Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT)

 - Class of 1948

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Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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The PAWMYSTONIAN x4 H y o A375 1 I xo 7 C O si :X 45 f 1 .Q sv QN 'A 'l'Q +" bi I Pubfisfzefz' by The Senior Class I 9 4 8 SY'ONIjVGY'U1Y HIGH SCHOOL S'I'ONINCi'I'ON, CONN EC'I'ICU'l' W'e, the class of , 1948, are honored in dedicating this issue of the PAWMYSTONIAN to MR. GEORGE FULEY, i our class adviser, who has done so much to make our class ventures successful. page two Qywwmf We, the class of 1943, are leaving our carefree high school days and taking with as treasured memories of their happiness ADMINISTRATION CARROLL W. PEAVEY T. ALLEN CROUCH Primipal Supefintendefzl HELEN M. BIRCHELL Home Emzzoffziuf MARY E. BRALEY Home EL'0l2077ljL'5 N AOMI B. CHAUSSE C 0 712 111 ercial JOHN E. CONNORS F11 gfiylv Q 11z..-fm FACULTY ELEANOR CRONIN Ezzgliyfv MICHAEL E. CRONIN Aflzermzfz Denzormfy N Q-msg I CULLINANE mzior Bufifzefy Typing e JOSEPHINE L. 1 1 C0 111 merfhz! Law KATHRYN C. DENNEHEY E11g!i.ffJ page tivs FAGULTY JOSEPHINE A. DE SISTA I Biology General Science MORRIS FABRICANT H ealtlo Pliyxical Eafacation ELIZABETH E. GERVASINI H istory Lilararian WILLIAM P. GRIFFIN, JR. Mathematics page six BARBARA F. HASTINGS C om iii efcia! ROLAND B. HOUSTON Iaafamfia! Art! CYRUS N. MORGAN Matbematity EVELYN L. MURDOCK Physicf MARY A. NANIA Sjmlziyly Demi Gvlljdzlllfi' S. JOSEPH NANIA Mmiv S11ltwe1'z'iJo1' WILLIAM C. PETTY Ezzgliyly Frwzfly S!7cllljJ'!J LILLIAN I. SIEVE Cn Ill 111 wficzf FACULTY BEATRICE SILVERSTEIN E llgljjkh Latin iw I MARIE M. A STEWART C om nz ewial Head of Dept. FLORENCE H. THAVENET Phyfiml Edumtiofz J. GEORGE WILLIAMSON l7H6L'l7LllljL2'lj Dmzriizg page sp an go: 553 Rf? xy FD LW ' 2 7:- .-, Q 5? F: cr mp. E-fb I" TC CQ. N,- 5? iv- QF ff: i?-Ea' -D3 :1 wa. KN 'JP ::: W3 5-zz TW FD. IV H13 :x .:: r: wh HAP' INJ 25 .-. ,-. R435 :v EAD 523 FD Q-xv ESQ A N Z nw '1 :Zi K4 F' W 0 D- pun ' '9I 'QFPPEI 1 'snJuv.1L1 L LLL x pu? Aquanbg 'g1 'lpww pumg Q '61 'Abpng '8Q 93313 PUB OH LU '19 62 O JH Suyxssqs 'pvnbs 'KW UFO ua? 'IV Slsylusyag i 1- YNJ 5 V1 UI I L7 an ff, D TTC m 5 CL Q ur '7 T 9 E. F T -A D1 4 2-: ,- un Z O 5 5 CD F3 rw 75' Z4 'U ET' -. 1- 93 :x rn. f-1 O D 1-. U9 ul in o 2 Q- C5 5 Cf Ni U2 9 rd FD "2 m U: o U' 3 Di H -. :J T UQ Xl P-I :J- -1 rn rm 3 F E. F :S E. rn. w F9 w ,-P upipn QLD? JJ1 '01 gsm 'JU 1:11911 UQH pun Ua911o3 'umf II Ul LUJON 'pa in U1 'Q-3 U3 P3 'S- ii W .', 1 Ib :x 3 3 :r c 5. if 73, F1 'BUUV 'Vg 551 UHV 'ss QDFIV RW ' 'zz mag Z 5 rw K5 uv 7 : w -P K4 O 7 LT? 1 v 7 via : E. FT F X1 .... W m 17 m T5 ?9 I" fb 5? T -1 FD sc cn. '4 "fu c '1 ff :- rn N rw I" rv P9 it c r :J :J 'F W F3 .2 c 7-1 VD fn RN r-A '-I D' rc H v-1 'T 'Ta f-v O H 'J' VT U f-r Q P-z 2 2 P? in ug xv U3 fT :J E . "T 'U V1 'I 'XRS SPL! EDU!! 811101 I 193 FUI? JLIHJPIUN ll g am 001 ' 51 11123 HAQQH 1m1m 113 I1 'ff H'OJ9lI QZ QFIJVLD PUB 51111213 's112d '92 'Lg 'Allzw 'f?1?Uf1II?AQ 'SZ 'ASQ PUR UUUV 413' 4348 amz ww alt sieve MM A-4 un 969595 x vw af x. 1. 1 W.. fm, Seniors GLASS UFFIGERS President PHILIP T. NEWBURY "Phil" ZVly5tic' "Sometime.r rerions, rometimey goyg people like him eitlaer way." Football 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, junior Prom, Senior Prom, Class President 1, 2, 3, 4. Sec'1'eta1'y JANE A. HAUPT "fame" Stonington "A Jnzile for all tzntl tl frown for none" junior Prom, Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2, Traflic Squad 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Prom, Girls Sports Club 2, Office Girl 43 Class Secretary 3, 4. Vice Ptfericlent NORMAN W. SIMONELLI "Goo5e" Myrtle "A cheerful, open fottntenancen Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, Vice President 1, 2, 3, 4. T1'eo5u1'e1' SHIRLEY L. OSTMAN Stonington "Tall, fair and lonely" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Trafhc Squad 4, Projector Club 2, junior Prong Dramatic Club 23 Girls Sports Club 2, Office Girl 3, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Senior Prom, Yearbook Staff, Class Treasurer 4. page ten BARBARA L. ADAMS "Bobbie" Pawcatuck "ll"ifl9 equal rim for uiurk and play. rise gains' more friwzdr from day to tidy!! S Club 5, 43 Yearbook StafT3 junior Prom Com- mittee 3: Sophomore I-lop Committee 23 Fresh- man Party Committee 13 Basketball 5, 43 Girls Sports Club 23 Girls Athletic Association 5, 43 Girls Athletic Associ- ation Treasurer 43 Stu- dent Council 2, 5, 43 Home Room Represent- ative lg Volley Ball 3, 43 Soccer 3, 43 Cheer- leader 3, 43 Competitive Plays 2. BRUCE W. ADAMS "Brutne" Stonington "Our jnzjal .rmr feigned af lair birllf' Track 23 Baseball 43 Boxing Club 1, 2. LUCILLE A. ADAMS Luci" Stonington if 11 if uw .ibe that rearrb- rar for jmziie that fizldr il" Yearbook Staff 43 Glee Club 2, 5, 43 Honor Roll 2, 3, 43 Home Econom- ics Club 23 Music Club 3, 43 Girls League Home Room Treasurer 4. BARBARA M. AIELLO "Barbe" Stonington "Fair ii' ilye lu behold" Glee Club I, 2, 3, 43 Or- chestra 1, 2, 5, 43 Dra- matic Club Z3 Senior Food Sale Committee 43 Honor Roll l, Z, 5, 4. GRADUATES 3 l 1 i ANTHONY J. ANTOCH "jimmie'l Pawcatuck "Camel mee me 1l'hC'7'L' Zbey are' Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Bas- ketball 13 2, 3, 43 Base- ball 1, 3, 43 Boxing 1, 23 Track 1, 3, 41 S Club 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2: Dramatic Club 1, 2. CAROLYN A. BALESTRACCI "sum" Mystic "The blzzrfyirzg beauly of 41 modert maid" Student Council 3. 4g Secretary - Treasurer 43 Yearbook Editor - in - Chief, Girls' Lwgue Treasurer 53 Girls Ath- letic Association 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Tratlic Squad 2, 5, 43 Art Club 23 Vice President 23 lun- ior Prom Chairmang Mu- sic Club 1, 23 Girls Sports Club 23 Tumbling Club 23 Home Room President3 Librarians Club lg Competitive Plays 2. WALTER BANKER 'iWalt" Pawcatuck "A infer of the met1drf14'.r and Ike zwwdrfl' ,IACQUELYN A. BARBER "jackie" Pawcatuck "Imr1gi1mIimz ruler ihe u'm'ld" Glee Club 1: Dramatic Club 23 Home Economics Club 1, 23 Gym Instruc- tor 4. page eleven ROBERT T. BARKER "Bob" Pawcatuck "AM buf he ownr the .rung of joy" Projection Club 13 Hob- by Club 33 Boxing Club 1, 2. BARBARA A. BITTNER "Bitt" Pawcatuck "The gezziur rpmklei from her eyes" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 43 Year- book Staffg Hobby Club 33 Dramatic Club 2, 52 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Com- petitive Plays 23 junior Prom 33 Senior Prom 4. ARMAND G. BLANCHET "Buddy" Mystic "He was rlmigbt and rtrwzg. and hir eyer were blue" MARIANO J. BLANDA "Ernie" Pawcatuck "He ir wire who wirber Z0 do what fae mn" Camera Club 1, 2, 4, Brown and W'hite 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Waiter 1, 2, 3, 43 Hob- by Club 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 43 Freshman Party, Com- mercial Law Prize 33 U. S. History Prize 33 Hon- or Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Hon- or Society 3, 4. GRADUATES page twelve ,IOSEPHINE M. BREWER "jo" Girl Mystic "Silence 11 az good lmifj Glee Club 13 Home Ec- onomics Club 2. JANET R. BUCHANAN "Jan" Pawcatuck 'Fireligbl and ytarligbt in ber eye!" Latin Club 33 Office Girl 3, 43 Basketball 43 Senior Food Sale Committee 4g Freshman Partyg Sopho- more Hopg Home Room Secretary 23 Home Roorr Treasurer 1, 2, 3. RICHARD E. BUCK "Bucky" Stonington "And thnx I am ub- .mrbed and Mir if Life" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, -fs" Club 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Track 1, 3, 45 Base. ball 1, 2. HAROLD G. BUZZI "Boozie'f Wequetequock "Laugh ami zbe clan lclltghf zvilb you" Glee Club 1, 5, 4, Hob. by Club 31 Junior Prom3 Traffic Squad 3, 4g Hon. or Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. HELEN D. CARLIN "Shrimp" Mystic "Bls.v'.s'ed .zre tba lizzie fur they Mal! laewme no mzaller fl' VILMA J. CAROCARI "Vi" Mystic "Look, rbefr ufizzdizzg up llae uzzfrb of ber ufil: by and by it will Uribe" Senior Food Saleg Cam- era Club 3, 4g Traffic Squad 43 Girls Baseball Team 15 Glee Club 1g Senior Promg Yearbook Staffg Honor Roll 1, 2, 5, 4. FRANCIS R. CELLA "Red" Pawcatuck "Allen of lulen! me men for 0L'L'lZJ'l0IlJiH Student Council 3, 4g President 4g Vice Presi- dent SQ Glee Club 1, 2g Club 1, 2, 5, 4g Freshman Partyg Sopho- more Hopg Brown 84 Wlmite 1, Z, 3, 4g Sports Editor 4g Honor Roll 1, Z, 51 Football 2, 5, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 5, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4g Co- captain 4g Cross Country 1g Track 1g Boxing 1, 2. ELIZABETH M. CHAMPLIN "Betty" Pawcatuck "Of zllafzzzerf genllex uf .zfferliwzi wild" Home Economies 2, 53 Historian 32 Glee Club 1. 2g Girls League 1, 2, 3, 43 Homeroom Secre- tary 1g Yearbook Staffg Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. GRADUATES page thirteen WILLIANI IW. CHAMPLIN "Bill" Pawcatuck "A mlm in eur'11e.r! findr weurzr, or if be uzmzaz find, creaiea' Mem" Baseball 1, Zg Football 1, 21 Cross Country 2, SQ Cafeteria Staff 3. LAWRENCE A. CLAY "Clay" Stonington "Tl9if1g.r :lmfl tum up in llfir uforla' uulil mme- body lurm them upl' Football 2, 3, 45 Hobby Club 1, 2, 3: Basketball l, ROBERT A. CLAY "Bob" Stonington "1 IUMA! ,gn dIlll'lI to 1116 .fem llgtzlzf' Hobby Club 1, 2. ELIZABETH Bl, FONNORS "Liz" Stonington "IV'ell rbe isp! bw' gen- itzl Illfllldm Glee Club 1, 2g Proiec- tion Club 1, 23 Librari- an's Club 23 Senior Food Saleg Dramatic Club 1g Iunior Promg Sophomore Hop. NANCY G. COOPER "Nancel' Mystic "Tlan1T which Jbe rmznol do lmr 1101 yet been dif- covered" Brown 8: White 1. 2. 33 Brown 84 White Editor 4, Glee Club 1, 3g Stu- dent Council 3, Com- petitive Plays 33 junior Prom Publicity Commit- tee 3, Traffic Squad 35 Yearbook Staff 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. BERNADETTE A. COSTA "Bernie" Stonington "l. lo my pledged word, am Hue" VIRGINIA A. CRIDER "Ginger" No. Stonington "Eafne,flne,r5 if ezzllauriarmu Home Economics 2. BARBARA CROMPTON "Bobby" Pawcatuck "lVlmr rfweel dellgbl az quiet life rzjjzordru GRADUATES page fourteen ELEANORA M. CROMPTON "Elliel' Pawcatuck "I will wcceed, I will, I will" Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Brown 8: White 2, 3, 4, Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Hop Com- mittee, Junior Prom Com., School Play 3, Yearbook Staff. VIRGINIA E. CROUCHER Ginnyn Mystic To make happy ls Ike zfue empire of beauzyu ff Glee Club 1, Home Ec- onomics Club 1. RUTH E. CULLEY "Ruthie" Stonington "Her mice war ever .mfr and gentle" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club 2. NORMA I DARLING "Norm" Mystic "A prelly mzile ir the wlairper of luuglJter" Cffice Girl 4, Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Year- book Editorial 81 Sales Staff, Brown Sc White 4, Traffic Squad 4, Hon- or Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, jun- ior Prom Committee, Al- gebra Prize 3, Home- room Treasurer 1, Fresh- man Dance Committee, Sophomore Hop Com- mittee, Senior Food Sale Committee. ANNETTE E. DAXVLEY "Ann" Pawcatuck "Sn ruff. .io mlm. gel .iw elnqzzwllu Glee Club 1, 2, 5. 