Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT)

 - Class of 1946

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Stonington High School - Pawmystonian Yearbook (Pawcatuck, CT) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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I f ,- X . 1 X Q 1 w 1 17. 1 -4. if ,I+ r 1 , me r I iii -T' QL f'5'.,g. 'x 1 ' , , L 3 A -, V.. , . A S , . .. .sl v .-am. . ,J A y C ' A x ' 4. 1 W f' ' gg A. av '- L1 53. It ji 'sf RL,- , The PAWMYSTONIAN GA SCH 5 4' 'b p ' E 5 J N UN-C099 I 1 PUBLICATION BY THE SENIOR CLASS 1946 STONINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Stonington, Connecticut FOREWORD As a barometer rises, so let the knowl- edge we have gained in our Alma Mater point to a better future and a firmer foundation on which to stand. DEDICATION We, the graduating class of 1946, appreciative of what we have gained during our four years, are highly honored in dedicating this edition of the Pawmystonian to you-Stoning- ton High School. ANTHONY A. PUPILLO Principal to Ian. 1 T. ALLEN CROUCH Superintendent 4 , A-ii A Q gd 1 iz. 7 d N. r -QI" FACULTY BETSEY BARKEH Mathematics ELIZABETH F. CROWLEY English IVI. ELIZABETH CONWAY Art, Mechanical Drawing IOSEPHINE L. CULLINANE Commercial ELEANOR CRONIN English KATHRYN C. DENNEHEY English MICHAEL E. CRONIN American Democracy IOSEPHINE DESISTA Mathematics, Science 5 i we X 'QS' N FACULTY ELEANOR B. DRISCOLL Social Studies EVELYN L. MURDOCK Physics and Science LILLIAN F. DUNN Commercial IOSEPH S. NANIA Music Supervisor ROLAND B. HOUSTON Industrial Arts MARY A. NANIA French, Spanish, English HARRIET H. KING Home Economics EDWARD PETRO Physical Education 6 A '75 FACULTY HELEN M. SAFIN Home Economics MARIE M. STEWART Commercial, Head of Department LILLIAN I. SIEVE Commercial FLORENCE H. THAVENET Physical Education BEATRICE SILVERSTEIN English, Latin NAOMI E. WHITE Commercial HELEN E. SPEIGHT American History THEODORA N. WHITTAKER A Biology, Science 7 .. K --.' X s 9 'HX' D Q v- 1' -. Q-L 293 I ' I KT ' i V Alun -I' . J . y A , " -r N. '. xv ix f X ' X A -El, h wap' f .ff .. .cl Y , rx N Wfw Sc , X! x" ' MXN. yu JAMES ROY , C"'RESJl'EEvAN S Q? ROBERT KIUDY BARBARA A BARRACLOUGH .Q E Y 5 X913 , I f Y IW. HENRY MAXSON I x Y if W' f xW f M 'Q 'N kr Q ' A ' :W 1 if O Xe. .U hx fxiv Q:-9 7, xi,-1 X X X 7 X Y JOAN CLIFFORD Aim, 1 X N m ff if K 0 A , 'fp 5 M Q. ,K yn f'X X X M u v Z X x ION N X X f I-IENRY SCHELL ER f 'E E - w 4 , v , - rf X ' X, I, 1 in Xl 1 E E S RN' as -f We .W R, ,, - ,-vw w ,' Y , .Ml , Q 1 xv- ' Hljlxm ff." ' u .. ,v,4, RX .,,.., 1 .-1 , - . Q. X ,' ft ., gxmxx. 7' -Wy -. .. - 1,-fm' . 31.9, . I MARGARET SHEA .MM wpn ART' SENIORS 1 Hy E vm MXWT ww ew I ' M ll 2 I XX M 5 x 'gTJ I x 7 X 3 xl A K l Of I X ,L My X GN 4,0 x , y 77 . 9, J A ie Chris 25. Pat 'U uf nc: X -6. NN 2 Barbara 28. nf 1 i ,naw V5 tn aa -I ci m .5 i . Q1 vw E Mp- M Q Valfu 'lil :- . - 1: 1. V' g 2 ?:' 0 0 u F .C 'u 2 . : 0 .: C Z' 0 an - P- u 3 I -C E -" b 5 s o- m -, Q 1, ' " d . ii' .2 E' .K A rw F CJ 5 7. N N l X 'in - N m . . .V . . N Q ..:.. I I Q .. u w -' . I 'x .2 3 0 .. U1 :T 0 .5 -9. . 32 S .Q 2 -1 U ET: E 8 19 .E "' u U 'cs 'E. 'C 2' 5 5 3 3 ': k 'S E h W gg .a U .,. - .2 5 5 ...Q 2 E U cn 3 E -4 N M ff -A -ci 7. .C .9 I C O - U? .E C 2 .fm U CS E.- u.E ado! My Q 'Nl . f... QV win: Ike and skunk I. 3 'lbw U a Ee --o Om oiri P705 fs .C W.: fs! mm ci.: 1' U n. oi 5- c or .2 .- LE 3 ff M dv .Lu 13 vi E Ui wi Hubba, hubba 36. Gnu! Pe and 15. Le? Edie 37. Doi 16. Sanky 38. Natalie 17. Hazel 39. Cfg 18. M President DONALD O'NEIL Pqwcqtuck "They can conquer who believe they can" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 3, 4: Student Council 2: Class President 3, 4: Airplane Club 1, 2: Camera Club 1: Cafeteria Staff 3, 4: Sophomore Hop Committee: Iunior Prom Committee: Senior Prom Committee: Boys League Officer 4. Vice President GEORGE I. SAVIN Stonington "They lose the world who buy it with much care" "S" Club 3, 4: Baseball 1, 3, 4: Football 1, Z, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Basketball 4: Student Council Representative 3: Senior Class Vice President. Secretary MARGARET E. LEE Pawcatuck "Rich with the jewel of thought" Brown G White 1, 2, 3: Class Treasurer 1: Student Council Representative 2: Biology Club 2: French Club 2, 3, Vice President 3: Traffic Squad 2, 3: Class Secretary 3. 4: Homeroom Treasurer 3. Treasurer AVIS C. MAIN Pawcatuck "Sympathy is the divinest passion of the human heart" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: Iunior Prom Committee: Class Secre- tary 1: Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1: Homeroom Treasurer 2: Brown 6. White 2, 3: Art Editor 4: Traffic Squad 3: Competitive Play 2: Yearbook Staff, Art Editor 4: Librarians Club 3: Ring Committee 3: Freshman Dance Committee: Sophomore Hop Committee: Basketball 2: Homeroom Secretary 1: Class Representative 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1: Art Club 4: Latin II Prize 2: United States History Prize 3. ll ANTHONY I. ALFIERO "Scout" Pawcatuck "His bark is worse than his bite." Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 Cross Country lg Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4: Representative 1, 2, 3: Sophomore Hop Ctm- mittee: Football l, 2. 3, Cap- tain 4: Homeroom President 3: "S" Club l, 2, 3: Basket- ball l, 2, 3, Captain 4: Box- ing 2, 3: Senior Prom Com- mittee. DONALD BAILEY "Bucket" Lower Pawcatuck "Man ot the hour." Football 3, 4: Track 2, 3: Basketball Z: Baseball 2, 3: Glee Club 3, 4: "S" Club 3, 4: Boxing Z, 3. BARBARA A. BARKER "Babs" Pawcatuck "Kind hearts are more than coronets.' Brown 6. White 3, 4: Library Club 3: Traffic Squad 3: Dramatic Club 4, EDITH L. BARNES "Edie" Mystic "Next to excellence is the appreciation of it." Honorable Mention 1, 2: Iunior Prom Committee: First Aid Squad l, 2: Biology Club 2: French Club 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Soft Ball 2: Home Economics Club l: Cafeteria Staff 2. 3: Home- room Treasurer 1: Music Club 4. BARBARA A. BARRACLOUGH "Bobbie" Mystic "Full of all qenflenessf' Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: Iuriior Prom Committee:Biolcgy Club 2: French Club 2, Secretary 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Projection Club 3, 4: Librarians Club 4: Brown 6 White Staff 4: Yearbook Editorial Staff: Cafeteria Staff Z, 3: Home- room Treasurer 2: Traffic Squad 3, 4: Home Economics Club 1. SAMUEL BELLONE "Marsh" Pawcatuck "Music washes away from the soul the dust of every- day life." Basketball 1, 2: Cross Coun- try l, 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Iunior Prom Gommittee: Waiter l, 2: Homeroom Presi- dent 2: Honor Roll 1, Z, 3. ELSIE E. BENNETT "Elsie" Pawcatuck "Silence and modesty are very valuable as conver- sational qualities." Home Economics Club 1: Glee Club 1, 2: Sophomore Hop Committee. RUTH C. BILL "Tid" North Stonington "The rare and radiant maiden," Class Secretary 3: Iufiior Prom Committee: Glee Club 2, 3: Class Vice President 2. KENNETH A. BOWEN "Buck" Pawcatuck "Man is the hunter, women his game." Iunior Prom Committee: Sophomore Hop Committee: "S" Club 2, 3, 4: Football 1. 2, 3, Co-Captain 4: Basketball 1: Student Court Sheriff 4: Class Representative 1, 3, 4: Vice President 2: Homeroom President 3: Homeroom Vice President 2. CATHERINE T. BRADLEY "Kate" North Stonington "Burdens become light when cheerfully borne."' Class Treasurer 3: Dance Committee 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. MAURICE E. BROMLEY "Red" North Stonington "A blush is beautiful, but often inconvenient." Iury Foreman 4: Dance Com- mittee 3: Honor Roll 1. IOHN K. BUCKLYN "Bt1Ck" Mygtir "To be born is to sufter." Model Airplane Club 1, 2: Student Court Judge 4: Biol- ogy Club 2: Camera Club 4. '92 was iff xx lag- . . , ,XE new UU" HAZEL M. BUTTERWORTH "Hazel" Pawcatuck "Ee not merely good: be good for something." Drum Majorette at Manches- ter High 3: Chorus 4: Art Club 1, 2, 4: Secretary and Treasurer at Manchester High: Honor Roll 1, 3. NOEMI R. CAROCARI "Carrie" North Stonington "lf I could write the beauty of your eyes and number all your graces." Student Council: Iunior Prom Committee: Glee Club 1, 2: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: Iunior Class Vice President. P. IOHN CATTAFE "Botch" Pawcatuck "Facts are stubborn things."' Glee Club 1, Z, 4: Boys' League, Pros. Attorney 4: Waiter 3. 4: Projeclion Club 3, 4: Yearbook Art Staff. EVELYN A. CERASOLI "Evie" Mystic "Good nature is stronger than tomahawksf' Sophomore Hop Committee 2: Cafeteria Staff 2: Iunior Prom Committee. N IOHN L. CHAMPLIN "Champ" Pawcatuck "I think, therefore l am." Basketball 2, 4: Track 2, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Football 3, 4: Freshman Party Com- mittee. IEANNE R. CHOQUETTE "Frenchy" Pawcatuck "l have no secret of success but hard work." Honorable Mention 4: Home Economics Club 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Traffic Squad 3, 4: Homeroom Secretary 3' Brown 5. White Staff 3, 4: Yearbook Typing Staff: Dra- matic Club 4: Basketball 1, Soccer 1: Volley Ball 1. IOAN CLIFFORD "Ioey" Pawcatuck "Natural abilities are like natural plants." Honor Roll 1, 3: Freshman Dance Committee: Sophomore Hop Committee: Iunior Prom Committee: Brown 6 White Staff l, 2, 3: Editor-in-Chief 4: Traffic Squad 3, 4: Biology Club 2: "S" Club 3, 4: Cheer- leader 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Basketball Team 2, 3: Base- ball 1, 2: Tumbling Club 2. 3: Yearbook Editorial Staff: Librarian 3: Homeroom Treas- urer 1. FRANCIS C. W. COOGAN "Buttercup" Mystic "Every man is of import- ance to himself." Model Airplane Club 1, 27 French Club 2: Biology Club 2. DONALD B. CRANDALL "Duke" Pawcatuck "He has concrete opinions." Iunior Prom Committee: Cam- era Club 2: Airplane Club 2: Biology Club 2: Sophomore Hop Committee. IEAN K. CRITCHERSON "Bury" Pawcatuck "Character is a diamond that scratches every other stone." Honor Roll 1, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Tumbling Club 1, 2, 3: Traffic Squad 3, 4: Iunior Prom Committee: Sophomore Hop Committee: Glee Club 1, 2: Honorable Mention 2: "S" Club 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2: Brown G White Staff 4: Freshman Dance Committee: Orchestra 1, 2. MARY MARGARET CROAK "Peggy" Stonington "Those eyes, soft as a cloudy sky." Camera Club 4: Art Club 4: Glee Club 4: Dramatic Club 4: Biology Club 2: Science Club 1: Homemaking Club 1. 2: Basketball Squad 3. LUCY A. CROWLEY "Luddy" Wequetequoclr "To live is not to live for one's self alone." Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: Class Rep- resentative 1. 2, 3: Student Council Senate 3: Freshman Dance Committee: Sophomore Hop Committee: Iunior Prom Committee: Sophomore Ring Committee: Yearbook Adver- tising Manager: Brown 6: White Staff 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, Z, 3: Projector Club 4: Secretary 3: Dramatic Club 4: Homeroom Treasurer 3: Traffic Officer 3, 4: Soccer 1, 2, 3: Volley Ball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Office Girl 4. ALEXANDER R. DE MARCO "Legs" Pawcatuck "Give us the man who sings at his work." Honor Roll 2, 3: Honorable Mention l: Waiter 1: Glee Club 1. 2, 4: Basketball 1, 2. 4: Cross Country 1: Biology Club: Class Secretary 4: Boys' League, Vice President 4: Sophomore Hop Commit- tee: Freshman Party: Traffic Squad 3. ANN B. DENISON "Ann" Stonington "An ounce of cheerfulness is worth a pound of sadness." Home Room Sec. 1. 2: Honor Roll l, 2: Honorable Mention 3: Yearbook Bus. Staff: Home Ec. Club l. BARBARA L. DENISON "Barb" Mystic "Yet one couldn't but love her."' Glee Club l, 2. 