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Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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N WF wa. i E? -ma .I -'Hx m 'u F Lf B ..,g1f., '-TL.: ,. -- ,1 A , -I -' - Q, -,5-I L if iijiaffii p +x,fg,.,, lf , if ,' 1,.4.:1..f::.- . -if pf-, ' 2' A J., x 54323 . P n li 5 f , x P1 1 . . X R s .. Q: II .1 . H ff 7. 1 55 sa I! U72 "I JG 1 I ,:,, 1 , rr .J nm mwnwzumwmauffxx.wnfas1.o:,'nmw-asm-iaxwxamf' wv Qu,-ma.. f-aww, ,, 4 f .-eww,-m-xx ,mg f .1n.'-fn:.1.r1funuzf ff, ,wxanw-1sm.y,az'n::c gmzmmfmpm uunvmmmnk. ,QA my E 1 H 133, 1 H ' 17- V 1 J Q, P 1 . B. x . .Ag UA. u wx. 1 F: rw - W' gil. H ' I. . +1 X' vi " : 57 Pmiv I - y.w,'e2' f E 1 I 1 "WV s ' , fi 1 .' V 12 1 , 1 ,. , fe Z .4 ,. M-,hx nmwunmmm The PAVVMYSTONIAN " G25 7 '- TC O ONA45' N f t mx Pzzbllklaea' by THE CLASS or' 1952 Stonington High School Stonington, Connecticut V I 91. Vi' i 1 I I We, the graduating class of 1932, do ded- icate this yearbook to the Future. May it bring Success and Happiness to all mem- bers of our graduating class. We hope that our lives will be such as to be an inspira- tion to all future graduating classes at Stonington High School. N fl SD .ADMINISTRATION L fffhl, , CARROLL W. PEAVEY T. ALLEN CROUCH ff L. 1 , ' ' Prjzzfilbal FACULTY Aff , 4 J, M K f Q, f K , 4f, If f f WW 1 I X is W' M A Z , ' M 4 Lf Z f X rf 1,4 ff W f 7 BRADLEY BUNKER 1MaffJe111af2ff 1' 1 Z Sfzperjnfefzdezzf ARTHUR R, CARLIN NAOBIIW. CHAUSSE SCj617f6 Bzzyjzzeyf UWM ? I, ,, ,N ELEANOR CRONIN Ezzgliib MICHAEL E. CRONIN Amerjmzz Dewormry JOSEPHINE L. CULLINANE KATHRYN C, DENNEHEH page three Bzzflzzejf Ezzgljylv I +555 5: Xyylplfillfiffxx' XY. DrJl'X'Il.Ll .WI.zffvwff,1!m X ROLAND B. HOL,'iTON' lmfzfffrmf Art. an S. IQNEPH N.iIN'I.i fullulf BE.+'r'R1cf2 SILVERS1 mx Llfifl - E12 Qff mfv FACULTY Q, 'wx W1 f'-W fx I , AIYJRRIN P, Iixwm .mf P1111 wwf lffffmzffffff IWAXINF Ivimox Home Emzmmzm' + 2 7 an ,W , if x , f ' FLURLQNCI1 THANNF1' PM mpzf Ifdmpzlffffz 19' - l Q- Q., I I by 7 Q, -'w i 1 34 A-W g, . Q A' 'Orin S MARIP M. STKxw'.AxRT Hula! Ulf' Bllllllcftl DLJP,I7'fl?lt'llf 1 Afwf ' EH K, fv X A XVII,I.I.'XM P, Clrmfmx. IIP. BAaPbf.Pe. F. Hesnrsos .H,If1,fL'lU.1'f!L' - 1l!l1f'fV, BI! Hi: li...-. L . ff G5 V V? IL -4 . '-.. -lu I X :LQ in V5 - Q EVELYN L. fNfL'RDOCK MARY A. NASH Sfzemf G11-'Jyffff CRC, 'Q QD . i,T1,g,gR Si P.wg1'.xLlx.x L. P1fL1.u,RlN1, V rVc',w, XYILLIMI C PFTTY Bllllllc U . 'QU' if jx A h MWA P- WHFPLFR J. GEORGE XY'1LL1.u1soN Huffff Ef"ff""ffL' ,UrL'ff.:2.'.u',:f Dun H35 page four LIITIIII-lZl"1LI'l CLASS OFFICERS uw nn, GEORGE H. FOLEY ll"4z.fbi11gt011 Club Atz'z'ii'e1' ' "Y ' li rf- f Y vliff V W7 K 5.115 IM - r A-:A fa , r s. . EEE. E 7? f ' f , 'f - ..,. cf., 4 , , .,, A, ,. I, f, ' f- y 5 , ,f 'sf'-, ' ' , - , i E it f A ,LQ ,.,.,, .,,. . fl . xi' Vice Plerizfelif NIARSHALL A. STOWELL Our four years at Stonington would never have been as enjoyable and prof- itable without "Marsh" He has been our vice-president for the past three years and has always been willing to do anything that would benefit the class, Besides serving on the Student Council and working on the yearbook. he has also earned letters in both baseball and basketball. His ready laugh and all- 'round good humor combine to present at personality that is truly pleasing to everyone S Preriflwzz ,IAINIES S. BALLATO N' ie ri o t, any sport, he are all t e to -lim. ClJ ltitbD a h. e ' g eat asset to a the ri . esi s in' il 1 of f t ll, ' , and tr-ck, 41 - 1 bask b' ha:4lfE'E1 the p ri o 1 for the past three 'ea As if hi ren't enough to do, f several committees, nc uding our yearbocmk V use 0' W ff 7 E F Q, is q A ie T1'etz,i'ff1'w' TERESA L. ALEXANDER A cheery "Good morning" is a familiar phrase ot "'l'erre's." This friendly atti- tude has made her a great success with her friends. Terre also has an ability for acting and singing, both ot which she demonstrated in a past operetta. Not to be overlooked is the good work she has done as treasurer of the class ot 1952 for four years. page six we CLARENCE A. COOGAN, JR, Clary Adzvirer bound- talented tin- to do ti bit of art friendliest with work. A about farmers when you're aroundhthis pretty little girl. She's from the sticks" and proud of it! dont know- GRADUATES GLORIA MADGE AHERX Here is another one of the friendly girls who hail from North Stonington. To give you an idea of her personality. she is known as "Sunshine" to many of her triends, She gave us a wonderful per- tormance when she exhibited her re- markable voice at our talent show. Y'C'ill we ever forget that yodeling? ,IUAXNA P. AIELLO May we ask a question! Has anyone ever seen yloanna really look dishevelled' lAs tar as were concerned. such a thing lust couldnt happenfj Wfhether shes instructing at Pine Point School, hop- ping around the basketball court, or sing- ing in Glee Club fshes lust about the whole alto sectionj, 'Io is always -lo- sophisticated and every hair in place. Legend has it that this gal had her eye on a modeling career1 now shes plan- ning to model a most becoming nurses uniform. ,I . V QE? w t' . . f f Y T A Wflllfliw -. - 4 2- 1. .,. V :yy nhl I 1 V te , I -. Q V, w a ' I V, In -I I . A A f , .fl 'fi if .- f 1 Vg. 1 ' JOAN MARY APPLE TON If you ever see a cheerleader chewing her nails off to the elbows at a football game, chances are it's only Sister Joanie wor- rying about her little Cstarj brother Clarkie. Artistically inclined, quick to lend a hand when needed, and slightly Hame topped sum up Red-after all, we mustn't tell all her secrets! HARRY CHARLES ASHBEY Harry possesses the faculty for coming up with a witty remark at precisely the right moment, much to the discomfort of the teachers. His comments have kept many a classroom in "stitches" and he never ceases to amuse his friends with his many jokes. In addition, Harry is very much interested in drawing and has been voted the class artist, P3516 SCV611 HELEN ISALDXVIN AMES A portrait in quietness, Helen is the per- fect conhdante. She likes to spend her "leisure lioursli sewing thave you seen that cowboy shirt she madefl and has almost made a hobby of square-dancing. She has learned the enviable art of "sticking to' a prolect until it's perfect. She certainly put this to work in our il- lustrious Business Department. Q , , . M f JW ,gg 9, ,Q ff 1 ,f- . v MARGARET ANN BALL The appointed hour passed long ago, but where is "Peggy?" Finally, she arrives with surplus spirit. This enthusiasm en- ters into all her undertakings, whether she is cheering at a football game or participating on the girls' basketball team. Those who know her slightly think of her as quiet, but they are so, so wrong? Youll never have a dull moment with this roaring girl? GRADUATES WEEK' X .,.v ROBERT BAYER A picture of gloom when his beloved Giants lose a baseball game, Bobby knows how to whistle when they win. And we mustn't forget to mention that he is an accomplished "Ladies Man." All kidding aside, happy-go-lucky is Bobby's middle name. Rumor gets around that he wears his ties Qbowl in his pocket when not in the First National. Any comment, Mr. Bayer? ELEANOR BIRKBECK A product of the Revolution was the Spirit of '761 an SHS product is the Spirit of North Stonington, personified in this little gal! A stout supporter of the Grange and 4-H, "Cornfed" will .1l- ways rise to the bait tyes, we guarantee itj when the Joys of living in the sticks are questioned. Hey. Ada, I hear rumors that Ayrshires arent the only breed ot cows .ifootfl fCould it be theres some- thing to it?j 'WW I J l f bi" 'A .il 1 1 ., I . " GEORGE HAROLD l5ENNli'l"I' Although George might seem .1 little re- strained to m.1ny of us, some who .1rc better acquainted with him know that he is not always quiet and that he is .1 pleasant friend. As a h.1rd-working mem- ber of the stage crew, he has helped to make many of our stage productions successful. He can always be depended upon when theres work to be done. QW-'l S-ss i 157' ?"7"f-i- .ixv 1 NlCOl,li'l"l'A M. lll,AXDA "Patience is .1 virtue seldom tound in woman .ind nexer found in man." 'lin make .1 hue combination with patience, Nitky is very willing to spend hour, ox. pl-lining .1 tact to you. She ll.l5 .1 nature that hrxs touched the l1e.1i'ts ot the triends she ll.1S lll.lxlC in the Biology Club Trithc 9 uid and in lll K ' ' - sq - . 1 . het classes. page eight BARBARA ANN BERGEROIC Pity the life a poor bus driver leads when Barbarak around, Her gay chatter and unmerciless heckling of Eddie have livened up more than one long trip. By the way, those sweet tweets that can be heard coming from the clinic on Wfednes- days are apt to be our ardent Drum Corpsian blowing away at her fife. Glee Club. Yearbook. f"" 'bw PHILIP ,IOSEPH BONOMO As lone .is w e have known Phil we have nexei' t'e.1red that he would have .1 nerv- ous brc-.ikdown from overstudy. He t.1k6S life, .1s well .is his studies lightly, and he does not believe in crossing xml' bridge until he comes to it. His slow grin, easy-going manner. and good hu- mor have made many friends for him on the baseball team and in the classrooms. 4 1. EDXYIX SARGEXT BROXYX, ylR, Here is .mother fellow who nukes very little noise About school. However, his reserved manner does not detriict from his friendliness. .ind once you get to know him you rind him .1 very' hdppv .ind co-operative tellovv, Besides being .in .ictive member of the Camera Club. 4'Pete" spends much of his spare time on his "Model A' rind loves to tinker with cars of any l-cind. GRADUATES SYLVIA MAY BRUSTOLON Short .ind svveet. Yes.'s "TodvY' She he r.ither short but not lilcelv to be overlooked beoiuse shes .ilvvgivs pitch- in in .ind Ilhlliiflg our .itfrtirs .1 success. Glee Club. Business Club. .ind sport en- thusrtst .ire her more important interests, bpeilcinlu .it sports, Todv is the support- ing spirit of one of our b.isketh.tll play- ers live, ull eiiufsel 'it Wim.. 0 I ROLAND li. HVCK , . , . . XXh.1te er lie tlicl done with so much e.ise. ' Nothing seems to fit 'Bucky' hetter than this st.ttement. Al- though his .rue .tllovved him to enedge in sports tor only two ye.trs, he proved him- self one of our best .Athletes hy his .telom- plishments in both tootb.tll .incl h.tsebi1ll. He vv.ts co-c.ipt.iin in both of these sports during his liniil yeitr, .incl he still has an .ictive interest in them, Furthermore, he is .1 h.ird-vvorlcinyu fellow who always gets tlTlf1tLfN done, ..., mr-9 .IANICE ELLEN BURDICK With the Honor Society high on her list of scholastic accomplishments, -lanice is it personable young lady. She proved her- self an actress in the Sophomore Com- petitive play and has been singing in the Glee Club four years, Never afraid ot work, -lanice stays with 41 job until its finished, She also was a big help in put- tinle together the Yearbook. 3- ,9"f JOHN E, HURDICK Yes, it hats four wheels, it greedy gms tank, ii couple of spiirk plugs, and it gictuallly goes4thttt is when hir. B isn't Linder the hood tinkering? fOf course were trtlltingg .ihout The C.1rAwhr1t elseflj Wfith our ace mechanic, it can be anything from .1 carburetor to Miss Ms tensile strength miichine-he sure can hx it? But, it isnt the usual b.ittle of brriwn vs. brtuns. This boy h.1s bothf QActivities? Hes s.impled from A to Z, .md even morefj page nine I CAROLYN RlCli CALKINS "Cricket," is ii very .tpproprigite nick- n.tme for this charming girl, She hits rt quiet m.tnner hut the sweetest "chirp" when she hits something to sity. The "Brown rind Wliitc-" hits found her to be rt reliitble .ind competent circulation It you hitve need of more in- form.ition- the hcst reference is .1 cert.iin siiilor. GRADUATES - Igjfflvm, ' iw., ,, , DELFINE MARY CARREIRA DOROTHY l, CLARK bANDRA CLARKE Dels one of our dark eyed Mnnps, and She trips the light fantastic toe .it exert dance, Wl111t's more. she ggeneiullly h.1s .1 hand in planning the jollirientions. tool And, whether its the Biology Cluh or the Photogr11phie Stall of this greg! pro- duction, you eiin het your hottoni dollar that Del will he in there pitehinf Brown and White, Girls' liiskethtill. Hidden hehind th.1t hugge l7.lN9-elflllll is Dot, the hdtlihone ot the Drum Corps lt's 11 t.1et th.1t without her the Corps would hgiye heen lost. Dependiihility rind .1 spirit or loyalty h.1ve won for her this reput.1tion, Wfhen 11 t.1sli is given to heri you erin het it will he done quickly and .is perfectly 11s is possihle. Neyer .1 slxirk- er, she lhls heen gin iny.1lu11hle .isset to her friends. "Yup," were proud of her, we Lire' Piirty, p.1rty-did someone Sdl party? Louk in the midst of the hustle .ind bus- tle, .ind there 19 times out of W you ll find Simdy: in t.1Ct, yiiull nnd her most .1ny Plate xx here something is :ning on, from Glee Cluh ind drt1rn.1ncs to airls' huskethdll .1nd Yearhoolzf WU: rather suspect thdt this stdtuesque. young lady also tdlqes no snmll Jmuunt uf pleisure Cwe won't say pridel in dog slioxys. fljiffy, Biffy, wherefore ,irt thou. Billyfl ,yffx n'4rd""Y sse -IEAN IXI, COLOEQI EVELYN LUl'lSli CQUI,PRl I' IETHEI, LOUISE CONE Introducing Ll61lI'l-flle' fenmile tounter' A shy violet who hlooms in the NNlN.lI1 lt you exer need someone to rely on. ptirt