Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT)

 - Class of 1949

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Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 78 of the 1949 volume:

4 i i a 1 3 i i l l . The PA MY TGN AN w w' 3 Q ' N Pzfbfiyfzea' by The Senior Class 1949 STONINGTON HIGH SCHOOL STONINGTON, CONNECTICUT . 1649... f, W A, jf X 11, ' X X Z , it ij ffm 1 1, 39 H 'X fijk fn ,XVYK X 1949 I6 4.9 Eehiratinn We, ffze grcza'uafz'72g Mass Wf1Q49, apjJrec'z'c1fz'fUe of the opportzmzhes you fzczfue profvzolerf, and l'7Z.YfI.f!8ll1 with ffze fzerifage bowler! flown to us, are fzzgfzg fzonorea' in fl1EKlll.I'6lfZ.71if this zksue of ffze Pawfvgyyronzkzn fo you, Sfonzozgton, in honor ofyour Trz'c'e71tem1z'al. Pgl 1649 ADMINISTRATIDN CARROLL W. PEAVEY T. ALLEN CROUCH Principal Superintendent page four - 1949 rncuuv ' HELEN M. ELEANOR BIRCHELL CRONIN QSept.-janj Engliyh Home Emnomicx ' MICHAEL E. MARVY CRONIN N .M Afvzerimn S ,me mml Democmry ,ifffff NAOMI B. ,IOSEPHINE L. CHAUSSE CULLINANE iu C0112 nz ervial 1 W fffdf' g3 J H E. KATHRYN C. CONNORS DENNEHEY ' ' MW , E A Q75 1 CLA ENCE A. ELIZABETH COGGAN V 1 DOWNES Bjolggy 1 Art Supewifof' Sfiefzce 1 1 4 1 5 1 . 1 1 page Eve 1649 . MORRIS FABRICANT H ea! fb Pbysiml Edufation GEORGE EOLEY Engliflo WILLIAM P. GRIFFIN, JR. H iftory Mathematic! 1 CW ARBARA F. WJ! , L HASTINGS ,px C 07llZ?7781'Ci6Zl WIJEQIW ROLAND B. HOUSTON I fadzzxtmzl Arty FACULTY page six JOSEPHINE A. ITALIANO Biology G mem! Scieme CYRUS N. MORGAN Mathemaliff EVELYN L. MURDOCK C laemixtry Scienfe Phyficy M Y A. IA Spa Guzciance Q' JVWGZH S. JOSEPH NANIA Muyic Supeffvifor -eI949 VY ILLIAM C. PETTY En glifh French Latin Mhdwwglff LILLIAN I. SIEVE Com nz erciat BEATRICE SILVERSTEIN Library Latin FAcuLTv page seven MARIE M. ' STEWART Commercial Head of Dept. FLORENCE H. THAVENET Health P ' 1 ' Be,-L lf1ff2f1'if'mi55Tf S -C HS: a--.-X ks?fiKcSl'5 MYRA P. WHEELER Uanuary-junej Home Efonornics J. GEORGE WILLIAMSON Mechanical Drawing Q 1549 ...I .. .. ttlirfiti I ,.,N.f U it Vgjffii its Q 1549 - Q59 cuss orrlclans MK' 'ZW I VY, ffjffdf 7 ,U WILLIAM D. KELLEHER "Spike" Ptzufroturk "Nobody rozzld rival him." Freshman Party Committee, Class President 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Hop Committee, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 4, Class Ring Committee, junior Prom Committee, "S" Club 3, 4, Senior Prom Committee, Washington Club, Student Council 1, Homeroom President 1. Secretory BARBARA J. STINSON "Barb" Wequetequoek "And her 'yes' orzee said to yozz, shall be 'yes" forever more" Camera Club 1, Music Club 1, 2, Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader.3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, Office Girl 4, Basketball 3, 4, Badminton 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club 1, Junior Prom Committee, Freshman Party Com- mittee, Sophomore Hop Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Class Secretary 4, Washington Club, Girls' League Council Secretary 3. iiegf eff? President Vice President by 1 ANTONIO P. ROCI-IA "Tony" Mystic, "He looks' as if butter woizldrft melt in his mouth" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 4, Hobby Club 1, 2, "S" Club 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, Class Vice President 4. Treasurer LILA L. STEELE "Steen Mystic "A kind of charm yozz seem to jind in womemkindu . u Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4, CPas's Treasurer 1, 2, 4, Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Hop Com- mittee, junior Prom Committee, Homeroom Treas- urer 4, Senior Prom Committee, Washington Club. 4 page ten 1 D " 1949 Honor Washington Club room Treasurer. ELIZABETH E. ALLEN Mystic "HE , wa 0 I X rl r r I 17 0 .fldf 3, 45 Waiter 35 D u Corps 2,-3, 45 e ub , 3, 45 Op- er a cl o 2 Ba , 45 Dra- matic Clu , 3, 45 Brown 'a W e 45 Girls' League Homeroom Treasurer 55 Freshman Party C0mmittee5 Sopho- more Hop Committeeg junior Prom Committeeg Senior Prom Committee. JOHN E. Aryrgfs, jf. North Stonington "Anything for iz quiet life" Cam ofa Club 33 Secre- tary 4. Club DONALD C. BANKER "Don" Wequetequock "I nom zo rhange my nate with kingf' Football 3, 4, Cafeteria Staff 3, 45.1-Iobby Club 1, 2. WILLIAM A. BANKS "Bill" Mystic "And I um nezfen, never cron" Hobby Club 1, 25 Basket- ball 1, 25 Cross Country 15 Baseball 15 Track 2, 3, 45 Cafeteria Staff 1, 2, 35 Chess Club 25 Senior Gift Committee. CHARLES F. BARNES, Jr. "Charlie" Mystic "I am in earnert, and I will be beard" Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Projection Club 15 Chess Club 25 Science Club 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Sailing Club 1. IRVINE BENNETT "Irv" Wequetequodk "Lei 1116 ufarld Hide" Basketball 1,4 25 Cross Country 2. l 4 1649 . BARBARA M. BERRY "Barb" Mystic "Nothing emlurer hm' perform! qualifier" Latin Club 2, Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Trafhc Squad 3, 4, Yearbook Stall, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Girls Sports' Club 1, junior Prom Committee, Wash- ington Club, Badminton 1, 2, 4, Honor Roll 4. GARY R. BILL "Bill" Pawcatuck 05,1 'fLa1fe me little, love A long" "S" Cl 2 3 4, Foot- Basket ba 1, 23 3, ls - ' 1, 1254 s an aur- ty ittee, ho- OP mittee, unA ommittee, r c l 2, 3, 4, ai er , Music Counci , Presf nt 4, School , 3 Com- petitive P ys 3. GAYLA A. BILL Pawcatuck "If mufic he the food of love, play on" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Traf- fic Squad 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 1, 2, Freshman Party Committee, Soph- omore Hop Committee, junior Prom Commit- tee, Office Girl 3, Wash- ington Club, Honor Roll 2, 3, Badminton 1, 4, Senior Gift Committee. Student 5 PAULINE M. BLANCHET ' "Paul" Mystic "There if 110 wifdom like fmazhnerf' 3 Glee Club 1, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party Committee, Sopho- more Hop Committee, junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee. GRADUATES page twelve KENNETH N. BOGUE "Kenl' Mystic "Behold how he .fmiler with thoxe impifh eyef' Hobby Club 1, 2, 3, jun. ior Prom Committee. HENRY P. BOLDUC "Hank" 3 Pawcatuck "HiJ prefenre if alwayr heard" Football 1,,2, 3, 4, Bas. ketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, C0- Captain 4, Track 3, 4, Hobby Club 1, Chess Club 2, "S" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Hop Committee yftfbfb- 4713 of fr 1 iff' VA BE NE J. S O T " ne" . g "The mirror ' I courlexyu Dramatic Club 4, Year- book Staff, Washington Club. ., 1 ,lgni 'Lf l awcatuck " lrip it at U e 9' . J zz lh bz f ntarlzc A. ll " Clu D ' reshman ' arty, So' om r Hop Committee, nior rom Committee, Senior rom Committee. ' 1949 ti P . . lx. xv, xx i LET . . e , gtoq ," men hgh ' oo ife e ' e" g flex!! I Cafeteria 3 4, Dra- at may Club 33 Senior Pr m Committeeg Wash- ington Club. MARY M. BRUNO A Pawcatuck "Logic if logic. Tlmff all I know" Glee Club 1, Drum Corps 2, 33 Cafeteria Staff 3, 4g Washington Clubg Senior Prom Com- mittee. RICHARD I. . CARLSSON "Dick" Mystic "He war a Jcbolaf, and a good one" Student Council 2, 4g Brown 8: White 1, 25 jr. Ass't Ed. 39 Sports Ed. 4, Chess Club 2, Traffic Squad 3, Co-Captain 4, Latin Club 2g Yearbook Staffg Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3g Washington Club. BETTY L. CLARK' "Freckles" Pawcatuck "Love, rurioxity, fferklef, and doubt" Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Camera Club 39 Glee Club 45 Cafeteria Staff 3, 4, G.A.A. 4g Yearbook Staffg Drum Corps 2, 3, 4 nnnnunzs MVZKJQW page thirteen .f MARGARET M. CLAY "Marg" Stonington "BleJJed are the peace- 'makeri on earth" Washington Club. RAYMOND L. COLECHIA "Ray" Mystic "And be um I0 polite" Track 1, 2, 3, 4, "S' Club 2, 3, 4g Hobby Club 1, 2g Chess Club 2g Cafe- teria Staff 1, 2, Camera Club 2, 4g Projection Club 4. ROSEMARY G. CONE "Roe" Mystic "Toe rote Jtiil blurhef and the oioleu blow" Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, fW.M.I.jg Drum Corps 2, 3, 43 Bi- ology Club 1, fW.M.I.Jg Sophomore Hop, junior Prom. I MW' M RDNER, 4112 , i .. My flax I in if IQ" se all 1 3 'Ba t i 1 a C' aff 'Q-F ff Co mittee, Hob Club ' 2, Chess Club 2 .4 , 1649 .. 'H I 7281 rama A H v 0 0111 X., Y . : In , z, 1. ' ' feteria Staff 3, ife, Drum, and Bugle Corps 2, 3, 4. lt" que A 25 If of . 0 p l lf d fl A N 5 lu , 3, 4,"' V lee ' b 1 o - ' xQwr" WW 0 t y o - 0 5 L H 8: ite 3 4, DORA DiCESARE Pawcatuck "Murb miglaz be mid on both rider" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Sec- retary-Treasurer 4, Girls' League Council 3, 4, Homeroom Treasurer 3, Yearbook Staff, junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Wash- ington Club. SANTINA M. DiMAGGIO "Sandy" Pawcatuck "For beauty liver wills kindnerf' Glee Club 1, Honor Roll 2. FRANCIS P. DOLCE "Frank" Pawcatuck "He bar lair rilenz way" Basketball 1, 2, Football 3, 4, Chess Club 2, Hob- by Club 1, 2, Glee'Club 4, Projection Club 1, 'Camera Club 1, Cafeteria Staff 1. GRADUATES page fourteen Wglilt JOAN A. DOUGHERTY "joanie" Mystic "Young in limb, in judgment old" Brown 8: White Staff 1, 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4, Art Club 1, Girls' Sport Club 1, junior Prom Committee, Latin Club 2, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Yearbook Art Staff 3, Editorial Statt 4, Camera Club 3, 4, Bas- ketball 2, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Washington Club, Girls' League Council 33 Badminton 1, 2, 4, C.I.O. Essay Contest Winner 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Prom Committee. FRANCES E. DOWDING "Fran" Pawcatuck "She if well paid :bat if well mtirjiedu Latin Club 2, Music Club 2, 3, 4, Traffic Squad 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, Sports Club 1, Year- book Staff. CLYDE T. DRAKE "Click" No. Stonington "For ,frienre if in own exreeding great reward" Hobby Club 1, Projec- tion Club 1, 2, Camera Club 2, Treasurer 33 President 43 Washington Science Club, f W1 E D ID, J "Duggie" "Har n rl " Football , 2, as et I A 1, 2, 3, 4, Ba Clubi Dramatic LOIS P. DUNN "Lo" Pawcatuck "She if an exrellem' per- 1012 in every way" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Or- chestra 1, 2, 45 President 35 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 All-State Chorus 45 Lat- in Club Secretary-Treas urer 25 Yearbook St ff, Office Girl. iff If l MA T IN "Fai ' ic f " fd r, .fun- inel lla ' ind" u junior ore 52 1 ee' omeroo reasurer 1, , 42 1, 2, , 45 Student Council 35 Office Girl 45 Senior Prom Committee. V, K1 b ' r 0 te ' opho- 0 o 'tt , 2 H Roll 3 we WMP ff fo lense" , 'Us more pa "Com- vnr tee5 J Prom Committeeg enior Prom Committee5 Homeroom Treasurer 25 Glee Club 15 Ofiice Girl 4. I A. vbbre eyes tum orlu 2 C ' arge ' Payvcatuck v 0, glrzjneffu ' t1C Clu 1 wr Sophomo? ommit- . 