3, 4: Music Club 4: Honorable Mention 1, 2, 3: Camera Club 1: Homeroom Treasurer 2: Iunior Prom Committee: Yearbook Editorial Staff: Traffic Squad 2: Dramatic Club 4: Senior Prom Committee: Sports Club 4. CATHERINE M. DENNEHEY "Cathy" Stonington "Writers are the main land- marks of the past." Homeroom Treasurer 2, 3: Glee Club l, 2: Honorable Mention 3: Brown 6 White 2. 3. News Editor 4: Iunior Prom Committee: Traffic Squad 3: Defense Council 1, 2: Librarians' Club 3, 4: Bas- ketball l, 2: Yearbook Edi- torial Staff. ANNAMARIA DI CESARE "Anna" Pawcatuck "By reading, a woman makes herself contemporary of past ages." Honor Roll l, 2, 3: Glee Club l: Homeroom Secretary 2: Homeroom Secretary 2: Traf- fic Squad 3. 4: Dramatic Club 4. MARY T. DINOTO "Mayer" Pawcatuck "Laughter is my object-'tis my property." Home Ec. Club 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Traffic Squad 3. 4: Brown G White 3. 4: Yearbook Typing Staff: Honorable Men- tion 2. 3, 4: Dramatics 4: Basketball 1, 2: Soccer 1: Baseball 1: Honor Roll l. ANNA T. FALLON "Pal" Pawcatuck "The magic of her sweet appeal." Home Ec. Club l, 2: Glee Club l, 2: "S" Club 3, 4: Cheerleader 3. 4: Student Council 3: Cafeteria Staff 2: Homeroom Secretary 3: Home- room Treasurer 4: Yearbook Staff: Brown 6 White Staff 4: Honor Roll 2. 3: Dramatic Club 4: Honorable Mention 4. VINCENT FA ULISE "Vinnie" Pawcatuck " For the race is run and the wreath is around his brow." Class Representative l. 3: Biology Club 2: Projection Club 3, 4: "S" Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Football 2: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 3: Glee Club 1, 2: Iunior Prom Com- mittee: Defense Counsel 1: Sophomore Hop Committee: Cross Country 1, Capt. 2, 3, 4: Hobby Club 4: Freshman Party Committee: Honorable Mention 1, 2: Camera Club 4: Track 1, 2. 3, 4. MARY A. FAULISO "Flossie" Pawcatuck "Whose smile makes glad." Honor Roll l, 2. 4: Glee Club l, 2: Home Economics Club l, 2: Honorable Mention 3: Girls' Ensemble l. 2: Girls Basketball 1: Girls' Volley Ball 1: Girls' League Home- room Treasurer 2: Home- room Treasurer 3: Defense Council 1: Brown :S White Staff 4: Dramtic Club 4: "S" Club 3, 4: Traffic Squad 3. 4: Yearbook Typing Staff: Office Girl 4: Cheerleader 3, 4. MARY E. FLEMING "Mary" Mystic "l laughed as I would die." Home Economics Club 1: Cafeteria Staff 3: Iunior Pram Committee. MARY C. GARITY Stonington "Grave was her look and slow her pace." Honorable Mention l': Cam- era Club 4: Art Club 4: Bi- ology Club 2: Basketball Squad 1: Homeroom Treas- urer 1: Dramatic Club 4: Volley Ball 1: Soccer l. CHARLES A. GARRETSON "Charlie" Mystic "He of the mighty limb." Model Airplane Club 1, 2: Biology Club 2. MARGARET E. GEARY "Maggie" Pawcatuck "A wise woman reflects be- fore she speaks." Glee Club 1: Home Econom- ics Club 1. IRENE C. GEYER "Blondie" Mystic "lf you would create some- thing--you must be something." Orchestra 1: Chorus 1: Cate- teria Staff 2: Homeroom Treasurer 2: Homeroom Rep- resentative 2: Sophomore Hop Committee: Honor Roll 31 Honorable Mention 4: Brown and White Staff 4: Yearbook Typing Staff: Freshman Party Committee: Senior Prom Com- mittee. NATALIE T. GOMES "Nat" Stonington "Charitable and indulgent to everyone." Brown and White Staff 3, 4: Yearbook Typing Staff. ANNE M. HARPER "Brooklyn" Pawcatuck "Nothing is more useful than silencef' Home Economics Club 17 Yearbook Business Stall. DIANA F. HARVEY "Die" Old Mystic "A true lady." Glee Club 1, 2, 3. LESTER P. HIGGINS "Let" Mystic "Ah-h-h Women!" Class Representative 1, 2: Camera Club 3: Honorable Mention 1: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Waiter 1: Traffic Squad l: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 1, 2: Fresh- man Party Committee: Soph- omore Hop Committee: lun- ior Prom Committee: "S" Club 4: Brown and White Staff 1. 2, 3. LOIS M. HOLDRIDGE "Muffie" Old Mystic "Character is perfectly edu- cated will." Cafeteria Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics Club 2: Traf- fic Officer 4: Glee Club 1: Basketball 1. IAMES H. HUBBARD "Penguin" Stonington "Conquer and prevail." Football 2. 3, 4: Iunior Prom Committee: Sophomore Hop Committee: Freshman Party Committee: Boys' League Sec- retory 4: Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2: "S" Club 4: Traffic Squad 2: Iunior Com- petitive Play: Projection Ciub 3: Waiters Staff 3, 4. 5- 64 .Ch 15" ROBERT A. KIDDY "Kiddy" Pawcatuck "He that is over-cautious will accomplish very little." Camera Club 4: Basketball 1. PATRICIA A. KRIZANEK "Pat" Stonington "Tcrct comes from goodness of heart." Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Year- book Business Staff: Music Club 4: Girls' Ensemble 3: Class Representative 1. AGNES M. LA GRUA "Ag" Stonington "To make happy is the true empire of beauty." Brown and White 2. 3: Girls' League Treasurer 4: Student Council 3: Glee Club 1: Traf- fic Squad 2. 3: Iunior Prom Committee: Senior Prom Com- mittee: Homeroom Secretary 3: Sophomore Hop Committee: Class Representative 2, 4: Yearbook Typing Staff. SHIRLEY T. LOWELL "Shirl" Mystic "Women of talent are women for occasfons."' Honor Roll 2. 3: Honorable Mention 1: lunior Prom Com- mittee: Homeroom Treasurer 3. 4: Traffic Officer 3, 4: Year- book Business Manager: Sophomore Hop Committee: Senior Prom Committee. BARBARA I. MacGl..AFLIN "Babs" Mystic "No thoroughly occupied woman was ever yet miserable." Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: Class Rep- resentative 1, 2: Student Council 3: Traffic Officer 3, 4: Sophomore Ring Commit- tee: Iunior Prom: Sophomore Hop Committee: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Librarian Club 3: Projection Club 3, 4: Home- room Vice President 3: Year- book Editor-in-Chief: Iunior Competitive Plays Property Manager: Varsity Volley Ball Team 2: Basketball Squad 2: Gym Team 2: Home Econom- ics Club 1: Dramatic Club 4: Latin Prize 3. BARBARA I. MACKIN "Mac" Pawcatuck "As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every mo- ment of time." Honor Roll l, 2, 3: Iunior Prom Committee: Gym Team 2: Tumbling Club l: Glee Club 1: Homeroom Secretary 2, 3: Brown and White Statf 2, 3: "S" Club 3, 4: Cheer- leader 3, 4: Librarian Club President 3, 4: Sophomore Play: Freshman Dance Com- mittee: Basketball 2: Home Economics Club 1: U. S. His- tory Prize 3. BEVERLY A. MAINE "Bev" Stonington "Grace and goodness are the loadstone of her affections." Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: Traffic Squad 3,4: Brown and White Staff 3, 4: Home Economics Club 3, 4: Yearbook Editor- ial Staff. HENRY C. MAXSON "Hank" Stonington "Scholars are men of peace." Honor Roll 2, 3: Camera Club 1, 2, 3: French Club 3: Stu- dent Council Vice President 3: Homeroom Vice President 3, 4: Traffic Squad 2, 3. PATRICIA I. MEEKER "Pat" Pawcatuck "Knowledqe is a treasure, but practice is the key to it." Traffic Squad 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2: Iun- ior Prom Committee: Student Council 4: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: Basketball '2: Librarians' Club 3: Girls' League Pianist 2: Gym Team 2: Yearbook Editorial Staff: Homeroom Vice President 3: First Aid Squad 2: Music Club 4. RUTH F. MINCHEN "Minch" Pawcatuck "What love was sparkling in your eye?" Yearbook Business Staff: Brown and White Staff 3, 4: Traffic Squad 3, 4: Sopho- more Ring Committee: Fresh- man Dance Committee: Otfice Girl 4: Girls' League Repre- sentative 1: Homeroom Treas- urer 1: Softball 1, 2: Tumb- ling Club 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Honor Roll 1, 2, 4: Hon- orable Mention 3: Projection Club 3. MARTHA A. MINER North Stonington "Yet love will dream and faith will trust." Honor Roll 1, 2: Yearbook Business Staff. VIRGINIA A. MITCHELL "Ginny" Pawcatuck "Chance generally favors the prudent." Honor Roll l, 2: Honorable Mention 3, 4: Traffic Squad 3, 4: Yearbook Business Staff: Brown and White Staff 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2: Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2: Choir 2: Dramatic Club 4: Defense Cduncil 1: Soccer 1, 2. HARRY A. NORTHUP Stonington "He wears a most serious face."' Homeroom Treasurer 4: Home- room Vice'President 2. RAYMOND C. O'NEIL "Ray" Pawcatuck "I shall think: and thought is silence." Camera Club 4: Baseball 1, 3, 4: Basketball l, 4: Home- room Representative 4: Pro- jection Club 2: Airplane Club 1: Homeroom Secretary 3. BETSY A. OVIATT "Boots" Mystic "Faith builds a bridge from this world to the next." Yearbook Staff. PAUL F. PAMPEL, IR. "Paulie" Stonington "Those move easiest who have learned to dance." Honor Roll l, 2, 3: Airplane Club 2: Hobby Club 3: Soph- omore Hop Committee: Waiter 1, 2, Headwaiter 3. 4: Traffic Squad 3. 4: Presi- dent Student Council 4: Stu- dent Council 4: Homeroom President Z, 3: Track 2, 3. 4: Football l. 2: Iunior Prom Committee 3: "S" Club 4: Yearbook Art Staff: Cross Country l, +R GRACE M. PARK Pawcatuck "Love 'tis said, is very sweet." Honor Roll 1, 2. 3: Projection Club 3: Yearbook Business Staff: Traffic Squad 3, 4: Dramatic Club 4. IEAN F. PERKINS "Jeannie" Mystic "Sit not down to useless dreaming." Honor Roll 1, 2. 3, 4: Brown G White 3, 4: Projectors' Club Secretary 3, 4: lunior Prom Committee: Yearbook Edi- torial Staif: Art Club 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Traffic Squad 3, 4: Homeroom Secretary 3, 4: Competitive Plays 3: Girls' Ensemble 3: Dramatics Club 4: Camera Club 4: Girls' League Social Committee Chairman 4: Girls' Sports Club 4. HAROLD F. PLYMPTON "Max" Pawcatuck "Time was his estate." Cross Country 2, 3. 4: Track 3, 4: Basketball 3. 4: Air- plane Club 1: Waiter l, 2, 3, 4. MIRIAM B. POLLARD "Mimi" Stonington "We are born for love." Honor Roll l. 2. 3: Honorable Mention 2, 3: Projection Club 3: Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Tum- bling Club I. 2, 3: Girls' En- semble 3: Traffic Officer 3, 4: Iunior Competitive Play: Yearbook Typing Staff. LOUIS P. REIS "Louie" Stonington "l am a bold fellow as ever was seen." Honorable Mention 3, 4: "S" Club 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Traffic Squad 3, 4. DONALD ROBINSON "Iick" Pawcatuck "Why all this toil for the triumphs of an hour?" Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3: Homeroom Treasurer Z: Airplane Club 2: "S" Club 4: Honor Roll 3. IAMES HENRY ROY, IR. "Peanut" Pawcatuck "To grow old is to suffer." Class Representative 1, 2: Camera Club 3: Honorable Mention 1: Football 1, 2, 3. Manager 4: Glee Club Sec- retary 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 41 "S" Club 4: Sophomore Hop Committee: Iunior Prom Com- mittee: Competitive Play 3: Cross Country 2: Brown G White Stait 1, 2, 3: Freshman Party Committee: Traffic Squad 1: Waiter 1. CONSTANCE T. RUSTICI "Tina Pawcatuck "Good taste is the flower of good sense." Yearbook Typing Staff: Iunior Prom Committee. ANGELO I. SANQUEDOLCE "Sanky" Pawcatuck "By doubting we come at the truth." Student Council 3: Basketball 1, Z: Baseball 1: Iunior Prom Committee: Sophomore Hop Committee: Honor Roll 1, 2: Honorable Mention 3: Projec- tion Club 3: Iunior Competi- tive Play: Traffic Squad 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, Z, 3: Waiter 1, 2, 3. 4: Head Waiter 3: Freshman Dance Committee: Yearbook Art Staff: Art Club 4: Football Programs 3, 4. NATALIE E. SAUNDERS "Nat" Mystic "Talent is wealth."' Projection Club 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble l, 2: Dramatic Club 4: Tumbiing Club 3: Yearbook Stall: Senior Prom Committee: Hon- orable Mention 4. HARVEY C. SCHELLER "Harve" Pawcatuck "Patiently, patiently, day by day." Glee Club 4: Basketball l. Z: Homeroom President 3, 4: Projection Club 2: Airplane Club 1. HENRY C. SCHELLER "Parson" Stonington "Genius is 101, inspiration and 99 V. perspirationf' Traffic Squad 3. 