of -lerry Lewis. For till her clown- ,ulaide ol' Methiinie Street. Here .iround hum out Ethel, In ligr four yt-gi-5 .lf ing she has L1 hroiid set ot shoulders sthool we dont or see inuth ot' this 8,1-1.5. ,ho lug lswn ,m ,mit-nf worker when it comes to hearing somehody All-Ill lml fll-if slUs'5Ulf WL'-UT Nlls' Hflif -1 .ind l'l.l5 .ilso tound time to in.1lie .1 wide elses prohleins-eyen it they .ire lcindii yery definite imirt of the il.iss-or our giggle- of r',-igmje Hr-11 1-CWM-L15 lux-C hmm: .Li lone xygiy down! liy-the-vyiiy, shels Ll illustrious liusinessv Deimirtnient, Hert-'s the Ar-pozntmtnt ot e11pt.1in ot the cheer- vxhiz when it eomes to typinlul hcl' lin- .1 gal with nminy titers, hut xxh.1t they lL'.lx.lCI'5, .1 me-mher ot the Honor Soeietx. gers lust tly over the l-ceys, Now -lean. .11't-well lv-IW Wu Ut'-ll5kUYL'lT .ind sports editor or the "l'lroxyn and dont you think you're getting: .1 little too ryltl to ertlwl tll'ULll'lid url the lloor playin: sL1l'VVIl.iI'IDCN' Drum Corps. page ten XY'hite." GRADUATES . ws GERALDIXE MARIE CONXORS VUhether its a iudge or a prescription you need. Gerry has the connections. But here around school shes dabhled in this and that and finally settled on the Brown and XY'hite as her maior point of con- centration. XY"e hear youire planning on being a pharmacist. Going to take over the business? Yearbook. Public Rela- tions. X DOROTHY AGN ES COON A friendly smile-lady-like manners- dependable spirit-plus an engaging per sonality COIT1lDil'1i3 to make Dot one of North Stoningtons favorite young ladies. Happiest when she can help somebody else. she is never merely an acquaintance. always a friend. Her activities have in- cluded three years in the Drum Corps and active membership in the Xorth Stonington Grange. DOROTHY MAE COSTA Bend your ear this way-if you desire to see Dot in her out-of-school time, run, not walk, to the nearest roller skating rink. It's guaranteed shell be there? Its Dots hobby and just as it should be for this fun-loving girl. If you havent a "put-put" to transport you to the skating rink, you will enjoy her singing of popu- lar songs around school just as much. 4 Q, xg, 1 . Ma- M PATRICIA ANN COOPER One word can be used to describe Pat- great. She is great in sports. To back me up are the facts that she is a cheerlead- er and a member of the girls' basketball team. Great scholastically means that she is on the Honor Society. Last, but by no means least. great socially. Her many friends have selected her to be assistant editor of the "Brown and XY'hitei' and a member of the Student Council, ' fa U! Q, tfnw,-av' . 2-. 2? -We Jann , ,V -.5 -,44,,.6-ks ff t 'lil I - r , -. -4 14 ' C " "'?"',5:.a.-. ' ' 31, ' - -W Q ,V 1 - 5 V . -, I la, 'i . -:TLA 1, ' -. . f fyygf av f. -fag , ,. 1. -, ,T-,f .5 f i f i':l,fgf.f5 7 .-.3 41 g-if ' g.i,z,4a :-j4?"'f'g2'f'f241' 4 RICHARD A. COSTA As alike as two peas in a pod are Costa and D'Amico, Always with a smile on the face. a quip on the tongue. and .1 ready hand to work lbut only if neces- saryl, they go through the days. Speak- ing of work, these two sure have dug into the back-breaking toil on those Washingtcin Club paper drives? Hey. Dick, couldnt those urgent messages to Stasias possibly wait til after 2101? Class shindigs. Stage crew, page eleven CHARLOTTE .IEANNE CROWLEY "Cha" has a strange way of making her presence knowng she manages to keep her linger in iust about everything that goes on around here? Between managing the business end of the Brown and Icffliite, cheering, and innumerable other odd jobs, shes so busy that even her best pals rarely see hell But never fear, Chag as long as you have that infectious gig- gle, you wont be forgotten especially by the cast of one particular play-need we name it?j. JQH Www? ELIZABETH MARIE CROXVLEY "Never underestimate the power of a woman." Especially when her name is Libhy. And especially when it comes to doing a he-man's roh hetter than any male. Honestly-who could have kept that cafeteria running as well as she did 7 Shes the perfect proof that there is Such a thing as perpetual motion? As to loyalty to her Alma Mater, well every Crowley excells in school spirit, and this one is no exception? 'Nuff said? GRADUATES ' W. Ys , . . . ti - Q. 1 far V, Cl-ll5l:URD lf. D'AlNllCiO, blr. C and D are inseparahle in the alphahet, so Costa and DiAllllt'll are practically in- separahle in sthool. Douhle somethin'- their wee hrains work along the same linesg well het they even think in com- plete unison. lt's a good thing you're such swell sports-we'd hate to see the two of you any other way? fTell us. Cliff, did you o,k. the gal friend, too!l Stage crew. Class shindigs, 4' WZ! V f 4 NANCY IREXE DKBRAGGA Naneys chief amhition ls to promote hetter relations between the North and the South? Yes suhf She can be found Hshaggin' it" 'most anytime. A dancing fan, the litterhug fwith a slight south- ern airj is her specialty. Next time you see her on trardc. he sure to say "HL you-all." She was one of the Drum Corps' best drummers for three years. . W-X Y 4 Q naw X95 A. XWILLIAM DELANIZY Here is a fellow whose optimistic out- look on life enahles him to throw hack his head and laugh at the world. Hill always has a pleasant word for everyone, and his humorous remarks have thrown many a classroom into an uproar. ln ad' dition, he has proved himself as an ath- lete by his accomplishments on the foot- hall held and at track esents, These at- trihutes have won for him a host of friends. MARIA R. DASILVA A tommercial student, Maria is a stead- fast, little hody who hails from Stoning- ton. Shell never get herself into trouhle hecause of her talking which is little and none too frequent. Hut, the way she lets the words Hy eyery so often rather sets us to wondering. Are you really that quiet, lNlaria, or do you rust heliexe that she who says little has little to an- swer for! Traffic. Yearhook. page twelve IQRXYIN H. DESSAULES XYhen he first arrived from New York a y.-ar ago, Erwin was quiet and shy and did his laest to stay out of the limelight. liven so most of us hecame acquainted with him and found that he was full of tun ann pokes. Hard-working and con- scientious, he has heen a tremendous help to this years XX'ashington Cluh. XY'ith his loyalty and regard for others. he is sure to heeome a success in later life. GRADUATES CHARLOTTE ANNE DUNN "Sancly" has made many achievements in her four years at S.H.S, In the line of music she has been a member of the Girls' Ensembl-eg in science, she has been an active member of the Biology Clubg and in social life this girl is tops? Active in 4-H work, she recently won a trip to Chicago. How many starry-eyed lads did you leave behind, Sandy? AK' GABRIEL J. EREITAS Gabe just wouldnt be Gabe without his clarinet. And, take it from us, that clari- net goes everywhere-band club. orches- tra, and oohl the noise it can make in the auditorium, Block LY Gabe, as Vice- Pres., did help us through our baby days here at S.I-I.S, Bet with all his leadership and musical abilities, we'll be able to say in a few years, "We knew that fellow when . . RICHARD E. EPPLER Dick is a fellow who will be remem- bered as being "regular" and down to earth. He is trusted by all who know him and his co-operative and conscien- tious manner make him .is good a friend as he isa basketball player, All this, plus his good humor. goes to make up a per- sonality that will not he easily forgotten. ff K' 1 af , , -f.,,, 4241 A I Lf' ,g jx, . 1, ,. -5 . X. kiwi?- ' thi f- ' r 4.f'f-ff, 'tw - W -A 'f' ' Astaire? -an le avr-:1'.-:faq-f, -, - ' 'fzi .- BRL'CE GILBERT FORBES Wfhen Bruce first came here from Mid- dletown a year ago, we found him to be reserved and rather quiet. As time went on, however, we discovered that he was a very sociable and co-operative fellow. Besides engaging in football and track, he has always been willing to work on any committee or project. His determina- tion and forthright character should aid him in his climb to success. MARY C. GALLI Diamonds are a gals best friendg and dont we envy this gal-shes got one! Her just-stepped-out-of-a-bandbox look won her a spot on the fabulous junior Prom Queens Court. All Marys clouds seem to be painted with sunshine, and her smile sure does reHect it! Drarnatics, Office gal, Class shindigs. page thirteen I ROBERT G. GIBSON If this laddie had his w- , we rather suspect he'd sp-rt ki! s to fdo,lbf'1X's it is now h p ctici lyfff es handstands , K i . s cr tim tliL,yXcliMot thc Bigpi te i icc jwftfic Dunn sa mem Hr of th -'St dent Ciuncil, "Gib- by' e ma' to see wherljlpzi, need an ass y plan e . CW' gn g t also add that is"one,u f0'd1?r mo 'e reserved .4 It I , s gC?'?Tf P fl px MO lilfeiffpigv evf- A - tk pest g m lj 's a e-'actAi4d'ted Sea S 7 h by - . Ag , d DS. GRADUATES fphliff , 454 ,I , -1 Wd GJ, , PETER M. GRAY I am no orator, as Brutus wasp I only talk right on. -lust ask any of the kids in Block -1 P.D.Y And, we warn you not to get him started on hot-rods. Had they a class in the subject, we'd guarantee that Grayd be the honor student. Peter's interests are varied, though. as seen hy the range of his aetiyities ttrom rlasfi whinudings to Discussion Cluhj. Among other things, he's proven that a good talker also has to he a good listener. Mike ROBERT A. HILL Six-feet of quiet in his stotkinvu teet. he lL15t Sits hatk and lets the rest of the world put on a show for him, Someday that may ehangeg until then, lust give the boy a ,sun and a cup of coffee and hes happy. Say. Bob. answer us a eouple ot questions. will you' Number l. W'hy so much time spent in hlystief Xumher Z. XX'hat in creation is the tratk team going to do without its star manager? ljioloyx' Club. , f , if 'U 9176 Qi, V 1 f, i .Aa XYXILLIAM F. HAUPT Perhaps youve often heard Billy say. "If you want to he like Haupy, youve got to eat like Haupyf' but he is rather a petit size, isn't he! tReally lust tall enough to charm the fairer sexy He is one boy who is hound to succeed. for he is a willing worker, as has heen proven by his record as president of the Student Council. 'ffff v f, ,ff iff ', I ff f ' ,ii f 47 W , V rw Q V ,ff f 4 L., 'M ,wx fain? Gif V 'VZ ,, ' 7 1, 'ig . -LL. 41161 ARLIZNII M. HOLLIDAY 'ini-tis nothinlu quiet about this younlu ladyl Full ot Hlualus and luilugalesf' "Sal" keeps everything lively. XY'ord it that she was iitterhuluyiny in the O. I3 roomf She spends her Mleisure hours' behind the soeltl eounter at Vars liroth- ers. Seriously though, it there a xote taken tor the neatest ,uirl in SH S.. shed sweep it. thumbs down. page fourteen ' A f at , 4 , ky 3,7749 ,J ' ' DUANE B. HEIXECK W f 45410 4 ,, , f V47 ,I W ,X mf, 3 'LA 1 W ,fg of, , U g V ,,. f i .if gf . .4 sa , 11,-6 . if ff ff if .W gb , , ,, 5 V , We ' W f4 4' -1 Big George is one of our musieia ,ai f f WW, And, man, will the orchestra ever miss his cheery-voiced saxf But. he has an- other sideline. too-basketball. Believe you me, when it comes to making: bas- kets, George lust looks in and drops the ball down? XX'e havent been able to de- cide yet whith career hell choose-.1 saxophone Paderewski or a basketball pro. X5Uhichever it is. hell be the height of perfectionf S Club for coursefj 'Rs H q,Q -lf MAEREEX O. JEFFREY And in this corner. Ladies and Gentle- men. wearing her famous grin, is "Jett," Grants friendly salesyuirl. Although she lixes up to her motto "better-late-than- never." "Jeff" never misses anything? Ten years from now will tind Maureen 'lsloftoringu kids in a childrens hospital. Yup. thats jeff. square-daneingg doesnt she cut a neat do-si-do? GRADUATES -M 4? MARY ANN 'IOSEPH Cheerleader. actress fur s-1 she elaimsl. super-.lftispited Mariner. .ind ,:ener,il imp-that till idds up tw Mystics -ine .ind only Shurtie. Its re.illy Qinmzin: what that gal can think up: the sid peirt lfor her teiehersj is she usutillx finds it necessary to impart her ideas in the middle iff ulassf Say. Tweet-tsveet. iust what is this I hear ,ihiiut yuu and .Ioan 1nd A Variable Stdr Wfttcher- Club? Give. girl. gise' 'ini FA Y DIANA LAVCTON Here is an introduction tis "Miss TyDi- tal Student." She has been .ietive in the Biologv Club. Glee Cluh. ,ind rin the Tranic' One definite fact distin- guishes Ftiy-her pet saying. which iihi "Im positively gtiing tri tlunk that test, ' Has she ever thuugh? Statistics show az fqiuf yfgrgf liflfllll' ffslll l'6CHfd. JANET KEEGAN Ah hd' lt's heen passed .trwund .tir- pllnes .ire -l.1net's liwhlw. X-I redsisn tw gsk whit hr.ineh wt the sersite shell en- ter. In the me.1ntime, -l.1n spends her tree hivurs wiirking in .i l-itil sture. The statement thit janet is quiet is tilwttis met with the excl.1in.1tiiin fiwni her inti- mate friends uf "-lanet, quiet." J . ' 5 J' s-sift t A ja'--Q 9' gg' 1 in up- it lfveeh iusly, H his eninig the mth. it A tiflill .tense eiise . ut thin 3 u deserve it Yiiu should see him strut that HS' stveaterf Bnsehtill. plus class shindigs. page fifteen inf thinks fur heint: such ti spurt, ... xi A YQ. 154 . X Mb ""--' -5 'af t qs' QQ. ,Y A .. .b ut.. . it , N. -I. DAVID KELLII-IER'e his the happy' faculty tit heing .11- ssgiys theerful. His ready wise-cracks hue helped tu enliven m.ini' ti