Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT)

 - Class of 1956

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Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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4 I if M x pw...-, 1. 7"Q fx. Nw. , L 44 ,' ' if: ,. ' .,,, A ,W-J .. -f-' ', .ff 44' I' ,- : ,. . . 4,1-ff, - - , , . ,1-4 ' ' .'I--"-' ' "'.... .- ,- LIL.,- .,. ..- if-" ,-4 LZ- 4 4 .-,- -.,- ,..... -f- .4--' .--4 -Z- .4 .-,f -4-1 .nf- -44 .pf- -.-.- , ...4 n-f --qu- -gn .49 -fd -pu .-41 ..,4.- ....- -pa . -. .- ...a- 4- -..f ,1- ,An- ' ',,,1 -4--1 ...4 ,- ' "",,J-..-.aa K Y, ..-1 ',g' ' ,W ,...- -,, no .au ...M .v 4. v-.4 . ..1 . .4 .4 pn- -nn- -uv ,.-.- ..., T.T'f'..l.-L.-Q.. ..- ,.,...... . ..... - ' 1 r.:" ,.. ..... l - ,.... .-. --. ...- ..-. ...- ..- Il :- Odd 111 ... 11' :SQ :L- ...1 lil .- 001 11 U1- 11 .-. -.. .-. 11 .-. ..- .-. -. .... -. .., Tl!! P4W11f!l'57'0fVM1V Published by THE 1956 SENIOR CLASS Stonington High School STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT DEDICATION WE, the graduating class of 1956, dedi- cate this yearbook to the students of the new school. May it provide the inspira- tion for many to serve their country and fellowmen. ADMINISTRATION T. ALLEN CRUUCH CARROLL W. PEAVEY Superintendent Principal JOAN BOUMENOT Biology, Science, English MARY BRANNEGAN Stenography I and II. Typing, Commercial Law, Business Education CLARENCE COOCAN Chemistry MICHAEL CRONIN Civics, Problems of Democracy KATHERINE DENNEHEY English MORRIS FABRICANT H Physical Education, Driver Training FACULTY W , BRADLEY BUNKER Algebra I, Shop Mathematics, General Mathematics, Science Drivers Training ARTHUR CARLIN BioloEY, Science ELEANOR CRONIN English JOSEPHINE CULLINANE Typing, Clerical Practice, Junior Business Training WOODROW DOUVILLE Geometry, General Mathematics, Mechanics GEORGE FOLEY U. S. History, English 9 WILLIAM GRIFFIN Algebra I-II Solid Geometry and Trigonometry ELIZABETH MINER Home Economics MARY NANIA Dean of Girls, Guidance WILLIAM PETTY French BEATRICE SILVERSTEIN Latin, English FLORENCE THAVENET Physical Education, Driver Training, Health GEORGE J. WILLIAMSON Mechanical Drawing ROLAND HOUSTON Industrial Arts EVELYN MURDOCK Physics, Chemistry, Science MARGARET PETTINGELL Home Economics ROBERT SHEA History, Geography MARIE M. STEWART Head of Business Departme Business English, Transcription, Office Practice CATHERINE H. VARGAS Business Arithmetic, Business Education, Junior Business Training, Bookkeeping HARRY LAWTON Music Ill SENIORS ROBERT SCHACKNER PAWCATUCK A great man in any field Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Track l, Science Club, Clee Club 1, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Play 3, UN Trip, Yearbook Staff, "S" Club 3, 4, Washington Club, Dramatic Club. NILS CARLSSON MYSTIC Now I will do nothing but listen. Glee Club 2, Class Secretary 4, Biology Club 3, Yearbook Staff, UN Trip. MIss FLORENCE THAVENET Class Advisor WILLIAM A. LAZAREK PAWCATUCK The gayest laddie of all the group. Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 3, 4, "S" Club 2, 3, 4, UN Trip, Washington Club, Freshmen Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Class Vice President 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS, Senior Talent Show, Senior Prom. ROBERT WEIR BARNES MYSTIC Act well your part, there all the honor lies. Science Club Secretary, French Club Vice President 3, Student Council 2, Reception Committee 2, Class Treas- urer 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, Wash- ington Club, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, UN Trip, Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom,lYearbook Staff. JOHN E. ALEXANDER PAWCATUCK He who can avoid a woman, let him do so. Science Club, Talent Shows 2, 3, 4. FRANK E. ALLEN PAWCATUCK Jolliness, his most likable quality. Camera Club 1, 2, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Yearbook Staff, Senior Talent Show, Washington Club, Music 1, 2, 3. HEATHER INGLIS ANDERSON PAWCATUCR Happiness is the best of all life's treasures. Honor Society 3, 4, Cheerleader Captain 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble 3, Operetta 3, Sophomore Hop Ticket Chairman, Junior Prom, Senior Prom Chairman, Talent Shows 3, 4, Spirit of SHS, Washington Club, Yearbook Staff, Intramurals 3, "S" Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, Queen's Court 3, UN Trip, Office Practice, Driver Training. PHYLLIS MARY ANDERSON WEQUETEQUOCK Silence is the mother of truth. Drum Corps 1, Washington Club, Yearbook Staff, Office Practice, Talent Show 4. .f ' FRANK BERNARD ANDREWS PAWCATUCK Friendship is a wide portal and sometimes admits love. Baseball 1, 2, Basketball l, Science Club, Biology Club 2, 3, Yearbook Staff , Senior Talent Show, Honor Roll 1, 2, 4, Washington Club, Senior Prom. PETER ARNOLD STONINGTON A sound mind in a sound body. Student Council 3, 4, "S" Clubl, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom, Sophomore Hop, Wash- ington Club, Assembly Committee Co-Chairman 4, Spirit of SHS, Senior Talent Show. ANNE ELIZABETH BAILEY PAWCATUCK Her quiet ways add to her dignity and win the respect of her classmates. Honor Society 3, 4, Co-editor, Yearbook Business Staff, Discussion Club 1, 2, Brown and White Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, Washington Club, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Freshmen Party, Sophomore Hop, Talent Shows 3, 4, Intramurals 1, Office Practice, Band Club- 2, Homeroom Treasurer 3, Assembly Committee 3, 4. ROBERTA L. BAILEY STONINGTON A river of gaiety flows from her lips. Freshmen Party, Talent Shows 1, 2, 4, Discussion Club 1, 2, Chess Club 1, UN Trip, Office Practice, Yearbook Staff, Washington Club, Driver Training. SANDRA JANE BANKS PAWCATUCK A humorous twist to a novel package. Talent Shows 2, 3, 4, Washington Club, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, Yearbook Staff, Cafeteria Staff 4. ELIZABETH ANN BARNES MYSTIC A perfect lady at all times, quiet, refined and courteous. Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, Discussion Club 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, FTA 3,- 4, Biology Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, Brown and White 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 4, Freshmen Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, French Club 3, Washington Club, Yearbook Staff, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Prom, Driver Training 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, Operetta 1, 2, 3. STANLEY BENNETT PAWCATUCK A shy, great-hearted gentleman. Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Driver Training 4, Yearbook Staff. NoRMA ELIZABETH BRAINARD STONINGTON A quick smile is an asset to anyone. Senior Talent Show, Yearbook Staff , Washington Club. MARJORIE VERNA BALESTRACCI MYSTIC She has a warm and friendly nature. Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Homeroom Treasurer 4, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Talent Shows 3, 4, UN Trip, Washington Club, Yearbook Staff, Discussion Club 1, 2, Office Practice. PETER L. BALESTRACCI MYSTIC His manners are gentle. Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 3, 4, Freshmen Party, Science Club, Discus- sion Club, Washington Club, Latin Club, UN Trip, Cafeteria Staff 3, Senior Talent Show. JANET BALL PAWCATUCK She is an excellent person in every way. Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4, UN Trip, Honor Society, Year- book Staff, Washington Club, Biology Club 2, Office Practice. RALPH JAMES BALLATO PAWCATUCK What should a man do, but be merry? Washington Club, Science Club, Freshmen Party, Sopho- more Hop, Junior Prom Orchestra Chairman, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 4, Chess Club 1, Spirit of SHS, UN Trip, Glee Club 1, Senior Talent Show, Homeroom Treasurer 1, Senior Prom. CLIFTON LEWIS BRANT PAWCATUCK What is there in life but fun? Science Club, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Year- book Staff, "S" Club 4, Freshmen Party, Sophomore Hop, Spirit of SHS, Senior Talent Show, Washington Club. DAVID F. BRENNAN PAWCATUCK Why worry? Science Club, Freshmen Party, UN Trip, Washington Club, Sophomore Hop, Yearbook Staff, Chess Club. CURTIS P. BROWN, JR. STONINGTON It is better to wear out than to rust out. Class Treasurer 2, Football 3, 4-3 Track 3, 4, Captain 4, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Senior Talent Show, Wash- ington Club, "S" Club 2, 3, 4. MARILYN PATRICIA BROWN sToNINcToN Soft of voice, gentle of manner. Talent Shows 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 4, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4, Office Practice, Washington Club, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Home Room Treasurer 2, Co- Editor Business Staff, Yearbook Staff. fl- WALTER H. BROWN LOWER PAWCATUCK Wisdom is better than riches. Glee Club, Brown and White 1, 2, 3, 4, Typing Club 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4-. RICHARD JOHN BRUSTOLON MYSTIC Be modest in all things, but don't miss anything. Chess Club 4, Washington Club, Science Club, UN Trip Cafeteria 1. ALICE MARIE BURDICK MYSTIC Let us have peace. Discussion Club 1, 2, Talent Show 3, 4, Washington Club, Driver Training, Glee Club 3, Office Practice, Honor Roll. BARBARA ANN BURDICK PAWCATUCK Her manner and character well become her. Drum Corps 1, Talent Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Discussion Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, UN Trip, Washington Club, Yearbook Staff, Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Freshmen Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Brown and White 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1, Latin Club43, Driver. Training, Glee Club 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble -3, -' WILLIAM CLAY, JR. STONINGTON Modesty becomes a man. Chess Club, Washington Club. MARY Lou C01-'FEY STONINGTON Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Drum Corps 1, Science Club, Discussion Club 1, 2, 3, Assembly Committee 2, Reception Committee 2, FTA 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 4, Operetta 3, Girls' En- semble 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Brown and White 1, 2, 3,'Cirls' Sports Editor 4, Freshmen Party, Entertainment Chairman, Sophomore Hop, Decoration Chairman, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Talent Show 1, 2, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 4, Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Debating Club 4, Spirit of SHS, President, Washington Club, Co-Editor of Yearbook Lit- erary Staff, Women's Associate Basketball Rating 3, 4, Statistician for Boys' Basketball 2, 3, 4. BARBARA COSTA STONINGTON A quiet tongue shows a wise head. Chess Club 1, Washington Club, Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook Staff. THOMAS WILLIAM COSTA STONINGTON Worry made no one great, why should I worry? Science Club, Chess Club 2, Typing Club 3, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Yearbook Staff, Washington Club, Honor Roll 1, 3, 4. DANIEL BURLEIGH oLD MYSTIC A woman is a woman, but give me my pipe. Science Club, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS 4, Vice President, Washington Club, Year- book Staff, French Club 3, 4, Discussion Club 4, Talent Show 3, 4. J AMES OWEN CAVANAUGH PAWCATUCK Contented, I let the rest of the world go by me. Chess Club, Science Club, Freshmen Party, Sophomore Hop, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Spirit of SHS, "S" Club 2, 3, 4, UN Trip, Glee Club 1, Senior Talent Show, Senior Prom, Wash- ington Club. JOSEPH HECTOR CHOQUETTE PAWCATUCK Shyness and courage are a good combination. Chess Club 1, Senior Talent Show, Freshmen Party, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Science Club, Sophomore Hop, Washington Club, Junior Prom, Senior Prom. J OHN WILLIAM CHOQUETTE PAWCATUCK He is of a calm nature. Glee Club 1, Chess Club 1, Talent Shows 1, 3, 4, Wash- ington Club. ANTHONY JOSEPH CRAVINHO STONINGTON Set a goal, then work towards it. Clee Club 13 Science Club: French Club 3, 43 Washing- ton Club3 Yearbook Staff3 Senior Homeroom Treasurer3 Junior Prom3 Senior Prom3 Talent Shows 2, 3, 43 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. CHRISTOPHER CREAMER Perseveranee is a virtue which few possess. Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club 33 Yearbook Staff: Washington Club: Science Club3 UN Trip. ELIZABETH MAE CURRAN PAWCATUCK If music be the food ol love, sing on. Sophomore Hop Decoration Cbairmang Clee Club 2, 3, 43 Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom3 Operetta 33 Wash- ington Clubg Talent Show 2, 3, 4, Co-Chairman 2. STEPHEN CUSIIMAN WEQUETEQUOCK His words are few, but filled with wisdom. Senior Talent Show: Yearbook Staff3 Chess Club 13 Dra- matic Club. iii' 'vll 3 I 1 Y' 73.7 MARJORIE M. DARLING MYSTIC Of manners gentle, of affections mild. Freshmen DBTIYQ Discussion Club 1, 23 Brown and White 1, 2, 3, 43 Clee Club 1, 2, 33 Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 3: Sopho- more Hopg French Club 33 Biology 33 FTA 3. 4. Treasurer 33 Washington Club, Talent Show 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Promg Junior Prom: Dramatic Club 3, 43 Yearbook Staff3 Drum Corps 13 UN Tripq Cafeteria Staff 33 Homeroom Treas- urer 3. ELACE BROWNING DART MYSTIC Natural abilities are like natural plants. Cheerleader 3, 43 "S" Club 3, 43 Talent Show 1, 2, 4: Discussion Club 13 lntramurals 2, 3, 43 Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Ensemble 2, 33 Sophomore Hopg junior Promg Year- book Staff3 Washington Clubg Spirit of SHS3 Girls' Bas- ketball 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 French Club 33 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN DASILVA STONINGTON Restless as a windshield wiper. Freshmen Partyg Chess Club 1, 23 Yearbook Staff: Senior Talent Show3 Washington Clubg Science Club. JOSEPH J. DEFRIAS STONINGTON Any good I can do let me do it now. Editor-in-Chief, Yearbook Staff3 Clee Club 13 Buys' En- semble 1g Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4g Honor Society 3. 4: UN Tripg Washington Club: Student Chairman of Activities 3, 4g Dramatic Club, Publicity Committee 3, Production Man- ager 3g School Operetta, Publicity Committee 33 FTA 23 Office Practice. I ' A ii I ., in in If , QR Q: V, V ' 3 'LLL I L"L -iss, 1- 3-, . A ,C Q5- -I , ,., . gk s, ,,-Qc, 1 1- X i n '15, . 