Maureen Comolli, Kathryn Naccarato, and Jeanne Schackner there. These girls were now married to prominent figures in the government. Several other Stonington High students had gone into politics, also. Everett Westcott, John Teixeira, William Walsh and George Ryan, from the class of '59, were among those present. Friends and acquaintances of the crew enioying themselves included John Larkin, David Sisk, Joseph Morosini, Nancy Barber, Joan Clemens, and Judy Enos. As the men were leaving the party, they made a point of thanking the pleasant hostess, Anne Gallagher, for giving them such an enioyable evening. After leaving the capital, the crew then sailed to New York City. At the pier, the men were greeted by a cheering crowd. A welcome, was extended by Paul Leone, Mayor of the city. During this exciting time, the Air Force sent up several planes, piloted by Louis Marseilles, Robert Almquist, and Peter Danesi, to perform stunt exhibitions. The first night of the crew's visit was already planned for them. Each man was given a ticket to a revival of the hit play of 1956, "My Fair Lady." With Gloria Anderson in the role of Liza Doolittle and John Lathrop as Harry Higgins, the first act was thoroughly entertaining. Examining the program between acts, one of the crew noticed that the producer and director of the musical was an old classmate, Victor Panciera. Also on the credits page were Nancy Meldrum and Lynne Stewart, part of the makeup committee. Making their debuts in the second act were Susan McGee, David Johns, and Michael Savin. The next afternoon, the crew was invited to visit the School of Dramatic Arts, in the company of their five classmates of "My Fair Lady" fame. Here they met George Cassell, and Virginia Waterman studying to become famous stars. Their teachers, Diane Meuse, Gertrude Buchanan, and Joan Larkin, spoke very highly of the pupils and also of William Beal, who had iust left the school to star in a Broadway play. That night proved an enioyable one also. The crew went to see the ballet, "The Swan Lake". Starring in this ballet were ballerinas Linda Sorensen and June Sutherland. Staging for the dances was done by Richard Sorensen, who was famous in this field. The many costumes in the ballet were designed by Judy Taylor and Jane Richard. The music for the ballet was provided by a noted orchestra. Playing in the string section were Katherine Wesolowski, Charles Wheeler, and Priscilla Rouse. Woodrow Klewin was a star member of the brass section, while Jean Danforth was prominentin the woodwind section. The next day the crew was aboard ship and ready to start home. Upon the DOLPHlN'S arrival at the General Dynamic's dock, the crowd waiting on shore cheered wildly. A congratulatory speech was given by Jeannette Sylvestre, chief scientist of the Underwater Sound Labora- tory. Assisting Miss Sylvestre was her private secretary, Julia Serrano. Two other secretaries from the laboratory, Denise Kelliher and Catherine Gley were also on hand. Following Miss Sylvestre's speech, Leo Nolan, an executive at the Submarine Base, also gave a talk, while Peggy Hewitt, his secretary, looked'on. Two of the Coast Guard Academy's most important personnel, Lester Duncklee and Stephen Nichols, were also on hand for the great event. The submarine was reported to be working well and was in excellent condition. That was all her designer, Lawrence O'Keefe, could wish for. Thus, the cruise of the USS DOLPHlN comes to an end with the crew having a most 'cherished trip- meeting their entire class in an unusual iourney. Jean Danforth Victor Panciera C.Lo...sS VGTC 1 VJ,-Hx8S+ N09 Conqefis Ol CLD!-SS -:mis P+ L ?evsonoA1-Lxms,SS Musician mos-6 A-rhlewfiq Be K +5 kb wnwm Did mosi :For QLQQSS Q 9 Besi- Dressed MQ :Fm-sa--an cm- mn-xea mm Qmpecreck T0 in ost So9Yxta+icd3ec5 l eesff QQ-fo,- QfPQfG.S't' QQ ST hook? ma B aqqesk "T'ecuSQ. 34 ag Chess Qt-Hd' 44? H M I -6 J Qukeiesf J.. K Q in-sf mor-+ irfudaeus C L.c.m.59qkoxqK,Q!' ,- O N 1 X I e X 54 V Q U Qi 'L 5 A Q4 Qi-ass f C NBA mos? 9 OQ0-XCl..l" Q mms mgghewe 35 5 0' x 45+ D15 0 n , ,iq p fn f OL motif Ybo.Sh.QuLL Cwl'e.5'i' 95+ "mn, if Q - Q K V N' 4 'Eu Succeeqk B295 Sched SQNTQ' Wwosi AW! KXVUPVTKQJXXNI sf - V91 5fQ Q "" ,- "ffm Aj , , A ,f My J w f 4 f eil J I A -' MLK ff ur? Mr nr' ! i f i 3... if fin ..-4 A--ii' "Of1WarzL wer 0l1WdI'dv X :"F,s,.f-.a ' ,Jil LQSSNE 37 ROOM 7 ROW 1: Frances Cawley, Margaret Dart, Mary-Beth Delaney, Susan Cassell, Gene Culver, Lydia DiCesare, Linda Cruickshank. ROW 2: George Crouse, Carole Burdick, Leonora Cini, Eleanor Cini, Barbara Car- lin, Patricia Cavanaugh, Joanna Ciccone, Frank DeCiantis. ROW 3: Earle Christian- son, Bernard Delicato, Thomas Curtin, George Burnham. ROOM 5 ROW l: Elizabeth Brooks, Joyce Brown, Audrey Bischoff, Jean Albro, Patricia Abate, Lora Broxy, Darcey Applegate, Carol Bessette. ROW 2: Jeffrey Balestracci, Diane Beauchamp, Barbara Brown, Lucy Antoch, Margaret Brustolon, Sandra Blan- ton, John Arruda. ROW 3: James Blake, Daniel Banks, James Clarke, Joseph An- dalora, Albert Antoch. I ROOM 8 ROW 1: Dana Fogg, Mary Lynne Everett, Linda Hamm, Sandra Henry, Leslie Grai- chen, Elizabeth Good, Beatrice Geer, Mary Frechette, Marilyn Fannon. ROW 2: John Evans, Georgia Dimock, Rachel Heeney, Judith Gley, Frances Hill, Barbara Godomsky, Anthony Grillo. ROW 3: James Donahue, Eugene Good, Mathew Grzyb, Paul Fecteau, John Heipt, John Gavitt. ROOM 9 ROW l: Jane LaPierre, Sharon MacKnight, Shirley Marcey, Rhandi Johnson, Donna Livingston, Sandra Manfredi, Claudia Maine. ROW 2: Denise Keller, Constance Maderia, Allen Joseph, Patricia Lis, Eliza- beth Jean Jeffrey. ROW 3: John Leone, James Hays, Daniel Joseph, John Lazarek. 1' ROOM 39 ROW I: Susan Webster, Sandra Nunes, Linda Pallozola, Lynda Page, Melanie Mura- tore, Gloria Paulson, Kathleen Saporita, Dawn Patterson. ROW 2: Robert Patterson, Kenneth Reid, Catherine Sanquedolce, Carol Ann Orlando, Patricia Shannon, Judith Previty, Roger Noel, Reid Scussell, ROW 3: John Pescatello, Thomas Serio, Robert Senior, Roland Noel, William Reid, Thomas Pont, Ronald Ross. t I ROOM l O ROW I: Joyce Moosey, Brenda Mitchell, Joan Montgomery, Alice Medeiros, Joyce Mitchell, Patricia Meringolo, Sarah Mercier. ROW 2: Harry Mathewson, Joyce McGu- gan, Mary McKenzie, Barbara Marston, Ed- ward Mueller. ROW 3: William Mitchell, William Martell, James McGuiness, Robert Melaragno. ROOM 32 ROW I: Charles Ferguson, Byron Dyer, Nat Ballato, Ernest Anderson, Paul Rogers, Bruce Clachrie, James Foberg, Vincent Cur- ran, Richard Collins, Bernard Ball. ROW 2: William Belle, John Ball, Michael Bruno, Joseph Almeida, Bruce Geyer, Michael Crowley, Jamie Brown, Robert Banker, Thomas D'Amico, Clifford Fee, Arthur Burnham, ROW 3: Ronald Bray, Kenneth Banks, William Fain, Bruce Christianson, Barry Christianson, Philip Danforth, Dennis Dwyer, Andrew Fabricant, Richard Cana- van. ROOM 15 ROW 1: Caroline Wagner, Linda Sylvia, Barbara Wilcox, Susan Sisk, Bernadette Smith, Joyce Vars, Carlene Vacca. ROW 2: Ricky Taldo, Carl Sommer, Margaret Souza, Ann Smith, Charles Way, Michael Stanley. ROW 3: John Watts, Robert Thibdeau, Richard Williams, Alan Whewell, John Sylvia. ,535 l. :QE ii E ,f .4 55: SL 1 ROOM 32 ROW l: Alice Flagg, Elizabeth Duch, Mari- lyn Ferguson, Virginia Chiappone, Bernita Bottone, Margaret Christina, Sharon