vvetiry clnssriiiiiii. .ind he never seems tn run out nf hikes. Hiiwexier. his miitwd must plunge .1 hit when he steps iintu the track, fur this 'illying Irishmtinu is the pfvssesstir tit' the schunl reeurd fur the mile run. He will mtil-ce .in .ihle c0-C.1p- t.iin wt this ve.irls trick tedm, which he s.ii's is destined fur :rest thinus. fv- Qs' 1 S I r, , if - s . ,. ts is fp. ' THOMAS F. LEXIHAX The Rose Bmvl wntenders .1in't got noth- ing: un us-we Ye gut Lenihtinf 'XY'e'd sure h.tte tu be un the iipptising te.1ii'. when Tum gets duwn tu husiness un the yridirun. But. that terueiuusness is only fur the tmithgll heldfiust .ask Betty. And. if yi1u'll recall. nur versatile hos has even h.1d .1 try ,it dr.1in.1ties ltind .1 very successful One. .it thatfj. S Cluh. the big t'l.iss duings. GRADUATES ELIZABETH Iyi, LENZZO Bettyfs pencils nuke pietuies its D.lfLlI'.ll- ly as our pencils Illllit' seniyyls. The yy.1y you eome up with those posters for .1ll our goings-on, we should think you could do them in your Sleepl But, you shouldnt be so modest, my girlg eredit where credit is due. XY'e e.1n tell you one thing. Betty-you'll he missed around these hulls for much more thiin just your creative fingers. Glee Cluh. Yearbook, all our Cl.1ss shindies. it V, zwfiffvf' ,yi uw : rw ff' f ANTHONY DOMINICQ I.OMl5ARDO S.H.5.'s pint-sized operett.1 'ust wouldnt he eomplete without him' llf the part e.1lls for .1 little more fll.lI'l gust pl.1in singing, th.1t's the role lor Tonyxj And, our hoy h.1s more th.1n one t.1lentg you should see the tinders Hy' when he t.1kes to the tr.1ekY XX'e also he.1r th.1t hes quite the lmidminton pl.1y- er fund, sh.1lI we .1dd, s.iun.1 Likerfj. Drtiimtits. ROBERT D. LOVVE Romeo, C.iNN.lUf7XJ, Lothnrio. Vdlentino. I,owe-.ind down through the .iges they Quo. f'Nuf:f s.1id.l Bol-is not only piilpur l.1r with the 4E.ilN1 .isk .any of the fellows .1nd they ll tell you hes .1 pretty' good .uuy to h.1y'e .around He s proudly donned the hroyyn .ind white to light for the honor of SHS. on the gridiron. Wav' 'vauKvm.,Aw-14'V2 fmnufnwf Q il? 'x ir- ANTHONY P. MADERIA By' the sen. hy the se.1, hy the he.1utifuI seii with his fish .1nd his lohsters-oh' How happy he'll hel Wfe rather suspeet wed see more of this l.1d it his salt w.1- ter hohhy werent quite so f.1sein.1ting. Wfe dont know yy'h.1t his pltins for the future are. hut we do knoyy th.1t it wont he long hefore he nukes history in his held. fXX'h.1t S.H.S. er.1d can help hut m.1ke history'VJ .,-an , M. fi. 5 1 ROBIZRT IT. MAIN lf NUlDL'XVl1.ll sloyy' in .1et1on, he is INIQIIU slow in speeth. Hut. th.1t s only lWk'C.lllNL' he thinks eyerythine oyer three times helore he s.1y's it. .ind XVll.lf he s.1ys is usu.illy riluhtl Hes heen out lor, tooth.ill, .ind other thinesg still youre most .ipt to hntl him ht-hind the seenes .it .1 pl.1y, l'L'.lxly' to mend .1 hroken st.11r r.1il oi' oitth .1 l.1st iollnpsing ll.1t. iizjge ugyieeii ' ss lilfl.l.SlTA T. MALONE Om ot o11r t.iy'orite el.1ss songhirds, Bella yoined us .is .1 punior. Noyy' we wonder hoyy' yye got .ilong without her hetorel Her siieeesstiil debut .1s .1 musie.1l st.1r txime when she pl.iy'ed .in role in one ot the operettns. XY'ith .1 llishing smile .is .1 tr.1dem.i1'k. this h.ippy young l.1dy h.1s nude .1 delightful .ind lasting il11Pl'Cssiol'1 on eYe1'y'one-A i- HOVVARD A. McSPARREN Another boy with a hallowed sweat- er, he's been one of S.H.S.'s elusive elev- en-football sure has its charms? But so has the stage, ask Macg hes helped more than once to turn a bare stage into an inviting parlor. By the way, he also has a passion tone that we know of, for cars. If our eyes havent deceived us. weve seen him behind the wheel of a pretty snazzy Merc-how do you do iz? CK" GRADUATES MARY ANN MICELI This gal is loaded with plenty of "spar- klef' Her expressive face can register every emotion, freal or fakedj that there is. A lift of her austere eyebrow puts you in your place, .1 wrinkled fore- head turns her into the most studious of girls, a twinkle in her eyes proves it all a delightful ruse. By-the-way, she is usu- ally Arlenes dancing partner in the OP. room F ,,, 4 1' 16 g.,1J,i,,' g , , , Q 4, 1 ,f I3 Kin CARL E. B. MITCHELL Carl is one of our quietest boys around school. As a matter of fact, he is so quiet that we often don't even know when he's around. Once that shy exterior is broken through, however, we have found him to beifriendly and sociable. He has been an active member of both the Biology Club and the Hobby Club and is also fl member of the Yearbook staff. Carl is "a good fellow and well-liked by all his friends." CONCETTA M. NACCARATO "Soft of voice, gentle of manner." A smile as engaging as her personality has made many friends for Connie. Natural- ly, she was a member of Her Highnesss Court at the junior Prom. She has added her voice to the Glee Club for four years. Her most outstanding fand fascinatingj feature is her brown eyes, which open twice their size when she is taken by sui- prise. Try it sometime! page seventeen . z 70" PATRICIA ANN MILLER Pats well liked by her bevy of friends, and she faithfully exercises her vocal cords on them daily. But, this gal usually has plenty to talk about-ever been in the vicinity of Room 5, Block 6? Ah well, Pat, thats one of the privileges that goes with a diamond. And, take it from us, that constant bubbling just serves as an overcoat for a real sweet personality. SANDRA MARIE NICHOLS The joys of being an honor Student! fAsk Sandy sometime, I'm sure she'll be happy to enumerate for you.l Wl1ei'e do you hnd the time! I popped into Year- book meeting, there you were, later you were singing with the other Glee Club- iansg and Drum Corps-you and your life are lust about permanent fixtures! After school therere several small time- taker-uppers, like blohnathon, Sister. and HOMEXVORK, How about letting us poor souls in on your secretfl New-' ,Wi ., .wf aa., f. 5W Q DELPHINA JULIA OLIVERIO Witli a vibrant personality and flashing dark eyes, Del makes an impression ta good one, of courselj on everybody. Her outstanding trait is a thoughtfulness that shows up when it is most needed. Quite an accomplished seamstress, among other things, Del sews most of her be- coming outlits. Who knows, maybe shell go into the business and become another Christian Dior! How about it, Del! PHYLLIS LOIS PELTERS "Phyl-Phylm will always be remembered for her Hnightingalem voice. Need I mention the long list of musical pro- grams she has made a hit? Wiilking along the corridors, you are hound to see her dark tresses, but sorry, boys, you are out of luck. Phyllis is already en- gagedf GRADUATES pf H H 9 1 ' 'f ,, ! vw4-'- fa .i 41. . ' "Eff, I "4 "4-Affi if .,1.. .W X04-1 , ' "E?ff'ix5 ' "ff .-,,. .. . 4 'L' , -1'--", . 1..- . -'fit-z'r1 nf X i 712223' " , it ' l. S if X i i' 11 RC JLAND D. PAMPEI. Good-natured? Likable! Conscientious? Athletic? Yes, all tour describe "Rolf Wfhether he is playing baseball or bas- ketball or is hard at work on a home- work assignment, he always does his best. This factor makes him a welcome member to any activity. His cheerful out- look on lite and his genial manner com- bine to make him a very worthy friend. l-AWR ENCE JAMES PARKINSON "A little nonsense now and then is pleas- antf You dont believe me? Lonny nnds great satisfaction in eating in class. It seems he's always hungry. As for every- ones enioyment, he is the one who starts the jokes traveling through the room. Lonny is a great school supporter also. He is one of the original members of the "Bunga Boys." W'hat lungs? l NORMAN R. l'l5'l"I'l Nl When we first met "Pete" four years ago. he was quiet and studious. How- ever, something must have happened In him along about the end of his sopho- more year, because for the past two years he has taken great delight in amus- ing his classmates with his many puns and antics. Add to this his faculty ot be- ing "one of the boys," and we have a very good picture of Mr. Pettini, "He is a pal to the end." page eighteen FRANCIS J. Pom' Now iust what would the Business De- partment haye done without Francis? Al- ways ready tor emergencies. he was our masculine standby. He had a solution for eyery problem and an answer for every question, eyen if it wasnt always the right one? Quiet? Not exactly. He just knows when to talk and when to stay silent. vs.-be . - t wil" ,GE is -JKNUF, W. - sv. Q .. req. U , ., . , mu ' 1. ' t ' "ffm ' Lf Ai - gs N I ,, , ,A H Y s GRADUATES yTW? aw -eg, df N2 I P Y 4 -15+ I Y , ,, A iff y X, rf , QW 'de TP era g s - aww . 5' .f S' -s e as X , A M ya 6, ,. f he 'XX -ra-5. 35' sg! X Y X.. of Q ,, ,asf ' ,mv Q7 :fm f f Q., ,--W-m,wa -,Ms. t, , LOTTIE E, PRACHXIAK "Lot" is one of the few blond-haired, blue-eyed girls in our class. A quiet dis- position, a most courteous manner, and efficient work are iust some of her as- sets. Her friendly smile will linger in your mind long after parting, Oh. that isn't all! She has had the fame of being on the honor roll all four years, A very good record. we think. DI. FRANCIS PREVITY All of Frans attempts have yielded to his skillful abilities and turned out su- perb. He has true sportsmanship, wheth- er he is playing in a basketball giamc fand he does a lot towards helping us winj, working as editor of the Pawmy- stonian, or having a Chat with his many comrades. Witli all these accomplish- ments we can only humbly say, "How does he do it all?" U ,ow BARBARA ANN RICHARDS Ambition-aint it wonderful? During school time this gal's Editor-in-Chief of the Brown and Wliite, member of the Student Council, worker in dramatics, and a good student besides. In odd mo- ments she can be found Working at Haz- lin's, and doing anything that needs do- ing. Witli a schedule like this, you'd ex- pect she's rushed to deathg yet Barb al- ways finds time to lift a low spirit with her special humor! Bones, you're cer- tainly our Good Citizen! human GEORGE JOSE PH RICHARDS The loud verbosity of George has brought gray hairs to many a teachers head, His other accomplishments. how- ever, are much more worth while. Be- sides being co-captain of the basketball team he has played both football and baseball, In addition, his knowledge of the latest dance steps has made him as much at home on the dance floor as he is on the basketball court. All who have known him will remember him through- out the years to come. "Hm"":' JOSEPH S. RISICA Poised, good-natured, and well-dressed are the characteristics which best de- scribe joe, He is always in a happy mood and he never fails to use his sense of hu- mor to good advantage. In addition, he has been a hard-working member of the baseball and basketball teams for the past four years. His unfailing good nature and willingness to help have gained him many friends during his stay at Stonington. page nineteen 4.5. A 1 WW 3 E., Rl ARD 1- LT R NSO - f en d vitl more rl us spccia in I 's 1 p ' u . t y ' . 1 n in iis h d- 'Q 5 '71 o' rawn h-is C hand on d t b .. e atl -tic ' ' e'c w s: hat're all the Q e. lic Rtlitions 4 tg s' n and ithout you? 4l I c e re Lust dying P ' 4' ,,. wy i n 'v - " L R to U ' 1y, 'hat's tl I-I' It a raction in Room o now! ' IZQQQQW ff Q JUNE L. RUSSO Whitt is it weve heard about the "Rose of Toggle Hollow 2" Yes, that's the title given to this enchanting girl. That love- ly, clear complexion and dark hair go perfectly with a rose. As for where Tog- gle Hollow comes from, -Iunie busies herself with working in that green- house. No doubt she works iust as ener- getically there as she does in her school work. Dont you ever get tired? CONSTANCE M. SANQUEDOLCE Good talkers arent found only in Con- gress-we've got one here at SHS. Ask Micelisand her teachers? Theres more to Connie than iust talkg theres a lot of fun and .1 tremendous spirit very neatly covered by a somewhat languid over- coat. PS. Once-in-a-while she puts that tremendous spirit to work: take Year- poolq fi ir insf.1ni'i-. GRADUATES Q" Wah, CHARLES R, RUSTICI Glen Cunningham and Glen Davis all rolled into one-thats our Rustici. He's equally at home on the football field or the track. Too had there arent more like Charlie. Though he may be a little hard to get to know, once you do you'll find it's worth the effort! tAny of his friends can vouch for thatfj The future? Ivlayhe youd be wise to consult Mr. R. ANN GARDN ER RYON Ever seen a basketball fiend? If not, then you havent met "Lightnin' " Ryon, the gal with the never-fail eye when it comes to making baskets. But. methinks, Annie, that more than your aim will be missed hereafter. Wfhateverll the Glee Club and Cheerleaders do without your delicate vocal cords?Y From all accounts this girl is rather unusual-a regular feminine Einstein. at times. Seriously, Annie's qu-ite a galg we re expecting to hear great things of you someday. PEGGY B. SEBASTIAN The Stonington High School Drum Corps is yery fortunate to have Peggy as its leading twirling maiorette. A quiet nature is not a hindrance for popularity in Pegs tase. A cheerful smile, my friends is one way to gain many friendsg and to keep them, be true and faithful. page twenty RONALD G. SEIDELL "I wish I were married and lived in Perux had plenty of money and nothing to do"-Seidell to a But then, it's no sin to he a Jack-of-all-Trades. as Sy's proven to be. At times we even go so tar as to enyy Ronnieg it must be nice not to have anything worry you. Say, what happened to that head of hair? tThe erew-cut took some getting-used'to.j Bi- ology Club. Track, Class shindigs. GRADUATES .IOSEPI-I Ui. siaroo Serio and football go together like bread and butter. ,Ioell go down in the archives of S.I-IS. as a swell grid cap- tain. But, being a BINIIF tBig Man In Football! isn't the only thing hell be re- membered for-among other things we shan't forget is his great love of music tas shown by the fact that hes worked diligently on the orchestra committees for all our class whingdingsj. Say "'Ieei"-yust where do you live: Pavvca- tuck or Norwich? a oooo 'W' z 'iti wdhln... it. ., - . is--.s Z, . :sy 3 k. ' .gg-,gg f f A s-- .fl- i ,ff .uf 4" 5 . . Y, , .