4: Home- room Representative 3, 4: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. HAROLD E. SENIOR "Ike" Pawcatuck "When I am nol walking, I am reading." Waiter l, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 1, 2. 4: Iunior Prom Com- mittee: Homeroom Treasurer 4: Cross Country l, 3. ROSE ANN SERIO "I will govern my life as if the whole world were to see me." Home Economics Club 2: First Aid 1: Glee Club 1. WALTER C. SHACKLEY "Shack" Mystic "A smile as curly as his hair." Track l: Basketball l. 2: Iunior Prom Committee: Com- petitive Play 3: Sophomore Hop Committee: Freshman Party Committee. MARGARET I. Sl-IEA Pawcatuck "A lovely counfenance is the fairest ol all sights." Tumbling 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Biology Club 2, 3: Base- ball l, 2: Soccer 1, Z: Volley Ball l, 2: Glee Club 2, 3: French Club 2, 3: Art Club 4: Competitive Plays 3: Iunior Prom Committee: Projectors' Club 3: Vice President Home- room 4: Archery 2: Girls' League President 4. ROBERT L, SICILIAN "Sis" Pawcatuck "Then put his trumpet to his lips." Homeroom Sena'or 2. 3: Waiter 4: Glee Club l, 2: Orchestra l. 2: Iunior Prom Committee: Cafeteria S'aft 4: Projector Club 3. 4: Student Council 3. ANTANET SMYRNIOTES 'Toni" Pawcatuck "A light heart lives long." Home Economics Club 2: Soccer 1: Glee Club l. ROBERT W. SQUADRITO "Squad" Mystic "There is glory to be won." Football I, 2, 3: Co-Captain 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track Captain 3, 4: Iunior Prom Committee: Competitive Plays 3: "S" Club 2, 8. 4: Home- room Vice President 2: Traf- fic Squad 2, 3. MARYANN R. STEWART "Stewie" Stonington "This world is a stage ol excitement." Class Secretary 2: Sophomore Hop Committee: Sophomore Ring Committee: "S" Club 3, 4: Cheerleader 3. 4: Iunior P-rom Committee: Competitive Plays 2, 3: Brown 6. White Staff 4: Traffic Squad 3, 4: Yearbook Editorial Staff: Pro- jectors' Club 3: Tumbling Club 3: Basketball 2, 3: Homeroom President 2: Soft Ball I, 2: Honorable Mention 1: Honor Roll 2, 3: Volley Ball 1. 2. RUTH E. STINSON "Ruthie" Pawcatuck "We must be guided by the light of Reason." Brown 6 White Staff 1, 2: Glee Club 1: Home Ec. Club 1: Sophomore Hop Commit- tee: Gym Team 1, 2: Home Room Secretary 3: Yearbook Typing Staff: Iunior Prom Committee 3: Projector Club 3: Sophomore Ring Com- mittee: Freshman Party Com- mittee. M, CHRISTINE SULLIVAN "Chris" Pawcatuck "Romance is the poetry of literature." Tumbling 2, 3, 4: Biology Club Z, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball 1, 2: Baseball 1, 2: Soccer 1, 2: Glee Club l, 2, 3: French Club 2: Art Club 4: Competitive Play 3: Yearbook Art Statt: Brown 6. White 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: "S" Club 3, 4: Iunior Prom Committee: Projectors' Club 3, 4: Trattic Squad 4: School Play 1: Biology Club, Secre- tary, Treasurer 2: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 3: Dra- matic Club 4: Sports Club 4. RICHARD E. SULLIVAN "Sul1y" Pawcatuck "My will, not thine, be done." Camera Club 1, 2: Basketball 2: Orchestra 1: Glee Club 1, 2: Waiter 1. ELIAS H. TREFES "Lou" Pawcatuck "Deter no time,' delays have dangerous ends." Homeroom Senator 3: Traffic Squad 3: Projection Club 3, 4: Iunior Prom Committee: Competitive Plays 3, 4: Soph- omore Hop Committee 2: Waiter 1, 2: Honor Roll 3. mw- Qr 'S SADIE WHEWELL "lick" Pawcatuck A graceful and pleasing figure is a perpetual letter of recommendation." Baseball Team 1, 2: Soccer Team l: Basketball Team 1: Brown 61 White Staff 1. 2: Glee Club lg Home Ec. Club 1: Sophomore Hop Commit- tee: lunior Prom Committee: Yearbook Business Stall: Projector Club 3: Freshman Party Committee: Sophomore Ring Committee. IRWIN WHITE "Whitey" Pawcatuclc "A diller, A dollar, A tour o'clock scholar." Football 1, Z, 3, 4: Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3: Iunior Prom Com- mittee: Competitive Plays Z. 3: "S" Club 2, 3, 4. OTTO WIERSCH Mystic "Act gently. Speak sottlyf' ALONZO S. WILKINSON "Smoko" Pawcatuck "A hardy frame, a hardier spirit." Homeroom President 3: Boys' League President 4, Bailiit 4: Stage Manager 4: Honorable Mention 1, 2: Student Council 4: Cross Country 1, 2: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3: Baseball 1: Cafeteria Staff 3, 4: "S" Club 2, 3, 4. CHARLOTTE C. WILLIAMS "Charlie" Old Mystic "Laugh while you can: every- thing has its time." Glee Club l, 2, 3: French Club 2, 3: Camera Club 4: Sophomore Play 2: Soccer Varsity Team 2: Yearbook Editorial Statt: Brown 6 White Stott 2, 4: Exchange Editor 4: Honorable Mention 1, 2: Soltball 1. 2: Basketball 2: Volley Ball 2: Archery 2: Honor Roll 3. 11' DOROTHY E. WOLFE "DOt" Mystic "Responsibility educates." Brown 6. White 1, 2: Home Economics Club 1: Sophomore Hop Committee: Gym Team 1: Traltic Squad 1, 2: Honor- able Mention 2, 3: Yearbook Business Stall: Iunior Prom Committee: Projector Club 3: Sophomore Ring Committee: Freshman Party Committee: Archery 2. gr f . X 1 X 611 I f I C1 ff! K 7 W ,I 0 , A is , 1' it-gf-Y 4 f 7 23 NELSON T. WILLIAMS "Skip" Pawcatuck "Man is natures sole mistake." Cafeteria Staff 3, 4: Home- room President 3: Homeroom Secretary 3, 4: Boys' League Treasurer 4: Glee Club 4: Competitive Plays 3: Stage Manager 4: Iunior Prom Com- mittee: Honorable Mention 3. CLASS WILL We, the member of the Class of 1946, Stonington High School, Town of Stoning- ton, County ot New London, State of Con- necticut, being of sound and disposing mind and manner, do hereby make, ordain, pub- lish and declare the following to be the last Will and Testament of said class in manner and form following: The following members of the class wish to dispose of their individual likes and dis- likes, their talents, good and bad, and their many accomplishments: We, Henry Scheller and Harry Northrup, do leave our interest in anything concerning art and sketching to Wanda Lewis. I, Henry Maxson, do leave my high ideals to any underclassman who can come up to them. I, Maryann Stewart, do leave my inter- est in the opposite sex to any interested un- derclassman. I, Betsey Oviatt, do leave my good natur- ed manner to my sister, Carol. I, Mary Fauliso, do will to Mary DeFlip- po, my doctrine, "Help yourself and Heaven will help you." I, Hazel Butterworth, do leave to anyone who may need it, my ability to switch schools in the middle of the year and take it in my stride. I, Connie Rustici, do leave my long, painted fingernails to anyone capable of growing them. I, Eugene Bromley, do leave my knack for getting blue cards to MacGivem. We, Sadie Whewell, Ruth Stinson, and Dorothy Wolfe, do leave our title as "The Three Musketeers" to Louis DiCesare, Dana Hughes, and Archie Gibson. I, Patricia Krizanek, do bequeath to Mar- garet Lewis, my stately carriage. I, Donald Bailey, do leave to Billy Keane my ability to bluff my way out of things. I, Anne Harper, do leave my ability to be seen and not heard, to Alice Green. I, Iimmy Hubbard, do leave my habit of teasing all girls to Edward Melanson. I, Charlotte Williams, do bequeath to Kenny Smith my poetic ability. I, Francis Coogan, do bequeath to Loren Raffo, my ambition to be a "Big Shot." I, Margaret Geary, do leave to anyone who will preserve them, the unusual and valuable collection of "tru-art" posted on the door of my locker. I, Anna Fallon, do leave to Agnes Shea, my vim, vigor and vitality. I, Nelson Williams, do give to Yvano Venturini this warning: "Faint Heart Ne'er Won Fair Lady." I, Charles Garretson, do will to Iackie Ryon my vast number of arguments as to why I shouldn't do a certain assignment. I, Lucy Ann Crowley, do leave my sunny disposition to Eleanor O'Neill. I, Ruth Bill, do leave to anyone who can manage it my ability to get along in a class of boys. I, Jean Choquette, do bequeath to Theresa Christina my wonderful assortment of "made-all-by-myself" clothes. I, Martha Miner, do will to Barbara Wier- sch my shy, retiring nature and mouse-like stillness in classes. I, Otto Wiersch, do leave my love of hunting to Billy Higgins. I, Iohn Champlin, do leave my dry wit to Norman Whaley. I, Harold Senior, do leave my "funny" four lines in Speech Arts to anyone who can find lines equally as "corny". I, Walter Schackley, do leave my curly locks to Tommy Blanchard. I, Anthony Alfiero, do leave to Charles Shea my plenipotentiary qualifications. I, Irene Geyer, do leave my personal charm to Margaret Rocchetti and to no one my interest in a former sophomore. I, Grace Park, do leave my knack of do- ing bookkeeping to Elva Wilcox. I, Angelo Sanquedolce, do will my im- pish ways and sparkling eyes to Billy Mac- Gowan. CLASS WILL I, Christine Sullivan, do leave my fond memories of high school to the underclass- men. I, Barbara Barker, do leave my interest in a certain sailor to absolutely no one! I, Lester Higgins, do will my way with women to William Noyes. I, Irwin White, do leave to Louis Cas- tagna, my collection of tardy slips. I, Virginia Mitchell, do leave my "just niceness" to Sally Banks. I, Alex DeMarco, do will my long legs to Iohn Fleming and my neat appearance to Louis Pellegrino. I, Donald Robinson, do leave to Douglas Buchanan my nonchalant and intrepid mien. I, Mary Croak, do bequeath to Beatrix Young my "Lady Godiva" tresses. I, Catherine Bradley, do will my spartan courage in taking "P.D." and U. S. History in the same year to anyone who is brave enough to try it. I, Donald Crandall, do leave to Arthur Kirkpatrick my motto: "Be Difficult." I, Mary Garity, do bequeath my "chatter- box ways" to Mary Wilkinson. I, Diana Harvey, do will to Iosephine Brewer the honor of living in the great metropolis of old Mystic. I, Natalie Saunders, do will to Lydia Link my own interpretation of "Romeo and Iuliet". I, Mary Dinoto, do leave my exuberant spirits to Peggy Cronin. I, Louis Trefes, do bequeath to Gary Bill my expeditious, sprightly and agile walk. I, Elsie Bennett, do leave to Billy Kelli- her my peaceful, unassuming disposition. I, Robert Kiddy, do will my motto: "Every man for himself" to Iud Perkins. I, Lois Holdridge, do bequeath to George Rook, my ambition to work in the cafeteria for four years. I. Alonzo Wilkinson, do leave my polite and courteous manner to the freshman class. I, Harvey Scheller, do leave to Ernie Ozanne my popularity, my personality and my individuality. I, Connie Main, do leave my list of A's to Peggy Lewis. I, lean Critcherson, do will to Bevy Brooks my loud cheering voice. I, Dinky O'Neil, do leave to all incoming class presidents my faculty of leading the class on towards its goal. I, Kenneth Bowen, do bequeath my "southern" attitude to Phil Sorrento, hoping it will slow him up in his non-stop flights through the corridors. I, Barbara MacGlaflin, do leave to the junior most capable of filling the position, my job as Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook. I, Ann Denison, do will to Mildred Miner my ability for getting along with everyone. I, Rose Serio, do leave my extreme quiet- ness to any underclassman in need of it. I, Paul Pampel, do leave my "dancing feet" to Dick Lopes. I, Pat Meeker, do leave to Dagmar Bald- win my innocent blushes and sweet dis- position. We, Bob Sicilian and Iohn Cattafe, do leave to Ioe Kenyon and William Peabody. our ability to run the projector. I, Margaret Lee, do leave to Agnes Shea. my ability to get good marks in foreign languages. I, Noemi Carocari, do leave to Eleanor Tatro, my beguiling eyes, by which many of my conquests have been won. I, Robert Squadrito, do leave my fear- lessness, my courage, my sense of humor and my "sox appeal" to Paulie Gaynor. I, Ioan Clifford, do will my editorial and managerial value of the Brown and White Staff to Billy Higgins. I, Iames Roy, do leave to Iohn Delaney, my ever-ready collection of wisecracks. I, Vincent Faulise. do leave to Stanley Prachniak my ability in cross-country. CLASS WILL I, Raymond O'Neil, do will to Ronald Wood my "oratorical" ability. I, Evelyn