Cole, Joanna Blanda, Veronica Brodosky, Joyce Frenette. ROW 2: Mary Ann Cowell, Kath- eryn Bryer, Sally Beresford, Marilyn Curtin, Elaine Avery, Margie Fitzwater, Kathleen Delaney, Diane Faulise, Pauline Davis, Lenore Gensburg. ROW 3: Patricia Altimari, Nancy Fontaine, Barbara Geyer, Roberta Atkins, Irene Allen, Gail Chesebro, Paula Broxy, Janet Burgess, Jennifer Dodge, Bar- bara Fish, Joanne Francis. ROOM 36 ROW 'lz Harriet Fenton, Linda Higgins, Rose Holdrige, Eva Gley, Ann Keller, Carol Johns, Elizabeth Harland, Judith Gobeille, Harriet Kemp, Marie Gouvin. ROW 2: Gary King, Ernest Korte, Donald Hildebrand, Carol Groppelli, Sandra Krucinski, Evelyn Kain, Carol Johnson, Claire Kenyon, John Groves, Joseph Doug- las Kelliher, Thomas Gingerella. ROW 3: William Evans, Peter Flynn, Donald Hether- ington, Alan Gryzb, John Joseph, Douglas Joseph, Ronald Greene, Frederick Ingelsby, Clinton Holland. ROOM 40 ROW 1: Claudia Santos, Ann Mudge, Mar- garet Otto, Patricia Naccarato, Rose Pam- pel, Madeline Roberts, Sharon Radicioni, Janet Roessler. ROW 2: Thomas Ng, Nicholas Reardon, Douglas Rose, Karen Reay, Sandra Nichols, Toni Panciera, James Robinson, David Pacheco, George Monsam. ROW 3: Robert Savage, Frank Prackniak, Frederick Page, George Rathbun, William Previty, Robert Panciera, James Payne. J lfili 1 3 1 Q aug i' if I '1. 517: ROOM 38 ROW 1: Marcia McCall, Maureen Mitchell, Susan LaFond, Judith Lawrence, Ruth Lus- sier, Helen McShane, Linda Melaragno, Pamela Lord, Susan McLaughlin, Donna Victoria. ROW 2: Frances Levanti, Mary Macedo, Geraldine Moniz, Mary Ellen Mil- Ier, Sheila Spellman, Margaret Lynch, Mary Ellen Mahoney, Geraldyn Lis, Hugh McGee. ROW 3: John Maloney, James Lathrop, Ed- ward Larkin, Patrick McKenna, Charles Mc- Neil, Bruce McDonough, Robert Martin, Edward McHorney. ROOM 41 ROW l: Eileen Schiller, Barbara South- worth, Beverly Williams, Roberta Wheeler, Linda Smith, Lucina Schackner, Joan Taylor, Diane Sisson, Margaret Skarrow, Judith Tourville. ROW 2: Edward Simoncini, Rich- ard Sylvestre, Brian Watts, Aldeane Reed, Muriel Winchester, Mary Vargas, Dana Vigue, Dennis Thornton, Chester Zeeman. ROW 3: Walker Schofield, Gerald Patnoad, Robert Whitehead, William Hopkins, Rich- ard Wildes, Robert Hopkins, John Hutchin- son, Richard Steele, Robert Sciro. THE UNDERCLASSMEN IN ACTlON I m only borrowing them' Future mechanics. Don t look at the keys' T98 fol' TWO Cha Cha" 7 M4 BAN Lf ' wg-ELT nn . cs we . O XIV s' , . miie , W , , . I x ' . lv .ir ff 'O IM! 'Y .. 4: ,, f Q cfiuifi F E! 4LL6x,cs1X 'x , ,fx ,JIJFIQNICIXA -x ?XQ91'fg2 , f '?'lbp'Zf5X ij g "Y fd iff? ff 2, mr- - Avg' . ff n 1 ,A - ,a- 4 .' 'A '. ff' WX 'x . 1 f mtv: "' xxx I I i . K'-M! if A, Q ' Q 31 fi 1 7, ' -viii Q Y fa, H XR ,N af xv! -N 1, A' ' -- Q ff 0 fx M xx A if xg Xa? wb f X ., f ,c 5? e'Wl.4. wif' xx i f C X 5' 'W K vs . If: 1 J The Student Council is composed of students representing all grades who are chosen by T their classmates. The aim of the Student Council is to provide a better understanding between 'fm students and the faculty. The council also trys, by means of a suggestion box, to meet the A, individual wants of students, and the council acts upon these suggestions with the interests of ,S A the entire school in mind. Officers-President, George Robinson, Vice President, James Donahue, 1 'fl'.-V Q Secretary-Treasurer, June Sutherland. . Assembly Gammzltce MR. MCKENNA The Assembly Committee is composed of members from each class, who are chosen by lot and two co- chairmen who are Student Council volunteers. The pur- pose of the organization is to plan, arrange, and sched- ule various programs to be presented at the assemblies. The Co-chairmen are Jeanne Schackner and Gerald CMM: Squad DW' The traffic squad is a proiect of the Student Council. The obiective of the traffic squad is to keep the traf- fic in the halls moving quickly and safely. Because of the size of our school, the traffic squad performs a very necessary duty in controlling the large number of students as they move about in the halls. The Honor Society is made up of those junior and senior students who are considered de- serving after having been judged on the following points: scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Students are eligible for election in their iunior year, but a few may be elected in their senior year. Initiation exercises are held each March. OFFICERS: President, Mary Grillog Vice President, Susan McGeeg Secretary, Gerald Druryg Treasurer, Jeannette Syl- vestre. Q Advisor MISS SILVERSTEIN flarmr Sacicty Advisor MISS MURDOCK lfalin 61116 The Latin Club is composed of students who have taken Latin or who are taking Latin. The purpose of this club is to promote an interest in the Latin language, and the culture of ancient Romans. The highlights of the year are the annual initiation and the Roman banquet. OFFICERS: President, Celena McMahong Secretary, John Lazarekg Vice President, Judith Lawrencep Treasurer, Donna Victoria, I I I I . I I !, N, 2531555545542-.iii'iii 3 i get . K 0 'T I J: Sf? is I' e .:"' Advisor NIR. CARLIN 16' dingy glllb This club is open only to students who have taken or who are taking biology. The purpose of this club is to promote interest in the field of biological sciences. Members of the group are urged to participate in the Science Fair. The highlight of the year is the annual trip to New York. OFFICERS p,-esgdenf V H H YY,AY,,VYVYYVV,YV. , .. .. RONALD GREEN Vice President . f GAll' CHESEBRO Secretary . VYY.vf. I LYNDA PAGE 1,ea5U,e, LINDA HIGGINS Q Ml if - Advisor MR. OSTlGNY l t 5're14vl1 glllb 3 The French Club is composed of students who are interested in learning more about the French language and the culture of modern France. The French Club annually holds an initia- tion ancl a banquet. This year the club has had as speakers, Mr. James Allyn who showed slides of Haiti, and two students from Connecticut College who spoke on their year in France Advgso, as exchange students. MR- PETTY OFFICERS President JOHN LAZERAK Vice President ROBERT SAVAGE Secretary-Treasurer RHANDI JOHNSON - ",. A TI ' Advisor MRS. CRONIN l6'rr1uf14 and Wh Tc The Brown and White, the school newspaper, is published six times a year and the staff is composed of approximately fifty members. The members are chosen from among students of the Senior High School who are interested in newspaper work. The paper contains articles about sports, social events, and feature articles. The Camera Club furnishes pictures and Mrs. Cullinane's Typing II class types the copy. THE EDITORS ARE: Editor-in-chief ......... .. . ............... SUSAN MCGEE Assistant Editor ............ Senior Business Manager Circulation ........,. . ..,. ...... . Sports Editor . .............. . Assistant Sports Editor ...... Junior Assistant Editor . Junior Business Assistant Artist . . .. .. JEANNE SCHACKNER . ...... JUNE SUTHERLAND JUDITH TAYLOR .. ELEANOR ROSE ...JOHN WATTS FRANCES CAWLEY ........GEORGlA DIMOCK .. PRlSClLLA ROUSE Quiurc' Ceachers of Amerzca The Future Teachers of America is open to any student Interested in becoming a teacher This year the club is one of the largest in the building The group discusses problems that may anse in a teachers life They have guest speakers and go on field trips to teachers JANET FERGUSON LINDA CRUICKSHANK LORA BROXY LINDA FOBERG L t ,wget s i 5 t il 'sv x s ' - , 2 IW lil ll . I Advisor MISS COOPER Sigma Kata Kappa The Sigma Beta Kappa is a newly organized club composed of senior business girls. The main purpose of the club is to promote a more sincere interest in the field of business, and to acquaint the girls with some of the problems they may encounter in their future iobs. The club has had guest speakers and field trips. THE OFFICERS OF THE CLUB ARE: President ,.,c ,, ,Ecccccc,,..ccccccccccccccsc.. E D IANNA cHRlsTlANA Vice President ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, , 1 EAN O'NElL sefferafy ,cccccccccc cc,cc,cs,cs s ANDRA SIMON Treasurer ,,,,,, H, ,,,, NORMA AGUIAR I l r X l l Zzfure Nur as r1f,4mcr 211 Advisor, MRS. MORRISON The purpose of this club is to promote interest and to procure information an the field of nursing and other related fields. This is done by the girls working as volunteers at the Westerly Hospital every Saturday morning. The club has also sponsored a first aid course for interested members. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian OFFICERS GEORGIA BRYER ELEANOR ROSE JEANNE SCHACKNER LUCY ANTOCH DANA FOGG as e Science fkzir gfllb C This club is open to any student who is interested in scientific fields of study. The main pur- pose of this club is to make exhibits for the Connecticut Science Fair. This year, as in the two i nrq previous years, the members of the club are out to bring back as many prizes as they can. t Advisor MR. CARLIN The Camera Club is to give interested students more instructions in the art of taking and developing pictures. The experience needed to make a good photographer is gained by taking pictures for the Brown and White. Kammz glllb Advisor MISS MURDOCK .l l I l l 1 l i l HD ...ii Activity Group The Activities Group is composed of Senior Business Students. The aim of this group is two fold, namely, to administer and to plan the activities which will be going on throughout the school every other week. These students are working diligently to prepare a varied and in- teresting selection of activities in which all can participate. Advisor MRS. CULLINANE MISS VARGAS IN APPRECIATION We, the class of 1959, wish to extend our thanks to Miss Vargas, Miss Dennehey, and Miss Silverstein, for their steadfast support and unfauling patience without which this book would not have been possible. MISS DENNEHEY MISS SILVERSTEIN Mzwmy X014 Tllfl Ass! mats ADVERTISING STAFF FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Robishaw, Dianna Christina, Linda Foberg, Mary Grillo, Celena McMahon, Suzanne Brooks, Ann Marie Castagna, Sarah Carnaghan. SECOND ROW: Denise Kelliher, Joan Clemens, Norma Aguiar, June Sutherland, Patricia Rider, Janet Ferguson, Sandra Ashbey, Linda Foley, Susan McGee, Gertrude Buchanan. THIRD ROW: Lawrence O'Keefe, Margaret Devine, Virginia Waterman, Diane Meuse, Gladys Burnham, Peggy Hewitt, Michelle Daignault, Joanne Lawrence, Michael Savin. LITERARY STAFF TYPING STAFF FIRST ROW: Eleanor Rose, Priscilla Rouse, Jean Danforth, Sarah Car- FIRST ROW: Dianna Christina, Elizabeth Robishaw, Linda Foley, Mary naghan, Linda Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Victor Panciera, Ray Williams, Kiddy, Helen Stewart. SECOND ROW: Sandra Simon, Norma Aguiar, Susan McGee, Gerald Drury, John Larkin. Dorothy Zembruski, Jean O'Niel. il Assistant Art Editor PRISCILLA ROUSE CIRCULATION STAFF FIRST ROW: Ann Gallagher, Joan Novello, Linda Foberg, Celena McMahon, Lynne Stewart, Judith Enos, Jean Anderson, Kathy Gley. SECOND ROW: Eleanor Rose, Jeanne Schackner, Maureen Comolli, Nancy Meldrum, John Lathrop, Linda Reynolds, Judith Tellow, Jane Richard, Sandra Ashbey. ,rf A- wa' ' .fx nf' fa 1 . . an win ' j sang Y 5 Tai. , K , N..- lv . 1 X X if aw ' gf: ,.. V- -- T L- w' wap N , Q-gi .-.. ,Q-, 1 M W -D ""-T Y .....1....---- . -A iff-7' - .t: - c""' .. - ff...--ff .---1-s . , , . 'ak I 1- IQLV rf X, p I e M' ff , , I . V H J 1? ,,3. ' ss ' '-wx v S ' 1 Q sz .. 3, rife- - I .. e 0' ' J J" Q 'T '3- T Q -1: e H -. X X I x 'M- P' 1 X . 4 1 - -if 4-17' r HY , -T. . ' 'ri -Fig? Zlmrus Under the very able leadership of Mr. Harry Lawton, the Choral Depart- ment of Stonington High School has enioyed a most successful year. High- lighting the first part of the year were Christmas Concerts which were re- ceived with marked enthusiasm by the public, the Patrons Club, and on the following day by the student body. The chorus had previously won the ap- proval of the students at a musical assembly in November. The Keynotes, Stonington High School's special girls' ensemble, presented a concert with the Westerly Singers. They have also sung for various local clubs. Stonington High School was represented at the Connecticut All-State Con- cert in Hartford by Georgia Bryer and Thomas Law. A group of ten juniors and seniors also attended the New England Music Festival in Barre, Vermont. The largest choral assembly of the year was the annual Spring Concert. The theme, carried out in both song and dance, was the Music of the Nations. A special chorus, which was chosen for commencement, closed the 1958-59 MR. HARRY LAWTON Supervisor of Music musical year. MR. MATTHEW GRYZB Hand The Stonington High School Band has had a very busy schedule during the school year of '58-'59. With the aid of the Band Boosters, the Band spon- sored a rug exhibit, soap sale, and dance in order to raise money for uni- forms. This hope was realized when the Stonington High School band ap- peared at the Thanksgiving half-time performance, handsomely arrayed in full uniform. The band, under the very able direction of Mr. Matthew Gryzb, has also appeared at the University of Connecticut, the Mystic Seaport, all home football games, and in local parades. Anne Wibberly and Matthew and Allen Gryzb were this years band representatives for Connecticut All-State in Hartford. The band season was aptly climaxed by the April Band Concert. Through these various activities, the band has taken its well deserved place among the more popular organizations at Stonington High School. Mm l says. . V- are Director of Band 4' so Ml SH Si Hlzrfrisiers l1l7f6'5' ,411-Slate Kcprcseufafives ,Nmfember ,Music Assembly The boars head in hand l bring. Chri 4 Tablea Behold, I bring you good iidings of great icy!" The skaters of "Win!er Wonderland." And from the cast three wisemen appeared. A merry old English gentleman ,411 in zz Day is' Wvrk .9 '9- 'K Always on the iob. After the show was over. How many are going To?l1e game, , 411 uni1'!'4'l'H 5222. Q-umm., A willing helper, Our answer to spulnik. This is the proper way. ...IH l ',' I 1 1.11. 1 Homerooms people. Who's got a boo-boo? A happy worker. junzor lfrrfm 1, V sv X it f x 1,5 Q S ' , A4 v sr , H fifgxs b f' ,. w Sew. Q, . , Vkkk . garif' tri -:J Q gf I wifi I Q 93 5' 5' 4 Ye X' lx mi 'CFP' 9 ,i Q 413 you must dare been beautiful bagq... 5 '13 S 5.0, ' -Qi ML i, f' S HU. x w '-f .-A ibvvew .rl-A E' W . x .., If JJ Zzculfy Cm eacher dllfifreciaf 2711 Day "Did you hear this one?" Drink hearty. Why did I get at the end? A , 'H- A . Believe me. I've got a problem. Behind fhe 566005- .ww "Leave some for me!!!" "What are these for?" .,'-...,. 