-L, MARGUERITA C. SIERRANO Theres lot of energy packed into this small frame. Energy thats been put to good use in the Drum Corps, Traffic Squad, and Business Department. Her head for details proved its xvorth when it came to things like Property Commit- tees. No iob's too big, and no detail too small. She tackles everything with gus- to, finds possibilities in impossible sit- uations, and above all, keeps smiling. tOf course. we mustn't overlook the fact shes an accomplished tease, eitherlj LYNN SIEGEL Even though "Sieg" is very reserved. it does not mean that he has nothing to say. He never makes a show of himself and he usually confines his wit to his friends, The fact that he is conscientious about his work and has good CUYUFDHG sense will be a very useful factor to him in the years to come. SHIRLEY M. SIXIVII-I That blond head bobbing around the rooms of S.I-I,S, belongs to none other than Shirley. Is she planning somethinj: for the Student Council or is she work- ing hard on her Yearbook assignment? Shirl has quite a reputation for debat- ing, which, we think, she does very well. Please, can'f you give us .1 break in P.D.4we're "point mad," too? page twenty-one MARILYN ESTELLE SHAW A proud member of that proud organiza- tion, the North Stonington Seniors, Mar- ilyn has been behind every successful proiect the outfit has attempted. Her loy- alty to her friends and hometown was invaluable to the group. In case you hadnt heard, she is an ardent western fan. Yup, Pards, she belongs to that cult, the "Ten-Cvallonersf' air 'UM Ile ,M ,. NICKEY SMYRNIOTES Shes the little gal with the peaches-and cream complexion, the heart-warming smile, and that constantly effervescing charm. fShe's just one of those people you can't help likingj Charm isn't the only virtue down her alleyg being help- ful land believe us, she isj also seems to come naturally. Youll always find her name on one of the committees for our big class happy-times, plus dramatics, a sampling of the Brown and Wfhite, and the dozen and three other things that go on. Vkgefwwiy pdf ' af ? 'is' Q ,. ' ' ,.,, , , ,," ' ,F V ff- f - J ' A " y . GILBERT SORENSEN, -IR. ls there anyone who doesnt know or hasn't heard of Sorensen? If you hayen't heard him exercising his yocal cords in Glee Club. witnessed his abilities on the baseball diamond, or met him in Biol' ogy Club. youve probably come upon him patrolling the hallowed halls of S.H.S. with the remaining renegades of the Pawcatuck "crew." Or could it be that you've heard ofthe renowned Wasli- ington Club paper drives-and Papas everhandy truck? E he GRADUATES WWF' RICHARD AI. SOUSA "Haste makes waste." No wonder Dick is so enicient. A quiet. easy-going fellow, he doesnt believe in doing anything to- day that can be put off until tomorrow. He takes everything.: associated with school life in his stride and allows noth- ine to "get under his skin." His likable manner will make it easy for him to make friends in later life. BARBARA CARMELA SQUADRITO Sober ffl. steadfast and demure-and what would we do without her?f Shes one of those gals who always does such wonderfully thorough iobs on whatever they tackle that theyre remembered not so much for their words as their actions. We understand that youre going into the secretary business. Barb, XY'ell. well wager right now that your boss will be a much envied person? Yearbook. 42 ,,g,f-ctw may XVILLIAM S. SQUADRITO Libya. Louisiana. Laconia-where to from here? Anywhere a waye length tuoes. Bill is sure to follow. fLeaye it to Bill to pick out a distinetiye hobbylj Talk about crowded schedules-man? Take a gander: football. track. Crlee Club lwhich includes Carollinil -lfkl boys' Ensemblej. and hes even man- aged to keep his marks up to par lme- thinks. possibly even above parll Say. ljill. how was -l-rig? .fs ALANA LEE STEELE Flirty eyes and dynamic personality are the make-up of Alana. And. XY'owl XX'hat ambition' She has. in her four years, taken part in about eyery proiett. belonyed to praetieally eyery club, been on eyery committee. and. to complete her activities, has been a faithful tlieer- leader. Needless to say, she peps up any gathering. The Hblues' 'uiye up and glo home, rather than tussle with Alanis in- ettious grin. Light-hearted. but cool- headed-a good combination in any lan' f ytiaste. page twenty-two PHYLLIS MARGARET STEELE A tell-tale blush is her waterloo. It al- ways appears at the wrong moment. fOr so she thinksl She overcomes it by am- bitiously helping eyerybody, So quiet youd hardly know she was there. a yoke will lure her famous giggle and giye away her presence. Honest. Phyl. we loye that delicate pink on you. its so becoming! ,IOI-IN T. SUTCLIFFE We have yet to see -lack seriously con- cerned about anything as unimportant as mere studying. He excels in two things -music and jokes. Of these two he seems to get the most enioyment out of the latter, as he is often engaged in live- ly "bull" sessions with "the boys." We doubt if this fellow has a care in the world, but with his optimistic outlook on life he is sure to get along very well GRADUATES EDWIN G. SWANSON, III Here is a fellow who has the ability to talk and laugh himself in and out of more situations than any other fellow at school. I-Iis sense of humor and optimis- tic outlook on life never allow him to worry about anything. With such an at- titude it is not likely that he will have any trouble making his way through life. 1-i-s'--s,w1w Wa. ' 'Ya'-1-K, t 'W "' 52f1f QtfE-tvgvgiz M . I V .iff . -sa as N O PICTURE AVAILABLE CAROLYN M. SYLVIA Twirlin' and tumblin, and where do you go from there? Camera Club, intramur- als, junior Prom Committee, and Year- book-there you have, in a rather neat, little nutshell teven if We do say so! Carries activities. We have one com- plaint, though, We wish we could have had you with us all four years instead of only a year and a half! fBut, we can't deny that you've made the most of your time here at S.H.S.J if WAG- N: ff" ,E iwa xx TERESA A. TEAGUE How! Meet S.H,S.'s most avid Indian booster and fan. A proud descendant of an Indian princess, Terry devours infor- mation, movies, and books that dwell upon her favorite subject. Her second love is the green hills of Vermont, her home state. Well, if Terry is a good ex- ample of the Vermont produce, we'll have to agree it has something special? We thinkum she's grandl if aff fwwfcww. . ,i t H4 7, QQ , ,E MN? 5, , I tw , g so I . ROBERT T. THOMASON Empty out Thomasons locker-what do you find? A roll of film, a range-finder, a tripod, and even a camera? Somehow we get the vague notion that he might iust. by the barest possible chance, be interested in the grand and glorious art of shutter clicking foften called photog- raphy-by those who like the 'So-I wordsj Heres a boy with an eye tor twoj to the future: his hobby is one that can really pay off? page twenty- th ree HERBERT H. VAR5 "Herb" follows the policy that "it pays to be a good listtnerf' Although he usu- ally does not take an active part in a discussion, he has definite opinions on most topics. His ready grin and subtle sense of humor have helped to overcome his quiet nature, and he is sure to find his proper place in life. Hobby Club. GRADUATES ,IOAN H. XWAHTOLA 'loan doesnt seem to think she's done her duty to her teachers unless shes tak- en all her books home. Wluzit she does with them once theyre home, we dont know. But, we do know -loan is ii hud- ding thespiiln. When she isnt making like Helen Hayes, she busies herself with a lap-dole named Lady and winning tro- phies in speaking Contests. 'Most forgot! Wil' happen to the veils? QA word to you, my friends-"Pass her not by who seems a saintlnj ,iff VIEANNETTE L, WAI.I-INGTON "l'm iust brimming over with pep"- we sure do second that motion? But. wed go ii step fartherg .le.1nnette's iust .1 Hoppy-go-lucky individual that noth- ing can push down for very long, fThe Mystic Mariners cull her their prize spec- imen of it cockeyed optimistl "Hotf Rod" uses her energies for it few other things too, You can be sure that when something needs doing, Hoppy's there with those ever-ready hands of hers! W 7?,g,f,w' ts. ,f,,:7v w. fp: 1 gN.sw!' ewfais r -y-Jg. ,y lii y X PRISCILLA A, NWECT Here she is' The Queen of the junior Prom. The owner of the degree. PPP tpersonality and popularity plusj, Pat fast became it favorite as a freshman and makes more friends eyeryday. And say, dont you wish you had that shining head of hair? Stunning. no? W'e all agree, however, that it wouldnt look as nice on us as it does on her. Al,lil2R'l'A A. XXfHl'l'lT llHYl,l,lS A, XX OOD Shes .i mystit from Old Mystit, lhlld fu Puleeest, p.iss the Frt-nth tries' Plitl lilgure or titthom, hut .rlyyxiys reitdy to must tonsunwe more ot the .ihoye men- pitth in .ind work? ll you dont knouy tioned d.iintx inorsels our yy hole Heri, eh.intes .ire tlrrt yotrye ntyei' i'e.1I- tootlmtll squ.1d liut, she puts those oil- ly needed .i friend lliiuse tlldl-N when ories to yyoi-lg lsy 1-Umqmg tlmlwl- lmkl she unomnily turns up J ,lust heoiust yon lynn' time Kimi their Ant-1' sthool lqom-gi sheis rither resery ed, dont get the ide.: Nl1k'L'UllflIlllL'N in the role ot hliss Etlieien- ehels h.lekyx.1i'd. not this ':.1l' tl-lei ty kee'p1r14gl'stnuks ,qt om- of our liyml gm. inirks spenk tor themselyes J 'yY'ithout poriuins, Mnybt its lust her Ioxe uf frm liert, our tltlss gust wouldnt he toni- popping out it doegj, but Hut mg. plete .ule sure h.ts .1 ymy ot brightening 4Ll'ilX' skies? page tyyentyeliour BOY Henry LeClair Francis Previty A.,,,,,,A,A A , Richard Robinson Harry Ashbey ,,r.,r... James Ballato ,,..,..,. Erwin Dessaules Roland Pampel Robert Gibson ..,.. George Richards joseph Risica Bruce Forbes eeseeeee Roland Buck ...., George Richards john Sutcliffe H Henry LeClair cccc Roland Buck or Duane Heineck .,.,.., Wlilliam Delaney George Richards William Delaney Thomas Lenihan George Richards Marshall Stowell William Haupt .....,. james Ballato rrrrrr.. Robert Main rrrrr rrrrr james Ballato is Bruce Forbes ...,.,., Francis Previty rrrrrr,..r Francis Previty a.,aa.1... .. Henry LeClair ..,,irr........ Richard Robinson Ronald Seidell .,.... james Ballato ......,,. David Kelliher rrrr., William Haupt William Haupt ....,,.. George Richards .,....,.., Roland Pampel ........ GLASS VOTE Best Artor Most Ambitious Most Argzzmei1taIiz'e C lass Artist Most Atlaletir tllost Baislifzll Most Clmrmiztg illost Cozzrfeotls Best Drztzfer Best Dressed' Most Digtzijierl First to M,11'1'y Biggest Flirt Biggest Giggler AIorst-HriltvltvyGo-Lzrrky Best Looking Most Alizsirizl Best NcIflll'6d N oisiest illost Olbtimlsfir' Most Pessimistir Biggest Tease Best Persofziflity Alost Poised Most Poltmlizr Qzzietest Most Reslttertea' illost Soplviszir-ated Most Stiziliozzs Most Lileely to Sifrreerl Most Tizlezztecl tllosf Tfzlkrztire Most Often Tfzrdy Most Versatile Ilyittiest Dial Most for Class Best Srhool Spirit Class fitterbztg Czitest page twenty-five GIRL Barbara Richards joan Wahtola Shirley Smith Elizabeth Lenzzo Ann Ryon r,r,.,r,r Marilyn Shaw Nickey Smyrniotes Sandra Nichols C rr.,.rr r,r... D elline Carreira Concetta Naccarato .. Joan Wahtola C ,,r.rrr Phyllis Pelters or Alana Steele ,C rrre.e Teresa Alexander . .,rrre,er Arlene Holliday Priscilla West Bellsita Malone Charlotte Crowley . ,.eeee..,....e,... Arlene Holliday Constance Sanquedolce Mary Miceli or . Alana Steele Charlotte Crowley C .. joan Wahtola Ethel Cone or H Barbara Squadrito ,. Joan Wahtola Joanna Aiello joan Wahtola Joan Wahtola Joan Wahtola .e,,.......r Maureen jeffrey Concetta Naccarato Patricia Cooper Mary Galli Barbara Richards Charlotte Crowley Delfine Carreira Patricia Cooper Name "Sunshine" Ahern "Jo" Aiello Terre" Alexander Helen" Ames Red" Appleton "Red" Ashbey Peggy" Ball "jim" Ballato Bob" Bayer George" Bennett Barb" Bergeron Cornfed" Birkbeck Nicky" Blanda Phil" Bonomo Pete" Brown Tody" Brustolon Bucky" Buck Jan" Burdick johnny" Burdick Cricket" Calkins Del" Carreira "Dot" Clark Sandy" Clarke jean" Colosi "Ev" Colprit "Eth" Cone 1 1 11 11 11 11 1. 