13 , C S d 2 "1 ,H rom5 oo tal"f5 I o J its-:e5 Sen Ori-li' Com mittee5 Fi' huan Party Committee Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Gift Committee. GRADUATES page fifteen 'WE' I949' 5. CHARLES E, FEENEY "Bud" . Mystic "He never lore! patience, doubly, nor camplainf' Hobby Club 1, 2, 35 Or- chestra 1, 25 Honor Roll 1, 35 Cross Country 15 Basketball 15 Track 2, 45 Chess Club 25 Senior Gift Committee. QA " ingt fy ,V lla e" Fee A dq : F t 2 s 1 5 Basketball 1. oLoREs . FE RA "D ' W "L me el wld" DW , 3' gmc 45 rc stra 5 , 3, 45 Glee ub 1, , 5 , Operett , ,l by er Club 2' matic 15 Yearboo . W 5 3 DDoc". ' - V catuck, "Belief be I ree bahurx mo late. than ofze min- fdfvftoocfoorf' " Ad ' a 5'Billard ade- myfgotball Iffgiket- ball 1-5-'sailing jf. Hobby Club 15 Rifle Team 1.5 Stoningt nz Chess Club' 25 Came Club 2, 35 Science Club 2, 3. V1 1649... ANGELO D. GALL1 "Gallia Mystic "All my Jtarr are in the right planet" Hobby Club 2. JOHN H. GARITY "jake" Stonington "Ap elite, yaytniizerral b , , 4, asket- a ' 'ir A obby Cl ' Pr ion Club , hes Club 2, "S" - Clubg, , Baseball 4, Cafet ia taff 1. ELAINE R. GEYER "Shortie" Mystic "She if no bigger than a pin" Freshman Party Commit- tee, Art Club 1, Intra- murals 2, 3, 4, Brown 8: White 1, 2, 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, junior Prom Commit- tee, Senior Prom Com- mittee, Sophomore Hop Committee, Badminton 2, 3, 4, Washington Club, Cheerleader 3, 4, Fife, Drum, and Bugle Corps 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Ring Committee 2, Junior Prom Queen's Court, Yearbook Staff, Homeroom Secretary 1. CHESTER J. GODOMSKY " " Old Mystic he rrt true gentleman I ever hreatheafu JA Club 1, 2, soph- if omore Hop Committee, hington Club, junior m Committee, Base- l 1, 2, 4, Basketball 1, ross Country 1, 2, reshman Party Commit- tee, Chess Club 2, Sen- ior Gift Committee. GRADUATES page sixteen ' YN sl' . 4, WN-fm! A RICHARD V. MES "Doggie" Stonington "Wit maker itr own welcome" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 3, Honor- able Mention 2, Chess Club 2, Washington Club. .4- . RD . D . " 1-nie" Pa catuck e one ell, it ' h I desired" Camera Clu'f1, 2, 4, President 3, Music Club 3, 4, Tir c Squad 2, 33 Project' ub T, , 3, 4, Sci 33 Hobby Club 1, Baseball 1, Track 2, 3, Honor Roll 4, Brown 8: White 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff. PETER E. GRILLS "Pete" Pawcatuck "He who knew more and rpohe lem" Camera Club 2, 3, 43 Hobby Club 1, 2, Pro- jection Club 1, 2, 33 Chess Club 2, "S" Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Staff 1, Cross Country. BARBARA G. HARRINGTON "Barb" Mystic "A hrent without leave" Latin Club 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Drum Corps 2, 3, Art Club 1, Honor Roll 3, Sophomore Hop Committee, Senior Prom. Committee. 1949 HELEN E. HERBERT "Herby" PaWCatuCk "Her wire was ever soft, gentle and low" Honorable Mention 1, 2. PATRICIA was Staff 2, or Roll Corps 2 earbook Staff FRANCIS X. HOLLY Mystic "Hear murlay rpeak little" Cross Country lg Track 3, 4, Hobby Club 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, Home- room President 1. MARY L. HOLLY :Mystic "I Jlaall laugh myrelf to death" Sophomore Hop Com- mitteeg Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Art Club lg Com- petitive Plays 3, 4, School Play 3, 4g Glee Club 15 Senior Prom Committee. page seventeen We W1 GRADUATES db' ERNEST . 051165 1 t , "Pinky" ' "PerJuarion tip MW? tongue w n er he ml J" RALPH F. HORN , Mystic "My true love bath my bear!" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, "S" Club 2, 5. JOSEPH T. IMDAHL "Joe" Mystic "A time to keep silent and a time to .rpeaku Hobby Club 1, 2, 53 Homeroom Treasurer 3, 43 Class Ring Committee ife ' 2g Chess Club 1, 2. DWG X-'KM :bar B I ' L Il ,ba e lay l "S" b 4, b Clu , Z ff A, .1 W 1649 - , . I 1,1 'HU' if ' ' nnnnunes ,i,Aff'elalf"!wz. Y W' ,ff is If F Fujii! f u 1 If JOSEPH F. ITALIANO , , . in uJ0e" Pawcatuck my IW 0 Z mia! ylniflq ' It "To accept good advice a lg . 2, I if but to ifzrreafe 07155 so k S K IW, ' abilifyu , - OC. S3 I 3 Basketball 1, 2g Cafete- S, i 1 ' ria Staff 1, 2g Hobby Q I ' Club 3g Honor Roll 2, 3g V ' W ' Chess Club 2g Projection Club. JE N P. KBA JOSEPH J. ITALIANO 'joe' Pawcatuck "I journey down the highway" Baseball 2, 3g Co-Captain 45 Football 2, 3, 4g Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4g "S" Club 3, 4g Glee Club 4g Ring Committee 2g Hob- by Club 1. EVA E. JAMES Stonington "QuarrelJ and the rea are bert viewed from afar" Latin Club 2g Yearbook Staffg Washington Club. ANGELINA M. JANEIRO Angie" Mystic "Her pretence' if known by her humor" Fife, Drum, Bugle Corps 2, 3g Music Club 1g Hon- or Roll 25 Freshman Par- ty Committeteg Badmin- ton lg Sophomore Hop Committeeg junior Prom Committeeg Senior Prom Committeeg Yearbook Staff. page eighteen CH ll U 7' ZULZ1' 1 I 7' I6 D a" c Cl l aet 1' X2 o rnero 5 earbo man it C m Committee I Dramatic Club 1 2 Wfashington Club, Prom Committee. mmitt e Se Y Prom Prom Committeeg L 5. -31949 MILTON KIEBURG "Milt" Mystic "He rlaould, lae could, be would, loe doer lair bert" Football 1, 2, 35 Captain 43 Track 1, 2, Co-Captain 33 Captain 43 "S" Club 2, 3, 4g Projection Club 3, 43 Class Vice Presi- dent 23 Freshmen Dance Committeeg Sophomore Hop Committeeg Junior Prom Committee3 Senior Prom Committeeg Class Ring Committee3 Honor- able Mention 23 Honor Roll 33 Chess Club 23 Hobby Club 2. , JOHN 0, KILEY W "Oscar" . Stonington "Nye 414115 lufo erm and lwzlyaqzlgt-tohgiue, I0 we mqyg war more and Q speak ilerf' W 5 Basketbal, '13 Sophomore Competitive Play 23 Hob- by Club' 13 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Cross-Country 1, 2, Captain 5, 4, "s" Club 2, 3,43 . . . 3 ' g Q ' 0 , I DAVID B. ilsvdllg 3 "Buck" No. Stonington "Tl9e-Fright man forge 'V " right plane" Basketball 23 'Track .2 3,' 43 Football 3, 4. ALICE 3 "Al" Mssfic 1 "' ln? l1'il7 5 lzzefzz to U of lfrflaikfu IJ Lgr Corp 3 G' ls' UL port' 'lg lum tic Cl , 2g ub ,s LLA3 La i Cl 3 mb A l 11 Sigh? y - U 3 op o eric Hop ommigyeg ior tee3 S ' rong- om ittee3' hi V Club. -5. GRADUATES page nineteen RAYMOND P. LOPES "Ray" Mystic "I am lmppy uf can be" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 "S" Club 2, 3, 4g Cross- country 1, 23 Basketball 1, 23 Track 3, 43 Hobby Club 23 junior Prom Committeeg Sophomore Hop Committete. ,MADGE E. LORD "Tiny" No. Stonington "Fair uwrdr never laurt lbe tongue" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff. JOHN W. LOWE "jack" Pawcatuck "To iurure peure of mind, ignore ruler and regulalimlf' Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Bas- ketball l, 23 Track 23 Baseball 43 "S" Club 43 Hobby Club. jEAN B. MAZZARELLA , "Jeannie" Pawcatnflc "I will either al ak 1 b , , 4, Cl b 1 ramat' lub 1 3 Basket ll 3, erleacl 3, 4' Freshm PWS hc? wa 0 2 ' H or , 2, 43 if u 1 more, m eeg jun' om C 1ttee3 Brow W ' 1, 2, 3, 43 Y' b ok irls' Sports Edito , raffxc uad 2, 33 4' as i n Club3 Badminto , 2, ' "S" Club 3, 3 O tra 1, 23 G.A.A. 43 Senior Prom Com itteeg Cam- era Club 4. 1649 . K AZZARELLA M JOAN M. " a " Papegtuck "Ke r ape 0 the .r Mine" H fl , 2, , 45 ' ' l 3, 4, tra ' ' lub , , 5, White 1, 2, 3, 4, ramatic Club 1, 2, jr., Sr Pr0m,Qommittees, ore Hop Commit- ee, Art Club Ish' ' Stonin TIZZIJ' 6 67 L. n Musi 1, 2, 3, , own 8: White 1, ,I 4, Tra c Sq Cl , 4, Honor Roll ,'2, 3, 4, Yea t , O ato i- cal test 3 ' ub 2, ashin Club, Senio Pro ommittee, Homeroom Treasurer 2. ANITA E. MCKIE '4Neets" Mystic "Arr W 3, Club Prom Dramatic Club 2, 5, 4, Sophomore Hop Commit- tee, jr. Prom Committee: SCCFGIHIV 33 Yearbook Staff: "S" Club, Art Cluh 1, Washington' Club. il ARG' i 1. X ED S " ggy" Stonington "S d Jizz, kind- neff ' ich mari leave zwdozzeu Ar lub 1, Yearbook Staff, 0 r 2, 3. ,f XD? GRADUATES page twenty ROBERT E. MEEKER "Bob" Pawcatuck "The man ibut blurher if not az brine" Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres- dent of Class 1, Class Representative 2, Com- petitive Plays 2, All-State Band 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4. "Cleo" Com- 3' Art EVELYN M. MORGAN "Evie" No. Stonington "Let uf have ,17eare" Yearbook Staff, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Staff 2. I ' 1 , 47' J lj ls .. 1949 Clzflw ' A V' N, ,ff Mrnnunss t , jf V, if Q SALLY A. O'NEIL "Sal" Pawcatuck FL' "AJ yazqagjvgginan, .ro 10' and' ni 711672 33 Honor Roll , 3g Honorable e ion 1, 2g Yearbook ffg Office Girl 4. ROBERT W. MOSCARITOLO "Bob" Pawcatuck "Be Jilent and mfeu Art Club 35 Camera Club 4. and Corps League Rep- P Catu 1 e J et 2 ju or ing n mmit 1 r Com I C It Half page twenty-one Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Brown? 8: White Staff 1, 2, 3, 4g Yearbook Staffg Student Council 23 Traffic Squad 5, 4g Sophomore Hop Committeeg juniork Prom Committeeg Washington Clubg Dramatic Club lg Drum torps 2g Home- room T asurer 3g Senior Prom Committeeg junior Prom Queen. ICG-VXSHIRLEY J. O ROURK lJUGalryL'!q"-'Q Pam Op- LQLLA A. T ERI l l w l l Ut 1 birx ,-ww l l " " Mystic py a l,' jr m 'm ree' Whi ta , 5 g Tr ua g Dra 'C , , ' 5' 1 o ' - ' ' u a l n , , . . . X 'fi' x is AMPEL eye!! 1g Fresh- man Party Committeeg Washington Clubg Hon- or Roll 1, Z, 35h Senior Prom Committee. l l 4 l l l l l l 4 1649 . 1 1 . f l" EDVVARDJQPAUL "Eddie" Pawcatuck "He if of a calm nature" Yearbook Staff, Cafeteria Staff 2, 3, 4, "S" Club 4, Projection Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Hobby Club 1, 2. CHARLES L. PEARCE, Jr. "Charlie" Sto ington "B bet, J r, Fm BJ!! ways III the u'rot1g" I oo,W3g H by C If 2, rack 2 SALVATORE PERRONE "Sam" Pawcatuck "Fm L1 friend of lmppizzexf' Basketball 1, Honor Roll 3g Cafeteria Staff 1, 2g Hobby Club 2, 3g Foot- ball 3, 4, Glee Club 1. ' y range .rtjdyg . . , . I ftlifyf . f te . 'Blah' , mesh- 0 , t tee, o c mrty - 'miytibgj rom Qiie n' Co r , junior Pr Committee, Home- room Secretary 1, Senior Prom Committee, Wash- ington Club. KW LP 1 J", B , Grahame? Ucarrief k x GRADUATES page twenty-two fy . "E " ton' gton "FU Z Ill Orin 722' pe " Art ub 1, on oll 3, g jun' Pro om- m' tee, ee 1 gb Brow W 'e 3b ' Tralii Sq 2, 3, Cam 33 Senior Prom Co itteeg Year- book Staff g Wasluington Club. DONALD J. PETTINI "Pete" Stonington "Few things are impofxi- ble to diligenre and Mail!" Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Team 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, 33 Stage Manager 45 Camera Club 1, 2, 4, Vice-President 3g "S" Club 2, 3, 4, Home- room Treasurer 1, junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee. STANLEY A. PIANKA "Stan" Old Mystic "A Jmile mf!! the least and doef the mort" Washington Club. DONALD R. PQDZIEWSKI "Don" Mystic "He attains u'laate1'e'f he 17ll7',fllf?,l'U Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 1, 2, 3,, Co-Captain 4, Track 3, 43 "S" Club 3, 4g Student Council 35 Hobby Club 15 Chess Club 2, Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 - 1949 14010. .V JV - NI " ' ic errily, NM Jhal l I '1fe" all g tldfb reasur r , 1' amatic Club 4, " lub 3, 4g . . Office 45 ifci nd Drum C rps 2, reshman - rhitte ' o ommitte opho ore Hop Committ gjaior Prom Committ 5 mel room Vice-P dent lg Honor Roll,3g Washing- ton Clubg Girls' Club lg Intramural GRADUATES ERNEST W. RAYNER "Ernie" Pawcatuck "Old Dayr of rweel leirureu Camera Club 1, 2, 35 Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3g State Or- chestra 2, 3, 4g Chess Club 2g Hobby Club 1, 23 Science Club 2, 3. Cranston H' ' cho l .Cranston, R. 3 omore I Co ee, at try' High I ve y, R. I. , ' page twenty-three JOAN E. RICHARDS "Peanuts" Mystic "A good llzugla if Jun- Jbifle in a lJ0ure" Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Music Club I, 2, 3, 4. , ,W toni surer ' Year k ta Girls Lea Cou cll 3 ,I Jay 'Jn I II.E 1 - . le x ,FI 1 '. 