41 Music Club Z, 51 Honor Roll 1, 2, 5, 41 Year- bookg Office Girl 4. LOUIS J. DeMARCO "Lou" Pawcatuck "lu nzmzhuod. be :mr lacking mzlzgbll' Brown 8: White 1. 2, 5, 4, Basketball 1, 23 Hon- or Roll 2, 5, 45 Honor- able Mention 1, 2g Cross Country lg Dramatic Club 3, Cafeteria Staff 1, 2, 5g Student Council 5, 43 Freshman Dance Com- mittee, Projection Club l, 2. ANNE E. DENNEHEY "Lefty" Stonington Hcltfffllll ii' lbs fair' uf frmff' Projection Club 1, 21 Glee Club 2, Librarians' Club Secretary - Treasur- er 2, Sophomore Hop, Freshman Partyg Senior Food Saleg Dramatic Club 1, Honor Roll 4. NIARILYN A. DOYLE "Mickey" Mystic "There it jfruzre .md qlziul in limi?" Glee Club l. 21 W'aiter 5 41, Home Economics Club 2. 52 Membership Chairmang Office Girl 4, Honorable Mention 3, 4. GRADUATES i i i i i page fifteen ,IACQUELYN Nl. DUFFY "jackie" No. Stonington ilPflfffL'llKJ.1' U fu do ,Ind my lfve kinder! lbizlg in fbi' kizzdefl zz'.14i" Traffic Squad 5. 43 Of- fice Girl 4, Yearbook Staff, Glee Club 1, Hon- or Roll 1, 2, 5, 4. CLAIRE M. FALLON "Snip" Pawcarurk "A fvifzcb uf nfircbief. 61 zf.1.i'b of fllll. .1 L'llf7fllf of Lbeff' Camera Club 13 Glee Club lg Class Treasurer 31 Club 3. 4, Of- fice Girl 5, 4, Cheer- leader 5, 4g Dramatic Club 1, 4, Cafeteria Staff 1, 2, 5. 4, Projec- tion Club Bg Yearbook Staff, Home Economics 11 Girls Athletic Ass'n. 5. 43 Home Room Repre- sentative lg Wiisliington Club Treasurer 43 Home Room Treasurer 1, Sen- ior Hop Queens Court 5: Traffic Squad 53 Sen- ior Prom. NOYES F. FARNELL "Farney" Mystic "TIM 1219111 6.110 mniic in bit mul" Football 1, 2. 5. 41 Cap- iiin 41 "S" Club Z, 5, 43 Vice President 53 Presi- 'lent 4g lvlusic Club 1, 2, 3. 41 President 4, Track 1, Z, 5. 4, junior Prom, Sophomore Hop, Fresh- 'nan Dance, Basketball 1. BARBARA A. FINDEISEN "Finn" Pawcatuck "lI'.i .ffl .1 ,Quill ilwzi' fliii zzwrld zu .Im ju" Glee Club 21 Club 5, 41 Cheerleader 5, 43 Girls Athletic Assn. 3, 4, Vice President 5. DELORES T. FREITAS "Shortie" Stonington "High-ererled lfiozzgbli' Jenled in lhir bear! of L1f1Il1'f6.l'-Ty, Home Economics Club 1, 2. RICHARD E. FRITZ "Herman" Stonington "Bold at 61 hawk. gentle nr a dove" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, junior Prom Committee, Traffic Squad Captain 3, 4, Cam- era Club 1, Track 1, Projection Club 1. DOROTHY R. FUREY "Bessie" Pawcaiuck "A good fare if u Zeller of remmmendazionn Camera Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, Freshman Party Committee, Sports Club 2, Sophomore Hop Com- mittee, Class Treasurer 1, Senior Prom Com- mittee, junior Prom Committee, Washingtcan Club. JEAN E. GARRETSON Mystic "Her eyerfif we only knew zvfml zum going on in foe mind behind Ifae .rp111'He" Camera Club 1, 2, Home Economics Club 1, 2, 32 Dramatics Club 3, Glee Club 1, Sports Club 2, Office Girl 3, Senior Prom Committee. GRADUATES page sixteen AMELIA GIORDANO "Aimel' Pawcatuck Hszmjlpj' and .rlylifb are Zur !'Z0f47t.'.l'. 411141131 in ffye infer! 'lt1.fbiw1" Camera Club l. 2, 3, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Staff 1, 2, 31 Office Girl 1, 2, 31 Brown and Wfliite Staff 1. 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party Committee, Soph- omore Hop Committee, lunior Prom Committee: Art Club 2, Honor Roll 4. BARBARA HAKER "Barbie" Pawcatuck "The laugbfer of girlr ir. and ever um. tzmwzg fbe delightful .mlmdr of lbe muh" Honor Roll l, 2, Hon- orable Mention 3, Glee Club 1, Home Econom- ics Club 1. RICHARD T. HANLEY "Boot'l Stonington "He mover ufbefz the urge .ffriier him" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Track 1, 2, 4, Basketball 1, 4, Honor Roll 4, "S" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Room President 1, 2, 3. JOAN D. HAUSCHILD "joanie" Stonington "No1l7i12g if .m 5077111- giow NI efiIb11.fia,rm" Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary - Treasurer 33 Yearbook Staff, Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4, Drama- tics Club 2, 3, 4, Girls Sports Club 2, Tumbling Club 2, junior Prom Committee, Sophomore Hop Committee, Fresh- man Party Committee, Glee Club 1, 2, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volley Ball 2, 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, 4, Music Club 1. WILLIAM HILL "Billy" Puwcaituck llllnX7cIftfI't?7' be dow. fn' dow' if Zl'i.fc'lj'l BETTY A. HONIG "Betty" Stonington "The wbole of heraldry .md claizfulry i5 in four- f6'.l'.1'H ELIZABETH S. HRESCHAK Betty' Mvstit "Frc,sX1 .ir lbs Nmwz and b1'lUl.H1f ai IU' mn' Girls Sport Club 2, 3g Tumbling Club lg Girls llusketlmill 3. AIOAN A. HUARD 'floginw Mystic "I Jgftt' zvilb im rzzizzfi f,f1if1iff11.i.' I lm1'e'.mf11e ffl my wwf' Hoincroom Secretary lg Glee Club 1. GRADUATES Www, page seventeen IRENE C. JAMES "Rene" Pawcutuck "Rich if fha in fbflllglil mid Zfflffll COLLEEN O. JANEIRO "Cokie" Stonington "Sbe'.v .llllllljl .fbfll bfigbfl Music Club 1, 2g Dra- matics Club 1, 2g Soccer 21 Office Girl 3, 4. CARL VIECKEL "Silas" Mystic "And .siwfvll frnlb if nt- nmil riff!" Track gl l-Iolulwy Club 5. BEVERLY L. VIOUBERT "Bevy" Puwcutuck "So .fzwel .1 l.1i1.' .fllfb .zfzgfl grae" Homeroom Secretary 2g Home Economics Club 2g Secretary - Treasurer 25 Office Girl 53 Freshman Pnrty Committeeg Soph- omore Hop Committee. MARY BELL KEANE "IX'Iary" Pawcatuck "Ex41ctl1e.r.r in lillle zflzliei if 61 wmzderfzfl .l0lH'L't.' nj cbeerfzzlfzew' Cheerleader 5, 4, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Freshman Party Committee, Soph- omore Hop Committee, Yearbook Staff, Office Gir14, Glee Club 1, 'SV Club 5, 4, Tumbling Club 2, Girls Sports Club 2, Traffic Squad 53 Basketball 3. JOAN BI. KRIZANEK 'lKrizie" Stonington "She maker law' geuemni Zbflllgbfl cl frm" Home Economics 2, 35 Music 1, Vice-President Home Room 3. ANTHONY j. LAZZARO "Tony" Pawcatuck "A merry mlm 41111 I" Baseball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Cafeteria Staff 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll 4, Freshman Party Commit- tee, Sophomore Hop Committee, Home Room Treasurer 1. PHYLLIS LeCOUR "PrunieH Pawcatuck GRADUATES page eighteen annex CECELIA V. LESNIEWSKI "Ceil" Stonington HLflI'6'lll16.l.i ffeedf :ml Ike :lid of foreign w'm1wef1I" Student Council 1, Girls' Sports Club 2, Tumbling Club 2, Club 3. 41 Secretary 33 Girls Basket- ball 2, Trathc Squad 3L Junior Prom Committee: Office Girl 4, G, A. A. 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Class Secretary 1, Class Treas- urer Z, Home Room Rep- resentative lg H o m e Room Treasurer Z. ALFRED I.. LEWIS "Al" Stonington "High crewed lboltgfvla' .rerzfed 211 him" Student Council l, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, Dra- matic Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Hobby Club 2. JOSEPH LIDESTRI "I.omby" Pawcatuek "Cr111le21led, he lem' llae ref! of Me world gn hy" Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Hobby Club 31 Waiter 1, 2, 5. ANN B. LOCRASTO "Slim" Pawcatuek "A 'aleler-1.13-die' :mower zrifb 41 will lu zl'arv5"' Dramatic Club 1, 2, 5, 4Q Yearbook Staff, Brown 84 XX'hite 4, Girls Basketball 1, 2, 5, Manager 4, G. A. A. 5, 4, Secretary 4, Honor Roll 1, Z, 4, Soph- omore Hop, S t u d e n t Council Representative 2, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soc- cer 1, 2, 5, 4, Volley Ball 2, 3, 4, Projection Club 3, 4. PAULINE A. LORD "P, al" Pawczituck "A good df.ff70.lflflNI ii more iwlzmbfe Ibm! gold" Dramatic Club 11 Sopho- more Hopg Junior Promg Homerooin Treasurer 31 Latin Club 3g Yearbook Staffg Honor Roll 1, 2, 41 Senior Food Sale. BARBARA F. BIACKENZIE "Mat Mystic "Bt .zfztpzryi tnffflugta' rlbflllf .mine 7'tlfff.'Il.lf Ibifzgu Sopliomore Hopg 'Iratlic Squad BQ Carncrai Club 5, -lg Brown ck Wfliitc 2, 5, -li Yerirbool-c Stafirg Otliiue Girl -lg Glec Club -lg Sen- ior Food Sale: Dramiitics Club 4. LENA S. MADERIA "Lee" Stonington "Good humor il 1190 berzflb of the mul" Glee Club lg Home Eco- nomics Club 2. CHARLES N. MAlN "Charlie" Pawceiturk "He will zzerer be ww- 1l'wm1ed for Mlm! be mm" Hobby Club 3g Prolection Club 3. 45 Stage Manager 3, 4. GRADUATES 3 3 w""'Q l l ww 2,0-g "?'?W :. 1 Iii:-:. :J -fF'Pfi'Is5E:.:2:: a 2 c page nineteen ELIZABETH M. INIARCOTTE "Bet" Pawfatucli "A fleffefl lady ta! all timer, rfzrief. refined and c'nllVIcn11 V' Home Economics Club 1, El.SlE lNlA'l'HEXXfS "El" Stonington USfjHl1Lf.Y.l' of I7Ll'.lUl1 .md l'fi'Lldj1lc'.l'.f of ftfrlllluif are .ljgllalj Illtlffj nf grind l1r'tL'dif1lQ" Home Economics Club 2, 3: Honor Roll l. 2. 5, 4: Glee Club I. Wll.LlAbI H. MKQARROLL "Bills ixrysiif "Lord of bilzifrfff. fl7f1llgZ'7 um! ffl lr1f1a',i"' Football l, 2, 3, 41 Cam- era Club 1, 2, 5, 4g "S" Club 2, 5, 4g Hobby Club 2g Chess Club Sq Honor- able Mention lg Honor Roll 5. ELLIS P. McGOWAN "Percy" No. Stonington "Ally gfwd ffm! I rm! do. let we do if 1mzz"' Projection Club 11 Dra- matic Club 2, 3. 43 Sci- ence Club lg Camera Club lg Senior Promg Vice President at Wlieel- erg President of Business Organization. CHARLES J. MCGRATH Pawcatuck "A grail imagination and many IIZIETEJIJH Brown 84 White 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Or- chestra 3, 4, Home Room Treasurer 1, Cafeteria 1, 2, 4, Yearbook Staff, Dramatic Club 1, Fresh- man Coming Out Party, Operetta 2, 5, 4. HENRIETTA T. MELLO "Henny" Stonington "Intelligence and beauzy but the atzmrzive, wappy liffle min" Glee Club 1, 2, Dramatic Club 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Hop Committee, junior Prom Committee, Freshman Committee, Senior Food Sale Committee, Honor Society 5, 4, Home Room Secretary 1. BARBARA A. METCALF "Barb" Pawcatuck "Her quiet wayr mid za ber digzziiy and will 1196 76,f1I6t'f of ber L'Z!IJ',V77l5lI6J'7f Yearbook Staff, Glee Club 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Office Girl 4. LORRAINE L. MITCHELL "Rain" Mystig "A blurb ii' beautiful bw often i1zfofzvw1ie1zl" GRADUATES' page twenty EDXVIN j. NORTHUP Stonington "Mr1de.rzy bewmer 4 man" Football 2, 3, 4, Track 1. 2, 3, 4, Club 3, 4: junior Prom Committee. WILLIAM H. NOYES "Bill" Mystic "Thurs more eaiiefz who lmrfe fearned to dame" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 4, "S" Club 3, 4, Com- petitive Plays 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Stage Manager 3, 4, Projection Club 33 Cafeteria Staff 1, 2, 33 Cross Country, 1, Hobby Club 2, 3. ELIZABETH M, O'KEEFE "Betty" Pawcatuck "Thurs Irirh eyer are ul- umzyi' imilizzgn Camera Club 1, 2, 5, 4, Glee Club 1, Brown 8: Wliite 2, 3, 4, Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4, Girls Sport Club 2, Tumbling Club 2, Dramatic Club 2. 