11 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 Gerry" Connors 11 11 Dot" Coon Pat" Cooper Dot" Costa "Dick" Costa "Char" Crowley "Libby" Crowley "Cliff" D'Amico Nan" DeBragga Bill" Delaney "Maria DaSilva "Erwin" Dessaules "Sandy" Dunn "Dick" Eppler "Bruce" Forbes "Gaby" Freitas "Mary" Galli "Bob" Gibson Pete" Gray Haupyu Haupt George" Heineck "Bob" Hill "Sal" Holliday Maureen" jeffrey Shorty" Joseph lan" Keegan Dave" Kelliher Fayn Lawton Hap" LeClair .1 JUST IN FUN Per Peere Conceited people "josie" Lectures Being called "Squeeke" Conceited people School Being called "Maggie Getting razzed Losing School Grouchy busdrivers Chucked under the chin Conceited people Stuck-up women School in general Homework Mechanics Flunking School A hypocrite Prejudiced people Snow Homework Catty girls School Conceit 3rd lunchblock Conceited people P. D. Cliques Remarks against western music Cauliflower Zeroes Graduation Conceited people Teachers English Law Class Rudeness English Chemistry Girls Show-offs Homework Chemistry Height Chemistry School Drugstore cowboys Gossips "Now Ma-ryl l" People who criticize No school spirit Exams Homework Crazy Abou! Mm' Mori F!lZf07'.ff6 Song Music My friends "My Mother" Working with children School dances "I Love Thee, Dear" Al The kids "So Tired" Dancing The kids "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" Food The gang "Blue Velvet" Cars The kid's cars "Cry" Football games The kids "Make Believe" Pat and Sports Sports "Turn Back the Hands of Time" Sports and Giants Girls "Love Bug Itch" Cars Mechanics Any Western song Pizza O. P. Gang "Because" Ayrshires Everybody "Never Been Kissed" Music Nothing "Charmaine" Westerly girls The gym All Western songs Cars Bl. L. Study "Cry" joe and potato chips The O. P. Gang"Again" Dolores Fooling around "That's My Desire" Music The kids "Slowpoke" Girls My buddies "The Cat Came Back" A. L. B., jr. The kids "Because of You" Dancing Sports 'Embraceable You" Dancing The kids "Cry', Submarines The kids Tony Bennet's songs Anthony O. P. Gang "Because of You" Dick Classmates "I Can't Help It" Movies, music Sports "Among My Souvenirs" Dancing and music The kids "I Love You Because" Dancing My friends "Make Believe" Sports Cheering "Ain't Misbehavinn Roller-skating The kids "Sin" Cowboy music "Chich Cha" All cowboy music Cheering The kids "Because of You" Sports School "Because of You" Girls The kids "Tell Me Why" DCXfCf O. P. Gang "Mamma and Daddy VUaltz Helen KitChCH "Slaughter on 10th Avenue Dancing Family class "Stardust" Swimming My friends "Mamma and Daddy VUaltz Music The kids "Because of You" Marge Chemistry class "Down Yonder" Girls SCl100l "Shrimp Boats" Chemistry School work "Tell Me VUl1v" Woodie O. P. Room "Sin" I Girls I..L1I'lCl1 DlOL'li "LOgh Lonlondii Hunting Cl1CmiSffy "Dance Me Loose" Dlmfmil Everything "In the Mood" The Yankees French "G3mbe11a" Mary Kitchen "Stardust" Everything Radio in O. P. "Stardust" Music The kids "Because of You" Bob 5Cl1OOl "Stardust" SPOIYS Study halls "The Dove" TFC'-Cli Study halls "Down Yonder" Boxer dogs The kids "If" Dramatics Sweater girls "Little White Cloud page twenty-six That Cried" Name "Tommy" Lenihan "Betty" Lenzzo "Tony" Lombardo "Bob" Lowe "Tony" Maderia "Smily" Main "Bella" Malone "Mac" McSparren "Mary" Miceli "Pat" Miller "Carl" Mitchell Connie" Naccarato Sandy" Nichols Del" Oliverio Toots" Palmer "Rol" Pampel Parky" Parkinson "Phyl-Phyl" Pelters 'Pete" Pettini 'Sonny" Pont "Lottie" Prachniak 'Fran" Previty "Barb" Richards 'Gummer" Richards Joe" Risica "Robbie" Robinson 'junie" Russo "Charlie" Rustici 'Annu Ryon Connie" Sanquedolce 'Peggyn Sebastian "Sy" Seidell 'joe" Serio 'Marg" Serrano "Sister" Shaw "Lynn" Siegel "Shirl" Smith 'Nickyn Smyrniotes 'Gil" Sorensen "Dick" Sousa "Bobby" Squadrito "Bill" Squadrito "Lon" Steele "Phyl" Steele "Marsh" Stowell "jack" Sutcliffe Eddie" Swanson Carrie" Sylvia Theresa" Teague Bob" Thomason "Herb" Vars "Joan" Wahtola Hoppie" Wallington "Pat" West "Bert" White "Phyl" Wood Pet Peezfe School School Chemistry Teachers Chemistry Work "Bella Bella Marie" Getting heck Drugstore cowboys Slow drivers Homework Being laughed at Gossips Getting up Homework Chemistry Homework Homework School School Getting up A boring class Homework Work Walking to school Alarm clocks Work Getting up Themes Dentists Homework Mornings Getting up Dentists P. D. Getting up Getting up Homework School Mechanics House work English "Turkey legs" P. D. Getting up Chemistry S.H.S. Study halls Typing Book reports Mechanics My over-active eyebrow Walking to the bus Tests Homework P. D. JUST IN Crazy A bon! Betty Tommy Girls Cards Fishing Girls Angelo Cars Everything joe jean Clothes Airplanes Eating Drawing Basketball Drawing Eddie "George Shearing' Drawing Spaghetti Good Music Dill Pickles Stan Kenton Eating Arguing Pizza School Mouse Salads Dancing and Food Indians Girls Girls Everything Everything Girls Music Traveling Girls Music Music Radio "Schmoe" Spaghetti Sleeping Food Square Dancing Piano, Dancing Spaghetti Myself Myself "Sauna" parties Horses and boats jimmy Everything Food page twenty-seven FUN Mira M011 Study halls Radio in O. Biology Mechanics Good times The kids The kids The kids O. P. Room O. P. Room Hall roaming Fmforjle Song "Because of You" "Because of You" "Ghost Riders in the Sky" Stardust" "Blue Velvetn "The Cat Came Back" Sentimental Me" "I Like It" "Deep Purple" Remember Me" Because of You" vi ,- On Top of Old Smoky The kids "Anytime" The kids "Jealousy" The kids Gershwin melodies Everyone "Because of You" Gashouse Gang "Brown Eyes" The kids "Slowpoke" The kids "Too Young" The kids "Jealousy" Everyone "I Can't Help It" Everyone "Blue Velvet" Good times "Because" Everything "Sin" Everything "DynaHow" Sports "Again" Athletics Everything "Cold Cold Heart" The Frosh "Because of You" Bug-chasing "Marche Militaireu The gang "jealousy" The kids "Cry" The boys "Beer-Barrel Polka" Football "Harlem Nocturne" Everything "Cold Cold Heart" The kids "I Can't Help It" School "I Can't Help It" Student Council "Sin" Good times The boys Block L School The boys The kids My friends Everything The boys S.H.S, Study halls S.H.S. P. D. Block L Study Dramatics S.H.S. S.H.S. Everything The Gang Valencia" "I'm just Wild About Harry "All Over Again" Loveliest Night of the Year Because of You" Again" Blue Moon" Because of You" Because of You" Mountain Laurel" Stardust" Valentino Tango" WCW.. 1 i Shrimp Boats" I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" Jezebel" Theres No Tomorrow" "Sin" ii "Again" f, A- 1 I mu V J 3 4. 1 4 ' fW f gym .2044 4 page twenty-eight CLASS PROPHECY It's a clear bright summers day. All the people of Stonington and surrounding areas have come to wit- ness the dedication of the new senior high school, designed by the eminent Robert Hill and constructed by Charles Rustici. The greater portion of this build- ing was financed by Sir Robert Gibson, the well known millionaire, who still has the first penny he ever earned. The beautiful decorations for this affair were designed and donated by the famous artist team of Joan Appleton, Harry Ashbey and Betty Lenzzo. This great event is being broadcast over that great Network-BBBS-Bobby Bayer's Broadcasting Sta- tion. Bayer's chief aid and assistant is none other than Erwin Dessaules. Their capable secretaries are Lottie Prachniak and Maria DaSilva, respectively. Near the platform setting up the microphones and equipment we see Robert Main, head technician. The announcer for todays ceremonies is the well known Richard Robinson. This afternoons special broadcast is being sponsored by Margaret Ball's sensational new home permanent "Frizz." You can now get "Frizz" at all leading drug stores. ln Stonington it may be pur- chased at Connors' Drug Store, owned and operated by Geraldine Connors, pharmacist. Looking around we see many familiar faces. Say, there's a couple of men we should all remember. Hap "Hopalong, LeClair and Ronnie "The Lover" Seidell, the center of attraction as always. These two boys have just bought out Atlantic City and plan to hold a beauty contest there every week. With them are their very efficient secretaries Barbara Squadrito and Phyllis Steele, the only ones who have ever been able to type 99V2 words a minute. We also see Teresa Teague and Jeannette Wallington, who are talking to each other. Jeannette is head director of all Mariners in the United States, while Teresa is the author of the best seller, "Stonington, Home of Basketball Champions." Glancing about we see a few women dressed in white uniforms. Wonder who they are? Oh yes, it's Ethel Cone, Joanna Aiello, and Charlotte Crowley, nurses at the "Philip Bonomo and Gilbert Sorensen Home for Orphans." With them are Charlotte Dunn and Shirley Smith, nursery school teachers at the "Peggy Sebastian Kindergarten for Girls." It is almost time for the ceremonies to begin. The "All Star Band of America" under the direction of Jack Sutcliffe is just warming up. The outstanding players in this band are Gabriel Freitas, clarinetist, and Richard Sousa, trumpeter. This famous bancl has recently toured Europe and came home just to attend this dedication. Walking onto the stage is Jean Colosi who will lead in singing "The Star Spangled Banner." This young lady is now the singing star of the.Broad- way musical "Three Cheers for the Navynhwritten by Peter Brown, Edwin Swanson and Lynn Siegel, three admirals, who have just retired from the Navy and have written this spectacular production from first hand information, The eyes of the nation are today focused on that little town in Connecticut-Stonington, Governor William Haupt has flown from Hartford especially to attend the dedication of this new school, which is the largest in the United States. Accompanying Gov- ernor Haupt are Mary Palmer and Joe Risica, Sen- ators. You probably all remember them as top spc k- ers in P. D. Jim Ballato, master of ceremonies, will introduce the principal speakers. Jim, who is the football coach of Stonington High, had the opportunity to be head football coach for the Los Angeles Rams, but prefers the quiet life of Stonington. The first speech will be given by Barbara Richards, Speaker of the House of Representatives. On the platform beside Barbara are Teresa Alexander, principal of Stonington High, June Russo, Secretary of the school and George Richards, Superintendent of Schools. They certainly know how to give speeches, direct and to the point, two minutes each. The speeches are over and the entertainment is now going to begin. First on the program is Carolyn Sylvia, famous tap dancer of "Nancy DeBragga's Va- riety Review," which has toured all over Europe and is now being featured at Norman Pettini's pleasant, peaceful and popular Peacock Room in Miami. Also featured in this show are Dorothy Costa, the Bar- bara Ann Scott of rollerskates, Gloria Ahern, famous girl yodeler and Dick Costa and Roland Buck, noted guitar duo. As we look we see a very familiar girl hustling back and forth amongst the crowd. Oh yes, it's Libby Crowley, famous for her nation wide "Lib's Catering Service." The three women who are greatly respon- sible for the unusual recipes used by Libby are Al- berta White, Dorothy Clark and Marilyn Shaw. There's a couple of our classmates we should all remember. Maureen Jeffrey and Marshall Stowell. Maureen is now a leading child psychologist and has her own office in New York, while Marshall is the successful operator and owner of the Follies which have been responsible for the return of the Flora Dora Girls. Talking to them we find that Ann Ryon is now a veterinarian in Scotland, where she raises poodles and that Alana Steele, Pat Cooper and Sandra Clarke are now officers in the air force. Mary Galli, Bella Malone, Pat Miller and Phyllis Pelters are happy little homemakers. Perhaps you have visited the large book store owned by Evelyn Colprit and Nickey Blanda. We hear from them that Eleanor Birk- beck's book "How to Raise Ayrshires Successfully" has sold over a million copies. Guess who is now teaching at Stonington? Well it's Janice Burdick, Mathematics, Fay Lawton, Home Economics and William Squadrito, Chemistry. Among the many celebrities here today are Carolyn Calkins and Del Oliverio who have written a play especially for Duane l-Ieineck, entitled "The Tall, Tall Man." Co-starring with Duane are Mary Ann page twenty-nine joseph and joan Wahtola. This play was a great suc- cess on Broadway at David Kelliher's "Palladium" in Manhattan. Wow! For a moment we saw spots before our eyes but upon recovering from our surprise we find it is only Bob Thomason taking pictures of the event for "Bruce Forbes' Gazette," a widely read newspaper. Also covering this event are Bob Lowe and Billy De- laney, ace reporters. The two famous writers of the comic strip "Laugh and Be Happy," Mary Miceli and Arlene Holliday, also work for this paper. Probably you all read the write-up in the "Forbes Gazette" about the appointment of Francis Previty as President of Lehigh. Fran has brought great fame to this school through his numerous inventions. Another person who brought fame to S.H.S. is Dick Eppler, the fam' ous scientist who recently discovered a new planet which he named in honor of Stonington. The name of Stonington is now famous all over the world. Many women here today are wearing the newest fashions from the "Style Shop" owned and operated by Del Carreira and Phyllis Wood and