5 ' ,F , rt I ub"?1gi S "Q k e JOHN M. RILEY, Jr. "Huck" No. Stonington "Still uwlerr fuzz deep!" NORMAN R. RILEY Pawcatuck "TlJiJ' lmppy breed of men" 1649 .. 3' W5 L. g A IRLEYLMV ROOK U58 irl" It Pawcatuck l of angelf' hestna 1, 2, 4, Glee lub 1, 2 , , Latin rn " ' 'J well mid to be Club 2' mera lub 3g Offic rl 4, Homeroom Se e ary 1, All - State md 4, Yearbook Staff, junior Promf Committee. J tt' MA . RUSSO b I " " ld M'stic 1 "SilQcg IJ er , of tr Cgeteria Staff 2, Sa sr m shi ittee . 1 , I I COL E ' 01 R CI IV Pa at k 3 N " hav ear :- oo ve l oy" 'iv bbw 'c U 1, 2 l3, I! t ' -. 2, , afe- 'teria 2 , lee b Fe oncii I n- Ngf' t' 72, 1--4 rty I0-I ' ommiot u 'or rom Cofqmittee enior Prom Committee. DOROTHY M. SAFFOMILLA "Dot" Mystic "Fame if X . A 'l5""s Corps 2, 5, 4, Sta ' Fresh- ma Pariy mmittee, hom p Commit- ee, ju ' Prom Com. mittee, omeroom Secre- tary 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Washington Club. . l annnunres D page twenty-four ell s H AUN RS teve" wcat WA ' eo ,E no ire e da era ' ' all , a , , lu ' Junior P Com ' ee. MARIE E. SCHWAM Pawcatuck "Charming mmbinalian of tendefnerr and gen- erorizyn Brown 8: White 1, 2, Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 4, Office Girl 4, All-State Orchestra 3, 4, Yearbook Sales Manager, Sophomore Ring Com- mittee, Honorable Men- tion 3. MARGARET T. SHEA "Marga" Pawcatuck "My heart if warm will: friendf I make" Camera Club 1, 2, Dra- matic Club 1, Brown 8: White Staff 1, 2, 3, Busi- ness Manager 4, Cheer- leader 3, 4, Badminton 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, Freshman Par- ty Committee, Sopho- more Hop Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Yearbook Staff, Traflic Squad 2, 3, 4, Office Girl 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Washington Club, Girls' Sports Club 2, 3, 4. -- 1949 BARBARA A. SISWICK "Babe" Mystic "The none that ir rolling galberf no mon" Latin Club 2, Dramatic Club 3, Glee Club 3, Property Manager 2, 3, Yearbook Staff, Business Manager, Brown 8: White 4. W Q4 VW fl if ' ' K Nl 5 "1 0' Y F. AI, W Stonington 'Sile 'if the one great -of converfaliorf' ' t Club 12, Drum Corps 3, Glee Club 1, Home Economics Club 2. JAMES H. SMITH, jr. "Smitty" Pawcatuck "And I keep my anger still" Football manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Pro- jection Club 1, 2, 3, 4, "S' Club 4, Washington Club. ERNESTINE M. SQUADRITO "Ernie" Mystic "From a little .rpark may burr! a migloly flame" junior Prom Committee, Glee Club 1, Tumbling Club 2, Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Senior Prom Com- mittee. DOROTHEA K. SYLVIA "Dotty" Pawcatuck "Da Naam fweel marie 10 delight the mimi" Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Brown 8: White 2, Freshman Par- ty Committee, Sopho- more Hop Committee, Jr., Sr. Prom Committees, Yearbook Staff, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Washington Club, Basketball, 2. VERONICA D. TRAVERS "Roni" Stonington "Her mind, laer kingdom. laef' will, ber law" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Traf- fic Squad 2, 3, Captain 4, Latin Club 2, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Oratori- cal Contest, Senior Prom Committee, English Prize 2, 3, Biology Prize 2, United States History Prize 3. EDMUND J. VICTORI r. ' " 'gg in on ver y be Aged" BW , YE Ba all ' 2, 3, r 1 2, s cCoun- 1, - Sthe r A cil ice- ' ent 3, G 'e Club 1, , 3, Chess Club 1, 2, Brown 8: White Staff 1, 2. JOSEPHINE D. WARDMAN "Jodie" Pawcatuck "Now, Jifzre you gave me the key, Jlaall ymlaek 't for ou?" Ne igh School, Ne ar N. H.: Gle Cl reas r , Vice-P s e Dra- ma ' , ecre ary 3 t unci Econo cs , ssistant Edit ear- , boo 3, n' ton High -f Sc . Senior P m y . mittee, ' gto Club. af f 5 . f 'K 9 ' ' page twenty-live ff yi , I f I 3-Mc 1649 HUBERT J. WATSON "jim" Mystic "Re.r,twrz5ibility educates" Football 2, 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 3, 4, Hobby Club 2, Track 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 4, Pro- jection Club 3g Chess Club 2, Traffic Squad 3. WILLIAM B. WATSON "Bill" Mystic "Nothing if of .veriour importanreu Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 4, Co-Captain 33 Baseball 1, 3, 4, "S" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, junior Class Vice President, junior Prom Committee, Hobby Club 1, Sopho- more Hop Committee. Ugg kbp. Arr 3 ystic x QQ' e bury la ro time JW W - fort ' L mati u Drum 4 r ommit- f I' GRADUATES page twenty-six DOROTHY C. WHIPPLE "Dottie, Pawcatuck "Being irt cz hurry if one of the tribute! Jbe payr to life" Sports' Club 1, Latin Club Vice President 2, Camera Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A, 3, 4, All-State Orchestra 3, 4, Laurel Girls' State 3, Traflic Squad 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 3, Washington Club, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff. AL FRED WH ITE "Whitey" Pawcatuck "She would ruzz through ire and water for meh tz kind heart" Football I, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Baseball 1, "S" Club 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party Committee, Sophomore Hop Committee, Home- room President 1. LEON F. WILLIAMS Stonington "He it of rl very reriozrs' di.rpoJiti0rz" Basketball 1, 4, Hobby Club 2, Sophomore Ring Committee, Camera Club 4. MEDA F. WOMACK Mystic "One tomb of Veritas," Elmore, Oklahom . Cl b' Home Ec c c , is 1 . 1, 2, 111' .." ' SC. up f I . s ' 1 ' :gf ' 1949 GLASS WILL i949 We, the members of the graduating class of the year ninteen hundred and forty-nine of Stonington High School, of the County of New London, and the State of Connecticut, declare and ordain the following to be our last Will and Testament: We, Pat Albro, Meredith Bromley and Mary Bruno, do bequeath our "sharp specs" to Mr. Griffin, Mary Ann Joseph and Mr. Petty. I, Elizabeth Allen, do bequeath my little girl manner to Josephine Faillace. We, John Ames, Robert Moscaritolo, and Joseph Imdahl, do bequeath our preference to be seen but not heard to Mary Finnigan and Mildred Ames. I, Harold Austin, do bequeath my love of chem- istry to anyone who can survive as long as I have. I, Donald Banker, do will my "hay raker" drawl to Charles Ames. I, William Banks, do will my friendly smile and personality plus to Dick Palmer. I, Charles Barnes, do will my devil-may-care at- titude to Ronnie Holland. I, Irving Bennett, do leave my interest in avia- tion to Connie Rose. I, Barbara Berry, do bequeath to Miss Silverstein my much coveted "peanut" pencil. I, Gary Bill, do leave my ability to have a finger in every pie to Lonnie Delaney. I, Gayla Bill, do will my ability to play the piano for anything at any time to Roy Smith. I, Kenny Bogue, do leave my interest in a certain drum majorette to absolutely no one. I, Henry Bolduc, do will to Geefy Gilmore my interest and ability in sports. We, Jane Bowen and Santina DiMaggio, do will to Kathryn Faulise our ability and love for dancing. I, Richard Carlsson, do will to Flora Mailhot my unlimited knowledge of many subjects. I, Betty Clark, do will my many freckles and love of sports to Sally Ann Emmet. I, Margaret Clay, do bequeath my ability to handle a Studebaker as well as I do to anyone lucky enough to have one. I, Rosemary Cone, do will my sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks to Shirley Blanchard. I, Thomas Cordner, do will my ability to create a disturbance under any circumstances to Buzzi Durfee. I, Madeline Crowley, do will my friendly per- sonality to Mary Thompson. I, Dora DiCesare, do leave my stack of points in P. D. to the junior that talks the most. I, Joan Dougherty, do will to Barbara Powers, my ability to come up with a witty remark for every occasion. I, Frances Dowding, do bequeath my natural blonde hair to Joyce Bliven. We, Bernard Gordon and Clyde Drake, do will our interest and ability in photography to Patrick Anderson. I, LaVerne Duguid, do will to Roland Buck the many hearts I have broken during my four years at S. H. S. I, Lois Dunn, do bequeath to Corrine Ostigny my attractive dimples. We, Mary and Margaret Fain, do bequeath to Anne and Frances Raffo our untiring efforts to dress "just alike." I, Margaret Faulise, do leave my neat locks and "new look" to Patricia Curley. I, Charles Feeney, do will my uneasiness in the presence of the fairer sex to Wilfred Vars. I, Dolores Ferrarro, do leave my famous bass drumming to the girl in the Drum Corps with the most COLll'3.g6. I, Fernald Fitts, do will my huge collection of late slips to John Mello. I, Angelo Galli, do leave my "worry about nothing" way of life to Tony Ponte. I, John Garity, do leave the tape that held up my football pants in the game last fall to anyone who can't get a belt to fit. I, Elaine Geyer, do leave my "fragile figure" to Alice Fish. I, Chester Godomski, do bequeath my always neat appearance to Alton Gray. I, Richard Gomes, do will my long list of aliases to Glen Bates. I, Peter Grills, do leave my position as manager of the basketball team to anyone who can fill my shoes successfully. We, Barbara Harrington and Alice Linzen, do bequeath to Marilyn Cini and .Helen Huard our art of always being in the same place at the same time. I, Helen Herbert, do bequeath my dignified manner to Elizabeth Green. I, Joan Riley, do bequeath the silver streak in mv hair to Kathleen Connors. I. Patricia Higgins, do will my ability to get along with everyone to Betty Simonelli. I, Mary Holly, do bequeath my hilarious giggle to Joyce Harrison. page twenty-seven 1649 . I, Ernest Honig, do leave my ability to talk myself out of intricate situations to Kenny Cran- dall. We, Ralph Horn and Leon Williams, do will our tall and handsome appearance to Arthur Rathbun. I, Joseph Italiano, do leave my position on the corner as chief ride getter to Mystic to Bruce Morgan. I, Eva James, do bequeath my ability to conceal my true personality to Joan Pont. I, Angeline Janeiro, do leave my many good times in the O.P. room to Dorris Hempstead. I, Marilyn Jopson, do will to Ruth Main my courteous and quiet ways. I, Milton Kieburg, do will my position as cap- tain of the '49 football squad to the four co- captains of '5O. I, Daniel W. Kelliher, do will my love for fig- ured sweaters to Phil Jones. I, Frances Kenyon, do leave my sincere and friendly ways to Millie Furey. I, Pat Kenyon, do leave my outstanding singing ability to Charlotte Buck. I, John Kiley, do bequeath to Fred Papson the full amount of energy I used on the track team. I, David Lewis, do leave my "Model A" to any- one who can stop it from shimmying. I, Raymond Lopes, do will my ability to perform all the latest dance steps with ease to anyone who can fill my dancing shoes. I, Madge Lord, do bequeath my meek air to Glenna Siswick. I, John Lowe, do will my often used tardy ex- cause, "icy roads," to Ralph Savy. I, Jean Mazzarella, do leave my super abundant supply of energy to Joanne Fontanella. I, Joan Mazzarella, do will my title of "small in appearance but great in importance" to Janet Stanton. I, Alicia McDonough, do will my Hare for sud- den impulses to Jean Barnes. I, Anita McKie, do will my love for dramatics to Nancy Sicilian. I, Robert Meeker, do bequeath my famous blush to Arthur Harper. I, Carlene Mello, do bequeath my large