Cerasoli. do bequeath my baby- ish ways to Nancy Cooper. I, Miriam Pollard, do leave my fame of being Stonington's greatest gum chewer and patron of-oh! Bubble Gum! to Archie Gib- son. I, Mary Fleming, do leave my infectious giggle to Laura Paul. I, Margaret Shea, do bequeath my "Pep- sodent Smile" to Barbara Nichols. I, Edith Barnes, do will my fervor for knitting sox to Shirley Clay. I, Ruth Minchen, do leave to "Dot" Sny -der my fun at the roller-drome. I, Barbara Denison, do leave my English IV and "P.D." notebooks to the junior class, surmising that they will borrow them as often as the outgoing seniors did. I, Annamaria DiCesare, do leave my neat and attractive coiffure to Ann Dennehey. I, George Savin, do leave my bashful and quiet ways to Rose Lidestri. I, Iohn Bucklyn, do leave my great desire to be a second Jimmy Durante to "Skinny" Scheller. I, Louis Reis, do leave my manly phy- sique to Iimmy Walsh. I, Barbara Mackin, do bequeath to any junior needing them, my numerous good qualities. I, Sam Bellone, do leave my reputation of being fast, fascinating, and frivolous to anyone who fits these specifications. I, Natalie Gomes, do leave to Patty Hig- gins my sweet smile and pleasing manner: and to anyone who wants them my much envied dimples. I, Agnes LaGrua, do leave to an enter- prising junior my skill in operating the mimeograph machine. I, Antanet Symrniotes, do bequeath my innocent manner to Iackie Amaral. I, Harold Plympton, do will my position in a certain newspaper office to Billy Hig- gins. I, Catherine Dennehey, do leave my posi- tion in certain drug store to Iohn Delaney. I, Shirley Lowell, do bequeath to Alyce Lord my sweet and gracious personality and my quiet and efficient way of doing things. Signed, sealed, published and declared this as and for the last will and testament, by the class of 1946, Stonington High School. in the presence of us and each of us, who at their request and in their presence in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses: Barbara A. Barraclough lean F. Perkins Beverly A. Maine 4 5 1. Q ,I LS CLASS HISTORY September-1943-A group of dazed and confused students, we ambled around the school, keeping our distance from the traffic officers when possible, and trying to make out our schedule cards. It wasn't very long before we were settled and voted for our class officers. We were guided through our confused and turbulent freshman year by our class officers-president Anthony Alfiero, vice-president Iohn Tattersall, secretary Avis Main, treasurer Margaret Lee. We were abysmally ignorant of high school ways at first and seniors--those worldly creatures, awed us to distraction. Our Freshman Coming-out Party, which was a huge success, introduced us to Stonington High School. Our equilibrium regained, we were able as sophomores to entertain the school at our Sophomore Hop and with our first competitive play, "The Apple of His Eye". Our class officers this year were-president Anthony Alfiero, vice-president Kenneth Bowen, secretary Maryann Stewart, treas- urer Avis Main. In our junior year we had more desire and ability to participate in school athletics, clubs and student government. In March those of us with dramatic ability presented "The Little Red Schoolhouse". As the crowning glory of this year we invited the seniors to our Prom which was held on Iune 18, 1945 in our gymnasium. President Donald O'Neil and Prom Queen Anna Fallon directed the activities of this gala affair. Finally after three years of hard work we were seniors. Ever so over- bearing and dignified, we made freshmen suffer and underclassmen tow the mark as we had been forced to do for the past three years. Donald O'Neil had the distinction of being chosen president of the senior class, George Savin was vice-president, Avis Main treasurer and Margaret Lee secretary. Before we realized it, the happiest and shortest year of our life was over. On Class Day, as we planted a permanent memorial in the form of an ivy plant we hoped that we would be remembered always at Stonington High School not only by that small plant but by our interest and participa- tion in school activities. Then as we listened to graduation speeches we remembered . . . remem- bered things that exist now only as precious memories. Patricia Meeker Catherine Dennehey 27 BOY Nelson Williams Henry Scheller Iohn Cattaie Harry Northup Anthony Alfiero Kenneth Bowen Lester Higgins Paul Pampel Donald O'Neil Alexander DeMarco Iames Roy Francis Coogan Paul Pampel Donald O'Neil Alonzo Wilkinson Sam Bellone Iames Roy Iames Roy Donald O'Neil Iarnes Roy George Savin Robert Squadrito Charles Garretson Harry Northup Irwin White Henry Scheller Iohn Bucklyn Samuel Bellone Harvey Scheller Robert Squadrito Donald O'Neil Donald O'Neil Alexander DeMarco Robert Squadrito CLASS VCJTE Best Actor Most Ambitious Class Artist Most Bashful Most Athletic Cutest Best Dancer Most Dignified Best Dressed Happiest Most Inquisitive Iitterbug Best Looking Most Courteous Most Musical Noisiest Best School Spirit Most Poised Most Popular Best Personality Most Sophisticated Quietest Tardiest Most Studious Wittiest Most Talented Most Likely to Succeed Most Charming Did Most for Class Most Respected Most Humorous Most Sociable 28 GIRL Margaret Shea Lucy Crowley Christina Sullivan Martha Miner Christina Sullivan Barbara Barraclough lean Critcherson Shirley Lowell lean Perkins Lucy Crowley Mary Croak lean Critcherson Irene Geyer Annamarie Dicesare Patricia Meeker Miriam Pollard lean Critcherson Constance Main Anna Fallon lean Perkins Dorothy Wolfe Martha Miner Miriam Pollard Constance Main Mary Dinoto Patricia Meeker Constance Main Noemi Carocari Constance Main Constance Main Catherine Dennehey Ruth Bill Ann Denison x.! xx 3 , f 41 , 4' S W I J 4' .l, is Q 31 X Q V J E 5' . ga 52, 5 X. '- - - 1 N ,. L X 124-:.igfi!fL.Z:L-4,,f 5' , J 2 -N f F L ...J 5 fab r. W U 'ff 1.455 1 f N. 1.1 ' ff 1' ' V' 'N K 'Ne'f3W" ' T ff? A- L Q Q- "W , f -' -Q'--f2m"'f2S2v'a f 'CG' f' x 45 X .. , -H .I s .S I ' ' Bucklgnk Cretfmq BCI- E 4543 ,U I . fm Vg. get , , ails, M3 Soy ,'4',-f".'.-Tw'eg-ALI' 2 . f'1'1'lf '.':'g,'5' Sf., Q j of Th. Tum I4-3.zfgb.",',-.15f?s'5,f'4:f A N -HanuTu Ro U -'Z "2f'?1f'1' sf.: : Sify. Q 1 V 1 0 p "J',,1" cl:w.,a 5 Fu:-'Ju His I , N 2 an 'WM 4 X K . '3sf! X I nga. Rf Lf 'wfmk Thu. ,Bfalivu 535' U"""""A"a Ufpaq-BHK Thotqmfkvf I N I -Trevi Guia' Hn mn, Eumnmfcs 1 F fx J? I 2 l I 'gm '- .A 0 0 ... ,W ' Ho g? X '- ' ' -1211754 f I ' f f -- x ' ,v-XX f ,- x ' V at 1 music Club ,N wwitvi urkominq hh Ygsixpe Mndfsf-Id mga:-d cF .Tnrdinzss ' CLASS PROPHECY Being neither an Elias nor a Moses we cannot portray the future of our classmates with true precision or vividness. Knowing that even though we should spend a thousand years trying to pave a road to success for each and every one of these noble ladies and gentlemen and still fail in our pre- dictions, we shall turn to our only hopes of success-humor and imagination. Now it is our pleasant duty to present to you the Class of 1946, as it might be observed ten years from now. It had been a long time since we had seen most of our old friends so Ioan Clifford, now editor of "Charm" magazine, with Barbara Denison, the head of the fashion department, and Charlotte Williams, head of the adver- tising department of the same magazine, decided to take a trip home and visit some of our former classmates. At the airport we met Sam Bellone and Bob Sicilian, who is the featured trumpeter in Sammy's band. After completing a successful tour in New York they were going to Hollywood to make a movie. Close behind them walked Iohn Cattafe, their "personal bodyguard" and Angelo Sanquedolce, their capable press agent. The boys enjoy their work and do a wonderful job. We had just boarded the plane and had been made comfortable by our stewardess, who was none other than Barbara MacGlaflin, when Louie Trefes, famous criminal lawyer, entered and sat in front of us. He was on his way home for a rest after winning an important case. In a short time we were over the Stonington airport which incidentally is owned and managed by Alex DeMarco. We were surprised to find that our pilots for the trip had been Ken Bowen and his ace co-pilot "Bucket" Bailey. They told us that they were planning to begin operating their own airline company soon. We took one of the fleet of taxicabs owned by lack Bucklyn. His slogan is "Speed to spare if you don't care". After arriving in Westerly we went into the Moderne Grille where most of the gang used to congregate after dances, games and the movies. lim Hubbard, proprietor of the Grille, asked us how we were enjoying our dinner. He told us that Lester Higgins was appearing three times nightly in the floor show. Lester's records are in great demand by the bobby-soxers all over the country. Of course you know whose records the males are swooning over-that's right, none other than "Ag" LaGrua's. A big argument wah heard going on in the next booth, but we knew right away who it was. Sure enough there was that old trio-Bob Squadrito, Tony Alfiero, and Irwin White. It seemed as though they hadn't changed a bit except that now Bob was Admiral Squadrito, an instructor at Annapolis, "Whitey" now owned the New York Yankees baseball team, and "Scout", now a noted engineer, had just completed the construction of a bridge across the English Channel. They were comparing Stonington's present football team with the 1945 club when in walked Iimmy Roy. "Peanut", the present coach at Stonington High, had turned out to be as good a coach as he had been cz manager while in school. As we were walking along the street we met Francis Coogan and Charlie Garretson, who have become very successful since their heliocopters have taken the place of the regular buses between Westerly and New London. 30 CLASS PROPHECY We stopped in for a minute at the secretarial firm managed by Barbara Barker and her capable staff of secretaries, Anna Fallon, Mary Fauliso, and Iean Choquette. This firm has recently united to form a union of all secre- taries. On the way out 'we bumped into Chris Sullivan, who is teaching gym at SHS. She was quite excited over a magazine she had just found, for the "cover girl" was Noemi Carocari and inside were some beauty hints from that well-known Towers model, Barbara Mackin. Passing the new United Theatre, recently designed and constructed by Alonzo Wilkinson, we noticed the movie "Scandals of 1956" starring Dinky O'Nei1 with Margaret Shea as his leading lady: Harvey Scheller, well-known comedian, also had a leading role. We decided to take a helicopter to Mystic, stopping at Stonington on the way to see some more of our friends: two of the new hostesses were Beverly Maine and Irene Geyer. The conversation gradually led around to the weather and Irene mentioned the fact that Betsy Oviatt is now working at the weather bureau and that Ruth Bill and Natalie Saunders have gone into the hairdressing business and opened a new shop together. As we flew over Wequetequock we saw the Crowley Department Store owned by Lucy Ann Crowley. Some of her pretty clergs are Mary Croak, Margaret Geary and Elsie Bennett. On the way over, our pilot seemed sort of reckless and we were surprised to find that it was "Red" Bromley. He was still as good-natured as ever though, and promised to be more careful. , In Stonington we visited the wor1d's largest fish cannery, owned and operated by George Savin and Louis Reis. At the post office, Mary Garity is postmistress, with Ann Harper as her assistant. We learned from Ann that Connie Main is Editor-in-Chief of a new Women's Magazine. On her staff are Mary Flemming and Annamarie Di Cesare, who edit the home-making department and Maryann Stewart, who writes the "Advice to the Lonely Hearts". Our old friend Don Crandall