Dorothy Coon. We see that Roland Pampel, owner of the "Pampel Novelty Company," is also here. This company is really a novelty as Pampel sympathizes with the every- day worker and therefore operates his factory only three days a week, but pays for seven. President of this company is Anthony Lombardo, and Howard McSparren is treasurer. The head bookkeeper is Sylvia Brustolon. All the best plans for the novelties manu- factured here have been drawn by Marguerita Serrano and Barbara Bergeron and George Bennett. Several people have gathered near us to talk, and we see that among them are Nickey Smyrniotes and Con- nie Sanquedolce, who have opened a charm school in California. Also there are Pat West and Connie Naccarato, famous Conover models. Standing beside them are Francis Pont, Lonnie Parkinson, and John Burdick, famous owners of the "Fran, Lon, and john Mink Farm." Today it is their tenth anniversary so in honor of the occasion they have given free mink ties to every man present and mink stoles to all women. Approaching this group is joe Serio, a pro- fessional football player for the "Los Angeles Rams." This evening, to end the celebration, there will be round and square dancing. The callers will be Peter Gray and Helen Ames, champion callers of Connec- ticut. Music for the dancers will be provided by Tom Lenihan and his Symphony Six. This outfit consists of Carl Mitchell, trumpetistg Cliff D'Amico, drums, Sandra Nichols, piano, janet Keegan, guitar, Herbert Vars, saxophoneg and Anthony Maderia, bass viol. This is really a good orchestra and everyone seems to be having a wonderful time. It is now getting on to 11:50. There isn't much time left as this celebration ends at 12 o'clock sharp. At this time we will all stand up to sing our "Alma Mater." It sure has been a wonderful day and we hope that the Class of "SZ" will have a chance to get together again sometime soon. C L A S S 0 D E TUNE: Make Believe MARGARET BALL Stonington, farewell, we leave you Our four years with you have now gone by They have been filled with joy, love and laughter Work we've shared-games we've played-all with you As today we journey onward Honor to your name we'll strive to bring In our hearts we will always remember Stonington, farewell, to you. page thirty page thirtyhonc CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of sf0,,r,,,,W High School, being of mznzd mimi and memory, do hereby give and beqlzerztlv nm' lrtzifi' and qzmlitief to the lm- dercla.r.r11ze1z tlmt fbe .tlbiiif and glory of lbe Clim' nf 1952 III-111' fm! fade from flue eazrllv. IF Pls Pk I, Gloria Ahern, do will my yodeling ability to any underclassman who has enough patience to learn the skill. I, Joanna Aiello, do leave my good times in glee club to my brother Ross. I, Teresa Alexander, do bequeath my loquacious manner to Ruth Buzzi. I, Helen Ames, do leave my passion for square dancing to Roberta Taylor. I, Joan Appleton, do leave my stack of old prom programs to any underclassman who gets along as well with the opposite sex. I, Harry Ashbey, do will my red hair to David Truss. I, Margaret Ball, do will the remains of my barn to next year's Washington Club. I, James Ballato, do leave my athletic ability to Franklin Sylvia. We, Robert Bayer and Charles Rustici, do leave our habit of giving the teachers a "hard time" to George Foley and Robert Keane. I, George Bennett, do bequeath my job at the pub- lishing company to any underclassman with printer's ink in his veins. I, Barbara Bergeron, do will my fun on the late bus to anyone else who gets along so well with Eddy. I, Eleanor Birkbeck, do bequeath a small portion of my fondness of Ayrshires to my cornfed colleagues from North Stonington. I, Nicoletta Blanda, do will my inquisitiveness to Iacqueline Donahue. I, Philip Bonomo, do leave my "genius" for phy- sics to Harold Beal. I, Edwin Brown, do will my Model A to Charles Cady. I, Sylvia Brustolon, do bequeath my height to Marianne Risica. I, Roland Buck, do will my guitar, strings included, to joe Dolce. I, Janice Burdick, do leave my splintered slide rule to my sister Gail. I, john Burdick, do leave my Plymouth to anyone who can't afford shoe leather. I, Carolyn Calkins, do will my quiet friendliness to Pearl Anderson. I, Delfine Carreira, do bequeath my dancing feet to Carol Meringolo. I, Dorothy Clark, do leave my job of toting the bass drum to some energetic underclassman, I, Sandra Clarke, do will my knack for making friends to Lois Kain. I, jean Colosi, do bequeath my water-logged fife to Carol Platt. I, Evelyn Colprit, do leave my ability to "snap" gum to Gail Sprague. I, Ethel Cone, do leave my position as captain of the cheering squad to june Capalbo. I, Geraldine Connors, do bequeath my interest in cowboy music to Virginia Francis. I, Dorothy Coon, do leave my job at Dew Drop to anyone else who can slice pie as fast as I can. I, Patricia Cooper, do bequeath my reputation for being jack-of-many-tradesand-master-of-them-all to any underclassman with enough ambition to earn it. I, Dorothy Costa, do leave my love of roller skating to Lois Fyfe. I, Richard Costa, do leave my interest in a certain sophomore girl to absolutely no one. We, Charlotte and Elizabeth Crowley, do bequeath our "Crowley" energy to the four younger members of our clan. I, Clifford D'Amico, do bequeath my job at the garage to anyone else with as much mechanical know- how as I have. I, Nancy DeBragga, do will my curly hair to Pop "Curly" Turner. I, William Delaney, do will my friendly person- ality to Richard LoBuglio. I, Maria DaSilva, do bequeath my sociable manner to Anita Coates. I, Erwin Dessaules, do will my bashfulness to Ron- ald Whewell. I, Charlotte Dunn, do will my pretty features to Geraldine Shea. I, Richard Eppler, do bequeath to Robert Siegel my neat appearance. I, Bruce Forbes. do bestow upon james Armstrong my sophisticated manner. I, Gabriel Freitas, do will my love for jazzy rhythm to George Kent. I, Mary Galli, do leave my hope chest and spark- ling diamond to absolutely no one. I, Robert Gibson, do will my ability to prepare as- sembly prograrns to anyone as ambitious as I. I, Peter Gray, do leave my ability to talk my way out of any situation to Ernest Giordano. I, William Haupt, do will my ability to serve on the Student Council for four years to Douglas Rayner. We, Duane Heineck and Mary Ann Joseph, do will our extreme heights to Robert Frasier and Donna Chappell. I, Robert I-Iill, do leave to Lawrence Walsh my in- terest in hunting. I, Arlene l-Iolliday, do bequeath to Sally Cone my spontaneous laughter. I, Maureen jeffrey, do leave my interest in every- one and anything to Nancy Fish. I, janet Keegan, do bequeath my ceaseless chatter to Marie I-Iagman. I, David Kelliher, do leave my title as one of the S.l-I.S. track stars to William Tattersall. I, Fay Lawton, do will to jean Carlsson my lady- like and studious manner. I, I-Ienry LeClair, do not have a will. Instead I leave-Period ! I, Thomas Lenihan, do leave my casual stride through the halls to anyone as free and easy as I. I, Elizabeth Lenzzo, do bequeath to Lester Culver my ability in art and sketching. page thirty-two I, Anthony Lombardo, do bestow on Robert Ro- chette my ability to cause a disturbance under any circumstance. I, Robert Lowe, do hereby bequeath my love for mischief to Roy Arnott. I, Anthony Maderia, do will my all 'round en- thusiasm to Dennis Saffomilla. I, Robert Main, do leave my dread of P.D. to any unfortunate junior who dislikes speaking. I, Bellsita Malone, do will my sweet singing voice to Shirley Panciera. I, Howard McSparren, do leave my interest in football to Duncan Robertson. I, Mary Miceli, do bequeath my expressive brown eyes to Nancy Lamb. I, Patricia Miller, do will my happy outlook on life to anyone as lucky as I. I, Carl Mitchell, do leave my ability to get along with women to john Archibald. I, Concetta Naccarato, do leave my stylish ward- robe to Patricia Van Pelt. I, Sandra Nichols, do will my pleasant and inter- esting speaking voice to Ruth Gray. I, Delphina Oliverio, do leave my home-made wardrobe to Patricia Forss. I, Mary Palmer, do bequeath my bubbling enthusi- asm and interest in my subjects to Helen Noel. I, Roland Pampel, do leave to Alden Victoria my love for basketball. I, Lawrence Parkinson, do leave my nonchalant ap- pearance to John Bianchi. I, Phyllis Pelters do leave my ability to get along with everyone to Barbara Hawkins. I, Norman Pettini, do leave my many chemistry pranks to any underclassman who can get away with them as long as I have. I, Francis Pont, do will my easy-going manner to James Shaw. I, Lottie Prachniak, do leave my "little mouse" appearance to Beverly Geyer. I, Francis Previty, do leave to Louis Marcotte my ability to study without seeming to do so. I, Barbara Richards, do leave my worthy position as Editor in Chief of the Brown and White to any underclassman who can serve the paper as well as I have. I, George Richards, do bequeath my good sports- manship in all things to Clarke Appleton. I, joseph Risica, do will to Nelson Himes my knowledge of l'What the well-dressed man will wear." I, Richard Robinson, do leave my front seat in P.D. class to absolutely no one. I, june Russo, do will to Lois Kelliher my school- girl ways and pleasing friendliness. I, Ann Ryon, do leave my casual stroll to the bus, no matter how late I may be, to any Stonington girl who can manage to keep the driver waiting patiently as long as I have. I, Constance Sanquedolce, do leave my willingness to help others to Jane Cyriacks. I, Peggy Sebastian, do will my position as twirling majorette to any girl who can succeed in it as well as I have. I, Ronald Seidell do leave to Walter Walsh my favorite cushioned seat in the principal's office. I, joseph Serio, do leave to Robert Delagrange my football ambitions and abilities. I, Marguerita Serrano, do leave a few of my many natural curls to Elizabeth Caswell. I, Marilyn Shaw, do leave to Kathleen Sullivan my bashful and quiet ways. I, Lynn Siegel, do leave my nice manner to Earl Whitford. I, Shirley Smith, do leave my argumentative ways to Joyce Patterson. I, Nickey Smyrniotes, do leave my charming man- ner to -lane Peavey. I, Gilbert Sorensen, do leave my singing voice to lack Miner. I, Richard Sousa, do leave my friendship with Al- den Victoria to Frank Serrano. I, Barbara Squadrito, do proudly leave my brother Neal to any girl who can hnd the key to his heart. I, William Squadrito, do leave my interest in phy- sics and chemistry to William Herman. I, Alana Steele, do leave my flirtatious manner to Darwina Peduzzi. I, Phyllis Steele, do leave my pug nose to anyone who can turn her nose as high as I can. I, Marshall Stowell, do leave my pleasing person- ality to Donald Travena. I, 'Iohn Sutcliffe, do leave my trumpet to Bradley Barber. I, Edwin Swanson, do leave my short temper to Santo Risica. I, Carolyn Sylvia, do leave my whim for different hair styles to Emily Gray. I, Teresa Teague, do leave my good-hearted man- ner to Clair Falck. I, Robert Thomason, do leave my admiration for photography to Marion Beal. I, Herbert Vars, do leave my "hot-rod" to no one because I want it myself. I, joan Wahtola, do leave one pigtail to Mr. Bunker and the other one to anyone who may need it. I, Jeannette Wallington, do leave my pleasantness to Ellen Coogan. I, Priscilla West, do leave my good looks to joan Kenyon. I, Alberta White, do leave my sweet ways to Gail Farago. I, Phyllis Wood. do leave my big blue eyes to 'Ioan Orlando. Signed, realed, puhlirhed and declared zfhir ar and for the lar! Wfill and Tertament, hy the Clary of 1952, Sfmzington High School, in the prefezzre of zu and each of 115, who al lheir regaerf and in their prerence of each olher have hereznzfo rzzhrcrjhed our zzamer ar ufitfzerrer. CAROLYN CALKIN5 CHARLOTTE CROWLEY ANN RYON PEGGY SEBASTIAN page thirty-three -fv.Q- Wm ' 7 mmmmgA pllgc th I fly-fl CLASS HISTORY jane, I called to see if there was anything I could do to help with the banquet tonight. No thanks Sue, everything seems to be progressing nicely. It hardly seems possible that tonight will be the last time our class will be together as students of Stonington. It seems just like yesterday that we first came to high school. I remember timidly walking in to meet a group of freshmen that looked as scared as I felt. Going home from school that night I thought I'd never be able to open my locker, find my classes, or mix in with the strangers I had met. However, it wasn't long before we felt like a great big happy family. Our class elected Roland Buck pres- ident, Gabriel Freitas vice president, Mary Palmer sec- retary, Teresa Alexander treasurer, and Mr. Coogan as adviser. He certainly has worked hard for our class. The Freshman party was a lot of fun, and I think it was then that we first got a glimpse of the wonderful days before us. Mary was just telling me the other day that she thought her sophomore year was the best. Of course the big social event was the Sophomore Hop. This also was the year that we gave the winning competi- tive play "Happy journey." We also were well rep- resented in the three-act play "Seventeenth Summer" and the operetta "The Belle of