collec- tion of "Vogue', clothes to Sheila Kelliher. I, Lorrain Moran, do bequeath my glowing smile to Betty Mush. I, Evelyn Morgan, do leave my quiet ways, but many acquaintances, to Barbara Vincent. I, Florence Morrissette, do will my ability to rattle off French to Carmella Sammataro. I, Maybelle Murray, do leave my interest in Westerly boys to Helen Grills. I, Ruth O'Neil, do bequeath my smiling Irish eyes to Marilyn O'Neil. I, Sally O'Neil, do bequeath to Celina Lenihan my vote as the prettiest girl in my class. I, Shirley O'Rourke, do bequeath to Barbara Billings my love of mischief. I, Lilla Oteri, do bequeath my happy-go-lucky spirit to I-Iermine Squadrito. I, Richard Pampel, do bequeath to Bill La- moureux my dark curly hair. I, Carolyn Perry, do leave my many admirers of the opposite sex to Joan Appleton. I, Ella Perry, do bequeath my Hashing eyes and flying pen to Nancy Albro. We, Dorothea Sylvia and Donald Pettini, do will our outstanding school spirit to Josephine Risica and "Bo" Taggart. I, Stanley Pianka, do will my pleasant speaking voice to Everett Fontanella. I, Donald Podziewski, do bequeath my much envied ways to George Richards. I, Sylvia Radicioni, do will my position on the cheering squad to any sophomore with as much interest as I have. I, Barbara Rayner, do will my collection of Bulkeley men to Millie Sousa. We, Ernest Rayner and James Smith, do will our knack of taking life easy to Charles Lorella. I, Antonio Rocha, do leave my school spirit and love of football to Angelo Serio. I, Shirley Rook, do leave my collection of Prom Programs to Dorothy Jones. I, Nicky Rustici, do leave my sincere love of people to Wanda Dimmock. I, Dorothy Saffomilla, do leave my endless curi- osity to Muriel Visgilio. , I, Mary Sanquedolce, do leave my loquaciousness to Anita DiCesare. We, Mary Small, Stephen Saunders, and Ernes- tine Squadrito, do bequeath our combined height to Duane Heineck. I, Lila Steele, do will my ability to be elected class treasurer three out of four times to any fresh- man as trustworthy as I. Q I, Barbara. Stinson, do will my ability to go steady for so long a time to any underclassman who can do the same. I, Veronica Travers, do will my bright smile and ability to do everything well to Barbara Whipple. I, Edmund Victoria, do leave my position as favorite "soda jerk" in the Village Spa to Ronnie James. ' page twenty-eight ' 1949 I, Jody Wardman, do will my ability to speak my mind and get away with it to Jeannette L0- Buglio. I, James Watson, do will my leadership in the Student Council and policy of "rule with a stern hand" to Ronnie O'Keefe. I, Eunice Watts, do will my daily dash for the bus to anyone who can run as fast as I. I, Dorothy Whipple, do bequeath to Peggy Davis the many happy hours I have spent with music. ' I, Alfred White, do bequeath my two stools in chemistry Cone for my feetj to some ambitious junior. I, Margaret Medeiros, do bequeath my artistic ability to joan Wahtola. I, Meda Womack, do will to Betty Oliver my "cover girl" appearance. I, Marga Shea, do bequeath to Jane Lathrop my many athletic activities. I, Marie Schwam, do bequeath my love for any kind of music to any underclassman willing to listen to it as much as I. I, jean Keane, do will my knack of being both pleasant and efficient to Rose Fiorino. I, Ethel Remick, do bequeath my willingness to help under any circumstances to Mildred Collins, I, Pauline Blanchet, do leave my ability to have many interests in the opposite sex to Gloria Brus- tolon. I, Evangeline Bosworth, do leave my manner of thinking everyone is "tops" to Maureen Jeffrey. 1 4 -f . .. - I X I, Raymond Colechia, do leave my policy of chivalrous treatment of the fairer sex to Paul Huard. We, Francis Dolce and Salvatore Perrone do leave our memories of four years of fun at S. H. S. to David Dunn and Milton Banker. I, Robert Imdahl, do will my ever-handy "S" sweater to Gerard McKenna. I, joseph F. Italiano, do bequeath to Barry Rich- mond, my quiet, dignihed manner. I, Edward Paul, do leave my reliability for pay- ing my class dues, a rare asset, to some thrifty junior. I, Charles Pearce, do leave my "better late than never" policy to some tardy underclassman. I, joan Richards, reluctantly leave my love for the Brooklyn Dodgers to Whitney Carpenter. I, john Riley, do leave my dark and fascinating eyes to Louis Gonsalves. I, Norman Riley, regretfully leave my member- ship in the Lower Pawcatuck gang to joe Adams. I, Marie Russo, leave my ability to sympathize to Irene Tabor. I, William Watson, do will my collection of track awards to any junior capable of earning them. Signed, sealed, published and declared this as and for the last Will and Testament, by the class of 1949, Stonington High School, in the presence of us and each of us, who at their request and in their presence of each other have hereunto sub- scribed our names as witnesses: PATRICIA ALBRO DOROTHY WHIPPLE SALLY O'NEIL page twenty-nine 1649 . . . A-M- Vt- T-' '- EM Wgfg IQEQQQQN .E:-1 1 ji 5-Lurtk lim I ,gh V wif" A Z X 9550 AW A3 f -5 xgvtq f jig? w TW li .. X -TQ, M if VN if We iiifxilf winf ggQJif ' V kJ!69MF wig? Fi gp UQQG1 X gummneenhs? , K Qx Q in We ou Gunn K Died My ff' t ff 4'-"Hg 'df fkk 'C7' f ,FQff'i-iw 1 1 f 5 AT if M EZEX g?3P SWWW J W53qEEf Zi wif C795 f W i-af-'fi .Sage gsm, mid. Y! 52 .Ymgges H1 TQH'-ll W 0 5 ,Zi Qfsiflfi G55 v MF? 2 9066 MMS. QM Wan Q L? --k-l- J 2 -Q fwff' 1 1 'Y " ,EU M ak M Q wr J X J . x ,N 0 Ganvosf XQQXQZ7 M DW - 1949 BOY Gary Bill. . . Donald Pettini . Milton Kieburg . . Robert Meeker . Henry Bolduc . . LaVerne Duguid . LaVerne Duguid . Donald Podziewski . Chester Godomsky . john Garity . . . Chester Godomsky . Angelo Galli . . . Clyde Drake . . Ralph Horn . . Anthony Rocha . . Gary Bill . . . Thomas Cordner . William Banks . . Donald Podziewski Milton Kieburg . . Gary Bill . . . Bernard Gordon . James Watson . Richard Carlsson . Thomas Cordner . Fernald Pitts . . Milton Kieburg . . William Banks . William Banks . . Richard Pampel . Richard Gomes . Gary Bill . . . Angelo Galli . . Wfilliam Watson . mg GLASS VUTE Beit Arloi' Mort Amoitioay Clary Ariiyt M ost Baflafiil M051 Arlflezir Cater! Bert Dancer Mort Digiiiped Bef! Disporitiozz Mort Slyliflv Happier! Mo.rI Caiioar Bert Looking Mort Coarteoiir Mort Mariral N oiriert Bert Peizfoiialily Most Paired Mort Popular Bert School Spirit Mort Likely to Sacreeil Moy! Sopliirtirateil Mort Studioaf Bert Comedian Mor! Taraly Mort Rerpefteil Mort Claawiziizg Mori Soviable Clary Flirt Glam Giggler Most Verralile Mort Of7l'i77Ii,fli6 Mori Pefriwzirzfic page thirty-one Q.. GIRL . . .Mary Holly . . Dora DiCesare . Veronica Travers . . Elaine Geyer . Madge Lord . . Anita McKie . . Elaine Geyer . . Carlene Mello Florence Morrissette . . Patricia Higgins . Carlene Mello . . Patricia Higgins . Dorothy Safifomilla . . . Sally O'Neil Florence Morrissette . . Patricia Kenyon . . Dolores Ferraro . . Patricia Kenyon . Margaret Faulise . . Elaine Geyer . . Dorothy Sylvia . Veronica Travers . . Carlene Mello . . Dora DiCesare . . Lilla Oteri . . Carlene Mello . Veronica Travers . . Meda Womack . . Patricia Kenyon . . Carolyn Perry . Madeline Crowley . . Anita McKie . . Patricia Kenyon . Sally O'Neil 1649 . GLASS PRUPIIEGY "Ladies and Gentlemen: We welcome you to the World Premier of 'The S.H.S. '49ers' produced by Boney Films, Inc. This company owned by Kenny Bogue and Buddy Feeney has joan Dougherty as its head script writer. We are now very happy to present Gary Bill, the blond Garthur Odfrey, who will broadcast and M.C. this premier. fHis very competent secretary Rosemary Cone is at his side.j The members of the class of '49 are special guests this june evening in 1960. Qln a glass enclosed booth, Gary is able to spot his classmates as they appear in the theater. The last strains of the class ode are heard as he begins to speak.j "Welcome friends and former classmates. Some reserved seats are still empty. But wait a minute- here come the famous Meda Womack, Margaret Faulise, Pauline Blanchet, and Carrie Perry, all working as Powers' models. Now enters the Ston- ington Symphony Orchestra which will play a few selections before the presentation. Included in this orchestra are Dorothy Whipple, Ernest Rayner, Shirley Rook, and Marie Schwam. As an extra at- traction Alicia McDonough and Marilyn jopson will render Rachmaninoff's 'Concerto for Two Pi- anos.' There's our Carlsson, the famous Optome- trist. With him is Mary Bruno, the designer of eye glass rims. Down the aisle come two very familiar figures, the 'Soni' TwinsfMary and Margaret Fain. I wonder which has the 'Soni'? Look who is right behind them-Sally O'Neil, 'Miss Rheingold' of 1952, accompanied by the most eligible bachelors who direct the bachelors' home in New London, Robert Meeker and joseph Imdahl. Sally's insep- arable pal Ruth O'Neil will not be present this evening as she has gone to Ireland to see the little leprechauns. "Three surgeons are now entering the theater: Barbara Harrington, brain surgeon, Fernald Fitts, psychiatrist, and Francis Holly, the famous tree surgeon. Have you ever looked at the Bears Soe- buck catalog? You must have seen the famous mod- els of ties-Billy Banks and Chet Godomski-- sitting down next to Elaine Geyer and Milton Kie- burg who did the monogramming for the produc- tion. One of my rivals is now entering the theater, Mary Holly the famous television comedian. Bar- bara Stinson and Lila Steele, co-authors of the book 'How to Get Along With a Husband' have just stopped to chat with Gayla Bill, and jean and joan Mazzarella, dental hygienists in the clinic owned by Raymond Colechia. Two of Ray's most capable assistants are LaVerne Duguid and Donald Pod- ziewski. Pat Albro, chemistry teacher, is having difficulty with Tony Rocha who is trying desper- ately to sell her his famed plastic test tubes.'Ernest Honig, the well known veterinarian, has just seated himself in a corner with two of his pet dogs. "I see Stanley Pianka, Carlene Mello, and Fran- cis Dolce, teachers at the old Alma Mater, arguing as to whether they should accept Angelo .Galli's offer to start a chauffeuring business for the stu- dents from Mystic and Stonington. "The noted movie critic Dora DiCesare is seated beside joan Richards, one of the few female play- ers for the Brooklyn Dodgers. The thrilling mo- ment has finally arrived! Donald Pettini gives the signal for the hlm to begin and the lights dim. It will seem like old times seeing all these familiar faces once again. "First we see Marie Russo, Margaret Clay, Ethel Remick, Margaret Medeiros, joan Riley, and Helen Herbert walking into the Block L study hall. I last saw them very capably running their nursery school in New York. "There's Dot Saffomilla and Tommy Cordner ar- guing over a little matter of a tack on a chair. I guess their vocations were lin the cards,' he being a comedian and she an argumentative mathematics teacher. There's Bolduc Cstill in top form as a professionalj plowing through the Westerly line at the Thanksgiving game. "We see Florence Morrissette, Margaret Shea, Lois Dunn, Veronica Travers, Frances Dowding, and Eva james talking about their future nursing careers. john Kiley and Leon Williams are stroll- ing down the hall. They look so shy but today they have proved their