71' s 31:isSil5 , 'I I is-5 ' 3 ,5:.f::ow:w---f- 1' - S'3'f13'iZfff R .'fY.aw4 I - A MARY LOU FOLEY PAWCATUCK She has the will to like and be liked. Science Club Treasurer, Home Room Treasurer 1, 2, Band Club 2, Class Secretary 2, Brown and White 1, 2, Junior Business Manager 3, Business Manager 4, French Club 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Discussion Club 1, 2, Student Coun- cil 3, 4, Assembly Committee 3, Co-Chairman 4, Queen's Court 3, Girls' Ensemble 4, Biology Club 2, FTA 2, 3, 4, President 3, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, UN Trip, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshmen Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Washington Club, Reception Com- mittee 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3,1 Spirit of SHS. DAVID FONTANELLA OLD MYSTIC Never do today what you can do tomorrow. Student Council 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, HS" Club 2, 3, 4, UN Trip, Washington Club. .IOSEPHINE GANDOLFI PAWCATUCK My opinion is not a silent one. Discussion Club 1, Science Club, Drum Corps 1, Glee Club I, Biology Club 3, Latin Club 3, 4, French Club 3, Camera Club 4, Freshmen Party, Sophomore HOP? Junior Prom, Junior Talent Show, UN Trip, Washington Club, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff. RONALD WILLIAM GIBSON PAWCATUCK He is a friendly sort of chap. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Chess Club l, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 3, 4, Sophomore Hop, Yearbook Staff, "S" Club, Freshmen Party, UN Trip, Talent Shows 2, 3, 4, Senior Prom. SUSAN LOUISE DEMOURA PAWCATUCK She seems quiet to those who don't know' her. Science Club, Drum Corps 1, Chess Club I, Discussion Club 1, 2, Biology Club 2, 3, Yearbook Staff, UN Trip, Washington Club, Freshmen Party, Sophomore Hop, Cafe- teria Staff 3. PATRICIA ANN DONAHUE MYSTIC People who are of sweet and cheerful disposition succeed. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Choral Group 4, Girls' En- semble 2, 3, Cafeteria Staff 2, Freshmen Party, Sopho- more HOP? Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Biology Club 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, FTA, Secretary 3, UN Trip, Washington Club, "S" Club 3, 4, Spirit of SHS, Treasurer, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Queen's Court 3, Yearbook Staff, Driver Training, Office Practice. ROBERT FORREST DOUCHTY PAWCATUCK Time has no meaning for him. Football 2, 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, Track 3, Typing Club 3, glflashirliigton Club, Spirit of SHS, Stage Crew for Talent ow . GEORGE EDMUND DYER WEQUETEQUOCK He will be remembered for his quick manner. Typing Club 3, Yearbook Staff, Washington Club, Senior Talent Show. P S'rEI'III:N Gonoivisxv OLD MYSTIC Though he ix rough, lu' is lrimlly. Football l. 2. 3. 43 Traek 23 "S" Club 2. 3. 4: W-ashington Club: Sei:-new Club: S1-nior Talent Showg French Club 31 Cuff-I4-ria Staff 4. IJIMITY LOUISE CRAICIIEN sT0NINcToN lTraIIsfI r froIII Cranston! She zlruwns her irleas in a stream of worris. D4-baling Club, Se-I-retary-'lirvasiirer 41 llonor Boll 4-1 Driver Truining 43 Brown ancl White 43 Senior Promg Washing- ion Club. IMVIII AI.ERI:n GRILLS PAWCATUCK A rar for mrh :lay of the week. CAROLYN MAY HARPER PAWCATUCK For she was just the quiet lfinzl. YI-arhook Staff: Washington Club: Talent Show 4: Senior l'romg Office l'rar'tiI'e. 'Q' o..,,,l IC ' - A - if l ANNE ELIZABETH HOLDIIIDGE MYSTIC Leisure strikes me as a wonrferfuf pleasure. Clce Club 1. 2. 3. 4g Dramatic Club 23 UN Trip: Wash- ington Clubg Spirit of SHSQ Fresluuen Party: Sophomore Hopg Junior Prom: Senior Prom: Talent Shows 2. 3. 43 FTA 2. 31 Discussion Club: Brown and WlIite 1. 2. 3. 4: Cafeteria Staff 23 Yearbook Staff: Girls' Ensemble 1. 2. 3. 43 French Club 3. ELAINE ANN HOWARD PAWCATUCK Fair and softly wins the rare. Discussion Club 1, 23 Camera Club 2: Clee Club 2. 3: Operetta 2: Talent Show 3, 43 Offiee Practice 43 Yearbook Staffg Washington Clubg Honor Roll 1. 2. ROBERT JOHNS PAVVCATUCK I 1ion't rrilirize anti none critirize me. Chess Clllll 11 Biology Club 43 Svience Club 1: "5" Club 43 Yearbook Staff: Washington Club: Baseball 1. 2. 3, 41 Basketball 1. 45 Traek 3. 43 Freshmen Partyg Spirit of SHSQ Talent Show 1: Sophomore Hop. RONALD FREDERICK JOHNS PAWCATUCK lTransfer from Westerlyl Iagree with no nuzn's opinion: I have some of my own. Washington Club: Yearbook Staff: Senior Talent Showg Senior Prom. W ...rf , E MARY GREIG KEEGAN PAWCATUCK I never worry about little things and I never have big things. Biology Club 3, Glee Club 1, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Staff 3, Driver Training 3, Talent Shows 1, 4, UN Trip, Washington Club, Yearbook Staff, Office Prac- gce, Camera Club 4, Science Club, Drum Corps 1, Senior rom. ELIZABETH ANN KENYON PAWCATUCK Speech is silver, but silence is golden. Chess Club 1, Biology Club 2, 3, Senior Prom, UN Trip, Yearbook Staff, Senior Talent Show, Office Practice. AGNES GENEVIEVE KESSLER MYSTIC Earth has not anything to show more fair. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Choral Group 4, Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 3, Brown and White 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in- Chief 4, Science Club, Discussion Club 1, Freshmen Party, Biology Club 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Hop, Student Council 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer 4, Cafeteria Staff 3, French Club 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom, Junior Prom Queen, UN Trip, Yearbook Staff, Washington Club, Senior Prom, Honor Roll, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS, Operetta 1, 2, 3, Co-Chairman 2, 3, 4, Girls' Basketball Team 3, 4. THOMAS D .KIDDY PAWCATUCK Life is a game that rnust be played. Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS, Science Club, Fresh- men Party, Sophomore Hop, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Boys' En- semble 1, 2, 3, Washington Club, Yearbook Staff, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4. SALLY ESTHER JONES PAWCATUCK A still, small voice. Chess Club 1, Talent Shows 1, 2, 4, Yearbook Staff, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Office Practice, Operetta 2. JOSEPH F. J osEPII STONINGTON Strong reasons make strong actions. Science Club, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 4, Brown and White 4, Yearbook Staff, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Washington Club. BEVERLY ANN KASPER MYSTIC Her eyes-their sparkle reflects the happiness in her heart. Science Club, Discussion Club 1, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Choral Group 4, Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 3, Brown and White 1, 2, 3, Circulation Manager 4, Freshmen Party, Biology Club 2, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, Sophomore Hop, Cheerleader 3, 4, HS' Club 3, 4, French Club 3, Honor Roll 1. 2, Honor Society 3 4, Home Room Treasurer 3, UN Trip: .lunior Prom, Queen's Court, Co-Editor of Photography Staff of Yearbook, Washington Club, Senior Prom, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, Driver Training 3, Spirit of SHS, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4. FAITH JEANETTE KEEGAN PAWCATUCK She has a patent giggle all her own. Chess Club 1, 2, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Biology Club 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Carolers 2, Operetta 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Cafeteria Staff 2, 3, Driver Training, Freshmen PartY4 .Iunior Prom, Talent Show 3, 4, Wash- ington Club, Office Girl, Office Practice, Yearbook Staff, UN Trip. ALDEN MAIN NORTH STONINGTON His mischief he does quietly. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, "S" Club 4, Glee Club 1, Talent Shows 1, 2, 4, Science Club 1, Biology Club 2. RICHARD MAIN OLD MYSTIC A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. Science Club, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Washington Club. DAVID MARCIIAND OLD MYSTIC The greater the man, the greater the courtesy. , Science Club, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Freshmen Party, Year- book Staff, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Washington Club, UN Trip, Spirit of SHS, Sophomore Hop, Talent Shows 1, 3, 4. RICHARD J. MASSEY MYSTIC Laugh and the class laughs with you, stay after school and you stay alone. Football 3, 4, Chess Club 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Science Club, Discussion Club 1, Washington Club, UN Trip, Senior Talent Show, "S" Club 4. JUANITA LEWIS STONINGTON Without music, life would be a mistake. Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Talent Shows 1, 3, 4, Washington Club, Intramurals 1, Yearbook Staff, Junior Prom, Operetta 3, Senior Prom, Girls' Ensemble 1, 3. DONALD FRANCIS LOPRESTO PAWCATUCK Nonchalantly he greets the world. Washington Club, Freshmen Party, Sophomore Hop, Base- ball 4, Yearbook Staff, Football 2, 3, "S" Club 3, 4, UN Trip, Talent Shows l, 2. PATRICIA ANN LORD PAWCATUCK Good nature is one of the richest fruits of personality. Science Club, Clee Club l, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, Fresh- men Party, Office Practice, Yearbook Staff, Senior Talent Show, UN Trip, Washington Club, Discussion Club 1, 2. JACK MACIONE STONINCTON A great imagination and many interests. Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Freshmen Party, All Star Talent Show, Senior Play, Biology Club 2, 4, Science Club l, Yearbook Staff, Literary, Washington Club, UN Trip, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Dramatic Club, Honor Roll, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Chairman 3, 4. ' " . - 1 I : - B-,.?375'f':5'f K? l w ROBERT McDoNoUcn MYSTIC Better three hours too late than a minute too soon. Chess Club, Science Club, Washington Club. JOAN PATRICIA MCMAHON PAWCATUCK My heart is warm with the friends l make. Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Talent Shows 1, 4, Office Practice, Science Club, Discussion Club 1, 2, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Staff, Washington Club, UN Trip, Freshmen Party. HARRIET JOAN VIRGINIA MCNEIL STONINGTON She never lets her neatness spoil her fun. Clee Club 1, 3, Discussion Club 1, 2, 3, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshmen Party, UN Trip, Yearbook Staff, Junior Prom, Office Practice, Sophomore Hop, Washington Club, Senior Prom, Cafeteria Staff 3, Intramurals 1, 2, Spirit of SHS, Driver Training 3. GRETCHEN Lois MILLER STONINGTON Her ambition is her glory. Cheerleader 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, Queen's Court 3, .lunlor Prom, Co-Chairman of Decoration, Senior Prom, Sopho- more Hop, Freshmen Party, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, Assembly Committee 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Brown and White 1, 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS, 1"l'A 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Discussion Club 1, 2, Class Secretary 3, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 4, Washington Club, Year- book Staff, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, UN Trip, Reception Committee. l it .nf g,.. it GLADYS MINER Merrily, merrily shall I live. Discussion Club 1, Clee Club 2, 3, Yearbook Staff. STONINGTON ROBERT FRANCIS MoNIz STONINGTON Here today, gone tomorrow. Washington Club, Spirit of SHS. ALCINDA MONSAM STONINGTON A kind of charm you seem to find in womanhoad. Freshmen Party, Talent Show 1, 2, 4, Yearbook Staff, Office Practice, Washington Club, UN Trip, Driver Train- ing, Discussion Club 1, 2. JACK BARLOW MoRToN pAwC,n-UCK Those move easiest who have learned to dance. Science Club,,Latin Club 1, Biology Club 3, 4, Yearbgok Staff, Washington Club, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, Fresh- men Party, Sophomore Hop, Spirit of SHS. CHARLES A. RAFUSE PAWCATUCK W hy didn't a girl get all those curls. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 1, Science Club 1, Fresh- men Party, Talent Shows 1, 4, Track 1, 2, Sophomore Hop. JOAN YVONNE RAFUSE PAWCATUCK I would rather listen than talk. Biology Club 2, 3, Glee Club 3, 4, UN Trip, Office Girl 4, Driver Training 3, Camera Club 1, Senior Talent Show, Drum Corps 1, Yearbook Staff, Honor Roll 1, Senior Prom. VENTURA J. REBELLO s'roNINc'roN The ladies divide our sorrows, double our joys, and triple our expenses. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, "S" Club, Science Club, UN Trip, Sophomore Hop, .lunior Prom, Senior Prom, Talent Shows 3, 4, Washington Club, Spirit of SHS. NUNo FI-:RNANDES RENDEIRO STONINGTON Happily he goes his way. Science Club, Chess Club 1, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Yearbook Staff, Washington Club, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4. ELEANOR NOREEN O,BRIEN PAWCATUCK A good disposition is more valuable than gold. Cheerleader 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Queen's Court 3, Girls' Basketball 2, Brown and White 2, 3, 4, Spirit of SHS, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, FTA 2, 3, 4, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Drum Corps 1, Biology Club 2, Senior Prom, Junior Prom Co-Chairman, Sophomore Hop, Freshmen Party, Washington Club, Science Club, Band 2, French Club 3, 4, UN Trip, Discussion Club 1, Operetta 2, 3. JOSEPHINE PERRONE PAWCATUCK A happy heart lives long. Camera Club 1, 2, Cafeteria Staff 2, 3, Washington Club, UN Trip, Discussion Club 1, 2, Girls' Basketball Manager 3, Drum Corps 1, Yearbook Staff, Office Practice, Spirit of SHS, French Club 4, Freshmen Party, Sophomore Hop, Talent Shows 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' En- semble 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Driver Training 4, Band 2, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM ARTHUR PRAY STONINGTON The strong, silent type. Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 4, Spirit of SHS, "S" Club 3, 4, Science Club 1. JosEPH FRANCIS QUATTROMANI PAWCATUCK From a little spark may burst a mighty flame. Freshmen Party, Sophomore Hop, Track 1, UN Trip, Washington Club, "S" Club 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 1, Yearbook Staff, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Spirit of SHS, Chess Club, French Club, Science Club. ...I-:,. ..... 