3, Yearbook Editorial 84 Sales Staff, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop Committee, junior Prom Committee, Camera Club President 3, Assistant Editor Brown 84 White 4. MARY S. OLIVER "Mon Mystic "Her dark brouvz eg-65 do all we zalkirzg for ber" I-Iomeroom Secretary 1, Home Economics 2, 3, Honor Roll 1, Z, 4, Hon- orable Mention 5, Glee Club 1, 2. ,IAMES A. O'NEIL "jim" Pawcatuck Hllvilli :many charming qualifier be nm afford I0 he quiz!" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Traf- fic Squad 3. 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, junior Prom, Senior Prom, Freshman Party, Sophomore Hop. FRANCES M. OTERI "Fran" Mystic "Her bright Jmile lmuzzlf ur" Home Economics Club 2, Future Homemakers of America 3, Secretary 31 Glee Club 1, 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, CAROL M. OVIATT "Shortie" Mystic "The mutt effeclive rn- quefry is iznmrenre' Home Economics Club 2, 3g Glee Club 1, 2, Dra- matic Club 4, Honor Roll 1, 2. DOUGLAS J. PALMER, JR. "Rusty" Mystic "W'i1lJ no reafun al all be grief ou! of hit way" Hobby Club 3, 4, Dra- matic Club 3, 4, Football 3: Basketball 3, 4, Track 5, 4, Camera Club 3: Proiection Club 3, GRADUATES P3518 fVVC'I1ty'0l'lE -IANICF H. PALMER "Quiz Kid" North Stonington Hllvifb will, one can do azzyllfingn Art Club 2, Wzlitress 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Chairman 4, Competitive Plays 2, 33 Oratorical Contest Winner 3, Hob- by Club 31 hlusic Club 4, Traffic Squad 4, For- um 4, Honor Roll 1, 5, 4, School Play 4. NANCY N. PEAVEY "Nan" Wequetequcmck "Shell rzill be .rmilifzg u' la e II everyzbizzg lm.: feafed I0 exif!" Camera Club 3, 4, Girls League Secretary 33 Glee Club 3, 4, Brown 8: White 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Yearbook Sales Manager, Traffic Squad 3, Class Represent- ative 3. XXJILLIAINI N. PERKINS "Judd" iwtysm "The cmzleziled man if never paw," Football 3, 4, Club 4, Camera Club 1, 2, Cross Country 1, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Staff 4. DOLORES M. PODZIEWSKI "Dusty" Mystic "She mower like a god- ders and lookr like iz queen Freshman Party Commit- tee, Sophomore Hop Committee, junior Prom Cammliteeg Honor Roll 1, 2, 4, Honorable Men- tion 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Basketball 4, Home Economics Club 2, 33 President 2, 3, Future Homemakers of America 3. ANN F. POWERS "Toni' Stonington "A light heart liver long" Projection Club lg Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1: Girls Sports Club 2g Girls Athletic Associ- ation 4. MARY CELESTF j. REBELLO Stonington "Ever ready and alwayi willing la do her share of Jameane elie'i work" Home Economics Club 2. 5. BARBARA RHODES "Bobbie" Stonington "The greater! pleiziure iii life ii love" ANNA RILEY "Ann" Pawcatuclc "W' armor ii her honey! lhoirghf' GRADUATES page twenty-two MARY THERESA ROBINSON "Terry" Pawcatuck "Your voice, ia Iliff and hind" XX"illiain Hall Higl' School Student Council 1, 2, Li- brzirv Club l, 2, 3, Pres- ident 2g Glee Club 3, 4, Girls League 2, 3, 43 -lunior Girl Reserves 3g Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Staff Member 2, 3. IRENE V. ROGERS "Sis" Stonington "She never lets her areal- zieii rpail her fun" Glee Club 1, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 21 Senior Prom Commit- tee, Senior Food Sale Crrnmittee. FRANK J. SAPORITA "Frankie" Pawcatuck "Heli matter-of-fuzz, ufizh kriaufledge flanked" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Vice President 4g Orches- tra 2, 3, 4: Student Coun- cil 4g Waiters Club 1, 2g National Honor Soci- ety: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Treasur- er 1, 2g Yearbook Busi- ness Managerg Hallow- een Dance Committeeg Publicity C 0 m m i tte eg Freshman Party Commit- teeg Operetta 2, 3, 4. BARBARA D. SAUNDERS "Bobbiel' Pawcatuck "She hizth iz hear! ai iaimii iii az hell" Girls Athletic Associa- tion 2g Band 1, 2, Glee Club 1. 23 Spotlight Club 1, 23 Homeroom Treas- urer 2. DOROTHY M. SCH I LLER "Dot" Piiwcatuck f- -y So mlm, ln ptizrullrf Glue Club lg Home Ec- onomics Club l. 2, Soc- cer 5. 43 Volley Ball 5, 4, Basketball 5, 4. HUGH J. SCHILLER "Huie" Pawcatuck "Hit rmzzzzzerf are gffllllfll ANN E. SENIOR "Anne" Paw 'atuck "A good hear! if tl letter of fredii" Girls Athletic Associa- tion 5, 43 Camera Club 21 Club 5, 41 Cheer- lcaler 5, 4. Glee Club 11 Freshman Party Commit- teeg Sophomore Hop Committee. -IUHN H. SHACKLEY "lack" Mystic "Ht bend if 6111 he heeded 1101" Basketball 1. 21 Baseball lg Proicctor Club lg Chess Club 33 Hobby Club 5. GRADUATES page twenty-three DONALD SMlT'i "Smitty" Pawcutuck "ll"lv,1 do Ibex lnidw' ax- .iggenzfe nie?" Camera Club I, Z, 5, 4, Hobby Club 2, 51 Track gl Football 1. JANE SNIYRNIOTES "Smirt" Pawcatuck "Er1w'gy will do dlljlbfflg lbw! C4171 be dom' ill lhe fziovldw Soccer 1, 2, 5, 4, Volley Ball 2, 5, 4, Basketball Varsity 1, 2, 5. 43 Bad- minton 1, 2, 5. 4, Girls Athletic Association 5, 4, Soft Ball 1, 2, 5, 4, Twenty-One 1, Z, 5, 45 Foul-Shooting 1, 2, 5, 4. JOHN SOUZA "Duke" Stonington "G'a!Iaz1try 10 uvmzwz ii Ike' .ture road in lbeif f.4l1f'01"H Hobby Club 1, 23 Foot- ball 1, 2, 5, 41 Track 1, 43 Basketball lg Baseball 2, 5, 4, junior Prom Committee, "S" Club 3, 41 Business Organization Corp. 4. VALERIE B. SOUZA "Val" Stonington "A Hilfe word in find- mrr ljwkeu bar Illildt rl friend Af2IfL'7'FH DOROTHY A. SWAIN "Dot" No. Stonington "Diligenre if the mozher of good forlzmeu Traffic Squad 5, 4, Glee Club 1, Yearbook Staff, Honor Society 53 Honor Roll 1, 2, 5. 4. PHOEBF. E. TAYLOR "Pheebs" Stonington "Her manner and chur- afler well herome her" Home Economics Club 1, 2g Glee Club 1. JOHN MCD. TIIOMPSON "Stretch" Pawcatuck "My mind ir in a flare of philarophiml douhf' Cross Country 1, 5g Bas- ketball 1, 2, 5g Honor Roll 2, 5, 4, Dramatic Club 53 "S" Club 5. MA DALINE E. THORP "Scottie" Pawcatuck "Beauty if with hind- neu" Home Economics Club l. 2g Glee Club 1. GRADUATES page twenty-four PATRICIA A. TILLINGHAST "Pat" Wkquetequock "W'itty, fair. and wife il .fhe" Camera Club 1, 2, 55 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 53 Traffic Squad 4, Year- book Staffg Glee Club 1, 5, 4, junior Prom, Hon- or Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Hob- by Club 5g Senior Prom. PAUL A. TRIPP "Homer" Pawcatuck "I mn my rr neat thing myrelf if they will give me lime" Baseball 5, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Freshman Par- tyg Sophomore Hop, Track 1, Projection Club 2, Music Club 1, Z, 5, 4. VIRGINIA R. UMPHLETT "Ginny" No. Stonington "Sbeerh if rilrfer, hu! ,fi- lence ir golden" Glee Club lg Yearbook Staff. CLAIRE Y. VALLIERE Pawcatuck "KflldIZ6.l'.l' of hem! ii' a f0lllll:Ii11 of gllldllflln Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 53 Camera Club 1, 25 Girls Sports Club 2, Tumbling Club lg G. A. A. 5, 4, Cheerleader 5. 4g "S" Club 4g Glee Club 5, 4, Badminton 5, 4g Soft Ball 3, 4, Cafe- teria Staff 1, 2, 5, Fresh- man Partyg Senior Food Saleg Washingtcmn Clubg Soccer 1, 2, 5, 4, Volley Ball 1, Z, 5, 4, Home- room 'Treasurer 4. ROSE B. VINCENT "Rose" Stonington "Lvl me bn! do WJ zmri liffilll dy In 6J.1Vlu Honor Roll Z, 43 Gluu Club 1: Dramatic Club 2g Competitive Play 51 ,lu ior Prom: Officc Girl 53 Traffic Squad 5g Bri wn 84 Xwliite Typist sl. DONALD WELCH "Don" Mystic "LeiJu'fe Ilrikef me ru J uwzzderful pleurureu Camera Club 1, 2g Hob- by Club 5g Track 1, Z 51 Cross Country 1, 2, FLVA M. WILCOX "Al" Mystic "Ne1'e1' rmdg. fzezfr zz fn'- ry, fake life muy, ,md u'br11'f lbe burr-i."' Nlusic Club 1, 2, 3. 41 juoior Prom: Fresiiman Paftv' Sophomore Hop: Homcroom Treasurer l, 51 Senior Prom. GRADUATES Xkh aww page twenty-live MARY D. XXfII.KlNSON "Debbie" No. Stonington "And flwn IU-l ffrczrl zfifh fYfrf,1.l1zr'r ljlfil' Glue Club l: Homcroom Secretary lg Home Eco- nomic: Club 3' Ymii'bool: Staff BARBARA NI. WILLIABIS "Bobbie" Old Nfystic HTNVJZZIMI! ,lbifflier are like zzufzmzl I11I.u1l,v" Soccer lg Vollcy Ball lg Basketball Zg Brovn 8. Wfhite 2, 5, 43 Sopho- more Hopg Art Club 2g Yearbook Stalfg Twirling Corps 33 Dcan's assistant 5: Camera Club 51 Hon- orable Mention 1. 2g Honor Roll 5, 4g Traffic Squad 2, 5. 41 Cafeteria Staff 5, ARITA bl. YOUNG "Rita" Old im-mr "The linlu maid will fun' bw' zrifl" Home Economics Club 2. GLASS WILL l948 We, The Class of 1948, do leave Stonington High School the pleasant atmosphere which we have created while being members of the student body. We, The Class of 1948, do bequeath to the Fac- ulty the pleasant memories which only we could leave. We, The Class of 1948, do bequeath to the un- derclasses the ability to establish an outstanding reputation as we have done. I, Carolyn Balestracci, do leave to the future Editors-in-Chief of the "Pawmystonian" the ability to manage it as I have done. I, Barbara Bittner, do bequeath to Flora Mailhot my many "A's." I, William Perkins, do leave to Milton Kieburg my nonchalant manner about everything. We, Josephine Brewer and Betty Marcotte, do leave to Dorothy Saffomilla and jane Bowen a portion of our quietness. I, Philip Newbury, do bequeath my shining per- sonality and everything else that makes me the "idle" of my class, to anyone who can take it in his stride as I have. I, Mary Bell Keane, do leave my position as Cap- tain of the l'Cheering Seven" to joan Mazzarella and Anita McKie that they may "keep 'em yell- ing." I, Richard Fritz, do leave to Robert White my Ufiery disposition", and to Donald Podziewski just a small part of my good looks in order that he may be voted the "best lookingi' of hisfclass. We, Helen Carlin and Arita Young, do be- queath to Lynn Campbell a portion of our short- ness so she will no longer have to worry about "towering" above everyone. I, Irene Rogers, do leave to Margaret Clay my collection of charming clothes. I, Donald Smith, do leave my "easy to get along with" manner to Stan Pianka. I, Henrietta Mello, do leave to Barbara Rayner my soft, melodious speaking voice. I, William Hill, do bequeath to Billy Marchand my "man of the worldn nature. I, Anthony Antoch, do leave to Fernald Fitts my large collection of tardy slips. I, Elizabeth Connors, do leave to no one the col- lection of pictures on my locker door. I, Louis DeMarco, do leave my poise to Alfred White. I, Frances Oteri, do bequeath to Patt Curley my sewing ability. I, Nancy Peavey, do leave my ability to be pleas- ant at all times to Gayla Bill. I. Norman Simonelli, do bequeath to "Spikei' Kelliher my way with the opposite sex. I, Phyllis I.eCoui', do leave to Angelina Ianiero my bubble gum. I, Lorraine Mitchell, do