hidden ability as sports writers. jane Bowen and Santina Di Maggio with their partners are jitterbugging at the Washington Club Dance. Anita McKie and Ella Perry are talk- ing in French class. Ella's new book, 'Lucy's Por- trait,' has just been effectively illustrated by Anita. Edward Paul, Peter Grills, joseph F. Italiano, and Samuel Perrone are busy making bookcases in the shop. They have succeeded in becoming noted contractors. "I remember only too well the days in chem- istry class when Harold Austin would talk of his racing car. He has won over ten races in his car named 'Carbolic Acidf "In Office Practice we see Mimi Crowley and Lilla Oteri typing their fingers to the bone. They page thirty-two 1949 are both very popular on their current radio pro- gram called 'My Friend Lilla.' "Seated in P.D. class is Robert Imdahl drawing his fishing boats. Today he has become a ship de- signer. Also in P.D. class are john Ames and Charles Barnes who look as if they've made at least 30 points each. Their ability in conversation has won them seats in the Senate. As the lilm ends, we get a view of Meadow Avenue where David Lewis has his Model A full of students Lorraine Moran, Meredith Bromley, Donald Banker and Evelyn Morgan, all co-owners of a large ranch in North Stonington. "Now friends and guests: After you leave the theater please hurry to Barbara Berry's famous Club '49 where Pat Kenyon, vocalist, and Shirley O'Rourke, accordionist, are the special entertainers. Ralph I-Iorn, former male vocalist at this club, now has a television broadcast of his own. I shall meet you there and continue the broadcast." CML Bill has a seat where he can see all the peo- ple as they come into the club, then he continueszj "Welcome once again. The first feature of the evening is Mary Small, who will tap dance. Well, well, here come the late birds: Irving Bennett, Richard Pampel, Charles Pearce, joseph Italiano, john Riley, Alfred White, and james Smith, in- structors at the Stonington Airlines. Sitting at a table are William Watson, principal at Stonington High, talking to his very able secretary, Madge Lord. You know, of course, that his brother jimmy is a distinguished radio announcer. He is now stepping out on the stage to announce ballerinas Sylvia Radicioni, Alice Linzen, Ernie Squadrito, and Eunice Watts. Now appearing in the door- way are jeane Keane, Nicky Rustici, and Evange- line Bosworth, all enthusiastic housewives. i'The food here is absolutely delicious. Why shouldn't it be when dietitians Betty Clark and Elizabeth Allen plan all menus. "Pop! Ladies and Gentlemen: Do you know what that noise was? That was Norman Riley demonstrating his new invention, the bottle open- er which opensr and pours at the same time. An- gelina Ianeiro, Maybelle Murray, and Mary San' quedolce, who own and operate a dress shop, are modeling dresses from their shop which will be the styles of 1961. Pat Higgins, the owner of a large chain of drug stores, has just appeared with her two pharmacists, Dick Gomes and Clyde Drake. Ray Lopes, author of the book 'How to Cure Bald- ness,' is talking with Norman Riley. Charles Fel- lows, the director of the enlarged Stonington Community Center, has just entered with his as- sociates: Dolores Ferraro, instructor of the drum corps, 'Spike' Kelliher, coach of basketball, and Eddie Victoria, the badminton instructor. Bernard Gordon, the owner of the Gordon Developing and Printing Studio, is talking with Admirals Ste- phen Saunders and john Lowe about taking pic- tures of the navy's ships. Look! There's John Gar- ity passing around his well-known 'jake's Stogiesf Dorothy Sylvia and Josephine Wardman, co-own- ers of the Little Theater of Broadway are with Barbara Rayner and Frances Kenyon, hair stylists for Boney Films. "And so this evening of complete enchantment has come to an end. It has been enjoyable to have this annual class gathering. Now, regretfully, I must sign off until our next reunion." MARILYN 1oPs0N ELLA PERRY ALICIA Mi-DONOUGH page thirty-three 1649 . ug , .,., , ...,, , 'FX' V' f il iw 4 zz Wim sf xx 5' ,lt ff Zag Q -5 31 ,852 Q' an 9 2 ZH J fo v Ax 5? Q x X Q 2 :,:. -- 5 'i W . W iff 7 1949 GLASS HISTORY On a sunny September morn in 1945, we cau- tiously approached that imposing brick building on the summit of Mayflower Avenue. Once inside the door, our worst fears were confirmed as we viewed this huge monstrosity with its array of many obscure rooms, schedule cards, and "face smearing" seniors! From the very beginning, we were to learn that an upperclassman's word was law and to see a traffic officer was to obey. After catching our breath, we noticed the many new classmates we had-this was the first year that the Wheeler High School students came to S.H.S. Finally adjusted to this rigorous routine, we elected our class officers with the help of Miss DeSista. We were guided through this turbulent freshman year by William Kelleher, President, Vice-Presi- dent, Milton Kieburg, Secretary, Gayla Bill, Treas- urer, Lila Steele. Our first social debut was the Freshman Party which introduced us to the lighter life at S.H.S. Many talented personalities were discovered among our fellow laborers, as proved by the large per- centage from the class actively participating in the the various activities. With a newly acquired manner of self-confi- dence, we started our sophomore year by electing the following classmates to office: William Kelle- her, President, Milton Kieburg, Vice President, Gayla Bill, Secretary, Lila Steele, Treasurer. This year we presented, our first dramatic enterprise, a competitive play--"Almost Seventeen"-under the direction of Miss Hastings, our class adviser, and Miss Sieve. Excitement was heightened by the riv- alry among the contestants competing for the hon- or of being chosen as cheerleaders. judged co-cap- tains were Anita McKie and joan Mazzarella. Class rings, traffic posts, glee club, football, baseball, and the newly formed Fife, Drum, and Bugle Corps were all current topics. We entered our junior year with the "do or die" attitude toward becoming the backbone of the school. By trial and error, we reached this tradi- tional, but hard to gain, goal. Miss Hastings re- mained our class adviser. Leading us this all im- portant year were: President, William Kelleher, Vice President, William Watson, Treasurer, Pa- tricia Higgins, Secretary, Anita McKie. This year seven of our best students were elected members of the National Honor Society, namely: Patricia Albro, Richard Carlsson, joan Dougherty, Marilyn jopson, Anita McKie, Dorothy Saffomilla, and Veronica Travers. Our next dramatic effort was "His First Date," a hilarious comedy directed by Mr. Petty. We as- sumed a great responsibility when we undertook to edit our first issue of the Brown and White under the supervision of Mrs. Cronin. Our staff was ca- pably headed by joan Dougherty, the new Editor- in-Chief. The grand finale of our third and best year was our junior Prom which, with the aid of Miss Hastings, Mr. Houston, and Mr. Morgan, was a spectacular success. President "Spike" Kelleher and Prom Queen Sally O'Neil, with her enchanting court, ruled over the festivities of the evening. A superb orchestra added to the "dreamtime" at- mosphere on this starlit june evening. The Senior Regime! Now at last we blood- thirsty seniors could rule the roost- the organiza- tion of the Washington Club. Through this, many of our projects were made possible: cake sales, numerous paper drives, and the lucrative Thanks- giving Dance which netted more than was ex- pected. Our little expedition into the "cold cruel" world proved to be worth all the suffering fraw feet and blistersj that we went through to make our dream come true, thanks to the untiring efforts of Mr. Foley. ' The honor of directing us in our final year was given to William Kelleher. He was assisted by Vice President, Anthony Rocha, Secretary, Barbara Stin- son, and Treasurer, Lila Steele. Our adviser was Mr. Williamson. Now began the hustle and bustle of scraping material together for the yearbook, Under the com- petent hand of Veronica Travers and the inex- haustible energy of Miss Silverstein, we edited a book we think to be outstanding. On january 29, the last social contribution of class of '49 was made to our good old Alma Mater -our Senior Prom. A Hurry of pretty gowns, sweet whispering music, and a bewitching "Candyland" constituted this gala affair. The rest of the year was spent in a swirl of events. In june came Flunk Day and Class Day. At last our shining hour approached-gone was our overwhelming self-confidence and know-it-all attitude, for we realized then that we were soon to be alone with an unpredictable future stretching before us. We understood now that "we must al- ways have old memories and young hopes" in or- der to live a happy, full, and rich life . . . IOAN A, DOUGHERTY PATRICIA ALBRO page thirty-five ' I6 49 ,, AU , . i , .,,.. Q ,s'.i S5 N vi 5 ::1,:1g:as31::.:f 5:5 .. H: " ' 1- f. . gk sf ag 2? Y f 3 'f ::552QQi:'?U -.2 'I 'si 1 ir6Q:.,,:::- -1 . ,f ??:? Q, : :.,:.. T. V-:f V- 3 Q 5 qw--L s : ., Qi. . ' Q Xie S 1 UIQ X mr:- .,.,.. : 5 : :asf--4 5 W. ,, , ' V 5 g ,9' ft' - -5 4 Q -gem ,- . Qi v z ag Q9 iii , 4' '35 fi S 5 A Q i EEii2Qi??L 15" I fzizlzgg. , 3 - 'Q,.E::Q, FE:" S V: " I f 4 x- f' v. -5 ,1ErQf', . :Z ,. 'f .:5- ' 'su Q- E 5i3?iVE kEkf:,,5f , f 3. .' Z Qi ' 2 fi 3:- . ' I ,. ,.:,,1:as5g:: '- -. g . A - fi - 5-1513-, s 4-,-1::::.,,::... i 'I ':"-- . . .,.,. 'gs' Z 1355i 5 5 ' Q.3,ff,w , Q 1 A 1 i,v2,a.: 2 2 Ii... W, if If 4,L ,,. : ' qgiivkri gxw g 2 1i? Li-5153-5 i .. 2 Z fs, 1? , , V 5. Q Q ,.,:,,,, ,.,. , 2 A .,:WfT, Af H! ar ,. ,M . , , 1 .f4ffffifF, 'li ::-. Igggllll Z . .. .,.. 3 ., , .,.,.,.,, 5 3 5 5 A . gsm as al 5 1 -is 2 5 5 v- 1: 2- . . , , . I -: f x: 1- - -,szsi .4 ., , -. ::,.g:,, , Zz X- rg, xo fgsgzs. 4 ,gf .:55. v5: - gas , '- - I . ,V , -. , Z hr-fam b 'Q S 33 Lx 5' f V5 ? 4 3 T5EaE555E555E5E:' 'B if 2 'f F ' if '- :s:- 2:5551 f Q Wm , 331 -5:a'se5-f x Nm A , f., 22.523 12 ., xfgggigzwx 2 -MMM .,,.,. Txg .,.,,,.,, W f:rwHiwQi: an 1 , ziimfwww f ' 3 - :...::5. -::.-yeas. - .233v.,.f S 1 ' f K ERE: 1 Eggf -'-- egg ,,E,, ,.,A,, , M - ,,,A - ' QLLE -??' ?,f ?-Mwwi V , , , ,Y af, Q Q x 'ff I 5 '-'-z.:, l 2 Q 'W A .. fi 9 '- A . 3 1: W, e ' F ' M. 3 . ? . E? ix, 5, 2 ' Q Q ..,, Q.. :gz I v.,:. .. z 2 ' 91" "::i::::5 5 .,.,,,., . . K 2 L Q ., 5 Z 2 s v 5 . :aw Q - 525 35 Q ..,. , i 21,2522 ""' 3 " . 5 3 5 Z 2 , -5 1: .- 5 :Q , , f1 :asge5a, 5 .. ,, Y. ,.,.,. 2 f 5- ,.f:a:.. 9 V, ,, ..:.:.,,:.,.A E 5 s . V - , ,Q xx. i :::a1s5,g.:,- -. -' '1'1a::sa1i2i2iaisisf:: ,b H A 3- -,f f -zq sazfei. 3- -1-21:52- , 3 , ' 5 ,i .,-' V ' s g- Ea5a,1asa:g:a-E:QA1i:i .1 1 ,. f'-f525':Qsj2:5.2. ' V M., X ,. 1...,,1.:,: ,,:,:.,,,., ,. I P , I , f , ,- S 4 ,:,:5:5:E:?E?l:E:5ii . 1 , ' '. 24 '-:g :I P E E: -1 -,gI,I,I,I5E5E: 1 """ , ? t - . , M , , fm wg-. 5':agarg1:z..::::-1-:sa:a.-V.-555:22 1 , - 1 1 - ':Ei5EQi ffi-HQ'- i EEZ ',Qivfzfg11 Q :-: : ,.: r 3 . 4,'q"11 2 ,. ' zulilzzn , gf? , W W 1 I I? :::E3,?j ,S .,.,, 'Y ' Q dagffiit ? -+- - f- ...,. A 'jf ' ' ag Q V 1 . zzz... Maw Mag? A , 4 - ' f xaj, I gg, ,., i. Q,,g5g Wi? 5' Q .,-1532 '?e f 'Q 54 , . we n:- MM, , .,.. 1 . Q A Q 2 , 2, J 3 I,.f..:r:..... 