5 QS- I JEAN CAROL SOMMER MYSTIC fTransfer from Fitchl She is a tall stalk of loveliness. French Club 3, 43 Operetta 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Girls' En- semble 33 Yearbook Staffg Senior Talent Show: Washing- ton Club3 UN Tripg Senior Prom3 Homeroom Treasurer 4. ROBERT EDWARD STAPLIN WEQUETEQUOCK He has his silent way. Science Clubg Camera Club 2, 3g Driver Training 33 Year- book Staff3 Washington Clubg Talent Show 4. MARILYNN ANNE STEBBINGS PAWCATUCK As pleasant as a compliment. Clee Club 1, 43 Girls' Ensemble 1, 4g Dramatic Club 1, 43 Discussion Club 1, 23 Biology Club 2, 3, 43 PTA 3, 43 Co- Editor of Yearbook's Literary Staffg Washington Club3 UN Trip: Senior Talent Showg Latin Club 1, 3, Vice Presi- dent 33 French Club 3, 4g Intramurals 23 Homeroom Treasurer lg Washington Club Treasurer. GAIL DIANNE STEELE MYSTIC Keep your face to the sunshine. Talent Show 13 Discussion Club 13 Clee Clubg Chess Club 1, 2, 3g Yearbook Staff. DONALD SMITH fTransfer from Bronx, New Yorkl A happy man am I. Spirit of SHS3 Chorus 4. PAWCATUCK EUGENE K. SMITH A gentleman and a student. Science Clubg Talent Shows 3, 43 Football 33 Basketball 43 Washington Clubg UN Trip. MYSTIC JAMES T. SMITH PAWCATUCK One man's wit and all men's wisdom. Dramatic Club 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Biology Club 3, 43 Year- book Staff3 Clee Club 43 Talent Show 3, 43 Voice of De- mocracy 3, 4g School Play 3, 43 Washington Club: Junior Prom3 Brown and White 4. MIRIAM CATHERINE SMITH PAWCATUCK fTransfer from St. Xavierl With the slightest of reason she goes out of her way. Clee Club 4g Senior Talent Showg Dramatic Club 4g Year- book Staff. I 'fii3wS..u'? 12,03 I- 155 HELEN BERNADETTE SULLIVAN PAWCATUCK ller happiness draws one to her. Cla-e Club 1, 23 Sophomore Hop3 Freshmen PHTTYQ Wash- ington Cluh3 UN Trip3 Driver Training3 Discussion Cluh3 Senior Prom. ,TUDITH BLANCHE SULLIVAN STONINCTON A Irue lally. Freshmen T'arty3 Talent Shows l. 2, 4-3 Discussion Club 1. 23 IIN Tripg Office Practiccg Yearbook Staff3 Clee Club l, 2. ROBERT TATTERSALT. PAWCATUCK The way to gain a friend is to be one. Track l. 23 Camera Club I. 2, 33 Biology Club 43 Year- book Staffg Washington Cllllll Discussion Club 43 Talent Show 43 Senior Prom. MARION RAY TILLINGIIAST WEQUETEQUOCK Alwnvs willing to help. Drum Corps 13 Sei:-tice Club: Talent Show l. 2, 3, 43 Dis- cussion Club 2. 3, 43 liirilogy Club 2, 3. 4-3 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 IIN Trip3 Washington Cluh3 Yearbook Staff: ln- tramurals 2, 3, 43 Freshmen l'arty3 Sophomore Hopi .lunior l'rom3 St-nior I,l'0lll1 School Play 33 Driver Training 4. 'Q FRANCES MARGARET VIANA STONINGTON lTransfer from New ,lerseyl She's as pleasant as the morning. Yearbook Staff: Senior Promg Washington Club. CAROL G. WALSH PAWCATUCK A smile cannot help winning lrienrfs. Clee Club 1, 2. 33 Science Cluh3 Honor Society 3, 43 Freshmen Party: Junior Prom3 Biology Clubg Intramurals 1, 23 Yearbook Slaffg UN Tripg Washington Club3 Dis- cussion Club 1. 23 Senior Promg Talent Show 1, 4. JOAN WHEELER ROAD DISTRICT A good sport is in ever rlemand. Camera Club 2, 3, 43 Brown and White I. 2, 3. 4-3 Discus- sion Club 2: Intramurals I, 23 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Clee Club 2, 3. 43 Talent Show I. 2. 43 American Legion Ora- torical Contestg I Speak for Democracy Contest 2. 33 French Cluh3 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff: Washington Cluh3 Girls' Ensemble 2. 33 Cafeteria Staff 23 Freshmen Party3 Sophomore Hop3 Junior Prom: Senior Prom: UN Trip3 Honorable Mention 1, 2, 3. 43 Homeroom Treasurer 3g Science Cluh3 Operetta 33 Assembly Committee 23 Driv- er Education. NELSON WHIPPLE STONINGTON lTransfer from Norwich! Everything about him is handsome. Football 4-3 Track 3, 43 "S" Club 43 Washington Cluh3 Tal- ent Show 4. GIRL CLASS VOTE Agnes Kessler Mary Lou Foley Agnes Kessler Mary Lou Coffey Dorothy Robinson Carolyn Harper Mary Lou Coffey Faith Keegan Agnes Kessler Elace Dart Elinor 0'Brien Agnes Kessler Ann Holdridge Elace Dart Elizabeth Barnes Agnes Kessler Elizabeth Barnes Mary Lou Foley Dimity Graiehen Marjory Darling Ann Holdridge Mary Lou Coffey Agnes Kessler Norma Brainard Agnes Kessler Mary Lou Coffey Miriam Smith Juanita Lewis Mary Lou Foley Harriet McNeil Agnes Kessler Marjorie Darling Elizabeth Barnes Elinor 0'Brien Patricia Donahue Elace Dart Barbara Costa Carolyn Harper Elace Dart Agnes Kessler Mar'orie Darlin J 8 Marion Tillinghast Best Looking Most Sociable Most Inquisitive Happiest Most Bashful Most A rgumentative Class Giggler Did Most for the Class Most Versatile Class Flirt Most Respected Class Comedian Most Studious M ost Likely to Succeed M ost-Sophisticated Wittiest Best School Spirit Most Popular Biggest Tease Personality Plus Most Talkative First to Marry Class Musician Best Dressed Best Disposition Most Dignified Best Dancer C utest Most Athletic Quietest Class A rtist M ost Ambitious Best Actor BOY David Fontanella William Lazarek Peter Larke Walter Savage Walter Brown .lack Macione Frank Allen Robert Barnes Joseph DeFrias Peter Arnold Ventura Rebello Nelson Whipple Robert Barnes Robert Schachner William Lazarek Walter Brown Robert Schachner Robert Barnes William Lazarek Daniel Burleigh Robert Schachner William Lazareck Nelson Whipple Robert Schachner ,l ack Macione Jack Macione Robert Barnes Joseph Quattromanl Ronald Johns William Lazarek Ralph Ballato Robert Barnes Ventura Rebello Jack Morton Nelson Whipple Peter Arnold Walter Brown William Lazarek Robert Barnes Walter Savage 4 if nf' ' M wk F" . n X 9:14 I Q10 B if U 3b L 'ffl 19 N il-su: Q' A v ,, p ' 'Y W L "L Q ' . ', .x ff ,, J '-' X . .ull lp - ,Z 1 ' ,V 'nic xx va X-. iq NN, 9,1 . n-, ' ,425 , ' ,H ' .1 'f ll' ff V X. li V: 'MQ sf f bf' ju gig W Q x K i SS A HU? is 3 f ,e C 1 , , Y wig X!! Rn , ,Q . 1 ya, v I 3 X' invx -,f :xl 1 X Q Q, gall? s 5 Q 9" UTQQQQ . S 06,1 ' X' fl It L 39-, me MW I 1 , ' t :ff Xa :I NAME .lohn Alexander Frank Allen Heather Anderson Phyllis Anderson Bernard Andrews Peter Amold Anne Bailey Roberta Bailey Marjorie Balestracci Peter Balestracci .lanet Ball Ralph Ballato Sandra Banks Elizabeth Barnes Robert Barnes Stanley Bennett Norma E. Brainard David Brennan Curtis Brown Marilyn Brown Walter Brown Richard J. Brustolon Alice Burdick Barbara Burdick Nils Carlsson James Cavanaugh Hector Choquette .Iohn Choquette William Clay Mary Lou Coffey Barbara Costa Thomas Costa Anthony Cravinho Elizabeth Mae Curran Stephan Cushaman Marjorie Darling Elace Dart Iohn DaSliver Ioseph J. DeFrias Susan DeMoura Patricia Donahue Robert Doughty George Edmund Dyer Mary Lou Foley David Fontanella Iosephine Gandolli Ronald Gibson Stephen Godomsky Dilnity L. Graichen Alfred Grills Carolyn Harper Anne Holdridge Elaine Howard Robert Johns Ronald Johns Sally Jones Ioseph Joseph Beverly Kasper Faith Keegan Mary Keegan NICKNAME Alex Heath Phyll Bernie Pete Anne Bert Marge Pete Squeek Sonny Sandy Betty Snapper Stan Norm Squeeky Curt Marilyn Walt Bruce Al Pinky Hustler .I im Herman Johnny Bill Mary Lou Barb Tommie Tony Betty Mae Steve Marjie Elace Short Lobste .I oe Sue Pat Puddles Tex Mary Lou Dave Josie Ron Steve Dimmy Fred Carol Anne Lainie Bob Shorty Sally .I oe Bev Faye Mary I' PET PEEVE Homework Substitute Teachers Homework Being Teased Police Cruisers Gossi pers Snooty People Homework Homework Point Crazy kids in P.D. Conceited People Homework Homework Tests Women at Stoplights Homework Clicks in School Homework Homework Snooty Kids Homework Homework Point Mad kids in P.D. Homework Homework Trailer Trucks with Loose Tires Soupbones Conceited People Homework Point Mad kids Point Mad kids in P.D. Substitutes Crowded Lunch Room Study Halls Study Halls Untruthful People People When They Get Mad Freshmen Point Mad kids in P.D. Getting Up at Six-thirty Argumentative People Girls Homework Conceited People Thick Headed Irishmen Teasing Homework Homework Homework Noise Point Mad kids in P.D. Conceited People Point Mad kids in P.D. Homework Homework Point Mad kids in P.D. Point Mad kids in P.D. That A.M. Alarm Point Mad kids in P.D. Point Mad kids in P.D. JUST FOR CRAZY ABOUT Corporal Stripes Rose Marie Roy .I im Barbara Sports Warren A Certain Somebody Music Sports Sea Scouts Sports Jim S.H.S. Girls Shorthand George Lollipops Sports I'll Never Tell! Typing I and English Boats .I unie Merle Rock 'n Roll Helen Nancy Barbara Ham Radio Sports Music Work Dancing Art Lorena School School Noreen O.P. Room C.B. Cheering at Games Food A Certain Freshman Girl Bobby English Boys from Westerly Girls in Providence Sports Vacations Parties B.L. Driving, Swimming, Et Dick Sports .I oan Richard Susie Andre Kostelanetz C. Food, Music and .l.D.P. Boys from Westerly FUN MISS MOST Talent Shows Rehearsals Study Hall Cheering and the Kids Stenography Il Mr. Foley's Classes English III Kids in O.P. Room The Kids O.P. Block 3 Study Hall Everybody S.l-I.S. Sports The Kids Football and Basketball Games Chemistry O.P. Gang The Gang School The Boys All the Kids Working on the Brown and White Shops Boys Kids in Study Hall and O.P. The Kids The Boys Mr. Foley's U.S. History Class Playing Sports O,P. Nancy The Kids Spirit of Stonington High Block 5 Study Hall Block 6 Study Hall Lunch Period Football Games Kids Cheering and the Kids The Bus O.P. Kids Cheering Football The Boys Everything and Every- one at SHS Not Working P.D. Freshman Science Class Football My New Friends in SHS Shop O.P. Block 2 The Kids and the Games O.P. Block 2 Judy Ioan O.P. Block 6 Study Hall The Gang and Cheering Joe DeFriaa and O.P. Gan O.P. Gang FAVORITE SAYING Gosh Sakes You can win Okey-Dokey Gads! So What! Can't Complain No letter today That's the way it is .Ieepers Creepers Drop Dead Well Now How been ya You Clown Oh My Word l'll Drop Ya! Ain't that you! Ain't he a hero! Say Boy Hirsch! What's New Today? Ahoy, Mate You het your life, George Don't Get Shook How be We I understand, rubber band You Know How it is! Real Gone Got any pies today? Sure enough You cain't fight City Hall What's New today Oh Yeh! Dig me daddy, l'm a potato Well, I'll be dipped Crumb I'll Say Ah! Dry Up Calm Yourself Okey-Dokey See You Can't Win Okey-Dokey Holy Cats I feel sorry for you So What Don't know, do you?? I don't see why not Oh Gosh Oh Well Oh Gosh UMALI.. Don't Get All Shook Up! .I iminy Crickets Come On Tomorrow Lat de Dar Gee Whiz FAVORITE SONG Lady of Spain I Love You Star Dust Only You You'll Never Walk Alone Moonlight in Vermont Blue Moon Sh-Boom Love is a Many- Splendored Thing Rock Around the Clock Hey Mr. Banjo At My Front Door Don't Stay Away Too Long Moments to Remember He The Cat Came Back He He Love is a Many- Splendored Thing You Are My Love Davy Crockett Who's That Knocking Love is a Many- Splendored Thing Blue Moon At My Front Door September Song Old Black .loe Baby, Baby, Please Be Good to Me Seventeen Autumn Leaves Sweet Song of India Honest Darling Yellow Ruse of Texas Suddenly There's a Valley Shifting Whispering Sands He Zubbidia Autumn Leaves Ain't That a Shame Give Me Love September Song Mountain Dew You Are My Love Apple Blossom Time How Do You Do Song Blue Star Only You Moments to Remember The Drinking Song Moments to Remember Moments to Remember Serenade Autumn Leaves No Arms Can Ever Hold You He Moments to Remember Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White Serenade Love and Marriage He r NAME Elisabeth Kenyon Agnes Kessler Time. D. today Joseph King Louise Labuda John Peter Larke Thelma Elaine Larkin Peter Latham T. Wayne Lawrence William Lazarek Arnold Lenta Catherine Ann Lenihan Juanita Lewis Donald Francis LoPresto Patricia Ann Lord Jack Mariano Alden Main Richard Main David Marchand Richard Massey Robert McDonough Joan Patricia McMahon Harriet .loan Virginia McNeil Gretchen Lois ' Miller Gladys Mlner Alcinda Monsam lack Morton Elinor 0'Brien J osephlne Perrone Wllllam Pray Joseph Ouattromani Charles Rafuse Joan Raluse Nuno Rentlerio Henry Rescigino Brenda Ann Riley Dorothy Palmer Robinson Charles Roessler Victor Saddow Beverly Santos Walter Savage Robert Schackner Walter Slcard Donald Smith Eugene Sinith James Smith Miriam Smith Jean Sommer Robert Slaplin Marilynn Stebbings Call Steele Helen Bernadette Sullivan Judith Blanche Sullivan Robert Tatterssl Marion Ray Tlllinghast Frances Vians Carol Walsh Joan Wheeler Nelson Whipple .,n-,mv-T -Q -1-sw r NICKNAME Liz Agnes Tom Joe Louie PJ... The-l Pete Stretch hz Cap Cathy Nita Lo Pat J ack AI Dick Dave Slim Mac Joan Curly Cretcb Gay Mickey Jack Josy Bill Quatt Chick Joni Ritino Bren Douy Chick Vic Putt-Putt Walt Shafto Wslt Chit-Chat Gene Sparky Mimi Jeanie Chief Mal Speedie Bern ie J udy Sut Rex Pessr Carol J oanie DeDe FET PEEVE Study halls Point snatchers Study halls Walter Homework One-way streets Freshman attitude '49 Ford convertible School Study halls Hontework Study halls She-wolves A fish that doesn't bite Police Department Marks Mlfkti Study halls Funny people Snobs People that gossip Clicks Early to bed and early to rise Clicks Hlllllfwnrk Honwwttrk Study halls Conceited boys Homework The hour bus ride to school Substitutes Clicks People who fool Sports Fords John's sour notes in Bl. S Clee Club A long sleeve Girls Cars and trees Getting up Car raltlers People who are late People who argue Stuck-up girls I CRAZY ABOUT Nick Sports A sophontort- girl Bob Rock and Roll Fun-Fun Convertibles in general Rock and Roll Rock and Roll Ann llolthy Music Shop .l uhnny Celia Hunting and fishing Auto racing Rock aml Roll Hunting A good time Jtmnty My Honey. Jack Cheering at the games Joe Mike Typing class Cheering st the games Kids in Office Practice Vacations llarbsrs Lucy Cars Block "L" Law Class A certain living doll A certain farmer tDavet Cars Shorthand A certain boy Milk Connecticut Girls and Drsmatics Dramatics Everyone knows Vacation s Food Vacations J ohnn ie Willie Paul A girl named Ruth Roller skating A wonderful guy Jack Certain people Talent shows in assembly MISS MOST O.P. Football and the kids The Scrapper P.D. The kids The boys O.P. Tlte rat-race between classes Sports at S.H.S. Sports at S.H.S. Ann O.P. The good times Mr. Houston Lunch period Celia Football The boys in shop S,H.S. The boys in shop Summer. fishing. swimming Lunch period Skipping school Clteering and the kids at S.H.S. .loe O.P. Lunch block Those three