5-Ns., - ---- '11 5,5 .fQ- 'xv . E lk:-A-QI' V .AJ fl ff awklhlctics vw! Q7 4 ,J 6. Mans. my ig 14:3 """'i?" -f'W9lf1f"'SN"f ff'M--ms--- "'.sW' yodi AQ'-M ,Y I -- li, 'I . I. f i fy f i i f A x-3A A Q Ai: in . ff' ' 1 ,H -AQ t lnflrfj' . YTILMJY WM Y Y W ' K .iw Tzwmf . . V K V' Y' ,:, - Q QA: -,...i, J. .w,.,1A.,,h:a,--Tk f., t ,,-, ...M r VN! Y L. Q. . ,ik -X - y - .,..-.n..,-.. - ,a - A V . - c k , 'lx Q A ' 1 Q. W 1, ,. -h Q, ' 1 6, , '. ' -' ' -, H "" ., ff' ' - .- V ' A I . L , K . - Q 'K ' nkry . . 4 - 1 ' V , K , 1 ,. Egg... xg I , . zi'-L, " A 6 , 1 . 7 . JA I " 4 - g gi. .215 ' Q--' RPM ' n M. 'v -' 'V UV P ui J P?" fgni J 4' V' U Fx gi, IQ'-1. ' D., 4'-' A ' ' ,-M' 4 2 f 1 X f A r-- -F YT", ,V iv- 'I W 4. L Z - '2. Q 1 9 M Q 1 ' y . JNl"""i if Q ' ' ' I 5 t rig. . . 1 - um I-, .Sf Muff -. 1' I' mi J' ." A f- Q ' .QL 4 lv, J - gf Ag It K. ,lik !:,':.,-,gif ,nz w, Q.:-' Q f' .fv Q. Q ' P in f.,-- ,V., -,H iff WJ A ,- - w , 'Xia J 4-' 1 X my rm, ff -- A- X .. fu Af ' . 45 lZf"l ffZ'I'X ns Hough Kacky ,4rc'flcra Shores. " , ,1- ,.,1f 7I GEORGE FOLEY Faculty Athletic Manager MORRIS FABRICANT Basketball Baseball e e l A A A ' -1'f. I Lkr' l WOODROW DOUVILLE Football ARTHUR CARLIN Track Line Coach, Football 60 ching S! ff -:"'5T -: , ' , -5--2 I Z' ' I I '-fzrlffv 'l' M .slr ly I. .f -,y iv lll b 1.41 P ly' ll? ll Fill I 2 if I 'lfasil'-TX ' ily' li Ng :ll l ' L g' . lly ,,19,.' 5 .? 5 , 0 li ky N' ,l 1 'r ., A1 ,, x- X ,, Y :,v "-A , 4 ' I ,fl ll .,'.f', ' ,M Ptllprl, X 5 XXX' -4 l lv I A vi l J ' H ii' i 'up , l ':,f" U l .. "l, fill is lfgsii K V l Sul W, ll I N R 1 ff 'fl ' 'U some A ' ' , ' I lf' R F 'VX A ,, :EQ 'F ' . L, Q b. ' i . 5 ' -.wi .X 5 . 5 wwf' F F R V ' l .- , ,wif ,HHN FLORENCE THAVENET Girls' Basketball ROBERT SHEA J.V. Basketball J. RICHARD SILVA Assistant Football DONALD OSTIGNY Freshman Fooiball WILLIAM WALSH Football MICHAEL SADDOW Track apfaiu I 958- I 95 9 ANNE GALLAGHER Girls' Basketball CHARLES WOOD Basketball GERALD DRURY Baseball FIRST ROW: Coach Carlin, Edward Kearney, Michael Saddow, Joesph Morosini, Captain William Walsh, Charles Wood, Gerald Drury, Michael Johnson, David Sisk, Coach Doubille. SECOND ROW: Coach Silva, Danny Joesph, Kenneth Reid, Paul Holland, Danny Banks, Dennis Heipt, James Clarke, Jack Lazarek, Roger Noel, Robert Hutchinson, Coach Ostigny. THIRD ROW: Ronald Greene, Dennis Dwyer, Robert Thibdeau, Thomas Pont, Joseph Pindalora, Gene Good, James Donahue, Edward Mueller, William Previty, George Rathbun. FOURTH ROW: Louis Luzzi, Frank Prackniak, Walker Scoffield, Richard Sylvestre, Natalie Ballato, Fredrick lnglesby, Kenneth Banks, John Hutchinson, Victor Boucher, James DeFosse, Edward Cushman. Erwfball - I 9 8 The Stonington High School Football team did not compile a very impressive record as the win-loss column read two wins and seven defeats, but the team achieved their ultimate goal by defeating the Westerly High School Bulldogs, their arch-rivals, by a score of 12-to-O on Thanksgiving Day. Thus the Bears regained the highly prized Geoggrey C. Moore Trophy. The Bears opened their season with a Round Robin at Danielson, Connecticut, competing with their Eastern Connecticut Conference rivals, Robert E. Fitch High School of Groton and Killingly High School of Danielson. In abbreviated clashes, the Bears were defeated by both Fitch and Killingly by scores of 20 to 6 and 7 to O respectively. In their next four outings Stonington suffered losses to Woodrow Wilson, East Haven, Plainville, and Killingly and then the Bears ended their win famine by trouncing Waterford High School by a score of 30 to 8. They were then defeated by Putnam, Fitch, and Westerly in succession. Then the Bears, instilled with the drive and desire to defeat their arch-rivals, Westerly, went on to the field Thanksgiving Day and reached the high point of the season and defeated the highly favored Bulldogs by a score of I2 to O. Playing their last game for Stonington were Captain William Walsh, Edward Kearney, Michael Saddow, Gerald Drury, Charles Wood, Joseph Morosini, David Sisk, and Michael Johnson. Also turning fine performances throughout the season were Captain-elect Roger Noel, Dan Banks, Jack Lazarek, Dennis Dwyer, Thomas Pont, Joseph Andolora, Edward Mueller, George Rathbun, and Robert Thibdeau. With many returning lettermen plus the fine performances of the Junior Varsity and Freshman teams, the coaching staff, led by Head Coach Woodrow Doubille with the assistance of Arthur Carlin, Donald Ostigny, and Richard Silva, should produce a fine team next year. Starting Offensive Eleven Juniors B4 73 1-au 5g 5 A n " n w ,, 1 x ":" 4 .. . A I ? ,, izl 3 Sophomores I an-ff' -. -A' I -8 71 K7 u , ,,,,l.. AVN paghj' W I I' Let go of my foot!!! Wide open spaces. ll-L Brains behind the Brown. All the way ,his Mme- We got him cornered. "Gressed Lighiningf' l' Whaf's it all about??? Spoils of the Vicior. VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, left to right: Coach Fabricant, Bill Beal, Gerald Drury, Captain Charles Wood, David Sisk, Joe Morosini, Tom Law, Coach Shea. SECOND ROW: Mike Stanley, Andy Fabricant, George Rathbun, Bob Thibeau, Dick Williams, Earl Christianson, Gene Good, Bernie Delicato, Victor Boucher. Kaskefb ll I 9 8-I 959 The basketball team, with many members of last year's team returning this year, has started off with quite a successful season. The Bears won their first two games by impressive scores over Griswold and Valley Regional. Then the team dropped four close games, two to South Kingston, one 'to Valley Regional, and another to the Alumni. The Bears then bounced back to win their next three games over Rogers, Killingly, and Fitch. All of these games were excellently played and pointed toward a good season. The Bears then dropped a close one to Waterford and then in their next outing trounced Norwich. To close out their schedule, the team had many return games plus clashes with Westerly and North Stonington. Returning lettermen from last year's team were Seniors: Edward Kearney, who was a standout rebounder last year and has been doing an excellent iob this year, Mike Saddow, a starter from last year, and Captain Charles Wood, who has been playing fine ball this year. Juniors: Mike Stanley, has also been a standout performer this year. Also pacing the Bears this year have been Seniors: Gerry Drury, David Sisk, Joe Morosini, and Bill Beal: Juniors: Bernie Delicato, Eugene Good, Earl Christianson, and Dick Williams. Sophomores who have been showing a great deal of promise are Andy Fabricant and George Rathbun. With seven members leaving the team through graduation, Coach Morris Fabricant and Assistant Coach Robert Shea will be left with eight men for next year's team. A good year is expected. 