was next on our visiting list at the popular indoor ice-skating rink at Manor Inn, where he is the manager. Paul Pampel, the star skater, had just signed a contract to appear in the Ice Capades of 1956, owned by Bob Kiddy. Ray O'Neil and Harold Plympton, the two skating daredevils, had also been signed. We went into "Cathy's Drugstore" in hopes of seeing our old friend Cath- erine Dennehey, owner of the chain of drugstores all over the country. Her chief soda jerk was Virginia Mitchell, and Evelyn Cerasoli was her head- waitress. While we were there Patty Krizanek, who is a fashion designer at a large firm in New York, walked in. With her were Iean Perkins, Tina Rustici and Natalie Gomes, secretaries at the large new Atwood plant. The first person in Mystic that we saw was Walter Shackley, the wizard of the keyboard, who had just returned from a concert tour. He was on his way to SHS to appear in an assembly and we assured him that he would thrill the students as he used to us in '46. Vin Faulise, the famous Olympic runner, was also going to SHS to give pointers to the cross-country team. 31 CLASS PROPHECY In Mystic we passed a large building which was "The Holdridge Clothing Factory". It is owned by "Muffy" Holdridge. She does all kinds of clothing manufacturing and the various departments are headed by Edith Barnes, knitting: Ann Denison, sewing: and Dot Wolfe, Sadie Whewell and Ruth Stinson, who travel all over the world as clothes buyers and reporters of the latest fashions. "Muffy's" advisors are Diana Harvey and Ruth Minchen. Grace Park and Rose Serio are her secretaries. We found that Nelson Williams was the Dean of Agriculture at the Uni- versity of Connecticut, Hazel Butterworth teaches math at Rhode Island State. and Catherine Bradley is head of the history department at Wellesley. Next we met Harry Northrup, general manager of Durham-Enders Com- pany, and Iohn Champlin, his advertising agent, whose splendid work has made the company world famous. lust before we left Mystic we met Shirley Lowell, who has just finished the book "How To Make A Success Of Marriage", and Barbara Barraclough. who is said to be the best dental hygienist in Connecticut. Because it was getting late we went to the airport to return to New York. We heard someone calling to us and we were delighted to find that it was lean Critcherson, who was sitting in her car. "Critch" was just as cheerful as ever and is now head of the 4H Clubs in the New England States. She turned on the radio to hear Mimi Pollard, Hollywood columnist who told all the latest news, including the fact that Margaret Lee has just been named Ambassador to China. She is the first woman ever to be named to such a post. Her traveling companion will be Martha Miner. When we arrived at the airport there was a large crowd of newspaper- men waiting for Professors Henry Maxson and Henry Scheller, well-known scientists. Two of the reporters were Harold Senior and Donald Robinson of the "New York Gab". They told us that they hoped to get some inside information on the trip to Mars that the professors are planning to take in the new rocket ship that Otto Wiersch and Richard Sullivan designed for their use. When the professors make their trial run Pat Meeker will go along delivering music to Mars with her piano playing, Mary Dinoto to keep a record of the trip, and Antanet Smyrniotes as a good-will ambassador. Now, until we have time for a real reunion, we leave the class of '46. Barbara Denison Charlotte Williams Ioan Clifford 52 MR. PEMIEY HIE SHOP '.f' .z COOKING 6. LAB B!0LOGY SEWNG CHFETERIA MISS OR LHNDO 'PQ' ., Nw' Q wil mx Fnlluu px H.. .,,1 H1.H,.,. N.X':4.Lw N'Vlg1H1zker ob J Bula Mnxy MUH3' Amd Muxy pc Q Tummy Vinum- nouunq III M155 Conway heme Burbcxrcx Barb Wxlky Scldle Mrs. Cullinone wi? Q 5 1 f .M ,. A www GM P J X JUNIOR CLASS 56 qi 2 iLT 4 4- ' ,-,. 4.4, 4 ,i, ,. ,nu ,. P 1-1'W5f'1f11-N M ...M . , ,- T 3,1 ....4..v.,? aw, -,,.,, ,,.,,, .N .,. lb, -. Q Nl-L. ,, SOPHOMORE CLASS 37 MQ-! 2al A If X , K My 4,,..,w,, .K "MT K Q wink .,-af FRESHMAN CLASS Z ' fQf!". ':,'I,j:' Q f E ,, .t . ! , i K Mp, M Y 38 It Fw ay f' lt -4 ft 1 if LQ .. 4 z Q . t .4 1 jr X , . If flew .Ili 'bv' Front Row left to right Miss Conway, Barbara Denison, Patricia Krizanek, Charlotte Williams, Avis Main, Barbara MacGlatlin, Christine Sullivan, Ioan Clifford, Iean Perkins, Constance Rustici, Barbara Barraclough, Miss Silverstein. Second How Ann Denison. lean Critcherson, Natalie Saunders, Dorothy Wolfe, Ruth Stinson, Iean Choquette, Mary Dinoto, Catherine Dennehey, Anne Harper, Mary Fauliso. Third Row Sadie Whewell, Patricia Meeker, Martha Miner, Ruth Minchen, Lucy Crowley, Maryann Stewart, Irene Geyer. Fourth Row Grace Park, Miriam Pollard, Anthony Altiero, ,Angelo Sanquedolce, Iohn Cattale, Samuel Bellone, Beverly Maine, Betsy Oviatt. YEARBOOK STAFF OFFICERS Editor-in-chief . Business Manager Sales Manager . Art Editor . . Faculty Advisers Barbara MacGlaf1in . . Shirley Lowell . Lucy Crowley . Avis Main . . . Miss Beatrice Silverstein, and Miss Betty Conway 39 Front How--left to right Miss DeSista, Robert McGivern. Paul Pampel, Alonzo Wilkinson, Shirley Clay. Back Row-Dorothy Priore. Beverly Brooks, Patricia Meeker, Lucy Ann Crowley, Iune Randall. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President . . Paul Pampel Vice-President . Beverly Brooks Secretary-Treasurer . . Lucy Crowley Faculty Adviser . Miss Iosephine DeSista This is the most important organization in S. H. S. as it represents the student body. The council is the stepping stone between faculty members and students. Last fall several members attended the Eastern Division conference of Student Councils at Griswold High. The All-Connecticut conference will be held in the spring at Hartford. 40 ffztixf. rn an m W g at- J First Howfflett to right Mrs. Cronin. Nancy Cooper, lean Perkins, Catherine Dennehey. Charlotte Williams, William Higgins, Ioan Clillord, Barbara Mackin, Constance Main, Maryann Stewart, Miss Crowley. Second Row Mary Mazzarella, lean Critcherson, Beverly Maine, Shirley Olson, Elizabeth Arnold, Lucy Crowley. Christine Sullivan, Barbara Barraclough, Jeanne Choquette, Margaret Rocchetti. Third Row 'Elizabeth Higbee, Noemi Carocari, Beverly Brooks, Mary Dinoto, Mary Faulise, Ruth Minchen, Irene Geyer, Natalie Gomes, Fourth Row 'Francis Cella, Iohn Delaney, Charles McGrath, Louis De Marco, Mariano Blanda. Faculty Advisers Mrs. Eleanor Cronin, Miss Elizabeth Crowley. BRGWN and WHITE STAFF OFFICERS Editor-in-Chief . . . Ioan Clifford News Editor Catherine Dennehey Feature Editor . Lucy Ann Crowley Business Manager . Barbara Mackin Sports Editor . . . William I. Higgins Exchange Editor . . Charlotte Williams Art Editor . . . Constance Main Faculty Advisers . . Miss Crowley, Mrs. Cronin Reporters-Beverly Brooks, Noemi Carocari, Francis Cella, lean Perkins, Beverly Brooks, Kenneth Smith, Nancy Cooper, Maryann Stewart, Louis DeMarco, Charles McGrath, Betty Higbee, Christine Sullivan, Iean Critcher- son, Wanda Lewis, Shirley Olson, Iohn Delaney, Barbara Barraclough Mary Mazzarella, Margaret Lewis, Betty O'Keefe, Eleanor Crompton. Business Assistants-Barbara Barker, Margaret Rocchetti, Sally Banks, Eliza- beth Arnold, Mariano Blanda. Typists-Ruth Minchen, Virginia Mitchell, Ieanne Choquette, Natalie Gomes, Mary Dinoto, Mary Fauliso, Irene Geyer. The Bown and White, our school newspaper, is published monthly. 41 """'W . """v.,, Y' Front How-left to right-Miss Speight, Ioan Clifford, Barbara MacG1af1in, lean Perkins, Christine Sullivan, Connie Rustici, Mimi Pollard, Mary Dinoto, lean Choquette. Second Rowe -Barbara Mackin, Grace Park, lean Critcherson, Beverly Maine. Lois Holdridge, Maryann Stewart, Lucy Crowley, Barbara Barraclough, Anna Marie DiCesare, Virginia Mitchell, Anna Fallon. Third Row-Shirley Lowell, Paul Pampel, Angelo Sanquedolce, Ruth Minchen, Henry Scheller, Louis Reis, Mary Fauliso. Faculty Adviser-Miss Helen Speight, TRAFFIC SQUAD The purpose of the Traffic Squad is to keep things Cwell, traificl moving at Stonington High. With the resignation of Mrs. Mary Brannegan, our faculty advisor, many of us had visions of more than one royal battle in the halls. Coming to the rescue, Miss Helen Speight, a willing and patient supervisor, has reorganized a very active squad. Any junior or senior having marks of honor grade is eligible for this squad. 42 CAFETERIA STAFF The cafeteria staff works under the supervision of Mrs. Chesebrough, Mrs. Platt, and Miss Sieve. Some of the students help to prepare the meals while the waiters serve the teachers and clear the tables. Four of our seniors have worked on this staff for four years: "Muffie" Holdridge, Paul Pampel, Angelo Sanquedolce, and Harold Senior. We congratulate the Cafeteria Staff for their splendid work. First Row left to right Amelia Giordano, Nelson Williams, Alonzo Wilkinson, Miss Sieve, Mrs. Platt, Mrs. Chese- brough, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Miss Orlando, Lois Holdridge, Harold Plympton, William Noyes, Claire Fallon. Second How Ioseph Lidestri, William Banks, Kenneth Bogue, Iames McCarthy, Frank Saporita, Iohn Garity. Lor- raine Ianeiro, Mary Bell Keane, Claire Valliere, Caroline Perry, Angelo Sanquedolce, Marianna Blanda, Raymond Crowley, Peter Grills. Third How Donald Chesebrough, Robert Sicilian, Raymond Colechi, Harold Senior, Joseph Visgilio, Louis DeMarco, Charles Shea, William McGowan, Ioseph Italiano. Fourth Row Samuel Perone, Thomas Cordner, Iames Hubbard, William Higgins. Iohn Cattafe, Charles McGrath, Donald O'Neil, William Keane, Anthony Lazzaro, Raymond O'Neil, Iames Walsh. i i liz! ii ll --5' filly?" ff Q45 A 2 iihli Q W g yy +-'Y 43 i . W First Row left to right 'Betty O'Keele, William Perkins. Pat Tillinghast, Dickie Cheseborouqh, Dorothy Furey, Donald Cheseborough, Ann Riley, Mariano Blanda, Ioan Hauschild, Bill McCarroll. Second Row Anna Locrasto, Vincent Faulise, Ray O'Neil, Charlie McGrath, Iack Bucklyn, Bob Weaver, Iean Perkins, Iane Haupt. Third Row Barbara Stinson, Amelia Giordana, Dorothy Pont, Barbara Nichols, Eleanor O'Neill. Agnes Shea, Alice Howard. Fourth Row Bob Mathewson, Claire Fallon, Ruth O'Neil, Shirley Rook, Bernard Gordon, Miss Murdock, Margaret Shea, Claire Valliere, Norman Simonelli. CAMERA CLUB OFFICERS President . Donald Chesebrough Vice-President . . Richard Chesebrough Secretary-Treasurer . . Dorothy Furey Faculty Adviser Miss Evelyn Murdock The first meeting of the Camera Club was held on October 8. under the supervision of Miss Murdock. So many applications were received that it was necessary to set quotas for each class, the seniors having preference. The members ot this club take pictures of activities around school and learn how to develop the pictures they take. 44 PROJECTOR CLUB Under the supervision of Miss Whittaker the students in this club have run the projector for all movies. A good job has been done-Congratulations! OFFICERS President . . John Cattafe Secretary-Treasurer . . Iean Perkins, Barbara Barraclough Faculty Adviser Miss Theodora Whittaker Front How lelt to right Miss Whittaker, Alice Howard Patricia McKiernan, Barbara Barraclouqh, lean Perkins. Grace Park, Ann Powers, Christina Sullivan, Ioan Clifford. Middle Row Dana Hughes. Ann Dennehey, Agnes Shea, Eleanor O'Neill, Robert Sicilian, Shirley Ostman, Lucy Ann Crowley, Barbara MacGlatlin, Robert Salus. Back Row Angelo Sanquedolce. William Shea, Edward Melanson. Elias Trefes, Paul Tripp, Robert Squadrito. f, 'Q- George Kenyon, Archie Gibson, Ioseph Kenyon .aa gun ,",' M he , ,X 45 X X 1 , eta -, f First Row--left to right-Beverly Main, Margaret Rocchetti, Barbara Mackin, Ann Dennehey, Miss Dennehey Second How-Barbara Barraclough, Catherine Dennehey, Eleanor Tatro, Elizabeth Connors. LIBRARIANS CLUB OFFICERS President .... Barbara Mackin Vice-President . Margaret Rochetti Secretary-Treasurer . . Ann Dennehey Faculty Adviser . Miss Kathryn Dennehey The purpose of this club is to have one person in the library each block to check books taken from the shelves and out ot the library. Any student may have a library card which entitles him to take books out of the library for a period of two weeks, but only one book can be taken out at a time. The club has been under the able supervision of Miss Dennehey. -46 , sv., V f Front Row lett to right Miss Satin, Marilyn Muise, Ioan Krizanek, Mary Lombardo, Dolores Podzsiew- ski, Theresa McKone, Beverly Ioubert, Frances O'Teri, Mary Oliver, Virginia Croucher, Miss King. Second Row Anita Young. Claire Fallon, Rose Faulise, Carol Oviatt, Anna Riley, Betty Champlin, Alice Sylvia, Lena Maderia, Iackie Bar- ber, Iean Garretson, Leone Wink- ler, Mary Small, Dolores Sebastian, Beverly Brayman. - I air' Third How Barbara Stinson, Doro- thy Scheller, Ruth Culley, Mar- jorie Gilmore, Virginia Crider, Lucille Adams, Marilyn Doyle. Elsie Mathews, Celeste Rebello, Josephine Brewer, Claire Brodeur. SENIOR HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Faculty Advisers . Miss Helen Safin President Agnes Shea Miss Harriet King Secretary and Treasurer Shirley Clay JUNIOR HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Front Row letl to right Miss Satin, Alice Howard, Agnes Shea. Constance Senior, Miss King. Back Row Lucy Cosgrove, Alice Green, Iean Kiddy, Shirley Clay, Laura Paul, Mildred Miner. OFFICERS President Dolores Podziewski Vice President Theresa McKone Sec. and Treas. Beverly Ioubert Faculty Advisers Miss Helen Satin, Miss Harriet King ""o. 47 First Row-left to right-Mrs. Stewart, Iack Bucklyn, Alonzo Wilkinson, Alexander DeMarco, Nelson Williams. Second Row4Morris Bromley, Donald O'Neil, Iohn Cattafe, Iames Hubbard, Donald Bailey, Kenneth Bowen Vincent Faulise. BOYS' LEAGUE OFFICERS President . . Alonzo Wilkinson Vice-President . . Alex DeMarco Treasurer . Nelson Willians Secretary . . . Iames Hubbard Faculty Adviser . . Mrs. Marie Stewart This league, organized shortly after the beginning of school, is under the sponsorship of the senior boys and Mrs. Stewart. An advisor-advisee system was set up whereby the senior boys were responsible for sophomore boys and the junior boys were responsible for the freshmen boys. A boys' court functioned every Monday morning during activi- ties period. The defendants who came before the court were offenders whom Mr. Pupillo presented. 48 GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS President . . Margaret Shea Vice-President Eleanor O'Neil1 Treasurer . Constance Main Secretary . . Agnes Shea Faculty Adviser . . Miss Mary Nania The Girls League is one of the most active organizations in the school as every girl in the school is a member of this League. The purpose of the League is to help girls with their problems, to send cards and remembrances to those who are ill, and to those who have had deaths in their families. Miss Nania is the faculty advisor for this group. First Row left to right Miss Mary Nania, Eleanor O'Neill, Margaret Shea, Agnes Shea, Iean Perkins. Second How Patricia Kenyon. Gayla Bill, Louise Castagna. 49 P First Row-Iett to right-Kenneth Smith, Allred Lewis, Robert Salus, Louis DeMarco, Angelo Sanquedolce. Francis Higgins, Iohn Tanne: Charles Mello, Philip Newbury, Norman Simonelli, Samuel Stewart, Frank Saporita. Second Row -Shirley Rook, Lucy Crowley, Claire Fallon, Mary Bell Keane, Patricia Tillinghast, Ieanne Choquette, Mary Dinoto, Miriar Pollard. Grace Park, Ioan Clifford, Louise Castagna, Christine Sullivan, Mary Mazzerella, Anna Fallon, Eleanor Tatro, Mrs. Cullinane lean Keane, Leila Oteri. Third How 'Grace O'Neil, Margaret McGuire, Lucille Sequin, Elizabeth Allen, Patricia Albro, Madeline Crowley, Sally Ann O'Nei Natalie Saunders, Virginia Mitchell, Georgiana Sylvia, Mary Fauliso, Theresa Vars, lean Mazzarella, Ioan Mozzarella. Geneviev DeCastro, Nicholette Rustici, Henrietta Mello, Irene Rogers, Alice Linzen, Colleen Ianeiro, Caroline Ballestracci, Mary Sanquedolce. Fourth Row- Dorothy Sylvia, Donald Chesebrough. Dorothy Priore, Ann Powers, Barbara Aiello, Betty O'Keete, Barbara Bittner, Agne Shea, Dolores Ferraro, Barbara Denison, Margaret Shea, Mary Croak, Dorothy Saitomilla, Shirley Olson, Margaret Shea, Alice Howarc Patricia McKiernan, Ruth O'Nei1, Amelia Giordano, Ann Dennehey. Fifth Row- Edith Barnes, lean Perkins, Pauline Lord, Eleanor O'Nei1l, Patricia Stillman, Dorothy Pont. Barbara Nichols, Ioan Hauschilc Mary Garity, Frances Kenyon, Barbara McGlailin, Charlotte Williams, Barbara Barraclough, Rose Marie Heed, Eleanor Cromptor Beverly Brooks. DRAMATICS CLUB' The Dramatics Club is the youngest of all the activities at Stonington. The aim of dramatics training is to do away with any tendency the person may have toward self-consciousness or timidity and to help him develop poise and bodily rhythm. It is hoped that through the Dramatics Club, sponsors of competitive plays and other plays will be aided by the training and experience the club members receive. 50 ART CLUB OFFICERS President . . Christine Sullivan Vice-President Carolyn Ballestracci Secretary . . Nancy Cooper Treasurer . Sylvia Radicioni Faculty Adviser . Miss Betty Conway This year the Art Club was newly organized under the supervision of Miss Conway. The main objective is to give members an opportunity to use their artistic abilities. Front Row left to right Miss Conway, Barbara Williams, Alice Linzen. Ioan Doughherty, lean Mazzarella, Ioan Mazzarella, Carolyn Ballestracci, Myra Gauss, Barbara Rhodes, Mary Croak. Middle Row Carlene Mellow, Patricia McKiernan, Wilma Vars, Ioan Clifford, Chirstine Sullivan, Constance Senior, Amelia Giordano, Betty Banks, Iane Bowen. Back Row Elaine Geyer, lane Haupt, Silvia Radicioni, Iean Perkins, Hazel Butterworth, Mary Holly, Mary Garity, Ella Perry, Ioann Santos. w t a C44 mjfy 51 Front How left to right -Robert McGivern, George Savin, Alonzo Wilkinson, Anthony Altiero, Suzanne Brooks, Mascot: Kenneth Bowen, Richard Hanley, Ioseph Grills, Lorren Ratio. Second Row: Iean Critcherson, Mary Fauliso, Maryann Stewart, Christine Sullivan, Ioan Clifford, Anna Fallon, Barbara Mackin, Miss Thavenet. Third Row: Iames Roy, Robert Squadrito, Anthony Antoch, Donald Bailey, Louis Reis, Irwin White, Frank Aliiero, Stanley Prachniak, Vincent Faulise. Fourth Row: Mary Mazzare1la,Rose Lidestri, Eleanor O'Neill, Beverly Brooks, Peggy Cronin, Alice Howard, Mary DiF1ippo, "S" CLUB OFFICERS Faculty Adviser . Miss Florence Thavenet President . . Robert Squadrito Vice-President Robert MacGivern Secretary . . Eleanor O'Neill Treasurer . Christine Sullivan The "S" Club is made up ot all the boys and girls who have earned letters in any sport. Its purpose is to earn money to present special awards to the members who have won them. This year our job was to raise money to give our football men conference sweaters. 52 HOBBY CLUB OFFICERS President . Edward Dennett Vice-President Robert Weaver Secretary . . . Ernest Raynor Faculty Adviser . Mr. Roland Houston The Hobby Club, led by Mr. Houston, meets either during activities period or after school. They make many useful articles from wood and metal and also receive help with their own hobbies, such as making airplanes. First Row left to righl Frank Alliero, Donald Bailey, George Savin, Alonzo Wilkinson, Edward Dennett, Loren Raifo, Iames Walsh, Harold Plympton, Mr. Houston. Second Row Ioseph Grills, Vincent Faulise, Richard Buck, Arthur Choquette, William Noyes, Richard Chesebrough, Norman Riley, Donald Chesebrouqh, Raymond Colechia, Robert Weaver, loseph Cavoli, Robert Salus. Third Row Harold Austin. Donald Smith, Harvey Iohnson, Anthony Antoch, Edward Paul, Ernest Raynor, Thomas Cordner, Sam Perrone, Charles Shea, Iohn Schackley. r t fli J f it E ' " im ' Q S ft Q , XJ Q 1 s 53 i 'H if l3,. Front Row left ot right Anna LoCrasto, Mary Mazzarella. Alice Howard, Patricia McKiernan,,Louise Castaqna, Ioan Dougherty, Alice Linzen, Margaret Shea, Ioan Clifford, Christine Sullivan, Eleanor Tatro, Barbara Wil liams, Miss Thavenet. Second Row Lucy. Crowley. Barbara Wiersch., Dorothy Satfomilla, Margaret Greenhaulgh, Iane Haupt, Dorothy Furey, Dorothea Sylvia, Henrietta Mellow, Irene Rogers. Genevieve DeCastro, Colleen Ianiero, Iean Mazzarella, Ioan Mazzarella, Elaine Geyer, Iean Perkins. Third Row Muriel Calkins, Vivian Brustolon, Betty O'Keete, Agnes Shea, Pauline Blanchet, Betty Hreshak, Barbara Denison, Carolyn Ballestracci, Barbara Harrington, Claire Valliere, Iune Randall, Cecilia Lesniewski, Anne Powers, Anne Dennehey. Fourth Row Barbara Berry, Barbara Adams, Pauline Lord, Patricia Stillman, Dorothy Pont, Eleanor O'Neill, Ioan Hauschild, Margaret Lewis, Shirley Ostman, Beverly Brooks, Maryann Stewart, Ianet Buchanan, Mary Bell Keane, Mary Smyrniotes, sms' SPORTS CLUB 54 MUSIC CLUB "ln old Vienna", an operetta, was presented by the Music Club May IB and 17 in the high school auditorium. ,ll IWW, 3 I lg ,QQ ka iw, 1, First Row--left to right -Edward Victoria, Donald Reuss, Raymond Lopes, Frank Saporita, Philip Newbury. Second Row--Mr. Nania, Richard Winslow, Louise Castagna, Lorraine Rudesheim, Lois Dunn, Gabriella Piver Betty Hiqbee, Sally Banks, Shirley Ostman, Patricia Meeker, Mariano Blanda, Earnest Raynor. Third Row-V-lean Mozzarella, Ioan Mozzarella, Patricia Kenyon, Dorothy Sallomilla, Dorothy Sylvia, Barbara Bittner Barbara Denison, Marjorie Banker, Carolyn Balestracci, Shirley Olson, Shirley O'Rourke, Margaret Rocchetti, Fourth Row'-Harold Buzzi, Patricia Krizanek, Theresa Brooks, Edith Barnes, Iean Perkins, Dorothy Whipple, Marie Schwam, Shriley Rook, Alice Lord, Annette Dawley, Norma Darling. Elva Wilcox, Donald Chesebrough, Richard Chesebrouqh. Fifth Row -Edward Dennett, Noyes Parnell, Ioseph Grills, Gary Bill, Archie Gibson, Iames Hubbard, Charles McGrath, Anthony Antoch, Allred Lewis, Harvey Iohnson. Paul Tripp, Charles Barnes. 55 Lois Dunn. Gayla Bill, Louis Pellegrino, Marie Schwam, Ioan Mazzarella. lean Mazzarella, Barbara Aiello, Charles Barnes, Robert Meeker, Raymond Colechia, Richard Winslow, Frank Sposato, Robert Dart, Shirley Rook, Dorothy Sylvia. Norman Riley, Charles McGrath, Ernest Raynor, Dolores Farraro, Charlotte Starks, Maureen Iettrey, Sally Ann Emmett, Diana Kelliher, Ianet Stanton, Harold Austin, Ioan Carlan, Selina Lenihan, Roy Smith. Charles Feeney, Ralph Heineke, Iohn Kendzia, William Machand, Robert Holley, Shirley O'Rourke, Barbara Vincent, Dorothy Whipple, Edward Dennett, Frank Saporita. ORCHESTRA The orchestra, composed mostly of freshman and students from West Broad Street School is rapidly approaching symphonic proportions. With the additions of two French horns, one or two more cellos, another bass viol and a bassoon, coupled with those boys and girls who are already studying other unusual instruments, the year, 1948, should see a real symphony orchestra at S. H. S. This organization has reached such an advanced stage that it assisted the music club in giving its operetta this year. 56 f iv 0045 ntl- X A- 7 41 cs awww IRQ' 6" K- ' C' D , I -3 Q VARSITY Front Row-left to right-Donald Bailey, Donald Robinson, Alonzo Wilkinson, Kenneth Bowen, Robert McGivern Ioseph Grills, Louis Reis, Iames Hubbard, Iohn Champlin, George Savin. Second Row-Anthony Alfiero, Richard Hanley, Irwin White, Lester Higgins, Robert Squadrito. FOGTBALL Stonington High started the football season by tying the strong Woodrow Wilson team of Middletown, 7-7. The game was one of the best opening games seen at the Stonington field in many years. The Bears were out- weighed, and outnumbered but were never outfought as they battled the heavier upstaters right down to the wire and except for