minutes before classes Mrs. Stewart Football School English class My friends A car Sports The kids Chemistry and Physics classes Office Practice class O.P. The boys The boys English Bronx, New York "The Boys' Senior Cheerleaders '55-56" A certain group of boys The kids S.H.S. Block 3 study hall The kids Everything at school The kids The boys Wonderful kids All the friends I've made this year The kids Sports at S.H.S. ' t FAVORITE SAYING You'd be surprised Anyone do his Chemistry Umall O.K. Yes. Dear You guys will walk home Oh-Gee This joint is moldy Pa-Loo Brother John l'll be dipped I'Il say Ab-Oh! Yall. better not had You can't beat it Sure Celia I rise to s point of order How about that Never mind Ah. gee What are you. nuts or nervous? Oh nuts Oh bologna Okey Dokey Is that right? Darn it all Oh no Okey Dokey Golly O.K. Doc Oh. no Oh, you think so That always helps What's the difference Say. Boys Oh, Man! l'm just dying to find out Say. Boy Listen and learn Darn it See you later. Alligator Say, Boys Ain't that s shame? How are you fixed for blades? Sure thing Nasty lad! NO. for the sake of a good argument I mean . . . It's the most For crying out loudl You know it!!! By Golly That's the way it is I'II be dipped Oh! for the love of Pete Oh Gee Oh. yeh If you can't defeat them, join them Sly. BOY FAVORITE SONG No Not Much When You Wish Upon a Star It's Almost Tomorrow He Always Black Denim Trousers Blue Tango It's Bigger than You and Me At My Front Door At My Front Door At My Front Door Learnin' to Love He He Tooti-Fruiti Wake the Town and Tell the People The Cat Came Back Rock Around the Clock Thirty Days Rock Around the Clock Rock Around the Clock When You Dance Croce Di Oro Embraceable You It's Almost Tomorrow Love is a Many- Splendored Thing He Unforgettable Autumn Leaves Denim Trousers Sea Shells Sixteen Tons Because of You I Hear You Knocking Autumn Leaves Sh-Boom I Believe Daddy-0 He Moments to Remember Sixteen Tons Smoky Joe's Cale Only You and You Alone Seventeen The Great Pretender Birth of the Blues Secret Love Love is a Many- Splendored Thing Moments to Remember He No Not Much I'll Never Stop Loving You Love is a Many- Splendored Thing Music for Lovers Only Blue Moon Moments to Rem be Love Walked In Summertime Black Denim TINISII CLASS HI TORY Someday in our future years, whether they be happy or sad. I am sure we will all want to look back and remember the most wonderful years of our life, the years that changed us from growing chil- dren to great men and women, the years that molded our lives to come, and the four years we spent at unequaled Stonington High School. Someday, while reminiscing, pick up this yearbook and while reading it, try to remember the faces and places that were part of your life, from the hectic freshman year to the great senior year. OUR FRESHMAN YEAR After we stopped "floundering" around the halls of Stonington High School, asking the usual questions of a freshman, and eating the wrong lunch block, we elected class officers that would carry us through our first year. Robert Schackner was elected to the president's seat, David Fontanella was elected vice president, Barbara Burdick became the secretary, and Kenneth Buck was treasurer. To the Student Council were elected Beverly Kasper and William Edgar. With this foundation, we started our fresh- man year. Our first big social event was held in the gym- nasium. This was the Freshman Party. Ah! Yes! Boy met girl and they danced the whole night through. As the year progressed, we came to the point that would really make us veterans of the school. This event was the Freshman Talent Show. Here we in- troduced our best performers, who did a wonderful job to make the show a spectacular hit. Thus we completed our first wonderful year at Stonington High School. OUR SOPHOMORE YEAR Again, we got on those yellow busses that would take us up that long hill of Mayflower Avenue. Again we walked into the big brick building that would nurse us through another year, but the dif- ference this year was that we were veterans of the school. We knew the "do's" and "don'ts" and it was just like home again. There was no fumbling with locker combinations or getting lost between blocks. We wer "snug as a bug in a rug." As people who knew what was to be done, we proceeded to elect our class officers and Student Body Council mem- bers. Do you remember who they were? Think-You forgot? Well I will tell you who they were. The class officers were president, Robert Schackner, vice president, William Lazarekg secretary, Mary Lou Foley, and treasurer, Curtis Brown, The Student Council members were Beverly Kasper, Dorothy Rob- inson. Walter Savage, and Robert Barnes. Eventually we put on the attractions of the year, the Sophomore Talent Show, the theme of which was a Dress Rehearsal. and the Sophomore Hop. l am sure seven of the girls certainly remember the year 1954, the year that seven were to represent the school in two years of cheering. So, after weeks of training, Patricia Donahue, Elinor O'Brien, Bev- erly Kasper, Dorothy Robinson, Elace Dart, and Gretchen Miller, and Captain Heather Anderson were chosen as the future cheerleaders. OUR JUNIOR YEAR With Robert Schackner again elected president of the class, William Lazarek, vice presidentg Gretchen Miller, secretary, Robert Barnes, as treasurer, and Agnes Kessler, Mary Lou Foley, Beverly Kasper, Walter Savage, David Fontanella, and Peter Arnold, elected to the Student Council, we started on a school year that was one of our best. We were prominent in sports and other activities. The stars of the basket- ball team were James Cavanaugh, Wayne Lawrence, Victor Rebello, and Ralph Ballato. Under the direc- tion of co-chairmen Agnes Kessler and John Macione and supervised by class advisor, Miss Doris Reponen, our Junior Talent Show, which was said to be the best in fifteen yt as selected as an exchange assembly with We3tfa'ily!High School. Following came one of the highlights of the year, our trip to the United Nations in New York City, Remember, friends, the days we had Of laughter, fun, and tearsg The work we did and didn't do, The sports and rousing cheers. Ah, now, we leave with glist'ning eye, Glancing back with a wistful sigh, "Farewell to you, our dearest S.H.S.!" James T. Smith which was supervised by Mr. Foley. Do you remem- ber the fun we had in New York? Who could forget such attractions as "The Rockettes' at Radio City or the "Ted Mack Show?" 1. March, 1955. This was the time that'the Honor So- ciety held its initiation for the new junior members. Proudly the elected Juniors took their places in the annals of the National Honor Society. They were: Walter Brown, Robert Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes, Janet Ball, Anne Bailey, Heather Anderson, Robert Schack- ner, Beverly Kasper, Carol Walsh, Elace Dart. Bar- bara Costa, and Joseph DeFrias. Then came .June and eventually Cupid, with an itchy trigger finger. The night of Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White, he shot many an arrow into unsuspecting junior hearts-yes, the night of the Junior Prom, the night that would decide whether Patricia Donahue, Elinor O'Brien, Heather Anderson, Gretchen Miller, Mary Lou Foley, Beverly Kasper, or Agnes Kessler would be crowned queen of the Prom. Tensely, we waited to see who it would be. It was Agnes. I am sure all of us felt a little of the joy that was in her heart as she mounted the stairs to the Queen's throne. Do you remember? OUR SENIOR YEAR x 1 Probably the most cherished of all the years at Stonington High School was our last year. We elected the following class officers: president, Robert Schack- ner, vice president, William Lazarek, secretary, Nils Carlssong treasurer, Robert Barnes. Last year's Stu- dent Council representatives were re-elected. Walter Savage received the honor of being elected president of the Student Council and Agnes Kessler became the secretary-treasurer. Again as usual we had a wonderful,,talent show, conducted so vividly that it made you feel that you were in Mexico, which was the setting for the theme. This began the completion of the many things that were to be done. We planned our Washington Trip, the Senior Prom and our Yearbook. In football we were outstanding. And won the Eastem Connecti- cut Conference Football award by winning eight out of nine games. What about the years that will follow? Whether they be happy or sad, long or short, we will always have our memories, memories of the things that made boys, men, girls, women, memories of the faculty and the contributions they made to each one of us in preparing us for the world outside the tender walls of our school. We will re-live the four years over and over in our minds many times. With the help of God and self-assurance, we will be happy in what we are doing, be it mother or father, nurse or doctor, teacher or President, we will be proud to say we graduated from Stonington High School. May God always be at our side to see us through the rough spots of life. And, may we always be wlll- ing to accept His help. Jack Macione Class Ode FAREWELL T0 STONINGTON fTune: Moments to Remember! At last we stand before the door Of Life and Hope and Destiny fFarewell to you, our dearest S.H.S.i This new door opens wider more As we turn 'round and say softly. H "Farewell to you, our dearest S.H.S. CLASS PROPHECY After living on Mars for ten years, we decided to return to earth to see the latest inventions and to visit our former classmates. Arriving in California, we climbed out of our rocket-ship, hopped on our pogo sticks, the latest mode of travel on Mars, and started on our way. Passing a movie theatre, we noticed that several members of Stonington High School class of "56" had become great stars. Betty Mae Curran was co-starring in a musical comedy with Bill Lazarek and Marion Tillinghast. At the Pasadena Playhouse we enjoyed several numbers by that famous dance team, Eleanor O'Brien and .lack Morton. Having been told that color-vision had become very common, we stopped to watch the "Carlson Comedies," produced by Nils Carlson and directed by John Choquette. Appearing on the show as guest stars were actress Majorie Darling, actor Walter Savage, and the great concert pianist, Juanita Lewis. Nevada was the next stop on our journey. At the experimental laboratory in Yucca Flats we found the great scientists Robert Schackner, Eugene Smith, and Walter Brown at work on a new experiment. We were amazed to see the number of secretaries work- ing there. Among them were Marjorie Balestracci, flarolyn Harper, Louise Labuda, and Bernadette Sul- ivan. We had heard about the giant photography firm in Utah owned by Robert Staplin and Stanley Bennet, and as we wanted some pictures taken we stopped to visit them. Gladys Miner was working there as a secretary. While in Arizona, we saw the United Nations del- egate to Russia, Peter Latham, and the United States diplomat, John DaSilva, along with Elace Dart, fashion editor for "McCall's Magazine." In Colorado, we visited an art exhibit and saw a beautiful painting of the Grand Canyon done by .loan Rafuse. Joan also told us that Janet Ball was working as secretary at a big resort in Sun Valley, Idaho. Also working there were Phyllis Anderson and Roberta Bailey. Ever since landing we had been hearing about the famous .lohn Alexander taxicabs in New Mexico. Arriving there, we went for a ride in one and found that they were the latest models equipped with atomic engines. Our first visit in Texas was to the King Ranch run by its new owner, Joe King. While cruising around Texas, we had noticed several oil wells bear- ing the title "Ronald Johns, owner." Upon inquiring we were told that he was the world's oil tycoon. Also while there we purchased a book written by Robert Moniz and noticed that it had been published by the Frank Allen Typewriter Corporation of Oklahoma. At a Nebraska airport we met the owner of' the American Airlines, David Marchand, who introduced us to three of his stewardesses, Elaine Howard, Ann Holdridge and Norma Brainard. Three of his pilots wereuArnold Lema, Dennis Keegan and Robert Tat- tersa . In Wisconsin we visited the largest dairy in the state and found that it was owned by Curt Brown and Nelson Whipple. So large was the farm that they employed their own private veterinarian, Daniel Burleigh. At the local school Jim Cavanaugh and Henry Rescigno were teaching. Walking into one of the classrooms, we listened to a lecture by the pres- ident of the Illinois Commercial College, Joseph DeFrias. When we arrived in Michigan, we noticed the sign, "Michigan Car Manufacturers" owned by David Fon- tanella and Charles Roessler. We were told that they were working on a new racing car, although we could not discover the secret. From there we took a plane to Arkansas. The trip was made pleasant by the hostesses, Sally Jones, Gail Steele and Catherine Lenihan. They told us that the pilot of the plane was Thomas Kiddy with Victor Saddow as co-pilot. In Alabama, Jean Sommer and Mary Lou Foley had opened a school for dental hygienists which was a great success. Stopping to eat, we saw Stephen Cushman, the atomic television inventor, having din- ner with the famous criminal lawyer, Ralph Ballato. Also there were his secretaries, Faith Keegan and Thelma Larkin. In Florida, the Miami boat races were taking place with those two great dare-devils of the water Richard Brustolon, and Richard Gaynor. We saw Anthony Cravinho, teacher of English at a Florida school, admiring their daring exploits. On leave from the Officers Training School in Georgia were Peter Bales- tracci, Robert McDonough, Ronald Gibson, and Charles Rafuse. In South Carolina, Dorothy Robinson's twirling school was putting on a championship twirling exhi- bition. Making the awards was Patricia Donahue, leading dress designer. Two of the best teachers at this school were Josephine Gandolfi and Barbara Costa. Also attending the exhibition were William Clay, Hector Choquette, Donald LoPresto, and Don- ald Smith, who were stationed at the army camp nearby. Christopher Creamer, a teacher and philosopher, made his home in Maryland near the John Hopkins Hospital at which Frances Viana and Barbara Burdick were nurses. We realized there was great excitement at our Nation's capitol. Robert Bames, the Supreme Court judge, had just pronounced a communist spy guilty as charged. The conviction was possible