4- WILLIAM BEAL MICHAEL SADDOW DAVID SISK Var ity Squad 1.1- vii r GERALD DRURY JOSEPH MOROSINI MICHAEL STANLEY Capiain RICHARD WILLIAMS CHARLES WOOD FIRST ROW, left to right: Andrew Fabricant, Michael Crowley, Eugene Good, Bernard Delicato, William Prevify, James Donahue, Earl Christian- son, John Arruda. SECOND ROW: Clint Holland, George Crouse, Fred Page, Robert Thibcleau, Coach Shea, Douglass Joseph, George Rathbun, James Lathrop, James Foberg, EUGENE GOOD .QA , 155 t ANDREW FABRICANT yunivr Var ity ,Q- BERNARD DELICATO EARL CHRISTIANSON ROBERT THIBDEAU lifltfl GEORGE RATHBUN w ,a,,gf., 'bi 4 I S X Q, l 3 4, 15" aj 8 1 ,,J X B wmv, W . Q 2, ,, Wfie-fg'5f N Cut the corner. I Wan? out! Whoops! Get off my back. Trapped! Hit ihaf line. Hold fha? pigskin! The end of fhe line. FIRST ROW: Coach Fabricant, Charles Wood, Joseph Morosini, George Crouse, Captain Gerry Drury, Robert Senior, Robert Thibdeau, Richard Williams. SECOND ROW: Ernest Anderson, David Pachecho, Edward Larkin, Frank Prackniak, Skip Graves, John Fontaine, John Piscatello. Ha elm!! I 958-1959 The l959 baseball team will be composed mainly of a small group of returning lettermen headed by Cap- tain Gerald Drury. In addition to Drury the infield will have iuniors Robert Senior and George Crouse. The pitching staff will be headed by senior Charles Wood and iunior Robert Thibdeau, plus a few capable boys from the sophomore class. Behind the plate will be senior Joseph Morosini, and junior Dick Williams. The out- field positions were left open because of graduation but there are quite a few boys who had some playing ex- perience last year available for the positions. ln the Eastern Connecticut Conference the Bears will encounter Robert E. Fitch, Fillingly, Norwich Regional Technical School, and a new foe in Waterford High School. Also the team hopes to qualify for the post season tournament, All indications point toward a successful season under the guidance of Coach Morris Fabricant. FIRST ROW: Paul Holland, George Robinson, Mike Saddow, David Sisk, Dennis Heipt, Bob Thibdeau, Coach Carlin. SECOND ROW: Hugh McGee, Dennis Dwyer, Bill Previty, Roger Noel, Jack Lazarek, Charles McNeil, Bob Sciro. Crank I 959 The 1959 track team will be led by Captain Michael Saddow, Ed Kearney, Daniel Banks, Eugene Good, and Paul Holland, all of whom are veteran performers. This year Coach Carlin will be looking forward to a well balanced squad. All-State discus champion, Danny Banks, will prove a big factor in the shot and iavelin as well as the discus. The versatile Mike Saddow will domi- nate the pole vault, high iump, broad iump, and the 440 yd. run. At present, Mike is the All-State high iumper and the runner-up in the pole vault. In last year's Eastern Connecticut Conference, Mike took first place in the pole vault, high jump and broad jump. Coach Carlin will be expecting great powers in the mile, as Eugene Good will undoubtably be one of this areas greatest milers. Representing the 880 yd. run will be Ed Kearney as he aims fo'r his third victory in a row in the E. C. C. and will also try to regain his All-State honors in June. Great prospects are for Paul Holland in the high lump and the 440. Other members of the team that will see considerable action are David "Ollie" Sisk, John Lazarek, Gilbert Main, George Rathbun, and George Robinson. Although we do not have much strength in the dashes, this year's track team certainly will be a successful one. In pursuit. Tl1at's a new one, ffl 1. G N ii Take that ball right down the floor I A Ru , w X if The perfect rebound. qi' i We want a basket, Billy. Jump a little higher. Breathless Moment. FIRST ROW: Jo Ann Blanda, Mary Everett, Gail Chesbro, Midge Otto, Carole Burdick, Dana Fogg, Judy Enos, Kathryn Naccarato, Eleanor Rose, Joan Clemens, Maureen Comolli, Nancy Barber, Joan Larkin, Susan Brooks, Rhandi Johnson, Patty Meringolo, Alice Flagg, Linda Smith, Ann Marie Smith, Margaret Brustolon. BACK ROW: Margaret Ellen Christina, Coach Florence Thavenet, Linda Foley. FRONT ROW: Captain Girls' Basketball Composed of twenty-one girls from the senior, iunior, and sophomore classes, the basketball team hopes for a successful season as almost all the team members are returning lettermen, including Anne Gallagher, Captain for the i959 season. The team has won its first four games defeating the Alumnae, Griswold, East Greenwich, and Killingly respectively. Games are scheduled with schools from Rhode Island and Connecticut, including Westerly, Old Lyme, Academy of the Holy Family, and Valley Regional. The team is under the direction of Miss Florence Thavenet, and managers Linda Foley, senior, and Sandra Nunes, junior, and Margaret Ellen Christina, sophomore, helpto instillspirit and enthusiasm. Anne Gallagher. l6'rzllmi14l014 The Badminton team, defending C. I. A. C. Champions with a two year standing, will again travel to Norwich to defend thei rcrown against schools such as N.F.A., Fitch, New London, and Waterford. Patricia Meringolo and Eleanor Rose are playing for their third consecutive year along with newcomers, Judy Enos and Dana Fogg. Each girl will play two doubles and a pair of singles. D' ...--f""""-...Q i. .4 1 sly vww V .-.'pwJ, . bvgnmpn i, Y .4 1 f' 'A'- Q 5 F55 I . a"'JJ' 3,5ff!?1"' , En -L f is 43 ? V?n L. was 1- In-7" e Senior Klzeerlerzders Dorothy Zembruski, Kathryn Naccarato, Eleanor Rose, Captain Maureen Comolli, Mary Kiddy, Susan McGee, Mary Grillo. Each spring, after a rigorous training schedule, seven girls are chosen to represent their school for two years as cheerleaders. These girls are judged on their personality, pep, leadership, dependability, organizing ability, voice, and co-ordination in all cheering motions, cartwheel, front over, dive to forward roll, and form in final jump. The group, under the direction of Miss Thavenet and senior captain, Maureen Comolli, cheer at sports events and keep the traditional Stonington spirit enthusiastic. They also take part in parades and attend cheerleading clinics. juuzar Elzcerleaders Mary Beth Delaney, Barbara Brown, Jane Whipple, Captain Sarah Mercier, Rhandi Johnson, Mary McKenzie, Lora Broxy. wr .59 'w'il'flll'il"il ,F iL Rixi " " glllb The 'S' Club is an organization consisting of boys who have earned their letter in any sport, the seven senior cheerleaders, and girls who have earned their letter in basketball. Meetings are held throughout the school year, and a basketball game and dance, plus a tag day are held for the annual All-Sports Banquet which takes place in June. At the banquet gold and silver awards are given to the participants in sports and the cheerleaders re- ceive gold rnegaphones. The offices of the club are as follows: President , ,JOSEPH MOROSINI Vice President DANIEL BANKS Secretary-Treasurer , MARY GRILLO Recording Secretary DOROTHY ZEMBRUSK The group is under the guidance of Miss Florence Thavenet, Mr. Woodrow Douville, Mr. Arthur Carlin, and Mr. Morris Fabricant. - 1. ,,-' 'U dnfq R Man has learned fo cruise un- dersea on nuclear power, fly af supersonic speeds and coniure up fhousands of new producfs-mainly fhrough research. Much of foday's research is inspired and supporfed by indusfry buf ifs bene- fifs accrue fo lhe enfire free world. The scienfisfs and engineers who perform fhis vifal worlx have fhe broad purpose of charfing 1omorrow's course foday. General Dynamics, of which Elecfric Boaf is fhe founding division, is pursuing a vigorous program of research and develop- menf, a program whose arferies flow info such irnporfanf fields as afomic energy hydrodynam- ics, elecfronics, asfronaufics and aerodynamics. This corporafe-wide invesfmenf is fypical of Ameri- can indusfry's confidence in fhe abilify fo meef fufure needs fhrough crearivify. G-D GENERAL DYNAMICS conronarlon 0 EL .,:,. or as as U m lI::al F 7 'annul W 'qu' f -p "J" Y G l O T O N C 0 N N E C T I C U I ,1 Iva Congra+uIa+ions +o +I1e Graduafing Class of I959 MR. AND MRS. CHARLES H. DAIGNAULT Com plimenfs of LIBERTY STREET DAIRY QUEEN CompIimen+s