a questionable deci- sion as the second period came to an end, might have come out on the long end of the count. In the second game of the season, the Bears managed to overpower a hard battling Alumni team, 7-0. The star studded Alumni team was held in its own territory throughout most of the game. Standouts for the Alumni team were Benny Helme, Larry Anderson, George McKenna, and Bob Sidell. Tony Alfiero scored the only touchdown of the game on an inter- cepted pass. For the next game of the season the Bears traveled to New London to meet a powerful Bulkeley eleven. This game was played on a hot muggy afternoon which found the Stonington boys on the short end of a 13-0 count. The two teams battled evenly until the final minutes of the game when the Bulkeley Tigers ripped the game wide open by scoring two fast touch- downs. Both lines played brilliant defensive football throughout the afternoon. The following week Stonington traveled to Willimantic to score its second victory of the season. Striking swiftly in the opening minutes of play, the Bears rolled to a 26-7 win over Windham in an Eastern Conn. League game. Although fighting hard Windham was no match for the speedy charges of Coach Cronin. The first score of the game was set up when the hard-charging Stonington line blocked a kick deep in Windham's 58 territory and after two plays the Bears had their first score. From then on Stonington held the upper hand. The brilliant backfield trio of White, Alfiero and Squadrito put in another fine performance supported by the forward wall. After a week of intensive scrimmages the Bears racked up their third triumph of the season by defeating Fitch, 20-8. The first score of the game came when Stonington recovered a Tanager fumble on their own 21 yard line which set up the decisive plays for the tally. The second touchdown for Stonington came when Alfiero intercepted a pass on the Fitch 38 yard line, aided by some excellent downfield blocking on the part of his mates, went all the way to the Fitch seven. White cracked over two plays later for his second score of the game and Squadrito added the extra point on a placement to give the Bears a 13-0 lead. Shortly after the kick-off of the second half Al Andrews broke through the Stonington line, blocked a punt and the ball rolled through the end zone for an automatic safety. A couple Q xl ' . , . X X q 4 FOOTBALL SQUAD Front Row left lo right D, Bailey. L. Higgins, I. Grills, I. Hubbard, I. White, R. Squadrito, T. Alfiero, K Bowen G Savin, L. Reis, A. Wilkinson, D. Robinson, I. Champlin. Second How E. Roberts, F. Alliero, R. McGivern, W. Watson. W. Noyes, A. Antoch, L. Raifo, I. Walsh, N Farnell I Souza, R. Hanley. Third Row Mr. Cronin, C. Shea, F. Cella, M. Kieburg, R. Buck, I. Raey. G. Bill. W. McCarrall, T. Blanchard H Bolduc R. Fritz, Mr. Petro. Fourth How H. Northrup, N. Iohnson, D. Podzewski, R. Croak, L. Duguid, L. Clay, R. Geer, I. Lowe, A White T Sebastian, F, Gray, Fifth Row S. Saunders, I, Roy, P. Gaynor. of minutes later the Tanagers came back again to get their only touchdown of the game. From then it was an evenly fought battle. In the fourth period Stonington gained another touchdown. The backfield stood out in this game while Ioe Grills, Kenny Bowen, George Savin sparked the line. Coming up with their best performance of the year a determined Stoning- ton High team battled the unbeaten Norwich Wildcats until the last whistle 59 before dropping a 7-0 decision. The only score of the game came when Tukasiewiz connected on a pass. Butova added the extra point making the game 7-0. Irwin White played exceptionally well and came up with his standout game of the year. Bucket Bailey displayed some of the finest kicking seen in football circles, averaging better than 40 yards per kick and keeping the Acad's back in their own territory throughout the game. Out- standing in the line were Ken Bowen and Ioe Grills. A 50 yard touchdown run by Bob Squadrito in the early minutes of'the first quarter in the Chapman Tech-Stonington game was the only redeeming feature of an otherwise drab affair. In the second period, a bad pass from Tech's center rolled over the goal line and a Tech man fell on the ball in the end zone giving the Bears an automatic safety for the final score of the game. During the second half the Huskies kept the Bears pretty well bottled up and the game ended 9-0. Coming out on the short end of a 34-0 game the Stonington High School Bears took the worst beating they have suffered since Mike Cronin came to Stonington ten years ago. Although the Bears put up a tough fight they could not hold the big up-staters after the first quarter. New Britain scored twice during the second period making the score 14-0. They did not score again until the fourth period when they crossed the Stonington goal line for twenty more points, making the final score 34-0. The Stonington Bears knocked the Westerly Bulldogs out of the unde- feated ranks by winning a 7-6 verdict at Craig field, in the first of the two games played by the friendly rivals. The game's winning point was scored as the Bulldog line charged in and blocked Bob Squadrito's place kick, but Bucket Bailey, Stonington end, recovered the ball and ran it over the goal line to convert the extra point. The muddy going made things tough for both teams but the famed Westerly passing attack was hurt the most. In all Westerly tried and missed three passes while the Bears stuck to a ground game. Westerly scored the first touchdown in the second quarter. Westerly decided upon a line buck for the extra point but the Bears' line held. Irwin White, Stonington fullback, sent the Bears rooters wild as he ran back the kick off 67 yards to the Westerly 23, then held to five yards on three plays, Squadrito raced around end to the ll yard line and a first down. Two plays later, Tony Alfiero went the remaining distance in a jaunt around his left end. That set the stage for the important extra point which was scored on Bailey's alert play after the placement attempt was blocked. Thanksgiving Day on our home field in a sweeping rain, with a strong wind hampering the play of both teams the Westerly Bulldogs with a score of 6-0 won their first game in 5 years over Stonington. Yeah! T-e-a-m! Rah! Rah! 60 First Row left to right Mr. Petro. Vincent Faulise, Stanley Prackniak, Harold Plympton, Bernard Scheller, Gil- bert Victoria, Douglas Buchanan. Iohn Fleming, George Kenyon. Second Row Raymond Lopes, Charles Feeney, Louis DiCesare, Yvano Venturini. Robert Meeker, Paul Figgins, Bil Coon, Bill Banks, Chester Godomsky. CROSS CCDUNTRY The Crcss Country team had a very successful season last year. Present- ing a well-balanced team led by "Vin" Faulise, the Bears triumphed over Bulkeley and Tech and lost to Norwich in both the dual meet and the confer- ence meet. Our "hill and dalers" opened the season by losing to Norwich in a dual meet on the Wildcat's course. This was the first time in three years that the Bears had been defeated in Cross Country. A victory over Bulkeley followed and Vin got back in the winning column by defeating the best that Bulkeley could offer. The team showed that it had plenty of balance by placing 2, 3, 4, B, 7 to defeat Chapman Tech. Mc Carthy of Tech upset Faulise, marking the second time in the season that the Bears' star had been beaten. At the conference meet in Norwich the Bears dropped the title that they had held for three years. Rubin broke his own record in winning and Vin Faulise was the only Stonington man to finish in the first five. The Conference team was made up of four Norwich men and Faulise. Also to be congratulated on turning in a fine season are Prackniak, Victoria, Plympton, and Visgilio. 61 1 BASKETBALL VARSITY First Row-left to right-Donald O'Neil, Robert Holt, Bernard Scheller, Irving White. Second How--Mr. Petro, Alex Demarco. Ernest Ozanne, Anthony Alfiero, Charles Shea, William Higgins, Iames Roy BASKETBALL The Bears, playing at the Boston Garden Ianuary 24, defeated Water- town, Massachusetts 44-28. In the CIAC tournament at the Yale Gym the team won well deserved praise by finishing second after being rated last. Three of our players. Captain Tony Alfiero, Ernie Ozanne and Billy Higgins, were placed on the all-tournament first team, with Charlie Shea making the second team. Alex DeMarco's height was an asset to the team as was Whitey's fighting spirit. Congratulations to the team and also to Coach Ed Petro on his fine job as basketball coach. BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row- lleft to right-Ernest Oannne, William Higgins, Charles Shea, Anthony Alfiero, Alex DeMarco, Irwin White, Bernard Scheller, Iames Roy. Second How--Robert Holt, Richard Buck, Iohn Reay, Lewis De Marco. Dana, Hughes, Anthony Antioch, Iames Walsh, Donald O'Neil. Back Row-William Keane. 62 TUMBLING CLUB Miss Thavenet, director of the Tumbling Club, ably teaches the members to build pyramids, double and single tricks. The ability to tumble is the only requirement for admission. First Row-Ie!! to right-Mary Mazzarella, Mary Bell Keane. Second Row-+Christine Sullivan, Maryann Stewart, Muriel Calkins, Vivian Brustolon, Ioan Clifford. Barbara Wiersch. Margaret Shea, Beverly Brooks. Iean Critcherson. Third Row-lane Smyrniotes, Claire Valliere, Natalie Saunders, Ernestine Squadrito. Margaret Lewis, Betty O'Keefe. Cecelia Lesniewski, Iune Randall, Elaine Geyer. 63 First Row-left to right--Susie Brooks, Mascot. Last Row -lean Critcherson, Ioan Clifford, Maryann Stewart. Miss Thavenet, Christine Sullivan, Anna Fallon, Mary Fauliso, Barbara Mackin. Faculty Adviser--Miss Florence Thavenet. CHEER LEADERS S-T-O-N-I-N-G-T-O-N-That is the first thing that we hear at any athletic performance. Of course, this old faithful "loc" is led by our ever "yelling" girls-the Cheerleaders. On Thanksgiving Night these girls held a dance in the school gym. The proceeds of this dance bought the new white skirts lined with brown. The outstanding event for this group was cheering in the Boston Gardens for their basketball team. That was a chance of a lifetime and they got the opportunity. This year the girls have a mascot-"Susie" Brooks. With the help of their faculty advisor, Miss Florence Thavenet, they have put on a fine show for us. 64 GIRLS BASKETBALL Any freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior girl who is interested 'in bas- ketball is eligible for this organization. Although there is no outside com- petition, there are intra-mural games. The teams are under the supervision of Miss Florence Thavenet. First How left Io right Cecelia Lesniewski, lean Critcherson, Margaret Shea, Maryann Stewart, Beverly Brooks, Christine Sullivan, loan Clifford, Natalie Saunders, Mary Mozzarella, Iune Randall. Second Row: Miss Thavenet, Bett O'Keefe, Viv'a B t l M , y in rusoon, uriel Calkins, Ioan Hauschild, Margaret Lewis Barbara Wrersch, MaryBell Keane, lane Smyrniotes, Claire Valliere. 65 CLASS DEGREES Unto us, lean Perkins and Barbara Bar- raclough, has been given the task of con- ferring a degree upon each member of the graduating class of Stonington High School, in the year of 1946. We have written these degrees with the hope that they will be accepted in the same good-natured manner in which they are given. In Barbara Mackin we have a small but jovial girl who loves excitement and fun. The degree which we confer upon her is: G.T.C.I.S.P.--Good Things Come In Small Packages. Upon Pat Meeker we confer the degree: S.C.T.T.I.-Sure Can Tickle The Ivories. Annamaria DiCesare always has that "nice 'n neat" look about her. Upon her we confer the degree: P.P.M.-Pretty Particular Miss. Upon Iimmy Hubbard, who always de- lights in "getting someone's goat" we con- fer the degree: A.T.T.G.