2, 5 "" , .,,. , Z ' 2- A 5. , 2 3 ' 3 -..I:2.E:::E'f c 2 t t , .... , Q. 1 J ,, J ,.-:g':s:5-1: E., 2 - S my HW imasseiwz A :5f4Q5E?EE .:.:. gffiff " ::, igxggig ,,Zv6A Qff .,.A, ixgw , i, -S-HwfQEH f " :-:. 'fl Q z i .. :affix Z , 0 3 ' i,Q? , Xe i "' A R ,, A Q ...WMWJ .: , 1949 0 L A S S 0 F '5 0 Piwident ......... Thomas Smith V ice Preficielzf . . Gerard McKenna Sec1'em1'y . . .... Rose Fiorino T1''e1' . . Lawrence Burridge ALiZf'jJ'67' . . . Mr. William Griffin page thirty-seven 1649 G L A S S 0 F '5 I Preridefzt ........ Lawrence Delaney Vice P1f'e5ia'em' . . . Betty Simonelli Sec1'em1'y . . . . . Francis Barker T1'ea5u1'e1' . . . Robert Gilmore Advifef' . . . Mr. Cyrus Morgan page thirty-eight 1949 0 L A S S 0 F '5 2 P1'e.fide11t ......... Roland Buck Vive P7'6.Vj6Z,6l2l . . . Gabriel Freitas S6L'1'6l!I1'y . . . . . Mary Palmer T1'6fl.fIl1'6I' . . . Teresa Alexander A!fZ'j.Y61' . . Mr. Clarence Coogan page thirty-nine 1649 . page forty I Qi? ZX I -TV W 1 V1 u M W H U 1649 FIRST ROXW-left to right-Patricia Albro, Marilyn Jopson, Ella Perry, Alicia McDonough, Veronica Trav- ers, Dorothy Whipple, joan Dougherty, Marie Schwam, Sally O'Neil, SECOND ROW-Frzincis Dowding, Madge Lord, Barbara Berry, Eva james, Francis Kenyon, Margaret Davis, Shirley Rook, Evangeline Bosworth, Florence Morrissette, Joan Riley. Anita McKie, THIRD ROW-Lois Dunn, Mary Sanquedolce, Margaret Faulise, Dolores Ferraro, Margaret Shea, Patricia Hig- gins, Lilla Oteri, Dorothy Sylvia, Lorraine Moran, jean Keane, Ruth OlNeil, Evelyn Morgan. FOURTH ROW-jean Mazzarella, Elaine Geyer, Doro- thy Saffomilla, Carlene Mello, Bernard Gordon, Edward Paul, Donald Pettini, Clyde Drake, Richard Carlsson, Betty Clark, Margaret Mederios, Dora DiCesare, Patricia Kenyon. YEARBDDK STAFF Editor'-in-Chief . Sales Mazmzger . Bzzfinefr Mdndlgff' . Faculty Advifer . A1"l'flal1fi5e1f' . "Gee, I hope I willed my eyes and smile to someone." "I wonder what I'm going to be fifteen years from now?" "I think Illl have that exotic pose put in the Yearbook." All . Veronica Travers . . Marie Schwam . . . Barbara Siswick Miss Beatrice Silverstein Mrs. Elizabeth Downes these phrases are frequently heard until the day the beloved Yearbook, a publication by the senior class, is sent to the printer. page forty-two - 1949 FIRST ROW-left to right-Patricia Albro, Sally O'Neil, Francis Crowley, Margaret Shea, Richard Carls- son, joan Dougherty, Ronald Holland, jean Mazzarella, Bernard Gordon, Rose Fiorino, Josephine Risica. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Cronin, Barbara Powers, Made- line Crowley, Ethel Cone, Dorothy Costa, Lilla Oteri, Elaine Southworth, Ella Perry, Alicia McDonough, Caro- lyn Calkins, Flora Mailhot. THIRD ROWfEliz41betl1 Crowley, Nancy Albro, Del Oliverio, Nellie Smyrniotes, Margaret Davis, Barbara Whipple, jean Barnes, Patricia Curley, Barbara Richards, joyce Roberts, Patricia Cooper, Marjorie Morrison, Car- lene Mello. FOURTH ROW-Elaine Geyer, Donald Graff, Gerard Noel, Rudolf Favretti, Anita McKie, Dorothy Saffomilla, james Hawkins, john Kendzia, Robert Lewis, joan Maz- zarella. BROWN AND WHITE STAFF Editor'-in-Chief Assistant Editor . Sports Editors . Business Manager . . junior Assistant Editor junior Business Assistant . Photographer . Faculty Adviser . The Brown and White is published once each month during the school year by the student body of S.H.S. We are proud to boast that the paper is a member of The Con- necticut Scholastic Press Association. Forty-six students make up the staff, ably headed by Mrs. Michael Cronin. Page joan Dougherty . . Sally O'Neil . Jean Mazzarella Richard Carlsson . Margaret Shea . Rose Fiorino . Ronald Holland . . Bernard Gordon . Mrs. Michael Cronin , There are seven issues a year with 700 copies sold a month at ten cents a copy. One hundred advertisers largely support the Brown and White. The staff lives from one deadline to the next but enjoys every minute of it. forty-three 1649 . FIRST ROW-left to right-Roberta Hescock, Ruth Main, Patricia Curley, Nancy Sicilian, Patricia Albro, Barbara Stinson, Gayla Bill, Rose Fiorino, Elizabeth Green, Dorothy Saffomilla, Sally O'Neil. SECOND ROW!-Dora DiCesare, Veronica Travers, Alicia McDonough, joan Dougherty, Dorothy Whipple, Shirley Rook, Barbara Wliipple, Mildred Collins, jose- phine Faulise, Anne Raffo, Miss Murdock. THIRD ROW!-Richard Carlsson, Ella Perry, Frances Dowding, Josephine Risica, Margaret Faulise, Lilla Oteri, Carlene Mello, jean Mazzarella, jean Souza, Nancy Spell- man, Rudolph Favretti. FOURTH ROW-Szxlly Emmet, Muriel Visgilio, jean- nette Loljuglio, Frances Raffo, Wandrz Dimmock, Patri- cia Higgins, Margaret Shea, Anita McKie, Sheila Kelli- her, Peggy Davis, Carmella Sammataro. TRAFFIC SQUAD Capmizz . . Veronica Travers C0-Captain . . . . Richard Carlsson I92zczzllyAaizfi5e1' . . Miss Evelyn L. Murdock The main effort of the traffic squad is to ber of posts per pupil has been cut down. stop the congestion in the halls and to keep The pupils who are chosen for the traffic traffic moving as quickly as possible. Even squad are those whose marks have won them though the squad is larger this year, the num- places on the honor roll. page forty-four . - 1949 FIRST ROW-left to right-Elizabeth Crowley, Evelyn Colprit, Concetta Naccarato, Elaine Southworth, Phyllis Pelters, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Chesebro, Mrs. Platt, Bet- ty Clarlc, Eleanor Caswell, Dorothy Costa, Charlotte Crowley. SECOND ROW-Meredith Bromley, Mary Bruno, Clara joseph, Gloria Gibson, Patricia Kenyon, Barbara jones, Norma Bruno, Jacqueline Choquette, Constance Crowley, Barbara Carlin, Joyce Geyer, Winifred Burns. THIRD ROW-Gary Bill, Frances Kenyon, Janet Kee- gan, Elizabeth Green, Ruth Main, Wanda Dimock, Wil- ma Steadman, Corinne Ostigny, Delphina Oliverio, joan Appleton. FOURTH ROW-Sally Ann Emmet, Patricia Curley, jane Lathrop, Muriel Visgilio, Donald Banker, Edward Paul, Thomas Tanner, Richard Brooks, David Goss, Louis Bruno, Anthony Lombardo. GAFETERIA STAFF The S.H.S. cafeteria staff is under the wise and understanding supervision of our direc- tor, Mrs. Chesebro, who is ably assisted by Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Platt. The waiters, voluntary assistants, serve the P325 teachers and keep the tables in order. As a reward they receive passes to school events. To this staff we owe many thanks for their splendid work in keeping our cafeteria a pleasant place in which to eat. e forty-five 1649 . FIRST ROW-left to rightaMr. Morgan, Dora Di- Cesarc, Gary Bill, Ronald Holland, Mrs. J. Italiano. SECOND ROW-Patricii Ken on Bett Simonelli o - 1 Y , Y ,J - anne Fontanella, Muriel Visgilio, jean Souza, Jane La- throp, Veronica Travers, THIRD ROW!-James Writscun, Richard Carlsson, Rob- ert Gilmore, Arthur Rathbun, Glen Bates, Ronald O'Keefc, STUDENT GUUNGIL Preridenzf . . Vive P1'e5idem' . SeL'1'etm'y . . Faculty Ad1fi5e1'5 . The Student Council, the medium through which the study body expresses its views to the faculty, has been a huge success this year. The Council has been extremely active and has accomplished the numerous tasks set be- fore them. . . . Gary Bill . Ronald Holland . . Dora DiCesare . . Mrs. Frank Italiano Mr. Cyrus Morgan Under the competent direction of Mrs. Italiano and Mr. Morgan, the council has taken care of the cafeteria and study hall problems, plus many other small items that troubled the student body. page forty-six - 1949 FIRST ROW-left to right-Rosemary Cone, Sylvia SECOND ROW-Lmwis Dunn, Mary Fain, Marie Schwam. Radicioni, Barbara Stinson, Shirley Rook. THIRD ROW-Flmxrence Morrissette, Margaret Shea, Margaret Fam, jean Mazzarella. 0 F F I 0 E G I R L S Acivirer . . Mrs. Clemens These fair creatures, appointed by Mr. buzz our phones, and generally maintain ef Peavey, deliver our messages, ring our bells, ficiency in the office. page forty-seven 1649 FIRST ROW-left to right-Martin Clemens, jean SECOND ROW-Edwin Brown Norman Pettini Don Mazzarella, Patricia Higgins, Mr. Griffin, joan Mazzar- ald Pettini, Edward Paul, james Smith Robert Gibson ella, Bernard Gordon, Robert Main. Patrick Anderson, Duane Heineck Clyde Drake PRUJEGTION CLUB Prefidem' . S Vice Preident Secretary . . Tre:z5u1'e1" . . Faculty Advixeff Although the school projector has been new members in the operation of the ma broken this year, the Projection Club has Chine. continued its good work of instructing the page forty-eight Donald Pettini Bernard Gordon . Edward Paul . james Hawkins . . Mr. Griffin - 1949 FIRST ROW-left to right-Carlene Mello, Evangeline Bosworth, Mrs. Cullinane, Anthony Lombardo, Eleanor Caswell, Constance Rose, jean Souza, Mildred Furey, ,Ioan Richards, Betty Clark, Nancy Sicilian, Mary Ann joseph, Gloria Brustolon, jane Olds. SECOND ROW-Evelyn Colprit, Rosemary Cone, jan- ice Burdick, joan Appleton, Patricia Miller, Margaret Ball, Fay Lawton, Ida Ravenelle, Charlotte Crowley, Sandra Clark, Ethel Cone, Patricia Cooper, Nellie Smyr- niotes. Carolyn Calkins, William Lamoreaux. THIRD ROW!-Peggy Davis, Michelle Fitts, Jean Barnes, Gloria Gibson, Anita McKie, Elaine Geyer, Syl- via Radicioni, Ann Ryon, Phyllis Pelters, Beverly Capal- bo, Louisa Wardman, Florence Ferguson, Flora Mailhot, Barbara Powers, Delphina Oliverio. FOURTH ROW-Charles Barnes, Rudolph Favretti, Clyde Drake, Baxter Gray, Thomas Tanner, Constance Naccarato, Delphina Correira, Maureen Jeffrey, Patricia Curley, Sally Ann Emmet, Katherine Stiephaudt,- Ronald Brown, Gerald Noel, Donald Pettini, Richard Main, Ralph Wheeler. DRAMATIO CLUB President . . Nancy Sicilian Secretary . Betty Clark T1'ea5m'e1' . . .... Jean Souza Faculty Adviser . . Mrs. Josephine Cullinane This year on March 17 and 18, "Brother Goose," a comedy in three acts, was pre- sented. Usually the members of the cast are from the Dramatic Club, but some students not in Page the organization try out and often obtain roles in the plays. The main purpose of the Dramatic Club is to help students to overcome self-con- sciousness. forty-nine 6 1649 . 