of STONINGTON MANOR GOLF CLUB RALPH J. VERZILLO. Pro-Manager ROUTE I . STONINGTON MYSTIC FURNITURE COMPANY CompIe+e Home Furnishings 4I Wes'I Main SI'ree'I Mysfic, ConnecI'icu+ CIo+I1es of Disfinciion MEN AND YOUNG MEN KERR'S. MYSTIC HOXIE'S PAINT SHOP ConsuII'ing Service Wallpaper Paini' Air Supplies Mys'I'ic, Connecficui' CECIL DUERR, Prop. MAE'S SNACK BAR ON THE BRIDGE 2 Wesf Main Sfreef MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT MODERN GRILL RESTAURANT Mysfic WESTERN AUTO-MYSTIC Your Sfore of IOOI Ifems 'For All I'I1e Family 30 WEST MAIN MYSTIC, CONN CompIimenI's of REALE BROTHERS I66 Wes+ Broad S+reeI' PAWCATUCK, CONNECTICUT Complimenis of SHEA'S PACKAGE STORE PAUL SCHEPIS ImporI'ecI and Domesfic Liquors I34 Waier Sfreei' STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT SYL'S BARBER SHOP Wafer Sf. STONINGTON. CONNECTICUT CABRAL'S PACKAGE STORE The Village Spiri+ Shop II4 WATER STREET Sioningion, Connec'I'icuI' Tel. JE-6-2503 Complimenis of IvIORRONE'S DAIRY BAR Complimenfs of SCOTTS UPHOLSTERING SHOP ERNEST COLEMAN. Owner Wesferly, R. I. Complimenis of STONINGTON LUMBER COMPANY IOI MAIN STREET. STONINGTON Tel. Mysiic JE 6-84l9, 6-80l8 ReI'aiI - Lumber Hardware - Paini' Complimenis of BUD CHAPMAN Class of I9I0 CompIimen+s of NIGRELLI'S JEWELRY 29 High S+ree+ WESTERLY. R. I. Complimenfs of BOB MEARNS 5I High Sfreef WESTERLY. R. I. Coniinued Success! UNITED THEATRE Preseniing Ihe Fines? Moiion Pic'I'ures in an AI' os her of Cle I' m p e an mess. Comfori and Friendliness TOSCANO'S MEN'S SHOP Disfincfive Men's and Boys' Wear 23 CANAL ST. - WESTERLY. R. I. Complimenfs of FREDERICKS Records Phonogra phs HIGH ST. - WESTERLY. R. I. Complimenis of DENNY MITCHELL I230 W E R I I230 CHINA VILLAGE, INC. Open Daily From II A.M. 'Io I0 P.M Orders Pui Up io Take Ou? 27 CANAL ST. - WESTERLY. R. I. Tel. LY 6-2392 MYSTIC PHARMACY MILTON J. BERRY, PROP. Prescriptions Our Specialty Drugs ond Cosmetics II EAST MAIN STREET MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT fi Compliments ot CRYSTAL FISH MARKET 64 Water Street STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT Tel. JE 6-24l7 ARTHUR SADDOW'S TAYLOR SHOP Custom Tailoring I4 Church Street Stonington, Connecticut Phone JE'Fterson 6-3349 Compliments ot GULINO'S BAKERY STILLMAN AVENUE, PAWCATUCK SHANNON MOTORS, INC. Je. 6-8753 in WILLIAM STREET Dodge - Plymouth STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT Compliments ot WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Compliments ot WESTERLY JEWELRY CO. THE COTTRELL COMPANY FOUNDED I855 Subsidiary of I'he Harris-lnferlype Corporafion Leading Manufacfurer of Graphic Arls Equipmenl' A GOOD PLACE TO WORK an INSTRA-MOLD PLASTICS, INC. 64 Wafer Sireei' STONINGTON. CONNECTICUT BANNON'S DRUG STORE A. LOMBARDI, REG. PH. I0-I2 Canal S+. Wesferly, R. l. LYric 6-2I52 ESTABLISHED I845 We Deliver Complimenls of MYSTIC VALLEY WATER COMPANY Complimenls of MONTGOMERY WARD Canal Sfreei' WESTERLY, R. I. Telephone 5-4244 JAMES M. SPELLMAN Real Es+a+e and Insurance Traveler's Insurance Agency Consuli' Us for Your ProIec+ion" l58 WEST BROAD ST. PAWCATUCK, CONN. PAWCATUCK HARDWARE COMPANY BRI-MAR PAINTS AND VARNISHES GENERAL HARDWARE SEEDS - TOOLS 6 Mechanic S+. Wesferly, R. I. Tel. 5-4633 SOUADRITO'S BARBER SHOP I59 WaI'er Sfreei STONINGTON. CONNECTICUT CHINA VILLAGE Chinese-American Res+auran'l' Orders 'Io Take Oui Air Condifioned 27 CANAL STREET, WESTERLY. R. I. PI1one Ly-6-2392 Complimenfs of ELITE CLEANERS MAIN STREET WESTERLY. R Complimenis of 52:12 IEIEIEEIS TONY'S MARKET RADIO SHOP On Ihe Bridge Wesferly, R. I. 64 MAIN STREET BARONE'S LAUNDERETTE Wei Wash and Fluff Dried Spreads - Wool "CIoI'I1es of Tomorrow for 'II1e Women of Today" Blanlrefs - Rugs I25V Main S+. Wesferly, R. I. . 2 PHONE LY-6-4762 I4 Mann SI'reeI' Wesierly, R. I. MARION'S DEPARTMENT STORE STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT ERNEST E. BOYINGTON PLUMBING AND HEATING 86-88 Main SIree'I' Wesferly, R. I CompIimenI's of VILLAGE SODA SHOP Waier SI'reeI' STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT Complimenis of CLARK'S MARKET MAIN STREET Wesferly, R. I. MORRONE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO. Frigidaire Appliances Sales and Service Dealer Complimenrs of HIGGINS SMOKE SHOP I45 Wafer S'I'ree'I' STONINGTON. CONNECTICUT I AL'S MARKET 32 Cuiler S+ree'I' SI'oning+on, ConnecI'icuI' Complimenfs of CONNORS' PHARMACY F. J. CONNORS s.H,s. Ex. I6 ANDREWS AND COMPANY l07 Main Sfreef WESTERLY, R. I. Complimenls of WESTERLY TIRE COMPANY Complimenls of MORRONES GARAGE WESTERLY Complimenls of SORENSEN TIRE COMPANY PAWCATUCK. CONNECTICUT PALMER STREET PACKAGE STORE Domeslic and lmporlecl Liquors Beer - Ale - Wine TEL. 5-5042 20 PALMER ST. PAWCATUCK. CONN. DOM'S FAIR DEAL New anal Used Furni+ure Dealer Buying and Selling I4 Mechanic Shes? Pawcaluclr, Conn. Phone 5-487I Complimenis of GROPPELLI'S MARKET 2 Prospecl S+ree+ PAWCATUCK. CONN. Complimenls of UNIVERSAL FOOD STORE MR. AND Mas. Joi-IN H. SUTCLIFFE Complimenls of Sl'lEA'S GULF STATION PAWCATUCK. CONN.. MECHANIC STREET HOXSIE BUICK, INC. 39 Broad and I00 Granile Sis. Weslerly, R. l. "When Befler Cars Are Buill' Buicl: Will Builcl Them" URSO AND ANDREWS ATLANTIC SERVICE Main Sfreel, Wesferly "FOR THE BEST IN FLOWERS" SMlTH'S FLOWER SHOP Corsages of Dislinclion Complimenls of ATHERTON 8: SONS MECHANIC STREET. PAWCATUCK. CONN Complimenls of KREB'S TOWN SHOP and KREB'S COUNTRY SHOP CADY MOTORS MERCU RY 2I5-2I6 New London Road MYSTIC. CONN. HAWARD E. CADY, Owner Tel. Mysfic-J E-6-2609 WESTERLY DAIRY, INC. WESTERLY, R. I. PHONE 5-5650 OuaIi+y Dairy Producfs Visii' Our Dairy Bar UPPER LIBERTY STREET TEEN AGERS S ig 0 'J I kff - I X. 3 wk CompIimenI's of JIM'S ESSO SONOCO PRODUCTS COMPANY MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT Manufadurers of Paper Tubes for Conslruclion Worlc Paper Cones, Tubes, and Cores for All Winding Purposes Besl' Wishes, Class of '59 MR. AND MRS. LOUIS MARSEILLES KAY'S FABRIC SHOP Fabrics Nolions BuHons Trimmings I8 Union Slreef, Weslerly, R. I. JAMES S. BROGNO TRAVEL AGENCY AND TAILOR SHOP 43 Broad Slreef, Wesierly, R. I. Rooms 8- I 2 Welch Bldg. LY6-4454 Complimenls of Complimenls of THE BEACH STREET MARKET BEAL'S RESTAURANT DOWER'S Wearing Apparel for Women and Children I6-I8 High Sheer, Wesferly, R. I. TROVATO BROS. Merchanf Tailors for Ladies and Men 26 Canal Sf., Wesferly, R. I. Phone Ly 6-2765 SH EA'S Sfafionery, Candy, Periodicals, Greefing Cards, and Musical Insfrumenfs TEL. Ly 5-2684 59 Wesf Broad Sfreef PAWCATUCK, CONNECTICUT Congrafulafions fo fhe Class of '59 HALFWAY HOUSE KENYON-'S Men's and Boys' Sfore 26 HIGH STREET WESTERLY, RHODE ISLAND FERRARO HOME PRODUCTS CO. 9 Railroad Avenue Wesferly, Rhode Island Windows - Doors - Canopies - Pafios Phone Ly 6-5092 B 81 C FURNITURE COMPANY I3-I5 Railroad Avenue PHONE Ly 6-4340 WH EWELL'S AUTO WRECKING Sfoningfon Road WESTERLY, RHODE ISLAND New Mufflers lnsfalled Free THE TOY HOUSE Hobbies - Toys - Ari' Supplies Convenienf Year Around Lay-Away Tel. 5-4I66 2 High S+., Opp. Posf Office Wesferly. Rhode Island Jeweler WESTERLY, R. I. Complimenfs of SAINT CECELIA GIFT SHOP Cafholic Library Pawcafuck, Connecficuf CAPEZIOS WM. BENDETTS - Mysfic CHIPPEWA SHOES JOHNSONIAN SHOES Shoe Repairing CHAMPION SHOE REPAIR Mysfic. Conn. CONNECTICUT INVESTMENT