because of the able work done by David Brennan, and Robert Johns of the F.B.I. As we approached the old home town we saw that Patricia Lord, Beverly Santos and Carol Walsh have made their careers as nurses at the DuPont Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware. Also in Wilmington was .Ioan McMahon, medical secretary for a famous doctor. Holding down the position of football coach at Pennsylvania State was Peter Arnold. Also employed there was Heather Anderson, girls' athletic instructor. Richard Main, Walter Sicard, and Richard Massey were stationed in this vicinity. My next stop was in New York City where the Dress Designers' Institute of America claims as their top designer, Susan DeMoura. Visiting the famous Dinty Moore's restaurant, at which Peter Larke is the head chef, we saw Bernard Andrews, mayor of New York, dining with his secretary. Mickey Mon- sam. Also dining there was Dimity Graichen, a lead- ing columnist for the New York Times. Saks Fifth Avenue was putting on a fashion show, so we went in to see all the new fashions. We were surprised to recognize several of the models as Marilyn Brown, Sandra Banks, Judy Sullivan, and Anne Bai- ley. An extra feature of the show was the performance of Alden Main, world famous magician. As soon as we reached Rhode Island, I decided to drive by the George C. Moore Company and noticed Elizabeth Kenyon directing the Moore Girls. We learned from Elizabeth that Lewis Brant, Alfred Grills, and William Pray were stationed at the Quon- set Navy Base. Several Stonington High School graduates remained in the home town. In fact, the high school faculty consisted of many of them. While walking through the familiar halls we noticed Beverly Kasper and Gretchen Miller teaching cooking on the new atomic stoves. The new mechanical drawing teacher was Robert Doughty. We also noticed George Dyer teach- ing history and Stephen Godomsky teaching trigonom- etry. The language teachers were Josephine Perrone and Marilyn Stebbings. The business department also had some new teachers. Mary Keegan was teaching English, and Brenda Riley was teaching typing and shorthand. Our next stop was at the Stonington Harbor where Victor Rebello's fishing fleet was just returning from a long day's run. Passing the Cabinet Corporation, we saw that Thomas Costa, the owner, has been very successful. Stopping at the post office for some stamps, we were greeted by Miriam Smith, one of the clerks. On my way to Massachusetts, we stopped at the University of Connecticut where Betty Barnes made her headquarters as New London County Home Ex- tension Agent, and she told me that Mary Lou Coffey taught athletics at Connecticut College for Women. Then we went to Boston where we enjoyed a bas- ketball game played by the Celtics. The star of this team was Wayne Lawrence. Several nurses from the Massachusetts General Hospital were there. Among them were Joan Wheeler, Agnes Kessler, Alice Bur- dick, and Harriet McNeil. In New Hampshire, we attempted to ski, but Joseph Quattromani, our instructor, soon realized that we were poor athletes. My next stop was at Nuno Rendeiro's maple sugar farm in Vermont, where we tasted some of his de- licious sugar and syrup and then were guests at James Smith's hunting lodge. It was rumored that at the "Macione and Joseph Laboratories" in Maine plans were in the making for a new outer world trip so we hopped over. Profes- sor Joseph Joseph and Professor Jack Macione were not there, but on their experimental table was a row of test tubes and a flask filled with a green solution. A noise startled us and we bumped against the test tubes. There was a bright flash of light and a rush of wind and all of a sudden we found ourselves back on Mars again. Betty Barnes Joan Wheeler CLASS WILL We, the class of 1956. of Stonington High School of the Town of Stonington, County of New London, and the State of Connecticut, being of sound mind, memory, and under- standing, hereby make, publish. and declare the following our last will and testament. I, Elinor O'Brien do leave my flirtatious manner to Jeanne Schakner. I, Dimity Graichen, bequeath my ability to defend my opinion in P.D. to any persevering junior girl. I, Dorothy Robinson, do will my twirling ability to anyone who will work as hard as I have to develop this skill. I, Joan McMahon, will my ceaseless chatter to Elaine Janiero. I, Alden Main, do leave with the motto "The hand is quicker than the eye." I, Billy Pray, bequeath my collection of special re- ports to anyone wishing to become a weather man. I, Bobby Staplin, do leave my talent for combining my lunch block with study hall to Harold Rathbun. I, Bernadette Sullivan, do will my warm smile to absolutely no one, as it is too much a part of me. I, Carol Walsh, bequeath my never ending interest in the Coast Guard Academy to anyone who likes a man in uniform as much as I. I, Joseph De Frias, do will my dignity and leadership to Bobby Gensburg. I, Alfred Grills, do leave my ability to have a differ- ent car for every occasion to any boy whose father owns a gas station. I, .lack Macione, do leave my much envied seat in P.D. to anyone as talkative as I. We, Bob and Betty Barnes, do will our double talents to the next set of twins. I, Stanley Bennett, do leave my love of photography to Larry McGuiness. I, Norma Brainard, do will my numerous assets to Beverly Wilkenson. I, David Brennan, do leave to Don Noel my ability to be constantly in trouble. I, Curt Brown, do take with me my tremendous ath- letic ability to future fame. I, Walter Brown, do will my fondness for studying to Richard Dimock. I, Barbara Burdick, do leave my ability to take teas- ing to anyone who can endure it as long as I have. I, Faith Keegan, do bequeath my infectious giggle to absolutely no one because it's so characteristic of me. I, Danny Burleigh, do leave my odoriferous briar pipe to Earl McDonough. I, Steve Cushman, bequeath my position as the man behind the scenes to Kenneth Yates. I, Charles Roessler, leave my brightly colored car to anyone who can afford to buy a pair of sun glasses. I, Marylou Foley, leave not only my pleasing person- ality, but also my title "S.S.S." "Sweet, Smart, and Smooth" to Linda Baird. I, Brenda Riley, do leave my "flippant" remarks to Linda Arnold. We, Miriam Smith and Gail Steele do bequeath to no one our sparkling diamonds and June weddings. I, .Ioan Wheeler, do leave my numerous activities to anyone with energy enough to keep up to them. I, John Da Silva, do leave my position as cheerleader to anyone "Wanting to make a hit with a beauti- ful girl." L, Tom Costa, do will my joviality at all times to Roger Panciera. I, Victor Saddow, do bequeath my excellence in short- hand to Wendell Whipple. I, Ann Holdridge, do will my witty ways to anyone with a ready answer at all times. I, Dave Marchand, do bequeath my pickup truck to anyone who can put it to as good use as I have. I, Gladys Miner, do leave my elaborate coiffure to someone with a real supply of bobbie pins. I, Lewis Brant, do leave my seemingly quiet manner to Walter Brown. I, Patricia Lord, do leave my attraction for men in uniform to anyone who is as patriotic as I am. I, Tom Kiddy, do leave to no one my "Time Out for Ginger." I, Henry Rescignio, do leave my nickname "The Rock of Gibralter" to George Luzzi. I, Bill Lazarek, do will my classroom antics to anyone having such a never ending supply of witticisms as I have. I, Eugene Smith, do leave my "baby face" to George Whewell. I, Steve Godomsky, do will my "bunsen burner" to anyone who enjoys chemistry as much as I do. I, Robert Doughty, do leave my new found interest in a certain blonde to no one. I, Sally Jones, do leave to Cathy White my slimness. I, Robert Schackner, do leave my position as Class President to anyone worthy of holding it all through his four years at S.H.S. I, Charles Rafuse, do will my faithful guitar to Rob- ert Cale. I, Joe Quattromani, do leave my argumentative nature to John Samtos. I, Gretchen Miller, do will my curious nature to Ken- neth Wilcox. I, Pat Donahue, do will my "big" personality for such a little girl to Susan McGee. I, Anthony Cravinho, do leave my title "The Green Hornet" to anyone who can "crack up" as many green cars as I have. I, Elaine Howard, do will my shy manner to Margaret Ann Comolli. I, Agnes Kessler, do bequeath my crown to the next "Junior Prom Queen." I, Wayne Lawrence, do will my extreme height to Edward Harrison. I, Peter Larke, do leave my habit of giving the teach- ers a difficult time to Bob Clemens. We, Betty Mae Curran and Marilyn Brown, do will our well remembered duets to Barbara Smith and Shirley Bradley. I, Juanita Lewis, do will my outstanding musical talent to Elaine Babonas. I, Victor Rebello, do will my desire to have a different girl every day of the week to anyone who gets around as much as I do. I, Louise Labuda, bequeath my "golden" locks to Linda Wolfe. I, Marion Tillinghast, do leave my acting ability to Judy Chick. I, Josephine Gandolphi, do leave my loquacious man- ner to Jane Shea. I, Nils Carlson, do will the distinction of having so many birthdays to any underclassman so honored. I, Joseph Joseph, do bequeath my interest in a certain junior girl to anyone with a name as confusing as mine. I, Susan De Moura, leave my cute hair do to anyone who can keep it as neat as I have. I, Jack Morton, do will my dancing feet to the Gene Kelly of the Junior Class. I, Mary Lou Coffey, do leave my outstanding school spirit to Jean Fitzwater. I, John Alexander, will continually be remembered for my rendition of "Mule Train." I, Marilynn Stebbings, do will my mature and under- standing manner to .lean Duerr. We, John Choquette and James Smith, do will our poetic contributions to the Longfellow of the Junior Class. I, Arnold Lema, do will my yellow Ford convertible to absolutely no one. I, James Cavanaugh, do leave with a long trail of empty refrigerators in my path. I, Joan Rafuse, do will my artistic abilities to Betty Ward. I, Donald LoPresto, do leave my pleasant and un- assuming manner to Gilbert Main. I, Catherine Lenihan, do will my knack for looking well in anything I wear to Ann Krawiec. I, Marjorie Darling, do bequeath my "cute" features to Noreen Walsh. I, Alice Burdick, do will my cute nose to Patty Schackner. I, Hector Choquette, do leave my blondish looks to Frank Raymond. I, Mary Keegan, do leave to Marguerite Rusch, my talent to always be seen talking. I, Mickey Monsam, do will my long, dark eyelashes to Philomena Meringelo. I, Nelson Whipple, do bequeath my interest in all girls to anyone who finds the subject as interesting as I do. I Josephine Perrone, do leave my bitten fingernails to someone who also bites his nails. I, Nuno Rendiero, do leave my hunger for P.D. points to Gerson Freedman. 1 I, Robert Johns, bequeath my shy smile to .loe Abbott. I, Ronald Gibson, do leave my "carrot top" to Richard Sorenson. I Peter Latham, do leave my innocent appearance, hiding an intent for mischief, to Everett Flagg. I, Walter Savage, do leave my enjoyment of practi- cal jokes to John Santos. I I, .lean Sommer, do leave my naturally wavy hair to Pat Canavan. l I Heather Anderson, do leave my position as Senior Captain of the Cheerleaders to Barbara Bradley. We, "The Three Musketeers," Frank Allen, George Dyer, and Bob Tattersall, leave our hilarious three- some to George Wildes, James Whitehead and Rich- ard Doherty. 1 9 I, Phyllis Anderson, do leave my interest in a certain Westerly High School graduate to absolutely no one. I, Bernard Andrews, do will my sauve manner to Dick Schackner. I, Peter Arnold, do will my outstanding athletic ability to any deserving underclassman. We, Anne Bailey and Harriet McNeil, leave that "bandbox look" to Maureen Morrisette and Carol Cidale. I, Roberta Bailey, do leave to Doris Browning my ability to uwiggle' my way out of doing homework. I, .Marjorie Balestracci, do will my ability to get along with everyone to Noreen Trant. I, William Clay, do bequeath to Burton Jopson my interest in ham radio. We, Peter Balestracci, Richard Massey, Robert Mc- Donough? Richard Maine, and Richard Brustalon, do leave to the teachers the gray hairs we have given them. I, Janet Ball, do leave my ready smile to Nancy Linderson. I, Robert Moniz, do leave the impression of being the "Strong, silent, type." I, Joseph King, bequeath my impressionable height to Samuel Greene. I, Thelma Larkin, do leave my pleasing voice to Andre Daigneault. I, Beverly Santos, do bequeath my nickname "Putt Putt" to anyone who can discover its origin. I, Frances Viana, do will my jet black hair to Joyce Danes. I, Walter Sicard, leave my position as manager of the football team to anyone as deserving as I. I, Judy Sullivan, bequeath my interest in the Stoning- ton Fishing Fleet to absolutely no one. I, Beverly Kasper, bequeath "that wary look" to Linda Foley. I, Elace Dart, do leave my ability to be both studious and athletic to Beverly Panciera. I, Ralph Ballato, do will my ability to make a girl think she is the "Only One" to anyone who is as convincing as I. I, Chris Creamer, do leave to anyone wanting to get away from the wear and tear of life, the relaxation and art of playing chess. I, Sandra Banks, will my distinguished voice to no One, being outdone only by Tallulah. I, Barbara Costa, bequeath my quiet manner and willingness to help to Rose Serrano. We, Carolyn Harper and Ronnie Johns, do leave our recently acquired knowledge of finally finding which side of the tracks is right to Ann Vigue and the Nichols brothers. I, Donald Smith, take with me my Bronx accent as it is acquired by only those who have lived there. I, Elizabeth Kenyon, do leave my expertness at the drums to Lee Barker. Signed, sealed, published and declared this as and for the last Will and Testament by the Class of 1956, Stonington High School, in the presence of us and each of us, who at their request and in their presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. .lean Sommer Marilynn Stebbings QQ x., . . ---5 f "' 'QI df .JM F' "si--... ,Mm ', , an '11 fu I u Ml 5 1 A , 5 1' ,A 'I fvsfcfa '-I '- 1-534 2a '3' 1 A J 1 1 - 4 0 , Q. if A ' M, Snug B I t An C.. 'i ' Vx ."n 4 ' A' it All g vi Kfvif.,.5,g ,3 'L x 5 fr I. 7 J. if' i. t. f x , aiu' m' V Q A , .X 1 T A '..-. ' I" W , l 1 .Q an I . 1 1 I r AM!! S 1 ' 5 ii .iii f :L kxzzsggy' .,.,,, M, , A.g, v,,, 5 ff xf 13,4 1 i .av-M :LN - if 1 '- 1. 