leave my kind'hearted ways to Elizabeth Greene. I, Vilma Carocari, do leave my ability to ride and my love for horses to Peggy Davis. I, Delores Podziewski, do leave my "peaches rizzc creamy' complexion to Mary Durham. I, Lena Maderia, do leave my humorous antics that keep everyone in the office practice room in stitches, to any future senior who thinks she'll be able to get away with it. I, "Bill" McCarroll, do leave to any underclass- rnan that wants them, my many problems in life. I. "Buddy" Blanchet, do leave my ability to treat the girls rough and get away with it to Tommy Cordner. I, Elva Wilcox, do leave my happy-go-lucky ways to Margaret Shea. I, Dorothy Furey, do leave my willingness to help everyone to Pat Higgins. I, Ann Powers, do leave to any underclassmen able to accomplish it, my whistle in the Audi- torium. l l, Walter Banker, do leave my agricultural knowledge to my brother Donald. I, Colleen janiero, do leave my rendition of "Temptation" to jane Bowen and Carolyn Perry. We, Esther Taylor and Virginia Crider, do leave our blonde tresses to Mildred Furey. I, Betty Honig, do leave to La Verne Duguid my ability to talk my way out of anything. I, Ann Senior, do leave my acrobatic ability to Alice Fish and Gloria Brustolon to divide equally between them. I, joan Krizanek, do leave my accomplishment of "sticking to one'i to anyone who can learn my technique. I, jimmy O'Neil, do leave my baseball pitching ability to Donald Bachand. page twenty-six I, jean Garretson, do leave to jean Barnes my beautiful dark eyes. I, Shirley Ostman, do will to Veronica Travers my tall, stately carriage. I, "Red" Cella, do will to anyone who can achieve it my ability to star in several sports. I, Joseph Lidestri, do leave to Edmund Victoria my all-around good sportsmanship. I, Charles Main, do leave my job of running the projector to Donald Pettini. I, Celeste Rebello, do leave my courage to take both U. S. History and "P, D." in the same year to anyone able to tackle them. I. Anthony Lazzaro, do leave my ability to get out of classes to Harold Austin. I, Anna Riley, do leave to Maybelle Murray my job in the cafeteria. I, Pat Tillinghast, do leave my casual but witty sense of humor to Barbara Powers. I, jackie Duffy, do leave my sunny and friendly disposition to Betty Simonelli. I, Barbara Crompton, do bequeatn the courage to come back to school after a long illness to any- one who may need it. I, Janice Palmer, do bequeath to Nancy Sicilian my acting ability that she too may have the lead in school. plays. I, Mary Robinson, do leave to any new future senior, the ability to create the sensation that I did. I, Rose Vincent, do leave my interest in a certain alumnus to absolutely no one. I. Mary Oliver, do leave to Margaret Faulise my beautiful, shining black hair. I, Barbara Williams, do gladly leave my numer- ous jobs on the Yearbook to next year's workers. I, Marilyn Doyle, do leave to next year's "O. P." girls my fine example of a conscientious secretary. We, Betty Champlin and Bevy joubert, do leave our size 9 clothes to Shirley Blanchard. I. Bernadette Costa, do leave to absolutely no one my interest in a certain prefabricated house. We, Elsie Mathews, Barbara Rhodes and Ruth Culley, do leave our "get married in july" motto, to anyone lucky enough to find the right man. I, Madeline Thorp, do leave my ambition to be a teacher to someone who likes children. I, Carol Oviatt, do leave my desire to travel to my sister. I, Dorothy Schiller, do bequeath my ambition to get married to all girls. I, Richard Buck, do leave my fatal fascination to the feminine sex to Ralph Horn. I, "Rusty" Palmer, do bequeath to Betty Clark my always present freckles. I, Eleanor Crompton, do leave to Mary Holly my well rounded supply of facial expressions. I, Anne Dennehey, do leave my neat hair-do to lane Lathrop. I, Noyes Farnell, do leave to Gary Bill my voice that never ceases to charm the "fairer sex." I, joan Hauschild, do leave my red, gosh no !- 'lstrawberry blonde" hair to the Lamb twins. I, john Thompson, do leave my quiet appearance but strong ideas to joseph Imdahl. I, Dorothy Swain, do leave my dainty and polite ways to joan Dougherty. I, Pauline Lord, do leave to Barbara Stinson my extensive interest in nursing. I, Norma Darling, do leave my task of keeping the boys amused in the ofhce, during lunch block to Gayla Bill. I, Celia Lesniewski, do leave my interest in knit- ting sweaters to Mary Lou Robinson. I, Frank Saporita, do leave my ways of thinking that everyone is "swell" to "Pat" Kenyon. I, Mary Wilkinson, do leave my little girl ways to Marilyn O'Neil. I Barbara Adams, do leave to Anita DeCesare my quiet, dignified manner. I, Barbara Aiello, do bequeath to Robert Meeker my outstanding musical ability. I, Robert Barker, do bequeath to Alfred Fidrych my blush that is always taking me unaware. I, Amy Giordano, do bequeath to Carlene Mello my stack of "Vogue" magazines. I, Virginia Croucher, do leave my infectious giggle to Mimi Crowley. I, Ellis McGowan, do leave to George Miner my collection of 4-H honors. We, Donald Welch and john Shackley, do leave our "trusty" guns for hunting to james Watson. I, Robert Clay, do bequeath to Philip jones my shy appearance, that he may be as well-camouflaged as I have always been. I, janet Buchanan, do bequeath to Doris Hemp- stead my filing system that she may keep her dates as straight as I have tried, I, Annette Dawley, do leave to Elaine Geyer my artistic ability. I, Billy Noyes, do leave to Chester Godomsky my exceptionally "cute" features. page twenty-seven I, Lucille Adams, do leave my "hustle-bustle" manner to Josephine Faillace. I, Ann LoCrasto, do leave to Pauline Blanchet my "never tiring" lungs. I, Betty Hreschak, do leave to Wilma Vars my quick-and-hurry stride. I, Virginia Umphlett, do leave my quiet but friendly nature to Wanda Dimmock. I, Paul Tripp, do leave my basketball "figure, to Arthur Rathbun. I, Harold Buzzi, do bequeath to Raymond Co- lechia my job as chauffeur to the senior class. I, Claire Fallon, do bequeath to "Nickie" Rustici just a small part of my ever-abounding energy. I, john Souza, very willingly do leave to joseph Adams all my troubles with the opposite sex. I, Bruce Adams, do leave my chair in the office to anyone who would like to spend his lunch block there, I, jane Haupt, do bequeath my "soft spot" on the ice to Mildred Furey. I, Delores Freitas, do leave to Mary Small my friendly smile. We, Carl Jeckel, Hugh Schiller, and Lawrence Clay, do leave to next year's seniors the expenses of being a senior. I, William Champlin, do leave my job as as- sistant janitor to anyone who can handle it and study too. I, Richard Hanley, do will my hair to anyone who would like it. I, Edwin Northrup, do bequeath my stride to Clyde Drake. P 4 J if fy ar e I, Barbara Metcalf, do leave my job as office girl to a future senior. I, Mariano Blanda, do leave my supply of an- swers to the highest bidder. We, jane Smyrniotes and Claire Valliere, do leave to jean Mazzarella our awards in girls' sports. I, Irene james, do leave my shyness to jean jones. I, jackie Barber, do leave to Lila Steele my inter- est in roller-skating. I, Nancy Cooper, do leave to anyone who can attain them my many abilities and accomplish- ments. I, Barbara MacKenzie, do leave to Barbara Berry my ability to argue. I, Valerie Souza, do leave to Ronnie O'Keefe my "Pepsodent smile." Wfe, Barbara Saunders and Barbara Findeisen, do leave to Sylvia Radicioni our Hirtatious habits. I, Alfred Lewis, do leave my two big dimples to Kenny Bogue. I, Betty O'Keefe, do leave my gay colored ker- chiefs to Sally O'Neil. I, Charles McGrath. do bequeath to Thomas Tanner my overgrown bass violin. I, joan Huard, do bequeath to Leila Oteri my l'Lauren Bacall" voice. Signed, sealed, published and declared this as and for the last will and testament, by the class of 1948, Stonington High School, in the presence of us and each of us, who at their request and in their presence in the presence of each other have here- unto subscribed our names as witnesses: ' NORMA DARLING SHIRLEY OSTMAN BARBARA WILLIAMS BARBARA MMKENZIE page twenty-eight iff mosifieji , ,,.:,,, X ff ,bzz 1 -V':-'-' ----2"""'l 1 . ,f Frm-Nz-1 W5 gf PM f Sfnafngi T ,.,,.: ...Z nzzllul ff .. Z K , , , t I , . Agana S 4, ey' Sax Z Z Z Z1 1 f 6 j 1 'IQI E 'X ..b: Q Z., Q Q, xi ,. uzvuvuu ,. b' ..b.'Z H. N ' uzizuq "V: :" ' Efzgz Z 3 . x f A A Z I J N -M ' W A A l - ' x, .ui f i l 1 xx W1 :ZZ ' ' ' V' - K ' H ' 1 2 Y :ZZ 0 . aniggmkls fifxfxv'-,1 X f K 'Z 5gFunnr:ceaeinmks 'fx 0' ' . x ' Xi! ing Cleamok Hs Poeng Q T BUZZ. 3 accorlaam fs L,e,N0sS Had' page twenty-ni 13 -1- M GLASS PRUPHEGY Time: june, 1958. Scene: Outside New York City's newest and highest skyscraper. Characters: johnny Sozzza, owner and chief talent scout of the Souza Modeling Agency. jane! Buchanan, his latest "find,'! whom he is showing around the big town. I johnny: Here it is! The Empire Fritz Building. Leave it to Dick to top them all-600 stories! Want to look around inside. janet: Of course. QThey go insidej janet: Qlooking around the lobbyj Everything is so lovely. Don't tell me Fritz figured this whole thing all by himself? johnny: Oh, no. It was his idea, and his mil- lions behind it, but Tony Lazzaro was the architect and Barbara Aiello did the decorating .... Guess who directed construction. That mechanical gen- ius, Vilma Carocari .... Look at the directory. You!ll recognize many of the names. Creadingj First floor: Biff, Bell, and Baly Ex-CLU-.fine Clolhieftr. janet: Barbara Bittner, Betty O'Keefe, and Caro- lyn Balestracci? johnny: Yes, Carolyn designs the clothes and Bitt "brings them to life." Betty, who has charge of accessories, trims them. Ever see any of their advertisements? Theylre pretty sharp! Barbara Wil- liams draws them .... Let's see, second floor: no- body we know. Third, fourth, fifth! There it is! "Home of the Souza-a-a-a-ah Girls!" You'll re- member many of them. Barbara Adams and Henri- etta Mello are two of our cover girls, while Amy Giordano specializes in fashion shots. jean Gar- retson used to be with us, but Hollywood grabbed her up as a second "Greta Garbo" . . . Sixth floor: mostly offices. There's the big Bnilaleff, Inf., We Dood Il, Co. Some of our '48 alumni are there, too. Rusty Palmer, draftsmang Armand Blanchet, electrician, Lawrence Clay and Wally Banker, ma- chinists, Eddie Northrup, carpenter, and jack Shackley, press agent for the gang .... Seventh floor: There's Mariano Blanda's office. He!s head of Super-Dnpef-Salenzenlr Union. They're striking again, you know. janet: So I heard. Whose Pzzblirlaing Company is that on the next floor? johnny: Celeste Rebello owns it. They just put out Delores Podziewski's latest best-seller, "The Wolves of