CASTING CCRPORATION UNCAS METAL PRODUCTS, INC. P S+orm Windows and Screens 869 WEST THAMES STREET Sun Porches CaII for Free Sform Doo,-5 Telephone Es+imaI'e Jalougieg Norwich: CompIimen+s of VOILA THE CHRISTMAS STCCKING OUIAMBAUG COVE STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT ROUTE 95 GROTON, CONN. Giff Shop - BouI'ique Open Monday Through Sa+urcIay Compliment of 'wo +0 5:30 CENTRAL sToREs NARDONE MOTORS, INC. WESTERLY, RHODE ISLAND CompIimen'I's of CompIimen+s of ALLEN FINANCE COMPANY PACKERS TAR SOAP, INC. Complimenis of VARS BROTHERS Complimenls of HARVEY W. BUCKLER Complimenls of MCCORMICKS THE C. W. WILLARD HARDWARE CO. 38 AND 40 HIGH STREET Hardware, Farm Tools and Seeds Mill Supplies - Mechanics Tools Kirchen Furnishings, Painis and Sporring Goods TEL. LYric - 6-ZI46 Complimenfs of RUSSO MEMORIALS Showroom on 'II1e Norwich New London Highway Opp. Fori' Shaniolx Road HOME OFFICE 49 BEACH ST., WESTERLY, R. I. TEL. LYric 6-4554 IN NEW LONDON Complimenfs of ELLA'S PASTRY SHOP I6 Easf Main SI. MYSTIC, CONN. ROVv'f'S LAUNDRY 8 Chase Smal' CALL Glbson 2-8977 'Y 5-5542 Complimenfs of Compliment' of MAIN 8: DUFOUR SH-LER.S PLUMBING AND HEATING UNIVERSAL FOOD STORE Tel. 5-404I 39 Liberfy SI. I4 Liberry S+., Pawcafuclc Pawcafuclr, Conn. WILLIAM F. O'LEARY Insurance so Liberly S+. Complimenis of LAWTON AUTO LIBERTY STREET Complimenfs of THE SHOE BOX Complimenrs of A. CHRISTINA Fruils and Vegela bles Tel. 5-4344 Pawcaiuclr, Connec'I'icu+ PERRY'S Gi'F'I's and Decoralive Accessories WESTERLY RHODE ISLAND BROWN BUICK - PONTIAC, INC. Aufhorized Buicl: - Ponfiac - Opel Dealers U.S. Roufe Myslic Phone: JEFFERSON 6-7546 Complimenls of THE MILLER FORD CO., INC. SI'oningI'on, Conneciicui' FORD AND VOLVO SALES AND SERVICES Complimenis of YORK MARINE RADIO STONINGTON. coNNEcTlcuT Complimenls of A FRIEND CY'S LOBSTERS sToNlNeToN, CONNECTICUT COFFEE CUP LUNCH I48 Wafer Sireel STONINGTON. CONNECTICUT STONI NGTON ""o"iiLm'2aTEL.f3e'2?5.5g9295 DEPARTMENT STORE PETE's Lossrek I4 Wa+er S+ree'l' 81 STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT SEAFOOD MARKET LONGO'S DOCK STONINGTON. coNN Complimenls of CHAS. 0. RYON 81 SON STONINGTON PUBLISHING CO.. INC. Coal ancl Fuel Oils "Among flue Mosl' Useful and Excellenf Acfs, STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT TEL. 6-93 I 2 Navigalion Has Always Taken Firsl Place." Samuel DeChamp Complimenis of NOANK MARINE EXCHANGE Telephone Myslic Jefferson 6-876I Sfoningion. Conn. PIC 81 PAY Bes+ Wishes PENNEYS WESTERLY, R. I. JOE MICELI New and Used Furniiure Dealer Buying and Selling 90 Canal S+ree+ Wesferly, R. I. Phone Ly-6-5333 Complimenfs of TERMINAL BAKERY MYSTIC MOTORS, INC. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Tip Top Used Cars ROUTE I MYSTIC Complimenls of I'IlLBERT'S LUNCHEONE'I'TE Complimenis of MR. AND MRS. CHARLES MARK GROTON SAVINGS BANK MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT Your Communi+y Savings Banlz LONG HILL BRANCH POQUONOCK BRIDGE CONNECTICUT JOE'S PARKING LOT Nexi' Io Granfs WESTERLY. R. I. THORP 8: TRAINER, INC. CompIimenI's of INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Sales and Services P. 8: R. Service Insurance Je 67296 PHONE Ly - 5.4051 MYSTIC. CONN. 3I Broad Sfreei' WESTERLY RHODE ISLAND Complimenfs CARVEL DAIRY BAR PAUL F. CIRIONI MYSTIC, CONN. CHECKER. INC. Real EsI'a+e - Insurance I0 High Sireei' WesI'erIy, Rhode Island Telephone Ly. 6-2834 PUCCI ELECTRIC CO. INC. EIecI'ricaI Con'Irac'Iors and Engineers II6 GRANITE STREET WESTERLY, R. I. C. T. NOYES The Bes+ in Dry Goods ComPI'menIs of Since I872 BROADWAY SUNOCO MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT Complimenfs of DONALD O. JEFFREY, Excavaiing Confracfing Pawcafuclr, Connecficui Phone Ly. 5-4632 THE W. C. HISCOX CO. Lumber Dealers and Builders 99 MAIN ST. WESTERLY, R. I. PAUI-,S Tv Complimenfs of Dumoni' - Philco - RCA H' E' TI-IciRITE: SON' INC' Admiral - Mo+oroIa ea de GRANITE ST. SHOPPING CENTER WESTERLY, R. I. Tel. WesIerIy Ly-64I:l4 Nighi' Service Complimenfs of CAP'S SNACK BAR CompIimen+s of MONTGOMERY WARD Canal Sfreei' WESTERLY. R. I. ECONOMY 5c 'Io SI.00 STORE 5 Wes? Main S+. Mysiic, Conn. By 'the Bridge MOONEY'S FOOD CENTER I5 W. Main Sfreei' MYSTIC, CONN. Phone Je 6-8470 Complimenfs of GEORGE C. MOORE CO. HAZEL I. MAIN Gif+s of Disfincfion I5 WEST MAIN STREET MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT NAT NOWAK Men's and Boys' Cloihing and Accessories, Fooiwear for +he Eniire Family 34 Wesf Main S+ree+ Phone Je 6-8148 Complimenfs of SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY WESTERLY, R. I. STONINGTON MARKET CHIAPPONE AND PREVITY Complimenfs of TOGGLEHOLLOW GREEN HOUSES FLORISTS SCIBILIA BARBER SHOP 84 Granife Sireei WESTERLY, R.I. Complimenfs of STILES STUDIO CompIImenI's of RUTMAN'S WAYSIDE FURNITURE Sioningfon Road WESTERLY, R. I. Complimenfs of MELLO'S BARBER SHOP 20 High SI'reeI' WESTERLY WILSON DRUG 85 Granife Sfreef Prescripiion Druggisfs CALL FOR FREE DELIVERY Compliments of PLAX CORPORATION STONINGTON CONNECTICUT GENCARELLI COAL 81 OIL CO. MECHANIC STREET Shell Healing Oils TELEPHONE 5-4I07 EDWARD E. BILLINGS Plumbing and Healing Engineer 26 Mechanic S+., Wes'I'erIy, R. I. Home Phone Lyric 5-5288 Shop Phone LYric 5-4688 BARSTOW'S GROCERIES MYSTIC Complimenls of PAWCATUCK SYLVESTER SOUSA Treal' Your Mofher Fair and She Won'+ Gef in Your Hair AUGUST O. MULLER HARRY A. MULLER PETER PETTINI 8: SONS AI Harvey Rd. STONINGTON WELL DRILLING MYSTIC JE'f'ferson 6-2483 Complimenfs of PEQUOT GOLF CLUB Wheeler Rd. STONINGTON, CONN. WENDELL ROSS, Professional FRANKLIN G. POST 81 SON, INC. Builders of "SEAGOIN" Boafs Myslic Conn. HAGMAN'S SERVICE STATION Texaco Gas and Havoline Oil Firesfone and Slar Tires Paris and Accessories CompIimen+s of SANTIN CHEVROLET CO., INC. 5 HOLMES STREET MYSTIC, CONN. Chevrolel' - Oldsmobile - Cadillac Serving Since I920 JANEIRO'S HANDI-SHOP MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT PaI'en+ Medicine Ice Cream Giliis Toys Com pIimen+s of PAWCATUCK SHOE REPAIR SHOP 57 Wes? Broad Sfreel' JOSEPH ABATE, Propriefor WILFRED GORNEAULT - Aufo Repairing - BaH'ery Charging - Tire Repairing 52 Mechanic S+. Phone Ly 54823 Wesferly, R. I. HOLLIDAY 81 JOYCE Esso Producfs and Lubricafion Tires - BaH'eries - Accessories UNEEDA CLEANERS Cash and Carry STONINGTON ROAD LY 5-4676 For Thai' Car in Your Fu'I'ure Remember Dollar for Dollar You Can'+ Beal' a Ponfiac ALRAY PONTIAC COMPANY PHONE 4843 GRAND UNION Grani+e S+ree+ Shopping Cen+er WESTERLY RHODE ISLAND Shop Save I47 GRANITE STREET Free Parking! S 81 S FOODLINER Complimenfs of GRANITE STREET SUNOCO Aufo Tops - Truck Cushions AII Types Aufo Upholsfery WESTERLY AUTO TOP CO. 89 Granife Sfreel' WESTERLY RHODE ISLAND Boaf Taps Boaf Covers Boar Cushions FRANK HAWKER, Prop. Telephone 4077 CompIimen'I's of MCQUADES SUPER MARKET I06 Main S+reeI' WESTERLY, R. I. Tall: of Ihe Town The Smar+esI' in Fashion LEONARD'S SHOES so HIGH STREET P 81 M SEWING CENTER Peier Pe'l'iHi - Marcel Meunier EVER OPEN A TREASURE CHEST? A visif 'Io our gifl' house will malze you 'Feel as Ihough you have found a Ireasure chesi. Non- Compefing gif'I's from Ihe 'Ireasures of Ihe world. .1.32.2fIf'lTII'I.Zf,fZ'+hTi2ZilI?F5.".2iI2522221 imporIing service. MEDINGER IMPORTS GIFT HOUSE Jus'I' Easf of Sfoningfon High on Rou'Ie No. I Complimenfs