-Always Teasing The Girls. One need only be slightly acquainted with Barbara Barker to know that she is a bashful girl. Her degree is S.L.M.-Shy Little Miss. It seems only right that we should be- stow upon Iimmy Roy the degree: S.B.M.- Small But Mighty. "Muffie" Holdridge has worked in the Cafeteria for the four years of her high school career. We'l1 give her the degree of: C.D.W.-Champion Dish Washer. About Bob Squadrito there has always been an air of indifference. He never wor- ried, fhe let the teachers do thatll Thus the degree: C.E.G.E.-Come Easy-Go Easy. Although Natalie Gomes is one of the quietest girls in our class, she is always ready for fun. We give her the degree: A.C.A.S.-Always Cheerful and Sociable. To Sam Bellone, who always has a new "line", we think the degree which is most fitting is: O.B.F.-One Big Flirt. Paul Pampel, whose favorite pastime is dancing, certainly deserves the degree: I.C.S.-Introduces Classy Steps. Dinky O'Neil has made many a fair maiden's heart miss a beat when he ap- peared, so it's only right that he have the degree: A.T.M.P.-Answer To A Maiden's Prayer. Because we believe it suits her, we give Barbara Denison the degree: M.F.M.-Most Flirtatious Miss. Ruth Minchen is always roller-skating- but well-so we confer upon her the degree: W.O.W.-Wizard On Wheels. To Irene Geyer, whose interests have al- ways been in Wequetequock, we award the degree: B.O.A.O.-Bob's One and Only. To Pat Krizanek, who has "that mysteri- ous way" about her, we award the degree: M.M.M.-Most Mysterious Miss. Bob Sicilian spends most of his spare time practicing on his saxophone. We give him the degree: N.W.M.-Never Without Music. We give Lonnie Wilkinson this degree simply because he is P.A.A.T.-Polite At All Times. To Ken Bowen, with his slow and care- free attitude, we award the degree: S.B.A.T. -Slow But Always There. Ann Denison, always sweet and merry, gets a royal reception wherever she goes. therefore, the degree we give to her is: A.S.D.-A Sunny Disposition. Ginny Mitchell is studious enough to earn the degree of: B.B.B.-Bright But Bash- ful. To Mary Fleming, who is always talking about "her sailor", we give the degree: I.A.S.S.-lust A Sailor's Sweetheart. To Alex DeMarco, who was voted the best dressed boy we give the degree: A.S.D. -A Smooth Dresser. To lean Critcherson, who never eems to run out of energy we award the degree: P.O.P.-Possesses Oodles of Pep. Since Lucy Crowley won that 4-H Club award of a trip to Chicago, and since she had such a wonderful time there, we give her the degree: O.C.S.-Our Chicago Shiek. CLASS DEGREES Ruth Bill, we are inclined to believe, has taken an outside study. We bestow upon her the degree of: U.M.P.-Understands Men Perfectly. To Eugene Bromley, who is really one of the most mischievous boys in our class, and who has a mania for getting "blue cards", we give the degree: A.I.D.-Always In Dutch. Because Dot Wolfe, Ruth Stinson, and Sadie Whewell are practically always to- gether, we award them the degree of: S.L.G.-Stick Like Glue. Of course every class has a "sheik" and this one is no exception to the rule. Lester Higgins seems to be one of the leading can- didates for this position. To "Let" we award the degree: C.A.W.-Can't Avoid Women. To Grace Park and Shirley Lowell, our "engaged" girls, we award the degree: M.I. -Matrimonially Inclined. To Mary Garity, with her indifferent at- titude towards the opposite sex, we offer the degree of: M.C.T.U.-Men Can't Trouble U. Maryann Stewart has a way of giving people that "look" if she doesn't like what they say. Consequently, we award her the degree of: S.l.S.-Stewart's Icy Stares. Margaret Lee has a way of always get- ting good marks, so we will give her the degree of: M.O.S.-Mistress Of Studies. Mystic holds many interests for "lick" Robinson. We'll award him the degree: I.M.l.-Iick's Mystic-al Interests. Seems that Bob Kiddy, Donald Crandall, and Ray O'Neil have an enigmatical sense of humor, so we award them the degree of H.T.U.-Hard To Understand. There is one member of the class who has never been known to get to school on time. To Irwin White we award the de- gree: N.O.T.-Never On Time. There is no explanation needed for be- stowing upon Henry Scheller and Henry Maxson the degree of: M.S.-Model Scholars. Rose Serio has always been the silent type feven when a froshll. We'll award her the degree of: Q.A.G.-Quiet And Gentle. All you have to do is look at Evie Cera- soli, and you'll agree that it is fitting to be- stow upon her the degree of: P.Y.M.-Petite Young Miss. It seems that Chris Sullivan is gifted in so many ways that the suitable degree for her would be: T.M.-Talented Maiden. Wherever Margaret Shea is, there is plenty of excitement, so we confer upon her the degree: P.A.P.-Pep And Personality. To Betsey Oviatt, who is always in a "good mood", we give the degree of: A.C. A.S.-Always Cheerful And Sociable. To Harold Plympton, who is carrying seven subjects this year in order to "make the grade" we give the degree of: N.G.U.- Never Gives Up. To Harvey Scheller, who always has something amusing to say we award the degree of: C.C.-Clever Chap. To Barbara MacGlaflin, who is always glad to lend a hand, and does what she says she will, we award the degree of: D.A.R.-Dependable And Reliable. Jeanne Choquette always has the nicest clothes which she makes herself! We give her the degree: M.O.N.-Mistress Of the Needle. Upon Catherine Bradley and Noemi Car- ocari, who are always together, we bestow the degree: I.P.F.W.-Inseparable Pals From Wheeler. When Hazel Butterworth came to S.H.S. in the middle of the year she made friends very quickly, consequently we give her the degree: F.S.-Friendly Stranger. Everyone knows that this degree is very much suited to Ioan Clifford: M.G.H.-Most Gracious Hostess. To our Cross Country star, Vinnie Faul- ise, we give the degree: M.L.M.-"Makes Like Mercury." 'Tis very plain to see that Anna Fallon is B.B.N.D.-Beautiful But Not Dumb. Because he is so "modest" about his many accomplishments, we feel that Tony Alfiero deserves the degree: T.A.P.-Tony Avoids Publicity CLASS DEGREES To Catherine Dennehey, who always gets herself involved in numerous activities we give the degree: V.M.-Versatile Miss. To Charles Garretson and Francis Coo- gan, who are always having "car-troubles" and endeavoring in vain to fix them, we award the degree: M.M.M.-Mechanically Minded Mystic-ites. Ann Harper who does her work in an unobtrusive manner but always gets it done deserves the degree: Q.B.S.-Quiet But Sure. Whenever you see Mary Fauliso, she is smiling, so we award her the degree: F.A.S. -Forever A Smile. Because she gets along with everyone and is always friendly, we give Margaret Geary the degree: G.G.S.-Genuine Good Sport. Simply because she is, we think Edith Barnes deserves the degree: A.R.T.H.-Al- ways Ready to Help. To lack Bucklyn, Walter Shackley, and Charlie Wiersch who spend so much of their time at Lake Wyassup, we give the degree: L.W.T.-Lake Wyassup Trio. To Elsie Bennett, who works in Vars, we award the degree: O.S.I.-Our Soda Ierker. Whenever you see Iohn Cattafe, he is wearing a bow tie, therefore, we bestow upon him the degree of: B.T.B.-Bow Tie Boy. Although he is quite unaware of it, George Savin is greatly admired by many of the fairer sex. We feel justified in grant- ing him the degree: O.I.B.-Our "lt" Boy. Harry Northrup is so modest, you'd never guess he was an artist, therefore, we be- stow upon him the degree: P.H.T.-Possesses Hidden Talent. You guess the reason why we give Bucket Bailey the degree: B.B.W.-Big Bad Wolf. Because Mary Croak is such an inquisi- tive person We'll bestow upon her the de- gree: A.T.I.-Always Tuning In. Iohn Champlin has a knack of talking out of the corner of his mouth when he speaks in Speech Arts, so, to him, we offer the degree: M.W.O.S.A.-Mae West Of Speech Arts. Richard Sullivan seems to be just suited to the degree: S.T.T.-Slender, Tender and Tall. We have come to know Agnes LaGrua as S.S.-Smoothly Sophisticated. In all our four years of high school, Connie Main has certainly lived up to the degree S.S.S.-Sweet, Smart, and Smooth. In every class there are gigglers, fwe are no exceptionl, so we feel justified in granting to Mimi Pollard and Charlotte Wil- liams the degree: O.G.G.-Our Giggling Gerties. To Louis Reis we grant the degree W. W.P.-Walks With A Purpose-fwhat pur- pose?l-to see his girl, of course. Nelson Williams works in a grocery store, therefore, we feel that the degree of B.B.E.M.-Big Butter And Egg Man-fits him. We have noticed that Martha Miner, one of the North Stonington girls, blushes very easily: to her we give the degree B.E.-- Blushes Easily. lust look at Angelo Sanquedolce and you will see why we have chosen the de- gree: T.E.H.I.-The Eyes Have lt. Because Tina Rustici is always complain- ing of cold hands, we confer upon her the degree of: C.H.W.H.-Cold Hands, Warm Heart. To Harold Senior, who joined the Army before graduation, we award the degree: O.S.B.-Our Soldier Boy. To Natalie Saunders we award the de- gree: I.L.A.-Iim's Little Angel-fwell, that's self-explanatoryll To Diana Harvey we award the degree: T.A.G.-Tall Attractive Girl. To one of the tallest boys in our class, Louis Trefes, we award the- degree: W.A.M. -What A Man! To Beverly Maine, who always makes sure her assignments are handed in, we give the degree: S.S.-Studious Student. To Mary Dinoto, who finds enough work to keep her busy, we award the degree of: M.E.-Miss Efficiency. Last but not least, because we are mucn in need of it, we award to ourselves this ad- vice: Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today. CLASS ODE !Tune of Symphony! By Patricia Meeker Stonington, sadly now we leave, You are part of us, how can we go? On this night, tears flow in each heart As we realize we must depart. Though we leave, our thoughts will be always here. The mem'ries you gave we'l1 always revere. Stonington! Stonington! Fun and friends, teachers ever kind, Love and happiness-with you, we leave behind Our Stonington! 69 PATRON S AND PATRONESSES Agnes' Beauty Shop Athena Fruit Company Atlantic and Pacific Benjamin Bendett Mr. .and Mrs. G. C. Bliven Brown and Stone Burdick's California Fruit' Company Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Castagna A. H. Chapman '10 Francis I. Connors Cottrell Lumber Company Culley's Hardware Company S. Curlenjik R. C. Davey Rudolph De Lage Edward T. Dennehey De Perry's Beauty Salon Deuel's Iewelry Shop Marietta Durgin Edmond's Elm Tree Inn First National Stores Freestone's Corset and Specialty Shop H. M. Friedman Goodgeon's Harding's Delicatessen Higgins' Drug Store Kinney's Krebs' Town Shop Leonards' Liberty Lunch T. I. Mailhot Iohn I. Marino McCormick's Department Store Bob Mearns Modern Grill Mohican Company Montgomery Ward Mystic Cut Rate Mystic Modern Grill Charles B. Palmer Mystic Pharmacy Mystic Power Company I. C. Penney Company Perrin Bros. Franklin G. Post and Son, Inc' Bay-Clif Cleansers Richmond Furniture Company Sam's Barber Shop Savoy Studios Schaefer's Men's Shop Shea's News Stand Skarrow's Beauty Shop Smith's Flower Shop Smith's Iewelers William N. Squadrito '27 George Stone State Line Lunch Stiephaupt's Delicatessen The Friendly Shop The Spaghetti Palace Tina's Beauty Shop Tri-State Finance Company "Pop" Turner Victory Bakery Westerly Dairy Westerly Furniture Company Wier's Gas Station Wilcox Coal Company C. W. Willard Hardware Company Woodmansee's INDEX Forevvord Dedmadon . Faculty . Senior Pictures CHass VVHl . Class History Class Vote . Class Prophecy . Activities . AddeHcs. Degrees . Class Ode . . . Pakons and Pahonesses Page 2 3 5 11 24 27 28 30 35 57 66 69 70 w It + 4 ,s ' AUTOGRAPHS Ai! . X f ' . . HAMMERSMITH-KORTMEYER C 0 Ike!-Lirt6grapbe1.r lvfAl1vl:l: 7 lvlinfrxxv L,

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