Harrow" .... There are the Ufnpnlett Laboralorief. Remember Virginia? janet: Um-hmmm. Didnlt I read in the papers a while back about Phyllis LeCour helping Vir- ginia by testing some of their new "snapless" bub- ble gum? johnny: Thatls right. Now theylre analyzing some scientific specimens that Nancy Peavey brought back from her latest expedition to Egypt. janet: Nancy? johnny: Uh-uh. Shes an archaeologist. Didn't you know? But let's go up on the roof. Theres a big telescope up there through which we can look over the whole town. It's really wonderful! QAs they cross to the elevator, they pass a heavily gold- braided navy ofHcer.j janet: Wasn't that Donald Smith? johnny: I think so. He's really making head- lines with that Heet of his. QIn the elevator they meet Mary Wilkinson and Carol Oviatt. After the usual "fancy meeting you here" and "how are you" . . . j janet: Mary, didnlt I hear that you're writing screen plays now? Mary: That's right. I just finished a sequel to Gilda. janet: Oh? What are you doing now, Carol? Carol: I'm a housewife. My husbands working on that new space ship the University is experi- menting with at the Observatory. janet: It must be fascinating work! That looks like a hatbox youyre carrying. Been shopping? Mary: Yes, we've just been over to the new Zlflitrhell Deparlnzeni Store. janet: Is that the one Lorraine just opened? Carol: Yes, she has a chain of stores all across the country. They're really wonderful. Oh, ex- cuse me. This is my floor. Goodbye! fShe leaves.j janet: I didn!t know that there were private apartments in this building. Mary: There aren't. She's just going to pick up her little girl at the joan Haard Sitler Service. She page thirty left her there while she went shopping. Oh, I near- ly missed my floor. Hope I'll see you again! Good- bye! II Scene: On the roof. janet: How enormous! ' johnny: Look closer. It's divided into three parts. The small observation roof, over here, has all the telescopes. On the other side is the famous nightclub, Slarligb! Roof. fWe'll go there to- night!j And straight down the middle is the La- Guardia Field Annex, a landing strip for planes. fThey watch a large silver plane glide in for a landing. The pilot, Bill Champlin, waves as he sees them. As the passengers start to get off . . . j janet: Why, isn't that your sister Valerie? johnny: So it is. I didn't expect her back so soon. Shes been starting a series of "Charm Schools" all across the country. janet: Shes certainly qualified for the job. Theres Barbara Saunders. johnny: You know, that's the third mink coat I've seen her wearing this week. Must be nice to marry a millionaire! janet: Who's that girl with all the briefcases? johnny: Don't you remember her? It's Arita Young. She started out as a bookkeeper in the 10 and 20 and now shes the most sought-after auditor in the whole country. janet: Everyone seems so successful! johnny: Well, after all . . . Class of '48, you know. Ahem! janet: Oh, of course. Let's go find that telescope. CThey find it, and janet looks over the big town.j janet: Theres Fifth Avenue. All the smart shops. I can see Mary Oliver! Shes trying on a beautiful gown. N johnny: Must be for the Photographers Ball to- night. Shes one of the entries for Queen. janet: What's that big skyscraper over there, with the penthouse on top? i johnny: Look a little closer. It's probably the Matbeuxr B11.i'mei'J College. The penthouse is El- sies. Shes the president of the college. janet: Theres City Hall .... Oh, my gosh! johnny: What do you see? janet: It looks like . . . Tony Antoch! He has a big cigar in his mouth and hes dictating to a doz- en secretaries all at once! johnny: Of course. Hes quite a politician. They say hell be mayor of the town next election. janet: O-o-oh! I see a courtroom. There's Frank Saporita, the judge. And the lawyers-they're both girls! johnny: Let me see .... Don't you recognize them? Ones Ann Powers and the other is Ann LoCrasto. They're really battling it out, aren't they? janet: Let me see again. Theres a hospital. johnny: Must be the Newbury Memorial. Phil has to give away his millions by the bushel or hed go bankrupt from income taxes. janet: I can see the operating room, too. Theres Al Lewis! johnny: Hes quite the famous surgeon now. Did you notice the nurses? Norma Darling, jane Haupt, josephine Brewer, and Pauline Lord are giggling together over the patient. Poor Bill! janet: McCarroll? johnny: Yes. I heard he was going under Al's knife today. He and Dick Hanley play pro-football now. janet: Theres the dental clinic. Barbara Mac- Kenzie is behind the drill and joan Hauschild's her nurse. johnny: Who's the patient? janet: It looks like Carl jeckel. Isn't he a big- game hunter now? johnny: Yes. Must be a rough life. Bob Barker's the adventurous type, too. Hes mining gold in the Yukon! l janet: Theres another hospital-for cats and dogs. I didn't know Pat Tillinghast was a wet? johnny: Why not? One of her best patients is a cute little pekinese owned by Celia Lesniewski, the lovely society queen. janet: I want to see Broadway .... Theres jan- ice Palmer's name in lights. Shes really a success! johnny: She certainly is. Can you see what's go- ing on backstage? janet: Yes. Theres Rose Vincent. What's her job? johnny: 'Shes general production supervisor- make-up, props, prompting, etc. janet: Now I can see Elizabeth Connors fixing somebody's hair. It looks like Barbara Findeisen. She must be the star. And theres Billy Hill. Hes drawing something-scenery or costumes. johnny: Charles Main should be there, too. Hes chief stage manager .... Look over at Radio Center. page thirty-one janet: O-o-o-oh. I can see them broadcasting! All the different studios. Therels john Thomp- son, Newt Amzlyzer Exlfmowiinary . . . and Betty Honig, with her literary review. She just wrote an- other best-seller .... Therels Red Cella. He must be previewing next weekls World Series. johnnyi He writes a sports column, too. Speak- ing of the Series, did you know jim O!Neil,s prob- ably going to be lead-off pitcher? janet: Wonderful! . . . I can see jackie Duffy, now. She broadcasts a womanis general program- recipes, music, etc. There are her guest stars for today-Virginia Croucher- johnny: She just wrote a best seller, How I0 Make al Surferr of Marmzge. janet: -and Lucille Adams. johnny: She's the famous dietician and home- economics adviser. janet: . . . There's the big Cenler Ire Show! johnnie: Oh! jackie Barber and Betty Champ- lin are their stars, and Lena Madeira and Charlie McGrath are their star comedians. janet: fturning the telescopej Oh, a school. johnny: Probably the Buck Academy of Fine Arts. janet: Did Dick Buck build that? johnny: Yes, he's another big Wfall Sweet suc- CCSS. ' janet: I can see some of the class rooms. There's Mary Bell Keane and Claire Valliere coaching the girls' gym classes. There are some more teachers, too-- Madeline Thorp, Betty Hreschak, and Mari- lyn Doyle. johnny: Turn the telescope over to your right. See that big white building? janet: Yes .... The Daffy Blah building-the big newspaper! johnny: A few of our gang are over there. El- eanora Crompton is the editor and Dorothy Swain handles the executive work. Annette Dawley draws the "Ducky-Wackyi' cartoons, Irene Rogers is their fashion columnistg Esther Taylor edits "household hints,'l and joe Lidestri handles the sports. janet: Gee, I can even see the papers coming from the presses. johnny: What are the headlines? janet: freadingj 'Ellis McGowan Elected Inter- national 4-H Club President' and 'jane Smyrniotes Wins Women's Olympic Basketball Crown., johnny: Well, good for them. III Scene: The glamorous Starlight Roof of the Em- pire Fritz Building, about nine that evening. fEnteringj johnny: fThere's our host, Donald Welch. janet: He owns all this? johnny: Sure does! Look around. See anyone else you know? janet: Why there's Irene james! Isn't she a mod- el for that famous artist? johnny: Yes, I think so. One portrait of her is even hanging in the Louvre. janet: O-o-ch! Thereis Paul Tripp! johnny: The famous playboy-and look at the glamour girls with him! janet: Over there, isn't that judd Perkins-the new boxing champ? johnny: And here's Beverly joubert, joan Kriz- anek, and Ann Senior-glamour girls-about-town! janet: And Shirley Ostman, the concert pianist from Carnegie Hall! QThe lights dim.j johnny: Here coiiies the floor show! QSpotlight on the master of ceremoniesj janet: Norman Simonelli! Simonelli: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our Starlight Roof. We hope youill like the show tonight. Later on youill be hearing that Prince of Crooners, Noyes Farnell, and our Princess of Croonerettes, Elva Wilcox. There'll be that dynamic dance team, too-Claire Fallon and Billy Noyes. But right now, let's hear from the band: Louis DeMarco's boys and their featured soloists for tonight: Harold Buzzi and his Sing- ing Accordion and Bruce Adams at the drums! fBack to janet and johnny at their table.j johnny: Did you notice those three couples over there? janet: Bernadette Costa, Ruth Cully, and Bar- bara Rhodes! Are the men with them their hus- bands? johnny: Naturally. Those rich couples from Connecticut always come down to the Big City for the weekend. janet: Really? . . . Why, there's Hugh Schiller, isn't he with the F. B. I. now? johnny. That's right. His sister Dorothy works with him on many of his cases. They're probably ,the most famous international spies we have. janet: There's Barbara Metcalf. She must be page thirty-two here to address the United Secretaries Convention. johnny: I was reading about Barbara Crompton the other day. She has developed the new light treatments for television to make actors seem third- dimensional. janet: Delores Freitas and Mary Robinson are really quite successful as television stars, arenlt they? Johnny: I-guess-so! janet: Oh, look! . . . Isn't that Anna Riley who just came in? johnny: Mm-hmm. That's her husband with her. He's the United Nations' delegate who will soon get an award for distinguished statesmanship and diplomacy. janet: How wonderful! She must be very proud of him! johnny: There's Virginia Crider. She's an air- line hostess now. I met her on the plane going to England last month. Janet: Did you see anything interesting on your trip? johnny: I met a few people unexpectedly. On the way, we passed over a big yacht that was said to be owned by Robert Clay. janet: I heard he made a fortune in the lobster business. johnny: In Paris I saw Dot Furey who owns a lovely shop-very, very chic! And of course I saw Colleen Janeiro. Shels the most popular night-club star in Paris. Anne Dennehey owns the biggest night-club over there, by the way. It's called the Demzelaey Diamond Dream. Back in England at the American Embassy I met