Bagdadf' We certainly made progress that year by choosing our class ring and our cheerleaders, Ioan Appleton, Pat Cooper, Charlotte Crowley, Mary Ann joseph, Ann Ryon, Alana Steele, and Captain Ethel Cone. We then voted for our president, james Ballato, vice president, Marshall Stowellg secretary, Mary Palmerg and treasurer, Teresa Alexanderg the very same officers which we have had for our last two years. I personally think my junior year was the most thrilling. Remember the wonderful United Nations trip with Mr. Foley? Not only did we attend a ses- sion of the United Nations, but we also went to a number of television and radio programs. I remember very well the night we spent at the Knickerbocker Hotel, and I'm sure the manager and elevator boys remember us, too. In my opinion one of the nicest events of that year was the Junior Prom, featuring an underwater sea scene. Pat West, our lovely queen, sat in a huge pink scallop shell surrounded by her court consisting of Teresa Alexander, Pat Cooper, Charlotte Dunn, Mary Galli, Connie Naccarato, and Phyllis Pelters. How proud we were when David Kelliher broke the school record for the mile run. The former record was 4:5192 and Dave's new mark was 4:47. Again we won the competitive plays by presenting the com- edy "Married at Sunrise," and our classmates were outstanding in the play "Our Town." During this, our Senior year, Duane Heineck set a new school record for points scored in a single bas- ketball game. Once before, he had tied the record of thirty-three points, but at the Fitch game he gave a thrilling performance by scoring fifty points. The Senior Prom was another highlight of this year. The effective lighting and fairy-land figures fit right in with our theme. "Make Believe Ballroom." Our class worked hard sponsoring paper drives, cake sales, and selling Christmas cards, and corsages so that we might go to Washington. It was all worth while, for we certainly had a good time going to the Lincoln and jefferson Memorials, touring the Capitol and visiting Annapolis. These events were just a few highlights of the trip. joan Wahtola brought added fame to our class when she was declared the winner of the "Voice of Democracy" Contest for the state of Rhode Island. It seems as if the seniors found themselves par- ticipating in all possible activities. We took an active part in sports, dramatics, glee club, and student coun- cil. We were well represented on the Brown and White staff which had Barbara Richards as its capable editor. Now we End ourselves at the close of a wonderful four years. As we continue on our path to college, to the service, or to a job in our local community, I am sure that we are better people because we have at- tended Stonington, and I hope it is a better school be- cause we have been here. Yes, I believe these factors determine our success at Stonington, but enough of this. If I don't hang up this receiver, neither of us will go to the banquet. See you then. page thirty-five CUSSEL AS ANIT ,J N 4 R. HI SL ETON I. . 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F: J. 1, it if E 1 :L J L: I at LI :L I 'L 6 J. 1.1 F 5 L4 'f J 5 ci A .. ..': :L L -IZ J , ... .J 3 C Di f-' 'A E Ll-1 E 'J c: F ... CI E.. I :E ,. ,- 5 E :E ,, L1 5 L' LJ L .J 'lx .L S1 EE J 1... L1 L.. .-4 44 Q 1.1 -9 Z2 'J 9 'G LI LJ J A sl "J H c E C.. 5 E, 1? L' 'J 'J LI-T CU vc O.- '52 dv: 'C do fi ILJ .BE ,- 7D Vu Q-C C LA""1 -N P: .Em A .. :E 'E-9 I Ja. 'ZZ C . 22 JL' 2? 1 lf? E1 ff: qi, lJ if E2 -3: 9: .4 Q. BZ AE 52: QC I.. QE . .1 -f: A . 'TC iw Z1 if ,,' Y E F- '31 55 IQ is 'EE -:T :CZ IU C :IC L. .375 ip calf: J-'E 3: fc.. 51 Af 3-2 .EE hx A EF 11,1 iii U.. gc' fi IJ 'I 5. 21- AE if 95 Q5 UE 34,1 'JUNJ page forty-one Aa 'J C il LL A U 'f P 'U W ,Cr CE : U if +- A k. LJ 2 J L LJ : C :L LJ ,. Ll ,. V LJ C LJ 3 'J' J I. E v IJ J i 5 Q CC 7 J L F r' ll F E.. 11 Z P- V 5 Z IJ J ,' EJ: 4: Ck Lx., ,-U :C Q.- .EJ ,.. 1: .J ..,. wc my Q6 ic gg ,, CC f-Z If if gt ii-J IJ ai CU 'L IT vi H: ..::c 4- 5.5 22 C.: .QA ff? 'DZ :L 1,7 ik! lg x C Z.. W f D51 QQ mi "MI I.: I-m V -Trl 'v -1 H I Lil f T l "F uu- 'X Q Z 4 Z C Qi C24 rx b-I O5 'C A J 32 -I 4 p-1 cd O E- Q Lu -U 'I ,Q L! i In 5 45 u.: C f 'n 'L "U L. 3 J O5 'I L.. 'T' I.. 5? I3 E Q 'Q 2 FE LI-I C -1 r-' f- lJ I ,.. C. N 3 E 45 :J 4.4 ,- .J L 'fx ft 'C L.. O f- 5 L.. LJ C-. O O 'Ti '3 1-4 - "1 FL. Q O - 'O' - f"' - vi .. I '12 4? Iforss '1 C L-1 .. "1 L J.. C '71 J., 'L fx 42 Business unior D-N 12 Business Manager: Charlotte Crowl I C Q D 1 "1 I H: 1-K 11 .Ll L-1 1 CD 1. O A: J LT-I I ... L- 0 r.. I L. o E .J If : QT: Ta KJ : ix o 'I U L. 5. rr C cz' Z c o Q: 'Ii J P' J f: U ORCHESTRA CclloAMargarct Saunders Violas--loan Wfahtola, janc Cyriacks. Piano Accordion-Shirley' Pancicra First Clarincts-Gabriel Frcitas, Barbara Clay. First Violins-Charles Dias, Susan Roscn Second Clarinuts-Frank Dlcflcry, Ronald Brown. Flutcfludith Himcs. French HornfShirlcy Smith. Piano fLcft to Rightj-Erncstinc Rumor, 'l'roinhoncfXVilIiam Herman. Nancy Ball, Maureen Schaclcner, -lanct Saunclcrs, First Trumpets-Paul Stiephaudt, john Sutcliffe, Bradley Barber. Mary Ann Bianchi. Second Trumpets-Russell Brown, Clarke Barnes. Edward Randall, Saxophone-Duane Hcincck. .Ioscph Abbott. Bass-joyce Patterson. DISCUSSION CLUB FIRST ROXW fLc'lt to RlAlLllt,',l4llL'I'L'S.l lXIc'clc'iros, Franccs Spinnato, 'lo-Ann Costa, Helcn Kcllchc-r, Carol Hollancl, Patricia Quattromani, Marx' Serrano, Lucy Arc-ry, Ann Lamphcre. SECOND RCWV-Mary Christina, Mary, Rita Roderick, Lucillc- XX'inklcr, Ernestinc Rcmorc, llvclyn Massotsky, Dchorah NX'ilkinson, Marie Saxona. THIRD ROXW4-lohonor Santos, Patricia Brown, Patricia Christina, Carol Platt, Dolores Kcarncy, Lucille Ball, Marioric Lord, Fvangalinc- Dc'Clara, Patricia Schellcr, lane Vars, Barhara jones. Nancy licllows, Filccn Shea, Nancy Thomason. Ann Bruno, D FOURTH ROW'-Assunta Caputo, -lanct Sauntlcrs, Eilccn Ficlclcs, Evc-lyn Rohcrts, loycq Rath. hun, Fdwina Shea, Mary Hohart, Mildrccl Richarcl, ,lane Stewart. i I page forty-two XM 'Nw AF' :xl If w 1 U I-Tl H A CJ page forty-tl1rr:c j L. U LJ c: : ff .. D LJ 'L 3 'T Q. .Ld nf -J. 7 .fi C4 c: J, J J :.:.J C : : I-' f LJ J C Ll. J 'E D U c: E N I 'f, ' B A 2 I 5- u. Lx.. J U Lf c: Ei J ... 144 O if -7 J .J ol LJ 'J .f A L' C ' A ': if Q: IJ Z Af C11 44 J C L: U I .id C. L: u.. Q :1 i J x.. f- J bE f- .J ,- ,- f. Q J f, E 7 f LJ c: L1 ,- ll c: I, 4: +4 5 -- .A- E . SC 'E f. U E Nl 3 -+- ,.... L fi :E 'J 'U 5 ffl A2 0 'Z' L1 'E D6 E J 'E it .-. 4 ,J f J Z2 ,. 'f, f J f, C, Q. 5 'T SE O-..- LZ L: . U I U51 -311 :C ZJD21 -Elf: :jp .MAJ JV., El'-E asm r:, c:'C'-3 GJ c: Ti! ...J:, JJ" EEE n:7:i K-1'fJE f- Eif- Z-'f -JJ ,.,'-a.. -T-A J... Eli Lis? f..'l, 1.1. L29 ,.,- .446 E125 FE-f 3'2" LJJ72 C1 :iii ,-J- 1525 XJ? :cc 5k+ 315 1? 12:2 'LJ5 ic: if 2- 5:2 LE lf-1 PJ L1-1: :Z E.. 28 c: "J J"- EQ: .F A12 .JEL-IJ 3-.J .SUE E29 :gm -5 YE, :fi as QE. -ii 5,2 -.- .f'4 QE: N735- E J 5543 jx Eff' UVJ Lf? 'Sa QJ ffga ALL-1 ff J :NJ D2- NLQ: AL: V 3. vfl Lrg f,'J 1 J 'J 5. 4' r- f- C R Erncshnc gc .3 'U x.. D IJ L' 'J CI C L 1 f J. ul ff- .-4 .J P' :I 5 2 A J Z 33 5 I-Ll J J A. .... 2 Z LJ LJ 2 'S j J Q- J F J 2 gf, E .Q C C J , ,. v J C V1 A 4 Q 1 'ff LJ C4 r 9' A N, :C Q E 33 AE U 72 2 cf .2- fi ALL vi ,U .JC 'Em 'SF Q-AJ ,J V5 F ,LQ- :E .Zg 'UE' 75 Q. LJEE ,Z Q: id '55 CJ 4:5 J JP C , Ex: SE fl: gsm 52 26 L32 gf' JJ: TE Li 'L f fi '-: Qi OH L. M f. 3. E' .J C 11 LC IJ F 5 H. kj . ,:: .Ac ,LQ E: F3 Q1 vi 5: JZ 5: ,LB -E5 C5 'fig If. 23 225 fi Er: -LJ Zz g- 'C , '32 LL? J 2,1 if: J. 'ff Ci Q: C i ? U 'J c: 'C TL J O. T' L u -'Zi f.-4 4 .J LJ LJ 7: LJ 2 C C 'C 9. .IE A -5 1. H: N -1 I 'S S ' B A J Si I i- I , . J .- U-I 5 J J L f. .7 A ,- 5 'J E J E ri fi 7 f. U L1 Q z: SE 7 P u i" 2 L. Z 5 C x -1- 1. fv ,.f ,- N., .lqquclinu ,I r: 'f J 'J J LLI C P. 1. Q2 O E fc ff U C J 1. L.. 1 LJ x-. O r- .J J LU 5. 2 J 1. J c: g. 3. F J LC E 'J c: L T c 5: c: c: ffl Ivy 1. -1 -. 44 x-I JJ .Z :I U J J : E L E U ff 44 J KJ J 1: 4 C wtf, Nwcsi AAU FLW . 1 INIH J 1 -X S L. : LJ Q: J f C U L .J L. ll -E H. Nu 1 Z3 LJ 1. U .J up U -I E E Z 'E fs O E J L: C4 E J- J S NJ J .f 'ZJ' HONOR MNHETY I LXR N M 'wx , 'wif M3 FIRST ROW' fI.cft tu Rlglwtj-Svlvm Iirmtwlmvli, Ifthcl Coma, PI1trici.I Cmmpcr. ,Imm XY'.1I1tuI.1. SLIITCIIKI Nulwlx, Ely I.41wtwn, INI.11' Alowph. SECOND RUXX'-Aluycu Pntcrwn, -IJITIQL' I5ur,IicIi, Ruth Gray, Ann Ryfm, Phyllix Pclteri. I5.lI'I'!.il'.1 Rlclmardx, Mary Palmer, ,Iu.m Cdrlswn, hlklnc Cyldacks, THIRD ROW'-R1wI1c1't Rmlwcttu, XX'1ll1.1w I'IL'I'lU.Ifl, Robert Gibson, Fmncii Previty. I.uuiS INI.Irwttc, -lwlm BIIIDCIH, ,Iuhn Mmur, XXf'iIli.1m Haupt, STUDENT COUNCIL ff 'WW I 7 '2 I ' O I iv? O ' ' I f cf 'QW' " , V W ' ., Z, Z 5 f y W X , . Q x 7' l' Wi X X K xx If 5 W ff ' , ,4-,, .,- ,HM - ,za 9 V, fav, 1 f x Ex FIRST RCJNXI-I5JI'I7.lI'.l Riclmrds, Dfmglm Rnymf, Shlrluy Smith, wIlIII.llI1 Haupt, I3.1tl'ici.r fdmnlptlf SECOND ROVU-IXI.ax1nu GunsI'wu1'g, Ruth IILIZLI, ,Lane Puavuv, .Iunc C.1p.IIIw, IXI.1riu I'I.lglN.lf1, Iwhn INIIDU. THIRD ROW'-Rumld WgIItL11', Rungxld XXfI1uxwll,Gwrgu Fulcy, R1mIwcl'tGiIHsun. Roland IJ.1m- pal, Alden Vlctwrid page forty- fou r 1 llll 1 L z r I f '- ,gnu-L gmc" " P. ww' 'M AY M -"" N t z,M1,'i ,,4 I OFFICE GIRLS X X X 'U' Y 7 H-if 2 V Y IQ 2 Jina.......f--,f A E 1 'vast FIRST RQXX' lLcfr IH Ril!l7fl'D"1'UflU' CHM-1. Edith Grcgwry, Clmrlwttc Dunn, Cl1.u'luttc Cn vu' lcv. SECOND RUW'fM-My G-illi. -lwytc Gcary, l5.1rl'mr.t H.twl-um, Shirley Smith. LATIN CLUB 7,7 455. fn. 'Z' 42' .346 mi '? Wlr 51 f 2 , v ,Y xr A X ,, . f M X fl y, t 1 FIRST ROW fLctt tu Rlglltj-Mglry Ann Bmnclwi, Rube Ann l,tAv.mti, Rlttlmrtl Rulwinwm, Ricl1.11'd Loljuglitm, Ann Mclicnzic, Nadine. Pdmicrgt. SECOND ROW'-Miss Silvcntcirl. ttuglvlscrj, kltmct l.LlVN'I'CI'lCC, ,Lmut SLlL1I'lLlL'IN, Dluyw R.1tl1- bun, Nano' L.tml:v, Ellcn XXfl1itftm1'd, I-urr.1inc Pm. THIRD RCJW4P.1trlci41 Vain Pclt, -Imtrlnc Cumn, alum Brown, Annette Mmllmt, Stmnnm' Dunch, Lencu Cnrlsson, IXfIurylin Strickland, Gull Fnmgu, page forty-live 1 CAMERA CLUB 5 ljwsf FIRST ROW fl,cft tn Ri4ul1tDWAntlwny lXI4mscy, Antlwny Engxtnlm, Cllflll Hull.1nCl, Ndncy l5lLll1Kll.1l'Ql, Murluric Lrml, XVill1.1m ViLtu1'i.1. SECOND ROVU-Robert Emmy-tt, XXf1lli.1m Hurmm, Tcrry Rutludgc, Marion Beal, Pearl Andursnn, Paul Stiepluudt, Dcllucrt Tlllinglmlst. THIRD ROXX'-Charles Huldrcdgc, Inn Hlluptnmn, Namy DcMwura, .luhn Allen, Ruben Tlnmusun, Ann Fulcy. ,lan Murmlni, Hulcn McKcnn.1, 'Link Cunnidn. FOURTH ROW!-G1mv Remlicru, William Shea. D.1vid Smlw. CHESS CLUB v' fy' f f ' ' ffW f ,H If 'W W FlR5'l' ROW' llurlt tw Rilulmtlflllmw Aiullu, Kcnncth l.JHPl1L'fL', XY!llll.iI11 lXlcsqrx'q, Krnm-th Rmlwuttc, Dnzd Gdtcly, Kathcrlnc Alvlwtt, S-.lllv lircwur, Cul Brwwn. SECOND ROW'-Clrl blulmwn, XXfill1.1m Martly, luncs Armstmnlu. Clmrlw liml, N.1ncv Armxtrfrnlu. ,luhn Wkst. Mr. Fgilwrlmnt, A THIRD ROXX'-Rwmld Wwrcwtcr, ,lwwph PTCVIW. Vcmwm Gilwwn, Edxmrd Exam, Luster Culwr, Vlluncs limwn, Ralph Frcchcttc, Gcurgc Birkhccl-Q. page forty-six 1 "2,',,m,- 4 fry 'MA 'xgknik iv lg. 52 I mm, , ?,,,M-y,,,,,7l -131 ,, 1 N31-f 1 ix ..,,- A C FIRST ROW' lI.eft to Rigghtj-Sandra Sprague, Patricia Brown, Patricia Cartier, Priscilla Morey, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Platt, Elizaheth Crowley, Beverly Brooks, Francis C A F E T E R I AA Tanner, Donna Chappell. SECOND ROW'-Patricia Forss, Carl Mitchell, Rohert Hill, Willi.ini Delaney, Dunun Rohertson, Clarke Appleton, Frank Sylvia, Gino Rencliero, Alanet Lawrence. S T A F F Fyfe. Gail Brown, THIRD ROW'-Eclith Gregory, Annette Mailhot, Charlotte Crowley, Rayolyn Eccleston Ethel Cone. Charlotte Dunn, Ruth Gray, Dorothy Clark, -lane Peavey. Ellen Coogan Lois FOURTH RONW-Barhara Hawkins, -lune Capalho, Geraldine Shea, ,lane Cyriacks, Shirley Panciera. -loan Wlestcott, Patricia Ollirien, Frances Valliere. Carolyn Burdick. FIRST ROW fLeft to Rightj-Teresa Alexander. Maria D.lSllN'.i, liarhara Bergeron, ,lanicc Burdick, Fay Lawton, Charlotte Crowley, Sandra Nichols, Mary Palmer, Delphina Oliverio Nicoletta Blanda Mary Miceli. SECQND RQWQ-Ifigepliine Anclalora, Mary Frye, Mary .lean Leclwith, -lacqricline Donahue, Patricia Cooper, Delline Carriera, Constance Sanqueclolce, Nancy Arrucla, Rose LaI'orinta1n, Mary Avellar Rose Rocha. Donna Chappell, THIRD DOXIC'-Nancy, Fish, Ioan Ferguson, Marion Beal, Ruth Gray, Ellen Coogan, .Iac- Vff tt il ne Cyriacks, Emily Gray, Rayolyn Ettleston, Priscilla Morey. queline Curley, ,Ioan estco , Va Patricia Forss, -Iune Capallvo. page forty-seven TRAFFIC SQUAD SENHHICHEERLEADERS 0 1 Z, Z O Q Sf X ful. SAX f f f in X 1, " ' , H A FIRST ROW! lI.e:ft tw Riglutl-Clmrlwttc Cruwley. Mary Ann klmcph. SECOND ROXX'-Al.m.1 Steele, Pdtrnnm Cmvpcr, C.1pt.1in Ethel Gmc, Ann Ryon. juan Ap- plcton. JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS hay Nm, Lynn Inu Right Q 7' , 4 fn . ,L ,U Z my.:--,NT X RIV A 7' W " ' " .xwfwfW5p , X , X Q , XMXWN EMS! ., f , ' f vffffi E N-44 +WwMwMM-wWMMfR 1, ,f W . W ,X 'ixaawfmwf 1 fzmmfsilwew X ., Nkmq Flxlm, lmulw Burdigk, B.1I'l7.ll'.l H.1wk1nx, Vlum' C.1p.1llw, Hvlcn Nucl, Luix Kcllihcr, Anita Scuxwl, page fortyreight HOBBY CLUB S - 1 S -e:N.. ...-Q ,vs , K, ,. , ,k M .vv-.--.. ,. -.-. : .::..