1 ,,, FIRST ROW-left to right-William Haupt, joan Rich- joan Doughetry, Dorothy Wliipple, Carlene Mello, Ter- esa Alexander. THIRD ROW-Miss Murdock, Edward Paul, Patrick Y I ' Anderson, Martin Clemens, john Kendzia, Duane Heini SECOND ROWe1hOmas Crane, Nellie 5mYm10fe5, eck, Donald Pettini, Peter Grills, Robert Moscaritolo, Delphina Oliverio, Jeanette LoBuglio, Jane Lathrop, Rudolph Favretti. ards, Barbara Berry, Clyde Drake, Bernard Gordon, John Ames, Robert Main. GAMERA CLUB Under the supervision of Miss Murdock ties around school. These picures are sold to the Camera Club takes active part in taking further equip the dark room. pictures of all the various interesting activi- page lifty - 1949 FIRST ROW-left to right-Mr. Cronin, joan Mazzar- ella, jean Mazzarella, Jane Lathrop, Muriel Visgilio, Nancy Spellman, Wanda Dimock, Dorris Hempstead, Gloria Brustolon, Nancy Sicilian, Barbara Stinson, Mar- garet Shea, Anita McKie, Sylvia Radicioni, Elaine Geyer. SECOND ROW-Bruce Morgan, Robert Imdahl, john Garity, Donald Podziewski, Alfred White, james Wat- son, Gerald McKenna, William Watson, Milton Kie- Hs!! Faculty Advirer . Prerident . The "S" Club is composed of all students who have participated in a sport and earned a letter. The purpose of this club is to raise money for the various awards given in sports. It is also an aid in equipping the teams. burg, Henry Bolduc, Gary Bill, George Burdick, joseph Italiano, Angelo Serio. THIRD ROW-Peter Grills, Edward Paul, john Kiley, Robert Meeker, Howard Chase, Ray Colechia, William Kelliher, Donald Pettini, Robert Gilmore, Fred Papson, Raymond Lopes, Arthur Rathbun, Ralph Horn, William Reid, Anthony Rocha, Philip jones. CLUB . Mr. Michael Cronin . Milton Kieburg Though this organization did not hold many meetings this year and no special project was carried out, it is still one of our major honor clubs and membership must really be earned. page fifty-one 1649 . FIRST ROW-left to right-Elaine Geyer, Joan Mazzar- SECOND ROW-Sylvia Radicioni, Anita McKie, Bar- ella, jean Mazzarella. bara Stinson, Margaret Shea. CHEERLEADERS Ikzvully Aafz'i5e1' . . Miss Florence Thavenet joan Mazzarella and Anita McKie are co- Armistice Day Dance which was a very suc- captains of the '49 cheering squad. The snap- cessful venture. py appearance and peppy cheers of the squad The girls are chosen in April of their have helped win many a game by arousing sophomore year by a committee consisting of interest in our successful football and basket- several faculty members and students who ball teams. are leaders in the various sports. This year the cheerleaders sponsored the page fifty-two - 1949 FIRST ROW-left to right-Patricia Kenyon, Marilyn jones, Dolores Ferraro, Alice Fish, Patricia Curley, Bar- bara Whipple, Catherine Lord, Constance Rose,, Joyce Geyer. SECOND ROW-Esther Grills, Mary Sanquedolce, Er- nestine Squadrito, Pauline Blanchet, Dorothy Saffomilla, Elizabeth Oliver, joyce Crumb, jean Souza, Marilyn Cini, Hermine Squadrito, Lillian Costa, Laura Weyant, Shirley Blanchard, Muriel Enos, Patricia Messner. THIRD ROW-Miss Thavenet, Elizabeth Francis, Dor- othy jones, Rosemary Cone, Helen Huard, Betty Clarke. FOURTH ROW-Gladys Burdick, Lorraine Lopes, Con- stance Crowley, Betty Peabody, joan Walsh, Helenann Morton, Ruth Saunders, Mildred Furey, janet Stanton. FIFE AND DRUM BDRPS Faculty Advirer . . Miss Florence Thavenet This is a fairly new organization at S.H.S. It was first started in 1947 under the leader- ship of Miss Thavenet and since then has progressed a great deal. It has sponsored nu- merous record dances. Besides playing at our football games and various civic affairs, the page corps also competes with other schools for honors in twirling and playing. It is really worthwhile because it has dis- covered many new talented girls at S.H.S. and this gives them a chance to exhibit their ability. fifty-three 1649... FIRST ROXV-left to right-Barbara Stinson, Margaret Shea, jean Mazzarella, Elaine Geyer, -Ioan Mazzarella, Sylvia Radicioni, Anita McKie. SECOND ROW-Muriel Visgilio, jane Lathrop, Nancy Spellman, Dorris Hempstead, Gloria Brustolon, Nancy Sicilian, Wandzi Dimock. THIRD ROXW-Patricia Higgins, Sally Ann Emmet, Bar- Schwam, Barbara Wliipple. cia Albro, Mildred Furey. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSUGIATION Any girl who has earned her first award Under the guidance of Miss Thavenet, for intramural sports becomes an active mem- the G. A. A. has complete charge of the con- ber of the G. A. A. The fourteen cheerlead- cessions at all home games. ers are automatically made members. . 4 page lifty-four hara Berry, joan Dougherty, Dorothy Wliipple, Marie FOURTH ROXVwDorothy Saffomilla, Betty Clark, jo- sephine Faillace, Miss Thavenet, Gladys Burdick, Patri- - 1949 FIRST ROXW-left to right-Josephine Risica, Jean Keane, Sheila Kelliher, Miss Nania. SECOND ROW'-Barbara Stinson, Rosemary Cone, Lor- raine Lopes, Rose Fiorino, Nancy Alhro, Betty Mush, Muriel Enos. THIRD ROW-Barbara Richards, Patricia Cooper, joan Wahtcmla, Ann Ryon, Ethel Cone, Mary Palmer. FOURTH ROW-Nicolette Rustici, .Ioan Dougherty, Florence Morrissette, Joan Fontanella, Barbara Wlmipple, Barbara Powers. GIRLS' LEAGUE Prexfidem' . . Vice Preridefzt S ec1'em1'y . . T7'66l5Zl1f61' . . Faculty Adviser . . jean Keane . Sheila Kelliher . Ruth Saunflers . Josephine Risica . Miss Mary Nania All girls at S.H.S. are automatically mem- bers of the Girls' League. The main purpose of this league is to pro- mote the welfare and general interests of the girls in the school. We owe a great deal to Miss Nania, the faculty adviser, who has done her best to make this organization a success. page fifty-five 1649 FIRST ROW-left to right-Patricia Curley, Maureen SECOND ROW-Rrabert Meeker, Edward Miguel, Don- Jenfrey, Barbara Vincent, Barbara Whipple, Marie ald Truss, Duane Heineck, Roger Main, Gabriel Freitas. Schwam, Gayla Bill, Sheila Kelliher, Lois Dunn, Barbara Nancy Sicilian. Brunke, Dolores Ferraro, Shirley Rook, George Kent, Bradley Barber, Richard Souza, John Sutcliffe. DRUHESTRA and GLEE CLUB During the last three years, under the di- Last fall, fifteen students were selected to rection of Mr. Nania, the Orchestra and represent Stonington in the All-State Music Glee Club have jointly presented a series of Festival held at the Bushnell Memorial Hall operettas. This year a Spring Concert was in Hartford. successfully presented. page fifty-six , 1649 FIRST ROW-left to right-William Wzitson, Gary Bill, John Garity, Angelo Serio, Ralph Horn, Alfred White, Henry Bolduc, Donald Podziewski, james Wat- son. FOUTBALL Stonington's 1948 football team enjoyed one of the most successful seasons in recent years, win- ning eight games and losing only two. Some of the season's lustre was marred, however, by the retirement of Mike Cronin from his position as coach. Three members of the team were all-con- ference selections: Captain Kieburg at end, Bol- duc at tackle, and the freshman sensation, Roland Buck, at fullback. The Bears opened by participating in the Con- ference Round Robin in which they scored the lone touchdown, enabling the South to win 7 to 6. The following week the Bears rolled to an as- tonishing 27 to 0 triumph over favored Middle- town. Buck scored two touchdowns to pace the team in this one. The next Stonington game saw a fumbled punt attempt converted into the lone score as the Bears beat Bulkeley 7 to 0. Once again Buck was the star of the game, but McKenna played exceptional SECOND ROW-jtmsepli Italiano, Anthony Rocha, Ro- land Buck, Gerald McKenna, Milton Kieburg. VARSITY ball at quarterback and tossed the winning pass to jim Watson. The first Stonington defeat came the next week as jackson Vining of Windham ran a kick-off back 80 yards and jim Turiotte booted a perfect placement to give Windham a 7 to 6 win. The Bears knocked on the door four times in the sec- ond half, but were unable to find the necessary scoring punch. The following week the Bears came from be- hind with two third quarter touchdowns to nip Fitch 13 to 6. The high point came later in the third quarter when Hank Bolduc 'intercepted a Fitch lateral and raced 50 yards to pay dirt. In the next game Stonington whipped Norwich Free Academy, 19 to 6, with a second half drive featured by Bill Watson's 75 yard run with a stolen ball. The next week S.H.S. suifered its second and last defeat of the year at the hands of Chapman page fifty-eight 1949 FIRST ROW-left to right-Francis Dolce, Alfred White, George Burdick, Gary Bill, William Watson, Roland Buck, Anthony Rocha, Milton Kieburg, James Watson, Ralph Horn, Henry Bolduc, john Garity, Don- ald Podziewski, John Lowe, Joseph Italiano. SECOND ROW-Antonio Ponte, David Lewis, Howard Chase, Donald Banker, Leonard Brennan, Jordan Cor- reira, Fred Papson, Lawrence Burridge, Angelo Serio, Gerard McKenna, William Reid, Robert Gilmore, Salva- tore Perrone, Stephen Saunders, joseph Potter. THIRD ROW-Roy Arnott, Harold Reynolds, William Squadrito, joseph Serio, William Lamoureux, joseph Adams, Michael Riley, Donald Joubert, Richard Still- man, Ronald Wilkinson, Whitney Carpenter, Lawrence Delaney, james Smith. FOURTH ROW-Clifford D'Amico, Willard Thompson, Henry LeClair, Richard Dell, Richard Eppler, Richard Robinson, Gilbert Sorenson, Leslie Haley, john Bur- dick, Clifford Clark, Stephen Hreschak, Peter Gray, Ben- jamin Comeau. FIFTH ROW-Charles Holly, Ralph Savy, Joseph Walsh, Thomas Lenihan, Donald Barker, William De- laney, joseph Charest, Charles Savy, Hubert Appleton, Walter Walsh, Joseph Piver. SIXTH ROWQML Cronin, Mr. Fabricant, Mr. Coogan. FDOTBALL SQUAD Tech by an 18 to 8 score. This was the last con- ference game for the Bears and gave them a 2-2 conference record, good for third place. Stonington topped Notre Dame of West Haven 18 to 13 in a surprisingly close game. Bandy Reid scored two touchdowns for the Bears in his first game and Bolduc scored the third, and deciding touchdown. The Armistice Day game turned out to be the imost exciting of the year, with the Bears topping Westerly by a 6 to 0 count. Stonington's score came in the second period on a Reid-Correira pass. The big thrill for Stonington fans was re- served for the closing moments of the game, how- ever, when Westerly marched to a first down on the Stonington five yard line, but the Bears held for four downs and Westerly failed to score. The next to the last game turned out to be something of a breather as Stonington romped over St. Mary's 21 to 7. The hnal score doesn't tell half the story of Stonington's superiority, as two Bear touchdowns were called back for penal- ties, and St. Mary's didn't score until the last play of the game. Stonington, perhaps inspired by the fact that Coach Cronin was closing his career, came up with four first-half touchdowns to rout Westerly, 31 to O, in the Thanksgiving Day game. Roland Buck, the fine freshman fullback, scored three touch- downs to set a couple of records for the school, and the whole team played the best game of a good season. The Bears placed among the top 10 teams in the state. Individual stars were Bolduc, Buck, and Kieburg who made the all conference team, Mc- Kenna at quarterback, Horn at center, and Reid, who became a fine running back in the closing games of the season. The school is saddened by Mike Cronin's retirement but glad that he ended on a successful note. J page lifty-nine 1649 . FIRST ROW-left to right-james Watsiun, Milton Kieburg, Philip jones, john Garity, Donald Podzicwski, joseph J. Italiano, Henry Bolduc, Robert Gilmore, Ger- ard McKenna, Wfilliam Wfatson. SECOND ROW-Artlmur Rathbun, Joseph Risica, Francis Previty, Stehen Hreschak, Michael Riley, Roland Buck, Donald joubert, joseph Serin. THIRD ROW!-Richard Palmer, Philip Bonomo, Ray Arnott, James Ballato, Richard Stillman, Robert Mc- Shane, Wlilliam Haupt, Norman Pettini. FOURTH ROW!