Betty Marcotte, the receptionist there, Helen Carlin was in London, too, trying to organize an English branch of Blanda's Super Salefmefz. On the way home, I met Frances Oteii and her husband. They've been tour- ing the whole globe. janet: That must be wonderful. Johnny: It is! Our whole class of '48 has done all right! But then, every one of them deserves the very best! janet: There's only one you forgot to mention. Whatever happened to Nancy Cooper? johnny: Why, didn't you know? She married her joe, and lived happily ever after. BARBARA BITTNER NANCY COOPER BETTY O'KEEFE PAT TILLINGHAST page thirty-three I. 1 6' r 4 if ' f 0' lf' Qzdf Z Q Q W 2 , Q , 5 f f l ,.,, ..:. K Q .,,.,. Vzlu . by Z in Q5 I . "'i::1 is '.,...,.., Y M 'btz 3 , . U '- :..,A n 1 N Q69 3 25- ., 5 Q 87 'L '65 1 ,..,. A Q 1 1 --- Af eff, f m.s ,+.1,g mslivsfm f '- Qi, ,gr -, ,. ?s, ' 7' Ii ' Q We' . Ce' f XX -W X Mass. I 11 Fu- ?.:1'D Class gfzfbgt .:1 . ... In W We V L er bulbs E y . eww' - ,,.. Pslf Q. Lass 9 v'H'5'l" BOY William Noyes . Mariano Blanda . William Hill . . John Thompson . Francis Cella . . Norman Simonelli XWilliam Noyes . Richard Fritz . . Richard Buck . Harold Buzzi . Bruce Adams . . Ellis McGowan . William Noyes . Richard Fritz . . Frank Saporita . Noyes Farnell . Anthony Antoch Francis Cella . . Philip Newbury . Philip Newbury . Hugh Schiller . Francis Cella . . Frank Saporita . Douglas Palmer . Mariano Blanda . Bruce Adams . . Noyes Farnell . Anthony Antoch Philip Newbury . Bruce Adams . . Philip Newbury . Philip Newbury . Philip Newbury . John Souza . . GLASS VUTE Beit Actor Most Arrzbitioiir Clays Artirt Mort Baflafiil .Most Atbletie C itteft Bert Dancer Mort Dignipeil Best Dirporition Bert Drerseil Happiest Mort Inquiritiife Clair Jitterbug Bert Looking Mort Coiirteotzr Mort Muricizl N oiriext Bert Perronality Mort Poireil Moxt Popular Quietert Best School Spirit Mort Likely to Succeed Mort Sophiytitizteil Mort Stiziliour Wittiest Moft Talented Tardiert Moyt Rerpected Most Humorour Did Most for Clays Mort Charming Most Sociable Clary Flirt page thirty-Eve GIRL . Janice Palmer . Nancy Cooper . Nancy Cooper Josephine Brewer . Jane Smyrniotes . . Jane Haupt . Joan Hauschild . . Claire Fallon Henrietta Mello . Nancy Peavey Amelia Giordano . . Elva Wilcox . Phyllis LeCour . Claire Fallon . Janet Buchanan Carolyn Balestracci . Barbara Aiello . Ann LoCrasto Carolyn Balestracci Eleanora Crompton . . Jane Haupt Dorothy Schiller . Ann LoCrasto . Nancy Cooper Eleanora Crompton . Janice Palmer . . Ann Powers . Barbara Aiello . . Nancy Cooper Amelia Giordano . . . Jane Haupt . . Lena Maderia . . . Nancy Cooper Carolyn Balestracci . . . Jane Haupt Barbara Findeisen x f . 'sq ' , X 4 , N 663591 1 , L M ' ' 'ix 5 'I 'V if H ' ks' Zig: E. , X '-,1 E fi? E3 359 M' ':""" XY 9 Q 5 D 4 iibiltx ,,,. . ,..,q... 11 H KK-N Q -,-. , . ,.,g 5 0 page thirty-six iff X is GLASS HISTURY Wide eyed and meekly we came To the school that led us to fame. That was Stonington, in nineteen forty-four- A year we'll remember forever more. Before very long we banded together And forged ahead, united, in all kinds of weather. Newbury, Simonelli and Furey were our voice For they became the leaders by our choice. The honor roll soon told who our brains would be, While our first talent showed at assembly. Many clubs and teams we joined, as well we oughtg To our freshman party we gave great support. As sophs in forty-five we started Feeling important and light-hearted. Along with Phil and Norman this time we elected Officers Buchanan and Lesniewski from those selected. Soon our new North Stoningtoners arrived galore, Among them Janice, the star of "The Opening of the Door." Plans for our Soph Hop were soon started And 'fore we knew it the year had departed. While courageous students traffic posts were taking Our fine spirited cheerleaders were in tne making. Many athletes from among us arose. Next, our gold class rings we chose. In forty-six the backbone of the school were we- A fact we decided to make plain to see. Phil and Norman would lead us again, we knew, Haupt and Fallon were made officers, too. For many high marks, eight students were well paid- Members of the National Honor Society they were made. With a fine cast of players this year it was done Our competitive play "The High Window" won. A group of hard working juniors soon Made everything ready for our prom in june. King Phil and Queen jane, and the court of ladies in white, Were fine to behold as they marched that night. Now it was here, our Senior year at last. To accomplish much before the year passed We worked really hard, settled right down, Knowing too well June soon would come round. Newbury was our president once more, Simonelli, Haupt and Ostman made the four, Faculty adviser, Mr. Foley was made And many fine plans then were laid. With fine eager spirits, Ballestracci and the rest All worked hard to make our yearbook the best. For our Senior Prom we worked with a will, And made it a dance we remember still. With our competitive play we toiled then for we Hoped again this year the winners to be. On our Washington trip we went, and then We knew our last year was nearing its end. To a Flunk Day picnic went we With our spirits as high as could be. Then we realized our senior year had passed, For assembled were we on class day, at last. Then it came, the saddest day of all In our caps and gowns we stood straight 'n' tall. With diplomas in hand, we left with a sigh, We, of forty-eight, were now alumni. IANE HA UPT VILMA CAROCARI IOAN HA USCHILD VIRGINIA UMPHLETT page thirty-eight GLASS 0F '49 Prerident . . . . . William Kelliher Vice Prefidefzl . . . William Watson T7'6cl5ZH'6'1' . . . . Patricia Higgins Secretary . .... Anita McKie Adviier . . . . . Miss Barbara Hastings The class of '49 held the biggest social Under the direction of Mr. Petty, they par event of the year, the Junior Prom. ticipated in the competitive plays. l w page thirty-nine GLASS 0F '50 Preridem' . . . William Taggart Vive President . . . . Philip Jones Seefetmfy . . . . Rose Fiorino Treaszufer . . . . Thomas Smith Adviyer . . Mr. William Griffin The activities of the Sophomore class have this year for the school play. ben confined so far to the Sophomore Hop. Under the direction of Miss Braley they which was a great success. made their debut in the competitive plays. The class won the ticket selling contest page forty GLASS 0F '5l Presicient . . . . . Edward Miguel Vice Prefidenl . . . . Bruce Morgan Secretary . . . . Francis Crowley Treasurer . . . Elizabeth Mush Adviser . . . . Mr. Cyrus Morgan First introduced to Stonington High School through halls trying to decode schedule in September, this group of Freshmen, then cards. bewildered and confused, were seen ambling However, it wasn't long before they were settled and voted for the above class officers. page forty-one w Ya A .. . 1 ss :-. .,-:- as .::"""' .,... 1 1 ...fy . 11'f 5 fi 1.. A A .,,: . 3 Q 593 ,af ,wh , ,,,, :.e...ia:':ax'w:a:.::-::::--rwis-.:::s41:af:-if--1..ea-:. "'-f : Q ff sa. -.:. a 1 gg? ,Tv . . EN 5 395 Nia 33 5 1 af . 5 billy :5.- , '1 ..' :-: ja. Q Q: .EE-:. xv Q " ' -' "" , V fl Q. X I . 5, rg I ggiiijgafgii-SQIT -xx N J' 1. . Q -fs ' i ' ' 'J' fs ' -. ,. 15' 1' 3 "AA 5 ' X 'li - f .N , . . . , . .. ,.,., , . . ...,... V. 1' 1 Y, 3' .. X , r '. qv 'fk fil w f-'a f 2- 15, 'R gxf -t mf? , I if ,.QQggg2-:". c.I',j A gihzg 2 ' Y at -51513-' : 3 T.35e.fM"2 -x 5 sf 'f . . wi- 5.m vA:E:::: ,an U Q . A W . - . -gi- gf' ' I '. ,, i ' .. ' - ,,. .,.,, ,,,, . 1 ' , Q . ' - f 3' ' ' .,., : ' I :W A-ia we , fx W, . , 1 . .. .,...... .. , 1 ' " V. 1. -4 "1 2 1' : I' - ' :'.'I E ff' 4-1 Q ! '....,.,..:-: e . '-.-. 2 53.5 Y . ' - . 5 4 X - 9- ' QM 21. Rehearsal. 22. Senior Prom. 23. Ruth Culley. 24. Amy Giordano. 25. Bevy joubertl 26. As we look from the stage. 27. Rose Vin- cent. 28. jean and Irene. 29. Norma and 1, Touchdown! 2. Pyramid-Ann Powers on itop. 3. Janie, Betty, and Barbara. 4. Cheer- leaclers in action! 5. Jean, Colleen, and Irene. f6. Carol Oviatt. 7. "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." 8. Anne LoCrasto. 9. Acrobatics from the drum corps. 10. Dolores Podziewski. 11. Irene james. 12. Typing. 13. Dot Furey. 14. Our Mascot. 15. Barbara Rhodes. 16. Nancy Peavey. 17. Anne LoCrasto. 18. Biol- ogy Class. 19. Red Cella. 20. Dot and Phil. Genie. 30. Bevy and a friend. 31, Dickie Buck. 32. Our cheerleaders. 33. Bevy joubert. 34. Fritz. 35. Elsie Mathews. 36. Rehearsal. 37. Shirley Ostman. 38. janet Buchanan. l Q FIRST ROW-left to right--Elizabeth Champlin, Shirley Ostman, Dorothy Furey, Ann Locrasto, Carolyn Bales- tracci, Joan Hauschild, Nancy Peavey, Barbara Metcalf, Clair Valliere, SECOND ROW-Charles McGrath, Jane Haupt, Vilma Carocari, Anna Riley, Norma Darling, Annette Dawley, Lucille Adams, Virginia Umphlet, Barbara Bittner, Patricia Tillinghast, Nancy Cooper, Beverly joubert, Miss Silverstein, Frank Saporita. THIRD ROW-Francis Cella, Janice Palmer, Mary Wil- kinson, Barbara Williams, Margaret Davis, Eleanora Crompton, Elva Wilcox, Mary Bell Keane, Barbara Ad- ams, Betty O'Keefe, Jacqueline Duffy, Dorothy Swain, Ellis McGowan. YEARBUUK STAFF Editor-in-Chief . Safer Manager . . Bztyineu Manager . Sporty Eafitor . . Faculty Adairet' . A1'tAal1fi5et' . "Have your assignments in as soon as pos- siblef, "Have you any pictures to donate to the yearbook?" "Where are our class art- ists ?" These phrases are heard every year . Carolyn Balestracci . . Nancy Peavey . Frank Saporita . . . . Francis Cella Miss Beatrice Silverstein . Mrs. Elizabeth Downes about this time. This book published once a year, has a staff made up almost entirely of members of the senior class who volunteer their services. page forty-four FIRST ROW-left to right-jane Lathrop, Dora DiCe- Lewis, Donald Podziewski, Thomas Cordner, Ronald sare, Carolyn Balestracci, Francis Cella, Edmund Victoria, Holland, VSr01'1iC2l Tr21V6'rS, Barbara BHUISF- Elizabeth Simonelli, Gloria Brustolon. THIRD RQW-Ronald 0'Ke9fQ, Frank Saporita, Wil- SECOND ROW-Miss DeSista, Barbara Adams, Alfred liam Lamoureaux. STUDENT GUUNCIL Preyidem' .... . . . Francis Cella Ser1'em1'y-T1'eu5zn'e1' . . . Carolyn Balestracci Faculty Advirer . . . Miss Josephine DeSista The Student Council, the medium through Under the direction of Miss DeSista, the which the student body expresses its views to council has been responsible for dances held the faculty, has been a huge success this year in the gymnasium, assemblies, and transpor- and has created a more satisfactory council tation to various sports events. than in recent years. page forty-five FIRST ROW-left to right-Henrietta Mello, Barbara Travers, Patricia Albro. Aiello, jane Haupt, Barbara Bittner, Carolyn Balestracci, THIRD RQW-Frank Saporita, Nancy