5 r. - -A . V wigfit: rf ' wif" Em: :Q3..xs.' k y W f-- 3- 1 4 5., W Aqigggsi. , Q Q az?-:fi-,:::-33515: K ,QQNQM K 5 germ if K -2.5551 . , ig f ' L it ' - U 2:91 fx .,,L , 'mfvgiix , R , 3, , ' ' I , if ii - aw K fy YU H k WAX WWIH2- ' 1?-312-vTZi'5 M 5' W. K f A i, 5 6 ig Vyggggig V, f ,Z , 4 X ,ma - ,Mg ., ,Q . - - if 'f W 46 -I W 1122 4 r , CFYZ " :fn A L . Q if f W. 4 :pm 5,11 K . ,, f' L 1 sv .4 ' A, ,, , . S9 I vs ,5W,fg5f,?,A .,.. V I. f rf ??g Qf5A' 1 , K K , A ' ' "::- ,I f , , it 5 X .. .1 'M 5 ' ' V- .M ',, g1ggg,,, K , -- 'f-b N-fAA 1 -F ye .QM 4 -Xi -x 1 1 N. Q E:5?:2"fE's'v L12 L P5 Qrgii mggsggiagiig , if .-,W 5 , ,. - iff fgpji 5 A, W ll . if fm K A , K as ' 'S' Ik 'ef K M f W .fi ' ' " . Q2 4 ,Q Q 1.1 L 1 v 3 fi A V11 'M . fi .-5354? L M53 LJ 42532 'Qfiwfx' . ., - :Si m X I 'f izlff g ,ffl ig K .X - L Y are A l mv V Q ,X 5 LT - r Ji' L 1 'wx A .' X . 1 c t . i ' ' 2. 5 . 1 X Fire-I row: Harlrar Stowe-ll, ,'iH'llll1'lyll Laing, Ethcl Huck. Doris Nlasofslcy. .loan Hills-r, Cynthia liolucrts, l.illian Boll. Santina Mgt-rc, Carolyn Pont. Fourth row: Judith Hughcs, ,lanct Hohart, lflixahctli Codoni:-ky. Ida Vars, Arlcnc Nlilchcll. lflainc Hahonaf. , lfuillaci-. Ci-orgiana Ilowdcn. Sm-cond row: jacquclinc Sousa. Hclcn Franccs llrooks, Lucia Mcscrvc. Sandra Rode-rick. Iriscilla Hold- Cowcll, llrcnda Sciivcll, Marcia Wolff. Jcan Wilkinson. Judith ridge-, ,loycc Colprit. Host- Se-rrano, Patricia l'lanchon, Julicttc lfuxuro, Cracc Calalano. Judith Tcixir-ra, Harrie-t Main. Joy Pont. Fifth row: Judith Chick, Nancy Lindcrson. Anna- Collins, Kilcy. Jane-t Folcy, Patricia Crowlvy, Agncs Wh:-clcr. Third row: lflcanor l'ow1-rs, Patricia Schackm-r, Ccraldinc Hcardon. Ann 'llhomasinc Pancicra, ,lacquclinc ,la-ffrcy, Judith Main, llorinc Marie- liattafc, Linda Arnold. llctty Ward. .Nitric Murphy. Sandra llonath, Kirslcn l.:-ma, ,lcan lfitzwatcr, llridgittc Tock:-r. .loan Cray, Antoinctle- lidcstri, Hclcn llrophy, Lori-tta Min-lwll, Shirli-y l'ignatar0, Alict- Hrown. Marjoric Scars. CLASS OF 1958 ln front: lloriy Xlaxofxlw, .loan Millvr. Fir-t row: Cusiodio Hclwllo, Samui-I Crt-cn, Urrin Handlcy. lfugcnc Pine-. llasqualc ll.-llcrnurdo, John llouchcr, Rohcrt Burroughs, Wayne- Calc, Ilon- ald llrayinan. l,arry Mclluine-e-s, licrnard Slcadman. Wallacc Stcdman, Michacl Sisk, Se-cond row: Clifford More-y, Carth Mt-ador, Co-rald Ve-rnicri, Ce-orgc 'l'ourvillc. Wcndcll Whipplc, .lohn Math:-wson. Paul Cravinho, Harold Higgins, ,lon Tattcrsall, Willialn lfilzgcrald, Cz-rson l"ricdinan, John Willialiis. Rolmcrt Nlacaioni. Third row: William llrown, Rohn-rl Pcirson. Edward Stew-lc. Holrcrt llildclmrand, Alfrcd Caswr-ll, fins DcSSaulcS, Loon- ard Novak, Donald Nocl, ,laincs Hchan. William Sullivan, lid- ward Wallington, 1.1-c Harbor, Robcrt Rose-. Arthur Siem-rinachcr, Armand Morrisscttc, Hirhard Elliott. john l.opcs, Rob:-rt llc- Hragga. Fri-d Malonvy, ,lohn Narcotic. Rogcr Alle-n, ,lose-ph Cangclosi, ,lamcs Pray, l.c0nard Hcdin. Paul llrcvily. Anthony Hcnry, llcnjamin Turrisi. Fourth row: l'ctcr Davis, Paul Song- dahl, William Hays, Harvcy Thorp, David johnson. Jann-s Drury. Ke-nm-th Calkins, Holme-rl llurdick, Harry Way. Ke-nnclh Yatcs. John HQ-nn:-tt. Richard Schackncr. llanicl Consalws. lfdward ll:- Frias. He-rhcrt Arnold, Fvcrctt Flagg, Frank Luzzi. eB Standing: Michael Saddow, Eleanor Rose, Susan McGee, Joseph Morosini. First row: Davis Sisk. Kenneth Santos, Peter Lo Priore. Joseph Martin, Gerald Drury, Paul Leone, Peter Danesi, Ronald Rathbun, John Larkin, Raymond Williams, Lennard Lema, Philip Rathbun, David Johns, Louis Marseilles. Second row: Michael Savin, Helmut Buchholz, Gilbert Main, George Ryan, Stephen Nichols, Patrick McSparren, Louis Luzzi, Roy Scialabba, Leonard Harrington, Leo Nolan, George Cassell, Richard Sorensen, David Girven. Third row: Denis Cronin, Michael Johnson, Daniel Birkbeck, Homer Perkins, Kenneth Northr-up, Edward Fallon, Dolce, Judith Tetlow, Ann Marie Castagna, Janet Ferguson, CLASS Standing: Michael Saddow, Eleanor Rose, Susan McGee, Joseph Morosini. First row: Anita Watrous, Judith Enos, Sandra Ashby, Sandra Simon, Anna Resendes, Helen Roderick, Carole Boucher, Dianna Christina, Jean 0'Neil, Dorothy Zembruski, Beverly Robinson, Michelle Daignault, Norma Aguiar. Second row: Kath- ryn Umphlatt, Ann Medeiros, Sarah Carnaghan, Mary Grillo, Linda Sorensen, Patricia Rider, Margaret Devine, Ruth Wilcox, Janice Wells, Patricia Blodgett, Barbara Duck. Third row: Kathryn Naccarato. Nancy Barber, June Sutherland, Maureen Comolli, Jeanne Sehackner. Julia Serrano, Carol Chipperfield, Bertha Allen, Jane Richard, Lynne Stewart, Helen Stewart, x . Doris Pariseau, Donna Buck, Margaret Pelters. Kathryn Oliver. Suzanne Brooks, Elizabeth Robishaw, Linda Foley, Judith Taylor. Fifth row: Jeannette Sylvestre, Sandra Larkin. Gloria Anderson. Priscilla Rouse, Joan Clemens, Gertrude Buchanan, Sally Sted- men, Peggy Hewitt, Phyllis Saffomilla, Katherine Wesolowski. Virginia Waterman, Helene Sylvia, Patricia Donahue, Joan Lawrence, Linda Foberg, Nadine Walsh. Sixth row: Mr. Griffin, Betty Gilmore, Joan Novello, Celena McMahon, Joan Larkin, Mary Kiddy, Linda Reynolds, Heidi Sjostrom, Nancy Meldrum, Dianne Meuse, Denise Kelliher, Gladys Burnham, Barbara Gould, Marilyn Slattery, Lana Siller. OF 1959 Norma Will, Betty Singer. Fourth row: Anne Gallagher, Frances Terence Cini, Victor Panciera, Edwin Cartier, Michael O'Br1en, David Barker, William Walsh, Everett Westcott. Fourth row: Mr. Griffin, Edward Turrell, George Robinson, Dominic Zeppieri, Vincent Russo, Fred Siller, Richard Aversa, Woodrow Klewin, Lester Duncklee, Charles Vifheeler. Donald De Fosses. Charles Burgess, James Schiller, Lawrence O'Keefe, William Beal, Gere ald Cross. Fifth row: Robert Brown, Richard Savoie, Albert Szymanski, Donald Elliott, Gerald Long, William Cullinane, Charles Wood, Thomas Law, Jonathan Fitts, Joseph Lis. Robert Duerr, William Bliven, James Levanti, Maurice Brown. Ii lil- I ,f,. ' V14 1 iff J! iw N m y W1 fix s S1 go Q G wg,W,M F94 , '? 3 Q Q 'Qs , . 1 mx XX "Igg,mwv Kg , 15' E? Q 35 2-,Q -if M 1 fff? gf f - - A R x . X , . . '7 1 X E 4 I 1 ap it Q X J v . 'fi' I' f 622 ' 1 f' NATIONAL AQQQSYQ K , 4 1 'V 9 ,7 X Mono! socnrrv 0 K 4 la x : s W 3 'J Q I9 ' ,A A 1 1 w S , . 'UQ J E 'Da X - L- K 'Pea X, 5 5 ' 5 5 1 fx x W 3 L f w , V - sd - - IN' DRAMATIC CLUB Membership in the Dramatics Club includes any person who has taken part in the production of the annual school play. This includes the cast, make-up crew, ticket sellers, ushers, stage crew, publicity and costume committees. Mrs. William Cullinane is the faculty advisor for this club. OFFICERS Pr6Sident ...,........... .......,,,........,.......... R OBERT CENSBURG Vice President ...- .... ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, JAMES SISK Secretary-Treasurer . ,.,.,,...., DIMITY GRAICHEN Faculty Advisors . ....,.., MR. GEORGE FOLEY and MR. ROBERT SHEA The Debating Club holds debates with several other schools. It also has intra- club debates during the activity period. ln the spring Eastern Connecticut Forum. the club plans to attend the DEBATING CLUB OFFICERS Editor-in-Chief ,,A.,,.,,.,,A, ,..,...A.. ..,,,.,,.,., A g nes Kessler Assistant Editor , Business Manager Circulation Manager Sports Editor , . Girls' Sports Editor ,Iunior Assistant Editor , . . .. ,. . Junior Business Manager .,,,,,,,, Artist .. ,,,, , ,,.... .. . ,,,,,,Betty Barnes Marylou Foley V,'.V,T.V,,Beverly Kasper , James Stewart , ,, . Mary Lou Coffey , Jean Duerr Beverly Panceria Richard Dimock BROWN AND WHITE STAFF The Brown and White staff consists of approximately forty students, divided equally among the four classes. Each fall freshmen, as well as upperclassmen are given an opportunity to try out for the staff. New members are selected by the officers on the basis of their reasons for wanting to become a member of the staff, their previous experience in newspaper work, and the way they write. The paper is published six times during the school year with the help of the students. The Future Teachers of America is in its third year of organization. The purpose of this club is to help high school students who are consid- ering teaching. It is also hoped that out of the year's activities will come a better understanding of some of the problems and advantages in the teaching profession. The members of this club visit the various colleges where F. T. A. Chapters are in operation. The students will also get to see the life of a future teacher. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA President ..........., . ,,,,,,.. Marylou Foley Vice President ...,..... ,,.,,,,,,. A gnes Kessler Secretary ..,......... ,. . Patricia Donahue Treasurer ,,., Marjorie Darling YEARBOOK YEARBOOK STAFF OFFICERS STAFF Editor-in-Chief YY,... ......,. ,,..,, J 0 SEPH DEFRIAS Business ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A, ,,Y,,,,,,.. M ARION TILLINGHAST Co-Literary Editors ,.,.,,.... ,.,, M ARY LOU COFFEY ANNE BAILEY MARILYNN STEBBINGS MARILYN BROWN Photography ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, B EVERLY KASPER Mdk6-up ....,.... YYYYY.YYYY A NTHONY CRAVINHO ROBERT BARNES Faculty Advisors ,,,,...,,,...... MISS DENNEHEY MISS VARGAS MR. CARLIN This is the third year that Driver Training has been in existence at Stonington High School. Students who take this course must have twenty hours of training in the car with the instructor, thirty periods of scheduled classroom training, and at least five hours of actual driving experience. The students are under the able direc- tion of Mr. Bunker. DRIVER TRAINING NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X X 15 Q5 1,14 1111-111. 1'.1z11'1- 11il11' 111-1- 111 Nll1l'll1. W11ll1-11 111'11w111 Il 11ll'1. 111111111 11.11111 K. 11111 14Il' 11'l'ZlN1lI'1'1'. 1111111-rl I1111l1'l'1llI41 1.111111 11 .11N1l. 1111- 11111l1lT 5111'I1'1y 111 511111111g111111 1- 11111111111-11 111111 1111- N11- 111111111 111111111 5111111-1. '111-N x1lll' ,111111111' 1111-111111-rs 11111, 1.11111:1 11illI'l1. 11111'11:11'z1 11I'll1111'1. Rl1'111l1'11 111111111-11. ,I1-1111 11111-rr. N1ill'1' 1,1-11111-. 'x11gl'1i1 N111-1-11. 'N111111'1-1-11 5111111-X1-111-, 111-11-111 1'11111-i1-r11.111111 ,1111111 S1111111N. 1.1l1ll1l1I' 1111-111- 1l4'1'H 11111 s1111w11I '1'111- 111111111' S111-i1-ly is 11111111- 1111 111 111111 1 1 within 1111- 11111 11111-1-11 111-r-1-1-111 111 11l4'1l' 1-11-N III 1111-1r .11111111r y1-ur by 21 111111111 111' 1'z11'111l1 IIllll11lllN 111111 11ir1-1-li11n 111 3115s T11111'11111'11. '111ll' 1111111111 N111 1 j1111g1-11 1111 S1'1lU1lll'S1l11l, 1'11z11'a1'11-11 11-11111111111 1111 A5511 111111 1 C0111Ml'1"l F11 '1'111- 1111 1 1 1'1111slsls 1 1'1l155. 1 1 s1-11-1-11-11 1111111 111111111 1 1111- 511111111 1 1111-111111-rx 111 1111 111 51-111-111111 1111 111-Ip 1111 51-11111111-N 1111- 11111111111111 Ill 11 111 1 gL1'il1111Ll1111 1111 1111 11 111111' ll 111111 11111 r1 N 111, 110lTl111N 1111 1111-s1-1111 1111-1-1111111111 Il N1111111 1 1' 1- 1 1- r 1 311111 111 ll 1111 111 5111: .11111111 111 CAFF1 E111 1 711119 V1ll1l1"- 1 11111111 1 111siw11111 1ll1l11'S 1- 111111-111-s 1'ari1111s 111121111 111-1-11i11g1 111111 1111111 111-1111 W11111r1 N 1,11 1,111 1111 sky. 111111 TIWNII 1l1r11 11r Mrs. 111.11 NN 1 r WASHINGTON CLUB Club Advisor ,,,,.. ..., ,,,,,,,..,,,,,, M R . WILLIAM P. GRIFFIN Chaperons . ,,,,,,, MR. and MRS. BURTON STAFFORD MRS. MYRA WHEELER iii: fi Q? ..:v?f'l.l6,. , Ni f"'r' L r, Iyie!!"Lf 1 .4 ' n 1 I MR. MORRIS FABRICANT The Washington Club is made up of members of the Senior Class who plan to take the class trip to Washington, D.C. The students visit such places as Washington Monument, Smithsonian Institution, White House, Pan American Union, Supreme Court, and the U. S. Capitol. The group also tours the Arlington National Cemetery, the Washington estate at Mount Vernon, Virginia, and the U. S. Military Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. A A WW! "p1"'N' N' 4 " " x f ,, '..' gy 4 v IV "' we Q- N , 'li ,f '- sm B A ff' ,Q- t sa , 1 Q V5 Jr, ,Q e 1' Q , ,, . 1' wg I T V 3 'I I I by - .1 . W-7 . 4' 1-W. . ' - f 4 . s. -, I A. if 4 .- 57 O6 . 'F -,GJ K :K 5 .. ff. gl 4 , -' .. 1 ,J J5 ' - H 3 It its Y' I 9 , QE' ,.. A xl I I if PL -KM? 11 iv Y 1 'si' Q 'hx f ,Tk 1 ,A :F 5,2 Ah 33 9 , M., 'E ' V4 5 My gf A .fi A The Biology Club is made up of any student who has had biology or anyone who is now taking it. The club plans to visit the Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planetarium. President, Robert Barnes: Vice President, Arnold Lemag Secretary, Angela Micelig Treasurer, Virginia Avery. The planning committee is made up of ,lack Maci- one, Marion Tillinghast, Mary Leone, Robert Miner. Frederick Maloney, and Jacqueline Jeffrey. Chairman, David Fontenella The function of the Reception Committee is to help the office in guiding new students and visitors in the school. The members are volunteers from the student council. RECEPTION COMMITTEE 66 79 CLI B lxll'HllH'l'Slllfl in llu- "S" iflulr iw rv:-lrif-If-fl In ilu- fuurh-:-n l'lll'1'l4l1'Il1l"TN illlll In llum- lunw wluv luivm- t'lll'Ill'4l Ilu-ir lv-llvrg in 9-pm-ls. llrulu-r Ilu- guiflmuw- uf Miw l"lor4-ru'1- illllilV1'lll'l. Nlr. Wmulrnw lluuvillv. Xlr. Arlluir fizirlin. zuul Mr. Nl u r r I S l"illI!'I4'illll. Ilu- gmup ll4ll4lN il4 zinnuul llllNk1'llI1lll gunu- mul rlzinrw' tu rzliw luiul- for ilu- All Hguarls llzuupu-I Wllil'll is lu-lil in ,lllll4'. Ak ilu- nn- nuul lumqiu-I gnhl ziwurmlx am- givs-n In se-ninrs wlul pzirlivipull-il in ai spurt. lVlllllJlllll'l' galil nu-gzr plunuw uri- ulun giwzmla-ml to Ilu- si-nior 4'lu-1-rlvzule-re-. OFFICE PRACTICE 'l'lu' Uflivm' l'ru1'li4'1' filllll 1-a mzulo- up ul' se-ninrs in tlu' llusiru-ss lla-parlnu-nt wlui zu-I Us l4'il1'll1'l'N' M-4-rw uri:-s. ln lllis rzipzu-ily llu-y re-1-4-iw sa-1-ri-Iuriul uml 1-la-rlrzil 1'Xll4'l'l1'lll'1' vnu- lmlinpq ilu-In K0 ili'lllf'VI' lllvir lirsl sh-p in ilu-ir fulllrv ills-ilu-ss-a rzirf-e-rr-1, 4' ' ' ' E i B152 3, .mea 83,1 CHESS CL B Our Clic-ss Club. whivh unvm- num- llas lu-Conn' popular. is npr-n fn lumtli luvys and girls, The- pri- mary re-ason for ilu' vlulw is to cn-atv an int:-rest in tlu- ganu' of Clu-ss Zlllll tu tr-zu-li all how tn play ilu- game wvll. During ilu- past yvars tlu- old and pn-se-nt nwm- lu-rs of ilu- vlulb liave' lmugllt Ilu-ir own sm-ts on which to play. Mr. Morris Falmrivanl is ilu- almlv ili- rcvtur ul tlu- group. The purpose of the club IS to promote school spirit One of the projects that this club carries out is the making of posters to help promote interest in the various activities sponsored by the school The faculty advisor for thls club IS Mr Woodrow Douville. SPIRIT OF '56 PEP BAND The Pep Band was organized two years ago when a small group of students got to- gether to promote school spirit. This band has certainly done an outstanding job at all the games, rallies, and assemblies. Many thanks go to Daniel Burleigh whose efforts in organizing this year's band are appre- ciated by all. C ii C ii OFFICERS President ,, ,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,... . ,.., ,I oseph Abbott Vice President ., ,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,. K arole Zeller Secretary-Treasurer ,.,,...,............,,, Patricia Canavan The French Club at Stonington High School has a membership of approximately seventy students. lt meets weekly so that students may see movies in French, and slides of French civilization. The opaque projector is also used frequently. Speakers scheduled are Mrs. Peter Waldo of Mason's Island who will speak on "Christmas Customs in France" at the December meeting of the French Club. A trip to Montreal, Canada is planned on February 17th with the New London group directed by Malcolm Greenaway of the New London High School faculty. ln Montreal, our students will be given the opportunity to visit the largest city in Canada which is predominantly French in race, religion, and culture. OFFICERS President .. .,...... .,.,. ...., . .. ,lohn Lopes Vice President ..,,,,, Sandra Pignataro Secretary ,,,,,, ,.,... . , ,,,,,... Eleanor Powers The Latin Club is made up of approximately forty students. Any student who is taking Latm or has taken it ln the past is eligible for membership in this club. Program chairman Elaine Babonas, along with other members of the committee, has planned various activities for the year. Q ' ' v I Mg gi. .. . 