- . ' X 1 WSC X A ,rr 5 rs, Vi' -'Qt R v cv f Y' FIRST ROW' lLett to Rightj-Robert Mitchell, Alhert Hoelck, lziarhara Hawkins, Shirley Panciera, Patricia O'Brien, -lane Peas ey, Dennis Satlomilla, James Stewart. SECOND ROW'-Mr. Roland Houston, ladviserj, Vifilliam McDonough, David Cini, -Iohn Santi. Timothy Main, Ronald Brown, Ronald Roherts, Richard VC'hite. THIRD ROW'-Gilbert Knowles, XX'ilhani Rose, Fred Wfatson, NX'illiain ljucl-C, Russell Brown PUBLIC RELATIONS CLUB E x, I 'fl- KZQQ 1 Al' FIRST ROVU fLeft to Rightj-Helen Noel, Alice Ball, Nancy Bellows, Nancy Fish, Ann Bruno, JoAnn Costa, Bette Sidebottom, Ernestine Remor, .lean Brown, Lucille Winkler, Deborah Wilkinsirn, Mary Christina, Eileen Shea, Priscilla Morey, Louise Burdick, Patricia Forss. SECOND ROXV4Maxine Gensburg, Gilhert Sorensen, David Kelliher, XX'iIliain Herman, Wfilliam Delaney, Peter Gray, Francis Previty, Roland Pampel, Bruce Forhes, Lucille Avery. Terry Rutledge, Mary Serrano, THIRD ROW'-Richard Robinson. Lester Culver, Mary Lidestri, Carol Holland, Patricia Christina, Teresa Medeiros, Ruth Buzzi, Frances Spinnato, Marjorie Lord, Norman Pettini, Richard Eppler. FOURTH ROW-Teresa Alexander, Alana Steele, Patricia Cooper, .loanna Aiello, Delhne Carreira, Sandra Clarke, Evelyn Robinson, Bellsita Malone, Charlotte Dunn, .lane Cyriacks, joan Westcivtt, Patricia Schiller, Emily Gray, Ann Lanphere. page forty-nine I I A D l' r I J J iw? egf 0 Q MM. Q4 Q A wi 'v-. ,. ,M ww .vm S 4 .V ' f U fr g' 421 A A ,x AA! 5 1 ,- 6,700 2 Nm, f . fb.. ,- .f Wi ,M ' 1,3 W9 ' ff--I I 'Gif iw. - " Q -.... .. ,G 1, P, - I4 X ,,. iff ,,,., 5 f-.N Plym Hfry A N f LJ :ZZ M 23 E 31 5 .. "if .' if 1 .2 5-4 573 1.72 :Z ,Z Z3 51 45 il , J ,Q '--: ,,f.. gg.. TV 5 C,-5 id :EE f Q L, 4: gal, - N C 5: f.. :ir :5. gf, 1,-: ,f, -jf' ,J -J -4 'CQ "3 , ,H -J :- j,, -...Q -: QL .ri '35 Z 11 S S , 6: ff: ,L'... 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Q, L.. if 3 A W Cd Q 'v .- 2 Z A C I CJ - P -4 4 I Wwa Q, 'X 4 2 ,, EQ Mmww! ,Wi-A page Hfqhtuwo C '1 5 '11 C m J C "1 C "1 L C C .1 P f ff IJ "3 C 'L Q ,- 1 C: 7 4 1 J C A J 5 2 L 4 J J 'T3 5 li E 9 LQ 5 Q 1 'N LJ J C I1 C .C U 'J L px ... H :J IC Q N D m E 1 Cz E E L 'LJ C C 1 A E 11 QC 11 V 5 A E 7 1 L , ,.. 5 5 U f C ,. C J , z 1 C f C 7 f C v C LJ I AC , C f NJ lu E CI S 'J a.. d J F C Q fr. LJ C 23 f an C C .,. ZJ. C 3 L f C 2 xl L4 C ae -A C. C , ll 'U , Q C 2 if 7 C .C Q .J u.. A. .- ,Lt , :1 'U C C 4 ? 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Sf' 1: 3 E Ax V1 ml I-'Q ,M :ci "?4 L4 BASK ETBALL BASEBALL GIRLS' liASIx HTISALL Ciklffhlfll ANN Rx UN XS xx' C11-Czlflfnfzfu GEORLYE RICHARDS DUANIH HHNIQLK F1 N ITBALL K-I . Iwmvx H II 1 .Irv-I VH Nr nur Ptltgt fi My C.1pf.1111 JAMES BALLAT0 TRACK OU I' 1 Q Cu-C,.1IlU.:ff1x Dfwllw KlfI,LlHl'R I.-XAIIN B.-XI.l FOOTBALL 8-4 SSW 44.1 age Hfqhhvc f 11 mccv I .- f, - f:::: : OOOO O .:..,...J.. ,. :L -L :L :L :L :::: : 'EEEE 'E 0000 O ..,-:.:.. M fflflf in L14 ...I ..l E 2 -gm mmf- I F1 fn, ff: yr ""'rr5 Q O fL -I , - A .. - 'rl :LE 'f H D3 aria L -.-. , E-' TZ'1Q'L':-1 L' ,M .- gf.-C3'L4vU LL. L!-4 -if X,fm5yx mm ,-4mm ',I"F'4.I4.I4.J..I :TJJLJJJ mmOOOO Q2 it L E' 5: 1 P? S2 1 -41 '- C .4-f 'Z 2-ri If 'J ga ei S D22 ii Q c.. 1 , .L ' ' UJ L2 Z 14 jg 3 3... :'7 4 Eg 3: '41 QC: :L 45 4 ': fi L f, EI E-E L: 2,5 C: , ,-'ll Z1 QE 53 Q E24 Z . E ...-. fy 5 ,- 'QU Ci 55' DEQ I: H i -:D .ry 41, .QE :Q EE Q: dl 5? .L me 54 E3 f-1 - LL K5-E 'ig qi EC :L x., 214 ,La ,, " EL. 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BASKETBALL BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec 7 South Kingstown -18 Dec 12 South Kingstown 46 Dec. 1-4 St. Raphael 60 Dec. 20 East Haven 52 Dec 21 East Greenwich -18 Dec 27 Gilbert 67 jan. -1 Westerly 87 jan. 8 St. Raphael 61 Jan. 11 East Greenwich 67 'Ian' 15 New London 74 jan. 18 Cranston 60 Ian. 22 Fitch 37 Jan, 25 Westerly 83 Feb. 1 Killingly 54 Feb, 5 Cranston -10 Feb. 8 Gilbert -10 Feb. 12 Fitch -11 Feb. 15 Killingly 57 Feb. 19 New London 56 C. I. A. C. TOURNAMENT March 5 Wilcox Tech 6-1 page fifty-seven Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston Ston. sa 52 S4 65 s6 64 58 45 77 57 55 94 67 68 62 82 78 6-1 76 52 B A S E B A L L isasrimri. SCHIZDVLF Avail, lat 5ll,KlU4QNltlNNl1 Home lli Lirel-iwoiul Home IH Norwieh Home ltlay 5 Coventry Home 6 New London Home 9 Killingly Home 13 Fitch Home 16 Fitch Away 211 New London Away 23 Coventry Away Zo Killingly Axyay ZH Norwich Away gil Wlesterly Away 31 Wfesterly Away FIRST ROV' Q-eff I0 Right?-Roland Pampel. Mar- Gilbert Sorensen, Gabriel Freitas, Clarke Appleton, shall lbtgfvell, Korman Pettini, Captain james Ballato, Lawrence Wfalsh, ,05fP'v 1515i THIRD ROVUgBradley Barber, Manahr, Pl il' bECOkD ROVU-George Richards, XX'illiam Buck, Bonomo, Ronald Wfalters, Francis Previtt Franililiii Sylvia, Coach Morris Fabricant, 1 t1FIiNiNL3Qv' 'E T f ? fsrej' 1 f 4 M f S Lfxycgy X M .., l ff K l T F N l l is , N07 , - ,GNNGTCN geyuluarr lfpm up NWNGQ I Az, gy r .. N :," elf' A + f flax E :ff 1 3 FIRST ROW fLeft to Rightj-Williani Rose, Wil- Rustiei, Alden Victoria, Robert Main. liarn Haupt, James Ballato, David Kelliher, Richard FOURTH ROXXL-Richard Robinson, Clarke Apple- LoBuglio, William Delaney. ton, Pliilip Bonoino, Fi-.ineis Previty, Fred Writsiwn, SECOND ROW-Everett Schramm, Richard Dyer, Ernest Giordano, Frank Robishaw. Robert Frazer, David Gateley, Robert Delagrange, FIFTH ROVU-Duncan Robinson, Robert Hill, Albert Hoelck, Anthony Lombardo, Coach Grirlin. George Kent, joseph Preyity, Franklin Sylvia, Law- THIRD ROW-P.1ul Sriephaudt, Edwin jessiinan, renee Parkinson, Maurite Thorp, Anthony Moosey, Bruce Forbes, jack Miner, Nelson Himes, Charles Rosario Longo, TRACK SCHEDULE April 19 University of Conn. Relays Storrs Liay 21 Fiteh A Home April 30 Pending May 28 E. Conn. Conference Home May 7 New London Home ,lunc 4 W'CSlL'1'1y' Home May 14 Killingly Danielson Alune 7 State Meet Ne-xx Haven page titty-nine S, X S 'S'-Sw. 12 -nu W IWW nm. 'a u 4.4. Q ff, 5? Jil Q -' A N N S NAA 3Wjf+ N Maxx KN Q. M - ,X x Q i k , , S-A , , x5 X. 1 ,XA x H GIRL? BASKETBALL FIRST ROW"-tl.cft to Riglitj-bliss 'l'lmvcnct, Dslfinc C.1rr1cr.1, lNI.1rg.nrct Bull, Ethel Cone, C.1p tain Ann Ryon. Patricia Cooper, Al.1n.1 Steele, S.1ndr.1 Clarke. SECOND ROW'-Ann Larnplicrc, .lcssic Spivey, Gcmldinc Shea, B.zrl'w.1r.1 Hawkins, -Lttqucline Don.t hue. 'lunc C.1p.1ll'w, Patricia Oliricn, Pristilla lNlorcy, -lanct Sthillur. THIRD ROW'-.Imran Orlando, Gul Burdick, Nanny Bull. Shirley Smith, klutqticline Corley, R.tyr+ lyn Ecclestwn. LHIN Kun, Puffin.. Forss, Erncstine Rf,-mor. SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Atwood Anderson Hr. and Mrs. Salvatore Ballato Mr. and Mrs. John Coon Mr. and Mrs. Donald Forbes Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Green Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haupt Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Walter K. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Donato Uliverio Mr. and Mrs. james N. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. james Parkinson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pettini Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Pont Mr. and Mrs. Frank Previty Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Smith Pop Turner The Vlfahtola Family page sixty-one Name Ashaway Puhlic Market Rannon's Drug Store Mr. and M rs. Clenlent Bradshaw Cal1ral's Package Store Calkins' AG Store Camacho K Sons Coffee Cup Lunch Dr. and Mrs. David li. Cohen Dr. Jerome B. Singer Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Serra Eve Evans Federico Wfatch and Sport Shop Fiore's Taxi Service Gaffney's Dress Shop General Furniture Co., lnc. Gilleney's Texaco Station Harry B. and David B. Lewis Higgins' Smoke Shop International Bakery PATRONS Arlflress 10-12 Canal Street 119 Water Street 113 Water Street 67 Water Street 148 Water Street High Street High Street High Street 20-24 High Street 86 High Street Cor. High and Canal 82 High Street 16-18 High Street 145 Water Street 117 Water Street ,1ames Wf. Harvey Post American Legion john Marino, Class '25 Kenyon's Men's and Boys' Store LaCasa Grille Leonarfl's Marion's Beauty Salon McCormick's Mello's Barher Shop Morrone Bros. Garage Murphey Chevrolet Co., Inc. Nigrelli's Jewelry Store North Stonington Volunteer Fire Olean Motors Payne Camera Store Mr. and Mrs. Leo Pupillo Radio Wfesterly WERI RaFf's Flower and Gift Shop Richmond Furniture Company Rolandis Market Scott's Furniture Company Paul Schepis Package Store Shoe Box Sn1ith's Flower Shop Sorensen Tire Company Stillman Travel Agency Stonington Appliance Co. Stonington Department Store Squadritois Barber Shop The Photo Shop Trovato Brothers Triangle Filling Station Turnbull's AG Store Universal Food Stores, lnc. A Friend 149 Water Street 26 High Street 80 High Street 30 High Street Wfashington Trust Bldg. High Street High Street 100 Hain Street 106 West Broad Street 18 Canal Street 83 Main Street 11 Canal Street Wfest Broad Street Liherty Hotel 108 Wfater Street Opposite United Theatre 143 Wfater Street 36 Wfest Broad Street 132 Water Street 48 High Street 23 Canal Street West Broad Street High Street 121 Wfater Street 141 W'ater Street 159 Water Street 45 High Street 26 Canal Street 28 South Broad Street page sixty-two Ashaway, R. 1. Wfesterly, R. I. W'esterly, R. l. Stonington, Conn. Stonington, Conn. Stonington, Conn. Stonington, Conn. Wfesterly, R. l. Westerly, R. l. Westerly, R. l. Westerly, R. l. Westerly, R. l. Wfesterly, R. l. Westerly, R. l. Westerly. R. l. filystie, Conn. Boom Bridge, Conn Stonington, Conn. Stonington, Conn. Westerly, R. 1. Stonington, Conn. Westerly, R. l. Westerly. R. I. Westerly, R. I. Westerly. R. I. Westerly, R. I. Westerly, R. I. Westerly, R. I. Westerly, R. I. Westerly, R. I. North Stoning1on Westerly, R. I. Westerly, R. 1. Westerly, R. 1. Westerly, R. I. Stonington, Conn. Westerly, R. I. Stonington, Conn. Westerly, R. 1. Stonington, Conn. Westerly. R. 1. Westerly, R. 1. Westerly, R. 1. Westerly, R. I. Stonington, Conn. Stonington, Conll. Stonington, Conn. Westerly, R. 1. Westerly, R. l. Hopkinton, R. 1. .-Kshaway, R. 1. Westerly, R. 1. American Velvet Company STONINGTON, CONN. LURI G S UDIO NEW' LONll0N, CONNEC'l'lCU'l' PHOTOGRAPHY BY LORING Whether it's portraits, group pic- tures or action shots-you can de- pend on Loring for the finest in portraiture. Our expert staff is pre- pared to handle any photographic assignment-at prices that are al- ways moderate. Bob Mearns Exclusive Men's Wear Lincoln Block Westerly, R. I. Tel. 2295 Santin Chevrolet Co. 5 HOLMES ST. MYsT1C, CONNECTICUT CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC EsT. 1920 j. S. SANTIN Compliments of N. G. Smith ewelers Westerly', R. I. Compliments of l-lolliday 6- Joyce Esso Station 92 Granite Street Westerly, R. I. Phone 4339 VARS BROTHERS Your Favorite Store Where Friends Meet Friends Base City Sewing Machine Co. 7 Canal Street TELEPHONE 5485 PFAFF--the sewing machine that does 27 sewing jobs without needing any attach- ments. We repair all types of machines. Mayjiower Tea Room 25 High St., Westerly Stop in for one of our "Mayflower Specials" 'cliocal and Long Distance" UNION TAXI Phone 44-55 PICKERING BROS. Phone 2344 Main and Broad Sis. joseph Pickering Wfesterly, R. I. Stonington Division of Emhart Manufacturing Co. Compliments of W. T. Grant Co. I9 High Street WeslPrly, H. I. Compliments of qbuffevn Qffafkf ,QDGZZZIII 22 Main Su-ef-I wff-Smfly. H. I. PI tfttt P 2273 Telephone Mystic 5-2483 PETER PETTINI 84 SQNS AIQTESIAN WELLS Stonington. C0llllPCiiClll You Never Miss the Iraler 'till the UWPII Runs Dry xlPIllllPI' of C0llll?f'liClll YYell Digger .-xSSllC'i2l1i0ll, Inv. HAZLIN'S HANDI-SHOP 21 Wlilliams Avenue Mystic, Conn. Patent Medtcme Ice Cream Gifts Compliments of United and Central Theatres High St., Vllesterly Yvesterly r1ll'l91-lll'6 Operating Co. John B. Findlay, Presirlenl Compliments of WESTERIY DAIRY Norwich Road Westerly. R. I. Compliments of PURINA CHOWS CHECK-H-Bt DARD Vtfesterly. R. l. Compliments of Stonington Market 134 W'ater Street Stonington, Connecticut The Union Store Stonington, Conn. Visit the Union Store for All Those Household Neressities Panciera Motors 179 Main Street, Westerly, R. l. Reconditioned Used Cars Studebaker Sales and Service Telephone 4150 Est. 1921 Ernest Panciera STONINGTON POLICE RESERVES INC. Drive Safely, We Love Our Children Compliments of The Patron Qs Club of Stonington High Sohool Compliments of Ashaway Line 8 Twine Mfg. Co. WONDER G 1RDENS for TOP QUALITY CLADIOLLS BULBS for YOUR HOME U4 RDEN WONDER GARDENS James Howard At Boom Bridge Vlfeste-rly, H. I. BLOOMS IN SEASON Complinwnts of LATHRUP ENGINE C0 Mystic. C0llllPCtiCl,lt Compliments of The Alumni Association of Stonington High School C. B. Cottrell 8. Sons Company f SONOCO PRODUCTS CO. STONINGTON PUBLISHING COMPANY JEROME S. ANDERSON. III S. H. S. 1924 mum- - mmanuwamffmnmmwm J: ' ,- nu M.uu'z. rv1w..:.aummm'mvnwmuuu mm: gmwmus-gn111m1111mm,..gsnnuu4m. -Xu -mnmxxvu -'mam mvrnmunnwns, . -v 'a4mcvv.,.-Am-famuzeu-umum 1 if 1 4 1 5, n gf ai fn Y yi If umewamn-.s7m.vmv1,u-xcaw. .v .2 nuumxa :nur .

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