of A8IP FOOD STORES Complimenfs of NATALE A. URSO SAFE-T-DRIVE DRIVING AND THEORY Conn. S+udenI's Aduli Driving InsIruc'I'ion ARTHUR BORGES. Insfrucfor Tel. LY 5-4997 LORELLO 8: NACCARATO General ConI'racI'ors 3 Easf Main Sfreef MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT CompIimen+s of BESS EATON DONUTS Corner of Oak and High S'I'reeI' PHONE LY - 6-2273 Compliments of THE ALAMO LUNCHEONETTE 'Fish anc! Chips. TH E R S U N Grinder. Daily Specials 50 Llberty Street Pawcatuck, Connecticut Compliments of LIBERTY STREET BARBER SHOP - YOUR HOME TOWN DAILY NEWSPAPER - Compliments of ED MARTIN Extends Congratulations AND 1-0 +I-,e CHARLES HAMM Class of l959 Compliments of IRENE'S BEAUTY SHOP sToNlNeToN, coNNEcTlcuT AMERICAN VELVET COMPANY Stonington, Connecticut SheI+ie-Mis+ Sweaiers by Garland aI' C LAI RE'S IN MYSTIC KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Nina Council No. 43 STONINGTON. CONNECTICUT Complimenis of CALKINS' UNIVERSAL STORE Choice Meafs Groceries Vegeiables CompIimen+s of HERBERT O'KEEFE Plumbing and Heaiing 1 l Capezios and Pappogallos a+ Lower Prices THE SHOWCASE 43 Broad Sireef Wesierly, R. I. Complimenis of FREDDY'S BOAT LIVERY 228 Nor+h Wafer Sfreei' STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT For 'Ihe Besi in Banking - II"s - HARTFORD NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST CO. Esfablished l792 STONINGTON BRANCH Cannon Square. Sfoningion, Conn. MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM STONINGTON AUTO STATION ALBERT AND HENRY BESSETTE i11 1 KENYON'S CLEANING CO WESTERLY, R. I. C. A. MORGAN, INC. Insurance I6 BROAD STREET WESTERLY, R. I. STONINGTON SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. INC. 29 Wesi' Broad S+ree+ Pawcafuck, Connecficuf R. C. DAVEY ON-THE-BRIDGE MYSTIC, CONN. Complimenis of MIDWAY SERVICE STATION 40 LIBERTY smear PAWCATUCK, CONNECTICUT Complimenfs of JACK 81 JILL JUVENILE SHOP CompIimen+s of FRANK'S ROOFING AND SIDING 7 Edgewood Avenue WESTERLY, RHODE ISLAND CULLINANE'S PACKAGE STORE LIber'ry S+ree+ PAWCATUCK. CONNECTICUT BINDLOSS, INC. sToNlNeToN, coNNEcTlcuT CongraI'uIaI'ions fo I'I1e Class of '59 MAR-G'S LU NCHEON ETTE Broadway Ex'I'. MYSTIC. CONN. PESKY'S VARIETY CompIe+e Line of Meafs - Groceries - Fruifs Vegefables - Frozen Foods Barbecues and Grinders 72 LIBERTY STREET PAWCATUCK, CONN. LY 5-4697 DICK NEFF'S MYSTIC SPORTING GOODS. INC Mysiic, Conec+icu+ Spalding Team Prices Always, Rawlings Complimenfs of CURLINJIK MEN'S SHOP 43 Wes'I Main Sfreei' MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT GRILLS MOTORS AND BODY SHOP I32 Liberfy SI'reeI' PHONE 5-5970 UNITED BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY Everyfhing Io Build AnyI'I1ing 30 OAK STREET TELEPHONE Ly. 6-2B3I WESTERLY. R. I. I DU PONT PAINTS MILLWORK THE J. F. BONOMO COMPANY BuiIding Supplies I4 Coggswell SI. Wesierly, R. I. Complimenfs of MEDICAL GROUP DR. S. S. FARAGO DR. HENRY GRAINGER DR. HAYES CLUXTON DR. JOHN PINTO Complimenfs of MYSTIC ICE AND FUEL CO., INC NEW LONDON RD. MYSTIC TELEPHONE Je. 6-8859 Complimenfs of SEA VILLAGE AND SEAPORT MANOR CompIimen+s of VIC PANCIERA Golf Professional Shenecossefl Counhy Club GROTON. CONN. MURPHY CHEVROLET COMPANY I06 Wesi' Broad S+ree'I PAWCATUCK, CONNECTICUT THE "FABRIC" SHOP elmei-IAM GATE OpposiI'e EnI'rance +o The Marine Museum 58 Greenmanville Avenue MYSTIC. CONNECTICUT INDUSTRIAL FABRICS CompIimenI's of LIBERTY STREET DAIRY QUEEN CONNORS 81 O'BRIEN BEN DETT'S SPECIALTY SHOP MYSTIC For Smar'r Apparel GREEN HAVEN INN LOWER PAWCATUCK Miles SouI'I1 of RouI'e I a'I Wes+erIy Corsages and Floral Arrangemenfs of AII Kinds s+yIed by HATCHELL 20 WesI' Main SIreeI' Mysfic Complimenfs of CHARLIE'S nuNN's CORNERS Complimenis of URSO HARDWARE FRENCH CLEANERS I3-I5 COTTRELL STREET Tel. Jef. 6-823I 3-HOUR SERVICE Complimenfs of N. G. SMITH JEWELERS I-IIGI-I STREET, WESTERLY R. I. PALAU REXALL STORE MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT Phone Jefferson 6-8400 CARROLL CUT RATE WESTERLY, R. I. Cosmefics and Toilefries THE MAXWELTON CO. 44 Wesf Main Sf. Mysfic, Conn. School Arf Supplies Tel. Jef. 6-7I58 Complimenfs of SOUADRITO'S OASIS PACKAGE STORE BILL AND BOB SLIFKIN 81 SON HARDWARE 3 Easf Main Sfreef MYSTIC, CONN. PHONE: 6-8747 THE LITTLE CARD HOUSE 4 W. Main Sfreef Mysfic, Conn. "Greefing Cards for Remembrance" Giffs Thaf Delighf JE. 6-7l62 The Adamsons THE FRIENDLY SHOP "Gif+s for Happiness" Je. 6-9336 MYSTIC, CONN. Complimenfs of SYLVESTER SOUSA Treaf Your Fafher Fair and He Won"I' Gef in Your Hair Complimenfs of GEORGE'S PACKAGE STORE Mysfic, Conn. Tel. 6-7347 32 WEST MAIN STREET TELEPHONE JEfferson 6-3722 HEWITI' WOODCRAFTERS. INC. Early American House Anfique Reproducfions Cusfom Builf Furnifure Repairing and Refinishing SHOWROOM AND SHOP, ROUTE 84. OLD MYSTIC. CONNECTICUT Complimenfs of HINKLE JEWELRY Jewelry for Everyone MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT Complimenfs of MR. AND MRS. DOMINIC NIGRELLI NlGRELLI'S LIQUOR STORE CompIimen+s of C0mP'Ime"fS En's CLEANING SERVICE Of sToNlNeToN. CONNECTICUT THE KELLEMS ROI.AND'S MARKET C' Meais - Groceries - Frozen Foods Frui+s - Vegetables Tel. Je. 6-207I I43 Wafer S+ree'r Sioningfon KEANE'S NEWS STORE II3 Wafer SI'reeI' STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT VICTORIA'S GROCERY I33 WaI'er SI'reeI' FREE DELIVERY SI'oningI'on-6-39 I 2 Complimenfs of SEIDNERS, INC. WESTERLY, R. I. Complimenfs of VITRO'S BAKERY AND SNACK-BAR II7 Wafer Sfreef STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT Complimenfs of CAMACHO'S I.G.A. Complimenfs of THE DEE-N-ELL CompIimen+s of THE SANITARY BARBER SHOP Wafer Sheei' STONINGTON. CONNECTICUT BEN'S SPIRIT SHOP BIancI1arc.I's Corners RT. 2 AND 95, PAWCATUCK WESTERLY GLASS COMPANY Frank Muoio, Manager For Besi in Service Dial Wesierly 4733 PIasI'ic and Ceramic Tiles Insialled IncIusIriaI Drive WesI'erIy, R. I. Complimeni' of CONSUMERS DAIRY LEN'S BARBER SHOP Nexi' Io "UniI'ed Thea+er" VIA ROMA BEACH. SHORE ROAD RAMBLERVILLE, INC. SeIecI' New and Used Cars I45-I47 MAIN ST. POWELL INSURANCE WESTERLY. R. I. eouvlN's suPERE1'rE Firsf in QuaIi+y Fairesf in Prices Fasiesi' in Service N . SI'onin Io Road o g n WESTERLY, R. I. The Righ+ Insurance for You AGNES' BEAUTY SHOP STONINGTON 9 CHURCH STREET PHONE: 6.9303 Jefferson 6-8722 STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT GEO. H. ROBINSON INS. AGENCY Emily Robinson Cole Roy L. Cole Sioningfon The Favorite Gathering Place for Teenagers STONINGTON COMMUNITY CENTER Success To the Class of '59 MAURICE C. LA GRUA Official Yearbook Photographer .H ----1...-.-1 ,,- -f -X af , V' 1 eh JI, l ' l EI 'rw lf Q l F .:f""- ls ' 1 x 2 l, Candids-Portraits-Weddings STUDIO: Westerly, Rhode Island 39 High Sfreet TAYLOR I?dU?eLlSlLII!49 VCFMQPANY .VP ,, 1-I-,EH my ' Tl 'f 1 '. ---mi VJ ,LTC ,Q : Z5 w -vt 1 My "' -W5 532115 H ' YM J X. 'BUTE .. Vw , H, ,. .. J. . Q.. Q W ,ay "ff 31-. 1 ,H-. age. Y, ,rig 5 . IGH? - gig: ,ilu 1' -2-M V:-6 vm V .i .EFF -ME 1 , ,, J -:Fu 'm.l ,: fb' R .1 , 'gn-33 'r vi Tk: 1 F 'K if I 1r- 1 122 . fi? 1 V wr "1 i Y. Q uk 5 . at J,-f, E. - fat -xy, 'ul 1 V s wlwxff ,xv 1

Suggestions in the Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT) collection:

Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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