Peavey Eleanora Dorothy Swam- Crompton, Richard Carlsson, Richard Fritz, Harold Buzzi, SECOND ROW-Dorothy Saffomilla, Marilyn jopson, Jacqueline Duffy, Mariano Blanda. Anita McKie, joan Dougherty, Betty Honig, Veronica HONOR SUGIETY Membership in the Honor Society is based the ofhcers of the Honor Society, on the basis on high scholastic standing, qualities of char- of their scholastic standings. acter and leadership, and service. Eight mem- Seven members of the senior class and bers of the senior class were elected in their eight juniors were initiated into the organiza- junior year. From these members were chosen tion at an assembly which was held April 9. page forty-six I BRUWN AIID Wlll Editor-in-Chief . . Axfistant Editor . Sports Editor . . Busineys Manager . . junior Assistant Editor . junior Businexf Afsiytant . Photographer .... . . Faculty Aduiserr . Mrs. "Brown and White on sale tomorrow." "What's going on in the spotlight?" Those very famous remarks made around S.H.S. can have only one meaning. The Brown and White is on sale regularly page forty-seven TE STAFF . . Nancy Cooper . . Betty O'Keefe . Francis Cella . . Nancy Peavey . Richard Carlsson . . Margaret Shea . Bernard Gordon . . Mrs. Eleanor Cronin Elizabeth Gervasini every month to meet printing deadlines The staff has Worked very hard but enjoyed every minute of it. May success always follow you -"Brown and White.,' FIRST ROW-left to right-Betty O'Keefe, Jacqueline Duffy, Dorothy Swain, Eleanora Crompton, Richard Fritz, Norma Darling, Carolyn Balestracci, Alicia McDonough, Vilma Carocari. SECOND ROW-Janice Palmer, jane Haupt, Nancy Cooper, Frances Dowding, Lila Oteri, Veronica Travers, Miss Murdock, joan Hauschild, Shirley Ostman, joan TRAFFIC Captain . . . FazcultyAd1fi5e1' . You probably have heard that old familiar cry-"No lockersf, Those two Words came from a traffic of- ficer. The main effort of the squad is trying to Dougherty, Anita McKie, Patricia Higgins, Patricia Til- linghast, Dora DiCesare, Patricia Albro. THIRD ROW-Joan Mazzarella, Dorothy Saffomilla, Margaret Faulise, Barbara Williams, Barbara Perry, Ber- nard Gordon, Barbara Stinson, Richard Carlsson, Harold Buzzi, Ann LoCrasto, Gayla Bill, Margaret Shea, Sally O'Neil, Carlene Mello, jean Mazzarella. squnn . . . Richard Fritz . Miss Evelyn Murdock stop the congestion in the corridors. Under the able and patient supervision of Miss Murdock, the squad has certainly shown marked improvement. page forty-eight FIRST ROW-left to right-Barbara Croucher, Beverly Croucher, Marilyn Warrick, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Chesebro, Mrs. Platt, Anna Riley, Betty Clark, Janice Palmer. SECOND ROW-Baxter Gray, Meridith Bromley, Lil- lian Costa, Camilla Conti, Joyce Harrison. Katherine Stiephaudt, Betty Amaral, Gloria Gibson, Joyce Bliven, Eleanor Caswell, Jacqueline Choquette, Connie Crowley, William Banks, Donald Banker. THIRD ROW4Charles McGrath, Richard Brooks, Claire Fallon, Richard Palmer, Ronald LaGrua, Anthony Cataffe, Tommy Tanner, Jean Keane, Frances Kenyon, Nickie Rupstici, Mildred Furey, Susan Scira, Arita Young, Mad- eline Crowley, Barbara Lamoureaux. GAFETERIA STAFF The cafeteria staff is under the wise and understanding supervision of our cafeteria director, Mrs. Chesebro, ably assisted by Mrs. Platt and Mrs. Fitzpatrick. The waiters are responsible for serving lunches to the teach- page ers and keeping the tables in order. In addition to their regular duties, the staff has served at several banquets held at the high school. fortyrnine FIRST ROW-left to right-Constance Crowley, Ella Perry, jane Haupt, Clyde Drake, Bernard Gordon, Don- ald Pettini, Betty O'Keefe, Dorothy Saltomilla, Mildred Furey. SECOND ROW-Nancy Sicilian, Vilma Carocari, Don- ald Lewis, Robert White, Louis DeMarco, Donald Smith, Patrick Anderson, Franklin Miner, Charles Barnes, Ellis McGowan, Mariano Blanda, Anthony Cataffe, Barbara MacKenzie, Joan Barrett, Barbara Billings, Josephine Risica. THIRD ROW4Nancy Spellman, Betty Clark, Carlene Mello, Diane Kelliher, Dorothy Whipple, Joan Dough- erty, Barbara Vincent, Barbara Berry, joan Hauschild, Patt Curley, Anita McKie, Glenna Siswick, Betty Pea- body, Betty Mush, Nancy Peavey, jean Souza, Miss Murdock. CAMERA CLUB Preiiczlent . . . Vice President . Sewfemry . . T1r'eam1'e1f . Adzfiyeff . The Camera Club under the supervision of Miss Murdock has taken many pictures of various school activities. A new camera has . Bernard Gordon . Donald Pettini . Jane Haupt . Clyde Drake . Miss Murdock just been purchased with the proceeds from the sale of these pictures. page fifty FIRST ROW-left to right-Nicky Rustici, Patricia Cur- ley, Joan Hauschild, Betty O'Keefe, Claire Fallon, Elea- nora Crompton, Janice Palmer, Mrs, Cullinane, Lynn Campbell, Nancy Sicilian, jean Mazzarella, Rose LoPriore. SECOND ROW-jean Keane, Mimi Crowley, Elizabeth Allan, Flora Mailhot, Diane Kelliher, Mildred Collins, joan Richards, Betty Clark, Dora DiCesare, Frances Lenzzo, Carlene Mello, Martha Ponte, Mildred Souza. THIRD ROW-Rosemary Cone, Mary McGowan, Mere- dith Bromley, Barbara Siswick, Peggy Davis, Barbara jones, Barbara MacKenzie, Barbara Vincent, Anita Mc- Kie, Grace Brown, Nancy Souza. TOP ROW-Ann Locrasto, Nancy Peavey, Ruth Oviatt, jean Barnes, Mary Lou Robinson, Gerald Noel, Charles Miller, William Noyes, Roy Smith, Thomas Tanner, Ronald Brown. DRAMATIO CLUB lfrzmlfy Adrisef' . . Mrs. Josephine Cullinane Preyidenf . . .... Janice Palmer Sef1'e!m'y . . Lydia Link The aim of the Dramatic Club is to do away with any tendency students may have toward self-consciousness and to help them develop poise. This year on March 11 and 12, the club presented a three act comedy, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gayf' The freshmen were given special attention in a one act comedy, "Where Are Those Re- port Cards P" The casts of competitive plays are usually made up of members of the Dramatic Club. page fifty-one FIRST ROW-left to right-jean Mazzarella, Elaine Geyer, Claire Fallon, Anita McKie, Barbara Stinson, Mary Bell Keane, Cecelia Lesniewski, Barbara Adams, Barbara Findeisen, Ann Senior, joan Mazzarella. SECOND ROW-Mr. Cronin, Alfred White, Richard Buck, Henry Bolduc, Francis Cella, William Watson, Milton Kieburg, Anthony Antoch, Donald Podziewski, john Souza. THIRD ROW--Edwin Northup, john Kiley, john Gar- ity, joseph Lidestri, joseph Serio, james Watson, Ralph Horn, Gary Bill, Richard Fritz. FOURTH ROW-James O'Neil, Richard Hanley, Wil- liam Perkins, Robert Imdahl, Donald Bachand, Richard Lopes, William McCarroll, Raymond Colechia. "S" GLUB Membership in the "S" Club is primarily automatically become members when they re- honorary. To belong, a student must have ceive their earned a letter in some sport. All cheerleaders page fifty-two Left to rightpBarbara Findeisen, Cecelia Lesniewski, UFIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" and "Let's go!" are faniiliar yells from the cheering sec- tion as the cheerleaders lead them through the games. This year captains were appointed P33 Ann Senior, Mary Bell Keane, Barbara Adams, Claire Valliere, Claire Fallon. L E A D E R S for the first time. The senior captain was Mary Bell Keane and the junior co-Captains were Joan Mazzarella and Anita McKie. e fifty-three FIRST ROW-left to right-Mr. Balcom, Constance Crowley, Madeline Crowley, Constance Rose, Patricia Kenyon, Barbara Billings, Delores Ferraro, Nancy Sici- lian, Joyce Geyer, Mildred Furey, Carmella Sammataro, Lorraine Lopes, janet Stanton, Patricia Curley. SECOND ROW-Leone Winkler, Mabel Murray, joan Syracuse, Mary Sanquedolce, Marilyn jones, Edith Barnes, Muriel Enos, Betty Peabody, Anna Riley, Bar- bara Lamoureaux, Helenann Morton, Miss Thavenet. THIRD ROW-Alice Linzen, Barbara Harrington, Esther Grills, Mary Bruno, Margaret Holliday, Ruth Saunders, Nicolette Rustici, FIFE AND DRUM GURPS Under the supervision of Miss Thavenet, their great success has been due to the eager this energetic corps has improved school spir- support afforded them by the loyal townsmen it and added color to athletic events. Much of and supporters of S. H. S, page fifty-four FIRST ROW-left to right-Claire Fallon, Barbara Ad- Schwam, Cecelia Lesniewski, jean Mazzarclla. MHS, Ann Powers MES Thavffwf- Paffifia Higgins. Arm THIRD ROXV-Patricia Albm, Dorothy Saffomilla, Mary 599103 Barbara Fmdflsffl- Bell Keane, Anita McKie. Barbara Stinson, jane Smyrni- SECOND ROXV-joan Mazzarella, joan Dougherty, ores, Carolyn Balestracii, Elaine Geyer. Margaret Shea, Barbara Wliipple, Barbara Perry, Marie GIRLS' ATHLETIC ISSUGIATIUN Prefidezzt . . . . Ani: Powers Vice Preridezzf . . Patricia Higgins S6't'1'C'fLI7'-V . . . Barbara Adams T1'ea1.ru1'e1' . . . . Ann Locrasto Adz'i5e1' . . Miss Florence Thavenet Any girl who has earned an intramural ber of this club. Concessions are held both at sports award or who is a member of the football and basketball games. cheerleading squad is automatically a mem- page fifty-Eve FIRST ROW-left to right-Charles McGrath, Ronald SECOND ROW-James Smith, james Hawkins, Mr Holland, Donald Pettini, Edward Paul, Bernard Gordon. Griffin, Charles Main, Clyde Drake. PRUJEGTIUN CLUB P1'ei'iden1f . . . Charles Main Vice Prefident . . Donald Pettini Sew'etm'y . . . . . . Bernard Gordon Fafulty Advifefr' . . . Mr. William P. Griffin Under the supervision of Mr. Griffin, the shown in the auditorium. A good job has club has been responsible for all movies been done by all. Congratulations. page fifty-six FIRST ROWfleft to right-Colleen Janeiro, Barbara SECOND ROW-jilne Haupt, Jacqueline Duffy, Norma MacKenzie, Elva Wilcox, Cecelia Lesniewski, Gayla Bill, Darling, janet Buchanan, Ann Senior. Claire Fallon. OFFICE GIRLS These girls, chosen by Mr. Peavey, main- hling data, directing visitors, and giving gen- tain efficiency in the office, the hub of all ac- eral office assistance to the school secretary, tivity. Their duties include answering the Mrs. Clemens. telephone, carrying all notices to horneroorns, page fifty-seven LEFT TO RIGHT-Lois Dunn, Gayla Bill, Charles Mc- rita, Patricia Kenyon, Edward Miguel, Dorothea Sylvia, Grath, Barbara Vincent, Patricia Curley, Milton Banker, Donald Truss, Sally Emmet, Nancy Sicilian, Dolores Barbara Wliipple, Marie Schwam, Roger Main, Barbara Ferraro, Barbara Brunke, Shirley Rook, Ronald Wilkin- Aiello, Dorothy Whipple, Robert Meeker, Frank Sapo- son, Kenneth Holland . ORCHESTRA The main project of the orchestra this year Besides participating in the All-State Fes- was to provide the accompaniment for the tival at Hartford, the members played for Operetta M. S. Pinaforef' many school functions. page fifty-eight GLEE CLUB Under the direction of Mr. Nania the Glee Eight members of the group participated Club, affiliated