-'Donald Comeau, Roland Pampel, Harold Reynolds, john Sutcliffe, Duane Heineck, Mar- shall Stowell, joseph Wfalsh, Henry LeClair, Donald Graff, Henry Durfee, Mr. Fabricant. BASEBALL The 1948 baseball team, which is coached by Mr. Fabricant, played 18 games. Witlm Co- Captains james O'Neil and Red Cella, they won 12 games. They were fortunate in de- feating Westerly in a double header by a score of 3-2. The Co-Captains of the 1949 team are Henry Bolduc, Donald Podziewski and jo- seph Italiano. page sixty I949 114 FIRST ROW-left to right-Charles Lorello, William Banks, john Kiley, Raymond Lopes, Milton Kieburg, William Watson, Gerald McKenna, Raymond Colechia, Donald Pettini. SECOND ROW-Mr. Griffin, Ronald Wilkinson, Rob- ert Meeker, Frederick Papson, Edward Paul, Howard Chase, james Hawkins, Amos Banks. THIRD ROW-Walter Duguid, Charles Holly, Law- rence Delaney, Anthony Cattafe, William Lewis, Robert Hill. TRACK 1948 TRACK TEAM The 1948 team captained by Milton Kieburg and William Watson did not have too brilliant a season. Losses to Norwich, Bulkeley, and a second place in the triangular meet with Chapman Tech and Admiral Billard Academy occurred during this second season of rebuilding. A veteran Alumni team was nosed out by the young Bear squad, 49V2 to 48V2. At the State and Eastern Connecticut conference meets the team finished well down in the point scoring. A sound basis for 1949 was laid with many freshmen and sophomores coming to the front as a nucleus for this year's team. Kieburg, Watson, Noyes, McKenna, Palmer, Colechia, Chase, Paul, Hawkins, Papson, Kiley and Wilkinson were the workhorses of the 1948 squad. All of these men except Noyes and Palmer will return to bolster this year's squad. ' 1949 TRACK TEAM As this goes to press the 1949 Track Team has competed in the University of Connecticut Relays at Storrs, Connecticut, and finished second to Chapman Tech in a triangular meet with Tech and Admiral Billard Academy. Tech just managed to edge the Bears, SSVZ to 46V2. All that is needed to present a well balanced squad for this year is one additional good sprint man. Fred Papson has been outstanding at the half mile and mile distances, while Tom Cordner, Howie Chase and Ray Col- echia have acquitted themselves especially well in the field events. Capt. Milton Kieburg in the high jump and Bill Watson in the pole vault give prom- ise of their usual fine performances throughout the school year. page sixty-one I 649 FIRST ROW-left to right-Richard Gomes, Daniel THIRD ROW-Roland Pampel, Richard Eppler, Stephen Kelliher, Henry Bolduc, Donald Podziewski, Robert Gil- Hreschak, joseph Adams, Roger Bliss, Francis Previty. more, Philip Jones. FOURTH ROW-James Ballato, Joseph Risica, Duane SECOND ROW-Arthur Rathbun, Kel-meth Crandall, Heineck, Marshall Stowell, William Haupt, Mr. Fabri- Thomas Smith, Fred Papson, William Taggart, Bruce fam' Morgan. B ll S K E T B A L L The 1948-49 basketball team coached by Mr. Morris Fabricant has been very success- ful. They were rated fifth in the state and second in the conference. Although qualified to play in the CIAC tournament in New Haven, they were eliminated by Seymour High School, their first opponent. This year's captain was "Hank" Bolduc. We are very proud of Don Podziewski "49" who was the highest scorer in the Eastern Connecticut Conference with 270 points. Since several 'members of this year's team will be back next year, we are looking for- ward to our most successful season. page sixty-two - 1949 FIRST RCJW-left to rightgjean Mazzarella, Elaine Geyer. 1 l SECOND ROXV-Edmund Victoria, Anita lNIcKie, Blar- garet Shea, Milton Kieburg. BADMINTUII SQUAD The 1949 Badminton Squad made up ot four girls and two boys completed a very successful year. At their first meet, a regional tournament at Norwich, four members were pa ge qualified for the state tournament. Margaret Shea and Elaine Geyer advanced to the state finals. ' sixty-three 1649 5 my xXXXX fl!!! Nam Q H ll FlNc7.heR Q, Y! H CHHRLIE Ban:fES page sixty-fnur 44,3 49? 9 1949 GLASS 0DE '49 Tune: Deep Pzzrpfe Stonington, fare thee well. We are leaving memories of The days we spent together here with you. Though our hearts are forever blue Thinking of dreams we knew, Thinking of you when we're gone. All the things we have done, All the friends and all the fun We will keep within our hearts forever more. Though tonight tears may fill our hearts, We know we must depart. Stonington, farewell to theef' By femz 1VIazzm'ella page sixty-live 1649 suqufsm' ,1in,:fm,mA:eszz::2: L ...., .,.... . -K ......., . H 9? QV,,'fLYs7., g , y R - in ,4 xx :waxx::m:::::::1:m-4: --4--ff A-+f - -uw- , M, ,Nb :.:.. . -,Q 5 ,V.,:..,:-5.5.55.:5255,,,:5:75:,5:::::mg,,'-gm.gze:a5g5:.:5Q-a5.:,1.,, -.,,...,.,, :::,- If- .-my-V1-1., ,c ..:5f.:-41: -E :5:,::-'.-ITL. 'fi' 1::3". f -Y4:.f:::s-YfT?"?f'? ..-,v..9.M,, -,- 1 , - .. .1 .... , .. ...Q .. . F- X. 5 u ' X4 ,kg be , Q As '1 ' M S . ,.,,,,, , .,., ,,.,.,.,. , .:.:.,,:.,.,..1,:,f.-, ',', I 1.5" 4' i Q A :s:,535:"e:2-25:31ggi:-:1-rf'14:5 me 19 I 3 lk , 4 N : ,Q fb 5 is 1. 3 4 x S1 w k w X29 1 M M Bt , gim W ' 5 .. U Y M? in Q f U -, , tk , , F Q . A . 5 1 x X' 6 Q- P Q '. I RX J , y E 2 Q6 Q x ..... ,, .. .. ,, Y Q'9 13 '? ' :J 43 I 1 , an 1 . rn, hi ni MO 1949 PATRUNS AND Algiere's Market American Velvet Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S. Anderson, III A. 8: P. Tea Company Austin's Radio Shop Bannon's Drug Store Barr Bros. Service Station Mrs. Mary C. Berry Mr. Milton Berry Mr. john B. Bindloss Blivenls Soda Shop Boston Bakery Mr. Ernest E. Boyington Mr. Clement S. Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Harry Buckley Thomas Burdick Cady Motors California Fruit Company Carroll Cut Rate Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Calkins Mr. Manuel Camacho Mr. and Mrs. John Cammeyer C. W. Campbell Co. Products Candy Shop Mr. and Mrs. Robert Card Mr. and Mrs. Percy B. Chase Chet's Market Cidale Fish Market Claire's in Mystic Clark's Market Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Connors Culley Hardware Robert C. Davey Mr. Rudolph DeLage Delicatessen Shop I. W. Denison Co. Mr. and Mrs. john F. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dowding Dunn's Studio Eddy Motor Sales, Inc. Edmonds Elm Tree Inn Eve Evans Miss Delores Fain Mr. and Mrs. Robert Farwell Freestone Shoppe Gaffney Dress Shop PATRONESSES Gaskell's Rexall Shop General Furniture Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gervasini Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Giuliano Goodgeonls Dr. john L. Gothers W. T. Grant Company Greenwoodls Service Station Grills Electric Co. Mr. John Groppelli Hagman Service Station Hammacher's Sc - 581.00 Store Miss Evelyn A. Hanley Mr. J. E. Harding Harley's Fish and Chip Shop Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harper Lawrence Hepworth, O. D. Mr. and Mrs. C. Leo Higgins Mr. Samuel Hirsch Howardis Variety Store Mr. and Mrs. Raymond joseph Keane's News Office Kenyonis Kerr's Men's Shop L. E. Kinney, Inc. Krebs Town Shop Mrs. Edith B. Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Leahy Leonardls Shoe Store Liberty Lunch Dr. Frank Linzen Lombardo and Grills Barber Shop Mailhot Cleaners and Dyers Miss Hazel I. Main Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Main Mary's Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mearns A. R. Meikle Co. Modern Home Furnishing Co. Modern Music Co. Montgomery Ward 8: Co. Mrs. Morganls Bake Shop Mr. Benjamin L. Mull Murphey Chevrolet Co., Inc. Mystic Photo Supply Mystic Power Company New England Appliance Co. Noval's ' -SCVCD 1649 . PATRUIIS and PATRONESSES Mr. and Mrs. William O'Leary Orlandols Barber Shop Orsenigo Co., Inc. F. E. Packer and Co. Pawcatuck Hardware Co. Payne Camera Shop Perrin Bros. Mr. and Mrs. Burrows B. Perry Franklin G. Post 8: Son, Inc. Pucci's Reale's Lillian Rose Shop Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ryon Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Schackner Schaefer's Men's Shop Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schepis Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Schwam Sear's Order Ofhce Shea's News Stand Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sicilian Dr. Jerome B. Singer Mr. Sidney Siswick Skarrow's Beauty Shop Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Farquhar Smith Southern Maid Donut Co. Paul Stiephaudt's Delicatessen Stiles Studio Stonington Appliance Co. Stonington Cooperative Stonington Market Syl's Barber Shop Sylvia's Shoe Service Mrs. Marion B. Tetlow The Friendly Shop Theresa Beauty Shop The Shoe Box The Wilcox Store H. E. Thorp 8: Son Town and Country Shop United Builders Supply Q Universal Winding Co. Michael Vacca, Florist Miss Anastasia Vardilos Venus Candy Shoppe Victory Bakery Village Spa Everett M. Wescott, O. D. Westerly Drug Co. Westerly Fabric Shop Western Auto Associate Store-Mystic Western Auto Associate Store-Westerly Mr. and Mrs. Harry O. Williams Woodmansee's Gift Shop F. W. Woolworth Co. l of QQ WW' , M, fr, V' fa- 'Ui ,vi My HWS I , if r . fy MW , ry! " by -Vff R x ' . of . 9' ff n K' 4 A xl fl J K ...1949 "!"'G""""S , ZA.....4.,.,lw 5441? ffffwhi 'Qm 4 5,21 .4 "A-1-Af:-1.qJ mo V 265, ,.46u..a4t"fZf'3QQc- ,MCL Q66 kfgal L-'ff V4 ' fl 4d Q q W ' 14 WAW-66.0444 WM 90 f 44.41 'CA440 ' kd 2 2 'wwgffwwwfw who 5 JW5'mmLa0yx Eff! Ji' 4 'WW riff if A Gym? 377f5 f'31z f'W My 535 M' fp M if Aww lif iff! J wjL,f'Zf VM VL41lwf WfMffh vip M M pgge . - . ., P, - , , . f..1......,... 1 s V ,, , , , , AUTUGRFQM. M61 fi X 45-aML7hk wi 'I LN jf 4! Q7ZW+4gwW' 4 IW ,. A ,W , is jam M55 ,wj5M2Mf ,f ' -'gwyv 42,79 QVQW W fggiggffgm i 1 I 5 i x "' ' - I 949 7 .T, fe or GONTENTS 2' 4 ff gf? , 1 -- ggi? , ' i ' ' W ' Page edic ' . . 3 . ' C511 nfdnisti on . . 4 L5 I culty . . . . 5-7 pVeL,,L I dj Senior troductory . . 9 ft ' Class Officers . . . 10 dp' ' Graduates . . 11-26 -. , Class Will . . 27-29 4' ' 9.4.14 ' Class Vote . . . 31 -Q4 5 I g Class Prophecy .- . 32-33 Ai- nfl, rpsf Class History . . 35 U 5 s ' ,, Class of '50 . . 37 "' ' f gba vi . Class of '51 . . 38 J . 7 Class of '52 . . . 3915 X1 Activities Introductory . . 41 " 'fi 'Hg b Yearbook Staff .... . 42 I ' 40" " I Brown and White Staff . . . 43 ' Traffic Squad . .S . . 44 Cafeteria Staff . . 45 ' . J-V9 MDA' ' Student Council . 46 . . office Girls . . 47 saga AA. 54.0-A-' W Projection Club . 48 JLMJU' os' . Dramatic Club . . 49 M - ' - ' Camera Club . . 50 " W "SH Club . . . . 51 1 Cheerleaders ' . . . 52 QL! Na, M Fife and Drum Corps . . 53 . GJ -tk-Q Girls' Athletic Association . . 54 ,XT lv'-"J ' X Girls' League .... . 55 ' - cvrkf . VJ Orchestra and Glee Club . . 56 " E X 1 Football .... . 58-59 X' 'G' W 01 N 21' aseball . . 60 cbtylob mu-fvv X- ' ack . . . 61 5 k ,Q 2 'C Basketball . . 62 'LTL 2 my ' Badminton . . . 63 'WN' ' ffl ' 7 ' 'Class ode '49 . . . . 65 -- - " JA J A 4 4 atrons and Patronesses . . 67-68 My N I ,W fl . A . 69'70 ' 1 - fi, " 0gi?pts .... V v wwf f 'WN 5-W' tt pt- V YW lsfjffff N iffst W' Tv 'milf' '14 , ' "' ,-f f: ,-34: Q"-'.f, Q 4- -, y ,f-. A- 1 - .W ..,,. . ,VH W, A W W Q , fe . JA . 2 f ' - p fija i f r. Q 1 'WA A ilk ' ' ' . VJ,iii1 . . I ,,.f1r-la' , - A ,V I -Vi t -it , 1 D f - .ze . Q v I- r Q ig. . Y ' - E i:'AL'wLL'f VN gr VX A ,4 I ' V' ' , -" 'V M ' U , I fly. f g, 1 4 r" . . ,rv K . V A ,V . , , . , I 'VL jpg, QA K yr "D ,le .V ' x , '. f4. f A 'VV' L xi I pf 'QSUW' 5L41PM I 'A ' . ' 4 j, sr JLW MMA 1 V 1 Y 0 M MWC 7 V' . Q gy-Ufiftwff' ' ' H i A:2A J I ,,.ff , K, 9- Y Q ,. ? If . .'V fgwc C U wer Q! iffy W fy ,4 wry yy , , Jvvnf, 5594 MQW! ji Aff MW fy? MPWM Wi5f557lMfiUKf AM A gy W aMj.3 . lor , M,,Q V W F 4 A -ll I 1 V- I I , V ll QQ, 3 ,A . -:b:,?,- . 2 3 in . ,V A . Q.: -Ah, k,. , - -Q, ,,,. 1 ,4--. .VV .dh fn, V- .gg M. ml.. .. .... . ...u.,..a.,..s,, , f',L,,...f..1m.. A, x M 4, U ' , V , , K ,u.t,1, 1-I 12. .Q ' 'iq of-,' . "F ,....4.-....g-,.!,..-h,.. 1.,.n.s.1 .1 ,

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