1. L... ,..s.,r..p....a LATIN CLUB f in N Q JA Q9 -' 0 . V K fi" C P' l ' '12 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council mee organization to result in better relationship understanding co o er- 1 9 ' P ation, between the faculty and student body. There are representa- ' f tives rom each class, who try to work out the problems of their classmates. ts weekly and functions as a student We can thank the co uncil plus the support of the faculty for our increasing success. President ,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,, W ALTER SAVAGE Vive President ,,,,,,.., ,Y,,Y,,, . JOSEPH ABBOTT Secretary-Treasurer ,. , AGNES KESSLER 3 wx -7-t' fu luv ' f 14' .A , JY- ,j 1' LQ ru . 5 'A .. 5' K PW wg ' F' -N.. L Is l 5-1 , N ,Sv I 5 aa: 4 F!! in Qff Els' I--un' . -Ja 34' 91 , 5? A' E' J qt 'QL The members of the Class of 1956 deeply appreciate and will long remember the sincere efforts of their yearbook advisors Miss Katherine Dennehey Miss Catherine H. Vargas Mr. Arthur Carlin The success of this Yearbook is due to their lmfailing guidance, cooperation, and enthusiasm. PORT HIUMII-I IMIH' TEAM CAPTAINS MISS FLORICNQII-. TH ,NVICN HT 1 i 'XR' NIR. Wllllll NIR. MORRIS l"M!RllIAN'l' LQXHI First row, left to right: Coach Mr. Carlin, Stephen Codomsky, Ralph Ballato. William Pray, Ventura Rebello, Peter Arnold, William Lazarek, Curtis Brown. James Cava- naugh, Robert Schackner, Coach Mr. Douville. Second row: Coach Mr. McKenna, Joseph Quattromani, Robert Doughty, David Fontanella. Nelson Whipple, Henry Rescigino, Peter Lark, Walter Savage, Alden Main, Walter Sicard. Third row: Richard Chipperfield, Peter Davis, Pasquate Dc-Bernardo, John Boucher, Frank Luzzi, Kenneth Wilcox, George Luzzi, Frank Raymond, John Mathewson, Russell McLaugh- lin. Fourth Row: Ray Morgan, George McCugan, James Steele, James Crowley. Robert Clemens, James Sisk, Charles Dias, James Drury, Clifford Morey. Everett Flagg. Fifth row: Richard Massey, Manager, James Pray, Leonard Novak, Richard Elliott, Michael O'Brien, Rosario Sciahabba, Richard Aversa, William Bliven, James Levanti, Wendell Whipple. Sixth Row: Roger Panciera, Manager, Gerald Drury, Joseph Morosine, Michael Saddow, Charles Wood, William Walsh, Louis Luzzi, Michael Johnson, Patrick McSparren, David Johnson, Manager. FOOTBALL Three seconds to go! Lazarek cuts across the middle into the end zone snaring a Chipperfield pass, and Ston- ington starts the 1956 football season with a 15-13 victory over Woodrow Wilson. With this victory under their belt, the Stonington Bears went on to win five consecutive games over Fitch, 20-0, St. Marys 27-0, Plainville 20-12 and previously undefeated Putnam 14-6. Stonington suffered itis only setback of the season at the hands of Saint Raphaelis 14-6, the champions of Class B in Rhode lsland in a heart breaking, hard fought game that could have gone either way. Westerly became the next victim of the Stonington Bear, in the first game of the traditional meeting of the arch rivals 27-13. The Bears then hit the Killingly Red men to the tune of 25-0 and nailed down the ECC Title and Trophy for the first time in seven years. The men of the team realizing that the Thangsgiving Day game would be their last chance to play in a Stonington uniform turned on the steam and sent the Westerly Bulldog running back across the river with its tail between its legs after a 45-0 defeat. ln this game there was no disputing the offensive and defensive strength of the Bears. ln winning this game the Bears retained the Jeff Moore trophy for the third consecutive year. Captain Peter Arnold provided the leadership and discipline that is necessary on any winning team. The line men from end to end provided vicious tackling and blocking throughout the season. Linemen such as Pray, Rescigino, Godomsky, Fontenella, Doughty, Cavanaugh, Lazarek and Arnold, under the able direction of fine Coach Arthur Carlin, made up one of the most formidable forward Walls in Connecticut. The might of fullback Curt Brown and swift running of halfbacks Ralph Ballato and Dick Chipperfield com- bined with the blocking and play calling of quarterback Bob Schackner formed a backfield that was a constant threat to any opposing team. l Praise must go to Head Coach Woodrow Douville for his never ceasing concern for the welfare of each indivi- dual player. His tireless effort to make a winning team was appreciated by the whole squad. ln addition to winning the two trophies Stonington was awarded a plaque of merit by the C.1.A.C. for their 8-1 record. The 1956 Football season was the most successful season in thirteen years at S.H.Sg the offense gained 3,183 yards while the defense held the opposition to 1,267 yards. The 1955 Football team will not be forgotten for it will go down in Stonington sports history. I 4 A 9 xxdx -P -- , M!! lun W 5' LY N- g , W s . . .- -. 1 . , - , W 1'-.K ' ' ' K' ' 1 .. Riff? ' ,- I In' ' Q' . ..-v-ng: ' f fx 5 'I 3:35 ' v 61- AA' '4g 'fi 1 g '44-. 4-, Iv I . ...v . A A I r in an - . if '1'Wn 1.4-f gfsf -vgqvlz-' f' -. . 7 b. . 5 o .,, - .-V4 '9' T us' H :s,5,' pf- .fp-U. , ,-. g '. J, - rf! , .'4g , . 3, Z .. , ,. ,gl Vg-14-f-, . 5 rf-- -QY' . Qi fi qif5c"i ' 'TNQ-f'? T - te-'J-i 5? , ,Q . . 1. Ugg.-1 5, P. ' a - v .-Q - Q ruff- x. 444. 1 . X , ,i !ff f, , ' Q, I s G ef-A - baLX..A3iimumwr,11w.v- 4 '. .vu -.H--,.. N n - gl: . ANS 'es ""' 1 .v lm : ur: :a'v.a-rdf, :vi QE,-' ,Ly , . Capia in PETER ARNOLD ROBERT WILLIAM LAZAREK WILLIAM PRAY RALPH BALLA I An' fy. L:'-Q 1 ,lf wg I I 3, - W I . 'if .. .:4, ,gn 5 ws: fc -.ry , M1 'f,w.'fW'i I JAMES . fp 5 Gwfayg aim' 'xr 5' an IRQ f' Q Y V N I el' age I . I 29- . ' 5 4 ,, I QA., I an IX '55 If II I Iwi? -Hi 1.4: 1 ,5 ,Q pr, I hx N347 -W, v,i., ffi,f3'k'Q-. ' rw ' ' , I -Nfl ' -of: 'fs X' A-.X V . Q affix , V ., N- ' L w 6 .:?5?sW'lI -"' ' 4 gg 'V If"'f"... , fra -,,g ff"-1 ' 3x, ,,5x- I lu. . I ' . , - ROBERT DOUGHTY HENRY RESCIGINO VICTOR REBELLO JOSEPH QUATTROMANI fn uw - DAVID FONTANELLA DAP' 5: as WHIPPLE 255 ,- -EM A Fabricant, Waltcr Brown, Everett Flagg. Pcter Davis, Managcr Walter Ricard. BASKETBALL Stonington High Schools basketball team, facing the toughest schedule of any llcar five. had a very successful season. Victories in the Bears' impressive record were two winnings over Tolman, South Kingston, Fitch, and Killingly. They also conqucrcd Rogers. Westerly. liast Greenwich, St. Maryls lVlarionapolis. and the Alumni once. Stonington's defeats came at the hands of Milfred Prep, Westerly, l'rovidcncc College l7reshmen and Chaminade. The Rears captured the Eastern Connecticut Conference crown for the second straight ycar in a row. Stonington went over the century mark four times this season, including a record breaking 119 points against Fitch. ln this game Wayne Lawrence broke the school scoring record for one game, with a 54 point performance. ln the same week this record was shattered again, when Lawrence ripped the nets for 60 points. This would not have been possible if his team mates had not cooperated throughout the game. This high flying quintet was piloted by Coach lVlorris Fabricant and captained by james Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh was a stalwart performer, averaging 16 points a game. Peter Arnold, a strong 671-". was a tower of strength for the Stonington team. Victor Rebello and Ralph Rallato averaged double figures for the season. They were also standout performers on defense. William Lazarek. Ronald Gibson, and Hector Choquette are three senior reserves who did a remarkable job when called upon by Coach lVlorris Fabricant. Stonington has qualified for the tournament, and the Bears would like to end a very successful season with a State Championship. First row, left to right: Ronald Gibson, Peter Arnold, Ventura Rcbcllo, ,lamc Casanaugh Ralph Rallato, Wayne Lawrcncc. Second row: Richard Chippcrfield, Frank Raymond joseph Choqucttc, William Lazarck. Edward Harrison. Robert Clcmcns. Third row Coach BASKETBALL ,- A' E Q ff E 1' X X x fl JW WD' ,X I1 V1 1. wi .Q TEAM I SWG 1956 MEMBERS Edward Harrison James Cavanaugh, Captain, Peter Arnold, Wayne Lawrence, Ventura Rebello, Ralph Ballato, Ronald Gibson, R' h d Ch' ' 1C ar lpperfleld, Joseph Ghoquette 'ft qi'- ' . 4 l I W4 Y.. !'i 1-f' :M W5 .23 N s gif' L. QL' f --.-........ .-,WW 'Q .. K , ,, 5 1 , ,1 ' b 5 g L W, , A Q A "Xl JI '... Ll U i f 4 K Effie? "mfg ,ini In , Agff' 1 -LAQ F' Q 'E Front row. left lo right: Coach l"aluricanI. Ralph llallatto, William Lazarek. Peter Arnold. Waite-r Sicarel. Richard tfhipperficld. Manager Kenneth Wilcox. Second row: Ronald Gibson. Herlmcrt Arnold. ,lames Cavanaugh. Roller! tilt-mt-ns. Rolwrt Johns. .lames Fisk. Third row: Roh:-rt De-llragga, William Brown. Louis llrant, Russell Mclaughlin. Everett Flagg. BASEBALL This year. the lmaselmall team is primarily composed of veterans from last yearis squad. This N55 team had one of its finest seasons. It was chosen as one of the four top class medium teams in Connecticut. In the Baseball tournament. Stonington lost to Woodrow Wilstwli High. This year's squad, ably headed by Coach Morris Fabricant. is a versatile and well seasoned group. The team. itself. is composed mostly of seniors with Walter Sieard. James Cavanaugh and William Lazarek in the outfield and Ronald Gibson, iler-tor Choquette. and Ralph Ballato in the in field. Richard Chipperfield and Roger Paneiera represent the juniors very well as catcher and infielder respectively, along with lfverett Flagg. a sophomore infielder. The pitching staff has Peter Arnold, Louis Brant, James Sisk, and Robert DeBragga to hurl its way through the season which is expected to he well on the winning column. This year the team has high expectations of winning the Eastern Connecticut Conference again and wants to go to the tournament for another Cl'laIlCP at the state championship title. ill' '25 K BASEBALL X Q S Captain Peter Arnold c If s i as 5 U x L A ll, - "'1' - XX fr 1 , - ' ' Wir . ,Q A . 12 ,5 I ,U K 44 K ct! ' C if I -A 'A Q N- , Janles Cavanaugh Richard Chipperfield Robert Johns, Lewis Brant ,QQ 1956 Ralph Ballato 'I!!, 3? 'U' H r ffl 3. William Lazarek N an an .,:. gi ll, , la, ' ll L M! Ronald Gibson Everett F lagg Walter Sicard V 'im 8 " s- ,- First row, left to right: Coach Arthur Carlin, Edward Harrison, Peter Arnold, Robert Schiller, Robert Johns, Walter Sicard, Curtis Brown, Nelson Whipple, Frank Raymond, Manager .lames Smith. Second row: William Lazarek. William Kearney, Herbert Arnold, William Pray, Robert Cale. James Crowley, Richard Chipperfield, Stanley Bennett. Third row: Helmut Buchholtz, David Johns, Edward Kearney, William Cullinane, John Mathewson, Kenneth Cawkins, David Johnson, Peter Davis, Manager, George Whewell. TRACK The 1956 Track Team, having as a nucleus Curtis Brown, Edward Harrison, Peter Arnold, Walter Sicard, Frank Raymond, all veteran performers, should be one of the most powerful teams in Eastern Connecticut. Last year, the combination of Curtis Brown, and Edward Harrison won the Schenectady Eastern Seaboard Meet with Harrisonis winning the discus, the high jump and tying the meet record and Brown,s winning the discus. This year many records will fall at the hands of the team. Last year Brown broke the school record in the shot and discus, while Harrison broke the high jump record. Brown's best efforts in the shot and discus to date are 53 feet and 153 feet respectively. Harrisonis highest jump was 6 feet and 2 inches. Curtis Brown was last year's New England champion in the discus, making the second consecutive year that he has held this title. ln the state meet Curtis won the shot and discus and Harrison won the high jump. The mighty team seems to be well balanced. ln the running events there are Walter Sicard and Robert Schiller, both fine distance runners. Although we do not have much strength in the dashes, there are many promising underclassmen in this field. Robert Johns is a promising hurdler, although this is the first year the hurdlers have received any emphasis. Under the guidance of hard working Coach Arthur Carlin, the team has won much recognition on the Eastern Seaboard. This year's track team certainly will be a successful one. WILLIAM LAZAREK STANLEY BENNETT ROBERT SCHILLER r TRACK pi .eil Cbuwai Eltlfla nil 'Jill lllnzfdxihii IIT E321 l'1+,.1u.-.r. Ui- l1 ilii V18 ' 'El ld ll? .