with the Orchestra, concen- in the All-State Festival held at Bushnell Me- trated on producing the Gilbert and Sullivan morial Hall in Hartford. operetta "H. M. S. Pinaforef' page fifty-nine FTWRETRIE VARSITY FIRST ROW-left to right-William Watson, Gary Bill, SECOND ROW-Richard Hanley, Francis Cella, Richard Anthony Antoch, Henry Bolduc, Edwin Northrup, Wil- Buck, Noyes Farnell, john Souz' liam Perkins, William McCarroll, Milton Kieburg. FOOTBALL The l47 football team enjoyed a fair season com- posed of three victories, six defeats, and one tie. The Bears opened their season by participating in the round robin held on the Norwich Free Acad- emy campus. The north team composed of Ston- ington, Fitch, and Chapman Tech defeated the south team made up of Norwich, Bulkeley, and Killingly, by a score of 37-34. The Bears scored once against Bulkeley and were held scoreless by Norwich. Opening the regular season's schedule the Brown and White traveled to Middletown where the Class A champs bowled over our boys by a score of 21-0. Bulkeley provided the opposition on the follow- ing Friday night in the opening Conference game played before 6,500 people at Mercer Field. The Bears did everything but push Bulkeley right out of the ball park but fell victim to a bad break in the second quarter and were defeated 6-0. The Brown and White broke into the winning column by soundly trouncing Windham 18-0 with Page sixty- a terrific second half drive featured by the running of Dick Hanley and Milt Kieburg. Kieburg's 55 yard scoring sprint in this game was one of the highlights of the season. Our boys continued on the victory trail the following week by defeating Robert E. Fitch 28-12. The Bears turned on a be- lated fourth quarter surge that netted two touch- downs and dazzled the Tanagers so completely that they were hanging on the ropes at the game's end. Farnell was the outstanding performer in this game. A surge of overconfidence proved costly to the Bears as they were upset by underdog Norwich 13-0. Regaining stride after this defeat S.H.S. came up with their best performance of the season and edged powerful Chapman Tech 6-0. Dick Han- leyls 23 yard sprint in the fourth quarter provided the margin of victory. The star-studded Alumni were too strong a foe for the Bears to overcome and although they per- formed well were defeated 14-0. two FOOTBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW-left to right-Mr. Cronin, Edwin North- up, Lawrence Clay, joseph Lidestri, William McCarroll, Richard Buck, Noyes Farnell, Francis Cella, john Souza, Richard Fritz, Anthony Antoch, William Perkins, Philip Newbury, Richard Hanley. Mr. Fabricant. SECOND ROW-Charles Holly, joseph Adams, Ralph Horn, john Lowe, David Lewis, Gary Bill, Donald Bach- and, Alfred White, joseph Italiano, Henry Bolduc, Don- ald Podziewski, Milton Kieburg, William Watson, james Wrrtson, john Garity. THIRD ROW-Glenn Bates, Charles Pearce, Leonard Billard, trouncing us 32-0, was the only team that really outclassed Stonington. The Westerly games, high points of the season, were both hard fought contests. The first one on Armistice Day ended in a 6-6 tie with Westerly holding a slight edge in statistics. The Bears scored in the hrst three minutes of play with Capt. Noyes Farnell going 25 yards off left tackle for the score. Westerly came right back and scored on Nigrellil' 66 yard jaunt. Both points were blocked and the rest of the game was played between the 30-yard stripes. The Thanksgiving Day game was the most thrill- ing game of the season. The action seesawed back and forth but nobody scored until the third quar- ter when the Bulldogs scored on two runs by Ni- grelli. Big Walter jammed across the point which Brennan, Howard Chase. William Lamoureaux, George Miner, Angelo Serio, Anthony Rocha, Gerald McKenna, Frank Miceli, Robert Imdahl, Donald Lewis, joseph Potter. FOURTH ROW-james Smith, William Barker, Clifford Clark, joseph jones, Lawrence Delaney, William Lewis, Ronald Wilkinson, Frank Dolce, Amos Banks, Samuel Perrone, Lawrence Burridge, Michael Riley, Frederick Popson, Donald Banker, Robert Gilmore, joseph Piver, Stephen Saunders. was the deciding factor. The Bears stormed back in the fourth quarter and with Dick Hanley pro- viding the spark marched 90 yards to a touchdown in three plays. Hanley completed a 53 yard pass to Bill Watson which placed the ball on the West- erly 40, an end run carried to the Bulldog 20. From this spot Hanley smashed off right tackle, cut to his left, and raced into the end zone with the score. The deciding point was blocked by a raging Westerly line and the Bulldogs won 7-6. The season, although not too successful, shows that Stonington teams are on the upgrade again. Mr. Cronin is a fine coach and it is evident that next year and the year after, Stonington High School once again will take its place among the state football powers. page sixty-three FRONT ROW-left to right-Bruce Morgan, Williain Kelliher, james O'Neil, Francis Cellar, Philip jones. LAST ROW-Rribert Gilmore, Henry Bolduc, Donald Podziewski, Arthur Rathbun, Paul Tripp, Douglas Palmer. BUYS' BASKETBALL The S. H. S. Fabricant-coached basketball club got off to a poor start for the 1947-48 season as they slouched into a losing streak. Although the boys played their hearts out, luck just wasnlt there, as game after game went down on the wrong side of the ledger. As the season progressed, the boys gradually found themselves and came up with a 56-52 victory over the highly favored defending champions of Bulkeley High School. This victory proved to the local fans that the spirit and will to Win was with them. The surpris- ing upset may have been due to three seniors: Francis Cella, Captain Jim O,Neil, and Paul Tripp who throughout the season scored a total of 169 - 114 - 107 respectively. Other members of the squad who played promising ball were Philip Jones and Henry Bolduc. This twosoitie accounted for 89 - 66 points respectively. Next year should be the turning point. Watch out, League! page sixty-six FIRST ROW-left to right-Elaine Geyer, joan Haus- Muriel Visgilio, Joanne Fontanella, Gladys Burdick, jose- child, Barbara Adams, Carolyn Balestracci, Ann Senior, plzine Faulise, Barbara Whipple. Ann POWHS- FOURTH Row-Elizabeth Simonelli, Sheila Kelliher, SECOND ROW-Barbara Stinson, Dorothy Saffomilla, Muriel Enos, jane Lathrop, Josephine Risica, Nancy Anita McKie, Patricia Curley, Margaret Shea. Sicilian. THIRD ROW-Patricia Higgins, Sally Ann Emmett, GIRLS' BASKETBALL C0-Captaim . . Barbara Adams, Carolyn Balestracci Manager! . . Patricia Higgins, Barbara Whipple Coafh . . . . . Miss Florence Thavenet The team has played games with the in a round robin with Norwich Free Acad- Alumni, Stonington Community Center, and emy, Williams Memorial Institute, Chapman the Narragansett C. Y. O. They also played Tech, and Fitch. page sixty-seven fl"1"'l'f'!-""'-Q fa 3222: ., J s N s 0 Q g 1 , I I : , ' 'EZA : , ..VV ' f I kills, lll Nw , 'SW'-' - Mn Chiir ma 44" Hnlioclm in. P-DQ .I 19.5 ff' ah. 50 c J I ai' Office Pradzice. GLASS UDE '48 Tune: The Wlaijfefzpoof Song Since the day when first we entered, Eager, fearful, scholar bent, We have learned to love our Alma Mater well. Here we Seniors do assemble, With our voices raised on high, And the magic of our singing casts a spell. Yes, the magic of our singing, Of the songs we loved so well Alma Mater, and 'Hail Old Stoningtonf No, we never can forget you As long as we shall live, Though we'll pass and be forgotten with the rest. We're leaving today, We've closed our books Qhum, hum, hum,j We'll seek for the paths That lead us aright fhum, hum, hum,j Away with our caps and gowns, tho' we fear, We're on our own for the rest of our years. From Stonington that we loved so dear, Au Revoirf' By 104111 Hamrlaild page sixty-nine if ,Q M, X -av' rw U5 AM: Nwbua 5312 Fudd pzelfins --The 1 Ideal TQRYYN Lad FuTu12e, ,F?C5fCJ2'5T ,sau ' I ' I Qs AIX? 'U "ff, lb T w e -X A Al A 2255? N- 1 NOR-I-hu af-r-CR . - The Fi-rch? GQMG " ff H N. M .Q ,. W wi JDE, a.p gs? VXA .. he ' CRC:-TTR A X 1 II ' Nonjcc FQRNCH I' I V ff PATRUNS AND PATRUNESSES American Velvet Company Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. S. Anderson III A. 84 P. Tea Company Agnes Beauty Shop Bannon's Drug Store Beebe Hat Shop Mr. John B. Bindloss Bunny's Soda Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burdick Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Buzzi Cady Motors Camacho's Grocery Store Candy Shop Carroll's Cut Rate Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Castagna Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Chapman Chet's Market Claire's Shop Class of 'SO Class of 'il Mr. Francis Connors C. B, Cottrell 84 Sons Company Culley Hardware Davey and Maxwell R. Delage A. G. Store I. W. Denison and Company DeuEl jewelry Shop Doyle's Service Station Ed's Cleaning Service The F. 8: W. Products Corporation Mr. and Mrs. John B. Findlay Frederick's Record Shop M. D Freestone and Company The Friendly Shop General Furniture Company Goodgeon's Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Giuliano Grace's Bridal Shoppe Grills Electric Supply Company Harding's Delicatessen Henderson's Market J. Leo Higgins International Bakery jovere jewelry Compliments of junior Class Keane's News Oftice Kenyon's Men's Shop L. E. Kinney, Inc. Kreb's Town Shop Lavia's Auto Paint Snop Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Leahy Liberty Cab Liberty Lunch Liberty Street Package Store john Marino Mary's Shoppe McCormick's Department Store Bob Mearns Meikle's Yarn Shop Midtown Luncheonette Mr. and Mrs. john O. Mills The Modern Home Furnishing Company Mohican Company Montgomery Ward and Company George C. Moore Company Nigrelli's Noval's Mr. and Mrs. Henry O'Keefe Pawcatuck Hardware Company Mr. Henry Pont Rexall Drug Store George H. Robinson Insurance Agency Rosels Liquorette Mr. Charles Ryon Saddows Tailor Shop Schackner's Radio Shop Shea's News Stand The Shoe Box Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Singer Skarrow's Beauty Shop Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Smith Smith's Flower Shop Southern Maid Doughnut Company Stiephaudt Delicatessen Stiles Studio Stillman Brothers Market Mr. and Mrs. George H. Stone Stonington Stonington Appliance Company Boat Works Stonington Cooperative, Inc . Stonington Lumber Company Stonington Market Syl's Barber Shop Tarny's Theresa's Beauty Shop "Pop" Turner United Builders Supply Company Universal Winding Company Michael Vacca, Florist Vars Brothers Warner Bros. Company Westerly jewelry Westerly Tire Company Western Auto The Wilcox Coal Company William A. Wilcox Lynn Williams Woodmansee's F. W. Woolworth Company

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