-.Q ' Di F1 liz' I L--VE? '11 LW .' JY IT L, WS, USM 4 A I I ROBERT JOHNS An A l4- ' W'i Y First row: Miss 'l'havvne't. Patrivia Donahue. Mary I.ou Foley, Agnes Kessler, Elan' Dart, Captain, Marjorie Darling, lla-lty llarnr-s. Mary Lon Coffey. Sr-voml row: Ang:-la Alice-li. manager, Joan Grills, Mary I.:-ont-, Elaine- Dart, l'atric-ia Radivioni. Sandra Pignataro, Mary Shea, Helen Cowell, manage-r. Third row: Judith llnglws. .ludilli Chick, Nancy l.indt-rsnn, Linda Arnold. Lueia Mesa-rve, Eleanor Powers, Putrivia S1-liuvkilvr. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM The girls' haskethall team at Stonington High School is made up of approximately twenty selected players. This year the team has scheduled games with Academy of the lloly Name. Durham. W.M.l.. Simshury, and lfast Greenwich. For the 1055-50 season. the team is ahly vaptained hy lflace Dart. Our managers who do an excellent joh. are Angela Miveli and Helen Cowell. The team is coached under the praiseworthy efforts of Miss Thavenet. l'Il.MIIi IMIH' i,lUltII'I Il XRLIML I',-X'l'ltItIIA IJONAHl'I-I MARY I.0ll POLICY AGNES KESSLER V UU UH' f30l"l"l'iN EI.lZ.-tlil-I'l'Il BARNES SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Patricia Donahue Beverly Kasper Gretchen Miller Captain, Heather Anderson Elinor O'Brien Elace Dart Dorothy Robinson Z g , Every year seven girls are chosen from the Sophomore class to be cheer leaders for the following two years. All girls who are eligible are judged on their personality, personal appearance, organizing ability, leadership, commanding voice, pep, coor- dination, and form in cheering motions, cartwheel, handspring, dive to forward roll, and form in final jump. The girl with the highest number of points automatically receives the honor of being captain. The faculty, two senior cheerleaders, and two junior boys from football and basketball act as judges. Every cheerleader will always remember and appreciate the outstanding job accomplished by Miss Florence Thavenet. J UNIOR CHEERLEADERS X Standing: Patricia Canavan, Captain, Barbara Bradley, Karole Keller. Bottom row: Linda Baird, Beverly Panciera, Ann Smith, Veronica Santos. H. J. SMITH CO. Crane Plumbing and Healing ECONOMY Sc +o SI STORE Popular Merchandise al' Popular Prices MYSTIC CONNECTICUT BENDETT'S SPECIALTY SHOP Disfinciive Ladies' Apparel MYSTIC PAWCATUCK SHOE REPAIR SHOP 57 Wesi Broad SI'ree'I JOSEPH ABATE. Proprieior Complimenls of +I-ue VICTORY BAKERY Complimenls of POP TURNER THE TV SHOP Hinckley Hin Complimenfs of Sperm W Hi Fi BARsTow's GROCERY C. T. NOYES The Besf in Dry Goods Cl-ARK Sm ,872 PAPER AND SUPPLY co. Mysiic Connedicui Complimenis of BETTY AND RUSSELL WELLES STONINGTON SAVINGS AND LOAN S+oningIon, Conn. O'KEEFE 8: CAREY Complimenis of Builders " " AIIMIIW 'Ih S' THE LAUNDROMAT 40 S'I'almarfaAve:nu:nP Wesierly R. I. TOT 'N' TEEN SHOPPE A Compleie Line of Pre-Teen and Teen Clolhing Complimenfs of GOODGEON'S JEWELERS 23 Broad Sfreei Weslerly, Rhode Island Complimenfs WOO DY KLEWI N BuLLDozER SERVICE STuar+ I-0869 EXCEL HOME OUTFITTERS CIoI'hing - Appliances ChiIdren's Apparel Shoes - Jewelry, eic. 2I3 Balmer Sireei' A. PEPPER PROVIDENCE, R. I. SUNSHINE FARM NORMAN A. LAMB Bulbs - PoH'ed Planis Perennials - Shrubs WHITEHALL AVENUE. MYSTIC BUZZI MEMORIALS Sfoningfon Road WESTERLY. RHODE ISLAND CIo'I'hes of Disfincfion for Your Well Dressed Besi' MYSTIC PHARMACY CL?:FE S II Easl' Main S+ree'I' Young Women Mysiic, Conn. KERR'S Phone JE 6-86I5 for FREE DELIVERY Young Men MYSTIC. CONNECTICUT SANTIN CHEVROLET CO.. INC. 5 Holmes S+reeI' Mysfic, Connecficuf CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC Esf. I920 J. S. Sanfin Complimenis of THE MILLER FORD CO., INC. STONINGTON. CONNECTICUT Ford Sales and Service Complimenfs of FRANK COLOSI BARBER SHOP LEONARD SHOES Experily Fi++ecI 30 High Sfreei' Wesferly. R. I. GRILLS SHELL SERVICE Lubricaiion - Tires - Baiferies Bed Wishes I30 LiberI'y S'I'ree'I' Wesferly, R.I Complimenfs of MORRONEY DAIRY BAR 57 High S'I'ree+ Wesierly. Rhode Island My Personal Bes+ Wishes 'I' Each and Esery Siudeni TOM ABRAHAM "HOUSE OF MUSIC" Complimenfs of SHEA'S PACKAGE STORE Upper Liber+y S+reeI' PAWCATUCK. CONNECTICUT I Complimenis of A. S. WILKINSON AND SONS, ConI'racIors "We Move 'I'he Earfh +o Please You" Phone Paw. 5-5968 BLANCHARD'S FILLING STATION Esso Gas Mo:I'or OiIs Norwich and WesI'erIy Road Pawca'IucI:, Conn. Complimenfs of WESTERLY DAIRY BAR DuPonI' Painfs MiIIworIr THE J. F. BONOMO COMPANY Building Supplies I4 COGGSWELL ST. WESTERLY, R. I. GOUVIN'S SUPERETTE Groceries and MeaI's No. S+oning+on Rd. WESTERLY, R.I. Wanna Go Fishin? . . . CaII Mysiic JEfferson 6-7I07 or Wriie CAPT. FULTON A. LEWIS Sfoningfon. Connec'Iicu'I' MoonIighI Sails and Picnic Par+ies Complimenis of DOROTHY AND WALTER KREBS CompIimenI's of SCHACKNER'S RADIO SHOP 64 Main SI'reeI' CompIimenI's of CLARK'S MARKET Wesferly, Rhode Island Complimenis of HIGGINS' PHARMACY 37 Wes? Broad S+ree'I' WOODMANSEE'S GIFT SHOP Dixon Square Wesierly, Rhode Island Complimenfs of WESTERN AUTO KEAN'S NEWS STORE I33 Wafer S+ree+ Sioningfon, Connecficui' Complimenfs of CRYSTAL FISH MARKET 64 Wafer Sfreei Sfoningfon, Connec'l'icu'l' JE b-2 I47 Sforage. Repairs, Towing, Brokerage Moorings, Gas and Diesel Oil, Supplie THOMAS BOAT YARD Sfoningion, Connedicui' Complimenis of SYL'S BARBER SHOP CHARLES O. RYON Coal, Oil, Grain KENYONS CLEANING CO. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MURIEL LEWIS PATRONS HERBERT S. STAPLIN ANTHONY J. SANTOS ARCHIE C. TILLINGHAST DR. L. H. HEPWORTH MR. AND MRS. EDWARD M. BOTELLE MR. ROSS R. AIELLO MR. AND MRS. HERBERT F. STAPLIN REV. AND MRS. CARLETON E. WORCESTER THE WASHINGTON TRUST COMPANY WESTERLY. R. l. Your Friendly "Home Town Bank" "I+ Pays +o Play" R. l. SOUTH COUNTY OFFERS IDEAL FACILITIES BURDICK'S THOS. J. BURDICK SPORTING GOODS 49 High S'IreeI' Phone 4623 Wesferly, R. I. Disiribulor for Spalding - Rawlings - A'IhleI'ic Equipmenf - Spof-Bill' Afhleiic Shoes O'Shea High Grade Aihlefic Clofhing. MURPHY CHEVROLET I06 Wesi' Broad Sfreel' PAWCATUCK, CONN. ComplimenI's of LADD AND WALKER SLEEP SHOP 3 Wes+ Broacl Sfreei' PAWCATUCK. CONN. Tel. 4258 ComplimenI's of C,-,mplimenfs of DOWERS HEATHER HOUSE Ready-Io-Wear 28 High S+ree+ for +he Whole Family WESTER'-Y I6-I8 High S+. Wesferly, R.l. Complimen'rs of PAU L F. CI RIONI MYSTIC, coNN. Besi' of Every+hing, Seniors! YMCA WESTERLY, R. I. PLAX CORPORATION J IM'S ESSO STATION WiIIiam's Ave. R+. No. I Mysiic, Conn. JAMES L. SULLIVAN, Pro Tires. BaH'eries Accessories P. 24 Hour Wrecker Service PHONE JE 6-9097 Affer Hours JE 6-8225 CompIimen+s of LINCOLN AVENUE PACKAGE STORE Lincoln Avenue Pawca+ucIc, Conn. Complimenis of . PAT 81 SYL'S Com pIimenI's of NASH CO. THE A. 81 P. BRADFORD FOOD STORES RJ. CURLENJIK'S complamem of Mews Shop McCORMICK'S MYSTIC W"""Y' R"- Marshall sumw cum of '43 FRED BUCK 81 SON H cI STONINGTON MARKET .me an .. CHIAPPONE at PREVITY IncIus1'naI Elecfrlclans Phone JE 6-83I6 STONINGTON, CONN. NORTH STONINGTON GARAGE YORK MARINE RADIO NORTH STONINGTON. CONNECTICUT SIoning+on Complimenls of RONN I E GARDI NER QUINTET Music and Enlerlainmenl' for All Occasions PRIVATE DRUM INSTRUCTION Phone 36263 50 Pierce SI. Weslerly, R.I. BUTLER BROS. COAL 81 OIL CO. Good Clean AI'lan+ic Fuel Oil Delco Oil Burners and Boilers 30 OAK STREET TELEPHONE 283l UNITED BUILDERS SUPPLY CO.. INC. "EveryI'hing lo Build Any'I'hing" 30 Oak SI'reeI' Telephone 283l WESTERLY, R. I. Complimenls of REALE BROS. I66 Wesl' Broad Slreef PAWCATUCK. CONN. Complimenls of THE STONINGTON LUMBER CO. I0l Main Slreel' STONINGTON, CONN. PALMER STREET PACKAGE STORE Domesfic and Imporlecl Liquors BEER - ALE - WINE No Parking Problems Tel- Palmer PAWCATUCK. CONN. TROVATO BROTHERS Merchanl' Tailors 'For Ladies and Men Complimenfg gf 26 Canal S+. Wesferly, R.l W. T. GRANT COMPANY I9 High Sfreel' Wesferly Esfablished I9I3 Phone 2765 Res. 4369 Complimenls of SAINT CECILIA GIFT SHOP CATHOLIC LIBRARY Pawcaluclc, Conn. HAGMAN'S SERVICE STATION Texaco Gas and Havoline OiI FIRESTONE AND STAR TIRES PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Complimenfs of PIC AND PAY SUPER MARKET FuII Line of Choice MeaI's, Groceries, Fruifs and VegeI'abIes 3 ROOSEVELT AVENUE MYSTIC TEL. 6-9322 I Complimenfs of WALT'S ESSO STATION 6 PAWCATUCK HARDWARE COMPANY Bri-Mar PainI's and Varnishes General Hardware Seed - Tools MECHANIC STREET WESTERLY Tel. 5-4633 Complimenis of N. G. SMITH JEWELERS Wesferly. R. I. Complimenfs of ALRAY PONTIAC CO. Dollar for DoIIar You Can'I' Bea'I' a Ponfiac Complimenfs of LEVANTI'S GROCERY STORE zu LINCOLN AVENUE Complimenfs of BEAL'S RESTAURANT 34 Wesf Broad SI'ree'I' PAWCATUCK. CONN. SHELTER HARBOR INN 84 BARN U. S. Scenic Rou+e I. Wesferly, R. I. MAY 28'Ih TO OCTOBER Is'I'. I956 A Few Rooms Available OuI' of Season by Reserva+ion AMERICAN OR EUROPEAN PLAN BreaIcfas+ - Luncheon - Dinner Buffer Suppers Wed., and Sai. Brochure and RaI'es Upon Requesf Telephone Weekapaug 9-9563 MRS. FRANCES H. ROMAINE Owner and Manager KI NNEY'S OF MYSTIC CONNECTICUT DIAMONDS, WATCHES SILVER AND GIFTS Your Class Ring Jeweler HAZEL I. MAIN Giffs of DisI'incI'ion I5 WEST MAIN ST. MYSTIC, CONN. WH EWELL'S AUTO SUPPLIES CROME ACCESSORIES SEAT COVERS MUFFLERS FENDER SKIRTS TIRES AND RADIOS BATTERIES GULF Com plimenis of PALMER MEDICAL GROUP AUTO SALES General Repairing GULF PRODUCTS AND LUBRICATION TIRES - BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES Alpha Avenue SI'oningI'on, Conneciicuf DR. S. S. FARAGO DR. HENRY GRAINGER DR. HAYES CLUXTON DR. JOHN PINTO C. 81 C. SERVICE STATION Upper Liberfy Sfreei' PAWCATUCK, CONNECTICUT Phone 5-4 I 63 JIM CONNORS AND BUTCH CASWELL SH EA MEMORIAL HOME Mysfic, Conn. NARDONE MOTORS, INC. 46 Canal Sfreei Weslerly, R.I. WESTERLY DRUG "Free Delivery" Complimenfs of WESTERLY TIRE COMPANY Complimenfs of FAYAL'S GROCERY II3 Waler S+. Sloningfon. Conn. PI1o+ograpI1er . Weddings - Porlraifs - Commercial Mealls-Tqrocerlesilqozen Foods Weslerlly ZI74 39 High Slreel I43 Wafer? ISI. I - Sloningfon Myslic JEfferson 6-7820 Wesferly, R. I. Complimenis of JOHN MARINO CABRAL'S PACKAGE STORE The Village Spiri+ Shop II4 Waler S+. Class of '25 Siiglfiiilgzlzggfn' ELLA'S PASTRY SHOP HGIIIS Io' Happlnessu I6-I8 Easl' Main S'l'ree+ Myslic THE FRIENDLY SHOP Tel. Je 6-7269 ALL BAKING DONE ON Pnemlses GUS AND FLORA HAUSCHILD DAILY Mys'l'ic. Conn. JOE'S BARBER SHOP Over Weslerly Jewelry Complimenfs of TINA'S BEAUTY SALON Dixon Square Bldg. Wesierly Complimenfs of GROPPELLI'S MARKET Complimenls of ALFONSO OUATTROMANI 2 Prospecl' Phone 54457 Real Es+al'e On lI16 Bridge Complimenls of Complimenfs of TONY'S MARKET IRENE'S BEAUTY SHOP On fhe Bridge Wesferly, R.I. SIOHIUQIUU. Conn. J. ROSSIE VELVET CO Mystic, Connecticut Phone Mys+ic Jefferson 6-7573 WILLIAMS AVENUE, INDUSTRIAL PLACE Mys+ic, Connec+icu'r AMERICAN VELVET COMPANY Stonington, Connectc t CARROLL CUT RATE 62 High Sfreel' WESTERLY, R.I. Complimenfs of CU LLEY HARDWARE 25 Broad SI'ree'r Wes+erIy, R. I. PERRY'S GIFTS AND ACCESSORIES 24 High S+ree+ Wesierly, R. I. KENYON'S MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE 26 High Sfreef Wesierly, Rhode Island DE PIETRO AND SON Compnmenh of B"i"'i"9 M"'E"9 ED'S CLEANING senvics Masons Road Scrapmg Crushed SIGNS DFIVWGYS Sfoningfon. Conneclicul' Phone Wesferly 2207 Complimenls of MELLO'S BARBER SHOP 20 High Sfreei' Wesferly Compliment of LEVANTI'S GROCERY STORE 2I Lincoln Avenue Complimenls of ROSE'S LIOUORETTE, INCORP. 45 W. Broad Slreei Tel. 5-4200 JOE'S SERVICE STATION Corner Liberly and W. Broad Sfreels Tel. 5-5455 "HOME OF FRIENDLY SERVICE" Complimenfs of PAT AND AL ESSO SERVICE UNEEDA CLEANERS S'I'oningI'on Road Complimenfs of GRINDER SHOP Liberiy Slreel' Complimenfs of URSO HARDWARE FINNEY'S SERVICE STATION Esso Produch and Lubricaiion Tires - Bafieries - Accessories W. L. WHITFORD. Prop. Roufe 84 Phone JE 6-2l49 Old Mysiic, Conn. Complimenfs of EDWIN BROWNING Piano Tuning Besf Wishes BOSTITCH CompIimenI's of PACKERS TAR SOAP, INC. CompIimenI's of INTRA-STATE TREE SERVICE, , INC Compllmenfs of . . . A FRIEND Landscapmg - Spraying Tree Surgery RETAIL AND WHOLESALE S'IoningI'on Road I'IAZLIN'S HFOI' 'I'I1e BGSI' in FIowers" SMITH'S FLOWER SHOP coRsAeEs or nlsTlNcTloN Mysfic, Connecficuf PATENT MEDICINE ICE CREAM GIFTS TOYS SCOTT'S UPHOLSTERING SHOP Esieblished Since I938 36 W. BROAD ST. WESTERLY Pawcaiuclr 5-5588 Complimenrs of MAlN'S TV 8: APPLIANCES 48 Wesi' Broad Si. PAWCATUCK, CONN. Phone 5-5460 Complimenis of DR. AND MRS. WALTER ASKINAS Complimenis of MARION'S BEAUTY SALON Room 384 Washingion Trusi' Bldg. WESTERLY Complimenls of SKARROW BUS COMPANY 5 Chase Sireei' PAWCATUCK, CONN. Complimenfs of JOHN B. FINDLAY LAWRENCE R. NICHOLS Painiing Coniracior and Paini' Supplies TELEPHONE 5-5I96 STONINGTON. RD. ARTHUR SADDOW'S TAILOR SHOP CUSTOM TAILORING I4 Church SIree'I' Sl' I I C on ng on, onn. Phone Jeff. 6-3349 Complimenfs of GUILINO'S BAKERY On Siillman Bridge PAWCATUCK, CONN. "CROSSROADS" Dunn's Corner Wesierly, R. I. Complimenfs of DUNN'S CORNERS FILLING STATION E. M. Greene. Prop. Wesferly MARION'S DEPARTMENT STORE Sfoningfon, Conneciicui' PAUL SCHEPIS Imporfecl and Domesiic Liquors I34 Wafer S'I'reeI' Sioninglon. Connecficui' BINDLOSS Sfoningion, Conn. Complimenfs of CAMACHO'S IGA STORE 67 Waier Srreei STONINGTON. CONNECTICUT CompIimen'I's of CONNORS' PHARMACY F. J. CONNORS. S. H.S. Ex. I6 LORING STUDIO New London, Connecticut PHOTOGRAPHY BY LORING Whefher i1"s porfraifs, group pic+ures or aciion shofs - you can depend on LORING for fhe fines? in por- rraifure. Our experf sfaff is prepared +o handle any pho+ographic assignmeni' - a+ prices Thai' are always moderafe. ,.A ,r ..1 ,-- u. I in r f' 'Ffr ,, X., wif? YJQV -r. 4 ,. , , If-,K 4 .I '1'?5.'1 we - , LITHOGRAPHED BY LCR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS 0 TEXAS Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE ,- ww r f" X , ?,. I 5:7 'I ,. 4-.Lx Ls, r km 1 1. .v-.. H xl 'L ' lr n 1 G rw 1? 1 "-11... . wwV?i1f55rfw:wj ,vi 'mn Y--'w.21"":?1Zw2""'f. f , w. .L- , GM: -,, 'IfV1. -A , , . , Muni, .- ' ,X . .ww lswieic, ,, I, L H. -,, .- :v I. F 6 , Us av fm 4, . V- D ff A ii 'J as TSAE-Qu: X wxr'-.-.-swf' J 1 '41 'H .md- wh W fav 3 H. I A Q W' ' 5-f ar' .1 -4 59' ,lf 11 .B .ry -4. : , felt? :"' '. ur 1' - ffk "-?s1,fvQMr f-n,QwL F'ffr 1,.',1,f,ff' f'. .- , ww- L- 5.4 , J 'f wg ' 'f'f.,-R' if ' 3 'Lf :Qi 5iV:f':" V Qi?'5'l' ".Q.,.r'-3r',,.1t ,,g ar. 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Suggestions in the Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT) collection:

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